Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 16, 1860, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 16, 1860 Page 2
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2 THE ALBANY REGENCY. ? I II MM ITS ORIGIN AND SECRET BTORT. Tie Tower and la/laenn Wielded in the fast, aid it? Prexnt Imbecility and Treachery. The Difflwence Between the 01 d and New Managers. Their Intria oei in Fierce*! "Cabinet?Bailroad Speculation?Kan gag Plo'a, and Tmchery to Buchanan. ?clr (Mvcraal IffMrkyui Opparttlaa to TMm* feat WML Rot fecflr Mates, Ma, to* ft* twe ww l or Ammnn. t'ww ?* old eoaeti' jUn of the SUM at Now York there existed h podta u regency eadar the mm or Ue Oraactl of Appalaimer x Itapowar waa heommrtiy great, and in ib? comae c f year* th* eaarciaa of that power hsaaghi with * mi * kwt at napopalr rltj that the State Ooanttatlaaal Oaow ?tion of 1821 waa oonreced M*re for m? tnleaOw of at regaling H than far amy other epeafi* aana*. Th* pawa ra possessed hy the Ooaacd of Appoint bki were trace err*4 partly to the Geeeraoraad Senate, aad partly to it a people? not aa Mwoh, however, to the latter power W , bee bee* daoe In oar next new ptteat Mat* coartite .iga, under which we bow lire?we cea hard'y aay w 4 bow fiourlah?for It canaot De doubted that ihe last Car wttottawal State OoBTeation gar* ao much nor* to th* people than the people ever aaked that they here itttie thaat* for tM proffers geacroalty of the gift, bbc are r ?ther more Deposed to attribute th* aclioa of the had / te th* eplrttof deaaagagualtm than to a wall tenant*- ,-ed appreciation of what the ealightantd portioh of the tor am nNy really desired. tkx (owmrtmoB ?>r 1821 am m rouncuas Th e constitution of 1821 brought with It a compart tm iy aew no* of men The aid Supreme Ooort Judge* Wito glee way to aew one*. tad these waa old Judge* war* awn set merely et a Titled jadMal capacity, but psltticwr,* of ao Marked a charaster that the title of pahucal Judge* had km mi laaapareMy connected with thatr names, whether jaatly or uaiuatly we wUl not bow Wqutr* ita will daalgaat* bat oas of them, Chief Justice Ambrose Spesoer. a bob ef greet lege) aequlrcmcaM, iiapittid for his great Judicial capacity bat ffearad aad hatad fbr Us atrsag paUUcal prajodlom, aad dMUked by the Junior member* of th* bar Ibrhheteraeeai aad aararity His aaeociete, Wood worth, waa allowed te raamla, and hla other amoclaU, Yates, waa traaafm 1 od la th* gubaraawrtai chair. Under that hew ooaatttattoh, Datoett, from Oneida, oa* of the band of early federalists, WI .nuiit aarl* caweerted deriruM for which thai I oanaty ni diatingnlnbed, ouh to HAitomy oeemral Mnrcy, a lawyer tm Troy, waa ipfcUUd Adjutant General, ud tfUrwula OomptroUar Flagg ? * Wright aa 7?kUMt com to lha capital, thoagh lha for nor ?M afcortiy imrnrti Maker of Amembly from CUiln Meaty, ud the latter a Senator from Dm 8t Lawrence Mm a Um elder* at UM party Benjamin K. newer IHOIII baring bean appointed Stat* Traaanrar; and, if jMr*r*r*e?M*nl; M b* had little todawltti tbapollIImat Urn KM a vttb th* aoanaa of management that mcoeeded attar lb* adoption at the nav aonaUtuttoa. nuwi m m a?im?nr*rr or n albast ABur*. A boot una period tfea aid Albany Arpnt otaw lata now haatfe by K* traaafbr from Jama Pool a maa of a goad deal of leteibgenoa, bat aaamvbat wilded to *M mad? at thought?to a now oat aT partner*, af wham Klwtn Oreaweli waa ana. Hr. Creawed tma a yooag maa af pramino, the con loet ?r of a paper la OnttkUl, and It waa la the aagnwty of Mr. Van horoa tbal b* waa traaafbrmd to th# capital to ontor apoo a wtdor apbora at aotloa, ta which bo aitorwarda ao greatly dlotingniehed blmooir. nrrm* or ana imoouw aanan-r * There war ?ier rrmdmc it Aleaay aboot thn period the Hoe Roger Sherman, formerly a 9teln Senator, aa<) at that period Daniel Jeogoor.tbo Caned ttletoa Quart lor the Northern dieirt-t?aa tboroughpeo'd a politician aa tbo tea eeer ahono oa?cool, oaicelatiog, and qatla aa wall Toreod 1a the mtrtoaotm of politico aa la the tairt aware of law, and, wKbal, a moat oourteaaa gentlemen M tg em frteade wheroeer be met thee* It waaareend Iko wit wlhaxO tkahe.tMr niahw Mu fc?<w yaara w?t a, wbo war* lk? >ral mMIM?t ef vbat ww altar wento called Um AI ban 7 EifWOf? a hady to which atucb pawer ww art ri bote i whtcb II wrer pwHWl. ami wbwb M the mm time aq tatty tar awad power a mwy lama when it ww tmr atpert*1 of exertiag It. rre taait itiiamn. WtiiettrtatclaWy tor life* poaamatoa of any dtattagiitabrd rlrtuaa, It amy ba aall with eqaa) jot tme that ? ww gataraad by aa litua aaMabaaaa aa ftae rally fbia to Iba lat of mm with rqoal laCaaioe ami poaitioe. aid aa tor at ta ebtact of katfhif tba trmaerabe parly naltod ww on carted, n aocotadad a a-aoalbhb( that abject with tart afcUl-a akvtl to wbtob ibty who lty c!Mt tajtt sueciwatt caaaot hate Um ahghtaai praMwMb. VM la aalf 4tj H motire?araryttttag tor Iba oanta, not blag far mee?t look the Dt?t oare for Iba eawa, wbila Iba ww to wham ccthtof ww yinialwil ware quite tort that tbair arif immotaOw tor the pabba good awM ba rewarded with rroww that Mad mart aatoty to Ibaa beads man tbe crwwm wbtob amtlyra are gwwalty aappaaad m wear tor to tbaae gaed aid day* af the ortboloi poltuaaJ abarcb tba ffcthtoi, aba were trar ready ta aaerlftoa Ifcrir-r*"* Cor tM pobUr food, ?uM IM lor lb* neH %m M u>* Mir .loaylBf Mil at tM tgi ?T mnrk fid r~r~r" w?b MMdtort as IM iilfii, M food Tif-n m IM .Miff of tMir Mrttttod UNffnik of 0dM M wm * u**aw uu mhim * rniam la -J? poiwy fff of Utkln iMr* fMlf Ml will km Mm i UfMf A wm aw wWfbrtuM at ikM dwuegekWef mm, IMI wkk fU Mi ofMNMd J liiMW M Md Ml aw pfWfr at *WMr wtntaf or kMpMf MWfW Md wqdfM MW If I Mi I WMfM; Mi n?poW fwd UwnlM woro poor wMMM Mr IMi MrMg parNHl Mtirl?i WM by IM opM wf wioomj Mini at hw Dwld B IbWfMM TMro wm WM Mi knwr m fir ft hMgbWMM at wtateb M blmaoif wm MMrly imwdlM, Ml MronMMw R iiWMd. Of IM ?Mr MM Ihoco wff Moat tOMpkJM i eMrw at wkttb M |WiwM to M Utnrt, wMf cmMMH by IM fMWmy at kr ? on. "W? Mmlr* (Mm, bM am M?Tm?Uh," wm IM MWfMff Of Ml/ at IhOM wM word brdffbl (Mi omumMm dtt Mw pMMtf ill Ml. WM RCIbWiilM poAy, Md OWN wm pr?M at Miff w IM MM fT W. M M tot? WUMM WM doto?d by ?M iipdwMwllUMHdWwtifUm Mrty All IMI M MMMf M IMI WM lawn III fdr tow wm IMI M IM fMl biff at >M 11M11 dKpfrty awioaiaraw fctmiAn MKM* IM wrw MtMl, fwwi fTMilh* ruMw at ?m?w MrWifrn. TmmwtmMi Ml ?