Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 14, 1860, Page 10

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 14, 1860 Page 10
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_10 rows FBOX WASHINGTON. Passage cf the $20,000,000 Loan in liie Senate. Tele ef Ceiinre Passed npoi the Prenidest and Secretary of the Navy by the House. IpMCkei of Mr. Bocock and Mr. Sherman. m WOSPECTS OF DOUGLAS AT BALTIMORE, ft*, to, to tw Bpwltl WklklBftH J>Mp?(ck. Waw.wtoi, June 13, I860. ? ma or m rwiDRfr at? fvktor na ?n f m boi -.i Aa totter of tb? Secwttry of the Nmvy to Mr. BattMi Cfc*lr?b of the Committee on Expenditure* la the Navy Depart meat, pcbltabed la the Hiauu) to day, added thai ta fix- Same la the nooae today against the Preatdaat and Secretary of the Navy. The re tee to reprove the Iret ad otuaare the latter ware much tarter oa that account lhaa they would hare been. the affirmative r?te of 86 la the Haoae to day, to lay the rfaointloDi ol centnre of tha Preaideat tad Secretary of the Navy on the table, waa oompoeed exclusively of daaMcrsts while all tha South Amer'cans j reeeat, together waa Met era Adraia, Clark, of New York, Davia, of lndl aaa, Haakln ana Itoma of Iliinoia, rated with the repobbctr* ta the negative. TU HiUlHOKI CW'Emuil. the city ta fkat fllUnf op with the delefatee boned to ItaMirore The Doer la* men feel very sanguine that he will be nominated. They declare tbey tave the power to beep ett tha Southern aecedera, and will exarclae it; and 1 tears that the merobera of the Richmoo I Convention ex paat to be excluded at Baltimore. The Donglaa men aaeert Mat thev will rtjueet General C .ehina to rea!gn the 1're attamcj. ud >J he declines they wiJ take measurea to tM Mm oot ol the Coaveotloo, an J If be overrules their MM* iney will overrule him. A new movement iprnga ap aaaong the Douglas men la Ohio. The Columbia Oaaa*. a weekly democraLcpaper, numina'.ee Sam. Mo.Iary, the prertat Governor or Kanaaa, for the nomination at Babtaaere. Be la a Douglas nan, and the opinion la tfc*t Ilia seen that Donglaa oianot get the nomination, that Medary will be iha beat man ta compromise upon, raonnmiina or tb> hovrjc. Ibe Bcoae baa dona rary tittle to day, and thia eve lag baa beea engaged upon eeveral prepoeiUons to print MMioaal cop tea or agricultural and other Patent Ofllcl TUB TOIAL ilWMIIMT OF OOWCiBBSB Vwre *a little doubl that the Senate will rescind tba r* aMtaa to adjourn on tbe 18th, and extend It at least one ran I'ldnc iuiijmud aiu Bouse PaciOc Railroad Committee will bo aJtewed M report ca Friday, and Ue probability ia that the b.JI laah<a| tba Central aad Southern ra nice will peas Toe Bleats will dodge it if they can. TUB TM1HC TKiaMUfB BU Aa Pacific Telegraph Bill, aa amended by tba Senate, Raftering the corporator*, will come up ia the Hones aartag ibo moraing hoar to-morrow, aad trom preeont appoaraacts that body will concur, if the bill la defeated the praaa of the country, which la deeply in to reeled ia ita < poaage wul have to tbaak aoaaa of tbe otiioei* of tbo Mae In tba Deorkeeper'e department, who, it la atid, are Mag their utaaoat to date at a. thb Tiiiyv awt) uua anx. rac nuw, dbt!C| ueina eu ii.o win, m now mjiiii| qpaa tbe twenty million loan. Tbla will produce a conflict Willi Ue two brancbee which will bave a greater tenilwcy than anything els# (o extend the wulon. Be Senate has pot the loan provision inserted by the mm ? Ue Tariff bill, upon the legislative, Executive mi Judiciary Appropriation bill, aa a rider. uuxd twoanutiM ?? m lout. ha Mease waa landed to night by lobby men and aa*are tesuch aa extent that all baataiaa waa atopped, mi Mr. Martin, of Georgia, called the aUeniion of the Hp later (Mr. Dawes, of Meaaaobi-setls) to the fact, whea Ute Iworkeopar, who hal per*:tied Oi k violation af the rutee. waa ordered to clear the ball uf all but aw here. TWS rOTOFl ;WVTIUiTJOS. Mr Davidson, ex I'ailed Ma'.ee Mariba'l at the Northera dW.nct of Itimole, baa beea eetjxrned here by the CSveds ccn.mi tee. Ihe ocain.itea have aatber.zed fc-a to pat in s* testoony ta whUb(. It embraces the loUowtog letter, wh'ctt esntaiaed co date, ??t waa received ear'y in Aagoat, 1168, daring the eectert bet we# 3 I.ino a atd Daugla> ? mt t?jR nil?i anal t>a atayoaara re iir danger, Yonr caaa to aow UBtenttool Pa-i't flra raaraalf My r-a? r?r I 4o DM J ?-<i tfcf I bn(M mra baft F*u up ibalr oanaetxia with lb.' op paatoioB Tbeir war apoa the national Jemorrat c party to af tba r awn making, aad I anpnoan tba paara MM be of tbe'r ova seeking. Tbay ctve nad* aMNMi oacaa with Wo bite* ropuolicao* aft no' a Tbaae of tbam wbt ara willing to f-?" Mr mij port to the dmtniatrUMo, and to regard Ma Itocnak bill aa m a aauiaraeat. might to b?i -jo Rated, troai-1 kia ?>y aad supported, but if notblug a*as will aenre tbelr tera bat appoat >n to tba party, ti caan A ba bstped Tbey any bare that Mr Dooflaa M mora no Mat a11 b tier ia fin boMUity to tta administration and M ail wbi> tupporl it taaa any black rapuoUeao la coa graaa New, what tbouid ba tba diflbraaoa to ut batwma aaafe a aiaa aad ar aboittioetot, axoept ttoat Barb a mar. ateateo by democrat* rata, woald do Mora injury to th* '" nrato Sanaa tbaa an abobf.oatot woald bara It a prwf r to do' Mast truly yor.ra, toe., J. S Bl. ACE Tin ojimsa ruua *ltoa Doaaa to nlfbt paaar 1 Um loaf ataadiag elaiB o' n-ito Palates ror earners aa Osasnl at Ooaauatiaapla Tit* rwaxtri <.nn Latter a raatlnd bare to atgbl mttrtW tha ahteaa' tta* tba gipwi Caart of Saw Granada bad aaaalted tba grants sf tba A rfcist OMrraay Tba report oaaa through aAaara of tba Paaaaa Compaay?interested parttaa sarumna mm sons iiaic* AtfTtoaa war* rsstorirt tbto morning at (ba Prpartaeent at Mala frotr acr Mia tote ri at Chits, Pom and Naw B? Ttoa llmti (oraniMMit bad not datoflBMM toa mmm (t momii ynniM la rafari to to* dtmadi of mm m?mmi Ifcimr 0*7 had ymiiiM tha aebjaM, aai ted MM to U?a ito purport of bM taairooMhm Tha 'tt prr w?r prttkiM that Uwy mooM aaeada to <M? <r>udi of Mr ttnnaMt, MtoayuM aa Iter ' am toy a aM?r w Ifea s**t bttItbI wn probab'y Mli lb* autor MtoMtor Blf Mr had aMa UlUa tf aajr profrtoa ta Um Mkmnl of ptadtog <JtttccIt*>a la fact, tb?ra mm no Martol afcaaca ta Um mpmi of affair* ?a raMafowe la Nw yretada ?u Mil pmialat, ' tM It tM tooofht that throafh tha friendly aff.ora of Oon ; Mbttm . tor iaoprMdtog t/ootMa ai|H M avarvd ovnrMM cm wm *a xtiakm waanan TW f*i)??tai aaral efflcar* hara iaaMnd praparatory ' > .MMiiht tha RtehaaMd. datoliad m Um tirt'p of Uia HMMiMiaii nalfm ?Captaia CharMa Ml. r?< M?aar; Oaptoto Oaarga K H0W1M, OnMtMitur; TJantar I Jtmtm Baraap, Pmaywi. Ymi*, W?arar, carta aa t f>i?i ui kmur m art m Miff Paraar Hnm hm 1 IjMn MhM ?>aa toa tafeah at N'orfbia with prapa Mary iHw to tha Mwtd I aifcM aMvia A haard of aaa*' oaaatraatora Ma We ordarad to Nar, la M to Mrray Iba *? staaa Moep hamtMta, racwally . at tha Nar* Card at pmmm*. aa<l ?k rk m r? I parted ?a ba rmm mx' ta mi; ptao?a rmn~**i mAtmm. Tbaaa m bmc* darnat oa gata* mm mmd( vk? tntd, 0 tmmamnm poik?ui<> Ik* ?*7. *< ***? ?" ??"7 ' .-r*?yta aMwttcp la lha ^0*0 H ' A wraaaoa. a apakaa of ? a%h> la ?> < ! n?aol*? liia > Mr. Jiaev aad oiban. Oaa'tkarrbla tnportuco tt 4. *rha1 M Ik* i^Mk U I fclw, kf Dr. Larta?, *k? vh> aaJ?*ab" ftwa M?W? I mtmmm ?lk* CkutaUa Con ? *%! * t?a wan ? >. mwmw kf * ' '??? ?f ?* father h will b? jiwmi ? Bakfirl, aad advocate laa Vaaaaa w ptMfor ?, ?rt rk 5? ibMfkt Mf ba Uka poalJoa ?*taa by ai ioaraoa '?* " m ?itit omnai. t II k IMMM (Nai an KBeM tattar a* *a fomik | |? ? rwaw J. A OiaaiafHaa . tka* pay a la mmmlarntm aad mrul uC'aara MB k. bm^ ar mmm4 WW ?ka prorMM or Ife* of Jih 1. IM*. I wmt w) ?mm ariataf Ma nppwH ?rii?w hum m > %? m?j via to id* ml Id Ik* s?t; n%?rtI tm < > aa4M I* ^ Nr* AwMar. Th* , mom ?MNk WB ** "" N"*%1 *?