Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 20, 1860, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 20, 1860 Page 3
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giua or real eutatx. AOOl'KTRV RUUDKNCK WAKTKIV WITH A FEW acrm < i around. ou the liud-at, r in/ mhrr OMy at aeeeee to the city. frocu lb.- lat of Orion- r or ?><m, m i )u? ? oUnranat. AiUimU. A 11. Ihrtif rk FTTJ. LOT FOR HAI.K?ON THR WttWT <11)1 Of I A bbchlh avenue, txnrtra lelm uud 1?M elm-ia, -mi a rrodo\Trof. from rook; price1660, half caah. Inquire *1 124 WK TwenlWth at., second Boor. XX)* RALE? THE VACANT LOT NORTHKAWT <Y>R.?ntR li J of if roadway and Forty ninth mrret, alan arrerei Ftmt, W eeeotry Riuttnu e* nod buddin* atles, m hr.nchjr *wai* no, out arcemlble to the city by rallrnada and UumoooU. 8. SET i OWE, real eetaf agent. M F*"* aurtoc ____________ XX)R RALE-THF. NEW BROWN ST? fE UOPVR NO. AO X loot Nineteenth mwt moor Hroade I contain** aJ the | Modern iBuproveiucuui, will be (old at publto aucuou, without , reerrve, on TbnroUy, June Jl, at It o'clock, at the hforchania' A) Chance. WaU atreet, by A. K. FUST BR A CO. Tama J be , rai. ParUcuiare at 11 Pine atreet. I F>* BALK?A FARM OF 180 At RBR, IN PUTNAM ' county. N V , ntuated on the main mad from froton Falla > . to Lake Mahupac. IV inUea from the bake and three from Cm , l Mh Falln. The farm la in a hl*h Mate at culuration, baa an k abandance and a variety of fruit, a new and eommodioua i j dwelling, huM and all wneatn outbuildings Tor p*ru<u 1 turn address O. PINCKNEY, 07 East Twenty third street, N. f T" **" ** J- H ?? premises. r <, -fnOB RALE?TWO LOTS, 28X100, FRONTING USD r mroet, near the corner sf Eighth avenue, at reasonable k price* foi canh. Apply from 10 to 12 o.clock A. X. to W. I XENAKL A SON, ft* William aursst. r TSTOJt BALE?OR EXCHANGE FOR UP TOWN LOTS. A (' X? medium sired flret clan House, ou a prominent corner of L Madison avenue, between Thirty second end Fortieth street*, L Wen oeenpled but a few months end ie In perfect order. AdR K" L., boa A.<38 Poet office. TV ' l?OR 8ALR?f1,000 LR88 THAN COST-A VERY 8UPE Mr rtor three story and high stoop brown atono front House. Inl All the modern improvements, and beautifully frescoed and 1. painted throughout The sitnatlnn for beauty and h'.ilth 1* tinr?n surpassed. Iiupure ou the prenusoe, 79 Woat Forty seventh [__/g rtraet, the thirteenth bouse west of Sixth avenue. JIK1RSALB CHEAP-ONE HUNDRED A ORES, A 8UPK^ 4 X1 rior Farm, twenty five miles from New Tork, near rail road (two miles from depot); splendid building sites; high healthy tocsliou; Rood water, lruit, Ac.; unsurpassed as a farm _,T" er country n-sideucc; mwht be divided. Address, A. P., bo. 3,>68 Fo*t "ac"TOOK BALE OR RICH ANGE-VALUABLE LANDS IN i" Western Vlrgnia. Also, cash will be paid for a corner dlroe?ry, on Sixth, Seventh or Eighth avenue, not above Fourteenth street. A pply at 509 Broadway, room 17. For sale or exchange, for property in this cilv, and cash given ill addition?A Country Beai.on Rtaten Isiand, wit* 15 acres of land, handsomely laid out in lawn, erehards, flower gardens, Ac., beautiful shade trees, quantities f peach, pear, apple, cherry and plum trees, die whole itiskaod by ornamental fence; drtvea within all mariulamUed; house in perfect order; has btlli.ird rooms cnnservauirv. A-. rriucipuis may apply to WM. W. HKBBKHD, No. 4 William street, up stairs. Fir pale or exchange for city property? Five vacant L'U, on Henry strei-t. ilrnohlyu. tiai, to exehanre, vacant Isiu on Forty-second street and vx-mity near Nmii avenue, in this city. Apply to WX. W. liEilBKitO, So. 9 WDltarn street F)R yiJ! OR EXCHANGE, FOR FURNITURE, CARpeiings. or Merchandise?A good paying Business In New t Aersey, which will bear the strictest investigation. To an active Man with a small capital this is s desirable opening. Address Jar two days J. Bee bee, box H'J Herald office. TJX>R BALE OR TO LET-FURNWHED. ONE OF THAT Mr beautiful row of modern two story aim basement brown MM Houses, No. 88 West Forty-seventh street, between Hlxth sad Seventh avenues, frescoed elegantly. Terms easy and peaeeaaon immediately. Apply to WM. KKNNKLLY, on the prrmlaiw. rUR BF.AUTIFUL liOTH FOR SALR.-DESIRABLY located Dear,lhe depot at Hlchaville, L. I.; well adapted or bualama pwM?*. and offered a great bargain on very liberal terms. BMQ8 1 BOUTIIWICK, 88 Kenan street. TIOUKB AND FOUR LOTS TO KXOHAKOR?A FIRST Ju rleaa thme aterr new llouae, in the beautiful village of Kaet Mew York, ad^eniag Brooklyn, for a House Id thla city. Aerrle' Information Exchange, 229 Broadway (Room 37). ~ TOR ?AMB. A* ' WT?OIJ*ALR I.r<)t70R BTORE, SIX YEARH ESTA" bhalted, holding the agency of a celebrated brewery, dia laal from the City one hour, want* a Partner of uneioepUooaehte ataadinr. with >1,000, to no Invo the rectifying and distil hng business In connection with the above, rent low, with leaae to run three yean: ttoenae paid to J une, 1861, and can command the Uauor trade for fifteen miles round. Address, Brewsr, hoe I7t Herald ogee. A BARK CHAMCR FOR A SMALL CAPITAL.?A A Mode Water Manufactory, a good Horae and Wagon, Boxes, Bottles. and all the apparatus, with ISO good customer*, selling Bally from 70 to 100 deaen. Address F. C. J? box 1SS Herald eBce. fAALORIO RNQIKK FOR HALE-tERICSHON'm-W INCH \J eyhnder. It la m excellent ruumng order. Can be aeen hi W7 west Forty-aacond street, iu the rear. fXIRMFR STORK FOR 8ALB? FITK YEARS LEASE, \J and Fixtures of a wholesale and retail 90m and Llaoor tare, eetab'.labed twelve years. There is a large oot-dnoc kail eeenected with it. Apply to Mr. PAYTON, M DtrUoa ? - eel*B Viflitf II anenne H af V.Pik W..I TVRUO STORK.?A riR8T CLANS WHOLESALE AXD RKMJ tail Dm* Store for ado, now doing a thriving b-.mlnam; Mated about thirty bIIm from New York city. Apply to M. WARD. CLOCT A CQ , MB WUBam street, N. T. . T\BUOOIKTB OR PHYSICIANS.?any party wantMJ log a Drug Store at a low figure and cheap rent, in a gaud io-'-'.i'v.and one that'w ill ensure a aafe investment, can apply at Uli William atreet, for one week. oo> rale?soda water i manufactory, with T Home aad Wagon, Route and Coatomeri; one of the beet Esattoaa la the city. Information will be given brecalling at MB Wccster mraet rR SALE-ONE BIX HORSE STEAM ENGINE, ONE four hone do., one engine Lathe, fifteen feet bed, ewtnga tharty me bra. and a large lot of new Belting, for aale aheap. Apply at Mi Wast Twenty eighth atreet. New York. TDOR RAXE-AT HALP COST, A CANDLE PACTORR; JF Wauiih-rp/s patent Moulding Machines, new, very comparte and hi perfect working order. The agency for aale af a Maple anta.e can be had with 't Toe arueiea aell wholesale ? raadUy for aaah. Addreea boi S.76I Poet o-Bcc, New York. EDGE S AIJC?A DINING AND UQCOR SALOON, ON t r leeillng avenue, with favorable lease, and doing a good heMnrm. POO will buy K. The lodgings will pay the rent. C B. HOWES, No. 6 Centre street, op posit* the park. TNOB RALR-POR THE TEEM OP FIVE YEARS, THE JP Lease. Stock and Ptitnrea of a firat clam Liquor Store, MHated en the comer of Colro street and Railroad avenue, Jersey Cay. Inquire un the premieea. ur at No. 8 West PartyBrat atreet. New York rR SALE-A GKOCERY AND LIQUOR STORE, with J mart l-*a*. In a good locality and doing a firat rathmdnrm Par pan* ulara apply at 27 Monroe street u*or RALE?THE LEARK AND FIXTURES OP A FIRST JP rises Shades and Billiard Room In Brooklyn For par Oculars, stating where an interview can be had, adureis O. P. ( W., Herald aSor. TO 1ALR-_J5T,VK. FIXTURE* AND LSANS OP I X lAqeor Store No 212 South au?et. New Turk. It It doings gnng business Apply on the premises, or ?t A2 Pulton str-et. Brooklyn. PREDRICK HAGKRTT. EDOR SALE-A FIRST RATE LIQUOR STORE AND X* I inch Room, down town, a first rate place for business. In the vtcnuly of Wall street, will be sold cheap to a cash cus leaner Apply at 1 IB Ibiane street, or to Mr. UAPNKT, real mala agent. So. P t hamhers street. EM SALE-THE LEASE, STOCK AND FIXTURES OP a firat class Uquor Store. The only raasnu for selling la. proprietor has gone Into other business and cannot attend to both Par particulars apply at 363 Pearl street, comer of Frankfort. TSOE RALF-A MILK ROUTE. WILL BE SOLD VERY f r cheap as the nrner cannot attend to It A ho a light Wagon m perfe.1 order AU will be add very cheap ismd atsly c?!) at 130 Clinica place. Eighth street near Rirthave EMM SAL#-TWO RHINgAC MACHINES, BOTH NEW r aad hi first rale running order, each Machine will turn at fram ?.Wn to ASM ahtnrl-s per day, aad wQl be aoid cheap Mr cash Pan be seen at 9 Ann street , rR SALE-A OOOD CHANCE FOB A PERSON WITH wail means Vas be oaM by the Aral of July The t*r*e e drpeienetin* wtoh.ieheient. tfcore wall rmuhnmbeil AauK memory raaaoom glrta for amlilnd oul_ Fir val.r-i.kaar. umi'i Awn ptxturIrr "or a am riw fmmnUv l.rorwrr Ainre; m* only SMth ma *14 MtraA. bat Anerme a*m Mend up town, on <w of tAd prtncl BlkWiRbt 1 Will ba ?M mi a n-nfira. tAa owner bar mAar bwmeeae tbai will rvauirm mil tu* na?? mf'?r tb? lit of y. Burnt t?