Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 19, 1860, Page 4

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 19, 1860 Page 4
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4 Curious Evidence Before the Covote 1 Committee. Thr Charces Against the Administration oo the Leeompton Question Disproved. Forney Proved to be a Miserable Office Seeker. TESTIMONY OF MESSH6. THOMPSON AND C0B3, Ac.) Ac.) be* EVIDENCE OK TIIk SUCRKTARV Ol TI1K INTERIOR. FRIDAY, June 8, IVJK hud jacoo moinpson causa am examined:? By the Chairman?y. Art- yuu riecrelary uf the Inter! >r? A- 1 nut. Q. During the year 1857 Mr. Martin was sent from year departnirot to Kansas? A. Ho was VI Will you state what conversation you had with the lYufcidcm previous to hu going relative to the submission of the slavery clause in the constitution of Kansas? A. 1 must except to that question. 1 am th? President's con Btilutioual adviser, and when yuu ask the question in thit form you imply something which I might ho unwilling to admit. So far as any conversation has taken place be twoeo me and the l'resideut, 1 could not admit your right, or any man's light, to demand tlmt it should he Blade public. Q. Will you tell us out of what fund Mr Martin wapaid for that service in Kansas? A. Mr. Martin was at that tune a cierk in the General Laud Office. When the public service requires an agent to be sent from the dc partment, and a clerk is selected for that purpose, the uniform practice of the ottlco is to allow lus salary to eon tinue, and to allow linn, m addition, his expenses, or a Commutation therefor. In this case Mr. Martin acted m? lliengeut of the bureau of Indian A (fairs and the General land Office, and the expense* of the trip were divided between these two bureaus, in what proportion the reCords of the office will show. By Mr. Wilson?y. llo was paid by the Interior Department T A. Yes, sir, of course. What is doue by the bureaus is considered as done by the department. By the Chairman?y. Did he get pay for more than one service? A. No, sir. If he had claimed an 1 re ceived double pay lor the same service he would has Ihvii dismissed from office without hesitation. q. Can too explain why It was he got a fri ?nd to make application to General Cass, at the State D-part went. and use his iullueuce to get pay from that quarter V A 1 think I can explain tlmt matter. In Ortob-r or November, 1857, probably in October, be w -it t > K visas (is the agent uf my office, lie returned about tic 1 <t of December, having completed bis duties as ag at. Stwn after his return, 1 was informed tint tic Slate Department desired to s-ud despatches to Kansa-. and was called upon to name a proper iwrson to h a - : gn t to that duty. I designated Mr. Martin, who ,v i- ticn cliai ge<l by the State Deparlmut with tic delivery of those despatches. Ou this trip In- was the eiupli ye ot ih Shale Department, and not of the Interior D'pirtoci' tif course liia |>uy,or allowance Tor expe.i- . fo: iln tea olid trip was chare -able to the Si tie nu.l not lh lot rlor Department. But how much ho w> pai l by tint department 1 do not know, and have never inquire ! i it" y. Did you make it a particular |?>mt to send him at lis time the Constitutional Convention v i- to u?vt ii Manias? A Public business required ,tn u it to b * from the office abvul that tun and 1 was \ . y w tiling t > Utah myself of tin occasion to Jl. rl .1.1 agent ?a jo would necetsaiilv b?- throw n In emit il l with III in ntiie. - ot the Convention?whose views v iuM harm >ut* - w iih ui) own. Of course, tb.u, I dianed hurt t-> go a, thai Altar. By Ifr Winskm?y. You have read ih t -stintou/ o;' Mi Martin, lure you not A. Yes, si , I have r .? I it a. published. y. S> fur UK thiit t<' tint'i>> li.i>- ! eireum-l it> mutually connected u iih both of you, in H e-n r > t) A A? Car usmykuowlislg exb-uds, it i> con e I; I wail I tain- no exception to any thing ho has said, it la subat t.i lull) true. By the Chairman?y. Now, will yon state whether not you hail anything to do with drawing or preparing Ui>- slavery clause lor submission, or wbetlu-r you m i l suggestions for hitu to induce yon t>> do sot A. question raises two points. The timt is, the mauner in which the slavery clause should be drawn up; the wound, the form of submitting that clause to the people. I had much discussion alaiut tbat time with various individuals na to the mauner m whit*It the slavery clause should lie drawn. There were private couversalious in which pre at dillerenco ol opinion existed My oh joe I was fo ai-cure the question of slavery, and yet Ms-ure lh<- ee-operutiou of the free* Slab' ?nd pro-slavery democrats On this subject I evpre-x.-d my opinions freely with Mr. Martin, so much as to the form and maimer in w hieh the clause should be drawn. 1 drew nothing, but expressed myself as willing to accept nuvthiug w Inch would harmonize tho democratic i?arty in Kanse. As to the qug-diou ot the submission of the constitution, 1 U--V1 r >-r expres-'d l-nt on - opur. I uniformly oppuacd the subratiwkm of the slavery clans-- as an isolated |>roj??-iti<iu, tssvau'e I believed it the weak-sl form in which the qi stlon could he presented. Al the lime Mr Martin started for Kansas (h--r>- was impending over this country the un-st threatening question ev -r pre s ated to the American peo|4e. B>-v> rul of the Southern States had held public meetings ill which they hud urged the t'onstilutiouai Convention of Kansas, which was known to be pro slavery, to adopt a pro slavery con dilution, send it to IViugr*"-- . and demand mi ainv-ion. I ha<l nit en the ground that the Coil vails>11 immummnI the power to make a complete h l islid constitution wilhout submitting it to the y- Tie, yet that it would be must unwise and impolitic, i > isi lbs circumstances, for tho Convention thus to act. Jia>t the ti?u* been presented in tliat sliape, this t'nioti woubl have been m pent, ami that I knew full well. I,i ?rv sflort of mine, therefor , rverv advice I gave, was thus is<i m but one end?so to arrange the slavery rlauw to tlar eansl ilulion that the frss State mid nro slaverv democrats, ubo, united, *>* , in my opinion. luanu >>rtl> in Kaii-.i.- . could harmout/c *n?i sustain tlw r<m?ti lulmo, a hen made, by a |s>pular vote. Tbo-e were my Views, noil 1 urged u4 iiijutanl u|n-n Mr Martin wbatev er influence be oould evert elisuld be directed to carry thaws out y. If 1 am right, the in<tru- turns of Mr Martin were to attend to twnur busnx a for the Interior IVjwrlmcnl? A. Yea, sir. Q Wis uy of that at I*>com|>lon. where the Conven tion ?ctv A. Yc?, air. tirave charges were pending against the land officer* at UcMhplflO. which he in a true toil to investigate and report upon. By Mr Wiusfc.w?y. Mr M.irtin represented tint voir wishes to him were to exercise hla influence. If possible, /or the purpnw of lite out a.i ! out ?ut>mix ion of tlie rmi nt deism la In correct iu the! t Hi h correct in that y You slate tliat you prepared no p'ogr unme* A. / OeWArr prmorni a JUCproisav lir?' ??i pr-paiyd, Or in any winy amnm up Ay My nwan' if H< (utmia jOrafi'Mt. y Did you ace ?nv prepared i>> iiu> other |ier? si* A In the spring of 1>C?7 M buuv* ahoned me a p'aui a bu b >ou m.gtit possibly e Hinder a progr imm y D be m this nijr A He ?as iu this my a few days mace t). Wm It similar to tbia ptan wlneh w.o adopt - It g Wo, Mr; It wae very unlike it. That looked nvwe loth fbrm In w htob the phrase respi ting slavery should he Inserted in the constitution, In win. Ii I di-suited from htm and from other friends. alio be lufumd ma ?;> Jirmed it Q. Did you (five your views to Vr *f irliti about the pobroisston of the slavery clause* A. I frrely rove to Mr Martin my vlewa how the slavery claaar should be drawn. but all m> conversations were imsed ujsui the distinct and well understooil Idea of aiibi-ilnr km. Every variation of the clause was considered with a view tosubmission The perpleving question was, how it rouhl lie don so as o meet, as far as might be, the dissenting nnd conflletln* opinions of those supposed to be aiming at the Mme end. and at the same time protect the rights ?d properly to the owner* of slaves then there. This was the great point to be gam d By Mr Rohtnaon?y You desired to Inrnvoiisr the dewioerae)* A Hint's th'purpose 1 had in view y And so to Dame the constitution as to Iwarmoe'ae th maflicttng opinions of democrats In the Territory* A Yes, air. B> Mr Winskiw?Q. Dn you know of the use of any money by the President of the I'niN Ul any m on ber of the Obmet. towards I lie |si**ag" of Hie Iss-ompton bllP A. That quealion. which 1 will mo t, implies. I think. a reflection upon uiy honor If I knr" such a Ihiivt to be door ly any man in oiothorUg, I ekould fcl njflf dc p iiW if I cxmrmlni >I Mr Wlnakiw?tti I -b<?iM suppose The Witnnw?If I Jhtnr fAaf money too* rorrwptfy ii?rl In rjferi any bpulafton by Omfrru. or to sr?o onv tertvm by Ihr easrwtier '#? . r?, by artf mnn~"*n Ike hr*t friend I hnd m enriK?l would r-rposr U and to mi y?tjr that | bad some know ledge ,.f such a gion. and that it waa necesnary t<> put me on my oith and a direct examination lo rilrvrt the evnos.ire Is Mil in nnuattnn upon my (tanHft?a rrlVvttmi (h it I am not Eidod by ttr-w high pnnctiltona prm< !i>l<? of honor and a.wty ?hi< h 1 h?