Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 22, 1858, Page 6

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 22, 1858 Page 6
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G mtvatk)** \w:sro- acecn Any inyaud or ii.pkrly t.aoy pprirjno thk servers rI a younf imlv of qui?" ha! i'?, >? wishes ki naakr heraoll e< n.' ally t.ii. or ..ny re I'.r.riu* a S" ?fri?M in any |inrt or tkta countr*. or an tote-are er for toretail travel rimy sour-ess and obtain satisfactory references mm H. O , Hrooklyn Host cffise. AREM'RCTAItLI MARRIKD WOMAN. WtTfl k RKESH bream of milk.. *s ear- to lake * rhil4 to ??t nu'aa. t an he eeen at b-r re en leu re No. *40 8ib ?ve., thinl Hair, rear house, tor three days. _ AS ITT ATION W ANTRD-RY A RRRPKOT VBLK YOl'.VU woman, to do genera) borrsewoik in a sina'l |>ri?aU? tain.1 j, best ot city reference. Cad a: 2?6 Sd ave.; can be wi n tur two days. A situation wanted?ry AScnTfn ami,, to no general housework In some private tam'lv; if a good aook. washer and troner; hest of reference. C all at Itiw fcmltb t., Brooklyn, bwk room, tirst flwr. _________ I A SITUATION WANTKD-BY A OERMAN PROTE8 taut gill, an chambermaid and waiter. Has good cltv pe'erenceTrotn ber last place. Oall at No ,H Union court, k(twr?D Ilth an,I 12th els., second Boor, front room. A'KKM'F. lAI'I.K PROTESTANT GERMAN GIRL who thoroughly understands her business, wtslt-sa situ atlon as chau.oerinxid and to do plain sewing, or as waiter and to do fine washing and ironing, i'lease call at t"c{ WyekoU' w.beiwueu Smith and Hoyt, Biooltiyn, second tloor, front room A YOUNG GIRL WISHES A SITUATION AS C1IAM b? rui-iJ and to do plain sawing, and to take care of children Call at 16 Forsyth St., room 11. A WOMAN AO ED 21 YEARS, ACTIVE, HEALTHY, and of excellent character, desires employment either as seaui ?ire-s, children's attendaut or as plain domestic in any respectable family, lias good city refeiences. Apply at eiS 3d are. A NICE, RESPECTABLE YOUNO GIRL WISHES A situation, either in the city or country, as cook, waaher anc ironsr, has no objection to do general housework for a email prtva'evfumily. understands cooking and baking tho roughly ; can come well recommended. Call lor two days at 174 blast 2Mb St. A SITUATION WANTED-HY A YOUNG WOMAN, TO do chsmberwork. wasting and Ironing or housework. I'lease call at 247 West 2ft'b su, tirst floor. A RESPECT ABLE GERMAN GIRL WISHES A BITUAtion|to do general housework, in a private family. Good tty references given. Apply for two days at 72 41b St., between Cornelia and Jones sis. A RESl'Ei-TABI.E YOUNG SCOTCH WOMAN WISHES a situation asgood cook, is a tirst rate washer and troner; la willing to make herself generally useful. Good city refe wore ran be given. Apply at 113 West 24th St., near 7th aye. j AN AMERICAN GIRL WISHER A SI1UATION A3 nunc anil seamstress. Call fur two days at 4'JO (lib av. HOrSFKEEPER. ?WANTED, BY A YOUNG GERMAN laily, only three month* in the country, speaks but lit Hp English a situation as housekeeper. Would make herself generally useful, and if wanted would be willing to teach , young children German. Please call at 54 Great Jones st. for two days. rpHE ADVERTISER WISHES A SITUATION AS SEAM 1 stress; underatanila dressmaking, shir, maklug, boys' and children's clothes; would be willing to wait on an invalid or travel with a lady Can be seen for two day* at 182 7tb ave., between 2M and 23d *'*, '?op tloor, Iront room. WANTED?A SITUATION IN THE COUNTRY. KY A nice young girl, a* cook, washer and ironer. or tor general housework; understand* baking and making butter, h s both city and country reference, Please call at No. 174 East Vtth at. TYrANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE GIRL, ACTUATION, Tf io a private family, as chambermaid and to do hue washing, i* an excellent laundress; has the best if city refer *t>c?* from some of the most respectable families, with whom she ha* lived. Piesse call at 75 West 19th *t., for two day a. T1TANEED-BY A GERMAN GIRL, A SITUATION AR VT a first cl*s* cock. Best references given, t ail at 432 HUi av., to the store. TI'fT NURSE.?WANTED. BY A RESPECTABLE MAR yy ried woman, with a full breast of milk, a baby to wet nurse at her own residence having loet her own. the best of are will be taken of it. Call for three days at 228 1st ave., room 5. YET ANTED?A SITUATION, RT A YOUNG LADY, AS fy saleswoman in a millinery, fancy or emuroidery store; satisfactory reference given and required. Address personally or by note C. R., 57b West 17th St., first floor. YET ANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN, A yv situatloa to do general h usework in a small family ?o?sl city reference given. Apply at lti7 West 13th st., rear.' YETANTED?HY A RESPECTABLE YuUNG GIRL, A yy situation in a private family as good plain cook, w asher and roner, or would du* work or chamberwork for a small fsmily; has three years' rafercnre Ircm her last place. ?t*n be se< u at 213 West jgih st., between Eth and 9th ave* , second floor, front room. VI'ANTE D-BY TWO CuM PET EST WOMEN, WITH EXYv cellent city reference, situations In the eKy or country; ne as cook and htuudress. can dn up linens in aiyle. under bland* meats, poultry and baking, wages $7 to 6* per mon'ta; the o'hrr as regular rhttnherntsid and to assist with tine wasbli g and ircnirg wage* $7. Oail at 216 East 23d street, for two days BITTATIOS M WAfiTKO-MALE*. A situation wanted?ah wrapper writer in a ne??p*p-r or periodical office, by a vouug man of nleady. Industrious hahita has hud considerable experience nt the business, and ha* no objection to make himself geuqgollv useful. Best city reference* given. Address D. M O., box U? Herald office. To invalids.?as NURSE OR COMPANION, a young man. of the htgb-st respectability, wishes an en(mgetnenl by'be day or m n h First cUva reference* * to | competency. Ac. Adtrraa W. H.. Ilex aid office. #po OROCKR8-WANTED. HV AN EXPERIENCED Jl young man. * ait nation asclerk in a respectable retail grocery auxre. The advertiser has been clerk in the principal ert?ey s'oree of 'be eity, reterencea unexceptionable. AdArea* tlrocery Clerk hoi 127 Herald office. "EXTANTED?BT A TOt'NO MAN Or TWO TEAR?' Y? practical eiperleoce, a sltoatinn In aoma grocery or I Market, to keep the books Meters to last etnpimrers, is wll- j ling to make himself generally useful, and would engage ,'or j a muall salary AJdre?? W T . I 1 1 1.1 Herael moe. M?'*\TKD- it v A Torwo BENPECTABUI MARRIED TV man a al-uallon a* porter or watchman. ia net sfranl i tower* ran wnle a good, plain hand, ao 1 ? in! mute hm eelf generally useful, ha* no -hjeetion lo tbe country. lh*#t j my reference given. Address 11. A., care of Rev. C. J. Jon-- <4 Madison at. RKLPWATTKIk-PEnALK*. A JTTMHKR OF RESPECTABLE WOMEN WANTED A. to till tin-rent srtuau t.s, to cook, waah and iron a-at ahamherwork, Mr. To Ueee capable goal eltuallouS are read i at good wages Inn aire at the Bom mhos' Institute sad Home. IV Ulb St.. cmer of ?th areaue. ACIR1. WANTED-FOR WAPRINH. IRONINH AND doing general housework Apt .y at &S Pi*e at. A WET NURSE W ANTED-WHO IP REAI.THT AND young and will go io ihe r.uiniry. Call at 67 West STib sv near o n av Saleswoman w\ntkd-a vounh woman, to attend a lace, hosiery and embroidery store, ooe with a knowledge of (be trade ah'e and willing '<> sell goods, wt'h reference for bonesiy, stating wages when employed and how ong with real name, may ad-lresa Fancy Hoods, he* 2 ?r* Post office, pre paid, for two days. UTANTED IMMEPIATEI.T-A FRENCH WOtfA* wb" understands the language wsiL to instruci in the famiiy an I'o take rhsrge of an infant. A Protestant pre fcrr- I t ,h.ed reference Tt\ iired. Addrea* P U . bog UK3 Poet office W'ANTEI)-A FRENCH WoMAN TO TAKE IIARoK TT i f an II tatnily Intend travelling In Eur p? daring ibe summer me capable of giving instruction In 'be lar.c .age desired, beat of reference required. A-lurest A, J' . Herald office. MR' . : t OK, WAAII AMD I ROW: TO TT Cue who UWdaratalida her business fr. a tn xntb w-lll he given Alan a chambermaid. H Apply after 12 o'clock *i "11' A NTKI>?A (IIRI. TO WtlT O* T.vMI.E A*r> l? ? n?< Id woidilng it long Ar At ply at 144 Alb St , oppo Mr CltnViD Ha,t. ' ' M' 4RTKD-A FF.MALK TKACHRR !? A PRJVATR v (mill is;, mm N * h I'aroltMa: akr n? b?wfllfKniiii1?nW.utl n mpairnt W> un?rh 'br Kn* tub br?a<!' La'io. frwk ??i ?piaao. Ktx-b *t I phi?B* * ! 