Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 26, 1858, Page 6

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 26, 1858 Page 6
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WTTATKW8 WAinUklVMAUCS. WV*AVS^*AWA^A^>VNAWVAvwwvvvvww^A?' 4 situation wanted?by a MfDDLE aoed pee A son, u> Jo the work of a imftll family, baa bo objection (D the country. Oivxl elty reference can be given. rleaae all or address 1W 86th it., bekwven lit an 1 Id avenues. A lady or irccn eypeeience in teachino the English branches. with French and music would wish to Mam a aliuatk>n as aoverasse. is a school or ufivate I am U V. Wo objectl in to the Southern States or Cuba. UnexeeptlonaMe references given, Address A. b. C., Dnion square Pont smce A N EXPERIENCED PROTESTANT NURSE WOULD jn like la set a situation aa monthly nurse, or would lake harsr of an Invalid, can glen the eery boat city reference. Gsn be xeen for one week at M6 Cannon st, or any letters addressed Nurse, would be promptly attended to. * SITUATION WANTKD-BY A RESPECT A RI.E PROn trstant woman, as first class laundress; can do Prenoh Bviin. f. ba? lived in the beitof families. Can be seen for two days at No. 1 Attorney St., between Grand and Division its. A RESPECTABLE GIRL WTSHES A SITUATION AR rkamber or children'! mud or would do general homework (or a Rma.l family. Hood eliy reference given. Can be era for two aays ai >47 Bleecker at, corner of Charles. A FRENCH LADT WISHES T?? OBTAIN THE CHARGE rt of a Clonk and mantilla warehouse. 8he has had the 1 eharge of one ol the beat homes la this city. Hhe will give the i beet references. Inquire at No. 253 Church at., two doors Avm Canal sL I A SITUATION WANTED?BY AYOrN3WOMAN, AR i plain cook, washer and lroner in a smalt private fami*r. Call for three daps at the harness maker's, 3J| Atlantic at, Sjuth Brooklyn. Hood city reference given. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A YOUNQ WOMAN, AS A cook, washer and lroner, or to do general housework, eod city reference. Please call at US Court at, Brooklyn, third floor, front room. A SEAMSTRESS -A VERY COMPETENT YOCNU WOJBl man dealrea a situation as seamstress. Can be seen at her present employer's, 53 Irving place. A RESPECTABLE GIRL WISHER A SITUATION AH eook; has no objection to do general housework. Apply ad 118 East Warren sc, Brooklyn, up stairs. Good elty reference given. A RESPECTABLE YOUNG GIRL WISHER A 8ITUAXL Hon aa aeamatrees: hits always worked at the dress and alsnkmaklng: has no objection to travel. Reference given If Eulred Call at 219 Sullivan St., between .Bleacker and dly, for two days. A YOUNG WOMAN WIHHE8 A SITUATION AS CHAM hernialil and waiter, or chambermaid and to lake care of ahiklren Can be seen for two days at 222 West 3A1 at. Good ally reference. A WOMAN WHO UNDERSTANDS HER BUSINESS ^ well wishes a altuallon as cook in a private family or haseL Call for two days at 98 West lflth at A SITUATION WANTED?BY A YOUNG WOMAN, AR cook, washer and lroner In a email family, or as nurse and seamstress, good city reference. Call at 3U41st a*., between 13th and 15th ata. A RESPECT ABLE YOUNG WOMAN WISHES A HITUAttcn, la a teat plain aewer; can take care of a baby; goed relerence. Call for two days at 214 West J6tb si., in the rear. A SITUATION W ANTED?BY A YOUNG WOMAN, AR JM oook, or to do general housework m a small family. Call at 105 Suffolk st. In the rear. A PERSON PROM PARIS WISHES TO OBTAIN work, by the day or week, in some private families, as dressmaker or seamstress. Address Mime, Union square foal office. A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN WISHES A 8ITUAuon as chambermaid sod nurse and to assist tn the washing and Ironing, or would do the general housework of a ? r"private tamuy. Can give four years city relereuce frem one place. Can be seen lor two days at 104 Henry St., Brooklyn. A woman, as chambermaid and to do tine washing and I mania g. Is an excellent waiter and has good city reference. All at 101 2Mb street, between Lexington and 3d ave., In the beoh stole. A SMART, RESPECTABLE WOMAN WANTS TO OO Jx with a lady or family to California. Address E. McLean, Herald otLce, tor two days. A SITUATION WANTED-BT A RESPECTABLE young woman as cook and to assist In the washing and Ironing, lias tne best of city reference. Please can at 76 West 24 Lb St., hrst tloor, fiont room. A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN WISHES ASITUAtkm as chambermaid and seamstress or as nurse and es in stress, good city reference. Please call for two days at 79 West 2btn at., between 6th and ;th avs. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE WO man, as good cook, understands baking In all ,ta branches, is a good washer and ironer; no objections to the soiuitry Goed city references Please call at No. ill West J6>h st., between Mo and tith avenues. . A SnUATION WANTED-BY A YOCNG WOMAN, AN f\ chambermaid and waiter In a boarding heuse. tiood any relerencea. Call at 62 aveuue B, second hour, front reom. A RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT GIRL WANTS A situation to do general housework or take care of children, or to travel with a lady or family. Good reference. Please oall for lwo days at 111 Weal 2hth an, between 6th and 7th ava, ttrst tloor, back room. 4 SITUATION WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE GIRL, Xk. to do the general houaework of a ?mall private family. Can give good city reference. Can be seen lor two days at khl West 26th si. A GERMAN YOUNG WOMAN WISHES A SITUATION, as good plain rook, washer and ironer. Has lived three rears in one family. Best of city relerehce. Can be seen lor two days at 76 3Mb st.. second Boor. ARK8PRCT A RLE GIRL WANTS A SITUATION AH chambermaid and waitress has good city reference; no objection to go s short distance In We country. Pleaee apply Ihla week at114 Troy st. 4 RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT GIRL WISHES A ne~Ddauooa. Pieaae call at J1 Mulberry at! fur Francea Mhctla. Gentlemen's washing and ironing done in the teat manner at 140 Foray th at., eecond boor. ?????? ?entlkmknh washing and ironing done bt an American woman In the beat manner at 141 Weal tbatreet- Meat of reference given. j Situation wanted?BY a respectable tot'no i woman, aa rood plain cook, (owl wuhrr and tronar. baa i>u objection to du bouaework in a private family. Heat of any releraocr (Iran Call at 1U Ttilary at-, corner of Bridge at, Brooklyn. Situation wkntkd?by a highly RBSPEtTAble Welcb woman, to watt on a lady . can cut and make 6reaa<ta or would do .ham ber work, ta willing to make beraelf uartul. underatanda cuoktus and makini: paau y ta capab.e of taking charge of a bouae for a amall family. Haa the boat of rtty reference Addreaa, tor one week, ,ti W. 11., Madlaou square Poet office. flTWO FIRST CLASS FRENCH COOKS WANT HITCAX uone, ala>> a Scotch ProWataot cook, wttk the beat rele genera Can beaecu el lh 4th a? , for two day a. A ? WANTED?A SITUATION BY A RKSPtt TABLE AND (enteel Scout gtr^lSier aa chambermaid .r nurae; kte-r of which aituailonam< M quite capable of tiling, aa Ui which abe will give guud referencea. Addreee Je?ie, H-raid anted?a situation. bt a rkspeltablr Kngllab gtrl. aa nurae or chambermaid, or can do plant Sewing Haualactury reference. Can be eeen until eugaired. ddreea I. 8 ,11X1 >1 avenue, between 14lh and lgth eta . in the trimming ?u re tenanted-a woman with a reesh breast of Yf milk la dealroua of otaalntng a aituatioo aa wet nurae. Good reference. Appty at Suo lath at, between 9th and 10th area , for one weak. Tl'ANTED-A SITUATION BT A RESPECTABLE TV young woman, aa cwok, wasber and tronar Beat of reference given. Can be aeen for three ilaya at IN) Kaat Li'-b at., eorner of let ae. T1'?NTKD-HV A RKNPUTTABIJC TOl'NU WOMAN. A Ye alt mttun aa ctiamUermaid and plain aewer, la a neat newer Haa b?el ctty reference Applyiat 144 Slat at . between id and hi aeenuea, top floor, front room, for two daye. "YjLrANTED?BY A STKADT. RESPEfTABI.E YOUNG Ye woman a ailuation. to do general houaework tn a amall private family. la a fowl cook ami a gwel waaber and Ironer, can bring the beat ofclty reference. Apply at 14 Midfeet, near Grand. Tlf ANTED-A SITUATION, AS WITT NURSE. BY A YY healthy young woman with a lre?b bream of milk baa no objection to travel. Inquire for two daya at V, Kaat SMh at. third tlwr. back room -|1' AFTKD BY A VOCFO UIRU A SITUATION TO DO TT up atalm work and plain rawing, m to ?l? sare of children. fall at 222 Bridge at, Brooklyn Oral Itoor. hark rv<m HY AFTKD?A NTTfATION, BY A RKFPRCTABI.I TT ProiMtarr rlrl aa wtmsma ran rut an 1 11 -r ? * rUmb' r?ork and Krai riyr rrfaraocr gieen. Rleaee call at 44? 