Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 22, 1860, Page 7

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 22, 1860 Page 7
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gem, who vveie landed at Castle Garden on Wednesday. preparatoiy to starting for Utah to recruit the dominions of Brigham Young. These people are a hardy, healthy and industrious looking body, just the class of men and women to add strength to any working community, and assist in perpetuating their peculiar race. Wit in the past si* weeks upwards of a thousand Mormons have landed here from Europe, on their way to Salt Lake, all of them partaking of the same vigorous appearance as these just arrived. While this immigration continues it is useless to expect to put down Mormon rule in Utah, or abolish that odious part of its system, polygamy, either by the force of armies or by the enactment of laws. Persecu uoq seems to agree witn Mormontsm as wen as it has always done with other religious communities. It thrives upon it. The only remedy for the evils of Mormonism is to send the great civilizer, the railroad, right through the heart of it from the Atlantic to th Pacific. By infusing a large Gentile element into the Mormon region, and thus affording the female portion of the community who may be tired of the polygamic system an opportunity to break their bonds and leave, the objectionable practice may be diminished, and the strength of the community be broken. No other measures can avail much to this end The railroad is the only great polygamy annihilator. SOCIABIUTT OF THE JAPANESE.?OllC of the most interesting features connected with the 'habits of our Japanese visiters is the ease with which they seem to adapt themselves to our usages. With the exception of the Princes, whose exalted rank forbids their indiscriminate mingling with the crowd, the other members of the Embassy seem to fall naturally and easily into our customs. They pay and receive visits, go .shopping, und move about without any embarrassment amongst the guests at their hotel and the audience at the adjoining theatre. They seem to feel what they did not experience at Washington. Balti tuuio ui * uiiauripuin, mm uivjr arr uiDungNV u community upon whoso good brooding and good tasto they can rely. As delegations have arrived from Boston. Trovidence and other places to tender invitations to the Embassy, it may save trouble to state that it will not accept any further hospitalities offered to it out of New York. It has been decided that it will remain here until the period of its departure for Japan?a prudent resolution, it will be admitted, considering the fatigue and rough usage to which its members have been subjected elsewhere. If we desire tliut they shall carry away with them agreeable and lasting impressions of our country, we must spare them the inconveniences and terrors of rural lionizing. Shocking Catastrophe at Boa. TSK CMTEU STATES STEAMER WALEKR bCVE?TW1STT Of HER CHAW MISSINU. Carr. 1slavt>, N*. J., June 21,1960 The United States steamer Walker was run into this tooniiug. three o'clock, by an unknown schooner, off Absecooi The steamer sank in thirty minutes. The Captain, officers and fortr men were save! in bootsAbout tweuty are missing. News fiom the Ptke'a Peak Gold Mlae-a. f*r JooePR, June 20, i960 The Pike's Peak express arrived at si* o'clock this evening, bringing $8,900 in specie, and Denrsr City dates to Juue 14 .labob Miller, a German. was murdered on the night of the 12th, near that city, by Max Greedier, another Gcr. (nan, both from Leavi uwortli. Greedier is under arrest, aud the evidence against hnn is positive, and will probelily lead to In.- couvictiou. Dvivt** citt, June 14, i860. A stabbing affray occurred iu town last uiglit, resultinf in the dangerously wound ins of one person. The news from the Arltaa<aa mine* is very favorable. A inan just from tliere esli iwtss lliat there wilt he $9,000, GOO taken out of the California Gulch a!ooe this season. One m tu Jhiuk out In muuv day sixty-one ounces. Others report very unfavorably, aud say there are but few claims that ptv well. There is a la'ge number of our citlwens starting for that region. The California Gulch is nine mines long, and ranging Irun our to three hundred feet m width. There are three or fuur oilier small gulches running into the California Gulch Th" prospect is they wrill prove as rich as thp uu n gulch. The gukbc* are free from snow and frost. A town has lust been laid out tu a beautiful valley at the mouth of the Callforu.a Gulch, railed Joahoc, which is rapidly Ailing with trading h'Miiws, enhiu?. kr.. for supplying provislows. tools, and other necessary articles for the mines The weather if wro-m and ehowery. IdtnlllraUen of Isaac V. Fowler at the PI lie's Ptalt UeM Mimes. Ht, Mo , June SI, 1840. Advices if June $, from Ik-nan r City, to which credit it given, stat.- that Mr. Fowler, the deft iltlng New YorV Poetmart". olww mk r jixiuia bar* mb ao long un 1 known, an 1 about w bom ao mm h rarkmHy baa baaa IbH i itjwi.'I to have Iwn ii<*<i al Plke'a Peak. The in .in feaf.rrnnf I tie fclaletiiput are as follows:? Aii io?l . ImI. alio#- dr. - an I p-ooral app-nrsti-e j oil i?- <? itjle, and Ms evident anxiety ti hlr.a particular notes-. and avoid all ques i it --i trd to hi? ti.*intentions. hid a i r li ne to atlrart more Interest ttun in sh >w a u ually M.17 arriiaf there. He reved.Trd hw name at hot x- .* ' !<r?nv fader Mil* name be |u.?->cl intent *! I rrt 0' da;- * Urn he whs on hit way to aec ,11.. qi I . i rtii |. lie I, id pnrrhii? i. He nine t>> a -mailt .a the mountain* and atrpfed Into th" Re f \ <*P nl;n-e he ? <1 on ron-tcnl/ed tiy *'i old t. . j.-oi o' V * V.rk rltf, wtewe name is not firm, at Mi F?w.- wSo r-.rUtnml, "RThjr, fund Mo-i. Fowler! M . 'In . fr 'I- ' fti nrV' ate ;rri d Ira k nl'h !? ' lln-r and ti. 01 tn ntnq pa'- he replied * th rsi-nneae:, yon are mistaken; mj mme i? no' )otrt?r.'' To which h?e arcnatant replied, We't. if sou are nut .th Me whiakrr- off, yon arr his t? in hndlier or the dev t?r.?r.ef is uiu-h embarr.-aed. Eadoirorinz tv i-rmtc tia !! ? i he asked If It < Re-order of the di-lrkd ?s< . tireaent, fittiVing to cloae the conversation; but hi- tor m.-ni'.r ?i n >1 withn* u> Ri.e bim np. but apta-oa-bini hnn and di iwtng bins to aootlier part of Hie rum. b? aid;?I W.I v? 1 mi} . you arr Lsuac V Fowlor, at V-" k Von liav. ha t your hair cat, J ottr whisker* hand ' .O'l see dl-fn9v"d t.s y r ap-etar -s; tmt 1 should ki?m. you any atn rr.' At Itret Draner assumed j frtn ar d l>l Re rent appear ?ac. t>? t h- arion gt\e trajr lohn feel o(, and ihmi ewlaiaM, "Fur God Altn?hu'i *aVe ' n't f ?" ' tr.iv" )t<>i.o?nr I'navv nut, 10.1 ?il. tl?c ?le f .ntt -j* N w York Phatma-ter, l.o h?> thn< thr oatn NMI to ? pi rr r?. and m*le ht? ?ar-tpe In the ?r>M mmf. *nr too r? ma.oetund?ar< ?er. .i Aprivatalaterrh. \ na? Uw> ? th *r Yowto*. which tie* r rr<?tpon<t<Tit dn < .oe. ( - lie* reAtill of Mr Fowhr *?? deepl) fltocled at : at, tihl (trad ml!) returned til" n namac and rb-> H''a"M Brtn* by no meana beyond ttv rcaet of tbe ( i-.v-immtt, ha Ihnnjrht It be?t to leate Hie ro -a try .nop italy for Silt t a ? tad </...