Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 27, 1858, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 27, 1858 Page 1
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th: WHOLE NO. 7848. 4 Tin JMnnmi uid Sfrlji Contempt C?*. MU mcfsrtz AGAIN ON THK WITNESS STAND?7HB COMBATANTS Al'OLOOIZB. SUPREME COURT. Before Ex JnAfe Ldmondu u Itoforee. t MB !* An IK, Mnflrr rrf n W JAaon arm frctkrick A. *:ly.-This vu an order to show ranee why the par Wea ehouid not be pmcished for a contempt of court, arte tog out of a personal rencontre >n a ease before Mr. J N. Whiting, a referee of this Court. The matter wa? 'referred to ex-Jndge Edmonds to bear and report. The chamber was very much crowded, and Lola MocUu, who m a witneee in the eaee, wae po'eent, and attracted considerable attention. Judge Edmrnds read the report of Mr. Whiting, complaining of the conduct ef Meeara. Jobaon and Reely, and naked oocnrel if Uie pwrueu denied that there was an aaantt and battery. Mr. Clinton, on the part cf Mr. Seely, begged to iutro Moee testimony. The referee aaid they tb&ulfi confine thentielrcs strictly to the-caoalion ef oantempt; he waa not go ag to ail there ta ge Into irrelevant maiiere. Mr. -Scbermerhern, en the part of Mr. Jobaon, aaid tha he did not mean to denyjthat there waa an assault committed, but would contend that hia cheat wae the first assented. Ike Referee?ft does not matter whether it waa first or kit, ao long aa there waa an aaaacft. Mr. Clinton won id proceed to put la testimony tc. show the provocation. 'be Referee Then the teatlmeey will be confined on year part to stow that there waa no more violence usel an the part of your client than was nocoenary to protect ' himself from ?to assault actually made. Mr. Scberm.rbom, on the part of hia Ont, averred ' that there waa an affray occurred pending a, and that ' II waa commenced by provocative language being used by ' Mr. Seely to Mr. Job-too ; that Mr. Seely called him a " fellow,'" and pointed at him derisively, to which Mr. Jobeon repiiel that auch language was worth/ of a ?hy?t?r and a pett.fogger; be first, how " ever, demanded the protection of the referee Mr. Seely arose and raid ho would throw Mr. Jobaon co'. a three atory, window and made a blow'al him; after he made these assertions Jobeon sa d d was not n.vessary to make a aatae there, and asked tim to go out of the room; Mr. 8eely replied that ho would finish him off there, and then Mr. Jobeon raised bis whip and made a pass at Mr. Seely, who eaeght the whip and struck Jobeon; some persons same behind Johson at the same time and took hold of hiaa. Mr. Clinton aaid he should have stated that Job son made threats aga.nat Seely before that meeting, and came there en that day armed with a whip. Mr. Schcrmerhorn remarked that Mr. Whiting (the termer referee) was a very important witness, and aa he waa not present he wished the case postponed. The Referee?Mr. Whiting ia out of town and will net retovn for tea days. They could proceed with the examination of other witnesses. He waa not going into a <iu*etkm of assault and battery or the merits of a case pcndmg before a police ma# istrate: no will merely try whether there bag been a contempt ot Court committed by there part tel. Mr. Scbermerborn called several witnesses who were lot in attendance, be thCE placed Mr. Jobeoo on tbe eland, wbo was sworn without objection from the opposing sonnet Pavul W. Jnbeoo was then exammed. Q. Where do you reside. The Referee said that these preliminary questions should be dispensed with. Q Were yon present at a reference b-fore Mr. Whiting'1 A. I was present as a witness on that occasion; 1 sat fur about half an hour receiving a pretty good torrent of abuse from a lively lady that was a witness: Mr. 9eely pointed to me derisively and called me "a fellow;" 1 replied that that was pro|?er language from a shyster or a Cttlfogger; 8eely then got np and threatened met I asked a to leave the room. as a Court was no place for a row; be said no: he would ''settle me off there," he then struek m a violent blow in the mouth,t?om which 1 yet suffer. 1 nueed myfwhipanJJatu mpied to (tribe him. when I was netted from behind by s man .n colored clothes, wbo called himself a pohcemau. 1 thee got several blows, I saw Seely strike hgbt and left; he struck Mr. Schermerhorn and a Mr. John ltrady: at the game time there waa *a other man?a powerful looking man?struck at me. but tho blow fell snort: I see him now in court: be is Pr. Apear; (here Dr. Spear stood up;) 1 was carried out by some policemen, but I returned again to the room, when Seely struck at me and hit me several tunes; I s>iked the police elt.cer for his warrant: be showed me his shield and I made no resist aace; the tsro policemen wbo took mc were named l'e'Jy and Wright, when Mr. -we.y called me afednwl win sitting near Mr Scbermerborn, and about Ave feet from Seely; he advanced towards me. and had to come round the stove to gel at me. By the Judge?Had yon had aty words with Mr. Seely before that t A. No; he Lai examined me rath or insult tag)y as s witness, I am In the habit of carrying a can with me, but I had broken it and was carrying this whi about a week previous to the affray; (the whip waa light riding wh.p, with s-na'.l iilwr kuobl) liwasuroke ?? the way op to ti e po'ice offi-ie; when I raised the vh fleeiy seiaed It from me and gave me several blows w".h K. when I called on the referee for protection he rn rely aaiJ, "ticnllemi'n.> was ra'.ber oonluseu By Counsel?Were there any policemen there ? The referee rani that question was un.mjort int. Mr. Schermerhorn raid be intended to sbo* that Mr. fleely bad aubpo aae 1 several poitcem n tner- as pretend ed witnesses, in order to have them r?aJy to arrest Mr. Jo twos when he created the disturbance him. The re'eree did not deem it relevant. Cross examined?I Jon't knew hat I hail carried th.s wnip more man iw-coto uie. reier^a m . jir. am m>. gtrik- me until 1 Lai rana; Mr. Seelv mist aaai redly truck me :o the mo-iib before I ra.?ed tlic whip; I ha-1 t in my band no, (|n?.t half way up to h.e breaaC}; law eet*ed by the officer* afte r 1 made an eff rt to n;: Mr. Seely . 1 thjnk I hit him, 1 -ntaii led to tit h.m. Here Lola Monte., entered Court an 1 took a seatamoti -1 the audience. O Were you atruck by Dr ftpear? The referee ra.d that be wan n?t g..:ng to try Hr. unetr what be did baa nothing to do with the contempt < barged against Mr. See.'y and Mr. Jot eon WiUieea continued?I never ca.led Mr. Soely a liar, I gave h.m the lie, but did ootca'l him a lar (Laughter^, bot that waa at a previoue reference. Mr frhermerliorn then offered hiuiMlf ae a wltnee-. and depo-ed that, pen-iing the einniinaf.on of a wita* before a referee (Mr Wb:tint), Mr. Soeiy pointed hi* flatter derlrlvely at Mr. Jobeor.. The referee *aid that If there waa nothing ad I t nal to What Mr Jobeon had te. t fled be need n jt go over tbe lamr account of the tran^a too He would put on tie ante* tbat the teetimony wa? tbe same. Croea eiam.ned?1 *aw tbe Sr-t blow etruck, t waa ?trwk by Mr. Seely; Mr Job?on d:d not nee any vlo.enie before be war etc elk . he held the whip hell up: I th ttk he eaid be would not be .axulted by a ebye-er, or *ucb a perron. I did not hear him threaten to ? Mr Seely unt.l ifbr Seely struck b;m. t >-a? Jobwta make a pee* at Mr. Seely with that whip, but! don t know whether be etruck him, 1 eaw Mr. Seely * with much force; on mediately preceding tbe blow Mr Seely ?? d he w uM flaiah him there I understood Mr. Jobeon W Inv.ta Mr. Seetey out of the room. Mr Sehermerborn, fto Mr. Jobeon)?Tbe w ,rd* you need were ahyater and pettJogger. aal not raga^ md The referee annoum-ed tliat he w u. 1 on fine the conn e. to two witaeeeee on each aide the John Brady deponed >bat he wee preeent at the affray la qoeauan be aaw Mr. Se*iy come towerde Mr J ibeon a an exulted manner, and pojatmm b e Anger at him called him a fellow. Mr Jobeon eaid. ' By beat ?ti?, 1 would not uffer any man to call me a fellow be then turned ?o Mr Whiting and eaid,' Mr Refer?e, I claUn your protection, am I to be intuited byaahyater or a petr i.gger ok? tbatl Mr. Seely made a blow at .lobaen; Mr. Jobaon utea raiewd ha wb1n and etruck steely over the n?ad they M*nel to be very aaxloue tor a flght they were very much evctto 1 Mr Jobaon wan taken out hy p.