Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 7, 1858, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 7, 1858 Page 2
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2 THE KANSAS QUESTION Oiti TVr? r?ir<?|t*iulrii(f. Hol'tt Of RkCIUWIIST vT!> f, I Moimu, low*, Feb. r., 1SS8. f inf'Uof lh Ant' Le..oHfAoni*lt of IKf LeffuSoture to tht ctfio im tKr Kamtiu J' ipaiui! tht Hftoiutxor. by the JJoufiial fhctxon of (jo- 1'weratt?1 Strtmpr J'-uctt by the Admin' nation Paty. rfc i rfc a:.' *: sit u-? are '.no pretest*. wa.ct, to some 01 t*.- i/: i?t' iticmeciveij, but ?h.cii at your distance from I'wairay ecu! son:? ejpiatstory reon V* if you ehould ? ? I-. n. the i>^b. thiv nh \ >iir widels c:rc_latcd tL. 1 ;.uv ,i: I preniroe > are already aware that Vie 3 : 1 e? party to th's Stat* paused resolutions ol tnU'tv - j tt tbe s-tistors to (Vcg-~V, from this -tute on tae exciting-as'.g:owiAg cut of toe Kansas mbrogao. Waer (Utse resolutions were adopted one of tb demo erats. m x;era gave ? tb: House that he anc ais po!.'.Icai friends wou.d place a ;vute?t to the resolutions on U> - o'tb' Hi'Uf-e but or corutog loget! er to confer upoe it ' mm,,r :t *sf frund that :no lexccrat'.c mom b*r-? cvuid not agree lj>- (ue phiaseology of tbe jirotnl, tae Drugiasites ccstcsdirjr tar such at oppress.on o! oo niot i- tbe proteat a1- ? .id Nnr tiei' 'eaters' views, virtue the tew sdx.r' traiioi members 3tr?suou3ly oppose; tbe adaption cf sucb a protest, and gave notice tb?1 they 'i d not eign it if ge l as suggested Thus mat t?-sa. v. do tor some Vn.9 Na protest waa presetted ai:i none * as expected to be presented til! Thursday last wheo .7. l Cat pireseoted tbw pretest signed by h msei! aoef.r:-t7 ons other ccmocratic members x" the dense of Pep- -entail rot, wbkb lea* follows ? PaOTeST. W.-, tb* undersigned, ttimbt-raof the Ilousc cf fterren>n*_ai.T .. frrlfc ihiK ncn'iat ?! ? ri'cmfr.* .p. joint rcei.uiictg ci its* ruction c >r.fcruitjr the ad mi* Hi"- of K?i.-i4 Lit? He ri'icn,etc , becauoe ??.- heller? U.. Air-.* njtriout" both : tic pstcc sxc to rsdrndualii Ws pretext apa:rst the second resolution. whicctF tn thew vers.".? Tua; wu c sdenic th* Pre;.:ett cf the 9 l'~ W-l states seMterr it Ctoiff-r* aud ail other* ia n iliio ! ; . rder the coriRiiUitlot r! the t cited States who Uawe * vo*ed or core? in' to the adtiiiga'.on of Kh.h?i into tte Ue on unSer the Ucoc-j tec Constitution''? lt.1 R-caue?ttw ro. a! A?: etnldy bar co jurisdiction in ?? vrr the I*- oil* .i the l'cl tec states to irru gn ?ci oc-ua IS,-. but ._!; to in am. tr.i :ui(>e:?obit -j*j- it. Hi- cu-e if eertai. pul' c farcttorariat, of whom the Pro'id- rt 11 not cue -.J iwra-is to pax Of mora'. cor.detrna t'oo r->c the -'"dent ir net w.thtr. the acope of the po-??'< of th tienera. Aatawbtj tucanre ten Gcr.era A???Tb j ? a? no pew to ' cord etc* mtfiri" !n Centre's, but only te ic-troct the r-raiore f big particular Slate. niu-l *? car it asmm? lk> Mtr to fMitfpMU uurwt *1 MwtemaaUon <m ' ?i[ in ?vthontj ' We ;>rst scales'. t. Trit.?uwr- ' the tVrd res-lotion ? That tl. t --a. t c' t^e ptoti .e'ed fuI mimicc of the loc mjtoc cor-t tutir r. to :v ; >j e are an orJii to cottitn a? ... a. i an outrage on nuroii l. hottest., '?beckCM s jet 'a1 ..worthy of % grace, deliberate Art-em t u;'< fi i1 i f cofuaed ib -ta records, and more ever i*. cal a i* u' 'ice the awtiv?3 cf at -tjor dei eera rtf-eai. I pa. diiui-.y wuich i- a breach of th?t law tfr. urt' f weec d'b'-eut civil jiowera vbietiiial to t>- ace and g t ilewrhip And e t? < ' further ; ro'. Mt agavst the -pirli and tetc-'ei -at t- uticnb, au-l ?ei torth the following .n op'.i-s:tr; iretc ? I_ tt. u.-i.<ul) dear mutated the Kaufc&<<-\>br&3Wa act. Cr.g *. jjvmsd '.be d> . iue of t?p-iv &oven*is > intercut ic tue people of a Territory, lr.:i toe <tiu .. <fl oelieved tiiM right m. reiv Ttomioal u 1 o:' ivilw fbm ;te people have in fa-ci bora ctsi d the frit <# : aMMUM or iejecting * MUHtvttN f-*ree> vbe >a?ta of tbtir government The 'erei. ued believe :n the doctrine o' not; tstfrren ton c e i?a-i iTotKresi wilt the rii nu -l.c po icy uml I oaten' Owt ?f Kt:e< d. Icrr u?r;c? , but bury aiso bt,: eve 'dial itufli a Territory preerat* her cooetdut. >l and a in ? irai.-sirn ader : . t. the 'to i'i of nut,?. rvr?uai na- the right to require whether rhrbconctitutton i' mozec by the wli ol the ;copio, acid tcut tn sucu . -y they z-?, /ighifully go behind tue cofcalitulioo i'ael' ?: 1 the (Vmj veocir- w?,(<h f-aj. ?d 't, tor a true know edge of tac rarte of the rare, as ' art aecorsto/'y, k '.In<i to aiecpl o! r, jO> . rucb prt 3rre_ o- netitutioa. and Ldr qvi'y an art. n art 'tterrentiot wit' the %iT? is t the Territtij It - ich cocrtliuticc ' ? rejected, ii >-tap y nay eg u .ho." who prr.sent t. we are not aaLiare u we have a r eh'.to*?e mat th > t twin 'tu n s the rb r? o* year r*of>> T. lioderaigLeri fc*ll? a e tt to '.re true that '.he people s?f U? Vrvor; of Katieta did mad that din the cir CtuaelaMee they Mil hit, paaa their Judgment ipso the liorcmptce eot?t;t.t' *.ar>r. ttai the-cfore, to admit the ettae imde' .? wfjld t ? a- -?ga.,or of their rghtt and ii v olat'on of the oortTe of i.JTf -eigatj in toe people, a foriA ir the art of Ootgreaa alureeiid. aa l a> recog ti /fd l: the dhp'uni'.i platform The uaoeraignerf fviLe- I elwve that no new 9ute Bt.ulf be ae untied by fv>rg.--J tr.w the t'niwtt nnler? tii*y ai e aatiahed t y tfj. fiict- of the ca.' tnai the ootwtitu ioa tr be p-eaeuted set? forth the w'.i of tht people, an i tlat e b far** may be h atorical a- weil m legal. Tt '.ader tgte" bet e* that in the artLiieins of new Btat'i to t:io? t- roire t lafiped'.eot, tf cot kgaily vvcf, to go ! "> t * yeredi-at it 'hat tlx true dor'r.nt h wtx lumO z the -eocalot the M ee -ori com P'rmiM, ard ;a the act -etabiiacxr <he K .cn. Territory, >wa ' w ? If at Ml r.x .Mt the ru.? tail future , roredeat he u cotfo-sniy (hereto ? ..nee'* tr?rk w Henry fiune, iWuet I' I wr, TheMM Uil'aep, P H Bradley, C. C. Bai fer, - ii ' a-? | w s jvi anuuvi W J Lundy, A ? W?arp, J U Dewe !' N 8p a%ue, r reesea A gf r. j a ik-aon, Coraei.ui Boa M 3 RrrueU, J A Caeey, Wjb W Ileliaae fl W (Jray, Wa uarrae.., l.(. Cam*. 7-J ?(. t-ie Mn.njt.-u.oa irmccrotr no other C?v*i ???? i alienee, which tcgLt be cooflrie>l .oto ocqci?*W a ?he e'ewa of .'"dge Ciork'a p*ot<et, or to pro if i thfL* owa beholf on! m the'r own eipre- ston of oertiaeot They cho?e the latter couree, an1' in behai* o- ' I u,.' ?o; >' L.. Ml ? p'.iteatoat*. M r, r.'itr.h" l t?tr*. r Mr Mahoa? y drew up the foitowaf p-oteet, which 01 p- --?? the rv>? if the admit euat.< u jort.ou 0! the |i'i t Uua State ? in itjht or ?U1 ai>m!n!?tk 4tton faktt. Ta ? irrrtRned, tnexaben of the Houae of Kepref-itla lev o' the State of Iowa. dc hera'.y promt ?,*. c?i cer txn r- aulou of iniiraction to the aenatora :n Onprrr f? ,x ib? State of Iowa crorerniof th? admiee'tir of Kan aa? tsto '.lie traloi eiaewd ty th't I'oaae on the 22d day ot . aaaary lata. aod foment from the prtteel rnptt 1 hy cer iaa other u-niheri if th e !lm.?eoad or ' ma la be nV ?d ..a the Jcyui. tc -.he ITta day cf tbe pre*?nt otatl of Kcb-jory 1HIS. for the followihg ?!' ? 1 H* atae the reet adopted aeaf retold ?"tf<>rtn thai teconao the ix oomptca rot- nt-toc. woe * robattlib; the Coaveotiot wb'rh f-an ed H to an \noe?i atd f? -cte -{ the fKf e of HOhsae Uie pe-p.e of habMta a_ >* 'i aH be us..ted 'qio the I t l ae a State The " i .? of - rea . ..on ?t -t * ly tt.e people, :r. ? ] ' H/T'-rija rat>?'--ty ronsot aeleeot? tf piwere eh liboy po*a?!? to a State l.-f-elarirc. Is etoet leera, t . i ; t: rush people a tonal.futwe, wtbottajbturtiog eat- ?aw? ai l cototitttioo to tbe peo ( tse at :> v. - ti'< (i cirnewe belter* ta be er *oj? a-d * jtve e re ' ' itie . oart'tutlona' and ;t?1 'ta'.'f ?U cf the A' -ic_- pe&p.e. waetbnr am .od v -t ? t'.c peop.e , t K ... a.reoly * lb* j ?. a* a wt?*e ap| .ytr r adm-etioo into the rt...c t* . . . | ? v a.: the nab; <f a e? ft p? |d- :i tb< el?-r;?r c/ 'h J.r forere ft rifbte, t' 'ok r. i n ? a>uree a- tr tb? nrrlre* may ??? ci best a i ;-oj ft - |p-i:.e etpr . to th?'r er'.il aod wi-bre, ? *t ebe- i)iej t* tp.-r.?-d tteir wiil, wte'liar I MM i ac?ni?-.t i- b; a coBraWtae. called by % l' t- aod e ec'.id t< thru wires t? deeldw ..pan the f rn %i.j -.ib- iof the'r Matar . atal law, It a neither it f.. : t ?. O i|f - 'bat acoo ft t : or - 'ran -a not rfiVUati .toe a n?w Sue api'jai fe . Kie-iot jtb-tl?e ft oa. boaii' ie iejected b-^ aia- the pegp e of (be State w? ai P'ylhg ba re .?.! re 'i 1 in. 'i i 'tj l - - l it t .?m !'ir rat ?roi or rrjerioa. ta - e- (baf tfie , ' K*n?te t.a U.a nee t fitb v. Atuer.'pa. eft aere thdirtdaally. aid ae a t eallertieeh, a tbe people of eo; oaber Territory, In Uie ?aoi? r? odil't. bare or bed.oild ihey t,ave I. ; ae a holy pol.Lc ai "Uier Territuriee. or tb' peopw there of bare or bad. to 'Tm and adopt for lb" *ieea l" . ton.- t* and tl at f o lb* eaerdee of *?? ?? rgbta sare nut r-qtilml tb- rut'tniaaion to U.' o luf Lm IMlMtiR ur rr.erboa, thr ooelitiitiou WbCer ** '. n.ej pt?e to nin;N ibeir aova reigoty. bed itoiMM iitc U? (o:ou, ;h<y tiJrxge upor so mat of lb* fiaiaa ol vac I'ttoo. o* o*' '. them, tor -ovoid that be e1?