Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 16, 1860, Page 5

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 16, 1860 Page 5
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? tiiM. ateply to toM aad Mto a; aad that, at lb* vtif One we van Voto there w???omi* tbku to bold eOtowhialloB wttb ue, too iwnitol aniborHbe wars areeeat. directing the toldtora aad preraallat oa (row to tog tafenwed aa To the real aweaaf Ibeaaee. Caaaay aae aad that aoab a people eaa be twangM to reaaaa ethiiwhi than by the strong beadf flertog to deal wttb barbarlaas la, ladead, a great reapoonoilty, oat we aaaoet aaeape H. There we are, wttb a adartoa to dloahergi.and we touat eoqoit earaalreaae wellaa weooa. At Uth moment oar ooarae h plain Wt bare to Mforoe a Waety, aae II b for the totoraat of Mm whole hoioaa faee that we abeukl da it qolakiy aad Ibaiaaghly. ayeleenT Vtowaf UMOaaapU?*ttaBi t? Karwpe. prrom the Farla Moetteer, May 31.J Aa Preach goreraaaent, tor from baeteg a deelga to to i ike er gtoe rtoa to eea?ltoiHnai la Bo/ope, la order lad aa aeaaawa tor farther aggrandtoeweat, la aaiTneted to tbooghta if qotto aa oppoalto obaraater. The ' iwiiaaiii daploree the men aw Tree duttoad to propv ftoe dally hapraaatooa the laaat exeat aa regarde Ha real totrattaee. The Emperor baa made erery effort to reaatobhih to arapotoe oanfidaaoe which baa beea ahakea; jtoaato dtotoa la are la paaaa wttb the ether aoreretgns bto i tola, aad to aae all a* eadaavara to aottrely darelaye the iiaiuutg er rranoe. ke Japaaeto attowy to ilia ValUd [Fro? th* Lnm Ttasee, Job* 2.] Ik* Jspaaaue hare takes * atop towards laternaUonn aeetabMijr. It la rather late la the day; But alter ? couple at eaatunaa or ao at prtvaey aad mcIT??, they Br* at hat "coming ant." Now thay *r* oat they appear M pl*M*Bt OOd OtBipUIOWbl* people *B need Be, art* pleat* at eehpoeaaminn, much lntalhgeooe, and bo "fcttl* B|ikWn*w to Boot. Th* ?B***r despatched tram Jeodo to Washington arrived at that cMj oa the 141* at loot month, *ad IB* depot!** aw making IB* beet of thaw u*m. 1b oompoetng tb* mission tB* Emperor at JBpta |r****<*< oa tk* principle ob**rr*d Bp tb* a*BB* Of 0*BimUBB tB fSliMM a ?mmtoaa. B* selectad "fopriWBUttr*" me* 1Mb *boB or the too groat |mMb MB* State, ati pot them oa dntp tagetner?a oBrma**tea** a BOB *u aeooaat Mr lb* nomoer? warty KB, mrvnnl* teeladed or tb* party BtlaaUp dtosmberked. II aB*aak m Mot, te Be bb embassy to dnpllBate, oad b*bb* dap perhaps w* waaf Ban* lb* pleasure of roailBig te a draBIa i*p*? I whs* th* Jdtaasa* oi*oa r>Wets *ad th* JBpoam ttberote napisMeity taiak of JoMTtoaaadbartaaateHaaa lath* mtaattamw* bam U Uu mimuUti parMctUort mhat the durirm* Udmk tf iU Jmfart??, for ataar eovUt rvpsmrate more c*ransMte*Mal 6t (A##* tmmkkm (Am (Aom of mm hw^hw Mt iu$ m the tUr fid* tf 'B< Atlantic Ve are told By the** obssrvaat Bitter* what the Japan*** am doteg and bare daa* . artrj dap atom tbep Ml their native tbore*, aad era taMrawd of averp parttcoior ana ore lag their peattioa, Moaotbatr ethnical deaoaat t* the amount of oath la their pt*et lb* ImBa?daro landed eador a aalate of aoi?Bl*?n aaaa Mad Bp Captela Oablgraa from a Battery of fa IS p*BDd*ra, "aO EngUih pUm eaphwed By Ike United Maim daring Ue lad war milk Great OrUatn " Both Booms of Ooagroa* adjourned lor tb*tr rsoepooa, aad ?a th* ttroBgora draw* oa te their quarters at Wiliard's Hotel tham wem "Mvertl memBor* of tb*C*Mn*t aadqottea a crowd of Senator* oad mamBera la the yard," tbooga no pwtiealar place Ib th* M emooiea was aialgnad to t oa* up*?atetlr** at IB* p*opi*" th* diet proceeding at th* Orleatala *a getting late their apartments wu to napoo* their baggage, which tb*p did r*rp unUOilp, take not their portable tores, *qaat round them oa the hear, and amok* their pips* Arterites refresh men tbep wem hi* te oosfte* thaawelvsa rather Bred, end Ms President therefore was requested to poatpoaa for a few day* their official raoepUm, until they had recruited Msameirea from their fkhgnea. hi the Interval, sod by . . tha atd ef tatsimsMra ptcied op during the voyage, th* Haw Took Bbuld gives an a oompisto picture at tha party aad Ma preeuedtega. - At tost sight the Japeaaaa pmaant a* vaUwM a Mkemm to th* Xhteeas that anybody would h*jghpoa*4 to tout thi resemblance vanhhaa mi futter aoqaalaUaoe, ate Ite Jiamw tbwnalrn m particularly anxloos to - *?etete an omamten wtth tte population of tte ooo dtoaat. Ibey Wmm vary angry If ate tte Chinese, ate proceed. we an told, to phiiologtoal proa's af tte dtauacttm thav aaaart Ttey ??y that ttero ara ao wards la ttetr language tee words of tte aaaM Maaalag to Ite Oteaa language, ate ttey date van a greater aaUqnta than tte Oteaaaa, wtochtoaet altogether Improbable for ancient raoaa have teaa oftaa Mated by aav mlgratlone from tte mntotond to lalaada Adjacent That ttey eaaa from Ite Waal la aaaartad totter by ttetr ova aatterlllaa orfhr oaten aa tteir behalf?their eooraa being traoed from ite Euphrates to tte Cteplaa, tteaca to tte Amoor, aad ao to tteir praaaat ?Snd to *9830* teloteS^i: It to'iKtotEo ja pansae language atewa dtoUact affinities wtth tut of the Bad Indians, wteaee it to lafarrte that these nattrts af North America came originally Item Japan, baring teaa oaat away la tteir junto apaa tte oeaM of .Oragaa. te thto aa It amy. w tad tte Amartoaaa fal y persuaded that tte JaaaaMQ ara gate a dUfaroat paopto from the Chtneee. Way ara mora cleanly la paraoa, mora aprlgbily la dtopoaittoa, aad, If not mart carina, at any rata mora dtoearutog. "Bcah" tte Aasteaaadara?4. a.. tte two rival chairmen af tte Jotot Committee, are rotter tall aad thto to tenre, wtth long sharp fhoaa, dark oompiaxloaa, and Meek hair. Ihto ttey draaa with great oare, aad to a vary angular tables. Ite an lira head to aterait to Ite kto, with tte oxoapttoa of a mafia rim of hair rnaatog read Ite back part af tte tend from mo temple to Ite alter. Tte hair from thto rim to allowed la grow bag. to than brooght op (Teat all tUm to tea top af tte bead, there faataaad with a ribbon, and flaaDy tamed Into a qoaoa, or pigtail, whtoh ho waver, Instead of hanging down behind, la bronght forward, wan aMdtaed wtth pomatum, and tndted dawn tte ~mrehoad. Wbetter ttero n anything to tte phyaligaamy af tte Prtooaa dm Ming a dtdhrant axtrnotton from that af ttetr aorraato wa ara notlafaramd, bad aoam dttotoettoaa bare bean already reamrkod. Tte inferior motobore af tte Knabaaay oat ilttla at a time, hot vary frequently. They begin ooektog early to toe morning, and "keep It up aeantanUy" till abont eight at alghd, wbaraaa tteir aapartora take fewer maato, tboagh parhspa better anaa Aa atztooa offloera af tower rank handle a kntto and fork and take n botopor af nbampagnt aa lantay ao any New Ihatoalar. Ttetr fhvorWa drtm to n oar tola hovnugo af fltob own ooutry, bet ttey ara Ml Mgatod to thn respect, and en "worry dawn" ngtom af Marry without aeh difficulty If rot am ttetr maMo. Their laggagd, <* "M* have elgkty IM. MWM hnwilhi ^mMmh of JifHM manufactured There are bundreda of arttotoo, wa an told, 10 whtok It "would ivxatrt aa axpertowoed dry mm dark to |tvo Thaj hammto,toa^pepltoeawd HMf mbm, wwi w> Trior of nn^m, ThtLr etovea y. ?** * *fP^AiaodaH of tab articia, batec Mad# to eootfowe, oaatly MaU aaart aad aa eewlr not Cfrthar.^ m a?E^.jl52L? rtia. fa. * ?*? ? , ** ?t'i imHaiai'i hod baa preoratcd to Ite la|?aaai at Jeddo by Onaaaodara ??