Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 22, 1860, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 22, 1860 Page 2
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2i ily, quiet and glistening in tho bright sunshine, apparently uncouscioue of its impending fate?of streets runu?K with blood, the shriek* ol tho dying mul .,bouu of anbauiite. the crash of shot and alien through ita areola, baying everything in ruins, the fierce and bloody stnfo arbn h in ail probability will aeal its down or necuro its flMepcndcnrr fr m a fori ign tyrant. A ride through such a puiiiry was we'l worth the CXJiorluicLt, CTOU though wo pfetbjd see notbi'g more. About eight miles front il?o city we entered lie rilia^c f Men mar in, an insiguifiran collection of poor houses, and fcund ourselves surrounded hy a motley crowd of (Aroe or four hundred peasants, in all sorts of dress, armed w ith muskets or pikes, and wearing h- cockade of red, w hite and green. leaving the carriage, wc were for a w moment - the n. d of hundreds of darkglangorotu lookSua eyes, their owners making animated gest./ r, of which ?o were evidently tho subject. It would brvo been an weedd.giy fli-?grecaue |.t ion Tor a Ne. poinm jufi ttoen. At the door of a .- mall drink ng l op , '\v>r; nhevn a captain in his shirt sleeves, who, holding his tin *h> or wine m one band, s hook, bands with us with llio ttier lie dirutcd us to the floor a ore, v -ed at which % pasted through a chamber with sever , mauresset Wr, ici.ed on the floor, beyond which we W? r< isiwn into t- ntcrior room. 11< ro wo were very politely received y arvcra; MllcrrF, who apologizing for tho general rough PVfnaruucc of everything as one of the discomfort* of a aaaapaign, assured us that we should I ?ve no difllevlty iu seeing Clar i. They are tine follows, tM while waiting f r (' >! ?irt?rl, who has command 1W, tin y did everything to make as feel at ease. All of ?eri! hail fought utnler lie r chk .* in lii.s lirilliant exploits whig the last I. ilian v ar. pno wore a lull .Sardinian SftV'r uniform, i nmgh, ..s tie inf >rraed me, be had resign *d his commission in that service ; another was iu plain Mhcs, but Urn a pt arnneo of all was rich as to convince am that lighting v.s no child's play with thoin. Tlio Ulonol too a aftervva. ram > in. and after >t r conver .itioi MBo ' the Insurrection and prospects of --ucc??.?, and do- j fcftivu..' the horses which were <-ift red, we t. rted on l'?>t IDr the height - al>iv?, aeoompar.a d hy Major Bruzzesl and k gentl' imiu just an iv< d .is the wi r- ? |> >ndeu; of tho t>mi+.% Ti'iiej. lb" Jo'ul;, ilire- f -.nil Mrtiicd a long walk Aft. r surmounting a steep, rocky yMh an animated ?cene prec -1.?<-.l lis, If, Wo were c.itiv gtoh ly -hut out fr< iu v e w -f tl, Ity and . en, the n-tte jwevK sly spoken of h> ing two ,.r three mile-- distant between it and i -. A wild country of hie and valleys ex. "" ' ' I MCtue, atal scattered ovirtho u> i;Ul?'ri '"i" - , % * pwc! i>f peasants, her.?e? and tent or the rad ? ! description, being nothing moro than a blanket or Meet thrown out) W. tUru.-t in tl?< gi .mid?ithor-lud ft fchnkct nrpendod from the bayou. - .f nui.-kets sucks $d iw tho four The wht'e vcno wru ttjt jpctm - 'quo, y. ith mori) the npjv .ran.-o of a country fair fltotan armedencampment. I'-a.^ re all those, we ascen l d a little higher, pleke I oir way through a wftoa* nnd ' i' npxj llw neatly level pltlewu, surround.-! tool . ?|?1? Uly hid from tie- r--t of lto world, we were tn the camp of Garibaldi. An> one Wfto. like my If. he.d formed rj.y ejpoetatinm of ft# atvpmrMf -r. won' 1 bo disappointed. tv- aw >nly a r*tvnlSn of that ju-t j>a oil. 4:r. "ij>= of cMintrym'm In anew, a few hot - *. ha-h-l*- f provl-ioii< -:r< wn about, m?h ' with 1.' rai or < > or fry w < , and ocraFiona j les of musket* nnd ; I., would load our to he(|oro li:iu:vlf -u oi.o of our w,M Western Territories, MHuog .party of In.itb-r* htve..aclviri|{ for a i^ht only. A eh'.ir inspection, however, showed that, rou^h at IB*} a, .wared. we saw l-f.iro u* many of the nv-. 't daring ad liili i ,?id champions of Italian freedom?1men who bad >.a carried <1. ,.th and d may into the ranks of Austrian 'FF" Wo worn Hamlin', in t'i?? iTa - -u?ll tAVitMn ft few fit ! a |n?*tf df wlito cUllt v.n.-i *Ur< l< li 1 over four pk<.'. vry mnrh afl< r (In .bi.n Itr r.vnj-tylr of weapon, Mrn-l into (ho jri-nond, tin- rovoring hardly hi((h to fi.ubk aiuia ti sit upright within. A b-w fetehots thrown lfe' ' . ' <a?o t ml, ft portmanteau a?i-t Wftlod, willi fttlior .<mall .111.. I.m. rotujmwvl iw I'urtuluw. Vkln v.asCaribaMiV tout, h r llv largo 1u' f >r a ?l? bMfecV?Do iKtti-r than llM'of I: aldr 1 - *n? v* nit no srnlio 1 to vnurd tbr lit.? ?>f n on wlimu tV kkrnf 10 laurli oof iul an ! w th uor.o of ib" rftpi'ine of war r.\|?* u 1 I a tiouoriU v.uild tvBftwii ) Mi wn> |?M that iiiul'.r tbi< tr'-a his aftW r?. anl 1l1.1t liw t'Minp v -.< nothing innv than tto motkry ciliM 1 n of nu n, l"iit-', t .-r > . .1 lilkc 1, i?k m and piko<. with nn - .o.ioal trn'ol ir-M 'l';r hftBgum from 1 U" r fi uo1, r> ib-ril iu".ind iu p ml eor. fusion. 1 w?? dl?tp|m'.nb ! MiJ iioi'an to todirvo wo Iwnk baon **rn r?l. win it tnr otn* .Id. "Th'-rr tr tiari'i ildl." It ?.w truo. An n ponn'it bv a iitlurm in rKirn'l bo \ |i urrly r. 1 1 tov. ir.' n?. A ? >0.1 kali w?? tin ry to a uro ot.o m" tlio riiilily. fl? i-o wan not a ni 'io < i'M y. irnuii. and appu. ntty t.a tftUTi ii- l Ti m in tin wla 'v no ho. Hi .1b . a hi ..\\ n ft'll J ,t pnlli .1 fi.r? vt ! ?v? hi* 1 } > ", ft ml lUiiii'l. loft, rair-oii"??y ?h? v ami * |wir ? f blno pafttiilontp, ii't" llw |>ak<l>?i? wliii h b-itli hands worn thru ( ml w lli nn 1 A o>\ t..u il> dill b-?h -I mora li\< ftftjr Y-tikc farr. r m from tip (1-1U than tlio WArr of a rov-'ii " in. I'imWm im n , vim wo *?**>, hn *UmV l t warwdy by IV h.. d.and u rood lit ,!l?h *. fttril n* that vvr a ro '.Vi In it: ". lio was ju t ijnitig to 4vft* and w .tli t! mvnr.k that oar forvui Ivors bid Itfclrs t pwrly fiimi-li. d. i in . d 11 to rat wlrl. h'nt. ft) ttft (*l ifown l'l V ! Iltl' l W li all . ,rr d o.H-'a tlwi'w k 1* i?k. .1 k r " .1 11.. 1.. 11. i.,i w ., is t nl U>0 !' ti 1 -trull l?>*. SuldV.'n u.u Wnki :r w r | ?i'? .mtnl r (!m> rr?l "f i- A '. < '\ tri' f ' t ! >i nM]i !'. -ah' "( < ? <!> lit'" Mil I'll.; r,. 1,1 it !i\.l> .I'lOCk Ob it tlUj[0 k 'HI "f Mk ll I.. I 1 I !|' .J?lll ll"'l t'i ">HI!'I, ?m?.?|isi m , .. r ., - . .<mifrj n ,ie. tn-UM* it u r t> ? i i.n ;(? tl n .ii tti? '<?< * :Iy f t I. it vet ? nr t-itrht. ami n tw mih ai'" nI<t it liCctta*. w . i?r f 'r ". lUo m,-t l*i". i< -titivr of tin* Mb*. : I. ;t,.ni' r : tljr tit n.-r,i.ii itj : ail. Ii" k |?t Up It f< tr. .4 t . i> k'tti: mimci"" * '? >4 hit taictiU- .ii N. a Yvrk?--r '-rul Ave-/mil In fitrt'ctil tr, WMti . t - . . i; I ,im| ? In. till fmiflit ttilh H at; n ?1 ( t. t. 'I. nil V J it t*' H it fr: "ti'l aa I lift irtMBU ' 1 ultli f tir ri-V"l' " r? wnt iwr hmidr ?l nur* n'. it thu..t I. .ni Mutt.lir.Uil Ih* n Uft tat nr. I tn 1 !? i art lit fr. in li n<xi. i V>- ' whMi l>? h it yery tnurli Ii. p r-'*>.il |.|? (UrllnMI l? i Unit Ar? fn t I- n . .'i I- .-HI. n'fi.'t It l-t?t not Ifawily taiUt. H"? 'lit - iii..l . liKii.t Ikii iron; Ciir .-.mipb'ikxi. ? it iun'inrot. ar t h.t' a l ill ?!i >rl i . ..nJ. rlfiiit.'t ifrl. hill Onw jiiirllj i. > I kli. "iriti .? fi"'" mil. hf'twt' H r. wuh haMn- . uul tinrk ? >" ?, Vthrliarfc. t..c U.m. nVa Wta*'VcrH, itn air .-l" qu I <?*>' > hi tiri?in.i| f.i l l< iinprn-. o?k tt tth an tai>>|. tar 1 ' .'"i I n.l a-li .i.?iir>u. : V>ii||h Ii. nil <1 tawm. . . ;<> lifik trangt r it i-l I' -rl ' lly ?l fcw rime, i r? * irkiM-. u'.? >ui liu?i.i??? attach I hat an t ? u t . re; tbc ftjm*ti<Md ouil uo-m a^v r f? he , tv, i w< tr 11.-lit In. , n.thi'ut iheiMnl tatWntatWm hctr ecu IVm Ttiorn i" ua ntr i>f unn n:n ten taoif Tt| br it I 'm In ''vert ttilnr tn c uiv?milt ci a qWrft *!U if ??'< -! I ' l l' ll .1" 11 1 Ir' or sdoxvv rr >1 i w? fur t . - i?t? t<i t nr renter* or u in' ;t hi |? !. tic i>f the c mmjr d*ht. Ik iifi lino -1?? ?.ri?l that li*s U'lmriil under ifT* if ill- mIT*?tac ."fieri want of ariti? in l dtn**. though hi toil pirair ' it- i'1 f\ "H i'" 1<V*> PrlnMh'"' \?ln Mai" w 'ill t a were h*-ly Kiel iiIrn;'ioil, aird r>puirr n !wig t' inf pr n-rlr ill?- plin<?l: * pari ' I tbnm r ?ev arun-I fvitli t"'tbinj WW Itan p Wr? fit Tti 1 rr lil.V OWirlKl *11, Wjllin* riot bit'Clr* IcBi vf; b'lt In < > Mf?tty * vt li"l dt-t - irlrtirrt. ft wur diflraH If r. stlvr that we were rmllrwhh tolfnMI, ratine fri^m the ?fmf dWt with a nur ?iuaf ilffii of daring id pntric ti hnrr imtlc hiaa to li?iy Tijl ft'*'.! and WaeMngtra wrrnM tor ir WfWtTli ? lt'tt tl?r l inn wv firr.'