Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 12, 1860, Page 6

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 12, 1860 Page 6
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0 NEW YORK HERALD. m A B X B OOB UOA HIDil ft HJTT, KOI n>H 4.ND FttOPKUruH Drnoi h. ?. or nimsau ajo> ftltu* imt. rut V*. ?v? ? * *"? ?* ?< ?* ? ?? > "*?? *4tl hat i*? rtJk r>4 lA. P'*4ajm nxi*v ?4 '***"* I u ' t'+irtpmm *7** DAllt BBHAlO i ?u |Mr oup? K |Kr Ttlt HKMKL 7 LEh.*l ? ttj it -j, viU u+ wn - ?f* uliuml<|?r>i<)>) frl/I U>n?? |.ir(../ Wrml ? pr f? ?o <y ?*" ' ??N">'iW Vrt* la 'W '? <? (*? >m*< > <* V mi4 xvw.'f a? */ "nit fr Tin ? $1 V Hn**m 1 UP FAMILI IIKHALD oh ui* H ? '! (rfr lUKUKSPojrvHyVM, aM*ilaii? iwpi^al twi /raa> uny ^mn'i" V ihr ny?M, (/ *w?( vtlt h* Mterttflt / '? ' i"w I9~ "* < o???-rf>?i ??T? ui Pttiwfuui *>> ?*> ux * ftu UU MPT ? Alt bUTH'M IuAra (If uMmyibiiw nrrmafMn*Unc* Wt iU) wM fVt^ u t mintnl *!# ?.* ADV f NT tMJt F.N ' . ?*-im! rwrji b m tttml n 0>* 'in ? "??.ir hiUllT UtUi tavf m IM Qiti<brmin im<f Pw*~'n F'HHom* job rtUM IfitJ. ?K?iud v*A imuOkm eK?p*'? iv* UVtlna* XXV No. 103 AW' HBfcK Tl TBI* ?Vi?HIN<i. OTBU''! 04tI>RN, 3r*'w?y ? NORMA?'t?ir to Rioa >? *. WlNTlR OiUDII1, Wro*'??f opp't'M tV)o4 ?re?l? lovas Mtw Tout? Rockit DUBOMD. VUXtCK'l THItTRK hour*. LiCSl RKCMC8 bJl R fltt?t| Li?n-u? Jirnisi taiirir ??w Bi'WfHI Ro>?rf.-Oo>.? F.U?-AI COM. AI A ClHiOaBM -HA?iO H?lll>? ltk:L?U Jklliw. BaBNP*R AHRHIC vN VTMRTTM, Hrv?d ?*r.K?t?lcf?ripci i tt<>T?door* it r ->w?? uaoot or kavoaa. BBT * NTM tern" n?1. <7J SrojuJ** - ? llllMllM UwiUTM-'Otbl, Ac IM. >? t'n > ?rr'? W'? tniu m ?-> ? i' * 'on ltnm.>?uu?*, Jiu. - J?r?*ftfti. lUlTT AI eftbOO ft d fevonllf TKM-"Ut CP *4.010, 441 Jruftdw?t ? PaorUMt jaoou *?TIjHA', rUR i|IT RALOON, MftllMftl TU ftlre ? fkpftOI, DftllWl*, Afl P*I,VHK <1 ftHI>K<*| Kju-?eatli treat.?VoCaL 4>t? I;. fT?CH?ftt?l 'VWCftlT. He pc4 b?OaD#*T?CftiiroKSfU Onu *rm?; li aiTicH ~TRITLE SHEET. Riot l?ik, lut.dkf, Jan* 14, 1>?HU. MAILS Fi& MJBOPK. Tk? R?w Taik H*rtld<>Mitl?ft tor M?rop*. TLo CntiftM codll ?K ft nft'p Arft?U, ChplftlD S-.oor, wi.l INTi tmtPB on vnwii,f? ay tor L'vn'r1"' IV Kurt>|> ?o mat* 111 c>om to tbla ettv tbt? aftorvnoa a. h?lf liaal one o'clock to jn by railroad, aad ml a qoarW m Hmr o'c <wH l? (> by alaawb iO. It i fWi TKAi* Kfition or m Hrjnu> will b? putflabrd at tea o'el >ck la Ui# ccorci/if 8104K; cjpke, in vrappara, aU cms tt. Th?. restnta o' the Eraoi*.** Ei>rrr>* or t?? Hck*u> ?0I tmnoia* tb? o?w* received by mail and ui graph M fee diuiag Ik* preriooa weak, aid up to ia<j liour of pabhoaitoD _ The K?wi. The arrival of tl>? Aiapo at thia port laat night }>uU -a io p<?act aion ol European lues to t ie Jiitti ult Ibc iif?? concerting tbo pr^reaa uf ih? Sicilian revolution ia confirmatory of that pievloualy re?-eiv?d. Tl at Garibaldii? n aater of Pa Wtno aod maVt"g good |>rogr*M torarda the mthjugatlon ot the entire inland cannot longer be qutf?ti?t<ed 8> coDtradlcto*} and nnantn-factory atf the Neapolitan official dee] atcbt* npon thia point, that th?v are re ceived with great diatnu-t cr ?ltogetb**r diacarded by the London journals. Uy the Niagara, now nearly due at tiaiilax, wo mall have three daja later, vnbtch will doaWUeaa giva aa Hue more poaitiv* and dectaive U.f?ttaa!lon rala If waritiaKJl a movenieoia. ine <ire*i bwicra undoubtedly sailed lor New York on Sitn'day la?t By the b*rk I>awn, Captain Ch*w?, which arrived hero ye?teid?y ln>m Buenoa Ajre?, wc are in poa?ea?i?n of nearly a irottn'a latet date*. The Dnarn hut made tie paetage from port t > port in the unprecedented rme of ibuiy tlx daya. The date* rhe brirga are to the Jth nit., the day o' her Miltog. TLe Legie'atlre Chsmbera of Duanoa Ayrea Here opened on Ma; 1. On the 2d General Mitr*' ??a elccted Governor, and on the 3d he wn duly inatalled In cffice. The new government, we a< told, ww inaugurated with gnat unanimity, and the pr<?>pecta (or the country are looking b ifjht In (ur cunetpotdt net will be found aome iutcreatu<g a< count of the public improvement* iu toe ArgrnUi c Ccn'edetati.n. It appears there i? aorue uDfiMniM in Cm guav and Paraguay, an much ao that warlike prej ar?iiot>? aic in pr?grc*a. In Congree* V"?teid*y the Senate di<rnaaed tie report of the Trintiog lureM.gatiog Coonrtteeand fhe Civil Appropriate n bill. In the II >uv> the l\mt O(Bee and Fortification Approprtat on hill* wem pa-. d The t vt ning e?'ou waa occupied with debate on the Naval Approptlatiin bill. Bnth hotu*a have cr>t' e to a dead l<>ck on the Homestead bill, hed the mibject will be committed t? a new CoDimiitif i f Ci>nf? rent*. There ia no mnluhl<i(? ?f C?i?|rreaa a?f ji>tm>ii?ir on the 18th -the lewoo will duubik* U cxutided to Ui? noddle if not tbc end of Jaljr. The Jelrgat?a to tba Democratic Houihcm R? wdfri' frnxlnlltl National Convent*>a met it Kkhinobd, Va., at noon jester ?aj, ai.