Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 20, 1860, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 20, 1860 Page 2
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JJ 0< rojwv The anxiety l'" da (nemix'. meul of Aua 11 1* Uh~ twsui much ID<ire vi-uteie am.m? * ccrlittu fl*.s of poiiltcian. in this country than among those whose lute rents ?m' the first t" bo CoanlMl. Wo believe thai no grcal'i in a lake Call bo lliau to repnve-nt the Huugari .us a* J.-mhwi of betn< Scperat'il from Austria, and wo shall boo |ii oiwni> that Count A|>|>ouyi signally confirms the Ojv.i.ou:. w. have iuvariubly expressed on thu poiut. One of the find dilllcultirs with which tho Council will bo t>e call it rjion to ileal it that of tin*nor, and tho yonng Emperor does w ell to urge his noblfs with strenuous eBurts with a vit-w to tho atlaiuuiout of what he do acribe.-as the "financial balance. ' If Austria has boon more than oucc uw tho very verge of bankruptcy it ir not Ix-emne Iter msnrr- are deficient, hut h.s'uuaa thay have ma! administrated. There is scarcely a rouii try in Europe which produces an little a- Austria, when wo ri>u)|Mtre hoi products by Uor cuistbhituyi. There is no reason why the government, which ww lately askiua for a, loan at usurious intcroot, .Utah not nltaiMt coinutuud )t*,V?n price in tho money market, and wo sia.erely trust tlist the anticipallimi of the Euipcfor as to the re suits of the reform.* be has ordered may bo re wliaad Itul in this iteuart mellt tho reform* nhat.ld ho *warptaig and ootnjii'T' aon>" light mtmf nhve been thrown on thq direction in which the necessary changes must be nude by the revelation* of the persons Implicated tn ih<> receut frauds in the com tu "ofriay.aail .>11 other pfjwU of r> loriu will heroin panttlre^y'ma1 Uif the whole ?y*t?-m of Austrian tin. nice and taxation is uot placed on au entirely new footing. No minister can stuggle against it With whatever rc-colutiqa tjc may enter upon tm bisk he tkud* ttut he cannot do what he would, and U compelled to give another olwck to the crumbling odittce. ll this new council performs with zeal and energy the task allotted to it, there is great hope tbat a brighter future Is in store for Austria On the provmcitii diets will devolve the task of informing the central government of the inleiest* aud wishes of the whole population of flic empire, and to the council w ill be entrusted the duty of giving lU inde|ieudeut ad vice on all the questions that may be promised for Us delHwratlon. It is not easy to believe that a cottar il, which may I hi said, ui a modified form, to rcpruecul iho various nations of which Austria is omnposixl, will b? faithless and inefficient. aud it is at lea?t more likely that the truth will be known at Vienna by meant ot a large routed lh.ui o< .11..ill iMic. It is gratifying to tiud tlut thq scheme nv. ivvdtlie approbation 01 Cbuut .tppouyi, the HudgariAn councillor. He did not take nnv [wins to conceal that he spoke from a Hungarian point of view, and that the great object ot his desires was to see his country reinftat sl in its ancient privileges And yet the admLdiivn of Huugnrlnns to a council which was described by the lYewident is-, the supreme one of the President and the Crown," isa recognition ot their political existence and of their right to express their opinions iu an assembly whkjfc represent" the united empire But that on whi'-h Count Apponv i laid the the greatest stress was, that the extension of the Council {will tend '-to conquer prejudices nnd to allay the 111 Nuinlerwtunkings which hli\ e contributed Bonwfch to wid'-n the breach between jienple united under t ho same crown." Though isMsessuig no right to sjx-ak in tbe name of all his compatriots, Iho Count, for Ins own part, believes that ?u excellent [flan ha* been devised for nettling "AH great burning questions, and consequently that of Hungary He will not renounce one of In., pi iu ciples; but bo tells the Kmperor of Austria that neither by wuru or ihtu ? in in uitrni|n ?<? uiwivi ... tit*" of the empire This is nobly soul, and we arc eontl <iodt that these are the sentiments of the large majority of the Hungarian people. It is a gro-s calumny to accuse one ot the uv*t loyal and devoted na tens in Knrojie of subversive and revolutionary idcMS. Tltey are the last people with wltom a mere dedutsfogne "would bo likely to find fivor. What they hate long inked in vain is that the Emperor of Vi trta should wear the ancient crown ot Hungary. and there can be no reasou w lit the boon should not be conceded, la return, however, for many (unnful se n ill. s and for many good services id requited, it is at this tunmoot incumbent on Austria to show that she is thoroughly funrerr in tin- pronn . s t he has now made If Hungary is deceived now it will i>e for the lost time; but kv will nit doubt ftiot tb? Kmjxror yVanci- Jxrph is now readmf rrg In lost Oapfmdi' opfxtrthnity of mokino himvlf a nnm?nmnng the Kwrnrwn.i of lh< Hints? of Il <i><buryh, and of suab lung liotn a rutu, w'h. h at one time seem -d imminent, one of the finest kingdoms in Europe. Tins, indeed, would be a groat triumph, and it is completely w ithin the reach of a sovereign win. will but listen to the reasonable demands or loyal subject':. . Ttie Ka stern (juration. JTrotn the l?udoo I'ost, June 4 J lord Joiin Ra?ell - statement in the House ot Common* on Kriday night, Willi regard to the propo-ard Intervention between Turkey mid lvr Christian subjects, is eminently rea-eiiring m two im|?>rlant particulars. The inquiry , iu the first place, which the Russian government desired to place In thafhaods of the consuls ot the great Pow ers lacs been spontaneously taken liy the Turkish government upon itself, and with an alacrity which suspends all pretext of intcrvrnli n by any of the other Powers who were parties (? the treaty of Paris. In the second Id ice, the conduct which lias been pursued by II. Thouveoei llirOygh the whole course of the negotiation, which Russia s-'t on f ?<t some six weeks ago, appears to hare bo.n precisely of Unit plain and consistent character which was to toe expected of the Minister of a Power which fought with us for the supisirt of the Turkish authority only four years ago, and confirmed by a new treaty concluded so lately as the 19th of August, IHfifi, the policy lor which Prance "and Knglaud had con I,?iSmI in ( itvnnmn The hri-wwl mii-st u,ti ntilwura in hi... <.ngm*tcd m :k conimunn'olion ?t Prince tlortsclukotf to j the Turkish Ambassador at St Petersburg, to th > ''ffvt that an) auch ma*.-*rre of th?> Christian* Jit th? Mih?mc Ua?, a.- tie deemed the growing fanaticism of the latter rendered not improbable. must provoke the interference j o( Htus-ia on behalf of her coreligionists. The Kuwdan i Minister of Rorftgti Affair* proceeded on the ith of M.iv to reduce the question which hU government had ra:-o.l to three distinct head*, in prepuce of the AraKv i W-' ol RngVv-id, Wane**. Austria iud Prus-ia Tin' Rni.-i.iu proposition* were?Kirst, that tho condition of the (art-, tuna in Turkey had become intolerable: aeeondlv, that an Inquiry must be Instituted jointly b> tho Turki?h authorities and the consular nflleer* of the four Powers, Inr Frilbatad no auch eautbh htrenu in Turkey; and thirdly, that the or>: ?n, ration of the treaty of P*ri*i being io.-fflcient in |<oint of security for the ciiri-iiau- a new isgwalxation uinst lie provided fhr them Now, in the manner in which thsee three proposition-- of * the RvjKkui goverumeut bare been received by the ttri li*h and Vftsch court*, there really does not appear to be any material dtfleronee. Both parties were equally re aolrrd to maintain the Sultan a authority, and to consult hi* dignity and independence In the course of any lO-rh meaaure# a* should be recommended to the Purte M Thouveorl and lord John Russell appear u> agree with regard to the aba-os and musgov eminent that continue to prevail in the Turkish empire but while they concur in thi* point, they concur also in thinking that the govern meot ha* rather advanced than retrograded, and that any changes made in It.* internal relations not only should, but in fact might. be made subservient to the increase of the power of the Turkish government. M Thonvenels testimony to matter* of fact connected with Turki-h ad ministration cotm idea also with that of Sir H urv Bnl wee, and both the one and the other advocate the cxpodl cney of an inquiry Into the position of the Christian*. The question of an inquiry form* the second proposition eg Prince Gorlarhakoff. and it appears to Ik- only on this point thai either Prance or thigtand has eooenrrod in his representations To the ft rut assertion, t tin t the p.-it cm of the Owieti ui* had become intolerable, l/wd John Rns eU evpnswlv demurs, and it floe* not ap|iear that M. Tlwaivenel lia* given to tin* postulate of Prune tiorts cliakufl auy more eonnlenance The third and prmctpit propimittnn which Rnsia ha* attempted i.