. Ill thr *h? ncf ffnjr ?iiii'>'nr?. tbi-prmp aoYirei?oimrtiM of mar, fte nr.gjn.-t a* ?rrM n nb'nr -r v t by Kin,; if lir.pc rwr *f?rr exploit* w huh ?i< >*d tin nor Id. 7hr *bolo erre wi' (vUcilat t t-> mi on ratlinIKU-rn to thr n-tim pn tit. M> fi *vt * v not in?cnVhIe to". Foi(fttti'2 fTWrythlnf f'f hwt thr poM-noe in Which rro rm-bfftw c? that t*?r \ mr*a-rin ini Btnii who had thrnr-p array ever* *nd null * Imtidffttl f KiUf tnee had dMTn'v.rd to raccrrI or d r m u* righteous tTv.?a<lr nriiiv' tl." ftr*prtlsm which !*?? antras CrtJihcl Ttalj". lie Uintrn! a?M? ntifiv fr. <rf his l-clt. f-otr which h? took a nv.Mi C Ji'f rcvtdv> r and, rrfrr-tiing h nn'Mllty to do more, I' r.rl rar h' 1 to nrrrjd of It. Ik took ttw vrcv n, Mi l t? on: fltnlr ' ay I fancied the pre* ftrn A 0?rIhnV It hand er. l hr.tfhtrtvug ryv wrr? not conn-Mod with hk iiffrfc it km of the chivalrous art. CvorjtMng tn?*t rtvl --a fj.rt o'T \ f After fdrin* h i fno?rrj end at Xij.Vt tch-rr t--n k llid rm thr j:o ftnt wbr w,i? artnn' y only -1 rht'y wrandrd and h>l hit ret In af ing?w ?nid t hyr, ftterehMtfH card* with maaj el u?c (Seer?, Mid rvtumcd to u>o city, being iiuif * stepped twi^e on the way by peasants, bet meeting with no h ndrance from soldiers. So -n '.ed one day Willi (j.trtboldi. J Our London (omnpondcnrf. I osipon, June 9 1W The tollM of the Ddentum of the Great Eastern? Three Feet of Snoto on C%eei?l UiUt?.i Setae Oak in London?The Minuter Steamer Expected to Leaee on the ?.To?Garibaldi'i Star in the A/cetflant? Volunteers Leaiing Genoa?The Waterloo Contest to be at Messina and Calabria?Piscoeery of a Room Filled with Tbrtureti Jltt tan Sririftt?General Alarm Amongst the English? JL'cremrnts of Louis Xttptilean?Scattering His Money J'refuse) y i* Eaglaml?JIave Russia atu.1 France a Pit Unci CnderUa.!Mingt?Rumors that Prince Alfred is to 1* King of Si< it if?lb p. it (f Shipbuilding in IK: lit it id A njtlam?7 he Atlantic Megraph?Lutolou Ooitip rfe. ifc The Great Eastern does not leave ft>r America to day. We have tad a series of storms, whirlwinds, quit's and a general combat of Boreas. .Kolas, An.-tor, and all the other goda an.' dailies that repr- sent the t<mp> .-U; sivh. in lam . as Jur.e bar rarely w. star red in this country. I>irlug Ihiti leafy. Mrtilinc, fl iv.e'. y month of Juue, throe feet of j snow has fallen on the Ote\ i-.t hill-. ;onl lain uatuelMd m til the dignity of an trctlc winter, 'mtnenso trees lave llMUMtdtwiilii the London puta, ht Ittreilod with the earth, - r . have been wrecked, and hurdrcds of lirea! -t. Son. ,i ,ys at loart twenty iiisiinot ram storms have eec.rroj iu a ?;i?fl9 day. Yesterday 1 was delating whetlcr I would lake my umbrella froru tlie efiir" it - 1 'ur:< d out to t.iko a boat t?r W? .stminster. It van then beautifully pleu.-aut and clear, the son shining 11 -Mly. ai d all lltn m a summer morning." Remembering hnw I had be-n served previously ami rejoicing m a now hat of glor y ilk. I took tlv? -ky tinder with mo, and in k*3 than three nnmit*'<, and before I reached the boat, It was pouring with rain. This unexampled erries of dorms has made it a'most impossible to carry on Ik work of repairi.o' and fmi-hiug thet.r ul laistorit? very much of it b- ing en deck among the rigging, pointing the outside, and otherwise m the open air?exeejn at brief intervals. Finding it impo. -able to complete tltc v.erk to their sati-Xietk/ii, the Director* have very \v iflfc ly e<inehide?t to delay her departure till the ?th or 23 t. I., the n. it high tide ?. Voik. .in I arriving out about the Fourth of July. This, too, u ill make the voyage of the Great Kistern almost siinidt.ineous with the journey of tin-Prii e of \V,|. s to Oin.uU. It ia better that this do luy had tak-n place. The ve--el out in Itottur order, aud under more fatorubki ao-picoe: a l"uger time i:- given to Mr. Yak , the secretary, uud th agent? at New York, to prepare for km reception; and if tho seaoor of her May is Himowh it abridged, Uie people will have to bow the more aio< rity iu pay lug tie r visiw. A tiul trip ii to be to day or Holiday, but as I have heard not) ng dodntto witlt rorard to it, I thall not be proaent. 'v ~td in tUf? rAftt.hnt tin,) T Kei*?,-. %\r\ doubt but s:. :ly h.n pi -?d forever iVom the bauds of Uic FourPen. Y?n will -_ ? that tlu? pr -ctit King has earned Uic title or "By ail >a'' legitimately, tn the samowayhis frtlior did?the modern Ilionysios tlw by b ' ihardln/ Pair mi i and slaughtering defence Ic^s \ women .and children, besides d?* troy lug on immense (iineunt of private pro, vrty. Realty, the Devil wonts to have po-osidon of that young ntau's soul, and Is urging him on to hi' own destruction. Sc. en ?r ei; hi Utouhnud men, with a full an 1 formidable equipment of amis and ammunition, are atvmt leaving Genoa for sieity in two large steamers. Those are midoubtedly more than "permitted"' by Victor Qnanuel. ' Najiolcon already h\;ius to talk that if iho King of Sardinia anm-rod s? ily ami (blabrla.hi* Imp 'rialMajc ty lavt have another slim of IVdmont. As ii the Italians ihoming Victor Emanuel fir King avo 1/mU Napoleon U rtiiim to ?uy of his ltolghtior V territory. Pi u!y tt fall n. but the V-al fiehtiuc i vo conte?at Messina, in f I.r H. ,1 ... V I ' 'I A ?< titi.'mnn wtii. s to a lni ilon papor that ho vu In T;?>- mi I is. wti'Hi ,i riaibi was hrnkon ?{n-u h> ayail 1 j th" i xaspom toil |Kipubr >. ntnl there ho, *a i11i otln'r*, ?..v i> lit that fiir iitir%nni|i|ri| boirnrc n? tooiftte or pou cmiM ili pii t. It w i ' 1 * ith : iau?;ht. rril ami torture.! jwt t;i.ntp hatitrlty ratio I up to w,.lJs, whof" l> . v ? r" <-rn, iv'eil aliv. nth.-r* turn iti prim. and It; till ^and lj?rr 'it iiinfiU'n.n am! ihvay. 'Ihcrixn he.I t??in 10 In ttii?' . with tin' iloori tnul vvlthkiWS V.ilh 'i . I"! In V 'I l.t' hilt v. .is bv "tttti -oft pv.-l.-r mi llswal! a ah mljoiiiluif u)iurtu>i'Ut .against whicll -'.t, ftirut'iti' The tyrmt atnl hi* nonunions h.'ul iititi' pato.! that tl . s w niM r> inn in mums!. a liirpstcn ?n?t at.kti .rn mi - !< ry for. v. r. 1'- ils of .1 irkm-s raroiy i fa pa t|i.- |c 1,1. f .r thr fir. t iitur t ianion# tint ftwli.-h |ioupl.> ami riiii i- ihl. H.iorm liUs, (m|vi duly wl? il. "pri'i'i, "i in' of tin? r.itniuoim,'' unit nil iln t'llij i-1. :ir?? tinnier" of minor Important', will' th" ltit' UUi'tl ' of 1/i'IH Va|*ile..n I'.inn tint rro .nl i.t wi it liniii.ti'il terror throintlni il Knrop-. Si for t. that it. jail finite Ills Wutvri? before Hit i yrars at vi r. Um- man rule atnl h'rrorl/e i.m r tiuroiM' at tl rata, > ar alVi )nar, v. it It impunity, kit i | !n;i ti -. 'in- ruin r of the titi rtw*i?t t "tnanierv? 'tin .1.1 t.iki at lu t ttiron year- tocomplete them?vea 1-1...I tl / f the i,iv.;' I ..stern, Is ail a " Mir,'* a |. I. ti hhi' l 1 li S ipi li'. t;V tii.moy is |k.ur, it ,.iit llko v . tor lii'ro ai I it Intnl. in tho press, an. un' rlltcsmta, hii-itu - tin a. luf 'ai n"i s and "th'-r I In- -1 . fin has an art i.v -tm-uituiii i; on tho hnnti r.? of 11 1I..nm an I lthrn. h Prussia, ami ho has l it. ly sent a linOii'i r i I t li ..1 f !<U) JiolM'i l,n n iiito III J?illi|1 to i uin'iirc vor> Invincl) of b'i< brother ImpnM "ifU.1 i r in <in any li hi. tor h;tu;'' I'lrki)* ht com?lit linn BloWc! Ki1 i? tin? from flO.fss) to NO tat irten on th t b irdors of Tilt key. ami tin I li,.I li. I'mn'li mvl Kn-?'.an \tn'M-c-?itoni jH the | . ain |??rfn'ttliirly in t.u . ilnrn is now i.tilj one *i ' li. all ha' W, whether id- i ami IVain'O l .iu .i i.i ' re iiiiime as to tjo-ir fhi'iro ojmratni.sii ll is'y .uti?s| In r? that Knytand cat." it ti) t . Sii ily or Vipn-s .. jsst li t* utti'o.l mi tin* llMtio. or ( ! *. 'it ?illnntf : t rtVrtnj:. ft is r s '-iri'i .I t' ci - ar" ! .. "I >! favorat'ly h i' i . Is i W'!iato\or in tm the 'lwij.' s <4 1 1" w ttior hat- |li?' riMi/li ?i rk ihs'i ' ) dmn r foiiow liko t.arilNil'U thou ih. i. Itiii 'f I: c ort o, \ am lam, hi llm ft ' t'lol.' . ' -. t. , I. i' IniMi ami to r(in|atriot *111 hvo mi titiji the iit...rito. tlmlr >1 > (list ha-ip Mm r.y'ht. In I'aris tL'-re is a strotnt ami jrrnwin; belief thai tin 11 IS K |d*l>. an.I Maa/alii 1 at the I th in of it. |o t il I'rin Al'nvl?ye a Vict r.a a ncs' inl - ? ai lln i;' of wily. I mnirrl) think that c m tn a iti lih. .il. plan I,, re lint -nnh an ovtll Bnv ?<?. ' tar it. r. I ' "il l ! ?r . - - * !j 'i ' i lb itirk llnth I r. m h. Mm.v ll. iik tlkit l?>r<l r,.ltiior* In* no de-irr In bo nt Mi' ' I ilir jfovi rnmrul. I:: >.> ' thorn H Wirn I emit w ir It 1 i trw ttnc'-rt.ilu v loth. r ho It not <t< - J on I bo lb Tortn bill, irtwl a Ui-?*bitl''n rn?W in r.m.-v i)iK1in . N? ? x lit vthttli ,*r d<nm?Vi< i* btmigii, Bottl i xi t" -it; r : or, ruth< r, I Uti'ik, w?