Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 22, 1860, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 22, 1860 Page 3
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M . ?? -J M V li t n ha* h* > .)> ' jxd * tjffli * potato fbr land.rg the uthie. ? w. j the b;-l Iwality ^ ?K a tei UiiiiUAi a. Uw Ni'i 'jtVi Votlanl TV Ff * *?.< ex pee tod to be ready to ^ ab, v u.c V. ol JulyIt* U-rop. rui<* ih l.,Venx>ot hom red Mr F.C , ct N* w_ yi rrf, w,Lli a piibiic farewell on tbo eve el b* retrrn r, THE INSURRECTION IN SICILY. mi TM Atetory of r??aty Daya?Virid and Graphic Boeeripti on?Splendid Snoeea of Garibaldi? The Taking of Palarmo?Barbarity of the Royal Troopo?Wciuen and Children i Thrown Into the Fire?Camp and i. Battle Soenee- Incident*? Who .r It to be King of Sicilyl * Be., Ac., Ac, jCorreejH'Dil'nce of tie LettH.n 1 we* M Jane 8-9.1 ' IMlmum, May UT, 1806 H ? two T. M., end 1 am writ'ug to yon with Hie bomb tltrHe flying etvive my head tlirw gU ibe air. When the landing of <>aribaldl pr?xlii -<*t the flr?t fit of terror at Maples, the youthful Bourbon sent to hie bcave fleet con estr&twd in the my or m:crmo tne order to oombara tus fcttbfbl PaV rtnitans, unci reduce their town to ashes if (key should dare to rise against hie paternal author.ty. 'fee Paleruiitaiis had been treated on re already in this palei ual manner by the Illustrious father of the present sewerf .gn, who, as yo?i remember, figure* in history a* % King Bombatcr having given these souvenirs of his lovu M every large town of but kingdom. Whoever has been <(C m a town wht< h is bombarded will tell you that it is very > onpkt^aiil, (specially if yon have not got the means of " answering in a tendgn manner, and yet Palermo has risen J this morning. Yesterday an official bulletin of tht _,,f go ven merit announced to the Palermitans that Garibaldi's defeated bands were fly lug in the direction of Corlcouee, Sol lowed by the victorious troops of the King; that th > * hands which had joined him in Sicily were going bom' ~ gradually and tranquilly, and that in a short time all woukl be over. This morning, at daybreak, (Jan ha Id appeared at the eastern gates of Palermo, and after a com pnrauvely bloodless struggle entered tbem. By ten A. M the greater part of the town was in his hands. The Neapolitans were driven Into a number of strong positions w roood the royal palace, to the southwest of tho town, and . to the northwest towards the Mole, their lino of retreat, and. not being able to do anything more the ships have R eswned their tire, always the lost remedy. Almost all the Civilized nations have representatives of their fleets on the pot to witness and approve by their presence this ibis proceeding? Ffcgltsn, French, American, Sardinian, Austrian, none of them are wanting. Nay, tbey have been kind enough to anchor in away which may not hinder the movements ct the brave Neapolitan fieet. It was, indeed, reported yesterday aiternooo. in the camp of Garibaldi, m t it the British Admiral had protested against such a* contingency, 'lbs shells which are rushing through the v,*lr In every direction clearly prove one of two things? tutbrr that the Admiral did not protest, or that the Noa" yohtans (I'd not listen to his protest. The first is the more piebablo, for, when the loving rn.-ssage of King Boniba It mo-bed t;s faithful Lanza, who hedbecn IHN tweive years ago, the message was communicated to all e Consuls, who invited all their subjects to take refuge a r it* ***'< Jh* men-of-war of their country, and ever suice iae 28d ull. this was carried into cflect. Unless, therc?ir?, fresh instructions have arrived, the protest cannot " f. true. .?* HIRING OF THE STAR?OATUBALDI 8 DEPARTURE f? fi PROM GENOA. i?. Ml must hurry to facts, for I have a treat ileal to tell. | my lust letter from th.s place of the :25th ult., I tried I * u give you a sketch of the position here, but could tell ou little enough beyond conjectures about what was go nig on outride. 1 can now supply this deficiency, and b '1 you all that happened since the landing till yesterday, p.i IJ-tm the very I-est authority; of the events since yestercan speak as an eyewitness. They will prove to i you that Gnribaliirs star, so far from being in the dele sline, seems rising brighter every day, and that if Sicily becomes free it will be owing to him. As you will remember, he lell the neighborhood of Genoa on the night of the 5th. His intention had been to leave the ?'ay before, but owing to the non arrival of one f the steamers singled out for the expedition he had to deftr l to the next day. It is useless to say that the thorny part of the transaction had been arranged beforehand with Ibe owners of the steamers, and that Garibaldi m -rely conwuteil to take upon himself tbc responsibility of carrying ti tle stcaniexK. The captain, engineers aud crow had received notice to leave them, the gAliant General being liimseif a good ?ailor. ?uid having plenty of nvm of his wn to sail and handle the ships. On the 7lh a lauding look place en the coast of Tuac.iny at TaJasuone, and on Ibe 8th another at Orbilello, which detained the exjiedi. ttoc the next day. On the evening of the Oth the expedlMan set cur for the coast of Sicily direct, flic Neapolitan was perfectly well informed, and lac tteot was cruising about in all directions except the right one. I.iltle w|uailr<nn of two <?r more steamers had been aaoenlrated in the chief seaport towns of the island, we<l tried by cruising to keep a cordon round the island. The south and southwesterly coasts were, above all, ft point of their altentiou, i'or some of their ships reported having seen the exiicdiiion going towards Tunis. Two steamers, the Capri ni l SIiuiiiIh.Ii, v.erc l> .114 it Marsala, and not two hours before the arrival of the expedition had gone out lor a cruise. TUB I, ANDINfl. The place for landing had not been fixed beforehand; an Insi irat'on of the moment induced to . . . the most frequented i?rt of that side of the Island, and hie star led him there Just in the Interval which occurred between the going out and returning of the steamers. Had it not ie-en for tins the landing might have failed. One of the -learners struck on a rock Just at the entrance rf the port, while the other went in as close as possible. * The irrormation received was that there was a garrison Of Six hundred meu at Marsala, and the orders had already been given to land a small party and dia^ lodge them from the barracks when Hie boats from the shore came off with the nsws that no one waa there This made the landing easy enough; large bargee were brought alongside and took everything >"? ashore, but when everything was landed the Neapolitans lade their appearance, and began tiring to their heart's content without doing mere than slightly wounding two Bra The flrrt thing wns to rat the telegraph wire, but it um too late to prevent it from transmitting the newt of the landing thPnlermo. The lust two messages wcro:? "Two steamers 10 eight making for the port. Suspicious, as they carry do flag,'' ?n<1 l,len- "T1'? ,*'a "teamen, having hmeted the Sardinian flag, have como in and are landing their men." , ' THE FIR0T MEETING AND ITS KKSl'LT. The arrival of Garibaldi changed the nature of the insurrection ip Sicily completely. Until then the different SfSttdrt (baud") ol piccitfi (youngsters) had carried on a sort of desultory guerilla warfare * without much connection between Ihem The lac downer, if intlueuiial enough, or else sonio popular man more energetic than the rest, autlectaff Mr thie purpose whoever wanted to come and na i aim.' sort or other of arm*. Their tacttca were to appear and dieappear in different parts of the country, and lurries irom aaie placce the royal truope |>agaiug through the InWrior; but ae for concerting a plan or meeting the royalist* in the open field no one would ever have dreamt of it. The mountanc u* country and the want of rood* greatly Meditated ih.t hind of warfare, while the aU> uce of longer nod fatigue wag sufficient inducement even for those who were not driven there by their hatred against th-> Neapolitans. The country between Palermo, Trapani. Mari-aU and CorWme waa the chiel scat of thceo i/a-nl/t, not a few of which wore collected at tlie time In the ro > iritalu chain above Palermo, a Garioaldi * name and prestige, and the snee rs which ha brought, became a link between these different sqaa is. w which placed thsaaaives unJ r his orders. Scarce had the ce?s of bis landing spread when the band* irorn Irv paal, Corleuae and one or two other pieces yoioed. It wss to meet this force, which was every day swelling, that Ehigadicr General l.indi was eent in the direction or Marsala and Trapaui. Tbo road to three places tt the name as far as Galaiainui, situat-.