Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 9, 1860, Page 4

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 9, 1860 Page 4
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' F 4: A* trade to -<** ? MMMNitoMmwdM* The aftct has baaa a del, '-HH wiia a<-apldl? laoreaatag awok, Bad MhmlMii) ia pneaa Haa<ir or waaty ojtt.aa. ef aKaail |rune, bar* Ma ailtioult of eale at I* derlMe u ito? lortaight i>en claaa uatTul cottoaa lav* beea aolo on lower tarna, aad there la aa jet ao aympMM ot lmprrrreaieal (tea Islaads dull witaout oiimp ia value 8arata la Hauled reqoeat, aai Sd f lb ca?M?r In Maucbeeter great duliaiaa preTaua, aad prtoee ef both good* aa<l rarae are lower fa* quotaUeaa are? MMdllag uplaoda ?S'd. par lb ; do. Mobile, ?*d., da.; do. Orleans. #>,d. do. : If sandy, ?fd. ta *d. par IB. 1MBBbabotdfth ? With a eootinaaaoe of the moat fhr?r? j Ma woathir. iti growing cropa look bealtoy anil aatte rapi? progrtni D..rinj tae peat weak there buo-n geaarai drawees ia Uie trade; bat bustaeaa haa aot bo?a quite aa active. At oar market oa raeadaf, wheat waa it mif beta, bat the aeouuid waa LlBltel, aad aalaa mi flaed to merest retail, at laal Friday's prtoea Flour, with the rxoapuoa of beat old Preach, whi* waa M. par Back dearer, dUUuult to Ball at prerioua rates. ladtaa our a neglected, aad BOBtaaJ To-day's Market waa alow ror aU artloMa Wheat mat oaly a Waa had retail fair at the pnoee of Tuesday Awe- | rloaa rod, the etoek of wbloa coastals estlreiy of Mliwae kie aad Oh toe jo quite aegleotad Flour Blow, aad Iadtaa oorm ssaroaly tkquired for We quote; wbeat, red Waa- j 1*1 Klaar?Supertloe, 26a U > extra ffeiitri, '26c M. a 27s : extra Ohio. 28a a :tOa par 1<M I be luiu Mn, MUM, :<4s tva . yellow, 84a dd. a 36* ; white, SO*. M. ST*. n?r 48u Im. tar ?the demand la of the Boat limned character, m? with ooatlnned arrivals, tbe (aw retail aalaa mre taaa at prleea agala rather la taror of buyers. l*o?a taw and ali|bUr eaatar to ouy. Bunoa verr Drui, but tbe bigb ralaa oheok ooaaamp Uoa, aad there la lass baatnncs dulag CMaaa? the demand has fallea off, aad prleea are Laa?ia Ua lied Inquiry end ureas barely nasinta oed. *n>e aalaa are qa te retail, tat for the week da not exceed Mum. Tauow omUawm rery 4all. There li no demead, aad qaatattaM Mat 4111 be redaned la. a la. Ad per cwt, withoat laaaiag to aalaa. The aomlaal value of Butobert' AaaaetaUaa la 63* per owl la (joadoa al?> the market la dril aad lawar tor earlr delivery, eat driaer for the oad ac Ik* year, the (toeing quoteUoas for P Y. 0. feeiaf 62a* ipvi. 61a 6d >6.11 June; SI#, rather aajrer* for Ifcrw aoDtht- of tbe tmt. Qm (Una -u-ady 9a 3d. a 9s Sd far Philadelphia, aad Ta So a 7a Rd for Baltimore Rohin ?Common 'steady at 4a. Sd. a 4a. 6d per owt., at wfcMh 4,eae barre? hare aeen aeid 8mm.?Uovnr ia (Ball request, aad quiet at 4Sa a 41a. far lew American No saiee of timothy BAIUNIi UHOTUKKU AMD UU.'fl ClftCULAR. Lomimm, May 26?S P K The baala*-M la oar colonial aad fo'eign produoe markets has b<en rrry mo-ieraic. Moa?y ooatinueeeasy. The leak o) Keg'san baa lowered itsmmimun rale if nut oouat la I p< ceat Consols Ixave off 96V 'or 1?y, 96 a 9tfor the acooua 1, bar ailver, Its it. J.; Meuoaa ooUa/a. S* 2*-, 1., Aowriaaa eag'aH, "5a 3d.; daaMaaaa?-s>aDi>b. 7fs. 6d ; South Am*rioau,7M Ia American stocks tbe transactions continue limited. We qaote United itatas 6's boats of 18*8, 9n a 100, 6's, 94 a MS, Kee'Ui-ky 6 S. 90 a 82. Maryland sterllog 6's, 9SH a 96. M?-rChus* Its sterling S's, 102 a 1C3; Uhlo 6's of 18ee, 97 a Vs. lvnni}lvauia S'a, uutcrit>u>ns, HS s 86, boaox. SS a *7. Ixanrsaee 6's. 80 a 82; Virginia 6's, 84 a 86, star bag b'a 82 a 84; UUaois Ontru Railroad 7 per oeat beads, 80 a 82, 6's, 77 a 79; fret I mis, 91 a 94; aharea, 46 a 43 discount. Michigan Ceatral 8 (>ur cent boaoa, 84 a 86, N-w Vork Central 6's, 82 a M, 7't, 9( a OS; sha ea 7lia 71, New York and Erie 7?* tlrst m < !(age, 88 a 9(r tblrd mor'gag-, 76 a 77, convertible 7 wr ceat 44 a 46. I'arama 7 per cent t? nds of 1866, >00 a 101. IVaatiivatiia (antra* i>onia, w kM; Oan?da#e, 113 a 114; Fo, >01* HI'; N>w B-iine?iok d a 10* Neva Sonlia 6'a, Ki8 a 1081*; guents- City 6?, Ott ex dir. mabkiot and CO.'? cotton circular. UvCkJ-noi, way U, 1**0. Th?- impor* bu t>M'D and I* var? Largf?, ontmoilnf a greater acctiDS'at'on of cotton lb lh? i?i't than >1 my period Mn?? 1*45 Tbia b** bi?i?n tbe rnauft or crop tfc? I'kMxi xi?:?? exoeeeing tbet <>l aa? preceding ? moo Viewed mmi'lj in erei *rmoo with tbe m *ik n-mainiUK at aav pr? rmu* peivtd, Ihia at ick appear* eifvaalve, bat Mniml hv lb" conrimptlnn it <* ?? < to b> ?> So ?ct tag Utree p-rioda to tbe bietory ol iue tr?)f> when tbe gteeleel acnimuiatM n of alook aaa oocur*ad here. aad oomparing thoe? Bin** with the r/xianapiloo of eaoh pe rVxi,?e b.e tba t?lio?lng rnmits ?In l"44 tb? sf>c? urn 1 to 1,001,Of Obaiea, brm< fqoai to 87 week*' run siapoec ol mat ynar in 1K*6 i*a stock amounted to 1,MS,CM balaa. b> il| equal to 45 weeks' muaunapuun of that y?ar. la l?M tba stock amounted to #7it,0iM r?aiea, liaiag equal to 2bs weeks' coaaumpuoa or Utat year r>day itf ataok amounts to 1,3Mj,uOO ba>ea, Ming 5fttf 000 in asuraa aI thai betrf at the same period last year; hut large aa it la. It otiiy all >r<le a supp.y (or 26 weekt, measured by the aMaaim oouauaptloa of the oreewi year; and thH la rrasprrmc or export, which promises to ho large The taforerne to be nrawa (mm ibeea facte la that, large aa la Ike preeeat gmwta of tbe (called States, an equal aupply win ha r?qaiaiie la future years to meet the large and ra pMly Increasing re<i urementa of the trade l'ha Viae Aria. EXHIBITION of ram italian P10TTRE*. Wa leara that the Rev A. Uauvla, paster of the church af (Mr lAdy or Gram in Hobokan, baa Just I a ported from Italy a large eolleoUon or para tags by old mssisrs at the liakaa school aoaaa of them raprsaeotad to be of great age aad value, ebk-h are la be opetied for puille new a ke omirah ta sorrow (Sunday). Tba raauguraUoa o this online picture gallery will be made the oooaatoa of a vary , Impcnrg oeremnay, at which the Right Rev Or. B?yl*y, Btabev of Newark, will prralde, and will preach the laaugaraltea sermon The 1M of picture* onmpriaea a very Bee re i-re testation of Loyola, the fouader of the Jaauiis, *?d another of tbe great missionary Bt Kraacte Xavtcr many or whuae la bora, wo believe, rooa 1 a remie eld ib Jacaa aad China Kaphael a celebrated Uadooaa, "Oar lady of Dram," to also assonx the ooUaetlja, to (ethar with a " Mater Onloroea" and MagaeJea,' both of great aattqeig> mm4 heMly. This coilactloa la ooaatdered very rare, and will no doobt be examined with much latere*. WlllUtaaafcmrg City Haws. Eiri.osiBN op a riRiwoit>8 ANtrrACToar?orbat DMTUriON op pr?>p?Brr and loss OF lip*. At two o clock yeatarday aTiarnooa a faariui exploaloa occurred la the flrvworks maaofactory of J. W Haiti eld h Has, la East HdHaiasburg, by which two maa ware lnrtaatly kilted aad several others severely aad perhaps fa tally tajared The premeee . leprleed eight email detached brick bwldtags, aad were situated on what m kaowa aa the "(ltd Road,'' about two miles from Came avenue, l wmtumbu'i Tha eiploatoa VM tn*thr oh aaod m the !lnafaia? room, whom colored Br* Is aatd, im from wmcfa UvMliuftr m alway* appr?bealc<1 rut oaaoe of l*a aoadaat la unknown, tbougb It W believed to bar* rawilw.l fram tbe toe.t**rvot am, by Mr d llatflell, of aau* improver bMrumt witfa which M VM at worn. Him.Wtmr.NOBurb laiarod to kir* U; iwki oflfco wwnuiei Mr. ChM HathaM nil JmlUnH, wto w*ra at wark la the building whoa to* eaplMM* toafc ptaoa, wr? Inotaatly killed, mo wnen raurM n-om Ik* ram *rr< n wvrtf u<l dietl?u-?a huh in roil j rmpwbli. Mr. Heary Hntii-t-i. the you agent U* proprntor. Jafaa Heanor na<l Kobort Hrualotl. tin IB the aest buUdtag w*r* aer?rely injured The ti|Mo? eitonded from building to baildlag with (tom rapidity, u4 la about lire laiautM tfao ?t?w pro eMm, HI 1*0 aioapMaa of two email treproof ttniidlaga uaad tor ar| r. la wtorh oao baadrod aad thirty kaga af powhar was atowod, ware a oompioM rjia. at ?iMty oao brlak being left apoa another At the Mm of mm oxpliwna forty ire parooaa wore employed la laaaUM Mr UrMk wa thirty two yeare of a?