- nay bo pri-parad (Vl llll^ Mtt|*t ?. Ilio ?Hi< ..I r-1 trior of Hrlti-b nhl|?tilii?f. Ju.-t pnWbih.M, fcr IMt. u r 1'U* r >m*uW?r < otnlltkMi .>f Vli. on.<ri ? of -lit|i I. ii.iio.' iii "><> I'nlW Kn in t'-r lb" |*i t year. M'.ov. iog i* tin* rorofil:? r?i?, fit* p.,lit Mo?tn 1.70 "4.00:1 >:*?Jt, MliNif. 7*i U7<*i7 T..I. I t?W 1M.9N IVli *. Iiav< Ho wniikol ni.J it un? IVorff. Vt>* Pi'-m JW 14 . CM 7 ft I TOO 1?M1? T 1?l TM ITtt-fU Tit- ncttm! liter*. in lb" tmnUi h.a only be-n A Ton l..t... ui al . ttl a ihn t IV Minwtinl in ?*tio t * ! liV? lb** liniil I'.iiliiu. Tin1 t'ikM|r r| *? lin* v-r*'ta la.- f.i'loti i ll 1*> :'4* tint. w'tilr r?%" I* htvo b~*?l mntii>*.l.*d w it" .1..", .1 ..I'.v ikWl t - of vl* J* ono t*.tn **r-t-uu x. ... ? l.ii 'i IMI I AO loot *' rr It.iti to?**1?. bring 10A in i.i i. ' * ?l to tbr'l l?*un*|t ininil*. r*M 44, mid .!* i < *.i in in.. . i*1'<> i"i?w, iM'tn^ ?i'v vi t. I "H h * I <>?i the all luMH i \ < r 1?miI. slirlU? w lill?* ill'' 106 iiwii rljnm If iri'tlfwl IWI !<? ?i h, Tu*.> fv I* -',"W ill"'luur l("i .-ti 'u. Iiihi|f'iv. c>f lh? Tm >nlint; * ? > 1?, T.Vi wi re r.c??', 12?.273 1?1??, and '.A "lily of iron an , inter.**1" pf lO.oul t?-i" . Tli" ami. n .nl.ns v. ?<l*?Trme.> I7l? t?-i i mli. uli'lt ll?" 94 iron -iiilmit k j.? V a\rrn." w? im.a >a> Ii. y mi ??* ill it f >r lurn" - /"<1 iron trul. ai*l fi>f ilwwi'H. nhno-' nit *o|li. r Gin y>nr ' |.' i ! *?' It" tr r?.?> in tli<?. liliMflml hclll l*it Ii- w mji *r aorount for ll.r InSulto* nimi innrr*"*? a'ln."i n il'i liii"? in wir ?M|'iiiiii[' unit Ihw uui wi'jc O' ii.i f"f tlw d'jifivi'l .'Idlo of inir *litp|noi Inli mn yi in lalll 11i? lYtiiBMiKr and nrV-BUI H?m m fv.tnpnnv i tmvr |ii?1 1ii"I tlmlf r"t'il?r liaK yoirly mnoitng, arvl d< Ur? d a divt'lroil if ?T? |i"r fflit f'f ihe half y,+r?? ' mmll ill*1"' ' ' ...t r. r rn lln y ? ?n tho nunriiioii* |1< i't of aitll I < t< ..n.rr? Tlmlf .< ;il. wlilr!., lav f*ir , i"... ?-~i litem /SH,W (?1 m?.?Xin.. ? ? Wt"?..,r i.'iini,(?v 'flw miT'i" nl ml Itirlr |ivrlf M* up fintn 4? tlill' in. - (fit) to M rod n>M |>enre Tli ,41..?U. I*i* Itnwilbin WrtMil ' ?u|ni.jrK'- I "<ai re I j- i ninii' iill) W l,lv"fj?"||?" ii ii f ir tli? ?i" till *ii.iv n I v tin iK ij.,f of ?* util H?|.and |?r I ' \ Mi"tli 11 ?i.* Rm;?. i X" fnl'a.ij yel <vft ran to tlw witninl did noil and luirt a tlouri-.liinj' I I.. - tl.iii It i no in mi -i< ?m< r,- iii ih" ?Ni|mrt. TTia fliilhli tovrrr.ui: t't lmrr ordrml the ttulMnf. 12 1 / ii'i.-n ier. M'Ot on ttir Northern rrui-o. ?o?ur\ry the t' ! r >1 ? r.?. Hbaflnor k Ov?4 T'aT?*rir-aph. It d irt* in 'nivt two trwkf I btlliif. tf llnfo i- to b" ?itV rr.,di I" /f- in, lb" pil'illr *HI hr tndi'M'il to lh> 1*0 ;r'nilT.rn for il IV |? rmtri?tv taitwit) d tvl. i *1 :.!*tirr l?rc * 11 kiKiwn, and bo nrrrr oiti"?1 1. ? ?|r*rii ' . I , ' |.. ronroiiinti Iroin UK* Umnh ^..T"rn ! n n.i lUt Mr. Im k'-y t "l M.t li umI in hi J"' ovl ami fy?d I lie " faulHai inomy" of , ok iv r,. )? ? rl k fiir ono n.?n lo run. nli;'.i ilr Vfr??l Iwtito li In 1?' f.i.ip.l l.ol J?' ,11 f llit Jr inrnia.U?r til 111" HrwiMaMr Irion of NrpUiiir..lark tr I. Hwai nil nil llir o'Ik r rlrui'til* of rock', ^lihr -. ii rji * at ~r at. 1 unknown iliorr* 1hm> all lo bo ? mwoonlfiod and m?t. ai.di. -o n rir il ooni|?itir lint (,.i? k."! n larKP rt.ptlal. and all llir n'? i?'rti? nf rurliaiuMil*. r irrrnmoRt*. Mnir^rapii*1 ?u *n?l l"iriiiativr httk*. IV Hoi al W? o.rai'1..! d V* ijr Im I ilmir atuiual illnnrT Vat if itiday rrrnlafr.atd I did ti.vtt b Hi" hmi r to ail. nd. I nrvrr 1 ?loood tu a M of ?i? < <h.-* *rtcr :i pnblk- dianrr, uli'.rc ?ycrjih ng rot eo tcn'i'kuiy ou vu? Uv vi flat. V/AM*. Ill ' y <k ? ) Sol a glimmer i f eloquoucs?not the ghost of an ides, n<>r ow m Itlary ta> I, did 1 tear, except tin' most unutterable, ri'UiuioLi place twaddle. And yet they were meu o learning, and a goodly t-priafclltig of UMm llrs lords ba. fOlteta, knights and ''ummSBars. 1 Went, nil Wednesday, to bear M. Igmis Iter deliver* Wtnre at the Maryl< buue litai itntmn. Do von know how tie noted Kr< nrli Senator, savant and plnioaopli.r ioduf Figure to yourself a petite figure, scarce Ave Hart high, nnd weighing, perhaps, eighty-five pounds arerdupois. He is finely formed, very oxpri calve features, in fact, tiandH tne; a man in miniature. His subject was "I/tve,"' and it was treated principally in a historical way; the Madame pompadours, de Maintennna and Neckars, with t in kings, ministers and other gallant.?, giossing in rapid review before the audience. It. was a masterly l.sHiire. full of pointed, amusing anecdotes, and dashed with sharp, pungent satires, and i pijrruminutic periods. IIis manner comes nearer that at' l'tirk Benjnmtn than any other American I remember to have heard. The bouse whs crowded. He told me ho hart had several Invitations to go to America and lecture, hut he leered his engagements would not permit hint to go before .mother year. Ho nvido a mo-t graceful, tvalfnpologetie elh.-H'U to tho trite uiiil seemingly trivial subject >.t''his I. ct,ire. at a moment big with important < uM, end when the most rnllous could not be iti.litt rent to thu noble struggles for liberty among oppressed nations. ?_____ Our Pwria t'orrcs|w?n<lencc. Pa km, June 7. 7fiG0. I 7?r Ciin Sicily?C<w.'ntraiir,n aj YeapoJUan Troop*-' fruriUiUli t 'Jartirs?Alarm of tht King of \i'pU*~? Or art /'< situtri of Ajjfairt?Agitation in Jioou?Tltt I'ope't Irish Volunteer*?Mnr-mcnts of the CtnotM?SUM tf I'artit* in France?Ojflcial Sole of tf. (.'grafts? | Seizor- tf a Vrwh Rrtyhure, <fe. To-day tho nrtnl-tiro between GnribaMI rtn.l tlie royal [ froops expires, and although advices hare been rec iyeij i here t<> the cll'-ct that the Neapolitan General had domandod a still furtiror extem ion of tho ee- ition of hostllilies, w hi' h request hud been granted, T can .v ire von, njion good authority, that this rumor is unfounded. Tito Neapolitans must renew tho battle or capitulate, permission being aceordod to them, in the latter cane, to leave the i land, but without their arms or munitions of war. At Messina, tho ia-t placo in Sicily that Francis IT. may still 'tall his own. large numbers of troops arrive dally, uhilo Imni use quantities of min.uoii; 01 war and proxi-ions are being accumulated tlg're. l?.it it wilt not be now as wns tlio case ui 16?9. Then the troops tJuii held Mt - ina gn Inally gained upon the pee]ile, an,) finally succeeds in quelling a reVllR* that was not nt any time a general one. nut row * powerful force of Piolllarh1. aWod by volunteers fiein all parts of Italy, and commanded by a General the pre*tig? u" whose nunc itlone is worth au army. w 111 gradually mir round the royal troupe iu M>..Tciun, until at last they raipltulatc or are cut to pieces In any attempt thejr may Make to fcrrn hack the nwscs that keep watch upon them. They w ill most likely bombard the town, and tlion sail av.-y in their frigates to Kapks, telling by their presence to the. excited subjects of the Bourbon, that his power is ended;and they, too?the people of Naples?will rfro,and like the petty tyrants of Helena .Tuscany and Parma, Frn licit II. will lly to Vienna, sure to And in that city sympathy and protection; lor the Hapsborgs. hko the Bourbons.are detested by their subjects, and this creates a fellow fueling between tliiin. The King of Kapi*s F) now thoroughly alarmed, and bo has written to tbo courts of France, Russia, Austria, Fuigland and Sardinia for protection. It Is in his d. pair fbat lie makes this demand, hut ho will not succeed in gaining help or even sympathy elsewhere than at Vienna. Austria has enough to do with her own fPihje-ts and cannot aid Francis II. Ihranoo cannot now oveilouk that the Insurrection Id Sicily is the ex pre v loo cf'.V will olauemiro nation, while Fjigland kmkson joyou.-ly and hopes to obtain the protectorate of Sicily, r.n.s/i t)iA i.r/iaml clriifrn-!.c l" rtr>!/>il VlipHfnfn r%T AA irutt cannot act neiin-t a popular movement tint is exactly similar U> thopo which ir,rren-od her territory anl iuflinoce, cud which will do doubt terminate iu lilte wanner. Thus Naples mu=t light alone ami una'xM: ?he can not long malum tiie ooullict. the more so :ls ilin m t cenariis under her pay are getting tired of earning tVIr mcuey. and begin l?y hundreds to Join the ranks of Carl baldl. This commander Is organizing his forces w ith tl?e greatest ability, and the people provide for the warts of hlsm. ?i within; ? -.luity that pr ires the sincerity oftholr j*?tiioti.-m. Kevv political complieulioin will nrise, no ilonl>t. i.nee the Island of Sicily h delivered from tho Ni ;n-'lilsn \ok" Tlie people will, of mur-, vols'for an in x;itiou to Ktrdini.t, tnd Kriiuco w ill not ,n. ilio m .ve nielit. >- .tin must teeo/ul'e (^.i Vvil1 of the ) ill*. I'lll v r.?nl -nil! .pi.trial I/Hlis N*u|s>lonn up"ii iho throne of FVum e. .m l he finely t^innot gaii-faf for otlni s privileges hat l?