Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 28, 1858, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 28, 1858 Page 2
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J2 purpose of having liiin examined. It m In the execution of this Jut) that Uit* Sheriff toot kit life. K?il hod pre> wuely, it apMeru, pawned a en-shooter at the Mont.' lbo, on th? alley that run* near Don A Btoarret.' bou?e ?(Vr rM)tieeUBg the pawnbroker In the first place U blow hia brain* out, aa "he wan tired of living acv how a requeet which we need not *a) waa not complied with. When he was arreeted be wi. standing in the plaaa, not far from this place, tietman tapped him ou Uie shoulder and repealed lew mon."nt'>' oonveraa two with hini 01. business of importune1 Deed said merely "watt a moment uu?H I ' '*< to * friend," when, turning Lis hart, i? ::*d and cocked a Derringer, which, wh - . / round, he presented full at the brea-' ' "< doer. and discharged. The ball jieoetratoi i' '-t above the .... ri.i...... i~ii ...n .. -1 v expired ? Heed, although hi* Insanity can tin ily be doubted, showed very considerable acuteuea* in hi* sub>equent conduct H* broke at on*e for the plare w here he had left bis revolver, and. having in a miment cleared the office, closed the door, which was almost immediately besieged by a furious mob It tiappeaod that on the counter of the |>awnbroker'* establishment were lying acme five or s>x revolvers, all loaded. an1 with these Reed procoeded to attack the crowd without. Opening the door partially and clewing it as rapidly, lie hred shot after shot into the crowd, apparently endeavoring to pick out the Deputy Sheriffs. who were pushing forward to arrest hici Every time he opened the door the parties without fired a volley from six shooters and shot gun.-, but singularly enough no one was hurt on either side exeepta man named Wilson, who was shot through the thigh, but was not, we believe, dangerously wounded. Reed fired some thirty shot* in all and at last, when his ammunition waa exhausted, threw the door wide open and rushed out. He was at o?i-r itrvri by a ball which staggered him awl turned fct'm half round, when h. received a rut/her in the sule?ftapjered, Jell, and unit at emu- riddled with balls Thus ended one ot the most singular and tragi: affairs that wr hare ever been called upon to record We do not, in truth, know how to cummont upon It, and ucti! we learn the verdict of the coroner's jury, will re I rain from all remark. Sheriff i.etnuui was a bravo mau, and a most excellent officer, ana his loss will be deeply deplored by the people of Lo* Angeles, who elected hiai to the position be held only a few months siDce. Murders and Affrays. An attempt was made on the night of the 2fith ult. to aasassjiate Mr. Eolger. local reiKirler of the Sacramento Union. by striking him with a slung shot. Though severely cut on the head, be inausged to escape. A snooting affray occurred in Orov.lle on the 27th ult., and resulted iu the wounding of five persons, viz Constable McLaughlin, Just.ce Berry, Jack Hunter, Albert Clark and Mr. Brooke The allair occurred in the office of Merry. usuce 01 iue rencr. Two brother*. named Robert and Francis Hrubaker, were shot on the uSih ult., near Stockton, by J. C. Glenn. Robert ttu killed outright, anil Francis was mortally wounded An Italian, named Genin.. was killed on tbe 29th ult., near George tor n, by .lease Keeter, a boy tifteea year# of age A man named Jam?'' McQuade was murdered by strangling, in Stockton, on tbe 29th ult. Tbeje was a bloody fleht at Snelliog's ranch on the 23d ult., in which I>r J. W Good in. K. G. Barclay and Wai Steveus were shot aud killed. Siflrldr* and Attempts at Sulfide. A man nam>>d Hats Andreas Raig, who is insane on tbe subieckof religion, weut to Uie Mara Hotel, in San Fran Cisco, on Thursday, the JMHh ult , and hired a room for a week He was not seen to pass in or out of the room for several days, and on Tue-day, the 20th ult., th? proprietor of the hotel forced o|w>o the door and found Ring lying on the bed. nearly ilea i trom the loss of blood and debility He ba<l sei -red the vems of both his wrists, with the intention of taking h s own life, but the wounds cbsed up before his life was extinct. He had tasted no food for five days. He was removed to the county hospital, and wit probably recover. An inquest was hold on the 21st ult.. on the body of A-'olpb F. liranda, who committed suicide near Lone Mountain Cemetery, on the 20th ult Thejury returned a verdict that deceased was a native of Norfolk. Vn , aged 3ii. and that he came to his death from an overdose of stryciininc, administered by his own hand, for the purpc-e of destroying his own life A young man named Charles O'Connell, a native of Ireland. aged 3D years, commuted suicide in Man Francisco on Monday tight, the 27th ultimo, at his boarding bouse, on Hush street, by taking strychnine. No cause can be assigned for the rash act Iicceased was well known and reaper tod lie had engaged a passage on the Vaquero, for Austral*, and wa- to have sailed on tbe next day A woman earned Mrs. Harris, in San Francisco, quarrelled with her husband on the'JTtb ultimo, and attempted to kill herself by taking a spoontu! of arsenic. It was discovered. how ever, and phi a cinus called in time to save I her life. John Harrison, a native of Maryland, age 1 2>? years, a resident of California since 1*49, aud a man highly re- | sported by all ( las^^s of citizens, c ununitedrule : on tbe evening of the '- Mb ultimo, by shooting himself in the mcutfc witt a pistol, the hall lodging in the back part of the l>ra.n aud producing instant death. Deceased had been a Justice of tbe l'ea> e in Santa irux and for several yoarp uiiu ur umv i cyuij niiui.u uu-iu, v> . uaui and subeequentiy under Scanned C-apt Joseph Adam*, aged about 55 years, attempted S.idde on the evening ot the 29th u't , be jumping oil Pa c8r street wharf. in San Francisco. He was laboring under temporary aberrat on of mad. Ai Knglish sailor named John Mcntebrun, aged 41) years, was found dead In the roar of a Chinese house on Bart'.ett alley , in San Francisco, on the morning of the 30th u't. A bottle of strychnine was found in his pocket and the appearance of the body Indicated death by pot*on Mr- Ann Timi . a native of Kngland, aged to years, r ed tp-v suddenly at her boarimg houae, in 'an Francisco. ss the Slat nit . under ctrcumOanrea whieh induce the belief that she bad taken ssme narcotic poison. A ycung man named Chariea h. Voorbees, a nat ye of Cincinnati, who came to San Francisco from salt hake, a few weeks ago. died very suddenly on the Is: ic?t, at the Commercial Lodging House, on Commercial street, under circumstances w hkb lead to the belief that he had tatsc itnrlslii A German named fitto Frank, a native of Atlona near Hamburg, aged twenty -six yearn, committed suicide on the 2d Inst , in San Frsnrisco. by liking pruisic acid. He hail attempted suicide out, by opening a vein in Ms wrist. Deceased was out of busiuese. and suffered fVom a depression of spirits A Spaniard name 1 TOtna*o (JuUormo. aged twenty nine yea-,, committed suifM* on the 2d Inst at R'rhard?oc'.? ranch. Sanoeltto. by taking hyojc-axu He lingered three days after taking the poison. A man by the name of Richard Bradford attempted ru ride 10 Sa raweuto on the 29th ult . ly cutthg gaehee in UL? i*?n arm, The (until at Lw AnfrlM. I/* Asotin, .laa. 21.1V>?. Lwifenant Beale and about fourteen cam "la stalked into town laal Friday weak and gave our streets quite as or. actX a-i>ect It looks oddly enough to aaa?outside of a mi>Mr'rii?? a bard of those I. ige, awkward, but docile nr..reels tnova alxwit in our t. 1H1 with people riding than Uke btrarv . aad brings up wirrd and far of) associations to the hnrtcrn traveler (whether by book or otherwiM) of the lac da of the tnuaque, crescent orturban, of the pilgrim, mufti and derrieb, with visions of the great sbnoeiof the world. Mecca and Jerusalem, and the toiling throngs that hare for centuri-a wendoU thither, of tha burning sands of Arabia and Sahara, where llie desert is bjundlees like the o< ran.'aod the ratr?! i* the " ship" thereof. Theee camels under I 'eutenant Beale ar>- all grows and serviceable, end moat or them are well broken to the saddi?. aad are very gectis A I'belong to the one hump species except one, wmch ta a croas between the one and two hunij-d kinds This frliow U much larger and more powerful Ibati either aire or dam Re la a gririty hiking hybrid, a camel mule of coloasal proportions Ttie?