> draw a* a torolUry from tlie two preceding one*, that a new organitntion mint tie given to ll?e proviiu s In qu. -tion, ha* been rc*iMcd absolutely, n? equivalent to a violation rg III- I ill of Pari- Neve lb :< -*. ibat !'p.,|i1 eflectuajly provide* for tlte Joint protection of (he ftins lian sntyert* of Die Porte by all ih<* fix Powers w'io united with Turkey in It* mnclmrian; and we do not put ambition* ar benxwof morgani*at ton ?o mm li be ciii/sr the (Tiriitian.* may not require farther a* urancos a* because the" tmaf v prortd<w for llNtir Rvta'Uon wlfli tail the infliction of such a blow on Turkish alminUtra twm m Ril--u ha- io all age* of Mr bi?P>ry been anxious le luflirl II la now. therefore, vrrsngeif that the inquiry it to b? in?t tilled by Turki?h authorilleii. but whether br the flrand Vttter In peraon or by three TurVi*h commtaaton* ia not certain. More probably a naniniit^Hta in eat h ot the ibree pro vuieet to dispute?Room I la, Hwnl.* an 1 Bulgaria?will net under tlie personal superintendence of Hie (Irand VIdec. Thta expedient, wtialever may be lt? prcctee AetoIX, a\>pear? to hare originated m the Rrntch Ambassador, wbo has thus offered another instance of the desire of hia court to uphold the a-ithnrtly of the Jhiltan The | .reign roiMh, accord nig to thin arrangement-do which the Ruaeian Anihna*sdnr at OnMteBt inople h?? lent an anu'IK SOUK e tliat impli"* the eouc irrencc id hi* g .-ern meat?do not take part In the commission; but we think it uilt br of great advantage if they arcsnpany It. permiaaiott to rail wituraara, and If the Porte be wian it will (train every nerre to grant the Cbrlatians, In fact, that eqnaltte with t|ii-?nlm.uia whrh they enjoy In law, whub may close the romplaint of RimM The great numerical ?u|ieriority .< (hrntiana OTer Ma hometun* in European Turkey la a rlrri)m?lvinre which haa king rendered it difficult for na to believe that any auch MinaHrr t % ranny i> the enemies of Turkey denounce can poaeihl) ptev.ui The is>pulatiun of ftiro|>ean Turker ta now eight Bullions ,?nd a half (X thin number, one mill** aevre Imiitml ami fffty thouaand only are M.? hnWMRMi while lliere remain six milium seven hundred and ftfty Ujouean 1 fhrtstuina. The disproportion betWeeti Aiifca and Christun- a even greater, lor nearly liatfof tbe one million sareu hundred and ftfir thouaMMI Ma tmswetans are of European origin, aa, for Instance. IVeulaas and Albantana. It would be 1 .no-ivable enough that if lite Turkish government were uaing >la military rir iigth to keep down Uc (Tif Irt tana, aa tbe Avctnaa ("Yrnmnl h-ia I?enacting toward* the Hungarian*. the warlike (. * ought t rgnniae over the many. Art this i? ei Instance m which the g 'ver. n.-nl upholds the right* of th ' .11 -1 ,n n?t .-a agam-t?v? hardly ki "? whom. but w. ? | in.' I. .r.| lb. in. mil* Mil > ' J Mjrnf 111* Civil (tumble* While the ntrietiaiie hove lour ri(Uu in U? lltey ought. we ciwrifi1, to In* ?t>i? t" naaiulaiu Uiom in <b:t abm In (immilMKM nw.h as then*. At any rate, it U bar tly crediblo that th<* evil ran It* deeper Uian it i* within lie1 power of the govgrnm nt to remove, and if tb> liruul Vi?i. r will r illy addi , tomaelf t?^ a ri fo; ui - whi. h ii" on* ran . ;! ( t ir ;n <r.? Vigaroualy than a Turkish tli ial win't on -o r i- 'I ffm ha lethargy?tln re bo t cnwo m of mi.Tveotion* In the K??i fur a t*m period. The ftavoy liaetllan. Teat*. June f. 1*00 The Mar^nla 0e Tarirwl, IV rr*n< h Ambe?-tl>-n et t?*?-*ed to arrive al Berno, after having Ven abw-nt for eight Brant h* M de Valine vrtfl leave on fWlm.tar (hr Rn<-hare?i. The >011 rwla or Bern* rgpreev Iheir regret at IV departure of .M da Tatlna, on . 0 ml of the fleeter'ili-ui ? Ii win 11 lie tiaa dlecUargi- the duiien of bia fhwlon Pnrlngal. TV PVtngoo*" government ln? re* r '*> <100 Mini* rill?e. and ha? ord'T?i 10 <**) ii" ||. I,i?imn araenal im? bee? a?pi>li"d with machinery for r<1ing ramvn n Vr ?ald thai llie rev rrotent hie rl.ilriv il -termm -d l > fivlify th? rooutrjr. anil will fimninr* liy repairing the /amour tinea of IVirfWB V<e|ra? TV Mb I tier of lite late , hash-, ,'it , ,v hill f>r go >o- i:iig 1 jc uair ?>' p > >?rli Ihrir g'rnU IV. t/il. N ? The ?vii? a* >ct no* looting eery ueti, but it would be premature to predict rrwp.'Ciiag the coumuj irinLuj U) item vote* h*?e been pWiled, Mid when there in a Ct-bKiUua of Uk' tltx-M d Urge quant it > of a me must be made. lipaia. Tlx- lbtlciHi:i< poor'on it .011 by Ju in flout t>?) tin in.tdo its a^ieamtiC!- ? TO TH* ooarsi The abdication by my brother Chiries Umi of h.s rights to the crown ol ^mio, cou lamed ta In* inanile?to. dated ia Tortoha, oa the *Z3d of April this year, romx-'U mo to claim tho righu of my Lunily, and ihoae which I liavo personally, to tho throne of my ancestor* Hooded to maintain them, M Vrll an tho |x innpie of legafct) upon which thef arc baaed. 1 will not j??rra:t an h|1K?*I to arms to obtain tho triumph, nor that tho noble blood of Spaaianbt aholl again be a hod in the cause. 1 place iuj t.nth in Dtviuo Providence, in the rectitude and patriotism oi the tyanUrdft, and 10 th^ tore** of cit oumrfa&em 1 desire not In ascend 'the throne by encmnlemg vie tints on the stein to it 1 d?tiro in ic. n.1 it sudoo. be the general conviction thai by legality order WiU be eflabluhej, auil with it the country will prospis and pro greK,, iu conformity with the enlightenment of the a?" 1 u*>ue this manifesto to theCbrtes io order the nation may lhereby be informed of itlANbOb, June 2, IMO Utrnunf. BtntLOr, June 6. IMO It taMid that an understanding between Frnuo ant the Middle Stale* of (estnauy wtti be brought about by an interview at Bail on, between the Prtore Regent of Prussia and several German sovereigns. Hamovss, June (, IMO The official Gazette announces Minister Von Hurries hat beeu rai.v'1 to the dignity of Count in consequeucn of hit services. Test-key. Mas-skuxiw, Tuesday, June 6. IMO. I/'llevR finoi B- ypo-it to tltr 24th uK. state that aseniksi' nations were increasing. TTio Christians and the Druses had assumed a hostile attitude towards each other. Alkia.sowia, May 30,1000 A report is current that disturbances have taken plaee nt lebunon, and that the rarha Of Beyrout ha-i not suJB cieul troops to re establish order. Important from China. Several commercial houses of Marseilles are said to have received fresh news by a supplementary mail from H'Stg Kong, to the 2Slh of April, according to which it was rumored that the ultimatum hail not be-n abtolutely rejected that the plenipotentiaries bad remitted a so ciuiit ulQm it am, nstnikii Ut Ms itlrnlstiom. to trphih Ihey were gotug to await the answer of the Chinese Court. Algiers. IbTKKKbTINO I.RTTRK KHOM THE KMPKMs ECOfcME. The Akklar of Algiers publishes the following lei tar from the Kmpres* to the Mayor of that city, in answer to all appitratiou from the munici|ial council tor permission to give her Majesty's name to the new boulevard about In Itp iirpr.tpil I have nveitrod, M. le Moire. the address scut by the Municipal Council, winch aiinouiie *s Iho'crcat *<>n of a new street round your beautiful capital, and requesting my coils**ni thai it may be called the "Boulevard de I'luipora trier Kuganie." l?i*|>ly ii!t<*cted by the sentiments which inspired so Haltering an application, I give my cousool with pli'H.-iiie. When tli.-* grand enterprise! h.ive lieen eom|iJcted,! shall never forget, you may b<? auro, i[i it my tuune is i-oimecled w ;ih (he capital o< country Is'* ouie altogether French, not only In our arm-*, but by th*' genius of our colonists; au*l if at some future ilay, us I hope, the Eui|**ror should realize n project dear to Ins heart?if he should visit Algeria, am! I slumld be able to accompany would be most gratifying to me to ris-eive the Municipal Council of Algeria, on that boulevard, and to tliaus Iheui.ou the spot, for the seu timcnIs they cherish towards the F-upeeor and my sou I pray yon, V, lo Maj-e, to as?uru the Municipal Council oi Algiers ot all my good wishes, and he assured of th ? same for yourwelf personally. FUUKN'IK. Palace ol the Tuilcrii*,rMa> 'Jl. Tht Battle of the Beit. TUX TOCK OF TUX CHAMPIONS?MAVKKS AND UXC.VAN IN MANCHhSTKK. [Front the Manrbe-ter Cuardian, June 5 ] Tom Mayers and John C Heetuui, having ai length agreed to a "draw " as to the tight tor the champion's hell, eomoienred yooteiday, in Mauchestrr, a lour through the provinces, for the purpose of exhibiting the new be't presented to ea> b, and also of giving a few illustration.** of their ?l\les ol boxing The Free Trade llall was engaged ycaterday?at throe in the afternoon, and at eight in the etching. The prices of admission, as at tirsl announced, w ere mi evidently niurh loo high that they were reduced a few daya ago to ou<La.lf iu ?