Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 19, 1860, Page 5

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 19, 1860 Page 5
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'? ot ||M Karntan unit D?A*>??r? ay lUUroad. Be opt* .of of tie RaraUu wad Delaware Buy Eailro.ui at proneul to unmnonicate between th.fl city act l/.ug Branch v?a Post Monmouth, und a connect Uk <>l a Uuuu of railroad aklog th?> Aliuttic shore to the Uuif of Hex>co, ui conjunct*'u with roads now in operation, w.ut (Mtuuliy cpoiitii ycaterduy by agraild civic and m.liury excursion. Ttie steamboats ?>p V,in W.ckleand the Alice Price, 1 intended to keep up the water line between Now York and Pert Monmouth, the lathir place (ho initial point f the now road, left ?be foot of Itobiur'on i, street yesterday morxinp at ten Ylock, with three hundred K'lentri aboard, in .tddil.on to the New York City Miu-rd, Cfcptain ManafteM 1'iwetl, which paraded to celebrate in Twenty seventh nani ternary and jnweooded With the ra road celebration lata t?? Long Braneh. After a ptrnni-mt trip i f twenty miles in an air lin* (town the harbor, the boat rereh' d Port Motia-outh. When about one Hiiio d .taut from the latter place tlio new long railroud do k over twenty time hundred Iket long was clearly visible, arid on it wag soeu the iron horse guyly dickod ?ith iags, streamers and flowers, and attached to a train f seven care. At Port Monmouth tha excursion party was somewlint augmented in numbers by tha good psoule of Monmouth county, who ara the favored people in this instance, by beiug'uroimed from a sort of lethargic atate of sUge-ooach and horse-express inaction, to awake to the experience of a llrst class ratik <g > rood. By the aid of additional cars and locomotives three j Y trains were mode up in the shortest possible time, aud in leas than twenty nunutee after the arrival of the steam boat from New York the excursionists wore roaluiu the n? mcutuat of tha first train over the Rarita i and Delaware Bay Railroad. As the trains passed 1 througn Red hunk, Shrewsbury, Kutnntown and ! Brand port, the villagers turned out in holiday attire, and with smiling faase, tlie beating of drums and the waving of Dags and other tokens of welcome, hailed the dawn of a new era to Monmouth county. the garden spot of New Jersey. The farmers 1 in that locality are to be great gainers by the railroad institution, uud our owu city in a groat measure will soon feel its benefits. Besides, the present terminus at Doug Branch brings the health or pleasure seeker on the verge of the bread Atlantic uccun, where nature rooU up ber feriny billows, flo hawing the atmosphere and freely giving forth benefits denied to the citizens of our crowded metropolis, while purwing their daily routine of duties. After a pleasant trip of twenty miles by water and lifteeu by railroad, occupying a little over two hours in the journey. Long Branch was reached; and hero was a grand ight; salvos of artillery greeted the arrival of the train, and judging from the hundreds of farmers' family wagons hi the vicinity of Congress flail, the National Hotel aud jfanslov House, it appeared as though every farm house in Monmouth couuly was represented. The City <*uord, which occupied the forward care, alighted from the train llrst, and were soon eu route of larch to the National Hotel, where they halted in front ?f the lawn, and stacked arms. The railroad guests passed on a little further to Congrawi Hall, where at two o'clock they sat down to the celebration banquet. After the edibles were dispensed, brief speeches, germane to the event, were made by Hon. tico. Bancroft. John P. Jackson. President of tho New Jersey Railroad. Henry D >osier, of Newark, Henry Mi rlord. Captain J. H Ward, of the United Stales ship North Carolina. Among other rouble gucci." wore PoNoe Oimmt** loner Bergen, Mr. Hanbrouck, deputy chief clerk of the Metropolitan Police; Hou. Dudley 8. Gregory, of N. J. and Dr. Torrey, of the roiled KUtcg Imy office. The excursionists, after enjoy lug the 'trip, reached "this City at seven o'clock in the evening. The Delaware and Bart tan Bay Railroad was incorporated in the year IBM by an act of the New Jersey I,rgislaturc. Its cash capital is one million and a half of dollars, with a floating capital of as much more. The por tkm of the rood inaugurated yesterday is but a portion of the road terminating in New Jersey at Chpe May, A distance of 126 miles from this city, pawing through thd jpoet important villages on the sea coast of Jersey. H will intersect on the South em border or Atlaniio county the air line rail r. ad to Philadelphia, and irtlna from New York to the latter place will before the Up* Pf another year be esUblished. The disUnce between to"?C cities by the new route will be a tride further than by thd CllBtdcu and Am boy route, but with these advantages quicke/ sppod can be made, and ten miles less of water travel. At Capd May the Delawaje river will be crowed for a distance of | twelve mile to Lewes, Delaware, where it will intersect another portion of thin road extending further on south for 126 miles to the capes of the Chesapeake, another ferrying for twelve miles to Norfolk, thus making a new coottnous line of steamboat and railroad from this city to Norfolk, a distance of 300 miles, 260 of which will be by railroad and fifty by steamboat. At Norfolk the road will be intersected by railroads already A operation to tno uuu hi Mexico, it is ronnuenuy expected thai by the nets route Norfolk can be reached from Um city m twelve ho ire. The work oti the Delaware and New Jeraey sections of the route will bo prosecuted with vigor during the summer, and it ia expected the rood to Cape May will bo Uinched in out year from thia time. T1IE NKW YORK CITY Ol'ARD. By a fortuity of circumxtanoe* the New York City Guard, numbering seventy six muskets, Chpt. Lovell, Tidied Icing Branch yesterday, accompanied by Itodworlh's Baud, In their new French scarlet cloth coalc, paraded to celebrate their tweuty seventh anniversary, and proceeded with the Raritan and Delaware Bay Railroad exrursioniau to Long Branch, their preaeuce adding great acUU to the affair They mustered at their armory near Bond street at eight o'clock in the morning, attired in their company inform, consisting of drab colored dress coats, tared with scarlet and gold ornamental trimmings, bear skin skako*. blue pants, trimmed with scarlet stripe, black enamel belts, Br. On calling the roll seventy six non mount* stoned officers and privates answered to their names, and four commissioned officers. The company line was form ?d promptly, aud shortly before nine in the mornmg they were m rvmU for the lamg Branch steamboat. The march eras down Broadway, In column by platoons, and as they passed the Metropolitan Hotel the Japanese city garst* were seen in every window, admiring, no doubt, the neat DOM in appearand aud the mechanism, witn *p ik, of the movement* of this company of well disciplined troo|?. During the march down Broadway wo remark.