Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 28, 1858, Page 6

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 28, 1858 Page 6
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6 arrvATMnm WAVTRO^FEMALE^. A well educated l\i>y, who writes a beau tllul hand. desire* employment ? copyist. Please ad*?M P. L IV, Herald edSo*. A French i,anr. recently arrived from Psria. ah.i md. -rsiand* ka.r dresdug *nH dr* .-.maivi < a an' li Mt'i.tlon ih ehamhi rni*i I or lad t '* maul rim best reteeeeres trexn Part* Abi.'v *: :he Parisieti H el,W II 'war! f. , Gi*u 10 A. M to 4 P M. rIK ADVERTISER IS DF?TROUS OF GETTING A pu?'V for h.a sis'wr. with tome respectable lady waer* *h? III learn a Inil?* needl. worn T' ~ms mo lerafe. no of> teoltcni tu Jrnu-j City or Rrooklyn. Addr"** M , Herald omen. MTI ATiOKS W AYTLD-MALKS. A vigilant akd competent man of energy Mid (ymm. with a experieO'e a* supe rui'.en.lent of k factory, ? t?n> - to lind * or* engage*!'beiyapractl uL mr harie a good draugt UKnan end jenmau, ?"> bee sept fee book* of Uw worfce by double na-.'. '"irsi cia*s reter eure lo hi* present employer*. Addrrs* r-ogiess, Newtown, Ooan. A GENTLEMAN WHO IS GOING TO LIVE IN THE oonutry wishes lo recommend hi* K1 iin, #lio is 'bo rwugbly competent lo hike cere tu horses end * e good dr.ver. Address boi J.sbO Post ollsee. A YOUNG M AN. (GERMAN WTMIES TO GET A 81TIT- i atim in e wholesale cr retail h.trdvare s-ore Can \ Hive pood eily reference*. Address E. K., hex 2,?2!. Post flioc. | T71 VEXING EMPLOYMENT ?i2ft OR *M) BONUS WILL IV) be given to any peraou who ? .11 olitaiu for the edver 1 user some respectable ev*n ng employment. Good refer j erne given. Andre** S. N., Herell office. 1MK ADVERTISER. A YOUNG MAN, SPEAKING A English, French end German, wishes to obtain a aitu.mon tther a* aaaisiaui bookkeeper, chirk *F porter In any eatab kahii.t tit. either here or in any of the neighboring e|t{es He 1* a nr*t rale clerk, writes a beautiful and fast haiid. hsa had everal years' experience In business generally, and is quirk ami correct at receiving and discharging sargo Ref-renres ffiwnlsked. Salary no objeet at present. Address K. 0. H., nare of 1*. C. Godfrey, ?S1 Broadway. | WANT* D-A SITUATION, BY A YOUNG MAN, WHO J ran command a cash and short tune trade near by, Ad- | Arcs* R. P., box 2 T77 New York Pott office. HKLFVVYNTKD?FEMALES. A young lady in the trimming, fancy and mi,all ware business ?A permanent situation and liberal salary will l>e given to one accustomed lo genteel trade and who Is thoroughly acquainted with the business. Appiy for two day s, after C A. M , at bt>2 Broadway, eleven doors kgm Union square Milliners -wanted, two good millinkri. at ! 2N> Greene street. None but those wiai undenuand the bnames* thoroughly need apply. Call on Monday. WANTED-TWKLVR FIRST CLASS MILLINERS. TO go to the city of Springfield, Masa.. steady employment and fair aalariea enaurad. Alto, one who i* capable of eonducting an extensive millinery department, to whom a fair alary will be given. Address Kdw. Malley, No. 7 Stale St, Springfield, Maaa anttcd?a first rate milliner, to go in the as country. none dui inose competent to utse me cusrcc of a shop net-J apply to Worthtngton A Smith, 114 Chamoers treet. WANTKD JMMFlilATELY?A HEALTHY WET NURSE, with beat of city reference. Apply at Hole] tie Franc*, K Duane si. WANTED?A YOl NO GIRL TO DO GKNKRAL housework In a small family. Apply at 'JO Kaat ulst st. One who understands plain cookery preferred. WANTED ? A RESPECTABLE AND WELL EDrCATed German girl. speaking no K.ngLsh. wwhes a snua Huu aa < hanihei m.tid and seamstress, and M willing to assist M> the general bousew ork. Apply at 41 East 22d at., from 11 to a o'clock, for two days. WANTED?SIX COMPETENT MILLINERS AND TWO trimmers. Relerence aa to capability Ac., required. Apply at 209 Wast 2Sth at., between 9th and utth avenues. WANTED-A STRONG A ND ACTIVE GIRL. TO DO housework; must be a good plain cook. washer tad rosiest and willing to do everything necessary about the house Gertnen or English preferred. None no. d apply un- ] teste well resominendea. Apply at 1111 Livingston st , Brookv? . help w a nt kd-.m ales. Drdgoist for the south wanted ?one com competent fur a retail and preaeript'ou business, of uu exceptionable qualifications, hablta and character can make a permanent and advantageous engagement. Address 11. C. J}., Herald office, with reference*. Distillery.?wanted, a man of aeon address and w ell recommended lor IntogrUy and bualneas ability. to act as outdoor aalesmaa and office ssaiatant for a large vnoleaale domeatlc liquor manufactory. Only geuiiine names. giving reference*, will receive any attention. A ultable perw n will find agood altualion bj addressing Do mrelic Liquors. Herald ottre. Drug clerk wanted-competent to takf. charge and speaking German, can have a permanent situathan, by addressing Druggist, Herald office. Salesman wanted-bt a first class hocse; one who e?n command a large trade la ea, cotlee and pices among the retail grocers of this city or Brooklyn. Ad dreas, with particulars and references. It. U., box J77 Post Mire. TKT ANTED? A GOOD SALESMAN IN A WHOLESALE fl imparting bouse of tlowers and leathers, one bat Is well acquainted with the trade an t hMfcgooa connection amonga; the millinsry jobbing houses. Good references reqalred. Address 8. T., box 3,lid Poat effiee, and >U.? las. si nation. tetantkd-a smart young salesman in a iiat, Tf eap and fur store. Ona that 1* well acquainted with all Hie branches of the above business, win ,s willing Pi mute hlnt'elf generally useful, and can brtnf rvl city relrronoea. No other need apply at the ?:ore 22' lt*we-y. WANTED?IN AN OFFICE, A TOPTH WHO WRITES a fair hand, who Is of active hablta, and is of undoubted tntegr.iy. Apply at 9U .Metahania' Kx' bauge, between 9 arid ! Mi A.M. j OTANTED?A FIRST CLASS SALESMAN, TO TAKE TT i harge of wlnfua shsde departmef. 1 - iMje fur, tea J rutin*. Apply after liP.M a: Lord A 1'ayior a. Graud street. I - - * i Til K TRADES. Brf.wing -mai.ister wanted. Oil VEO tbo> roughly understands the bu*!n-ui*. t > whom high wage* will be paid* I* wattle I to go m San FrtuetS'-a. t'al I, - stage will he paid, am! an arrangement will be made for two veers Apply immediately to U. W. Ryckman, Jr., 13) I Pearl tirwai, orar Wall. GARPa NFR't* RTTl ATION W4NTWD?BY A FCLT.Y competent mar. of long ?iprrnrir? in tht* roontry; aan ?Mre tbe lint referen-ea u lo ability. aobrlctv \nd k mnit. Advertiser k? * small fannlv, and would wink la gwt ijurmenent *1 tanttna Addreaa fur onweek, Jobn Wbi e. R'ceetllr I'oat nitre, New Jeney. ("A ARPVNFR,?WAJfTKO, A YRtlRTARI.V OARPKNRR, Y and one who understands the cui..ration uf grape*, to |r? to a lea,thy part of tilth.**, nmr Chicago. A| |<iy at the wed gtuee 31 John ?t f|V) JKW'KI.I.KRb-A JKWF.I.LKK. WHO IS A OKA KRAI. A workman wlahea to procure a a u at I on. baring bad mmc M years experience b>* tbioka he would be uaeful In a More to lake eiiarg. uf ibe jobbing Anr one wishing to employ Bun will please add rear Industry, Herald odltc. WAirrnn-A FIRST RATR WATCBMARFR, TO OO to Haraua. Halarj to a tnonlb; IioarU and lodging (Tee Apply to Ml na A Khtil 19 Maiden iane. RXTAKTRP- AN KXPKRIK.V. F.P M ANl'FAtTTRRR OF tt umbrellaa an J paraaola. to take charge of a large it ? aufaetorr In tbla tilt One wb<> can come well recommended both aa to capability and character, ran adAreeg bot Sib I'oat iiiM. prbrc ii a i) v krt1 humk \tk. ON PKM AN.tlt PF. RriTK. CNF OOrYVRNANTK OP bonn>-franc*< * a 41 fat JA'h a' . . litre Broadway*! tUi avenue la a meilieura ratrea aeront donnea. HKW I'l ULK ATKIA'N. APTLFTONM tt.i.remaieb RAILWAY OCimt, roa march. I'rtcr Ta en j tire rent*. Examine the Time Indicator in Una onmtier. I?. ArPl.KION A CO . Fnblnbera. 34b and U? Broadway. JCFT RKt KIVKDRan Franetaro Pireetorv fi* 1VA 9 Agent for afl the principal paper* puhltabed in Caltfotma. Oregon. WnAhlngton Territory, A osl rilta. New Zealand And Randwlcb talAnd*. Saberr pllune rcreIred and adrertlaemcnta lna> rted at ortt -e 1 pre-. single "opiea for eale by .1 F FRKKF, CaUforti'a *> wa agent. 1? Ann street, New Yorg N'ACYICAI. ROI TINF. SHORT RI LRS IN NAVIOATJON. ANALYTICAL AWP FXPFRIMFN'TAI. MININt I'NPFR PRACTICE Fubliefced and for ante by IIRNRY ?PFAR Mb Pearl street and en^tearee at rant. iii I.I.I A nm. A RiKlK <>N RM.I.I A RPR?PRIt K ONF HntJ.ta a* "The (iam. of Billiard*. by M bael I'helan, anih<>r of - Rllliarda W Ue ut a Master ' Ma ?d free no receipt .,f Vree by O'CONNOR A t OLLKMiRR M Aat. a reel New aft ANFW NtMI'ltR OF TITK BILLIARD rrit," JfRT pubhtlied with diagram* Illustrating >'?. of the crack ahnta. and a > opy ot tbe ruiea i> aerre t in playing the late billiard mated to t.e ha I at tbe n3lc" of publication, IB Ann a'rvet aa I al Pbnlaa a r . ana, Ian and "W Broadw?., ?