Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 19, 1860, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 19, 1860 Page 3
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I ? f of Improving bis hold ua the burglar. The two Mil tm to bin, ami Mr. Burr, sehctter, wbo livut in the next I bouse, having beeu aroused, rati to the spot, and Mr. H ?u l ry telling him where to fiud a ruu, in; obtained it, and I stood guard over lh? now subdued villain until the |*>lict l were aroused. The straggle must have been a fitirful one ^ indeed, for Mr. Henry, Sr., la dreadfully hacked, hnvini? three serious wounds In the neck, any one ?f might have proved fatal if it hail deviated in the least. He tun also a rib broken in his bark, by hnl.ig thrown on the edge of a uihle. Mr. Henry, Jr. is likewise severely out; and Mrs. Heury was also struck with the chisel, hut her wounds are not so bad as those of Mr. Henry and his son. lovnram of tee japasesl i Tho Rfffption of the Ertassy at the * City Hall. Mayor Wood's and Governor Morgan's h Walnnmn flnnnhhAO ' * What tlie Asiatics Did at the t i Metropolitan. w INCIDENTS, SHOPPING, SCENES r* / The Japanese Embassy had a very pleasant time yesterday. Their escort down' Broadway by the Seventh regl meat and visit to the city Hall, and the addresses o welcome by Mayor Wood and Gov. Morgan, pleased them very much. THE MUSTERING OP THE MILITIA. lite military pageant displayed in Broadway yesterday afternoon was in every respect worthy of the metropolis, of the Japanese Ambassadors, and, though last, not leant, M that unmy passable militia corps, tho Seventh regiment, which gave the finishing lnatro and tho conclud' lag glory to the whole exhibition. Whatever dry jokes may be cracked by village newspapers on this subject, and however violent and unmanageable the detMzens of the city of firaternal affection uiay become when pondering on this theme, the fact stands out in bold relief, as j plain and inoflaceable as if it were written on monumonU of Corinthian braes, that the city of New York is as far j In advanoe of the other cities of the Union as the summits af the Apeninnes arc above the plains upou which they | smile. The metropolis has proved tins over aud over again. In exhibitions, bazaara, concerts, operas, mitita ry organisation*, fireworks aud public processions?to name nothing more?it has triumphantly und iucontosttbly borne off the victors crown. As for the reviews of the New York militia, it is admitted by triend aud foe that they stand unrivalled iu the world. A body Of militia superior, or even equal, to tho First Division of the New York Slate Militia, which m- 00 brilliautly paraded in this city on Saturday last, could not be " scared up" in the universe. In every mch they are soldiers. Their uniforms were faultless, Ibeir arms were modern and perfect, their Etcp was flrm and soldierly, and their etpril do corps as excellent as that of the Algerian heroes of the army of the Second Empire, v... man aav? an.lit that i* runtrarv to this he either grievously errs or wllftilly fi?i.?iaes. hct the rivals of New York, who woul?l fain stride forth in her seven league boots, learn a le??ou frotn her advancement. It would be better to imitate her progrew than to fume and fret in a surly humor over their owu crablike <ind crouching pace, /hi est ah kotie doeeri. The military display of yesterday was as great a triumph at that of Saturday, though of necessity much smaller. While the muster of Saturday amounted to ever six thousand 'jtwnrd^uid bayonets, horse and foot, that of yesterday - not number above eight hundred man, all of the Vi trained and noble Seventh regiment. The people of New York, through the pnbllo avenues of their .lumerous journals, are always kept informed of thu progress of curreut events. Ihos they are seldom or never taken by surpriso on grout and brilliant occasions. The movements of Um Japanese are almost as well known to them as they are to the detestable Gouncdmen, who so ingkiriously preside over their movements, despite all their ridiculous attempts at pre vent ton and secrecy. They have, in some instances, en deavors* Id snub the reporters of the press, but have Ihiled as signally In the attempt as In their Pickwickian alderman ic orations. The attack* of the press have found means for triumphing over every obstacle thm cast in their way, and by the mere force of their perseverance and unconquerable pertinacity, the public hare been kept ins true led concerning matters in which they 1 art deeply interested. The New Yorkers being thus 'posted ?to use a vulgar though expressive term?they j hare always been found in the vicinity of every import oat movement of the Oriental Ambassadors. Yesterday Broadway waa crowded by the "sovereigns." To apeak truly and as of a general occurrence, this lend- 1 tag artery of the city's commerce, fashion and activity Is at id run or never empty. In the early morn the laborer and artisan, the (hctcry girl and the seamstress, troop along IU pavements and corridors to their dally occupations, at noontide the ceaseless din of trade and the when the curUms of night begin to close around, the boo* ward bound toilers are to bo area "in numbers timber!* as," retracing their weary steps to their friends and Iresidce. Even in tbr drear hours of night, when "spirits are raid to walk abroad," the untiring and pel patually moving Inhabitants of the great ctty are to be seen gliding about like sprite* in the glare of the flicker lag lnm|? The tide of humanity falls and rlaea like the waters of our hay. but at all boors, and under all ctrrum stances, there la always a reaerve guard of unclosed eye' ttds passing from avenue to avenue, and from street to s . street TO nClTEMXXT AROTXb Till ITEAIX}(" AKTEIU OF TBS as i as i To Judge by the immense ooorarorae of peranas that baa stood like a wall of granite before the portals and facades of the Metropolitan since the early dawn of Haturday morning, it might be thought that they bare formed the principal nocturnal perambulators of the great avenue, aad that having kat the favor of the somniferous god. they hare been but too happy to kaep watch and guard over tlie movements of the dreamy JkmaiK-s This, however, was not so. The assembly within and about the vicinity of the hotel was very large, and continued to be so, deepite of the frettr-M ' ahahges In the elements of ahtrh It waa composed. Pro pta remained in the moat eligible places for a few hours until their curiosity waa sat abed, when they would aaove oa to make room for the surging tide that kept cmrttnuaJly Bowing on to the centra) psfcM. Tbe changes went on thus daring thg who Is day, *>? whah means the vkom was *n livened and the kept lo a ronstmt state of pleasing aud interesting excitement IV animation ?u ladnrrl very general, and tbe pop a lac never seemed to enjoy themnelve* better. They were pleased with the Embafwy, wilb tV regiments that drilled before them, with the (rayety and brtlllanry of the public decoration*, and, not least with themsches, as the free Cltiaaui of the great republic. for they naturally felt proud in the con actouaoeaa that they were the true I met* of the dark and Valtara visitors who came from their distant island Vane to natch some gleams of Western cK .liastwn in the throbbing cttiea of the New World. TWg aBtHT ik nroti. IV Orientals aaok Into the solitude of their chamber* nd IV imtleaaneaa of repoaa immediately after the hnlI last reception accorded them in our ctty on Saturday laet The stirring and datsilng ecene* of which they had Van witneaaea during the entertainment could not bar > Vied to learn some vivid tmpreaeioaa oa their aotive minds, and It was w V and proper to allow them to re Ure from the public gear, and to ponder and reflect / In alienee an the strange and wonderful prospect which had been opennd up to them. Tbe manner In which they panned their lime on Sunday, with all lb# Interesita ; Via connected with their movements up to Monday morning, we hare already fully detailed. TUB raw A RATION* FOR A TTBLIC RgCKPTION. IV official reception of the whole Embassy was five J My appointment for vesterday afternoon, at half pant oim 'clock, at tbe City Ball. Accordingly extensive arrange Mta were made Ihr giving the affiklr all tbr prominence aad actat that Urn oaaaaton demanded IV Mayor of the My and the memhua of the body corporate expressed khetr intent ton lo V presort at the reception, while the , Wrvernoe of tV State of Mew York also aignlfled hit willingness to aid la the ceremony by his own pre* i#c and that of his staff I These fe t* were all made known through the publto Joarnala, and coneegsently the Japanese excitement once mom suddenly pushed ap to blood heat TV hahhuh and congy*ka*? oonaeguent oa the anaommenwwt of this second MMtoa wgrassmrthtag W stagger the weak aarvnstf a NEW Y< : New JtTM'y oMHtrrnuk. All ?iu "bubble, bubble, toil ! and trouble." Black spirit-: and white, brown spirits and ! gray?us well an a variety of mul mortal* of all these shades of colore?were to boea rushing about ltr<snlwty lu : w ild excitement front the earliest hours of the morning. I One wouhl have thought that the trenvndntw racilanmt no reeeutly experienced wuulii have been aaougta t'nr miy j uim.Iarof ordinary boui^.r, hut tho pcopta of V. w York are beyond all ordinary brings iu tin ir power* of enduring ! excitement. THE Gt'ARTI OF HOSOU. It noon became known thai il?