*??5-S^te?3g5&jfc iu 4iih?i fiu gh*rp rVto wtk oat at tho W nidge whaa the guard w pot dowa, bat It roqutroe aaparaio oanaMt of tea thumb to 000k M, wboroaa tko Japaaaao rlflo eaa be either cooked or aot by tee mom Btoroaaaot whtok mo tko cartrtofa. for iha root, tea r ?,of to aid to ka perfect. aod Ike Satokof tee whole tnatmmeat at leaat <x|ual to tea boot a marie aa or F iro aeao ai-eolmeeo. Aa to booka, tea Kmbtaty to aa wail Kirn tab ad aaoaOrge reading party attholakao Taev bare "any qaaottay" am "of evwyaeearwttaa, 'greet -qoartoe aa Mg ao " Wabator't largo Ototloearyand utile aaapbtota ofbalf a doaa pega aob. 80m of tkeaa, wo are aawed, are "Uhwtrated to tko aoet bautaTul etyto t art" VVai^tet mm ?Ka 11 ^^^te Iwlkf^dltow ?la4toMd Ww BwwM to Utto noon try aoaaaa rather doubtful. we know bow meek away they hare gel, viz: two boxaa af a*>ao eaak, oat at SIMM, one of SO,000, aat SltMS, am aboat *4,000 teaoa.bat whether MM riatoram will aeffloa tor tka tow of Europe, aa wall aa America, to bay bed oar power of eoaiputoitoa. Wa toMgtoa, hewevw, teat alter the raUOoaUoa af tea treaty, whtob to too objaetaf tka atotea,tbe raabaeay wUI ratara to Japaa, vtotuag flret New York, potkapa, aod otbaa Ama'lraa otttro. bat aat vealarteg acrotn the AUaatta JtoawteekM, wa dal peWt toatateiNf If Sto preeaMap, wat daU tea Jajmam mm ad dtoawa Mtw ooMUrp tm Iktfr Ard (rotate fhtp ttfli otab ap JtopMtk, dad aw lAat ' H inl CO Wrilfr UM9I AB Mf OMPH A? dead of Ptot Thay win aa aaa aod ataaoara nil door to Eagltob, aod aatarry fcaak wtak thaw a gooi Ma at fit tr at ad tl tei altn gtairaUy. AU tea nd facUttat* oar own telareoaawi with them, ad thai , may btw? highly adraa Iattbpat, Tin 9t? ntirr, nn dat or obtabttu i rnan the I.saioa Name, Mat St.] The appomUBont of Cbptaia Ball, mad hie miwiBm af the MMMi of Um Great tatter a, hoa already pea dnoed a groat imfimrawtal k bar ailoraol appearaoea Tba enpreechlag natter taataatly fee* mot aba aa loagm toofcahke a daft object of dread?a leu black ooffle aermeaated with foaaal ahaped ptumaa-bat a raapeata . ttusss^A'srsrst^ s& tatoed bp a atraak af whua patat ataag bar atdoa, aad tba riaatkattoa of tcwidcoior far the Mack patat termed] aa bar faaaati Tie qatntMp Of black paint about be maalhead all abate rodaead w?b abll fartbar adran tago Oh*. Ball baa datarmtaal to sake bar trpaai gaflh movable, aa aa ta adaab or tbetr batac raadtt; mwared oa Back; aad V thaee aad tba yerda and tnpiatat are mock ta aratlac aa^ttaro la aa daoMttataap ai It a rant aaattaa aftba raaael win be materially rertooer fcehm erteejy decoded ttat y urn eppe.aeokian> eofl aa ' ftSSTta the aaflar maa maafi be aeoldaa, aaiBemlym to aiake tba daoka water bgbt aad oaafol will be a* m| repeated eeata af bright rarateh. lagmeaama la tb nteotuaery Ibr eteertmg are aim la protreea tbaaa moled am addbtaaal daobla wbeel fto Oka aama barrel), wMa anil ?* ?"**,ew2i2J2?V5Va1y2mle< ' aaeam whtette are atee betefTlt?od^a?c am^gjma^amm ertOhetrfaadaty'loworti?*Bm^oamdoera tb latty mdaa by tbe <ma of a moveable aad rwaaiag clip a taabed ta tba boat, which, takiag temporary Md ef long aaear badtaa. end bear tba boeteteer fram the aid dirtog Ma diaaaat, a matter af maob 1m|iirtaaai wbealb ablp ta m moltaa; la aaam laetaaam a teaeOar reeult la t be obealaad by taa oaa of a fixed tmat perpoadimlar rap aadrtag, taaiaad aTtbamaar bedma aM dip OB tba aataaa daak, aaeaag other moduisabaaa. by < ataxia ooatrlraaoe, tba lower abief oabtam are bre^t late common! mttoa wbh tba aalaaa, trntead af by the etr eeboaa mode hitbarto adapted at ? me eat lag ta ma lewo deck, aad maa itlng by aaaBmr Sight at atapa t the wiaga. fbta an1 lag nm eat will loanre ad'lNiooal mean at eggeaa tram below, d peonage baa baaa apeaad fo trpa.rommoaleatlea betweaa tba aataoea eldeel pernio threetb Bm aaah?a galmy Theahlef odnoei w rettei It a -ery high atata of ornanawlatMa. aaetbor ealow i being r?toed aa ample wont aa<l raralahet, aad lb bet roe aad <ech over bead pleeelngly atdared, after tb theory M WT '!* ? .loom t'gly aad oaaeoaeaary wta Mem raofea bare v*, mjiee doera acid at wed. Md earloa bee Bineeeery aad ?.*?reateet alter all ma made by tb bdudom dodetoM nf (bemm Ball aad ttr BoM Tie fcaaer bad ^rMaatty, lib* Kr. M'Unnan, tba chief aa I V ? m ? I NEW YC C" ??r, imrnlml to look ol oely to to every tltttog, every l, pu> and anew, and Imt' aotbteg toootoptoto. Tbo day or her toteaded dopartore to Mow *4 hiM, ud Aert Menu towiiil bto dtoerflMMeMaM taut tAe ibeald <o0 mi Alto aMMiitoto' Atol utoii Aitou ^- ? momm! al vto HH WB totolB NTT rTWVI ! uvww nrk MMfe NMtre (to udm (tore, latoeA uxU oaf 00wr epafe/nr a Jortnigkt Tbo boom beve not (toartooad to tbeir uotofoi Wo Iboir predeeeaeere, iu m boord Use iblp each one to totobtiy aotag b? qubom to bo ready ol tbo appointed UM, bat wo would obeerve, abtofly oo tbo port to tbooo who may wtob to ooo too rooooi Male before her departure, oud pooelbiy to moke a abort trutl trip to bar, that tooro are raaann why a fortnight lator would bo more dutrable It to b?owa that owe of the owttootora to ahppty dittogs baa mi beew punotaai hi the jwrivimaaoe of hie promt***, the Wmteon ball la re wkl torloooi) loterfere with work ye? oodooe; worka batried to the toot onto are aee the koto awl aaoot toattag. a failure, even a partial oae, would now bo tooro aort mo than ever to the ehlp'a credit (bo uooertataty of bor departure to tbo flrto day Used baa deterred aotoe Iron takng u poeaag# to bar, the bertha art aot rutiy oagagod, aad mm woe a oocuyaoro of nob oooid bo eaaily pooled a abort Irtol trip woold gtro gouaral oobldeaoo aud largely acroaao tbo reoouroea of tbo eotopaay, ?a alao woold o few oaauratoao to bar watio la boutbemptou water: aad. above all, the orgaaiaattou on board would bo naro perfoet Wo itoton auggoto thai tbo atart aa tba toh aboold be tor a trial trip oulr, aad ber leal departure ebould bo datortad ttli aboot tbo Nth of June She will Ihea arrive to New Tork to aapto time for tbo ootoorotod 4th of July, aa the voyage, if managed with tbo euuttou propoaedaa to graduated apood, win ocoupy about atoo eoyu flu auiloa nt naad la lat Hkalv to ha idrh aaftftiad It tbe pnii|> oat, m the koKM of toe OiW Jaalera hi foal. An ingoaiooa made Dm baa* tdoated of keelbaaltig or koal*| her boUom.wWh a OMtaMtlaa of timber aad hoot coarao broom affixed, oot tn eotkm by ?1o>? tog. Grata tear foot loo? un marine mooo bar* beee by tola piooac* rubbed off; bat aba wan to Mora tbaa a oomparatirtlj clean bouoM, aba waalo Dr. OoUyar* pa teat prrparaUoa, or Foooock aad Boobaa'a eon rtfoa, or aft M a dicmiaa of Ubow or paint giro ber speed a fblr trial, aad til) tela be broa doao bar rata win ba et loaot two kaafti on boar baiow tbat aftcrworda aaaMabla. Tba abarabotdara uo tba world moat therefore not ex pact too moob la tbla reopoo at bd. After tba (ridiroo bat beta MMplatad at Pembroke Dockyard, aal Ute groat abtp boa boon coated wttb Dr. Couyor'a preparation, a groat rate of tpaad Moat ba obtelatd, booaoao aba pmmmm that perfeotlon of form whtob experience dafly teoobM oaooa tMba ooaora tt ^^bia tgfttfftift ^atft^t pt^bf. Mr. Lung lay 'a teak of etreegbeetegegbe 'laaaa doeka aad oommetteg among pang wtB ba aatbihoiorliy parionaaa by too Mb of Jane. All tao oaaaraokwa booad tbemaalTea to l>a ready by the BOth May, aad to their fault, not to the will or baanoboa of the board, moot the cole) of her dap rture ba attributed, If aba la delayed. On tba whole there M mock oaooa for eoogratutetton upon tba ohaage tt the dtrectora. aad their oboioa of Oop tote Hail at a oommaador Everything ooeaeoted wbh the abtp, area to tba broken' bllte aaaoanoteg bar do yanw o, tadtooteo tba proooeoa aad aatcoa of practical aad oueiaoM men. Tba Board oontalna among tte aaamoara a tboroogh master of each depa'tment: dnaaoa, navigation, oommeroo, engineering, Ac., aad m a wtaete daaarrao tba oonfloonoo tt BM obtained from tea aha aboloarn aad te* oommerotei world Too aoooey marteg oepocttiee of tee chip era growing evident aa a tempting drift eteaa poaaago chip, aaateare oaa ba bat Hum doubt teal uaoar tea promat aola maaogement tba ported will ahortiy arrlra whoa the shareholder? will reoelre a cutMteattel reward for ibacr pereeveraaoe aad potriotttM, la having aaloag atoad by tote great aadai tattoo through all tbe dlfflcoJUee. da aatera aad delay t which hare bafaUaa it The tetelllgaat aagteoor, Mr McLeaaaa, aad Cbgaato Ball, aad all who may bare rallied round tea abaroaoidoro 1a tee pact, moat all look Ibrward te that ported for a pcopar aokaovtodg coat of ibacr aarrioaa bey oad tea fame which will be m oriaied with inooeM, wbioh te lteelf will be no moea rProm|ba London Chronicle, May 81] Tba works resettling to be oomplated before tba grant ship te ready for aaa bare now boon broogbt wttbte such oompoea aa to laaaa we doaftf at hmr being prepared to Mori ea mtmiay week, Mb /wee. A large body of lagteccra aaft amitoa, from Bwtodon, weal ea tmerd oa ttonday te aaatet la carry lag oot tea alteraiioae la tba acooblaary do Rtaeat. aaa will be dateae* by Wadaeeiay aext Mr. tea, tee Secretary to tee Great teip Oompaay, wtd anil for New York oa Soterday aext, la order to make arroago amatefor tearaoapdaaef teaaaipoatbaatearatdaof toe I Atlanta, and the laat ateamer brought over a pilot from Naw York for tba Croat Kaatern There ta a veryjcair demand for the barttaa, bat aa tba a am bar will no limr-ed to thraa hundred paaaengera only, there la no doubt of tba ahtp having bar fall oomptaaaent. Tba araar algnad artl oiea on Hausrda/ laat, and alaaoot the wholoaf tba banda are bow an board. Mr Bold, the manager, atlll mamma In tba ablp. ana will aooompaay It to New Yora, and renth with nw km aimm I. A Tba Chnmptauhly< rmssmtatiom Of tbi bolts to human amp atm [Tram the London Itmaa, May 11.1 Tba dlfltreaoca between the rival obampiana, Sayan and Heenan, ware brought to an amicable teralnttion hot evening, what n diver bah, of pro ?