Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 27, 1858, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 27, 1858 Page 2
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2 Ood may be upon item Oh. Cod, baptise Uun brethren ? Ukr away u.e .ear mru from all! Oh, 0?d, baptise 'beni all?11.a old a-d |h? >o?nf' Ob, how ud worthy we are to receive eucb indication* of the divine love' Oh, i.od. olot out nur *.df On, deliver thoee who pray to Tbee1 Ob. jTe-rrve Zion, winch ie M dear U> Thee as the wwle ofih ne eye'" The meeting' united in singing the 438th hymn 1st verse ? Weinorne, welcome, dear Redeemer, Welcome to this heart n! mine; 1 1 mali n a frtli anvraltHar Evety power end trough! be thine, fklM entirely? Through ttrrul ages Ihtoe." 1 jmniw- No tme to be loot, brethren. A Mtuiixu?by Christian trends, I have been the aub tt tot many * prayer, an.i it is only ? short time ago that I Sought Ute pleasure* of the world, but I never fouiiil them tru1) tul I i"uij?i Christ. And now I am waiting for the coming 3ahbs'h to rtaod upon Jordan's stormy banks, and watt the coming of .leans. We will ring hymn 283. said a member; and the con ^negation Rare two verses:? Asieep in Jet-us! Bleeeed sleep1 y i, wlv., I. none ever wakes to weeo. A calm ar?l undisturbed repose, Unbroken by the last of foes A?<eep In .teens' Far from tliee lh> kindred and their graves may be But tliere is still a blessed sleep. From which none ever wake* to weep. The La*i>?? Every momeul is precious. Improve i everr moment, to toll lli? news from Heaven. A Muuiai- Our Father, we come to Thee this day. We aekoowle ge th- |mwer of Providence in tempering the wind to the shorn lamb. We acknowledge that we are not worthy ot thy merry, and it we bad received our tust luarment wc should have been In perdition betoro tins We pray that our hearts may be renewed and all that we do be to the glory of G *1 and the bepe&t of his creatures at )a<ge isd tkf kingdom stand and the stone that is cut out of the mountain lltl the whole earth Give us wisdom that we may all unite as brethren and acknoar ledge thee and thy dear Son ANiwHwt WrMHrs?1 ask for the prayers of the eoctrre. gallon for the Roman Catholics of this city. I know that several are inquiring and finding the way to Junta A weok ago a y?-nng woman acknowledged herself on the lord's side, and signified her intention of joining the church In order to Instruct her countrymen wlto are In darkness and ignorance I would ask the prayers of this congregation u<-t only for the Catholic laity and Catholic priesthood, but for the I'ope and all who want the know ledge ot the truth. , As Atom Majeiir.K?Wc have reason to be thankful to thy name, oh I-ord, and we praise and nek Thee to bless us We are rejotroo at beholding so many assembled to praise Thee lib, de thou uttl! continue to giveus grace We de- \ Sire to prui>e thy name for all thou ha?t done. We praise j Th< c for all thecouiioita de circumstances we are In?that wtltethe arrows of death bave b?n flying around, we ! hsve survival (be pale nations of the dead. We desire to i praise thy name for what thou hut Uoae. and pray that the time may coine when |>ag-<n and popish superstitions wit! fall, an<l .leeas may he known from the rising to lue setting of the sun Remember the poor and the needy and the distressed everywhere, for the Redeemer's sake. Amen. A V*h ?< Mkmxkh?We thank Thee, oh God, for the marveOous Ojt^ouring o' the dlviue spirit hi our midst. We praise Thee that ro miny have been recently born into thy i kingdom. and that such a variety of cases shouid have been made the subjects of special mercy Oh God, hear their i prayer if they pray angbt?if they are siitfl.-tontly bumble And, ob' lord.rtotnou m thy goodness have mercy upon 1 uk and bring us to the fountain of thy grace. let thy ' spirit descend upon the ernng and all who wander from j thy holy way and if they are not penitent, do thou in j thy goodness make thcmjfco. We beseech Thee that this ; work may continue? that it may gr. on gloriously and take deep root, so tliat it may go on during the whole year. I Hear us in this our sincere prayer, and forgive our sins ] through Christ our Saviour. Amen! At the conclusion of this prayer a middle aged gentleman arose and made the following:?''We thank Thee, tied, that we are peinutted to praise Thee. and we pray Tnee to have merry upon us?give to U6 tnat restless and energetic spirit of prayer without which we caouot reach Heaven. Grant we may nut be disappointed, but (hat each one present may fee! the manifestations of thy grace and spirit Oh' Father, bear those who are desirous of coming to Thee Oh. Great God! for the sake of thy l*ioved r<on have mercy upon those who are struugling with the enemies of their souls. Grant that they may r*r? from death unto life Grant that thai young man and young woman may feel the truth and religion of Josus Christ, and feel that Thou art precious to their souls On Father, be Thou with us, as we further desire to wait upon Tnee: and grant that the influence of thy holy spirit may be felt throughout the entire breadth and length of the land. Remember those who are out of the ark of safety. We know there are hundreds and thousands livtcg in darkness We pray that thy light may he seen iu every land til! thy grace be poured out on all, ahd till the wor'd be brought to acknowledge that Thou art the only living and true God. Grant that by thy grace we he prepared to enter into tby everlasting kingdom, and to Thee we will ascribe all the praise and glory, world without end. Ameu. A Minus* said that a few days ago he beard from a brother that there were seven hundred convert# in Oneida county, and that in Cincinnati God's work ta going on hopefully. And brethren, he continued, 1 hope you may keep on praying, the kingdom come and that God's word may be glorified " We rejoice, oil lord," said auother. that we are per milled to carry cn the good work. Deluge the|whole land with thy grocc, ao that thy people may berime more prayerful. oh. lnrd. let thy holy spirit descend upon ua let it go from heart to heart. Oh i.od, wake op all to greater act'vity, and ax Thou haxt begun thia work, carry tt on to the glory of thy name. We thank Thee for those meeting* thai have been e-l*bli*bed Oh God. may every Christian heart thank Thee. Oh God. may the country around Ous city feel the power of thy spirit which thou hast been pleased to pour out amongst this people. Oh Ood. that this drop rnav be but the beginning of the great |K>we* whlih ts so soon to descend. Oh God, grant that allPtpirh Idolatry, and *Bperstit;oo, and Mahomtnedui worst ip and abomination be ?wept away from the face of the earth. and may thy spirit predominate everywhere. Oh God. gather' us home to thy heavenly mansion. Amen." An ?x A Irian**?-I would like to say a few word* to those present. Home few years ago, perhaps sime Ore or s i years ago. you may all re??!lect well that there was a Comtiion Council in this city of New York whteh was styled " the Forty Thieves. Two members of that body were indicted shortly after that lime, and one. who *i< again Indicted on a cbar|e of bribery and at j the bar pleaded " guilty.' Thank God. however, thank r.od, Uirougt his own prayer- and through the prajers of his friend- b< wtt brought back to the church and the way of sal vat in. That one now stands before you. ; Here the speaker became a subject of the greatest curb oeitv, but. nothing dismayed, he proceeded.] That one cow stands before jou to Jay, and. thank going on by Hi# grace to res rh Heaven This day and this hour has been a aloriout hour to my soul. 1 have felt more pleaeure here than ever 1 felt be tote I have beard you pray, and sing, and t very word has reached my heart and thank God that there is a power here that I can know and feel. If there be those here who don i know the Saviour to day they fhoold ieart that if they repent they will be saved. W hen the ex Alderman concluded there was a look of surprise and astonishment on many faces and we have no doubt his conversion will long be ttiosubject of rmvernaUcn, not oulv among the attendants at prayer meetings. Tut amor,' ofAtt holders, and politicians of all grades. Hte statement, however, was received with expression* Limvelf U ftsvt bffcu i Bitmber of the " Forty Thieve*'' had repented an-! become a convert, added greater zent to Urf leeling 'if joy TLc meet eg cent nacg tbe let and 6U1 versee of the A.'th b j mi, ar follow* Sow la tbe mora thy need At eve hold not thy head : to doubt and fear glee thou no heed, Broadcast It round the lead Thou raaat not toil in rain : Gold heat, and moan, and dry. Mtall fneter nod mature tbe grain For earlier* la the iky Tbe remaining ten mtnulei were ?pent 1a praying and tbe eierriee* concluded aitb a by ma "Tbe Sprentt of RtvlvalUm In All Parti of the Country As an indication of tbe great reltg.ou* revolution now la progreea ail orer the country, to which we bare already called attention, we aptwal eatracla from variou* religion* new*paper*, i bowleg the increasing extent of rmraham Tbe account* tbua far teetn to abow greater activity offre tigioii* rea< lion in the North, Feel aad Wert, though doubtie-a. the South 1* D?