>4d i?iw?r f , H T f i* i^ke. aa1jc.-tmk mtin k amu natlhrh. with ma yean <?ama. of a mraar Uqunr Aba*. t.?u* a ntoa aaM biwa~? avll 1? add. mm lb* ownrr neon* mttmd lo K. A?i ? mi 113 * * Twami) ?nA MrrdA, or Id Mr UltXKR. 73 Una mmamma J|**kfcY HO At* Ml IUlA Twrar m >?<?* frvm ? lt> Itf fan. For farther partkmiera apply w niaa w <>?pki.aaiv IP Broadway W. T. fyMT orrn K iwtl roll HAIR?ONK or THK lll&T J m Hew T ab Foal <jA~. by P MOROAN. 10 Pina mlrm-l 8r ART*" ROT* Ajm~QRATA HTM, PO* AAI.RRaaa lbamaably ?aaa?4 at iba mtaaa. re.l->ctn* tea lor m day tr. parfar* dual aa*> I mhifiing, rrlndin* mur pa tmm-f rwrlamf aad tha mtr mill of rmlit- In minora RKHid A AOl'lUWIi-K, ? Hamaaa Kraal. Cfrmia mn ir?iT Rin<inroon, im'toka, for r mala Apply la AHtrHKB KOURRTR. fidp South Atop Mi AamA ?ra?i Atmuabiale mad Harpaa lo lal for pMuos, V all mw-m. at cAamp rmlma ' IfAO PRI*TKRA~rWO HARI> PRirriRIl PRKHHKA TR JL p?~i rV-r for mala ??ry-b?wp Plalana 3ti It mod Mall teauma .4 P Htl-UtR. lit kmadwmy #i?T Al^T ?UATU, M A< wVSiifTA. MR AAA A*n IROR 1 I "Mi im laMuaiunr* o( tb- damikoftba paimtaa "*f paeawtia, tka r<dlnwtm( tmlomhla pmian* rlphtm ara now 'Anad for **- -Pammin far ma impw P . .nlrr apparatus, lapAnliw la a iafpe >mnaty mf war* Pmiani Tor aa hilar mad I'm ? Aaad In.* far mamnar Uw andm of Aandlrn* la aow-a .4 In.. PainM Tor aa Mprnrnd Oaal Iron C!"* ^ ^^apymtwiAai ,11 wb.. heme eean 11 aad *"" ' 'or aaaarml nmuAa AIM tRMfovad HaMloaa ww^Ae ?maf mnnma of r^wl^ yapa PaTf inbar parllrj aawt owner a ?Aa aaaaa far aaOMa oaA wMab wRI ba na Aba mil 11 mm I'mopi mud pn^mrty wiall baiaAaa bi wki * would take a panaar wMba mnrnll mapWml. if aa aallaa par ra^vy;,yr'* ^ fr/lA ?A AH ART. AfTITR TOOfO MAR. WPP* M <a? bad of Ma ebaee ai naab. the balaaoa am H la Made ?. fa I mmmaiai wiAAwda payMR knaamw andaonak by miyiyar at > Ubany ami RATVOlUt A l^O. -*0R ?AIJ( Ulir THK LKAKR (T1VR . yaarW. Mm* ud PwMkare of a Homl cm Hutan -1-M1I1 - <drw> laadatp: Mnetad o* (Aa baal |A? ?aaaa a pood bar bwdwamm. aakafan.wy rwaaM* for ppfylo Or PCFRR. 7* Amadway ?1 r/a/b'-ror aalr. a WRU. rrt a Rl.tattkd WI Mafarianar IkuaaaM. m aba* (kare M no ? ?!'(*ma aad >M Marrn ?*aal ladwaimnim lo an mnjm Maa w?A aaaj wmm,! far parundart apply ? parwui mi (Aa ?< aA (ardnry ?l llrwmoa aimri ( * Aw ppr A AIJA l*AAR.*TOr* A AT? TR APR A ""y* w*ai Kraat. elan naa for MR <an f* "rT I I _ nor?K.flk ROOM*. 4K'., TO LIT. a n** wrw imtn toxic ?<( ?* ox lkiixmtoh a ujl* i? ? oki ?* ? jra mm, 4 1? Xmrt uial trowt ?Anontxr *now ?trj Atr.n iltr H r-* part ' Ok aaaa mi. fr? w r? ?, e^agtyauro r wa~ay*Ky 11 * A4a" " AHfl'kv ?UET?WITH iWf ?? ? ?*? .< IM?i *1 TMkA.ll iJUM.I* ? ithin Mi ! Uuln' nt at (A* 4? t-?. ram ?? ti * Aoa <1h at lAa rtv*r antra. I'aaiora. ukA Awt-A>, iki( at r> ?i ai.J akata M. uar NaUlM t*? ? ?. a aaaily i irnfeM TV? khoav pl*?-(ar?M AMn f a#?lp at Ilk ywau? a Mn HO Itll WHUO * A I *rw now v atovm M'k'Mi to urr awd rr* oiur? far ?aa>?*?> KM W??t Ai?i| . ik kuMi, imi >?liik arrawr is pna?- <mA??'. with *r*rf lapr..wamil. ?J* ?nm.} (uraakr l uma imaw, faar (mm ?'??? .maw-li a?ri> a pin) m h i'k ir7^nr. i jm or blJoiCK (lli'iwS koir.m.-A. All fkbjtom who wart rrnxiwirn moroni b. * I all at .Mr iMk'f Maap-iUMatp. aa ?- MAka A Mm rula* ul al i.i < l?-rr? aJal ?rtun? (Rata -.Am *whi of (An yrar (IN-HlXKIt ( <N> , HI fonrtk uww. t> roadway itcrr to urr-a maall ctore, D A 1am Armm brk>? M* Hiaprtal. Ami V*-*:?) aa Broadway far wranpara. tka aka? ar part *( ba Mi. to(elbar witA room it?n? Ap|ilj a M Hnwlai) /TOl'XTRY RMDKMOI TO UCT-AT (TAPUfrOR V.' wl*irn l?ouiJ, BuAUtp*' a .ik fnaa **tp>u<a Lu?l>na a neage. remaining etgnt renins, n-w? and ik t MAI atreete. fUplrUMi. I UT parte: luars nMm U. H., bus 1(U He aid . Hi.'' Firmhukd hovu-m w?*r twenty huximd street. to be let. unm??!iAlety form private family, every thing la in 14 that la re^n-red ft* bouaaaeepuig. ?aJ la ami order ll inajr ba aera during the day, when At tanas wu ba pna FURMSHED HOUM TO LKT-FOR A TERM OF POUR to mx montha. altnate in a (ml orlgbonrbond, movement W eai* and stage-. has ad iieaiem i.u Hal IW par aunuin. Inquire of K 1.4 E. T BURXH aM, 111 Iliad am street, N. Y. OFFICE TO I.KT?WTTH IMMEDIATE POSSESSION, being light and airv and In (ml euodnn n Rant wealr rate. Alt ply at 142 Fulton street, ruma So. t, Irian 9 u catch A. M. to o r. M. STEADY BTKjtY POWER TO LET-LARUE A .YD nail Room*, wall lighted. ?M Water str?*t. r LET-AND IMMEDIATE POSSESSION, OR ON P1RHT of July, high aloop House. three mr>r?ea and bearm-rd, with all the modern improvements, tiuund between Twanly Sfthand Twenty -sixth street, on Seeuud antm Apply to RICHARD WHYTK, 386 Second avenue. fTK) LET?A DESIRABLE THREE STORY HOCRE IN A ' East Fortieth atreet, bet ween. Park date Pounh area at, and Lexington avenues; honae oontalna all the modern im provementa; will be rented low to a good tenant. Apply to JAMES PUkKY, J17 West Thirty fourth atreet. rlJCT-THRES SUITS OP FRONT ROOMS, HAND aoinely furnished. In brown atone house 33 Bowery, and others; price IS to S3 per week; balcony on aeflood story and awnings. Also, four rooms at flfl. Apply on prswuaas, third floor, of J. WABKBTON. r LET-TWO OR THREE ROOMS. FURNISHED OR unfurnished, by a private family, where the ootnforta of a home may be enjoyed; a gentleman and wife or young men preferred. House has all the modern Improvements. None but such as respect the Sabbath need apply, at M J ana atreet, between Eighth and Ninth avenues. mo I.ET?TO A SMALL FAMILY, THE UPPER PART JL OI Mouse w HIase KTO, ? ?? , * "??*- ?" second floor nod one Room on third floor. Mourn In eioeUeni condition. Root fl# per month. Inquire on the premier*. r LET?IN A PRIVATE FAMILT, A HANDHOVKT.T furnished front Parlor, em mooed floor, with bedroom attached, to a party at single gentlemen, erith or without boar.I, or to a gentlemen and wire; alao a front Room on third floor. Teniae moderate; house coo tains the modern improvements. Apply at M last Broadway. rl.BT?AT NEWARK, It. J., A ORNTEKI. THREE story brick House, with etuooe.l front, modern impr.iv" vents, raa and aoqueduct water, Wtuated in t'eatre ?tr?rt, near the park, and within our minutes' walk of the Mew Jersey Railroad depot, and bat SO minutes from City liall. New Tor*. Rent low to a rood tenant. Address John H. Stephens, New ark,N. J. r LET-THE FIRST CLASS DWELLING HOl'SE. NO. 13 Varick place, replete in erery oonrenience. Ken: tMOii Applj to t\ C. PINCKNEY, 73 Wall street. Office hours from r LET?IN BROOKLYN, BETWEEN WALL STREET and South ferries, the lower part of a three story brio* House, consisting of the basements, three parlors and the rooms on third floor; will be let low. Inquire at 37 Willow place, or of J. S. SAYKE, 157 Atlantic street. r LET.?PART OF A HOCPE TO LET, CONSISTING of second sod third floors, with gas, hatha, water closet*. ?r. nnuRr nrH nana, HI an nirciieiil neignnurnoou. r"?*x mm immi'dnK'lv Rem about KU per month. Apply at MTJ Hecood avenue. mo LKT-LARUK THRKR STORY BRICK HOl'SE. J. hirh ?oop. modern Improvement*. 