Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 22, 1858, Page 7

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 22, 1858 Page 7
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MI.M AT ADOTItfS, I'HRKT H. NICOLA Y, AUCTIONKKK.?BSOCLAR duly sale of atock.ii and bonds.?aLKKKT H. NICOLaY *111 tell this day (Monday), at o'clock, at the Merchants' Ficbauge? U26.U00 tireat Western (1U.) KK. lat mortgage 10 per c. l>onil?. 9.<mo Indianapolis A 'Inch, null KK. 10 per cent bonds. 6.000 La Crosse A Milwaukie Kit. 2d mlge 8 per cent bonda. 1,000 fiacre memo City 10 p*i ?eut funded loan bond. 48.000 Cleveland A 1'lttaburg KK. lat mtge 7 per cent bonda. ?32,000 Terre Haute A Alton RR 10per cent bonda. 1,000 St L' ilia City 6 per cent boud of 1887740 New York State fi per cent slock of 1800. 12,0)Hi Racine A Hies KK. lit mortgage 8 per cent bonda. 4,3.10 Atlantic Mutual lna scrip ol' 1866. '67 and '68. 1,040 Sun Mutual lna. scrip of 1H63 and '671,000 (treat Western Marine Ins. scrip of 1867 J i >u&iy American r.xpress oo viuo 100 Oardtner Gold Mining Co A 96 United Slates kail Steamship ?x> lOl) 100 New York and Bt&len Inland Kerry Co 100 A Market Bank 100 26 Merchants' Bank AO 12 Nassau Hank 100 40 Bowery Bank 26 30 Baal River Bank 60 20 Park Bank 100 I 44 Pacilic Kire Insurance Co 26 10 Arctic Kire Insurance Co 00 40 Rutgara Kire Insurance Co 29 BO Bee* man Kire Insurance Co 29 Securities received In addition to the regularly advertised Heidi: i lug every sale. Next regular sale on Tuesday. Regular ?ucUoti sales of stocks, bonds, notes and other securities every day at 12>? o'clock, at (Be Merchants' Exchange. Stocks and hoods bought and sold at private sale and at the Brokers' Board. Interest allowed on deposits, loans negotiated and dividends collected. A large variety of securities constantly on hand at private sale. ALBKivT H. NICOLAY, Stock Auctioneer and Banker, No. 4 ltroad St. ' ALFRED BRACK!, AUCTIONEER?A. BRAGG A CO. will sell at auction, ou Tuesday, Feb. 23, at 10H o'clock A. M., at store 33 Cortlandt street, 600 cases of men's, women's, miaaeB and children's boots, shoes and brogans. com Srising s desirable assortment of fresh and seasonaole goods, reel froui the manufacturer's. Hale without reserve. A UCTION NOTICE.-CROCKERY, OLA3S AND CHINA. A J 8. If.|BARTLETT. Auctioneer, will sell on Tuesday, Feb. 23. at 10 o'clock, at 2ril Pearl street, nil kinds of white granite and common ware, glass ware, Britannia ware, Ac. Male positive, to close consignments. Auction notice.-new and second hand household furniture, Brussels carpets, gilt trams pier fteases, rosewood parlor suits, Ac.?M. DOUGHTY, auc lonerr, will sell, to morrow (Tuesday), st 10>? o'clock, at nalesro* tn 79 Nassau street, s general assortment of housebold furniture, viz: rosewood parlor suits, covered In brocatel Bad haircloth; paintings, gilt frames; oval pier and mantel mirrors. bookcases, marble lop, pier and centre tables, mahogany tele a letes, rockers chairs bedsteads, bureaus, waahstands, toilet sets, mattresses, feather beds, Ac., Ac. livery lot to be sold to the highest btdder, to pay cash advances Auction notice?thos. bell, auctioneer and W. 8 THOMPSON ?This day, at 11 o ciock, In the Bclearoom, 18 blast Broadwsy, general sale of furniture, beds, , mallresa"s, brandies, segars; also, a valuable collection of books pictures,jewelry, Ac. A COTTON NOTICE ?MORTGAGE SALE OK HOTEL XL furniture, Ac., Ac?SAMUEL OSGOOD A CO., auc tioneers, office 81 Nassau street, will sell at auction, to morrow (Tuesday) Keb. 23. at 10>? o'clock, all the furniture, Ac., contained in the Webster House. 169 Duane street, near Hudboq. consisting of parlor, dining room, chamber, barroom, ball and kitchen furniture, bar fixtures, show cases, gas fixtures, Ac , Ac. Conditions, cash In bankable money. By order of ALEXANDER THOMPSON, Att'y for Mortgagee. ji onuiv wr lining, luwid, av .?n ruil needay. Feb. 24 at )Ul{ o'clock, at No. 5 NasHSu street, Brooklyn. by PEF.D A ('OLE, one superior gear rutting lathe, two other lathes, lorge anvil, vices, shafting, pulleys, belts, and a variety of other tools, daguerreotype apparatus, Ac Auction sale-at m7 bowery, this afternoon and evening, of furniture, dry goods, stationery, aud an Invoice of choire French perfumeries, oil patntlDgs. Ac. CKOMKLlKN A CO , auctioneers. Auction sale ?w. p. townsend, auctioneer. This day, at No. 69 Fulton street, Hrooklyu, at 12,li o'clock, the stock, furniture and fixtures of the oyster and dining aaloun, well known as the Oyster Hay Saloon. ABPIONEIPB sale.?C. v LEVY, AUCTIONEER -THE entire stock of watch materials. tools. Ac , Ac , of the late firm of Richardson A Baisue will he sold at auction on Tassday, ihe 23d mst., at 10>w o'clock, at 12 Ms<den lane. By order of the aaslgnee DaVID DINKEL8PIEL. By f. a k. h. rchknc/E, auctioneers, 33 Nassau street?On Wednesday, Feb. 21, at 11 o'cloct, apeclal and peremptory aale of Havana segars. superior wines, brandies, Ac. troui a very reliable aouice and ol a genuine charaner, nldooiy by rear- n of sbiemt'ios in business Havana se Stirs of the following brands Pummladad, Serofina, Louisa Miller, La Kelioa. Flor Hnttanica. Knpilsila, Plenty of Room, Buftis King. Wig Wag Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down, Ben IrsnkJin, Isird Byron, Francisco Isirodo, Figaro, and others. In assorted packages. Scotch Whiskey, from ihe favorite distilleries ol lalgy, Olen'.ivjt. leichnagar and Cameron Bridge. Irish whiskey from Dunlin and Cork distilleries; old Hourb in. Plantation, Old Dominion. Saddle Bags and MnnongahelawlMskey, London Dork, Jamaica rum, Holland gin. "Old Tom" do., "Old Uente (1pu5), Opt nuts, do., Old 'No.#," Otard and llenaesay (very old), purejatre <inorto. London Port* Amontillado, Selrra, and .) W. Burden snerrtes, N. (J W Madefies in casta, bottles, magnuma and demijohns, champagnes, clareta, hucka, prunes, sardines. Ac ' Every , article guaranteed, and nothing ollered unleaa In store ready for delivery. fXLOSINll OCT SALE OF E B FRANKLIN, AUCTION eer ? #6.1100 worth of house furnishing goods, terra ootla and parian ware, ormolu clock, vas-s, fancy goods, Ac , onFehruary 22, at eleven o'clock, at 603 Broadway, near Bousumi street. Dealers are partlculary Invited. Edward bchenck, auctioneer-by k a r. h HCHKNCK?At their aaiearoom. 33 Nassau street, at 1 o clock a bay pony 13V, hands high, P years obi, warranted In every way, a lirst rate saddle beast, also, several light wagons har ness Ac Edward bchenck, adctionerr-hy k. a r. H. BCHFNCR.?Tuesday, Feb 23. at 11 o'clock. at their aali-aroom 33 Nassau street special sale of magnificent gold walchea, diamonds, jewelry, comprising hunting and open ease chronometers, duplet, patent and aetachel levers, also ladies' enamelled wstcbes. set with diamonds, also diamond hrarele's, l>roorbes. pins earrings, studs, and rings In cluster And single stone, all mounted In PS carat gold, also Florentine and Roman mosaic, cameo, carhunc.e and other seta of pins audearriUfS, gold vest, guard and fob chains, chatelaines, peal rings, pins, earrings stole, sleeve buttons. Ac. Pale positive. Also, one magnificent 1# carat gold snuff bot mosaic top, cost>130 vtknsive sale of valuable household JL fuiriiu if heavy Frem-h plate pier and mati'e. mirrors, costly oil painting*. splendid rr.OfWi-.aJ piauoibrtr. sold rose wood parlni oulto, l.roDKra rich velvet carps'*. Ac , Ac . the prope-ty .'I K. Fairbanks K?|. F. > Ahll, auctioneer w ill *et| to the hVhea: bidder for cash without ony reserve, to morrow iTuea-tay), Feb. 23. ?: Jilt, o'clock. the elegant furniture contained In the tire ?iory rewdcnce SI Wen1 Nut* OB !< - ret, near Fifth Ml The parbit* cnuUlu superior velvet carpet*. ihrec magmfl reut solid roaewood suit*. covered 10 maroon, blue and (old. Bnd iD and (old s?:.a of the most evpenalrc description. goUiic and Turkish easy chain*. In mo.|ue*. mud aalln brocade, ladie?'aolld roaewood reception and arm ibaira. covered In fold, feluB crimson an>t maroon aatln. large nad extensive foevwood aecreiary biailt. ..- lined with ailk and satin wood Uiree ao id roaewood rem re tablea. with rich ataltiary marble top*. expensively earved maewnod pier sofa and aid" tables, w ith marnle topa; three coatly rosewood eteg*re*, Willi tn*r tile lopa plate gl*?* door*. Ac , Imported expresalv for the owner, ladlra' roaewood work tablea, hrorilr ami ormolu Clerk* elegant cblna vaaea with the moat rhaate and e\pen eive lamia, apea, paint.- I to order III France, invgnllh em Frrtcli plate pier* with rich and he try gold frame, he ??y embroidered lace window ctir'alna and rornicea, large anl eileuaive variety of oil pnlit liy natlre artiaia, auch aa landarapea winter acenea marine view-, S. rlpttfal piece*; superior ' French litl.ngrapha, gam.- piece* Ac , the wh .'e forming a very pleating collection; atiperlor reeownod pianoforte. lull ?evcn <?tave elegant < ?