Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 16, 1860, Page 4

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 16, 1860 Page 4
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4 ? ? IMPORTANT FROM EUROPE. WE DETAILS BY THE NIAGARA'S MAILS, Oi l I OJDO.l 111 PUIS COSlESPOmiCS. The Entrance of Oaribaldi Into Palermo. , un_n^un_r_-u-TJ-Ln IV Diflkrnlif Belwooi diu aid Eoftlaad Nat Yet Settled* TIE Wit CLOUDS Iff THE EAST. The Beeaan and Bayers Bcene at the Albambra. What the English Think of the Japan Mission. THE GREAT EASTERN, t*n tin as* The m?ll? by the Niagara arrived la this city yesterday afternoon. The paper* aad letter* trom London are Of a? 3d iaat Axuo| the paaKogera by a* Niagara to G H. Yale*, Bw) , the Secretary of the Great Eastern Steamship Company El* oomaa over to malt* arrangements for the ar. rival ol a* mcaster *<earner at New York, which waa to here left Southampton oae week after the departure of th* Niagara from Liverpool. The detail* of new* by th* Niagara are particularly Inforesting and important. Oar Loaeea C*rre*poad*ace, Lwnnp, Jnae S, 1M0. 3V Khtgif Napitt Talking X6>ut Reform? I'oang Bomba gmdthr Pop* About to Mcocuate?fluttering Among* the Jteyal r>r\nol\ne? Bombardment of Palermo?The Grand' <jf Suropt?Shall Prance he Extended to the Mhme'?tmperor Napoleon ButUtmg Ton Iron Paddle Btmmrrt? A e Paper truly Btll?N rtA Atlantic Tele preyh?fietiwey Acotdmi?Johm BvU on I'v* mooter IMer'i Defalcation, <tc Yon have heard of the honeet Hibernian who, In the tat of wallowing the roatent* of an egg, beard the fatal aqnaakotaehtckeajaataalt treat do wa. "And be jabber*, aad ye* spoke too late," ru hi* oooeolatory reply to the youthful martyr. Now that 1* the exact position of th* King of N?0-e? Ho fade Sicily entirely la the header Garibaldi, his army allowing disaffection, and hi* throne tottering under hi at, nnd no* tho young deril ana tend blubber* oat, "Reform ay a In Mors shall be deponed, a liberal Cabinet appointed, and a Viceroy granted to Sicily." It la about like old demented George the Third teniae tho Aaertaaae, a'ter Bnrgoyne and tna British tray had surrendered at Saratoga, that bo would con heat to re an the damp daty and toe impost oa ton. "No, your Makaty, we hare r'jkoa nil and won, and no* wo WlO have all or nothing" It la not yet fully decided, bat In all human probability yaang he aba will oeaae to reign before many days. Bo hoa alraady tret off large quantities of specie, Jewelry ohmc it wipe?u tan toe repe wu lake Sight about the anaee time, with that bloated place of vice nnd corruption, cardinal AaioneUl. Now there H n direct pro*peel of h throne to let, and n largo Mead with aoomti hold It, except the toaeet and down-trodden in ha Mian la of It! who have boon tortured, taxed and crushed for aerera1 uoeamlve gearratioes. Seeiag all thm, there la a great Buttaring among* the crowned gentlemen nnd the royal crinoline ae to who ahall etep oa and Oil n throne, rice Bombe, ramored. Don't all apeak at oaee. John Boll aays?opaakiag faintly through that organ known aa the London Timet, now la tu aooond childhood?e Napeiroo quite inadmissible: a Mural, "the lam eld abort him the holier"; Victor Emanuel, guess art; he la tee etroeg alreaey, aad no other etiglhle candidate appearing, en other Bourbon?coumn to the late Bombs aferienld?h nominated ae n ft aad proper paraea to Mead at the helm ef Stain I'erhapa art, Mr. Palmsntoa Timet It M barely possible the people ihemoelree may hare aomethlng to any on the subject, aa they hare had a great deal te any oa the matter of kicking Bom be off hie artel. Be laa't ad yet, bat we hope aad expect every day that he will be. Garibaldi lacked ctaaoc whea to west there hot like SirJeha faiaiafl. ato aald there m but a shift aad a half ta hie ragged regisrat, bat to proatiwd ttoa they stoeld flod Hoeo (sough ea erpry beige: so la Body Geaerai OerieeMi took (to eaaaoa be araatod fros hie ivraaia?ihe serceeery army of the mod era Ptoeyaiua if you beTe say a* ta 4*anoe I hope n sill to seat out at saw, particularly ana*, cash, povder or *?. Very Uhety tber m.y tx* *e urgently aeeded la 8<0tly, to* they will ta liely, aad thee the oeldiera wtii coum la for the use n?te?* sea the preaaat crape aad fruit prep, aa the Rrtt aa eoidtor* did at (a ear sea Of all ere a. ue*i-s, lofaiDoea eM ebosimebte ac*a ever kaeea la aarra eerbrr, the Bomb era seat o' Pelersee by the Kief's iroosa, ebea It vat ooly relief tromsa, oblldrra ?ad preeeaole eiiimas aad merchaau, sisplv hecauee Geribeici mm near ?y. aad ttoy could a at e'r dare eat Mian his. ? p<utti*riy the vorel aal Meat esbeilrel Was league** ebei: describe enrh a atoBeroa* a revel hfo way sea that robtod ha people? A ?ure?ror eat a rtllala. A were >b?< a as a treattach part A caeeal e?Trreige; a fcicg Of abreds aad petdheej A eoeigUr ar aaero , A oeteerea o' lbs aspire aad the rule, Ttoa ires a eheU Se preeleaa (Hades sMS Aad pat n ta ba eoxkat No sara. It fa*. kJBf rcorneal 11 ins s bare bst the earrui lor he e.tKse toweroa as people ta the tret Chapter or Istat. wn-re th? prophet openly ta* ba aaa Siae lb* to would uke ewey all thetr Ua " Now be ll be lack* tf be geu e*ay ail of ba on Tanadar! waalaat It to a good.i?ke if Gar bain were waetae at* hi ha o*a pales aad put a tea try oyer hia, waia to Tba WW m*m n-> h p for taom to oom to a too ??>!?? la lb* *Oimu|? of *a npprtid pooata. Tbograad pragraaiao bagtaa fearpMr Too raawaaar Um iaa?tin thai I apofea of a *Mt or two ago. by * Loom Jwrtu, eauad "laa fiinimaa da Rata." R baa aot raappaarad Moa Ita aa?araa?W; bat X. Jaatfaa, la Iba Aarfr two dayo a?o, Mbfetal aa an tela aoUUod 'L?W T oatlli II NaaaraUaa." Tba "idaa" ooavoyod a Chat Fraaoa booM bara bar aota-wl froalaro-a? wtt tba Raiao; bat Ma aay bo (ataiaUf k>M|lii abOMt, for tba Prlaoa Rofwt of rraaata abaoM aafapoia tba wtaaoa o? Earopa, aat rra'oro It to riaooa fa n?t>?r ?.?!, Strop* or Ptaaoia a?l prwaaat tba Rbiao to f'?ac? tor a lioadaiy, br Mr a II aatai it Ooat, tba*, for tba taat day at ?#>' t)< to i.-a tb?ra ii at"?0 pa'taro??.ta 'a fraaca at Um fctnn dtodor of Itali, V fiaiibalJi'a tnampaai a rob aaabaaai Old Prtaoa Jaroaa-tbt laat ronatalog InMu of Nfotooa tba Uroat?w aboat bwatbiagbto In* la tbo audit of tbaao oo-npMraWoaa ta W mn In hi Heart t baa J aat coacaatroiad aa artnr of M,OM BMW aa tbafroaoarof Tartay, wbuo Turcay a aaamaabag bar aortbaaotara anu aa tsaob aa paibia la Map tba DaaaMaa pra>n>oaa Trvtn rarohlag or foUlbd lan tba baaoa at bona Oaa aay aorta- aoa aay aad ta all Rua tad a imril F-aropaaa war* Kagbad caatnaoo brnrtkt prrpor*uoaa, bat attil taaro a gaairal botfl or booo tba paaoo aay bo ooaUoutd I bar# Mt a garnet* of bapo a It Too pwntoa * % tnrla, bowwror, aooao ana aaoaalaaa Moby Itbora ad aa rraaata baa rto* aia Itaikaa war of bat yaar, aad lot Aoatrto Agbt b oat ?* . aba will a*? aNaad to bar awa J aflbira. aad ramaia a a Mats nr < mm i? ??..m *"y '""gJ ?* "-?*? fti tw y* ?* *** y* ?? k <* ?? ?*? K IM? U i^r torngm all Urn aaMar. N* oti i loot rrtr?oa* I iro t?W tti?H Ml Praaataaa* WW ? in Ma?Mt, Ml lid ?MM OMonwni 01 '1?1rg paMe IfWM Mow IM * IM.H vrupor *h oUoMM, tar mm rtw ll ?a laa oaaao o* all U??,; Mot aa for La*harffy aM Twot, Ma aaaM Ma *rt?w ?a warn* Mar ttaltaa >>awM Nor liMM MMatt, if %Ma <i?wi aw* aap, thai Pruaala ortll Ma MaMar off waMoot Mar Ifctao ^MmmFiimi to Moaloaff M a war, m ?ag*aa* (Ma Mago?r4 la It, II la MMrod Mara ?MaaffMM aaa Maroip Ma la, (Mr la Ma* mm* Joaa Ml weeM SW la JMeawMea ' Tofco Oaka; m Wok paa." IwaMara oluMMartagar?rr grtMl Mag Ma voffal op ?aa aatt Maralag IM alft aaa aM tMMffag aaaaaa aa Mo aoag*. I aaa aalr aa t*op ugaior t>4ap. ! oa lot 1 thai Url MoaaaU (rorMgafcaatar) im Larff Pol an mm |y, "I Wipi|V| > ?, a M ru Wall aa* Maw ***? ar Miglil MWar " O.ltall paa lUaeeaaUf la MaaM anwr lawauBoninaaa Tka MaaaMal oOMro or TorMar art aoM la Ma la 4ajUi jifc lali^ wrgteg aa MMM Moakragaw, raM aaff V iT^i XJ SZaMwl 4 WiHJo^oaMli^Nrh >?' * Mtaoy offaiw Mw aw'aSaa _J^y*wr l*oga*aaa. aaffar Wo gMao af a aaaipaai IN* agaiaraMiaiyaaroatw, Mat war ad taMarwaH. jiMaire too aaa traa (%*-" aioaaiora from Mow la jraM Mm, oipmMi<m ?