117 Ninth avenue, rent MUU, four auiry tine Hone*. modern improvement*, 171 We-' Thirty-aeventh *n?t, MhO. XwiPmnry and attic cottage brick Hottae, na and tja* tlxturea and thrown 1*7 W?l 8fwnM?? h atreet. OK); four awry brick Bonne, high Mood, modern mi provementa, with gnu fixtures, IS Warren pine, CktrN atreet, IMW^three Mory high atoop llouw, modern improvement*. Ifle Weal Twenty fourth Mreet, fTOO and Crown tai. lower pert of a brick i Wage Honee, con-owing of five or tit mom*. with Crotoo, ru. bath. An., Sll Went Nineteenth atreet, CBS. J. A W. DUNHAM, Houae Agcnta, Ktghth air. i. corner of Kuteenih atreet. Office open from morning otiui 11 in the evening. rLKT?TO A PARTY OF OKNTLKMKN OR A ORV tleuwn an 1 wife, the weon-l floor, f imiahed ornnfur uiahed. with or *uhout Board, on moderate term*, bath and Itaa. and cuivemeai ui watt- route*. Applv at 47 W Tent a Mreet (late Amu* atreetl, between ureenwivh avenue and Wa \erley plana. rLKT-AT STATU!* ISLAND, CONVENIENT TO THE larrica, wvcral haodnarae Cottugen, with r.n? ground*. vm-wb, Ac., and use rurniahed t'otiaga, * hiob will bo rented (or the nuuimer. All haiidwioiely located tuad will bo lot low. SANDS A BROTHER, 1*4 Broadway. r LET-WITH IMMEDIATE POSSESSION. THK LARiifi Cottage Dwelling, *ivi*ted corner of Twenty third Wreet and Ninth ivftiut; ka* all the modern Improvement!, I* ui good order. fine (otialaln to front of the dwelling. At*. Alan, the ww brown atone H"we, altiiated In We?t Tony fourth treat, bet wean Sixth avenue and Broadway; haa all the lb prorrmenu, will b? rooted low. Apply to PHILLIPS A OIL HEX, fit) Broadway, ourner of Exchange place. r LET-MOST CONVENIENT FURNISHED .VPPART merit* to a family of grown peraona with privilege of kitchen, alio gut and bath, lu a moat convenient part of the city Apply to JOHN M'KlBBlN. MS Fourth avenue. rLKT-A HOTEL LN PRANKI.IN STRKET, NEAR Broaden/. Si room* Ala... More 96 ?mre wrwet; rent low; poaaeaaion thia day. Apply at SMITH S uALcc, ITS Brown way. baaemeut. """"^ rLCT TX NEWARK-NO S3 NEW TORE AVENUE. A Cottage Ilonne and four Lota of Oround, in perfect ordtr. with gaa and fixture* complete; fine tlarden and Tan?ly of Fruit; fire minute*' walh 'mm market atreet depot. Rot.'. T.V Inquire of A. M. KANNIMO, M9 Bowery, New York, or of KINO A MONO, Broad mreet, near Market, Newara, N J. r RENT?A NICELY FURNISHED ROOM, WITH OAS and privilege of bath. In a private family, for one or two gentlemen, with or without hreakfaat. Inquire at 57 Wa*t Thirteenth atreet, (between Fifth and Suth aveouea. Refereneea given and reqi.ured. *1 C PER MONTH.-TO LET, TO A SMALL FAMILY vlu without children or aerraou, the Ural floor, with the kitchen of bouae 17 Dulancy, corner of (VMM. om block from itliiaiii. MVHCAt. ^ QRIUTLTUfPROTRl) PlANOrORTX. ' LKJHTE A BRADBPRTa, Mamfactuam of Am MP ALB OTRRATRUNU BAM NT1WT TNITULATRD PUIA IRON PRAMB GRAND AND HQUABB PIANOFORTE* At.KX ANDRK ORnAN" ?TIITM TNNTRCNRNT OWRi Ha pre emmeo-e to the cower and mhih ta of Ma toaaa; It la not affected by chains 4 climate, and Is warranted aerer t?mWlntmmb)KACM WATER* A?nU ? Brawny. QWCERRIXU A RON* Nainfaet mere of GRAND, NQPARR AND PPRJGHT MANOR. Wmrrrormm 4M Broadway. ,v C. A Hoaa ham bam swarded thirty ?W pru? models fnr the euperternj of tAatr auiunn for lAa past thirty H roars. PIANO* TO RRNT. ONR OF THK F1NEAT TONKD AND MAONIPI<*RNTl.Y finished double round*r?1. city made rtamifurtee, nearly new R id for went ? use, at full half its eon*, haa ail the latent improvements and fully warranted. Reakdenci' It Leroy place, Bleecber atrect. PIANOB.?WARTTNB A ODYRIKR, RANDP ACTCTITRA of square and ipn*ht Pianos. 34 Kaat Houston street, soar Broad way. I'priffct Ptanoa, alaranl la form and nae rtar In nchasaa of tons to ifca beat aquarn alaaoa. Warranted for eland toa In tuna sad for durability of action and touoh WmaaioMro. Pianos at a AAfRiPirK-AR thrt wrrr rr dts card of this week. Oaa baautlf ui seren octave raaawcud for ful. one far >100. >ne far WO. Ohe inlaid artth pearl, crerstrunf baaa. kr tor flSbt and aft others. square and up ri?h? for flA MA Oft aad MO Persona aboai purrhaaM* trill find it to their advantage to oaJ at 143 arcane A , corner cf Tanib street PtANO WANTRP ?CTTT WAKKR PRRPRRRim, NOT laaa than ?* or tars, to en *140 lo MBO Parties barmy 1 iMinir laay eddrewt, rtrlnc rise, ntiw .* maher, bow kmy ID nre and style of (HUM. with the lowest price for naah. bos SIM rostoaoe. e nrTRi;ci;10j( - ? -A^^adtnt op pbnranbhip and booerrkping, m Broadway-W C HOOOLAND, for many yaars imniir of ottv*r B f .damith. ooctls'iea to rtMatre pnptla for ilarmik IruAmcticai upon wry favorable Htaa Op a day and eventac. Buaoeas guaranteed to all ATM M?WRITING, BITTERN l.RNNONP, BOORKRXPstreet. HrooAlvn. , Prom Go* ft. Kins My anna and dsacMera, attended Ooional t Una's academy to my enure aauafaction. Bis plan tt tn tarotaion la a; we malic and ejpedHbwa. Ma bah-a oorNTiNG Room for Prnetlea and Instruction IB srt^^ijssrTni^ fXrenJarp on M?p tinman. fcarnh a aontpMe and baauMful worta on BnoBBnaptag, naw adMontk printed m aatora, far ?a e Pr" rale lenarma WANTED-NT THR NIDDI.R OP "ITTlOfBRR, A TT Uui'ii irbty educated lady to tab# the rv?tvtpel dafrt or KraaCTaBA?-" *""* rew YORK HERALD, W1 BOARPiiift Aire liOPaiBa. AUiMK MaY FTTKNTRHhD.P A RI/OK iND.BKDROOM. <? J* s*onud Hoar, iUto a back Pulor and single Room, In let, to J nun ineu ouly, witbout ooard. Ut) tn1 bath. Apply tin fourth aveulie, near Nuiih street AMRNTLEMAN AND Win OR TWO K1NOLR en tiim-u in be accommodated with ule.ui.ail Rooms and *.??1 board .ind am >p?Mlil? h-me, at 99 Wect Twenty aeouod Street, between Kutth sad Seventh avenues. ALIhuK FRONT ROOM, WITH SMALL ONJS ADJOIN mg, to Ltt.?Furnished, together or wpagate, with or without board. A lucatioti. Hro?rn si.Hn; bouse, with pantry, gti?, bath, ic. Cad at 17 fit Luko's place, in Leroy street, uear Hudson. AN KLKCANTLY FURNISHED ROOM, WITH MODERN improreiui nls; aiaO, a tuigle Room to let, to gentlemen tnii). *nti or without bi .ikiast, at 33 Irving place, oue block from Union wi tare. A PRIVATE FAMILY WOULD LET, WITH PARTIAL Hoard, bath, Ac . u> two mngie gentlemen, A pleasant Room un the second Hour, at (7 per week. If desired a uice Bedroom ait would aim be let. Apply at 80 West Tweuty sovoulh Street, we or Kiath avenue. AN KLKUANTLY FVRNISHKD BACK PARLOR, ON the flrot floor, for a gentleman and his wile, al?o ; w > Km ma on the third Boor for single gentlemen to let. with Board. References given and required. Apply at M West T welltb street. APRIVATR FAMILY, OOCUPTINQ A PLEASANTLY situated house, 78 Weot Warren street, betw een lleury and Chiton, South Brooklyn, have two large .Rooms to let, wuh hoard to gentlemen and their wtvea or to single gentlemen. Dinner at 3 Vokx-h. A SMALL PR IT ATT FAMILY WILL I.ftT TO OBNTLE men. two nicely 1 ununited Rooms, with Breakfast; house is new, w ith all the modern improvements. Apply it 31 Stuyveaant street, continuation of Aatur place, and near the Cooper Institute. A WIDOW LADY WOULD LIKE A PKPOSSKrWINO and agreeable VTNr r lady as companion and boarder can hui e a ple.usitit rmifn uud all the conn oris of homo. Kcfe w es. hanged. Call at 13 Commerce street, a few doors below Bleeder. AtriTOF WKI.I. FURNISHED PARLORS ON FIRST floor to let (with breakfast In rooms it' required), on very reasonable u-rma (or the summer, at 371 Fourth street, uear I aisyette rlaee and Broadway. Vrt.EABAWT BEDROOM ON TUB SECOND FL/)OR to let, w tlh Board, suitable for a sugle gentleman. Apply at S3 East Twentieth street, near Broadway, A LA ROE FRONT ROOM ON THE SECOND FLOOR, newty ami handsomely furnished, to let, without Boer.I, to on" or two genUemeu, rent, with gas, 312 per mouth. Ap ply at ltd street AFVRNIKHRD ROOM TO 1J?T?PLEASANTLY LO caked, :n Seeond avenue, between Third and Fourth treets. Aprly to C. Kcharlock, No. 4 Barclay en-eel, up stags. A FEW PLEASANT PARLORS AND BEDROOMS hnucmnely furnished. on first and second floors, with ur nuiHiui iHHini. puiiiumirri m.trr* ?in reijiitMfni ui wmi, m'hfM thrv ran secure home comfort* on advantageous tnrra*. Private table if dr<ur<?