Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 19, 1860, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 19, 1860 Page 2
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2 THE POLITICS OP THE DAT. %wr ITasbington, Eielunond, Chicago and Albany Correspondence* HTOESTTVa AAD SKXIFICAHT STATEMENTS, a*, fcc,, iMi 0?r W*ihla|tra C*tfwp <? **. WAUWOtON, J MM 12, ISA). 9U ^ itiioteu Ml ?A? 2??* T'lik Harolds- W\m'. u U? BtraW Drimmg At t ?te., A. Sn poBUclon* m Washington, at wry party and Toe VM, in my moeta oocoeraod m titht view* of tho Mw You Hjoulc, from toy to day, on Uw PMSidontlal atoagtemonu "Wol1, what toy* the Hiraid todayv" M Wbftl h?n? tai flfnilt imt'ino niti r n? '/** *? Will be Will Douglas If aosainatod, or aoo atump candidate'!' u Do you think bo la really going In for the Ball ui Bverett ticket t" " The Lord only -knows, for who would Bo sarprloed If the Bmuw were to swing round for CM Aba Lincoln to morrow, stUlhouso, froecry, fence ralla, one, maul, wtdgeo, whiskey, and alL" "No; do you supfaaa that the Huuu> baa not ehown Its head dead against Ohe black republicans ? Has it not always atuok fact to MM peeluoo it haa taken from the beginning to the end of Presidential light V Snob are the questions which may bo board almost any afternoon among the poHtlJltns grouped around the newspaper stalls at our principal hotab, aw tba arrival of the evening trains with the New lark moraine papers. Bat tka worst of It M, all tbeae politicians have soma fastest or complaint to put In against some bitch in the isollstency, sagacity or patriotism or tho Bkiuiiv Tba democracy of all sections, factions and e'iquas, pronaunoa the editorials or the Hmuu> as gaaaraity embodying sound and substantial doctrines; bat why, they say, does Bennett permit tbeee BMngs to be spoiled by this red hot little black republican tabgrapher of all the discoveries of tho Covode Committee that can bo distorted to the prejudice of the administration and the democratl: party.'' rhe Douglas men osraptain that, while the oagacioua Tyooon of the Huuid M al right, ho has a correspondent or so la Washington la lsagee with Slid ell, Bright and General George WasMngtan Bowman. The friends of General Lane say that but lis same ptpeiajer here for Douglas, win holds up tho Utb Want tn tba Hmum ai the only man far the orlsis, As paper might do aooMthlng to bring torward Uie man who oaa bits the party. Tba friends of D.cklnaon say (Bat the Bmau> gives a good lick In tba right direct!? now tad than ; but, damn It, the nasi day It tarns round nod Iras a shot for Jo Lane, or glses the wink to So ?tk the tew hopeful spirits reclaimed from the wsseka of eld Uae whiggory and Know Vothlcgiam, who Mti up the rank and die of the Bell Peered party. They www rwry much Uekied with the (lettering notices or their ttehet at the outaet, published through the edltorlale of the Boulo, bat they ooatpiaia that thta good work for AM rokm la sot kept ap. We are a new party, they eay, Ml we really waat a Utile help from euoh a paper ae the nil), reed by everybody everywhere, to enable oa to get op the (team, aed to make the bell ring. WetbaU earry half a dozen Southern Hut tee, we ahall carry the toattsa teto the House, aed In that fix what wan can be elected by the House, sod whieb of the three, aey Lincoln, Davit or Bell, cas the Buui u support, but Bell? Why not, thee, give us e hft aew la the North ??for we can take oare of oureel vca te the Booth. The rapebltcaaa try to console theaaaelvee with euch re eetteee no these ?the Haaaui can t serve two oonUict teg party tntereeta et the mm ume?It aea't be the organ et the ndteimof ratten sad the champion of tee re pub I loan party. It can t hurt us much, aed baa not hurt us union, tees the defeat of Fremont. Banned, no louM. did aaaeh more thee Uretley to give Beward hie walking aakrt, bet "Old Abe" wUl do batier. and thee, again, aebedy can expect Bennett u piny eeoona fiddle to (Tree>?y; hot perhaps, about the tlaw the ynbi?M falls oat with "Old Abe's" admletetraUee, the Haaaui will come to Its support, and thai will do. Greeley is up for Postmaster General, aed be may be disappointed like for aey. Ia that eveat the same result will follow, aed then the Huuld may do "OM Abe" e good turn, no It has done "Old Buck," after oppoelBg btefelecUca (111 nil wee blue. "Old Abe,' If elected President, will not turn the werkl inside net (or the almighty Digger, aed upon that point we shall haws n row la the essay, aed the Hani is wtd, of onuses, hbvw s linger w the pm Meantime we can Indulge tee Menu is anything We have the same In our own hearts, sod the result la as sure as the next eclipse of the ttaoh ere the remarks, opinions an J speculations of ear Washington politicians, of the various parties and tectmne, touching the course of the Naw Toko Ksaau> to thai extraordinary Presidential Imbroglio uf ISfiO. We presume that the Hsasin wilt use its own coarse, i ernrtna nil sides, venuInline nil sidts and aua I tela tag thM ?He or that tide, la proportioa la 'te ! ien nftraucn villi the great object* of the peace and pro* p*ray cf Lb* lateo. and alter If regard lee* *a heretofore of ?*?* partleo aad tear* parti*to reward* of ipo.l* aad pleader. Wtaanraron, Jane 14,1S40 W* tmm m4 U? PrntUm of ttr "Qom?8t?fi" Htflirt tkt JMhowrt Oim>wane Jhetr UmicuiMtom of a gpitf??V# Morrmdrr to If lift? tmmrolgatf?T%* A<imu*utrofip?? mod Id* VouflM Mm, Me. Dm pna*a?* cf Mr. Yancey *ad other leader* of the Btehaaoad Cuareatlee aow la thla city, cat the near ap preach of the "ceafuteoa of teagwa" at Baiumore, hare hoed ap all the poUUeal ootebuatiblee around aa, and h**apM eat late bald relief the fa* aad poaiuoa of "the eeuoe Stetea" before the nalttaore OanvsnUoo The trot regular bo*ta?a* will be the flJhag up of the eeeoaeteo te the CeereaNea, rioaHtag freaa lite amioa|of tee eight Moadlag mated at ftearlMtna. Six at th*a* Mate*. behalf of the eeoediag facuea, will preaaat their delegate*?tea* the wo*d*r* aad ante* aew delagana tor adteteaiaa at Baltlaere, to wit ?Georgia, Alabaaa, Idatehaa, Miealaelppl, Arkaaa** aad Vuaa. The etbere atead out, *u.?Booth Oarollaa aad rtanda. Fro* three attheaa eight BUte* there will aloe be preeealed, aarereltr, a Daughd lUtegatlae, to wit ?From Qeorgte, Alabaaa aad luteal lb* hmt ?a**tte* before the BaMuere Oaaeeatiea,tearlag eat the eight eeeadtegheateera teateata begtewtte, ? be the tlhag the wwate fteoa thaae mete*; aad here, spoe the tbieabeld, there way be a break. The Deegtae men will hare a bear/ tedjnll) | m IM (MrMON OmNtlOg IM MfM ruling ant la IM outot, It* Cwllw will otond? Whole electoral tow m*?iliil Ml Doogho TOW 1*2* Dooglaa nWortty W* a* that, M M will require * change of lf\y eetaa to doMdo thW prollaWary WW of tbo doWgatoo froao tboae?fhf Ma'eo ofilioi Mr. Doogioo, wo ooo that tftaaa tMoMNWi the thirty Oro of Now Tort wtfl W? ooooory to ooOUo Wto boatoaoo w row of poaoo 1*4 harMop. hot iioojlntog tho Wet Wot the Itoogteo Ooo W here Wo tooomWo oMo by Wo oooofltf Btotao Oiled aWo and deagerooa ooo Win Iho Doogtao majority rooagniae tho right of oof of Wo oaoodtog dohfoUooo W owe hook ogola law Wo OootowUoo f or will tho? admit aw aaHPoagfca loligotlia, V o bow ooo, frow toy Wow, onto* Wo prowoataao of a oowtoanag Doogho delageTho Doogioo iNifoMaoo from, (Worglo, Alabama oaJ iMHoowowaoSltoW bogoo Wot n w uhiiii b; WooyoayWWg woreobootWowoo WWpotoi. Bottoop MO ooaMoot, ood Mnl oboot llko oooa horlag authority tharo 0 yw loogir, tboriforo, ?f o brook op of tho Owroouao ta Iho efcrt to roorgooWo It oo a body lopro<ho WowVo aanw trlo^OJ wo owMM^^wTop^ytag Mr admhmm a*o odotMad, oootber owoobtag buck a piwooowo W Iho Obapo of too IKwglaa platform adopted ? aad ynnnhir n mrntaM in lb* (torn Ik*?nS ? M? dorkton, u>n?h a( lb* -<i*ifn*n Md Ik* cadMMO WW* ?b?n two Monk, it w inir*r aailt farad*a Parana ?iu tail to p?