-p >? < r/ idw'X l>.? <*?< 'ede'ary merely be<* *e th.y t?*e *ocrwi a ?Ta-tifii:oi tnnr-jwri w?; bud t i- trr ?a tin* H' use pretCiiber To lb> preer.rli4i a ' Ofal . tbe Hiwi* to ilt?|>eopia ?f Kaaeaa. Lew 10 J a Ob- form bdjpt udrtti their cobMbufawu the aa-i-rt Nriji- uo WMtUr p-uteri S Berauat tbe rm** adoided by .0- Houee ubder take to -eu e qiivt oM of fact b0'1 qim-fror of law fur ttie Hrnalera ?f tbai MM, ? the Ooogr**a of tta< I i.uad .-.tale*, to tlie lunrwi'iLi firm., to a. by tbe ra*oi'it><>na afora bai? Tb> under? g-.-n art at tbe opinon that >t 1* not tb? right or the Hmi*e, tn ibwtrurtiaf Senator* :n iiongreai frMB thse Nate " tbMr ooorbe bpoe l hi a: n.uwiKjii of trw Htau lbto tbe Union t deterni.oe bitoer qu.rtii ua of fart or of law f a the fuel* bat tbe aw iim) h? iat'W ?;>owo to Mfl i~ i.atara War to tbia HooM, and bring ao better Known ?! won it ??n he proper ho ?u< h RtlM*l to ??e> inatrilC bi .a giret tb??, by tbia Mourn- or by tb* eneral Aaa?m 1 iy ol Uar mala aa a-.cb xr.rurt on* may be founded upui ri i*?utetro i.u oi fart* aoit mieooofepl jn of law. t Tbe unoetr fi,c - <i>mu ni from at><1 p'otert egamM lb. <1 tr u?e etnlwaliey in the pi >le*t ? .acd u|iob In* joyrna C Uil? Me??* oa lae lUb tart , where it if naaerted (e a?-b ptbrrl thai IXu-gr*>?? ha> the r gbl tr> go behind tbe ccmttuttob prt-re tiled hjr the peop'e ol b a*w State applying fo- adowaion hip. tbe Co >n, If aoeh r< j-iltwunc had he. n tormel by a onaveaiioo called to geuter for that purport by tne peop e in their leg.*iatiT# rapacity, an auha. queatlr electee by then in accordanca e?eh enrb leg alat'ee eractner' If ibe prop e are aore r. tgii they hare a right to . le ciwe iu? r aoremignty ui the am- eaietii ard for the eaine purp"e?q by tg. nl* leetod hy themaelwee fbr that p irp.*? at ll.ey tlave a U."'r it Jit d .al and oolleettre apacMy and It ia not for Ihia lb. otc or for Oingreaa to laqulr. b) which moan, they may bavr eipreaaod the.r will ia tne formation t their fnndan>?ntal .aw nor haw the felwH mMiltMM goietewpiaie.! thai k "Male abad be kept out of the I'tim merely heobuee of the mauner In Wbiob tbe people mi] tare adop ed tbe fuadamenibl law by which they propow g> befewerned 4 Pie under.gnod further protewt againat that port'oi a the reeointiot.* adapted by Ihia Houee wh'ch condemn |i ?|oe? denl of the I'i Vd Stale* b' tlblt be adtwed tbl pn.a* oi4 Kai.-at lot. the Idiioc titdir Utc Lc.cuiptOL <<>!?-it ut I Ml ill reoogiilalog ill the people of Kantaf * :< rignt to regulate tboir domestic affairs id their own way. the I 'resident nftho I'nltedStales did but respect and ' nek: ov lodge the great fundamental principle of poUtioel ktiv e.g-.ty a* .uhor* nt in tho neople; and having, ai be ellogei' aiiffleieDt evid 'ice before hi<n of the legality of tba prrcc rdisga Sy v. h Lt l.ecompton constitution was made ih- fi.n.lmi,. i,t?l !,,? t.,' Kaii-eta. and ha-inir on IaviI ?ivi acnre to tec contrary, he was bound by every consider* tioo >>f drty, by a sacred regard Tor the right* of the people .1 Kai.-a.- an 1 ct the pca-.e, happiness and well being ?f the people ot the I'mted Mates, to ednae and re com n < nd tne admission of Kansas into the I'nion. TV-' imderrigned protectants, believing that they had no igi t to trawl 11 -<ind the record of the proceedings ?s?list which the) protest, ex press no opinion upon the c fleet thai the submission or the l.ccomptnu const ituton to a vote ot the people of Kannas on the 4th or January last -bou'd hav. in determining the a tnussion of Kansas Into the Vuion under thai constitution. 1 o,- the reasons above set forth, and because of the ir.icr.ous rtt'ect which the rose lutions adopted by tnc Bouse arc calculated to produce in depriving the peo p"e of Kaosai of ibeir rigbt-*?as American cllisem, and In proclaiming In the people of the United Slate* doctrines . which we bel eve to be fundamentally erroneons, we her?bj enter H1I4, ceir so'emn protest, a^a.nst the adoption of lliese teaolulioas. and against lite doctrines referred to in the protest signed by twenty two members of this House | cn the i":h instant 0 A. Mationy, E. R. Guiberson. Th. O|*h.:us Crawford, S)Uire Ayers. F tnuel U. Castauy, The ol these prolei-ts mtd*<[Uite a sensation n trie ticr.crn: Assembly, embracing, as tnoy do, conflict | Uig opinions tmocg the democratic members, and ueces' ra> 1> producing discord In the party. This discord haa ; teen pio.iucc.1, It is Just to say, by the Douglas section of , . the party, who were not content to vote with the admin ' isti sunn* members against the resolutions of instruction, j lut iiisjjted en p'aciog on record their peculiar sentiments. Tt. the a.liiiiuistratioii portion of the members of the i I llouse could not in Justice to themselves pass unnoueod, . and :< ee iheir separate protest, which disseuts from M'Cie the d'.sitrines of the other proteetanls. Tin- Adiiiliitstiatlofi Policy on (he Kama QnrtMoii Suttalnrd by Putnam County. A large and influential mass meeting was bold on Tours i day owning list in the village of Cold Spring, Putnam ! cour.ty tor the purDoee of giving expression to their ; v:twn a favor of tne policy of the administration on the Kansas question. Hon.UocvKaaai'K Kimiu.b presided and j after ihe call had heen read the meeting was addressed : by the Tre?i Vtit, who spoke as follows:? leliow citizens?11 nan It you for the honor you have , cOLi.rri'iiL callo.g upon me to preside. This meeting has lutl < a led to confirm tne resolutions of the (Antral ' Convent <*i of lbs friends of toe national a mint'trattoo, ' Led at od the 18th inst.. affirming the unabated < 'Ltl- ? ?ce cf the democracy of Putnam on-in'.y in the a tr n nlrsuor of the n-der-?i goreroim nt, and of its cordial ' support abu censuring tne vote ot the Hon. Juha tl. His W ot, ti> representative iu 'ongrees tmm this district, on the kubro - >r o? the Preaioent's message, with the con i.iuiint of har.-ai', to a special coinm itee. It has rarely i Luj.j ened in the hlfct:?ry olf our Legislature tbatarepre in. utlvt- L is openly disref ardsd and misrepre-eule.l the v i ?- Mil opinions of his constituents, and especially ilicft concur with the policy ol a great party that he pii!' -?< 3 to support: but had ttie honorable gentlemrn ItiU- ?i' to b?tray the confidence of those of hi.s fellow c t zens tc wL< rn he owes the honorable (? that he ni.'s occcpifs. tic could not mormfTectuuliy have attained L> obiect thai; by Ins recent vote. wb eb. should w > si) lect'y pa** over we m gbi be deemed to confirm, are ' thcrclorc compelled <u sell justification. however unplea sard t< iiruelvei- end to him, thus openly t J repudiate. T'.ir Kansas question-ha? agitated the politics ot the coun try ' tut twoyears; it is therelcre not a new one; nor tins ihe pesit.oa of the lederal government in relation ' to u undergone uxy ree -nt change. Without going bee* or t; tortitg into the political aquabbles that l ive > tsled in Kansas lietweeu the advocates of I to rcnacxnc on both sides, it is uow admitted l?y nil that I'm i i n >ii- nf h'tniM ii > ir fflrtftnt prohibition, an 1 that ' slavery ,-au never exut there to any extent, even if it w -re ct-i/able, but ih* position of the liemosratu j patty and oi the government o< the United St ties ia re la I l:o_ to it - <>o> of entire uuu intervention The Kansas 1 ami Nebraska bill euthori;??-s the aiiunfcioo into the Uuiuu, | upon thi foritiMion of a constitution ami He suiijimhiuu to j lopgreas v th or without the institution of slavery, an<1 | leave* to the people of the new State the control of their <-aii i'.'.'TOal policy ami institution* ia thi-* aa in evorjr ! cUrr case This bill it occame the duty of tb<- President to carry out and accordingly a convent'oo, authorized ; by iegi^ utlre enactment and duly elected by the people, e? cor) .-cued. atfl agreed unon % constitution in conformity with the Unitel "date*. wh<ch, duly certified, his been trat-nutted to the President; finding nothing in it I - !/ ta reject!'to, lie has -ent it to Jon ' proas with a recommendation that It be confirmed and ! the State < ' Kansas admitted into the Union. Thia is tho I.t'ccBiptcn const'tution, so called; the on'.y one known to it aulLunised by the laws ot the terrttory'or the United Slate- hut it is objected to because a pott, on of the peoj c oi the Territory rntitied to vo e for mum ours of tue 1 C'c-uft itiona! Oonvetiiioo ut-v ab tamed front do !np so and tx cause the whole instrument, instead of the s -? r* atmg t i slavery was n-.t submitted to the .' e-'p.e. Now I need not explain to you that if we ab stat troni atb tiding the polls and giving in our votes at the and in tie tuanner pr r?cnt>?<l by law we less the i ght that we js.-s. seed, and are ti mud to ubmtt to lie majority ot tboee who have legally voted; nr*i rccognin the will of thr majority, when duly ei | 'is- id according to law, to be a cardinal principle of ' 'cvernmcnt; ointrwise notbug would be fixed or stable?nothing srllltJ. Of late years the rev inert o' our State constitutions have deemed n advisable, std a sum" instnccee 'be 'aw* under which the evi-i n tiok place rripitred a submission to the ja-tpk- of the cutittitutmn as aniend?