>t exempt from thii apparent general awabeuiag of religious interert TBI Bgrirat tw THH CITT. The Nrw York K'ungrltil of the 2Mb ha* the following on the reiigt<?o* revnle<oo in tht* etty The reiigtao* laf reet in thl? city i? ccnetantly extend, 1 Ing aad beoatr.lng more ragrcaateg The mtablt bment o the prayer mret.r.g in tutton atreet, early last autumnf [ llwl Ihr m |>IM> n ..... I*..!-,...- - tbeooue* tiChrtet. and fr?>m thif tlartinf point ho* /one nut lb* hnpp?urt influence It M ae*r, not merrly IB th< different ctawrrher of Chi* rtty, but tu effeet m?i l? traced lKtinct It ereo to remote part* of Ut* country. Th* devotional rtame *nkio<H*<1 K*r* Km been '-arrled by Iraaalaot vtnttara to their re?p*rtire home# and ebnrcb*#. and tbua many communiti** have received ? bleraing, growmi out Of th* entthltehtnetit of tbia no* dally prayer rn**t o* lb* work of itrace, in tbt* rtty, extend- to oil evangell eoi deoomtnatioLf Bopti-,!-. Methoaiala F.pireopai taia, t>rmgregnt<onoJi*ti tod Fr**byt*r1an*. ore Oil :a Cln?e rem j*tbt witb it The >w whortond %I*>f are well dwriKed by tbe remark of a I nttor'oti clergyman. In Wa?=ach i?e?a. t- m* year* alt* * He tail in th* midat of a revival, that tb* I nttorlari Chun b wa* like a mountain of Ioe.aur rnuofed by o a*o of fire ' tFhil* other denomination* ore <t?*p\y intonated, they atotid atiorl. often without ?**n Mabbntb tw-hnnl* and raraly with priyer meeting* The tptT?n?oi an* or* now to the ttndet of tb* ?** '>n o' j lent an i th**r rbiir< h*a are np*n day and evening. with larpe utendan'< oij.i miirh internet <>ur own churrhe* or* -iiarinx richly to the blrwaing <m a went oommunino Habbaih. fifteen united with the Merer atreet rhorrh ( tbirty with H*v l?r Hatfield a rhumb, and thlrty-al* wit i Hue Mr Hmrey a rhurrh on ovenu* C. | ' M m graUJiing moreover, to know that th* rellgioua feeling la extending among th* firemen ConrlituUr.g a? they do a large ami influential body of y.,un? men. wiioae > influence m mnat j?it*nt in the community, tl l* extremely ewtrahl* that It abnutd be on th* aid* of virtu* and re c tig too Were Una happily lb* fart, the *(T.*M would be r eoaa aaea and flail throughout the rtty Rett Vbhath f Flev Mr Wovey, of lb* t ie Tenth afreet Freahywtan hureh corner of Fourth afreet and avenue C, will de ! i I rrr a Omrmirae at the reo'ieat of a r rlinr, of ihr a.. t H? hit* mcoBtly roroived VWM from mut rnnnj ( n??? noomo-w?d with thn flr? d*partm?nt *mi> of whom e.?w? not bwa metric of * cburrti Tor ton rowm, hot Br* o?w aarMBUy tnqatrmr tb? way of lifo. fh? H:bl? nu 1>*wb latrwAuoH into noma of tb? nnjfiue hou??B, and by ntway ttrniwnn H to *tl?nt vrly rood ft* MabbaMi qwwtrne orrupiod tlmoot all the rtty obgrrbot Iwt Ibtilay At tbo roqtxwt of tb# fTomailtt?w? at IwyMw aaariy trory |*Btor artrnoaind Ibf claims of JbU btfwond day Aorh * n'?u'tan?*vi? mov???nt ha* j NET seldom been known, sad ths influence of It oust So widely felt. A end oommeaUry on this subject was sees la Broadway. The d*F was ptaeaant sad the sleighing (food, irom moraine to mid&igfcta period oanural was kept up by running hones and the shouts of thousands of excited sod diesolute young men. Nothing could show more hilly the ni cemtty of rescuing our Sabbath from open and daring desecration. Tne prayer mfeting* hare multiplied In different parte of the city without having any visible effect in reducmg the numbers at the Fulton street cession rooms. The crowd is great there, and three apartmentt are open an 1 Oiled. The Meth>lt?t church In John street has Just been opened for an hour at noon each day, and the numbers present surprise everybody. We annex a list of the nub lie prayer meetings now open in this eltp I. North Dutch church, corner William end Fulton streets, (Consistory Building, entrance on Fulton and Ann dreeta,) dally (Vom 12 to 1 o'clock. 5 John street Methodist church, near Nassau?dally, from 12 to 1. 3. Dr. Cheever's church, Union square?4 to 6 P. M., dally 4. Ninth street Dutch church, near Broadway?12 to 1 dally. 6 Dr. Parker's church, corner Fourth arenue and Tweety-second street?4 to 5 P. M daily. A. Dr. Gillette's church, West Twenty third streetdaily. 7. Home chapel, East Twenty-ninth street?8 to 9 A. M., dally. I. Rer. Dr. Nott s church. Broome street?daily. 9 Thirty fourth street Methodirt church, near Eighth arenue, (commenced Monday,)?4 to 5 daily. 10. Fiftieth street Methodbl church?dsily. 11 Seventh street Methodist church?dally. 12 A union prayer meeting will be held daily, on and after M<>fi<iay ueit, from 12 to 1 o'clock, at the Forsyth street Methodist Kf>l* church, near Division street. F.KVTVAT. AT NORTH WOODSTOCK, CONN. A correspondent writes from this ptass:?A precious and powerful revival is now in progress in the parish of North Roodstcck. Conn., where tne Rev. D. M. Kiwood. lormerly of Soutuboro', has been laboring since April last. The church at that time was sadly divided by poli tical and other differences, and seemed just ready to crumble to pieces from the want ot sympathy between its member?. But in the early part of last summer, the H?'y Sp'rii we* manifestly present In the sanctuary from Sabbath to Sabbath, and gave power to the ministration of the word. By the Oral of September a few of the young people began to attend the inquiry meeting which was then appointed. About that time also a weekly Bible exercise was held by the pastor. using for the text book the Assembly's shorter Catechism, occupying the entire evenir.rr npon one or two question*. The attendance on this soon increased from twelve or fifteen persons up to nearly one hundred This exercise induced much thought end study and discussion on the subject of religion ainoug our young people, and was no doubt of great service in prolucing the present state of things. The iniernst has steadily increased up to the present tima. Last Monday evening, sixty were present at the inquiry meeting. RXVTYAL AT NKWIURVPORT, MA89. The religious Interest In this city, sayg the Newburyport llfi-ald, continues even deeper and broader than last week, r'o lar a* we have been able to learn, over throe hundred have professed conversion. At present the interest Is in a great measure supported by the efforts of yoarg men. whose prayer meetings are held In various section; of the city wrh much success. At one of these meetings we are informed that over seveuty young men, from sixteen years old to thirty, were present. There peibape ba.- not been so deep a feeling before since the - gicm icR'iuisuuu. uivic uui uau t% ucaiurf Key. Mr. Sargent, pastor of tho Congregational church in Gilmantou, V II . writes:?A very delightful religions Interest has sprung up In our Academy, and Is spreading through our society. Kor the cnenuragment of thFUgaytng, n may be known that the Spirit seems visiting u? gaclously. RKVrVAL AT FRKPOVIA. V. T. A correspondent from this p'aee says, in writing to the Einmj'liit:?Wejare sharing w itb other churches in our country in the outpouring ot the Holy Mpirit. Last fall tho spirit of prayer began to manifest itself in the little circles in our cburcb. Then came the financial crisis to prepare the public mind tor the work of find, and now great num berg are awakened, and many are already hoping that tbey have passed from death unto life. All the evangelical churches are sharing In the work. Our academy is a'ai bleated in this gracious visitation. Quite a number Of the students are indulging hopes. We have been encouraged by your notices of revivals, and desire to add tine notice to "the list for the encouragement of others, and that God may he glorified and the Saviour honored by the graiiiude of Christiana throughout the church. We feel that the work is but Just begun among us. REVIVAL AT CHICAGO. A correspondent gays, much more than the usual religi Otis interest is now pervadmg the city of Chicago. In aeveral churches special service# are being held; some have meetings almoM every night, and some alao have daily morn ing prayer