<llcotaen; .looeon returned again to the room. and I thx* tbe parcel got at it ega.n. (UngMtr.) Mr SobeMnerhorn? I>d Mr S*?lv nrtke you f Tbe w tneee decline.! to awwer, be had no >otn;dar.t to make against Mr. Seely. Croaa examined?1 wee taking rde# fbr Mr. Schermer bora, SmIt made a tremeadoue bai el lobeon, I don't know whether he hit hint or not; 1 don't recollect neeug the whip wrenched from lo'ieon; 1 did no, ?ee .Tobeoa on the tor.r, hut I eew him In the act of falling from the force of the blow; 1 got a blow from ee<ne party at the tone end T wee almost blinded; I have ao reoo.iectioa of hearing th* refer co; he la in the h*v,U of carrying a cut I don I know that I ha\* seen him carry lh * one; 1 am In che me o#M with Mr. itclwrmerhern and do burners tor myself, though be : somet m*? ewaoriated with m* Freder ?k I.. Seely was then oaMed by Mr. Clinton acd saamtned?He deposed that n? the o. cation of the * reference I eteu-d in retard to lady wttnraw that sb? bad imp**. bed this fellow ; Mr. Jobsoo then took up this hip sod shook it, and mat* u*e of the language spoken df; I think be made use of the words #hj?t?r end rsga hood; J said I was addrnmug the referee. and not b m he then tar'led me out; I thought it rather ridiculous, especially a* 1 bad a My w taesa *hjm I des.rei to pro Use. ioheow then rased hit wb'p, and sir tok me w'th the hwtt end of M; I etmtk tt up with my left hand, and the fewob struck m* orer the left eye a very se?*re hiow. I then took the whip from tun, supposing there was a knife concealed In it, and can t say if I htruc* tun . 1 me<te use o? the iprees no that I would sedJe htm ther*." I throw th>< whip down ..a the f a?r, and struct at .lobsen. ft was then when Mr Brady recolrei the blow tit* h* was no delirate ,n speak in* of. J iliam taken away by o*l cere be returned to the Msm trat 1 did not a*. ike him after. when Mm mm towards m? with the whip. I Ibosgtt he was going to strike me and I struck at him; Mr .lobeuo had , prsrions to that day, called me a liar, and 1 took an notice of It. Be also threatened me with pers-ina' rtoiewoe, and I had been told by other poreens that Jaheon aa I lie would punish that lawyer Heely; I nw-.eresm Mr. Jobenn thie wh.p before ?te*pf n one o~casion- ] cacc designate the time that he uaej thla threat. Oom eramlned by Mr. dihsrmerhorn?Thla fracas oorrred about four o clock. I ww distant >. . wforf the refrre*: I don't know tbu I t mr llwnr 4l?r1?lT?!y ?' Mf '0,,w? il B?T*r or.firrtj to mo in tun,) It b>? . 1J ?'? r?X??t?rt urlaf ?u.-h tanging* u ? ) U Wm roitr conduct not mauling to *r. .loVoa lKr *14 bout f | rrw *f?fW uld that if tfclM Uwtlmoey wan offrra,? it tfw'W that Mr. Juteo* mm g-.ltf of tiu> Ui?r? *t ' E2 If E' M ;M(?d C-TJMei * iat?U to sbow thai tm cUent via ??L<k?d ?n. Knm nntlmiul I did Ml k<U Mt. JOlMM Ilk 111* referee (Mr. Whiting) ft?r proteetkm, I threatened to throw klr. j'obson oat of the window, but that wu after he called me a shyster and when ha came towards me with a whip; when Johooa came at me la the manner I have described. Mr. Behermethorn interrupted the witness and required a direct answer. Judge Edmonds said that counsel should not interrupt the witness; he could not put words into his mouth; if ho did not give a responsive answer the counsel coutd repeat hie question. Witness oontlaoed?When Jobeon used the language stated, he came towards me; I made the (remark that 1 would "settle him there;" 1 then also made the remark that I would throw him out of the three story window. Some persons were interrupting the proceedings by laughing, whereupon Judge Edmonds ordered several of hem to ho removed from the Court, and remarked that he hoped it would be a warning to those that were permitted to remain. Witness continued?1 did not threaten to throw Jobeou out of the window before any blow was struck. Q. You say did not expect any difficulty there?now did you not subpotnae (our or Ave policemen there? A. Mr. Whiting was apprehensive ot some difficulty, and wrote a note to the Superintendent of Police requiring the attendance of some police there, and I sent my young man with the note; I requested no other men to come there an efl^ere; I subpoenaed some policemen as v messes. Judge Edmonds?Were > < arpreheni've, as well ss Mr. Whiting, that there would no some difficulty? A. I was, because of the language Jobeon had used the day before, and his baring the whip with him at the previous reference. Cross-examination resumed?I nover threatened violence to Mr. Jobeon on a previous occasion. 1 never threatened to flog him; I did not subpoena those policemen to seize Jobeon; I did not direct Mr. Polly to seize Mr Jobeon the moment there was any difficulty; I did not summon those men under pretence of being witnesses; I do not know that large sums of money have been paid to those policemen; I don't know what others have done, but 1 have not paid tbem any money; I have not advised any other party to pay them; I did not strike at Jobeon 9rst; I don't know whether I struck the stove pipe down or not; it was knocked down, but I can't say whether it was done by Mr. Jobeon ur myself; I did not state at the police office that there was no mark on my eyebrow from the blow given by Jobeon; I have no recollection of str.king him with a whip; when 1 took the whip from him I struck at him; I did not seize Jobeon bv the hair of the head; up to the time that Jobson struck at mo I did not pass the stove; I did not strike at Jobeon after he returned to the room; I dent know a ? other I knocked him down or Dot. To Mr. Clinton?As soon ss Jobson was arrested the referee ad tourned the reference. John W Spear, examined by Mr. Clinton, depoeed?He is a dentist in this city, the tirst violence I saw was made by Mr. Jobeon with the whip; it was not then broken; be raised it up this way (over his shoulder) and advanced out his fool, be struck at Mr. Seely; Mr. Seely warded the VilrtttT naviialln ariih Kla laft VlOfl/l ? OSBI Ihii mnflr t\f (Via ' blow on Mr. Seely s face. Tbe Referee?On you state positive y who struck the tirst blow 1 A. I can, sir; it wm Job-ton. y. Can you state the language that precede J the blow ? A. Yr. Seely, In arguing a point, referred to Jobson an a fellow; Mr. Seely said to Jobson that he would put him out of tbe window: Jobson said. "Come over here, I would like tr see you do it;" I don t think my testimony differs from Mr. Seely a, except that the threat to throw turn out of the window was before the blow was given. Cross examined?I went there out of curiosity, and wbhout a ticket or without the suggestion of any person; I was standing at ibe time. 1 bad given my cba.r to a reporter. 1 did not say that Jobeon called Seely a villain, I said a seoundrel and a vagabond; Jobson was not stttinr wben Seely threatened to throw him out of thewindew; be did hot sit from the time Mr. Seely made use of tbo word "fellow '' Seely was not approaching Jobson when Jobson struck him; the moment Seely took the whip with one hand he struck him with the other, he seemed to lie a master of science?(laughter) I did not see Jobeon kni.ekei down, tbey were both rushing together, and 1 think one knocked down the stove as well as the other. Madame Lola Mooter was then called to the witness' | stand and examined ty Mr. Clinton. She saidI was present as a witness on the occsaion referred to, and saw the commencement of the affray y What ??