< g.oUnt Seventh was to parade as a guard of hi ,1 ir to th Kmbursy on their way to the City IIul'. (lencral Suull'.trd Imnod a general order directing the regimeut t? form into lino in lafayette place at half past twelve <>', lock pets Mely, u?d 111- troop <>f horse attached to the t?,rps were also lesiie-J to ivpot I themselves to tin- Adjutant lit'iwnl at I he Kverett House, as an escort to the Commander in thief. The regiment ami troop mu*ter<sl, |snsnant to direction, In the places assigned them, at the hour above name I, where they formed into proper position and prepared for the march down Broadway to the' Metropolitan TUB MII.ITAKV AT TUB HKTOOrOLITCV, The sceue around this la-tel at about half-post twelve e.l...i 0.UIL..1 Tl... 1..U..1 :?....If ...i... i and embellished iu the form and manner in which wo describe it on Sunday hurt. The bwnnaicts and miniature flags xtill fluttered ton 11 window and baicouy Tito flags of oilier nation* threw out their broad Ibid* to the wooing wind. The duy was hot, the auu wan bright, but a freshening brecic blew in slightly from the soa. The houses and atorea in the neighborhood of the hotel were crowded with the curious of both saxes. The sidewalk* and window sills were thronged with merry faces 'Room, rooin, fur the people,''was the continuous ap peal. From east and west, and north aud south, strong streams of men and women rushed on towards the ootid d'aypux Every one sought to occupy Uie front ranks of the sidewalks, but all could not succeed in so impossible an effort. The result was much justling and incon veniencc. This did not add to the comfort o the crowd, for their exertions for place and promincnco und the burning influence of what might well be termed an Indian sun, soou made them aa damp as if they had been dipped in the river. As the crowd thickened and the excitement increased, the utmost anxiety was ex pressed to see-the beginning of the processiou. Many an eye was turned up Broadway to catch the flrst distant glimpse of the while cockades, and many hu ear was stretched forward f?>r the flrst deep lap of the warlike drum. But for n long time no feather or plume came in view, nor did th? distant roil of echoing cymbal* fall u|>on tbo ear. The heat all the while iia-reased with the journey of the sun, to the infinite discomfort of the multitude. The "god of day" poured down his effulgent but scorching booms with a profuseneea only known in tropin Climes. IVople began to wince under the heal and dust, llut still no one seemed inclined to give up tbo promiuelit place he' had gained by force of arum and diut of perseWMk At last the patient crowd were doomed to be rewarded for their unflinching endurance. Far away from the highest point of the crowded Ihorougtifurc, the dulcet tones of music broke gently upon the car. Fuiut at flrst, like the sweet notes of a distant hand heard iu the still midnight boar, then stronger and louder, us the tones of the Hignland band must liave t>rokou ou llie ear of Jessie Brown ?si the mentorabio plain.; of Lucknow. Tlieu the red epauloltos of Die musicians were ?*eii, followed by tbo gaily caparisono?l sUssis of the brtlllaul troop of llie Seventh. The word now passed from block to block, and fi oui mouth to mouth, with electric rpecd, " They arc coming?they arc coming. See?see. hew they march?hark?hark?to llieir tramp." Tlietl i*>u?l cheers arose from the uniusi crowd along the street for the gallant .seventh?so united and strong that they attracted the attention of the inliubitsuts of the immense buildings ou either side of the thorough Ikies, wbo iuimediuteiy flocked to tho windows, a la siting, cheering, and applauding iu every conceivable way. The scene now bnamc, if possible, mure animated. As the brilliant cortege: of cavalry and infantry ;-wepl down Broadway with the regular and precise march <k veteran troop*, tire spectators could not restrain the emotion* of pU-Hsure tiUcd their le-url*. There was le-fore their faoe* a signal and living proof of the solidity of true republican iualitutiotis. A band of brothers linked together by ties of love, of patriotism and affection, clothed in the brilliant uniform of their owu proud nationality, trumping boldly and fearlessly lo lire inspiriting sounds of their own national music, and presenting a front to cheer the hear ts of friends ami to bid the fuciiiau beware. The Uoble soldiers walked with head erect and lie; regular fail of uruuiy feet, in the full consciousness of their own magniflenut appearance, and that they were deserving of the plaudits which they every where received from their delighted fellow citizens. EV0MT10N3 OF TUB -tEVKXTH REGI jfitNT. The rrgiiix nl soon ncarcd the hoa.hiuarl.-rx of tiro Kn?bassy, where they were pot through the manual and platoon cxerclw ?, every member of the regiment performing his duty like an old cam paigner. The number of mist who mustered on thu necessarily brief notico given was 670 iu all. 'tlicre were eight captains, eighteen lieutenants, forty ser geants, uure teen doctors, lorty baud and 436 rank and lll<', besides several other commissioned and non-commissioned officer*. The evolutions were all sueoMBfol, but the "order arms" was eHeeled with so urueh accuracy and precision?tire 426 moekels coming to the pavement wltli mm simultaneous elntig?that, however unuillltary it might appear, the |ieople loudly called fur it again; and, when the com Branding officer obligingly caused the men to perfbrm the niov. incut a en.iiil tune, tb ' vast crowd appUuded to the "very echo that did applaud again.'1 A division was thru told off to (urtn an avenue frotn the front of the hotel to the line of carriages provided for the reception of lire Cuunciltnen and Ambassadors, which they did in the usual perfect style of the corps. They took up the lunged roll of ilie drum. The order was Uieu given? Hreaenl arms," and the sliufflu of feet And active oxer tkm* of the perspiring defender* of the public paw lb I be locality of the doorway of UM bote), car* certain warning that the Ambassador* were approaching. Their shaven crown* aoou after appeared, alowly emerging (htm the interior of lite building u one by one tbey were earortcd to their seat* in the aoflly cushioned carriages. Having comfortably d if posed of themselves la Utia way, THI riUKEMlOX moved down Broadway in the order given below, and amid the arc tarnation* of the public:? Police. Seventh Regiment Kngmecr Corps. Drummers. Band Seventh Regiment aa Guard of Honor Ourfoge contain tug Alderman Boole and other* Ch er Ambassador, accompanied bytsapt Itupont , U. 8. N. Th.rd AmbsuMtdor. accompanied by I Apt. Use, 17. 