<) orgauized bj ce'ecim# jTcmor Lubhac, of Te*a?. for thai: in in. A!1 tl?e tm-dlng Riatea, except Pel* ware, wf re refrmntrd. A |?artj from No* Vork repr*ea*iBg thtnwltn as ^elrgatet from Xa tiooa) Ball, prevented>, auJ a-ked to be admitted to the CrneentinB, The Committee on Credential, bowaver, reported tdrervelj ti their ndm>??ii>n, bot Utc Convention allowed them the co?rt? *j of te>?t? 10 'he CoB'.entlon. m srin|>?thii 1i?ir frieooa of the eau*. No btiMoew of imp-?r tanre iiao#|>iied is U?e Convention. They will probably aijoarn over to await the action of the Baltimore Convention. The Rward of Aldctmea met Ust evening. The Ctotrai Paik Committor era nest in a eomnuaicatioa etatiug thai ti e expenditure* on account of tbe Paik for the correal jrar would amount to the entn of KUWO; >?>OJDOO of tint ' utn haa N-?D enthorteH, and ?ngf*?thig tliat. o?tr g to ilf fcfortM* conditio? of the money trark' h?o? of -U^h for the full wmonnt nrjelr*dt* ?r.ihott7? <!. Tb* fnbj'ct *u r*ffrr?t to lb# Finance Con.trime. Tbe Mayor tent to* tei? ing t ,n 0f tbr H..*rd aotfi r i?fr? g the lay"1* < u* "1 * >nut Vorrt* ft'|oar?. The Howl i otrtuiud ?L? Counci.raen in appoint ing a jviot Ct>im A'lf to o>ake #r??r.t{en>etiW for the rHefcrntien of Independence l?>y. A commn bV ?tl?.u wm rrcf ir* d from tbe Corporation Com > 1 ?eH*W? to ??w?.|r* rwnm of property for ; ' u oti. I <- ? b n- j;i in J-ftCern'Mit. A -)i <j> fin of tbr rtncmnent t? given to our report of the proceeding*. 7lir?e >mipnt d?al of roitia# bu?inea? tr*n? ct?d t>y U>* tkmrd of < <>nncllraen I art evening, u v ,tl t.e -??ii t j fi,r report of tb* pro ?^<lintra. A r?v<'* t?f < ran>ltt?? on Wh?\w? Tier* and Flif? >1 trithoritlBg the CornrtroT!rr to ?t?!e ?lt?i R< ..ry Cf ti< VHo, Coo tractor for the B?t tery f?Urp?ni'iit. ?r4 ?l?o Jirecttn* the Street f i>roir>teeiot>f r to fcdvertlM for ^toprvcjjn to com* ,?!?& tbe onfln^bed work, excepting loo f??t on > KrotbeMterly part for the of Oeorge I aw'* teriy. Mr. P1?<"ko*y ch?r??t?riH the m heme m o i utri?? ud ? robbery opoa the city. The nusmi ?f the nembei* who ? >t?U for the me?we we gitrn ia our report An itetiuior of v xomrUry ?nd tm;i.o?ll i'e pirn Q3?at of defpernte crime, worthy of imitation by MBW 5 1 our ewir*M,? a? h f!M? 4 ? tht tTtilt^d Sute j OmH j-entef<!?>. b<fi?T finite Sm*'?ey. Outh? 24ib of U?t booth n <W'!rq h winy ?h* rrr?trd i i ! our buy on board the nl.ip Wii mm P. Kuircr, (ritiu j which ote di-Mtb mul'ed. The mnttver# w?r? i trii-o itt) (utiviotrd, m.d trfMi of tiieui uMiteurnd to |m-i H'da of toi^riMiuueut v*iyiug fruu wreu } nr> it. h ng e>u<g *t tiui J UtivM to ou? year mid u tine. 11<?t i-igutti oPeud? r i? Htutgei tuinly ill in |-i n d , hi o ?>f rourM eemetu* w?k> u?i pr<?' iicuiioec upou Ii tu Had th< >f rft kltM men ln*en n.u<ic inirAlblc to t,b?- Ht*tp nithoriio* they migb* lictLni" have lain in prison fur month*, *nd th^n i Miiiie uh "quiWble of the law" luight bavw j irnt 'lifiii ft'rth ou the oce*n cf life V> commit ' niur* MtKf[?t. j At h rtguUr meeting of the Amerf-an Pbnto Hr'W . held taat Melting, b pnoluU'n wad adopted HppowuuK a ontuLUUsf to obtain f m?i? u> rtfcd h phil< gi*|>her v>iut tb> piopo*- ti irc.ic oiI < dni? n?ofDr. l!.?yr*. Tbei* i>as nt<fer bi>?i> a ptmugrapber in thoue regiot % kt 1 the aoclety tue allXifU* U> obtain III" itirt I'VMivJ. TfcaolatijIlS *?rr?* ?lr>, adopted nympat hi.'.!:>/ with tha f?m>ly of Mi. Kaiifield, who wa? killed i Wiiliainaiiurg l>y uu t>pb won oi" firewoi kt. Al* r botne minor buaii e-H thej udjvui iifj 1h? Fol?ee CoaimWt"nf?n>, at thefr meeting ynn. terday, uinovea tiout Un> for?.e Jacob DeTuy, of the T?('iiUeUj precinct, for violation of the rules and regulation*. The uruul i??port of th? ?^aiurjr ton # ?' i* *ihhi and raifirr<i to the Chief C'lecfe, ?n?*r vtiicl ih?? Board adjourned, Iulu(iiiAl< b L?i? b<*??u received that bar?ftfter tli? i #>ciige ?,f ? (linglf tc aud from rH parts of < -crn>a?) ubu bmUciLiid, yei Hamburg bto?uner<i, ?ill not lifter-n cent*. Thi? hbu?l daily imm 'Ii g of the Ex< Ue f J&rotomoots took p'are r^hUrdnf, hot only application for a Iicoo?r wuh received, which wa* (f tinted on ti e payment of thirty foliar*. Tin* nukoH a tothJ <f ICO licenses granted tins year. But half of tiio itltj media# huve yet born UHd. According to tha City Lufljjeotor'c report thoro woe 336 iuti ecity during the pu*t week, a d^cna-^ol 3? as compared wilb Uj>; uorWit) ol the Reek pi?tiou?, and ' "> lint than occurred dimi>g the n-rrf?p udirig week l<iot year. There capitulation tnt?ie Joatba of dise^^es of the IxweB, joints, Ac., fit o 1 the brain and nerves, 10 of lie iteiierativp or^ana, 15 of U'? heart and blood vew-elt-, t)4 ot th?? lunga, throat, Au., 5 of old a>r?* Mi ot aifea^e^ of the ?kin and eruptive fever*. 7 -'illboru ai<o pi em a tore births, Ml of disuu"? o? Ui? Hioinath, bowc Is ,uid O'iior digestive oi^us, 38 of 1g?ueral fe*?rs, 1 unknown, and 20 from violent caueet. The DdUvitj U.011 given 210 uauveh of tho I iiud Btmtee ,?(? of Ireland, ;!C of Ueiuiaii/, 7 oi KimlHiid. 1 of Rc?tiand, nnd tJio balance of various (i-rviub cooatrw. rti- cmt?u m%>krt yrrtardaj- bora tho nnf v^ctof liir'iini wb.cb coaracterzad It on Saturday, wtiilo the tlklittuu aouot 4bC ? 600 biu?, r.lcim/ on th? otHM <il ll%<v for mxxil'ng Uganda. Flour ?u b?*ry,o*pe nail) for common and lo* grades of htata an1 Miaaourt brand*, ?btl?