Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 23, 1860, Page 11

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 23, 1860 Page 11
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> - ?QH HAliKy AffIAMnt ra.noM **T WIT*.?I C\!f AND WIIX Jx Mil the krntm, i>Ujck. rtiorea and food witl of a Aral cinaa tanraM, with har nud MUtard room attached, ami dnin? a ? aaad bualueaa Ratiauofory reaaoaa aaalgned for a?INn? by ~~"*~I ** ?ny oMoa, ml Broadway. JaMBB EoWk. A CHA*rr to makb yovmr i*y*DiATm,v.-roR JL aak, a a beieaaie and retail Confectionery Hlere, with a Hainan and creat I lluniln.ited Harden, In on* of tbe principal dilia nf ibla eity. a here a float quantity at Ire conam la sold; real rerv cheap, ami lb? present owner, wbo baa the hiadnen ar tweftO years, is willing to five full Instruction to a ( aarty aha i* willing to buy. Inquire of T <i. STKl'KKLKIN, It Chatham street, up stalra. e TVNIN0 RALOOJf rOR 8ALR-0N BROVDWVY; ' U handsomely titled i.p, low rout, doing a goo I paying l>iuu aaaa. well eaubliahcd, and r tfered a great bargain, iu oottaeaMM uf ha< tug other engagement*. BlUUS A sOlTUWICK, SaNaawn straet WIB8T CLAR8 STKAM LAVNDRY FOR 8 U.R-IN PHIr ladr.phia, Pa. THs Ijiuiulry la doing a largo, protltablo ?.nui? mrrnuiii f business: the location central. fronting M?r of tW liieel park* lu Philadelphia; the building taeom miainr rent kiw; marliin-'ry in perfect order. and consist* iu futiif steam engine. tubular boiler, rimer*, mangle, wishing n?<hinrs. Ac. This U n rtiro rhanre for any one desiring to M?ke Burner. Address Laundry, Xo. 1 East Baltimore street, BaRmanre. ftd. *j*OR BAIJt.?A RARE Cn\NC*-THK STOCK AND 9 Fixture* of flrorery ?n.1 Liquor Stora, together with Ur iw ot front and rear Cull ting. AUo four stable*; store newly titted up. Rent paid up ui the Unit of August. Ton land man * bar fain will he ipven, leaae has sit years to run. Far partlcuinra inquire at No. 9i Um-? street. DOB 8 A LB?A CIROUIJtR IIGKPR POWER; LIKEWISE fe p une loan! AppaPdus. conatsUlif of two fankA one Butler $m4 on<- l* tent steam I'omp. eutii <ly new, which will be sold ?v aba**, as the owner has no um for 1L Apply at 364 Eighth IZXH* SAt.R-AT UAI.P COST, A CANBLB FACTORY: P SUInthorp's intent Moulding Machines, new, rery com pltte and to Berrect working order. The agency for sale af n *tr.) la anuun can he liad with't. The aru-de* self whnleaale rradHf lor cash. Address box 3,751 Post oihee. New Turk. P)R SALK?A WHOLWUI.R ANO RETAIL I.IQCOR Store, doing a good bu-uness. Saii-fwuu'v reason* for selltag will be given. Address hoi :),7U 1'jsl office, X. V. TJtOR SALE?AT NEWARK, S. J. FIRST CLASS GROP rerv tlxtahllshmnnt, in ltr?nd street, of large business mmd( i&e bent families of tin city. Ron-cos aliun<taiii<y snlUtariarv given for di p win,' ' ihe same. Apply to C11AKL11S A QflfT, 317 Broad street, New irk, N. J. 1POR SALE, A LIQUOR STORK.?I SHALL SELL TUB P hrst offer the Su>. 1;, Fixture* and cheapest [.ease, and on _ af the be- stands in the city. Apply at No. tJ Erie Building, ? Ruaae at rest. Fir sale?i.r vse and rmrnRs, also part op Stork of a Fine Segnr Store, loeated lu the best part of RraaiKay, l?swo u all i,f principal Theatres. of ?. ? bf EUKKLKIN, til Chatham street, up euUra. TjX)R SALE?A CABINET OP MINERALS FROM AI.L P parts of die world. "-ost il.OuO), for 99X1. For particular* taqulre et WM. D. SMITH, Card Engraver, No. 1 Aim street, . Mew York. KV,* StT.P? I POST OFFICE nOX?THE TRANSFER r> tauitakj the paehaatr. AUitMiP. B., BeotU Otiic*, I JjMlK SAL*?A SODA WATER MANCFACTOR , WITH 1 Rnrsn and Wngnn nnd Route ami Oi-UHuera, OOO of the acsk tnrattonn In the city. Im'urmaiioQ will be given by calling M Ad ( mud street. FIR tRALF?TIIE OTOI'K, FTXTI'RFS, AC., OF A wholesale ami retail irrrx erw state, now doing a Urge ca Ji huXat iia. long Imw, and "stililUbeA over twem/Veftrs. For tsnu and local on apply at LW ttreenvvleh street, N. Y. ' * IJIOR SAIE.