Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 19, 1860, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 19, 1860 Page 1
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* El TH I I WHOLE NO. 8686. \ gHlFPIWQ. I ' CTKii-NKW roaK, ?>UTUa>U'TON AMD OAVBK. { If nderbflt Kumpean tine I'uttod State* Kail tteainah'.pa j . flhgtatwMo Mew Fort, fcmthampwm aiid Havre. | v n From Ne?- York for | Returning from Ho KauthunpUai aud vre and South- | Havre. I amnion. XIAJNOIfl, ortan hat., June.Yi wea , July to | VANTHCRBnA Hat, July 28 Wed., Aug. IS njUNWH Sat , Aug. II Wed , Aug 29 ANDKHBILT Hat, Sept 8 Wed, Sept.* XUJW.Ok Hat., Sept n Wed., <>et/ 10 t VANPKRHII.T Sat, Oct. 20 Wed., Wot. T i. These ahlpa have wa'er tight compartments. First cabin, per Illinois. $100; per VauderbUt $129. k Second cabin. In each snip, 260 f OertMoates of passage issued front Europe to America. Specie delivered in Condon and Peru ' D. TORRANCE, Agent, 5 Howling Oreen Wear Tort. H. Q. WAIN Bio ill 4 CO , Id Rue Keubourg, Moolinartre, Pari*. I A. W. CHRYHTIR, Havre. OAKFORD A OO.. 67 Orace Church street, London. ( \ DUNLOP, 8CHOAU5S A CO.. Southampton. aa 0r .. ? XinOCKI.Y COMMUNICATION BT 8TKAM RKTWEIN Tt New York and IJverpool, culling at QueenMowm Ireland, le lead and embark passengers and despatches.?'Tim Hirer??oai, New York and Philadelphia Si.- unship Company's splsnbuilt Una sorew steamships are intended to nil ad I mow www toan ros utibj ool: YIOO, Saturday, June ffl. CITY Or WASHINGTON, set'irdav, June SO. KANOABOO, Saturday, July 7. And every Saturday, throughout lite year, from pier No. 44 North riser. lltn Or rcssatm: Oabia to Qneerwtown or IJverpool $74 Cabin to Ixbdon (eta IJverpool 80 flteersge to (jneenatown or IJverpool 38 titMrtff ULtm'lon * 3j Kmrue return tickets, available lor sis months, from IJvPaeaaagers forwarded to iiaire, Paris, Hamburg, Bremen Mad AMwarp at throagb rates. CerUAeatea of passage issued fmrn IJverpool to New York $t0 " " from tjueenstown to " 30 Tkaee stoamnrs have'superb >r ar jniaaiodatina for passenger*. Bra oouetrooted with watertight compartments, and carry < v perienoed surgeons. For freight or passage apply at/he ud od Q. DAL*. 13 Broadway, New Fork. Agent I In IJverpool to Wn. ISMaX, Tower Buildings. In Glasgow to WW. INK AN. IS Dixon street. gOOTHAWlTON AND HAVRE. THE NORTH ATLANTIC STEAMSHIP COMPANY will despatch for the atovenotts tMr splendid steamship . Cnpt. Jus. J. Com work, carrying the United Suites maDa, On Me following days from Canal street wharf:? Frsm New York. I Prom-Havre. star-day July 14 I Tuesday July 31 MRnlAm Augusts Toewiay September 11 HaturdaF Ortoner 4 ! Tuesday October 33 * UA..Utarw,,?A?t thn H?V nftPP lpftriiif Havre. The Adriatic ta undoubtedly (Minlld by any steamship In (fed world for comfort, safety and speed. Hha has water light enmnarimenta. Kbit aabto miw $130 Far fretut apply at the office ot the company, 88 Wall street, mVcST "PP'T to Win. H. WICK HAM, on the wharf, Asenu at London and Southampton?Messrs. OBimriliL, TINUB A MOROAN. Agent st Iiarre?JOHN Pl'NNKTT, Kao. Agent si Parts?JAB KB W. TUOKKR. Esq, U Faubourg . MoSmarir*. A TLAtmr RQNAL WAIL STRAW NAVIGATION OOMA May's Mew York and Galwvr Line.?The next departure from Nasr York will be the splendid and powerfnl ateamahlp FlINOf ALlMtKT, Captain Nicholas Powers, which will saU oa Thursday, June 21, touching at St. John's, M. F., to reoetve the reyal mail. Pasoaa or PasssdB-? Fliet class, 100 and 275, third, 190. In htdknr free tickets to many of the principal cities on the main railway toutes of Great Britain and Ireland. Third class must provide plate, knife, fork, Ac . and bedding. Passengers to fit. John's, first class. 238 Paaatze In the third eiass can be necared to bring persona out Irom Gal way for 292 60, from PubUa, 296 from Belfast, 287; from Londonderry, 227 60, (Ha Waterford, 237. from Limerick, 239. For freight or pusage apply only to AI.KX ilOLLAND A CO.. Agents for the Line. No. 64 Broadway. TjhOB SOUTH A UPTON AND HAYRIt-THN I'NTTRD f amine mail eteemer AR AGO. D. Unee. Commander. will leare fsr 11am-, touching at Bouthsuptoii. to land the malls nd eaanengerm, on Saturday. J une 22. at 12 u clock, from pier III. 87 North river, foot of Beach street. This ship has water44 * ??A" -- ll" J? an lLal in the* Ah*Ant OreeeSrCiur (trending the ??iir could not reach litem, and MM yarn pa being free to work, the ufety of the reaaal aad pu aacen would he aecurad. Price of ptiura in aeooad cabin P7? aad 910 for freight or |i < ? ?? apply to KAMI'Kl, if. FOX, QBO. MACKENZIE, Agent t, Ko. 7 Hntadwav. N. BAt eiearner Pulton will aonceed the Arafu. and eau Jul; SI. CTEAN TO LONDONDERRY, GLASGOW AND LIVER yeel Ehmiiat ena pa**a*? to Europe, by the Montreal Ooaaa eiall eteainer NORTli HKITON, Borland, commander, E.1A toaaL BM borer power, from Quebec, HatnrJer SSd June. Weill ef paene SBVewdiuiderTY, til B|I II awd lieeaawilt? Fhe oiaea, art, SM. eatdahlp. WU. eieenge. B*>. including III line aad free ticket etuter br war of Hoeion. Port land (whhe Mountatna) to Ouebec. or br Hudeeo rirar. Late (heaphdn, Montreal (Victoria in ?lga> to Igoebeo, with the prl eUeae ef nan alntnt over at anv potnu I,earing New York " eery afcht at flee o'clock K?r umrtot'e ticket aad yaaaage Mpb if ma Nam real Ocean tUeamahip ihapaor't uMoe. NAHKL A HKAKI.K, A rente, 33 Broadway. Tha OKKMIa.n will aiwMmd tha North Briton, and aall Mem Quebir. June 30. fTMIV NORTH tiKRM AN IJ?YJi'H BTK AMAHIP PRKMRJf, X earijhm the United M .ire mall, will poaltlrehr aall on BATuRPAY. JULY 7. AT U OUTLOOK M . roa BRKMRN VIA SOUTHAMPTON, Taking uaaaenrer* for LONDON, HAVRE, SoVTH AMPTON AND BREMKN, . At the following ratee ? Ptral eabtn, S1U0. anannd eahiu. BBS; (trainee. MB. ,r*"hl VluI?8k2?P|iRUT?EN A RRIOHNLT, 19 Broadway. n HAMBURG AMERICAN PACKET COMP ANT'S Ml atramahfn H AMMONIA. II. P. Schwaoaen. eoaa tender, will leaee for Hamburg Southampton, Loudoe and . barm, an Saturday, Juae Kj^ai 13 M. Pleat nabta, MOB; aa, C.*B. t^alSffdi BOAR. U1 Broadway, Maw Tort. Tha Mil nihil Tautoola will euueead tha Hammrmla TjiOB LIVERPOOL ? DREADNOUGHT UN P.-THE r aplaadtd dipper ahlp VICTORY, Capt Atnewonh. will all an the Ad June Her arcotnmodaiiona are unequalled. For parnate, toweet ratee, apply oa board pier No. I North rlrer, orteP. M. DEM AREST it south etraat. ? nf f\ Dt iff ffTII f fVV _TW1 l?lf w*rwir?vu** n ... ..... M ? w .... J tackalritfp aumtralia. Irtn* at plor 17 Ra* rtrer, M*aaths?Mof Jtno. The /<'HM BRIulIT aallo Jbm 00. For >?! !? from or lo Ireland. or <lr?M? <w '?'---1 apply to wiiXTaib a <?unm,< rmmo ml JKOB LIYKRrQOt<-OU> BLACK STAR LIKE?THE girkol^ihip AlHTRALIA. Ujrln* at Pier 17. RmK near, *Tko JoHM*BRIOIIT Mill ?h J tut* For panM from or In Liverpool' or draflo nu Ireland, apply to WlHUAlU A BVlOlCm rafcooouoot. grmom ieelakd to inrw toek bt uteajt?taEr aoaR*ra hooked frooa l|aow?no a. Ireland, to Mow Tor* ygelai' tew.J *a5gtfg!g ' ' __ JOHW 0 pale. AyooA Btinoom like or litbetool r aokete-taoeet 1 Japo 11 ?Th# hplondid aow and (aot Oil hail par hot iMp CVoKEWMTKE, I'apL Roberta, p-oltienly tut aa itara gasr;*^^jyifcrghCvs. or |o Taporoil a O, 00 Ifciutk otraoA DOTAL KAIL RTRAKBHIP AFRICA. FOE litre% 1X aoai?Tho AFRICA. M. Eiaiino. ! Itr. will aafl frtoa lt? iiiapmy't dork, at Jenny Ohy, wmA iho auula aad hoWNon lor Europe, <a Wadn-oday, Iho AXh Inalanl P?nMn are rag pooled to bo on bnard at hall pool ei?Ul o'olook *TRe ARIA wfll Ml ow the Mil of July. B. CUM ARn. Ma 0 Rowttnf Oroaa. aaana nufntill TTA TAMAHA. foot of warraa atraa*. at 13 a'clonk. boos. la aad aAar July, laa daya of Jopanura will b? tha lot, 11th Mi Ha af anrk month, wrapt wh-n tbaaa dalra (all <>a Huaiaa. whan lha day of ilanartura wiU bo tha M<mday following. fir or rrattWl apply aftha oaky < *<?. IT7 *?l MaaAaaraaraf Warraa mra?