Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 22, 1860, Page 8

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 22, 1860 Page 8
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4 COLLEGE COMMENCFMENTF. m? net ni? lit of ??w Omtvrratty or *cw York. twenty eighth atiituti commencement <>f the N> i University was Cel? bratotl yesterday moi l ing, at 'f The faculties and lUkkMi f the University, torwilh a Dumber of distinguished literary and so- i ' gentlemen, assembled in the council room of the rut y at ten o'clock, and formed a procession. On tug at Niblo's, a crowded audience was found ,n fig, composed, as is usual upon such occasions, fur not-t part of the fa(r friends and relatives of lh? ! coMrguum. The excellent hand of the Seventh reit, under the direct;.>n of fignor Crafulla, was m atn> e, aud, as witi he seen by the programme further he of music were very choice. As the mou entered the hall the iiarch of the National f I *> .u- - ? ? ncg the dn-iiugiiished geaitlemen upon the platform (iced, in addition to Otancottor Ferris ami the il faculties of (he University, tbe following Owe. Esq , M P , Preahlent of Columbia College ; tbe Rot. j hwitt, Rev. Pr. Strong, Rev. Dr. Potts, Rev. Dr. Iter. Pr. Clarke, of Brooklyn; Rev. Dr Newell, C. A'erplanck, Eeq , Bon. (loo. Opdyke, Mynderi ehaick. Tnonuui Huitern, John P. JuhuAton,amtothers, g the (list mgmshod medical goutleiuen present waA one, Professor iu ibo Medical Department of the^ rtuty, win?e name is connideiad throughout Europe 01 the tirst among American physician*, opening prayer was ottered hy the Rev. Dr. Fkrius, | eliorol the 1'nivcrsfly, after which the following bscrved as the omwsr or rvtatciKEs. at in Salutatory Oration, Albert C. Bishop, New i ligl -h Salutatory Oration, Alliert 7. <ray, New | ration?The Focus of the Sciences, Jjekiue I'lil, I aeopsie, N. Y. tnk.snjihical Oratk-n?Tbe Fbiloeopby of Nature, R OpdyVc. New York. Tatiut;?ilani.nesjs of Character, Henry J. Crane, El ford, Pa. Tiilain?Depraved Public Tastes, John McYep, New 'raiion?The Connection of tbe fioul with tbe Body, ' d W. Ely,theater. Coma. ration?Saying and bunrg, Edward Abbott, New ration?Aspirations toward tbe bilknte, George P. . New York. Tntion?Tbe Moral Balance to IntedJectual GrontMM, a n DM, Nl w York. Oration?Poetry of Commerce, Joint C. Shaw, New j Oration?TYue Government, A. A. ledfcld, New I >atinti?Readers and Thinkers, with the Vatedictotrce-'-e, \\ iMani >1. I'hrauer, Jamaica, I. 1. oral lens delivered by the young geutieoien were client, and reflected credit both on their own ship and uptai Die institution from a ha h they go s graduates. And nidging from the quantity of tin tutcs ui the dun*1 of wreaths aid bouquets aimwipon emii .uid oil of the speakers, their eBoris did k appreciation with the audience, rg nr delivery of Mr Fllzsliumons' oration two .'.ipaneee?s?t?ama Owwltl ami Kose t*oiiiihc?enho theatre, which materially diverted the attention audience from the egereiseg nu tho stage. They aU ia the dr>*s circle. where they were soon beby an anxious crowd of autograph fcx-kers, whose city certainly prevented the Oriental visiters from iig mueh ot au insight into the workings of our onal institutes, if that was their object iu alteudiug mmencement. irder of exercises given above having been gone h with, the degree of Bachelor of Arts was con ipon the follow iug candidates, in course ?Edward . New York, tivurge I), (taker. New York; Albert op. New Yoik; Henry J. Oane, Pennsylvania; 1 TV By, Connecticut, (liarles FUzeimtnons, New Albert Z. <?ray, New York; ./allies W. Larimore, in; John McVey, New York; Win. II Neilsou, Jr., fork, Joseph L. Norrell, Tenneaaee; Henry H. New York; Wm. H. Hiraner, Jamaica, L Lj A. Red lie Id. New York: John C. Shaw, New York; hrady. New York Erskine I'hl. lVughkecpaie. egreeof Bachelor of Science was conferred upon J Bioodgood, New York, and Auums .S harif, licatcs of superior merit were awarded to Wrn. lookers. and Rufus King, New York, rary degrees were then conferred upon a number lemen, as follows:? r of Arts?Rev. ('has TT^Iaird. r qf Divmitu? Rev. John McMillan, Kircudbright, I Ret William Ormistop, Hamilton, TV ; Rev. i Hogarth. Itetroit, Michigan; Rev J. E. Cfcldwcll is, President "f Aiiama College, Southern Texas. r if Lav*? Rev John Edgar, p. p.. Belfast, Ireubcrt Hogg England: H<? Henry E. levies, Judge t of Appeals and Justice of Supreme Court of the : Ni w York. Hon. Jsnies J. Roosevelt, late Judge -irpr< ae Court of the "'taw ?f New York, District y of the ri.iU .t State! at New York. i acre then awarded to the following successful I t<>r? ?In the Freshman clam, the prtae for the | loiar-lnp in tJre.-k, to Ixinu-l ff. Martin. New York; best scholar.-hip in latiu. to J amen Urowu Hnr wark, N.J . Tor the boat echolardiip in Matbeto tharUa H laid I vim, Jamaica, I.. 1. < e-'phutuoro class, the prum for the best seholnrlatin. tireek ami mathematics, to Marshall Whit oria, I. 1. ae young gentlemen descended the platform they oeh applauded, both by their fellow ftuvtenUl and ' leoor. Xereiaee were then concluded w ith the hentMl/ctioo irellnr Ferrti. 9 I e jnctiem of the audience remained some time in I promenade!* of the garden?some congratulating ng graduates uinl prizemen, and <'there engaged iu ut ihe ornaments ami decoration* to be used at mere bull tut Monday night. ieTi iscs at this commencement afforded proof that ver?ity u still endeavoring, a? ahe ha* endeavored | r foiiadaliolt, to do her share in making New York i it already is the commercial, capital of 1 "try ltnt|m College. otnmencement exercises of Uutgors College, New j ek. N.J, passed off pleasantly on Wednesday. i mber* of the Senior clams reflected much credit on ! ves and Alma Mater It is invidious to draw J "ons.baiwc are i mpelled to acknowhdge the oratory of Mowr? McNeel and l'umpehy. which, I bursts of applause and bouquet* that followed, j that they were fully appreciated. City Intelligence. tvrb op tub Motuioss.?The steamboat I.*.uo carried mei uigii? 10 Aiiuinj aiwim on mormon*, ived in the rhip William Tapecoll, from Liverpool. May fc-t. A large proportion of them are wo- | *ily of English btrtli. tbe remainder being WcUb, and .Standinavane. They go via the Sew York 1 Great Western and Michigan Central Railroad* to j . thence to their town. Florence, *n?ne Ave mile* 1 <un< tl Bluff*, altera they U-gin their long and toll- ' irtiey over the Plain* to their paradise, Bait Ioke bey are late in the season. and wdl undoubtedly iorb from hunger and cold befbre they reach some eleven hundred are already on the l'Uui*, e are reported The company leav lag la*t night i v the charge, of Klder Calkin*, alto rejoice* in "wtia of Ave wivea, a ilh a prospective utcreaao nor* j or a Coua Bros* ?The comer rtone of a arw iow course of erect ion in Thirty fourth street, lithaTenne. thr the congregation lately worahiptbr Reformed Dutch church at the comer of and Greene Greet*, a a* laid yeatenlav afternoon, nwaiy war preformed by the Rre Dr HatIteld, re?ra were made by RcV. Dr Dealtt and Rev. /abrWhte and Hryker. TV church, a biuh it in | rutod C.dUe MyW, Willi two tower*, will coel The ground e?wt MS 000 lie area W AT Nt . fr*s 9 mebe* deep?the lower* to be M feet high la will he of brick and the front of Xew Brun*w? k e. The building will be furnished with gallerte* ?id?? if it* inli nor. and a ill accommodate 1,101) It suit be randy fur occupntton by the 1st of y neat. c*>T or Ckuntaa B Cnoawou.? A* will be reference to oar advert wing column*, a reward t* otlbred for the rwovrrv of the body of Mr it friauOTii. arta> waa drowned by the capeittng wnt off Ghw Cwew. U I., or Tnrwdny afternoon ulhi hair, ahhdter* and mmlacbe. and hi* linen