|ywMrn?u Maa mm JtfMaMrt MkMlri rf A MMinlTto i mmm mel, udo(u utmiir mot m to mm m tot it to* tto Si/toimt trail of to WW CMaMa, MM iMnmur M tot art?? wiantat *MM to kM fr .atoafcip. BM . t u>?.r, M?im( MtriM, M 1 ibaaa tteM J . _ _ _ _ ' I ttSB0 w?F GUB? IS l(M IMMi* Hrn ? tfttt fwty >?1HU fliiiiIWi, at Iter <?JM I Itotoaitw, ato to ftrtf MM, aoUNiioiiMtlM, 1 wka m par tto Hi Him **m UMm mm Ma r?. to* tllflll * ? to?MM beekUli kto?aa, to, Hfll* UMM MeaatoM fc'MM at federal | ' toptoirtottoMV ptll,MtrTeikH>aij refraMa* 4 to Mi Mg M (MMM etu mw arMa (ww ?0t A imu1rui * Wtoaaar to* m%m mm Mm at OMmmu m * mac?. * w Ml?"' for it 13 Imi faa* It Maal t? * ?Mv>:r eat Mil Haft M*a mm tMianralp paaaaal. >* tl Ml? *Mm paiaaati ?at* u *<Mel *m tflfaaki Mt? to thai kto at MMUkcaaato ft? waato tto mm- ^ r ' ?m rnaarr# aiUiar <t? cetotoa or Miaar.tfiaaaa Ml terefe Mt at repeal MM wm vAto aetata* toe want of ewrereerw?tj Me eerto er aarvMaaar to HNICto* | " to,m4toaae Map?., w-e i? NEW TO] he hia otaunr ' win U hia follow countryman, when it mb't u ^ ef bin political anagemeot, to um o oor JBtuB exprewm, "kit Mpk did ?M Mo that "Wi'1 w' oil*, oh the other MM, lw prediaely thai " T?hr a the thlama of Mr. VmBm did lay, aad to co*tol A with MCh o oompetitoraa 14k flelU vm a fliOy * a?oet egrogioaa character. " lunut vaa Ben's unnci m tu naoaxr To tutie that Mr. Tea Bona woo all powerful with the d)-ckiiMi Be<enoy !a atmply la ropoak what etvry oae to liorea to ho a f?ct aa troo aa holy writ And yot the ?tatemeat of eoo foot aloao brtaga with it the Heritable coo. clueton either that bo did aot uao hia pereenai la fueace over that body, or that that body did not pwee* na preoaa^d Iwfiaaaaa orer the I nWtainre. At the odopttoo of the now conetttuttoa Do Witt Clinton roataiaed aa Caaal Uommiaataaer, hi whieh office ho waa honorably i belted, with n TTihTiiMiii la that poeMMa, theaacatacreoaMotoMr. Taa Burea, he aicht bare remained, had not a aart of jadiciai bijadaeee token hold of the abort sighted poMOi ilana who remered hlaa from the poet, made bine aa chtaet of reaeral eympolhy aa a per ?eout%l Mittmin, Mid again brought him w prominent I ;> into public favor, that bad length of day* been spared Ma hi* chances tor the i residency would have been to ad ranee of any ?T his ooiemporanee. His resaoral frost the office ef Oaaal Oommtesioaer wan net only disapproved by Mr Tea Bcren, who knew lesttnotively that it would change bis posittoa frrm that of a shelved politician to that of a popular favorite, and a ideal to btotoelf. oss jAcasos's uuinnsMn is en stow Xay, more bad Dt Witt Cllaton llred, there oaa smroeiy be a question that Ueneml Jackaon weald hare called biin as chief adrwer to his cabinet It le wall racollecied that he gave a meat in bia honor eras Mi o'd Tammany, toe wigwam of the buok talis, much to thstr horror and as tuGisbmanl, and It waa equally ba own that on other publlo ocaatooe be wan proclaimed by the old horo aa the object of bia special Admiration. It was tbe undoubted policy of Mr. van Buren that Do Witt Clinton should not bo disturbed to an offlos which gar# bun no power, while it was but due to him as an bonor for bin agency In too creation sf the onnnl system aasfiis or m rsmotai er custos rson orrn s. Tbe ooscinsien irrevocably tollows that tbe re moral of De Witt C intou wan not the secgestMn ef toe Moray regency, or If It wan their suggestion, that the power of Mr. Van Buren oyer that regency has boon wonderfully overrated. The tru'.h we prename to bo, that it win a momentary tmphlm, snob as frequently telata legtototire bodies, only pro ring too truth of too oft quoted r smart of too Swedlah OhanoaUor to bia aon, to "go forth and aaa with bow little wtodom Um world Is governed." Qeiiato it is, that as n oonssqueaoo of too act, too democratic organisation throughout ton State waa acattored to too winds, soon, however, to ooms together again, when too new People's party, elected by an tmpulae, poimod Into aon antotenan aa soon as too Impulse nod subsided, lor toe momentarily diaoomOtteJ democracy rallied Into their ranks, and marched again Into authority, and too perversion of tbe good tbtngs which an tbortty dispense* It sran altar tola return to power that the Regency exercised a stronger lnluenoe thank bad ever before poem seed, and which, wish oscasionnl Interruptions, It continued U> enjey for psnsn. Its upei tlluat were oon ducked with extreme annum, and. bating ton consideration of bosh permaal advantages to its favorites, with far mors wiadtmi than nay similar body that ban siaoe taken Ms place. ' i.x xxriant carrion or tsb aasnsnr mimosas. Its pewar was rarely openly displayed, tbe extreme caution which characterized its moutoptscs, to# Albany Jyut, eagsrly marked all Us sou That H led public opinion to a great extent there can be no doubt, but with an adroitness that while tons landing, it stems4 only to fallow and reflect popular sentiment. It It waa on to# alert to reward Us favorite, M had too ndroitasm to make them aoam to be farerttas wtth the public, and tons la all that It did or suggested to be done, there was a Beaming deferaamto the popular will. im tnflaenoa over .'eg Matty# bodies waa aattniaed with toe aaam degree of caubon and bwkgk Members became aware of a ooinaidmwe ef optnlea, they hardly know bow, little dreaming how "sound doctrine" had been qaietly instilled Into toe minds af toe leading man among them, and bow many among toom bad boon Aottsred with too Idas of boiag Iced err. whin tooy wen toe merest foi with umbwItw, ud that far fhmed "harmony ef tho party," which wee the ever rawly watchword, the telwmaa of power, was erec at hud la calm aad caapooa all Ittle atrllaa aad fltrrtaa of dWciaiial which. Ilka other aoctdbata, arauld aocur la the "boat regulated famltlen," aad at the aad of each returning aaaatao a well eoaatdaawd addr? aaoa aolklr a balance thaat of tfeatr legislative traaaaotma that tho people oaald hardly keep from hatag mMoitnd with the mbwreaf oaah patri otic aad eelf denying bodies. Tbaaa wore the days of happy famine#, ' ef peace aad oootent in the political household, for albeit, la that hooaahold tm la moat otbere, there might bare been the mockng ahelatoaa, the wormi of icalouay that die eat. aad the Are# of dJaappotatmeot that ooaM not be entirely queaohed; yet to tho public view It aeemed to bo the vary dwelling of peace aad ooatentment THDR rOTKM LI OtUJfTOKi BJJTK CUlnBR < Three were they daya of hank char tare net only, bat ! charter# of all a In da aad for nil puipuaaa, aad arhea each thtaga are It a Idle to aay that thaw toflaaaoea upon ieglela- 1 tion are not moot pernicioaa The framere o' the aaw I oonatitution had aupwoaad that tba Interposition of a two thirda rote would operate at a ooeck upon Ut? unneceesary increase of incorporations, and they were about ae wwe ae the framere of oar prenen. new constitution, waaaeaghttaehach the iMMapg or public debt by the Interposition of coastitaboaai barrier#, ae i beer bank chartecn neemed to be mora anally ob alnahle than erar, aa bow tho laourrmg of debt waa to be made a matter of quite aa moeh fea lty eo when the conetrt'iUooal limila to law crenUoo had not extated The simple truth la, that the rice of the Legislature in the creation of mulhfarlouB corporation! eraa but the vice of the people, who would have them. Any power which the Recency oouid attempt to ezertto preTaatteeamdtplteaUoaotttieae I laeorporailoea would bare kwa Mto It la wall Know a 1 that Gar* dot lum taterpoeed all ihe weight of bte tadaaoaa vo ebeea tfcw WilMty to charter atnogariog lagMattoe, aad hie mu?agn map ha quoted at tola dap tar