meetings tieaidea. A cloud big with morcy seems breaking upon this great city, for which all the land may well rejoice. Many find leisure now to attend to religion, who wculd have thought a year ago that they cou <1 do no such thing; and thus the partial prostration of buaioeoa interests brings with it Heaven's richest blessing How many may yet rejoice that their riches took ? n<c and fl< w awav. so that ihev niluhl no loneer des pise -'the true riilies " The pret-eut year will Ion* bo remembered as one both of sad Leas and of peculiar joy. KKVIVAI. AT Bt'PPALO. The Buffalo JiUto 'i<er gives ttie following paragraph:? In mo-t of our evangelical churches there is a growing religious influence mo power. The five Methodist churches are alive in the work, and a large number ore weekly converted. In tho ITcsbytorian churchos wo learn o' an increasing serious nogs, and y arc awakened and desira to he consecrated to i" It Is also affirmed, Python who are conversant with the general aspects of the c'y, that a good deal of seriousness prevails In the public mind This admitted, It may be asked if the church is m-eting Its full reaponsibllity in view of the seriousness of the people and their dCairo to seek Christ and His pardon? The lecture rooma of several of the churches have been opened ami extra strvices have been held, but this accommodation is in no wise commensurate to the de 1 roand We he I eve If the large auln nce reoms were oi>eue<l. and public rervice were held each evening, that multitudes would be brought under the influence of tho 1 Gospel that otharwise will not be the present season. REVIVAL AT TIRAWVERS. BEL. A series of mseUogs has been hold for nearly three w.-eks in the Presbyterian church, at noarlv every one of which one or more jiersona began to rejoin in hope. A manifest increase of the spirit of prayer in a portion of the cburcli marked the beginning of this work. F.very famiiy in which this ( raycrfulnc** was seen was blessed with the conversion of one or more of its members. The ! interest has been most deep an l widely extended among the male members of the congregation. Of twenty five i cases of hojieful conversion, fifteen are of that class By ! this blessed work a church of one hundred and fifty years' standing, and for some time past In a languishing condition, i? greatly .strengthened and encouraged. revivals in onto. Rev Mr Chidlsw, in a recent letter to the Ohtertvr, says God is remembering his people In our Western j '/.ion in great m?rcy. I luring a recent lour through CJen tral Ohio t found many churches, of different denomma tlons, enjoying precious revivals. I spsnt a week in Radnor, fielaware county, preaching twice a day in the Presbyterian church. Rev H McVey, pastor. Our congregations sWadlly increased in sir.c and interest. The church had a mind to work and the Holy Ghost graciously moved upon the hearts of sinners. Thirty live were led to seek the face and favor of God through Jesus Christ. It was our great happiness to hear some of these express a hope in the forgiving love of God, and their purpose to devote their lives to H's service. The young |?ator and bts little flock will, we hope, be greatly strengthened by this season of refreshing. revival in ftevrkek college. A correspondent of the A'rauipWut writes;?We are now enjoying a gracious revival of religion This Is the fourth week or our meeting'*, an t the intereal has not abated. More than one hundred have become deeply interested in religion, the greater part of whom have, we trust, found peace tn believing in Christ. In le-s than a year and one term there have been, as we trust, more than 220 conversions in connection with the College and Seminary church REVIVAL AT RTRATTORO. CONN. A correspondent writes to the KmngtiiM:?We have been enjoying a delightful season of refreshing from the presence of the lord for something more than two mnrlht I Inr UnndhV ororiiriff ma?l nm in which ihsa^ i'Immm are torited?rucb M are inducing hope, or are inquire!*, or desire lo become interested id religion?bat been attended Tor some w.--ls past by from asrcuty to a hundred, about elity of ? born profee* conversion The Interest in U>e north part of tbe town la now greater tban it Uaa been at any lima before in any part of tbe pariah Tbr subjctt of tbe work are ot all condttioca ia life,and of all a*i-a. from tbe cbildren of tbe .Sabbath echool to the a*-J tinner of nerenty flee; quite a number are young men, some of whom will (D. V.) enter the ministry. KBVIVAL AT Mt'SCATINB. The Frnmrli* corrw?pt>od#ni say* ?There baa been an nnu-uai religious intereet lor tome week* paal in tbe Firat Pre bytcnen church (V. R). on Muscatine bland, Iowa. Special meetings have been nald for flee week- pa?t, and t a evident that the Holy -?pirit war |<roaent with Ilia < onrrrtng influence*. Soma thirty tire perron* are induig irg a hope that tbrr harr passed from death into llfo. We hare received twenty flvr on examination, and one by certificate, and several others are expected to unite with ua at our neat communion. Tbe moling has ireon conduct ad without aid from other ministers, our pastor, Rer. M U. t ar?. having ail the prrnchlng Tuere has been much deep teallng manifested oti tbe part of tbe church fer the conversion of sinners, aod it* members h*Te heart ty united with the pa-tor in laboring for tbe conrer s on of the impenitent REVIVALS IN THE WERT. A glorious work of dlrioe grace i? in prngresa in Hill* i late. Mtrh Another to Itnver. III. In both these place* a 1 iarae number of eonreratona have taken piaca. Religion | I* the thing iipiwrtnnet in oonrer*Atiou from day to Jay. | Freryll ing else seems hai.ished from Hoclety, and <tod i enthroned in erery sphere i REVIVAL AT CLEVELAND, OHIO. There i* at present, a beep And wide-spread Interest on I he subject <>( religion, tb tb< Methorhst. fteptlst, Prasby i P-rtan, and Congregational churches of Cleveland. The i I irat and Second Presbvtorian sod foetid -treet %nd < l'l> miMlh ' hur'hes. hold a union prayer meeting daily, t rrom eight to nine o'clock A. M . an I aiao hure |in? long t or theee churches erery Tueeday and Thursday evening t K meet cheering work of the tipir it ia in progreM. I REVIVAL ADVERTISEMENT*. I The following ?<lvertl?o?flnta mdioat" the progro** of ' e viral work ? Kivirti fir** ? A c!i"i<<> collect: >n of hymn-'f irseaann* J if revival, tor all den m nni -m* t'omp'h'd by Rot Jo- r i?pb Banvard, P P In one neat pocket volume, In loth prme Mr Ready March 10. Hirr* to OHnen-um ?Rinle feelgood to n l fhrlatlana n their effort* to convert men to Hod. By Thome* R Ik ; ner. I> p . and Koward Bceeher, B P 1'r ? for 100 " 14. by mail t? MftrtL AT At.*AKT. ? Ti" V?? fork f?i*rv,r i ( Ihe Wk inrt ha* arverel J i;mnr of r onmnnirjUlon* an 1 ndltoraln on the mihjc 1 r ne A correepondent of the teirrr?r, from Alha r iv, aave An carlv ae S?-| item her laet an evidently -?r IOue * lUente.ri to "iil'je. to oorninenced In hi* church. eh:ch l a* convn-?l wiViod e*citement ever einre, with | to r it/aorllnary religion* eerrkiee, eioept a m ieruag ol eye* meeting Qnite number of yootb of bulb eciee, a ? YORK HERALD, SATIJ ad beads of families hare been led to appreciate the bensAW and blessings of the great salvation, and to ooose. rate themselves living aacritoee to God. Many others are deeply Impressed with the thought that relifioo is the principal thing, and that only "fools make a mock at sin " The work is quiet, deep, permanent, and in eteady progress. It was good to be there; It was delightful to have the mind, in a strange place, attracted to that great foun tain, ever (lowing and always full, of which if a man drtnk he shall never thirst again. A young lady, at the hotel where I stop, has handed me a Bible, upon a blank page of which 1 And a verse, which I oopy as the close or my letter:? Sejy, would'st thou live? this hallowed book shall tell wnere me h purest pieasuros a wen. Say, would 'st thou die? Consult this sacred lore And soar to worlds where sm can harm no more, living or dying, this shall sotthe each pain, Whispering?"To lire is Christ?to die is gain." REVIVALS IN THK WIST. Another correspondent of the same paper says:?In B , orer one hundred hare come out on the Lord's side. In S and G there is a great work of grace in progress amvng all denominations of evangelical Christians, such as I have never known before. In all theae places the work has been chiefly in the Sunday schools. And herein S they count thirty-eight hopeful con verts, sixteen of whom have already joined the Congregational church, and the rest will soon totn