< Is are admlrAiy adapted to the travel across our continent, and thntr introduction by our goiernmrut was a brillant Idea, the reaull of which Is beginning meet happily At first I.ieuteaaet Beal? thought that the an.main were to fail, they appeared likeiy to give out?their backs got tore, but be resolved to know whether the. w >uld do or not. Be loaded them heavily with provlelooa, wt><cb they soot we'e able to carry witt ea*< and thence came through to Fort Teyon, bring thcmeelvrs or bushes, prickly pear* and whatever the; could pick up on the route They went without wat-T from si* U ten days, atrl even pnesed it a long distance fbr the tn ilea when c?t,-'ii.g desert# They were fbutd capab.e of pnuk.og one thousand pounds weight a piece, and travelling with their load from thirty to frrty tnt|e? per day, all the * Lie find ng their own feed over an a! bos' barrec country Tbeir driver* o?v that the' w'U I* fat where a yarkaas would starve* to d?ath" Th? "mule." aa they call him or crn*a tietween the came' and dromedary, will pack U.ison pounds The animals are now on tbeir return to the Colorado river for the purpose of carrying provtgtons for l.ieuten. ant Beair aad tua military eecon. who, it u conjectured, will nonet 'ate from the .< e as far a- i? -? Ma . ,to th- M-.r moo "country. After ITVdl hiectenatt lltll will Nl rr, by Ui? new wagon rout# that be hu lately ?urreyed. tr vsr.fyfit and w> on u Wenhingioa fir m etperted u reach the capita! -be'ero the let of March, 'e order tc at bia rrpo-t before Cong-"** Mewa Itraii Tn* Man OoMTm* i ?The Iiegtulatlre O mm.tte oc Commerce and Navigation, after a raw loo of nearly tan week ?, cl-wed thrr labor* tn Han Franr'.em r>n the 2Mh ult They tare been riamtnmg ml the affair* of the Pacific Mail Nteameh p Ootnpary, with a Ttew ot mamortalirtng u r.g-ea* to divide the ami contract between tore, act pemape three, i ompaniee?by the Panama. Nicaragua, and perhap? the" Tel uantepec routes?thus ei nr'rg a weekly mat,, and aiding to support an oppoa'tion Use, and a reductton of farr Cnn>mo* o? r*g Stat* Pu*? ?The Jo'nt cemmutre Of the Ugialat ure, appointed to inquire into tbr Hute pri eon affair*, rtoited ttan Mueat'n oc Tuesday, the I'dh utl . and (completed their labor* on the 23d Their t iait a a* not eipected, and they found affair* In a horrible cond lion hse prisoner* were cearly naked, and without aboe* and. on calling tbe roll, a large cumber were found ii. smog Genera' KAMI *u absent during the t ? of tbe committee. Rlrthg. Marrlngrt and Drat ha. RIMTCtf. hoTwow ?tn A.atreda county, Jan 16, the wife of Christian H-ti,?ow, of a daughter Bic? ?Id i'etaluna. .Ian 12, tbe wife of Michael Hart -* of a daughter Be kiwi ?In Hat ramrtfc, J at 22. tbe wife of D Barnc. of a eon C*aa"u ?|n ftarram,'anca-r 2", the w.fe of .Tohn A Carroll of a daughter FrKMA* ?In Han t rancuk o. .>aauary 31. tbe w feci Wn Brant,t Krmu. of a ?<>n Fa**aua ?In Han Inego. I?e; 2k. the wffe tf Maurice A Frankiu of a son Oijaer ?In iao Frani eco .ia. ua*; '.6 Ike wife .fCar.ia rrmnr wira; . *i m ? ? 111 .!?' 1?, tLeo fe of y or* tion, of n ?>n. Hiuurt ? tt Id*'# R?rh. Red Wsff*, Jor. 10. the Wlfo Of leioea R <* ****** Howot ? In Neendn. Jon. 11. the w;fe it I'etnek Hour*, of o ??b H?UR.-ll Ron Frooriono. Jon-ior 2* the *tf <4 Vx+ W lim >> tl. of o <>*oirtiter ">?* ?in hm I'rtncliiic, hfcr jr t,Ihf * '> * Vf. V Jiwim ?t o dMffMor > ia ?At PinotkroT#, .'or i,the w.fe cf A Lieeao-J, i 4-0 NI i 1 jmrako ?In flan Andrea, Jan. U, (ha widow of Mr. I Goorj * 1.eoaard, of a 8oa. Lkvt.?In San Kraactaoo, January 30, (ho wife of Mr. 8. Lery, of a eon Laniirarn ?la Suienn City, Solano county, January 12, the wife of A. IamburUi, of a aoo. Saw ?In Ion Angeles, Jan. 6, the wife John G. Ni. hole. Kaq.,of a eon. 1'--?In ! - 1A Ik. .if. ?r IJ,. 11.11, bod, Of b bod. I'jkkkk ?Id Petaluma, January 25, the wife of Freeman l'arke r, of a daughter. 1'afiJ.?In Smoma, Jan 24, the wife of G. T. i'auli, Knq , of a daughter. gro?j< ?At Stone'* Ranch, Colusa county, the wife of A. W. Stone, ot a bod.'n San Francisco, January 31, the wife of I J. N. Yanbcrgeo, Esq. of a bod. WiNsocrr.?In Shasta, January 22, the wife of Mr. Winj sett, ol a daughter. MAURI AUKS. Adam*?O'Brihn ?In San Franriaco, January 18, by the : Rev. Dr. Scott. William Adams to Mtss Kllen O'Brieu. i Amikkws?Cniuw?id Todd's Valley, January 19, R. h. , Andrews to Mits Matilda Childi. Bakinw? Evans.?In San Fraucisco, Jan. 28, by Orrin Bailey, Esq, J I', Mr. J. H. liaruig to Mrs. Margiret Heats, both of that city. BaktiawTT?Kktau. ?In San Francisco, January 20, by the ltev. Dr. Scott, Jonathan D. Bartlett to Mies Frances K. ! stall .both ol that city. Ci-ahhi ? PRwniTT?In Sacramento, Jan. 28, James A. Cluike to IDs. HtlentenaJ. I're-cott. Chanoijcr?McMcllkv?la Boston, on Christmas eve,by Rev Wm H. Alger, Mr John A Chandler, of San Fran Cisco, to Mise lizzie Mcaullen, of Cambridgeport. Com no?April, l.?In Sacramento, Jan. 25. Hartly B. Cottlng to Elizabeth Asiill. Coop?Rxad.?In Mariposa, Jan. 25, Green Coop to Isabella Road. Cui lt? Cathcart ? At Santa Crua, January 16, Mr. John H. Coult to Miss Mary Csthcart. Day?Gomkz?In Monterey, Jan. 9, Thomas W. Day to Dona Marik Gomez Hohhi?Stowiu.i.?In Sonora, January 17, Mr. C. H. Hobbn to Miss Amanda flic well. Dakkcison?Skki v ?to Tmtleton, January 8, Mr. Alvaston llarrelson to Mis* Jane Seely. Hkkmk-?Kkhi-a ?In San Francisco, January 24, by the Rev. A. Ga'land, Mr. William Hermes to Misa Hanna Kemp* 1 mi alia?Johnson.?In Oakland, January 30. by Rev. F. E. I'revaux, Mr. Timothy togalIs to Miss Theresa Johnson, both of San I'ahto Johnson?Woon.?In l'elalumk, Jan. 26, by Rov. Mr. Pitrponi, Frederick Johosou to Kiss M. J. Wood, both of I'ctaluma. Johnson?Woon?In l'cttluma, January 26, Mr. Fred. Johnson to Miss M J. Wood Kthhy?Nbwinubam ?In %rramento county, Jan. 21, George It. Kirby in Mary Jane Newicgham. Rack?McDonai i> ?In Sliasta, Jan 17. Mr. D. F. Rock to Mis? Mary McDonald Lavkix?Caonky?At San Francisco, February 1. by Father llallagher, Mr. John ! a veil to Miss Bridget Cagney. the Key. A. GaUand. Mr Jacob Marcure to Muse Uanua Marcure Mrrrmnx?Bimett?In Sacramento, Jan. 21., Dixon A. ' Mitchell to Emily H. ltlllett Moonr?Crockett.?In San Fraucisco. Jan. Rot. Edward S. I-acy, Mr. Wm. E. Moody to Miss Olivia A. ! Crockett, both of that rity. Marti.k?Mtrchik ?At Goodyear'* Bar. January It, Mr. i J. A. Martin to Miss Mary Mien Murchie. i IV.aksai t.?Wilijston.?In San Francisco, Janusry}21, by ; Rev. B. Hrlerly, James R. l'earsall to t rances K. Wiiliston, of Sar Eraueiaco. Rkiilt?H>rok.?At San Francis30, January 31, by Rev. Father Maniscbi.Dr 1'. J Reilly.ot San Francisco, to Miss Kate Heron, daughter 0' John Heron, Esq., of l'hila delpbia. Sarpvord?Clark ? In San Francisco. Jan. 26. by Rev. ; Edward S Lacy, Mr. Edmund 1'. Saniford to Misa Jane E. Clark, both of that city. Stewart?Mooar ?At San Francisco. February 2. by Right Rev. Bishop Kip, P P., Captain Joseph Stewart, of the Third jegitncnt of artillery, United States army, to Miss Father Anna Moore, formerly of Mississippi. Swart?Ci ark.?In San Fran else 1, January 19, by the Rev. Pr. Jcott. Mr. Archibald Stuart to Miss Ellen Clara. Sharkkv?flrai ?At th< ros'dence of Mr Michael Cray. Putter county, January 21. Mr. Wm. Sharkey to MisAmanda T. Cray. SitATTvnt?K i norit. ?In I'a; are Vailey, January 13, Mon roo Stiattuck to Sallie A Kidder. Tamrk?Hkmi'htli iu Tuotaironc county, Januaryp, Mr. I John Tabor to Miss Anna BHPI'hiil. Tiiosa*?Suri.Tz ?At ( if in Creek. Suitor county, January is, Thomas H Thomas, of Solano county, to Sarah L. Sbollz, ol 8uUar maty. Winhiujjji?GorLn.?In Washington, Yoio county, January 19. Joseph Wine miller of Sonoma cointy, to Caroline Could, ol Sacramento. Yjcik?Dmn. ?At San Francisco, January 31, by R?v. Pr Scott, Mr. John I). Yates, of loe Angelas, to Misa Margaret Divine, of San franCiKCo. warn. Amv> ? At San Francisco, January 23. of lung fever, Mart and Lelli.a, aged T mouths and 1 n daughters ol Samuel and Jennet Ailken. Bho?> ?In Maryiiv.He, Jar 29. Charles Joseph Brown, aon of Joseph M and Ki zabetb Brown, aged 4 years and 4 mot tiis Bt ?:i a?. ? IjkY-Wa Jan. 19, J. A. Bum pass, formerly of Kentucky,^fed 26 years. Hiumiak ?At San "irancisco, January 20, Adolph F. Urandar, tormerly of Norfo k. Va.. ageu about It years QunUI.?In Campion ville. Januar> IS, Charlea A Chapman aged>9 years, formerly of Monroe. Michigan. Ci.ARi. ? In :s*n Joae, Jan. 19, John B. Clark, late of Humboldt Bay Ki.?u.