< the Orel you sawf A. I saw the stick of Mr. Jobson advanced upon Mr. Seeiy; 1 then saw Mr. Keely ward of! the blow, and the end of the stick (or whip) descend on Mr. Seely's shoulder; 1 thought at first it would ttrike him on the head 1 was apprehensive of a dagger being in the stick, and I cried out, "rake care, Mr. Seely." y What was the Qrst act of violence you saw the re t A. The bliw on Mr. .Seely was the Qrst in leuce Mr. Seely was very quietly writing while I was ex piainirg some part of my evidence, and this rcspc table gentleman (pointing to Mr. Schermerhorn j was questioning me is torn) being a chambermaid; Seely was very calm and was writ.og, when he sail "this fellow, ' Jobeon rote up with an eye full of wickedness, sud ?a.i, "fellow' How dare you call me fellow?" und t said to blm, " You are noth.iig but a fellow; " Job son then called Mr. Seely uaaaes one of them, I do no*, understand the meaning of, and do not with to mention it The Referee?1* tt shyater? A. Yoa, Judge, both Mr. Jobeon and Mr. Seely grappieu together then. (.'roes examined by Mr. Scherroerborn ?Q Ho you r*collect ail (hat occurred Lola Monte r?Yea. Youcai.ed uio Retail WaUon ana a chambermaid. (iAu^bter.) Q Were joe Dot ftfhUue 1 f Lola Monte/ - No, out you * > re. > ou were very pa * an J ni jca f-ighntr 1. (1 /vurhu-r. > Mr -< nerinerhoru?Va'J aro maUuen; I woe do: Mali frightened, ui?i 1 am never pale. Idia Uolvz?Yce, you wore xueh frightened, and very pa ?. V). Do you awtar that Seely did cot a' Jotaon first*' 1 >la Moic/?I a rtar that Mr. steely -J J Cot al Mr. Jobson bei'ire Jobecn struck h.m. y Did you Mr. r'eely make an awiauliP 1 eta Montea? Honor from ber ?e?t be* Je the Ju Ige ar 1 | advancing toward* the Coutie.?eeked what do you x- uu by aa aeeauit. Mr S hern erhorn?Re s eg a stick or am or a tr.oui would bo an aaauuli. i/xa Mont?x? And wbat * an aeaault and battery* Mr. Srherm-'rhon.?Str Jtu?p M and giving a blow !x>'-a Mini*? ? J did not tee Mr. See.y aaaaulbat. Mr. "teoly wee entT*ly ~ool; I nek'1 you wtat wan \n ae?a r.t and battery ;1 have nev 'r been vr ugbt up Tor aw* dt a .d battery; I did DC see Mr. Htly etr;ko Mr Jubson at a'., 1 told you that before y. P!d you try to Mr Heeiy to pommel h m awayf lol* Mont"/.?K oog .u.ilgrmu'.ly ao 1 "her eye u tiao phrenzy rolling?' repiiel," 1 nov >t mane use of such vn unladylike exi.r?s> on imbav rg'L'1 A to.on-U.: 1 Uia Mooter iwid?Allow at". Judge, to ekake you by the Land, and acoording.y the re feree -ichanged greeting* tae fair witness who shortly after left th? court accompanied by r >me fr et la. Mr Clinton aald tbey bad several other wimcmn but tb.' test m my wool 1 t>? merely cumulative. Tbe refe ee eaid it waa ev: lent that tbe-o parl.ea lud been guilty of contempt one waa armed w.tb a whip y?t be did nut eee (bat Mr. Seely used more Violence waa neoeeaary the referee (Mr * bihag) m.ght bare committed them both, the statute of last year gave b?m the power to do en and be could bare made out hie com mlttaland lent to the flberlff for execution. He (Judge Fdmnnde) did not thiok that any Mat.rcony would alter the caee. It euowa very clearly a contempt on the part <4 Mr. Jo boon and on the part of Mr. 8?ery In but the question la, bow Tar Mr Steely .* ex. .eaioe. If be ho had stopped after he bad diaarntel Mr JoDeot, then be might b" excused. Mr (Tat jo?He might bare tb ought Jobeoa had another weapon Mr ScbermerhoTTi aaked for a postponement until Mr WhiHng the refers eame to town ; be would prove that the blow was first gveo by t?eely, and that Jobeoa' ooa duet wm n?t a contempt of Court. The Referee? .tad suppose ho na.d eo, I would differently Taking the avry of theut two gentlem>n themeeivee. It i? very or dent they were guilty of ontemp' There m oii.> thjlf Ui ho ?o.d of Mr ttwe.r, ntd Uiat a. thai Mr .toiwoe uaed thrciUa. and t ""emed extraordinary for Mr lo! ?iw to rarrv thin I'* let wb p, .. 1a w?apcn that bo gentleman wou.d carry Mr S-h?rir?rhom eaid that tb? referee via bjU?.'i , the whip wan n?t I *ded. tifllib gentlemen arc >c Urn habit <>f name each whan they go out riding The Referee?It wan not proved that Mr .loOnon wrtt to the reference 00 bo?eehucu, Mr i^hermerhorn offered n w'tnenn to prove that Vr. bad broken hie cane and a are then had -aeJ tn c whip. Thu wne objected toby Mr Clinton. Couneei then Ma womc >w remarka. rach ootten i an that hit client wee the flret aeeanlte 1 The Referee intimated that be wan n hope* that n tnak af hi* report 1-00neH would hare made hrc the lEJtru mont of apnlopUitg to the Court for the contempt. Mr. Clinum? An apology to the Gburt 1* n d ffereflt thing f>om an apology to the adreraary. Tim referee eaid certa nly, and he ahould he rrrj happy to be (he instrument of report nf to the Court an their Ml: oer an apology from both parvea If not, ho wo lid rub mit the care aa it In. After a few momenta Mr Cilntoa said he oouid miy tap on behalf of Mr fleely thai he regretn efeed ng.y the occurrence. and that he did not to teed g .ng beyoni what he atippnaed the ineutt Jutt fled, he regreta S he han gone beyond the bounda of eelf defence. The Referee?Such a rtew le very ctmmetila?1 to tSf. .eeety an an officer t^^e Court. Mr Clinton?In flto Jobetn a co-ioer ed Mr ff'dy would have gone fiflV^ n li ? acta .f it ha<l 1 f been court, and he baa nolnuig to rrgret with regard to h m Mr tobnon addree?od a f?w woM* to the Court. nay ng that he had bo fault to and with Mr Whltn g fir h'e rel*?rt to the Oeirt, beran?e n more violent or 'agra-ef .l acene be had nevor w tneeeed in n oeurl of ] atioe. In the country from which he came there wan an old Itw on the atatnte l?ooke by which the eeverance of the Imcd of a man who rtrucb a blow in % nmirt of Juntice w%< the pen alt?, and be believed that the punahmewt at fee pre?mtime wae perpetual Imprtnonment, a frinwd ef hie, Mr. Cobbett. eon of William OobbeU, ban aufTered a long period of imprtiooment lira much atnaller ofTence M bore wt.mony to the dignity and forbearance of Mr Whiting and oonrl nled by aay og that he had to n?p-<wo hie regret auch a eren? had oorurred. hwoawan n wan not only a groan outrage on a court of juatioo but on tho re force (Whitlrg). He regretted that the affair occurred in the court, end a'ao that it oorurred bef wo Mr. f urther that that be would not any He had been ae?a. ed They bad put a wanaa on the ttand whenn name he would? Here the referee called Mr Jub'iB to order and an d ha xtf rrviM that ha had n>vnn him lha of ;*ir!utiitf n apaaft. Mr. Johaor. thru raid w far an tha thnr raitr (Mr, *aaly) waa ooaoa?n??d ha ha I r?4l> na to aay. hut that ha had barn aaaailnrt ?>? h'.m an I tj fttg'wid, whara ] onma from.wa are Jo tha habit o' raraatm* a Blow. whawiar ? ba K'.rac at tha foot of a throra or or. tfto a-iienm of an a ur Tho rajx rt of It# rafnra* #11 ba flaon pr?ta|? Una utorcJLf. W YO ORNING EDITION?SAT UR M write ((Ml Affair*. THB r CRC H161 or WA*D 3 ISLAND?MAYOR r:EM ANN ON THE mrBJECT. Tbo Ccunoihnfi: n Oomm'tMe held a meeting at ten o'clock yesterday morejjg, la relation to tko purchaaa of Ward1* Island. Councilman Crawford, tk? chairman of the eoronr-tef. asked If any one bad anything to say why Ward'* Ir'and should belong to the city, or any reason to give showxg that it should not be purchased. Mr. Mettottar, who owns that portion or the island which is next to the city cemetery, exhibited a map of the Island, on which was delineated the high and low water mark around the sbore, the different portions of Che land owned by the varices parties who claim property .here, the roads intersecting the Island an ' the buildings erected on It. Of the entire he claims the <rw hip of the 31 acres lying next the city cem> erv, 20 being upland and 11 consisting of roads either adjoining .us oroperty or in the portion formerly sold to the city, and which be dairies was included in the title ?., mg the citj possession of the part it now holds, beaidss forty eight acres of the water right extern um He expatiated on the advantages that would accrue to the city if ^session was obtained of what he own.', and argued th~. the entire island should be purchased. the oommittee believed that Mayor Ticmann might be able to say something that would give them Information on the subject, and therefore sent for hie Honor, when the cose was stated and his opinion was asked. Mr. Tie man n raid be desired to know if the roaas were not included m the title which put the city in possession of their property. Mr. Lawrence, who it would seem is interested in the