Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 22, 1858, Page 5

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 22, 1858 Page 5
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THE LATEST NEWS. INTERESTING FROM WASHINGTON. <K> iMfrtwiii* <>r u M.w Filibuster Movement? 1< tjulrltw Into t'unnuodore PanldlAg'i Con* dwjl-Tlit B??ye of tb? l??ry 1m ? Fight Rtifftot*?l Duel belwtenHmim. Clay *i?l rollout -1 nllum reported Mortally WoumiI.rt-Cerhi uue't Codification of the Rrvttiue Lnwt-Tlie Fort Snelllng Investigation, die., Wiaonmi, Feb. 21, 1858. 1 leam this evening tbat President Comonfort, who it sjcw in New Orleans, u exptctcd bore in a few <lay?. It is intimated tbat a movement of a mysterious character u Already on loot, wtneb U yet undevclopod. A number of leading fllioustere are here. Commodore Paulding's conduct since he has been stationed in thr Gulf la to be rigidly inquired into. 1 understand that he desire* that au Investigation should bo had. Thn nttr ia full nf rumnra thifl AVArinir r?intlv? to n d?e< which it said to have kon place ucar lliadensburg, bo.ween Messrs Clay, of Kentucky, aad Cullom, ofTenoca; to Honor ^ay* that Cullom has been mortally woiio<io<l I place very little reliance on those reports, run police, have been on the alert all day, hut have been unable to ascertain their whereabouts. Another affair of honor is on the tapis. A couple of Lieutenants in tho ariny, Belt and Williams, met this morning in a barber's shop attached to Willard's Hotel, and after some words had passed betw een them Williams struck Bel two or three times over tie head with h heavy cane. Tb <y thi n clenched, and both came to the floor, when they were separated. It appears that differences of long .Standing have existel between them, and that they arrived hurt yesterday from New York to settlo It in the manner usual among gentlemen. Bell has sent a pe remj-tory challenge to Williams, who, 1 understand, declines to light. , Mr. Ox-brace, Chairman of the Com ml tie on Commerce, ha" prepared a very elaborate bill, which will shortly be <lai<1 bolero the Houso, for the codification of the revenue law*. embracing a classification of districts, compensation of officer*, Acs. Many laws, dead but not in fact repealed, *arr now apposed of, and sailors are relieved of tax for faorpitai purposes The bill is an important one, and will undoubtedly become a law during the present Congress. The Kort Snelling Investigating Committee will report on Thursday next. There will bo two reports submitted ?msiorit) and minority. The only question at issue is as to 1 be price paid for the property. The evidence shows that it was a legitimate purchase, and entirely fair. Mi. Coibraue has announced the following gentlemen -who are to compose th?- committee to arrange the business h? l> re Congress and call meetingB whenever they deem it advisable:?Messrs. Stephens, of Georgia,Hatch, -of New York; Phillips, of 1'cnnsylvania; l'hclps, of Mis ineurl, and Kuglikh, of Indiana THK UIMCKAL Mi?SSAl*KK I'KHrATCH. W ASRIKUTO*, K?l>. 21, 1HM. Rumors ot a hostile meeting of Messrs. Clay and Cul lom, resulting in a tatal wound to the latter, have circulated all day, but it is believed that up to the present time they hare had no meeting. Both parties are absent, and their friends are eagerly endeavoring to adjuat the The affair* of General Harney and Colonel Sumner, and AJeutenant Rhind atd Com. Bout well, are undeveloped. The octi lecompton democrats In Congress have aban d >u 1 the design of publishing an address to the oountry. In view of the approaching campaign against the Morm. us, the Secretary of War recently convened a Board Aonaistlog of General Barney, I.ieut. Colonel Johnston, Major lfetl, Colonel May and Lieut Colonel Hardee, to teet the efllciency of Coil's pistol carbine, and Colt's pistol 'with the brooch attachment. The Board have pronounced these arms sui>erlor for cavalry service to any others wnli which they are acquainted. They recommend tho ftdoptioti of the latter, dispensing with the swivels attached to it. and requiring it to be sighted for one, two and three hundred yards, and that each trooper be furnished with two for immediate service From six to seven hundred persons sailed in tho extra f>oat for Richmond to-day. i A Kew Yorker In Trouble In Boston. Bourn*, Feb. 21, 1HM. A uwutnisn noenveAif at ParLnrV Hoti.l Hat, this aTlnr. coon, the facta slated l>?ibfc aa follows:?A Mr. I- 0. Morrill, <f Ibis tlly, ioa<le a violoot assault upon Mr. F. Birge, of NV? \ork, tbe former spitting in the Utter s face, kc. Mr Birge, after repairing to hi* room, again made his ap y-earance, and called Mr. Merrill to account for tbe Insult. A colli-iiou Immediately took place, during which Mr. Dirge dietuaigcd a pistol at Mr. Merrill, but without ?At-et They were-cparated, and boib parties are now undi r arrert. Celebration of Washington's Birthday In Boston. Botox, Feb. 31, 1*68. The anniversary of Washington's birthday being made a legal holiday by act of the Legislature, It will be ob erred tcmoirow by tbe closing of the banks, city offices, and a general suspension of business. Several military companies will parade. The MslU, Travel, Ac. Pnn-instrBu, Feb. 31,1868. NotwithsUndlng the severity of fle snow storm there has been no detention of mails, passengers or freight between New York, Philadelphia, Baltimore and Pitts burs, all tialns arriving and departing regularly. Bostox, Feb. 31,1868. The Stoclugton steamboat train arrived here at 7 o'clock Ihi* morning Civnmun, Feb. 20,1868. .The Ohio river la falling slowly. The Soul hern Mall. Wamnaintw. Feb. 21. 1868. The Smthorn mail from all points, ax lata m due, ha* Ajeeu received, but the pajier* contain no newa of importance. 9now tell In Cpperville, fnuqulcr oounty, Va., yester alay, to the depth of one fool. The Brig Annie Tjrng t'ondrnwed. Arorsra, Oa., Feb. 20, 1HM The brig Annie Tyng, from Maine, which atrandod at St. John's beach on the 14th instant, ban been condemned The Africa's Newa at New Orleans. Ntw Oatjur*, Feb 21, 1*M The Africa's new*, which left New York at the opening of the tfflce of Uie Seaboard line this morning, atSX o'clock, was received here in advance by the agent of the aeaoclated pre**, at nine o'clock, nnd will be published seluxiveiy in the paper* of tho aaaociatioo to morrow morning Weather Report. Bv the Northern, Kaatrrn. Western and Southern Telegraph l.lnee?Office, 21 Wall street. Time, 7 Aer Plarrt. fWi.21 Wind mn'ler Rrmarkt New York 9 P.M. 9. W. 28* Clear and calm. Avion I1A M W 30' Clear A b'tfl, 7 In an 7 I' M W 29 Calm. Dunkirk, N Y.. P.M. N. W ? Snowing. Hnrnelleville.,. P. M 9 W ? Cloudy ; proap of-n Ow(*o.. P.M. ? ? Moderate A thaw'g. (treat Bend P. M 8. 32' Cloudy Susquehanna... P.M. ? ? Moderate k thaw'g. Port .lervta P.M. ? ? Mod 'e, thaw'g fast Albany 7 P.M 8. 30* Snowing Springfield T P M 8. 30* Clear. "Waabiugtoa fi P.M. ? 44' Calm and hazy ? ...,?P.M. ? ? Raining Markets. Nrw Om.lAW*, Feb JO, 1*6*. 1 be sale* of cotton to day were 0,000 bales, at Ho. a live, frr middling, msetly at the former. $ugar nrm. Rio coffee?halee to day of *,000 bags, at lOt^c. a 11,Scother articlea nnchanged 8ava!?*ah, Feb. JO, 1*6* Ootton?Rale" to day, 1,600 bales, at 10?gc- 11 for 1,111d,lB* Aram*, Fob. JO, 1?6*. notion?Bales today, 1.200 bale*, at 11c. all><c. for middling. CnwitimiTt, Fob. 20,1*5* Fork la doll?Men*. 