Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 18, 1860, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 18, 1860 Page 3
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HOPgBg, BOO?g. TO IBT. A go0i) chance.?TO let, at a reduced runt, iho brown siuue front House in Bast Thirty third street. Me. 1SH; three story and basement, with all the modern 1m rovemeuis. Also Mo. W East Thirty-second street, and Mo. 79 Kast Twenty ninth street, and several others, at low rents. MpljWJOHM FETTKETCH. 418 Third avenue. A corner basement to let?the basement corner oi Bowery and Roosevelt street, titled up with ( K. Grown water, vaults, he.; rent very low. Inquire at 480 heart street. Broadway store to let?a km am. *torr, a few doors below the Hospital; be?4 locality n K road way for stranger*. The whole or par* "O" ^ 'et. tofether with room above. Apply at 309 Hroesway. COUNTRY COTTAGE HOUSE, FURNIHHRD.-HRNT (AW; has gardens, abundance of fruit, Ac,; or unfnrniaheil, (128; in the pleasant village of Mew Mqprrfouth Lower Bay, New Jersey. Steamers three times dally; fare 28 cents. No fever and ague. Inquire at 47 Amity street. FIRHT CLA8A FURNISHED HOUSE TO I.KT, AND furniture for sale, new last May; situated iu St. Clement's place, Macdougal struct. A part of the Room* will pay the rent, wqloh are now occupied by single gentlemen a no will remain, if agreeable. Apply at 1UNSUI.MER S, No. 343 Fourth avenue. civrnishkd house to let?in fourteenth r street, brown stone front, with modern improvements, elegantly furnished, to a private family or ftrst class hurting house, undeniable references required. For terms appfy at MJI sixtnuv-ci _________ tocrnuued hol'kk to let in twenty second, r street, near Konnh avenue .one year more to a private illy; tw<*lrff njoina iu pTlwi order. Apply at No. 5H East Twenty-second atreet, froui 12 to 1 o'clock; rem moderate to a aati-d'actory tenant. Furnished rooms to let.-a large and handaonie frout Parlor, with ga*, to one or two persona, oil the tret floor; klan a trout and ba<4 room, with it at ami rloaeta, ou the second floor, at dtW'j Br ionic street, ueai' llr.aid way. Furnished room to let?to one or two uentlemen; a pleasant. airy apartment, v?h pantry attached. Apply at 29 t'atbarlue street, betweeu .Madison and Henry. Terms reasonable. Furnished rooms to let-some at $1 pkr week; also. three Room on one floor; break last can tie ^ had In the room* if required, at 180 Mott atreet, atiove Broome. Stage* and cant convenient to all parts of the city. Furnished bedrooms?suitable for oentlemen, pleasantlv situated at 73 Kultuu avenue, Brooklyn. I Rent I rani $1 to SI it) per w eek. Hotel to let-long i.easb, just burn put in perfect order; the cheapest rent in the State. Inquire an lb? premises, corner Hamilton avenue and Union street, ear Hamilton ferry, Brooklyn. House ani? storr t<a lkt, in prarl street, two doors from t'hatham, No. 460 Pearl street, now used as a ftumiUins Store. Kent very low. Inquire on the pre mlaes. Lorr to let-fourth floor of building southwest corner of William and Erankfort at recta, 25x65, twelve large windows, hnlstwuv, gas, Croton water; well calculated far any buatneaa requiring good light. Inquire ou the premiaea or of THOMAS P. WILSON. 587 Broome street. Low RENT.?THE HOUSE 461 BROOMS STREET, NKAR Broadway, would be let altogether for a Hotel, Boarding Houae ,or In separate floors for a Restaurant or any business I purposes; a mid location and cheap rent; would be furniabed if not let without. Apply oa the premises. I pKKT OMPER ANNUM ?A BEAUTIFUL RESIDENCE. XL A lovely Cottage Home to let, in a healthy, respectable avenne hi Brooklyn; elegant parlors, chandeliers, piazza, observatory ; cars three cetita; schools, churches, Ac. Inquire at 402 llrand street, WUltamsburg. Restaurant to let.?the dinino room and Kitchen of a first class bouse, kept ou the European plan. 1 Address MS Broadway, second floor, room 13. 1 QTATEN ISLAND.?A HOURS, CONTAINING TEN I O rooms, kitchen and storeroom, to be rented for three ' years, and the Furniture sold. It Is now in perfect order for housekeeping: nicely and completely furaieeed; newly painted and papered throughout; it la a lew minutes' walk from the tandlngl a good location; near the water, and a flower garden attached. The rent for that term, and furniture included, SUM). References required. Address D. Q., hoc 276 Post STATRN ISLAND.?A HOUSE. COMPLETELY* PURakdted and in perfect order, with every desirable oonventence for housekeeping, to be rented for the summer monthe er during tke year. It u but a short distance from the ferry, pleasantly located, and a flower garden attached la perfect ' order. Reference required. Add rem O., box >76 Poet office. STEADY STEAM POWER TO LET?LABOR. AMD __wn?l> Rooms, well lighted, m Water street. TWO FRONT PARLORS, WITH BEDROOMS ADJOIN inc. on first and second floors, furnished In the beat manner, to let, transiently or permanently, without board, la a private family, at 884 Bread way. TWO OR THRRR NEATLY FURNISHED ROOMS TO let?Together or separate, without board, with a private family; bouse has all modern improvements; convenient to Broadway, Second and Third avenue; one block from Coower Institute and Mercantile Library, Apply at Ma 8 Fifth street, near Third avenue. r LET?THE WHOLE OR PART OP THB DESIRABLE Hoitse U West Tenth street, comer of Waverley place; large yard, gas and bath; all In good order. Rent MUO a year. Inquire at house, or of J. H. BALDWIN, (3 Maiden lane. rpO LET?A HOTEL, THIRTY FIVE ROOMS, IN PRANK?"""" ? ; rT.ET?AND IMMEDIATE rnmmwiON, OR ON FIRST of July, high stoop Boose, three stories and hwnmt witb all the modern Improvements, situated between Tweuty ' fifth and Twenty sixth street, on Second avenue. Apply to Kit HARD WHYTK, 385 hccuod avenue. rlMt?A SMALL GOTHIC COTTAGE, INCLUDING the standing Furniture, cons!Wing of Bedsteads, Chairs Tables, Hofss. wsshstsnds, Aa; plessanUy located at 1'1-fl-~ ton Harbor, East Neck, L. I. Rent low. Fr .. ,i. quire of RicHARD B. PERT, Esq.. ?C> the^rwrnlseT^ r LIT?THB WHOI.B OP UPPER pXRT OF BUILDBig No. 57 Vesey street; suitable far walebeaae makers td Jewellers; with steam power, shafts, belting, Ac. Also, two watebcasa engine turning lathes for sals. rLET-A DRBIRABLE THREE RTORT HOURS IN Ksst Fortieth sweet, between Park (late Fourth avenue, and Lexington avenues, bouse coabdns all lbs modern im ? Srovemeuu; will be reuied low to a geod tenant. Apply to AMKH KURRT, 817 West Thirty fourth street. mo let? tT long hraNcu two cottager on* J. in the vlUM* with hall ?ud nine moras; the other near Pleasure Bay, "" > h?ll, nine rooms and kitchen la detached budding, with the Furniture. Both here good Hmbtea, Ac, end Hardens in One growing ed?r Inquire uf lira. Hoi k .WK1J. h yANDKKVKKH, m Kast Eleventh street, or J. W. ORRIS, l>xi? Branch. r? let?without board, two rooms, wki.i, fur nlahed. *111 he let Kn\ tu responsible paruoe. Apply at JU Rend street. l.ET-THK SVJTOND LOFT OP TUR M A RBLR BUILDtng No. 3M thuial Arret, an eieellent hualoeaa pUce Kent low and leoaa given. Apply on the p rem Mae in the Mure at A. RonenbLUL r) LKT, IN BROOKLYN?THE FURNISHED HOUHK No. |Rh Brtrlre street, near tVmeord street, gwa, sea u? tores, nc. Kent iwu. Also unfurnished House No. 1117 Bridge trees. Rent 075. Inquire at A. M. FANNINO, Mi Bowery. I ? fir FRR MONTH.