*. Ho IM I a wife aad at* cfaildrea Mr. Han Mr. one of the mm MM tajurod, aad wboao reoorery m ooaatdarod rarjr doubtful. ltrm in Remaen atroot, K d. Bo had otOj hoaa at work la thia aatabnahmaat for throe day* At Ifea Uaa of tb* acddaat Mr. J W Batflold wa* la Now T*rk aad ha kaaw aothiag of lh* oneurrea** until lata Mai aight H* loo* It nUntM at $11,000 la Mock aad huHdiag* An aaaaoally 'art* a coo u a t of atock wa aa haad al the tiac Th.. gh Mr Hatleid hM b*?a <m ' gaged la the manufacture of pyrotoraiaa for tw*aly yaar* UMi M Ifce Oral u??- aay accMeat rrer happeaad la toy i eetabNahmoot of wbrb h* had charfe or uperrtaoa. , aad he waa oroTrrblal for bla rreat oar* an J fortunate > (Miami j I runi loa ?MM feat *0 lYo^UObtiv UU11 bio daagiraaa bmiam Br?*kl)ra City KfWi. hernerre* m nn Onrar cm Rbwkimh ? la ihia caar, yaaterday H*nry i.aaootfM. berolatoro triad M Uv cfcarr? of k(Tt>| oommiUol r?po apoa .-olorwl glH, naaaod Mary Uwroaeo, hut la wblcb caao 11m )wj dit fill*, waa y??ar<?oy trm|w4 for mmm. cm ooarta KM Of mmuH and batter* apoa ftarab lawrooor, tba aotboc af Mary. Tbo aflwoo, aa aiiagad waa parpa MM tb Sapto?bor,l??l,iBtbaoid nana* Uva WaHabaal. aba>v ibo coap'.a.aug wIUiiim raa i*d MikaMaaa fba MBlaaoa of Um> Court ?* tbat Oa* cotf?a pay a Baa af I*, aad, la ?ll?nn bo mprtaoaad la Mm aaaltMUar/ for thirty daya t.aaoai?f>* a koriior of Mm Oot?i ta ward mad. bad It la a luuo rtauuku Ml aa aMUat of bia pradooaaaor, aad ibo ibo ~?n*r of M Cfhib ward pnaad. ara at pr?M>? aarvioc Uto noaaty la tbo p?*)loaHarr?both bar a( 'mm ooa*ab-i of Mailt and bo?*?ry Paaad MaaUr m?ai b> aa on "a: M?--- or Baflblo Jack," om of lb* parUaa tot ritoatad la tbo AUaatto toct grata robbortaa .oat win*-, bavam booa naartewd of fraa>! arcwy, waa aoaMoad t? ih? fVaio prtaoa for It* j?*ra tavrfofla Haaiy. ooarwtad of aa*aa t aa ! Sattary. mm aod ra ah><* bo paid, wlioa ibo court adjoaraod aaUi am Mai OumvlrMuiT ?Throe o.iorod moa aaiaod Wll Maai 8Mb. latab awitth aad IViaaa Ribiao>a and two wtW mm aaiad Ooat|a Haalor aad Joba Rirbarlaoa. *aa broagbt Mora Jaaboa Cora wail y?ui oa ibo aua|l a# burglary Tbo maaplaiaaot la Mary ?fb IHy. a nil My armariotalfraat Iraa fj^ aa 1 A'Mr &? la idod aba MM lldd bawaaboK foada ita^JT,.), ta 0 nib aaroot, oattl aaeb Mt aa aba twavi ??,n . Mami A boa* Mm fcrt *- *ha Many, a*MH.ii| M |lu0 MtMia,naiW?a. ?l ftatarday m 'Vffaa PaMaaoa.ef ik' Naaaad praataoi pottaa, Man i* >r | the abava aewd mlorod aw ne euen? .a lo. v ?a? a< aaavfM to pave a traaa fail ar Maatoa. to??u.??a te. at a pawaorakar o^W la Falina nr-*. t , , m?* ? ? at MM ta diapnaa of Ibo fn?<ia It aopaarw i no M , Mniaaltao Uial WllHaia (tartb ailo.1 >1 ialor a ia<.?.,^. nv<a Mm tMa ptaoa wbara iboy aaro aa?i. aad n4i R ?rdaa paataiMb aad io'. a^m to pawa rt m Mm aar. ? ?*? a*d ?a sama aara fttOr ai.uiaawd , ftobiwa^a ?a? llil>ir?<, a*4 Mbtbfe taMfe Ml iilbiaii f0 a wllaoaa I NEW 1 TBI JAFAfefBSfi. Their lepartut for VtsbinstM mi a la Baliiatre. rnjtriui t Tkclr Im^w am kiiuialUMit la PUw ??rk, THE PREPARATIONS AT fHF MFTRflPM ITAJ The Special Amaaementa amd the lata: of Stranger* to the City, * .. * ., 4M. la mm! Empm ooMtrtea fee o&pUai odty la alM tk< great llflMlH. At Lm<n w Paris, VImm or a Patornborg, Mr UatMoe, tka vlalter iiU Ml Mlp Ik haad of tka iiimmhi ike eOloere u< aflloes of tfc MUto, bat Um tke MMttiM of he wealtk, fmrui kiDueace, political Mil social, ef Ue country. Ia mM tboM clues, sorroaadiof Uia go vera meal I tee If, are M< eipMeau ef Mom fiMt feroee whir* Me geTsroaaM cootrola, ud wbleh, roMtlvely, sap part ia4 Matrel Iki goveraacnt. The vlaMar to tkaae eapitals SMa, mm, aa ppitoma of Ike aouiMa, ud can farm a? ?ak mato approximate, If aat perfeatly aocorals, aa ooir a( Ika raal extent, wealth wl pmgresa a the country, but aioo of tka dtspmuoa, eat UvtUea, eaterprlM, taatoa ud prevalHag Undent Ma af Ik people al tka aaMoa. Tmm oouatrlw Hewer aat la tkai capital*. There all tka llaea o( adruosaeai ud impran auwl oMrerge. Tbarelatheiadei, IheMBpice of aUMa Ike oouairy paaaeaaaa, M um Par la akowa Mm taagntf oobm, the mapiay, tka light, mercurial dtspoaliioa of tki French, and LtaiM tke wealM, aolldtty, aakar, imuj going babita of tlia Kagliah, by tbetr vary appearuoi aad evea by Ua ?tj Le of uieir oaUdiaga. Ike oourt m< ue country, tke oapllal ud ibo nmtrepeita, are thai brought aide by atoe, ud the obeerrer aeaa bath at M0< ua in the same city. , the c?ptui al tkia oauntry, hooever, la by no msaMUa metropolN. Waulagtou, tbe a?at of our goverameai, Ut oi ID? goveramenl drparimet ta are located, M Out ati m bttaoue country village, an exieueive Saiatuga, htm la um k->gb of tbe Congreeenmal keaaoa, in ooapartaoa wilt Sew York, lite real capital of me oouairy , aad the Ja pantoe nsuwlori, ?no bare to long lingered near Uu ( aiaoe of tbe aeonoreuc -'Cmperor," 10 the cttj o m?g binceot noiiancee, mu<lrt> i<renu and deveath regidann r> nepnoue, will dtoonver, ui>"b thoir arrival at thia j?|r thai our Chief, unlike Uulr Tjcuuu, aoee ao nettle in our chtef city. Baltimore aad Philadelphia, which are na(oi(l:?Qt li oompaiieon ?<ia Waahlugtou, will b it wbft the Jauaaoe ?l>l? tor thr greater marveia of New York, rue on; ol Brotherly Lore and airtight at tee a baa, tw-re an there, a gllmpee ot New Yore lata?to lie Ctinueeola . t?-1. tor rxatnple?wkicb, like the ngbt MM waicl i rrcei'is a Kuaetati dinner. oil not eeliaff, bat oaly ex uu- the uuriueit) to further research.* fbe reoopuooe ko, at lhaoe MHMki MMt|, the Uremia, Uu- apou iff, teirmt i ii-.-hi. eon a u-r niBDxriah?will only Baa UM I look morraac oiigly forward to their arrive at Now York, to which tttr> wUl bear about the aa<no re lotion aa a oompaay arm to a reglmealal parade, um ukticrriuN. The reorptloti of lb. JaiMOsae an J their eetertatamea ohile la thw city , * wo are glad to lay, to bo worthy < New Yoik and the country wolch it rnpreoeati I' el the ( in progreae are cornea eut.eod It ou ciuxt lie oat e< they tn tool, neither the Ureioa Aqut Jut* celebration. Uie Koeaoth proceooton, nor the Auu tic Cable iliuoitnauoo?Ibe ool* lifbt ev* throwa apoi that rntorprMc?will at all compare .a loteroot aal awpta, with the reoeptioa of the Jaaaiit-ae oext wrok Too K.m boat.) will reaoh New Yo?4t via the Oaiadeo aao Am boy Kauroad, anil "ill bo received at douth Aa boy by the Special Com em we of tbe Alderaaoi *.i.d Ooaaca Oouociimwe Upon their arrive at tbe Battery, Uie kMboaty, tn 11 ty of>ei haroocbee. ocoompenkeu by the naval oflloere, aecrelarie ae>d inicrprvlewi, will be eecorte. la iwooeooloa up Broad way to tbe Metropolitan Hotel Tbe wtteie of the tri divierae Now York Stela Miuua, a timbering ait Ibcoaaa en. le oxuectod to parade, the Kigeth rpgieaool. Woe# inguw hraye. acting aa a apectei eaoort and guard < boa or eotoaol l.yoaa baa laouod the follow lag goaon order in regard lo thla parade ? UBAixiUAaTaaa aicatu aeniaewv NTS Taoom > Maw long, Jane 8, UM*. \ Tbe eooieeJUee of the Omaoa Co oat) apoo otod lo aOi arrengetaooM for Ibo rveoptlna of the Jo aoeee aotbeeev li our nit, berbg eel eMail thie reoaneel ? do autv ea Me oeoa loo of IMUarrival aoopeolai eoeort ood guard of hooar aai tbe Mao kavtag teea approved by hajor Ueaoral aeafurd yeu are hereby Daubed that, la eatmaMaaua with euah appoint Meat tba reguaaat wUi parade la hell uaMorae. wMto paaM looaa. oa the day doaigaeiod by UM <tnM?iaoo for dee rooop immediately oa Ike roootct of the aooataarr tafermadoi further cetwi ?U1 bo beuod. oawlag tee da> ei .parade aa. Ueoa aad plaoo of lurmahaa. regimental rooiit 0* Meodaj l>nl>| ULb leal el Met o'eJuak. A fallaMatdaaeetoresaasMd toy s*as> of C. I Hudtilt. edjiilaat. OBuKUl LYufci, U*smL The military wUI not, unless the priel programmi hoi.Ul be modified, mar ok ibrougk uj of Ike (tresis el Ike route published In the svsaiaf: louraals except Breed ?