-THE STORE. STOCK AXI1 FIXTITRKS F if a g-occr* ao<l Honor Storo, It* Cherry street, near fe. tnaaklm aquire, >' w Vor!c. m, TpdR SAT.B-TH* LEAR*. STOTK AST) FIXTURES OF ^ F a dcmIy fit '<1 np Bar Room, 47 Ann -ireet, near NatH.ui 4 street. Fahleunra can be learned by calling any timo thta / tt, f fpOB fiAIJJ CHE/P FOR CASH? AJf ESTABLISHED F Badness; sales arertire f-SX) ner week, paying ten par mi pnnU; evpciaes Urn nd hut Hula risk. For terms, Ac., mUrwm B. H., Uer.Ud nmcc, N. Y. Grocery ani? provision store for sale, first class, in a leading and busine.* part of the avenue, at prsaaatdvliiK a e.,Ui business of LAI ihJO a year. For particulars tnautie for E. \\ l.ytc. 111 Eighth avenue, between 10 and U "clock. ^ Grocery for sale-very desirable location, favorable lease, choice ?eleeled slock; ll..r?e. Wagon. Flitsri t. and all complete, and doing a safe, profitable cash but! eta. An lUtUMtnl c" ?l ehanee. * ItlOOS A SOLT1IWICK, 82.Vassaii street, KOTIFE-TO MASONS AND RriLDKRS ?FOR SALE. BnlWUnt -tooe, saiuhlo for oellart and 1'otindationj. An r* to James HoWJ.INH. oil the work, on Twenty third SBaat, between S . cuib and lli*!- h a-.rnuv*.' 6 -pBOTOORAPn AND amrrotype oalt.rrt for r sole?The largest and hand-uuest filled up Gallery In tku Bwhi for ea'.r, wiih or without apparatus. Inquire at thn ^dlary, tin; Howrry. 8CARTA RI>TK AND Ok"* VIU. AND A PORTTOV f the Pairnt |or (ale.?A teat at the min.'t prorre It t<? bo only mil! of vain.' to ntliirre, redurlns ton tutu p?r ilny 'o MpelpmW" p.v* 'er, with -hirln{ grinding imiUce* oanUy'replaced, specially In.r.lotiod. UIGUR A SOCTUWMC, M Xanaau tree*. rpo RAUItKRH, II MR DA K, WIG AND TOTPRR MVS A afactiirrra.?For ?a!r, n leuim of thrro years of a small RNr*. In one f I ho prlii'lpm h..ieh? In ihia Hit; it heliig no.? of J, Mm brat kw-atlniM In Uw United Mates. Inquire at Jerri.' In NruinUoti Exchangr, ?t) Hruulwny. room 37. . mux ooon MTU. AND FIXTURE! OF OVF. OF TITE X Melest Shidr. in Hi . oktvn for *dr II*. been > Mi l> bohrd llvr T< .yr? nnd doing n c *1 huatnr.. The rvvsoti for rjr-'-g T ill.' pi.uo la If .In.Mo nnothrr olTv. A lli'ltard Sn A mmt eaa ve|v.? K?>iii. .. ih> 1 ?-.I lo the iiU.'-', an<l a en mars' l< or. lo \VX. TIIOMHHOJI, "toi??r store, 131) rohon r< t, llt. oklyn. WAJ.TICD-A PURCHASER FOR TTIB OAR IIAIJ. Tt lJtlllard Kaiooon, In St touts, Mbmwl Ten marble and Ma bad toMea. I'hr.aTs cushions. FLIol Gallery and ftar. lib good roo.Uth*. Font over 17.000, and Till be sold U mwol mrrilk-v I?? hI1i.o Mo. In-m In ih-- city. For particulars Ifpb to U. W HL'NORJIPOBD, 2V RroMway, room t. W?x>d v vrd for sai.k?a great i b aro ajv iv wmwiiiirti. e of retina'; Ions lease, good local lor: l|nr?, , BRegaa. Too), and Machinery, au.1 In food order and dome a safe and pnim^lr hn.lne.. J " '* * Hi?l'fHWIf'K. CT .VaMan GTTH. r n(\a wis* avd i.tquor VlMHlv. h aloe.* for aele, sueeesafnlly rstahlidwl for % 1*1 n>? year*. In a co..| li.LHH" part of the city. a mull nim RbaWery and connected with lha "ame; prim of latU.i.. I.vluic. oilire esgon, Ac., ?in. . and Mqurtr. In atr-r ind Imp 1. in.OuU, of which S2.00U or W.l*V) ? P? d prop, -or owns I bo hiul.llnr. and tvlll |h? in . r?e . .. .a, < he I. going In rv lire fnon iuudaaaa He ?i In.t notion. oii.l Infi inaikm Hla ? ieaaaaor " y . ai?e to t. ae money. A dire m H. ^ nir 4JVCI Ala. Ado''' " bf' ?OVT a OO.. ' "ocrrr, *o" w wall stn - f' tera of Crad ' in -eilara. wilh>b la aB asm of U. .broncb lb? m RiOsubiM at fub l?"