4r.?? > <b2 Rr* Turk I* fli f, w A * '. irrmt rrfa M"? and ??k"<1 "W' VR-RKD- * UVRVIR W Mil TO TOOK W \KR '* ari>l ir in id ? tiid I | rlr? . SmiiT mr *k i fallf i,n 4nk?n'i brr buatnraa rf>? ?HI aaaut* I u h* ? i>h nf *R>? tiavtrp ? t'*wl Tr -Tjtt, ?.!* I.<n ran appip at lYi W rat I lib at.. tMrd door w? of M tttn* *1* ?KTF.I?-AK IRTriXMVNT l,AI?T l?r OK.RTr.VI, " an'ramif.., for a ??rp d?atr?b> rvritpat >n of rnpr aMJitp and profit Tb? h?d of rrfarwa* anaoi<it*lp Bar? loi'tirr at lb? nflirr of tbr Rrw IUn*vra>rl Lad. en Ji urii* of Faeh.oo .VIA H road war r n? IK "II" 4RTK7V-A OIRt, TO DO THI? OKRRRAL HOCK* mark of a ?u> I family 4117 ai 4M 11raaow tcb at. Tl'ART1tH-A HHP* < RANHKK* AID. WAITRF.?? ? n irar an ?arr? r?B? m a firm hum prlral* larn'ly. who pap tb? ?rrp hi*h<?t atarea Apply ai H<i. 7 I lib ? , BUeral dooM we? Hrnadaap ll'AHTin AN tTTRA< TlVIt t.ADT. TO ATTFVil ?? bar in a hu >. p re?i ??.|? aa ?? n???li ?ri|imtiH with b? huaineaa Applp at IIS firnad ntreet, W*??n t in ! t o'ekwk r' * the numti (RARnrRRR wartro-a TorjK? mar who ha? f ' kn ft ?rapr irr .wina unrtT r aa? in rirH l?M i?pp<>rHitu'y for AtoMMfy jcrni* S.?n who Wi'tiw t<i ?atn a th r oh prantlnal knnwla?)*a "f ?r*| ? tr >w,ng an<l , in rtatall, havlnr nearly a lhina'm'1 Iio?h1 f??-f ?r I far j for< iii* Apply to day ?ar!y, at Mr mMITH'M need t?'t- M VbirWvtl j TO TH1MRLR MAKKRS -WaRTF-IV A THtMRt.R m?krr A'-n# b?* i-ompriant w >rtmnn im4 Apply u> Jnaapk W tlawkra. Hi Bnkman wrapt, up s*ir* To rraw rorjriuRR ard othrra. wartro, a ' i* '.it ? braaa ft Ml ?r Ilka athirffb i-ipiw anr# '? 1?'i? krr?-l and r.r?rf??' nf A Mt>iatl>1l aa fora Ran yrifcnH Ail<!raaa Al ariirdT T H .Herald >AB>>*k W ARTFIt A OA I HFRRR AtoTOH OR PROTBPt" knl .?-nxr AOiat fully nnlara n?l fr ill trai-a rat ?Mr of 'liran'trr 'btrfr if apt** within f-?rty nnaanf |i# mt R :-r nti h iki for fniimirM man, w. i?? wifr n taka . h* rfr of a i m ,11 dairy Sai iaf *"'nr) re f-r'tr" 1*11 nr-d fr ?> lm i,n| trri Apply Ui Mr. *cI train*. aaad atora. X?. * .Inhn at CI -Vr.t ? * * K orrK ?r F^AMTIIFR ARO OTRPRR P"AR OBTaIR R K 'Tff.'.RR f aarrAn a 'mmarl'alaO, ai waifaa v. all, a' th* i.ra I I?nw>*?"r laanta'a and "una I.V fllk al r "ir-r nf (bM ark ! u TMa kfirk "Ti baa ahnnriar e* nf tint, aapaM* to p. ?a?dn?i?l by a raapar'abla Am?nra? ladt L*?R<rT rf.AIW MA IF A RD ? FMAt.R MRR V ART* Bo* i - * "f aterr Aaa* ripfl .n, in - \ a* -1 r( m'r llrnnaii Pi gllali AfntaS, Iriah. An , ran liiaMatrrA at m'r'- | f*? a ?? at M'lRRl* CoHRRRf k <"0 S Ml Br *? 1 way. ; rninwn ? nn Franklin etraat. 1J' 'ATM. Mt|' ATJORH PROtriiRO FOR RRr I--"' f ' ' " I; ' IT? MO ?" '? |l-r? ' ?rn c-iKtu >? r 'k' iti"ii. *nl fir* In tfwr? pvr j rr*. f. ir W1MI t r t nrr? ' *r?r"'??r. ?*!??rk for % t)f a '. Ml' kr f! rkl itr?r'!M?1 I'OTrf I t. >r* !ll ,1 I <1 * , f, Ht N] *uri.p ?^]*rKO..niLics BOTH K FKFFK WA NTFP ? A WIDOW !,AT>Y, KEtfP ire a hrtrl in the upper part of the citv. wtthna to .tnp'ov liy.n.iie u.a?. having m ul' cxp* rl< nre in bole.'.*, a? book ?'r. Salary C,i ?t \i'?r $100 an<l found. Keieteueea required addreVii Mr*. Laue, Heraid office. K FT A IT. TRra (TLERK W X ntfd ?TO OKK THAT thoroughly nndrratanda'he suamec lion* and ran oiue wv.l reci.imixcuded, a pe.rmaneni rlwum .? Addre#?, g'viu? reference#, ege. and twUrv expected, bo* Mut St# Virk Post office. An American pre erred. TO JKWEM.FRR-A SITl' ATION W * N TKO ASRAI.ER man in a jewelry alare; m llinronctny conpetei.t 1 i io j job'. xi)i and manufacturing^ if re?| ni .-d M .i. i i'e a. ary I ""'in** mrj nt?*i r?*coni!u**iHi*(|o|) ^ivfii from l?uu employer Wouid not object to go South or Weal. Address Jeweller, box ' 136 Herald office, lor two day *. WANTED?CLERK FOR 4 HOTEL: RAI.4RY $400 PER year and hoar" Also a porter warned Apply, with reference, at 104 Fulton at., Brooklyn in the basement. TI7ANTED?A SALESMAN IN TI1F. WHOLESALE FO "? flgn and domestic liquor trade; mux' be wed acquainted with the business in all its details, mixing, coloring, Ac. An American or native of Ireland preferred. To such a one well acquainted in this city and vlcioty. a liberal arrangement will he made. Address, with name and releren -e, I t eutidentisl, box 171 Herald office. ! TVTANTEP-AN ENTRY CLERK. ALSO, A PHIPPLNO I v* clerk. Apply at 63 Fulton street, Brooklyn, room 3, j Merchants' Clerks Protective acetic}, Situations procured for respectable parti"*. Hours 9 to 4." There Is an opening for a bookkeeper also. WANTED.?RESPECTABLE MEN SEEKING R1TPAUons should apply at the Merchants' Clerks Reg.stry ] office. .347 Broadway, roem 1 Situations procured. No comic I tsion in advance. Two co'lectors wanted. Hours 10 to i>. No one registered without reference. WANTED- A BOY TO WATT ON TABLES IN A DI nine saloon; must understand the business. Apply at 2l>3 Washington St. TIT-ANTED-AN ACTIVE MAN, TO ENGAGE IN A ff lucrative employment. The right kind of person can . realize at least $20 per week without diking a single cent. I The business Is new. snd a monopoly of the entire chy and Stale. Inquire at 336 Broadway, room 18. j ATHJEJIOH AJDV SCRTIB wBkCNTW ON DEMANDE-VNE JETJNB F1LLE FRANOAISK pour coudre, laver la Ung"rie|fiBe et prendre soin d'une dame qui reste eDtieremeut a aa cbamhre S'adresser 4il East Bk street. TTNE DAME VETVR FRANCA1SE, ARRTVANT DE C Porta, desire rait se placer dans une grande f amide aroe rteaine, comme femme de charge ou comme gouvernanie; peut enseigner lea premiers elements de ia langue fr&nvaise, soil a New York ou sea envtrona S'adretser 190 Laurens St., k Madame Vigatid. Kchange les references. reow mw sv a aim I ,4 NNIVERKARY BAM. ON WASHINGTON'S BIRTH i J\ day. THE COLUMBIAN ASSOCIATION will give their firm annual Invitation ball at Iammauy Hall, thia evening. Feb 22, 18?8. M. IIEALY. President. P. T. Drujti, Secretary. Adriatic fire enoink company, no si.-thv anniversary bop of the above company, will take place at the splendid new rooms Mozart Hail, Broadway, opposite Bond atreet, on Monday evening, Feb. 22 Ticket* two rtol'nis. which may be had ol any or the member* of the company. ,i amks L. miller, Chairman. John McCaclet, Seoretary. Ball of the young democracy in honor of Washington'* birthday, at the City Assembly Rooms. :his (Monday i evening Feb. 22. Tickets two collars. Including refreshments. Admitting a gentleman and two ladles Can be obtained at the door this evening, after seven o'clock. Grand ball and festival In honor of Washington's B'rtbdsy, This (Monday* Evening, February 22. City Ashemhxt Roo*? T'cke?s Two Dollars, Including refreshments. For sale at dl I HOinCO'f, astor House, Mekcer House, Oscar Florence's, Krnii ai nt House, and Sutherland's, Special noti *.-the members of the commt.'ee of Arrangement* for the grand ball mid 'esiival of the young democracy, in honor of Washington's birthday, Are requested to meet and report at the City Assembly Booms, on the evening of the ball, Monday, February 221, at half past 8 o'clock, w hen they will receive their badges. Tb-we ubo belong to military rompames will please appear in uniform ft- Decoration Committee will meet at the rooaie at 10 o'clock A. M. The member* of the Floor Com mtttie- sre ?ipect?<! to be punctual In attendance in the bail ere fo <J n'e'oek P Vf Itt 8. P. RCF8EL, J W frtrru, Secretary. Doiolas Tailor, Treaeurer. The avvvax. fancy dre*s ball of the oermttn Llederkrans M usical Society w.,1 be held on Tour* day tilght, 26th lot*., at the Cnj Assembly R > 'an decile wen wipUdk lo attend mnat pro?ure an Infrod .1 'mn by somq m-mber of the Society ?nd secure their '.icketa, k* no m >ney * ill be received at ifce douri, WASHINGTON 8 BIRTHDAY t ELEBRATTON.? I T.rkeu r<e the grand t all and feaiirai to be be.d at \ the City Asaembijr Rooms, on Monday evening, Feb. -u, uan be obtained at HALL a BON S, DODWORTH *. and FIRTO a POND'S miiate -'orea. POLITICAL QTH WARP REC.TJ1.ARS WILL MEET AT EZEKEIL t7 Vance's ftft Or* enwi h aveane, corner ot Perry street, this V ndsv evening, February 23. at o'jloak, .'or '.he purpose of electing pei raHnetii oflleer*. Members will please alter I early JAAfES M LAWSON, Chairman. Pa Witt'C. H?rkt. Secretary 11T1I WARP?TR* RROn.ARS OF THE EI.E7ENTII J 1 ward will meet a' the Union Market long room on Tnee dav evening 3d. at 7 o'clock, aa business of importance will be brought before the meeting. JAMKS H. HARRY, Chairman, protem. 