this or some other church. All these converts except one are from the Sunday school. There Is st this time a revival of religion going on at A?. The anxious seals are crowded every night. I bare been sent for to attend. Indeed I here been in one continual revival of religidh all win tor. I meet with no difficulty In prosecuting my work as a Sunday school missionary sow. This is indeed the happiest winter of my life. While passing around among the Sunday schools I planted from two to seven yea's ago, and while wltueesiog the bleesed finite, bow often has that precious promise from the I.ord of the Harvest come with power and comfort to my soul, " fhey that sow in tears shall reap in joy." / KIVIYAL FOKTRT. The Christian hitrlligcnrrr contains the following, written on reading iu a late InttUvjtnerr the account of Clod's special presence in some of our churches ? The tidings come I oh, let thorn come? Tidings of sinners saved; What welcomo Dews to Christian hearts t Because for this they prayed. The tidings come! and let them come To every church and home; Till numerous sinners saved by grace Shall to the Saviour couie. The tidings come ! and how they cheer The watchman at his pest !? He's glad to see (rod thus increase His sacramental host. The tidings como I what blessed proof That God doth answer prayer, And tbu be never will remake The people of his care ! The tidings come! give Got the praiseHe hath the work begun; Oh, may be still carry it on For the sake of his dear Son t The New York IndtptnulrrU is too much occupied with tho Kansas question and the Bible Society squabble, to pay the slightest attention to tin prevalence of revivals throughout the country. Musical and Dramatic Matters. Itauan opkra?The first cheap Opera of the season will be given at (he Academy to-night. Mmea. La Orange and D'Angri and Signors Bignardi and Gassier are to sustain the chief ruU? in the favorite piece called "Eruani." Broadway Thratrk.?Families and juveniles are to be entertained here, this afternoon, with equestrianism and gymna?tie exercises, "Cinderella," Ac. Mr. Elton Stone, iuww;ici;ia? '? * H1T7I , lltw 1'ICJ'dlCU ttU CAliCI VUV ^'1 ugl aiUlUQ for hit) benefit at night. Bowtky.?Those who attend this house cannot complain of a want of either quality, quantity or variety to nigbk Four pieces are announced, vir ?"The Gunmaker of Mo'cosr," "His I.a?;t lags," "The Broken Sword" and "Black Fyed Susan." Bvktok'a- Mr. Burton will this evening give his amusing delineation of the character of Tommy Trot in the pictorial comicality of "Paris and Iondon," in which is in (reduceJ the excellent panoramic view of a trip from Calais to London. "Rules of the House" follows. Wailatk s ?Miss Robertson, Mrs. Hoey, Miss Gannon, Messrs. Bourcicault, Blake, lister, Johnston, Sloan, Da venport and olh. rs, areagaiu to perform in Ihe new play of "Jessie Piown" to night. Tho "Swiss Swains" is to be the afterpiece. IjU'ra Kdot's.?The popular actor and .-tago manager, Mr. Burnett, is to take his annual benelit this evening, lie has selected the drama of "Miad Your Own Business," an original comicality styled "A Steamboat Disaster," and "My Neighbor's Wife." Amxricam Mi skcm ? Mr. Watlcins' eminently successful adaptation of the "Pioneer Patriot" is to be performed for the forty seventh and last lime this afternoon The "Cross of Gold" and "Catching an Heiress" are to be played at night. Gw>. Chsmty and Wood's Mumtbu otfer the tut ternary variety of melodies, dances, Ac., together with the very popular seno c<>mlco pieee entitled "WetT), the Sensible Monkey," in which Geo. Christy and Geo. Holland have characters. Btcklky's Pkuvkaitrs are to bid adieu to their numerous friends in New York on the occasion of the benefit of their gentlemanly acting manager, Mr. Waterman,this evening. IIctl and r.taer mnMm have volunteered. Bavarts' Mir-trmjc?Icrry Bryant, whose lifelike delineations of Fthioptan character have gained for him a host of admirers, is to have his annual benefit to night I'pm.iH ul m the programme lb bis genuine "Essence of Did Yirginny." The Pact 0c Hotel Disaster. fivk moke bodies eot'nd. [From the St. louis (temoerat, Keb. 23.) During yesterday the workmen at tb? mournful scene at Seventh and Poplar streets onliDued their excavations. By uigbllall the charred and mutilated remnants of live more of the victims were exhumed. They were borne to the stable loft on Franklin avenue, where the others were deposited A considerable portion of the rutas remain yet to be explored, and more bodies will probably be found. There are now eighteen. Dt those yesterday discovered only one conld be identi urn, nan iuii niiieiy uj ni<*Hn?i m ivwi mme irnni lenu, which were readily remembered by hi* alllictod friends an those of Mr. Bruce McS'ltt. Bit remains, with tioae of one other, were found in the cellar of the late dry goo la store of Mr. H Hirsch. The rest were taken Trout the eel lar or Jones's drug store. Throngs of visiters were yesterday einstantly gathered around the black and desolate charnel. A multitude of objects of varied ititen st lay mournfully broken and mingled in the ruins. Many of them were ot a character ileejdy to stir emotion In the breast of sympathy. The articles of value arc carefully preserved. Among them are d?gnerreoty|>es. rings, iwucil cases, Ac., m my of which are but shgbtly injured. The Coroner s Jury again met at 4 P. M and were sworn over the additional bodies then found. They will resume the inquest at 10 A. M. to day, a! the oUlce of Constable Wall, on Collins, near '"berry street. A large pocketbook, found on the night of the Are. and evidently belonging to Mr. T. H Strong, w;is yesterday left at the police ofllce H contained )>s[iers bearing bis name, a pencil and t~ 55 The injured at th? hospital all survive. Everything possible for their comfort and restoration, as well as for those of the sufferers elsewhere, la assiduously being done. The committee of relief appointed by the, met last cvenibg at the Meehtuics' Kichange. It then ap l>cared tha* J.'/TO 30 bad been collected during Uie day, making, with the amouut on hand, nearly $3,400 It is estimated that al<cut $3,000 will be needed. An erroneous impression has obtained that a consider able portion of the funds raised on this sad occasion arc to be expended in imposing obsequies for the dead. The committee are unanimous In the feeling that su sh liould not be the case, but that, while tbe remains iliould re ceiye a fitting burial, the necessities of tbe living should be chiefly tegardcd by them Army Intelligence. The Calvcston fVniiun says the following ia the dig trihiitlon of the I'nlted States troops in Texas ? (S'parUnentHtalT 10 Foil Brown 76?1 company 1st artillery. Klnggold Barracks 76?1 " ' ? Fori Mcintosh Hi?1 " 3d cavalry. Fort Ituncan 106?3 companies 1st Infantry. KortClark ,,.,160?3 " 3d cavalry. Fort I ate aster 133?1 " 1st Infantry. Fort Dai la .139?6 com "th inf.. hea Iqrs. do. Fort Mason 170 3 com 3d cat., baadqrs. do. Fort McKarvert 140?3 com 1st inf.. hesdqrs. do. Fort Cliadbourne 96?3 companies 1st infantry. Fort ltelknap 7th infantry. lamp imoper iw?a " 2d cavalry. (' mp Vril* M?1 " " ?? Fort I dm 79?1 ? ? Camp (wnrado 61?1 ' " " Han Antonio Kirrirka... 87?1 ' lrt artillery, (' nip Hudson. 84?9 " l?t Infantry Making a total nt 31 ami 2,036 man. We published ><n( week* since " Ueoeral Order* No. 4." adding aa a rrinferrom'-nt to th army In t'tah (1 an 1 K companies of the id regiment of drago jq?, and stktyfotir men of company A, engineer soldier* The latter waado be under the comment ot Ueul. Andrew J. Ihtnel on, of the oorpa of engineer*, with Brevet Heoond Ueut. Kdward I*. Alexander, of the same Oorp*, m subaltern; and the engineer department of the army wax directed to detail an officer of tbe corpe for duty on the -taff of the nftlcer commanding the army of 1'tah In pnreuance with the order, Opt John Newton, of the rorpa of engineer*, liae been detailed ae the olT1-?r for stalT duty. We 1*n learn that In M'tqMlM* of hie III health 1,'eulenant Dcnelaoti h?* 1>< <-n relieved of ttie i uima<1 of the com pany, and l.ieut. .1. C Thinno ha* been apjmtnted In hi* place The reinforcement* are expected to leave Fort l.eatonworth at the earliest practicable day?probably ?>metlmn In the first part of April next ? W uhingttm:Sfcxr. Bccowt or soi tiibhn ManitACTrHiro E-irAn.ikhmkvt*.?Mr J. I. Kogrr*, In a communication to the \alvmnl Amsriran says ?That in llnorgia the Koawell ompai y bae been very successful, |?ying regularly I'rjm en to fourteen tier cent (tividend*, and extending their irork*. There ar a number of establishment* in North tlabemaond Western Teiiiiesnee that have been paying arge prollte from the manufacture ol varum* k nd* of llalde, check*, ticking*, Ac., which command* in the mar ;et? where they sell, a higher prioe than those from any ither factory. All their operative* are negroes, owned by hecmpantr. Their establishment |* now worth ?ome 1400,000 Martin, Weakly A Co.. near Florence, Alabama. ,ave succeeded equally well They commenced about en year* ago with one small rectory , in a few ycara they milt a second. larger than tbe first, and during the past ummer base completed a third and very extensive one. Kt ItNITI RR, 1ST ?t.n<>* Sl F.Hrtlt'l A' ?>MMo|mtp?sh ron Tim L aged, lame, Indisposed and othei s, are provided by using 1,1*1 PTOM'M secrcary heds'?ads, In parlors or silling ooms. Hold wholesale, retail and by lneialm?nta, at Mo. 84 fhlte atreeA ln'rnrrurb any tarty dk-mroch ot hrkar r law tin kntttokn/inlnw n? iwlabiaw in 4U?.? ,.f ? k-U rpartofti?"lr* ran And a ?Mh CUttee*by ad rcN*Bfi ? U?? t? C. W., llenud oOtcc. R1)AY, FEBRUARY 27, li PERSONAL. A WIDOW I.ADT WILL OIV* TO ANT RKHPKCTABI.K pcrn'TP her child to adopt It ta a healthy boy of ait ii.. nth* old For further particular* inquire of J. J. W.