*.r?. r of Tenia a'reet B 11.1.1 ARM TARI.RP, Of 1MPROVKD RTVT.R ARM mvto t* iK? nw? m?nn?r of w???oA?r>nod m?'. r *to Mil r.ifor.ioin? ). tbo HdvM.uur-? of 1 IMor potnoAo (Iwo *r?tiw<d Ui? vn-oo tor ?o' ??> M prtnet to lull tb? timn A low booond bond tiiblop rtaobp. n HiAAOK A i OU.RRMFR m?nnf?ri?ir?w, _ W Aon ptrooi Row Torb. ftoloorooiB Td> Mid TV H' .odwoy onl'tneo no Tomb blrool II.I.JAKMT -T<? l.f.T THF FIR RAT ARM HK<T I>? ?wto<t r<* m 'w tirrv. w?t f,,r Ml'ibrd r<nm. hoing ISA fowidoop. dir?~-17 opt. o.wn. Now Torb Hotel; or would Mi wor for Brr< hMit I ?t\nr?-f.' ohm,. ... mh ,|M, ni'-nt. Impilfr of J. li WIMaA. Mil Hr.%dWty TWO RPI.1RMIM HAI.1A 1R AMJAtRRT fTTIM wtb be furwirhod wAI 'eoirow, ?,?te?n Mlltwrd ? >!* in etrbonto for oiim' .iir>'*?rr I pr.porij Fm u, o ut p.,r I rh.? >1 Two MeoWd ln?l Mid ni?nj now lor b*.? i barimln* Adt)rr?? |,nw Roin l<o?f l<o??o H. rwIdoBca iroRTimi. ZZZZ~ AI.I THF fffofCR HRKRMA OF MOO* FOR ?AI,F ARM i p r> Fnttoti rreet ?Bmlor'? .tifoMlblo umi* mro aid bo* oiiorminetor, A" "W? f'r o lo Hro-Mm Irwibmr! dwweoe At.. W doff* wtPiWill < r* trwiton. pro.-f I ?All und eoo tho Rrotoh door li oind? the pnro feni |.,f ,,f ft|| KnfMnd Ar |> 101' i N RHf ' >T IR i"I TOtTRRAMRRf ?THIR IR f? I rodit.y p|o . nf oioot, opon III tho I'nltod HUlri Mid ? Kttmi'n. t??. piero on M >ii<Uf And Tuowlnr nont ?t .loroor tf.wiftoWo Atoeelwr -I riiirrnopre to II o'rloob A. ? Pnrwnp toebooartw* rood Wrda und lir n(in( 'bom lo Mr J T?f|or ? , f ?n r II ?i .feroo.i w ill m"> i with i r'iri'bA>*r to onr to>i?fiu r, ' NI SALES OF RKAL. ESTATE. l7yru W\RD PROPERTY Kim S ALK?A TBRF.K JU ?i?ry and haaemiPt brlrh bouae and lot. No 9(1 Kldndge irret, near tirand. with water. ga*. nath, ga? ftHurea, Ac. of outrtuoir rnueey may remain on bond and mortgage. Apply to F H. ' >? 'MINIOK, 29J (iiaud btreet, or to J. 8ILV A, 109 Foray th aire*". fcl fafifi O ATL -FOR SAL*, ONTt OF moSTI SCPRrier huili hoonna, No. IAS Kaat Thirty nxth at., between h? eond atol Third aveuuea. with aii the tujuern ltnproiementR. Inquire oo the preraiaea. 4?J | kAA-ANO ONLY O ASH REQUIRED, TO r x ,\r\JVrpurcliaae ihr handaoute three atory and hbHeinenl bonne. wrboarnane w..y and atable attached. alnoa tearoom. No I Aft Weil Forty third atreet. between Seventh and Knrh'h avennea. Apply to WM KKNNKLLY, 4ft WU.iarn atreet. fiO nnn ACKE8 of choice WISCONSIN timhkr, KI\r.YF\M_r mendow and Rejected iarmtng land* to ex change for dry goods, boote and ehoea, hardware, furniture, Ac. Feraona wlahlng to exhhaDge oan call at room No. 5, corner of Chatham and I'hamberB streets, trim J! to ft P. M? and examine tltle.a. (toaa nnn worth or realestatewavtep*4'^" "" "U" In exchange far staple dry goads, 'lo b tng, watches ntd liquors, la bond, wnh oart cash, alio, first class h vuaes 'o exchange for farm*, city its, building materials or mason * ark and plastering. CHARLES K. HOI.DEN, 19 Nssssau KtmI, room Na. 3. A GOOD HOME FOR A MECHANIC OR EMIGRANT, at $4(10 down. In th? beautiful village af Ithaca South Tli J; 4l, acr< a of and. good fjr any kind of produce, two cottage houses, barn. with plenty of soring w i er. ut>siirpass> d butlilDg sites. The ground, with advantage. m iv soou l>e dl \ tied into village lots. The houses are ineurea far $400; this inn la required d uvn. Wul tnuy remain on ir. rtgage. Ap ply to the owner, 9t> Fourth avenue, or to Mr THOMPSON, Clinton Houae, Ithaca. ( NOTNTBY SEAT FOR SALE. AT H ARTFORD, t'OKN.\ ' For sale very cheap, a. fiue Urge cut stouo mansion, in pood order, and'ten acrev of excellent land for sale. Good outbuildings. plenty of fruit Tie houae o vein.pfully lo oated, near the railroad depot, only 94 milea from New 1 or*. The buildings cost JlS.ptjO; will he aold for il2,0tx), half cash. This ia a very dealrahie residence. More l*nd can be had If required, inquire of CHANCY BARN ARl), in;?y court, Wall street Farm for sale?containing i?j acrf.s, two miles from J&inesburg, N. J. 41) acrea wood. balance good tillable land; upon it la a houae and barn and a o.rjfi apple orchard. Price reasonable. A portion if the purchase money may remain. Sale muat be made. Boon, to cloee the estate of the late Tlinmaa Doyle, deceased, Inquire < f JOHN H1PWELL, Division avenue, near Fourth street, WHLameburg. FAOTORT TOR JSAI.E or TO LET, 80 BY SO FRET, bnck building with a metallic roof, a never falling water Sttwer, with or witbont land and houses. RPuated unme lately by a depot, one and a half bonra from tats city. I)R. M. PRICK MOORE. 166 Chambers street. Farm wanted?in exchange for a livery stable, doing a good business, value llZtHIO. Address Farmer, bex X Jersey Ctly l'ost efflce. Farm or country heat for rai.e-adjoining the eltv of Puterson, one mile from depot, fronting on the Psssaic river, containing S6 acrea of choice land of which 3 acres are finber we. 1 adapted for milk and {ardesitng purpOMg Two food houseaand outbuildings, and 3 acres of s rawberrtea now on the farm, applea. peara. cherries, grapes. Ac., in abundance; ance >10,(00. One half may remain. Apply to JAMES PELTON. N4?; Hroadway. N. Y., or to JAMES E. DA VIS, on the premises. For sale?the four story high stoop brown alone house on Thirty eighth street, between Fifth and Slith avenues. House 21 bv ii feet, built in the best manner. Attl.v to A. C l.OOMfrt 1 itt Rrnadwav rear fhlrtv f. n rth street FIR SALE-FIRST CLASS AND MEDIUM PRICED brown sioop and nrtck houses in all streets. from Twelfth to HfOeth streets. al prices from KS.tkO la tJt. uu). In tu'.re of RATNOR A HIJACK WKU.. 1,191 Broadway next So corner of Thirty fourth street. T7K>R BALK.?* LOTS ON THIRTT roCRTE STRUT. J? near Fifth aTrnue, 3 lota en Thirty filth or.-! In rear of the above; 13 lots on Nineteenth street, houaea and >ota Noa. 211, 217, 219. 2X3. 22b, ?11, IS) anil 133 Kaat Twentieth alreat; i 311 and 313 avenue A; 231 and 233 Kaat Twenty firs: street, *04 Fourth alreet. on accommodating terms. Aop,y to AD; GI ST B&LM0NT, 76 Beaver street. For sale?the three t( ry house and lot 62S Houston atreet. has all the modern Improvements; lot 20 feet 9 inches by 70 feet. Price $7.1*10, ot which $?,dUU ran be left on mortgage. Apply to THOMAS J. MILLER, 11 Pine street. For sale-a lot on new bowery, between James and RoMSvalt streets, lot .V feet front on Bowery, 'i hie property is on on a of the greatest thoroughfares in the cur. Will be soid cheap. Terms to suit purchasers. Inquire of HENRY 111 VK. 175 Chatham I'.reei. FOR sale-HOUSE AND lot NO. 26 LISPENARD tract. In perfect order. Inquire of O. J. sTL'akt, i *9 Broadway, third r.oor. For sale-a threestory and basement brown atone front house, in one of the best loca.. >n< In South Brooklyn, will ha sold low aa the owner is about to leave the city. Apply to W. S. BROWN, No. 24 Wili-atn street,roam 16. For sale-a first class four story English btanatbrowa toaahonae and lot on the. >r > . \ second street and Seventh avenue, near Bros Jway, on wide street,han<l?om?lyfi'.iahed,w:tb all their, idm ImilHIIamailf Terms eaiv. Will take in pan payment a small house in the city. Will aell also, all or part of the furniture. 1'oaaeas.on given Immediately. Inquire on the premises. FOR SALE-THREE STORY AND BASEMENT HOUSE and lot. 20 feet from by 42 deep, lot >> ly 61 feet, No. 111 West Twenty eighth *tree\ with all the modern improve tnenta. gaa fiitt--vs. chaodellera, Ac. Pr*~e Rn.anu. S3.t?k) can rem.unot. mortgage. Inquire of WKKTON. 2UU Seventh avenne. For sale-property at 410 fir?t avenue, or will exchange fur property m V art.le. The house la I udt in the beat manner, marble man'e.a all through, ai.d in , ft rale order. It lata for $1.OKU. Ir'pu re of WM. F. VAIL 410 First avenne. For H t I E?A brown STONE high B ASEMENT f front house No 1*3 Waal Thirty seventh street, between >-et* nth and I... h h aver replete with all the modem .inj rovetneuta. Apply at WS h :vton street. FOR SAl.E-THE FOUR STORY THOROUGH BUILT bou?" N > 161 avenue It, see nd doer from Tenth street, near T<unpk na square, an et 'silent location lor business or a dwe.linp. > re 2* ij $3; the first storv can be altered for a atore, price K7.75U. b rma easy. Apply on 'he premises. Ifw'r sale?in the seventh ward, the two ' story an t attic house No 9tl F.aat Br atdway. fhis pro pertj m in n une i up internally In elegant yle. unanrpaj".- ! by r.ny othe r t?-in the ward. For r articular* , pp y 11 8. s. W K'KOf f .* CO., I'M Murray atreet. Ia'OR HAIM,?IS BROOKLYN. 