-ach cm*?. The attendance in the afternoon wax small, in fart; but it wn? larger than we had anticipated, considering the hour and the durps. The 10s seat? bad a fair sprmh ling of or-'iipautx, but tiie grviil bulk of the visiters. ciiOv tbr 2*. 6d. part of the hall, the Meats at 5*. each being quite at a discount, not fifty persons being in tli "u t'pou the platform there was a moderately strong and very fi velleut orchestra] baud, which played aotn solec lions. The apjiliois waa enthusiasts- when Say era, eJos.dy f>l lowed by lieeiuui. came upon the platform, each lemf in -.purring costume, and wearing gloves. They at onre --n.-t I to," and had aeven bont i, w ith some sharp tilli ng in ' woh. In the very first lleeoaa gave a good sample of li s left band hitting, of which so inueh was said atter the light, and by which he did no much at Karuborough, fir lie caught Mayers no full and fair in the forehead tint 111* Ktigllsbntun staggered backward*. In the th.r-1 bout Mayers returned the cotsphment very cleverly. After a short 1*11*-, two athletes, lles-rs. Murray and Ilolland, were introduced; aud tliey certainly did Mots very daring and astonishing feats, one apparently being a* much at home upon the head or the shoulders of the oilier as upon the ground. Although tt is dklBcult to see what t-uch performances have to do with the "reconcdia lion and tiual settU-tnrnt ol the gresl contest for tit-' championship," the marked ability of the perform-rs caunol bo questloucd, aud was freely acknowledged l>\ the applause of the audience and by a recall. A table and three chairs were now brought upon the plaUorm, and two loalbnr cases liaving been placed iqssi the table, Mayers and Ih-euan again a;>|swred, but uow in ordinary dress and Mr J Morris, an American, took th" chair, with Mayers to his right aud llcenau to his left. The Chairman. after some introductory remark-, narrated the facts, now so well kuowu. as to uw aeiUcuiui of ill" question, remarking that when two bravo men. who bait Cqutretl re?pect tor (achotbrf qualities, loot taco to face, thry soon did I bat wblrb mouths of controversy bail failed M effect. It wax to be hoped now that th<Mr friendship would l>* xino re and lasting (Appl iti-e ) He twite red (bat the t?iuiu>at,ou rumo to wa? m accordaur w lib lit-deetrea of the great majority of the people <q Kng ?nd aad America?(applause)?that It ?? felt that all that could be provAl bj a prtw battle tia 1 tifn proved; that courage, < biluraike and skill had te en displayed iu the greatest perfection and that again to pit the nieu against each other would not only be needle* but cruel and barbarous (loud aftpUoe ) Jt ?i< believed that the inl?re t taken in the tight , the arttlemcut, and the m il, would justify the repetition, in various (*irt* of the country, ot the ceremony ot presenting the belts, which took'place recently at the Alhatnbra Palace. I/union and a.-, Mr. Howling, of HeU't Lif* and Mr Wlikes,of the New York Sfnrit of the Timet, could uot be expected to travel for the purpose, he (the Qwimui) vaiwl read, Mr. Iteming"* iilJriM to Heenan. and Mr Wilkes' adareaa tathven. fTbejr have ulready appeared in the Hansen ] Ttie iVilr tun presented lie ililterlnx bell to each nun, each twnr mg, like the original belt. the words 'Otiunpioti of ling land" in burnished silver, Continuing hi remarks, the I Chairman said ? tl report*! in tin'papers that at that j?rt of Mr. Wilkes' a-ldre-. which related to Heenan - intention to return the belt. In J he won it. to ftnro, there w,re some rxprrwnious of incredulity. HypncrMv t* the vice of onwards; but do you believe one en brave would descend to a mean and mlMPiece if hyjpecrlej fOMoaof 'So "> T > -in* that the feeling expressed by Mr. lloenan is n >' exclu sivcly his, I may mention that Mr. liver, one of the drst American pugilists, said that If he were to Aflit Savers, and could win. he would draw the batlle rather than lu flirt disgrace upon s-i good a in ui (Applause.) It bus twen in?lnuatrsi that ilie light iv>t? n He uan and Saver* was likely to create ill fooling between Rngland and America "(A rrv of ' Nothing of t!i sort " laughter.) I believe thl* to tie an error. Nat .ma, like men. respert ilawe whose q unlit lea Ibej hare proved au I ' irn-o It' 1 mure lll? ?;i - ? I' *"iii -11 "1 r. , . i i ? Ih?- rarie thai of America They hiw divided d'Wuialoae ttiio if king of tho earth, tho igh*-r ol the air. Kuglaiid and may well be contest, one to begs tho (ton. lho other aa the eagle lol ono bo 111 - groat Power ot the now. aa*l tbo other tlio gnat IWer of the olit world; and lot ihoir only rivalry b?li science. art, literature, good work* .til*!?mm!) aport* fAppUu-e".) Atyers and fli-enan n"? took off Ihoir o??l?, brkN on their holts, uteppr I forward and wboak ItanN, til ar ktiiiaiitlgid. by bowing. tU<- In.I appiauac ailh aUieh tho shake taaa greeted; Iho or. lu-otii played "God save tbo tpiceaiand tho and ion* o retired In tho rtoning there w?? a bettor attendance, tho tve shilling seats boing again the lout patron it** I After tho band had played a couple id overture*, Murray and Holland wont through tho r -orgUial cuterlain mcnt," *b%h rertainly w ihruaglint aa daring ae. .tuJ more grateful than, any thing oLso oi tho k>ud It Im* been onr M to wttnoof Then Mr Chai -daman i?>h tho * hair, nay era and lioonan lo-ing rot ived with long ooolllined and rnoM enthu?ia?th- applause Mr Momati. wh ?i* an inijimvutiitoro, delivered a more flowery addre-w than that of Mr. Morrtf In the aflornooti It wa?, Indeed, strongly tinged with "bbunco." and wa* rxrru * latmgiv ovenkaM with puna. Iho poiata dealt with being I bone bofbre noticed Jo oo.upjr th> tn tonal between the presentation of the betta an I bo fparring?Mayers an*l lleenan hat ug lochtnge their Mb->?tie- Chairman ver?ifl?d vhioo tbaldi, " OM on." ami tho - Hide Volunteer Movement nuly?-< m g?t -n by mognhora of the ando-tu - Tho <t|*irring. of ennr?e, a.<? tlio thing - f Iho evening. hot it aa- |?e think n-?l kik?l aa ,n the :JVrn>?Hi r*?ri - ai ti-ry ir i.y , j-laml'-d for tin* at) to in a huh h otne dm >1 t? iw t lb -mil. ,--ft tiHii.t? it a i a -I i;.over pi--* * '. . it agtflu * hit a*|| ihluito-t ono cf th-- oir. * ot li power!" ht with fx h a mm a Hoenan for more tht.i two Iiotu Wr f mnd tho laiyro-m g with those to a bom ao *ooko upon th- vihjret. that H -a in - ipe riorlty m height and r?-ar.h did uot -inkr th- i?vi?i >. at , tho fliat inre . but a hen the im u ; >? u*> th .,r , id.* the matter at once broamo rl-ar. Nothing b it tlio m at ronfumn-ite fklll a? a jrigili't. oomhmo t with alnvwl ?u prrhum it. powora of radur.nn- e?il*i hav- enahloit .-Mi era, agmtud aueh odds, to $ > thr-igh tho I truborougU atruggio. There wa? I>oth tn the anofnoiin an t etrening a great rpnwd ontetde the 1-Yoo Tradr Halt, and the an to to get a giant o at the umibaiant*. aw they pn?aed into or our of tie- hall to a rah, wa? really Intense, hi ih-* *or,m< 2,l*>0 or J- tn*) |? r?->n? t'rr-r i-igri-gato l, ti I It- W > . . Ik ar H-del, I'HI adilli . whi-re t'l m i?Uye*1 a I- n , )y k-irrt" d?-*l Woi;l.l It ??*>t have i>- 'i lw-t|of |nl n i > liave atill fnrth'-r rednr 1 too rlnrc- I a*tm i Wo fant y llial the mvipi* wonld hato la ^ r If l.i t ? ? lower iwtroa' had hern 2a ftt and 1' T->day Moa?r? r"ayi-rr and lbi oar vtait !jyerp??>l. and ne h-liero thit leiila, flietheld, Nottmghain (or la- water), an' H-a tljiil Will nott Ik- Vl'ltod the IjTi-rpif Meeenrr, intt? 6 ] To n Sbyers and d?Uu C Il -ou-tj, who foi^ht fbr lh ? I # EW YORK HERALD; WE champion S bell on tba ltth of April Ltd, nrr qow on it U*:r of the prortucos for the purpose of rnhihHinjt the tnt betts presented to each .and also 01 Kiriogjt few illov halmus in "the noble art of self defence." The bi-iu, i< ?H!b? recollected. ww ted lo o uh Ou Wedn lent at the Alhambra 11uaoe,4>?mk>u On MonAay Severs and Heeuan at>poarod at the FteeTrade IUU, Mancb ~<ter. but llie prion being Sard at 10?., 61., and 2-i ft., the speculation did not turn out a.