6tk a* , corner of T th at TITANTKIt-BY A RR??PTCTABt.R YOCFO OIBI. A TT alt nation a* rham' rrmatd and waller, or aa lanndreaa, la a Mleala family baa ItTed three jrara la her Uat place Baa tie beat of reference Pleaae call at ISO fMeord street, Brooklyn. after 1? o'llaak. Tl'-AKTItn-A fTTPATtOW, FT A RKNPR7TAHMt TT young woman, la a (nod plain oook and aioellent Traaher and Iranrr, beat of city reference, ia willing and obliging fall lor two day* at 24V Wrat 2Mb at, bet warn ftk andUtlfi area., front tiaectnem. WAJfTRD-A RITrATTON FY A RRFPROTABLB young woman an flrat claaa lanndreaa can do f renrb fluting. Haa the beat of ettj referencea. fan be seen for two dmff at 1>0 ?tb at , near Mb are. W AFTKD?A FTTTATIOF, BT A VKRT RKFPTCTA. blr young girl, aged IS yean aa waltreaa la eiaerlpored. would hare no objection to aewlng or rtnbroliery. <)aa ba aeen for two daya at If Colon ajnare WAFTED-A BITIATIOF. BY a RRf!PICCTABt.,K I young girl, aa aurae and aeaaetreaa. can cut and lit for children Would go * dlataorc In the country. Call for two daya at S4 Raaej at. In tie baaemi nt. Haa good eity eference WAJfTKtt?A FfTCATIOB, AF fXJOK, BT A RKNPRCTable I'roteatant girl Nhe la a Aral rale war her r Mr Bd baker llae no objection to tBa country fan glre the boat <<f olty reference for the laal llee yeara. country retereo- , oeaalao. Call at W1 Amity at. corner of 6th are. JKJ A NTT It-A FTTQATIOR, BT A RKHPTCWABI.R PRO TT leatant widow, aa nurue and aeamairem uould trare with a fam Iy to Kumpe. California and Australia, or Uk? charge of an invalid. i an be aeen at aO Cathanneat, Ml the waek U,rAFTtn-BT A RMPRt TABI.T HARRIKIt WOMAN TT a child to wet Iilr family uimiwwiwm 1*rrr *mfnt-WAJtritn, a HrnATtoi* ah wkt TT B?n?. by A rupwAMf yiin* wman wUh a tr-*> *>r?%jrt of Bilk. infant d)H two < rk? a?<>. hnaband not at h?B?, Apply at ? Paarl at. for two rtaya 11'AHTRr?-BV A HWTICtTABf.* OTRI., A HtTt'A TT lion aa rhlWa maid or to do f?a*ral boaarwjrlt in a Ball I amlly Apply at 103 J ay at AHTIW-A HTTTATIOK, BT AI? HWOMW? W0*A1?, a* ami In a prlvatn family, ah# ia a *<*?l ?ink and a?T) y ?1 tak-r, anil a m^at #?r#ll#nt waahar and Iron'-r BartlMkNt my rrfaraar# for hoi- -ty and anhriaty. fan t'a-'i, at w Mth - H-atk 4*f arat ci f>ta ar;aur m iV ' AaaamtiH \ * , i y] S1TCATIOMM WAltTKD-FKMAL^g. jijfTKD?A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE steady voting girl. in a small private family, to do chamber work and assist In the washing and ironiug. or to do general housework. Beat of city reference. CeU at 183 Varick at, second Boor, front room, for two days. Wanted?a situation, by a respectable young woman, to do general housework in a small private family, la a plain oook, washer and trouer. Call at 137 East 21at at WANTED-BY AN AMERICAN PROTESTANT girl, a situation to attend an Intant or to do chamberwork and plain sewing. Inquire at 132 West 16th at., second door, back room, for two daya. Has no objection to go in the country. WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE MARRIED woman, with a fresh breaat of milk, a baby to wet nurse at her own house. Call for two daya at 77 Broome at., second floor, front room, for Mr*. Clark. WANTED?BY A RKBPKCTARLR ENGLISH PROTESTant girl, a situation aa ckild a nurse and seamstress, or to wait on a lady; la a good hand at making up tine things. Good city refarenoea given, Call tor two days at her pieseut situation, 199 Weat 31at at. _______ XT! AJiTED-BY A RESPECTABLE GERMAN GIRL, A ft situation as cook, or chambermaid and nurse, in an American family. Good reference given. Call for two days at 180 West 38th at., between 8th ana 9ih set. WANTED-BY A GOOD GIRL, A SITUATION IN A email family, as chambermaid and waiter; imderatands her buelneaa thoroughly, and can be highly recommended by her present employer, a) 104 Ka?t 32-1 at. WANTKD-A SITUATION, BY A YOUNG WOMAN, AS tiral rate cook, la an excellent waaher and Ironer, and can do ginera) housework. Good reference given. Apply for two days at 162 Sullivan at. WET XUKSE.-WANTED, BY A RESPECTABLE married woman, with a lull breast of milk, a baby to wet nurse at her own reaideme, having loot her own. Good rare will be taken. Call for three days at No. 6 Ainity at, third floor, rear house. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY AN EXCELLENT young woman, as nurse and plain seamstress, or to do housework tn a small family. Is a good washer and Ironer, attached u> children, will be found of a kind dispiaiuon and an aciiniaii on to any family where nearness, experience and respectfulness are required. Moderate wages. Uan be seen at AO 7th ST.. near Sdth at. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE young wnmao, in a private family, is a good cook and willing to asalal with the waahing. The beat of city reference can be given from her last place. Please call at 1H8 13th St., between Island 3d avs., for two days. Young girl wants a situation, in a respectable private family, as ehambtrmaid aid waitress, can do plain sewing; good city reference given if required. Call at 183 7th av., near 23d at. situations wasted?male8. A situation wanted?as wrapper whiter in a newspaper or peri-idical ofllce, by a roung inau of steady. Industrious habile; has had considerable experience at the business, sad has no objection to make himself generally useful. Best city references given. Address 1). m. U., box 108 Herald office. Attorneys.?the advertiser, who is thirty years of age, has received a liberal education, speaks fluently, writes a good law hand, and has had twelve years experience tn tbe profession, requires an engagement as clerk. si s salary of flO per week. Address Newman Noggs, Herald ofliee. a SITUATION WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE XX. young man-led man. as porter in tome cry good* or grocery store, or any other store In the city wishing to employ him, Is well acquainted with the care and driving of horses, has lived the last three years la one place. I'an have any re ference required or secmrity. Call at or address 211* West 3D in St., between tub and 10th avenues, room 12, until suited. Barkekfkr'8 situation wanted-by a competent young man, who lias bad several years' experience. Can give saualactorv relerence as regards capability, character, Ac. A note addressed to K 0., box 145 Herald olllce, will meet with prompt attention. I AM AN AMERICAN, AND WOULD LIKE WORK IN any wholesale business. I am nineteen years of age, and not afraid of work. Address A. H. G., Herald office. The advertiser, a touno man, speakino English, French and Oerman. wishes to obtain a situation rlther as assis'aut bookkeeper. clerK or porter In any establishment. either here or In any of the neighboring clues. He Is a first rate clerk, writes a beautllul and fast hand, bus had several years experience in business generally, and la quick and correct at receiving and discharging cargo. Keferentes furnished. Salary no object at present. Address E. G. H., care of t. C. Uodlrey, Ml Broadway. TO LAWYERS?WANTED. by A YOUNG MAN. A situation in a law allice, to take partial charge of the office business and make himself generally useful. Is a Commit sinner of Deeds. Address A. B . box I5t Herald office. Wanted?a situation as bookkeeper or a* sistatit. by an American young man, bsa had two yeara' experience, ta willing to moke himself generally useful, and wouM engage for a small salary. Relers to last employer; also has good city reference. Address K. O. K., box 111 Herald office. WANTED?BY A YOUNG man, WHs* HAS HAD TWO years' experience In the grocery business, a similar situation. Writes a