*o*? m- am, lk? pinmd pr*iim,**#y bati?( mala Ma, *M ' Ik# aonoa Hbla will pawn ad hothaat; tor *4**rmm n*y mmf a fMnt w ?|**u*r MTWbtf/ Or 1*4 a* ?a* to ?*p*r**d? th> idgia Mllll IM UMil-kn, by Ik* Scmtk*ra right* ptatforn V naflan* momma, to* rofanad, and *ii UMi*u*n fnla wtl toon n kadjr. Akd la lhara u? prop** ink* li>u(i*a najori 7 ?< ! 4*onk Mr Idol la tha kad br kaoAnc to*, hk bobby ?b* aly hobby opa wkMfc ho mm rtobf Noaa Ik Ma world. WUI tka Sooth I a** kr N? of eoora*. tka, tin Parana will ii gkc*.?anOaniaa. lifcri k?y raak magaaana af j hami aw a thorpi? dodooa thai tan kao ' tana aad n. or oar *, m akdm >t Itaaaoo ai > SXg&tyteSTASdgS'J i oraaary aiTni af' m" am akm a.7m* j UMt in ilkanMTbdto},adtn lohoslhte fattta aftkaadnnWaok a tk* inty**, an r*a<tor u( raaSntood.' tfcr'Vm ud tSili nXudaaT Mr?hauMa akan on tin haa.ihad ho (will ah*r wtkdrawfroa lka*r*M, *r ykft a Jn n Ik* 4*a la o< Oooibora pnv bra. an b,aUM aprenaty n ?k. Tbrrinna Nha eai'iMKia <d Ik* imgla 4inn*ali *f um fton* aeknday wltut Um M^biioana am tko Honk Aaaont \i Ika afem.t r. ton Mr "harm. . m?.,uor.i ioWafcan^kWr wbipi *> m f a* or^k *m notnoM & Ika Jtwy NipaTtnmi ha* r?av rod Um lut lop* of ay raad*"^'*"" M*,m UM *M N- -1 ? jud vMlte# wWl/W liytta 1lek?aef Sa*n?nw* an jm " KEW YC * D??>m mnu implir BOOManMon ha *tUeetgetthe tMml vow of e tonf to SHW.baoeaae, **?? be wtU owl have a oorporai'i (uud ta theBooth, lw bo Pimm every Northern Stat# by IM admfeto etton deaevcreey. _ Wo Boor o feint wbbpi' Wet In the lot pincb Mr. Voogtoooeoy withdraw to fevor of Mr. Breckinridge, end Wile to the romproeetoe oi which ibo repubilcani tMa to bo mooteTrtxJ. ir Klehweed OortHfoMWM. Iti'smoBD, Ve., Joeo It, 18M. The k\cKatirf.d Oona<ntion~MaUv*tm Kmpecl te U Mqectei *' baUxmort?TKt%r Ovunt if Mtfmtd AimMmnct -Pri**U rrryrammc? Gen. lame the FumiU?Potititn of Fan?p and Ike Fre Meten, 4c. The Richmond OonvmUon of 'be eeowltof deiegatlono from Wo Cher 1<?ton Convention hen, after one boor'o oeratoa yeatordey In making o temporary organization, and two boon' oeulon to-cuy in maklnyfa perweaaot organisation, adj. or nod till Tharo day. We Slot of thto month. 8ooh, in lubaianoe, to We <rbole of the official notion of Wot body. There ere aewe detail* which, doabtleae, yon have been Informed of by teiofrepb, end, therefore. It to noioooMery to repeat. Tbire are, however, certain leaMo view* end Qeefllolal doiago here that tt wey be interaction to beve eahlblted. There tu an evldest dttorKluilra with mear'y all the ' delegates frotn the first ta do tutting bar* bat 10 organise, Hd wait the artieo or the Baltimore Convention. Borne few were opposed to making a permanent organ! satlca even at thai time. All agreed Utt It wotud not ba wiea to a awe oaadldates for Pre* Her: an) Vice President, or to declare a platform, before .he Bilumore Oonvenlkiu ahowa la hand. Hardly aay one icier mine a doubt aa to the meeting of Ihte Convention agam. The delegation* have no expectation of meeting m. h conciliation or harmony at Baltimore, theogh they will preeeot themselves thero, looking and wking ta good (olth for the harmony and reunion of the ilemocrnbc party They take the deeperale Douglas swaggerers and faaadon at their word, aid believe they will be drlvea from Baltimore to Richmond again, aad they expect tinder Baeh [ drcnanetaneee, to be followed by the delegation* of Virginia and the other Southern Statue,and, probably, by thoee of the two Pacific Statea, aad part of the delega bona from eome of the Northern States. la nay of the following caeea the Richmond Convention would moot again In case the acceding delegation* of the ootteo Statea should he refiaed artmtitiuu to the Baltimore Convention, or that the Baltimore Oouveauon should refute u modify the minority platform, aad to eootiaue to iaaiat upon the nemiaatloa of Douglas on that, or If tha Convention should abolish the two thtrdo rule. Io aay of thee? areata tb^cotton Statea wool) return to Klchmoad, held a regular Convention, and make a platform aad nominate their men tor President and Viae President. 1 under laad the delegation* aow meeting here have good ran ions to believe that, should they he forced from the Baltimore Convention by aay of tbe above causes, the delegations of Virginia aad other Soothers Statea, and probably of Stales at tha North, weald foUow. If these delegations of the cotton States bo admitted at Baltimore, they will be able to prevent the nomination of Beog'as, and amy, through the sober second tboeghtef Northern delegalee not eo desperately oommitted to tbe bankrupt fortunes of the Little utant, obiaia aatiofhctory pUtform and aoand bub for candidates. These in the contingencies ud chaoses both waye thai hare bwn wall poidend over by Um obis men and astute politicians whom Kr. Doug'an ban thought propor to mnko war with. Thew Southern mm tntond to Mnad poo the principle they oontond for to the end, bat they wul montfew deposition to conciliate or to oom promise upon any potnl but upon this principle, m order to put the supporters of Douglas In molt for whatever consequences may follow They ana thee appeal to the ooauioa fesliag, common lateralis sad earn on aease of Justice of the older Soothers mates Bat shoald (bey be edt joined by say otner States, la aaas they be foroed from the Baltimore Convention by any of Um causes maatioaed, they etii, notwithstaadlag, meet la lonvenuon, and mane aomtaauaaa for President aad Vtoa President. This m UM enure programme, aet spoken oit or published to Um world, bat quieUy deter mined upon. Nor have the Soothers delegations epenly or formally aamed say maa aa their cbo.oa tor tho aigh atlioaa of Pre Idoat aad Viee PrcatdenL la comers, m nitrate conversations aad on the street, tho delegatus hare erpreaasd their rterra. A largo majority art oadoobtodly for Uonorai I sue Br. Dickinson haa eome friends. Br. Breckinridge. too, baa hw rupportrrs Tho argumoat la maoa la favor 4 nominating a Northern man In order m praouoaliy aontmdiot tho saaertiooe of Um aaemtea of tneao Southern man that they are eacttoaal. Than. Umv say that with Laaa the patriotism aad eathuelaem of the masses caa bo aronaod, and there would no a reasonable prospect of carry lag the eleauoa before the poo pie, area should Douglas rin* the raw, at all rents with blm ibey could more effectually break UM back of the squatter wvarelgaty hydra la the groat Northweat, thaa whhaay other maa, and acquire cope for the future of a strong, purl Hod, coaatltaUoaal party. It la balered that with aucn a semination Douglas could not carry a nogie Slate u, the Coion. Boet cf the delegates are about to leave th e evening for Washington, and will epend the few days before the Baltimore Convention in that city. Wben Br. Taboay wad called a poo m tho Beuropoiitea Hall, on lha adjaummaat of the Convrauon to day, ler a spoecb. ooa of ma fnoada togged of Uta gratiamen to eioos# Um gaatlamaa from Alabama, on the ground that he had w mesh work before blm of that sort In Washington and Ba.Umore. ao, I euppew, ibe people of those cities arc to hear too dtaiMgalahad orator I am sura ha will be. aa In "tsrlsntoa h*lur? the CoorrsUoB, moderate, oooerrratlrr ud conciliatory. There a imt ml* late abraad about there ao oai 1?