*?y hm ih? ahi, ** iMM H Ikapu aitcmd a lk? m? mi ' WW Tk? (Mhrwi a ,jr" 1 b U * ** **"** 1 NEW YQ] aadlcuad 'jMiMtlni uaable to i|rtt. Tbty win Mel ipii to Mm* Mtikf tor a 1m1 eftort Tl* Board of Navy Ofltorr* to txmauM Uto atdaiupMn wbc h?\c ^raduatod and area Iba raqntrad aaa aerrtoa cectwmry to receive Iba warrant ot paaard audabipiaaa, will convene at AnaafiUs on tbe 16U? tost. tqa vjcaict a tun um. It la aaid Ibat general A. & Johnston wtll ba appototol ioki'ccmiI ibe late Ma;or General Jeaup, aa Quartormaator General oi like army. latercatlsf Naval Htwi. TUK VRACT1C1 SHIP?A CN10N CRAFT?BVKRT RTAT* KKVKK.HKNTED ON BOARD?THHK MONTHS CKC1BB ON THE OTHER BIDS OF TD ATLANTIC. WasHworoa, June 13, IMC. Tbe United States ftloep of war Ply moulb?tbe prittlca ship of our nary?left her moorings si Annapolis at halfpaat ten o'clock cm Mom day Burning, bound to Norfolk, where abe will remain for ft week, ud tbeace go to soft oa ft three mealha' cruise, touching *t leyal, Oadia, (,ibr?Hftr ftftd Madeira Hfte cftrrlee out the eeeood ft>d fourth rift?eg ef acting midshipmen, with ft few of toe third cans, froaa the Naral Academy. Aa tbefte youu>; officera have families in all quartera of tbe Union, aa ftccurate bat la the Banian will iloubileex be acceptable The officer- or tbe ship are ?Captain T. T. Craven> lieutenants Simpson, Buckner, Upater, Davtdaoo, Soott, Purser Cunningham, Dr. Van Zaadt, Purser's Clerk J. A Berry, Boatswain Miller, Hailmaker FraakUnd; 100 sailors aad 17 martacs. ibe Cadets of tbe seccad clses are? DtUt vf JCtUrStale from m*i:H tng A^euUmy. Namtt Appomt*4. 1867 Kii-hard F. Armstrong Ueorgia Sept. 21 Sylvanua Backus Michigan Sept. US George Milllui Bftcbe Pennsylvania Nor. ltt JeBeraoa BartleUCromwell.. .Nebraska Sept. 21 William Baker Cuahlng New York Sept. 26 Wiifcam Watts Carnes Tennessee Sept 29 186*. J. H Comatock Araansas Jan 7 1867 Adolpbua DcTter Ohio Sept. 24 Jamee rdgftr Flak Vermont Sept M [ Jobn Feeney tioklen Tonne* ace Sept. 21 Albert Gallatin Hudgtnn Virginia Sept. 24 John Hazlebnrst Ingra&am... Boutb Carolina Dot 21 IBM. CLar'ts Kurby King, Jr District of Columbia. Sept 26 1867. Jcba Mciarlaad Pennsylvania Sept. -1 Horace Mwanl Mullaa Kuiu 8ept. 26 Uuutes kdmoad McKay New Yonc Sept M 1866 Jcba Wooilward Philip New York Sept 20 1867. Hoary Forry Ticking Pennsylvania Sept W Frederick Kodgera Maryland Sept. 26 George Parker Ryan kaasachosatta Sept 30 18M. Julian Murray Spencer Maryland Seit 22 1M7 WilHaa Thomas Sampson ... New York Sept 24 Alfred T>tna Basil Massachusetts Sept 26 Thecdtre Sturdivani North Carolina Sept 21 TMumceh Steece Ohio Sept 26 Sardine tirabam Stone, Jr.... Alabama Sept W Joseph David WUaon Florida. Sept. 2* Hie Cadets of the third claaa are:? 1867. Rttfua KlngPuer New Jeraey Sept 23 Franc* J Hlgg:nson Massachusetts Sept. 21 Joseph Andrew Leonard New York Nor. 17 Thomas Longworth Moore.... North Carolina..... Sept. 30 John Henry Rowland Keutusky Sept 21 Napoleon JcOorton Smith Alabama ^ept 2i Samuel ?wirt Pennsylvania Sept 26 Herbert B. Tyson Pennsy ivania. Oct 22 7be cadeta of the fourth claaa are:? 1869. John Andsrson Ohio Sept. ti La Rue P. Adams New York OoL 26 AdaaaC Alexander Okie Nor. 21 waiver nowae laianu ng?. in Richard Haye H*ooC South Carolina Sept. 30 iiMw rmakett Beirne Virginia Sept. 28 Albert Smith Barker " ? ? Oct. 36 Cfcarl'-e F. Blake Miiaauhu?Ua. Oot 2'. George M Brown Ooaaeebcnt Nov. 24 Oban A. Baiekeilor New York Nov. 25 John R. Bar lieu. Jr Htao4e Ialand Nov. 2ft William B. Bridgman Iowa. Nov. 29 Fraadi T. Cbew Maarart Sept. 21 Joaepb I'eytoa Clay brook... Xhaourl Sept. 27 Oulbj II CbcMer Cooaenttoat OoC 31 Retard a Chew Metric! Columbia... Nov. 2i Henry Helden Cooke Virginia Nov. 2i Robert A. Camm Virginia. Nov. 24 Daniel Carroll Maryland Nov. 2? Wilttam J. Crtif Kentucky Nov. 30 William R. IJaltoa U Mtaaippi Sept 2n Charlea M. Dayton New Jereey Oct. 26 WlUlaiii a Itaaa New York uct. 2ft Robert Fkmrnov Georgia Sept. 23 John Campbell Fort one. 1'eiioay Ivania Sept. 37 Htobam S. Floyd Tecneeeee Nov. 2* Haydea T. French larttaae Nov. 2v Samuel Staflort Gregory Nortn Carolina Sept. 24 MwardC. HaaelUne New Hampahire.... Sept 22 William Hanunet, Jr l'enneylvaala Sept. 27 W.inam C. Butter Virginia Oct 2t tojamin F Bank In New York Nov. 2 iaec Coht-a Moloombe Georgia Nov. S ylvaaur II Hun. Indian* Nov. 2i . ceiu? E Hratb Mf ?chueetla Nov. 22 barlea 1) Joaea Ohio Nov. 21 Ueory L. Johaeoa Vermont Sept. 30 'liam C. Jackaoa Virginia.. Nor. 2A Mortimer I Jnbnaon MaaaachuaeUa Nov 2v bi >p Wager lowry l'enneylvaala Sept. ?: axcaC long Trcaeaaec Nov. 21 186S Bi?H I v.-ivrmott. Teiaa Sept. 23 MM. Alexander H. McCoraUCk T?im Sapi ill f> 'ft McUnro Prnaa} Ivaat* Sopt '.v Wi krr acKaev Mam Virgin .a. belt 2i iasiovl Tartar Mallory Kenlockf Not 16 Morrill Mt' er Ohio Not m Henry C Teooroaoe Nov. Fre lerl * >. \*U?. Puimay ivaa.a Oat ?7 Froder -fcrooB PoBLiylTMtk Sept. .1 Cbartoa Htorj Poor, Jr PmmjItmia Sepi. 2^ Jobs K .'r'oo AlAtaM Not. 15 Beotamin H Poctar Now York Nor W K4ward I Preoio Muao Nov. M W,;.i?n. M Pipkin Miaaour Nov. <*> John limr? Rood .... Miafeioo ? Henry B. Hnmt*j Indiana. On v? W.Iiaiti r Bob.moo AIiNim Nov. 'J> Mortoa W ,Jud?n California Sapi ?u Mo erne 4?aflbrd V>rU> CaroliBa ... ,fep? '."2 Chariea D. .'iptw Now Yurk 8opt T. Jaineo IK ban Maada Marjrlaa 1 Nov. 22 I'd" o M Sbapard Now York Nov. 24 !<?bLejr M.oor ricalM. Mwatanppl Doc. MM. Dknwl Tnct Tirgtai* Hep* 30 rraana M nooM Nouib Ura iit. flopt a CbarM W Tracy reaaaytvan.a <)c* ?1 lhomaa I. Turner . Miaaonrl Nov. 24 WIIUMM A. VMk Now York Now. 2* Ueorgo P. VnMB laatoaa. Nov. ? H-u-rt 11. WTOIMI New Yoft .-*pt 21 I Uoorgo W. Wood l>DnnylT>aia dipt. K :otxh T. Wtlkor 8oou> C&roltna 'M Jim Walter* Ion Nov. l Mwln T WooJw?rd Vera as I Nor. 21 WNHm Knot WhMKr Now York n?c. t w,II abb w. WuktMoa soatii QvoUaa Dm. 1 W:tf!a? Walteco Yoobi I'rcotyttu^ Not. 3a rmurY-Miirii com urcn riMTT OMIOK. m ?. wmbunto*, j dm is, 1m0. tkr fA? c? Tiuti'tri run. Mr trans, (rrp ) of mm , proantrta MaorW, i frf l bv nr. ntary B Qmir nd Ktw, Hklag (or tbo dfcrtiarir* "f Tkaddoca HyaU, ud dattro* Uai tl to rofarrod to tbo Spatial CmubRIM am U? Harper't ftrj fatTivMritM Mr. fmn, (d?i ) of 1b?1. , A|kM , taaemooh aa tba Rraatnr pmnM, but tba aik?r day,* pattttoa from nc jrc?i, ud wfcMb ?m ratarrarf n that oo?*vuaa y r ?r?mi nM b? bad ttpnm'y Mtlad ai tb? i n* that th* r?titioB waa fro? ptrmi af Afriaan laaooat Mr. Firm r*plM thai II mifbl bava baan Um eaaa. bvi N waa doaa wUbaot tb# kaawiadga of tha mnainna Mr. P\ *?**?wtat ot that, Mr rrvtleat: Wbu tf 1 4XTh? raaaipcrr?Tha Sfrator fntr Iiiim baa M>* flonr Mr Fitin?tflr, 1 doc I ?att to h* tctamifiad by tbRraatnr froaa Maaaaehnant Mr Fiwru, (rep) of Ma., waaiad to kaow if :t waa aaaarteri aa a rriaeipla that rrgroaa e*? 1 m patltioa Or afrfta* Ba bad aarar fa* ha*r? e*aa a BotlD ra 8r aato? My aa muob Mr Film rapUad that ba bad ao abjactlcs to lba>r pati tocaiaf. Mr. I I? I ! TT W WJ ?T? angst m P*'. iut t*?r oagbt to ba traatod It Ua ordie ?ry ad?, aa i I a.nk u lorn m? tafriBC* tli* V* <* ?*1 itlr* to iNolrf Um. . .. Mr. rm? Wd k i tttoattaa barf to lb"r p?i tiaato# m rtnamt. whna h ? ?! M?V? <* Mt rw(f?R lk? It I'l MKlt / Mr re**efe??t?o? arw Ml rtttea?a, t ' to V ? \f Wjwu. **d Mr* or<W war ' ?* nd m of* u l tna riftit v? alia* fomftr* to fMtM> at a?/ >aa? I wjh to aator my dtaaan MUlrHT ^u> Maa *| wf *? rwif MMJoaa fcara. ad kaafc al Uimi. ?nl??*lVv mm* frrtn I aai wllkac to H??r p*t*K*?? fVtwn aaj?