CI, V D., JOT Weai Twenty Ofth nlreel EVKI.KHN-I IIAVK RKTl.'ICNtCl) TO TUB CITV. Semi your adlreaa to nif at the old place. J A OK IF WILLIAM YOUNG, TAILOR OF THE LYE 8TOCR bridge, would write to nla pareute, It will afford them great conaolatlou. Information wanted?of Patrick or sar*h McCall, nattvra of the county Monaghan, Ireland town land o* Tu'agruah, partaliof Aaaramu.en. who came to tin* country about ntxteen yearn ago Any information of them will be thankfully received by their antlouedaugbter and eon, John and Mary McCall, at <M6 Kaat Fourteenth at. Canada papers pleaae copy. T ?IF THAT WAR ALL RATIRT At 'TORY ASH YOE i/3 . received your letter In time, send again to 6. BWAN ? 90., Augusta, Georgia. Notice? ir john o. hillgan will call at the office of Barker A Whitehead, 179 Broadway, he will leain aomrthing to hiaadvantage. TOM?FOB GOD'S SAKE ALLOW MR AN INT'iRYIKW on Monday, from 2 to 10 P. K., aud all can be made right if not. your beat friend will hare to sutler th; conse quences. Don't tail and all wilt be well. J. M WILLIAM JOHNSON, OB JOHNSTON, SARAH, HIS wife, William Henry, their ion, and Harriet Dean, for marly a boarder in their family. It la believed tboy resided tn Grand street within a few years since. Any parson giving information as to their present residence will be liberally rewarded on application to the office ol Mom' Hotel, corner of Bowery and Bayard elreet. LOST ASD FOUND. ~ Dog lost?$6 reward?a LARUE sized white French poodle dog, answers to the name of "Frank" Any one who will deliver htm at l.fJ Mercer street, to Horace F Jones, shall he paid the above reward Dog lost -on 25th inst., a black and white span el, has long black ears and a white apottn the centre ol his torehead answers to the name of Jack. A very lib?ial reward w.ll be paid by returning him to S7 West Eighteenth street. FOUND.-CAMR TO THE PREMISES, ABOUT THREE weeks ago, a rather valuable black and tan terrier dog. whtrb the owner nan have hy proving property, Ac. Apply at 7t> Fifth avenue, In tbs basement. Lost-on the ?th inst.. on mroadway, be tween the Metropolitan Hotel and Siewart's store, an oval broo-It. containing finely braided hair. The finder will be snliablv rewarded by leaving It with J. U. Hamilton, Castle Garden. Lost?near madison square, a diamond ring, enamelled with black, as it was a present from a dn ceaaed friend llie owner will give Us value ($100) to the Under upon Its delivery to 0. 11. K., 84 Broad street. LOST-DN WEDNESDAY. FEBRUARY 24. A CAMEO brooch, set round with dark blue enamel If relumed to 28 Laight street a reward will be given. STOLEN-FROM 802 FIFTH AVENUE, A BRACELET, purple ameth sts, alternated with ainall cameos, gold catting. Pnwnbrci'ta nnd jewellers are requested to take notice. The restorer will receive a liberal reward sad no questions asked. SPECIAL NOTICE.?FOUND, SUPPOSED TO HAVE been stolen at a hotel, a ladies' gold watch, bearing the name and date ' Sallie Huge. 1856." and various other articles of jewelry Apply to or address C J WARREN, Property Clerk. Ni-w dork. Southern and Western papers please copy this notice. pouncAii. ~ Grand mass meeting at tammany hall-on Thursday, March 4. the annlversay of the Inauguration of .1 mes Buchanan ?The democracy of the city and couuty <>f New York, and all who are in lavor cf sustaining the national administration in Its patriotic course upon the Kansas ques Hon. are requested to meet at Tammany Hall, on Thursday evening. Match 4, at eight o'clock. By order of the Demoiratic Kepub tcau General Committee PETER B. SWEENEY, Chairman. Tntio XV Wmt.a. V SAML. I). VASDEKUrDM, $ (Wirmlttee ot Arrangements?Mlohl Burn*. John F. Hone, Joseph Harrison, John Shea, John Monro, John Jourdan, Wilson Small. Daniel Linn. lllrat < Williamson, John Harrison Ancrew Jackman, Charles llo.ce Peter Mitchell, Henry 1*. West, Walter R Jones, Michael Ilalpln, Mauus Kelly, Henry Matthews Joseph Cornell, Dcnn Kyer, Andre Fremont, Aleaaadei Ward. THE UNION NOW AND FOREVER (IRAND DEMONSTRATION ok THE DEMOCRACY. ADM1SHON ok KANSAS INKER THE I'KoVIblONB OK THE LKCOMPION CONSTITUTION. DEMOCRATS RALLY: In pursuance of thie. the call of the Democratic Republican General Committee ol New York, the democracy art- requested to meet in mass meeting at Mozart Hall, 663 Broadway, oppoatte Bond street. On TUESDAY EVENING. March 2. at 7X I*. M . For the purpose of responding to, sustaining and endorsing the governmental poilcv of JAMES BrCHANAN. As promulgated In hi* Kanaaa Leeompton message. All men who love the federal Union and the constitution? who despise aecttonal agitation and factious strife, are respectfully Invited to attend. The various ward organizat Luna, acting In co operation with this committee, are requested to meet In their several wards on the 2d of March and proceed U> Mozart llall to join In the demonstration. 1 he (allowing distinguished gentlemen have been Invited ? Hon. D. 8 DICKINSON. Hon. HORATIO SEYMOUR, Hon. JAMF.8 8. GREEN, Hon. GRAHAM N. FITCH, Hon. CALEB CURBING, lion, .lollN'SLTDELL. Hon. K. M T.liCNTKR, Hon. JKKFKKSON I>AVIH, lion. AM ASA .1. BARKER, lion. LYMAN TRKMaIN, Hon. JOHN KET.I.Y, Hon. JOAN COCHRANE, lion. WM. B. MaCLAT. T. K. MKAGIIER, Esq. coeatTTtL or aKKAVoawmTS WII.MAM WILSON, THOMAS Vrrrrn, Jons J. 1 AIT. ISAAC Rosadsusno, iHUlm RAY, JOHN HCDOMAI I JAMES I.ANKDO*, N. D. PIM.AVS, A J. I'tt sr. Joint H. MCConn, THOMAS 8rr.ritr?s, WII.UA* COULTER, KPWANP LETTS. HUGH KELLT, C. P. Seni.HjttHhohn, Boarar Haiti; CHARirs Mu.i t K, JAMES Oototou.*, JAMES REED, JAMES HUESTOM, PrTra MCKHICBT, JAMESC. Bias HAM, T. W. MCMAHOK, DAWIEI Wirrai WILLIAM COl'LTKR, Chairman. Akprew J. PLUMB, , , ISAAC ROSKSBURGM, J ,e First ward on deck -democratic bkpuhucan Ward Committee are requested to meet this evening, t 7 rw'lrtrfc n? V?> 1 K' sir. pi Uw rvmUeof ihnl I'hilrman Mil ha) i. St u n as, > a,?.r,.ti>rl(.. JOHN KAY. Joujt Hoc am. \ Secretaries. THE TWEI.KTH WARD DEMOCRATIC REPUBLICAN Club. Hud PmMnt Kurh\n?n '* great Menage.?The cmmlttae appointed by the Democratic RepujUcAn Clnh of the Twelfth ward, to draft a preamble and reaoiatlorn ?i I ressive of the view* of the club upon ihe principle* laid down and ihe meaaure* recommended by the President in hi* r. M Bl in MM t f* llgl?. recommending the admUsi M . i Kansas Int.. ihe t'nton. beg leave to leport the following preamble and resolutions, and ecommrnd their adoption. Whereas Ihe resent message of Ihe President of the t oiled States. recommending the admission of the Territory of Kansas Intothe I nton, wfh a conatlintlon framed by a Atnven tlon, ca'led by the proper authority, rn-ogntred and author Und ttndet the orgsuir law, and elected hy a majority of the people, Who Choas to exercise their rig at to vote, meet* our hearty approval, and, whereas, we believe It to ho ihn duty of every democrat to sustain the President In ihe wtae and patriotic course poraoed b> him on that <|ut-*ilom therefore, be it Resolved. That we. the member# ?f the Democratic Kepultlisan club of the Twelfth ward, heartily endorse and approve the prmrlplea laid d >wn and the course recommended ny the President in hi* recent message to Congress on the admission >f Kansas iuio the Union, and we hail It aa another evidence that he la. aa democratic chiel magislraiea always hare been, the President of the w hole Union and not of a section