8. N. Treasurer, accompanied by the Interpreter. Governor, accompanied by an Alderman. The sccrciariee, accompanied by Ootmrilmeo. Two interior aervanta with Aldermen. Aldermen and Uminrllmen In carriage*. Prior to the advance of the mam prooesaion a Guard of Honor, rooristlng of thirty-two meu of the tlevenUi regiment troop, m"r' h?i down Broadway, escorting hw Kxrellency Eilwin I>. Morgan, O immtoder w Chief. and bia brilliant staff to the City llaM. TTus troop only proceeded a* fur aa Spring at reel, wliere lliey awaited the advance of tbo main procewoou. On the arrrtval of the Amhaimedoi* at this juncture the division of homo joined the infantry, de ploying on either ride of the carriages. The band was all this time playing some tmwt exquisite selection* from the operas of "LMRtb fttrpU" and "I Purltaai, ' aa well as some of our most stirring national melodies. The Japanese appeared to be greatly delighted at the exciting scenes. especially at the movement* of IN- military; but whether the ihrtHtug strains of clarion. Isirn and lruin|?'t had auy effect on them it waa im|?e?lbl? to say. so dull and shdid dot tliey a|i? ar, while our own people were lu a|>parehl rc Slack's. Hut It may be Uut their mode of enjot ne-ul 1* better expressed by what to ns ajgs ?r* to be the quiun-acence of stotidliy. Aud so every one to bis taste m scKim avomo rm movm or nu rmocmmion Ib.l not taiy materially Tram tbtaa- exclUag nrcuiustan res we so recently described Altboitgb there were not half so many persons In tbe streets as (mi flatunlav last, ibe gathering waa by no m-nia an luxtpntflrant one The m-arer the procession moTed towards the hall of pnbllc reception. the denser were the" musses wedged together Stage driver* swore rude oaths at the necessity that ejected them from Broadway?their ordinary universal empire?and It ear a Cot tun*le thing for the lintiawy that these Irate Jehu* did not understand the Japaneee vernacular, for, If bey did. our l&teU-rn friends would bare hoard sum mary translation* of some Of the hrlefesl and yrl inuet stgu'lBrant expressions 111 the Rnfttsh language, which, on dnly rr|swttng to the Tycoon, that distinguished func llonary would preftw to rip up the abdominal region" la the most Mb mary manner piswihle. rather than adopt Into the sacred diajrcl of Utt Children of the Sua. To add to the Ur cvuifllire of the knight* of the whip, their ill meant "bod lurk to the like* o ye" waa moderately met by the foreign Ambassadors in the most friendly spirit, witbaflourtsh of their two sword handles?a circumstance that must hare exl irpated erery fret lie feeling from the tender hearts of the flow driving fraternity. As a matter of interest the stage drivers were indignant, but no on* took any notice of their indignation, except a flaw scowling policemen, as In duty bound Everybody besides was in the be?t possible humor The Japanese wero saluted w Ith friendly cheers wherever they came R pre seotatire emblems of the fcr off Eastern Island*. in the form of flag*, umbrellas, sod other furiosities, were ? * |s-uded in |>roliSc quantities shmg bflth stde* of Ifrnad way. Ladies waved tbetr hAfrlkerahlefr?the ordinary feminine mode of slvinr three ehee^Fand a tiger?ehil drrn bellowed nut certain Indt-tmrtly articulated w Hindi, md yonn* men cheered villi luety long*, while their I Kir clapped tbr-.r hin?1* merrily and perhape thought of the day* when they too could crow right lueiily from 1 roof and battlement floated llac* Md banner*. Theme ' tew rw c* Kngiand. the flaming trl-color of France, Uk unpr? tending Bag of Japan. and the Iwtroui anelfn of A merle*. all floated proudly Oh the brccoe. The nccnc ww *nrh a* will km* be remembered after the Am bamadMi "ball hare relumed to their runny home* to relate to the bewildered Tycoon the wondroue tale of the trgiterle* and mleerle* through which they hare panned In the great <,.,tham of the Weal Certainly they can nerer fnr*el the aplnnlid pa?eant of the military The bold appearance of the Mate militia, aod their oourtcny nod gentleoee*. mingled with ttrict dtaetpltna and an fllnrbtn* bra eery, will Ihrin a fruitful theme la their fu tare oummunleaikme w llh the chief of their empire. They will tell of their martial hearing and PT?mtelle more menu; ftg * of an* militia In the world it may be aaid <* theee, aa of the renowned Chaieron men, that there wa* murtc In their eery feet ae thev marched to the rcn derroue On the whole, the receptkm, and more eepe rtally the military pan of it yenterday, wa# In erery way brllllaat and iaaaiirttlag. The f*renth regiment did their duty ooMy, ae laey bare alwaya done, and ao doubt will elwaye be ready to do. nt mono or la calm?In " the pipin* day* of peace.' or la the bloody lu* of war (Jn ar riving at the City Hall, they drew ep In line, and pre *enle?l arm* The Amhaaaador* then alighted from their earrtapre. and. with all MM aad aotemnily, vera ooa ducted into the room of I THE SCENE IN THE PARK. Long befhre noon yeeterdmy the Park and the rarioq* en trance# to the City Hall preeented a lirely *prcta>k\ a large aearmhlage of peraon* harln* collected together in anticipation of the official re. option of the Japenene Km beeey by the Mayor There aremed to he aa murh anaiely on the pnrt of onr cittern* of all rimer* to gam upon the repreeentaUrce from Japan ae wee exhibited oa Saturday, ORK HERALD, TUESDAY, when >11 New York assisted iu |iv tag (Mir Oriental goesu a brilliant reuepituu. 11 was well understood Unit tho P*'V and the precincts of the City Hall would be crowded th: >ul tho duy, and in order that there i might oe no confusion or disturbance of any kind, Superintendent Kennedy detailed one hundred and thirty <?f hisgpicked me" to do duty at the City Hall. At au early li sir in the utoruiug apoiliou of the dctaUhiuml to >k |s>mscrrlon of the various entrances to tho Hall, and strictly prohibited the egr<ws of any but those having official hu uiiioc therein. About one o'clock the remainder of the police force took their positions inside and outside tho building.. the Superintendent and his deputy being present. and by compliance with their directions on ihe pari of their subordinates, the most perfect order was scoured. Indeed, with one or two slight exceptions, the gather mg in the Park, which numbered not less than four thousand, was a respectable and orderly assemblage, and although they were compelled to stand in a hot sun for three hours, they endured tho physical fatigue with commendable patience lue jiivnuw yuruuu vi iu" >)ti whih viiuiubi hw irero, auil thus were nwnwl from the scorching rays of the sun, and the captain* changed the men at intervals to relieve them from the oppressive heat. The windows of the City Hall and of the adjacent hotels and other building' were chiefly occupied by ladles, who made desperate cflorts with their fans to keep cool until the arrival of the Japanese. The ponsago leading from the gate to the l Governor's Room was well guarded by policemen, who, . although they succeeded in keeping it clear, could not | prevent the use of tobacco by the spectators, so j that tho floor presented a filthy appear an co. (Jn I u.ould have .supposea those persons addicted to tho use o j the weed would have had sutllcienl souse of pr?i>riety and common decency to have squirted their tobacco Juice in Rome other direction than on tho narrow passage through which the Ambassadors were to he conveyed to the reception room. The tlrst indication which the crowd had of the. near approach of the Embassy was the soul thrilling strains of the hand of the Seventh regiment, which were heard at a quarter post one, and shortly after- . wards Gov. Morgan and his special aids entered tho City ' Halt and proceeded to the Governor's Room. The | Ambassadors entered tho Park at flvo minutes of | two, escorted by the Seventh regiment, and their j appearance was tho signal for great cheering. While the Embassy were bciug received by the Mayor and the eity authorities, the military grounded arms, and no incident worth uoting look place until the appearance of the princes on the balcouy to w iloess the evolutions of our cruck regimeut, wheu tlio eyes of the mult.lade were tautened mien them. The Mayor and members of tho city government SUM Si In the rear, and Aklei uvui Hoole and Cornell paid special attention to the Ambassadors, the fin liter screening the chief Ambassador from the heat of (ho nun by holding an umbrella over his h,:ad. Tho rogimi'Ut, under the direction of Col. Loffertt, then pro corded to go through various evolutions within the large square reserved for them, and each successive mill tary movement was the signal for enthusiastic applause Hie dexlerily and skill exhibited on former oceusious by this deservedly |>q?uar tuwiy of our clliseti soldiery have been properly appreciated by those who have witnessed their |?Tfornuuiees, and it is needless to say that they sustained their almust world wide reputation yesterday afternoon. The interest which tho AiulsissaiUir* evinced during the military exercises won highly complimentary to tin; regiment, and uo doubt the Japanese were tho roughly convinced that tho military display wt.:ch thoy witnessed was equal, if not superior, to any thing they ever saw iu tloii' uwu country. Tin' band played Rev. ral appropriate pieces during tho exercises, which contributed greatly to tho interest of the spectacle. When the marching was concluded the car rlugts drew up in front of the llall, and the Ambassadors vnentcd tho balcony, and, attended by the committee, proceeded to take their seats, and departed iu the same order in which thoy arrived. They were escorted by the S vi nth regiment to the Metropolitan, and the multitude that hart gathered along the route In ltronrtway rem lined to witin'S"* (heir return to the hotel. Tlio crowd were uu?l?i ing iu their criticisms upon tho personal appearance of the representatives of the* Tycoon, wniie remarking tlrnl they were a very lutelligeul looking set of man, while others did Dot hesitate to express Hvoutrary opinion. Evei) body was inquiring for "Tommy," and when it was leitrte-il that lie was not among the Irotijs*, expo-* sinus of iltsap|?iiutm< nl wero h .vrd on every side, (hie indtvidiml Itad fomislied illumed with a inaguilteont bou quel, which he intended as a present lor Tmuiuy but, anx lisia to ex|ireM hb? regard for our illustrious gu. su, lie csu.