good band, and is quick and OOfiesI at figures Best of r'ference from last employer. Please address K. K . Ilcrsld office, to-day. TIT ANTED?A SITUATION AS COACHMAN, HY A TV single young man. who understands his b'woneas in all lis branches, la willing to make himself generally useful, no objec'icn to city or country. Satisfactory reference. Address T. C., box 10b Herald office, lor two days. WANTF.D?A SITUATION AS BOOKKEEPER OR correspondent, or both, by a young man who boa had several years experience, and who is perfectly familiar with English, French and Spanish. Bast relerenccs given. Ad dress It, box 1 dM Post office. HELP WAXTKD-MALKS. Distillery.?wanted, a man or oood address and well recommended for Integrity and business ability, to set ss outdoor salesman and office assistant for a large wholesale domestic liquor manufactory Only gen'tine names, giving references, will receive any attention. A tillable person will find a good ItnaUon by addressing Do mesne Liquors. Herald office. Drug clerk wanted-one who is acquaint ed with the city retail and prescription and is obliging, honest, Ac., will apply at the drug store. SUA Third av., between 36th and 36th *ia , before 12 A. M , or after 7 t. M. Elflivin Tt I air.? rr ap I T.IF, a na .t n i , ilt.uir. j eraon. to >et aa amlatant editor no & commercial O'WI. paper nor thai urnlrrnudi mnoey matter* and manufac turea prefeired. Addreaa Publlaber, boi 143 Herald oOi -Groom?wanted, a sinule man. must drive weil and tb. r."ig hly understand the rare of horeea. earrlajrea and ha'neea. Oood referencea required aa to hnriegty. capability and aobrtety. Ux-aUon fifteen mile# from the city. Wages flo per month, with board. Apply at 119 Pi ret atreeu OYSTS.RM AN WANTRD-AT NO. ? RROADW AT, THIS day. Call between 9 and 10 o'clock A. M. KETAIL DRY GOOD* SALESMAN WANTED?WANT ed. ti gob) t'harleaPni. H. (J , a firm r.laaa retail dry goode aalraman, At to yam ef age. be moat be a general band and fully competent to lahe cnarge of a flrat claaa dreaagoojg stock, uD'ieraUndlng atlka. Ac alan a good accoanuanl, tem perate and very Industrious. unquestionable reference* from present or former employ era necessary Scotch. French r irisf. preferred. Adareaa for two days Merrbant, boa ilj Herald offllce. Salesman wanted-bt a first clam iiontn. one who ran . mmand a large trade m tea, oflce an I aplrea amoug the retail grorere of thla ctty or Brooklyn Ad ilreen, with particular* and reference*. H. (>., bog 377 Font olca WANTED AN ACTIVE MAN. TO BNQAOK IN A lurratire employment. Tbe right kind of a pereoo ran at leant per week, without Making a atngle real. Tbe buatneae la new. and a mooop'.ly of the entire ctty and Mate. Inquire at 3Sg Broadway room IS. WANTED?A PERSON WHO IS FULLY COMPETENT I lo taka charge of the aalna department of a aponu an ! fork establishment. One who haa a practical anowledge of the bustnea* will only anawer. The articles are manufacture! from entirely new metala Addreaa H. U. A ' o.. boi 4,534 Pont office. TA7ANTED-A OOOD SALESMAN IN A WHf>LES ALE YY imparting bouse of flowers and that la well acquainted with the trade and baa a good connection amonget the millinery jobbing bouaee. Oood n f-r?n * re. qnued Address S. T . boa 5.113 fnut oWee, and mate .aat si tuatton. TETANTED?A TOUNO MAN, AN AMERICAN. WHO TT -MU, come wall rarutr.i.ended for b'.i ? . and aobrieiy I U> attend a | rlTtu bar. Address K. R . Madison ?| .*r? Post o?a. 1irANTRI>-AN ACTIYK TOCNti MAM. WITH (WOD TT rerommeivdaUon*. lo settle npaMof booka. Apply at Hud Broadway. TfANTED-A BOY TO Of KM OTRTKRS AMD WORK TT in a saloon. Applyat llRNNKTT'N, 83SU ava , with refsreacee. ll'AMTltn -A TOCM.i MAN Of LABOR RRPfRIRNrR TT tp (arming. la tat y arrived frara Rnglan 1 ladealrwo* o obtaining a situation aa ate ward or aoTe manager of a farm In at y part of the Cnl tad Wain Addreaa W Mflor?M? Howl. Broadway, Now York YVANTMO?TOR PHoTOORAPHR-A OMRWAN OPR TT rat or of ambrotypea waala a MtuaUoa In a gallery. Adilraaa P.. boa M Herald ofllcc. f WANTrn-AN AorwT AOQrAiimtn with thr ramiafc bnalnaaa. wbo baa been In the habit of travelIln. rneietptlonabie referen<-aa required. Apply by letter addreaaed N. O.. Herald o?re WANTED A TOCMO MAN AR CLERK IN A HOTM1., be moat ba of good .idrew and underatand the bnal' neaa of the <Mee. Addreaa V. R.7>lerald oflce. TL'-ANTKn-A TOt'NO MAN WHO HAM MO TO LOAM tt on good aer orlty, to take charge of an oyster saloon up V *n. alan two young ladle* to lend bar Addreaa. with real name and residence. M. M.. boi Ml Herald nffloe. WANTED-AN ACT1VM MAN TO ACT AN AflKNT. and travel Weal with the advertiaer. tme having mm or $400 to In real would be preferred, and would reoeire a notary In proportion Referenda* einhenged. Rerurlty given, for particular* call dt Id Rerkman at rom No. A "\JLrANTKD?A TOI'TO MAN TO TRAVEL with a TT doctor to Rortme, I entry clerk* 2 cl*rh* for dry good* and grocery more#, 2 salesmen J p'irtera. I barkeeper. 4 men for railroad* 2 firemen, a man to drive an eipreaa wagon, and S girl* to travel. Apply to UII.I.KN A DO., 6 Raat Broad way. T*rAMTKIV-A pMART ACTIVE MAN AS PORTRR IN TT a whotaasfe jobbing hoo*e One who I* n vt afraid of work will find oonaiant employment. Apply at IM f niton *t, Brooklyn. In the bniemanl. W~ ANTKD-A TOt'M'i MAN IN A ORtw RRY ANT) provision store One weil acpisinted with 'be bu?l ne** mvy apply ko E A A Martin, "S <'ath*riti* m , cirner of Msmllton. grRKNtVI ADVICHTIREMKTM. trim DAMB I)K FARIB PEHTUKTROI VRR PRA rot R i m4r dAtii plu???iirA prUt-PA r<?m? rou'nrl?r*. oonn*lt ?o p.-n??"A1 t/inf !pao<irrA*?? d Aiff<>tll?A B'a drp?A?* k Mfrme, WroAdWAjr Fr?< nmLiakmc wntBu. Fi<A*n!<*? aro nrnrmi <ar ?btai{? f.* fit.f.rt ?r?*nt? lOimrdtAtclr, At ? ! < " Ail. *' th?? n?w nod Horn*. 1* ll'h ?. AoniAr if <bh ataBm?. Th ? ^ii?nAt*> k xn* h*? AbAnrlAnr* ( <Rrt), c?t %{>. I fc<- V (.vbductBd bf A revpAciaOM AaeflcAb lAdj. EW YORK HERALD, FR1I HELP WANTED?FEMALES. A NUMBER OF RESPECTABLE WOMEN WANTED A. dally in good situations now ressly, at good wmm, wat to cook, wash, Iron, chambermaids, inmrri Ac. N. B. Respectable girls can obtain lodgings and borne bare. Inquire at the Institute and Horns, 138 Elereulh street, corner Sixth avenue. A YOUNG MARRIED LADY, RESIDING IN TWENTYOral at., would lute an agreeable young lady an companion and e?ametres*. Buck a* would appreciate a good borne may address, with reference, Companion, Union square Pool office. COOK WANTED?MUST ALSO BE A GOOD WASHER and troner; none but those capable and coming wall re couiuiruueu uccu uciwoeo V aou u a, a., * lit Clinton at, between Amity end Pacific, Brooklyn. WANTED-TWELVE FIRST CLASS MILLINERS, TO co to the eity of Springfield, , steady employment and fair salaries ensured. Also, one who ia capable of conducting an extensive millinery department, to whom a lair alary will be given. Addreea K<fw. Malley, No. 7 Stale at, Springfield, Mass. WANTED?A FIRRT CLASS MILLINER, FOR PROTIdcnce. R. I ; one that Is competent as saleswoman and trimmer. The lady must be intelligent and of fine personal appearance. - Apply at 76 Chambers st., op stairs, for three days. L. D. NEW ELL. WANTED-A FRENCH GIRL. TO DO CHAMBERwork and take care of a child four years old. Noue but French need apply, between the hours of ID and 12, at 38 West 12th aU fXTANTED? A COOK, AND A BOT 16 OR 18 YEARS OF fy age. Apply at 46 5th avenue. AN-AD-A GOOD ENOUSH COOK. APPLY FOR two days at 64 East 16th st. WANTED?A FIRST CLASS SEAMSTRESS. MU8T BR well recommended for character and capacity. German preferred. Apply at 22 First place, Brooklyn. nrANTED?A WOMAN TO DO GENERAL HOUSBf 7 work; a good plain cook and first rate washer and trailer; good recommendations (required. Also, a girl to lake eliarge of children and do light chamber work. Oallat 69 West 12th st. ( WET NURSE WANTED.?A*YOUNG AMERICAN, OERman, Scotch or English wet nurse, with a frssh brtast of milk, is wanted in a gentleman's family, on the Hudson, one hour's ride from the eity. One who is intelligent, tidy, Ac., and will mako herself generally useful, will nnd an excellent home and good pay. Apply personally at 546 Broadway, up stairs, between 