<i; but such was i ut the practice in the earlier days of the republic: ? l onronn State, I believe that tbe last alteration jf or c nal.tution ;s tiie only caee of euhmisainn to a popular dOM this ap(*'*r !:? ^ary where toe popular w always govern and may at any time, make or imaLe the organic law of tbe State. In the case of the | Kara as c : -llulron, the only real pent at issue between the po.iticai oartM s ot the Stale?the que>uoa of ' *iav?ry I or ho a a very'?* as submiled, and if, aa is alleged, it who were append to it abstained from voting, they C'llainiy bavt no right tc claim ailvaatage from the:s own neglect. lt..t w< are told that there Is another constitution, cal'ed the Topeka, which exprease* the will of the ma : Jortty ot the people at Kansas? a written paper concocted I . ? iMHn at Topeka, not only withoel tbe authority of .aw, I'm ui " d muu*ry ji i.ajce v: wo taw* si iae remI.?ry an t of Cor<?rsM> Die I'reeiteul charm terme* it io h a'rue*- 'igf a." a a tale of rebellion agsmt the authority of thefotwi Statu t ha1, a? guardian of UK wasbiund t *nppmas an : wbo i* there, after reading the letter* (>i Vt alters*if'1 . Stacluc, acd other official document* | reft ally ptiMieWd, Can come to any other conclusion. Note, it t> tlu* atale of thing* that our political *4versariM prrpoae u caMlM by a reaction ol the coneiituI a anil pirfiipooement of the admission of Kausa* into lb ' I nirli. iini which, on the contrary, the President and the d< mc-ralic party 10 Congress wools aettie by her ! pr-itr.f: annm - .on. wb' o the people of the Stale will be in a p ibis legally u? remielel their institutions If dissati* fed ? ib them, in their own way, and in conformity with 1 tbev.casof lb* majoritv. and thua remove a disturbing aa<l vexatious quern, >n which is ag uting the politic* of | the gctierai gore"iment. and, more or le*?, of every State | 'a the I Dion, such is a brief outline of the hint i sapor tent quiMi ?o a* I view it, now h -fere the eouotry, arid it i* a matter o? , erp regret tnat the representative from this CcLgreeri mal distr < t enoild ao far have forgotten what *m dee 10 himself, to the sentiments of the great party to wl.i t. he owe* nia position, and to the b-st inIBtn but it it still H he hoped tnat wbetifter th, ma n que* turn of the adniaoon o Kansas el a ci me up he will be found in the rank* of the de1 inor-ary. At th, cl" e of M- KimKe'* remark* a aerie* of reeo 1 |i 'ions, frongly in Bupport of U? a Im mtrati-io and j coyden uatory u* the coume of Hon J. B Haskma, waa 1 adcted. | Oar Lawrenre fiertetpoadenee. lawamni, K. T., Feb 17.18f>8 /Va>i<#; at Xhawft" /'raM?Arfton of Ihf Frrr State Jf-n a' hrt Soott?the haxln-ai Companies <'hartertd in th' 7V"-i/ *y *fr, The j-idge erd clerk of election at Shawnee have been examined by the invnstigating committee and discharged. Th?- r testimony brought out clearly the fraud* at that pre : c.Kl they teutiBed thai Ira* than 200 name* were on the ret rae wh'n they wera aignod by the judge and clerk wh'n th*y e't tbetr haadg, while over 900 were on them v. h l Ca.L< a. received them Thi clerk testified that he wr >te *t.e adrilvinai name* at Wceton. Mo.. Uu y be ng d: :?l It tiim liy onrtaiu promloent mm of the pro slave ry party An I >g; d>iN la ? former letter lh? frM Stale party, according to their plan* tiara taken Kort &x>tt. O. W. Mouilfotnary at the bead of 2U0 men. mar -bed upon and look the town M't.o la Hiat (| W Mo'intC'tnery t He ia the Individual who seised upon the ballot boi at Monad GUI', on the 4tb ah , and destroyed It The pro slavery men Hod from I ort Scott when the ymng of free State m n amred thwrc 0*e of the former came berth to General Dourer and arkrd fie prolertiua The plea of the free State men for attacking tort Scott I they wanted to yetMfold of i Geo w Clark ((>< ncrai Clark) end bang bun. Clark suoJ ee?- mi in makny hit escape Whether Ihe free Mate yeny ill horn the town or any part of it Ik unknown, hut they are aet utno the pro slavery men away from tbare. I kne ha* n<t been Soulh. If be had, thisoutrage might not , tare he?-n cotamitVd, for be never yoe? hayond loud talk and tmoke On Monday n ght Governor Rohnaon ha I a little so:ial i gathering of Up-prop, mod m< n in the free Mate party ho were in lawreuce. It was mien-led to harmonize the I j tenlny In me party, and to further certain other pur1 ] |??ee Rnl ar a fathering it mar the most roa|>octabh-una I I have reen in Kaunas It wai an assemblageof gentlemen I The entertainment war yd up tn a yenterl and tasteful ' tnatiii'-r, and * propcr'y coprtuctj-d. There was no > Ihiny low, nothing rulyai. nothlny boisterous or rantiny ' In that res|?eet It war uirostly the opposite ot the enterta il merit got up hy l^ce There were about sixty or i eighty persons prerruf, aLd ! hare notaoenaa equal num her of perron' together in the Territory wh i were better l.ebai el, or presetted a more gentlemanly appearance. I had Intended to give yo ir readers a emnmary of the i act* peiwed by the Territorial lieyiniatu'e. but save the bills I have already noticed, there Is nothing hut a dock it town charters S tic four hundred such special bills r or '*? were passed, sn t only about a dozen general i laws A larye portion of tbe ts of the old border ruf i flan Ingtslaturs, as It is called, still exist at the r law ot the and Tbe free State parly denounced all ? those lawe wlMiowl limit?ti in and without exception, yet whew they got the power they were too burlly engaged in i of personal aggrandisement to en set new laws TTi rrfmir-s laws still ex'st; Ihe J<wy law still ex-rtt The I ryl 1st ire weD*. through the form of repealing a'l 1 tbe Iswg enicte.' ty the brst l/*gisls'ire, but that war NEW YORK HERALD, SI ft more farce. for the repeal wu only to go Into effect when new U?i were enacted in the piaoe of the old ones Tbe railroad bill* merit some notice. An net wu petted ratablieh'&g tbe Kanaaa City, Oaagtt end Neoabo Valley Railruftu C>>tD|iauy Tbe railroad la to commence at the t?rtniDue of the Pacific railway at Kaueai city and run through the couutieeof Jubnson and I.yltlni, thence In a kouihweeteriy direction to eome point up:m the Neotho river, where It l? Intended to loteraeot with the Leavenworth and Kc.rt (Jibson Railroad. The road wilt extend over n distance of about one hundred and forty miles It is Intended to ronreot the aouaiern part of the Territory j with the eastern State* The road bat to be commenced j within three years and eomplete.1 within ten years there- | otter otherwise the charter will be lott ftiJMfailJ is ' allowed a capital of $IO,LlX),uun, incy can commence the | work wh?n $f>n0.<!00 of stock shall have haon subscribed. The company exitct to have the road finished in live or j ! ix years. The books are open for subscription. Annibor act authorized and established the Klasts ; fvntral Kailroa.1 Company The roaa ta to run from Wyandott City to Fort l'.itcy The company hare obtained a very libera!charter; they have the privilege of extending the n>ad t any point in the Territory of Kansas west el the sixth principal meridian, anu to construct a branch from a poiut al or near Ijtwrcoce to I.eaveoworth city; also to construct branches to any part of any county through which the main line tuay pasa. The road li through some ot the tlnest i>arts of the Territory, and is on a direct route west to the Pacific, t tvm Wy andotl to Kort lliley is about 140 miles dl-tance. Ac organization called the Leavenworth and Fort Gib son Railroad Company has been chartered. The dlsUnc between the two poin s here named is some tl&u mUe.t. e ! m calculated that it will ccst $5,000,000 10 build the road, j The company have made a conditional treaty with the fisagts for a million of acres of land. Said treaty will ; have to be ratitlod hy the President and Coagroia before It ! is cf any t fleet. The company propoec lojissuuht an early ! day $500,000 of stock, the conditions of payment being two i per cent down, and the rest properly secured and payable j with Interest In six years. The ttrst section or twenty j miloe of the road will be commenced next fall, or rathor 1 let out on contract. The road runs through Lawrence, j MlDn?ola, Ossm- city and to Fort Gibson. It connects with j the Southern ^IK-ouri Railroad near the northwestern { corner ot Arkansas, and runs Into the Indian Territory I 1 early one hundred miles. Ills prop wed to get a grant j of laud from the Indian Oouncil for the road. The Governor vetoed this bill on the ground that It was illegal for j any person or persons, save the United States government, to treat with the Indians for the sale of their lauds. The legislature, however, passed the bill by a two-third ! vote All these railroad charters are got up by speculators for j be purpose of obtaining grants of land, establishing monopolies, and, briefly, as a moans of obtaining money un- 1 dor false pretences. Affairs In Canids. -rtkCH OF TUB GOVERNOR UKNKKAL TO TUE LEU Is- j LATI VR COUNCIL. LaaisiATivR COUNCIL CnAwnxR, > Toronto. Feb $$, 1S5H ) His excellency the Governor General, at thres o'clock j 1*. M