-*ty, w><1 1 49 oa? to#I ro' dffrmdad *7 St. ?ium, (*<r) ? M? rn_ *1 li! IMa M a Tfrr ?1MHIIVT pro?*itot oo Ov, r,r, af 'b* im r Vom laetoM- matter toy ay aoiiaacoa r* atrtod a srlltoa t**m cariala ooJoiaa en>aaaa of Maaaa ah? ferra la MtotOemaoatraaMh aU Uto r,bHrf?llN>t| H. Mated n?Uu/ V?r wbMKMWt 25m ? aiaia. ttto to. pKMto. a^a tr~ eoto^d ?. , Thai7-Li aa ?* ratorrarf to tbtt c??a? Oaawitoa m Um i i.lrl?r> T.tfT Inwmdtoi.wtw* d?t?Wr jl "Ml to I [V |\7ii<l ' ar 1 U>*i r >??m, I a?lartoaad, totoad < ? ? ??-? "P"* ' Tiiiw?*|My^Nr Lwtoi e *i V'ee ? ?< J <wa a? i rrX., n **? '''" "Wtoto* or blato iaaB-aa to i r>toM maaMto*, ?"> rrmmt *al >*???, ?<* * ? \ B? am ^ *' f f** "y ! H\~>a ?o at)H? ? !*?? ?!*?? RK HERALD, THURSDAY, tine tt txamne vt, v?'?'?r the Se?*ter "rotn cnoaetta preaealed * petition the other day ? >" colored at)i?u tf bit ?U.Ve New, ?tr, it aeems W tor tfcii tfea la a very extraordinary position to be taken here to 'be Wtnate of the Halted gtau*. and 1 hove, rlr, ifc?t the treeaoen of (hi* country will oou and u.arK tb* poeitiou, takt d bere on Una HHbj*ei, 10 the Mei:atc. 1 retard it, str?I will not lay aa ah mault to a t*ta?or of th? boa>, but it a, air, a motion aecom.>?ft*d by rtiuarki wntrb o^rerve and Rbould re jetvo tb? rehoke of every geclkmaa la thia body. Mr. Mason, (dem.) of Va ,aald waa not In theSenate ?ben UU8 ?ul>ject came up, bo*, be understood that U>e Ssna'nr from Icdlaaa dettrei*. niretererco o( thia pet Ucb, [<eeaM? tome lew tiayi ajtu a jx ciuon Mad been pre ruled by the Senator frftm UaaaarboaeMa upon Hi fane <lrciaritfr it 'o be from aegroea, veiled under the exprec too "petftiorem of Afrtoan eeaoent" The oommUee I Lad kanrootetl him to make a report on that petition oc i.mj |?n3p?n>u, wu vvij wicu hm p?i iiiui Mr. Fokthk, (rep ) of Conn., Mid be kH? ttMt pat! tinners, tl>*>y were Uvlrg in his immediate ne (BfcjrbooJ; tbe? were white men. Mr. FBfwwiN?That makes do difference. Mr Iokilk?And men of the higbeet respectability Mr Mason suggested that tbe Senator from lndiona abould wnbdraw hie object**. Mr. Firm?Tbe fact UuU It la from white citizen* re troves any objection that I conld hare opposed to tt but for tut ntemperale language uaed on tbe other side, and for the opinion of the Senator from Maaaacbuaetta, if be classes himself in tbe category of gentlemen. I care not for it. for 1 do not eiaaa blm in that category at ail. Tbe petition wse then jeferred to tie Select Committee the tariff but. Mr Hnrrra, (<!em ) of Va , from tbe Finance Committee reported Mr. Morrill's Tariff bill, and moved to pcetpat? it till tbe second Monday la December. Tbe motios ilea over on ill to morrow. h'kijm or MMm ralaribb. Mr 1'owri i, (dem ) of Ky., from tbe Judiciary Com an11tee, reported the bill to Increase tbe salarlea of certain Judges of tbe United tiutes. TUB AMI l*OI Yd AMY BILL, BTC. Mr. Payard, (dem., or I)el., from the same csnunittee, reported tie lionse bill to prevent polygamy tn Utah, with an amendment. >n immense number of advene r?porta were mads, and private bills and memorials of minor Mnportanoe reporteu. tub < abk of am in dart. The i?enat? blU for tbe relief of Anson Dart, eiSuperln tendtat of Indian Attain in Oregon, was considered. Mr Lank, (itcan ) of Oregon, oppoaed the bill, saying the man bad no hoaeaty and no Integrity, was loathed by every honest man, and desired to fllcb from the treasury every dollar be could gel. Tbe bill waa passed Mr Punaix, (dem.) of La., called up tbe resolutions for n'rht sessiens. Mr. Hammond, (dem.) of B. C., aatd the leftslatioo of t'ght sessions blurred tbe recorde of tbe ooostry, and be thought such sessions a disgrace to tbe Senate. la tbe oid Reman Senate, all laws pawed after rundown were invalid, and that, too, waa before tbe discovery of alcohol. (lAuxhter.) I The resolution ?u passed. tiiK ciwuui APPMnuAnoN BILL Tbe'Blative ud Exooutivo Appropriation bill ws? considered. Mr. Hvarxx, (dw.) of Va., reported an amendment from the Committee on Fjianoe, extending the 11m of fi.tiling ihe debt ol 920,000,000 to Ore yearn, stating that the Hnute bad tent m an amendment to the Tariff bill to fund thin debt In two yearn. The committee had thooghl beet to p ace It in thin bill and extend the time. Mr BMiiJtk, (dem.) or Pa., objected to the amadant oa this bill lie thought the Senate should consider the House bill on the tariff, where tbe amendment properly belongs He did not think the objection good that there wu not time to oonsider the Tarifl hill Mr Simmohh, (rep ) of R. I, spoke against the amend meet. Be tald It ought to be connected with the bill tor raiting proper revenue This was an attempt to carry over the Presidential contest on this question aad cover up the extravagance of the administration. Mr. Tocmum, (deai) of 6a., contended that the extrava gance did not belong to the administration, bat to the re publican . arty, who increased tbe appropriation Mils to a great extent He thought the questions of tnance and protection thoold never M connected. Mr. rwnno tef ailed the republicans from the charsecf extravagance. sujii that the democratic ad mlnirtrat'or. recommended them, democratic committees reported them, and democrats Ssaators voted for Uiem, and they in tee minority were not responsible for tbem Mr tfiaiOHK took tbu same view. Mr 7ooxi? Mid be blamed the republicaaa and lime democrata woo voted with tbem la making a majority for extrsvsgant appropriation*, and charged that a comolaaUon exiated in varioua quartan to laoreaae the expand)turns to u M make protection necessary Mk proceeded to ihow that over >4,000,000 bad been appropriated bv the Senate, not aadmaied by the department, and the Secretary of the Treasury bad talei i in bia report that we could not meet theae extraor dloary expenses unless additional revenue was provided. He thought thai utaae democrata who would vote with the republicans in support of an lacrease of revenue dtJ ao without reference to party. Be waa lor protecting the industrial elements and preventing foreign competition The expeaaea wlU exceed the revenae, and there will not be a dovar to pay the public debt. Mr. Hrxra denied that there waa any niesasity for aa incretse of revenue, and maintained that a low revenue prevented extravagant expenditures. At four o'clock the Senate took a reoeaa. EVKNIKO 8 EMI OH. At 6 o'clock the Senate rassasmbted. Mr Wiiaon defended the repubbcaaa from the charge of extravagaaee, aaying that the requlrsmsnta marts by the Presides! and the departmenta exceed the approprla lions made by Coogrees The Haoae waa ooatrolled by tbe republican* Tbey bad rednoed the eettmatse of the admin jtraUon >1 M)0,(00, while a democratic senate, under the control of democratic t*enatorr, had added mi mil Ik>b? to those Hou-e bills When such charges wer? made, he desired to (<>'nt to the record. He then pro oeeded to show the neoeastty for aa increase or tarifl for revenue to meet the debta of the government, and expenses During three years the government bad gooe in uebt M0 HO.uOO. He did not believe theoomiag Importations would aflord safllctsat revenue for the require wcuw w we |>|>rupn?.iwR mu \my uivrwi ui ui? debt He tberetore ftrxtM the increaae of the tariff k meet exigence*. ir Tenant read ibe cHil appropriation bUl, with tbe ameLdnurnta of the Senate Finance Committee, lb* every (raw Bade ni to fulfill coatracta and carr f o?t mating iawa Tbe Houae repabUoaaa, by refua tg ' to per boaeet roatractora. had tbae redooed ibe appropr.auona >160 000 for flciahlng the Chartatka Cumoh Houee. ?u pat la by the 'Seaate to fulfil boeeet ct>nira<rt? ef Maine aai I pay for the granite Tbe repubUcaea of tbe Houaa appeared io be