*. D B AU.K.V Ageut M B AU pdraona ara furbtd Irxwtiad any oaa aaaooonMaf IkraNm ahipa and oaoofl ^ Important moticb to caijfobmia fambmpra Thf nrvdat ariatrrwvl hairing naao appointed Commta knar fur tha pratrntkm of paaarngnni I mm lha Atlantic -lataa >11 aOraum li| ila i - r i ir -i i * I -niia. In piiraua'im of an art paaaaad by tha la-giaiatur of that Ataia. n -ultra pnruaa arlto ara ahnaita vaka paaaaga iu tho r'?i.ur ai??m?r?. thai ba i* aropnrad ta furnlah ill cm wdh n fcrta fur thr aiaaia-r North Mar laartag aa tha MXh Juno at the raiaa rhargad by DtJ noiapmj (h?a awirta ptaacry m from all imp- .?;> m. rfnru-n Bnabugna urfcal aailrrm ha Paniaa reviling owl of towa ran m? pamya aacaiad. aaf thmr urkout ln?rdrl to tha n by apraaa AcMr. aa po* pai.l ear I. wing ratorii alimp, 11. Ihckitaua. (Vmunjaatiiorr (or tha ProMaUoouf Mm%rau>? to OaiMorBka Pa II* warran anwt xpom HATAHA. r CJtlTKD WTATNB *An. WTBAMknrTy LIMB. laaitM arary twratr dara from nwkjam BTItAw-HlllP UlAKK* cm. It W. Hhttfaldi, . inmandar TM wad known and ?>|an.ll.l WramaMa ?Ul laara for tha . ibirra part on Monday, Tana atfWaim* r. It, from piartd Smik rtrrr Htl>? of iadlag fainnki* and algand on board, on aaWiai of mnaranra. LfRanrftaht raoatrod on Ihr 3Xb Juno. For freight or paaatga P HAlt'.'iUl 1 <X>.( II IbmgBrwat. rLt ataba, mnr obi-bamr ai*d t*iab.-m*w yobk 'aaj\l aai Maw Orlaaa* Ntnaniahlp Company For Maw I IrMM1 rkk Aaraan.?To ami on Wr-lanapoy. J una *7, l*?. at 11 Sehwk, tha 1'nitad HtiUra mati ?i-?mahip "* BOTo, John Jimkn, Himanili i will cnmraanra Ui reenter frctgM on itnhwrdaa, Juna V, at ntar font of Murray Mraat, Jtorlk rfrar. Mo %Karkdhm atawnd aftar thr bou- ?f aalUnir f r fnr?ht or BT ?|--jrT -? UVlJfitBT'lJtrrR'K'HBKOlf M k) . M Marray aiw*. Thrrmfh uekr'a iaonad to all porta In Tetaa par Bontharn WaamakZp Onmpaliy'a Una of atrumara. _ ______ U*OII RAT AM A, VIA MlfWtC, If P.-TIIK BRrTWH J and North Amartran Roral Mall ata*m?htD MAUMtK, (faptain Mmaalraa, will aall for tha ahora porta from fha Com rany a wharf, Jarary (Mr, mi Matnrdar, Mar W. Hntnrtay, Jana Paaaawa ao ?j to Maaaau. BtA paaaaya raooay to Saraan. MhVW frattht or paaaa?e apply u> v rr'MtRn, Mn. 4 Bowlln* Oraaa. 1 -ipOH BATAMMAH AMT? TTTK dof'TH TffM Of"** I Mdn RrFTFTn.l * (dap* Jan A. PnaL will laara piar II IKnrlh iW im Tbaraday Jun# 11 <1 IP tf - u, agrwa. ^, Alhacy JN>, (Vdnmt,n, t*l Atlanta. Btl. Harm., ?. Aiaaaala. BIT W. twdndtna rarrtaya klra in Barannah. Fr^htlleaieka par font. A|p!y to R. B. iRDKTIu, a 00., "thtTV*bTw?iSb waeadddk Tharaday, J?w M. E NE M0ENI2 BHimiV?. TiVIR UtRKrOQU-fOtt'nVKI.T THK KIRST SHIP.? C" _JV splendid clipper ship, MA.RIANVK J. 1'OTTKI. IJOIf*, Captain Lamb. will s ill on PrMay, June Bd Pur rate* of psNutar. apply on boats?, Pier S4. Rant rtwer; or te JOSEPH ^IVRPHT. ffl Fouth street. near Wall atreot. TfOR LIV*RrOOL-JH.ACK BALL IJ.VK ?THK PAVOR. F lte paclrtt .*hlp NKPTt NR. now al anrhor lu the stream, xatla Una <la>. The Iaeac Webb axils July 1. >'or passage, Hply to JACOB WILSON, 108 South street. For savannah awi> otitkr porta as bklow ? The hrat rlua <dde wheel *teamihlp AIH1P8TA. ("apt M K. Woorfhull, will leave on Saturday, Jm.a J3. at 4 P. M., from K-No 4 Net-h rt*?r. Through Uckata can be had fur the fating place*:? New Orleans, (90 75, Mobile, 730, Montgomery. 185; Columbus. (29. Albany, 921; Atlanta. (21; Cmattmoogajflli, Nashville, (27 50, Knoiviile. $36 50; Memphis, (3175; Augusta, W bo\ Ms eon, W Savannah, (l.'> For freight or passage apply at 13 Hrotdway. Tha steamer FLORIDA, (.'apt. isaae CrnwuU, will suooeed and sail on Tuesday, June 26, at 4 p. M. samuel *rrrmi.l * son. Fbekjbt for tenner8kk, north caromna, Pnetsmmtth. Norfolk, City Point and Richmond, received every day at ol?r 13 North nver. The. steamship JAMIUTOWN, Capt Kklnner, laavea every Tuesday at 3 P. H. Steamship ROANOKE, Capt Couch, every Thursday at 11 noon. Steamship YORKTOWN, Capt Farrtsh, every Ratorday at Freight to Portsmouth or Norfolk cents par foot; to Otty Point, 7 arum, and to Richmond, 8 cents. Passage to Norfolk (utile room and meals Included), (8; to Portsmouth or Hichmoiid. $10. Kxcuntion ticket to Richmond or Petersburg and bach, 915; to Norfolk and back, 918. I.UDLAM A UKINRKCN, 115 Broadway. HOraKR, ROOM9, At.,WA!m!P. Apartments wantkd?thrkk or pour rooms. ou sen nd floor, for liouaekeeping, by a young man and wifef no children), tu o house where there la not more than one family. Kent must lw low. References exchanged. Address. with full particulars, st-tting rent Ac., J. K. A., bos 3,387 Posl o(lice. Country skat wanted.?a oknti.kman wishes ' to hire for the season, with the privilege of one year, ? furnished House in the country, within oue hoiy of New York, bk steamer or rati. A location on the H'udson preferred, llctit no! to exceed the rate of (800 per annum. A desirable tennnt can be obtained by addressing Advertiser; boyjl.Jflfl Port office. . TTOUKK wanted?wantrd to purchase or 11 lease, a throe atory brick or brown atone House, full 25 feet front, (north side oflbe street preferred,) between Twelfth and Tlurty fouth street and west of Broadway. Address H. R. S., box 918. Post office. PART OF HOURF. WANTED?FOR FOUR ADULTS; to be located In the vicinity of Fifteenth or TWtieth street Intervening; reterences exchanged. Address House, Herald oflire. ROt 1MB WANTKD.-A OKNTI.KMAN AND LADY WISH lo hire e second floor, unfurnished, In some <|Ulet locality, w here theyeeuM live very retire;I; rent from (3U lo 985; with a widow lady, who orc.upi'es the rest of the bouse, preferred; location between mace ami r.tgntn streets, west ikwoi ana near Broadway preterred. Adifreea Char lea DeKoreat, Bruad way Host office. WANTED-BY A GENTLEMAN, WIEK AND OMRsmall child, part of a house, conaUiing of about fire Rooms, In a g?