matter, replied that the roads were never eonoeded In the titles which put the city in paeseiston of those portions of the island which it owns, but tnat they remained in the possession of their former proprietors in most In stances, or if they isy between property owned by two different parties they were laid out by bath for their mutual accommodation. The Mayor thought strange that neither the roads nor the land between the water mark and the water cliould belong to the city, though both ap.iertnin to the property whioh it has purchased and now owns. After hearing this the committee thanked the Mayor, and agreed to not report at present either for or agauut me purchase. (ilUDINO HAMILTON AVENUS, Mr. Dhxon appeared on behalf of the Central I'ark Cimm-Ksioner*. Be urged the expediency of granting to the Commissioners the privilege of the contract for gradmg Hamilton square, on Use grounds that the earth which they would remove from the square would he of great service to them in improving the appearance of the Central Park. He stated that other parties who may he wanting the can tract may have some very different interest from that of the Commissioners to urge them to a?k It to be granted to them by the Common Council. The committee adjourned, however, after hearing Mr, Dillon's arguments, without taking any action. CLEANING THE PUBLIC STREETS? FRAUDS UPON TIT* CITY. The Committee on Cleaning of Streets of the Itoard of Oouncilmen held a meeting yesterday?Counciman Dunn in the chair. Mr. Downing, Superintendent of Santary Inspection, spoke before the comm.ttee In relation to the best means of having the streets cleaned. He considered it better to have the work done by contract, provided the contractors acted up to their engagement fle thought the offal throughout the city might bo turned to more advantage than it Ik at present, provided the police were mire vigilant, and did not allow it to be carried off In large quanti ties. The present revenue accruing from it is about (4.900 annually, and it might be considerably more Ho bel.eved that it would not be advantageous to give the contract to one man, but to several, if it was agreed to deal the street* by contract. The dumping plaies m gl't bs arranged to more advantage than they arc at present. They are now so for apart thst it costs the city thirty cents to cart what might be done for half the money. Akthvk Moody spoke next He was a sub contractor. He knew that every contract had been a failure. He Knew the streets in some wards to be -leaned only six t-mes hi eleven months wb-n contractors had tho doing of the buc nees. He knew hundreds of li< kets to be sold for one < sat Mate as ordere for payment for carting, and the city wou d have to pay 30 cents tor each of those tickets. This was because no caring was done at all, which make* It pla n h:>w the tickets could be sold for one cent Keen row the tickets may be obtAced In the grogery shops along West street, where they were commonly sola. Other* rpoke opin the rubj;c% but raid little of impor un-e, ud the committee adjourned till next Friday afternoon. CAP.? ON THK rOl KTU AVBNCI TO FORTY-ICOND -TRXJtr. Mr. Cossouv appeared ou behalf of the Fourth tvotuo Railroad before the Comtruitee on Ita.lroal? of lb* A >or<t of CouncUmon, wL.cL met ycetor*.?y. Ha pre.vnie 1 a memorial i.gned Oy ti.J'.y per- >tg in favor of, extending the Fourth Avecae Ra.l/oa<l ?kr Forty-ievood etr-^t. He argued that the at; e i" >wih ep nwj* ac "* t.'up-ou of the raUaay f >r ti e < orocienoea ef IM mt'Kt of the inhAbitacui of the locally through whtrh the roal would paw If It wee extended. .?*?! - Fioaw said that he ku?w fro poraoo*. w th b m M , who VMM c i e f f ,<V>i it ry tv I-j U>? credit of the city treasury tor the rIglil to rue arei road from Forty reeonJ street to the Aetoi H-nre, vud fh-;re'"ore he did cot R*e eh; the rg Iroai cov i..y should not be rat ?ne.| with lb* port.oc ? revIv ir. ,?*w ?* or w,*ic.t!!; m tbey do net nay tiie c t> any riven He hue* that the r.ire ttg efthr railroad fart r up the aven.e would be tjurlt ,r to prope-ty la tho c*.gbborV>j4 of tve ertunt. >n, and obaoxtou* t?> t. - . ?bi .ive la tb* * i ; > And wh<> are moat ntereete', ihe r property er i I - u?"we.l far r-ad.iig and oth- r .mprivici c'.e that wiH follow the extending < f the Fourth Avenue Rtilroaf. ae it _Lei. the Third avenue, woere property tiaa been no m kt injured. After teara.he art speaker, CuuMUmsa tin tusTts. Cbajoan.rtate1 ti ?; tl * mm :u e . *.:j ircei the evening of next I r day. < Ity Int< IIIkvim?. Tnx Rirsit. oi tttb JfrraoPiurav Po: . t B;u,?bLtyc-r Tietracn yea'arday s.gnad the resolution adopted by the Rnirds of a.lermcn and Od'UCIIbib requesting the Coun ei to the Corpirat.on to memorialize tho ; eg.rlai ore to rrpeal the Metiopoluc r >l.c? bill and to re-esUbuab the If-metpal police Th e a :i no doubt m?<-t the approval of a large maturity of the to rpayers. The following a the resolution ? Wherea>, the Lrgalat ire at ita last r***ton paeeed ao act entitle l Jf Mrt.-op , tu Cei.-.eact acd whereas,eaid act wee pa*aei a,i r?t the feeling and wlahee of :t* c:tl rent of the etty of New York, entailing upon them an in omased taxat.oc for the ri)<por: of r..1 police, without their der'Tuic e oorreeponding beaeHi from the force m the matter of the general rxxl government of the city than wan der.vel from tii* former ;*>l::e at a much leer expenditure Of money, therefore. queried to memarlailee tlx* legwialur' a enah' of lb* ct r"ot of S?w Yfk for *>.? re.-ntl of the md Metropon tan Police act . and tor the :e*aape of an act re mtab iahtng the former M evpa! polio*. Murraar Tumiflum ro a Ca\ atat owe** ? Ciptao J ho H Hudke. commar. 1'tg troop A, Third Regiment iHmmt') of '.bo N*w Yor* -ui- Mi. la, hae tvec rnrt elated bp the men i>f that p^.rWrt of the reg'raett with a erry valuable teatirn mial of their ??t?em of hia -haran ter aa aa odtoer art r ahape of a large heavy ?tia**d go 4 wa"h, w-h a m?? mt? chain an 1 eel nab * ?-?l attache 1. The watch .a a rtl'ruad tim?keepcr of the b:atiog faeh.on, ha. .ag the ile cane* .arrod with a Agar* of a mounted drafoaa ar I other d*vicee. The loner eee .a ,n*rr herf lbu? ? I "repair 1 to Capta r. J H Hudke. by Troop A, Thir l Refjamut Rnaaara Nm V -rk . fwbraary id tk '"he .?) i? of rM cornel a acd open* on the *.da, fbrrniig an elegant Iccke,. Pie preweci tiae a money value of nearly gOoO. but m inva .table ,o Uie elgbt of the Capta.a, an an etiience of the good feei ng entertained townr.ln luCi bv the flu* body of rr.en with whom he were*. After tap preeer.ia'.on waa happ'Iy mate the Cap tain en t- rial net a number of friende la a very Ore atyle. Tan fmaain tv ? Psou#.?The ccvon wh Jb T'giaafel with thectty ral road ccmpac earn" aprtnkling their tracer with ealt *.< a* U melt the *a.w ha* been adopted by the contractor who ur lertTok t keep Broadway cieaa. and or the laet few lava he he* kept m*n employe.) in thor nuphly aaltmg the atr**' Pi a lie* had me eifect of rodu.-ttg very materially the amo nt uf ref *ncw la the vtreef and n * few J*y? we may *rx?ct Uh? nohle thor ouchfare to be ae c>*u aa u*ual Vwferlay It waa in a perfectly awful condition, nad weulnigh wipveeaMo The dow had melted r the middle of Uie 'tree. %nd formed a paddle knee leep f .r the unliarpy pedeetran* wbo wlahed o oro*a 't. The weather ha* > ?en quite m::d for the la?t few day*, and it a to !%fi ?.| that tlte part.** wbo hare 'he learning of the #r*eu ji lh?or are wil! nee tu it that th? anow and mud are rem "red befi r* long Keep the a'.eret* in J^kb aax^^^ill ??n hp oat of tlie plrkle Fin** :n Se-wonin?alter on of "owe of III* Kkiot . fleer* !a being MtrwtM u> '.he dnaar*r attend ng pupil* at tha public Rchoofn, m caw ,f ore occurring while the I'll Id ng a full. In anme *f tlte *cbmi? the tfflrera are u usg the tur* .1 wou.d lake to empty the hulldlax of Uie echolar* . andit .* t<> b* hrped tbat th e wfl he tried in mil thai n Ihm rU* A data m>r>ra tKa> . aprrMaent ** trie*! at U.e public acbool, corner