this day, pr ,ceodc 1 in state to the legislative Council Chaiuher. ami having taken bis scat upon the throne, J f>tnman.Jril the attendance of the Legislative Assembly. The members of that body, preceded by their speaker, the Honorable Henry Smith, speelily appeared at the oar Die Honorable Henry Smito iutorcned his Excellency tht', the choice of the Assembly had fallen ui>oa him to be tlhsir si?sker, aud be prayed for the mouther* the customary parliamentary privileges After which his Excellency was plea.?ed to deliver the fnllowioganerch? HONORAlllK IllLVTl KMVN OK TIIK IjPUSLATIVI COt'XCIT., flHT TijcHKN ok tuk ixcim-an vg Asssxhly?I am happy to mett tou as the IeiWIieei letll rn of the Canadian people in this the first session of a new parliament. When JI closed the last eession tn the month of June, we supposed that England was at p?aco with all the worll, but at that very time a fearful mutiny was rag nig in the heart of our Eastern empire -a mutiuy which lor the moment seemed to peril all that we had won in India?whi St. by|tlie atrocities committed id its eourte, it roused the indiguatioo of the wQole civilize! world The people of Can-i'ia, as taov have, sympathised with the danger and the sufferings of their fellow subjects, will in like mauter rejoice at th- vigor which tiat checked appreciate the steadfast courage tnd perseverance which have distinguished our countryuieo in the limit. It is a source of pride to the BriiUt colonies that with Havclock and Outrun is associated the capie of Iughs. and that we have sent from Canada some who fell gallantly lighting at Delhi and Luck now. Tbs naue of Uils struggle is In the banus of Providence?we may. however, w.lliout presumption, auti.upate success to our arms, and '.he firm e-ublishmeoi of British rule in flin t dot-tan Towards the close of last year commercial relations ; both id Kit rope and America have oeea very much dis tut bed 1l these ma.tere, as you well know, the welfaro of every country is more or less aSVcted by .lie condition ol other*. aod thug au effectual remedy for such evils is rarely to be lound witbio the rcacn of any one com tnunity. We have rearon to congratulate oureelros on the prudence ot our commercial men; ami we may be proud of the position of our banks, inasmuch ? they stand almost a.oue on th.a northern cm taut in having couiuucd to MM, w.thoat^h. inking, the.r obiigntio. b to pay in specie. Yet, there la no doubt that the pressure ha* bt cn, and st',11 is, severe on our metctanlB, our Ian lowrutM and our farmers. There is no doubt, too, that much may be done to amood and improve our own commercial legislation I earnestly recmoiend Ihoae matters to yuur attention, and 1 therefore solicit your consideration of the 1 follow ug subjects.? flie expediency of assimilating the commercial law Upper and t/ierer Canada: the la* of ., n. inment lor debt, and the law ut intolvcncy in Upper Canada; the law regarding fraudulent assignments and | pri ler'nc ee, nnd that relating to tlie interest of money in comnreicial irai-aciiiuisut every kind. It appears to mu ho that the jury laws require revision, and that the I muni< .pal law of Upper Canada may be with advantage ami need and consolidated There are no statutory* pro vih' Ds more important to the country than those which ] regulate the franchise and the trial of coo .reverted eloc lions Being of opioion that the present acts require aniemiment. I trust that you will do all in your pdwer to Improve and simplify the exulting system 1 believe, too, i that it would he expedient to arscure the proper re j gi.-lrstioo and protection of at) qualified voters. A measure will be laut before you for amending and simplify iog the whole system of management of our pubh: lands, aud facilitating their occupation by in diistrious settlers I am glad to state that the n imoer of emigrant* in the course 01 the year just ended was con trerabty in excess of that or Ibe previous year. A large extent of territory In ditWent parts of the province has been surveyed for the purpose of immediate occupation. . Kxpcrten-e has prr ved that the opening of roads through the fertet has much facilitated the settlement ot our wild lan< s By making these roads on a svstem at once um form and comprehensive, there is every r??*?t> u> expect the beet result* from ths aid granted by the legislature. Ibe subject of the fisheries in both sectiont of the proj vine.- i* one which deserves your atlcutinn, a? 1 believe that tln-y may be so dealt with a* hereafter to become a source of rrvenue In Lower Canada the legislative charges made In the judicial system have been brought Into operation 1 trust that more ready a'Cues to Justice and the speedy termination of civil suits will be the result of three provisions I congratulate you on the continued sttcce* of the Canadian line ot steamers. They have al ready p seed our intercourse with Kurope on a new footing, and 1 look forward with pleasure to the -.tablisbmeot ot a weekly Itne to the 8t. lAwreoce during tbs Dext summer I recommend to your notice the increasing value of the lake commerce tf Ctnada thir trade with Chicago and the Western Sta .es promt?e? to be important alike to the upper and lower sections of the I'rovlncs, iHir-i g the recess a correvpipdencs has takeo place with the imperial government, and with the sister colon in of Nov* ScotU and New Brun*wick, in wb cb the importance I to Uuper'al Inure*!* of *11 Intercolonial Railway and MillI tary road to Halifax baa been praaeed on the attention of the'home government This correspondence 1 will came to t?e submitted for your consideration Ai thi* Province ha* ulr-ady gone to the otmoet limit of pecuniary aid to the (.rand Trunk Railway Company, it afford* me pleasure to state my conh'ient expectation that an b aid will prove eufllr.lent to eeeure the a vantages prom teed by the completion of lie work*, and I doibt not that the community at large are ful y sensible of the beneflta derived from una great and important undertaking, lit: m IAMB* or in* I.bgoh-atitb A wan hit?The commercial difllcultien to which I have already alladed will be foutd to have atleried our revenue Hue waa to be expected but the diminution la nucb aa to inapire ua with no fear* for the crodit or the future pen*parity of the country. I believe you will find that due economy baa been used in the expenitture o( the fundi con ueted to the (executive government. and that effectual auperviaton over the public arr-ianta ha* been maintained by the Board of Audit I ba?e to a?k of vou, inthepresmt session. aucb aupp'iue a* may be required for the public service Hoseouau ?ia*vtr?n* asp Cesiums*?Oorresjioodeiiee in relation to the Hudson'* Hay Company and ita territory will be laid before vou, aa well an an answer to your addrese prevented to her mo*t gracious Majesty on the sabJ?ct of the seat of government. On the Bret of these subjeetn It will be for you to consider the proposition* mnde by her Majesty's Reeretarv of Bute for the colon tee to the omynny, and to w?'gh well the bearing of tbe-te propose tiutte on the mlntest* aud rgbta of Canada. Bills Before (He l^gtalatnrr. MAKPM WOMKN Til DBVISB BV With. Mr Nona'1 Mil to allow marr.ed women to dispose of their property by will, is as follows ? 1 The |*wer of a married woman to dispose of her property by wiU extends to such property as she owned before, aa well aa to that which she baa acquired Hint the pawage of the ai ls of IMA and MSB, "For the more effectual tirotetA'oo of the property of married wo men," but such wUI shall do*, be valid so far as It may prejudice the marital rigbta of the husband acquired prior to the pa*aage or said acta. oinr orricitBH of thbcity or Mr Hploola's bill relative to ihe city ?>lffoer? of Brooklyn, provide# Thai the term of office of the Comptroller, Uia City Tr-wiw and the Aod lor, shall expire oo the flmt Monday In Way, fRAA.atnoon,andprovidesthatanelection shall b. hold on tbe Aral Tuesday In April 1A5A, to All lb* ofTioee ao declared vacated The offic* < ... elected to take the usnal oath of office and Ale the proper bonds, aamc aa now provided by law. i'i,tim*Ti nuns. Mr. Noaon'a bill constitutes tbr h isband the ultimate heir of the deceased wife, and the wife tbe ultimate beir of tbe deceased husband in rear of there helm no heira resident In tht* case capable of lohei iting aucb estate. COMMISMONKRN IN RNfIL AND AND KRANCKMr Noaon'a bill for the Appointment of CommiMionec* tn take acknowledgements in Knglund and France, prarldee that tbr Governor of this state ehall have power to appoint not ei-seeding three Commissioners In eash of tbe ntloe of I?ndon and Liverpool in KogUnnd, and In f'arla In France?their term of office to continue for Ave years or until a su< reaaor ie appointed ? to have power to take acknowledgement or proof of the execution of deeia, or any written instrument, to be recorded or read in evl deuce in any court of this State, except billa of exchange, promissory notes, Inatwl la and testament* and alao to administer to any |>eraon who may desire oatb or afflrma tioti, and to certify to the taking of tbe Ra'ore pro reeding to the duties of this office the aforementioned (ommwaiooera ahall cause to be prepared a aeal on wtaleb bia ame and the city for which beta a commissioner ahall be engraved, and Al? an Impreaaion of the aame on wax, or some other auitable substance, together with hia algnature, with the Seer ?tary of State, and paper rertlAed by him and rotiOler?igr,rd by the Secretary of state aa corr *,rao be uaefl aa < vldence In any couit of it's state. UNI)AT, MABOH 7, TUf Army In i'tok. [Ourr?M|?a<'M)0* of Um? *. I,ouia Mitr }