-d the tib one* of a feature which has lor a long time ntule this company and other* the ridicule of military men. we re for to the company tun. an lualltutioQ not legalised in the Federal or Mtatc service and a ro<*-t inutile apivudagc even If it wax Thia feature, we understand, Uas b. ? u abandoned by the City Guard. After the Guard reached I/mg Branch they, with them, aatdown to a bountiful dinner where song*, sentiment speeches. conducted with the utmost decorum, approprt ate to the anniversary, composed the ceremontea of the occasion. The Guard reached thia city at aevon o'clock last even Ing, In the steamboat Alice Price, ami w.ta received at the Robinson street pter by the HUP' Guard. Captain John- n. accompanied by find worth's second hand Both rnuipanM marched up Broadway and in wle a vei y creditable and attractive display i _______ The Virginia MsubUIm and WnUrlag Plaaeoo. [From the Rtchinnod Shqutrer, June 14. J We understand tl at the White Sulphur Spring* are tootingvery boautifnl now; vieitera aru arriving front the North and Soulh, and aoun a full compuuy am parted. Three from the North, who have never been there before, express wonder and surprise at seeing such a pie e; everybody has heard of Saratoga, few of the While Sol pfaur, and yet the latter far exceesla the former in bwuly of scenery, hi extent of grounds, and la un*or|>ur?xJ m the medicinal properties of ila waters. Why la thi?f Does it arise from the modesty of Southerners, or from the mdilfrrcure of its pres*, to the great "institution-. of the South?of which the White Sulphur is ooe? K-.r many Northern friends hare heard of these Its Uan villas, reposing In the lap of mountains, with a gush- ( lag fountain of health, whose abundant waters, if distri bated through the world, would be for the heallug of in UonsT How many of them hare hoard of a hotel, tho dining mom of which la the largest on earth? wh * | parlor la near double the sine of ''the let room'' in the White Huuar" of the President of the I'm ted States?bail room of the same liarf Where, in Amc 1 In, if In tbr world, will you dud from flflrru hundred to two tbouaand vwilrr* of th" *amr not ml, iuu-lk* tmil .m | , ppruiiMry jM-imm.' What w|*?t i? .-..rrouiid... I>; < fn.. .. brail h giving founUiim?thr Hwrrt, tbr Alum, lb" Warm. IV Hot. thr Halt Sulphur. Ib<- Rod Sulphur' ; Ttowr arr piaorta of thr Iral magmludr, with lb* Whitn Sulphur a* tlx- central nun Krutn tir anrtli. *h tt> | Orange and Alexandria Railroad. from the aoutli. ?..? tho , Otitrai. froru tbr anuUiwrat via tbr Virginia an<1 font). nee and tbr Central from fharkdlerville, tbr White fktl , pbur e?n br approach)*! e ilhia twi tity right inilra. IVnm < timer good aUgr*. reeling at night al Callahan*. atri I after a pieaxanl morning'* ride ut fourteen mile*, rem It , IV tyring* la two morr year* tbr trip ran he made i.tirr hv roll i Whrn tbr Covin*ton and (mm Railroad anall reach it < wratrm Irrmtnua, tbr Whltr Sulphur will have ton tho aaad vlritrro if tteexpaaaiou aboutt keep parr wltb tho public demand* If <mr I'nkm aliould bo prrarrvrd. m ftfly year* the I'nilrd Statca will bo tho fir*t pow.-r .?u t oarth, and tbr Whltr Suluhor tbr moot oak lir-trd wal- 1 tag place in tbr world. May many llvr to are Uh* pr ' diction fultlllrd. i Wr aprak candidly; and if tbr Virginia prr-a would bo l alivr in all IU m-titutiou* " It would anon br known througbnut tho I'nHtn that tbrrr ta a placr la tbr Virgin it j 1 mountain* not only the equal, but tbr aoprrior of Ian T. proprietor* of tbr Whltr Sulphur arr * par tag n.? . pain* or riprnrr to mak" Ttritrro oomfortablr. and although In a company of two thmtaand tbrrr will bo 1 complaint*, tbry will etrlrr t? prevmil any ju*t rmuw ?oml bread, buttrr, borf. mutton, ham. rrgrublrr. bt* I are aorrod op by drat claa* rook*. It will loubtlerx hi tho plrariirr of all thr employee to giro grnoral aali-f.o | ttaa, and what wr aay wr arr rttlirfled will juaUfappIr to all thr dehgbtlul watering plaoee in the mountain* an t ' other porttrma <f Virginia. j ] 1 *n?r Mart Tradr In Mew 1"writ?The Rlarrr Jmrphlar. tmmcn wtatm wanner <w?r. Brfbrr Hno. Judge llrtt*. Jrint Id ? /wiAe Matter y Uta AUtgrd .Vmrr JatrpKin, ? j Mr. fhmohnr, mi tho part of Mr. Jrraup. thr ownrr, ap , plied to dtarhnrge thr tcomI on giving thr u-ual bond* * IV motion waa oppoard by Mr. Dwight, and after aom i 1 dtarnaaion thr Omrt aUtrd that on tiling bond* whir'i I proved to br anlloiVtnry to hlmarlf and Ihr Diatrlet At j tomry, V would di* harge tbr rraarl Hr would look 1 Into the bnwda and tare a doeiaion in a few -lay*. Tkt Skip Wriaft ?TTiia rraarl waa libelled on lb* Cnf ihr rmtod Mater, aad tho iwaotor and crew wen I la ban tor nmumttai. NEW Y' The < ?Html Park Uvtitlga(lo*? CK0OM) MEiff.NG ?H" THK OOklfllWION?ruKSBVr ATION 1* THE CII AIMS EH. The se. <*?d meeting of tho Board of Cow mire toners app< in ted under a provtskn of the host Legislature to investigate the .-vtlairs of tlMCeutrnl Pnrlt was bold yentertUy afternoon -at M Exchange phtoc?the chairman, Mr. J. McLeod M-trphy, prodding. The minutes ef tbe previous meeting vers read and i adopted. She Svr?t*ry also read the eorreapondetwio j which pasond between the Chuiruuia aud I tie Central I'.nw : Commissioners, whem.ii tho Utter eipr'isted their walli iiiguees to give every facility to aid the investigation. llr. Jambs Hoots (one of the original Turk Commission i ers) prewar, oil eptv.iik: charges against the I'erk Coiuui > sioneis, V.I-M h were read. Attached to en -h charge Were the nume-of the witnesses. The follow itig is on enmii ! ration of (fee etiarges;? Tliat the d'otuiuiftsioners have heen guilty of dereliction ' i.f.l.ilir -...m - mIi.,.1iI.i ..i iii., tmalj nm.^.i.1 ........ ; item, tliew?by causing an unueo-sary ami extravagant 1 expenditure of the public money. That they have dopurteil from the original plan adopt xl | by tln m, attach was more preferable for many reasons. Ttuit they have caused much unnecessary work to bo done, such an bridges, 4e., ami that uinch of the nee sJ sary work was not properly done?many of the carriage roads, the I> wieuadc and oilier portions of the Park bar lngbeen graded and regraded several times. That the tunnel on the transverse rood at Seventy ninth street, wascutaix feet out of a correct hue, and that a w ill bud to be taken down and rebuilt. The walla also, w. re not provided with water vents. Tluil the grading of the road in many places i* so faulty that lliev are (Imsied w ith water alter a full of rain. That the soil was improperly prepared for the trees and was of a character deleterious to them. The plants, pruning and management of the trees and shrub-; ?>r also very badly done. Thut material for the Park has been purchased at extravagant prices. That the Commissioners have retained persons iu their employ knowing them to have been guilty of gross breaches of discipline aud trust. That a person in charge of the blacksmith's shop was convicted of permitting the material belonging to the Parte to be manufactured into knives, hammers, 4c.. by his .employes, by whom these articles were disposed of to thoir own profit. That a bookkeeper is still retained in their employ who kept a porter house and public garden in the neighborhood, which was the resort of notoriously bad characters, and where balls were given to which the foremen on the i*ark were compelled to subseritw on pain of dismissal. That the workmen ou the Park were employed on out side work not pertaining to the Park. That the Superintendent of the Park has employ ed li is time upon similar works elsewhere, though paid a suf th icnt salary, and required to devoto all his time ami attention h> the Park. That the Commissioners are unfit for the position they occupy, as none of tbetn have had any practical or then retical knowledge of their business, iiavo failed to up txdut the suitable professional men for the work, end have created othces in their Board not coutcmplated by the Legislature. That the plan at present being carried out will cost dl least four times us much as the one origiually adopted. That great injustice has beeu done the comjietitors for the premium planA by the Commissioners in annoiiD' ii.g the intention of expending one and a half millions io stead ot six mimotis,and in?i the puonc nave uecn gtv-iy deceived by the Utter course of action. That there have been collusion and tfuehTo '.s conduct on the part of some of tha Commissioners in their intercourse with their colleague*. That bribes have been offered by some of the Commit sionera to suppress