Vartok an* North Moore rtreet*, where !t ?w f<rwd that e:*ht hundred ft:* wild eeoape ft on Uie Building :o four m.outea and a half, and ihe M)? b l.*a# time. Thi* wv front the time when .be f rt were a'1 eeated at their (teak# to the time they reached Ihe ?treet The B*?rd cf Rdwnlion ahotild tea to tt?that all the ach-wla a the dtp ehruld h? examined, in >rder t> And out bow qu oh the pupil* could leave It ? a matter < enough importance <? x-reetigate i>me<t<at?']r. Snrwrr Arm anrnar* oa ra* Potic*.?The f-Uowog U?<liv hare been appointed hp the Potve'taionem in aecret mbw. bea'de* tin-leer ape-ma for art awe in the Central Par* ? Matth?w .lore#. Klin* F Ml IM'oy, Tboe. Mc?iii;re, William Haw, J. T. Hdll, K/tward Waleli, Ralph P. \ ? Brunt, John B Porcher. Wtillam f Hunter. rranc a -We*menter, J enter |). Hewea, Hep jam.r Chr.etipher. Naa-al Intelligence. The t:e?vd -'ntea retenje ?' > m?r dh' btfefc, from PI. ede'pi 't '< r, waa at Peri.a'r toco Jaa 31? a I w#J. T> TT TJ XV JV XJ DAY, FEBRUARY 27, 1 Police lntoUlf fiiM. CHAB61 OF AJlflOH- IK INTUMTXM0 CASB. Pan) Qoaliakder, a young German, was taken Into custody yesterday by Policeman ftdeall, of the Deputy yoperlnteadeat'a office, on suspicion of areon, under the following interacting oircumstonces ?On the 30th of December last the mansion of Hr. Jackson, near Ktagsbridge, tn W?-?ehoeter oouaty, was Bred by an Incendiary and burned to the ground. The fan..It was In this city a*, the tune of the occurrence, and there had been no one In the house for four er Are daye previous to the lire. It wan confidently believed that an incendiary had been at work, yet no cine could bo diaoovered to the whereabouts of the guilty party, notwithstanding every effort was made to clear op the apparent mystery which surrounded the occurrence A few days ago, however, the prisoner, who was employed in the family of Mr. Luckey, who lived in the imeaediate neighborhood, in the capacity of house servant, was discovered-to be m peesoesion of a pair of pan 1 slopes belonging to Hr. JacWVon. The discovery waa made by Mr. Luckey, who was struck with the great resemblance of the unmentionables on the person of his domestic to these which be distinctly remembered having seen on Mr. Jackson previous to the fire. "Why, Paul." said he, "where did you get those pants from V If Mr. Jacksju was murdered they would bo apt to bang you." Paul colored deeply at the inquiry, and stammered out something ansaLsfactory, which at once (con v meed hie employer that there was -oinothing wrong, and accord Ingly when night came, and when the boy had retired, Mr. I-uckey went to bis bedroom and examined the panta loons. To his great surprise he found Mr. Jackson's name In tbo lining sf the pantaloons. This confirmed his enspicione, and he proceeded to nventigato the cue still fur tber. On the following day Mr. I.uckey questioned Paul about tho matter, and asked him where be got the pants from. To these questions Paul replied that he bought the )?ntak>ODH in New York, but his manner was such as to convince his employer that he was not telling the truth. However. tiJ did not int.mate hit bus picioDH to the youth, but carelessly changed the subject Dy asmng raui wlm pin 01 .icw inr* i?s p?r m resided :n. Tne dumeetic informed him that his father and mother lived in Forty third atreet, near Third avenue. On receiving this information, Mr. Luckey proceeded quietly to the city, and laid the matter before the Deputy ttaperinlmdent of Police, l'odce Detective Bdnail wau do tailed to work up the caee, when, oo i<aying a vi-it 11 the residence of Paul's parent* in Forty third street, the <'Ulcer found a number of valuable articles of property belonging to Mr. Jackeon, which had been concealed there by the prisoner a day or eo after the (ire. The detective then proceeded to Mr. I.uckey'a house, and arrested Paul on suspicion of arson. The prisoner was taken to Whlteplaina, and there locked up for examination. ALLBGEP OUTRAGE ITON A WOMAN. A young man named Henry Bunn via taken into custody yesterday by Policeman Hcwiet, of the Seventeenth precinct police, en a charge or rape preferred against him by Mias Faray Williams, of No. 3.13 Houston street. The complainant, in her affidavit made before Justice Brennan, seta forth that she boards with Flint Wilson at the above noir.ber ; that on Bunday night tire young m?n. the prisoner among tho number, came into tier apartments and wanted to have connection with bo.r. that she refused to acceae to their proposal, when two of the accused caught hold of her ana threw her on a bed, and held her while the prisoner violated her person, and that the assault was repeated by others of the party against the will and desire of the complainant. Mrs. Wilson, wbo was in the room a- the time, managod to effect her MM from the premises and called in the police, but when the latter arrived the accused wero nnn fit. Brown was held to bail in the sum of $3,000 to answer the charge preferred against him. Warrants hare been issued for the arrest of the other parties, but up to last e\ ening the pctice were unable to find any clue to their whereabout*. The accused, it appears, aro youths of not more than Id or 18 yearn of age. DARING CASE OK IUOHWAY ROBBERY. A case of highway robbery occurred In Fulton <?..? n?.r At P. Cki-r^h r.n U'?,1 n....,1 a nicSf 1 young man named .V. 1'tpor, a law student m the j office of Messrs. Storrs A; Sedgwick, while passing along the sidewalk, in front of the gra\ ejrard of the above named church. w<u> knocked down and robbed by a couple id garroter", wh" wer th?re lying lu wait. Tiper wm urat made aware of the presence of the r.israbt by one of Uimii crying out, "Halloo.'' un turning around to aee what was wanted, he was struck a violent blow on tho head, wh.uh proetratc.l him to the ground. The robbers rifled bia pockets or J then .eft the r v ci:m lying on the x dewalk .n a statu of unconsciousness. The po ice weru notified of the alta r, but they were unablo to afford the sufferer any relief. boKi'atea awn fArtrM ot Ilt Rri^ss?.tt an early hour ye?terday morning, at i'eliciiuan Heaver, of the Twenty second precinct police, was patrolling bis beU in Broad way, near the corner of f orty s'xth street, he d'Stovered a party of burglars in Ibo dwelling house of Mr. William Burtae'l The alarm rap was promptly given and replied to, when th? burglar*, boaring the muse outaido the do >r, - ished out from the basement and attempts 1 to eeoape. It aver grasped one of the Mines by the collar, while 'he other two ran off; but luckily theyt<*> were caught, before they had proceeded more than twenty [>aoe i, by two |n> lltcmcti who, hearing the alarm rap, hastened to the sjsit, and arrived mat n time to capture the fellows n>e prteeuera were brouaht ttefore .luat'ce (juaskenbueh, at the Jefferson Market f'olice Court, yesterday, where they care it dr names o? Michael Nelly, Patrick Torrey and Hugh Ikwiobje. The mag otrale committed thorn for trial in do fault of bail. Ha TV i*<; imWuir to tut Waiwo M*un?A few I n^hts ago the store of Meyer lb>s"nblat was enterel by burgiars, atl <juani.ty of silk fringe ami other article*! stolen therefrom. No clae oca Id be found t> the thk-ces unt'l yeeterday. when a girl named Ida Summers entire I Mr. R sr oblate *tor<- and offered a lot of the <teni ral rlk fringe fcr nale. The owner mmrl ately Mm 4fled his stoi- n goods and eaua I tb? ?r *t | f the girl The prisoner, on being uoostioned, the fringe had be n g.ven to her by one Jul ie Smith. The latter we* arreete I on suspicion e" burglary, and not ha ng able to give a set* factory account of the manner In wlileh th? property < ame lulu bit poearae.oa. be wae committed tor examination. Can-ITT ;.* rnr. A't.~Thomas Murray waa caught corn,n( out of the grocery store of Simuel J. -tiewart, 412 I'earl atrret, on Thursday night, with a hag of an gar on hla back, by a rtf./en tamed rmnhell, an I w*? Oau te.| orer to the roatody of a poltccman. The prtaoncr had en tered the premjea by Mth| off a r?*er alwlter and wan about decamping with l.'O worth of pro l?r*y when he waa iHrvrered an<l bao<led oyer to the po'. ee. ae a readr eta*.' 