2 rWO.KTORY AND ATr tir, oaaenient and ?un eallar fram* bouoea, on we*t aide f Hampden erect Mb feet north el I-afayett- avenue. the 2 three ?t"ry. Philadelphia brick, Xm lth, and 174 Can ton aire# I, al?"i? 4<?i th of V lUoa ar-n le. \ An tb* Condid thn - ry. Ph a -Iphia hnrt, with le fee. ourt yaril. N . I Lefav*n-- avenue. near Flatl i?h avenue. Al1 drat eta?? only a e* ?ter? frcn ib- F tlbuj avenue -*r* will ho - .'i low a pi ly to WILLIAM It. Mcnoi-.S, owner. IV Naa aau atreet, X V. TjXOR BALR?IIOl M AND IA?T XI POVKTH FTRP.RT, F "|ipo? e Washington a'luam lot SiWi Bona* waa put In p??frfi orfrr laai May. f '.r partu'iilara inquire at the of tier . Lot Ir LAW WON A I.BVY. ba.hen, A Wu.iain atreet, from lu to 3, or at the ho tee after 4 i*. M. JiHlR BALK-A KIRST'LAKt POL'R STORY BROWN tone front botiae. wl'h ail the modern ,mproi<m"nte, wi'h ro?ea real an'l Mack walnut d vera on n*at floor and Mara walaot ataira. No. II Thirty aecond atreei. between Madi? n and F'ttb avenue* Inquire on the premiaee for particular", from V A.M. to 6 P. M. U?|>R RAI.R? A COTTAOR. AT < >RAN'iK NKW IKRNKY, L a a 11 r v. lAarrt or land a ?<> a . Kf with 4 H' r?* of land, at M eat llkeini:. jld. Apply to L. S. ll AhKKl.l., 44 Cedar atreet. FtiR SALK-ON BFRORN HKIOHT*. HUDSON C1TT, N J., a plot of it in I < ' ntaining flee building lota, ii'ia'.ed ?n th- corner of Paliaade and h' Paul a arenue. and ommnrvling an one quailed new of 'be city and hay of New Yorh. the er.iea ot .Ifraey City. II d'ofcen. H^ooU;. n. and the nrr nuding country Alao a plot containing alv lota, on Newark aventic, directly tppoeltc the Mudaon county Court Heme. Otnaibuaaee paaa erery ten minutea for tl?e ferry For further particular* apply to JOHN M PLATT. Hudaon City, N J. JfOR NAI.F- A IIANDSOMF. VIl.LA At SOUTH HER 1 yen. Fairtnount a' enne.oontaina lurooma, ham.e .w bonae, w >b '? of an acre of ground fare v It all cent*. Pme ihir ty five hundred dollar*, bad -a*h Ale,, one fmt quality Kngliah ba-' meet bona*. with all the modern Improvement*, water. *? haadeilera. Ac., beautifully U> airq near Van vnrat aquare, on Proapect place. Mo. 221 will be mid at a great bargain. L. II. LANDRINE, comer York and Barrow atreeta. .Ier*ev City. FIMIR SALR-IN NFW HRCNNWTCK NKW JERKKY, A 1 firat ciaaa re*ldeoee. right minute's Walk from ihr dep .. nrrnnnded with ornamental ahrub' ery. price low and terau eaay For further partmular* Inquire of F C. W ACNRK. 23 t or'land* atreet. New York. l^OR NALF.- H'irHR AND Lf?T NO. CNION STRRyn A * . h BmokltB, fifth from court atreet. three atory hewn ne and t'ailadelphia hrick, high haeement. laundry. ateikm.<ry It' h->t and cold Water ranye. two atore room*, cellar. <-?mented; hall* imitation of marhle. bath room, ra* a itrrt f'-.m bnllt Ml Ihg he*i manner and in g"?>'l order Mftl'tl h 22i.Ni. If deaired a large portion can remain on mortgage. For particulars inquire rn uie prrmiae* L""iR ?AI F. IN RRftOKt.TN-THF FNCLIRH BAMt r meat I .? No MRneheu atreet,Mar Court ?'ree . wltl lithe motrm imprniemenia ant in perfect order, brn ? ... t l r f wa n r, ,f> #. .??' ?i . r on the pranuaea or ol O. FIFI.ll. Allan tic Bank. Hmkiyn L''|R RAI.R IN KANT BROOKLYN?IN A RFSPF.'TA r hie oeighleirhoort a beat well built two at'irv cottage. it li, a.lli I r:rk ciirhf ...... ....... _ ,,M.. _ a.. gaa and wotrr In lb>'h"tuw Unt Sttllli Prior ilnc'tidlng titnrrr fl ! ?' Part nil bond an i m ..rtfaitr If daatrrd. aii i Ij fti ib-' i rrnii?-?, Franklin an-nut- third d<?r n >rth of l>? Kalb armor, or to 0. l. RaHITTK.JR Afurraj atrnrt. Xrw Torfc. WOK RAI.K AT IMBOKK*-* FIRST IT,*R? THRflK F *'< J hrlik botiar. wlifc liMi nii-iil and nndrr cellar, <>n llndann iWfl. "pP' ?ltr Fratifcun trrrnrr llnnw 22 f?*rt ImM I T 4f I'd l<frr', With patrd aUry in roar, '* fort, prnrf, t< rmr half rath. Apply to < HAS. T. I'FKKV, laf MllliRk FJuR PAIR ('IIKAI'?F>>l*R ItnC>RR AND 1/fTR, aVnatrd In KiphSr fourth atrm, b'ttrrrn Third ana f orth mm north tidr It old br a v'??d . om ta- nt A| I'ly * H. K Mpht anth atrrm. FtiiRRAI.F OHFAF TWO -TOR Y HANKMKNT ARII nl> c-i'linr Stick h "iar, altttatrd a' VorhvlUr, m-ar Rarond atrnnr Wll'br rold at a *rrat haraaln Pari of tli?|.'ir rhaar Rtofirt ran rwam 'Ihrlnoar ia Wrll furitlahcil with pa- and ? int' ti aaur. Jn?46 IW Apply at 2H W*ii n|toa at roc! >ad >r Htfir jralf mr *r-rtkw \rt-r favii.ior, ov Mirtlr atrn' i- Clunk rtm I and Ktiaharnk inn.i. took. fif urm ?nl of ripbt t r*r? On the pr.'?in? i. * M - tir ; ro in mil liter hail r >oni tholnf Mien, miih i .1 rvilitna ci'itiplne f(?r ibuse * kr|f bna.tira* Applj on il nrr?ia<*? t^fiR RAl.K OKRAP-TflAT SIT* R'H'R PTORT F brnun ai<m? bonrr on Tbi?r fourth rrrrt. n??r Prrrn'h i?ou?, A| fly In A I IaXiVIIH, 1,1** Hninlwar nxr Thirty fourth ?tfrt?t. y?OH PAI.P fHRAP-A TWO *T'>RT ARtl B AS'PkfKJfT r hmk honor mi! In' tn Mm rlrrr'. in prrfrt' nr Irr. with !? t .tb watrt down mul will br oild pi A vrll't, H vjiTlr I b i m.n.i liotrly Tor prior. At" . M'R'f m .1 Rr.KH, h It Kh atrhiif bHwr. n iV.h ati'l Still ?trr. i?, !r.>tn X till l j ti'flork. piltR PAI R i BK.Ap'-THR*XRW^HROWV"PTONR "AHII I l.rVk front l .nr r- Knpl ?h lun'mrni hniiw |fn l.v Vk i ?t f nrrlrth rn i ti..ib..| sub t?rry mo lorn Imprnrr mrti* nrlpbbofho wl prot r|a?< l/r-itmn h< althr Prl" Imr ?n?1 'rrtn? m?Ar rurv pnrrl tarf k| i It to WRf.f.f Ri .1' IR A i'aRTIR 4T I'ri #nrt ri.rri* nf i.rrar.nkh. !W YORK HERALD, SUN KAI.E8 OF REAL 1CHTA.TB. FVlt SALK OR ACCOMMODATING TERMS?TITB three story brown stone bouse 404 Fourth street. Apply to Al'til'HT bp-MOAT, 76 Beaver street. For sale or exchanor-a topers country est mkI productive I arm, for productive real estate, is Ki w York or Brooklyn; s flrst clsss residence preferred. 1'e r lieu tare m Evening Post. Apply si 60 Wall street, rooss So. 3a For sale or exchange?FOR NEW YORK property, s farm in the Tillage of Jamaica, L. I., 63 acres of good land, convenient and tasteful dwelling, In good order, handsomely located, never failing well of soft water, young orchard of grafted fruit, Ac., about one mile from the railroad d? p -t. Apply ww. t. CHT rchill, ?f2 Houston street. JCvJrt nst.r, un r.\? imn'in-inAi ^rLnnmu ruxuis r storx high ?'"op brown stone house on Thirty seventh street ac(jfintug I?r. Spring's church, House 20 by (W feet, built id me most substantial tuauuor. Would exchange lor 1111 01 1WU gcod X it* and some rash. Apply to A. C. LOOiilS, 1*28 Broadway, Dear Thirty fourth stmet. For pale or exchange for property in tub N'.Yith ward?A three story brick bouse and lot on the s: nib side of Forty eighth street, third bouse west of Broadway, lot 26 by ltMleet A Inches; house 21 feel # inches by 40 deep; lias range, boiler and stationary waah tubs, gas, Ac. luuuire on the premises or at No. X Jederaon market. For sai.e or exchange for merchandise, or for a drug store, Ac., or for a good farm or goo 1 business?A good jr.ek bouse In New York, twogoodstores about iwemy live miles from Syracuse, in a fine place on a railroad; or would exchange house, stores and lota in a fine place, snnl ,aiul ii Michigan, for a Sue house and place, or for a ooiel, Ac. N o one need apply except they want to exchange right away, and are no burnt ags. Address box 2t5, Auburn, N. Y. For sale or exchange?a first class country seat, suly a few minutes walk froan Elisabeth, N. J., mi Railway avenue, together with twenty or forty acres of and adj.nnmg. The house is two stories and busi'mcnl, pleasantly situated, having plenty of fruit and shade trees; sued well and cistern. a first class house is wanted in exchange. apply to S. lay, Attorney at Law and Commissioner, Id W till street. For sale or to let-tub three handsome three story bri -k. brown stone basement bouses, Nos. 278, 280and ttt West H4th street, between 9m and 11Kb avenues. Contain a.', 'be molern 'mprovements. Apply to WM. KENIBJif, ss William streak For sale, let or lease-two new stone front English basement dwelling bouses, Nos US and 147 West Forty ulnih street, near Broadway, replete with all the modern imurovem-nts. Apply to J AMES HOiXlK, 145 West Fui ty nintn street. For sale or to lease?for a number of years, foiar lots, and buildings thereon, between Broadway and Church street, or 54 feet front in Leonard street and 48teet front in Franklin, running from Leonard to Franklin street 2141 feet, the next acj.untng lots can be leased a la). If wanted, for a large hotel or any establishment. Address box 2 256 l'ost efca Hopse for pale?206 dean street, brooklyn. ?New. large and handsome three story trick bouse, in a very desirable iocaniy PrlNHM $1,1X10 down; $2.00) in one year; balance $3,010 on mortgage. Possession given istimrd.aieiy. P. 8. CROOKE, 347 Fulton St., Brooklyn. Houses for sale cheap and on easy termsOne large new tour story and