-l on the lop of ancle waled plateau; from thence It set wrates A fnroe, therefbre. stationed at the intersection abuts off ail ooraBwncation by regular roads irom Palermo to TrsIwni and Marsala. It was ou the lower slopes of the plateau that General Kindi lia! lakm his position, with four battalions one of them riflemen. ant four mem n ten yum. 10 e roan irom mrn.i, ?iht gaming Nwmi, descends one of those l>ug terreo>>d ntetesut which ore a characteristic feature of this part of Sicily. ami. after croesmg a little valley, rises up to the i-tbrr plateau, wher- Calautlmi is Situate The position, therefore, was one of the most difficult to <mrry Uke all MddMrt of the name kind, the Neapolitans, whoso ins keta are eacellent, rely altogether on their Are, especially If It can be carried on from afar, the reception, therefcce, of Garibaldi and his troops wae eo b -t that the ' Math toon sought shelter where they could, leaving all the work to the triope Gari.aMi had brought with hint. The Cacciatori delle Alpi Justified their renown, and, 1a pile of the heat of the da*-, the advantage of position and Bomber*, drove the Neapolitan* at the point of the bayonet frrm one position to another, taking one of the mountain gona. One of the student* from Pavia, a youth oertainly not more than eighteen, waa the Ural to lay hand* on It In lees than two hours the Neapolitans were driven from their positions and flying back towards Palermo A letter WTitten by General Landi waa found ta the village. In 11 be writes to the Commander ot Pnleraao to tend him reinforcement*, a* he could not hold the place He earuaea at the same time the lass of the gun, fcy saying that the mule which earned It was shot?a felaehood, for the gun carriage waa taken with it, as well I * M the two mnlee, which are in perfect health. The retreat of the brigade, which had ktat considerably, was not molested at first, and they passed Alcanm without he'ng attacked, but at Part en iCo, to here tVy had M(W tmrmt and murdered promt*cwouo'y. throwing women and i * cMdrm tale tktfrt, the people were up anil ha l occupied the houses, from which they fired on the troops, convert-ag their 11 gbt into a regular debandadt, the Devenlh regi sent keing its color*. Garibaldi is not the man to lose such time, but still the ceoeuiy of concerting a oommon action with the bands In the neighborhood <4 Palermo prev r.ted him from taking the position of Monraaie by nrr -c toroflrarnt or ralbino. ' In order to understand the importance of this position, M wen as lbs rest of the operations, I must say something bout the fojwigraphy ef the basin or Palermo Long before you arrive at Palermo by sea yon hare before yon a bold limestone mountain, standing there Isolated, ad resembling somewhat the rock of Gibraltar, bat not W kilty. Th.s rock forms the northern limit of the Bsy of Fniermo and of the Conoa d'Oro (gold shell), the fertile plain in which the town lie*. The plain (tretcbes out in a northwesterly and southeasterly direction, which I* likew im followed la * circular sweep by the mountain Chain. As far a* I up Judge the plain may be about twelve mile* in Its grfltegt length, and from four to five I? Its greatest width Between the Isolated Monte Pellegrino and the rest of the chain the plain run* >P to La Favorite, over which a carriage road Joe* to Chrini; on the opposite side of the plain, skirting the seashore, run* the high road to Merssaa, passing through Bazar v and close to the ruins of Holruio. Ttea* are the two easiest outlets of the plain FT-ry where glee a ponjir.ned chain of mountains seems to c'oso all ntlet. Nearest to la Favorite a had mountain rood lead* ta a straig ht line by Han Martino to Oarini. To the left of U # road ryes a rugged m.vgnlflcent monntan. lookiag ike the worn side of an extinct crater; it protrude* somewhat into the p.>tp, ao l throws est a high spar in the NEW Y< bire 'lire txn . r. the i . p cho'T "tri'i - r s Mon J lea e. ami you ,ia ?-e Um> iahu aa.webl and ae roh, m . U<c cffakstl v*ut vi the yi ag. Owr ti. > i<-w.. ( lLo <h|h ruvf ( Tr..\-^.r.i f*':'i < .(?? - > ^u,i rhUau c( Nor.rnUc tin mountain Ahim a k iu<* ?i'utu lib,theatre ( n a colors*! m.?io, the UxriuNyl indication tclpiti; to kcep\:p the tHnificn. Wh r"1 lends, ami the mount ...n beg.ut. i.r>.u to protruJc tcto tt. pia.o, you can We on the slops s two white villa*)-*; they arc l'ano ami M.tdeniui delV (irutiti, ove" which a carriage road leads u> the Puma dci t?r?ci Cor icon*, two oiil Albanian culeiiies, estubie hed, 'ike , a number in th i* |v>rt of ^hiJy, hy einlgrullim nfl?r the death of t'Jnuihertx g. Another spur riu>* out iiito the plain, and lortus another amphitheatre, more rugged and pictvrewp.e than that of Motivate, and dominated by the el Ki-m-o III the dip a nigged hor*r pnth a-* end*, called the i atsco driia Nkuzr^ nu, n j4ing duwu to the village tt Shfihi.eri, nit .ate on tic only highroad into the interior and to Catania The (!eb o! Kosro fall* off towuri'.R the eea and Cape Znltar&no, and > the lower deprecsiou ,? the high road from Pw'eiiiiO to (Allanin. It rune almost parallel to the road on tin* as far as Ahale. UMl then nits across to the sooth. fllM this deccriptlon you will see that the Neapolitans. posseting the command of iLe tea, had all the ad\ auteges of a coOOBUlriO I* MUID, especially ? llll Hll ? I1VII1V w IMI si w wrns inarmlery, and who was chiefly formidable In the mountains. A getu ral concentration of their forces in the pluin was clearly mdicated;*wlib llie single exception of the phitenu r I Mocreale, which is a position in itself, and commands the read from the interior for some distance. Tho disadvantage of him who attacked was considerably increased by the ditticalt nature of the mountains, which makes all lateral communication between the roads almost impossible, so that any change of the attack implied a great circuit. The Neapolitans who had studied the ihiug for years, were fully aware of these advantages, and concentrated their forces in the plain, merely occupying the plateau of Mooreale. COAKGIt OF FLAN? TH* PSCRKT COMMITTCR. Garibaldi could not unite his forces in time to arrive at Monrcale beioro the Neaimlitaus had occupied it in great foroe, and when he arrived in tho neighborhood of the position, four days after tho victory of t'alata Fimt, he aaw that tne taking of Ifonreaie could only be effected with great loss. He therefore determined to change his plans. The flrst thing was to surround and watch all tho outlets, and Ibr this purpose the different tqtiadri of the insurgents took up positions all round the chain of mountaius which enclose the bay. It was one of the finest night* you could see when their tires blazed up at night and mingled their rod glare with the pole light of the moon. They were watched by the inhabitants like the boly Are by tho IVrsee, and the sole occupation during the last eight days or so seemed to be to observe and comment on their tn< suing. Now they seemed stronger on one peak, now more spread and continuous on the slope of nnotber mouola u, sad on the hope kindled by those Ores the uuiuilialed lived. I'liiermo waa in a state of excitement and ferment impossible to describe, and strouj enough to brave the state of siege which had been proclaimed. The secret committee, which had maintained itself in spite of the vigilance and suspicion of the pot tie, always tound means to communicate with Garibaldi, in smtc cl the military authorities. The oom n.ittoe was known to exist, and it circulated priule?l bula almost daily, but it was so orgauiysl that tlie police, although aware of it* existence, could cover discover the members. It was a kind *f frevtnasmury, with different degrees of initiation. No one not a member knew more than one member. The bouse-- where the meetings were held were continually changed, and all obeyed blindly. The committee informed Gaiibaldi that Palermo was r? ady to r,xe, but it imposed the cundjtk>i, that he should appear betore the pates of the town. He accepted this condition, ami made his plans accordingly. Heefcp that lie had come too late for Jfonreale, he left a party of the native insurgent* to keep up the lire* and engage the Neapc-lilars, while he took off the mass of the force, and, by an almost Incredible march along the mountain < ham, where the guns had to be carried by tlie men, bo app ar?d all at once at l*arco, on the road to Puma, on the id I. Asm on as the Neapolitan* saw their mistake thoy M-nt up in hot liaste towards Parco whatever tbey cuild nrutter of forces without exposing their position In the town. Tber did sot think than sufficient, for after msh stcls m,sn i p (>u thi.l day, they withdrew again to lh?ir |<osition on two lower plateaus, the Piana Bora no and .Santa Theresa. The next day, i4lb, they got up some of the troops irom Monroale, and, thus strengthened, made another attack?the same I witnessed from on board ship. Tlie pur|see was gained; they hail got another change, Garibaldi withdrew, leaving'Just a few of the bands behind. These latter did not wait long to follow, and the "Itegii," as the soldiers are called, entered both Madonna delle tiwio and fttroo the ?ame afternoon, and pillaged and burnt the place, according to time honored custom, a number of tlie peaceful in habitant*, and publishing, as usual, next day a splendid bullet.ii, announcing tlie defeat of the band* of (tHrilialdi, and promising their t|*e<iy subjection. Although Neapolitan bulletins are not much believed, yet there were many in the town whose hearts sauk when they saw Garibaldi retire a second lime. They little know the man with whom they bad to do, nor did the NonsuitiUna either?although they ought to have reroombend Vcllctrt. It wu rmdar pour wtiru? iaulrr. In order (he better to deceive the Neapolitans be went back to Puuta and eent his artillery even further back . while be himself, witk his cb<?en baud, made hit way over tlic mountains again. and while the N?M|mliuim followed h;s track to Piana, lie bail arrived yesterday nn'rnnig at Misilnvri, on the high road to Catania, where he had given rendezvous to all lite chieftains or captaiua on that side of the mountain chain. VISIT TO GARIBALDI'S CAMP?TH* FOLLOWER? ? STRANG! AND ROMANTIC SCENES. I was sick of uncertain rumors, which alone were to be got at in town, and which would leave your readers in darkness about the true stale or things besides knowing a little of the gallant