*>ns.?At M.ills' Kancb Shasta county, Jan. 19, Jebi. Edmonaon FiTKKi.iv?on North Fork of Cottonwood. Shasta county. Jan 20. of asthma, Mr. E I.. Fpperaon, aged 63 years, tornn r.y ol Wash ngton county. Va. 1MB ?In 1/* Angeles, January 4. John Lawrence Fox, aged 43 yeara and 3 months. 1 [tvn.?In ITytown, Amador county, January 14, Mrs. Alexander Fenw'ck. (ik.i.i.a ?At Mark West Creek, .Sonoma county. Jan 21, laura Maria Griggs, aged 2 yeara and 6 months, daughter . of Joseph H. OritfS Gaxaos ?In Pino rv lie. January 19. Mrs Sarah Mead i Carnage.aged 29 ; ears, lea* ing a eon 22 men the and a ca .gLl? r 16 days old. French Gulch, January 14, Henry H. Has o i New York city, aged 61 years llakkt-.)!! ? In San Francisco, Jan. 2v John Harriaon, ; * 1? IJ- .... U t ika OOtk t oar Af km am. I 1UIIUVI IJ ui im-niuuir. ?* ? 1? ? ? -?- ' Hjiioia.?In .-*a Iiog<>, January 6. John Height, aged ?bout 40 fear* II>rkl- ?Id Yallem, Jat. 29, of croap Jams*. infant ?on of Jatu. and Mary Jane Harris, aged 7 moalh* and 23 day* lATtxnKT ?Is San franc *co, Feb. l,of typhoid farer, Frederic* Lehsert, a native of Bremervode, Hanover, aa< 11 '.w ycara. Mania?lc Santa Roaa, January 19, of typhoid fever, R. A Majpin, faq . aged about 36 year*. Mr. Maup'.n loa < - a a.atrr In l<nuiavillo, Ky., the only noar relative no* living, to mourn hla loaa. yeara, lormerly of Pennsylvania. Ma.nkkai* ?In si.a*ia January 12. Mrs. A. Manaeau MrlaTOHH.? At San ft rsutciern, January 20. Wm Henry, aor of Dr. Ribert Melntoah aged 8 year*. O'Cosntx.?In can Francisco, Jan. 27, Cbarlea O Conne.i. a native of county Clare, Ireland, aged 2*t year* Tiun ?At the Canyon Houte, Shasta county. January 12. William eon of Willlnm W and Harriet Tracy, aged 2 year*. t imai-ok.-in San Franciar.., Jan US, at the p- ite b pttal nt 1- italic, of conaump ion, Absalom J Vanvai | tor. of Harper ? Ferry, Va., aged 2ft years raotuiu*.?la San Franciaoo. Feb. l.C- L. Voorbaea, of I SI lam I*, Mo., former!? of Ohio. Woor>?At Sherman * Ranch. Tehama nunt; , January 16. Par*; Ntleon, infant *00 of Un man P. and i'ermvha J Moo. aged 2 month* Y01 > . ?Ir SI, an la. January 9. Joaepb Young, aged 26 Yoarv ?At Red Bluff January 16. Jamae Henry, eoc of Hanry F ard Luc uda J. Yckum.aged 2 years 2 month* and an cava. Markata THI MOVKT MARK FT. rTrotn the San ft ram leco Shipping Register Fab. 1ft.] The "re pt< of !u*t from the Interior continue Nailed, end the !r d <-atjci* are that the shipment if treavure by tbl? * . a. a-. ?rag< j-.e ^^Dcr?i nj? riii.irn m mir miniQR |" |'u w cu ?rq l -e : g proet-cuted under I be dtaadrantage* tncldeot to the *e*r?i of the year, not enough ram having ret 'alien to enable tboee in want of rater to work their claim* to ad rartage A change m thla reaped can, bowerer, be ant j cljaU'd during the present month, and a cor.-e>j'ient more ! abundant ripply n! mrniey. i iM - ng the pa?t fortnight money haa been ararce m trade, and, the obligation* contracted for thi* ateamer 1 ei limited, tbe demand iD the market la not urgent, , stagnation In not!. busines* and finance being tbe feature oftkc day. Th' coud*tton of our State finance* mu*t jirore of continued mtere-t to thnee holding her securities, and It I* pre i tifv re to notice tbe proepernu* atate of the treaiury, where all demarde are paid In raah.nndthe odiooa ayetem of *cr p do longer In vogne. The beat e?*urano? that bolder* of California'* indebtednea* ran have that *be ic r. earnest about meeting bbr liabilities mu?t ou.d?t in the 'act that the State i* now on tbe c**h ba*i* There *a an entire conviction thai the Executive and legislature now i'. ?ea- en w.ll raffer no act to pa** that win ha\ e a tendency t<. impair the pre?ent Jadicioua condition of ttnan , ab le very many old evil* are being eradicated. The popular pr-iudico again*! moneylender* ha* In duced entne member* of the Iz-gtalature to offer and advocate a law to prevent unury. and appropriate bill* have been referred t/> commifteea. We *bould regard the pa*, sag* of ar act on the *ubje?i a* unfortunate The oppor, t r to what arc "ir< dere-i unjustifiable high rate* of intc re*t prevailing in th!* State tnn*t naturally induce n de *ir?- for their abatement, leading name Isgin'ator* to advo rate the laflaey o* re?trrtirg the operations of borrower* and lender* TUere should f* no great anxiety on the trubject, however ae it I* acarcely p?,??ible that California will make such a retrograde movement In political economy. There Is ?< me pro?|.ect that the present unjust law of ?tta'hrrent w'l' l-e modified during the pre?ent session. I'nb, c ?\ iai. i? e\,de?,tly strongly in favor of providing for an e.jv table die-.r hnt t of the a??et- of in-obiotary i Inaolvente and Mil* with that object In view are now in I the haoda of rtmmiUeee. Bulkhead p*ni?ctnr* e-e overwhelming the eapiui with their favorite eheicw, tr tneeflert, thus far, rather to ex. t< a retiugnancc t i any legwlaiif n -.n the subn et. It I '* rnc of aucb importance an to preclude arty other than pr< \x r bciioij public attention to the matter hat In* beeo I j !y irvunJ by th? yracd atr'.yyl? a?on* th' tiff.'rent oon.f? titer* for tho ?> rk It Is doubtful whether any* tb;:.y will bo cooscm mated tunny the prmiral *ee-ioo Th? fund icy of the outatar.dtny city scrip, isaued by tbo old city corporate n, ai d once rejected by the Randolph trmmw oners, la r?c '% In* oU< tdmr It n bslteced that the re? vary aft will be |*ved shortly An ?f*>ri to rlore up the sale of what ia known aa city ellp property, madr in Ifceraber, IMS, la belny mat? wdh promt*? of uoonaa The d'aaprointment of the bolder* of San Francisco Fire ar.d f'ivft hccda at not briny paid the'r January coupon* a copulated n New York la much to be reyrett?d. Their ? e r?r meet wa? in ?''Ce^ornce of jn 1I< la' ?n-eetinyt . ?tituted by the rund (Vwnmiaalonrr* a?a net the R >ard of Buperraora. The court thus ffcr bare aiiatalndd tbe a?t on I J U?v AU?r body, and orer half Ute jRerett Uaa b??a EW YORK HERALD, SUE paid, difference of exchange, by the (Maty treasurer. A legal adjudication of this eoatroTwn la ateaaaary (a settle official responsibility, end it la unfortunate that oraffiton hare been put to iaooBwianca, although H la difficult to see bow such could bare beea avoided. There will be do delay Id the settlement. MARKBT RBTIKW. [Prom the Baa Francisco ahippiog Register ] tu> F*a*cdwo, Wedaeaday evening, yen. 3, lffiffi. The prevailing tone of the market for imported gtods during the peat fortnight has been that of quietude, nevertheless with reepect to a few staple articles, among which may be noted butter, sugar and rice, the transactions have been of an Interesting and Important character. Breadstuffs have continued to appreciate in value, and higher nriitaa hitvs* h**?*n rAftllZMl within OtA nasi waaIt than at any intermediate period since the Bret pert of 1853. Notwithstanding the materiel advance established for both ilcur and wheat upon the quotations ruling at the date of our last summary, the receipts from the country exhibit scarcely a noticoable increase, leading us to infer either that the rarmcrs now hold but little whoat of last year's harvest, or, if more than is generally supposed, that their idea# id regard to prices hare l>oen inllated beyond all reason by statements put forward dally through the press to the effect that we are short, by some two or throe months'consumption, of our requirements until the next crop will be gathered. Ttic demand from the country for goods has been of a limited character through the past two weeks, there not having been a day within that time characterised by an active jobbing trade. The reason for the prevailing dullness in this respect is furnished by the scarcity or money among the interior tracers, who cannot bo expected to come forward for fresh supplies until tho groat bulk of the miners get steadily to work, when, very speedily, the Increased yield ol' gold will be lelt in every ramification of trade throughout the State. An abundance of water for present uses has fallen since the advent of the rainy season, but lu some districts it still rests upon the hills as snow, and in other localities the streams ami ditches are running full, but are part of the timo frozen over, hence, with a few exceptions, the minor cannot as yet work with advantage more than half his time, and sp> nds the rest in "prospecting'' or piling up "pay dirt" ready for washing when mild weather shall have set in. These remarks, however, have no application to quartz and tunnel mining. which methods of gold seeking are prosecuted vwitli as much activity and success at this as at any other period during the year, and probably tho greater portion of the