*, pnlsh-d si! round lolcd plate aid richly eel with kc y a ol real peart. Itelng a valuable m.I ina'rl.ment. rosewood plaao *o>c eevvred in aatln. With an 11< ellent an * c ? ly embroidered cover l ining nom?hich reive tauratry carpe- >n good order; gnlld oak eilenalon table, all polUhe.l in tBe t ea; manner; marble top Ian. > la'.'aa - 'a ? r? 'it hair clolh. m?nher with all the r.tbv anl crystal M a'a aa ware rriura. rli.iupagnea. tuuit-!er*. goblet*, an l .leranter* to ma' b neb china tea an I dinner -c;a, costly ai'.aer ware lea nd dim** aerrtcc. 24 inch waiver*. c?k>- basket* c*a"-ra, roltee suites urna spo- m fork* liquor ttaod. superior U He cutlery marble pitchers Ac. t'liambera?4J.wtlf aoll.l rosewood and tnahnynny l.e.lraad*, tatuaiy marble top bureau*, WHthttatid*. and rommode* to match, oner At pure hair ma'trraae*. from 40 to At pound*, made b order, and In excellent condition Ingrain carpet*, bedrorm mirror* clock*, "oilct tah'e* i.,wrl r*' ka. toilet acta, oU< oU? stair earpei* and rod* mahogany ruahu.ned >-h nr? r>a*k?ra aofaa, I mnge* com b be ta, hali atvtid. tea and lining tallica, Horn ahecla. together wltb a laige and deairtable aa article* not mentioned. No postponement. Ar Ik-lea going out of the rlty can be packed si sale. Gil.PPM > SAV tut M!' Tl-'VKKR W 11,1. .-V.1,1, XT h ? spanotia aaltamcm *3 t etar atreei. Tu.-a.lay. Feb XV a pi a M dry good* hosiery, n..thing, flue gold jew.-lryr front a Hroadway at.a-k to close a copartni rship. French and liermat tnory good* a portion of an imnocter'a *?o<-k. by order of aaaignec. Including a One line of oil paintings /opii l.kVIF Al'tTItiNRRH?HAVINll TAKRN THK VT *P*< ' store Nu 211 Howery . t* now prepare I to re * . FtwrnTinicn. inrnitiire, orj i ooda. J. *r, halo-ila? Mid rtfiiint I'rmnpt r-t<irn'? I tW m i '<J N B ? A | nva'e ??> An invoice of pur-* i French t>i andy, a: H ? Rail- u. alao, * aewln* m tchlne for (ft ftp\t uai V f>r si'l FHDTlf carvkd rouriwooit parbw And chamber furniture, rich Inlaid aereuociare PIado, pier f laaaea, nil paintlnga, rarpeia, Ar -The whole comprUiOff ill* i *f? t ah 1 iimi aale *i auction thl? aeaaon. nil Ani.l ou Aerount of the f tmlly Rninjf South. I'ar tea In want nl good furniture. whirh Ima been male to order, would <jn well in alien d. M eeer> article moat ha anlil and r?min?| on the day nt aa> . T l?oC I.I'HMITH. auctioneer. will aell %t the prva-e reel dao<-? ll? Waul klfteen h a,reel. below Fifth avenue. ihiadatr, Miin 1?y Feb Si, at IPS o'clock. with mi an> rcaerve or pt eaa her, the entire eon>ma aa above, all - <>ne rt< hly tnJald wt'h pearl aeven octave pianoforte, warranted for two ycara roat Sw?>. plan > cover an I alool: two eery dill': ;>*t i'T Ai.i-a r I .n French ant in brwu.t.1, ill I pa'" ??i f ram pa, made to ordar; Italian marble lop eta gee a and aornar atanda. niarbla lopa and mirror backa; plar glaaAi-a %n) cenaolca. aeeeral vaiuajleml pnmMriRa, of much warlt Aio> top ranlra. aula and Aofatahlr? heavily < areed. |?r. ?!-n ?f i ha r* ha.- I.a. rti'tu.n ?U!y day orm-."-, und bro'i'e clock, Turklah and Voltalra phalra, HrnA.?l ar E*a. I ? hat Alan 1. Ac., la< e curtains ahadaa aud tllraa ( hamher*. Taan A'f} and nRraln fvi-?n 1 roaaa- -I K.-> I'-.-'hat and a -h.r i-atiaw id* A p ir? hair 4 sprint d?. wart-1< top droaaint buraaoa wtUt French plata mtrrora; aim waahatanda to match, m.hofany Aprltnr acat chalra and r.a-k ara aof?a an>1 two aofa hcda toilet acta, kolatara and plllowa, and a R-uaraJ aaaortate-ii ol chamber furniture, .tick aa la uauaU) found In a well refuta'Cil houae. The dinu.R room contalna mi" aolid oak aftcnalon labia. Itardla' patent, lltl? feet lone, walnut marble top buffet. Krimh rlutia tea aad breakfast act*, table etitlery, platart ware. stiver plated caster., cut Rlaaawara. aton- china waca, ran-scai dicma mom chalra. elm ka mantel flaa.a< oudoma men's. wttk a complete assortment of tabic furniture, but Ml- ti"? ' ? r.impe-cto peraon ?i|| attend the aaic to park and- I 1? "red i' -a-iea at the h--ne .:i the morn lint at aaie Sale at 8 o'clock a. M? rain or ahltta. Cab ' -'KS. I.IyrtiRit ami nxttrfs \ M. t'RIS i JT TAI.aR. auctioucar. will .ell on Tuesday, Fe iruary I V at l''\i ''Jourk, at ?? 17? First arenue, between Flee-nth and Twalltn atreeta, the entire atock eon'atnral In ! HHI*4 h firillfxt ROAp, riOB I'AT I^y. liriiKiy, wiih r nx\ I R#*gi%rR, toff*thr?r w fh Awnint undaft ta tea botca. atocc lii'nraa, conaiatinRof r-,,ffea mill njid toa.'er, btna and ronntera aealea and wrlirhta Ibiuor ciw>. one aleiRh and'wo Umilv rockawaya. nearly new. n?-.|tf tl I.FKI'i af( TIORFKR?MAMCffROOtr tt --!??*fwlll a" It '? ? 1 ?. >'i in ?!. < Ut t ?*" ' ' ri-t.|) inn |,. , i ,, ?,| m. .? I-) i n-of ll-n flf" I r ' !* <)' min-itx nir. in 'i.-intuit off f, i.. rfrM?4n-i'*.ii ioih R?< !? Will Offof th>- ?' lr? I-ti , ?iM i-?.fr mirii.iitt ml oror hh- - I-' t 'ill hi ' f-i'i ."tTi.-rf li'inm*M "--I * |.|*-k nl - f';k ' r" '">?V.i-rr >.u- k ,-|,,t|, f i . i. null'* A- * t'f'h ?'" k t-irn-lm > t h-.| Writ -|r- r) n.H-1 '<? I?l- 1 1 " - h'< S.I . A? rr.ri ?r Url. in ( - -m ! ?? ? .n'f I, htiu will . * ? | w.iVm' n? HI Hi- ;> "M'.'l W'l I i-lfH A'I I h (ffii -I I I.-!i I' > ' 1-tlitl t? iJlt tJf ?ti R mi* ?mw, HENRV B. HKKT8, AI'OTIONKEH-BT HURTS A M08B ?will Re 11 Uur day at US highlh uvrnue, between Thirty eighth ?nd Thirty mutli streets, assignee's sale of clothing, rloih and nleoe goods, comprising coats, pants, trull, shirts, piece good*, trimmings, store tlilun u. Ac, Ac, By order ot'M BOAg 1.KVY, Assignee. HKNRT B. HERTS, JR., AUtTTIONKKR-HY HKRTS A MOBS?Will sell on Mnuday. Feb. 22, at 10 o'clock, at Mo. M.1 Klghih avenue, between Thirty eighth and Thirty ninth streets. assiinee's sale of ready made clothing, pteee goods. 4c., 4c.', by order <* BOaZ ITv Y, assignee. ' * * JBOOART, AUCTIONEER.?BY 8. HOGART?TUES. day, March 2, lHftti, at ll>K o'clock, at No. Id Fourth ave sue. 52 splendid rosewood pianos 6 to 7 octaves, double and tingle, round corner*, being the balance of the entire atock of the celebrated makeri Crow 4 Chrlttoptior. JAMES K. KELLY, Assignee. Jw. hunt, a11ctionkkr.?j. w. hunt will aell to morrow, February 2d, at lo>? o'clock, at the aale.srnoni, No. 85 Nassau street, a very deitirable assortment of new and aecond hand furniture, consisting in part ol solas, rbatrs, tete a tele*, lounge*, tablet, parlor nulla, eteserea, enamelled and oak chamber and dining room furniture, carpet*, oilcloth*, crockery, china ware, allrnr plated ware, fancy gooda, 4c., 4c. Sale without reaerve. (lata loguea now ready. M DOUGHTY, AUOTIONKER.-M DOUOnTY WILL . aell (hit day.Monday, at 10>? o'clock, at 91>a Weat Twenty aixth atreet. near Seventh areuue, the furniture of a family declining houaekeeptng, coualattng of two roaewood parlor uita. covered in brocatel; roaewood marble top centre, pier and *ofa table*; gill frame pier and oval mirror*; HruaaeU *nd ingrain carpet*, china va?ea, bedroom furniture. malw>gar.v and roaewood bedsteads, hair mattresses. palllasaea, leather beda, dressing bureau*, wsshstsnda, toilet set*, oil cloths, oak extension dining table, crockery, cutlery, glassware, 4c. Rale rant or shine. Ne postponement. Pr. wilkins, auctioneer.?peremptory sale of drat class brown stone houses on Clinton street, Brooklyn. PHILIP K. WILKINS will sell at auction, onlhuriday, Feb. 2fi, 1HSH, at 12 o'clock at the Merchants' Exchange, the three first class brown stone houses and lots, situated on the northeast corner of Clinton aud Pacific streets, and knowu as Nos. 12ft, 127 and 12# Clinton street. The bousra arc finished in the best manner, hot and cold water throughout, batns, range, furnace, 4c. Lola 2ft by 1U0 feet. PR WILKINS, AUCTIONEER-HUMAN HAIR, WIGS, . tortoise shell and Ivory combs, household furniture, Ac PHILIP R. WILKINS will sell at auction on Wtdues day, Feb. 24. at 10>4 o'clock, at 469 Bmadwav, the entire dtock contained In said siere, consisting of human nair, wigs, braids, tortoise sb< 11. Ivory and buffalo combs, hair, clothes, tooth and bandoline brushes; Lubln'g extracts, soap, perfumery, wax figures, mirror*, Ac. Also, the furniture contained in said bouse, consisting of the usual varieties. PJ. KELLY AUCTIONEER, WILL SELL THIS DAY, . at ten o'clock, the entire stock ol staple and fancy dry goods at 369 Second avenue, for rash, in lota to suit purchaser* Peremptory sale ok watches, jewelry, califcrnla dlamoud* and fancy goods?JOHN JACOBS, auctioneer-I.. JACOBS 4 CO. will sell this day, Monday, l et;. 