General's tactics, I bad a strong suspicion that something was impending which could be better seen from without titan from Inside the town, so I determined to see whether 1 could not get there. Home English and American officers bad been out In that direction, and had seen one of the captains, a popular man of this place. c:i:><! la Mara, so I determuiod like*lee to have a trial, tuna frieuda In the town indicated tbo w 1> ami I t 1 in the carriage of on of them. The road to Mc- ina, starting from the Marina and the Villa Glulia at the cud of It. skirts the sea as far as Abate, whrre it unites with the highroad to Misilmeri and Catania. I was advised to take this last, as the least infested by soldiers. What with their contldonee in their nary, and what with the stratagem of Garibaldi, the Neapolitans hail paid little attention to this road and the southeasterly side in general. Two sentries before the corner of the Villa Gmlta, and a post r\f a smisa rJt R I?t 1. * fiirlShp In thd sw# KinMniff were nil that were In the neighborhood of the town. Straggling bouset continue for Home distance up to a bridge leading over little stream or torrent called Orreto, which flows Into the eca, about a quarter of a mile further on. All along these bouses th"re was a chain of rentrie*. and In the vicinity nt tie bsidge a pel m perbate eighty men who furnished these I passed them without an inquiry, and was free. Thero had been the Neapolitan steamers cruising about every day all along this coast: no necessity was therefore felt for illy ! rt'i r precaution 1 rolict along f ?-i 'i with my two (UMNM horses, and passed Mai Arm . ! oBcer?, prohahly hound for Solemn At Ifet very gate*of the town the j*ople had joined the Insurrection, but there waa a kiud of neutral ground between the two, which ended In a village bevoud Abate, the lumo of which I cannot recollect. II the Regit were cart loss the insurgents were not, ami at the en trance of the village one of their armed men asked ine for ivrmiseion to be my guide?a thing which exactly suited ml. As we drove through the village the people rushed, forward, end, trying to kiss my html*, isked me for anns They were all ready to I had no arms, which did not prevent their raising shouts fir Italy, Vict->r Emanuel and Oarlbaldl. We had to gallop off in ord-'r not to be stopped at every step. A drive of half an h-mr more to a gentle descent, with a lowly valley beneath, and beau t mil mountain scenery In he ml, brought in" to the town of Mistlmerl, a wretched little idaee, altogether wanting In character, lu tho little square held out on one side the committee, which firms a kind of provisional gov"rrnv-:i. .,:id ' . lh? '-tli-r. :;> sins wooilen steps fixed outside was enthroned toe chief of tbe staff of Oarihaidi's expedition In pruai lire simplicity Colonel fftrtort was Just giving a pane to two young American >fflccrs, fr?m the United *utee steamship Iroquois, without which do ooe was allowed to enter the camp. As be bad likewise th<* 11 au oftoer as (ruble. I jninH them, and up we sauntered towards the heights lending to the Uehel Rosso and the pa*a of the Mrzragna. We hail soon left behind us the few remaining bouses and the rams of the feudal castle to the left?Hie white limestooe walls of which had something in them which reminded you nf a skeleton The ground all about is planted w tb olire trees, vines and different aorU of grs.n, whieh all grow luxuriantly in spite of the stony nature et the place The (Jen-rat had pitched his camp on a tolerably astOMlTt plateau just shove the ruins, looking down on one side towards the plain and the range which ends st Cape Zaflitrana, while on the other the peaks of the tie he I Rosso and th pa" of Memrno srere visible cross s depression in tbe ground, l<>iking very much like sn extinct crater, snd now partially Olied with water, owing to the copious rains which ba I fallen during the last few day* It was one of those panoramas which suggests raturally your pitching your tent ther??that Is, if you hare one. The worl tent Is erased from the military dictionary of Garibaldi However, a popular g?aiaf has to) HI st t;m<*? to h s sold ?r?. and so he cool I not prevent them Worn sticking into the ground four of tbe lancet with which the squadron who bare no mus keta are srmed,and from throwing over It a blanket. Under the tent you could sec the gnacbo saddle trranged it a pillow, and the black sheep akin covering as a bed. As for every one else, there were tbe olive trees affording hade, plenty of stones for pillows, and perhaps for every tenth man cloak or hilbket. All tround were picketed the horses, most of them entire and behaving accordingly. tu? general aim self wis not there when we arrived, ho had taken one of hi* morning strolls, hat In front of his torn there were all of b;l trusty followers?Col.mel Turr, the Hungarian, although Still sugaring from the ?l?ol Is his arm, received in last year's campaign, yet always ready where there la danger. Co'oncl Bisto. another trusty fol lower as I well known ofBcer of tbo Qaockatort delle Alpl, Colonel Carini, the bravest of Sicilian#. likewise an officer of that corps, besides a number of others, all brave like h m. among tbem Garibaldi's young "on. with a shot wound in his wrtst, received at Caiata Fimi, and the son of Pan lei Mania, wounded in the thigh. There was the expriest Gucmaroll, a Romagnole, whs has vowod the mo?t enthusiastic worship to his hero, and follows him like hie shadow, providing for tin comforts, and watching hi* peraon la the moment or Jangdr. There was a small cluster of guides, most of tbem of good Lombard farmliee, meaat to eerve on boreebsrtt, but now on foot, and the Ibremoat m the battle Not the leant remarkable among all these flguraa waa the Sicilian monk, Frat" Pants leone. (oil v, like the picture of a monk of the middle age*, but full of Ore and patriot ism, and as brave as any others Be had joined the force st flaiarnl.and did his beet to encourage and comfort tbem. Several tmong the leading men front Palermo and Its rieWiy were likew>se present among them, with several prieeteand monks, who are among the mr?.l ?meere and rdargeite promoters of the movement. Tbcy were a strange sight, indeed. In this by no means very 'alhoiic army, but I assure yen their behavior has been ench that the wildest am mg tjieee youths honor sod re?p?ct tbena, and in tbem their order Well, all tig mc'icy crowd, ucroasci now by ORR HERALD, FRIDAY, , ibt lao Amor* m i"fp, ?r?t MV>n after hy thrir British ch\hI utllcera, tw collected roLuti a common iiuck'n*? iiuuk.utf kvii1, with ll.? larger pMrl U a etui in it, and a Ijfwtf tBn / ttai'c ni outer,*, it OurWel w 1U1 I aps |>I lr< "h Dr,?il, a: <1 a herr*! coalmining Marsala. Kvcry one hel(?xl hlmViif iu it"' men cutiu :uu:tiC manner, using liig'is ?nl knife, ami < out of lite soliU'y liu pel. Il is ot'y M lilts Jar v..11:..I jH I - I* i ? MM I ' Krran m pert.. lion. IV lung mar< Ties jukI counter HuirVi, ia-iis, I', anil sleeping on tuu ground tuiU marie almost every one worthy to ngure xa pictura by tfuriili. m th unMiruda u nu i la na i ol us like there of iirwee, terming a backgioourl ni it . i uo pkturr ttu reproduce. rjUI'tlUTIUNt Pull 1 UN PINAL STIRHlLI. Noon utter toy arrival tlaribaidi nude his .ipvaiaoiv. ami rcMtvul bin foreign visiters with ilmlcharming,qu.'.i simplicity which cluratik rise* Lim, lending binu-uilf with great i nmnlaisanc c U) the invar:-ley recurring demand of autograph*. anil answering I he in.morons i|uol ions which were n,.lur.?i.y put |a> biin. Il was only after the departure of his guest thal the llrurral rotuincU Lib Lubxcbb. 'l'hc question debated wan nothing more nor Jcse than to \ future on < i<mpil* tenia ou Palermo the name nlgbt. There waa no doubt all the information went to show that the Sua. poll "*" nh " > ?Lfl LoD tkw/t?rn #>?%# fnp litem that I hit L bail taken a feigned retreat for defeat, anil the Bending bark of the guns toward* the interior as a sign of (tie rouragemcnt. As for the dank movement to Misiliuvr: they seemed to have no idea of it, for men corao from Piana stated that they were in force in that place. An other considerable body of men was at Parco, and on the road beyoud it. In Monrcalc the reports spoke likewise of several thousand. In fact the approaches to theee two last named places, called the Plana di Borauqptndjthe Tharcaa, both ol which are cloee to (the Palazio Reale, in the southwest part of the town, were the point of concentration, while the outlets from the southerly and southeast erly parts of the town were comparatively undefended, former events had forced the Neapolitans to pay atton tion to the topography of the town, ao as to remain masters of It In rase of a popular rise. This was not very easy in such a town as Palermo, which, like a true south cm town, forma a labyrinth of small and tortuous streets, flanked by high houses all provided with balconies. This was a serious drawback tbr the troops in a street tight The Neapolitans did their beet to repair ihisdisadvantago. There arc two streets e\ iduutly of Siunish origin, which fbrm the tuniu arteries of the town. The first, called Viadi Toledo, starting from the Marina at Porta Felice, traverse* the towu in a straight line from northeast to south west, passing close to tbe Cathedral of Santa Rncana, and ending at the Piazza Reale, the largest square of Palermo, ou the oiixwile aide of the towu front which the roads ! start for Monrealc and I'arco. Besidi s the royal palace, | supposed to be ou the site of the old palace of tbc Kmir* 01 Sicily, there are several large public buildings which liue the square, the Archivescotado forming one corner, .....i ,1.., i...? ..r <1 Him other. The ground rise* gently towards thin pari, which command* I ho whole iciwd. At right angles to the Via <li Toledo runs knottier street faultily straight, tho Straila lloqurrlill. which, starling from the Porta San Anlouiuo, iuhI tru , term tig the whole town, lends out to tho road to lot I VavoritH and to tho Mole. The two intersect each | other right in the centre of the town, where tho octagonal place is Culled the Piazza Hologni. Tie' lower half of the town from the sea to this place had t>oon a linnet abandoned, or rather coinmitteil to the UcUer tore of thr shipping and the Oastollu, which occttpies a projecting height on the seashore, near the north easterly corner of the town. A lew posts at the gates of the town on this side, rather points of observation than of a> lion, and a company or ao in the building of the I manic situate in tbia part of the town, were all that remahi'sl of lru?