Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 9, 1860, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 9, 1860 Page 2
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I' * , ?- ?? ~ IMPORTANT FROM EUROPE * u m ARRIVAL OP THE AFRICA. f0 CC NKKS TU JFRMIOON 0? UX 27. i, <k (9 SHU SXCXXXAJV REVOLUTION. ?" M CCMIMJ D SUCCESS OF GARIBALDI. I Invrstment t f Pa'ermo by the ? Revolutionists. THE Hctiils OF THE DERBY. The Great Eastern to Leate for New York To-Day. LOHKM UD PAHS COtRKSVVtftElCK, ftc., &o., dto. The siMT^abtp Africa. Otft. Honn-,00 Wlch uulwd freai , Liverpool at 11 o clock -a the mooting or too 2?th, uid i Itom g>:Miitofii on the ovtcinf? of tb* 27th nltlae, ar ' Ttrtd i-ere early yaatcrOay mora.uf, Vrmtfng thre? daya | later rvwa. Tbb tnronaaltoa mUUre to ttr^>ro<re#i of Gurlb\l,ii Wtlniin meagre very co?f tcVuf, bo', there J x-n not | Htm to to maoiicubi of tbe cantoned euoceaa of (iiri- ' (Midi. A luppleaMot t> Um <?cooa Moiim-Mt of the 231 May at)'(ea tfcat (Jarlbal li C-1 eafc-rei rtlermi with -9,000 lufanlry and a squalen of oivilry. The Keapi i Btana laid &?wn the>r aritj. Ihe mast extraordinary eothvitna prevailed at IVlermo. The rana Patrie doufeta the above IcKIltgonor The iMdon .Teat Par i correspondent, howercr, la aaaurod o> Na corrccuraa, and hji that Garibaldi ban determine 1 Id bake himttlf undisputed muter of Kelly before natkia; My on the mainland. lie W.11 afterwards form atroag naval force, and descenl open Calabria. The mmc author itr iirof) ' n 11 hare ,-i>eclal inatru~'.lnnt I .r be lie ring that GartbaU! had rea'ly entered Pafcrmi, id tL.t Lu h*J it sued aurriog proclamation, dated fro 31 fiat cky, aecltriOK' that hs hi! aaauutad ite proTuiOna dfcMUxkliip of 8tclly. Tbc lorirrecCoaal Oaann'.uee In s?clly hal, it I* *\ld, Mst a note to lb* foreign UawM, accounting iliat the alien wctild be oouHilted, aad thit the Sicilian I'aiUa Mai wouli bo convoked. Tbe !'atin correspondent of Ih* I.mJon Pott *!*o ??jr? thai a pror.'amaiion had bucn lilueJ by Garibaldi, to which he toik npon hlmtblf all tbe rr*ponaiOilitto* of lUe tfteUtonblp of Sicily. Tbe mytlerioca bark Charles B. Truitl, which bat ba?a lylag at (jueewlown for ae-reral montba, with a carg) of rifl?* from America, had left ?jae*iuMo?n for L4f*rpool. gbe wit freighted by tbe Garibaldi Committee ia Nsir York, but having airlvedaTter tbe war waa over ?hi re. aala?d at goernaurwn awaiting order* from the State* II waa cocatfered llktlf tbat Garlbaldl'a new movement had led to her departure lard Joba Rnaaell Mated, "b reply to an Inquiry by Mr Ktaglake, ibat government bad throughout aupparted tbc dcaiaad of the Swtaa g< veroment for a oonferettoe of the grca F.wert, aad wouli cm looe to do ao until 3#iuarland w.tbdrcw her demand Mr. lABg move J for a vote of cred.t on acxmntoftb) N U r v toe rati matte, w af ?r some alrot g oppw nun, waa a#reed to. Tbe ?.ppo*ltion member* preaaeJ opoa gareicmeat tbe Ltccaaliy of proceeding In a regular way ' will >he eauattea, as'l it U ?u^|?aed tbat thur lou-ntioj ' to W a'Ara t ff the farthercoaelJeratioa of tbe Reform bill waUl the eatimatee are passed, and thereby kill th- mat ww for thla aeaatoa. Tbe l?ndoo 1ime< ea;r tbe abora prosaeriiog* bare r,r taaUy decided tbe abandonment of Uie R-forin bJI aMkoufb acme tine may elapee before lb* maaaure It ally girea up. On ibe Xtib, la tbe floure of Coa^^ia, tbe artioo of tbe ' Lorda en tbe biU rcptaitag paper tbe doty was debated, aad a conmHto* of twenty oce waa appointed to aea*eh Mr preredtaU Tbe eoadact of the Ne<jio!.Un goremmfnl waa debated aad U>r< mineral on det<*iooeJ It la tbeatrongrat termi, aa ecl /ely a governm oat of tbe poiiae Tbe te '^raph cab'e to be laid between Rangoon aad majapore, i.*iu m i' wnf, waa oc.og uaiea. Tbe nrtuab Ctaaaai ooBalatiog of tight ib pi, hid 0 OB CtUM Greil meeting! li aid or mtmlooa to C?B'ral Africa bal 11 been held id Mancbfalar aoi l rarpjol l?rl B-jngbam d ?ai tha pr i cipal ipcaker at brtb pUeea, and urged that " rtgcroaa i opi jr of the m'Mlooa, which woald todireri * If aacourage the production of ootoc, arouU trod to ajp- ' pr*#* tk? ilare trade aad aiarery K "tte I onto ) Mnntmn Ckrnntl' ralara a warning rotes * agatoat 0T?r tradit fr m the glut of ootton, aad pradioM r( Imt; vim ibroogb irreapaunble trader* v k A aaaacrvd thai i.eaerai I amcrtciara left Romeo" aa the 23d a L for Auoooa * dined on the &l with R Cwiral 8ajob * Tfeaataam bp Canada, at yueanatowo 37th of ?i;, * report* that aa her toy age from Boatoa, whjat craat lMg tba Saaka >Ur,eg a dai le fog, rime la colUatoa wnh c <ka brtg Hortr'a Bride, of Loadoa, from Caita tor K ? Mai. N. r , with aalt Tba crow were alt aala aad oa 1 koard Um Canada * Merer a P Br!', <<ae A V report aa folloar* ? * The ma/kit for Americas aeccr tie* continue* Inactive, * wbUit it to mock ?aeter to And pnirbaarra than aallara of a the ratioee Plate atn-kt la railroad boada danog the 1 fi taal ?e< k the demand bae baea chiefly f>r tha Paaaoaa 7 U per rrtla of lMft I 8 (inite.t Plata, c p*re*Bt ba.n.isf at a 100 | u " ?per era! boon 1*74 M a MM p Keatacay * per r?n boada, IMA 7< to a "J a aryiard I per r*n at rltag boa a MS a M?i p aaaacbTaewa ft r*r rwat aterltrf br*da .102 a 103 p U**a?irr Crim Beak ft per a?al bon-ta.... 14 a 1A ' p flbla? t-er naal alock, IfM P7 a M " Pen ley It aula I per crl etock M a 87 IB ft per oeat hiada irj; M a M I k ftoalfc C*n>"ra ; pe? reat bond*. 1*WI M a M pi Twm?mm *er ex at t>oeda. direr* 90 a At I a Vh g'B a A p r o> al bwOr, 1?M M a U | I ft n?r at hrnda Ui? I) i 1 ?? Uonirill ft'p?r rwt)W - * . #0 i II f llftoot* l>*t?ftl 7 p*- ?*?? 1*75 *) ft *J Ji < (l '? T7 79 ? .? .7 ? fir** l?ft<J?, 1WV ?1 ?i w M Itlff* ill*. II 41 "" Mlrt. (U Oi'ii v I'W M ft M |J .. ?r?'r?. 4J * ? *' M?w York 0*lr?l ?t? o not ?*? * ?, l?W *2 ?l <j? ? 7 p. e roovtrtibl*. 1W.4 93 " ? >> itm* 70 l 77 m Urm Ynk ?*d K>* ' *. 1" ? ?* . 1M7. *? 90 .. . 34 1U9 M ft M At .< M " 1??? 7? ft 77 *? cr ITf rtlblM 1?W 41 ft 40 W *' I bftr** 1* ft Hi raaftini 7 f?T0ttll>i mortfftc* l<owta. I*"? 100 ft 101 P* " " 3' mnrtirair* toft'1*. 1?7'4 M ft 100 U? Ptft* C*?f' t yr n?' in if n?ft*. two. M M I *( tk? Br?u? itt't*! u I rarpiol ftl II ft'elock m j M. Hi (cBBWCkf with tha Konh Brltaia iMTkf IJttrp?>l \ ea t? tka am of May, tba J?m.!?m I'M %f H4.T.*, ara to call at I<*?ewl*rry M of g iM??n Th? HMBikip N?? York am?*J u tonMaptM oa 1 >< *** r: Oar Lrtdra ? u?r ?v iw , PoUlttai wU Xn/v-t/iaHwu?TV Papr BW- ?< M * Mr CtoM /tarry awl am4tS-D*tf ? Z^-fV Gr?* luM antf rr*K* ?< Vabl?/.Horary it aa4 PrtMlK . <<*?, A tfca?ei<ttaal bortaoa Iiiiibh bo-it ly nn la J mira JjJ ?i?na*y Though oa* aaaaot wtih aa/ <1 f r*? of c?rta uty V " " ? - ?< luartar ,h. Morm will ari?? Moat Iro * M*y Hhaaatt that thailam la |ola| dowa M4 tba lra<b ?P ?UI aaoa aria* II eaa wa.ka ihrmifh tba t>o?r baiata of ?? tfMMorcW Uf* la tba bwl of txwdaa, you ?H flat Ita P" *rmm* wrn* * rnmttmm orarywbara, aad tka Mm* Q fcitam ptoyM ?f It la aot vbu w? kaif, bit vtiu !ar i^iaaet kitw, C*at cauaoa iba n?o*.;*?too? of tha f >? la. *' TV * *"??* Bsam afH*?ra to rafalata on- atabMga aim >a, fat *ny. tor tkarc It I* ?'?<* tbat ?ht eoara* of ftr.ti la t>< aanra Aecaratoly kac irn thai) at tha n? of tb? *Uar. t" 1M ? Ml a< BieawaabU ruadialM la ar rl?? ?l 4T " * MMNM *?? ?"? ^??<l tn !>>?* M% y^l*?t pcmtm a Frann* P?ei!tt<rf a *<" rr.?,h i?ortl*? GarlbaM fOUw It ?? pr-aeat ^ wt a-M? Vl'N,M,m'<ll>4 IK?* IM ? ?' < Ml lb* H i trMkn ? * ^ ** '* * 'WW * Mlar- <1*r' atoad T?? B.