<i. House tirat clans. Apply ell wee* si I.M8 Broadway, near Thirty first street. APrRNIfilfKD RITTIMO ROOM AND BEDROOM AT larked to let to a single gentleman; house private, handsome and . nm/ortahle, Ac ; at No. 7 Unuurrcy park, in Tweu UeiA street, second door from Fourth avenue. AFRIVATR family, RESIDING at 43 BAST TIIIKly firm street, between Madison and Fourth avcmtoa, will rant a few Rooms, with Hoard. Terms moderate. AOFNT1.FV4N AND HTR WIFE r.4V RE AOOOMMO dated with a pleasant Room and Had room on anrraid Boor wdt'i Hoard, In a private family. References etchanged Apply at 1*0 West Twenty second street. A WIDOW LADY WOULD LIRE TO LET A pleasant front Room and Bedroom to a lady and gem leman, with lull Board for the lady only; parties wishing a quiet, retired borne, will address, for three days, Mrs. M , luiou square Poet ottce. Board-a gentleman and wifk, or a few single gentlemen, .-an be accommodated with pleasant hoom* and Hoard at id East Eleventh street. Location sod very pleasant. Board -lo lkt, to a gentleman, with breaxfaat If desired, a nicely furnished Room In a small pnvats family. Inquire at DO Weat Thirty-euth atreet Board.-elegantly furnished rooms to let to a gentleman and lady, with Board for the lady only If required, In a beautifully funuabed house, fashionably located tap town, with every convenience, i iMraae <J. M., Madieoo square Poet cdftoe. Board.-a private family "t'n.n let to a gentleman and his wife a Room, with pantries, on second Boor; sroold prefer to let M unforwiahad. The house has all the improvements and location good. Apply at 71 St. Clement's place, Maodotigal street, between Bleacher and Hons ton streets. Board.-a okntleman and hih wife or two tingle gentlemen ran be accommodated with a furnished Roam, w ith or without Board, in a private lamiiv, at 1UV Eighth street (ft. Mark's place), gam, hot and cold water. BOARD-A PRIVATE fam1i,T RRSIDJNO t* the victimj of Colon square, are deaueua of acrcitnrao<l.v.nK a few gentlemen, or ??uiVm?-ii and their vinn, wiih large and handsomely f urn tailed Aparuncota, with Board. Address, with reference, bo* 2.SC1 Poet oflire. Board -a nick front room on the second floor, with water la the room: nwlr * few boarder* taken: bulb, hot ami cold water Term* for one 16,17 for two, at Ho Thompson etreet, near Prince. Board-a oelfttkman and wife, havino a four etorr English Haaoaent Hmiae, fumlahed, wool.I Hoard a ?m*ll family of two or three adult*; no other boanler* taken Apply at 3M Weal Thirty bfth atre?i, between Eighth and Ninth avenue*. BOARD.-EI.F.OANTLT FCRNJFI1F.D ROOMS, WITH Board, u> let, to a gentleman and wife or famine* In a uew first claaa bouar, very pleasantly located up town, Urn hnuan turn avery eoneenlence? hatha. V* and eold waier. Ao . the Mini are very pleasant. and uble firet claea. This la a rare opportunity t? secure a quiet and agre.whle h. me. Apply at lit Weal Twenty ami street, near Eighth avenue. "IJUARD -A LADY AND GENTLEMAN, OR THREE fereon*. can ne ?-rnmra'?:?i'W mm ?e*i noaro aim I tlr malted Purl-* and Kadnxaa*. bath, A--, a( 3D Waverley I n??r Broadway, In a nma?l prune family. Referenoe-i required. Board in cunton flack.?en huitk and hinu: Ronmajforrentletnen ar.d .heir wuaa * fur Hingla fen Urm*n. ai Wi "Union place. Dinner at 1 or A o'clock, or pn rate table If dcalred. Board in broadwat. rrtwkrn twelfth and Thirteenth etreeu?The beat location in the city, heuee f.r?t clam poaaeaae* ai) modem improrementa, an asceilanl table, dinner at toclock. Apply ai <B? Broadway. Board wantkd-for two tocno men irootch and EngUahi, la a family where but few boarder*are kept, local urn Dot above Twenty-lounh dot below Nineteenth atreet, between Fourth and Sixth areniiea a* the partie* win room together tertna muat oat eI,teed %t per wwek each wuh foil lioenl. Add rem F.rormy. Madleoo w) tare Poet oSoe, for two daya. The heel of reierwooe giren. F1ARD WANTKD-FOR TWO ORVTIJCVKN, IN HO. i<?*en or in the vteiaity of the city, where cold water baiba een be had. Addreaa, with fell particular*. boi 738 Poet ULce. HOARD WANTED?RY A TOCNO IhtDT. IN A XJ penieel loeailty. where there are few or no boarder* withtn a boot tea minute* walk ad Oreenwteh and Horatio rtreeta. Atldrem M. W. H , box 180 Herald ofloe. BOARDINO-AT 138 CHRIBTOFHRR 8TXKRT, NRAR Hudert. A gentleman and wtfo or a few Mngle nolle men ran be aooommndaiad with fml or partial Board. ami, a few day brwrdera. on nam?III larma. BOARDINO-A OKNTMHAN AND HM WINK, OR itiree ainrle gentlemen, can be ac "mandated with rood Hiwrd and large airy Honeaa. ai MM Ninth afreet. Dtnaer at ?.i o ckira Alan, a Parlor and Belrooaa to let, an the dm Poor. Rtferenoea gteea and requlrad. BOARP1NO.-A FEW R1NOLR OKNTLMKN TAN BE amnmmortxted eith D Parlor and Bedroom. or atngie Koottia, ui a family with but few avanaera. Terma very moderate. Call and examine ai MO Ram Fourteenth tweet Dinner ai u'ehwdL BOARDINU.-A THIRD "TOUT FRONT ROOM AND Bill!Ml? ad> ilema. alaa e? **mwd ?T baefe Room. very deetrabie for gentlemen and their wtree, Bret rate table, lewation uneieepUnweble. Refrnaoee nxrhemred. Mi Weat Twenty e?hih wreev Brooklyn -pi.rarant room* for fajuijiw a* wng*! tmlHiw may MM, wtth Hoard, at Ml Mo too wrapt _ Board in Brooklyn.?ykry nxvant nkwi.t furuJifcad Roams aa armnd and third Snorm, wlik Board ara o??rod by a prtrato famllr IV bonaa haa all tba mndarr, Mwynaak roDTfnjeDt to tha ItrriM and Court an* tar*. A f r'f V 3N Ouawa atrnat Rafareocaa raqturad. Board tn brooki.yn-a URAL!. nkw kfolanp famil/, --i/pjln* a hrw rlsm houaa, will l?t a lanta r^rn <? lh? third flmr. front. handaom-v? linMM, lo ? ?an tiaram and wWa or ?ngi* perauM* T ibi raaaoaatoia. Apply lu ti Tim.yhtaa piaro. KURD I* BROOKLYN.-A ft* OKNTLEMF.N TAN b? Hrcommodatrd atth plnananl R ?ni< and parti*! Board, on mamaM' trrma, at 44 Na?uan atrart, flm hauaa from WMkmatot atirat. Kafrraoeaa ragatfad. Board in brooklyn-a lady hayin?i mork ram than ?h? raqotrwt, irtll Vt, with H-wrd handwm*.'? fttrnlahrrt fror.t Room. third ?torv wtth Urpr pantrr and faa, to a taatlamaa and pita or iwntdnpla fwrrtlooaaa. For paruc i iara tail at 441 PacUk atraat. aaar Powrra. Board in Brooklyn-a orntlkman and wifk or a coup la of tunal* pamlaman, oan ha anruma?dai>M with ulaaaant Ho ana and Board, ia a amalJ family, hv teqturta* at N.i lit. OMn auaac _ nOARD IN BROOKLYN-DrRTR A Bl.F. ROOM* IN brown norm m.?larn boiina, tn offnml by ajritw u 101 AmllT Mraat, rnnramanl to booth or wail (nM lorry. Dtonar at u aVVa*. lUfrrewee W?ld. Board ir -a ucrtuoiar ard wifk may obtain rnry d?dr?Ma nrrommodaUnna In a prtrnta family, at CM WlDooafcby atrnat 1<ocjUk? whiiuii to nam. nod ?ttAla a f?w minulra wall ot Wail mm and ftifeoa trrrtaa. Board in hrooilyr -tiirek or rorR nioim: mm, nr a irnUmui nod bl? wltr, tan bn*! with nnwly fnrnUbrd Room* and Hoard In n ptaaaant prlvai# btmaa. Th? botisa baa all tba mod?m impmraaaaam Twim modaratr a Ayply u MB Raima Irani, BfoaBlya. Board or hkmrts-ork or two (roUnaaro daalrlac a pVuauut (oration. wbrrn all (An nun forta of a bim? may b? obtain- <1. may nddmaa Robw-t ', lln M nBlro Rnrut nnnd nmino ibl? .intra* artl.'lrf to pay a f?? anttaMn prton fur Ana rial amouimilaOnna. rroontR HOUAR, m FRARKMR RTRKICT. mi nm nw V.' wad of Broadway ? A raw tutu of.handaotnriy furnitamj Koran* on f.m and mrond Boor*, alao An*1n K<> aaa, from tl loRpit went. Mcala ami lo llonm* If dwdrad. -rvVTRARUC PARliORB ARD BKDROOM TO UTTMJ wit* or Without Hnard. W a And rlaaa prtrnta bana*, with all thn madam Iwpiinrmnia. Ro. 7* RantTwatfth aLTM naar Bmadway. Bootbai ana praTarrad. El koartlt ft rrimird acttr of roorb. wtt1i Hoard, ran ha obtained at tbr prlrala boardtr* hn-am ra rantly opanad at 91 Rant Twantr third traaf Tbr VinatMn i* una'irpaanad for plnaaaot Yii'tnmr, and In an'taalMa hy at yaral llnaa of daya* and an TJ?l,ROtRTl.T FTRRlimRD ROOWR ART! WWR Of El Rnoma. with Board, in lh? daJIgRif tiDy dfoatrd how Hx iff kmc ttetk ww, aonrtsient ho pnOlK fonrrywwa. SDNBSDAY, JUNB 20, 1861 iOAMMIft A?O UUWIl!H>, FRENCH BOARDING -MARRIT.D GENTLEMEN AMD their ImmtiM, aad .Leo sine* *eoL,-m?u, can n? aeeom with chuto? Rooms iuid Buaruiug hi a family where both Ere orb and Ktulieb are spoken. KeJereuow eachsiwed. Apply at 1?B Kaat Thirteenth street T[m)urth AVENUE HOTEL, SOT AMD X* FOURTH X1 avenue, between Twenty third and Twenty fmrtb arena. Permanent and traneienl Boarder* aoeommodated, with or without Board, on moderate tenon A few anita of handsome and pleaaant Rooms just vacated. Kiunio Bourne, tl *0 to ft per week. Furnished parlor and bedroom to lkt-in the neighborhood of Second avenue and Ninth alreet, to a (loth: frente-iuau, bouae ukaaant and location convenient. Ad drew bin Mt Poet office. . Furnished rooms, la roe and small. with Board, at 119 East Nineteenth etreet, for single parueaor gentleman and wife, at prices from f7 to $10 per week for two persons. Location pleaaant. Convenient to car*. Apply as above. F'Rntshed rooms.?to lkt, wtthout board, a nicely lurmsbed Pnrlor and lied room. or two Bedroom*, on third Boor. Terms low. Apply at No. 30 Bond street. FURNWHKD.