>Mly tba anoaa make and value, waa formally praii aiad to aaota af tba grant pogtlMn fba later mbag oerrmoay whieb ao aav etoioualy cloam Una novel Anglo- A mermen "difflrMty," and Beta an txample which the diploma uata of the two MUoca would do wall t? lmttato m tba adjaataaaat of their future oontroverdea, took plaoo la the Albambra Palace, Lekaeeter aquare, tn the preatnea of many patmna of the <>noble art " tba champlma, who were loodiy cheared on tbatr entraaoe Into toe pmaaftil "ring" re eantly devoted to the feeta of Howe A Owhtagb tnmpt, in iho inMihwihe Mr. Caldwell m "tba tiro trim) an wbo bad huaarad tba world atnoe ibo dayo Of Walbagtea mad Nopal?a." High m might bo tba onoalf waa rally alowii by Urn plaadita of tba aadteaoa. Tba balti Ibo oar it 11 noowpiaao of aeb natchlito aklil aad oadaiaaoa?lay opoa a labia ta tbo ooatiw of the anna, tba wtaaaro aad tbalr fliaada batag froapad aroaad tham. Bofora tba addraa aa war* dattrarad wblcb wara ta proaada tba award, tba pugtiaa adraaood half way toward* each otbar, aad caroteliy baak baada la tobaa of tbalr ttaal raoaaotbabaa tba dm bah of tba two waa priaoatad to Haaaaa, acrompa atad by aa addraaa wrtuaa aa yrabaaat, wbtob waa farBally raad amid tbo root aroaa ebeartaf ad tbo ooaooana by Mr. Dowlteg. TM* addraaa waa aa fbitow*? 00LANS to JOB* 0. KESHAN, TBS aairiCTA SOT. am:?tbla bob la praaaatad to yon by tba editor of BtH'i Ufi b? L<mdam, aa tba rapraaaatattoa of tbo aportlag praaa of Qroat Britain, la tobaa of tba* aoaatry *a high apK" Aloe of r Our aptm aad pluck la oomlng aeroaa no At to oombat for tbo Eagiab cbamploa'a bolt, aad to ooaataaaorata tba groat valrr, aadaraaaaaad fblr optrit dlapbtyad by yoa In tba battla of tba lTtb of Apr1< last It la aot aia?ary bar* ta aalar Into oay pantonWa of Ibat groat auoggla?Ita raaowa may ba aaid to ba world-aim. la hMorya abwady flaflur to arory Inhabitant of tba Old aad tba Now World It w a Unary watab win ba raad by futnra grearattoaa wMb admiration, aad oaaaot fan. wbcDarar aad wbaronr R la told, to ram a daatra of Tbara mayTnof, parbapa, a rrgrat oa your part tbat yoa I y* enable ta bear away wttb yoa tba ortgteal irwpay Br at oima VL!MCar^ok *? >00( ? lot tbat regret ~-VV7.7-. y_. ./a Oil* counterpart yoo bar# a teeUayv forgat aot Ibat tba obaace r.i'ri." ." off Ibat object Naaif at eocaa future time ft Wli far oonpaiMlaa. Yoar brara oppeagat, barteg abeG? doaa enough to reader ba aaine rnmcru*, baa aanooa wd ha retirement from tba antra practloa of hto proflnaMa, aad will aow raat upon ba laoraa, coolant to wunem among otbar* etruggW* for tbat wh>ch ba, Uka your aatf, baa baaa, aa it wara, eaoipaUad to forego. aow* wbUa. Uka tbla token?cbartab M aa a wall aarard. well deserved maaaeoto of tba aanlrauoa of toe people of an oaaaby: aad ran aaairad too* wbtla paguaa ?mUaaaa oaa of tba aporu of Oraat Brtuu (aa* towg mar tbat parted ba') ao wag win tba a* ma of J aha a ifiieia ? etwei >i>k >?mct aa Ibat of oaa of tba bravest I an Ibot (Ttr aatorod a f?*ir aml tmij fool ropad rtftg. Tba bail, which la aa aaoct Iftc ajDiboat tba cb?? i ptoa'o Ml of b|lu<i, and of practeoly etmllar value, bM MB pui ebaooa by ft eabaerlpitoa taotl the i?Mmm a*dg?Ua*M*ef UUeooaawr, beaded braaoaef tu fro* your brare opposes!, To? flayer*. Tbo aoaafctoaa areaaaey of Ikft arrets j ? ! ixftMt for rror it? boad . of frw adabip already tutored into bonrsoft youreolf aad Tom flayers, and win load euoogly * laoroaoo tftftt later I ftHoa a I good fbeltog ft (ready eebowVng betweaa frtoa ad Ebftawd, whleb ftiaai rear bo IS# aauouo desire ot I ovary Ma lover of bit ooostry. I Pi anal id U tbe Alba?bra, toMMr equve Kay 60, , IMa FRANK J Dorft.tXG. I Tbo bolt, * fttwra pteeo of all ear, about three taobee is wtatb, brartsg tbo laocrtpuo* "Obaaopto* of Kagtftftd,' a?d ornamented with aarftrai oealgaa emblemaucai of UM> prtaa nag, woe Uaao b?dad to Heewa*, wbo atrotgbtway Wobled * laftfti ft? waloe, amid load sad pruluagtd ap ptauoe. Iba* etM flayer*' tar* ta raoatra Ma bard aaraaf daeorattea. Tbe rfrpr of Kcgtaad a cbamproa, la kaoptag witb Iba ebtvalrte oourloeloe nf tbe ocoaoloa, rraa pro aoneoed by Mr.WUbaa, editor of iba No? York Iprrtf oftAe . Timet Mr Wtifte*' eoaeewbai ilond aeionoea wore da Reared ? a to*a of *orb sob malty, tad w*b deep feel tog. BO additao woo oa follows ? I A MIMIC A TO THOMAS SATULS, CBAMPfOK OT IKO LA Kb. i Lowdo?, May m, IMa r ffrft?Oa the part of maay anbleroeo eel gentle won. r aad, I aay vuaHirefio aay, o* ibo part of boodrodo of tbaaaaado of poop? a* each aide of tbo AttoaUc, I lake 1 pleasure to prtroottog you thto ft itartog Mwaomi h to Mltato whoee write ?4 TeloreTimw well foogM betttoe, ell <* which b?*e tr??{1l r? taw, bet aeoa of which here beee more honorable ?? the toet *b?M batatoa. thoeeh all toeghd ea taihe eoU, ere well ketti lo the peep* nt the felted kwuae. ?<! through them rw bee* thereetread, m well ? bore, a awe Ml nhahrr MM. There. ea here, fee here hroepe cm tawpa of maede, end aboald roe ere? ttooeee lo rim ear ehocee, Cwfc teel lo e way awl ptaaeaat to yoareelf the MM greet aattoae here ee pr^odlooa, aad the* toeenf rtrairy, aaoag ft geaeroaa P'opli, ta oely e Ween heed t# the frtaadehlp ?f lb* brae* ft freea* good fortus* to wftaMB the <oatodt by whtohjae termed An hmitoat trophy, aad which yw htaeeawaaa aieelfl he the toiMtoeane of year toag aad heaorebto pahlte Mo; ead I reft-r to that eoetaet bow oalj *ai I aap bear a^ tMUBMhy to Na worthy eharector It wae a* aa ordtaarr battle ?d the i tog. U waa aeoaautoe aataated by Mrelr groreiueg modrea. H war +*+7 rMrrt; am* a ?? at* oaly eoartoow, hoi **%***/_ lh< a law ward, aot a eoarae took, aot a moaa ?toea. ***** the ooadaetar ahhar yeerealf er ywr aa tofaatat; bat wMh that graaefel beertog whleh betoega tt Ty- ?e? ?ad he, hke twa aerator? of old, did bait* ?yv ? *7 ^Itaeh yea were eummaded, the great aaltoaa to whaaa aeaaee yen etood aa (aged. Thaagh not new dad by wp aatnrel torahw tloa aao|ht by battle, epea aotttar * rr?ta Um WrMapTUM toeoaiptato reaaft; aad hjtMta rw "J* ""* * b wblah credit peaart ea freooaetly to deeM?a battle ?t>?re yoa detfrered aad eadured m tench, aad thrwgh the wttobper wblah yea eheae ee Mhly-ta MB ehoaea to be too ntttog taeb olegrrei oereer. la *t? Wwr, aad to etew eleo at year Mel drerrto, 1 win eow elate what 1 bare oerar fait at liberty to rtato before, which a. thai ro dreely wee .toha flea oaa, to ooatraoa with toe oowatry?a?, tmpreeaed wtth year wtito ea e wee, *t wee hie flxad ietcottaa, had th? old baa boea awarded to btai tor whet took plana el Fhrnborough, to hare beaded N yoa egaia oa the oete )BK HERALD, SATURDAY Mm of ua preosatoUoa, with oomothlag Ikt IkM words.?"Tabs it Sock, to n Sayere You hare NTNi M is OM] e hard fought op hill boulo, oad I Ui Ml tlto du to deprle* you at whet belongs to 70a mora than H doM to mo. Lmo it to ? , bowerer, tor o tow woo?, to oner toot 1 oij show It to my friends sod countrymen st to**, end 1 will then Mod H book to 700 to kesp oo yews fororer " This determination h* oaoddod to sm kof before ho kft No# York ; end 1 to quite suro, from wbot I know of him, toot bo weald here kept bio word But thto bolt, wh ch 1 bow hood to 700, to oo bright sod honorable m the one or which It bw imitelion, nan it to more befttbog too preallor cKwoof your osroer, for while It porpotootoo foreror the bolttM which bo?e g?ae bworo, it boo. it the opto time, the CMOfel funetioB ? rsoup'iUBg the equal mortto or on ooroblo a* it weary. Receive It, therefore, baakle It about yamr lotos, treosare it sad bo prood of K, for it k a sound oipr? ooion of tb< admiration of two notions, auto so o moo or your sua bio standing ooror hod the proud fortune 10 reorfre btforo Regard it, oioe, ao a proof toot courage oad good ooadoot will. If perm re red la, always reap tbr-riCBrSt rewords of ? ; oad bo sure of this?toot to loo| oo too quabttfO of bravery, fbrtttado, Integrity ood 1000)7 bearing ore regarded 00 virtues b7 won kind, this sbtatog girdle will bo o owmplliaent w 70a oad 70010, et which srea the Mttest person might ho proai. GEORGE WILKES. The rend tag of this oddrsos woo frequently latorruptod h7 rehement cheering, hat the patoogo olludtog to its hortog bono Bos Boa's generous tafotlsa to rotorn the holt again to Boy ere. If ao had been lortunoto enough to wto It from haa el Horn borough, woo .