*aa?rriti oorrtoo aatvaw y? ? . Ma P*M; Moaa MlOanil 10 a* at aSL J^ rj?w ** *M ? .? y" tMWw, MM Mara Moa 4oaM? fc *' **** ^MMa, tM# A mat* ar Ma V?M> r* ? g**y ? ? * atgaa* la a?r I mm>? 22S2 ZZTOTZTEIL^ ? fcr *? taw*, u* a 11 imarjaa^praM MMrt it, poo aao. tMa riaai aaip igM^io WOa aaaaa flraa off m tap mm* Mat, ma Mo n w ww Mil a ri) ago, NEW YC Tbe Iotl's have refueed the bUl for repealing the dutr on peptr, end being h money bill, (be goaerhl opinion In ibai tbe upper boute bu encroached upon the prerogative# of the Ooratnooe What ooarne the Common and the Rcvrri ment uke ranialan to be demoaewaiad. But If tb<y Kuttmii all lb Ir boasted Independence i boldlng the i ur?e etnrg* of the nation la empty ahow and brag. In fa# ntng and onrgteg to retain effloe the whign hare nlwaja oar r ed off the palm beyond all partlee and people Bnt this, in downright political batmen, oolh erode erervthing, even to Herod himself. Ytry Hbely Palmeratoo and Glnaatone will eat the Uek that ie bold oet to them by that doable abvmiag political trtuhatii. Lord Moueegle. If Palmer non eonxada, the Cngtwh taxpeytag pubUo are very aievee and will aebmlt to anything. My Lord Palmarelan'a government have done one gool aervtoe?granted the en of a war eteamer to give a the rough exploration at the grant North Alien tic Telegraph mote that baa been promoted by Meaara. Shiffner and troeakay. The ataamer la to etart m eoon el It eta beget reaay. Captain Sir Jamee MoCllniook, of Artie fame, le appointed to ooaamaad the expedition. The Koyai Ge> BPAhklr.*] P 1 lane a > -J tka ima woont Mkld arndele of Urn Society to LMt franklin ud &7ei"to I MoC its took, Earl da Gray ut Kipoe baa realgaed lk? ofllae of PreaMeaiertto KeyaiGeographical Society, after totog In the chair om year; ud Lord Aehburtoa aow reigao a hU etnad. Hthrr of them 1* for preferable to that WfMUtli eeeeUb.Br Roderick llurchlaoo. lit imr reelgued, Mtto,till to toe held the odloe nearly naif a Ufe tleM-end *11 began It few there would to toae bat the hereditary toMmortto Presidency tor any oMetoe of the aumereua tad respectable body of geographers. Hod he (dtr A. Idurtbleoa) ever expremed the slightoet Uteotton of re etgbteg every member would tore uaaalmoualy ortod out Roderick, do. A tioguior Occident toa Jnet happened oo the Great North* rn Railway. An excursion Worn or come thirty oarrtagee wei oomleg to, when om of the guerda, havtag ohorge of a break voa, being druak, did aot apply hie break. the ooooeqoehM wee the trato ruehed Into the etaUoD here to Loudon, tad ootalng to the "atop"?a perpeadtontor timber over Ave feet high?It actually mounted right over It, engine nod tender, and dragged (to entire train with It It weatntrelgbt oat Into the highway, the old Panama rand, uneaUy o crowded thoroughfare, and directly eeman tbet. itamoHohad a temporary hoard fence, ana broognt up, partly by the anertloas of the engineer and partly by coming Into a pile or grovel, juet to time to prevent it from plunging prueipitetoto down n wtdo and deep aha ft, exoevetod tor the new Metropolitan Railway now balldtof. By a miracle aot a pereen waa killed or seriously Injerod. While you are franting the Japaeene the Ohtoaae have moat boldly and defiantly refused the ultimatum of the IfcgMeh end Trench, and now a war them at the mouth at the Pel ho ere ma inevitable. The Enghah popera comment pretty largely on the defoloetlua of PoetoMMer Fowler at Hew Yon, and toy it to the corruption^ at year political eyetem end the maohtoary oTpnrtleo. Loxtmw, June S, ISM. The Or eat Eariem? A rrangmentt far Her Aperture? Seta Bumtl to Uuiid Several tf Nap ilea*'t New Steamerr?J. a. TtUt to Vita New York to topirhHiad the Mm**? 4m ftrnm ttmmtmm I0?J U L. I. r.Ol. 7*< GaUtmg Umt, Sc. the Greet Rate* n la not yet oat of He twaddling Dtath** la two days It take* a trial trip, iri theo la more It broaata tbo Atlantic vara There are aoaao bore who offer to bet abo woo't atari on the Mb. Boa will, a dim* abo ataka at bar aaohorage. Tbm director* go oat In her?Cbptata Carnegil, l(r. Coxb, and, I be IIoto, Mr. Baker. All of the director* bar* been Indefatigable la their exertion* la getting her ready. The mortgage baa been paid off, all the pecuniary diflhulttta of tbo ahip have been got over, had aba goaa away oa bar flrat voyage under moot favorable aoapioaa. Such an laapetaa ha* baoa given to the building of gigantic ataamora by tbo auoeeaa oftbo Great Britain, the Perata, tbo Vaaderbllt aad the Greet Eaalern, that a company baa baoa formed la Fraao* to build ten large *tean**r*, each of tea tbooaand tea*, or more than half the Mae of the Great Eaaterm. Tbaao are uppoaed to be aotoally for the gorernaaeat, tboogh built natanatbly for commercial perpoaea. Scott Roaaell build* eeveral, two or throe more are to be bnllt la the Thame*, and two of tbaa* In the Clyde. The aoa of Mr. Scott Roaaell goaa oat In the groat ship to roprcaaat the bonder, and J. H Yetaa, Eaq .the Secretary of the company, got* out to-day ta Uw Niagara to au *" ? > the arrangement* aoawialed with tba abta ta the raepooaibl* aad delloata pjotUoa of a*c*eary ta the cooapaay erer ataoe I la organist'too, aad pomraara tba aatlra coafftlaooa or the director* aad ahareholdera- If be baa nevar baaa ia imerioa before, I prooalae biaa that ha will aaa tba evidence* of a great commercial city at New York, to aa erunt that be Little taiagtaad wbaa bo lot! Old Eaglaad. Be goea out owo week before the greet ship nil*, to bo thin on (Mr aril raj I eappoee m Ula I be railway oompaaiee hare wade an (hair arras geaea la for excnratoai aaa cheap ferae, ao that hytha tta* lha ao?(Ur araft baa baaa a waak al bar anchorage yea will ba orarwbelmed with vtaitera boob a aoaaaaraa of people aa aad about the Battery, aad aa the Jereey aal I.oog lataad aboreaaad lha farry boaia, error waa aaaa aa tbara will ba about the Uat af Jaaa 8be goaa aat wttb a rery law load, aad wilioaly draw troaa t eaaty two to twaaty four feet of wahar. Ipresameabe will go ever tba bar at Saady Hook wkboat tbo laaot difflcalty. V paaalblo, I ahaB bo at tao trial trip oa Haaday, aad oaoo aaora aaa how tba moo Mar crafl laoko aad faolo whaa oa tbo mora. I boar of rartoaa ladiridaab going oat, bat i bora aat bad tba neaae gtroa aao of aay par aaaa af (la jftrtltTB, Oa bar ratan tbo Oroat Kaatora b to oaam to Mllford Haraa, wtoera aha will dad a aooan harbor, plenty of walar, aad aoai aaarly two dattua a too obeaper thaa at Southampton or UvarpooL She will tboa lake oa coal far bar laag royaga to India. la tba praaaat aapaot of affaire i? Europe, it would not be etraagelf the Great Keeteru waa waa led lor a traoaport or troop ahlp bofbra aba bod oompowd bar ortgloal tataaUao of ataytag two otaaiba at Nrw Vork V war oraofea oat botweea two greet atariumo rowan, tba Great Kaatara will be the moat reiueVe ateaseblp property la tba world, la foot, the diroctora will ba able to com meal their awn lerma Tbay bare already bad aa offer, aa I bear, of ?100,CoO, to lay daws a telegraph cable la tbo led lea Ocean. There la aaaaetbiag afoot la tba way of char taring largo ateemeri tor govaraMoat for anboaai porpnoao A party taat I kaow baa bad two aao coealro offer*?both rery high?for the charter of mm lane atiaaiara; and on be la aoppoaad to ba aoUag for a go re rn neat, tba oweer of the abtpa de cilaai to nrgnitaha aalaaa ba aero who are the char torero, rroparty of that daoaripttoo M oat going to Ma loir I org. Tba