22. ai ll'X o 'clock, at 4d7 Broadway, the balance of the retail stock contained In the above atore. consisting of gold | and silver watches, gold rings sleeve buttons, earrings, seta and other articles, t he good* will be sold without reserve the parties going out of the retail business. Watches at 12 o'clock. Richards kingsland, auctioneer. Looking glasses, engravings, frames, Ac., Selling at a great sacrifice on tf months credit. approved notes. P.ICHARD8 KINOSLANP A CO. will continue to sell every day at 10W o'clock, at tbelr salesroom, 158 Chambers street, until all their stock is closed oat, without reserve. Furniture dealers and the trade generally will do well to be on hand. Remember the great prize auction to nioht, at 211 Bowery, of books, paintings and engravings, when a valuable sewing machine will be given free of charge. Now is the time for a mere trifle to decorate your rooms with the works of art. The ssle*will commence at 7 o'clock and car at 10. G. LKVIK, Auctioneer. Sheriff's sale of pianos and furniture ?by PF.KD A COLE?On Tuesday, Feb. 2S, at ll)}$ o'clock, at :o:t Fulton street, Brooklyn, one elegant seven ooUve carved rosewood piano, one mahogany case six octave do., one grand action ,!o . mahogany sol.,*, chairs, pier glasses, carpets, bookcase, rockers/mahogany bedsteads, bedding, Ac. Tiios. veitch, auctioneer -store 16 spruce sircet ?Mortgage tale of household furniture, wines, liuuors. Ac , ou Tuesday. Feb. Zl, IH58 at 10 o'clock A M.. at 1* 9 Fourth avenue, consisting of tables, chstrs, sofas, wash stands, carpsts, oilcloths, mirrors, paintings, window cur tains, shades, bar and fixtures, cooking utensils, stoves, crockery, Ac . Ac JOHN R. FARR1NGTON, Attorney for Morgagee. tij-illiam witters. auctioneer, will sell, It this day, at 2 oclock. at 454 Canal aireet, (adminislra tor s sale of the furniture, Ac., of a gentleman deceased.I handsome carpets, oilcloths, centre tables, sofas, sofs bedsiead. tnairs, pier glasses, bookcases, china, glass and plaled w are, mahogany bedstead* hair and other mattresses, leather beds, sheet*, spreads, blankets, marble top dressing bureaus, washsland toilet sets, stoves, kitchen furniture. Ac , extcu slop tables, wardrobe. Rale positive. By order of Harry B. Rollins, administrator. TKAVKIoliK&R' OlTDIfc. BrDAON R1YRR RAILROAD.-EXrRHM TRAIN. for Alhanr and Troy, stopping st principa' sis lions, eon netting wwb Wes'ern and Northern trains, leave Cham ben street at 6:3U and 11Jl> A. *.. and 4 48 P. M. A. F. SMITH, Hupertn ten deal vtkw york and harlem railroad. 1.1 vnmu akraouf mxnt. Commencing Wednesday, January 6,1658. Trains leave the depol. corner of White and Centre street*, New York, st V 3U A. M Mall, for Albany,stopping at Willlamsbridge and all statious north 5 2P 1*. M. Express, for Albany, stopping at the principal stations only C It p. M. For White Plains, stopping at all intermedial* stations. Trains leave the depot, corner of Twenty sixth street and Fourth avenue. New Tork. st H 15 A. M. For WUliamsbridge, stopping st all IntnrnaedUM stations. 11.TP A M White Plains, do. do. SAO P. M. Willtamsbri lye, do. do 3fU P M. Millerton. stopping at Willlamsbridge aud all la termediate stations north 4 4X1 P. M Croton Falls, stopping at all Intermediate stations 6 A) P M. Willlamsbridge. do. do. Returning, trains leave Albtnr for New York at 7 45 A. M. Mall, stopping at all statious north of and at WU hamsbrldxe. 3 45 P. M. Express, stopping st all principal stations. PRNNSTLVANIA RAILROAD Th* great central rout* to th* Went. Tim* at l*aat a* bort and ra'*a of far* and freight an low at all tluiea aa by mi j otb*r rout*. For p*?a*ge tickets or In contract for fretghl fr.iui N*w York to anv point in the entire West. call at Im company i ottea. No. 1 Aator Hon**. N*w York. J. L. nLLIOTT. Paanenger Agent. LKKCII A 00., Freight Ag-nts. FWK ARTS. "" ARARK t lUSt'K Ttt M \KK MONRY.-A RPI.RRUID aeries of painting* tllitatratlvp of the w ar in India to It* add vrry reasonably, tb* present owner uot having time to attend to ita eihlblilou. Address ,lack??n, Mr raid otU'i". HUM d Ll ANblOl N. AY r/\ FOR LOWO LKHflRD O IT TRIOR HOOTR, VI )" ' road y mad* or mad* to ord*r l'?t?nl l?atb"r biota $rl fine dm* boots, frum tl to *,'> AO Mbm-a and gal tera equally low. J. UI'NT, 430 Hroad w?f. A KINa IIFAD OK HAIR.-THK INORRDIKNTS FOR making ill* **m* mating onijr a few rent* to mikes Urg* u'.aomv.?Why pay a dollar a bottl* for Italr rtjr* tbit c lira th* ?kln aa w*l! *? tb* hair, and ntgnInjur** th* growth o' tb* hair, t? hcti joii ran obtain a food artlri* thai you know th* ltigr*dl*n's of and ran ntak* It yourself without any tmnbl* or nipenae? And If rour halt hi* f*ll*n out, *lthrr ti oni dlaraa* or drrajr, Wilaoh'a r*rip* to* restoring th* hdr w 111 prove a certain remedy. If your hair I* gray or turning grar, end you Wl?b ti tura It lo l'? ortginafoofarivr II you wmIoh lor your balr gradually to a blarg or brown Wi i**ipr for dying th* hair wt.l rifrrtna'ly do tb* *?tn* wllhoat Injuring or coloring tb* *kln TI* ad?rrti?*r dl?rov*r*<| th* above r*m*dlr? arrldrntally, and h* aaaur** thoa* who may l>* * fit tried with loaa of hatr. A* , that by following the altnpl* printed dtrrrtton* a*nt to th*m th*1 th* retnelie* will b* p. ind *fllra*lnuii in reproducing th* halr,rb*rklng prrmaltir* grayeree ?'r*ngth*inng w*ak halt and preventing Ita falling out, * al*o giving a fln* gloaay appraranr* to tb* htlr N, H. 1 h* adv*rtla*r will ?*n<l tb* above r**lpr*. po?i ,g* fr** to any eddr**a lu lb* I ntted state* on th* ?***tpt nt ,w Rent* In r??b or postage atampa. Tb* article* for miking th* emir* preparation ran be pnrrhtaed In any drug wore or market in ft... aro*!^ fur a fnilr renin taaii t K rill mnke ti.iuwh lit Innl a month. 1 h? rMlpt when once purchased will urf monr dollars to the purchaser. No trouble to make It. Address JAM Km WII.SON. M* Urand street. Now Tork Write /our address plain. It will br sent by return ? f |Kist. t7ijcitro m ao NKTIsIf- TRY IT?AI'RK (TURK Vj Pr. K KRSHA W baa opened an ofllee at IAS Spring alreet, lor the ireatuien' of rheumatism. diseases of the chest, bron ahltla. and the whole range of hereout eomplalnti, general weakness. ulrerated tore throat whlrh are relieved In the abortaai time by t sclrntifli- application of thla great agent. Ii'r. KKRsllAW, Klectro Magnelle Physl dan. EMCCTRO MAONRTTSM?TRY IT-BURR i'urk..?DR K KRMI AW haa opened an ofllee at No. IAS Spr.hg Street, for the treatment of rheumatism, dlaeaaea of ibe cheat, bmn rhltla. and the w hole rang* of nervous complaint*, general weakness, ulcerated aore throat which are relieved In the Shortest time by a aMenilflc application of this great agent. I>r. KKRHHAW, electro magnelle phyalclan MOCLMNO 8anp WANTKP-ABdUT ? T'yjs OF fine moulding sand, suitable for stove platca. Andreas Raymond A Co.. AM Broadway. ___ Prryrif patknt non riTpuwiyk tri.r oknk rating gas lamp 1s warranted the beat portable Ugh* In use Stale and county rtgbta foe sale Apply at or address l'etera, Ml Chestnut street. Philadelphia. CTIWAIY* PATRNT WROUOHT1RON ~TIl.K~rO* O malt kMna and drying floors?The subscribers are now prepared to ranrnye orders for the above article, which will he oond bo save ?ti per cent to time and fuel, and 1s th* best flooring now tn use The tile ran he packed for ehipment In a small oompaas. and the flooring laid by any ordinary me ahante. Alan Iron perforated In the usual manner for flooring at short notice t. II. ARNtll.n A CO. sole owners of the pa tarit, *47 Bronnse atreet, second door weal of Broadway, N. Y KKINTvirir;3 NON KXFI.OAIVK Bl'RNINO Pl.riP, the greateat discovery ever known. This fluid will not eiplode under any circumstances, can he used In any cammon fluid lamp. Ofllee Ml Reonad avenue. New York jinks a frttrktcb. qhow CASKS-HOFFMAN a FKRsfh S~Sll7lW~CASK iTr warerooms. Noa. (4 Chatham street and 57 Bowery A general aeenrtmcnt of show essee kept constantly on hand old eases taken In cschsnge. Orders promptly esecuted. CAVK YOUR STAUK~FAWK^ir~YOir WANT~T(7"BrY r* medicines, perfumery, toilet articles patent medicines, cell at the old established store, corner of Orand and Allen Streets, .hd aave a good many shillings hy an it ting Harry's trtcopherne. Is. fld a bottle. I.vrwia' kathstron, I*. Ad. a bottle. All other hair remedies In the same proportion |?r R?. din a, Itapoateo'*, MnUnif 4* Keeee's, UM'i ?n i flknii man'j frmalp pl!l?. all nnr dollar a hoi, and *111 bp apt,t frp?. nl |io*l?to any addrfja dpalrpd. Iiy pnrbiatnff thp prirp MmndrUh'a. Aypr'a, !*? '*, Wrlaht'a. tlnoppr a Mn|T?Pa' R ilph J. mil CllcfkPnPr'a pllla, "nh|la iwl ah..?; Hnllnway a' R laala Mr Alllatpr'a. iinil Ifalpya aalrr, onir l?. HI. at>..? N H -All othPr artu >a In ?b? aatnp proportion Pr?arnp. Horn |int np nl?h Ihf brat f lifmirala and at tbr rbrap?ai prirr lima* ?l Ihf lowrtl prWf. Tooth brnahra At II rrni?. A. WIKSKMAR, Prr'lml I hrmiv. .HW Itrand atrrri, onrnfr of All"n. Tnoii afICaoskw" Impnrtrr an4 dralpr in I'holrf tria. Ilnr Rriarfrlra, Ar., Af.. l<jp HrrrnWfrh atrrri. eornrr ot Murray, St. V T"i> I>H; (?iTi?r? rmri urns tM> PKMHIH I"N If 11- ar' It . M??1 irti ? of 1*1 r Hrf V N 47 Maidm lanr, itir auha rllirr, a fr w diair* h" .* n h?r? h? haj pinrltid.