Car flcorr, nbah Ko?t Bkkmirk > Decamp 12, IS*7. J To-d?y wo rowlly did inoye to our ctuip, <h<~<-u by Col. Boo, (old dialuit ?'>oul Tour milon from C?mp SeoU, ?ip tbo Tnrkr Htvinp hnen irven onlv two tetmi in biota our company wagons, it vu late at nignt when the last came is. The day 's proceedings, which were tedious aud wcari some enough, wrere a little enlivened by the jocose pro ceecing* cf a drunken volocteor cautain, do. do. lieutenant, an ' do. do. repeated with any number of variations by IL reuoaued "shaver and tailor." The caotain was gloriously light, and catue along the road with hie sword drawn, alternately flourishing it valorouily round his head and making unavailiug effort" to gtt it back into the scabbard, until, spying a mui:> team going aioag, be ex claimed tnat he bad used a "black snake'' before to day, ami clambered, drawn swoid and nil, into the sad die. The last 1 saw of him he was be og draggej juut in time, by a couple of men from uo.orueaui the wutels of the wagon, having (alien frotu In saddle mule The lieutenant was deprived by the hold officer of h.a sworu and bottle of whiskey, and came in suuut his hat in ad'_ition to those articles. But "Shaver and Tailor" cap|?d them all. He weut out in charge of a party to It?k lor a prisoner, who had si pped oil' n.>ateli"W, and contrived to raise more particular old boot? tbau any other man ever did in the aauie lime. He made numberless Indiscriminate prisoners on his route, all of whom experienced not the least difficulty in making tneir osctoe. Ht halted in the fiercest style s3l m toner of field r-lfi ers and other officers, executed movement with Ins con msnd (throe men) tnat Coi Hardin never dreamt 01, and finally, for bis sins, came across our little patty of ten men and oug sergeant, who were brMglt( up the Ust wsgon to the volunteer camp Wto us ".-'haver'' attcmpied ihe tame game, with considerable success for a snort time, as we naturally coacudod tnat no one but an officer with a patrol would draw hie men ariose the road with their firelocks at the charge, and command us pereniptorl.y to halt and our commander to advance. The instant wo discovered our misuku u short but pointed colloquy took place, the result o" which was a find fight by ail hands, ending, of course in the ignorni nious defeat and capture of " Shaver" and his brigade, who were forthwith marched back to camp and hiartily cursed lor their military enthusiasm Hot-ire be met os, "Shaver, ' br.tnfull of valor and whiskey, seemg % poor old worn out mule, in the last struggle a: rant. mistook the crntcr'or a body of mourned Mm cuvairy, ana, ordering hi.sth.-ee men to form a square against csvalry, shot the unfortunate animal dead as a door nail Wuhu<j tarith Ka nn!v BUTftru fhkl hi hall J Art 11 !ifl_V (if them, ana that the'/ baa run away a' aooo a? tBey >t* be y ah ready tor tbeai Confound such a ruin, any way Lmtmhkr 13?Sunday, to day, In name at least, though no one would ihink so by the busy as >ect of our camp The ;our volunteer rom|>anlei) are now encamped together, forming a regular batul'on, and a pretty strong one too, number'bg, as we do, about 330 men, including offlters, and every one is working bard a', sonu tning to prepare lor our water's residence buro Our little tuoi= are going to build a regular stout log house, and are all employee u chopping down trees, digging the fouudalton, or cooking or dou g soiie work or another. A Sc'.d er's life in cam, is a prelly arduous one for the flrel few wicks PacKMiiKit 14. "Lord, lord, bow we old mcu ore given to lying." as the immortal Fa!st\!1 declares of bimsel: and others, but Jack is nowhere com pared to some people in our camp. Every one last night and today has been talking about nothing but the wonderful news tron L'tih. Somebody (wouderlul chap thai .-omebody) ewtars thai Brig barn Young has hem taken prisoner by the poorer inhabi lltUl> Ul anil i?ri..i},ituuwi,iimisini a uu^ Iiiu xuu Twelve Apostle*" to gaol, auu have *. ul to our cttnp re querting the liovorcvr am) a regiment to come in ?nd winter in the city. I have arkeu in vain for author or au toi uy, or if any (>tio had ates the mossongfr, out all in vaic. Kach had heard the tiewe, but no magie person will lather it, so 1 presume it is a., moonshine. \V0ati19r lice, but cold. Dkckmior 16?Oild weather baa fairly net in with a vengeance, and the north wind comes howling down from the Ttah Mountains with incredible bitterness Co ocol Ike an) Lieutenant and Adjutant Hill, ami l.i.mtenaul Peehier are busily occupied in drilling the officers aud dou commission"" officers in the manual ao<l platoon exercise of the ride, and seem to be well pleased with the attention aud progress of their re-nits Eli Puoont, a mountaineer, who was sent back to Laramie a month or six weeks ago with despatches t>y Colouii Johns ton, arrived in the Headquarters (lamp t>day. He reports the snows as nowhere altogether impassable for pack animals, but still difficult to overcome in many plac -a, and especially 10 the South Pass of the Koiky Moun tams aod the Ko ky Kidge, and that the uiail bad be-a obliged to abandon the r wag >ns aud lave t j pacxiug. He mentions notb'og else of itn|>ortan e Our new house, for wc have worked like any quantity of stirka breakirg, is finished, chimneys and all. and to night we took posses s on ol i . It is a llrst rale litue camu, MtM feet by fourteen, six feel high in the walls, oouatrueted of heavy so! d oof on wood logs, (my ahouiders will ache at the mere metitien of them evur again, as we hal lu carry Ibcai mri< a l ol hauling tbem with a team," add toe chimney it a complete gem. It does hot i moke, and would stand a round or two from a siege gun, 1 almo.d louxk, it Is so completely put up. Our caovat ar raogeineut was the beet in the lower camp; but toi.i bang* toe irou despised wagon sbeet tlx ng Ne one in a I thd com mano has one anything like so good. In consequence of an unootu titu uonal flu aorue at least, but Uiank goudners utlume), interference with the sale of whiskey aod oilier intoxicating beverages by the powers that be, we could not have a " bou. e warming" In 111usual acceptatirti of tbo term, but in mv idea some good tea, albeit minus sugar or milk, answered very well. If It v ill now only have the complaisance to show like a rat with it* loot una trap, ana blow iitewi?<) a fili ng accimpaniment to the snow, we will be the joliiest set cd beg gars out, at finding ourselves able tc oid Jedtnce to all changes of weather. For my own part, I have been sloep leg m a wagon since we came here, and as a belch itnber of that description is neither air. uor wind, uor water, nor snow tight when the cover is as old a* mine, | have found it ratner airy with the thermometer every night and morning from ten dugrees below zero to losto unknown quantity that way. Joking apart, this campaign is a hard and trying one on men. where the axe is employed instead ot ths ritle, and all man's eiTkocs continually fail in keeping himself from freezing I have so'diercd in a climate where I have *een the thermouo iomany at 140 degrees, and mar- bed for lays sad weeks together across barren, tinny plains a'most dssti lute of water but the extreme of heat never ha t IhlMU enervating, prostratingmlluMice upon me that this fierce cold hts. mind and body seem alike chilled, alike incapa Me of active excrticn. We bad a s< < ne at evening para It to daT. which was by no means a pleasant one?the disgraceful dismissal from tbe strnre of the Tailed state i of a volunteer. In my opinion, a true volunteer is a man who would scorn any dirty or mean a tion, who oogtu ! > be both a soldier anil a gentleman. Wrn llrortovant, who wax dismissed, aa I have above mentioned, vonntcertrt Into Captain Magraw's company (A) aotne time alnce, an.I woo elected a member, though perfectly ua known to any one. lie g'atcd that he had come from California; and If no, Calltoro.a was well rid of him. From the 'lay be waa mustered until the prolent b? never would do a day'a duly, contriving to get upon the aick report, or elae preferring to go to the guard, but, In which latter elegant and eomtortab.e place of re tirement be spent a good deal of bia time He turned out to be a regular blackleg, and boaated that lie bad only entered the volunteers to win their money; r>al there waa not an officer In tbem rmart enough to oiaki h in do any doty, and that government would bare to f ed him .aa lor.g ae be pleased, fcc. After repeated arts of insubordination and disobedience, he waa put tor the laat time In the guarilbouae. and marched upon parade this evening with bia trapt upon hia back, in charge of the sergeant anl a party of the guard, in presence of the wbnl-r butts .ion, when the following ocder was read by thealjutaul ? OKDF.H NO. VIII. IlasiHjcsitTKea Vot.rsnritR Rattauox, ? Caws Soon, 1'tab Tbhiiitokv, Pec. 16, 1867 ) 1 William (Jrodovant, formerly qt company A, Volunteer IfetlaJion, having been discharge.I by the Colonel cotrmandltig the army, will not he permitied to remain In the camp, no* to rcme Into it on any pretenie whatever The disgraceful iiechargo of this man has seemed to the commanding officer of this battailoo to be tbe best m-'th id of punishing a worthless character Hie government can not keep In its service men who will net do their duty, and although prompt punishment might have but a good effect on Orodovant, yet, from tbe representation of bis more immediate commander, he was not worth the trouble. B) order of 001. BR, Commanding Volunteer Italtalion. The trder having been read, tirodovant wa*, id the moat igoomlnlour manner, marched out of camp by the guard I Iruatthai every one like him may t>e tewed id Uie name way. IhcKwam 17, IS and 10.?M inotnnrnir u?natial, the eame "old drank " Snow hae fallen heavily, our Agapemone, or at?