-ecelred wttt Tory stentflceat murmurs Poor Bayers, uo blush tag ottfeot of Mr, Wiikf?' glowing periods. ossmed hardly to kaow what to moke of oil toe high flowa oomph menu 00 liberally lavished oeoa blm. aad when the "shlatog gtrdlo" woo pnoosd to him with too iojuaetlM to''hackle It aboot his Moo," he or toed It wKtof o poorest osaao of rottef, oad immediately foot sod swoiad him. The awkward MM bo otoptaywi IB tAM operetta, owing to toe cumbrous make of toe bolt nod the difficulty of tiling It to bii wriet. provoked mtolled laughter M* chooro. Tbo oratory ?w, boworor, not yet flnlolmd Mr. WilkM, tut) addressing tbo puxslod Beyere, mid ho hod itlU one port, and perhaps not the loutrigalfloant port, of hie doty to perform. oad that woo to return to him the "battle money," which ho had never loot. Tom again hold oot hm bona to roootro thin tangible recognition of hto naoonqoorod proweeo o portion tf toe ooromeay which won certainly folly M tototfgtblow him m tho root of tho flattering ovation. the ohomptoao, arrayed A their "guttering toottmo iUo," then walked arm and ana round tho arena lor a few momenta to exhibit thammlroo to tho poctotoro. While thlo woo going on few could refrain from remarktog tho weaderml dMpartty m Iho Mm and Mat ore of tho two men, tbo hogo " boy'' baring to otoop and walk in an ungainly atlttade to order to keep Mop with to tonpet ail rely diminutive companion, ? In tort right to add, however , that what Tom waata to bright Memo to no mail o agree made up by hto extraerdtnary mtmoaJar devatopement and bin onormoun width acrom the ^Havtog aoffitieatiy gratifled their audiaaea with n right of them, the frienoly athtolen aaxt acknowledged toe honors thai had been paid them Their watorj might serve m models of brevity and pith. The Bealeia Bay contented massif with assuring too Monde that that wm the haprisit mow ant e? hie too; and Tom flayer*, in tarn, arid he ''followed tn hto oomrnde'a wake," and was moch ob (gad to ihtm all Both of the man looked to admirable coadltioa, and their vtoegra bore no peroeptible traoes of the terrible poalahment they matonlly underwent en the memorable 17th ot April Let ao hope that tbo onpioanaat memories ef theeneounter are equally sffioed from too mtodn of too combatant* ill their eympathiaers. The oeremony of tha prcaaataUoa Utiki nptitM at tb* MM pmoe lo day, frfctoy. wd Saturday; ul Bayera and Hoeaaa are afterward* to go on a tour through the proriaoes, to (tea tootr oountry admlrara an aqual opportanity of wttaeartag tha happy tarminaUoa of their manly rtrnlry. tha proceedings at tha Alhambra war# agreeably direr tflaa by the rocal and laauantchtal perform anpea of tha African opefa troupe. to rtm bsitob or m londom roots. 8m? Tha oopy of ay addreaa oo tha aooaatoa of tha pnaaatatloa of tha baita wn* atmply taacribad "Amotion to To* Say era." lnataad of " unariaa to thomaa Bay era, Champion of England." Will yes pVaaaa aoaa thloaaa fact, and mooh oblige your obedient aarranv GEO. WZLKK3. Aramn Horn, Lornxw, May 81,IMS. [From tha London Chronicle. June 1) thalaatact ortheremoBa prima-fight oaaaaoff on Toesday nigbt at the a lb am bra. tha drama new atanda before tha world and the world la welcome to make the moat of B. Certainly no othar oounlry would bare gal beted a aat aaeemblage pay tag n guinea a hand, In mo two pngi?ivww tan*tfi ywt^trVitfib the rartooa aetata of the earlier atagea hare ooenr red aay where abi Where aha aooM a big Aaaarieaa digger bare thrown the populattoa Into eaMtiea whererer be weatf Where eMe woo d ha bard Been dramatimd Mia a aeooteerul ferae boftre he had bean a month In the country ? Where elae would the attenUoa of Parliament hare bean oalled to tha Intended battler Where eMe would the aekt battle bare bean made a national aflhtr, one half of tht world aaoonragtag It. the if ana? sm latblia shMii It 9 Wto* rite would the po lot machinery of p?tl Batton htve beet pat la action u nop a eoeple of ptait from playing at flatten Be, only to be baffled after aU f Where etoe weald a railway eotopaty hare rot express trains on the oaceeton and a oorraepndnea follow batwen themselves aatf the goreraanat, to be laid on the table of the Booee ofOontaaaae la eenaequeeee of a dlatiaol motion T Where elee would the tight Itself hare been recorded red commented en by the ablest pent of a literary and learned peeptof And pet we are not one whit the store tor aU this a nation of prtae If blare, or Ighton Of any kind. If the mag bed oara common with ee, we ehoeld not hem and# tech a fate abort It John Ml was wild this year aboat Jack Hreaan. a few yean ego be waa wild aboot tbe Chiaepumo, and tana years bafbre an be wee wtld about Gra. Tom Thumb. Quarrel with hie Uato by aU atoaae, bet don't mtotokt Una. at wan net then a antlea of ChiaipaaeaM, or a aatton of ten lhambo. an h ha aew a nation of Heenoae It will be rery long bafbre nether prtae fight ewnhoae bh totoreM. Lot floaeral (Janbeidi rooM oaaonnt ue, and we ana gnan at the ooa er (jurat i mention We beBere Ant Aero It no people apaaeartb nare Hhstr to fee km an arena, er lan laaly to glre blat Mover* We bare bed ear flag oat of layers end nines a goad, hansel, mealy fling it hn ban and wa are aai tab mad of It Bel the Ragfiahman la Ma wbliss, and the Eta Untunes la lua realtttea, are tee Mr* dtnraat baton, and we warm Ana who woaM an Una at ? to otafcuod Umb. TIm Kbti TnWU* OOt UT tut couucsroNDixcf. Kn Wow, Jul 10,1Mb. Wo woro if%to Mortted oi tbo roport ton tbo Mohowk bod mode oaotbor capture, MR bM termed oat to bora orlooa from tbo tiottbat Oepl Orotroo wo mm with o too ool to tow oo tbo oooto Ho of Qtbo. tbo vooool bod gottea oobrri. ood tbo Mohawk woo ooototlog bor ool of doogor. By tbo oteoaior Magnolia wo oro lhforwod of tbo 0U0 orrtvoJ 00'I khdteg of 1,300 oJotoo OS Sagoo, to Cuba, from o otaaoa prop* Iter, o moo rod by oo Eogthdunoa. >*mode of troaoH doobUeoa oorrowo tbo cbooooo of capture, tbortooiag |tbo poooogo by ooo hold. It would bo woU If nea o Mode or rotors absU bo oflbrd td tbo oogrooo boro, who oro to bo dapovted to Africa, M esounag g fOMOMtto ? of tbo orotdoooo of oioeb ttcfcoow no n iow?* aTHi t total, oodor Ibroosblo oooatoM, will wrooty no Um puwp to thirty doe day a, ood aateoooMadaa* roosi, ploaty of tor ood sBoteoini Ibod, at rogotor bonro, oro olterdod, tbo potior who wtlt rooab Uter aotl?o load wJJ ho otnall ladood. Without ictung to oooooooowry obro to bofl so prrtl to iboB ptewog MO oogrit la. tbo charge of i tear prrwmo to rron tbo oceoo frot tbooo woooo ooptdBy or or or lor nr. gh Indoor o bold pooh at recapturef Tbto I qorotioo la oo-. oa id to ouggootloo, ood M tar Ft tor* oat that, laotrad of bolag foturo tedMMn end roreraoro at iJUno, tboy will loora ooom of tbo ?yotenoe of tbo omo ' gold. Tbo crow Of tbo ooVbowb bartr, wbooo apbb wad b FriKbau, woto all daehargod by OoaatMMBor Pittbol, ood Cbpt Mont, of tbo Crsoodor, goto tbot o poaogo wr to Botobb Jodgtaoat boo boon gtna 1j- 'rfi ll ogilaot tbo tinIro Wttefiio oad WUllaene, bo. Iboy wrUI bo ootd t ooottia a obot twtaty ?oj?. TrotrueUaaa horr booa fives tbo erstera bora to toko aN fo'oro eopttrt to Bootes or Ftetewinali Tbto wot arrow o aow oeoooUoo to tbooo toosMoa, obosld tboy b* fwtnratrly fbrorod with oa orrlral. Tbo wowMwr boro W totooooly hot?eery Itgbt broooto, oad wa wool ro*s aoob yet the tow* onsbseeo healthy. Tbo ported of optdoMir. yoltew frrer, which tbo PTtdMt ooUdplltd tooo, boo oot ypt otnood. Tbo frrrrigoort of tho nrow of tbo bark W!ldtrO bttl Wti op"o hsboao oorpiM oilolo tbo Uoaod Motel Jodgo. IImt Will bo dwoborgtid oa Ifoadoy. Tho Jodgo'o Ttewi oro irti .toro broa l ibaa Jodgo Magrabb la Mo WhoMr. aolotwaa Tin, ooo of tbo oarItoot ootttera of tbt it ood aod ol >t? rootdcot, dted Wot olgba Ho bod booa CoUiog for a teg tune. fta woo o astir* of OibbooIIobIi PniMal Iat?l1l(*ar?i Boa. ft ft. Aahop, Mayor of Ctamsaati, 8aa. KsaatM Core t Jodga Bprtka tad P?v>r Ca?aer, Eaq , all <M Albany; Oca rater rtbrie, of fBaata, Jodpa fata and daughter, of hebaaictadr, aad Dataa Da Wolf, M, ol ntwrgo, wars taot| tie arrtaak at U>? SL Ntaata Hotel joetorday. Dr J. ft. Mayft,hf SauU OaroUaat J. ft Thvtaa, Eaq of ftae Aatoaio, Triae; J. Bokj, n?q., aad family, of Lie yoayra, Smith Aaaortaa; Oaf*. I.taroIMn Jaaaa, of Mm I'aMod Rtota araiy, aad B R Alabrook, Eaq., aad fltatlUrtaae, are atopptaf al mm Fifth A ran no CapUla J. 3. Lawrrooa, of tha tap Vebator Ltataaaal Boaatoo. of tha T'nitad Sutra airy, aad .lodge fttryber, al aaa, N. T., ara etopptag at tha Aator Baaaa. Oaptala riaaatar, Mr ft F. ftaataaaa, Mr. ft. M. ftaher MrVi; r Raahhrad, Mr C T. TUmhm, aad Mr. T. H. Rayaalda, aU of tha I'attad nuta ray; Malar ft 3 HaaaJay, of CbhUrela; A. Moaroe, Eaq , of B/raeaaa Oct** Pi'Vwk, F#q , aad wtfa, aad