* prottuiilc 1 one as it would tin it done duriug I hi) CkCilcmeut immediately atUr lite h#hl lu Liverpool the scene of tin' dispiai of fistic Ulent ww> at the Zooiogicnl Gardens, the adnu.oon to whirti w.u hall a crown, lu the evening, the weather tump* cleared up, there tut murh larger attendaaoe, wtticsiru v"ry matrrtall) increased as tue time announced tor the "wl to" to take |Alee drew nigh, It bun* computed it ww witnessed by between 2,000 and 3,000 persons, amongst whom una a considerable number of Ipiunlea. During the earlier part of the evening the " great m ?n" perambulated the grounds in friendly convoreu, and ah.ui trying thmr akiU in the aiclu'1) ground and the ritle gallery, and enjoying sotno of the more athletic diversion-. The ordinary amusements of the gardens preseuted for the time no attractions to the visiters; the "champion.!" were the "obaerved of ah observers." ami wherever tbey moved they were surrounded by a troop of ad mirtow, and frequently t6 their evident annoyance Tie programme 6f the exhibition diforod ia bo material respect from that of the a'.lernoon The capital baud struck up some inspiriting music, while Messrs. Holland and Murray went through their clever acrobatic performance, after which Mr. Slornaa made h.s appearance upon the platform and delivered himself of a somewhat flowery oration, which was occasionally interrupted by some rather disrespectful ejaculations. He said be Was about to introduce to the spectators two of the moat fkmous mon>of the present age, each reoow ned for Uie valor be had displayed in defeudmg the pugilistic honor and characteristic bravery of htf country. Here some porno* in the crowd made some dissentient observations, asking especial reference to a gentleman named "Walker," while another expressed his nou concurrence in the opinion of Mr. fHo?n?ta1>y loudly exclaiming "Rosht" Tt> these remnrka the speaker replied in bis usual facetious style, and Tom and the Bonicia Boy then entered the arena. They were of course greeted with applause, but it vi> uot general nor of an enthusiastic character. After a short liter vat, occupied by encircling the waists of the rh.unpioas with the gitttoruig Irophw.-, of their pluck? the much talked of belli?they took their position-i, and the "set to" commenced. As the "ftmey" would term it, there was some "very pretty sparring" and "neut lib bing" in the rut rounds comprtsiug their exiieAtiou of the art of self defeuce. Heenan played aw i> with his left hand, hut many ol' his blows were in wt artistically stopped by Sayers, who, notwithstanding, gut one or two "tor his nob," Heenan's height giving hun a derided advautage. t-ay ers was apparently unable u> u*<- In., right arm freely. Again, Torn planted several Hinirt hit* hill on Heenau's chest, sending him against the rojies outv, and in the next round the Boy made a clever telnt and got Tom's head under his ai m. Tie men were warmly cheered a, they left the ring As to the sparring generally, there was not any extraordinary "cleverositv" displayed tlirocghout, and those qualified toyudge were of opuuou the "bcieucc" shown on both s.iles wu-. tolerably (f rom Bed's 1.1 * | Tie follow ing uoblemeu and gentlemen have put down their name- for suliecrtntion.-, for a testimonial for John I lieenau?Marquis or AUIVWT.UU, i?rg ronnraiwio, ?10; t/>rd Coventry, ?10; Iird A. Ills'"!. ?M; lord (?la? gow, ?6; Ior?i CouriiiMy, ?10 Sir I.. Newman, ?10, Mr. Merry?20; Mr Teu Urocele ?10, Gilouel Higguv ?6. A CHAMTtON FOK IIKKNAN. fl rom 111" Newcastle Chrouck] An old woman, *1 S hI.xi Care*, received the other day from Iter sou, hi California, a Idler, in which ho mi>m:?"1 aee you have got .lark llcenan over in Keg lain!?Ibe nine .'.irk Hrenin I once Vive a good leathering to, myself, out here; and 1 hope he'll get woll leathered lu Old England beljre hi> coio.-s back." The recipient of the letter says ?"She ha, leathered her son oil en, and he leathered lluenau." The iufereace U obvious.. i . Th* Atlantic C able. to tfik korron o? rftk lowdon cnaoMcr ic. Sir?u in,i) possibly intercut your readers lo know that die|milrli"s have Men revived from Newfoundland in re.pert lo the progress rr,ade in the preparations lor attempting to restore the Atlantic cab " lo working order. At the time Captain KeU's letter letl St. John's al! ttie arrangements required for the expedition were c.>tn pleled, .aid l.e wae about to sail, within a day or two, f>r Trinity Bay, to commence the preliminary work of picking up the forty six miles of cable that are intended to l?e rut off, iu order lo hrtug the end into New IVrhcau for the purpose of musing a complete eajin.uat on ml j it-. condition. This electrical etamiuationoi the cable will he made by I Mr. C. V Varlev. whose \ aluahie wn nlitif knowledge and | experience luve, bv the kintl permission of the directors of tbo Electric an t International Tutegrskh Company, lni-ii placed at tlx- disposal of tin company fur the necen?ni y period Mi Varley nailed m tbe Niagara <? Satuv day, tbo 2d tunt. GEO. UWABD, Secretary. The Very lot (eat. TXIM-ealHH litOK LOXDOft TO QtKKX-DWS THk ENGLISH MINISTRY. Ttie Ad**rtissr lays tbal in the eveut of It. MacKimoa'l amendment being carried, the effect of the amendment would be to postpone Ute reform bill indefinitely. Lord J. Russell and Mr. Gladstone will resign in tb Msutnod contingency. It is understood that Ismd Clarendon would return to tbe foreign office, and Su Cornwall Lewis to th? ufflte of Chancellor of tbe Exchequer Tbr conservative party do not wish to see tbe ralincrsioa adniiuisLat.ou overthrown. THE ARMISTICE IN SICILY. Nothing positive ia known on the subject of tbo armistice. to some despatches it us prolonged mde finitely, while others cute it is only tojlhe Tth mist. The Malta Otmrver of June 2 Mya it was the Neapolitan General that asked for an armistice in order to bury tbe dead. General Garibaldi and his adjutant at ooee proceeded on board her Brtuontc Majesty's M earner Hannibal, where a conference of ail the auperior officers was held, and an armistice of twenty four hours ?i. agr%d on. Subsequently the Neapoi.lan General that it should be extended to three day*, which General Garibaldi not only accepted, but offered to prolong il fur week.t. An l->igtIaU steamer had arrived at Ma^?illea Irom Qncenstown. cooveyiug sigty vo lunteers, 4 000 rifles and 4)1,000 for Uaribaldi. THE EASTERN QrKflTION. Sir II Bnlwrr informed the English mercantile body, at a levee at Conat antinople, held on May 24, ttut he had beeu requested by the French Ajnhawador. M De Lavatle, to inturui tbo English rr rrhaaU be had never said a hat had beea represented. that, (at from egpre*MUg any fearr. ou tha contrary be tiad advised English merchants to rotitiaue their operations, provided they wore, as he doubled not. of a legitimate mercantile nature. THE HKL ATIONII OF FRANCE WITH ENGLAND. Ttw PBrW correspondent of the londnn Time* la a review of ltie alleged tende?< les of France to war, says the nation i> isdiflerent even to the question of tlie itheiuuli fr,m tier. A war with England wotild perhaps be popular fir a few week*, but a -- ire dly ou condition of its being invariably auccae ful. and a* short as f?-.,i?le?ahorter even tlmn the campaign in I/atnbardy. Tlte Emperor of FYance is not one or tin** w no uwiove uiat we otve degenerated. Any struttf'* between Gri\*t Brittiu aa 1 Kraace must be it struggle of life or death; not a rampaifn. bat * war, perhaps equal in duratiou to the last, in which all r.nro|*- would be mrntred. franco la not likely to rush into a war m-rety to satisfy a faded rancor. The writer is incredulous as to the de?ira of the frcnch people and army to be constantly at war. and particularly at war with ftiglan 1 The war with R sia was viewed with uidillerenre by the nation, and the war with Austria was regarded w ith marked dl?-sati?f*cliotiat tlie commencement. and disappointment at the enl. The people know what rum would follow from a war with a lountry like Finland. urn amd roc/itrp. ijWll'WD?Iff tiiv K\-t rivkr, ON Tilt'HABIT HTH 1 insi . a Itfteen to* llost. whu'h the owner r*ii h*> ? hy ftmrhf ntuwrl* sod lujiM eipeuse*. Inquire of J )Ua liailv *? South street. Sew York. ' HTRON OOPPFR NAT COMPANY -NOTTf* tS ItFRN t>? *t*en that the f UWrwin* arrp hvnn* been I.jat nr mtalaid b* the owner, w as thai dsjf cancelled. and the puttie am rsiiuoned aaaioat pu. chaam Ike saoae. sa It ta ot ao Talua M U?e holder ? No 10. dated kh July. IM IflOsharew. In name A. Rsoktn. It lt? Hmm < IN ? ? a 19 " w " " ? a " tB " " " a " HI " " M " " ? 909 " " " S ? " M jg ? " ? B " iai - - " Sen MM - - a Jh?M N9 " " M M " IM ..WW jt 1900 " va " 1st No*., KM . MU " Wi;k Mr. Hartley. as " aa " 9H - tm H " tm Hw hi D. D. COLLI* ser-.sarr. kfnerssai. ?hh May, ML _________ LOFT-ON T1IF 1BTII TNeT , A rlH K el r at1 MOR AN dnm Hnr4. rwnuinin* 100 aharea t'nlted Fotea On aim (Vnnpany alork. atandin* In the nim? of Proaper y Wetm tra. and now drawn by Mran*, Murray A Co-, I" thru own order, to J II VuilMil'rfVm foi *t?> at alt month* fr May JR. 1AIB The pnKiir are hereby rantmued **?ina: ne* ,nn* the umr TV Under will h? ul-erally reward*! by aLlreeatng Imii 1 000 I'm! odke. New Vnrt TOtiT-OR MONPAV AFTFRMX'V !* FROM I A1 Fine atree* thrush H?lw? to l*t Fulton aireei * am*)! Paimr ltot.iooian. it a pf? enamelled t'ha'e. i Pin A literal i rwarl will tie paid fhc IW return to I. 3 Be' mi. Jr.. S Fine en eel 1t*T A eMAU, PArKAUKOr ftfttrOXA f.K f oMljrtl i Onm Hurti Br*' airrwt and Tenth ??"> hi Mtlvidt Mien The Under w ill be auttahly rewarded by firm* ilie name at 10 (Villa let I atrwet I OFT ?I.RI'T IF AK KAFT HROAPWW <T\ilF. A J J howrn parrel rontaloin* art ttrter Rat ft-* ?i R In* the aame will be amiably rewarded h* le.atjj r n at ad t .?uti?e aweet. JAV C. WKJC'Ul 1 OeT or FTOIJi.N THV FfRUt' ARK C ?l"TT' AHP li .