- there ?aa a fair ch maivl both from Ui? d??i?nic Md r i port If Me. tVnj'bfro flonr noid to a fair i xteiil, aid uhoul change of Importance la quotation* *brat *u b??Ty lor ootoaon and ?prm( grae?, wbiut 'bm ?m a lair demand '<r m.Uiog Md for export Cjto a*a brm?r and la g<?>d d<-iD?ud, with toierab'y freeaalea, *tqu*attoM jrt*-'D to wotb*r plane. Tbe fltno?*?or ucidtro ctxktd transaction* m pork, whlto tho market, ai d r*i?ciai); 'or *<**, ?? at Otr, with aaJea of near at a si), a 9 i ftc, a?d o' ae* pruna at $18 AO a 113 76 ~D(a'a *<>' to good d, aid tbe adraaoe notice 1 at :L - c ?** of la?t wetk fully ?> retained. Tba uumv lie i a embraced a boat 1.100 bb<"e , at raid* r^a la uuiErr aininm ?rutr > u nrwij ana rnacr uranr, ito ? !?? oI about l>0 t l,3oo ba?i Rio, at 13 -tc. Frei^bt* wt-re bu?vy Ttipre ? ? Kim 1cm lOerlof, ?itia t.,or* rrmm r>B <& T%'* >hlp oanrli, ao4 rttiif'ur J t?rpooi cl<4?) Id favor of ?blp|>?rt. Atooog tbe * Off atftit* mora 41/(0 hn*bil* o' orrn a/vt ?ti<vu rUioBjr th? fors>?r, la ??nlk a?4 ha#*, at M a ; 1,C0Q cboeat' hj m ao.ur, a? 6 , aod Hour, at U 04. Iriun>])k of lb? latarittUoa u tUclifo Uaiittaldt la Pal?nH> 1 he Aru^u and Nona Driton bilugnu* the announcement of tbe entry of Garibaldi Into Palermo. Tbe laat advioa irom tbat port auted tbat tbe OM-ntilt would take plaice on Ute 27tb of ,M?y. Tbeie in itonje cot>fui?l?n in the datcii jurt iec*fv?-d. but from a tier patch contained ia or e of tbe IV;is journals it in to be inferred <bat tbe an-ault took plao? on tbe previous 'Ify. We ba?e no means of judging, from tbe cauty information before u*, of tbe extent of ib* loae sustained by tbe liberals From tbe >-kilful military dispositions made bj General Larea. bow*vsr. it i* probable that it wm very revere. Tbe attack ? n tbe city wetai to bare teen aiiVd from aiibin, for we learn tVo'igh mi r-op ii-ii B'?*ani??r, nn'CD imvca si unpion "Q tiic 2!Uo. t&at ? cou*fd< p?tkiu of tb? towoapecpl* h ?<l r1i??o *n revolt. Ao actlre tioD.b?ri.u)m' of tb? city b%d been coumeocfd on Sunday morning, the 27th, hy the Neipoli mi troop*. A* fb<? In n??t*d to hire t A-n plncv both hy -f? and 1 vod, It would apo? *? tb?t Ouff-ftl I,*oz? b id not mid?* Any t-ffort to rmhark bin men. lie in probably n?r?frb#d in the cetubborhM'td of the cJ'y. ^waiting a chance of either repairing bin 111 ?uco*f* or of gating off tb* lurcr ut?d?r bin coitiDianrt without farther loan. lit* object, now that Palermo In enpMired, will ha to ti .... Tl.I I __ i rn fu iur rnin <11 .n??^mit cid llUijr 't done by fM, m *11 tb? roarta *rc in poaae??!r?n ut the inaurtri'DCu. and be will bud!/ ri>k fl :bt.'n* hi* way through the* with aucb a Ifndtr to GiribiJdl hitngipg on his reir. Tb? qnea. 'ion i?, v h? th?*r bo can aucceed to Rutting ofT to bia Tfndi now that the p??rt la !d p9<?aewioa of the liberal*? If bia troop- nr* df ora1kf,l ?> the extent which bin defeat wl'h ao strong a brce * tb?* nt)d?T hie command would '"npty, be probabilities are that tue next at????ai>.r will bring ua tbe m wa of bla capitulation. Tbe result* of tbu victory are UUl to tV royal eMMi M?a*lna aid the other toaru*. 1 which wmw hald by a aya'etn of terrorlam. only twitfrd u>* tail ot raifrmo 10 a?"ciarr lor i.v hhftldf. Fvpn th<* military an J police, l>y wbich they were KirriitoMi, ware known to t>e dleaflfeeted to th? gorornment that It ?m conbdanlly np><oH m aooo aa the news of Um? rupture of PalmM reacted th?m. tb??y would at one* unit* with >b# 1 (habitant* Id bolating the n itl?<nal col^ra Fy tfi* time, therefore, we m xy calcuUte that tbe whole of the inland has b???n won orer to ?he canee of the revolution. Tltna ?ilfl0kv?> terminated, ao far oa SicNj la conceded, on* of be brleft?et but moat giorloua "tngg'e* thjf Vaa ever been fought in ill* narr.e of liWr?y. The effect of tbia new* on tb? main Nod %nd a* Naples will be m dia??trona aa balf a divn military defeat*. It will exerclae an a 1 -c'ric irfliienc# *>n the population of Calabrf*, n'r**dy lapaieot for a rit tog. audit I* Dot likely th it they * ill await. the arrival of fl tribal r wkli his II*t'?*rd of pntr I frta. Calabria on?e in arm*, the flame* of revolt will spread wlih lightning rapidity northward. and the kingdom of Napl*? ill b? won fcj tb? Influence of a nam* alone Ere ?he hero of Vareee plac?*? hl? foot on the mainland, tbe dominion* of tb* Hour boon will have been wre?t?*<i fr.?m heir (tra?p. and tb? se fnir poweoM u>* ?lll lie at fbe d'.p<W of a m*n who, from b?-lt # a nao>eW?? a?l* enturer, h * r'cen to tbe hWioM ptac? in the re?p<?ot and aJmiration OKK IlEKALD, TUESDAV fl<f tL- *orld. ti? |>erfcvOfcl nnibt u<-d qu*! to hi? d?rtrg, no &o?ibt f**t *t> ht?iKudc of iK wb( ui ho h<i? liberv.* *wulct coord Lioi the hi^botl dl<mti*a io th^.r power to b**tow. Ilia work *co<j?pll*b*-d, >?i> j Um* ( oi"oM<lrt?'vu of U>* HkUre jt*IUn peop fFVoWd, br will, boW?ver, lik* C?ooion>t'.< ?fk tfce nioaest r#UrMoeat wliicb tortus au H Hf>p<? vUtt'*4 t?rraitt?u0u of ?u duiu ?rrsUr<) eu-d glorious t? ftut-er. It > if] be curious to not** th? effect whiof vhla \ ronjtt Buce*8? of th*- Sicilian liMamctioB, tLd U>?