W 0. GMbok, fttq aad raailly, all af WtlanipMa, aaa atopptag at the Metro poljun Botal. Dr Waanti aad lady, aad J. W. nur, saq, aft* Jamaica, Bret ladta, aad Dr. ft ft DmuMaa, of Mar tbaaptoa, Maaa , ara atopptag at the Crerett Baaaa. Chi J W. Rlpicy, thyt. B ft Wright. CBpi OaOoadaai Mr. 0 Crtaada, aU af Ma I'aMad HUUa army. Dr. Jaha roe, of M. Moaad, Eaq., of lUrra, aad ft ft lArirr, f>q . aad IbatUy, of ftiataa, ara tapyiag al thi Stw lurk Botal. Col. Loom a, of Hiretford, ngaa.; A. A. HJorar, Eaq trd 'amlly aad D. C. Brat-**, ftaq aU ef CaMbrata. ft M Srjmoar, K? i . aad I. D Bocymaa, Eaq., roth a Bath, NT, art ?t"TI ' ? at tha lafargc Hnmm Mr If D raiM?r, of tha Aeadamy of Mo Me, waa yaa tori!ay marriro. at flt Jot. a a burafc, by tha Bar. Dr Wratoa, to Mba alfc* Day, of ttita any l ft?at?r Clay M KU qttto in, al Mr rwiilftiM M Waah ' lafttractty. r, JUNE 16, I860.?TRIPU C-art ml ??u?l I?mW?. Bator* Raoaraar Bvuit AMMUM MCKMLL, IBM rjjpnrmiiit norurm, opt to m atan fiuaaa. The oacrt roo* vh orewdat on Friday mora tag by th* friaada ti priaoaara wba hat baaa UM aad remanded Hnriaf Du weak. latardiv bavin* hwn lud Ihr lhab IWlMOl Amen* Mar en, ftUM sarah fin, u? noted ehopimer, who waa conv toted tte otter day of ataaliag b piece of at)* from tte Mare of km * Co., waa pieoed at L bar. She wee IndloUd far b aaeoad offence, having been trite la ISM, tefort JuaUoe Capron, ob b eimUnr oterge, Bit WBtmnte in TTlanh?il"~fw frn jeere Wbbb te ted aarvcd natter term of tmprimment tee rtenmed ter pro*idea, and frowcatte U with greater aottviiy ttea formerly; bad betag of b preporaemiog appoaraam, ate wearing coolly and fuehVmtMc apparel, aha euooteded la praotWng her deprodaltoao apon Broadway atore keeper* tor a length of time wttteat detection, tUl at length tea operate? ware aaddealy brought to a clone fey tte eierk of Browa k Oo. detectlag her la the act of eoaocaBag a valuable plow of aatei under her mantilla. Pereehrtag that tte evMoaeae of Waa MoreU'a guilt were clear, aad knowing her prevlouB feJetory, her coaaaal terlaed har to plate guilty, thereby hopiag that by aarlag tte time of tte Ooart a lighter aeatmoa would he hnpoeed than would other wm ho adatetetorte if tte oeee were triad; hut tte raahloaahla ahoallftar perelated la declaring that ate waaiBDooaat, aad raraaad to Item to the adrloe of bor legal advter, euppoeieg that tte eympalhtae of tte tury would ho enUated la her behalf, which mlgut r eon it, r not la her acquittal, perhapa la tte dlengroetaeat of tte Jury, wbwb, of eouieo, would iaoreaaa ter ehaaeee to eouro eiempilon from lacaroeraUoa ta the Statu prim, -although tte Jury aelght have baaa taflaeaeed omawtet ta her favor If tte avldoaoa ted baaa tea peatere ttea 11 waa, tbif were bound to reader a verdict of guilty. Our reporter learned ttet wtea lite Monti Doted la ter by ter boadoman, and Had to Canada, whKber ate waa pursued, anoMed aad brought hack to Maw Turk. Bar eoonael atatad that the wu la a daltele stele of MoNfe,ead itettf ate were eeat to tte Stele prim, ate weald not, probably, aarre har UatrA aad roqaett ed the Court, If poodble, to ntttgato tte aenteaoo which It nn ibffni to pin The Recorder observed ttet It waa a painful duty be ! waa asm pe lied to perform in baring to eauteaoa a women to each a long term of laaprteamaat an tte law competed him to Inflict. Ha mtaaoeit Amelia Morell to tte Stale prim tor fire yean. da em ee tte teniae oo waa pronounced! the prteaar gave teat to her feeling* by weeping bitterly, aid had to ho meleted by tte officer* to ter nb aura fhuvbt caw?to nueoina tokhuiih it two wivm?umamnaa wnioruDn-toe is bbtt to tm nun nutoH fob nvw tbaks. It will be remembered by that portten of fee renders of the Hmuu> who are interested la peroelag the criminal reeerde, that a abort Use ago a highly reepeotable looking aa, named Stephen H. Chapta, alias Chase, waa indicted for perjury, having appeared before Justice Quackenbush tor the purpose eC beUtog a Mr. Bans, whs was ohargsd with arson. He than laieely Swore that he ewaad a hoess sad lot in Second street, worth 910,000, there being 01,000 eaeomnraaoo upon It h waa discovered a few days after that the boons whkh Chase awera ho owaod was the property of cant Hart, of the OKT Hell precteot, and sad been occupied by him tar several year*. Upoa thin direct teettaeoey or hie guiM of the crtme of perjury, the Oread Jury promptly taoad aa tadtotmeat, be which ha pleaded guilty oa Tuesday. The oounael of Mr. Chan recommended this course, and at thetr regnant ho waa remanded UU Friday tar eealeaoo, waeatt waa preialoed that affldavtta of a number of prominent otttaene aad wealthy merchante, testifying to the uabteaeiehed character of Mr. Chase, would be rend la the bearing of theOoart The arraignment of Chase the other day did ut ...Ha MiWenlar altaatfcm. and ens Mall haia uppoMd from what his ooonael had Mid that bewaaea Injured party, or that there woo to oil probability boom mvtakeaato ihe Identity of the accoeed. Thsss aarmtaes wort proven I* bo errowsoos yenterday, wbsa Chase woo brooght op for sentence, for oueh sntnnadlaf ftorelaltoss were mode ea obowed that bo m aoiioeominsta rpppgL Court jwlirte morning, nod whoa Obaptn', abas Ghana, was colled np far todpan, one of the lawyers woo about pi speeding to rood nffldaeim enleMhbtagihe moral portly of mo prisoner at the bar, wbo bod all Um ostaraal marts of a gentleman of tbo old reboot,whan aa elderly lady Mapped forward aad daalred to confer wMh the Beoordor. It appeora tbal tbla lady loarwad from tbo report of tbo nrooaedingn of tbo General BmMonr, ao Tseoday, that Chaptn woo to be eeaiaaood, aad in ordor <o eaoure baraeif tbot aoeb waa tba fbot, oallad at tba Clerk's offloa oat Thursday erenls#, end mtd As woold be proaaat oa tba followtnc morning to oomnnatcats aa Impartaat Imm to tbo Ooon roapecung Mr. Cbapta Aa wo bafbro remarked, tbw lady eama forward Joataa tba aooaaal was oommaaatag to read tba batch of aadaeks, aad told tba Baoordar that abo waa marrtod to tbo prtaoaar about twotra yaara ago, but tbat ba had rafwmd ta Wo wtlb bar far the past stabi yean; tbot abo had three lulu ml lag obBdreo by Urn. wham be fatted maoppert; that bo oetted oooaatoaaDy, aad always dr eased watt, aadappaarod to bare plenty of money aad jewelry; he naad to remark, he waa going down town to dMw wttb gentlanen at oartnla phone; aad. to mart, wbaaerer be ttatted bar bo appeared la be proaporlag. botaoab was bis tabnnanltr (bat be aarar rare bar a dime to rapport heraalf or toadly, but oo Um contrary purtotaed wMlerer nimble articleo he eooM pot hto Made open. Ihie atataraeat eery aettually mittod nrprlee tetb to the miode ot the Chert Md the Mhtoi, el) of whom Mtraed to her aeary w*th kradm etimhem. While Mrs. Chop* No. 1 wee ndih| the tonpotag (ecu, Mrs CMpta No 1 otood Mb lad her ehetr, imuo perfectly thmeoratrock at the nroletlrae, for ahe Mamad the Recorder that the Prtocaer waa her haehead; that aba had hern married to ate by Her Mr. Jeaee laat fall, addtep that ahe had toe menage eHRoata at haras Thia elat lira I prodooad aaeE aa taproatom opoa the presto tag Judge aad toe aadleaoe that a nhai aUaaoa prevaMd, wtiah wad hrahra by the aooaaai tor Chapta, who Md there wae eeeethtop arrelleee sheet tola trawaettoa, tor the atotottto whtoh ha haM to htohaad vara amde by ax Major TMaaaa, WUoaa O. Haat, J. T. BaD, aad etoar equally trail toon cttiaaaa. who teeUOed that they had beea aeaaaltaad with Mr. aiapto tor toe Met fourteen yean, ant haltered him to he a highly reapectahte etttam. Threouaeal tarred ta hare the oaaa poetpaaed lor a (ear dqfe, to erdar that ftoeroaah toreatl gat lea aiight be had hd the exaot truth errtreaet. The Reeerder refnaed to peat the aaatloa. hat, la order to inafca aaauraaoe doubt anre, he ttrat ooafroctod Ghapto with ha two wires, aid aahed him If Mra Chapta No. 1 wae aa wtfo, whoa to daadad that ho had oror aara bar Chapto No 1, aad ?ha repeated the ?Itmil made a few meaecwu Were aaddaaly haag dowa Mi bead, \ Hrt Cfcapto No. 1 atratnuord op Hd looked Tory dint lad. Ilit CMdi No. llaotad bewildered, m? Recorder, the coaaaol, the ropofler of (ha Hntin (who, by (ha wiy. waa (ho ooly reposratatlTt of (ho proao la eltwd aaoo), tha )ur?ra. aai ho heteceaaaum groop that make op (ho anttaaoo frcao lay to day?all Okxtd amtzed at (feaamapaapafliaola. Tbara atood aa oMarfy (raUnraaa barleg all lha tadtaettau of batag a repetabta aad laioiu whooe fcatwrlty mm* at ear moat Mm del cdcaraa aMaatad, MwrMg Mb la ha all (hay add ha waa, a aaVaoMTteiad pejarer aad a Ngamtat, aaa of Ma wtree troMfyiag la hMkaartag (hat ha had feaa? Mad