-tsl it to be J-resell ted to one of the pr luces, who politely received it and placed it in his carriage. THE RECEPTION AT THE CITY HALL. The deputatiou slightest from their carriages in tho order in which they embarked, and according to tho strict etiquette which la observable in all their movements First came the principal Ambassador, HUnme Booisen No Kami, accompanied by tfcpt. lmpoot, who polite!/ transferred him to the arm of a member of the Committee of Arrangements. Next arrived Ogoore Bongo No-Kami, the third Ainhamuulor or Connor, in company with Capt. U<e, who handed him over to another mem her of the Committee; then Morlta Ota tare, the Vice Governor, Naruee (Jen airo, the TYeaaurer, mod Ankara Jbugorn, a young prince, or rather the ton of a prince, one of the principal officer* attached to the Embamy Following these were Hetaka Kaaaboro, an officer of the tint rank, belonging to the Oner or Advlecr; Tatetsh Toknjuro, the Interpreter, Mr Portman.lbe DuU h Interpreter of our own government, and one or two of the at ten dan ta of the Embassy. The appearance of the Orientals canned all eyes to be | directed towards one apot, and amid a hum of senaatton, j which indicated the undiminished curiosity of the public, they slowly ascended the steps on their way to the Governor'! Room. Tbo Committee of Arrangements had I been cart ful In issuing cards of admission, and though ' the most strenuous efforts were made by hundreds, who I by reason of their local or official posit km, believed tbem- I selves entitled to the privilege, the passes were confined i princl|ia]Iy to a favored few of the friend* of the committee and a single representative from each of the daily papers of the city. The consequence was that not more than one hundred persons were present, and the room was not overthronged by a hustling crowd. The central or main apartment of the Governor's Room was the one set a|?rt for the rece|?tlon, and with its freshly frescoed oiling. It* tasty arrangement of the municipul portrulls, and new carpet, presented an *p pearanee which could not fall to make an impression upon Sk? miiuia rif Ihn Htklniffiiuliiu) vi^iLim The ancient writing Pible of Washington placed at the ea?t end of the ro .m, a few feet from the mantel, and lichtnd ibis, in cKitn'a drc-*, sp?h1 ill* Honor, Mayor Wood. On Ilka left waa Governor Morgan, alto m ctlUun's dress, while grouped 0< hind him were Adjutant General Townmid, Q?i?rU-rum*tvr General Mitchell, Colonel Thomson, Major Hkidm ro, and other member* of tho Governor'a staff, In onirorm. Major-General Band ford, of the First Division, was absent from the cItjr, but be was represented by his staff, of whom therewere present In uniform. Colonel Morel I. ffonlor Officer of I bo First Division; Rurgeon Ssjr?; Assistant Surgeon Woodward, Lieutenant Colonel IIIthy. and MiyorsJonos. Richards. Foster and Bradford, Among the citwua wore Col. Alexander llai ilP>n, Olellah Perrit, Esq., Hon. Geo. Uplykr, J. Depeyster Ofcdm, and the Oimmmi Council. The Ambassadorial deputation, preceded by the Corn miltee, having entered the room, the four principal nflleers ranged themselvoa In a lino In front of the Itble, and were severally Introduced to Mr Wood, by Copt. Dupoot, according to their rank. With an easy, well bred air, they removed their long grey gloves, reaching almost to the elbow, and in a dignifl-d manner exchanged with the Mayor the American salutation of shaking hands, their attendant* behind, meanwhile, bowing low, without aliened nig Pi press fotward and Imitate Uie ex ample of their grave superiors. The entire delegation were radiant with the glory of clean talma* spotless pi jama*. and un-cpruncbablc gaiters of while, while their richly mounted ?words added to Uie natural dignity of their prearnre. Their attire appeared a little stiff and stirehed, and ?U evidently got U|) Mr UM OCOMtOO, WM uoe consider at ton of thr importance of a presentation to the Mayor of the Great Jrddo of America. It la a lingular lac I lhal lb? Japaneas are seldom to ho toon I wire la thr aamc garment . for they hare a cumrleno tlkr propensity fbr change A 4?MrlpH>a of one of Ihetr nunilier, therefore, would, by uo mean*. apply to another. Indeed, it would take the woman who Oiled a chapter la a novel with the description of a Work box. t^ enter Into all the details of Um dress of a Japanese, for with their spread of Incipient petticoat* mantles and other portions of raiment. not excepting the universal fan, none but a woman could stand before these strange peepte. and gather upon the tablet of her memory Ute almost tnmmprnhemlblc material of whleh they arc oonipoerd. A* near as we can ge? at It the principal Amhasatdor on the present occasion was attired In a hlaclt crape poncho or Jacket, marked at the back, between the shoulders and on each sleeve with the usual circular white mark, within which was the figure of a single IcaPflndlcatlng the principality Vo which he belongs Beneath this was a kemmuao or dark vestment, the Ibid* of which wera brought across tha chest In such manner as to form an angle at the throat and barrty ex pose another garment of while silk immediately under It, which doubt her answers the same pnrpnHt of ornament as our collar, and at tlto asm" tunc relieves the gco ?-al antnhrenesa of their appearance His Anhhnanwi. or wide skirl trow->etn?an enlargement of the Maty?m the pr<?iit ocrani in were of a dark gr-n ma?cri:U. rh hly tgnred in gold, and were held up by a blue eiik cord, which, at the ui>e time that It fhrmel a recess or JUNE 19, I860.?TRIPLE l*rtlti"0 between his -Mt and iMonxto, served the purpose of a pocket, tho only receptacle of which a pair of Japanese breeches in ni|iat>le. This was bulged out hi nil extraordinary maimer, its if tie waa troubled with a huge tumor on thu stomach, but probably oon tallied little more than the little paper uoee wipers which it ia Oriental etiquette to use and throw away. As wo saw ii<?ue of these called in lequieiliou, however, we are unable to speak deiiuitely upon the subject. These trow sera reached down to hU foot, on which he wuro wlllto seeks, made of mixture of silk aud eoltou, and the ordinary straw sandals of his country, the bands of which, alike with the sucks, divided the great loo from thu little ones. U"th ?.? regards shape and comfort they are buug ling affairs. giving to the individual in walking a shuffling g"11?any thing hut a dignified appearance; .iud the only inducement about iheiu to a Yankee's patronage is Itie easy maimer in which they can tie kicked on and olf This shoe is supposed to he the stylo of tbo original sandal worn in tho early ages of the world. From his sash projected lorward tho handles of his two swords? the eutauiia and luykainee?which, unlike tiioac m daily use, were of the richest deseription. He also worn during the ride a pair of handsomely embroidered silk gloves, with gauntlets several inches in length, hut on eutcriug the presence of the Mayor they wuro removed. and ex i potted a small, delicate, neat-looking hand, of which any lady might be proud. His head was newly ; hayed hair oiled and urcssed in thorough Japanese style, and it,., to* ensemble of a Japanese gentlem in was "as perfect us it could dc made uy ukm ana art Tin:- mode or arranging the ha'r 18 that which gives audi a feminine coal to their countenances. Neither of the Ambassadors are handsome enough to prove dangerous as a "ladles'man." The principal uoe. whom we nave described above, is a man of small frame, j with a Stoop across his shoulders; has a delicate olive complexion, something of the hue of a bamboo walking 1 i tine, with a tinge of copper, and is about forty years 01 I age. He has a long faco and a peculiar nose, which, wan ' pared with other member* of the Km bossy, is his most I noticeable feature. It is too thin to be Jewish, and is not ! exactly a Roman, but one of those long curved uos.