the MiMMM of Mr etewa upow the tub)*}'., hu. hh aokaowtedged ahUKy nt toll once wara powerieao to Mam the correal tmm aaaeart am wmatmm ta lenwi iwva raaaurr Whatever tmpoteUoaa eaght here baaa oaat upou the Kagaaap af ihoaa dara, it aawaot ha charged that a oarti alpattaw la the prdid hawk laghtanup ooaid tear ba j ted ta the charge l^Qch maw aa Wright, or Flagg, or kfamp, or Pta, or othara who wara regarded ad ctuafB of that body. That otbere, r local y ooonaotad with the Re n, wara up to their albowa ia all ma eaowepad laglala ropeta of that ti me. the re oaooot ha a qaaodao; while It h equally true that maay who had aa admittawoe tato that booaahold gara out that they wore maaahara of the femiy, aad the public waro wtflhtg to take thorn at their ward, whio they bad, ta that, aa aatraaao warmly boy and the threahod twi aorac-B or rasa rowaa The groat powor of the Kagaaoy, after all, lap la Na thoriHgh watchfuloeaa oror the pollute! auad of the Mam, Mi adaptation to popalar aawtiuiuut. aad It < adrettiwee m glriag w that eeetiama* a naatal nal praatl eal baariag That aaah aaagmaat waa drat auggntil at Alhehj to Bod iw aaaolteaialloa la aoane raaaam part of the State, to bo taaootarrad to theoatamao of tho ?pwia popalar opteloa. aad la thw wap Mmiiar ertdaweao aI tela aaaa papular ogtetaa frara ad gaartara of tho Bate, eeaa* eaatiteted at haadgaertera, were gather ad m tee owiamea of that paper aaei there ewmeTteee a gawaral uaeatwmy. tbaro m ta m aateg Bat it waa terewdly tat cleverly <teae V aa the ftagawoy waa tmpaaod tho laafc of "dotag the thtektag, for the party, a waa at heart doao waa prwdaaae aad aaah aa a roam or aaaftaa that aewa who wore gate ad hyaaoh adnata orar wtariatam a fear of gettiag mm mrapaa "ffaa now arttu Item,' up to tea rery pott where ? oommMtaltaai warned to be a nniaty, war tee rate ad tea day. aad N waa a atom of Mm waote ryatem at the timeBaetiao, poor htcaaad root we, acme what hamdramialah. It latraa. betcaerta Ita oooratioaa. and dornr all thtaae ?I.toratoa iotog nU thtoft o. ? pa ?r?, mMr I rate Of tko Hoaae "KndaOoo la odtaa" *mmm 4mm cratic MlflM, opproTad By Jitum, u4 Maatoty ad hnl to, with Dm tnwifciiii to?orpr<-aaaoa Hal K MM nam fr? ilnid MOT 0?oa wo a ktgk aod nofc aaa; tor N waa to Uih? wag ttol Um Mn*l omotm Ma?aa af Mo Hafaocj aokoot adtorad to to* 1 oat da at Ito Ictoawatt* MM took. aod kapl Mr MM la Um Iibi??i onto. KqoaMy alrV-t ware May la Mr adTooaoy af a Jadltoaaa tariff, a ground wktok aaaaat am king poniaator, Ma OB tW May eooii toaaiaM fUaff ? aoa?aaodoMag tor? Now all tola noda of ?| Ml? ?y aa?10 aarar af wW too i worM todtop?d toaall Joao?m, aad waaoaMoa it look* ravy ?aa Ma k. totito Oaobto Oa? or Jaoaiu? kaaa flka uo? tool Uoy ara daoo Ikr (aad parp-wra. toff V toa aaaId la to M Wiagki to a unpot ftowa af Off kr too praam a ar a l?a naaattoa .too aa?ipj ?r to jatofeoff ky Totaaaa of toxto fr? toa faUtora Uatk I ato SI Mai oouaoal tool wa aboutd bo all iktoga to an I W, totoakta toaraky Ibol Um world ? toki wound i r woapp?to?N to Um rtgat waao aod wNk Jaffarooo, to JaeuM aod d* lOul aa Uialr guvraa, wko atoll any tbal < toMyoaaoaff too top?y woo? I?Aad by lOa aa? * W" i ^aatooriOaa ^ ^ ^ 1 _ Wtoa liaaaaol Jaekaap a? lot too opto forward aa a 5TT tor il?a/jMd 1 wao "pro* oaoimo of kto aa? Boi w&ao ato pagotorwy. akora I hai or aU ato*' it nog ?a. woa aaffo OMdttoat?woao I WW arwrai that at ifta wry awaam ?f mm aama poll XmJ ifyaiMMl www mnmW, Mi mm ptaaa at j 11wi n II m m IMM ii ftigaaey. toy My Mi Mm h?? wry HanW, ? W> Mia Mm raatow atomto.iMry iawi.lfar aaalitoara toaafcwaa wawiw, m toaw mm aronrMa Dim ?a Ma waw m?Mc w to gtw iMa iba mmmm ml mrntnm, mm* p* mmmm* immm ml, im umm fkmt mrnrnmmm mtoiwiw mi ttapw awia. ibaaa wwawmaiy awa M%a hart toaito a Jackaoa mm **^ g;STaw Mrtaaaa M* waaM haw MMiil rrw Jim draw. MMwi iMMMar wmwm a wmM mMMm MM, ami awato i-ato* rwa mm. thai HWwi ui ywf*. Mi mi war UM wawamw. a twMaartaf *** ? S*a war, W toMIMKu mtmmm ilkaw* Mwmm; nawiw*-wanw ^ ^ **"** o?!awd fataMjumlailJiM^i^Matr *? Mwa wrtoawaw'torlM toaaaZ a# Ma Ml 4|* wX'1 aaw waaaaa.aai JatMaa Iimmwct, (rtaMytowi w i ww. aalatttoMMi wtia porotou- liMiimrf |ia "ally aa taawi aai wrM toy itoo haw ml ?M Rapw-? .. * thai if ww fw? wtoMiMS wa dm *aai ait awar ar ? M - - a- ? -a O- J Mf|a W^W Mil oanaanow, awia?wyT?MMMa f ?wGT Ma rWw if to w aaaay la waatmall toM iki v ?w ajaM ? ?m? iha flaai arrtar of mm iay I U waiaa ataMMm waaraw ii'wi1* aawmiwutiQW ! It 41 a wtoMfiaii. iha ofw a??i <r.oai.agaaMMwar lam i tola Weal ta tom Daraa ttoa wry maa to> Mtoa aivawMfw ' ?*< r<b-waaaUa tfWMawi awrt. wm rawtya>wi ?mm of | M m JNfMar, Mar* ?w w la .MWO? j . ?? IK HERALD, SATURDAY, closest relations belweea the eld hero at Washington mil ike aiu(?n at Albany-he guOete of all management, they en die alert to turn everything to that? ova advantage. At tli a period, fortified bplhe airy power Which they had oaoa opposed, the Begsecy Became dMfer thaa mi. he power, Indeed, oould eeafoely ha lemons ed, aed a* change la the law of at?ra > aB ttnagg,lho tine waa feat approaching whaa a dWantloa of that jower seemed to be tha neoemar? iwanH af that eafvanal law of chaage. The popularity of Jaokaon had carried Van Buren into the Proatdaacy: fcrtunately tor that politician in tone reapeeta, moat unfortunately in othara. comiinoal mum axd rax liuiwumi OBitcr. Be waa scarce seated hi hla chair before tha cry of coouaarcial diatreaa aroee Krom every quarter of the IamL in this instance it waa an nock pants, IBM that vrttosh wan fabricated to destroy Jadtson, and which Might hare destroyed any other man than him. It waa a wall of real diatreaa from all quarters of tha land. Tha tea had arrived when, ae a result of reckieaa overtrading,wftd peculation. ana an absurd oapanetoo of the oradw mam, te raactlou had to arrive, and a general settling day and a new start oould ao longer ha poatpoaed. That Mr. Van Burea cHd all that oould ba done to meat tha orMa, and all tha tamo tin tad ta little, no one w this day danbta. Ha did oaagood thing at loam la the establishment af the Independent Treasury, and that ha waa compelled to do by the etrcamstancee of tha aaao. But It happaaat to be the very tmog most oupauKaoie to me principal members or the Albany Reason and their intellttee- fbr u they, or moat or them, had. long traded on a poHtioal credit eyntem, they were equally embarked la another oredH eymem, which meat ef them wtnhed to be prelected'until they could canape from their pecuniary emnarraaeaMBla. Like all other lard pushed , creditors, thjr "only wanted a liUia time to look round," end the Stab-Treasury wan the Tory stoppage Of the crank which made the wheel revolve. run ici irjum rt an ths amkjs The Albany Argue, to which all partlao i<>e?ed for alvlee, ipoke each myetortoaa oracles that i Mid guem at ths ir meaning. Not to approve the Suo , . iry ecbeine wis to coodamn It, for H wan thus tkr *ole positive act of Mr. Tan Borea'a admiatstrattoa. to oandsmn it wae to ooadama that