drat report of the Packet aad Telegraphic Contract I OoMMlttaa baa appeared, aad la aat rery favorable or i tlaworttg to tba Gal way baa. Tbay eaasot reoemmead to ika Da aaa af (bMMaai to rafbaatba aata far tba wall aab atoy, bat tbay aay the eaatraot la ia ovary way aaaaikdbe levy. It aaaoM to Make Iba ooMpaay foal aaaaay, bol I ? fa aat baiiava tba oubaMy wfll bo rafaaed. Lard Pe'oMrataw baa tao rnueb to do to have tba heeaity af the lrtak MOMbira aad aB wba foal that Liverpool baa baaa patted 1 aad ? OMparat till abo baa aoaro tbaa bar tbiit. Oar Pari* Oamapaadtaaa, riaa, May U, 1M0. yftr ??hv OpcUL SmpUa AgpaM awd Qmfoal* yda *pal Trmf Ah foaafr for Mtmfmm, <f Raptor la he fm- ' free l~el i.e. I ?? Of im? rk4 OrlmmUH Aw|^ tMmMi ApaAut MfMmm Thatr AurU ffw /dum tf Jalm M, 4c. All tolinto i^w,rfww,li * /,*?tHIXhNaytoa, prm thM Owimiii mm k tMrwfef. W? MM Ml MMM MblM pMpMMil vttfeMdlMtodlM ?m day,MA MM 1 TWkM ilill|iiii turn WmIw Mfentod (M u? iw * MM V* MM MM kf M NMPMMM II>BW IM IM RHBa WM mm toavtof ?M tray * OwfMM, *M MM MM agate MM u nm, UrM| M MI; mm aaa mm, ud in la full fllgM, Mtag |?nl ky it reyal Inofi bayoad Own? (tor to IM ratraT 9artMMl'a idTiMi.) TM pnrtiiM irt tntefafl, Md iM ft ydvttBCM Hi dtowrifM. '* Ikk mm) IMI m IM oMtrary OarfMldl ?u gaMag pitol, Md IMI tM toinMIM KM|?NdMaltol W M* tatow th*t tba grm fMr at IM NMyMNM latoniWn to IMI tM rayal irony wUI tor* agate* IMte iffiMK, Md IMI toMy of tteaaa dayrt M* Miklad J Ma GartMldt *lk ar?i Md Hgip. W? mam kto? IMI M ateaoMI FikTM Md |M?M |MM? IM MVS. 1M (NNHMI Mt MM UM ayai twipi ?U] Mil rrMK rikTM to IMaataa, a?* U*r? Mt* ft* MM tarmlMblt MM. 1ft* MMd M th* IM r ytaaa li* racy atraaft prorata* wftharlO wry > * ft** i M* caUftrr >mh 1 hhfi niaaairM that ft* etoaraa ot Mat ttj Mtauhil ft* rayftl w*M w*ft MM fary *1 da*F*ralh)a, MIMlftf ftratatj MMMMftlMftMIIIWM I Mil M MM fear* MM MM ftaaptatMa n ?m M ift* mm* m atoaMg ft. I tan nM'il ft* aaty ?ft*? mm untay Mn. ftpMfta ta Itawtag tarn* ?t im T*tor *T IM MtaM, ttt yraitata Mat, MM fttaf f***, Naytaawftl ftlttftr*Mfto> t *% Mt Mufti, IM* Ma MM *r MM tattar, that barv kaMlft iftiMMta a*uM ?p?> a ctoaar - | taiatm wftft mm Naptaa firaa, thay wiu Mn ap im |W*m mm ml ftMMf Italy ft ?M IX I* M**r< liharty ta Ma tat*** ar aMtaata hta ta?paral p**w T\m atnataly ?*m ifea ItynM of at oar i ?ayn toal. ?aaai I ntr ay ta a maftliaftal IHaal ar fta ytaal Wawim ffta tallavta* attra 4 <>* a tattar wrinaa fty aa a*, ft* rmmmn J Pataras, May II, iimraftMaiw IM Mir aa?oa or ay (Haa* ? eanaaMi it Matfhtaf hnrft Mtaraa Ta* a^t M*ah a? traaya feara b**a vail aftraMt*. Mt fty Santal "* * , ftM fty ftatftoa ftaam A c>l*a*a a*tata af ifim mm wmm ftaaft rvatarftar ftaa ilMatall Mora feaa tw?*Mr*a ar *a?ai *** mmr kill** ar uaaa an aararaat* aft"??* halt a <aana araaftii aa* ft** a-tardaa* *Aao?W*' *"** M1 ? ftrrwal^ M a tah ftlfti r??u?*ft Cry* um rtr*r*hatia| aftanM* yrafty * >RK HERALD, SATURDAY, MX* the same fat#. Every day pnrrlamWIttw are i*??el I i y Uio comml'U* of the laturgenio Soma 890 9 '< * | tioopo bar* arrived from Nap tea, tSey kari b?co aeat twice Into ib? couatry aad returned They are a??aiaitoaed id the low* Wan Uartealdt gen near u* ib? people wt'l all ooase out aad attack tin troope, u taat toe- | tween (be |?ople Isolde aad Go'thaio! outaide, they will play old Hairy with the Neapolitan* aad the police. Alt gn?o right fr*uoU II say aow bid good bye to 8 adf I forever. You oauaot imagtae the euth i*u?m >a the f?wo; i every man I* waltlag joyfully for ta* t'gaal l> com* out aad light, aad the poltoe, ta the meantime, are a l evaoo | ratlog. The ooidier* have aot the oeurage to look at the | ralermttaae la the face. The oast tine 1 write 7?* ooubt Gtnbaidl will be her* with a*. I an* aeeured that number* of Irteh recruit* eeaUaut ta arrlv* at Home a* piigrime, aad that oaoe ta the Eteroal aiy they change their etavee for mack el*, they are all ent to Mare rata for orgaaixatioa. They number aow tome eleven hundred. General d* Lara art niere ha* created a aew regiment or cavalry corpe of guMUa, who aot *a hi* body guard. The Pope'* couacUler* are etmawh*t fnghieced at the aopeot of affairs la 8Mly ead haro, aa I am aaoured aa good authority, urged hi* Hoitae* ti rvqurst aid from Austria, or at say rat* ta hog Prasoe to lot ber troops reeaaia a little longer la Soma. The Pope thought boat to take the latter taeaaa of safety, aad hat p?tittem*d Napateoa III. ta act acaordtagty I am told 'that hit Majesty has meet k tad Iy and readily aooeded to tha dsataad of the PrtM TVmm thm Vrmmnh imftna wilt mourn mi m aa**a maaihtf longer than wm aatictpated. I I Boat dow let you tew ttw wmta or the Orleaalets. They bay* decidedly commenced a deteraaiaed struggle I against the Emperor Nepoteoa'i imnni, and lo toe Ivilowiag Bluer. They found U too irpinte i n and too dangerous to carry on tea war wtte Iter Journal? the t Prom- Tboy know lliat at aay wound they might oaoae | tbo our pen aioo of Utter orgaa;oo they bare cooctaded to write pamphlets (brochures), ae teas ao one but tbo author woo endangered. Mian Prorate, Paratol, a* Remnant, da Oaarte, J oka da 1 ateayrto, Jules Vaoa, j dHaaaoarllle, Durrrgter, da Haoraaao Fraaartok Mecu, Bartbelesoei, St Hiiaire aad otbara abuat names now I escape mo, am tbo peroaas wbo will write the brooharet, whlcb, all bearing differed titles, will aerortbelate bare ihe aaate object ta view. Mr. Proraat Paradoi hw commenced hoeUUttee with a broobore celled 'Lee Ancient PartM" (termer or old parties). tttsstylodrfndeconiem 1 poraint, aad it is hoped by the Orieealsts that it, I [ ao well to tbooa that are le aaoaeed, will tell poo that olaoo of oitlseM wbo arc diaaailadol wMb the treaty of oomweroe between Franee aad Eaglaad. Ibis new leasee is (brwed ta time to act before the loaewal of the MnnJtepal Councils, bad the " Aucieni Par 'JS.f* *" power to elect atembera for the yw Oooomuat are nppisei to the government and ta the Interests ef tee Orlaaaiste. Yon way depend upoa the mwiriitneas of my laforma? ' "Ofd'thlo waiter, as aloe upon tooamurance which I fbei safe ta ooareytag. that the league wUl ate snaneeii. Their plans bare leaked eot, aad toe gorurameat, being for warned, is, of course, forearmed. Allow mo to speak ef a mater that has already oanaed some miMu am sag tba English correspcadeals bars. I refer W lbs voyage that lbs Emperor Napolooa la to make to morrow to Lyons, for the purpose of moteiag tbo Dowager Empress of Rutsle. lbs English sss to Ibis a political meaateg Tboy canaot 1 else understand why tbo Emperor Napoleon should go ta great state to meet the Dowager ef Russia. I am lacilaed to think Uwt they arc half right Franee wishes to ihow to England teat aba feats a oertaia friendship for Russia, aad at the present time the show ef great stele and ooervey may well be oeaaidered by John Bell as a broad hint. Paws, Jane 1, I960. rrtMt Jerome Soneporfe at On Petal of Dtolk-Ooribol sW'l AMrnml* fate, drnin Pwlwaaa J?waasaaii/... ?A Vahmtetn Seat from Genoa-NaagoUttm Gooemmeat the Thumbtcrtm and Book t* iU I'ritonert? They Exceed the Barbarity la the Middle dget?England ami Trance Flavoring Garibaldi?that Petition Torn vat Mock Other?Annotation rf Sooty to Pnnoe, the. PtIdm Jerome Bounpnrte, the In it aurrivlag brother at tbe modern ChtrlwufM, la mM la ba at the potat at death. The Prince waa attack*4 with apoplexy at his country aeat, VUlegtaln, where he la hourly eurrousded by the members of hla family, wha hare not the alighted hapa of bia reoorery. Hla asaaei hare been partially re atorad.bat tor the moat part ha waadara, aad though hla pewer ofrpeeoh baa returned, his language la I inherent. The Emperor, whs has baaa uaremlttlag la hla at ten liana, haa baaa obliged to leave the eapMal, la order la gtre the Empreei Dowager ef