1 QT11 WAJtP? ATTENTION'?A MEETING OF THE I ' Regulars .f ihie Ward will meet at 'be four mile hoove, corner ot Third avenue tnd Fifty seventh street, on Monday evening, Feb. 22. ?t *X o'clock. Attention, regulars-thb seventeenth Want Association of Regulars, will meet th s M mifcayi evening, at 7>t o'clock, at headquarters, Herm tage Hall. Punc'ual attention 1arequested By order. TI108. RKiLl.Y. Chairman. Romrt E. .lomos, Secretary The--RRcri.ARs oFthb'sryrmtrfnth'w a rp are hereby notified to m?et at V. Itenner a, "truer '?f HouaP n sireet'and avenue A on M r:day evening. February 22, at TH o'clock. My order. MICHAEL HaBN. Se 'y. FEVAJVClAjio A I nnn WANTED?BY T1IR RrBSCRTBKR. ON ??"I "Ml > ,n,' and m >r'sace, on ah n the ?eat aide of K gh'h hcii te; lot la 20l>,v74, and renta tor fWV a year Inquire or aditrete at 441 Kah'h 4T?m?, near Thirty third aireet. Worth .>f the property Who (M/WWIII MORTUA'IKR FOR SAl R. -TW ? MORT vl' " " "*'iK?a. well rfr.uml, i m to Hll'OU, wlil be ao.d for Bt.OOO, caah. M. L B'iKLDOB. -a Naaar.u atr??t. icn nnn T<> loa|> o,f **AI. ot*TK m THW vOUiUv' ' r-t'jr. Itnnda and mnrVimt boiht. Lot.i t on firat tlut a'tM h?. railroad annua. Ar Ar Hroaert need sot apply. J- H. H aHRIN iI K I'd Br .>ad*ay, r >m 25 DCHCA*. shfrman a ro.. bankers. Corner of Finn ati<i Naaaa't etreeta. Now tor*. Inn# C7RTLAR NOTRS A.NIt I.KTTBRf >W r*f;>;T for trarrllern. erasable in all the pP-Xupal e.un of'JM world. Alao MereartOe -rod 'a P or -tee In Bnmpe, < Ae Dm intuit.-)omen or the stcy tfant ina tno re Company. *a IU H iwery. > ? I r*. Fob 11, IV." ?Tt.? B irtl of IhrMim bare Cl a day '.marnd a a~un if, tal of aeren 7'ier er . pay it-1? to tfce r. "hbo'dere or and after'he aeh Inat The <r?t*1*r n ro?i will be e. an" auUi that L*'? HRNJAMiN J. PENIX. F- retary ?-it nuiah*. nvbbalr ooabp a mritinw or in:* mpani Cj In relat ri to lb*' celebration of Hnitu l'? rid a r>ay. ?t|| be held tftta et'mt.f at J Iielaney'. ;.v.iitr ? h Ward H tope r inter '>f Ninth etree: and ftr? ?r?no? -a 7X o'elnrh. Thoae wiahitif t bee >m? trnnb-r. t? i t M attend By order, JOHN t'OX. .pt ,.n Pathh k * Itontt n. Orderly Rerfennt Mt1.1tart?all MEMHRRa of Mil. TaRT in I antee. who intend etnlUMg the fraud ball and 'neural, to b~ five at the n?y Aenembly R ??? ? the lib ,r.a ., a -onmeiBoratton of _ WAKfllNOTON'R BIRTfl DAT Are parlroariy rrqueated U appear tn nlfrrm. By rder .f the ('"tntnittee uf Arratt' moot* H. P BCRNMLL. ffcaimnn. J W Srtosn, Peeretary. TIIK AMKAlt AV STAR OPARO CAPTAIN iHRAHAM la tnan and Ton a# Am?rtra Miaaet??r. far'* n I ibti 0 U| la m. a 'I j Hr* I" on 'Da anrnaarwarj rain* i?y "i Waahinftnn Th<- mpanlaa wtll ?i*n fpntn th? Adatatin, r< mar >t Harrar an<1 M ndann airaat*, and p?r?<la through tha 1 .1 oinf airaat* llu<1 an r?n?I. Mowary. Hraart. K?t Itraailway. < haitiam. 'h'outh tha Park an! up Hr alwaytn Fourtaanth wraa; 'ip F'l'inwn'li wr'H M Th rd avanua, up Third ir?Bu?to 7wanly *i<?.n<' atraat and dlnmlaa. Tnn e*OKF '^AT'FFP RT THRPTNANiTIAL PRW"!'*K hjf not *11 <1 ? jpa?ra?l ya- ? I haaa rtiil H'iirtoiu la rotrn of **K*r? that tnuat ha dl*pri*.'d >?f py.-n It ?>M at "fianla tirtcea Whnlnaalndaalara would i > wall to "Harmon myat'Wt. < f'llCFKR 17 Hfadway ARTROlXNiT. 61 WRITTFN VATtmt, HT WAPAAfF LAFA7R A V I m at ?rn<'(! aairnlngl*' Hanrt data rt n 'nth and ynr Of h'rlh lot irmatlin AlT-ao n lora tnarriiga law?itit*, , loanaa, ahaatit frlanda and i kn?M at har dAoa. p?7 <'anui traat, up aUi rp lytdtea mi I (wUmbi-o 3?i aaata. ] MONTH l.ONOFR-AM, APMIT MADAM* MAR AND . I?K MARK ara Iha wordar* of th- ?ga Tha* r- d s > ip a*raar wi'b a < Tfa-taoaa that la lauly mHn'nn TV r balr taatorattra baa riavar fatlel. t\?-a?a rail awr"*. a? th. v *r? hr uig-d in tha af'arnoon. ' iffica I7H Vartna ?o"i. fj CLAIRVOYANT* -MRS HAVFS THF HF?1 rfKRIN I tn' "11 h1 and t'u?inaa< clairvoyant in An r-a l.a -a your dlaa?aa? ara plainly I'.ul and ? win ' > Ti w -r about* of abaant frtnn la mada known Adrtea no hoatiiaaa. Rmi.|riii-. 163 Hr ulna atreat, aaar H >w?ry. mflPRrNH NTRblFT?OL AIR VoY AN' It ?M RR FTM')(?K th>- rn ?t ane wf .1 rnal.-al a, I . -a plalProaani a Awr-a ''or.a- WMM91 - , < ?, ahaatat ^noaila, lont proppriy A'1 . Mid aaMafar > a ir a t i fcr i}r? y l.*if raw- rad ut it* fip<n?l o dor wlOnut fall -ri>nr,i.i)T -MAIMMF '.ARB ? AN r ' .Af\ a> . ! If* IT* rta?? Aixl ' aant fr a la -if<- . a I ttia a?ai. a lifa, at KM F aaliath airwa'. o?*r fr?n<1 Iwima Ml aaat* ? !W,aman. Vloan'A Fha a? ,aaa apu-fly m rrl?.<>'a. Ml - * "V THE Bl'IHl-'M rl T' thiii trm* ' f ttnnfi ".1 ?< 7?f fit 5fi 'J?trpp?. r m W't. 7. ik^oiwI Hoof Kb* ?. 1 fo?l *^??n tr n1? imp* ; cr ? < >n *?*!*, on )> c ? s, x* IF ln??M> m r?f rt?r?r'' r?. A(* N'.n . v - mrs ruf BY,artBniK>*k btrkvi i < tr ,< ml .?m? n i nil . cnu >' I ! ' f"t >* *' > . *f ' p'?*? , nr>?7 ?n?w r? | lorn >i hn? nn<. reirrinf" i>? Ac. ? y m?rr> ><n "lie I r*irb. Eijlib i l OtrnMK. iW YORK HERALD, MOI H4LES Of RJEAlt E8TATB. I fttl! WA&f>" PH^^KTV * KOK S VlK ?A TIIKKK 11/ ?:or\ a lid hrli-k h<nm- and lot, No % KMruIro u?*Hr nunl, wall wni?r Kit. balk. ift* <Uiurrti. ,t . kiisb of purchase morey may O'luni) on bonii and mo-tgage. Aprly to e H. DO Ml NICK, TJ2 Orand street, or to J. Sli.V A, ll,9 Foreyth *'ryot. li'lk ACKER OF 1 doop parkin*) LAND. 17 MILKS I 1 U' " Irom 'be city of Chicago, Oook county, Illinois, will be "old cheap or exchanged lor a small place, of eqigal value, in Now York or New Jersey. Address J. K. W., box ll)4 heratd ottlce. No agent need apply. <* ?> 7 S/l -FOR HALE. A NEATLY ARRANGED brick eol1 age home In Weal Twenty fourth aireet. in perfect order, with water, a an, bath an 1 gas fixtures rompiele. Leasehold Willi long uuexgireil term. Ground rem >3y, making the annual rent to a purchaser eqniTilent to irw than >77U. Neighborhood excellent. Apply to THOMAS .1. MILLAR, late Miller A Morria, No. 11 Pine street. a BE Al'TIFOL COUNTRY HEAT AT NEW ROOHKLLB !\ lor sale, at less than half Ha original coal, situated at the ('.tiou of '-he Hos'on pout road anil Harriaon street, lately n? tied by J. B. Murray: about live a Tea of beautiful laid out garden, a splendid house, with water throughout, hath, wash V,.?ic?, wwler cloaet range*, heater*, uiarole manteta; house aU illicit in wuh brick, a floe view of the Hound, about one minute'* walk from the railroad depot; every varie'y of fruit trees and shrubbery, a large barn and carriage house two good w e,Is of water, with pumoa complete. Must he sold at wing price. Apply to (J. FOUNTAIN, 183 Baal Twentieth aireet. COUNTRY PI,ACE rOR SALK-O* NEW JERSEY Railroad, thraa quarters of a mile from depot and one hour from New York; two story noaae and six acres; also twnUv flve acres adjoining. Apply to J. U. CNPCRIIILL, Park bank, or Hahway, N. J. Farm for bale?containing 136 acres, two miles from Jameahurg, N J. 40 acres wood, balance good tillable land; toil clay; upon it la a bouse and bam and an ord.uary fence. Price reasonable. A portian of the purchase money may remain. Sale must be made soon, lo close the esis'e of the late Thomas Doyle, deceased, Inquire of JOHN HI I'WELL, Division avenue, near Fourth street, Williamsburg. Farm and kill for bale?a acres hood land, suitable tor a vegetable farm, 13 miles from Brooklyn. Flour mill In good condition, with full work, will be sold separately or together. Apply to p. C. BELL. 343 Fulton street, Brookiy n. For sals ?4 lots on thirty fourth street, near Fifth avenue; 8 lots en Thir'y filth street, In rear of the above; IS lots on Nineteenth street, bouses ami lots No#. 221, 217. 219, 133, 226, 227. 2t9 and .33 Bast Twentieth street; Sll and 816 avenue A; 261 anil 2SS Kaat Twenty flrst street, 404 Fourth street, on accommodating terms. Apply to AUGUST BELMONT, 76 Beaver street, For sale-one new first class four story brown stone front bouse, with all the modern Improvements, 26 by 64 feet. In Thirtieth street, 160 feet west from Fifth avenue. Inquire on the premises. For bale? at a very low price, a three story and basement brie* bouse (lot 26*10u rest), in a central part of Brooklyn. Apply to AUG. J. BROWN, 24 William street, room 16. FOR HALE?THE THREE STORY AND HIGH STOOP basement house No. 12 West Thirteenth street, INI feet west of Fifth avenue, replete with all tlw modern Improve meets; also the furniture, all of tbivnewest style, with a selection of line paintings. contained m said house; will be sold at a bargain, as the owner is about leaving for Europe. Inquire on the premises, or of J. BLOOMING DALE, 68 Nassau street. FOR hale?a FARM of 138 ai res, near the village cf White Plains. Westchester county, 28 miles from the city of New York wrhln At minutes' walk of the Harlem Railroad depot. location equal In heautv ami health to any. Terms liberal. Will be sola eutire or in parcels. For parti culars inquire of r. C. kmbrkk. 