>|? on Dial sale. | -ft order to establish and keep up ti e communication between the upper half of the town, the real poiul of defence, and the seashore, two large tlrationi have been opi ned outside of the (own, both of th"m starling lrom the neighborhood of the royal palace and riiuning down to the sou. near to the villa Onilia, a large public garden adjoining the Marina, and the other passing through the tjuurtiere del Quatri Vcnli, to the Mole. This latter rtra tlw has always been considered as tho line of retreat to the place of cmbareatlon, and is flanked by large buildings, the political pr son, some barracks, the criminal priM.n, and luiolly the work-; on the Mole it-ell. l?hAN OK ATTACK AND UOl'NCIL OF WAR. The plan which OaribaMi concotvod from these i lions was to surprise the |*>stg in the lower anil cotn|iara lively ill defended |wrl ol the town, to throw himself into the town, and then gradually work his way from street to slrit't. The two roads running to this part of the town run sltnosl |?irallel. ?nd not far from each other. That close to the sea shore was the leust guarded, containing merely a company or so, altogether cut off from all cm muntration Tlie m*k would have been easier from this sale had it not tmon tor the fear of the march of a long column being direoverod, and thus an alarm g ten. The KVCOd, the highroad from the interior, was therefor* i liosen a# the line ot O)* rations. It crosses. atMiut half A ii. i?- u?. loan. ii.< roiiii' ik'i iimnum through a large open struct to the ftraiUhu on tin* MdC of the lean. and enters the town at the Porta di Torinlni. At tin* rale the Neapolitans bed made u sund bag barricade, which waa occupied by two o<an|*iiiio?. Tbo rtrndau Ln tore it won rctiladoil bv a cou|ilo of mountain (tun*. placed at the gate of Haul' An torn no Beyond tlie arrailsas atrial I form extended all along the road up to the bridge, and the outpuetii wore just on the other aide of the bridge. Willi that iust mvpd'tril which Oar.baldi certainly poversee*. be had singled out thta point as the must prac in-able. Having, wlib the except ion of tbe troop* he bad brought with bnn, but rough undiscipllued guerrilla* at bia be Mir that tbe beat chance waa to eoucen trate an hi* forciw nuil surpri*e or break through by mam forre. The operation waa to be aaaiuled by a general ri?o of the people in tlie town. HarlDg aketcbed out hta plan, be convoked the difftrenguerrilla chiefa and informed them of his intention. Ho told them that it waa not hie custom to have eouiieila of war, but be thought II for once good to consult them, aa upon the resolution must depend the (hie of rtlcily. and per ha re of Italy. There were only two thing* to be (tone?either to try and get pooaea ion of Palermo by n coup <U metis, or ataa to withdraw and begin n regular organliation in the ( nor and form an army. He, fbr bta part, was for tbo coup dc mom, which would at once nettle the fate of tbe Inland. Re told them to behmtf in their remarks and not deliberate long. Moot wefW lerly aa touched at the boldness of Una plan, and aome made remarkn about tho waul of ammunition for their mrn. They were told, for I the hundredth time, that H wan not long thou which iin pnerd on the well armed Neapolitans. but a d< terra mod rueh m advance?thai they ought not to waste their inmuiiitioii aud lire off lle .r gun- lor enort, au I were promiaed whatever could be aparcd Tin* ohjr< tion b<"ng waived, all eiprrsaed more or lea* loudly their appro ha lion of the plan, aud were diaauaiwd w ith the oijuacliou to animate their people and keep up their courage. The Brut idea ?u to make the attack in the middle ot the night?the Neapolitans don't like to stir at night, ami there ?w every chance of a panic among them ; but there *a* wune Linger that w*> likewise for the -drillan lui.irgenn, and it was thought beet to make arraug' men I a aa would hrng tie tone 41 dawn lo the gat<* <d the town. A' moling to the original and better plan of the General bun-elf and hia Adjutant Meoeval. Odnnrl Tnrr. the movrment wa? to bate i~i II made along tie ma n paid Imoi M -,lne ri, broad rtiough lo admit of ifiisldcrnlde dev< lop, in-lit of the columns and mm titration* in every irrjxvt Tlte native captain*, however, auggoated the p,i?? of Mer'ign.i, aim h di - enda from the h' gM* heh Ml ti'iml R.-ni into the plain of Cahrtuo. Aauoidfctg to 'heir -lAt'iitent* it wa? mm h shorter, and by no me.iu difficult Titer atateinenta were beiwre.1, and the whole ffwoe -e.-ejveil order* to be ionci ntrat d l.y login*.! on the - moiit ( the paea, crow m-d w >th a clruiX. According to the Brat disposition the ttoop* bronght by the timers! him<lf were |to h ad the wav and the Hftulrt to lolli'W . Iiul aomi of the c.tin ? le <* d it aa a favor for tin ir onp* to have ihe ti"tinr i f b-.i g tir,< In the town?a cla.m which could rot be very well refum?d. The idsu was therefore modified The guide*, an I three men Iriaw ? ?el< cou'|*<av ol the t.u cialon delle Alpi. were formed Into au ?M?d garde. coudde,| to Ihyor Tuk<?ri, a Hungarian officer who d'siingnl?hed himeelf under Oeqe ral Mrmely on tbe Jttth of de|,?*m|iee at Kara B- hind this mat parrf# lollowed ibo Sicilians, ootnm-imled by la emigrant, who had come over with iieribaldi I The second Itne ?? led hy the riflemen of ftonoa? earellenl shot* all armed with the l*i>< carbine Behind them .me the two bat la nous "1 Ckrctatori d?IIe Alpi, and n lite roar the re*t of the 4tci!i*oa. TBI VllTB-ALMOST A PANIC. TV cr ier hav ng b*?-n di*trlbuted 11 ? d ;f rent band" gradually worked their way toward* tb* uminit of tb* psa* lV>* i?i king <ip ?l head* ,*rl?r- did t><4 lake tow h t roe; II *ooo after broke up iU i amp and folio wed the trcojw I nil nv anted on regular ro- nate, with a halter iwmM round tb# Jaw and provided with aaddle ?bi< ti i? mol t? too Ov-a formed to fit oo fu* vtrMva of my lean bla. k i barer. A blanket v.jjt, however, f. i, : 'ii .In* lun* and on It* wl.ol* I rat not complain Tb* road up to lb* pa-? wind* along row# of g ganlic taenia hedge*, wbich give a thoroughly Eastern character to Ihe country. It waa Juat tunret when we arrived oo tb* lop. where, through a gap. wr onuM a?* th* bay and town of Mlfiil and the **a b*yood, looking more like a fairy picture than reality. All the mountain*, with tb*<r rugged i>oiril*, naturally of a rcdd'.rh tint. ?*em*d to bavi' Iruuk 1.1 the r iv .1 tli- *. tting mm, an I *ihihtt*d thai roay color which I bad thought b.tberto a ?p*c.a! gift of tIi* plain of Allien While you bad llila tbarming *c*n* b? for* you, yog k-.ked, af it were, into the heart" of the mountain* ft wa* 00* of th* tn?**t ?l>ote I *v*r aaw, and all tb* country waa tragi an I witb aprmg flower*, lb* perfume of which oaiiie out witb r#doubled v gor a* aoou a? (he 4 n ba l - Ii proved a bad road for ihe expedition. ih?t mounialu p**r; but II waa lovely lo look upon In order to ent*rU.n the NcagoiiUnt with lite .-l<<a that all wae tafe on that *ld*, th* u?uat large fre* w?re kindled on tbe top* of the mountain*. and kept up long after our departure by men left hablmt for that purpna*. Gariltaldi nrul np to look at the p>"itioD underneath, or, j perhapr to indnlg* in that kind of r*c?rl? to which h* ia concentration of ail bta farnltiea on tbo -<?i? aim he baa before him. The evening gnu In the fort had been long re echoed by the monoUin*. and the moon had rtaen clear and ivght above our head*, giving a new charm |o thia lovely cenery, l>efore we etlrred. During this interval the picnoHi (yvmgt'er-)- a* the pntrlota are called, were pot Into eotne kind of order, which, you will believe me, waa no wv matter in the comparative darkneag which prevail"!?no one chief knowing bla men, and the men not reeognlaing their chief?every ntie acting hw tome one elan, and no one able to give an anewer. with the eiceptton of the troopa brought orer by QgglhgJdi, all the real eacmod on enian gled ma**, almcwt itrpnaaibM to onrarel. However, by degree* tboae belonging to the name ehlef found them aelrea together, and the march began about i*n P M Fit her the Sicilian chieftain* had never looked at the Pan of Mc7*agna, '* e|ae they have enrioua tdM* of a road, the whole n nothing hut a track among big aloneo crog?!ng and rccro-?tng the bed of a mountain torrent, following not aafragurtitly the bed of the torrert, leading over *month maaeea of gtonea and acr<we nwat awkward gap*? all tht* at an angle of 2ft degree*, to be paaard on hnr? two* at n.glit Iven the men could only go ?ingly, wh? h m?oe our line if a fVightfti! length, and rau*ed eiiniil'iwl delay* and Lrloppagea. The i.oner*I vowed never in believe another Sicilian report >*> the awte of a mountain rawd If'.