-A BRAUTIFUL Bl'IT OF HI* 91o Apartments lo let In a lorely areuue la WIlUaaMburg. containing parlors, chandeliers, fas, Hldgewood water. kKrbea and wash bouse, all ua the aecoad M.<rj, cars three rents, Tory genteel. Inquire at itt Oraad street, wtuiamsborg. ROAD FRR YKAB.-TO LRT, THE RBTOND FI/DOR wiuUU over the Store of new house. No. IN Ninth avenue, coasairlae six moms and a great almndance at wardrobes and a. erwwars, psa Rgtwrse, Ra. VUep. f? 1 * COF AJETH ??>""' ROTIC?. Am ' ' PARTNER WANTED-WORTH liOu.nm. TO JOIN a hashing bouse la thts city having a capital ot four hate, I (Sal Stua. The money may no| be needed, but the respond I blOtr buMnesa seaMI""'? aud charaeter of the rsavutadeiii Bu?t he unquestionable. Address lo the ears of Field A Mc Lean, No. thee sweet. ___ UTANTm?A PtRTNKR, WTTH FROM KM) To / ff KINO, P.Jota the advertiser, who has alreadj EU.MI I tor rated. In the manufacture of Fancy MsliRsi aad IMS , Buses, by new aad machinery Nona but prtnMpwU and those who have the money need apply. Address A M-, hw l,m Fat cWce. * T. ROTA ?WANTED, A FABTNER IN A FLHANANT isrcw'assfc.nfe'sssrartt ps; ?IKRsS.SSS&t'iir I rqaa ? (M-FARTNER WANTED ntWEDTATE ' ?^sfcw?-sswr^s?^sec uri sis* A single, temperate man would do wall le give Ibis Ms attention. Ml Is certainly a rare chance. The machinery abate la worth double the amount. The besleiss hse been In , MK-mrfui operaUue for aereral jean. Call m aw Broadway, wtt . ?i n/\n -a rartwrr wartrd. rtthrr RPRCIAL " . Sll.UUU. WMtm trllk It* tton atoowM. Aay pro \ Mpnian doalnria of miaplng in a plmnwat. Im-mOrn hmdnpx will toul Ihw nil i?t>j*>rl?iimj^whto* nut of ton to ha toM w?h anc AAA WARTRIV-TO EMOAOR tRTO THR TO NMt. BalWaul*. *d _ _ I lTtJMIT?*^ ~ A CKBOWLRWRO RKBT?RORR* A R*R ARCH RTRINU \ IW* I'rtrn IlKI'iR er.nfwto to width. vor?min- I'^iMihUm ftrilxiuli with Iroa nndn and aantoto mm* 'MM. A hvdatoad. aad nrllf'n ' ' ....A ^ IROK BRIWTR AnR, rHRAK-t.. VRRT CHRARitt . Ahnr?mun'<M.|,r?M C..r? Hunk MnlUttn. for inn tofr " "? '"K ' brni> and o.mlirtoldr mS *' ...***" """Anapa. An* l?r?. Ar on hand and ?An to antrr r^, OM mattrn* r*m*4n. n<<iiattai u?w. 1 Thta I* ?hn panr fnr brnH k-a^rn to nam amaay, tor a* f atnimfartnrw A) ? own nlork and ham no kick roam to any, I ran mil a l>o?fWsto fnr Iron iwwr than any nlhnr Mto ?? bUakmanl In ton oft. Ubnm Utarooat to to* trarta. Otoar 4 SUm^ry V?l, Dear ?< ?"* V* A BRIIROOM Wit or IN AHRIA.RD RURHTtCER A fia W. to allnHokif nqprrtor aad warraatod Mann - !TSViJS55?S&S?^54SS ?? *<-wtor. Manufactory At And M Wooator ahrato. Btolilfak i I t4V *^|t ^ r ^ " ftoHTAOR BrrWTKADH th SO.?CHlf.URRJf'B C1IBK J V1 xnd Mrd?ton In Mnltraanni ?f nfl kind*. Invalid Bod* and I? tiii*n*. at wALERR'R. Ah? Broadway. In tbr hanamam. j rA-^^'w.R^, IT Canal rt?*rl, fnor doom ?,y of Broadway. W * RKV.s W *R|. FVMITt-RR ROR~ *AIJl ?A rARTI.T UtATlM RliR ??l ' fcarlnf anair nplnadtokuank Id RaraMar*. tonU t daawm ?bo aw il prlmta nala Htoa* for rank Apply la tor from Ninoaniiu *7 Vaihk airaat jBuTRBfrcRR BocfiRT -iliR nianivn rjung air** * far *11 klada of RurnMiiro, ItorpVto. Hirrnia. RtoatokSfc Apply al W? Third amann. hnroaau ThirU fourth aad tojrtrWTh ntrato*. or hy arto nddrinarl rnraMnr*. *1 rtw atari mwator. A food ywortmatit ahrBja 'a hand. WRfim-RR BOHOHT ROM |ir kI?T BOKtof -A RAIB f mhto ?lma In roady toon, y far R'lra.'orw Onrpato, Citoa, Br,, to IS Birth arpaaa, hcl^ntoi l*IMh aad fwito to* 1 I M Llg QP REAL BSgTATB. A SMALL PLACE FOR H A Id? AT KING'SBRIDOItoonuunmg About 22 acre* of Land, beauuiuly situated in elevated if round, overlooking the High Bridge and Harlem river; easy of acceaa to ibe city either by railroad or boat*. Steamboat Emily and other boats leave 2I3lh street fourteen Unices day; fare only 10 cents to feck slip. There are no the premises plenty of ull kinds of fruit, two good farm houses, aalilea and excellent springs of soft wster. For particulars Impure at G1LLILaND'H, Kltlgsbridge Hotel. A bargain -for sale, a three story high stoop brown stone House In, Thirty-tifth street, near Fourth avenue. Murray Hill. The house is in complete order, and contains all modern improvements. Will tie sold very low. E. LAWRENCE A CO.. 62 East Fourteenth street For hale-a first class farm, situated a quarter of a mile from the Philmont depot near the city of Hudson, containing 42^ sores of excellent Iaind, two Houses, Burns, and all necessary out building*, all first class: abund ance of every variety of fruit Apply to j. D. strong M SON, 13 Wall street For half, or exchange?a very desirable residence iukI twelve Lota of ground, convenient to two railroads, in the suburb* of Brooklyn. Apply to M. W. SCOTT, 36 Cedar street New York. IjVOK SALE?VERY LOW. ON EASY TERMS, BUILDING ' Sites, in Westchester county?a tine plot of 34 acres, uear Bedford Station; is under high suite ot culUvatiou and very eligibly located for building sites. For particulars apply to A. SERGEANT, li Wall street. _ y For sale cheap for cash?a lot on kmth street, between Fourth and Fifth aveuues, on the grade. Inquire at 101 Sixth avenue, in sugar store. ylfarm FOR sale?one of the most pleasantly Vl WiimI Van-., In If,.?I* ? V I minute*' drive of Morrlstown Centre. It contains 100 acres of excellent land, hu a lame apple orchard of choice fruit in full bearing; pears, iniiioes, cherries, grapes, Ac.. 1,100 Mhafc tree*. good buildings, and a nu-tiig of water which may he rar rlcd over all the biuldltigs. It will be sold at a bargain, or ex chanced for food Brooklyn cltv property. For particular* 111 quire ..f tlKtiKiiR t. LAWRENCE, lu F.lin street, Newark, or WM. w. FAlRt'llLLL), Morrlamwn, N. J. *1 h ^nn thb desirable four qjlu.'juv;. story brown atone front 8tore and Dwelling, in good order. No. 2M Ninth avenue, brick vaulta front and rear; desirable lor a bakery or any business. IuaWre at the hardware More next deor, or at 301 WeM fiftieth aflKfc for balk. Am chance to make money immediately.?fob eal?? A wholesale and retail t'onfertlnoery, with a Haloou and great illuminated Gardeu, In oae of the principal streets of this city, where a great quantity of ice cream is sold. Rent very cheap; and the present owner, who has the business for twelve years, is willing to give full Instruction to a party who la willing to boy. Apply to J. O. 8. STOUERLETN, 49 Chatham street. A LARUE AND WELL FITTED UP DINING SALOON, lu a first rate location, with reaaooable rent and doing a good business. To a suitable party terms will lie made sails factory. Inquire of B1UG8 a SOUTHWICK, 82 Nassau st. A WELL KNOWN. ESTABLISHED. PROFITABLE Mild iirxt class liar Saloon fur sale; location unsurpassed, being In the centre of business In the lower pert of the oily, end will he sold st a bargain. C. B. HOWES h CO.. No- Centre street, opposite the Park. A BILLIARD ROOM, WELL LOCATED ON BROAD way, with live or seven ttrmi quality Tables, Furniture. Ac., all complete, will be sold cheap, with a small advance. Inquire of W. H. GRIFFITH, 146 Fulton street. CORNER STORE FOR SALE.?FIVE YEARS LEASE, and Fixtures of a wholesale and retail Wine and Llouor Store, established twelve yearn There Is a large out door trade connected with It. Apply to Mr. PAYTON, 96 Division street, or to P. PAGAN, 73 arenue C, corner of fifth street. Dining saloon and bar for s ale.-located on | the East river aide of the city, and on a great business corner; occupied 8 years by the present proprietor, and clear lug $2,40U per annum. C. B. IIOWKH a CO? No. 6 Centre street, opposite the Perk. Drug storf?