1. Kerrey wan oow.a.Ued f-.r asam.cap' n by Jueti Rrecnan Mayer * Offer. HsoTMra i.wm: 'brut hssni jtmnmrp ?Wm. 1 W. lama at, agent for Jam>? Colliaa, keeper of en latelI It "nre office uader the Rib'.a House, waa yaaterday brought before the Mayor by Officer ftwga F Rraat. of be M*y r s I|m4. on r nylaxt of Thcrmaa Veil raw. wbo al>ged that he pa l the above pwrtiee one dollar to procure bin. a situation. hut tbey feline to do aa tbey pr> me-d. he demanded he moo"? back, bit they would not g'xe It ep thirne waa we -rdlrgly brought before the Mayor and made to refund ttr money, after which'be Mayor revoked Colliaa' i. wane aa an Mer gence office keeper. >?nuiw? * Turin ?A man nam?d Ivmhi Malum,a r-inner. attempted to carry iff a trunk belonging to a female r sm^'l Mary lar k c an ?!.e waa lew* .rr the Ikri I re port boat jraterday Officar gniek. of Ibr Mavur'a aquad hear hy of her t<*?. wett la arrh of lh? Wlnw, aa I win in . rrrtr-' r (knri.Bg hi* wbrraabnotr KevwUtn b? ?e Uir Mayor, th. sue hm return the trunk, atVr wV'b h* aa* d'Thara'd, a* M.u la:.(ton oonld ao? re ma n is the city to appear ?<a mi him. t (out Untvirw?Peter tin ana, (trirer of a ooarh for t'eter li t arthy, of Ieiryton area i*, partaken a !:tlle l<?i freely of aitoi dr.nk*, wee unaMe to rr *: ai th? h?r?<e while dr r r* two lahiea op Droadway i eater lay affrD'ioa. ar I Mveral Liiriee came ?*ry near upeettiuy Li* carriage W ben opp.a ta Stewart* Iry i * !* ? ,. re t r cvn *k* n?t?r?r, ?t'li?n ?m?1 the la' that they j imped from their &?veyan<r lato tiie tnud, ?? thr ujtii the aaewtaore of Church they were *afrly lanJej < n the wdcwalk. Met ann wa? ta.en tn i? by the aboTa offi- er, and lea ked up tn theloitu*. Ansae or ?a AithiMn) fotir-t T>*? i as ?Offi.' r* tun troaf and njder jeaterday arreetal a waa aam.'l Wn II \tar> ball. ar. a:>r#(t pony <:*a <r, an' keeper r a ahop Vo. M* < hureb afreet )(* wu broufbt ba l ire the Mavor, and tied to the Toaiha in default of I'.on halt. drrwy City Vawa Curraet lUiuetan Krm*-n?--Marr-ir. :* JnwOn ? In pnmanra af a rail inanel hy Mayor Weacott at the of the Crmmi? Ooun II, a meeting of cibaena of Jar -e y t*ty WM bald at Virk- Hall taat at ah lag fhr tha I 'an l|n? n . pnn tho eiteii* *> ?f the New lereey Central Ra'troad to Jereey Cty The m?et'ng *?e organl/ed t?? lb* election of T B Wat email. v>q., ('barmen, Mul Mr T. c. ruuIm Secretary, itoeechee Wfl male by the Chairman an? M?*m. K. A. Mardenbergh, 3. B. Raceom, and Wurt, In whlrh etnto m<-nt- were made relatlre to the b nam ma of the road, many rraa >c? given why II )<mld ha eiterlal to >ra*y Oily, ami the a Wantage* an forth thai would thereby errfae to lh? hu**neta of Hudaon oaunty At the eonc.iu t on of the tpeeeh?a the follow eg re*>rf?ttoae wer-re ported by ?om>r tt?? appelated to draft then, aad trere i?.?<d by the meeting ? Wbertae. effSrta are *rw being mmt? to prornre the parang* rf a hill a.lbnrlzlng tlio rrtrnr.on of the Central tin!'road fmen Ritrehethtown to mate paint at or near .iftreyCty. therefore, be tt Beeotred. M the roifmoe *tpr*affon of thie meatdtg. The*. U>e rltiteae of Jereey Ctty are greatly in fotor of the rtpote I erteae on. whereby the reeourree of onr oily id cowry would be more folly developed, aod employ au nt give* to our people. R**olverf, Thai o ir aeoator and repreaentalirea ia the 1'oaee of A*ee*My ba urgently and earaanty requ??twl to * i by th' r roh-a end t dee the b now pending ft-f tba nn'.ra ithllroad rit'st g*. [ERA sa K?wi from K?mm. ftriruL ooKHMroNDKxea or run hiuld. ( Awarfu, K. T., Kab. It, IMS. Artiug r-r>vrrr-GT Doaver baa ??m h i aid, IJautsnant Hanford, to Fori I?arenworUi to rtMjoeHl Gtccral Baraoy to MCd 200 L'u tod -tot's troops <tjwn to Ftort HcoU. Before tho troops arrive th' re, h wev.:r,the free Bute mcu will have consul,t ',od w hat outrage* lucj ch oned to and scattered. Quiet prevails in all other parte of Kansas, and tbo Fort BceU. aflatr don't amount to much. The Minueola Town Con>i>auy are busily engaged laying out the town and getting out lumlier for a Isitci large enough to accommodate three hundred pcrsone. also lum ber for a hall In which tbe Constitutional Convention may it. Both buildings are etjwcled to be completed by the Slth Monday in March?the time appointed for lira meet lug of the Oonatltotional Graven ion. The body of Judge Curtis waa yesterday removed from Lawrence, file wife came up from Teoria in an open wag on; tbe cofflii containing the body of tbo doceaeod won tied to the wagon, and aha with an infant in her arms started in that manner to her home in Franklin county. It was one of the <oldest days of thie winter and such a hearse, with the mourner so situated, waa a sight so pitiable that the hardest heart beholding it could not bnt bo moved. Yet It was very little regarded in Iav> recce. Additional New* from Utah. ONK OK THE UTAH DEFENDERS TO A OKBTILK MERCHANT?HIH VKRfllON OK THK WAR AND MORMON " Bl.OOIII.K8fl VICTORY '?KKKI.H BAD OVIR TDK HTOPPAOB OK TB* 1ITA11 MA1I.?HOMltTniNO OP THB MORMON CAMPAION AND TACTICS? THR TROOKB OK TUB EXPEDITION HAVK DRAWN THE TR1O0KR, BUT THE MORMON BOYfl ARB PHOMIHKD D1V1NK PROTECTION -HEADY TO " PITCH IN " AT A MOMENT'fl WARNINO?K10HTIN0 IN THE HPHINO COUNTED ON,ETC. Salt Lakr City, Dec. 4,1857. Me. ??: Having just returned from tho war, after an abeence of fifty-live days from "the city 1 love so well," I thought that a word in relation to our (so far) bloodless victory over tho enemies of the kingdom which Daniel saw and said "would be set up in the laet days, no more to be thrown down," he., In connection with other matters, would be interesting, provided that you evor received it, which, by tbe bye, is to me at this moment a matter of doubt The Eastern mail, you are aware, has been taken from tho Mormons and given to * * *. Worse than that still?the October mail, via Independence, and I sup pose all the malls that have gone out under tho now contract since the United fltatcs robbed Utah, previous ;to October, nave beta Mopped, ana are now oeticucu at Fort Bridger that wan, but ta not, having been burned by ua. Aye, rt ia bo. Our mail baa been dotamel by tbo great American army of "foreigners"?in all about 2,r>00 men, now quartered at tbc above named fort?quartered there, too, dimply bccauec, with all their power, might and majeety, of which thoir oommandera boasted, they could get no further, and with all their patriotism and bravery dare not, if they would, and could not, if they dare, while Brigham standi at the helm and guides the old Bhlp of/.ion. Tbey have with tbcm the civil elBoers appointed by our kind and loving I'ncle Samuel to civilize tho citizens of Utah according to the civilization of the Christian world, as illustrated by some of their prodccemors Some of our boys have been prisoners in their camp?taken while re turning home from missions?some of whom were treated like dogs others came off tolerably well. They havo with them a live postmaster, sent from tho United States to control the Cost Oth-a IM>|>artnieut in Ureal Salt lake City, who commences well by opening tho mail at Itrldger instead of sending It to its place of destination, and 1 luve no doubt in my mud that they liavo examined our letters What do you say to that* I think plenty, whether 1 say it or not Still it la only the Mormons The troops ars in a bad si'.nation, in a cold anowy country. Tbsir mules and horses?the former of which they had some 2,000 head?are dying ofl' by hundreds ho also their cattlo, of which they hail several thousands It is doubtrul whether they will be able to winter any of them, as they have been out of corn for itome time in view of all thai they are titling out a company of about srveuty men to go into Mexico to purchase mules and re turn in tbc spring Nonsense' They will never nee tho brvt mule from that quarter?I'll bet my old hat You would like to hear something of our campaign Not having much room, I must abridge my Mory as much as (Hissible Wc havo had only about 300 men engaged in : active opperatlous agnmst the enemy, annoying theiu in , any way they they could most