>de of bllae?In vulgar lingo tog eabio?Ik gloriouc, and no mletake I wonder if any of the St. I/>uia < itireo nobility take *a much pride in their maneione, with "all Uie pomp and rircumelan<-e of glnrtoua'' Ullage in them, ; that we do In Fort Bernard, (log cabin agaln,l over which I the etara and e trtpee?elx Inrhee by four do ?proudly , float* If they do, they are well off. Kverything la regu lat-'d bv circumstance*. and we do uot envy any one Hang toe eipenee, let'* have another red herring Bchpat, Hoc 20 ? Inepectton to day by the Oeionel in a regularly formed line of battle, for the flrtt time einee we have been formed Pie men prcacnt a really eoldier-like appearance In their new uniform* and bati, not at all re tumbling the rig In which moot of them croaked the plain* Government hae leaned regular military clothing?blue coat and cavalry bat? and when longer eer vice and neage to the forme ot parade will have eteadted thrm a little, , they wib be a nr.oet efficient body ot troope, there helng f#w or none among them weakly or 'Token down in any ' way, aa tr.any of the regular troop are. The Colonel ev preaaed hlmaelf well eattefled with the progreea made by the volunteera, and their general appearance, and on our part we are perfectly delighted with our chief. He In both ! a eoldler and a gentleman, knowing perfectly the mlnuteet detail* of the eervlre, bat at all time* moat ptl>o ami ready to overlook the Inexperience of thoee under him. Both Crlonel Bee and l.ieutenant and Adjutant Hill (of the Tenth Infantry, I think 1 have mentioned before.) have their time buaily enough employed, an they drill no lean than fotir hour* per day, without the avalrtanr* of on* aolltary regular eergrant or corporal. If that it not work Ing for their men,! do not know what I*. The Colonel could, I doubt not, obtain the aervlce* of eergeante trom the Tenth regiment, but he bae preferred to take all upon hlmeelf, and will undoubtedly doaerve any credit that may be obtained for our oorpa. IiKi'imoH '21?Suppose I give you an idea of our life In camp. At early dawn, half paat six A. U . the buglea round the reTetlle, and every one turn* oat oa parade, hall or anow, ealm or atormy. no matter what the morn Ing may he. Then at leven A. M comae hreakfaat call, and at half peat eight A M. first call for guard mounting, which moat important ceremony lak*a place ten minute* after. At nine A. M. the guard, which mtrehed off lha prevlou* day, le eummonod by the fatigue cell, and goea to work chopping and hauimg wood for the offlneri, and performing whatever lalmr may be required In camp, and at the aamehour, nine A. M, "A" company fall* in fur drill for an hoar. "A" company being diemiaaed at ten A. M ,''R" company take* it* turn at ten A M at the manual of arms and different facings till twelve M , when the dinner rail and recall from fatigue being aounded, the company t* duunc-eed and the fatigue come In and go to i r At out P. M Utu latif uo i part) (oog to work gala a: rrroothtngor other, at J "C" con.r..ay fa'.'s in fir (hi 2PM tow fi'Hw ft" romjMMij', wtpeh w di?rciKMO at 3 P. M., tad at 3:90 P. M. the taugue pat/ arc willnl lor <U?? (lay Our guard o>t>?laW f tw lirutomet, ceo gergstct. two corporal* acd twenty acvco moo, am! or wo liate t-lgLt lieutenant, twelve dutv M-rgeaaU, feiitwn corixTtlr am! 2?0 privates i i our btti ilioc. the ; tour ot guard docs cot coato round nlfcUr??U>fly ofU?u, : though walking |>CHt ii these awful tilg1' ? i? h severe trial ! at ai y time, la addition to oth^r ou'xw a prt ttv large 1 Dumber of the men ore employed is b'lUdisg bake houses, slaughtered, and in various ways. But to return to our day 'p history, " Retreat" bounds at acnset, ant the rolls arc called by the first sergeants, the reports ore collected by the aoiutant, arms aiti impeded by too com pany ofilceri, and ilia companies are diemistod. ' Tattoe" a'. 8 P. 11., and the signal to oxtm gumf sights and preserve quiet in tents sounds in filVen n.mui"? after, and the volu iieer'b day is over. Pcarceh an/thing occurs to disturb Use mcadouy of our lives it. these wiut< quarters. Thwe off duty have j euoogh to occupy bemseh en about lh*ir teuls and huts io cocking, carrying wood and water, an 1 performing all the virons etceteras of a life in camp. The coil is too great to peiinil outdoor exercise in huntioebelrg p essanl; and if it was not, all game has boon ran etf, 1 exocct, sloes the arrival of our command. Hard ft oxen snow covers all Latere; acd if any thing steps hers -hat can fly or run away. ?h> it is a greater fool than I hsvs g?o??raliy been in the habit o> meeting. Our rations nave been cut down nearly a half ; and in tUfc rigorous climate. not flaring elii'ugh to eat, tells upon man'* temper aud capability* coc'idorably. Tho moat is tho worn powihle kind of tough bull, oobsistlnp >f those misguided draught oxen who croaeed toe plain* with team* Ihia suunner, worn to the bene alir'st, and who were taollrh onou6h not to die bcfi re th?. get here. You are awn- of couruo, thkt the Obey en net" look all the cattle intended to feed ua near Fort Kearney, and so we are reduced to the uufwiuunte diaughi a,imale. Bacon, three-quarters of a pound, is tw-ued or ce in tec dayr, and serves cs to fry nor meat and shorten our bread But withal* we strive to keep up * good heart and flicker round gecffraUy, reserving to ourselves the privilege or pa?'"? ,l *l! " op tlu Mormons ir we rat. grt at them rhcy do say that vo will liave somo fcne shooting in the a. jntaias ccxisprir.c, a..", loc.y hope they may 1 ehalf a* good a* their word.? Dkocmikk til?To morrow is Cflri ;tma8 Jay. flow differently all you people in St Lccis arc employed today, and what differ* nt ureses surround you H?re ?e have no friends u> vi?it, or exchange 'he u*m?l .-ah>tation with; the only ''srrenaders art vrolvrs, the only m.teic the bowlings of tne Informal brutm, who inuat be deuced uingry, ihey uru nauitg such a row this cliar, cold, windy diy. Ail ;uy nits-a went down to the main camp tj prot *. ? buiuo QJStra ?r _ib for lomo-iow So here 1 ate, entirely alone, in Foct Karnnrd, upending my Christmas ev > m writ log to some met Is in the o a cot^-try ana scribMiag to you, smoking Hm pIm sprit and blackest of clay pipes, fllh rith plug tt eacco. and hioulging -u cup* of co;fc? btiied in a camp ktille, withert sugar. This time last yoai I wi>- oc tho htice o'" st-ungford '/nigh, in I reiser, kncck'rg down ? pe, batf- and p <a;an?.; the oro before on '.he g id fields '.c Australia, r'dlrg s'ock horse- a', a hu :le race and :an' irg at a diggers' bail in the ceecog other an B.'Tertai'.t> cf this nay 1 have passed ... lu.i'.a, aau ta.a timer.a yeais 1 >a the tank*the K i, far In the inter.u- <1 Southern, in tee Biitiih u'n.y engaged in tee C iff re war And now here I era, *ar wost or J.e Pocky Mountiine, In the United Stair- voliuteerj, as nappy on. a.-Jolly v; a stnd boy f rt ., c' tho mall j it, not any mul'lgioco from ?mt la'. CIiki "?ia* Dir, Dec ffi?Every wa. er? (ui >t last night n camp, and to day was tflt auie. \V? >? y, cr liquor of an, kind, is very hard tu ot o ccur . that at sr. aw iul, which iua> acit.uni for tut a. in the roeoaiut; but all contrived to have *> u ai- .in honor ct the Ja\, and enjoying oLe 1-i.aiir . it- >ysterv, lomaloe-, aud a'' tbe pl-a-ant ait'cles in lb ? uera' wore ic great rtt|ue*t, and ChriEteisa w?-> usLer- u "y a rafono whiskey issued irout tha, j,C'i lie wt-ole, the dsy was j>reity fair. Fstckpsy, fee. 20?' indry comp'ainLv haw b"e.. 'ari :;cm various partus o; neaaacnc, &c , occv;(. - , me feaetir.g of yesterday. The interior arrange* emu?, roet pi u? were rather astonished, I in-agine, yihefidder offered them 1 Know that mine w ere. th I ancot complain of ?n> thing Fatigue recall S'iui.ds nSat rdays at 12 II., and all wor cea-es then, and <li non ] uad* without amis at retreat, being expected .