* eger, in the end, me reached the plain and came in aiti'irg the olirt treea tieiow, with lew feu* ??>. og the JUNE 22, I860.-TRIPLE rare fci ted horses A flail was made iint ! all the columns had d'?<-?-ndcd. and during ttrs baft an incident occurred w hieh cial not ptoitiitie much lor Uie future behavior ol Lur fixM 'ix The bcrtes in Sicily aro left for the most purl entire, hcucc cout;nuu! liphtinK and considerable which WuS HO i Doll V*'ll 10111 .D % D If tit expedition of ill b kmd that several of the meet viciou* steeds had to be Beul lack. One of tliem still remained and began its antics: the rider lost patience, which made mailers worbv. Those nearest throw themselves buck 111 Lane and oominuuicated the movement 10 those behii-d. These, many of whom liad tal down and begun to done, mistook in their dreams, piobubly, the tie<s for Ncapnl;luiis, the shirs for so many chef'.s, and the moon for a coir. a! fireball; at any rale, the Majority of them were with one bound in the thickets on both tiiii-H or the road, si veral fifed oil' their muskets in their fi iU, and very little was wanting to cause a general jhui.c. Kvtry our did what he could to restore conhdvnee, but the effect wus produced, and reacted, as you ?ill s"e by anil by. Another iucideut occurred which infill have led to the failure of the whole expcalilion The s i-iiillI'niileu vein, were with the Andml imril' missed the road, ami instead of taking a by road which In) into the main road wo had to pursue, they continued oij the road near the hill side, which would bine brought us Just whore the Neapolitans were in the greatest strength. The mistake was perceived in t,mo and repaired, but not without cousidt ruble loss of tune. At last the column emerged on the main road, which is broad and skirted by high garden wall*. As we hAd lost considerable time with all these comtretempl.and as dawn.was approaching, we had to make haste, but, whether from fatigue or the impression of the night panic, the piccuAti could not be brought to move very fast. It was just the first glimmer of daw* when we passed the lirst bouses, which extend in this direction a long way out of the town of Palermo. The tqnadri, who ought to have known the iocalitybetter. began shouting and "evvivaing," Just as if we had been close to the gates. Had it not been for this blunder, the MNlfaris might have surprised the post on the bridge of the Ammiragliato, and probably penetrated into the town without the loss of a man. As it was, the slioutiag not only roused those on guard on the bridge, but likewise gave an opportunity to the Neapolitans to strengthen the force at the gate of the Termini, and to make all their dispositions for a defence from the flank. TH* ATTACK. Instead, therefore, of surprising the post on the bridge, the oru<U parde was received by a well sustained fire, not only In front, but from the houses in their flanks. At the first sound of the musketry most of the PU'dotti were across the garden walls, but not with the view of tiring front behind them, leaving thus the thirty or forty men ..f.iO:iil io/.uted in the large exposed Street which Irads to the bridge. Hit' Orst battalion of the (m nitiTi was Kent tip, and as it did not cArry tbe posi tioti fbsi (rough tbe second win sent alter it soon after. While these were driving buck the Neapolitans, every one did hi? bent to drive tlie fxccxotU forward. It was c<>t so easy, in the beginning especially, when the bound of cannon wr.? heard in front, although its edicts were scarcely visible. However, the /Noeiotfi. who re mind me ?ery much of Aniout B??hi-buzo.iks, . an be led on #rt< r the tirst unpleasant sensation tuts passed iiwav, especially when they see thul it in not all st,i ts that kill or wound, col evm tlie t mussi shots, which niako so formidable u noise TV y cor. Id see this to perfection tins morning, tor al though tbe Neapolitan ritica arc scarcely inferior ui the l~*-t firearms, I never saw so little damage dene by so much shieling. Kvery one put himself, tberefore, to lead and urge en the J'xcuUti, driving tberu out 01 the sheltered piac< s by all kinds of conlrivaoct s, and oflan by blows and n a:n three. Alter some trouble most of them were solely brought through the open space betorc tbe budge, but the general tendency was to go under rat bo r than above the bridge, which is, like all bridge* over tor rents, high, and was in tins instance < >1,-0.1 10 a heavy crossfire from tbe l'iana di Uoraroen, wh?i< (be Neapolitans had a hepbo'ed wall and some guu? mounted, which thicw a few ill aimed shells While its1 General lutnaeli (II < MIBIIJ "I II -Mill >11 I "" I "I. "?" 'I"". this shelter again n;itl proceed, 'hp avartf garth had cliawd l'H?k Hie Neapolitan t-> 11k- Urndcmt which ruiiK down to the sea J >t in front "i the J'i ru di Termini. The Vea|<oIiUin fort at iK? gate, considerably Nliifoiwl. opened a In t Are, which nvept down tlie long avnur of bouses lending to lii" In idge. while at the same time Ihe two gun* and tin* troops |> i|"d at th" Port* San ' nt< nio brought * rn?? lire to bear on tlx*attack' re. But this was no obstacle to th* brave fellow* who led the way. They did not lose time with but r us hod on w ith the bi<) t net. The comttinnder oi the crun'pirdc. Major Txhori, n Hungarian mix! tbroo of the gulden, w-re the first across the sandbag barricade in the town, but tbe leader was wounded by a "hot, which shattered his l?lt knee. Otherwise the It -a bad l>e< n trifbng. While the aroat ptrA and the < .n eiatori chased tl ? N'eaoolltans liom spot to spot the Pn'ei innans Im'huii litcwise to stir, but. Justice compete me to say, only in the parte which t!:? troop" had left. The sair-e scene a* at the bridge ?n repeated at th* cresting of the ftixuionr by tbe /Vriuftf, who followed in h "iragg'n g movement. And yet it w?* irr?t??rt n t to get into the tow n in order not to be outflank-'d or taken in the rear by the Neapolitans holding the Ptanadi Itora/no. In order to avert this danger, the order wns given to some or the hands to get beli tnd the garden walls which bne the road by which the Ne apolitans rrr -ht have cotne down on onr left. The** direndons, and probably the dislike to fight in the open, w-re snttlcieut to parry tl. s danger until the greatest part of the stragglers had parsed. At tbe same t .rae a-lwrrtcade was thrown up in the rear with anything which could be laid hold of. This work pleased the PiegitM so well that they began throw ing up a barricade in front likewise. At any rale, lh--y blocked up a part of the road before they could be prevented. But the most critical thing was decidedly the eroa?mg of tbe *frodone, whore the cr'-" tire was kept np, and al kinds of dodges were resorted" to to makr them risk this atto, which they thought mortal. I and one of the followers of Garibaldi held out one of tbe men bv mam force exposed to tbe Are, wbieh soon made him run across. It was here above all that the bad tiring of the Neapolitans told 1 was looking on for some time, and did not see a tingle man even wounded. In order to on courage tbe /Vrtttt. one of the Genoese riflemen took fbur or five chairs, planted the tricolor on ooeoftbem, and sat down upon it for some time. The thing took at last decidedly, and you saw tbe i*toct>M stopping on th) I'?U w UIV vu IUTII uiurHrw, MTUAT AKD TIMCI BOMIARDXEKT BT TH? NEAPOLITANS. Cloee to the Porta di Termini la the Vecchia Fierra? the old market place. Thia ?ai the lint point where Garibaldi (topped. One muat know the*- Sicilian* to hare an idea of the frenzy, screaming, (houling, cry Of and hugging, all would kiwi hn hand and embrace illA knee*. Fvery moniei.t brought lew ma*?ea, which d< boochad in (root* Ir-m one of the street*. anxious to have their turn. A* the Carcintorl gradually chared the lower part of the t? w u iu<-t of lltv inhabitants came to have a look, and give a greeting to the liberator of Palermo and Sicily. The entrance * < cite, ted about halfptivt live A. M at <1 1 by noon more titan one hall uf the town was clear of the troo|?. But two hour* befare thia war effected the cfta del had opened Ita fire on the town, ?t tic?t moderately enough, but anon after with greet vigor, firing large Id tr.< h (holla, red het -hot and every other nroiect lie ealeulaf'l to do the great-et itoe- ible damage. Atxmt noon of ?o the ?hi|? n the harbor opened Ihetr Or**, MXt between the two lliey eotttrlved t<? de*troy a great number of how* |n the lower part ol ihe town, killing and woitndmg a Urg<- number of people of nil ago* anil Irnth ncxec, Two of the Urge ?be||* were / lit right Into iho ho*|-itiil, ami rxplod'-d in one of Ikt twfi Iw/m>ih fot t- relm aad <*! flagi ationr, <1? ail and woundr <1, not a low ol w hom must bate portatxd among ibo ruma of their house*. It wax taprcmlly the part of the fown ne?r the P irn Bufognl, and aome of the atQoialag streatt, whk-b waa ill treated, ir At (MM of lit HwmoMUM waa to inagtira terror, tin y eertaw'y suceeeded whoever eouM took refuge in w batever In- thought the tn<bombproof plaee, and I boat whorontd not yon ??w <rylng, praying M??l nr nguig tbetr kMdl in the -trielx. It *11 n pitiable audit to deed, and It did n.orc barm to lno?hn* v? people than to t!:n?e wboin aht hav.- ratal iM Bl ' M ng lie t (lit Commodore wot a polite mortage to all tbr men of war wblrh wore in tlie way to got out of It. and all Hie To?k * hteh were moor?I Inalde the Mole bad to afcift tboir berth* and lake up puaiiem* outakle. iirn 1MB battle, Enrmo. Tlit lMHnbardmenl ta still kapt up, with only ah >rt in terealr, eapei iajly frotn the caatle, wher?