>j, it being designed that Ibis (kali be a reonpkee, sad not > (how, of me Kabasay, end tket Ike i'rtaoo Hi hii stirboaols shall aot be treated to the ease liberal allow aao' o( duet aad heat with whlek they were deteotaUd at Washington Upon their arnvai at the M etrepotliaa, the Japanese, from the balcony ot the b*M, will hare an op portuolt\ to witness the display of our oittiaa soldiery, the I*reide ooustermarchlag dowa Broadway ?ee this par ?K*e To thoea who ant el all lemillar with the appearance of our soldiery, thto display will seem It for a I'm,< and to people like the Jepaeeee, who are food of Mfial pomp aa<i fere ctrousutenoe of war, this will .louMlree be >ix of the reaturee of tbetr rlut u> thn> rouutry. Oe the following day the Embassy will be formally woIooomxI to the cttr By Mayor Weod, at the t.orernor'a Kooa.Clty Hall. The Room baa just been , refitted, Jroorated and palsied, aaJ the we loo me will be re rcb'?d by the rciott ot the thousands who will xroed u> room, the ( Ubuiea en l the Park It wti expeoted that lb** Klre Department would have glrea a torchlight para..- oa the nigbt or the arrival of the Kmlttwy, but for ejm<> rraeoa? the retuaal o: the Oommoa Cmncil to l>ay the eipenata from the $30,ouo appropriated, It la Me tee ?tht* parade to aot u>uadcd to be (tvaa It to Mill hoped bowerer, aa<i It Is more thai probably, that our Tnloeirer oompaaleo anil give a Tolnoieer parale, aad we are eure that eotbiag would more highly leligkt our obeervaalaad appreciative etoitai. AT Tim MhTWH'OLITAN. Tbr n>mplalata ta regard to ??0ae*. quarters, wial of arcou.m?dauaae and uan* o>ssary aad oato-ned publieity, so ireely Bane during the stay ol the .lapaaeee at taeir hotel ta Waahiagtaa, wul aot bind M oe rtpsalad daring llietr -a. at the toetro|>o Itaa The xairaooe ta ih<* betel will be ileao etei wild tlaga aad appropriate deetcee, aad orer the aearway win be npieaewiid. ta Japaaeee ('.hatemara the w?ra " Watnoeea " Tae stair we* aad vratltHiiea will atae be adorae*i wab mottoes aad derteas, and with Japanese aad Am?naaa flags intertwined At the head ot the etairrape. oa the wooe<l flosr, is s l?rr* ftaiof*i glass wiadow with reprehnatatoos of the Capita ?? rraasHaw, nr uir nau, IWW lari, UMvaxw thai itaw H4o( Um (aitod .ttaua, aa?i ombloiaa of *<n ru it tiro, maofiiDory, aad of tba lit; roo Viru CummMMoa and tb?i Oomalttea or arraagoaiat* will haw rooapttoa, bu?iof-aa, jiait.* aad pri raw route* H|-oa ib? Drat floor 01 tba hotel (vb? aocoad floor rma lb? aUeot) aad tbo pu?U room* M WHl M itr laira.-nao raatibulaa will bo praru* ijr daoora I'd ot'b Rap bad baaaora laawibod <rttb tb? aaana of tbo aararaJ thatea. wi-b mot ooa n Juaniot obarartora Tbo obiaf peraooa?aa of tba ambaaar will bar* a pr.rau diaia* room awo upoa tba Boor, wbk b baa ?~aa paiatod la fr?aoa aad carpetod la Jayaaaar atyla axproaiif for Ma uoca-toa Tba froaoua "proaoat Japaaaaa aad oaaractera la Um paaela opaa tba atda walla ar? rrpr.'afaiaanaa of furl M>a(u> ja^aaaoa iiguraa. doctor*, prioata, aMiebaawa aad mm. aad oaa oaa inaafiaa Uia 0*l)fbt with vbn-b iho tmhaaaa lo'* ?1N rto? ih<-aa pic lurra ot Mr cauaUraMa, aad toproiaily ot ibmr ooua Ir/woaaaa, opoa wt><w Huaaj cbarma our riattori bar* aot |a/?f *>r numb* Thai tboa* doooratioai aad fraanoa ba?? aroa daaifaad by H<oi an I MM by 1 ?mi M a aafltaMat gMMMM ol Lbo4r boautj, ancarary aad a|>proyri?na?aa Th? aiioml. aala ot tbo Arol-aaaaiiar* oil bar* a dlatef rnia rtciti Irrly lor tbriaaalr??, aad It* moata of tb<- rbiol par?>a afp? *111 be aorrod ta tbotr in pnrate aparxaoata, if drain-i AoooteaodaiH?a bar* ><oa prarviod for tba Crate < ook of Um aaibaaay, aad ma Pr>?l tor tbo ?ia y *111 b? proparau andor but auporrtatoa rbe dia it roama both ot ttir Ambaoaai-r* and taoir attoa laat* opoa upna I bo (ardoa. *B?t baa Noa aoaly arraa*~-i aad boantibod, aad tbia apoa apao* oaa i-oa a oao?t*a1 aad doUrtooa oonlaoaa, while baaea* Iboir otadaaa apart kaa a baautlfal foualaia. Too (root hawoa? a' lb" hotel will aJao bo raaarrod far lbo oxolonra oar of On Jrnmm I la the (rat iteor.tbea, will bo ibo bn?te*a? rooaia of ibo Ootnmiaoa aad tbo (toabMUae. aad iba a**<iad ll tor. ablab la raaarrod oietaatvolr for tba lapaaraa eaaaot bo roacbad by rtatora without tae a?anoat o? tbooo barlaa iba Kabaaay la cbar?o Thia otr preraat thoaa aaauUxiruad latrimotn. i?t Uuu iae*rtia*al aad curtoaa 'b*rrrml>?a, which unofHi id* A-nh.???ior? at Waafauwvia Tfcaaaeoad ilaor mm4i thraa tiiarad taat u|>? Hroa<lvay aad taro h iadr?d fw*i u|M>a fnaaa Knot, an thai ail of ih* n>aa?? .at apari for tha Kanua; froai opn? oat or th?- *h?r of < u>a.- Unmt* or na f?r l?a ihr ma of tha Amwaliw Mntcng npna rtr>a.ta?y aad itmaa of tha ?itaa.taaia op--a I'rtuoa at'ML r?a 4a T *" a* aad daw tha ma>a %ri?ry of t aa arirop hm ?il ?? b?> "vartootwi by tha Jif*e~w. aad tha ?iD'io aa ?r *? " *'t* wtra fwiaaa. a* that thay >aa .>aaarra th atraat aoaaaa and yat a?l ha axpoaad to ohaar ration* irom th> atraat m taafr iura Tha Ka ' "T >*" """T ? raoiaa la ail, aararai of fcaraa iaitaa of tva aad th-aa apvtank Kanh paraoa ti Uw Kahaay baa a prlrata ha* room tm hftnaaif. aad If tha Japaawa lora paraoa* oiaaaitBM a* tarly ?lat , rafraawtad, thia aim t oo to Uwdr wOi la of a.. aaail riiaa Tha ro?a? ?ra richly aad nhn?Mr furaiah. i, aad all af tha aaaaaiy at* aparuiiaata nonatiairata llaartly >ivh aarti m,.,, an mat the Jafaaaaa nay paaa fraai oa? anraatty at taa ax-ad roar to lha othrr wHhoni ? >? win* tha Taatihaia fa?aa >i i aaftnaM an luralrtj" aa-ta. aacura th? r?t>??r Patira amaataa aad friadna fro* iata*r?p>iaa? 'ran atadoai rartneltr Tha Prtaca ?nil oe-apy tha 1.1th or 'ooaa oa tha ooraar of Kraad??y aad Pnaoa ?tr.? -t, ami iaiia? of a tartar thwty hy t a.-* ty r<air f? '. * n ' om had ma auo pm?w H'i ro-ta f * ? aa m ha all* a<.a?ia a<* afc--it t ?? !? r?-l ?q iar? ?il ta ?rt?m?<l a?h a prv?M aat an a in 'o (a aa. f?ia? ioaoa?a .iai ?aa ara oartaialy ?!>? aa i rati vraaa~i. aad ?n?a>? fail to pm?? ?ia(?- ?rr rhr? BMwaaa aai rUtca ?jpa tan I ** m I a- rm? i iaaara ad, * ? oa tha *raaia? a> tha arrrai a Aa Ushaaa/ th? ?Hr? bawl wtu ha ar*??dtair UiaMaaaad ORK HERALD, SATTTODA TK* WT?T1WMWT8 AND B4LU ||f|nMHM 01 Uui MWlMIMBll It If fH^n8i4 > u? Japa*.* MBMt, uT oar?, be r*Ay MM *>< mm m? Amkmmtan imn, mU iwr pnnal wtn I anta? arv mmM NIxm wiik ku K?/sl **ffcebw6re, OkrWtf, wMk klB **Mr?l*; Jao*M, (he imm, m* il*ir? tan MM Mm BaMaap u kun mrnr tmlotitaaM, ul tan *if*aM mm ?<* ? ? kifi ika MrtoXMM euiMlviir tar Ik* J*? ?. H . 4<Mr?4. Ike BBtaMT *tM prMtMp lltMl Vli I Ml'* jw?Hc freuvkl ?t Ik* A?4ea/ W Mi mo. wt Ike ptrfrmuM < NIxm h lr*up? wktok ? ta kr*u?at * ? Pkii**?iM'* tar U? iiumiib. Up*? ?M i?kl *f Mm lMk, irtflM mk la it , ? pftablf ik- MUr ni<? grfMd tat via M (ima w J ?k* lta>?f Mtke M?tr?poill? TM tkree l*rf* 4U?? " rNBi * Mm mm, tk* uiiM now *oe?pte? by tt?*rg < MMp ami Ni ihMin, wttk Ik* pt'qwil* M l i'?f* Imrt *w, will M ooMMte*, ud tk? i Ml OfeM M UM llHtn, UTurdluc * *!* M??" 1 ? lit Mgbi or Ua imumm tariMd |Mi ?* r* mk<M u M fraeai. The tcasery, Mk la * ki*irt ud ill*** I* Id M rea*v*4. (or rMM extcaded to ike nta. Upea tke etag* tke J* peaaee oinoial* are to fee placed, apea aa elevated plai -mm, bwilb a MfiilMsi oaaevy, w,la tMimiHi ey IMauo, and iiw tke* t>oeiuoe tke oatip J'cmJ will ? 