chad With hi* name urn Gncraaanos ?'TV French Canadians rtwident itn intend te have a grand banquet tomorrow ?t the Apollo Room*, in Broadway. The affhir. It ted. will ho of a eeiect character, and mane dt* I % HMBUjra C Mr W*WI. rant fcPBM Ka*?i A?tw?y ? An Imjnfft waa rrdaf, at Mh> fbWfWal lnim . tm WnahinfVm poa (be M4f of Jam** Famll, who dM at bi? i la Oafcwntm atrMl, aaar Hamilton i?au?, on "nUrMMm UMCAKM, MtupaaMMt.or I .uM at fl*V w*D a man nawd X?H Cannon -iru?ea/?ir inaUnn b.r lira Hao"-. Whatoy 4U. nmawd in olloi* thai Farrai r-aiu-' to hi* apopiMCT. tbrrr toinf DO BlfflM at rlolror.. of a iiura. flw wer* ? nK alight twwlao* about the tm-. win. h. M awmar.'rf li" tuMt anateiaaol ia a fight A rartirt at ?'ppaih by apoplaajr" waa , awl caaixYi wbo haU two arraatoj, waa aai f?mrca at laowrtiwi ?ft* co^ota af f* raat'a a tb* ooracr of Court and CongraM slroota, waa / lightning 011 Wrdnrt.inr ati' rnnoa wood fr tbo door waa tome* bat aplintarad, beanie ilaifiago waa oauacd. , ooaita TanrrCita Rami ?TIC* annual J waa I lb# Brootlyn Taeht Club waa K> bara take* unlay. but wat portponed until Jtooday oral it of a ban* ball malrb, In whiek tbn n>ot?b*r* r.-taW, MM* whiHt tank ptao* t?-*t ti>* Yarht e in the afternoon. Hevrral valuable paiaea ana * rded to the winning yacht* of each claaa. nrnw of HOTtarinrro * J *aarr*t ju r*r>? -The total rtfwnaaaf entertaining tb* Japan. *0. *ir reoeot twit to Philadelphia, uas but about < nrWIefThf fb* *W ahlrti attended iboir rw p t .initio* a pi *wr to hay* beer remarkably pro r ni*f ,u Vur?at ( NEW Y THE TURF. Th? F?<hion C'onraf Spring M'ttlnjr? fiird D?y'i Ha.iHK-The Prar Mile rut H?r? antl Handicap To-morruw? Great Hacc lor Twtiily Thua?und Dollars vii Hie Faaliiaaa Cuurae Hxneoa Pla??t, Uatiii 1 Bu<mr and Congarcc, the Tiit-ee Ueat Uium-o In Amrrk'n?Plora Temple utxl titovgr M. i'lidiivii igain >Ukhcd. Ait. The third day's of the Vathion Coi.rro (T. 1 ) vpriif u;i < tir.f. came oil yesterday. lite altcn lot.-.' of sjxI'lalfrs v i- in t more rvrrercr.s than on the preceding day. yet it cm.prised the Hit* of the F porting iuid tart tonnblc circles. To-day the assemblage ia likely to l>e<?ery large. m tlie four mile raee dny> is regarded at th?J most interesting and fa.-bionable of the meeting. In addition to Hint race, two hauiiiea|? will be rtui for the entries for which will l?e found helow, and wc have no hepitatlon in rtuting that the programme of s)iort for Cod.'iv i? tin* In Kt anil mi?&L liberal that th*? on/*rcrnti? ?%,*. pr.etor of ihe course, ilr. Boury Colton, hoa yet yruvAitJ for the New York public. The III-1 race yesterday wn? the three mile heat rare, for which only two horses wore .entered, vit, Ifcrutr "era mid Irona. The former, in coafccqueuco of bis eu?y defeat of the once fatuous four Bailor, Nicholas 1 , in the handicap of Wodoosday, was the favorite at the odds of $100 to $25. and MMO at lh?ao tag odda Mile money war. nverted. TIio line npiM'aranee rjud blooming condition of the favorite frightened most of those inveterate takers of (aide w ho are always to be found on the race course from hacking his .Uilag<4i?at, who w evidently not adapted tor the wear and tear of a three irilo heat race, very anon after the time advertised Hie judges entered the stand, and sumniotud th two lior?-?*? lor the rtK-T RACK. Proprietor's pnr-c. three mile liont*. of $700. CP l.loj .l entered er h. Thmgsueck, hy Crack er.outof Silly Ward, five years (oluc Jacket hi.-! white cap* 1 1 Thor. Ik?wefl entered gr tn. Irona, by Register, dam t>y l'riin e (ieorge, live years (ofoo jacket and . a'p) 2 dr. Time?$19. Fmsi Bhat ?Irona had the insulo. and alter one false start, a g.??t send off was effected. Tbrogstieek soon showed :n, pulling double. He kept gradually increasing hi* lend until, on |ueeing the Mnnsiau House, ho was two pood lengths In advance. His rider now improved (lie pace, which up to this point had been wretched. and going on with his lead pamied the staud. tho drst i mil' round . hix iriiKiiw hiiciiu. uuuik viiuuu uu? u|>|mt side of tlio marsp Irona began to iWti'w tbcgapbctwceu them, and <? one fur side nearly reached bin quarters. Tlirog*ne$k newt improved the pare and )>a??ed the stand on the " ee'Uil ik-iIp full of running and four lengthe ahead. H<- maintained nrul increased his lead ail the way ruuud, tin* gray mare laboring hopelessly in the rear, and maltsip it a'mooted question whether she a Mild not he distanced. Tins mirtirtune was spnred her. however, by tls? connivance of lite jockey of Tlirogsnodf, who took a strong |>ull at his horse, and just euubleU Iroua to save herself from being distanced, the horse wititling in the hollowcst style imaginable. The tuaru wa* wubaequvutiy drawn. Time?819. Track heavy. Tlie next race was for the proprietor's purse of $440. mile bents. I?*t three in five, and had throe entriee?Pauline. il>i>u Ibsiheur and Starbeam. Rosa was the decided favorite, sell in p in pools of ftjQO for $135. while l'suline brought $50 and Starbeam $25. The betting, whtcb was very limited, ranged about $100 to $40 on Rosa Bouhcur; Pauline, wtio was fancied by some few, beiug backed at $80 to $100. w liik- Starbeam's name wan never mentioned. Proprietor's purse, $400. mile beats, liest three in tlve. Thomas ftoswcll entered ch. f. Rosa Ifc.uhcur, live years (blue jacket and striped cap) Ill P. P. flush entered ch. f. Pauline, tive years (blue and yellow jacket, white cap) 3 3 3 C. IJoyd entered ch. f. Starbeam, live years (blue jacket and white rap) 3 3 3 Time?1 68?1 59^?20>?. Putst llr.AT ? Patdtue took the lead and carried on the ruuuing, with Starbeam In) g next, and Rosa Bouhcur under n liard pull last of ail. On the upper side, Rosa went up to her horses, and pacing Starbeam, went on with the running, closely attended by Pauline. Those two, almost locked together, raced to the straight run in, when. about half way up. the favorite came away, and ali)*"igh Pauline strove bard |o get up, she was unable to succeed, and Rosa won by half a length. Her jocky rode w lih exoellent Judgment, and deserves credit for the tvvilenre and skill he disnla.ed in this heat. The track mux vorjr henry, etjscialJy ou I be far skle, which accounts for the tunc made?1.5$. JTcwp Hear ?The betting wag altogether in favor of Rota, who was backed to wiu at 1100 to $20. without much bu.-iiio.-g being expected. 1'aulinc wont off as usual with the lead, Rosa tying close up, and Starbenm gome two length* In the roar. On the far Hide Rosa Brmheur cfaal engt it Pauline, nml for MM distance a beautiful and exciting struggle whs witnessed between them. Coming , round the turn into the straight, Rosa drew ahead, and, gaining at every stride, passed the gcore a length ami a half load, hi 1 60.',; trtarbeam being half a dozen lengths behind the second horse. Timtn BzaT?Anr odds now offered against Pauline ami .tturlxwm. $100 to $10 being the current quotation*. A gissl send iff was effected, Pauline and Starbcam Ireing Urst ami second, w ith the favorite laying handy at their quarter* On going round the up|?*r side, Rosa went up and Joined her hor^ s for a few moment*. when, quilling tinun wilii the most consummate ease, she went oo with the running. She maintained hor lead half way up the di-tance, when her ruler, thinking he had the race In hand, took a strong pull at bia mare. and. Pauline coming w oh a rti-h, he was only Ju*t aide to secure the Oat of the Judgi j In his favor by a short neck. Time?201^. Today's mciug is the prim i|?tl feature of the meeting. In addition to the four mile heat race for which the horse* are named at lite post, a handicap, termed the New York Ilotel flandicap, one and a half mile dash, w ill be run for. For this the following sis Itoise- are entered:?C. R Llody'a gr. b Tbrogsneck, 111 pounds; C. 8. Lkiyd'a b. h. Prophet, 104 pounds; C. J8. 