1 and 3 o clock P. M., ior two days. WANTED?AN ENUL1SH OIRL, AS BABY'S NURSE, one that can do plain sewing; she must he a Catholic. Apply between 12 ami 1 o'clock, at 44 West 19th st. WANTED?A TIDYYOUNO OIRL, FROM THIRTEEN to sixteen years of age. to lake care of children and assist in general housework. None need apply but smh as are well recommended. Apply at 12 Butler si., near Court, South Brooklyn. Wanted?a smart, active girl, as waiter In a private family. Good recommendations in thlH capacity required. Apply, from 9 till 12 o'clock A. M., at 22 Remaen St., Brooklyn Heights. WANTED-A F1R8T RATE COOK, ALSO A YOUNO man to do general work and wait at table. Apply, with recommendations, at 128 2d av., corner St. Mark's place. WANTED-AN EXPERIENCED NURSE, A PROteatanl preferred, to lake the entire charge ol an infant a month old. None need apply without good testimonials for capability and experience. Apply at 3U West 11th St., beta et-n Broadway and University place. WANTED?A FIRST RATE MILLINER, TO GO IN THE country. None but those competent to take the charge of a shop need apply to Worlblnglou A Smith, 114 Chamoers street. "YVTANTKD?A WOMAN TO DO THE GENERAL HOUSEvi work of a small family consisting of two persons and a rhiM thirt*6*ri moniim old must b?? a irood nlAin ftsnk WRHhor and iruner. Oik wishing a peimanool situation preferred. Moderate wage*. Apply from 11 to 6 o'clock at 496 l'acllo at., Brooklyn. \rTANTED?A GENERAL KKRVANT, WHO IS A GOOD ff plain cook ami excellent washer. ami not atranl of work, in a private lamilj. Apply at 115 4it) at., between V\ art loth and Charles sta. WANTED.-A WIDOWER, WITHOUT CHILDREN, honorable, Intelligent and refined, desires to secure the services of a young lady, of like nullifications, as house keeper. References exchanged. Address Housekeeper, box 114 Herald offio*. WANTED-A GOOD AND WILLING GIRL FOR GENE ral housework; must be either English American or German, and understand well her duties. Call at 216 Little Montgomery sc, Jersey City. WANTED?AN INTELLIGENT LADY, or GENTEEL appearance, for a very desirable occupation of respectability and profit. The best of references absolutely necessary Inquire at the office of the New Illustrated Ladles Journal of 1 saloon. 5J6 Broadway, room lb WANTED-A GIRL TO TRAVEL WITH A LADY TO Europe; one who would like to return to England or Ire land, none others need apply. The best of relercucc required. inquire at 4D Clinton place. TVT ANTED?A NURSE, COOK, CHAMBERMAID. TT waitress, seamstress snd laundress, also a girl 14 to 16 years of age. Good wages given to either colored or white. Apply at No. 7 Uth it,, several doors west of Broadway. T1TANTED-A GIRL, WHO THOROUGHLY UNDERV? stands waiting. English or German preferred. Good reference required from her last place. Apply at 30 West list St. WASTED? a YOl'ng LADY to attend A saloon. Y? Apply, after IUo Clock a. M., to Mrs. Lease, 6b LiepeUard SC WANTED?A KMART YOl'NG LADY TO ATTEND IN a saloon. Apply to Mr. iiardy, Ui Centre si., up stairs, nest to Odd Fellows' llall. TIT-ANTED-A CLEAN, KMART PROTEKTANT WOMAN, TT to asalst In a famny whese business Is principally baking, no objection to colored or white. One who la not alaald to work can find a g'tod place. Wages liberal. In TV-JkUTED-A GOOD WAR1IKR AND IRONER AND TT plain rook: one who can .one well recommended can apply at 133 Madison street. THE TRADKS^ GTrdinkrr situation wanted-by a fully competent d?d, of lon( experience in this country, can give the first reference* as to ability, sobriety and honesty. Advertiser has a email family, and would wish to get a permanent miuauon. Address, fur one week, John White, Kionvilir l'ost office, New Jersey r WATCHMAKER* -A SITUATION WANTED BY A young man whs would like to obtain a llule sore eipe* nenee of the trade, can speak English, Frencfc and German. Best city reference given. Address J. H., 131 Crosby su IT' ANTED?A RITU ATION, TIT A GOOD PRACTICAL TV gardener. who has a general knowledge of h,s btlslnesa. Good reference; lived six years in his last plane. Address Y. IS., IS Johu sL ltrANTKIV?OARDENEg H IITC ATIHM. HT A EINOLE tt man. who is perfaetly u weillolayonthv as to take hold cf an >11 j lace, and understands gardening la all '? t le a as used in this country and In Kurooe. Rest references given. Address Hardener, care of Mr. A. F. kIndberg. Se West SC. N. T. TYTAJCTED-A OARHENRR S ROTATION BY AN KNOTT lisliman. Just arrived he und* rsian?a gardening lo all Its branches lo be arm si Mr Bridgemaoe seed store. N7g Broadway, for two days. "lir ANTED?PAPER BOI MAKERS-TOUR OR KIVK TT girls, wbo are no is .unci to doing nice work, also ait apprentices, must be American, Kagllsh or Herman Pro te sian la n?oe others need apply. Call fur two days, from* to 13 A. M . at 217 t'aaal street, up stairs. WANYKD-A PIRRT RATE WATCHMAKER. TO OO lo Havana Salary Mi a mieik; board and lodging free. Apply to Bens A Khm. IV Maiden lane. TTLr ANTED?A OARDENER RCOTCH OR PKOTHHT ANT TT Herman preferred Mtiif fnlly understand frnll trees; capable of the entire charge of n piar**, srl'hia forty miles of the rliy. No greenhouse Mint he a married man. whose wife can lake charge of a small dairy. Katiafartord references required from last employers. Apply to Mr Mcllvalne. semi slope. No. 7 John st. CORPORATION SOTICKH. CORPORATION DOCK* AND SUPS TO BE LEANED si public suction.?Notice la heresy given thst the several dorks asd slips to the < orporatum of the city of New Turk. wnlab ut to be laared from the flr?i of M*; unit, wUl he leaeed no btir ?t pnbltt auction on Tneoday, Vareh l?. 1MB. at IS tAclork If. at the CM* IUL1. for o l?rn of See yeara, The number and ?-?itnn <>f the pter* and allpato be leaned, and the term* and c indlu<>n> ( rale may be nhaalred. no app .tcaOnn at lb# ' omptmilar a 'Alee, No. 5 Hall o<|R? c>ird? and mop* arhlhlun* tbr Corporation whervae and pierr may b? arm at ibr aamr plane. Ilaparuaeul of rinaoee. New Turk. Feb. ?. 1M8. 1)AMK1. F. TIMMAN. Mayor. A. C. FLAOG. Comptroller. OEO O, BARNARn, Recorder. A. V. BTOl'T. Chamberlain. THOMAH McBPFDON, Ch n Flo. Com H d of Aldermen HKNRT ARCVLARH H. Ch. Fin Own B'dof Councilman, Cuauoiaatnnrm of the Wnkiog Fund. VOTICK -TH* COMMITTFR ON ANRFWMKNTR OF IN the Board of Counrtlm?B will mart no Saturday. STth mat., at I P M.. lo r<? m No t City llaU, to roneidar the petl ttonaofthr fnHnotnar naa>>d perenor who arc mandated tn attend. aa thin trill be tha final tine <>n aald peitUona ? Martin W. Brett, .lohn H. Abee|, uforge WhUtlald, Jonathan Lawrrnee Tbmnaa K Downing, John M. Htxhy. Noah Nor rta, Wm (aidwall, fm. B. lawrmra, Jani lif tman, John P. N'anmlth. Andrew J. PfOr Cooper. Trueteei NV l.uke'l Hoepltai, Trurteaa Ollre Braarh church, Trueteee Advent Miaalon church, prnpany own<r? In Oaaal treec property ownart In Racoon avenue, brtwean Tblrtlath and Thirty third atraata P. CR t WFORP. 1 Committee B. W (I A I.PIN, J OB O. ROM. ) A nan nam an ta VOt,r* -THK romnTTRIt off RAH.ROAON OF TH* AN Board < ( inwirtlmaB will maat In the library room. No. IS City Hall, nn Friday tha inrt , at t P. M . In ralatton to tie mm ofl ntaam on tba Ftxirtb Armor I tall road. 1'arUee In term tad are inrited u> attand. M OII.MARTIN.I H. W. ijf.nFT, Committee J M. CROW. I OB K r<>STm.l/0. RaUronda C. (I CORNBIA J NOTIOR.-THR OOMMITTFR OM OUUNINO RTRFNT*. of tha Board Councilman, will tnaat In tha library room. IS City Hall, on Friday. Kill tnet., at 2 P M.. la relation to coo treating far tha ntraet clean In* of tha etty. Partta* Inter Mad are Invited to attend T. A PCNN, J CommlMpe A. J.licCARTT. J on J. WFBH. ) Cleaning Hirrete. VTOTTCM -THN COMMrTTRF ON RAtLROAPMOF THR i\ It..*rf1 nt AMprm#n wtil inrFatlMiA> th? aiihiftrt In rfIn una in lAa dlnrnnUn mnr? of nvaaai on rinmli aaanna. balnw fifty nindi ntmot. mi *<mday, Uia im of Mark, at 2 o'eloe* P. ii . In rmrni Wo * City Hall. All parttaa ininraatad In U?a ?ama am hnraby nntlfind to ba praaan', wilfcont any f'irtbnr notlaa. JOIIlf (Inr. IOHT, _ H H. HormiKi iiaaitnlitaa THOMAS McHPHIK)1f, on K. II. KURD, RallrnaAa. jamrk owiiwit, NOTIOR ?TH1 COMMTTTM OW PTRKKTS OP TTTH Hoard of Al<!?nn<n will Invmtlfata tha mihjaot ralaUTn to Albany atraai on Tnaalay. Mar-h 2, atS'>'elo*fe P. * . In