1 bewddertoglp beaauial t*o ulneat kat*mi will Mt be Me to reoagatze Nlble'a dartag Uua lriuhrmtw< ( At Mlnaoi to Ike theatre tiM IM etreat H M to mnd aa a gardea, wttk etataary, tor pnam<ii, ' dto Mi raaai Mag reached by a private eatraaoe, through I fee hotel. the dialog reoaaa are to ba magai8oea4r { decorated, iad tke parti flee wall aatwcea that oalteK oea? Bear aad tha aatooa all be reaaered Thouaaada > a( newer* wffl traaaferin (he aaiaea uua a garriea of daI tfto a, aad la too eeolre a large fouetala will jet out . iragraat ?? of Oelogae water. Tke theatre anU ba opeaad la fee xakwa, waiweliil la a novel aad eie 1 (Mt atyle, aad tka apper Men will be reaerved iar paeaaaaiioi* The (ardaaa wfli be lllutaili 1 . an* Tarioetored laMeraa, aad will ba laanaagnd far tka eocaataa. If aw readw* caw laaaglae tkia tairawi apace lartebly ornamaated, fragraat aad beaati bed witk tbuaaaaaa a* cbmoe (lower*, glittertag with Ute biaae at Hgbta outrivaling t?e bub, aad tiled wltk a aplea die throag o( ladwe aad geatlefcea, tb? mat beaorad r aad diettogutabrd la the coaalry, they eaa Fera i tame tdt-a ot Uu> fairy like aoeae which will . be proof tod to ear J ?peaaee rlattora. Net Alad a la'a pardea of geaaa or aay of tkoae brlgnt >- taiagauoga af Eaatrra pacta, wblch duiie aa to re a oaM, cm exceed la beaaty thu aaodera aatraoie ef tut? ana ataaifloeaoe Sapper wiu be aerrad fre?a tea a'otook . P If. Ml two o'clock A II , aad ocoataeedatlnai will ba provided Iar ewe thouaaad peraooa Tae moat exteaa ve preparatMoe tor tktt aapper are already la prograea Tha PreaMrrt aad kla abtnet, the raewibaia of the * ? ??? aad the Booae of Repieeeniauvao, tke Goveraor* *f tka Of <!' prtoolpal clHes, I he affloara of to* arm r U4 Itrr 4to foreign omik, toe Judges, city officials. lea imi Isaraalisia nr met praawent uMlx?M 01 Ntr ToaK wki ba IM | (be lo Tiled (neat* at tbt* graad ball IbMr are alt toe pa> iloalar* yet needed a^nlaranrl to toe raoepura and MtortauaNl o' tto Jtpuw u K? f Tort, aa1 from theas Iteaia ll la truest tbat the oelebratioo btre will be such as the Metro point o) our ouHlr) should pre to suoh aa taiauf, aao that la nsgniOorLOe aad splendor U will he aecoad to none (??r before |im to thw oauntry these cbil im of toe eon op-a to iu the doors af aa la mease treasury m the tar Ktst. and no ea tertainateot bnwerer splendid, caa more thaa typii) tbe bright prospect whiota there op*ax before ssr BM-rcsaat*, aad, laiiees, our whole natlsa. We oe'e brat* a'so tbe triumph of Ams'leaa uploaacy, aad we oetiuet orerpsumai* (be nomolia?at oC a riwt rrosa the representatives of a nauoa wtuch haa for years ahut aat tbe world from itaelf aud itself to frtia the world. One of ibe la??of ibe Japanese ha* been that If a satire of Nipbrn visited a mreign conatrv and attemp'?d to return, or it be rv-cetr*" a letter from a foreigner, he should bp?i to <Wath s't tots Isw wit rega-ded. like the reel ot tbe .lapaaere c?r?e, aa (zed aad uasitsrable That this law shoalo na'e o-en repealed la our faror la as atath proof ot the good opimoa our natina baa galaed abroad, and If eatertawiiaeM* oi sa princely a chit aater shall aue tain and ooodrm this good im^rwsstoa, by all meaaa 1st theai be given and kit New York, our representative city, bs chief in tbll ss In every other affair. TELEGRAPHIC. DKPAKTtTU OP TBI RMBAMST PBOM W4PHINOTON ? TIIBIB aRHITAL AN* fcNTBBTAlNMBMT AT BALTI* MOB*. BTC. Washihgtoh, June 8, i860. A Ira la left here at half past eight s'clock tola oaurnlag far Baltimore, with toe Japaaaas oa board. No sacm attended them. aor waa there say display. Two of the officer* af the Treasury Department spent teraral basrs with the Japaaras Isat aight as ths subject of curresey, tbsir object batog to obtala all poaalble * information with a view to toe regalattta ef ewifcl>l J tra< *act?o*, boi notbtag definite baa oo far beea aoooa pabad, owlag to toe oampllctty of the (abject Mr. , Oauge baa prepared a atolemeat. which ml bo traaalated i for too beaeiu of too J*paa*ai, glrtog toe ataadard value I of oar ooto tofottor with Important (ogfaoUoox. n appear* the Japaaeae hare nook kaewledge of tho reteing of aUrar and too baaor oaetole, but not ao aiaob aa to gold Their den?aalaaiieaai ootoa of tola aaetal ara i not of uniform ataadard, changoa hartog boon aa4e erea 1 wahia too laat eigbteea nallw fcr toe parpoo*, H la mpyoaid, of oouateracuag toe achaoMa of speculation la Winy. Tt>? Japaaea* aro to wltoaaa too ratatof q* goK at too | ItiHadelpMa KM The mala ditirulty a with regard to fixing too ralatire value of gold, Bad it la thought a long tUM suet eia|?e before aa latolllgeat aad atiafhetory underotaadtag caa toko place betweea toe two oountiiaa l oa toe (object Biiuwa, Jaae I, 1M0. Tbe Anbeaay were for mall; received at toa Maryland laMitut* by Major Swaaa Tbe prooeaatoa waa rery Sao. Tba Ambaaaado>a rodo la epea oarrtagea, each aMaadad by a member of too Naval Uaaamtaaiea They aboorted great reeerre, arvmtag to aotioo nobody. The aubordlaatea, however. maaifeeted too groatoat latoraat at too aeeae, ackaoiriodgiag aad returalag aaiatatioa* wtth great eattinMaam Some ara evoa taking off toolr qualat bata aad ralaiag :h?m la too true Aaaerinaa taobtoa to toa la*lea Oa arrival at too Qllaaoro Hnqae la Moan aaeat aquare. tbe whole prooeaatoa waa reviewed by to* ftebaaay fro an toe portioo Thla afternoon toe Kafcaaay dlaad with toe Mayor and ataaibera ot toe Qommoa Gouactl at toe Gllajra Heuxe Afterward* I bey Ux.fe toatr *tat?a oa tho portioo to wtt neaa toe operation* of too paid Ore department, aad too iro alarm telegraph aad alarm box waa placed aa the portion, and after being eiplalaod la toa Ambassador-, ao alarm waa commaataated I thrfkllth Ik* Ml? totoal la to 'a? ? ?? imUrr .lapaMaioat, with their ateam lire n|M u< ud Milrr oonpuM were oa Ik* pwrf ready tor munUoi Wu?ro? 1r??? dmur irar* Ikran w preal bri?b?. which nihU nn?Uy to aatoalahed u4 la UifBl the vleltaira. wbo aha# nu; laqairtee onuoerataj the oaral eibihltioa Namae Oaaairo, the VIre Uoraraer | af Uio Rabaaay, eipreeaed oITIo'aIIt th* high rrautcMkxi f of th* K?ba*a*<lor*. Tbeir recepuae tbua far Mama ta tiara (tree them tha > rralaat aatafarttoa. hU the arrmafamaala harlRf baaa carrvd out la a Baaaer reflection fcach oredil aa tha jaopneat aad |*ad taata of thaaa hariaf tl la oharca (iTo-LlRht there waa a pud Hay lay af treworka la fraat ef tha hotel, aad tha throa* af peapta vaa Imua. The via Kara leave Uaaarraw, al ha* pM* MAH, la a ap? ctai Irmia for Philadelphia. ANOTHKI ACCOBKT OP THB RBOIPTTtIN W BALTf MORI. Biinaoaa. Job* ft, MM. Tha eiotteaoeal oaaeed la Bniaaiore by th* afnrai ef the Japaaeae princaa, to day, baa h**a far irreUar thaa thai of aay PreaMeaUal eoaraouaa ever held her* Every I *i>pr**<* to Moauaseat aqaare waa literally tanaaed, larked aad crowded la every dlreotjoa "ib. rrawd at Mo oalle< led I* are th* Brewarka thia eraaia?. womh vera fottoo up for th* heaaflt of th* Ola* r There ? aa aa namenae m Utary diaplay thia morales la r*oeire them whaa th* oara arrived. lY>ev will laare tor Philadelphia thia meraia,' Thr carreaey queatma may be oooaidared aa aeul*d ha I tor* they Ml k aahtagion Tkey came ever >a flae atyla thia Moraiaf ia a apsoM traxi, aad arrived aboat hall paat laa a olock Th* Haa*alr Uraad L?d|*-LIM wt OSaara, Ax. raraTB bat * rnocKBBtiiuR. Ike ('raa'l I <uge coaveaed at aiae A. M ,1a pnraaaae* of adiauraaeat Th* auaiber preeeat wm p*reeiUBly eea than at the former aeaaloaa, aiaay laava* la enter la reanh hoaae before Paeday Th* raaolt of the haJloUiaf waa deoiared, aad thaaa ap potoled aaaoaaced The toHovtac * a full Dai of i.raad ' ftloer* tor Ike roaalnc year ? M W Joka W simeaa. draad Maatar R V Piaay Kioc. I?epaty uraad >'?*!*r R. W. I dm** I l aw*. Sealor Uraad War a It ? T1 IntMoa, JUMT OrMil Ktr^w. K W Juw? M Auatla, M P , Urtttf .-Wtrvurr R W Chart** 1 (Jkurck tirmal Tr??inr R W Mm r??B, I. L 0 , R W R-t R. C. T?f?4, Mi R W R*t R L ikieooeeeeef, ?r?nd R W lirtad PaawTMi R m s?nhr?*,(.ruimrr R W W H lin-w, <freed Lwterer. Ob mm olK m HrMk?r Anmi, to* In* aluir* ral wu fllM *i #?? P M rrtrt*y n* aotal wu uuv Wtritm rNMKktffd ul Mi m ta?h> a?M r >ur p. % faiMviog ro?ol' ti(?o, ?c().'nilH 10 %1* r?i*-t nf i>>? 'Viaimtw Vnr?4fQ 'H'MW. " ? m?? called p kdiiyuxl _ R?"NHr?-4. *? ? t)M> Ui?r k* of WW tolf# ?r? l?? H'.I Vem ??. ri?, our ri-w<-???ul'T> tl? I|fa< I. "fg" </ + i*r ? alt? a h?i ti?# ?i -<? * ! <vi- rif? ? ' fert**a ft<<w ?*>?1 I. M, I,. r . I?f ,.|?J H, fc-t. - I'M i|r?*4 n K?rw?. w ?? or <%?*. ,i?n ,.r n ?*w? ? ?hm iwrwMy *?n? ? ??pa?wi ?v* ?* *>'ta mi o ? i>mKHi kt '.iwiii r? I l?MM to II'UMI f, JUNH 9, 1860,-TRIPLl Wbirwpw m Qnm* iMdm PMM Br*** TW fgfok A |t|B|M| Ml <f IWfMi ttrv p. II Km, mniMlim af (M UrwU Ii*4m ' m?mhi, wm priiiMn Mi mini mk a?|r??iW 9m mIn ?f R. W R. ?. Houm, Ufa* ?rter rf tan mm wm wipimii tar ikt Ihuiiuih ?f aAtara tt * k* prtpw t* Mte km ikM M V. J?h* S UM, Jr., (HfMfe IWMMM tor dm<Muwr ? trahaad M WP G M Jmrnon Uit Ml aMtwtt wm m was mm aMfuraaa IMHr meat, U1 aa MMe ta hia toe atootiaa to Mm h?h H< UiWiif oflloe, M piTfMM IkM duty u4 ho M iom|A?