Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 26, 1858, Page 7

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 26, 1858 Page 7
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8ALH8 AT AUCTION. ALBRRt H. NICOLAY, AUCTIONKKR-RKtll'LAR dallv sale of stock* and bonds ?ALHKRT U. NICOLAY Will tell this day (Friday), at 12>? o'clock, a; Uu> Merchants' Eichaoge? 84,(00 (.real Western (III.) FR 111 mort. 10 per cent bonds. 2,000 Cleveland mud PlUsburg HH 1st inort. 7 per ct bonds. 1 (J0U Cincinnati, llmmllton A Dayton KK. Id mort. bonds. 2,000 Ohio Mlmte t> per cent bonds of 1886. 2,000 Teunessee bum t> per rent bonds 760 Atlantic Mutuml Insurance scrip of 1868. 700 Fun Mutuml Iusurmnce scrip of 1866. 1,200 Or* at Western Marine Insurance scrip Of 1887. 36 aha New York and Itrle Railroad Co 8100 60 Union express Co 60. MO Park Rank 100 flO Inst Riser Klre Insurance Co 16 30 Arctic fire Insurance Co 60 8 St. Mark's Fire Insurance Co 28 80 Hops Fire Insurance Co 80 (Securities reoeleed In addition to the regularly advertised list during everj sale. Next regular sale to morrow. Regular Moetfou Bales of stocks, bonds, notes and other securities every day at 12K o'clock, ml the Merchant* Rxehaage. blocks and Moods bought and sold at private sale and at the Brokers' Board, interest allowed on deposits, loans nsgolisted and dividends collected A large variety of securities constantly M Mud at private sate. ALRRRT H. NICOLAY, ^ ^ owe* Auctioneer ana oiuir, no. onwi ?w A DCTION NOTICE?LAROK 8ALB OP ELEOANT A roeewood and mahogany parlor and bedroom furniture, Brusaels carpets, Ac.. Ac U. DOUGHTY, Auetloneer, Will aell to-morrow, at 10X o'clock, at aalearoom 79 Nassau tree*, The entire furniture of a flret data furniahed reildenee, viz.:?Richly carved rosewood and mahogany parlor suites covered In hair cloth and brocatel; rosewood etegeres, book cases; marble top oentre, pier and sofa tables, gilt frame pier And mantel mirrors, Brussels carpets, Ac. Bedroom Furniture?Mahogany and rosewood dressing bu reaus. wsahatands, toilet sets, bedsteads, hair mattresses feather beds, lounge beds mahogany sofaa, chairs, also, one rosewood grand action pianoforte, suitable for concert room.| Auction notice.?assignee's bale of oold and silrer watches, diamond and other jewelry. SAML'kl OSGOOD A CO.. auctioneers, will sells* 81 Nan an street, to marrow (Saturday), at 11 o'clock, a large quantity of gold and aUrer watches, diamond and other jewelry, Ac ParMculars In catalogues. J. H. DBVOB, Assignee. A UCTTON NOTICE?THOS. BKI.T., AUCTIONEER, AND A W. H. THOMPSON ?This day. In the salesrooms, 18 But Broadway, near Catherine street, large sale of second Laud furniture, beds, mattresses, carpets, oil psintings, looking glasses, clocks, gentlemen's silk hats, brandies, segsrs, Ac. Out door sales attended to. Continuation sale of s00 lots in brooklyn. ?The sale wUl be continued on Wednesday next, March B, at the Merchants' Exchange, by JAMES COLK A BON, nt U o'clock. losing out sale op watches and jewelry john jacobs, auctioneer.?L jacobs A co. will Bell this day, February 2C, at 41)7 Broadway, at 10W, watches, jewelry, fancy goods, musical Instruments and California diamonds, consisting of studs, sleeve buttons, ehslns, seals, bracelets. rings, earrings, pins, lockets, watcbes, opera glasses, plated spoons, forks, casters and s variety of other goods. Watches at 12 o'clock. Liberal advancements made cn consignments of goods. Edward schenck, auctionnerr.?by k. a f. h. KCHhNCK?This day, Feb. 26, at 11 o'clock, at their salesroom. No SS Nassau street, soecial sale of marnttlcent rold watches diamonds, Jewelry, comprising hunting and open caae chronometer*, duplex, patent and detached Infer*; also ladle*' enamelled watches set with diamonds; also diamond bracelets, brooches, pins, earrings, studs, and rings In cluster and single stone, all mounted In 111 carat gold, also Florentine and Roman mosaic, cameo, carbuncle end other sets of plus and earrings, gold Test, guard and fob chains; chatelaines, eal rings, pins, earrings, studs, sleeve buttons, Ac. Rale positive. EXKCCTOR'8 SALE OF LIQUORS. GROCERIES AND segars?To be sold at public auction, this day, Feb. V at llrt? o clock, at the salesroom IS Bowery, the whole Block ol liquors and groceries In said store, removed from a Wholesale house, ouaatstiug of 42 casks of Kartell, CasltTliao, otard and Rochelle brandies S pipes of Holland gin, Jamaica rum and Irish whiskey. 8 casks Madeira, sherry, claret, port and Haulerne wines. 42 cases Muscat, hock and claret wines, cordials, syrups, nbsynthc. Rteinfeld'a and Boker's bitters. Also, 28 baskets feuulne imported champagne. Groceries, consisting of 48 uses tsmtly soap, M boxes sperm and adamantine candles, teas, sugars, coffee, nan, apices, scale* and weights, tea boxes and oil caua. Also, 27 case* olive oil and 70U.OA) imported Havana German and domestic segars. The trade is particularly Invited to attend this sale as every let will positively he sold without reserve A. M. CRIST ALAR, Auctioneer. n. Dam k (B, Executor. Gilbert s. ravage, auctioneer, will sell at hi? salesroom. 83 Odar street, Friday, Feb 28. at 10 A. M staple and fancy dry goods. Also, assignee'* sale of toys, >-ench and American clocks, Ac. Also, tine gold jewelry, watches, Ac G WELLES nichols auctioneer. . EZRA LUDLOW. JR.. A CO.. No 28 Pine street, hold their regular aemi-weekly sale of wagon*, harness, saddles, hrtdles, Ac., on Saturday, Feb. 27, a: their salesrooms, at 12 o'clock. At MM o clock a splendid Hooded gray mare, lh^g hands high, sired by Ellipse out of Messenger mare; warranted kind In all harness; trots In 2 30, good dt;, sod g>od track Also, one wagon, made to order by Duaeuberry A Van Outer, harness robsa, blankets. Ae. Hkf.3 8 A moss will sell. on friday, feb. 98. at ICS o clock, at the aalesionms No 5tJ Pine street, a large lot of choice groceries, green and black leas, sugars, rnffee, usp, candle*. Ac., to pay advances; also by order of the Sheriff. 3D boxes cheese. 14 tirklna Goshen nutter, also a large lot of wines, liquors segars, Ac. Terms cosh. Sale unreserved TTENRV H LEEDS. AUCTIONEER?8 ALK8ROOM X1 No. 23 Nassau steret -HENRY H LKKD8 A CO. will ae'J at auction, on Saturday, February 27, at lOtg o'ciock. at thf salesroom No. 23 Nassau street, a large Involre of Jewelry and sugars, sold to pay advances, ronststlng of diamond breaatplna. finger rings, gold pencil rases, gold lockets, vest and guard chains, eighteen carat gold bra wlet*. sleevejbutlotia, ladles' gold chattelalne*. ladles' gold waicbea. seal rings, plain and chased do., also, about SU.UUO of Imported and domestic segars. consisting of the following brands, vtx Wig Wag. Rio ilondo.l.La Union. La Rear (torona, liucal Hi Divan, Deniamla, and other favorite branda J BOG ART, AUCTIONEER.?BY 8. BOG ART-TCKS day, March 2, IBM, at BRfi o clock, at No. 18 Fourth ave us, 62 sc I undid rosewood plana* 6 to 7 octavss. double and Rams, round soman, being the balance of ths enure stock of fig celebrated makers Crow A Ohrtitopaer James R. KELLY, Aselgne*. w BOIIIIIT ?1TTH)N*KR BY K BOG ART -HATl'R e J . .!?,_ i mat , at 10 o clock, at Oould's Hotel, la Mouat \ erion VVaicbceter county, by order of the Trmeteea of the village, about So lot* for aaecaamen a for making plank aide * alke u aald rlllage. JW BUNT, AUCTIONKKR. . J. W. HUNT will eel! to aorrow. Feb. 27. at 10*< o'clock, at the salesroom, No 86 Naaaau street, a large and deairablc iMortmeot of Second hand and new furniture, part of which haa been removed from gtaten lalaad for convenience ofaale. Alao. carpeta, mirror* oilcloth, atorea. oil painting* i*m > good*. crockery. alaaaware *ih ? r plated ware. Ar , Ac. Bale without reaeree. Cataloguea ready morning of aale "kfAU'XIANT RIISKWOOD. OAK, MArLE. AC.. AT XVI auction.?A. M t'RIsT ALAR. auctioneer, will sell on Monday March 1, at lOSg o'clock, at the ywrda of Mctara Htaala A *chafer, Mo 111) Attorney reel, a large and well aelected took, oomprtaing in pari mahogany, roaawood, blrda eye naplr and cedar plank* b<tarda, loga and venuera Alao. an MtrMlvi aaaminicni <>( Newerg Faluainra, chair top* and Aaiiiaii r* together with a large aaaortment of other wood* loo* to inentlon The above gooda are mold In conae quenee of the duauliitlonof partnerahip Or the ahore Irrn and We therefore Incite the a'leutlon of pianoforte cabinet, deak, fbalr and coffin maker* aud "therm, neevery lot will poel'drely WMMvH I toot reaeree. "If It BUT1.FK A CO., OINKRAL ADCTIONKKRg, XVI. No II ftpruce Street reapurtfully aollelt aalea of honae old furniture, at the reanlenee* of famlllea breaking op fcooaekeeplug Caeh advance# on gnoda. One tire proof nafe, oounfem, Ar., for aale cheap Storage Ac. R^^MOSfVI I. W WRSTCOTT. Al'i'TIONKKft -OFFtCI 1? Broadway. Bircaatrg arcTing *?i* or at to?wv aoavwnop magiTtrgg. R t? MKMTCtiTT auctioneer lor Ue* aale of real eatate, O'.