-ihe ?M<r . g> of K>I v It loha I! ' ">i r\ert ft we doubt l\at A 1 mini MmmAm mad* eery a>w| r pnamfaftiai la flka NnpoiUam Ctmmmm a'-ML tkt ttmbmnlmmU, but the* MB w* bmmtUkmttf. smn? |?ilm<rtlii' Uiwu will hare to he rnMrely rebuilt, lh? large ah/'1 It harmg p??aed right through, from lop to bottom. ibo-o ill-built o?o Btrortiona. w ' n-bew bare ?mv in for ttieir nbare; yet all ihi* nwleaa homhardioeat haa not |irer to let! tbe aoMier* Iron being by degree* dUiodg?-d from all Un-if position* in lite town, with Uie exception of Uio t*ri ?h i.t ihr Roial TalaowaeB tinetr I t' af lemnninn*, i w n i|i. Mi n' In i'. i'? r part ni the town tbey pre area oatl* Ifea (katrib /antra and tho Finaaaa. wenb ia held by a mmpony or to 4 toldlora. Mori of the Oweign auhjee.t* baie talc n refuge on hoard tbt' men of war, and all the Consult, with Hiq eg. reptioai of Mr Goodwin. our own, who xtica*. like a trua Hriton, to bi< consular flag. According to all a> -omits there it no rrm/arwm kefrexW Ikt fcomhoidaow 1* 1 Hft and <kt /trrtrnl rmt Then the Neapnlilan* wer<- Satisfied witb -ending ate or twn^stvila every half hour, while now they take juM lime inoegh to let their gun* au<l mortar* cool. All tbooe who w in this morning With ftarihaldi are dead beat. baring Itad no ?leen lael night and plenty of work atnre Tie baoeral himself la reposing on the platform wbieh rnrrounda tbe Urge fountain in the 1'iarza itel This < <>mniiUce. the nam* which carried oo the ah<n< n,' v<m?ni from ?lie '><?iMiing, baa enoatitutel it*elf a* a provumnal government, under the dictatorship o( flaribaldt. It haa appelate! aeveral rp?cial on mi ticca for the difltrcnt branches of it* operations, and provided aa wall a* po*?ible for Um a*ry want which occur every moment Oowrtdermg Ifja oj?pre?rinn tinder which lb* people have bc*a, Tory liltie iweptra tion could be made fi.r tb? emergency, and everything ha* to b* provided now 'i i r u praM*<*' lb? mn incut?arrar, aa far aa putaible, ammuo lion, provuuntia for the treat* hospital waula and arrangement*, beeMan tli* greal hut of aatiefying ?vcry one who want", or think* be wanta *?>mctbirg, and listening to every one who ha* ac*nt thing ta -ay, or think* lie ha?. There ia a Teat deal of fowl will on the part of tbc ematttec. but I tnoal nay It ta not to energetically || 1 > lermiUna aa on* could have c*peot?d from their cnihuai am. There ta a aemi'bteatal Waaaa adw ibout Uiein. which only produce* hta of activity acar?.eiy 1*1*1 to the moment. At our Aral en truce tnto the town there wan a good deal of tiaate mail" about the harrtnade*. but aa the *j. tec*-ion of the occupation constantly require* new barnc?d<a, tliere la arane >1 iftoulty In keeg?,Ug thorn up to the work; a great marv e?iw, but all preform* to rnn about thr- rtrecta to laving hard to the work, Kren tb? ringing of the belle, the man moral rn,g xmrd in an army in a pnpulou* town, can n an,to o( ail ii\jiui>Tnaia, be wily kcjt up m ?il- and aim'*. It ? the Aouth-m in doleoce, which IM get* lb" better Of all good diwptiai tiora Ttif town la rltuminated, and ;* ?* r.te during the inter va.a of the hombari uient an ai* ? ipparaoee, but an th* ahop* are at<;|| daaM The illommat n, with the antique iMpni giaea lamp* *?iapefi<i.-d from the balm*, < #, pre?-nu a\er> pretty cfjhet. (allot b? I?, te: ril b-, the *he!l? f) Tg itr>' gh tbg < lour -hj SHEET. RELT.A-E Or THE r&lBOKBB. May JR? Mornr.g Fatigued ax I was I el< rt the whole night through, but people wr.o an!) not ui-xiire me that the bombardment from U ih utile and ships wax more furious than during lie day. Otherwise the night pax Mod quietly enough, a lew random xLois by outlying poetx formitig the only in(wruplion. 1 wux just gelling up tn the morning when 1 wxx attracted liy running aud xhoutx in the street below. 1 looked out and xaw two iierxous running through the street, waiving their handkerchiefs and shouting " t'ita la hUtra I" 1 could not at lirst understand their tardy cuthnxiam, but when ] was told that I they wire s<me of the polical prisoners just set i at liberty I could understand this unexpected , burn of tveiiat, which, 1 need not xay, loiiud considerable <cho on ail Hides. Several hundreds of these people were running about the streets, a loud testimony to <hc bourbon rule, lite troops which had occupied the prison ol the Vieariulo and the burrocks close by hud evacuated the spot, were o in harked in I mats, and taken across Mi the Caatello. The communication I mi 1 twcco the troops in the Castcllo and the I'iaxou Iteale wax thus cut cff. i Hie next news wax that the troops which had been 1 posted in Monreale had been withdrawn towards the town. They wore seen descending tiio tow*I iu th. ew i.v 1 morning and going towards the royal pulaoe, augmenting the number of those stationed there by several thousunds. 1 This scattering of the royal forces was one of the most important objects iu Garibaldi's inarches. The Neapolitans, knowing the hatred of the people and the numerous bands bent on doing mischief, never dared to move : except in large masses. Wishing to guard the position of , Monreale, they had sent from 4,000 to 6,000 men there. ! They had another body quite equal to this disposed 1 along the road from Parco to Plana, an they thought, iu pursuit of Garibaldi. They required a strong garrisou iu ; the citadel and on the road to tne Mole, so tbat coinpai a | lively little remamed for the defence of the town itself. This morning two Neapolitan steamers came in, the ! Capri and another, both hill of troops, who are supposed ; to intend landing somewhere or .other. They arc troop sent ofl before the catastrophe could have been known a 1 Naples. Tbey seem undecided what to do under the cir cumstancee, for if they chore to land they might easily d so under the fore of the citadel. There is comparative Ft diner* this morning. Not a shot has been 0 red from the ships, and the citadel is likewise more moderate in it < ! exertions. garibaldi's magnanimity. Noon. 1 have Just returned from headquarters in the Piazza del Vi ctor io, where the mystery of the silence of the ships hus been explained to me. Admiral Mundy sends his 1.;., J ieuteBABt, Mr. Willmot. every day three limes on t-boro to communicate with Mr. Goodwin, the Consul, and know everything that is going on. This morning Mr. Wliliuol bud another mission.| The Neapolitan Commodore railed on hoard the llanuibal very roily to ask" fir the Admiral's gust offers, in order to effect a suspension of wins with General Garibaldi, and obtain fruin the latter perii.isi'iOB for two general olttr.ts (rom the forces in the royal inline and outside if it to travel so the town and cvmitiunivatc witli the Admiral. Admiral Mondy answered that he would not consent to tie the mediatoi' in any kind r f n< g< tMillcus unless the 0ro from the ships and the cila ? ' VVUJUVUUIl IHUIUigUl IUUU<JI<KV<IJ l? ic?fc t.i a.p irom the viMi'U, but s?i<| that lie could not pledge hiii:sei>' to put an end to the tire of the citadel, as General ceniiiaiiding there was not ouly uot under Ins ( rdi i s, but w?s, on tbe contrary, )> s superior officer; but that lie would tin Ins best to persuade the commander of the citadel to follow his example and cease firing. Ou this the Adn .rul pre mai d to semi tin message of tin* Commodore to General Garibaldi. Hie Commodore kept his word, nil his -hips have Dot tired a shot sinco; but it .oenn his persuasive powers were lost on the uommauder of the ( ustelle, for he continues shelling from time to tim?, but lather tmkily in comparison with yesterday. Tbe mesuge 11 the ( on.mender Stenteil to prove, better titan even the ahundouiliit of the position towards the Mole and the pri at military i i s], tal with "00 siek and wounded, that things were not looking very promising for the Neapolitans Yet, ;u spite of this, (ieneral Garibaldi, with bis i.snal magnanimity. consented immediately to make an armist tee, to Stop lib career of victory, and to allow the Generals to pas* through the town. Nay, he despatched 11dels immediately to cease hostilities all alou. the line tf attack, and u tt a message informing the Neapolitan t intiits'.orc of it through the Admiral. It was carrying pi-Deputy rather lisi l'ar. However, it ia Garibaldi's na tore to have laiih m the cause he tights for, atnl to be I uagiaiimOLs even to his enemies. THE SYMPATHIES OK PRANCE, j Besides the Neapolitan eoimnanders there - -sun to bo i ethers, too, who thing that the victory is on Garibaldi's ' I sine. Aivr writing a i< w line* id hid morning l sauntered into the town, my flisl nhyci being, of course, to go fo headquarter*. 1 hn I taken up my own quarter* 111 tho , Hotel of the Mnntla, Juat opposite to the ftmob Co* | suJnte. W lien t iWM' mit dl llw di?>r I saw a gentleman iu a blue mat anil or*** buttons marked witii the lm f?ritl vuflv (IKrMw*! talking to mino hast, who nmnoeiately presented u> in* the gentleman with tho bra"* ' buttons a* the tiiainiinr of the Krciich Consulate, , who washed Ui see Conceal Garibaldi, ;unl arkod mo, a* 1 wan going that w?> ti> lake charge of him. I tonscuPal, ami on wo wotit. All along tho mail thul'hanrolirr displayed a very inquisitive turn of muni, asking ire what the number Garibaldi's force was, whether hu |*p**ossion i>f tho town, whether ho wo* well provkled i with ammunition, mcl all kind* of other indiscreet qussI lions, which 1 answered in iny host di|>lotnaliu tnauuer. I Ho informed w itiWV ho ha'l something very parte uUr to j commuu.cate to tin* Otwral, tud I ratertujml him with accounts of the bombardment, showing him llio tru.o* of il. und expatiating about tho infamy of it. and the p.liai c figure the representatives of the civilized'' nations played in ite whole nflu.r Tin a we arrivoil at the I'lazsa Wet or 10 and found the General on tho platform of mo large fountain. 