one three story; higl Sfoopa, withall the modern improvements, 243 and 245 West Thirty-second street, between Eighth and Ninth avenues. Apply on the premises. Improved Virginia farm for sale or exchange?About 1,0(10 acres, with timber, large mansion, barns. A* . on high ground, in a healthful location, near a village and navigable water. C. H. OLIVER, 51 Liberty street. Real estate, wf.stern lands, bonds and mortgages wanted, In exchange for a lucrative business establishment in this city. Apply to H. G. BABCOCK, 27 Wall street, N. Y. To farmers and gardeners.?for sale or lease, a large tract of arable land, with good buildings, lying within nix miles of New York city, which will be subdivided in quantity to suit applicants. The toll is considered the very best tor grass and grazing, and peculiarly adapted for growing a'l gardeu truck. The premises are easy 01 access bv water and good roads. For further information apply 10 E. C. UALLIDaY. No. 4 Wall street. New York city. To merchants.?for sale, twenty four building ,ote tree from all enruiubrance, desirably located in a tfouriehing village near the city of New York, acerrsihle by steamboats I hey will be exchanged for boo's and rb<' S, ready made clothing, or India rubber goods. For further partl-ulan address C. Henry Edwards, bo* 2,0.r>6 Post o(L:e, Rn York. TV-ANTED?ABOUT THIRTY ACRER IMPROVED FT .and. not more than three hour's distant from New York ct'y, near * village on a railroadorsteamboat route, g esd cut tnges and outhntMingsifrait and shade trees; wsu watered and free firm stone. Address Cottager, Herald otliee, stating particuls-s. price, Ac. FOR 8ALB. _A NEWS DEPOT AND PAPER ROl'TE POR !Jf)U, sals, now paying $14 per week, and a good opportunity to increase, none hut a cash customer need apply. C. J. OWEN, 94 Sullivan street. A1/1A -A C.OOD KIMDLINO WOOD CONCERN AND trs.le for sale, es-.atdished nearly four years, wagons, horses harness, hoses, steam ?aw, Ac., will be sold ct> sp. together or separate, on Immediate application to P. ( KIN, 194 Kaal Twenty sixth street, before two o'clock. N. B.?Or wlU exchange for real estate. 0 7-f\-FOR PALE. ONE HALF OF THE PROPER, t? I >U. 'j. interest, A? , in a Well established Mtd|TOVing Wll'.iamshurg espress as the owuer has more than he can personally attend to, and would prefer a good partner to the annoyances of disinterested hired persons. Address Williamsburg, Herald office. ?FOR SALE, A RESTAURANT AND DRINK JpO' lu, ingsal -on. For parilculars apply at 102 Duane stoet, between Broadway and Church street. No ageuts need sppl (J.1 nn<l -FOR FA I.E. THE LEASE, STOCK, FIX tPl.UUt t ires snd t rt i' re of the oyster and ice cream sa. M n No 27 Eighth avenue. Apply on the premises. d.'' /\/W\ -A FURNITURE BTORR. FITUATED IN vt ).v>' one of the best business parts of the ctly. The so. a ts line and selected. Paries attb the above amount vt-bitg to enrage ,n ibis bus'sies* ts-iii iitid this sn opportu nit t se ,1om i fl red. For particulars in.pilre of Itfli(18 A HOYTH WICK S4 Street. - (WWt FOR SALE?A VALUABLE BUSINESS Til AT pays M usi to $l >? per annum The bus ..esa is Ugh', and one -hat Concerns every nun rf a faint;.. RAIsrfEt'K A CO., 1X1 Nassau street. A CAPITAL cKANCR.-TWO PINOER'B LAROEPT ? * tig nest n I in perfect order, 1 or sale at a heavy discount, by E. EVANS, 6c Fulton street. DPUti PTORE FOR SALE?DOINM A CASH PURINES?, snd sflordlng a foe protit. will be disposed of on reason a >le ts rtrs. with four years lease, by address,ng M. BLOAT, . ;! i TT'OR SALE?THE PTOCK ANDFIXTrRKS OF AS OLD F established ladies' French shoe store house and store to lease Inr a term ot yea's. Inquire on the premises, S72 Bowery, or at A.W WKLTON A I'OKTRKH. 141 Fulton slrttet, tip stairs. T7"">R SALK-THE STOCK AND FIXTURES OF THE M. -''I' i.'i'i". " > ?> ? ? -'at m raria, *(b fit ng * ritrat h.tnra fr>r an an'arprlalng man. For furtb'-r Information logulra on tha prealaea. For kale-a fritt stork of hryf.m ykakh altuatrd In Bluekir atreat,fourdoo?? wngt of 1'r .adwav. Tb<- ?< ?rk. U*torea and h-aae. In pure in the Mr*. f2 Blwflfr hrait. F<IR BALK?THRKK YEARS I.K \HE, HTOI'K AND FIXI ir'-n of a miilin- ry. altuatad In tha Ann block id Dlftalon n nt low. poaaaaetoo glrert immediately. I'ardcilaia at <7 DtvMM atm i For ralr cheap for cash-thr i.kvrk, ooon ? t'tiraa nod fMBtn Of a vary da?irabla raat*o ran am) a*lnnn. centrally ar I mnvenlantly located wall ev lab'.ial." 1 and attentively p t'rnni/nd. Apply u> I). W. BAIN. ocunaeUor at law. No. A Wall afreet For. sal* or to lkasr-molarsrs refiners W? Water atreet, lot 2A by I4H. runtung through to Froa VNl brick hnildlog thereon. with ma< nlnary, an am bollen Ac , mltab'e for a rarteky t f maanfarturlng uurnoaea. aLat ilia h* on Front atri al, 2.', i.t 70. with framelhnlldlng, whie ail una and aonnana with the raar of tha Art' mantKMiad prt n. a-a Apply hi W M. K. HI-ID, 21b Front atreet. LABOR RALE OF rOtTPTKRR, SHELVE*. nF.?KR dock A'-., in auwa Jll Broailway all In good oMar and of hiarh coat; hav? baati naed only a faw m m'ha will lia .old low to cloae a concern. Apply to SAY A I. A A CO, Aft Hnadway. haw OSK OF WHEELER A WILSON S MEDIIM rt'l.L laaad .awing marhliiea, entlrilt naw and In p> rfe-n rtlar for ?al? low by i OM^TOCR A BROTHER, drugglata, SO Leonard atraat. 11 EST AI'R A NT FT XT I KES FOR Sfl.E EfTlNO I\ counter. wtth rloaata. oyatar ??nl iraa future* high t^ola, range and refrigerator. Apply at tha Marear llonae, rornar "I Bn? ma and Marear atrarta. TO PRINTERS AND Pt'Bl.lBIIERS ?FOR SALE. ON aary advantage-m* tarma. a printing eat* hlDbmen, lo ratad In a boalnaaa part of thr a|ty, and having all the *4 ran tagea for carry ing on the hua1na?a In all Ita brani-haa. Thara two Adama praaaaa, dbiby'gii and 2b by 40 two Taylor praaaaa. > h v 42 and .V< by > and una capital |ol> praaa, < 17 by 21 . all In Aral rata orrii r. I ha mao rlala arc all In good rondltton. the type ha? ing been need principally for Btaraotyi in* Rni a amall amount of capital will ha requireI. a portion of the pat ment will he taken In prtntipg A Una ad 'raaaetl lo liorior, Harald ollica, will meat with prompt alien tion, wlit-n full participate will be given. TO DRUOOISTB AND APOTHECARIES-AN OLD RE tabliehad drug atora for aala, doing a tlrat rata bualneaa l.K .ih.n nMtirpataad Tha atora la elrg<nil\ Atr- d and wall tichad Apply hi F HAI.L, dro.glaw litiar. 4fi Raakman *iraa?. N. T. TO TAILORS.?A MERCHANT TAfl.OR NOW ENgagt d in biiaiorM In ona ol Iha baat loraiion?<>n Broad way, n'-ar tha Nrw York lloapnal. wlahaa to aali out, in order to i mhark In anolhar hnainaaa Tha 'rada lata bn-n Ion* a?tabll'had, and la of tha flr?' claaa euatom. Tha a'ork of *ooda la not larga. and will ha oftarad K, a low raluaUon for ona hall raah. iha balanaa at t.and month* with an ?tijtroi"d < ndoraar Noehnrga lor tha Hft'iraa. gooil wRI and Indu a nee. The pram aaa n iw oetiiplel may ha find for two yaar*. at a moderate rant. Addw?a -lonea. Herald olBre. TO TAILORS AND f'THF-RS ?FOR SAI.R rir>HP. tbr hnainaaa and Mock Of a naet rlolhln* atora, a.tal li?h ad fifiean yeara prlncipallr niatum Work Tha ator< and hooaa ta lat or laaaa A go-Kl rhan' a ftw any parwm ta anting to go Into a Jglr hnaina.a alraadr mtabltahad Fn>Milra of Mr UoonWRTC H, No. IH Thnmpaoti t PtlCWB ACAPKWlKli A mm nonWORTTJ'P DAHCIJIu ACADKMIKH, , Ho AH6 Hroadwar, Hew Ynr*. Ho \T, Montagna |V>' Brooklyn. Tb<* Mt^rnr will rrtnaln opan until .tine I, alrtn* %'ttin dant Uwia for fnll n tartar from Man-h 15. Puplla racaitad afnr that daw for a part of * juartar. T-VfVAP. A CHFAP PAXCfHO AP A PITHY W, BOWKB Y. It -l,raoona for adulta aa l htldrrn fl p> r mna>h M >n da\ atid Thnr?da> mi I n'rlnrk Wrdnradaj'a nod Hattir (tat a. V i< torla lanaarrHrhittla. h. and all na? Ian.-m?. Al S , i lork P M . aolrea AilmlW'.n i5 renta. ladua iraa. I tA H<" TH'I- AlfOTHftR Hf W f'l.AM -BROORRA' AC A I t itrmy. SB1 Brown' atrrat. turn rlaaa for bagtnnara irlll rontmrnra on Torartay All tho faahionahlr daw-na taught In on* com ?a of laaao?>? Thar* are rlaaaaa opan for tboan mora ndtancrd. \|RS l.rRY 8 HF.XT AWKHHI.Y W It.t. f'OMH OFF OH j?l wadnaadnt rumor Marrh t, at hrr aaadafltr tor danrtrur and mliathi nl< a II7.A MIrr, An a'roi-i. Tha l.aar'ri B* moral Af t ?rh and fame ra?l will will he dan< ?d. DAY, FEBRUARY 28, 1851 __ FINANCIAL. ?Q -A MORTGAGE OP TTI\T AMOUNT ON property ra this city named at a discount.