*a. Proabforl. Tlewaa. Kaplern. : -eorr- spoalaaO CHKMir.,1. BANK -NKW TORR. JUKR ?, OI-IK. rMmiL?Tlie Provident and Dlreelors of Uiia l ook tel Barb rod a quarterly dividend of air per cent parable In atnnbbalrtrryou and after ilonday. the .eixjodday of July nest. Bp ? WRar af the Board. G. U. WoLxaMRT QmRMs. 1* TKTK K K -V Tm 'T^',T '.7 the* t rWUTni m from ft to RMO. and In par eel aa u lor thai ?PRF DAII.T frora ?*.?. to S P. atao on UpVOAT, nrrwllAf and RATCRDAT erenins*, from 4 lo 7 P. K. g. B.?Moear niAstos Bonn ??o Most.: u>b. JOHN ( AHTUKK, PreGdeat Tirr*"" * R. Rtito*. Racrelary. mnxujnvr or doj.i.arr rwn.Anrrn i* to* ran* M of ' stalaui ? Adrer'Jeed IWe of SB,OI? naraee inalbqa Catra ma be searched fee *. at Nszt of Kin and Heraldry ^ aa, C*Rau.i Ullt.odway, New Torfe. 11. TT A TR, propnalnr, wbn rtaba Knslan.1 on bmtneee ronnecir w*b donaaat pro aarUae. on JDtb last, erlirbe happy lo ti erUka riaalGia Inr partie. alahir r to rmhrore the uppnrMvlty. WUlo, abao M11 farorda, adrertle-mmla. Be., mai ebod and evamlaed. Pndlsr-ee trared and aranuof arma nblalnad from lha Be laH'i Oalleye, London. xprw ORl.RAVn and kohtmc funds nousht an PI AVOl'NT BKLMOifT B CO , N Wall aaraat -fcnrw YORK PBoJHm comp AXY.?tit*! \ II miHifi IItii i > U.r >4re lt M thla oompant aro itorehy noil .1 Aral l)u<> an liaUimnil if Inrnty per rent l'.aa Ihla .lay boea 5Bert for hy ? ?>l? . h of 'he lUai-d of Troatoea, P'tyehl" on or fort' the *'l of July. ut the oUtre i,f the Troayttror, H. H. ntm>, 7a I'f.trl ~ir?-? I. New York. 23-1 .Juno l*X<i? SAM! KL V. rxXMJli, Frertdamt ItPWiTiv Cttotnrru. SorrrMtry vrma Xl Hiai-n Talaiul 9 .(Imad Onmpany. tkr 1 eopena rn l be Hot Mortmamm Bonds at the Matea Until Railroad Company Tnlr I. 1MB, will Imaaii an and after that data U the Ao-- MI ho 'WnpuijKo I SowV Uiaru. 5. Y. H. KRkltH.UKH. treaaiirar. riBD \rrwr. savings tiaxk, format Third armor and To rttly Ifih street, t bartered MA4 flbt |?or root Inter* : .tllo* rd in mma frwn 91 In (1 f*T MM deportta mada na or before July 10 draw lutcrrat from Joly I. Bank open daily frnm 10 in J. Alan on Monday, WadnMday and RaiitrH'ty e?.t.lua?, from 4 in a n'.tork. K B. t mix#, fee. HPEXt KB K. ORRKX. Pre* loot. fjy*K iinj.nrRs or nnsn? vmmit rt the rrrr or X Milwaukee to Rnllrnadtesnpemaa. are ro^iMMod to meet a alike lirot ?.r< II. uv . cm Tin ^.ny onnlni. ilm JBth Iw at 7k "rlork. 10 lake Lam oonebl. raMou I ho prrtfirmMna lb audtoiba a mofotloilun for a rlllemrnl wHh aaMrtty. BeWora not repr?.?i.|. d at thai ii>eettn?, a III not he luelndad fci the n? rotlaibai. I'll \a. M>>HAN. WATT* MIIKKMAX. A 111.I All M AN. Jr.. | RTMKON 1>H AI't'H A TON Hort'MA.V, A. Rl *11. ami J. A. HTHVKX*. ^ rpo caftt aukim-tiht *T?TF.RTTnrn. a or VfTff ai. JL ale hrower. nl?h<- ><? Sod ?*>o or itnee |>eren<n willing to Cgiee r.pitel f.e a brewery In hrw York. A.hires- A. I., 174 Herald itfH . . ! AQ CA/l BONO A NO MOJITO AOR. Wt:u, RKCWRJM9 A.o'>' ' on a rood modem hitllt homo and lot np town, In a ?T"r?i looatlnn. w .11 he eohl al a re isrmabte dJaeouM Apply at Bo. a I'mi alret t. near I..4J. up pintra. ?|tr AAA-TO I/)A!