Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 14, 1860, Page 8

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 14, 1860 Page 8
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V 8 0. mw, Kf, ftprklnM tt ma JMm M bMrti 3 Orator*. feu , W Uift. Qrae to, at but ? ? to| . of Wnlk|W; D. kutf feu , hal^, ?r Oaaoiafearte, are FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL. WlDMBaUAT, J ins 13 ? 6 P. M. Tfctre wax i further and more general decline in yvieea ic tbc Rtoek Hi change to-day, with an active bosiu*** in toe Western railroad shares and in Brie. IBinout Central fell off to 61}, under feara of another call on the scrip stock, to payoff the outstanding freeland bonds due in September next, but a jbmD portion of the eight per cent loon created for feat parpose having been taken. It recovered, however, at aecond board, and closed at 61 j hid agaisst 62 at the cl we yesterday. Galena continued weak, under the influence of the diminished traffic, aad fell off in the afternoon to 62, a decline af one per oeat With the exception of these two stocks, it is difficult to assign the continued weakness of the market to any particular cause. New York Central opened at 81|?a decline of |?fell off to 1}, but recovered again at the close to 81| bid, against 81 j yesterday. Erie, with an active bosi eea, declined to 18 j at tirst board, and to 18} in tba afternoon, cloning at that figure bid. Hudson Bver and Harlem - preferred are each } per cent lower, with moderate sales. Michigan Central declined 1J. The earnings of this road for the first week in June show an in?awe aver last year of $2,861. Rock Island fell off to 681 at first hoard, and to 68} at the afternoon eesaion, with sales of upwards of 2,600 share j, but recovered a fraction at the close, 68} beinp bid after the adjournment. Of the other Western road* < Tatedo is down ], Michigan Houthern guaranteed |, aad Chicago, Burlington and Quincy i per cent. PmiHc Mail is also 1 per cent lower. The transac Mobs in Bute stock*) were more moderate, but prices are well maintained. Tennessees sold to the xteat of t40,(KH> at 92J. and Virginia 6's and California 7's brought 934 a 93}, respectively. Missou ria were less active than usual, only $11,000 changhands at 84| a j. Builroad bonds are quiet, with but little change in prices. Erie second mortgage. not extended, rose to 96, and the firsts sold at 100. There were also sales, of Cleveland and Valada sinking funds at 74, of Lackawanna tirsts at 99, of Terre haute and Alton seconds at 43, and of H?dsaa River ftrsta at 107. There waa a farther decline la prices at second board, bat the market wax steadier after the adjournment. The following are the loaing quotation*:?Tennesaee 6's, 92J a 93; Vir tela 6 a, 93} a 93|; Missouri 6 s, 84* a 84J: Canton 21; Cumberland Coal, 12} a 13}; Pacific . ni. v?. v?.k 01 ? 01a. ill. ? | " new iur? vriiuai,ni| ni{, r*ri?7, ! 1<4 a 18J; Hudson River, 47} a j; Harlem, 11J a 11|; Harlem preferred, 374 a 3S; Reading, 40| a 4*{; Michigan Central, 51 a 51 J: Michigan Southern aad Northern Indiana, 11 ? a 12; do. guaranteed, 3S{ 34; Panama, 133 a 133j; Illinois Central, Cl| tl; Galena and Chicago, 62 a 624; Cleveland and Tatode, 294 * Chicago and Rock Inland, tiHj a <8|; Chicago, Burlington and Qoincy, 76J a 754; Illinois Central 7'?, 91 a 91}. The boainesa today at the Bub-Treaaury was aa fallows:? IMalrtMtptt $97 366 07 ?PtVMMMM 71.000 00 Mai hJBMt 236,067 60 ?ChMsraia drafts 110,too oo Man 6.482,60* H We hear of no change in the rates for money. Good endorsed paper, four to nix months to ran, is teken freely by the brokers at 5 a 5? per cent, and An* cUm short acceptances go easily at 4). The arrant rate for loans on call continues to be 1} a .5, wtth exceptions at 4, where the borrower and collateral* are undoubted. The following shows the condition of the bank* f Ike fonr leading cities of the Union, according to A* late at weekly state menu at hand:? Loam. Bfmrit. OtrxUatv**. DeporiO. m niWMi H.WV.MB HMWIMS ? . Jim 9. I1JMM ? Ml 7,?Wu,WU IU,ttS./UO flk. JM t. 27M6 0I# 4IMS??r 2JIUJU 14 SM M jLOriV-iBM* i8iaa,?iu ii. i?