015. bulk perk has declined '4r., auid te doll IArd la nominal Baron la tgc lower, with very ritlle demand. Hogs are atlll arriving?receipt* to lay 1,000 head. Holder* are willing seller*, but buyers Are timid. Whiskey ha* declined to 171{c.f and la dull. Oar Washington forrtaynndmee. WsammiTon, Feb. 10,1*60. TV OU l'Utol and Mckrli "fVt Off" ratmt KM'-ntvma? Curv?i? tfmvmew/s among <V I'Mmf tnUrfiU?N\* -Jjffrtrptia'icm qf fMwmt*? Rookt?Mrmhrrt of CrmfrfU and IV Frno?Tha Wa$hingtnn Jail a .Vnuotw-W*atinnof ITnlocMJht Hrfrnrt,>ry Wit on*AwlKrr CWorinrinf out of Iht Nromt From* in fho Homo. Mr Samuel Colt hw nncneedod tn (rpttlng hi* ^-ettttoo for *n entenetnn of hi* patent into the com tnittee. How It not there I* deemed a mystery by nom* of the uninitiated, eince it eeem* that no one hue a dletim-t recollect!m when it came up In the Honee for referenre, or whether It we* er?r in the House ?t all. My ImpreMion I* that It wm smuggled In during * see-on of tioiee end confusion?one of thoee time* which too fro N quently disgrace tbe dignity of th? Room?by some ex perlenced tactician R Is too lete now to disown tbe etr comstaneee whtjh attended Its advent; it tt before the committee, and to due reason the House calendar will be encumbered wfth a bill for the "relief " of Mr. Samuel Colt, wbo has already realised upwards of a million and a half of dollars by bis invention and the patent monopoly which be has enjoyed Mr. Slckela has made his appearance here to urge his claims to a monopoly of the " cut ctt' to the steam euKtne. Mr. Sickels is to have a hearing before the Commissioner of Patents. Mr. Sickels lias heretofore found "Jordan a bard road to travel" in his patent business with the department. Commissioner Mason refused, after considering his claim, to grant bis application, on the ground that the prinoM* was borrowed?oot original?aud I am at low to account for the attempt of Mi. 8 to bore the present incumbent. McCorinick will come up In due time for a renewal, if the Supreme Court docs not upset him in his present contest with the survivors of Many. He may uhooee to try Congress any way. The rubber interests seem quiet, and \ laying low They arc not dead, but apparently sleeping. Careier, the commander in chief of the Heyward interest, ii not circulating here yet, nor lias Day made his appear aucc. What this apparent apathy portends time must elucidate. I have no luea that the project-of t#j rubber monopolists hare bet n abandoned, unless, indeed. It may bedct-eo a-some signs would acton to indicate, on toe part of one of the. parties; the inturci-U are too great to warrant the belief thui they will be surrendered by the panics gene rally without, a struggle Careful research fail* to furnish any definite data a* to the present or prospective movoincuts of the parties mostly interested io the extension of the rubber patents; but, |satiei>ce, and we shall see what they are about all in good time. The matter of the misappropriation of works printed by Congress Is attracting some attention from the House It is strongly suspected that sundry parties about the Capitol have mono "good things" out of tho distribution of boos*, or rather tho misappropriation of the works apportioned to members. Works which have co^t the government a large sum per copy are to ba found in the IhkiW auctions Gnu on the stalls of ihe venders of cheap and second hand books, at prices hardfr up to the cost of binding. How they are thus I be found is a question now to be considered by a committee of the House There seems to be a screw loose semewbere in the machinery lor distribu tu; 11 of Congressional books V.CIUIU uiruivnn ui ' Vi^irrfi rf-rill I'J loua ii[n*i lurill selves as natural antagonists to the press, and let slip no opportunity to give the newspaper correspondents a smart rap over the knuckles. Mr. Trumbull, of the Senate, recently declared a decided contempt for the press upon a motion to afford the reportors in the Senate more comfurtab e arrangements Iu the House, Mr. Henry Winter Davis has immortalized h'mself by his just strictures on the correspondent of the partisan press; and Mr. Wuren, of Arkansas, a good uatured, well tneauing man, is now on a hunt for a correspondent of the TWbtine, with a view to have bun expelled from the reporters' gallery for some alleged in.tury done to his representative or political dignity. I have no idea where the war will end. hut I gup|x>se it will not be one of annihilation. The jail to which Wolcott, the refractory witness, bos b. > n consigned has thrice been presented by the Grand Jury as a nuisance. It i? swarming with vermin, and is altogether a most det'itable place to confico a Christian in, even for crime Mr. W. has been placed in one of the ajiartments formerly devoted to the confinement of debtorg. In the hall adjoining Ids are some ten or twelve unfortunates?unfortunate in position, anl miserable in being placed within the walls of such a jail. Mr. Wolcott has not yet drtermlned upon the course which he will pursue m the premises. Another collision, growing out of the fracas in the House on Saluri'-ay morning, occurred at the National Hotel last evening, between a reporter in the House and a Dr. I?eib, oi Illinois. The doctor took exception to some remarks made by a correspondent for a Boston paper. In regard to Mr. Barksdale losing his wig during the House mdie, and threatened to pull said correspondent's whiskers. The parties in the original contract; > 4 , the doctor and the correspondent from Boeton, separated without difficulty, but the quarrel was renewed by the former and a friend of the latter, shortly sfter. Tho skirmish proved of short duration, and was a kind of side show to tbe House entertainment. But all sorts of rumors were immediately afloat all over the city, and it was reported that the reporter had been sbot. The community here la In a state of nervousness hardly imaginable, and the groatest apprehensions are indulged that something serious will occur before the close of the session. There is every prospect that the ameudmente to the steamboat law prnfosed by the Committee of Commerce will succeed m the House, and greater security to life and property will be attained. City Intelligence. Dutkhtioh or thk North Star?Trocrlk with thh Kiiikinrv Tho Vnrth StAr Hid not uil on f^AtnrilAv aa announced. In consequence of certain defects in the boiler, which were discovered on the last trip to this port. It seems that although the chimney dues and body of the boiler ere In good repair and perfectly safe, the water bottom and all the patts affected by the fire were much burned and in a daiigercue condition. The steamer will therefore lay at her dock until such time as the necessary repairs can be effected. She is announced to sail on tbo 20th of March next, ft seems the winter passages of none of the Kuropean steamers have paid as yet. and tins will also account for the laving up of the \ andost>ilt until tho 10th of April. The small receipts on Th s line have Induced the proprietor to practice economy that is not at all agreeable to the employes. It seems the tlremen on the North Star shipped lor W.1 per month, ami the coal passers for tlb per mouth l.ast Wednesday, when they applied for their wages at the office of the company. the ttiemcn were offered $30 per month and the coal P<4Vr* 920. At first the employes were disposed to show^fht on tbo reduction; but as th majority of them thought a "half loaf was better thau no biead," tbey finally all accepted what was tendered to them, under pretest. The report circulated on Saturday that the North Star wa? detained on account of the troubles with the crew was entirely wlihouf foundation TBI Tax Oowmeoxiats.?The Commissioners of Taxes have decided, under advee of ths Corporation Ciutucl that they have no power to go behind the certificates of' the heads of departments by whose authority streets arc opened, graded and paved, and sewers built. Thou- duties are simply to determine the ratio of the assessment on each property owner. Hereafter the fight between the contractors and the property owners will bare to lie mads before the Common Council. The beats under which the assessment will be made will be the contract under wnicn id<< work ?u aone, ana mo reruncaies or mo inspectora and surveyor*. If theso omcora make falte re turns any cltiien aggrieved bat a right to prosecute thorn In any commoa court. Thin (locution Haven tho comma Ionorp inuch trouble, but puts tho property holders to much more coot than usual. Nsw York Historical Socibtt.?Tho venerable Philadelphia artist, Rembrandt Peale, will lecture at tho rooraa of tbla society, corner of Eleventh street and Second areana IKI. aw.alaa /vti ?ha UPoeteaita tF..hln..?nn ?