1.lord's s h. Siarbeam. 00 pouuda; Tlios. ISjewell'* gr. m Irona. 100 punnda; P. C. Bush'* Pauline, 04 ]*wnd*;M lUan'ah. c. Trov store. 00 pound*. There is *l?o a handicap for Ix-aten horses during the meeting, two mile beats. the weight* to be announced after the last lace. A capital day 'a sport may therelore be rouiidenily anth'ijiuted. and wu e*|ss i toaa-e a very large attendance to witm .-s to day* racing Letter from the Pope to the Btahop* of The Fope ha* "lit * reply to the bishops of Canada. to thoT address ( > hta (Mine**. of which M do Charbonin II u ,i> the Is-arer t<> Nome. It t* addressed to the vene. ruble brethren Mm Flavlen Turgron. Archbishop of Quebee. Ignore. Bishop of Montreal: Joseph Kugene. Bishop of H\ i..k n, Thomas, Bishop of Three Rivers; Adolphe, Bishop of fondwtch: John Charles, Bl-twip of St Hr? i nitio . John, Bishop of Toronto; John, Bishop of Hamilton; Kdward, Bishop of Kingston and to Bishop of TV>?, coadjutor Bo bop of tjuebcc, and to Joseph, cmdjutor Bishop of Montreal:? Vi.MJuaui Burros**?flenlth and Apoatolie benediction. We havo felt (rreat consolation In receiving from the hands of our vein rahlc brother Armand, ei ch mnt Bishop of Toronto, oho has arrived near to us, vottr letter, so full of deftrs?r, bearing date the 2l?t of January la?t. For. ronfortnally to our d? slier, each of you united with hi* Jin k. addrf?-ir?r himself to t.od to ask from him the UK roe ol which we liave need, both fhr ourselves and oar van aAairs, in thc> general upturning of thing* In Italy This solicitude on your i*rt testifies to our ryea the force and grandeur of your love, of the devotion and reI *t*vt whli h unite you' axul tie you so ekwely both to na \ the fraud* and tl? hatred* 14 mar .nennoe tiara afllkled ymj a illi pam ** well an the faithful In your dtocr**. Tlieac rr.einica have not ainee reared to tire at her tub/eel* ofrlu.frIn. fhr tuvlnr altie.1 themarlret with rebellion* MiliHcta, ami *Mppurtinjr tlirnnrlve* ujmo a rlfht itofth.r now. flier have driven from their dominion* tin- l.f itiinal* Prime of Italy; and, while feigning all atI at anient ami report. they have not he?it?te,| to carry lb* revolt inta our province* of tbe .Emclu. and to take poawa*1(? of tlx in for tin roe. Ivr*. On arvrral or cation* *f liave WnMUy and publicly etjrnnliand thla hypoerl*y and imprudence. and wr liare not failed to pronounce rcfdttlaatM-al and ceneur.a agonal thrae sarr ileglou* attempt*. for it ta Ibr u* a duty to pefecrve firm and entire tli. patrimony of the Holy !?ee,*o Inttmalrly rmnonciad with lb. Iililttt and welfbrr eg the universal church, and tor tbta rear.? we arc ready to aulfcr ?m>< icn* and peraej rutH?? raitu r than abandon the tuat cauao of the Holy | far and of all (ail.oii. a. Wo arr truly cooaoled by the nnantmnu* approbation nf all the biahop*. and It It , with g-d roaann. rrnorat.le brethren, that yoti ' give praiae to mo among yon. lttu*trto<ia model nf a and ixMr coinage, who, without foar ! of the power* nf ibo earth, haa an worthily de, jatided and -obtained by hta writing* the rtchla nf the [ c It il pi in. ,|a.llt> t?f the Holy See. Wo arc (onaoled *7 the pii . all.rehn ? irt nf the Oithotk? mitver**?an att.vh m? nt of which we rcewlre t.atimony every day and from J rvrry aide The* we wait with omfhkwce ttie powerful tot caw ift;?d. and we are aaaured that the moat merciful J^r.l will rear ire a lb (paatncaa the prayer* and the t* v?wn whieh are addrewn*l to Mm by all the faithful. Hint hy hi* antorctfii authority he will drive far from the trmpr?t which ha* been let h?we afainat ymt. . and tlu?t ho will Mmn ?ooi>rii a (WKni? triumph to the Ih'ly ChaTrh In the meantime. reaerahle brethren, do nnt'ceiiao to rat?e your hud* to heaven, mn<t with the flock c?*u4lile>! t?> your rare. addreak rourartve* w ith ooo <lrtii' to tlic trory powerful tfueew of how r en and ml* tree* tho world. In Mary. Mother of Ond. and Immvu lati Vlrjfln a h<t * tho aafegaard ami Uto flrm aupport nf tho thurrh. Ko-elre. a* a teatimor.y of our *lncere aBbrtino for ynt . iUo apcwtolK* benediction which, id all the am tority uf our heart, and hi wlablnr yon true happtnaea wo pive with tore to you, our venerable hrothrrn, to tho c lorjv of yottr churi hoa. and to all the faithful people tliti ii at H" It terr. Rome, the 5th My of Mav, Id th? ). ?r imai the XIX of our puaUSetlfl. Tit'!' IT IX. faurt (alrMar-Thii Dap. flt ratwa t o. kt-c tact it?Part 2?N<w 421#, 3MA, 2723. 24*6. Man I*m? ?an*. 4*16. 4001. SAW. 13i3, 4430. 4424, 1M6. 4200 2<**} 4744. 4424. 4*M, 46M. 4*H0, tiwO. 44M, 4449. Stop Hit. .two 2360 2400. 4441 420B, 4MV. 4MP 43flfl 4M*. 1044 4444 4117. 4144. 1403. 606* >k, 3001 2MP. 64)30, 44TT. 4H21 4203 4TT3 4471.4*41.2*74, 424* 464.'.. 4342. 210O, 4*?. Ml*. 14*4 jnflfl. 4407, 4H*d, 4*76. 4*02, 30W. 3100, 3101. 6102. MM, 4404UN, 4* TV I >r?w> Wr?rr? Dtrrarct Corwt ?N?w 27.J# to 87 .?rfroi?m 101 at ?Port 1?Nne 470, 476, 233. 467, 413, 647 403 1126. 225. 321 Part 3?Nua. 1M. M. 030. 600, 16. OIU. <34. 630. 040. 042. >t iwbmr CUtar?Dacmwwa (V*?ra?Ttrtrrr fUMtafl* rm-frma are not aw-re that the law impe.e a line of thirty dollar* to he collected ID the Cnited ."lotea Court*. w.'Ui coat*, fhr refoadim to at?wer kt.f rf the |?f.i aueeta n* to he a*li?vl hp the nrnrabala who uke the rer aOa We aee t*tat three cu to have Nm 'Monti to t itti.cbeia to collect 2** to re faaaie. ORK HERALD FRIDAY, Dr. Ilny??* Atr*l?- V\f <f ?f ??n. *nv Vi rrr tvkvn nv int. ttwr *\i> wrw HIrscv, THE PI.AN At* H'TIP BY UB. ilATKft Ut? WINTEB ilKADQrAKTW.?- WHO IMMfO-K TUB PAtti\ nur tm nnwt to icuomtlini mv MI|IM no mil QTIPMXKTfl IN. Tho iiiUHlitwii * ..I tail in in II' ii <ti tiio 'JUth ir.?t . in a line srhocncr, fitted up eipr< "ly f" the dangers ??f Arctic voyaging. having four busts, two of tin m mod. led after the boats tercel by the ether American Arctic boat*, ami built of wno*!, anil ouc Francis metallic life boat, so ci ui-lru. Icil an to be r. adily taken apart and put together, for the mere convenient tran.-i* rlati.m over the ire on (bulges; the fourth l?sit i* only it ennmtow ship's boaA. Die |.ro\ iiiioati will cuiiM-t mainly of pou?ton and deestcated meat. Many art a les are needed in the provision i and clothing line, and the committee would gladly receive them mid forward thixn on to Huston. A large number of application* have b.^e* made within a few days pact to t>r Hayes, by young wtett who are anxious to visit the icy regions, but as there kt no spare | room in the vessel, they of course have been reftised. uy :m ex.-vimumniirtu uic inuumee, ?m ??< |k-iv*i?