< The P. GH ? pr ?m won Milled U r?ure m4 pre l>?re Me Graad Offloero r?r la?Ut1?ma m? M W Graad MaMar Jmi W. Bmonh, Mac talj mlMuia -ttki OMM rwtim ff eg oortiiiir, ikM IbM who km bin kMtral by he ohm or of Me brathrM wtth Me eiafcea iuum , nyM Me <tuOM?r wtatoa ImUmu u aater, eheaid ta tula* tonaa ?oM??l??p Me IMm ?M ku beea ?w> o?4 la Mr beta**. I ref ret, KM ?MUpMf MM My in of our Matter toipw wtl aM eaabto mb la Ml larto tbe nMul appreoiaftaa MM I hat tar Ma prM immo Me Graad LeipkHkM ptoeood U eipraM hr mo. I aoorpt Mm ?TKMee of yaw Iknr oad wM eadearer to Me My otUotolaetoMebeMreoaeaae la u?ri K?o?Mi earear of (tneea year* aaa eaaMaa Ma M approntoto Ma greet mpaaaiblUM af Me oflUe yea hare Mlinl Me, aad I truet Mai Me Mrp?rtoac? I here Mm eeq aired wtt eaabk Me la dMshana Me dattoa laeaMbeM aa Me Mr yeur beet atrraet I >m eiea aware Mm it to ae l?m etter to etoae to Ma ptoM which My iMModiete prad* oeeeer baa m aoeeptaoly tiled, aae whloh hu taleau aad appftcaMoa hare teeeed readared iMumi leu? faaagh i im to aapplaet hue offloleity, I totr Met Ma place he bee to year wenaaat aae beM i Mat-aaa aeaMerer be hie era I oaa oal* hafe, by ooodarrttot Ma aOblre of Mf adatoaMrailoa aa the aaae baato aa ato, to aperatoMate to Me eaneele pmitiio ha haw aad arar Maal held la Me Mieialc heart ml Me Kaiplre Male la oeaelaaiea, permit Mioiey Mat. depending ea a ooaNeuaaoe ar Me wotm fr*>e?ahip Mat bM erar extatod betweea Me ratldaf Oreae Mitoer ana yerlf, aae which hae eapeolaly die Mibeo aw dHlotaJ reloNoae dwtaf Ma peal twe yeira, trtog ta Me dlaoherga tt My aalMe aM Ma smI aad ability of wMah I aM aaalrr, truettag, aa I do, that I May be eaabled ta protect yow latoreau aM preaerre yew well earaed faMa. Tbe retlriaf Greed Waaler made a Mort bat appro prlato reply, ia wbioh be etaled hto great eutafaotioa la Mo obowe of hto auooeeaer Although leering thata a? Greed Mooter, he weald eerer leave I ham aa a worthy bniher, raMaMUg wtto Maa till the race af lire waa raa, ana, extonetaf to Ma aewGmad Heater Ma right head of lebowMip aad iraterael lore, he ordered brother fhaooaa preetoiMad Me MaM WorahipM Graad Heater of Me Greae Lodge of Me Stole of New York, aad vacated Me chair to hiefevw. The remetomg Graad Offloen were Mea preMQtod aad laauiM ! da* noein fnrl the oerMunv bnlnr af tbe lit mi taiBoci>f cJurMMr. Tae a W nepaty Graad Mae er of Ue State of Nov Jeteey ? Uea received sad welcomed by Ue Oraed Ha Mr Brother B Reallaat UtnHler af Perm at Ue Court or Ue Cmparer or B^astl, w?a next latrodsced The Depot* Oread Manor preoaaied him wiu Ue right head or fellowship tnaer rapreeeatetlvee war* aiao tetroduoed aad received vtth (read hoaera. Theae tacluded R W Jamaa M Dramaaend (Oread Lodge of 7wn?tl), aad R V. And roes Oaeeard, of Ue New Graad Orient or Ceba, aas of Ue Domtaloaa repahho, who made suitable addreeaes, aad were replied to by Ue ( read Uanuw?ilurlec Ue delivery of wbich a g moral good leeliag prtvaied, rrequeatiy break lag oat la ap plane* Several reeolatloas la favor af ameadlag Ue oaastHu Uoa wete preeroled una referred la Ue CJaamitloe oa Oeaetttuuoa aad Bp Laws. Tbe salary of ue Graad lecturer wu redaoed to $2,000 per aaaum. including expeauaa. The preeeat la oumbeot; R W W H Drew, was re elected. The CoaimlUee oa Warraate thee made Ueir report la favor of greeting warraata to tweaty->ve lolgea, pnaol pally lodges wort lag uader Ue old SC Joan's (clandeottor) Graad iAidge R. w. Ja??x B. Taylor offered a reeoluUoa for acem utter to oouttr with the Kane Menumeut tasaslatien la relation to Ihe visit of a clutuuguebxl persnaage who la asprcted to arrive la Ue Gaaat Eastern to lay the oaraer atoae R. W . J D. thxwART asked who was Ue Praatdeat of Ue laanfisiam R. W Bro Tatiak stated that It was deary Grtanell. R. W J I) t+rsw akt said he was opp<ieed to the appniatmeat of Ue oomniutee Tn? aosuoieliea, be believed, was not up far self eggraadiaemeat He moved to lay Ue reaaluuoa oa Ue table, wbtch ?as oarrted Tbe Lodge Uea adjourned ull two o'otoek P. 1L APTMtNOOM HBH8ION. The Lodge vaa aot called to orter until balf past twa. Before Ue ooaawooeaieat R W Flalay M Klag agala called Ue attention of tbe members af Ue Ladg* to Ue teller la bw pais sslia from Mr* WaJwarU, aaklag for tbe earned af lad lee la eaoh oouaty te act as oeuaty treasurer* lor Ue Natiswal aahiagtaa Mnaumoat assealsiioa As sana aa Us Ledge wss epaaed Uay pnmaednd to dlepoeeeTUe reportof the Committee oa Wamala, which, after wmstdarmhle I Ian wane, vaa agreed to. Tbe Osmaaittoe oa Appoeia reported opea Ue vanoes caaee referred to- Their report was agreed to. Tbe B W Aairaod Oassard uea pnsaaml a copy of tha Grand Ortaat Maaaal, to Spaawh. aad oa mottea tbe Graad Madias was oridcai to ackaawtadge receipt by aa appropriate lesser. Tbe New York flltf Madieli Beard af lobar, Uraagb their l*i isilisl W. Lather B. Peat. ?* thdr Ihurth mom) rvpul TUr noMpli durta? Ik* laat jrear ware M.1T2 14 hipeadllurea ?.ll? M I hiiM Ml 91 Fraaa a cartful rartew of thalr raaarda, fraa Ue ergaalauee of Ue Board la Ike 7* af Maf, l?*o, Ua rotiewlny atatlatloal facta ara dartre4 ? Tbr tola/ aoatber of appkoaala kara beea (14 Tetal Bomber of peraoaa aapaadaal upaa them 804 Tatal ijii At four P. U Ue oaaalderaUae at Ika rtaalabia far aal adjaaUMaol was piaqioaiil uatti ikia (Saturday) oniioK The roo> re.t*eUa* Ue reoointiea relative u tka Km Mauuiwat tea interna waa, oa mettea af W Bra. Sraw i?t, recwaidarad W. Bro P. P Mnnrr aald tkat ha waa #ad to eee UN queauee afaia bratigbt op, aad ha beped that tha raaalu Uaa would be adopted aad lha oauraa heretofore adapted by Ikia oraad Utd?e ha anatafcad. Ika raaaiuUoa, after erne farther (lticaaatia, waa adiatod Tka riaaaoa Tawiulim u>na aabmiued their report aa far aa ooaoladed, raoeaaaadMf the pavmeai of 93.909 ta lha New York CRT Maaoata Board af Rtttaf, Hot to ika Baffala, Mo* la tka Wrtara Diatrtat of Briakly, aad $l*u to tka Kaatera Wati lot. Tka aioaat reaoameadad ta Ika Naw Yark Beard wa?, after oeaald arable dlaraaalna, adopted. Peadla* Ua die ouaaioa of Ue amoaat ta be appropriated le Ua Saflalo llearil the I-odfe look a reoaaa oatil half paat aaraa P. M. ETBDIMU n M10K. The (iraad Lodge waa aalled le erder a (aw ari autaa before elaht oriook, whea the quaeUea peadiaf at ike adjourn meat of Ike aftaraoea aaaalaa waa takaa ap. aad aflar a akart diaouaaioa Ua raoaaiMaartaUaa af ike ooamuee approphaila? t&M to tha BaflUa Haaaale Hoard of Relief waa adopt**!, aa waa alaa Ue reoeaamaataaaa of MM to lha Wiira aiatnot, Breakiya. Ika aaaaat af kiak to lha Eaaaara awHlul waa aait takes ap, aareral aim'lmia wore oflarrd. a Tela ?*a. after noa tfeerable diem?lea. takaw. aad tbr aanoata liH a* IM. The balaacr of Ue report at Ue ooamltlee waa Uee ame<l ii poa, aad Ua raanenntom of the earn ailtlee ad naaromH) to but taal of reducing the ukrj of ikt Uru< Tyler, whirh reaiaj at the !ormor BUB w i.m irw move? that una liraed I ?l(t- eot hereafter ' -i . ? the holding <* aneia maeoetc tela lor tin* aid of the Hall iW Akjiun 'uad A timber or the erethrea dejeud the roaoluMoa pre aad am, aad * ?M ObJUi) adopted a largo tow. 4 number of ameodaieata to the oaaaUtaHoa wore offered Olid referred to Uie appropriate meamitiee IW? in too aoataor of reaonrttoaa apoa nrVim minor mieetlaaa na?rad tad liiigooal of, afUr wbioa tlto jommlttee oa Orteraaoae Made a report apoa Ui ^mo ttoae referred to tbeaa, amoagat wbieb wao Uim of tbo l aatrro ear I/Vge Tbej WW?X Uat tbo ofBoerd wt*> conferred Um arcoo I aad third degree npoo the eaa dtoate, be aaworrd from 0?flne for tbe bolaaco of tbo lara ft>r wbieb tbe* wore efcw ted W Brother Rthixoo oppaoL I tbe reeolutloa at aeaar teantb Ho tbougM that a ao'o aevore puaahasal bo..|. be ieft<ole<t apoa all pantaa r ?n?