^** * lv4f h"" >">* ??? U* I'apar JJ? fm*m M V ^H?b lloKij ?tfbt Lafl ? ? SEW TO] anient'" mcTid the wUch wta anpporM r Aaacley, L rd P.rDjr ud hla party, but the mala alatasce w?a r.VM by Ik* ddwh'g lords. Lord Palirston made a ehow in the Doom on Tueaday (the aifkt Ilowiif), (Iti g noUoe of hla intention to move (or a immutcd to u quire Into the preoedenta (tf they ezUi) to etlfy i be Lorda In throwing rat thla money bill. Hi 1< nil be lb. No on* la mora really (lad to tve an additional million mad a quarter la UM not very turlahiag exchequer than "Pam," wbo aeea tbe coat Of e CtU a war, aow Inevitable, and tbe cr'tloal condition f>.iel,b allure. It waa minored tbat Glaletoao and Un?r Gibaon intended to retire, bat tbey mill bold olD'^ ?i,ltlebell<ved,t) Um eatlefacton or comfort of rimier, who la by no meaaa attached to the '^mchealer :hc<l<f loUlloa. Sir Uiarlea Barrya fu-.eral took pU M yeaterday, In 'estamster Abbey?a lilting ratios (0r tU? great rchi'act, whew noble gothic pUe f ltl0 noaaea of rarttai?Bt, atanda near, aed la bar j,onloua keeping with the Id Abbey itaelf. Another f'.neral will lake plaoe ere a iatk (rem hence, of one r aoee death I alnoerely regret o antiou: c*? Albert S\niu?. Ha died on Wedneaiay ooralrg (the day of the Derby), between seven a ad i?bt o'clock, of nolcnt Inflammation of Um bronchial abe?, brought * a( it |c said, by neglecting that treaoha- 1 ous (SO call? A) flight oold." It it, Indeed. a trm.Laft o ? 0 hta successful Ufa, and a woeful blow o Lla cha . m(Eg wl?e. to whom he waa recently rosrrled. phe waa tne eldeat daughter of Rib?rt Cerlcy. yr Albert i;mith waabern tn 1810, and waa b?re1?j*.e to hit forty fourth year., He leavea a handone competence behind hla far bla wMow, and hta a'?L'rfd and afleertorste brother, Mr. Artlyir .Smith We > n* eittaod that a abort Ume before hla death he had reqe-jred the 1< see of the Egyptian Hall for a considerable term rf jean It weuld be o waate of time to deacribe the Darby day to tour read?rs It waa. aa It ever will be, the great bulday of f/>ndon, and with aboot aa loraly a day an rrer thotie from the beavtu. Profoaleo of peepie, splendor of (qu'pigta, eating and drlnklor of the beet kind, ind lait, not Icatl, an admirable (bow of herae a In the turf socles!, yon can understand everything went off to pared Ion. Won the Derby, Wen the Oak*. A great deal of exettrment prevail* about the Great Eaatrrn and her approaching trip to New York. Tbe preaent directors are determined Ui make her do her buit acrowi Ibe Atlaitlc, and Captain V|li Hall. they aay, will put her it It fr? m tbe ' Wight to Sandy Hook." One cannot help waning her better luck; but tru much I will venture to ray, that inlera ahe cros ea the Atlantic in aeven and a ba>f or tight daja, we might Just aa wall be sa'is&ed with the Adriatic or tbe Perala. Tbe Prince of Walea will croaa about the early part of .Tnlv In th? IImrs ? ntnitv (win ?nn ihlft. whW?h hta Wn ;.la!nly and appropriately flttel up (or his Kiyal HVbtese's reception If bis mamma permits Mm to accept (he Invitation of the corporation of New York, I bare bo tnM the Iltro ar.d tbe tquadrnn which i am panic* fccr will visit your noble biy Yon are aware, of matte, ifcat the Colonial Sserfttry, the Duke of New cartlr, will aoccmpany him. There cannot be a more exccllrnt mac than hla C.raoe, and ] am sure be will win you all by natural anl uiaflVctod manner.' 1 bear It raid that tbe Montrose steamers are to call at Londonderry instead of Qaeeootown. Conard apprars to bp ratiMiod with tbe capabilities of tbe latter port, or 1 see be has taken a jolly tnd proposes to build out t? deep water to f table the screw sbloa to conce alotvilde. Tbe Liverpool merchants bo docbt bentnt a food deal by tbe roalla lieltg tent through Dublin, and ao afiross to Liverpool from QoeensVrwn, anticipation by some liou.a tbe arrtval of I he mails by tbe old route throucb tbe Chan nel; but l.on< on merchants oompaln that they get no advantage at all by the change. If such house* as Morrlron, 11)1 k to , tbe Harlrgs and I'eabody begin to grumble, they are Ftrong enough to get a change effects J.* is nothing very new In tbe lltsrary or drama'lc world of I. iv on There appear t? be plentv o' pcopls going to otb Operas, and plenty of booka and people to read item. Crrmk*U Uagatinr la still In the ftcsndaut Onre a Wnlt la enlarged and I* greatly Impravsq In every respect. It bids fair in rival Dtcaena AU Uu Ttar Mound, and mere area In circulation. Mens <t Mine I>laer have returned to Rogltnl. The gentleman >? shortly t> appear at her Maieaty "a tbaaIre. wbtrs Mr T. Smith lluoa Brunattl, Mongrul Kverarcl; all attract've arttsia. Loroox, May 9(1, I860. OarilaUi and rkt Enyluh?.VajW-vm Puttied?Frmnre IT< uitA Kusria cm turkith Afftxrt?Prab tUlay if a Stun in Army Marching on Turkey?CrUis in Par liamer.t?fh* timet Owned by the Mcikuhildt?ltt Cturf on Bvfaptmn A (fain?ttalim Bub*cri/tton*?1\? Great MatUrn? Hetnan and 8ayrrt, <#c. Tbe Derby Day, that great saturnalia (nothing oRewire intended) of BigUeheee?their Kourth of July, Kvacua lion Day, aad 224 of February, all rolled lato one?the holiday of holiday* had noma aad gone, aad though tveryblrg else was rorgo'.tea at the Uat, except the ?70,0f0 that the owaera of thirty horaaa wara aTter, and Mr. Merry's Tbormaaby w?, the reeolkctldo of the 160,(00 people, the glorious day, tbe lobsters and chainpagae. lbs fun, frjlle aad immunity from work, hare all kxo swallowed up la the anbasqnent forty eight hours >y the i Isctrtc intelligence that Garibaldi M msatir of the land of Sicily, has been proclaimed Dictator, an I has , alle>l lor aa eicotoa to decide between Bo a'.mi nd Victor KiumiI for a ruler. Faagb! Ark a enrtet to elect whether he will be laalde o- oat Me of Newgate. The whqje account is ao startling, no bo giotious, urn ii iremi union ioo f ooj 10 De Irus. [e tended with 2.000 mm, u<! no* he bu caplared aWrmo, a cry of 100,000 peap a, and guarded by 14,000 f tb? Kiag'f troop*. He la reported to bar* aaM If be ad kcowa bow intBiinoui the people would bar* beta i bta favor ha wjuld ban laaded without taking a antler with h'm. Tblak of that He a'moat woaaidern thai waa lasuliiag to their patrlotiam to take eraa a body tiard with b e Franoe radllatea It la ortdeat that oula N apt let n for oa?e la paxxled. Ba will certainly is the ilrJB|f*t party, bat tb* whole aflalr la loo aaaal io'ja to be la the kaat unmistakable, aad there la do xn for a Napoleon or Mural. II la M'lra la Italia' ire la Victor Emanuel, Kla( of Italy." Aad at thla rery juncture France Ii hobnobbing with mala ab ot the affair* of Turkey, aad lie Surzoaaal :L< me There la bow great daager that the or tela of ar will noma too Buddenly. eren before that nation aal ila hare tattled their Utlia affair with the Kmperar of btna. If Catallwa, Maple* aad 8*cfly throw on tka yoke I the Boot boa Ferdiaaad, aad Jota Ike ataadard of Vkotor Soaaael, Ikta Italy baoomea a Oral claee power, wHk a ?H'.iaiton of nearly 80,000,COO of people. The ihole maaagamaat of the prtae an l ike mtglelic telegraph la Fraao* la markrd by the i*as< arn'jig Ity, aad rrideotiy there la aewa la pleaae bath the rtee^B of the people ami uf deapousm. You are aw we Hat Furtle h?? been graa'la* peeaporlB ad It/tltm for lueelan *uMerta on the eboree nf the B ack -tea to emigrate > Turkey. Thai pear it atarly ripe. Now, * -m mar proare jonrrelf for aajihirg.for the new* from Fjrope nil boob be of the most starting deesrlMHe In what art Ike nest eke'I will e*p! > Je oo oae raa lei'. but II will, eihaf*, be by a Run ao arm* mtrchlrg na <<'-.?tactt?o It or by a Fraiek a*my fttag to the biakt of the Rhine Xa keep ordrr," or br a dire* Frtnab talarfereaoi la lelly aad Italy. Very probably all of theaa ereaw may e ooawlrad ta lata pkiaa al oaca. They are all oa the rrgramme. 1 ou may rely Now. there are many thug* tore Improbable than that Napoleon should eay lo Victor aaaauel "I wUI aerial yea to get p wwlx ar all Italy, cm Atxaaa lo 8arwy,aa4 from Cklabrla lo Vroiae. but mi ahull 1*1 me bare Ike It'akd at ftdiyaa mr par', in 1 i as Kilbtt to Koglaad baring Malta aad the luag laada" "A goad ptM, a glortoaaptoi, thla. bat wi.l it nk* If Frakce aad Koala are nraag ?aoagh. or be tre they ar* etrowf esoagb. they will, la the clar?.< las age of ike lata lamswixl William I'oole. R*i *all la." la fat key la baaad la ha eat dp aad koaed for a baa at. Hurtarr. abtek It now al lasaa wuh Aitftr*. ?> I ke op with R'ltfla for a (Ylaad, uitdrr pr.'tniar* tbtl ay bo krpt or brntea m alio* affair* may f tctaw mj for i?brcti? I'up*, the idtcUe King of Napl?i. tt>? ltlrlaa ralr in YtarUa. aad patriots and latiror i leal rttmlaad. the* ara mUmwm mica wor.U W> lu * OB ana ?Uf]?W>d kKM <udH a quadrille flat* la fxftaad wo arr hartng what U nearly. aa I rbapi qatt#, a Par?a??r.tary ortaw rh? I wda bar a rnwe ont lb* papar doty repeal bill, by a aaalwltjr at |bly alcr, rrary idtoU- aad ipcooer peer m tb? Mac B be'cg dTtft>o?