Roaata a meet (eg at Lyons, Who, en rewtl from htee. laaahL.Je The aaaat lataaae exeMeaaaal has bean aaaallhalst re apeetiag the reaull at the ttMlleo lasurraotlaa aad the fate or Oaribaidt the tslagiayh beiag In charge of the Neapolitan government, ao reliable information could ba obtained, but the faith la GortbaMlla rortaaaa la ae atroag that nothing abort of confirmation strong aa holy writ oonld ahake It, and the intaUiganoa whlah haa at i?at orrtred ahawa that Urn popular oonfldenae was not mis plaood. it la now clear that Garibaldi, artar baring attacked Palermo on the south aide, on the filth last. ,anr* tied the wheta of the southern part of the town, on ahittanta redatnnae having bean made far two bourn. We boar that this ntteok mmmonood at lour a'otooh and anaaaadad by all a'oloek, and that the royal trnapa ware obliged la lake refuge In the palaoo, la the ottatel and the hotel of the Minister of rinanoa. The palaoo ban alaoo baaa burnt dawn, and all Nap In tola a panto. Twenty thousand maakato had boon shipped fren Oaaaa, aad rotuateers ware leadlsg so the airethim nmata ef BMly dotty, tba ahaUawnsN of the watar an thaaa ooaala IntsrtortM with the Ksuoolitea eruioore mi i. min, CtSuk, Syreeeee ud Giryaatl here art aa yet, tt M oaderalood, jotaed the laeergeale; bat eew that Garibaldi h at Polar? a dally joaraal will b? Meed, tad lha etirrlag (Mia regarded thereto art expected la hatoh tha work lha faaiMi patriot haa aa wall begum. If MaaatM rn?toe Una ta lha iwyel oaasa H la Mpiatotl* la araeoate It wtthoet exterior aid, aa tha aainaaat affbrda tta defendere great edveatage. Tha Neepettaa gaoara?at la atralalac erery alaew ta keep tha piaoa wall eappartad with troop*. Aooounta froai Geaea atato that Oartbaldl haa ardaiad tha formal Ma of atght rngl?ahi of lafhahry. The atoriea that here baao flytag abatl Parta far the laat faw daya of tha dlabobo praeaedlaga af tha VaapoKlaa goraraaaat fbr aaaaa baa part ta reapeel la 8 Mly are wed oaloolalod la eaUol popolar ay apathy aa the Ma of lha outraged Ulandare. It u aoarrted, aa art?hl<kk a^m^awam loaAAaiaMMOAotltetm tb*| ^ 0^*4-^ ? o w UICO aWBI IIOOI VOTviU Wt | Vw hi A IJ 1MB #l torture baa baaa pinard tawarda poHi toal prtaaaara that alaaoat aiaatda aaythiag heard af la Ut Kiddie * fb?beoriolag, tha raak, baa hiatid ohataa, dreeauog la aaoks, aad oabaaqaaat iMaiaUaa, abapty for Ma parpaaaaf lepaattog tha fnaliai, are aaty a (aw af lha aaaaa pat leeward. B woa ealy yaoterday that I heard M. Tbald, audi aardhw. eaart, ta the proiaaaa af aarortf r-.i ?? -f-nnin an tp* nmaheta would btoah to raoord. Atedp,haaaM,hitd toah dn* ft* tram tor bnttud'a bum wbm mMi, iU throat toad with *? ^ Mmmn teatad beta ratoUac H Ito ptooa ? hte nil jj.1 aartoto mioiMliM with watch aha waa wpiHt to to aagatoat. Kha waa tot atoataaa joara afaaa. of atoto ChHOraadaf rawarkabto toaatp. Ttojaitor,atotaav mmmrn, wto? >tolU ataaga waa a roroittag agat, ?a Mrad Mat to hadaatiarWp fraaa ?to Watotor of Patoa to a?Kaay rlili.ui ha ptoaaad aa tor paraaa. aateaa toa toatoatty dlralfto to hta tor tatoat . prtoaM atoda. Tto hroto aataad tor aad throw tor oa tha flaar wtoa Martatto, aaatohtog 1 to| pa fraa tor hair] drara H with ftaatte rtotoaea ooaaptotoi/ (hraagh Ma ' at, Ito mm raited orar la oaatorttow, aaabto to hpaah, tot with anffletaat praaaaaaaf nuad to aprtaa a rpactoa at ratUa that haa? at Ha flrdto Tha paar womb tod alraadr raahad throng* tha daar, aad waa haataaiag ap tha corrMar, aha kaaw aat whMhar, wtoa to waa fatted to tha graaat hjraaaat tha 1 Hill 11 jaltera aad aarrtod toak to tor caiL Ito aeatoar wtoaa rtateaoa had hraagMapoa Mai ?*?'My dted froailto affoete at r" Tto ntrwaatotoaaia wara tot war dad ta Ma By aad tha aaaww raaatrad waa that aa raaoaraa waa ^ might ahtoto tto raloSLT P Ml tto datoto whkh hara'raatoat tto Ited^l aaa to atoda aaa^aad M hraha dawa tto paar araatata'a aaaatoaap. A atoatoaoaapo waatotraaaaaa tew aar oall aad ad teatph, to arataat h waa If agatoat m alatelw tar whteh aha Ml tor awa aad tor haatoad'a laa a?f toilidaal, aha todtetoad tto tpai ofhte ton! It waa to a colter of hte awa toaaa. hat Ito Hfiat Mi daar waa brood, kaawtaa to had ooOtteff to bapa tor, tho haatoad Maw kte toaSI a ml Ito wtfa waa Ito foHawtac dar awaad ?tt? u?~ih ? 11 M* m4 <M, mi k H trmm ?m ?f tar ititora Uwt MiMtantw atattad. M ita mm af mm rami* la mr Mm*." ^QM ?fU?i yo?.K%i -'--i|>m ia * * totaTatatta Mrf '?" -*?17** ?? "*1 [ 11|Mil WwiliiMih* frwM RaatoM array prtr ria tanar WHlOl inwixm NMUKrtMlrtilkKMMrr mhif mmmmm k ik ratal* if lk? h*r at mm mm** tat ttar* to tat *m -T-| Tlitakli lata art* FTtaia B few oagto to M a MmtoM nn tok tta aarwary la Ita itiiim nm. >M ftota tkata* to tta fetakta H to^ta aaar uki| tat*. Tta mmt k imtaa n* irtMiiui to aaftona.taakaf vkaai mm m pTb*j? lialtaiki af tta atnra mm* to to imm from alt I Mar. ita at0y atowaa tta mat Mtatary tar* of kaarH tktor ytaoaa to By ataf tag to tta i*mw prat* mr atolrMt. Ik* !!**?<* Tarda atayakta { ! *** at *r. Mgw, tor ttatr fwaat njiatlak * tta Pm* kto kM taraagkiv taltoli tato *a yaMto totta, vw?k to to a <?ro*r iiw m* ImpMl, Mr dataftort. m loag M ta |tora af tataaai to ttaMra Java to frtaea, Tta *ta?* ptaaa to m asaot rataMtoattok af tta rattan af '1 ta paaa* of twnia, ta IMS Nmiiii> L ata *aaa **rla-~<r?*M rnjuir*a tor Ml naMtrtu; Praara will ito '? aka eu, waatolh wHk aatiari tawar Md tka airiat atimtm af traattoa ( prraarr* i." la ma m r*?M, Mannar af stair mi af ta ttogaatat taaaatata. aa#? ?"Cta lavarar akmp*r , JUNE 16, I860.?TRIPLE dittoes to recaro to Fran SO tho rank wblcb beioagi to bar - d tbe bieootaga o! peace " (n i s< 3 Napoleon [ \i d -la l-ig and two part e* are aniioua lor poeer; tbe one bai o<o?Ja?ed a peace and ap|?a>e deairoua or uiinlein'ag U: tbe otber baa owora Implacable enmity age oat I ana And in 1M0 4>mte oe Hamai, oae of (be legia'n ire oo tjr, and a i>orooa of great influeaoe with Ute fa>] oriel pert/, objo ? "Oh, If Ihtcgo are to bo oo, (that la?un/ eruption notwit); If tbe loft/ will which dominate* Franco will but ee/ the word, waver would a oaOooal eaotiment oo exalt ttet*o; the aword burae lathe ooaobero; toe popular cry le alreaay?Onurtr MU ewe Anytui? el &aimt Denis " Children an" old boob, aa/a the Count, would willingly graep tbe -jiiaket?rloa and poor would carry .their offering?la t a at leper u? btwiko agalaat our anclout enemy. II for tor war* at the Giioaoa aad Italy huadreda of mllltoea sprang up ipootaaeou ly, buaufwia of Ihouaando of oulHons would be fortboomlag for a war betweea Fraaoo aad England Not a flehlag boat that would not arm baraeif to cross the etratie of the OhaaeeL Aad tbea the ohodo of the great Emperor, whloh weald come eod wander over that popular eatboataew, and Mo hook of history, whloh woald aorer bo opaaod at that hoar bat at the nan of 84. Helena I It Is at this time,when the Irritation on both aides of the AhattMl ia mttdofo flam* mm ajuddnatml moammhr mitnld rff tS blow lb* iIHim tpte tti wwrth b*t?M, MM Um IMS 9w Robert Wilson's memoir* of Um French Invasion of Russia ore published. mo elaborately reviewed to toe London Timet. All the fearful disasters of MM campaign ore pnrUoaiorHsed aid dwelt anon, Md paUM ar* taken to show MM it ?n roMor o blunaer of Mo Kmperor himself tooo Um wintry eleateu<s which gov* to dogs Md bird* MM otaoot countless boot of Frenchmen, Md the morel M ooteotoitoodfy derived tram thto pcsosdMt Inei J*M mo* ooother "oleoo sweep" to prepored for Mo d# tcrodMte Of tbot srmy If tUf oboald bopp*n to breok bounds. Loot sight, when engaged o< o o>go iotrM where mm of all parties were coogre |?M, nothing eUe wMtalkod of boi this tovtdiou pusllrMi'w, Md o nhmoning of dais Md grinding or too'Ji proved the eoMtost aooompsulmeot of ooob bitter com^OnlaiNlMMUae stem* to hove been