prentrus metal produced Just now is envolved by those methods. We have again to perform the unwelcome duty of earnestly representing to parties in New York and Boston that they arc shipping goods here, according to advices by the lust two mails, in quantities altogether exceeding our re| quirements, either preseot or prospective Puring the fortnight ending January 5, it seems that six vessels cleared from home Kastcrn ports for California, and ten lirst class ships were on that date either advertised or taken up to follow them, and from all accounts, the ma: jortty would have quick dispatch. It is nut improbable that during the month of January there cleared from New York and Boston, for San frYancisco, more thin half the entire number of vessels which were advised as on the way hither tor a period of two or throe months together last year; and yet if Kasteru shippers will look back to the records of our market during that time, they will tind that considerations of the small quantities of mauy goods in I rami tu had scares ly an appreciable influence upon prices and did cot provt ke a solitary speculation. No stronger proof could be adduced of the extinction of speculation in this market: and if no movements were hazarded under tho most favorable circumstances nvnr nvlciail Iiata it ia hnpdlr tn Ha nrnmimprl thfkt parties will be found to come lorward and uphold prices in the spring, when we seem likely to he overwhelmed with goods. Thi.? market is now governed absolutely by considerations of supply and demand, aud for nearly a year i?s?t has been altccted as little by influences of a speculative i haractcr as that of any other city in the world. If gcods pay a handsome protlt. it is only because stocks are exhausted aud the fresh im[>orlatioua arriving are wanted for immediate consumption, as hap|>ens just now with rciraru In Wgin and butter. If there exists two or time mentis' supply of the most staple and desirable article, whuh is Wept up by regular arrivals, nothing but unbeDding and steady tirmness on the part of every individual bolder will suffice to obtain covering prices.and tho greatest caution has to be observed that the quantity of goods put upon tbe market d ies not exceed the current requirements of tbe trade. Where goods arc in excessive .-upply and sales are pressed, we have only to instance quotations for candles' for many months |?st, as to what prices have to be submitted to. The truth of those remarks is incon'rovertible, and they are worthy of consideration at the East; we trust and believe, however, that the advices which went forward from here in Dccombrr and January have operated to diminish shipments ot very many articles. Flour?Jobbing sales are dull at previous quotations. Wtic it?Sales ol 95 bags at ftc : 60 do. at 6i,'c.; 1.10 do. at 5>;c. Barley?Sales of 600 bags, in t?o equal lots, at l'4c.; 420 do. on terms not stated. Potatoes?Sales of 200 bags and 100 do. at lc. jier lb.; 700 do. at lc. a 1 >4c. Lard?Sale or 160 cases Alden s, in 10 lbs. tins, cn terms not stated. Beef?80 bbls. mess beef sold on terms not made public. Bread?Sales of 10,000 lbs. pilot bread at 10c. 60 cases assorted crackers at 12c. a 16c. Coffee? 100 bags Rio sold at 12c. cash. Sugar?Sales yesterday of 200.100 lbs. Manilla, ex Rehek&h, at 13c.; HoO.OOO lbs. ronMM, ex'Jaratra, on private terms 176 half bbls. New Orleans to-day at 15c. ? iysters?100 dozen Kensett's sold on terms not stated. Candles?Sales of 4*6 boxes Mary's adamantines on private terms; 75 do. Manhattan ch? mieal sperm, at auction, at 24>4c. Soap?000 boxes B k B.'s chemical olive sold on private terms. Pure spirits?76 bbls. California sold at 40c. per gallon. Brandy? 50 octaves New York low proof sold at 60c. Civ U War In Ronora?Attack on Onayanu. Captain Walsh, of the schooner Monterey, which arriv rd at San Francisco with news from iiuayinas to the 29th ult., reported that Sonora Is harrassed with a civil ??r which threateus ureal disaster to the Deet>> of the state. S>mc friends of Graedara have managed to collect a large forc e of Ssqul, llmo and dpata Indians. and have commenced war against the authorities of the State They make the war support Itself, and plllafo the peaceable Inhabitants. On tbo Wth of December a party of the rebela, numbering 1,200, defcatod 1100 ft vornment trcojw in bat t'e. and immediately after made an attack on Guaymae. There were only 1 ho efficient soldiers In the town, but they fought bravely, and after two days fighting the assailants were repulsed. On the approach of the rebels, the women and children and many of the private citizena of Goaymas. to the sum ber of m?re than 1,000 in all, weut off to the btlamla In the bav and remained there until the lighting was over. the rebels, when defeated in their attempt ooGuaymas, at once started In the direction of Hermosill), and it was supposed they would attack that place. Gov l'esqueira la in the interior rawing men and money for the war. and as he ta very popular It la probable that t.a will soon be strong enough to driTC his enemies from the field. It is feared that the Indnns will attack Capt Stone's survey .ng party Nsws from Oregon, We hare dates from Portland to the Ulsi ult . but thars wss no i ews. Krom Olympla we have dates to the and ult I^ahi, the Indian chief, sentenced to be; hanged on the VIA ult , wa> n<>t executed, because the Sheriff could obtain uo gflird to aaelet on the occasion. Gov. isvjglaa* has Issued a prorlamation notifying all the world that persons mining for gold on Praxer's river must pay the regular miners tax The mines are said to be rich. Bills Before (he legislature. A HAII.KOAP c I E A RIM J Itul -K. The bill of Mr T. .tones, Jr., to acialdisti a railroad c earing Ismsa in New York, provides for the appointment of a super utendent snd chief clerk, for two years, by the Governor and Senate?both to give boudx, and be liable to removal for misconduct The salary of the superintendent to he $6,0o0. and the chief clerk ga.oOU. The expenses to be paid by asaoasments on railroad companies Quarterly ' and annual rpport* to be made to the (.irene * of the -Rale. The whole btetory of Mi* financial ooadWowof every ra'lroad id the Stat* to l>e Wed at the Clearing Hnuae, and sworn toby the president and of each mart, aiao, copies of traas t*r book*, and the superintendent to bare librrty to ex amine all imm-fer lewkx at bw pleasure. No etork certi flcate to be negotiable until surrendered to thesuparin len ient, who "ball register anrt nanrel it, and issue a new rertlflrat* Provides that no proxy shall be iwert exrept for the one election for which it i? given No railroad offloer or employ' to be dtreeth or indirectly intereated la any railroad centra** nnder pens'tr of m<edem-an<w Impose* a tax of 9ft 000 quarterly > n ailYompaiiiea known to violate or allow tha rlnlatinarf tbc law. Provides that all roartaot other State* keeping transfer books here, erartlns the law, IihII be suhierl to asun lar lat Impose* a piarter mill tax on erery 9100 stork* and bond* of railroad* out of the state that keep no tranter agent here, told at the Hrokers Hoard. railroad mmoTrrt. Mr Parsons' bill, regulating railroad freight, require* a'l roail* to pabNab a fall tariff of charge* on freight car ried by them, ux'ng a uniform rate that shall not be alter ed. from April I to November HO. and from December 1 to March 30 the latter net to exceed 30 per oent of the summer rate "Hie tariff to he published in the Htate paper, and wax tariff not toexce?d the rate for the whole din tanee except when carried Ofty mllee or lee*, when 19 ps r cent extra may be charged forbid* the chartering nf any freight car to any person at a price aboxe the rego lar rates or any rebate or discount therefrom The pe tally for rtclat'oe to b* forfeiture of charter Cotton Matitifas lure* In the Ijowlalwna Pent* lentlary. From the New Orleans licaynne, Feb. 120.) We hare rece.xed from Raton Rouge the annual pamph let report* if the condition of the Plate peoitestlary. The financial resu't* art verr gratifying. Bx the re port of the les*ees,wc learn that the net promts of the business for the sal nine month? have beet 943.964 19 To if eompllsh th's, the lie ee* have added a large adth tionel stock of new machinery ore? that re leivad from the State Those enable tbam io run In the factor) 9,M2 spindle*. 900 loom*, and the ne <-**ary ranting machines, with the rapacity to ronun me about fifteen bales ofention. and turn out twelve thousand yard* nf cloth daily. TM* new marhincry cost 919.TIO 9? and tbey are necessary fixture* for the lnstltut: ?n. and will revert to the Htafe at the end of the lease The Itrarl < f Control recommend*