\' rv?r prol- I fr 'in my boyh'-'l Mr Winalow ?Yo'i und-r'tand mo a? a-d, mg tho qu.-< glnn mo rot y aa a mat tor <4 form' Tbo WHnoon?I know tha motivn that iw-ttmtoa jro i an I am aalt?Ard. bvumwci or niK ttx nnahy or thk time t <ritr. rt ?- t.?r j,m.- t j |son Hoa Hnwol) Or?bh rallorf and otamino I ? Kloatimony of lion S f? On g \?n no ?< t*h ami intant. w?i rood to tho wittt ?. ? i t tho ?,th?t,m-o c< Mr Ortgor'a toalimoajr war atat'il, ?'? tar ax tin-wit ?? *? war rofrrrod to ) By Mr Winalow?Q ltd ymi #yor ham an tnionrmw with Mr Ob* upon the ailbjort of tin* l/wmaptna bill* I*d yim oror invito h?nl to an Intorvlow with jrmt tipm Chat Mibjort. and If *o, dtd yon havo ?uch an tntort tow ? A. IVwding tho qnoatton of in-- I/vompt-m Mil. tny frt -u I Mr. Jarkaon. motnhor of tho Hmi?- frtwn G">rgta.'lam I n m# that ho boliorod Mr Co* h.t>I trroal r< -port for my optainnn, and bo thought I mi 'hi nam ?nt InU'WiK With turn by having an Intorviow n"?h hli't tn rt ror?ft. "> to tho lawanpton bill, whh h I * ? rowdily ti*? nto I to Ihit Mr Jarkwn aft'-yward* MhraHM that Mr CVrv droltnod to hnvo anr nitwtr w with anv monthoo of Cho admtntotratwm pondmt th't <( nation and tborrthr 1 ha ro no Wtilkvtiia of hating aoon hint o wpnfcon to hint at alt .ahnnt tM? or anv othnr q o kino during that tlmo?oorlatntr not npon that qitovit.,-i Tr alatihwont that ho oallod to aoo n,.. afiorw ?rd?. and in company with mywlf oallod upon th. fr, aMont, ii. a n. pprohonaWm nmnrlrw, I rannol ?? whoro Mr To* may have rallod npon mo. and w? m,v haro had a con grwraatton aftor that tin?o. I d > noi m*i dtatmotly wrhat conromatton I had with him t>rtainl> I n vor WWl with htm to aon tho fro?idont. a<>r did I ov?r haro a emuxraation with him and tho Prwaidont atonal tliai nr may bid. a? far a? I < an rowilcrt y Pn yon know of any fhot or otrrum-ianoo aff. t ug tho polNMnl tatogrnv of Mr On*, towrhing th- I. .impt.m In'I or IhtlM bill* A. I do md. air. g tin yon know that touching anr mom'" * of Om jrrwa? A. I do not. atr: n?d tbo ?ttghio?t. Q It la norramary f.w in- t?< a?k > nt th q - "grbotbor yon kn?w of tbn u?" of m ? ? ' ? th ? >, r-, * an-* tit onrrnptly or In any way t? anrur, th- |?? ?f id U. j ii.lf A Idowl, -;r, ir I I IM m : NEW 1 an idea eve the mind of th<? r*r?md.'i;t, or a member of the udniu. intra!.on, unti! tiw charge was made My kin<w ledge of Hi ' high au l puro cb traclci ot tlie Pres.d'Ut utterly precludes s.-ili au ide.i. Q Have yoi read the Uwtuaony ot Governor Wadcer? Do you know the sub-tance i>f it? A 1 fad It at th ? true it V If published; I think 1 saw the of it, a a;.y rate Q Hi you road the test mony of Mr. Martin, tuk -u ! before tli o COtnm tleev A. Yen, sir; I havo readmit, 1 ten) Q Mr Martin states in bi. testimony that 1 be Ixire Iroui you a letter to a gentleman by the name of Hugh M M<<ore, m Kan.-1 A Yen, tar, Hugh M Monro w e- a member or the I/'comptcti Convention, and 1 th,nit Vice Pre* dent of that Convention, llowa-au acquaintance ot mine, who had moved from Georgia there y Where does be reside now? A He n ?w reside* in Georgia y Would y ou have any objection1, to stating to the committee the general tenor ol that letter to Mr. Moorer Mr. Martm say* ^that the letter was read to him, or taut be was - offered to read it. A I ran only state the object or the letter, I recollect distinctly why 1 wrote th? l?ttor. It was, perhaps, a letter of some 1 'Uglh. and I have not -"ecu it since that time: I do not know that I have a ' copy of it it U doubtful whether I have. The object of the letter was to urge upou Mr Moore the sublines,ou of the Lccomnlnn constitution to tlie jieople for ratification That was the jioint of the letter; I endeavored to argue it with bin I did not know what hi* views upon the subject were; but that was to be a subject of discussion, and I entertained the opinion myself that it Ought to be sub mitt"d. and that it would relieve a great many of the difboultiou and embarrassments of that convention to have it submitted, and Ibis letter was, as 1 now recollect it, an urgent ana strong an argument an i wa? capable 01 maiv iu favor of the MWWMIm of Um constitution to the people. y lKi you moan what we call oat and oat submission:* A. Yes, Hir; the submission of the entire constitution. The maimer in which U was submitted to the people 1 never had heard suggested until i saw that it had becu adopted there. Q Was Mr. Martin charged with any errand or mesMge froui you, or an; |m|*-r or w riling purporting to be a draught of a constitution, which he was directed to press upon the people of Kansas, instead of out and out submission? A. 1 never taw any draught, or heard <f any draught, of a constitution. The only question that I discussed in conversation with Mr. Martin was the one which 1 discussed n that letter ; and that was, to press upon the con vention the propriety if the , ul mission of the constitution. y Iio you kuow ol any programme or writing of that '.bid bat ing been S"iit out by Hie !*re-idcnt or an) ui ui er of the Cabinet ? A I do not y Have you an) i >.i to believe that M was done? I. 1 Iuin e riot y Had there been .ov change of the views of the President and theCublncl mem this subject, is it probable thai cm v. lid luve hues ., it J A. It is probable that 1 would 1 was 1 iok'.iig n\ ill; great earnestness to see what would be the actum <>t thai convention, and when the news was received ,i consul red thai, a- tin- on^r i/t".rU< cd issue?th- i ' cry ifimtion?had been submitted. ;h mat' rial point had Ken at lined; and it tea , regarded as < usually co n/ing < "> 'V /a,Hen of rubminian y. A"- y otl acquainted w iili ,lt>l:ii W Koruey", Clerk of ilw lion t pre-111.11 -? Yes, sir y !? know u i r is:m I Forney, at any tim" j iidrt! . iriii; hi at t'..-I*f- tent, woe an applicant iu . ' or. ler tl I til. or w thin tie* gill of th"> j ei.ii.n. ili m? A I w - no l-lis id aery great int. n y witn C'ojo'ie! y c.e., k i.. sincerely an\ioiu to ( I've hitn in ;niy w i? 1 eonl t ) r:i?t him on a good i/i iy is casuals, 1 c iall*'I - a.. Iiuw nlleu, between the ol the iimi;gu".ii." . oi h" t'resident and the tun* r. u la- itnally l-ee-iin t n? opponent of th* Preeident iMTsonally, and o the adnimistration; and during tint time i had i;i in '"i< I'll bin. Willi a View to ini linn in um manner I could. My memory is not n"i; gi?st about dnt.- bal uc- or ttog to my recollection, j 1'ilh trfmy and after Cul-niel Hurney established kit paper, The frets," he i'm" o' nety uaaiiai In <i*t the 1'oM t)jkr' Hanks printing, and . . rgiodly anxious (1 obtain it for him. He frequently prewt upon me this applies ton and 1 pressed i / ujua the administration?upon the I'redden! ( regrcUnt very much at the time Hut it i died la- oblaei'-l. KUd 1 express nl to him during lie interview - tic i and in ' e! thai 1 would b able toi l.tii; tut' i'iage or a portion of It: I did nol know how much it w.u worth: and that hope and be I . f wit., founded Ti)*in i'vpres.ion? of strung personal tr.i'Dilsbip and attachmeul i:p>m the part of the President . Colo: el korneN t o1 i.e-l Koi'iiev iud become distrust III! of llje lYesldent'* friend-hip. and 1 tiKlglll l? IflifV* lit. tnlu i hv pxvri hots- i id < .tnndrace, andtold hiiti that I kni'.i tin1President t? be, us he had always been, hl< mirm friend, and T thought this thing might b(dln tpd and ] coutluued liiv i tlurti to do this until lio plans! it out of my |?iwor hv th-rnur-e wlilrh he nboptisl. Tin' r a-on of the ihday in d.