-A OENTLRMAN AND WIPE WOUliD let a couple or three newly furnished Rmum U> yeulle men, without Hoard; central local a m; convenient to Broadway, l-'illh avenue aiul Uuk>u square. Fifth menuo slagcn pas* tho din r. Address A. B. 8., Union square Poet office. FRNIBHED ROOMS FOR GENTLEMEN. 312 Broadway, Opposite St. Nicholas Hotel, From $1 40 to $2 30 per week. Furnished rooms-a rew gentlemen can he accommodated with cool and comfortable Rooms, at a reasonable price. Apply to WOODWARD A HOTTER, A3 Walk er street. X. B.?-A nrst claas restaurant attached. Furnished room wanted-with a widow or mall private family, with or without partial Board, for a lady and cenUemau. Terms mual be moderate. Address O. B. Y., Herald cilice. FRNIRltED rooms to let-some at $1 per week Also, three Knows on one floor; eater and fa.all on the Mine Boor. Breakfast eau be had in the rooms If required. Stages and car* convenient to all parts ol' the city. Apply at So. 180 mou street, above Broome. Good and cheap lodgings-at the globe Hotel, Corner of K rank fort and William streets. New York. Terms 29 to 37 cents per night. Rooms from 61 to S2 90 per week. Gentleman and wife 76 cents per night. Open all night. Handsomely pubnishkd rooms to lbt-at no. 110 Second avenue, consisting of two Parlors and ens Bedroom, third floor, for gentlemen, without board. The bo nee ooptains all modern Improvements. MANDPOMEI.Y PVRNISHED APARTMENTS TO LET? In a private family, to single gentlemen, with or without ikf.tst. References exchanged. Please apply at So. i Vniversity pliire, nearly opposite Washington square. Handsomely furnished parlor and bedroom, communicating, cool and pleasant, suiuibln for one tutu o gentlemen or for a gentlemsu and wife, housekeeping or private table. Terms moderate. Southerners and stronger* would And a quiet home. No. *7 Amity street. HOBOES* -FTRNTSHED PARLOR AND BEDROOM io let. with or without breakfast and tea. Apply at 122 Hudson street, Hoboken. I HAVE one or two LARGE v1ry rooms to let?with Board, for two three single gentlemen or a genmen end wife in a private family; loe.uJon pleasant. Address for two days Home, Herald offl'-e, stating where to be seen. NO. 7 BREVORT PI.ACS, TENTH STREET. ?HELEN, did suits of Rooms, handsomely furnlabsd, to latin gentlemen, wHb breakfast If desired. XTO. 8 WEST ELEVENTH STREET?FCRM1S11ED ROOMS NO M WV.ST FIFTEENTH STREET, BETWEEN FIFTH and Sixth avenue*.?Two single room* to lot, with or 1 without hoard, to gentlemen. Satisfactory reference ei rhanged. VfO. 910 BROADW~AY,~ BETWEEN TWENTI FTHA NI? J^l Twenty Mat atreeta.?Thia hoiute having be?ii thoroughly renovated, newly and elegantly furmahed, 1* now ready to r? reive guest*. Single Koams aixl Apartment* en atute to let, on the European plan, on uncommonly moderate term* to deatrn bir panic*. Pi.kasant furnished rooms to lbt-at m Fimt rreet, corner of Second avenue, convenient to care and atagee. Term* moderate. PRIV^TK BOARD NT BROOKLYN.-A FEW RIKOLR gentlemen or lading con be accommodated with Ko>*n? furnMi?l to auit, with full or partial Board, at 221 State wreet. Term* moderate. Fleaaanl location. Rooms to or unfurnished, with Roan), for famtliea or mingle gentlemen, at 23 Waat Sixteen 111 alreet. near Fifth avail ue. rHOrTHIKNKRS AND OTflERR-PLKAHANT COOL Room* to let, with or without Hoard; All the modern tin provetr.m:*. Inquire at 47 Baud Kreet. r o ladier, onr or them aokd. need one or two KoomA with Board, in a plmiu uuuly. AddresA with term*, dr.. box 3.U0 Poet Mice. rutt-iw wmi r mwr rtrkkt, rear broadway, A furnlabrd Room. Alio a Haaement, nuitnble for a dortorx uOoe. Addreau or Apply to the Madtaon aquAre Poet affiee. rLRT-A PI.KAA A NT ROOM. WITH BOARD, IN A private family, at Na 40 Dominlck atreet, between Hudacm and Vartck atrceU.* a private family. to a binolboknlioxnan. a hue f uruudW Kouoa: uh" huuae ronuuna all 1 modem Imnrovem-nt*. and a very Bne piano Inquire of J. K PALMKNI1KKW, NWt anal atreet, or 37 Oomiwch atreet, between tludaon and Varlrk atreetA r LET-WITH HOARD, AT J? L UOHT street, OP p.en- St, JotuiajMrk. a front and back Room, vary baud ?vm-iy furnlxhed. T-nna moderate; r"fereor-a ex banned. trt anted?a nhtt room i* home n enter!, II family, for a lady and eenlleanan. board for the lady only, between (kit avenue and Broadway, not atenre IMtb it. Addi-aea K. HmUh, Broadway Pot odkw. TrrAXTEn-nOARD lit WIU.IAMBURO, IM A PRI ff \?te family. ahere there are no other boarder*, !?ro nnform?hed Rnoma for a cmtVman and wife. WUHn* to pay $40 per mnntte tnr'mting aaabutf. Addreea Permanent, Uereld i ?? ? for three day*. TIT A KTKP, IX BKPFORP, BROOKI.YM- A SOfTI! M American aentirtiutn wtabon to ooum board ui a respectable tmeric.m family reeldliip In noma nleaaaiit locality in Bedford, and koajdn* no buar<ler*, Iwmrdln* lyn?? keeper* naa,| not reply, aa unuiinff hut a atrlruy private home la denreJ. Addrrte for too day* only HuaaaanA, Herald odlc*. 4ABTXOPOX RQtTARR. WBRT SIPR, (WTOMD HOC8R north atde of Hank atreet.?To lot, with board, a auti of err-ond floor Room*. with penlrtea. Onion and r?l handanmely f imiahed. Eighth avfc a tan and two Mom at eugea taa. Rafaranoo required. /? FT marks PLtrx-Two FTR.VTPHKP ROOMS, ojtr U large and ana amall, to lat, with or without board, In the titt ciaaa bunae >'u t> St. Mark a place. 7WTRT TWFNTYFTFTIl HTRRKT, fORNFR OF Broadway ?Parlor* and Bedroom* to let, alao bng'e Rtoma. anh or without board. nrvnn.rni btreet, between uwyrrrity plara and Fifth avenue ?Two or thraa gen t la man and hla wife, can obtain furntabnd Ruuuia and board, bonar contain* the modern Improvement*. Q/> fJRFKX* STRKKT -PrRXTRHKT> ROOMS TO I XT ZD to gentirm?n only; two seal Parfcwa on Aral flour, also, fine airy Room* no aarand and third floor*. Uoua* baB* Una yard, pa, Ac., and la rary qnlot. * *1 TENTH STRFKT, BCTWHT* Firm AND SIXTH TtJ. avrnoea ?A geuOeman and wile or a few unglr g?nllman ran obtain rary daatrakle Room*. with Board, bona* he* ail the modern taiprovem'nta. Unmar at al> o'clock. HAMAIONP WRF.KT, NEAR FOURTH -BOARP, ) ) permanent or Iran Went A gentleman and wife, pan Uamen or 1mllaw ran have Ronrna, Willi It-auM, a modem teniae. war rallroada and Iter* to the down town fmrtaa. nBLKKtKKR KTRF.FT TWO POORS FAST OF Broadway.?Two well furnlnhed Parlor* in let. no flrat B.?e, alau hark K.?*n on aeroud floor, wttb or without Heard, a? and ted. Term* moderate. andplneeeed amiwrniwl AthtphaQo thgliidldlng ma rand la* mom Own. Inqnkrn aF AM6S HOlMt qq custoji n.Arr. kkah rrrrn AYKHrr-sicvF ' OO ml pJaaaaal *J>4 hand* m*\j furaiiked Kootna, mOt 11 j4 mrxhtd AViwr*, corn** or rrvkbtii 1 It ww -Tirtlw and ainala (wtinm nan pa nop pUMvhk * andnmnaljr forolahnd Ruuoa, with or wUhwit B<art. ifrfwrtliiM. i jp Twictrn? *n?rrr. rrar aroowo attttw.1 Xi) Ibm tank .niddiM M common" *an?. on wnl and third innca pm>ll?a?nn '* (Wllmiiui and wit a will fiat) waunatnrtaiMWia aiMil Tamil; Ivw lit) am) lit) SO par ?