<1 0r? rater*. Tber* gentlemed *ut their oosoututicaai rtjai* i?d not a u'onoluUun of too Uoto*.' Oar CJilrag* C*mq>oBdaac?. Olu iiM, Ki; 39, ltftfl W\$ KUIed OcJt Eu&n Scwa'd f?Oroaley'i fUri in !JW IiiiOii Or Ckaryr Ual Hamlin Bat Negri Bleed m thm?lhe Wat ttmoetm I A >-ntnotion <i I?M fa /lid 4 uatt-Wkar* tkeltiUaf "H.-aml Old Abe" Oamt From? Lhmit* Oiw Jaoyed U? lad Ifhiw ?Mn* A . wnotnUe f rpMofwro Wk*t Ltmg jjKa Safe of lime eh What It thamgki at Judge DeugUt Frotpecu ?T\t Fori Ucm rf the New Turk Ddapatam, St. 31m knowing oaoa la Uila region aro amazed at the Seroa abuM which tka new* pa pert art pouting out apoa tk* d*voted haad at poor Graotey f*r tla/.ag i'aok Robia Seward, b*o*un* it k7perfectly unJerttool that Ik* Now Tork agitator waa tbr*wa overboard aototy on tk* groasd of ao avaUakiilly, which baa boon tk* aaVora eoa torn of Ik* party ever atace tk* aomtaatMn of Barrtoon Qreetey did what bo oanVB to MM Seward, bnt kla laflaaaoe wa* not aooaaaary to tkat remit. Indeed. Ik* work waa all don* aad tke die coat before Greeley bad a obaooo at a Soger ta tb* pte. Wood ba 1 coaaiagly Mowed bin array la Ike CbmalMoo oa RaooloMoao, where be waa oooped up eighteen hour* at bard work, wtlie tb* bio see* of pip* lay tag waa k*4ag perfected la tb* CoovmUoo. Ike two sea who individually did moat to defeat laarl war* Oooerai tone, of India**, aad Curtia, of Pianaytvaala. Tkaao goatloaaia are tk* ropabUcaa noo*la**a tor Oovorwor ta tk*tr reepectiv* fkateo , aad Certto, particularly, le a Ml ef perenawre and IrreeteU ble etoqaeeee to iwnmllw. rroai ike flrw be w ae be 14 aad Men A ble deotaiaMco tkei It woeM be MpoMble A carry nmaaylrwaA tor Mr. Reward, ami General Leee wee |Uto m emphatic with revert to Indiana. Tbeee gentleman were bahered by a mmorlty of the Ooareottoa, aad It wee deemed toity u> bey* to eleot without tbeee Mm. It M the lepradot here thel Mr. Award would hare beee monger to the Con ran doe wlthoet the rapport ad prearaoe ef Weed, who bee got the r^utauue. whether )eeUy er eeleeUy, of beta# the moot corrupt eed daageroue peUUciaa to the United Hi Mae Ike eomlaaMeo of Health for the Prratdeeey le Mill metier of woe dor; nobody appeere to beee u; Idee bow It wn brought about, end eebody ou dgure ap hew M briege any etreagth to Ike Meket The truth le, that the oeefuAoe, eurprlee aad dMappotefmeat which relieved the nomlaaUoa ef Iiecoln ware an irreel that aebedy appeared to kaow or oere whet team of the tall end ef the ticket I knew HamlA twenty yea re age, when be firet aaeae graaa ato tie Lagteietar*of Maine. He wee thee e democrat,ea4 weeoaiM i NegreMemila, "laeeeeeq weoe of bw compter ten and feeturea While be wee reaamg for oAm.ihe oap?Hon mmrted, and tria l to prove, thai be bed nrgro blood In hie retna >ui be tbel ae H may. Mr. I lam no le e gealtemea el fhfr ability, an J If elected, would Ml reepeombly enough for four yearn m tee bt| arm chair, en the ptattorm, ta the Senate chamber (here le aot the allghieei enthuilaem In thtc Ante orer the aomiaeunn of I AecA. end drorathiag eaeeVted to the eneWery M a ebaor tebneemm. no oemooram bare he?n try log te flab ap the aeerat ef ble botng called " Heeemuie Abr, "betin rein. Re wnaenown ae Old Abe" amoegthe rougpa, tor wboea oere be mwnye bad reedy ike rougUet kmd ef Aartaa, aad be wo> .d eit up ail aignt amaametheaa wbebad anra for eucb ibtnga daeoep'iel teller of imntty martm, be W more thee e arnmb for year dwtmguabee fallow etnaM, Oaneral Nye- Be wae alwaya rewarded rather an laianteg thae eager tern, and wae aumcteotly naacmpuioue to make a good party pelitlclan. When be wae a member ef Ae Dgwtetere ef tkle State be oner jumped eat el the bach win dee ef Ike Aenmbly room m order le oped a gjarcm, whew came mieeere | wbtek ble party mmpyrnei wae akent to be pa mad Oka anything mere rltppery and trtogy than that be mead I In the bMory ef An meM adrett and uanwapuioje of I your New Verk peliimteee' I oeg Jean W*ntwortb the Mayer er Cnmago, mji. I.neoie baewteneega for all 1 bad be bee to de ae e lawyer out in Retee?ilel4 Mini I rreatdant be woaM beademaed toot Ne^wvietmi. I aee thai the Preterm!, Mr Wcntwiwtk pec-r. bee ap the deg ef I meetn ana Hamha Jed** IWugtue l nee da am magi*>a of bat aemiaaWm. fney bam beea rnr eeyeral deyt A acme aierm annul the hew Yntk te .ge won, but ?> day a tetter wee leoctocd in am ?dy (rem WaahlngM, mymg "The New TV* drtegettne le all right, tneew m oo oeehtaf ttM an If there maid be eay thmg which le eel A do-: it that depeode poa each ante rteeety wed'.tg and cb*atw* por.ik ear ee the me. wt'j of Ae Uev- Ce?d.i/ f'?- i .. >RK HERALD, TUESDAY, Chicago, Hey 80, 1M* A Pm/tnM ?f Abe Linerlm, Brawn t* m (Ad WIUj?A* Old Wktf Oan t flVarflaw Old Alt?AWt Ckudf } ttaynuVd m a Cc*d M?ry Mltr end a >iJtor fwlure v/ old At* a: UtukxwTi, Bu* end B?twe SairIfiyt?Bittory </ J-incxn'l LcfulmHw Caraar?Bu FlunouJ , Jvxpjnm the Back ft'i-idoit> $ the SteU* lltiiw ih 1 u*u ? Coo*, and nu a Cafteto, to LYe BUc*. Bewh j War, aft. Ihere a aa eld gentleman realdiag In tola eNy who to a companies of LJnooin in nil the early political etrugglee I I Uio Stole, end who 1/ n moo of uatlearieted repatolten for candor and hoaoety, who hnn jual glroa nM lh? Inlawing political end noclel portrait nf tbe rtpubllceo nominee. I will give you hia own word*, prealaely aa I wrote them dawn aa they caaee from hie llpe, la enawer to mj queatlaae ? You re M-ts?I em Informed, air. thai onu era an aid acquaintance ef Mr. Lincoln? Ou) Wiuo?Oh, jes, 1 have knows Abo twenty live / art. Wo were brother whiga, and bo and 1 used M stump It round together la the old daya. Youso Mt*?Ho yon go wllh the republican party aow, sis? Old Whig? No, 1 ou t quite swallow Abo Iteoota for iteskhnt, at J I shall have to go for Ball aod Kverett. Youno Mas?-What exnd of a wan to Mr. lino's' Old bmo-uii, be ji scciaily a clover pretty bon-at ntaa for a politician, la hto own peculiar way. He wae ahrayo a favorite with tba tougher aort of hoetiers and bhojt?more so than I used to tike. Yot so Maw?Was bo poj.ukr tn those days? Oli? Whig? Ob yes. very, with that sort of people especis'ty lie bad s great deal of rather low wit; waa capital at vulgar repartee; and oould tell more obscene MireiicteV than aay other man I ever know- These thill* made him a jreat favorite oe tbe stamp Ut thoae da," at bnakisgs, house ralimca, beta and such piauco, he was always sailed oat for speeches, and was always rure to raise a great bnrreh sad noise. At political snootlags be always bad h'r o.squers >e scream an.I hauoo for bia, and bo or his irtecus had 'hem by tbe thousands brro at the CtBveUira. Vnusn Mts.