- u?wlt# by wbioh it will b? follow*^) Nn|?!?e will oa tbr Flinch aiir.i?t?-r'<?. (if^p. We Minuet tba? the rapidity of I'-h j?r^ ! k'"# will btttti n< njewtat de>t*ug*<i th.wUnLtlr r.a . f I ,..w? Wi?r?. lw>n ? htb do lorper ur.y tn?t>tm of ke*pii?K Oi*ril<ilrfl is tb* background,M and tiepr?*ctutiDg bis wrr'cfe. fc? in 'be (U!1ah campaign. If the Cuipt-rai b?ri secretij encouraged the tuoveuieDt, us u tu.-tpecled to be the ' ciue b?- b>vri made a ?r??ud politic*! nralako* ! ii lia-i riind? Guritoaldi a cuarbiter of the ?W ' iL/eo of continental Europe with himself ; Should Napuleoo, t&eretore, have counsel on j earryiig out bi? dynamo *iews in regard U? | | Naples by the aid of th? revoHitionary le^dT he will have ontwHted himself. He will Qad tbat. whon the future political allocation of tbat kingdom cornea to be decided uoou. the voic** of Garibaldi will be &a pousut la determiaUitc ' it ubMo own. RrvoLtrroN tn Japan?assa.3?i>-atton of thk Rfoknt.?Tfcft community HUrtled ym**r day wj'h 1b?* anoouncemcnt of the new*. re ceived by telegraph and overlnnd an'l fro u ?S?n Francuoo, of (fie iMoii of the I'riuce K^gmt of J*pt?n, arid the fears of a revolution In Jerfdo. The subject acquires ? greater inte reft from pTKene* nmoog u* of th? flr*e Eirba sy 'bat hw ever been s.?nt abroad by tbe gfiver utthi of that empire. It In well known tliat ever since the appear \ an<'? of Coinuiodorti Perry tn the Japanese #*1 terg t* o parties have Minted In that co'Jn^T One of these fu^ored the nlea of Intercourse ' wtth loretgiidte abd the opeuliig of their porta j to commerce, while the otb??r advocated tb* I exolnsive policy which htw bo long cWacte ! rz?d that country .xnd China. The onrfl:ct be tvwo the two h-M fluently interfered with I at d retarded the negotiations of our Minister, Mr. llarriw, and even it had been deter inund to tend an embaeey to Washington, a change of policy wa* effected, and for a tl ne it *oa doubtful whether ii would over leave the chores of Niphon. A ootnproaiia*w?a at laM effected, and the Einbvdy now here was seut out, consisting of one iv pmettutive of each of the two parties tu the empire, both of whom are to make their respective reports ou tb^ir return. On the policy of the Embattey in Its intercouiee with our government the recent occurrence can have no etfeo'., Inasmuch us ail th? queetioun that war*' to have be?*a treated?th?tigrirg of a tew copy nf tae first treaty, nw norteotanditg with our irov?"Tnm??fit aa to tb?* anticipated atatgns ir irjrtila Jupin, ud Konop arrargement of tbe currently qne* tiou?have all bt-en diacn?*e J, 4nJ thwCkAb*?h> baa taken formal leave of the President It f? now merely paaalrg tbe t'oae to taking r "o. preparatory to ita depart us, in oiler thai i' ika> make a rep >rt on the country. Yank-* notions and civilisation in general, and reoelvia? tb? public attention* tb it b*ve boon tendered to It. We hive not jet learned what efTen th> la'e t'ewa ba? bad upon the meribett, hut it *i'uld not he surprMog if It hvtij ?fnr.nM) heir disposition to at'.end puMic ieatirttie* ?nd a?r*pt tbe attention* which Mere }? ?o rrucb desire to ?ho'v them. Tuk Action or Commum ? Ei*crio.\KickU>o at thk I'triJC ExtiNsI We publiah today a . r >????* of ibe labor* acbie\?d by C jDgiea* ti>u? tar uwiiLir tbe preaent eeaaion, by wtuch oux r* adn? will eee bow little u*eful labor baa be?n perfoimed by the aet of peiiuciana who by getting bold of the exi?ti: g corrupt aod r,.>) 1 tif rtrtritr i / i?mn- h.^ve t 11 ,.i>< tbetmelvfei into 'he legielatite *e*U?. the whole of tb? tiin* of Con*r?a4 Mnce it catn<* together in Dee?m*Mr ha* be<?o occtipw J uiiii the moat opvn and il v^fjint electioneering, iu order to aflVot, one way or thother, th?? political proapects of the aev#ral party cliques. For many wc?k? the ultra bi*ck republic ?n? in the (louwe trt?d to nlaee one of their partixaoa of the H?lper atrip* m the Speaker's chair A*ter their defeat in tblf. '.I*-j bwve b' en continually manufacturing bUla nf a political and tm^rac ic*bW cta+rao tor. auefc an tJ>e Homestead h|||, the Tariff bWl. and otberw, for the sole purpose of cientin. c*'Dtfr?-t* with the Senate aud raiding aoine juration for lo_n?l effect In tb?? m??nUtne ib? true bwiufp* of legialaMoa -th? re ?Won nnd c of an iacoagruo"? men <?f rt'Tenue laws, tbo pmape 0f the bll1 for the nec? *nrj appropriation* to carry oa the (rovrrnmerit, the adoption of measure* U? r?-i)d<T otir *tnal1 n^f v e.iiial to the pvlffanH** of onr growing commerce. and numeroui other Mihj*ctii of great national Importance ? ha** h?N*n compel led to 1\g along till the approach of the f a?! of the acealoa warrant the etM*" of giving tht m the go by becaumb there l? not time to attend to th??m. or e|*e they are taken up pifceinritl asd In a rery Incomplete man ner. The ?tate of things In the Fenate ha* been little or no belter. There a democratic major! tv hH- t ,v>T, (i florin? the whole ii-wlon n r violent a'tempt to commit party tnicid* to wbich It b<u verj nearly nucccodel* Mean * hlle the treaties with foreign nation* hare lift n abandoned to neglect. or else tna le the occ*1on of political and personal attack# bj SeT??