-ekA booda. hotteehold furniture. Ac will aell. to morrow, {Saturday,! Feb T7, at IO)g o'clock, the enure elegant furnl tare of every drerrjpUnn and beautiful workaot art, (the pro Berty of .fared W. Moore Keq I contained in the flre afory iwellln* No 1A2 Wret Twenty drat atrert. near Set enth arenue. all made to order by H"th A Uoldamtdt and In perfect oeler. 1 he honor contain* oeer all hundred tola ot magnlfl cent rone wood nek and aaila wood fnrnlture. marble groupa, Aronaea painting*. Ar., ad of which wtll be peremptorily gold In the hlgbeet bidder, and mual be removed la two day* from the honae Dearriptlve oal tlognae will he at the honae on the morning of aale, which wUi take place without regard to gr aether i inw inrnnure mnniu m Three eicgant carved mm of enltd rnaewonri furniture, one Of wbi> h i* covered hi prirasnn end merooi mud. one full eait In end gold brocade ?n.1 one of nine piece* la allk wrlret. ali in perfect order. elegantly carted eenire. ?ofa and O'er leblee. "lib marble tup*. ?.|H rosewood Turkleb and re reptioa rbaira in tapestry and aatln. elegant parted 7 or tare rosewood pianoforte, te'.tet Wilton and Aimn.ter carpet* French mu*lc nabbtel, two ?p!ei,.|..l marMe top rdeewomfete pare* line.I tth aatln Wo-af; ill large end elegant pier and mantel ml rore. with eornire* alaba and brerketa. allk and pmhrtddrred la re urtalna. wmer atanda. wltk raPmr bark* Jteenrhjearretolrea r. marie, in buhl work, an per b paintings on (AtlM and ilaaa. marble group* and statuary. with a large and beanilfni rollertlra of mantel ruei and unique parlor <rnamei a. ebandellera, he Kb gant roaeword chamber fnrnlture. Mar'te I op dremlng bun an. oarred hedatearia. waahetand*. pceewoo.1 armour, with plate .loom eommodea - rrneh eot j tare rhalra twenty two fine hair matiewnea. Knkllab blanket*, French eoanterpanea, mahogany furniture In hair cloth. art an. tele a tr'ea, ahailei ami I are rnrtalaa to thirty window a, oral mirror., lotlet seta, brnwir r'neka. he Solid oak dining room furniture. Kilene'nB dining table, marble top Ideboard. oak ehafra two errrmry bookraaea. ? -fa be.U'eart rteh atlter ware of every description. gold band and decorated china ruby and crystal rut glam. Ivory and allter cutlery. with a large quantity not mentioned. Including healer, he. CAI.R OF SITFKRB CARVBP PARt/>R ri'Rh'ITI RK ? ?5 Kick pianoforte, 7 octare, rtohly Inlaid with pearl, coat BMW rhambcr furniture, dlnlig room ettenaioa table, Hrm pel* and ingrain rarpeta, ball hat aland oilcloth*, chendelleia, Pt laml'd ml painting* In rteh gold frame*, nler glasses. cen gnt, Wde and *nfa table*, laee curtain*, he., at a action thia day. Friday, Feb ?. ?t intf o'aloek. at the residence ffo. I hi ItrW Fifteenth street, near Rerenlh ar.nue, regard lee* of the* tale of the a e*ther being a poalnre and peremptory aale. T. OOf * I .OHM I rff will sell a* above ibe entire con'ent* of the houae . ott.l.tlng of one aolendld carred rone wood parlor till, la rteh rrtwiann brocatel, one do covered with mamon and rrlm-on k>mc?de lace r rains. ?h?.l?* and r mice. eUini Mai yard* llruaeeki and tapestry narprta. gold Frame (iter glam, with nonrolee. I?reedeni lilna vaae* and ornaments, Italian .u?u*ry, marble top centre *11e and ofa tablea, rare pi l.n chain library hnokcaae. At he. Plane!,Wle ? tine of *tra?r? Miller A Pimmlng*' 7 oelece premmm plannfnrten, fnlly warranted by th? maker for two yenm. ?rry hearlly Inlaid, wall worthy Of the attention of ibone In waot. CH A MHFRS Contain nnlid rnnewnod and walnut Pllrnhethan bfdatondn marble tor dreanlng bureatia and wanhalande, pure hair and aprlns maiirwaaea. holetera and plllowe. tntle' arte niarlai Cloekannd mlrrora, ranee, Ae., aprtng neat rhalra aofaa, ar d one aula had. roekara. and a general rnrimr of chamber fnrBit.ire dleo, aereral eery fine oil palming* IHfUWO luxiM Pt'KNTTlKK Ktteralon table, eutlery, plated ware. Prenrh rhlna lea. treakfn*t and dinner platen em (Una warn one gold band Prenrh ehma lea ant, nan-aeatehalra walnni dining and laa lablea. neln Ingrain rarpeta Par full parttrnlara aee eataI far* on he morning*)! aale. ilooda eaa be parked and oaipae.) if nreeaaary, T OOTLIWITH. A netloneef. OH** W*. RAtR.-A. 1TTTPRP1PI.T), ATTTTni*KPR. O Will eell. thle day. at int< n'eloek at let I'kaiham aonarn, the enure etoek of wnirhra and jewelry er>ntalned In eald lore o 1 prtelng the nana) eaanrtmem together with gleee ehow ci.?e?, eotiniera. katnrea awniag, Ae . Ac. Thou r*TTm, ArrTtni?**R?aai.kmroom hop to and lb Ppruee etref TOierHTnnnlt of honeehoid fnrnl lure Ihu) oaf i Prhlay), Peh k IHAH. at lpt^ A M , at No. 71 Wont Twenty third atrret rnneteilng or a general aaeoriment f hoveehold furniture, "**. ^Jke, m BALE! AT JUNCTION. TiriLJ.IAM WITTERS. AUCTIONKBR. WILL HULL i TT this day, at two o'clock, at 4M Canal street, ail Ike ' Cnter) parlor, chamber. dining room and klicben furniture, of a large houaa?Large pier and mantel mirror*, centre tablet, tilk damaak curtain*, ahadea, bookcaae, painting*, 1 aufas, chair*, elegant tapestry and other carpets, hall oil- I cloth*, mahogany and other bedsteads, hair, spring and other I tnattreaaea; leather beda and bedding, blauketa, quilts, bolatera and pillowa, wardrobe, marble top.drcsslng bureau*, < waehatanda, toilet aeta, eglsnalon table, cutlery, china, glaaa, kitchen utenalla and gaa fixtures. The whole io be aold for I cath. ' WILLIAM ABBOTT, AUCTIONKBR, WILL8KLL THIS I day, at 10)4 o'clock, the entire atock and fixture* of the liquor store No. 3> Houston etrert, near the lerry; consisting In part of bar and oounler, gaa ilituree, bar pampa, demijohn*, aetieea, bottlea liquors, Ac , Ac. xniBUAiiiiAn jwv tw OAA RBCIPKS TO MARK THK BUST INKS, SOAPS OP Z'/U *11 descriptions dome costing only two oents n pound), cider without apples, best honey, secret art of catching llah, arts, secrets, ways to make money, hair dye, Ac . Ac. All sent for only 91. Address Dr. Murillo, boi 541 Post ogee, Brooklyn. AAA TO 910,000 -THK MINKRVA SEWING MAtpl.Ul/U shine.?Owners of rights will be enabled to procure this Instrument complete. The boudoir size, for One or fancy sewing, for 91 60; the Minerva sixe, for family and general use. for 91 SO; do. do., with stand and treadle complete, 96. N. B,?A valuable Interact In the entire right may be obtained, on meat advantageous terms, if applied for at once, by a cash purchaser. None but audi need apply, Addresa Minerva, Herald office. A FIN* HEAD OF HAIR.?THK INORKDIKNT8 POR making the same costing only a few cents to make a large quantity.?Why pay a dollar a bottle for hair dye that colors the skin aa well aa the hair, and also Injures the growth of the hair, when you tan obtain a good article that you know the Ingredients of, and can make It yourself without any trouble or expense? And If your hair has fallen out, either from disease or decay, Wilson's recipe for restoring the hair will prove a cartaln remedy. If your hair la gray, or turning gray, and you wish to tura It to Its original oofar, or if you wish to color your hair gradually to a black or brown, Wilson's recipe for dying tbe hair will effectually do the same without Injuring or coloring the skin. Tbe advertiser discovered the above remedies accidentally, and he assures those who may be afflicted with loss of hair, Ac., that by following the simple printed directions sent to them that the remedies will be round efficacious In reproducing the hair, cheeking premature graynesa, strengthening weak balr and preventing its falling out, aa also giving a fine glossy appearance to the hair. N. B. The advertiser will sand the above recipes, postage free to any address In the Doited States on the receipt ol BO cents In cash or postage stamps The articles for making the entire preparation can be purchased in any drug store or market In the world for a few cents, which will make enough to last a month. The receipt when once purchased will aave many dollars to the purchaser. No trouble to make it. Address JAMK8 WILSON, 91)8 Grand street. New Tork. Write your address plain. It will be tent by return (f post Boot and shoe uppers ?over twentt thocsand pairs, comprising one hundred varieties, of the very best material and manufacture, are now offered to Ibe trade, cheap for cash, by M. ARTHUR, 69 Gold street and 193 Grand street. CAUTION TO CONSUMERS OF KEROSENE 0IL8.-thk public are hereby caut oned against various explosive compounds now being sold In this city and vicinity by unprincipled dealerssKS Kerosene oils. The Keroseue OH Company hereby give notice that they will prosecute all parties selling spurious Imitation* under the name of " Kerosene," for their Illegal use of the recognized trade mark ef the company. The names of the authorized sub agents of the company can be obtained at the office of the Keroeene Oil Company, 60 Iteaver street. New Tork. Chocolate. M AIIJ.ARD'S chocolate manufactory, the largest and mimi riirailTe in me iniiranuurK r amine* can reiy ou getting the beat and purest article at the loweat possible price. Faintly chooolate, 26c.. Chocolate Pe Snnte perfection. 