thereof. Resolved. That the speedy admiat on of Kanan* Into lb Union would tend to withdraw tbeoiieationof slavery In Kan aaa from the arena of general politics?give to the people of Kansas the right to regit late their domestic Institutions In their own way?and would thus hx-alir an eieltement, which. If much longer continued, threatens to dlarupl tha UnloDiiail such admission is demanded by every consideration of n isdom and expediency. Resroved. Thai a refusal to admit Kansas Into the Union, as recommended hy the President, would be a practical Infringement ol lb-- Kansas Nebraska set, and would lend to tttcreane (lie intensity of that sectional feeling which baa been sedulously fostered and kept alive by Ihe black .epublican party, and those who think and set wph then), as Ihelr only means of carrying out thetr schemes of plunder, and which Is their only hope of attaining to office and power. Resolved. That wc cordially approve the action of those democratic members of Congress from this Mate who have sustained the President In his action on the Ksuais .juration, and deprecate the course pursued by those who vsted for Mr Harris resolution and against the administration. and aa a portion of ihe constituency of the Hon. H. K. t'lark, we re gret thai bis conduct on that occasion has a tendency to pro auce the Impression on the minds of the democratic republican party of this State that Ihe Eighth Congressional district though largely democratic Is onttosed to the Administration of .1antra Huchannn mi thin qtieaunn. Reaolrcd. therefore. Thnl nur confidence In the P reel dent nod hla Cabinet la In 110 way impaired by the nouran pursued by our reprmcntaure on thn oe can ton; and wr alncarelr hope 'hat when Ihr ijnn'lot of the ndmiaaiou of Knoaaa u * State under lb' I?ecneiptno constitution In put lo * llnnl cole he may be found reflecting the feelinga and wlshet of ht? enMlllil' cnta nnd tonne with thn administration, and for thnt measure an recommei. Jed by the rnnUrnt tl. C IIKHliK ltn ) Committee JOHN McAKTHI R, J on ANHRKW O. TI RJfKR S Resolutions. On motion 4in above prcambl* nn.l reaoluUoan wri? unn nltnously adopted. KAMI.. KOAKDMAW, President. W. O. Auki, Secretary lUtttru. N V . Teh. 25, 1KB8. riik faniiioknI DKMORPSTS CRRITAIXKD DISPLAT^OP PARTS patterns of tin- Spring Fashions ?tlrand opening Won dny, March I. 37"> Hri.ndwny; branches, 322 t 'anal sir?et,/ pM Bowery, nnd 2R2 Pulton street, Brooklyn. f^AHHKiWS -7BHCAWALKTRRRT. OPPOSITR ORRIKNR P street.?Mnie. OKMORIHK IIOOPAI.I. informs her nil nu inun friend* and the public thnt the <prmg and summer styles for ladies' nnd children's nppnrnl have just arrived. in eluding the Princes* Rural basnne nnd laneier. The grvnd opening on Monday. March 1. Merchant* will pinnae forward iheir ordrrn lo ensure n prompt amply. MRS. W RAI.1.1WOS. SIR (OI.D WO. RTiCAWAI. STRPr*. Invite* the attention of mcrehniiln nnd country milliners who arc about purchasings nod# for the coming thn unusuallv large aseort merit of new nnd elernrt spring pnt tern bonnet*, which ahc In now prcpnrcd to tiipply to the trade. VTOTICK TO MIM.INKrH. J.N .1 \*KN II. AITKKn, Kevin* pnrrhaeed 'he alock anil yiod will of the eloak anil mantilla eatahllehment *CI I'nnal atrw?*? of tb* lata proprietor, Mr. Molrnnui Ball, be would call the attention of MII.MNKKH to the fact that he han alao added u> the hualneaa* beautiful atock nf MTLMWKBT, conalatinfr of dreaacap*. heail treaae* honncta, Ac., Ac. Ill* ?tork will lu- found to be rery denrabie. a* It I* all new, and enmpoaed of Ihc lateat Pari* faahton*. 1 he millinery department will be under the niinertnien deuce of Bra. Khaw, formerly HIm Only, and late of Bo. MS Ilroadwar, who will ha rery happy to aee her old friend* at her epacloue room* at MS Canal atreet. TUK BAU, HAMMI. TON ABNI'AI. HA I,!, or nOnWORTHH HA NO W1M, he aiten at Nlhlo a Baloon on Monday eventne. March i Tlehet* $2. can he hail of the member* and at DHDwCHTtr/t moatc atore, AM Broadway, and at the door Olrector-H B OonwoaTa. coNNirm I M. .? OR Bitter Ttantngtov, P ? **. ! 'llJ'i^HOWroRD. Hrrrftary. HUICBUtsen MC r?v??a ?1>P*V U tau vuivrn- l m. BOAHDI.Ni* A.VI) l.OOUUG. IOR TWO OKNTl.KMFN CAN UK ACCOMODAT1W with neat jr fnrcbhed parlor end b-dronm with fu'l or partial board u a private t.uatly bT at-pijtn* at tit W*. Ibirferolb e'r-*-1, near CUili avenue leruia moderate. Roll rencee exchanged t, OR THRKI SIKOt.K OKNTI.KWKN CAN RK aCCCM- i mooated with board and Binge roorac. alao. a roam a tut a' le fwr a gentlemau and wife, al l> and 31 Jay aire-' 2FlIRhI8dki> JRON1 ROO*?. WITH BoAHD FOR A tamiljr mry be obtained by npy lying at Mo. ID t'.. Maria place; alao aalngle room for a gentleman 2PARI.ORB TO I.KT ON TIIK RRCONO F1.00R. Rl.K- I gantl) furniahrd. aultiblefor a gentleman and wife or dagl* gentlemen Alan, alugle front rnouia, and one room on t.rav mor, suitameir.r a m nun iiouaeta nrucuu Apply at 190 Ninth street, two doers vrta' of Broadway. 30E FOUR FURNISHED BOOMS TO LET, WITHOUT board, at tf Oraat J on a* aroot. Breakfast It required i OQ WERT RKYKNTKENTH STREET.?A PLEASANT i 00 aait of rooms, with board for a gentlemen and wlfa; al?" a single room. Kuferrncea rug aired. ^ OQ BEACH STREET. ST. JOHN'S PARE.-TO LET, iHJ wtlh board, a third story from room, and second story hsrk room, to a gentleman and wife or i?u single gentlemen. Alto, two tingle badrooma. on second door. House contains all thi mod am lmproyomAota. Term# modorat^. rr. AND 87 WEST TWBNTT THIRD STREET.?A FEW t ? t room* on the second andRhtrd floors to Ut, with board, j Hoi so fbrt elaaa, with all the modem Improvements Dinner n[\ FRANKLIN STREET, FIRST IIOTTRE WET OF ( V Broadway?Enure second tloor, nratly furnished for n p?v'J of gentlemen; breakfast served If required; singl" and ' targe doutdc rcoma; prlcct to rait the times. Inquire asabcre. HA WEST TWENTY THIRD STREET-ROOMS. SUIT jt able for gentlemen and their families, also for single gentlemen, may be obtained with board; location, one of the hast. Reformed exchanged. 1H7 CLINTON PLACE, EIUHiH STREET ? HANW X" " I aomely furnished suit of apartments, with board, for a gent'eman and wile or single gentlemen Tbe bouse bat all the modern Improvements. Dinner at 6. Retercncea required. 1 Zfl ORAND STREET, l.NR BLOCK FROM BROADXtJU way?Plcasan* furnished rooms to let, with or without : board Accommodations lor day boaruera. Convenient to . cat sand stages Terms moderate. j T7K HUDSON STREET, NEAR ST. JOHN'S PARK.- j 1 ( U Hoarding for gentlemen and Ibelr wives; also, a few , single gentlemen can be accommodated at 93 per week, and I pleasant rooms <ye)A fourth street, washinoton square.- j ?ZdjL handsomely furnished front room, with or without | neuxsm aiutcneo, 10 let, in a private ramily, with partial meal* given if requtred; bath Mid closet on name floor OQA WKFT TWENTIETH STREET-A SUIT Of UNZiO\J furnlahnrt rooms on second floor to let, with hoard. In n superior lx-atiou. Terms reasonable. References ex cbangi d. OOA BROOME STREET ONE BLOCK EAST OF THE OZ0\J Bowery.?Two or three young men or a gentleman Hud ht>- wife esu be accommodated with furnished rooms and ho.nd, If required, In a private family; terms moderate a 1 BROOME STREET, ONE BLOCK WEST OF *1 Ol Broadway.?The most desirable and central location in the city, belne in the lmmed'ate vicinity of nil in ilrat class hotels. Permanent and transient boarders accommodated. Meals served in rooms u desired. C AO BROOME STREET -NEW AND RICHLY FURuUO ulsbed rooms, with all the modern Improvements, to let .0 scntlrmen only. Off A BROADWAY.-FURNISHRD ROOMS TO LET, TO OtJv' gentlemen only. Also, a store handsome.y fitted up at 812 Broadway, below Union square. Inquire at 850 Broadway. Q ff Q BROADWAY, UNION SQUARE. CORNER SEVEN 0*Jt7 teenth atreet west ?Furnished rooms to let to select couple or gentlemen. Dinner at 6 o'clock. Uousa select. Reference given and required. A SUIT OF FURNISHED BOOMS TO LET, WITH ' board. If required; also single rooms, in a first class i bri wn atone front house, wub all thj modern Improvements, rm.venlent to the cars and stages. 71 West Fourteenth stree', first house west of Sixth avenue A FEW TOUNO MEN CAN BE ACCOMMODATED with board and pleasant rooms, at M Franklin street, on reasonable terms; also tw o young ladles. A SMALL PRIVATE FAMILY WILL LET TO ONE OR J\ two single gentlemen au entire aecoud floor, well fur- I nlrbed. with gaa, hath, Ac , below Fourteenth street, near Fi?th avenue. Terms moderate. No other boarders. Ad dieaa for two days, B. B., t'nlon square l'ost office. A I.ADY AND GENTLEMAN CAN BE ACCOMMOdated wt h a well fu.