< Ami la. Austral a m b?s prohibit #c tmaiion Me at new. Fowler, ou tlM* flrit ntn'it of bis *ri iraj %i ft ti. ,*r CUy * Mid t . h i ,t enhrcd a f*Mlbl>af aahwa ?nd w m HOW :> l b?-t It* ahofc awnnt <* mi* raow. init the Aentw rc fused to ri-U It Fnwl.f * 'rttohf a WWimtal, TttVrM t| hia Winning--. want *n the Mr fraecfulty, hwk a rtn roe* tail and l?f the room. Tr* rr at?| an ingitry w U> wti< la waa, hot i\? SelHlo. mi at i * lb in. He i* to ported M? ha .a spamtatel aiirely >a rla,ma The a' ot? ? rnratderc I h?~? by p..f?.??s o?^?alrt''t w't'r IV f.>rrrprmdaal, ?? ? ', .;i* 0>ir r'ttalr c - ft"" -h Wj coal ? ? o 'tb' ,g u lb?r I fi .tun to *. . NEW ' NEV* FROM WASHINGTON. THE APPROPRIATIONS FOR Till: FISCAL 1EIR. A New Loan Bill Introduced in the House. The Homestead Bill as I*a*sed by Congress. ALL THE APPOINTMENTS DISPOSED OF. Annonneement of the Death of Mr. Schwartz, fcc.f kCi) he. Oar Special WMhiagtoa Deapatch. Wi.sHiM/ro!?, June 21. I960 TUB AmorRUTioxs TOR 1961 The following indicates the amount of appropriations made at this session, and the present state of the diunces:? Amount submitted by the Secretary of the Treasury for the service of the year 1861 ? Pensions 1640.000 00 Consular and diplomatic sorvice 1,137,120 00 Military Academy 183.802 00 Indians 676.000 0) Army 14 023.603 72 Legislative, Executive and Judicial 5,#05,10# 07 Naval 11.244.846 63 Sundry ctvil expenses 3.663.W6-82 Post Office denelency 5,#88,424 04 Total 244,360.301 IS Additional estimates by other departments. 10 060.000 00 Permaueut appropriations 8173 682 48 Total MM 442.476 04 The bills reported by the Committee of Ways and Menu.made the following reductions on the total estimates;? Consular and diplomatic service 2-V> 000 00 Militury Academy 3.000 00 Indians 11.600 00 Fort ideations 70,000 00 Army 630.477 60 Legislative. Executive and Judicial 134.7#4 44 Naval 6.200.562 00 .Sundry ivaLexpenses . 171,'.'80 M Post Otlii o dcUeii ucy 1.302,000 2" Total 83 *78.812 83 Amount in lUe bills as repurivd;? Pensions *34!? .00# 00 Consular ?li'l ilUMoniaiif serve iv ?i Milltan Academy HO,.T!>C 00 Indiuns 1,007 J02 SO Pnrtitl. ilion^ OOi.OOo i*) Army 13 084 120 1'J LegisJain o, fcxecutivr and Judicial ?>,H70.;tIf? ,M! Nasal 11 162,283 Sundry civil expends.? . 3.401 414 22 IMat Office dctkicucy 5.607,220 72 TuUl 04.VO48.874 53 Amount ill till- Wills pMC4ed tli?* ll'm.-.- of R>l>*eaMttttvea:? Pensions OAw.OOO 0? Consular and diplomats wvn* 1.184'>-0 UO Military Academv I <W?..'.0,7 00 Indians 1.700 402 ? Fortification* isi..,ixsi i?> Army 1" 086.126 12 I?gl*lntlVe, kaei'utise and Judicial 5.WM.016 3J Naval tl), I Jo 220 02 Sundrs civil expensed...'.. .1 072,314 32 Pwt Office daflcitucj 5.UU7.4-J4 73 Total 442.803,0 la 12 Bills as |*v?scd lK?th In>usag of Cungmr, and tie imvuot tn the bills as they paascj i?m? Senate of t!i? United Slates ? PcMfcXM *840 000 00 Consular aud Uipiotuallc 1.200 036 00 Military Academy 063 .284 03 lndmu- 3.803.093 33 Artny 10.890 40.; 10 Legislative, Executive and Judicial 6.010.021 02 Naval 10.763.030 02 Sundry civil expenses 3.407.003 00 Put, l Office deficiency 3,007,424 73 Total 040,360.233 73 Amount in the bilU they 1hlh#cJ both of Cougross:? Pension* 8849.000 00 G'tisular and dt pleural iu 11* W 00 liiiilwr Acs n un 1M.MS 00 Indian* 1.074,371 23 Army 18,188,070 01 lj'titslulivc. Kxecutiveaud Judicial 6 200.902 73 Naval 10.M1.OW 02 Mnudry civil expense* a- 4.002,890 00 Fiat Oflh e Ivitejeucy 5.007 4*44 TO Total 045,721,904 T4 Lighthouse bill 0080.556 88 Priiale bllN (estimated) 1000.000 00 IVrtuaueut appropriation. 8,176.582 48 Total 88u.3o3.004 04 Tbe fort itkalion bill bad nut (uiwo tbe Meuale ?Ueu U?e above estimates * re made up. Tbe Secretary yf the Treasury tent to tbe llo ate m JVrewber last brs auuual est mates fur tbe aeiva* uf tbe next fiscal rear, amounting n the aggregate to 944,276,800 56. Tbe pvruuinent appropriations, chiefly fur the collection of customs aud interest on the public debt, amount to 06 173 085 48. so Hint upon a sitpi rSrltl view it auultl appear that the Seeretary only aialiedfor 064 452 476 04 fur the eutlre aervU* of the next ft?-at year. Tb< secretary himself to hta rec.-ot letter, publisbed in tbe ItaAaJii, re|a-ats tbe same thing He aggregates the neu ap|>;opr.?liouM asked fur at uttl> 944.276.8M, when it is well known thai in addition to this sum hiacolleagues m the admiuirlrat'oa. the hru-U of other department" of the government, send iu e-l atMes ami recoQinietetat ons almost without uuinber. They are so numerous, aud often K> indeflnlu-, that it i? impos-lble to ninlu 11 i4*?ri Hiov rtu.itr.f 'wMsefn, l.t r. ^ . t.i ?t ' >.i? of dollar*. Mr. Sherman *ll>miUe?t the other $ar a cpeeilte *t ite. tnenl of antneof tbeta. amni.utiaa to W WM.VO. but rery maoy are uot included All llteee. together with tli? no 1 nual entimaia*. are r.'.prv.wt to the Commit taoef Way * and lieaiii, Md upon litem IIm eotuinltee have to ba?e tli? Appropriation bill*. Tlte Committee of W*]-? and Mean' reported 1.111- rtuhrw-mt every oerr?*ary Item of ti)ira ' diturc except ftn private elaitne. Tbom bllU amounted to MS MS ITS Tu, or S1.2W.01? $3 le?.? than lite cat.main 1 of ihe Hrcrrtarv of the Treasury, aad more than eleven iilltoi.* letu tbto tlte a^gr-via'a eatniate* rubuilted to them by thi* iidm'nlstration. Mr .Sherman lb:uk.t these 1 bllla a in. I<l hive ret'iired economy ami reformx Hi rartoo* departo>eni? hit would have been ample, and m?re than ample, to lut e admiairtr-fed the government leeIt ami well tor the next lltcai year. In Utut opinion litany of hia fan parly dinar a lb him, belleviaf that 1 every dollar nf rrdnetlott made tbta year will be mole up ia detti itmcj Mil* next year. 1 The aggregate redact tons by the Houae upon lb corn tn.ltce'a Mile, an reported, waa $2,238,380 81, atul they pared without a dilution ' The above table about* that lilla tlo ?e bill* ptOsed the qmwm 842.813.Sls 12. tliey were Increased mi the He. Mte to $49.M8.Btl 7$?W an lmTra?t of $8 T73".1C 83. whjii was twrta u> ooti.aaw 1 Tlte flotiar to-day diapa$vd of all the Senate bill* no tb* Hpraker'a table, atul thru eoaaldrred the auhj.nt of autle? ' rtilnx the Hren taiT of the TreMurt to remit- 821.08$.OM 1 of iranniry note* wlUu-nt iu* rea-iog the lioMIltle* of Ui" government The qneat loo ww Mill pending wh-11 the death of Mr Khwartt * i* aauoaorcd, nod the U?'ioe at JowMd. Tbnttrunt" ha* roncorrH la the fbnfereiice ftmiinltlpe'i report giving ritraordlaory pu*cr t" (apian Metga lu cutnph to the ?iter work* over (be of -hi* nperkif i tdhrer. the Herrtary if War. The precedent tv a danger 1 on* Olie. and involve* pomooal spile toward* Heorrtary Floyd, and w id yet cowii l.aek to plagno it. inventors. The k-ng standing flu ta of Mr. K- ti. .Wq iter, of Mew 1 York , paterd both Hound to day by an unaivimoii* vote I and the hearty emwurrcno* of all part lea. r tit* Kigroarui mw net or ma The itatament that lipu.n Simpson w ui oa bia way In Washington a* hearrr of 4espnl?i?es frow Hrigbatn Yonnq ' to thi government. which contain proposition* CrM 1 Iirtgl..?n. to sell out tlie Morro^a propnrty to Urn United hteww, In credited. Mr. H?? per, Wie it'leante frooi I I'tab, says tlMi'Mrlphare hie so right or vith-nW to II " y property but hi* own, vxt that It^dooa not r*-g\r I I be i alot'tnetit ae rel.abi>'. Tie pmbubtllll'O nr* that It la a ecotinonti *i of the sets me" which were started i?i>m*-ltine age by several apecaloto . t? g? t Uie govern *?rat to m*?