35c. per lb.. Chocolate a la raniUa, Chocolate double vanilla. Chocolate par excellence, Spanish chocolate. At 621 Broadway; factory, 168 and 160 Mercer street. Reintykl'b now explosive burning fluid. the greatest discovery ever known. This fluid will not explode under any clrenmataneee; ean be used Us any oemmoo fluid lamp. Office 466 Heoond avenue. Mew York _ JINK8 A FETTBETCH. STEWART'S PATENT WROUOHT IRON TILE rOR malt kill a and drying floors.?The subscribers are now in epared to receive orders for the above article, which will tie found to save 30 per cent In time and fuel, and la the best flooring now In use. The tile can be packed for shipment In a small compass, and the flooring laid by any ordinary mechanic Also Iron perforated In the usual manner for flooring at short notice. T. U ARNOLD A CO. aole owners of the patent, 447 Broome street, second door west of Broadway, N. Y, THK BOTANIC PHYSICIAN, AUTHOR OF THK MARriage almana:*, price only four postage stamps ?Prl vste and confidential consultations from 8 to 10 A. M. and from 4 to 8 P. M., at 67 West Twenty seventh street. The Sixth avenue omnibuses and cara pass the house everv twenty minute*. Tobacco.?buykrb of connkcticut skedleaf tobacco are neraby notified that 1 have established a branch of the Coniectlcut warehouse at 130 Water street, New York, snd that Mr. Julian Allen, my agent, will supply them with any quantity and quality at the very loweat prices. Pleaae examine for yourselves. D. M. SEYMOUR. Nxw Yoax, Feb. 1?, 1868. WANTED?THE ATTENTION OF ALL PERSONS OUT of business to this notice ? Employment, by which from $20 to $30 or more per week may be realised; honorable, light and easy, and can be carried on In your own house. Full prln'ed instructions will be sent to any persona enclosing $1, with their address, to 1'KTTIUKKW A CO., box 89 Broadway letter office. TlfANTED-A SUPPLY OF FRESH OODKISll LIVERS, TT for which a liberal price will be paid Apply to TAPMAN a CO., Apothecaries, No. 81 Hleecker street. DRY GOODS, dcC. 1QCQ ?SPRING MANTILLA8. 16M. AOl/O. Great Inducements To ceAh and short tuna buyers, At wholesale. The subscriber has now prepared and la mantiraottiring dally a large and raried stock of the above goods, from the lowest priced to lbs mast oastly article, which be offers for cash or shot t credit, at Tns 8s.ij.rST 8a.ns or Psorrr. Also, s Una of Imported stalls shawls, differing from any In the market. OBO BCLPIN. 961 Broadway. CHOICK IMPORTED SPRING KLOWERS, WHOLESAI.K for cash, at J AMES Tl'rK KR'fl, 361 Broadway, between Thompson and Taylor's saloon. Continuation of the SALE op Spring andu ammer dry goods, lty the assignees of O R. WILLIAMS A CO., At 416 Broadway, corner of Uapenard street. Comprising In part. Rich bareges, barege robes. Lawns and organdies. Silks and shawls. Linen goods, he., he. At prices far below the cost of production. Damask and snow drop table cloths and napkins, from the smallest to the largest sites and at ever) price. Also the fullest sleek ?f every other kind of linen goods always for sale At THE LINEN STORE. 746 Broadway, shore Aalor place, east side. J. c. MILLIKKN k co., Proprietors. FANCT DRTOOOIW ? AN ENGLISHMAN (AOK .?? IS anxious to make an engagement with s Western or Southern house In the retail fancy dry gooda business. A1 though struck by the late pan!;, his energy and tact are not damaged aufflrlent being left to earry on or asalst in carrying on an netting, rushing huatneea Kipertations moderate Reference given. Address Pansy Dry Oosda, bos 18H Herald office. For ladies?newest style or noor skirts wtUi horse hair robe*. and warranted to tuh No. 268 Second street, basement. SPRINO MANTILLAS IRM Wp are now read? to eabthlt to whole**)* buyer* out prlng import*lion and manufacture of Mantilla*, circular*. Ac. We larit* merit*] attention to our exteMfv* varletvt French. chantll.y and guipure, lace point* ahawla, Ac , whlj we offer at eary low prioea E. R. MtLUt A CO., Hi and 82 Chamber* street, three door* from Broadway, ig talrn. SPRINO, 1868 SHAWLS ANT> M A NT 11,1.AS, at whoucsalb We are now prepared to offer a raided and extensive stork of the shore articles and Incite the atutntton of buyer* from all sections of lb* country CHARLES STREET A tX>., 476 Broad ray. Till STORK NO. 380 BOWKRT Will eoetTiTiLT ctosx on nvcamr, hli.g. THE OOODS MUST BR SOLD. Bargains grauine bargains. ( 'an ha bough*. Elegant blank allka at 76 oenla. Real Trench merinoes at Sit* cent* Plain Preach delslnea at 18 cents, worth 64 cent* Stella ahawla at W SO, worth SO SO Blanket* from >1 SO to r per pair. Lane curtains. (A per pair. Embroideries. Ac . Ae. dkboht brothers. 38ti Bowery. PHK FAHHIOK8. Mrs. w. ralmnos, StR (OLD n6. en CANAL STREET, Indies the attention of merehania and rounlry mllllnem who are about purehaalnmrooda for the coming season, to the ninisiialty large assort mWt of new and elegant spring pat tern bonnet*, which she l* now prepare! to nupply to the trade. r> COUNTRT MERCHANTS AND OTHERS WISHINO bargain* thai are bargain*?Bonnet*, bonnet* bonnet* I? A large and extensive stork of silk, velvet, felt and straw bonnet*. which will be an d at such prices as to cause a rush, that they will be sol^gn a tew day* Therefore, those wishing bargain* ranging at prices from 38c and upward*, for they must he sold, a* extensive preparations are being made for spring trade Therefore call early, for such bargain* nevnr can be offered again, at No. S87 Rmadw?yr MIC l>l(A L. (lONSULTATIONS AND ADVICE AR UNCAL-AT DR. ) H a RROWS. from IIA M till 1 P M . and from 4 till 8 P. M Sunday* eicapted 1ST Prtne* street, a few block* west of Broadway. New Tork. DR WATSON. PORMRRLT SURORON TO THE I^CI Hoepllal may be cenenltari, ae heretofore, personally ng by letter, from 8 In the morning to 8 at night, at hto rsallewoa, AS Walker street, a fan door* wwt of Broadway. nn nnnrrj. ? p.. a An r* rowmn.Ttn, aw nrnikL Offlrc Jan WmI Fifteenth n'roet. R. T. nR COBBKTT WAT BK COKBtt.TKn AT HIS OFFirn It TltiAnp U. B.?tw hi* dlplooiA u mnmber nj he Wew York I'nlTernlly. Dr rai.pmw offickw, :? hroadwat, rorfntntor Tenth Mnrt Hour* ll) III 1, Mri After o'clock. OH mnrvn 14 jm'awv stuffy. it is for tiiv 1**1 twenty *1* jmrn deented hi* Attention to *n office pr*o?lre fmmltethMM And ndTlee * itoI. d?lly, from a a. * ??PP. M, Hicomrvw adtjor by m i.arwont. at-titor, t>hj itetAn And ?iir*eon, In perron or by letter And ei pre?*. Ill Merr*r ilif'l, crncr of S( Mil* oprn*|te the Bv AlcholA* Hotel, from Oto.Y And A lo A P W , Rnndny* ev epwd Til* fUJI dr. puntrr HIMWWT,*. with SO tkarw eirerlenoe, pas bp n-naulud. In ronOdpnr*, fro* ^ A. .Mill 10 P M . At office Wo |S IWnnloo ntrwt, W. T Kp MlkMUt m YORF HERALD, FR nHKAT RKDUOI Ur rmOM ?W TNI TO TO BBW TOM TttOB KHITIIO TO*, lUtllOl HVIIUirTOli, IU?U ot uBanaa. tuiaii Ptral cabin 180 Pint oabln. 9100 Feoondeabtn SO Hecond cabin 66 Fteeraga ....SO Rteeeraae 40 In Ute tint elaaa paddle wheel aiexiiubip A RIBI., X'Kkl tone, D. D. Ludlow, commander, and NORTH HTAB, 2.5(A) tons, Edward Cavendy, commander, to anil from pier No. S North river, at noon pracleolj, carrying the Untied Htatea nail, rti ? lbatb new vona ron ODTnaarron, hitii awaaen ran aotrraiarroa AJtDBBBaaa. aotrriiAMrroa. roaaawroaa. rial, HaUrday, March. ?. April 17. April 21. North Star, April, 17. It; It. Ma/ I*. Theee steamships touch al Havre. Specie delivered lit Loudee and Paris. Par pwt|t or freight apply to D. TORRANGE, Agent, No. 5 Bowling Green, Near York. mHI BRITISH NORTH AMERICAN ROT AX, MAIL X steamships ruoa www roaa to uraaroot. CUef cabin passage S13U Seoond eabln passage 71 moat aoaroa to urearoot. Chief cabin paaaaage $110 Second cabin paaaaae 00 The ahlpa from Bcfelon call at Halifax. PERSIA, Cap! Judklna, CANADA, Oapt, Imu*. ARABIA, OapX J. Stone. AMKKIOA, Capt Wtekmaa, ASIA, Capt. 4. O. Lott, NIAGARA, Capt. Ryrte, APRlOA, Capt. Shannon, KUBOPArOapt- J. Leltoh. Thoee veaeeU carry a clear white light at ataathead; green on etarboard bow; red on port row. AJLAB1A.Stone, leave# N.York, Wedneada/, Feb. 17. NIAGARA. Wlokmaa, " Boston, Wedneada/, Feb. R AFRICA, Shannon, N.York, Wedneada/, March A AMERICA, Lott " Boston, Wedneada/, March 10. ECROFATUItoh, " N York, Wedaaada/, March IT. CANADA, Lang, Ronton, Wedneada/, March Si. Bertha not aocured on til paid for. An eipartanead surgeon on board. The owners of theee ahlpa will not be aeeonntable far geld, silver. bullion, spade. Jewelry. p recto mWooes or metals, unleae bOia of lading are signed therefor, and the value thereat therein expressed. For freight or paaaage apply to S. 00NARD,No. 4 Howling Green. THE LIVERPOOL, NKW TORK AND PHILADELFHIA Steamship Company'a Clyde built Iron aerew ateamahlpa, city ok Baltimore, am# tone oapt. k. Lettch. CITY OF WASHINGTON, 2,.18Utoua Oapt. P.O Petrle. CITY OK MANCHESTER. 