<-u I hut tho Arctic ocean htt- a mean diameter of about 2.500 English miles, and, rudely estimated, an area of 5.000,000 of square milea. Tlie lands investing this grand and extrusive basin form the southern margin of a great ice belt, which is continuous across the various channel* connecting the At* "tie with the Atlantic and Pacific oceans, thus surrounding the region adjacent to the pole with a frozen aunnlus. Pr. Kane, whose first voyage as surgeon under Mont Pe Haven, in 1850, iutd given to him much important in- j formation upon the ourrents and ioe movements of Baffin's : Bay, rarefully collated such accounts as had been pub- j iehed respecting the various efforts to penetrate the ioe barrier, and thus nrrt-wxl at the conclusion that the time route lay up the then unexplored Fmith strait, which ' opens at the bead of Use hay. The eeconil Grinneil expeditim added new proofs So this theory. Although ice is often mot in the line of Baffin's Bay M low as the lianks of Newfoundland, yet no serious obstruction to navigation is presented unUt the latitude of Vpper KavlCk, 11 degreiw-CC minutes is renehod. and beyond this our whalemen peac-trule normally, and with little risk, as far as 76 degrees, in order to get to the wiutiing grounds about tlie month of laeeaster Sound. Between (he highest latitude attained by the whalers ami Snitch Strait tlie water is free from iee during the summer, and the ^Instance, uot exoeediug 150 utiles, is readily traversed. Pr Kane'e efforts were experimental, and his winter harbor was selected on the eastern side of the channel, in latitude 78 degrees 37 minutes. His subsequent explorations proved his |KXtition to have been nn unfavorable one. for he was exposed to the full force of the polar curroot; tl?e tee brought down by the current not only prevented his release, but in ronseuuenee of the obstruction presented l>y the land, it was broken into hmnmocks to the northward, which rendered travelling in that direction excessively laborious. Vrom the experience of his predecessor* and his own, T>r. Hayes leaves direct for I'ppcr Kaviotc, to procure dogs and furs, leaving that port about the 28th of July. and. proceeding through the middle ice. will reach Smith Strait about the l&th of Augittt. Tlie first summer will be exhausted In reaching that locality, and the winter will close around Hiem early in Septnnl?er. From that time until the 1st of the following March they will remain inactive, hut ii]ioii the earlkvt return of sunlight the boat party w ill leave the vessel. The team of seven dogs will I readily drag from 600 to 800 pounds weight upon a "lodge, and they will average in speed from thirty to forty mlleg per day upon a ration of thirteen ounces of pemmican. Tlie vessel will be left in charge of one half of the crew. The exploring party will he in the field during the summer season-, anil should Dr. Hayes be successful in accomplishing his |Mir|aisi-s, he will return U? the vessel before the close of the summer. If, however, the explorations are continued Into the second winter, he will not he liberated before the follow ing autumn, prolonging his absence to two and one half years. I?r. Hayes is very sanguine in his hopes. He says he expects to see the little flag lie planted on the coast of AMI I And in ISM. and lipMH to reach the open sea. Tlie expedition will consist of Dr. Hayes, as commander; Tapt. Met Unlock, sailing master: Mr. H. W. Dodge, first officer; a second officer, surgeon, carpenter, artist, oleik, steward, cook, nnd six men. Mr. Snentag, who was the astronomer of the Kane expedition, will accompany fir. Hayes. The objects of tho expedition embrace many points. 1. Tlie further exploration of the open Polar sea discovered by Dr. Kane?to determine its limits and charac- , ler, and thus to settle wore positively this vexed <jue?- j lion. I 2. To complete the surrey of the northern coasts of ; Greenland and (Jriniiell land. 3. To determine important questions relative to the magnetism, meteorology, natural history, and the general | physics of the unexplored region north of Smith Strait. i indeed, there m no detriment of physical urieneo to ' which valuable results may not be contributed. TELEGRAPHIC. Boston, June 21. 1S00. Or Hayes' Art tic Exiiediticu will sail fromBurton about , 'lie 261 h. The officer* of tho expedition are ?Dr. Isaac I J Have*, captain; McCormlck, sailing matter, and Mr. Hodge, lit* officer. A second officer, surgeon,carpenter, artist, clerk, steward, cook aad six men complete the complement. Dr. Hayes hope* to reach wiuter quarters in -no lb Strait by the 10th of September. Additional from Mexico. BKFAgrSO IT OF THI JCAHET CABINET? KKSIOVATIOM or THE SIT RET ART OF THE TKKASl'ET?THE WAH 1 IS TH* INTERIOK, ETC. (lYotn the New Orleans Piraynne, June 1? ] The schooner Star, Capt. Gammon", arrived this morning 1 from Vera Chit 71 ie Star lelt Vera Our on Friday last, the flth Instant, I and bring* one week Inter new* than we had yesterday 1 by the Kn?lt*h steamer at Havana. Tlie new* is of the nio*t important ehararter. Ute long ' pending differences in the (abinct of ibe constitutional 1 government have *t Migth come to a head, and just as Iw in tlio interior, thai guvcrumcui ilgclf would seem to be breaking up Wc have already recorded three or fonr Onhinet change* during tlir la*t few month*, and now wo have intelligence of ibo rcnignatiou of S n<>r lordo de Tejada, tin1 well known ftwiary "f the Trrn irv, the real hewd and front ot the liberal party, and widely known, not only In Mexico but in tin* roiintry .tnd in Kurgpg,M a man of lam Intelligence, rxtcnaive information and great financial aktil. Thi* event took place on the l?t in*t . and ha* naturally created > nn?id< eatile excitement at Vera On*. The differ ence* of Setior lerdo with the real of hia aeaociatea. and c?j*-cially with the Prewldenl, were of a political character. and have tx-en for some time port well known totbclr immediate fi nide The 1**1 difficulty however, and lluit whiah waa tho Itnmedmte rauac of tbe tmignaiion of tlic Minister waa aa follow*-? .Wane month* tinea, and aoon after Mtramnn'* eipedl tion again*! Vera On*. Ibe trea?ury of tbe r?o*litutK>n?l government found itavlf man exhausted aUtc. and tlio Mtmater. wilh all hia well known financial rklll, hardly knew wbitkcr to tarn to meet hi* engagement*. TV expert** nix-eaaary for tire aupfMirt of troopa in tlo- interior, and nubeeepiently for the defence of the city, hod been urmen?e Ami. at'the aame time, the foreign nmtnrrer of tbe pert, the only aonree of revenne, ww in i great part destroyed by thi- a late of thing* itaelf. A* fhr the trade <4 the interior, the oppoemg |wrtjr long ?inco | look good carp to hare it entirely rot off And yet. in addition to all Iheae mormon* exprr?e?. it kmame neoewaarr |o make Hill grmttr. in MMMfig the now debated army, tor the purpoec of carrying on the war In the interior. It w?? in view of thi* Mate of thing* that the Secretary of the Treafory propoeed a? a laet reaort the *u*pcn*kia, tor tbe period of two month*. <4 the payment of tbe to- | reign debt, for winch nearly two third* of the rurban due* were long etnee pledged, and have ?tnce been regu larly anticipated. Tlie jiropo*ltlon wa? approved hy the Pro?idrnt and hia Cabinet, arret. that there might he no ml*undor*undtng In tbe matter, finally aeibmilted to Captain AM bam. of her Britannic Ma> ?t> * chip Vatneou* (apiain AMhani of course protmted. hut only for fiwm'a rake. a? It waa well known thul It wae tlie only conr?? which, in view of the rwhmroted eooditiun of tbe trea anry,?i-eibt he |*ir?oed All went well ?o tor. ami the Heoretary had already taken hi* conr** accordingly, when all at e*ice lie received a not ice from the President tliat the *ehctne nuwt he given up. and their engagement with fnr< ign government* maintained at all hawtrd* Thi* took the Hovretafy hy *urprl*e; he waa alrrady compromtaed. and he of couiwi rr*igueil An atlemtd waa aubteititciilly to patch up the difficulty, hut it tolled A* to Hmor lerdo * rut 11 mm. we hear the name of ( ov. femora mentioned meat nromtnewMv, hut it la v<ry probable that it* trouble* will erontuate in Ibe on tire breakiag tip ol the Cabinet, and tho organization of a now our Titr war in mr ivnmto*. Of tho war Mi tbr interior, wo hava nothing of I in porta noo. rti. pt tho rumor that mi'<anqaonll.r tn tho unfnr ttmatr ittark on Unadalatarn. tbo retreating tlhoral arm? Ml In with Mlrancm. and whipped Mm. Ono lot tor tia add#. that the cnnat it ut tonal iota afterwards rotoro>| (huutalifara. whl- h wae now la tlioir i*eee<-dno. Bui this la root .Wmhtfid, though It i* rrry nueaible the llbornlM? nmv bavo bad a turn gf food fortune, after tbeir retirement from the ritjr or tbrlr rrpnlw from flnadalaMra. we Itaro an abun lam o of part tenia ft, but they really add but little to what wr (hrrady knew. t MTKIi HTATT* I.B0AT1ON TO mmco. ITbrn tM .