*ai .1 I * a. una a note R<- 431 drawn hi lla ah ? Hwh to m-tr own ortei dated April It IA41 at a> (? tm hi paya jteal ttw Amfr\,. ,i bihiMt data IDWK3DAY, JUiVE 20, 180 8ALM AT Al'CTlOM. * A J. bw.fcCAM.K, SOS A UO. A. Will sri; ,V silrt.nn OS KHIOAV. JUNK ?. Ax 12 o'ri? *, at Uip Merca-en*-.' Kukmip. Tap Pwii (If Luit, MuUmmd from 1 lo 8 l?ita eaeli. u> the upper mat mo-1 be* ;'if'L f<rt of S. te Vo<*. Hi) pee rem of Uip uiouey luajr reuini l ou iuim-'.i; ?ge, pvl o< i <0< ten years. Plot Mo l-J I/w on Hroadway, 9l3th oil 2?ra ?x* . and the UKii a... "iljUi 1J0 lets wale. as now nupii-d utd gr? led ironi Broadway to the >1i'.iis'km!iI in on Ih liar' m Plot So. -?A IjV 4 nu Hi.- aoioaeaat corner td Id.a or aud 2lMh at., and 4 no 31t*i St., adj fiung Plot Mo. 5?12 Lot* on the iamb slIp of 2<4U| f , ?e<' near the rtver .aid at earn.mot doe*. Plot No. 4?U Lola; 8 no Hosulx ii 1 a.lyoui.jg oi i. all awlr of 212th a., and two in la? it?i an it l a . Plot No. 5?12 Iota; Hon (lie a , 2 a.ljo i ng U rear oo aM at., and 2 on 313U W. Plot No. #? It [a4a; Moo Li? lULi av.,3a I .rain; in tUft rear oo 212lh. and 3 on 213lli st. Plot No 7?IS lx>U: 8on the e*ftt *..! ' fti <h lia-i ar . 4 at jominji in Ili" rear on 211tliat-. and 4 ua 21- u ai Plot No. 8?12 lx>u nd.*>iiiing tli? Itat dftarribed; 6 on lae no rib aide ol tilth at., and ti in the i ir on 212'a 1"lot No. 0?32 Lit . on 21P.U and 212*.d strreb. to 1 the Nln'ti atrane, h.? ing 200 (ret Iruot on Lie Harlem r.trt. wh e (lie riparian rigtu will rover a large area of ground. Plot No ll)?29 flore fads. attUAWIHisi lltr asith air of Zl4lh mreei, between Kroadway and the Ninth a?e?oe Thxapropert) u vrry aurnetne lor priiale rrsetrsi-ft*. a|>? culatlou or Investment It afford! beautiful building ?po*a in the midst ol highly picturesque aeenery aad ainal agreonbte aooiely. Tim f?cilille? fur rem bin* it from the lower part of the rby ure frequent and rapid, ll is Mealed where ultimately the lota trill become very vain a ale. aa it la a part of 11 >? nearly lae* mi ! mil u-liii'h iipa lifwniil lh.? i-rw k v Jifi/h il' L]ia ll^rli'Ui | river, and eaM of WaahinghxiifclctiU. It w witlan one hour a Line ut Clumbers mM, by llie Hud. (pa river train*. that lease ihri- M 6 end 9 4A A M . and *1 I 1"?. dH.3&, 4.1ft. ft.30. 7 and 10 4.'* PM (leaving Thirty ftrm Kiw ? minutes later), slopping ut Titter Hook station. wtuch la w near lit preniltt'%. Return lr:i.u? Hop on the way down at 57, 7 J4, 841: 1004 and 11.0ft A.M.. and at 4.0ft, ft SO and 9 14 P M. The Harlem river bouta learr I'rrt alio terry at 7.8. 9 1ft and ! UAH.. 130. 3 IS. 413. ft IS. Slftandtlft P. M. Ttinelothe CentarT Bouse, loot ?< llftth afreet. one hour and a quarter. Returning to Uie city every (van until 7 P. M. The Third at atiue ear* arrive at and teat e the steamboat landing at the up par < ; rod ot Third aveuue e> rry hi e minute* Thu ilvrr routej-i a very pleasant abort cicormlon. aa I* boats are under the moat careful management, and tin* paa I amgein usually of the find rlaM. Ai I he a*roe time It afford* a . good opportunity for profile of mined taste to nJmira the beautiful seeoery along the upper pallid ibe Harlem river, wtuch uiild roceoUy w aa couipamu- ciy unknown. certainly 1 unappreciated. Tnuae vtho go up to view the property to he atV.d will And : each plot nuked ni the four corners, with a number in the ren i ire to correetKHid with Ute i nap. ?bleb maybe obtained from I the auctioneer's office, No. 7 l*me atreiH, or front Mr. Poat. al i thiOntury llouae, ou liarlnu riier, near Ibe foot of iiLSth atreet. i A^m J. BLKKf'KKR, AU< TIONSffcR. 30 UP TOWN L<)TS. A J. IM.KKCKKK, HON A CO.. wlii sell at auct oo, on WKliNKHOAV, JUNK It). At 12 o'clock, al tbe Merchant'* Kichaoge, f>n lftTHyM.-2 Lota, north aide, liM ft. m eat 9th are On ITUA VF?4 Lois northeast corner 114that. ZftalOO ft. ML On I14TH ST.?7 LoU N. 8.. adjoining the above 11? JUJ'H O'H -4 lass H. K. corner til* U , tftiUM ft. each. On 1I1ST ST ?3 IaHa H ft., adjoiung above TKKMH L11EKK AL AND HALJt AjJHOLUTK. Map*. Ac., al 7 Pine aire el. A J. RIJCKCKKR, AUCTIONF.KR.?ABoOLU t'K SALE . ol Williamsburg layts.?A. J. HLEKCKFB, SON A CO witi aeli atauction, Monday, June 3ft, at 12 o'clock, at tbe Merrhanu' Kxrhauge, ten lots. on the nni-tlieast corner of Hmith and final Kl.-ceU; five fronting on Smith street, three on Freak ' stri et ami two rest gores Tbe above are on guide in a rapid Iv impruiuig neighborhood. Sale po?mvc, aul terms liberal. Slaps, Ac., at No. 7 1'iue sweet. AM MORTIMKR GRIFFIN A CO.. AUCTIONEERS. MAGNIFICENT UOt'sKHOLO FURNITURE AND WORKS OF ART AT PUHUC AUCTION, On t!u? day. Wednesday, at No. id WestNittreatb street, IW. v\?-a*4i Vtflh Mud Kiith tvMMtp* rMPTf^i rtiMAMpfmd 7 nriuva Ptannt ore. Drawing Kcnm .Suit*. Statuary, Bronrea, Voire* otiJ Brusael* Carpel., Bronze and Ormolu Chandelier*, Ptei and Maine! Mil ror?, Oak Bitlel. Kxleuinaa Table. China und Glassware. The auctioneer* would call particular attention of their friends and toe pnblle to this aa>. Catalogue e in bracing the large** and rtafcsMt aamrncot nf Houvhol I Furniture and Works of Art ottered a', auction Una Reason The liouse wna t unasked all new ma mouths ago. and ia hi complete order. Descriptive c ilalog'i"* at the liouae on morning of male. Drawing Rooms?Magnificent grand action 7 ortard Piano forte, luted wtih Mtin wood, overstrung bass, elegantly caned rosewood rasa, made by Roadway makers; rose* ood Canter tniry da Blool. covered in brocade, Preach cloth cover; rone wood ftecrrtaue and Bookcase. Kneoumui ea. Marqueiene and )l<*s-de Rose Cabinet*. lady'a work Table and willing Desk, inlaid witli pearl, Candelabra*. Bracket*, medailiou velvet Orrpels. ou>suc Hiiga, French plate pier Milrors, mnrbl" Slaba and Bracket*, two large mantel Mirrors, richly carred Irames; entbroidrrwd lane Curtains, French Shade*, Cornir e*. he ;?wro magnmcrui sin . of drawing ciaan Furniture, covered la three colored satin Bo ole. of the richest description, carved m solid rosewood; two U-tr a iete Sola*, two arm. rr-cpttna and eight oval bock Chair*, twro lowwood centre follies. Mutuary miubSe top in match tne hiii'*. Kicgere* lined with rvlluamod. murine lop, inuTur door* and hack; King's patent reclining Chair*. anai-tette pter ami chest tsbirs, gnlhic reception Chair*, artistic Hroare*. oil PamtbiK*. Ac Cluvmlier*?Two Rosew.iod marble top dressing Bureaus, plate glaw* Mirror *, ro*efvood Bcdrteads ruhiy cu ied Ounmudcs Co icliea, arm and rack idg Chairs oral liark ("hair*, covered In mnquet; tapestry Rrtiascl* Carpet*. bed Hjirrad*, hair and spring MaUreasra, teallaer Beds Blankets. flbunterpanen. Bolster*. Pillows ovwi Mirror*, pa- l'.-.iiimg- decorative riiiiia Totleui. Iiinrat el Curtains. Ac. Upper 1 bombers?Mahne?U) nnd black walnut Bureaus, IVvlsood*. Washstanda, Sua*. Rot kera, Bookcases u*>t Table*, corner Stands. Bedding. Ac Uiuing Room?l?x tension dining Table, oak Buffet. China. Obis*, silver Ware, u'de CwUery. dinner and ten Set*. AI?o general usaortineut oi basement and k.Uiben Furniture Bale pe romp lory .Term* o! sale cash. In bankable money oi certified check* lVpoalta rentoted ltuui at! purchasers unknown to the auctioneer*. A^m J. RAYMOND. AUCTION F.KR Kiegaut und costly Kowwiiod Household Furniture, Oak Dining Room an t Rosewood Chamber furniture, At public anrfion, , This day (Wednesday). June 3d. at IO*f o'clock. J At the pniate residence of the Hon l.urtrn Napier, So. Ad Weal Eleventh itrret, a tew door* frum Fifth avenue Cat* loguea and citrd* of ?dnu?*iori ran be had at our vffi<v up In the day ot *a!r The furniture la all Aral ctaM ?4 naMl toort'ei I'M ilio pieseul owner by Kice h Merrill, of Broad way. Magnificent R . we w ood Puuoforte, One o( Kr.trd'a grand Ariiou H irpa. Soil* of Roar wood Furniture, Roaewood trnlir Table*. Rosewood Elegerea. Ewceioire and Bookcase Rare Oil Painting*. Ormolu and Bconje Chandelier*. and Broeaiel and I .are Curtain*, Oo*lly grand action mar wood Planoinrte, full pearl kotr* and inlaid with labtei, makera. Hugh Hard man A On . ruaewuod laniertmrv. rosewood r'.oo. and cloth rover. royal velvet and Hiuaeeb, i p. m .s> . *u 1 vein.-. Kiiga. pier and maniel Mirror*. splendid Parta imported I It and e lie ra, lace hroralei Curtain*, hioinana. Sola*. lauuigea, easy i'hairs, rorered with satin; costly rosewood auita oi Parlor Kumllure. rtehlv carvel Slid covered with gold at id CI imaoe aaiin. Trie ate lea. Sntaa. Arm I he it >. (<othu- and oral bark kin rtor Chair*. till I'ajilinga, by eminent artlata. Engraving*.Tadv'a Workhot and Table. i'at lor < trnunmis, ruaewuod tVntre Tables. Sofa Side Tallica. magniAeenl oak dming rotwn Purnfture. one of Herti'a patent eateoaion Inning Tallica It feet, and oak Bullet. with liliai?