that the Stale'r share of the profit- during tb ~ and the next year be *et aside to discharge the deb* The stat< will then be In poseesaem i f complete eii'ipmer.t? lor a factory capable of prod ring a* annual profit ?.f $7,r,.nnn There were on fhe 31st of December last 337 pri? nera in the pe'iltentlarx The number received during tie previous year wm fnp, atd there were di*< barged, br ex piration of as ntenre, 99; nardored, 17: dead.ft; and 11 <thc W lliams't egroas, unlawfullt imported.) discharged by tbe Ooxernor Total. 110. (if the 337 now In confine ment 999 are white males 4 white femnles? 236 whites and *9co'crsd ma as, and 12 colored females total, 101 -d (>f the 17 par toned durng the year 0 were con victim* for murdrr and * for inanMaughtor; th* nthora wrr*? felony. 1 attempt In poiron. 1 nU?mpt to fire, 1 wounding bar tidetrew, 1; %n<1 robbery, t The great preponderance of oonvtettoM I* tor crime* againot the parson. the roanlta rf violent t*mo?? and Irregniated pan Mom Tito number of marder r?m* H OS, manslaughter 4fl, and ptnM'ktf* SO. nr? 11 pnt*ofiin? d Tf irf add the nonaction* f>? mutiny and attempt* at nan* rection, tt will api?ear tbal about on* half of th? roaric par were far offencan of rloloact again* U>? foraoa. rDAY, FEBRUARY 28, 18 I Ow Lnta OmmpmCmma Lomikhi, Fab. 9, ISM I 1\d Atim Bia?BoitilUy It Louis Numtlttmft Demands? Intended Application on fft? name Bulged to Ike United. I stale! Oone-rnmeml?The Waterloo Bridge Murder Conmated wilk Ike Telle Attempt on the Emperor'? left?"lhe Theatre/, Ac , Ac. The Alien bill ie the ell engrossing topic In Londsa at present. At theClube and ell other places of reunion disgust la pretty generally expressed at the audacity of Louts Napoleon's demands, and the poltroonery of Lord l'almerdton In introducing euch a bill at such a time. As I told you (and on excellent authority) France is half inclined to make a similar demand of the government at Washington. ThingB hare indeed come to a pretty pass if the government of one country has to alter her home laws at the dictation of anoUior. Lord Panmure, in the Lords, and lord Paliuerston, in the Commons, would hare passed their vote of thanks to the army and navy in India with unequalled eclat, If it had not been so comprehensive, for every one knows that we have not got much to thank lord Canning for. The convict Sattlcr, whose dangling apotheosis was postponed till alter the Royal wedding, was hanged yesterday morning, lie died repentant ana with face uncovered. Although the day opened bitterly, for it was cold, and a fellow being was to be executed, crowds, principally women, weie present After the fatal boll was drawn, the executioner api?ared on the scalfold, aud was received with a united yell of execration. There Is not the slightest doubt but that the suspic-ons of "the Man in the Streets ' ot the Morning Star, touch- . ing the Waterloo Bridge mutilation case, were correct If Louis Napoleon's spies had only been on the qui dee the monstrous alfair of the Hue I.'jpclletiur might have been prevented The victim of the bridge murder was a would be French Mouchard, and Ihe murderer (although such has uot yet been slated iu print) one of the assssaius now under nrrert iu I'aris. Our good Queen has boon unusually gay since the departure of her oldest daughter?doubtless with a view to dispel her sorrow at her loss. She has been the round of ail the theatres, and to the Princess', although it was att-erled t-lie never intended to put her fool into her box at that house again. Mr. and Mrs. Harney Williams have returned to town from Portsmouth and Southampton, having levied heavy but heartily contributed taxes from the play goers of those seaports. The indefatigable and attractive twain appear at the Adelphi on Mod lay. Ilatfc's "Bohemian Girl," Italianized under the name of "la Zingaru," baa met with an uupaialleled success at he' Majesty's theatre, and Mr. Lumley will not have to change his bill for the next month. M.llle Piccolomini as the Gipsey, and Gingilni as her sweetheart, made all the old popular ballads tell with more than their wonted effect. The Pyne and Harrison |>arty of flrst class English singers have had a mo"t IMOMeful week at Kdinburg. It Is rumored that we are to have the Theatre Krancais troujie at the St James theatre in the course of next month. At Ix>eds, Mr. W It S Markwell's live art play, the "Northern Mar," hn3 lad a MMMftll rtm. The Christy Minstrels are doing right well, for even our "haw haw" swells think them tunny and crowd the stalls nightly. Beale and Chapprll have already realized ?5,000 profit over and above the purchase money and expenses of publication of Balfe's last musical chef d'eevrre, the "Rose of Castile " Mr. Ba'fe will no doubt soon visit America, witli his accomplished and protty daughter, Mademoiselle Victolre. Owr Madrid C'orreapondc nee. Madrid, Jan. 29,1858. Iranfitory Character of the Present Ministerial Arrangements?Bravo Mutillo the Coming Man?Violent Stric tons of the Spanish Press upon the late Address of the Dren' h Kmperar?7he General Tenor of his Government I'enounced?J he fVinter in Sj-ain?Keparation of the Celebrated Roman Bridge at Alcantara, dtc. Since the recent change of cabinet there has been nothing of political Interest in Spain. Th#present state of affairs is regarded by all politicians as merely temporary, and the men now In office have been called to prepare the way for Bravo Murtllo ultimately to take the head of the ministry. His admitted great abilities, his moral ccurage and his (articular distaste for military men render him to some extent popular even with the liberal party. You may recollect his treatment of Karvaez, Duke of Valencia, when one day displeased with him be ordered the lattor >uto Austria for the study of fortihcationa, and tho Marshal was only saved from that journey and occu|>ation by the clemency and consideration of the Queen. Not lets bold and frank was his conversation, at the same time while at the head of the government, with a General said to be a Viceroy now beyond the seas, who, presenting' himself in uniform bung with orders, remonstrated with the Minister about somrthiug Improper for one of his rank and position to do. "l>ook you here," said the formidable absolutist,"I, who am dressed mereiy in this plain frock," (shaking' the lapels of his coat with a thumb and linger) "could thoot six of the best of you in an hour." The newspapers of Spain have with unanimity con inemnea uie i up auempi on iu<- uic ui mo r irum emperor as most atrocious. and have dwelt with great caro upon every clause of the address that followed that act. The strictures are made with reflection and great good temjicr Ibe writer*, with little exception, have not tated under their namee to declare that, vile and horrible as It was, execrated and condemned as it would and ouaht to be for its wickedm s? by the civilized world, cue vow e should be uncomplaining and silent on this foul means of ridding public liberty of a traitor?the Emperor of the French, Uio great designer of the toup 4l4M The declaration he maker that witn his life his dynasty would not have been oxtmguisnod, but would have bi>en pcrpe tuated m bis son bj the voice of the army and the people. Is denounced as fate and hypocritical, as exactly the op puettr of that happy and feeling address to the distinguish d personages in waiting at the announcement of the hirih f that infant, when, after giving utterance to the feelings f a father, he spoke of the difficulties of acclimating a line wbers other royal families bad not baen able to maia tain themselves, with all the prestige and sanctity of time. When his mandate, they say, is wttbout control, and the laws enacted to subaerve the Imperial constitution are found inarioqiite to preserve his life from asaawma, why Is it that he complaint ot itMMHftf the repressive laws for bis safety and yst declares such complots snd machinations Lav pause 1 sway They remind him of the psrsooal security or Um sovereigns of England, Brazil and Portugal, the liberty of the people in their kingdoms, and Unit in his human weakness be grasps at pretexts for ths infliction of fre?h tyrannies in the hope of rising to a aafer, <f poambie. and certainly to a higher perch In their cootempt of the great king, and suapic.ton that hu thoughts may go beyond the l^yrenecs, they have quoted s couplet, like a thong for him, from the verse of Gongora ? leaping, swelling little river. whither