-d in rlrar not th. halanrr of hla A' k .Atfrra* . rr I pi < . mii . a I u k- mi I a 'Irri I (f I ar 'I A r| h a n mil " A', i.. ?i? btiml.ra mm' a m i r> . a. (In aoapa. p .ma.l. a, rol-nr i.-a, At trarta, odor raapa, toilri bofijra, Ar , A". I A W II \*Al PAN. 6! MallPA lana. EW YORK HERALD, MO I llTKMinrn THK BRITISH NORTH AMERICAN ROYAL MAIL ateamahlps. r*o? waw rout to liv enroot. Chief cabin paeaage 9110 beoond cabin punage 71 mot Bottom to livbbpool. Chief cabin paaaaage 9! 10 Second eebln paaaage 60 The ahlpa from Boetou call at lUllfai. PERSIA, Capt Jufikina, CANADA, Capt, I?aug, ARABIA, Capt. J., AMERICA, Capt Wick man. ASIA, Capt. K. O. LoU, NI ag Alt A. Capl. Kyrle, AFRICA, Capt. Shaucon, Kl'KOPA, Capt. J. Illicit. Tbeae vcasela carry a clear white tight at maathtsad; green on a larboard bow; red on port row. ARABIA. Stone, leave* N.York, Wedneaday, Feb. 17. NIAGARA, Wlokman, " Boaton, Wednesday, Feb. 34. AFRICA, Shannon, " N.York, Wednesday, March s. AMFRICA, Lott, " Huston, Wedueaday, Match 10 KCBOPA. Lcitch, " N York, Wedneaday, March 17. CANADA, Dang, " lioaton, Wedneaday, March 24. Bertha not aecured until paid for. An eiperfenced aurgeor, on board. The ownera of theee shlpa will not be aeoonntable for gold, liver, bullion, aperle, jewelry. precloin^Monee or metal*. unleea bill* of lading are signed therefor, nnd the value thereof therein expressed. For freight or paaoage apply to K. CONARD, No. 4 Bowling Green. VTKW YORK AND LIVERPOOL UNITKD STATES J.1 mail ateainers. The ahtp* comprising this line are:? The ATI. ANTIC, Captain Oliver Kldrldge. The BAI.TTC Captain Joseph Comatock. The ADRIATIC, Captain J timed Weal. Tbeae ahlpa having k.-eu built by gonlract eipreaaly for government service, every care liae been taken In their couatructiou, aa also lu their engines, to tnaure atrength and apeed and their accommodation* for paaaeugeraare unequaled for elegance and comfort. The ateamera of this line have Improved water tight compartmenta, aud no expaua* lia* been npared to make them all aa good aa new; the thorough examination given them proves their mode of construction yet unequalled. Price of paaaage from New York to Liverpool, In tint cabin, 9130; In second do., 976. From Liverpool to New York, 30 and 30 guineas. An experienced surgeou attached to each ship. No berths can be secured until paid for. fkoposlu dats* or saiijno. vkom niw turk. kkom liver pool. Saturday, March 13,1858. Wednesday, Februarys, 1868. April 10. " " March .1, " ' April 34, " " March .11, " " May 8, " " Apr* 38, " 44 May 22, " " May It " " June 0, " " May 2ft, " " Juno 12, 14 44 Juno 2, *' " June Zt, " July 3, " Km freight or passage apply to EDWARD K. COLIJNH. No. S6 Wall atreet, N. Y. HROWN, SHIPLEY A CO., Liverpool. B. O. WA1NWRIOHT A CO., Pails. The owner* of Iheae ahtpa will not be accountable for gold, allver, bullion, specie, jewelry, preclou* s'onesor metals, un1 less bills of lading are signed therefor, and the value thereof eipreased therein. Great reduction ok fare to europk. rauu in* tobk to | tonewtokkero* SOU cham (ton, havre ok southampton, havre or HKAMKN. BIIKMEN. First cabin MO First rabln $100 Second cabin AO Second cabin lift Steerage 30 Steeerage 40 In the first class paddle wheel steamship A KIKL, 2,000 toss, O. 1). Ludlow, commander, and NORTH STAR, 2.600 loug, Edward Cavendy, commander, to sail from pier No. It North river, at noon precisely, carrying the United States mall, vtr.-.? LEATS NEW TOR* FOR SOUTHAMPTON, HA the rrehenvor south !*PTO* AND BREMEN. southampton. roKNEB'roKK. Ariel, Saturday, March. 20. April 17. April 21. North Star, 44 April, 17. May IS, May 12. These steamships touch at Havre, Specie delivered iu London and Paris. For passage or freight applv to P. TORRANCE, Agent No. 5 Bowling Oreen, New York. The livfrpool, new york and Philadelphia Steamship Company 'a Clyde built iron screw steamships, CITY OK BALTIMORE, 2.3T.T tons Capt R Leitoh. CITY OF W ASIIINOTON, 2 380tons Capt. l'.C Petrle. city OK MANCHESTER, 2,112 tons Capt. .(.Kennedy, KANGAROO, 1,874 tons Cspt. .lettrey. The uuderuoted or other vessels are lnteudud to sail as follows ? fro* liverpool. City of Washington Wednesday, February 10 Kangaroo 44 44 24 City of Baltimore 44 March 10 City of Washington 44 44 24 And each altera ite Wednesday. FROM NEW YORK. City of Washington Thursday, March 4 Kangaroo 44 44 18 City of Ral (more 44 April 1 City of Washington 44 44 16 wmi earn uueruaie umrwiiiv, At 12 o'clock noon, from pier No 44 North river. Rate* of cabin pssasge :?From New York ami Philadelphia. fLV From Liverpool, 21 guineas, 17 guineas Mi 16 ! guineas, according to the a<voniini*l;itionu in tne state rooms II having the (am ? privilege in ibesaloou, including steward'a leva. Third claaB passenger* ?A limited number of third claaa pAsseugei ? w ill he taken and tooiid in a? much provisions a* required. From Philadelphia and New York, $.10, l'rom Liverpool. H6. These ateamer* are ronatrnrted with improved water light compartments Ra< h veaael carries an enperieuced surgeon, and every attention paid to thecomfoil and accommodation of passenger*. , liraltaon Liverpool from ?1 upwards. Shippers of apecie will plraae notice that lnsuranee by the vessels of this company ran now he done In New York and in Knglard on the same terms at bv the mail paddle s'eamera For freight or passage apply at the office ot the company, JOHN <1. llAI.K. 15 liroadway, New York agent, or WM 1NMAN, 1 and 13 Tower Buildings, Liverpool agent FIR SOCTHAl*TON ANI) HAVBK.-THR UNITRD States mall steamer ARAOO, D. liihsa. oommandar. will leave forfHavre, loachlng at Houihampton to land the malls and passengers on Saturday, March tt, at 12o'eloek. from plar VI North river, root of Heaah street. This ship bts live watsr tight compartments enclosing the engines a > that la the event Of collision or stranding the water eould not reaeh them, and the pumps being free to work, the safety of the vessel and passengers would be secured. Baggage not wanted during the voyage should be sent on boarl the day before sailing, marked below." For freight or paasags apply to W. a. DRAYTON, agent, No. 7 Hroadway V. H?The steamer Fulton will succeed the Armgo, and nil AprllA OTKAMTOHONTHAMPTON AND HAYRR -THK MADO nlflceut steamship YANHKKHILT, AhW urns, P. ?. Lafavre, master, will sail with the mails? raoa saw rum roa rson sotrrniurrov . - p Oniuanon idd hoks. havhb roa ssw tons. Saturday April 10 Wednesday April 28 Saturday May 22 Welnealay Line 9 Saturday July 3 Wednesday July 21 Price af paasvre according to location of room. First eabln. $100 and fl.'SV second cabin. Ml and $75 Specie delivered In lsindon and Paris. For passage and freight apply to D. TORRANOK, Agent, No. 6 Bowling green. New tori. THK HAMBl'RO MAIL STEAMSHIP BOKI'SHIA, t'APr. Tiautmann. wiU sail on Monday. March I. from t*e com- I pany's pier No. 21 North river, for Hamburg via Sou liamp- I ton."taking passengers for Havre, Liudon, Southampton and Hamburg, at uniform rates. First cabin, SlU); second cabin. $66 steerage $T5 C. B RH HARD, BOAS A Co., 1?) Broadway. For uyrrpool-first ship hails to morrow. ?The splendid pa-kei ship Resolute. 2.0UO tons. Freeman, master, bring unavoidably detained, will positively aulas above Has magnlltaeni second eabln s ate rooms, gib steer age, SIR tound III roused urovlsions Apply on Uoiri, pier 2i bast lllvrr, or to WILLI AMH A tiUIciN, 40 Fulton s'reei. PfOft LIVERPOOL- TAPSfOTT'H LINK OF PM'KKTH ' hulls tomorrow, at 12 o'clock, the celebrated packet ship WILLIAM TaPM'OTT, Laplalii Hell. Fare in cuhtn, gtarfi; second eabln, t'JX; strrr.tge $14, and found m cooked provisions. r or passage apply on hoard, pier 40 Kant river, or .nTAfW oTT A 1X1., t*> South street. N. It ? Kndytnioii succeeds 2Cth Instant. S^HPF'IM. NOTH K TO ACSTRAU V SiHll'PKRS ? Rhlpper* per *hlp MINNKII AllA will ph-aae Wear lb. Ir good* nl Ih>- Cn*tnm Moiipp, *n I hand In bill* ol In<IInw I -afore J o'clock on Hatttrday I' ?aa> nger* ?iil h- mi hoard at 9 o'clock on Monday morning. k W CaMKKON, No. 6 Howling Omen VTPW YORK AND CAN ri?A*IM' tO RTF.AMNHir IN llnr. via PlllMM Kal.rtwd Iba Tr*. eian* ?ieun*hip NoRTIIr'Rh UllHT. l.roilaiiA K I. Tinkrlpa'igk, maa'wr, will Mil Irom piwr S North run, on *elne*-.ay, March 10 for Arpinwall, ronnaellng wi b thp Ural otaaa *ie.tmablp OKI xaha. iso) Urot. i. H r1?iap*i m??|pr leaving ska 'nm elem March A. For t ?a*are and Iralght apply only to D. TblRAM I agent. No ft RowlingOmen, N-w York. IjkOR HAVANA AND NRW >Rt.FANs.-THK CNIIKII .T HUtp* mall III.A< K WARRIOR ,1 W Sin,lb, I mm \nder. will mmnrntt receiving frc?hi > We dneadn*, Feb. 24.aiid will nail for tbe anntrc p,.na on Saturday. Feb *7, at l2n'clork pmriaely, from plnr foot of llo'dimon ?tmet, N. R. For freight of pa** ir apply to the agrtita. MVINUHTON, CKOCIIKWON A CO.. H Park plarw. 