*4e-l with tbo troaaaotmi molodiag the per eon apoa otoa tbo dagraee wore eoeferred. Ho looked opaa the wfeMa traaoaoUoo aj ,lagi arelul W H?o*ber Hrwuae thought that the only quaatlaa be 'ore tbe iJraad looge wbtob they ooaM art ipaa wu mat of dlarlpltee aad the miapeaaiea from office of tbooo wao bad ooaiarred tbe degree*, Um only thing withia Ube Jarw tMMoa of the tiraad lx?'g?, la tbo prinat poeittoa of tbo ineodoa Tbr t.raad I-edge, la oeaatertaf tbe quaatlaa. had aoahiag to do with tbo aaaae or charaoter of tbe poraoa opaa whoai tbe defeat were roaferred la rtotatiaa of tbo ooartltutloa. A tor eome further dtaciitatoa by aoreral are three, aad tbe offering of t arena ameatmaatj, Ue eport of the maa Nee waa agreed ta, aad tbe affleera of lb* loige euepraded. A reaoiiiaoe maa tbea a do put empowering the wraad latter to aptxital <x>at?'?noaert to further inreatigat* aad to take enob action an be mar ooaatdor aanaaeajy for be pnaiabaeat of all tbooe that participated in tbe traa* Tbe balaerv of tbe report of tbe committee waa tbea ?e*ed apoa Tae lodfx at twelve a'eleci aetournee until iftfc (Saturday) morning. ; f'oraaert' I , - , -1. Mm?? frnni -Oaraaar Uaaibla b?M m taqaaal at iba Workbmiaa, HiukwHI * Talaat npoa tba bady a( eaa T thr linW, aaawxj Margaret Ryder. wba M fro* tha affect* of aa OTWdw af 1and?an|B. Oappoaed to baro be?a ukia for the ixirpoa* of noaiamiac *<1,0140 Do ?? < nad beaa O* tit* idaad abant tbraa ,aooth.?, and *M about being I?<iarr??l, whoa aba oob<?i?m ihr id<a f maaaiuiag a'lloi te. ant, procrrag a rial of la idaauia . wwplnliM borantML Tba jory r?ln<4 a rerdtr ? anriltaM with the ab?*a facta Tmil Cawatn.?Oawar Snhirmer hold aa laqttaat at Na US i^rtM M oat, apaa U? body of a bar about flaw jmn akl, tasM lnMrtrk Randolph, wba dM fro* the nvrta af tc urtaa aooMnataUy raaalrad by betag rna arar by large truck, driven by a a "fro aaated Wribaaa Hrawa The arldeaoa waat la ?baw that Uiara waa aa mil*? im oa the |.?rt of the driTrv aa I tba Jary, la naiVcta4 a aertirt, to* 0 iai?>t u ax >aara<? bin fro* all blaaira< an wan. ?K C Fatotea. a pnrVr, realdiag at 1? M Rector ?tf ? <. IM baa beaa aiaatag fraai bat boai* far a war*, waa foual Iroaaad at pier ffo S Sorth rlrar, inbroaj On-"*' Jaehmaii he'd aa laqtaat upoa the *w1y. i-a 'b>- lary r?o?*red a af "Kaon* irawaea !* ??-~t a a* a aaura af ftaaatark, aad waa about M I'M ul **a f'-jarw ' ? '1 ?r Rmimi(>,?? lb* Hi l|iyan lM?a xi tni n? ?<a i>r ai|ai a^frairaM tMi Mr a tor* '* Jaly uihlraMia SEBBPi THX rsBflunrriAL clmxuqe. At lUfvfe'lMui wHw UTBu ?r about r^oa or imtm abkaham liwOlUf AK? UAfNUAi. HAMLIN. ? ubiaou, lb; ib, ibm. T*?M. UUliV UtKmm or Iuum:s* 1w nf rtmitutm n ik* npimlmi ptrty ef ifci bibm bmlm, meee^ieo lo OosrcaMM u okmp, kirt tfem *?y, by m uewano rote, eeleoteo ;m m ii n E- m ouMtte for (he offloe ef PreotdeateT Ike UeiUd I* be mrs?iM U the out oiookoa; u< Ik* iwipil were imMtod wm?m of tao oearooUoe to epprlu jroa o( thie eoiaiaaUea, u4 reopootMljr la re 40*1 Uuii job will oooept it A deoterrtrto of the pnooi plea h4 ecoMmin'e nlojiM by (be oeorwUoo mo>ow wee UM nweilwMm to the perfotaueo of tale peeeble Oat/ w? take to*to to add oar oeafldeat un raaoea Ike* tko eoeuotuoo of the Oktetg* oe wM bo rattle* bf the Hlr>|M of the >n>b Wo hare tko boMr to bo, with great roepect ma rugord, year Mom u< fellow at hw. UBO. kSHMUN, of Mi?obaeof, PraMdaat of tea OHMim, Hi'UNarmL>, III , Mar IS* on Qaoaca iusranm, Puuiut or ni Bamblkuji Nahomal OwmniM ? T I inurl Itii aiimtoillia irillr-T-1 Mkrlli OaamWi ?nr wkioh ye* prertil, i*4 *f wtooh I am farmally apptlaad ? ?e Mm- of yoormlf ud *<hara. aotteg m a wwi of lk? oHrauai (or that purpeoe. Th* daolaratto* of prtoatptoa Aad wail?li. waioh ac MfMlti 7*ar totter, meoto Mr approval; a*i It ahaM bo wo Ml to violate, or dtorogard it, la u; part Iwpliih^ tea aaatotaaoe of Divta* PntIInm; ant wttk 4m regard to tea vtewa and toedaga of all who were regriteiiil la Ik* Owvewboe; to tee righto of aU Um Swtoa aad Terrttortai, aa? people of Uw aaOoa; to tfe* to vto lability of teo oaaatuutioa, aad tko pe-paiaai uaioa, kmuar aa4 pree parity of all, I am moat happr to oo apwato far teo praollaai ouooeoa of tea prtaolplee by lk? Oaaveatioa. Tour obliged friend aad follow citisaa, ABRAHAM LtNGOLW. A eimUar totter wa? Ml to tko aemiaae for tko rM preatdeocy, to wktok tko foUawlag la tko ropiy Washington, Ma? M, ISM. Ommmim ?Toor official oommnaicatiea of tko 181k toataat, lai?Mi| aM toot tko mrMiauiwi of tee rapakkcM parte of tko Ualtod Stetoa, aaieaiilal at Ohioaga, oo teat day, had. ky a unaaimooe vote, aotooted aa aa Mr aaadidata for Ika office of rioe preaideat of tko Ualtad 8ta<aa, tot beea received, together wite tea reoeIbmom adapted by Uw Oaaraattea aa tta deolarattoa of prlirlpirti Tkea* raaoiottooa eauaoWo clearly aad forcibly tko pitoalptoa wktok *aNo ua, aad tko objoeto praaiaid to ba acoaapnatwd. They aa drool tk??olraa to all, aad teoro la neither neeeasitv aor propriety la my entering apoa a diaontetoa of aay of team. Tkoy kava the approval of my jadg meal, aad la aay acttoa of mtae will bo faithfully mo cordially mlatnoi I am profoundly grateful to thoaa with wham It la a^ pride aad ptoaaaro poifcaliy U>cooperate, for tea aemlaa tlaa ao unexpectedly ooaferrei; aad I daatre to Wader ikronft you, to tko member* af the Oaovaotiea, my Maoere thanki for tea ooatoeaoo thus ropooed In ate dkoala tea nouiaatiua whtoh I now accept, ha ratifled by the people. aad tee dolto* devolve a pea me of proaidtog over the kfcaato af lha Uattea Hlatee. it will ba my oaraaat emdeavor falthfoily to dlacharge them with a jaat regard for the righto Of OIL It la to bo obaarrod, la ooanostioa with tko dotega af Ika Rapabkoaa Convention, that a paramouat ab>act with no lo to praoorre Ike aoraul ooodiuen of oar Territorial domala aa bomee for free maa. The able advocate aad defender of ropubheaa prtociplaa whim you have a ami oatod for the hlgheat place that oaa gratify the ambiuoa Of maa, cotaaa from a State wmeh baa beea made what It la, by Fpecul actio* la that rcapeat, of teo wiao aad good men who founded our lnatltuuooa. The righto of free labor have there beea vindicate* aad mateUiaad The thrrii and eaterprae which aa diauagaiah Illiaoto, aM of the moat llountblog 8tetaa of tee gtorton Waat, we would aee aecurad to all the TerritorlM of the Ualoa, aad raatere peaoe aad harmony to the whole ooootry by bringing back toe govern aoot to what It waa uader the wtae aud patriotic mea wbo created it. If the ropublmaaa anall succeed la that objeat, aa they hope to. they will be held la grateful rmatim araoce by the busy and 1-rmlag million! of future age*. I am, very truly, yours^ PrwctcdlBga af the Gwr|U Deatacrall* Ooaveatloa. PB SPECIAL Ml LLKDOE VILLI COaRK8POKHKMCK. MiuMGrviLLa, Ga.. Juaa 4?P. M. The various wtafa of the democracy of OiinH to nalloaal sad 'he arctloaal, the enwrirtlw Mi Dm ultra, Ike reveres of the Laloa aad those who lura os lonlsled *ts value, u4 who Wlaiti the aaalysta aa worth lea all met ta grsad cosactl to-day at this, tba capital af the Ka ptre State of the South. Every wlaf la ezyraaalvety autra far harmoay, If It oaa ha ohtalaad by a cardial eodereeaeeat of each other a views. Harmoay aad aalty af tlxt aad purp lai are the oardiaal and rultaf motives af all, hat the Piocwlaaa had af each priaitai af bar maay la laa ahort Car aoaaa U ho etretohed aa, aad tea loaf tor otheri ta be will?ed on. Ia hot, all wha aaa appreciate political dtaoard or hare a Iteaa re hah for ridl culou? aad afeorttve effort* to proatoie liaMetlaa with taoasapatfbles hara aaw a high oanlnMaa. Several af the magsatis at the laad are hara. Ito Hearetary af the Treaaary af the Ualtad Btatea the Boa. Bewail Cahh?la view af the dlaaatara af the tlaaaa, haa | alt the federal freeaary aad rapatrad hare la "grladhto aze," eare the couatry, or de aome other aehle thtsf tor tha (Oad old Oommoa wealth that haa aa leaf hoaored kia Kz Mr. Johaaoa la here, aad eooraa af Jadfee, Delta! lore aad ez Members of Oodfreee, aad molUtudea af ethere who have oosae here to help to aave the ooaatry. With a heart <rrrr(iowta? with thaaks for their peat aad oom mesdable efforts, I truat that the republic will yet aurrtva. At the preeeat wrltlm, la view of the alate of affaire az latiuK bore, I do aot thlah that Mr. Yaaoay haa yet aula cteatly "Bred the aeuthers heart." There are 1M oouattee represented Is (he Oeavaattea, aaa the total aamber of oouattee la the .State la 132 deme deiefatee repreeoat more than oaa county, tor taataaoe, Oarer W SUiee, K?q., i iprnato the oouattas af CUaoa aad ware, aad other geatlemea, whaae aamae I da a?t bow remaarter, repreaeol more linn oh ceuatf, or Uifl k t nawkikl* nalltrltf or aaae* Aaoa* ih? oMHMwkak kin mo itlifiHi kM irt Irju. dw 4m, CktiMp, DinM, Deleib, Bshela, brutal, Mr RTlk, Gteaoock. Beard, Jokasot, UMtceaery, rfpaidtof. Rtbe*, Tattall, FarraU, TeUair, L>oa, Warrea, Walker, WaMar White, Worth, u4 four .othara wheal mm I km largoUta. The OMitakN ael this aerttaf at tea o'oloak. Oaa. Oeorre I' lUrriaaa, ot iituia, wad aalected aa MM rmry chair aaa, Md Mdaara B J. 0 T iliiaai. af Baler tIi, aad R. H. D Sorreu, af Bibb, a*potnLed mrHrtw. <m mttm of Atmwn Hoon, teq, af Rudolph, a aaa Mi mm of oat rraa mob Oeayraeloaal uaniit waa appawled to rofart Ike at permaaaat offloara af IM (MTaUoi. A flight rrc*m took place, wbaa the oema Um- reported the foUowag maea aa the pari a eat affloera ? Boa T. I. Gaan j. freatdeeV aad the followtac Vtoa PrlliaH ? nm District?Tkaa Bntler K?