<i up by proxy, or otttrwic, to tj? |hl to ib? faaa af tha n,mm< will of Um Crown, um ?h of Ormaaaoa aad the prop** Ho? H will rnd ao * know There MfttM aypto?a of um f rrrn BlrftiiPf bntthtor? raa't ff> In lb* way an-.h f?r Tb* people ar* graatiy ?iaa|?rau t, an 4 to* i, lhal haa bypanrlMoaTty pntaaM to he la farnr o' ?inly be'ey repealed, talla all thai WMlNM data Ukaa to do ?* tb? coward ndttord hto hroaher whaa ha wu rai?n?d with baring bin aoaa patted "|ira H a rwl kptog " Cool, thai for the laadiaf paper of the kief i .. H rHarly a breach at lha prem(au*e of lb* Ota ?a for iba I/trds la laty aay tat?aa thw i ftaitai u>? repeal of lha duty la lerylaj one? >ba way thay ara refalallof lha pap?r duly. aana* rma? kaw. aad brio* iha H I?Ma 'ato aa odlam that thar bar* not Krai I ^?r atoee o?4 r>o?iw?|| aaat thorn off about their hart* " * waaiad by tha fact r?mia? ! * a irreal eitent by PSE*? . tMat of Hr luha Waltar M. la Par lsam? at, that he wee no* tha prtaetpal owaer. aa TMMd "t,7-'h"Ttm" ,#r i*" zxltzz ?:r icy lo (ajare Iba arearntee of aay aauoa that were P crad'.tora ?< Um bo ?* oi RottareMM, pirrnn'ariv urla, bat ban bee* rehanee'ty brp,, , > tb? core* takaa toward* K ariti mnm ??>*.* ? iraa fo iowad ap avar alaoa Not - aa a ai'? # ?!>??P, Aoalrlaa tytaaoy ar tutlfiaa w?akanai UiMhaa an irod la tha ft?n?for y<>tra hat will ha aaaa it wonM b? dirtatod by a waaor laador la T, no% Ten i a ago thar* wan a "Iradrr on tba dWabtllnaa *r tha a to ib? impiif of. Traacta .'o?aph It h ?? i ' aramaat of a natrta ara orodltora lo Um ho to* ?' Rotha I<1 to thoaaaaatof ai laaal i*a?llNoaa?larlto#-* i?raa i i lo br placed la )a?n?ardy hy a eeoerwii rrmlot'? m ?tary. or a bad war atataal Raaala or frtnda Tha rt naawnanaoa hora haa beoa that the Tim* haa loai ot fdraoa aad Um iwIwmw of Ui* bwtaaaa I ..taaHf, aa far a* auch a tain oaa n I br 31* trnmn ?T rn ?nm praat am Bntwa > c Rg. HERALD, SATURDi pcBttc* Ut the paper dutjr kl obm rayNML ftnJ tt L ndun IrlMfrapk, or Mint utfcer jouratl, periMpa, "> ?.uM txiurtod, would bar? a Larger oiroalaUun ? 'hi, I hnle\e both (he ftIfgrmpk and Star k?f? bow?tt m< rc UHiMSCa than tbe fiiwi The ftmoas J? * m)ae In den wtl probata!) Kmc town that atroag ul lid. peodect JcmrLali?ra and the support of tbe public are quii incompatible with lb* direct partnerehlo or otruxnitiip vut oomaierclftl or fla Motel eatabUabmeat. That (iod| haa b?xii nlaved dut time and train. A umiinrr. r natter w bat kind ofa poalUon or ?tvt It <"T* not b? tbe property, organ or tool of ujr Map, or oliq1* or commercial eohcero, w?ooot aoor UuK| to be augl bui a too^ m adrertlatr.g (beet and a (raad polling x f b>c for Ita owner*. Aa an example, look at tbe garer mtnt organ at Wanatogtoa, whether thai bo a lY> mv der eld nob)an Hltebte, or tha (toasrttutrfu, or aa; at) rqueaklng p<-nny wkiatle that la blow* utero for any < latiig government. That la far aa entire government a parly, and if that fall* what muat bo tbo ultima") fate a concern owned and ooatrollod by a ttrj? ofaaurera n.cnry lender*? Tbo RothaeoiUla ara play lag a deeper gaire I or a large itake, to whlcn thoy are aboolitely o . tain to lotc?at leaat neb ia tbo prreeat probability tbe casting complicated elate of taropeaa politic Now. tbe great queaUon la, Vhat will Great Hrt'aln la tbe event of each a octal* aa I bare toreatialowi Tbere really doca aeem to be a certain vague devil m< care itnie of aoeurlty bore; t-ut one blow, one can on I Brfftbonw, or one order from tbo Tntleiieo, would ebli tbat wcnrlty to at?ww. ^ rtb France and KumI* hav ntlrc r(w<Mton Of Ibe I/evant and Tar key, and a gra inc?t Egypt, 1 do not aeo bow England, wl'h Malta I Gibraltar and tbe Ionian Ialandt, aad tbe voice a he I alwaja c'aimed and exerctaad tn tbe division* an t '*eti ment'' of Europe?I repeat, I do not ae? bo w England ? keop out of tbla war wbm It baa pot on aaotber pb> Then there ia tbe I'rlBoraa Royal cf Kapiand marrtei toi belr apparent to tbo crown of Pruaela. Doe* Eegla orgetber relation, even to a fourteenth royal-coo* Never. And bow will It affect tbo oonmerce of world? With France aad Kuaala at war with Gre\t 1rit< 'bo coirmerceof tbla country moatbeawept from i ocean. Then, If ibe Uilted State* keep clear of all " tangling allla&eea," tbey can do the abtpplngand carry trade of tbo world. A Morm threaten*; look oai t joiir lalla aro all In orler to meet It And yon are ia roiiiat of a I'reaideatlal eW<tloa?that chronic aad grow evil of your republican *}item. I fee, by one of tbe morning paper*, thai an im?rti ccnilf Dment of rlflea and piatola that bad beeo at Qiee town alnce last year baa Jutt cleared for an Esgllab p doobttaia on I la way to Sully. ] hope tbo " Italian C mlttet" at Now York will be active aad get up a aubac tlon of monev aad aw for Ganbaldl. Real'y It aeeo pit? tbat, wltb ao much aood fighting material aa you b amocg yonr 0ltbutterr there oouli not be round at meat 8 to give them a quiet paaaage to 8'otly. To scarce over oocura auob a cfcanoe for a rolendld oamm 11) a glorious country, and under to good 01 glorious a trader. Repudiating aa 1 io the b'>*tae? fllibuilertrg In general, and all loch ptoses of lolly Walker'* cxiedition to glcarsgua, I aj> cat of my bee reccmroenrilng such a course; bat really a great oauat natr otic leader, and tbe unanimous vcice of loven freedom and constitutional liberty all orer the woi make this a great and g'oriocs exception to ibe g'me'a of InruneciiotH or revolutions that bare been attemp withlii the rcoollectien of tbe present generation of m None but tyran's say the contrary. By the way, th *ai a spkndid gatberi.g at St Martin's Hal) la?t If day evenirg to ?et up a subicrlptioii, and rive mora well u or atenai atd to Uaribaktl, at which one or I Americans trok part and in trie speeches. the hall t cram-; el and a goodly mm (Ol'ected. What dll Lcnrfon Jrttui sty of It? H never mentioned it. N polHan a- d Austrian securities are oa tte sttne ba and Ro'brehlld Is the propfce'. beret i >re t closirg pbrtse ba hide different spelling. How wl 1 klkwanl twelve months'' Lei the lovers cf fi dem td the kitersof y rants give answer. Tl" t.riat I .ruro latwowieka from t i for New York; so g t your soundtvgn taken, bare y biggrns rrady, let the ' ayor ?nd tber civic dlgnHti got the City Hall In order, and let your railway i s?aa.>K*t II es be prepared to carry t e curiosity ae era to the good city I Uolhaa to view the (real arohitcctura curio ity 'be word baa ever seen Ti Is nothir g Ilk* tbe eidtemett ha extstei 1 ml ujtot but there If a firm belief in the success < f the ship, b m- chenk-a ly and ooosmercialiy. K a >>r spreads o Euopt tbe Great Ka.-t< ri. MW be - orth half a sad ol mi ay at tie least calculation. I an o 1; afrall *sr may be ao sear at band a* to preveat her s King be appointed day. 1'ccoubte ly not, hooever I do cor skier tbe coi flirt to tmu lot at as that Would aotsi | an event be a deuble diisppo'ntaent a*, this tine? B i* i | are bound to see tbe g'est ship She most one-; rld< I ateber in jour harbor, and eclipse the oyster sljopa I's boats, and iven Red oe s bland?all at oi Mould Hke nraeb to cross on her to report the trip 'or UnMin; but I catnrt Perbajie I will take a trip to Is on bcr some day. provided abe does mot get latb tbe bai of tbe gr.v(rBDK.nt as a war and transport abip Oas of *te?B>Btilpe snd other vetie's on you - aim will * hsre enough to c'o; so be raady to take the maasun the Ureal fasterii. and aee what yen will do to soil rival (or ber. Ycu may as well believe she ie a Wg ? I and I bore joor Jotime'e of Jace 21 or 22 will recoi rapli ao<1 nfr ptaeagv for h< r The Bank of Ergland ba? again reduced tbe rate of lerrtt, ud this time to four per cent. Tbo banks, (< rallv. bare reduced the ra*e? of latorrat oa depoalle. There baa beea a qolet inquiry far large ateaw lately. ?cr what fu*poee 1 bare heoa unable to tad < TIm n ap dt trot' baa juM beea given to the ua'alrc Id the Sajrre and fleenaa Bght k; vfco referee ackni 'rdgu g to a I rl??d that be Ual ?100 