< h?? sIwjivs recognised m the rightful do* r of vi v milh'ti. Yom can understand that. whil -nieh grave Tei ?! are taking place in HirlJy, the people in .{mo ' are t.iled. To j.ret. lit the oceuri uue of eel. of rebellion or t lob tee. the j'n-m li t.-nuji- )et i.l Home have pitr .l i l tin .treet', anil :.s yet ni . -nona di-turliances have oeei:rr< I. Mat tt Is expert >1 that tin | nple will lni t In mil h all I Vkl. n the li. rv? o| l. n ili iUII's lliUil lime is |ii its I Ht Koine. I*ill? J\. , I ilk KulneH If., - itokk .ivare that he would have ili.iie l.e|t. r luel he have ? iv ' to tfi vv -e imtti , I of Napoleon tit and accord I.1 I. Iii i-hVrl ti> tt rvuirtn" na w ill have on -tnl itn?t.irni that liw tnvn linujip sn Inny a t nt<v 'It. lr li i ' rs that arm in I! ?; an" rectHvr,' v.ith n urhi.uiiy and ranit.-.. n-i m thai. i?.- tlrair WUM i * iHUP'.4 t > .iviTlli'W. II 't nill |i- tin' I'on. - mo-5 t r*t-1? nlij -I'ltlii- let it lf?tf thai If may nave tait Iii 11 l'n til. Ik fiTo clu-jiiu' inv li-t? -r I May rtt' lvo fn h Itil'lliC'ta ' fruti It. H.-.v i,I' a ai nn I'll- ti<t*. It I* a -4-rti t here. h* tlfistt in naltv w . 'I Infill,. I. tlio biiinbiinlt.ifiu oi ilia t mi, ,;i I.,- ? .1,1 rv. 1 tiyn.n. In th.-.t i w e tin- r..;. ..I U.? j.? inn-' . \)> I torn fill ri-|>rt<a!? should tin y fall into lliit |?.w. r of ',1* Iti viryetit*. J ay l.. tiHl.i.iav sflO |ii< ko*l mott W in,1 I r .".oil) t n-'. t tlir i'-urn' 1 fin. TV m 11 h ' I ni il"- middle of tlio dir.. m tli" ^rtjna Nila, a o|iiaro 11, 11,**r.'hlro of tin1 tint 11 iinI lii"ivri'",it(,il llrar II. tni. t i i lYohi lh? lr i lll' i-? I'll 1., fart, ulilttl to tin r it. pirtinr < j nly at ? 1 > ?Haw of! or noon. (?ii ly |'i .t'-lff sympathy of t'n 1. ty? . f..r lla> iwid ittmi, I >1 it Hi I iiitin" it. ? .-oi I'liTiiieut <?i>>wirli' as re(arik ?i|if?it k in is itnul ni.itotial movetne'il. TVi" fn||?,w in.. >tr?i 1 ii-aii a letter 1 ?If ten fr<i,r Ki|iJi.. will he I f. no.l Inter, atitipw !- t ttlyM fi Kid A iffftun -'r 'i'tn. wlii.ii w,v' p-.t up a ., 11. i.f ia. -p. 1.1 tSliinio. TVchi*1' . H llllli* .1 1I1 I In I 'af.- t'fi'i. 11.1, nliii tin- ToHSi. 1 a|i|- ... * 11 lie IP print OpitutlMI (ml in ulTely a'al' to Lr. |i lli.n.o hi - fr-m I'oiiit",' ovr. /limit :!?*? prr >1 *. ail y ntirnr n. wel l from ilie .-ife mi tin- Tohsl'i slioutiitc Viva titiri I "HI!" "Viva MKit! "Viva Thalia'" The utBcmn of lm M's nil of marine, wlm w to In front of thr judar <, ran in llnil uipflioh. ami. <1rnw m< their - fords. foll?'M 1 ed the trotkil to tlie street of S.111I* Ili ipbl*. Ilep-th'Ti) irt'? n fMit'li t; one of the eltleei s hint his laird hrof 11 hv W I .nil I ill ,1 II III'- r mmI i irrli ( Mm tiff to tin (ir(f i'ii?. Thi rrniril ii< |i "iint imiin iiutti iv niter tin > li.ii! nt11 ml ilu- n. -, A t .. .Inn <l * it* v , token iMii the ( mi' l ir"tu? la Ff t iku ni t \ H?. |ir"|Ti"tnr uuTT-nrn'. : ? n prion' i I hut; t ut >ii itin <mirill iIk- rvitimn (mli h? unit til" vMi.tii vvi r.'arrrnu.t. a nil Ihey v IAtiiIt * tit tbr fwte. TtllM. Jnv '.vill jirv fti' w i rn toll* '? i li..rni*> 'Ijr. Wlitl'i Ftth-rum k? 1~ ion ^Mu'i ir-ti-l. tit* (lily thi iu-ht df vnvi inniriit lure m. ?^l Imk Ih ii fnf liintij yi nrv. In defend tin divine rtjht*?to trm. pto vol unit (l(-t; i'J tl.i> |k-njitr, Viwvr ( men <-! n? -?.iri . ni id Hid-. ?l tl.n ?.r?lv |.i- v in. i~..| tti? I' ' nf ii i ii ixt |?.iv?tet Ii?r hikIi tin i.ii'i i- n ' fh. -tr ni;ilii nil |. iln*AttllirtiMin. i?i.i *?iI - i 1.1, I .. vi r I Jmvm Jwl wtttinwHl. Mhirli li llr g lute i in; ry.iiitil n< h ua i li!. n> meet* ih?* ?. ?*r itif. I df i iHivoi" tin li u. whirl. ? i he* to lt?e Mrmnil. It wruM -hi we.! v? th rantllerr n I II I I ilnin IW-li. Iiena, I nhlr , r'Ntir*. drr , Wild Bteit Wvrt lU.helitip III* or two f tills:? VI ..I, ti ti 11 .A i'i to# ilifi**tii hhii/iho. h ulnl leue mint there nti th-dr boater wren- tivnrty Mi'.lmii w<?eu. wet. tunc tin uiil.el nip. s-tne were ril'ttl. mm if efrnM to ot'i t- .iptwWiHl \ loilf dbtraeti d. Tltrv hi*.I left ftWin I ;un.! j iieiriitl.f . |.|-.'Kl)lh ?t tin I'll In *llt I. III. hntt.t' l<lll*l|t. Iftdlow me i? tin r. ply of M (Waft. VV.ijwdHtlt Wml?ter of Koretf..?! Altiitf l> M, It I lot the Fop! <h WlnlMir Ml 1hr thnirt of VM|||(|". who licit dueled the MX.* tit tide o| h Mtat' ment nwntM to n rlri i!?r ><( l|i? \iW|..U in ] li'M I l.l .1 ' t to tl r i >f| . ' It i' I i nlli|r I ? I ! fit i of oil li.i ilU. Mil..ij|...t ion of 4Jnri'.,iMl In drily ? Ttl.nfmerMn.enil Oi" |1||. Tw<> di? ilea in Irr hoi (tie toll ll.t-HI of fa-*" - ttf' Mettle rod noffi"*iMtiilll)' o! tiie Uft't in i|i*a-n;(Ht . ni |l?. iMwiutiona oi llm KerUa'.i l. n i |i .?tii% iloinit i.< Mth# knows l)"* elrriimatMi?er? in nh:eh w re | Ik. d Ike ruwli ol tin rovnl Keu,.elitiu r.vv.Miel. In |>*rtl< ulitr, I..V. -in c lie rm Inn an a ill. u tikli Itielr rv.ti.nuii.. ri t. ..-.1 un !>> Ilieir r* < C>?" imrtKUi'UM U. r. -I 11. n? run*-!i * tn-eajtor. fi>n-1 _ . tin -.? I a! I'li'ia i.) The euj t ilna r-f I.U Vt Ihe ktrij: ?'tn|?li de |f>:i ,1 m iv m ?r r ivy .n* wiry nwnni eutonijf fai ruU ?U li> pitvtll Ii.jmi.? to lie i.tti.n??ho ?ci? i>i' li> > .it, U oh ! i -? f?> tun! ... tin- ?li kiI.jii t?,. ihe Men* frr of tliot HriWo he* tnottglM ti 1 i? iiutj to i<ntr? a. iln-'it.r manni r |p wblrh tin tarn hit rryrvvnieil. Itut I?-, Ii ii*1 pieadl. f i4 I lie ti | wi eual.l.-* ihi* gun mii.riit tr> irjeet at! i iv'iiPntk** or rnif?\nrti>lr lntrrjiriuittniir to the U< t mat IKfci;''l of rrrr.l*. tt tl?rr? t ir >,< to admit it.. , (t -rr> of ih? natt i f |.. , |: *miir. >t*j-iKj rt?.| t?t, t. to r in' Hint' iiill or ti ' ii tainllt . (to at.''iifiitf tfti'itorrr ?Urb t?'U 1.1 rtvti.t w di .ay tt oyer tiena ft U N.v a..i in ?#?- i*. Ti n eipUrtt i. n taunt U> fu-.-Jdrr. J a* d< nnvtnij ll r o'- naiiotir towhtrh iti* J/,*- .i1*'rulOMou II . :n .iidK Kji ob I flier i? W f lieu I I tdtl'l 1 t ivi> hun rtoinoil that tli' Ffi t,.-h "ore rnoii'tif * II i- ,i ? yrifiyi. o Xhr anm-mli.-i of I - iitnl in Sir i. n't. Ni-. Ik- the Italian fS j. it.. -ball bx'.i'\'Stol llie i< ? utt di s.v<>v and n't r. In in) UatlctWr I t.T'ttt loned tlio ranter of t)(o new lia ti't. n en'let Mic i vert to. The hritr i?r.i writi r? Ware filroo'ty priatooiHt a r. rt?m *vi. .hi. M i*Mtvoet fnr.idnf. ttli'i cWaWlfttl lh'< fiymnhM WTtpi.'ni W llli ' In# '.tticttii-I'nTti*.'' had to- vo*. ortrod br u rettltiitr r..i.T of j- ti'-", till? *"?' *o far bey.rit M- tmtrtii't .till t" I r :r? tiio r.-rtn* tlmt w ' t np fur thcjmlilira t. .n t f lUi' irwnerr. for IliK i ami-- of / ' the fact.. n J fi't v |? (l.-m Oil. It TP a, 1 vw I .11 o Ml iuMa'.r. of ftii. ' ^ the RniHTor i") i oo |ifi?' ~1 ati . do Warm. InmanMrtd. tho i t f itnh<*itf, tint til - I..1- r *H? d -ri.K. ,1. : Oi. of M. |rr'-, t ;- rr Ik m l/tirc lot-k I'Ist. Th-Ij \p-ror (I'urt.i p. j lit till m ' f< fniWloh ? b. Il.y J?.UI|'L|. I.t I* tin y war tit. bit til is ??*" (lrtprnilntt l ttao r. iVitl/Hl br tlio M n trr^. win' iu .-tfil "t'tt it Hint tlw rr wit'rtnt aV r lo t?r'r f t l'-attoo 'IV* INnj" rf r. liowrvrr. ii-llpTO't to Iih (In-i n Hut U' ' tir*t (toy tlio M n jti r- w.a I d ti)a.n i?. M.y ?>'. Rtiit ptrtsttlM ni? o lum to jr .nt thotn |> inti-aiCO t" Hop 1'. 'rmtfif. Tlif (mir<V| t|i - < o tr ik" n "Wmiufr. and Hwti i iiltmyt ? f,,, | N-.w. IhO l?a*'l<ra ai' umlnrjr rtt.rt? V. I r- Vi< Ih'-taaflvoa bitjf nud, like M<?ttal ?n fort "hfS Iwtvo route rltrm of r***oti n tin r > '..iltn. M fri M*f t r ol"l * pf**e<M t?i*n<f. and mat train lie luort tiwble prlvilrpo of I" nig n ut out ..f the "(Ni'iii| ?i > . btili it u iiv tiviilf U U regrc((y>( Uwit Uc lii pcror wns b*?et by hlr Ministers, and forced by their iraportuiii(i* s in not arme a wi*' reaolve. Hi?j brockarts wouM ?ovi r l'.?\ injnr-'U him. The fours of the Si.ui.