#lar lofl Vora On*, tho Mini*tor Mr Mclane. ami Mr f-f.-o. tie tVeretary of I nullum, wore aboont on aa rapodliom with lie Ttooklya, down the cmaat (Inbl* rrtnm, ?ayr ooo letter. Mr Mi lane will go up Into tbe in Urk>r to apr nd the summer; another aaya that should the triwty not bo ratified Iw will rrtnrn home. Tic flm.1 an km of Mm Senate on tho treaty was not known In VeraCru* whontbe Star lofl, ami rrer) thing was dr|iondlng on II. ' VS>- are on llptno ah<?it Iho treaty," fi.ya a lethr: "if it la not ratified thoro will bo hh*?lrli.<1, maifby|.in, fait :roa, mlarry, slant turn. and other tMt?g* hnrtNid i"o?rrlptloo and bolief before long in this unhappy country.'1 NATAL SIC*P. Tbo I'tilted stales rtoem sloop of war Brook!) n, Capl. Farragut. war down the oangt on a cruiee. The l nllo.1 ?uitie aloop-if war RMattya, Ca|M Turner, an I'd on th?- /rt for rhllwfol|diia. The Totted Stale# ak?T? rtavanaah, flag ship of Opt. Jan ir, to I) !ng at anclsr nppn*it#Grcvn i?.?cd, and the Trip R'ltof at ^orlfiolna. T Rr t.?h man if war Vnh.roii#. Capt A'.dbam, ea?kM en tit* M aat., rat a r.'ro ha* If"* no ofbf rharte n the peeilioaia f tM rvrc h. rb v> *"*' ^ forte, rr.-o pi r Jarl jcrourfg JUNE 22, I860.?TRIPLE POLITICAL INTELLIGENCE. I Ij.n, i ?Madame Pahs' letter, in favor of old : Jibe Lincoln. black rejaibiwamem and abolitionism, makes ; nearly two columns of words, w it hoot containing one single idea worth repeating. It niay be termed. in a po- 'J litica! sense, the last will and testament of the last ?1<1 line whig. J Co\Tm.> \nr?f^tonW two democratic tickets be run, Bell and Everett wnnkl probably receive more votes than either the Northern or Southern democratic candidate. In the alternative of the choice devolving upon the Senate, that body must select from tlie two candidates for Vice President who had received the largest number of electoral voteg. 1'pon the hypothesis that these two will be Hamlin and Fverrtt it is eonjertnred that Everett would be selected by the Senate, and so become President of the I'nitsd States. i f > 'T iwon I r.^n .Vf ? -Fomcbody lias discovered In a flic of the Kern TorVt-r for 1830, which was at that time owned and edited by Horace <>reeley, the following paragraph:? Hon James Buchanan, of Pa., will lie pushed by the administration party of that Ptatc as a candidate for the 'Vice Presidency. Ho man will dispute his ability or per- i eooal worth. Est. Among the articles patented last week eras a machine for skinning eele The inventor has sent aaaachine each to Confidence Casaidy, Peter Cogger and Dunn Richmond. AstotniR Dxsranit.?Hon. Anion Ooggswell, formerly one-of the leaders of the black republican party in Xlinne. sola, and .-'peaker of the House of Representatives of that Ptate kin winter, has given formal notice to the Central Comm.itec to be counted out. He will support Douglas if nnstninmed. The ftaiociutic OAvnrTUTjt son Coo hvor or Irtrvois Hon. JiMtu s C. Allen, the democratic enndidate for Governor of Tllmois, entered Congress in 1RS3 as a representative from the Pevontli district of that Stale. In 1854 he was nominated for re election, and when the votes were counted rt was ascertained that lie bad but one majority. He t'*4i bis sent, but his opponent contested his right to do so. In July, 185fl, the House ruled Mr. Allen out and 1 declared that his opponent was not sleeted. This ro- ' atanded the election to the people. Mr AUeu was nominated for tlte unexpired term, and at once thoroughly canvussod liis district, and the result was that he was elected by a majority of 2.945. He resumed his seat at the next session, and served until the close of that Congress. In December. 1857, he was elected CVrk of the House of Representatives. He served as flerlc of the House for that Conge -s, and acted as presiding officer of the present House of Representatives during the pro- ; I wo e I n<l btritctrlA t Ita 4 nti rl o/i in t ? M w ?n.. m me viociiuo oi .nr. renuington n8 Speaker. Usios MtniNO rowvosrn 'The proposed grand ratiflcation mooting of the Bell and Everett party in Richmond bor been put oft until after the democratic nomination at Baltimore. Balloon Aacenalon at Palace Garden. A large number of ladies and gentlemen congregated at the above fashionable place of resort yesterday afternoon to witness the ascension of Hiss Myra Rneella in the balloon Venus, which had been postponed from last Tuesday In consequence of the changeable and severe weather; but yesterday proved to be no exception, and Miss Rosclla had again to disappoint the expectant audience. The advertisements In the daily papers informed the public that the inflation of the balloon would begin at three P. M.: but it was four before it actually commenced. In the meantime the people gathered within the wails of the Garden amused themselves by examining and admiring tbe new and various decorations.and making remarks and suggestions on the weather and on the daring and courage of the young lady who was shortly to brave tbe elements in her frail carriage. As the hour drew near for the ascension to take place great anxiety was manifested, and a desire that theyonng lady should not venture to go became general, as tho winu wan wowing very nara trom the north east, and tha sky was filled with dark I and lowering clouds ; but ber courage was < unshaken, and she informed our reporter that she would like to go fur many reasons; the moat urgent of them was I her desire not to again disappoint the people; and again, the thought that it would prove a trial to her courage and self possession. She would have insisted on going if Nr. He Forrest had been the only one to oppose Iter; but the people were opposed to It, too, and particularly the ladles, of wboni there were a larga number on the ground. Mr. lie Forrest was then placed in a dilemma, but determined to get out of it by putting the question of ''Ascension or no ascension" to all. The ayes and noes were called, and it was unanimously declared that Miss Rosella should not attempt the dangerous experiment The dlfflculty was not iu the ascension, but in the descent, and they were afraid she might meet with some aocklent. Mr. De Forrest was determined that the people should not be entirely disappointed, and aa Professor Wise's brother was on the spot it was proposed to htm that he should make the trip. To this be responded with cheerPilness and alacrity, and after making some few prcjoraijens jumped Inlo the car. and gave the word to let her go, and go she accordingly did, with a bound, aa if anxious to oar away and defy the coining storm. 8be at once torfk S southwesterly course, and in a few miuutea was last to i lew. As far as the ascension was concerned, It was s success, but a great many entertained feiira that he would have great diflicuily iu managing the balloon while he Was descending. A few words here about the fair aeronaut who was to have made the ascension may not be entirely out of place. Slie made her first balloon ascension In New Orleans last IkvetnU-r, sines which time she bM lteen travelling * oter Texan, and In tL>*t Stale made some eighteen rojr- ' *K< ?, so that vbe hi HQ adept in the nav i gal Ion of the air. She liaa ?lmo.