# nt u,> i?,?u?i? iuai ?M#?TVS 3?,?yj.?*i is* rf**m wmk. mz ir .** tfriM x ix m.m The traffic return of the Michigan Central ltail rmd, the drat week of Jane U as followa:? fVM ?Mt 1M0 MM* iMwNtuu ae.fso TO hwim ?3.MI 40 1W whole month of Jan* la?l jmr car* $ll?,7T0 OU The earning* of the Great Western Railway for the week ending June 9,1*60, were:? Fimnill $17,MO M rutfbt u< ltr? itcck 10,7 it 1* Mm- aa4 asadrtea 1,29ft 00 Mai w m; ao OOTaapMdlai ??*k of Um year SI .Ma U r> ti -m CM The following is a comparative statement of the Mralogs of the La Croaae and Milwaukee Railroad Mr Maj, 18A9 and I860:? 1U0 1M0. fMlkl 44.15* M Hiwpw SI ,978 ? 23.7S2 07 IhHUKlawccUiswai 1,011 'JO U *4sl $4* MO 31 M.MB 47 >?'m Tor Mat, 1WO tK,77a 18 earning* of the Norwich and Worcoater Railroad Tor May, 186D and MM war*:_ IN* 1MB. f mm tta.iM aa ?,ma m 17,401 u ao^u M VMM tn M an 044 7* ?M*v?r IMP W (II tt Tke gro? earnings of the Panama Railroad for M* Month of Maj, 1860, were m follows:? rM?i|fn t73.677 7* f>^|M, MmteodlM 84,43* 47 PrwtM, lr?M<ir? I0.M* 33 JMIM S4S3 <3 *M1. tir^Rl 77 1M ??wni r?uroM* centring m\ v ln' innnu hm reduced the through relet from Cincinnati to A* four Fjurtern citien. 10c. oa floor, and ">C. on iHrtk rlMn freight. Th? following, then, ore the M> mtM:? Dtmr. Pfurlk CUi Hmv Terfc, mil MM a 0*m Tart, rmll ud wtXmr M 40 BMri. fill 1 M M rail ??d wtar 00 ? Ffeil?d?lphta. rmll M 40 nil u4 ?Mr 70 36 MMr., nil 79 3* StiMewre, rstieed welir M 80 The receipt* of the Rt Louto, Alton and Chicago Bailroad for the flrat week in Jane were m fol fWW|.n M.T4S 70 *??*? 0,449 91 mm,*e i m Tmi 44 tmm mmk 1M? 14,111 J? >WMI I" 1M0 Tu? 19 Tba Lata Ontario aad Hudnoa lbver itailroad ? ?okJ ia U?<> village ?* Saratoga. on Monday, by a torn* of tk? Conrt. oa for?clo?r?. Ki Htata B*hU? H abbot, of UUca, waa the puivhaaer. for Thk pnrehaa* Inoludaa the road bed from OreenfiaM, In Saratoga county, to Sackatt* Harbor, ?tu the franchUr *?d charter. The refers will prnr??d to Mil tbo tarda halongtog to tlw Core pa y. aaUr frota tbaJr rottd bed, forthwith. Tka fUaailion Manofartnrlng Company hart <teelaroda dividend of I par oont, papable Jane 19; Aa AppUinn C.' inpany a diridead of .? per cant, payable Juae 19. The Philadelphia Js*tig< r of to-day nay*:? ffcfWI < to rtMMt ??pply. m4 d?airkM? bfltt w? mkw mm llaaJly pin papar Ma b? plaMd Ml^r mm, m4 mm! ' IM trat aiaM Mlla in rmadllf sofouu M * *H I f MM SaMrttj la. kamrw, emmiy BMfeM to, mm p^ir IMt Mm Dai aflW-rd um la ptooad flM mm* ?SmI^| at froM to II per eaal. IVi BoMoa Pom, to tta weekly rari#w of 'Inane* aad bwiMM, My*: ? Wa ar? pr?t>*My M tt>a cv'th of dnlMM la trad* and MM?. M if M?, tft** rial ap?raa*tua? It. M it *o*M mm Mm; gnm a tom al 6ta par (*i ><> trat cmm mm m mnttm. m<i torn* ?f im ?uti bar* b*M t**<ii*i m mm m 4)f par OMl far *?