ro* Wo A City Hail. All parjoa Intarmiad ara rnnpnjtfully r? iy?'a.. i?? -Ar ? (ho ! nay f:rh?r n tlca. r .1. A HOOT V., 1 Commlttae TH>Ma?W A 1>a MS > on J oil* LVWJJH, j ? m* )AY, FEBRUARY 26, 185? - f 1 financial. w m W??* Ac ann wamtmd-to extend a hamufaoJpO.UUU turtng boaineaa, whtoh will pay a proBt of 7S par cent. Wane but a buatnwaa man, with the above capital, will pleaae reply to thia. Addreaa Apex, Herald ofllce. for three daye. aq aaa to loam om boko amd mohtoaol im #?7,UUU one aua onproductlve real eetate In thia city. Apply to johm r. 00NKEY, 86 Wall atreet. an nnn wantid-om good impkovkd city iCt/.UuU property, worth more than doubte that amount. None but p-rtlea having the money need aniwer. Addreaa 8. R., box DO Herald office. fcl 1 nnn to m>a* on bond and mortgage.? $11 iUUU MOO waatsd for three nonthi on note secured by chattel mortgage, and Insurance policy to mortgagee, exceeding that sum. More than aeven per oent tntereet will be given. L. 8. SCOTT. V WaU street. *rn nnn wanted-in onr bum or bums, "JUtJU.UUU from $6 out) upward, ou bond and mortgage for one to five year* on property situated on the Hudson river, just above the olty of New Tork, free and clear from all Incumbrances and worth In cash at least three times the money wanted. Address box 4,876 Post office. Annuai. report op insurance companies and banks.?My usual annual statement of Insurance companies and banks, as reported to the Comptroller of the State of new York, and furnished tome by the State Department, Is now ready for distribution, and can be obtained on application at my office. ALBERT H. Nit'.Of, AY, 1 Block Auctioneer and Banker, No. 4 Broad street. Duncan, sherman a oo., bankers, Corner of Pine and Nassau streets, New York, Issue CIRCULAR NOTES AND LETTERS OP CREDIT. For travellers, available In all the principal cities ?r the world. Also Mercantile credtta Per use In Europe, China, Ac. JOHN HOOPE, BANKER AND GENERAL DEALER IN DM>ney, 271 Broadway, comer of Chambers street, under toe Shoe and Leather Bank.?Uucurreot money, blUa of broken banks, gold and sllvsr coin, treasury notes, land warrants, Ac., bought at the very beat rates. Milwaukik and chicago (wisconsin lake Shore) Kallrotd Company.?New York, No. 21 Naaaau street, Prb. 26, 1868.?Coupons of Mtlwaukie City Bonds Issued by this company, due March 1, 1868, will be paii on presentation at this office on and after that day. C. K. 8COP1KLD, Assistant Treasurer. Notice.?the interest coupons op the eight per cent second mortgage bonds of the La Crosse and Mllwaukie Railroad Company, due on the ttrat day of March, 1868, at the Bank of the Republic, and the Interest ooupons of the seven per cent corporate bonds of the city of Mllwaukie, Issued to aid In the construction of the Mllwaukie Pond du Lac and Green Bay, and La Crosse and Rtlwauklu Railroads, due on the first day of March. 1868, at the banking house of Messrs. Duncan, Sherman a Co., will be paid on that day od presentation at the Ocean Bank, In the city at New York. 8. CHAMBERLAIN, lessee of the La Crosse and Mllwaukie Railroad. Proposals for $170,000 public stock for rkbmldtng Tompkins Market.?Healed proposals will be received at the Comptroller's offloe, until Wednesday, March 10, 1868, at two, o'clock P. M., when the tame will be publicly opened for the while or any part of the amount or oae hundred and seventy thousand dollars of the public stock for rebuilding Tompkins Market, authorised by an act ot the legislature of lliis State, entitled, "An act to authorise the Mayor, Aldermen and Commonalty of the city of Mew Tork, to raise one hundred and seventy thousand dollars by loan, and to fund the same, for the re building of Tompkins Market " passed April 11, 1866, and by an ordinance of the Common Council, approved by the Maror February 11, 1868. The sstd stock will consist of one thousand seven hundred shares, of one hundred dollars each share, bearing Interest at the rate of six per cent per annum, payable half yearly, and shall he redeemable as follows:?Seventeen thousand dollars on the flrst day of July, 1880, and seventeen t boils in d dollars on the rirst day of July in each year thereafter, until the whole sum is redeemed. To provide lor the redemption of said stock, and the pay ment of Interest thereon, there ts to be raised by tax, yearly and every year, until the whole stock (hall be redeemed, such sum as Is required for the payment of the same, with lb# interest thereon. The proposals will stats the number of shares desired, and the price per share. The person whose proposals are ac cepted will be required to deposit with the Cnamberlals of the elty the sum awarded and covered by the bid, and on firesentlng the receipt of the Chamberlain to the Comptroler. wlU be enUiled to receive a certificate for the par value of the number of shares, carrying the interest from the dale of the deposit. Kach proposition should be sealed up and endorsed, " Pro possls lor mi per cent public stock for re building Tompkins Market." And the proposition may then be put up tn a second envelope, sealed and directed. " A. C. Flagg, Comptroller, No. 6 flail of Records, New York." a. C. FLaUO, Comptroller. DkranrnsMTor Finance,'* Orrtcs, J New York, February 18, 1868. ) Railroad bonds.?we ark prepared tonkooUate with railroad companies tor the Introduction and sale In Kurope as well as In this country of new issues of railrued bonds. W. A M. H. WARD, 47 Exchange place. Stocks houoiit and sold at thk brokers Boaid on i ommlaslon. JOHN B. MURRAY, 44 Wall street. VKBMONT CENTRAL RAILROAD BONDS.?THE UN derslgned, bolder* of the drat mortgage bonds of the Vermont Central Railroad Company, Li the amount, In the aggregate, of more than fifty thousand dollars, hereby give notice Rial a Besting of the bondholders or creditors, for the security of whose claims the trusters lu the poeeeaWm of the aid railroad and prog arty hold the same in trust, will be held at Webb's Howl, la NorthAald, la the Stats of Vermont. cb Friday, the agth day of February nest, at seven o'clock, F.M., for the purpose of nomkiailug traateea. and acting under the law passed by the Legislature of Vermont, Nov. 14, 1887, entitled "As aet lu relation to Trustees of Raftreads." EN OS tHiLLlKH, By George M. Barnard, Attorney. CHARLK8 F.ATLWIR, If. H. UDNNEWELL, SA*jwHrii?wmi.u WI^AM xnjLKT?l?. _ 1M. MuSlMOi. Jiauiry 77t __ J ? "" LtOA.II OKne?11, *a TO ADT**c? ?* rSruwiTt". ** TO tOtiKCI ?* ^Il ..ol?I or iU TO iPT*"4* ?"JcMT^tflCK IN TBI* CITY. T11IS IS THK OLOBW IJ .,,maW"0 boaor. *'' W ^04 dpr goods. AU JOSKPH Wl?m). J*j ? ^7, " rriTAt* nw ic groodwAT. roo? w? ? T, _MONrr jfTllEllW* A^O^^mVrfy J^r of Prl.o.??r*t. A. . CUrfc * <> t |r |-f)||T 4 SI To ?? ; S?._ n? U 1-?*T * ??- , mn, *n<1 aU k'lArt. . 1MB A?T I -, ( pwm *?J s=js| *==* lass^ K TgATXI1 sis Sf)O.UUU rt?T- Bro*?r? njrl ^.Tmuh n7iTIM|*>^'^ ? ??oNin. *ON*T. irnCTSk-OA sod loon nowery. TRAVBLLKKS' OllOE. TJCORO* ItTRR RAI.ROAn.-KXPRERR TRAINS .1.1 for A >Mir Mil Trny. atoiipini M principal (lotion* connecting with Weetcrn and Horthem tralna, I car* chamber* treet at 6 *1 and 11 JO A. . and 4 ?.'> P. M. A. ' KttlTTI, Haperlntcndont \TTCW TORE ARI> nARt.RM R ATI.ROAD. XI wtrraa *mai?o*??*T Commencing WflnmUj. January I. IW Train* laare tb? depot anrnnr id White and Centre (treat* Raw Tor*, at SO A Hall, for Albany, aopplnf at Wtlllam?br1dg* and aH elation* north. MR P.M. Rtprem, for Albany, atopplag at tha piinatpm *^?