felt everywhere Ot the large majority whim lb Um Pled moo teee Obtmber of Depones bee signified Its spprobottM of Mo sale ration of Savor to France. Is foot, Is Parte ttself I?bo aid aey the. public saltofi niton was mar* general Mm moo! Tbe Bourse eeesm otss Is bettor temper, Md Is fwallty I know but om ceuee of dtsoootaaUmeot, Md MM seems Is be expresstd loudly enough, ee it t widest from s lit a a publication eo Utled "Paris htbabltoMe," wblcb baa already exhausted several edlUom this trill tag brochure points out Is s playful way bow foreigners, who formerly retorted to Parle for the cake of giving their famlUet a French edncattoe, have om Md all VMiehod, Ml m wonaer, when apartmamts uoQvo pairs ot stairs are aUUeu buadred dollar*, or eight tbousMi franca, a year. Tbe Kngttoh Md Rmstsas, It eays, nave Bed te tbe Rhine or returned to Lonoon. Tne means of llvtog are dearer there, but raM to lower. It geee m to reoommeud MM ever* proprietor Mould be oompoUed to pay Um tone of his property whether tenanted or ne, wblcb would put M oad to tho eyntem of totting om part of Mo bono* so high that U beoomoa Immaterial whether tho otter bo IM or unlet Of course every aobooeo of thto ktal to oowtrary to that sonod principle which leavea eupply amd demand to ted their own to*el,Md which, Is this particular lee tunes, thoy wtu bo sore to do Is time, ftailroado have In fuoi noted like enchantment upon n alow moving oountry like Fraao*, Md tho tmmndtnio ronult to the InnndnUom of Me uepKal: all the provtaoos are Parti mat. Md till aoaaethlag like a cor > tap on ding moius meets thto eternal Immigration, Me same complaint of high renin, build as fsst as they wUl, must continue te prevail Oar Berlin Osrrwpsndsacs. Ban us, May 2?, 1M0. Olortttp tj Ike Pmuim Ciamburt?Public dlerea mi fit* AUUrnU *f frame* and MtmU-Pncariaat PaMrn 4 PrumU?Pmftiemn DUtrutUd-Tke Stolen Detfmlokm Trial and Acquittal afSHdber, 4k. ua ntainukj, uh b* umii, kmo jwf'l MM or Uo flbombero w?o ciooed allli?o wool eoleauutias. Tho metebeio or tho two bo?ao o?ewbteil to Ik* While 9e looo or tha Royal Chateau, and tho Prteee Reg?I, ourrounded by tho yoeeger hrooohoo of hio family, took hla ocat oo tho throoo and delivered a epeeoh, recapitulating ihtlr p?i labor* aad exprectteg bopee aad wtahaa for tholotoro. lath* ynawt laotaooo ho had I* c?flae hia?oU ate?ot exclusively to tho latter, tho ootoal roooiw of tho aeaaloa bth| ao ooaaty a* hardly to aflbrd malaria* for a otofle paragraph. Tbo oaiy root oaaaroo of lm proved?at that haw* roe?rod tho oanetloa of tho Login* tor* aro,a law which ?ar'a? oy a alaipl* doom of tho poUoa, wMhoat tho a?leaco of a aoort of jaotloe (thla Might rataiati? of p? Ho* drepoUe* to magalkoqaeatly alladod to la tho royal haroago* oa a aow goaraada* aooordod to tho o?athoU?ai liberty of the proa;, aad aa act for ragolatingthe iwaMo of tho dMhwt dWtriota, whloh, howoror, haa boaa a* maaglod aad cortailad of It* ralr proporttaoa la I ho Uooa* of Lorda, that aothtog hot tho haaaaty adage, "that half a loaf la honor thaa a* btoad," o?Id hare tadoood tho dopollaa topaaa Utalta prooaat ahapo. all tho other rofenna propooad by gnrorawaat wore oaa?a Watty throw* oror by tho a*Mo abatraottaao, aad all tha rnooa IWgoat coold do wao W oootho Ha fooHav wtta th? rxpeetadae that thoy world ho war* tractable wit aeaaloa. It woo rory orldaat, thoogh, tha ho was woeh hot aflkewd by tho rajaottoa of tho am Moiilfi aad Load Tax bUla thaa by the fhlior* of hio aohoaao for raorgoatatag tho araty, aad tha paroaaal latere at ho takee la thla go? tloa wao revealed by the ooorgy with which ha aipr?ad Mo dm aaartewaa that tho aaaaoHti of aooh a rofbraa woalo bo laaliy raaagataed, aad that whoa the Chaabon aaot agate thoy wooM oeaae te oppeoe tta roaHoattaa. Whoa thoy moot agate! Bat whoa will they aaeot agate, aad oador what auoptwoT W?n thoy hare lot?ra aad traag utility to parf ?rm their legtaladtre da be*, or wQt thotr deliberated* be toterropied by the olaag of arate aad the thoadero of rifled laaaoo? la tho prooaat Mate of Ka top* ao oaa oaa calealato up? tho or?to of a weak, or or. a of a doi, aad It would require tho gift of prop beer to teli how we may ho attualeO aext year, aad waoth*' poutleel ohaogm will aot here oeeorred. before wHoh all lawrnal qoeotlaao will ehriox law laMgaidoaaoo. There loo goaetal f?Iwg teat we are? tae ere of a great or lea The threat? ollwaoe or France aad Ramie * "tew arm mm u M-oompuinea bet, aad toch a ooauuaa bode* tMi to ProMta ftad Soon after the lawman bttoww ? ?tooa Rrgoot im Km Oaar at Baftao, I matiMM ? ? Htoala b?d eadeoTOrod to prorail opjft the gorera Mat to atqaiaaea to a propoaeft rertaal of too aiipauuoaa ? *5? ***T " PkrU- MtoMn * ? aoatraiittUoo of ? Btoah Baa, L?t that PruaMa haft ftototooft to Mtor toto IV 'Wyh whtoh atalt hara glrao awhrago to Ragtoao Thia rebuff aoeato to hoea ftootooft U* Char to Hoot with th? offrro of Ltoto Narotooa. aaft aooowft toltee of toe eeeraa eeepeet at TUaM hao hoM too oommlaaooe Praaaa ahaaftMt tha loot to P latll, aaft Rawt wroaa aft to oppaao too potior M frtaoo h too fiat ftora eaaaot ha a ooato toot too Btooa to toa grant *a otoot Plinth otohfttoh.owft thaflirtoaa artooao, nan to a norpUaao. in oo hhoftoa hf ihotr haw oft ooft iiatotoi if PrftaMa that toftf wwoH rothor eajoy har ftetool thao to anything to aeart It, though tot rwwitoa aafti ho total e tbaar c aoaa eoiatry, aaft iTMtuaiiy to thomoolfto EhM Pi mala la toit without o atogto alt}; Batata baa gaaa war to tba aataf. Aaotrla to paraiyoao, aaft Baftoaft ? HI ^ ipN M t*Of If IMC MUifN g ng. riMMft by afthor totorwato llMharla too ftlplatoatoa rototohft wnh fraaoa hara at boat baaa totorably frtaaftly; bat ? oafartaftato affair that aaaauM tho othar day baa pro haoftft a oaatotoi wtooft aftftati tho afttorwaawtl ho rrafta gOTwraoaaod. Itoa Man Ragout haft wnum i prtoaoa totoartoy ^fh^^atort^rf hfhaft, n. jit hL "jrjrzvrzz- * ' ? aiiri onto; aaft aft toa fVanoft tan thaw optoft and orw oreo to arary onrt of Baropo, they aaaa m?aaaeft a ohtafta a ootry af toto ipanto It wao ropaain t Mm tomato "thotoaf tuyaiuhaa," hp whtoh a mmIdaatotl i apart of Mm PrwMaa tOBtary Oaamntotoanor ft 9t. ratoilhaig to toa Blag, nimftatotog too Rooatoaptoo f ftfaraMaao to tho WatO) wao botrapoft to tho toaoth ttohotoofttr^aMhtoMa^ aoft hp wwah the Jhnawi hhetoor*'it*wto ttoTttma a n inatao or anB^nhooart j la-hoy that aotoft too traitor to wtoMmr, Ml am aowraft hp a poroaa whtoi tatoaaaaiina I hara torartoMy toft to ho poena*. too hoaor wao ohowa hp Mw Uhort to Lorft Ma RamiH, who ooaoatotoatoft N to ON Pilmarotaa, who tomarhlft It to hfta frtond potato tho rotor; oo anah to airtafta, that Laato Map Ma to am a hat to Chant Paortatoo, tha PraaMan Bar-ip at Paria, KMMI fH n| f(T ||g VlAkVHfMI ||^gn towtitoli of Ma hp toa Pitoao Bagaai, aaft haft toa fhtoth Mtotomr aft torn eoart, m. La ' fear ft'Aueorgao, hao haft a oanronaton wtto I. fto SeaioMta on too aahftol, whlah aaaaft baee aw rory toptoooant tor too tot tor, atohoogb, of ooarao, m ooulft aoft ha tftftnaiahla tor too unttoti of a pneam , Mar, roamtolly whm fttootoaoft ta a thlrft party by oaoh htoroftnahto aaaaaa. tho Pi toto Bigaat loft yaawrftay to too Bhftfto, to ho praaoaft at too opantog of tho rattnap rem troroo to Haarbraohaa, aaft It to ruaaoroft that ho nu wmmm w ^raaf m mmwmtff mm mmm ?? WM IM Twi> rmytm, * w 11 tha OMiggnaili MpriMliia ihw? kf thM mmwot* miwim Batmiwmi mob ham at* la mmM, Mara m oa trrth (a tarn ra rt At oar rata tha rrlooa hoa oat Malta* tha (afittr > i ? Ml Mm, iai N to oat Mkaljr mm tha Rmpmw ?nU ana iiiir aji mm a kun oatwir ? mim Mha or 1*4*0*, *Mtai toallilM, who aamaMM*a im "riMfe m* at CholiM, win ba 4a|Nta* la w*l?t 1 ha Trtmm oa hh ^p*>* tha rraattor ? oat , r mm way aWk bmt ?bM It Mint mil Ma a *raoi, ?hM *M*i hp aaefe a piiaagi i A M* jy^'aSHSa" l"'tn Oa' JH?"1* m*T Salaaar Mats hartaa Oom pmM Or um 5mmata, tor ummry praparafcaaa am Mattaaa< ?Mh *a mmmoamtupi t mmaly of a* otPaam km toM *m T M ktofJTMN oMMmI MM; m* K 'kLaraTta to a Mil. N win Hi*! It a Maaarala oai htoo*p aM* w* irmly ha omIiH ?Mh aaah wrtw I ?T ttM oa* apaaa aa tha lata ooapalga M Half. ^Thajpal^ar raaaa^DhiMn HttaMr itM oaiaa * Ma i M gra* loaparlaaM ho* hooa aa^paoalp aatoMa* la rOar M gal vM of h'M ailhaat gao*tog iM * n i iIiim that Might aoMOfOMMa ta*tMm* of *a Mghl rook ao* iMMi, m* Mm aaafMoM k?n oom aart*?