*a?W?rabta **aM. I'tf i*? Mai i Ma pruapif m farnra^ ? IM amrHy an-1 a larr* m4 '*-~ IMM II h?rafc?fara reavkid. Una ht-j m aaoMaliy a' tfe* raat of tt? world. ??m MM mM cMBiiwa of wr aajwri mJ >Mp*r* jrew to M4 Iho irtWWII) af a k?n ' ? tar all Iba Ktortb r? lid HoMhtra pruuoota ibat >u ? ?pa>?rf. At oumi lh? e??p? ot alt kinds took veil, mm6 tbo ?iiiot4 raerlpw, lb* numttoigrtig pro] , im iti tom tA trH|M. tmrn?h caaelsaitre evtd?ui? or ?m>wu>? activity UiMeitM. bo?avar, frut KU^Dniiuti m rstiihited j??l now, ud all that cam rrtMitbly ke d >D? la to leak forwarl wttbh<>i>? aM windtcw How cheap cr?-4ti la tn bronve, tad ho? k?( it Is ta bo aheap, ?h > ?h*U aaj? Wa know o> aotbiu* to Indicate at; change tovaroa daarncaa, ??h?r ta local er |??.arai adalra. A.i r? uml ?? shall probably have tha 4ul!<>*t miuiBor p/??ib(? ; hut Otero is pood rraroa lor b*tte?T(t that tha autumn will ba uaiie active and fHilaw. A U'VhI question ku arisen between the Anew, ors of Rochester and the Commercial Bank of that city. The Commercial Bank, H appear*, holds $ "0,000 in Un.Wd States stocks, deposited in the Bink l>f j:ailment am cecurity for its circulation. Tae banks claim that this amount should be deducted from their capital and exempted 1mm taxation, on the ground that United (States stock in not taxable. The Asseneor* laid the cum before Mr. Cook, Superintendent of the Bank Department, and he advised them that United State stocks held by a bank as a part of ha capital are taxable; and he further advised them that a cam had ariaen >?twien the Commonwealth Hank of New York ami the AmeKsoiu on this iatrae, in which the bank waa beaten. It waa carried to the Court of Appeals, and in yet pet ding there. The opinions of Judge Gardner am! Henry R. Selden were obtained, and tbey concur in laying that United States stock* hold by a bunk as a part of H? capital cannot be taxed by the laws ef this State. The Asaexsors have resolved to assess the foil capital of the Com ' mcrciui duiii?*oou,uuu?irrenperiiYe 01 me unnggi I of L' nited States stocks held by the iostitation. The Chicago and Rock Island earnings for the first week of June were:? 1IM $10,184 i?t* [ Increase $2,718 The earnings of the Stonington road for the fiscal year, thus far, hare been:? 1K60-8O $1*5,378 80 Frcvhia yesr 182,166 78 ftMreaas, IMO-W $13,218 oi The annnal meeting of the stockholders of the Chicago and Rack Island Railroad Company waa held on Friday last The following were elected directors for the ensuing year:?Henry Farnam, N. B. Jadd, J. F. Tracey, Chicago; J. B. Jerris, Rome, N. Y.; W. Dunham, Wm. H. Hue, David Dowa, F. H. Tows, New York city; T. B. Faxson, Utiea, N. Y.; R. A. Forsyth, Newfaorg,N. Y.; E. Cook.Davenport, Iowa. Henry Farnam, Esq., wis re-elected President. It is the old Board re-elected, with ihe exception of one name to fill a vacancy. IDC BvuriiiiuiucrBui uio reuruiauu Dureau vttuey Railroad Company also held their annual meeting on the same day, and elected the following director* for the ensuing yearN. B. Jndd, Chicago; H. Farnham, Chicago; T. C. Durant, New York city; Clark Durant, New York city; John Hamlin, Peoria; F. Tows, New York city. Hon. N. B. Judd, of Cliicago, was re-elected President, and all the old officers were also re-elected. The Ohio Loan Commissioners will soon fix the time for receiving and opening proposals for the renewal of $0,413,000 of the puhUc debt of the Btate, which falls due on the 31st December next. The weekly statement of the Philadelphia banks presents the following aggregates as compared with those of the previous week Capital Stock....til,1766,360 11.768,126 inc.. $2,776 l.aans. 27.171,001 27 940.016 Dec..124,9*6 PpecM 4.682,610 4.1*3.067 Dec .398,943 Doe from banks. 1,100.464 1,490,491 Dee. . 08,986 Doe other banks. 3,744,4*1 8,128.287 Dec .618,144 Deposits 16 620 SOT 16,698,909 too . 78,010 Circulation 2.824 471 2,810 662 IM>.. 