-a first class wholesale and be tail Drug Store for sale, now doing a thriving business; located about thirty miles from New York city. Apply to M. WARD, CLONE a CO., 138 William street, N. Y. tttor SALE?A BUTCHER SHOP. APPLY at NO. 713 J* Greenwich street, corner of Charles. tjv3r rale-soda water manufactory, with P Horse and Wagon, Route and Customers; one m the best locations In the city, Information will be given byajcslling at 138 Wooster street. rR RALE-ONE OF THE BEST MILK, BUTTER AND Cheese ^Stores in the city, wtth or without a good Milk Hound, a Horse and Wagon, and everything necessary to oar ry on the houtness. Will be sold cheap if applied for immediate ly, at 648)t Eighth avenue. FR SALE-ONE SIX HORSE STEAM KNOINE, ONE fear bnrss da. one engine Lethe, fifteen lent bed. swings thirty inches, and a large lot of new Belting, for sale cheap. Apply at 318 Meat Twenty-eighth street. New York. UM)R SALE?A SODA WATER APPARATUS, IN GOOD JC order, and wiry little uaed. Apply at the drug More, IK Third avenue. earner of Eighteenth afreet. rR BALK CHEAP FOR CASH?THR LEASE, STOCK and Fixtuiea of a Ant claaa wheieaate and retail Liquor Store, located on one of the beat hualneaa eornen on the weal aide of the city. Apply to T. QAFFNEY A 00., Ma Chan here street, or at See Eighth arenue. rR-8A.LBrA WI)nJ AN? UQUOR STORK, ON A Principal avenue; a Ion* leaaq an old No. 1 atan.1; cheap In*Ouaiie aueet. ; uo Eun^>?- Apply Na ? Krte Build rn 1. ?'*TrREK AMD LEAH* FOR 2u?u5 * A? * *> Lunch room. In the tower part AddXjr?.!,?si'^rru< ^ Fi* 1aI.R-A COFFKR AND CAKR SALOON, OPTO w?a the beet market In New York rtty. Everything compete for working It, and no other near 'it. A man acquainted wtth the business would be taken aa partner, t'auaa of celling aaiekoeaa. Addreae tl. H.. Jersey CKy Poet iffca rR BALE?A FIRST RATE BARROOM OR LIQUOR More near Pulton ferry. Thte Is a chance aeldoin met wtth. It doea a fine cash bualneaa. For psrtlrulan apply to WIIJ.I AM ABBOTT, .No. 4 laat Broadway, near Chatham aqpara. rR SALK-TIIK LEAKE, STOCK AND FIXTURES OF H a flrat rlaaa Llo ior Store. The only reason f >r selling la, the proprietor has gone Into other Imuueaa and raiuua attend U both. Fur paniculan apply at SKI Pearl at-net, corner uf Frankfort TT*OR KAI.E?TWO CORNER LIQUOR STORES, THE f very beat In the Founh ward; alao two good Stores in the Muth ward. Apply to Mr. PAYTKN, 1)6 Divlwon etreet YTtOR SALE?A LARUE LOT OF SECOND HAND MA J chluery. lAthe*. 1'Inner*. Prilling Machine*. Steam Kn glse*. HoUera, Pump* *nd alt kind* ut marhtnial a awl black nittht T.?la large and *m*Il. with a great variety of other Machinery and Tool*; alw< Tank*, ('ana, Pattern, (>aa Pipe, Ac , hy WM. t> ANDREWS. 414 Water Been IjlOB SALE?'INK LOT or PINT AND QTART TINC 1 lure Hot I lee, three show Houiea; alao H|>ecle Jar*, a t-aae of Hrugglau Drawer*. Counter Scale*, Mortar*. Vtala anrl Other arUrlea; will be *md at a great bargain If applied fur immediately, alau a autall lot uf Drug a Iii'i uiru at 77 Weal Honium atreet Grocery and UOroB stork tor salb-onk or Jie l..?t Htamle In (lie l..urth want, and Imh rail) change,| h..n I. ,!,< . Hi .teittt year* ,e I .1 .!. ,,1'K-e 97<u lor l^eaae. stock and Klitnrea. rent traded out. C. B. HOW EH A CO., No. < Ceutre at., oppoalte the Park. Quarts rock miij. and portion or patent por aale. thoroughly lew el at the mine*, and conceded the mi it null of value to mtuera, reducing ten ion* per day to Im palpable powder. HIOOH A SOUTH WICK ? Naaaan Rreet. SI/NIP FOR HAt.B CHKAP-IN OOOD ORDKR, FIRST rate anchor*, ehaiua ami aaila, and well found. Will he a,Id low on appHcatitai to MOORK A CHAPMAN, ahlp Chan dlera. ?M Weai rtrweA _ monAUl'BMROTYPMrs AND PMOTOOBAPHHM.?A X Oallery, la nam of the Western State*, doing a good b'M* nam, M tdfared for aale Hnttafaetury re?una given fur anlling A rare chance Inquire of D. H MARSH AIJ., W Broome atreet. corner Tbranpeoa AOAA -TO RR HOf.D, THIN DAT, THH WEI J. SZUv/i known and eaiabllahed Coffee and Lunrh Roots located at MB WIIRatn atreet. everything In wwthn radar, and nntr dntag a profitable buatneaa. A good aland for n tier man. Apply on the premleem. AQAA -A BAR RKSTACBANT AND RIIXTARD HA 90UU. loon for aale; toratton unaorpaaaed, Mag on a cor ner Bear Broadway, Supper Koran*, with private entrance Thta Rarhancg to make money. C. B. HOWES A Oil., No. > Centre drM, nppoaRa lis Park #1 AAA *nx PURCHASE THB UCAAX. ITH. K Vl-vUU and AitaM af a Wat claa* oornar Ltginor Store. In one of the beat thoroughfare* down town, doing a good butt am; miaS be anid aa the owner cannot attend m*. Apply tu T. UAFFNBT A CO., No. 9 Chamber* dwd. *1 KAA ?FOR IAIX, LR ARB. STOCK AND TRADE fl.Ovl'. of a Wine and Sagar Won, apleadtdly fitted up aad draug aa egrelleot bur buMneaa, on# do. for MR, rate nt the beat corner* <ai Weat atreet, aha> one for WOI), one for RUO. aad noe for MO. good andjueeemful corner kimdtaM. Apply tod A. ROBiftHtiN.MWhlte atreet *1 &AA rA*H wnx PmCTTARR STOCK, FI* vliUVV turea, FnrnNwre and lean of a Fancy <p?.i? and Toy Store, aituatad at ljtd Headway, one door from Thirty Aral atreet. Inquire ou the pramtma. IBBTWCCTIOW. T W ib?WRITINd. SIXTEEN IJBSSriNS, BCK^KEEP lu AMI (time anlbnNad). Arithmetic W per month. at rxi^tn, u piivrri. *f. i., mam rumw win, nrrw*i>n r ftnr II. Kbit ?wtr ?on? ml danirtonr*, at land ad Oilnwnl Pain*'* arodany to m> rntlra ml If ml ton Mi* pint at In fronton I* ?r***ai*tlc and ntpndlUotta Acapkvy or pkhvankrip amd bookkmkpimo, B Broadway ?W. 0. H0O8l.**H, for aaay mm Mftf of Ottrcr B. OnldwnMii, roallnoaa to roef r? pup Ik far t.h?>r*??jh infrtMfon upon ?rry faaanuakla torn Btaannf ftfTOftoad u. all Opaa day and amnio*. A BARB C*HAJftTt | AM KDl'CATBO OMR* AM LADT would Ukn to ftro bif raidliai In Ik* Ha man and Froork touruapa* la an A marina n famll/, la inaf Inallua at board, ST Apply *1 l*f l* mraaL a cariv-OUTBR n ooi.nmrrn IIAB opRiRnA A now aad ?pantmf Aondamy at PinfaaMp aad Book bnnplna. at MB Broadway, rnroar of Twenty am froac If dtr' ?&m ttmmmaaa iMa day Mtl p'etook Rtoby fill will kkTakarwrntk ji*""1 ffpoftoo to T ADT TRACTO WAJfTRTV?AT BW WMHT TWRJf. JU Hath front, aaar Klphlk a?anua Aba baa not only to u? dnratoad all UaTbroaaha* of aa Bo?tM arbool. bat nod bo abto to toaab tba ptar.o , MARHH'H OBCMT15U BOO If it POM Prartto* ami InfuHnofc WS^iS-rB^r Oprularo on applfaaltoQ. karab'a oomplato aad work* oa ??kk r atoa now adAtona, prlatod la aolara, far aato Pftrato Iroana*. SIMIIBK TUI+lUM?A OMMTIJCMAiror RDUCATtOM aad rUhwtnaat. wkdwa to ?artr ft tutor In **aa jprlrato faawl) for tba tnuaUwof duly aadAufOf, ha laarJiaa tfca Kn? IBB, Otowdra. Pi'iaab. Maata. and lb* art at Hi a iniblt; law MICAt IOTOWM. BU. PBBBOMB HATIMO fJ.AIMH ABA I MPT THB A aatata of Bdtaoad and Ana Kuana*, tola of tba ntty at Maw Tatb. dnmaad, arn karabp aofiad la ai aaaiu tba ua?, wni pnmnr roonbnrn tbaranf, to Ota nndarf road, at Ma "torn. ~ - - ^btw?? ? 