-.ler Wero - ary un?i ev*n'NHifrinfieit. Taw, J<mc 1, lfO. I,ten 4 fill in GarilMtUli'i r repress?Jeaioury ef French Ojh'\-rs?Fnlkusi<"m of the Prfl*? VoN'" Chen \cit~ of Garibaldi?Diplomatic Intrunuj?Panic in 2 >tplcs? Ihtny-rou.i Illnct* of Jerome Bonaparte?The War in China?The Emperor's Opinion of it?Xapolocn on Monuments? Popularity of the Empzror? Englam and France?J'ait ion of Mazsini?Death of a Hippopotamus? Theatrical Affairs, etc , rfV\ The Interest felt in Garibaldi's fortunes in no ?ny abates; indeed, the obstacles interposed by bin insular field of operations only seem to whet tho appetite or tolligeuee all the inore. Hi-, portraits nro in every w! tiovt. Soiuo photographists, who protcet they have taken d'aprct la nature, aro driving a thriving tride, for f?w aro the bouses in which tho well features of the hero are not pr<<?cntcd to you. Anvmg tho military it is the (h*b ion to atfoot a certain superciHousueHS when F[*-.u ing . i r. f Furcesses, orrautse, ror.voom, wo iienera' has not had tlic advantage of pa-sing through it. Oyr; bu the public arc not to be pooh I poohod! by any p.wteutry o this kin J, and with oue voice attest bis pralsei tho livo long <lny. At Ui' fttr? s the perfi>rniau'xM are Interruptod uu-i brought to .. d d halt that thename of 'JartbuMi may be "-hooted faith at the top of men's voicrr, while uto ladi?.jfan the air with those richly embroidered lacc koh n [ things they call pocket handkerchiefs. Kovcr was there tiicb a hero. Iii-J rmglc mindednesft, hie hon-sty of soul appears to strike men quite as sensibly as his wondrou deeds, and in an age when self-seeking seems tho solo motive power of men's action?, p oplo tiud it refreshing to flmet their "ouls on a c haracter which is a species of otitis in tho desert. Mingled with all tLii fervor and idthusiasm is a dread 1-^t tho gallant fellow should snifer his hands to be tied in the hour of victory by the diplomatist--,iwho, liko vultures snuffing the c.trrlon from afar, germ anxious Ui rob him of his prey. It it known that twmmnnlentioM are constantly pas-ing t> ween m Thonvf'iel and the Austrian Minister, and tlu^ envoys fretn Ihe com; ? f Kaph's i?re expected hourly ,n Parts, lajrd Cowley, who was at tlmutilloy y. sterday, was telegraph" >d for this morning, end at two o'clock to day gt message was telegraphed to Lord John Uu.'sell en Koaponum affairs. fiiat the King of Xaples h.M w. II r-vxhe i lh-> c-, | of hi ' -'tether," i; c Ix lief becoming so gci> rul M may I be sakl to 1m> univfr^U. Travellers arriving direct frma Southern Italy declnro a junk prevail* throng-Wit Naples; that banker*, merchant* and prof'-.- ional men, military as well as civ il. openly state tlwt such is the condition of public feeling c0 entirely arc tlie most loyal cili* iim U?ihi< r)< r by the unpnr.o ll,-k-<| success-* auuiucd by tbe insurgents in Sicily, that there Is no o-MiUdcnco any. v,hero. In tho mhlst of events jia-ssing one another in uch ecr.seb -s soeC'*?lon, It Is ilhticuit to tako any ttoo rnte measure of the actions of lot-r<vro<t parties, and the state of Pi iuce Jerome"* health luts of late gtven legitimate occasion for the members of the Imperial family to hold meetings of a purely domestic nature. Nevertheless, 1t W certain tliat tlie Princo do Wagram, whoso daughter matrkil loUiy?that is, tw three or four yeat-' uko?the grand-ion of Joachim Murut. tho formT King of Saj'lea, has been unremitting in nwking personal Inquiries of Prince Napoleon of tho health of hie ftib. r, and It U sard that tho Mural.-U aro ,by no means oou[ t. tiled with the turn affairs tiro taking. Th> Emperor, true to his policy of lolling all tilings work together tilt interference is absolutely neocarary, keeps apart, and talks of nothing hut tlm approaching war with China, whieli he looks lipoid now m inevitable, but fuUof promise for the general cause of civilization. The ,.nprovrd po=itk>n of Piinthi Jerome's slab- of health who seems to hive the special art of faL-dfyiuR the evil brings of his medical HtterHl.uiU', roubles the Ei:ij>ercr and Ktopr^s to 50 to Foiitainblrau, where they are likely to renin in a few week?, A eon-tint relay of auditors of the S outc is kept up betwixt tlie I'. rei w Ofltce nn<l the Pal.tre, and what with these |enlluu_fif..I low ing each othcr in such ipiiek stKee=rtou, and th? \, lug- . ed W 'ids Of the tel.-. r.lpll, P t* thing: are suf'TOll to OttJCpe \J.i> ;tv. The lYincess Mnthitdo, the primv.- Julia,1 daughter of lh iiwo l.uei-n Bonaparte, ihe \lmotei? Could and M.ivne. are now with the t it 1'on' uiibhvw. Tlie pel. -ts of Ike flr?l series return to Par - on -uu.lny. Count loui tnU'S and the ChoMiller Nt pi a me no. lotted m the s. orT..I .'-.'rlcs. frotn the 14tli to th< tTjh of J in. aud the third -eriec will inprlso Prince and Priueo- Msnrn?ti, tlie Prin. e rte fit a??. tVwmt Bak w'sftl and tie- Count--' 1 K |*Von Ins rii -ed the prayer of lite Muiilei|*il CountII ot Poesli to t ria l in hr lienor an . .pi. tr til 1 Utile, '11 the cr Iliud that It o a <b part e fr in all a Til le e.aee which rw-erved meli tsiri'ir onlj l.irdt.e,.. 1 e.l-..v. rei ii?. It is prop, r," he says, ''lliat this popu?r In toe; " slionltl riot have th? t>'.tnc of Iralisi I t..r> t\?ltify " alt<1 lio u<1<tn, Unit the ,vn -liit'p ul I IN..;! ?? ,i'.x, two years aPn, ww without > ' I UtitrtvTi ?li>- or nnthor1*M inn. It i< ? ? ? 10 iti.ii j.i l e'o Tart that in \er .il tiny "|?i.ol . nr. h,.v ck Vi.tlou to IN. rlmir of i lik f t:. "i-trnr. I..,- the | ( ' ;ty < t :?*.* Kmprr> . t> vii no tin-frtlii . iloy mat ,r<-..t. .W th" t n.ui. . t: -i? Ir.iw^ lief tin ten Jen of ?ll? t*l"t>lil|? or tiM ill* liy Into .nl. Tinln r, i> il. f r tin- <ti \. I..) oi ijo ri itinr* of I rnt < *, 0" It oi'' . tH'i'ally il |n inko n Tiioir I'.luU ofitiiiat v.rn ?.f rv..|,l< v.Mi l. loin- to' n.itlo'.l h r.miT. liny Iwtvr ?ik 'It. I.nt t wilt. In' I-'rif.ii for on., lit.) in i|i_ i|n tin r:.l it.! to AM ml yn.n.t ir ? ! ft ii-1-. 1 i tli, tht ) mri lite twiiliy I . moiiife-l. 'I ir< tel'iinl | in. lo f> i> i. l.ot i ai to then, .'It .J. on.I it . morn I ; |..rn unit .i tiny mou i li cer.ijire \. nli tfi. -.r i.:. : . l<rinl (i It mil ii*: limy . ntereovir, n i 'hi" I t in tin ii lotion loot, limn Mi(li<*iot>t to '( li." j toniIn i \ -ion. iiIm! '|. of ninny ll.itn >l,.cti 0.. not i v.o't'y ,-i'it it in Itn y in. '.ot In lit tin;, lint 1 I (||. I I Ml - kiiu I'll < nnriiiou-.( I.f O ,1, 1.1, . lint or In :i 'it. t. ;PU'u.:l i iLi. ,' li. i?i\* Ki 'H < a. 'I' o'i ti l I helievr tr*otiu I - in*- to l?. ui?l?rtli??l lii it it'll i able u? lii (i.ri! ; imlioy it..- i'jiip. ror N - ii'i'ly ' .. ('i * j? rh?l el it ] I lint tiilllii If " \ lil'-ti lit hitinTI'i riol t. n i j * I'll, Iill.'. i it'll 1 faith V iiliVniiiit'.'il. Tin i'.;.* If tin mil i 1 xm II if tin I In i ...i.ii i< "tie inin \t '| | In In'.u oliWarii I' . .i nr?tin lloi i l f j iti'Llili 1'ow r aliili tl.r. eh > in: i y . .iur.? I t . v- I I 11 . 11 .1 t.i I it o. . uii'l wit'ill fif tie orlv titty I III. ltd ll toil ft I III 11- li. Ill lite |il (.ioio filiitn of it., i fltiy rt vein! i.?. Hit ,vo 1W i oi. mov iii ,. , r..itl for ntr M'tytRi'loil ol (Vr , for tin- etrinnrllV. in of ll.t'l. Ill !)? Jin'ilillItllt iln <b> i. yard oi hptli J*i'i^T v illi tiio t-? 111. i ( o li ' it.'Viiiit f.>r tim di"lly ,-tr.ti n I oi It K to foiiovt l? r tli ni'ti i r tfm'itt tin1 * i.flii. Ttlt " In mIh.I ooi.!|?tii\ \.m( n .1, <, tr?.T. w'h t. ?"r itir ? pn<l 11..| Invito j<?i. Kklti .ito.^.J >.r tit nt hot nr. von 1in?l t lirit. w in II. . yon "tv*k of Hilti i vtrtittiiin lit i, .in (m ii r i'n Kli.if ot Kapli . Victor Piiwti n I or V..//mi. ? in IW iieo- - ii nh It ln-? n< H.o hottotn ut tnrii'n henrUi. lou It On. iIh curilvMnl ? it) too.iw iv ?ni M<4ti|t. Mttl umt.n and ar< the i haiicr*. piv and vn, <li?.( ii-wl li't wilt,.,I To'-r.' it a time wrlioft trioi'e btcii Mrnnltl < wlOi IV .k.r? hnr y o r ,n nnotho1- .n .t .vHit 1"oi. " f rv'tV n !>> ' " ? '? - L.HIH4- i IV t"?nvii(< rt" ii |>? ??.' fp?h :?rU. ' jt i* . ! * . ! loin butmt il' <* .? i ii? r hi vtltiiu ?-i Uiinl. ! mm. T tnr? ro ' itij-.-il. I*? mi < ?" tiflm ? tin ' 'WW fill' tf i .' ''!> I<> I -l it' "l UttuiiT i* pitln-r i.j ili" olioi- wfi'i i? Irr Iki J., unit not tor it> i'ii oi v.. ti?. iTi'iM' W ti a 11 l i?n |t\ to I ' i> I nit I ill I. TutVtr.j of urrllil. W? onil from a twi^l* itAli'M ln-ioti >* "tlmt to- p< i oi, 'ij <t -?.ii> v?rii.\ |irorfmi*ttV twit tril uU IU> tiiJtu ImvtlttfuM atml t JrrinrltJi . It w I In' jay mm iiiiN- ft* ill" | i < > ? U' iunUiluiti tltr atl . .nir lull? mnoil tnul jrottr. tiki' to rmjr, n!'t rrnuua in tU" t?rlt. j*ii?iiiiit mot titif Ik' li oiiiiiiiial (iivi ruurnl of I'inlmuni to ' loop-o i -t. ,'ti tor iIh' ,.iiiin nt luilr; till' In' I .I'll" lilt III- fl|uli I'll' ill I *t III) hi* lni|mn, :tft>| lit 111 Ij to liri i ' Iti.'t, Mi.Hi it Oi'liiiiiii -lull ti.i\r Ithiulual tl* 1-V. lli Ti'Ji'til in r.oil'trt- a rut on|?' 'Mi. ft tin i,Ii ||Hi-i 4 1m Un r mit'i tin Koi't ntili''it tiinj, or ?u* -I li'tn I >i . ? U it ill" tli t o -! lint ' .i" to tonf"li to1-* ir't- tt? .1 nt.j- t of u n toi l lift rtjr. To i'Hi tn .1 -t.c lu-.t'i- it t i io|? r t*? u. i tm j on i ! vi't 1 .i ituntk mh' li ' ii - ! iu- it' > mail < li it ttt'if I. of * ).| urn fir' tt,o rniptri.. IllJwV 1 VI TV ln'irlt ?1o.;tit f tlOtllT til'' -VP .( (Jl tinat flnkiiuf* VtmImc mM umv tuitfiu trmaf. !/!? rear, it will bo r?