-U no s man uf much stgncny ? Oi D Wuwt?Yte, a good deal. He qu clt a perceiving n popular hobby, as. I quick Is mouollhg it, and he. ??voraJ times shown considerable dexterity m >apixm '. rom It, whtr. he found It waa likely to mleoarry A abort Uo is up u> all the tricks ami chicanery <j politic*, and lade latiyab-eta applying Oi'iu for km bench aad 1 really think b<m a mosi daiye.cus man to he Lr iated with rower. Yorsa Whero OiJ be get .be title of coujet okl Abe'-' Old Wmt?I don t know, 1 m sure 11 ?rer heard of It unbl lately. Bat Abe will really pot ou ? most soncbfled looking I toe when he tike e m.nd to YorMi Ban?Ineii vou do not think Br lincola o very profound otacP Otb Whio? No, be Is ut adrtrjAamlum, or u they sty here ut the Week, boa comb* speaker, end will rpta out, In hie quaint Bt} le. o longer thread about nothing than any other lit icg ssaa. His reeding uied to be oonflbed pratty much to the newspapers, nud who had a good memory, he used to revamp all the polni.ial hits and aqutee he poked up and made very funny speeches. He mnde bun ureas el speech rs in delence of the old United Mates Bank, but I need te have very serious doubts If they did oar cast* any good. I bate heard him speak three hours pruvng that the bank was <y>usiituUonal, which was n thing that ncbody then denied. ?b l* I used to oonflne my speeches to the practical utn'ty of tbe bank, and that wee what the people needed to be convinced of. Youno IIam? Tid Br Lincoln ever distinguish himself for eny considerable degrt* of intelligence and honesty while id tbe Leyirlntere of this Huu>? Old Whio? Ne. 1 ceunot say he did. He wan one of the originators of the scheme or internal pablto 1st provemests of Illinois, which wee i< vganled "tbe rrnnl scheme of laternsl Improvements, ' by which the Bate was Mddisd wuh e debt of over twenty millions of dollars, all of wbteh was sifumixiered bv the toliUcianv, sad the people of the Mate crushed with taxation In ouosaqueuoe He was at that time an influential member of me legislature?the leader of "the corrupt mire,' as the members of Hang am co county were celled. Governor lord,,in bis "History of Illinois," says:?" Hits delegation 'rem lb' beginning of tbe seseioc, Uirew itself as e ualt In support (f or m oppumtiaai te every local measure of Merest, out sever ?itn?ut e bergam for votes la return on this question. 'viz-of locating the Oapitol at Springgeld It was charged opon Aba at the time that he was nAveriinil tm thto trfint rnngtirnhln i mi ? K? 1Kb hium tef raiding che value ? a lew Ma ha ownad ta Springfield. abu litis la tbe ocly legislation la whloh Ilnoola naa u alt dating* *hed bimaeir la tha Stale If he la cither a st alee mm or a remarkably baaeat politic tm, ba haa yet to ebow It Ywran Mam?So you are confident Ibai Mr Lincoln ia aot ft It BAD tO bfe PftfldAlt ? t*u> Waul-Why, air, tbe idea la rtdkiukra i, aad it la aa taaalt to reapectabio and candid man to talk ot such a toiag. We bare ta illlaoia a hundred man every way bailor qoalldad for tbe poet Kverybcdy knowa that be mac* aomark at all ia Ouogreaa, except a disgraceful oaa; and ba career ta tbe Iogiaiataro af ibis Stale sbowa only a lamtitartly with all the irtcta of po.local demagogues. I believe be weuM deeeead to aay trick ta gala aaaae htlla advantage. reekltea or tbe ooneequeaeae la iba oanatry. Ha experience a aaly that wbloh haa bean asqulrad a tbe worat governed State ta tbe Vowa?be hiaeetf brag IneatlOt d witb Ita warn bhiadera ead rolliee. He baa probably never oe-oted a day to tbo kind of etudy wbloh wonid render bin a aafr public man. i oix> )uj? tt dm about una jumping oat or Uie bock window of tbo immkij room. Old Whw;? 'h. tbot ?m so. Tho Seorgnot-ot-Armo boo laotooeu tho tooro or tho boll, la ordor that a tow tbould bo tokrn a % certain menaure, tbot no win of tho State tune oad money fhoold bo waolod la do baton aoO poet pone men to bnt when Abo an that ho woaM bo lorotd to o rote, la ordor to doprtro tho Hoaao of a quo rnm, bo raked bio neck by prottpltattof hi?If oat of tbo book window. oad oil thto to on Uhwtiohaa of tho rto lent oad doopornto tblflo ho to copoblo of aokiag toooiry o partwoo potat. Wbetef er tho frleodo of Mr. L'aooto any ay to thlo portrait of thotr >nm?, thorn con be oo dooinl that tho laielllgoal ooo caodld goal 11mo j who boo rorohbod II lo :ocapable of oar loteottoaol lojuotlro. Tbo repobbooo poprro ore boating of tho erpioita of Ltaooto la tbo Book hawk war, la which they ohoor hlaa op 00 o nop tola, bat !t torn* oat, oo tho authority of tho OnrrtTtag gooorol of tbot war, tbot Abo" woo oot o captain, oor at offlear of OCeiti. ' ( ' Mr. DkkiMM *M1 U? Alkuy TO TBI EWTOB OF TH? HEKALD. iuwi, Jo* ft, IMA 1 m la paalw of oorMa aotheatie lalbi'MaHua reliUfg to Ibo roeoal Owfal of Boa. Doatot 8. DMkOaoi by U>* Lroacborooo aad corrupt Alb*my lofoaoy, wBttb It k oow judged expodleat lo roral to tbo peblta aye. Tbo I4?a of April bare ooom oad geao at CWIootM Um foBb oad boaor of Mo Alboay ooaidoeoo cUquo Boro booa Iba oad tboro fktrly eabibNad, oad Ibo dJotraotef tbooo oM tbao fttoodo of tbo "Sofo of Ma^aaMoa," aba onM aol oad wnM aoi Bobovo ibo parted root of Obo A Bo* aod ArpM wlrepoUer*, boa booa mm tbaa JaaBftad la Ibo raooll. Porbapo noror hao tboro booa a am Mb out chapter la Ibo oaooJt of abwolory thoa thai vfctah remaiaa to bo wrmea of Ibo oaylago aad delafe of Ibo Now York rooked dotafalioa, beaded by Booa Milaial, ol Ibo CboriooMB (oareotioB. Tbotr oooroo lowaido Mr. Dkklaooa boa booa oao of Ibo oookol aad ami mpadoil owtadloa itor porpotraiod. Tbooo of Mi Mtadi who veto deluded iaio Ibo awe oo craftily laid il ajiiMOi. la Oiyliabor. 11*9, boro aol oaly booa boodaMbod aad dapod, bat tbay aro opoaly looabod id aad rtdtooM for tbotr credulity by tbolr troocborooo ooR obtll MNCXtM n?? loof W1U tbo MM flWOt ll?XfllB potty of tbo But* of Now York auffar tteatf to to oto tbo playthlbf of thb uaocropalo? tood of doo?aao? Itooo moo without honor, dooaocy or food flabb t Vkn FOrooodo Wood ood 01 flpaokar Arrerd on?tood too Soto QmtooUoo 01 By?, I?I Bapto?boo, tboy look odr?(ofo of tbo roiltood timo, ood, ad two mtnut? pool two I to, A1 cord wot to tbo choir, lb? M towod J?0 Oocbrooo a put?t ood Potor Oa?art oooaod org?izalton of tbo Oboti?oo by pliatef Jobo ftryk? A tbo choir to?i ?atw lotor. Itoo wm tbo tow, ood tbo unbliog of Jobo atrykor off tbo plotfono, ood tbo otoMloB or tbo atrykor mm, tad tbo dooblo mot?too. Tbo Chortattoo poopla bora dootdod tbot tbo ? uodoia at Myrow? woro roffolor.aod tbot Alrord> orgooiaotf? w? trroffolor?ood parhapo tbot to oil ? It daw tot matter wry moeb oow wbotbo^Alrord or ffbytor w? rognlor. If pooplo roootro to trorol it ditto? dtrao ttoM, It li teoro importeat te koow whwrottoyo? ? bring op Iboo to a torch for tba otcoo? wot? tad tba? I teaoparate Oor h?to? at pit?utll? wltb tbo ?too tboy borro ton r?iwotiroly trowUtog a? bplioto tot. 1 mtoodlately after tbo ditto? of lb? two ori?laotlo?. Ctdfor, Ri??ami, (bur?, ood otoora of tbo Alb?y tootoay, ?i|? op? Croowotl, SsbrU ood Motbor, Mow? of in?, ? tbo Byroeoao II?, ?d offbrad to plow op? MM doll?too to tbo Cbar.naoo CoaraoMco? wbtob tboy woro ob? to appolat?tbir'j flro ??i? ? bo aototed to Mr. Dwaioo? (i mo<to. a* tbo wboio dob|a?o oaalil bo -aapttrd of ?rooty ritlagoioo, Ibao w? odbtUff ?a balf. It w? o rooowrot of lb# tart? of or?wtt?, lo?otod tbo ?oonty at i rpi ? otatteo to tbo Ptow?u til itiywoor wtaga of tbo pony, wbteb tbo tdoottool Rtchm?d ood Oaf ur had dwuoouy ? prior to tbo Irot A?or Boo? S?iac, io lUrob or April, 1IM. Tboy now ? bte Uxor two. Tbo rooditioo w? te ? i? Dtaktao?% fkt?? ob?M ab? d? awd rot? tbo Alrord On- ' rood?, Iboo li at?, ord rtooffai? t? of toftor. Tbo oppartai (am? or tbo otor ? oaod or? tbo cool ood aro/ry Or?wall to a? le tba ?, awd, kaodmg DmbtBO? ? bit or?, ?trod ?d naapo?I tbo toyiarO?r?u? Tba old foi walk? am?gi< tote ?o trap ? artfully bolted. Cbggor oo? atoro bod ra?MCroowwflo root 'to tbo ffratiof ? n?lot? wool oo. moat at tbcbio?n't Mao? ob? Ac bad Wood ood AI cord ood Jamil tba tovbar Con ram Moo. miUr faro op ?o cbmr to wnitete H lad low. ? arowwd P?plot man .i? Ctaary, adHor of tbo Now York Iwnfl? orgno, w? Cbtlrm? ' of tba ' ooa UM ? Koaolubooo Ludlow apoolo? o j rtUnug comanttoo at aUtoro. 10 ?port tho aamta at I ?aiy Omr'rBtoo d?>ojat?a attll tho hckioano aaaa ad- I bet? to tbo honof tbot oo w? rtf ot A amtll ood ?teat < Bat th?in tot an am thffl araolof at tba VoartMO t r. to ?aw an l'?p*f? '** "> '> "tea woa aniy I irtr<put *'0 ltd l?