Mr Ma"l *a aaa eeeBWa, aa aaalhar he had aaaa oaa mad of lha crtae a" falao prataaoai, aad that bo had haaa aaat (a prtooa twbo Mr ahaadaalag Ma (Many. had haaagmhyafaaaBarar!Bilaalaat,faKha Grtad Jury had lodleta. Ma for par Jury la Ihlaaty awaarlag Wore lha Naaardarthoal Ihroa aaoatha ago, whaa ha cOarod himaaU aa aaretjfer a party ohargad wtth erlaao, thai ha waa lha awaaaaf ralaabM raai aatada, aad (ha ladlBfeal waa la (ho eta k a poaaeetaea yaaaarday Oar raporlar waa lafbraaad hat Chapto waa haad earrar at lha St. Ntcbotaa alght yan aga, aad that tha piaprtalin of that mfabltahmaat, aa ataa of tha Amor ami other ho(el?, ware ready to taahh te hta axoaUaat character da itarll at Be DMrtcauorrmya office ataa awded. whaa appltrattaa waa mda to hta far lafbrmattoe reapaouag ChapM* crtafaalttaoi j, (hat ha had goad rea aaa la haitara (hatha wa M lhataMtatgdag hall Mr a to dieted tar rartooa araaa, aad uMatail a tiring la way. Be moat tare waawaad waanmaara afarewd aaaa la haw aaaapad datctloa aa taag, aad la have aoeeaadad la deeelTtog al aaly baotaaaa mm. hat the officer* af tha law, rto are aappaaad to ha export lodgao of human ataro. tha Kiawla ta poatd (ho nig brat penalty v law allowed, which wa (mprtooamoM la IK RtM ytooe lor an ntn vut IMa <~?m wm itdw ooaatdardon the penfalora evinced toe daapeat mmm ib a, imim iarp* mm wte bar* poUi'ng to do hot IB Heua In bo proowdtBgeof toe So* Bm ltd rMtn to Mfntoli toBnlTft vpn tola IfBti ?? ?BtoltBt I toil to I Mto lllllr datl IBBdBB of to* ordm*ry laroaar aad byglary trtoj*. la IB* aiiiiHB to* in* of biMiiil Kiaart tola, charged wito datoaadtog Haqar to Brother of t waaty barrele of tear, via wwaanBai, aad win beomttoaed aa fletarday B la altoaed toato* Batoatoai wea aaaaetotod wito Hoary Karptoe, Jr. who. to will ba rmmom bared, waa <aa?nad aal aaa to toe toato prim tor atoalia* Mooatay of floor ftnatoi Maaara. Ilnhir Tba prtactpaJ wit* waa tor to* unatollua were Mr*. Karplaa aad h*r BM*r, bnto of wboaa tottbod Mroagty aaaaai to* aaaaaad. Maaaa t. FtoB*r, aanaia. iipH italho dobrorod twanly banato af (tor to toa piiaaaii. wto* waeabakar^aad toadjahad bahlaabaulal toda^aby dalirary eiark. Tbar* wa* oaatfdartMe dbatoa Nam toa Oaort f aad )ary 1a ratoaaaaa to toa praaMltty of edjoeralag to wbaraa to arrival of to* Jaaaato. Rmb* *f to* tore** WMfel |^||| ffcjntttM 10 WMMM pVWNI I Hon, aad did ao* wito to b* dayitad of to* aliaaai i *f r aaetog to* dtMogatohod torotgeta Taa Aaamaat DtoWan Attorney aaaaaad toaaa tool a would aal |fr* a oaat to aa* to* Japaaaa*; toa* toay raid aaa baa Ira la of > toaaa avory day to to* park. tWgiail?aa of to* levy, boweeer. war* taaradatom, aad wrabrtod la toa aipraaBaa of iMr wito, aad were p*efed wbaa toa Baaardar > anabi I I* todatga toaaa b? adparatog toa Oaart m Satarday aftaraooa la *rdar tool bay mlgbt faart totor ay?aape* toe imbtaaaltia from Ape*. J aal bafbre to* eeort adjooraef aa ra CMy Sedge aar tared to* own, wbaa toa Maaorto took natona to ia tona him that a eBaaft ?f kla, aaaad Soar1a*,bad baaa aiiatgaal.a*d NwBaiiatbtto umaail totdbtoabo I waa aot guilty, be a?Btit bla toll ate or ana umaa. Hit Boaor Informed lb* laaryerto* Mr Itoarto* weald b*triad atotto aftor a?lai to aarrow,wbaa aaatoar , member of to* bar (oaaly a ha ami that probably bb PMI n| Tb* rrtoM da JotorlQe wm watod aa by to* Mayo* r m>d eeodly oamber ?f the bwNf oHir<m. *f Qnabee ad atw by to* (torerau Ueaernte Aid* d* Caaap. arte nailed at toe Cl*r*adaa oa toe Ito tt<, by nemmoad a Hb tnalba*y We tear*, bawewr, toot toe Prtone d* toe* to beep a* prirato m be one .and toat he left Iowa a oaa a" cleat wNb Ida amal oaly wr rmryiw da **?' boaad tor lab* to Joaarb, wbara, bp baa aaaa laftototd good fiabi?| amy b? Ud, I SHEET. fntrtl if antral Jirnmp. [fnaa the Washington Star, Jut U J Tbt ooreawiee la bo?r ef Um Ma Oeaerai Thomas & Jttup jtaurlajr afternoon war* of a uoat imprwtve tad imposing character. At tbt boor flxad opoa the remains tut conveyed frota tbt lua raetdaane af tba deceased, atar tba ooratr of Twelfth tad F atraata, to Iba Epiphany ebarab, In 0 atraal, where tba solemn service at tba Episcopal obaicb wta part at mad a largo aoaabar bad assembled la tba church sometime prior to the arrival of tba oerpoe?emoeg other a tba Prat Went of tba United States, who, la ocmptny with Judge Bitch, tba Hon Qata John too, Secreterj Cat and Secretary Toooty, oocuptad a poaltloa Immediately la front of tba polptt, on tba lnakla Uar of tba able aa tba aaat (Ida. Seated awatily oppoalte, on tba lanar radge of tba mala able, not the towarlag farm of Sea. Wiafield Saott, la full draaa uniform, who apparently wan deeply Improved wttb tba aolemalty of A tew minutes after two a aolema dtrgo upon tba organ hnaoneead tba aatraaee of tba iirni?Unu with tba remain*. First la order came the Ray. Dr. Hall (rector) and tba Bay. Dr. Pyae, who waa to pronounce thefuaeral oration, followed by tba Bare. Dr. Parker and Cheer or, of Old Point. Jail behind tbaaa, aft tba bead of the pallbearrrt beartag tba ooffia, waa tba Mayor of thaoUy, waartag a black aoarf. The front of tba oorteg* proeoodad to the platform of tba ebarab, where tba ooffle ?a placed In a central petition bit wan tba raafttng daak and tba pnlfdt, the pallbearers ranging tbeamolrao along the front iteta. The ooffln, which wan of mahogany, waa covered wttb black eioth and Used frith white Htm. On the lid was n allver pi ate, on which waa a?in tod In n moat ikUlfnl manner, by Mr. Pblppa of Ibis otty, the name of the deceased, with the day of hla birth, m alao of bio death. The national flog waa neatly folded around the coffin, on the top of which waa placed tba chapter!, oatfotm and award of the Uloatrioaa dead. Iawnadtaftaly following tba remains waa the family aad near relaiiree of tba daaaaaad. Pronator. Blair. Mm , wttb hie two aooa, Montgomery and the Bon. Freak P., ware among tba chief mourners, each aeeemnaated by a lady. The mourn on bung aoatoa an Um right, the officers of the army aad nary took position oa tba left of the main paaaageway, wlita Qaweral Bootft aft tbatr bead. A largo anmber of tba diplomatic oerpn waa also pre?at In n body. Tba aervtoH] ware oommaaood by tba obantinf of a aokmn reqniom by tba chair. Iba fhrmalary or tba Episcopal church usually observed oa nob nooeslnas was tbw tone through with, altar wbleh lbs Bar. Or. Pynse proBOuBMd ii JImmbI onlloi mi Ik# ommj ib4 obarsotar of lbs distinguished and venerated hero. lbs rannsd mmbu, sftar speaking of <bs high toned sad aorsl character of Quaere! Jeeup, said tt could not be expected that on that ooeoston be should rive even n brief narrative of tbe events which bad rsaosnd the aaaio of taalr departed Mend historical. History told lis own story, sad oh. what a noble record. Ho ooald not refrain, however, brant observing bow fruitful that great war of 18)2 was m men dteUnguiabed not merely in military and naval aerrloe, bat formed by that sooroe lor great legislative and administrative qualities. Ths Utxl esa war had been followed by tbe same aonernpesos; sad, Indeed, It was latorcetlncfto observe bow, as la lbs ease of their departed friend, the ability formed In lbs ens war.but matureu euffieleat experience to reader ntoro cundent aid and counsel in the other. He was etruck with the special attention whleh had bean bestowed In the various obituary notioeo of Oon. Jeoup upon his administrative abilities, and the thought occurred to him how continually thla same admlnbtraare faculty bad beea developed in men who had rtaaa to high mlhtary skill. These mm ware not mere soldiers sad sailors, competes) to oandnst s revolution to honor or defeat , bet they wars -also men wise and resolute In council, abb ami ready to giro advice as well la civil and legislative eapentios. He did not wbh to be naderatood as saying, however, thai this kind of training neoeeeerlly ads such men. There must be sestethtag In the Individual sua himself, to bo made useful by tab or say other profession But bow many men were there of equal natoral ability, whs posted through tbe world without making say mark; while no man under tab training, who had that ability, did ate ta some form or other make Ml Nor did he maan to say that tab kind of training, la tbn narrow, piiifomlunnl seam, b moestery to produce such qualities. What he did mean to say was this ?That no man waa truly qaaltaed to control m human attain whs had not tost toaraod to obey. Than wan services for sabordtaattosu Ths detaed rank, relation end duty ta whleh every man know hto pass by hb discharge of the duties in the pbee be was ta, sad tan ribWons of place above