rcouomioal by ^cheating boneat oootract >r? and carrying on a ayrUm of profligacy la appropriating f*,Ui0.C(i0 for fraudulent penaoaa He ouodemned tbe agricultural appropriattoaa aa a job. Mr. Bk.i aa aall be dkl net lite to bear anrh imnutaboa cart on tbe department or Pamoate who Totea for the aaeaeure. He did not like Um way tbe Seeaior (poke *1 .Mil ll Mr. Tooma aaid be would gire way for an explanation, bat tfbould rote for tbe Senator to protect again* what be aaid Ho bad declaimed any Impaiation m any Malar. Mr Rioit* aaid be did protrat. Mr. Tooam replied that if be waa not aatiafled with tbe remarka tie oould gat aatufaction hero or oaMde the chamber. He waa apeaklsg of tbe government, aad made do pereonal impulaUona. He oonttnuad to altow that the republieana were frieada of iilmTagaaari Tbey wara deep la nmptloi la all tbe legwlaauree of tha North, aad God oaty knew what May wovld 4a if tbay avar got ife# povir httt. Mr. Ponirmi, (rep.) Of Wla., aaked the Senator If ha did not recollect tbe Baaoa graat la Georgia, wbea tbe people haraed tbe reoarde of tbe Slalef Mr Tot)ww replied that aoaae dixboneel mm got la tbe Iagtelature, aa in tbe oaae of new *at*e . bnt tbe people bung Mne of taeaa aad ron othera out of tbe .state They were not booeat eaought la Wiaooaala t? do that. after further debate the amoaJmeal far laadlaa for Bro yoara tka ?20,000,000 ra Umb agraad to?7mi -.h, Mil 111 Mr. anuniAa, (tea.) of Ark , oflarod aa lawtrni appropriate* for payta* tbo ciaioM of Cboeuw ladtaao, aadar tho trwl; tUpulattoaa, which, Iftor m >rb drbata, *H anM ow by M adjoaramaat M iri a'ekMfe. >! ? mt RiyrMMtoUvM. Wxmumivm, joao 13,1M0 is?i u < ? thi riMimr a?b mraar or in un. Tbo llouao pcoooodtd to Ik* aoaaidanttoa of tko qpoc al ordor, botag tho rraohiUaaa roportod baok froai lite Com mlUr# on KipoadKaraa la Uio Nary Itapartnaat Mr Bomns, (dear) of Ya, ta npportaf ta* nanliitloea, aad after a few praliaiaary romarka, aatd Look, ir, ?t there rraolotirma, tubamel by Um Member from Too arrtoo (Mr Ilattnn), aad tell ae If I am mlrtakra la w.j approclattoa of thou Examlae th?m partleu.*rlv. as 1 *t wiU bo ion tbot tkey bare a* roforaaoa wbataror vo w-c olatloB Tboy nakar'M ta ao way a prowler* bolero ibo So no to for as tw?pe?eh?wat of tbfc Houaa oa U>?oo bl(h cfloora. Tboy or* nothlnf more nor looo thu a owe demaatloa of tbo Chtef Fiocaiiro of tbo oountry, aad aa Mdtctioa of puaiafeBttal opoo bin. Look alike Iratoftbeoa reacrttowe. aad It will bo aooo thai N relataatoaa aboeo that oaa a* loafer bo pro?U?od, If It bo aa abuto at ail. U waa practiced, bowrror, aader tbo old ayatMa, already abolialiod by law, uJ tmaot bo a^ia latrodaco I. Pot Up rrooluti < not directed ocalnot tut abuaa No, but It la to retake aad taitK-t [mokknnt or oa l*>? rr re Wool of tbo I'altad Autre aad tba -'oerrtarr of tka Nary, la* aat. la fhal, a peatakmoat that i? called 1 or ? 1* aot tka Hooaa aakaJ to laflal paBi<hM?bi upoa Ike I raa. Irat aad lk? Secretary of tbo Nary * n*o of tka roaoiottowa lirocUy okarfra that a parttoalar a. t of tkaaa ffaaUoawn leaaaada tko reproof of th<* Hioao of ItrprrvMiaiiTM . ana ui'ianr I iwihikx UA1 t ptf. ttrwlar Ml of Ik* rmidaat of Ut# lotlad ShM. ui Urn U lk? N?*J l?iw lb# Mnr* *f thin Houaa. And. mr. > lot thin is IMlf (xiMkJMot? m |0 tllrlMa of rwnw r I ook m y?wr arilttarr 'fifm, ?n1 fom will Had la tke Ual of pnaithmaia wuamt<< U(j draarlbatf la Use oada tka puaakami of ?aim aaon offiean. I o*~4 aoi riBfcd twlkana Ui?t to a b?fe alwM, nktralroa*. haeereMe ua thtt of??orf, ra'miT m4 <nmm ak ly aMM. <a iba mat frtewm puaa*a*at (hat wi d %a iarticW *br,air IOIm ikla, la nauaottoa ?Mk tka daatrta* praa^lptad by ike from frmaftrml* ar' ohf, I a<r-id r<* to airp 'M to aaa tfcam (Wow *r Kfr doMr-aa aad fcatatd ibai tka HarMai a\ Ama to ordwad to arraat iha rirHfti of lb- la Had Maid* > kta aparima . aad t lila la tka tar of Iba Ba??. ?kai U? M<t?* aall I ra*Mh> ^miaud* rapraof la hkr Wfcy. dr.iktM I i'*au fraai I ?naay iraata mmrm alib* Prwtaaat ml % i:? l oil*-, statoa baa ao mon> nutatHaa t/baa tka baa a swt ? tk> >**<'. ?ad a?*-rd?a| to bk ??*etr aa foa aaa ? W4 tka IktMHit Ana* la arraal th* * filial aad a >ria| biai to? . ?ad an up ma |?"i?' ftoti iftia la r idaaiatar cms * "P"* *? ? p*,v?k?? la- H JUNE i4, I860.?TRIPLE <r*W?e nm wMefc 1 wfll brtefty ?*? ? U* - 11 q*tei?en It tavoiTta * tho ?v>e??'0? ,/ iujr oolietcoa a le* ?a?a ?*?> wo<*>>r 1 r",aia?e prcp'T >n tie Hoof! of tt*prt-??bUUTW W u?n? into a judkeial trib?iaal. ltd |>roo?*d to P*** >t?f or aid tktl>ct pubtu.icf lit a poo the l'r?al t?ul of tba* MUM, upon U>r 'Zirirts W*: lusty l*k?a Mor? * m Kt COCiBHtkr 01 a |Mtl tiouae at KuprrtraltUTM " ai'Ihi b? ?aiu that the action of i?at Ilium ? " fr? qMiiu; mM w by a tooeeedtag Boom Thu * inw to a ctrUuo curia, but to a urn aa no^oriaat natter a taw. *r,tr jou c ire to Invealigate itn r.ghu and privlkgea '?f ''wn?a, acd to cocitder the propriety of panaing l<?rtK' neat aod intUcuag pimWbaMnt, tb*a I aak you, have ?oo a rtgbt to take tbe Uailmooy grr?n bolor* a comialuaa at a peat fant'oc If yea have a rtfk' to do tbta, where will H eour If yea have a right ta go back to the aat Minn 10 Miabhab thta cute, why not fco further back? jo back to tbe OnngreM before that?aye, aad rake up Ike ojdcit archive* of tbe laad, aatl go baak to tbe dayi of Jefltraon and Adana to make charge*. 1 tub-, mK to the coaiuderation of the House another queatioo, whx-h la, baa the Boom of Kepreeeatalftrrs tbe right to prononaoa judgment and la Mel puatebmeet ipoa tbe eiecotive autborHMaf Hera we art wth a atnktag fast, thai here now, fpm tbe rary begtoeiag of the gorernnaeat In my, a own 10 tbe pretext use, tfato m the Bret prop'*l Um of the kwd ever Md? by the Houm of Hepreeenta Uvts, that it lUxild nioirt ltneif indo a judteml trii??nnl and peas judgment aud leflict puniahmeat upon Um rat execnttve maglatrata of the land. If we haw or ever bad the rtfbt 10 act tbaa, it la very atrance that la dav? when the uUccmt political excitement prevailed all over the land, when criminations and recriminations ware tbe order of tbe day, thai ao man, that thin Book? never claimed tbe right 10 millet punlabmeat apoo those a executive authority I aafc geatlemea who claim lb* power for the Honae of Representative! la tell ma one tingle tnataore where la our part hiatory aoch a right waa ever claimed eetsre. la 1164 a aeriea of reaotatlone were paaaed by the Senate In reference to the act of ceaeral Jack ten la removing tbe depoaMa from the Bank, nd in which sot the rreaMent had not only ao praeedeat :n law to arwtain fcim.bnt la fhot acted in derogation of ibe law of the land. Bat 00 theaa rteolotkma there waa no eeaaore proposed, ao declaration net forth that he ieserved tbe reproof of the Sraate?no, It waa a simple declaration that the act waa not In conformity wltb the law of the land. General Jackaon, who waa very aenaltsve, coBKtdered that an Indirect nnprooi, and be anawered it with a solemn proteat against the action of the Senate, la which be denounced that acton or the Senate aaan improper encroaccnieut upon hie praroga Uvea *a a co-ordinate branch of the government What waa the conduct of tbe lead tag tteaatora at the day?Clay ,t Oaiboan, Webeter, Lee, 0f Virgtala, and aaveral othera? who drew op the resolution, in view of thia proteat of i rrmumi jKinur iawj only oojeowKi 10 id? promt to far that the I'rceldfrt pressed I * protest an the ground'* that the declaration ot the .Senate was mi imp?cbmeti of his motives, and, in fa<t, a censure upon h'w accordingly. Now, If gentlemen on th? other' aide could accept tfceae resolution* of the Senate a conveying