> tun out spick aiui span tor inspection on*8un<iaya Mr M rrell and a mountaineer, Sol. (lee, lave sltn-vt to csy for toe Matheud country to trade tor t.crses aro bring tl.em he?a In spring for remounting the dragoooF " is; a fearful trip to uc.h rtahc ir. winter. but Mr. Metre who. by the wsy. ia the Pie-1 mast ?r of Salt I-ake City, and hit comrade, are taen who wi.i not give in fir e are well hardened in these mount* ns. Two teamsters lut e i>*~n back* to the Devil's tlate, oa ine Sweetwato- for a wagon lancn with the accent emetts of Cragcnu hor?< a which gave out on the road. Thej will s?c some smn'i prrt're of the ejp. pliant before they get back again As eTorcss can-.. m from the I'aciOc wugoc road expelitto*- wintering on Wiod river, bringing up for the command lnp pounds of salt and about - x rounds fpr 0.jr )it?|e m? ^ hat so Butch excited it. for a long t as tlie lee. ipt of mat salt SiaDAi, Pet. 27 ?It <ctirn partde Tr In n'tlei servic a for ihe day cu-tcn:ary In the whitr rrtlementg, we were favored with a numb - of tie Attifleso? War. No douhl many in ,lir arc.) 'hir'! t' " latter far rn< re important baa musty doctrines wVrh Young Iwe ica almost igt< i.a. Tbej bave a repwt, whe-. r obtained no one can tell, that ths Cheyennes an : S oi.x to the i. i.ber of antne Did warriors have clem A out the trad-.g poet or the S-Ai' twater, and slapped all ewnmoutCktloo with the States, but I Jo nc.i believe ore w M of it. Tncgo 'shaves' arc,always gt mg round. 1>m Kvi.xk 28. Toe w< atb*r has bruitea up, 1 frar , it m ebuw tg bian'.y act blowing fim'.tn.. ,y t-cuu to- -wtn. If we have u late spring ' will be ?i tally against as in tnakug au ear.y etort kgainai the kiumu.4. .No nr.d to da> on M mat oi the storm t Mm k.mhi it and 30?The heavy ga.e st..l continues btowrg vl< lent y, but on the 30tn :t veered round to the westward aid tooth ward, ea.iMtg an !ninred'?te < inn:" n tfie lewix-rature and icaw ing the a: ow to a ri nsideiable extent The battalion went tnrougb the forme of a month lj muster i?ar?Je ot. the prepare for Holoi t l maa.of the fifth regiment, who t3 to .n?r>e<t it; to tnor row. 'f tie ma., Las not >e irrne!, and must bavo encountered aortic aefui wtather, at we received mtelli ma mora than a f urtuiant ife, toy a mountaineer, of t* having been met at the Reeky ru'ge, the -tlier *Me <( the South ! a?? I must clone tny'letter to you to u *ht. tor I have meive<l authentic Intelligence ofUi? cloae proaum.i/ of a grizzly, who was reen thtl morning bv two of my m-rswhen In the br ish getting wood, and I am going alter ha before anyone else gets w.ud of him lean climn some, and would give a trifle t*. hate a tad. to U.ut quietly ami alone You shall hear of t : T meet with lira The t ee tb of the army w gory fair, c as lertrg Eijkmh of the Board of Rrfuratton. The FiuacctalCoirmiUee of the Tka l u: Education hare recommended the adoption of the follow 'ng resolutions In regard to the school mcuey for the year H5S Reeolved, That the mm of >30,431 42 be rarer Tad ad net apart to im et the amount overdrawn ;n IH67.$:P) ,437 4'2 He solved, 3 hat the following s-ims bo re ">rv ed and aet apurt for the following fortieses, viz.? Repair*, fitting up alterations Act., In arb<->1 buildings 66,71Hi 60 Salaries of toaebers and janiton .n the ward am..o s, heretofore ap| ortioacd ? fTnexpcnde 1 $? . ,Vfi nt New appotttonmool ' ) 2H Incidental expense* oon-sctcd with the said school* heretof'Tt apjvr tin.ed Not eipeaded 4.613 A3 New apport'.onmA ni.vte. ? 49 ,610 95 fuppott of Pre# Aradetny, harsto fore apportioned:? Not expended 9 44r> OS New apportionment 3A,tH*? f>0 44 ,445 OS Repairs and cleaning Free Aca le my Fneipetded apportionment I"' 5", New do. '2 'r". 01 ? 2,433 23 Support of normal schools ? t'iiei|-ended apportionment 7,IS. 74 New do. *,uv0 <K j-.LM 74 Corporate schools ?s,70Q 40 Ruppotlof evening vhoola ? l'n tpended apportionment 7S4 4a .New do Si noo tjtt . 66 JM 43 Rena ra threuah the abow ? Unexpcnued apportionment W New apportionment l,50fl 00 ? ? $ Poppling In the depository (orecdmwu laet Tear, 94,932 75) 9->?3 <? Kent of school b.ildiDga ? Unexpended H'i? rtlonmaat W*' ?W> New apportionment 6,tOO * n 4M M Helartea connected with the Beard of Education, including GNr Huperfctendent and see tetania. Clerk ?f the Hoard and aaa'.atanta, Janitor aad 8u|"'rtntendeot of IW.bnol Ttntldinf* ? Unexpended apportionment 6,ff7e #2 New apportionment 16,000 ??> St .076 92 Incidental expgcaee of the Board, (Deluding printing ? Unexpended apportionment 4,4*? 00 New apportionment 7,600 fO 11,042 00 Total 91,022,373 00 Special appropriation*, Including aitea and new bu Id Inge, baaed on the action af the Common Council on the annual laa bill 203,740 60 Total. 91,126,013 06 Rknkwai. or TH? Hi.avs Tram rrMR a Www Form ?We are glad to ?ee that the gr"At commer nl city of Urerpool baa, by tte Oiamoer of Commerce, dec maccd the alare trade, railing Uie attention of her tfajerdy'a go. vrrnment to the French eyatem The traffic hao been cry much put down, and aa Cuba la now the only Ira porter, one or two yeara would flniab it If atcam Run boa ta enough were *ent to that l> land the oo-nmtnder> baelug authority to hang from the yardarm all taken la the fbet, whether Knglleh, Yankee, Krencbor Portugueae No flag ought to protect to lafamona a traffic and all cnp,.?ged in It ahould be enmmarily treated aa plratee. England haa larialied l>*. murt, ?f Ka. Kaal ht/vnrf and treasure al'eadr. and with a number of her gunboat* muat pot H town. The limrt in loang it* former proatige by the p*r* 'J taking, an contrary to national feeling* The South I* not ?o much to blair .* in thia aa the abolttlnnlat* of the Tree Staler, who make fortune* by kidnapping, nine tenth* or the alavera taken having been fltteo out from Northern porta. What anawer can the Henry Ward wnneVrt, and othera of that cal tbre make In thle et arg* ? "htmld like it (itapromd for the aake of the free State? ?a ' *ptfon (OeMMMtg) Whip, H>. 27 I '??ut of CI r parol 8?WlaM> Before Jud^e Rj|mmU. nrTAKMii i rsa oftitbokakt> jury?ctarflko? mx city jl'dob a kxloniou8 assault by a father 1'PON *N ALI KttXD BBDUCBH OF Hit DAUUllTBH. y ?hvh 2 ? As e~jn as the Court was opened Una moua eg tr.p cleric p*crooded to call the paanei of gr ud jurors, and a(-ufflcient number aneaeriDgto Iholr namea, tkqf were rwrm tc discharge 'ho ciuuaeot the grand la^uoat for tnc present tr-m. The following arc the names of tfce awors u >? Joseph M. Ccopcr, For . man 11. is Scudder, John Axi'ord, t.maihaa Thorn, Andiew Axacrscit, jaeoo vuuarpoM^n., tftmon Bar. he, Aaolpbua Andreas, Kbmersr Collauiore, James M hahdead, L<ewisA. Csrir.-r, Wra. Q. L*acs, hetij. I Camp, Jona K. Myers, John P. ta-uiot J 504 Soott, William Graydoc, James Salmon, Fiaccis W lAsaak, Ileory L. Terboll, tJCarleB L Lcvc.-iage, Liraol Cuierm't. 1'etei J Nev j?h, Jr , Silc..rc baring beer. obtained, til* Honor proceeded to charge the Crura Jury an labors:? GOTUSKi II TUh.OKA.Ml JUKV?it IB UUillO UlO Jutf Ot all judgi.; in their (La;g?s to giaod jornrs, to call their attention 10 Ocilain special .-.laluu-s, tin; viol ;o!is of which arc declined to bo misdemeanors, and as such indlcabia. I weald call your attention to the statute on uaniy. Tie taklug or mote thau seven per cent tor * the loan of money la declared to be an incictvlhe oliencc. 1 woull aiso name tn? law of extortion. Any public officer taking larger foue than tt a allowed by (lie laws of the Stale id also declared * to be a misden eau?r I would also mention (be lottery law. any trallic m lotteries la doc mod unlawful. Also the election ?*. Any peraua attempting to influence no clue tor i'i canilrg bis vote, or any alwnpi lo u rfere bo as to prevent a free exercise of the elective tram liioe, U declared to be an infamous offonso, and as such is severely puDtahed by tine ana imprisonment. I would also call your attenti'in to (be a A loaappresB tulemoer ui-o an ' w rcgii.aie the sale or intoxicating liquors 8* tbe IMtH ee> tloc o! ice uct. it ia tbe auty of ihe Courts to tr.siru* grand jcrois to inquire into aii offences agumst the pro vis cue o! Cue act, and to present ail offenders under tt. All person* who may be charged with adulterating imported or ether ittrx cahcg i quors witb p-iisonous or de! iPteriocs drugs or mixture*, or seli'ng the same, knowing I them to contain ueieteriona mixtures, whether imported ; or cot, are declared to 1:? gu lly of misdoui?-aaor I wM ; cai! your attention to tbe ij 1st section, wnich makes It a j niisustn-iaoor tor any tavsm or betel keep* r to seU any I liquor on Piuidajr or upon any day upon which a general I h.Kiion or town meeiu g ebau be bold, witnio a quarter ! of a mile where such election takes place, in aoy of (ho I cities, villages or Viwus of this Sta.e, to auy i person Whatever at a Deversgo. i'cuur that sec I tion oi tbe act, gentlemen, two |..:uu are i pre-iff ted for your consideration, of winch you must be | satiiftiod. 'Ihe first is that the party, un~or tbta aw, has I taken, out a license; and toe so tone, cas ho violated its | provisions by selling liquor on a Sunday* If yon ara ranstUo en tb?st two points, it then becomes your duty ! to indict; n you are cot satisfied that the party n?