<rk fm tarn. thnoa-f at I. 7???y"ji*oAnwAT, nonjnoi or irTmi mtnr.~ 4 U I Tina koima, Uatap bwa thorpnativ rw wilil to 0"w rM in iw Hra pnmuuwit ana truiMMI ra* a apt n? th# Kwupaan plan Rauuui KlBU, nN?dtMPM ?i o clnnk. Fraprk and Bpaalak ?Mfe*a. iwlTi?a, TJOAT TOR AAj.B.?TlIK laiA K*TIR?t|.V XKW.OF If a Una' ?Nril AO f?*t I wia, with I] f??d baam and *o*rda try laip? ?aMn aaanmfaodaMona. TV Hnal m I?vpnr fam-nnd and "wppappd. d Va'ilK'il m..VI and r?nd? m rnnalw rrt rtptnaa ? lk? pnr-tiaaar mr prafhr TTda hnal nlll ha add rhaap tf pp.i-d f<* at two*. Apply at iba Caiortc Kaptnn Afawy. IddT* M>r.> array cv)* walk-a twrptt amrrit roor bait. boat. r oaa r|f. aahw upward; eeetahia twp lew herlha. ien?n< una and n'nnaiV "an p Via draw* fonr f?4 tan tnnkn* Prv-a BMP Vm kg aaaa ai Eaap't Am*. Pumfncp. tloaA. F?'R NAIJt-A NT MtkllAin OOO, TTTB LAIU1K*T r Ihtp Hi iha l i.ilad ttoatna. naif aiiiaan mantha old and t?rt o>-ampul. aa all of Ikaoa rnrU rwoaaad mwrn arm To ha aaaa arart dat. f n?a I tt I o'< iocp, at IM I award wwt, tOtP nam Ha and <V?Ara |jv>* RAijt?mic mmom T?rwr nm?*t. n r low, tfcraa ymmim MM. haaju* Maa ^ rrnghlf <rr*r1m il ?wt, rHltmd and i*Mt?d 'aa ha mm m "Mm laUarf. h* ?w? ?* QwtaW ' uwi Ma*M>? laiiiin? r?r Mr?< M <1rrm J r 7lr . Iwlllim ^ t*n* <>r Tme*?tu ie?T *?.*<*? *Knra -*" -""r.'Sir.r Km rrrr r<>% ***** oi.n. rnT or ttw Mm ?iat AMm *y Trmmm. <atf af * ha* t'M In* Piuto* kii< mtW<i - a *ATni or t? a ?if>ll wtii. mm* a* na rMir. 1UM u I l?wk at '.May r Hoaat t?Wvr?. aa tfca ThaN aoaai'j* mad. AO tarda ?t? ?Mar'aaa fMMf*. ,* lata a akar <4 tarda tar a> > who m.+j yl?-yr row ??iJ^HITlPffvr TAITTT KKT. a 1 MM tm*~ *rnr*. ? * 1mm4 m* A |M MA. May ??,-HM. WmTfMMMM YA'Ht ro? ?ai * n??p- arott rtumnw rojw, aaaaaAr* t -?wa vary f*V aM mt*. w auia ? ?! finn-ira, tad ait |tarf??a aa aaw MTtl U wttd W ta ?*? * itpAH 'aa taaaaa A jaayaaira laraaaa aaM t*?*A -? a 'nAa> and m-a?'nr M) aMMM * * writ, At Or-** am, aaa/ ?A? I OOVMTHV MAHD. A FRENCH FAMILY, KKK1DINU IN A PUCANAMT and hi-Ajtily part or New Jenny \U outea from Mew York by :'au. oud), wourl aeeomuii slate A lew peiwsw wub Board duriBjr the ??r ioooUm. Plasty of r<s?l Iran and tuiik au U>? iirruiMK. For particulars Apply to KOBKKT KOKbTKK, II Maiden tin' A WIDOW LADY, II*VINO A NICK nor?K ABOUT three uaira i root the ferry. and convenient bo two oar routes, would like to uiaite sooto arrangement with an UtvaU'l lady or one Uutt will want pood uur?iu?, will iffve them her whole utur . would ink object to take an utlaul; all boon ni:i?ioalw>iw otratly confidential. Addresa M A., William* burg Poet uttica, lor Uuee day*. Board on htatkn inland skvkrai, pvmtuks or single gentlrm?n may obtain Hoard m a private laintlv In TiimpktnsvM*. five mlnuuni' walk from the lauding. Iu quire ut M. TKN KVCK. No. ltd William street. BOARD AT ROfKAWAY, I.ONG IKI.AND?IN A PR1 vata family; location reured; rnrmn.miration by rail, stage and boat five or sis times dally. House superior; rooms apacioua; living aud abundant, splendid ocean balb lug Apply at RS2 Broadway. BOARDINO AT A FARM HOUSK.-T1IK SL'Bfd'RlBKR haa arranprd to accommoduto families and indivtdmls at the Jane farm mauatou of lite law Charles L'uderhiU, uoui Olrn (ovr, L. I. The hou*" is adtiiirahly adapted l?r the con vemenoa of families. the around ampin and well shaded, hi short, every comfort thai a larin ran produce is offered u> those desiring ii resiuciico mr tne summer. Address ari. 'Kluabeth Underbill. Ulen rove, L 1. fM)VNTRY BOARD AT OORNWALL.?THR PROPRIK V ' tor of ihe Cornwall House, has K?nu? for ? few tami lies, with good Board for the sumni-r, Persona wishing rnonji will spply to G. TOMPKINS, Jr., proprietor, Cornwall, Ornate cou ?% References?Mr. Win C. Hall, 149 > haw hers street, ad Mr James A. Miller, lOHTianiber* street. COUNTRY BOARD.?FAMILIES OR RINQU! PERSONS desiring pood Board at a low rate can b? accommodated at the MatropoUtan Hotel, at Now Rocbelle, adjoining the depot. Inquire of the proprietor, on the pre inure, or of P. A. Putter, Bo. t Hanover aueet, B. Y. ("AOl" VTR Y BOARD?AT A FARM HOUSE. NEAR Of.R.V J Cove, la I.; location periectlv healthy. The house is ver. pleasantly situated . Jose by the salt water, well sh.ulixl, good on.hiiie, 4c . hut few hnnrdei-stsken; terms moderate. Reference, J. p. T ravers, 46 lt?-? auuui street. CtOl'NTRY BOARD-IN A ftRUBTT FAMILY AT IIA I veiatraw, W. Y. Rooms large aiul airy, two lioura' sail by Albany day hoala, live steamers daily to and from the city. T-ims moderate For particulars add re us J. M. PuUwmu*, Uavei straw, N. Y. PAOrNTRY BO ARD.?A FEW F AMU.1RK OR fflNGLE gentlemen can be accommodated with Board on the F.uahta at Hull's Ferry, on the Hudson. Tile place la healthy sua private, hut large grounds, with plenty or milk, I rune unl vegetables. For particulars Inquire of (I WKTMORK, Jr., at 131 Pearl attest, New York, or at Wl Lawrence street, Brooklyn. / lOrNTRY BOARD?SEJ.EtT BOARD CAN BR HAD \.i in a beautll ul I arm house near the Hudson rirer, for those seeking the real en totmienia of summer vacation, where the motto is far* and cotnl'SA. Terms, 96 per week; children under ten years ami servania. half price, riding. tUhlng and shooting. A.ldress Joshua Brooks, Paltr lamdinir. Ulster riuinty, N. Y , or 1H9 Fulton street, Brooklyn, or at 87 Second street, alter 6 Y. M. CAOUNTRY BOARD?ONE OR TWO FAMILIES OAM BK areommodtaed ?ith H.aird u> a p.,. . in ly lu a plwasani 1 location on the hanks nf the Hudson river, (lend board and plenty of fruit. Kiahiu* a pleasant borne wul please address W. B Elmer, Mttl/m, Ulster -oonty, N Y. CAOVNTRY BOARD?AT WHITEHALL NEWMAN ) Kprinps, near R"d Hank. N. J , a i ell red pleasant country with every convenience Delightful hauiinc, Ashing and gunning on the premises; shady walks, splendid drives and cool chrvstal springs make this place ih* m et lovely .si lbhnnks of the Khrewslmry river f.w families or strangers. For intortnaUnn apply to I'll AH I.EKWTtlN, lid lirajway. (YOCNTRY BOARD MAY BR OBTUNED AT '"EDAX J Hill, Flemwnl; large room, rood Aable, and reaai utbln frtrr* are Ihe induremriiia ?n offer. T.Ute I he I?mI f.K.t of lnrr ??u Mreet. or Ihe i?n at Jersey City, or addreae Mrs. U. M. tttta. (TOrXTRY B4IARD ?A PRIYATR FAMILY, THIRTY ) minute* per lUrlem R?llroad, from Twenty *nth utreet, can aerogun odatr, with plain Board, two gentlemen and their aire*, or two efngle reoU'tneo preferred. with wing Room on Rrat floor, or f ront Rom and Redn?*n on aeoood floor. For particulari Inquire of J. W FIRMER, flflO Broad way. COl'XTRY BOARD TAX BR OBTAINED, CPOX FATorahta term*. In a perfectly healthy location, near Mad' *<t, N J. The bonaa M plrawmlly aitualed. well nhaded. and the table oicedent. Far parucilari apply to W. J. REM VIUJS, 343 Broadway. (AOVXTRY BOAR~D AT CORNWAIX. A EKW FAMIJ lire ran be arcrmatodalod anil found for the intnmrr at the Highland Cottage, Cornwall, ahady, and flne new. For f unbar particular* inquire of 8. Rancher, 3d Waten- atreet. or 01 A. IP-adder. .391 (.mud otreet, or ol WiiUam F. Hixoo, ('urnwall, Orange Oo., X. Y. C1II01< K< <H JiTRY HOARD.?A FAMILY <H <TPYI<I<1 J a beautiful apaclous house oa the llotUxi. n*?r W#?t Point, where the scenery Is uueunieaard and ?Pn ih? com for* of no elegant home may be found, will Kmrd for tho summer two or tkn ? families of the first respectability. Ad dr?M, for particulars, R. <1. W , Herald oBce COrNTRY BOARD WAMTPD-FOR A FAMILY. RF 'l Unnr thro* rooms and good table. art hin one boor of the city. Address, with full particular*, fl , boi 300 Herald oft co. RESPECTABLE BOARD, AT BOOTCH PLAINN, R. J., on Ik* Central railroad. The boo** adjoin* tb* depot, vary pleasantly lowfd. and a la* ?t*w af tb* nrroundtny country: K 1* built specially for lb* comfort of ranmar boarders lW hoar's rid* from OortlaaAlsuwel ferry, or sHawlxial, Ha I BalUry, four umaa a day. WIIJJAM RA XDAE.I., flYWO RKBPEtT AHIJC PAMILIEft CAM PROCURE A Board for the aeaann at tb* private raaldenc* of W Jooaa, Mount Pleasant, Mobayan I aba near P*akakUl. References ^r*n awl r^nlr*^ ^plytaT. JONKM, Ud Broadway, or J. gPMHHR RKBORTM. BCALYI HOTHI/?tooub mineral npeiror, oh el aea, Maine.?Tbia new and mayalHuanl hotel, tbaswghly turnlabed with every prwtolau for the eomfurt of Na nub, will bo opened on tb* IWh tnat Tbe waiars a! 1Mb s*<"M possess tbe highest medicinal rtrtuaa at any m tba tawb*. Attached are iHBard aalonn*. bowling alfeyu, Beery MB, trolling lake, do. The eternity affords ample attraction to M angler and sportsman. Carnages will ha found In raadlne** at AqyuaU and Gardiner, four mil** distant. for tbe nanvoyaao* Main#, Juno 4. 