a oeaavre on Prealdeat Jarkeon, and aa a pre-' eedent el the right cfthla body to inflict cenaare, tt would' indeed be valuable to them o thia matter. But tbey cannot It wa* exactly the revar*e. Kr. Clay denied em Indirect oenanre waa eaoreyed, and declared that the reaolu .una were drawn up in teneral terms iur P"ely 't"1 view to avoid aa expression of optntoa aa to the aaMtvta of the E**cetlve, and limited it to the fact that fee had assumed a power neither conferred a poo him by the constitution or the lawa Here, then, la tne oaan President Jackson denied the power or the Senate to impeach tm motive*, or to paai censor* upon him on audi impeachmut. yet notwitatanllng that the Senate denied that they Intended to impeach hla motive* yet failed to take iarre w:.h him oa the poini, rather coacedtng, Indeed, that be was right, hot that they merely expre***4 an opinion in their WiiitBlhm fAMcUv uivin th? mIiim ftf th* art Thia ta the sentiment and doctrine of tbe constitution?tbai the respective departments of the (oterintnt we tndepen dent of each other in their diBereat spheres. Tbe President is independent of Congress, sad it in its legitimate sphere Is Independent of the President I in not denytag the right and tbe powar of the Home of R (present* tivea Baking Investigations into enrrupt and iniqnitoun proceedings, where sucb mar have oome to tight, with the Ttew of impeaching the President by the Senate; but I dear the right of this body to reaolve ttaatr tato a jadtctal tribunal, and pass seattnee sad Inflict otraiahmcnt la the way sought by these resolutions. We are here, assembled under the written charter, the constitution of the Tatted Slates, and we are, above all tie naboaa of the earth, czuUag under a (jwernasst the most eumplicated in cbaraoiar. with a Stale guveraaMnt aad a leder al government, with a State IVpartaaaat and a FcleraDepartment, with al) our rights aad privileges aad prerogatives secured aad guaiaatesd and strlcty defended by the ccnstltcUon. Are we to indict punishment upon the highest member of the lUecutive Depart men* We do aet find our authority for Uut la the ooasUtutioa ; bat we find It there written that the Houae of Representatives shall hare tbe right to frame laws for lti own guidancs, aad to pnaisb its nseaabers for improper and atsorderlv from beginning to end, we cm find Use power to inflict pnaiabmont and poaa aentenoo upon the I'rooidaaI of tee United Statea f I etialienee the preduotioo of the proof. I demand tbo proof Iron tboae who bow atuaipt to initiate thin new order or pr??odingn. 1 challenge U?en? to prodnoo the charter or authority by which they have undertaken to do that which they are aow doing. Why, ?Jr, If we can oanaure the Tr art deal, irrc fpectlve of any legitimate legtnlaiive action, why ahould not the Prtaident have the power, wlh hia Cabinet Goun cil, to rtootve thwaamr? into a oomnalttee and doolaro that wo are illegitimate, a rtotoua, dmorierly and tarbu lent body, and deoorve tho conanre of the fcxerutlve de ptrtant T If, ?lr, we bare a right to oenaure tn? Preai dent, why ahoald bo not hare a right to oentare ai ? If we mto a right to coaaure the KtecuUv*. why ahould wo not hare a right to conacre at oar j>'eMare too Jndtoiroy; and if wo hare ihat right, way ahould rot the Judtelary have a right to eeoanra ua* doctrine attempted here would lead to lntormlnalile d't cord between the oo ordinate braccbea of the governmeni. and irMead of a government with its oo ?>?dluate braochee working harmookwaly together, we would bare a government of uiacordaat and hoatile elemenia, mak'.og war one if t arother. till the who> iy?lca wovU re folre Into anarchy and ooofuatuo. Thi? thing waa never attempted I* I ore It waa left to the peeaoot Houae of Re i reaematirca to initiate this movement We, eapoctally ibtapreeevi Hoooe of Repreoentatlrea, of all people oo earth, toroootb, muat reaohro onmelveo Into a julietal tribuMU, to |?m our eaimc* or on<I?iiiuUm kpoo me President, lie executive Bteftetraie of Jte Palled ?lMkm We are l<eg'tali>f to here * higher 04 in ma of oar etrre iban ocr father*, wOo were rcprreecUfcrea of Ik* poopM, tnocght of Ihrnilrlnt We ir? berinataf to ibub? ifee6od,aad to hnrl oar tbaoderDotH around Of If we uiimr thi? j>>wer, we snail next, m bu been to me. qwwttoo the oo*1o.-t or the !fcpret?e Court *n U>e Dred iV??t deciuoa, K u to reverie .t aitofe ber Bet let us ?*?\ ? mlttls* lb*- we bare tfce power to in Ilk.I j twMhBMnt cpo* the Preadect of the I Bitot: Bute* and Secretary of tee Navy, ir there li aaj thing to ibe toIi tee of UeU?ioo\ which luetutee Ute resolutions reported last Mwetoa by tbe (eauemao from Ob?o (Vt Mrtmu) from It* n.lnornj at toe ejmm '.ioo. from reBDMM (Hr Ri'un) The uter flatten an triumph ani>y aaaouaoea thai be oh (uiuto lb* poet tin take* bjr hiB la U* MlMr We it . N Bui) appeal to tb<- prtrt eii or. i moo wtx of the Room to Bay If tbere M a ati rie fact loataiaac by the teatirooay Plr, If tfeta Roiae ?u judicial t.-bunai, worn to docile ihe raw aooord af to the toaiimoar, I woold not de#;alr. bumble as I am of betog at-* toteTeat every rrarlm.oB eoaaa to or ihr rtrengto of tba teat I momj coataiaad >o that toIubm What m Ue fact witfc regard to one of the rhargva, thai lUe PrealOeot and Ika hctiarr or U>a Nary d'aahaaal a iiMMatk'* power to the pareaaaa of onal for tba g<mra?*at. that im party to whom they |ava tba ooatract for tb? aarvtoa got it at a ru.eooo ooM to tba country. and" to oppovuon to tba law r?qolrlB? that tbla contract abail be laid opaa to all htddera. tba rcaorattoa doea not com plain that tba ooatract *m glvea to aa mot ?pHeat maa, bat ibera ? aa that a iraa Mftoot la tba toaatxrr 1a which tba ooatract waa eivcdwi ana av.oa*<i nanny roafnaaa of, mm Mtuvl tba nterpaamoe of ID* How Bui it - Hom m iil kin* that la dl*t>oa.d| of tba pttiou|? of im iowdmi! It la. poaaibla for Ih* Prrddrat to Mkc appotataiaata tmm km mnuI kioiMHa a?aa? raly upaa Ik* r atrial maa da (too of Iboa* *bo*? aappoaaa c >rr,i?i?ol lo ludga Tba Tary ?aw Ufa waa daaa i? IU Ho?* fbaaoalafaalapnatatad by Um Hfifcn la tkk ?m ?m Dr. Bur, i if naaitac. fwaaylaaala, lkxewt wwwmialU la Uka tivcattva by a lar(* M b-r of the baa* Ma tg klaaua, aad opaa aaab rmaaailitw ha pot tba a p potato* at What waa, than. la* fact attaatad by tbaaa aba had tba b*at nfkt la kaawt Wby, ikat uadar Ma mm * afaaey a baUar quality of coal waa auppltad to tba ft \ rrom*at thaa ?T*r n* " baaa bafaro Tba oaly oom plaint ?aa tkat. ta fbet. ihraocn oircumaiaaara, ba atari* no much m a?y ta ?Mli o< tba aipadttioa la Pa r*fuay aa? otbar toaMaalal rrramataaeaa Mr Baeat k wot oa abow tba* * otbar j?ara. aad uadar otbar at v aatrabaaa. ntt |raMtr prof ta vara mad* from praetaaiy tba aaat* cfltoa of eaal a?aat ta tba lataramaat, DoUatan Uta fact that tba aflanta, at tba uaaa of tba Japaa npa'itioa. mad* a two yaara ttfly thai., aad dmtara It waa rbarfad that tba proflta of tba etfoa vara <llTl<l*d, bat would tba laapaoeabla, i*mnr* gactMmaa from Onto, g'ra lb at aa a raaaoa to van ?Hb ooadlfii pcrtabmaot tba Praal taat and tb* t**?r*tary of tka Nat if Caaid ba pat that forward aa a chart*. formatting k a owa partwipailaa ia U>a attempt lo gat Itafrrra appelated l abile t'rtatar aa uta raitbnf bta praaalM ikat ka would gtra oa* ba!' of bit ;irofl? 