b?t on tbe reaal'. indge t(.trriete<l la the adit! Toere'a ja>VM for y i Rut It la all jcat aa well now Both par uea are to hi , belt*. (01 ibrr are frtrr through the coo airy to g i rami g march. e and eamoitlone, and aa tbey are h grcd Itki 'i and gncd fclloaf, and both satiated w hlaCttievn and mil reap a tlce 1 ttla fortune from It hope Brtnen'e frlenda wll' be tatfebed, aa lam aura a. liter a Marring tour thrxigh Kogland they are gal ' o Ann >lca, ard there y jo ran all be grallied who I 1 eihiVloe of tbe two moat eminent aiurole men ever ae tree rrtilaLtin' phs waa taken by the Tnrka ] audi tasrf that tba fcign contracting parU* bare made aa i gap K?a> lor their txhlbitioae with Mr Morrta, oft Nrw York Hotel, hero In I/>odoa, a thorough aaaa aad form?rlv agent for Baraum ta hie bu?ta< beta. They could not be ta bettar baada LoxtKiT, May as, 1840 Ik' Trent Brtmm Fun j* and Jmtriem tnlwmHmy J tutici? futurt rrupt(tr-R>? and Progrm gf Jtr: If a < igmMtm? TV Ortml TXrri Mrtu At On t*i prut if tUam, 4c , 4c , Every eii-erimcnt that baa for Ita object the ad ran meat cf (oaMrot, tbe leaaenlag of ezpenaa la trai portal Ice, aad Iba ccmfort aad iifety of paaetaprv Ma, 1a of such Immaaae Importance aa to attract the i teatloa of all dTlUaad net waa. Without raoaaraa to I figurre la emigration tablet, we can have UUle ooaoepu of Iba Teat Increase of em'granta and traveller* frc trope ta America daring the la*l forty yaara. The tot number (of all aatlona) that went ta your country, frc lasota lHiP, lacluaive, waa 161/M, or aa average of II 1M annually. MM to IMS, the next tea years, 171,716, 11,271 aaaaally . froaa 1M4 to 1849,1,M6,04S, or 1M Jk aaeeaUy, aad from 1M1 ta 1IM, lacloatve, (aU yean, or aa average of SOS.SM aaaaally. The rage aaaaal aumber of America* trartUere gatag ta I rape, frcm INI to ISM, waa juat I Ml (ar, dt lag the tea yeara, M,W4), while during t tlx yeaia from I'M lo IMS the whole aumt waa IS",tfw (aay 1M>,000) or 31,MO anana'ly part 1H6. tie la*t year for which t hare tbe Amerloaa offlj rrport the number of Amcrtcan traaratiantir trerrlle waa M I1S. We have before ne, then, three aetoatehli facta - Froaa 1RM to 1IM tba number of travellers fr? Karope to America a reaeed from 37,000 a /ear C7?,C(0 a year? an aoreare of Unfold la r itsea yrara while tTe aambrr of Ame'U-an traveller! gotag aVrvi aad rrturning lacreaeed In the aame ratio, or rrom 4,ot la 1?M la abcut 4C (fo la ISM Tbeae Ogaraa give i ome idea of the future importance of travel aiioaa U ...... v.r.o irrry m>Ki asgiaaa m i N?w York. Itk hu beau lb ? flgurr* of UiBBBIlMtlc traraJ dorlr ci? bitrf irl la tba Mttory of ooaao ilua aartgattoi aod wl'b tb? il'?alraala(tr? of blgta fare* and a tba uMvriaiaiha. drt.grtt aad cuuM attoalai upoa tta totroJocttca of aa iftl Ilk* Btoati * hit moat b? iba program of thli traffle durla tba fit Dn?to or ta?n!y yara, dor of whtob ilia ?? *ay ripact tws ?r tbraa Important iBrrattoaB a>d la , r>Tf (lira aa Mramora thai will mak* tba paaaact n a aotk, rcdc.a tba rafaty of tba *oyag? to alaaoat a ai<oi< t? otrtoloty, and lat oa have tmii Ilka tba Orai Ktatrta, that will carry from 6.oco to 10.0(0 p mia|ir? i cratlotl, aid with rrry ttttto rnrklog or a*a ickaa?, aa 1 laatly glra tap*nab la uaraltort a ontnfortobto oabt: |??i' for In poaada H'rltrg rM0),aod w ahall^ooi ?t- li* <00 ir 'iiruia lo Fnroi* rrrry yaar, aa bait ifat cantor of kuroptaa Uarallara (btatoaa ami >ni>la) ?oia* to Im'rta to rlati N*w York, Saratoga Niagara Fall*. U? Ylrgiala Sfrtogi. tba NaUoaal Brtdga tba (bo aal Mintatiiitl, and ma < at tod aoaaar] of lb?- Wbdr MenaUiar. lb* H hawraaoa, Ml tba tiraat lakrt aad to bring homa r^pnblloai oaaa, ara toTaatttaa, n*? book* aad go ahaad prapaa ?M?t. to ranrrv tba moaotoay aad vake up tba daapoti of l tar OM World la leektrg at tba r?>r*? of itNur rf.irtog tba tort al.u jura, wr Sad itara ate lour great rraa la tuw carlo tVa Hra? tbara vaa tba pplteati >a of Mta to pro l<*I boa**. rt:cr?aatttl|y aacrtnpllrbrd by raltoa, at Naa York, la IHi7, a bra ba raa lb* Ormoot to Albaay at Um i alt of Irr *.!?? aa boor Mnt, tbrra wan tba pracVra! dfaxartrattoa? aKb aa A?rrtoan ?ip?rnMwi?th *!<*?? oattld propal a rraaal aaroaa tbr bm?d Atlaaua, a* aaaa a lb* mia?ful ir?p af iba aktaator Dtraaaab. that aaitad ' Hl?fr?? ^KTaaaab to Itrrrpocl, ib^aoa to to. Otora beg, ?td >*ck to Aawflja Tba ao?t ara to wan oavlgit oa M tba goaoral aad MllltfaJ Mi in?i ra o4 atraai to propal thip* af a larga tan oa torg aoaaaaratol royagta anroat broad treat i. That or a may ba aatd to raibraoa tba partad fra? H.w lo 1M3 I or lag tbat ttoaa tt.a ftrluf, id. tlraat W?t iro, 'ha rr??i< fcal and tho ?* * 0n?*o mad* aoooaaafal royagr* Iwtwara Br?tol aad Wow York, tad S. Oaaard k fa. go4 ibair mall eaatraat aad rommoaa^ tbair aaar?rn?i paawrgar aad mall toaf* r tbat baa goaa aa tor soft yr?f? A coRt'auH utrwH and rof<? for*re ifctt bm m+i* *mm *<\*VW4 Aid lh#n ta M?. iba Brltfcb *t??m aloopff aar Hrlrar mado taa auto circalt o* Iba gtoba? tba Irt' mrtaro* of c.rcanntriiaitnn by ?rram ra rrr?r1?ratura sg ??fcly la 1*4?. i-r? ?a Ura iba taraattoa of (1*07), b< Mitt I'aatailaalto ?u?m rayafaflSlP), aad *ia r*o* al, r rir.atrei aad faitj m<v?a*ful ?n>'V-uini of atmaa, ">tb la aar ?rvd ?r>a?rrrtal vaarrla to '"ag raragaa, aad t# r rcamraTigatloa of tba giaba <HtO). fha tourtb >ad art ara la iiaam aarl#aUaa * tb# p'otMitoa. b-nM t f ? . I'pptrg aad **a?lafl o? tba Oroat V aaara to w>? ?a btp <4 I# kll toaa rrgtotor, aad prapritad by a amtir* oarr I bat rarm-r grarratioaa kaaa not of, aad to f a oa ba uma taj?go that aai prrfaratad by raiamboa, "rrpiidc#. a Ra'igu, a HaaOrto Rudaoa aad a Haa?br?y .Jhrit, li fr?i barka tt rraa M to Ul toot Vinbw Iba X, JUNE 9, I860.?TRIPLE s i 5! &**?&" f t *5? "'-: id ?? i century. jtJ (? ? * imtomnnn and y ui)?*p?C.C? tUMkf, ih? f3 -, n i Eastern *hoil< a- j rntet with a fatal casaaHy befor uie terminus of th? 0 f te to, ar c, It en all we can say ' ua ^ pUa odiwotr uf tbe ?ize of this one la aa or. rat bar, an uodeve [ ' 'Wf ?*pti Bo |fcr ?fc# jj' , (ocoeaa?a mwi oaan 10 | pM6 Mechanical *" ,>tll lni ?htn we add to thla ooai -- I atTt .* waktUl luootn, tbe fourth great era li s. ocT*" ? - navigation will hare been reaohe l ai | it nts^ out 0, pltot t>ert u> ?"* of the thra a- j |r?H ?r?'j of the prcgrta# of (team i Mnmeroe bettfeei a- > ortat Wllaln tad the United Stales. lb* flnt it U>? V | Itf of ate am traffic by means o< large steamships In 1M tar and 1M0. This continued aoooeaa/nlly fjr tan yean sx- when tbo seeond era was Inaugurated by F. K. OoUlai ad Co , In atarUag tbe naagnlOoent liaa af Amertoati stoats of era. otdrr tbe patronage of tbe r"*erataeat?a patron 14 nd ifcai was withdrawn so an timely as to 1st the Una g ata rfown, and inrrtndar the aUanilc to the stoat er- Unit of Great Britain. Then we have the third and lai In commercial era, In the opening of traffic L?tweea A merle and Ireland, by Mr. John Orrell Uver, M. P. for Ualwa] do Tbe eatablabmeat of the I/rrer ltoa Is deattaed in Una I elV be aa cekbrated aa the CoHlua, the Canard and the Penti iy- solar and Oriental la their respective spheres. Thla lai the era baa brought aboat two valoahle purposes the opei rer 1ng of lbs abortest Una of traffic aeroa* the ocean, froi log Galwav to New found land, giving Improved mall faitllUa n- U)d fti th? IAIM ttmA fnrnilhlr.a TmUhM h *?all n?nn<v tni Hen of that active com Mm that she la entitled to frot laa btr gtrgrapbtoal poahina. bcr populalma and bar afr lie cultural ?Ld miz.u!featuring reioaroee saa Though America was ear lleat in the net, aad ao. ae. ceaelully catablwhcd tbe Brat lira of the foi lhe great era* In ateam navigation, England baa Uttorl .ad made greater victorlea aad bad Mora aubataatlal iucceaae In? Tbe active commerce of Great Britain over aaa la ao lhe carried on by meana of about nine hundred ateanabloi ..a, and three fourtba of the (team traffic M?eu Eoglaadao ibe tbe United Stalea la under the Brttlab Hag. That lnrqutl en- t j cr disparity ctnoot, in tbe nature cf lb toga, long raaaal tog ?a It la. Tbe Americana meat aoon begin to aaaert an hat win tbelr poeillon in tba great field of oommerea, aad