- flan* disiia audhack. i tble Cutlery. English and Freneh I ut (>u< us ale, i'lVTwb Ihuiirr Set oi 2tt> pieces, alao cbiu.t Tea set*, ruby and llobenitau W are, allier I'asier*. ailter table and tea Spoon*, alitor Fruit Kaskot*. alitor To* Set, allver Fruit I (ItrarlUf, RiVP. li* la < lumber*. rotll) nwironil Bodttead. 1 itrbH an t l.e.uitlliilly r?nrrt aulld roaew.vid; curled hair M il | treaara, leather Pillow a. Homer*. Hettmreada, tfuilla. he.; j li< : i(r> .m l Chair* r,w?u>im?rw lop drowning Hn ma, timiuatea and I'nu* Tahh, gentleman a striving Maud- Also lai the Ourd and fourth k'onrt, m ignttlcrui nod elegant enamelled Knlta. walnut an.l tnehogmr Furniture, lleiktogol all hind*. liimi. Ac. Carpeting in a Vary mnn. Biica, Clock. Mirmra. ia' Pkuitinga, Kngrartaga. Sofa*. Thalia. Klklrr-, 1/juuln and lb. ,<?ha. nlan nur?er* and bwminent Flu ui'uie. kii< hen I li .ii?. A<Siie poaMire. without regard I i weather Pep ta'..awn |>uri'h??eta unknown lo the ?uc I tinner IB will tor enacted. a h wpiaow a co , acmokvfm. ! J\., Klepant h"U*"hoid Fnroditre and hawiar It.'-uahinc Arlirlri Mam3r?ni Furniture elegant Pianoforte man vmod Parlor lluiui. e.tally Mirrorn, HroiMn, Pa.uunga. dining I1 roooi ami chamber Turnlture ,|e this ?ai iw niM>i?ir.i jvxr. as. i.*?. without rearr*e. commencing at 10S o clock V M . urweiaalr, , all lite elegant parlor, din.tig room tod chamlier Furniture contained in the tiro ntory realdenre. OS Waal Fourteenth ireet. be'ween Kigblh and NI0U1 aveouea. The furnaure in tlua hovi*e la Aral claaa. Sarin* nrnetlr Sown mvte to order. and ta aa g ??d aa nrw IlearnpUve catalogue* wlli ba I uruiabed to ptirrbaaera at the hov?e on morning ot aale Tbe Parlor Fnrnlttirw at 11 o'rWk?conslating In part of royal rr.rrt t arpria aotid roaewnnd Hum, e.egan'ir covered in three colored aatin hmcade madr by Mceka. Bailor llowt and other ft rat rlaaa manufacturer*. aplend id Turfctah raar and rareoliun ? tiaira. ladle* naranol Work Tahlaa. beautifully Inlaid with pearl; elrganil* carved roaewr**i centre and etc Tal>lr? with atntuary marble topa, rich rnarwmt Stfil. in , rrtmami and maroon aaUn. tarn rrry cnatlv rrwewood K;.yr, .-a, i with heavy nlate rlaaa doora and hack*. lined throughout aaunwood large French plate mantel Mtrrora. with maaaiva i gtlt frame* anlmdid pier Mirror. IiHiM. with elegant ai unary top. rooaole Table, nchljr embroidered lace window Curtaina. lieary carved I nrntcen. elegant rktna Vaaea, in nil color*, all of the moat chaate and etpetiWre painting*. aplend Id Bronrea. rich Parian marble Plfitrea Statuette*. boqnet.Holdera. papier marhe Tablet, two magnificent rub* and ormolu I'han.leliera, eight light* each, impoitbd from Prance expreaaly for the pre aent owner. Roaewood arret octave Ptano'orte, The moat aitperh Inatmment to be found, wtth all the modern iiapmvpm>-uta. numo valued lor lone matea-i 01 mrr? anow I Any perann in *earrh of a re?! firat rate tooed loalr-rneal will i da well In attend; cl-rh rover and ntnot. Alan a large and erienaive variety of dining room. chamber, haeement and kitchen Furniture. ronniwmg or everything d* Arable In ? flrM rlaa* private reatdenre. the whole to be ahno I I'Ue'y noM to lb? tun brat butter for caoh No pottpouement oa agy account. Auction notic* -kt.koakt Hor*KHoi,n furnitore and llnnte Decoration*. of every conceivable kind mod qualltv, at private aale. for thia work, at No IS t'lmtnn ?lore lo F'.ghth atrvww. a fow door* wool of Broadway Tht* a rare opportunity t> purr boon firw claaa rnol? at from JS tn BO per cent Iran than ther can ba bought for at any mbnr plane. It la much better than going lo auction aa thev will he told at leaa price and there will be Tree trouble, for the gm>lt ran all be aeen and etamined. and aenl home free of charge. The oaooetniem la very large and cartel, embracing all the articlca. both uaeful and ornamental. Dcoronary to bouaekeepera. even to the Cutlery and I'rorkerr Fine rwewnod Son*. In neb covering*. pier and mantel Mirror* rich window Ikntpery broner tlorka. mature and tlrtmoa. finely decorated China ! Vaee, and a general aaawtmenl of parlor and drawing mom Furniture, ronaiaung of loo many article* to be enumerated beer olao anlM nek and walnut dining room Nulla. Velvet, Hrtuemla and other deainthle Carpet*, alen. a very full varietr of rioh roaew-eti and other ktade of carved ami plain and ootrt maewood lleiateada. Bureau* Wardrobe*, Ac . line horae hair Mottreeae* and Heddtaut I# abort, we have lo offer, at great Inducement* everything that good botarheeper* ran *gk fiw. Call and *ee if every word of thai 0utter ia not true. Door* open from 7 A. ki lo 7 P M. Auction rai.r of fin* oot.n. rii.vfr a*j> i?iamood Waiche*. Watch Movement*, and rich Diamond Jpwelry. among which la one otngte diamond weighing four earata A M CRIHTAl.AR. auriaioeer. XI Bowery, will aril on Th'.rwday. llal but , al U>S o'clock, the nor* of an | Importer declining bumnewi. etiolating In port of fine gold . hunting double tune, independent aecnod. aelf winding Ntrkle ! and marc Patent I*vera ami Chronometer*. IB cecal roar*; lodiew' diamond and enamelled hunting and open c**e D'tech *d I-ever* and MvUndera. aian a large aaaortmeut iV alvar hunting Fngliah Patent I-ever* ailree homing W to 0 line Do tar bed I evert and I ylmdee*. ailrer gilt Cylinder*. hunting and j open faee duplet Watrhew, awn g"4d hutting nlckle movement, aelf winding I "hronometera Ae. The above Wttrhet are from the celebrated iFumnean manufatovtea of Newer*. Jteeaiey, Cooper. Illa-tfMone. Woaaado. Vole*. Preach ao-l otlum?UUnenl f\rm? a loo ft) dneen Ring* and BO dog en gold Pencil Ciara. Catalog'1-* are ready on Wednendar, fth to be hod o< the Aactionrer Siagle W-wie Pu) lo be aild al I o'elocg nreciaely. The trade are rcaperif ully invited Term* ?Over VI00 threw mnulhe approval! endorsed nwiew nam a* of endoraert to ba tuhmuied the day bef-trw the tale. AircrruN *nnc* -n'irsKTiof.n FiRNrrrR* at prtya'e an V of No. 71# Weal Twenty ? irth alieet. near a-eh m> ' e k y *.? Pitnvforie, mat fft) will he ait.1 for ' IBEjW'v'N* AnrnO gjo''' 1 wwr ewe faring Hub rowtMOP. fl?) ? 4 *1 91 Id fbegeeea Bonhciaew. Carpeve. Nlr rn I e * lb-Ice > He-1 flog. Ac , trill be a->1.1 *1 a great a ? - . 1 vid c it and* pom ugai UM hduae. w wr n? ~ " M j y ' AliTiom k _ >? "WlBr ^ t PtU?U? Al*. *1 . -?? WIH ? #!. M <?*?? Um U< At H Ata* KtfHUaatiA alima I 'A 4k?**'*? ?A ( MkwtiiallM.tWt |Mt ?<| Alt Ikr Ommk at Ittr ?** '?a M if 1 .< i ? BiKKilnUfWiaUi TW Kiwhit ? KviMiwIa < r??l ?n>? Immi^ w ttf |-tMa<t*t> < <>l>r ?i? . rraMoal Parlor Puiitfi** at ? * . s< a ? -? r<n ?ii>l ( >M?W T?fa. v ak ??r%n w f | Hr(rm. Ma attrt n >??,. m| A ?t W-? It* 7 I**?> ?' l?r? mm* krmiw I M? M ruttwt IV M <?* . M.rn??, \ : I' - - it ? tllHM. KufHf Ml4 'Vtvl r<M in ?H> ?... IXK-O , V. <-.? Ot U . ? ? ? - ttr.U - f t WMt ! l>l*lVt R >* RmtvnA Htf*. KiiiIII (>1 ?..? TWM> nAt t? M < > rr?i"?4 HtAfur ?mA fiawfe ut??a?ra ?.? 7t> jm Pot*. l^~Kav. ?ft1 PtMMMi-t* outniiltta wir'till. *) l > I ' * Etta i lag * Pi?uM mm* jit.* '* > < . Hf ?|? ? fct I ?. Otlr*. A/1* utl k>A Mt 1 - ? ' . *?..t ?J *?la . HkwH. Rrtiawfe Iii?xf t%? iff, Ha* Ihmim AM J Rb| TmM Mtt, Ar , Ar * **# ' wvua m- wr?. *? rm?? m? ^ No poMmmmnuon ?r IMI Wl ftrtn a.awa* aw* Bran <MI ! aUfri paaa Hit tAr kw* I ? . I A COTTON NOTtm-? C bDAV " * A MUtA LLUUIW. /r . (? m fter^n > war ? at 11 oVlnrh ^ tK- ? ? -- . * ? f*~?. . ? * aMfelM , >W oBtoe nwir|n?> a aak?d .m Ba<r% *. ? N an. lr rt I wtae iBd HHi Horr iv lata ll n?? ' ???. Route baaketa. Hbnw Caaea f rupar I'm-of w-?e?-"?i ' " * ? Ac.. I trainer, Tumble ra u>l Vw |tMM ' W 1*Hi?Ah AT A UP MH In. I*HI||M^I fcn>. * ?* a tarledy of (V?>ifi CWer. i I ala >?J Baaww IRetika. Form. MaAtarwa linA n-w ?*?y t,.+rt*mr*, It tun*. (MM. M btafefyi. Ar tm (1MB. Aiao *yr* -a** * " ***?*? At Alan. a floe of Nee. a hau? hy'> a ad iUMrn Bad very rvh Aim * iwrnw r * of Hmraaa n*n*r* in . luu row" of lb? (??<?< iin loan la ?*d olio ha la I' t Nf order of Ik normiH A * *KH A ADA, AOrnom --tm I"** RUT* A.. Sfcnea and NroflMBM mmrvm l?liini>IMA*llfl INO. on Wcdnraday. Jnna M. at h*t at ?ar* AfiA land* atrret. ancnprMad a fond carwdr of nam* 'lni?i aw* able both for city and ranlri trnAa. Mak?>i*? on aaaniao of aala. AM. MF.BWUf. AUCTIOBMKB-BY BAMtM NIIVIII irO., I[Tln|liijiAi?i.lMa*flNAMatr am Ik Mctrnpoutan Hotel Wadnewtar iflmvm Jnae ? I o'clock. valuable law Library, to b* mM by a*4*? Ohm tgnre. rnraprlarv* complete act* of cnaamwi laa aad fW?7 report* of variotiaMeira and of (Ac omm alaHraX* rrporta. auOuio Uwa. diana*. lonaaa ?rl??. and a ro > af elementary work*, nodr Uat edition*. A Alas Iwo Sua* ram*. Ac. TVTTI.N. ACmOKFKR. ??IW? l? BROAD . way?< kunflfW. liquor*. lval Toew-'-.j. Dim ?hmda Ar ?A. C TUmJC will aril Una da ai II o'rh. k. ... f? W? I lain atreet, for account Of smUijee*. 