- i'ti*" nt tlmt i} ? t > , '! itijifv no'.ii.i i, n t'r trr l -'il *"bu ? fnwrtfit. for tli rori*vt tta?c, ttir i'rji" of ufioo i' ilfrtfojiil l.n-j' bab/ 'rota ti u - Tit-y i' iti.ii li'tctmi' 4 t.? r mt 'of n l?.,n ?ii tl?o ?n it 'i il'ill"- "i" nm'' iilt.i . ami tin- troiinu' >i*|-???pvUitiio VI- '*k"ti ? i> flulo to i i, men im o tu. lit* fm i of tlic i|i")n I viii ii.oiIm i ? iu- U' Iwir 1 1 tif iff*. *. it it *ra- hy n tu?tv aiiptiflMlen ?if tin iiti'ip 11,11 thi lo ?t> r tturnaj it hi-?'"! ti t "n. Tti" J i n.' tnfo hit 'oii( to* "i fmio.t to In- (filrt |u *,l 11* ]*irt" rrl 1 , "tM.'d ' , nil- (1 JIHH I I "i ? T|W ? *! Ul tu auti. win r- lit at onci ??i'i ub.tnt, and ut iutvrvalM <1 ,ti-?.-? !'" 'h r II- ? - than Ad wilii wiirta mill. and likad l?i? V"!! (Hut I'll <vip UaJ be ;m ? !ie.| # f I K" b ? Itwtn ilit*. .u'l'ik*. Phrt '< ilied.) to i. .-.I t.. |? * ' p,'?p. l.i it ; oh ''run, and eradrvtT r, i|? t, *n?l th'* i ii.aifiHi r N.<iiii ? and filnnRinq !l? 1' ill. I If* VetOf !? IU iUkt-wMill. II" like l<< UtIN a ft'l., 't.-'l ili' ?''I III' I fon.m l ? |1 ? koei.-r, V W~1 :ii>ViT It'll li m. H*- * - ??! ' fir.;. i?M, . r wiilevil 0* puturav .naiuiiii ht? cym io h Out k m| ma.; , .iti1 v.i- It |*l h' la- i on hlR hrfiit xr.ii'n in v. ant f Ik > 11- \rwl Ik. .i r ,',f. vtotit v> ./< and form !? v r\ ;nn.ii i i II.- >k.n .*? liv-.tul l i<lid v Tit., init wi. ti I <{ ri r >-r Ike Uat <4 I Uk? m'iRt mo - ro i- 'iid ' i0. (in being lor.i )r *c'.4'l"tl lb- On Altll'iVl' u" ll l?1 ?. n.'iiili vi.? ?? > i ? ill I- '-vt. and on ojmriln/.iirin li ' r\. i f. ii ?-Metal lia-tli bin"n iho point ofr.-"r j uw\iui. ?h? %ti!'..- I'll-K ixit'.ui nutjttlttmi tto animal \. mirti'.i bl) " ....ii u\ it Kni-, alnch cuuwd b n? ifl ,n o I** lo.RKb. M'lo. M r.?. vb bv hrt bo n m.-irrl J to iim rr.not J*.; fTino. tiv. v. t ? bui iiv t fr.nn "oi l.-tmhnown t?iri i, ? .ninifi Tif rormtrlf IrokonfUrtm-vi ... r. n if tpn " Viriorin. nV'? IwbHtttiJlt r? ildi-n in l\?rl?. ttittl winM I'muiio fi r l.ligMntii ;? oa ro t. rtoo- lii? din In n I ?(0.t)ett(* and (miutrd ?li.-oJ,a, m* folk <1 vi*lcfit?) tnMa attempt ?i obtain a tinro povrro condemn niter I*, tiaf I'm r. -J n ' la <-llt<Jf of the rfr Pari* for ataling thai hlft lllfhtn - n i: n thi habit of plating eh ** hi hlv private b< * at tbo Italian thontro while tbo i?rfniniaDO* ?a.. ftnlig on. Tlv innriml liifl tloriiloil ih*l tlK uiitnd.mi l' .a ilkttC biviic.auU Ittvrcl/ Ci>nUiroa#? I.itn to pay the rofts. Oh. that princely minds s-houM i oi > ml to such lowly tbuiga. 'ihc Thfiitro Franftai gave on the 6ih "Lamort de PnmfH*" ?ad "!>' Montour." bolU by honor oi 1L10 33110 anniversary uf .hal great pott. Our Be rite t nrrrs pontic nee. Rkklc*, Jnnr 2, 1440. Hionifteant Speech by the Trtace Rryni-lhe J Uo/rity <f Germany to be Maintained? Will A\tpohvn be Inti-nidatuif?The Attitude of the Creed Pervert Concerning Titrleey?lh* Stolen Drtpotehet? Internetiny Ptstival in the Duchy of romerania. rfc , tfc, A short but sijtniflcaut sentence in tho addroes delivered by tlio Prince Regent at the inauguration of the Rhino and Hoar Railway has excited considerable attention, and I is In fiiet of iho highest importance, as Wing the drat oven (illusion to mo projo.-t? saw; to do /rumen uy 1Ynnce against the Rboni-h provinces of Prussia. After returning his thanks Tor tho enthusiastic reception bo had mel with at lbi western extremity of tho kingdom, and expressing a b'.po Hut tho new railway would servo a3 another link to connect the Rhine with the rest of Germany, he assured the inhabitants that they wore equally near and rinse to his heart tta those of the older portions of the monarchy; they wore nil Germans alike, and lie would never ron<riit o give up ~**cn a loot's breadth of German soil. Kow this deelara a was eo evtuently apropos tit lolUt, as no one had askod him to do anything of the kind, that it can only be interpreted as an Indirect, or I fhould rather say a direct, answer to tho' natural frontier" theory so industriously propagated by the. French press, though ne\ ?r op nly acknowledged by tho French government, Whether It was politic, however, for the Prince to advert to it in such a manner is another question; nor should J bo surprised if uu atunipt mould ho made to explain it away, and if tlie C legne V <kU*, in which his Royal Highness' speech was tlrst published, were to receive a serious oeusurc. There can bo no doubt in (lie world tliat lie will never v<? itarlly consent to give tip a ''foot's breadth" of Gei. p soil; but. if lie should lia Ibroed Into a war, or provoke H by premature demonstrations, It will depend ui*>u events over which ho has no control whether he may not be obliged to surrender, vot only a foot's breadth of ground, but whole provinces. V Vn in tho spring of lust year tho Fmperor of Austria sent orders l>r Lis ariny to cruse Hie Tieino, lie, too, had certainly not tho least Visa of gh g up even an inch of territory, and would have locked upon any aueb propose! as an insult; but thin did not prevent him lo-ing Lombard)-, and after Magenta and Solfcrino he was only too luippy to be allowed to rebut! Venice. Tlii- kind of rWi'nuoiittdc may do vry well f ir tho \ul^ar; but tf I*>u?: Nu|>olcon really entertains bfKtito designs against Prussia. it will luirdiy deter him from pro-- eating them; l?e Is not a rvui to bo ft ighterted by "lull talking," whirh Is generally rather n symptom of wwtknesa th.ui of strongth, and te therefore more likely to encourage tlian to ;il irm him, Tho trulii is that the Prussian government are in ft .state of great perplexity; they feel lluU tl* y are surrounded by dangers on till side*, and Is gin to think Psg it might, I after all, bo better To lake up nrnv orainn a va of trouble*, And by opposlug. end Urui, than to wait till the enemy ie ready to attack them. The worst is that they have not a t ingle ally on whom th y can pfctro any real dependence; they iutvo recently born endeavor lug to conciliate lirgLiurd by espoti' ;,,g |?.r . v^ en the Oriental (|0(-lion, wliieli lias b"cn so unexpectedly r? sutritutedby tho court of ft. Petersburg; buttls lr overtures have been rescind with less cordiality tiutn they hud rea < n t" itititipiite. Tlie Ts it eh government do not appear inclined to engage in nnoliicr war for tlio iudepen'tenco of Turkey so t oi v after the last; they think, j* rhaps. that if tie sick man ? to die, they may as well rome in for part <.| h.- inlieritaiu < , instead of embroiling lla peelie- w ilb Vrai, c and lhis-iu t" pre?rve It taitnet; nt any rate, they have not d-clarcd eub sore' illv agniu-t the " proposed measure, although Prn.--ia luts offered to tnpport them in r-o doing, and tlie eel inn taken by the latter lias mil* ipa utly h.wt no i.ther ellert tti n to nttvr.d the Muscovites, without landing the gi.nd v ill of Knjnnd As for Au-ti m. site Is ft more ?\ pher in the imlitieul game. In le-r pr< ent late or helph -' tii "-0 hor friend--hip woutd do more ti.irm than gorvl; and if Francis Jo-rpli i- iiiia'de to |>rotcct bLs devoted r usiu and ally, the Kin ' of Nnpli:', ng.iln-ttlaril.akli, it i- that, rwn MupjMwinj; ho li.oi ibe luclliutinn.InU not iu > uwdiilgn k> u.. i t l*ru 'ia ajjauiit l.i ui.? V^oWm. 1 iio Slant! .tncti/frr, a Prn*-hn Jf-iritr nr. <mtra*llslF tUo rvjiort i t i k iior !i"tu i'i Vriuf t" .111 ilia- trk'tic rflativf" t'li*' 1*1 ii? " "?mi?">rt i>f Fii,i;t.itKl) luvliu 1m on nr In tin- n (' ( (jrii IVnvor; Inn )ih' iifxHTl m>hm of tin: nil 11 tl |' 1 i It i imiht >u .1 l'|cl> w'm kiiiii .-riiM'. It i< f>t ..tmMy lrn> that tlf M 1 1 if. n < ' ( v of il. )m-inn brtii r immmiii .;W'd b> 'ic *i u> li trnvi 1 nirnnt ;in<t tho Ti'ubi i.- rt ?tnl>. im 1 imp* u illfullv uiL-Uiki'n in i Iii- urt >?l i.iio inni " ut iioilin. Autre 1 nul l!u dnalit, ! wmir, that N.i|?nlr"n to- >l<uiin< I a full ktinttlv*^' it it - routiMm: and Pi in < Alln-l'l t 1 i.k* U hi- litt> l? mi|iurt nil ]?'llin :il fuiniiiuiii" ,i'm>1i- to tin'Miiii-lor of ill'1 1t.1v. it i? oM iliflk nlt Ui>nt't?v \\hi'M th'- huli-TotkHi'' u.i-ouniintioil. Tin .11.1 sr ti..- lu-ul" !/jril t'oluvr-lnii, ulx-< t-iirniM/o it'ilio Italian and "f Hiut ' r:i|,u?ni 41 haiMiitti." liai I'Ulili. iw I iilii nlv i\.-n Knat iiinlir.i .11 our Ii -. nmri' nii|?i|.iiliir at lb" I'ri: -..11 ii.nit 1I1 .11 ' h 'Ii.i./ u'imiM nr. imi them tiiit.'h';.i Ih'P'ii'.. hi than iIh> <.vrrtliri"V of lii? ; iliain: r vim. wi't It. tu^l of mark r M ilnn-lmr.v t<? fllii' > : 1 nir.ik-ly, ihn Di''.-h Aiuh:1 Kwinr at IVilin. lordll'"! iicW.i ' 1 1 ti. ii.vf i nino. 1. il h?- n.. i ll' V \\ IT II hut I. V li!/? |.| t"li<-i. II.- PDW Hm Iwtv iimbi chuni?'? <4 iiiin-.rj. ili)."iiali 4> >t ipiitefi Talk-} r?t.?l iu liiplmii." y. nonlrlbtiu s, un(n ilti.-iiaililiK o.. a-i?? ;it rli b i nu lo . p up a >i?.