-t alwoyg owl hot air balloon*, which necessarily made her voyage short onrt; but she has seen and ' felt M ine of the danger* of ballooning, and doe* not lack courage to assist her In her dangerous and exciting pro- ( fwkn, one In which the absence of coolness is equivalent to deatruction. She is very young, and her maimers ' and appearance are both affable and prepossessing. A* >-oon a* the present unsettled elate of the weather ' rhall have paawd away, Ml** Roaella will make tier Or;t I i -"'li ? N? ? York Iron, tf,. ! , (. ,r I, n \aval UUIIi|tace< 1 The I'nited State* sloop of war Macedonian, Captain I Levy, from the Mediterranean for the I'nited Slates, I parwed Gibraltar on the 30th ull. ] Tire follow ing Hi a copy of a letter written b/an officer on board the new I'nited Stale* steamer Seminole to a < friend in tin* city. The Navy Department should have the Seminole examined at once, a* the statements Cue- f taloed m tin* letter are too serious to overlooked:? ( I'-rrm) Srarr* Sraanr.a Smixoig, 1 Notrroia, Va., June 19.1M0 J I am about lo take my departure from the Cnlted State* for Brsill la the t'nlted Slate* steamer Seminole, one of lite new sbtfif* Just bnllt at Peuoaeota Whether her officer* and crew will tver return home i* a question. H? r present condition is one not otily of an uuarawerthy ship, | but so foul with the stench of bilge water, even while lyliir oiDetlv at the wharf, that tire health of all are endan rrred. Yellow lever and pralllcocc mutt he bred In her. T? five jrm tome Idea of her OMraworfhyncaa, [ would < ritt,. I Ib.1t i-Im i-toll.n lor.' Hi. ! all?iii-i.le and Oiitawle. II<T diagonal knee* are the mercet boh hen of ahlprarj?T(l?Tiu|f that were erer impnocd 00 the yovcrnmrnt All thia hat l?eeti reported to the Nary Department. and workmen hare In-en accordingly placed no board to ?tfomt'i mine remedy. bat in repairing they hare ocly do- ( veh>peil more aerloua defect*. I niu tatltOed that Hie !* par tin* tit iloea aid fully comprehend the alter failure and horrid condition of the Srminole, el*e the belief w on Id not prevail lie re that the ahlp i? to be hurried off to tea within n week, and certainly before the i?\n be made either aafe or healthy Humanity forbid* cruelty to animal*, and t* not Jark at b net an animal f None of the officer* deairr lo leave Iter <0i the contrary. th"r are Ju-t a* anxious to nail aa the government ran be In have them, provided the oaken chipa wliieh produce the bilge natcr are rlnuanl from the blip. The*, from Ihe peculiar eotiatructioo of the rraart. ran only Iw done by placing lier in d?iek. With every b.>|*> that mir dear t'm le Ike or Omaw Charley wM do aomclfcing for ua. 1 remain, he., he. Arrivals and Drpariarrr AM*iv*i.n. tjvraroni?WeimOdn Awa?Mr* Ferrer. M*? Tolas ?nd art* sal. Hrv R K B.**h, Mr* and Mhw H?*h Mr* Knbeltna. Ml** F.rilngrr. Mr Nabob**. aart four rbUdren; iaro Mi??e* Nl<hel*on. Mi*a Sarah Bey my. Mi** Criwby, lieneral ?'on|>*r and led*. Mr and Mr* Dllxvan, ckild and ?t. m'. W .1 K?rrl , ! son Mr Fmat K M ffeedle*, Mr Mite*?lnrar, TVf m?* P*Vtor, . (luaiuvti* F Klttf*. Mr Hamilton Wen Thompson, Ptpphen Hill. C winger. Rev .* Rer?l. II Bleerker, .fr, e Morion, II T Con, | Mia* VrM??ler. Ml** J*' b?on. Stephen 1'rtee. M**ter Pttavna. , Mr Ferrer, Jr; II M Booth. lieut MrAuley aad My, Ccnrfr Cork bum, Mr Mulfisam .1 M M*rr?d. A Ber I err. I?e I* Terre*. C H I???, A P lei?nn, Thore** R ntewln, Jrwlah Hale. Jr. William Austin. ?"a|.wln F TaJdwelL L. ? le?rr*ft. I. Harrwarn. IJeut WPkuiann. Hopewell smith. Barm tkMen Saeken. ? T Mro?t H Rhine and lady, Mr Ferrer. A t olas Mr Nolan. Mi Hlbhv, M At*.??l audBro, TWiea , llmlinm Mr Rut .f 1/mIIT fl If If'mtnhfPTB. Mr VOflllifn. .1 R?nd*lL J ?l H?hm?k, Mr An?oil A Hrrfhrr. ?N.|.U.In > n Krllr. M.-?m Tr?l^ Kin*. J W Tarrr, r?cf. Wilkin*, r r rml*rmiLi Inlet.. II K I?I*r*?. (WtM 1? llmrk, |*wl?. I. Klnwm. tl?wi< 1 T. Jrnkln*. II Hmry, Alrtundrr W?lkfT. Mr and Mr* Ixw-kwurvl *nd twnrhltrt?n. Mil RDM. IXnwnii ?? ?> J??k Mr MarWn. J 9**^ Mt? W.jkrr *1* W.IWr. Uwrta, Mr and Mr* Job. t Tmr\. Hrnry | I r?4a. Tntal-IU. Rirnnonrv Ik Mp Tnr klrtim?W I/mtiMM <1 W Ward. Oar ft Rrld.K M ?*???. V iHnnnbfix 4 "gator. FHHaywmrt. R ^ ftwl?*r. I>r K Montm. T* O bWn. J <! Wj*nr' t Roken, O W .famine*. .1 R Flnlrr. *1 UMM". A I gi.H-k in** a a Itarirr. r. h oip K j r*,lrlh',^ A R ""ll 1 kr.NA Mmlth. Mri.hti M*. B MB*. J l?lT And rhJM, Nm.mam. tadr ?tmI l?m cMM**; two Ml**** RrM*. Ml? P?Alr*rtti. Mm* Vok.otr Hour. K Rnkr? an.l W|. MM*JVlT**l*r. MV?* fYtrrrrw, A K Pltimmrr, M O C.irMoa, WJ i"TS SrrrMl*. MM* A Burho, Mr Knnin*<-r nnrt thraarJrtktrtn. Mr B Parana. 1*0 rlilblm and arrtrint. Samurl A?m and Udr. Mr M*.chant. (' W Hrklarford. Mr JMrvrnarw. MJ *nd .daughter, , Mi?Wh,tin|t,MHi*ITRC*mp. Mr B Rkbartt Mr MrHnrM.ilt, Mm*, Ml** Chancy. Mr BaothhU mm! Man. Ool B A i TVmvm-aod U 1? lha *uwr**?. PWABTTOBR. Birnwotrp, kf ?W'Mnditp Rn*nnfcc?P flf kln. l 1< lWvW, Mr* Mary ? I>wbot* and rhito. J nyiwl?. Si* tlr?tojk? Ilnrlay. .1*, M rigroiMlerr, J Ant ool*, Jaac* MaiotjaI And ? in ibr Mrrr**". ! PtTnn r??M ? tbn pMt Wf lb* K*w n*mp ' ahlrr ?uir I*.*.* tea P? <l nearly t3 MM c*ih iuIo Itw j tHalc trnrary frt m Ibfl :*tW tf prHwcwt. 3HEET. FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL. Thursday, June 21? !* M. T) t A-ia arrived at an early honr this morning w ith advices from Qtieenstown, Ireland, to tlic 10th inst. The point of the commercial news is the continued activity in breadstuff's, owing to unfavorable weather and short supplies both in England and in France. Cotton was rather depressed. The funds were unchanged, but closed firm. The demand for money was rather on the increase. With regard to .American securities, Messrs. BellfJb flon say the market remains without change, a very limited business having been done during the past week. The quotations are:? United .states 6 *, I860 08 a 100 I*'. 5's, 1K74 W4 a 94\ ; Kentucky 6 s liouds, 1868- 72 00 a 92 Maryland &'s, bonds 96>> a 96)4 Massachusetts 6"s. bonds 102 a 103 Mfssipsipiij 5'g, Union Hank IkuuIs 14 a 16 fthlo 97 a 98 I Pennsylvania b g , 84 a 86 rv>. 5 s bonds. 1877 86 a 87 I ronth Carolina 6's. bonds 86 a 88 Tennessee 6's. bonds, divers 80 a 82 Vireinin 6 s. bonds. 1886 83 a 84 I Tin. 51SKK 82 * M Illinois Central 7's "0 * 82 Do. fl u ... 77 ? 79 i Po. fflroelnnd) 7'p 81 a 82 TV 42 a 41 Michigan Central 8'?, 09 W a 87 TV shares 46 * #0 i New York Central 6*8 II I M ; Po. 7> 93 ? 05 Po. shares 71 a 73 New York anil Kric Railroad 7's, '67 88 ? 80 Po . 'fit 87 a 89 Po.. -8? 77 a 79 Po.. 62 45 a 48 TV shari-s 19 a 20 Panama Railroad 7's, sterling, '66 100 a 102 Po.. '72 88 a 100 Pennsylvania Central S'g 01 a 83 Ratterthwaite says:? Rnsincss in 4jncriean securities continues to be limited, ihe demand being chiefly confined t> State stocks and the best class of railroad bonds. Fr.e 8liare? have been taken from 18 to 20, by parties who are look lug for higher wiecs consequent on the much improved condition of the , indertnking; the opening of the first forty mtlna of rall oed of the Atlautic and Croat Western, from the Junction * itli the Erie, is regarded favorably. For New York Oenral shares, notwithstanding the road is doing so well, there s no inquiry, though the bonds are steadily taken off the narket for investment. For Illinois Central share* there las sprung up some demand, consequent on the sudden idvnnce reported from N'ew York: tliey close 40,^ to 40 liseiiuni Consols close 93,'; to 93\, ex-divideud, for ac ount, lotb July. ? The money market is easier again; the increased Icmnnd noticed yesterday was merely spasmodic. Ye quote short paper at 4) a 5, long ditto at 5 a 6, In both cases for first class; call loans, 4 a 5; second !laa* paper, & a 7 a 8; names not generally known, ' a 10 a 12. The amount of money seeking em* ployment continues to accumulate. To-day the gorernment draft in favor of the State of Missouri waa >resented at the Sub-Treasury; the total payments it that institution were *556,002; the receipts, *313, w, ui wmcn ezuu.wu were irom cuswm?; oaiance 1 thin evening, $6,135,981. . There