2.R9 tone Capt. J. Kenned/. KANGAROO, 1,874 tone Capt. Jeffirey. The undernoted or other veaaela are Intended to sail aa fol lowe raOM uvkBrooL City of Washington Wednesday, February 10 Kangaroo " " 24 City of Baltimore " March 10 City of Washington " St And each alternate Wednesday, raoa ?iv roaa. OUy of Waahlngton Thursday, March 4 Kangaroo " " 18 City of Bal tmnre " April 1 City of Waahlngton " 15 And each alternate Thursday, At 12 o'clock noon, from pier No. 44 North liver. Rate* of cabin passageFrom New York and Philadelphia, $75. Krom Liverpool, 21 guineas, 17 guinea* and 15 guinea*, according to the aocemmodatlon* In toe slate rooms all having the same privilege In theaaloon; lucluding steward'a fees. Third claas passengers?A limited number of third rises passenger* will be taken. and round In aa much provisions aa required. From Philadelphia and New York, $10; from Liverpool, $46. These steamer* are constructed with Improved water ttgh*. compartment*. Each vessel carries an experienced surgeon and every attention paid to the comfort aud accommodation of paaaenger*. Draft* on IJverpool from ?1 upwards Shipper a of specie will please notice that Insurance by the veaaela of this company can now be done in New York and In England on the same term* a* bv the mall paddle s'eamera. For freight or paaaage apply at the office of the company, JOHN O. HALF. 15 broad nay, New York agent, or WM. INMAN, 1 and 15 Tower Bulldlngi, Liverpool agent rrtOR BOUTBAEPTON AND HA TBI?THE UNITED P States mall steamer ARAGO, D. Lines, commander, will leave for|Havre, touching at Southampton to land the malls and paaaenger*.on Saturday, March 6,al 12o'clock, from pier 87 North rtver, root of 11 each streak This ship buflve w*l? tight compartment* enrloelng the engine* *. thai In the event or collision or stranding the water eould not reach them, and the pump* being free to work, the safety of the vessel and passenger* would be secured. Raggage not wanted during the voyage should be sent on board the day before sailing, marked1'below." For freight or passage apply to W. ft. DRAYTON, agent, No. 7 Broadway. V. B.?Tho steamer Fulton will succeed the Arsgo, and mil April 1 CfTRAM TO SOUTHAMPTON AND HAVH1.-THR MAO O nlfloent steamship VANOKKBILT, &,m tone, P. K. Le fevre, master, will aaU with the malls? raoa saw tobs roa raoa BOtrrmarvoiv abb sotrraABrTOn abs hatbb. hatbb roa saw voaa. Saturday April 10 Wednesday April 2ft Saturday May B Wednesday June 9 Saturday July 3 Wednesday July 21 Price sf passage according to location of room. First eabln, $100 and $130; serond cabin, $00 and $78. Specie delivered In London and Parts For passage and freight apply to D, TORRANCE, Agent, No. t Bowling green. New York. rE HAMBURG MATT. BTKAM8IIIP B0BUR8IA. CART. Trautmann. will sail Monday. Marrli 1, from the comEanv'spler. No. 21 North river, for Hamburg via Southamp uv. taking psaacngers fvr Havre, Loudon, Bonthamplon and batnburg at uniform rates Flratcabin $100. Heoond rabtn. .$65 Steerage. $35. C. B. RICHARD, BOAS A CO.. 190 Broadway. otram TO liverpool roR$S0?THR steamship O city op Washington, cant. Pctrie. win sail on Thursday, Marrh 4 Passage lu cabin. $79; third class. $30, Including provision*. For passage apply to R. J. COKT1B A CO., 177 Broadway. SHU'S FOR LIVERPOOL AND LONDON.?THE CRLR hraled ship NKW WORLD, 3.000 tons, sails for IJverpool this day. The packet ship l?ONI)ON, for Ijondon, sails March 1. Fere?Second cabin. 110, steerage, tilt. and round. Pas renters brought out from England at low rales. Appl* TIIOH. C. ROCI1R, 83 South street BLACK BALL LINE OF PACKRT8.-FOR LIVERPOOL, the ship YtlBKHHIKK, Capt. Itrysnt. will sail on the 2nih February. Second cabin pssaage, $211. ateeragn,$lH, and lound with provisions by the ship Apply on bosfd, foot of Heekmati street, or to JACOB WILSON. 108 South street. First packet for Liverpool-packet ist March?The celebrated rllpprr ship RNDYMION, Cspt. Hallett. positively salts as above Fare lu cabin. $61; serond cshln, $2p. steerage, $18. and found Is rnoksu provisions. Fi r passage spplv on board, pier 14 Can river, or to TAPSCOTT a CO , 86 South street vprw tore and nan feajiowoo steamship i> Una. vis Panama B*Hroad.-1tn flrst elssa steamship NORTHERN LIGHT, $900 tons, R. L. Ttnkstpaugh mas Mr. will sail from ptsr 3 North river, on Wednesday. March 10, tor A spin wall. connecting with the Ural elaas steamship < >RI SABA, 2.608 tons. t. ii Blethra master leaving Han Fraa elaso Marsh 6. Fqc passage and freight apply only tn D. TORRANCE, agent No. 6 Bowling Oman. New York. 17IOR HAVANA AND HKW ORI.KANa.-rHK UNITRO JP Stales mail alwamahlp HI. A OK WARRIOR, J. W. Srattb, Oommandar. will eommenen receiving freight on WfJne?l?i, Feb 34, anil will ull for the above porta on Saturday. Fan. *7. ?l 12 o'clock proWsrly. from pier foot of Robinson street, N. R. for freight or p?w?(f apply to the agents, LIVINU8Tt vN, CRltvHKKON A CO, U Farkpler*. TTNITFP RTATKH MATT. 8TKAMHIIIF I,INK NOR HA I1 vans anil New Orleans ?On Thursday March 4, IHhft. at 2 o'clock F M . from pier fool of Warren street, Norlh river, the faat ami favorite steamship KMI'IKK t.'lf V, H. F. Orlflln. will aall aa a bora Passage ran ba secured al the ollu e of the line Hhipprrs will ba supplied with blank hllta of lading of tha forma signed by iba Una on application at thalr offlre. No otbar forma signeu, and no bill of lading will br algnrd after the boor of aalllng For freight or paaaage apply at tba office, 177 Weal street, corner of Warren. , M O. ROBKBT8, Agent. FHHOR CALIFORNIA.-UNITFD ST A T B? MAT!, I.INK, rla Fanama Railroad -The United Stataa Mail Nteamshir t'ompinv ?| I despatch lor Aaninwall. on Friday, March 4, lefts, at 2 o'rloek F M precisely, from pier foot of Warren street North rlrer, the new and elegant ateamahip MOMKA TAYLOR, t'aptaln John MclJtwan. This ateainar la hnllt w ith water U(lit bulkheada. and la fully equipped with the latest and beat Intentions. Intended to secure safety and com fort to the traveller I'aaaengera and malla will be forwarded br Fatiema Railroad, and oonnerl at I'atiama with the Facittr M?il Heamahlp t'ompanr a magnlflrent steamship JOHN 1.. flTKPHNNR, commander which will b# In readiness and lesve Immediately for Han Francisco The public ara is formed that the Pacific Mall Htearaahlp nmnsn j always Imre one or more eitra steamers lying at Panama ready for aen, to arotd any possible detention of passengers or malla. For passage apply to I W RAYMOND, at the office of the com nanj. 177 West street, corner of Warren New Tork. Regu lar Untied Htatea mall steamer days, I h and RRh of eacb month. A^HUflTRAt.lA PIONKFR LINK?KRTAHI.IRIIKD IHAS. t'arrylt f the United Stales mails flailing poattlraly on the day advertised. Packets for March The line Newbitrrport built clipper ablp LYRA 19ts? tons register.) A heerer. ctsnmander, la now rapidly loading at pier No 9 Fast rlrcr, and will hara prompt despatch for Melbourne dlrsct. The well known clipper ship CARR1NOTON. CIS tons register.) flumner master la now receiving cargo al pier No. ft Raal river, and being positively engaged two ihlrdn full, will have despatch as above for Sydner direct There ships hare elegant ace mtnodatioos for both firs' and armtid class passengers For freight or passage apply on board, or to R W f'AMFRON, No ? Rowling flreei flight hills for sale, and rash advances made on consignments Consignees in Australia Messrs Wilkinson Brotliera A Co F'OR MFI.ROURN'F. AI'HTKAI.IA -K AfHJAROO I.INK ?To sail positively on Thursday. March A ? The elegant and rttreme a I cllppe'shlp fb'RAN ROVKR M P P'cker Ing commander, wl 1 be despatched for Melbourne direct on Thumdaj ncit A rcw dlscrgan-1 berth* In first and sMMMl cabin rah be aerii'cd by early application on board, at pier In Faat river, or to MAtl.UR I.ORO A UUFRKAU. Itlfl Wall street, or UOOUKVK ARKKM. A KI.I.IOT, 100 Fearl treet. FBlOB HAVANNAH AND FLORIDA.-TIIF RTRAMflHir FldiRIDA, l apt laaar Crowell, will Imti on Haturdny, V7*b Februarv, al 4 o click IV M . from pter No 4 North river Rtlla of lading signed on hoard. For fretskt or pamage apply to H AMI' F.I. T, i ITCH ILL A HON. No IS Broadway Hleam era for Florida connect wltk the above, leaving flavaanab every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. FI'R CIIAIU.KSTON TTTt STRAy-nlp *FMP!!!Captain ileorge W. Wateon. will leare pier 12 North rWer, on Saturday, Fehrnar} *7. al 4 P. M preelaely, I'M Mr' $1.1. with aupertor aceommodatlnna. Freight 8 renta act llleenta par foo4.