adminlatiotlaw V no GUt*. the Washington mouthpiece of the admMaw a, thundered in tin ooHfene denunciations en ell who tailed to aire the Suh-Treaonry n hearty support, the Argue, tte Albany exponent, wae either mule or "damneu with faint prates," and approved no reluctantty the ooune of Mr. van Bnrcn that II baoame evident to ell that there wee a discord In the hitherto harmonious household or the Begeney, and that It woo no longer to that quarter that the deamareey were to look for comfort and ad toe. Prom that dale Urn A raws began to lose power, and the divided Begeaoy to elide away from the prestige of eoeoees, until, lie members changing with tbo shifts and changes of party, It lam lie potency and tte usefttinaan m a meane of keeping the party a harmonious wbole. Dncujrs or rowan an m nw rbusno Tbaabock which H received, In oonaequeaoe of the dieamotion of many of Its members to the Sab-Treasury scheme,was never recovered under the management of the tame man. In the place of thee* who had beoome tired of Ua divided oouao&a, there oame ethers, younger ant feebler, Imbued with ths same love at power, the same eldahnem, and about the name appetite for the loaves and tithe*. Let it be added, that IT there was a single vtoe at tributed to the old Begeney, the now one adopted it ae a capita] on whtah to start ? booms ss It had no temptations to resist, because It had no virtue to begta with Power, otfloe and the profile of office for themselves, but ulth a united party to sustain them, wao the rule of the old Regeocy. Power and the fruits of power for themselves, ne mailer whsther the party was united or divided, wae the rule of the new one. To erect n standard around which the faithful of ell degress of (hilh might rally was the policy of die old loaders To arrow that standard, no as to exclude ell who woo id not adopt every tittle of toe new light faith, was the policy of CMMm, C48BDT AKD OOMPkKT. Among t*o hi aapiraala m Peter Cog?*r, bub of great aalmhaeaa of temperament, rnleaae egotism, without on p pIodh be> >nd thooe 01 taking core of Immediate ezlgeoolee, and whoee tdgeitp moreMBU had given mom aa0070000 to the xtald member* of the old faehkmed Regan07, oocuitomed to work In the mill of routine. Chmidp, of a reoogBleed demeoratie atock, a good writer ao far m etylo, and a poor one bo far aa judgment waa concerned; each of tbeae worthJea fit tor the other, and neither, from *the latonaltp of their egotiein, fit to be ItftdftTf ll P1X, FLACKJ AKD F1WTB, CA?IDT'8 BACRftS. The AOtu, eeublHhed hp OaaBdp, waa aided bp aooh men aa Diz and Hogg, who had beoome cooled by Orcowell'i want of firmaom In aupporting the le1i|Mdiel treaeurr and thai paper bagaa to be forced Inte olroula Ilea aa the orgaa of a mere atriot eonatrneltan dimioraoy than that promulgated bp QroewelL Prenoh, a penng men of wealth, waa the partner of Ganatdp. and fnrnhhil the material aid to anatala the paper. Bat tor aaveral pear* It waa a eiere, through whiah the a^MI of French lipped graduallp ewap. Conducted an tt waa wNh talant, o ferae the mere etple of writing waa aanoamad, Hp eonduct eoemed Intended net to oenothau, but te Maw eat, the democrat*, and ha who looked Into the ooiumna of the Allot for eeaae guide bp which ha wan to oandnol hla own moTomenta looked In win. It In need lent to any that 1 yen with all the alt that wna glree tt bp I other pone tt waa a* matoh tor the maaageamat of the caaUeua Groawull, who, nororthalan, waa mode 10 feel (Vena dap In dap, bp the decree** of ] hie aubacrlpuoo Hot, bp the laag frequent ohetlene from hie neper en a party organ, and Mo lean frequent vtatta < to hla aanotum by pidhtntaae of Influence, that hla power I waa aa the wane. Merer war a party mere uacomforta 1 blp aitueted. nerer were quid nunc poBtMana mora tnarougbly at fault rif DTK! UOO* TO Tint IMTI OF ' JUMWaLI Ad outgoing regency struggling Iter Uxa proaorraUoa of power, da kooaiii om, uatt la lb* m.ndj of many u maintain it Crooooll had boon rolnforood by tbo aa i tat or or of Vu I)jk#. bat tbo Doocotptlao of Th Dyke tad OroowoU aoamod hardly to rooooolto m attain. Orooaell bod proTtoualy boaa aided by Flagg la tbo prwduc Mm at tbo Hough Bmmr; but ayao tbat onnaaltnnttna maid Hka born*Midi tbo raoa borao aad tbo on to tether Bat wMb alt bin MattM ability tt waa baoom Lag bmto atoatftat, from day today, tbat tbo Um of OoawoU'a ueefnineei waa drawing to a otoao, aad tbat ma or ar lotar tbo wnrp of tbo yoanger aoptraaia for bin ptaco would panh hftn frooi bio ouwt, aad wban tbat ?bm oame at loot, aad at a tabooq mat day tbo dflai aad a ryui vera made ono, tbora waa a aanaa at sMtafae ttoa tbat tbo rtdlontoua oibtbiuoa of two niiwi, oaeh playlag a different tana, waa at iaaat arotdod. rmuciTT o? inonwnu axi< ma weia num?; Bat Crotwoira tenacity la holding oa to power waa Ube tbo tonoctiy or tbo cat to holding oa to ttfa la tbo aab sequent etruggw for tbo tttaU prtabag la tbo tttMe paper*, aa net bar lag bora paoaod to gtra tt to tbo to wool bidder tbo w?e men of tbo aOo* bad del ermine 1 to aacura tbo print, and oflbrod to do tt at tbo Tory low rate of owe cant for a oertata quantity. while tbo pat uodotaatad QroawoU pat It Mi bit tooled propiaala to do tt at the lower prtaa of aotbtag? a jam, If ao It oaa bo oaUeJ?whteb onuld not bo aadarbltraad tbo irpm retalaod tbo mie at State paper. Stall wa add tbat It romataod tbo organ of tno Remey' ul wmenr ami mi ooimrr ,-anawtu?te< mtoot odd > uanimi ton him If oo a waa, tt waa equal!J a Hegeacr to which fan Burea, Hogg, DU, siloe Wri(bt tad at bora war# openfy oppoood, m rokutoa to wbiob tbo Sale tenale Mood aoarly equally prided, wbtla aoaaag tie oppooeuta la tbat body wore tbo atnmg Maw at Addtaoa tierdntr, I.teuk dorirwer, aaa Samuel Young. dbfagabbed 'oa tbo aaorgy aad ability wttb whttb ao supported or n pan aad Ibaaa w*><un tt waa hw anaoor la like or diabba. Tbo ay mi a tea at Oornuw wore thaa wttbOroewell, Pick to one aad Boater Inimd Btotm Saaaaara ware equally oa the aame ride, aad Iboegb Marey mail to reap aloof from ' Mar or ogling wttb tbo ttrila. there could bo ao qeenuoo that bto footman were oa tbo tide of the old order of thinga, ta which bo bad booa ao prominent a parttolpator in Ibt mora hanao aMwa days at the yartv a >?