1NOR MFI.ROl'RNK., Al'STKAl.l A - K AND AROO I.llf*1 Packet for Fapnary Tftr "pi-mild A 1 evtmtnr clipper hlpOtkAN HOVFH. ?' F. IV *t ring, commander, having elegant and commo-llona arc.immod iliona, will ha denpnlched for Melbourne direct promptly a* ahora. Farly appltnaiioo trio*! Ir made lo aecure remaining bertha A tew mora *? ond rahin paaaengera will he taken ritmmalf low Apply on hoard, plrr |o R?*t rlrrr, or to Mall.I.Fit. LORD A yCRKKAll In* W?llniree or Ol.OllKVK. ARKRLI, A XI.I.IOT. 11)6 Pearl afreet. Meaara. Inrd A Uo , eonaigneia In Malbotirna. IjtOR SAVANNAH AJIP FI-ORIPA.-THX RTF AMAIIIP STAR OF THC ROl'TM, Captain Thomaa l.yon, will |r-n?i- on Wednesday, February 24. at 4 o'rlt, k I' M., from ptrr No. 4 North rlrrr Htlla of In.Una aimed on hoard. For freight or pa**age apply toSAVrRLT. MITCHM.L A RON, No IS Rroadway Steamer* for Florida connect with the ahovr. letting Savannah rrary Monday, Wednesday and F rlda y. TBOR PoRTSMOl Til AND PKTKRRHCRH -T1IK J. Catted Hlatea mall atramahlp ROANOKK. Cap'aln Thomaa Skinner. will Iratf ?n W ,-lneaday. lb - I4ih ln?tani. al 9 Ob-loo* P M . from plar No. 1.9 North river She will arrive at Por'amoiuh ihe neil afternoon, and at Peterahtirg the following morning Paaaengera for the Nonih will pro eeod directly mi by the Ureal Southern mall lino Thoae for Rlctmnnd will arrive ihere early on Friday morning. Tr? Teller* will find thla the cheapest, pleaaante?t and mo?i eipe dltloua rotne. Paanare and ram, with state room, to Norfolk, fa, In Peterahtirg and Richmond SIM. Apply lo LUIH.AM A PI.ras A NTH No. S2 Nrowdway. | kJOHOONICR WANTFD-IN FXctfANOK FOR A UOOB k3 corner property, with atore, In Williamsburg. Addr- a* Commerce, lleral I ottb c. iwMiim. Ardor on btlltarpr -pricb onk dollar. '^Tho Dome of Riluard*." by Mirhael I'helan, author of I " Millard* Witho It a Master ' Mailed freo. on mrotpt of 1 price, by O'CONNOR A COU.FNWNR, Al Ann street, New York. nnimn Tari.fh or infrovkd mttt.r and 15 rna/lo In the few manner of well aeaaon*d ma'eriela. ard aomhttiinj allthe adtaotafoa n( Pholan a lat'at p(twr granted thla preaent reari. for aalo at price# to mil Ue Ubm, A few ?f nnn hand tAblea cheap O'WKNOI A OOLI.KNDKR. manufactory#. U Ana au-eot, Now York. BIT.UARPN. RTtXTARPl.-ORR RnSKWnon Bit. Ilard tahle. with ererjihlnr complete, for aiile cheap for raeh Apply al 1M artame atrr, t, Brooklyn. SHARP'S RHXTARTI TAIUR M aNrr Al'TORY. IIS Fnltnti atreet. whrro ho haa oonatan'ly no hand a large aaaortir^n1 nf ial ica with alato and inarhle ' oda an I Impror d'attle nf riiahion. Nercral Moid band tat.lea for aale I cheap. ^ _ fpwit RPllRlltp Hal.Id*. IN AIMACRNT IITIM, I Will ha fnrnlahert with iwcWetn altleen Millard lahloa. In oaohanjofor unincumbered pr?port>. I'ulttrea to ault pttr rhimera. Two arrnod hand and many now lahloa, for aalo at l-ergalna. Aridreea l.ow Hoot. I <n| t,.-aee, Herald nlkre. WIVM AMI I<l?4t'ORR. CAtfTRi. ru.nw>N At?r?rrroR wiu.rAR ropNtiPR O A Co. a hdlnhurg ale,?I or aalo hy the hogahead and fallow Thla alo ia the boat on draught In thia ooon'ry. Al?>. randloa, wlnoa. etna Ao . tho Anew imported ta iblo market. I In large or etnal; anaotltloa. at No. J South Wll'tom a*r?a\ I near Roaror, NDAY, FEBRUARY 22, 18 ANISRMGNTS. AAA hnoAiiWAV. 1 I I Monday nail every nicht Una week, heveiiih week of BUCKIiXTS' SEHKNADR?? MI'U. HORN and bl.MlOf 8CCKLKT

in their queer, quaint anil comical doiiuri WOMAN S RIOHTS: ( H, Luc* STOKK OuTllong tobacco jake. tkn minutes at the academy. I'cMl a.Y'8 FIRST LESSON, lnUraperaed wl'h New Son**. Gleeg, Cbnrttsea Ar PoorBOt en at (l1,: commence at T-i Admission 2S cent*. KI'H. horn'S Hni'lii uk>M place on Wednesday night Feb. U Burton's theatre Mit wALcor respectfully announce* that In* BENEFIT (the bet In eight months) wli| t*ke plar* on TUESDAY EVENING, FEB. S3, when will he produced Ue favorite comedy t>( the ROAD TO ruin. Mr. BURTON, Mr. IIKOt'GH AM end Mr. WALCOT enrh appearm* a* GOLDFINCH. Indifferent acts, Bupporled tiy tsfl the brilliant resource* or thl* great company. With lor p.eiuvely THIS NIGHT ONLY, the tsmmia Olympian extravaganza of l'Ofc HAVaUK and the maiden, with at <fft a c.aat eg never whs or ever ctu be e.jnailed. Hoi book now open. Concert?for the lienerrr of the relict* fund ot the A. F. A . ut Hope Oh*|>cl, No. JIM Broadway, on Monday evening, Feb 2)1 1*5*. at o'clock. Several eminent artiatK have volunteered their set vice* for the occaalon. Ticket* 25 eeu;*?eau he obtained at the door or of any member of the committee. THEO. KISFELD'S THIRD CLASSICAL SOIREE. 4JD concert,oit 1 uesduy, Feb 2S, at Ilodworth's Academy Mrs Anna Warren and Mr. Kiehard Hodman will aaaiat Mr. Eisfeld'* quartet party, Ticket*at the door, 91 each To com* mt nee at s o'clock. NIBLO'8 HARDEN.-THI8 SPLKPDID ESTABLISHment will be let for concert*, lecture* or <ip?r?ttc. and dramatic entertainment* of the tirat cut a* only, For particular* apply at tbe box office, Broadway, from V till 3 datly. HPKCIAX. WOTICEM. A belmont IWIIM letters or credit Tc? traveller!. To aH parta of the world. 76 Beaver street. Any pawnbroker or other person who, on Saturday last, advanced money on a anil of clothes, consisting of a black cloth truck coat| and panta and a black moire antique vest, will have the amount refunded and wt 1 b* liberally rewarded by seudtng a note to 2 V Canal atreet. The property waa stolen, ami ia of more value to the owner than to any one else. CIOMMURTON WANTED?THE ADVERTISER WISHES ) to purchase the c innm-sinn of a Commissioner of Deeds. A liberal price will be paid. Address, slating the price asked, George, box 773 Post office. MISS LIZZIE?THE "YANKEE CARD WRITER" HAS retired from the profession. You can write your own Visiting cards however, by sending for one ol his celebrated metallic prnrllai they are Helling at halfjprlcc, and sent to any part of the country, postage free, on receipt of twenty eight cents tin stamps). Ad.lress O. Sacked, New York Post office VTOTICE?THE ANNUAL ELECTION OF DIRECTORS JJN In the New York and Virginia Steamship Company will be held at tie officeot the compauv, 32 Broadway, on Tuesday, March 2, between lite sours of l2 and 2 o'clock K. W. PLEASANTS, He Jretary. N-OTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, THAT JOHN HUGHES will apply to the Commissioner of Pensions for duplicate of land warrant for list acrea, issued to htm on the 23d day of April, 1RV>, under act of 1866. No. 24.1H4 Said warrant wm" mailed at Washington, I). C., on the 1Mb of October, 1H57, to the address ol J. H. Nanes,412 Cherry street, N. Y., but It lias never been rn-cived by him. OFFICE OF THE ILLINOIS CENTRAL RAILROAD Company, New York, Feb la, 1KAH.?The annual meeting of the sto< kaolders of the Illinois fe.utral Rallroail Company, for the election of directors, and the transaction of any other btts'ues* that mar properly I'liiim bet-ire the meeting, will be held at the office of the company, In the cltv of Chicago, 111 . i n Wednesday, the 17ih day or March, IVA. at llH^ o'clock a. M. The transfer books will be closed at the New York office on the lUtb of March and reopened ou the 22-1. By order ol the Board of Dlrectota. W. K. ACKER MAN, Secretary. REMOnCiY.?JDRKPH LER, DRAPER AND TAILOR h ts removed from No. 9 Warnm streat lo No. 62 Walker street, one door west sf Broadway. REMOVED.-JA.VES LITTLE A CO.. DRAPERS AND tellors, have removed from 412 Broadway to t;71 BroadI w?> Lafargc House They respectfully aollctt the patronage ol their rii.-.turners and the public. All orders entrusted to | them will be executed with ability and despatch. XJOTICK.-THP. POLI.OWINII IIKSCKIHKII HOCNTT i.1 land Warranta hat-It# been lost lii'ivwg Sin Krtni'lm and N< w York, *11 personaare hereby warned against negotiant# the same, i??r?vf?t I ova bo'ii filed In the <ieneral I jiiid i ,m.-e, according to law. and appllrattou made fur a rn inane. Any Information ronrerntmt them may bn lent to Hen. Jot I.ane, \Vaahiu#ton, Ih f , or loC. W THoMAB, 215 Pear) street K. Y. L. Jm-knoii. No M.SWi, 160 acres. J. Wthtes. No. iti.HiM. lfiUsrret. A. W. Wilkes. No. 4fi.ii*;, 11*1 acres. H. 1' Thornton, No. il.ASfi IfiO arret. I). Hsrper, No. 46,(170, IfiO acre*. Robprt Walker, No 44..W7, IfiO arret. A. I'. IVrnwn. No 3P.741. lfitl arret. J. A. lllanrhard. No AM 441. Ifio Arras. Il IV Hamee. No. 46,473. IIW acres. J. Monroe No. 44.7115. ItVO ?rr?t. S M<X>(. No. 31 W7. *1 acres. till. c. Darnell, widow oi J An to. No. 21,890 80 scree. K H. Harer, No H9.357. 130 sere*. Wm. Clemen*, No. 88.306. 130 sere*. THIS IS TO CAUTION AI.I, PERSONS AUAINST NK KollailnK k rhrrk atolen Ironi me Al the fire In Maiden lane drawn by Petei Tier*, and dated February >1. lifts, for Ufly arven dollar* and eighty ilea rents, payment of the tame bavin# been slopped. II. HtTIOKNKR. COIIPOK ATION NfKH, NOTH'K ?TIIE COMMITTER ON ri.VANCF OR THK Hoard of Aldermen will me d at roorn No. 8Clly Hall, on Monday, February XId Inat., al 2 o'clock I* M., tjconalder the HpplP-atlona of the following prrtoss, rtx. ?A. H. .laroba and Frier lioldateln, for remission of floe, I land Mllea, for l>ay for loas of horse. K. Dreen. rela Ive to salary. and I'atrlek Ilat? John Doyle and l.awrenee M Kellly, for pay for loaara of horses. The above named oartlea are n.