> InenrometA par rant 'llwrt at nnr other. Apply to H. M. 1 tt< >M WkU, A CO, 191 Waabtr.g Ion atreet f fjjlOR ( H ARl.F.sTON ANI? FMIRIDA -SHM1 WKKK T V ' I'nlted Statea mail aide wheel ateamahlp line.?thr m*i< n Arent and eery faal going ateamahlp N ASH VI 1,1.K, I, at Mntray, commander will leare pier No. 4 North rlrar. on Saturday. Fab. X. at 4 o'eloek F. M preelaely. For freight or paaaaar applk to RPOFFORH, TIl.KsTtlN A (*) , 19 Hroadway the farortte ateamahlp J A MRS A PURR S (' Turner, commander. will anoceed and leave on Nmlnea lay, March I. Through ticket* to Florida may he had by applying aaabore The attention of ?htppera la "railed to the low rale ofDetght and the liooranee n the aame hjr the ahore line. rR NORFOl.R AND RICHMOND -TIIR t'NITRi) 8tat?a mall ati awieljp .'AMRSTtiWN. Quit. Par?h. will leare on Saturday, 27ih inatant, at 3 o'clock r. M.. front pier 13 North rtter. She will arrlre at Norfolk on ?nnd.<y arer noon, and at Richmond on Monday morning. Paaarngera for the Sonth will proceed dlrer'ly on hy the (real Southern mall line Trarellera will llnd Ihia 'he r-heareat, pleaaantea'and nmat etpedltioue route. I'e*r?*e and fare Including aia"room, to Norton 9s. In Peier??.nr? and Richmond. $10. ateer ? ge. half prlca. Apply to lA'l'l.AM A I'LKaSANTs. No. Si Hroadway Notirf. -cnnriunrw ffr stramship cttt of WaSHINuToN are hereoy notified that ahe will It* rhargr under general order on fUturday, the f7th inatant, at 7 ? Block A M All gooda not permitted will he aent to the public mote JOHN ??. WALK. Agent. 1A Mrondway. I Haw Imi Feb M. iatt IDA., FEBRUARY 26, 1& _ AMl'MKMKNTfl. / I AAA BROADWAl, 7 t T (Christy A \V\?d'? oil H*U.) At-vpnili and Laat \V>fk of *lu? S< a*m BUCKLKTH- BKKKMADK?B m-H. HORN and BISHOP BUUKIJfT In Uirlr guwr iiuiuut and comical doiu??. PoMPKY'B HKBT ULShON,

huiak a tuuuao, OFOROK'S GROVE IKK MINUTE, T THE ACADKMT OF M031O, New (org* choruses du '? solos, Ac. i*oor?ot,*ii at 8W; oo i.n eocnaiTH * -< ?'?o? ? ?ts COMl'MvilbTAm TKHTlMONlAl. to F It WATER MAP Saturday evening. Feb. 17. lookout (or fuu SPBCIAIs IVOTIC 10N. ABBUaOMT LETTER* Of CREDIT To travellers. To All parts of the world. 78 Borer Mr?t AT A 8RKCIAI. MEETING OF OUUCK 1IOSK COM {\. piny No 11, h*ldat the carriage house oa Thursday, 2bth Inat., (he following resolution! were unauiiunuely adopted:? Keaolved, That In the formation of the Firemen'* Fund In aurai.ce Company, thr one ball of the net prodta of which are to be given to the atockhoIderH. an<1 tbe other half to the Fire lleparttncnt Fund, we recognise the aptrtt ot enlarged and humane liberality. Resolved. That the generoua and ennobling principles which actuate Its founders in freely yielding an large a |uo portion of |Im earnings for our chaifiaMe fuud, demands sad shall receive In relui n our hearty, cordial and energetic co operation In extending the usefulnessof the Firemen's Fuud Insurance Company. Rerolved, That (lie aerrrUry of thiscompac'y he authorized to subscribe for thirty shares of said stock Kuans Cvbtis. hec'y. 1>. u ROBINSON, Korem in R1ABON1C NOTICE.?THE MEMBERS OF PIATT JW Lodge No IMF. and A. M , are hereby notified to at tend a special mee'lug of slid lodge, at their room, Odd Fallows' Ilall. onhunday the attn lnst , at 11 o'clock A. M., for the purpose of paying the last sad tribute of respect to our late brother. Martin Hill. Bee; iren of staler lodge* are must respectfully Invited to Join with us lly order. J. XcKksvbk, Secretary. M. C. MORLANP. W M. None*.?THE ANNUA!, ELECTION OF DIRECTORS In the New York and Virginia Steamship Company will be bald at tie office of the company , 111 Broad way, on Tuesday. March 2, between the hours of li and 2 o'clock F. W. l'LKABANTH, Be notary. Notice.?all persons arf. hf.rebt forbidden to harbor or trust any of the crew of 'he steamship CITY OK WASHINGTON, retrie master, from Liverpool, an no debts of their contracting wil! be paid by the captain or agent. JOllN if. DALE, Agent, 18 Broadway. Nbw Yobk. Feb. 2b, 186#. OFFICE OF THE ILLINOIS CENTRAL RAILROAD Company, New York, Feb 18, ISM ?The annua! meet In* of the stockholding of the Illinois U-a'rjl Railroad t orn pany, for tho election of directors, and thr. transaction of u; other business that m>r properly come liebire the meeting, will he held at the office of the company, lu>ht>clly of Chicago, 111 . 01. Wednesday, the 17th day or March. IS5H, at 10?-i O'rlak A M. The transfer hooks will be closed at the New Yorkrfll ce on the H?ta of Marrh. and re opened on the 2Jd_ Ity order of the Board of Directors. * W. K. AOKEBMAK, Secretary. RBMOVKO.?J08RPH MX, DBAPKK AND TAILOR, has removed from No. 9 Warren strsst to Ni. 67 Walker street, one door wci*. ef Broad war SKA I.ED PROPOSALS WILL BE R&CKIVJID UNTIL March 2. at the office of the Board of Education, where pious and specifications may be seen, for repairing Ward School ho. 44, corner of North Moore and Tarlok streets; and also for repairing and furnishing new furutVure for the same. .IAS. It DUPKJNAC.396 Broadway, Chair. J JOHN BES8QN. 1S4 West street, > Cotn'tee. JAJ'Wt M. TUTHILL. 114 Warrea street S T11V FOLLOWING PACKAGES, BBOtlOUT HOMK tmm the "World's Fair," remstn at ih? Navy Yard, New York The owners of them are requeued to take them sway forthwith.? No. on package. Marks. Contents. I l>c Henry Ad.ims. Mr. Portable bed. tilhon, cor. of Kul ton and Broadway, N. *. Pox No. 2S K. R Machinery Hot No. 46 K. R M.iyutrd A Noyes Ink. Box No. 104 E. R Sarsxpartlla. Box No. 69 K. R Machinery 1 boa fjomberd A Hall... Specimen" of Ante rlcau sawing. Box No. 119 E. K Machinery. Box No. 112 K. K Chart* Box No. 42 K. R Chains Box No. 225 K. R Machinery. Box No. 04 K R Machinery. Hoi No. 1(2 K R Books. 1 box K. K Corn dour. Pox No. 110 k. K M'Mel spring bed 1 box K. R Aironjnier T1IOS K BOOTES, Commander pro. teen. Nxv* Takd. Nr.w York, Feb. 8. 184* noma, iunihik, <m-., wmim, d>Q Oil/1 ?TO OROCER8.- WANTED TO PURVUivUili rhasc. a good Oral class rxrallygrocery. In a good location. Any one having sucb s store for sale will llud a csab customer, or would lake an intereit In such Wnu'.d liai c no objection 'o a wholesale grocery or provision business. A dares* tlrocer, boi 204 Herald office. a FURNISHED HOUSE WANTED?IN NKW YORK, A not above Tenth strept, or In Brooklyn, convenient to Fulton snd Wall street ferries, by s eery'respectable lady, without encumbrance of any kind, where the rent or a part of It would be taken In board, with the privilege of taking a few other boarders. Good reference glren. Address, O. K., Herald office. ATOUKO OKNTI.EMAN A NP WD K WISH TWO OR three room*, on aecond th or anil haaement. for houae kcrytng. now ?r *' m*t- ,n * reapeetable nrtcbhorbood, be I twren mid Prime and Fourth atreeia, weal of Broadway with a rrivate family. Kent not over Kefrrrnrea ex changed. Addrrw, with particular!. Charl-aMerrill, 11-raid i office. 1 XJAI.F A HODHK WANTED.?THE I'PPKR PART OF A XI email hnttae wanted, eay about four room* and Irnlb r?"m, for a quirt family of three neraooa, from lit of May next Urnt about tMl a year. Reference required. Addicw J. Wright Poet office nOPSE WANTED-A MEPTFM STEEP FVOLTSH haaement houae no' above Twenty third ilrrrt Rrnt not to exreed fflflo Poa*??MOn to I* clven on or about the lit of May. Addrtra I. W., Krrrell Houae. nOrSE WANTED.?WANTKP TO HTRK A FIR8T r'a?? botiar, with tnodrrn Improvement. brtwrnn high- and Twrenty third urrn'? and Fourth and Kllth eve nuea A ".drew A. V. It . Hemld office elating ternu and location. for three day*. HOl'SK WANTED IN JKRSRYCITT -A SMALL NEAT bonie, with all tlir modern tmprnvemenie. convenient to thr frrry. Pit laantir located. Kent not to exceed WHO Any parties having ancn hnuaa mar hear of a good prompt Fay Ire tenaut by addrraamg T. C P., boi I *42 New Yorlf oat office. CJKt'ONP HAND COTTON MACHINERY W.ANTEP4^ PoUl t-elf acting miilee. With OUI) B|llndlea each; one draw IIIw frame. with all drliverlra, one cotton willow. A 1 drew JR. Campbell, box 1(0 Poat office, I'atorami. N.J CI A'l EN ISI.ANP WANTKP 11? ItKNT Ml<?V T11 l-T H of May nrit, a hou?e iul'able for namill family, r-inrenlrnt to any of the three landing* Poaaeaifnn re Mired early In April. Addreaa. staling location and tertna. C. H K . Herald office. SECOND FLOOR WANTKP? HYJA VERY SMALL 11 EN" teel f.nitly, for housekeeping. for which $11 per mouth wilt be paid In adranei If aui'aldy furnlahed $I.A 'iac ?.f gaa Included In above sums. Addreaa T. J. R . Herald office, itn mediately. TO LANDLORDS.?WANTED. A TWO OR THREE aiory bouae, on a leaae for a term of yeara. any where bell * II .a ' o atrret. beta t-en Hioadway m.d !he flowery. In a mod Ittcailon for a first claw bakery Any peraon haInr tVie above menUnned to let will hear of a goon tenart by a i .rename K Harrla. 109 Ninth avenue. N. V., for one week A earner will lie preferred. \\T ANTEP?A OOOP EST A HUSKED BAKERY FOR ft which a fair price will be paid Addreaa linker. Herald office. Yl^ANTED?FROM THR FIRST OF APRIL NRIT IN FT Jersey City convenient to the ferry pari of a hmiae fOMP'in| i?i iron; ana p?r? r< ">vn. ira* nrarouai ?uu ?iv* ??