1*WT?W,Ap(?W. 1W I NEW YORK HERALD, M BOARDING AND LOPGING. I A FINK LA RGB FRONT HAHKMKNT ROOM, SITUATED m the upper part of Fifth avenue, suitable tor an office, may be hud, with or without Board, m a private tumily; aiao a large furnished Room, suitable for a gentleman ami wife, or two gentlemen. References exchanged. Address A. B., Herald office. A few single gkntlrmrn or a OF.NTLEMAN and hia w tie ran be areoiiun-staUxl with good Hoard and pleasant K. onis, with gas; terms reasonable. Apply at Kl Second street, betaeeu First and Secuud avenues. References exchanged. A FRONT PARLOR AMI llKDKOOM ADJOINING, ON m . nil ami third door, to let. with Hoard, In a Aral class house; Rooms have gas and hot an l cold water, l<x-alioii plea sent and convenient to four lines of stages, one of which pans the door, and wltlilu a block of Sixth and KiglnU avenue cars. J1 Seventh avenue. A SMALL PRIVATE FAMILY WILL LET TO QRNTI.K men. two nicely liinualied Rooms, with Hreakfast; house is new, with all the iiuslern nnproveinents. Apply at 31 Hluy vesant street, contluuallou of Alitor place, and near the Cooper Institute. A HANDSOMELY FURNISHED FRONT PARLOR, with Bedroom attached, to let, mutable for a party of gentlemen or a gentleman and wife; also, single Roans, In a small hooae, with all tbe modern Improvements. Apply alibi Prince street, a few doors weat of Briaulway. A GENTLEMAN AND WIFK CAN HR ACCOMMODATED with a large, handsome front Room, with Board; also two slsgle gentlemen. Dinner at 6 o'clock. Kefereucee ex chauged. Apply at ?t> HleK-ker street. AT NO. 5t EAST SIXTEENTH STREET?ROOMS Fl'R iilshe-l or uufurmahed, to let, with full or partial Hour-1. iic II* * * ism una jiiw m-en 11 hi in inoioiign repair, anil ism every way titled lor a Una claw bouse. AT 26 CLINTON PLACE?ELEGANT HI'ITS OF Allfi Rooms, with or without Board; Hue hath room and excel lent attendance; house delightfully located between Hroadwa.i and Filth avenue, with every com tort for summer hoarder^ References exchanged. AT 106 W0O8TER HTRKET?COOL AND PLEASANT Rooms to let, with Hoard, lor either single gentlemen or gentlemen and their wives. Hot and cold hatha in the how, with gas. A GENTLEMAN CAN FIND A COMFORTABLE HOME with an English family at Bedford, near Fulton avenue, Brooklyn; jraa, garden and aoeommodations to keep A horse and wagon * required; references exchauged. Address John, box its Herald office. A private family having a room more than they require would let the same to one or two gentlemen for 61 M or 62 per week. Inquire at No. 128 Madison street. A LADY, HAVING A HANDSOME HOUSE, FORMERLY occupied by a private (anally, would make arrangements with gentlemen ur geulleiuen and heir wives for Board mid heudvome Rooms; also day Boarders. Apply at 163 Hteeckt-r street. A PRIVATE FAMILY, OCCUPYING A PLEASANTLY ?ltnated house, 78 West Warren street, between Heurv and t'Union, South Brooklyn, have two large .Koouix to lei. whh Board, to gentlemen and their wives or lo single gentle men. Dinner at 6 o'clock. A PARLOR, BEDROOM AND BATH ROOM.-SINOI.K Rooms from 61 to 62 per week, or by the day; mealv sent to rooms if desired. 80 Franklin street, six houses west ol Broadway. Board.?elegantly furnished rooms to let to a gentleman and lady, with Board for the lady only If required, in a beautifully furnished bouse, fashionably located up town, with every convenience. Address G. M., Madisou square Post office. Board.?a small family have two or three very fine Rooms that they would let to gentlemen or a gentleman and wife, with or without Board; is in a fine neighborhood; gas and bath. Ae. References required. Apply at No. 160 West Twenty fourth street. Board.?a lady, having taken a house, is now ready to let pleasant and airy Room*, furnished, with or without bath and gas. Terms low. 17 Wooster street, near Canal street. Board?a family haying more room than required, would dispone of excellent accommodations lo a small genteel tanuly; house having modem improvomouts; location desirable; accessible by cars and stages. Apply at 172 West Twenty Ural street Board.-41 crosby 8trkkt, between broome anawprtng sweets. A line large airy front Room, second door, lor two or Biree single gentlemen; also it small single Room; bath, hot and cold water; a good substantial table; fantl ly English. Board.?a gentleman and wife or two sin gle gentlemen can haiVpleasant Rooms. with Board, at IS Ninth street, a few doora writ of Broadway. Dinner at 4 o'clock. Board.?to let, with board, at ui sword avenue, between Eighth and Ninth street*, two nicely fur nlahcd Rouma suitable for genUemeu and their wives or gentle meu. I/ocatloo very desirable. Dinner at six o'clock. Board.-a gentleman and wife, or two sin gle gentlemen, can be accommodated with a front Room and Bedroom, at 170 Weat Fourteenth street. Reterenoes required. Dinner at six o'clock. Board in clinton flack.?a suit or rooms fur a gentleman and hla wife or for single gentlemen, also a single Kuom for one or two single gentlemen, at DT Clin ton place. Board in hroadway, No. ttf, above Twelfth street. _ An excel lent table. AU modern Improvements. Board.-lo let, to a gentleman, with BREAK fast if desired, a aleelv fnratshed Room hi e smell pn ie?aua?e ie"w*v at HP West Twitj -stem street. Boarding.?a handsomely furnished room to let on second floor, to a gentleman or s lady, with Board, In a small private family. No other boarders in Lbs house. Convenient to cars and stages. The bouse has modem tin nrovemeuts. fall at IU0 West Twenty fourth street, between Eighth and Ninth avenues. Boarding -a party of two or three gen llemrn can And a large well furnished Parlor and a pa rate Bedrooms tip town, with a private family, where there are no t sher boarders. Rest of referenees exchanged. Ad dress M. H.. box ?13 Fust odice. Boardino.-a larue, handsome fromt room slati a small Room to let. with Hoard, to S gentleman and wife or a couple of single gentlemen, dinner si t o'clock.. Be frr-encm required. Apply ?t ? Hleccfccr street. Hoarding.?a young lady who 18 abrtint our Ing lhe day, wishes a home hi a private family, without biianl. Address a note to J M., I'nam square Foal nOce. for two day a Hattafaiiory reference given. rjOABDIKO ? A FAMILY AND OMR OB TWO RINtiLK D (milt-men will find very desirable Rooms, allh Board, at reasonable prtres for the animner. la the fin* rlaaa hottae 3tf Weal Twelfth atreel. near Fifth avenue. Dinner at o'clock Boarding-AT iu fllRIHTOFHER HTRKKT, NKAR Hudson. A (entleman and wife or a few single gentle ten ran be armounndatrd with fall or partial Board; alao, a few day boarders, on reaaonable terma. BOARDING.?A URNTLKMAX AMD W1FK. OR TWO Ingle gentlemen, ran I e *< < mm with neally tin nlahed Hiauna ami good Hoard, In a modern house pleasant In. ration, eonvenlent lr> ears and stage*. Apply at 7s Macdottgai street. Befereace given anil required. Board wantrd-hy a lady, a haxdhomft.y fnrnlshed Room on Ural or serieal Boor, front, l-Walhei 'central; terms moderate. Iitqwieitiv*- |>erson* aeeil not reply Address Keiaburg. Mad Ms si square Foot (Ace. T>ROOKLYN HR1UHT* -DRtflRARLK BOARD, IN A JJ hnose with all newteni Improvement*,U otTer? I to two t> three gentlemen. Dtnnar at ? o-elorh. Reference raqstred Is cats >n tlS7 Plerrepont street; within a few minutes of either Wan atreet or Fulton ferries. Brooklyn hrtoiitr -onr labor front room alja^d WUhtw street^ to Muotwo gaatlemen ur a gentle Board tn brooklyn-a handromrlt furnish ad Room oa the second done, anhable for a gentleman and Ma wife or two Mngle gentlemen, may be obtained by applying at 107 Amity street. Oral house from Ueary. Dinner at all o rloeh BOARD in BROOKLYN.?YRBY PLEASANT NRWI.Y fnrafahed Rootna oa aaeutid and third Bonra, with Board, srn ogered by a private family. The house has all tbe modern impravnmeafet eooreateot la the fieri Ma sad Court street can Apply at 1 t Union afreet. Refcrencee required. Board wanted in broou.yn.