*, AT RTX ANT> HALT PBB BtfO.UVfj" rrnt Inter**, feralerm af yewr* no boad auat wuirunyr on Jrr' rlia rem) estate In th* otty or Broekipn SpiTtoTfTHN 9. COhRKT. in the ndloed? |A# fmnpleTPW t bMranee < '< o.pauy. Mo. C0 wall atrmrt NKOAltBMkMD TOBACCO. r IOAVARA 9HOAR9-I AM RWJJNO HAVANA n Roeara, Inelmll'is Ike (Inert brao ia Imported, am-h am ftjl rdrama, ke,. It the 100 or LMl aa tow a* I" 0W mm be hmulit of any other uealer In Mile city. Thome wiaMnr to ar will And H ymai iy to >holr lotr ramt to mil and I* aatlafrtd, I wt 1 warrani ? JIMnetJ n boOt In qualHya'td prW ftMORoK W RTfnoi*. Importer. 71 IJhertr "tree! f Afl Ann row BALR?TO PAY ah. * f.l/1 f.' f" n t*. rmjrlnr from 97 m 9M per thonaand; ene rery anperh old Ylrlin. relohrat. d maker and wnrraAted; 1 tfTijulJ * ,>Wr"1"- ^ ^PP'/tole j NEW TO ?m? hi iromn, MMH. TO UBT. ^ Arurc new hroww rtonr hoot* on uuinotom avenue. Murrav Hill, two doors above Mb street, to lot: i ent 1100; worth 1100. A STORK TO LBT-ON EIGHTH AVENCB, RENT ???; j alto ?>u Fourth avenue, $3ik) A House up towu, HoO I House on Ludlow place, -cut Win. Furniture for sale. klNSlllMKK k CO., SIS Fourth avenue. I ???-??????????? , A HANDSOMELY N'RKISHED HOl'SK TO LET-ON Leglngtan tv?iue; possession on .Monday, rent SltS a i month. AUi, on Tenth street, $W a month; also, on Ninetieth street, Board fur a lady and pav tiS a month. i KIXitHIMBR k CO., 3*3 Fonrth avenue. | AHOCHK TO LKT ?A HOUSE M TO LET AT 133 WKUT Bruaduav, neat to the marble front house of Forteubnck, Wskrrtnan k Co. The store and basement was occupied as a furniture store, and as the ow iter I* giving up business, he offers a horse and cart for sale. Apply for particulars at the above mentioned number, f lifton. statkn island.?to let or lbasb, V cheap, the beautiful House known Its Maple Cottage, oppo e Towum-imI's dock?ten r<suits, attle, cellars, bath room, I undry. inside and outside sash for winter, gas, stables, shade and fruit trees, be., ke. The whole property in first rale order. ouuuuon QiuurpiuKu mjt wiuoiHjr, hkw, auu cwncuwinr:. n<julre on the premised. (.OTTAOF TO LET? AT FORT HAMILTON, CO NT AIM J Ing II rooms, within four minutes' wsik from the ferry. Ii (|i'lre ?f J. CROOK Kit, Kort Hamilton, or B. Ml'LLA.N, Si huh avenue, Nsvir York. DESIRABLE RRMDEXCR AT YONKRRS to lbt? Situated on Highland avenue, giving a splendid view of the Hu laon river and surrounding country; hoove first oUu, modem built and partial!v furniahed. the grounds '2>s seres In extent) are hesutlfull> laid out In fruit trees, dowers, Ac.; a garden well stocked with berries, vegetables, Ac.; the carriage house and stable are ronvenietly arranged. Kor fall particulars apply at No. S Mew street, basement office. New York city. TDCRNISHKD HOUSE TO LKT.?A THREE STOR? r brown stone front House on KruokJyn Heights, handsomely lumiahed throughout, and c> induing ail uio modern utproveaieiiis. Apply ut 32 Front street, N. V. Furnished country cottac.e fob moo-arvbb chance?On Ktaten [slan t, ten minutes from tho landing. Kite rooms neatly ami newly furnished with everything reunite' for housekeeping, good garden, piazza, largo washing and ?f rehouse. A very pretty country place for A2vW. Address v. i. Cottage, Herald oilier, for two day*. Furnished house to t/rt?pleasantly situ vtcd In West Twenty-second street; ha* bath, hot and cold water, gas, and is nicely furnished to suit a genteel private family; rent mudr rate. A'hlrcss box MO Post offlce. HOUSE to i.rt and kurntturr fob sai.e.?a very desirable House In West Siiu'rnlh street .excepting -eeoiitl floori, to let, et $.ASO y er year. Furniture will bo sold l. r fTUO. All complete for immediate occupation. A bargain, tddre-s K. O., Itroadway Post office. Moderate bent.?to let, the small threb