1' baakei* i %aa*pa?ea I liarrel# okl Bourbon. bream Leaf Tobaqr*' an moor* <m laorf Dry Good*. India Rubber Overcoat*, Bum*. Rn-Unuic CVbm*. A<\ ' Auction Noricr M C KDDT, AneUnnnne New end aecoui hand Vrturw*. ttsnr.v Aaddlc*. Ar. I RZRA LCDIXJW. Ja.. Will a?i:. Una d? j (We tiv?.1 tr*. ai 12 o'clock, at Allenrocwn No M CcWi atrcct. Oj^v-he ike Prart (Mrr. a rarlcty ot new and aecond band \ e?-e-?. ot *i>mi?cd make, cooapriMui* itorkawara. Too Buss>a. atk a red K.eka w ay, Pbawona. Road Wacotia. Depot nnd.taarer V\ . ;..n*. Ar niao biugie and double Himew. VTbip., Ac. Auction notick. iiardwark TR ADP KAL,K PRITCUAKD8, KINUSLAND A CO.. Auniwo* No IddU'awdwa*. Wftl conlinna their wile ihi* (Wedoead.-iyi ni .rnia*. ai lot; o'clock, at eietit mootUs' cjedM. rcrnimeortna with arc md rata loguc, lot XKJ. w-nb band and pearl tw?? .Sciuwr^ Au-ikaa Cutlcrv, aaaorted, brootu and aail Twin*, bntrhei Knivca. Ka zora, ailver plated Wuf, Mirer pi iled Ca?i m le* Set*. Ac ; nlko a <liolc?aaaoctment of Sheffield pocket Outlet>. I iile Out Iffy. Ac. Auction notick.?grotkriim mquors. sroar4, Ac?HKNRV ORKKN will aril lhi? day at MS <> clock, at the wore liH William street. a Urjc lot ot tiroreiica. Tra?. Spirea Butter, 3D bote* family Ko.ui, Main* Href, OiuraoU. K.uWn*. RattM Ale, Hraudr. Out. llim. fort Ml Wherry, t luunpagnf. 23.UOO Segara. Ac. Auction notkt -to nashac htrkkt. thm wottung, at IOS o'clock. P. H. VAN ANTWKRP, anctkm err, wtll sell rooxienmrnu of variou* peranna dlapnard to wtl at aarritire for dearnption, refer to a call, betiig aanatly article* of prrarnt demand and eonawmpuou. too uomrruua to drarrtbe lit unaII notice; aaee eapeinr AUCTION NOTICE?TH OS. HKI.I., AtTTro.VKRR, A W. R INORAHAM ?nraradar. MS o'clock, >a the Mlc rooma, 26 New I toe-cry. will be ahid. the entire laliubte fu-nt tare of a genteel Hoarding llouae Removed for r mremeace of a?le. Pawnbroker*' aater rv-xt week wlU be duly an uounred. Order ot Enderibctg*. Rtuenuan. and otbein. Avcrtnn NOTIOR ?WHfTK I.KAD -HKNRY ORRKN will aril tin* day. at IOS o'clock, at IW William wren. 1.000 lb*. White la-ad and 2.00 lb*. lumM Painty. Wkmria. .?t>adea, Ac. T^ROWNR A Nff'HOff, AUfTlONKKRW ?PRIDAT, J) .Tunc 22. at I o'clock. Ut 1 root ol salrarooia* :2> N*aaii>ircd,, .laidiea' Saddle lloraea?A very atyllah Saddle llorar, IJi, handa high. 7 yeara old, atngle footed gait under the aadJle, tmta to liameaa tuaide of 3 mumtea, perfectly gentle and quiet, he* been need tta a ladle*' aaddle horse for the la*t .1 veara Alao. a beautiful Mb Mare. 8 rear* old. perf ectly kind and I Ijentle In ail h-inictta, It1, bund* tush. lias been >un| by Ultra and children under tW atddle They are both unsurpassed as saddle nod road lloraea, kbit oali on moixiih ol lue owner no In* away. BRT.AVKR. JR., ACt'TIONKKR. WII.I. SKIJ.. ON Thursday. Jeue 21. al 301 Second avenue. nt I0t,' o'clock, a enteral assortment ot tirt?-enes, ronsislin.; ni S>-.; ,i?. Tea-, t'oflee aud Soap, Starch, Ntaiurra, Ac. IIY IJX KWOon BROS.. 46 MURRAY 8TRKKT. J) This day at U o'clock, jno ( nsra Moil's and Boys' Sri* Hata. 100 cnara Women's. Mutes and CbiUiru'a su an ilala. Ttie trade la Invited. /"IQINTY RRSIDKNCt. \ (NIANUKRY BALK AT miJC VKNDCJC. Ol superior Country Residence. near the village of Shrew*, bury. Monmouth county, New Jersey, July i. 1*0. at J o clock Ml the afternoon, nil the premises to clu#> an estate There ate about :t7 acres of leind ol the bcs; quality. lar*e two story Dwelling It01 tie- with nine rooms, pantriee and more mom, a tkmalory Large kitchen attacked; Bam, Carriage House, Ice House, and even needed outbuilding; a la rye lean, with line for eel and Irnlt trees, shrubbery. neat feoctny, graded walks and carrugc ways. Situation healthy. roorcnlrnt to churches and schools daily mail; easv ivde to long Brsic-li. near Red Bank, whence steamers ply to and from New York daily. and a few minutes walk from the Rantan and Delaware Railroad. One half of the pun-base money mat remain at 6 per rent Interest lor three years, 10 per cent to be secured or paid 00 the day of sale, aqd 40 per cent to be paid In about tea davs after, when a deed will be made. Title Indisputable. To view the premise*, please call on ROHOOW IkM.K, Shrewsbury ill Use. Male by JOHKBtl J. THOMPSON. Hhenf of Monmouth counly, N .1 Ma? i. ISHO TADWARD SCHKNCK, Al'CTIONKKR. XV KI.KtiANT III.At K HOKSK?VKRY FAST Bv VC. A 1 II. SCHKNCK Una day. 2tkh I11W . at one o'elock. *1 tbrtr nalranom. Ill Broadway, an rlrgani Mark lloctr, it hhiwl* liieh. 7 pariM, wiithiH prrfrrtly mund, kind. *rn tie m rvrry way, awl lo trot a roil* in thrrr nuantr? I^nWAUn Ri'HKXCK, At'tTTONKKR -HAl.KSRO>* 'J n". HI I?mm u? ii.. h....t kii.'nr.. iit k A f. H M'llKM K. no Tburaday. 714 ina . at 10>, o'rinrh. ai thrtr aalraroom. NTo. HI Broadway. new ami aerood h in t llouarhnkd Kurwltur*. ronauil.nji In part ?#f rlryaiit rarwnil. iunIhw iny and Mirk n alnnt Parlor Anil In hroralat. hair rlmh ami pTuah, rrwcwood BwtWr t.)p atdr and r raw Klaaa>"a. srrrrtary and library Hunk Cam. centra and ptnr Tablm. I'ltnfk pUIr pier aiut manirl Olpnnt, Rroaarta and Ingram I'arpeu. rarrrd and plain mar wood, m tboranv and hlarfc aralMM Mr.l.irn). mar Mr top Humana. Wainatanda and *'.an m.idra. Ma. k walnut and oak SMrboard? dmia* nana and .idler thai. a. oak and blark walnut Knawoo Tablra. Lou tut aa i .ilid Katyi'balrv Malti raara. Itrddln*, do L'nw VRH Si IIFNK, AUtTTOXKr* -f'A RRI\iJK.-t, "i Wagon*. Ilarnr?a. ir-Br K and II BTIIKHrK. 11 - .lar. ai I n J.?k. at thrlr aainrnnm. Ill Itroadwir. nor I rir-i! nit lizhi Bret, for 6 permna. built u> ordrr by Walton. of I Wu.adr'phl.i law rlrgai.l Rmfcawaaia, rrujrlt new thrwe j and twiiaratrd open tSuTtayea. lagbi Top and Komi Wayona. : < ton Mr and atnylr Harnrav nrw ami aer aid h.ia.l. dheel?. I Seta, dr. HKXRTH t.FKTM. Ari'TIOFHtFR?SAI.KsRlHtM KO. S Nwwau nini-HKXKY II I.KKOS A I'll will aril at anrtlnn, nn Wednrwlay. .litnr SO. at 12 o'rlork. in fr.att of aim a No S3 Namaii alrrrt. a rerv tor pair of light it Hum a. > * l-mytng toa ladv rrtrnlly la rnol. hair M-ro u?r.| by brr fur ibi* naat thlrr yram, prrfertli ktn l an 1 y.-ntl? in alnilr and ti.iihlr harnm. ninr 3rata old; 1.3 hand* 3 Inrhra hl.h. wltb 1nny flnwlnii tall*: rrry aly*Mh drlrrri. not afraid nf aloromo J Ihf or mwor A full waminim In etery partirular will br yltrn. Ala... a Ann Coupe btult to order, auJ hued anh . ruu top ailk Aim. a doublr llaron*.. mad* to order and nM nvi-h naril, ? rtb Sherta Hlankrta. Mr Tbr abort will afford a rue opportunity for a priratr family. HKNRY H I.KKDS kl'i'TlONKKR?Ikl.KSRitOM NO B Naomi atreet.? HKNRY II. LKK1M A in will mil at j anrtlnn. on Wedneadav, .lunr SO. at 13 o'i lock. In flout of atom 33 atrrH. a pair of aplrndtd Umy ull llor va. about j ldh..u<l? fll.ll. S yr?l? old. vi-r* alyU-h. perfenlv yrulle In all harnrt., and drat rate tiavellrri. To br (old for amount of u li. tn ti mat rmwiint I | KNRY B. HKBTH. .IB AUf'TIONRK*-RHKRirril J i i?Je, on Thuradar. Jim* 21. at alaviut o'dor It, at No. f>1, I I'lna atrart, ? larga q<iuill|; of ladn-a .ml miaaa* Ualiara, Htippara, and rhMdfan'a Shoo*, Shoo*. Sole l,aathar In mdr? and rut Sawing Machine, (laftrr l.iuinf Stun lant Aa Hr oartar of JOHX kri.i.Y, Nharlff nKBRY II HURTS. JR., AlTTfOXlfltR ?CONsTABI.K'R aala hr rlrtn* of an aiarution, SO hnakaia HrttMrk nod J caPiuat fhnnipagnr. Bj order. 1ATTHXW BfKRXR, I I'mwuhlt 1*1 Dhrtiict Court. HURRY B HKRTH. JR . AUCTinXRKR-SHKRIKP'S aula. (hi Tta', Jnna II, al half paM tan o'rlork. al i| 1.17 Ihiana XroM. np Mai* Pliri-iraa and M.ti hinarr of a ?hoa and gatirr ni.?nufartnrr. Coimtam. shriving. nfRrn l?aag and flitilia, Splitting Mathina. Cutting Hl.? k?. Mats, A By ordar of JolIX KK.l.l.V, sharifl. 1 TTKBBT B 1IRRTR JR . AI'CTIONKKR ?CONST ARI.R'S II anl*. on Thursday, Jnna 11. al alaran o'rlork, at No V, I'tna drtri, 210 K' .ma of Hir?? Wrapping Papar; atao. Ail volmnaa id Biugaaa'a Rail* ar Utdda Br ordar of MATfllKW HIKRNR. Cwmabla. la; Punitct Court. nFNRT If IIKRTS, JR . ACCTIONRKR ?HHKRIFF d aala. on Wadnaadar Jnna 20. al half naat tan o'rlork. at No 111 f antra atraai. a large lot of flaa Apparatna. Ralorta. fondriiarta. Pnrittam. 11aaomatara. Iron rlpan from '( to J imh, Ar . Ac Br ordar of JOHN KKI.I.Y, Hharifl, Harpwark auction xotp r-joiix r van ant R KRr'8 BON, anrUona.T will anil, on Tfcuralay. Juna II. at Wo'i hvfc, at No 7S Wllltam atraat, *n aitan?ira assort man!of Rnglhdi. ilarman and Vmar!ran Hanlwata, Cnllarr, Ar . roropn?ink In pari R1 groan Wm Bandrraon' a and W.B Jarkann a Tahla Kmraa and h'orka. alao Burma and Son'a . *?t dai i hand Nnwa. alao rant atari ahoa and nrminf H.?muiant. nal! do Ata* and llalrbat*. morlim. Mm and daad lavk*. front and "tnra .loor do ; tncathrr with a larga inrofa* of a?ortad gnria, amhrartng IIor oarcalnfn daanratad Knoha, with J* panad and platad mratnUnta; alan |laao Knoha. with aptndlaf and nlalad mounting pon a lain I 'apa. frfrar* and Boma. Knoha. Iinnoaoma porralaln Rarnfahmna an>l do Nam* Data# ami Nninliara, In grant rartafr, ai?i 771 gr ~a hraaaad Hrrawa, aaaoidad. hi grnaa nail and m>tka Oimhirta; ntrrm and haarlt handlrd Vmtahar and aonga' Knlraa fi f'aahw RoHara. Aa , IW> pair* Plek* 200 Parrnmi-m Capa. Pin lorao Ptah Una* aa a.ttad; all la Una ordar Foliar pardrulara in day of aala JOHN P. NONTOOMKRT. AUCTION RRR.