-by two you no gi ullaman. la a private family. a nicely fnraMhed room with full or partial Board. RefarnooM igAiBRi I Addrem 601 > Y roal ofke PKNrH BOARD.-A FRIT AT* FRENCH FAMILY, cccnpytng a Brat elaaa hnaaa, can aeenmmodala a few Ingle gentlemen, or a family, with excellent Board and elegantly furnished Raman CbgHah. flpeahdl aad German ayshen Apply at <7 West Twelfth street, batwean Fifth aad YDOrRTH AYNNUR HOTEL. RIt AND M FOURTH T araawa. betwaen Twenty thud aad Twaagy-foagth atraaht raimain al aad trwualenl gnardsw air tmmiiliiad, with or without Board, oa madarate terwas. A few sailsof haalu ai and pltaga&t Rooms pm vacated. Magla Room, ft la * aar week. TOAVnjM AMD BtWOLX Oimilll CAM OBTATW, r for the nuimT. eool.aparloue and elegantly furntahed Enema. wtlh or without Board. hi a prtrata hnane, In fifth aveaue, oorTwaUi atreet. K. I.A WRKHCK A CO., ? Beet r'RHIRHKD OB CHriRMHHKn BOOM TO I.RT-HY A aaeell peltate family without ehUdrna. to fir fU? n. Apply M M riru root, mot Bow in (I areane. tURXIAHIP PARLOR* AXD ITPBB CHAMBRRS TO JP St. with hreehfaw if reqnlrad, at *71 Fourth alreet, Bear UfafrtM plane and Bnjad war TPVRKIAHICD BOOM* AT M CLIKTOK PI.ACR.-BIAJ B*nt otiMa of airy Boom*. with or without Board. lee bath mem, oaf eocelleM attendance, bouae dalighit ally loaMeri between Broadway ?n<1 Plflh orenue. with every enmfofl for auBUBer buardera. Reference* eirhaiwced. rem rcR mourn room to lit, tirn or wtth oat Board, at Ro 10 AMaadna plnon, oornnr of lludaon rtreet, four block* fnen tbe dock where the Ureal laatern w I* ho. /10OD Aim CWRAP 1/(IHllfffJ*?AT THR OLOBR VT Hotel, corwer of I'mnkfnrt and William recta. Ron York. Tertna, Aft cent* In W per nlfht Itnrana Cmm $1 In ? SOjw week. Uoailrmau nod wife "ft cenia per night. Open tTARIWOim.T PT'RRTRITKn BOOM TO I.KT-ATirO 11 UBBeeoad arrant*. r updating of two Parlor! and no* Med room. third Boor, for fenUemen. without board. The houaa eontalna all modern Unpmt entente VTO. 7 1BBTOBT PLACB. TJOfTH RTRERT. ?8 PUUf ^ did aiUta (pf^Roomg, handeenr Ijr lurnlahed. la let 10 Baa Rof?M PCBRmnim OB ran'RtfiRWRn, WTH or auhrmt Hoard, for n.le perm* or gentiewieo and Ibetr aim. at M rtfteen'h Wr. Orel h-eiee eaat of Third arrnoe newly Mied ap with all modem Unpen com mm. Socthbbrrrr and othrrr wtrhi.mi to^pro rare Hoard for the rammer caa An ' rnry pleaafht and harvtenmety fui idaha I Ronma, with Rnaru. by applying tja in.dtalrly at M Wei Wtiecnlh alreet Houan Aral claaa, nrtd Inr afloat vtry letlrtltla. Arftnatrt reidred, rrwo harprowr room ami r ari/ir, rt'RRtsBRn , 1 or not, with or wMhmet Hoard, to be let Wpmaadfr. hi * Parisian family; lb* bourn haa all tae mrrlern laipiuiiramda, a practical rout ? ?f Trench will be eommaapad hi the mnpua Phr. who la ? well kaown profeaaar. Apnlf at M Baat Twnafp - ir-oad aired ( ONDAY, JUNE 18, 1860. BOARJWIQ AMD LODOIIO. SUIT OF ROOMS, HANDSOMELY FURNISHED, <?N second floor, together or aeparate, term* moderate, by liw v eek or month, suitable for ?traii|t?r* viailtug the rity or aeiit rineu denting good autntner accommodation*; bath.*, 1'artl^l Board if required. 47 Amity atroct. fTWO SUITS (?K ELEGANTLY FURNISHED APART. J menu U) lot, topthrr or acparate, with or without partial hoard, or uito of kitchen if deeired; located very dealrably, in the itiunndbtie neighborhood 'if Kit th Aveuue llotel, Maulaou end i'uion park*. Apply at 910 Broadway. TWO OR THREE GENTLEMEN, OR GENTLEMEN ANI> their wit ea. can be accommodated with moderate Board by applying at 61 Weat Korty fourth street. TWO OR THREE SINGLE GENTLEMEN MAT KIND roiufoi tably furnished Rooms, with Board, by applying at Si < '.it l age place Term* moderate. Reference* required. TWO OR THREE FAMILIES, OK UNDOUBTED REapectahlllty, desiring to upend the anmmer at an alegaut heme on the Hudson, with la age Rontna and aplenilid aflenery, ati'l excellent table, accessible by steamboat and railroad. may hate further particulars by addressing R. U. W., Uerakl ofice. immediately. ' To LET.?FURNISHED ROOMS, WITH FULL OR l?AR lial Board, in a Aral claaa house; alao a reception Room, aidubln for a flrat elaa* physician. reference exchanged. Call at Xo. &1 West Twelfth atreet. near Sixth atenne. To LET-IN TWENTY-FIRST STREET, NEAR BROADwav, a ftrniahed Room. Alan a Haaement, anitable for a doctor a office. Address or apply to the Madlaou aquaro Poat Office. T<i LET?A PARLOR AND BEDROOM, with OR without Bngnl, fnrni*he<I or not, in a private houae; ha* mi the modern Improvement a. Location eeoiral and iir*t class; a few atepa front Broadway. Apply at 43 St. Mark'* place. rpo LET?WITH BOARD, TO A FAMILY OR A PARTY gs>. closets, Kiitli. Ao. Apply at IS Ashland place, second door rom Waverlcy place. r LET-TO A SMALL FAMILY, A FRONT ROOM ami two HedrooniN, with use of bath. In genteel bouoe, 8H Voriek strvet. 4AIHN(100N SQUARE, WK8T SIDE, 8BCOND HOUSE north side of Bonk straet.?To La. with Board, ? ??!t of second tloor Kotane. with pantries, Croton ami gss, handsomely furnished. Eighth avenue car* and two Uuea of stage* poa*. Reference required. 1Q CHION SQUARE TO LET-WEST RIDE, LOO Alt7 lion not surpassed In the city. Ruitable for a club bouse, or private boarding, or for single apartment* far gentlemen. Inquire on the premise*. CA_ EAST THIRTEENTH STREET, FOURTH DOOR t/T west of Broadway. To let, two desirable Apartment*, consisting of a Parlor anil Hedruom each, Kith Crotou and gas Pleasant situation and exceedingly airy. Best of references required. 7Q RPRINO STREET, THRICE DOOR8 FROM BROADI tJ way.?To let, several handsomely furnished Room*, to single gentlemen. The location i* near all the tlmt clam hotel* ana purrs of amusement. Attached to the building i* a read lug room free. Inquire of ANSON HOUSE on East twenty first street, gramercy park. CU Suit* of furnished Rooms to lei, suitable for Southerners or other families desirous of remaining in the elty during the summer season; location one of the best in the city; bouse tlrst class, with Park privilege. OQ CLINTON PLACE, NEAR FIFTH AVENUE.?A Ou lady and gentleman, or several gentlemen, may have pleasant and handsomely furuiahed Rooma, with Hoard. QO GREENE STREET. ALHTON HOUSE?SUPERBLY t/O I mulshed Parlor and bedrooms, with gas and Cratun, new patent spring beds, and every thing necessary for young housekeeper*. Meals served if desired. Rent low to reepecla blc tenants. IT A FOURTH AVENUE, NEAR TWELFTH STREET 11U (Mb->r three pleasant Rooms to let, with full or par tlal Board, to gentlemen. Refereneee exchanged. OAT WEST FOURTEENTH RTREET,?ONE LARGE jj\J L pleasant Room, suiuble for a gentleman and wife or two single gentlemen; also, two pieasaut front hall Rooms: re lemices eacmtmeg. ureaiiii at seven, <mnner i\ ? a ciooh 00 A VARICK STREET -TO LET, A LABOR FRONT Room, soluble for a gentleman an<l wife. Also, pic-ant Room* for single gentlemen. One or two young ladies can be accommodated. f> I Q BROADWAT.