<a winch | Nuixilcoii sold be always found upon tho shrewdest men. His eyes are small, but keen, and though they seem to see nothing, not on otyect escapes th. ni. His perceptive tuculties, as is the case Indeed with all the principal officials, are well developed, and a single glance around the i rooin and upon the gathered crowd, without toruiug his bead, seemed to satisfy his curiosity. Thero is also u j combination of case and dignity in everything he does, and win ther listening to au address, res|Miuuiug to the same, vxrliunging u salutnism or viewing a display, oue cauoot hut exlubil the respect he inspires. Prince Orguio Buogo No-Kami, iImi Censor or chief adviser of the Embassy. Is quite a short gentleman, with a lively sir and expressive features, in wliic.ii there is a strauge mixture ol dignity, intellect, Urniuess aud bcuevoIciicc. lie is evidently a sharp mou,and does uot belie the appellation he recelv.?l ill Washington of being the "Ju"ge Hlack of the Embassy." At the risieptsm h<> stissi upright, with his head set well back, and though hia eyes were bent downwards, they alaait with a restlessness that marked bow wrup|sst Ins attention in every mureiueut around him. His is the ui?et responsible cilice iu the Embassy, for nothing can be done without his consultation, and any breach of etbpicllo or |>r.ipri.-ly would la* visited ii|sui htm as the resjiouslble |?rty. il? looks every luch the censor he is, un.1 if we were u Japanese ami 1.11 under the shadow of his disapprobation, we slsaiid no more ex|?-?t to be " let up " on a promise to do better next tilue than if we were an iuiesiciit lumb about hi lie miule mutton of, under tlie unconscientious manipulations ol u Howi-ry butcher boy. His dress was nearly the same as that of the ttrst Prims1, the dllb-rem-e being mainly in the colors and figures of lit* legged trowwers. M'siia (ikaU-ro. tle> Vice Uovertoor, is, to our inimt, one of the finest lis,king men til the i.iub.cssy. II lias a large, well d*rdoped la-ad, almost W.-bsterian in its |>roj? >rt K.ns. a uolile torels-ud, straiglit e>as?rather Am-ricun ish in their regularity?and a hu e features g.-m-ruliy expressive of great g<**l seuse and deteriiiiuntiou d |?irfsee. He i? evkieiiUy v.-ry smart, aud |s-ih*|?s more tlisn any otls-r iiianif.-ats a m-utal snp-i iorily t ver hb* tawny brethren. His sg-j is ulxail h>rly tbn-e, sad good living has given Pi his lorm a rotundity wlis-li v.a.tiidjts strongly with the somewhat bouy corpurocltlr* 01 till) Other cfiieers. Naruse Gctsiro. the Treasurer. i ; a little old g.-nth-man who has evidently arvu so much, and He leastH to such an extent, as to have become almost indHPreht to every tbltf irHuwI. H? did not miulfeat th? aami atU sttoii as the others to the proceed it:#!*, though with true Ju|4ir.<ao' jailiti tu-sa he bowed low, and w.i prompt In all thut attached to tie sockd eewnonw* of the oeraaem. T)m' la. t we lull notice of the ofUccnP W floikara Jhtigoro, a Ji,|aiu a.- mince?a squaro headed, Intelligent and lively l<>*>Uu>g fellow of ttve-aud-twruty. This gentleman luo pcrba|? the mmt expressive e?wnlo naue< in the entire <ii (mention yesterday, and watched Willi gnat lUleiekl the prutceding*. Il< a|i|K<,irnl also to Im mm h knti r< sted In the painting*. and loos a . inu.gly an artlatte ? well aa literary turn tif mind. He litis n bright, ?harp eye, In rather handsome Jor.i Japanese, and, according to Yankee |>hienntogy, has a well haUucod cranium, the rcuaoning tacullica biting especially well developed. Ca|4ain Pnjiont informed ua that he was one of the most rtaing young uien In bm country, and ou bia return would ilouhtleM be pnxnotist to a high place In lite gov- 1 rrnment. He 1* even now etmauiusl In nil the imimrbvnt discus* Kara of (the Fktibeaay, and tlamgh *? young liu* opinion* have great weight. What render* Uiui atlll more Intereatlng are hla rapid acquire menu In U?? Eng I lab language, to which be give# all attention poosible The five Ja|iauanw we have mentioned are all oltloera o the Tyoooc'a bouaehold, oonuected with the federal gov eminent, bee Idea being member! of the ftnbamy, and, a* before Intimated, with alight variation* in color and elrnpe, looked a* If they might have coum out of Ute aam bandbox. m armaw or aavon wood. Wo left the Japanese delegation arrayed In a double row before bm Honor the Mayor, the Japanese and Dutch lu Irrpreter beta* on tha right, next the principal Amb.tisa dor, and Cbpuin Dupuut on the left, Banking the Vice Governor The formal introduction being complete, the Mayor ad dreaned tbetn aa follow* Your BAccUencloa It glree me pleasure to receive yon You are welcome to New York. TliougU not no pupulou at your own great city of Jeddo, It m, aevortheiea*, Utc largest In America. We *hall cheerfully *how you every thing of interest, and endeavor to render your a?>inrn ansm* u* agreeable and advantageous. KtU'winc the fa tlgue attending the numeroua ceremonies through which you have pawed alnce your arrival In thin country, we shall not preaa any public nttcutiotu not altogether con eintentwith your own wishes. Tie- llr-t duly of h?s>pttalliy I* to remler oar gui~t? huppy; that you may be *o while here U our eurui-et desire. You will not, therefore, he rtuuirrd to forego your own preference* lu any way. It ?ill otily ba neoeaaary to intimate that which wiH Itc tncat agreeable to yourselves. and we shall readily rout ply. Vour >jm "llein hoi are aware tlial in thl* city lived and "tail Qwamodore Ferry?a very distinguished .Viuarlcan offrer, wIhi t isilcd Japan In a similar ?.i|?e ily Pi ilmt in which y< J now visit an, an the Khvny of |* are and g"?al will. New York la alao lie1 home of Hon. Towuscnd llerrl-, amdlter rmtuent cKlaeu, wls> la knowm Pi you aa the representative of the Cnlted Spitea P> your Government. W<- iwfltel w ith grateful findings the eonetdanrtiMl with which Hie lni|a-rimJ gov< ri.m> lit rn-elvnl and sustained these {citirii* of Sew York, and we now gladly uvatt ouraelvei of tie" nraaont I igpirMH; In #(, la ndara, <w own nanr*f*eMe d<v lU' tn-Uuls iu. d l? .-totality tin hy -ie u kindly t.lli, .toward eat b oilier that tin- frieii<Utup lietw-i-u the two rocntrira will he aeeurnl and maintained Tins city has a peculiar obpet m the promotion of soeb retain oh. Wo bop* thai a trade, alike rwdprucaf and martnatty advantageous. will be Um result, wodiag Mill gtrua^r to Mod the countries P?e<hrr la laaets nf unity and hrothorhnnd. Tims the great haat and the great Weal will bo i rneuM ujr ii i xiuii1u11x1i "1 ain<w, > >? r-"ii *iiwiwi cumiiiiK her in mated ?up*riorl?y over l??th of ua, * ill learn by our example thnl trade ran be extended without ' war. and 11mI liberal (irlialpl** ran be ili-a*'initiated with- | ait mn , lutioiMl of i mia lliitK cotunt- r< ial inter f>ur:o", aa aonv o| the c rilmht- to d tatlloua of Kuro|?> are now pr* jawing lo do with the Faat.we have obtained thla privilege through th*- Influence of the olive branch Ion*' Ma> Ue- (a-upta ni all iiati<aut nimij u* tber In like aplrlt, no Ilk*' prlncipl* a, *? that the aria, civilian lion lilicrty, ?* lf (P'vemnvnt, fand tmlvcr*al pmd will a hall b* *?tahlwle-*l nit ionic men. now and forever. I oanin wrloanm you tu New York aa the honored (mala of the city ai.tbnrittm. Karli aenbwee ? It wa? delivered waa translated flr?t Into butch by Mr. I'urlninn the government interpreter, and then into Ju|mii< < ' by the jnaint, a war lliy, lulling bit ii, by It! .,.:* It wa- "le.'i valil- tint the r mark* of the Interpreter, aa welt aa hi* eye*, were Mid upon the rbtrf Ambaaandnr during the tranalattnn. nu I M-ldotn wandered to the Otmor; while the latter waa I it* ten inf keenly to every word uttered. AH bowed at the end of each *enl?-tire, nnd a p'earnnl *mfle of their r*pree?lve fane* almo-t npoke their icrallOrwttun. tm the delivery of the Mayor'* add re**, the chief tm ba?- tdor iitn?"*l for a mount to the Ctnanr, ami lie n ? II. I - I I" ' ' op O.t * I ret.-r -pokf .1 < iii !n?