>ar?atoo atoaaw m I a at -Rt?0*>.a m A?. aA- ? ? tAw. I t JUNE 19, I860.?TRIPLE amp dbdrttei wiw aateatad f EA mbm ptaaad 4ft mk, lar the ??tn of Mr. Dadkew'a mmmmm. Ml ? baa boaaeeaa beta, aftdH leaf myoifn, iiftwitag ban Ma iikur ligia iy Imp ih* ybgbtu (MM. <M Me IMrty *ra Dt?laana ?a who wara pwMM.ftlp Mm war* aataally placid upaa Paaa Blib?at'adateaaUoa. Tbaaa ara dag?tia Behell, Dalae Da MMf, Idaria Seawall, WUHam rThwU Dayld L Bay?ar, Jtmaa a ftwwr aftd Benry & Baadall. The raaaatotag taealyii|h> Mail aaggialii< by Ma Woblaaia ootora, awbraab| taft perooaa m Oatvla f. Chaaaberlaia, Wililara 8. HabbaU, ttdeoa J. Tnoker, George W. CttaUm, Dartd Meultea, Themae B. llltoheli, Dartd HaaftKea, Archibald ! C. Nlraa, he., am oaftfted, probably bp ftlftli, la Ma Hat reported by Peter cogger Tbla vaa laa Int kb? 4aalt at Ma arilMCi rapaaad by Ma Dieklaaaft aaaa ia thair aaw aldae. la order to aMaj Malr auptetoaa, bewoeer, Ma lag? cy ?mm MirtX llaftilia eery actteeiy. Tba Air iaia?iryaa aataa? 1 Mauraaaf Mr. DtaMaaaa.ta a caafteea aad doable BMaalag leadlag article, Mr Ma PTeatteaey. Tba aaaayftiaia aadaaaptoMaaef Crawall wara quieted by laftara rna Riabaaoad aad Digger, plodglag Ma?itau to DiekBaoa, wbteh laftara ba pradaeaa aad raad la Ma delegation at Cbarlaaiaa iaat waafc, alter Ma writata bad raiad tor Douglaa. All raaaaa wara aaad to prevent Dteklaaoa'a (Viands iraaa firing old aad eooatoaaaea to tba Wood dalagailoa Movement, aad to allay Ma apprrbenaioos of Maaa wbo baaa piaoad among Ma Blob* moad aad Dagger eqoad. So aatiraly did Mayaaoeaad Mat ftiaaa aaraa, ?lb Malr or at Malta aad frtoa?, ta seMng oat (or Gharlaatoa, aatdoliy believed aad taaMtod, with a ooaddaaaa aad oradaIMy proving Ma eatramlty of their deoapttoa, Mat Ma delegation waa far Dteblaaoa beyoad all peraereelure, tad u>i m >w>i rvnsiTv nm support upon every mm. After tbeir iteteu MM the rcjucUoo of Wood's delegates m (terlMlii, a rote ?h taken,mm worn, te the indies' parlor of the Mills Homo, aad rooollod ao folio oo itr Xtmkm A. Dtvfim* Dean Richmond, William H. Ludlow, Froaote B. Spioolo, Hugh McLaughlin, John T. Savage, Jr , John Clancy, Auguau belmoot, John 0. Holv, Theodore Millar. Muaao Warren, Peter Oafgor, Jobs Titcomb, Charles K- log alia, Lemuel Stetson, flawy A. TUdca, Laitazo Carrjl, David Spraker, David C. Bteaail, WiUard Jobaaon, Stone? T. Fair child, DewtttC. Wool, Alias C. Wadbh, Jameo P. Haokkt, John J. Peek, Baoara P. Koaa, John M. Koapp, Darioa A. Ogdas, Coarlaa Halott, A. J. Abbott, B. r GUkeoon.MaratuU & Chaaaptka, Henry J. Gtowaeki, Haaford K. Church, A H. laaUana, John t. Hndooa, Alpkeua Prkeoe H J Miner. Total, 87. Any mo aa all familiar with tea poliUoa of maw York wtil recognise every man of tea above thirty-aoven aa among Um regnlar, inavHabla baoka of tea Albany Berabaiaer Rrgeaey. Savage, Falrebild, Wool and Ogdan are probably tea ooly onot ct Ami all who did not rapport Martin Tan Boron and tea free nigger Buffalo platform in ltd!; tea root are unmitigated, ei ire are baraburaora, and the moreat tools la the world of Uaggor, Oaaotdy and tea Alter Argut. >Vr /lamet B. 'Diddmitm Aeguotni Sohall, Tenia 6. Borgm, llslos DaWoif, Samuel F. Bauer worth, William N Mela lire, Edmund Driggo, Samuel L. M Bartow,* Edwin Croawell, Benjamin F. Ed Ball, Ail ham F. Rumall George Beech, Henry Steam. DavM L. Seymour. Jomaa C. Spencer, Alexander H. wurhnna, John mryaer, Henry 8 Randall, John F. Hubbard, WUham W. Wright, dobn C Devereux Tbtel, 20. ?*"* \WWI*F enoapt Bartow. Baiter worth, fftryker and Randall ware of the old, Indurated. primeval formation school of hard aha 11a. ButtarwortW ami Bartow. rssptcttrtly, rcprtwaM Owtn and SUdsl or too Usltod Sinus Srneto, who ore by BO mwi pertiel u> Has tor Jeff. Darts or Garihrle, or, indeed, to any Southern im|neefortfce Prestdeacf They went (or IHckiasoo, to order to brlo| htai early Into the fleW, u nm opponent or rtTBl to notifies? It being the policy of Lanes rrleads (sb then* ytsiUemen really are) to keep the hero of HuamenMa ta the background, ttU'the Lttua G'ant ehoold hare been owposed of, aaa the (round left clear, whea II was thought loclaoa might lead off la the Northwest for "Out Joe," anil his nomination be oompassed John Btryker's support oaa be quite as easily aeasuated fsr lie was at Charlestoa the represeataUre aaa precheat mi of Horatio Seymour, waiting for " sosss thisi, to turn up" lor tae UUwe. By aaa by he might weat the rotes ef Dtckiaaee'a trtetsde; sad a rata more er less to.* Dickinson now could neither help the letter oor hurt his own favorite. fhus nrgasd the ornfty Stij ker Ksncsll w?rt for Dtektnsoo, because be Is bis neighbor,end beesuso be waste n foreign mission, feeling himself post eased of talrnta for which adtptoustlo field would be exactly the puns. ttr Jeme* Gwtlrie?Isaac T. Powler, William Miner, Jefcn Cochrane, f.iwaru Cooper, Goorerseer Kemble, frastus Corning, slonao C Paige, Samuel North, C C. B. Baihsr, Stweon B JeweU. Total 10. Of these, Corning, Gosper sad Kemble represent (he lrea internet, the remainder?Fowler, Miner, Cochrane, North, Walker end Jewels?held ofloe under the Pteroa ad ministration while ' the Butcher Usthrta" was ta the Cabinet, sad would erpeot to fare quite as well were hs mafia President for Hubert M. t Hemier? Nels >a J WaWbary aad Bcnry D. Harto. Total X It waa thought bast to haeo a realtormg vote or w for Mr. Heater, as the Virglalsas, unoer premise of the whole thirty fire eovea, had gene age mat Wooo, aad ta toeor of Cagger k Ob. JHm V &' ednmridgt? Isamh Rynders?oaa wets. Mr Kyactrs eras tor Douglas, but bstog aa ottos holder, and hie ft to nut being Deeded tor the Little Giant, ha threw It whrre tt could hurl or help nobody. Aad aa ssncb far Dealol 8. Dickinson and am soft Meade. 80 much lor the prom waa made at Syracuse to ho brokoa si Cbarlosim). do much for Um faith sad honor aad laisgrity of the delegation, ooatrollod by lh? men a pea whom President Bochsnea has lertsbed all the patronage of hmadmlatotreiwa.aad wlicS oaet the uabrokea thirty tee electoral eetas of the these of New York at Claerloo ton, upon evarr ballot, far fftophan A. Doegtae, hto area ?"?y A "wrmkiire" react.LIL. [Prom Chleage Tribunal [From dell's Ufa, London.] .tns uaoosjr row ssraas. Nr. Unrein stands tlx fbet Tom Beyers -bands firs our laohss high ia his stock- fast sigkt aad a katf la hW igs Hw frame Is mnsoo- stockings His frwma m sr sad wiry. His armsaro museuler and wiry. HW sag, his lower Umbo are nrsss are long tor his half at, sot -improper use ?d to hm aad am lower Umbo wail body. He stop* with hm proporttswed to hm body, bood taoitaod forward. HW EDa head, whish ha earrtsf head WU wail ow hw should- a tttUs forward, W sat well era, aad W large aad wall oa hW shoulders, sad his proporeeeee, MMNUf ssoa Mm imi ponr. power la Ail Ho dorelopo- HM bom woald bo Roman, meats. A AgMlf Roans but for tha Mom that km aooo, a wide oat mouth aad flotteasd and spread R ta a dark ooMptextoa, with tha hfe teas; bio mosM to )ar?a, appearance of having boaa aad ooasoad with aid oats, weather beam, liwpioto aad bio ooatptextoa too dark tha doocrtpusa. ohm no ftmilartty of tha mam, IT words mam anything, Is coospleM; and tho poralM will sad ea tho trot Tseaday of November next, whoa LtMota will go to gran, as 8*7000 did Iho Baa?Tho Now Hampahira MaaUtar Bays:? A oorrospoodoot, who olfas hlwootf a "Lover of Ma Arts," protests ofolaol "tho ottaaopt at tha Oorw is paM opeo ha toad on aa old wood oat portrait of MoOof troy (who was hang la this city a faw years ago) far "Boat Old Aba." If tha Charier has a spark at megaaatwdty ta lis booooo II will ordar Saa/brd to On a really aooarato likoaasa of tha oM "staMosaa." WooooM put" a hollar ls*h? portrait of MmIMm aa old "raft" with a printer's Sboopofoot. Tot ahaoool UorrlMo BaidorlaToiao. (ream Ma North tiotia, May >A) ibassaMMMW"**>wn ?'