-?. for naniail family Pleaae atate rtnt, Ac.. to Y . boi XP.M Haw Yo) k poet oH?e. "iarantpp?a thppp stout attic norer rrn ?T mailed. aiiltahle for a genteel boarding houae whrre the family will par pan or whole of the rem aaan eijulralent for hoard. Mnet be located between K.ahlh and Twenlythird afrarta ami Kroadway aod nuth avenue Pleaae ad draaa Immediately, stating terms, Ac., II and K , Herald office. WARTK1S-A FOVR HTORY. FIRST OI.ARR HTOH ?Y sloop bona*. In a Brut claaa neighborhood, between Kliihth and Thirtieth straaia and Fourth and Mlnlh araanaa. In rant far nna yaar, witb the prlrllaga of puyrhaaiiig tba aama nllhln tba vrar. Price not to eiread fin Ouu. Adlraaa bos *,|M Post office. YI* AKfPr?FPPPTRHPP A PROMT ROOM AMP HAIJ. yr bcdrooM, Communicating, whit gaa by a gentleman for f? par raon h cash In adraaro AOdreaa W. T.. Herald ofllrf T\r ANTRP-PABT OF A TIOtrPF. COWRTRTIJin OF Tf lo ir rooaia, for a fmuly of tb-aa persoua. Addreta A It ? ' 11K7 Hera I'?flu r 11* ARTKP?PART OP A IIOURP COKTAIMIMO Pit K T> orilsaootna Mnet he plraaantlT located and runt not to i taaad fiAS* par ruin im PosM-aa. ? on th?' brat of ??> A'dmaaJ P. Penny <Tft Broadway. R B Rone nted reply wltbout slating lama. ri'. VTYb-IT A mom.T RPRPKf-rtBI.F pprrow, Tr tclaaan, a madlum altad wall furnished bouaa on con u." in bat tba whole or part of tba rant srtll be laknn by the na nar In loard. I<ocatlon praferra d a bora Awity street be In . ail Fourth and Klghtb aranuaa Rajafeciory references > wl'l ba K'ran. wltb full particulars. Plaaaa adilrraa J. Ball, I Torbrllla UrARTPP?A HAM. Pt*RNf*If*P IfOrRP OR A If antlra fnmtahad floor, constating of ecreral rooma. wnh I board, lor a frw genteel boardara Address J. P. IS.. 1?4 W .tar atraat. YlfAKTKP ?FOR A QPIFT PAMII.T OP THRPP PFR FY sons 'ha upper part ' , mall genteel bnoea > h modern 'mprov. mania. In a pleas-.f location, nof kbore Canal anl ml far from Hraadwa*. rrem the tlrai of May. rant fioo A.ldretsff M , lleraid ofltce \1* AM fPP t T1IRPP Oil rot It ATOPY tiorflp tr TH Y> all tba mr- tern Improvements. Ro fficrttah baaeman Bn'Stlnn mil"' ba betw? n Fourth and Righ'h a <anw Roitrth aad Twenty alvh ? raala Possession n ,n'ad bribe fir' of Aprl Address, afatlne fnll particulars and rant, wbl.'h mi i at ba mod .rata. Merchant, bos S..UV Poal oillca. rtfARTRn-TO RFKT. A rrRNrAHRn OR tNFI'K ff nil had hnnae, mai Hroadway, lor a amen pneaio 11>tr.. I) between K.?hh and Sutcruth aueela Rent a*t to ?? md "$600 per anutim. Alines H H., I'uh.a > mare Pos' rIBtf. Tir tRTKO-Tt) RIRF A Wiy.I. RI'TT.T TWO OR THRFF Tf ni'irr heme In a rind neirhforhond 'oea-el antne where he'ween Ktghth and I hi rue'b atrreta not weet ?l Si emh or eas' of l.e?)t.*u>a ar.uur, iem nut to emeu (*<> A'Mrraa ' <'? A"11 P'^al ifllce. *t'A?:TKr* TO FFRT-FOR ORF VRA* OR TT"* * V? lease a three amr* bonae, allna'ad la a rend nei*hhebend with the modern lmn?n?e?ent? reliable frw a email famitr. Rent not ?n exceed *4*i Anjr prrann haricr rich a In a-to rrtU whl Una a deaiaal'.e raab tenau; b)r a<iLe?aa.? W D.. Ir ? No. I.ttit Poat oHioe, Ne a York WARTKO TO RFVT A OorwoRTAR' T TWO OR three alnr* ha?a? U tb? Wealth i??-d Ailreae F??T. Herald Mtoe % >8. f_ _ ANl'NKDIKNTM. A CADKMT OK MTTHIC.?ROBRRT L? DIABI.I J\ letaeee mi l Rote Director H. FllmaR Thla morniax at y,coin?rBort the earof UckMudwau for Una evenlna'a RoltKRT LK DIAHLKand to na irrow a KRNaNI, wbieh lag vro at a cheap Opera night Thin (Khll)ATI earning, at'S dooraopeu Bt <S\, Heyerbeer'i grand opera In tier acta, of KOBRilT LR DIABLK, with new scenery, Dew dreaars, new propertied, lecrMiel ?Uorua, crchtatia and ballet. MADAMK D'ANORI will appear for the tint time aa (he t'rtnceaa, thua making the caat perfect tn every reapect CARL PORMR8 will appear tor the last time In hi* great role o* lieet am LA OKANtlK. D'ANhRI. DUCT KAKRK, MMNaKDC, LABOtlKTTA, KOKMtth. The aale of arata for "Robert" comm> nee< tl a morning. 1<> morrow (Raturdar) at K CHKAP OKKRA NIOHT. Admission M rcnta, resereed teata 26 cools extra; amphitheatre 36 ceu'e VARU lb* Ptrector, being determined lo offer lo the patccna <?f the Cheap opera tughu attractions equal to thoae given on the re ular nights, announce! for Saturday tbe Ant perl< rtnauoe of KKNANI, on which occasion IfAPAMC P'ANQRI will make her flrst appearance aa Char lea the Fifth. The other role* by I,A GRANGE. BIGNARPI OA88TKR Theaaleof vests for "Krnaol" emnroeores this morning at9. On Monday?A ROPRINIaN RKVIVAL I irat and positively onlj^r!|h^^of LAGRANGE, TUJKKINI, LABOCKTTA. GASSIER, CARL FORMKH. OTELI.O cannot be repeated untU after the HUGUENOTS. The aale of acuta for "IKeUo" commences on Saturday To SuBSt-KiRKtA - The Academy being required for the re hearaala of the "Hugnenota," no Matinee can be given neat week The tubecrtbera aJe enutled to an admission to "Br uaut ' iualead of ib* Mailnee THK KHI'KCIAL ATTENTION .of the public i* called to the. advertisement ccnce nlng the HUGuRNOTfi, In ano'her column. Broapway theatre K. A Mara nail Ma Leasee (Ala?oi the new Academy of M'tsle Philadelphia) Manager of the Zoological Department... .Mr, Van Ambnrgk Kqueatrlan Manager J. M Mhsa INCREASED SUCCESS TTIK ()RRAT?k*HIBITrOA Krlday evening Feb 2fi THK GREAT RIDERB together wllh Tbe Menagerie of YAN AMBU3G3 A 0*>.. and the JUVENILE PRAMATTC AXTISTfl will appear in a 8PLKNDIB HOLIDAY SYLBOTCOR Re vival of the great Fairy Spectacle ClNUKRKLuA. wllh the famous I.ANCEBfl QUADRILLE which has made so great a sen rat ion to GULLIVER. The beautiful entry act, BALLET PK FLEUR. The popular comic act. PETE JENKINR, by Mr. SHERWOOD The great performance without saddle or brkLs ny KATON STONE, An original stump epeech by BAM I.ATKROR. LoU of new Jokes by PEN STONE The daehlng daring and beautiful equestrienne. MLLK. VIROIMIA. CINDERELLA EVERY EVENIWO. NOTICE CINDERELLA wtUhe performed ?r err Wednesday and Bn turday afternoon. Doorsopen at 1; performansea nn mm nana at a o'clock. TkOWKBY THEATRE . SJ l.ovaopaaa stanager nr. wooy rau'KH ?lloieaand parquet, Kenti. PI'., II roo'4, Private boiea. 16 uid S3; aeata In private boeea, SO oenta. By demand, shakspere'a MACBETH. Thi? iFkiimv) Rvchiwo, Pna 26 with a powerful caa'.. MarUetb Mr Eddy | Maodv.ff R Johnatoo and the entire double company. The raulteal d'ama of l.AKITTK, THK PIRATE OF THX GULF, . wt 'h a great caat. And the THK HI. AC K SMITH OF GHENT. BURTON'S NKW THEATRE.?F RID AT?A CAPITAL aaaortment ol plecea The beautiful pictorial and hlgu !y laughable drama of l'AIMB AM) I.ONDON, with ua mag nideent panorama of a aea voyage and very (udlcioua incldrnlabyland and water. Mr. Burton will play hla original part of Thomaa Trot. All the crmpany wl! appear. The I arc** of TfaK BI.KKi'RSR STKRKT HOARDING HOl'HK tlrat and only tim? this aeaaon. To morrcw-PAUL PRY. Monday - Mr. and Mra. K. L. I avenporl wl_ appear ua Ham let and Ophelia. WOOD'S BUILDINGS, BROADWAT, NEAR PRIKO a'.reet Henry Wood Proprlatoi OEO CHRIRTT A WOOD'S MTNST Under the dlrmlion of H. Wood and Geo. LhrUiy KXTRA REVIVAL NKORO MINSPREI.9T. To conclude wl'h Bleeker'a touching drama of VII KO, TI1F. MONKKT. with new aomiery, properttaa, Ac. W?ffo, the monkey Oao. (Thrlaty Oambo, ?" over*e?ar. Geo IloUapc Tlekota Zi centa. Doora op en at 6, to commence at 7)6 o'clock Franklin mumpm," lr grand street "owl door from Prondway.?<Ferlur eotartalnmenta. Warn and comfortable Avery afternoon and evening. Two par roimaneea dally, com manning at 3 o'elock In the afternoon ard a* 7H ,n the aveolng Htrangrre and other* will obasrra thai the above la the oaly astabTiahment la the United BUIaa wbera the MODEL ARTISTES are eihlhited?oonaiating of a company of yinus aiUataa, numbering ^nirwci ? I who, for beaut; end aymmetry of (Igure, aland unrtvaBad hi the wrrld Fourteen tableau* ever* afternoon end evening thn wee*. Introducing aeveral original plctnrea, laimgd otltere "the Three itraeea," "Venu* Blalng flrom the Ben," "happbo," Ac. Alao, wlli appear, the frmalk oFbba TROUT*, compnoed of young lad; *<>ra)l*t* Aim. Hon*. Orefohre, Mm atrongeat man in lie world, with other entertainment*. rrrrrj AFTBBNOON AND NIGHT Ai'mlmton?Orrhaatra aeala, to oenta. botaa, ttreaM; private lK>*ea. Si Notiea.?Gala day? lhat day of the ?eaaoa Halurday, Feb. T. will be for the JtFWKFIT OF TOR MANAORB. an which oeeaaloa a bill of lmmen** attraction* win be offbrad Nearly llJO young ladlee will appear, farming a grand eloelag featiral. rmnj^o-s celebrated Painting of the HOLT FAJfILT (belonging to the Bravuorl family) la now on ethiMUnn at the FINR ABT UALLSBY, 3M Broadway Admlaalon 2ft oenta OOCrTl> k OO. K. RNORDLBB, DlreeMr. AC A whM * u? BUSK). 