story and basement Dwelling No. 99 Degraw street, itmoUvn, throe or four blocks from Hamilton avenue ferry: hits court} ard and balcony in front, and nlee yard; water will ho Introduced for a desirable tenant. Apply to J AM KB PRICE, 3U Hudson street. ________ Office rooms to lbt?at xo. 9 SPRIT. e street. In.yiire of allen A co., Xo. 9 Spruce street. Rooms to let ?first floor, containing two large well lighted Parlors, In bouse *6 Hudson street, w mil,I ha altered Into a store for a rood tenwtt. Apnly to WM. LOVEIJ, 4* Hudson vreet, ortoT. M. Rodman, Metro politan Kftiik, IQW Brotul wny. ST. JOHN'S PARK. AC.-TO LET, THE FOPR -TTORY and basement Dwellings Nos. 179 and 176 Hudson rtfft, containing toprihrr ;fi rooms. with water, fa*, ranges and Urgn vards; would be let separately; poaaeaalnn at any tiina; rent moderate. Apply to J AMEb PRICK, AM Hudson street. OTOREHOrRE TO LEASE?36 FEET BY 90, VERT O strong, new floors, Ac ; llW Washington street, near Roe t r; open dally from 12 to A. Apply to A. 11. CLA11K.K, 212 ' oaJway, up stai"s, rooms 16 and 17. STABLER SUITABLE FOR OARTMEN, APARTMENTS, Workshops, Ac.?To 1st, S'ahles suitable f.>r cartmeti, two to nine stalls each. wtth lofts. Also hrtek Worn hops for cablnetn . kers or others. Several small apartments for respects Ida 11 ft haulcs. Apply to JAMES PRICE 21M Hudson street. STABLE TO LET.?TTTE BRICK STABLE 49 THOMAS street. Accommodation for eight horses; ground floor. 10U per annum. Baaomeit door F73 per annum. Has just h?-en pot In perfect order. Apply v? WM. LOVELL, 46 lludrot. sir' et, or to T. M. Hodman, Metropolitan Bank, 106 Broadway. rTET-POR TUB SEASON, OR BY THE YEAR, A Cottage, on the Shrewsbury river, near Port Washington landing. Daily communication with the city by boat and railroad Inquire at No. I Bund street, from 9 to U o'clock. Rent 7U per simum. TO LET?A HOPBE (40x40i C^NTAININO ALL THE modem Improvements, on Lewtp terrace. \Ve,t Morrlsanla, N. Y., on a line with Ftl'lh avenue and 194th street; very desirable on account of Its easy arenas to tho city, also stable and necessary ou-huildinzs, fruit trees, Ac. Pertoctly hea; hy. Apply to U. l.KWIr A HKO., uv ( hamhei a street. TO IJCT?WEAR BAST BROADWAT. IN TITK BXCIHe. lent house 166 Henry street, the lower put, stvl two oors above, separate or the whole, low, all the im1 rot vineuta. Apply St 18 East broad we jr. rLET-THK THRKK RTORT HIGH STOOP BRICK dwelling t?>u*e, Ml West Tenth street, without yard, replete with < rotou and pus fixtures and other conveniences, re oeitlly painted and put in thorough repair, an I In good order; 'Iso, two t i-ry desirable floors, containing fire roan < each, with asa and Croton natures, and separate metres fur each floor. Apply to n. A. ITHHMAN, No. l&l Ninth avenue, between Twentieth and Twentyfet airr.eta. flHJ LKT-RoOMS OOMPLKTKLT FURNISHED FOR 1 housekeeping If deafrad. or unfurnished. water, fa*. Ac ; the house is a uest three atury brink, occupied by a sui ill family. convenient to all the cars and stages, 166 Raat Nineteenth street, near third aveuue. Tt I.ET-THE DWEM.IXO PART OF noi^E NO. 15 I.erov plaro, corner ot lflrerkrr and Greene atrcta <io>| locution for furnished rooms or genwd Ixviritlrvf. Aoply t > J. ilHOO. 156 East Twenty third street, before 10 A. If., or after b P. M. r I.ET?THE FIRST ri.ASR THREE STORY BROWN stone front Mouse, conl-ln'ng all the modern Improve rrcnts,.N,v 43 Wi'-f Fortv. evcith street. Kent ft?W per annum. Apply to liUIIT. 