*>eioiSi> ""Shaw wWabrwSStaTtRo laMar wteoa wsmSmR whw.^wm tyislteim to tho nliMg ooowoa of thw hull this aflalr. Ha gives tha foUowtag particulars ? jom tlaoo darise tho sight (yrtday) tho bmto, Jam aa. woat ta tha haaao at s gosllioiis saaaad fsrhoa. a saar sotghhor af tha wardered hadydad haoahad ot tha doar ; old was Bar boo got sp aad ookod aa what ha wan tod Ho told hlo* that twa whMo Ma had coom la Ma n?uf house, ooardorod Mm, Mo wlfo aad a htuo boy. Mr. larboo gal a RgM aad dwooi orod thai tho aagro woa ooioiod with Weil Bo utaed huo by tho throat aad MM MM that ha MMadad to MM Ma; wMraapaa Massye ooaMosoa Mat ho had Soao Ms Sosd, osytog that teoy coals aat gsi stoog wall fgiMor aad ha bad daterMsM m woe-dor thorn Ha MUsd Mr. aad Mrs KMoaM whh aa o?o, csWag aad Magltag ? la tho woat SheiMSg moa aor. The Mils bay leaped oat of tho bask door aad attoatpMd M rsa oraaad tho booao J oat at bo tarasa tha ooi aw tho aogro IB id hM wMh a poM, shoot too IsoBoo la disMitor ana tsa or ax foat Wag. on tho WdooT Ma hoad. morally awhMg It to thai; aad m powarfal was Ms hww tho psto paasd oa aad atroah Mo Mds of tho hniao, kaoohod off a board sad a ptsso tram oaa at tho booao logs. <*r Mfirataal ad tha wrRor af Ma MMar ara aaMag Tn Knnnii nwwii at Owioi Birrr* ?A wrrw mmm of Ita Barllagtea JIbiiSui, artttag hw UtaaMI M.slnMM *fJ*a* M, a*ya ? ItinhrMii OnMr?*o* eWMMrf tat* **4 Ita totaaara *f Jo* Mil at* ?i*| I Mr Mm Tta ?M tar mm at* |?MrN la nr*at a vta ragM af eaaatr; trotted, bom af ttia aataug forty talaa Mian Marks, Bif aM Oartar ara tta ataaf *? um, ata da ami of tta | i illia. Tta OtalbiaaBi U bald la a |taa, *MM mm of my rtadara wiu raoogsia* My to# a*M af "Haag Holm*." a aardar r tartag taaa tyaotad ttar* m tta Maya or ttaaarty Oa Itforaw tMlgralm tta praaatara appear la b# Man la ttatr battel, bat ttay are llttiarata, aarraw atadad aaa, aad if Jaa waate ta aaa nit tta ilMtllae a boat Mr* ta aaat aaa* arar a*M* ><gg"r guna Tta fa* fatal a I ad b> reait af fcUbaM ata aBU aoyoora la itaa ragtaa ara aa*a oa Ma aaw Mereaaataaed dealer* in* aetata* aaapb*a<* that "itaa* paaptatar* raaaaacalItatra* aaa pal" TWaaaaStatoaaaacb,aaIS* taanaraaf ita Tonag aara* tarM flaaaaf tta lb lgaaMtMPMM>*M^anag ta Maa tta aaaatry far San Lata, itaabMg, tnabtlM, mat ha UM U tat ataa a***tb ta MM tw* aaab aaau It U * laaatas M? fMf dattuea aaeag oaraairt* wtataar tovag Jaa U la taw* at aal If ta u, hu fblwaran kaae irair ??t eaoaaal. lataadfag ptrbapa tauarUa aa altb a gi arpa* af Hit altptaal to Mariaa, Tta WaAiaw m Waa oat**** ?Oa* waak ago la day aaa tta biM?n ttay bar* bat ta that ety for tra yaaa* Tta aaaMary aaaasma af tta any at ttat Haaa, ablah aaa *ata gaad, bad aat taaa dHtarbad. OmmaTAToa at Ommbi * fvaana* "?Tta aalarad pao pta af the N*a UagUad Staaaar* abaat to bald a eoareabaa at Kta taMbi I oa lha lat af Aagoet A Map data im mm a N'-anae Onaamao Satan Tun Aaa?Vail a Vaita aaa maaily Mr mm a at Dreabbaraa, Mat*Mpat, aa a aarraat otargtaf bit* wm tta but tor af a latala, ail grd i* tar* taaa mMtaUaf ta Nra rirlaaae aaraa paara aga Ita lf*? Orta M papar* oaaiota a fall btoaary <* ta* ortai , aaaapa. bgtr*f *'t data* IK>a, a treat tad mrarorrailoo, vbteb at* aat af i'lfflataai alrrrai to uutai 10 oar oolaataa Ki? V tta aa nana aao ia raa Onro Rirra ? Bdaard L. ftraoaa. a yonag a>aa haipog rratt on*a*?Mic*l,aa* draaa id in rta Obto n??r, v?*r t*??a*?*TliU. oa dtiaraay B* aat i%?rrUirp fro* Wniabaig oa l*a ttotma-itl ' i*???, iad > * wiiata tbira miir* <T itoatoarilie ft,l ?n, Morn ?? aroaird Ita * o?w?"d rtttkataft tatir Nat Vmttd of N lan ifi.bta MUMAbk jt _A aaa. ? SHEET. THE WORK DONE BY CQVORBBB. ! Contlmwed Aram Maw York Herald tf Friday, Jane 1ft. us Pi* ni mms amu rmuwa a rm nocea. 1* Mt lo HDMd aa act entitled in mi to rigelali Ik mppi?I? a paraeagera to Mwaklf* or other tmmIb. la Ml oeaeeratag eppiale and autta of error, la eat te apply runda la wrttla tfltk la mi to iwh aa aet to ixiMtai Ifee k?a ul )nd1 ckl ayatam el the failed DUIn to He toe of Oregoa ill to Oder la ok to previae for Ike waut of iiyain marred by Ibe Terr Her tee of Waahlagtua aad Oram la the eup, prretloa of latftaa boetttttto ihereta la the yaara 18U aad Ida la ad for the relief ef IraaM Harrle aad fkmael T. Boilers or lb. laaolto the relief ef Sheldea Mo Keif hi. la aal for the relief ef thereat Oardaaae, widow ef 1. Daretaae, deoeaoed, aad their ohUdrm. la act to aeolleh the fraaklag privilege, la eel far the rebel ef titaaaa de Vrner aad Jan Tlllarabla, ef haw Ortaaaa. aa ace for the rebel ef So'oawa Wadaworth, la act to euthorlae the aala ef pablle arm la tbe aavaral flUtaa aad Tarrttorlea, aad to regelate the appotaimat ef guperfaleadtaia of the eellmil irairin la eat la prercat daaartloo aad to fadlttata aa Halm oat ef aeidiero la the ana? of the UaNad Mat. la aet for the relief of Jama Drooeahoy. la id to imd aa act to eoteblleh a court to the ta eattgattoa of claim agalaat the United thatee. Ipprored February 24, llti la act far tbe rabef of Michael Naab.of the Dtortat ef Colombia. la act to aotberlao the exteaetna and oea of the Ilex andri*, London and Hampshire railroad withm too etty of Georgetown. An act is aothorlm and direct lbs mttiemeat of tbo aaoooata of Boa Wllkian, Jamm Wlthrlel and Solomon Sibley. An act (or tbo relief of Livingston Klnkead nl oomansy. An act for the relief of Richard Cbenery. da act for the relief of Jeremiah Moon. Aa act to amend tbo fourth motion of the act for admlmiea of Oregon into tbo Union, a a to extend the time for selecting 8alt Springs and oontlguooa lands in Oregon. da act to facilitate communication batmen the Atlantic and Psdfle Stnta by electric telegraphs Paamd, with sin nail mala da act to assond the extoting lam rolatton to Urn oooepensatlon of the district attorneys, marshals asd clerks of the Circuit and Dtotrlet Oourto of the United Slates. da act tor the relief of La Deatherage and John Deothereto, or their legal ropmooalaltvm dn aet for tha raUef of WUham D. Moaaty. da net for the relief of WUham Suing, da aet for the relief of Elizabeth Montgomery, heir of flogh Montgomery, dn aet for the relief of dhnor Merrill, da act to authorise the i* rotation of a soft against tha United States to test the ntie to lota, aumhara Are and six, in Hospital square, San madam. dn act for the relief of Olivia W. Gannon, widow of Joseph a Chanon, midshipman in the United States navy. An aet for iho roller of Miles Dovtae. dn net for the relief of Baaael H. hay lor. An act for the final adjustment of prlvalo land olalmi m the Steles of Florida, Louisiana, drkaaaaa and Mlminrl, and for other purpmea. dn aet to oonfirm the titles of certain pur ah mm of echoot lands m Kaoaaa territory, da net tor the rodsr of Mrs. a. E Child a. AH aM M thdb Mhnf mM 1... O as a tk. potior Pittsburg as act for lbs relief or Asm H. Palmar As sot tor lbs rsUsf of Ell W. Gotf. As set for lbs rohsf of Jt F. Blnnkar, E. j. Gorir Ht E F. Darts As sal for Um rslisf of Ds*ld Ifyarle. As set for lbs relief of Wilhsm WsOsos, of Hit so la. As set for tbs relief of Eiimsbetb Spear. As set for tbo relief of Niaey . GansaHy. As set for the rsbef or Mxosel Nourse. * AO set lor the relief of Jobs Robs, AS set for the relief of Aabbury Ttcknns. As set for tbo relief of Rmoard Fsspstrtok. As set for the rebel of Jaaa Smith. An set for the relief of Cornelias Boyle, edmiststretor of Jobs Boyle, deceased. Asset to secure toe right of pre caption to cartels tettkrs