*l ncighhwiiood. within five minutes' walk of the Cooper Institute. It0*1 of ref ereners gh en and required. Address, stating location, rent, Ac., O. K 0., U Cooper Institute. WANTED?IN BROOKLYN, ECRNIHHED, A AM ALL House or t'oilage, or part of a house (say throe bedrooms. one silting room and rooking apartment). No objection to outskirts of (tie ritj, prodding lo. ation la clean anil healthy. Kent not to t iered Kill per month. Addreaa T. 0., Herald office. WANTED?IN BROOKLYN, EURNIHHJCD. A SMALL House or Cottage, or part of a house, (aav three bedriaiius. one s.iliug r<aun ami rooking apartment). No objection lo outaklrta of the ctty, providing location la elean and healthy. Rem not lo exceed MO per month. Addreaa T. 0., Herald office. WANTED?A SMALL. NEAT COTTAGE; MUST H4VB water and gsa. and be well located up town. Rem lruea KttdlofSM. l'oasesaioo la wanted now or 1st of July. KINMHIMRR^ CO.. Fourth a ran Tie. WANTED? BT A OKNTLKM AN AMD HIS WTER. ON or before the let of August, in a private hones, an upper Boor. at about KM! per aaiiom Location not abore Amity *tr?et, and on the waat aide uf Broadway preferred. No ovine on iieti l?i of M.'tr. Add ma*, bjr latter, Mating full particular*. W, H. U.. 16I.lapenard atraet. "\lrANTEI> TO RENT?A SMAU, QCMTBBL HOCItR, TT with all ihe modern Improve menta. to a good location up town; new Houae, prr ferred. for auch a good tenant will be found. Addrrae Houac, ilroadway Poat^odire. TODOB'a riUT PRRMUTM ^riRBWOBBA-rRIRCirAL jl depot 37 Maiden lane, New York. Fir* Cracker*, Torpedo**, Joaa Meka and the oaoal variety of arUetea required fSr atorehaepar* galea and pnbUa axtobi ttona of aupartor quality, at lea than nana I aHaan Addraaa ordera by atall or ttoagrapk to OBO. hOOUY. Ha to Hatha haa H. T. TjTIRKWOB RB?ASHORTKD CAR KB?FOB FBEHKMTR, r $1, ft |B. |i. <10 and ISO?7M Broadway and 00 Hudaoa atroot Edge'a and Hadfleld'a iuperb and reliable work*. In caara or bv the llaL Ordera with draft to favor of A. M. CABIN will have prompt attention. UURKWtlRKH, FIRKWORKfl ?LRONARD A WARjp Worth, No. K7 Haretay atreet, corner at Waakingtoa, have on haixl an ritenatve aaaorlmrot of Kdice'i and Hadlieid'a Flretrorta. whlrh thrv are prepared to aeii on the moat favordble term*. Country dealers are Invited k> look at our aloek before pnrrhaalag. r* a. liixiendahl* i) spot for TUX KXCTObIoR fireworks. Nralcal tn appaaranra and brat In quality. roH public andTbitatk exhibition KUNKTON A BOOPIBLD, tt John traat Hadfixlivr riR?T nuofiim firework* DKPOT 47 NAIORN LANK IUIHI B. TTTPR. A?wt j s'umt colored and brilliant FIREWORK* W. t. RYES A BRO. DEPOT, 900 BROADWAT, flaring mad* aiteaatva arraagomaate with both of tha thura catebratad aaakrra far Ihn aula of thatr draworka, wo ai* prepared to off or alnrrkaeperu and the public generally aa unequalled etnrk both la quality and rartety, at reduced unroa, renaming In part of Plrerraekare, Torpednee. Wheefa, Trt ?aab? Baabata, Wniaaa t'endlea. Mlnee, I'Vaan?. Ooaaete, Kuartaa, Balloona, An. ^nty and Town Committees supplied with public dlaplaya at AiTRfftORT. A BONA FIDB ANTBOLOOBPT.^ btbbt ONE roar rim aa ami m too aaaar bar room. All ahmUd amen* this aat orally gifted lad/, aa k might aa" them many mlafifftanaa. Hha cauaaa apaody mar rtagea, and trlla all that concerns your wbolo Ufa. Bar p redirt Vww ara an ?me that Ihey anrprtaa all who loeeutl bar. N. B ? I am In pmmaaatno of marie eharma for lord and goad teak, which ara eoer inula la (Mr effect. Mi damn Wflnrn tella an tr?? that am ladtea aaay got a Utile timid tkeegk thay aord no* f'ar, lor aha jwnrtlmo aching but what la monaUIn bakarr'' far Vor ladlri and rantlrman. W <*? * Aptoriuhiro?mapaOT *nm*ow. nrtrnth 4tmtor.kmwHti(Ml>Nl|lft(i( foraai*tt una bow our Mil ufkaa jmn Marry. and au; nan, tm your rory tbouahta. Poo M I H, until otbara Kno nyytaf ay adrarUnnnrnL OaDUcmao Ml ad naiad IM I.udiow Kraal, bakrw Hoiiua. a clai11voyart-rrh rrtwour, nrmoal ola?A aiytal maa Nik Mi Pourtb Kraal, two Aantra aa* at Hrnndwajr t'ananltaUnaa day and on alakoaaa, boKnm, auaal fnanta, Aa., and aaiKfaKtnn guaranlaad or no W MADANR hat.-tiiim MVHTRRlnrs ladt w a wndar ft all. hanfirmltrtfnn* art* on trna All ananta a( lite told, I'fAy Dtimhara ytraa. ?paadr marrtaga raoaad MO davatdh an ana. naar To inly aaramA Kraal I.aMao M aaau. ?an tlenKK M r mta. VIAUAMK 8HABPPRR Ml rtRl'OND ATRKKT, TIIIRP iU Axir, front, baiaaan atanoa C and I'nlon Narkal, tbo aarrtrill rf?n?Mar Ul a natural rtn to MU about lorr, mar nay. alarm irtanda. buwoaaa aad jonrnafa laWw. M canK; yaatlamati Btaala Nil -WHO HAA NOT HRARO OP THR "N1.RBRA . tad V tlMVK I'KKWaTKR *ba haa baan roaaalad br thcuaanda lb tlua aad idAar Ou-? with antira aallafantion. ha faala ri.nMant aha haa no aqnal; aba talla tba anm?< of fu tura wtfa or hu?i>ao?l, ahm that of bar Ttaiiar. If ymt wlah tha truth rfra bar a rail, at Ml TWrrf aranua, a bora Twanty tlrK itrrat India*. Ml ranla; ?aatirmar >1 rKRK WAR A PKRPRtrt RI'HH OR AATTTRDAT AT 12} fw Hotadnn Kraai, naar HulMtan, In aaa Nadanta |.A MAKl*. fi't traa of plapad rnaAnra^ Amnnf bar rtKtara, all WHO worm JfOT no WTTV.Rf rORTTflt w-oo Tr, we Ml- WnijRUToW, the .mil KrtkHah pmt?, ?f all. ?nd . ?nn.d he ?w?IW. fan he .-on anltrd ..eneni.ll* or hT totter nn all ad Mm of life. mnruMp. l'mp?rlr twnnr'ebiton. Uw?ui?. >mrne*a. hidden irmjwrm <* wnlalihni! hii.hnnda rertallnej, An. Mim W bam . / '. I .aa.ritn.-ni nf pure Roman and AraWfl Ullamana f.? Mm. ?.?.) I.K-k, ami affair*. and arm (rnarantoed for llfr Hnwlmr, lot With *ienne, nppnoHr Kl?hth <nH IIUURM. Bit i iarhr?omrriTim WtPRovnn roumratio* * itahtoas am4 Table. ran only b* VnuM a* Ms factor? at r* '..nal le prl'-ea. Private to-iae. furnWhed and orders by mall .nended ui. WM H ORirPITH, 1?ff Pulton atrnatBn-I.IARP TikM mm HAI.1I puhar-a rnurr Milliard Table. wnb marble bed and mmhtoafion . i.htone and all thm randan, mmptote. lb s^-sri Ir-nt I.lend VP* "ai.k ?* i.rt-a Tire** qr artrr suit r HIlMerd Table. w?l new OnMiton. and all m ennd nrdar. Will he wdd rbeap If applied for tonnadMMy. at die atom MM I nli-n atrecl. Mmilh BrwAlyn. pf?n"4',,nrP*OT1tP RTT.t.TARO TAR1.HR And Homhiriaii.-n I'naMrma. "Thrlar a imunroim. Ante aamnftolnrara. to m Omnhy aim, Wow Tbrh. rl.ITT?TWRKR RTI.I.IARn TABI.RR TKqrTWR Ot I/lffR ORlMlf. ttf lam? alrnet, Raw To?V lUrnao r brUWi t W TO TO EDITION-TUESDAY, ? juiviumja. ' JJARKIM'8 AHhJlICAH MUSEUM. Under the perannal auporvkhon of P. T. IIARNKK. ORAND OAl.A WKKK. With apiradtd perfnfwwineea erery Afternoon and Th> new VenUii 'or*. Ire Kr.uiUrlna Ac., in ike Ma THK COOUC3T I'LACK IK 1 UK CITY. OKK WKKK MURK UP VAKTII.K MA.TX, the Infant Ijunbert, or OIAIfT RABT. Tke Oreateat Wonder of tl>e World, betn* oele 7 YKARSOLD, AM> WKl'.ULN'i ! 1'wtTHI*. AMOKL and other beanufully 450UOIKI) K1HM, from the tiouiberu Sena. which are now twiminini in Mm KJNKST AQUARIA UJ THK WOliFTi. TWO PKAirrrpyL UVK SKAIA JAPAlfRBK roiKS. AUTOOBAPHH. I.ANT8BNB, M. THK IJVIffO "WHAT W fTf" IR IT M AN I () MONKKYI On HOT HI THK If AMOUR "IJtiUTNINl) CALCULATOR." who cum* up colpmna ol UgurttM instauUv, and TKA0HK8 OTHKRS TO DO IT, He W r It Mf V iKa KV'VU nn?l (<l I IHVflV 1M Generally known aa the ( Detects* Medium, ftiMM In Id* private apartment all the rartoo* phenomena at th* SO CaLI.KD SBIK111 Alt NK1HUMS, at an extra charge m 26 cent*. Dr. R. O. WICK W AUK, TOR LIVING SKELETON, may be sern at all hour*, day and evening. Re-engagement, for ore week, of the popular OomMb. Mr. HAKhY PEARSON, . Who wtil appear every evening, and Monday, Wednesday Ml Saturday afternoon* in hi* Inimitable character*. Thi* altemoon, ai 3 o'clock, will tie performed I.KOMNK, OK. TOR 1IU1PK OK SORRtlW. this evening, at tjh, old honesty and rovob diamond. Michael Rradahaw Mr. Harry P?MM Madame DRLMONTR, the celebrated Fortune teHW. Hub; Aimoundaa Serpent Family, Happy Family. GKKAT VARIETY OF NEW WAX FIGURES. Admittance to everything. 