'flrtbr h*n*nt of lb* rapiWVaa party* Woullk* darr to <lo aa ta tba faaa of tfe* fad that Ford, tba praaaat rrjmniwmn rrwwr m m* una*, ntd fuar*atoMl with tha rarty to O'Tld* lb? profit* of Ua offlo* with tba*< Bui, or eouraa. all tha ?o*a tor BOth ai banana* It l*pp*M to toll acaioat tbr ffaattomaa mm < >W> aad b'a fr'tadi. Ford wmomo( IK brrtt.rm; ba hr tonga d In tba parVr of tbr |rrf'-mau fW>? Obto and hit totoada; aadrara moat br lakrc that ao rharjr (ball ba b-rruhl af?M UM party But.aay* tbrfaaUaaua. Moa horl ourtanadarbolto (Klaat ibr (rnDrnaaoo Um> Mkir aida. Mr. Rooonk Utaa want Into u explaaauoo of ib> olrrnMMoaa altoiniag tbr ?rpwn?Birot to offlora (rnrrailjr uadrr ?anb adalatr tratioo, coaW'adtrn that tt waa isaaa la arary oaaa to MM aplrtt whicb artnaM* tbr Okrmhar fron Naw York (Mr. Haaktn) la ftr af wit tbr no* tract tor S'laaiac oaoMaa tba* tba rroUaroaa ao appototod waa froai bla dMrtol aad nrraoaai frumd Br laanrad Ito Horn that IVoto mmmlttoce mh up wtth do other rwi waailailnn Uwi thai of ibo chairman. ud rwhape om or two of thr> ead that raoolatwae war* ooe WmI by party reeitaga la U-te mm, tarairtog ao in ppitoa I Mllrr M a TOU of ?fnr? of Iki FYM<t?b?, h# b*gg*<l Mat fee Room woald girt it proper ooceWeretJoe, M< Ml allow Iter* to do led in? br pvtr feeliaga. He charged the IMiliwaa froo Ohio with hattt.g porpeaaty got blaaetf appelated to the ComiMM on Not*) Kipwdllnw, noioo?h?y ptoeed lewwH OO Mm MR, bat altof?to>r with o rtew le v.rert toe wtmf* promoting Ir BwatMMw chxtod *Wd ha bmmr erHreo Mr. ferauu*. (rep.) e/Ohio, reee to reply. Hr atf<l ? Ifr. abator, I wUlflral M,?m of the teohctcel itijiniiiu m dto raaolottoM kr the M.'laaM from tirgtoto. tear af ehtoh had town urged, fbe* eh <*tao ? tofceo to he g^nawnao aa wttah we ? ebae? to aot, >ieei hey were token beflara a uenaiHi w of toot aeaatoe. New, his b h rerr ahieeUae lad. tod, whaa R la mas ?ered the* every hill, pubta er prtreto, ayea rhteh we heae eur lagtatouea, dapeada alhaet ehrely apaa the taetlwuay Md daoaiaaeii tafeea eaaae lasehrfrrr BowwwMaMkueitjeM^ea ahalteR arte* to eay eoavt of JeaOee.feal a eato ee?M eat he raparty eeedacaM Mmm fee ****? Harare ikw ha tow area the Jadge waa appelate* tg M aa the SHBBT. beB'b to try H? 9ccb an oVjcctkc would be rtflroled at ' met by Conrt aad lawyers Tbs tertmoay In VLM oase I takta is Use proper aad legKtmaie way, and tbe whole fiaailaaUOB of tbs wttaeaK-s were properly conducted I y be re Utal every wIUmm the Bserstary <* the Nary desired to be examined w?i namms* Noi?re *?< ??veu to bm the very day tbe committee na appointed, tad be was rt<;ue?l?d to M preaeot btsaaelf personally, "r tbrcufb a representative, to examine the witnearra Be was arked ate) to name tt.e w messes be (*eaired to be sbptroacd, and tbey were subpuaaed. Word for wtrd, coplii of tbe dt|?fltl)aa whloh all'tcted him were MBt to Lim, sad we invited hie oo operation We oofiBned tbe testimony entirely to tbe parti -alar poin.e at ?#oe, and we did not travel bsyoad. Tn?< whole inves tigatioa waa ceoJucteJ with tbe utmoet strictness, aud as | cording to tbe strtrt rules of law, giving to tbe parties ac , ciiwd fun aad airple m<*ac* of der nee. Tbe previous laveetieaboL waa closed ahortly before the aljoarnment, aad I then endeavored to jet a vote from a bouse with a democratic majority, aad I oeuld not; and !f 1 bad anooeeded la getting a vote then I would not hare brought it ap now. With regard to tbe charge of hiring sought to be apClLted td the On remittee oa Naval Expenditures, I oon n I did aak for tbe appointment, aad I aever denied it Bat with regard te another objection. Tbe gentleman from Virginia says lilt lb* House buto power to investigate this mailer it all. Whca was this point made? Why was It not raiaed last session, wben tbe gentleman from Virginia and myself pursued this investigation' Whoever before breathed of questioning tho power of the House* Why, last aearkn the gentieaun himself reported a resolution In tbla same natter which Implied oennire and some blame Mr. Boouca? 1 do not deny that the Heuee has tbe right to invtitigate It, but I otwet to ita proceeding onteatlmocy taken at a past session ef Congress Mr. Pnitaiu*? Tt cornea to the same thing. The gentleman dtniea Uuat the Houao haa tbe right to censure or punish, but he will admit no doubt that it haa the right to Bake. Tee, be asaerts that the prorlnce of the Hoaee la praiaa the I "resident, bat not to oenaure bim. Bat I i deny tha assertion. We have the right to pa a a resolu tioo or ornstre, and we have the right to punish, as much aa we have the ri|ht to tbe right to reward au<l pralie ! Tola la a power incident to all legislative bodies. Tbe House of Commana m England doea it every year. Tbe i committees o( that House are constantly at workvK>me Umee prairing, sometimes ceoaurieg, and very frequent y overthrowing the government by a vote of oaasure There never was a legislative body yet but bad this power as incidental to their legislation. I believe 1 have oomrletelv dtanoeed of the technical objections raited Here air, 1 nay it taa en a malter of surprise that the Secretary of the -Vary, or somo person (or him, dki not Mk (or a rote upon these resolution! long sinoe. There have been Instances In car history where official* have demanded investigations. We bare seen a Secretary oi the Treasury apply to tbli Boon for c\ f ?tic .1 I now come to the true ftuM of the case, which 1 shall endear or to preaant without exsgge aauon. Mr Sherman then entered into a history or the caae. showing that the ooal contract waa given without public coB]?t Uoo, aa required by law, to a Dr. Banter, of 1>n?Fy!vacta, a particular friend of the Preatdenl'a, and a personal Mend of the Secretary of the Nary, at whose bouse be (Dr. Hunter) always stopped when be came to Waah'agton. Be therefore contended that the contract waa given to Hester for personal reasons, while ha let out the contract to otheii, pocketing a large amount of proflia blmrelf, while he stayed at home practising a* a phyaictab In Reading By the agreement with Hnut?r the latter charged the government three dol lain and eighty fivo cents a ton for coal, while others were toady to contract for It at three dollars and tauty.flre, betag la exess fifty centa, which tn the amount of oaai furnished to the gorernmeat resulted In a i, ?* twenty seven thousand dollars an 'act. ho oootonded. waa known to the Prenldent. aa well as the fart that the oontract bad not been left u> coicpetitioi), as the iaw demanded Mr *>?"??? then rsriewod the whole or the circuaatancea ocmseateil with the4 lire oak" oontract, which has boon so frequent ly referred to In the Bouse, and, going into each at the resolutions m turn, o? oonciu ea 07 preaaiog upon uw Bcuae tbe t?*My of their marking their dlaapprobatlon of tbe conduct or the 1'rekWeut and tbe Secretary of (be Nary by adopting the resolution brought up by tie 00m llt? Mr. Boconc movet 10 table tbe reailaUou. Negativea by Magainai 120, aa follow*:? 