-|??-ina of thequc-tion w*the dctorminut*! u of the Presidt nt not to (five thi- j?rint inv out until uftor Congre-- should ni -t aun have an op |sit lunitv of acting upon tho -ubjeel I (} Colonel Knrnev' |Niprr Wits est ihlt 'hed in tngnst, I think Will that dat" assist you to fix the time iu your inlnd when tlioac muverMtioas toik placet ,t I think it Iwa- Ixdoro mid after llial t :ne that I c .nvrrdM w ith Colo tie! Forney, when he w as here and he visited here upon more than one occasion. I'util that break to >k place he I twreen htin and the adminHtratton he was never here that I did Mt him. an ' I Bevel Mthhi VMM lnvtt| i conversation with h'm In reference to hi- own future fit be MmM i cat iM U paper I mM m Mm tlmt I was anxious for his success, and atixiou- that he iniithl have tUP patronage which he so much desired, which would enable him to put hi- paper upou a strong j and lirm basis. Q I understand you to mv that generally, in his inter vji ?- with you, Odonel Fbciioy ottwosscd a de-ire to pro cure the printing of the po-t Other blanks* A I'm. i??>. Q That, vot^wav. wn* both before and after the e-tabishnietit Of h - pijwr4 A Tuat is my 1'nprcwelon ; it was talked of very frequently; a* frequently as we met ; I cannot aay how often h.- was here We talked orer this thing nod it inn a luty.ef rrrg ou-neW onrrrtatinn M"wrn Oifmrl fhrnry auif wyWf Ite knew at the time nu earnest de-ire to tin anything lor hi'n that I could do. y. Do you recollect |b* paper railed the letter of the fort) par-"my to the President A Ye-., sir y" I?o ion know when that letter reached the Pre* i dcut and Iterante the subject of new r comment' A I recollect the fact, but I do not remember the date <) Can ) o,I Hat- w helle r. after tin' Colonel t orn v t.ll ' mod his npphi- iti >ti for t'te |'o-t tim ink * A I think so, becwu-e I recollect distinctly, as you will see bjr the flies of his paper that the letter wait rer> I boldly endorsed by Cokmel Forney It'gave no caune of | offene- at that time. It received his eatbusiaatic up proyal. y Do you know anything about the off r to Colonel Forney of the Consulate at Uvrrtwol? A Yea, sir; I know the President tendered him the Consulate at Liver p"Ol. and 1 think. from my conversation with the Prrsi dent at the time, that lie was anxious that Colonel Forney Itorld lake the Consulate ui L.vrrpuof. Colonel Forney had desired to cottte to Washington x* editor of the orgiui. . a* it was termed, but there was very violent opposition n|n>n the part of some Hoatliem Mends of the adminislra t in??pi?>- tlon particularly from Virginia?to Colonel I' rnev - coming, and the President's Idea was that If ho would go to iJv vrpnol. by the salary ol that nffl . an j ai-o by the ii?s of bis |s-ti ?s cottc-i?m dent of the Vxitm. I* wie hi l?e able to realtor a ver> haadeutn" inroine, and be Would write down Die prejudice of the Hinith against loin, and tuen lie eooVd return here In the course of his lolmlnlstrat si and be a-n'rptaMe to all th friends of tie admiuWtPntt'St. and If he still desired to do so be coold I IseNM' Ihe editor of the paper y I* you know whether Judge B'.a k pressed t:p?n th'' I Pr - .iistt equally with yourself the giving of the printing of the r ?t <nflee blank.* to Colonel Funn y r A I kn >w tliat be did. Judge Btie'k and myself had repeated inter view-n's ut It. We wen . perilip?, on terms of greater personal nit oin-'y withOdone] Forney tlsananvnlherm m her* of Ihe t u In net I know that Judge Black Iwk t deep Interest in this matter; and it was ihe subject of re prated ronversattams between Judge His. k an l mys .f. He r*|?e. ?st to me the same anxiety Dial I exprewd to him to obtain tbi? tmtronage for O-ksiel Forney y Did yon eier have a ronx-ersnttnn w ilh Colonel For ney loin long Hie pr<<prn ly of his accep?*ia-e of (he Liv, (. jsiol Constitute? A 1 have had eonier-atinns with h.m in reP reiv to that matter t'olisiel Forney was Bt on lime lie 1 ' I' I |?Tli.lj>- ll.ld d 111 II I : I ej,: I), appointment but Mr? Forney, as he suit t> me, i vv ui \i.f? tnoeb otilNiSeil to it The anal ilis'l | iiKm m i- ?h-patidant <i? what Mi ' Fornay ?mid i Artmntw?wbaihrr ?h" vwl4 agraa to II or ; n-1. r.ii l 1'iiv i<f hi* frmnd* wara invitad to lUk with Mrs. Forwry. mi l nap If aha could bp rmarlH|? II. ! Antabg other*, ?ha apofco l<> ma nprn thr riiMNI Mr, lontay w.iaallli" lime nl Mr ll ?>vi r *. In t'.u-city t I if -t ha\<- an Hit-rrtaw mill Mr- Fornay t-.|?ai th ' Mibjpct. f.-r IV reason tint 1'nkmal Forney *anl !< inr i tliut II KM onalcn* to mrat "ft IV auhj.-at l.i h<*r Other fricntla Uml n Vr. and *Ik> watt o|?piim-d to ||. and Vtnp In tary delf*l?brdtli. hr did tad with to Unit In-r (1i-l'irVt hy any further rrfarmee to IV mat tor g Inn yon U* tin- time alien that wan? A I cannot At tha lima. II m:i[ht V wi?n*M from IV U 1 that Mr* Fornay wa* hare atrk at Mr Hoover'#. Itwiuprv \ ion* to thr r-iabli-limi'iit of his paper, g In your mnrprsmlNm with Oil Forway touching th" I.iierpool t'onawtnlP II *'? dtncwwd a* to'I* i.Vantage*, in ri>iin<-rl ion with hi* e.iHv-pondaiiee f?r IV fain*1 A I do ix't rir??t!cct Dial I liad any dt?< io-?i >Ti with hint rr?|w< tuiK tV advantage- of acceptutjr that otU lift Imp- I dM *|? 1 of thi? idas, that tin- *th?rv in coij'i.-c lion with Ihr amoiml ha rwil-t nitit- a.- corr-i l?indi-iil ?>f the t'niim. aa I Nrfmiinl It. would giv. hint a linn.I- too inr-'tna: nut 1 have n<> di-tincl rwrotieclim of dl?cn?- g that point with al all g What 1- your Itnprev ton. whether lhai vo men tinned pr not in tlin o?ir*< t-l th" t 'ov-r uion" A I cannot - iy; I ban-no racm'i-rtkm ut all. at. (it that I wanted iVkwml F iftiay to aarrfd It At Br?t I wanted v \ . -a II I* aa ed ! r. thai wa- i-ivciii l-i iik M Ih tV Mn-ng |?-->o:inl Oiati'l-hip liiat I had t ' m l Knew- y, 1 ? i ii | ?Vpn* <1 lo regard an ? -?i??i?ly tV op I**ItV* li?t wa* mane to hitn a* otliarc .1 el; loit a |th 1 la-vm a t?l Uita app-lntm- nt. and bning comfort* i' i lor in thai nay. with a |i <- - I id r-'tm rnj har" awl remaning t Viiow V ile?1ri-d. agreeably t? hi* letand po*itl<? in Ufa. I think I ptvwd upon him nl a.l ' |aad htm to accept that appointment, and to that . n tar*all'>*t I ran lm cdi?cii?-e.| with him I n d-dnil* at II. but I hat<- M dMinrt rtmtlari.on u|?>n t|*al pomi g Jhtl t .dntial Fornry < i.r.ln ??? ,.| (:t k , aiv r-t ?i ai*. ohl' i I In yn?tr proaanra in tha ar~Mitfvm<T>l of tt. 0-n*nliti al l.)r?-rpi*>l. an- It a* ha* i>,?.n apaiom of, a* Vinj dl'ti'i-crahlf or Imp* -a* a I n i-r hawrd any nhtaat on oftl IV |aiI id t'*>lowa Vornay i.. any j?>turn ?! IV arra.i*t rti -al. aa h .nf i-uproya r or d hnonrahli 8\ Mr Trim?g M> tun. land Chit Mr M.?rt .? m ? nit out u.? n.< :.l <4 th" I iU rmr tV|?wUi-'q| at lha t nV w tit to MWiol A Tliat wa* my andor-taad n< g Waa br atao an acf-nt ot and did V racain |?*> frota any i-tVr ih-partmrat of tV f ir- rnmc-nt f A N< ! that I know <M. It; tw ( iia'-t i?n?Q IP-t f ..loti"l Fi)' "T aror -i (in t as "if y-1!" inAimwra to ft h'm tha pr'niin* r>* tha fSiat idtkit buwtka. attrr V pnrir-i Witb Mr IT. d. oiaii i|aai hiKan-1 A 1 do md Ih nk I "far mw Otowal For my aft< f tha ?"*t artk-la at nra?d la ha t<apa- wbtrh aa hnirlil aa an at tat k .4*1. tl, uim nt-tritior iiarp m> r " lam^oi if arrr h*v uf 1 con variation with lit-n from Uiat ttma to th ? >U -j*?g Tl . th' ;> n tMNM t- to [ORK HERALD, TUESDAY, .!/. ITliat do you mean by an attar* upon tho adminis tratioii? A. I do not recollect what tun" Colonel Flom")"'-paper commearcd ui attack upou tin- aitmiuistrul ion Tlu- (li d uelicatiun i f opposition coiiinj -oct-4 about tit time of what were called the "Oxford I'ramL." in Kan- i H..< paper at that tune to-.U ground sustaining Ootvruor w alker's coui>" there. I del ted r<T ?rd that iv- ho # <. on ttollable; I did nut regard the article* that appeal -d at that tune at any attack on the adinmi.-tiution; but from time th |mper romun-t-red goiag tint way I d.