thi ibe ran only be dote by nraoa of atoaaa. Let tba Urn lag Eastern be a part ai or a oomplete aaooeaa, and tbe vein of (be experiment cau be reaped aa much by tba Amei in rasa aa by the bfliali. Tbey have only, tbaa, to aire la critical exaailcatKB ef tbe great a hip; make her bull' >rt, h<r vast capacity, her double enrtnea, aad ell her peer jm liarltiea a matter of atady, ana then go to work aa rip build acme thing to teat bar. You bare got aom taa thing to oo to eeoompliah It, but M can be dom are Yon have never bad auob aa opportunll >me lor ttudylrg naval architecture and seeing "a raarv ere andaabow"aa at tbe present time, aad if you do u dgn * improve it, the fault la your owa. U yon are ever gois r ao to be successful rlvaJa of the English In the world's ono a of merce, you have ao time to lote. TO win that goi l< aa (rise, a fair a hare of M, tbe profits of which. In the Inte t In charge of praducta between dlffareat ooua'Jiea, aal ?, a from lhe Internal trade of each aatloa, are oompulel i or no Itai a mm than a thousand million dollar*, ($1,<XX "Id, CO0,000) aar ually, you have got to take advantage of a llty of j our tagcaulty and energy, aad reap the beneOt of tl led caperiment*, the auooeaaaa aad lhe failurea of otbor a aa. Ucta aa well aa your owa. ere _____ Oair Paris Camipeadeaea, ^ . ri??, May 24. IMO. vaa The /Tern From Garibaldi?Alarm of lhe IteapMUi 'cb? Miniittr?lkt King <f Naplet JUady for rUgjht-Pr tla, ftc Summer Seitet Iy Qovrnmmt?Qariba'di i bat iVueirfsn cf Ifttrly tJU Wkclt of Italf?Reception < 1J1 the King of Sardinia by Qu CatMic Clergy? Mtam m emduttom 1m Pruuia cf a Pmuo MngUih AlUmc >?r 4c, 4c. We bare joat beard that Garibaldi had auooeeded aaa/I pAbrmA T htsA Wb iftanrM em mnrtA utth 1 k' rltjr tbat U>to report la well founded; that the future fi ^ of Hflly mj b? considered u settled. The id ; Minister here, whom I n? to day, ?u ao netted ia b 0(11 k acne rand ao apparently alarmed aa to pro?* that I I*" bad beaid Dew* of any but a reassuring eharaotor. 11 the people connected with bla Ministry a too betray an alar 'on that |?es to prove that they have rtcilred bad ui The King of Naplea baa Bad* all ready for a (tart, a< roa ?111 no doebl leave bto dominions to lake care of thei ' aelvea. boo Id the rebellion aaaume a seriDi* cbaract U" oear hi* royal person. It to call that Garibaldi h the at turned the dictatorship of Sicily, la the aame of Viol Emaasel, and that beyond a doubt he will socoeed In fi ^ ting Ike whole of the leland In hla power within a vei t?n abori period I iboold hare stated above that, at N*apl? Y'af the authorities had laid banda on all the private, m iafl< merclal and paasenger ateamera, ao that traveller* we d a lorcid to take other than aaa route* far Franoo and oth ln plaoee. The Romaa government makes load complain M' against the Pkdmonteee govtrnment far the ? trance of the Papal territory by a band of Si hundred volunteera, who retired at oooe lata Tossat M when they found-bat the people were aot ready to eaaoi ?w- then The truth la the Sardinian government bat not oaA lag whatever to do wMh the act of the Ave hoadrei volu ira leer* In qneaUon, but the Pope'a government ha* found tre theme for oomplatat, a wrong oommlued against then aad they make good use of lb* chance afforded Iberrb; ; i The future oeaduot of Viator Kmenuel'* government wt ?? no doubt be Itllueooed by the preeeat uajuat aocaaatioj ** #f Soma. Von must warn your readers against plajln ?B iao moch reltanoe on the despatches raoeived from N'aple< it- up 10 im pcttDl HmiKHMUkM da)l lo (Mat any thin llk? the truth The official deapa'cbea from Naplea '.or of ovt totally wrocg, ud where they aonouoae detaa'. fo m Garibaldi, wo aaoerUla that, oa the contrary, the Geaen r((oM the rojal trcope, aad fa.oad la all caae* the ad vacuie? *o aach 00. that with the rxoeptloa of Pal na . i aad XcMiaa, the laland la hla. Purine U>* profrtaa c m Victor buiul throoph the Pachlfa nearly annexed i hla kirgdaa^ hla Majaatr waa etety whore, with but am notable excepttoa, well reeatrad by the clergy. Card toe Ctortl, Arehbtahap of Plan, thi exception I rerer to, re ?. eelrrd the Klag badly, and gece renewed ofleaoe bj rrfuatog to aUaw hla clnrfy to perform Uv naual ierrtee oa the TeaUral of the oonM'alloo at la eoaccqueaao of thla act, the Cardinal hai H. boea brought up to Twin under auUtary eaoort, to aaawai for bta caadoel The peapltal the EmlUaa proriaow M bare na erreral oceaatoas beaa with dimoulty reatrainee oa by the aathorltlea from committing Tloleaea ea Um re m fiactory cWrgy. the Turla joarnala *ay ? 1^1 l>a Opart at Room to ! > toe of roaoalag la onr klaadaa the dte.orbea-M eietttd ta ?r?aertoad nadarOeaaorylkYl m It thmki a >1IH to tar>a aa ttaltaa aoadMtirad,headed bi oMa itotcne eaidlaal btohope ?at the gr iei ?lit U acoai kf eao.?h ta fnMWato aaah artatoal teoa UM the btohopt or who M* OMtar d to tha aow oraar of tMa?a ahaadea Matr aeae 04 aad whotolltoaiiekoetootllatoaMaaMma?toM Urn aaaan ' Who tag Ma ? We Ma a?? lull ta ?a uta at M Baaaa, daaald aa ? fatal 11 111 a?a 1 artoe traa thaaa Ma A voteaTalinM thaltate Ihathaa to fear toaM. 11m Mm Re teat af PraMta la to attoad la peraaa Um opening of tha Rhine Nahe, Saarbaek aad Trier railway ha Marabal UcMahoa, who ocmMaade at Chafaaa, will mm ?r the f-rlace oa the Preaeh m altera aad walooMe hlM n ? tha aanie of the fmperor Napotroa, who it waa ramar * it aooM> faa ilaoe waa htaaeif ta Moat the Prtaae, aa thh ial orraetoa, bat thia waa aa error, aa 1 aa an?t that hn ra Majrity will aot Meat ha B gheeae. It ta sow rumored bat 1 believe withoat Mrtoaa fboadntlen, that tha Emp? ' rrr ef lljuaia la to Ttatt the Fropacer Naaoleoa Aa yel m there la ao grounJ (or euoh a report Bpeaktog of tha Is Prtoee af Proaeto, I araM ate the toMMMinnniat M ha rwech apoa the claetag ?T tha Praeaaa Chaabere at Ber ~ 16. The Prtaoe raid Ooraiaiatk moat MrVmtty eadeecortot to brlaa ebon <0 e*rb ealailoea o. lhe qaaeBot a ?Meh at peaeeal eagaaetnoM leatlea of the Kure*eaa (febineto aa will be adaauato to tha ' Maiaaaaaaeof lha soiittaai equilibrium. Tke pr?el lee aklrh mlde tht (fTtraMaat hi ha ratattaaa Mh lha r.etMaa OatMarMaoa aad the Oaraan n?rt ta ra If |ard to tke praeeat h%Wy teporiaat alTalra. haea baae eaalaM .. ad diirla* thti aeaaloa 1W ?0?anMeal alae ?i ta fn.-a. ? adhere to there p'-aHptea aad will ejaMaaa M reward the 1, aalateaaaea af theieoocal/rd rtghiaaf eUeraeaaoeeaaary far the maiaietaaee of ha aaa rl?hM lMwntetaadtat lha nwweaea af eaWaa eitaU*cia raV It reaae to tM?r Haat ...rati na. to aae lealtac all the OaraMa r? rriMeMeaad ?ena!e are aaaalMeaa ?Uh aralf aad the > Prneetoa reofto-lbat to. to uaahahaa nda*y Mthaesaamwi faibertaid. aad ta the etmag aailMa thM the todaa?daaae * (faa cattra. aad tha toMertty af the Mtoail lariltoii. a-e a MMtora of la^nma'a. beftre whMh al Maraal aTawa aad dhw aetoaa far reeeaa. a the eaatlaaaMoa of hli Royal FTVfhaMi' epaech treated . of qartttara reenectlat the laterlar a We hcarrrrm BMlto thai the apaeeh af the OortraMeot a OaaacDIrr, MathH, ta tha etttlrg of tha Slal InaL, la whtah 1 the COuaetUar rronMaMadad aa latiaaate alltonee betwrea 1 Prorata aad F>|)aad. to tuaali1aal>na af lha Iraaao Roe , iiaa alHaaea, baa oaaaad treat offeaoe. aad ihu tha am a . VI ivrwfM iwwvrs uruHN lipMMMM f# I. m??C MM7 ??MI ft lift ^ HIM Itot MiMHUtM ?n|b* oimmi kM for tk! m* <*? " of OMMMWlftJ UMk. MrM nrMO. H4 NT*. r Ml Cliff IlklH i a feapfttehMftMMlftflka ? * ! ikarakalaba* jmi , rafteka* aa ffa* Napla*; ka?. a?forto?*ufy tor ib? Mil cmrHI NMpoltun dwpafc*. wobttr thattba rmmhM I oocuirW Ifca tflfclftl ?aap*?ct> l? *a fbUa*?1 MMMMi M fu "?* ba*n kM M tvtoa, ftaai iwtr II Iliii m4 puramd Tfcta w*a all right had wa ant kimd la dot mat tD? official HMOMMNk, Ml BOi rooflrad Ik* following Iran ft aourea tkftl Mkkrt M tratk aadanMad Kav 14 1 Ml ff k?**?Mft*d imp* oka war* %t mtfr Ml?Mt M iWtM NftfMt llna i . tM? ?-".b** *?* ?? ?? *t*?mi?m Irt iba r-nU tnwpi of ralami, IMM, Ttaoaat iM ftyraaaa*. PftiM Oor?a*ftkaf hM Mt iftM-iietinM lo Ik* RwtM l*pr? mttflTM at ?ka Owirto of It* *r?