-A LAROR PARLOR AND TWO U'lO ited rooms connecting, ou first floor; also several other Reims for families or single gentlemen, with full Board. Terms reasonable; table good and abundant. Dinner at i. Lorstlon unsurpassed. nan Broadway-strangers visiting new 1 O I York will tlnd good accommodation* at the above place. The house hating been thoroughly reuovated la now otten to receive guest*. The bouse la kept on the European plan, with re. tan rant attached. Table J'hote at all o'clock. French ami Spanish apoken. HJHMBR RRIOMO'l. BIAL'S HOTKL?TOOL'S MINERAL RPRING8, CURL tea. Maine. ?Thla new and magnlflceal hotel, thoroughly furnished with every nrovMow for the eueafert or lie go nets, will be opened on the 10th Inst. The waters of this spring possess the highest medicinal virtues of say la the country. Attached are billiard saloons, bowling alleys, livery stable, trolling lake. Ac. The vMnltv affords amp la attraction to the angler and sportsman. Carriages will he found In readiness at Augusta and Uanliaer, four miles distant, for the eooveyaaos of guest*. WM. L. WHITE, Agent. CtiKuias, Maine, June 4, ISflO. /-ii.irrwoon nornr, opposite keyport. n. ?.. V te nam ,a* reception of guests. It Is located ? miles from Sew York, IS hours.sail by steamboat* Rev-port and Alien Price, from Robinson street at A. M. and 4 r. M. Fine bathing, ialilu, ealUng and plenty of shade. A few c hot OS rooms net tiien Apply to tRpt ARROWHMITH. at (he Key port, from I until 4 o'clock, or to U.WTaBBOIT, Pro COLUMBIA nOUHR, rATK IHTiAWB, CAP* MAT. M. J.? This lam Aral claaa hotel wilt be opened for the reception of guests on the Mth of J line. HMO. The Ix.'iae luti lieen completely repaired and refurnished, a new rooking ranee, arena, steam botiere and erery modem Improvement added.} Rxtenalve stabling attarhad to the premtaea. All letiera addressed to the subscriber*, I'ape Ialand. W. J., ? IH he promptly attended to. t.AIKM A WOODM AM. Jaaaa H. I.atan, late proprietor Krauklin Ifonaa, Phi lad el plil?, 8. H. WooiJtaa, formerly proprietor ML Vernon Hotel, i'ape la land. GRKKM OROVR MANHION. KKYt'ORT -THIS UK. Itghtful summer resort, where all the comforts of a home ran he enloyed at Trry moderate terms, la now open for I be reception ot Hoarders. Ktery faolUty ottered for bathing, Gating. gunning, tiahing. and all other kind* of country recniUoo, steamboats leave font of Robinson street dally. For pKrtiriiiara apply at 151 Tranklln atreet. New Tork, or on the premises. HBALING HPR1NOH, HATH (M)ri?TT, VTROINIA. This celebrate,! watering place, alt uaied In the mnnntalna of Virginia, S3 mllea from Milhnro dep.* of the Virginia Central HmTmad. dMailt eight mllea from the Warm and three milea from the celebrated Virginia Hot Hprlqga, la now open for the reception >4 hoiirdarm. Hrrupylng a central p'anion in the great group of Medicinal Hp rings, roe which thla part of Vlr a tula la ao remarkable. II la arceaalhlr from all by the regular euge rt*e and within leae than a day 's journey of the moat 4to properties of the water are alterative. tonic, diuretic, diaphoretic, aperient and anil Irritant The diseases In which ample einertencr has proved them, are scrofula, chrouic ery fltpelaa, torpidity <H the liter, dyapeirida. aphtha or thruih. or/rna. an oCramrti diarkarge from the nostrils, Intractable diwares of ibr akin, bronchial affarlbine, enlarged proauie. aa Urged apbeen, urinary deposits, irritability .if the bladder aad dtarane* of the kidney*. aptnal VrttaUnn, neuralgia. rheum* Ihn, dlaeane* <4 tomakr* aad ylirnatn dtarrhua nod dyaeotrj For a more detailed account of the medical properties of the wtirr aend and (at a pamphlet. The services of airaMm phi atrian, whiae experience ot arreral year* In the use of the ?<"? * this ptae*. will ?>a a tal.iat.ta aatda to ha proper aibt btlkm fn he obUiMd tl all Unit. Tba' attract lone of tht* mmintahi retreat may ba briefly slated aa water of superior fltodtelnal virtues, bate of aay required temper ?iiire. invigorating atmosphere, free from malaria, ease of access frusa all points. ouamudtuus ball mom. supplied with flood maafcu billiard and bowllns minima and^the attractions of a arm clam butoi. daily malls East aad ROUTE. Morten traveller* teuld. from Waahtefltoo. D. 0.. tain iba nara of Uw Oranra aad Alexandria Railroad, coonontloa wltb Iba Central Railroad at OoedoneTllle. and by that to MR born depc*, ihenna by Stags Una onr a beautiful road, paaatofl en route the Balh Arum, Warm and lint Spring*. bout hern travellen ran aelect the routs by way of t.yneb burg, taking the cart of the < franco and Alexandria Railroad at that ptaee. aad eoBnecUag wbh the Vtrgfaila Central Railroad at Ourkdtsvllle, m fmmRlrhmnnd take the ears of the flea Ml Railroad dlreMjy to Mllhero depot, from either of te above potnta or Baltimore, can reach bare te create of te Same day If desired. The proprietor* of te Healing bpringa, aided by enmpeteat amtonata, will make erery reasonable effort to reader R a pleaaaat boote tor te, and aa alegam aad aumptuona 11 iddeui * fit the tewii.oi ?ry ?W*r. Pamphlets, rontabling a deUilrd account of te properties af te water,'eaa be obtained by addr*?*tng the nmprMora. PORTER A RE Via, Iroprtsrocn. Hotel rr. juliem. PTXTRK TRLAMD, Poor minute*' walk from quarantine landing. Table d'hote or prtrale tatde If desired. Hf.BKRT AMURRHOM, Proprietor. 1TITTATIK1IY IIOL'PK, IV DKI.AWARR WATER OA*. PA. This faeoriie reaort Is now open to tidier* The attractions are. beautiful mountain nrnerv line air and pure water. p|e**anl drive* and walks, rowing, risking, Be. The iront Orbing la sow at ft* belaid, and large numbers are taken. By the erection of a new building the arrantmodatinafl are nearly doobla of htat year Paaaewpere lee re Hew Tork al foot of Cortland! street at 8 O'clock A. M. and reark telias In time (or dinner l w BRlinnKAD. Pmprleinr. T A EE MOHKOAM HOCMt IB HOW OpElf FOR mm JU mer Boarding, Btnamd fnwr milm mm at PiekaklM *11 3V fer odST Stwr Jtalirned. Mountain fflr, ?W< drlm end hathine. DakM It OM of lbr moat deMmblc latlkM to to fmtotfftototolUM wto nwm erdne to toe outintry. Ad drrne A. W. Palmer, P?wkikUI fnel otoo*. Lake mahopac.-a pasty having |a new Modern rreMenre the Bum central ud dwtonhte totun Umi uptm the lake, offer errpertor iMnaaadttloM Is I Fnw II rat rite N.ardera, A heentJfill ?rrrre Inedeie the lake. A# ply v. i. H.. No. I HnwUnc Unet, lIM tor, fmt rmai. LAU HOUNB. INUP.-L. l. M orm POB twp BE reptton of famlJe* or traaeimt pari lee. Ttoeetogrtoe w. aemre Room" ?tn ptoeae apply to AMI Iff R. w.rrTWN WW. OmtoiiDlcauoe bp Umf IMaad Rail mod at 10 A.M. totaHPM T AIWIUHI HOVML HNBORN PC TNT, N i -TIV JU rf?nrf?e aenuaer hotel la bow open f..? toe reception of pneeto Una la leete pier No. f North ftrar at 7s and Ilk ra,3KT-"v " J wT W. UIIJ. (formerly of betarire Unnfftl. Prep He tor. QamCN CDAMPI.IN HOTlffE. AT INf.IP, UONd IRLAMD iJ leaner open (or the reception of nmnt.enr, witb eneaaler toprotmiMa OrmnMetort with the hceei to a toInerd room. letvptaeOey and IWy acre* of rharailae tr-tade end for ml *?li a toaatif <ii lake at the ffaor ?r the baud. makkia it anew Ike toieto reanrla to Ike l/nton. C*A BATH I Nil.-Til K MADfNON ft Of UK, ItQNb D Bra net, N J . will he open to Ute puhRe no tito Itth to jane It haa been r?om?tal and enlarged to eeeru-imo'ab M* pi'to Cnaveranre ?ta f? and N II Railroad if?'ir Irlpa daily). and by nenmbrmto. f<?d of Rohlnaaa atreet. Addrea> Rlaffrrl proprietor IJirTTini NTATBB ""yi'^AB NOTE tT^ U rj s-?aa.'53S; ton tolnntoa' Walk of tke tUtnilr em to llipitolr fliOHi 11 tomaifftoato: bra and erffd hntoa The home and ram mire are new. and the mnm are brp end area mntototod. rmlke ne todlt<Male nil! end toto a gntol and de wsan^^^TTSBarSB" % | DR Y GOODW. AC. At kineby's, "" No. SO Eighth avenue. great clearing sale ot straw bonnets and blocker*. 