was a fair business done in foreign exchange to-day. Bills on Londan were supplied by Worsts. Belmont A Co. at 109| for sixty days, and kt 110] for short sight; on Paris at 5.13| for sixty lays. These bills are drawn against bullion; the ] Rothschilds are receiving from their agents here learly a million a week in coin. The business in bars, owing to the speculation among the bullion j men, long since ceased to be profitable, and is now conducted within very narrow limits. The Batnrlays steamers will probably take out over a milion. The stock market continued to evince strength :o-day, and prices of all kinds of securities closed ligher than yesterday. As usual, the Western shares engage more attention than other stocks, he low price at which many of them are selling, ^ ind the prospect of a very large crop which wonld ] rive them all as mnch business as they can do, 1 empt speculators into the market The advance " o-day was general and uniform. Among the Arm- 1 est stocks on the list was Michigan guaranteed, j rhich has been largely bought by friends of the ] lew direction. We are enabled to state, from personal observation, that the road is in good order, 5 ,nd, from present appearances, the prospect is good , or an unu-nallv heavv business this fall. At the T lose to-day the nurket was firm at the following ] juotatlons:?'Tenn. #'s, 92) a 93; Virginia fl'a, 93) ; i #4: Missonri fl's, 84) a J; Canton. 20) a 21}; Cum- j terland Coal preferred, 12 a 13; Pacific Mail, 90 a j; New York Central, 92 a ); Erie, 19) a }; Hudson i liver, 48 a}; Harlem, 12 a); Harlem preferred, 19} a j; Reading, 41 a ): Michigan Central, 44) a ); I ] ifichigan Southern and Northern Indiana, 13) a ); lo. guaranteed, 27) a ): Panama, 132) a 133; Illiiois Central, 421 a 63; Galena and Chicago, 61) a Cleveland and Teledo, 30) a 31; Chicago and Rock Island, C9| a ). The land sales of the Illinois Central for the last nineteen days amount to #26,909. stockholders' meeting of the Cleveland and Toledo Railroad was held at Cleveland yesterday. The net earnings for the year are over #76,000 ibove the running expenses and interest on the bonds and floating debt. The new board consists )f J. B. Waring, Cleveland; Joseph Lyman. Cleve- i and* Jno. Gardiner 8pragne, Huron; W. M. Ver* I nilye, New York; G. T. Olfphant, New York; joleph Benjamin. New York; H. N. Randall, New London. AH the old board officer* were re-elected. The Harmony Fire and Marine Inanrance Compaly have declared a semi-annual dividend of Ave per ;ent; the directors of the Broadway Bank a semiannual dividend of five per cent, and the Chemical Bank a quarterly dividend of six per cent, payable July i. The earning* of the Hannibal and St. Joseph Railroad for the trat week in June have been aa follow*:?Pa**enger*, 99,008 40; freight, 10,484 30?total, #18.402 70. The earning* of the second week of June on the Mh hljrnit Ontrat road w* ft*.541 74 Mcond week m Julio, lfc&tT 25,960 44 Incrcaw 42.441 94 The earnings of the Chicago, Burlington and Quincy Railroad line for the second week in Jane were:? 1460. 1M0 Freight 91? *** 41 96 *01 04 tnr . 96.414 44 Psssengfts.... 10.327*3 h.WI 74 Dec.. 1,474 13 ToUl MO~3H .13 34.762 7* Tnc. 46,434 44 The follow ing in the balance sheet of the Bank of , British North America dated December 31,1869:? LiMMNtt. Capital. ?1 000 000 I aw.ioa Ivpjwwlt" 47IIJU ! Bill* payable. miitotUer llabilitm* 463.439 : ltr?rrTP tn mwl bint Hurt rtmibtful itrbte 66.331 Rr-ntr IB nrlnlMi dhrMfwI. 30000 I'mttTMeit art profit 123.866 Tntal ?2 423.346 Vflr Mil nth #1 bt?Dk?r#.....' ?194.160 Bill# receivable Mid ?Hber aecwltir* 2.179 8M i Unnk jimntw* 40,500 Tidal... ?2 423.346 / ii;6f nnd // ?< Arctmnl to f?tv? nbrr 31, 1369. IDvWrniw declared *? fnltotr*:?. Ai rnkdaummer. 1*69 ?30 000 At (Vienna*, ie6P w 30.000 90 000 Balance in band befnf undivided tint nroflt to tin Sin of Bwtrtlt, 1669 123 *69 ? Total " ?193.866 Ratonm of nMIrM wet pridll* to Mat of Beiimler. 1866 122 766 Net profit fbr tlii' yrnr 13M> idler il.Murtii.ti of Ml current rhnrift # ami Income ta*, and prot iiliiig fur bad ami doubtful debt* 61.112 Total ?183.666 1 Tbf follow in* i# the Pittsburg bank statement for Ibo week preceding June 18:? Ha nit Cimlttfifm Spuria. Infit /Vonefl*. ' Rank Pittsburg.. $291,181 428 614 1.622 462 671,393 iKihanp 496 226 192 068 1 496 836 907.036 , Kerch. * Maunf*. 308 889 118 832 1 076.988 941.116 ritlar-ti# 241 600 60 P00 784 129 91.609 Hrebantr#- 239.260 73,018 760 960 106 296 IrwiCltv 261 038 103 136 727.689 214.390 Alhgbnfi) 867.506 103 960 901.296 *12 664 Tbtal .92 029.666 1.102 446 7.947.641 1.743.916 1 j??l week 1 919.666 1.189 906 7,914 339 1.893,900 Tti.reaee 109 870 -* 93.66* ? Ikrmto ? 1796* " Holder* of the bond* of th? Colttmbn?, Plqnt and Indian! Ralroat] Company, codoraeti by the U?v$ i mrn?rn^m land, Columbus and Cincinnati Railroad Company, iu view of the decision of the Supreme Court of th? United States against the endorsers, had expected that the interest due tbeiu would at once be forth* coming, and intimations to the contrary have been received with no little surprise. It is now understood that the Cleveland, Columbus and Cincinnati company have made no provision for the payment ef thin interest, and the inference ia that they have determined ttpon allowing the question to go befor? the courts on the main issne, they regarding th? removal by the United States Snpremc Court of the injunction of one of their own stockholders, whiclx restrained tbcm from paying the interest of th? bonds, as nothing more than a collateral proceed* ing. The amount involved, it will be remembered* was about half a million of dollars. The Cleveland. Columbus and Cincinnati com^anjr would act mure wisely were uu'V 10 uoamiou me litigation. The Boston Foot, in its weekly review of finnnc# and business, says:? For some days Now York funds hsve been comparative ly scarce in State street. A continuance of this excess o( demand over supply would soon take oil'some sped?; and lor a wtiflo money would probably advance to six per cent, or tliereabont's. It is rather early in the season Ibr exc hange to rule against this city; nevertheless, the tadications aro that it will do so. This is the only item of th? least interest in our home market, and even it may pass away, and leave notion# but unvarying dulness and' abundance. Money is easy at 6 per cent on call or on time, with occasional transactions at lower rates. Business is as stagnant as usual in "cucumber time." Sterling exchange has become a shade higher, and the specie shipments seem somewhat on the increase. 109V was asked for the best bankers' bills in Wall street on Saturday, but" no transartioniCwere reported at above 109V- Tbw* ia nothing visible that Indicates any lightening of the general money market, although we may have reached th? minimum rates, and although in Boston there will probably be some little advance In price, anil some temporary diminution of supply, whenever exchange with New York shall rule strongly against this city for any length of time. With reference to the plethora of new cents, thd Philadelphia Ledger of to-day says:? A small, though to some, perhaps, a seemingly unimportant matter, has been incorporated Into one of tbo miscellaneous appropriation bills, and is now pending in Congress. It is a provision forbidding the coinage of cents after the 1st day of July next. This coin, within easy distance of the Mint, lias become an intolerable nuisance. Small dealers liro litnnillir run itrnrn nlthl# mnit sre taxed with a discount or from three to Ave per oent to get it on' their hands. One of the evils resulting from tbo abundance of this coin and its depreciation is its payment at i*r by manufacturer? and other large employers io their workpion, thus inflicting the loss of discount oa parties least able to boar it. The consituents of the Philalelphla members of Congress ore tho greatest sufferers from tho cent nuisance, and it is hoped their representatives will give the amendment inhibiting any farther roiiingo of litem for tho present their attention and aid. :ol. Florence, the Indefatigable member from the First listrtet, we are sure, will but need to be remindetg >f the wrong experienced in this respect to do what h? ran in tbe way of remedy. Mr. Barr has an amendment abieh he will propose and endeavor to have adopted, that iNtrties holding five dollars and upward! of cents be allowed the privilege of changing them for gold and silver roin at tlio I'nlted States Mint. Tbe amendment ? a just >ne, and ought to be accepted. Stoclx Exchange. Thcasdat, June 21. 