1 presented my companion, who took Garibaldi aside and congratulated hi in, in the nam - of hit Government, on the happy success of Ins . xjh- i lion, as. suring bun of the srmpathiee of franco, and displaying great clociUence, which I susjiect was lost ou the straightforward soldier ui his red flannel shirt, who, although uo diplomat, has a keen appreciation of human nature NBArOUTAN TKZACHKKT. Evjtwwo. When 1 went to headquarters In the afternoon, 1 found every it" n a stale of grtal indignation. long after Garibaldi bad sei.t Ins comeat hi a suspension of arms, the ( omhardmeiit from the < ash llo was continued. Nay, the N??)ioliiaiis had oontiiiued firing on the advanced jowls, although Hi.. I orders trwn loulu i.a-l pre . t" I tie! I natr .els froin si erinff Takio.' SflviinLuiASI Una nni. cfcvnoc on the aide of the latter, the Xuapol taua li.i l burnt runii' iM * aiel taken ik?* ai.iu ot mauc tiarrirailoi whs t) r .1 Weil their* in the I'i.i/Keaic Semral QKCiaton I ilk-,I anil w<mn?le.l. The General wa* oo the point i>r H4?{ letter Mi Admiral MuikIv, eompiainii g it Hoa "reach ot faith, when Lieutenant Wihnot ialli.l .if .it on the part of tin1 admiral at (if IV M.. m) iiii| that i s i o answer hail arrivo.1 from tin- Owun'slore, ho,t lh> loueral 11 her a U si iroin bit prowiac. ihi this tho nrih-r ??s given to take the lunt i?*itnins A ronplr nf < ir?m i a altella w? re thrown. an.I *ouu ilislislgisl tin rnyauala Half an hour stl ra irn* l.iotileuant Wihnot la'kil piiin. Tim VunuK'store ImmI ? nt Uih answer, win. h nus ... the <!.??I the two .Nfiipntitan tr in ail. a-knl for tl. pruUstw.ii of tt o Hiitmh Hmk ui ilmir tmsHimo I In i | ii li.e l< Ait. lln Aoltilral r?topore ally re.osl, >u lis I. tin lou misi'ifi ocs.hnist ihal all negotiations ware at an einl. WPAKTI KK *W I UK H.K? ? T1IK MSAKOLITAN'A IMW. Miv Jt?Momm*. Tho mplit pfl'-e.| qniatlv?u> at least I am t?M, lor I rlrpt ailhoul aakma once 1 lie aliolenf the Xia;<4ilM !!< < i left <turiiiir itie iimht, ii.nia not atranclii to <?, i>nt in the mornaiir tlie t mnirmdorr a vessel was aeon to the en.I. in Hie iliris iioti of lei mmi. the very place a h 're the S'i :i|ol tsn tria (.a emtwrkul In l*4k TM bastion of MooiaHo. I'll** to the royal palaoe. Ii.n I lie. II evai llutisl hv 111. .molilalia who lull Is out i? I largo 32 r kin |T><> fur.** ?hlcti no.-?pte<l ihn Fl ba* Hkl an i lit. r '|Mr|rwiM<iv to nlVr to re| tir?-. Tbe ou-t lem i*' by l.ui iIoMi ?aa that Ue-y | ?hi.nld lay down tin ir arm" They .. t..??l u> ?!? Una, and tfn aa nounrior 1* b< .rig |>rn|?r>''l b> make ibetn undor | * mud the hkmiiI; M ?in-h a atop lb.- fori ban, boa Idea, I lla wMar aad IU |imvi>ii<NMi Ml odT, an Iro la no doubt ! that il will i?-ti I* luiMiirhl to roaaoii While I * . wilh the i.'rnrraj a Ml or arrived frrtm dorJ loidM' by wliN-h ho ? ? informed that tb? Neapolitan i I okaiel rctiirnaiMliuK ilio ooliimn ?onl ttKro wa* inclined UiCOSH ftmr if hM tank wa* confirmed in him H>- la MiTTOuD?lod on all rule* by g'iorilU?, hla road cut > 8, and ! be baa a ?* idrrabli have Imfi-re bim Tbo aamrr wa*, of Lai at, an aixfflMKt of bla pruyo*.la whicb caUK' id an indirect ???. I Tbe propose I 'i.?o n'l urbrlao mo Ye. tor day wreral officer? mine in .n plain ehUM anil gate ihom?elvt.<a up I mw about alt Lv or erventy |inaiaiora and itrai iter* In iono | !aro. who all wiehcd to bare arata taf bawami eol diera of Italian Mbiaafiarf. Bui w db all llii? ll aould bo <|o?tralilo that the Palern. iar- did more, and the ?.j.?odr? ion Tbo Hr?i "?mol only Uuov ?lib iboir ?ro?r?t*. and iho latlor, like true Baalii Haannko. \>iih ibolr ammunition t MiTlILK PANIC. 0 O'rUKB P M .Iboiii ibror I' M < ? of tlxoe pain.t toddenly hmkenut U.iin xbi. I, ?. . ur i mi.''i"! I. and aerva more I j nnyU>.iif. nUn to ?V moralise the town anil tin; ?gtul.r Tht Mmimn which M|?N " ' JKlWiliy caine Wk, [ anil the ninmc wan that they were disembarking Uioir troops l-elore the fv-rta del Oftti. great running Mi l tn?>\ email l, kreut <?i n on. all canned by a column of Itint on tl> nil milling ak-ng the aeaahore. In Uic afternoon therr wan >onm heavy flring, both towar Is the riaua lb ale and to the left oC It, where tbn Neaaolt tain- have a winch Hanks tlm palace ami is llarlf defcaded from tin- Caatello. All yesterday anil In day tho . I . t n that -nli- a. t->M i |nanw-?|ii? of a i luster ?rf hi.-una. ao aa to lanlale that baslmu au-l force Un-tn out of this aa front that of .-anI Agatha. Tito Iowa ts too large, and Uaribaldr* immediate li-lluwera are too lew to be rent everywhere, and loo pro.-one to be espae-l csopt in the greatest aec<?i.ty Tl. s it la tlm ftad" who form the ma?s la most place*. While ammnuit aw laata all (<?-a Welti but unfortunately, blare away aa they dp, a couple j of hundred cartridge* woo 1.1 not be lulbc tent fur one 4 tin-in. I really tbind they are worse in this respect Hum the Ha ill: Raanaks. Well, th-> ajnmiinlli-a being erliun-l oil on tbat point Juat at the moment the royalists maile a more in advance, one party <-i rutitui >11 back in una of the slrreta, and tti'> allow. 1 Ibe royal:Ha to ahnt In a street of houses n which another party of tbeu waa still holding cot THE E.VEMT At" tMC*-~FWUWAi BRAVERT OF 0**1 AUDI. ftarlhaldl ws? at dinner wh-n the news arrlwe-1. There i had iwesi so many rumors of an adrsnre of the NVapell ( tai s daring the day that the dr*t impression Hist this ( waa merely an- rther of those wild tumors, h <ap' ' Nna who brought It, waa or.e of the Harthald -n*. and f ihentioiild be no di-iibt about ita truth case street or >>hmiw Is no treat olgrct ,D a tosrn like iwlernm. w in- h f ba- m oiy mi-re of iNm than ran be well defend- hut ?<? n i ti the more importat.t wis the mors' -.nga j 'i v . i? e held W ih los 'laoal amf ftrfl whnh I b"t m VO Ih.nk looks like ior|uratio|*Harihaklt fell this. He jumped up front hi" fha.r saying. W.-II, Hien | .qpprwe I must g" ih' r mt-air He saw ii waa one id llsae moment- wins tlie i hlrf miial he at the head ?d bis kranp- o- re-Ion- Hi ir i s.lidenoe ||r- *em down taies and lis A w ih him whatever Ih fmin I on >|,e rrstd to thai '-ipo-nt t? ei. and proowded W retake lha bait ground Hie pre r-- i I -1 ly arm i1 reke-l the advaree of the re) liili i-l< Ih. II ik?w .< ise tlie alviil lat'il Ib y I?- g? i - i n ti' nt i I- re it oa 'Sat sw-allww ni-ea- i 3 deitcy wkicK *e eterctui over (Um arosmA Mm, W tuwd < to a tkvr! time to mafttog the Fixiottifoid, and torn to ii% (j^ ]u spile ol the urgent entreaties of his lollower- not to hniiM-ir lie remained in the open street, without any abetter, haranguing and encouraging the men ttxj em my seeing ibis, issued out from the hooeea and from behind the barricade. Ono of the Ficctotti wan ?bot through the head just Iwfore (iariliakli, who, toeing lend lulling held tula up lor a moment; and Colonel Turr, at big gale, got h rko- le.l hall ugauiat Ins leg as be took hold of ihe (it neiai an>l dragged him by main force under shelter. But the eflrcl was produced. One rush brought lb# part) close enough to throw one of Orstnl's shells, v* liieli ptoMruled seven or eight tncn. The bugler, who is always ut Uuribuldi's side, sounded the charge, and th# Ni*a|Ki|itana ran. Tbc sound ot this bugle seem" to act roinndabiy on the nerves of the Neapolitan troops, they know they liuve to do with tiaribahli's men, and at CaiaUt Kiwi ile x ran hef??re even the charge took place. The two steamer*, which had troope on board, have anchored , and have begun to disembark them at the CaatellO um'.er cover of the men of war, which have their broad* ides turned towards the town ready to bombard. Tbl# -hows that the Neapolitans have not given up the game, but hope to rcguin the ground they have loot. These troops are not Neapolitans, but |sak (o'rman; some say ihey are Bavarians. Whether their presence will restore the suroUfof the Neapolitan troope remains to be seen. INBl'MiyiTT OF THE ROTAL TROOP#. May 30?Morning. The N?apolitan fleet has not fired a shot since the morning of the day before yesterday, when Admiral Mundy Bpoke his tniud on the subject to the Oouimamlore, so that one-half the misery has been spared the ralermians. But the Casteilo is incorrigible; whenever it bears a noise or pecs a movement in any part 01 tho town down comes a shell. If it were possible to miw I dare say they would, hut this capuot he Mpccted in th.-sr narrow streets. Tho houses are, for the meat part. s6 badly built that one shell >g sultiaent to moke them a heap of ruins nud bury th? inmates W,\*U JamiUtt Acne thut diiappiareti, and Mundreii of inoffentim poopit hem killed and wounded. The fleet fired about eighty or uinety shells the brat day; at for tlie Castillo, |i must have thrown more than threw hundred. The first day fhiribaldi addressed a protest to the commanders of the foreign men or war against this cowardly Inhumanity; but they cannot intertere directly without instructions. It is to public opinion in Furop" that th? appeal must be made. Li t it de? ide whether a goverumcut w huh retorts to such means is worthy to vwt. LANKA rKOPOCES A CONFERENCE. (/Clot* A. m Just at Hum moment n fin? of Iruoe tun* come n froru the iiv." paluee with the Joiiowiug ietMr directed to Gen. Garibaldi ? i'lli hmo, was 30. lfdt). Tmk t'omms.xm u is nirr or ina Ai.biiji idd Nivit IrsIIOMllttuigTSS KikO:? Gr.M ksl?Am the Hrlti?h Admiral id nrv know tlirt he would rerelvr with pleasure on board m lit- vr?