*nn? oo each other, *o<t a tndied firstem of thwarting the admibi*nation which it pr? tend* to mppnrt ha* been practl^d. Mr. Buchanan wrw firat mwie ?n object o( a Uck became be ?u rjjpecVd o' fhroHng booh one of the rmbitlou* and intr^u?D,? politi caI clique*, nod when it ?<m fouad tha< he favored nonf of them. the nt^acli were cor tinned be<*a;ae ho d'd not do *o. The re?t of the se?alon U Iik?lj to be c >n -?it> i .1 In nif?n?iKlv ???? >"*1 * ? - *v difference* pnrponely created and which U t? tot tnf%nt thall be removed. On th? R? xtv\i? bUI we are likely to hare ft d*ad lock On* ttiv lr?fis?* upon tie pawnge of ftn immature tariff tnovuto, combined ** ft politic*) ttkk, w tbe price of it? c"0*?nt tb<?t Ui? debt* of tb<- gov?TD(Bi'Dt sh?)l be p?id, and th? oU?*i rcfurro to Conduit *wcb *n act of folly. M?:?nwhi!?? the eountiy p*j? tbe plp?r for bt* dance ?f th? politician*. Th*y ta'k n?? ol a-'j. ori,?nf cn tbe If'h lnaunt, wltbrit , JUKE 12, 1860.-1 RIPLE flushing tbe work D' Ce uury for the csrrjlog v>a at tie government, and if tboy do so he I'residMit will be compelled to too* hi* >,!((<! *n>?uon calling them together ag*lo oa ib* <xpir?Uua of the constitutional term of ibircy osjs. bhrtumkm or 1bk Cuinkhb WaR?diww ok a Nkw PouTiCAi, Eka. in rue Eaut ? rb? unexpected manner la which the Chinese i>ffinulti*s with EngUnd and Franco have terminated proves that the imper.altats must be 10 a had way. Tbe victory whioh they had woo oo the Peibo, over the combined forces of two Powers, would, It was expected, have rtrutned tbem rather Indisposed to come to u-tma. With 00 valngloricun and conoeited a people ao advantage of this tort would, in fact, bave had that tendency, but for the prendre ot other circumstance*. Ji bt? been known for ome time pant that tbe rebe'lton wu rapidly gaining ground, and even Sha?ghae and Canton hare b?n alarmed bj tbe cloee proximity of the ineurgentf. It I* | th* fear of the latter'* entering Into a treaty with cite foreigners that ha? decided the imperial government to accept the ultimatum offered to it It ha*, in fact, become a question with if of exU>ter>c?, or of the eaorifloe of ita absurd prejudice*. It baa prudently resolved upon fie latter; for it is well aware that tbe progtetrive -pint wbich ha* led to the present uprialtg vmoigKt bo Urge a portion of the population would opeeoiiy find it* advantage in ccruirg to an accommodation with governments wbo could give them such effectiTe aid from without It Ih not probable, however, tb?t thi?ee t?rdj (concfn-i<?n?, important inoiyi iiwj h#, whi avail tbe piti-mi oynas'y much, ll Daa'orcen uticf maintained the sam* conflict of force ngs^i ?t pub'-io opinion whieh h-te wnwked so nia'jy poii'lcal nu<l throne It in im pohlMe ?bnt tt?e ffTet** A-latio govern mentae-n ?|ibMnnd for auy length of time (he cootac * ?ih Turop^an civilization. Toe stri'ggl?i which btj encc^sfully mail tain wi?b thobr nuHjecU. oulji heeaut-e ol <belr iropetfect appreciation of he true principled of govrromeot, atone* turn? to their <}itadvaiit<if?e * No the la?ter have an opportunity of fetudjing the polio; and uaag*-* of (-hrMian taHons. It was not ho much the arms of Ki glaiid that won her lliodoa'-au as tb. ifpcotip thai were deiived from her s\ A*m of rt'e. unprincipled and opnressivr tbr >gb it frequently wm. It is to the fearne ooifltct of opinion that m*y '>?s attributed the MM^weinaUoo of the liegent of JapanContact with the Americans had opem-l th? e)** and enlarged the mind of ?.*? old Kmn?ror, und he favored the views t>.\the prtgres hive par'y, to ?hose efforts we otvo the pre wene of tie first political nJ.<M0u ei ?r ^nt to a foreign country. IK* liberality won for hL party the hatred of the old fnsells of tht? court. ,u,/i it wh hoped that, jo depriving the preeeit Regent of life, an end woQld be put to the projects of reform with which the old tit il Dew r?-i(fn? were identified. Luckily th< friends of progress proved too strong fvr tb* in. acd they were promptly made <o pay the pen:Uty of their enme. The event itself will probably exercise a beneficial iullui uce on the protprcta opened to us by the preset t Fosbssoy. The indignation exclmd by It cannot f?11 to aid il>e effect of the reports that will l>e mad* by the Embuwy on their retnrn. In spite, therefore, of all efforts toontrol An/I ft* rkninfrin imnnMi Iho Aat *t!c populations will succeed in emtncipattnir its.-!f ur.-l la gttlcing 1*4 vlctori**, just ai It hat. triumphed or<r timflur ob?t?clm amongst * h*? We?tero Pit'OM What hare been the con>#t> which bare dMd?*d and torn Europe -Ince the Middle *g?? bat conflicts of opinion? Fro*i the time wb?'a feudal customs received iLfir death blow do wo to the wars of liberation undertaken in onr own day, the European populations have been lighting for the mm principle# wbkh j*re just now beginning to dairn en the Chinese and Japaneae mind. IvOWDTIHM IX 71IE 0>UT ClTn*.?Tb? iloreapA of rowdyiam in our great cltiea U getting to b'? an alarming argument ag%icst our institute M, or rather a strong commentary iiiiun Lh?