* op M matt fto qaaaa* aiMqiil hfaaKM a agnah aMah Mtra* oaf *ha<| ha* lugnf ha Might ha K pmraha*. on* rhtah win prthaaiy booa *a aMaa of prw taOMg aay MMt pKWnl part, a*4 Ml ham wrttha* aa4ar lha aaaaiMlna aMhtoOar, ?ha t?awl * ??flrtr ha ha* taplayal tmrarM Wi Mil Iff aa* tha M?ati?*l MM; rp M laag thap vara M tha tairttoai, aa* itlMalil SHEET, lb, pfeuaatoae taatriot Irgallty Mi Judlotbl lade??ea<!eno? wbt<h be b?d tuiieait mu ?ed Mac* lb ;tr 1?" IL kt*!"!, be MM, Ibll ptrtM 111 bono ?rfmim and kepi to prteoa for loafer Ibaa twaaly (our boon ??about a oiapia-raia'a warrant; bat be baa tor*ottro ibat la HtaobMOay'a uaa ba had c >oelr?<l ei pe!itic?l offradere being incarcerated lor week-. and nuilw Heather aitboet ?uoh a war reel, aad without tba aligbioal l.pel (orsaaliti, aad tbea liaalod wbea It wee found tbaitbare waa aa eeldraoe ua whiab (bay oould be prooaeeed ageiaat tba Jodgea tbaiaaalvoa bad truckled to tbe paboa, aad now tbey wantad to tarn round upon bint aod pun lib his for ecia wotob. area if contrary to law, were aeueb lean ao una otbara tbat had takaa placi wlib ibetr fail oog?<zaaaa aad co nazal, Tba Prated aat of tbe Ooort attempted la rata u put a atop t> tba aciulaloua impmm; tba acceaac woa ooavortad late tba aooaaar, aao tba ,tk>raay Oeweral waa perfootly orarwbaimei by tbe tarrebt of iarroUra tbat waa lauacbad at hla da rotid bead, hilar tba aoquitUl waa proaoaaaad ba Mfellod bw icleatioa to i?ii uj a lupen* innuij to t promote the B?Uir 111 be allowed to drop, ud Btteber will e? Cisimed Oil to MMro Me authorities from Uf aMet of terrible dMowni. _____ OpwratUMu la tell jr. (Trow tea Loaooa Nsw*, Jum 2 ] Psaia.Juaa 1??P. M. Aa official ttoigraphtc despatch reached Parte to day from Mr EI tot, bar Majaety'a Mtoloter a Naptee, statist taai Garibaldi waa master rf tee olty of Paterma oa tba eveeteg of tba 27th. (ba Gaaaral's headquarters wara la tee centre of tee oity. another steepaiob,from en official authority (bat aot Proa oh) mye:?"after Garibaldi's maa baa iterated tba outworks of Patermo tbara was luun flgbUng. Many Neapolitan aotdtera Jolaad tba lrouipate. Tba NeoyoUtaa uqundroa bad sal lad off, taking mm and officers, altar bOMbardlag the otty from tba aaa " It to gmorolly bolter#* la Part* that tba NaapoMoaforosa will be concentrated a* Mvestea- From Turin wa tat as follow*:?" Accounts bar* base raoetrad from Naples Tba bombaramtat of Paterma bad ssaasd, alter teatiag aararal boara fba (oroMOf tba attacklag party were net varr numerous, bai btiif eacdtad ay tba presence of Garibaldi May ebialaad tba rlotory. Garibaldi baa utabltebad bte headquarters la tba oeatra of tba city. Tbara bare baaa a great aambar kilted." bantbar daapatcb state* Mat tba tow* baa anflbrad vary aa rarely; bat 1* totally Utesi aa to Garibaldi's maa balag la yaaaaaitea of Ma citadel aaa for tided works. I wtU aaw fire you aU that l oaa gather (rem Ma i rmtoa Journals. Tba Patu* says?a* oooa as fall psaaaanoa had baaa ga>oad of Paterma. aa official dally jearmal will ba started, tiaaer Ma UtM of Oter-olr GJUsatedd Palermo, which will publish Ma acta sod deoreaa of the Insurrectional go rantmrst also Mat tba admiral, GOuat Persaao, who oommaada tba ft* dm aulas* aaral airlsloa, aad whoee flag la boroa by Ma afMmar Maria Adatelda, will aatabllab bte beaeqoa tars to Ma port of Mia tear*. Toe com maadaots of Ma aaral divisions of Other aattoaa will aot in the oeme anoaa. Garibaldi has daotded oa Ma formattoa of tigbt ScUtea ragfmeate, which will laoream to tba number 4 atxty tba ragtmeaite of tba aaw Italia* Slate, which already poaaeeose fl ty twa. (be Dictator baa or dared that tba aaw rrglmaate should take Ma aambtra trty three, flrty four aad ao oa. By this act ha effects Ma muita-y aoaaxaiteu of flteQy to Ptedawat. rna "<Urhuto aommln ' oi tia fatrU toad directly to eoa&rmMe above Tba Prim adds earning to tba aaw*, which Ma Payt repeats 1 bare a tetter from Mamala, dated the 23d. which totems pa that tba arms btiooglag to Ma British restdMta the. a, aad which had beeo isksa from Mam, ware about k; Admiral Mmdy to General Laa/e at Palermo. Ihn fmouimm, wbtoh ?M tMTMMi at aa totorrtow betwreu the two offlaars M board Us Haaalbal, bed U>e gfrt* Of pbtolateg tbo ooatont of tbei^-hl to *; miaaM betog mm m4 too limyM wm daa patched in eonaeqoeeoe <o MM tbo ooanaomod wsagsaa M tofeo Uwa nook to oor country snea at MoraoU, wnoee deles** lean i oeitloa to these ntaturbod tlutce was by ao oats ttUMa Ob tba ktoa or Mny.oneordiag to aeeomto wbtoh bar# reached Porta froa Palermo, General Lsrza, tba Kiag'a ctwtl oaa mutton rrp-eeeataitvea to for mad tba foratga Ooeaulx, by aa official ctrcMar, that ta oaaa of bombardment they would bo waraad two boars boiora tba firing lock ptaoe, ta oroar to |* on Board tba racaata or tbatr n Hptctiva nattona Wa bora aiaoe beard oT tbs c >m atnwiMtt or a Boabaromeot, and tba o( today aaye:?"Tbe bees bsrd west at Pater wa baa ooaaed, bat toe city hsa sutT.-'Od horribly " Tba or d*ra imt by Praast* II ta GoBaral Ltazt ware, as I Informed yoa at taa time, aa tbo authority of a tetter from a ta<gh authority at Naptes, ta dafbad the city if possible, but ta ca?r|oC roUeat ta daotray It. Tbts an appaar aa eiaggaraiaoB, but I bare aa doabttba K-ng ota gee such ordert. Toe Botubons bare atwa> a notes tbaa la tB4? I witnessed tbe aglets of tba royal palaM lead bands of tazuroal up tba Tolado and stre tbeat order* to MUM* huoasi. this wm too eMwajiw, a oroar to pat dowa tbeoaa tbo*tea Tbe mm wm edooatod ta the mom aobo*l m tbe tatbar. la oaae of revolt tbo eoidtery and tba toneraat ware ta be rwsrorded by pleader. Wa kao w from Irltera from Smtiy bow tbe royal Mom bar# lately pU laged the etliagm aad rlllM whenever they bare rantared out at tbe rttsru of Palermo aad Mudaa. emeegot wbKib la mrwvoard that of Prtooo Hum Margarita What has beca tba reauli of thla Immoral uauhing? Wa kaow from tetters which hare arrived from Palermo that tba NeapaMaa army, before tba sraleb tree of flarlbelofa loroM were saaa oa tbo ba^bta rati ode Pa ; Wrmo wm inorougty demoralised Wa kaow, too, that I the Nespeiiua rotoiara bad actually aoid arm* aid powder ta tba dMbaaa, whitot boaaroda bad danrted srtth scire piepirty aaoat these. tba youthfhl King af Ma. aba baaaot wmajaad a happy raaoU of hia fathers teaching fba whole prooeeolag* of tbe NeapoUtaa army aad aeiry mace tba cesamaaeeoema of bsettatma bare heea moat sbgraodfal Both aara eboma araat of i d'ac-pline an" want of taUlUgeaoa, w hi let neither bare [ fought wall, although the King oaad to boaat of tba toyat) ad coaragaef htotrooga. If tba beaaafol aty of Paloram .ta haIf la raiaa wa bm not be aurprtaad. (be tone aad abtpe of war oommaadod tba towa. ft would bare coot little, wna the old or modem nrsptHbe, to deaway any of tbo four rtonf (quartan) it woaia b? the work, psrbapa, of only a law hours ta batter dawa tba beedaome bo noes of tbo dartaa, aad redoce to rutaa tbo two principal atr seta tbe Toledo and Cbmaaa It la la ba hoped tba brave Neapolitan* bora not bad tbo otorage ta reduae to raiaa tba tae aid Norman oatbadral Toe Saracens, who formerly tote rode bands oa tba towa, ware, however. It may aa, mere oinhwd tbaa astle fombs'i troops. Wo may bopo Sent a Roe a* la. tbo protecting ''tody'' of Palermo, will bar* spared tba Ban boltdlag, as mail as tba ourtoea old Palenan Rea'e, where la foaad nocb a ntraaga mixture of ereoratc sad Marmaa architecture Wa may tappaaa .bat tba oroel aad wan too daatraottoa of a e'tr, an w oarIn* pronator $00,000 tahabnaaw, wan wtiaimn I by tba orewa of Kag'tob, Preaah, aaatr?a. Ronataa aad Sard Inlaa tnaa o- war who ought m tba mm of bamaany to bare psureated ouob aa aat darwty there are e<tmae wbtob a tt our doty to prat eat, though contrary to dlplo matte etiquette Imagine tba agai aad tbeobllnraaof tbm large rtty, tba belpieM rtcttma of a aobtmueee show ar a prt.