18,919 The latest report of the New Orleans exchange Imariei i juuc o) ib u iviwwi the motf meat for the day tnclndes no round amounts of eubcr foreign or doascmc. offerings of all clannea of j bill* arc still exoeedlngly limited, bat they prove ample (or tbe demand, wllch cannot be considered better in an nominal. quotatlona exhibit no rartauoo of any kind, bat i daring tm prevailing inactivity they cia only be viewed m approximating figures. we repeat aa fellows ?clear sterling villa, 100 h 100*. and 108\; bank rates for direct remittance, 110 a 110l<; bill 01 lading drafts, mwx a 108v and up francs, 6f 10 a 6f 18\ ner dollar, sixty day bills on new \ork, ic.j^sl and l'* percent dla count, atgbt, a \ per oeat premium. ftsek ftisfcaaga, wuwibit, june is, ism. (80000 tene 6's, 90.. 8-\ 60 sbs ulcb on ilk ?1 >, 4oo0 missouri 0's.. m v 260 mlcfa tto a; n i g s m tooo do m', 200 do sflo sjh 3u0 california 7'a.. w, 100 do a30 1(0(0 virginia e a... 03? 26 panama rh.^alo 134 2600 erie kriatssb 100 00 ao...J7... 134 3000 krie 2d m l>d*. oa 60 n J ceo rr 119 s k<* 0 iii > rr bas 01),' ipo 01 on rr scrip.. 61 * IOOOCIt k tolafb 74 660 do 01v is sbs bk of n asser 100 900 do m0 02 5ft 1*1 k hud caaco. 07 100 do s30 ?l \ 12 heaa goal co.... &6 100 do. .. m0 81% 60 pacific hall k h co ?!>,' 00b qal k chi rr.... 02v v60 do 01 1300 so (its 360 do boo 01 100 do.. ..biwk 0sv 60 do bfl 01 100 do. mo 02% 1Z n jmrj /.to r .. .. IV mj mo mmi inv 100 Hod Rjt RR .... 44 M do'..'..'.b30 MV * ** *i 100 uo MO 63?. MONYOaKR 81S 100 do...".?0 M'l *0 ? ? Si MOtuMBR.. 30 I?? *? lOOCk.ARocklaldRR. 60 100 Erla KR IV 100 do bSO 00 M0 do fcJO 1# 900 do b40 69 ,0? l'Ji 150 do at', *40 ?! 18\ 100 do >30 Ml/ M MO It', tM do ?.* 10 Rtrlrn kR 12 loo ?o....baw opv 100 H?r>mHRpr?f. ? ChJ, Bur A.y? ?RR 7tfc 14 HoamiiM RR... 70 340 do 76 lOORoMiagRR 41tf 100 4i!...'..iio 74'* *0 ao 41 100 4o 74'* ?00 M Mt 41 1M do MM 74V ? lMeh (? KB.... M tO mi* MM RR 0* *0 do UX * 8KCOND BOA KB. tanooo T?aa ft, to. W.'4 to aba Had R RR.iOO 47 W ltOO III Oot RR Ma 01 " 100 (M. ?0t Hod R RR 1 n 107 104) Harlan RR 11? 1010 1*1, IARKKla ?? MO H.rK-ru RR pr fd S8 3000 Tarra HAAiUn 43 ISO Mlcft Ho ft N I KR II * t aha A Aftia NT V9 XtMidilto&NIagtaU Ziv ?IVk Bui 115 100 do ...T.a80 38? HO tkatoo Co b?0 ?V lot ItH artRKaertp a60 61 u toPaa Mail ttf Oo alt M* to i;*j & Chi RR aSt ?? 1MCK1, HarAuuevKR 71 100 4o 63? IHMoadiT Kh .. 91% IN da a60 63* IOOHTO.1 RR.... tlx 100 da..:...... 63 50 *0 bOt 81* 600 Oart k Tol RR . 39* * *> '* * to ?st l? 0* "?S 4ttCM * Rk lal RR. ?u do .... (M 81H 100 do bOO OAS MOfrtoRR 1?* IPO 4 Situ W do MW 1?>( 60 ?o tlA Hk 1M rto MO IK* 100 4o Ml MS 100 d? )l?i 100 do (SO WW M *o It* 100 ilo i?4 (M>, CITY COBMMCUL KBPOKT. jm u? r h. Anm ?Tbo Mrkd ?M aWUf. tad prV?a an ehoryt .1, with ItW* of aboal M Mir pnto ud pwrU Bu*f*rrrrw ? Floor?Tb? Mrkol m hMTf u4 '~ii?11? i BXKtwsu Ommm fermcdt ?r 8?u uj Vrwn ctoood M iMiir roico. white ntr* |rMw ??r? wHfeooi iO?i? af muomoL TM ooloo Mkru?4 *b*?t 72,000 MM . omoaf oilfcU Iho tollawtt( ru|? ( prc?s ? Wtporfloo Mot* ... M 00 I 10 Kitro Mot* t S> o 40 %?!> w i ? i oo o io (ttrnaoa u> cha* Wwuri artra Ill a A Pa ft Imw ritra 0 M a T 40 Via ad m rtraifbi floiitfeara I M Bio* Hiraifbt to rwd nkt do fl 10 it H Oalrr ntri tanuy aad bakara' braada. IU a ft M Rya flaar I M a 4 M rara m?