~^? ,MlTPor Whit* Plain*, atopptn* at aU Intermedial* Train* laare tha depot, aomar of Twenty ?1rth (treat and fourth arenna. Raw fork, at frl? A. M. far WlRlam*brldga. Wopptng at all Hitermadlatd TXi. M White Plain*. do, do. ?80 P. g. WllllaawHrtdfa, do. do 11*) P. M. Mlllartnn, (topping at William *b rid go and all to t+rmHI IaIp wtslkis* no rill. flOf. M. (>oton Palla.atnpplfigat all Intermediate(tntlonA IRQ T M WllUamabfMge. do. do Returning. train* laara Albany for Raw Tor* at ^ T a A. M. Mml. (topping at all atnuona noHh of and at Wl] Eipraaa. (topping at all piinaipal atntlone. WIT jToAMPBRllu ftupartniaodaet Prrrrti.taria raii.road The great centre I route to tha Went Time at I earn a* ahort and ratea rd fere end freight a* low at all Una* a* by any othar routa. for p****** tlahalsor to oontraot for freight from lie Yfl)k to any point In tha entire Weat, nail at ma ?i*htimH * oMaa. Bo I A *u r (loan*. Raw York. J. L RIJ.UiTT, Peeaenger Agent IJtRCH A TO . freight Agen ta HORRKN AMI) CAJUUAOBB. A PINE EXPRERR WAOOR EROM RORToR, REARI.T JY new. for aale rh**p. Apply to OOMdVOCK A BR<? imi'h v i.eonardtreat rrtOR HAI R FOR IMI A PAIR (If RAT llnRnPx leu r fcMlli h?fh, warranted m arory rooprrt Thoy ran hn nan m tha aubloa II r.Mt Twelfth MTMt by apply tug to the ooaohman. < bar Ira 0J4R BAT HORRF FOR BAI.H-17 HARD* HUH!, 7 ynyo '"i ?Ptnr * mnntry wagon or any hoary work. Prteotl* Apply at 40 OUrrr atreot. Thlo horar la warranted aotind and kind T1TF. PAPTR1 ITORHB TFI.POR APH, U HAROR high onnnd aad kind, ran |>aoo hla mllo In 2.41 to wa yon. ? rv atylioh alon wagon and hartx-ao RnM for want af n?r. Price of horoe Jmmro of i, A. RIMORtHlR. UX Ed? otmt. *. | HOCTMM, ?OOM?, <^TOLCT. 4000D 8UKD ROOMS, ON THIRD FLOOR OF NO 68 Fulton ali-tat, corner Rldder,. allay. auiUtbla for offload or mechanical purpoeee. to let cheap, by K EVANS, ?8Fulton elreet. I A STORE AND OFFICES TO LET?IN TRYON ROW, A opposite the Park, at low rates. Apply to T. BKMNBTT, oorner of Rim and Franklin streets. A SECOND AND THIRD FLOOR, WITH ATTIO rooms, in a large private house, together or separate, gas and water on each Boor, with bath room, Ac., in Madison street, between Catharine and Market, to rent from the 1st of May nest. For further particulars apply at the drug store 43 Madison street, corner of J ante a A FURNISHED HOUSE TO LET, AND, Ij WISHED, A 91,000 of the rent taken In board.?A One, large ue v English basement house, furnished In style. a llale above Madison suuare, between Broadway ana Fifth avenue, best part of the city, will be let from the first of Mareh for one year or longer; will not be let for a boarding house. Address B., boi 1,636 Post office. A house to let?and furniture for sale cheap to a cash customer ; fosseaslon Immediately. For particulars apply at 110 West Twenty-fourth street, after 10 e'clock A. M. A FINE LARUE HOUKB-FULL OF FIRST CLASS boarders. In Hudson street, sear ('anal, to let and furnttui e for sate cheap. The rent Is low and a tirst rate location. Apply Immediately to WHEELER A CO., 334 Broadway, room IS Cooper House. AN EXCELLENT CHANCE FOR A BAKER.-TO LET. a house and store oorner Washington avenue and Seventh street, Morrtsanla; excellently located for the baking business. Communication with the city by railroad, or stage and steamboat. Will be rented low to a good tenant. For Particulars apply to JOHN GREA80N, 316 Front street, few York, or of Wm. Gray, Tremont. Apart of a house to let-ok a few board era would be taken, by a small American family, at 136 Hammond street, with all of the Improvements. Immediate possession. A N ENTIRE BEOOND FLOOR TO LIT?WITH FINE A pantries, bath and all conveniences adjoining, suitable for two or three gentlemen: handsomely furnished and kept In the neatest oraar; partial board If required. Apply at 3B4 Fourth street, near lAfayette place. Billiard rooms to let in brooklyn-now occupied by A. Basatord, corner of Fulton a ad Pineapple streets. Apply to Mr. REYNOLDS, In some building. Brooklyn?to lkt/on mount prospect, a very desirable res.dence, with several acres of land; will be leased If desired. Rent $300. Some fine cattle for sale. In quire of Mr. M. BERUBR. Furnished house to let-in thirty-first street, near Madison avenue. The family will take out the rent lu board. Houees on sale or to let in all parhrof the city. Apply to W. H. LUSH. Furnished house to let?an eleuantly fur niihed brown stone English basement bouse. In perfect order. Possession In March, April or May Rent 91 500 per annum. Apply on the premises, No. 159 Lexington avenue, between thirty Orst and Thirty second streets, or to box3,126 Poet office. FURNISHED HOUSE IN WEST EIGHTEENTH STREET, between Fll'th and Sixth avenues, containing thirteen rooms; rent $1,200. Also an elegantly furnished ft-si class house, In West Twenty second street, near ntxth avenue, f >r private family; rent $2,800. One In West Twenty second street, twelve rooms; rent $1,000. One In East Thirty-first street, twelve rooms; rent $l,uuo. One on Union square; rent $2,800. Unfurnished, as follows:?One on Broadway, near Union square, twelve rooms; rent $1,11(0. One Iu East Four trenth street, five story, brown stone; rent $1,900. One in West Twenty third street, rent $1,100. Apply to KNIGHT A Co., 493 Broadway. IpURNIBHKD HOUSE TO LET OR LEASE-NO. 74 EAST 1 Thirty elgtath street, between Islington and Fourth ave nnee; contains all modern Improvements, and is elegantly furnished. Immediate possession given. Rent to an aocept able tenant $1,DUO per annum. CORNER STORK TO LET.-THE FINE LARGE STORE on the roriier of First avenue and Fourteenth street, completely titled for the grocery business. Terms moderate to a responsible party. Inquire of F. HEYER, 248 Tenth street, near First avenue. Horss TO LET-FURNITURE FOR SALE; ROOMS will rent for twice the amoimt of the rent of the bouse, without board, leaving the best of the house to the family; {rice $1,000 possession immediately. Agents need not apply, location, b5 Grand street, west of Broadway. House to i.kt and furniture for hale-excellent locution for a private boarding house. Possession immediately If desired. Apply from 11 till 2 o'clock at No. 181 Wooaler street. House to let in Brooklyn?about five mi nines walk from the South ferry, to a small genteel family. The rent will be taken In board for the advertiser and bis wife. It contains 13 rooms, with gas and marble mantles throughout. Apply to J O. GRl'MAN, 106 Atlantic street, Brooklyn. Hotel restaurant to first class rMUiirRllL Kh:ik?n#T?* firms* rnrnsr of V.intic s> anH Court streets, Brooklyn, 1* furnished In splendid style; Iocs Hon unsurpassed; now doing a lucrative and highly respectable buslneaa. Possession given Immediately. Inquire of A B. DAVENPORT, real estate agent, Montague street, near Court, Brooklyn. PART OP A HOC8K TO LET -A SMALL PRIVATE | family having more room than they require, would let one half, conflicting of four rooms and kitchen, with wardrobes, pantries, and hot and cold water In each room, to a gentleman and wife; no objection to one child. The house t* located In W<at Twenty atith street, convenient to stages and cars, and In a respectable neighborhood, containing all the modern Improvements Terms moderate. Uood reference required. Inquire at At Front street. Rooms and offices in appletons building to rent Additions having been made to the upper part ot the building occupied by the subscribers, they are enabled to Otter quite s larse number of deslrsble rooms for offices, sotted to ell kinds of business. The rooms ell front in s side street, end ere heated by steam. Apply to D. APl'LKTON A CO., M and Mb Broadway. Ctdrk, saloon and back rooms or no. 17 0 Klgbth aveone, to let, with natures and furniture for sale. It Is handsomelv and conveniently ftual up as an oyt'erand toe cream saloon, but would be let or leased for sny other kind of busineae. Apply on the premises. STORK TO LEASE?212 PEARL STREET, CORNER OP Fletcher; will be leased for n term of years at a reasons bis price to a dsairable tenant. Apply to JOHN WOLPR. V Warren street. rLRT-A BriLniMO IUITABLR POR A COOPER'S or carpenter shop U> the Immediate vicinity of Park place. Apply to T. BAILEY MTKRh. at Broadway. r LET-ON SPRING TERRACE, SIX COTTAGES, with vsrsndaha In front, suitable for genteel families, situated cm Meeker avenue, Uuabwlck. one mils from Grand street ferry. To rood tenants will be rented for $199 each. Apply loD. A A. K1NOBLAMP A SUTTON. 