26 cents; Parquette II MMM extra. Children under ten, 15 centa; to the Parquette W MS* GVRNKY'S GALLERY, 7W. TO7 Broadway, A rat Mock below the New York Hotel. On exhibition, ? THK DYING TE-OtfM SK1I, And ollii r elegant plecea of Statuary, by CHKYAI.IKR PKTTRICH. Open firm 10 A. M till 9 P. M. MmbadonM'terta N 11?The PITOTOOK APHIC EXHIBITION 0 ALBERT I. open for FRRK INSPECTION from 8 A. M. till 9 P. M. gCKLIvATfaODH. ^ About 'windows?thr celebrated rorpi patent dnat and weather tight combined sliding and folding Saahis arc manufactured under patentees aupemalon and warranted bv JOHN P. HOUSE, corner of Fortyatith atreel and Broadway. County right* on eaay lenua Cl'T GLASS MANUFACTURKKH.?TIRKKIt A I.ANR, 44 and 46 Diuine street. A general aiwortinnnt of Cut aud Prcaacd Glassware, coal oil Globes and Chimneys, gas Shndea, Ac. CtOAI. OIL AT ?8K CENTS PRR GALLON.?4.000 OALI lone ttrw rate burning 0>1. fully eiiii'il to any In the market, In burning qualities, rotor and odor. Apply to A. F. B1NPBKRU, 25 Rector street. th*. luther, no. 42 great jones street dear I I CI- . V.i.i e Inhnlup V. ?? . !??? ,I edbv the nr?!>union, for the pan? use of administering Anaesthetic* with farUttv and safety. Too may Justly hosefof having presented to the public an instrument which posse??ei a great hunertoritv over the ungainly means adopted by the surgeons of the 1'arla hospitals. I take pleasure tu adding my recommendation. Your* respectfully, JOHN W. FRANCIS, M. D. Embarrassed bcstnbss men wishing to hi mime, and cannot on account of embarrassments. wHI find friend* w ho wlit procure tln-ir discharge from nil liabilities, by addressing A. N. X., appointing Interview tn oonhdrnce, Herald office. FLOR DKL UCAYAJJ, TUB NKW SPANISH RKMKDT I against nervous debility and weaknesses, for sale, at XX per bottle, at Dr. I.ACOSSB'H French Medical Institute, MS Broadway, opposite the St. Nicholas. All French remedies for sale. Gouradd's italian mkdicatrd hoap-it b well known rnres tan, pimpf.ks, kkkt.'ki.ks, salt k11f.lm, barbers itch. chaps, chafes, tender klfsh, Ac., besides being the rcrv best sharing compound ever invented. ooi'ractvh poudrr subtile uproots hair from low foreheads, upper lips or any n .rt of the body, surely and quinkly. warranted. i.iuuid koliqe fur paw 111* sod chocks lily white, for flushed, red and heeled faees. hair dyk Instantly converts red, gray or light hair to a beautiful black or brown, without staining the skin. hair bkrtorativb for the Ur to rrow.und make sttT, wtrv hair soft, glossy and silky. uourauips oriental cream, for the complexion. Found si Or. oobraudt oM established depot. No. ?7 Walker street, tret store from Broadway. Mrs. Hayes, Bnmklyn, and druggists geoerslly TJORSK RHOK IBON-OF RXTR.V QUAUTT, WAR XT ranted not to split In turning shoe, for sale low by WM. n/ANPRKWH, ill Water street. Ttmniraiirr ti staaw ranvfu.n shim maw iba mem at the MfMfa Aanteu rMm, No. *7 Park raw. model of a steamship ahowln* a aew application and ar rancMBaat of propeller and mini Par aay Information, addram lb* In too tor. Henry W Herbert Horfolk, VlrstetaIKON AND NTOO. NOtJ.KK WANTKD-A OOQD *<>rkman, who underalaad* rolling merchant bar Iron la saf?i,-gywaraua" w"? jdnnhkrvh roX cucm^rvn and carpnt. f CHR. HROD'H Cloth aad Par fmam la ?ha aaoet uaenl artiela la tka world. Itaavee aU klada af wooilaa goods from bolus destroyed by aalba aad alter imiiii. Ml at tte dap<* as aad M llarto atroet; ate at aU dragrtame lo Nam York, Brooklyn aad Wllllaaiaharg. at M and > eaau a paak !?L PARCK'S PAT*NT 1NPBOVKD FOLDINO HOISTING t'RANR. The moot perfect (Vane ever offered to the publid for Bridge Bulkier*. Railroad Com pan lea, ship Yards, Htooe and Marble Quarries, Iron Foundries, IHore lloaaea. IVwka, Ac. It operates Inside of a circle of forty feci With it two men will perform more labor than eight by bay other know u pnk'aa Y MAD* OF IRON, ample and ersnpieie, ruaU no m ore than other Craneff* We ran ?<ipi>ly them, at abort notice, with a lifting capacity from oae to are too* Send for dearrlpUve circulars. A line working mold la on etblblUon at Tha Inventor's Kachanir*. MR William aumat. B. A. HKATH A CO. HAH WORKS, HUTTART.I FOR DWKIAH Itiga. raannfaetnrle*, ihealree. rhurrbea. Ac. Alan. <iaa Mmngf erery .leeerlptmo. for aal* wholesale and retail, by n. i. kikiiimmi, irvumnmn, new ion. uamnu toi nprraltaa daily. /\l"ART7. MII.IX?TIIK LATK8T IMPROVEMENT, PA W letitrd Mny S, 1W. nprrmln* nq mi rnUrely nrw prtn< > pir. ?Mh mdMW, don Mr and rrrrrw ariinr unit limttln* grinding wnrfaera, urmiH and nprrlally Mapir-t to radix-tag tinnrii. rt?k nrtd nthrr hard aulruwa to an tmualpaMr p.>w drr. \pply to T RKRNFTT, Railroad Drpol RulMing. oarn-r n( Kim and Franklin rtrmta, Raw Toe* Railroad tier? a cert air rum be* wamtrdl laqntra M Hart? Railroad otoaa, Twwty^itk ?Ml ad Fourth aranun. TJICFIREI* UUMFORT-RKW I-IFK?RT T'RTRO JOHW IV HOR'R V wuMi RatMar Own, thr millfy?n* Mart on a# aton la aiwdaifat. aad aaay ha wall tmiiad Raw IdPa For air ? Ita fiilM tap Itapur'i MA M* Mta Ita. Agrnta waatod. T11'BMIAR VAFOR BATH. J\ Ro S3 Fart Twrnty ?*mnlh Mr?, naar Fourth trniM. ThH nrwl* Mtotod raiahffabmrnf (a rmrtad aftrr ihr moat IMr?rrt Kuroprati plan and nrwldnl wllh all an drill tin prarrmrrtta. Thr R. Y Hath to known to br Ita wort idita' rriardr In all rarra at enMa. (otigha, (lout. Rhramatlam. Faralt art, Cfcruokr dhrawa of thr akui and all afrcttata pr<?lurr I by tha aupprraard nrmpimlkjti of tin- akin Opan daily, for lartlra front 7 In HJ o'rlick, A. M.; for jrfttlMneu, from 10 0 rtori, A. toTrtrlnrk. P *. Frtro onr dnlh?r An add! tfcatal rharro wUl ha ?<la for patirnU raqiRrtna rrtram-dmary aurnOoc. THRO OERKKR. ownoniro U aaadr raay >o all who toaaa> to try a pair af nay Mak Siibbrr On imming illonai now Mi naatal lara?ow. Far aalr at ana Broadway and SB J oka atrrrt fTHR AHRRICAR BOI.IDIFIXD MILK. 1 Fraparad fmaaEta ilikm artfc ad Ita ?? dilrtaa la Dntrhraa ooontjr R T , la Ita ante way to praaara para aallfe la larar dura thr laadlcal profata raporl * aa laraluabla for infanta aad InralMa II la ehrapnr than Ihr aartll raada prtann aold aa mil*. Aa E will karp far yaara to any rJhnala, it la UrUaprparhlr for Irarallrra. ntoeara of tta army aad awry, aad for ihr- Ualna to hot eltmaira or at thr Month. Fhr aala hTMlwt Maad pMtom wlaaad for Urmaapartotfoa, M IM *** amrricar oupimro nut fwwAwr. _ 73 liberty Mrooi. two dogra amI from twXwy, II. T. rM.rMBKR* A WD OTHKM OARDKB no?R-THl ntwrriNr* offer for tola new article of Kubl.?r float, ~ anttable for < rotnn Rtdgawnnd and Paatole water*. of wipertor nnattiy (and matin* teas Uxui nnyntber to market), of wttab they are Mi* afota WRUtflT * t AMFBRI.U No. 1 Herolay atraat, earner of Broadway. oppmato Aalor Hone* of rATKWT ETOTA MM MODF.UAOR RKTIIHlTtnB ^^VuRTIH- PI. ARTATIOR OR FARM OATR. For atrapttctty of mnelrwAtnn and <he*|.n.-?a th? br*t Paleot Farm Oale orar uffered to Ute pnbllr coat btu At 90 mora than an ordinary faia. Kl?hti for Ifa n*r#fnr Ml*. a A. HRATH m co A*e*t* I'M WtlHam atrwet. WIOR AWAKRR?FOI.mOAL CI.CRN AND OTHRRR ran be anppUod with Uapaa, ha-, rot np aiproaaty for jiMifft/aaCTiaJS: ~"w TifAamwrmtw HYDRART. TT The Malar and Hydrant rvawpany am prepared to far nlah to rtty rorpgratfcaM, baltdora, piwnbera and othara, thn aboro hyrtranu Tbaer bydranta are two fmotto*. BOO waattn* and aolfVuotnt Rcrctnmraa?Jnha R Rbndaw, Wator Tor ear or. Br?tktyn Wat or ftepafRMMR Janwn P. Kb* wood. rhtof Wajtoear Hmofclya Wator Itopartraoal. Jaoioa U Darta, Hnportataodaat Richmond Wator Wort*: Far, Rrfaen A Ov, plum bora. Wo 90 Woat auaet Wow York (*yrw* IrPrVo ? Woal Waahlnrton Siaro, Wow York. Raa report nf (bfltnn dqitodnrl Nnanl, May I, 18* Addroaa Malar aM Hydrwat Ow|i?