|. e( OtfWL ItaaKMdrtd-T. H Fartav, af HaaMar. Ikwd District?J R Ptaokard, af Maaroa AwU Outriet?H P Woottaa, af Carroll /y? 0w?t-l. W. Oook. of WhltleU. due* vutriel?Dr A. Vouaf. * UaMa. SrrmiA IHttrvt?J A. Turuer, af Putoam KiuMM Ihmntt?U C. Kaltea, af Oalaabti. Tba teaparary BaoreUriae ware raoaaaMded aa par Mr Brrua, of EfflioRbaa. (formerly the MlalMar la Auetrta ) aorad that a aoaaitiN be appelated by the Chair, rnaawfg af three from each C<ia|i imihI dtatrtot, to report buettree or a platform far tba CMreaUoa. The Ohairwaa af totaled the follow a* feaUeaM aa the OdeeWee ? twm Di*r*ct?Wm. B i*ytea, of Effiacham, C. W. Btylaa, of Ware, and a K Ororer, of Bruaki Cojaty $nmd Dutria-r B wm, if Lea: H. K. McKiy, af Neater. aad J W Raroaay, of Muaoofee third IHttriri?Johji B Uaar, af Bibb ; Jeha B. Power*. af Bouaaaa, aad O P. Culrarhoaae, of Craw Fmrtk Ditirict?H C. Yaoeey, af Paltoa ; 0. A. Dmwaody, af Obbb; Md Joha J. WhMtfcar, of rayaMa. */tk DUtn.1-Uander W. Crook, af WbitMd ; 8. Foarbe, of Floy I; Md W H Dabaay, of ilerilM <urt Dxttrut-Howell Cobb, of Clarke, J. W. WattM. Md John D. fVlda, af I/impkla .WadA DiMrut?R ? Harper, of NewtM; E & Gftf da rd Telm >nH T n 4>ir.,i/< ,J u KfHUk IHrtrm- H V Job mm, at Jaftaraaa;q gkrlM, af Hark*; aad a (olaad, of IMamblt TV' CootmUm Ums Hi?urM<l ualll ikrM ociMk. P. M AFmKOOK The OditnM* DM* m Uirx* o'olork IV M. Mr Jom, of folk, that Um CmtmUhi lake a nw for m boor; mi it iu km Tfterrt war* ; d?l?-<rBI*e Who (MBIrf to (BTMt thr HMO, In WalUa( for IU* report oa Um platform, id VMUlaUaf lhatr eloqaMoa, talttaf amuatnf r*ea, and in Juicing la aociai oiararaauoa M the "aflaira of tha rapubltr." It waa diaeararad thai Mr. WhlNakar, of Kayatta, araa eot to ottntidad' ? at Ike CaarrwtlM, aa<1 hit aaaM aa ta? *amttw na plauorai waa araaad, aad thai 1 Mf i STbiet*. of (lay toe waa aabaiMatod " s*?*cai c6aa|?a ware aada la UM mmm af Uia oaa imm aiipolated m orr*loat'ala Mm v (MUi'inta w?ra railed oa for Mil 3hM, aa tka CMrwhoi ? ? idla. aad they oald aff?rd to M*ar far tar ajraarmmi ad ilcai toa aa<l paaUaw of Um deiagalaa. Mr (turn. af Manoa oooaty. aaid tkat tba daaoorata appeared to him r?*tfdaraMj diffcraat fraai di i kwii yr*r? ago Now tifj ??a?< dlepaaad w eWa noI other they did Ml Mik right, look right, wart draaa right aor r> * *?. " dw ?,u r*"*> ?*? ha wan unrrjr W? iu, ka<l aulahwaaa w* j**f (arMMi, aad ha <',loeM hr tauia? * ? ' ? waodm-ok laat fnaad a akuaM la . Mr Wiiinw Um I ll I * " a* atkuHa, aaM ba did aot daalra M ?ka a apaeab rt that Uma, hat woald raaarva hw raaanrfca *ar Safwa* dtennartua which watild tafea nlaea na tha ulaO i i Mr. iiu^aa wa? agaia called ap, aad ha Mid that la Um rtanam a( facta U> exaaiiaa an. prtactp.aa to dwoaaa, ha wan Maaaad la laJalga la Ita. He depreoaia.1 <m?o ora?eqaarr*ie. aad qnarrate of rrery klad, aad ba la iaM tha bopa uial If wa did baa* tar daanoraltt qoar rata M wa woald regard It aa a do meat in affair, aad f- f- tt privately. Bal (a ardor la proraat bat laelinga wa oaght la cuNrate a onrdku goad will aaoa? aaoh a?b?r aa) hara aa abaadaao* of fua. Mr. Hill, or Clarfca, aai.l tha- ba wa nn? of tha data (Um aaat to OharMMa to r-praaaui Um daomoracf of (Borgia <a tka Natioaal (laomoraM) Cjaraanaa WhlM tfeara ha waa ratir ION>f?a?w1 with tba laacsita la M u>? Intar wta la bM nharf*. anl h? dll bopa that Im tlarkarfad hat iraat la a way a. raaahla la tha lairm M tha fraat * manI party at (fenrgla. H* paid a p>ab| trlkat* la m? (altaat ?? from Afear Wataa wka aamaad fraa u? (MfiMiM w in bManair Md Mi ?ata?aMM Mr Mik aa* at la a alar* of rtaqaaaaa aad lafty painaMaa wbiak dMM fraal anplaaai, aad aid ba waa man lik? Mr. (Ntrar.of Manaa, tor ka did aal faal at all faaaf. Oa < WW Till la WW* tar M?4 til* ffMl Stala 4 <**! MkMN mma* to ( aitar. 8mm (iaMi mm fey toa ium af Haw war fining ' ' *. MaihaMaM ratpaad toa aal arai chi|< ?a Of , .(.tea tar ? .Me ,?M M.| a*iTji'i a i'I" ** -fccl" W Uy,'b u< "M'l J?*'wsr?4 ** "* * rr-f*4 - Mr Jows af Pata mm ha toakke* to afpaaa ? MMN.toit ha wMUkaoM^lM aalrM am plaa oaala N ali^al to MHarga *, fa*. tkaaaato ?? "? *? >ooap>a4, aaa to. ataadtof ptoaoa vara orawiad. At praal toa i?aa la toa aui u ttoi m Utoaa as toa Oaar. Mr. Bu, af Gtorka, iitorii to a* toa |alian k-a* Polk if ha ahjuOMaa waa aat Mara to toa Mm M toa wmm tkaa to toa Mae af toa kaX Smm atoto >ra?akto? aaiaaa rakawatf, wtoak ?m "aaar mm oaafuataa " prtrialit aa kaa "-raiia. ?m m Mr. Hta, aftor all, aM (to ?atufwd la toa toa. Iba OaaaaaMtaa aa OraaaaMala ma*a toatr raaart had eaip eaa mm bthn *< , u< Mm ?m trea Me ootiM> ? Laariaa Vm OmmMn aaid ttiir had Ha Mil oh aftradltp ! Mil Ma aaaatf aiillhga MM a lnnm.lM(MfNMtM Mat MkMUftlMMiM he MmMM. Mr. Joan, ?T liberty, aaered, la view af Me wMe m?M the MMMwmM lake whra Ihe OaaaMea m PNMfar* aheaid mart, that the apimare MiM ha taaaae la Mir iart|MHM. Mr. Bum of Waiaa, ehjeeled la aa? reatrteMeaa aa the liberty af apeeeh at ta? frmal Uae; ha ni iffiiit a the pi tew. Mr. Jiwm replied Ma*haMaat duMu la reeMdel lahate, hut there arare au) la the Oeereatlea whe Marat la ha haara bMrtdee Me piialaaal pahiM epeaaare a alteedaaee I ai tha eelajgaw ahaal* ao raff feny aa?laa eaoh, ai Delphi ha hara eaui '"Wletaai Ha waated m hare a apeeey teraaataa pal la Ita debaae Pwartla; Me aiaa ueaaa af tha laa af apaakara, Me Maa. W. M HUlaa (tai aar MMfcar a inatrla, aad raahaaa af the tlaaainaa aa Ptatrera) appeared at tha daar, (alawi by tha eaare aaaaiMaa Thep oaMa la aad nparhl ha ae^eriy af the aiaalMn repertad eerarai af Me aaJarMf rwalatlMa adapted at Ohertaataa, leolaMag Me DaaaH raaaMilnaa ai Hipai, eaMtaag wdnlr theCMcaaatt i anlaMiaa. Ifeaf aeMphaaat tha aaana wmcued hr ?ha eroeeag Ulaplaa at Owieetee, aad reaeaanaaad thai M ha rawraaa M tha Hwhiaaad aad BaMmara OoavnMaaa; aad a aaaa lha BalHain Maeaailai aaaa aat adept a autahia piatrana tad a aaaad oaadldaM tar Preaaaat, lhaa the delegates ara laalraoaad ta rataai to Riehaoal aad ca eperaa a lha aMvaaaaat laaagaaUt there. KxQereraer H. T. Jeaaw lhaa preaea*ed tha Hf?l aI Ihe aaertty rf the Oeaaaritteaea PuMera. Menial raaMraM tha Claiiaaad piatfera; deoUrae that aagraaa are ptapaiy, eaa maauiiaatly aaddad waaaaah pretaoitaa a Tarrttartaa ea aay ether Mad ef yrepanr; aadaraaa the Dred Boett deeMea, aad reoeaaaaa Mai tweaty delegata ha eeal a the Baltimore Nihiail BeaaaoraMe Oaavaaaaa; aad pledgee Ihe party te the lap peat ?f tha aoaMaaea at that eeareatiea tf (hep eaaerae lha prtacipiM prtoUuMl IB ur ralhar ardeat aad Mapantai delegate ate red that Ma minority rapart be lata oa lha table. the OMaiK lalereaad the aorer aaa the "inriahaa Mat IT hto awttea prereiM beM Me aMaerity aad aatan^y re pot U would ge la tha table legethnr. The aaeaea waa quietly wdhorawa. A Mouaa waa aade to have beM reperta prated, hat the aahaa wm Met a the Maria ef othar aaoMeaa whiah aaraid te he ratoed. order after a walla waa raetered, u? ma lunw praceedea. Ilr T F SimiLi, of Mergoa ooaaty, get the Int aad argued at win* Icvgik la fmrwr af tae