3,000 Straw Bonnets. dialog out, 13c. 5,400 Straw Bonnets, dosing out, 25c. 5,800 Straw Bonnets, closing nut, S8c. 1,800 now shape white (tough anil Keudys, 50c. 7,000 One Straw Bonnets, 50c., 02c , 78e. 1,000 Neapolitan and Split Straws. 80c. to $2. , clearing sai.k ok blockers. 1,500 Rloomers, 26o, 31c., 58c. 2,000 leghorn Bloom** , So., Sic. >,800 hue Bloomers, 80c. in SI so. clearing sai.k ok boys' hats. Boys' Huts, 10c. to 38c. 3,800 fine ilau fur boys. 51c., 3so., 50c. clearing sale gk ribbons. 15,000 yards Ribbons, all colors, closing at 3c. IS,000 yards Bonnet Ribbons, closing at ?c. 8,000 yards Bonnet Ribbons, closing at 9c. 70,000 yards rich new styles, closing at 12'>. rich corded edges, l/'.c. 10,500 t?rt? eitra qualities, 15c., 18c., 26c. clearing hale ok hll.k mitts. 1,800 pairs misses long i.lsle Mitts, Sc., tic. 2,000 pairs misses and ladles' loiig*sUlt Mitts, 9c., 13c. 3.500 pairs best silk twist Mitts, 25c. and 31c. 5,000 pairs extra quality, 38c., 80c , tBc , 7?o. 5,000 pairs misses Lisle Gloves, Sc. CLEARING bale ok parabol8. Closing out lot of misses Parasols, 25'. 1'arasols, 50c.; Parasols, 05c.; Parasols, 75c. 250 fringed Parasols, 31. 350 Bounced lrory Handles and fringed, 31 80. 350 rich brocade, heavy, fringed, Flounced, Hurypftlck, 33. 500 richer styles closing out at half price. _ t l.K.VHIKU HAUH l)r * A A 1 llil.Aa. BOO Laee and Moire Antli|ne, $1 to $1 XL 600 rich French Lace. flounced, 13. 140 rich French Lace Mantilla*, worth 88, 19 SO. 160 rich French Points, worth fit), 84 80. 160 extra rich French Mantilla*, worth $13, $6MANTILLA LACKS CLOSING LUW. Flouncing lace* clearing out. Be., Be., 12c. Rkh French Flouncing Laces half price. mantilla. TRIMMINGS, DRESS TRIMMINGS, HOOF SKIRTS CLEARING OCT CHEAP. Needle work. Lace Good*, Collar*. Sleeves, Maude, Handkerchief*, Sets and lace*, clnaing out cheap. mlt.l.lnkkv tllAIHlNG OUT. MADE AND TKIMMKII BONNETS AT COOT. a cheap lot of Hair Nets, heat qualities, inc., 26n.. Ilo., 30c. 260 lots of Auction Goods of various kinds cluaiug out very low, at wholesale or retail. * At KINZEY'S, No. 223 Eighth avenue. Between Twenty-diet and Twenty second streets. AT DB PERCEVAL'S, 067 BROADWAY, INITIALS AND Coat of Anns embroidered on handkerrhiefs, table linen and bed clothes Cotton and Silk Embroidered made to order. Transferring laces mended and done up like new. Stamping for embroideries perfectly done, t'idldren's Cloaks ready made and made to order. Embroidered Chemises and Night Gown Yoke*, Ladles' and Children's Under Garments, an., Ac. Direct Importation. AT C. L HARDING'S SKIRT FACTORY, K1 SPRING street, are the beat tempered French steel woven Skirt*, 30, to and 60 ipring* at low prlcea; 12 springs $1, well made and warranted. Old Skirt* made over. Skirt factory, 181 Hpringistreet, near Hudson street. At o. m. bodines, 481 Broadway. Will offer on Monday, June 18, 260 PIECES RICH SILKS, At75cents per yard. Reduced from >1 and 8136. At o. m. bodine s, ? _4S1 ^Broadway, ca& nunts. fu-.iv. huduv 500 81LK ROBES, 4, 5, 7 ud Flounces. Only 930. Cost 195 and 940. The greatest bargains ever offered. At O. M. BODINF.S, 481 BROADWAY, Will offer on Monday, J una IS, 100 down French Tacked HandherohJefs _ , .. ? * 99 par dozen, Reduced from 99. Also, BOO pieces Printed Lawns, Only 11>? cents par yard. ^ GREAT CLEARING OUT RALE OF ENGLISH OARPETINi J8, OILCLOTHS, Ae. FRENCH PAPER H ANGINUIL^ WINDOW SHADES, Ac. Good Carpets at 39 cents par yard, usually acid at BO cents; Ana all wool Carpets, 50 cents, usually sold at 75 cents; tine three ply Carpets, W cents, usually sold at 9113 a SI 36; English Brussels Carpets, 91. usually sold si 1 35 a 91 57. Also, a large stuck of Oilcloth Remnants, Iran 1 to 15 yards, to ba sold very cheap. A ho, 990,000 worth of French Gold Paper, B0 cents par roll, usually sold at 91 a 91 W; Una Satin Paper, 13 cents, usually old at 87H cents. Also.^WO pair due gilt Window Shades, 91 ^eiyialr, usually H4 Hudson street, ahtwrs Spring. AN ELEGANT AMORTMENT of PLAIN HRt MilR and PLAID BABKQK ANGLAIS, English Cballiea, Poplins, Valeutlas, and Travelling Dress Hoods, Ac., M Greatly Reduced Prices. A. T. STEWART A OO. JJAREQE ROBES At 93 50. 94. 99 and 96. Worth 9S, 99, 910 and BIX GRENADINE ROI1ES, ProparUcnably low. These goods era sold at a great sacrifice, lor the porpoaa at clearing out our eprinc importation. ARNOLD, CONSTABLE A CO., Canal, vomer of Mapear atreet. CHARLES NTRKKT, NO. 47* BROADWAY. GREAT REDUCTION IN PRICES OCR ENTI?KB KTO-'K SUMMER HIIAWIR. SPRING AND RUMMER MANTILLAS, WILL TAKE PLACR ON MONDAY, JUNK Iff. MANY NOVELTIES IN RILE MANTILLAS, and NOVELTIER In CLOTH, BAREOR and CHALLY CLOAKS and MANTILLAS, rereived per last Houwr, will alao be affsred M the REDUCED TRItTCM. OUR ENTIRE LACK STOCK WD1 be offered In our wtmleaale department. Including REAL LACK AND PUSHER <1/>AKH, MANTILLAS AND POINTS, At 3U per oeol leaa tAac May prleea. CHARLES STREET, No. 47S Broadway Between Broome and Grand atreeta. CI A. RANOUH. PRACTICAL SKIRT MANUfACTU >, per, la now dialing Prenrh Heel woven Skirta, beat In the market; alao horae hair Hklrurbeap. On hand Preach woven Ooraete. SI. Hklrta made to order. Old Skirta made over, W Htitb avenue, near fifteenth atreeC t /TARPETR, CURTAINS, MATERIALS AND V PUK.MTl RK COVERINGS, An.. Replete wKfc the LATEST PARIS NOVELTIES produced iMaeeaaoo. A. T. STEWART A 00. CHEAP EMBROIDERIES. 3.UI0 RICH MMROTDERED SETS, 1M1IKU Mil KK\I. LAi:*, I At srm Men ?KT. About half UtAenataC A. T. STNWART k 00. lj<XTRA RICH FRENCH PARASOLS. moo retailed at m lord A tatlor. Ifna. MlnW Rmadw?f Extraordinary bargains l ?lj . .1j? is qrrnadinrr, MO rick FIoudmS Xg?><? "rrteaasw (innat attraction troBtliratr UM niual?t lfKl'i<*?n?nu ?w offered la HClUntR MAWTI.ICS. CLOAKS. SHAWLETS, ARABIANS, Sr., Ac. Baonamw redurttooc wtll be m*4?, In order to doM oo? our entire Mock before the 10tA of Jot/. W. R. ROBERTS, M Bowery. IHmm rn?m Md Howetoa Mrreti TACONETS AND ORQANTURi * WowwUlBf etevrwl iMwuna ia pnea ARKOI.P. CONSTABLE * CO.. Caoa), onraar of Karaar aMat t ADTVT a*n IWAWTT department. a b?adttrn77?bo?tmirt or ( awfactcrrd oarmknt*. Also. Oaaaaa Titn rot bridal trocwrapw. urtartr aad children? cwper q aemewtr, ROBRN DR CltAMBRE, fRATEtAIRO DIMH, Ra. MOURNING OOOPRMADE TO ORDER. LORD A TAYLOR, Noa. iRtoW RnaRnr. .v.rr.rrrr.* UeaDWi *? | Ucr rotoU ..... W A ho aa aaauf'nt n< rml Mm* to. Ra., fraai IMto fxat^xsrsrrrt^. * < a dtinjl purum tor tratrllim drmrrr a riu. araortrwrt or react inn, unrua GRAY RORWKNI POMME, rrtailrd at rrtrntyyiye crrtr lordTvaylor. N<? m to?*7 Rrowlwar. I I 3 PRY flOOMi *C? _ Macy's clearing ha i.e. JI NK, I860. aoons closing i.khh than cost. A I.I. OUR PONITK APPI.IUUK LACKS. AM. OUR PONITK APPLIQUE COLLARS. A1.I. Ol'R IIONITON com.ARB. AM. OUR WIDE BLACK GUrPl'RK LACKS. AM, OUR 6 4 A NO 8 4 Pl'HIIKR HHAWL LACKS. am, tihc i.inkn oamakkh in htock. ALL OUR UNKN OAM ASK TAHLK COVERS. ALL OUR 6 4, 8 4, 104 AND 13 4 sheetings. CLRARINO ALL OUR Whit* Good*. CLKARINO AM, OUR Curtain MimUn And Lace*. CLEARING ALL OUR Lace Curtain*. CLKARINO ALL OUR Freii.b KmbPiilJWtM CLKARINO ALL OUR Scotch Kiiihrouiaria*. ci.kaKINO am. OUR much CLKARINO AM. OUR Hodery and Ulove*. CI.KAKINO AM, OUR MiUL ? . CLKARINO ALL OUR Ladies' aim! MIh?