61 Wall street. FOR SALE-THE FOLLOWING DESIRABLE HOUSES. 2 story frame cottage on 29Ui st., near 6'h av 13,500 3 story iraine house on 86tU street, near Broadway 4,otto 3 story brick house on 36th street, near 8th avenue 7,000 3 story briek house on 35th street, near 8th avenue H.ood 3 s'ory brown front ou Ash ureet, near Hth avenue...... 8,6 *1 4 story brown front on 34th street, near 8th avenue 9,omi 4 ki.ii'v hrnwn front r.n .'Uth htrcft tiPnr ?th i?cahh?? ilium 4 story brown troot on 34<h street. near 8iti avenue 14,1*10 4 story brown front on .'18th street. nearbth avenue 14,5.4) 4 story brown front on Slat street, near 5th avenue 18,SOU 4 story brown front on >th Mrett.near nib avenue 22.5itJ 4 atory brown front ou iilth street, near 5th avenue 25.0U0 Apply to A. C. LOU.MI8, 1,128 Broadway, near Thirtyfourth street. For sale-with a building loan of ss.nnc, to a satisfactory party, three full lota, on west able of Third avenue, next to the corner of Forty first street. Inquire of TH08 N. LAWRENCE. at St. Death; Hotel, corner Broadway and Eleventh street, between 9 and lt> A. M., or 6 and 7 1*. M. No broker need apply. For sale?the new. substantial brown atone front three atory and baaemvut hours, No. J7 East 1 hlrty Oral street, near Madison avenue, with all the modern Imp rove men'a. Inquire al 11 Wall street, room U. For sale.?the four storv stone front hlttb stoop house, 4b Weat Twenty fourth street, near Madison square, 21 x ,Vi feet all the way up, In perfeet order, and with all the modern improvements, Price |14 OW. Mortgaged for S10.WA1. LV?R SALE?FIRST GLASS AND MEDIUM PRICED r browu st.'Le at.d brick houses, in all streets, Irom Twelfth to t Iftleth streets, at prices from $4> i*0 to S25 t?JO. In ptlre of RAY'NOR A BLAt'KWKLL, 1,129 Broadway, next to corner of Thirty ionrth street. For pale on accommodating thrms-the .hree story hrnwn stone bouse. No. 404 fourth street. Apply to AUGUST BELMONT, 76 Beaver street. For salf. or exchange?a superb country seat and productive farm, for productive real estate. In New York or Brooklyn, a first fiui residence preferred. Particulars in Evening Posh Apply at 69 Wall street, room No. 54. For sale or exchange-tor new york, .iee sey Cltv or Brooklyn property, a good farm In New Jer sey, about i\ hours from this eity, containing 142 acres of land, with l onilortable buildings and plenty of fruit, also, freeli water flab in abundance. Any party desiring a country place and one thai at no distant day will be worth a band some advance, and which will at present pay abundantly for its cultivation, will find this farm answer that purpose Price tUxi per acre, whether it be rash or city property, No commission aPoWed. Address Cultivator, t'ierald office. For sale or to let, terms easy', nob. 73 and 76 Seventh street, near Second avenue. The bouses are four story and basement, first elasa. with the modern impr vements communication having been made to suit the present oeoipanta. are well adapted for a large hoarding L.- .ee or will be separated if desired. May be seen at all peaw-tiable botirs. Possession immediately If desired. ApI y to j KlM'o. lis East Twenty third street, near Third avenue, before 10 A. M., or after Irk. For sale or to lkasb?molarsrs refinery, i V9 Water street, lot 25 by 140. running through to Frort street, brick hulldiov thereon,"wob machinery. ?tesm boilers. Ac., soluble for a variety of insniifaciiirtng purposes, also, the 1<* n Front street 25 t.y 7v. with fmm*F>uliding, whl -b ad -nine and eonnee's with the rear ot the first mentioned premises. Apply to WM. K. BIRD, 218 Front street. For sale low-the three story brick house sc.: l -t No. S28 1 ousion street, with ail the modern im Kovemstita. lot At (eet 9 inches by 70; prtee $7.0t?l, of which is at can remaiu ou mortage for five years Apply to THt MAS J. MIU.ER, late Miller a Morris, No. 11 Pine si. Merchandise-wanted, a small amount of dry g'Ktds, groceries, hardware and clothing, also, a few seta of marble man'els. lit exehnng fort me of the mostellgl bio prnporiy In '.u?' -nty or I*' now, wiarooain. at 'ui ; rict-i. Ailaroaa Wlaannoin, I i* H,0?T V?w York Poat oillce. piR>; ir - a .oik* hk.vt. J i> r<o>?i?'.iii? i.i a good air--.t tr-dorn built bntiao, b*rn. Urfo fardon. fruit trooa. grapo viiih, Ac . and about four arroa of lard. lhor? la alao a i*r?o >1100 ron*onl*nt and woll ocatod lor doing > largo boato?a In ?ollln-- t? Ma ami manufaonir n(i Jfc i-g and ahir'a bo ne ail lb.- ronronlonroa. Maid 1 ' >i?rSi aBnatwd n onno. :t a' miloa fnun tbo mi'roArt^B about gn mlloa from Vaw V irk. Tho a holo an bo purrlAod, oaelnain* of ?bo t In at ro and la an oiroitoul rip^p-inniiT f r anr "no wi.hlno m do hnanona Id bo tounlrj.^Addra-a Country Merchant. Horald office.. rFSi ii?'.r-rr?TBAL PARK U>TS PRI.wrt II ,T >?^l. f'"l <'"*!> a in a TOO of land, in Vow Jora. y, hoaithy Inealitt m* n> oicood ion mllca. (leak proforrod'from Joraa* City or Rnbnko* forry; wor>h 11 >111 i< ffiinni. or would biiy and iftvo a mortgago on rlty tela fur firart oarmont. Addroa? with In,I loacrtption and looatioo, b< 1 3 I'd Vow York P iffiro UrAVTFP?MF.Ri IIAWnisr f>F ANY MMCMPTroN, fir I 00 W. orn ari l b , Mum lota in ih>' rlly of k> ik ik. I"*a. I f par ic tra and plana apply -n JOHN ? HRAI1VIIAW Ar.-our.uni, KaUlo and Uonrral Apont, lot; Fulton atroot. Brooklyn LKIA* OKFH KH. A| _WK nAVF. MIIVKV IV ANY AMOff?T ?1. to am a.a r on DtaMODM. W a tonga. Ac. To anrmcr oa Tt?*n* atuan*. nay aoow. Ac. To afiTaSi on not *rnotn rraaiTi ait. Ar. to adtawb on ?t m iu mu?? or 111 ataio TUT* I* IHK t?!,tlr.*T 'Wrt' r. IV THIt CITT J MA< PI FF oatabllahrd IMA. r mama ?i bona*. *0 Hr aiwar. rornorof Waibi-r nro.' V H ? No ronno-non with any oibor bona*. Private tfcl -MONFT AnVAKC*r>-!.*r>IW? \Ni? OKNTL*. J? I. mm m?? Ubrral ndraBr-n wini inogal >n diamondn. wa-rbre. jawnlry M l plan *. A" I'artiaa may rely i 9 bunlnraa bring rnnduetnd ronM-miy'ly >, I not to* ??cn rrWInr a itun ClAlK A 00., M Br .adaay. oorBrr of rrtac atrrat. 3?1 TO ffa 'km.?NEW MONRV PRPnT-fl I.K FORT A vl t'O hava op?n<*4 tltr .r nnw rr urn la. n buir, at VW HroadW iy. ahnre .adlaa and gnn'lrinan requTlM ?di in ?a f r Hi r" r?rinl? on diamond a. aa'rhra j.??|ry, p lanoa. hnnarhold furniture, kr . Ac . run b? ar-vimmodatrd on thn moot ilbrrnl tarmn at night A.V P r oad way Hualnma pri rur. 1 BOM AR TO ANT ANOt'NT I,OA NFO OR APVANCEP 1 it diafcntca watrlmn jawnlry p anon olnimvb km and dry go.*!# A.lklndacrf manhandia# bought mid aold for - ??n Prlratr rnoma .lOAEPH Wnop .fit . Ml Mr wlmy. room No 9. a?T TO fctOOOO TO I/)AN ON WATrttES. PT AMONP*. ?P1 jrwiry. a?ear?. dry ?.??!? and oil gmda of paraonai preparty. ft bought and anld for r?ah M<*r< hanta wlahlng to olo?* ou' tbrir < nttr? ntorh f. r oo?b iw< mmod*t?d on nnort r'tlra Rarnrltlag of all ktnda nnr-Ha-rd by THONPgON A t t >, brokr-r* and o.,mini??lon mrrrhanui nil Naaaau. rornar of Ann atreAt, room* No 3 and 9, irr-ond floor. IJOJ -ANY ANOt'NT OF NONET TO I/)AN ON iIOTi ? chre di?m od?. rrc'.r Ac, at tha old atnahlub d aid wrll An- wn ofllor*. :vm Itr-mdaay, rornrr of Worth rtrret. fret' reom. arc nd f . .r K. THOTKR. ?1 ^7 nnn TO '-"a* ?* ptamonp*. watcher, T 1 I ? j?*-:rr, , pir* furnittir* A<\ or tlw rami tv Igb' 'or tbr higtuft re.h pr ?!,? -hi- wall known Is A At *, t(?co II t hnmhrre rtraal. N. B.-No bun t.??a ranaactad on Matordaya. ________ MON KV ' MONET ' MONEY ' MONET ' tr are jir?f *r- 4 to advaure my am > int of monry <>n do>Blonda. wa'rhr# Jawalry, ptaroa. lind nollaiarala of avrry ffrr jrtptlon. "r buy lor i-?Bh K l? I.KNT A fo . an -nonpar* nad c mm an.on trior. Iian'a, M Naaaau ntraat, room No. 7Monet i/unep-to anv amount, on wat urn, dlana cdtrepd all hit. a of oar handtaa. or thn ?a na tv. f if r??h - n ? . ..*,t wi'h (rtiiclf eonH^n tl*]! ?B ! r .' hr ?r-<i ?ni?r a* * I .nn ofW I.. JA<t?PS * ? 0., fcn^r*! * tenon w>r* *1? "rnedwof. Bimrrrynic rtMlfrWI ? fwii'v npiK\Ki*<? , iii> Tit** >(T?r* at -h ,( jitheir fitrnlmrr, taalaniia ?f "ii*a In r mil, medal 1 n tH'k < h?ira ??>? if'Mi'V' In rlrh m inr nj, r?otr" nn1 "Id*