*? p?w*r? cicala H| why tta TarUah Atohaaaalor waa am Mr** vita lha Arobaaaadora at Aaatria, fruw, Oraat Rrttita Ml PraMte la raaalra Ik* propaaalt m Raatt* ratatira to m ttnotry *M lha ooadlllM af tha CbrteMM la furkay Prtaor <;ortorhak*ff *ay* - ' T?* madam of lha ChttaMaa* to thm Tnrttt K*nt-? w aqitoim*# ?*a*raltoi<T*M rmml ft?. 5a *M?*railoa ol * I iroMM < aafctraaa whttb. for a?H> flftj k?a ^rrrvSSr-'^ ?3?.?. .? If * >?f tw? tiwiyT to tall tka r*vramt*ti'? of lb* rrFia to 'WiM-aM of lha A mbtnadnr* hM<? tb* alrn^l of ?*'??*> '?> ttr?a?ae!d? *w?ld k?vo ' *! B..4* bj tardtoto, ?hr** pvtMraitrn ta lb* iMnttMi*. la ou?o*tnaa ?onl4 kar? W" ypm 4 h? a storfe. "l ?aa (b-r* f<?* r.?r> M*r> *o f lotwto ika fcrto f* ntd*r toaraM Iba *2a> >Mra ->f Maim*!. *ad to wato lb* Mlbanaon* m <t? ?r?u Prvori rnly. I Pff tkM Mraral VkrHah journal* m iftiwi m m to kr?r IftdDf arlMr* aid WTMlftito, la tinpr? ? Uxtr r?K*r? wttk ibfHtM thai Ik* rraaak prraramoM a ?h?. lo quarr. I with flardtato. Thar* la art Ota tftohtaM fon??*atlor far took MftPTtl M. With Iba towaato f itCm ! la ik* wab li mik*r to tkt Ikaagkt >om^M S SHEET. >ua,m f * ' Tit tmrnmmi m Ot AMKm QamHtii V*otriaim+ , HtftUcm Dupaukm Pimm TabU Uik cm ^ d|fw i ftrt tUhmUum tm Matin* tkt Lam tf D eiftkl I ury mmti cmd JnprvtmtnU to Pmit, ^ ^ plea TU excitement la prodlgloua on <Jm qM-Uoa. . By a aoit of general agreement, trn <>Mhe part of thoae n'l* hostile to the lnaurgenta, lHUe ?r r, ^ h to ^ from Neapolitan deapalcbes. The la* bulletin, dated the 24th, tt ? taim?MTf ChSCk (a IK* n>HhaMlkn u hni Ilia DO I 'g wet believed. Him bel.eved yeaterday at the dinner ^ i. given *jj Lord Cowley la honor of the Queea'a birthday, piao 51 when Lorda Gray and Howdea ud Mr. Cbbdsa frequently | 1011 p discussed the prospects of the patriot!, aa the lisurgeat |"u ;o party are no# coming to be oalled. Lord Oowleyaapteotiy oen 2 remarked that ha should withhold bla optnlin on Garl ??? ia bald I s chaaoes tUl he hoard of eome of Um royal troops r. jjiniughls standard. "That," aaid Mr. OubOen, "I very Inn * little doabt, is a mere Matter of tine. Never was awh a [?ur it couatry aa Solly for a ohlef of guerilla. The roada are ?hl, 1 txecrable, and therefore a great difficulty to tbe royal Inn raage, which Might otherwise hare traasportod with far clltty the heavy Materials of warfare whlob c-matttaje its nc? advantage." "Tiaae la ererythlng to Garibaldi," rejilaed end Lord Bowdea, "aad, with Moareale at hla oommand, I do o- aot ecruple to aa/that Palermo Itself la not rery far off ft7( " ibe getting.' >? J Of eoorse theae wera Merely the fngltlre remarks lacl- 7 ' w dent to a diaaer table ;bzt,coaak ertiig that they wers made cult jjj In the presence of the Qneea's reprceenudre, and by ?ftl jj. parties who hare a .European atatus, oae naturally pricks jf*' In op oae'a ears aa they pass. In the oonrse of the bar * evenlrg Lord Howard, who, It will be remembered, Tfc? ii was for some Umo Brttlah Minister at Madrid, took , >e oocaaiOB to obaerre that the present unanimity lo Garl is < ^ baldl'a favor M England aad France was a rery carious Am li feature of the tiaara. Hitherto, experience has csrtalnly a- ihown, be said, that the enttnU cordial* bw only pro- the ed dooed subsequent heartburnls( aad Jealousy. Take the br0 t. great Eaatern question. How great was the unanimity ** ly which brought Englaid and Fraaoa against Ruseta? What wit la the atate of things on that question now? Wmild not l( England out off hsr right band rather than do It again. a- Look at tbe Austrian or Central Italian queeUon. Whs boe !rn will tay that, however proper the ayMpathy In favor of *ni ie Italy, Its exhibition at that particular time, was not to n at play the game of Fraooe' And now, when for Sully all J j'j England la intsreatod, who is to assart that ahe Is not ua- <Jet ie conetiooaly creating a Neapolitan throne for a anion of the jjao a- French empire* It teems aa If the two oountriei were Gar alwava to ba unanimous In anatchinr tha hone af ana. the tentton froD a third pwty, only Ihtl they might a'ter pa, warda tnnale for it tbemaelrea Hitherto, added hi* l/>rd- had j, ? >!?, we know pretty well who hu played out this gitne <?rU i, the heat Thar* maj com* a time when Joha Bill will ^ , grow tick of Bering the oyster bolted by France, whlla he 20, ( . has nothing hot the ahell. Tb? t Oct of doors the prospects of Garibaldi surpass in latsrrst every other topic. People seam never weary or Gar reallrg the roomatie description of his landing at MarMia; and as all Frenchmen, more or leee, hire a oertatn at competency In matters af military strategy, it la the w amusing to haar the animated criticisms fiat ^ M they abeorh. By universal sasiiat Messina. la ten looked upon aa the key to the whole IsUod, ?? M and it la conOdeatly predicted that the enthusiastic hero ano le wtio has so frequently within the liat ten yea's en- clai M cbanled the world by his woaderful detda will, within a woe few dajs, peacsa himself of it unknown that, as laie 1? 31 as I be 2?d, the greatest oonfuslon and panic existed the a. among the military and administrative authorlUei of that dial .j place?that tlie Woo pa war* looked upon with distrust by * ! their ( fflcerr?indeed, that six thou-and, sent from Pa n" lermo to CMaltflssl to oppoae Garibaldi, had. with the T er emctpUon ot tttotn hundred, and who were deprive! of M thtlr aims by their comrades, gone over to the patriots; Mar that four pieces of cannoa, also, had been aeiaed by bal( or Garibaldi, who waa at the bead of store than 30,000 ??" it- volunteer*. The reporta that he had made rood bts entrv was _ IB In Palermo are not poo Armed at the hour I writ*. Che <** 7 Jf< ntirur la parUcnlarly charj of tta words on the Hloilian T! "> queatlon in iia preeeat tiage. Im moat It doeaiatoen- A d- i gfcien the public mind on Um looeliiy of Uie roece at In- Ml Urett It WU? as that Oatalatml la a towa of four ar Are ' ? ? thoorand inhabitants, aad act of ten thooeaad?that tt is f dominated by afaaatle now to rntaa, aad that the Neapoli- ht'l \m tat* have (Ivan great adraatagea to the gueiUlts by aot defrsdlsg these parta It talla ua, moreover, that if tbe Jt Insurgents possess Ihtmtalret of Mouat 84. Juliaao, they tow! '* can cut off the water from Trapaao, aad that If thay be bait ,? tuOrkntly aameroos they ran reech the rtoh ralleyt of toM , Chatel Vetraio and Bampo Bello, and the town* or far the 11 Ml aid cafola oa tha aortheaak. But the effljuu journal leg b la earefol to lay do mote. tha Tbt CBort of CMsaliea haa, uader tha ahowtog of M tbrt Pup n, moulted tha orottniettoa placed as the eaaa af da- rail famatloa w hich the heirs of Moooetgarur Rouaaaaa, the to.j ?, pxttLt Buhep af Orleans' predeomsr, aaea him upoa. a > . 1 lw or EBiroottoo put opaa that law whan r nf >roed against land ? M liupaaieup waa that datamation oould aot a jplr to tha low< " ?<ao, *ad ha waa therefore acquitted But tha arguments aa c if V Dvpln are (aad tha Court bat subsorlbsd to tbsm) tb?r . that the f'lra or tbe dead have sacosaded to tha miral aa bold w*n aa material poaaeMtoni, and that they Justly eattUod defll i; aaid hair* to eaforoe against tlaader the law to question the I g Tbe Mtmiu+r publishes a daarae proanlgattog from the rrgi D prerent date tbe bill Just adoptel by the ieflttetlro body fl,?. rataltve to tha doty oa sugar, mObe, ooooa aad tea. def? r The duty oa home crown sugars aad thoae from tha taril a Frcrch colostra la rtoattd from 4&' to m (tee 10* klloa obat r (the kilo batof rather mora thaa two pounds). Tbe aur ielr charge on foreun rugart la lowered from ?f to 8f for all Pale 0 ccuLtrWi out of Europe All unrefined augara ara aow to l sen if pay tbe tame duty Refined a agar U still prohibited. Tha Mart tMTermital daty la fhror of NMton neflSee la sapprstsed. lata A totrseope af aiteam rttoary magairyleg powar H at A lea preMnt in ooarae af crectioa at tha Paris Obtei eatery, plan aad la caM ta hare a fcagntfjlsg powar of twenty thaa- bidk tnad >c ru ' A irand dltcueaioa baa lor some time edited?which Magi the Vreach bare tatla'acterUy examined without tha thaa abcre maaUcael leleaoope ?whether Florence ar IVlBM ml al nrrt used noaoon B aow appears that the tahrtMaata of one < f. Metx. la 