> tA lhi n?iutu nhrwiin In preserve the public peace. Tbe rowdy eletu^ut ? xIms io all gieat cltiea. and cau only to prcfied t) military power, as in Eurepe, or 0/ that lnpau? love of o?der and natural aelfterpeot wbieh It ia the end and aim of constitutional gi/TtinmrnUi to footer and cultlrafe. Ia tbi* country there are oertala tnauperablr objcclioaa to the tmplojiowt at troop* to put floTD otoba; but recent denooatratlona would ' in to Indicate thataooner or later the ia# suit a?*?rt iu mxjeaty la aomo efT-*ciire way. Tbe reception of the Japanese at I'hllade phia in a cut' Id point. Thiro tie tuuaj order of thing* tu reversed. The barbarians, ee we call tbe ai, seemed to be the only really civilized persona in the crowd. Tbe Corpoiation authorities deserve severe reprehension fortxpoaifig the Emtuuwy to the tanuta, jeera aud LiuulU of tcurry fallow* who ought to hare been In tbe penitentiary, and the whole affair, from beginning to end, ?w a ah*me and a oirgrace to Philadelphia?a elty which make# more claim to decency, and with the e urn Ileal foundation, than any other in the country. It ha* b<*cn referred for the "governing cUtfMt" of the Quaker CUj t>> Krove Uivmr+ive* the wort* blackguards whom the Japenese ha?e jet encountered. It aa) be that if the procession arranged tor tiki* cHj Ui not done awaj with, on acoount of the rumored den'.n of the Regent, that the example of the i'hilsdeipbia rowdies will he imitated bj tbeir confreres in this city. The police should hare special order* to crush out aaj tuch demonstration at the earliest po??ibl? mooFtt. It is bad enough to bring >h<> Japanese in contact with the Alder men, but to imbject them to the coarse joke* and luip-ident Intrusion of the friends ?nd supporter* of out (Jity Fathers is going one e4*'p too far. Will the IVice Commifrslonera take especM do'* of the fact ?h%t the Japan*?? lutve oiiiji narrow (P. ipoa lu* icjlUof be Waahlnfctou women to fall upon ij?e Cn*rjl>dtft of I'lultMletpaU rowdy Um, *nu ?} t*h?? CM* th?t ?b?jr are prot?ct??d during ibe'r ?J lo tbe aietrupnli*. Ratification or Lijxotn bt tit* Rftolctionaut auotitiomsts.?The rerolutionary ?bo liUonlnts of the Garrison school bav* deoUrml Uuir preference f<?r Lincoln orer Seward In '<?(> vftj strong language Mid resolutions, at tbe Antl SUvety Convention beld In [Won vlif cUt d*y. Wendell Phillips thanks God >at *ir 1! Seward was reje<<?*d, and t*ilnlt? it ? good sign. II? Is not saM>flM with Mr. SHEET. Feward'a Tiewt of Irwfm^ibl* confl'.o*; una though lie iin-b oot*>p?*?k **rj gtowiugtj <?f ,,boo?*t Old Ab?V' ?b(|ltioatiM, j*t b* pour* out r*l?erat??d think* to l!?"*fvn th*?. tbtft* wit0 lite enough left in the Nor'b for Chicago to b*j to ?b* New Yoik 8*o?^.?r, ' Y<>a art) too dirty." The ??ugu*gt? of t*? abolitionIota on ibis o?ca*>ion wu about *h vi<?t?ot as uftu?l. Oce speaker deolarM th*t luv-hn-dItg individuals or slave Rtat?s b*ve no rgb's? a fbtinK ut wbtcb another ppeakir, R*v. Mr. P)*ii<-pont, pronounced as too mild, declaring that a ilMrholdvr had not th? right to br?*ut* a breath of God j? >r*? atmosphere Mr Hnwaid is evidently not In aood odor with ?h?* re rolutionery aboUtionlita who di^euiiua'e tb^M) philanthropic sectuiieote? aot, p*rbjtpa, b*c*u*e Mr. Lincoln is quite up to vheir utk either, but because tbey tbink th*y o?a un him better for mischief aod revolution. What tite Cotode Ijcvkstioation II Brought to Liuut.? Tbe evidence Utken before the Covode committee for tbe l*?t two or tnree dsjt- ban hwn of ? very curious character, ud bM wrud still further (o develope tb? tcbftn**, iutr*gut-e end bargaining* ot the poiiucifcos of both pnitit-s, nhiie it dOM uot ia ttm leest effect tbe integrity of the adtuiuiatr?Uoa, against which the investigation is levelled. Tbe evidence ot Mr. Qaskin. for example. on the L?*ct.n.ptoo question, clearly demonstrate* that tbeie nothing Improper oa tbe part of the President during the interviews which Q**kin and ctheri bad with him. The Preoideut exprmtd his opinions on that subject very iiiml}, an be is accustomed to do gener?lij, we believe, and be endeavored bJ argument cu impn pb tbe wisaom of those opinions upoa Mr. Hat-kiii, but nothing mora. The b ibn uuce ol the tvidfbce of Mr. Brown, of PhUadeipb'a, ikii/uuii'f to about this: that Forney w?uu=d to be pl?c?d at tbe fi? aa of the Kitubeu C<*btu? s ah* ie be wan in poor Pierce's time, and to g*t Vb* nmnsgt mtut of tbe an ministration org to at Wai-bii gton, alter bis dihappolufment in searol of a teat in tbe United States Senate. That ap I .^ru In l>ka 17a hiMfi In4 nriAA fnf ftiihvuirilttff ihe a<4ni1ni**nitir>o; hut whrtb^r be *raa not wanted <?t WafhirgtoD, or for Home other reamo, be Old sot get tb<* uianugetnent of tb?oigttu ar>d the ?hur? of the piiutuig spoil* he expected. 