evidence Intended to be given befm < the Committee of the Legislature on matters relatiug to the Park. That moneys have been expended by authority of the Commissioners for purposes which were of such a nature as not to allow vouchers therefor to be tiled in tbo usual way, but were directed to be suppressed. After the presentation of the charges, a resolution w.i< ottered and adopted directing the Secretary to notiiy Messrs Kobt. J. Dillon and Fred. A. Uouckhng of the sit ting and objects of the Committee. It was understood that these gentlemen had presenter private charges against the Ceutral Park Commissioners, before the Committee on Cities and Villages of the last legislature, and the Investigating Committee intend giv ing them an opportunity of repeating those charges Resolution* were also adopted in regard to the subpoena ing m* witnesses, and the obtaining of suitable rooms wherein to carry Oh the investigation, after which tho committee adjourned to meet at the Mine place ou Wed inrdny morning at ten o'clockSerioua Railroad Accident. A WHOLE TRAIN WRECKED OM TIIE BELLEVILLE. Ml).. RAILROAD?THIKTY PERSONS INJURED. {From the Rl. Louis Evening News, June 14 ] About liulf pant seven o'clock this morn in* the train on tbe Belleville Railroad coming toward* St. Lout* met with a serious accident, which was attended by grave injuries to nbout thirty jieraoti? The ac> ident occurod at Uart side's coal mines, about three miles Una side of Belleville, and was occasioned by the displacement of a nwitcil. The engineer saw the danger bctore reaching the spot, and with great bcrpisiu stuck lv hi* ?wt. ahi* tied dowu brakes and reverted the engine. Rtil the train was going loA ra yidly to be stopped. It now ran "If the ii .i kat tho displaced switch, and the locomotive, tender, bug,n* car aud one passenger car tumbled in a mrock Oman an on bank ment IHVen feet bigh. Tliere were about thirty pi'r sons in tbe wrecked car, the greater portion of them dele, gates to the Mate Democratic lonvnnlMin at Spruigricld. About twenty of them were injured, some of thoin * rtou*ly. The engineer. Rie?, was terribly seal.;. .! ,.\-er h and the lower portion of Ibo bod) by lim steam tlui escaped from the iu verb d I It C.. he cannot recover. The other person* injured were .1 is. Hill, badly burt; A. W Shook, severely cut; Collin* \"in I Clcve, badly bruised; W. II. Stewart, back seriously in hired. George L. Nruhoff, injuretl internally, Jacob Bailer, head hurt; Jacob Cbocbel, loft arm badly hurt; ?? Pld kin. cut in tbe face; Charles Schiichmun. bailly bruised; R. A. Moore, injured in bin side, Judge Snyder, rib broken. Others were le*s severely hurt. All of th<*? |ter*uns w-re citizen* of St. Clair, -ome of tbcin being t< identa of 11. lie vilie. The damage to the train mas about six thou:m l dollars. Wllllamsbnrg City News. Co\?rcJUTJos or a Jswish St.vaooi. a?The building on the corner of South First aud Eighth streets. Entern District. lately purchased by the Congregation IV-th F3ohun, was con as-rated yesterday afternoon by the nsual and ap propriate exorcises. The consecration sermon was preach oil in English by Rev. I?r. Raphall. A lecture was delivered In German by Rev. S. Gotthold, prayer* and song* by Rev. I* Steinberg and Rev. Julius R Kramer. A nmnticr si idle i dM nsktsdBsbrsw dlrlnss were prensntand iM.k i>arl 10 ilia arrvtcr* of tlio day. Ki< li aarvk-e w.i? largrly att.n<lad, and emit mtrrrat in the eiarcuaw m*a by those prwut. Arrival* and Dfpartnrti. arrival*. *t?am?hlp Columbia?Mlaa Ctiahman. V MM Iiatnal. Mr and Mm Haiann? and two rhildran, Mr and Mri T II Wairn"r. Mr and Mm II Taft and two rhildran. W t! .Ira nun, A Million, Mm W H Priuela, Xti M Pruyrla, Mxa H H Prinrln Mm W A Priiwl*, MmOCKntT and two rlaidr^n, Mm* K Pantletd, Mra Morrtaon. Mr and Mm t hlrbaktar. child awl nerranl, Mr and Mm II T Haldan, Mr and Mm W !?tn% u an, mo I'iuldrrn awl aamanl. J Hopkinaiui. Mr and Mm I K Mtlllaian, two children and aarTani. Mr and Mm Win M Mird. Mr and Mm <1II MWMlcion, Maatrr Middltunn, A R I ' R Roper, MJaa Mlddlrum, Mra W K .deiiklna. Mlaa A M, Mra Rogeraaad child. Mm BkaxiUbiU and two children. M .a Harrta. Mlaa K R Warner, Mlaa Chai.ln. Mlaa If Vulhw. Wr. T R Pw. Mr and Mra J H Hlla, Ilw A II linpnr, MM J ? Lnew, Mm (In Warn*. Mm R T llicka. two Mlaara Mid Hat .n. Mlaa L M Urayaon, Mlaa r Banned. Mm Turner. Mlaa Titrnr-. Mlaa A Infrlda. Mm llrrrtlut and rhHd. Mr and Mm tl U Unfxr. two Mlaaas Lane, W || lanr I> M Hubbard. J T Judann .;,?l lady, J I Kd*n:ton, J Grant, Mlaa J Roach. Vwa A R.?w h Mr and Mm Hrwt . ileri.ii and two children Mi-> A Gertd/ M' I'onanl and L(NM, Mm Hn.We:i Mi-? Mvlea. Mm laiyden and child. f I' Barken, J M Puiwr. J R Marto-th. T A Hotue-iin, Mlaa K Ileaaereat. MM M MkUWon. K If. nry, ? J Unlth. i H Brua Mr Ciithhart, Mm P Harrn) and cMm. Mm Rldrld.-a ' awl rhlld, J W I Inborn. J J Jnhnaon. a < arter, R J Tur.tboil R I. Hill, W Ward. J BenadVt. A SI Hiirm, 1 Reehrr. W llavcll, (J A *hc<i.n.f, J A K o'*r?. a II PWaeUe Rrr P J Jrnklna R Wadded. V Saner. R P Cole. P- iflllart. K II Aeery, 8 8 Vanrta, P Matthew*. J P.aie{.adu. > Miaua*. * Micholn, W Ilarrlnk. A Leiden T a Powell lb*. W A Pnu |la. C M Breaker. R An. ,4. J Mnrriaav. W W lliabrnw li If PiilTiiee. I' M Rnuford, T Adam* J M.?.ie, J Vradir, A Katun. Mra I^.Lkmp. J lib lh.nou*h W llmtivka, il 8 Mire, T llan iw?n. i' blowmao. J I. Guuaalea. P Arn oil T <""?>nr?er. If O'ratiaa ll Jordan. A I ulhtxrt. Maw A llnfei-a, and ?7 In Uia aleera ; il.v.v.^ao.m.k.1. O...L*. r...- V. L* r . ...... I-J- a hurt ran and two wrv nt? U Del idnntn. Win Gntarennr Kit. I W Win A1 re*. Count do Gahrmi'. French Mini* ler Plenipotentiary to Mount, on rmite to Fmnre- Connie** d* Gahrtar, two children and ono aerranl. Mtln I. Combel. Julei A I.lam* and Iitdy. II do Fi-rronl*.* Kara. T <1 K'tlaml, aife, and B?e children. P I Tliurobat, (<aialr?i do Vtllanei,. r* arid two aervant*. Mil* ft Pat radar Mm<- V Parrer. J T R illWma, I'anl I'erroitn. Ayu*t..i lot too. Kdord Huntley Wo > IV Itarrol. Mr* I, K Hall, T.N V.irarrn Kdwd Olllvrr. J.Jin f Harrloon. Ram*! X Adejor* <l?> lotumer, Aualrlan C.*i. t n Porto Kwo. Pmnet*ro Kuril Joan Roar II ami errant, Juan C WnneR and rhtld, Mlae Ponaar, n, and lad? Km new Po*?or and lad I J Truooor and lady, f and Wm TrneSet, Amltfam Vol rilna. ladjr and two ihildrru, Kd doi t'aatlllo and lady. Mr* Hi ion. Jtr. i'hf Mallhr.n, Miaa .Mallliriin. .1 din llirtm-k. I?k ind tltfc children Thn* Oiitnn. J<?eph Hraddrn and Pram ? Bernard, J lirnoage. Hetuumtn Price, Hamilton Jar >u?, B . lion A range. Jam** Model), .lame* P Fleming. Joae Vergaaa. ha* Rrevnne, Cho* Rdmlai"*, Al* Plrre, Rl-hard Mak>wney. I?mo (I Fuenter* .!< ? Mtinno. Akom Unbell. J J Rndiigttea. I do la l alio. J B WUaon, Y. H Heilow*. Fntnriaro Rrtilarbin. MS* I,nor Kdwarda. I apt Y Calm, fop' o'j.anlah ateamer* Tttan Barai I and lady. J"" R"t". Manuel Framed*. Jnao la l'a?tt!lnnn?. Pedro Hanjtroi Martin M.i*g, Aloiandor Rlaier? rmai. Km SaraauAn?Rtonnwhln Hmthnrflle?M A Page lad* and laughter. Mr* 1. Johaaon. Mr* Hen W.l*nn, w \ V wllami. \liu K?te|le Whltam* Mi** Nellie Martin. Wm it Cmahy. Ml** Mary llnmllton, Mr* R Hamilton, G A Madly. R S Uendrtrk i on. Dr V Bowen Manran, Miaa t tthbort M II I<ee, Mra M 1 Johnann R II Utile A A Train. .Ira how*ll, Thoa Hilton and lady. Mr* .1 II \ orho?*. Jewell, Geo Jatnea. Jaa smith. G W ! 'Yandall. R M Rwon. J i - irtnry. Mr* Cmirtner Mr 'Vvirtner. Y. M llndy ?. K Frerhoutgh. M t' Sliaw, Wm H*U. V R W. J 1? . Tan Volhonloirir n'li Deniaim, W I* Woodruff, 'loo Uwrlr, Fred Moyor*. M ?'