-reby noiilled lo at lend ibe meeting ol Ibi enmiaiUee at im tune ilia p !*? anor* mentioned. THOMAS MiiO'lCDON, ICommltiee JOHN .1. URK.OORY, > on itKORlfK STARR, ? Kioance. IhToTICK.?THK COMMITTKK ON KRAl'DS OK THK l\ Boird of Aldnrnnn will meet In ro..m No. 12, City 11*11. on Tnraday. 2:td in*'., at 2 I". M., to take into c,maid.-ration the tnat'erot asaeaemeat for Painting, Ac., fblrd avenue, from Silly lint to KlRhty niith street. ' TIIOS. W ADAMS, 1 T11 OS STKPHKNS, Alien AM. TUOMKY, Committee. ,1 AS oWKNS, W*. TUCK hit, N'OTICK TIIK COMMITTKK OUT STI1HKTS OK THK Itnnnl ol Couni llmnn will meet In tin- Iillir iry room, No 12 I'll* ||*ll, mi Ineadur, the '? W loalnnt 11 1 I* M lo boar puttie* Interested In the matter of widening Worth, Dunne ho'I Chamber* afreet* T. A. DUNN )Committor J. VAN TIN K? S on J. If HRaDY. > Streete. DHY UUUIM,?C. 1 QfTQ -KPRINU M ANTIU.AS. 18W. LOcrO. Ureal Indnrementa To raata ami abort time buyers, At tahnleaale The snhwrtber h*a now prrpirrl and is monufaetnrtng >1 illy a lark'' *od varied ft'ekofthr above g<md?, from tb? law at pnatHaMM mut rosily artUr, win-h br titters P<r mall or abort credit. at Tar S??i.i.*av Smnr or PanrtT. Alro. a lino of imported alalia ahawt* diflerlnf fmrn any In Uiemmket. ilK.o Btl.I'lN, Ml Broadway. /"AOSTWCATION OK THK OK \/ Spring arnlii stumer dry goods, Hy lb'' assignee* ol 1?. It. Vt ILI.UMs A CO., "" V"I?ri wi P'l IV , ("?mpri"iii* in part. Rich hurt-He*. barege robe*. l.*wt>* ar t organdie*. Milt* and abawla. pin-fa. Ac.. Ac. At price* far below the cowl of product! m. mHHIORR?t" AS AI. 8TRKPT. ripPOPtT f. HI<V*VF, r -Mint Itk.MiiRISR tiOODAM. thank* her nntnemaa friend* and the public for their alteiialTe patronage, and ptedgr ? her?ell that all tha nfcagant and arailahia nnralllea la faahton can be had only at her ratabllahnirnt. /1I.08K TIIK iiREAT fl.AI.R ttf liRV^Tooh-J, \ ) By ae?igne?*. at Columbian Hall, All Uratel atre--t. flnly four day* more The atore will pnaitirely iloae on Tbnraday negt, the 25th MM The entire bnlance of atoclt I* now aelllnf far below former prlcee. The elore Bttlttrc* and furniture for aale cheap, (IHOTfK ' IMPORTED RPRISffrMiWKRiCWHO|,E5t\I,K J for ( *ah, at .1 AMES Tft KKR'A, 361 Broadway, betw-en Thnmpaon and Taylor'* aaloon. QPRISO MASTtl.l.AR. t?88. W--arc now readr to eihlblt to whole**:* buyer* otu aprlnR importation and manufacture nf Mauttllaa. ctreulara. Ac We Incite ancctal attention to our ettenelre variety ?' French, rhantllly and guipure, lace point*. hawla, Ac, whitd we otter at very low prlso* * H Mll.lJt A CO., RB and 82 Chamber* atrcet, thrac donri from Broadway, tg talra. THE STORE NO. .V*t ROW FRY Will Prb"?f" """""" TilK OOOM HURT BR ROt.D. Hargalna, Rrnttlnr bargalna, t'nn br bought. KVfftnt Mark atlka. at 75 rrnta. Real rr'-arh mrrtnora aim1, rrnta. Plain I rrn<h drialnra at Vi imta. worth 44 rrnta. Stnlta ahawla at $3 SO, worth $H SO Blanket* from 11 SO to f! pnr pair. Imcr mtrtalaa. %!> pnr pair. Bmbrtitdrrlna, tkr , An. HhBtmT BROTHERS. 300 Hownry. mmmchju. UR WAT AO*. FORMERLY RtROROR TO TIIR I.ot'R Hoopttal may br rromnltrd, a* hnrrtofnra, prraonady or by lptmr. I'rom N In tbr morning to a at night, at hla rnaidaiirai, fti Walker airret, a few doora wrW of Broad tray. D~lf~nri*TKlC"jR-.~CAII ~RR >ONSU!.TRrr"AT~HIR nftinr, Ro. 41 Howard atrret. Offline oppn from 7 *. M. till 10 P. M. nfH'TOR R'HIR " OFFICE Al*f> COJHICl.TATinR r" ma arr v M? tlrand aire", York Allrotnmt nlna-l. na hv mail anawrnvd and attended to by enrloalng ?!? <! liar. l?ll wr? n ADM' K HI Y I.AMOHT. PIIYSttlAM AMP 1 I I witc n to p<r?.>n or hy lotur ond p?nr.-? *1 *. rr?f I Rirrcl. ' ' rnrr of i^rW, opp iho Kt MtrbolM llotol. frrni ^ |i> .v And t> to * r ? . ft>ittn*vft #?tc >piH. I \H RAI.IMI S OrrirM, ;ftTllROA7TwAT. fORMKR ??r I* Twheiroot Manx 10 ill t, ?nri islV-ft ortocb. I \ ' f f N I ? AV MR Wl T?1> at MIR.-M' J " f*l?i T?*ry, Mo I tMvlotna Bireo', *n 1 bo *h?r? *!? > MuJiod IHSA Tiff HOT A mm: rMYMiriAM, At'ffanR or TlfPt l.?dy Mil Wont' umi ? Y?rr1?fc llmmn i mnUn i nurd> onil f"?Mftiu?lljf, iim.ltTiwnN, i Mi ft* WVot T < '? ? , i-,'h root Th - So': v on al!-u?o? ?r?<1 o<r, ?> >-w tb<? Iioon-i sv?rptwfnkj m rote*. m. __ ACAr?RV1 OF MtTrilO Til .< OPKBA. Hula 1,-aiet- mid Dire-or Ullmia MONUAY, KKH 3 UH TIi'.h morning. Hi 9. conuneucea Lie eale of Ihe 91 ?U<1 fl 50 ii'iU for I'D KIT AN i. Ticket* and anal* in be bail at the doir at7"-4 Ptral nt?bl Ct tae ! ar?? ell nuca?i ia -Bto( OAKL CftKM KM Ptrat appearance the aeaaoo of the pootiar w-ctc hllJN.iK TI UK KIN I Ouly uUhl of llel ml a opera of I PUKITAN1 KAOAMK t?K LA UKANOl. TIBSKIM GASSIER CARL KORMRS, who wlli appear for Un* Iwt lime In hoi yreat role of Oeorgin lo morrow, TUESDAY, lit |t,, opkra matin KM?ADMlSt- ion .'a; CENTS L'ITaLIANa in al.tlk.ri. now performing in l'?rm with great auccea*. aud received wltb such rntliuxiHrni at Ha llrat reproaeulalion n: the Acad.' my In January. SPECIAL NOTI11 In compliance with numerously eipresaed withe* seat* may In future be secured In advance for the Opera Matinees at an eitra cljprge of 2A cent*. The aale of seats for the Matinee commence* (fan (Monday) morning, at the ticket office* Tuesday, Per 23. at IK, L'lTAl.IANA IN A1.UKR. Mine. U'ANUBI. HIRDRNHKRU, LABOCRTTA, UaJWIKR, BOOOO Admission Uiall parts fifty con'a Reae. red seats 2# cent* eitra The barroom and amphitheatre wtli be cloaaa at the Opera Matinee*. Broadway thkatrk. K. A. Marshall Role Lea**8 (Aim ot the new Academy nfMuilc Philadelphia) Manager of the Zoological Department....Mr, Van Arnhurgfe Equestrian Manager J. M Nixon inckkaskdsuccess of TDK OKKAT EXHIBITION Monday. Kelt 22. orand performance In houcr of the Birthday of wahijinoton. When all thr riders, together with The Menagerie of van amboroh a co , The Great Elephant, and the juvenile dramatic artists, Will appear in a SPLENDID holfday 8klkotion. hevval of the great Kairv Spectacle, cinderella, with the famous LAM'KRB QUA DRILLS. which has made ao great a ?eu*atton in gulliver. The beautiful entry art, BALLET DK ELKUR The popular comic act. PKTK jenkins, by Mr sherwood The great performance without antdle or bridle by eaton stunk, An original slump speech by 8AM LATHROr. I Ota of new jokes by PEN 8TONK Ibr dasbir.g. daring end beautiful equestrienne, Ml.I.E. VIRGINIA Intermission of five minute*. CINDERELLA cast or characters Prince Master C. Sherwood Pfdro Muter u Nicola Dacdloi. Mlaa f rank Old Bachelor 3 ytara) Muter Dominie Oilll man MaeVr DtlM Footmen Muter* Oharlea and John rage* .. Mlaa Wll*on and ChlcinJ Heralda Maater* Frederick, Altel and Ohlclnl Ualien Maatera Roga, Nlcolo, Loin* and Walter Cinder el In, 3 t Mias Adelaide <'lorn da, t DauL-h;era of the Baron. < Mlaa Burk Tlilahe, > fMiaaMurry Fairy, Godmother to Otuderella Mr*. Ninon Flirt old maid (aged .'1 years) Mt*a Margrwt Second old maid, " " Mia* Mary NOTICE. OINDKRTUiA will he performed every Wedneaday and Ha turday af'ernoon. Door a open at 1, perlorinauce* commoner at 2 o'clock. Bowery theatre l.eraee and Manager Mr Eddy 1'nii'k* ? Uoxea an* parquet. ?5cent*. Pit. I2centa. Private hoxe*. f.t *ud # '!. acuta in private boxea. 60 centa. Keatival In honor of ihe BIRTHDAY Of THE IMMORTAL WASHINGTON. Monday erenlug, Feb 22 and Tuesday, Feb. 23, A grulid dram* of the Revolution, entitled Ihe DAWN Of THE STaKS ANIi STRIPES. Nathan Morgan, an old aoldier Mr K Eddy Revival of Ihe great French drama. In four acta, of the Man in ihe iron mask, In which Mr. R ,lo>n*loti will appear To conclude with ihe WRK0KRB8 OF NORWAY. Yankee Jack ... Mr Fenno During the Mr. A. W. Fenno will recite a Patriotic Ode. uniien by liimtielf. and the Star Spangled Banner will be aung by ibe'coinpauy. BIRTONS NEW TIiEATRK ?MONDAY?MESSRS Brougham and Walcot for two mgb's more Mr Burton In two pie A new farce. THE t'oMKDY OF ERRORS. The two Ilromio* by lliirion and Brougham. The Two An tipb'di* by Briggs and Barrett. A galvanised larce THE METROPOLITAN POLICEMAN, wi'b Wnl'A, Burton, Rrigga. Eetchell, Mr*. Hughe* and Mr* W H. Smith And tb< farre ct LOVE AND Ml RDF.R, In which Mr Brougham will play bla original character. Tueaday? Mr WaLCOT'S benefit, " Wedneaaay?DOMHKY AND SON. TirOOO'H BUILDINGS, BROADWAY, NIAR PRINO* Yv a'reet. Ueury Wood Proprtator GKO CHRISTY A WOOD'S MINSTKK.LH. Under the direction of II Wood to 1 Geo. Cartaif. K.xtra RKVIYAL nkgro MINKTRKIAY. To conclude with Hl'-eker a touching drama of Will Ft), TIIK SKNHtBLK MONKKY, with now areuery, properties, Ac. Wiffo, the m<>nkey Geo ?'hr!aty Crambo. ho u?fr?frr Geo Holland Tickets 2Aceota. Doors open at4, to commence at "Ho clock FP.ANKI.TN MUSKYM, UT GRAND RTRKRT. ONK door from Broadway ?Parlor utertaluinoots. Warm ami comfortable. Kvery afternoon and evening. Two per Inrmanrea dally, commencing at 3 o'clock lo the afternoon and at 7H 'n theevmiing. Strangera and otb-r< will ohaerr* that llie abora la IAr only oatahljahmeui to the United State* where the NODRL ARTIST KA are exhibited?conaisting of a company of young aitiatea, numbering TWENTY BKYKN YOUNG LADIES, who, for beauty aod aymrnetry of Itguee, ntaod tnrlralled In thewoild. Fourteen tableau* eyery afternoon and evening Ihia week. Introdui to* vereral original picture*, among*' othera "The Tbree < racea." " Venoa Biatng from the Sea," "bat'j'ko, Ac. Alao. will appear, the FEMALE OPKRa troupe, i ompoaed of young lady* Alao. Moo* Oregmre. 