* Tk. interest of the lecture t? heightened by the fact that to day la the anniversary of the birthday of wanlnngtoo, and also of the artist. The latter la now eighty year* of age, and la the last aurTiving artist who painted the portrait of Waab ingtcn from life. He has recentlv made careful copies of those painted by Stuart, Trumbull and others, and these, with hi* own original*, will he ekhlbiled in proper order hy gaslight, In auch a way that the whole audience may aee them distinctly. It t* seldom that a treat so rare has been offered to our cltisena Importatt Saijw or Rkai KjTTATr ?There has not been much doing in roal estate until lately, and sales are now bsginning to be active. Among the booses sold recently was the "Grocers' Steam 3ugar ReOnery," which sold for $447,400 It waa bought hy the 'Tailed States Steam bugar Refinery " Mozart llall, in Broadway, near Bond street, was put up for sale by the Sheriff, when $3,000 was hid for It, over and above the mortgage, which amounted to tlW.006 tft Thta property will rhortly be put up again, under a foreclosure mortgage. The fire proof building No. 47 Wall street, sold f jr $rt0,000. and the [tat tery Hotel, corner of Greenwich street and ItaUeiy place brought $60,000, A number ot -terra have also been sold down town, but did not bring large prices. Brooklyn pro perty has been quite active tal? ly, and there is every evidence that capitalist* are Investing largely in roal estate, Frwnui or Jaw** P. Prvrwisoc.? James P. rhiycklnck, foreman of Eagle hook and ladder company No 4, who-e death from a pistol ehot wound ha* already boen record ed in these columns, was buried yesterday at 1 o'clock P. M., from the Methodist Episcopal church in Forsyth street. _ w . _ -.j r.,.?n Va on tl^ei^ IDP DOOY WM rmiTPj wi IU m WIIIH ||"W " ?>"" si reel, the Inst residence of the deceased, to the church, where the Rev Mr Hatfleld preached an appropriate die course lo a large audience, rompoaed mainly of the friend* I of the deceaeed and the member* of the Fire Departmeat. . At tlie cloee of the services a procession wa* formed, whica accomtanted the body to the Williamsburg ferry at j the foot of ftranri stre? t Among the persons who partlcipated in the procesetou were the member* of I'Agle Hose company No. 1, Kaglo engine company No. 13, Kaglo truck company No 4, Excelsior engine oo.npany No. 8, Adrla Ic engine company No. 81, l'eteraon hoae company No. 16. , the member* of the Conner guard, of E. L. Snow Social Union No. 6, and the Caledonian Union No. 1. The proroneton accompanied tne coflln ae far a* the ferry The only wa* token to Union Baptist cemetery, Williamsburg, for laterment The deoeaeod wae aged '20 years, o month* and 10 days, when he died. There Is much regret folt for htm in the Fire Impertinent, of which he wae an active end worthy member. Finn nr Urn* new J+rmmrr? Between four and Ave o'clock on yeeterday (Sunday) afternoon a Ore wm dleoovered on the second floor of the marble building Noe. 4ft and 47 Chamber* street, occupied hy the law IJbrery. Tlio Are originated In a small place partitioned off over the hatch way, and used for kindling wool, Ac. The flremen were nuickly at the premisea, and soon extinguished the Are. The damage to the library will be about 6200, on book*. A beautilul marble bu*t of Chancellor Rent, which coat tl.OCO, wae destroyed, and also two oil paintings, one of Chief .lustlae Fpencer, a,id the other of Thome* Addl* Kromet. each coet about 6260. The third floor la occupied by t.arthwalte, I?arcy A Oo , dealers in There was some si ght damage done to their stock by water. The tlrst floor is occupied by Scbanok A imwnlng, dealers In French tdale and window glass There wa* ronsidera. bin water on thnlr ntork, hot wn wt? unable |? |??rtl (f II r1l<l any <i?HI to tbn looking |Um?? The building In owned by Hobiwck k I>ownlDg. it In damaged about MOO, and inaurrd. Thn law library, wo are informed, la la' urnd Fbr |20,000. HnuM Tro |i*i.awa** Rrwnm ? TV t ween II and 4 o'clock on Sunday morning a flrn brokn nut in the email *toam tow boat Delaware lying at thn foot of Firth at root. Kant river She wan pretty much dentroyed. Fin? n? Wit,(jaw Rrwnrr ?Between 4 and A o'rlork on y oat or day (Sunday) afternoon. a flrn orrnrrnd on the fburth Ooot of building No UN. William ntreei In thn promtnen occupied by C. Roland, watch cane polhher. Ft originated in a human Thn damage to "tork in a boot AO No iMuranrn Thr building In ownnd by C. Rlau borg. It m damaged about MA. and Innurod. KW YORK HERALD, MO NEWS FROM KANSAS. Nfwr al Cor>M|ioiidriuw of Hef*WlawKKMi, K. T., Fob 12. WA Receipt of th> frriidmt'i Jlf ei+y?Tliv Tf?lu Fotti-m? V iflinal Vlatform aftlu Free SLtis 1'arty? Cluitui* \ of J'alicy?7nr</n?iV<o< y ? (inturitlie C'urte of their | I?-P<niJi4m of Jo lor Gmway a-iul (h* Honk awl File of the Party?Ah/< nee of the Pro Silvery Lcad<-rt? The. Happy Corueq\vi.cej.?lhe State Aqitaion, <fc., <te. Hie President'h mee-utg,. ac.sxnpsity Ing tlic I,eco<i?|>U>D constitution to Congress baa been received here. It has created considerable fociing. Men who ha?o talked rebellion, acted rebellion, ami mad* police*' capital out of such talking and su h aeiing, are astonished when the chief ot our greet ration solemnly declares to Ocngress that tbey hare been m rebellion. They think rebellion Is very flue m a game, ar.d very funny as ground upon which to make political capital here, hut when it is coldly brought cut before the world and their position shovrn, Ihey bfglD to conceive I hat there ?rp meti yet among us who love neither the traitor cor the rebel to his couutry. An organtzed government avowedly endeavoring to subvert lire legal government of a State or Territory is rebellion. Such is the position of the Topeka State govern ment and Its supporters. Not only Is their position that of rebellion. but lhat of the most factious inconsistency. Tho grounds taken by the tree Mate partv up to the 'J4th of September, 1867, were thai they would never In auy way, shape or form, acknowledge ths existence, authority, legality or laws of the first fraudulently elected Is-gis lature. In the mass Convention held utGras-hopper Koto, on the C4th September, 1857, they solemnly and deliberately departed from those grounds by deciding almost unanimously to acknowledge that legislature its authority and Its laws, by going into the election for a Territorial Legislature, under the provisions cf naid laws, at the time specified in those laws, and for the purpose* therein dasignaled. By that decision the free State party obtained the present Territorial legislature That decision at Grawhopjier Falls shoidd never be tout sight of; it has been too little regarded both inside and outeide of the Territory. Well, having acknowledged that which they had sworn never to acknowledge, bav eg after mature deliberation determined to cliatige their tactics and designs, the only consistent or judicious policy thov could have followed would have been to have continued the acknowledgment of that legislature, fallen in with the provisious of Its laws, till, having a majority in the Territory, they couid have at the ballot box destroyed every line and letter of said laws, obtained the entire command cf the local government. sent their parly representatives aud senators to Cor press anil bad everything their own way just as much as i( Kkusah had been admitted