<Tloy, P Klrtw.?d, t ?' Sander*. And Hrown. i Kapt R Cult*. Col K Ml J Jotioa A Richard Ann, Ml*a I, Hr?.l ley Miaa A t: Walfra, W W onnih, 11 Major. C Y Wtwfeldh II n (Mkotnan. W Afeldrr. W A thirl*. T R Clark. A Fry. W H Spraaoo, U M M< .Soar and lad*. A Mna?, P P Prenoh. M , I *ney/wm Ro.aria, A M< Hardy. Mr* IotoU and two t hi'Iron, H R Rlrhardann. and ?In the atoomttr Rirnnono, Ac -fltoam*hip .Irtneolown ?T J Ttminoo*, II \ ?nd I. Mrd. ??en H Ronnett. >' U I'nle, Jno laiwrr, A I/iwrr. II llyk'wp. A H Rallaah, t haa UoWor, Mr* M Payne, ana ao^ I children, Mr* Jno TviVairmr. T" O Tntin* and lady, 1.1 Brlrkinafoin. Goo p Trine, 'Mpt Ed tlhamborlln. Goo W Aloiandor, I KM: H M Mnrona. Jno J R?ttr*o*a, J P Smith. L M Webb, Mr and Mr* J T Tonne, Miaa Smith.* Jamoa Smith. Mr* M J I'miea, K A Shipley, IT P Tnrtd, W P Ewtna ami lady, Jno I to ma a. Geo Potter and IS In lie atoaraye. AatirwaLA?Rleam*hip Artel- Mr Rmrha Renor fnanrm, Mr la and ladt Mr Maunat* ' I p.?'.? *nlo RI>*Ia Tewa, K lie Ia Teww, J M (Sapgo, W J Hurrell, J P Wood tnry Hanacan -#>t**m*hip Hat? inm Oarl Rank and famllr. [amlao Alhrorht < ilhertn* llorrmann. (: I R< haU?, M riilarrlot, I BIS. od. I. Wandra. J Kkrnaakv ! ".altar CP lllllohrandj (' M' shudner, YHtn Went and famt r, T It'dim tapen, T M Perklaa, Ihr Paeu, Miaa Pm*. J M llonfaah. Mt*a |{on'aail R?rc??Bark DamHne Rllonta Pnrnk Prdley, lady and child Raona?Raflt J'iHa < ohS?K Wakoloa. R r liiiaa III. M Rn inarm, P II Walah, LPlaM, A IkmMa MltitfM Ik'hr f t Bowman?Alfred Boatn. ORK HERALD, TUESDAY, City Intelligence. VriKiirr it St nun it iMv .x,?A \agrant, named A'i drew Scht tisky, u native of Germany, aged 30 years, t< ! .i|it''<l tu - .side ysterduy .UViunui at ('" Vs.-rx Market Police Court prisou, by cutting his thr< .it wiili a rawr. When discovered by the keeper the unl>r- ' lunate man was bWding profusely, and was so weak tli.a | it was r.-ared he would din before the surgeon arrixV^I Tin- <l.i< st was promptly In attenduum, ami sue-ceedod n sewing up Lite wound and stopping die Dow of blood. But I I little tmpc, however, is enteit.iuod of Schensky's r? | covery. R> wiNt* to fbtmsu Skivi v?We understand that Cant. lteiuy Deiiis lUAlev and l.inut. John Leslie Ullby, of H w klujesty'g steamer (iladintor, aro to bo presented with a handsome testimonial by the Atlantic Mutual Insurance <V>lr|iuny, in ouosii'i ration ol'the service* rendered by ' ue gallant otllcers in towing the dii-m.isl.-d brig St Miry about eight hundred miles Into St. Thomas. The pres-trta will consist of two handsou gold chronometer*, bos n*-s a costly service of plate. Thk Work o? OtauMNU tuk Strjckts?Aoenrding to Mr. Held Downing's regular weekly Ktatcmcut, 1.923 loads of ashes and garbage, and 9,730 loads of street dirt, Dlth, 40., were removed from the city during the woek ending Juno Id Dvrtor the sane period 347 nuisances were abal d. ami 3.705 ids of soil, 63 dead horses, two d'ld cowb, 1W> i. ad dog* add other animals, and 1,730 barrels of offal were hiked from tho city limits The West Wataington Market Coatrowersy. 0OMPTR0LI.KR naws KKFl'SKH TO OIVK EVIDENCE UBri)RK THK ItfcKKKEE I'NLliSS IN PRESENCE OF HIS COINSM,. Yesterday, Comptroller Haws, arrompanlcd by his counsel, Hon. John McKeon and Mr. (Jerry, from Mr. Cur tis Soy on' otflcc, attended at tho referee's in obedience to a subpoena. Mr. Robinson, Referee, road the minutes taken at tho last examination, at which Mayor Tiemann refUscd to answer questions unless his counsel were admitted to the i xuinliutiion. Judge Edmonds, counsel for Messrs. Taylor and Breii nan, the plaintiffs, inquired if that wits Mr. Haws' reply also. Mr. Haws replied in the affirmative. Judge Edmonds theu intiinaUsl tlntl as soon as ho would get through with rome other witnesses he would noit'.y Mr Haws wh'-n to appear. Mr. Kichard 15im..ud's, Utte Corporation Counsel, examination was then resumed. It is expt-cMU that th" matter will come up In tho S.ipreme Court to-due. iu the nature of an applieation for an attachment against Mayor Tiemann and Mr. Haws Tor refusing to testily on the reference. Jersey City Mews. Tu?: Srmi-KD Ml KpfK i.?t Jkkskt Ott.?Nothing has rausphed s iucc Saturday to throw any light on tho mys terious fli-.ippeai.ou o of Mr William H. Buun, who is supposed i.i have met w iih violence iu the vicinity of tho I'Htcmin doek, Jersey City. Recorder Tilden received a leto-r yesterday morning from Mr. 0. S. Whitmore, a """-iti'' wm roolif inir of Paf KKAiinvillA V V., which slKl'- Mr. Hunn haw kept a flouring null il that place for i!vi- lust three years, was doing a very lucrative hnsinrs- .itid was in easy circumstances. His domestic relations were of lite most happy character, ami he was highly esteemed as a business man and u gentlemnn of the strictest integrity. Hie letter slates that he was about ivo foci Ave inches iu height, thirty-seven years 01 age, and was dressed whPu he left home in a black I risk cool, cassimer ism Is, black satin vest, while stockings, intent leather shoes and a linen duster. On one hanvl ls> hail an anchor printed in India ink, inside the rings of which wus a small scar; there was also a on his forehead, and one on the side of the head and on one of his big toes. He was in the habit of currying ins money in a necktie; he had $2,000 on bis person when he disappeared. and the blood on his shirt collar, found near the dock, coulirins the suspicion of foul play. Thk Sloop SriuT.?'The new proprietors of the Spray, Mr. Wm. II. tiunticr k Co., accompanied by Counsellor Jelllffc and other gentlemen of Jersey City, contemplate starting in the Spray ou an excursion to her former hailing place, Guilford, Conn., in order to test her sailing qualits*. She has been handsomely reiittod and converted into a pleasure yacht, and is said to be a fast and eusy wider. Personal Intelligence. Kx Senator Waatcgtt, ol Honda, la stopping ul mo union PL'ico Hotel. Bishop Kip and lady, of California, F.x-Governor Adam* and |*i ly, of South Carolina, Colonel James Harrison and parly.Mid J. I? M'mli, Esq.. all of Now Or loan*, I'. W loring, Esq , anil family, of Buelon, and E. P. Dorr, E?>i , and liimily, of liutUlo, art stopping at the Fifth Avenue Hotel. Captain South, of Virginia, Lieutenant Ferguson, of tti? United ffiaVts uary. jmd J?r Uuiman, of UuUalo, arc atop plug at the Aator House. Mq)or General TVool, of the Cnited ."late* army, Colonel Sfth?n?*l Coll, ami liunily.of Hartford, Connecticut, G. B Sloai, Esq., of Philadelphia, and Lieutenant liraf ater, of Hie t'nit?*l State* navy, ai re among the arrival* at tho fit. Nicholas Hotel jcstri clay Americana regiUcred at the Ranking H<m*o of Lansing 4 Co , No. 8 Place de a B?ui*e, Pari ':?B. Douglas and family, Mr. Ivorrillarl lioiiald and ladv, Geo. B. English, I emucl W. Morse, M'*> Morse, John f/'wlt, Frederick H Ulioii, Wm. H Smyth mot Udy, James B. Murray and udy, Miss A. Murray, John Philtroe, N. C. Rexford, Wm. 5 liaupn, A. W. Ketchnm, Tho* Crofi*. E. U. Domabaut, |i. fba* D. fimith and lady, .lames D. Davis, Isaac p. Genung, John J. Townsend, p.. KIkmIos, F Zogbaund. D. K. Maiif rd, Wm D. Scott, T. J. GrilUn, David S. lirapic. New York, James K. Caldwell and lady, Clua. B. Ptoekwell, Iir. Richard Maw*, Henry Lazarus ami lady, Phila de'pliia; Mr. Cliadwick and lady, Wm. W. Tucker and lady, Mu-s Peed, Mrs J. B. Carter, A. Dexter Ufcl family, Boston; J Cordun.Jr , and lady, Rultliuore; Mr* .Annuel R. Fool*, Misa Foote, Harry Foote, New Haven; Claudo Sibt-?n, Ismuuana, D. R. Hatary, Virginia: Capt. D. B. Sack ell, 1*. S. A.; T. Primitive, St. Emm; Mias Mitchell, II.. hn ,.I.,I M (1 IlliH Uni >1 I. IHui Iri-OIM' 17 H 4 Judge Miller, of Wisconsin, hiu aprxdutod Haus C>< Receiver of the Milwaukee and UCmw Railroad Com!