'he ?troiige?l mail in the world, with other entertainmenia, every AFTERNOON AND NIGHT Admltaioo?Ori'beatra aeata. to cent*. bote*. SSrwnta; prl y?te t oiee, tl Notice.?Gala day?Last day of the taaaoa, Saturday, Teh 77, wll. he for the BNMKFIT OF THE MANAGER, on which oecaa.on a hill ol Imaene attraction* will he offer wl. Nearly Itai young ladlea anil appear, forming a gran l aloalng feallviti. Mt'ElLLO'S celebrated Palnllog of the litU.T (belonging to Ibe Rievoort farnlir) U now on rthlbitlon at the ri?K ART OAl.LP.RY. SM Broadway Admlaalon 2b cenU. otH'i'lL .% r'O. M. KNOKDLKR, Durei.*. WA8IIINOTON? Tbr brae*. lh? wlar, 'ha go.*. GRAND CIT1C AND MILITARY BAM. AND PKSTIVAL gt tmi YOCNO DKMOCKACY Of NFW YORK. l.a KiinrtiiiiTii'i or run BIRTHDAY Of WAMllIROTON, on MONDAY KYRNING, FKB. 21 1*8. AT Tlli CITY ARfK.MHLY ROOM*. TICKKTR IWo DOLLAR* isriwBiatt fc? ?**?VIMT ?TA Adml'tlng ? gentleman and two ladlaa. kitra Ucketa lor ladlra. our dollar HURTON'R THKATRK AfToVNDINU ANNOrNOCMRNT MB BR'>C t#II A M hereby makra known to hi" million of rnibuaiaatlc ?dml rare lb All 'inart'TA. that inaaiunrh a? II IB HKNKPIT la appointed to take plare on Till RBI'AY LVRNING NRXT, P?b 25, bo tblnka it a favnrahlr opporu nltt to BLOW II IS OWN TRCMI'rr. knowing fnll wrll that If bo don't nobody rlar will, and, pn.loeophli allr <-onat.!rrr,|. br alao bega to inainuei" that, aa lliere la no IndlTtrioal allrr wbo ha a pinion of tlM anbarrlber than hr fortunately poaaewiee of bimarlt. br la do trrminrd no longer to bidr bla _ AMAZING i.Ttrrakv HI. A IN UNDRR A HtftHRIy, bill boldly annotincr hitnarli aa thr tlNLY I.IVINH DRAMATIST out of tbr trad langtoigea. whoar brilliant tbough allfbtly ap predated ability ought to to- tbr HKAOIIN ur T1IR ADR With rhararirriatli- dtllldrnor hr aimply apiirnda the great and ABSORBING PI.HI.ll/ PA?T. that upon thr orraaton aborr alluded to hr will nrraent an AKKAY Or IMPAIRING ATTRACTION hiibrrto unrouallrd in ihr IIIMIKIONIC ANN At/ft OF Tllk WORLD, and Intrrprrtrd hy a fcTl NNINU CONSTRI.I.ATION or ftt'PKRHUMAN SPLENDOR. Hr will gratify and Indulge thr public with a IRA IMKNTARV SPLKt'TION from tbr prodlgioiialT popular pToduomna emanating from hlaoan I NPARALI.kl.KD I'KN and for (rar that Ihrir rltrrta ahoiild be too overpowering, .iwl .a... tl KII KKiH R IIHANDKIItt wiib two or three !> ?? merltorlotti roncoetion* from t N P1STI ROUIbHKD HOURUVR. If. B. Tbt? ? >11 be Pinter pre-poAltleely The Absolutely i.AHT A PPKARABPK of the Abnye mentioned Ml I.TIPA RlorSLY APCOMPMRIIKD poeth'o- I'Hll.I>Ht)l"llII'Al., AUTHOR ACTOft And AOI.K RRI.K PATKWTBP I) HUM MOB t> I.ID IIT of hbawatk' 1.ITERATURK Ha IIA'-Bo mj?takr about thk apki.phi. Rveellent bonne IA?t nlaht. dunelng, singing *ry) fori of the hret order. nrwspspers delightful segsrs slid siipsrlAtlrn Itu'lors. Open eyery evening. 07 Crosby street nesr Spring. I,Illy hs? returned. DR VAI.KBTTBR I PR? YAI.KBTIBR '?PR VAT.K* TINK will glye onsAtf hie homorone entertainments lor the benefit of the ne#iboyt' lodging hoeee At RosArt 11*11, ThnrsdAr eyentng. RebruArr'25 Ticket* 25 rents, reserecd eeete 25 eente eitrn?to he bed At the mi isle entree TIIK HATIK?B QPA RTKT worm RRsPBCTrrLLT snnounce to the pnhlls thet their flret elssslrsl soiree to he glren on the AVI o< Kebrnsry, at the Polyterhnle Inetttnte, Brooklyn, bed to be postponed' till Tuesday, Rett h 2. on ecronnt ot the eertone Indisposition of one of their members. TJfBTOB R PRABATir tSSiH'TATTOB -THK MR* JJ hereof wht'li Are reepeetftilly retneeted to be pnnetnel yt the meeting thle evening, At the' rostnaM wnrebonsdof R. Willletne, Bri'ttnte etreet. where All applicants formeintter ehtp mny Apply either pernrtnelly or in writing. Supper will jrfiina. wooixirr PrwMeot. APKI.I'M, APVt.PMt I IM.V TO IIIIBI t!? A ST cillan rntrt, alth ih?'nthrr n?n*l ?nd mortantljr r?n?l ni'i'atnm- ? B- ? i'iihI .! ? *ui>r?-inp c<mf. rt, ! ? ! ?. br?t Honor* and nojir*. hicblj pit **, i a idi hn lni'i ?<> [ike the Adelphl, O >?t> v Mrrrt, near 'rfiff \\'A.V T Vri ? T < ;*TNTI,T.MAN T > IM.A V THV .TCVK VTI.FS TT li t li_ u r, *1 lurnnm a Mnarnqk II W \1KIN~ Ht .ijr V,n<(?f. . 7__ AJIUSBKBirra. WAIXAOK-8 THEATRIC. Eaa?Kenirut of MISh A<iNK8 ROBERTSON, who will appear an Brown iu AN ENTIRELY NEW ANI> ORIGINAL PLAT, In llirrr art* founded on ibe be^uuful episode in Uie prriql Indian war. and written l>* Mr iiiuN bouhcicaclt. tln? author of "London Assurance " wtio will appear to Mm play lu the clianicter of the Nana Sahib In puraning with fidelity the promise made to the public on the production ol "The 1'oor of New York' to uamuua a ucceaalon of new dramatic work* illustrative of concurrent even1* and stlording pictures of the limea, the man vgement preeeut "Jeaale brown, or the Relief of Lucknow," aa a aubjeel of unuaiial Interett, both In Ita emot'onal and palhrtin character, and from the opportunity It atlorda of representing plctnrlally thoae acerea wlurr this great struggle la going on, and acquainting the audience with deUll* of coaiume. of mannera end of life In lllni'oatan. which cannot be an readily ar en agrctalike learned from any source aa from the stag* lO NIGHT. AND KVKKY N1UHT DUKIWU THK WKKK. will be performed Uie new aud original drama, In three acta, .1 KS.sIK HROWN. OR THK HRI.Kf OK LITKHOW, written by Dion iiotirclcaull, Kaq , author of "L ndou Aaauraucc," "Old Ucndaaud Young Hearts." New scenery hy Me?sra Riviera and faherwood. The Nana Sahib Rajah of Hithoor I> MourrlcaaiM, Acbinet, his Vaikecl tjroavenar. KhiuUI Jtcilregnr, I'aplalu In the TlUh Highlanders. liester. tleordle Mctlregor. hie brother. Knaigu In the Til Kegiuient A H. Davenport. Rev. Ilwvtd lllount, l'li?|>laln to the Til Keglmeut.. H ake* Swtanle, private :t'id Regiment. .. T. M. JohoaUMi. C'aaaidy. corporal Til Regiment itlann. a of the 7KI0 Regiment. Holuleia of the Hit Regiment Xouhadars, Sepoys, llmdooa. Ilookahburdar, Feroabea, and followers of Nana Sahib. Amy t.'smphell Jfru Hoar. t'harlie mid hllic, her children.. Vaster and M.?? Keevnn Jeaale Jtrowu, her servant Miss Agues Roheriaon Alice Mlaa Mary tiannon Who liaa kindly conaented to pl*v this part at the request the author. Mary - Jf las Orton Aerl ? Pr.iCK. Prene 1 ?The Hungalo, or country bonne of Mr* f?mpbell, near l.urknow. with <11* .ml view of the city *n<l to# tioomtee. river Ktvlere. Home in India?'I itlln?Af hinet. the ?py of the NanaH.thtfc ?The arum and the wave- J rule brow u and tier two lover* ?Hie tonler aider?The llret gleam of war?K.inl.iU McGregor Mild the Intercepted letter ?I he project of the Ka jah of lUtbonr to aurpriao the Hungalo?'The earape of the npy nt ti the appearance of the Krv linvld lllount?Kendal leaven the defence of the lttiri?*ei to the chaplain?Hi* eonBcteuUoti* acruplea?A Mruggle betweeu couaciencn and courage Hcene 2 - Kxterlor of the Hungilo by Nlghl ?faherwood. f'aailoy'h dlacovnt y?bweenlr reconnoitre*?depute and Ueordi<?The totter brother Kiel mater? l ie' heart'* reproof?A tale ol "Aold l.ang byne " Hcene 3 ? Mr* r?u>pb*ll'? chamber \n the Hungalo?Dtataat view of Luck now by Night?The lort and the (lonintee river ?The night of the outbreak?The terror of Amy?tlan<tal*a promote <o reacut?"The McGregor hn* gtcit hi* word, tola tak' It up"?Tie Htlddeti appearanee of tie- Nana S?h!b?Tim child tn peril?.legale *reaeue The attie ii ot the Hindoo*, untier Natia hahtb, ttimn the Hungalo?'The despatch?GenrdiW Mctiregor'* tlrat light?"lie hlem hea"?Je?ale'a prayer?Thw chaplain mid .leattle ri rail the falling mirage of the aoldtnr? Sweoaie apluck *t I .lenaioa *ariitlce?'The roar ?bweeaita escape*?The attempt to blow tip Hie bridge -ileordle taiUThe algnal gun*from l.ttcknow ?"ileordle McGregor L* not a coward !" Act it ?A court and bill within * Hindoo Temple in I.urfenow?1 he primmer*?I be uiaaikicre of <' iwnpoi e?The dlvaa of the Nana?111* to make tieordtr eounael ht*brother Kandal to surrender?.(came h view of lie- cax<?Her doom? tieordie yield* to nave her life-The lettrr?Jeiuur fear* that GeorCle will vtgn ha nift'oy - Ibirv* not apeak to htm, hat recollect* how to add re** hi* heart?Through the melody of attld Nrollaud, cite much (ih w by left f *? ; ha me? Why c,u I I roa.