woul l you'' what to bo* Thou to be the Guadalquiver? Guadalquiver tu he sea ' The cold continues to l>e remark sble for severity thrioffh OUI 111** |*euilinui*. iu in*- mnniiriu i >*iin>^ n pi*-* ri? to degree that is aald to he unknown there before At the North, from the failure of rain, the temperature in <try and raw, the rrope receiving annu damage from the hail that haa lately fallen The aaaaon ta otherwise id tba ci-uLtry between the**** **itreme provinces In the flMM (be wheat Acids are luaufiaut, promising an abundant tiarraat. The arch of the celebrated grat-ite bridge at Alcantara, sigty degrees to the west ol tlx* capital, which wan blown up with gunpowder by the Boamards in the war of Inde prnileo* e, to cut oft the retreat of the French. and which elands at a height of full two hundred reel above the Tg)o, at ordinary aeaeona. har Just been repaired by engineer* Little rrmama to niake it ae pens.ibi** again, after an Inter mission in use of balf a century, as in tbi- seventeen hundred year* that bars elapsed from the time of Trajan, in wboee reign It was const-uetod. It will agalu bo able it is said, to withstand the battling of the elements gome cen turtre, and approach the wish of the able Roman architect, Julius Oaius lacer. who has oft cut upon it tbeeipressloa of his ambition, the " Lope that it would last forever." Kings Cennty Cowrt of Neeelons. Before Hon. Judge Morris and Associate* On Tuesday morning levt F Dean, captain of the br.g M E Trowe. was sentenced to the Btat** Prison for five years and an months for a beastly assault on a boy eleven years of age. on board the vessel, while she was lying at one of the wharves of Brooklyn on last New Year day Bernard Butler was placed on trial for an assault with intent to kill Patrick Mctarty on the 4th of July last The circ>im?tsnc?o* of the case, as they appeared on the trial, were that Iluller went to the bouse of McCarty, w%o keets a hotel at Flstbu*h hilt, en the afternoon at the tb, for the purpose of returning a crowbar which he nad borrowed in the morning. While there ona of hie friends attemptet to get into a shad where there wm s prvate party danring. when be was assaulted. The de r**n<iant went to save him from being wb*pped, when the crowd turned upon him, and after knocking bim down lust him In the mW,<- he used a knife unun Francis Ma tady. inflicting mortal wounds, from whicn he died a few |io*,rs after. I atr cj, McCarty wan *<tabhed In the left leg so scrlmisiv as tc render It ner.neeary to amputate the limb Jiwe*. b itcOarti. a Tirotber of Patrick, was aho stabbed. but not seriously liefendant wae arrested at lb* Ibne or worn trior, and the Uornuer a inverpgation on the bodv of Maha-.y eionerated him from blame Me was afterwards indicted hj the (irarid Jury for manslaughter la caualng tbe death of Mnbady, and alao for aeeaull with in teo? to kill Patrick McOarty Th?- prosecution reeled with the evidence of Patrick Wcfbrtv a? to tbe asaautt?which wae substantially to tbe a?>cre statement?and l?r* Ooehrane and Mewlet ail to tbe e?t? nt of the Injuriea. T..e detenee net up l? that the defendant we* In dancer of losing hie life by reaaon of tbe beating be was reoeivin? and that be naa, tberefrre Jitatlled la de'ending himself Pmniig or* M limn an. On Sunday mom Ins laet tbe lake wae frozen over out as far ae the eye could reach?no water helot; visible Saturday tight waa by no ir??n* ae cold ae we hare had previously The formal km of Die ice wae probably owing to the attnnesa of the w aters nod to the fact that an easterly wind had driven all the float'ng lee to the shore It leu phenomenon that is seldom witnessed A large yawl mounted or runner* and drawn by *i* horse*, mate this port from Wan kegan yesterday 'it was tilled with a jolly companv. who were on a novel sleigh ride. The star spangled banner waved gracefully fr,.m the stem of the ?waft After parpartaking of a repeat at the Harding House the company started back, apparently lo eioelient aplrSa ? A'^i/wta fob*'. M II Ai'pnjntwwtft9 ht Tint PwtitnitNT, nr and with tin Aiiti.w ?an Omsstn nr ma !?*?ra ? A'onw II Noyce, aa collector of the customs for the district of It Marks, fir-da v ee ff-p)i Arrhef. deceased Jona'bar C. I i'lckarrnw aa eoilarior m toe custom* for li.a use..,:l st (Wast. Ufawe. vice Kphraipa K Imart, wbm* :?aal?uD | baa eiptred. t >8. At Portrait* mt WMkinftMb UMHilw rsALi'a iiMnu on thi rowum op WA88IMOTON urou TO IIISTOMCAI. DOOUTT. Dm vMSecable artist, Rembrandt Peals, of Philadelphia, delivered a most interesting lecture on the " Portraits of Washington" on Monday evening, la the lecture room of the New York Historical Society'a new building, on Second avenue, to a large audience. Hon. Luther Bradiah tntro duced Mr. l'eale by saying that the venerable gentleman, though now an octogenarian, bad yielded to the solicits ho us of his friends and consented to repeat his lecture on the 11 Portraits of Washington," a most fltting and appropriate subject on the anniversary of his birth day. Mr. l'eale would also exhibit two portraits of Washington not heretofore presented to the public. The lecturer tbeu proceeded to say that under the flattering auspices of the New York Historical Society he presented himself as the historian of the Portraits of Wash ington. Cbateaubrianl had said that there was virtue m the looks of a great man. Henry Ciay declared that If he had Ms will every room in the Capitol should be adorned with a portrait of Washington. Cities may be founded bearing the name of Washington?columns may be erected?and his memory be cherished in the boeoms of a grateful people; there would, nevertheless, be something wanting. Had his features been more ordinary, and his expression less distinguished, the rising generatiou would stitl wish to know his own peculisr look. But whon it is known and recollected thai his aspect was as noble as bis conduct, and that his countenance corresponded with bis character, it is impovibte to suppress a patriotic aud natural desire to bobold an impressive image of that countenance. His portrait was token oy many artists, but there was no one living who could apeak of the original with more claims than himself on the attention if not the confidence of the rising goner* tion. Washington, as he remembered bun, was six feet and one inch in height, weighed 2k0 pounds, and had a florid complexion,ey es of the deepest blue, and hair brown and flowing. In bi3 lather's portraits he was represented with a short neck, sloping shoulders, limbs strongly moulded, and somewhat corpulent. In all his tether's portraits the eyes and noso were too amah. For his ewn gratification purely, and without any regard to fame or emolument, he painted a portrait of Wa-thingtoa, which bis father, who was long familiar with every feature aud expression of the great man's countenance, pronounced the best portrait of him ovor executed, and elicited the spontaneous applause of Washington's relatives aad most intimate friends; and after having been an object o! mte rMt in hie tthintlriv rrwima in h'nfkiKl Kr*nrtf> 4inl Ttnlv was bought, in 183'i, by an unauiuious lenMution of Uh Senate ot the l.'nitcd States, Tor $2,000 From hid youige*t days be bad a great veneration for tbe diameter or Washington au<l always took an opportinitv ot, review days to ace him and study h's countenance Tub first portrait ot him was painted by h'.3 lather, Cbai. Wil--on Peale, at Mount Vernon, in August, 1772 Wash ington was then 41 years ot age, and is represented in the blue and red uniform cf a colonel ot tbe Alexandria miliua Tbe original of this ixirtrat belonged to Mr OdOtU In ! 