1>M, two year* ataitor to tha date awm" toted ottre > by the Idol of Dante, employed two eaanoa with graad treri (* *. A maauacrlpt chronicle at Eptaal has aalTed thla lath Interetotog ealgma. to A1 Taa Em par or, wbo holds a graad rartew to day am the gorgi race ooaraa to tha lata da Baotogaa, had y wtei lay tha haM rarifable baOaaa called tha Flying Hah exhibited before 6.0CC himaaif aad tha Cmprraa aad tha Priaoa tmpartol This bal aatet [ toaa, whiafe rtaaatblaa a whale to cmthae, aad haa far extra *aat ttma paat baea eihiMttag to om af tha rooma ta tha aaaB f Pa>ala da lladoatria, la pwrvted wtth paddle wheala Thai wathad by aaaMll eagtoe, aad la made to aat to aay aat t 1 dlraatMB by aaaaaa af a rudder piaoad at ooa of tha extranil guar Uaa Tha whale, oa the praaaataoeaatoa. waa kept 1a haad at tolas a hamht af acme yards, aad the maehiaa p?Itemed oa tt svterte maatr- .rrra, emeeg whiah waa a otroto is a Mate "Moppaga ' hafare tha wladow af tha Empraaa. Tha aaUM Emperor seemed totenated, aad pat aame rery perttoaM them qaeeUcae traa Tha aelahrattoa af the Qoeea of Kagtoad * birthday, at the V the Briuab embassy, briaga to a e*oaa tha Parte aaaaoo aa Trapt regarda the btgikh UMtete. The warm weather, the oaly flight af tha ooart almoat Immeilnlsly to Pbwtatoabtsau, taa J i aad tha lerarlah Mate of the political Wtsoa, hare oem- besid bleed to empty this gay capital af the ahiaf part of to pa Bi itein. There are rery tew Amadoaaa aow Vara All oa th are mefctog haste te the waters, aad by aad by, except baidt that thereto alsrais samsthlag new is keep the otwd saate from ategaathig, to toga will hare sahmsd down tmaaaoe*- by a ly. Tha fords ara a *hjK*e to adrames of former qana aflbrd Uoaa. Prtooe Jaraaaa haa gwe to hto saute of raie?aat< hM a for the summer, aad Prtooe Kapdptot aad tha Prtncae were CtottMe do the beat thsr eaa tobheer the Paitdlsi s by detoa iheto prmeaas But, troth te tar, the Prtoesas is leaked by a upoa as a well meeatag aoaratity, aad the Prtooe him flml I self aa a mm i ah my*, shoot whom the leas said or aeen aad o tbe better. B ? ramored that of lam aome jealooay hat there wnm laprnmi ftiaBawa by lh? of IV Moratt, who art Ml wttboal f*a?* tbal, la U?a *r?it of a town* TacMTT at Naplaa, Ibalr clalwa alghl ba orartoafcad la labab farer or Jirani'a aaa. duca i Tba imptorcBaaia of Ik* capital ara balvg alinl far mrtl I ward at a galtopiif paoa Itbo wfcara (raa* booaaa are haadl ?i>m |lM a frrtb road* making, fr?ah (loaaollttoM Uklat; l>ara Tlaataltpa* la all mrantiea* ar? (ata? oa, anl tb* , . tranfar waadara wb*a all tb? ayaUtn of aalttaf Part* a * " cal**t*U paradiaa will tarmiaata Around lb# Ara da l EUita a cirri* of r?laoM will aooa ba aa*n neb aa no otbat capital raa boaal of Bafar* tbam frorta of baaa ? wal itwiara piaated. lonrtooa aaala ara wiiwil bora , aad about, aad bat oa* MUMl bmbm to daalaalo? thai aov tbal tba bol waalbar la oaslaf oa lb* cnitaaa bould taka tbotr rapeaa AU dan tba aoatb aMa of Um ? Chaai;* Eljaaaa gardaaa ar* aaklac, with fouataiaa aad K ' ti'iu.iltc ttaloarj, aad tba iu4daaa?aa tlb wbh b thaaa *mb*lli*bn?*t* ara carrtad forward aad cootpMod M oat aitraoNbary. TW f portal aorbaa aaraaftra bava n, ultra* of tra*ar*aiy for lamadlat* traaaptaatlac at aaj mooKBt aad la aaj aaaaoa Th'ir root* ara oealaad la . ba*k*I woik, aa tbal abac dataeb*! tram lb* aotl aa rto- .... laaoa la daa* tba*. :!?" 7. Madaat* R?tari baa laftaa bar laara. aad M ta fmarallr r*yail*'l baa amaptad aa amimMt for raar aMa of IM Atiaatie. If n ba *a 1 wt*b raa )oy, braairi par foot !*# actnaa lb* modulation* of ?boa* toaaa ara aa tataUlxl .. TT b)a a* bar word*? faw paraaM bar* baaa fortuaala aaangb JL ! ^ THS BICILIA1 107I1DT, Ital Pi th# Obi Tfea OMUaa*d ? "? - ? im.i TMIMII mt Ptltna* by Ik* that n tlrauu Mta U 9* th? Rupoiuui tm Ijj* Ditul Tkm. A ^ (Pro? Ik* Parla PHrV. May ? ] Th* fo Tw* itopafctoa h?rt> milil I'arM, oommj from op- 1 psaita but aqaalt? iMportaat mnM of la'oraaHoa. tbc Aaaardtof I* OM, Um N*apoMaa troop* Nmitrtl*! * ? lh a*4ar U>* wall* of raMrmo miiMto kin (Iron batu* < tolk*rcto*to*r*of Oarihaldl.rapoMad lh*?aad rorood um to itM to rtoraM m tb* road to Pari?to*, Thta afTtlr JJJLJJ hi Mid to ??? takrn ptooe to Um ill*ri?N of Ui* \ tm Award taf to the oMot. Um Oarlbatdtaaa had a*- Ik* Cm tMkadtbaraya) troopa aad had oanpMaly dribatod tbAia {JL.?'*., Tba waalt of thla eoibat, acaardtog to to* aaaM dwpalab, mum* woatd t?ad to lb* tmnodlato rraruaUoa of Ik* worba of M? b ratorwn and Iboa* of MMtoi, Trapaal, Oatoato aad 8fra ""^V. mm W* Moat add tkal a third ptM* af tolbnaattoa tnr by a rattoaa a faal Wbleb w? |tra with all num. Trem InwH I ih? Mat adrMM Omb tba MMl Ap \ apiHlaw m mt ciitM *f rahrmc m OiMnb>< ?*? mow,,. W * * " -re. . I i the a let, the voiunteere of Garibaldi, who war* ata?- 1 of all Ik* oomauleattona from Mmh I* Aloaaoo, ? Miy thr*ateaed Ftlmw. Independently of the prin> oorp*i whiah la orgaclied la a completely mitt. ?* *?, Md hag a quad ron of oavalrr, aad four a* of moon ted aad barnetaed artillery, Um laaurroc^.0,r0t, ??"P?aed of Irregular troop*, forraei lata eabl* column*, for the parpoee of carryiac on a fuowiifare, tbrlr lie of aback extending. If DMMHrf 1 C*fl,'tr*QO''! tMk?' from Cartal Th?ee iu hold in their power the lead road which "? rrato Palermo. The former of theee two aUeei o*a longer be -rerietnalled except by eea. Htortated lively that on U>* 17th and tbree roliowio. dajsthere 8 aagfcat number of partial landtag*. taey tooi on the part of the ooaat extending from Cape Bjj> m river of (Urgent!. Tbla pirt of the "i-?t ooait > alwaya been favorable to amaggl'sg, aad ooewqaenl- i > clantler.itie landing*. The U.?urrecUon bad ttiue ro- i| eo, tv we ihi nun, a ocu?lasraote quantity or (tore*, ha* now all tbe irm and ammunition necessary for aing fie?li odrps of native volunteers. General Uaz* j led at Paleimo early in tbe morning or tbe JOtb, and i eo lately baa bla proclamations posted up. Id| tbe day be beld a ciuncll of war, and nglv reproacbcd bit predecessor for tbe Incaptctty { ob be bad ibown, and for tbe fault be bad oommitiod ot bavirg forttOed and ilrongly occupied tbe imolei of Calataflal, both of which might have been sadly ' inded. General Lanza bae adopted tbe only military jure* In bis power. He bas canoentralel bli army er tbe walla of Palermo; baa erected redouble on tne his which 'command (be road*, and arranged I trcope la lucb a manner as to be ablj to > battle with his whole force. These arraugeita ue lrreproacbable in a military pout of r, but they do not prevent tbe General frnn no-' himself surrounced by elmost insurmodntaLle dttnlee, aa tbe whole city of IVermo ia In favor so lneurrection. At tbe last dates, tbe Amtlie steal) Ue, of lorty four guns, and tbe steam oarrattes 7.<fand Christina, bad arrived at Messina from Naples, lag troops on bosrd, and three bomb vessels ia to v. rtesm vesstls Ercolc, Ve?nvlo, PulmiaMte, Velo-s Misene bad arrived at Naples from Palermo, bavog board a number of families who were leaving .Sicily sonsequtace of tbe stale or alTalrs In tbe inland. otg tbe passengers on board tbese vesieis are Prince tfe Gastelelcala, late Governor or at ally, I bis family: If. Mani'calco and bis family; aad wife and family of General Letizia. The Fulminant* ughl tat tow tbe Plrmonte steamer, one of tbe vetsela Ich landed tbe volunteers at Marsala There wer? led on board of her a quantity of rlee, sugar, eoffee, le, tents, MO mnskets and two pleoes of artillery, lob there bad not been time to land. There was ali? Dd In one of tbe cabins tbe flag presented to Garlbtl tl Ibe lad its of Genoa, and which had bsen forgotten on ,rd. At tbe last dates perfect tranquillity prevailed at dies, bat the greatest gloom was caised by tbe event* licilr [/rom the Paris Opinion Nationals. May 25 ] l telegraphic despatch fro a our private agent gives us alls frcm Messina to tbe Kd. At that date tbe greatest ilc reigned among the military and administrative aa rltles. The Inhabitants were leaving in orowdi to >oin . Ibalcfc strangers were leaving In great numbers, sol V twenty thousand men or tbe garrtsoo remains 1 tbe forts. Of a body of S,C00 mm ttrU from letsw to Oalatajtmi to Oppott QaKbaUti, 1,500 I returned ?stthrmt arm, and the rtU Kui tU\rr rted ir been Iskm pritcneri. Thsy bad left r pieces of cannon In Garibaldi's power, wh?, when appeared before Palermo, bad with him ?p wards of :?0 men, consisting of volunteers and armsl peiants. i capture of Palermo Is annouaoed at tbs same time a Brussels, Loolun and 11avas office , aad from these ious sources It appsars evident that tbe assertion ot ibaldt bavins been defeated was aotblss but an soda IM'fhood invented to irain tweetyfoor boon, Mi lead public Impatience. Par from defeating Garibiklt I lalataDmi, Land* vu foroed Into Iwao bp TOiuclrera at the point o' lb* bayonet, lb* ex rated population dotnc all they- Mold to lm bta ret?eat Tbe rinsut or Mi dwtoton <w- ' id Palermo without arms, wUbout ba|fag*, and tn the it mieerable oosdMJoo. uari^aldl tbea addreaeoA tber proclamation to the Sicilian ?, tn which ha dead that If ba bad bean aware of their berolaat ha ild hare Unded without a tingle folio war. it announced tbat Garibaldi, bell)(entirely muter of whole Wand, hot beenprvdaimtd Dictator, and Humely announctd Lh*t am appeal would b* made U tutioermffrage to declare m the ?