*t >M a ? ?5 Cfeaadtaa Hoar waa baary, aarac tally Uia lawar gradaa IValMraikrawl itoM?MkM at M 80 a M M for aptiac wbti* < iira, ana M M a ST M for wtator aitrw Tba Mlar tfira lor a fbrartto braad feathara Oour waa dall. aM oonaon aad ?u?d braada wara aaalar; whtta f lira gradaa vara aaakaagad. wblla tba aaM an bracad abral 7,r?f bbla rludtrn within Ux> ab?r?a rarer of prior* Rya lloar waa atoady at oar 40a UUcaa. ?Ji taira ar 110 bbla. ttwa waa qaM al l*a bava Afnr*a whaat ofw*4 doll and irragalar, but rwawd w.ta mar* wlttoal rhaoaa or moiaaat la prtawa tb? aa<M cati-iH about 4A.0C0 bnnh'la. la clad r, KaHa# oprta* at f I VS. Mlwaakaa clab at 91 34 H a ' M, rrr. Nu< at fl 2?. aad wblia Caaadlaa at prirata ?** * Cn" war <-ar.ha< (ad, wblla aalaa wara fair, barter awibracr* about tft.uo bntibata. taolodlng Kaatara ura at f*e , w,?vra ?md at mr (aooad), oftutoa do., ta ?tora, at ;ta aad nwad aad flat yallew al *0a a Tic Kya waa qatat, wttb >ma>i ttki m,.* at ?d- Barlay aad harlay mN wara qalvt OaM wara la ftfr dotnaad. whila ptirra wara aaebanf*d U?Taa -Tbr a>arkrt wad #rady, wblla aal* wrra modorala R* raajad froai ll'?e al?\t , aa .aqoality Haira ar US > ??? laguayra wata mada al U;ta. a 14a., aad 9to da Cap*> al 13a Onnw?Tb? market waa oacbaafad, wblla tt* aalaa MMri trv a too i alaa la Ma Wa mk qaou midduac ipiMMiiiioKli'ie. i ?Mim> ?To Uvarpoo' ?b?i? K>.000 b<i?t?to *bMi, la Mo t M?i. at *?.. ?M b^anf roMMMS4.,l,?fl M>? tout Mil ?d. U M. eh?*? by * *"> ' * Mm . tn<1 100 hh<1? Willow at 1T? M To UUmM bb r<~?m JNTO rnnwl it > <>4 por 7*0 '* * >w ttiiriorf' I" toMi till P"P" rt?w? for lb* MidMm ?? 145. * * ??t*l ?" u??o tip for Anlwp Wp I, U>? *b?o O Mp*> >* imtoo, to iMd M 8* Jo*a wiUi t?mb*r. lor I t*?r ?ool *'* . rni rti<in? w?'? in r>o4 ?ww<MU?l>M wn?. trttb i4M i mo cr itr* J?J" ? * ?.<*? bout No. RK HERALD, THURSDAY 1 ftilM, 40 pacfca, ?? $1 47*a?i M, atata* atar at 1 to. )kcir.? Rataiaa vara wnh aatoadf Mt?) baa**, actnahg lareriatIS Him IL B. * aft M a U 46. Fim ?Pry cod wrrr ffAy and Hi fair demand, with la)* ia a day ar two ?l 'A MO qaiataia at 94 It a S4 t Warlt rrl w<r* inn (id ?ak* ooaflaed ta MOaMfta* i>l?1: far Ne ), and at W M 'or Ni 3 taupe, tad 96 tar infamm. tie>rinr* were dull aad prla*a aaaataat firniii runn aaa tlrai'y btia, bata aa ifee apalad la arrlv, at lull p-'cre. while the aalea ware mr at Bit -Hal** of 1 WO balea ware aad* at Ma. a Me H**r ?e* i|?i. i, the laat mla af )eta waa ?ada at $1M per uid, >ix BiaXba p. i* wer? auaoy. wtth aalea af 16# kalaa at 7a. a 18a., clean g wxb a lair ooaoumpUTe deaaaad. OM vara qatat aad e"viaai. iROM.-tbe mar lift waa Rtaady far pr1m? braada Oaatab pl?, wiib aak? at t'2S, while aaka af iafarlar qoaUtjr vara reparled al ft i 6<>. I ma waa *?ra?tj aad la (oad dtaaad, vttfc aalea af l,?w> a *,f?d kii>. mbbm at Ma., aad MO a M? da I..,. I?klaai ma &JL* Moixwa wee WMj kill qoiet K'iv/i Htomk- aalea 460 bbla. ? ( rnetn rm ytrt at $i 6tper8if Hw Mlhrerad; Mm do. Ne 1 at $1 60 Inn yard; ud 14$ kbit apirlta I? pna?ii n 48*0. Oiis? IJeaeed mdell at 69a.. M wfetah, within twe er three deva, nim 20,000 galiana Aaertoea mm ICagtwh ba*e been Mid. The WhaUwwn s Skipping but gtvaa tba lelK wlag review of the New Bedlerd martet ler tbe ?wk rbd ng June 11 ?Tbera Is Inquiry far Mara, bat the l/>t?aelKJBii nmoe our last Is a ?ak> or 100 bbla. at 91 26 a $1 Hi per ralioa The sales at whale for tb? weea eai brace 2,W0 ?b* la pa roe la M follower?1?0 bbla North era at 42e ; 1,fir 0 da. al a price an*. transpired; 200 bats Hooib Pea at 48c , ana 46o bbla. Nortbera aad Booth Bra at 42c to 42 Ke per (allea. Wbaleboae? Market qmet aad at n boot traoeecMosa. nwvirK >b ? ^or*? Tbe market was traser aad acbva, aiih iai?H or about 1 800 a 1,900 bbta , achmieg aew aiea at $18 60 a $18 MX, old da at $17 T6, tb-a mea at $17 26 a $17 87X, aad saw | rtana a $13 62* a $13 7$; a rale at 6? o bbla Dew aaeaa, deliverable in tkl'ty da)a. bayer's opuaa, at $18 76. Beef was steady, wtia aiea of 860 bbla at $? a $6 lor country mesa, aad $9 a $10 6b lor repacked, aod at $11 12X a $12 60 for extra; prime meaa and beef ban* vara quiet aad aalea Matted; cataeaUweie firm, * lb baited aalea at 7X0. a 7 He. far aboaldera aad a 9\e. a ?