1M0. 12000 Urates 6's,'74 104>? 150 sha Mich CRR .sOO 40 1000 do 104',' 50 do F10 49 12000 <h> 104t, 200 do k30 49*S tOOOTenn ? s. 00.. 92?i 150 do 49?? 1000 N Carolina ft. 06 ?< 100 do s30 40ig 8000 Missouri fs... H4V 850 Mich So & N I RR 18)tf 1000 California 7>.. 02X 53 Del L Jk W KB.... M 1000 ERR2mb ext. 95 20 do 05>? 7000 E BR 4 mt bds. 67 26 Ind k Cin RR.... 43 luvuu r. r\n o mi ixi~. sw IICD m c n I g I. 27 V 1000 ERRc ton, 71. 49 V 100 do 27V 2000 II R Hit 3 mlg. 01 215 do 27 6000 do 01 ?< 50 do *60 26 V 11000 MCR8p< lmRl cb 97 60 do *60 26 V 10000 M fto 2mt bd* . 48 100 HI Cod RR scrip.. 64 1600 111 CflTl RR txts on,' 300 do 63 V 1000 do 91380 do 03'2 6000 Ch ft VW 1 ml. 67 20 do 68 V 2000 H ft fU RR ba. 73 100 do WW 63J? 2000 Del. L t W 2m 101 350 do *10 63 V 18 *h( Rusk of N Y. 104 50 do *66 63 V 24 Merchants, Bank. 104 V 100 do s30 63 V 10Second Av. RB... 98 50 do 63V 20 .!? 97* SO do sM ?8? 10 National Rank.... 104 50 do e60 63.V 10 Del ft Hud Ool Co. 97 150 do c 66 V 23 IVnn Co, I Co 85,V 50 do b?0 63 >2 150 Cumberland prof. 12;,' 250 Gal ft CI11 RR.sOO 61 >2 100 N Y C? D RR >60 82 200 do *30 61 V 100 do bOO 82V 2*0 do 6l? ?0 do 82 V 100 do blO 61 jZ 60 do *30 62 200 CIoy&ToIRR. bOO 30 V 150 &tc RR 19'?' 400 do bOO 30jZ 100 do b30 192100 do 30 V 00 do *10 19 '4 350 do *60 30 V .00 do b60 19 V 34 Chi It Rock 1 RR. 60 60 do 19V 200 do 60V 60 do slO 19 V 100 do *10 60'? !00 Hud Hirer RR... 48 400 do t>66 69 V WO do bOO 48V 10 Oil Bur k Vy RR. 72 106 do 48V 50 do iM 72 100 Reading RH 40 V 04 do 72 V 100 do 40?< 60 do 72V WO do bOO 41 50 do .... bOO 73 WO Mich ('en RR 4?V 60 do b60 73V WO do 40 V 160 do 73 100 do *10 49 60 do *10 73 raeoxo BOARD. 19000 F.rir RRl*tmb 100 V 60 *1? HI C RR *p *60 63 2000 Hud K KK3d m 100 V 50 do 68 V 3000 Hod R RR 3d m 91V 200 do ?io 63 IO066 CVv k Tol a f b 75 60 Oct k I'itt* RR.. 8 60 fbsCn. MSMTobOO. 90 60 Gal k Chi RR.... 61V WO NY Cen RR 82 V 100 Cler ft Tnl RR '66 30 V 375 Erie RR 19V 100 do 30V 50 do *30 19,V 500 do 31 50 do b30 19', 100 Cbl ft Rk I RRbSO 69 V 50 EricRR ita'd *tk. 19 100 do. *66 60 V 60 Hud K RR... .*60 47V 50 do 00*, 60 do I16O 48 V 16 NJcrsey 0*O RR. 120 100 Mub Cen RR.... 49 V 150 Cbl. H ft Q RR.*36 73 60 do I AO 4ft >. 100 do 73 V 60 do h?0 40 100 do 73 60 111 CRK scrip. 1.30 63* CITY COMMERCIAL REPORT. Tin oimaT, June 21?OP. M Ashks'Tho market tu wltliout < hang* of importance, while the rale* embraced 40 a 60 bbU , clining at $6 26 lor pots and 66 76 for pearls Bat* pert Trr?Flour?Owing to the favorable character of llie foreign newa the market liecame quite active, and clore.i"at a decided advance over former rates. Thti transaction* embraced ulmut 31.000 bbls., closing With ilk the following range of price*:? ? Superfine Hlate 06 25 S 6 30 btn Slate 6 40 a 6 60 Superfine Wi-t. rn 6 26 a 6 30 Otnmnm to choice Western extra 6 30 lid Pt. Inula ettra 6 66 a 7 M Muted to straight Southern 6 00 a 0 10 Straight to gvntf extra do 0 16 a 7 60 Chore extra family and bakers' brands... 7 80 a I 616 RyeOnur... 6 00 a 4 16 Corn meal. Jereejr and Hrmnity wtoe 8 40 a 6 66 Canadian was In good request, and poteen firmer. Tbw sale* embraced al?>ut 1 600 hbl*., at 66 60 a M 76 for aiding wheat extra, and at 66 30 a 07 80 for winter do. Southern Hour woe a loo active and Ormer, with sales oC about 4.000 bbls., closing within the range of the above quotation*. Rye flour and < ..m ineal were quite steady. Willi moderate sole*. Wheat wa* exceedingly actlre, and with a good demand for export The transaction* approximated 100.000 bushels. including white Kentucky at 01 66 . Chleaco spring at 01 26 a $1 28, Racina do. at 61 28 a 81 88, amber colored Iowa at 61 86 a 81 88, do. Western at 81 88 and 61 28 a 81 38. Corn?Tho aalea embraced about 60,000 boohols. embracing aome argues |br Vastem ?btpmeot and export, at 04c. a 04 l?c. far astern mixed. sound Western mixed at 66c , and Western yellow al 70. Rye w?s quiet with mi,nil aalea of Northern at 66c. finis were lieavy and dull, with free sales of Eastern and Western Canadian at 80c. a 38c , and al 40c a 41o. for Stale. Cimoc?'The market was quiet but Arm, with a light Stork. About 400 a 600 bag* Inguayra were sold at U?|e. a 14?,c: 230 do. Rio at 18 Jfc. a 1434c., and 200 mat* Java at 16We. Cottoji ?Tbe market continued hoary and irregular,, with sales of 1,000 bales wa<left"-day, and 1.400 <lo. tnado late yraterdny afternoon. at p. t. He quote middling upland* at about 10\c a 10**c. F*m;nT*?There was more offering. and rates closed wMh more firmness. To l.lrtrpooi about 76.000 bushels wheat were engaged, including some small lots of corn, in bulk and ship'* bags, at THd a TVd 3 600 bbls flour. at 1? 10;,d a i? ; 400 a &0V halea of oomprrowvl cotton ?t ft SIM . 300 l*>*e* che?*e at ft0> . 00 tiercea lard at 23* ;. 100 bote* bnron at 22* M . nml 100 bhdr La I tow at 20* To l/wxton 60 ton* ot! rake, tn bag*, at 66a.: 60 bbla ahow pry* at 3a . and M?f 4.000 bbla Soar reported at fe. M. To Claarow 1.000 huel^ela *h< at, tn abi rrr't b-r1. at TKd.; 1 ftOO bbl*. floor it 6 M. lo Antwerp 6 000 bbta. Sour were enraged at 66c To Hamburg 1000 bbl* roe in were 'iir.ncl at Si., by aUmtner, and Hinr measurement good*. at 36*. Varw ?Hale* of 400 a 6rt> t^rra rata to* were made at $2 60 for lavora. and at M 46 tor M B a. Har ?Sabw of 800 a 1,000 bak-a ware made, at MM a Sftr for good whipping unelitk-w I .IN* ?m tn fair demand, with aakwof common at flftr and of lamp at 06c. Moutwwa vaa beM with 9rmne*? fbr good qoalittca,. while the market war qukt andaalea light .Vint Hwmna ?Bale* <4 ?*) l.hl* wptrlta tnrpentlnri were wild at 4k a 41e , 100 < f which were New York Mil* (to arrlrr) at 43c , other dcscripttooa were uu CbHtN. pnciTiamir* ?TVwk?The market ethlhlted more buoyancy, while aale* were RMalerale, being confined to about 400 bbl* . Including Dew me** at 618 12)4 a 616 26, okt mee* at 617 46. thin do at 117 SO. riear at 610 96 a 91# 60. and orw prime at 613 60 a 618 66><. Beef wa* etoady, with *ale* of 800 bbl* , including country me?a at 64 16 a. 6d, repacked now* at 68 76 a 610 60, and extra do. at 611 a. 612 60: prime me** and beef bam* were quiet and nominal. Cut m? au were steady, with Mien 180 hhd* and lierean, including *h<>ul<tera "al 7 ^c. a 7Vc., and bam* at 6c. a 0*(r- lord wa* firm and In good demand, with mien of i .nw oni? arn tiorrce ni u a i*m ? " Meadjr, at Or a lar (Or Ohio, ratmaontoter fliataat 1W 17c., ami prime to cfcok* at l?c. a We. ** '? good requaat,at 7a. a?c for Ohio,and Mlc.ll?nr Rh* flah* of MO raaka were made at M 44 * * 7?. flrnaaa were quiet and prion# oachan?ad The aata* embraced 000 a 400 hhde Cuba mriemTado, chiefly at Tc., with email lota within the ramrn of 9K?- * *KC- . Haw -Rale* of 10.000 mau Java wara mada atJOn WmaatT.?The market wai heavy- flM of W) wart made at U ?

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