Adirets boi 3?i i'oei oflico. <fc7r; linn T0 IA>AN ON BOND AND MORTGAGE dp I ? ).' IV'l' in sums to suit applicants on Improved real n'*t.' ,11 this city. Apply t* 8.8. BROAD, No. Id Wail street, second story. Broken bank notes bought at the highest market prices. Uneurrenl money discounted at lowest rates. Money loaned on prime securities, and financial business of every descriptions attended to promptly, by D. M. HuPGKK. 568 Broadway, New York. TMTNCAN. SHERMAN A CO.. u ' -- BANKERS, Corner of fine and Nassau streets, New York, Isaac CIRCULAR NOTES AND LETTERS OK CREDIT. For travellers, available la all the principal elites of the world. Also Mercantile credit* Far use In Europe, China, Ac. MILWAUKIE AND CHICAGO (WISCONSIN LAKE Shore) Railrotd Company.?New York, No. 21 Nassau street, Feb. 26, 1X68.?Coupons of Milwankie Clly Bonds Issued by this company, due March 1,1868, will be pail on presentation at this otbee on and after that day. C. K. 8COKIELD, Assistant Treasurer. VTOTICK.?THE INTKRE8T COUPONS OF THE EIGHT Aci per cent second mortgage bonds of the La Crosse anil Milwaukle Railroad Company, due on the first day of March, IMS, at the Bank of the Republic, and the Interest coupons of the seven per cent corporate bonds of the city of Milwaukle, Issued to aid In the construction of the Milwaukle Fond du 1 ate and Green Bay, and La Crosse and Milwaukle Railroads, due on the first day of March, 1868, at the hanking house or Messrs. Duncan, Sherman A Co., will be paid on that day on presentation at the Oeean Hank, in the city of New York. 8. CHAMBERLAIN. lessee of the La Crosse and Milwaukle Railroad. Stocks bought and bold at the brokers' Board on commission. JOHN B. MURRAY. 44 Wall street. WANTED?FOUR HUNDRED SHARES OF amkri can Guano stock (full paid). Parties having any to sell will address, with reul name. Farmer. Herald otiice. stating lowest rash price, and where an interview may be hid, for three (lays. HOUSES, ROOMS, AC., WANTED. A FURNISHED nOUSE WANTED?IN NEW YORK, ft. not above Tenth street, or In Brooklyn, convenient to Fulton and Wall street ferries, by a very respectable lady, without encumbrance of any kind, where the rentor a part of it woull be laken in board, with the privilege of taking a few other boarder*. Good reference gifen. Address, G. S., Herald ufllce. TO LANDLORDS.?WANTED, A TWO OR THREE story house, on a lease for a term of year*; any where below Houston street, between Broadway and the Bowery, in a good location for a first class bakery. Any person baring the above mentioned to let will hear of a good tenant by addressing K. Harris, lift! Ninth avenue, N. Y., for one week. A corner will be preferred. WANTED-TO HIRE, A WELL BUILT TWO OR THREE siory house, In a good neighborhood, locale 1 somewhere between Eighth and Thirtieth streets; not west of Seventh or east of Leiington avenue; rent not to excused 88W. Address box 2,011 Po*t office. WANTED?A DWELLING HOUSE IN THIS CITY, near Lexington avenue preferred, tor which good securities or a film twelve miles from this clly will be given. Impure from 11 till 4, of A. H. COUGH, M South street, eorner of Wall. WANTED?FOR FAMILY'WITHOUT CHILDREN, part of a house unfurnished; two parlors; basement and attic btdroom preferred, with modern Improvements, location between Houston street aud Union square; rent mode rate. AddreeaT. II. B., Broadway Post office. WANTED?IN BROOKLYN, NOT MORS THAN TWEN ty minutes' walk from Fulton or Wall Jstreet ferry and In a pleasant ne.lghliorhood, a house with gits and fix turca, containing about twelve rooms; rent not to exceed MB9U. Also, a small cottage, with from live to eight rooms, with same provisos as above; rent from SlfiOlo 93MI. Preference in both cases given to the most conveniently located and the cheapest. Address J. H. Whitney, 34S Broadway. TKTANTED TO HIRE-A PLACE OF FROM ONE TO It five acres of land, with good house, barn, Ac., within six miles of the city. Address for one week, stating terms and particulars. t\ I... box'si Post officii. Nor.3 but those ii. In#fall i artlculars will be noticed. TIT"AXTKD?A FOUR STORY, FIRST CLASS, HIGH vv stoop bouse, in a first class neighborhood, between Eighth and Thirtieth streel* r.nd fourth an.l Mintsavenues, lo rent for one year, wHh the privilege of purchiuung the same within the year. Price not'} exceed flti.UUU. Address boa 2.1S8 Post office. TVr ANTED?FOR A RESPECTABLE YOUNG SEWING Vv girl, a small room, with bedroom and psnlrlesat'aehed, in whb h she can cook for bcraelf. Terms must be moderate, and location between Broadway and Second avenue and Broome and Thirtieth street. Address F. A. T., Herald office. TIP"ANTED?A FURNISHED HOUSE IN NEW YORK, V? between Eighth and twenty fourth streets, and Broad way and Sixth avenue, by a very respectabla lady, without any family, where the rent, or part of it, would he taken In board, W|th the privilege of taking a few other boardera. flood reference given. Address R. M., Union square Post office. WANTKD-TO HIRE, WITH PRIVILEGE OF BUYING preferred a convenient house, containing all he in" dern improvements In a cood neighborhood. 1 ication i tween Fourth and Twenty ulnth aireeia and Third and Se venth avenues. Rent not to exceed V70U. Puaseaslon I-' of M iy Address. sitting local ion rent, Ac., W . box Pout office, or S. W. Klpley, 1GD Broadway, up stairs. Wr ANTED TO RENT?A COMFORTABLE TWO OR three storv h?uss, la tlis Eleventh ward. Address Essex, Herald efhea. I n HTHt * I HI.l. q9 cn for sixteen writino i-eesovh. at hours lulling pupils, itsy or evening Hook hcgpttb w, (U? iibWiMwi) or mm Mill mwoM la peiiinsurhtp. and commercial arithmetic for f'U. ill this month, at t>2 Bowery, n. Y., lad MS Pulton itrmt, Bro martin s. piimk. FOR TEN. OR f.1 FOR TWENTY WRITTS.l I.ES vO ions Hiid no ej'-ra rktrir. I/adlra' elaas *i 11 o'clock, A. M : tiniiiomru -lav n I on ug Separate parlorsfai j>ri rate Instruction. Apply this wrok hi tbo room- .'k?2 and 'All Broadway. ; OI.IVKK II. GODDAMI Hi. J?1 r ?BOOKKKEPIRO, WRITTXO. ao.. TO PREPARE wlu gentlemen prac nil) tor t-usineae. - Mr. 0 iLIIEaR, fill Broadway, will commence i cheap term on Monday. a only VI.' lor a full umtnerclAl (MM Regolai tr mi tK. I r II irmi also on.. $10 Rr Klokkwpllll. AI.aiiv or finished BDC0ATI0X, UTO turned to leaching. Is deetroua ut an engagement as morn Ing governess in a private family In addit on to ilio kngloh ' his sho understands mian- >nd French The hen-of rui-ri ncea can be glrtn. AddreanC. A., Pnion apisre I'oat office. AORADCaTK OF a NEW KNiiI,ANI> PNIVERHITT, ?tm is a thm-tigh French h ilar, mli like to give privair I ohm ui in l-attu. reatbetnaiiri or Kreuch. Address D. .1. H . Herald office. Ai.apy of AcroMPt.miirD kdpoation ani? in irtietlon Wlebei to obtain n situation as instructress of young ladles in a respectable private family. She is lully competent and experienced in leaching the Eren'-h and Kng lnh lang'tagrs, piano, an l the rudiments of *> lane--. Res' referencei are given, and oilers address-d to K J. rrcelTed at tb<- Herald office. y BENCH LANGUAOR-A COURSE OF at FREE LRK r sons In the French language la Ottered to the ladles of New Vork, Brisrklyn. Wflltamsburg, a a-1 any other pla-ea, ht Professor Dubois, at Lyrk Hall, Hrosdway. Professor Dubois, taking Into ronaldrratloti the areusaPon Hie ladles orechargedwith,rli tohaie bfMr et'rsvsgance eaaood the panic and ratted many hos'-ands i om-s forward to teach them French free gratis, 'for nnthlng. Rut If any gentleman comes be will have to nay one dollar ihesides his h->ok>. la-aeons every Tuesday and Thursday morning from 12 to 1 o'clock. The llrsl Icaeiui will be given on Tuesday, Msrch V B Tie- n r eUoa k 91, Is the oclr egnense foe the whole course. To avoid lUeonvenleoce only MO tickets will he delivered Apply dally, for tickets and hooks, at to rlc Hall. t6a Hroadway. where Profeasor Dubois hi in -11 will attend to the la-lo s I mm 10 to I o'clock. HURT, WBBRTEE A CO. Intprovtd tight -Mich dewing Machines We are now prepared to cihlhit tnia newly lot ented and silnable instrument. an I would respectfully sullen a eail Irom all pereous In w*?t of a sewing machine sh-ier qualities have only to he tried to he duly appreciated. We have opened the romOaodloul rooms No. MO Mroads ay tor lb-- a.?le of these | ma hloes. and all Interested are r.spenf.olv invited t" I amine and deride upon iheir merlta lor themaelvea. IICRT, WMISTER A CO . to'.' Hroadway. New Vork; corner of E*#< ? and Unmln streets, Boston t?t- bestnul street, Philadelphia Taptrn- ci.asrrr lit rRry<-H -pnor n. laoroix, J No. ;#lt Broadway. will aonunenee two dlatlnct day rlaaeealo French for ladle*. on Men In. Mm rh 1. on* for Inner*, and thr other for advanced arbolar*. tlaly all mem brrtln each claaa. Terma tin per quarter; three !e?*,.n* * week l'nder Mono. 1, 'a tuition theme met ion l? th oronjfh and eflloaot. and from the aemnd laaaon the pond W *y*t.<mattrally eterriaed In con eeraatioo. I'aduuhted referencca ?ir.