\o. far ha as lard *aa atil, with ralea of about M0 bbla aad ttaroea at 11 X? ll\e. Butter and otxeae were plenty, witb a fair bus! aeta delnr al o neb anted ralea Rxa?The aalea embraoad a bant 300 a 40$ oaaka a $4 $7, $d 60 aad $4 76 par 100 lb* 8tgam ooatlaaed bra. wttb aalea of 1,200 hbda , la eluded in wbteh were 460 Parte Kioa a 7o a 7 Ve the remaiader oeoalated Of Ouba mneeurado a 4Vo a 7 ue. for fair to?aod reflalaf (raoea, aad a7*0. like, for fair grtmrr pMN; me mum afro oowprtwd M boxoa m p t Wrvrbt.?MtlM o< about 300 bkM were mad* at Xie. SHI P P I N G NEWS Tmtau mt Omm Ittuun* n*M nMn Mmmm. Ltmwm Ml Jfcr UnrpoM.. May 30...K?w Vor? I fflacazR. UoonsooL. Jul 1 Bom bUIMM. jMttMflM Jul 4... Row Tor* Tit tf ? *1?i?' 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H. ?T 1(1 Ml, 4uiDiiioK WiJtWD-iY A *amnriBLM j rot I tnaw, toI ook w?rt Md Irom or to do ko?ew?k m ai)nr%? i??irr; >aa aaat ?* enj ranruaa. Cal at tlU ' Whi ifitk it, uu lotk a?aA sitcatkn vi?ni>-iT a saricTiiu notMtoa f iri to do cbtBbcrwarh lU watttaa to a laliala Call at 149 Whi27lkit, mmm 7l? *a4 ?k b?mT OWilw, ftwlrotM. ' AR?*j'B"TABLB VOrjOWOMAll WaNTS A UTVi. Hob m got(1 plate sock, w taker and lioaar aatall foaaUj., ' or wcu)d acta a keuamald afcd uiU wltk tka wnMu; kMk In tiui1 itlirnia from her teat plaea.Call at Ul Wdi JBUr' IfA aL, ftoBMOOS, orarue b?k*ry. a artTTATron wa?tto-bt a bbspbotablb A. yoaap girl to do akaaharmk aaA aaatat to tka WlMig aad tm fax 0* to do aanaral boaM?rt, kaa good ntmmm. OaU far two <t?ya at <71* ar. aoraar of MU to. COOK'S BITOATIOK W.BTBD-Br A BHrBOTABLB wosaa wko tko-aagkir ondmtaada kar kaataaaa, and aaa ?It# iha haat of aft* ?atara?aa; la Ulag to aarial to ika ?a?ktan Oaa baaaaa for fodayiat H8?kat,Mat dtoara. COOK ?flnUATl^M WAITID B* A TMDamOBTHT wnaaaa. aa baad aook, to adkar city ar atutn. faOy aade atoada ali Ika or data of aatktoa?paatry, jalkaa, araaaaa, aoapa aad pw: would Mia baraat' (aaaraJhr aaafal > to kir aaapknw; no obJaa'Joa to a kc>taJ. atka ar iwiitoi kovaa; would 10 to a waaartng p'aaa K raqutrad Oaa (tva tka teat at rafaraace. OaJl lor two daja at M Lawia at., mm uiud, la ika raar, 1 eat ad floor, (ramt room. I AC 1KB' IUUL-A IIA REIKI) WOMAN 09 ZPIBI> asaa daairaa aa ?|l|CMal. talafhatorr rafaraaaea ?i??; iipiwm ?? amiii ? ? *i. w., ?ujirai tfflaa. Situitioh wmiD-n a fkotmtant ?i?l to UiMNot aWUm Hi atokraldto. OubtMittar aatplaf.WBBtoaafcarat ITCaTIOH WlNlEO?BY A YOUIIO VOIil, AS ^ imwM; w<rin?<i a'l IM of mtunt. Mug A*d fiiUag; baat at atif nbiMM (Mil at to Waal life al., far twa dajlSITUATION WANTED?BY A TOWO WOMAN. A8 cock.tea nootueeUoa Mm l? UM oountry ar m prtrtoe toll; or arirala (tMHhif koaaa; bM of ottj rtfataM, OtB t IlibttNtr Situation wawtbd-bi a tours woman to toka Ika aatlra tkun at as Infant; good (My i?fer?ML fw kf tail pltoe. Oafi At MS Sd ant fr, S-ITCAIICH WANMD-BT A TUUNk WOMAN, AlV laaadrcw; tkortmgnly isiaratandi Mr tatotoaa, or ? ookt 40 totmbci wo?> ud b? *ttU>| aad Iratat; ka< ao oltfaA- I tloa to go a kkort dlmum In *a eomtry with i toarihr: Mat o* niMM ?M b? kWao turn h*r task p)aaa 0am bo mmfru twaday*at8?Baatt3daU, balwwtan liHlnWa ul Mavaa 3IA1MTMM.