**' Under Cloth*#. CLKARINO ALL OUR tirnt*' Uud*r Wear. URKAT BALK ok FRENCH LACE SHAWM, FRENCH AND ENGLISH lai.'k man till ah, FRENCH and BNGL1HH fill AWT. AND FLOUNCINO LACKS, Noa 304 and 306 HIXT1I A VKNUK. . wwing to uh conuiiuea impressing w newer ? mmj, / "? the importers of three goods were Induced to make (rent aacrl- Bees at the large auction salea In fact, there jWM quite a panic in those goods, and In many sales the importers sola them at less than half the coat of importation. _ __ We were la re buyers at these sales, and are enabled to oner (as the result):? 2,01X1 yards REAL PUSHER FLOUNCING LACKS, 24 inches wide, for As., Which cost to import 51 25 2,000 yards REAL PUSHER FLOUNCING LACS, U laches wide, 8s., Which coat to import 51 78. 2,000 yards REAL PUSHER FLOUNCINO LACKS, 32 inches 10a, j__ Which cost to Import 83 28. 2,000 yards FINEST IMPORTED FLOUNCING LACKS, 4 inches wide, 20a, Which cost to import Ki. _ 1,000 yards FINEST IMPORTED FLOUNCING LACES, St Inches w hie, 53 to 00, __ _ Which coat to impart 91 to ST. 000 FRENCH LACE MANTILLAS, three flounces, SO. Cost to import 510. 100 FRENCH LACE BURNOUS, 10. Cast to Import 510. S00 REAL PUSHER LACE SHAWLS, 56, 57 SO, 510, SU, Which cost to Import 510, 516. 550, W0. 100 REAL PUSHER LACE MANTILLAS, 55, 59 510, IN, 518, Which cost to Import 510, 515, M0, 925,185 This is. without doubt, the CHEAPEST STOCK OF FIRST CLASS FRENCH AND ENGLISH PUSHER lac* goods EVER OFFERED AT RETAIL IN THIS CITY. N. H?I>o not be Induced to purchase before looking through our Stock. R. H. KAGY, 204 and 205 Sixth avenue, corner of Fourteenth street. Muslin mantillas. MADAME P. PIXCHON Has now open the latest nouveautes In WHITE MUSLIN MANTILLAS, To which she invites the siteution of her oustomers. Madame K. PINCHON. 65 Hleecker street PIC! ORU.VNDIE ROBES, 55 RICH PRINTED JACONETS, 12* TO 29 CENTS, BRILLIANTS, ORGANDIES, BAREGE8, Ac., An LORD A TAYLOR, Noa. 481 to 457 Rraadwmv. fpO STRANGERS AND VISITERS IN THE CUT. SOLOMON A HART. No. SOB Broadway, neil door to Taylor's Saloon, ars closing out the balunce of their SPRING STOCK AT COST, And Invite particular attention to the bargains they offer la LACE AND MUHUN CURTAINS. NEW STYLES NOTTINGHAM AND LENO CURTAINS. LACE AND MUSLIN FOR VESTIBULE DOORS. BROCATEL SATIN AND TAPESTRY CURTAINS. REPS, DAMASK AND CHINTZ CURTAINS. PIANO AND TABLE COVERS. Q1LT CORNICES, BANDS AND PINS. MUSQUITO NETTING AND TARLATAN* Of all widths and colors, from IS cents per yard upward* With a splendid assortment of FINE GOLD LANDSCAPE AND FLOWER SHADES, Of oar own Man of sot am. Also, i tern stock of fink FRENCH paper hasoinofl, Containing s foil lin? of the CHOICE MORESQUE 0*010118, Entirely new thte Spring, And ooW Im nested by tMe hone* SOLOMON A uART, Ml Broadway. 500PIKCES BABE,iK Aj"iLAis. Just receired, RETAILED AT 1J>? CENTS. LORD A TATXiOB, Mas. ?C toMT RroMwny. 1 000 CANT0N URATE BHAWL8, just RECEIVED prom auction. PLAIN AND*"EMBROIDERED, PROM ? TO M EACH, BKINO rirry per cent below cost OP IMPORTATION. prrprctlt new and debirarle. lord A tatlor, Kis. Ml to MI Qrand street Roe. 17 end ?? Catharine atreet IPRIIIO FARHIOWR. T MRR PULLER'S, An elegant assortment of Bonnets, et nnnenaUy low prtoee. II Band street, . Neer Broadway. MH. LICHTENRTEIN. Mi CANAL STREET, CORNER m of Woneter street, flret Sonr orer Mr. R<*mblaiW amn. Rick Sou act Ribbons or Ladiae* Drees TrteuMafe el M eenW per yard worth M rente At 11 R?l< per yard worth Wte cent* At M reals per yard worth U eaaM And other Millinery and Drees Trimming Ooode at the saaeA rulouua pncea, In oonaeo lienor of retiring Iran bualaem, at M. H I.K'HTICNHTKIN'K, 3#0 I'unal alreet, ?nwo( WooMriuml VTILLIinmT AND DBKRRMAKINO?MIM & MCIJJJf ill would Inform her h>r ithern nmumiri theIaba baa rammed bar Millinery and Diiimmailng KatabUahmeet Id No S CUnlom place, aecuud houaa weal of llraadwar, tram Mi Broom* air-eel MADAMR JCMKPIUNR FINIR1JI RRKPttTFULLT IN. forma her frlenda and ruatotnera thai aha haa removed to No. M Real Thirteenth mre?e, f..tirth d<?ir wal 'tt Broadway, and rontlnnra to beep a rich umonmrni of I'arta Mllllurry, Ao., ami BfN receive a aoH??pa ot patriiwaga. STRAW OOODR-TO CITY AND OOUNTBT JOHHRRB and Betailem.?JOHN MAYHKB. Ui Broadway, N. Y.? would call the attention of the trade to hla oew atrlaa of Mraw Onoria. maiawttnt of Kngllah Kong h and Rowdy, Baatla Baable. line White Bonneta aad all the prevailing faahtueabl* at/lea, at prVea thai defy oowipe*U<i?._fMI and tee. C?TRAW flOODR -TO <TTT AND COUNTRY JOBRKRB O awrt Retailer*.-JOHN MAYHKB, 1? Brumlway. N tZ would can the attention of the trade Vo hla new aijrle at MtraW Uonda, rondatlng of Kngllah Hough and Ready. Ruatle Bam hie, ban White Sen net ta, and all theprevailing faahlouable aty lea, a> prtara thai defy competition (Ml aad tea. coritTOyM?jJBJBh A^^LADrVlWTI,KMAN C'HIl,D AND NCBBB WMH Roard In the rvmnlry, In a bonae where there are hot fair hoarder*, wttMw ahont twenty at Ilea of no Tat*; aw the Baal river preferred Addreaa boi IM P<wt <-(60# V-w Vort Board at bockaway, lono iki.and, in a pbi?ale family, rod llilni and aplrndtd ana bathing, Oammtiah'aoon by nil and alaaw four or bra tmaaa dally. Apply at BU Broadway, near Twelfth atreui. CAOCNTRY BOARD AT OORNWAIJ THB PROPRTB) lor of the I'ornwmll House, haa Roane for a few famt* hea. with food Roard f<? the anmmer. Paraoaa arMMng roamm will apply to U. TOMPK INK. Jr., proprietor, t oruwall, Orang* enemy Reference*-Mr Wm C llall. IM iWaathan InaSt aad Mr Jamee A Miller. 101 thambrm .treat. ; /"lOl'NTBT BOARD-TUB WHITR IIOl'HN UTTUB 1 J Ml lea* U rmt wei In# I km rare itlUwt </ liiMnlif Tklft la (W Mart boanUful ?ikI rtaMf pl*r? la tha *trtaMy ?f * # Tort) Kttliln* t?r ladlaa Mart r hMdrrti. Uw rnrmmrr Iwmg BnutoJi fwl oT KdMrtrtoa arm daily. land* p???*aa?r*oa u* praBM. THrtYKKi rtO*6? PrepO-ar* _ ?????? I ! !! I I ?? M>l /wr'htbt board?a niimkkr or rnrau onn? v W or |TOU?*n?n sort thalr wlraa, M* nbWIa Ana nlaaa Hoard at rtpnrtaa IhiyrW. nor hnor'a rid# rroa mm <l| kr )<tida"rt lUvrr Rail mad. hnaa Ihma artautra arakfnart dapnl otrrVKiklnf rtrar aad eraak. Apply dally at MA Broadway, npatalra, at >H fMW*TBY MiRP -A rAVHTOAH m* OHIMIIIl. Ltfi?s^saa%,T?i?4.rys2 g?}j?TitrJSar"S?r rcv&Si t iorim?Y boardAtfTMim on urirmji rHB*>*B "*^l r*>d l"*f' at a >nw rata aaa ha aa??afad ad itir bairawltiau lln^pt, at ^tatr ta*krllr, atJrtMAt l^t^l da^i^^t. ltM|irtra at tha pnyrtatnr. ca tha pwli t ar df T. A. FuMar. Ho ? Hanoaar atraat. H Y. ^ OOUKTBY HOARD ? A PRJYA1* PAMU.Y, OWUFT\J Hi? a naat mltfcfa na Ihr aaa "fcorr of Umy Inland, wtthla two hour* rMa or tha r*jr. aaa ?' mini m? ar twoaanj frn- with Hoard for tha riawr. Apply at M Waal Taart tr#fA atraat BOORTBY HOARD WABTRD?fl* RTATBW WtAHDL . KEp&*rssuss.w: srSB try, HarJrt (dn* PofRTRY BOARD?ORB OR TWO OBRTUemiW aad lhatr adaaa <- * obtain *r?-d m?nr TaTWln * _ i For particular* tninlr* at U Hmrth alraat. " RBtPBTTABUI BOABD, AT HOOTOB PLAOM, H. J~ r ^ar.nrj: uiMtar b^w?TLhmir a rid* ^alTJ^'lLrt^M?^frrry. ar rtHaliwt, Bo. I Batxry, foar irtaaa a day. L W1LUAN RArtDAI.Tt CO BBRPBOTABUI FAMfl.TWI OA* PBOOCBB i|tLURp^ Btl.l.lARPP ?ORIFFITH'R IMPROYRD i TUWHMI aad Tahlaa ran naly ha hmitht at Ma farrtnry. wMrh ? VfRW BIU.I AMD ROO* r* RROOlCl.r*?O. * ? PI DBA*, lata ?d Attatillr alpaat, ara raady ataaaataa thaAt Diaa M at Montague HaB. rlTT-THRFF RT1.IJ ABD TABMM IRM1M OM U?V1R HR1RM, MA Rear, trant, Hrw YaaB, llama* tut Harden.

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