< pT'l tu buy tie m toll, r'w ?? ?* iej i? newer r r?rit?-t ii w Kb toy f.,v ,r an" It hoi p rw qni-tl) u?' > oov , i , it otate P'ovf-on bar au.rl >' ?fV" - tiWi a>n j it tit 1 ?> isnmout latti ritcinid no intriiarm (MI ei'iiei (" ti.?n en T-r a?,y three luoO'lM. It I* -w * > ' * ' '' ' " o i ii > r v ge ihi I' * ' 1' '! i"I Rce -| i jid t?e i e i * | YORK HERALD, FRIDAY, >/ *?< .111.-!,. I 1.. ^ .. , {tf i>. , >>*.' ' ** ' wh Ti Are trauijuri m i I n i. 1?1 u trwuxwi ), i? ,M.??;.iii,?m,. y X'( i> A. i?, i.vrd*!, if.; A.\ Tf i .?. Th- ' ?t" wi- . i hv- .live i i '/.tiI ImunM il?> 'lien .1 i. 'I ill nil t i.i.ijj standing b-. ine*-! i? the I-1 'M,ua:. wli.rl, cvu:- mI o, forty UJfU.ualiOUr lot* VP" n<*r?t > . i '.? iiin.v .tuil im.y.uf po.r;:iinitv><, col( < ! i1 turn-vie - in i;?. rrMuiu ,i'i<l otiii*! nlUf " Tn i" *x.ia i .hi I ( it, nl Ann'i ;e ei trestle* vver" cou-i derail The umuiuai m (if Mr. Churchill, of T-uij->a?*. an Militate. In C :it:if ?U, li u, imt yd le-on report I from if,? Committee i,n K'ii " <11 Kelaliou*. arm rv or wr CHiKHjt-t iwTimr-i The ?;.) , j.fw'.H.'Hi hy Cotigrei*-of >10,000 for the sur m of the Cliinfjul Isthmus and Ui asrertatu generally the advuntagw. propaaed In the contract with the Vary Department, is coiwiddred a gmt gam to the Chlriqni Improvement Company, aa it aavee then the expense of surrey, identifies the government with their enterprise, : establishes its ralue, snd is a triumph over ell opposition. THIRTY-SIXTH CONGRESS. FIKST KKS8IO*. leant*. Wasaraoiotr, Juno 21,1242. ra ficmc una. The Hi use bill to establish a mail six lUSsos a week overland from Saorameats to Portland, Oregon, wan passed. ntnrrso nt aaaran's rannr bsfobt. Mr. Fires, (dens.) of Ind., (Tom the Printing Committee, reported in rarer of printing 90,000 copies of the report on the Harper's Ferry aflUtr, together with the evidence. Agreed to. nut hatal APrnonuarKM bill p.l?xd. Mr. MsrtosT. (dent.) of Kta., from the Conference Chmmitlee, made a report on the Naval Appropriation bIM in relation to the disagreeing votes of the two houses, winch wax agreed to. The House having also agreed to the re port, the bill stands pmsed. VlKCl TIVK HMSHhM Mr. Maso.v, (dem.) of Va., moved that this day t?o deroted to executive business. Agreed to. The .Suite went Into secret session. rtk( civil arvaomlvnoa :uu.. After spending some time therein, the doors were re opened, ntnl the Senate to-ilc up the report ot' the Commit .1 v. I,,|| ,,,,,1 IPC Ol I onicrourr mj iu?* /Vf'in vrjn .... ,vr? . agm-d t<? Tt after u debate on reatariuic ('iipfailu Meigs to I the 8operlnten<1enc.v of tin- Washington Vpn-dnet. thk mum or hk *-ir?.nnj Aiuith> r executive Mawkm vww turn hnd. after irhfeU a tnef.*age wis received front the Home, auuoituctng the death of Ho:i John f?rh?.?rt*. Mr. UmmM tl?e Ketinte. atlit offered (lie C'l? torn try resolution- ol leaped. He *ir- folio*i'?l h) Jfe-am. 8c?mii and .- ?:* ?ni>, * lieu rendulions were adopted, and out of respect for the lie ifood the Senate adtouriied till tisiarsranr at rltten Ot-Wa'k IIOM ? of Brprruatati ?r?. | WiMMMi)o.v J jni* 21 tsdn rar. at>: aim) roomo. \ uotiihet o ,?rI\ i'e liiits, in- return**I IVoi? ih.- m1111? itii amendtnrut*. were paused. jl imuai. 'CIiv It' cuof in red ill llio Semite niicud'TV n1 I > the ' ill jinn iJIt i l ?r Ih" jiuni. lament ol MhivIwI* and Iteimlin?1m? i?ri tn I tin: erea;** of yn: oue-i- la their custody. ft 1 Ilhor'led h tl'ie ti .| etneeding } _' t*K>. or impriannnietit .ret xmc.i '.tig t .vo year*. Anton.: olliei Svhule hills |n>a'<l tai ml u,nen.i.,iiie\ M?d flv-ftr tX-l t'? vet t tin t .?ty <.U|?)lutiOUIi In lHtea till-an.l ' ire\-i go-, .t'liiteat.- nti.Vrr etlrudilton trenliea ti 11 rnrrylnt hit 11 r<*t the* prnv i- on jf the treatie- he i* ceil the l iiitirW Slates, Japan Sliitn, Persia, Jr an<( itv inc *erta u )d trial i' mrr- to Commissioner* and Con sus: tuel a r"-n|ut 'u reeoin uendju$.' the fnc ..lent to '.oti. oate I je'.ton.'tllt ttild* it) for rentoi >ui<m to lite u tile list .if the lar roer ?*mi i.n i"Hii.a om.m:u Mr. f'iMtjii i, (dnu.) ot I'.i., culled up, and Uk Unuar ;*oo|. the hlt| providing for (tie erection of a l'o?l t>ltke ill Philadelphia. 'IIn-Int. whieli |*?.?e<l the House proposes to J erect It r<C( Ofhee and Conn Hooiu- oil the Hhiicv anil lvvy tot. on Chestnut atrect, l'lulaiiel|>tiui. anil direei- the i i?im.e """riuifi ?11.oa iiitl ?**U> *af ifn v ciiimitl l trot a. rlf lu, i I tuk' pUrpiS*. T?V SAW muI Vt. Momi. (rep.) of Me-.inadc a repart rroat the Ona i ui tlee oa Coulereuce on I tie Navy bill. Adopted. One of tlx- compromised amendment* appropriate* < I $14,000 lo enable tin- President to appoint a pen*** or 1 jH-raous, to proceed to the Isthmus of (.'hiriqui to examine I Into tlir quality an<t prutmbtc quantity of coal on the I of the thinqui Improvement Compauy; the character of . the harbor* it CTitriquI Ijq-.sin aud (iolrtu, and the prac tlcabllitjr of a railroad connection tlieae two harbors, and the b. ucral value of the privileges ooutrwcted for In the , conditional contract made in Nay, 1814. between the Ibcretary of the Navy and Ambroae W. Tbompaua an I the Cblriqui Cotuiuu) ; provided, nothing herein ootila.iw I shul. be construed as a ratification of the said contrast. THJt twun iwl BOUOM LOAJt. Nr. Ckawitibd, (dem.) of Ua., from the Committee Oi tVuys aud Meant, reported a bill authorising a loan an I providing for the redemption of the Treasury notes. The bill authorizes Uie Prestdeut at any time within twelve mouths to borrow, on the credit of the govern a rum not exceeding twenty one millions or ? m.i< h thereof aa in lii- optnioo the emergencies of the aer vice may require, to be used la the redemption of Tree sury notes now outstanding. The stock shall issue bear , tug an Interest of six per rent, and the loan ahalt be re iirev.I v thin a (s riod not beyond twenty U"r h-1 . th in ten years. Tlie Secretary of Uie Treasury shall b authorised, w itb the consent of the President. to cM?e , certificate* of stock lo be prepared by the R.-gi-t-r for the amount so borrowed, which certificate* maybe transferred on the books of the Treasury, under such regulations as may be established. No certificate is to be for less than $1,000. Coupons may be attached to the certificates, and assigned aud transfer red by the delivery of tlie same, in-l.-a.l of being transferred ou tin- books of the Treasury. Sealed prot>*-ai? by . adrerttaeineiit are to tie in\ ited, aud the most favorable ] Ofl.-I* by r?>poiu>:bU' biiMer* ir> to tir wrr|t(>><|. N'.? ! stick "to be i-sucd fur I** man |?r value, lor ?u.?li lire nf the In it. I ."lair-- U jinvlg.