< t ?tou I out a license ur-a if there I* no evlacnco to snow you that I he has uone so, then it Is jour duty not to itidici, but to rsiert the tvli all neraons who have rot Lalren nut a licence under tbis act are liable to a civil action lor tho penalty of $;">(V This Court nv- put uai cuust. uciiou upon tbr above section, so tea*. you wou.u liaie no right to iu not except that fi'Ht point we ciearly established?that a license bat! been taken out. Tint lata say a genlloiuee, that rot more ih?a tw< ly-itiree si mil be sworn upon the Urnr.J Jury; that tt snail take sixteen to form a quorum, and twelve to bod a bill, and the like number io recou\ alder a olll after it baa been found. Year (oreman has I the powe to any of yon from attendance, without | any appdi alion to the Court. You can llx your own hours i for meeting and adjournal ?nt Oc ai:y question that may arise before yen ot no irarorur1 character, you can adviao i with the I'let/n'i Attorney, the ia* oiinerol the Court, Ho ; can be present, and enou d you require it, can exajiine 1 the witnesses for yon br.t whon a vote is t> bo taken, the i Jaw requires that you should b<> aloiu?not even the I>wtrict Attorney is perir:tt"0 to be pruaont. Die law daclaret, it to he a inisiigj leaoor ior any of you to dis.Moee the tai l of an indictment being found, where the ac<-us?4 ha' not b en arretted or hole tc at s.ver. You can select one cf your owu numorr to act aa Secretary, and keep a mirute cf your proceedings The caeca to be presented an- numerous at 'hie term, aril will require consider] able tune to lovjxtigate th- m. Adopt me rule, gen'?roaa, ; that ibi< four uae recently a< "pteo . of sitting a sutlioient I lengtn ot tune each oay urtt! tto day's b. trans j arieit Ity that means yon will g-ently facilitate the bnr:tjos? o! tne Court, and render the aUninistralioa of cumina1 ju: net prompt and tltl.-:cni 1 ho otUoerc aligned loate I you will to* conduct you to the Grand Jury room. The Crard Jury rbep retired, ami the business of the Court war commenced K!.ONIOrs ACSil l,Tl*. John n. Wat'cn a reapcr'ah e iooku z man, was placeJ at the ha- rhs-ged with perpvattng a leiouious a??ault <? .l-h- Hi ntlngten, by stabbing him in the arm wit* a ( kr'O. nnth. bib o* February T" ncomplainant te ?'.lfli'd that I he I osrded at Mr. Watson s hoaae, ut rftndy Hook, that j the defendant refiucated llm to I rave, wh eh he consented > to do; that en the day of the occurrence he (the oomI pleir*nt> ?i< in the kitchen when Watsou came tn aud j cnttctaec the conduct of lux w:!e, ntaliug that she never ' had his dinner ready fnrbltnwbea he wanted it Hun! tirgtrn said that his (Ann- n'?) wife was a cord deal b*4 ter then he was, wliereupon the defendant threatened. hr I using nb'tsive epithet*, to but) him fl.itii.nguw responded 1 warmly that bo votild rot '? able t' do that, at jpt w btrh [ he pri-coedee to depart, followed by the defendant, wim ' thrust a knife into bin left arm, indicting a dnug'-roua ' wound. Tii.a was ine statement of the accusing party, but bin evidence tra? mati rially c. ottadlcted by a witness named Br*-en pro tuc<-1 bv the counsel for toe accused, whn t< fctifloe that Huntington caught hold ot Wateon by | the ha.r of hie head, and commute 1 the flru assiult. The ! defendant's previous good cLaraci-r was csublirhed, and : the charge tf tbe .luoge was rery (air, bta Honor enu' tneraiing different rrrtlcti which tne jury could Had i on the evidence nlcucod uu the trial The jury rendered I a verdict of stir,p a a*?auit and battery, and th? accused j wa? remanded f- r septet'oe. j rihOKlOrS A-eat I.T BY a KATI'RR tTOt* AK aL' i.ttigp aiprcffp. or n:.s dai oiiTsit-as i.ytkkcbtTN(J CASa. I Hugh MinUi, an old tran residing at No. 11 Cannon street, am put on tria: for rhoot'n g Ed win S. Co dins with a pistol, at 161 Celar street, on the '20th of January. Thu complainant testified Uui' lie v.-a- re?ji r?ted, on too day u. u'.ettioa, to cail at Mr. Brady a saloon, near aia juaoo of buttress, that a lady wanted to eee him, and on arriv ng tip found th" deferrtar.t tbere in company with sotuo females; on teeing a putol in the ha.-.da of tho defendant, and tb iU.ii.s tha; he ?? going to Lre, he aUcmpiod W dodge It, wb?a tbe content'- of the p.?toi struck his ear. passing through hia head: the accused did not amy anything when br fired the shot Mr, t iarlru Hpencer, who conducted the dalenov, staled In so able opening speech thai lie wuulu ptorc a state of farie j erf ctlj estuundlng; it,at the complainant ensured |?r Hm*h's dauglitrr, anc that Mr. Smith'* aoe IIred the shot. The daughter of the a< cusud is ui-sing, the faintly e< t krowng li? r whereabouts CoU-na admdttd thai Mary Ai.l Smith, a gr! of IS yea/s of age, was emploted in the estaollshinent be worked in, her occipst on being a preaerver of medi ctnee; hit* lrn.f1 that he ev< r saw Mr onoih so a or Mr* Austin and M s R,. . elt, who were In court He also ?ald ttiat tbe first b" heard of being charged with aeturin' Mary A in Smith was from Lis wifi . that the laaa time he raw otr * aa at tte store, three or four dais previous to tt is oernrren-e; that he never brought her V) No. V New Canal mrcet, and Jid not attempt to choke the defendant pr Marshall testified tbr.t the wound inflicted waa a * *<! lace atrd wooed, the ball entered hi tund the ear s .a f - in<- oit throngh the buelc part of the bead; a very clirM va-tktiou from the "our** It took aculd Lavo reed'n toe d?*lh cf tb. assailed pa/iy. 7be first wttneea et,'|ed by ICr. bprnccr wst Jam o fatilli, a son of the defendant, an 1 a very intelligent lookteg bC'V H? sw io that bis s-ricr Mary Ann abaci,ted ho-se'* from home three days beft re this occurrence, but previous to that rema ned at home every nigbi, that be ' was j ?Tent when Colbps was snot; that as Collins award bis father'* throat he thought h-? life wa* in danger, sad he (.lames) flred the piatol, charg i g Coltiaa at tho tsaie time with aeibir-nf hi- '-'iter The As?t*tart JUftrlrt Attorney, at this junelnreof the pro- racings. asked lor voting Smith s commitment which war granted by bis Hon r. At a subsequent period he gave tail in iV sum of gfiOO to answer lbs ab ve charge. Margaret Austin dep.?eri that abe liret at No ? new Ca-ai street that a girl railed <? the gist ot [wrsihw and t red a small room, givtrg her name aa Miss Wesioy, ae-i stating that she was a saleswoman in a mi!l iter * atore, arid that her. brother would rail on her oca sit-taily; tbe peraoc'p-rnrd out to be Mr. Olkti*, who rtstted her at intervals foe tour weeks. Mrs. Austin swore positively that Oolbaa was the person, and said ; vr?* i r one <vri- in sr.r c*? r,:? m ID? room together wth mat or the female, whom she afterwards j learned to be Maty Ad* Sm.tli Mr* Auetm suspei.ied thnt ail e*a liol f'(bt, a* Coll mi and ' Mi v. Woeiej " <1 ><t not rnim In together, an I inn; measures to rstle'y berctf by iDslmrt pg be* if* to follow them. Ho did no, and traced the ?trl to No. 11 Janaoa street. Mub**uu?nUy M*s. duetto w lli? lii> ?e nod fmial her with her pa reote Ma*y Anr, ens* Mn* WrrleT, pretended that aha l.a 1 Dfrc r a.-an Mm. A-*t!.i beffere and matntnioed a (jr.-at ical of < (rnipoaoro at tint, hot on beiig addmaaMl pointedly by Mrs A sr-no ethibded cotiaMttrabiS trepidaDon at ; handed her the Irey of the room. M" Rneet II, * bo hoarded with the laat witness, *Jaa poaltlrely IdehtlOed Collin* aa tbe tuaa who tinted "Mlaa Wfeley" at No 9 new Canal street Ellen IV-v an, an otrl woman, ? Were that abe wrote two lore letieey '"T Mary Aim to Mr. ftolllna. 'mo matT'iet'eg him to miml her at Hitrrlay street church: aod whea ah* had the aeonnd written Jlary Ann remarked to the Witneae that eh# wan fief fr> he married, Or I waa afraid I hat Oolt'na Wi'lld "back nut" aud eimld not marry Imr. .-y?e retnrned on another da; anl told Mrs Boylan that they were married In Rt Hrldft'i rhiirch The w"j?eaa posttlre'y (ware that she did not know Mine Smith's where, about* Mrs. Brady tmtifled thai she wae pr-went at the t ie of the occurrence, and her best Impression was that the l?oy flrod the shot Mr. Rrody (her hnennna; 1PI'? n" ,nB' ' ,n* <"? we* fired be eietnlned <?" pie loli, end found the bo/"* ' p'-M werm, while hi* tether'* wne ro'd He together With other reepecUbl" wllne?*e?, geve the defendant no excellent eh*rnct*r for honrety etnl i|ulrtneen, KM at ' them knowing him for the te?t twenty yenr* The AesiMenl HMrtrt Attorney r ell"rf Mr Onlllne, who, In en?wer to werlnne qn'-olMi* rw flV m<?t that he knew nothing nbont Mi** emith, end tbil ho newer brought her to No Anew C*n*' Mr.-el In reply to que* tlon* from llr Spencer, he ??id thM he newer receiwed letter from MM* Smith, newer ft her picture Utken, nd did not Mvlnce her The Judge In hie charge to the Jury r*wl?wed the ewtdeeee, end leid down the principle* of low hy which the Jury were In he rnwerned in determining the guilt or Innocence of the nccueed. AMer on olieence of holf nn hoor they returned Into Court with o rerdlct or o *lmple ?* eoult Hie Honor remended Smith for oentenee. ena directed the crier to odjonrn the Court Till* cooe oceu pied moet of th? doj , end creotcd greet int?re?t, tne *ym ptlh'e- of the audience eridenily heing in fewo* of tho totter end eon, who we-e applauded fhr their conduct