ataorlif rajurl. Be aaid U lk? object of Ik la Oaamtni tM to Mm ttBdorUc part* Md ptaMlb kumr, iNIuMmM b? aaid la oar piaiiorm la '?t* of tke KiobaMi OhmUna Niuntl <?w w kaa. aotklog la da antk tka Kiukauwd Owfttuaa It ?a* a aectieaal ooaee-a, aa* m priickuM4 by la aaal pwaiil npjw -tin, aaM will toe ao refer led by the fieiltaal DmnnIM Ouareouea Be wei aaxlous to prtaM ike kiraoif ?T tke party by a Ora adkereaoe la It* lakial luaaarka; bat be eauM aat reoagawe ike RtokaoM Ooaveaaea la aay etkrr iigkt tkea aa eflune to break ap Ike umai deaaoratic ergaaaaUea The tfaekiaoad Joareafcea ? aot be tke expoaeat of aaaoael deaeeraao g -laiUlai. lint will ealy be tke auoleoa for MiapHatel aoairoaM la gstker togfthi r tke eariiittered aad laoeaipaaele 4abmu of taououa eppnewaa to Ike eaeaerretire prtaalptee of tke doiaabraue party. He wet la favor of ? talaiag ike erg eaixeaea ef tke parte la Me Mreafth eee la Ite oaky of purpaee to eoaieat?he kepod etiooearfa%? tke Week ropubUcaa party a' the cnaatry, aaa a* a eeaaeqaaaoe be cooM ooiy reoeaaloo the B< Ulanm Oaarea Uoa, a kink aeeu oa tke ma of Jeao, aa Ike aaaettaaeat of Ike aaitaaal deaec noy. Mr. SaffeU aeaMaeod at ooae U*?th, bat I have aat Uaae la giro a mm Mlaa report of k? epoeok 11m Boa Howau. Gobh, af dark (tka gnrataly of mm Traaaury of Ike United (Mateo), (a* ke ir?i [riHil ta U? Ika Ike deeeerake party of Geerfto eraa at leeata ualt aa prtactpie, area tkoogk tker atffkt differ ea aattar pataU Be did aot tklak ikere waa aalftc eat dMbreaaa ea tkoae atiDor potato la oauoo aay aorteaa broaok la Me party. Be Iroetad tke Gmjrgta Jiaeaaay wHI etaad together aa a boa* af braibara. Ba aaM tke eoookoM at ilirliitf had beaa taaakafiy referred to la HliMwa prtata, aad it vaa proclaimed that tkey woaM bo rape dialed; bet he Ml eatiaded Ike people of tke Sealk, aad parttoaJarty of Qootfia, woaM aaad back tkatr aardial eadermoeat of Ike ooaroa tkey paraaod at Obiiitea, aad oaafoaad oar Pert lore at tke Narlk. Be did Ml BMfce a loag epeoek, bat alaaod by felly aaeentaf Ike policy af tke WiokaiMd OeaToahea, aad 14 kowaawfllaa lo hbldo tta ar.iiea Tka Bm Jam U torui tkea gal tke Bear. Me prowM la dieted tha - a# ik> - - ? aa<t tmunHt>ii?o>wl ui t^wl wifcil^nti of the puplr B? iM|llii< htoargaM*aI at Maglh, aad VII rithMT MTVt N IM MWI fee MliM paraaetf M nm? Ha aM fear ohm tar* MBMtaaed m m4 record u> M out of the OnnaUN, tad If taey k*l re aii toe ekWM ware rery nmrikla tor the eeael MM ef Blather* naa far the PraaMeaey Bat Magr weat oat, ead MM by the caap Mi* vera af Ike I?fr Mraltaa, they produced dleoord la Uke dnaocratto ear^p. Bora Mr. Bill, of CUrfca, tot op la aa azetted aamr la reply ta Mr Reward Greet eoafoMaa itml >1 Praatdaal i biaatr wad rtgeraaaly eaaplered aa MM deeh?eeraral yuan iiHdpitl M m rr at dial tMreataaad la raoata hM ohMr?dtoardtrelgeed a while? Mr HIU apetogiaed la Ma exerted laterreptioa, aad Mr Mr. Srwiaa tiiiMi eeaewhal azeNad la r Ml poaarquaaoe of the la term j*laaa, aad ha praooadad la daMM Ik* oaarae |>ial hy the ilaaMlMdi* to Mm Watoar Kaaeaa pettcy, aad ha peared fee ahM hM aad rapM Mia lha ninllilh| aearae panel hy Mr. leak* aaa aad hM OhMaM. He aMd the idaMhMMaa had rert*w*d aai appeared af Mr Vatwl Knm haapnl addreaa. aad iMaa heaeiy liawl wattar, aai *M Mi baimmc haaaaa aa Ma traak aad lha traak ef a* WaMrt frteada Be aatd th* aoajeairettne wee hare la thM toararttoa M tay, M Me pareea af HaweM Oahh, Me 9*aetary af lha Traaaary, M arM aad taOaeaoe the I mm a ray of 0*or|ia For aaa, he woaM My he would reeal MM iraa heel af lha artMtottiraMaa, hroagM here M alMMpt to araah the ladepeadeat azpraaaMa of th* daMearaMa eeaaeeea? of Ueorgla. The *r?a ai a<talal?trMie*, hM Mr. 8*ward, haa he^a la peerer e??r three year*; aad, Mtboufth ihe? appear M he aa alaMarnaa aew far "i^rw eoaeJ protect**, aot oae lie* haa heaa arged M Mr Bachaaaa'a Mieeeeee, eer a eagle e?ert heea BMde hf aay af the frtoade af Itte admianireaia, u hare Mr lav peaeed hy Om^tm* M a the aew pel icy thy aew niHMaiMf Mr. (toward aaked Mr < ah* the miaaI* aot ihr Soota aa wed protected bow aa ahe haa heaa tor MM poet thirty year*? Mr Onea?la reply M Mr Seward. I wM ttat* Mat fee adMMlea ?W?a af Mr Baahaaaa, Mat fee gealtoaaa hM aoaerarety deaeaaoed. haa heaa m lme aad raltatol to fee Heath ee aay praifa* edariaiewenee hae ever MML Mr Mwiaa?OaapwaMi m? b? adtoaa la ika KIBIII aa, tal I WHn thai tba opintaa af Ma piapli af Ma S.<aM W t*tl ?ha ada^latrati m at fraaklla i'i*raa vu ih* Bo4ri idMiMnHov rt mMMl Umb. Mr. Bitv4 llllU M MM iMgta Ha raad napUaa MM frwm Mr Oabb* Paaaa?lTaaia apnohna. udoMntMl tba rtaan af Ita paat ?Hli ihoaa af tba pwaai at wnnl o' tt? laaaiac awa af ta? -MM* fkia kpnah waa ?Nl|k'?l what *l(kt wHI ba If ? mirctr, ul Mr Onah wd ha trtaa<ta did Ml aajoy it. *r ragard M M cantata la? ut or taa al*ax-ata it "f.ia." am rakaarka fallowad fra? aararal HI MM, ?kN Mr. Seward toat Ua ami fbaqanauaaaaai rapaaa wwa rather tart, but we oaaaot Ian wha waa aaaai aaaaMad with tba raaaNa Pr J. It BnAfrnia. o' Bibb apaka far a ahart Vaa. Ma aata ha thaopbi b? wa?M aa gailtr of a wraaf * ha aaadaaaoao in* atrMrn ror what inay ?M at CbaHima, aar wtmkl ba aipraaacaaaare oa theee wha rawalaad la Ma QMWMMi at <hartaalna Toa* ?"??? wr aad doubtitaa were, pure aad pair*** Ha waa la favar af m<m| lh? eatlre ilalofatlon a la Kiabaoad la oaaaalt aad In Haiti ant"* to act If wa oaaaat obtaia a fMr raaaf atttaa of aar r (hta at RaJbaiare, lhaa oar d? legatee w?at retura la BtobMarf, aad. If aaarfa ?a. prepaid tor aM aiMuilaa ot la* Uataa. (Ureal ?>!>? ) Mr B C Tajtrr, af Falioa, fot taa Omr Ha naawi ad by aaylag u>a? ba waa anrprraat la aa u Mr SawarM rbaaaliaf that old anaf ahaet "aaa-MlaraaaMaa " M waa taa dart ? tba parUaa af tba hall whara I had a aaaL aad I ooold lake aa aata of the argamaau ar palala mm4- by Mr T n?a OnaTaaNsa lhaa ad)aar*ad a a IK aMa A. M. Teaa?"T Waablaftaa Malfat*. rrra? Ma Maw Yar* Oiaarrar | , Kavolaiieaary haaary paMMa la Ma appar part af MM idaad aa af fraat mtaraai, aad a nett la taa "Hatfaia,* whara tba ratnalaa af aa old reroleUaaary fart eaML haw that Ma alana ? aal ttafeuaded Tba bi?b?at feeai sa tba talaad tt at lort Waahiactaa, aad wax wa* aaaa Ma aaaaa af aarrla? war wat-laaia. M aaw tba aaat b?aenhluiaxuHMtlu ?'! " ?- ? - * 7'i'n "- aankkorfcooa ara Mipack, iit mtm aaa aaMf pMMaa. aa*ka4ymt wlifcla m4 itoM tk*aaalraa all iba? opmaa-a naa piroMw or r?ta??iKai aa4 MM m roaaM lata Ik* kaauufal Naar ky M a war* af trnhMMUral fraadaar. wklo* aatklaf aaoiaat ar ai lw aaraaly *?t*a?, wnaalr <?? ? "< aurp?aa Wa aita4a M Km "Ri|h B*M(a, ' orrr wktch tka <>n<oa wafer ptpaa P*?, brtngin# aay artificial raw. Hka Ik* rataa aa4 arl?rM of tka kady, iam all tk* raaawlraixia a< aaotal aarf toawaOr lift la Naw Tort nv> wort IH?lf M atapaa 1?M mi Ni a*ac?i4oa (faaur rauwprtaa. yat tka nalaral anrrawarttiif* ara aa en l? rata*. aa ptntaraaqaa, iwl aa taart'ol. tba? May Ikr* a? Iaat?aifl-?a4 part af Ilia rraa? aitakuwa at ilka Hl?k Hrwlga " Tka atraa??r K Iba ottlaaa naa Baa antktaf a( annk atcaoMra lataraal wllftia aa aaay kaar rWt* jf Naw York a a a a ' Tkl* rultlratod raj tea nf ooaatry, wktok la aaly k afcnrk caa ka raaoOad ky atea?b?ai, railway ultaa MM at any hoar, an<i tew pnlate aiaxody ak m ink af tka Maaufal, Uta oaafal Bad tka |ra <?, a* Ik* ra0aa af Kaaklaftoa HatcMa. Anaaar P?k Qimitm I?>n!n>i*BT [>? raari" ?J. 1 frowa k raal'taal ? Utla oouaty, waa irriakl y*a\ar lay at th* I-nan Bndfa, aa a warraat laaaaa ky j.iaaaa >nak rirnanoa-t, oa k aftarga of riroatattac (ha Hal par >uok aaii o war taneaBiary lataaaak Ha waa trawj olhkMrbfa paim* affloar 4<*patofc?4 far ttw wrpnaa. awH'it ky acitiasa af tk* nonalv.aaf tak?a ka u*a JnaUna Proa, wka oomiimwi kiai la ja.l la 4alUI f joooaall B.o?a waa* 1.*oU u> tka WkaaMM , JH1 OMoaf rofnik lr?a 'aavaak-iaa aaa rota* far Prkaoat Ik l?M. Ha k*a koaa *.i*p*,**4 far aaw ua* af awialikl aaatiaaaato lalaMRal ia tk* -tnatk, aaf *f #r nlaMf kaaik'i laMank, aa<1 ?kaa arraaM M kaw? k? p?f?"* aavaral oap?-a of Ika Hal par aaa* Mi sirsrr 1

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