*,! for tbe rrdrmptMU of pi iBctpsl and latere*!. Mi. llKUUCK, (rr|i.) of (Ktio, m<i, e| tb le> tie* hill on : the table Mr PimtMtK. (rep.) nf iMno.aail If Itie i*cnat" ahmild : |?*4puut' oo I'n- lai .'I tn<l lltrrr uu other *.<) | t.? relieve tlie TreaMiry rvee|?t by Inaa, In* vote f,.i ilits bill, but *b,le there ?i' .1 pnr-prrt <4 r>eiri.l<riti;< lie lar ft ti> lie* IS-nate be Mould But OuuaOBt I* Ua |M, a.?tre of He- bill ir-nding. Mr. I'twii- (detn.; of M-i., repHeJ lie* ik-iuiie n |Hrl to act o*i tlie tariff The Himar reftffieff to t.i'jle th bill ik, italMI I'll. a.*, follow a,? Arts ?Adan<i> o'K v AihW. HabWtt, TUi-'w.m Rt .tr of 1'a . Itrn'i.ii H' irtiekl. > am;. . u 1' I or*in 1 t i.rta, flriai ?. I* dl. Ituuii. K.lwari- Kl. nherMge Perrr Wo'eate freik. lidnrr, H. alu n. (in.*, (tall. Hale. HnmpM 1 re.^limkin KelW.xa nl Mli-h . brirt i.l > f' . lee. I^einneri, r', UuomM MrKn'idU McPhera?..i M, T'l U'K're nl Kl , Miawehenit Morrill. Morr? of Pa . N<*!?- ti *tl?..*i. Palmm 1 I'ltlK. I'artrr. Poller. (Juarlea. KoImu-mi of K. I , Kmre ermtilnn, W? rmna siiuae*. (Menu". Mraltom. I'ranpki aa. ; wxs&M"4*''4- ?f ek, \erree. Wtiua, Mule an.I ' Wava? litem' of Man*.. AMrleh Allen. A'tey, I Aiery, Mark-daV. Harr, Hlake. ? ? *. lorn .am tkaetter. Hnire, Hrahaon. Mraneh. NrMow. HnMnlnn. H irrh Hnrlln f.rna f'aaet. I lark. I ..a.ton. IMi, lobar, rnl)te of V f'., i raarlicJ. I'nrri. Ilavtaof Mil . HaMam liel . Ihmmiek. KdmundMiU. Khcf. PnaMau. Poater. Krem-h Itarrell. Iiiirh. Hardenum Harrta of Md.. Harrta of Va.. IfalKai. MilL H.aird. lb. ward of fffilo. Ilnwart of Mk-h . II i*h**?. Jeukina. Jonea Keitt. Ketk?e of 111 l.andr'iin. larra1-e, leark (.1 Mirli . heake. faifao. laire, Ma> lav Mai lory. Marline of Va.. Maiuard. Mcljneen. MrRae MUl*na. Moon of via Mi.rae, .Nih'ark, Perr>. IVyi .i? I'tieliia, Prior. Km.pan Mke Rite*. R iB.n, R.tnl. Sentt, Wed* ode*. Hft-fcloa. Mfij eti.n, iwntlh of Va., ."mi'h of ff. V. Shodori.'i. Kaii'.oa. Nenartnf M<t hinke* fMant Thayee Thnman, Train, t'nler , a.<*1, lallaihiifliam. Vance Made. M'aah'.ura nf Me.. IVeti atrr. VTI la'.m Wumlaiai aiel Wrtitbt- MM. tmv ne..iH <v mm araiTAkei. ft'ore fnrllier artaai Mr. t'aBn??ij auaminol ihmh'a'h r' J.-hr. ft-hwkitr. ?lri ileal 111 ill.a city Uat unthl. payniff a tribute to hia loaar e\i tnpLiy i|iwl.ilealkhin m< a man. and iipi igl.t-.enr mill zeal an a h-glelalor. He aj . bona la y.u.liuri . I'M . U Ck'l.deT, 179G M Mtl'a. ua a|aike nf Mr. .ornwart/ l*?u bnricai man j pure, pa'f:ottr and fhlthfal p.. ille ar-nant Mr Mavviaa paid a vaUalary tribute t? tlie eliaracter O! the M.-weir. fJn.w, Steven* and IWeaee followed to eliv ' ipe-nt and anpcwpi late rciwurWa. The i*"* I r?oe4uttaMi ifttaMMr u4 raajieot ??r? . adi?ided. and a rommtltea aiyir.inted to aornmpatit thn I remain" I" the |>lare draignat. .1 ' itrnrvnt ...u- ?l ng 1 of "leaera Otodr, Train. Wlnalow, Hickman NIcon and ' Graham. I AdjviriiM Thf Homralrtd Sill. 1 The fbltoauig tx the hi.I totccure taMlaUa to actual 1 aellera no tlx* public domain, and fur other purpose*, which p*' ed both bone.-a of Congreaa on Tueaday la?t ? | Br it enacted, by the Senate and Hmue of Ropccxentai tirm of the Cm ted Mute* of America, tn Oiorreaa a?*emi l> < d. That any neraon who M the liaad of a fam-ly, and a , I ?vt :ern of the I'ntted ."Hatea, ahalt, from and after the parmft- of thta art, he untitled to enter one quarter arci t ?n of vaeaol and unappropriated public Undo, or anjr I |e?- qnontit) , to be heated tn a loot)-, In conformity with I the legal nubili vi?iou? of Uie ptibllr landa, after the ?tm? Mull have bemt at.rvered, npon Hie foil..* In? eoodltKow ? ? Unit the applying fur the heueOt ot thta act Mull upon :t|iplloatfon to the K?*t?ter of the land otllee In whteh lie or nhe l? a hoot to make a>irh enlrj , make olBdavit ho 1 fore the aaid Ke?utter or Receiver of ?ald Uod ofce that I tie or ahe ie the head of a family, ami u actually aeltled on the quarter aertion proposed in he entered, and thai enrh application la made for b'a ar her uae and betxdkl/ or 1 for the nae and benefit of tboae ?porta|iy menUoned to thta i section. and not, either directly or tndtreetly, ft.r the o?o or heiirtH of any oihrr person or persoru ? Inaiiee-v-r. and lhat be or ?he hwa never, at any |*a-vto<M time, had the benefit of thla net; and npon making the a<T\d? t a' above required, and filing the rame with Hie Keninlrr he or ehe Mull thereupon he permitted to eater the quantity of laad already uprctied provided, borwrvev, that no tlnm fcrttlh ate Muil be glva n, or pnteut looted Iberefor, until Hie eiplratl'di id Ive year* fmn th- d ?i of aiwh entrr; and if, at the expiration or aeh line, the peeaon loeklng i">rli m?rr, ar, If kr tie dead, iu< mho*, or, In eaee rw tier death, tlia child or children, or. In rwt , autoa Making auoh entry, b<'r ahlM ar children, \tt ca*e of h"e devth, ai?>|l peovaVy two credible wlti .e, I tut be.ahe or thee, hae or have erartod a dwe , ng hiuae I wot .a e t vod, aut tr.n* poed t< r ?. I.j up,n . I rfr -i f r . JUNE 22, 18i:0.?TUIPLE , i ite 1 ? / !< .j*' fd i'i t' .'in or ;j v. < iim, a ' *'" r>' sain- (ami it neitlfr (be ?ai 1 I*. 1 "" 1"' I'hmhoI Ins Wr .'i,-rated), th?*tf, I'l and. <"*se, if o. "*.v. U|ton ?' in.t ij til of ' '' 1 |M Mi r.' fvr *!'' eilrrisl, shttl be eutlv. * 41 u jmi.-nt, P* *:i- - pro* id"! by lit*J .** : pro*. nl<-I mi-Ij 1 ") cose of til.' cloath of IhiIIi" fuller J *ud m *frr. Phviiik * Junior ehUd or ehiMieii, the ri/Ut , iuj'1 (fix i v xlj.i;| inure tit the beuetit ot said miuor cUiiifor I chil'lr. r\. mil the lii.ardl.i'i '-li11! b>- author/.-*] to jierfect IV- oiiirt y ?j,e W-netielariee, %* If there Ire! be hi| t!?* cj ; . pf the settier lor Jlvo years. Provided, ; tho a.xliunr (t the tat-liou sliaii be *o tanslruel *s Ui I cml'Tree, or L.t.myw?j luciuile, any quarter section of ' Ian I o?>n uhie* fit j*'*-eiii|>tion riiflit has h-eu acquired j prior t..- tno |maoqt? (if ibu- art; and, provldbt further, tlui all cMtrjea in nil* au Vt the provisions of Hi.- aoctiou j upon w ;nch hv.'e'nwf been offered for pub. ' sale, | shall be coHiaed to aait'npofi ipctious designated by odd iniriiVt. bee Aud'he it fnitlwr enfW. that tho Register of the lainl uflkn -dial! not.- all sin*h rpplic.ilions on tho tnSrt books.. 1 plat> of his office, and keep a roirwter of *15 bdcu eutnes, n *! mate irtum lurrem u mo univ,j Laud (J(IIt o, lege riser witli Ibe proof spou which they Lave beeu founded. Sec. 3. Aud bp if further enacted, that no land acquired ; under ibe provision* of (his act'shall, id any ovbnl, boorae liable to the ruVe-faclion of auy deht or debts uulil after the isailing of tt.? txitent therefor. I fet- 4 And be it huffier enacted, tbat tf at any time after filing the uHlduvit, as required in-the first section of Ibis art. and before the expiration of the five years afore said, It shall be proved alter due notice to tire settler, to Ibe satisfaction of the Register of tho land office, that the person having filed such afifedavit shall have sworn taUe ly lu auv particular, or shall have voluntarily aboudoued the peRRespVm and cultivation of the sail land for more than six months at any time, or sold his right under the eutry, thotr, and iu either of those events, the Kreistcr ball cancel tho entry, and the land so entered shall revert to the government, and be disposed of as other public lands are new by law, subject to sn rip peal to tho Secretary of tho Interior. A?d iu no case shall any land, the entry whereof shall hare been causelk-d, again be subject to occupation, or entry, or purchase. until the ??inc slmll hare been reported to the fienerul IjiiuI (WW. ami l>> the direction of tho President of the Lulled Siatv- ogam advertised'aud offered st public ] sate. Sec. 5 And be it hirther emiet?