*y. boa UN Raw Tork r<mI WARTKD-tW noon WirtUR, awrown HARD, a few ftrat oiata fireproof aafoa. of different atw* Alio, a paoV na two aeated War* (mrkaway) Addroaa far cm woat, atatln* full partlewlara, ?.. bo* lit. Haratd nttm. YrnT RFFD wot BR AFRAID TO I'NR R. WTRTR | FlP.I.It'd I 'oniial < o*twto Bitter* Tkoy ara the only aaftt "remedy fordtarrbow. draeolerr. rb>4era. obolora morbq* and all dtwaara of tbo hnwek. Tborw ara many knmbne ramadl** now In the market, tho nwnar* and rondora of whVhjparadn thorn boforo (ho ruthNe In flamln* adyorllaomonta. but Iboy are imt h ho doi'onnod on. Tbo Oirdtal t'oynac Hit lor* ara ao knmrlodc*d >T ororr on* who baa loatorl ibotr qnaIMm to ba wtthont airv oqnal for ?hrarr-tbrt do all tbal ta otahwod. and wbat ta aa m??-h to tb? paryoaa. Iboy sro <Huu thar ara ropra aontod to ha?ma nnf arte rod In Fp?n'< IromBwro "wrmc bran dy and Importod and for ante by N FTEIRFlRI.D * W Wanmn at root, aota a*ont for tbo totted Btata*. and by drutoftato *ro *ara and h?r? in ihla etty. >RK E IRNE 19, 186Q?TRIPLE S AWUBKJTIKSrTS.^ , NIBI/YS UAKDKN " ! JaMKM If. NlXOK I^ww unit Manager MXONS yip MMV i LNTKK I AINMU.NTM. 01* KB AT I* M XIIXU, BALLET, DRAMA, BURLESQUE MI HAL DISPLAY, l'lONKNADK, During the ataj of the JAVAHW? 111HABUT, the loan will be 0[wn at 10 A. M 1 he parlor* uf tbe Ambae adoreoverlook tin-in,: Iru, In which they have pnriniMion te promenade at pleasure Thui li therefore, the only place ta are the Uluatrkiiu Unuj^era. RefreahmenU uwv hud at all hours. Beat of oreauu, leen confectionery, fn-u. As. THE JAPANVNK MILL I ".OMKNAPK THK OAHDIN THK. JAPANKSK VILL PROMENADE THE UAKDKN TDK JAPAMtflK VIIO, PROMENADE THK UAKDKN THK JAPANESE WILL I'.lOVKNADK TDK UAKDKN TDK JAPANESE MUX PROMENADE TIIK UAKDKN AT ALL IIOURK OK TDK DAY. AT AU. HOURS OK TUN DAY. AT A14. 1IOURH OK THK DAY. AT ALL 1IOUKM OK THK DAY. AT ALL HOURS OK THK DAY. OML* PLACE TO HKK THK* AS THKY ARK. ONLY PI,ACS TO KKK Til KM AS THKY ARE. ONLY H.ACR K> SEE THEM AS TIIKY ARK. OM.T PLACE TO 8KK THKM AS THKV AKK. ONLY PLACE To HKK Til KM AS THKY AUK. THK JAPANESE TRKATY OH A RIOT, THK JAPANESE TRKATY CHARIOT, TTIR J AT A NKSK TRKATY CHARIOT, THK JAI'ANKSK TRKATY CHARIOT. THK J AT A.NKSK TRKATY CHARIOT? WITH ALL ITS DECORATIONS, WITH AIX I TV PhSOOBATIONH, "WITH ALL ITS DECORATIONS, WITH ALL ITS DECORATIONS. WITH ALL ITS PK0ORATION8, IS OH EXHIBITION IN T1IK EL >R AL HALL. IS ON KXU1HITION IN THK FLORAL HALL. IR ON EXHIBITION IN T!IK FLORAL HALL. 18 ON KXHIBITION IN THK FLORAL HAIJ.. W ON KXHIBITION IN THK FLORAL HALL. At night U>e Garden, Kaloona and Theatre will be ILLUMINATED HY J AT A NKSK LA.VTh.RNS. POORS OPKN AIX PAY. DOORS OPKN AIX DAY. Ticket* rOoeiita-gooJ for day rlalting ami evening perfnimani n T CHRP AY EVENING, JINK 19, 1W After two hour* for promenade on the aUge, the performance* w ill commence With MORTIMER THOMSON'S (Poeatlck*) New hurleaaneof THE LAPT OF THK LAKE, TRAVKSTIH, In which THE NELSON SISTERS Will appear with Mlaa Polly Mr.rahall, Mr. Mark Smith, Mia* Vary Wella, Mr. W. Davddge. Mite. Una Wlnrtel, , Mr. A. II. Davenport, The Gale aiatera, Mr. C Peter*, Mourn Well hot!. * Mr I) W. lecon. Him A. France, Mr L. J. Vincent, With all the company, including the corua le balle and a . TROOl t IK AM AZONIAN ZOV A V ES. can or charactuu. James FlUiamee Mlaa Carry Nelaon Roderick I^hu Mr VT. Davidg* Ponglaa Mr A. H. Davenport Malcolm liraeu.e Mlaa Polly Marshall lirlan M. 0. Pelera Allan Bane Mr. P. W. Ueaou Red Nurdoch Mr. L. J. Vincent M aline Mr. Urtirelani First Ruffian Mr. Conrerae Second Ruffian...."" Mr. Hawk Kllen Douglas Mlaa Sara Nelaon Ijvdy Margaret Mlaa Mary Wella zuancDe, oi jveton .Mr. Mark bmun Hplrlt of the Lake Miss A. Prance Iu Ihe emtrsa of the pisro, Horn amir view of l/>ch Katrine, with a branch of the canal? Arrival of the Ureal Kastero? K<?t Hott or Die"?the laidy of Ike Ijike? Mr Jove la but a laaale yet*'?" bee the conquering hero comes'*? Roderick's mountain retreat?the murderous minded Hmn?" I think I ought to slew him"?A Rlove aa Is a rkwe?"1 never knew but one rould wield"?the proC" rey?Wonderful death of crazy Blanche?Whittle and oooawhietle MARCH OP THR AMAZONIAN ZOUAVES, Led by the beautiful UAl.K blSlERb The ureal fight of Roderick and Flu Jamas?A rooky deBJe?Room in etlrllt g Caatle? Royal Justice. (IRANI) OAI.KDONTAN RAMJET By UNA WIN OKI., The OAI.K 8IBTKRN. Mile RATAKIN A, Mom WKITHOFK. and the Corpade Ballet. Reappearance of the slaughtered?Fairv transformation to the MAGNIFICENT CLOSING HCKNK, which tr.uat be aeeu to be comprehends). AU the bcenery new, by Messrs. TIIORNE and JOHNSON. New Costume* and Properties. A/tar the Traveatle. the performances in the theatre will HE BtlflPKNDED FOR PORTT MINCTK8 to give time for pmmanadnand refreahmenl In the gardeno, arbors and salt**.*, and fur the OPKRATTO VARTETTER, Promenade ornate by Maretzek'a Cornet Bead bungs and ballads In Kiteliah by Msd. Van Berks! and MlRrrlda < labels. Mafreshaasma for ladles and gentlemen?aplrttuoos Uqeors aaoepted?will be serv ed In the saloons and gardens at any uuir uunu uir wnonutDir. SMctJU, xdfic*.?Mr. WM. A. MOORK haa rnlywed, decorated and elegantly flt'ed up the OKNTLRMlfN'H HMOK1NO AX/) KKrKKHHMRXT NALOON, on UM rlibt of the min entrance, and of era new brand* ml the bee* WIN KM, LlUllOKH and HKUAMtt, with aU the oooiIng ana dellctou* beverages of Um season, oold aula, paatr7, fnA^U* operatic Interltide, the tbealrtral programme will be resumed, ami the evening's enterlalmnenig conclude whh the new ballet at LA CAPTIVE. Ckuaeltn and characteristic dance* bp Una Wiudel, Adr?>n? Oalr. Hannah Gale, Mile. Katarioa, Muoe. WeUhoff, Mr. Leeeon and othrra thtcrth rtrrr cmrrx only, Including runcrvnd arata in the evening. Cnnaln Hees at 8 o'clock. Tha enlertalnmentn will BOB elude at 10k o'clock, after which there will be promenade for half an hour, the door* cloning Anally at 11 oolooh, la Umr for Magea In all directions. Box oflre open from 9 A. M. all day. Beat* may be mowed U days In advance. GRAND MATTXKKX KVKRY WKDNRxn AT AMP XA Tl'KllA V Ai'TKKNOONh at t o'clock. No reeerved seats for the Mauocea BRTAMT'H MINRTRK1A. Mrrhanh* Hall. <73 Broadway. MONDAY, June 18. and every night in Ike week. The three great Kihlnnian I'omeduna KPH HORNrJKRRY and ItJtN BRYANT, la connection with thin TxceuJor Troupe, In a new budget M ? omletlitle* sntun I'ancea, Ae. TOBACCO J ARK, WK roVk FROM THR HtLUL rUTtNIW AT FARXaOMOIinU. Hreran and Haver*, by Jtrrf aud lHn Bryant. HI Kl.KHtil R IRISH T A1.1 AN Ol'KRA, Tntrodiiring gems from favuette opera corpg. Ponra open at 7. curtain rtaee at A Tickets IA cenle. H~~ OOLKY A CAMPBELL'S MIKXTRKLH. (Originally known ae Geo fhnaty'a. at Nlblo'a Xilim) Tint XTAR TROUPE Of TU* PROPKSHIOK, will mortlr appear at the FRKNl'H TllKATRK, MA BRDADWAT. end will pnernt the moet talented and complete minstrel per* forauuire ever odered to the -lUanna of New York. ^ Jr. AI?AWR' PA T.TFORRTA WA R AORTUR-DAT AMU . trauma, Thtrtaantb atrart and fourth tvnah r. T. BA K^rM.HROPRIKTf iR. ORFATKKT ROVRI.TT IR AMKRIP A. curat uvmu brack ska uom. Panrtnr irin!i nine,n*, rllmhlna and ranlUnw hM rVltfnrnta fjnm Ttetra. (tebVhra. Hufl *ln. and lUO wM M? Baatj fnm the raculs. Porficmnd hy "Ortul; Adams," fna 10 A M till 10 P II , and aspartnlly at It. S and A e'oteteL Animate fad at A F. M. Aamiaaioa, IS onate. Childraau 11 (ante. ru wnrw fob a short timr. V/ CHURCH* I.ATKST WORK, rwn.rojrr ir thr wtlorrrIwr. _A? OOrriL A CO.'S, 771 Brand* ?jr Admteafcm ? aaata. r* rr>jj,*n* low*-1 havr aoiiordrm to JOIiJI OOlXIJfH. Uir IrtaS < omadlaa. Iha ante right nt narf'-rmlna mr dram > "TS* roll**n Kaon." for on* ynar Irani Aoanat I. I WO. to A nan** I. 1*01. ainniitiaw aliraya aunh right aa I ham aotordad eteawhrrs prerlptmr to Ud? 