i'rii?rl? ) *>n" ' '"** ' 'irnlm, I . For pur I Hi', am nMMM \ > illf d 'flier \k? "T-J? f JBjT I.A; S f it*7Fr AK, Ml. rrlCIRJ*T *1 fv.n ^ i |i >,* *< < b ni<* f )r rea. in Brvol- i yr Adih* I i r iW ' ?m 1 I JDAY, FEBRUARY 22, 181 Q A*n 4 ABUfOOON SQUARE ? ROOM"? TO UBT, Zi wlib board, amtahlr lor famiUo* and nugH irrotiemeu. Cur* and *tapi'a pa*4 the d<x>r. Reference* required. 9SPKINO STREET, > EAR THE HOWERY. - A FEW atmile gentlemen may ahum pleasant room* and gooi board, with the oomfort* or a home. QO WEST SEVENTEENTH STREET ? V Pl.K AHANT t>0 *uU of r<M?ni?, with board for a an I wife; a No a auntie room. References required. 7/1 riAKRUN MTRKRT, FTRflT flotm WEET OF I " / Broadway?Enure *acoad floor, neatly fnrmahed for a pariy i>i iMiiimiru. u>iuihi inrvM II require,!; stug;s ana large double room*, prices to suit the Imm. Inquire as above. 1H7 t'I'lN*01* (KIOHTH. STREET.)?HAND,|U I somelv furnished apartment*, for a gentleman and w lie. or a family, to let, wlih board. House has all iu-slern Improvements. Reference required Apply as above. 17ft HUFSON STREET.?A SUIT OK ROOMS, 81 NO UK llU rooms and bark parlor to le', with board, U families or single gentlemen; house has modern Improvements; pleasantly located near St. John's Park. References exchanged | znp: BROADWAY AND 86 PRINCK STREET-KAMI UvJv J lies and single gentlemen can he accommodated with rooms or suits of rooms, which are clean, neat and comfort* hie, by applying al the St. John's, corner of Broadway and Prince street. Also, a splendid lurmahed parlor, with use of a piano. A FURNISHED FRONT AND HACK ROOMION seeond floor, in a private house, with or without partial board, will be let separate or together, to one or more single fentlrmen. Also, an attic room, without board, $2 per week, uquire at 76 Thompson street. A LADY AND UENTLEMAN, OR 8INOI.R OKNTLKinen wisWng a pleasant social borne, with good board, can be accommodated by calling at 48 West Twelfth street, beHlvth and Seventh avenues. Bath and gas in the house. BOARD.-A FEW RINOLE GENTLEMEN AND KAMI lies can he accommodated with furnished or untarnished rooms and good board, I'smily private Those who wish the comfort of a home may apply at 132Lexington avenue, corner of Tweutyuimh street BOARD-IN A PRIVATE HOUSE, PLEASANTLY LOcated, near Klfth avenue. A suit of convenient well furnished rooms lo let with board, private table if required, to a family or two or three gentlemen. Apply at 37 West TwentyOre t street. BOARD.-BACK PARLOR WITH TWO BRDttOOMR, and some other comfortable rooms, can he let cheap, with board; gas, bath. Ac. Qood table furnished. Dinner at six o'clock. IskhIIod 648 Broadway. Gentlemen can get rneala very reasonable by the day. Board down town.-two or three gentlemen can be accommodated wltb board; also, two young ladles, at 49 Robiuson street, corner of Ureenwlch street. A t-w gentlemen can be accoramnlated with meals. Board in Brooklyn.?a buit of apartments to be let, together or singly. In a handsomely furnished modern house, about three minutes' walk from the South ferry. The funlly la small and wlthoul children. Apply at 96 Congress street, between Henry and Hicks. Board in Brooklyn-with in kivr minuteswalk of Wall street ferry.?A single gentleman can be sectmmodaled with a pleasant front room on the second floor. Apply at 130 Henry street, between Plerrepont and Clark streets. Board in Brooklyn.?a gentleman ani> wife and one or two single gentlem<*n may obtaii pletsant accommodations, with board, in a private family, at 117 Congress ilreet, first bouse from Henry street; three to live minutes' walk lrmn the ferries. Board in thk country wanted-from the tirst of April; with a private famUy preferred. Must not be more than sn hour's ride or sail eistant from this city. Address A. A? bo* 2,5*3 Post office. pOOPER HOUSE, NO. .331 BROADWAY? FURNISHED \J rooms by the day or week for gentlemen and ladies; price per day, 30 to Mi rents; per week, from 92 to $5. Connected is a first class restaurant. PLEASANT WEIJ. FURNISHED PARLORS-EAOII suitable for a gentleman ami hit wife tr two or three single gentlemen, with full or partial board: also single rooms and board. No. 37 Market street, corner of Market and Madison. Pleasant location and quiet ueigkborbood. Terma moderate. Through change of circumstances, a family occupying a modern In-own atone dwelling, containing gas, bath, waterclosets, hot air furnaces, warm ami cold water In chambers, dr., at No. HI Tenth street, west of Fifth avenue, would let a few furnished rooms, or an entire da', to single gentlemen, or a quiet family, willing to pty a fair price for superior accommodations: full board, good table, active and respectful servants, and every attention. Dinner at six o'clock. WANTED?BY A GENTLEMAN, THE SECOND FLOOR, either partially or wholly furnished, lighted by gas, or a tit st class bouse, with eiclustve use of bsth ami water closet. A simple breakfast and the attendance of a man servant required. Tbe bouse must be located in the neighborhood of Waverley place, not higher than Tenth s'reet, and on the we?t side of Broadway. Boar ling house keepers need not nonce this advertisement. Address, for one week, J. G., Jr., box M Post ofllce. WANTED.?A YOUNG GENTLEMAN IB DESIROUS of hiring an apartment, with partial board (breakfast or breakfast ami tea bothi. in a private American family, be twetn Bleeckrr and Fourteenth streets, oear Hriadwsy. on moderate term*. Address, slating terms, G. n., Herald oHice. Reference* exchanged. TlffilLECTnUCgK AlOli Lectures to ladies on tlik physical life of women In health and disease ? Dr. Ktgll.Y BLACKWELL will glee a course of all lectures on this ?uti|?ct. at her residence, 71) Rasl Fifteenth street. The first lecture will be given on Tuesday, Feb, 21, at .1 P. M. Tickets to the course, $2. single lectures, 50c. Tickets may be had at Chrtateru'a book store, 763 Broadway. CTBTKUCTIO*. AO rn FOR SIXTEEN WRITING LEtWON-d?AT hours suiting pupils, day or evening. Bookkeep Ing $10, time unlimited, or three months, (72 lessonal In pensnanahlp and commercial arithmetic, for $10. Academies 62 Bowery, N. Y , and 2tU Fulton street, Brooklyn. MARTIN H. PAINpj. ?Q m IB OR $.5 FOR TWENTY WRITIN<? LH? JO sons, and no extra charge ? Double entry bookkeeping day and evening Private Instruction given. OLIVER B. GOLDSMITH, .162 and Htm Broadway. fcl H -BOOKKEEPING. WRITING. ARITHMETIC.? tD-L' Mr. DOLBEA R. <109 RroadWay, makes elegant final neas penmen and practical bookkeepers In 'he shortest possible time. New pupils may enter this day and evening. Three $11) seat* for bookkeeping vacant Regular terms $25. N. B ?Silliness or trembling will be removed from any hand In one week. French lannu age-monsieur and madame DC BOS. No It; Clinton place, continue to receive pupil* for their conversations! courses and beginners' elaaaIS I join ?' meetings three times a week. Gentlemen's evening meetings held by Mens. Dubs*. Private leseout. French, orrman and spanish.?e. tellsring, 4B.A Rroadeay, (established 1S52.) continues to give prt va'e insuuctlon In the above languages and to make transla Hons Spanish taught by a eompelant friend. Also, the Kng lish language and grammar. LKfWONR iv FRKNcn-bt A mpt o* GENTLEMAN accustomed to tulUon. Translations seeuratelv don* Addrens E. J., hoi 13! Hsrald ofllse, or apply at 31? liloki n ?ct. cf%r Legraw street, Brooklyn. LADIES' 01,ASSES J* FRENCH. -PROF D. LAOROIX, No. 766 Broadway, will commence two distinct day classes In Trench, for ladies, on Monday, M verb I; one lor fie gtnnera, and Ihc other for advanced scholars Only six mem hers In each class. Term* $10 per ousrter; three lessons a week. Order Mona. I. 's tuition the instruction is thorough and efficient, and from the second lesson the pupil Is ayste malleally etercised In conversation, redoubled references given. Apply from SM. to I0X o'clock A. M., or from i to 4 P. M. ROWl'l tl WRITIWfl CLARRKR, 847 HROAOWAT, offln* No. I.?Tbn ayalam prrfarlly aronlrad In twatra laaaona Aga or daflctanay no Imnadlmanl. W-ldln* rlaltlng tarda and nrnnjnrntnl p?nmanahip niacuUd equal, 1/ not nu parlor to pint# ragrarlng. DANCING ACADKW1M 1?> l.XNHONN AT MVK RAUV AOR AU'R T> ANClNil \Z aaadrmr, W>3 Broadway, randar puptla prnfHieiit n nil IkrtecM. Op?-n arary day and availing, Lae Iraactora'* taught without riracAarga. Full nrcbamra and llftean dan aeuaaa arrry night. AROHH'IXin <ti TAVK PIANO FOR ?l? ONKii , onarr lor t7h roaawood malodaon for $fln, A octavo for G.t Pianoa and m-lodc.ina for rent at tt tofl per month, by ft. T. OOBDON, ZT, Hroadway. SvsiciuZ ?l in -A BNACTTrrl RfHKWOOP ?