> not think I ever m-t Coiouei Forue> after UlOte articles *p traced CURIOUS CORRESPONDENCE. AtrlablaJiop Hughes and the City ItiipKtor. Tli" foliow mg correspondence has pawed bet ween the City Inspector un-1 Archbishop Hughes, with reference to the regi-try of marriages in the Catholic church MK I)KI.A\ O TO-AltClllllsllOl- HCOKM. Cm IaseacTOK s DreaarMK.-rr. \ ktv York, April 1,1940. ) T<> tbf Most Rrrr A RCiiRtsHoe Hcohf.s :? Sir?Your attention is earnestly directed to the follow- j in# extract of a law of this Slate, entitled "An act to mend oil act providing for llio registry of births, mar- j rtawAC an/4 staatliC " ruttaaiitl Ann! 9 IKJi.1 Extract from the statutes. It shall be the duty of clergymen, magistrates and other persons who perform tho marriage ceremony in the City of New York, to keep a registry of th* marriages celebrated by them, which shall con I a in, as near as the same be ascertained, the names and surnames of tho par- j tics married, the residence, age and condition of each, j whether single or widowed, and to report the same on or . before the ttrsl Monday of each and every month to tho 1 City Inspector. fee. 7. Every person who shall neglect to comply with, | or violate the provisions of this act, shall forfeit and pay j tor each offence the sunt of 800 As the chief officer of this department, it is my dut< to ice that the provisions of this law are complied with, md any omission or neglect to comply with the ?'i!l compel the enforcement of its reqnirctncnU. Very respocU'ully, your obedient servant, DANIKl. K. M2.AVAX, City Inspector. AKCHannor UII.IIKS RKTIY. Naw York, Mav 36,1860 Pir?It is l>ut within a few day* that I received vour communication, dated 1st April of this year. I would ben leave to say that nothing Is left undone in the church to which I belong which is not in liarmony with the bc?t interests of society. Persons purixwing t<> be married are published in tlielr respective churches, on different public occasions, previous to their matrimonial contract. Every precaution la taken to guard against the domestic iniquities w hich ore too often sanctioned by other official officers of civil matrimony. I have therefore to say, with the utmost respect, that many eases haveoccurrisl, and are still liable to occur, in w hich it is for the Catholic priest to remedy privately tho evils which the corruption of morals may have entailed, so fur as any remnant of private conscience is concerned on the part of the delinquents. But I l>eg to say, once for all, that unless under coercion, 1 shall never betray these or similar weaknesses o fallen human nature, when it turns tin m th" form of I*niteiice. II' the State appointed a salary for clergymen to jierfortn marriage, or any oilier religions art, as its ollicial agent. 1 ran understand that the State might linvo a right to inquire into the manner, time, circumstance*, \t , of such act, and to hold it- agent responsible to its Inn -. There nut) lie those who wiii admit the obligation, in the absence <*t these conditions, to render the State an account of their stewardship Hot I hog leave to say, w ith the utmost rc-|MH't tor aN human legal authority, lliat I tun not one of the number, lam prepare! for a prison, or for a sea Hold; but I ain not prepared to obey n rcquiflition which would violate the obligations of my conscience in a country like this, in which it is .-aid that civil and religious liberty U the right oi ever) citizen. Very re&prctfull) , your obedient servant, + JOHN', Archbishop of Ne* York. Damm. K. P>:i avam, Ksq , City lns|s-ctor. uk mxava.% 10 tiia olkcohttlov, Cirv IvsHicroK's I b.c.utTMVM, \ Vs,w York. May iM, 1H00 j Ho*. Oukj.VK C. Bronsox, Counsel to the Corporation :? IUur sir?Hir|ose.| is a copy of a letter lroin Archbishop Hughes, in an-wer to a communieatlon from this department, railing the atteutkm of minister* of the tiosl?-l to the law which requires 01 them to report all cases of tiiarriagi*s solrimii/'sl Uelore them A copy of such rommunicaliou i- lierew ith enclosed As I liave complied with the requisitions of the law, I wi-h to be informed j , bi vimi, as Corporation Coumel. whether thore is any ex- I ctip'tion allowed by the act inch cases a- those referrod ' to by the Archbishop, or at nny case whatever. Wry le-pecifully , jutir olx-dient IIAMU K pki.avax, City Irnpoctor. I Jl'lKiR BRO.VHO.X Tit TUK <1TV l?/KCrOK OWid I'ocxiwi. TO Ionnm^TK)*, May 'it. 1860 Si*?1 liave your <?f jrwlmlajr, with lh?- copy of n letter tr> you from ArrhblNbop Hugh declining to fur inch the CHy Inspector with certain Int'irui it Ion concern nit; the marriage* oelehrated hy him m tin* city. In an awer to your inquiry, I lwve to cay that the ?t*iutc* in ' question (law of 1&47, p 147. and lHod. p. 107) nnke no i-urh except Kite- mm lhu?,< which are uieul umed or alluded to hy the Arrbhtobop The. n|iply to *11 clergy men und ?il in u ring'-* n> Hi.-- * I. Ite-ix- Hull. * urkkxe C. UKON.-ox. I To no. C'rrr Inni-ruH mk iwuiav TO TUK AR( mhi-HOr firr IxmntcroK'a Itrv irtukvt, 1 xkw vowk. M i) m 1*60 f HM<i*.tr* ARciatrtnor Hi i uicm ? Si*?I'pon the receipt of your letter of ih- 20th loot , I tuhinitted the came to the Corporation Counael, w ith the accompanying note ? (See copy, hereto annexed, dated May 28 I860 ) To whiih I have received the follow line reply :? (See copy, hereto annexed, dated May 28, 1860 ) You will therefore nee that a compliance with the etatotr become* imperatively necewry ; and ihnM Nth ! compliance not be tnnde, I plutll have dux-barged my duty in placing the matter tn the hand* of the ri-cogniiod autboritiea. to act In the preintwei om they may deem propei Very reapertfigh . .our <.l>e,lient servant, PAN1K1.K IHU.AVAN, City Inspector. Tmt Titan co.MJtai. To hr prtavax. Xkw York, Jane 1, I860 To Damti K. IVi-atas. Fj?q.,Clty Inapeeior:? f*R?Your letter of the 3Ut ult. to th-- Moat Rev. Arch hiahop Hughe., in reference to marriage-. h*< b.-en duly 1 r.-? . iv ct Tie- Mo..t Re. Arcbblahop abaenl from 1 home for r few days, hut I have no doubt that he will ( reply- u.? eoon a* he return*. I deein il my duty to ac \ tamtM|t tie- rot - pi km letter m hi* ab#coce. Very , respectfully . your obedient sertaut, W'M starrs. v. 0 tin AKrmuMtor to mr. hkiavax Xkw York, June 9. i860 Sr*?On my return from the s?uth I Und your eonirnaii .1 '. 1 I mai in h former I'M' I, ll I"' II I- IK 'I l>\ .1111 111 Mil .'III aimed e*rrpt an explanm ion I h?ir no wtnh to claim, either in my own name or In that of tlx- rellgioua 'immunity to which I belong. any egr-ption from the tow* of ttw Male or oi lb I'ntnn H iwwlw, thmfbtn for tin Corpiwati >n ftrnwil and yowrei If to proceed in the matter a* It t? rtOoln-il ii|?>n vmi to tin by your Mlh of ullKt, Very respectfully. loir obedient H'Tlut, | JiiHSi. ArrhlH-hop of New York. iumki. v.. fkuvax. V><i . City Inspector. tm? ntr laamton to /i tk.i km .\ .v Cm Lorn itn'r liriK'ti ?r > Nkw4'o?H J > IS 1Mb / Kn GMinr T (Vuii-el to the Owpoiatioii:? I Win Sin?Nome ilnntd haa lug been r\pr. -.1 whether the penalty ran he enforce-! airatnd elerin in for not re cording in llit* idti-e man laif retebrnle.1 by i.inn. pur euant to a tat nte (law- of 1 Sol!. page 1071 I t? Ml han'e to r.-qor-t > mr op inoti n|ioii He-mliyei t Very n-prctfiilly. tour obedient servant. PAMKI. r PH.AVAX, City Inspector. jr !*.? nnoa-oa'a urti t. Omn Cot MOii to ConroKiTto.* Jane 13, 1VW. To to* Cm IarrKcroR:? In nn?wer to your note nf thl? itate, 1 hare to aay that the M.irri;igr Regndry not nf 1*63 lutpoaegpertain duties n;?in 4*cl?."gymen. magl-lrate* ami otbrr peraona who I erf. -rm the marriage ceremony In tlx* city I Sew York." and Inflict* a penalty upon "every pcr?"ti who shall ne glert or refuae to comply with, or violate tlie provtaiona of tin* act." The law makea no distinction between elerev men anil other person*. and 1 ?ee no rea?on why tlie pennfty may not be enforced again-1 any nun who tran*. gins** the law, without regard to hi* calling Respectfully , jourr. f.RKKNK C. BRONSON, rrm Mail Harm lit Albany. f?nm the Albany Argn?. June 1* ] Tlie soyefeet hall storm that hae fallen In llita vicinity for yenre, t leiled our ctty'between four anil live o'clock }' "tenia) afternoon I kirk, heavy clood* moved rapidly Irorn the anwthwrwt. an<l hung low'orerthe rtty for nearly I tall an hour. Klral great drop* of rain f?ll Th-ee were toon followed by a heavy storm nf hall. The hall-tone* fell, a? It were, in perfect ehi-et*. covering the-treetaand !i'.t tiitifv ill fi rt nit lswvtl it i.? to tbo .!?? ?. . , k_.