* arriM'H t?r rnk t Httty AMitvoMnntt. The Kmhaeey are extremely obliged u> vour Honor ft* tin kind wt?ln* you have expriweed, and the kind wrl rente extended tii ua. We are liappy In *ta|e that the treaty between .lap* m and the tailed Hlalea ha** been iluly rattli"d at ?n-hiii)((ou. and w? trunt that |**r|i*'ttiai l?'ie and friend-hip wlUexi?l, and that commercial in lereoiiTwe, ronalantly r it* tided. or III be tta result. The Mayor boweil hla arkmiwb-dgmenl* After a brief Unuee, lite chief .liuhaenador, through the ml* ipn l*T. aatd tlwt owing to tho lllnena of the n>o-ond Ambnavador Ik* wae unable to be |?r???-ut at tlie nxsep twin lint wialil liave been happy lo meet him Hi" Mayor Mia ft would bavu aOoftkii biui jii. .?-ur?- f to M. MMAiari or nnntnynn nownv. Ill* ExcoUonry tJorornor W t*hii ni tho? intrml'i?-"d 11 Ui< fcnihamy, and addroaaod lln-Wl m billow*:? Ym n Emmuiai im I am mn?l ha|ipy lo m?t yon th? ropr?-n?Ullroa of tbo gnvormnrol nf Japan. u?<l In b"hall of Ihf Matr aivl city to which I b"l<*i* I bid yo i wteotuu. IVrmlt mo to doing ao to rxprm* th" hop that llil*. the knit *i?lt of lit" dlatlninilolM-d Amliao*a>l<ir* may lay tbo hmndatton for Uiat amity and Intorcour r? h? 1*1111 it* two govriinvnta which will bo honoftrlal alik to th" yovimiDf-ut and people of Japan and Ufa luiwd Mate*. Thl* being tran>lntni. Ihr Amha**adnr* bowed low la mepnaae, and roplbtl tlait lb") worn "obliged for tbo r? mark* of bia I'xndb-tK v. and irurtrd that pa<" would mnimii" and mmiwtp w'l Intercnurwo bo extended between Ui" two nation*," Tbr formal part of ll>" rorrmnfiy then beta* ovrr, th" Mayor inrtted them to a a Ik tbronfii th<* r<*i?n* and In. atail tbr ibrluree, wblrb liny did, Uatenlug with evident plee-ore tit hi* brief hi"torjr of oe"h pnrlrnlt exhibited Afterward* thor rr*ir?il to on" otid af lb" room, whom Ibey Worn Intnwtnred to a mimlrr of tbo * iitl?iu.Hi and offtelnl* pro*'-til Una c> umony, wlileh tb"y have learned In r> iri"l aa a malb r <>f -our*" lr Arwrk a. h"iitir nyrr. they went out ii|aat th" hatmny to wltm a the i-vdntlona of the it"vont|i r< yoo. i.t, and. pair >u f' in lb" ntnnrk* wln.h | i 1 )M-t?M-n tfirrn. tbo nrn< *t jrlan.'-x. tbo "xebnnali'.iia of aorpriao at x?a?d laalafc <>l th" drill, ami lad i alb aw of I>|. OUT" II) III !lll|f Ml. I'""'", 1 I 11 < re of the n, - t a*r. able exhibition* ab.cb il> / haru SHEET. been afforded, certainly during their brief stay in New York. The drill lasted only a few minute*, and the carriages being in reudltteM. the Embassy proceeded dowu stair* and ugaiu resum??d their place* in the procession. Hie whole aghir was of a most agreeable character, and must have recalled to their minds by the contrast the rough handling they have received by Washington, Baltimore and Philadelphia crowd*. On tho part of our own people, no one who has been brought in contact with the Japnn< se has failed to discover a gentility, good breeding and intelligence in tbern worthy of the highest respect. Their politeness especially has ls>en the them" of nil praise, and one gentleman cave utterance to his Ideas on this point in a remark that rovers the whole ground? ' There is more language,'' said he, "in one bow and smile of aJa|iniirno thaua whole sentence from many peo pie." It is emphntlrnlly true, and if some of our ctti reus In high [daces keep their weather eye open, they will learn inoro genuine g<ssi breeding from these original Oriental* while they are among us than they have ever fotttid in the gnhle books to politeness which their natural lack requires them to keep?as they do their after dinner speeches?coti-uutly on hand. THE JAPANESE AT THE METROPOLITAN. The Metropolitan wan all olive yesterday morning with preparations for the official reception of the Embassy by Uovcrnor Morgan and Mayor Wood at the City Hall. The deputation from the Philadelphia Committee of Arrangements, who came to New York with the Embassy and took part in tho reception of Saturday last, started for home yesterday evening, after being present at the official reception. On Sunday they were driven through the Central Park, and expressed themselves dolightud with its admirable arrangements and natural beauty. Fuirmount, with Its tmmeuse flight of steps, miniature fountains and dirty looking statues, seemed to have greatly fallen in their estimation, and by tbe time of their departure they were able to praise some of tho features of our metropolis, without complacently adding, " But then we_have tn Philadelphia, you know." These gentlemen were heartily welcomed, and were must ; hospitably entertained. PllKTAlt A TIOX8 TOR THE RECEPTION. The Japanese are a people who value etiquette most highly, and are as punctilious in regard to their evury movement as Frenchmen are said to be upon {Mints of honor, and ?|iouinrd.a in their forms of address. In their belinir. therefore, the Naval Conimiwion raised the question whether it was in strict accordance with the requirement of the eode of etiquetlo for Kinbussadors of thu Tycoon, representatives of a great emjieror, to call > .-on the Mayor of a city. In all otlu-r cities the Mayors have visited tlie KiiiltusMuIors, or received ila-m at the depots, but Mayor Wood declared that the Japanese must come to the City Hall, for the City Hall would uol, in any event, go to the Ja|*tne?e; uud tor some time there apI*-ared a probability that tie* Ambassadors would not be officially welcomed to New York?all unnecessary eeronomy, indeed, stter the spontaneous, popular wrlcomo which they rifolved u|*>n their arrival. Gov. Morgan, however, having signified his intention to be preseut and lake part in the reception, all difficulties were overcome, and the Anilwssadors wen- requested to be in readiness at oue o'clock yesterday. During tbe morning, ttwifim, Hie pritici|ial ollk-ers of the Kinlmssy were engaged in prr|iarlng themselves for the occasion, and were occupied v with their toilettes. Alter breakfast the remainder of the 1 minis-v kept their rooms most of the time, and hut few wandered about the hotel, Early in the morning the crowd Itefitn to gather u|ioii the op|si*ito 'aldowalk, Olid gradually Increased until all |lavage was obstructed. The people were isrfoctly orderly and quiet, and except ?ii orcn.stonal call for Tommy trom small Imys with proportionate voices, there wan uo shouting at the J qiwuoao. Aln.ut uilic o'clock the crowd were) gruliUcd by the up)? araiiee ol several officers, who eunie upon the balcony, looked ii|) aud down the streets, sh-sik their beads at the cries for Tommy. us if to Indicate that lie huh uot pre ecu I, aud then bowed aud disappeared. ] ocn PATIONH OK THK JAPANESE. About an hour utter ttvc of the olttcerM crossed the Mreet to liurr's Jewelry store uml to Frederick's gallery, examined the pictures and one of their number sat for a pholoeiupli, detlariug it to be a very good likcnoss One ot tjp-se officii* rigged up an iinitatinu ol a camera, In his room, ami amused liunsdf by attempt* to lake u picture of tin; crowd, suiiliugwilh delight at his burlesque of the ojx rator. At cievi li o'clock Mis??rH. R. I'. liurlagc, Con-<ul te teral, and J. E. Zimmerman. Vice Consul for the Set .ends, J si id their rewpecta to the Ambassadors. Hi re uo <. reiuouy uaed of au> import two. the visiter* being Him ply Intristucedby name and tltie to lite Prince*. beveral of the Embassy wandered Into Siblo> Garden, and upon Die stage of the theatre, and were followed and curiously examined by uutle a uuuiber ot persons who bad obtained admittance, ft la understood tluil the publir arc to be allowed every reasonable opportunity to sec the Japan ese, who are |>rovlded with a private entrance to Niblo'a uktl t'hrislrv's sulooiot. and are allowisl to so into the street. in churgc of jkiIIco officers. For security spunst solicitation and annoyance the committee rely. In a great measure, upon the inherent politeness of New Yorker*, but, leat curiosity should get the better of prudence, the hotel arrangements ore adapted to prevent intrusion. No person la allowed to enter that pnrt of the hotel reserved for the Japanese without a ticket, and thia ticket la changed every day to prevent an accumulation of authorised visitors, llic policemen, under Sergeant Cropeey, who are on guard at the stairway, perform their duties elrtcily, but without any imjioliteiMW or aaaumptiou of undue authority. To the vestibule* leading to their private rooma no one la admitted, aa we staled yesterday, without a paaa from OapUin Porter, and the captain, In order to avoid Intruding upon the privacy of hln charges, baa signified bis resolution to give billets to none but thoae who have business with the Japanese. and win** presence in their apartments m necessary. officer* Pearcr and Price, of the K'venth pri cinct, have had charge of the baggage of 'the Vnibursy. and the Ja|*uiesu are much pleased with their ctta-icucy aud poiiicutwr, and can already call them by MM. I airing the morning the Ambassadors received the present of a nmvuitn-ent flower pugoda, ten feet high and twelve feet in circumference, formed of bouquets of natural flower?, from the garden ol Ueiij. Wood, Ksq , brother of tlie Mayor of New York. In tiielr remark* upon this tM-auliful display of horticulture, the oltlrera referred to IIm- flow cr-nc? ora led |?grsls designed by Council man Villi 1 no uliif h mtitii iiis-ii tin* Irs-ntv hfiv itftsl li wi?