* ki tMtfrr r* oriTn ri'imrn Wbb thla ooafuaion wort# oanioundod, lata disintegrate* at the party, while all ware pouted to kaow by what Bow Bode of eeeae ehdtmg tbo drama weald appear m? a mm up* t, a m i|m la thr m af ailmi i Ml ippuwd in tha parson af dmi llkhawhd, dfe i f|irtil >>7 ib? ooatrol of a saw powar la I Um Mala?tha railroad taUncana. which aaraa Idfwletore I hail lha troaMa of paaalaf law*, aad poiiuoiaao two thirds t of tha weuhla ' Doaamavaf taaOiaiia II waa oicWr l bio auealiM thai tb? Afmhad 4Mat wars eattad, and a Oaewetl ratir*i frost tha saoaee af hit labors aa 1 par- a plaxiUaa, hia toiuaipha aa J rr rtraaa Aad hara Mm ac- a Matty of thr now Rograrr bsgaa aapaatally la display It aaV Through U? ro'lrnwl laHaaaaa Um aapparl of tba laia part af tha Mala waa orortdad far, aad a kinaaa a aesraaary to cay aitaaiiaa la tha attp af Maw Tark.wbaaa a daaaoetwej af tha aid fa ah tea ad ataaap ha<i pranari ?d it- a aif f*aa frowi tha taint of fra^halitaaa Thara had baaa a aa attanpt ta aaoaaapiwh tha raaaH altar tha rporfeoa of a Mr Vaa hurra, m ikm, whoa raaotauoaa. ptapaiad at 1 Alhaay, war* pnarain at Taaaaaaay Hall, HiiMaa a nwa ami doatrtaae. hut la apt* af aa auaartaaaa af hired I hadhaa Miwif tha nhfiata of tha aa* ragaaor, aad to a lata lhe*ae peamrfulrMoeof the deeoeracy lale aa aa- i (aaaaaaaatof thatr taroriraa. thay waaa rajaoied. and with I at dMUict aa ataaraao* that It prarad a chaah la tha a*d- 1 Uaaaaaa tnciaamn af tha alhaay laadara ta latarfhrs il whh oar W eouaetla. aad thay uuwad to aara fraMTal a liarmaa la olhar par* of Um Mala I twi ntrtwmoa to oar coat. a The uppoaidua of tha Itagiauy * tha taaiaaaailo aotaitahah or Ota. Oh*, aad * prwenrtat ha defeat. * wafl t taawh, bartaph taaa aadmfeed. bet rqaalty kaawa aaa I Ufeeataai feat, wao tha *wooh af Jataa Van Ha tea, fran q ha aiapa af fes Oaphoi at alhaay, whaa p* addrwawd fee ' i?ii ' ? ? <> or ?oiim rm? um waiMttoa a "totow iMowiti ud felton (Mikfrr ' m4 wbm fl Mto IMw <111?II Ml wmiili Mn/>n M mm? a AM IMr m .laftaimg Omb. todiu ao nut tl M ? rrmt+m ?M? torT hat v*e<-A k iww. ilMT " ?? ?TO?M tMr ihiimIi? um 1 ( iiiiiktpiin ?iMdMrM imm ii 4 Mrtjti. Ml| m inMrptoaM do* 4o*Artam M> p 'wmtmc mM, in mm ?#mm to Mr to ? s jssr^^ssfjg : 4 MMMM WMTI M4 MM4 ?Hk Umr toMCt?ry ,\ hot tooy Im4 m boorl tor too pomtaol ommm.m4 tout, Mi* to0 0to4*torftoMMMaitoto, tMiraocrWlo k Me#Hew Twfc peewd trrer l?*eopeeWh*,B w??* 1 nan oomummi *** ma BM Ik Ml lllll ?* <MtM4 to to? fltoto of tow Tnt, wwk tony feat gm to tot op> n Mm. TVy n won? totoMr olkoMto toi Mwwtototo (took of r* >tmm. "toMg Mnk." PtoMily *toto4 to too* pouuui PtoH'tol.ton Mmb. Ill 1MB vvf thry sMtSMtod is pt&Tg- 1 i ? "to to*** ,T '* ""an antow> Ml mum am. BaMt. WImo Bmumi ftow cmm mm pamar itoa Mnrtof ottor* wtto ? nr? to 4tototo to Mat MMHtonto Mttw momtoto who MmM torn MiCkktoM,?4 Mr mtorli m to Mi tormtry M*Wto ftwonin toMr aowu^hMjr, to* mm '.awar SiliM at m4 I H wool, fmmi m4 IMV", ?tow ft Mlto4 nil prtpawi toi wry mm tow oftwworto ton -V to* amUbm ( i* Hi JSmmn I 9 m * JUNE 16, 1860.-TWPLH m mieaiioe la eppoeltioe to Mr. Booheaeii. WheaOeMnet U'rtguea were rife to dtaparage threy to (he eetimaUonof J*reeideat Plaroe. it waaDm ii|ihii (ho adimwp Hd abettore**) fa?ee they dated lijM,ta fomenting too dto> cord* wHcb ihaa flattered UMMMlvm would reeuM m bw removal. ?ul It to happened that 511 mi? itch fti nnn?nHon with our lonip aflelre IB which Mercy ao highly dhtinguBhed himself >hd ecured 0 pooMon helore the whole world ah the master mind at the adminletmiloa -a poeiUoe by the aide of which the root of the Oehleet were but eecoadery character*, mod It wee nod UI1 IheB that they geeela their adhaeiue ee to the propriety of hie appointment. But I they failed In thatr deeigee upon Mercy, they wereoeaepeeeatod for tMr feilnft by obtaining for their lamnertlMe depenteete the prtoaipel federal offlcei in thle city, for which fayor they gaye the creduloua Pierce the proalee of keeping the Htato ell anug for him for hla eeeoed term. jrix.i uaoiwoa nam viam. la pursuance of th* seam plan, m the? had notaaomoded la oppoeing Broaaon m Uoliaetor of Ihe port, thoy did auooaod la making hie paction ao unoeaUanable aa to ooaapal Mat, M aaif-mapeai, to rmtga. rrooaartlng from oaa vantage groaad to aaothir? preventing, whenever it lap M their power, (bo wpataUneat of every hard nheU democrat, they eoqnirediect a d la play at bra aa to ae car# the eadoroeaaeat of Fierce, whom they had "(holed to the top of hie beat," aad whooe bead waa bewildered by the Idea that H bad beoooae hia eapeeial aWoo to regulate the polHSoaof the Mate of Now York maanaraca with tub arraign or ammm nana. Thus aawiailat a naltaaat oharacter, they commaooed erersNsak on a new aoale, by Interfering, with the political atthlraia other jjtaten, and with their neual aaooeea of creatine pohuoal dlritloaa where aaaahad before existed, naUl oaa by oaa they became loat te the democracy. Every hroaaiag ap at the atd order at tMaga waa helled by them ae aa laaagei alien of a bow atata of attain, which waste bo turned ta thetr partlnal baaalt. It la la the ana* aphrtt that the? bow oMm the right of dictating to the country, that they Mall pot la amalaattoa for tba Preatdaacy a recast oeavavt te thahr rtewa, whooa principal dtetffidlhiu artaea from the Met of hla opposition to the preaeat demodwdo adadaWtrahon almoat tram the mo meat that It cam# tato office, aad whoaa ambition aeema to have bdea Uke that at the maa ta whom we bave referred-lret to haiiamilni the democracy, that apon tta rcoeastraction ho might oome Into power. iam> osa*t arwanm The operations of thta band of brotberi, or of the bead which owaa M mmeiiri to them, wore next directed npea Qaaaa te ladnoo the peaeape ot rem giitaa to prtvate apecmatora mtliaaa of acres or the beat hmda ta the oouatry. Thla mania of Mao giving away huge portions oT the moM fertile territory bona me at Mat too strong to bo overcome, stub by the vetoes of the Presides*. e?aa a member of the Preatdeat'i official faatlly gave bath Uam and laAueaoe to thla eyatem of plunder, evea while the PreeMent hlmeelf was opposing It A general gathering of the principal jobbers m UMs system or land appropriation toek ptace at a (hahleaabla hotel la thla city, previous to departlog Mr Mo Waal to look after Mehr aewly obtained property, aad thelaga! conn tailor aad principal advlaar In Ibis achoam of Mender la aow ammtaaai la his aaaanlta upon aa eilmMtmuMia Mat has haaered htm with Its oonildeace, m he has lalaiy abased ky the betrayal of private oorreopoadenca. tbk co.vtmaams ann jam coctnun. U la but jaattoa to aay that aocne there are who, lgao real of the eiflshnrm aad oarrupttcaaf thaae men, cooperated with i hem for a Uam under the huhef that they were bonnet la their assaults upon ailalMg abuses, Utile dreaming that their assumed expoaare of aorruptMa was bet a cloak to cover the wloteedaaaa of their ewa praatlow. Among each mea-was ear able rsnramataMv?, John Cochrane. who. by hia an double J talent aad tamght of of ooeeptralore. Nobly baa this gocUemM e toned for bli error, end freely baa bo eiaal? id tn km plane la Ooatrttt tbo deoeptkm which bad altered him into tbo mien of tbeae unprincipled manapwo. il tMi Hi tbo aaau of John Ooohrano aad bl nahoonl l ewe l alba mod treat abUHlea are rmilad aad mlrorauty aoanowMffod. Yet K waa Ooohrano who, from pore motiraa, wm taatrnmental la pnHot upoa tbo Oiiii rtabea of 18M the name of Pie roe tor a reonmlnaltiw, aad ho ooatbraed to anpport htm uatU tbo ballot which care Bnchanen the nomination by aoohmattaa. From that moment. tn mod fattb. Mr. Ooobraaa exarted blauilf toaoaaro the ejection of the nominee. bat anob waa mot tbaeaao wttfc the follower! of (the Refency, wbo cal oeaaore upoa