under the Topeka constitution. But no: peaco was not the dosiro of thenleaders; they must pursue a factious policy?to-day acknowledge the first Territorial Legislature. to morrow swear they never would do it In any shape or manner. They eould easily have killed the op|>oeHion and bad control of everything before now, but that was not the desiro of the free State leaders, for contemptible, selfish pur. poses, they have been determined to keep up the cxcltoment here?extraneous influences have aided them in It; hence they have led their party into crooked ways. Judge Conway, than whom no man in the free State party i- more respected, and who is said to be the ablest speaker in the Territory, at Grasshopper Falls Convention spoke for two hours in favor of putting the Topeka State government into operation then; be had pledged himself ' never to acknowledge tho authority of the bogus I eg is la. j ture, and waa determined to act up to his word. He was thc only man in that Convention who voted against ac ! knowledglng the bogus legislature, by voting as directed ! by its laws. But since (hat day Mr. Conway has Ignored ! the Topeka movement?ho considered fc bur.ed then and tlit re?that the popular verdict there had been given : against It. He liu ever niece maintained that the proslavery party, their lawn. Legislature and constitution should be killed legally through the proviaioisa or the acknowledgment of tlie laws of the original Territorial I/eg-slatuie. Such to the free State party wan the only cotsistent, the only judicious policy; but the demagogue* of that party, who then voted for voting, are now continually going bi ff re the people and advocating the original plan, never to acknowledge the ao called bogus legislature, It* authority or laws, when ttaoy have already done it in the most solemn and public manner; they are continually bindirg thcm*clvc4 by oaths and imprecations never to do it, and as frequently dotng it. By this far tiovis, Inconsistent, contemptible course, they have confused the people, deceived the people, and bartered the people's peace lor seltish gain and hope of omce. At (Iras.-hopper Ka Is Convent.on the people dcr'ded against rebellion and for >nw?they relinquished their original lartiouK policy. it was a popular verdict for peace and order, for a peaceable settlement of our difficulties, ilut the fanatics lu the patty, the men who have fingered abolition 1 gold, and the political aamratitf. hava changed and con- I fused all this until It would he difficult to say where the I party now stands, rent as it is with hostile factions. The position of the Toprka Legislature and its supporters? fh- 1 ratios and despicable pohtti ans who would Join right ; bands with the devil to secure a position?Is, however, marked and plain. To all arguments they an I ?wer by merely referring you to tho Bauds and outrages I rommttuo by the pro slavery party. Tbui frauds bave been committed, no one will deny; that free State men bave been outraged u<> one will deny; j but that they should, when tho sectional parties in our Vnion are stand tig in such a dangerously hostile position, 1 for a mere form, which they forsook atttrasnhopper falls, j and the substance of wtrch th?v -.rill have under any con Rlituticn. throw themselves into rebellion agaiu-t the United States to irrupt -aid sectional parties, should be deprecated by every mas made and outside of Kaoaae Tbey claim to be patriot*, but because their neighbors in side or ouUide ot tb* Territory may have Injure<1 tbeni, tbey are willing to subvert our Union. 1* that patriotism? Recaose tbey or some Individual* among them may hare been wronged (I give them tbo strongest case they elaitn), doe* tbat justify them in wronging thirty million* of pen pie by attempting to destroy their bond* of union! They claim to be unselfish. and yet for selfish reason* are rebels to tbelr country. Tbey claim that tboir liberties bare been Infringed upon, and for that reasou that government which i* the moat perfect embodiment of liberty must be destroyed Nationality abould teach thom tbat their drat duties are to the nation?its obligations, Its demand* should receive their first devotion. local or Territorial m forests tbelr second; and that for a mere abstraction which cannot benefit the young branch, the source?the tree? should not be sees lied or destroyed. Patrmtism should teach them to sutler, to yield, to dte, for their country, but Dcvor to dishonor or permit her to be dishonored?It should teach them to "leap into the yawn lug gulf to save the city " Reason should teach them that human governments and laws are but a compact, a compromise?with us a compomise between the majority and minority. a compromise in which local interests fre quently have to suffer, and m which, m common par lance, we have t> give and take the gnwi and evil result log from such compact. It should teach them, too, that a human instrument, executed by human hands, can never tie void of offence to some. And history should teach them devotion to this prodigy of htim&u government, contempt for little local j>a**inri* and Intere-te, that we can never fa'l by ex'ernal foes, that real danger can only a>-*ail ua from within, and that danger?civil strife? should not be played with, nor courted, but crushed wherever it ap[wars, with the mailed hand of the executive and the blankest frown of the people. Such should lie the considerations of the free State men. giving them their story to its full?all the wrongs they feel so anxious to bear. It I* but a few, however, it the rank and file of this nartv. with the maioritvor their leader*, who hare been and are willing to *Un<t, like the Mormon*. In rebrllion against the I niteii state* The major it) nf the |<*rly. the (treat nvi?? ?f the hroeat, bumble, laboring squatter*. tboneh terribly confused and deceived in regant to Uie atate of afTair*. are not willing to raise their hand* ogninrt their honored country. But it it ay be aeked what the leader* here want, dothey eupcct to whip the United Stateer <>h, not They want. Arid of all, office; they enpeet to ride Inti it upon the eiritemeet If the epjwxition earry the day they will get no office*; and rather than that ahould take place they desire to have money and troop* sent here from the free Btntc*. to create a great civil war and overthrow the dyneeratle party, In the doing of which they are wtlltng to overthrow the nation. Tho quiet man in the Territory think tliey occupy au unfortunate position. The c<*narrative men in the Territory consider that they occupy an unhappy panltlon. domineered over by the fanatic* but It la these fanatics who ocrwpy supremely an unfortunate position, for thee merit the profoondcat contempt of every eltiien In the Union. and If their course wa* fully known by every citizen In the Union they would generally receive It. Bat the question meet important to Eastern reader* m, will we bare civil war if the lecotnpion constitution passes Omgreea ? Again I answer that general question in the neeatiwn llinitvh In p*hlH? it rlffnenilg nrvm the rnitrnh ni event* hereafter In be develop*!; It depend* IB ?o way upon the mere fact of th? adoption of the J/ecnaiptaa con ttltution, for If the free Stale moo here thn power under that ronetituUon they will be quiet. If not aaUiAed. If there la a tie In the I egtalature th?re will be a lopping off of hrade, aeeaefrtaation The free State men mnet hare the rule entne way or aomehow, or their ahriek* and roar* will deocend even to the depth* of Tartaru*. Whether or no, they are hent on getting op excitement. covering up Mlnneoia track*, making political capital, helping the republican* In the State*, and < renting all the difhrulllee In the Ter> Itory they can Fortunately the pro alavery load era are noarly or quite all out of the Territory, .to, there la no