1 wane and Bole IHreetnr B. UUmaa THR HUGUFNOTB, 'to he produced at irademt of Mualr on or about March 15 I Nearly every manager w ho, during the laal ten yeara haa utdertaieo the direction of the opera with the view of oourae, lowarda Ita "permanent eetauitahment, ' haa regular ly promised to give the 'Huguenot*.' and aa regularly tailed if fulfil hia | mmtae. Une not only failed In hi* pnimiae*. hm >n hla hu*lne?a too . a aeeoad lacked the mean* to produce the i ner* tn efti-ruve e'> le while other* had not artiat*i-n nigh or artiat* noi good enough properly to render the mualr. The a< tnal manager haa n* ?ueh e*rua? a to offer. The merit* of hie company are well known Tbauka to the patronage of the puhllr. be liae not only recovered the luaeev incurred during the tale lluane at revulatou-loe?ea amounting to nearly SFl, UOo?but he baa alao been enabled to arpilre * valuable theatrical properly, ronalaiing ot mu*!r wardrobe and acenery, and to ae< apart a ?ufltcient aum tn loaore the re^fceentaiiou of the ' Huguenot*" In an eftranrdinary manner Ibc mute en arene of "Robert le lhat le ' and "Don flloran n bine brtu p'uominred the m> *t perfecterer witneaard In Hi* ri ii.'ry The director triad to aire tae pub Ir an appro* Imate idea of how na opera afcculd hd "mouni*d,' hut, liter alt. be haa not done more than may be aeea la every opera of u.utiaola lilu al a*v.( i n if UT t(K r*a i > uel ti i (Km II i, if iia. not* however ha prrparea the public f.,p a far grandrr sight? * ml?e ra ?r?ir fully as pi<t an Imposing array of 1 atorsl and InstrnmsnUl mssac* and aa attention lo area the * mltglv amal1' it llcma "f detail luijy aa close sod mnu'.c a* can he found nlj at that m>sit celebrated establishment, the Imperial opera in Carta The production of the ' Huguenot*" during the present aea aon M a natural t onaequener of the eitraoi dinary aueeeaa of "Robert le lilaole " It la hardly ?woesvary to call attention tn till moat relci rated ol modern up.-ma which consolidated the reputation of Meyerbeer aa bttng the greatest operatic composer since Motart. T fair sensation created by "Robert le Plable" was one of an gular Intensity It It. augu rated the era of the romantic school-a school which haa eierriaed an Influence on music equal to that of VI Jtor H u(o "hotre I lame ' on modern lite ra:urr,orthe revolution of Julvontbe political completion of %urope?three events which followed each other In rapid succession It can easily be Imagined, therefore lo what a potnl public Curiosity was alretrbed. when It was announced that la the 'Huguenots Meyerbeer inteaded to eatabliah, cooelusieely, the pre eminence of the "romantic" and ' emotional ' over the "rlaagleal" and 'aertlmental" schools. putting the flniablng touch to M?r worh begun In ' Rntmit le |)lablrT' It ta Med leas to recapitulate the fierce lavertlrea of the u ilaatlca. ' or the anathemas fulminated against the here Ileal innovator- the apostate from the orthtdo* creed of Instrumentation and harmonic combination. These N long to the History of Musie. All these rlreiimataneee tendef material'r in enhance the eirttecnent then retgmng--aa eteltemet I constantly renewed whenever and wherever the "Hugusnnta" haa been glean 1 In re is however, n dill more powerful element at work, ahteh ha* ron'rtbnted more I ban anything else to make this opei a one of the great creations of the human mind. This element la the religious tendency that pervades the wo- k throughout. Meyerbeer. -Ike Motart and Beethoven, endeavored to por tray In evhnl h > rntnpealtmra one of those grand Ideas whloh at diflertmt epochs have agitated mankind. thus, in ' ftobert le IMaMe' we have aa Illustration of the e rna! warfare between g -i and evil, and their inesaaaai atrlfr hi the b man breast relieved and heightened In sllcct by the surrounding star sphere of medlteva' superstition Thus, also the religious fanaticism of the Ann Raptlata ua der cover e( which they concealed a steady pursuit uf revolu tb.nary objects, fuems be groundwork upon which the "Pro phet" la cnnairurted. _ The grand idea la Ihe "Huguenots ' la Protestantism perse ruled, but nnmnuuerod and at tutnng new vigor with every diftnt. _ . . .. . Marcel and Raotll fall vlctlma to religious barbarity, but thair death redoubles the strength of the cause for which ihey ai.ner t absiUtie abiurea the t'athobc faith befo e her death. I he truth mmaee unacalhM through the fiery urdeal, th->ugh t|>? ItMtmmdkl* of It* adr. racy are * hade red. Ilnr> lie pint <>f the "Hn*wenot?" being of that character, H mint ner*?*arily wit* unwonted attention In an rmln ntlf Prntentant eouniry, wlidm th* beauty and grandeur of the munlc I* calculated equally to iratlfe the m ?aae* and to fur n.ah the coutioi**eur will matter ?< atndy and renearch The anntraata of the mrlodtea?their auatertty when coming ' i I ' <t*n'? typified hy l.nther'a t'lviral their reek le-? cate'y when *ung by Raryiierlte or the nage reaalt in a perfect*)" df ehlarn nnaur? which baa itn only parallel la Ike i? Raphael oratXHreggto. I)MiAX>WAY THRATRR. fi rxtra Awworwritirtrp tie management ha* the nteaaure to annonftC* ?n engaganier, (for a United period) of Id A DARK LOU IMC Tflt'Rffl A IRK, ll. nrck'arttatr. Ir*m frapcooi'a paiia, the ?:R*ATltaT l.lVifil Ityv, tMTRIKRJf*. V"dainr Toprnlalre will Introduce her attid of highly trftMt tl rhhred daor'n* and maaeye horaea? 1 je P-uaa'an M ick junpin* horae. Tilt AmtricftL dfciiei.if bortt WAfttllfVOTOV, TV? TrrtK* m?n*f hoira. HRltAIAVT. Ri? At) 'rtrk horaa. am. WVh KM utiirt Madam* TnrroMTP Will lnpHr Ot Moajtf, aid ? m. >d? u?r arl WlTnolll WACDLK 0* BRIDIJI. Th - r Vy ?? ra?ri<i"*trieanr t* ih* world Who la eapaMR cf rer'r-nn'.n* tata act ta __ MADAM* TPtTRKIATRf IbWmiW anprrh and dar'n* of ar'^tra 1M aaaaaxra^a-. tlan anoonaoe lh? "> AAL*a#*ai*nl Of Mr JAM BP MRI.Hll.lX" tlir treat pqnpa'Haa who* rwwwt viuiapha at thla booaa will fcr r?|k InrTrrr mlod, Mr Mf'rwe a ???? ?' will eofluaeo* Of Notdtf. jr^ ANTIKNItim. W" " ALLAOI** THRATMV uhkat iitii urn >v thi hkw ru*t Tin r/nM-WJlu Uomi. i > , t|*? ?? >r? ! '?? 1I1K riKK-T KtfcK >?.K.N u* TilK <Tvik U|M,*M BIS* A'iVW ROMRRTWON. wko will snlMWr m Iwm w an fcVrriKKLV New ani> orkmndi. n,?? Id IhrM Mis. l?u?deA oa !* batuUfal *w?w la i*? iml lodiaa war, ad4 i&jjRrir API.*, Lbx tutor of "UmJmm iaurawt>"wb. will la * ptey III Utr riwwur on w ! ?! a -?? In puiMlm wHb MaUiy iba anaAr te tbe Beetle m tbr production of "lbe I'oor of Mow ?**" te ? > aunooaalon *f new ilMMk wurke Uintemu.a of urn ^ rreula and affording picture* of tbr toaca, the maaaatwaatel prracnt " Jcaair Brown, or tie Maltaf of Laakaew an a aubjeet of umuriel tnircaat, boa * Ho ?teirm uf rnMb < berncler. and froWi (he awartanUr It adarda * repnn i IO| pirtortallr thoa# new*an wht m liun mat atruggte m ma| na_ and acquainting tbn apfuaii with Oaf win of "?nai rf muMM-ra and < f Ufa In Wloanalaa. ?Wi ny* be n? > will be performed On new aad original dram a Oroe m*b, .iBMilK MRftVlf. on ran naunr or unit* written by pi Hovrrmaoll. Ka<i , au'bornd leaden Ammmanre," "Old Head* aad Vvung Hewna.'* New arrorry by Meaara KlrWnand laborwnwd 1 Nan* Sahib, Rajah of Mllboor Mr f? Modtelaad^ Acbms bia alktel Mr ??aa?wawar. Randal MoUregor. (.'apt. la tba 7Mb WlrblaaOan Mr laaaMr. Ueurdle McMrrgor, late brother. Katega la iba XM Regiment Mr A U Parma <. Rev. Land Mount, C bap lata to tba 33d R^lmaai Mr WMb hwaenle prlvalr :>.d Kvyiiueal... Mr T II Iteaaaa. t.aaalJy, corpora) Sbi Regiment 7 Mr Mb Highlander# of Iba ?teA kepiaieut Boldlrra of tba 13d Kegumea' BosbaJara, Brpoya. Illndooa. Ilmikahnurdar. fwnatat MMb follower# of Nana kabib Any Campbell KrillaM. Charlie to l Rfllr. her rhlldrrn Maater aad Mla? l?i f ; Jennie Brown. h>-r rervant Viae kgnee II11 m man. Alice Mtaa Mary -Pnnaam Who baa kindly oonarmed to pleg tbte pert at Iba rtynMI w the author Mary ...... MiaOiw. Ladu-a era ing*' iba heeleg?d fnatlliea act I - retro Beene I.?The llunralu. or ruuntri houee of Urn (OM hall, near l.urknow. wl'li diaiaat new of lb* rlty and On fioomtae nvar Birwrw Houih In India?Tlftta?A> Lmrt tbr apy of the HaaaNaMn ? The aciin end I be were JeaiMe lent end h?r lw? Pi i at ?Tba Ineter ai.irr The (IrK gleam of war WaadaM Mvliregor Mid Iba InlererplMl lellri-Tbe pi .(eel of I be Mn jab of Hltkom- to aurpriae Uie Bungaio?The ear ape d tbd rfiy and (be eppearMiri- ol the Her Hand MP onl ReadM lea I re the defence of llir IP. again lo Ibr ebaplaiu Mia ante acruplea A Bur-ggie balaern e.i.t hum wad courage hceiie 1-Btlertnr of lite Ruugeki by Blbbt-Iaberwaad ("eetlOv B dlacorvty?bweenie rn-mti 'irvt-VeivavJ ?lnar die 1 he foauir brother and alater-The beart'a reproof -A Ible of "Auld 1 JU>a H/ne " Brene S ?Mr# ( amphell'a chamber In (be Huegela?P bad 'If* ol Mirkniw by Ni?ht- The I .rt and 'he Howaatee man ?'Ibriilvbl of the outbreak?Tb* .rr .riil Amy - kanilaft |in uileeIn reaeue?"The Mnlrrgor baa *ira hd word beta tak It up"?Tte auddeu apiieaiaar. of sakih? TW cbild in peril?Jeaale'aree. ue- The attack of tbr Hln tona. aw trr Nana Kabib uiuu Ihe llunaalu The dr.penb?ftewirdM Mrllrrf or a Ural ngnt? "H<- blrnrben ' Jmani a peayrr- fM rbaplam and Jnealr refall the falling rnnrmar of tbr r lkf Bwreale aplurk and J rater'a aartifer?The r..te?pw ?tea recapen- Tnr altrmpt to blow up (be hrl l*e uneu. fab??e*e??