1'iobabl; there vu a negotiation going oo him a&d the black lepwbllcauti *t tbe time, which Mr. Ua*kin inig&t be able to U-U bcmuLbiog about if he wi* acted, and it may bo that Forney got hie pTice in th*t quarter. The black republican*, no doubt, agreed to io<?ke him Clerk of the Coosa, wfiich agr^e tncut they have fulfilled, and probably to give hin the public printing, or make him Poet inaater General, if the; bhoa'd 8uc<p*d in elecV lug the next Piemdent Tbeee iutriguee and bkjg&inlngB among all parti** the Co vode investigation baa brbught to light, and that in about all it has done. It bas tbown. however. that jold i>. uutkin was uc m^tvr uiooagt r in urj? whole Leccmpton busineea. Th? conspiracy, it reema, wu batched in bU bousft, aud it la to bib tact in roping in the twenty fife ra?aib?rs? ?fo tare now dwindled down to about a d< zen, owing to some wrangling among tbemwiTeH? that tbe anti Lecvmpton faction own its birth. Mr. llaakin's iaci and energy bare b??n so wonderfully developed only aiaoe he joined ?be cburrh; but it must have been tbt cnuicb militant to wbicb be allied blmself? probably Henry Ward Briber's- for tbe rei cordn ol Congiwa kbow th*t be carriea oarnal weapons upon bio pen-on. Mr. llackin and bia frfenda are now using Douglas for tbe benefit of tbe black republicans. Under ibe garments of Doogiaa and Lecompton, they ate intrigukg for Linooln and black republicanism. Tbey have succeeded in getting up a fight In the democratic party, and tbey bope, by urtng tbe Influence of Daskin in New York, and Hickman and Forney in Peon sylvania, to carry tbeee two State* for Llncolo, and tbey may bave a fair cbance of doing It It ; tbe democrats nominate two candidate*. Will No Onk Ahuult Simnku!?The black republican* are very anxious to get some ou? to aacault Mr. Sumner. They get a drunken man to go into hi* room end talk tip?y doq1 sewe to bio, and then deluge the country with rumors of an attempted a??asain?tinn, and ao forth?get tiro member* of Congreta, tb?Major of the federal capital and any numo?f oi police to protect the Maneachuaetts Senator, and make a great fuaa generally. It la not at ' all Ilk*)j that any foolUh fallowe from the I South will agala attaoh Mr. Sumner for any , thing be may My. It l? far more probable tin* ' ?bey will let bim rave off unnoticed; but why could uot the thing be done by subscription? A large reward might tempt eome "murderon* ruffian," *ay from the Soutb, oat of funda and . ravenous for whlaYey, to do tb* thing up handj fomely. Let the black republio*aa by all , mean* get up a contribution for the purpoae. ) The thing ia quite teaeibie. [ R*tital Amo.nq the Yachtwix ? Nkw am I infortakt Rack* to Co** 0?t.~ Aj we apprih?*d ' our reader* yesterday, tb? recent diecasslon in the press and elsewhere as to the traeemno . and spirit of yachting baa Mined up a number of the members of the Club, aod they are making arrangements for several very Interesting coo teste. Tbe most important of them* will be a swrepstakes rrgatia, to be sailed on the 2d of July, before tbe summer cruises commence. It ii proposed that this sb;iH be a sort of Ocean Pejby. free for all yachts, pilot boats and c< nvir g k-booners tbat choote to enter. Th? ccur*e in be fri.m Saody'Qook to the Ugh', hip oil Cape Nay and back: the yacht* to sail lo classes by thfrn^elres for one prize, the pilot boats ard schoocers in classes by the>rn?e1?os; tbe start to be sim>i|t?nenn*. and the . me conducted under the ru es of tbe Club. The ajTrariujce of the swift pilot bosts and schoontis in tbe Ocean Derby will make tbe raoe Interesting to everybody, a* It has l"'U Ml 14-11 HI" K* 11 i !!!? Hdiir Ul uirrr vriwrif t?u beat the fasteet yacht* tn the Kjaadron. The "C?>rjt? 8t*cra" pilot boat will hare r.o opportnnity to abow her quailtie* agalnat the achoocera of the yacht fleet In addition to thle, tbe Rebecca bae rroeired and accepted two challenge#- one from ?be "loop Scud, to call to day from Iloboken to the Southweit Spit and back, aod the other fron^a new sloop, the Charlotte, to a?fl around Loo; IMai.d. The particular* of the laet race will be made public la a few day*. Among other mature agltatrd in the Club la the project of a club bou?e up town, where yachting men from abroad and from other p\rta of the country might recelre the hoepltalhie* of tbefr m?tro i jolltan ^onfrerea. Such a morement would oul Hva'.o fp<r<* rf )?cbi ?i, v J 1 'i- ' O-'J 'I to <Ims of ifco C'ub, botte K-ri atd in tio mpo. It t* uW propoted U?*i i**t yW'i'ig b >>l of t-?cI cJbfH thrtU #H?r a cbampk'u'? <%' ?, of ci vir*-, b- ?;* >? iend/ U> *Vj1 fur Iv whf f I cb?lltrg*d to do to T'e cb-mplon ya?b'n xM uld w?*r 'b?- Hi-uiiL?>od ? oielint'-Utn- color, o lint. ?h?!) u 'cbi ut- vmily rooogitlzHl frc>?? ? ?Mp or their. fi of Ml the** oiibjecbi frtatw that >?nt to b-.v?* H ?pirHM yv h'l/.g ???*? n, wnl l?j ?ac<bti ;?-t?r w* ixp?cto t.<'v a ooaii?ia bl* H'iflitioo M tt? Bquvlr-jo, rt,aj ui iirjveUi* pnrn *o 'b*? fport ?ucb h? it hm ha<l in tbV rtur.tiy. W?? advi'? ^ rybody-to go tu for it# Ocan I*erby m a cotua*o^m?-n? I>?t UH mi* what a eupeib fleet ?'u c<ui g?t up wkaa we uy. ? Tuk Guu Cirr Civiuzku. ? W B hart* baari for man} year* h gtvat de?l ot utter n<>ntt<*n fi fcbtut'b* clHliefttton of the iun*>*0tti o-o' .my, and ba*e found the ho entliviy o> poi-ed to the bfof1 ? n of the |)liii ?oph_rj, wb? loudiy ?hiak ffiat e*erj?W/*ic i* tfving well, b-* ctMi-? they are walking about to# wurli ?m? thofr eje? vbut, aid ho oaanot o?? auythia.