< the ieaOh, why left I my hime tn the mild coun ry, Ac The welcome vteiKtr* from the Infernal region*?The in in* and counleimine?tlimatcy a longue nearly loer* him hla head?The Nana aiel .leasie?' Oh. where ht> e ye been a' Uie day. my boy .lamtnle"?The dark mad of e?c?re?The underground rallii ad enmeilmeagx.d for white fnlaa? I'.auilal i?nu mount *iiii a nag oj iruce come 10 uange priarnerw? I hp ci nelly of the Nana? 111* defectr of the reurll?The |? tier li tiaelk'?tleordle attempt* U. enaure Jeaate 'a eacape at Ikn sacrifice o! his life?The vengeance of the Sana- "Swing their hodlea to the in,l.lire' of the Teni|ile, bes|,lo ,helr Hag of trucelllnwn* in I'eejnilr, "Hncg me to lint desire to be counted In"?Ibe aniznrc of Acbmet?? dlnd m (Juy Kawkea?lle Ih honrd with the cnril* destined to aieeuto Jeme?The eeeapn by the mine?The signal of theelorg at the mosipie?Arhuu t'a doom. Act I I ?The Residency-The Kedatt--The fort forming thn out post work ol the he? dent y?Paw n of day?Distant View of the Ktictmpmen' and Trenches of the Rebel Korea? Rltrlcie Tableau?The hetiered?'I he l??t ra'lutj?No hope ol relief? ,le*eie In distress?The attack ?lid the repulse?Tnn last In pe gom?'J he prayer ol the women to be killed rather tban fall into the ontida ol the Nepciye?Tlie terrible reeolleo tlon of I'nwiipore?the de*|ierate alternative?bui'ide before dishonor?Th* euemy approach?The terrible deteuce of ths women and children from the henda of the barbarians?Jenales dream?"Nae, I 'm nae dreamlti?lt'a the slogan a' the Highland*?Help! help! nelp' at laat' ?'Ihe Incredulity of the men?'1 he rieare*approach of Ibe loe? To the guns, inea, lo the guns?Another hour and are we all aaved"'?Tliedlataaai ptbroeh of the rteveipy eighth Highlanders la heard? Tho t'amplodla are romlng''?Bavclock forces hla way Into tho city?'should atild ae<|ttalntanee be fnrgot"-Tha eolumn <d the Highland Infantry earrlea the Redan and reactiea Ita bratra defenders Tableau. Knttrely new innate Inia been compo?ed for thla piece, inelndirig a Scotch medley nveriure by Vlr. J 1*. teeike, wlm haa be en engaged u> conduet Iii the rourre of the play, Incidental to ita action, MlhS AONK.S KIittKKTHt>N Will alng anatehtra of the following beautiful Scotch ntftig dlea ? "Auld I Jill g Syne "t'liarli* Is uiy Darling." "tth. Why I .eft I my Itarae-" "My Roy .lammte " "Tak yer Auld t!|oak shoot Te " "Auld Robin Uray." The prrtoi uiau< e will conclude with the farce of 1 tooth AT TDK SWAlt Sotic* ?On an-l afv- thin M FaWruarj T-. lb? -loora will open at hjtlf pant mi. and ihf r-irUIn will rtaa at bai past aaven o'ckx'k. Laura krknk s nkw thkatrk am broadway. 1HK PUBLIC VOICK PhmANIM IT. MOPDAT Krnmau. K?? I14M. wlU h>" iirratntad tin- milling lour an 4r?iua of tiik <y>uki>:k or ltomb Danbenton a Magiatraia Mr j mugi Jrriiiti.- l-aaur-i'iaa. Innkaaprr of Llaiiraatnt Mr h-iraatt Jnaapb l.raijrj'ina, hia ?w |u . _ iiulinar an rarapa-l criminal i Puller, a young clttim m Mr u w "- . l lart .InlMurt, garnon of tha auhngr ' ! ladrlraain' Mr 'f-rw* I Ob-ppani a ln>ra? dealer. "Tb? Irrwalatibla'..Mr Whaatlatpb Court in!. "lb- Dandy". mr Imai Pnumard. "The Chickan Mr Paiarn I Jruia. aioillraa' Vila Uura K' <aa J11 !! Lrauraura. rfa-gbUr nf Joaeiib Mra t. H. Jobaafcai To eonr udr wi*h the arrwamlng old fare.- i?f TliK VILLA).fc LkWYP.R Proul Mr Ji-dcraiiii | BnarL.ii Mr R'irnaM Mi- i-plan- Mr Pi-lara - Ka'i- Mlaa Sallla il-abop Mat I'llLLV M V KM IA LI. wUl mta? bar Ural appraraaa* In a fen ilaja pr? >ra opanalfV. 10 onmtnenra at 7X prnclaaly. AVKRH \S MUSK V Kli-gan' a'.iranirr an-1 appropriate eelrbralton nf iha anmvkksakv or Wa*hin!iton * hirthpat. Iliclu ling a (irAND AI.i.k<hlri('Ali taht.KAU, In wbirh Via II A Rl.KB HOWARD Iha iJODDEM Of I.IUICBTf Mill alng Ihr national KiHlirninf TIlK STAR SPAMOI.KD HANKKR, aaala'ad lijr Ilia rnllrn t-runt/anr POMTIVKLY VrKT LAST WKKK r-f hi- by Mr II. Walkinaur COMB S graat I.kdUEl atory'af THK I'TONKPR PATRIOT. KVVRY KVBMl.MO latTn'cloclp TH1B WKKK. .uoti.-ar tja. -r nBurra#i ?, rn r pii , anu Vi'NPAV and H atVkPAY abtkknoofm al IS' onaldvrly Ihr fry laat r? r rrnrotatlr n of Hit trnrrl.-un play, by All Awrir<n a itbor wrlltrn to lllti?tr?tr thr "Tim** thrt tnrd Bfii'i HiuU,' tbr iurmrd inarlly ?uccraaful ri?<NICKK I'AThptT, (m Tnr Vain or tii* W >n Pant. Mr* ( IIAIUn MoWaK I' *? I*sbr, Mr H W tTk IMA ? th? Nr*ro .'oak*. Tbr re*' rf 'lir rh.rartrr* by tbr rrat ' I 'hr ' HB|'?oy A ft' r whnh. on y?n<t*y aflrrtoun *od rnuln* In honor of Wubuiaton'* Itlr h i*;. A blUNI) Af.T.ROORTi'AI. TABI.KAU, ?rran*r1 ritrrMly fir h* orr**lon hjr Mr. M W dkina to hi f *K rflAKl.M IIOW tRP a* tbr OoddrMf* tdtrrtf, will il??unl tbr (tlorii.'i* Natlowal Antbrm of TII K AT A It HP* Mil.(CP MAN N PH. a lord b? Ibr wliolr company Turwny ftrrno'in *t A o'el ?rk ftn*l prrf"rm?n*r of thw trurbir* r"ndrn*atlnn of "Pnrlr Tom fiM#." pirparrd r?pfraaly for tbr Howard'y, rotlllrd Till? PKaTII OP k\A >? I Itflr t 01.trill. Howard. Ht I'l.'r, Mr. DC. Howard; Toy*. Mr? ?? C Howard. Aftrr whlrh a Ibot b\ Mllr Kaiimr, and lb* romwdlma of CaTi'IIIM'* *M IIR1RKSK |>rr?rntrt| by Ihr company. Anothrr I.RP >K* htory I* uma'lfd Mr* Mouth* rtb * **tonl*hin* popular ry TP* MRIPR OP AN KVKNINH. now brtn* put. I tabr*t In ihr Nrw York l.rd*rr, I* In Ihr rourar of rapid IrarnaliraMon for tb'a rwiahll-hmrn'. a* II apprar* In ihr ro Minn* at lh.- 1'itir i*l alludrd W>. a* Ihr Nrw York l.rd*rr farm* it* ASni"*) wrrkiy anbw-lbrra wub only *ork |if,. h.?t< ri. a ao may ho prrn?rd by famlllraof Irrrproarhahlr moral rlrwa, *no thr utinoat lirlioai y of taato, tbr m.nacarot of tbr Mir arum nnnonnrra with rmlnrni aall?fa?-tbiti that tnfu'urrall hr |,r(1*rr atortra whlrh may hr anaorptlhlr of rtrb aranlr ItInatratlon will br btntifhi out In thr l^rturr Room of tht* r? tabliahnont, In tho moat florid atylr of oawanmmatr art Immrdlairly on thr romplrtnm of ihrlr puhlwaiioti thr *rao4 Aquarium at thl* Muarnm la larfrr than that In Iriadoa. It ront f 10.1*4), ami rmhrarra I jTatlnrt 1Mb* tlah and plant*. In rry?tal pond* JMI fr?t Ion* whri# tbr w?trr la nrrrr ehar.trd. Anton* tbr rontrntaof thrar Aquaria may now bo foi.nd Iwoof ihr moat prrfr* I and hranlllul aprrlmrn* of tho y<r.opbyir*. or bra ABrmopr*. rrrr wlinra?r I aUv*. Thwy arr tbr Hunodr* I'raaah ornla. thr onr of a drliratr pink a*4 throlhrra purr whitr In bur, and with ihrir rrrr ahlfiin* fntwa and unqulrt frntarulir. prr*rni an r?qtil?iir ptrturwar oa? Of m>i'.rr *r? *lr?' marvrla A fnll Irar'h wai tlr irw at .1 P I^NNin.tY, ihr *r*nd I'anopttmn Kludto, Ihr Tlappy l airllr. l^rln* Arrpri I. Ar , lo br arro aa uaual. A lmndiw B n oil rluldrra under lao, 13 rent* BRTANW MINSTRKT.H. Mribantri' IItil 171 Hroadway, aharr Oraari utreit. Monfay Fv rnln* Pel ? UWA-ORAND OAI.A NlUltT. Anniyrraary o( lb* Birthday of WARRINGTON, ?h?n will hij>re??ntad th? mmi attratrtlre Wll of tbi mint, New Honft. I'tnrfi, Ho In* HnrloWfiii, Plantation Daaon^ t < omlcilltW, tkr. TJIF. nRKAM OF SROTRL RT-NTRNRH AT PBAI.ON-R, Introducing JKRHV toil PA * HRY t RT In prominent narta. Pom a open it 6, Iocnmn??*noi?t T'mO'elorh. Ticket* WcaaMi Fatarday?Pirit Annual BINIFIT w? PAN BRYANT. Fortf.R'r nrw rational thratrr. riTTPBrRa*. Thli mtgntflieni ?tr*i1?ri, now in coiuwe of ir-itlaa, will wken completed h? one of the >?! ?l-?Vit tad mini , dk?i* in ihi V'nlon, eapahln of holding thai perwme, tod wfll open for t?<- ?i?u on or about the lit of April natt Mm will he treated with on the moat liberal crnt. Mrnhun R Uti profaaaioa I tiring engagements will please apply to f, 0. roHTKR. Manegtr. PlUabtirgh. P?. | LOFTON'S OTFR A HnrsR. T.ATR RATIONAL I tit (TO. I Thta popular troupe, hartn* arrtTed lr<>m their Southern tour, will open for abort acaton nt the National (Tirana No. H4 Ho Wiry, on Monday ne*t, P#h. 22 (eivera of fun will do Will to patron I re them. Kitra pcrfornianoi on Sunday erew Ing. Rrtrrfid watt, 25 centa, Bod in, 13 rant*. Applpiii concrrt and fntfrtainmrnt BAMt ?Rligantlj fitted up, and in rywry way a eoltaMe re?w4 for gentlemen of taatr Performancea rary eona'antlr Arof all kind* ar? inrlted lo make appllratlon ai kalf paai 4 o'clock. ACAPNWT or WT7ST0 TO LIT-fOB TN? RYRNIMW or during lha day time for belle, Irrinrwa <w mmwfl* nnlll Monday Feb 4 Whin tb? Opara Oompeay w?i| rwawMM to New Tor< for th- aprtng aeeaou Apply m *r TTTNISON. lata lonr, tradany of kwbv Bait rwoaenth atreet. fPHF fit 'NF.BF ROOMS TO 1JCT-WITHOUT RNFM * rcnce in pine* or religion. vj oe ?.* , lorJt-rtnrea, eotccrta, public meeiin?*. ? ?? bit* 4c Their room* are oa he lirat and ?e. ond fiooe* of NAmmI Ml llroadway, between the ft Nlcbolaa aid Men j. poji on Hole!* arc rarh lit/eel by and will *cc mm tnie i rpo pcopla. The lower room t? fnratahed With netieea, ttagr *ccnc-y. 4r , and ha* been oernpled by.the mo*' pnfi?lar I'llitbii naa. and br de#u,HW*ti.- ?ht< and republic ? mretm** f'cr term*, he . apply to CO&T HtT ca ? IfVflliMI