*'"> ____________ Domestic Rcw? Items. Two Nv.w Yokkkkh Kk.mtimi a Drsi is Mahtiast> ?. The Baltimore Enhangr of rialurday nmuitil the follow tug account of a duel at Marshy Point between two New Yorker*:?At an early hour yesterday morning there wim a rumor circulated in the city that a duel had taken plneo the previous evening, in the neighborhood of Marshy Point, between t well known gentlemen from New York, the partx-uUr* of which, aa subsequently aacertumi d tie our reporter, aptiear to be suh-unlully aa follow*:?Tn* jarln ?who were Mr Thomas Bryan and Mr f-'amuel Neai, both <. New York city?arrived here with ih> | itIsadB <>n Thursday, and the meeting took place the same afternoon in a qik t spot in the Tteinity of Marshy Point. The weapons uac?. tore ptntols, and upon the Br-1 tire Mr. NVale was hit in the left shoulder, receiving a putnfitl but not dangerous wonud?tha ball penetrating only the fleshy part of tlie arm. Mr. Bryan wan attend",i on the ground by Mr. Meredith, of PhiUuU-lphia. and Mr. Keale by Mr. treorge Bowdon, of New York. The entiro party, we understand, left for borne yesterday?Mr Keale * wound not incapacitating him from travelling The oatare of the quarrel, which in mid to have taken (date at tlie fbion Club. In Now York, grew out of a boated director km between the parties respecting the nation ality of the Italian patriot Uarlbaidi. A dfflhronea of opinion on this point led to words, and (hen to a blow from Mr. Nealr, and a subsequent challenge from Mr. Brian. Mr. Brian It between sixty and seventy years of age, and Mr. Nealr only a few yam younger. Both genUemeu are well known in thia city. Comma ftmngstmntsis ?The commencement exercises of Princeton College will take place June 38. when Wm C. Prime, of New York, will deliver the address before j the two societies The alumni will afterward* meet, and i the society orators will speak is the evening. The senior Niinmi-nrtmrnl will Ihkct nlmrp ih<< 171h T>?g? hnmiMl nrttn 1 mrr.ccmcnt rf Butfrrv Coihfe will luko plar?* no Wnln*.dav. thr 90th A Qrwmtm or It-nirtatninai. I-aw ?Thr Kay Wnrt (TV rida) A'ryef the Out/, rpeaktnjt <H the French bark <**)> tureU recently by l.ient. Maffll, in Ilia Crueader, tar* lint she tw captured within three mil<i? of tbe noael of Cuba, ami therefore within Nmnl?U Jurisdiction and that th* Ht<ani?h Oaaael at K--y w. ?l 1mm tlgniUMl hia intontiou t<> enter a prutcet atfauuit the at iiure or luhMqueal oouU.' cation FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL. Monday, Juno 18?4 P. M. The hank atatrmrnt for the week ending Hatur day la at compare* aa follows with that of the pre* I Tiona week:? Wrttt mrting fnw VrM r\r?Vi?. A?n?f< /nor 9 $nr..?3i am zi fw Mi a 999 94a ao afri 9* 1 June 10 126,199.997 24.110 5&S a.92* 796 91 63H 664 .. .. Deereane... 631 MM ? 171,162 ? Inrrwf .... ? 324 972 ? 929.671 This statement la pretty mttch what waa expect- j ed. Many pernon* looked for an increase in the | loan rommn, rowqnpni upon uivi fxvs lnuur.c mont to engage In new enterprises. thereby increasing their wantn for accommodation, which the banks are offering to their customers in the shape of cheap discounts. Bo far, however, these views ' have not been borne ont by the result. The amount I of specie actually held by the banks this morning i was something under twenty two and a half millions, I the shipments of Saturday not being counted in the ] average of last weeh. The next European steamer < from this port is the Africa for Liverpool on Wed- I aesday morning. The exchange market opens < qnietly at the closing rates of last week. In money there in no change. The Fhiropean advices to the Tth instant, received by the Bohemian, are more ihvorabie for , oar Western {roads. The weather had been very wet and unfavorable for the crops in Rnghutd, and breadstuff's had advanced in consequence. The I Paris flour market wan alno flrmer. Cotton closed \ with a downward tendency. The tendon money market continued easy, and consols rose on the afternoon of the Tth last, to to*. Bales of Dbeoit I JUNE 19, I860.?TRIPLE Centra! -lares were ro|x>rte<l *tb7 a58, and of the , ?'ou?tn* uou bonds at K2 H#cre had ai~> be*-a ' i truntuivttoue in Erie shares at 19}, in New Yok I Centrals at Tl a 74, and in New York Central bonds I at 93$. The Pari* Bourse bad been animated, and ( the rentes | per cent higher, but they feH off again , on the 5fh to 69f. 85c. The transactions of the day on the istock Exchange havo been moderate. The weakness noticed at tho close of business on Saturday was coutiu ied throughout the first session to-day, and lower points were touched for almost every stock. I At th? second board tliere was a reaction front the j low price* ot tho morning, but the market was | irregakr at the close. The largest fluctuations of the day were in Michigan Central, which dropped to 40j at first board, under moderate j aales, chiefly for cash. It rallied, however, in , the afternoon, closing at 47| bid, against 49 at j the close on Saturday. We hear of nothing new in relation to this stock beyond tho difficulty _ltk a.. u J UM 1 J M W ..1. i **??** we iiruuii uuu jutwnujkee ruau. iicw luriv ( j Central was comparatively steady, yielding only J i I per cent. Michigan Southern guaranteed and Jem preferred were also well supported, the forme touching 27 and the latter 38$. They were both offerred at these figures, however, at the close. <Ia- | lena was fairly active, declining at first board to ] 60$, but rallying later in the day to 60| bid. The j falling ofl'from last year on the second week's traf- j fic in June is $o,t>67. Rock Island declined to 07$, but was higher in the afternoon, closing at 68 bid j against 68$ bid at the close on Saturday. Theb??i- 1 ness in Illinois Central was small and the price tie- J clined only j, which was fully recovered at second : board. The earnings for the second week in June j show an increase of $13,382 over those for the cor- j responding week last year. Toledo was also inactive at a decline of j. Chicago, Burlington and Quincy is 1$ per cent lower, Hudson River $, and Panama and Pacific Mall 1 per cent each. State stocks and railroad bonds were in fair demand. Tennessces were steady at 92$; Missouris declined $, selling at 81$ a 81 j; Delaware and Lackawanna second mortgages advanced to 101$, and Chicago and Northwestern firsts to .75. There was an improvement in prices at the second board, but the market was irregular at the close. The following are the closing quotations:?Virginia 6's, 93j a 94; Missouri 6's, 84$ a j; Canton Company, 20$ a $; Cumberland Coal, 12$ a 13$; Pacific Mail, 88| a 89; New York Central, 81 j a |; Erie, 17$ a I; niiaron tuver, \i a uariem, 11 a 12; ao. prctcred, 37} a 38}; Reading, 40} a j; Michigan Central, 47} a I; Michigan Southern and Northern Indiana, 13) a }; do. guaranteed, 264 a 27; Panama, 131 j a 132; Illinois Central, 61} a J; Galena and Chicago, 604 a 61; Cleveland and Toledo, 294 a 4: Chicago and Rock Island, 68 a 68; Chicago, Burlington and Quincy, 69} a 4; Illinois Central, 7's 91 a 914. The business of the day at the Sub Treasury was as follows: Total receipt* $3.1.1 .MS 07 ?For customs ; 93.000 00 Payments 301,817 20 Balance 0,478,670 80 The following dividends have been declared:- The Lancaster Mills, at Clinton, Mass., $20 a share; the Nashua Manufacturing Company, Ave per cent; the Great Falls Manufacturing Company, five per cent, payable July 2; The Salmon Falls (N. H.) Manufacturing Company, three per cent, July 2; the Great Western Marine Insurance Company has declared a semi-annual interest dividend of three and a half per cent on the $1,000,000 cash capital stock, psyable on and after July 2. The following is a comparative statement of the business of the North Pennsylvania Railroad Company: Earning* in May, 1800 $34,241 04 Earnings in May, 1869 31.216 77 Increase $3,026 27 In first six months of fiscal year $183,818 47 ftunc months last year 100,249 $4 Inrrov fill M The April statement of the rccei rer of the Con tral Ohio Railroad shows receipta for the mouth of 542,6*1 57; expense*, 533,874 33. The earnings of the Cleveland and Toledo the first week of June were comparatively unfavorable, but improved on the second week. The figure tor the fortnight art-slim two week*. 