1~>'< his father painted another portrait for Joan Hancoex Iu a little furmhouse in New Jersey Washington sat to his father for a miniature for Mrs. Washington In this little room the artist sat on the on y cnair, w.hiis the illustrious sitter placed himself on the nlde of tbo bed Puring tbe sitting Colonel Tillghman euierod and hauded Washington a despatch announcing tl* surrender of liar goyne. Washington in the excitement of the moment banded tho open letter tc the messenger and "Burgoyne is taken " His father executed, in all, live portraits of Washington from 1772 to 179.1 Portraits had also been painted by Stuart, Trumbull, Pyne, a pupil of Sir Joshua Reynold", and by the Swedish portrait painter, Wostmuller. In 177.1 Mr Jalersou Lad a statue of Washington executed by lloudon, but except in profile the likeness was not goc J This statue was now in Richmond, and Canova's in Raleigh, N. C. The lecturer als? referred to a statue of Washington by Ceiachi, an J ti Brown's etatuc in New York, and C-avford's, that day being Inaugurated In Richmond For a long time b e i father's picture was considered In* or.y likeness o| Washington. He stood b?biiid his father as he painted It and watched every motion of the s iter s features In 1790 Washington sat to Baraga for a head to be iulro dcced into tho engraving of "Washington and his family " In 1796 a duplicate was painted, which is cow in the* lii brary of the New York Historical Society In the Trum bull gallery,at New Haven, la a tine MrtmN of 1M ton?a good representation of him as a military h"ro a' the battle of Princeton. Py ne's portrait was net good tbe head being too small. Weatmu.ler'a picture waa painted in 1794, and ts now in the poaaaaaton o< Charles A. Davis, of New York. In tne autumn of 1791 Washington sat to tho lecturer. About tb's time alto be gave a sitting to Stuart, bu: his mouth was distorted by ? aet of new teeth made of sea horse ivory, which ga*t him the appearance of having his mouth full of water in the aet of rinsing It Washington gave the lecturer th'?e sit. tinga of three hour* each. At the name '.ime !ij father *at at one aide of him making ancthe.- 'ikoueat, b'a uncle Jamea at the other working oo a miniature oo irory, *n t hia elder brother at the aam-> wr.m*v. was engaged in sketching Washington'* prottl' In '.hi* age he would ataio that men wore no lace ruffle* e-.tae- on the ahirt honoma or thetr wrlata, neither die they wear bea-d*. Though it waa aaid that the I,oar let Rer an* heat the beardless Greek* and the beard11 i>eat the beard less Roman* yet the fathe:* of the Amer can revolution, who were not liearded, conquered as )>owerf_! aa enemy as either. With regard toStua-t'* ?ec td pie'. ire, were it not for the fault of the denti?t and a "tt e tco -a ch p" in MM m the eye*, no bette- UHMM CVBM be des - M The last time "he aaw Waahisgina wax in the aprng of 1798, and then his cheek giowe-1. with the ruddy hi.o ot btaitb. With reference to ha own rortrall. of which hu father ao much approved, the ectu-i re'tied theopinnn* of Judge* Marnhal! Peter*. TiUghman a .d >tu*r iatimaU friend* of Washington. all of whtn Conine o.'ed It iu the highest term* aa a perfect I sono-t II* h?,t > * ,.( acrcnty far *milea of this plettye lo cccclua'.oo, MI'eale gave .lared Spark* dewr pt in .>* ; c person and character of Washington. The lecturo waa listened ts with profound attention, an 1 the Trnerable artist was repeatedly anrutuaed A* h' proceeded with bi* lecture he uUkHH *c ?:m:!et o! thi different portrait* alluded to, which formed D amail |>cr tion of the iut*reat attached to the discourse At the concloalon of the lecture M- Ko1?>a,late mil iter to the Hague, proponed a eo'.e of thaok* t? M Pe*!-> accompanied by a request that he would repeat the .ecture In the same place on Wednesday (the) Jutigt Kdmoud* seconded the met on, and .. ??a carried with applaua. An Rntliih View of Affairs In Mexico. |Vrom the London Times (City Article) Keb 0 ) The annexed mercantile letter gma a deacnptior of the existing crisis in Mexiro. and confirm* the riew recently expressed that any change that may be impending can operate only in favor of the bond holders, whose position could scarcely under ani circumstanccH be worse than at present. The ex isting government, tieing the most moderate thai could be constituted trom the various parties. might possibly have established itself with some firranvaa if it had pursued an honest course in finance, hnt failing in that, if An* lo?t ih* ?upjx>it of the oa/j flatten at him)* that ornlit hare given it veil at the tympaikff of foreigner- The approach irig stniggle seems now simply to he an to whirl party?the radical, the ecclesiastical, or the militarj under H?nta Anna?shall seize |>ower for the mo merit, in order to gain Iht profit from the final tali of the country to tht Cnitrd Statet and the extinc tion of the independence which it ha* disgraced The new year epen? ommous'T for Mexico, the wbol< cov.ntry is in a state of convulsion as : great change* sr. hourly expected to take place In ? maequenco of ts< pr<mvrtcuimienti> on ths 17th of Pecrnber, aevsra pr.'Viaces, or raihsr their Governor*, declared violent op position tc that scheme of gorornmort It was natural I< Mippu-e they would do so, for in (fee i')'M?r slate of atts -i each Governor was a petty iove4trn ti his own prOrtMf and eacli little Congress just sa fun of Its own impr-tac: and authority as the h<g C?n(-es? m the cap tal, acd m i matter of course, the multitude o' ofllcaa, with bandaoa. salaries thus established, added greV attraction to sue J I jal'Di Oo the other hsnd, Ocnraofort floda h imelf to i certain degrsa i-olated, and though lit ru ght d.TlV' /real elemenW of sure*#* frotn the ge 'a' d scoaien created by the very system which is has JM or, ?et doubted l>? will he able to keep h a stand, amply t>? cause beseotnl incafwhle of adopting and carrying out at; decisive measure* His favoritetactics consist fa coax icgeTsrv patty and everv tnd,vidua', and helt.g true t< none Thus it Is that the PlTM,Of I *-a liberals, wb were hta associates ta power but a f*w woe .a atnee, ari cow but sworn enemies ae.l are said t? be making grea effi rle to drive him out of the paiv %rd to mi# In hi place. Were they to socc-ied.the Immediai* oona?v|iie<jc< would be the aeixu'e of the rhurefi property?the ga'dei drt am of that party Tbe nan tan is tar (rtanta Anna a par cut' of affair* to brtra back iheir chio' race more, and in tad tliat the latter bait promised to be ready to ftaram during the early part of taut month Tbi ccnie'Tadorrf made up of the clergy, landed proprietor*, and people !i affluent e generally, iM be equally glad U.l.aetl*' their own way; but tt?ey t'orm a am eminently f ?tln guiehed in the rouutry for a'.oih, apathy a#-! ego', *x, cos ?e?pii ntlv tney are *ure to derive oo advantage f**m tlx influence they really pneaeea, am*, to reman. a* telpiea* v ever, the natural etc'm* ofeee-v kind c' gor^rr.rt'at a matter what It* political ton?t* may he Such hi Uie tleplorah e rnnlt'm of v? tlon jij*? aow I amount* to real ararcb*, or rather t. a atate of Confualodifltrult to conceire Trie road*, aa usun1. are r featrd b* band* of robber* io erery direction; aay, o -eiatth" eery gate* of the capital, for the aanault np;i Mr latt ram. her Majeety '* Cbargr d'Ada roe. took r'.ac with n I eery *bo?i dstance from Urn town, an I? inilar egp'.oiti bare become of erery (*a7 occ, A fheah w er e e' murder and horror ha* ,iu*t taken place it th? Tierra Oa |u tite, *itniiar to Uie fan Vicente affi^- A hand of rt' bera. *aid to be * *iy *tmng attacTrd three har'endai ucceealrcly, and loooeof tb? in most inhuman'..- kill*.' a Spaniard, a* it would appear, amply becau** be' waa i Spaniard A v*D*rable old man, well known ii that di? tr et for t'ji reapoctable cbarncte- and le:.gthened year# (M Oaante,) llkewiae a Spaniard, wa* *e-e-e.r heat* and bad a eery narrow oncnp? The whole o' the f'nitr.! State* correspondence, brought by the leaf from New Orlear*, wa* robbed betiri roach!" g Puebla, b ' ha*.|u*t been rocore-ed Everything *eem* to aumac* Mm? great cl ang' v quite imminent; nor would H have I ?~n r".a*?n*ble to pert any Mexican gorernment to la*t m re that a couplr of yeara Whatever that change rr, if hap;ien to he. It it I*1 ,W1 "PIW 11 <?*) on p-nuotiro n'a ,n o goo, r.r.!; % Dwth,,??*?? "? ?' *? ??>' p"Ma< "l *?'". partiru a-ly wl?h rogard to tra? > to a* at tbf hoao of thf no*ica drpartnicit tlm. J .n T**' w?'> "ho haw rr rdsr?(, hlmaoif so conap'cuo 1a toi hit inoao notion* o'ooaity and for the immorality of Hit ? ortr.DM with rfga-d f > It if nationa debt, would creaU wanda a*i*rhorf cirspt'D Mf*(c v Wbfro tbf "Buprfrrt porrmmftit" rooma tr eonaldor It aa oaa of ita paculla' prfrnfat rr 11f. tramplo ujion ovary priBr'p'.r of right at < w'"- f It t* roaaMf ml b? thorn aa a g*n*t hard*hrt< pay tnfir dnhta. nor do thff Mwl l" traffic with thf'i own dlaitonor, maintain og that :t la 'pi'to lawfil and pro par In curtail Uio amount of thf/ debtn, or to buy that* up at tbr markot prtro. which la a'l oaaoa la attrrmn:] low. aa tho natural t< laaouanrr of ion payment and o thalr prorarbial onurro of d'fhnnaaty. fftirh tafamoni conduct in/clrr* quaattonaof g-oat fi agp llui'.f *or tho a-t nufnutfl^H o* hiwdho'dw-a a' how? 'pdfal tir'.rr#' mar ho roaaoiarad aa a bopf aaa oaa unlaaa ha* Majftr g?Tfrm?