-dM c 1SRH B'- 'a. Nhoaa and Hrng.ina at auction. on Thunalar, Jnna II, ai U>t? o'rlork. at lha at.*-# of J f Paida A (V. 10 CorthMidl atraat. 0t?* MMrtmMt of fraah. aaaaonahtr Hood a l>AWNBROKPR'S RM.R.?B I.RVT A CO WtU. NKT.P. I i thta dai I01, o'rl.ak, at II Cathnrma atraai. an nnnannl Iinnra anaortno-nt of ailk and othar fhanaaa, SkiMa. Btaqnaa ttonka Hh??U, ( Unnfa. Panla \'9<*% Bhlrta tjnitta. and a ooaoUy ?< prima .nagat* [ ' 1 ninn ) I I : J r * mu i *t torrtui. M*T &UJ OW HOtMWI>)U> tuumuL J *?**< " < "? ? pvr Add mftdl > m % wH"\ A, ?- . ?. w Ke.uie rtwi, '- / " ' ? ? ?? ) ?.hi it ..?. i IW4* Oihim>? l?i-. *MI1 ikuriudA - *" ?' <?M?4 M* ??%*?.?* V-w?M *?r*r?ara. brnPMd T*. "J*"..- f-?** ?"'I . Tx.-?. yrtor m* ~y M. . . -? . -H ?>*<w U+ ki'ifrt, ,u? ,'V**' " ** "T'l" U?lWi M,?r rikJ "Z ? 1. ' '"f* . lTTw< VuluUkU, Had :. fc ";. srxs* **-10 1% ~ ?V| UH.\&lCda?ara?y forMarcr^ 43 > m- nonrriui tm ?,<>AT JVVK I > . I t' v. m 1 > ?! * id* Wlina rnrwml Ma I IuiieSkae* <iif< ? w .* ? ,*t ii?,M .. M 1B, ? ?* '. . It lw.l> kA *)tM ??d Hwid > 4- ?. M* A*-i i* VahW add aa^ld kti^ ..? M '#"? imi aiaa < Hu dm ' __ I f> l< * ? nrw. %ht at rrtfMonr* -Twrt T*\T. AT IK . ? ?W ? Mum w i?a. K? I d?-ia t?tiiaaa alraat. ? >. * iMtoi t ir?r<i i m d uafe 4 ft? Ik m|?*a>ci. a ?m. c?mau?>, < ? ti ni-?ri ** tv . lay. at* A at !*? mMM r m m ft* I Mftik YTumms ftrxA. 1 ' i?ii 11 n ?*.< ft n>V* af mi nwftMA m jm uftna I WaxA" t Ran* M ak? *i n?*# ??, laaaaM ' -a*. m* r? imm j>nit a n.M.rr. I'amjukft c ' ft*.ART *rOTT?M*rKX.M -TWT< bAT AT MS O. a' Ik * <?? rw?a H aar*M FurMAik, ' "V. ?? k? , I.,/'. Wn Ml VaM ? *? r>?a-?nuA IriAi-l. Ia0*k 4 r.mtri'KT*issrxW! say| t>. Rftft ft * SA J ftnOART *TnOAYaA-fHl'M?T, JTUT* * A' l?s " M Ift MM <?MM m*\ ftu I ko^k W? nrasrwK. ssrsur ?w*?S wktaa *.*** .- ?*i I ?* riftiar, ? *S M *? loft* ?** Ik* MMftaf iHH lMWftM SNmrr ? mLr-um ix *r??RK. ao.-en am mum A f A IK. Illl |i nakwri ? ill amM. jmi Tv.Mii, Mm SzJZ ^v.vr' jfcyy ? Ka^A*r?<Y>u?ft <JW<* * A.? ft r i?*Ji o'HRftlM M ftAI K l.lvft U K ftfoftK. MORA* WAIX>* ^ ft a A ??)*r*ru>. a-rumt-^%. mM mi m T> r?> , 1V? MM A It n laaick. m |?t W*.. tk?a*f Miami mi" iwivm MIMA ul T*"tik a> -*>.**, IA- rwftak ? I.MM- I*.-* ft H) Ift" ftMftA Kuan, OMR. lm ftf.iai.l >*? 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VacwttM-a Ac h?m. u?~-c- r thrr# I?<7 Ml aUMW I a) tint wtttv** ?r<tk>vvvv xtij. incixim rvont V "i.** ' ***4 "WWV. >" " V?> ' UMlfaUl lloMM ?tM> n ?w < ar> tii] II. M it |?: roof Vum. k, A. rv*A? aa aai i?i at irkkM V at! imiiu tynuu' amuott inttonu. will tax rat* ?f (In m IV l.i.N ??.. 1 ATI ktu <u ltdl? Milf?v?n.f fwimi *?"" Wk ~ II >11 Hi nUwr Jrwr:r> alao one Nnv?ci'? ftaaia*, is Am raw (i kc vian Mabmevt lWii R/irkm. VafcW Ac , m* mv - ? WILLI am J tlkHO*. IBM rMtMta IWCfUL ?OTIci?T ata mkktinu or tub board Of IHBJH7TIHW or A lk? Maw j.rwy W (Wafaa^ k?U UkM ItlA Uf at MA Wmtittim mm. Im ?aa?. ft i iiiV MAi iMV mlmbthbm mimmmmm A M f?IJ? TiMt'.itnMBWMf AvraiiAi vbvtivo or thb irofULW? or Ikr Aawru.e T. Mr'.|<li I .mti-aaf wiL M Mi at Ma aBMVfv iiainf Ma ? Waiav V MaarV 9mm Tea*, aa TfciuaAkj. lha MU Am a( -1 ta. HA- ati> itiiA IL KivTmi. Jam kMB ' all rvvvotf* atiwo rxkin aoajmvt Tim J\ Mat* ai VAinai ami AM Maam lata af lit. a?f X Raw Tnrt dar-.wA, ?rr Wraky i? 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Tiaa?ai?i Tha (oUotrluc raanlauona. .drrwd hy Mr. Thoaue CX?hieg. wore adapted nnaauanwdr ? KaaoKed. That we. the raiaraaaf lha Twanly aarawl wart, neighbor* and f rtaiv1? <4 Ml Juan FatpotrwV ("I ui bay xxtad to da all la aar i>owrr la roheir tha aninrtaaaia ndarwr, a man of uiMalaat char trior. aad wall kaowa tad nary Rat Jt'grtty wuh hi* f .atllt from want ant Aaapat/ Keaalrad Thai a rawunataa ha a*|waa*at la rah nyaa aB Irv-nrta o< humanity, for lha purpnar rrf rajMaf mharlpMaRa , far thla beoetidem rauaa throughout tha rhy. W ' Raeolted. That tha trrwaarar will ha. aad ha la haretp qurwtad to publwh lha nnmoa .ad daaati am raroccad by tha ra apart Ira mtierton and othrra la lha oewapairera hereafter daakaakaC* Keanlred. That IV nrnoeedinfi af lht? ?a1 aT f'ttura aa? till ha puhltahnd la thr Maw tort Harald Timet IMIf Mawa and Htm. aciplnma nod art a* ioltaraara, a.'Vrr wUrb Ibr W|U. ournnd.? Far* Iti A IV**? \ Iwiumu K.uVf. Tb ?m?, H>mK Ul V?r4. Aldaiman UCIIM b..J?K..? fhtnnwd. Iw Ward. * Vnwri Tiaanrr .(aha Hr.rwy Mb Ward. Al.taimaa hairy. limxlWkr Uf>r4. AMnaup htjlff. Jobn Xinii* Mi Wat*. Al trnnan n* a*ria' I.din hulln an. Atb Want II IWA loba Mt-Uuadr, 1Mb Ward. < . .mrtlnian Mr! artb*. I?W4 TVaiw *>?kn, I lib War*. il*?n N.h.iuioi. Ibk Mini. r?u*k i *l 1Mb Virt, * Ana. a. Mm* * l'.?b Ward Jam** Irwia. UU Want I* TV ana*. 1Mb Ward WaJUra. Mb War* Bank- Hall, thai 1Mb War*. Jaan lV?nir Mb tari Brian M.-Cahil. IWb Walt <"an' J krnnaday. Mb W* .lamr* Vnrpb' 0a War*. J<>bn Mrtiran* Mb War* M'icbMitiU. Jlat Want. Mil..aid laioaU) . Mb Ward. .Inbu Hart 71" Ward Th* I Irm N bat Bt War* Tirana* bab*. 11a Wart IV Hradlord. 8l Ward I'uwb,,. K,| ? ,.r i JiMlO'Kiafa, 81 War* W.liiain Kaahari, 81 Ward I nmrliua Faria*. SSJ War*. Wm H, IhVMt 81 Ward I.bin * Irb XH Ward. Tirana* Hi an 81 Ward l ab Haiaay 81 Want IWwk Mm,illV 81 Bar*. John I Haau. Ml Want. Capl IVmbai SM War* < bal -ajI ainpbrU. ttl War*. I "h*? Ira Plirr. 81 B an! IVibl W < arr 81 War* TWiaai wlnnr. 81 Ward ''apt hrmir. 8i War* Mil II AK1. OOMNKliTf Chairman biraut II itu. Aorraury Thk jafanfxk at Html rrihuk-thjcnk ma Iincul*hr.l t.aHrra ara a*pa? lad n. land at lb* WmlbM ? ?? *?. Ili?b Brad* a Wr?4. braaa* a*1* nm Tb.ira.Uy canrauu part Madman (nan Pa. b atlc. Tarub atrral Mat mar, ami ll.irlam ai-anr bonr. A kail I.. Third a t anna rara Tbinufe ? fara II raala. A. R. ITTTUHI. RRWtRM. t> - It KW A R I> -umr ON Ml K1?4V. JI KF IT. A NI.aok VO ami un tarriar, nub ra* roUar (an namat Tte a I* nra ral ard will ba paid Is lb* pari/ Imuran* ba. In Ma M Waat>u*UMi ptaca. (lie; RKWARIl lt??T. OS- T1IK wril IN T IM A vi I l mm Farr'la. CTIiM| M ?b*d>df Ml aod piarim nf Rllil?in marba ( baalrr A Kt.i*a. (t ana N f rara oi I... t. I <b 0 ami XI Part p'.ara TV- *bo?a .award wlil ba on rarnpi <4 * rata lo l.*(bi<>p I.'lduialaa A 0*. 8 and k Tart ptatw RKW IRO -L<H.T. OS Tl'KkDAT, tut IbHI l**t . ??J Tumi 110 Kaat IVirtrrub airaat < am... yail .*> Trrnar lb*, h.. I ? tnir ?|! A .m m b aa-a f.i abd Uil ml ivy abort Ana n an to Iba tiama of Toby. rltwariv-IAVrr, om th* ifth of jcwe, Taa" " a hila fuing Irma (ba mnkar o( TnnUy ? * and and fourth aaam - up In Twant* m umrnl <draa: down Tn idy mmd Kraal bi Kar.nid bianna. a mil rt Iblla I hi lb* .am wan wnti.'Q "To Mr. Purdj. lor July 'b TVa nan naa kn pay Iba rant for lb? maw wvlmra of Palvary rb.trrb Tb* I.war V a poor man. Wbowrar f mnd Iba aama ran ratwra M M W illiam Hall. 344 Hamnd araa.i' fa 44 ICaM Tnraaty Mm bLrmV I'ajraty ra* lory, and ramra iba atxrra ran.ri RKWARO-l/MTT OR MTOI.FV, or hatvrrat *>?)U arrnin^. Iba Idlh inw . naar Canal mrwat. a jnM buai in* w mo ana i nam. rii*r?T-n on in- rap < iai-i'm. Mr W*?ln* thr anin- at ?3l Urand ?M t*a ak *? r?v4(i be |*?d and tx> q aaknd. H VAHUL KAIL.RO AIX. M OR Riff AND KkhRX RAII.ROAW OORPA ** ? Train* !#??? rum n( Cnrtlandl *r-? for ffrbnn4*? R?*?o t*in. Bmid'ft nrwi Ukf Hnfmicnn*, ?i $9 A. 0 mmB4$ I'. M A ton, on and altar J una SI rtprm train NWWdtn 110 PR. r.-\ iirnln* Inrr HmAriww " R?ndara * 6 A. R., and arritr In it* Turk u IR A. R\T*W THRU Affl> rt.CHRIfffl RAn.ROAfV ^ X* Km a tralnn will U*?a HitnKW* r^* * f AffHION I'OCKAK KA< *A On Jnr* 14. I? ? ?od n. * *,11. ? *?d 1? rnnnnrtio* wtik mwmar RaOaan, '? '* / ? " R**t#? dftp at t and if*) A R and 1 j? R. TrW. wig** m '-?lioaMla ^is. - "TrSV^MV NKW TO,uc A"?.VI>?4D Ob ami afUw Rondar. * '* 1*?:lr*,n" ? TllR| RRh *rwat **ttnn. " Tonu * Ipl Iowa ? Tor Wll!i*m*hrvl*j * ?" ' * f *? and II A and .110 P M. PwWltnn PWaand all warauoowa i?aad4 r. X. fnr trw Piatt* and *U ??r Matoia. 11? r *., f.-a* Whita atrrwt d?t><* for Ondnn Pafl^ ? It P * , au*?in j al Wllluunabrtdir and *?at?<i?iB ahrwo. rn* IVitbt PlMna, III. ? M WOW** at#rSla Ptairwand ?^?~* atom. Fw timat. 10 l> V * . **pr*m ?aaU train. aVrpln, at W W nana Mford. frmon rail* and ail Main** nnrlh. Rtdnnrtns-WUI *o?B WilJiaiubrtdc* itopptn? at all *B# autumn. <*. 0 A. R and I P R Whita Plait* *t.ii>t>?wr4 all ?M Rntfcma. I and 7 A R . .1 tt and 7 P R !>>??? rwi*. 8 A m . Rojjptn* at all BUti** DnrU of PardAaa I'm** Paia. P. R ? >pt>ii* at all auuma nnnk of PnrdiRRA At wSUVutt* *u>r*" lr*tm- Ropptx * all nnMbt tn iOUN BCRCHXi* (itimii ii "iinrnif mi?i

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