1HOO t'Jt.Hl first twe weeks, 1409 '44 141 lnrr<-o*e 52 099 The Raritan and Delaware Ray Railroad, between Raritan Bay and Long Branch, New Jersey, goes into operation to-day. We learn that the Clark county (Ohio) Common Pleas Court has placed the Rpringflcld, Mount Vernon and Pittsburg Railroad In the hands of a receiver. Mr. J. R. Htranghan, the person fixed upon, haa filed the necessary security and entered upon his duties. The receipta at tide water of flour, wheat, corn aud barley, for tho second week in Juue,lH?M) and 1869, have been aa follows:? flour, Hit WW but (tern, hut Barby, but 1S?0 21 .*00 403300 444400 ? I960 14,900 10 300 41 300 1.000 Increase. 7,000 463,000 403.100 !*?. 1,000 The aggregate of the receipta of the above article* so far for the year* I860 and 1869 havo boons? riour Hit Wkcui but. CWw, but Burlef. but 1SS0 300.700 1,409.900 3.441.100 77,000 1*40 111,100 MM 4*2.000 110,400 Increase. OA,000 1J70.000 I MO .100 Doc. 40.000 Reducing the wheat to flour, the exceas In the receipta of ltMO ia equal to 360,800 barrels of flour, lite following is an extract from the official re. I pon ui we nwu 01 irnornn ua oruncne*. wajra are owned by the State: To Flair bondholder*, 6 per mot*. doc IMS Ol.OOO.OOO Inipri'V-ii?? ui and Education tend* . 2.870 .(MM M?k inff a tot ,| . vpttal of 93 .879,088 Tb Plate, fur Tre*-'.ry balaixr . 8284 527 And for f Vaninoii S hoot* .ITU MS And for 8 fund and profit ami to**... 199 M7 887,737 Hoc to hank* rnit of the Flat* 91** .063 l?ue lo bank* m (ho Mate ei.MT . 219,009 Circulation 1,106,MS Dtaeount on Stela! bund* 17 .AH) Individual depoeltor* Fund for porr-haae of PUte bond* ... 44 School tend bond 8,112 TWal 08 918.607 Di-cotinlod note* $1 9*2.504 PomeMtc bill* 1.787,000 Pill* and note* in unit 7*1,707 Slate bond* dincountcd 4*0 228 i ..n. Tix m I.. - I I i |. 24 4>-0 Rial 'state 23*441 6 224 .1*1 baJknc* 0113 ino Due irurn bank* "ntside .f tin- state .. yi l fidt Due fn m bank* in tlx "late 10.440 0008530 Interest paid on state Vm 1* S6.164 Rubbery al (lark'tll*.. 17,0*6 Cash, via ? Note* ??f other bank" 913* M0 < *?'?! and ?ilvcr TW.M0 023 .**2 Total 00.018.SO7 Tint bank H the fiscal affent of th? State, and lurnugn ui? Mercnanta nana 01 tint< ity pay* all Internet on the public debt of the State of Tenneaaee, without reference to the contingency of failure on the part of the railway* to provide promptly on the State bond* loaned to them in roneideration of a (tret mortgage lion of 110.000 per mile. Tkia doty, however, la complied with by the anmpanlea at the haah la Maahvtlle. The Chicago Frrm of Jaaa W, apeaklng of the Wentern cropa, aajra: In Norlfcara lUlnnto wheat will be an avereg* rwr Although nutter In* end heeded rather low, tke berry te plump, aad wHI be barvreted la good onedttton Onrn prnmiara Urielt, the wrather ts rprtng baring been fbvnr *ble Ihr ploughing and planting, and K la hoped the! tlie kaaea by rmeon at lent yrer'e ariera frrwta may la rr*.t part be made op by aa abundant barreat Wull will l>o abundant In Ihe eentral pnrtkem of the an* the apelng nmened vary early, and enatlnaed an clear and pkwaatit that the bra warfc wan wrdl done aad tn good ameno Mae who planted their earn aboat tha lat of April were i compelled to rvptaot baoauaa of froat. Tha aeeoeat* SHEET. t!r? We* "err. furtr if-' is, .a .rrntwv'.f i'te "f i r fjtcf i f the fiiKtrx lr< utx- ' f 'l-rrit h In d**wmri suid Kjiijw, i?r?- vt-r, tin- droucht ha* Iwn <o gr? .'it U? riou*!y in,i?r*? the grass aud cram crops, while th" fruit growers are raid to huvu but a gloomy prospect belbr lh>m The latent report of the New Orleans exchange murk-et (June 14) i? >? follows:? fwttnpi is still - ugly languid, ami the mot m? otcannot be cotine.. n il better than nominal in either foreign or domestic, (si. rings of all classes of bills at " last dkninisliitig. and the (b>nmiul is, if anything, turtler restricted at yesterday's quotations, which we repeat it" follows:?Clear sterling lulls, 9 a 9^ per cent premium. Bill of lading ili,iits. s1, a u |ier cent premium. Krone-. 6f. W a 5f. per dollar Sixty day bills, kc , '4 a 1 per oeut discount. Sight, a i, per cent premium. titoek Exthangr. Mom \. .tun." is. 1*60 98009 F S 6's, 1MJV. 1WM,' 100 i-" :. l,<-> 4rt'J 500 Indiana u?s 91',' .'<0 <t> 4<i . 9000 Tenn 6 *. 90 92', 200 - u. . 100 V .rginia 0's 93', 125 V t , MOO Missouri ? * 94250 - i V N 'a ; 8000 do 84,', MOh . i : g - k00 2i,\ 1000 S Y Central 6'8. 94 40 >, , 1000 do 94>4 100 do 20', 3000 do 94',' 310 do 201 5000 V RR 3d m b 83. 89 100 do s00 20 ?4 6000 KRK 4th mtgb.. 05 100 <!<> <10 ? 4 1000 11 RK3dmtgb... 84>f 50 do *10 26'. 6000 U C * M I k b... 1S>? 50 'lo -30 20', 6600 ChiANW 1st mtg. 55 20 Hat ' in RKpref.. 39 5000 Do L kW 2d nttg 10134 100 ?Io 3h>? Wl MW wwili. < II.HPW Wt 1U7 i'ULHIM lUi .... 132' 5 (1o 90 V 100 do >00 132 6 Poo Mail 8 8 Co... 90 100 tit i 132 100 do 100 90 100 <lo 1)00132'; 20 do f>9\ 210 111 Cce RR scrip.. 01J j 60 do 80 V 60 do 01',' 00 do >30 89 19 CI Col & Ctu RR.. 93'," 105 do 89 V 100 Uhl-ua & Chic RR 61 100 do ( ?',' 60 do >00 00 4 50 do 09 60 do >15 00V 45 IVnn Coal Co.... 00 100 do 000 0C? i'.,g N Y (? u RH hi 200 do 00 ,. 60 do nw 81J$ 150 do >30 00', 5 do 82 100 do sl5 00 V 100 do 81V 250 do >10 00'. 100 do ?<J0 81 \ 600 do 0O'. 5 Erie RR 17 V 150 Hove * To) KR.. 29. 250 do 17,V 200 do siw 29'. 525 do 17V 50 ("h k R I RR .bSO 68', 60 Jlud Riv RR 48 100 do >10 08 ? do 47150 do 08 100 do >?0 47',' 50 do b30 08 60 do 47 V 300 do b00 08 200 do 47 V 200 do 67'.' 100 Rending KM 40 V 200 do >60 07 ,' 60 Mich On RR ... ?t> 200 do 30 67? 260 do 47 60 D IAW KR cx Uiv 94 100 do 40 V SECOND BOARD. 915000 TV?nn 0'*. '90 . 92'< 60*hs MSfcVTptk >S 20 V 0000 N Carolina 0's !?9V 100 do >60 20", 2000 lilCnnbdx. 60 104 60 do b30 20 ':' ' 1000 Mi>?ourt 0 * .. 84 V S80 Pmnamu 1UI 132 J 600 111 On RR bdn 91V 50 do I>30 132 7000 UncANWlntm 66 60 do >30 131V 6 cbs Hank of Cora. 103 60 IllCoiiRKx rip >30 61'. 450 N Y Control RR.. 81V 100 <?al fc Chic RR >10 00 , ' 60 do >30 81 V 100 do ?30 00', 200 Reading KR 40', 60 do >30 00. 1/IA r.I? DO kDA 1 / * a j ? . . aw u iv i i ~t .V (IO oil , 26 do 17 ), 300 Ckvo * Tol RR.. 29 , 100 do 1.30 171, 100 i In v30 20', i 100 do b30 17*, AOCbicARk I BR. 660 08', 60 do 17), 60 do 08 100 Mich SoANJnd RR 13',' 100 do -30 07',' 160 do 13>,' 26 *11 k Mies RR... C, i 60 do 13X 100 Bur A Q RR. 70 1 100 MiSofcN 1 guar sill 27 60 do 00.', ' Mew York City Bank*, Hatardav, Jane 16, 1H60. 1 flcnXt. Loans. Specif. Cirru'n Heposit* J American 0.153,787 1.822,377 137.010 5,010,187 Am. Exchange.. 7.279.300 1.244 604 207.000 4.464.270 ( Artisans' 068.707 181.009 U2.379 549.37.. ? Atlantic 600.607 77.768 81 200 206.438 l Bowery 2,593.848 480.068 271.469 1.970.193 1 1 'iillri' Head 479.702 70.200 111.800 455.1-1 . But A Drover*.. 1,7-14.308 30.3199 1 88,073 1323 892 | (liatham 746.93.1 89,782 123.753 474.901 , Chemical 1,864 310 892,926 644 064 22668 til.3 t CitiwW 829 771 202,064 180.031 711.84* ' City 2.210,142 459.081 ? 1.048.878 1 Commerce 12.418,197 3 2nj,:'00 1.976 6.493 034 . Omtmonweallh.. 1 049.035 172.102 220.700 708.922 Couttnenu) 3 336 7*3 647*20 201.174 1,921.997 , Corn Exchange . 1.689.143 '?*>8,270 119.607 798,603 t Pry Dock 440.I'd 63.15.3 14*1.529 220.2-33 Kant River 392 825 69 927 85.290 278.833 Fulton 1.498.185 280,374 232 913 1.MB .002 ' Greenwich 789.980 69.831 167.094 633.985 ! Grocer*' 660 402 109.009 63.379 406 044 ! Hanover 1 660.409 183.30.3 8.3 148 791,220 t Imp A Traders'. 2.746.003 304 027 189 427 1 083 90J ? Irving 830.077 189.583 110.700 610167 " leather MuiiC*. 