-ni.ihcd room, with board for the lady only: horse baa all nioccrn improvements, and no other boarders. Te.uts moderate. Kclerences exchanged. Ad dresa M. v. Union square Post oCice. A GENTLEMAN DESIRES A FURNISHED ROOM, without board, ia a Frem L family, where there la plenty ol eoclety helerence given. location lielow Bleecker street. Address Montcalm, Herald olio. Alady and gentleman wieu a furnished room, w ilh board for th> lady ouly. In a quiet private family where there at no other boarders. Term* muat not rvetd $& per week. Address box Ml Herald office. References given. A splendid slit or furnished parlors, on the drat Hi or. with bedroom anil pantiea attached; alana eingle room. A phyaieino will flud this a rare opportunity. Hotter hae all the moderu Improvemetila. Inquire at No, 90 Pruice atrcet, a few doora weat ol Broadway. Board -a second floor to i.kt, with full orparttat board, alao two or three single rooms. Apply : at 163 En <1 Fourteenth atreet. Board ?well furnished rooms to let with or without board, to gentlemen only, on second, third and ! fourth floors, rooma suitable for or one twope-aone In a room. I houec llral eleaa and prltate. American family. Address U. B . Herald uflice. Board.-a gentleman and wife, or two sr.* j gle gentlemen, can hare a pb-nnant front room on second story of a modern honae. wi<h the unpr'>rrmenia. located at No. 3 Ninth street, baiwreo Fifth and Birth aeeuuea. Board.-a few sinolf. gentlemen and familiea can be accommodated with furnished or unfurnished rooms aud sno<l board, family private. 1 bos*- who wlah the comforts or a homo mo apply at 132 Lexington avenue, corner of Twenty ninth street. Board?to let, a front room in a first ctaaa nrown s*.< n fron* house, with all the modern tm proyrmenta. to a geulieman Hi.d wife or to DM oriwoaingie gentlemen For particulars tr quire at i'.'1, East Truth at. Board.-a second story front room and bedroom, also. Iftoorthstory rrou' mm WtthOf Without a t edroom. au iablc lor families, in a nrat elaaa house, at 1W W eat Fourteenth a rret Dinner at 6 u clock. BO. 'ID IN CLINTON PLACE-A PLEASANT SriT OF roivna for a wentleman and bis wife nit ta ,, anuria se-n for single prnihmen, also the basement for an office at ?.?7 t linumptara. Dinner at t t'olook "I >< > A ki? in BBOOKL1 n A ROOM. nnvuu fur a grntlrmnn. with partial hoard, miiy he obtained at 2AA Henry itreet, within a few mlnutea' walk of the houth or Wall atreet ferry. Board in brooklyn-within five mini-trs1 walk of Wall atreet ferry ?A gentleman and hla wife can be arrwnmrdatejl with a large and pleaaaot rnntn on tb? second floor, also several single genilenica can be aceommo dated. Apply at 130 Ueury atreet. between 1'ierrepoiit and Clark. Board in brooei,tn.?two or tttrfk hinulk gentleman aan be accommodated with parUal board at 14C Henry street. Board wantkd-with furnished suit of rooms and private table, by a respectable w Iduw lady with two children, seven end nine year a of age. in a genwl and atrlctly private tamlly occupying a house with modern improvement*, anl located weal aide between Bran, way and Mxtb avenue, and Ninth and Twenty ?Igbth er?tt Address I" Herald office. alaling location, rooma and price per month, Including gaa. Urea. Ac. Referettrca given and required. Board wantfd.-a ofntlxman and hib wifk w lib a aall of handaomely furnlahed noma, with private taWe la a family where there are no other hoarder* Pleasant location, and h- use with ecery convenience. Addrea* box 3.WIT Poatoffice. Board waxtfd for a okntliwan and ladt, near Broadway rtween Fifth and Twelfth atreet*. t orn fort will he Considered more deal rah le than eilernal show, and a fair price will he paid for good seeommodstinn* where there are but faw or no other boardara. Addreaa X , Herald office. Hoard antrd for aiiknti.kyan, wiff. and child about tea years of age, In aatrletly private family. First class accommodation* are wanted. A line addressed to Frank. Uerald other, giving the 'ollowliiK particulars will be attended to ?lorellon number In the family, description qf rooma and terma. I'nlraa these psrtlculara arc obarrved, the answer wtil meet with no attention. Board wantfd-iit a young ladt. tn a quint, private tamlly where there are no other hoarder*. An American family preferred, fArms must lie moderate. Ad drcaa lor one week R A O. K., Herald office. BOARDING.?A PRIVATF ANKRH'AN FAMILY DAN aerrimmodate one or twn single gentlemen with pleasant to rn* and oerllal board The houae la m eleru. Reference* exchanged, ft Raat 12th atreet, between 3d and 4th avenota. fJOARPlNO.?OKNTLKMF.N OR LAPIFS. MARRiFD Jl) oraingle. can he accommodated with neatlv furnish* I nmui. with board. Cnll At W *?*' Brondwny BROOKLTK.-WAWTKD. RT A (IRNTL.RMAN AWD wtfr, Mi unfiirnl?h?d room unit elonrt lioni-d for tbr lady only. Trrtn* lltWuwprt, Including tight. 1,or*tion Wmt hr Vrlnw the t'lty HaII *nd near Mtlum Atrret. Addrrun 0.?A W . Brooklyn font "?r? /SOOPKR norBK, WO. XM RRnAHWAT-rrKWIfflKD l_/ room* hj th'- day or work for gentlemen *n i indie*; prlre imr day. SO t<> N) cent* per wee*, from $2 V> $6. Ooboected I* a flrkt tin? rertanrant. Ffl?r.N? H BOARD -OKWTt.RMRW WfUIJfO TO I.R ARW 1 rrenrb, h<>tbd>y jMMm* ?n<l practlcn. can Apply to it French teacher. !O0 Kaat Ten'h ?treet. I.e*aon* nullified In th* tClgt* |2>rrbinnm> ro'.ws, with or witiioi t iihard, r at r?rv moderate prior*, *i ft9 Raw Fourteenth street, mrnrr of L n Ion square, KI RNIHIRD RtioM TO i,irr-To A AIWOI.R aRWfT.Rnin. ?t *7!, Writ Twenty i|i<h *trwet. FSl'RWIRHRD ROOM TO LKT?WITHOUT HOARD, down town. A nicely furnhihed bedroom. with eonrenl noo for Are If de?trcd, At SI 9<) prr weak, In a very deatrable ) rniii n, SI Fast Broadway. HAWDW MKt.Y PURWtRtlRD ROOM* TO l.RT AT 19A Hlrerkrr afreet, with or without hoard mutable for uigl* gentlemen or gentlemen *nd their wire*. And where they rnn h*vr *d the comfort* of A bonr. g*H, ha'b mad All thn modern Improvement*1 Term* moderate. HIVTRI, tiOlKltWQH roRRRR Of rRAKKRORT ABO will1* airrala <)rnti?m?n Will iln wfII w that lhay ran obtain (fool fnTOiahrd lodytnaa from 91 tn 91 AO par wrrt. llntiar open all ni*h? Apply an abota. TWO HKAAANT RRATT.Y rnRRIAHRP ROOM", Of Table for two frnnuaoirn. or fantlt man and wifr I r oMalno.1. with board, In a mall prlvata family, a, .i*. >0* Watt Twenty ftrat atrtc-t Planar at A o'rlort, WAKTRI>-rBOM THR RTBRT OR .TfJWR, HOARD H for a family of alt, Hi a family whara no olb?r b.>ard?ra ara tat an altkar on fttataa f aland or llm lloiiad. and within Mr dally areata of K?w I ?k. AddycM U. bo? J.3U *, T. HOAUDINU ASD LUOUUQ. ttT AWTa'P?-A 1'OMKORT ABLY FrRNHtHKP ROOM Y* for ? lady and yeatienuu. with board for the lady only. Term* not to en-end ffi 4 weeh, Including gna 004 niel Addreaa O. J. Uwi) ooalitleuually, Broadway 1'oet (..flirt- Kefccncea given Wanted-a spit ok rooms with board, ih a , gerteel private family, where the romtoru of 4 home cen be enjoyed. and where there are no other bovderh. by a gt o Irmau and wife, iooaltnn between Twelfth kq 1 Th rtleth aireeii address, With location and price, K. a. U? Herald office. WANTKD-A BO.iM AND I1KPROOM FOR TWO LA dice and two children, whh board, a ladr living alone preferred Krfer?noes exchanged. Addreaa Board, Brood way Foe: office, for two daye. flf ANTED? BOARD <KOB MONET) IN A FARMKR B T? family, by a well bred young tlermsn, to learn the l&bore la the field. Addreae R. 8 ,100 avenue A, firet floor. WANTED?FU RNIBHED, A FRONT ROOM AND HALL bedroom, cotutnuulcatlng, with use of g\i, for ifcnnlli msn for blur dollar* per month, cash in advance. Address ff T., Herald office. WANTED?BT A YOUNG GENTLEMAN, WHO 19 highly educated and well accomplished, hoard, in a hlshly respectable private family, where there arejfew or n* oilier boarders, but would not object to a few select boarder*. Locatlou must not be above Fourteenth atreet. References exchanged. Address B. J. J., Herald office. TITAN'ThD?BOARD IN BOOTH BROOKLYN. NEAR tt tlenry street and First place, for a gentleman, lady and child; rooms furnished or unfurnished, private family preferred. Address J V.H., Herald office. _ i^WARDs! ~~ A<> REWARD -lioFT ON THE 3STH INST , IN GOING trom 31 Fulton street. New York, across the Fulton ferry to the corner of York and Washington streets, Brooklyn, a small parcel, marked B F Delano, containing a book, any one returning It to No. C8 Weal street will receive the above reward. $r REWARD -STOLEN FROM THE OFFICE OF THE ?) subscribers, II Fine street, a mahogany case, about 11 li ches x s Inches x 1 Inches, with brass shield on top, Uned with blue velvet II contained German silver sod steel mathematics instruments, with an ivory scale, etc. Pawnbrokers are < autloi.ed against r?c< iving the aaine 93 reward will Im paid for the return of the case, with its contents uninjured, and no questions asked _ MCDONALD A CLINTON, Architects. d? r REWARD ?IXWT, A BCtfrOK TERRTER, REDDISH .