-. tu lU hi. one of the muln feature* of our reception. Thin delightful prewat hu |4ac*d in a Mi?ptraou* pmii. UN in tl?' b?r hall. at tlx entrance to the reception roctn, and cUcilod eiclaniatiou* of miniirntion ami anrnriac from every Tbilur. Ihirlng tic morning a Mirn Dia ('. ilunley inuahiHlHi llif Mlowing laiel'itory, patriotic umi inrptriliiig piii* of tea-try for pn-eentalkon to tlie ?liii'iiin m\ .mil it an* thought it could foe forotighi to tbctr ih 4 Ice n no belter maimer lli-m through tlie c*>lunilix of Un HkiiaUi We then-ion- give, aa one of the kwmrurni milium, tin-lotbiwing mrtunnTi' linkh. hiwurn by tub ucsrnow. I1u' pciw par all iiijignitkoucc, No tiiniuil on imrntlc; A mujeety aiei elegance Wu everywhere iii-i.lnvr<| Soldiers, aa aotdtera, catrM arms With a ronimamling etrtde, With wartMl and heroic air, An onward they warn led. KVn aa the great oeraelna ?u Mo wna I hew martial itfMr, Their nation'? glory to declare? Their gneata llint nation'a |w?de ' They gloried thna to honor. Krom the bright reulina afar, Ainha-aailof", with honor* crowned. With naught their Mate to mar . Prlneea, of iimale dignity Kiofn urieniAl rims*. Wlio tlien were trading on mir dmrna, Ne'er weight tint 11 that time t Strnnger* to u*. In every at-itae. Ami we to tietn the -.ime, Mi ii of a nation, until now, Srarre Ih urd of, hnt hv name. No woiider that an proudly ? olumbia'K sua* atrial* iiirth Conducting thiaw of aultry lamia Through i it lea td the North I dnna of another beoii?|ibort> So illflt-ri lit In rare? TVir language altogether ?t range, ( carer iimlerelnod it* grace Yet they have r?une niinmg uh la-ponding on ?ur truth. Tin grand, tlx- m>lilr, mm! the prood, Tlx- middle ?gcd and youth, Kmrlo** with o* are meeting ! Ami why thi* hmnir ?bown? Why <i? th?y oufclently move 'Mid Iwmg* aonratfy known* Wlml licard they In for dlalanc* Of thin. Columbia'* noil < What of our rtf lM dlil they Irani f What of our wion < f loll 7 What i<our power nod m glit? They ?nw the lUr ??f liberty, That clothe* our realm* in light , Thn? mort ban Iwn llie beacon Willi h led them In our ?lor*, (lave Uiem drelrc* to ?ec our laud Aad Ita rant *ec*? cgplor*. We yield Uie hand of fclkiwhlp Tn them, with joy and pride. And gladly welcome them an friend* While we their movement* guide , And while they learn mir grratoe.a We ralee cmr voice In air, And cant lite nooa of liberty We for the world prepare. Htri npth from above our ?tif and ?tay While trwt In Hod nor courm- doth *war K?W York. J?m- 18. 1880. TBI DHFARTVIS FOI TH* CITT IA Lb. At about one o'clock It waa xlcnallrd that the Seventh Rrilmeat. the favorite no lee* nf the embamy than i< ourrltlftiw. *?' wrwhini thr hotel, uHUtrjmpa lirar KMrvUiitoly niMhnl to thr window-and Ihr balcony. Thny wrtly w?trtiM| thr natNnrM> of tho mMlwy and Jotnrd Inarttly in tlx appla'trr which arc*-tod the auiomi ton llkr iw>t -trM tita of tlx- <lrlH Whrw at the cowmand " order arnw," ?!* ramr down nprat ll?p pavo with trnnltan-ou* clan*. Ilk" Ihr report gf ? ilncln rtMw, the iirlonlal could ararorly r?pr*M their (1<ll?ht and admiral a* A? ?*? ?? Ihr rrKmi. ul w in drawn up In Imr in front nf Uir hotel, thr rarity- ramo to tl?r private door. ami Ihr Amhareadnm im ItiJr riatma, tin mm' of I la ofllrrm nllorli.-.! to Ihr I oRHtil* Ion. mnrrlM?l dowii the hnari rtalrraar to Ibr -xl -walk. and. one hy one. dmtr <dl At ill account <d the parade irW|<N 'ltd Incident* m-lll hr found claewherc. wmw TH* KMnrrwn the hotel w?? imn"nnll) ?jn|i I l*>niparattro|y frw .htpn rw?r were "-rn nhont Ihr parlor* and vewtihidU llw majo^ty *"|r(|y enjoying tiictr t|r?ta hi 3 their room*, several of Um mrwmlM weel out, iu charge of?. Ulcers U> make come purchases, nud right of the Milliters, ih charge of Mr. Charles I aland, followed their example. The servants nude purchases of gloves, and looked at knives and opera glasses. They would either see what they wonted in tho case* or Kdtriif It bjr expressive pantomime. One party understood nothing of our currency but dollar*, and when the salesman charged them three shillings for a pair of glovee, they understood hiui to mean three dollars, ami refused to purchase, thinking that too dear. Another party reckoned altogether in ecuts, and were more successful. The people along tho route examined the Ja]nneM> very curiously, but they were uot overcrowded or annoyed, and the officer had some difficulty in iuduciug them lo enter the hotel, as they rou off to exnmiue every new object which uttracunl their attention. Tho party of principal officers, uecompaniod by Mr. Chnrfaff Leland, went tiist to Appieuui's, where a selection Of books was made by Hano Kawnge, the gratlenna whose intelligent translation of the frescoes 11 the dining romnt we gave yesterday. At the book store the party met the Rev. Or. Chap in, who wan no Ires surprised than delighted at the artectwo* which Kuwage made, and at the intellectual ability aud culture which he exhibited. The Jii(*ine*e are by uO means deltcieut in literary culture. Olipbaul says that the Court of tho Mikado is the chief seat of acieuco aud literature In tho empire, and the Kaml-Nusl and Bonae* are the instructors of the youth and people of Japan. Th^ libraries at Meakn and Yedo have been stated to contain a* many us 150.000 volumes. At both these places, an well as Nagasaki, universities are established, whero knowledge of all kinds is imparted to students. Printing (lYom blocks,) Hrh was introduced from China in tho thirleeiith eeiii is extended the Intlueooeof I iter a-' ture to every |iorliou of the community. It is not an unusual right to sec a party of ladies and gentlemen listen'ng to a book read aloud by one of their number, aud even tho children of the peasants aro taught in common schools how to read aud write, and are made acquainted with tho ending events of the history of their native land. The benefit of this training Knwago haa enjoyed, and his attainments are by no menus limited. Ho is probably the best informed man in the Embassy, with ono 'exception?tho young prince lugaro, who will inherit one of the newt noble titles in Jitpmi, and who dally rises In the estimation of his friend*. He is very well informed in r<'gar<l to military nfluirs, and delights to obtain slat istkwl infoi inatssi in regard to the population, re*?*iroes and commerce of New York city, and, indeed, of the whole country. >"rom Appletou's the |?rty went to Ix>rd * Taylors, and made several purchases, insisting upon paying Ibr i most of the artk'ire ill spite of ?f?|*isitk<n from tho proi prietor*. They sskisl for linen by taMhpig lha sliirl b<>som of the clerk fur gloves, by usBKia of tho hand, for other article* in an equally Intelligible manner, tine of the doctors, accompanied by Tommy, went, in charge ui" Major W. W. U'laud. to Brady's Ualery, and look a lesson in photographing. One doctor is to become a regular student of tho art, and will be furnished with thstrumots by Mr Brudy. With his quickness and luU-Hbfewow, ami under so accomplished an instrueUir, be w ill doubtlees boconie au expert before lie hwves this country. The pair wore then tuken to Kowler's, and a phtmuhiglnsl examituitkui wusuiadcoftheir cnuiiuin* Mi Kov. Ire ?b- idol Watt their heiels, though below the nx-tium , were well balanced and exibited indication*of-trooe |eo#(*iv??lMl reIt's live faculties. Stewart'* ?loro w?* Ihw vwilol, and they were shown through the entire establish me**, aiid were presented with numerous articles, Mr. Stewart refusing any cuinpousatton. Tliey expressed themselves very much pleased with their visit, deelariug that there was " no ?t<re so large in Japan.