\ OCTAVR |I1t''i planotorla for H4n aa?h. mad* by Uror?natl?n A 1 roalow nn? do , mada br Puhola A Warrlnora. nam# prion. i MnMM tiniahnd with IMM rorntr* and rarvad oaaaa. In parlact ordar, harln* born In u?a una *aar. thay contain afi tha mndar* Improvamanu and both of anpnrlor tone. Can ba aaan and aiamlnad at lha furniture parking natabllahmrnt In With avanua. four doorafrom Fortieth airrat, apd neit door in the Tremont Hotel, from 8 A. M. till <1 P M., dally, till aold. A. L BATTRRRON. Aljn -A I. A PY II AS A NICK PIANOFORTE. AND ^1.1 T 4 r. roarwood piano atool A1, ortare, round cornera, plrodld tone. mad* by thr well known and celebrated ma ker. Ni in ?. I ihw rlty, aa good a* now, and In perfect >rd< i Apply at the rratdanee Hkl Firat avenue, between Ninth and Tanlh atreeta. Amir rtin a tim Rtisvwonn hpifrv otTa vr puaoofortr. round ?nr*>'H, r?r*ed drnk nnd lyre, full, rub li'iif . erolloprd kroe reenonalhle rtty mekrr perfrrlly new plete nnd enamelled rlrli ronrw.eel l?*n. preeent. InikflHTlmrnnf wnrkmanahip iinanrpaened by any other plnno In the rtty. Apply at Vkn Broome ftren. AMAUNTrp'ENT HOI VI) CORNERED CARVED roar wood pianoforte for ml*? In Brooklyn. full wn o. nee rv-li I?| freed dtaconn ''nr. .rh hrnrv, rlrh, brllllabt tone; made by celebrated tnnkort, nnd wnrrnnbl for two year* nod U nearly new nnd net $ .*! prtre ISl The plnno In n gem, nnd In mw nlflerntly Inlnld with pearl. wtlb neollope ! kny.. nnd Anted all ronnd N H Tn n eenh nin'otner II will he rnn.|? an oh ten Apph at 71 Waetiitu"'.tt ?treet, am Cront, Brooklyn, three miteiten' walk from the Fnlvon or Caliarlne ferry, from 7 A M to 8 P. M , for three dnyn. GOOPOWV NO 771 IWIOADWAT NEAR NINTH . *tre?t np nUklre, In nonm-pinnee of remornl, nffer? the t.njnnee nt bin ftftre ? .,< k of Unocal Inn'rninnn'n, monm nlnndn ntrlnrn, Ar , nt hnlf prlne. One hundred papea of fnnhionnhle mnflo lor tl. PIANOroRTK EORRAt.E 4 OCTAVE VERY CHEAP, nn (be owner hae pnrehnaed n new one. linn be neon nny Any oetor IJ <>' nek M nt 11* ) nrth street, eeeond itoor above Amon ntreet. SCHrRKRTH A CO.-MCSIC DEPOT, ST NtCHOI.AR ? H'tel. Ilrondwny, entrnnee, OA .-'prltif nlree; i are eon nidered the bent pnblinhem here nnd nbrond, with nn'oekttf one million workn. Their rleh catalogue of own publication* frntin on re'ioent nr anted-A noon piano and mki.oi?ron, V? either ttew or I nl little need, In et?hnn*e for unenritm be red loin tn Hrnoklyn. Addrrnn llenfy, II amid nWee. M ATCHKR, JKWRIiHY.M) ACI,t PTER DIAMOND KfND ?)) VINE HTONIW, , beautifully net; elm one yrry high power mlcroeonpe, and two rt'lil* moiintetl eluegareiten tor wl< ". "tliet or n> paratr at a great h?rgAln Inquire nl Nr MOTT, fit) Fill ton ftrrei. net nnd floor. II "A NTEP- A HOI.D" VEsT~CH MV ANY~PERSON ?T baring ?>uh an art "lr or n pkwbrotnrT ticket of the .* ontlleh' p 'or ?h m*y hear of n pn-elmer by t I drt rnlrg Hold t hnin. Herald office. 58. aodBcs, Hounn, ?o,tu umi 4T1I FLOOR AND COCKLOFT OF IS) FULTON street, aniiaMe for in ehKra?er, printer ordHK'ierreao arum I'omchsioii immediately Kent $4u0. Apply to DRl'MUOLD RJ'KOCH^ia) F.ilton_str?e'? &1 Oil UNTIL MAY?A FIRST CLASS HOUSE; HAS ?]pI\Mr chundelier* rkm ?? a oink river* of routns; a rocm lor n lady gentleman and wife, with hoard ("arpe'i, Ac., for sale cheap. Immediate iu>*?e**lou. No 14S West Thirty ticb street. Rer.l after May, $780. &'2Cil\ yearly rpnt-a cosrt. stylish house 0P.?l)IF wot <-l,?i>.<.llee. r.ree hath u, .... ?1~?. laundry tubs? No I 'Ihirtyeluh street, between Broadway Hiiil Sixth avenue. The furniture, which is complete, must be bought; price $674. Apart op a nick drown stone house to let immediately, near Broadway.?Lower pari, four rooms, desirable for a gentleman, wife and servant; rent $9 par month Furniture genteel, everything for housekeeping, price $123. Also a large nicely furnished front parlor to let, >n the second floor, in Grand street, near Broadway, to a gentlrman, rent $20 per month, B. W. RICHARDS, 307 Brordway. Abol'pk to let immediately?in the vicinity of lirtadway and Grand street; thirteen rooms, sul able tor a hoarding bouse; yearly rent $6(0. A front ollice oa se mod floor of 307 Hroatway; $10 per month The baaement In Canal street, near Varick, under the Ftllton Shades; $3 per month. Apply to II. W. RICHARDS, 307 Broadway. Brooklyn, three minuter from wall street ferry.?Furnished house to let and furniture for sale; price $000; everything complete for a genteel family; rent $100 per annum; neighborhood delightful, line view. None but responsible parties who ean pay cash and take immediate possession. No. 2 Willow place, corner of Joralemon strife t. House in Brooklyn to let, and furniture for sale?At less than half it# cost. A nice brown front three story house In Sohemerhorn street, with furnace, etc., etc. The rent to a good tenant will be but $100, ami the furniture, costing about $1.20(1. will be sold for about $300. Possession can be hail immediately If desired. To a very suitable tenant only the house might be let furnished. Apply to Mr. WliKKLKK, 111 Broadway (basement of Trinity building), New York. IMPORTANT TO BUSINESS MEN REQUIRING LARGE stores, snd especially to carriage repositories.?To lease, at a reasonable rent, Tor a term of years, a building an Broadway; best business locality. Store and baaement 28x 176 teet, running through to Cortlandt alley; will be built io suit applicants; rented together or separately. Apply to S. R. JACOBS, 21 Wall street, basement, between 9 and 11 A. M. or 2 and 4 P. M., or in the evening, at 36 Twelfth street, be tween 8lxth and Seventh avenues. Lofts to let-suitable for manufacturing purposes, at 97 North Moore street. Lofts to lkt.-thr spacious lofts of 35 and 37 Vesev street, connecting w: h No. 3 Church street. Ap ply at 33 Vesey street, second door. OFFICER TO LET?IN THE MARBLE FRONT BUILDIng 54 and 56 Exchange place. Inquire on the premise*. of E. P. MORGAN A CO. STORE TO LKARK?212 PEARL STREET, CORNER OF Fletcher; will be leased for a term of yearn at a reason* ble price to a desirable tenant. Apply 10 JOHN WOLFE, 18 Warren sireet. TO LET?A BUILDING SUITABLE FOR A COOPER'S or carpenter's shop, in the Immediate vicinity of Park place. Apply to T. BAILEY MYERS, iti Broadway. TO LET-THE TWO AND A HALF RTORY AND BASBment house, 222 Sullivan mreet, near Amity, containing gas and all the modern imrrovements. Rent moderate. Can he seen between 12 and 4 o'ciotjk. Apply to H. AR0N80N, 15 Dey street, near Broadway. TO LET-IN JERSEY CITY, FIRST CLASS HOUSES OF various siies, with modern improvements; also, neat small brick houses for sale Terms tavorable. Apply to JOHN O. McLAUGHLIN, olfice corner of Urove and York streets, Jersey City. TO LET?THE STORK NO. 9 BROAD STREET. FROM first of May next. Inquire of HENRY MEYER, trustee, 30 Cllil street. TO LET?FROM FIRST MAY NEXT, THE STORE AND dwelling 365 Canal sireet. Will he altered and extended 100 feet if required Also the store 93(1 Broadway, nearly lot) feet deep; and bouse with store 924 Broadway. Apply to W. SCOTT JAR VIS, 221 Canal street, up stairs. TO LET?THE IOWER PART OF HOUSE 188 EAST Nineteenth street, near Second avenue, together with three rooms on the third floor, with all the new improvement*, gas fixtures, Ac. Rent $600. Call between 10>i and 12 o'clock A. M. ' TO LET?FROM 1ST OF MARCH, THE TWO STORY and allic brick house on southeast corner of Lexington avenue and Twenty eighth street. Inqulreof Mr. SAMUEL H. DAY. 132 Mercer street, or (bet wren * nml (< P. M. > an WM. J. KENNARD, 1U9 East Twenty seventh street, west of Third avenue. TO LET.?A SECOND FLOOR, WITH PLEASANT front and back parlor, front bedroom and bathroom, with git* In each room, in Hudson street, near Amos, to let to n ?m.ill family on reasonable Uirmi. Please call at 3.12 Hudson street TO LET?THE HOOTER NOS. 121 AND 13 Hl'IlSON street, now occupied as a boarding home. Apply aa above. TO LET-FROM M AY 1. THE FIRST ?LOOROF NOS 3 and 3 Hr *d street, next to the corner of Wall. Inquire of J. M. J. LAHaTI'T, corner of Walker and Centre streets. TO LET?THE liOFTS OF STORE NOS. 29 AND SI Park place; also the store No. S3 adjoining.. Apply to WM. WATSON A CO., on the premises TO LIT?THE STORE 273 GREENWICH STREET, third door above Murray street, a good location for host ery, stationers, or similar trades. Rent reasonable to a good tenant, with immediate possession. Apply at J. Laden a, 11"0 Washington street. TO LET?THE SECOND FLOOR OF HOUSE NO. 119 1 lath street gas and oathi. to a small respe tattle family. Rent moderate. Inquire on the premiers. References ex changed. TO LET?THE FINE IIROWN STONE HOUSE, WITH all the modern improvements. No 313 West Twenty se cond street, rent fcvVi, includitiggas fixtures, possession given Immediately. Also, the follolfcg, with modern Improve trunts three story brown Mr high basement house, No. 112 West Forty eighth street, rent 97'D, four story brown stone bouse. No. SiW West Twenty second itreet, 91.UUU. three story Verne. No. 17 Lamartlne place, SrstU. three storv and attic house. 