> wBst, wbteb must bare fired tbeir dwellings, aa# barlad many to latoa A gratuitous work ?r Mautoa lbs reraaga of aa lafbmoaa ?< ?rwto youag tpraat, to whom to* Ma goraramoat MwagM proper t? scaredli a a..*? Minister la tfitfi, srbaa tba hilar at Wramrm care orders to hoesbenf NuIki a i?i?i BmD?, who mimiM Ik* Frnoeh rqnMroa (a U* It; to nbmm. Mat Ml iBlli OS MM. MM taM (few Kioc It wo wwk no* % Mfwrow ut IMIMWI Ml M would MsdjMew iMiiit moriMhJii?<iMMly^>y IM Maliy fMM MM M ? ' Might fhlMMI fc*T? tM MR< _ MMTumT -T""* "" ,"^1 j1^'?"** ooiw* fro? Ml aad npheit by Mm ?M art aioh i Ml for?IM KMC MWrtof that Military ipwdOM b?lt bo ?tf< ttooBy mmmM. Om if lh*> fi?ril ntl to MMly to OmmiUhi, wtoh ?m tototy appotoiod to im win to Wsctoe?Mi m mc boM miitu to tM tottor po?t by OmmI rmki to ftoi Tito tto Kiff nnwn to N?pto m^mmi from Pomd to bNMk to tM pubMo MiTtoi; wt kuih to tM aaoortiy hw M?jwt? ftoJ* IMI M Wj oAm dm Mt rotor* to tortd until tow or ton* ot tofM, MM Mm com m to m aprw oorrtof*, "Moot uj oooort, ud with w atacto MMdM-" It to too tod la ? lottor froto Oowoo that IM Ploda?wtoM for>rwtoMt. in ordrr to M r'tort thr poMtoto oroato o?w,to?mtow*c M woritoo yrM"Q"? Itotrwf pdMOdoaawwtotoac oootprtooo ot yriwwt m oKmUto to Marty 301,to9 toM-tiM* mm try of Mo Dm, mgzm'am r'Tn.iiML^' ' * Ttoo IQtoUtoto MMIMIwM. IFtom ? Tvt* tottor, MM ? J Tko Ghoaohrr to P yrtto Mi lyMttd Mo trowtf to QMotoo to ttorwy oad Mm hy OOP kfQtool 00 rwtow- Tomla tbo CMtoior, to tor IM iloptkMof tko trooty to om Ilnw, Mm Ritotod rooo to tout xptoauttoM to Oaoal CWrwM. WM, to ropf?. OKMWMM Mo rufrot at torto| omw ooMpoitod to mt Tory titan talag*, hot two rwpeewhiiit# owwoMd to hto iianh apoa Ma qaMttoa am root with fltgoar RataaaL Oaoat ChrwM itoMirwwWo to** ao cair?lito ftom Friweo u taror to tM aaMX*d provtaoro or IioJy, m wo Mto bo* Hto* tor Mr Wo tor* MtaUarod O* ArJorottow ffrmmm toto ?* would Mrerv # ytotoo to M? OWtnwMtoM M ttr ywrl < the ytowtow r* , *1 a. ^a^_< w ttovWrv HO %m M*J^ rratw la* *u n rtord Mo loaot prooaaro roaaoeDac Ma to If fOrwaiMBt to tMoaoy, CM Mo Hre-tM mm to Mtoato bm oMmi diatawtoua iimiaaiiMi, to watoh wo haro d*ntoiad that tM aait pwriaai or foactay aioM atoappoar IhthtoftoMa im ml toaCa IM toart "TwMtowtaf to aoumaory to Mpur Ratara'aMalta thto oroatoc ? (Ogoor lUtarxf Mid thit bo aoat agala diaiad wtoaMar it wm aet owtoc to tM e-roaaoto to rimua Mat Moatofo* iwimm! of Tooaoay toad Mm crialid MtoMrato lb* troaty M mm ? 'I atoa am a portiMa to tho frmk liiWWjmu MIUM MM TvynffloM. At UwmhMm. I biltara tool toaoooMao TMtpwkM. MUM of MNMlkMlN** Ml?00. MM4 MMMMtMf too Eapvtr to lutrwrn to dm tho nil? of Octroi Italy, w<l to?o oimmofM17[ f*?<* booo to MM? mMa?mm ?m to ?to?k torntorwlVvT toMM,? aiito>i?? MiMtoal oato m?? l? lob1? frotoT tog.'* ______ Tho wmt OIm? UM tk? Bait. fU KMW tfOTBMKMr Of BTMIA in (TMK IT. fftoat tto ? Nowo, J mm a ) Um I?mt'mmmm of ? Mm?imi rotato* to Tarty* I I?roaoOo bp too mm? UN ? ammntorftorv? ? to II to ? qoootooo ?T Mr. BVMar FlM|MWtot ? mm iwmmrtomm wo? mov mb MOt?VO r?mm Of too til Iitaoflaoo formm'lf mat lomrl br too R?mm Matter of totoi Afaira to too ruM mmrnummvtto too ran? Mmtmor mm* too mm? of ? mmmmmmmim. lit BOO fcMOWM I?Ml U? eod Of April Moom OortockoktoT toformoif too torlrtafe ami?or tool too MMUooato bo IMMOHH frooi too iMfcrool CIMiUmb fro rtoooM go 1 irMoO by too tolMOM mMi viM i 11M iiiOiUmmi mm4 mom oMMMfO?nrt (Mot If U107 oho?ld looA to toourrooUMM mo mmomop* too Kaporar of I?mm mmmIa mm! rooto 0 mmmmm* mm? of too oo?ao. A tow oajtm ofbor too mmom Ooo? mom MMoOt to M OoMMMkto to Port Mad OMHr la Map H oif riNtol to too MImMiovm of too /root Iboiri raoMooi oA A iMMftoafif Mba PtoM wva tbtorff hod MOMthl to niMii M Ml too f?loo otooo. (to ?to?n OMM to r?I to iwMtor MpM L , -j Ha" at a rfl MTionH<n tf the M<gttizw undertake* i? Ad 11 ru . i t, ,?kv ? ,7<n' pea 11* IW empire. I is a re- IV ee*al of tooae preU>aii?os|*biab vcre ?uak?fer II appears???th the lUMUtt Hell* 'M the black Hea. Toere m notblcc ' ">e orou Of T rk?r B no*, worn Piiuno GerUcaakuir tkreataaa to break vao W treaty , tbuitouio ao? have restrained bim from ??aiac ^ it His sanouaoemeai, otrUn bo known, and lharafore laleodoe to bo kaoea, to Booaia, K <umoUa and M(aria, will toere be uaderetood no a promise to oamo in tbe aid of an losurrecitooery party. Taara oaa bo no dirputa about tbe qoeouan of pebUo lav la retrod. Tbe Dialb article of the treaty of Parle la explicit and positive Neither fUusU nor either I of the other rovers, aor all ef them together, bare e local rtcbl to in tor'or a la the Internal attain el furbei: on the oootrarr. ther am d h. a. -? ' I'arw, exo od#>d from dotag ae, sartag tho freedom tocir* L frk-adly ad v lot, which M taaoperaoie (Mtthe nunneries f or aahooe. The Solatia d.oUrntlon, howerer Mote It I uectfry to look beyood the legal ftmila or |u ???. L Lord Jobo RqomII deoo"bed throe prop tin tie ae m hartoc > bteo owcuieed at th? neettog of Mnitoen 1 ft. fetm*. ( barud Mat to the oooito they aerenUly represented. T Tbo flret propooMoa wm that the oUte or the f?.' pnmeooo of Turkey had haoooM Intolerable ; the oaeend wm that aa Inquiry should be node, and that 11 ought la ha conducted by ibeoaeereof the deltas, satiated ay thoOea ola or the Are rower*. Tbo third proportion of Prtaaa j GorUohahuU woe UntaitheQuMUaa saVjectoof the Porta 1 had not obtained that security which had boon lookod ror, It I aaa nenaanry to prepare a aoworgaahntloa of the gomes- I J aeont of tbooo provinces On Um flrot of the propnd- 1 uooe, that which ooaoane the Matter or Unit, Lard John ' Roeend told the Boom that "her Mejeoty's goeoranoat bnd not reoetred aooh nooonatano eat diet then la aaf that the present atom of thaos prortaoM wae iatoleraMa. The Boone Is aware that wa oaa at no tints apeak with say / treat approbation of the governmeat of the Saltan la tha L tatarlor of hie Ooatlntmo We oaa hardly apeak per bapa mnoh More favorably of that gov em newt thea of Iba go rare nasi of the khfdta of tha Jk Two actheo: hot. at tha aame Una, we hare aa aoanant that haa ehowa to aa there haa boaa that ffl intolerable tola menage Meat and ojpianlau, wbtoh tha ( government of Raean aaa always laid partiealar atroa* 11 npoa with regard to tha Christies aobjaoto of the Porto. J W 1 hare oatoaiy roaa oarefhly the different roporU ra- 2 oetrod, bet I hare etoid poroone coming fron tha pro. i Tinora of Turkey, and who wars engaged la tha I aerrloe of bar Majesty, aad they hare geu- ' rally aaid It was ionwibla to praise tha ad. mio titration of tha TorkUh gorernmrat; hat with regard to nay particular uppi Mtooa of tha Chrietiaao, II naat ba ow ned that UM Tarnish tabjeott of the Porto nro quite as great tuff-rero fron the Irregularity of the go reran net as the Christian aubjecto am." Lord John RaanaU anbaaqoentiy qastod the doenrattoa of Or Hoary Baiwor.that \ "ooaaiderabio improvement" had tefcaa pUoe la tha ; Turk raft goeerameot am no dm mm there. me thlrC Rueatan propoetuoa, to uadnrtote to ranrgaalm the gow orameat of a gra* port of Turkey wm totally taadteeal ble. But mot to appear to occupy a Merely