** I Tmiii a bitter acquulntanco with tho Japanea it is very easy to distinguish those of one rank* from Hiedher. The servants almost uniformly hav* roarsc freture* and particularly thick, heavy looking lips, their mouth* much resembling a negro's. Tho higher ranks are distinguished by an air of good breeding and that rertuin indescribable rettnement ot look nnd mnnuer which cuahles the observer to distinguish .the gentleman from the boor. Tls>-e who were visible during I ho absence of the Ambassador* were chiefly soMPts. and they nmde themselves quite familiar w ith visiters. Children, especially,, attracted th'ir attention, and they would oom|wre th? sine* of the little one* Willi that of their own <>ni?"ring, far away iii ilit' Eii*!, with nil the K|ipramuec of ioimI loving fill bow conversing with 111- Htm* ? ? ?? nt Inane Those who witmwd thin exhibition of parental ailwtion ft* 11 -"better uc<|uutnlcd with the Japanese (linn >-vr lioforo, uml by thin slew of tluit common fortinn which nil reaper!, they made tin ttwelven friends sooner than they could possibly have done by any other means. They ulkixi among th-mscivcn somew hat of the recent advice* from Japan, translated, for them on Sunday. hut seemed disinclined to give any rj|irrMiiin of e|itnton In regard to the arcount* of the ae ai.-i-liiution. It la uudi-r-tood ttiat the. ehief Amhaisailnrs discredit the r<i*?rt. A visit to lb* Hnuu? of lice was also taken np, und will be made wane time during their -lay In nor city. They do net like to talk to too uumy |st?<.ii* hi once, und atop ttxi /??? ration when a third |*wty I in lie to lirten. Particularly tliey avoid whtk' of the "nevv?iviprr reporters, regarding IIn-ih um spiin of wane kind. The artist, to whom reference has often been made, exhibited bis drawings o our reporter. He has "ketches of rverythlwc of Interest which lias born wen ?lnee his departure from Ja|>aU, drawn with accuracy, but with no regard VO perspective. The sketches arc on a wry small scale, bat he says that he wlU ' make large" upon his return Isuno. tlo.o r..,n> u i-rfta nL-lidsUI t?f thi> ifturnrVICffl of tbe Vurihitsay. Tlie Januueee are allows to order whatever lliey plena. , and Indulge somewrhat Is champagne and tight wtnc*; but not to any excess aa yet. They do nuiNni tu tike to Is" loo familiar with tad tea. They ? mostly married men, and their wivea and daughter* are remarkable for tbelr rewerve begird it rangers. Any undue familiarity, then, or even hat fhml'.ianty whleh ta usual in tlna country offends their sense at pnqiricty. They hava tara i uhjerted to no annoyance from this quarter aa ret, hnw? ver, and seem greatly to enjoy the society of the ladle* irsidcnt at the hotel. Presents. w ith which tliey Mora deluged in other cttlea, already begin to arrivw from Sow Yorkers, one at tbe officer* being presented with a tine opera glaa* thin morning. If our rttiwna mi:?t trite three visiter* tukeua of remembranee, let the articles be of aneh a character aa a hall be worth the transportation to Japan, and let lhem be presented lu such a way aa to u-stify Uie esteem of Uie donors and receive that of tbe Japanese. and not aa mere advertiMrmeutH of ware* Sew York can afford to < otitiuuc lu existence without attempting tbe draining of he Am bar sudors' treasury box of Its spare each, by taking advanugc of any of the mean artifices used to gam the curium of tbe Jaj aie se at Washington and Philadelphia The greatest trouble* of the Natal Commitskm, to whom too great credit canuot he given, but arisen from this \ery question, and it la to ha ho|?d that New Yorker* will distinguish themselten by llieir forbearance in this respect, a* they hate by their treatment of the Japanese oOisrwtoe li h?? t?een nserved for J torn 11m, "the prince of ?h wioen," to attempt the first ad vert torment Insult to tbn Japan* *r In New York, t>y parading a bewhlskered Hibernian, drer-ed in a rWhulouii borhniue u|*>n the Japanese style in front ef hi* Mueeum, with handbills to distribute. This dodge" will seem M discreditable a* it may prove remunerative when the ladig nation excited among the Khibassy by the borlesqo* "T< mmy" who was seated ttpon a Phtlad> Ipbia engine, IB the parade at that city, Is r* niemliered. Tlx'Ja|?it< se scattered through the room*, vestibule? aiol sard. lis of the hotel, r< summoned to the wndowg U) the ?ignal taimivtirlni! THK KKTI KN OK TUT. ttflMKfMntlK-t. ami in an luataut Umi ftrort in fr?>ut <4 the hotel wm < trans., ami the gallant-Vv,.nth wna .to'Tlrd apprnwhIrg rmm the City Hall. The rrmad alxmt the Metropolitan wan tteWCMe. ami th? lino npia-araacn of the r< girm nt wui loudly . Ijr<red, avrn before ihe .-?oort tan I arrived w ithui two block* of Uk? koKl. Intath column*. marching on either ?lde of the cnrriagc*, tho niifrtit i?rlwl the AmlNiaaador* to tho private door, and, a?niin|MH 1.v lh" W. ?l i' "ion, ami ?tr. .-lining Mali I'll tin; balcony to wlf?? I ho <lriu. on I bo plr* of ffctigue. worn iii.iih tiwu ly rondo, t.-<t to ibolr room*, fWitn th- wlnduwn of nhi.h Uhy omiU liavo a Of" il.aoftb. re-,lotion*. Tit" troop* > oopl.-rmnr. hrd to thr front of tho hotel, I.Tim.I it. Iter. (T.-. liU 1 arte*. nn-1 lli.-n inarched down i Im- atr.-rt, a Ja|*uie*e ..m.-.-r marching with it... rear Ilk-it ami ?iii "ii-ly .n?pr< ting ih< ir ar. .rtitr. merit* mid movement*. In a few moinrntK tin- regiment ;i;;nn IML-oaal the hotel, in review order, w ith full o nipuny front, presenting tbrtr .. ml linr ami Mii.ti.Tty a|<prar.nier. Th?Mr evnoitton*. |a if.niiird Willi ?Oth Unl-leal i. curacy, were applterfM by lh. Ju|?ii. -. i.o I. - hrartily than bjr the crowd. After iIk- dapm tore of tla- r. yin.. nt tho crowd unarmed brfwr lb" hotel, and II r? were a f. w crh-a for "Tommy " hid, *? >i??nl. prrthrl order w*? nMifla.m-d ..i <l llier" w ik not rm.uKb uoiei to aunoy pcrtuna of ordinary nerv< h and I'mprrumml. -rnrin on mom or tmk tt'tmnr favorable. Ttoy Wire plcanrd ?itli all ti?r arrangi-monM hii'I ?ith tto crr? mutty afrd, and only regretted tlial <?ri armnat "f tto Mine** of tl><* wound Arrlia^miiir th? y frn obliged to return ao m?? in the tolid. Tiny were parliouhwly lelighted with th?- maiNnirren of the Jtrventh regiment, and wvwil Rvn to tire of ug tl?ir gratlilat ton. TWk? t? ik*rar??r Uinjf'dnmtllnn trrnnr-mente, all <>f the < Atrial orrnnnnteM in Vow York have the* fcr mnilo a favorable iMirrnkai u|?m "Ur % h?ll?-r-?. and with iIn* 'arm ?i?r?> th< ir entire vl?il to N<>w Tnrlt w'M to ?<|L?II) delightful. i* rn? kvkxiho tto Continental fiiwrd, dipt. Ixarltig, v lilted IIk; h??tol, but were rrfuned pertnnmlon Ui tw tto Aintoe'ador*. I>w an <x|4unatn<n of tto mattor. Caput Lanelng wttbdrow hta requenl, and both tto and the Withdrawal worn In oqnally giant IjMtr, for If aorti a preredeat bad noon Iwn iwtabltiihed, every target oompany ' wild tovw blasted upon IU right to tnlrmW- up"? tto Japnneno (.rinona. The City (iutud, Cant tove?i. delighted the Ja|ion. ? by a parade and a rtHptay of flrrworfca, an the com pany panned tto totel Tto Ktghth and Wilrtwatlt engine rnaipMWi aJwi pamdod yoatcrdny aflenx*n, and tto tlrtmUla w* m< I greatly pinned at Hi < novel turnout *> M* lMi lhr Bremen'* pnrade will ahnrtly to arranged tinny ?* tto Japan one were at at Mob'"* Bar dm, Inat evening, ot^nytng ttolr pertto. liberty l<> owe and go at ?III. Ttoy aeemed muoti Into ? i? I? ..I- ttioh?/l lli* art/ira Ihr?ut*h thai - I rn <rl?NM *. aad laiarhiil heartily at the autW o.' Itavlilgo and Mark Hmllfi. rn?r wax hmxktr aoaim in a private bo*. with arreral dktinguiabed gentleman M>- need hie opera plane moat grarcfulty, clapped bin hand i m appianae, and fell liilw* wMh all the actfeaaaa la Iowa, wntri in* Inn aJK ikm*, at laat, npna 111m Pally WamhaD, wh< in be tlx-slit41 very b- anlirul." Tommy received Om dana>r?aa ?mik of a ymn* lady y eater day, aad naa tti ? *< rlk nl ?plrlt*. regarding all of Ule popularity wbtrti lx* lot# 1*111 being by bia re*?rr? daring the laat Bw day*. At lite theatre In wan thr treat attraction, and ha hi etna ni bin altentMma anally upon tha aadlKoa and lite achat Alt of the Japaaeaa were delighted a lib the int.len c haise* of the aoeonry, ant theptaare of thoeo op the r<ar bewhee wan Interrupted by noirtant np| titration the aiitnf raphe. To nay, at om T. M . ?he Ambeeeeilor* vielt flrrenWOOd 0 hm tary: ?a Wcdm-dev they appear at the aaafien, on 1 hui "lay I hey viett lite Central IVk and the eiborhan melepreof one of onr moet dieting* letted altl^*; t?d i n Vti inlay ne*t the great rwutkm nail takee ptaea. Qhb . hundred and alxty inuatrtan* have been engaged, aad mo { repnrnt "die are pregmuxvg rapidly.

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