147 Tenth avenue. 1630. two story and attic house, 169 West Sixteenth street, 9430. posses kn given immediately. Hruwn sioiie bouse, high stoop In Forty seventh street, between Ftf'h and Sixth avenues. 9730; three story bouse. 24S West Thirteen'h street. 94S0. Several other houses In good locations Inquire of J. A W. DENHAM. corner of Eighth avenue and Sixteenth afreet. TO LET.?THE FIRST FLOOR A?U> CELLAR OF store No 191 West street, opposite New York and Erie Railroad depot, suitable for a provision, butter and cheese, or fruit staud. TO LET?FROM 1ST OF MAY. THE LARGE AND ?X)M mooioua two story end elite bouse. with all the m.steru improa ements. finely located. 1 IS West Thirteenth street be tween Sixth and Seventh avenues The house will be thoroughly painted Interior and exterior and a lease given for three years. Rent 9WD). Apply to J. LADEN, 19U Wash IngUin street. TO l.rr, AND Ft'RNITIRE TOR HAI.R-A roTTAUR In Jeraey City, well located, gut and water, Kent cheap, wlthleaae. None need ?mw?p unte** they want f ir uiture. Addreaa boi 2.336 font oflbe, N Y TO l.ET-THE TWO STORY ANl? \TTIO HOrSF. ?tt Urcynwlcb atreet Apply to F. JOHNSON, AW WaablngIon atreet, Hrooklyn. TO IJCT?THE IOWKR I'ART or A FOPR STORY botW*. Mo 91 Second avenue. nnr Fifth aireet, with gar flaturee rhan leliera, mirror*. baea -n.l front. fr<wn painted, atatmnary waah tuba, batf*. htid *11 th? modern improve irenta. containing pI'??h loom*. Rent $714) M 11 ?a *m-?ll family of four peraona, with ?nt children. will occupy the aecond floor. Apply on the premier* rt.KT?FOR TWO TEARS FROM MAT NEXT. TH* large baaement. formerly occupied by l.lmberger a* lager birr ??) ' n and reatanrant "n 'he ruer of N?***n and Fultnn Mrmi; I* l*r<e and wrll lighted and ha* * goad hi trance. 1* one of the beat aland* In the city for a lager bier aaloon and rratauraut. Apply In the clothing atorc. rl.ET-TTT* I'PFRR PART OR HOrRF. MO. Ill HERtrr airrr t, between Kldrtdge and Fnray.h rta., to * ama'.l gentt el family, ("eialatirg of front and bar* parlor*. kitchen at*arnod. two hedroems. #* pantrtea It contain* all the modern Improvement*, turh a* faa, bath, atatmnary waah tuba, Ac. Inquire on the p rem tee*. rl.ET?A MEW AND Kl.EOAMT FOUR STORY IMN m Thir'y to..rib ?treet, brown atone front, built and fintahe'l throughout in the moat aiiperior atyle, will be let very low for one v^r. or at a fair price for a term of year*, op will be Bold for ?lh,llllll?l?ie>irly all of which remain on bond and mortgage P.*?*e?a|..n Immediately Apply at IB Kaat Thirty fourth atteet. or of W LYMaN, U l.lherty atreet TO I,FT?A PART OF A SHOW WINDOW. WITH PRI allege In the Wore, amiable for a watchmaker jeweller, Ae . alao. part of a wor* ahop, wtih the uae of tool* If re quired. Apply at 134 Fulton atreet. TO I.ET-A LARUE FOIR STORT AMD HAHRHEMT houae containing twenty rooma. 6A I^onard atreet^rould be aiiltabla for a Orrman boarding hotiae, or J*y otlj* hualneae purpoaea; rent very low. Inquire of WM. (I. liRKKN, MtK'anal atreet. tn the boolt atore. TO LKT-THI THREE STORY HOPSRS ?? A NO 19 Twelfth atreet between Sttth and Seventh avenuee. have modern tmproramenta. Powwimi ? one can ne nao 1*1 or March prteale famlllea only. Apply to w. H. MJRH, No KM Fourth arenue. FnrnlthM houae to let ? A 4 atory tirat rlnaa brown ton'- honor. handaomelr Olintahnd, In modern at y|e; amble and carriage hnnae and four lota alia -lied. Apply to W. H. IX'RU, ? Fourth arenue mo I,KT-UPPKR PART OF A HOI'SR NO. IS TRNTFI J utreet near Sixth arenue. rnnalatliig of alx rootnf, three room* on the aeeond floor, two atttr b*drooma and a ha It haeement; rant S2M par annum poaaeaalnn Immediately. TO J.RT-THK TWO ATORV ARO A FFAI.F HOURS AS Wailtar *traat, a faw doom waat of Krndway In thorough rapalr gua aji'l wai?r through tha honaa. Apply on thr premtae* from II to 12 o'clock TO l.RT?FOR THBRK TPARH, AT ?7'?' PFR ANNUM, the two atorr l>rl*h dwelling nonae Mo Broome atra?t, with three atory hrlrk workahop In iha roar A good location, nrar t'?ntr<? market Poa*ca*t..n immediately By atinncctiug the two bitlldlnga a rary dcap atora might ha mada. Apply n the botal, SUSWIIllam iirt nor i Frank TO I,FT OR t,FASF?TO OARPRNTFR-t t'ABINKT mtiker, aaahmekcr* and other*?lot l72t'hrT*tle atraat, with a large ihrae atory hrtck workahop on the rear. Including ofllee, ahaua. Ac.; atahllng In ceUar, or for otger purpowa. Alao, two two atory hrlek hnnaaa, nj Stanton aweet and It Rltrlngion atract Inquire at HI Second nrentwx TO I,FT OR I.RASK-THE RTORRS NOR. *7 ANN ?AH Water atreet, now occupied aa an Iron a ora. For lerma apply to CIIAKI.KS III Kl" HM If. 212 Water atraal TO 1.F.T OR F.KASB- AN OF.T> RSRT ARtdRHRO RRTAII. clothing *tnre. In Fulton afreet, and future* for aale cheap Poaaeaalon Immediately, Apply lo l?RCMi>OI<t? A t'HIH'll, 1#) Full n atraal. TO l.RT OR I,RANK TIIR NRW FFVR STORY BITH.n tng '.tkl Broadwiay, coriuiiiipg four h*Ha 1A hy W fa?t, with * wM#tvtrnnr* ??n Twntl^h $n\\Mb\*Tor piftfc'*fnrU' * irPFiu .m? ...Mom..# f?T nMMr# flllfnll. IH <iiilr? on lb* prrm\??*. To i.fapk-a i.aroK ktvk STORY ittimrro It w.?! ^tr-cot, hclnw VmilAiKl*. nitr?. t>r those** (hoi <f?? ?n ' <h? ? hich in l?r*c *n<t 'lev. i??ch *< ?.r?lo Apply to J ii Uti.nn, iCf.l Hr iiMl*?y, oornor of iur> l*jr Atreot, thir l fl.v.r, ronm 4 rt>ft I y a mr_ ATOf?E IN Kt'lWTTf A ^ W^ IWK^T I tV (P twcon Fiftieth ? 'I rift* first OC'C I 1 p. w bntlAtncr* Hcto hwn put ?pon th?l hlorA wt'h'n ,b*' v?*r I < cation vcrf Appjr to J. PA . IK*1. no Will *?rc*t. HOCMCg, ROOMS, ?. TO tW rl.KASr-FOR rivs YEARS, THE LAR'JB bii lory building 6S,6Ssnd *7 Orosby street, 70 feet front, 1(10 leet ueep, wi'h 36 horse power engine, all ready for working. Apply on the premises to 9. H. ACKKKM IN. JW>H 8AM6. <& inn ~K(,K HAM, T1IK stock, furniture ANU good will of an English ptrter house in Hrooklyn, neiirthe ferries. and now <loin>>? goodbusiness. Apply at bl Chambers street, rear oihce cn hrst door 1). U. 8QUTHW1EK. dhl Klin ?FOR HAIR, AN OI.O EeTIHI.IMHEIY JpA.tJUl". corner grocery and lhtuor store, ui iuy years in successful operation; one of lb- best stands lu tbe upper Sartof the city. Terms easy. For particulars cull at 2M9 .roadway, room 14. WRAY 4 COLT. (feOft Ann -FOR SALE, NEARLY ON? HUWJg)s?\I.UUv? dred lots, wita several nice collage house? and stables upon Ibem. In the Mate o^ New Jersey, only a BUt'i i ujniauzr irouj jersey *-u-jr. l.ucmu in iieaiiax . no Objection to exchange for good New York city or Brooklyn property. For particulara address O. P. IC. 8., box 1,321 roat oflice, staling where an interview can be bad. Automaton nurse.?tiiir vai-uablf, invention (by a lady I tor infanta is just patented. Tbe exclusive right ia for talc?a aura fortune to a purchaaer None but reapectable parlies Heated with. Apply tJ H. w. KICHAKUS, 307 Broadway. Bakery and confectionary for sale cheapon reasonable lertna. if possession taken immediately. Pleaee apply at 149 Fourth avenue. For balk-a new half clipper schooner, op about SO tona, frame and plank of white oak, galvanized fastening and locutttreenailed Also a achoonerof 124 tona register, that haa run some years, but it. good order, requiring but little running rigging to fit her for sea. Both will be sold low if applied for soon. J. BiMPSON A NKII.L, Sectional I>ry Dock, Philadelphia. For bale?second hand stationary cylinder. engine. cmpiete and in firet rate order, fifteen horse power. Alao, a hoisting appara'ua (wheel and drum) In perfect order, and used but very little. .May be seen at the factory, 1(10 Horatio atreet. F)r bale?a large wholesale and retail. liquor store, with rectifying dlalil.ery. It is a splendid store, and situated in one of the very best locationa of the city. Address C. Gay, Herald otiice, or Chatham square Post oflice. FOR BALE?A MANUFACTURING BUSINESS; Established; can be extenued to any amount, easily produced. and required by every family in the United States; protected by le.tterm patent. For particulars inquire ol D. C. CONSTABLE. 