<l, that if anv person, now or hereafter, a resident of any ore of the Slates or i Territories, and not a citioeu of the United Statue, but | who, at the time of making such application for tbo benefit 1 or Uiia act. uball have Wed a declaratioiv of inteutiou, as required Sv the uaturotisalion laws of the United Stales, . and shall have become a citlseu of tbo same before tbc 1 issuiug of the patent, as provided for in this act, sach , peasou shall be entitled lo all the rights c uforred by tins t act. i Hoc 6. And l?o it fori bar enacted. that no individual ? hall be permitted to make more than one entry under tb pioviaiiMM oribis act; tiul that the Se, rotary oi tbo ,. ihlf-rior i* hereby required to prepare and issue, from ? lime to lime, Midi rul'v and regulation... consistottl with , link act, nc slul! be mi - -.try aud proper to carry i iis provisions inf>'> effect, and thai the registers aud | receivers ot the sevcritl land nfike-) skill be entitled to receive, o|mmi the tiling of the tir I affidavit, tbo suin of J lift) cents ouch and a lite sum upiMi the issuing ol tbo g fln-i1 certificate. Bi.t Ibis -hart not be construed lo ou- t| targe rtie innxiinmn of cnuipouraiinu now proscribed by lint for auy ri-g.-t. r or receiver. I'rovided tk?t u >t!nug g iu ibis ..,1 shall be - , <s?n-li ,ie<l to impair tlie ex -ling s pre emptdoutitr a or gr idu i'<>a law-1, or I" embrace t liiiid- wh <1, lui e been v i veil to be sold or e.itered at the pin e of two dollar-aiet fifty cents ,>er acre; hut no j entry'uud*i -aid gtuluainm a t shall be allowed until [ after proof of aetnu, rclllvnient au I cultivation or occupu a ,. t>u .it least three nioalUa, as provided far iu R -c- o 1 lOU I til 01 I ' \ ! ? 7. And hi it furlla r enacted. That each act iu! vd ( tin upon laud* <>t ill" t'llit" 1 Mativ which luVl' not been ottered at public n il". upon tiling his doclaraI toil or cfcutii, as iiov required by law. h 1 >:? 11 be rntltN In I in jmh l.olu tin? otumi-iieeiiieot of llU orcnp.v. ion Mi-Uii-iwil or it (lie taint hi.e not bwa mil nyed. loo jour.- 1'roii. lb - ree dpi of !!? approved J pint of sorb lauds it tin- t strict land nfllic, within which lo oiii|iVt - the proof- ... i| . , i! I ii.i in. j i I to liter aud l? . lot tii'* 1'niit / j r!.i.tin* (. at uiin unun price of such iuli.-.atil wti'T" Kuril tlli-mem- liave alreatjy b""n ill 8"" I faith tlr" I oiliiiint h ill In- entitled to the aaet tun i?d of t wo ynu - t>. , tad ifter the date of Unset. Ptoiidrd that no rtmn nl pre coipii..n Mull be a) lor I To iiiof 'tiiii mir ti' iiilr '.t .ind - \i> u rea, or one , qoart- i' ?i t .on of land; n?ir 'hall any*' nr'i rls'.in br admitted mi ler it. pun .a tin ;w , unl"sa there ahull I.jxi b. ii ii lr,i-t ihriT iii'iiit n of nd r .iitiunniis residence i.j on. and rtiMlnrtioa of. the la id ai rlaimrd, from llir date ot - tileinenl, and proof thereof made ac riling iv I iw. Prm'lilrt I'nrthrr, thai at' p?r*nn ?'ho arr pre CUiptOfK. on ttir <1 ilr of the p*' " ?" Of thl< net, shall upon the pajmeut of Ha-proper authority of a.xtvtwo (ini oor lutf ("ill- |* r i(Tv, if paid viilini two yours Crcri the jwwusre of tliK act br eotitle.l to a patent from tlir gov. niiiciit, . now provided liy the existing pi e . uud iou law.- Ilwvidetl, further. * ? any rUlmant under iho prr-rmptmu low* :oav later l. -vthnJ itiO acre* hy leg it i(ib<ltvtaiouR rW I And he It further enacted, that thr flfth section of Hie act entitled 'An art in nddiitou loan act more rlJWtusUj to prm ide for thr punishment of certain crimes nga.nrt toe Inited SUles. and for otlwrr pnrpones," approved ttm third of March, in tbe year eighteen hundred and Ofty a vm shall extend to all 'nathr, aiflrniatiouj and affidavits required or authorised br this act. See. 9. Aud lie tt ftirther enacted, tlint nothing In this act Shalt lo" so onoslrtted is to prevent any person who lias a\ ! iln.l I. in or lii'r,. ,f of tlifi 1m-(ii lit of I lie first hl'c tloitt of tin- art from pay in* the tuiuimmn (ifice, or ttie \ prirf to winch (he miw mav li.iw :i >'l.i .t. I f,?r Pie i|i-,ant'.ty .f laud M entered at iui> t iar ulW an actum settlement of aix nv>nth* and h-mre the expiration 01 the five jrrara, nod obtaining a patent therefor from the government, n> to other ruse* provided by Uw. ] S<t 10. And he It further mooted, that' all lamia lying i within ttar lilitila of a St.iti'wImi-Ii has > been - c-> t t i sale at private outry. and which renown unsold after the lapae of thirty-live yrara. shall be. and the aam<* are herebv, ceiled to the Slate in a Inch the saute mar be si ( tuated. Provided, thrae re?aioii* aliallln no aray lavali date any inceptive pre-emption, riitht ?r lo.ition, nor any t rale or sale* ?Inch may Is- made by the United State* bo i fore the lands hereby ceded shall be cert And to the Slata , as they are hereby n-quired to be, under ate It regulation | n? may be prescribed br the Secretary of the Interior and provided further, that uo cews'ulis shall take e(T,-c. , until after the Stale*, by leg.dative art, auali hate as , Mil ted to the game. I The Haw liana pa lit re Legislature. I Owaooao, Juno 21, ltdO, 1 A bill h?< isvar.i the feglalalure raising the p rwd of < residence fi >ai three to ata nmutUs to entitle inhabitants to vote. It applies to rltte aad town? A special com- J m ttre wi'l n port a hill prohibiting the citcuUlion iu the { Plata of ueai-iwpera containing advertiuemeuU relative to procuring aborlkNM; also, a bill prohibiting the jeihlira <>n of advertlaeiaeal- or a delicate nature la the ruwxa- i I lepers of the State The < level*ud ana Toledo RailrMd. ClJltJ.IJtXD. Jillie 21, ISAd A atorklioiilerx meeting oi tiie Cleveland and Toledo I tall read a a In M here yesterday. T net uioiiigafir the )ear are over tbl.OUO over tin- * .u* eapeuse* and internal <*' He* lw?!id? and floating debt The to w Hoard .* a? follow-.?J. it Waring, 01eve'.nu<l; ,1'es pb l.ydinu, t ievet.iihI , John tiardiner Spragitc. Ilu. im: 1W M. mnniyT li.T. n i l jo. ill l?."ilitithill, ir? % ?; II N Ranila'.l, >i>v l/'ii I m. All lU? <?lil tVnii'.i 0? olMfo wrrr rr-rl?*l?"d. OMlk rill* (alhallr ArthWlaliop Blaac. As* Onijujm, JIMI' IV. 1<MU | Tl* CaUtoHc Arr!|t?t*tn?|i Wane died today. Orawlnii of ll?? Otuwar* SWU Utl?* j rta -tlKilO nnt A CO.. Maoaarra tka itnToocr Atnt ?T*TW umwi?. Diuvin-Hrti W? 96. Job* tl 1*9 ; 53, 6. 53. 