Cochrane, became bo dand to bo traa to bia duty. 005* AB AT W saw TOOK OUTTL. It waa at tba Now Yark Botel, the haadqoartaro of Yowbr, tbl la Bagmcy, Ma Tamiaeay Intra mania aad tba dleoflboled from all quartern, mat to dJooaiihoproprletyof aaataliilaQ tba aawdaoMm of Buchanan Tbam ealf-deny tot patrtoa baring M coma la tba omtfteaa tbl a aealowe anpport ef Buchanan waa a poHttpol aaeeaBtty from wblab they ao?M not waO eaoape, promalid In advance to regelate theaflbtra af tba toooaMag nlmlobti thm,oadtoparooiaHoettoiwllba"Hiooyw"toibotr own advantage. tba pel ?f deeretaryobto oT'SbMa waa aOotlod to Robert j. Walter, wbtle food Matter Forney waa to be tbo rmtnmnf Oeaeral. lb tbam and their frlaado warn to b# gtreo, ao aader PreWdeut Fteroa, tba whole ef tba Moral ottoto la the ] Mala. Ibb mag minifameot wao approved by Forney, wtaoee Intimate paaeaal iilailtno wttb Boobaaen were well known, aad ha had aaainl aB tba ftrtato ' lad, jet to all totnto tad porpoete be waa oanaohEa nmr M he wee the ewaar or hie owe biota, aad ihh highly lataroaUag pteoe of hhntwiw wee awaiiowad tad dig tail I as the troth of rerelaUoe mi iirnn to oosihol koami IIm wooM fell oe to repeat the pteoe of the eoeeptroore. It tesaoegh to aay that eta euhemieat meetleg ?eeh had their eUotted parte aaalgaad thaw tee Pre* leal tape daly netted, aad woe praaaaaod toheaaderihe hopac aarrailtaooa, eo fhr ae the tlatte of aay nntalOan eere oaaearmad. Dally roporte ware made torowterto Me cHt. aad te the Regeacy at Alhaey, of ererythtag that took plaoe, aad the whole afThir waa kept ae aaog Mdeloeeao aaythieg poMlaal ever oaa he. But it hap paaad that Mr. Hoohaaaa, who had heoa elected bp aeaaititaeilnn of both harda aad eofte, enraeeai the eat. atoa that la the dlatiihaliaa of offioe three hy In ha power, pap eqoal regard to the wtaaae at each of theeo facttooe, aad It waa thla ua we too we ae we that dhoouragrd all the plaae of the eoaaptrateea. far they bad caaalagly arreagad te have aU the gead thtapa Ihr IhenaelTte Ihr the preaeat; aad, hartag than, they aeold hy their phas for the aoaaaaaanhip to the Prsaldaaap. Every m< aae that lageaaMp ooald aagaaet ta laabla he *rlatent te ohaage hie vtawe wea aaoptad; hat ha re aelaed laeaorabla eo IBM petal, the twice of the party >elnjt the eaWa oltjert.^ ^ I^hnc optatoa ' oe the aaSjiet rerlaLty t^^WUh^we^'oaaa^wL^he'i^h'' tot aaSeereaarp af State tree prethhaedheat aae cadet he Valea te the ether. Oaa ef the prtaotpel wire work we woe the gene waa who ri neatly aaataaa itutieah row CberlMtee te the Pneldrit, wflch ooet hiw td, mleaactag the eenalatp ef the aeadaauoe or Poegtee, ead ha Che teller Peraey waa deeply esenoeed ie epirt la ar tag log the other aeewbera ef the cabtaet, la whidh he raete OotDrtah at Poataaaenr Oeaerel. roroey, la perttonar, waa hdwarletw m a lahar wrWar. aae aatwear oeoloaa la hh^oeahdeeUal inaiw iafcaaBoai ae to ha power taM aaat aaraeio nan pwa ratwacaa. Bat Sha ahhiuai of the whole natter wet that the nataaaa weeenrdoae Mr. Bechaaaa, fartnaaiety. had i 3?S?SSsSwiHSS giilYh. Mr Map bad inw<afMaMMaw tba tab* lafca of Maaal mm, tfc? waaM ?t pr? Mo f fHoat SJflSSBSl Mr rimy >mmw H'SM^ gs^EWcrwwsg-.^a 11 igtii trn hM HlMMt aawao, soda * aataokaof ba* of ?* iNWihHi I niiiiiii mm pMa ?r Mi mvfori af tb. UrtW Hu fl M N) Mi- MM MM pi hmMjb m hM M mm,MMkauri MMmim <MH MM MJ aaaaM?,HMa by rontar ligiia la a Mb* lnaimi fiWV Mm 1 po-oy of ba bMrr MMfMMM hf WMbar li M equally aaaaoaaarybMMb Batiiwaaaal la hM aatara. iv la tba lniMMr if ? ? l r *"? t ii lb# KaaaM ioBia aw aaaw ay, u4 IwM Ma eaapiraton at tba Haw York BMal vara a?ata at ibatr vark I toibtof. tba ptaa m laatigaraMi by WaMoa Ma If, aba ?aa M mmt ?tha aaMar aaty la oapaaa a, ad b lnbn ibat ba vaald aM maoMthi yaat J Qarao or of Kaaaaa If M waa aMrad la hi* Sal a aaraag baM?MMjMjy badbaaa taMHf M Mi babalf, la MM anMMM ?f Mi MappuMMd pabbe optataa li aal Mfb| Iia aa MarMary af aula, aa bad baa* daty aavaaeai, aad Ma tyada af Ma araaa vaa brp* iMMa^MddMMiaMft la?a dMaaaMM, oaaptad wIM waaMawttoaa of ragrat hM ba aMM Mi aewpt Ma Mat lb wm mm Mr ta ooao lo WMMajti , bat datnwd. aad Ma vary daaMaas-aSSviA' "jii'te.'vs err ; rare aMbaaof Walkar, aad Ma pi iMatv apaa Iba ? - - wmVIMIII aauaf b AM ui atoar*. Jtotoaa waapaatoladla talll toaawiltog ritomM.MiMtMMoTMi niiiiif ?TMm O STSttffssstiejsrra : it*. tWM miwiaw ww ?y lata* ?, aad M |^afte3|5,?r^r^ : fttor to baaa *nm a n?>IM irntm by bmKwI n K?a -|nu| !aa?ato~to atoaba>fi^H a^MrtJi'jfci1""* m S5&BSGsl?Sftt'jBsm : In An. whlto hi atoaito iSBli pmnI mm. ZmTmymCmto toUitoto-ato*. nV~* . ?a ? to Ito to <?l?? ? totortt. al to eg?am* * raikar waa aatraaaa wpm tottoarary of hJaranato J mmm nrrnnw to Kanit JJ ViteaiimttKwMli iki MHMK UMM- J* iirtMM ? !? '? *toW wiHbUa aM mr to?tto> Mbarrala. tm Iff*a? w noatln'iad J" iiHHrSF^issrrS s t aMM R M Wmi mMmmt; V'"-"--^ ?J nl < fllll R ?? tftoafh 2 Mir aatto ?%" to toa ito h*tot i ** rtar, MMl Ito tob rf niMlig otaaara upaa w>*P * *?< I* ?tor QpcaiaM, at* ?i HtlMlM to toto at to tagi" ij aatoa iaT ta toNtoj^t tojwtotoli"" i. tMaatollt>faan?ral?itoai laittog toy toto, wai dtoaanrtot by M tototoi af to?f. II awai pabka pari* laatofl toy RtolliiMil to inttoatoa <rf *ay ntoa a tolVbVr M* toto a?y aaatto* * 'toltZ *, r ?r. towtok T<? aay ato waton ? m aai atoiailll <f charity re oh aattola tola to M art ?T aay aaa, aa-i nothing caa ba mim tan -an ?tfpl*to?tolajto?tow4 of* ato?af mm ato I atoam tor 4*. tow jmtotj ?aa toy atra I mat ttoy toal #? ya to to pto tf ?** d?a?s*a tm ^,HKtolcI ftft-ar ttttdtt let wu; tnnwa c SHOT. ' to tiugatgaaon Hot v they dM Ml tan to freely *-tt imM cMtit mam ?i a it*M> rn? ^ wpi, 0 tafc arftuooaat that W iwiluoK teflottOB ?ha obvioto m til 11 had all the dMnneta of ?ta MginM, <iepr%g(R?r the botdaeae wbtcb Mfteun ea glvta M Mi lulijl? aa.Ur ?f manllae*. ? Object WOB to greate - i)iM| that UMM Ma want ?haw in the pofmkr mlad towards Mr Buchanan, and that ruling aa ha had to anUat popular sympathy, tba people abould begin to think of a auooee or pcnaaiil of aaore attrmottra gnaWf. aad thaa the o?elty of looking for a aucaaaaor to the Praatdent before he had acaroa become vara in hia new seat waa for the drat ttaae ptapMtui w the public. tuna tm-mcum taMunr ajid ntacm ajtd iu oovona IMMf. It <na In aid of tbaaa ??