-el two of my seiiemlM in open a conference w ith >ou, of lie wo ild bis the mediator, u V"'allowed them lo pese diro u.h the Lines, I beg Ton >n M me know w hethrr you assent, and if sodo indteati 'in me the hour at which the anniatio Ih to beg la. It would I < likewise advantageous that you showed the two generals n? he arromiian.ed I coin ihe royal pabtc* In the KnniU, where ibex would embark. Waiting lor your answer, I lave tho honor tnh.\ LANZA. 'In his hjuvUcncj Gen liikiaai Di. To this letter the answer was that Gen. Garihaldi would have no ohiectinn to meet the two ? neral* on hoard thei Admiral's vessel; that he would scud round orders to all the line to een.c bring; that the armistice waa to begin nt lioi.ii and Hint at one I' M fhev should meet on taiurd the's ship. Col Tnrr, lite Inspector General o< tli> national threes, aent the letter < r I.'maa c n board tba Hannibal by Mr. Wilmot, the King l.iculiuuil. TUKAi IIKHOl'M IHSKhti ARI> OK Tilt: WHITK FI.AO. li 30 r M. If ti man if fttiitnl tn have taWi n In '.rfupuMi li s neighbor's cloak it may par* for a mistake; but if that mann man m found on the very next occa-. u in tint mime f**iI ton it in time to try, Stop thief!" n:.d c ,!ar the individual. When the Neapolitans asked for an armistice, and Genera) (iarilwMI sent, arcrdin^ty, lbs order to all the line to roare tiring, they net, only coutinued shelling, but triisl to hike advantage if the ce: sat ion of the Are to gain a better position. To day fbey not only tried, lint Actually gained a > on'idernhln advantage. In order to cease firing at noon and begin the aumisticc Garibaldi taut beguu to o ad round the lino about an hour before, .furl about the same time a Nea politun column appeared on tbe very same road by whioii Car I bald i bail eutered. It waa provided with artillery, and lagan to advance front the route dell' Aim rag halo, a hero they bad Imti stationed, tow:.. tlio Porta dl Tertii,nl. In vain was the white ling de .cthig on ariii.ettct exhibited, nu onlg dot the firing conitn'ie, Out the cttadrl begin ruling til thtUt im the rant dirutitm. 8-1'rai of Ok' yBrt-t imrml/d rm the top of (\? bxrricoilri. an<( truito inform t\e .Vrapoft/am of Ike nrmitllet. 'then uert received u tiJi rifi- hidt, and CUowW Larini leiidt i inert tool wound-rf Th* Gonl, iUimi mi. ?:u?lfc to lheir imtrucUoru, nn4 dii net return lie fire. Mit=*ar? nft< r message i aim to Gar.hakti tliat they must tire or eleo abandon tlieir position. Tlie Geinral was Just on tho point of taking the resolution that tbe armistice broken, when two Neapolitan ofllrers catne in n? pari* iuryi'wum'.i me uii.ur as .1 iu.).iiierM.i'"i tng, and that the column had not received the orders about the armistice. Th?y wore srnt in front to stop the (lro nil urn-el tlio advance. Curiously enough, during all. thi- tltni- tlqj shelling from tin- citadel wont oa also. ami suri ly tin' citadel could not be to be without nrw? of tbe arm let ice Jui>l at twelve the oowi raiao that tlio cnlutnu of tin' enemy hail |ieuetr.itei| into tin> town. Uaribiilili|iiiinin!lately. aa he did yesterday, collected liia reiiervee, and marched on. It wan quite true, anil Lieutenant Wllinot, It. V., who had cmne on shore to bring the Admiral'* eminent to tlio conference on l?ard. ftiuiid hi mm 11 in the midst of Dm- advancing colunui ot N< n|xilitatiH and the meu of tiaribaldl. A il. II lire I at the aame time fnitn the (,'aatello burst cl< e to him, tho Neapolitan* levelled their musket*. and it was w ith ooanih rahle li.iiig'-r I..- .1! l.i-1 r. ji bed Galilialtll. It waa live minute* post twelve. Mr. Wilmol brought the Almi lal'a consent to an Interview on imard, and a lew minut-m after two Neapolitan officer* arrivi-d to nay that it was all a in intake, that the column hail not receive I the ordere. The Admiral'* boat* are to tie ready at a quarter purl one. 1 must My If 1 had been Oaribaldi I should not hav? listened to any pro| seals before tlie rohimn coming Irons billable had given up the js ritioiis out of which it hat cheated his trnoii". But liiribeldl is incorrigible In hi* magnanimity. I am waiting to bear whit pc-s-.1 on board, and hope to be able to tell you of it In-fore t lores and her Majesty's ship Intrepid starts. tow tltnii K OF TIIK PA1-KKMITANH -CIO** OF T.IK COMMUACK?CONCLlMciN 01 AN ACMISTtCE. Kof* o't'lOC* M The Conference on ttoard Is not ov- r yi-t, and .el tlio Imxiis are as.* mi.h-u roui.d the ihe town m in a most excited state, the uiipi> r?iou ha. .. tot wbroat that the \eaj?.lil..i,s Inlei.d oflcruig a , ? and free retreat to tiaribuldl. It is in sncn mum .its y u% us* ol what a imputation is mole, and that ol Palermo Is not ol tho stud of whali Iwrixi an I otar tyrs are made. Iu?uad of throwing ihetnaolree into tho litiUMi muresl to tlio m?hits o . npusl l.y tie; enemy, tliey run about the slice is d^cuuragiug earli other. 4 10 o'ClM I' M Tlio Cmifrrcnce la J tst over, itaidi luw come <-u rui>ivtw.>i - iu ihmk' wiiiimw iv, i ,-ec ij'u.nan lirti'-ral*. Tm French fn .;l ?urt?, and I mat wad < ! my letter without being a til* to give >?u Hi- >t-t.iitc <t the MfelWO' 1 In report M, however. that an irnntMl m roi.i luiliil till to morrow at noon, ami that It ia, above all, with llic tltw to prov l"f tin- it rent u unuor til wound t?l dial tli? N<a|>>lit.i - imbed for an anniatH c. At any rate, you will rait liave long to w?,t for a llial <!<< ukai one way or th oilier; It nin?| coma in a few da) a. Neither inrty ui bold out u .eh longer. iaip; pom coaW It wrvllen ah W ? * ' Urn I . ?- Juu*a-.i and flu /flw(irnm ltd I* hi/| .wrtnp Uuu Iart (wrtPg dap. how liar lough t, hti.v t j ina< luxt, ku?> they bre ia ligue. nevery . ilio.ii wan ready to do Uw> llio -aaiultl* , part ol what Ibey dhl, there would Im> no more lit.lii.rg required. Aa for pay, Ute very wiad mi unknown; u?-t t>I tkoae who earnc hero have wmu of their own, never oak tor any thing evo|d a<i>iiiouilr?n. lire no ibey can boy, > ml avem alnuat to hare ImpiiiMi what ?ieep ia. The Mil) drawliack la that tiiey were 'tily I Odd at landing, and that th?ae alio thin* lino e|?<a great i tho Italian ruM ii.. Might It their duty lhi? lime to imped* now! rdh. t tally all reinfornnM ala If nm waa ill na tilled, eor In la lit aim'-t oi|.|? ? lie,I tliey thought it a giaai opoortunlty In get rid ol Oanhaldi, but they may tinU Uiem??l*ra mirukeu. th* worxnrn or n tnrn* orruT**. Tl?e Pari* Pay* give* lite following hat id Wounded ef!t cer? in Itarlbaldra nervier ? Man ri Pawl I, Metro! ti, Moolafiart, ??ril?nl<ii, Iwla/on. PrrUiri, Warned,I, surra. UrerMtl, Vi-uMi, Nulkt. 1h> tan latter eligtil'e Uttitr laMi mwitlnioil t* dmibtle** the tnnd the great general, who, it w II lie renumbered, >. oe I the t| edil . n ONE OF THE NKAHMJTAN (JKNERAL8 IN 81F1I.T. A* It la right that t tin ; I he Wrrwn to what k nd of ivarria the King of Naplea d. ilver* the nnfortunate popa tall)era who may he ?. hjecl t'i lila pile, we append the lolI w lug brief bm moir of llie cvu ruled Governor of Piciljr. t- M.! *"a ratio, by birth * < i ihr .an ;et-.vrit, wa? a tbo year 1*07. Ih<n xltl.eir. a ha . lit and highway robber in the r?rp* of the iu'tehrate.1 Kra Dlavdn, the eeeliona of wt. .< h were rut to piece* >?? after the either by Ure French tt 1 lull r lit* nrilord nf 11 .uj. .? T*,? 'i/,..n? i- ??-i wh" wan taken pi inner mi<I brought to Napka, w?* by a roi:; I of **r *eulene*d to t>" ! m a malefactor and nawit. I'!?<< I m a condemns 1 cell, rtaliano ?v awaitm* themiment when he be t.lcen to the place of evecwt on, and J"irt when he hart tin-a tiro ight to think no linger rf the roncerna of the pment World It ?u announced to him King Joarph had grnr tol li.m iwrdoo. Moved hjr the *i.tiplicaiHm? of hta mother, ainf by the eatremb youth of tli" condemned. the V < -terlWi.wll gavebun lr* life, hat on .mllUm that lie ' 'I m the Neapo IlUn foree lb n being rgaaird '"hg * privaleanl 1100c? .r?imi**lonrd oflV rr, after th?? r<?toratwm in 1815 Kalnano made him*. If an agent of the |*.lten. who wore then on gaged in "wed lag" Mural'* nriuy. ami In reward lor bis Information h>- ?** promoted to lia an officer ami deco rated. In l?wt> be formed part r f tfeneral fVpe'a rvpe d it ion iratnat ??elly. and foiling hark on hm former pro fe*?ioo. he ma 1 aurh excellent uac of hla tune that ha returtteil to Kaplea with the rank >4 < .plain nod with I ho beginning of a fortune acquired from the experience bn had derirr.l t'li.W fYa Jhavolo Being notlee.l by tb* raitioua Pel Garr ttn, Win *ter of Pol. e and General of Kendarmcrtc. Su'rano changed to that branch ot the rcr nre.advam. lit ?ucccmi .n thr igh the h.gher grade* ni l to rarlona eummeadk, till at hi*t the m.ilary govern inert of ffictly w ?> confided to hnn. Thin brtaf hi*t?rlcal Wi tch may give mrr reader* an Idea of the Neapolitan aoihorities in Sicily, and we are armored that SaJzano m by near.* lb' w> r*t tiwcltnen of tins kit. OP1NK13W OK THE PT1ES8, [Trim the I/niton Time*. June S.) We have now full and accurate detail* of nee of the nvet remark aide hmtorva Which ha* ever been prevented to the world. Theeomplalnt that the age of Mining adventnrea wa* part, ami that indbeamng commerce and ef flrient poliee would hamah romanee from both rational and private life, waa often heard tn the quiet time* which ame to an end aome twelve year* ago Pnt the period in which we n tnallji live ! rvoting enoof?h tor lb* moat

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