2,035,368 306.049 228,431 12131,890 s Manhattan 4,332.131 1,000 4.34 311 590 2 8I5.3W ' Maid* A Mrchte. 712 445 101 *34 133 .382 470 272 j Murine 973.677 148 103 l'.ll mm ft.5? 1m Market 1.73#.713 33$ 475 201,760 1,108.804 Mwhamrt.' 3.800 066 600.261 'JOT 47# 2,404.759 M?rb. UkR Aw'n, 770.136 78.610 1113X0 300.720 Mrc's k Trade'. 1,003.686 206.81# 1.(7 810.026 Mercantile 3.641.248 326.833 20 630 1.80i# 300 Merchant*' 6 836 676 028 419 102 .KM >100 664 Merchant*' Ex.. 2.183374 328.507 1 33.303 1.181 ..Ml Metropolitan.... 6,846.777 1.168 263 223,906 4,138.480 I Nassau 1,736.809 108 138 120,366 067 780 < National 2,100 006 213.661 170,460 086,200 New York $4,902,088 672.176 428.163 2.861.721 N. York County. 446.0.(6 40.-8M 00.181 836.03# ' V. Y. Exchange. 340 030 21 176 00.302 821.038 , North Hirer.... 612 006 102 Ki? 73 #07 416.764 ! North America.. 1.682.003 362.602 $4,027 028.024 , Oriental 600 118 ia'.,6U 00 008 406.064 1 Ocean 1 712,440 288.12# 112 868 1,162.263 i Pacific 1.060.663 100.206 126 680 867.643 Pwnlea' 600 361 128 061 113,626 611 617 ' 1'ark 6346.70t 1.332338 181384 4 681.714 Iticnlx 3.201,207 $09,916 1 27,807 1.760.007 , Republic 3,480 482 716 147 211 078 2 740 ?([ 1 -cventh Ward.. 1331,763 106366 238330 713,444 J 3 300.32# 1 OHH.404 264.900 2 107,843 ; M Nlcbola*. ... 1066 122 228.06# 80 223 702,404 Mwtt lrallwr.. 2 416 376 667.006 230.604 1 621,97'I . Tradecmeti ?.... 1/482303 103.100 316.7H2 785 005 " Iuk? 2.740.008 344 407 214,143 1.847,886 Total $126 300,007 24 110.663 8 828,70# 81338,664 ' CITY COMMKRtTAI* REPORT., June 18?# I' 41 4 A*?ir? ?The market war entnpurallYcly quirt, >?t < 66 31 '-i f"r and ill 65 76 for near lit. jwlilliw.?Hour?The foreign now* had a favorably 5 Influence im the market, which exhibited a firmer knot and more activity The rah-a embraced about 14.000 a 1.1.000 bbin., Uufting within the following range <-f ' prtcea:? Superfine State $6 00 a 6 10 J Extra Htatf ?... 5 26 a 6 3.1 r Su|ierfllio Wf-u-rn 6 00 a & 10 ( Common t<> Choice Wcatern extra 5 25 a 0 7.1 St lonw extra 3.1 a 7 M ( Mixed 1o <"tlli<rii tllliU Straight U> good extra (to A 00 a 7 ;<0 Choice extra family and bakera' branda 7 U0 a bo Rye (l<"ir 3 40 a 4 19 Com meal, Jerwey and Hr and twine 3 40 ? 3 *i ?Canadian floor waa firmer, withftakw of 600 rnOOO bbl>., at IS 36 a 66 60 tor apring wheal extra. and M 74 a 37 M for winter do. HhiUwtb flour wan In fair reqtewt, an l the lower gradm Armor, while extra brand* wore on j clanged The raloe embraced about 13,000 a 14.0(4 i bbla , clewing within the range of tho above quotalionWbeat wan favorably liitlmD.od by the foreign now*, and " the market waa Armor than at the clone on felurday. an I 1 In good rr*|w*t for ex|?>rt Tl?o twice f.*.t.-l up ?!*..,i J 10 000 banhel*, Including white Indiana el 91 40 in I fll 33 |j > $1 34 f>r Chkmgo and Ka< ine eprinp Corn wan in g.?-t n lomeatie and export demand, with Halo* of about 90.000 tin.h' l* Including iin*<>und mixed at 00r nfl2l,<- *'inl 1o. KV a 04. , round yellow, flOr a 7*> , ,nd p- m<- h"< ' m do at 70r Rye *w nominal at flic a W Barley ^ md barley malt were quiet, ifal* were Arm and tote- J ily artive. with Hale* of hart (anada at 3A i,< a 40>' (a- u uida Wiwt at 41c. a 43c , and State at 4'Jr a 43 >,< u ftiim The market wa* qulet but Arm. while the ?tncts ru quite light, ?*! ? o| lfto male .lava wax made at I ' nie Mock eom|>rl*ed 9 400 bag* Rio, 14.027 mil* Jai , nd 1,400 bag* do., alotk exclualva Java, about lA.OuO mekage*. Cnrrnw.?The market condoned to wear a tame and in irtive napevt. (m Mnt"vday afternoon about 1,700 bai t , rere acid on tran- r' t The tran<-a> tloua to da/ rere CI rtmnl t? ,: ?? 4IW) a SOfl bale.-. el< ? nat a'-- t ? I ii- ror ir nun "x | i in. 'i rwv.aiirr* ?Kitr- -...n Armor mat iwprrtally U? Lirer ^ tool, for wh . h pr-rl almul 40 (MO buahi In mlnai ware e?i- |, rated. (nr!ixi Tir .1 email lot In bulk at 7 VI 1 Mil Um re- n iwiribf, it 4tt'l l>ifi, at 8d and about 5 000 bbla. 't lour at > 1 000 bbla. roain ?l 1< M tin. lO'.d, .?*) * irkira butter by ateamer ai 50? , 2.000 boko* < !? w dn {J it 50" . 1 ln? war, by unllln* rrwaal, at ilfw . lOoHnUa hoiildor- at 22? <bl , with .70 Ithd" tallow at Jfr Ti " /?doo. 15 lialf tlerere bdiarro nt 6* 0-1 1 .700 bb!?. 7,1 a2i W , and 940 UsroM M at (a. 01. tati-a to f?Li?flow won firm Kn*aifon,..nt? t/> ij*. I nritwr-re Split anil rato* uorlMfNl A bark war n r, fnaod to load with alavra to < otto at prirale ti-rme n< Knrrr?Halea of 800 a 400 b?uo? raiatna wore made. in- H -luduiK M R 'a, at $2 421 a 92 45, and layers at 02 50 _ Hat?Sales of TOO a 400 babe woro madr for shipment. t ?0r a fie poc loo lb?. I Inn* ?Scotch pig conuattod dull and nominal, at 522 50 f 1 525 aahod U Ijw* waa uteady. with >aloa of M0 a 1.500 bbln. mm noo Risk land at 84c I.timp waa qniot and unrhanfod HoLtawna ?Tho marki-t waa Inartlro, whllo Soldora J onttnuod to domand full prk-?a, with lataa confined to k mall Mo. I Marat. Rim?A aalo of two narrneu of mnunmi roam ra* mado, to arrlro, rmnpruin* 2300bbU. at 91 45 per * 110 lb*.; and 250 do flno rrwin, nt 92 por 310 lbs , driver cd. Spttiw of terpentine waa qaiet. Pnoewnnm?Pork?The market declined loiter, hi t aaainnrr artireatthoronoMuiInn, wlthaabwofl OOObbla . "2 nriodlnc new naeaa at 915: otd tnrwa nt 917 95; thin nwra 1 it 917 90, and now prime at 919 Mv a 913 75 A aalo of JJ .000 bble. ware reported sold deSrwrabte by lat July at a. 119. Bref wan atendy, with antes of 490 bbfe , includtnr m mmtry mesa at 94 74 a 94 repwked Western te. at 59 A a 510 50. and r?ra nt 911 a 519 5k Oit meat* ware ft inrhatturd with aniea of 150 hbda and Hwrea at T?e I '\r fbr ? Scolders, and at 5*c 9*e for t?am? lard I Hrmer and mora settee. with aakw reported of 1,909 11.100 hbls and tlemee chiefly at 11 ten (hitter was In Wr r?qwat at oaebanaed prices tineas waa la food " Uteort demand, with ?eh? at full pricee Rww waa (Irmly held at94l0a94T5peel00 1be ? ahlle aahw were limited fiuiiu ?Hie market, compared with ths highest ^ atea ?f last week, waa eaater. While the nalea embraced T tbotH 400 a 500 hbda .a guvd part Pbrlo Rtno, at 415c a I rv T.V : for the latter, and 4J,'C a 7><c for the For- 2 mw and 90 hhda. molnda ware anM at 415a. ? Wmewrr ?dhlea af 999 a 700 bbla. were reported at ?! n ?<?-aflK? v. / 6 POST AL DIRECT0 R Y. Foreign * ml Domestic Mail*. 1 IMK OF <1.11* ISO AT TlIK NtCW YORK OMCK. Dommtm* North?Albany. HufTulo and Canada . 3.S, I' x. North anil We?t w.<y ami] 4 A. If. \V*>?tt*ru mull, via Kric Kit. 4 A.M. tmiSIt I* M? South aiul Si. W uuUif ... .4 A.M. and 4}. 1*. M. K intern until, by railroad 5 A M. and S P.M. " bv ateomhoat 4% P. K< Sc.xdat Maim..On Sunday all iuail*clu*e at this othee hi 1), iv m t'anrriHHia Hy ?tHum?hip North Star, Wednesday, J line 30 10?', Tlx' Overland Mail for California leave* Hi. Umia every Monday and Thursday at 8 A. M. I<ett?rM diMnin'd lor It ahould tie uuirkod "Overland, vlt SI. land*." H.I.akk I'ltt.Tbe Overland Mall from St. Joseph (Me.) to Sail lake 111/, leave* St. Juaejili every Monday and Thursday, at 8 A M. letters ahould be marked "Overland, via Si. Joseph." So. Pat inc. .Hy steamship North Hlar, Wednesday, June 20 Wj A. Ma Ition Hy steamship Africa, Wednesday, J iine 20 7 A.M. HiHJli Ifi ixra On the day after the arrival of each alternate Canard packet at thia pert, being once 4 in- u h, the Kteamer Karnak will be despatched Willi niatlit for the Bahama Inland* to be landed id Na-san, N P. HiViX* it/ i- ?uiii?hip Quaker City, Monday, June.' 1 P. M. rtia op ctosiNo at Tim i.onpon ornnt. Bomat Tbe Orerlan 1 trail lo Bombay cloaea In famdott a* follow*:?Via Marseilles on the Sd and 18th of each month. VI < Southampton on the 13th and 27th. Calcutta..3d, 10th lRth, 2t>th, via Marseilles. ?tb, 1Mb. 20th rth, via Southampton. TOO LATH FOR C 1.AHNIF1C ATIOM. J^ NEW FIRM. A NEW OPENING SALE. AND CLEARING OUT