# > - - "i ii.m mi ini n The battel)*)-* muffed In *1*0 front a p>w to tho target valnut \t union*and *k> light* woro bnkrt, nnd a niun boo of i?nlnf? Ml from ihotr fa-t-ntnr- wotghod down br the Ire lint aerninulnted upon them brotn aotnof Um-*o awnluga btuhel* of hall might hn> been er.thofxl lt?e gard-oa throughout (ho city nitlhred aeverely, Tlx- foliage vol fruit waa beaten to tin ground. iuxI even the limb* |?orr Cut off In front q?t ititie by tlx- hull. Tlx tree* In I ho pork*, nod the bade tl*o? .*1 State ntroot nnd M'a'hingtnu aroma, wore thu* danvigod n*?t)b-r.ibly In maay of tho garden* tlie tree* and Iba rrnpe vine* were ?tripped id all tln-ir fruit I'uUowtaig tin' lull, the rain i enured d-wn in torr?ffit?. mid the Mr u l uting to Ihe Kioln iwowi 'od tbr npjawraiM oof rwidli o ?tr>'im* Heavy ' I where. nnd everytblug el-- laovaMr IImI ii tpperx-d lo | bo lying on tho rarrtaffenay, were aw -pt away, nnd In tuttit place* II* pan tiv-utn w< rr uproot I tlimi doe* am often oernr. nofwlth->i*nd<ng ihegererlty 1 id (la- -torn.. It war hot Ml at all tt We-1 Albany. point within lt?o oilbn of tho bear! ?if lb i ly I'or two or j three minuter a ati-eng w ind prevailed there, bat no had I or rata. I Saturday aroulog, too, a mai wotmm? *howwr of rnln l Maliiffilf nlbyif IkrHaMffilNi thi? -itjr a? for ' I o->tii 1> ao Hagffhkeraeie. The rain foil an hour or two, l>u I It did not rxtind three mile* neat of tlx- nvor. Caltrd Matrt Dlafrlet ffttnrnoy'i OMre. tmniffttioa or rite A?*i*Tt*r r*irn> stira* m*trrt ATtowwrr*. Mr Cteartre H Hunt. I ho fir-t Aaalataat I'nitad State* I> drict Att-dney. Iia- eeat In hi* tv*?fgu?tN* to tho Hon. , J J It * -o.rlt, which ha? Mt aCD*ff?od and Will taka ' o t>? t f ,m t'd l*t of July ao?t M- Mint, during hi* n-.wiatton w th thl* branch of tho t'mted State* depart t. nt ba> lod a aoond knmrtrdgr of ltx? law, and rv.n od t. <t ultra ?itti befitting twwrtrry. .l-idg Ikawo , \oh lu,. txd ?* yr! namod tho ?nre?e?nf to flu tho raoanor r -d -d br Iho' re* 4nullita of Mr llunl Mr Jam-. J. j f fill iff A tant T> -trlrl Atl-win" , Who ha* had the r na 1 - of th ? depart i- -n? tin-' o ht* rharre and liaorowd t?al n tatth hhil ty.* t?a tie- |?l of JUNE 19, I860.?TRIPLE ARRIVAL OF THE ARIEL. News from Central America and the South Pacific. The steamship Ariel, Curtain Miner, urrivod at <b > |. Tt yesterday Irom AspmwaH, whence she suilis! ou Me* 9l ii inst. Oar Pauimii ( orrmpondrnrc. Panama, June 8, ISdJ 1' ogrcu of thr RrnAutvm?Th.- Disajfectot Slato Throtlrn to Vtclarr War?Mosqurra \jminalnJ for thr !*rr*i Unuy?Thr 1'anama liaHnxtd?Ana. Sent from I'eru? &uicidr of an Amrriean, <fr III tea Irom Bogota are to May 16. Congress adjourned on the 14tli. It wru.- thought at the capital tliat the modifications tnaile in the Kl-.-cliou law would bj satisfactory to the disaffected iSUlea, inasmuch as the Sen utors and representatives in Congress of the liberal party had recommended to those Slates the acceptance of the law as muddied. But by res-cut advices from the States of Mugdaleua and Bolivar, it appears that the law Governors of these Stales have culled the IiPgislat.ires together end submitted the question for tDeir consideration. They both take strong ground against the law in its present shape. The Governor of Mag dalena. in his message, says:?'-The President of the Coo lederation is making great preparations for war, and is . ctively recruiting to incroaae the army, and some of tho Mates, judging themselves threatened by these measures, ?re preparing to enter into the fratricidal struggle, and are arming and organizing their militia." He convlu los by recommending a declaration of war agaiiist the federal government. The Governor of Bolivar in equal!) belligerent. He says:?"The federal Congress, acta,ding to geueral opiniou, lias placed the states la a position to ( boose between ignominy and war." The State of San tander, it is believed, wilt ul.-o soon array itself Against the general govern rn' ti', which, with Chuea, now in an artual stale ol rt \?>lt, will make four out of the eight State of 111" Confab-ration wiiich, it is believed, will soon !? in open hostility to the government ut Bogota. Notw ithstanding these like demon (rations, the pursu te men of the country are exerting tliemselves to prevent a revolution. No one is more actively eugage.1 in line laudable undertaking liiau <kn Herran, late Mln*lcr to the Tuited States riiere ari* others again who believe that |>e?re can be*t lie promoted by bringing forward On. Mosquera. the head and IVont of the revolutionary party, as a cuudidaf tor titI "residency. A niove in that direction has already been made at B gota, the Senator* and represent itiv?*s in Congress from the Slates of gaalindi-r and Panama I laving actually nominated him far that office. Among those w ho are prominent in this move mcnt is Senor Manuel Me.rillo, who h?j great influence n mi mi' ii.n-n.i pel The election is to t ike place during the present sum mer, and upon its ? lit depends whether the revolution shall be rontluued or discont mued. Should the liberal party succeed, It Is believed that peace will be re-established; but should it be defeated, the probability is that the revolution will be a bloody and protracted one, mi leas (ion. llerran is chosen President In that rise nil jairtiea no doubt would ?cqnie-ce, an hi> well known prudence would at once inspire cotilld -nee aimm; all claasea in the stability of the govern nrr-iit S-uor Nunez. Senator front Una State, in a communication which appeared in the 7Vm/?o, of Bogota, ISth May. Htatea that th? (tarty who lias offered to pur chase of lite confederation ita reversionary rights m the Panama Kubroad ia the ageut of Mr. Ainhroae \V Thomp son, of New York, who has authorized a larger bid to bo made than the railroad company. S nor. Nunez lurther says that he is not unwilling thv the Governor should pari with the re- i vod rights m the road, prouded the company would a i lie the pay inent of the national debt of New Urmiauo. The public will be the hi tter able to appreciate his modesty when told Uiat the national debt of this count n amounts to forty Iw n millions of dollars Gen. Mosquera has recently recelveil a supply of six hundred muskets from Guayaquil, which leads to tin* inference that ITeaideut Castilla, of 1'oru. who tl*d prt i tousl) sent the name arms to Kcuador, I- aiding aad ubctling ilosquera Sr. Jose Obaldiu, Governor of the Slate of Panama, has just made a publication in w hicli he condemns the course of Gen. Mnsqiieru in au ayiug himself in open hostility to the l'deral government. Sr Jose Maria Airman ha- recently been ap|>ointeJ Vice ( MM I I'llr Kn at tins |Hirt On the lam trip of die steamer S mora from San Fran risen for this port, a Mr. J. A. Bushnell jumped overIsiiird, iu a tit of Insanity, ami wan druwni>d. lie leaves a w iir at si Man Mm4, Mm mk Tin* I'niti'd States steamer Birunae. Capt. Ritchie. and More ship Warren, Incut lloylr commanding arc (till in |wrl. Also her Britannic MaJeMy 's ah ip Clio Oar Aaplmwatl CorrespwMStence. Astivwau., June #, 1M0 Arret! and Kteapt < f lh' Second ZV?hntatlo or Snbititutr? Beiligrrmt M,r*a>/r from One of (he Duaffeeted Goner wori?American Minuter?Great Hitliard Match, dc. You are tsware that in New Crauada, instead of electing a Vice President, tlie Congress designates three persons who are to succeed the President and each other ia case of death. k> . and who. from that circumstance, are termed designa-lot. Weil, the dcttgnado tecundo, Seuor Vicente Cardenas, arrived in Carthagena some tiiue siuce, and immediately took passage in the sloop Car lot la for Aspinwall. While on board the sloop be incautiously ielated that he was going to the United States to purchase arm.-* and amuiuuilon for the general government. The sloop, owing to continued calms and want of provisions, was forced to put back lo Qtrlhagena. Some friends of Kielo, the Governor of the State of Bolivar, heard of the matter, and the result was Kleto arretted the detionndn, Cardenas, but after war.Is allowed linn to remain at the liotiso of tlu> American Con-ill. Mr Matlm-n, however. refused to be re sponsible for liis safe k.H>piup tJovernor Niefo immr dtatelv plar.