1km- Nnwi. A Ilea, A?tr. BarkHalo Barr. Booook. Bonbaa Burch. Burnau Oloptoo, Oobb. Joha naabraao Cox, <>?l* of Hlwotirl Cralge of R. C Oimwfnrd, Dejarnatla. Mm mlek Sdaauadaon. EngHah, Plfraaaa, Konka, Uarnatt, JarweU. HaaUion, harrti of Virginia, Hoi aa. Helton Boward of Ohio, Hugbea, Jaakaoa, Janktna. Joaaa. Sam u*<rw. iambu, Leake, Logan, Love, Martin oft bio Martin of Ta ,VH}uren Vekae7lfns>ii, MoatgoaMry, Mlblaek. Pendleton, reyloa, Pbslps Maagaa, Bnffia, Boott. tneklaa. btnuaa, taglafm, Hmttl, of Va.. Btallwortk, Stewart of IU. Burnt. Taylor, Tkoaua, Underwood, Tallaadigbam, Whnatay, Wrtebt-CS ^ Bat* -Adanaof Maia. Adam* of Ky , Adralo,Aldriek, Allay. Aadaraon of It, Aaklay. Babbitt, BaaiBtniham, BLa'ref Peon., Biaka, Bcullgny, Hrabaon. Braytoa. Brttow, B>.??g'oo Butt*?.l?14, OMpbel:. Outer. Oaaa, Herase F. Cbrka, Onlfai. Cored*, OwUa. Da*H af IU., Da tie of lad., Oawat, reiano, Dnall, Dusk, Bdgenoo, Faruwortk. Pea too. Parry, Footer. Frank, Fianck, Gilmer, Ooojk, Ore baa. Ora w. Gar lay, Bala, HaO, Hardin 11 Harrla. of lid Baakla. Hat: n. Helmick, Bltkman, Hill Hoard, Howard of Miab , Buapbre? RnMMaa. Irvine, Jnnktn Kal a of Mlefc , Kellogg of 111., Keatoa. Eintagar Laaeh of . Leach of H O . Im T ??a Mill Uvanta. Umtot Mtilorr. Haraton. lt;utd. McTalghL kaPfcaraon, alii ?vd, Moor* oi Kt , ftoorehaad, MwrilL Kerr* * P?.. Herri. of jr . Netaoo. Hinm, Olln. Tarry, Petit, Pontr, r?t?r. ottia. Qoarler. kobtaaoa af ft. l. lam Bern ton, Sherman. Smith of forth C-krattna, fli?na, nnldt??. Hinr. Btaaton Bteraaa, Stewart at fnarrlTmaik, Itaftaa Mrmlton, Timo. Thmjar. TofUit Trmta, Trimble, Tun*, TiMmr, vu Wrek, Verrea, Wade. Wattan. Waahbar* of WtoooMfe. Weahfear* of Ilttaote, WeMar. We^, Wlieoa, Wtsdoa, WoodraO?IX. Tfcli tou ?u almiiAr u> thai on the aeooad resolution. with the follow me eioepttoaa Mcaara Brtater, BrMow, Grow, HardaaMU. Bin, Hal lory, Rifga. Spauldtag, Btaraaa, Stewart of Peaaaylraaia, Trala aid Wade, who bad rated la tha affirmative, did rot bow vote Adama of MaaaaebuwUa, and Clark of New Yoak, changed to the negative, aad Mr. Bj'a rote waa addad to the affirmative. The following gentlemen, who did not rota on tha ee oond reeolntloa, oow rated In tha negative ? Barr, John Cochrane, Oaraatt, Martin, of Va., Moore, of Ala, an J ltigIL reaotatk*, did not now vote-Craig, o( Mo., HiallM, Hladman ley tou, Stewart, of Md. Mr. Itouorca, (dem ) o( Pa , aald the gentleman from Ohio bad Maa'lad noembera am Ihla floor, and then darned thf in aa onporluEtty of betej heard. Mr Brmrtrr, (de? ) of Kj , catted for the jaw anl riaya.aad. In ordering the main queetioB on tbe reaoln 'tan, he wmt^l to aee who were for attfltng debate Mr Bjrtnp, (9. epp.) of Twin., harlag I be floor to clcae the debate, > leMed it (or a abort tuae to ' Mr Miilmm. (deal ) of Va , wno argued that tht conn vw on eipesiiturea la tee | Navy Department bad ao right to reaome tbe cast where a teftact eleet norrm'ttee bad left off It waa a meat taajercoe preoedaat, oertaialy a mtacbievoui one, for I cne Congreaa to rertae the erMenoe reported to a pre loci ore wbea tbla Houae caar.ot bare ooatrol orer the ; c* minlMae by which tbe ertdecoe waa reported It waa bfw aonght to ooadeaiB or oeaaara rxecotire offloara who kava nA fihMftrattw Ia lafkw il k ? 1 mm | Mr Hit r or argued tbatthe B jiueftu power to paaa Uf 1 reaolvtlne" By the rote Joat takea tbla ?w d?Mrm oM i by *o crtrwbr'Btaf majority, rbe stornv; of tt?a Na ! rj bad int letter to tba Cxrmnj'UM ageaklar of Ita gron and mix..far* umrpaltoa. and of a clear ana palpable t Nation of the onoaututlco 10 connection with Uiir !iTr?t)|rafn) N? proltaH of toe Meeretary about.! defer htm from fee coaaotaattoui performance of fcU doty. Thta wu tbe Drat tlm it at tbe bead of a public departs est abruak (Ma tareemadoo, aad fee ma^li Is eat by a Secretary, who objreta la tbe eipraaataa af optataa of the How oa Ma o?aal ooadaaL Mr tbea referred to u>e teatimoop to aba* thai fea raaata uaaa ware afeiiBdaatly rcat*!?e<i. aal ought to be paaaad. Mr. Barom mored te labia tba raaotauoaa. Xe^tired 86 a|*!Mt 190 _ . The Brat reeo'nt) w> oondeama'ory of both the Prealdeat aad Beeretary af tba Nary waa adopted wtfeoot a ooaat 11m MOB 4 raarfatioa, ikat Ik* ooatrmol m*4* by Km 5?xm*ry of U? N*vy, la daplanbar, ISM, with W. C. N. Pwlit. fbr lb* <!ctt?*ry or ItT* oak ttabtr waala rMakoa of law. Bid ?a b BSBMT IIHWBI, laproyw aad lajurtoo* H Ik* fillic BWitn. wMikfM by rim lit, m M. The (bird r cuMotkw ?H nkd?feat UM Mrfcwi by tko Hwrntwy of UBbMbtt of lk? fMHfiiMk* aary JBfdi BflMSf B*SbMV W CtaSfftH I* flf db* ctpUa?. oompttag la wadaaay, aad klgkly lajarlaaa I* Ika pawe aarvtofc Mr tauota, (d?a.) af Tana, marad aa aaaadaMal ?kai Ik* i i|i?>laaa anaibw of Ika Baaaa, la ulita* aad aottag on ika pr nam* af Mr. DaAraaa, bjr wMak k* proavad I* glT* om batf at Ik* prom* of Ika pabOo prUkaf la tk* *T*at *f h? rirHaMn* aad atoalfia a* pabuc prtatar, waa oacrupuaf aad daaaralMv * tead?aa*. aad a bargBtalag of it* offloM ta<1 patroaM* of Ok* Bouar, tad daw i ?* r*buk* aad ? fr tib)*eHd l* fraai Ika raaabkeaa atda Mr. hisror, frap.) of Obto.'waatad to anaad tba r*a* lallae bat Mr. Houatoa ohjeeied. Tb* third raat.aMoa. aa abara, wm adop?a<l, 1? i afftiMi 61. Tb* foartb moMton, lb at lb* JratMoot ud Oaoratary of U* N?tt , by n?ti1?| iu ' omMwhj Um party rata boti of bid dor fbr oootrart* ?(tfc Um ratted feiaa, and U?. <0octa of awarding |nontract? upoa p?M| alawH? bavt m? ac riampt* daa(?roi.a to iha pnbtto aaMj, and drtrT'vf Ika rrjroNiUon of tbta BMN-ni adofHad, ice agatoat Ml. Raoaa rt?? half part root to arroa o'clock. nimxa twioit. Tito Bono nmwIM at 7 r M . wt.aa ibo last >a tba aar ra of ibt rooo'attoaa was adopted, by yaaa M afa.aat ST. Tb? last roocinOrc la aa foltowa ? BoanitcL Tbat tba ippe/ataral by tartan Tonaay ?f ra*> B Wartfe rh'?f taffteoar aa ? aiaha of tba Boar* M t*|toaat*K> roan* poa rropoaalaftr aoartraaMag ? eblaary tar tba Cwol Maiaa aaM Nafta at kbottM M&? pa onatar*ty taWroamd m mm* of iaM nw??>. ta baroby aaa 1 latad by Ua Boaaa cauFOMu r-LAim Tbo Nasaio Mil avoadatory or tba Ml to aanortata aad MUo prtrrta laad claima to (a^ forata, waa paaaad. Mr. Oram, froo. tho OnuHm om Prtattag, reported r?Hr>hilKn thai IB,ON of ik? aciiealtvrol port of Ik* ritnl Offlpr report be printed for Uh? ?*e of tl)? Petm fff-T, ad 206,OM for dfctrbeUee umm| the Mibora of Um> Utur Hr. Cum. of Mo., moTod to I car wo? the whale eoa bor la OftO.OCO. Mottoe agreed to by 30 mejoritf, aad tho r>eolnUoe *u poeoed kyltl egada* 00. Mr Ornjrr eieo npiHI retoletim, which woo pw ed, to pr let 6,MO extre ooptae of the report of Uir Kogeew of U>? Saaithaoo'ea I?UleUoe of 1U0. Uao, reeolnLoo to pr'Bt the MM iiBb?r of ooptco of tb? report of Tiett. in* w tho ExptoeeWee of the Ootormd>> of th? W?et TIP loot ww Mm m cjm or in. Mnm Mr BntinWAm, of MOiMMioot Forrtf* Affafri. aecured, aider a aiapeaMoa at the role*, the Saaele MH lor Um rotiof ?f Trmri* Hate Ma Tho eteim baa ban lose mBlflflfd. TV irnlwl MWlhto anatfaaloa nrereil*! ikftaukan Mm OwUiiw rraq.iMUr lh?T onM wT-Hm? *ku (Mil on Mr Minn, cfTi, ?Mlk? mm?mmm it utrma Cilol?H* 4.22 ml?r*l!rT ,'~Hln|t<rKi ? ** R?pmM Ml? WW*m* to Mjasra,Urn 11 "jum 1* f * pfVTBtM. ?* *tix& ? fi. , M mi Ji* 4 Tfcc Wv^k Thai Far Dum lm OwifMMb CONTiavjtb FHOM THE BIB AID or YCMDAY, JUKI IX _ n'mjT jhhuvb a T?wilw HWi of M?OUI Ik* UMUt liffcll c ' r*t 111 re<*UlcC 11)0 is v Ml on of tte Oaage 1b...2?'. To, U"? "*? lor hoidiag Um tain at tb? Vlnrlci Court or Uo railed 8U0M for tl? NorUwra *?ulci of iltuu. MH01 UHOM iPmiVID. 8. iOtD? r? solution for lb* reiM of Beorr VnAl cAir'tini* ,e*?,0,l0B 10r lh* rtlMf of Jotut T. Robortm, nuvitK Blue Arrmam. 54. For the relief of <'&?rlea Jamaa 1 "man Ift. for lb* relief ot Andrew E IhnktU. M. Granting a pension to AteUtdo Adaina ?Mn of *" Co in Bonder George H. Adam*, United Btetee Navy. 57. For the relief of the children aad heirs of llaiaailsi ' . Montgomery ' 68. For the relief of John Dtxon. 66. For the rebel of Bed* Hayea, widow o( hftj 00. For ths relkf of Webster 8. Steele. 0). GraaUng an lavalM peseta* to Nllta RandaH. 02. G< anting a pension to Major John K. Hauler. 08. For the relief or Guadalupe EfetudlUo de ArgoaUo, widow of Santiago E. Arguello. 04 For the reltew Of Um widow tad hairs of WlUut Biggins, deoessst. 06. Far the relief of Irrael Jobnsoa. Oft. For (be relief of Shade Galloway. 0T. For the relief of the hetrs of Ire decern* tierfcs in the Philadelphia Custom Bouse 08 tiraaiing a penaion to James Lacej, ol Granger county, Tennessee. W. (< ranting a peoaion to Abraham Oram. 70 For the relief or Km ma A. Wood, widow of Ik* Me Brevet Major George W. F. Wood, of the United Btstes Army. 71 For the reliefer W. Y. Haneell, the heir of W. B. Underwood, and the representatives of Saasosl Reofe wer. 72 For the relief of Gottlieb Schuver. 