50. *5. Tl. 65. 2*. ?4. 65. 110. I*. 14. natawaaa?(fcaM wo r?; Jn*?n i*w 30. 74. 47. 40. 19, ?6, 5. 01. 111. 70. 14, 30. 10. Omltn arm fni* K rbmrf \>? aridmaMng HtAwr M wuon K.IUi V A TO., WilMinctan. Do.nwara, Or W WOOD. KDlIf AOU., ML UraM. Mtowmrt. Dr?Mla|i*l rraait, Broadbtala A Ca.l * 1 Delaware Ixiuartrar? hn.aa ruaarr. Ciaa* lad. J??? tl. IMA M. 61. 66. 24. 50. tl, 50. 24. 44. 12, 04. ?7. eomouaaraft lamaar. iita lui Jvtrw tl. 119 ?>7, 00. 33 , 42 . 37. 30, 21. 10. 11. ?d, 24. 33. 31. 04. F A A A K, KRiMUHKNI'd A ? ?'.. Managera. WualacVia. Uatawwra. OMrlal Drawlafi of IIo4|n, Oavli 4k lOk i .i'ia.iiiUtr-t Itoearira at Owata ? I 't-UrT3*l Jowa tl. 1*0. 40, 01. 47, 30, 34 . 46 . 22. M, 4. 44. Frlrra (Uh'.l ia IM BrwdwaT < v?nt?r??mt frwa Ht>o?r>. iiA VIM A in, Manaarra. Mar tioxfla. Japan?Prlnrr Bmim-in-Kim I la 1 prtnmiadrrd II la rumorad ihai h* Laa aaM aa rapartal ra qnrat thai b? akali br prorVtm ?ah na# nf Kiv ?'? mainar flnta. KMOX, ?<n?fo| Bmadwaj a-vl l ain* aU?w, ah?<iM l.r pair..' .1 <-rf 1...H 11m . ? *? " H <'? ' ajr Jiw now alltb? r??r For lltbtnoM Swniitjrot it-Man. ?nd general rl?g:>aro. ibrar hula *rr Bur l i-j brat DatM'a Raimmrr Ntylra?Th?- No?njr b, r. b 11*1 it.* I*?*r1 It*-, i mr . lltiMiUa. or ir It, nor > *?r*el. ' Whit*. ID* Hatter. Ahead?AhapM latocHtr-ftw Haw. 10 DM duo fro* aocOm On dollar ah tit HrtOdwajr. DroaieM A Prorh, rmHwIjr of VIA Rrnadwtr. T?*1n? aaade ? miiKWIw ?*fc J 1 Heoann, Jr , ?ke i ooU km 1 ?ler?r of mUbm'i mna apparel. pre iw : ? * at 440 Bn- me alreH one door ?ertnf Hmwl?ir, ThMr I old friend* u4 ruetomera mrm lamed toeaU tlotite-of til i ilw(rtpitie.a aiMte to order Hi it* prlao*. r?i".k ilar i aaeotfa* pad to Araw and Nr?r L'alfnrma. UtHtf Drra Olmpo?New and HeavtlI falttjrleaat f.O?TMTT. HO* A *0.. Ml foMnarCtt. KroofcI Ir*. Trtaa?!*?a m*l* "> wale*. <r*Bff?t? a ad (111mm Maf too* A rati tfeemaetVe* of Prnfoanr ft)W i.KE'f arr* mee, at ty? Ffcrorv ' U*tral rattn" *A Broadway, ?"< otAde Awrk ?rh full ! wrtMo* dearrtpttnaa ?* rAaraeaae Inna freaVi datura. mh If*. - Photofrooht, V.lilaltra. t'?Mae?? lanperlala. life Me tlaJVHea eatr.hlUbed 1*1. * to rn wai ?r*et. by CttA* H. WIU.I AJMTj|J, Tea fenl Portrait* Hetlr^.^i Ptiotoft' *. * IIOIJIWI' old crip' de( <* ojly, %> BrOftdNl > * heeler and Wllaoa"4 |,w1?, HMhtAM. u?c* M d-wJow ?< ? T**# SHEET. "* Imgi ttphj ? \ Vrw Pi\,Hf44' *** A A TURKKK 4M~ iv. n TU- p., . i:1'11' mvium u> wii aiul er .m .? p i) l. by thu new in- 'h o J PnUltniff July 4, IKAV.?Plrtlrt ti ivhing Private I'iiU r KvLiiuumu lor iur u . ilieiaary o. otir naiinnal In to I '""e Will do wI'll to i ... net tin- lirilli.nit ttMortnM KIHiK'H IV,171 Broadway. cruci of V- V i laue Kitlawar ? _ . ._ . Overarmi* Oiand auJ *jii?nS Piinoa are wrrranted for lira yearl v.irerouui*SIvUM Walker atreet. U, u. Bioat dt Co.'i Celebrated Elliptic Lock biilrh and baal'de Bewui* Mac'unfV O. H U^UdVa, tall Broadwry. A drover * Ba^er NoUelea' Seerla* Machine to the beat friend of the family. Oi.4 4* Broadway, hew Tort, and US Tniton arte:. Brooklyn. Herring's Patent Champloa Kl/a and J Burglar Proof Asfee. 381 Broadway, ooruer of ^urtt/Brest. Me* Tort. Whlikcjrr-R. T. Salt's Kentaekp San /free Bourbon, sold by Bbdangglwa. irKOKMAtf M (TO-, ham. IB, 8W, Bll and 7M Broadway, M. T. doctor HolTowaj Poleiwnly Pledges Himtelf to thoee auffenns with aaUrheem, Itunt* evil, or whoae Dloocv u lainiea wiui scioiuibw mm iu mvu ctbc? um * uib ?ic ? ? certaiu aod never fatting cure. Try thetu. Islehilor'i flair ?> . WBf ?? Tmm* factory. * Bond street. Private enltssoe Tor ladlsa The Dye applied la the Bylight racaa CferlMMora'i Hair Djr?, Wl(a n* To? MM; the beat la the wr-rM; wholesale and reiki, aod Be dye privately applied, at 1 A?e>r Horn CllrekMk's Illwstve Wlf, wKk ?Jaitatnabie part tap*, la a novrtty all should act1 and examta.*' SU Broadway, aeat to A. T. Stewart'a Jetter'a Malr Bye?To Colvr Brow*, ?0 mats; beat black, It oenta per box. Wholesale and relaU. iW Broadway, M. T. Barry's THaephcroaa la tha Bast and Meanest arttola for drawing, tsanttfytaut. cleansing. eirtlng y uaS^ iSis aad makilngthahatr. Ladies. uy 0. Sold ay aS I TrBaaaa.?Pra flarsli Qwtilnaar to Apply Ma radical cure Truaa with atiooeea (a the treatment of bercta. iVuaaca. Supporters, Shoulder Bra*. Suspension BandAgSSL dtfe clastic Stockings, Bella, Bathiny Trusses, and an surgical , ippttaacea applied. A lady In attendance In the female do lartmeut. Ma. I Vaaey street Aator House. oppdSte 8t Paul's huroh. 1 Hill's Hair Dye 50 Caals?Blask or ? rown. Depot No. 1 Barclay street, and told by all druggiala. , I lair rutting ' o Mkrrled. Oolmks?WiomcitvnjT.?In tbis City, on Wednesday, une ao, by Rev. C. T. I?tn:irest, J.tau P. C.oldi-vi to UuOAKirr, daughter of Jjltti I,, westervell, Esq., both of bisoity. J Mono an?Hamilton.?lu th ? city, on Thursday, June ' 1, by the Rev. J. Cotton Snaitli. Edward Morgan to Eu ^ ab>-m A , yintujjf-t uu"gii?Toi me tale win. t. mistion. of Now Orleans. , Stacki ?Ou Wednesday, June 20. bjr the R.-v ,| Idwurd Je-sup, Juiin K. Ibniw to Lot/nut Mr ago, both of 2 haokiyt Whitm?Knapi-?At St M.i thi-w'H rhurcli, Jersey City, "i Thursday, Juno 21. by t lie Boy. J. It. Smitii, Aittikii A i \nint. K-i| , of New Verh t .y.t> Kuv\ A. K-VAft*. 01 J ,'Incopce, Mas*. MuMafhu^fits paper* )>! ? ><; ropy <' ????_ 1 Uirt*, ; r Ayi.wa?? ?On Tliur-I.?.y, Jem- 21, Joiiax.ya, wiTo of " ohn At l'Murd, aged M years. i*j The relatives and It tends of llio finhly are rosp.ytfullv uviUxl Pi stteu'i In turn .at, Irn-u hoi lain residence. 10U -? Vdnr j-t .I-!, n.i .i .ioiiu at hall past our J 'dock. K Utt'kHkJ i?On Wednesday, .lone 20, of disease of the B curt, in the 26lb \ oar ul hii ago. Maktua Kuaaucth. wifo R' 1 Low i- II Biak'i. . . daughter t A lotplm* and Mary . iiid i ( Tlio filrtnls of lite family are Invited to atteud tins j. nui iaj, at hvr laic residence, Eighty-fourth street, near on tli avotine, ill Is (Friday) altcruoou, ul two o'clock. BirruK*.'* ?(?n Tnuradny , Juno tl, KiiWi.axd ol Ikoosmas, null child of Jolm 1*. ami Sarah C. Brookinan, god 2 year*, 10 tnontbs ami 11 diva. r( Tlic relatives anil friend* of the frnslly, and those of bis |? ne'e, |{. 1). BpxikniAa. aro invited to auend the fuaeral, rotu the la-'dcuce ol tu* pareuU, Ul Uviug-loQ street, Iroukfy n, ou Saturday afloruooti at throeo'clock. Cox way?On Tn day, June IP. Ala* Matdk. ouly g antbtiT of Alfred B. and I'auuie Couway, aged 11 year* ^ tid 8 months. Ck *wi our ? On Wcduc? lay. Juuc 20, Joh.v Caairroao, c? il 40 ' i * HI* fri. lids and relative* are respectfully invited to *j ttend the funeral front his late rceidcUCC, ISP ti-t Taea- " Hdb street, tbtf (Friday) afternoon, at two o'clock. n Com-aw ?