-d funb around the Consul's house. On the ii in hi before tlie British M?amcr (tailed. Cardenas managed to v-cape by cutting through tie- wall-of s-vcral uei0'h leiriup house-, and arrived her- on the Prince. (Joyernor NieU). on the 31st o lad monih. p?hli*h.*d awar tu' -sage, or at least a document of a very la'lltgerent haractcr, in w Inch be condemns all the art*'of the g-meral pmmnt, even the last in.xlilt< it i->ris of the i l.s tuMi law. and holds forth In tht* wire ''Nothing now re naius for a sovereign Mate except abj s t -ulimi--ion or urmeil resistance " When the Prince sailed a drcUratkm of war was bathed forward to hourly. Our Minister. Mr .luss, In mi In* way down frout Bo (ota. haviug oUtaliMst leave of atmenrc A (treat match of tdlllarit?. 3 000 (mints np. wan plavest here on the "ih, b< iwes-n Judge it, ting* and Henor M.?.l oich for tWM) a tude, m which the Jud.;-' was victor by lllli three points. Me hat. hn.l set . r.if death* latclr. On tin- 231 of Mar Mrs- lam tee Blus-eau, w if.- oi J. J. Woodbine, ant Anc.-lk) Ramon. of hiew York city; ou the 2llh. Philip .Miller, of Xew York. Ut" hnit-w sin on th Called Mlsl * steamer Hurnnni-. on the Nth of J me, ll -nrr Burnt. of Krwoee. the name state, A. P. lire eg, of lirun- a Ink, Maui.*. We have the C tilled Mate* ship* Hi I/mi- and Halnne iu |*>rl. The fstrmer li-ave* on a roving erui-ss- thin evening a- tomorrow Hhc intend* visiting all the pnn.i(>al place/ in the Windward 1-lauds, and iben prod-?d to IVu -acohs to await orders. IEW8 rioi TIC 8CHTH PlCiFK. Panama, June *, 1440. MunUr of a .Murium ry hy /n H'rrrJl- of ax A mri can l'?y(?FrmrK Ihfflmlty Wtlh Ptrn?Soliritt tad I'cnt?Docrrr of Aon /n'ercuirr?. 4(, Tlir Fnt:li?h ?teamer I.una with dalea from Valparaiso 1<? the 11th of May, and t'allno 29th. arrived at tht* port <in (lie 6th tart. She brlngx $.127 000 m it?\w f.?r Kurip} The new* by ihix arrival tx nnimportaol. * en it.*. vMmvrth moortumr?orncut-utirw*Kg?tvau* ?ra KM Tlio intclltgetp'e IVom this republic ?impty am cinlx to a continuation of the afluouut* already forward..! with re gard to the rich mineral <4rvclop-in-nix an* pen ral prosperity of the country. TherO tx no rhxnro to note In a |~>lltl?al or common il point of view Th-i country remain* tranquil, an.I i-vnry bran, h of industry tx pro.|?r an. Chnx S Rand ha* roeently been appointed by Mhtlrtcr Rigler Secretary to the flitted Stxt. - Ix-gxtmu at Santiatpi. Mr R fhr acre ral year* pact lw? b.?m .-nnecti-d with the I nlled Stale* <toti?ulate at Valparaiso ax clerk Mr Ktrhard Alxop, "t the honxe nf Al-op 4 Oi . a rntnt m?n highly reaper ted, died at Valparaiso <xi the 17th of May. letter* received at Valporawo, via MaMevldeo. from Stanly Hay. Malvuui'a Island -. under dale of Mia h Id re |?rl the h*a at xca, xome 120 tnllea frotn that place, of tlie American alilpRra Ranger, bound from Liverpool to tMn Kranciaco. Tb* ottrers and crew and pari nf llvcargo were aaved. Accounlx had alxo been riceli I at Valparaian that the Krnc-an Indiana bit a ir I the xrtanner Allen tianden ill Wool)a Ik-aglo Pa-wig-, and had murdered the captain, the of the crew ami a taba lunar y, ronr. twa ntuxcw mtrann. Tlic long pending dUDrulty between France and Peru |x ''tpr"" '1 m have been amle.tbly xetiled. th>uh nothing . lm? pub! ]y tr?;i"drcd a? yet touching the deuila of lhMillramit I have In ad\ lh' "-p-nx >n nf gu inn charter* foe the fnlted Stxl< ali.t Spain, Including Havana It ap |x-*r* lb*t Mr- ?. it< havr ctmrbrcd a large quantity of tonnage to arrl at fallen In all of the prexoiit tear, and they will proi'xu not a/xm open their charter llet for four or Ivr aaoutho. not.tvtv. titratn or ixTwao-t a** wmt natr On the 14th el May lb- Pre-.hntot IVIn > - i? l a decree of tn-n mtere nr?<- w lh l-ern. to taV- -fT on the l-t of Jute This I* believed to be preliminary to a d-> loratton of w ir tf htwtilll.- .lionld lake place betw en til.- - two nati-m* the Peruvian* would probably b- l?a ten. a* .n foimer haltk*. A project - talk -I of open ng a road to Paraguay rr vn??. Tlu-ee t* no new* frixn this Stale P.ea Franco c-wi t noea to p<rt fy Wnayaqnlt. In e xpert at .on of an at'ack it xru t.en l1ori-?,ah I* known to hn.r eapt-ncd tic canoe 9f lis- tJoRo J-uta SHEET. SEWS FROM CESTBAL AMERICA. | Oar Panama Cwrmpoadrntr. Pax tax. June ft. 1M0 The Panama Railroad Company's steamer Guatemala, iruni port* in (outrai America, arrived at this port on the 4th iuM. Her dates are?Guatemala, 26th May; Salvador, SCtnii May ; Nicaragua, 1st mat.; and Coslu Rica, Ifll inst. h"i cum*? consisted of 229 seriems cochineal, 106 seroous iudiso, 3!'" lutgs eollbe, 2,6eft lii'Wvi, ftft bale* deerskins, 86 bale- >imI i rubber, 0"J packages augur, (in cans balsam and ivO.OCJ iu upocte. Tie uew? by tins arrival u of but little itn;KX-taace. ULATVJ?\l.A. This republic continues quiet j Owing to the heavy* raltvs of last full and th" u a usually C>ld weather during the month of March, the cochineal c i op w ill be verj buck ward, as well us short, this year. BALVAPOR. TMU.V KCHHKK COYTKACT?ROSC1TVJTT The government has granted to Mr. louts Sc bless: tiger, Of filibuster notoriety, au exclusive privilege for one year to extract ludl.t rubber from the trees situated on govern mem lands, alia imposed a WT oi mo nouars a quuuai INI the India rubber extracted by privalr parties I'rum irfw on their own lands, which is to tuure lo his (rirhlcasinper's) bcneftt. Tlte ronditiuo imposed on Mr. .Sclilessinger is. that he is to publish Tor the beaettt of the people of salvader an explaiialiou of his Dew method (or coagulating the milk of the rubber. The President of the republic was on a visit to La Union, and whilst there he, together with a number of the c It liens of that place and Sun Miguel, were, as the guests of Captain Dm commander of the steamer (iuatemala, enlerUtlued ou brard hat vessel u ith a sumptuous dinner. KIOARAOUA. kxi-Ecnni Rmunourr ra ti . orrxttjtol net with halvadoa. It is reported tltat President Martinez, of this republic, is almost Mo d, mil tt is thought that tie will have to re ttre Irom oila very soon in consequence. All commercial ini-rocuis.- b-dwvu Nicaragua and Salvador, through the gull of Von-m, has been suspended by order of the President o! tlie Utter -republic, caused by the publication of cecum article's of uii abnsivc character In certaiu newspapers of N tears ragua against the Bah idoriiu government, and the rWU-al d the l*r<s-idt . ot N'icarag'ta to pnuisb the publl-hers, m deuuuided by the President of Salvador. COSTA ltlCA. J! la reported tlut another scheme La on f>s?t to over throw the exl-ti .i! g uruuicut und to piace in ;??w tenor Manuel Morn, or Uier o! the ijito xrt%, leiu. u wtU probably be frustrated. New a from Australia. Ol'K I'iMMi COKHENPONDKNCK. PiXAiu, Jun<- 8. PtOO fljes Jdandi Anncxeito S.ujlam!?St-am Lifrom l'j,u ma to .S'vriaey. <Cc IntoH igcnce lias bien rcc^?. -J at l'anama from A us trslia, via Callno, that the English government < opted the tender of the Yejee 1-lands, made SOtue time aitX'p. Also that the province of Sydney had airr>*ed to raise the u Us illy from sixty thousand toaewnti Ave thousand pounds sterling towards the sup|iort of an'Knxtiah hue of stmmors betwci u Panama ami the port of Sydney. New* from Havana. AKU1VAL OF THE QIA1.KR CITY?MUKI. CAJTTHlin NECKOKO?anothkk QUICK PASSAGE. Tie United States nutil steamer Quaker City arrived at the lighUhip yesterday morning at Ave o'clock, in three day.- Ofteeii and a half hours, with news fiotu lia\ana to Thursday, the 14th, 1:S0 P. M. Tie Quaker City report* the weather at Havana flic and lite general health of the harbor aud city good. A grand ball was given on the night of the 13th lust., at I lie Summer Palace of the Quinta, in honor of the birthday of the Couutes.