-n. Apply Irom ?H to I0H <> dork A. If , or !r <n J to 4 P M. pKfiP. PR WtRHAN CONTINUE PIN I.RdSOVH IN J French at Broadway. PorBer ?f Hmiaton atn-et. I'm plla pi?acaaln( intelligence, memory and lore for study, will mairr and apeak the lananare in a few month* inataad of yeara, ><a under the other w orn out and rotten nyatema. PRIYATR l.RWONR IN THR NPANIHH I.ANilCAilE ran he olilaiued by addreaam* P V Teir*. Ilk Knat Ninth atreel Will rail on the pupL* if dcaircd. Heat of rlty refereacea gltea. nTM. H. DIRRRitWM ff RIPINfl At'APRMT Fifth arenne. rorwar Thirty ntnth atreet. lewtlea from MAM. to S P M 'lentlemen from It to M A. M , 4 to It and M to 10 P. M I Ad lea and fewthnnea for eienrne rutin* on Tiieadar, Tbnra day and Hamrday evenings HorSe.* tratnad ha J H It a rat i ayatrai, late < thibltor to ber Majtaiy tjueau Victoria and i ha Itnyal fam'ly. WR1TINH AND Ali'fU'NTR ?' POSTKK ? MRRCANtile l 'olleye A?6 Hrwtwar la the l" at oraaiuael ?n*tl? totem of the kind In the l/nlted Mi ate* The onuree or loatnie tlon I* thorough und omplete, and every fvrillty la afford* I foi ihe aitainni'nl of eleyani e In I'KN M A NHIIIP, ait ertnea* in ARITIIMr.TIl'. and akill In ROtiKKKKPtNO. (from the l/mdon fM?|l?e "Mr P<?ter ha* done much toward* macv'iml/ltdt th* roared path* whlrh wmd Ihrou*li the inealerte* of I k keeo In*. It I* marrelloim bow tht* art I* n*aiac'*d fof ai'idte* which are valneleaa. The Impott tnee of bookkeeping moat he conceded All that we heg to Impret* upon nip >e*dm* la, the etcellence of the aya'am pnraoed by Mr. I'tiaTRR. IIORNRM AM? ? AltltlAOK*. TTtllR RAI.R -TWfl-PPI.RNPTP AFRICAN f.NOPA RPN, P of the larreai aperle*. For further partlrulora apply on i board brla Ben I ampbeH, pier No. T K.aai river. f,tt)R SAI.R A BROWN HoRSK, RRN ARK ARt<V I tnUMIt lhrr?MimlM 10 *unn Alan, a nir? tiwlKiiiia grur fx***, I* hand* high riral ram rwpt h iraa. I an trot in 3 3R Apply at 4A Oram* atrVVl tr^ANTrn TO HRI-HAPI?OR rxcharor ION A If rwfcAWAJ A Ughl ?tle hill I'll ' III If ' I i r \ |. drr*a hot WA Hnw Vork I'nAt ofttm AATHOIiOOV. mPPRlRO PTRKRT?4*LAIRVOTANl!R -?K* 40 MoI'R the miwt Aiirv>?ifnl mndlral And hnalnaa tatrrnrant In AmrrlMi. Onnetliallnrai on hi|?'n?\ ii'liaa Aharnt mrndA, Intt proprny, Ac., And aAilafa^ion or no pay Oray hair nmnwl to lu or1?!n*1 ?<>lir wllbmit fail M'ISP A. W >?WOW THK CKt.KRRATID HI'* INK* . lalrrnyant. will hn<l ah*?-nt frti nda 'ran* or finl?a po?wlA. ad?l*<-<m h'i*lm *? tml Alrr d. i"aN<iii? of thai a:t< r Rraidnni e f3'irernr itrrrrowin So 7? "Oind tm* B. HOt'HKB, HOOMlt, ?hC^ TO LKT. 4 GOOD SIZED ROOMS, ON THIRD FLOOR OF NO 68 Fultcn street, corner Rhlder,s alley, suitable for offices or medumlcai purposes, to lift cheap, by K EVANS, 68 Fulton street. L* 4 AMITY STRKFT, NEAR BROADWAY.?TO LET, O^t to ,i family, the second lloor, handsomely furnish ed, itud bark basement, with all accommodations necessary for houaekeepluK; or second floor to sinKle gentlemen. Baths, gas, Ac. Possession giTen immediately. <*QUn ?FT. RNIHUKD HOl'SE, WITH IMMEDIATE ipOHU. possession.?The three story and basement brick house No. fi2 State street, between Hicks and llenry streets, Brooklyn. Apply toCH VH. A. SUkPtlr. KD, No. if Murray street. New lork. A CORNER STOKE AND DWELLING, ADMIRABLY located for a grocery or drug store, in Brooklyn. Rent rery moderate to a satisfactory tenant. Inquire of C. W, KKIJ.OGU. corner of Clinton street and Fourth place, near the property, or at 14 Water street, New York. A[store to let, with OFFIKE attached. 25*75 feet. Inquire of COM6TOCK A BROTHER, No. 60 Leonard street. A SECOND FLOOR AND FRONT BASEMENT IN A large, respectable private bouse in Madison stree'. be tween Catharine and Market streets, to let, from the let of May next; water hot and cold, bathroom, gas, Ac. Rent $350. For 1 articular# apply at the drug more 42 Madison street, corner of James. Brooklyn?to let/on mount prospect, a very desirable res dence, with several acres of land; will be leased if detlred. Rent f3u). Some fine cattle for sale. In quire of Mr. M. BERG KR. Brook^n.-to let, the three story ANDHASEinent brick house, with modern improvements. No. <2 t'heever place, Brooklyn, between Harrison aud Degraw streets, excellent neighborhood and house In complete order. Inquire at No. 40, next door, or 71 Wall street, second door. Billiard rooms to let in brooklyn-now occupied by A. Basstord, corner of Fulton and Pineapple streets. Apply to Mr. REYNOLDS, la same building. Furnished house to elegantly furnished brown stoue English basement house, in perfect order. Possession In March, April or May Rent $1 600 per annum. Apply on the premises, No. 169 Lexington avenue, between 1 hurty first and Thirty second streets, or to bo* 3,126 Post otllce. Furnished house to let, no. 12 west twentyfirst street.?The owner intending to spend sometime In Kuiope will let his house furnished complete from May next, a. a moderate rent. Inquire at No. 6 Maiden lane. Furnished house to let or lease?no. 74 east Thirty eighth street, between Lexington and Peurtb avenues: contains all modern Improvements, and is elegantly furnished. Immediate posse salon given. Rent to an aooept able tenant S1.U00 per ann um. Furnished house to let until the ist of may or longer.?A beautiful bouse, having all the modern iin aroveraenia, will be let to a private famtfy only, and possesaion given on Monday. Apply at 148 West Thirty sixth street Or sell carpets, Ac., cheap. Glass house to let or lease-in Brooklyn. covering sis lots of ground, situated on Marshall ami John streets. On the premhas are a large coue, with fur nacee and buildings. Inquire of R. LONGMAN A SONS, gold refiners, Marshall street, Brooklyn. Grand street -to let, lease or for sale? The bouse and lot 49t> Grand street, occupied as a tailoring eatahliahment and residence, formerly as a millinery and fancy store. Apply at 260 South street. HOUSF-8 TO LET-HOTEL, 79 ROBINSON STREET, occupied twelve years by Chamberlain; one of th? best locations in the city; premises b> be put in good order. Houses 1:14 Franklin rtreet, 47, 49 and 61 I.ispensrd street, near Broadw ay desirable locations for persons down town. Apply to E. JOL RNKAY, 41 Warren street. Hotel restaurant to let.?the first class restaurant, Shaken.-re House, corner of Montague and Court streets; is furnished in splendid style; location unsur passed; now doing a lucrative and highly respectatde buslness. Possession given immediately. Inquire of A. B. DAVENPORT. real cattle agent, Montague street, near Court street, Brooklyn. TTOUSE TO LET?NO 29 CARROLL STREET. BROOK XI lyn, three story and basement, mastic front, within four tilt rks of Hamilton avenue terry; has been occuplel try the owner for three years. Rent S260 to a good tenant. Apply on the premises. Lofts to let -the spacious lofts ok s5 and 37 Vesey s'reet, connecting with No. 8 Church street; suitable for a large Importing or auctiou house. Apply at 35 \ est y street, second tlovr. Lofts to let.-the spacious lofts of 235 urnson street, well lighted: suitable for salesrooms or light manufacturing business. Possession can be bad at once Atiulv on the premiers. Rooms and offices in applktons building to rent. Addition* having been made to the upper part <>1 the bnilomg occupied by the auSaertticri, they iff enabled to oiler quite h large oumlirr of desirable room* for offices, suited to all kinds of business. Tbo rooms all front to a side Uft. ami are bran d by (team. Apply to D. API'LETON A CO., Stb and Hit) Broadway. Q-rORK. 8AI/OON AND BACK ROOMS OF NO. 77 O Eighth avenue, to let, Willi fixture* and furniture fer Ml*. It t? haodiomely ?nd conveniently ttliel up sa an oynier itnd ice erenm anloon, but w ould be let or leased for any other kind of business. Apply on the premises. Onl'Tll stkkkt pkopkrtt to i.kt.-a l'AUT of k? th> first Hear uiid the entire first and second lofts, and a p.irt of the cellar, of the building 2.V1 South street, building la Jl t>y Do leet. IV aeaeton given immediately If desired. Apply at iW South street. TOLKT-A BUILDING SUITABLE FOR A ClOOPKR'B o c irpenlei s ahop In the luim.