| mub-t -inlmtlti# 1 hrtw4xntt "iw tt?tmrt.'? tin. iunm/ d? ih-ih- of v.! i?-ti ! arc -o Iv t" 1'iiilr Ik ?. Hi- InniuMp lf;"t | lli -i. j.iUit a [ ? J.iv - - in.1 .w niipin; lii- holy on a to Ifc-r r< .. t.. 1. . tl j: , ' mi "ll irdu i.-t.-.u. 1 . . . ...... 1.1 . ... r ' finally l.> r< r?'u . l/i*> 11 V . 1 i?foi i? . il lo f >} Jirrv . ill l.'-i ?!;. ; V v' ii.Iiiiii'i.I, Jbir tin o'ir-. ' I.i in ilil.rt -i irs ! -H? il ,.t ll|i i?. the I'tHr <m V'-'iM-initia. (p't i |i !>> lUe Axrii'jhurat -u ii; hi..: i>r itn*, uml ran- ! ! ri-tll'-,' of till I'^lli'liliutl >tf ililltl ITlMlUiU liV, . .lilllur 10 i ' uli; ' ' i- i mlllv i I ni:i ni.uutl .ill i l ti.r. t i m Aim .. ?. >:? ?. ;? ?-ii-- <>f ih<- in"-t | 1.1of tin' I.. in m !"rn. i. and .i j.r?it ( I n.iti | r<>v .ii-; count r; . I' v - > mi I Inure that I Ai.. i .a u. Mil). ; r i' ? Ht ls.)7. m! ten, ! lit. tu -t liiu". I In lirvf, in tiit<lr lii-l<*r>, the Vtiiud Met"' mt.' nvilrr.'i .' from a uNtrdly ill,, ii' , >. Tiftnintnr Ncrtrullural Kilitml of KlUen.i, 1.-?1 in K 'ii rutuu. .i ; ir It . in .rit .-- mi. 14, | and tint jin-f.. v .4 tl*?t out. .dtiruil ! 'Wan ? live I.oii In hi :i-r;n5 r.n* iThiiiiiion. Thr i.ij fu-diioncil oil tud i' ft iil'if- 1n |i." fUfi'iit rlty nffirK*' muld ].r tilr.1 i nf ! -nil bn-ll-- I 'll X' ii? irot. Tlic lanwM MVi' dtl^ntlwl V. .|U !<w* tllij I, 'I If If J cf lll'WlT-, i ' . tl.o Ainrrirmi Wini.' * r Ii ui l?H".ri?1 lite f.?lr Willi it |irr*ence, il*' ftat .sj?tiw> d lUti T W.i m-rn filing almii, Hie lb" ftnlili"n>. m ITi. Mh. u ?!<, kum- ver, lfc.1t i!if a'"-1 f<>lk? nrlvwr milt T/r? In* <|ittr#u fmm ..- til Ilir 11 .iiiticr of -I .r miiic ?tf 111.- Hurt "hmmi IIO n. if-- litan tir*fti>'. WlilrJi ! ? t? i- I' of ti -uirT-tllimn li'Tn nolii Itni-.'I'lu-jriil *allm* uailiifut If Minn bat not nutit uj?fin iiit tiWii'mtcf l?y -{-1 .tin. j* iivmi at My Of t ?liiv. 'fin lird tv 't\ i\.? it v .ti'.l In tlin i.thiliitkm r.f riiM1'* t"i 1 ".>( '? m??ita of rural timhv ai.1 l!i- 1 I-- ? linn*' rtoi', %i . ii I |ii tlio '?-?. ?a.i, ,.?i ?,f nriri-? nn nrtl".! | .i 't,f( n,ni l',*- .1 i...II. ,(i i i.\ tlit. ? "iv vai a I' n-Ul t.y t!i>' Ar... r . . \(i>. r lU |i .r- of ?V a i .ruiiufal Jit* I. IV rik.riit?n i prih. |il rttliona * '' J *>l > ri.ti.i aino r.'i ' ;?>i. .1 ui.hiNi ?>I < ;i I orati-.i.; woro pr..imtii?on.l. ..I 1ti> |.i. - o( Ik- r ii- a :n. la-.l -i i.-ttMliy W 1'Mntit.) riiiiflit M.tar.V j|bl?t'.- to IV.Tint' t>|.'iM:? it - r* " ? i. <* r-1.? - ? nt. 1 n Mr VfrUM rctnrtiol tli.ii k?ln a tint a?d "flr-nit* 'i t Ii. "Itaftklnd. t n<l n.Mi.n " i-i'lr.-mi |>. ;u . "uftvh h I !? d*\ liu\ 1.?*-n tlx->> r?' i' 'it. ; rv lu ll lli.m I ?* ivo I ?i .1 in> "ii .ii for in) "tutri nwi I. ii.ya.-ii. \ .ai an- ? i.: > ..ul In tlx- j,r? tta.itknf IHIff, b xwtup l.'t. .1" itiicllvi, .1 > n i ill urn on* lo dtvr Vanijr ml .. ri ty t.>1i i.i wrtio w? ' u -I li'il--. Yflt nm -Ui'ly inn Hx in," n i t miry iinl ?f Thia .1m-i-"'t . > '. in. ISy iri In Ihi ii . fi-i r?Hl in ?t itlii?'i. ilu t*i?. iriM nta t* v'iv of tin-iitaiioiil.-al inv uI >. .\ll" r.C.I, Hint |?illi Ill.r'v llni-1- mia}o l?y t\ .awl i | .,t . r*--?i.. '.i., 1'iiicli.iii*. 1 fil l at It'.mi-?iiiiJ tvl.y I...I wix n ?urr"t.i..l. i hjr "noli 'nhiMllnin of ft toMtli.pfar tnjr to-intrj* If 1 Ii ?rt' i hyo t.. rctnru it w ill lift u i |if i" i v tali U? ii?lc it wluii 1 Ui.vft *ri-n ;in><>r>f yr' a. In.-..-msr-h m l.?m oi ratr. mar I not Vjw rmt will l.i 1 .-ih . to loom of i. f IV' a-nttac-nt iif ti > Imnt I . fi't ji.'i-?I'm- a nit'l tl? l"nii.?l ?tutci? fruit fi I . i rr 11. . ihi dilitn-Hv It. tiitift. -ii Ui, . ?'. loii fi in. i4ii|>. wtoctitm tlx .Ill 1 ?.. ii, J 'j.M-t ,1 I .. .. , Hi V UVll-t 1 i,- r?-. |?'a| W t'ii iluiltnt.wi utl'lu 1*1. TV t. .i'th if i . v.? 1 Wr.lrt WT. pn>fv~.<i ,ii,i 4r?nk with ItT.iit r-ithit-i.-it. Ffii ftl otlwr :iMir.i)irwiwi untinw-ut* t -i'i w . .1. nil tt r rrti j- iiiy vcnnrau-tl mill ninny vatr.aH'.rii.a ot Tur.tnui pnnii f?r'1 . ?i I rrgitrd. Kuiir if lAt- nnt* ma* r-iJi.i <-d tit (>rr-:"ir.i.1 wrr.- wry lino. <apr-niiy tin dl ? v'1>t m- n nti t lir.ra. f,,r wti'trh ltt.icnihMt I* r<!fhi:i!<d. f it mi ttif> ii Unlu i li?.. > Oannait a:rti ttltt.r*l fx i^ i.o i.nt iif.iiii In t>?i. i ...l.i t .ri' it lii tV.r Fa uii*h nril *1,1 rlr jirntntj-pi In Hi tli iy l hw-pififlry tlif t.irm..- V..t ill ..ilx t i.-ii. Mid. Tl? it ?::rniilt'iriil ?-cJi t- arr i x< i ti.-fit. n?.1 Uif-tr taiiinaftl i.i.n an- tin W t f i t.Hf r ti ti . it. r|( > ?' tv i am i ttio / F? *-.n rttif- tfti.i. u.nk' ti|if.-r thoir t!i? Mtr< I i' T'Ii ?<f tUf tr T? :t. ooiilw. win. wtt?i .til IVir tt.nvaMo tnullttf. nro r. l fhr fr- tn i Cf-ttj'fti -tij.tnfii. -a ji : .jo . i. .. . (tbleltii? - rii tons ? rtrikmp tantroM ti ll i Ii nil ;;' 'at activity o; .i Utorwmlibr J Vt !, Ihiir HI. PrltMfcun nrf. ?r. im.k*r.i-nn. J.m 2. 1*?3 JMof/w >f thin* i?r I 7>< ' y? ?)< .* ft th- Turku \ Miwktry? l/ifraet t>T (S f.rcml rm" r?J.r* lu-iiini iXtAtA Mt'i t) rf t*'<yrrUK.ia+^War tto f'r.O'Vc ft'tuK rya,' l?<rrmiffi<u<?i??l'r-)*rrn!l ,n* tf if I? ffw?ihi in Ml y.-pi. t-T} f>or by r-}*tk Jlfvwl'r B<vr>H~Xartil Af?ir?--Xtmfrmt* Jnuor, dc . ?fc" The Br-1 iW of t!.r pottroftl drama, the CTT**itkm of trl.ich 1wV wn.'tbw <r flour work* \r.n At tbo meeting caned t) our m ni?f"r of foreign Affiilr*, it otct, oimI ft abort |*uac fr'.Jl intervene tx/.>rc I ho ntrlnin rites npftin fcr the refrrd. There hits horn n rhftfipo of Mm Wry at Citivru?;t)0|'h:: 'be Ciaud VWer, Alt obsti. Vnat* old Turk, who rejected ail -?bK was inclined 10 treat the On istia ,f tl ? after ltie fu.-l.iou of Hutiomet the 1 ' tor, Lt r disgraced, and bin sueee snr. Kupizli, >t c.i^ le d bis readiness to Institute un inquiry 'to y _ c the Turkish governors of llosnia. Bulgaria, f. -r. I condition of tho population ur kr their rule, Boo. rcc the investigation lu person, audi tour thro' h the provinces for that purpose, ,? J remedy the abuses be may tiud existing thers v Br t " B Onr Ambassador at Constantinople, Prince !.t. 1( g toflVky, line been Instructed to agree to this p+V 4 on condition that the Hu=sian Consuls aro auib< \ wnteh th? progress of the investigation nud b> re \ its results. This may bo considered as a sort of nintic ar.ulbtice, during v.hich both parties will prefer lUriler operations. Jlie tJrand Vizlor will pro/ discover that tbo complaints of iho Christians \M out any f juiidation, thut they are in full enjoy nsetfc. privilege? Conferred upon tlioiu by the decree, uE tho undeniable agitation prrvailing among then^ ? tiroly owing to tho revolutionary spirit B ago <"T tho machinations of foreign ,phv1 Tho 1 silan Counts will report u n il , sense, t <cy will show,as they easily can, that the ci^gj Las beer a dead letter, and that the Rayahs are no bat 1ST off than they were MM iU protnulgatkta. The so- . cond act w ill then open w ith several remonstrances on tho J part of eur government, supported by Francs, and ST ultimately be found necessary to replace moral jwVt material pressure. , From this programme of the next stages through M | I tho Fo.-tcrii question U likely to puss, It is that nothing wlU be done precipitately, and that 0 xnoosures o: great roncentrnt ions of trrnps ki * B ^ ^ Russia with a view to immediate hostilities, of h T v of transports prepare J at Xikolacff to carry them * coasts of Turkey, and so forth, nro premature, u P they will become realities depends a (pod Uto march of events in the H"<<r of* rope; besides which, wo liavo roirvi arP mcntfl to make at home which must bo concluded ? we can turn our entire attentiou to external uifiiitf 1 his coronation. In AunM, U5(, the Emperor HP manifesto declaring that, tr? consideration ?f U?' strain upon the material resources of the country , j the late war, there sltoukl be no levy of recruits for years, t-ince then nearly four yearn have elapsed v.* such a levy takintr plane, not benauso It was miner I l for. on the contrary, the numerical strength of th<j has been reduood to it3 very minimum, and th? munder-in-Chief, Prince l>nrtoe!iakoii,h;u king b.ien * ous for an increase, hut because the c mane ipsa km k serfs will render it bnixissibie to cadet ilk- * in the smno manner as formerly. Hitherto 4 the nobleman who furnished tha rorrniti, , 1 military authorities hud nothing to do buf*V> ? them from hini; in futuro the selection will eitb -r I be left to the government olRciala, or to the r* ' ? .?> tnunitie.s themselves, as is alroudy the Ciise in ti ' of the erown peasants, and the emancipation (T t~ r\-|pcrte<t to come out in the course of this sum J therefore, have to be urv,unpaid <1 by a uka* tj basis on which the recruiting is to take pur W Whether a fri .h levy will ilius bo ordered ii1 & and to what extent, will, of oourse, d -poad up P stat e's; hut imtil such an order is given yt m ,Tir. .l ti,.,: n,,thinir li, ri.niu will t>.