one to lead the oppoeitinn, they will remain quiet, ate I the free Plate leader* will have their labor for their pama, unloea they commit absolute outrage on the opposition. a* they have lately done atPoni|>han. The reae<>n * little ha* been written about the pro alavery party lately i? that there 1* nothing to writ* about them; their letter* re way, there Id no on* to excite and mislead them, the rank and 01* of that party are quietly at home attending to th*tr buaineaa. ae they would always do If left anno Keep theae leader* out of the Territory furerer and you will confer an Incalculable Meaning upon IV In like man ner if fVorldence or any other benefleent power won id take an men in the free that* party that I could name mt of the Territory and keep them out, there tmM he no more need of the Unite I State* troope here. Remoreaald 'I men from the Territory, and all the correspnndont* of partiean Journal*, and the agent* of all emigrant afcl aociotlee, and keep out the pro alar ery load ore now out, and we will ahrvwt twatantly hare peace. |k> that, and from my pereonal Intercourse with the free ?tatr men I belie to nine tenth* of them will nay 'Cod Mew you " The poor Topeka 1 egielature have not b?<ea able to get a quorum yet The Territorial legislature adjourned one 44e at A P M. to dar The banking law hae twen ve'oel by the Governor; the Togixlatyro hae paused it orer liitt bead. The changing of county names, <e?ta and lines wu NDAY. FEBRUARY 22. 18 j vlrUmll# killed in the House A fcwtlaMW ??'* mad*. bvwci, r T . K-h M, JTtr ftmfsnai l.rpulatvrr tn J rouble?Hn Hi/ * f tvn?Ur.fmor'i l ours, usth tke New CotutUiJumai ' a r< n/um-- Jrcuttc Aluad?lUtuU if Corruption in tir tree Stou J'srty, etc., >tc. On Tuesday night laat. at t?t minutes to alevnn o'ol. rif, the Mil fbr the new Conatllutiooel Oouveolloo win U.?i

to Acting Governor Bcnvor's roota, by tae ctucl Ksrotung Clerk ot Use Legislature mil two wiUiw.'k Iu.j Gov- , ernor's prlr .t* ?e relary, Mr Wnlsli, oo hearing that lb i j "messenger* bore tb? Constitutional Oonveulion bill" i*>" : the Governor had gdne to bod, and would not receive tan ' bill. The iDnweoger* *eturned ' Ihe I**g lUlo'e in twenty minuWa, and nent morning, betwm-n eight and i nine oYIocca, present?d ?iie bsil to the Governor, who * - i copied it. Br the organic act tho Governor bar three d.ars to osa j Bilnaevery bill a?<l ifbe <1oes nol return It |o the Ts-gUia- j tore wtthm that time, with hta approval or veto, it becomes a law. Now Wednesday wm the 13th of the month. the Convention met on tire 4th ult., at 1U M .; they have ex ac'.ly tcrty days to Bit, that bra pa them up to the l'-ta of this month, ami the Governor hold: that as he he'* bnttwn days in which to consider the bill, by the org#. net he is notrerjuired to rrtnra it. and of enunte a con 1.1 n.vt bo come h law. Tue Territorial Iifgisitlure ho'd, that as they met at noon on tho 1th ult. thoy bnve to t>H till noon on the 13th in-t , whH would only give th, in f.x?i'tl_, forty days In lime, the first and In-l vosbk Ds hemp hail days only mako oco wliolo cay. If that he ho wbetl.M. Ill,, Governor returos the b'll or not, > it becomes a law. since he had three days in which to consider it The cor>equt-ncu is tbui the Legislature :n=var* of adjourning yesterday at ft I' M , sat all night and wni ke?-p rn cont'auoua session opto It! M today, i Several committees wai'ed ti|ioii the Governor yoater day to ask him whether he would return the convention bill or not lie informed one of them pretty distinctly that they had bettor attend to their cw.i btwlnrrji and he would attend to his. This all air has created a great deal of feeling here Tb- Territorial I.egMatnre have had forty days in which to enact this convention bill, whioh they doomed the roost important one they had to psse, and yet Ihev Lave been so busily engaged over Minnrola Rhiros, the pioneer i<> d<? aeriveu irom tue county qaetiiun. local 1> lis, gain and liuuoaiH, tli?t this bill was ou ? taken to the at thn eleventh hour. U was hold book till Mlmwol* via all cut, dried ard put through so the Convention could meet bore Behold the r >ns??pence. This affair will give such free Slain leaders a* I,aim and Robinson an cxrcNen: chancn to raise no* excitement ami esctle the people to rebellion. There is a (Treat mass meeting here to-day, and the free State effort to get up a grand excitation will now prohaldy prove aucoeasful. Wat the convention bill affair arranged to that end' Be it an it may, it is very unfortunate for the Territory. Dramatic aw?l Miulral Maltara. Everybody Is delighted at the return of Mr. UUmaa's superb Ojiera troupe, with which the spring season will be opened at the Academy of Music this evening, whon la ((range, Formes, Tihnrinl and Gassier will sing in the "Puritanl." The advance programmes of the manager have given the public promlsoa of hno things for thn future. Thn " TlugunnoU " ami " loo tor a " are Uin two new operas of the season. For the tnisr ew frnr of the first more money will bo expended than upon any play ever got up in thin country. Mr. rilman also announces the coming of Munard, the famous Paris ckrf dt'crchrstra, whoso concerts have been ho surcesHruiiy imitated ny juiiien. nusaru s ooncerts here will commence early in April, and after th? elnse of the Opera season. Every one who has been ta PariB will remember the expenditure of a largo number of francs at Musard's pleaaant taUe and garden on the Boulevard du Gand. The manager or tho Academy commenced hi* spring season In Ado order, and with every prospect of a great access. Ho ha* just signed a aaw lease, which gives him possession of the bouse until September, 1R01, wRh the privilege of two years'extension; and that fact a perhaps the best evidence of bis success. Miss Agnes Robertson, one of the most charming actresses on the English stage, commences an engagement at Wallack'a theatre this eveuing, and plays the heroine in a drama by Mr. Itourcicault?"Jesse Brown, or the Relief of I.ucknow." It is of course founded upon the incident of the Celedonisn young woman who is said to have heard the Highland slogan on the night of the rebel' or the besieged city, and which pretty story Is, lllco many others, altogether a romance. More sthe pity. ATiwpnrv. We hear that Mr. Roiircicault has made an effective play out of it, and we a?o obliged to him for something new, Messrs. Blake, loater, Pavenport, Rlo*i\T B. Johnston, Mra. Hoey and Mrs. Allen also play in the piece, and Mr. BourclcanH Is the amiable Nana iiahib. At Button's theatre the engagement of M-?r-. Brougham aud Walcot is announce t to be continued two nights longer. This evening they will ap|*ar. with Mr. Burton, in "The Comedy of Errors" and two popular tarces. At Laura Keene's theatre the hills for this evening an nounro tbe exciting drains, "The Courier of Ljoos," and the screaming clo farce of "Tho Village Lawyer." Jor dan, Jegerson, WheaUelgb and Miss latira Keene play in tiiess pieces. At IKa Itvi.a.'o.av tKrhtrn a n ant'. Knliifav anlAvtain tci r.t. In honor of the natal day of Washington, r? an nouncrd. Katon Stone, Mile. Virginia ami ether favorite* appear, an 1 "Cinderella" 1* to bo revived with Uie Ian cere'Quadrille, which I* daiiced ?o jmrfeotly by children ( as to pat tc the bluib the moat experienced mcmbcri of the corps de ballot. At the Bowery theatre there ia also a grand festival bill ia honor of the birthday of Urn Immortal Washington. The historical drama, "The Dawn of the Stain awl Stripes," with Mr. Kddy; "The Man with the Iron Mask,'' with Mr. It. Jobnaton, a patriotic ode, written and to bo spoken by A. W. Feuno. the *ingir ; of "The Star Spangled Banner" by tbe whole company, and the nautical drama, "The floating Beacon." A long and strong bill. AttheMneeum the " I'iooaer Patriot" till drawn full bonarg. It la