*r " ip ui in* uii Di?i,i?ir Hour , back ol ilia shoulders, unci answers to the rr.mi- of 'Scott." Any person toavtng him at Fourth s're.-t, will receive ihe above reward and the thanks of the owner. A |T REWARD.?LOST. A RLACK NEWFOUNDLAND iQO ring: answers to the name of Lion. Any person leaving him at La> 2b Clinton street will reccirc the above reward and (lie thanks of the owuer. d>K REWARD.?LcST, FROM FOftl KaST THIRTY?P?J eighth street, a srosll black and Ian terrier, short tail, osrsnrt rr. pped; answers to Hip name of (Jul? The above re? ard will be paid to any one returning him to the soots address. a At REWARD-LOST ON TfTK IflTH INST, A RKYK JjPtJ terrier dog. cropped cars and tail, of greyish color, and answer* to the name ol "Dickeywhen lost, had on a brass collar. 1 he flniter will receive toe shove reward on leaving him at lit' Pearl street. REWARD?LOST, A DIAMOND CLUSTER tjPAgts gentlemon's breastpin, with four or tive small stones In the shaft The pin was more valuable to the owner from us b< ing a keepsake. Hy leaving it at Kogers' Hotel, corner of Forty second street and Sixth avenue, can receive ths sbove reward. (CD REWARD FOR INFORMATION OF JOHN JUU V1NCXNR. otherwise THEODORE BKNNING, who la now Often, years old At the age of four years he came to New Tore from Uuckbold, In Westphalia^ with his two staters and his father and mother. John ana Kliza Kenning, both of whom <*lrd shortly afterwards. After the death of his parents he was entrusted to s man by the name of John Ylneens, of Albany, who gave htm his own name, John vtnceaa This man brought him to New Vork. and after a abort restdeuce here he renoved '0 Newark, N. J., aoout seven years MS, MM SMS that time no account has heen heard or him When be lived tn New York hts two tivter* saw htm several times. Whoever will give Information to the subscriber where be ts. whether dead or alive, will oonfer a lasting favor on his anxious brothers and sisters, and receive the above reward. NICHOLAS 6KRF?No. 101 hompson street, New York. d>rn RKWARD.-LOST, ON MONDAY, 22D INST , IN JjpUl" buth avenue, between Fourteenth and Twenty flint streets, or Iu Twenty first street, betwetn Bisth and Seventh aveuues, a three slouedismond ring, set io gold. The sbove reward will be paid for the same by T. A 1<. BOSS, 99 Pearl street NEW PUBLICATIONS. HV. POOR'S NKW AND COMPLETE . COUNTY RAILROAD MAP OF T11K UNITED STATF.8 AND CAN ADAS. Published by JOHN H Si'HUl.TZ A CO., AMERICAN RAILROAD JOURNAL, Oflloe No 9 Sprues street. New York. Trice of pocket edition, (by msll. prepaid,) tl on rollers. 93. Over fit distinct lines, comprising more than J*,00b miles of completed road, upwards of l.flt*) males in progress and 13.000 in contemplation, are UM down upon it, making a total of nearly 40.1*10 miles of railroad In operation, progress, or projected In the United States. These lines are distinctly and correctly laid down. It is also a county map, showing the rountles as well as the Stales through which each road paaaea. Every important city or town upon the Une of each road tn also givsn, thus making it useful to the traveller as well an the engineer and financier. No proper idea can be ubtained of any road nnless a person has before him a good map to Illustrate its position and relations VTKW met OF LANCERS. X* Bjr AhbotiH l.oDavllle, just published and for sale at V, Bwwtoya, ;oi iiroadwa>\ Nautical RorriNK. short rules IN navigation. ANALYTICAL AND'EXPERIMENTAL ICIND9 UNDER PRACTICE. Published and fur sale by HBKRT KPK4R, 1SS I'rtrl street and HC Uoaver street. THE GYMNAST: A JOURNAL DEVOTED TO KDUCAtion, L>altli and gymnastics. No 10 ccutaius I. Rrvtew of Works on Gymnastics, No. 1 1 Education vf Ulrla. 3. Practical Gymnastics 4 Y'oupg New York. 8. CorrrcspondiMe. 6. Facta and Fancies. Published at the Metropolitan Academy and Gymnasium. 93 and Oft Slith avenue, New York city. Terms. 8U cents a year. Orders, comtuunlcaUuua, Ac., addressed aa above, post paid. The otmnakt; a journal devoted to educalion, health and gy muaaUcs. No. It) aontalna 1. Review of Works on Gymnastics. No. 1. 2. Education of Girls. A Practical Gymnaatica. 4. Voting New York. 8. Correspondence. 6. Facts and Fanoica. Published at the Metropolitan Academy and (lymnaalnm, 93 and t?.A Hta'h avenue, New York city. Terms, 8t) cen'a a year. Orders, communications. Ac., addressed as above, post paid. rrilk oymnaht: a journal devoted to KDUUAJL tlon, health and gymuns'lea No. 10 contains 1. Review of Works on Gymnastics. No. 1. 2. Education of Girls 3. Practical Gymnastics. 4. Tonus New York. 8. Correspondence 8 Facta and 4 anciea. 1-..I.II.I-H .1 IK.. M .1 ?n*. ,.111 ? iM^nis, inH Gvmnsslnm Mnnrt WSIith arcane, Ne w fork city. Tprma, 8<) eeata a jcar Order*. commutdeatinnk. Ac., oddrcraed aa abore, pnnt paid The gymnast. a journal drvotkd to kdccaUou, health nud gyouiaaUon. No. 10 contalna 1. Rerlew of Work* on Gymnnr tea, No. I. 2 Education of Girl* 3. Practical Uymnaatlcs. A Vo id* Ne > York. S. Correspondence, k Facta ?n?l Faoclee Pnhhahed at the Metropolitan Academy and Gymnasium. MandMl Mith arenue, N?w M nMj Term*. Mlceala year, ttrdcra. communlcaucns, Ac , add reward aa a bora, punt paid. WILL UK KRAUT ON MONDAY. MARCH 1?DINNmora'a Railroad and Steam Navigation Guide and Route IWk, 7M* pages, with a large rallroai tnap, price 35 centa Alao Innamnre'a Railroad Uulde, cheap edition, 102 pages, with time tables only, price |J rents, sent free by mail. lUNwMuKK A CO , No. >Spruce strew*. WILL UK POLIIBKD ON SATCRDAT. FEBRUARY 27 IMS TIIRRR HRACTUS. MRS. KMM A D. R N* ROfTTHWORTn, Author of " l<oat Heiress," " Deserted Wile," " Mlaatng Bride," "Wife's Vlrtnry,'' Ac . Ac. Complete In one large volume, cloth, SI 25. Complete ia two large volume*. paper, fl. Thia new work, from the/en of Mi a. Hr.ulhw >rth. I* a vtvM picture of life mannera and srenery In I be aunny South. The Three Beauties ti a atory of touching path wand sbsnvbIng Intereat, carrying with It a moral worthy to l>? Inctiloated. The character of Imogrnr Huminertleld Ik one of the moat beautiful apeclmenaof portraiture we bare ever met. In which all the element* that ennoble and reader turrit the Irmale character are moat happily combined. The preeent tale la deatued to be widely popular. Ordera are respectfully aoliclted. Pnbllabed by PETERSON A BROS , Philadelphia. For aale by E. D. l<ONu, agent for FubUshitra, No lift Nakma,. .Ir..l V._ V...W ANTHOLOGY. *1 WRITTKN NATIVITY, HV M A DAMN I.AF AfN. A a"1 moet learned i?'r<>l"g>' Send d*'e of m>oib end yeer of birth Information flren on lore, marriage loaeea, absent friend* an t otokneae. at her oflee. W 1 anal # e'rect, np malm. Iand gentlemen AO tenia. ?> rt.ATRVOYANTS ? ASTONTRUtN" (TRF*. -kvkry AJ weak ?n.i al< kly lady ahould rail without delay atul era Sir* If A VKM. the hem aeelng medical elelrrorant end aplrlln*l healing medium In AmerMia. Keatdrnce art.* llroomn atreet, I etweeti Elirahelh and Mot* at reel* Salltfaetlon gtren. Tin nprin" ?msrr-<n.Ai?rpTA*oE-MM. wnr. 11U Mill K, the moat atie-emfnl medical and bnalneaa lalrvoyant la Amarlae. Onnanlietlnna on bnalneaa. a'ranaaa, ahaent frlcnda. loot property. A a., and aatlafaotlon or no pay. Uray hair motored to Ua original color withont fail. (jr 1wu1 rrward is offrrep to ant person ?jl?).*MF*f whoean anrpaaa Madam.. n.lFFroN. Hhr la the only real aatrologim In the I'nlted Ntatee She warranla to pure all dl*eae??, parilmlarly the worm ceeea of rhenmallem. conmimpti'n, liver complaint, armfula. Ac All who are afflicted or In Imnble. would .lo well to rail and aea Utia naturally pi fled lady. Reafdrnrr IB Spring afreet. ASTROt/WT- wapame VANRORN CAN re COWanltea. at tdfl 'anal atraet, on atattera concerning lore, marrtegew lawanita Mwioaaa, atrkneaa, and all fatma eveatn of life, and will ranae apeedy marriage#. (Iray hair reatoeed to Ita orlgloal color. ' Mirsi A. W. SNOW, THE ('H.RMt ATRD SITSTNNNJ elalrroyant mar be aonaulled at her reatdenca. No. W "reenr atraet, room go. 7 aaconfl floor. She will And abac* nr ad One on hnatneaa. gtr* Nemo*-nun. rt.nrmr m hrroomr *? * glr?i irn#? lnf<?rmAttnvt on *11 rt #nu of llf* by Im fwM I ?f tfin p)*n? i?, And ?n*n ?in#*m??>n< ??n IniSlfi***, ??*' " ?? fnwvU, Ac by bmo'IIw Mir fPMM Frracb. logllcb ?o't ",?f ri?Ku