him, qualified him for that higher degree in which he wee to oommaad. The reverend gentleman then spoke of the deceased havtsg pooatSMd that nre but important qnaHfloattoa of knowing how ta govern one's self, and sMad Islamite ta show that General Jesup, though naturally of a proud mii*. never foihd to admit and apologias for nay wrong that ha may have done. 9L'*SrtJBUHraflWa oi persons wire mhmm, complete lr blocking up au krmllable apace wlthialht eqaar*uhmUmahorahI*ettoalad. lafr**l of the ?kvtk, occupying th* entire Bqunre, ?m drtvi op tbe ar unary from Forlr*** Monro*, numbering thrM kadnl aad mtmlr-tre mi, and the Caned Bute* marls** from our own Navy Yard. Oo?ptoaooa among Um MUtid affloara, aid naniaandtag Um aaanrl, waa Iba etcras Brevet Major Qamral Wool, Ida flaa Agar* and ooaaandiag appaaraaoa attracting unhraramJ and raapaat ful admiration. iamedMnly behind Um Imaraa, hla head drooped aad hla aliunde alagalarly atgsificantof theaoaaa Um* enacting within Um ohnreh walla, Blood the ol I wai Bleed af Um dooaaaod, hla oae* too proportion* beartai many aarka of the dlaflgurtng haada of time and fa battta flald, aad wearing the aaddle oador which, la paa ^aara^ha bora hla gallant maalar orac th* Aalda ? The aarrloM la Um ?ux>h ow'iha eoffinwar bovM la th* ohnreh doer, whaa th* order la th* mlMary la preMat anna waa gtraa aad aaaoalad whU* Om raaaafa war* hafag placed la th* haana. The oorleg* thaa fa a IJ ?d aarafad la th* MUewMg order OtMiil Wool, oobmuuUbi uoort, Il4 8lltt Dram Mnfor. fhU head ftaa fart Maaroa, lad by QrlauhaUa Pbga, BhttaBae at Artillery from fart Maaroa, la aoloaa of eaaagaalM, aad commanded by OaL Dlaaalak, Malar Aadanea aad Adit Haghaa arrna r* reread. RepauMl outer* draped I* moaratag. BatUlleo UaMod Stoma Marfan, Mai Tarrat oommaedlBg, fall Marts* fa^iU^ Drna Malar. Prfaleatt Maaatad Oaard Oapt Peak. Battery, with the Ceded Mataa Ordaaao* Oatyg from Wahlngtoa Araanal, I Mot Baalart. eeanua txmmmmg m aaauuay curgy, ooorgy or m 4WrM)hmoi Ooaaral of tho Amy, aad ednaiatoadaaii or *a InhmL Mayor of Waahtagtea^1 *?Jr Gob TilrtlBU, OiImiI Hurt, Oonasdof* Mwulif, OMMtotSBtt, CoL Charkoa " nil. Oolooel Oi||, (Monol Cooper, ?. Bug. noa Oar Had, Bt kg Oaa MM, Bo*. J. W. iiniWi Bom. J. J. Qrttteado*. Attoedaata. HE 1MB. ISiailaalg Borao. w*h Binary trapplan, M brgui IUlmtlTft, terraaU ud mood* of tho deooaaod. Ideal- OoMt*) wtmflold Seott aad Staff. Tho General Staff of the irmj onaarm of the Amy. Officer* of (to Rnr ud Hutu Corps. SorrlToro of tho War of *12. CVrfco of tha Qaartonaaaier diaoral o office. Vatamlaor Oorpa of tho Dtauto Mum*, la tho foUowAag order ? Madia*! Mfloa, ON* aetoefto. Martial maatc. Cotnpaay A, National Goarda, Ijooloaaal tohop eon BadlaUoa Woofciagto* Light Ufa!try, Jh^or Oarta, OBft total. Vltoatootod. Alaxaadr la RtOoa. die?Pita, T*. Tha PraaMoal of (to MhdMd ud Mia>afOfhO OhMaah Ito Chief Joatiao aad Aoaaotida JoaUoo* of tho Buproat* Ooort, a*d Dtorttt Judgoa of tho UaitodStata*. Tho Preaidaat aad Swrotar^ ^of ttoHaaati, Qnatoro aad forotya IQadatora aad aaMw Noahra aad o metro of tho Beaao of naariaaaOatl i m. Jaadooa aad ofltooro of tho Quart of Ulua SoetoUaa aad Fradoraltha. At tho |iruiato?aU?ot*d da*r**f**Ls)ra*t* aroaao, tha oar?a>o*t oa oMher atdo waa crowded with apaetoara, frost Ito Mala Department la tha Otptot at i n cnamT. Arriving at the Onagj unhide I Punitory, the raandai war* depended la tha oaal^wSh impreaWee oarona*M "L"vrr> , ?. _. tta rait* Ma earn*, vara ttaa dmn up a IM ? tta atml teato* Mm bvrrMw gnaw i, aad thm roUoyaof makaMy wtra flrad, la tmarlian auk alb T ?N? TwcrD*imi ov rai mnui. Thraa of Ifea aaaa of tta artlUary baMaltiiii vara tab* IB willy, flat lir,aMa at*dttgMw*Magttt wipai at tta aharcfe, and vara tab* lata a hnnoa aaar by ami modiral inMuM obtained Thar bad baaa drtabtaf tao ftaaly of lea waiar, wbMfe waa gtr* ttaaa whih ohm boated TM^TCn^MMJijUMak m4jm k rnwMpnait of ttrwg, aloat yoaag moa, though tta a* Ibm, bowrrar utad* tali ta I aaay ba, M art add an* ta ttotr apfwanaaa. QaHa a aaabar af tta aaaa baaa racaatty rabiraad lto*aarrtoa aa tta ftaattata. A lad aaaaatfWaa ywraaM, arbo waa tttadttg bM tta abarab yard, waa aaddaaly aaartatta by tta baat aad MD aova M a fnghtfal fit, wbtab Mat* Mr aaw Uaaa. Ho ana wab oarad for by para*a Ha Had aaai tta**. anna cw orrr. A graal ataar paraoaa la tta crowd raaMrday aaWtal aad aaaiaHl apoa tta appaaraaaa af a ao<Md of potta la Ma*af tta im ad a wfth mm m ttotr * which ttay poflad away alaaa* aaiar tta aaaa * Oaaaral Wool aad ala Mad. fboy aaaa M tta rig* plaea w daabt, bat tta aagara aara a*; tta MMar aboald ban ban bapt oat of Mgbt oa racb aa ooaatfoa for tta aak* Tfeo city Ohaaabarldtb. TO THB KDITOB Of Tib ?tl.B. fhaapaattl aad gaaaral taraa of tta Hiprtati Oaart I thM d lair tot km daeld* tt* *y raataral (bom tta o(B? of Cbaatborlola a* Maal, a* that 1 bara aa right la i rarWaaf ttaoaaoaof tta Mayor ami ttaAldonaaa I not lag nub raauoral Four jodgas bariag tb* enaarvad la a rWaaf ttabw oppana ta tt* arSah mj oaanol iliiul, ? *?? * na tt* 1 aa a* aaUad apaa la WHait &a gaa*n far "Tbjrj 2Kr^Le55rasTir: ba* arbttwrby aad aafaaUy Num. * * *? * MbMd oaty la rtaMtfoa of tta mm aaty adMttlaa* by aaMgtta public money. hot 1 tt* I wool, oarer rotvy* aaab a i mart! M**"! * ? *Tr*rat tt* tti" imjyirta* dap*rta*ata af tta * gorbramat ara tt* bald ta ba oador tta tbail*a * , SfW^wT\^* tt. M.yor*d OM Ald*^ i aiihoM?h their arte nay ba Ambit aa. taaBaablt aa r aa)aat, b* I aboil a* rrgr* tty balng tta llr* ri*tmj ; issirc: kssts ) Si?"? ^rSilSS aadgr wh*h ?a aaw nra. A. v. iwi, s_ W?td em trwlay'i L*U?t YALDiBLK rnfr L BUflDliaNOH-OOtOOPfCTh mwr or wiid d ciuu a? a poor nwn, LIU QUI LAY?A PLEA IN ABAflMSNT ?0S . AID, AND BOMS BOFr WORDS FOR TH TKUKWS PBlLOfOFBIA. (From Um Albany Freuiag journal, 7?M 14.] There are some icings In this tetter requiring ?>bH< Uob . nil things in it Indeed, are suswpttots or HPlutUou consistent whb Gar Seward's full iwri?bw? at Mr. GresJey a friendship ih earvlors. rt?e letter was yldently written under a morbid Male of teeuag, and M IB teas a matter o? surprise that aaoh a latter won Has written than that lta writer should not only eborlab the ill will that prompted It for aix yoara, but allow It Wtella now his action upon a question which oonoarat hlB party and kieooeniry Mr. Groatey'a flrat complaint la that thte Journal, ha ah "editorial rescript, formally read ma (him) ontof Um wblf party." Now hard la the "odlterial raaorlpt formally fendtaB" Mr. Greeley ont of the whig party:? rftom the Albany Bveateg Journal, Sept. ?. IBM ] "The Tribune deBnes Ma poaltioo In referonoe te the aft* proachfcg elrctten. Regarding tha Mateo law' an question of paramount Importaaoo, It will support mem* bora of the legislature friendly to ttefssaags, Wresp eettfh ot party. "For ttato officers the Tribune will support auoh man ftg It drama competent and trustworthy, ursepeeMy# alBO OX party, and without regard to the 'Maine law.' "In a word,the Tr&une avows Itself, lor the primal, If not forever, an Independent journal, (It waa pretty much so always,) discarding party 4 uaagee, maedaBM Bad platforms.' "We rvgiet to teas, in the Tribune, an old, able and tM ?rnt ooLaborer La (be whig vneverd Bet wtMB oerrted away by Ha convictions of duty to other-aad lb 'tto Judgment, higher tad more objsots we bnve aa mile right aa laoUaattcai to oomptalu. n>a JVftwut takea with It, wherever it goea, aa tndoaeitebie and powerful pta?a devoted, a noote aaa aa anesldsh aaal. M aeator editor evidently aappeeee himself permuweUy 41* roroed from the whig party, hat we ahatl aa iwtppetotsd IT, after a year or two atordy pulling et the oer of veform, ha does not retnra to ha >omg cherttbtd behef UtaW great and benefloaat alaa moat ooottaoe, aa they eeaa meaood, to bo wrought oat toiwcg* whig kMTBMM* thirties. 