*t ta indu rl |i la'.s I*a ia a auch muro di ckIH ?atwr 1 t Wew PsUnU ImbmI. Hie following is the list of patents issued from the United States Patent Offloe, for the week ending Feb. 23,1868?each bearing that date:? Aha/ N. Alcott, of Gowanda, N. Y., improved apple corer. Wm. 11- Bridge, of Boston, Mass., improvement in cable stoppers. L. A. Butts, of Cuba, N. Y., improvement in seed planters. John II. Belter, of New York, N. Y., improvement in the method of manufacturing furniture. G. W. Billings, of Cleveland, Ohio, improved dovetailing tool. I Elijah Brady, of New York, N. Y., stone dressing machine. George E. Burt and George F. Wright, of Harvard, 4 : Mush., improvement in the wheei and axle attaofc ment of horse powers, Ac. David W. Clark, of Bridgeport. Conn., improvement in sewing machines. Jacob Coover, of Chambersburg, Pa , improvement in spring bed bottoms. George 8. Curtis, of Chicago, 111., improvement in harvesters. Paul Dencjs, of Bemis Heights, N. Y., improvement in shovel ploughs. Eugene Duchamp.of St. Martinsville, La., improvei ment iu cotton presses. William M. Paris, of Wheeling, Va., imprdved water meter. T. C. Garlington.of La Fayette, Ala.,improvement in cotton gins. James Grecnhalgh, Jr., of Burville.R. I., improved expanding tool. Benjamin 1). Gullett, of Aberdeen, Miss., improvement in cotton gins. 1 J. H. Hall, of Kittanning, Penn., substitute far , infants' diapers. Joseph 0. Haines, of Dublin, Ind., improved cuii | nary ladle. Wm. Horning, of Now Lebanon, Ohio, improvei ment in horse rakes. M. W. Helton, of Bloomington, Ind., improvement in cider mills. Charles Howell, of Cleveland, Ohio, improvement in harvesters. G. W. Hildreth, of Lockport, N. Y., improvement in seeding machines. David A. Hopkins, of Paterson, N. J., improvement in journal boxes. W. 0. Hickok, of Harrisburg, Penn., improvement in straw cutters. Franklin L. Knapp, of Gosport, N. Y., improvement in snow plougns. Peirce Klingle.of Linnaen Hill, D. C., improvement in steam ploughs. Zcbulou Lyford, of Lowell, Mass., improvement In pickers for looms. John II. Lyon, of Baltimore, Md., improvement m machines for splitting coal. James H. Maydole, of Eaton, N. Y., improvement in machines for gathering stones. Wm. H May, of Alexandria, Va., and Charles W Coontz, of Winchester, improvement in marKSnou far an win rr fnrfili7nm Charles A. McEvoy.ol Richmond. Va.. improvement in table refrigerators. .la* Edward McConnell, of Wohrerton, Eng.. and Win Seaton, of Chester place, Regent's Park, Eng., improvement in the construction of the permauent way of railroads. Patented in England June '24, 1W>2. Rensselaer Merrill, of Elmira. N. Y.. improved device for connecting the panels of field fences. Stephen Morse, of Springfield, Mass.,. improve ment in railroad car springs. Paniel Moore, ot Brooklyn, N. Y., improved Are tongs John McMurtry, of Lexington, Ky., improvement iu cotton bale hoops. ! I>anl B. Neal, of Mount Gilead,Ohio, improvement i in cotton seed planters. i AbnerN.Newton.of Richmond.Ind .improvement ' in sewing machines. 1 Pelatiah Osgood, of Watcrville, Me., improvement 1 in railroad tra< k clearers. 1 Philander Perry, of Troy, If. Y. improvement in grain mills. Hamilton A. Parkhurst, of Fairfield, N. Y., improvements in harvesters Thomas Richards, of Plattsburg N. Y.. improved mtarv valve. William Robinson, of Augusta. Ga? improved stave machine. Seymour Rogers, of Pittsburg. Pa , improvement in railroad car wheels. James Rogers, of New York, N. Y., improvement in boxes for receiving money iu carriages, Ac. Charles Roberts, of IJvonia, N. Y? improvement in harvesters. Pavid K Rogers, of Pittsburg. Pa., improvement , in railroad car springs. Chandler Robbins, of Chicago, 111., improvement ill wardrobe bedsteads , Paniel G. Rolliu. of New York. N. Y.. improve i ment iu volute springs. , A. C. Sample, of New York. N. Y., improvement I in the fastening of cast iron bedstead*. Leander Shearer, of Duncannon. l'a., improved I spike machine. Charles Strong, of Hartford. Vt., improvement in saw mills , Turney Sanford, of Redding Bridge, Conn., ia proveme'nt in nbws. Paniel L. Til ton, of lft. Carnel. 111., improvement in seed plantei*. Hartwiek Van Unwerth. of Salem, Mass.. improve ' ment in garden tools ' L F. Ward, of Marathon. N Y.. improvement in 1 corn hnskers. Charles Williams, of Philadelphia. Pa., improvement in whitewash brush blocks Arc he la us Wilson, of Boston, Mass.. improved me iLieu ot tigtmng H** by electro-galvanic baltcrwia Al.ijah Woodward, of Keene, N. H , unproved shoe peg machine Thomas fl hiii] Daniel T Willaoa. of Harriaburg, Pa . improvement in straw cutter*. Benjamin Teasel, of Allentown Pa., improvement t in harvc--ter* t Jehnh. Harden, of New Haven. Conn., assigno* . to liiuim-lf and Aaron W. Rock wood, of Boston, Mas.- . imiirevcd oscillating steam engine. JoM?ph Harris. dr. of Itoxhiiry, Mann., and Daniel llolme*, of Chelsea, Ma?s . as-tgnor* to Haid Daniel llolmea, improved carpet lieating machine. John Hartman, Jr.. of Philadelphia, Pa., assignor to John Huffman, Hr , of same place, improvement in the construction and arrangement of the weighing mechanism applied to the carta of coal dealer* ana other*. George Hinman. of New Haven, Conn., assignor to him-< If and John M. Pardee, of name place, uapioved scissor* sharpener. Solomon G. Huge.of Hellefontaine, Ohio, assignor to him-clf, R. H. St. John, of name place, and J. K. la-am of 1 lav ton, Ohio, improvement in the manner of attaching leg* to walking lex emotive*. Joha O l> 1 illy, .'arne* L Vaurlaiu and Ja? . W Lilly, of Lafayette, lnd? improved arrancement tor cariving off smoke from locomotive* in engine house*. Daniel Lombard, of Ronton. Ma**., assignor to Limself and George P. Richardson, of the name place, improvement in brick machine*. Israel S. Reeve*, of New Orleans, I a., assignor te J. !). Klawsnn, of same |>la?e, unproved omnibus fare box. Riissel Peck, of Bri-tol.Conn.. assignor to himself and G H. Wooster, of New York. N. Y., improved lathe for cuttiug tennon* for clock movements. Charles Bchroedcr, of New York. N. Y., assignor to himself and P. H. Tuska, of the same place, improvement in spring bed Imttoms Itenjamin K. Smith, of Kaat tVhiteland. Pa., ae i.. i..i... ii. hi.. ..i u .... tt'lll.l i >. im r"v,.i*m k'hinim Iiriiiu^", !>| "cm " umchiiiu, r ?asm j proved washing machine. Bit Isxrr" - ? ?% K. Foster, of Ttangor. M#., im provemmt in mou^ for casting pencil sharpeners. Patented April 17, 18S5. (ieorm-1'. Cordon. of New York. N. Y., improve mente in a printing press Patented, IH/>2. laicitia J. Know lea, of Warren. Mass . improvement in safety indicator* for steam boilers. Patented Feb. 10, 1H67. Conrad I/eirht.of New York. N. Y.. improvement in billiard rues I'stented May 27, 1R.'>?. Stephen It Parkhnrst, of New York. N. Y.. improvement in carding machines. Patented June 20 1Mb Damons K A. Tuttle and Thomas Barry, of New York, N Y . design for coni|His? ttands Allen leotard. of Hartford, Conn., assignor to fingers Hmthrr* Manufacturing Company, of aaid. plaee. design for tea and coffee pot? N. B. Vedder and Fjtrs llipley, of T-oy, N. Y? asaignors to lxnii* Potter, of same plaee, design for stove plates, AnniTtoNAi. IvraovawawT.?Powell (irisrotn and f'has R IVnn. of Baltimore. Md.. Improvement* in Ime kilna Patented Nov. 17,1X57. WllllnmatMirg lily News. frwnAT Scnooi. Aaaivsasiar ?Ti e at jir.'r>t'y of toe 1Mb Th;rd Htrsfll Nethntiiai Pabbath sehooi. he'd en lti? ev?n ts:f Washington's birthday. was, on the whole, a sfls' A large pcr'.ra't cf the Fs'.b r cT Its CV>oat*y, eac ecled by tbe national lag was saapaadad ' r <>er Pi* I esds ?f s rttrnb"'- of tils ct .'dree prnduckf I plea^-.g "flrct, while Uie rrofr-wnr.8 contained wrnl f imv-1 aprrip-tate to the'i to ruling rvect Amou* the mote Doroaablo featuroa of the er.tortaiumeat waa f?" perl itatce of a young get t oman, ot about floe wiciera. Who Iwl rehoo! tr. wrgtng, wielding h a baton with ** tn icb (otfba.aiioe and a"intt;il< accurate a? Hnaaieur Jollier h'maelf; alan the mattier io which awtfcer Tom Thumb told hla adet ni tree with a iri!r:??, and the 'nd e* I'Otsfl of ta eat e*hib!t/?rt br the ecu"g lady who tnob the lea'ing part it a well written' rt.alogue, eot U?1 " The Troth " A duet and rlo bv Miaa riumer ami another j our g lady waa reed .table etertrted. while ' Hard Utaee." In whieh a number of boya and gina participated, wae 'el'ahed by the *udi<t?< e It la at d that the ttotbta Mil, ath ach ?oi, tp Grae I atreet. It making active |>repare t A fcraGrtL-d ?:.t rUcnttt, tJ com; off oar.yntu rr.niM A copyright nautical pioee. <o which appear In hi' r wtnire te ivUng reheersod t-^jo'hsr w h Cther e g'Lai pi* a? aed goiura<a.