99 Broad street. rIJCT-A DXI.IOHTFUL RRSIDENCK ON THE klngabrtdgr road, with ttne garden, fruit, lee house and stable, and every convenience attached Kaay of aeeeaa to rtty. Rent moderate Apple to H. M. HRAlUIl' RtfW, on the 1 remises, or JOHN McKRtwON, 91 Fulton street. TO LET-TWO SMALL HOUSES, WITH ALL THE MO dsm ImnrovemeatsA'eiit cheap. Apply to JOHN O. MorPAT, 108 West Twenty fourth street, between Hlith sod Seventh avenues TO LET?CLUB ROOMS. POR SMALL PARTIES; AlJtO furnished rooms, with or without b'iard. with all Improvements, gas, baths, Ae., at Hotel Garni, *11 Spring street. rlJPT-A HAK1RT, FROBfT AKD RKaR hoi'SR o. UCbtrry atreet. a leaa* for a term of reara will bo (firm; It haa barn nurd aa a bakery for (A* faat 12 <>r 14 l rare, Intaj a food buatuaaa. To a (food tenant the rent will bo moderate. Apply to W. WALHH. Bo. B It nth arenne. rm-NO. 96 WKRT TUIRTV FOt'RTH STRKCT. ar Broadway, a four atory brown atona front bona*. Apply to H. J N KwTON, 421 Broome atrrrt, between Croeby and Kim atreeta rlJtT-THR nWRIAlRO PART OP TlIR HOt'SK .Vo HM Broadway, aaar Fourteenth atreet. fba houae la four abirlce, newl? painted. and la oomplrte repair. Rant fl.flno. Apply on the prcmlaea. Pneaceaton immediately. To i.kt-witii immkiuatr po4hr?sior. hochr ro. | 974 Broadway, bet wean Twenty ft fib aod Twenty atilh atrreta. a eery eonTrnient medium aiaad bo una, with all mo darn Improvement*, one of the moat dealrabln location. in the oily, fba booae la well calculated for a pmfmlonal aian Apply at 212 Fifth avenue, near by. T> I.KT-TO A SHAM, FAMIt.T, THR W)WRR PART of a booae In Fourth atreet, near Waablnfton part Onbin water and (ae In the honar Would anlt a dor tor Inquire In the afternoon at 747 Broadway, In tbe atore. rpo l.RT-A THRRI STORT BRICK HOCRK AMD TWO 1 atory brteh rable. with all the modern ImproeemenU, 92 Ka.t Thirtieth atreet, near Lannatoo arenne, unliable for a doetor or a yentleman who w lanea In keep a earrtaffe and bornea. I,raar glrra If reunlrwd. Rent low Apply at IM Chatham aqunre, or 404 Third avenue, corner of Thirtieth M reet. rl I I JET?TWO TWO RTORY ATTIC ABD RARFMFHT hrtrh h"ti?ea. Now 144 and IIW lltidaon arenne, Bfwafetyaj containing nine mini each. In pood order, nearly new. ten mlnntra' walk Irntn Fulton ferry rwra paea the door; nonl and wood houae, rUinin, Ar., In the yard. Rent t'ft) per year. 1'naMwalon at any time, and rem free till Hay For heya, Ar., rBB LET THREE SMALL OENTEEL THREE STORY houaaa. with all tha mndam Unpmr.tnanta aifl gaa fit turaa. "!)< on Twanly fifth atraat naar Ittllngloa araaua. and on a oil Latlaginn arantta alao, ooa no Twaaty alghth Irani, hatwarn Islington and Third ?"iium will b? pat In mmPlata ordrr. Kant |M?l 10 ftf.V To b? o?l? hflvwn U and I. t H. KINSHTMER. :tl9 fourth ran,*. mo LET?THE THEIR ATORY AMD BASEMENT BRK'K X hMi'i R> hod O Brooaa ttraai. Apply to P. EH. LEW IS A HHP., It! Broadway l.IT-A PART OP HOCSE NO. 91 MADISON STREET to mall gantari faroilr without ahlldraa. To l><* wan baiwrno iha hour* of 10 nod 1P M. rMH LKT-A ROUSE, CONTAINING THIRTEEN ROOMS, at 104 forty ninth Mm*. rant $71# par An num. lo imra of J O. 11A N At t N, on tha pramtaaa, from 2 Ull II n'alock. A Inn, ? floor at IWit Eighth arantta. tl? prr month, annotating of aaran mom, anntalmng gaa and watar. with flituran Aim, hoiian on Raranth nrantta, flrat boima aoutfe of forty ninth atraat, aaat al?1a, algM rooma, rant Mil. tyinUtlnlng gaa and w atar Inqtilra on tha pramlaaa mo LET-AT NEW RRtOHTON R. | . A FURNISH ED X bnnaa frnan tha la of May. for particular* addrcan W? bo? tti I'm omen. r LIT?OR MURRAY IIIU., THE FOUR STORY brown atona fronl bonw At Kaat Thirty <-lghlh atraat. With all tha mndam Improramanta Chandallata nan rantatn Will ha ranlad low to a good trnant Can ha aaan from 2 to 4 1' M Apply it T Al. K<?AH. 991'aarlatraatand WRMood Rraat mo LET-AT NO. 4fl SECOND AVENUE, TIIEflRST AND 1 wrnwd atory, eontaming of tan rooma, with tha haaianant, with gaa and bath plaaaantlr loratnd woo Id b< lat togathar or aaparata Alan, a amall flrat rlaaa thran atory brick booaa No. tt Ktitfi alraat, nail to tha . ornar of Saaond arnntir, rant M?> Alio, a four ftnoy brown atona front houaa No. t LI i.h4m ~ I.a#k rant filial All" infimm ?' '"V , imvwm t- W , , _ . _ , ?tf lirrn .1, , , I |,H k I,,,.,., , Ih (M .nl '.?'h N .*? Third airwi. nw Rac.n I ?tnri? '?ni ?*?( Iruiura I 48 Rewind atp-nii* rt ft TiinmiiRAHU <M?rMKvirvrKNT niftier ?r>ry h-iiiMHi ISO md IM W?r?rl*T placr. nr?r Hltih aye tm*. I ft f?*1 rrfiatr. ftnrinc !?* m ( .'me .. llir Mill., i R. nt (I A !?" ? t i.i l ' N. Hvififi .lel.T^M ".u?r. R- -< #i mi Al'Plytr. K I. Hill li AM I8fl WkTrrlajr |>l*n< rTFT TWO T1IRFV ITORT nWKl.MWtf HOI'*F?? ? .. 1 M Hw-1'hAll 'hr m.-Wfi .. Hi'n'A rim.mi|ii|(u( A,,. r.?.m* ;ind . fr w nt At N r> ftln "tr. ' ?ii>-re-imiiiA 1 .. , may t?-ftlrrn In , ar? f 11F V R T H A W K F V rf?rn!.tn ti Kuigifrrrt <>rof A- KAVMVJfD, |1 ClwUumi ?trcf l HOMM, ROOMS, TO UT. rLKT? BRUT S4A0, TWO OKNTEKL HOUSBS, VKRY pleaaantly attuaied on Eighty ninth atreet, three etory and baaement, 'A) x 40 feet four full |lot* with eaeh bouae: nll aonvenienceaof Crolen, gaa, ho., eaay ufacceaa by Second or Third nvenure rnilroade. W. H. TYLER, 26 Naaaau etreet TO LET?THE T1IRRR STORY HIOH BASEMENT hoiieea, at 46 and 49 Twelfth etreet, between Sixth and and Seventh avenuce; have all modern twprovemeuta except furnace, Foeaesaton of one can be bad let March. Apply to W. 11. LL'Sll, AM fourth avenue. TO LET?TWO LARGE FLOORS. FOR MANUFACTURER or other purpose*,, at.low rent, with all conveniences. Apply to the owner, JOHN TRaGKSKR. sh and so Green* street. TO LET-THE SMALL THREE STORY HOUKB OH Twenty fourth afreet, a few iloora from Fourth avenue fitted up with gas. chandeliers, Ac., In fine order and suitable for a small family only; also, the small house on East Twen ty eighth street, opposite St. Stephen's church. Kent low E. B. K1N8B1MEK 319 Fourth avenue. mo LET?THE UPPIB PART OF HOUSR NO. US HISI ter street, between Kldrldge and Forsyth sis., to a anal} genteel family, oooaiattng of front end beck parlors, with kitchen attached, two bedrooms, five pantries. It eoalalne all the modern lmprorasnanta, such as (as, hath, stationary wash tube, Ae. Inqafare on the premise* TO LET-THE TWO AND A HALF STORY HOUSE, 05 Walker street, a few doors west of Broaiwsy, gas and water through the house, bath, Ac., In thorough repair; excellent stand for a tailor. Apply between 10 and 12 o'clock. TO LET-ROOMS FOR ARMORIES, BILLIARDS, Exhibitions, restaurants, Ac ; also, large and small store* southwest corner of H road way and Twelfth street. PoaaeealoaMay 1. Elevation and pUus at the ofilce of JOHN g. KELSO, <2 William street. TO LET-THE LABOR BASEMENT STORE, FITTED UP with glass cases; also the second floor, being a larg* and beautiful show room, fitted up with glass cases, mirrors, gas fixtures, Ao., of the this building 381 Canal street, one of be best business locations In this elty. r LET-DISK ROOM IN A COMFORTABLE OFFICE, No. 19 Nassau street, two doors from Pine. For particulars apply to A. KENDALL, room No. S, fron 12 to 2 o'clock. rLKT IN BROOKLYN-NO. 87 BALTIC STREET, Between Henry and Clin on streets, a fine three story dwelling house, very well furnished. Possession given flumediately. Apply at the house or at IS Piatt street, N. Y. rLET OR FOR SALE?HOUSIS NOR 186 AND 187 East Twenty elxth street, with neat gardens In front. II not sold Immediately will be let at a moderate rent Apply to Mr. H ALU DAY. ltiu Lexington avenue, between 6and9F. M. mA 1 FT OF VOR a AT.W cirm ion n a opuuvt nmvon X No. 242 Weit Thirty second atreet, between Eighth had Ntntn avenues. Rent WOO. Price 99,SOU, on easy terms. Apply on the premlsea. TO LIT OR LIAS*?THE STORM NOR. *7 AND MB Water atreet. now occupied ae en Iron a tore. Par terma epplj to CHAR LBS H1LLBBURGH. 2S2 Wafer atreet. 9 ri LEASE?A GENTLEMAN'S COUNTRY SEAT, WITH everything complete, on the aonlb aide of Steten Island, immediately fronting the ocean. For particulars apply at 54 South street, N. Y. TO RINT-A TWO 8TORY AND ATTIC HOUSE IN Ryeraon atreet. Brooklyn, half a block from Myrtle avenue cars. Apply to WM. K MORRIS, railroad depot, Heath ferry. Breoklyn, or JULIAN aLLBN, 130 Water ah, N. T. TO RENT.