in leads tempoiaruy occupied as ss Indtas rose r re Is Oregon. As set for the rslisf of Presets Hutmas. As set for tbs relief of JeremUh PesdergssL as act for the relief of Otney H. Berry man. as set coses ratsg oouru la tbs Tsrrttortst. As set making spprop-ietwts to supply s deficiency is lbs appropriations lor the oompWuon of the gaoiogloal ssrrey of Oregon sod Wanblogtoa Territory. As sot for tbs relief of Ebeoerer Rtkor. As set to asaesa sa set entitled ' As sot to ssoertsis as<f settle private lead olalme la the State of California," possid March S, llfti. As set 'or the relief of EI>Jsh Merrill. AS set for the relief of H. B. Ho nerd. As set ooaotrn'eg Oourts of tbe United Slates Is tbo district of arkaaeaa. As sat for tse relief of William Moroy As set for tbo relief of George Pbolps. As sot tor tse relief of K ? Clark. As act for lAe relief of John R Nourw sad others. As ssl lor tSo relief of Stan etas Underbill As set to prortde for tbo gmcaseiag of oertsls lead Mien la the lain ri*rintn<l Urrlkirt In thn ritrla of tfalaa. U? for OUMT HffMH. ab mi for tba raitaf of Jtnw Bail, diaaaairt. Ab act in roUUoa to tba ?By?f of tout; load warNM Ao act for tbo roller of T. M GanaaU, Paaaad AbWmI gargeoa tn tbo Uabed Sumo Nm; ab tot to ootborlot tbo locaiiva of oertaia warranto fbr bouat; iBBda berotofare Watted AB oel for tbo raitaf of fcaUo 0. Joaoa. oxoeotrtx of T. P. Joaoa. donmU, and Naicy M Jobaaoa, adailafctra trtx of W. II JohaaoB. doooaacd. AB natter tbo rodof of Jama L. Kdwarda,admlaMrator of Tboaaa Ooaaoy, doaaaood. As net tor tbo raitaf of Tboaoaa Alloa Ab act for tbo rodof of Angnataa B Kiaaa AB oat to oooaad tbo prwrWoeo of Ibo Mtb ooolloa of aa act to rogulata tbo eoOrettaa of dattaa on importa and voaaaga, ayroood tbo Id Marab, 17W Ab act far tbo robaf of A. T. upaatar and Gordon & Hubbard Ab not fbr tbo robaf of Mary Foathorataaa, widow af ab aal fbr tba rabaf af I. J. Satta. Aa act for tbe rabaf af tba hotro at law of Iba lata Abigail Maaoa, tbaar and tubal af Jaba Lard, daoaaabd. Aa act lor tbo robaf of A onto d. Rao too Aa oat for tbo robaf af Laura C H am bar, widow of CbarWaB- Hambor. ab aet to oeaflrm tbo titla of Baajamla E. Kdwarda to a oertata tract af land la tba Territory of bow Hortra Aa aal lor tto robaf of MaPbiiaad b Dowaay Aa aal for tba rabaf af Fraaota Browaa. Aa aet far tbo rabaf af T. M. Oraeaa. Aa aat for tba rabaf of Uaa Yalaa, lata Baoatrar af Pnbbe Itaatf at otymgda. Aa act far tba robaf ddbewH L. Dtabarooa. Ab ad to groat to tbo par lob of PaM Oiagit, LoaMaaa. eortala traeta af taad ti aaM pari*. Aa not prortdtag tar a utaubea af tba prtoaa alio wad for tba^ubUo prtatjng, and providing far tba btadlag af Aaaat fcr^tbT ra&af '?r 'tLrj4 IMMt, widow af Praolay H. Gatbrta. Aa aal tar tba roOaf of Praa* Dataaaa. oon abb bow raoiM in m ?aib, to ran 1, went! TO. ^ 1 ta Um TrrrltortPa of tlu L'aMad ttalro. ud Ibr <Kkor par poaaa, ud diM|*r?rlH ud aaaalilag oortafc oota of Ika Lrgkhklro AmmmkifJjdk* TtrMUry ^ TM tarkonSTaTTS^batoaf LadBan. A MU to Mora* ika aa* af tbo pabBa loaAa, axaaot la aetaai aauiara,far tan yaata Mar OaaaiMMit baa a aafwjad. A Mil tw tba oaukalaa ad Kaaawlata kwPadau. Load. aaoOra'of'ula ^aoi'af'Id'ltoraa!1 ?{iil^aS?i'|T ^Aa*a2 uahiag aaptpnakaaa tor tka aaralao of AM M udBaa Daparuaaai do*tag Uaa laaal paw aadlkag Jaaa Sot isSS. '* A b?u ta rrgakio tko aai laaga ad aaaiaa af Oa'wuaa A hall to naapyrara aad taaftva mall aod vaM al fari banal aouaaa pana of aaU huUadhii paaaag bp Ika l.igkkik a Aaaaaabtp af Kav laarro, Wck aadabNafc, prvdaal ar tagaiaa taralaalarp aarvbada or alararp anik ua raid ruiaup, a?p? as paauhaaaal far arlaaa apaa dao oaartaUao. A btngimkga paaalaa to Jofea Jaabaaa.aa laraM A bill for tho foMaf af Jamaa Ilia In no A hill Par ika raliof af WiUtaaa Lgoa, lata paaalaa uut ad Kaaartta, Taaauaii a Ml ?a prarMa far *o aafbdp of paaaaagora aa TaoaM proaa'M la vaoia ar fc paid bp alaaaL A bkia fill ika Dakod Aaaaa Aiaaaal ftiukuakp of W Look,aaa aprulk kr Uw aadaaT lha kkdaaa A Ml to tiMad Ika awo with la okleh ika dararaar of tbo auto of <kaga%, akoll aaloci kaaa aa praildad la Ika oat for ika null of Ohm. A mu to pro two tar a ftapartatoodowt of lad tea IMri tar VMlfefW tartar;, aad adddtaaal lodtaa Afoata. A tlii fit ifea r?mf tt ifeio loaal 11ft nwtata i ?f m a. Mmm A tall tr nalra oortala Had Ottawa la ifea TmItary of Now Uoima A tail to prarkta tar tfea maMlta of itaaHtay laaA fro* Fort (a loo to taata ta, Haw Moxtao Aktltl rooblo Ita trurttoa of ita Broa Mill (Mm to pro rapt Mrtaia qaartor aaottaa or load uU tar alfeor TraSUta. apprapctatfewa tar Ifeo oarraat aaA ?mKt txprnmo of iko tadtaa ttrponwoat. aaA tar ffelIrrtt; Opolattoao ortth rartooa ladioa in boa tar At 7 oar oBOiOf Juao St. I Ml A blU tor ibo robot of UM Hart. A bill far tfea roMaf of Cboa 8. Baataaaib A bill rolooloa ta >boprta?la? aaA AMrtbattaa of tfea oaooal okoooafo of tfeo ProatdaM of tfea t'altoA Mtaoo M TTiTici at iota* ?* Wrtltata | A Mil tar tfea raftaf of taaaa 8 Sautb. of a/raonao. Haw Tor* A MH tar Ma rofeaf af rhotaM Atktaaoa. af Park eoaatp, "Ttart tar ttao raftaf of OaaraMnaal Towaafelp Ha. t, aarth of roa?a t, mm af tafc prtactpal mortdtaa.ta Adamo Cimtti Mold A TWnolo A Mil tar tfea rofeof of Aibort .lohnotna A tall tar tfea roltof of Ottalao H Oar A tali tar tba roAaf af tfeo Mra of feol" Joba Ritaoy. A tail tar tfeo rafeaf of tba Wyw rrpr?atatlroo of from no floor owot. A MU tor ibo roltot at Ckarlro fuilreaa. A Mil far Iba rrlrof of Frortrrtek ftopboa*. A tall tor Ibr roliof of br* At no W Aoforo, widow of tfea tats t ota"" Moaoarl Atfon, lata taut trar. A bid biu ( a poo OHM. to .lofea Bo'.dlo, af "toinrao j raaift.TVotrorrr A bill proMwr o prrrtoa ta cyrrono C. Blot know, of n. IMltao ?>?n?b, Cor.bmi a. A Nil 'I* ?oi??t of arr Pont W-fKa?ll ? owi r tourt top w? ao l? aaoat/ laada | fed MM MfeU .W,?tttA. 2 * WIU^wweJwweleMe It aotMl ooMwt ft ftf i J!! '* * r?^ of Smith Md But, of TtMt, OMt. ?>>"*? ? ?mm or um wiofihtltv. juMMf, u??*?i>? the eele of the WMUrt natter? ^*fiS?wsrsB? A Mil It provide for it* peymoot of oilahlflMlM* ELCyLTSTS eodlof Juae M, 1M1. * gA*Hfel*f ' imitiTot ?f y. r. , mill. o?ocur<i. A MU lor the relief of Jmm? Hoote*. A b'U for tbt relief of Toomee R. UtImMm. A bill for the relief of Alexander Albertoon of PbUlt eoeetr, Nebreeka. i A bill for the relief of the heir* of Captain Jeka A. Hopper. A bill for the relief of Jooloa atklaa A bill lor the roller v Jjoepb B Baton. A bill for the roller of Wiliiem Haioblaaon. a DUi ior ue reuet of ??a ui?aiootry Society af the Method at RpiaoopU church A bill (or a* relief of D*?id Whiting. A bill for tbe relief of 9y Ir.rue Barnhsm. A bill for tbe relief of Ctaaunoey W. Fuller. A bill for tbe reDef of Uicbeei A Clerk. A bill granting e prnsiou 10 Sarah Biackwell. A bill graatmg e prutoe to sauna Coddle. % A bill for I be relief of Jmee Floyd. A bill greeting ee Inrelid pen. too to Michael Hanson. A bill granting ea invalid peeeioe to faekiei Jonee. A bill for tbe relief or tbe lege! representative* i-t Daniel Be dinger, deceased ^ A bill far tbe relief or Joel M. Smtth. A MO for tbe relief of Jsth/o Botroey, of the Stat# ef New Turk. ' A bill lor tbe relief of OoogreoMeaal towneblfaaiiiber C, tooth of range number h wee'., la Randolph oouniy, SBUe of Indiana. ' A bill for tbe relief of Congreealooal township Ne. 9, aentb of range No. 12, weel of tbe eeooad principal meridian, Glbeon oouniy, Stela of Indiana A bill for tbe relief ef John Y Be well. A bill directing the Secretary at the Interior to liquidate tbe aocounta of Mitchell, and Kunnelaberg, and