-* ahattara. Forney and Btafeta, Inatitated the famous Oorode lnveatigating Oomaatttee, tha partlea aalactad to bo triad .by that tribunal to ha eeahMd aolely to the fttaada of the adaualatretien, for it la a rigaiflaant (hot that no peraooa belonging to the Kegeocy etamp have been charged wtth oorroptioo, while the iaattncta af the gmiral mead woold at onoa leap to thoaoMtaatoa thai If aaeh pvaottoaa had eUated, they. abore all elaeaee of man, wentd hart bean engaged in thana. It tenet upon the Regency, wbe look 00Idly upon tha atimlntrifaHoa, thu taaoraper preotlcea are charged, hot apod aattooal daoMaaala who nana ulna In that nialltriiatlnn aa hnniM auaoart: and herein the difforeno# Nwm the old aad the h? regency is alearly ?MiMil Tbe ooinihaem of ills ormer was sa far gerseasd to prudaaue that their arts aataslietoae were eMptoyed to seep together the odiafaleradons they had KhM tata pa war. Tfedar theaway of he eaeaaay twe adsalBlstratieas hare boon ship wreaked. The rcalllattoc Ty tor and the weak Fierce ware eqsahy heir dopes. asi It arc been lbs Snhmss aioaa of Bnohanan that has prereatod them from turnlag his adndalstrattoe into a oondiUoa equally weak ?ad disastrous, iaatoaeae, aa they ere, to ercry orgaal jatleawhlehthey Mitetuiatethstr aatssaal paramo, it Is beeaaae they haws similarly failed <atta lb. feuch aaa that they barc ezartad aad arc swarttog arcry orort to pteoa that admlalitratloa la a Mtlae light before the pubile, aad to reward with the anooiswoa the awa who. shore aU ethers, has heea neasplr?eua la hie assaults uysa that adrnmietraaoB. Tbey openly haaat theirabUtty to coerce tbe Smith late the support ef Prcglea, to whoee fortunes they have wadded lhaamolres, aad la whsee U^wlUglrc theto auppprt, whether mmfaateif er not at iaaei? aaa aaw aaoaiMfT oantaaD. Such ts a harried shekdt ot the otaaraotsr, ooadaot aad etlres of the ama aow oruaprtglng the Regan ay. There waa eoauttdng about the eM argaiilaiHaw wbteh here the aaaae aama oalcnleted ta toeptrc respect, aiauMbatoinllm thesattsBaeae with which* Might hare beaa ooaducted. If H taraed men ta its own uses it Mil QUI aaa of ability aad character, whs could couesaad the eoafldeaoe of their fellow cMtaeas, aad thus fortfed, though it adght be coadeaued, It could aercr be desideel. It haotaes greoerred at leaal the agyearaaoa of peiittsal oca tattacy, and was la tbe main true to the party uaagm which N had estabUabed to assure the a its owa later eats. There was a general oeaddeaoe la tot aagaottv, aad a disposition ta yield to Ms Mdates, trom aheUaf that they ware tsaadad aa good saaM, aad 1a the ado aa loadable aMMvea. What oae of the qaahtMe ?* he trued tu their suctaHars, or what stogie tocota msadultoa hare ttar to toaureto tbeaa the geosral ooahas: as readily as they ehaage Shah iwnils, the eld raocMMawdatlna of us slit is ig, which Arc suoh weight to their prtdaoasMis, Is utterly wanting. Railroad directors aad rpecolatoia, aad mm of aneertato fortunes, who haag ugaa aiiSHy By She ajtohtest threads, are their prtoMMoran aad auuugara. Tbey here hscrcn so aaaastoasag to chaaga that they arc makfogoutof Ltocoto what they exaaat to mahseutof Deuclas, to the way of otoee aad omoluiaeat.thay would eamitharaU apltttur to lha PNsldsaay, aad tarathatr hacksaw the Little Giant. WiM the aaaw tor aaatog aye ts fatan adraatagaa which prompts them to toekAtki Willi tb* o?iit a n?tent k illbIiI, ter u* already pa?Mag Mt lie ate? under Um Donglei dynenty.inline iinilHiiteiil Mat every aal?nl dano ratetaU be niilil Obn?1 of the in?If pronrblkitmobhifpai between lb# nop nnd the Up. tbeyareeaaffiac t?g?rydranghteft<oHtbe?tn of patronage, nnd rioting ni l hi of On gaod tetageto eom. Soeh M a f?t ptotare of tin ftjgmiyef Mew York? awsffiwtsar01 vrtssst Ohi? la another Convent? noohq b? tbnencrttee of MMnard wneea?eredaeeea?y m otebf lepropM? tiepeepteteteenupevt of ten repnhbuea pnrtr. Unen another potMeel after K?p be fa?I tbet tie jHweadlnn of ^ ,7^? Tie Hwwiwfl? Dn??u Co?itwlen. nil O?? ?I y?by, at ibetr awwl ptaoe, Ma. 47 Wall Mreet, Mr. K. W. Leavenworth preaidlag. Mr. Tin? M. r*|M,Mi| dely mn, MM at bUowe:?I Mi i doak Mi bridge MM; 1 km Mm rttfa ?M wm kmowm m M wnkknim Mk wd vkirf A prirtoue do Mm dro; 1 belli Mm bridge (ma he wnehboaee dock rMcbtig to Mi Mw?; I km n laired Ihi bridge tmnl iImbm; I reMOMbW Me Iri ti BepMMbor, IMi; Ihi bridge m ibmk In bunI red iMt JMg, I thMfe N wee m? Hi moot^e pmkwr o tbi ire when I MM repaired Mi bridge; the bridge una tug to ihi ehora wm worth IS,MO; thi weahhoMe cxk arer worth?hortag hod e good deai of ttMbartag, i?t eery aid ah eat gd?Mt; I reholh Me ImMm a ear or twa before Ihi great ftra, whM ? had biM ureod doe#-(wttoeM bare deaertbei the poatdoai M a tap of Quarantine); the doefe, wiihool Me hOMheaM, tea aarih M ooo, ] wmM aot be wttlhg M build M aw To Mr- Uaike? l Mould thine aha dock Meat Ma boat louei hod bMa bunt mm i>w and a bad groriaM to be Ore. Ihroe-qaartere or Ma eaaer ead wm aew; Ma ther MrtM wae very old, I ooaid Ml ear hew aid; let eare Mettprtog 1 put dowi eow gMehtogeMd ar MM are la a oaaeeaarabta ertMt, thi porttM ahlM I baDt ww wm that m whioh the bwdhaaoo awad; MOM igge tare readered mi?iy br rmmm efdeoay, Ma hddk tea la good workday ooadiMM id the Uwe oI the Ire; tt o?W be bard to trfl bow taagMM e deak woaid eiaad, ibaat irieee yeara; I M*ar eteaetaafl that dank wtM a rtew te ejHaiihag m rmlm before or ateoe Me tra; Mi im ptwiMa wm nydnl aMoe h* yoara are 'lone, ead Ihi outer aartMa eaa year aad a katf prerloaa le the fee, el the taaai at Me Ira the deM wm ahaoi twoMMda eg goad ae n war wm: Ma wadhbouM doM wm lo goad cm IttMaalMiBae at the Mo; k MdjeWiM IIMlllUkll epalr Owe ?eara ago; the fraod had biM taken owe to bag tide. mam fbotag aad aew thebara bad WM pat la; the math eada of Me two ptate ware ewe iw aired, a* the uroe of the tire Im worth bag aa mm a when aew, the dtawaetnae of Ma two pie re aaea:? iBgth 100 N-, width blatj good umber,aaMaebaaed e deakahhi thetoega to lmegaMMar ii iiMiwm babrtdgi wbtebateiae Me weMineet de-h wtMMe hare eh about wua jeare eld; M wae adM aba re ikgfa water aad weal* ieoay wan rapid't Mm Mb par Mm 9Mtr |i|| wMr. tit wMMMnsUirf imc iim laoayed at the time af the tra: 1 waiatir mm wMrr dpae aider the bridge: I MaaM thlah aw wade aeoalty here after iha dra im arldfa mm Ma or twelve Mm ride, with raHMg aa iMh ?di, aad corwet WIM twa M yhtk; MM reamd m timber* wblM railed M pdaa be rawe ot pttra were tea Met apart tbey ware eat la M yeara ago, at Ma mm haw i baM Mi bridge 1MoS p the bid! MM. I Momiu ray thai h wm want at IM* aw-third; ad tbo time I repaired h, aerea or Ma yean ga, Me WMhete ware la rwy gaid order: I ahaaH aay h raa MiHH ?r oflMD >11 aM, I ikM M m wertfc I SO fltlrM W aUttsai rM; *a Mm Imm of Ikl u'Vlsf >M ic MR: ?kM I NftrmllM I Mad to Mm II II ? 10 mi. mm tafill ?B?e\ 7# m Tk Mel *f. Ms mm rrtlw of mm MMm darkn* i ?rt, aad sal m n> on aa * rmt pwtn, sttek ! MR.antM, pantos ? n run* OS ante, Ma aawr pafttna 1 Mr I*v*Mb Mksd sbst *m Me Ttlw ?' tka* brtdft > (Wi )(M Ms Wttaaaa?Akoet MM 000 H Mr fMli 1 i ipMrii ?Bs nMMtst tMk, tktui a or #f*y Mat wm daetrayad mtuwij, aad i turn j |m|| * UMI ^^||| |? ttM I j Mrs aw MB sr bsOmM fciijlBWi ( so?M set : p * MMin NBa mm. ?1? Bo engiaal at*, tor ?MfM. iki i iloOlut M Mb Ms boftx-* ib? Mm wosid radios Mi aa* i i preporMm. t Butt MMk MM tOdkaMua mtgM Mo Mt swb atcaoMgJMM. sif MBM ?t IMMQ was vMfc Ms adirmalMw Mat Iks iteoHat was as# aad o MbM mm leak, wMMTTbob MoMoto b obb MmbM laak ptaak ttoa weld asks s (^IBUI of aBsst MBM; there war* a great Mar tabs, pppea, Ma , to tMa wuMMu a at Me Btn? of tojwe ^ ^ takffaMea Cam rfaJTS arMsasa i fcaketf of Me taparrlaere^*'* r - - -, |, I,, DaaaiaiOlr Maws llama*. Tea BacMaa Dona* bob raa Cipibi.