to bo acted thiaafternoon awl evening, with aa allegorical tableau In bom>r of the day, when Mr*. C. < Howard, aa the " (ioddcea of Liberty," will etng the "Star Spangled Banner." At the colored opera, Wood's, Buckley's and Bryant's, excellent bill* sre out for tti? week. There sre so pb a-antcr or Ices pretentious amusements than theee in tows. Mias Tcrsm Femonde gives one of bar very popular reading* at Siuyveeant Innm-ite thi* evening Madame Iols Mortex gives one of her popular lectures at the Brooklyn Athens-urn on Wedut-aday evening u< thl* weak. Mr and Mr*. Stark arrived here a few day* *incc, hav 1 ing ju?t concluded an engagement at Chicago. Cosrmem.?Mr. C. A. Ouiimetle give* hi* ttnt concert la 1 thi* city at Iiodworth'* Rooms, on Thursday, Mr (init- ' mette, both a* an arti*l and a maeter, bears the bigbi-xt reputation. The programme i* very attractive, an<1 the room abonld be crowded. On Tuerday. at Itodworth'a Academy, Mr Flafeld give* the third ??f hi* ela**.i al *elr*** BrsitnT*.?Mr. C. MaUirwa hail bm farewell benefit at Burh n'a on Sntnr iay evening, and wa* warmly received by a full house. Mr. Mathow* hae left tnwa for Baltimore, where he will play thie evening and for twelve nig hie tucceedlng From thence he goen to Wa?hington and Rich 1 rend, and In April to Hoatnn, after which be will again apycar In thia city. Mr Mathew* engagement at Burton'* wae use of atxty might*, ami a*nce he arrived m the ooun try be ha* played one hundred and thirty two night* Mr.C Wheet* gh had hi* ann tal t>enefH at taura Keene'a theatre Saturday, when "Ilonble Faced People" (1st taut flcn.VTiimci) war played for the Or at time at that theatre. Mr John Brougham announce* hla farewell benefit at I Bnrton'a for Thursday of tbia week, ill* amuaing pro damatlon will be found in the proper place It w a eapt tal hit. Mr C. Welcot'a benefit and laat night at Burton'* la an nounced B?r Tueeday. To tell people to go to thoa* henaflte la Idle perfuming two violet*. Mr Fatoe ,-ttone, the ramou* equeati aa of the Broal ' way theatre, announce* bla benefit for next Saturday. U* Inlead* to give a great entertainment, aad will no doubt have a correspondingly gTeat houee. Ti**v*ii *l M*a*i*um?At Jereey Cvty, on Sunday, the ! 1 141b, Mr O. C Jordan, of laura Keen*'* theatre, to Mi** kaiily Tborne, formerly of Burton's. ?m Tuesday, the ( 1Mb, at the name city, Mr. Charles Mathow* to Mr*. Linw Wealon Davenport. Mir* Tolly Mara hall and Mr. T. B Johnston have joined the company at I aura Keen* a theatre M CmiTKH.?a City manager, not particularly thai the lanftnac* waa "too much Ilka Phakaper* " W*NUMfOD.<?Mra. Matilda Heron Bt<npel la plavm* b?re Moan a?Thalherg'a laat concert wm announced for tba '20th llarkeU and B. rtnclde warn I ha atar* at vha IkMlra Naw OaLEaaa.?Mlaa C. rnahman la the atar at thefaml Charlea Brwron?The Ravel* are atlll plavng at the Bnaton theatre, and their aoecean >? no marked that their en raiment will ba ooatinued The paper* are nukln* a ureal fuea about Mr. Harrow'* opening of the Howard A the arum, which event to announced Tor March I. We have no room tor^a Ua^of^hc company. a* tnaouneed from time to lime It would be lawh easier to publtoh ft itot of thft (utUU who ftre not engaged. Fm.juiia T\m plot of (b? " Poor Stroller*," ftt tha A Delphi runs thu? ? ' i ? -.els ina room ef tha Potasoft Rouge, crrtg,- tj toe neighborhood ot arras bur* Hers a nam St r ct co.ctry people or both mm aaU ftUagaaftro u mm} <?u<Ki>al with wlow mil jaat. eotig and on.--; Th a moat prommet personages in Lbti rastrc com .4.1./ on ..n.r..i (Mr. 1'aul ltedti,rft}, ft poacher, who ?ot" thv r*ugti ante ct erery one's tongue, and a accounted a I.44) feilew , though, according to 11 In own arrount, ha I* Hiaply unlucky? anil two poor strolling players, of whom Hi.-nul.i in J'lerre taroux (Mr H Webwter), aud tba yourser, Marie (Madame Oleste), his daughter, Thaw ill.-.! ouenlatt mtutrj i xhibit their accomplishments for tho mot "mar' o. the company, who am li-ierftlot their ap |.iHun4., but |tr<i|4.rttoaalMl}. c.bary of their money?a ctr- | t'otiudafiee ?h?-h deepens the gloom of 1'ierr*, who was alrcac) on the brink ot dcipair. l*rcRently thero arriTo at the iiin two belated traveller* i.nui.-.t I.twson (Mr C Solby) and Cnssidy (Mr. tiarden), lrom whose con?er?fttioB, uhen Ui.'y are left alr.i a in each other'*society, It become* nbm 'lantly erict nt that they arc on term* ot mut-jal how tllity H apis-ars that Caeeidy , an old men-haul resident :t Ireland, bad originally intended to lease all hn pro. I*"l> toliin companion, who in liin hood man ol'bushels, hut subsequently. having r. aaon to suspect that lawnon had, Jor his own eelHeb purposes, blackened the fair tnme ot hm nephew, Walter nasality (Mr. ItiltiQKton), w.ib tlieview of hin getting bun disinherited, the old lief, ccmc over to Franco to trake certain Inquiries which are to guide him iu tlie die|H?ial of his wealth. He baa di nwn tip two wll'a, which ha carries with him lu hi* valise. The lormer is in lavor ol 1-awnon, tho lattor of I Waller Oaeeldy, It i? itieleratnod that In the eveut of his. being satisflcd that the lad htti been maligned, he in P-noe to caucel the hist instrument and to niuke his 11 iH lit'll AlU'r II1H irHVIIUArh HMVn IIMI lllfl r'*l||l | 1'irrre enters, and having overheard that tbcre id a . thousand francs iu llie v*'l?? the dreadful thought or becoming po.u<caaod of them enters hid mind. Ho has a , tirribic conflict with coniu-ionco, hut his evil genius ! previ.iis Hp opens the valise and abstracts a tug of I MM) and a yttMkwk Lawson and OwMf : ko" n MOM their journey, and. unconscious of fttff j l<?s, take llie road lo ftraeloi'g, for whit h place the |>oor Stiotlors also are bound. T!i? inr r. bant and hie rowjinnicn. however, travel alone They have another quar- : rel on the way, and when Un y have got to a lonely part I of a wood, Uwaoii resolves to obtain possession ol tlie i vs'hc at any cost, even that of his benefactor's hf? Fatal | tscill.les present themselves, fcr on the road ha finds the i loaded gun of Samson, who is hard by se',1 in* snares for ; garni. iawBon aoizca tho weapon and shoots tho tnor- | chant do id upon tho spot, nor him alone, but Samson j also, who would liavo apprnhaodeil Ute assassin. Inthe it.111 d.stanr.o, fitfully revealed by gleam* of lightning, the poor strollers a:u taking their weary way through the wood Po ends (be first aid The second is introduced in the play bill with a quotation from (tulwar? "A selfish, cold and ca'culating brain, His heart a compass, and its needle gain.'' T..W.O lines refer to lawson, who, having aueceaded to bis victim's wealth, and tavir.g assumed tho profession of s lawyer, is now discovered In the full enjoyment of his Ill-goUru riches. The scene ia laid in London, And tho poor strollers are lodging In a wretched apartment in sloho. Tlerrs has loot his honor?" the immediate jewel of the soul and his avenging conscience forbids him to Usta of happiness. He in h?srt broken and desolate. His child know * of his crime, And he dare not take bar Into his confidence. Fhe, however, 13 as happy as tho contcm plalion of her father's sorrow will permit her to he, for she has found a devoted lovor tn the person of young Walter (.'sandy, the disinherited nephew, who earns his living as Mh aruai. in uio tuiro aci ine *? eno mangos miroianu, ano the playwright extracts matter of uproarious merre no ut from tho adventures of Inwsor.'s clork, Itob Ritta (Mr. Wright,) who, in hi* efTt.rU to aerva wHUon the tarant* of the Caasidy estates, experiences very rough tr? a mart at the hands of that mob of beasts and cutthreats who id variably personate the Irish people on the I/mdon stage. But In this act the whole business of the play turn*, as not nnfreqiiently happen* in real life, upon a trivial accident. While engaged one day In mending her lather's waistcoat, Marie finds a pocketbook in the lining ?if the garment Why linger no the reeulU of this discovery ? Tbo pockethook is found to contain the second and, of course, the only valid will of Michael Chasidy, constituting hi* nephew and her stllanc-ed husband the heir of tfe estates. 