'tan*. Jxxy 1 If*) ImmR RfM'Ri'li AflT. rpTTltATRKTAT. -ORFTR* RTRFFT TITRATRR." IH TH? X tely of Albaar. to r*nt by tbn *"ft. ttimthor for a tee?w parted. The louidina la la gnat condition. well Blocked wMS itamil'). and n*-* Iy ntiod up fh. tr?- n fn-inliina hy nal pram pity anawarwd For Mama nature at 1L C. U. NICBOUk Ml Broadway. Albany ^ Aim m TR RRORO MTWUTRKJAT. A* RRTIRF <;O*PA.YY UP STARS Win appwar at Uv? PRRRrM THK ATBF.. W? llmad?*yt OR MORI) AT KRRRTRO, Jl'RK IB. IWO R. M. UOOUH, R. C. CAJLFBJUX and O. W. 11 ORIPFIN. ProprWora fUlMucii TT FRKR OAU.FRV OF OIL PAIRTTROR, W. i 'an^tl ?tr*?t / Ml A kl JCY WlllTKo nrKR.I MIARRKY iVIlITICB , oprra WO Broadway thdba doora from tha Urtrop-Utan Motal, aama twt otic Aim mirth ihaij. ruui thr hour. II la aipactad that em/ hirer nf f in *fvl oiualn will report themeelre* thta week, and hY en tntng thay npll t>a prwparwd haWKf two prominent queaUaia that bow actlaM Iba piah' rU MAT* Tnr srw* Tint japanrnrt A51) CJIAKUCV WIIJTK'H OPKHA I rNAftAOPRP~OF~TIIKATRlW ?MR. NP, TKB IrWi comedian, ku ptifrhaaed for the rum "f pi 'IP, tba ente right nf pnrfnrmtn* Mr Hn-irrlr?n)fe new drama, (Mlaan Haw a " Maaaqrra Pntitt and Wi-et mar add/Van Mr. CoUme tA*"?h oaa. W. COIXINH, A*-nv IM Houtli Kartmh atrwot. Philadelphia "HT IRIA >'H 'MRtlW -TRR MANaOKR IP PRKPARBD XT In H Ihla ma*nifWnl antBhMahmant on any day In tfca wwak. eaeapi WMimdar And Hniorlay, for Coiiapo I'-momroramanta. Knelt rain, ReUgkmt meeting*, lent nree AO.? auch aa here been >iajd Own* by Columbia I'ollaga. the L*atmrMty, the Frae A'Mlawy, and rarlrma aodaatna and aaao# aHnna Apply m IAWRP M N HOW. In? > and manaprr fp H~KA TEICA LJIOTIci.- TO MAM AOR REA f-TORA. AO. 1 The mUre prtratr fltnr? and ftralrtraJ Wantrob* fUafe PropaHlaa. Mtnta and Mamiaclpt riarr of the lata Win. H Norton. Naq will ha anld at public auction In Maw Torn, em Tnaaday, Joiy Id, at 11 n'rlorfc A. M Thta Wardrobe la aaatf the pinat aainaMa end nmpplme of an in tMa mentry. including ererj variety of laMami. from ordinary la Dm naoW roaUy and elaborate Prawn for drlndpal rntee. fall pertirtilara W ?w ra*y. for abb* w} ^Pnnwr nf Fmwlh Wroat and UftayatM plana, ana <kwr flaw HAOIC TRMP1.R?444 iTroA0WAfi iU laat waa% of Tmfeemr J OfolVP aatoondtna wnndara, and Ihe <Y>Wtl IYROM.KRTKP of OOHI.Ilt MplHTLT. UettwaORANP MATTNRE!*. WRPNRPDAT and HATCH DAT. Jttpo ? and U .at HALT PART TWO 0 HAN K. VRN TRIM Nit MX AU, TllR W KKK, D"n_i Mil ajaln* thU KX. TRAORPtNART. WONftRKPl'U and Pt.R l*TN<J KNTRR TAfNMPMT Tl Km tin WJC M- hi the WoRI.n Commence ?* KlOlfT fril/N'E Adnitadnn TWRWTT PIT*?mrfR __ RRNHRTRD PR A TP PIPTT CRN TP RICHMOND THRATRR. TA-I.AOIRR AWIMIRKTI#man wlahlnp to engege tor the raaa N tARI and 1ML for tha ghore ?aw*d llvaatrr, wlU pi"- -ddrnw ImmadlalaW Tbopiawf. Wnilay or cjaorpa RnrAal, CnrPM NtWI. PM of Wawar -r*m w- mp^.y, M^TorP.^ ^ ^ ^ WATRJWOAIAL. . MATRIMONIA1.-A TO! VO NAN ? I TARPON AOR I nf pr?pm?*Wi>a anprirananw would lipa to corfPwxwi w|i|| a ? on* l?.!y ii*t*>. ,.n If > 1 IP rayra nf t?po tfk tha T|r* In matrtmonT Mr nay oo rf-Jec'.. AtMrpaa Oarpya Tar lor Poa; uRtrc Rr'*A > n J ? ? J [ERA iHEET. AMVRKMBNTI. f AtTHA KJWNK* T11KATRK. L I HiMi Mwum?r Mr. Joseph J off arm PtHge Mxnn*er Jam ? tflmmimtl* Mimical Hector Thomaa Maker bocuic .Vj Uat T K. Uarsa TTKSnAT. JUNK 19. The peiformaooe wtli eommwwe with the favorite coae#etlr to two uU, entitled THK OOTERKOR'S wifr. Letty Mr?- '? "? Wood tltrgory ?" To be followed by fin entirely original Kitraraganra, wnuot by U. I'liuixet, kaq , entitled ODR .JAPANESK KMBARST. LoUy Laurel, a pleasant graft from the undying wrewth of fame. Kinging b?*r native wood ootrk wild and indulging In a daare Mia. John Wood C. T. Item, h. *i>hi ngr?pbiM, poetlaer, proaer, " projector am! penny* liner Mr. joeeph Jefferson Mr. looaerrmlve tJadrtah a Wall alreat brtok (we beg hia pardon?broker) with the metamorphnaiao power of becoming a "bull" or a "taaar," a* may auli Me convenience Mr. Sloddart Mr. Trrnriour White, a Hoahen (lerand, not a j Numedlan, but a New Vork Hon catcher Mr. Burnett Mlater Mawley. hevrry blncb a Heugliahman? you know, but hentlrrly hunprejudiced?you know 7. Mr. Jaaiaa ammraxla Swag, a man of few word* Mr tioodrich H. jiiUan, Fm> k nlw.T. ; Mr. Bniwa Mr. Hyroti Tharknry Moora Green, eepleadid Illustration ol t l? ueme Mr. Wall Mr. JNapnleon Bonaparte WelllngUm Hmtth,*a gentlemen, who having fulfilled hi* mtaalon of coloring hi* rm erarhnum. In deapalr tumi hit atlenlloo to Minerva and matrimony Mr. 0. Thome Mia. Coneerratire (Vvlfkb. one of the upper ten. wllb a |>eei?H?r penrh uit for lUtiaftioua eailae and rxrlnaivr exotic. In. Vlning Miaa I'enrlope Codfish, a drvi.i?e to burnt rork melody Mlap Rurta Mi** Minerva Oxlfiak, conatderaMy higher ni the aeale of aoc.g. full of Auher and the ' o|>era Mia* Hatty Warren Poor# open at 7^. commences at 8 o'olouk preclaely. T*rlNTKK GARDEN. I! HjCMUTT or JVI.Tk DK AN If AY.NR. First appearance of Mr. flKORtiK Vt JaMISGN. Tl'KSDAY, JI'NK Hi. BYAIIMK; <>R. T1IK STAl'UKd. With the following unentailed ca?i ? Jnfia f>e*n llayne *? Evadne Mr. f . itarlon Hill.... as Colouiui Mr. lien. W .lumison ?? ? .Ludotico Followed bv the t omedtclla of the * MOKN1NU I All. lull* Pean Hayne an Mra rhllUngton Nr. George Jordan as ...f Sir Kdward Ardeut To morrow, Wednesday, first night rf "ii i K "HI rmmiw. Bowery theatre Manant-rh Johuetou A linage. Kind appearance of mk o. w. ron.m>TK And hie daughter, ELIZA COVl.IHtCK TUESDAY EYKRINti, JUNK I#. 1S60. wuxow oorsK. I.nke Mr. CouJdock I l!u# Mia* Couldoek. To conclude with still AM YU LAl'RA kkene's THEATRK ?TWO QBKAT TRI umpbe thie evening thk govern or'8 wikk A CD OCR JAPANKHK EMBAH8T. THK GOVERNOR'S WIFE WIT.I. BE REPEATED THIS evening, w"h Mm. JOHN WOOD to her celebrated eha ractei of le?Uy ilnrg*. Laura Kcype'a Theatre. The oovernor-b wife-mr. jefferson wtll appear this evening In hie admiral-la Impareonatioa of Hickory Short "Otierrvc the Qovernor." Laura Kccnc't Theatre. THE OOTKRNOR'fl WIFE.