- Serrano, which was numerously attended, end jiassed ofl w ith eelat. l!e>>r Helm, American Consul General, has had from Washington hiu' of absence, and couteuipUtea sailing on the r,(Hh for New York. Tie sugar market is more active than last reports, and eur'rtiraging. Kock 290,000 boxes against 340,000 boxes same time last year. Whites, Nos. 13 a 20, 11 to 13 reals; yellows, Noa. 13 a 20, 8*? to 11 do.; browns, Nog. 10 n 12, h a 8>, iio.; in<?ui- -es, j ki o'4 rcajsper nog; ciayeu uud 11HW.Hado, 2,j4 loals. Freight-- arc somewhat hi tter tUuti hist rcjiort. Kxebaugca have been in active demand, and rates have advanced. Ou linnilon, 13 to 13^ per cent premium; Pa ria, >? to 1 do.; Ness York, to 1\ do.; N?s? Orleans, short eight, 2>, to 3 doOCK HAVANA COHWWPON'MtNtT Havaxa, June 14. 1490. Mart Srgrot*?Magmifoenl Serenade?Annul Gabriar frnm Mexic*. rfc. Tl?e rejmrted capture of an American chooser, w th 400 negris-s on hoard, wus ull right, except that the lak, rs were Spanish, and tlie cargo ha* been brought in by the war steamer General l/r> instead of carried to the oth-r aide by the Crusader. I, hovcier. the delivery was rather abort, which my be ? ' < ?r by returns from the interior by and by. A magnificent acr-.i ?a* g: -vr t f- > i il -* of 3in Antonio on the night of C?- l.'h t hutiUred and twenty musician* belonging hi r r iiWOb ditloMd In Havana and vicinity, the volant?rr? md engine dr. partment. Tlie grounds nf the gmnta were densely fl'led with the population of the city , and graced by ah the dignity? m l real?the wealth and beauty, that CM be drummed np for frolic and fun iu and about our city. The seetie was gorgeous, the es-ening lorely, and everything in liarmony w ilh the feast given to the Count is-- on her mint's eve. A magnificent supper was spread, at which as many appeared as the space permitted The Krone 11 steam alonn-of-wnr Olivier, Commander Bnser, arrived here from term Crua on the lrttii instant, liaving ou tmard the Kreneh Minister, the Viroviut do Gahriac. retiring fnim that port. Our new- from that qunrter n wor.-e and worse. The Britl-h screw guulsrsl Jasper, Cuumuiuder Pj inn, arrived ou the UtU fenn Vera Cru>:. to cruise in our waters The health ol Hi,am is good. Army Intelllgi- nee. By direction of the President of ib I'nited sut-?, a General Court is utdcred to C.isvenr at We-1 Point, N. Y.. thr the trial of such military fenders a- may be lirixiglit iH'foie il. t.iet. Colouel Joseph P. Taylor. !*iV MaUuee |V| .irl!U' 111. le di'i.tinti :? itockdi, uj i?pi. hmiri . glr?t artillery, la detailed a* Judge Advo t il" if Ihf Irrnrl it..- e >?un< .tiding offimr. Department of t'tah. baa or It1 t' . It K iiirt II i Mmond dragoon* v. Ith the headquarter' of lh- n>f un iii now at Camp I \ (J, I nun li I"| l.ui<i- I - Rw, in tin- Southern pari if Orog't for the latter protection rl emigrant*. The fP'-or In iummand i? d (reeled to pnniali all m-irander* unit Indian* aim may be found c<mi'nttling depredation* Tb' rofltomnd will Ik* (tirtn-hed with atx mo.itW proriI eiona, and will remain ou the ( .impugn for the kummrr end autumn A rod her command will be ordered from tb* Department of CtTfiil for the earn* purpnae, when both will hold mm mil nidation* wilb enrh other. |?.trolling the , Mill' ifiii iti-i.-int A- -iii in! burgeon Brrwf, Medical la-jwrimi nl, to aarigued to lb* command which leave* Camp Floyd. A leave of ?h*enee |w limn granted hy the War Depart mailt lo Ihe follow nig offlrm:?Lieut W. W. Averell. fur Ilia honed! of hi* hoaltli. twelve month*; Major W II. T Walker, Tenth Infantry. for the benefit of hi* health, tig month*. Pa.maeter K II lloynol'ta. four inuatha; Opt tin Mo .-Kurd, Fourth artillery, for the hero-fit of hu health, four month*. An exten*ion of leave for two ro-u'.Ui ig gran Iml Captain Steele. S-croid infant rv I ? Th? Oat Ntolstontr. TO THS HHTO* Ol Till WKW TORg HKUUD. Nkw Yo?g, Jane 11,1M0 Allow me to suggest one way by which we cua get rid, I in ? great tneaeure, of the copper rent* that eater ao l.irgely Inlo the currency of till- city. It i* Ihh that the city Piet lifltc* atop giving them out In the way of cliange, tiring only the nickel or new pent for Unit purpoae. If | am not rai?takrn, II t* tie r duty lo do so, an the art of fV'Ugrm* anthoriring the o>iii?<e of the new eent conlalne n plau-e antlmriring tie* ( ? *? of the Mint to re deem all mjiprr rent* with the new to*t?e. and In ITilla liolitli in llutt l.fivn ..rvI wntvto iwil ..f Hreuloll.toi ft U. I'lxi our ww IN?atma?tpr, will onW Hi it n<> ropppr rrnti lap |m..l out for any pairiaaw. tin- |ptia?r carrier- will s-ion rial the city of the cnpfaer |awrt of llii< milwn^.nnil, m f*?t a* Ihf'V areaitnnlate, Iher tun lar forward "I by ihp baax to lb" Mint ami exa-h?na;p<l for nitliel Th;? will ho vooir relief, aa the raapprr mi a "naaty" coin,anal probably ftanyrceaa uw> flint I mi" to orl r a auaponawm of ibr flawxl f new caate that are lunwalatina tbo country. A ? n ;-RKK Obltwary. Jmr? Bivx*. an okt puhltabcr nml patiuw, dteal In Phil* alPlpbla on Saturday In hi* ei?hty eighth yaw Mr Won*. My* the Arrffgr. w.?a a native of Ireland. ha?rn In Ihiblm In 17T2 hut entering warmly into lb.- political . agitation* of llml perlnat. he wa? tried O biyli lr.-au.oti nml uttering iwxMlam* language Acquitted of i hnrfa*. be came to Anoxia anal entefw?l into Hip n -w iwper burinem. ftn-l In Northumberland tlien in lltila* ?jel|ahia The Pmn^rafir /*rra? wax e-tabli-dind by h.!n, ami long*raitalned the detmaa-rnttr parly. e-pecially In the war measure* against nigtaual. In 1*12 He ?til??e quently. htawever, wn* faaamd on tha- aaihaT iatde. sustain , | mg the ynttnge r Adam* agai"-' lia'na-ral Jaa-k- an. II l?ili|ip? wpra' Ihaamnyhlar anal warmly parliaaan. anal a*>e at iho *rrre?1 n-Mil?ni? a* Item ral J*. k?*i w i* Mr Hiiin? Tha aaW a -aWn hnnalhlll" a|f? nni"nt l? n proaaf oflhe\|n letwe ami the lleem* which re*|ieftahtp ealltaar- ttvnight |irrfa?rtly haatliabla- In iwarl ?en warfare Mr. Rtnm! |w|arr tra<iuaall> defliHed ,h paiblic estimation an'l profit, i mil MtwWWll? h- obtained a i-aenml-assxi a- an A MoT' toau, whk U hr hrltl a hew while, and In wbia-h rapw-ily br war known ?a aan" a* the alila-at rtn.1 pairp*! a?f public mnglatmte* ' H'tin?' |* a standard hank a?f in strip than |aa ihe other Alderim-ll Hp WTotaa. alaaa. blown life an I recda-cttaim. Mr Minns waa a ?ai l partible yr:l"r..? nan ?a{ warm feeling and rt."1rwl prtnrtpte* ( allnl Hlalra 1 Irt wit tanrl. Ikf ar? Hon .lodg-dr if'ajr ItM Id ?11 -dranl Jury hnanslil It a ha mi la nf taui% bx ^ -rmpl^ted Ifcpir b?t- ?ay .real * I POLITICAL INTELLIGENCE. WtfBut Was Old xa*. Qi/kn??Tue bi.e'k racwdid-ite .- 11. line, we lietii li no . mimnifiLntiin, but Hie place of bj" Wrth, ikwI to jiTe-mot Hp I peai'MlCen, IS U Waller whi.-i, ,.. *?> eA?ilj reuch It I s dir&ctory adiustm.-ut. h w hUt -4 Uml be I V.X born in Klitabetbtnwa, Hardm comity, Kentucky, but ? aiiuouno-miut, tbc Lolil.-v.Ui- Dmmtcnt *?>.?, b? , li.?> denied in a lotte* to a citizen ot that place. A sketch Ii li bc-n taken of a log stabl" war the railroad di-pot < LoulaviUe, for out> of the illustrsLii papers of etin cay. wtii'-b i? claimed to be th" veritable dt'iiu la which Old Abe was born But this story has b?~a spoiled b> Wlln, (U th'- old.-st in Laro ( . .at; , 1 ly , vtbo a* aort, and challenge contradiction, that bo v? a- bom cm Kwb creek, about five miles from Hmlgenv'ir, in tuu county. Until same further evidence, therefore, U ml duccd to contrndictjthe last abatement. we tam-l i iinw ledge Knob creek to be the placeLaw por Coawucas.?Judg- >-'.i Law, who is ?b" deaa cratic nominee lor Congress in tl:.> l'r<-t d tit riot of In-liana, was in.1841 a candidate betor* the Logialature for thp United States Senate. He was tlii-n a WUmot Proriaa man. Th* 9r lorn rshabf..vr*rvt ?P. P Blair, Jr , rim* I lean, who has been awarded the sent in O'l-l -hh ta which the people of St. Ianilh elected How J. K Barrett, y m has announced his intent.on to resist at t'ac ciwe of lite . present session. Am iMDKraaniurr Caywdatv fos Covmo.p ?? Ark a* | sas?Hon. Henry H. Rector, ou of Abe Judge' of the Su ' preme Court, has entered the llet.) a- independent decaa ' cratic candidate for Uovernor of ArhAU.-a.-i, aga ast Richard M. Johnson, the regular nominee j Colfax Nominatw roR Rk-ZLUCTMM ?Tie Black RepobU ran Convention, rf the hintli dl?tr et of nil una Uare nominated for re -election to Coajrwi Hon. Schuy lcr Cot i fax. Cox.iu.o'Ton vi.NoMiNAros?(ten Jesse Inre tr has liem nominated for C ogres? in the Washington, Fayette and Green, Peun , district, at present represented by Hon. ! Win Moutgon, y l>*-ijci;.m.