11. IDBCKK. <U Vett Forty sixth street rpo I.ET?Tf!R SECOND STORY OF THE OENTEET, 1 three story House lit i Ifth stress, near Second avenue, to a -tna'l family. Apply front 10 A. M. to 31*. M. Gas, Ac., in the house. TO I.ET-THE THIRD FI.OOR, CONSISTING OF FIVE noma to a family of two or Hirer grown persona, oif House 1?6 E-o t I ortlelh street. Set-seen Second and Third arcane*. New boose. Aim) yard and good cellar. Apply on the premises. TO l.FT-A RMAMs UGlhP, NEATI.Y" FURNISHED, near the Park and fifth Avetuw? IHe' rooking range, water. gs*. < inert*. rnal vatdt and yard; will rem to a ;>r payii a putty until the l-i of May tirtt; rent 6bd per mouth, m advance, Address Owner, Herald ufbec. r I.ET?A BROADWAY STORK, NO !H1, NRIR Twenllelh street. Rent low. Fixtures suitable for any boainees. Also, third hn.y, containing four n?"ns I'snbo had rhesp or routed. Apply as above, 911 Broadway, oaths I > c mist s. fro I.ET?I.OFTS W WARREN STREET, CORNER OOLX lege place. Apply un the. premise*. rno j.ft?a mWTRAlT.R nrsinFNrp; at dobb'b X Kerry, hi r<ii..plei?'?r-l<-r * HIi bslh .xxxm, ke. Apply to FBAXtl* MAN Y, ? Jntfe sirMt. ri.KT-iN niv. rora story moil ktoop Houses, juM ftui tird, No*. lit and 240 West Thirty t uh slrrrt. Flioni?flrs'. eeeniei, ihinlmtal fmillh ?n.|le? Mlly jmkkII IamiUr< may tnoiilrr on ibr j r> infers, 1ML .Vino, of the nvrnrr, * "!? U tUrcUk> mMl Urooaw kit to. i!?, rno i.KT-roirm or fiyi roovr axd rrrrarKv, to X a rr> peetabie fmuily, s tentkman and hU yylfe oeenp* liM i. nmijHl< r >4 leaise. ln.|.iro hi IV Yt *try urci t, one bl ? k l row St Johns tH,uare aod^l'uaal street, and one door from Hudson. rl.K f?TIIR I.AROK BAKKtlKXT BTORF, #na r< oiirvndtng eniniiice, 9ttl t'aual street. Kent tUO rt.FT?rnr ftrht ri.Asii dwku.ixo norm: xo. 12 Vara K I'tare, rrtuele m firry mrrnteoee; niittrfl). ?i : > jo C TIJft'k V KY 71 Well Imt; ofnee tarns from rl.RT?A l.AROF "IX STORY BRTl'K TTnfsF. WO. ,M Rose street. ?okaWe fur lint.-' eunt'ilnln? Mlfir&J ro .nis above t'?n tir>-t ? ->r. ./> let to a r-ivsisibkt party na er?y terms. Apply to PCTM Il'UX, Is) Sous streer TO I.FT-OX1.T f17 TFR VOXTTt FOR A PPRFYOIO I It. or, In 1 he new hnnsr kj? Ninth *\ rnuv ii| two fli<hu f>r ?tnlr?. rer'ntntii! rows, pantr:. s, drawers, Ori-too sul pss n\ tiiri?. Ac It'I up. TO IXT-TTTF TWO AND A IIAIT HTORV mmr CiMmp llrav. wHh M?h brirk tut tipum, ju-t fiuMnvl, no tin M n!, ?l. l.Vnh - ' .. ' m.|. ?t Tamil I 'miihiik ton rnoma, att? it ImiiI1; Itaa water, yaa iM other rnut?tilrivcr?. Rom ,rr> ran* nabta. I unit Ire at llM aijotulty lic>>r, or hi M WAIto, i.ill U I way li..nk rl.FT-rtXR fFf'ON'P AND THIRD rt/Vm* (OAR and water and larce >?nlt. Jl* Rut urate. chaw In Rlerrkrr. repi-ate nr to. .titer: fr.-u? foiirtn ri^ht rwu?, but two fttull lamtma In the b' ttxt. rl FT? T7IF TTIFFH ST-1RT ItRK K lloi -F, VO 17J |K?? rhteenih nr.-at, ien' **tii) rawtnt Hqnare. Mrfni I ir>? and Aeemwl ayrnn ?. Tim tl.u?e haaali the modern Itu rtnrrmrnt*. ba'h, jrn?, Ac. Heal moderate. For term* ap. |.'j at l*H Fmnl atreet. TO - r oit H'H -AM?IMF I.AItoF AMI? ('??>' VK nlri.t KwrUln* llouao Xn. 10 Xr ptera./w Mirrer ainret, t ear Kleliih *?? Rent rleap Tinw ilatc poaw-aiuO. Apply in K. II IIROWX. 121 Ka~au atrtri. BR I.KT, rrRXIMIFlwxn. m RART FITTER XTII teraet, tha remdrnea of IBon Mnnrateaalt, Bo| , two drmr* from I'oton aouar# The bona* la M feet front, hartnj two ?talrra?ea. bafba. atibterrvtean rrfrt?or?tht# rorwa, now!