^ wrotg, that we bad pretty nearly lost our faila In tia " progress of the **?," so far a? to-, diminution of orimt* wgalaat aociety ia concerned. The tact of the nutter w, that crime ?rf ail kuid* bw bean ?t?%dlly 1acr*as?c5 in th<$ niwtropolu, notwithstanding ?ae efi'?rU of tL<t T>act Society, the parsons %n<i philanthropise generally. Tbe iHlgioua world h?ped w? pti ri'j the body palitio wi'-h good, h\cocg &o$*e ?* theological blue pill. So, u the city prwgiw*eci iu aeaith, tlif flue churche* multiplied. 1 >i ome down liberally, and opleuiiJ religr?a? ?ditio?-M weie erec nd to i'aobiouubie mdm ?arbl? uud brown ntone to(rt to* pU?? of the red bricks of old tiius. the light uf II- ? veu ahou* ou tli?j faithful tUrou^H rxn tinted windows, tbe piuenn'tt ftcow^ mat borne vhtougo an atmosphere redolent u< Paris perfoaaea, the g*nhi? ot tho o*bioe; uiftkci una uphoioterei *> rut U<-1 to its to d^rtm raie uud ouri<>u? p?tterj? for Ifci siwtKi furniture, t&e Bibles, njmn and prajer books wer* ivaplendent in Turkey moro<?iv> and gold, tb* (>4>w ruHhiona were 1 untriona x< tbe divaus ot OilMiud princea. Altogether, *i?> road <o beav*n wm built on a down gr*ie, *j<1 through a cbarop?gne couatry. But no? wiiii-tund'ntr all this?not?Htb^*ndin<r the fact that w? paid (he paih..iih t-vuvn m m*'u a* betore, and consequently 'hey were in dii'j bound to save double the lorm*r number of & ula? thirds hare grown do borer verv f**v W* still bear of murder*, m'dn'.^ht tMr.4, rowdy brawls among the lower ciw??, ana m occasional defalcation higher iu the aootal scale. On the one hand the poorer classes a< e demoralized by drink, by b^ing crowded into bole* in which do gentleman would put hu dog, by beiog shut out from the hgttt of He*veo, and deprived of th? pare air?G<>4'* fr*e gift to all ?and on tb? other. *h* strugg** fo place, poeitioa, and, above all, money, bres* down all the bafegu*rda of mural prin.i?4*? and t-etida the victim headlong into the ?Im of crime. Id thU state of things we look abojffor a new elvtlirer, something to re Que aad*t*r*M all oleaeea, the rich and the Door alikn aid we flud It to the Central iVk. That spl"*^ publio work, no?r just btglnaJai to nid#*i? th* tall glory of It* future, id working ti'loot revolution nmong us?a revolution o whioh tbo toeieljf hupertlolal ob?!rT?r can laea. Tbo work is an art tnonuaie^ 'n lt?elf Its broad road-*, tasteful bridge delightful pttmeoadet, deliolous views, nv*? up an ?n ten.Ue not to be equalled in th? world. On a floe Bundaj the Park la a gran* ohuroh, where teoi of tbonsoods of the o?* worked p-^pulattoo of the metropolis aaaeable to worship the Deity through the sincere* form of adoratioa, homage to the beautifu In lt? grandest developemeot Here we may see all olaiM* e< society represented, altpba?es of city Ufe typified; bat there la n* iovtdtees dis'loeUoo. Libert*. eaualitv and fraterbity reiipL To?r? ii no rowdjUm, do Q{htiog, no auaconduot of any kind. There to cheerful gayotjr, the prattle of children, the tllrer U'tghur of (rumen, th? merry *bont of tb? young man, and the eelfratified chuckle of the veteran. The eje r*?u on* the nineteenth conUrj ithepher<)?Me? aui modern cavalier*, moving dguree In a ?plendlt Uud*cape which the pencil of a Claud* or a WaUeau would have loved to paint. The ?enfee ue lootM, the b*?rt delighted, u< the dm. womi or child totrti tn? Park wiU a thousand fwvet regrets and the c<?m<jH?uiii*M of having been made better aod purer bf * to ii.fluent e*. JVcidedl/ the true oiljr oMluer ia the Central Park. i*i>mme>cri*rnt op kejthlican cabinet making ? a ev>?airy p*p*r bu ?!r*?dy prmv d ltot ol i.iacola's cubluet, la u*? ?ut>joia?i t>ai*gr?pb : ? i 111 ath'i baa mo bf ca/1 vh?r?,nf w?mmn ml ta<*y uurtto, o cb l?1?lpnla ti ? hi o? wm nil in i km ?r?> - arofmry u< .hue, w. h , o( n?? vtovaurr of tb* ivffmwry. awm Mmrrftm tf l>nn?yl???* mfm%ry H lb* lawrtar, 8"? f & imt, oi littm. rmnrfrf * war, a. f. um*>, ( ?4i o. aporotei; ?f ?bo *<?vf, wm i li.f u>?, o'n?? jorw) , attorney frnak p blair, ? u?aotrt; fimluwr (itimu, (ievrga aaiiaua, of wa< >w? ?t oilaor dr i>?r imxn ?< nnmn*ia<f at piiwm, rinr? 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Tb? , 00 rrw Of rtwaillof bj-mm Ml 91 owwpiK1 hy Mr Juauqa ft arm, Dr. ffr? ml mMrt. ?aa aattrrly <?>rnya? by lr? ? |HJ>r ?? |rf !? MMMHIMO.ooq , . . _ ObltMry. Jnt'f* frwi*r Tnuiiut, ooa of U? aarUaal aa?ll?r* *t Natabri, u< n Chaaorllor of MMtoH*l. <>t?4 " tbatotb nit, Ui U*? km year at km m*. Ha ?M a <Hauafa>au?? tawy?r, Jurirt a?<i v?.wi, |N?? m thai ??a?? u a UfH later and Cbaacallor, aad m Ma WW bottlaa *a Um Im* iTTiTor of ifea CoarrtMioa btab taraMd la IliS Urn M. W (iraad l/xtfw of MtaaMatppl Pn4?mm 1a* cm, oaa of tba aaMaat BtWtaa avolttera, baa juat 1M, la t*a full prtaaa of Mb Mr rro?y? rrwwwmwr, <m? of tbr ?mlaa?? bonk pub. i "b?r? aad oM?m otticaa of rbUalatpbta tHpartwl latt lif* o? ftat irday l?at, at bta country aaat, Wtrraa, Ommi ornniy P?aa , m ia? Mlb yaar m Mt afa. Mr 0m>muhay bopa Iba |xilia>H| baMaaaa about fort/ yaar*

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