-BITUATTOII WANTKD. BT A O' NPBlaatpAraua u aaMnoaD; doaaall ktoda at trnmUj aawInf eaa aperata m ? boater A Wllano'e bhMii; ?mM wall an a >an? ar toka DATA af p??la| ahlMraa OaafrafaraMaa. uaii at Kt Broadway, la Ika drag itora, from mu.. M. to C r. M. SITUATION WABTKD?BT A TOUN9 WOMAN. TO DO tonarai konaawcrk; ta A Rood plala aaak, waaaar ail Iruaar good any rtfaraaca. CaJl a* HI Malbarry to, front hotiar. OUCATION WANTB1V- BT TOUNO WOMAN, TO DO ?*nar*l Boa?work. tta rood ?ttr rrfaranaa, OaB at M Waaffatbat, tontiHul 10 mrm. SITUATIONS W t N'TED?BT TWO BB8PBOTABLM lrntilof; the Mktr m okaatbarnaur ud AnKtitM YMM prefer Miti together, kMiM Dm of oily rafirian froa whare aha hta lived.U* laet four ' ?. Uail at |m Baal Slat at., tor two days, baafc room, third floor. S-ITU *TIOB WANTBD?BT A RB8FBCTABLB FBOtratact ?tau,u?n>. u4 to aaatot to wMhtor. hM a?> oturetton to fo a ikort datanee m the eoaatry. uaa m mm tor tiro day a M SU avenue a, third Uoor. bach rmm He. 4. SITU4T10H VilTIO-IT i'lKPKritLI \OTJV<* woman, aa plate eook aad excellent waehar aaa ka*ar: baa the bate of etty reference froaa where iba haa Itred tour yoaraiaoobjaettoa to do ehaaibai path ar >imhiw tors eaall family; aha la willing and oertrng. Call tar two day* at aw uth at., aaar 1st ar.. Brat Boor, boat ma. Situations waitbd-bt two rotnr# wo teuton* aa oaambermaM aad waitor, the etheraa eaok. waaharaad trQMr;h*aaootueottoatoao hi tha eoaatry. Call tor two daj a at 1?1 Waal luhat., to lie rear. ro raBaom wtirr bttuatiobb?owb a* oook; the other aaleuadreta or to do aaaMrawk aad Baa waeblr*; uadarataad tbalr buatoaae to all lia braaahae; aa objaottona toco a awtrt 4<a'aaca to the enaalrr 0? eseeattonaMe riawa. Call tor two data at W 7th ara.. ttotd flaar. WAPTBD-A\ITUATIOB, BT A 100*0 wo*am, AS aoraa aad food plate aawwr; to tally oowpetoat to lato the nattia charge of a baby froaa lie M*th: beat alty retoreaeoa. Cau tor two daya at W Waat Uth to., to toe raar. otahtbd?a mtuatioh. ab dsbb a*d oak " atnaa; la capable ?t tiktoi abarge of a baby; ao aai?e ttaaa to aa a Bart eletaaee to toe aoaairy. apply at B3 WaB 8?d at. Catwooa dth aad Tto arte. Baatef a? tatowaa Winm-IT A BBBFBTTaBLB OIBL. A BITTA Una ae aioelieat wk; paifraUy 11 Imlaato bar batemm III AJl I La hn?a? if MOBlfAd wouM ftfllai hi aa vbA< lag sod troataf; would n kitM loutn Oaa M i?M M bar r repeal a??>laiar'B uuT(altad, B Baal nd ?k, Mar Burnt way. Wantbi>-by two urranriBLi rmonnurr yoaai wvmmk. rinuiHi.iMM MtLtttDkarMte itaakrrak u4 waiueg. batb i?i?iih4i tatfr >?<iw In all Mb brascbea, Ik* aaok m aa aieajtaa< batar; iter have tta >M> < wftfO Oail at m Wee* Ml bl. m two daja. Wiim-A mUATIOB, BT A RBBFBCTABLB M hM?rw and tolaHI or plats aaok; o ntpaaOoB to bo a abort dial ease la ike aooatrv; aood akj fofaroaoa Gal tar two days at 1M Boat SM A , Celweaa 9U aad 1Mb an. rXTABTBB?A BirtJATIOB, BT A BB8FBCT ABLB TT TooBf wtsbu aa ia?ii>aa or eMM'a nm; ran do all tteda rf family arwlag ao obioeitoa f ro la tba anaatoy. Oaa wawatwo?A'i. tf aot W|i|Bt at 1M 1st ar.. M floor. WABTBO-A WTUAflOB, At CH AMBBBMAID ABO to do Plata ao? tat u' eaabmtderlni; ar to aasM la lbs waafcteg aid trootag. la aanall laaall*. by a ynaag win, who aaa gl?a tba bait ?tty reteraaree. baa do ebteMna la tkB aooatry. Oall or addnaa Mary. M IJSBt ar., Id Oaar, bask > (BTABTBD-A MTTJ4T10B. BT A BBBPB'TTABLB WOTT aaa aa AaaiboraMid aad plate aewar; Is a WT Mat klrt maker bas bo nbjcoMooa to bo la tba country Apply at MB bilaabotb at, laaoad door, froat room. Oaa ba mm lor two day ^abtbi-bt a bbbpbctablb womab, a tnVAaad trtauBfsa I ad mm dnaias. aad alt kteda of fealty aswlaa. BOthjacfoa to taba aara of ehildraa. or n M ? mN?. Aopi?iu 1ST Taart M, arnar of High. Hraauja To to m for a a iw> Winil)-a itlCATIOl* ah ohiuhum in ?o mM with ohlUro. >o oliJwiHf In