-THERE ARE TEW CHA rartera mure admirably adapted to dlaplay the gresFromle >* nlna of Mra JOHN WOOD than the pan or Letfy Hrigga If te redolent with the richest retna of humor and eccentric attoa on. Her eml ndlment of the character la ao natural and Ufa lihr thai it le acknowledged to be one of her very happleat af forta We advise all lorera of fun to aecure aeata for tnla avau tnr and edtoeaa THK tiOVERNOR'8 WIFE. laura Keene'a Theatre. ITtHE OOVERNOR'R WIFE -MR JKFFFRNON, IN HTB J admirable jvctralture of Hickory Hhon, haa added another mat to hie wreath of fame, br Instancing to the art world how the broadest corned v rule, that would otherwlee >* Una lied at and fnrjpjM#n, may lit* In our memortee when mucked by tM. band or yenlue?aurb I* bin dwlhinalloa of Hickory Abort. Ha Will repent It thia evrntnf. . lanra Hwa'i Theatre. THK GOVERNOR'S W1FK.-THI8 OI/ORIOO* COMMIT hi two ana. will be repeated thia erathac, bain* poniiirely Ui? laal week at lu reyreaeutnUou. \TRS. JOHN W00TV-T11IR EVENING, m In two character* LKTTY HRfOOA, In the entnedy of nut uov*rnok'm WTfK ran IJCTTT I.Al'REI.. In the etiroenaful extravairanaa of oi k JxrAvms KRiiAssr. fanrn Keene'a Theatre. TEFFERSoW, . tl The acknowledged irreateat rowiedlan on the Ajawtena alaee. Will appear IhM memn* In two character*, filCKOltY SHORT and C. T. ITEM. HenwEeere'e Theatre. OI'R 3 APANKbE F.MR kRSY. Pnaturely the laat week, l.anra Keeoe'a Theatre. OVR JAPANESE EMBASSY F rncct to aee 'heir frtenda. T1IK .1APANRRK EMRAS8T, Thia ermine at laura Kecne'a Theatre. A Prlrnte ltn\ 1* ratted up for their erpeclal 'me GKFAT ATTRACTION AT PLYHOtTTfT CHTTROB iHer. Ilenry Ward ReerherV. Hrnoklyn. on Tnewtny erenlnr. Jim'IT *r J. M If A'IKR will nmdoee for (be ft rat una* the beautiful Operetta entitled THK ENCHANTRESS wrttten eapreealr for hla fourth Annual Concert, Is which will appear one hundred yoiu* ladlee. In full coatnma aaetated hy a ( rand Orrheatra from the New York Phllbn* h>n?.in<e s.eictv- tleo F Hrtatnw. rondoctor .1 Noll, leader The mtialr, Including a grand tfverture, mmpreed aud ar ranged for a full nrrheatm, hy Mr. K. C. Phelpa. Donra m? at TTCereert towmmenee atlo'rlneh Tlrfceta ? oeola; eha dren half price?for aaie at Jamee X. I^eol'a aualc alore, 3H Fulton atreet, Brooklyn, where aaala can be secured wtthowt eitra charee P ALACK O ARDFh'S ? W t NTKTf, TWTVTT T' \LLKT girl*. Apnly lo Mr P. Ron ran I. at the oOtoe of the Pa la< e Gardens, Ui - day, at 10 o'clock. THR KATIOMAI. MISTHAL IRKTITT'TB WILL OfVK A Concert at ihelr Hall, 7*6 llroadwar (late Gold beck a), on Thn:-ada;\ June W, 1A88 Coodnotore?Oarl AnachuU, Mrpeal T?rrmg CIART> TO TT1F. PVIM.1C / JAI'ANKrK K M H A ." 'AT?P AL ACT. OARPF.RH. The Jannnrae Atnltaaaadnra and suite have been Invited to rhlt the Palace Garden*. In Fourteenth atreet. near Mhlh a?e nue. alib-h Gardens are well kttowu to ha the must magnlfh-eot In the Tolled fates. and ther mar attend Oil* ate mono to wft neap tie* aarenataw nt Miaa MYRA WBJ.t, the talrepld w,n wr.&&&& *. At Ore o'clock The llluatrt-na (oaau will narpiagHonably rhdt tlie ftardena frantically. < they are emaeling'y fond of ITlttmi nations Itrrwnraa. fountains. -nnate. Ac ; and the* are meat likely In mate thrmaelrea at krane in tide *im#rb retahliah tnent. from the fart that no danger need be apprehended on the amre of erow ling. aa the rtvxwida and tnonatrowa hatla romper-ted therewith are capable of holding twenty tho isand apep tat/.ra Kor need the ptib'le fear a trtili when the fact la preaented to their rtcw that there are something lea* thaa tarty Bte acre* comprieed In 1lie Harden* Hhottlu the ,?APA*K?K KMRAfWY Ytett the Gardens on WKDYKMDAY RVKMIKO, the public are rrapertfully Informed -hat the large nee* RKFRK-ttniKirT HALOnK Will he thrown np-n rat lha nreartnn. and ihe rmprtMre rua ranteea that he will not only anpply 10 (**? rfcitera with o?tf rtnna Refrenhmenta. hut that ample nana wlU be found for them all, should that nuaaher aUend f. V. !> PORRRT, Proprietor. (TANTFRItl RY COSlFRT ItALL--KOTTCF. TTTF! LA J dtr. rd gentlemen rnr"*'-' at thhi eatahh*h?n?nt are Mqiinafl !<i nw *1 (IMmimi- H > I ? jfij for r?k?r?*I. R. r1 >X |r<) rrnrtrb ax a CHRWR WUREfR, Traanrar. PALAO GABDRWA, amt, Mir mnb ii?n KOW or** FOE THE Hi;MMEE HKAJUflt. rninnaUonaMr 'ha mmt Famiiiokaelb ruimkr mhomt In iba e*j. All FWTTEin.T WWW O * ROKJf. Raaaltfnl'r inH umrin lr Utd ont. ?1tk UK A V Rl.l.RD WALBR. FLOWER BKIM. Tim, Rbmbbnry uA FOt JTT AIWR. Irterapnrmd *tth FVnrrr V ?<* and RiMMT, PRtSrCBR PINEAL HWXtBATtOWR Bar* bran add>i to Of aaahalltahmanta of iba Dab BU. Mat that amiarh amrWsaat a falrr ilka Urn ?mbl*aw at A MORRTBOCll IIROVK OF FLOWKBK. Tiro bondrad M In ) an rib. BaanMfal tranaparanrlaa of aoral daatgaa bar* baas lAM, to THE n.LCWf RATION at lb* Grounds anmplala. nxctilwArai FArwTTwow, IBS I iwsllsr lb* rbaldasraa of rrlnhratad Am "loan anthan, adorn lbs arrh?a/a npmlnm brt? 'If Draad Hall. Efb mtndrnd fast at BaaatJTnl Awrf, la mi aolora. aarroand lbs BRTBNRfVB PROMRK AliRA MIW MVRA ROHRLLA. Tba younR and a< n,pished AER"V ACT. will maka bar rmrr RM.I/K>R ASI KVHIOR THIR (Torarlajr) AFTFRWOOW. atinVlnrtr Tmaam Twajrrr rtra t "atria. Donra open m J, taflatton trill mmmrw* at I > rlork TVMMT RYRRINO, Jon* IB. VOCAt.and IRKTRl ilKSTAL ?MMFRT THVRRI?AY. J mm II, D ROWFARfU MMMl RAIXRT TEOl-PB 7V TR kkr ww'i Vmir >{TlKR ?iAP^mMbr^aiai.raurl Waraarj of Mr HIOOIRR. FlaWnj, L. i Tim PI ORAL daparl m?rt la nndar Iba anparlnlas. *nsa of Mr. WTTAOR, Pourtaanib alrarl Oanra opan at 7W . parformar ?? m ifiial at I o'alnafe. Aifastrm la tba Krantnr ... Taantp Ira MSk I a tor* <nan a- ary A. :ramt alln'rlnrb. Admustnn In lb? AfVnwo# and bnndar Rranlnra... 18 "atrta R?fr?Mswwita larlnrtad. Niri^rrarprw-thr jafawrwm.?twr mawaur bat tar anortallr trartad In ?ha Japasiaa Mabaamr Iba 1 rtebt in pnaaaaadr tbrmiah' <.? iba artabllabmanl at ! of tba day ami ?" ..-'nr tWhi ara roapnrtftiltjr ra^ttaalad not w I * s- " ?tlMsa priTtlagrs. JAMMR M. RIXOW. l/aaaaa and Manarw. WALf.ACRW TlfFATRR - tTTR T.APTWR AWT> ORW. Or man anrncad fnr tb. aornaaar ara rymM IS attand a n hartal a- II o rhrk on WWtnto, ' tna IB V- U. IIARELf iir sta?a PtraeVw. LI). 1 ?'? PRICE TWO CENTS. . "' "'T ; : : :** "" ? AWtgHHKBfTg. Acadkv ok music.?tit k Japanese mattwibc. Wednesday. junk at at i o'clock. NOTH'li TO T11K l'UBUC. u The Directors have Ute honor of informing the pnbno fct Captain Dupnni awl tbr Committee ef AringeineelMf W New York Common Cornell, a* well ua the Japanese Btr buasy, have now definitely and Invwuhlr agreedon WEDNESDAY NEXT, JI NK 90, AT I, As the dry when will take place THK OR AND JAPANKKK QADA MATINHK, Id honor of their Excellencies _ THK JAPANESE AMBAR8ADORS. __ ADMISSION ONE DOLLAR. NO RESERVED BRAM. COUTKhl and MUSIANI. TI. POt.TUTO, with a splendid tnlse en norne, processions, mi'Wary budhjh Character* by .Vadame OORTKSI, the (treat tenor; WWmr ANI (who has "prodwod snrh a (treat sensation on hie MM In the KAU.e opera), AMODIO, NaN.N'J, it U BIO, Ac. In the course of the Matinee will he performed for the MM time THE ORAND JAPANESE. MARCn, on original JapaneKe Melodies, erpresaly composed (tflM oecasi' n by BIB. MUZIO, and dedicated TO TUBJXPANKRR EMBASSY. The Proacenlom Boras and the Kront lloiee of the MMW will be appropriated u> llio viae of the JAPANESE PRINCES AND SUITE, thus affording an opportunity to every valter to Bar* Mi view of the display. The Academy of Mnslc on that occasion wdl be BMKr The of tickets will be strictly limited to the of the Academy, after the disposal of which do more WtM M? leaned. The mile of ticket* commence* to day. IMPORTANT S<mck TO VISITERS. I. The pablie lire earneatly requested to buy their ticked ti adSMee, at the regular and supplementary ticket 001 oca. I. To prevent unnecessary delay at the entrance doors, idter* ure if,|iie*ted to have trtelr tickets ready on entertaf ArarVmj. 