*?%'xatim if Sicily to tba law kwodom, wader the tefptre Victor an vimel. be tfflckl Turin GcurtU contain* a deepatch dated the i May, relative to the encoucter of Garibaldi at 8aa Uao with Barer lane tn the Neapolitan aenrtea. GartII had approached nearer to Palermo, the hetcow ' ind which ware oocupted by icfurfeota. An aUt-t Imminent Grnaral Imh had demanded aa armlsof Garibaldi without (Sect ha deepatch of troopa from Nap lea to cfly ooeilntiM. telegraphic deepatch from Palermo of the 231 May, at * P. M., aanonacea that Garibaldi* troopa were in uo hear Palermo and an attack wee miwientarily ex?d. Twenty thouMnd NeapoUtana occupied lha Ma which commanded the town for tvo mllee round. [From the Uoiiteur ) . YMktle-Poc oommuntcatea to the Momilmr lha folog account of thoaa pcrtkma of Htdly into vhlsb Gari II U Tuiumrrra nave pcneirMMFrom MmU two I II Wad toward* Pernio on# In good repair, followiog I coMt on tb? north to Irapaal, awl from Trapanl torn- I isddoaly to the east by *ouat 8m JaU?o, treses I defiles to Oa'.aUQmt. redescends towards ibo w>a I isgh Aleamo, and thrn prooeodo right along the a^lm li<l sy of Pakrao. A second real, lem carefully alien Vfl ;??a Dram Marsala to Ceisiaamt. Maraala oa \y po?a??- f s mall port aad a roadstead not nrj deep, oo in I aid# It la defeated by old woIIh Banked *Hhi.| iwo tra. U la olaar thai troops dieembarklng at MaretU, pta lows oa a low shore, ooold not Mead to rrmila ? aa hoar. If the Neapolitan troops bad la tee doe tn the eoualry, tbey would only hare bad to guard the ii, which lead Is ChlalaBml, aad Is tbat aaaa, area if Issargenla bad p oast reel a ntmarooa artillery aai liar troops, they oaold not bars adraaoed mots iWn ilea Into ths tastaiior. As tho Nsapobuns an not sd the defiles of ChJaUflml, they abaadoaa J rolnay or Ihrordly all Um writers part of the Mead. \"? ad* prstresiiBf the tasurgeeta from nriaaaUeg the a rs bafors the latter lows aay offeasfva retnra from rmo was impossible, or at hast wry daagorou. To* rgeata, |issaimMg Chlataflasl, are asestars of frapvii, Mia, Mssasia, Caatal Vstraso, aad oven Salaam Bit s sisaatas aa lastut this wistora part of the lalao 1. as la a tows shoe tad oa a plttroo la the asHst of a i; It was Ibnasrlr aa Arab establiahmasL, as Ms sens airs, aad wall chcaea to cotamsad several MUa i. of which tue aearsat aad most tmportaat la aameil issaisi From l*alermo to Aloams la ratbar mtro tweatv oae sillaa, aad fro? Aleamo to Cale<?0bsat eight To go from Palermo to Aloaaa w? (hilar 0 the most admirable rallejs of Solly, la which ara trees oratartea old aad groves of oraage aad oltroa i. But en pasatag UM height which oleosa tho valley a aaath tbs sasao aaddsaly ohaagsa,aad thsap^r >ach saaao la through arid moaalains tboa satertog d?op to, wa arriTe at CUaUtal. a town Bet of ln.roo i?. aats, ao itated Is ths aewspepen, hot of 4,POO nr i. Tho Iowa, whMh la Of wretched aspect, to doml1 by a esstle sow quite la ratas ?>m this ca*tl> %a ordinary eoaatry Is seen?the lead aad rocks r>?inr la lataa aa If toased ahoat by aoaaa tsrrlbu Neapolitans oa*bt to hatro do4 ended these parts, t ut arfcg done ao they have left groat adraata?e to the llias The latter, fa hot, without tearing the a?<*in, oaa nrraoad Palermo, either by gotof to B???ra * east, or by taralag Moa reals aad esospylog tho a Palirgrms ts the west, they oaa nsmmaod ths ry plains of Maraala aad llasaara, aaa r*??o sires of Moaat Baa Joltaao, wbish domtnatea tal, aaa cot off all eommnalisMoa by lead b-tw?n rwa aad Palermo, aad saa oaoas the lahaMtaou V tal ta anflbr dread/ally from thirst by ?satroyia? tha saasdaat which oaasoys thsm water ftwm Moaat laaano. If tho laoargtata be aamsreas, they <*a aa reach tha rtch r alleys of Castsl Ve'raao aad i ear ilk> to the sooth, aad the to was of Vsrmiat aad 0**1 a a earth eoest. The plass of disambarkattoa of r.arl a baada was ahsasa with so mash latelhgoais as to i as ta suppose that he aad hie lisuteaaass will prodt n the advaatagea wMofe the eaters at the oo-wtry Is. Traaaal to a pretty towa, formerly rarbAed, aad sort af attadoi mhioh oommaads ths part I( It as! tor the waat of water, tha Iowa eaaM ssslly ba ded oa the load tfde. so It M oaly saftsd ta the p>*>a tosses of htad cat by salt aisrahm Prom Oaiatato Trapaal tho road wlads throagh Irragalar hi is: a tha road, a kagth of upwards af atgMaaa miles, a sot s house, act a tree, aot a ahrob At a dataooi a or thrro milsa from Palermo, aad all other groat i, there a acarsaly any trace of oaMtrmiaa. Tba HaaM are so borne dowa by tans aa all they pro- ? that they a baa doe tho ssO, thong* It la porhaoo tha fertile Is tmly, aad the fiaaaats asatrtrsU lire oo a hi of pa loo oally ADDITIONAL PABTTCTXAM. ?spateb, dated Messiaa, tU May, says ?"fhero la >t pasl: a moos the ? ?* ? *?!?. *?? I Garibaldi In crowd*. Oraa* aaabar* of Mraav-ca iniaj the lowaa. Tb* aotdiara bar* lakaa raf <(* fCTta.'' tract conflict with tb* abara leUIhgee**, w* .hare towtaf official Naa^aUtaa darpatcb Strum, May n-4 P. M * rab*la Mr?pad at Ma Matttaa, aaar Hcvaab. ?aa baataa twtaa. drtraa from thair p**Mw?, aa t <4 to Parts*tea with vary eoad torabl* >m?r ft 1* ir Wad art Koaaltoa Pile, wa* k Iliad Tba balf nt*. war* aocuptad by tba ratal* lata ba*B IUm bjr rat traafa ibar Nrapo'ttaa official dtopae* by way o' 'v.-ao Tba btonrgaal* wara aturkad aad ?*>ar**i no it by lh? Ctb battalloa of myal ehawwar* I J* war* kllM. Tba laaarraoMaa I* Btktoc ao pro f Mr* adrtcc* to tb* SIM (lata tbal rtrty *1* r*rrt?nw*r* Brad at wbUa rMrtag to lb* m*" ~ n*r* bara b**a two oaaatdarablad*??m >f rotratoar* at Baa Btofcao da OaawWra, n jtad at ftaato Veto to tb* toft of Patana* fb? m> Urate* ba* aot ;*t t?k*a plana. Ittoav tlarwo w<riU *o*a **rr?dur A HMIMPMnWkMMiir ib aM P?rt? v ii ?> MMMiriDi tba I tu*uiW ri* of Oariaai tl. ? .1 rtty would root tMW totapaadaM It al.n aida, lha Naapolttan pnlla* ?M Wn*| l? d??r\ irla MrmpwNil af tba M4e*?wi-* wr ft ? Uowtag aartoaa I?>4??. **>? I Hm b?e-) itHr ly trwa, praraa tbai.araa to ito otptai -r Ik* aaral win Mt ? at l-aa? *iwl hatwvin U0?< tbaKaapoma. troop*, an I two p? UM IrMt *_ *1?*1 Tb? 019 ill mm i I* 4MMia at Marao. awl r> a papalar tbara It baa baaa acraatf ar bath paraaatra/l-a tbap*ltlaa acoapta* by tba Prtow i ty, kirk mlfbt o karwlw ba ra bae M* a kin I <jf tor Naptea of I a lUfc ranprla -Vf?*r ,%y iBkiary of POtVw. Mratt, aol Oapttfa he Oam artlHary, wa%? to the ft or**,a d aftar ailtint i?a ^aolarad fat cmnkl tatalllftanea had arr , ? f!?c U>ai Marthaidt bad oat bta Mtroal oa <aaaplata dafaat of hta TMnataara, Of ?>ar?? no tarra a w rd of tba mmriitm w tofar adda ? W? wara waU pW?ad th'? nv ra * lha arriral of lha Froiioii Man Paaoart?a f rtty a ahlp of lha Maa, wbtrb la Mrullad M ta a^bt. laltaa la VapM It artraM> 'r aartona Tba pop* i ba?lanir* ta ba afKatad. aad M * mar at any lata tba oNr a pray to rxnaaw, wa ?ra happy to % ' " laaf arrtra Ragland haaalpaaaaak

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