tfea MMrr tar iba luBMr, mnai|i?aa>li nknM (Mat bar laaiplaaa. wb?ro OtMrMiMi lor two daja. ? Baat Slat at. W?mr-n a uncTAiu wobab. mtcaMob teaoofe. ?nk aad Irra; adi bar NMa arfaaby. tba boat of air rafcraaaa fraw Mr laai alaaa. C?n far tarn daya at 11* 7 b BTaaaa, batwaaa 1Mb >ad iWb mm, fci tMJAMBD-BT A niOHLT BBaplCTABLB TOUWB ? wean, a altaartaa In do gaaaral boaaawarfc la a nHtU family la aa anatlaaiauab >?Hi uad li'Mr Paagtataa moi? aattafacaory rafrraaia fmaa b*r laat aaaployar'a. Uall at W Blab a at Br roar Wartaa^BroaAlja, hrtfcj. OTAMID- BT A BBVBOYABLB IOC HO WIDOW WO naa. wabaofuftOr. aaftaattoa. aaaaad aaofc. WMbar aa4 boa ar an o^jaaMon la ao a abort iHataaaa ta *a aovatry laj*. at tn lat a?., raar bcrtaa, too (oar, batwnaa 1Mb aai WAMTB A OB A M BBBBAI Dfl ri.AOB. OB WOVU> DO iba wwk af a Mail bad;, la Bramlra: baat oI anr lalbtoaooa gtran. r?a ha mb at bra. Clarba'a, M Wlllaw aL. aaar lal? at. booth Brooblya. WABTBD-BT A BBDTBOTABUI OIBU A BITTA Has. aa abaaabanaaM: baa m ??v? iwaaaMatiot froa bar laai alaaa; ao abfaaboaa la go la iba aoaafey. Apply at ?7*M bt., fconb Boar tMJABTBD-A ilTUATIOB. BT A B1DDLB AOBD ABB TT rtata widow My. aa ho iaa>aapir la a balaL baarbm bciiaa or ytWata faaiOv. er wtmM Ifta to laba tba i bat |? ati bnnaa ? r tba hbm dnrtai tba abaaaoa <* tba inaaa?ata I aipaiiawea >a alt hraaabaa at bmaabaaplag. aad a wHitea tr aba baraatf aaaarall? aaafal, woata aaatat wnb Iba Mba liati aaatag. A*,aalary aataa aoab aa ahlaai aa a (aad aaf panaaoaat boaaa. aa aljaottua to goto* a aoo-i batata tram iba ffy. rafnaaaM at*aa aad raqiiudL Call IBr two data t uRiUma MwinbtT. -i?r- ?* ????? Wahtto- WT a iwictaiij tocwo woman. A diaiMna la Um ?r, ta M. waafe aa* Ma la a pMiata faarity. haa ao afeJaaMoa apt atari (man la ifca aauatay. Oaa to naa tar lag lift by oaBtaa at M QriaaflM aA, aacami floor, fttak w. WilTID- BT A IIOBIT RSVPVCTABLB OfRL. A MtaaMnn aaaank wljr aMI baMr, ta a mmXl hwnDy. b? a> n l in in i <1ai MaMMtolaaHMa Mr iMlin ill BaarjaL. aull^. Wahtbd-bt a ooirnur dimaio, on wka .alKiHiaa iMa <* faaUj aa?la?. Mill ilk* to traval wltaaUAy w faaflr. faod ally rafaranaa la<tlr*M ??Waa?tiaia? Wal*r?0-a WTOaTIOB. *t a RHPtCrARLI twotaataM Iiaaia. aa a lata aaafe aad ?t*r aad kMr: aa .Vr- lataa w?iry Ay?ly a. m < aaaliara aL, aaar WABTKO A jrATtnn, BT A EW^WTIAMJI wWow 'adr, la a ava'l faa llr, aa plata anofe waabar *?<J troaar Oka aiia ?o-d e+j rafernxwa tram tar taa* ptaaa. * aa no nb)??tioa ta a abort <tataaaa ta *a aa?try. laqiba aL. ?aar htitniag, a# Mam. km Boar, ta lln. IJLr ABT*I>-BT A IOC BO aiBU A BITCATIOW TO DO J7.ssrss.-r.-isvr,.er is".; -"w ( TO to tor thtawaa*. W*NTBH JBMBI>UTKLT-BT A BBfPBHT A BLB 'Mil mrM womb, wllk t (Ml >11 111 al alt, vie kaa Inal tar bakt.a ikiiukn M wal mm. ?m14 arafer to tat* t tab* In bar o?i bnoaa. Mat ba ef i (auaalabla pa raato ll.|?tiiHHnA,mu*? Hwtttlfliw WAHTIB t MTrATIOB. BT B?rBnTABI.B OT*l, aa aato mo*, ni* aixt tmn-r. or to Aa Ifca Imm v?wk to M>U faauy. Mppir al ?J* AUaaUe*, ScMirn Baal at rMj nummtm. $?ABTBP-A ATTPATIOH. BT_ A_ RBAFHOTABUi WJ ri <iaa?t fraalai to Wt<W faaaflr, rtthar M Mam rtraaa or id lain aaran# aa laaMM; la wll'tac to mtka fcaraaK faaaradv naofnl. If* <*)a?il a to ?n to toa (Main, A??lr !o ft* rjaaa. to taa atara, M naaal m , balwaaa Okaqtfh <r? I III W##4 WtMlvflf. Wabtap-bt ab obphab gibl, ab abbai.'/ ? tr n ?- ?|???atir n| I twin aal r ^>???? m aAlMraa. Apply tar twt> teya M IN In WABTBR-A AtrUATtOB, BT A TOl'BI 0?BU ?1 Aw>a aiato and M ?a plain wvton. Uoad rafaraa-m Anil a? IN Aaal )3ia al. for lira daja. "mmtm.

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