/ rrm atrnrt. d. av?artre? rrrr,.Uf n it. ma. dlnlnf ronm and library, 30 (ra t by ? fltlrd Utrruf hwtt wklt arery Invnrv and mora, plrore Xlne brdrontna and attte; kit. hen An feet by M, mini with Irrnrb ranye and Amrrioaa ranye TWa rrahtru. e will bo !r! only to a Siat flaaa family, aa ralnabte plteurwh at.ffrarloia. rmrmrtita. plate. ?la?a and rlilna aria will be ten ami lite fnrntlurtt U of a mat'y dearrlytWwi. Apply In me. CHAK HoHliM llmtaw Dee- ratnr, Rr awl war. between Twelfth And THtrteemth at reft*. Alan, for aate, a Piety F^otpar* anm-MInf ef a ratr rf anrrrl Pofiiea. a km eweapbte I*"fA rWfnn ijarnear Ar.. motpirtf. Ah", a rray mupe Hnree. 17 hand* blah. Tr he wen al Rr. BnnreteauJta ataMra, corner of Twenty ihM ateetd and Iwrlwytoo arrn'te. (I'larfndon atabtea.) rpo I. FT UiW FOR rilFSIMRFR?COISTRV hKAT Of 1 tea lew laiand. Ilu?..< t?* tenth I' Splendid bntMP. li <hh', lan ? :aet aauarv, i.i.e UU1 '<uiMnn4a, l??| >, .? nf oet? and bay on li e la'ajai. Apply to WR. II IIOAfl, 10 Htte rtreel. rum K<> II Tl I FT OR TOR IT t I.TFTOX FT ITFK f-tAVH. two drilrhtliil Naatdanet furntrhrd ?>r mtfnrnlaV l -> t M'natrd on fba shore and t|?. , op tha Finyar Raa-d sad. Ffh bo-wf - ?r? bnllt of brlrk and batr thr modern liar rut c nana. Addrr>? A. R . 1W , fl,ea. nf. f. rl.FT OR f.C.ARR~A OOOIW It A KFR ffiR A OfKlt) h eadntn -The four aw ry Im Rtwliah lMtaam. nl llotteb. Ifo fCfI Wrrt TmrnfT ?rr .rkI alL the I niiforr1 10 * ^ Wm*J :u*i MaH. laAnirr at !< < .utmbam at met. ^(LL|AJ|MBTM.IARHH -roR HUT, A FIXR RTOClT OF^XKW na.1 arromt hand Tnhiaa. al raaaonalda prtrra. Pritalo hfwi?aa fnrnl-bed. Call ami ?\*mhia, nr aand tnwr nrdera by tnatl. R II (iRI?>rfH. Ibt Fubna atraet. Fba iuuft IMFROTRD BUiA|P |ABJi RK HERALD, SATURDAY, ?," , ' BOARDLte AND LODOftO. A FEW PERSON* CAM BR AOOOMMODATRD WITn good Board and rucaaant R wm?, where there are uo athrr boarder*, by applying at No. 66 lludaoa. atrect, Jareey Ctly. A PARLOR AND TWO BKDROOM8 CONNRCTINQ, on aeeend floor, Milk h-.ih room adjoining, to let, with Board, to a gentleman and wife, or a party of alngle ge.tlamen. Terma reasonable. The rooma will no let aeparab / if deaired. Apply at 77 -St. Mark * place iBiglUh atroelj. Dinner atA A CARD TO SOUTHERN ERR.?TWO SOITB OR APARTmenl*. fund . airly finuthei. will be let to a desire* a party, with private uMo only. The accommodation* aid superior. and have many advantages over iko best bote La In the city. Alan riirnubeJ Koain* for single gonil omen. Apply At lb Fifth avenua. A LADY, I1AVINO A HOUSR. WITH LABOR AIRY ronma, w III accommodate a few famiUea or tingle gentlerncu wlih Hoard, for the anmmer. Far pnrUoilar* addreaa Mr*. D. W, alt, Highland Bank Building, New burg, N. Y. APHIV.VTB F VMIl.Y WOULD LET A FRONT ROOM an l He. 1 roam <>n - " ond H<k>r, alro a Room ind hall lied roam on third floor, with or without Hoar I. House funhated with hot and mid weter au 1 ga*. Inquire at 93 East Fifteenth street, near Third arenne. AFRIYATB FAMILY, RRBIDINO IK CHARLTON street. a few doom east of Variek street. would let ona or two newly furnished Roima to gentlemen outy; breakfast can be had tl dealred. Befurancea niohaiige-h Addreaa M. D., A runs large promt basement room, situated ' in the upper part of Fifth avenue, sulUlile for a t office, f may he hail, with or without Hoard. Id a private family, alto a t large furnished Room, anluhle for a gentleman and wife, or two gentlemen. Rarereaoaa enhaagod. Ad.ireaa A. B., 1 Herald niBoa. J A (MBit TO Ol'R POT THERM VISITERS.?LA DIE8 i and gcntk men from the South in search of tc.n orary or ' peruinn.ut quarters for the summer, can >>c hands mely ac 1 com mode led in a <! llgtotfnl and well appointed esu> IGhment J situated in the nintl salubrious ami acceptable part or iho city, ? ami >t prices (hat ntnl