69 Fulton street, second floor. For bale?the lease, stock, fixtures ano furniture of a confectionery, o; ster and ice cream saloon, situated on one of the greatest thorotigh'ares in the city, completely fitted up. and doing a good business. Apply on the premises, 27 Eighth avenue. For BALE?the lease, BAR. fixtures AND furnilure of 40 lodging rooms, in a down town be tel. Apply to C. F. WATTS, 82 Nassau street. For bale?a stock of furnishing goods, helerted expressly for a first class Broadway trade Address Broadway, Herald oflice. FOUNDRY.-FOR SALE, VERY CHEAP, THE I.EABE, patterns, itock and til turn, contained In the Central Foundry. Thirty first street, between Sixth and Sere nth aveuue?, consisting of every thin* necessary for carrying on tbo btiRlneea without delay, aa there are p.enty of orders on band. Apply on the premises, or to GEO. MEI.LHH, 363 Ntotix avenue. Rare chance.-for bale, cheap, a bakery and lixturea complete. Inquire at 419 Sixth avenue. TO BAKERS IN THIS CITY OR BROOKLYN -A PERton a short distance In the country, on account of hoe business engagements In this city, would like toexebange a Sood cash baking business with some baker In th e city or irookly ti. It is a gcod opportunity for any pars ia wishing a nice business in aline flourishing village. Apply to or address K B. I.ITTELL A CO., 1(1 James slip. TO GROCERS -FOR HAI.E. A CHEAP CASH GROCERY store, business done exclusively for cash; situated oa a piomtnentcorner on one of the heat avenues up town, good stock, Allures, and needs to be seeu to be appreciated. Address L. C. T., Herald office. The stock and ruw or a mu for sale. Price $8,000. Inquire at 78 Centre street. HOUSES, ROOMS, AC., WASTKD. Furnished house wanted?in the upper part of tbe city, for one year or longer, from March 1 or 10, for a private, family. Address box>9 Poet office SEWING MACHINES ?WANTED TO PURCHASE EOR cash, live medium and three small Wheeler A Wilson seeond band machines, either old or new style. Parties having such wt.i add]ess H. R. 11., Herald office, or box 2,793 Post office. rpo OWNERS OF HOUSES?WANTED, A GOOD MOI ilsrn built house up town, no' higher trp than Twentythird atree'. for which part cash and part brandies, in toad, will be given. Anyone having mieb a hoti le, and willing to dispose of it In the above named way. should address box 46(1 Post office, with location, terms, Ac., which will he attend- d to. WANTED-BY THE FIRST OF MAY, A GOOD HOUSE, not higher up town than Twenty first street. Kent from $660 to $76(1. A Id re as J. P. I)., Herald office. fTTANTKn IMMEDIATELY. BY A GENTLEMAN AND ?? nil* mm, in'- limiT V " "I a* >uir is luriMMW house, with all the modern improvomenti; moat bare ranga and cooking utensils, weat ?? > gif ihe city preferred. Address, stating terms and locution, f lau, Herald utli J?. References exchanged. titANTE1V?TO PUR*'HARK OR to LET, A SMALL. ?T MM haVN DC OOttatl. the city of Brooilyn. with modern conveniences. Address. wi.h trrmi and locution, Mr. C. X. <>., llerald ofllce. HORSES AJVD CARRIAGES. *rn WILL BUY A FIRST RATE DOUBLE HORSR *P*)" elelgh seats all persona. Inquire at No. M Raat Twelfth street at Mr. Uuraten'a livery stable. Cl'TTKR SLEIGH FOR HALR?A NKAT ON* HKAT Sleigh, pole and akafta. alao, two large buflelo robea, lined and trimmei; all nearly uew Price for whole |0n, worth $1011. To he aeen at alalilea No. 24 Weat Thirteenth atreet, near Sixth avenue. For saljc-a tariity or Portland sleinbh, weighing from saventy Ave to one handred pounds. all new and baaatifully Oniahed. alao aMw aata of light aarnaM and rohas. Apply at 117 Grand atraeV FOR 8AI.K?A PAIR OF HROWN HORSES U?i HANDS bgh, ttag lalla. pony built, can trot In 3mlnut*a. very handmnr and stylish. warranted. Alao, a single horse ran trot in 2.4U; aleigh he 11a, robes, harness, Ao. Apply at 48 Ureeno street. For salr?a hawrsomk cutter, elegantly finished oniyia short time in use; to he seen at N. K njr?ley A Son a livery stable, in Franklin atreet, near Church. FOR SAl.R-A SPLENDID LIGHT SLEIGH CAN RW | boughtrhanp tf applied Tor anon; haa heen used but a lew times. Can ba seen at any lime hy applying at No 413 Hp Hi. I way. THOMAS V PARKER. Fob kai.k-a btkolb nlnioii. in hood ori>?k. will be told fur sua worth $60; alao h llret rate i hnrnraa and two nlrapa of belle cheap. inquire at id kant tw euty ninth atreet, hot worn 6th and matliann avenue*. Fob hai.e-a splendid five vicar old iron ray hnrae, 16W hand* high, *tyl|*h driver. warranted i m>unil anil kind in all harnea* tl*>. a ftat pnnv. huhi w**nn nd harm aa wllj he aold topctber or aeparat* apply at bl ( berry atraot. For sal*-two omnibus slriohr. vrrv heap. inquire of j. m hands, corner of avenue o and kletenth m reel One team of hor8*b for sal*. sixteen ha nop htph ron yearn old atnnt built warranted aound anil kind aplendld ataae ,,r eart hnrae*. prior $226 apply at 97 jam * airoot, near t'berry in the llqinir atnro. ci.ekihtno. m.kiohiwo. slrt9hin0 ?hktty o llnuee, looker*. we*tehe?ter count*. new y"rb. sh'lahlnu p.arnee will he treaied with liberally t.jr ihe under i*ned larpe partiea will bnd a nplen lid ball room. adidu, connected with ihe bunae bobert l. buck lin. proprietor. Slklwh fi-ir hai.f.-an ai.hany wilt i.ioiit cutler mew) will be aold cheap. apply at 191 want at., near dunne Si.emh bells 300wtra!"t extra plated, hand atttobed. for aale at the manufactory. **? pearl atreet, neat d'.<>r to k iln.n atreot. am raan hella clrinti for sale -of beautiful styi.k and t t tlnlah little need will be wild low inquire at carl m kilwarda' alahlea. liberty atreet, brooklyn. Si.kmh for half. -a si.kmh that wll.l, hold four peraona, with bell* and rubra complete, for aale rheai. apply at mkam.f.v aoo.'s livery a'ahle, no*. 0 and iii kant thirty drat atreet. olriohs, si.eiuhs, slemhr-thk sl'bs< rihkrr a 1 kbttb nit li 1 tv(4 a llna aaaortmpm f\t alai* ha it! ih*lr l)w9 make, coueiettng of femtly eleighe. pony aTnt?h? one anil two eeate, whten they offer for eale at reduced price*, to ?utt the tlmea, at IU Warren atreet. ORPWAY A ICt.MFR. ooPARnvRHAiirp wmcBi, (jon/i -WANTFP, A PARTNFR, IN A FINK I.AWOB iyvjf'lf, corner grocery end liquor atnre Will fire htm a toll *kare In elnck. tea* end flttnrea for W*> l'?y ek?l ' 'It h' Mil a? a man la wanted immediately. Apply In the etore Iff? Stanton ntreet, corner of Attorney. -* Rarr ohanc??awt pfrnonwirhtP*""', Ire tnengege In en evceedloifly Increllre llffhl and pleaaan'raah hnalneea, that will tne'ire a rapid fortuna. ear near of nit opportunity aeldom offered hy applying to ORG. WHKKI.Kh A t'O.. ;?!M Hroa lwey. room I* P/W) ?WANTKP, A PARTNFR. NPHCTAI* POU.Uu'or active, (active preferred,) to take the piece .if e dee, H.i.d partner tn aeonnd ttnernherra??"d, aa I ell eetehllehc l Importing bntiee, mot dry with en equal amount of capital. To e htiPtneee men no letter op portnnlty could be preeectad Addrea". with reel name, H. M l.hoi2,l2tl pjet office t'otnnutnleaitone etrtclly eonfl denUeI. ___ riOPARTRFRRHIP -WF HAYK THIS PtV, UF F.N a ti red in',, nir former Cj'er-n<w?htp, whleh will he, vg heretofore under the Arm of Thalmoaeutecr, I ,hn ? Hene AMU et No. 7A William atreet. M. TIf A l,M KsvI R(lK.1, JOSRPri t'Allff, New Ton*. Feh. ?t, HW* N. HF.NROlCKN. PAR1NKR WANTKP -A tfFNTt.KMAN IMVINiy A very large acquaintance l? deatrnng of forming e con necllon with e gentlemen already cetehMehe l in the e i 'tlot; hiiaineee or one having experience in Iho eele of reel caovie, *? eke, fornlt'ire. Ae t'ommiinlcetlone, eteitng when end here en Intervie w can he had, with name, may b? addramelf Am 'Ion Hotiae. Hereld office pAHTNRR WANTFP-IN A fl R A IN DMTTLMMV ANf? J tertllylng hoiwe, or an aeeiehmt w mid he taken who can loan W 'I'M hi til) I?X| n the premleee Setlafeetory eatery paid, with privilege of piking en Internet In the hnatneaeht tho end nf the rear. A Idfeaa Pletillcr. No 5 Spruce atreet p ARTNFR MR AAPT-JTa NT WA NTKP. IN A THOROUGH ( jy fpti'Tnl n. . 11. . ?M mtrtinn tmPinopp. ? Pn?lri' M man prrfrrred in e?|>it*l. <l'h "i?h tho Ntt'r * nt twtlnriAhli ihf pjifiit of ih ' hiMtnoM ro'|tilro? nolp Apply Ht Sft I'Uip .(p... N,i. f, _____ t*r ANTft!?-*A"~PARTNitn f7>*R THE PlIWHfi nr f? -ip?ti l * fliinf KtoTP in 'hf 'Ippur pWt "f "'[ ,n 'iAbwiihi irt'h * rhup- down town: f?*ry from *1 m?t p. f i.Kpi A| p'y Ui T. <1A FFNFT, ?orn?rof Ivppi and New Nowor*.