-n M aMMai By ft Matga iMai ika Bream aeara ar Maaaai, sIBua Mara Mt arttr?a at Mob Tarf (Mai Italy, eaat sad m MMM,00M, aa kaa Moos states m bobm of tMa atwtpapera. 1.000 tret paid to Um arise lor tMa MaaMps, IB* Ttla if Mtl.tOM arat Mr eaatiaa. Me. A OMsafl daaWe M nrOBKl IB New York Ikat iMay akonM Ma pnBMely adaettI tMmt.? MatBRni Mar. Tkaara Mm ia?aa Tan* ?Has r. S. Lyaa, sf Mtrtaat >u?tr, Ala , kaa anna I Ika asailatiuiai a# Oammta wWr 10 UM M? if mm iwi Tib ? <?m Wm roMOMH ?hmm M<ri m, ww tarn tfeit RtNa, imiihi ?f pwi few iW. li few boMifcr, life I III ft"Wr. m4 ?t" Wfei wfem rwrn. ma/mmm ilwnir ihHj fexwrmn?j',feWfcaf feW? bW mm w mmsW it * onrt af r*Mw w mmumm rlfe,MNrffe|Mb?. Hi fHwfei mm WwVm MferfefeMMi Wfeaa few ?mri IMMM feMfet Hfeoat rtairk, Um Mfer fnw thi fefemulfer Iwyti* , * ?iK of inw. to piiwM wWf.1 Mi it world i mmry mrtofM tfc# |MMw If wmwiWMai Mo liaiUM ? MII mil,? ?MfefeM WW frowtaw 1 mt HfeMHiWillWUfe few Hi > iwlil w -,vww>m?nii MM. Am fcOWii* Mfe IT it femnor C. J. Mod* tM. w4 linfeW tf Win tan, feimfe itJ JMMw If tto Wfef VirfWw, ?W M HiiiiJL ' I, ra Um II* if April fefe Npnw i Bmt-Cfeiwiwi. Mfen Hw Rout? jwll-feaniwtMtafeMpMr MM* own tto www) m w ?m wd ? awAm WWK WoAw.felM* IImMWimmM IrwwipfeM | few rpwwl Ifwr ttoy Ml MM few tto hnrfew i tfe# Iwwfe- Wm miir MM M WMfMl Ml I i?? WifempiM to M *WIWWW I m ? tiWflf iminM wfey ttoy ?n? SN M I smitfC fW wfetewr^ ,1 I fairi(Uy? M? Prta># * Twbelo la act mti| forward laiwapllj to oebacribe tor !?Tir?. mim * - city, we would giro him a reception worthy oT h? rwk* . o matter what tho ooct adght ho, bu>%?|e rp^im ooot thou id roach hid oar. Oor (Wade ?d|>lai, It would appear from aa article pahllihod la the two** i (Me, acd which wo puhllah bolow, did act receive th* * J article la the Bad.*)! to tohUttm toto*tod? ?PhM toolr patrlotiam, aid the editor otthat paper roheraohto mtod to the foUowlag article >rfMB the Tnrontn OUm Jnu la l Tba above oertalaly wm)l IOUI kMikwlW dirty Mm at bom, ood not glee occuotoa to ooWdon to- -I Jaor. Properly speaking, Mowww, oothlng boo bow dOM la Toronto to J notify Itao OiiwinI of tbo Ti thottboretooay Mkof Prtaao* Ml to tbio ?fcy It a Tory true. oo^BB thai o lornr a? of mooyoooia bo rotaod m Now^aric m o bogle beer fcr Iko rnogtha oI (be Prlaoo of Wolee (boa la a week km Tut owe. Tbere are oooogb of Brttaw la Gotham to oeoowplob tbol feu wtUkoot ogftylog to tbo Amertoaao, wbooro aoror book word la ooj motor of obow. Now Took to o great ally, Areata loo aomUoao. too uadoe * Jk toklag we bore to Mod to OoO o omoUoao, bower or, ood tbooo abootd bo jo owgrta^y Wo meaeef^BrrytiNt It . We bore oot ibe leoot doebt that toe New Yoruore A woe Id opood their atoaey freely to encomia tbo Prtaee at M Waloo; mat arty or a hundred thnooaait dettara would 1 oototaod to tbo way of (Mag tbo tbiag la wfcattbogr 1 ooaoMor tbo proper otyla. Waal the kmrtoaae took * oat Mborobty; they woat torn oad mammon la reootrtac diaOagoiahod abwagooa, oad however Hbpml Mm Mow Took Bauiewor be wlih offltre at onbacatyHewo, we treat tbot tbo PrOtoo wfll oot aObwapt to roa tbo gtoottat of a Wow Tork rocaprtoa Oaa weald bare tanngbf tbwl at WIMbtagtw, wbaie tbo ma to ootbmlty MpObTrohMyh L!TX tact*aaddeboeoy at JaTbawlwSw^'^Oa too watnu^v tbo Jofooww appear to bare kooa mdo oootjoot of oaMMtSTwaoa tbey kaodad dirty ktlle boya wan eoffbrod ta Molt Uteto by traedtag oo tbetr tote$ 6ew wow token to a publie betel oad ormomed tote nnetof email room, where too* tuCered (root the boat, oad a Oar a tboy were made the aaMJaataof tbo booooat tartote by taqowtlre vioitora. BUmigan tatrudeo thawiaoleoa Mbtaetr room ebboet tear#, oafced imperttaoat qaoattoad. ua i?linn peaoMto, a good deal * IkiMgrtitt Mi dirty Aniw wb? loft* ?nlm la Me Shot. or 1km 0400119 dirty Indian* of Mo tOloi pMoa. ntortainnento wore made tar Me Prtooee, and itaer M ftowty to oat awd drlak, bat May wore uu paiofolfy u> Ml Oil May wore looked apon aa "lartrti oorMHao" rather v^ssssnass^jos/ugsi taoaal. however, by Moaa oqMtaaore Ml PhUadalphlo. Attoetarwu My odBrnny ofire ingwiarwiQoyM Mo 1 pawn, who wereta wttaatonfrom the DMoaatoo at tbefar botaL Tbo popolaoe, herevar, with o rwkmm or wbleh uloUared who wooU wot bare been guilty, (ww4#4 iIni Moonies, iid Um poof jApyMN mi #omooilad ta retreat.' Woraa rewMart, be oarer. ana of Ma Momm wore introduced ta aa oMbaaaader, and two 01 Mom aataelfy pot Ma wot, heavy eapepoa thermae* hood, aad drove ttdowawtth H -~"r? Mo woadar Mat Ma PrMaM were ui Ma oastioy. iad ttattoey begged oee to be otonpelied to go UmSt a*, etbar aoab aa ordeal in New York, la daltoeaee totboto wtahoattWaaid thaitbay are to hare a very abort raota tbraagb Ma nttj nfahnta boapttolttytbe beaoM M moot Tbey are aaaraly to go up Broadway Mom tor No. 1 to Brood otreeiMao to tbo Bowery,Mao to Uaioa m?re, and down Broadway to tbo Habeaotttoa. 1Mb la only nor wllaa, we tmagtaa The New Torture hove beached off the otoardto la dtobreoaa ta Mb wlaboaar Matrgamta. It la the laat atrew, toe Bothaaitoa oo deobt reflect, thto bvoabaMe naioai'a book, aad cwnoQUrtly Um hi ttuu imMmv mi amfcomtor took, tbaradaro tot to mBm be ttto Unit, bad mMw mato oot at Malaoyoo can. Webare reiMieaoewSiwe that aa itoor nee aeamea but yoare ago woo oorrtod tbroogb Japaafor pobiooxbfMttoo. Tba year nwlwl la mmi ayea thatr inwn Mn tha oM aatraga. the ealy dHhmee KUaiH Iiiiii dfct aotpreCm hj Ida iai tanaAy >? ?? tnnn nflor MfaSia Jayanae, aad the Nn^au'tauu M liftatk liihi that May ara ready to Meed fteely for roaatrlBf tha Prlaoe of Walee. it voald have haw mm |hmm la the amtar ted* baa* able to tea* that they waaM girt tha Prtaad a aateML fttaadly waian, free treat vulgarity aad nhiHt Ftebapa vhay wtali mat Mm tetter Mm tha aatavMaaM Japtataa, Wt at faagy ha wtB aot aaa tha rite. thejaayardy a too great, [ton tee lttraate Oatt, Joae IIJ m mm or VAum? tmr-aufnie or tu totaD or MAonnuTBtL A annai|* tha teard ar Magatram flartteaatted oooauaa of York aad Paat waa held yeetardcy for tana, h the OaaaaO Chaaaber, Oaart haaae Hoa. 8 & flanrlaaa, Oaaaly Judge, eeeaytad tha ahalr. OoL tan, aa tittlf tf tha wwaaiWIaa ayyatatatf at teat aiiittai to draft aad yegMeaa aaaaa, la ha yeaaiM la ha Iml HJgttawe tet Mua af Whlaa, aa Mi arrival h ton, leyoriad the Mtewtaf fa la hntt Hmuh auan btiu, Pi? oo Wttn, Dan aa Oaa*?eu, hr , At , he Mat it Puuaa Tot* Bovat. Bjaa?ea Wa, Ma Mantrato af Uta aaaad oeeattM wt Tore a?a Peat, M Oaaanl Quarter ladm aaMBto, leg to aahr ta year Regal Itoi-TT ear met Aaoaaa eaagratettdoae uya* year MM arrival la Ihta portoa at the uitaaatva oMytaa at whleh aa are areae U Mr at aa laiapal. tad wa aaaara year fteyal nghmaa that m m yaat at thta naaaii 11 rapit aan there uM a, aata loyal ilntaia; ta tha Moved Mrrertga who MM tha IllirMa thaa to tl mM - A - <?? -* a? ?? ee Mve tM boeor to be eppMfeea It MrliMbbMBf b?i>i?r>?l IIMI a*oe of Cneeei iota* ef the PeMtePbeee We bell wWb debgb. 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