<?n Thursday, Juno 21, Busutrr Cathvaivk, a outigi>t daughter of Maik'e and Bridget Conlan, ago 1 2 Ul ,ll t I, i The friend* and relative* are r> -|?ctfu!ly invito I to at- ^ eud tlic funeral, Una (Friday) al'toi nn?ti. at two oVImU, }! roui ttio nuidpuco of her'|*reutr, 3o9 Eighth street, # litbout further Invitation t unawm ?On TiH-mtay afternoon .1 up 19, Cauau* H 1 mi of Charles T. I'louiweii, ken ap:l 27 year* and 4 J months. ( m-hiko ?On Wednesday. June 39. at her re-udencr, 22 . Monmouth Mreet. Jer **v City. Aw Fusa Cki"?i?ri?. the J beloved a ifo of John ?.'i i"ford, awl 04 y?irs and 7 mouth* i Her ronunna will lie taken V> Wot Troy for tutvrmeut, Troy and West Troy pnivr* jileaae copy." ItTwaBH?On Wednesday, June 30. Ida IV Pmrtm. In the 90th year of Iiih >40 The relatlvaa and friend* of the fiovlv are Ini ited to rt :pnd tbr funeral, from the Reformed Hutch rhttreh, in the ruhgo 01 Art or 1 on mit rdm afternoon, at two o'clork, \ ailliuut furtbrr Itivllat >n. The Meant uwt Matlaun l?a . p* I fu I ton market Slip l"r Atdor ia at one l? M. ItoHKMaNN?ini Welti*',"day, June SB. of pons. ni|>t.on, J Hi K. Hu*kiia.v?, aged 41 yearn, 3 moutha aud 17 lain. Ilia friend*, and alao th*members of Hoton Iod?e No. I 139, I. O. of O. are re*|wclfuily resueMot to attend the mural, from hie late residence. No 78 Bayard street, , ihia (Friday) afternoon, at four o clock. (iaaxt ?On Tuesday, Juae 19, Ruaaux M tiaaar, in the Tfttli year of liia aye. ] The relatives are! friends of the family are ret-|?eetf illy J luv'led to attend bi* funeral, lb 11 fkn Uv) after#*'1, at Iwoo'rkirk, from hi lite residence. No IIS Chrwlo- " pher Blreet, without further invitation (iirxt.-Ot Wfdu -Klay. June .9 Mi 1 Ro*? Oatskv, in III* 7l*t year of In * Her IMrndi, and Heme of Iter soua-in law, John Mulledy ami Tluenaa Mart* n aie respectfully invited to atl'Sid the luneral, this (Friday) afternoon, al two o'clock, from thu rviolence of Ik-i won in la* , John Mud dy, No. 19 Oliver t.KANT?'?:i Tur- lay, June 19 Root at M. Grast, in tbe 74Mi yunr of hi* ae>v 1 tie n talive* au4 li m-iids of tin fiuuilv, ant Ibato of In* torn, Jmdvh, Robert, Wiliiani and John C. lira it, are re i|?i ifi l:y ill . .( 'I to .itleli'J tbe fuin-i at, lliM (Friday) at " term too. aVtaoO'vW froubi lato reaideuoe, No 1U I'bt i?to|>b'T niri-et. I Ha?.*a ?'?r. Wi ilti' lay June 30 after a lingering illtie**, -Iom.n liana*, tu the 40th year of hi* age IIip friend- and acquaintance*, and tine.* of h>? tinthen-, Artljiii au<l Jaine*, aa l tin- m itih ra of Franklin , liigtue PomiAny No. 3, of Brooklyn, are reai?-< if ii. . ivit-d to attend the funeral, tbi* (Friday) afternoon, at ouo o'clock, front hi- late rtaidence. No 404 Kigbtb ulraet, near avenne l> H>a nutaln-. wilt be taken to tUe Cciueter> of I lie Holy front, Flatbuab IUkkl-i ?<ai Ttiutielay, June 31. Cam Harrj.-i. age.! ai year* ant 3 rnooUia, aon of Cdtuoud and Sarah Marria, of t>ar|ibiil>'. WatrN. Eng. flu frieuda and relative* of the funity are rr*|iectfn!lr itiMt-il U> atfeu wbe funeral, from the reentrm-a of bla , brother, William llarrla. tbla (Friday) afternoon, at Hire# n'rkx k. from tbe corner of Cheat nut eveuoe and iludaua | City, N- J , further inrltatlon. i ilKuaoh ?Suddenly, in Boaton. Chakijcn Rtuaou, f..>) I Hia rrename wtU la Omnaood (rnicu-ry 1 u ii>udlat> l> upou their arrival in this city. Th? mem 1 Iter* of the American M ";ral Fund teti are kiltiUy n vited In attend the ftui'-ral, tbl* (Friday ) afternnoti, at one o'clock, ftoto bi? late leaiUmce. 447 Seonid avrunv, without fnrther I? vital I u. . Jofmn-rxa ?On Tburaday, June SI IIsvht Jo*nauka. aged 40 yeai *. HU fr'i au<l aK| liiitauce- art re?|teclfaliy invited I to attend tbe funeral, IbU (Friday; aft ruvou, at two o'clock, front Atlantic llolel. Uobokwi IValoa |A;ten jtliwee co|t; , Kia* ?At Matitamneck, WcMtchcet r oouut/. n? Wed , no-day , June 30, M; *. Ma?v D. Ki*?, to the litU /ear of tan agr. Tbe retail-e? and Mends of the famdrare invdod to attend tbe funeral, from the residence of Iter daughter. Mr*. Gathering IVhhle, tbi* (Friday) afternoon, at iwvt |i o?look Hi" New llaren car* loavo Twenty aovcntb treet. at 13 15 P M I awi* ?4W Th'trnday. JtWte it, a 3. Lt.w? ag?d i 34 leant, 10 tnorilbt and 7 dam. lite relative^ and Mm da t>f tlie family arc reapectftilly Ittv ited in attend Ibe futneal. from bia late roaab nee, Vu. 120 Wcat Tenth atreet f0?rioerly Anton). on Saturday alt"rn?x.i.. af two o'el'vlt, wlUn-at futfbrr InviUl '<?. lit- remain* aid be taken to (trecnw.'-t t if Mirwil. I ram ?ft Thuraday, June ZV, Magi l.vtactt, daughter of Patrick and Ann I.y, ag?d 3 year*, 10 u*tulle *t<d 31 day* Tin ft 'ml* and ac*|i a'" 'aueet of the family atw respect fnll) Invited 'o alteiiil the funeral, ftom No 2X3 Sixth rtreet, um * ruut C, tbj (Fri'Uyj uftfruftn, at two o'cbick. Mtfaeiuv ?Auddc u'y. on W-dnes.t.ay, ht-" 3D Oaa.av* VolVermv, InlvwofUe talc Vn. Ke ly, a uative o thecwaM s'n, Ireland, for w et? year* a reaktMit of Havana, falw, the Ivi ten year* a rv?'.dent of thutcily i ;t i'tmm i* c .t ? n -> i ? ? -%?? - i rj i , -* wno'rVxlt.fW.fn liw IM* n?l?l??>rr, Ml f?w? ?lr*M Hi? motive MM ?<in onuiK-rt <4 tho fem ly or- re quot-4 l?? atl*e<l without fwlkw letrlUltaa. M(fUWn?.-Oi m?io?o<l*y, Jaw* 8* M (Mf fcieirt, !p*. ^ftu?h ( ef U?*rlr< uxl An* 1W MnOoiion, Ofd i? Itic ri tat fee end frk xde ?H the fnwily *rr ,n?itid t(i * ll-nd l'i? Neerel thta (Fr?ta\) ftcflMMt, M two n'rtnck, feme Urn f'tay UImvI llm. t Wen*.* e? Tbur ild), June 81, o.' roiwum^ioo, Jci* ?' (?*] ft wen, month* en-l 8 dey*. The fuendo Mid ocquFntoecc* "f ib? fcmllr ore re ?|-?Mly tuertnd Id K'K tb' ruoerel, thw> (Mder) (term n, M ?*,t nYW* V. fWmi It** rrMHreK* of hie iwiii nt , 817 Kith ?ti.?-t. tlm rrmain* *111 b* t?k*e to Sim Jr-wr no fetertiv *w>mtn|t, *t heir peit tlx o'clock. Vti mi ?Op Th'iredur, .'nee 81, low* PtTkWt, ?ie tat ?."i Mary H .r?, "k~< 4 v*r*. 10 ?oe'he Mfl SI day* Mw-ti ?tr ?>l" iVcf, 1/nuf Weed, na frMey, 18, C intern .h?w*? !* 'n* W'i r?er of hie Of" 1" Vatree e .Me *txl Hf*? ftno'ly nr rhiW ?n tn mnurti ),,A |(Ax II * men# *err iet-fr*?t In llr M. iVvltat b irio. it* ftple-krt, d . u.dey. Juoo U. 1 >?, *??? -Oh Wrda*i%y tiwruiH, J no* y) Cy? ^ 1 ' t . < re ti y*>, chai. m P<mt w fe of Oiruol W-a w. 7 n:4. .in Tii fu ?s of the family, of her sous, Wm 0 aad Geo *' H h-i Bocis in Iiw, A II FnJj, uud H A Stecor, hi* ' 1 I' *?t ana of her brother-in-law Q~o W" IWll" 'I ' I. : eelfiliiy IllV.l.J l, aile . t til# I ??f<M til' (?nd*y) afternoon ?l half-jvut iwu , fi jui uar iau cu?iJo?iso, No 3 Hu?uiiu 1*1*?r, Weil Tj.rt/ third Tif >w?..v ^v1' Wc,li;es II v.June 20, after a short autf f- iii'uf I'at son of Alexander and Auu* Maria TiiOffsaoH, BfTil 2 years, 4 months and 19 days 'liie Ir i;.. i:io rcUfv.n are roapectfuliy invit-1 to atlend tin- funeral, from the residence <>l hia pareuU, 434 ventli men e, tlim (Kri Jay) afternoon, at tvro a'cloots, v. Khout further i'otit* Ki?i ?On Thurwtcv, June 21, Rosaier R Wdw, son af R'lxTl ,tud thuali t.. r, ^ d 1 year,# inoulUa audit clavs. liie friends and rel.