effectually without killing tbcm off Our boys have been tired at severa! times, within shooting distune, by llie enemy, but IMi bal'.s have been "turned ' and none of them did injury, as was premi sed to the '-boys" before tliev went, by thuee who scot U-cm. The whole army might have been destroyed I r. ago bad we bcu disposed so to do. and that s th i'ia?.ngle man on our s: tc l verily believe, but the boys were ordered not to flrs a ingle gun, except in self defence, to savn life, at tbc laird i r . ri> - m oi (us own way without It Well, It has been done -<o far, and will coni'nue to be if our pe> ' pie do right?that m, do at they ars told by those m au | thonty. When Colonel Ale xauder firs', came into the Territory he . Uilisd very bravo. I hope you will see th. -omspond | K#f?s?rri h im And (iorftrnnr Vftnnr Mn tn.1 ti.mi Ka had certain order* Irom the Chief Executive of the na.ton, | that be wa* tui'y competent and pre|-trnd to eteeulo tbrm, ud that Governor Yonnr had mIJmt the aim I or ability to prevent it. However, after all thM bravado the Colonel < .Deluded to wait reinforcement* under Colonel Johneon before coming nto the rity. Johneon did uot pet up until November. He * % aleo very brave, w?* going into t.rral Salt take City anyhow, dead or alive. Whether tin' weather prew cold, an.l with it hia patruHi?m ar.d warriorinn ta not to ho Haul, but he hold on uki. Ia?t Iv came Colonel Cook, of Mormon battalion memory, with about 800 dragoon*, when thoy all moved up to Itridger, (which |>la< ' wi- I ad horned an 1 left about two week* previou*) and ootnnieuced ma* tip proiwralton* tu gpend tliere the remainder of the winter. Our would-be If lie could Governor Cumin.rig* then leaned a perfect milk and water proclamation * on i flint el itip all Uie troooe .n the Terr.tory todieband, 4km. kr... *tal op lik- w -* that hi* animal-' were eo iwled that be would not noro* >n Una fall, but Will ealabbeti a oourt In fireen H v-r o.ooty, kr., *. Welt, after all. we will let idem alone (If they behave themttlve*) until aprib?; th-n they wiu have to make tra. k? aaetward, or there will not be etioiiph ot them left to bury their deal lhat * my fa.tb other* probably tb.ak different We lare bad aioul 3,000 men .n rouerre. realy at a moment * waruinp to pdrb into them tf they l ?**ed a certain point Rut fear aad coofuaoo came upon them, aad they were utayrd In their pragre** to anrwer to our prayer*, m ii rhall only be a war f-iroed upon u*. We dt not peek for blood, and leave open the channel for the government to think better orer matter*. I prrnnme lb<*y hav- about uaed up the 12,000 000 and w 11 many mote before they accompluih their ohj-W. There if not new a Gentile merchant in Great Salt lake city. TV-y ?old eol and left Mr l? a with th-army, with ha f a mill** a worth of good* They will not let bun brtnp th- m into the ctty I *uppo?e the government will have them to pay for 0. and G. hav* al?o a Large lock in the *ol 'era'camp, purrhaeed for thl* market, but the Colonel will not let them po Hr .gbam **ct tb?m n pree?nt of n load of nalt a few lay* ap >, *< they were eat rg their neer, *c . without II. Ml bxloffirM ?l per p<?? Tor ftiI they could pet. t eipert they will eiwr it's 'damn root, a* they did of me of hie letter*. I will end you the cnrreapnndence between tb? ttorern >f and dficere, w th other particular*, a* mm aa pohliabod. We "irei to be warred are nat eo loan aa Saiao haa power In the earth, bnt have no foam a* to the reeult loo* well to your apirttoaJ a? yoo do to your temporal in uweeta, and you will do well. Mormneieni ia true aa the lord llvee, and Krtghatn Young i* the I/ird'a prophet t*. 9. We are all well. I hare gair.ed 16 pound* *in< e 1 weat Into the mountain* in eignt weeki Pretty good for camp life. JVrotn the Buffalo Advertiser, Feb 25 ] Advice* received .n thle city from Port Kearney, dated February l.eara that that po*t haa new* from the army at Fort Brldger up to the 4th of January, The writer adde ? They are in a etat" of quietude and health, and the onlr thin, that haa traaenlrnt of any moment alnce old Brig ham eenl theeall, , on Oeremher I, ie that of three Morinnc* com op to the headqeartera w th prorlaton* for eale, two of whom were taken premiere, and the th rd gtvee eo much t'me to make eaJe and leave in The pneoner* hare informed the commandant that the Mor moo* are h?*r making a military orMniulton, deaigning to derend the.r city. Alio that A 1? de*l/n*d te Intercept Capt? Marry, of the Ath inftBtry, who wm I c? pat. bed Vorewiber 27 to Taoa, New Meatm, fhr aalt and <*her ?op piiee. ae well aa for a large anmlmr of m ile*, la One Pane a gorge m the mountain* through wh'ch he will he obliged to pane on bit return (He tone naa hundred men with him ooJy I Thle may pawtb'y be a little mdHnry fln-ew with the Mormon* In order to aaawt them in make their racape from that country, for I enact think that they ran eo far delude themeeirea aa to beliere it paaaihle for them to defy the government forcea after the declaration of war. There m no newa of inter eat at Fort Kearney Brooklyn Cttyr Wawa. Mmrmmwe Awutir?Ob Wedoeeday night Mr H. K Van Rett, a boatman, wae knocked down awl eeverwly beaten by a party of rowdle* at the corner of Commercial mewl rintttwiii Mraala Ua.1 D/wl* no.ol Urn w-aa lakow 1a too *uti?n hou<* of tho Third procioct, ?b? b? wm?n>ta ??r? eiammod and fouud to o? dan#or"u? ono of toom, in l)># oyo( In no (n??r? m to i?m hlaa to -w too aifht 4 it fnb*oqoontlp foor ptmi wet# a/ronto 1 and i jantiftod ? l.a*in? boon on(n?. <1 in too amanlt. Vo??er.lay two moro m?n worn arrootod and bold to await to* rrouit of !>; iniortM, which aro toontbt to b* Finn I* tho Jatl-?4H\ Wo.lnoo.loy tho o-.noty jail in Raymond utrMt wao d loon to red to b* on #r* a?nr <>oo of tbn hoatlr.y flue* in tb? main hu>! 'my. 1 bt? of the k**porb btMMbdnd in OTtinfiilohinir tlio Oamoa botor* it ha?1 atla noi much headway. Mad the fl?e no* boon tiiraly dbrotrrod. tha loaa <4 lifb lb nt liavo bo?o front an en-h cell wetld hnro to bo unlocked aaparatrly m ordor to roloaao tho prioonor*. and thoy wt>ul<t haeo boon ob i?o?! to UtTt :*ft to* prwca Utroufh Uo ata n building LD. PRICE TWO CENTS. CRR.IT RF 111*11 OR SFIICIOR TV NRW (OR! PROGRESS OF THE MOVEMENT. Remarkable Conversions Anion; the Unrighteous. SINNERS BROUGHT TO THE WAY OF GRACE. One of the M Forty Thieve*" Repentant. Wonderful Manifestation* of Penitence and Piety. REVIVALS BI18BWHBBB, Ac., Ac-, Ac. Our readers have been already informed about the prayer meetings which are held every lay in the building adjoining and belonging to the old North Dutch church. Theae meeting* take place dally between twelve and one o'clock, and are intended specially for men ongaged in bualneaa down town. The attend ante, l tow ever, como from every claw* of society, and of late the ladle* form a conaiderable part of the audwnoe. There are throe mooting* held every day in three separate rmma, and at the one time. Kach meeting la presided over by one of the congregation, who sometimes reads S portion of the Scriptures, and sometimes prays. All the prayers, we may state, are extemporaneous, with some occasional exceptions. The proceedings, however, are not made up altogether or prayers and Scripture reading; they are tntersiwrsed with open confessions, the relation of Individual experience, statements of the backsliding of some sinners and of their conversion, encouravtn* accounts of the nrosrstia of ilm r?.?.v?l I ?