-Haie Tlolntty af Park place. Apply to T. BaILKV MfUtg, a? Broadwjf. TO I.VT-ON STRING TFRRACE, SIT COTTAOPW, * Ith ve sudahs in front, suitable for g#nieal famlllsa, alti.'di d on M ker avenue, Biishwtck, one mile from orand iri-tferrv. To good tenati's eill tie rented for flSSnach. i li to !'i A A. KINtisLAND A SUTTON,M Broad street. TO LET-TWO SMALL HOUSES, WITH ALL THE MO ir.ii'iowmeuis enl cheap Apply to JOHN t\ MOFF \T nn West Twenty fourth street, between Sixth and he vac lb avenues. flto i.kt?i'li'h rooms for small parties; aijm) 1 no -hrl "',m> with m wrhont board, with all in. >rovnmi tita, gas, baths, Ac., at llotel Garni, hi Spring street. TO I.KT-A THREE STORY BRICK HOUSE AND TWO s' ry br, stable. with all the modern imprnvementa. ft E-i-'Thirtieth sirci l, near Lexington avenue, s.ntahle fur a di? or or a gentleman ' ho wishes m keep a earruee and horses. L.IW * trtl ll ri .ulre.t. Rent lout Apply it iSfi t'hathair square, or tot Tiiud a'.enue, ciwuer of Thirtieth atteet. TO I.KT?AT NF1W BRIGHTON, S. I, A FURNISHED hulls from the 1st of May. For particulars address W hot 667 Postoflice. To let-on mi rrav hill, tiik four story hrown stone front bouse fit Kaal thirty ctgnb street, si'h all he n-ml. : n Impro. i men s Cbandi' >'Dt ran remain Will he rented low to a gotid tenant. Can he *r en from S to 4 1* M. Apply to T A L. K<tss, /.? Pearl strrei at.< 1 bourne at reet. rpn I.KT TIIK rilRKU NToRT HIGH BASEMENT I houses, at tf> and l'.? Twelfth street, between Sixth an 1 snd betrenlb avcntlf s, time all mislern Improvement* except fill nice. Posse- if in of lie un he had 1st March. Apply to W H. LUSH. ?fi r. irth avenue. Ttt I.KT?A NK.\T TWO STORY HOUSE IT EAST Broadway, corner m Canal street, to a good ten int will he let cm a r> nt tfiul per annum. Inquire on ibe pre mis/*. In2 Kaa. ltrnuowu), or of the aubseriher, No 5.1 War ren street. j HRaDlKY. TO LET.?TIIF iTORFS AND DWELLINGS, N< S. .tan, VJ ?n.' -M ltd olt. .v. an I fit and "(I While street Apply Ilia II A. M. tog 1*. M.. to WM. J. SINC LAIR No. M Wall at reel. fftO LET-TUB UPFBR PART Of HOUSE NO. Ill HER 1 ter street, between Eldiidce snd Forsyth ats . In s small gVnteel family. Son AsUng id front and bask parlors, with k chcn attached, two bedrooms. five pantries. It <vii.etn* all the modern Improvements. sack aa gas. bath, stationary wub tabs. As. Inquire cm tAa pramieaa. T> I,FT-NO. KI.KVKN RUTGFR* RTRKKT, OPPOSITE the ebureh The first r>r anroBd floor, with tiaaement and riomt In the atti<. rent flrat floor KWi aecond floor .??>. Inquire of II. DAVIS. 4M Water atreel, la the wrood yard. rl.rt AT 490 BROOME STRKKT, ONE BLOCK FAST of Broadway ?To arehltecta or othera following a light in*lne*a, a I art* hand*ome wall lighted room, on aerond floor. laoudfr oa the pi ?Hi a. In llr. WIIKKl.KR'S office, let ween ta- bonra of 9 and I o'rlocB TO LKT FROM FIRST MAT, TH*SF.CONn fl-OOR OF hotter 1ST Hotter atreet. ronaietlBg of front and bar* room, with amall room aad pantry between, and hall hod room, alao ba -k haaemenl with range and privilege of bath room, to a roeprctalde, ?iui?t latnlh . Inquire at 1.3 Hrairr atreet. Kent WW. ________________________________ TO I.FT-THF SECOND FLOOR OF A FIRST CLASS modern honee. containing flvr furnlehed m?me, with or without kit) hen near Bnatdwar and Wont Tw enty-eighth atreet. a' a rrnl of $7<*l per annnm. Addreaa U. R O., hot ,V WIT I'oat ofli'-e. TO I.KT.-TIIF. STORKS AMD BUM.IMXiJS MO. n.j AMD ?I4 !' arl airrrt, corner of Chatham, and Mia. 119.121 and 123 Chatham Thee. old and wrll na'abl.ahe I rarnet. far nlt'ire and clo hlng atand? mat be *ertired by early applp-ailon to D. D <1 AhfNF.R. Mo 271 Broadway. enraer of clitm bet a, room 17. _ TO LKT?ASMAU. OFNTFFL TBRFFHTORV IIOCSF 1(1 Raal Twenty fifth atreet, Bear Hlnh avenue Alao a amall hnnae 'tn Tweoty eighth airrrt, between l.eamgton and Third avenue* wlthnafltt ?>'' ; , * in - ,'n rough order to anlt. Rent lA'AV to 9.1 "1 K M. KIMHH1MKR. 319 Fourth avenue TO I,RT?A STORE ? FF.KT DKKP. IM A MEW Wtt.lting. allnated at thejnncmo of Dlvtaioaand Canal atrreta, anttMble lor a wlmleaale Honor boater**. For pamcnlarn apply on the premier*. :C ' anal ati eat. In the haaem-nu TO I,FT -A LOPOK ROOM TO I,FT INtflMRR OF WIL1,1 Alt HARlHAN, 24.1 Month atreet. Rent A*o par annnm. TO I,FT?AT IIASTIXOS. OMR HorR'H RIDE FROM New Tork and Ihrer inlnntea walk from tlw landing, a vrrv ronrenlent enttafe wph ground at'*, lied Ren1 9?M per year For particular* applr to A. HAdlot.l *4 F.aal Fifteenth atreet. near Irving plac e. TO T,KT-KFW STORES, If ALL. BARKMRMT, DWELL 1'iga. Ar corner of Broadway aod Twelfth atree4 f,arge and amall alorra on flrat and aecond floira, with a intranre. I'oaaeaai >n M<r lat. Apply la . foil X A KRI.stl IB William atreet. TO LET?AT MO. fill BROADWAY, A SPLENDID twaein, iw ya by !*t feet, la now occupied n* a restaurant; alao b handamne mom on arc ind floor of aame aire heaml fully frwerood, aome g.aid roofne on third their. and a graal airy ,'ttr tl.eir. The whole or part h> rani Cheap. Apply to W. HENDERSON, 77 N laaan atree., ' TO l,RT -THE PTRST CLASS. THREE STOKT HIUH haarment. brown a'one front Inner No. 214 Weat Twentythird atrnet, between Eighth and Ntoth Avenue* IB tirat raie order ha? all Ihe m-darn ImprnTetnenwi th.- gaa fliturew. two e-tra aired mirror* and the window eomlaen will be ?*"" 'Of nonaa. piinirrt m ?n? ri?? ni mr ?n lt<" *?| af any lim? atn r 10 o'rliwk. Rent f I.PO Pnm naanlon lat of May Will In- raiviwl to a prlvai# family only Apply to john T MKVAV*l?Bioi?rtw,r To t.KT-TO A ORNTKKI. lAMIl.T, THK ?<K 'omi? fl'xir. wl'h ?l! Ih> m" trrn unpriymanla, yilmcahinl >n?ly '1. ...rvi 'l, ? nlln hir I 'finlaha.l vpr'l !? > rhll fiiPii fn'iMin-from II l" B ?i l?A Nlttcrnth ?ir?ot Kni<-rpnr* rp'inlrrd. pr??PM tanani glyon. To i.vt tup i rrnR imrt or \ iioi -r. m wattx atrrat. in a gi-tiipH family, ronainOnf of thrnn r K.m? on iKp <orvHii| poor an t than* rMM no thn'hlM floor f'anlir Pr< n m nn\ "mr alirr 10 ?i'< 'of* hy apply in* In U t.Rl-Ti II, 113 Vnrlck aire*!. Root HOHHB8, ROOMS, AC., TO LUT. TO LET-TI1E RTORK NO. 14 BOWERY, WHICH HAS been occupied as a clothing ilore for the laat twenty \ care. Alao, the store No. 18 Iluwery, corner of Pell street, adapted for a liquor (lore, and the house No. llti new Canhl street. TO I.KT-THK LOW** PART OP A POUR STORY house. No 91 Second avenue. near Plfth street, with |SI I fixture* chandeliers, mirrors, back and front; freaao painted, i stationary wash tubs, baths, and all the modern Improvemeiit?;oontalulnK eleven rooms. Rent $700. N B.-A small family of four persons, with >ut children, will occupy the second lloor. Apply on the premises. rpO l.F.T-IN THE SEVENTH WARD, A THREE HTORW a. ones noiiw, iiign au?>p. iiioucru uiusn, pleas tutly situated; irlit moderate. Apply 10 I>r. it. FORKESi'er, 24? Henry street, comer of Montgomery. TO LET-ISO WEST TWENTY FOURTH STREET, bbtween Seventh and Eighth avenue*, a three story brick dwelling house, containing all modem Improvement* and situated in one of the mo*', healthy part* of the city. App.y on the premittee. mO I,ET?THE ENOLIPH BASEMENT FOUR STORY X house. No. aw Weal Thirty-second 8'rest, between Eighth and Ninth avenues, contaln'ng all the modern improvement* and 17 apartment*; rent $HOO. Apply at 121 Broadway, p atalrs, or at 436 Eighth avenue. To LET?from THE FIRST of MAY, THE LARGE dwelling house, with store No. 15 Roosevelt street. Also, a small house In yard ol" 103 William street, adapted for a workshop. Rents low. Apply to KDWAltD hart a uo., 141I'eaif street. ______ _____ To LET?OR for SALE CHEAP. AND VERY LITTLE! money required, the handsome house, with all modem tmpro\ rments, SH Twenty second street, between Islington and Thl d avenues. Rent. 91,1)00. Possession ttnm >dlaielr. Inquire of B. BKRNIIAKD, in the ribbon store, 387 Broadway. TO LET-IN THE UPPER PART OF THE CITY, CONvenlent to railroad, a three story English basement house brown stone front to second story, in thorough order, newly painted and papered throughout; gas Allures, bath, water closet, Ac., all complete: garden attached, extending over the adjr ining lot, rent 9000 to a small family; a part or all of u coach house adjoining can he had at a moderate rent. Address box No. 356 Post oflice. TO LET-THE HOUSE AND STORE 41 WEST BROADwsy. Also, for sale cheap, a lot on the north side of Fiftythird street, between Fifth and 8ixth avenues; also, a plot :f ground at Mount Vernon, beautifully located. Inquire of JAMES GALLAGHER, 37 West Broadway. rlJST?THE THREE STORY AND ATTIC HOUSE NO. 147 Tenth avenue; rent 9<>60. A three story brown stonn house, with all the modern Improvements, tn Forty seventh street, between Ktflb and Sixth avenues; rent 9750. Also the brown stone four story house, with all the modern Improve ments, No. 318 West Twenty-second street; rentSHSO, Including gas fixtures. The three story and atlick brick house 175 Tenth avenue; rent 9800. The three story English basement house, with modern improvements. No. 1U4 West Twenty flftb street; rent 9800; and others in good locations. Inquire of j. AW. DF.NHAM, corner Eighth avenue and Sixteenth street. (ifflce open from morning till V o'clock In the evening. TO LET?FOR PUBLIC WORSHIP, THE LECTURE room on the second Hoor in Clinton Hall, Astor place, now occupied by the Baptist Bethesda church, from the 1st of May Inquire of EDMUND COFFIN. 