78. For tbe relief of Anthony Bohlander. 74. For tbe relief of Jamee l'hllan. 76. For tbe relief of the legal representatives at BjL v ester Day, late a snrgeon la the United Stews Army. 70. For tbe relief or the heirs or legal representative* of Francis Gttillory. 77. For the roller of R. K. Doebler. 78. For the relief of Brevet Lteutanaat Cotoasl Martin Burks and Captain Charlss S. Winder, of the UaHed States Army. 79. for ibe relief or Char ea W Brooke, of New York. 80. For the relief of }*eier Koyerwon and an, <1 8k John's, Newfoundland, owners of the Britab Orlf Jeaelc. Uar Waaklnfloa CorrtapendcaM. Washingtoh, Jane It, I860. the Baltimore Convention?Southern Tlttmaifi?An Baplo lion?A DouqUu Jicktt and an AnU DougUu Ttclmt, ami four or Fit* Southern State* to BtU and Bern*# What WiU Dean Richmond Do at Baltimoref 4$. Southern men of the Southern rifhta school, with an ominoua unanimity, acre* In the opinion that the Rich mood Convention will await the upshot of me Baltimore Convention; that that Convention will break up Itself and the democrats party Into two diatinot Preaiiantlal organisations, with Douglas as the squatter sorerslgaty candidate, and General Davie or General Lane as tne Southern rights candidate. It la farther naMaielnl that, wtth thee* two il ameer at 1b Uchela running in all tha 8totea, Douglas will not be able to carry a tingle State; but that, ea the other band, be may be streag enough to take away from the OanUnn democratic caadldato In Maryland, North Carolina, Virginia, Keatooky and Teaneaaae, a aufflcteot vote to giva al| thoaeStatoe to BeU and Everett. Aad thte may be rteae Mia in Louisiana. Aa far the rest of Ik* Southern niahi no doubt can be entertained that they will be carried by Una Southern democratic aandtdite. A joint electoral Douglas end BeU tfekat amy paesIMy carry New York. This would throw the aleetkm Ma the Bona*; bat firing Boll the aforesaid Soothsrn States Douglas woe Id be excluded, and BeU would bo the third highest candidate of the list. This very plausible rlew ol the battle, as it now stands > may suggest ts ths Dsaa Richmond Now York delegation the bopsteesasas of ths caoos of Douglos. It Is boftesod. loo, that, having loot his mala onrd of Beymear, Mob' moad Is now flattering In the wind, and may bo baogh^ for a prloe. Bat, while the Douglas msa soopsot Mm. Southern men have no faitb In htm; bat they look rather te Fernando Wood than to the Regency for asaMMMo and oo operatkm. Ths re are a few men, however, who helloes that, net withstand log the pledge of Dean Richmond to stand by Dougtaa with the thirty five votes of New York while Illinois stoats by him, the wfly Regency lender wtD not Mtate. should the cose require It, to throw the IJttlo Mot flat upon his book with the first vole of the Ooaveatkm. At all events the leeue of ths Baltimore Ooaveattsa, Be that of the PreatdenUal elecdon liaelf, depeada apea tbe to** of New York, iidMth* rote of Now York at lal tlmore dopeada npoo Dean Btokmoad, ho mj, perhafo, prefer to rarrender to Dlcklaaoa m preferable to Mo bond away apoa Deaglao. WimMnm, Jane 11,1800. Ciotimg Up On Bttticm Prorptct of a Awry Calwto Biuimett?TTU Fact He BmiWm* ma Mr<wp> PrqfteU? Ttu Bill* for tb OrymMiM ^ Jfw Ifcrrttorki?1*? Tariff, Lorn and Trtamry IfeU Www? flU /fteiMHad JJiU end Kmmu?AU IAk*ly to Oobf tXe Bomrd, 4k. lko two hoaooe km nnatd bar moo ihb merataf, aa w?U? a deienotoaUcn to cioM op the work of tbo eeoiloa within tko narrow bm.i of aorea daya reaMfatng to 18th Jaae. Tha sight aeaetoaa abroad apoa la the Hoaaa will bo equal to a fata of aarta daya bmto; aad yet, froai the iaerltable nolae aad coafoatoa, aad oaaflletiac moUoaa aad croaapurpooee, all erowdtag la together under UUa prcaaore of Ume, It will bo hardly pooalble to aquaeze throngh the tadlepiaaable appropriations wtthla tha talerral designated. Heooe the reaoiauoa offered by Mr. Wileoo la the Senate Uila owrntng, to exteal tha seaat on to the 38th, or tea daya bayoad tbo tlaaa affiklid. Aoiodk tha memree Uuu will la all probability bo thrown oror to the ant eeeekm, we thiak the Mia wag nay be eaanteratod >? Tbo faciflc Railroad, la all tta rartoni abapao aad fanae. ih ikuk luagrapn. Tba rm Ifn?tul MU. Tba mv tariff aehema of tba Nortbara pnUrtliMlli Erarjihtag in tba abapaof a m? Lou ?U1. Aajtkt^ tatbaatapaafaaaw batabof Traaaary aotoa. Tba Baaaa MU r^?Ha? Km lo?U aim oatfa af tba Twi Mai| if Maw Mailaa TW Baaaa kill Mr Iba aboilUoa af fijgutj to Ika 1W rttorjr of Ulab. All tba Ml la for tba aalaMirti?at af aaw IWrittartol goTannaato All the biUa for Um aaiabltabaaMt af mw ataaMbip Itoaa. Tba aM Praaab SpaBattan MU, aid twa ar tbraa boa. drart otbar blUi, abtaflj at a private cbaraatar. Tba Paeifle Railroad Mil kaa ttoak tm apaa IbadladlaaJ dtaagraaoMnt balwaaa tba two bNM Tba MM* raraaaa aM pnMM aebaaM a* tba aM Ma, m4 tba laapciiiy aipaital af a laaa ar * aawbatoba* T??aif aotaaoa tba atbar, win fca r*rj apt to tmtrcy aaab attar Tba Boaaa Mil nfHlf| tba kaaai alaaa aadaaf Maw Bait oa baa km bung ?p |o dry ?1m Saaala AU tfea b?lB prortdlnf Ibr tha arfaaiaaOoa of Mw Tarvlarta*, tMtaV * lag DmMI, CU^rn, Idaho, Narada tad imoai, bar* am", bMi laid npoa It* labia la tha Bonaa, aa acoooal tt Ma ?* 1 Wtteot arorln aicbodM la aaaa aad ail af tfeaaa. laaajr . . > araat thay will (a orar la ooxt Daaaaatar. Tha "afeatgfety alggar" baa aatuad flw bw*aaaa Mr tfea*, aad tha paapla of aald Tarrllortaa, OB *ft?r .ha PraaldaaUal all aaaa, will kan to look aat tor ftar> Lat tfea* pfaetad la da ao amordlsgly, and a call apoa Ooagr?aa aait nloa to raatlbablltawtllbarary apltafertagthatwahaaaaala a i" proper aaaaa of UMr Mt, alggar or oo alggar Wa aaapact (feat area Kaaaaa thia aaadoa will fea Ml la tfea eaiaforj of aagalafead baalaaaa Tfea fekU tea fear a4mwmkrm may atick la tfea Haaata. If paaaad, tt My be. with lartoana thai all) aal raaalu Uta oaaaairaaoa or tfea Haaaa, aad thaa, feaiaai ibt two hnuaw, iha rata a: Kaaaaa awy fea Mai a> **Ola Aba Ltaoata" ? Fraa tfea failure of tfea aftwiaald aefeadala of bad. i?y cladwr Iha feUl of taraa mi thorn tor tfea fx*mast of tfea Tarrttorlal axaaaaaa of oarUta ladlaa wan ta Uragaa aad Waafe a?aaa, tfeara will prababfy ba aa actaal ratraaih aat mada tfeia aaaatoa of It., atfbt, or taa mrtbaaa <* aattar*. thai will (fell apaa tha ant aaatfna or tfea wkd nialaaatioa, ta aa* aothiag of tfea oaah itam of auty alt itoaa propcaad la aid la feaildlag tfea Paelfia Railroad, aa1 1 >' tfea Br? BlTTtoaa for Fraaeb apagaHaaa. IV*, atmaid Old Aba 'Jaoobi" bo alaaM, tfeara fe a aa ati|ii far additloaa la tfea aaHaaal dafet aad MM) t tie* aura, of at iaaat a bundrad atlltoaa af dailara, dartag tfea ?m arwtoa of bla Brat Uoagraaa Tfea lafefef, aUaaal , alar vat' aal aadar Old Buek'a adaMMraMaa. will ftta agaia lo tha propartiaaa of tha tMrd aala?, aad wa aba* I bara a briaf aad gtarlaaa caratral, Mtaarad. parfeapa, fey a^barp a?il ternbt* rrrnivOaa, wbaaa ooaaaqaaMaa ao aa aiay raajaotar" forh ara tha raflaalloaa mqiail (taa tfea aMngaiar uahalafead baalaaaa bafora ooagraaa. Dram tfea ppaapaat that tt wlU rrmaln unflr abad ttllTb ula ?a ai aHaa af a aaw * -' alajauaitoa, frcmtba fatnMfead aa KTO'litlOWr rtlMM ? MMlfMNly fciw'wwflg ?>W?i 0 Ofli lb* rate ____ Okltaftrjr. Hm Bob Mmjawi iwht. em <4 MM frvmtamit me ? Tr>n?i)4 rwnatf. Oaaa., aan a wcft rcapaolad ?Mua, * dM al bis horn*, la Fntectaf, ?* fetarUy, ' Ml MrM <L? W>tb ft?r. 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