|?' wtinafaAnt 1 ttnkn.,??."lla, ,rBla Mi ilraana U mm * Cdwar3 I" An ii ?A caurtand ball wlibln a H<ad<v> Temple la I wiMnow?The prisoners?Tbe maaaacre of t'a*?p The tivua r ( the Nana? Ilia attempt to make lleordler.iunacl hu brisker Randal to surrender?/ " air Mew of the case-Fler doom? llrnrdle yields to save her life?The letter?Jeeele fear* tat tlecrdle will *ign h'a Infamy?Darn* not speak to bin. MA recollects bnw u> address Ins heart?Thri" gk lb* melody m ni'<l Scotland, aba irngt Oh, why Irft I my bam*' Why did 11'row the ira* Oh, why lrp I my hainr In Ibr anM eone ry. Ar Thr welcome visiters from tbr Infernal regt ???The nM and ronn>e>inli>r?Oaaaldv'a tongue nearly l<>ar* blaa Mi load?The Nana and Jt?fa ''Oh where bare ya heaa a' Ma day my hoy .lairmla" The dark road cf cacara Tbe underground railroad aometiinea good for whlia folka?Randal nml lllnunt and a Rag nt liaice eomr loeirhaage p nor n are? Hie C> nelly nf the Nana?HU defence o( the rat oil?Tim letter Ii Oae'nc? Oeordle attempts to enanre Jeeaie'a eacape al (ha rarrlbre of hi* Iifr?The vengeance of thr Nana- "Hwlac their bodlea to Ibe minaret of the Temple, lieaide ibelr Rag er truce"?Mount la deapatr, "lfang me to?'."-Hladeaipe "M br counted In' ?The tenure of Ai hmnt?? Hind ?> <lmj Kawkea?He la bourd with the eorda deallne?l to ei?-wto Jessie?'The earape by the mine?Thr a,gnat of tbr clock af the moaque? hchtm t'* doom act. i ll.?The Residency?The Redan?Tbe fori fnrm'aglha out pnal work of the Rratdrnry?Dawn of day? Dlaiawt View of Ihr Kncempment and Trrneheaof Ibe Rrhrl Foroo? Rtviere Tableau-The besieged?The laat ration?No boaa id relief?Jessie in distress?The allai k and the renitlar? Tim laat br pe gone?1 hr prayrr of Ihr women to be killed rathv than fall Into tbe bands nf the Sepoy*?The terrible reeoliaa'l<.n of ttawnporr?1 he desperate alternative?tfute.lde befom dlabonor?The enemy approach?The terrible defence of lha women and children from tbe banda of iho barhariaoi?Jewries dream?"Nae, I'm nae dreamln?H'a ihr slogan o' (ha Hiphlatida?Help' helpl nelplat laat"?Thr Incredulity of lha men?The nearer approach of the foe?"To Ibe (una, nua. to the puna?Another hour and are we all aavedl"? The distant pibroch of tbe Seventy eighth High lander* la beard? 'Tfcg (tmpbella are coming"?Han-lock forcea hla way Into Ma rltj?"Should aold acquaintance he forgot"-Tbe columa of the Highland Infantry carries tbe Redan and reaeuee Ua brara detenders. Tableau. KuUrely new innate has been composed for Ihla pleae, Mr eluding a Scotch medley overture by Mr. J. P. Uoufce. who baa liven engaged u> conduct. In Uie course of thr play. Incidental tnlta action, MISS AtlNRs KOBKKTSON Will alng anatchea of thr foUowtog beautiful Scetek malmdie* ? "Auld I.ang Syne." "i harlia ti my Darling." , "t)h. Why liCft 1 my Hansel" "My Hoy Tainmlr '" "Tak yrr Auld Cloak about Te." "Auld Robtn tlray." The performance will conclude with a capital farce eeUUef SWISS SWAIN8. Kernel ?On and after February 22. Ihr doors will openM seven and Ibe curtain will rise at half nasi seven o'clock. I aura kkknkh n*w TTfiATRF. AM BROADWAY. J Friday Ktrriro, Fbr. M, IMA First night Ol Mark Umnn'i ihrrr art domesUs drama, MINI* VOIR CWN BUSINSnH Mr. Cdtman Mr Burnett Mr Verdnn Mr WheaUeAgtt Mr Hnvtbr 1 Mr JrH-rwi i irirtrr Mr Hutddart I Mr. Morrison Mr Ulle Mowbray Mr. Duncan Fowl?r Mr CliM Wmlr Mr Ma/iln I Hux/ard. Mr. Benwa Fanny M< rrlson Mlaa Laura Raima Mra. tiny-die Mlaa Manners I Marian ... Mrs. T. H. Joknxoa Mr* Oraafer .. Mlaa Millar f Mlaa Trlckaey Mra Phillip# To cooeludr with the at rer tlrlnf romioafily of TIIK HPROTRR HRIDKtlROOM. Aldwlnk> Mr. Btarne-t I Paul Mr Patera I ijignry h'a area? chararier.... Mr. Jeffarso* TOMORROW KVBNINU. Fab S-Tke ANNUAL HRNKFIT of Mr BtTRNKTT, Htage Manager. when TFIRMS 1'APITAL PIECK8 all] br performed Rot sheet now ovaDoora pcaalCV; tooomtmeno# at 7 >4 BARNUM K MUSKUM-HTARTI.INO NOVKLTT ROMS' thins piotureauue and brtUiauL Tbla afternoon at S o'clock. TllK SOAR1.RT I.KTTKK, Or, Tub Kltir Ohilw? a romanilr drama 10 a prologue and three acta. draaaRaaA by U I. Alkan. K*l . "rim llawlhoruci celebrated novel. Little Prarl. the Klnn <'Mild. Utile Cordelia Howard. Re? Mr. nunmeedale, Mr <). O Howard; lleatar Prynne. Mra. (I. 0. Howard. K?rnln| al 7 O'clock forty attvh parlwmanee of Lbcailraordlnarllyaurrnaafiii PIONKhR PATRIOT;!)*, Taa Maui or tiir War I'atii The beautiful Auuaria f ib b-na'ii II tigurca ol J. P. DONNKI.LV, Mra OURNINUHAM, Ar . tin- grand Panopticon Studio, the llappy Family LI ring Serpett, An, A>- , to bo anon aa uauaL AdmiaaJoo Moduli eliildron under ten. 13 cowla RTA NTH KINSTRFj/ Mechanics' llall, 471 Broadway, shore Or and afreet. ORANP ANNIVFRSARV WRKK Triumphant aueoeaa? Pleasing noreltle#?Crowded bnuaatt. Second work and immense hit of ibr burlesque of BRYANTS' DhKAM OF HIK)YRI, RT. Ni-w a?ngs. dances, plantation scenes. aoloa, eomteallUea, A#. HORNR8 AT PHAI.ON'S Doora open at A; bi commence at 7S o'clock Tickets Rl r ate Ratorday. February 17?First Ananal BENEFIT to DAM hrvant I A r It A KKhNKb NRW TIIRATRR ?J4 II R(l*l WAT. i Mr HI' RN KIT. Stage ill* infurnia hie circle of ar.rm'Viutrr and 'he | oh I ir?i,?r?ll. he I T<> MORROW BATt RDAt) RVRNlNlJ, PIH. ?7. ha a been eet apart ?? th" neeaalon of HIM ANNUA!. BRNKPIT, when he alnnarely hopea In ei. han?e .-..ngratiilallooe with A boat ol cl'l/ena who. he la ornud In bellece ha can nAM. an rRiNPiw anp wicu. wisnww. 1 The hill he offert le onamf powerful Interest, had will en?. mend Ifeelf In lb* faeorable con ?1 deration of every lover of a V t RIPI?. NOVRI. ANI> I.RUITIM atr rntprt ainn rnt. The heaullfoi (brae am ramie drama If Mark Leaetm, entitled NINL TOUB OWN HCHINUW. en bracing 'he 'alent of Neaara leff?raon. WVeatlelgh, Stodfart, Martlo. 'llle punran Burnett, Mlaeea Keeae aad Maanere Nra T M .lohnatna and Mra H. B. Philllpa After wblrh NT NRKIHHOR4 WTPR la wblrh Maawm. Jeferaon and Petera appear aa Brown and Bmlth. Tn e..oroide wlib an original plena de clrooaataaca. wrtUaB bj William P Hind* Kaq . entitled a STKAMBOAT PIRABTKR ON Tin NORTH BIVXB; Oa Nona r*i<iMTa?an rmr Hoar Pharartera by Neaara. Hurnett. Petera Martin, aadotbera. Tbe hot abeet la aow opea. i nti.pni "ooni-kit and kntbrtainotnt hau? fa ? Pleganily filled np and la avery way a euttable i aaia't for gentlemen of taate Performaneea vary ennetantly Ar lata of all klnda are lor Had to maka appUratloa at half pall 4 < eloek. FIAWIIiIN Nriim ITT oiANnfTRrrr. ONNOOO* from ftrnadway ? Ritra ard laal day of tbe wtaler aaawn (Jraed atlrariioe f.?r on.- 'ay only batcrpat. riR r. both In tbe afternoon ana evening. *111 be for the BKNiriT or Till MANAOKR. on which occaeion a line hill will be ctqen Nearly ONR Ifl'NPRRP TOPNff I.APfWR will aprear In the aftern.on acd evening when aererml nrtftnal pminrra will be IntrxU'-ed. amongat which will be ftniaR Ibe -Nay i?.ie Baa re," in which tbe I ad lea wil eiecuiea ' (Iran.I Belief Pivertlaneiaeni," aomething RXTRA NOVRL ANP ORIUINAL. Remember Saturday Ijui chance. Oraad oomMaaikm of beauty. (iKAlfll BRNRrrt fOlRRK TO MlrH MART I>. her Panoing Academy. 477 Broadway. Hha w hare a full baid an" 'welce new danaeuae* Opaw erery afternoon and evening for practice. fNSTBl'lTlpN IN TUB PRAMATIO ART-RT (A. H. 1 BARRBTT, lUBIeecheratrert. AI>KI PHI, AI'MPHI WAATKP RABA *nn AI.TO iirr ilp|?r?. wtv oar r??<1 tnuirie Atao u additional lad* ulnar', l"r audirnona of hntbrat rrapoetablUty. Apply, i n'rRjok or In tbr aiming ?t 67 Proaoy A.. tr Rpring. WH HA AON AHD THRO THOMAA' HKroND CLAAHIt'Ala MATINKE will br Alrrn at RPIPtJf.KR IRBTTTrTB. PRIOR SQUARE, it I n'obr-k oa MTT'RDAT Fab T A onartrt by Haydn, trio by Boathnrati and of at to b* Mrndrlarobn will bo plarad Ti< knt* (I to ba Indni lb# mnato atnraa of G. Br*unlaw, 8rl.?r:ent>rrf A l.uia. bvbubarih A Co., and m tba door. Hai t<a1 ro histac* aporr the anmrwi Rirallant boom >mi night dnar'if, alnpaf and fna 2 thn b<wt ordrr. nawaj >|>r? d- jrhtfnl aaaara and i>ir*rU lf? Broadway theatre-ritea Saturday, Fab IT, urard cohpi.imbrtabt BKhEriT m mr. eAtor bt0r1. Rot boo* naw npaa. I'laTKR H Mtw NATIORAI. THRATRR "PTTTRBrii r Tlda maguiAran Mruitari, now la enorra of arrrda^ Will whan otwipWIod ha < BO of th- moot alagant aod oriiMA dtonn la tba Promt rap aid# of holding im imtati opna for tba aoaaon on or about tba In "f April aait Mm will b* trwaiol wltli oa ifcr arm Ithoral wrw*. fcabtrt ?t Uir p-of annum daairtng rnfiffwrni Will pMM apply M J, C. F< HATER. Maaagwr. rluabarg. Pa. vteio^ flaedrr -tbffl rpijmpip wtaejjg I Mmapply M|R?bw? ?? KWM *?ItttMNto*