Baker and Van Phul. A Mil for tbe relief of Jonathan Sktnoer, deeeanod. A Mil for the relief of John F. Sandlbrd, admtelatrator de mm of the aetata of Robert Sandford, deeeaaed. A bill to refund to the territory of Utah tbe axpnaes incurred la mppreariag Indian bentUittea in tbe rear IBM. A Mil for tbe relief of lira. Din A. Merchant, widow of tbe late Fbret JJeutenaat and Brevet Captain Chartaa 9. Marchent, of Um United Settee Army. A bill tor tbe relief of Mary Weohn, of Georgia A bill lor tbe retttf of Harriet A F. Viaaoa. N A bill ror tea relief of Emotaa flutchtna. A bM granilng an Invalid penatoo to Esther P. For, widow ot Aeguetua C. Fox. A bill for tea relief of Eunice Oobb. A bill for tbe reltaf of Tnonaa Berry. A bill for the relief of Ana WeUa A Mil granting aa Invalid ponotoa to Am ten oiacknoo, of Mhaouri a A bill grantiag a pension to Andrew Temple tow. A bill gran ting ea invalid pension to Chauaoey Heyt, of Chenango oouniy, New York. A bill granting a penaton to Jaoaaa Alexander, aa tevslld eok ier of ten war of lSia. A bill ror tbe re.ief of Richard McMlllaa. A bill granting n pension to Jsmee Dunning. a diii (ruHBg a penaiou ?o wiiuam way. A bill (renting an lnraJiu pwiua U? Charlen Apptoton. A Mil granting an invalid penetoo lo Hugh Baker v A bin granting an Invalid pension to Swiul Hamilton. T^AjbUi grMttBg a pension to Mary Shlrcllff, widow of .. A bill granting an invalid peoatoa to Thomas OlMgow. A bill making appropriations for aundry civil wonaoa of too government for the yaar aad lag Jum SO, INI. A blD making further appropriations far too oarrtoe of Uto Pool OfficeDepartment dm lag the Steal rear ending Juno SO, 1800. A Mil authorizing tha Secretary of too Interior to MUh a land warrant to Daniel Darin A Mil for tlto rollnf of Hockaday aad LigglL a till for Uto relef of George P. Means. A bill to laoorporata the Cant Washington Library Aa OCiftUoB A bin to laoorporata tha Metropolitan Gaa Light Com pany la tba District of Columbia. A MU for itao relief of J R Cramp. A Mil for tba relief of Jmioa Martin. A Mil granting a pension to Martha Snaderaoa, widow of Major Winston P. Sanderson. A bill graaUag a poaaloa in Jaaa Tataa. A Mil granting an Invalid peaatoa to Jamao C. My arm. A bill granting a peailoc to Richard M- Badaa. A Mil for tha raHaf of aortoaa RHch, of Habanbaao | county Georgia. a Mil graabag a peaatoa to Joha P. Smith, of Baberiham county, Georgia A Mil for the relief of KM C. do May, widow of Charles f V. do May, Into a aragooa la tha army of lb* Catted Btatoa. A Mil for tba rvhrf of Margaret Whitehead A bill graaitng a panaloa to Rufua Call, Jr., a ooidlor 1m the war with Great Britain A Mil granting a panoton to Gregory Pott). A Mil for the relief of 'be tielra of Mary Betloch A Mil t> totobHab two laatan agauMaa in Nebratk* Territory aad ana to tba Territory or Maw Mexico. A Mil for too relief of W.iiieee Y. Strong A bill for the rebef of not >n 1. O. NlSmnn A Mil ooeferrtag oa ktiaata, <toorgta, too prletlegaa of ? port of o? n?ery. a out iof um rater or k bt'rt c Martta. A bill maktag ?|>cropn >uo.,? for Um pajraMot of Um ax- ' prnaaa of lb# LtgUWm. ??wmMy of tM rorrHory > MjiDCioia , a Mb oatabttaoiDg earte.a put roatto a Mil prorMtag for Um punoboaat if mnkik ii4 ' daft Manbab of ib* Cenod Hum, or oibor tola tot a rial offleara, tor pormiuici tba aaaapa of prtaooara to Ibotr cMHy A Mil for Um rrltof of bim Ooalo aad Barr. A Ml) for tb? roltof of Tbovaa W. Pbalpa A bill for tba rabaT of FtmoM fa fan aad Ptorro Grtftkna * A Mil far tea raltof of tbo bain of Jaba Boppar, da- ' A MR tor tba roteT of John C MeParraa, af tba Vilto) Plain?f. A Mil tor tba rallaf af Dlrabatb athh, af Ooflte MMg, A Mil far tba rater U O MX Falrbaaki, fubUAk Doom aad tba Paatfla Hail Maaaablp Oipaay A Mil for tba rater of Pataaaa tt Paaraaa A Mil tor tba rate# af Grorpa P Marab. A bill lo ooaflm oanota prlvaU Had rial? to tba State of Mtaaoart. A Mil far tba raHaf of PMBp B. Hoteao aad WOBa? Fbdrtok. A MO far tba rabaf af Mra rargaaoa SteMb. AMD ta NttMaktaulditeHaotokrraaa9aar? aato, la oaiuorato, to OtjMpte, to tba tairtoaa/ af Waab- . A bill to nbaaaa tba tteaa for bold tag tea taraao af tba DHHtat Ooart of tba Cited Stotoe tor tba Mtolbiia dtotrtct of A Ml) to atoaad aa act to rogolau tba aaaaaHr aad dlta tea oaf? af roHroaaa to aatd ?a aad far atbar I ' A*ton prortdtag tor addtteaal tar? at tba Ballad fltotaa Ckraatt and Dtotrtot Ooarto ta too State af Kaatueky Mtfrtyautb C?faotoT"-*"- "* On ffbOp. Baluaba a. Sraw, Pa , Ja?a *. q?He,. T?tt , WiUtoai ?Mb, V? , I f Waltoa, ?l; Tba? B. Flaraaoa, to;Cl Ban, N. T Joba a Oortor, Obte ft Ante?torn, teaatogtna, N J. Hraat TT?bun. JrHa; fhaa? 8. Bbaaob, Va ; Udaba A. Or?, Pa.; War? WHatoar, If. C On Ataf Bate?Bwj?to toaatoa, Obio. Jaha A. Pbalpa, Ha .Joba tear?a. Obto. OtoUM Bak-W Poebar Hitoa, & 0 ; Jobs O. Dorte, Mill Wi toting m "J ttewaaaa H Batto.^ u; CtoTitoT'biMb.V' t^V Ba ' H. BaraaH, Ta., oar?I B Adrato, H. J., Edvta H WebMar. Bd , On Bmm BOLl%Um Dm** to Otto Cbray A. MbMb, Tbo?a Oarwto, Wtibaaa Howard, Baatoai 8. Cb?fc On totoabfMU M, to tote? toMtot-C L VaUaadtgteto. ubi#j_ Vtiteto Koltogg, III ; Bamrf a temt. * MaTE'TaeVk lMn?i-?MlSV?lo5rt?T,5wrm; Jato f nmvink, ni.. Jota & AM ? ; Baar* srur^?ssJ:?w&?rS. V?., HiIm nytar, U : WM* W. Ki?m, MM ; IwmI a. Mr, Pa.; Cjrraa AMnah, IMaMi; itirw J. Ha tttea* B Praaaa, da; Laaatac AMI, Ora|aa. IUmC. Btariaaa, Art. JMMtw Onwfa Jimfrt OmnaNw ta A* ?an. Ml-JaiOmN, PuZT AMSal om. If. T.ViiTfiVMM, V. 0 ; (MM A IMA, KM ; J mm* C To Ami am CKf it JMrmm* I* Mn K-mhtn < CM era* If >nian W lin A jt A* Baaeattw ?Chartaa flaara.H T , cwtaOM.i AifraA A. Roralma, cl, jm& bm?e.lw.m wiiiam k nalmk, ?. IV Mfmtrm ? At IMm W. BmM, M4.;CTMor. A tMA? Ok*; Pranda M BrMMrTkp. (irra 4 Parry Ct Meitm P U.i?, Ta ; Jama H. Imatl n. c. Jama a. y?MriM. r?Do ra >Mam 'Mm <r?A Mr/nty, Mate * Oa ly MaMr ?Wu.iMB IrataaT*. y.; Mm*' Oaal (*|, W. T M IB Oar ma, U Jata P. Vaavaa, Pa; J. MtrraiB Rarr*. H i Attempted Rarflarp ami Maadar tea Hamllua. r. w. [Fwm tlie Hamilton epeclabar, -Inae 14] A darlny attempt m? made hy a d.wperate .'lain, on? Wiilj>c*day riK>rnmr. WtH<vn one .unl tnu o'cl<*?, to rob* llif id Me?*r*. John Ifcnrv A Co., win. keep at jftrlrx eatahllahm. ut on Jaiwe* ?treet. nearly <vf>? (?< I*. Andrew "a riiurrh. Vr. Hi'iirjr. A.. M |nt ml interred another done, b? admit a HUM fr.-dvair and ?lllij afterward* Mr*. Hmrr **? armiwd hy a nni**,, r ml. majriiuuy It Ui he .*ti**d hy tbr children .aonae lbvili< m Iwltur III mi*ht have pd "I*. ***'' >nt.mated the fact. I< Vr Henry, who ridiculed ?lie Idea im any prr*a bcng |?. hnt ?h* parulaletl that *mne one waa Mlmag about lb. Ixaierahd lie mn-eqneiitly <ot up b< **rerl*in if It war m>. He rrw* and went toward, the Mimidonr, where he llyMcd a match, ami m? ?<?mer !** lie iha>.. t*n- than, be me* atrm'li with a 'harp union* nt be ?? one He rkwrd np"? h* aaenllaot at nnee. hnt hi thetkuk. In liihnred nmlee a ili?idrantar*. lit* anmriaut hrtn* atti" ?i Willi a -armeiWafhfart. whirli M ?? i with *iic|i, dexterity a* b W Mr Henry M l?y f?r a km* I,roe 1U? *? ? wvi-re utx< afu r the |?rl,.* cluned , wllli i?c|. other, both fa l ine to tlx- floor Mr J.M Hen* rr lo*rnf the mnee. altli ml. m a foehlo ?tale.< heallh,. * |i#tn*l ? Ihe *r>ytc. rhd atii-r axled In grnpptiwt With the r, n ?r , hat he. ??*>. *a> Mm. t am) rut wlih the hiaei l^i ll .e tit" Mr*. H'iuj It* I ua np and alriRk *i|jhl^ but Hie ptln :t r aneix. <a| In Ulou inc it out remit me*.. Ktnl *W?p?4$ b^ lite j n^ r yj Henry ??hiwic*

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