obeoruottra i poatuow, which wonid bare Ml tie weak after the t?ha governm* at bad announc-d aa aottre policy, oar gerarameot rnoo'ved to oootoder what might be dooe ooaatot- ' a MUy with treaty nghta aad the ineepaadaoae ? tha Sultan Lord John Rueeell eatd; "We ooaaalled with tha otber Powers, and at the aame tone gave our own epiuloa that, wblle we oould eat glre any ooaeewt to tha diet ano third potato, we coeetdered it night be proper to make aa inquiry with reopect to the preami atato of tha Obriauan prortnora aad gererameat of the Saltan. Tha AustrtM garercmeat la the eame spirit eatd that tbalr abject wm to nan tela the Independence aad Integrity at turkey, aae at the aaaee tone t? procure by their mfla> eace aad by that of the other Power* of Europe the remoral of My grtevaaoea whteh mightpraeoke iwntMoa or taeorrretaoa The aaewer gteea by Pruewe wm net very offbeat; aad the goveriment of France seat to aa to know1 ium wai oar Opinion upon the qaaettoa. ML Ureter?d Out fr-m kit krunoaldp* at Turin? kg taw ouwrr gr?at ton end mtyowrautant jwwarterf (ken. Be thought ?hu?aver, ihit manatee might he painted eat * wt>kh at tha aaate they prorued for toe happlaeae ef tha ubjecg of the dohaa, would alao giro grantor atraagfe to the Oitomea empire. At the name Una he thought aay icqulry made ought to he made with tha grtauet regard to the authority of toe Buliaa, aad that toe moon ot icq airy ought cot to Impair or abate that authority. Our opinion with reaped to that pent wm thle:?We tale if ft appeared to the Saltan that flhitohea oourula or egeato might partial pete in en Inquiry, wo ooould be ready to take that etow of too ooee: hut that It tae Bul'ao, on the other head, thought key oould net pertiotpute, without a diminution of ale authority, wo were not racy to pr*?e a petal of that kind oa an tadepeadeat eoreratga wboee authority we deairad to maintain." The reoult ?, that it wm received at CoaeuaUaople that the Great VixW-r should himaelf rtot liiwala. Boumella aad Bulgaria, aad have foil authority Cram tha Sultan to puabb outrages oa the Chrtotteae. and to *" it1 ?'?***? iii: TteitaSSSL'sr moot with the sxpreseioa of hia epL2?2"S?f. . ** **"I eortanty oonader that. although?*,^** Resnaa goveraaMBt at Oral ao soared u'f" * elr treat* ertn threataatof to the stability of 2 power, that *t pretest I am juttymt *t Mcfnp onSrS.r there Mop be wo d-mmione among the Pmvi of K*r2" ami thnt if ue hmte to ft?? adrice m the iwtptcf, it wtoi* ptem to wck 0 my a* not to qfW A* jmt pride tf m todependent toeer>1pa." He sincerely treat that tbeae tiyttoUw win aat he dtanppototea, although ? it nmdentmbU that a rede (tot* toi tout yfen to ito wruptmuX toUffid at (to rwrtw Hon ^ (Af Mtutian wsr. I a* port amt frma Chlaa. til HrW WAR MTW1W BNOLADD AND TO CBiNKSK nrru. ? [frem the Loadoa Times, Job* 1.1 Ohhta baa rafoaed the Briuah ultimatum with a ?mtMto aad with aa laaolaaee such as a treat praparaNaat aad a eoaaaqaaat mm of aecority aiosa soaM harp prompted. The terms of the utuatotnm art ooaflaad t* a costraaaMor of the treaty of IMS, aa apalagy tor the attfr?c* * ?** ?<?oth of the Petba, eeepteaatoa for laaaas, raatoraUoa of eUpe aad malarial, a rorttoi of the oleosa ta the last treaty oa the nana of tha British Mlahlir la Pasta, aad as laoemnity Ibr tha dyaia at to* rninf erp*dtUoe. aooorotog la the ototiaacy of tha Otoaaaa ratowaii ei. It la artoaat from tha ropty that tha Otoaaaa ara lafatoaiad with aoooaaa, aad, patofhl aa tt Plaaas them rtioDlDf beadloaf to their doom, weeaaaot haipftollac that tbfc the was axpaotoa JsaUflaaNaa af oareattad aad others wha aa several aoaaalaaa haaa mitaiataad afemet aHaoas the eaoaa af har Majesty 'aaarraaisla Sam raffcma Tha GWaasa hare reoeara* la at mi trtek aC ix iwy.arary iimtiaaf argam?at,aad atary Mly of taraoure wtooh the tradtouos of aar rsry aatasa hasp Merited ta toetr raoa la the ptaao, aad what atoaa wool# JasMfy tha pi mat espedhwa, tody refhaala admit toot nor i imiiati i a i h ar iwaiaa hawa hac iibi ip a* U me Emperor ? *a (toe aay aaawar exospt *a from tha wraetewt.i aararamtot, ta aoianaiai wtta aommaada From the Great oeaaoO. Thta la eaatrtoaat m a tedaaal la Defoliate ta to* eolyaaase af aifitatoaa * ? otettae* la"erta^Tuawtttor* aaearwaaaatSeatmaaf'TmtoiMa toe treeiy, aad that it haaaal rat haaa lemfaimi hy too Kmperae. tha Chiaaaa raatotala that toe MM aa* Praaah jUahina wateoalr ware ad, area atChaachaa,aah ta praeaid la take, wtooh had haaa feettoea, at they aretea* they had tatiiamd as, hat m rah mac, or to* Blow maath of tha hh^toto toraa eat to ha, todaad| ny*n oofMiMirt, ?J ">t M. tm Mote IWIom -f ?H o*otote oor rr| i im iter piooi UHr o*o irnlir iipwiii rk>?t^)Mtf i?.iciiMMbn*rrf, Wn Iky art MM* Mb** of Ac mm, and tn tea kJm Umm nmmm iktn T*y mrnm t* tntt mm MMhr <u tiUe frroUd tA? Md IMy ortttooo Ite Mm ?f oar altiMotua ood oorrropoodooeo m Iomowi Hotel, ?Hv*?*?t mi mwiim Tim Kupmrl Mi Mm, ?r ttes M mum Um iim, oouli Mnr Mn tmj otter Mrmm* Mm m pmm to Ite policy of of Motouoo, mi Mot* mtoteoofo m mmtm ifter 0*7 ooout of tim aUiMuommo hitterto Moteteoo booo m?r% tefimi omo. osd ootkMp teort ofotMM to ite Oomti of fatoi M Ukatt to omoM M Ite MteM rtefcu Of lrm*te| oo4 ooporolog, iBonlii fey oD cMlHoT 0mmo M ooS tte root qoootMo ot Moo Man M te wtetter v* ohoO opoMom our MMtoaohh *tt QMm ob oor lorao or oote^ ^omoom mjteao?ommorooomnmooi* foa^ioteol^oo'lte eooohUnrT'loote oo kooSS* Op Mo UIi Mmi of te OMfomoteMi oorofotga. oo kitapooolOM ooMiol lortoo oooU Ml >i 001 lno oloiloi UMoooor m latettey MP'MOr Morten? ate ooooo of 0?imiom te Mo* 00 oo ptrsA i0m uioomo, oof 00*01* im Mturol 0101 t will, mo oo* te Hotel b ooottwm* Mteoa* tef roMtloo, M fnquoal later ropdoo of mM?> Wttm, Mite OOM oM MoobM of roMMMg uoro#no. Ml IM OOMM Of OOf Mp WOT Wtt 0 MM*0 ?Mi hasv Ite provrfcteo oauter of poaoo oor of oror, i*l oror wteM rioter? Km if a o ooteteL VMM M ooo* MIWODIH by ite aooi*ka of prtroM UM tt M| be Hnwy to Mre Iiimnm irtt lihriw yeerk.HilMMrti la aioin whathar wo ?M mmM wbb Mm m (Mr Wrwe nr ow owm. IT# Mr, if ww pkm.omikmm tetbetr IdhMI IMI.mii to tkatr e-lty qanali, ttdi fcMIx mttmaOo of ?l Mm rtm mom, teatr yarniMI mm ot npniattf, tM* tm moMy ??miMiiil optatta ot HmMm, u< tM MkaOto'tM ot om ot taw dMNM Mm aad laflttad MflStUM utaMMMM pMtttr tfZTZ tS"WO MtfcH; >uk to IMw toroL aad wottow wtk tbea M tM MM* ftffIM PMt ef BMICBltr Md fWly. TM (M ?tiMM ont?iIm,kMlitih trutk.kMtlMM, M4 MMMl rw pM*. Md ! MMlMr OWMlTM, Ml? niBta**t f<?t eeowij for mm* yabry tito of mr mil Ml MOtWraMaf Wild II fir Mr MM MM (ML fto?a M<* MBMM say M jltm or IM Wm m wbtab wm (tomm. TM hmo Ma |om by worn BMaaaM ,m$mm bar onad ttrM; tba* ara mamul by tbe raaelt; we baretiled tbaa mod faded; we MMtaawhapaai ear bmdttlrM witb aaab goalie toroommof ba Naal mmeery Allpoltetaa ara laoged by tM fab aet Mr prt ywtw adrMMea, but Me Seal MwabipeMeea Mwl of war fbraMr weak aad Hagittaiag jwaMy lb Obtob lg that w? ara aatraaaa, aad at war, M Ma twy *M Ma*, oar trade a groom tbaa arar, aad awMa baairi I tbiaM4UMIMMMb?alNMIM?M TMiwea? m Ortaa berear to M* eM ww wfnw w? w csaSwssLvsCTBffir'i! antral or aay t^abi! totattn?a. I? to rery taper tea whatever wa base la gtdi mo awt i?M to Haw ainwa aad ttoal wa ahaB towtaabarwf btokf tori ara isasjB&EZj?SrS5 or* Oboot to da toy Otfort Ito "at, aad atoa Mm f MssnSttaazgrffz . tToooOm, ood am Matod .Nrgwa Wa taaaaaaaa , aid tM (totoMa aaryaM tkiaMtarw ta aMarllia aad dabaaM Itoa reyty ? wbtob Ma l-btob taraw aid bare la ata to aet addraaaad dln?qr a tba MM* """"JS. **. Ma^?l?to!ltob,dl*too treaty Ito'oMM rotooo alt* fiUxw to ratify tbal treat* at rekfe, aad rafar m la Mb M| Tbete to i uana la babara tM IM ratorwarn la tbt? ptooa, aa for rttot to tbda, waa m altar

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