3. The ilooi keeper* are strictly prohibited to take any nuaW. Tickets must lie invariably procured at the three ticket odlis expressly opt tied lit the Academy of Music. i No check* will be issued, under any clrcnmntancea, to pffiP? hi us leatrinv lite Academy previous In, or during, the maMsiaas 5. The tolkiwina is a correct hat of the ticket offices ?Tkf Academy of Music; KibelPa, 12 Wall street; C. Wreuatnf'a, HI Hruadwiiy; llall A Bon's; SehHrlenbi < k Lola'; CoMMto yen's, the Metropolitan Hotel; the St. Nicholas; the Fifth Ale nue Hotel; the Everett; the Aator .House; and in BitiaUya ffi Itide's, Pros'* and Dickenson's, ti Tickets can lie procured from 9 A M. to 4 P. M. 7. The doors will be opened at 1)){ A. M. JfattoMMd* nieiice* at 1 J*. M. ft. Visiter* are earnestly requested not to Interfera wMhW0 duties of the guard ol honor, the police force ortheaaapav ushers. J^"KW BOWKRY THKATHK. Bole Proprietors, Messrs fl. L. Fo* and J. W. LUNdh TUESDAY, dune 19, 1W. BENEFIT DK MR. R FRANCE. Mr. tV. Clarke, M;?lnme Ponlat, Miss Km My Mestsyer. Mr. T. Itsdawsy, and the Goo. Christy Mlustrels have volunteered thetr ralaaktoHI. The beautiful drama of ErSTACHK. The Proteap romedy of THE MARRIED RAfTF. Bong*. Duets and Breakdowns, by the GEO. CHRISTY M1NHTRKIJC The comic farre of the good for nothing. And the domestic drome of THE DENOUNCER. /I KOKGK CHRISTY'S MINHTRRLS-NIBLO'S lALOOi^ V.T THE C(VOI.EST SAIGON IN THE GITT. Some ot the members of the Japanese Embassy Mftl ?een at thia |>< ifonnatice any evening. Immense suet eas of the new piece of the JAPANESE KM MASSY, Repeated only three nights more, embracing the laleut of the ENTIRE COMPANY. POPULARITY OF THE NEW FEATURE. An Intermission of fifteen mint ilea for pwwaE EJE spacious vestibules to enjoy the beauties of the suROMR firdom. GEORGE CHRISTT AB JUt.TUB QU ACRKNBTTBM JN THE JAPANESE NOVELTY. _ . . _ Thunders of applaiam greet the entrance of the OMM m MI.I.E. *0 WHAR AR TK AMD ZAIDKE. EQUESTRIAN ACTS KZTRAORDINAET. . e full company of artiste will commence Iha pMMB> a. ee. IVx>rs open St 7; commence si 8 o'clock. Tickets Sfi cents. Children half price. grand juvenile mat inks. evert hatubeat, , With the foil evening programme. Commencing at 2 o'clock. _ GEO. CHRISTY hating despatched a special iurWaHna O? JAPANESE AMRARrtAE>OBS, It Is expected they will visit the hall from THEIR PRIVATE APARTMENT* _ which open on Utc large and airy vestthwle of these prefStME and (nan which our illustrious visiters may be aaaa la VIE advout&f:*. |*our of thft Japan*** Arabumtdort rbrtt*4 tb? Hall m k tnrday evening last, and are invited to come when they eheaa% a> that they may be seen any evening in thaee besuUOE? Gaieties concert room, eu broadwat, amu liiHiatim street, the must attractive concert room in lip rltr.. , .. AM, TUK NTARN In Now York nppogr. UirindiM uo bonnUful TANNY FOKKKHT, FANNY FOKKKoT, FANNY FOKRRHT, FANNY FORRRNT! FANNY FOKRRNT, FAN.VY FORKKST, FANNY FORKIWT. FANNY FoKRKKT. FANNY FOKRKNT, FANNY FORBWT, togothor with romnanv of nvor FOHtY I'KKPoRMKRfl Tho OatHioa Mill maintain* Its nrt* rmlnratf or? At Ooticgrt Knuaii of hartnt; ibo IKKTTIKST WAITKR filRIJI, PHKTT1KKT WAITKK OIRIA FKhTTIKoT WAITKK (.IKlji, FRFTTirsT WAITKR I1IRIJI FRKTTTKKT WAITKR (11RUI FKKTT1KST WAITKK UIRL8. PRFTTIFNT WAITKR (I1RI.V FKKTTIFjiT WAITKR OIKIJA. rKKTTlKiT WAITKK <ilKId?, PRKTT1KHT WAITKR OIRIA Mvl tho most aorompliahnd anl lady Ilk* <* any in I ml ma Ueutlegwn will plo*?o mil am) l>o oatlaflod that tho (1AIKTIKM I'OM'KXT HtMIM, O.TKT, ooirrrRT (IAIKTIKR roN'i'KRT ROOMBBOA1,WA*? UAIKTIKH CONCKRT OAIKT1IW OONCKRT ROOM BR?ADWA*' TJ AIRTTKS CO NT CRT t??NRR0Al>WA^ OAIETIKd CONfKRT Ron*.'#B0A?WA* OAIKTIKN CONCERT Ro!?M B*OA,>W^T? COOf.RNT FIACK IN TWR"*ITTY ?AD * T1IK MONT FAW Ih.VTISU, DA.nlllNit ANI? AHTlifTlO rtnn?o\??# on tho ?t?io. Mllo .Tmnlo l^vm, ovary availing ItRi HiarfliKF* Adaiiw?ii?J> UnaA ' Kdward Worry, tho t>o?t mj mom voraatiJo i iawli autvM SrW " ,r"T ??wlwar. nrodoom a*** 3Ert.rxs^csi^ujftssa? I t-k.w H]<-o,-tor airoot. * ?*"rr tlr rront Ethiopian 'Irlinoatnr, oifrftg m 2*.!u fr *ml """"I* applauoo at tho Now i i<I?iIh fH^nlnr Unii**** unci m. ponm ftw, nlghi at ih. Now Oatotioa, AM wndwnT' aT mioooti nul> 13 n-nta V Prof Worifan guoa ihnwt-h with Ma utmmdlng font of W. Mm with rannan bails ovary night, at tbo Now tfoteUew. aL Biiooh* only U cult. W W?t tho Wrotoiyi orp on out of Afrtona r<m wfB inn MM how Away aha woot, ovary night, at iho - jr Brnadwav. near Lanr* K^tiF n <rV- **?-?? ?> 'J?pI .-Ctk . full mmA *?Uml ok m, #fy| da HaU*t, la playad ararv ui?bi at lit* Na* litMlia ILilaC alon only is rants WgTvnr Htut and Nona, th* groat Arrahnta aatd rhaadMMA atrry inch} ?l lie New liairttr*.SIS llruadaay Fanny rnrr**t it al lb* N*w <?*i*il*? Jnrbr,. or ih* Mlarhfcmiua Mnnk-t. with Me (Malta as Ma Ml key. I" plavrd ?t?ry night at th* Naw ilamM. ItbwMonr*". *tia aarobdnr ?n<f t?ty frmaia Jig naaaar to lb- hit, la al Ih* 0statics. AM Htwadwar. TTi* fv hi niian l.'lrl i? nichi at lb* Vrw HaJatla*. las Fanny Ftirfam and Mr J. Conrad ta a Mat atMbn of Junta *iiiry nl?ht at the Sew U si atlas, its Broad wag. Art mlaakui ntily IS rmla. Brsmifnl ?p*r*ila dnata. rsvatlnsa and ballad* an* ana* ah Ih* Mr* Bairvl** aeery rtrnln* by MlasC. Nnrlay aadmsa nMht Th* p.mlrt of mi-'ton I* Ul'iamtad at Ih* Maw tMaMl* tvwy alaht by M'l*. J an am l.aun, tba Tagiaci <j| th* oawaart f*SMb Admlaaton. IS r*nt? Mr* Ml** 0. Mr!*y as Th M*n?. In th* op*ra <N th* B*hM ndan 'llrl rrerr ntiht ibla w**h. at Ih* M*W OatatM* fl| Broadway. two dnora tlmtt lloawa* Mi w t A rotppanf of orrr thirty p*rt'>rm*ra appaar ftaif tdgMh rrand mc* *ll*n*nut rntanihftat at ths Naw (MtBah. AamWoo <*ily IS oanta. Th* .lanAtM-nr An.iiasaador* V~i l lnrr 1 ilislr lidtudlss ? r'dt th* New tlaleii** cvary nig tut during thntr Sty ta Ih* Th* pr*tll*M *Wa In th* *Ky am *nga?ad ta wbM apoa dh tar* lo th* Mr w Uatatiaa, Mi Brad way, hataraaa MaatattM Hi**rk?r alrarta. Fanny ? orr*at It At Ih* M*w Oaltta*. __ Th* prrlllrat. hrat Trntllai*d and mnaf raatf'dMN* plan* ft amiia*m*m in th* Hty la Ih* W*w il*t*tl?a. ill, Broadway, balm Blrwkrr Adnhadoo. otWy IS i ''at* ArsnrMT OF Mtmr-a*FA*m* MATTKMM CWDRM* OrrhMCra and Bind* -Th* rn-mhars ad l^n *? rhradm and hands, an* a*tM*d yyaaathla mWiSnwiy, 0 W A. M prnrwaly farrahaawnl?d th* Oraad Japaas^gsgf J^ltAR IN *' ft,* ,i~*-r?nt Mara. ** CAMFMtl.l I u'l'iRTH and RtlflRMM, WUI appaar with HOOI.HT A ' AMI HKI4/M MIMMTBKIM, Al ih* FRR.XtH THRATRM.lM Br. sjgW. On MONUAT RVKMIMU. JunaM MB . -? a._ If 1 t,wtr<'l (VrVAfiithlWi otthM * rrf l*rnr* Rlnr. tM.lflm HlM*kl ?M*>?a kMU In font Mm* Blnadia TO^fp 0Jf g^p __ whrni la tkt WMN or Mi rapt, w4 ftMrttr ?? Mi M? Trggzxz S=^g?t*s5nv-gft I

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