-> nrv.l..rt.,l. \V< wore surprised to to or Mint ike rtn--, n ' H at Tin in bad | no tested mj fi?Tg' tiC'i!ly aga* IJB peditioit of (lurihaldi.. and taken so i , to prevent ilic Sardinian government I ?c ?. t?Tiancin;r tho insurrection of l;m M?.ii?C I tlicir legitimate tyrant. We had hoped that >' me v .1 jur-t when Rtis-ia appeared' as tho natural it .ortor of I despotism all over Kur< >] ', mill do nut uiulerskind the po* . hey of proceedings which niu-t di sptst Franco and Fig- 0 hind, and ran only please'ia. It hi hi lieted tout-.>up M inhiU r of Foreign Alliiir ' disapproved very ui'ided,. ( this uncalled for inaiiifeslalioM, hut <hut the Hiu|i>'ror insisted iijmiti something being done f..r the KiftgCt. Naples. This putmnnyc ol" legitimacy is n monomania vihirli tlio Ftnperors of lino-.a hare boon tyith I for IIn* last sixty yours. .dtliotigh they tui\o us liltlo,ri'a- , ' Fun to stirk up for mich a |.iiic-.ipla as a ay irvai..i''h M ld.r<]>r. Ttio Iioti .< of ltoiiuuiotr, like of lions [nuto, owes the throne It occupies to |x>puUr elortk?n; hi 1 All it? Mir.-lor. Michael Fki?>rovileh, was pro. km nod Tsar hy the of notables, tile representative's of the clergy, (he nobility and the rlttxens, and this express'io* of Uie vsjivpuH forms Iti: only real title to tin-?>vereiynty tt has cxtremed Finer then. |t Alexander II it so Front n stickler forIftrttimacy, he Otu:ht to lot .-roptre lo otic of the dr. < rrdunls of K;i: ik, tins uncirat rulers of the country. of tvliom there are in..ay still exist- ^ mt?lliu IKjlg<iroiiky J, Ah"lonsk' #, (rortsolmkofl , Harm litifkj - and others, all of whom, ir lineal descent alone i* tot>Fi.'< ie.|. luivtiim. li ii arer claim t?. lie' tliiODO than (be llotnanolls. 'Da re or. some of tliein. too, who have not forgotten it,'and win look upon th?i j?< -nt dytwiy a }*iro nun and intruder?, and it would perhaps Is- as wi ll, th rehire, |i r Urn tlnperor to modi rule hin y.eul in defence of a principle whli h'ht im eventually employ--<1 again?* Idle eif. It . hold.I fir added. lirtwerer. that in it u iLlixtniul r-c li.i pm.rhnht for the IV.inKi family, Ii" tk>? or?lor?d 1 Vo'|?im>ky, v.lm be lately boon anisilntwl Antbua ikU r to \ii|iii y, !< roiiinii^tr.iti' with the mi, * on the .?) ? i in ol s'i.M i i. 'ii )ou-m il tiy liitn, iinM in ii'ijo the i??.--ity of In rye i ..n .-intiy hi fore it U too l it". A few it*y? ay iIn- sere a rUip of thu-iiuc Xkh-iUsI.. t 131 cnn.\ wnx In 'i- iutt t*i yrwiiee nI tho kinorror ami t.i.itni Ji.l:i <"i nrtottltio, ?"i( of a print rnneourno of up**!/ 'alof. oil'm eahl to lie the lurpen versel ever built Li re, ivinl i- eenimnmleit li> OipUilu l'ntul. I:n, an offl wr a lot ?'hl ;1ipui*h?*l himself it Wiii?tiit?.i, Tim pnOMri o( roiiM itiiiv: mir ilii-l ot m?iiiti?r vcateln Into sUrantera hat 1m~ ii i it re il nn fur l)r> last Ihro1 <>r loir < ears, oieler I'm M hi.-pin iiftirtuil hili1 tin,.tool to, widi pi-?*?t lUiigonci nn>l -ik-i'i ?. At a review lust summer the Kn?|<*n?r lad the . iif.u in.n of woing * t tompuonU of co-tit acrea vhi, -...t-f?i?.Hue. llirii'MTnw frlp.tli-, inrlintinz lie? tiriue Ailii 'tal. TO; six ffrigates, four screw corvetbafTiuHl I) i i r I > -i-veti sro-iv guii!v?it/? Hi:* v tin a, ben i lea tfc-> Si< In iii* I., tln-sepa liner* Alexander Neyskv un-l IVmatrio* I>rosky. and the screw frigate* Oteg, I'erescat tad t "tub.i liovi- Keen pot ready fur roa.I:nt aevwiU others' ari ?ti the torkf. At the ticftBntti? of this rear there were twenty screw men of war on forclptt station*, via:?Tho Il.inpi na, PI; the Tli* n tl' iiin u tr, 63- tho Httllimit, to; the Otof. 14; the .ol. 11, wl tin V?xlt a. 11, in the MiMtterraneoti i- i-'wrnia. , 4. in the r, .| i i ii. jf .. . .i f;. -an-i.-: iIm foev iii 1 . 11 nnl r.i'.'lMotilV, P .i i lr , llw tlri'te, il owl Nov.I,. 11, at ."'iui I ' Aik< to. 16. at. the. fajie ill ttotal Ituj i". tin l i e. 11, .1 IV -b 41. 8, at " ]!. ii'iiulu. nml the IVivan: it.'. v? 11 utri: ?.0, iijtitit, C. ; rd ttprilehnik. 6. in i . J.-,'in. Nivrrn'. oj tin vt -els arc expected It nw lb. uiinrr, au<l a i;i la replaeeil by other*. \ Alai in its rumors front the trrwr wore tn eireoVi. * | lierr a shut i tniio since, ii aw alllrine 1 lb it tin-Hint rln li.oi -inbli iilv shown a hostile Uisimaitiiai, h?| at-1 Utl.1 anil huniM iftmn of our iroMttf p?ru. aieTiiul ( i v. n Nir; lat :1 k was thrrntoncil by a powerful boat is 1 bun <. al.ii hail Ui'itonnrrd iIn-1nitty of A 1.-1*0.and svun mom ?l iho I!u- ,.m gi.vriniHi.t to evacuate tl* lomuiry T'lo'l l>)" that convention. Wo are now In rwifi of kilo ' ndvioc- from the Anioor, by which 4 tip|*ar.- Ihnt all there reports wore inero ikttuar. T!?c I diluifi' wrrtw jiflixsiWe an pvt. our Infant iwlonin w re oB)*ylng Uto newt jfiif'iin'l revise, eml a ureal Inrr< t r ir.ole *n? bulr.l fin ward t<> At 111* ?P"nlne' ot Mtlwllia M'HIi Jh|?i and Uorna. It wa- thought tin, . >hr ideotrlP lolo|rr:i|iti lino between Irknut'k .mJ Uletr'/j| Buy would bo niipWal Ibi- "Wtnmer. Tie) MoiHlii fror the Snlot it>r i.f <1i Ha aro led w? reae-urny: Ibr r> bole arJ rojn r11 to have made NnrMrrakl* ptvi?rai<?. and b<. BwjMli'f llio ?ro Kill!) afraid I'uit If I ho Kreneh and rti . I s-hnuhl uttark ivkln lie- I "mpejor arIII have to f.'l'.l il, nd reh ?ii il )Tum tn the wild.- uf Tartar)*. flreat Hrltnln. Tu ile J1< iw ?f lartli, nu tho 7tli iu-t., Itoril at nan..! a ore i of mkilmium virtually welo'-inw hilucliita el uTiivir al vintage. hut tho pr'upn-ilk'a was r. * ilienl'tl mil negatived ? illettil a dit i?km. In tho llou-c of lomu.Mis, on the sniito cveiling. U> TV Vim MH u.rain < into up fhr noneidmMtnn. lnethrtiuil o?wt." aroro made to bam fr<?m Izwd Job *, ltn ? it. win tli? r, In tho otont of a diwvlulbsi uf BarlU | tn< nt tclluv. ing tlio |a>wi)o nf the bill, another diaaolwio* would take plait on lie. |?nsuig of Uto Irish and Scotr in? -Hro*. S<r .'miiee IVrfneoii mnv*?l the adjournment of U !< Kilt ,,mil uas Mipp<<i iotl in his iie?tlt>u by vaHieis n. " It - ? < fltn vilui ?-\ furry <"'4 iIm it itt+'iu ut cU-Kii?>ir Uk wwirurc far 'I. I/'i-l r.i!irtT?U? urid ottn-r Nrtnlwnt spot... in Jr.. fanlioti i-f tbr ob-trimf-d |>nltry purytod by U>o op I lop, Ki?i < ^nHrii'-'"<l llirin to imr-t lliv qiMM in a t ami n|? ii iiixi n<T. Mr |i.-ra?ll drft nJrJ the rourv of 1?I? party. ?n< all i he Maim for dolay >ai tlx gurrrnmiut aud pnrtor*. The ll"W dividod on ibo motion far the lyttonrr. . i of thr drhetr. tbr rr"ult fa'tne?far iwt>winim nt 'ft an?iM?l It. 20V. Mi'jori'y f'"1 eovi-rumrjii. 21. A mstri | (..i iti< .'jonrnnwiii ?f it* It -oar *u ilk-ii ma te 1 t.*t b> mom.ira ut it) of 4ft. f'ii?-i^ attottmr iiaiftiai era* m-i li to ?.i| , i'. M-it Iwl ii ?!' nijr ami n ?| u,,^ IIVIi f>r tin' rownjiUmi *T the itilmio I In *1i" Hnw ut itfili in the Btb, t/*il R r" r*iW!rm xwmo (mmlrira of to'" rtttm u! n litlv t Wrilimiil it hWlliii, ill' ;. ?. ! ir?.I that jirt* i r.itirr ntria kni? :l::m anything was tx>r Tie by S? to. , In Iho |(.xi?o of fiernnoti- Mr Ooitmm (|rr*r >tti imi t lx f.K'l of nii Ann ti<on ii hating Ism itmrfrrt i atmitt.i lnosli')' ir*--|? tnlliiu*. ahito eligible* Hrttis ih eurr trmtiTfd (ii ibo .aim- an k*?. Mr. t nm rolled ?lli t.tx ii to Iho tm --no "of alen ItvrLur. iti, of t!? ]Hiti wlt.r rotative to the -in ml 1 ui' I i ! ' r InP rnjitlrm on tlie fub|i rt. l>i.I J- ..: lii. -ill -;11 t it *? unfirtuiKiti'ly lr>}f n II i. - Irml pr. . lAlni-lirty at fnlM. paji al in nn.; I ? 11 Amrrtran fla*', noil partly from tbo drfnii .f > 1 Ino'Stlth n torrrn'l ' llltoit fur tin* | oil] the Wit l?li g tnnnmlM pTopni"<*<l tot Matlx I)h v alaniM lo i Jointly. ? Mint urn v. tir ni'.lit-loal mlti v'-o>? h"i?t luff tbo Any i ~M ami llio ollirr with timer lltlrj ont # alnvrra. a ii-.n of the tn?.-try w.u. r.; .nt t., r, |. I .1.< ! ! T' ? vi'f. ", . ' . njj i, . . i | i i.?>a..l. i 1 ' " 't Hi- It v ,f iiv-i i it'tl tb it ibo rojofi*)n or lioatpora-nH tilflm t?v 1 mho nonlit Inn! to Ute Milmou of lA>nl Jotiu Rn 11 ai?| Mr fflmMi io. "11,1 1 "Oil"" Tftlt" '.'TWi ''. ilt x tr -.J , ? ] ' nil a- t" |Mft) Ii'l t" .r it linn .. ,i I'l.f. K, vrrtinirnt i*?a.. ? *>. un lor tin nnujnl 3 Opto .11 Mrt'l .i.ti'k, tin vin .' int. r rail) ,ir .-i>) K | ' p. . I it' P ?' "I I ' ' ' ' P t'T 11. \ - !. (I . 4 Trlryrrpb. <t t>?'t ilotnritiinoil t?y ??i<- pr> iw < r , tlir rtlt<'rpr?<, to doapntr h a prim to r\pri,i n ,n i -r a Arttic rmlnrr Fo*, umtrr thn , ,.renanii offfaptvn A. % Voiitm. to rnrvny tho ov. rlnn.l route as wll ' Kttturv tliwcr, m?i io term me Um most i tf ~ L:

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