1ML /tliffwood HorsB, oppomte retpoht, m. j_ \ / la now open for tbe reception of guests ft I* l aid 3D miles from Mew York. 1W bounOwB by Hamb.iila Kevport and Alice Price from Robinson atreel at RAM and 4 Km. Pine batbtny, taking, aalllny and plaoty of shad*. A few choice rooms not taken Apply to t'apt A ItKuWKMITR tbe Key port, from I until 4 o'clock, ar to 1L W. AMRtOVT, Pm prietor. JAOI.rMBlA HOCHE, CAPE INI,AND, CAPE MAT, M. 1./ This larre drat clam hotel wtil b* opened for tb* raaaptiau ruesta on the 34Ih of June, 1M0. Tbe .bona* baa b*an completely repaired and ruforaiabad. a new conklay rang*. ovena, Mam baiter* and *vary aaodmna Improvement added.| Kite naive (tabling attar bed to tba premiaaa All letter* addressed to tbe subscriber*. <Mp* ldNd. H. A,' will be promptly aitendedt ?. LAIED A WOODMAM. Jam* 11 Laian. lat* proprietor FrankUn Hum*. Philadal pbia. H. 11. WooMtan, formerly pimprtmar ML Tartan Boast. Cape Island. . Hotel bt. jvlieh, RTATEM INLAND four mlnntea' walk from First I salt**. Tab I* d bote sr private table If desired. ELBERT AMDEMOM^ KITTATINNY HOCHK. DELAWARE WATER GAP. PA. Tbla favorite resort la now open lo vtsrtera. The attractions are, beautiful mountain s enary. Una air and pure water, pleaannt drives and walks, rowtny, imdny. be 1 he trout tA'i," ia now al lis hcurhl. and larum numbers ara Ukm By ib* em-turn of a new building lha arroaunodaUooa ar* nearly d'uble thra* nf laat r*ar IWi.|?n iear* New York at font of t'nrtlandt aLraet It t o'clock A. M. and roach lha 'lap In Um* foe dinner, U W. BRODHKaP, PropHatnr. S*A HATHINO -THIS MADISON HOCML U)NO Branch. N J., will b? open to ibn pubis- on tha lath of .( in* It ha* b?*o renteated and *ularr*d to aennramndat* Ml gueata. Cooreyance ria D. aud H It Railroad (four trip* dolly), and by eteamboaia, toot of Bobmwm trrrt. Addroao B. lainl, pmirtewr. SUA ATMINCI -AT LOXa BRA.till. K J.-TUI MB tropoHtan Hotel will b* orma for tb* i weepthai nfrWtn June 2k Tb* Dataware awl Kan tan Ha/ Railroad aaakna tiro dally trfp* In l/wip Bnuwh. leartag KnWnwei *tr**t wharf; and rteemera High lead lAght awl lama Branch laaaa aw plan) lor Umg Branch direct For Um* of l*a?lna *** dally paper*. J. H. A T. C ? IKjirtB, Proprtatnru. S~~I'MMKM RKbOBTS.?A flew* HI Ml II, R >Kh TI.KM KN ran b* acenni modeled altb plaaaani Ro>*na and ?>??! Board at lb* < obte Uouar, between brat and aooood lindiag. Hatep Ialand. IE I.KROY PI.A'T.. AT NFW ROtllEI.t.E. HAVING changed band*, i* now opea for attmmer Hoard rani** going In la* emuitry will find tId* a pleaaant place, rood ubl* and v 'i immolation* at moderate t>rjrr?. For partic uiarw ap ply to B r tlltKAA, N*w Ro. hail*, Weatrhenler county. MPWICIPAL AFFAiai. PAI'KRB rh.MH Ml BKFORK III** HONOR TIIK MAYOR FOR AffPROVAU FROM DOMUON OOllNtTU Ruanlutton that tb* *outh aid* of Forty atyood at rem, from tb* With to the rt*T*nth ?r*ni?*, h* flagged a apaoa four feet wide where not ?>r*ndy don*, under th* dlrr-tlnn of the Wreet I'oinm maimer. and that th* anooaapaaylag ordioaaaa Uwrefor be adopted. I Board of Ctn .oilmen, May i. IMO. On aye* and o ?a, **3!ard of AJderme.t. June It, IMO On ayaa and noaa, ad|Krlutton to confirm award nf contrart for mgulntlnf, trad Ing, retting curb awl gutter. and flagging four feet wld* of the Mdewalka in Fourth aremt*. between IJPh and UM treat*. wb*r* not already doo?, to William Halrd. Board of t'ooboumea, June k 1MB. Ob ayaa and noda, ?-' J '"*1 H.?rd of Aldermen. J una it, ladO. On aye* and Boat, ail opted Rewdutltm that a a*w*r, wKh the neeeaaary raeplrtng baain* and cnlrerta he built, under the difedl ?i of the tVenn Aqne die t Hrwrd. in Molt atreet, between timed and Heater atr-eU, and that th* w"eomi'*rylti* ordlnenee therefor be adopted Heard of tVnaolimen, Juaa II, IMO. (to a yea and ton, "^Roard of Aide/men. Jen* It, IMO. Ob ayaa and noaa. tCfc?*.? Fifty ninth Wr*<d. hetweti Third ?ed Fourth j aaeauea, ha regulated and graded, and curt) and gutter atnaoa aet and flagged f*nr feet wtda. Lander th* direct bat of th rnraft t>antoWM*D*r, and that tha accntapaaytog urdtaanc therefor be adopted. Hoard of I "maimer Jnn* s, IMO. On ayaa and nona. MQpl lw.*r*i of AWl^rn.oo, Just W, M On ajret and n'^w, "'JKTrfnmn thai r^rt* third WMSL fmwmm HbOi Mtd T-rnh OVOntMS b? p?*'d with p*v?<s-rii. hnJf nf 0w> - WW" to W> pud &* tl* pr^wtj i?wt>?r? mm! Um r?m*jrv)?r bf Itr i lit. MtJir ik- flrMkm if til' Cw<ia AqtKtitp-t DmlMA rvl iJhm lb* xwMMitr*? nnitMn"- IhnrPfir b? pdnpCd H.*rd of Oaupi Umea, M?jr 10, IW On nytw *od n?m, ""nTirt nf AMrnMn. JiiM IS, WW) () */w ?o<l MM. H?*>1 itKm thot th* r m nf two huretrwl u?f ftJ Snllsro bn tl t r?t>i>a)<vl for thn if l)K ton famml of ?hr,suBr?2rv?? ?TJlTt # AM-nnn, J'<M ?,!??. CW-urrM ?o on *tm "h^DW thai ih~iur*1 .W'vp h? rprTrt^"?l fnoj Ib? n? iWASwoltsf ** <wsuhi? ppnirpeouj of AK^?^!E5S2? imM 1, wwa (xifOMfMw, *"CwH ?f AWWWWW. !*? IS, IMS. OS ?yw SB* bosa S*oi?*k 1 . r THK TtHK FASHION OOl'KHE?Til IS HAY ?NICHOLAS AND ThrogaiMtck, Prophel, Iron* mid Bourbon, will ?un A>r Oat two and a half mill* handicap and fur tin puree two mil' heai*. Ron* B<*ihcur, Red Rapto aud CyvUmn are rnptrod m the Uu -a year old stake. .HuvDgei ' bM(NW for Ue- inneliu*, to. day budge*, $3 MKNKY fXlLTON, Proprietor N B ?Wt'dm alay. l'hur?da> and Friday will be race day*; Krtd*;.*. Fashion course ra?'E8.-junk w, jo and a. rut the Thirty fourth itrnol or James slip ferry to Hunter's Burnt, is the must direct drive from the upper or lower part of the city U> the Course, over the new turnpike. Both ferries t ounect with the Flushing railroad. RKD llOl'KK, 1i ari.rm thott1no course. Will come off on Thursday, at three o'clock P. X., Slat loot., match for f'JUl mile beata, Meat three In live, to harness, C. Brooke name* h. g. Taitiej . Wot. 1'orter name* h. g. KaluiU' wo. Good day aud good track. C. COKHOM, Manager. Union course, i,. l?trottijfo.?0* friday, J tine 22, at SW o'clock, a match fur $600, two mile* and repeat. In harncNH. ft. Woodrtitt names b. g. Booy Young; lfa I'lilci names br. si. Shooting Star. SHAW A WHITE, Proprietor*. Fashion course.?sal* or pooua on totbsday will commence at 12 o'clock M., oo the prrmless. Threa rsoei tor this day. ASHIOJf COURSE RACKS.?BALK OF pools wili. cumnience at 12 o'clock M , each day, on the prenruaea. r FASHION OOURRK?SPRING mekti ho.?t h h Tenth or Tweuty third street ferry to Greenpolnl m Um) meat direct drive from the lower or central part of this citjr . yjxA WClAjL. ^ AIGU8T BKLMONT A GO., HA.VKKK8, NO. W WALL street issue letter* of Credit to travellers, available In al| parta of th? world through the Meeara. Kothachild of Parla% London. Frankfort, Vienna, Naples, and other ooi respondent* Til'WAN, KlIKRMAN A CO , RANKERS, CORNER OW J ) Pine and Naaaau streets, New York, taaue Circular Note* and letters of Credit for travellera. available in the United Kuitee, Canada. West Indies. South America, and all the principal clUca of ibej world. Also Mercantile Credit lor uae IB Kurope, t'Uinn, Ac. MILLIONS OF DOM.ARB UNCLAIMED IN TWR RANK of England ? Advertised lists of 30.000 namea wanting heirs ran be searched, fee $3. at Next of Ktn and Heraldry office?, W9 and 6M Broadway, New York. H. 11AYH, proprietor, who vlalta England on bOHineiui connected vyuh dormant properties, on'JSIn InM . will be h*|u>y u> undertake eoaamlaeune for parties wishing u> embrace Um opportunity. Wills, oitan* rerv r< orda, advertisements, Ac., searched and examined. Pedigre.