'Bat we miy lateadad ta aay that tho IMaw tM]y aad frankly avows tta Intention and pottcy: aad that at to toga about which wo oaaaot agree, we oaa and WUi dJB* agree aa friends " Pray read tola article again, If Ma pnrpcao and import he not clearly onderatood. At toe Uaao It appeared, the IVfttiM wee under high praaeare Maine law epsed. Teal question, In Mr. Greeley'a view, wen paremiaal toe* other*. It waa the Tnbmrfo "higher law." Mr. Greeley had given warning, la aa ft ft aw*, that ha ahooM eoppart "Maine law" oaadidahe tor the leg ttUtore ana lor Utato oflloea, regard leea of their political or party prlaotpteo aad charaster. And thlt, too, whoa the 8 met ere to ho elected bad to ehoooo a Senator la Ooagreea Bat Instead or "rmdleg" Mr. Greeley "oat or toe whig patty,'' M will be men that after Mr. Greeley hat read ntmealf oat of the party by a hoarding "party uaigvs, meadateo and platforms," the Eomimg Journal, In ton laagaega aad pliltof fiieodahlp, predioud joat what heppmei, vis.: that in doe time Mr. Greeley would "return to bin leaf cherlabed behef, that great aad beaeboeei aims moat eenUnue, ee they ootnmenoed, to ha wrattyet oat through whig InatrumentnUtiee" We eabmtt, even to Mr. Greeley himaelf, whether there Is one word or thought in the article to whish he re'erred. Justifying hie across I toa that ha bad been "read out of the whig party" by toe Emntity Journal. When, m Dtoember, 1S07, we aougat tho anqualatanno aad oe-operation of Mr. Greeley, wo wore, Hke htm, a "poor prtator," worfemg aa hard as he werked. We had then bean cole editor, reporter, new* collector, "remarkable acstdeat," "horrid murder," "tteaw" , Ac., for seven years, at a mlary of g750, 81,000, 81,880 aad tlAOO. We had alao been working hard tor soar pay as aa editor and potttiotim tor the twelve yearn preceding 1(80. We stood, therefore, oa the earns tooting with Mr. Greeley whoa the partnership waa formed. We know that Mr. Greeley waa maeh abler, more tadeattably industrious. aad, aa we believed, a better man ta all reipeJU. We foresaw tor htm a brill lent future; and, If wo bad not started with utterly erroseoas views of his objects, wodo not believe that our re lei lime would bars Mom ai money aad affloe, deatrtog only t> become Mt "MOfUl" and ' OnUUDMIAl" MtttHHor Of ft pftUIMO, enlightened, leading tad taflnMtial public journal Far Taut, therefore, we plaead Boreee Greeley nr aMn tae " well mob" or orttoo aeekera, for whom, la be letter, M oxprraeea ao much ooetempi. Bed Gov Seward known, to ISM, that Mr. Greeley ooveted ea "tMpaetorahlp," he oertataiy woald have reoetved It ladeeo, if oer mewry h$e"Xt*5ahHy laftfiflf wm eefSdiiy preeeed upioa ne >M though at that time, like Mr. Urea ley, deeperetels poorit wan declined. * We eaaaoi think that Mr. Greeley* pohtloal (Heads, after the XYGmm wee oader way, knew that he aeedwl the "peeaalajy aid" which had beta pro ml red. When, abeot that portod, we pnggeetad to him?after eeaeulJac acme of the Board?that the prtnttagef the OomaeaOeeacU^m%bt he ohtelaed, he refaoed le have anything to ?e la relaHoa to the Slate print!*, Mr. Greeley kaowt that there aever wee a day whoa. If he had enema to ooaaa to Albany, he might aetheve tekae whatever Interval he ptaaead a the /wmel aad m Slate printtag hot he ' wleely regarded httpiahloata Mew York and the fatore [ of the yrtMOM aa far the moat deetrable. . For the "crcattm af the aew oAee tar the rtmw," Mr. Oreelpy kaew^jmrfeotly well that Gov. Seward wee la ae "iwTlhr^Ehetley ahettld make the adjurmant of the libel eau of Meet Bed Held h rriaglo agaamt the rribtam e groaad of eoctieetloe agaiaet Gov. Seward la manor of eeenehhaiinl Gov. Seward uadertook the eettJemeetof that eau as the frteed af Mr. Greeley, at 0 time whoa a ij Hmeiiu effort wee beeag made le deetrey both the FrOmm eat the In am Jtmnml by preeeoaMaea tor MheL Wa ware Morally phetwiil over wtlh write, dec lore time, he. TSop* ware at 1?ft arm Ituleat ri ftke jjiweG-to HmtH tea toe Bute <x whom plemLifT* ?milliberty to oouot(or TWdktt* 09TVMI MVIIi llMlVlA feUS pnlMlMlJ COT* ton to Mr. Greeley, ud, to At oaee referred to. at la others, tolled tba adversary. Par aach aania* tow mm a atrrag* raqallal. Leaa fortune** Au too iritmmt, It cost to* Itaito Journal oyer M.000 to mtl a patat to legal frwitoa toat arablod a detoadaat to a Ubai aa* to glr* toe trtoa to evtoaae* ft vaa by ao foal, or aagteol, or wlah, of Go*. Saw ard that Mr. Oraalay aarrad bot "atoety days to OMgreaa." Nor will wa aay what atoara bar* aatd, that Ma Gaograa* atonal djtmt waa "a taller*" That* ware other reason i, and totoaaaaMa otuag oaaaaton toatoto toaaa. Mr Oraatoy*a "laato" warn to ito way at ana i nHm toa "sharp potato" and "rough edges" of toa TiCmm* randarad Maa aaaeoaptobto to tooe* whoaantoals oasdtdata*. Thlawad aaora aa toraarty than at prasaat, tor nat of toa raaa* paat raftraaa to which too mtom wa* darotod aara aabat dad. Bat W* had aa sympathy wth, aad little raopaot tor, a eaaeMtoaeey that pretorred?'Jiae Iraoee" to Boraee Uractoy. Nearly torty yaara of axpartoaoa laara aa to aatad dgubt whatoar, with potoicaJ Maa da, aa apaa. traak aad truthful, or a oaottoaa, calculating, aan coaaaatuai ooaraa, to (not toe right, bat) toa aatoaot aad mast potato Tba form?r, which wa bar* cboaaa, baa aads oa aaasto trouble aad may taaaha Paw oaamdata* an iNa la baar toa troth or to batter* that too trtoad who utter* It totralroaa. la 1164 tba rrOaaw, through year* of aaraoot offset, bad * educated to* paopt* up to to* potot of demanding a "Mala* taw" andiantator Oerraraue. Bot da tadawara would aot aoeapt thatr Chief Reformer It waa andaat that to* Slat* Coarre'ioa woo to bo larraly laflaoaaad by "Matoa law" aad eetaw" Kaow Kothtag a at ga too. It waa agoally ertdea* toa* Mr Craalay aoatd aadhir bo oatoaated aor alactad. Baao* to* auatoraaoa I* which ba refera. W# to aad, aa aa tw* ether eoaaatoao, during thirty yaara, ear Mate Onreattoa bapraottoabto W? eubmttted too eamea of Ltoutaaaat Ooreraor Patlaraaa aad Jadga Barrta (bath impairan* ma totto aad prnouoa; ao aaadtdaln tor Oararaar, oanpto* wtta that of tor. Ortalay tor IJauteaaat Oavaraw. Bot tba "Male* law ' ma would have "aoao of torn," preferring tfyroo H. Clark (who tot ap <he raw maaertai of tamperaace;, quell tad by H. J. Raymond lor IJeulaaaat Uoearaor. What Mr. Oroaley nya of tba ratoltr* seal aad Offietoaey of tba rwltan aad neect, end of ear awe aasltogo la that eoateat, la Ira* Wa old aw doty, bat *ah tea* of ea to note em than when wa worn supporting ottbar Onager, Reward, Brad lah, Brat, Plah, King er Merge a, Oae word to re latino to toa rn peered " nominal firm.'' Mr Qraetey braagbt toto II Ma fall qaato af capital Bat tob?alfT DM bo Mt attain, to tba Ultra rM>?. a high paaMoa, a world wlda rap?, aad *a awpi* raatwaf *d?. w w* da, ibto b* (Mr Oraatoy) to *to w witoy w wa wtoh b? ww, m to aat tomh In m>m few not ad* bto ton?. Hi >i? to* ?M ? baap It?b*. 1?it"?r* ttoirr *rw ii fitoato. to pay win?to, ? to bad toi?wto W* haw bold bwa ifbaraMy. My g?m uiWr ? By ? party. Mr. Orwtoyr differ* wttfe w to rapardbw pntoM of aawrpaoara w ? fart-top Ibvora. to flump tbawtba worth of Ibatr mom y h* ItoU lb to IB* aooooat to 11Haul. Wo, w lb* tobar to?, bar* arar baid itoB rttottw of mwwpar ad bar ? aahaerlbar w ? of (totomito. vi*w*.J to lb a aapaal lb* adtoara of ttoa r iiwi I atod ^Mtotoit f na 11 kawa mdtolftokl a?wwa fa? * MMI?I *r ^^Pdo^Mdtod dP^B w^P Mtofld^toto^Mlw a^Mw topgratoibl riiilliWiaa *f lb* Bbaral aad able tap ootfl< da?jwdpadrwap* af Uwtr pa^Tad fnwda. toarara rrprat itat Ibto totoar few ton oaOaa'oii't^ Ha* top rwiiaii w yaara to 'bttoWal %*??* " afltoaaa. to? wa towll am* prMaria* to baa* arar i ? itoad a*. n Jawbarably a? obartobad * aorta* ? Jiyn>f Mwk or dtototarralaKwa wd pwaroalta wbiab ratoaaaP pabttoal M* Raw to aaaab thai la wlftob. awdtd aad 1%. | ***** i I IbvbI IatoUlpaaca. I Ik* UatoBd Bto? brto Parry wast oat of ooa?op I | Hi liy, lb* UU toot, aad WW pal to ordtoary. Tba aOara war* paid off aad dtoabarpat. aad lb* ?BP f namor?to ibo broakiy* Maria* Barrarka. lb* If a Hod Btotta ablp Iftopara toa Ml to* dry dd*M ad toabd atoapidda (too aboora tor too parp? of taktofl . ? t?, wbtoh ww oawptotod yiatirday. Pilar tab* M ai awl aad a tow ww* atoraa aba will ba raady to* e mm tba totorral will, aat occupy war* lhato a tbto ''Tba Catoad Btotaa MaradMp RabaT, Oi? In Opffy from Awinwalt April to. arrlrad ai Boatoa 1Mb toat M?ra. Tatoa, Notorial* bOa , af Ma lit Wall alraad, r win daapatab to* aabaaaar Jaww A. Stow art tor Faraaada Pa, Oorlaao aa<l Oabooa waal ooaal of Africa, oa lb* tod toaL Tbay wW forward all toltar* aad await paabaaw. tf i atat to ibatr addr? to to* odtoara ad tba Uabad Itotop anadraa, trw of cbarpa. 1 Obltaary. _ .. d Tba Boa. Tncaii K. Ra*r*. for a loa| Uwa Prtollwl ad tba daw fin nan Oawpii y, at ?*<tOtob, dtod to r tbat city, oa Tbnraday lb* adaaaow apa af Mfl*Td B* ww itomi Prowlwt at to* dkaa too? Oi? I, ay to Jaw. IBID, aad toare thai Itoa* to Jaaa, IW?* P*? i rkxl of thirty atobi yatob-fe* bald Ibto WTfea. ?ntb ibd at ataapilw af a toayfe yrw, wboa ba nMpai I t ? W at Mayor of Bartftwif fron April to, 1MB, to dprll at lha alaettnw lh?a b*in? bald awaally lb l?a_b* ** a eaetoe?by tba whiw M to* f? dW?toO?? at cat tor Oaapraa*. apatoat OM. tofawar, Wba Wti chop by fifty dU?pcMf.

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