167 Broadway, or of the junitor at the b ullding. Also others to let. TO LET-THE THREE STORY HI8H BASEMENT BRICK bonse 24 Bank street, has all the modern improvements. Rent 9660. Apply to J. GRUNHUT, 238 Spring street. TO LET-THE NEARLY NEW AND VERY LA RGB boarding house, No. 11 West Eleventh street, with or without furniture. Apply to JED FRYE, 106 Water street. TO RENT?AN ENGLISH BASEMENT HOUSE, TNT BUhteenth street, near Irving place. Apply at 92 East Nineteenth street, from 1 to 3 o'clock. The two story and attic house a? wesleyplace, will be rented to a small respc:tahle private family. The owner and her daughter will remain with tha family as boarders. rl.ET TO A SMALL FAMILY?THR LOWER PART of house 195 Prince street, near Macdnagal. ouly a minute's walk from stage* and railroad. comprising large huement. room attached, ami closets; large front and back parlore (closets between), folding doora and marble mantels, bedroom In third story and servant*' room, t'roton and gan in the house; coal and wood houses, good yard, pleasant, neighborhood, without any nuisances. The family occupy tilths remainder consist* ot four grown persons and servant. In be seen from 11 to 4 o'clock. References given and required. TO LKT IN IIROOKLYN?A HANDSOME THRKS story and basement house in Lafayette avenue, opposite* Port Oreen, will be rented on very favorable terms. Per particulars apply at 119 Spring street, New York In lbs crockery stare. TO LET IN BROOKLYN-NO. C7 BALTIC STRKRT, BEtween Henry and Clin on streets, a fine three story ilwe'llng house, very well furrl?hed Possession given .inn editlely. Apply at the house or st 15 Plau street. N. T. rLET OR POR BALE?HOITSES NOfl. IDS AND IP? East Twenty sixth street, wtth neat gardens In front. 11 ml sold Immediately will be let at a moderate rent. Applv to Mr. HALLIDAY. 1ft) Lexington avenue, between t and 9 P. M. TO LET OR FOR SALE ?ENGLISH BASEMENT HOUSE, No. 242 West Thirty second street, betwe?-n Eighth ana Nlnto avenue*. ReutlnuO. Price SO,5tf>, on tasy terms. Apply on the premises. TO I/KT OR FOR SALE?FWO FIRST CUSS FOUR story basement houses. No*. 219 and 221 West Thtrtytifth street, replete with all the modern Improvements; brown stone front to the second tloor, large hay winnow, statuary, Italian and l.tsbon marble mantel*, vest!) ule marble, all the walls hung with elegant gold and pearl paper, except the halls, which are block marble; handsome gas , tnd futon-*; house clean and In good order. Inquire at No. 216 aaiue row. TO LET OR FOR SALE 7fiK BROADWAY. HKTWEEV Eighth and Ninth streets; tlr-d class house, tit for business purposes, separate entrance to gas water and ewerage Immediate possession tl' wauled. Apply St301 Greene street, nesr Stvth. TO I.F.T OB FOR SALE.?A FIRST CLASS TWO STORY house- hat log nine rooms, marble mantels and o*k do rs, hail acre ot ground, situated on an e evatioo, about aevcrx minutes walk from Tremont or l ord ham autlon* on '.! ? Harh-m railroad. A family desiring a healthy Iocs ion, got d water. Ac., would be pleased with tins place. K?ut iatsi. Al'ldy to Mr Mi'KFK on tin- nremtae-s or to svt.vgsvrs I.aV," 16 Wall urect I.FT OR I.EASE-TT1E STORKS NOR. J47 AMD 24V Water atreet. now occupied aa an Iron aw>re. Ttw Urmi apply to OHAHLKS I1I1...MUHJH, 112 Water atreti. TO I.ET OR I.KA8K-F07R ?TORT HOUSE ART! tore No. SKI Pi?lh avenue, a' |(? lnirraertion with Hruad??jr. utfl of the bent locate na for hualncaa up loon alao No. 547 Huh avenue, now kltertng ln'? a Morn, aan.e owner. TO I.KT OR LKASK?FROM THE FIRST OF MAY, building No. M Barclay strict, or atnre and loft* wp?mr. il ditirrd. Apply to 1IKAOY A SU'ROULK, No. 62 Joba street I^O I.KARF?FOB ONE OR A TERM OF YEARS, A ftral rlaak four alory houae, nanr I'nlnn aipiere; rait $1.ran. The entire furniture now and elegant, for aal?, or if deolrcd, only fcumo thereof. I'oaatan.n Immediate Innutro of THOS. .1. MILLER, (Into Mill, r A MoirH,) II I'lnc (treat. TO LEASE?THE FOI it HTuRY AND BASEMENT houae '2V Mercer at ren, hetw en > mini and Grand it recta; one of the beat altuallona In the rlcy for a German hotel, bar Ing all the modern improvement/a, or rould be altered Into a manufactory. A!?o, the nea' three alory and hiiaement houae CI Hrootni' atrcet, eontatning hot water, gaa. An., and an ? xcellent yard. Apply to (J. TIH iMl'SON, Srt Frmcc atreet. TO RPNT.-THK NEW ENGLISH BASEMENT HOUSB No VI weat a.ih atreet, with all Ihe modern im.rovemrcn. R> nl $71(1 per annum. Poaacraluii will he giren A - flrat of April or earlier il required. Apply at No, a'.ree.u TO t.AOKR BIER MEN?TO LEASE. A NEW BRIi'K building, two at.'flea and baaement, (Oillgl, at th? junction nf Fulton and Flatbuah avenue*. Brooklyn. Cotill be eaatly converted Into a lager bier and concert roam, or a bowline and billiard asloon. It la now filled up aa alltery atab'.e. Apply lo I>r. JOHN WIIXlAMfi, on the premier*. TO MANtFArTrRERS -TO I.ET OR LEtRE. WITH bulkhead, all lole on Weal atreet. corner of Horatio, with the buUdiiiga and ateum rnginr. which ran he bought at a low price. Apply on the premtaea, from 2 till 4 oVtnck. HKHTAI KANT*. AYLIFPEE STORE-WHEN NKtR RLEErKEft atreet, and yon feel dial wed lo take a little ale liquor, aegara, Ae , a million chop, beef ateak. of We!*h rareMi, tou cannot do better than drop In at The Store. No. 12 Leroy place. Hire krr airer-t, between Mercer and Greene atreeta It la a nice, roar, comfortable plane, admirably kept by Mr. J AMES E. AY LI FEE. and If confronted af" r your return home ne lo where you have been, yon can say poablrely I waa detained at The Store. Brooks* old star m\ri*h festival wiu. bb held on Monday evening, March I, RtR Pinner at ft o'clock preelaelv. HENKY Mll.l.KR, i hairroan .Iowa H Rn, Vine Chairman JOHFI'H BROOKS. Proprietor, (M and M Ltapenard ttroef. rttnRd* WMT l.lTf no ta watt aaavrv ertt. V b" hla Irii-tidi and old patron* at tW uraplr mn?a. No. 7 Potgh William atraat and giro ihatn a glaaa of Wm. Toanpar A On.'a ala and a nandwlrh. Havk heard or it.-that old vktkran ca tarrr, JOHN IRELAND on long and farnraMy known an mma boat of tha Wa*hlng<nn Itmaog, Hobokan. I* nn.-a more In harna*a. ?nd may ba bund at 'he ill,I Star. N'W HO and 62 Uapanard alrrat, f,,rm?rlg kapt by llanry R. Rtall, whom by dtapan*lng lha ba*t and ahnlaagt lha maikat* al?Mrd, ha hopag l? marlt tha patrcraga of hla frlanda and tha pohllo. Thoao fond of a flna glaaa of *ja, a aagar. a ahop. an,l a enar plana tr? aat and i hai with thalr frtanda, will of ronfna taka tha hint. TCOORD HARE f J Eor dlnnar on Tuaaday?12 io S. RICHARDSON A H ATTP'.R, IRiWatarand M Wall ntrnot. Karrlay A Porklna' norlar, drawn from tha Wood. FHbarla, Knul ah baron \ armotiih hloaiara, I'haddar rhnaar. for aala. Celabra'ad Banbnrv rakaa and Epjdng ?a't?tigaa. IS gallon* fnmi'r ala d*llrrr*d for ? .VI A faw doron of Amt rl-an blltar aln In pint*, lalX WATCHBA, JIWBL1IY, dhC. tpoR RALE-A NINE STONE DIAMOND RINO, RICH r ly monntad, a mlrro?rop* of f-rj high powor; una kng ll?h rhronomi tar wairh and two alapanl Tinnj^rntlne at a bar fain. Inquire of Mr. Ml iTT. <W To Ron atraot, aarood ?!<**. T^lCIS ANRIWI.'fRWELLER. WW BROADWAY. TWO J J Ilootw abnra Amlly atraiO. ha? r?n*igtiad tnhim for Im matllati' ?aln a larga lot. amounting In ralua t<i rt. of tha flnaat allvrr P?W^f?^BAT BAROAINH. Ontrt. Pold. 2i*i donan trabla plalad apoona and forka ?lrt Art f i 2' (Ml do/an taoapotio* _ I 2* 2 76' Rplandld roffna and laa rata (ait ploaaai V. urt 22 (10 I nlfaa 2# <? 16 I*?* Ml rrnaot aaka baakala ... 7 25 4 7f. Diamond and paarl Work dona in tha ha?t mtnnar. All klnda of Jawalry and Nana of o?? dnwilption rapalrad promptly.' Diamond*, old gold and alitor bought fttr raah ldtl'18 ANRIt'H, tWI Broadway TO~W ATfDMA KERS ANP~WAT('I| PARE M tKERS Tha following nlna pamnt laTar mnramenta Intra ban? at,don from tha tunaarlbar within tha na?t t?n Month*-? No* 6.UW > 2 English movamant*. In llnaa alra, plain, name fi It* i Cooper A Co., I.lvarpnnl. 1,61.1 f 2 do do. aprtng can*. nam* ,fo?aph Joho I r>2" 1 son, Livarpofd. 1,662?1 do do. nama llaaalay, Llrarpool. 1,611?1 do. do. nama IVndllnpton A Co.. Hanover ?lraat, l.ltarpool on plst* ami faaa R.8W?I EngHah mnrrmant, nama Jo* ,iohn*on, I.Ivor- t .r"n f' nnrrn nwrot < > pinto ami n>r~ "*>flt?ll mnr.'m. Tit, nam.- Mrraloy, l.lTorpnol, on pinto. i <*M~I ?tn. <V>. nnm<- Dont, Mt-rpwl, pinto _ . . . ?"'l noiTomoiii onvrntwl wntrhm?kor> and ?nt> h ,**?> tr**?r? wmiM nonOr ?f?tor hy *ulng intoimntPm nhottl 'hn?? watoh mo?-m?nt?tn u i 1*0. ,'-6 John air Mi, >*w Hrl.