1'ierre makes a chw breast of his tranrgres .ion, and retutns the money, one franc of which he has net touched. Inwron is handed over to justice, and Vsrle U united in marriage, and let lis hope in happiness, to her faithlul lover. l?ur I.onden correspondent (Feb. 2) says: In the tl.ealrical world the pantomimes continue their auriferous runs before and behind the curtain, Leigh Hunt's ortgi , play of "Love's Amazements," at the Lyceum, is a partial a access .thank* to llie ml mi ruble acting of Mies Wool- ' gar, The elegant blank verse was evidently bevond Mr. [ lullnw'a comprehension. At the Adelphi Mr Wotu ! ihillitt' drama of "Hie Strollers'' bids fair to have a : l.'Bg run Messrs Wright and Webster, and Mme Celeste, ' have gained golden opinions hj the able rendering of their ! vsrious part*. Mr ami Mrs. Harney Williams will shortly appear. Mr Roberts, alter a successful bout is the ooun- ( try, has r< n?e to town for a short liolii lay A 1'arts correa|rf>uder>t says that M. Humas'(dl?) nsw | play, "The Natural Son," is a picture of seduction, abandonment and adultery, clothed in appropriate language The leaning cbarac'er, Jacques de Hon-ny, is the son of M. Charles Sterney and M'Ue Clara Vignot, who has been sednced acd abandoned by Hteruey. He, making a wealthy match with M Henri-dU d'Orgehac, the daugti i terot a nobleman .settles a small annuity u|*>n the deeertad mother and child, and bates sight of them. Clara, however. becomes imsimeeor, by kiic<o*moii of a relative, of , an eaute called Botany. ami adopt* the name Madame do Botany for herself and her son .Iwrjuea, who knows no thing of bis illegitimacy, makes the acquaintance of a ' verns ladv and despatches a friend, a notary named I'ri seard, lo demand her hum) In marriage To" young ! lady lo discovered lo bo M'lle Mterney, the niece of hi* 1 mti fa'her. The secret of ni? hirth now oootes out, and powerful scene Ukra place between II(no da f nd bcr ion. In which he cruelly unbraid* her j with hi* disgraceful (><>"ition, but reconciliation take* J plate by the intervention of the notary. Jacques tbon , seeks an tntertlcw with hi* fatbar. to obtain (via aid, bat bo coldly refuses to rv>ugniee him in any way, i *nl treat* b n> as an utter stranger; on which Jacques quits the provinces for l'artr. resolving to break olt with his family, ami owe bis future ton-coos in life to hi* own rxrrtlons. being a yourg fellow of spirit and capacity he soon turns up again Its has heroine, when neat heard of, secretary t? the Minister, and having by hu intelligence and address, been of most signal service to the government in an important crisis, be la at once rained to , |*>wer and distinction. His success speedily settles his ' claims with ha heartless parent, whose greatest aabt j lien is n?w that his disowned -on should re,ogtnSe him m 1 his lather Ihit Jacques, disdaining his interested tender ] uc**, receives his overtures as they merit, and on being j urtlted to Hemlnis. when Itcrney opens his arms to him, sad eiclnlms. In'n voice of sffecp-d'emotion, " " Kmhrat- j uwuii, sion gfj," Jacques calmly replies, I'rrtttinrmml, | men onrU " The piece la dcclare<l to be a perfect success by the critical friends o| M Hums* and nodouht will have a long "run " Kor ourselves waaoe nothing la j It to roagratolale the Parisians upon. This rveniag (January 'ii> M to l?e produce,! a oomedy by .scribe at the francais enlitl"*! " feu Lionel on'Jul ; vtvra verra and at the (ialte, la Vian,- e d'Alban . " I frame en cinq arte*, by MM Hennery et ?. r.aasT PitTot. M*Trn- Norm. Waorh.?Mr..lnhn ' Travis, who has established a pistol gallery in Una city, lias just closed tbe most eitraordinary wager we have p\ er heard of It is no leas than a bet of one thousand dollar* that he will bit an orange placed on the h-vl of a h?.y at tea paces,- also slxaot one in each hand of the hoy The wager Is with Samuel A fhiydam. of New Tork. and Ihe malrh takes place ,n tins city on the 15tb of Jane The following are the terms of tha mat b ?Travis bete Snydam one thousand dol'ars that he will And a boy who wtll stand a* tbe distance of tea pares and place an orange ant to exceed two and a half inches In diameter In each hand. and one upon his bead, which Travti wl.l shoot from , Ihetr respective localities, no ob|eet to intervene between ihe boy and the oranges. If Travis Ihlla to tlnd the hoy ' who wtll stand or fails to hit the oranges m threa shots. j r>r any shot touches the hoy lie lose* Ihe bet The match lo be shot la IxmtsnUa. June IS, !?&S?UmdtMlf itervt Til R Fl HIL 1 H w> wL AI M Ktlthaatrrlsm In Royal Ktmh llri of Koropr-1?wi !"> Ihr I'Uh IT apart 11 Inn?A ffhlr* In Wornpe?Cangrre* tonal l?rnfwrtlii??-F.itort InHllBrnn-9f at torts. Ar , Ac. Wednesday * edition of Ihn ffaaav IIirai.p, among other thing*. till contain? Ad inl?re?ting rrttret# of Rlllbuetrriam Mi America ? AastoUaco to the Patriots in tor tiro and South America? The Cnafrta* of Panama ID 1W?Tha Taua Itovnlutma? Attempts of lopes to I iberate Cuba?The Quitman and Iter Movements for Cuba and Veoeancln -Kcpeditiona to |A?tr ra'ifornia and Bnnoro? History of Walker's operations in Vicnragoa, Ac Affair* in Rump*- < >ur london, I "aria and Berlin Corres pendence- I'aahiona for February, Ac. The Royal Families of Kurop*?Their Origin. Inter mar rlaces and Connections. Interesting loiters frnta .>ur Special Correspondent m Kansas, Ac. lola Motile > an tha W>tn*n* Statel Tha rtouble kiacuMoa in Pittsburg?Man ami Woman Hung. Affair* in Washington?Proceeding* of Oongrena. Rdltorln) Remarks en Matter* of Internal The local lacid an la af this and adjoining itien of general Miter set The latest InteBlgence receired up to the t me of publldation. Together wMh Police Reports?Theatriral Matter*? Report or the Cattle Market?Money and Commercial Mar kets?Marriage* and Deaths? forming a great maae of la tereeting and miaceHaaeone reading Tenna?Only 13 a year, four cenla a single copy To be obtained at tha office of the Rmuti> and of all news igeato. Important tetter to the Patolte. Rnt fftalt particular* a<Mr*aa PRIMP A. RORRTOR. boa ?M Ralttmore, Md. Plana* and Melodeone-Rew and Reeend kiw price* for reek The Watera larre an'l popular cataloftne nf him ale at half price, ?t the freet plnoo ud innate agency of HOBArH WATBNS SB Rmetwuf. Anmnl OMMmotyM-Uin Ml* fcr W renin?The only pTere In the city where daguerrcotypca are mute ?actuate* of any other picture la at ANHON'S, m Broadway, oppodte Metropolitan Hotel. Ciiitarfeni'i Hair Djre, U'Vp and To taper a. Heat in the world. O* rata and dye applied at No. havr Houae. 6 Brttlnliirt natrB^WIgi ?* Tnmm at Um BMO/Mtorj, 0 RMmf Hill's Hair Dye-4 MkMllnap a M?, Mack or brown. Held at Ho. 1 Hn.rclay street. and %rj al] dHusirtaU. Infallible oncurnt Horrnrw or Irritation o1 ttke Tbroal, md couch* cured by BBOWWH broutfclad trocban 1/ ?0 dru??i*to. MASJL1A0XS AJSTD SZTCHK. IHarHMl. Maths ws? Pifuiron ?On Tuesday, teb.' 16, at Jjnmr City, by the Rev. l. W. Wiley, Chakijm Matxswa to 1- mm Wwtvr Davssroirr. DM. Annv.?In Brooklyn,on Sunday, Feb. 21, of in tkame.ttow of the lungs, Kowajid Addt, aged 67 yews, 10 tnenlhs aoA 10 day*. Tbe relatives and friends of deceased's family. and Washington Division No. 4, Sons of Temperance ar<- re spectlony invited to attend tbe funeral, from St AsVs church, corner of Washington and Prospect streets. on Tuesday afternoon, at two o'clock, without further ianution. Idem?On Sunday, Feb* 21, Csoaua W. Bim, la Utn &Hth year of bla age Tbe relatives and irlenda of the fatally are respectfully Invited to alieud the funeral, from bie late residence, Ne. 63 Kant Twenty eighth street, on Wednesday, 24th Inst., ut eltven o'clock A M., without turthar tnvttaUoa. HI* remains will lie taken to N'orwalk, Coon . for interment. Hiphkall.?ib Brooklyn, on Saturday, leb. 20, Arocwrtnt I.., only child ol'John A. and Auatice A. Blrdsoll, aged 0 J rlira and 4 month.'