< misea on the pkrt of tbe younger and older attendants to leave the p&tlui of Kin and wickedness end to return to the ways of sanctity and righteousness. in only an hour is devoted to the accomplishment of thin business, they are obliged to economize time aa much aa poealble; and to give as many an opportunity of apeaktng aa they can, not more than Ore minute* m allowed to each apeaker, each reader, or eaeh penitent for the eonfeaaion of hla etna. A notice to thla effect a dinplayed In the most conspicuous place In the room, ao that none may plead lgnoranoo of the eatabllahed rule. Thia notice reaile aa follows $ pkavkrx am) klttoktatlonh f t not to ncrr.n rtv* ximttkh, ^ in okprk to oivk all. an iimuttttfltt. ^ In ?ome raaea the leader of the eierciaea And* it ucceaaary to inform the apeaker that he haa tranacsaJed the limit* of hm time, and he never heal tale* to put htm in mmd of the fact. The prayer meeting* yesterday were attended by aome five or iix hundred [xirsoos, about two hundred or whom wtre neremtled In the lower claasroom. Mr. ManaOeld proaided over the eiarni-e* m this apartment, and at 12 o'clock precisely, announced that the meeting was open. One of tho gentlemen delivered the following brief prayer ? Oh, 1/ird, forgive ua our many transgressions and help ua in thy mercy and goodness to oome u> Thee. AsslU ua In the way ot alvation and rlotlie us with Uiy righteous nera and grace l>rt qn upprweh Thee in our poverty, ao that we may receive thy blessings wlien mat wa need tl)< m We pray Thee thou wilt ileal with ua In thy mercy; Hcnd down thy blessings upon ua all who are convened at thip hour P>r prayer and prae-e. May we now receive an impulse onward In the path of duty tat ti.e good spirit guide us on the way to Christ, and do thou increase tlie number of thn?.o who call upoo thy name. May this movement go on til! the city, aye, til the whole land, yea. the world itself, be awakened to the divine influence and the earth be tilled with glory aa the waters cover Uia bad of tho *ra. (ih, do Thou bring about the gooJ time, and we shall re*|K>nd in the words of the Psalmist, 'The pray era of Hwvid, the son of Jesse, are ended. '' lend us to tenor Thee and glorify Tsce,through Jesua (%rUt?Amen. The leader of tho ev-rclaea hero addressed the n.etmg j He said- It im to be hopod tluUthe brethren, before speak ) log or pray dig, will look at the card. There are many who desire to speak and pray? ruing of the older brubrsn, hut If auy one has got the latent news from Heaves n re garit to the revival of religion, 1 think It woui l be mora profitable for u* to hear to day than any thing else. Wa desire to hear the young con* rts get up an 1 n(??a And it is particularly requested that the brethren who are straDgershers, If thry have got good now*, wtll :<apy some of Ihe time In giving It to ua. one of tbe congregation commenced tho 4'uj h-n.o, in which all pn sect jo.ned. Not more than <<ue v era of this was song ? .1 marina grace, how sweet the sour, I That saved a wreu b liae rue, I once was lost, but now am found ? ??* DUD J, Dot DOW [ see A gentleman addressed tb<' ruoeUng and said?I am lappy to infirm > on that that jming man wbo asked las pray ra < f the people ban b??>o converted Ls-t no bar" rotor to a single lart Thm- days ago, in ibo upper room, a Im Ui? r requested lit prayora oi tho u-eung for a bro tber sod siater Well, tbo brother baa been converted, tod I am told that tb* i iter ia .n the hope that Jesus hta spoken to bar semi. 1 would request am w~*ial'' of that brother, wb> w cut here t><tay, that your prayers b* unit el in Mee-iug i it al for tho conversion and in asking that be may be admitted to t blen-ed immortality. Tho Uii'iH?Tta prayer* of thia cuag-'galion are re quoted in be hall of Uio withered brain h of the Trae of life. A Mi ti n*?A lady request* the prayer* of Una meat dig for a father, a staler and brother A young man, about tw< uty two years old, nest arose " I hare neon, aald be, a member of the church for eigb teen month* tolthln the last week, I found, bowwrer, that I had airinod. and If I continued In a o I know that 1 can't escape. I was invited by a brother member >f oar rharrh to attend thla mealing and I saw the error of my way*. 1 now ark the prayara of thai congregation that I may b<- brought to a knowledge of the truth. At the conclusion of these href remtrka another roan and ?aid?My Christian rrirtJs, I would take the llbnrty of asking your prayer- in belie f of n yoang lady who joined the church lately I bop- that you will renember her In your prayers, that -be may he Inspired with the energy to jietacvere in the road to salvation Tbe 1 jurum?Your prayer* are requested fern young man who has resolved on the worldly path and taking that which laada to heaven. "We wish," >aid a middle aged member, ofor a refuge where we can See front the gnawing naree of life, There lore we preeent our cla m* and our petition*. onr want* and our <lr re-, and aek that our hearts be (Hied w th the loveoftlod. I sit ue, ob lord, feel tbe tranquilhamg Influence of thy presence, the saving power ot thy ap.rit, the renewing action of the Ho r fiboat. And may all connected With ua be brought under tb? controlling influence of thy power and goodte-e. Hem before you are varioue persona that require tbe ater/eaonn l lli aven Those who ark an .ntcrest la our prayer*, sre -specially iveseni before TTiee Thy merry,thy po*inty. thy grace * ample for all. and mav those uho (ee'r? aav II ii<K at the band* of God wk la the boom of Jarta, oon (Mine in thy kindneM and nartou* dwp?a,u>? nwatin them May their individual cow, aa rrnd" know* to God, awt with a r?adjr raapnoee from ftewveo. and may thry ba aavad by the powerful levy <4 iky aprft. Sawd abroad thy light and lay pr?t?r That la now preading. and from thi* centra may t diverge to every P*'I of too city, to every part of lb* country, to lb# whole land, Ull God'a fraca. powar and marcy ahaJl embrace Um whole population of lb* ('tried Water '.lory ba in the God of tba Whole earth Wa praaent tha cUim* of the entire population of our globe?too tbooaaad ban Ian ihunaag I thnt nnab.t ih.? torrnqueou* ball?may tbay mdtvvdonliy come up la re?embraa<w balora God. May aaJiatiaw vtait tha enda of tha earth, and thy nania a hail bam all tbo (lory. Amen. The Ave miauto* of Iba foregoing ipmlir having as plrad, tha oongr*gattoo heard from another. who addreaa ed them aa follow* ?It mart rejourn ovary ChrMtan heart to are that tha aplrl of 'iod ui deeeeaOtog aad touch rg Ilia heart* of tha incofmng 1 nay tha m iat bo rejolriag u> every (liriabao heart for Dm every ' hrtatlao pray*?for thla do morn ng and even n* prayer* atoaad to the throne of God that all tha human (am ly may bo redeemed. We aab If there ,* any new* that o?ld ba brought of greater importance than toe ranverwoa aad -air at ion of aoule' and we dealre all to at la eiM-u<ir?gtaf. tor we are mi' b crcaturaa that we aaed to ba ?wmu .ated to bring oa up aad to make ua active. la tha town from which frame lhare waa a little BapUat aaanciatna. A hurl time aln. e?tha Hunday Wore laal?we had a bap uaing, and thirteen ware oapuaed Wall, I met ooa of lie niftober* coming down ia tha moraiag, aad be aaid Uiey bed a gtorlooa meatlag; there never aa each a meeting. the email number with whioh they had cow me need waa Increased to ftfty or atity, aod nnmbere of "there had aaked for the prayer* of the coa gregaiion. Wheo we hear thaaa thing* wa reel eooou raged-thry *bow that tba iptrtt of God ia at work. All this appear* to ba a moving upon tba water*, aad God greet that many will anon come aad Map into tha f*inl of baptl*m, aad waab thaanaelvaa from every *tau> I bat n calculated to make lb am im pare Aa I waa going town tha street a w iman call* oat of tbe window, moo honing my name, and ?ay* aoch a perwo?a man about evenly year* of age, who occupie* the upper port of too houae- want* to *ao ma. Well. I aaw a feeble old man? The 1 ?Your time ia ap ?viu*wv-Wnl1.1 want to flinah. Twill only lake a mtnnt*. Wall, I went In and talked to bim. and ba atpaared to ba w-aanoe.1 wrb prayer Vow. ail thia abowa tow ralue of prayr, *?e ebooM therefore all pray t? nether. "la* at pray for thi? row. ?art *i? arerf member of the for he frinte e*ir prayer*. (>?, tho i ^oa of God, take away erery mfflculty, erery r i-ediniemi May the language . r hi* h"e?t he Wetioroe, dear Urn deemer w.Teoror I" thi* b<a/l of tmoe' May God oath* eeal nj?aj turn mi.I llWale h"-? f?"fii the hnadigt of eta and the thraldom <* the J. tii member aJOn the young woman Ob. Joe t i-<* be. *. ?fil Oh, God, a ween aeay her unbelief?M her -o?* ro TV- God Mem aU that bare been brought before u? 'K>, lha' the power *