- ill AO rv Esttoy ?The ' published i'i P'irke count} . Ga.. has the following : ? tw Krirti.) lie' the ritizns of V. ayn'Wboro' and vicinity ' met, with '-.t iurteui of jwrl.v, an i In cool dcubem tiou. Willi' II \Ill"> prov- l -ii I I hang in efflfft the ten Georgia delegates who would not withdraw fr?'.^ the Charleston National Convention. Th"g were lwngwn UK- public streets, with the inscription I* bi-.ted on tin in. Georgia Truito V and while swung U> i th } were stone i and brick bat t.-d by the litt'e dnrkepn. their remain* w--- then taken out t i too Parad Ground and heiii; up *. ilie libi rty pule anil burnt to isiies; the ' cannot wv. ."uxloi.e time w :th the m >uth lr -.1 to thn ground, nf a Ik a of aubtni--iou on the i*ut ol the lele gate*. , A Nrw Po.rgn'ir. vo* rur PnnsmsNcr.?Tl? M.lirauke* Afws acknow ;? ithe reception of the followi.ig letter. Judged by the republican at.uidard, it must be aoknow. (edged that the gentleman'* claims for the nomination are ! good\ D.VRrwwn, 8 I860 Cuvrs?PI ..Cse for war 1 my name to the Mainmort Oao . vent ion as a curl Plate for its Pr ident 1 split rails in this State twenty years ago; aUo wora j leather breeches. 1 am sound on tin g.swe question (i*X) 1>ART. Hartford, Ww Board of Aldermen. Tu. Board met last evening. Alderman Corn oil, in Lira nhn lire 01 the rri-sident, ?iu called to the chair. A <onuni.ue .il ion was received from the Board of Si pet visors asking for permuuiion to erect the new Court House ou ground w ithin the enclosure of the City Hal I'ark. Referred. met nsr. or rmc boaw>?tkk ttTAim Alderman Boolk moved that, when this Board adjourn it adjourn to meet two weeks from this evening. HU rea son for making the motion was that several commltteea li.el iinjMirlaiit bi>m<s? to Ir mv l in the mratitirae Alderman C.rvKT wished In inquire if lb# reason wan the altendance of the gentleman (th??! ) and others of the eotumitiec on the "Ju|?n.-.?" He also deaired to know how loug their services would be required upon the "Japut," and if the Board could not meet this night week'' Alderuian Boolk said that it depended on circumManoes its to how loug they would be engaged w ith the Ambas sad *. it Would lie im|H>ss!b|e 1 >r the i enmittee attending on the Japanese Embassy to meet on Monday nest, as on that evening there would tie n grand entertainment given to these distinguished Ambassadors at the Metro politan Hotel. Aldermau C.vvrr wished to know if it would take much time to put the habditncnu of the committee iu or J* for Out occ asion. Alderman Boon thought it unnecessary to an* wer th? question. " > The motion was then put, and Iho Board decided to ras.'t in two weeks from this evening. in* crimPATios or mr. mrnm or jn.T. lHfiO A resolution appropriating the aura of >7 00# for the celebration of the approach'ug unuiversary of American Independence was unanimously adopt s| " Tlie Chair ap pointed a committee s \l B to tor to the arrangements Hie turn of $250 was appropriated to repair Catharine market. The sum of $2e0 was also appropriated to fit up drill rooms fbr tire Twelfth and Sevvuty ninth rcgueuu ovev Jefferson market. THK SertTRT KXLAMIKMKXT. Hie report of the Board of Cuunrilmcu respecting the Battery enlargement was called np. The report grants be privilege of docking out a iiortioa of the Battery to be New York and tttaten Island Kerry Company. Aldermau !*iaita rnov ed that tbe franrhl- b? g ven to , tbe Frrry Company, onh during the term of tbr present lease (four years). Tbe report m ho amended w*a adojdea . A communication w*? received from the Street Oota mtsetoner, awarding a contract for omcstrueting a.i area round tbe City Hall, to Joe K. Wat sou, for tbr nid K.Mi The award a a* conflruW After disposing of a rone id. ruble quantity of rontiav bualncM, tbe Board adjourned. Coroner*' Oflkr. H. iocin- ?t Yokkmixk ? Michael Flynn, an Irish car man, about Uiirty fire year* of age, residing la Wortb street, il* d at lo? Mew York Hoapttol yesterday from the i .'ret.; of received on bunday, tbe 10th mat , under tbo following Cirr imNtanow ?It appear* that decerned and a man uanv J Michael I .carbon, who bad been driak tag pretty freely all day, met at tbe bouae of a mutaal V friend. In Eighty third ntrret, near TV.rd arenoe. and there quarrelled over some trivial mstT-r. From w w.le the parties came to blows, and In lh. beat of the fight len-han. as It is alleged, picked up n pair of t ings and struck bis autagoniat a blow on tic b< ad, felling bit* to Iue ground Ely 1111 wo- f mini to be liuoi > n tbe rftrtl of tbe blow. and upou conveying htm to th" H wpi 1 11 the surgeon .1--. .ver. I lint lh- 1:1 r. I in iO's skull was fractured. Every at tent too woe |*id the patient; but be continued to fail from day to day , and died Ju?t one week after his admission, as already -ute.l lenrtmn succeeded In making bis escaoo InTutv tut* mutter rami* to the ran uf the po.ioe, an-1 al though he has been diligently fought aft-r, no trace of lilf whereabout* can be dl*ervered. A man nam"4 'i'lioioa* tfutiin who van pew til during the difficulty, wa* riveted on ?n*picion of being implicated in the tight, but tlicre did not *|>|*<ar to be any evidenei agaiuM b.m, and o be war dbrUnrged Coroner Cram hie wa* notified of ' the caar yeeterday morning. but for * ?' ruawti or other t the Ukiucoi ?? puet|nMK-d until lu lay fiM-i kail Cam or Setting.? R. becoa N<ahiug.- a married %antan, living with ber buaUutd in ToMb atreet, near avenue f. committed ruichir on ounday ino-ulng oilier what r.Mgulur etrcuiu-t lucer Ifct-a-cd, it appeared, fitt ? alb in# Av#f fli-rlem lh ?tth ber hugband ub'l two or ttirre friend*. when rbr fudibul.r t <m1 to a aland Mil1, and without anr prevwMi* wars tag preeipuated berra If into the r.vrr beneath. Tkc alarm be lug given, ( iplatn Wwter, of the Twe'flh prec net, ha?t men to the spot, hot l?efi?re ttie unlhi'tnnate woman could be rwued from Iter |n-rttniia pmotmn life wan found to be ixtinrt. Toe btwbaiid of decerned Cuw. l aw- ou no caiu-i tor lb" comm. !'>n of the r??h art. It l*triie flier hud n-H lived happily together g>r ?ee year*. twit he had not the l I .at Ik- m . c r i ? tile lie fttrlber eUled n rhort time prrvlou.-. to ley death. tho> had mme wort", grow-in-.- out of Mr Ne. Mitng'n habit i?l chew ing tobn?v?. Imt that the. Khould hare led to her determination to'coiinn.i f -ll de?(ritclioa^eeam rather itiraWtuMr flecca-ed ? *f rt? year* of ?ge, oi l a native of Itermowy t'oror - Arhir >vr ?e entitled id the ra?e, and held M tng?<-?i on the body ye*tor Jay \eidiet, "Ih-ath by rniclde ' A> l.tlViitt M,(v lot m> fhit i ?|h|i? body of uf hn- -r: m. pro , ihiy aft*d h tvui, wne fieivi deal in the I er.l. i orni r of I. glity Ibird rtrcel and t>yentii avenue. ? 1 Sundae mini The Unit wa? rmm *! I<< thf d?ad hnw j at frlme II npltil rpaVrdar. by order of t <>rn?irr J-wV man, in order that ihc frlendr tnav have an opportunity j nf kirntifySfi II. Death la ? a|>p.--<-U t<> have toon ca nol by iiilom|?Tm.i-c. biomdi IliAm.?tn Andr. w-' farriafo fltrfnry. fv-j?r of "lii.dMi-iiM n:id JiJitU t. t? ? l i Ati i1 * - ! V Km * Mry Ml dead ye*t"rd.<y nhfle entnxed al boatnoM. "Pi# Coroner x?ae not!a~d to hold an infta**! MPS lb" Valy l nllr4 MtIM District (o?rt. Before IIo?. Jn*r* Betle r?iK i. an row orrin Mraixsariox. .Ira* 14 ?Ik 'W kmdee ?/ fke I nH** .<**>*t m. /*?.?; V ( Anrtrr. U~wty Vm m?* GeeMn.f a Cmm^r ?Tie Unite* State* UirtrWt Attomay (e* JtHl*e Hooaevelt) a.ibmtled Ut the (Win the ortf *?' bond, exocotedf>y ttie d fend ant* to the government. for 175,000, and asked foe for th< r Una*- t" examine lite pa peer and atterttn* ? turn**. R* jttd?e Bmum relied on Ihe pari of 0"or|re l*w m I Gtadavu* Coanrer. and the Court reeorvad It* <J?cw xi ? j ( art Calendar?Thla Day. Kraar?rr Cnrtrr?nrrnlt ?fan 1 ? fo. M, aoo fas, 4.TP and II addrd to Calendar for Monday. Fhrt 2 ?308 478. HI 283- and 212 add'at to Calendar of Monday Srmn;..a Cot at?fart 1 ? Mr* 47T. 471 475 S3 423. 407.4*1 ?op.404.407. KM. (Ml. 4421, 44T 41H. Ml, MM, t?. 1* 407. ?* :*? ISA SO, SI.141 #31. 313,211. INrt t ?V?V 010, 144. 10. 444. 416. 414 '.JO Hit. 424,4?. 42a. 4fi*i I -ntr> Saarv 'h*ra4CT Ok w ?N * U to 33

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