. Ibe relative* nnd friends or the famiiv ore respectfully Inv led U' attend the funeral, at No, 61 Kaymuud street, this (Monday) artenioon. at two o'clock. C*n*llit ?<>s Saturday, Feb. 2b, by accident, Jason Cooair.T tb< bolorodaon ot i'atriek hihI Margaret (kteacly, to the 18th year of bis age. a native of the parish of Maysa, tmlj Wcetuiuatb. Ireland. Tho'frlenrtK nnc arrjuaintaneo* of the family, and those of h? son in law, Carol FitzsimmonH, are respectfully ua vited to attend bis funeral, this (Monday) afternoon, * tec o'clock, from bin parents' residence, No 189Seveath air Mi Celts* ?On Saturday, Fob. 20, Jourr Ccuxv, in the 47th year ot bis age Hie frlenre hum relative", and those of his ftimlly, are respectfully invited to attond bis funeral, freoi bits tote residence, No. 40 Whitehall street, this (Monday>after I'ubhn und Vfvxforl papsri ploaaa copy. , Chow.?Ou Sunday, Feb. 21, after a hort tnyt sorer* the only son of Capl. M. N Oufl, 2 years, I month and 11 days. Toe friends Kill relatives of the family tie retpoctf uHy the funeral, from tbo residence of has lather. No. '21.1! Klizabnth Rtrort, near Kleecker, ttun-(Moouay) afternoon, at hair past two o'clock. ForsTiis ?In Brooklyn, on tiaturlay, Feb. ISO, Eswam T., eon of Kdwaid T. aud Margaret F. onUui, in the Ml year ol hm age. The relative- and fri?nd> of the family are respectfully invited to atter.a hlH funeral, from the residence of hie parents, No. 364 Flicks street, Brooklyn, this (Monday) afternoon, at two o'clock-. lln:-ON\ ?On Saturday. Feb. 20, 11 a asm Bow aid, aoo of Robert mid Amanda Huteon, a.ed 2 yearj, b months aol 20 day a. The relatives and friends are respectfully invited to attend tlie funeral without further mviia'.ion, from the residence of his parents. No. 72 f.dnJge street, this (Maoday) morning, at ten o'clock. Hats.- Nliza Hats, wtlc of James Ilays, after a short llliii'mi, aged 2f> years and <V nisoths Tin* relatione and friends rxr invited to attend his funeral. this (Monday) afternoon, at two o'clock, from her lata resilience, No 4 Desbrosaee street, N' Y. Wexford (Ireland) papers plea?* copy Lsikimt?<m Saturday morning Feb. 20, DsbiXah I.HM.K1T, widow 01 uie late ABrauam ijcggou, aged so years The relative* ami friend - of the family are Invited to attend the funoral, tiiia (Monday; aUornoon, at one vV'kxi, from her late residence at Mount Pleasant, Westchester rountv. Mwksy ?]n thin rite, on Sundae, Feb 21, Kii&t K. Msan, artle of M m. II. Morey, or consumption, a#ed 41 yearn Thr friend!) and relative* of tha family, and members of Munu Iiodge F. A M , are respectfully invited to attend the funeral, on Wednesday Afternoon, 24th met at one o'clock, trom her late residence, No 322 Uherry elieet Philadelphia papers plcaac copy tPiuaa?On Saturday, Feb. 2t?, Tbosa* O'EUat, a^ed % years. 8 montba and 27 days, the beloved son at James Mxl Rte-anoa O'Tlar a, par i-li of lenlip, K Mare, Ireland The friends and af.piaiDtan.-ea ire respectfully iavrted to attena the fnnrral, at his parenta' residence No 178 Elizabeth street, thin (Monday) allcrnoos. at two o'clock. O'BaiMi.?In this city, on Satu-day, Feb. 20 of cotsumption. Mrs. Ma*y O'Biuaa, affed 33 years, wife of Fa* rick O'Brien. Mr Aden Peddrkk. Mr. OerraM Caffaer, Mr. Conrojr. and the Irlend* of the family. are re*i>ec,lfully n^ueeiiid to attend the funeral, this (Monday) afternoon, ut half. iiasl one o'clock, from her late residence, No. 93 Fast 'wenty DPh street. R?rs? -tin Sunday. Feb 21. J-warn use Ammm, younguat daughter of Robert R. and Ann Reeves, aged i years aid 3 months. The relatives and friends of the family arc invited IS attend the funeral, this (Moo lay) afternoon, at three o'oliek, at the residence of her parenki, No, 106 Brooms Sl I M. t Tstior?On Saturday afternoon. Feb SO, after a eliert and severe llineas, Wa. C. Tat ion, in the 62d year of his MS The relatives and friends of Uie family are reepestfnliy invited to attend hia fui>c<al, cu Tuesday, at 13 o'eiock, M., from bis late raMcocs, X?, 220 Thimp ecu street His lemaiua will he taken to Fiat'aud*. L I., for Interment. him aLunmn. fc/1 r:n norm.* wm.r WATFRmnnr srw-wty Vi tumia, n<>? mil; >1 JoKU', Ro. U in wM Alio, 98 f>. double eoir petted boot*. Sr ri\ wu.i. nvx a tow or tttk iifst R*n anw 1/ r)l" 01 I. . kt VI .n'jbin i 'Mk fr !? my yard. M ir l XWaehiiittonntreet. A. R mRaTTTRR (2>??a nnn nxtnois cotntv borou w? offri V"V.""U el pr ?ele sal'- >1117 t-o.-eead >u prr coot ercrr end Marabxll erua'y t >t d?. DAvi* A WAIN, sivrnuam .treei. 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WAV* ft".*. ?M pRMT FAhTFRV OR MTRAMXHIP I.KVIATIIAB Ur halnf I' ?H "> hor mrmrtnf ff See larro two pagaengranngm 'ha I M.I WTHATRI* I.41RPOK RRW4 of Feb A. per Africa, bow read*. SMM.MF.R * ROORRfl. 42 Raaaan atraat. JrtiOKn Barf roast rfff and toriniifrb podding for dlwnar "?<t*y 12 to A To morrow Kagiuh hauaed if mtitoa. RiniAKimoR A HATTKR. 1211 Water ami 82 Wall #4 Kngllah bare. ihrwt, bach. Hl.taura, alberta, An , far ?w?ax Mil MR A PAT, _ Whol-aBf# atlk hat mmnfaetiirerB. Corarr of ? eatre and Traakiia alrer'a. New Tor*. OI'KRlRtl WRF.K. rartholfs farter rgwt.ea itceint. Oilier an I lalrarouW *1*1 Kmadway. ipiwnrr af Rrwaaa atraat i The public arr lartted ? rail and -lamlne thmelafant aa rbirtra offen d for aalr a: thla ?*rr. In which are atabodlad ail tlx ?o practical pntuta which bare baan fhond araaaaarr A* the prmiaeltna of the graateat earthly of aoparkar warR. Rkv tihwkt ward nmwmn ? mtrttrhow wrr iiikI Burner " ?' t r t bapw a church. tan erralaft. w\,l draw a crowded boo?r. It ta the moat popular at a, t Ha tertore* and haa never been dellrered In lh'e city bef <r*. Kr.w ihi .ee ?ho dlallke Er R?r?ber will get the worth ef their money out of thm ?dm treble lecture. Thk proprietor* or the u.ustratkn ltir?oj? R I W.t h.?tr made arrantn't to i>?' Mh during lAdd a ? Hea of magnificent colored anpplr mint, anranle f >r fr?mlng, end etiprrlor tn anything ret vu bit abed. To aernre theae aplendld work* of art, the Tllwe'rved I-ow lon kern abonld be aubarrtbed foe be >he year, Rubacrtptia* nine dollar* w ii i.epr * im;vrr JTo ?2 Naaaau alreet. M-*'a foe the t'awed THE it,!,rnT?ATEn CnRnoH EEWR FOR rtRRPARY ?. pet Afttea. remit iht# morning. contain* the f?Unwrt*g aplendld engravlnga ?The Royal marriage; 'ha weddta* rake, medal to tntrmrnnrtlr be Rotal marriage emerald and diamond brare'et and opal and diamond emie r mean ted to the Prlnreae R. >ral. tneeatlture of lite Royal lligborm* prtnee Frederick William of-he Prnaaia. with order o# the (tarter, the hrMal prer->*>lon? lit Vl'teea tHr inWandaalmaee, Rt. .lamra palace. RIMe rreaented to fler Royal Btghaeaa the PntK-eee Predrrleh William, by tie maldenaof England, the royal pair drawa through Wtadeor by-he Eton wdtolara: elegant eerrlee beak f>r 'he royal marriage, deeoralletia ng the Rnrllnttofi arcade pieeadtlly. marriage, betrothal, and other Hrlilah frnnd ring* TP engraTing*'. fhahlona for Eehruarr; prtre eanartee at the Rnttngham P?'tjtr7. ?Rfeon rnhMt, and canary abnw. commencement of the Dtrtmtotli and Tor bay railway, at Torn nay the l-ertaahan towed 10 ber moor l.i. 3 flintdnml (t?rt r mWea Rtltl Ad* Ad* Vtl l UVD A rAukrs d Km'1 Wnwi Ruhwrlpttna nlt>? iMtero p*r 7**r rllt ?r*w TORR RRRCrRT tXTRA.-A* RXTRA NlltMi iA? XRRrt'RT will R* r??df tt fanr a'rtnrR Ihw ?ft*rnni>0 l<rt lh* 'bnnmn<1* wh> w?r? ltaappr>in!?4 iMM<-r<iv vrly ????wp tepnia. or? 0k> dtee, l?o . U pruef otreoi.