TIIK STOCK REMAINING ON HAND, AT A SACRIFICE. SPECIAL bargains. LACKS, EMBROIDERIES, RIBBONS, TRIMMINGS, FANS, BUTTONS, IIXCSION GOODS, SMALL WARES, Ac., BRAIDS, CORDS, TASSELS, GLOVES AND MTTTS, CHEAPEST EVER IIEAKD OF ON SIXTH AVENUE. LADIES, Look through and examine, and run ahall be tempted, ARMSTRONG A RLTTKKl.Y, Succeaaor* to JOHN ELLIOTT A CO., 140 Sixth avenue. near Eleventh xtrreC Amusement for strangers ?stranokrs wishlug to aee the Japanese can have tenia at MI Broadway, ppovite the Metropolitan Hotel, at BO centa each, every day nd evening. The onlv good view on Hrtaidway. L. BINNN, millinery. Bargain* Splendid Bonnet*. A SPLENDID GRAY MESSENGER COLT, M HANDS high. full Sowing mane and tail; warranted aound, kind *i*l gentle to a fault; will make a laat traveller; trota ta about :tU, or would make a aplendid saddle botae. Apply at Mr. Foot'a atnhtr, First avenue. Between Filth and Sixth atreeta. A FEW FIRST SLABS CANVASSERS OF THE RIGHT kind, will hear of a bnauMwa by which they eaa make from |1(W to MID per month, by calling at KM Yartc'k at. ASTRiHANJV.?MADAM LEVY, SEVENTH DAUGHTER, can he rnnanlied about love, marriage and absent nienita Tell* all the event* of life, at 1S7 Elizabeth street. !. .1 .? ii < ent*. petti!' in*n M rente. She catuwa apeedy mar ?e<-e jua^no luca.v i, ; rule'la. DROADWAY STORK TO I.KT-A SMALL KTORR, IJ ? f?w iloori below the Il xpiUl; heat locality >o Hroadw ?y for atrangrra. The who)* or part will bo let, tolelher with room above. Apply at law It roadway. nORNKR STORK FOR 8 VLK -FIVE YEARS LK VSR, \J and Flatnrea of a whnleaale and rrt.ii! Wine and Lerior tore, ealahllabed twelve ve.. ra There la a large out OMR lade cobimn ted with it Apply to Mr. I'AYTO.V. 96 PUi-uoa treet, or to P. F All AN, Tl avenue C, corner of Fifth afreet. For raws?two cylinpf.p. hoilkrs. thirty feet lone, with fronl grate hare nail bmdera, Ac complete; .i.-o, out' Slitting Circular Mew Bench. one Croaa Cut Circular iuw Itcuch. one Power Morticing M-c lime, one Foot Morticing (aehlnc for rarpentera. Apply ..t JO ...el 3M Weat Twnljourth at ml. if tiif of.nti.kman who <; vvr his skat to a L pally In n Fifth avenue nmthhiia .lireit ?.? on VnnUy. and topped In Eleventh atreet. will addreaa a line U M., Mudlaoo ijuat c Poet otlirc. lie will lind and old friend. JArANF-SK OOODM?Jt'ST RECEIVED. A BKALT1FDI, and elegant aaaortment nf JnpMiieae Workhntes, Straw tojea. Oca We. Tollcl t'uaea. Cupaand llnlilela, Traya, Stonda. i|>ea Coftia, Mwiada. Jewel < aeca, Ac.. Ac.. Ac at WHITICtl ial atore, i ppoaite Ml. Paul'a church. .V. H ? Thla ta the moat omplete aaaortment of Japancae tiiaala iu the country. LOW RENT-THE HOrsE Ml BROOME KTRKIfT. WEAK Broadway, would be let altogether for a Hotel, Bowrdtag it.'tae .or In aeparate floora for a Kcauurent or any buainnag iui pnaea, a good loraUon ami cheap rent. would be fumiahed T net let without. Apply ou the p; emiaaa. I BINNS, MILLINERY -a'.KKAT HARO A1NM-H' >N I J. neta of every kind, Straw H ineta, Jvpaneae Hi t.Ag llata. Travelling Bonnet a, l>re?a Bouueta, Hrtdal Bonnet#, Crane Bonnet*. Japanese Hl<?>iner? children'* iiooueu at half price. la llIN.V- millinery. fist Hnatdway, up atalra. MEDICATED VAPOR. Rt'LPHI'R A NO lOniKR B VTHR, A know ledge peart welly of admitUatertii* theae hatha for ffi year* enaMea the eiiltarrtlH-r to |iuruiim sat Infant! on In nil rutin Ever* rir? and attention plvrn In paiirnta tl i'AB ROLL'S intuitu Me Mil it eeUhtiaiitnrtit, 3b iilerchar Kraal. ra.Krrsnr. AVCTioMKKK?orrnm no. raw. . bars Kreat, will sell thiaiiay. at 10% n'rlork, the le-aan. disk and Filturea id lb- wlmie tie arid rrf*l IJqnnr Ntnre 10a IVttlli avenue, one d'?>r Imu the < riw-r of Seventeenth street, oo.Wttlii! of an evrellent Mark walnut top touilter.three Heap 'lllnpa. Stand Osaka, Bottle*. IVmljohiw, Uqtvtry Wlaes Ota* mil Brando a. Ac. r) LET-IN A PtlTATI FAMTLT, A HANHHOMELY fnrnlahed front I' rlnr. on aeennd fl??tr with bedroom star bed, In a party of ainifle prtttletnen. with or wMImhK InmH, irtoa gentlemen and wife. a|.o a front tat third Ifnnr, reriTia riit?ler*i?-. h-eiae oaiUin* I be modern imprtrvatneuln. I T'fily at 243 Fatal Broadway. UrAN'TKD?A Pl'RXIMHKD ROOM AND BEDROOM, without board, for a small family. Address C. U H.% it-raid oRbe, far twu day*. 4 ARINODON RQIARF WENT NtHF, *E<X)Nr> HOIKS I north aide of Bank strret ?To let, with Board, swtt at erond tirair Rorma. with pvtitrlea, Crrtm and pas, h uvlaintHf ttmiabed. Eighth avenue car* aud faro lines tt Maps* pass, lelerenre required ll?? QRFENR NTRF.RT.-Pl RNIHIIKD KOOM8 TO IJft wl) U-gentlemen nttlv Urn n? ,?t P-irMra on flrat door slant ine airy Rooms on ae. nod and third tours. Houae has a Una aid. pan Mr , and la vary quiet. PEHIIOTAL. ^ ANY INFORMATION RV> PEIKINfl TUN WHKHB(V shouta of W i.lwtn t'oflegm, late from England. awpixwed o tie in New York or Rrmalyn?will be tanal thank fully rwelved by lhe advertlaer, leetei Boumer. Newark, lhtm? U?| Ihlo flther pkpers plraae ropy. , HKORUK WILL UK IN TOWN ON TLEHDAY AT IP. ur m b_w_ 4__ I W11.I. MF.KT YOV AT NO 37 TO PAY (TCKSDAT), AT tfr s'tiwh \OTlTT?MB. ROBERT .STANFORD t.ATR OP OA. aal street, New York, dry poor la iwerebant, la rwqoeateM In et-mmunSwIe Immediate) r with hi* friend* in KocUad* when, by plvtua full part* ultra of Maurlf and faaaUy. b? adil learn anno thing adt .ritart .tia The aawts applies Ia *' Freeman Stanford, brother of the above R 4. Me <M toffUntl Kant.a VP. Kay U. 1M0 ** , \TC?TI? K TO THE f'RKPITORR OE WII.MAM OROKU. iT now d? . aord ?Thr rrr>ltlnr* wilt plMw ?r??wt ihrAr !?lm? In Ib? undrrolgnrd on or brforr ihr B.I o# AufiML IMO, I fl? Fallot! atmrl. Xrwr York rtty. that ihr i>mp?r dial it anA ?) l*tn Nurd awl Ihr truat cWwrd X X. (IIANHKRUV. Amino*. Waw Toaa. May Z\ IA?n pilOMAH OII.UKll.Y WHO I.IWH I!f UTERPOOL, I nanrla nppoaHa Thrairo Rmai, awl ?M tnr u> Ihto imalra wan* iwnHr lira or thirty !f!n ago. Aajr Inforww<? rupo unt t,m? i i* lamily afti w rnnnM by pan M J Uiiward. Ko X Urrwua ?'jget. Haw Yart. QKriLMON.-IT IN IWlMiRTANT THAT I RUOVLO xrr r? yww aa aonti ?? pMHI HARct.iY w TIM ILITAW V. ~ * KATIOIIAI. Ot'ARP CftlPORM. nearly rkw, 'V tnr Mi* rliraji. AiMrni hm **J Pom nft ? rn vrterann or the war or im* wiu. a atr thnlr E?> nrotofi on Wodnroday. Ihr 77lh loot m T?rry. itm. for Ihr hrnrdl of thrir a?r,| infirm awl Mind mrm'rrw 0 ihr Rf)"l itid rnuaa pair. .ntar Ihr old ifadrruWa of that* mntra ?hrmr *?.- ranar from W to IK yaara Par-haw 'r(r urk'O find Ml tholr (mala. thai ihrv may rAtrt hotwr rami Ttrhfda to ><r had of m'miro and al Ihr bounty lawl Wr A. 4 < Ny Hall y xrr 1/1.4. || RAY MONO and at th? iwllnca Srr iirrulara and billa. ITKAMROm jviR RRiP'irpoRT fAKR M Vrtrrx PRO? PUCK tMp. Kan Rtrrr, the a?r ,mrr hripokpoRT haaaaa awr Monday, Wrdnraiay and FrWiar. at If o rlnefc, noon, aaaOM.nff with ihr Ho.wat.mW Ra'./aloM. * ? "WW and nnlard Etpraaa Trot an. r^touhy ^ -v*n.T i.imt por BR/poEpoRT-rRoa 01 jrim J ottp, r. r . In ronnroOna with thr M wniXl Railroad. ho at**norr CAT AI.I>nT< apt * m V Y ail, lanaaa daily ah 1 o'tlfa A 1 mow. Para M'raw I rrioM Wkrn hr<rv "ori.iw, aral JTATKI* WLAWD rKRRT > Far* all r?i?U. (VaklMt* ?">> hmr, fraa A. M. to 7 P. M . fMi tort of TV t A R , VI w4 17 R fcnata fr?*a J*rw Tort oaarri wUA Um> Mutpn Ut ?nO R? r cm Rob ftaatfaya RnX* l"?T? rrrrj half knur ri W AKTR. f-APAiriMR RWRAWT -A PIMF. V1KW OP TW* JAI p?M? frtrtB rKKliRRK K'H FbotnanM-Ma .IVrr, ?M an'! RffffrnaAaMf, nr, Wati 'Button Hrtai. to ito ?.ly .uttoato PVtoarapl, M vtoaa Mn?WM rt*. B, latoe ta Japaa *>7 Pradartpka paranaaltr'HF ORPAT APTMN?A OOARPTT AWD MAUTV faUy fnu hrta*Ma *v?. Itoala aopMa OR by B totoa), *r rrto kr Mail. tfflt OAHTPAIJITISrTOotorti Map Rrt I*.fraaPymaU. m Bah!?A <*?.* toarar atoto. V. P. **p "

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