-THE NEW ENGLISH BASEMENT HOUSE, with all modern Improvements, No. 91 West Twenty stria atreet, possession will be given on the 1st of April, or earlier if required. Rent 9700 per annum. Apply to WM. H I.PHP, No. 296 Fourth avenue. TO RENT OR FOR SALE-ONE OF THOSE NEW, CONventent, four story, high stoop bouses, with all the modern Improvements. No. 176 East Thirty ninth street, near Third avenue, rent 9660, possession immediately, or will be told very low. Inquire at the palm store, oorner of Twentythird street and Third avenue. TO MANUFACTURERS AND MECHANICS.?STEADY power, with well lighted rooms, to let, in the Harlem an J New Haven depots, varying in size from 2&i26 to ffli'.OO feet, at low rates to suit the times. Apply toT. BENNETT, corner ot Elm snd Franklin street., TWO ROOMS IN A PRIVATE FAMILY TO LET, WTTHout board, to single gentlemen, or a gentleman an 1 his wife. Inquire at 167 West Nineteenth street, neur Eighth avenue. COPARTNERSHIPNOTICES. ~ $1 TO 92,000.?AN ACTIVE, ENEROETIO PERSON, I eicellent situation, where the above amount can be uscA safely and moat profitably. Character of buatneaa first -Lea. Mo amenta need apply. Address E. A. B , Herald oiSce. Aoka-thk advertiser in desirous o? a ?UuU. partner with this amount, In a retail business already established. The object la to enlarge the bualnem for the routing apring trade. All communications ^confidential. No notice taken or agenta. Addreaa 0. X., Chatham eqtarw Pantotter. d?l aaa -wantkd, an associate. with aw 4II.UUU, eoual amount, to pitrchaae a light indoor caab business, established aeveral yean, which haa realized froaa R.000 to tfi.OUO per annum. The gentleman about retiring tm business will aell yery low. Apply to J. M A Rdll fi?0 Broome atreel. near Hudaon. n. B.?No letters answered. 4i1 nnn ~a partner wanted, with this ipl.UUU. amount. In a cash manufacturing business. 10 take the half Interest. This lean eicellent opportunity for any man wtrhlng a good bualnem and pleasant employment; plenty of work on hand, half the machines and natures am worth the above amount. No agents need atmly. Addreaa L. F. H., box it!7 Herald office. d>9 AAA -A RESPECTABLE. SMART INTRLLIgeat bualnees gentleman, with this amount, la wanted aa partner in an binorahle and exclusive husmeee ux the United Stales, and which pays OS to 2 per cent profit. A competent person can make from flO.UOO to 020.000 per annum. It haa already been established In New York upwards of twelTa months The absolute sickness of the subsrriher la the only reason for seeking a partner. Satisfactory reterences given and reouired None need apply without at least 01.UC0 In cash and 0MJ.0UU security. Address 8. B. A, (1 Bleeeker street. New Tork. aq aaa to, a partner wttt klO.Ul/U the above capital, to Join the adver ser, who haa a full knowledge of the business. In the hat, cap and straw Coda burin*a* In this city. Address, with real name, Hats, x 1.27# Post office AO AAA -A PARTNER WANTED, WITH THFI vO.UUv. above amount In cash, to Join a gentleman well established, In a terra,coUa.sta'.nary and omamrgit bus' ness. The uaderslgued wishes the above sum to pat up a fire brick manutaemry. besides the ornaments: ha understands both, and la well located. Apply in the factory, 1, I fid Broadway. M. V. A TKU.lVut d>*Jn nnn -wanted, a partner, special ?Ov?UVU. Or active, active preferred.) to lake the place of a deceased partner In a sound, uDesabarrassed. sad well established Importing house, (not dry goods.) with aa equal amount of capital. To a buatneaa max so better opportunity could be 1 resented. Addrees, with real name, A. al C , box 2,1311 Poel office. CommitnleaUona strictly confidential. Dissolution -the copartnership heretofore existing between Solomon Levy sad Abraham Pth1 us, under the name of H. I,evy A Co , le dissolved by mutual consent, to tske elTert from the tot day of January. lnU. A. Plnrus will rooilnue the busiMHws bereu ' re, at the old stand. 12S Dauphin street, to whom claims against the partnership may bs presented for settlement, and i M indebted to Ike late firm will please make payment A. pmrcN, Mosils. Jan. 1.1868. B. lett. vtoticr or dissolution -thr partnership Al heretofore elisting between lbs undersigned under this firm of lievoe A Taylor, ship Joleeni, le this day dissolved by mutual consent All nbllgaibHia of said tlrm will be paid by Samuel W lie?no, by whom the buaineas will bo CoaUnued, at the old stand. No. #0 Weot riVset, N. T. SAMUEL W DfiVOE, Nfiw Toaa. Fob. 34. IMA JACOB TATLOR. NOTICE.?THE LATR oopaltnbrshrp EX ISTTRfB between Joseph R Swsstasr aad Urban P. HaiehMgn, who have been doing buslines tn the elty and sonslv of Am Praaeiaro htais of iwUfctuhL coder the style of fie 1 i>s. Hutrhmga A (>o . waa on the I9U day of Dseember. APT, by order aad decree of the Dtotrtet Court of the Fourth Jadintal district la and for the State of California, dfcandeed. Aad lh waa fwrihar deeread that the andstatgned be, and he was appointed referee ?n take an aeerainUng between mid partoern. and alan to take oronf of anv debts ae tMaSS aaainat Hid copartnership tow, therefore. la piifllim of said daerwe, I George tager <in IwrttiT notify all wedrtnen of Mid Arm at II ni?hln#a A (V to appear haft*? a?il aj nflnr, li\ III Inp|<na(rr street tan Fraatan naUfnmla. within fnnr moo the after Ik* Aral psbllMllnw ef tela notice and present and am?e teetr dab la, rial ma am demands Mid Arm And I ahall report to aa.d eons* wltkln tan dan After Ika wiraMun at Mid four months UBO. wia R>? Faserwrv), Dm W. vm PARTNF.R WA*TKn-A PHTSK IAW WITH A KM A I.I. capital and fond professional ahlllllee. For partlrnlam apply al 191 Tirat avenue, three doors from Twelfth street. PARTHUR WAHTKT>?WITH A CARH CAPITAL OF* I M.roo to lA WKl. In a manufacturing and importing tmeln< ee of four yeara' standing The only ohjeet In new la to miargc the buainem, which can be done successfully w h aame additional mean*. The beat of references given and rwnnlred. Add rem F. A., He rah I ofBce. P ARTHUR WAHTKI>? WITH A CASH CAPITAL OW from kd.OOO to r.ono to Join a man la the aoap manufhctnrlni business. paying from M to ?.i per cent. Hone but partlea of the highest respectability neei apply to H. rCRTIR.MF niton atreet from* to if A. M? or S to I T. M. T)ARTHTR WAHTMD?WITH $d00 TO Mm, IH A MAHUJ factoring and whnlmale buatnma. wall established: large profit and done mostly for cash. Thla la a food obance Call al MO Greenwich strwet. up stalrn. Ha agent* need apply, ran 7ihi. ARARF CHAHC* TO MARK JfOHRT_-A KFrMHnn> series of pafntlnga Ulnstratlre nt the war In India to be anM eery reaeonahly. the preenat owner n?t having nrne ? attend to Ua eiMhltloa. AddreM Jankecw, llerald nftee. 1.MBAL WWiWMgs ntmnairi nrtTrWT. CITT A HO COCbti OF HIW V VortT-lMBM t- aUtoo and Honry Atohardann 'Vrlm b'^ TnhT ><* Kl?wr, (Norm Brown aart 53Cr^iVi#lto^ leiandwTSSiioinwn VlllUm Wood. VSSSk oSm, Jntm W AImm }2^s?52^J5h!??L*rsj? mono. for rellof. To Uko the defendant# and eoohnf ihaoa- Tow re hereby oantmoned *nd rrqalred to anowrr the romplolnt Id thw ortion, which Aae born Aled in lb* ottee t4 the i lor* of the otly *3<1 '"""AT ?f * ?, Tor*, at ho r%j nail, in 4f <* " ? ?ork, and In aorro a eopy of roar answer to the aM complaint on tho oiihorriber, at bin office, Ho. 1? Broadway. In tho oil y nfjlew Tor*, within twonty dayo after tbo oorilee of thin ontamono on yno. oa> alooTre W the day of on eh oerrtee mm) |f yo? f*M to anower the oald oomplalnt within tho time afnronaliL the plaintlffbla thto oettrm wUl apply Wythe Court for the mTlof dotnandod t* the cnmplatet. OSO. HH*A. riaioUITo Attorney. January St. I AAA Tho complaint In ihia action wao flled In tho nfltee of tho ciorh of the rhr and county of Sew T<wfc, on tho Ml rg Jammer I0BM lllll ansa PlanlMTa Alt'* I IT llrni.le.. WiltIIII AND l.lillORJI. British stahhard <ii* rm* rwr.RRRATRn ar Url*. anpertnr to any Imported, can b* ha<l in rank* oaar* or ?IrmU?hn* of (I. W SMITH, aula Importer, itf Water'irar* Haimplw bottler, 36 ranlat. SAWrm. RU.ISnR, AOJOTT FOR WH.IJAN TOUNrtRR A Pa n E<flnhnr| ala Wnr aalr by tW hoyrtwa.1 anil rallnn Tlila ale ia th* haal'<n ilranirlit In thla ennetry A ho, oranillaa. wlnea lira. Ar thr fin rat ImoortMl >a ib;? m trial In laraa or anta.l luaeMUira at l*o 7 An at* Wiriaa "treat, Mr Wearer.