*i:->i:s ire reRiiectrufly invftod to attend thi funeral, at half past one o'clock, frflte Id# Or mm street. MUCKM.A1IEOH. ir Aplrk iroLi.ANn orw. . to ran travku.i*o coimnirrrT. WOI.FK'8 celt Jrtited tku-ertum Aromatic ft (map pa ataMt be In thr handaol etts?y traveller. Kn family Mould laaaa city or be a about a ahupljr d uLu* tba warm wiialhar. Jl M variably correcta the ill effort* of cbaaf* of weather, IHM ft be vera gt it la the pureet lienor made la t%e world. Put uiM pint and 'inert bottlaa. Also WOLFE* PUKJt CUUNAC i BRANDY I* BOTtUB, KADKIRA. .rfBRkT AMD WWfWIW* rovmnrcALiMA PnHw who dm wIqm alanld gtre the prafereiioe MM ahorTtwy w >11 warranted pnre aedef the beWnmllty. MB bottle Mi the importer a certidcati of Ita portly. Fur Mir by all apoahecartea. frCt autrea. grocers, and KM depot tt Bbarer atreel. At wH?unAi.K-?ROAiui.-cb<nr. bfters oam Mrt M par MDk A atocaof ont? aauoonoa baa*. O CHRMUt. IT Broadwsjt AT JOKKP. 10 AND IS ANN STRUT?A NEW SRIM of Shoe# and Oallera at B. Call and aa? Item. An knormocs safe. The largeit to New York. Tbe celek -vad Safe rnadwkw I1KRRINO Tor Wenara. HAM., BLACK A-CO, and utMl hare taken In pari payment for Lll.LIEt CHILLED ARw WROUUUT IRON SAFKS. FOR HALE CHEAP. FRANK K HOWE. SU8 Broadway, N. T. A UBIVAJ. or MB. OKOROK WILKES. A ARRIVAL or MR. OEOROE WII HER. NR. OEOKUK WILKES haa am red from NBIlaod, SEE Reamer. Aaia brlngm? a gold cup, raluo frt.m JOSEPH THORLEV, rheteretitor and *<>1e proprietor of THORLEY'8 POOD FOB 'ATtLK, to tie awarded a? a prlie for Hie fcSt ?of J lilt* Clilted SUiU'tJed otrfood ae.ixwiej with TlloRfJCT'H CONDIMENT, fall and are the Hold rttn. and ho delay* are dwigeropj. rder aaopply of Thorley'd Food for ('turtle at onre For fi trier paiticiilara * ? futnre advancements. Otllora New gnle atreet. LotAm. Depof. 21 Broadway, New Yard \RF VOW OOINO??WttKREYER YOfX MAT 00 M ' certain ,,rJ tonegleet a aepply at UAYRSFTY".d Mo. Anted 'u?er' It r .nrmt he dtapen rd Oayetty'a name t* wa T uamrd 11 turli Ul?*?t. l*P|>nt. I* a 2 IWtiMM a'.roat VVOinflUMTITLTKH, WHICH ARK .VI ANY TIMIW INJurtoua Driiaimr 'a jji'iiri'i* dm t?l? dMh.*d Ueiuina Is it-boat, rlirai>?w mid mrwi (n tmltiM at 12 cwadfc I acuta and SO vonta. Iftl BroaAvra/ and all drtTMlaU Ret OAS U olb?ra bti I '-tab a b hi prawn dlmiptxiKitmi-a* Dl'KMtAl.t.'S LJ ARNICA I.tN'MKNT Iupprrw-rl 'iv p-i?bmiu2 anin-. with a mot1 lifvliog tit leuetra'i t? jeta it* oil For alt the ACIIKS AND HA INS 'list !i >mna ttaali IHirii to. It It wltrai.i eqratl KlM-umatfam. HrultNi Kpratofl, 'a ti In the Stda and Ureant. Sure Ihami. A< vl?l 1 to >! ? pp'ipaJona Howard of miintarfMta. w>l buy ivmr h | it KiloAI.I. 8 original article. Sold by all drujuuu Rrtes I cent* ir hllWINO VOU RKNnKR Yl,?"RSr\F MABI.K T? 9 r ikt? ami omt|bt: n?o?. If your lieard won't Rtow my Oolictit will forcalt to witlUn an weed* frrai tb>- Unit naing. tad will m.I atuiu til injure die adin. I'nrell Sold by dt nuala rueiwtly. R. U. UK.VHAJK HIP N >?mu a.real NONDTWBNT OR NO HONOIMK.VT. V The mietuon at laan* i TliOKI.KY'S HiK>l> fOR f'VTTI.F WHAT IT IS RM*KKSKNTKD TO UK? The fnUiwInst I* a teauimmial from J. Beetosan Hinlay, 8*1 , ' Saratoga, N. Y\;? Sa? aria, t sprikca. May 30. 1mb T hnve Mad the two hotcaof Tliorler'wAjod for Cattle. awd mauler K ail lliat it la reemnideiKleri JTa a mndlmrnt to gK % [trap iu bv iltb, flraii and apirila. it ta the twat I bara evar triad. J. Ksaaaaa illuT Ollrea, No 77 Newgate etreet. L/iudou depot lor the I Uad lute* 21 Btoudway It. V. AHILTON it OATH* CRUTON. The Diaphragm Filler lawoufartumd by Mnaara. MeKooMB I I Kara .. Ik. vtt.a nf I'.?.. ,. rill.. I. _V. I. I -II ...a 4. ? went rrport to the Cmtno Hoard I coneldrr Lb* arUddA ndetone which mnatttntmi the Blterlrur toediiHn to bo aa tmrlleat article (or Um> piirpeee. The tnatrumaol M quite tab le nnd only requires to be returned, m nmnnellj to lam Bi c-uan. JAMKH B. CH&TUM. M. Uheetoto. "tOBNH, BUNIONS, INTIRTKD HARM, II1 ? ? V joints, and all dlaeaaee of the feel enmd, without aeia rn irenaealeure to the patient, by Dr. lAUMARlB. Mtognm hirnpudint, 710 Broadway. Eel era to phytoMepe and auf f this city. BURR PROOF RAFFS t* HTRARNS * MARTIN, St Broadway, oorner of Worth a reel. New TtoM winau>w. IN EXPERIENCED Nl'RHE AND PHI ALB rHTfnai HAS A HOOl U1AO STRIP IFOB CHILD RIM TKBTHUfg. PThlch rreaUr raolinataa the nroeeto of irtMMirn. tJpFMM he ruau-end rednrton all toBatonMoo: wtc altar aff>ato, am i eure to rrnulato the boweto. Depend apea U, nMtan I nil fire red to yo-.reelrea and relief Md health In rOerW auto PerleeUy sale la all eaaaa. Mil it-Mia of botiiea are aoid rrery year in the United MM l la ao old and weP tried rmaedr. PRICK ONLT TWRNTrrnrB CRNTR A DOTTl4_ None taeniae nnlea the far Mails of CCBTU k PUOM lew Tort la oa lha oulalde wrapper. Hold by dniffteto throughout the world. Marine, opera*. tki.rhcoprs and boat obm likw-i to (real rartetj ?i?l at tow prtoen. J I'RKXTIC'H. 60 XawM'i a;reel. PUBLISHED Tills DAT TH?: WIII TV WIF.ARD oa THE ORRAT PROPHET OF THR SE*TNO!.?? H NKf? III \ri.l*K IlluaUatinnt by Vriro ti Till* Mailad fieo of P'ot* f O'l row<>t nf nrW fitKKbitii' A liRADT. fulili? . It Au i atropt. b.-? TucfcR| RR . OKSUNPHFTT 1ST B?WR*, AL3 KRAhKHYCTt THfKK or rr. RTTO VOR THfRTrKIf TTAM MJPEftlORJTT Or RADWAY* RRAI>r R FT,1V US HUB TO AM. OTHVR h WHIN Of MRDIOATIO* roslTIVKLT RRTAHUAURD lot tbr*? who dnubt rr?u lh? foUmrlif Into- fram Mb Jaaepb hmeart i rrapartabla cnuoa nt H'-.iacy, tu ? ?|oioct, tli.. IUr. IMR I>r. RtrrwiT A Oo ? I Wnor diaoaaod thirty r?\r* n*r> ul OTrr yn<f I b-\ * 4nrtnrod w th tho boa* ph;mrtaiM IB Btea fQalocyJ IU ) but frow worm n*id?r tbotr tri llama I to triad a ran at) of lb* popular adrartiaad rrmrdma wV do boMor aicotm Rotten*?oo, not blag 4t4 DM kW RMft oaui 11M BADW AfA RRAD7 RJCLrV. TIm. for I bo M Ma* In tblrtoon Ion* ymrm of ipiklph. MA 007 nod dlanaaa. I fall MM and ooaafart. pan* MhN Md to li mnt?a loft ma. andI waa a*ala abla to on jayBfa. My iRmm waa all aawr of bod/ and ibro*i*b my iypUm. Doatara mEm It bp dlffaront uamoa. I waa Umo.rnpated. had 'iraahlM atel riraa my body, paiaa and arbra In ao af limha, hamilA paina In tbo a oaaacb after latin* ooald ant aloop aattar# aoyibliMl Uka a hwhhf maa ahoald d??hi faaL t WfRfVte "trite tea Roadj Roltef I took R ADWaT'B RRtiOLATIXfl rtUdi in RRHOTATIXO RRHOI.ncirr AH aiy pains and arboa ten mo?my anraa va baalad, aa. bbmdiaprira Ian ateop woll, ao<l (amaa *1*orpaai atea^R. and boafthr aa any man doairoa RaI'Wat d rkadt RELIEF la aMd for tea Ma mIRi por hnitte. rkrov attwfl RFsot.TW?rr?l par b<*ua. RaDWaTH RROl'i.ati Ntl Hl.fA, m. par baa KA1)WAT A OO. UteteaMM Raw Y^M Tni IKTFUNT or THB I.ATR D. L. TPTIIU, WW MM manafar and partner In Ik* lata ftrM of Lfor A Ok r'tjr"'i^sv<ZM7rt"n4* Fh>p? hi? rr*o4a tad thnaa erf kit toot tan bt tnttod oMk ttjlaa of Halt. Onpa A>ft Halt Atraw (landa At., tiltiitti it tl Mttna* and riMtlaa. Tkt pr>?M tttnfotol tf Motatt U?dt m tnMpMt. tad eoolaint aU ikt aoMlO>a t^Ul^ttttW^ rnt *AR.-Tint Kl'NHFR AKI> IMPORTARCiOr TW? antaffamavat >J l*r RARTLoY. tka aiuritl. adLartatqt* ISa pnaWMlll/ of rai- uint ?bt mnra mm paM**t? aIVrir. i,no .lap of /tiljf. 114 rouna?atk Mrttt. atar um AtadtMj tM Mntlt. . Ar Mil SkltM* tn.a omitSJ? ttt &ly? ?W Oa ttaMaTUOfc A t.FMJA COAT*. *> 5J1" At IMA#, tad ?IH1 YRBTR * tt aTi>M ?1 At Ktot'. ?? *r?tfaa?aaa4. |('nn una* raw^ _ At Biwrt, POM am* DHO* 09 AW, lift m . At Amp rmm am* **-?? ?"? AI tn^r ?M NtaMA liwWglMW

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