-a traced and grants of anna obtained from the Hw raid a College, London. Money?MONEY FOR 8alk.-a LARGE BUM OF 81, $2, Si and (10 hank notes, in auoia u> s'Ut parchment. Applv loO. HKHIdH, In tho otHne of H. B. Poet, M3 Broad* way, aecoud flour, rear office. Bills new and clean. ATKW ORLEANS A ND MOBILE FUNDS BOUGHT B* IN AUGUST BELMONT A CO.. SO Wall greek Third avenue havingb bank, Corner Third avenue and Twenty fifth street I haltered IhM. Six t<er rent interest allowed ou auraa from tl to 81.000. All drpuMia made ou or before July 10 draw interval IKSB July 1. Bunk open daily from 10 to 3. Alao on Monday, Wednesday and Saturday evenings, from 6 to 8 o'clock. B P Cim ne, Sec. SPENCER g. GREEN, Pwsldeot. Wanted?two THOUSAND DOLLARS ON PRCS unencumbered city real estate, at 7 par oent Address Real Etude. Madison square Post olllce. 1 aaa wanted-to borrow for ONV TSAR. ?. 1 .l'U'1 III a very liberal discount, for which the income rent of ta n mores sail be hypothecated, or other seourHy given. Addreaa box 167 Herald office. ci9a aaa mortgage on first clabs cmr ViaV.UUu property, good houdaman, for sale si a bb*> ral discount, the money being wanted fur use. OLIVER HOLDKN, Notary, Ac., ltPWdBraet qt^aa aaa *,OHT r? CtOT LAND GRANT $l)UU.l/UU mortgage bonds of THE TXXAB AND NEW ORLRANB RAILROAD COMPANY, (Texas Dtvisum, Beeured by a mortgage upon one hundred and xia (MM) sallaff of railroad and its appurlenancee of the estimated east of 8J mOW, and upon seven hundred and sixty eight thousand (788,000) scree of valuable land, are new offered in Ike publla aa one of the most desirable and reliable securities at present upon the market. Tim ROAD la the Texas Division of the great trunk fine which, within twelve or eighteen months, will connect Houston, flail sal nil, and every Important point In Texas, with New Orleans, and In communication with the lines running north and already completed, place New York within 80 hours of Houston. THR BONDS will be redeemable on 1st November, 1878, bear J per oent (a* treat, coupons payable semi annually, aa 1st May and let November, In the rity of New York. ar nuaiu<nai wi unij lur prouiju ni we coopoaa? pending the rompleUun of the entire md, are mortgaged by Bpecial truat dml, 78,800 imt of land, together with Iowa lou and Individually douated ianda, at preaaot rained at M0D.0U0. Map*. pnapMMN, eoptea of charter. traat deeda, Uad (railla, and every Information may be bad upon applinaiien la C. OONORAV* A HUM. No. Pin* itmct. or ?. WH1TKHOUBK, RON A MORRISON, No M WUBam ?v, Merokaiiia' tidua?<i. LOAM OrFlCKM. AT 11 CttAMBIU 8TRKNT.?MONRY TO LOAN TO any amount on Diamond*, art or unaat; Watch**, Jew by, Ai>., or tbeaame boerbt for the Mghnef eaah pnoea, toy the wall known ISA ACS, 11 Chambara atraat. M. B.?Mo tow alnraa uanaactlona oa Saturdays. ATM NASSAU STRKKT?A. HONIOMAN, DIAMOND A broker, advance* money to any amount on IN* men da. Watch** and all kind* of merchandlaa. or bur* for eaak, at toM private ottca, M Naaaau atreet, room No. 1 Uuatneaa oookAmr Ual. A1J, I.AD1K8 AND ORNTIiRMKN WISHING TO BY|?rihc?*t* Diamond*. Watche*. Jewelry, Silverware. Merrhandtt* of any dra>'Option can be prtrately auaodad W> by an* I'lytu* at It Fourth avcuue, oppoalle Cooper uiaUtuta. PrivatB entrance hall door. T. QAlUR, Rrotoar. ATTHKCASH ADVA NCR OPKICRR ON U JANOBH, Hrfin I?rjr Oonda, Hardware. Wiiiee Hrtudlea uil dr* rt|)U< n of tnrirhuuill/r Ixiuahl and uie hlitbeel prtona (trail llueim ae eirlntlv rntil.drntlaj; en*r(r* liberal; rixxta Inaumd. Principal uWre.67 WiUuu alroet. corner gf Cedar, Braocfc oWce itlT Brad way. KauMlahcd. i&ift. ' AHTANCKN, IN LARUE OR 4MAI.L rtl.Md, ON DIA. nwMid* walrhee. plaic, pahitli ja, iilauna, A. , on band*, atwk, nu n handier, eT^era, A< , or lajuant fur raeh, at ht* i>rtva?e "floe flour* from RAW to A P If f** mirnita inir rhaeed leww or art. J. H UAKKINOKK, No. 17V Bruadrrej, room 1ft. up autira. AT m OKDAH HTRKKT -1IKNRV HTNAN WILL LOAW money In any annum on dlamonda. art or 'inan. irallkM. allrar plate and jewelry; or ilia aama bought far oaak. Oppoaite the Pool <4kir. No 1, aeeond fli?>r. AT III liRAXD RTRKKT, THREE rXKIRH WEKT or Broadway money adranred on Watrhea, Iftannniba Jewelry, Plate. I>ry H ??l? ao>i perenoal property nd erery de?rfi|>t?-m. or bourht and aold. by JONKPil A. JAiUNnW, I ate ikurer aiet brouker. tno(i Ann -A?TAWcwi?*ijiA*oini?,irii?cHIJlJl/.'fUU. ea Hilrerwarn. Pianua. Or.: n HMrki, K- 'I ".a Mere hand lee. beeara. Ac . "f boucht tor aeafe. at hi* peltate nWre Houra.9 A. M .In P M. INamnwda Fnrchaaad loo? or art.. J. 11 UAkKlNtiKU, 17V ttruadway, rouoa No. S, up antra. COPAKTWKitBHIP WOTIC?. ' AM RARTNKN WANTKIt?WITH A I AMI CAPITAL OB $2 mil In the Reettfyin* ?nd f hell fiery Hnalneaa, alraady eataidtehrd. demur a larae raah buauirae. A lorluna dan bW made in a akor< nine, f7 ajo made inetJ the laat year. Apply tanaaedlately to H PaRK HURrT, 10* Broadway. I a at ai-rtvv ivn npmmvn mawniia A ta drairtwaa of mwunf a man with mmt knowladf* nC ahlppinc or rutnmbMhm boatimw to aatabUah an agroci tt partnrnAtp Ai&rrm M. hot aQtroadway feat (mrA*TJ?r.Rsnjp-thk Anv**Ti?w wumw to J banana inuirratnd tn auoia lulu ouu .U 'Umai buatoraa. nf a prrtiiaM* rhanu trr tn whirh additional manna am) h?> prrwmal arralcon w.mld ha draarahla. >1 tram, With rani nantr. * N. P , hoi Ml UuaU'Jkw PATTKBN MAKKRK-TI1K MKMMKKX OF THK FATtarn Mat ar? friendly A aanr KM ara raquaaMd to ma at <H> Tbn.wUy r renin*, |l<u Mat. at half uaat aaiaa o'etaak. la I ha rmirlaanth Ward lloml. n .nanr Urpnd ,u4 Wal lib atraaaa My rrtar ct Lha pyaatdaBL fpo -n tar nrronmrrrT -a* wnt*. J grMc baaanaaa ana. with a rapttai atneh of (ram tlM*> M 10 000 ran pnn haaa an Intarnu in naa of tin haat fiMMUnai now haf.a ?atb? paMk whleji a about In rlail Ihaath Cwha and Turnland AopttratM, with raaJ name, tn ba aata to A. W P hnwa (fetal. ?u Itiuadaay, wttte tan daya. Jvn *? ""P"flr AXTKP? t MAN WITH UN TO MM. TO NIB THK f f advarttaar in a *o"d paeta* Bmunaaa. Aal 1MB wttk iba abova and aat afraid at a.irk, teg ahplfW IN tonal alroat, una bbmk waat at Iba Bowai j. . TTLTANTFP? A PA RTNKJt. WTTH MHtmUMt AFPA?? ratna foe ulln* wt?rmaroptr PV-tor-a, ank or wVhxwt an totaraai ta Iba praaaat Arm Apply at Ma CateNMtuauii ptr l <an|>aay. tA3 Hroailway. up ataira. ,. -WAMTKP. A RRKpRaT AI'IJI AMP imrtT4'')' worthy man. with n raptlai at aboil N?, aa a parlorr In a buabtaaa that pan afcont te pap att AN kf oraiatlua glean by pd li iaaa^ L boa llt lbalt Mtt. ?'-inn ~A UK-VTMCM AN FROM iJOMMWTIf't'T J'Owlf.wuill an aaarr tata in brlnrin* out a now ate-lr <? treat value and 'HIMy. raallfNar an? taaaaadtahl tetMatat. 1 hla la a lurkT < hanra for him whn lakna bold nf It Ifowttr A <X> . No ? Cantfw auwat. tgpMte ORp tea. ?i nnn -wantkp. a runin?i mam trim m J?1.UUU. --rii THiNMMilMM a atrainrr for rtrurMnna and to art aa . .Jlwvw Ttaaiiaotlaor la wipaotnanad In tha bateam; lha wbata maatet temad teathly Apply at W Ubarly Mraat RATM6l?bi?l 4(1 AAA *** hating a (UNI oatitai. of thin nmrntnl r?n kew ? Irani ?fw?l6i *a rl.1 ftuklMiMt p%rtag kilNn MkJtHy NkrMI; M rx?MR* Aral nian* p? r " ttuf. A4<trr?a K. W M Herald Nm, tBM ? >1n ttm and UmiptUOO ?AAA *0 Twmsrr an a r** tnnA, fir A If. .UUU ?AciaM# huwiM'w In miikrt ?f?Nlto ?r If nalMartflrj will bun go* rial. kMfm. ?">> '-nl MAM u*t fnfl pnrilmiimn. W. W. W- Mrandwaf ftm mm kg?m nwd OK apply. . . *1 ?AA -WAKTSP. AfANTT NITHnrWAMOl'WT, l.ulw. io ?* # ' ?' Kw? '? X*. U?t will ponlton m *? ?*f,f A*"*"1 MMI A4trimC. A , kca MfHnrdM n?to?. wllh n?d, k I AO *UUl -THIO ANOl'NT W01I.0 BR INTNHTrtt, MtoM pnitnrr or ).ii?iii?m Run, to rwI . .>. <??.? 0?i wl* ?Hn I *!>? !? <rf n I rw?.-nabl* mum Addnwa NOR, II'mill nfflcn. WTOoOrJ^EraS????? ???^iS??ra-i?s.i $5,000 1'nrirur Ui mamifnili^tog bettor limn i<atoad. wMfe Mr MMDMm, add krtanfM?! In AO par rent ? mi annually. ANnnT N. Q ~HraM ruim? wham to ba nt; no ntbnr ?lllil. f&V$L ININIM& NHMiMMmtTLT i ' * r

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