maid IBe view of all. i.u Fourteenth | street, near the Ai-ademy of M isle. Meals served as may tie preferred, j \?ENTLKM \M l\n HIS WIFE OR TWO SINGLE gentlemen can he accommodated with Board and a nicely i luriiKned or unfurnished Room, on the first lloor, with lutlh , rumii adjoining; gaa and water in the room. Terms \ery moderate. Apply at 1?7 East Tmrj fifth vr. .t, near laird ave- i in nr. I pirT'orTntS TWO ROmK"wTTliT?R WITHOUT 1 Hoard, to bo let separately In a l'an-un family ; the houae haa all Ibe modern tinprov omenta. A practical course of I h will be com nenoad by Be proprietor, ?hiis a well known professor. Apply at W East Twenty second atrect. t LARGE FRONT ROOM AND PANTRT, Ft" IINIMIED, 1 ^ 1 u> let to nee or two persons, for 93 M a week, at UO Third avenue, near Thirteenih street A FEW RKKPECTAHLE MEN CAN FIND iWOD BOARD 1 and leasing, on reasonable terms. at 179 Mulberry, corner f of Broome, near Hosiery and Broadway; alio, two or threo ' young ladles. (> AV ENGLISH EAKILY, HAVING A FRONT ROOM, luind.-omely furnished. would like to let It to a gentleman J alio wife or two tingle gentlemen; also a atnall Room to lot, * suitable for one gentleman: rrferenec* exchanged. Apply at a On liai d si red, one door from Grand sired. 4 few single gentlemen OR a gentleman t snd hilt wife cau be aecommcxlnttM wlih toxxd Ibtard and ; l<l-asMnt Rooms, with gas?terras reasonable?by applying at U Second street, between First and second avenues. Bote- . n nccscxrhungcd. Also, a young lady. \n elderly lady and her daughter. who odn a house wlib (he modern Improvements, wUh to let one inall or large .and liuudsomcly furnished Room, with Of , without Board, at 2U Madson at root. f BOARD-A FRONT ROOM ON SECOND FtOOR FOR 'J gentleman and wlfi or two tingle gentlemen; also, Ronroa , on third door lor single gentlemen may be fonnd at lid Waal ' > eventh street, between Fifth and Hixih avenues. r Board.-a few select boarders, or rooms w tthmu Board, can be had at 18 Lafayette place; the , tunet central aud quiet place lu the city, near the Aetor and Mercantile libraries and Cooper Institute. Reference given , srif required. oard.-to i.kt. with or without board, for ' one or two gentlemen, a nicely furnished Room, on second in r. at ltd West Sixteenth street, between sixth and Seventh < avenues. Reference required. 1 Board?a gentlkmancan find a comfortable home, w ith a private English family, pleasantly sit.mtod ' at Bedford, near Fulton avenue cars, Brooklyn Only niy! other boarder. Gar, good garden, coach houae and alible, ae. * References exchanged. Address John, box 173 Herald oflica. ^ Board-in the srui'bbs, Washington heights. A family occupying a spa.dotia and pleasantly situated house. 50 minutes front City Hall, overlooking the river, would ' ak*' two gi nth men, or a tela in and lady, to Board lor ibo tenson or year. A good table Is set and people tin aan pair .or a good hmue can And It with the sdt eraser. Address if. r utlon, box 3,136 Host office, " BOARD.-TO LET, WITn BOARD, AT 137 SECOND s avenue. between Eighth sud Ninth streets, handsomely t ft,ml-h. .l Rtxims, suitable for*familleg or gentlemen. Dinner r at-ix o'clock. Terms tnoili rate. Board?to list, with hoard, a large hind- 4 some I'arler. with atr.nlt Room attached on tlie tint tioqr; I hUo three Rooms on the Ihirtl door, with bath and g..a Apply ( ai MCIInlon place, Eighth street I Board in jimr city.?thr adfrrtisss, oc- < copying s lntus.t near th" ferry, and having more room < than he requires, wishes to obtain two or three rrsprctablo I j uuug men as boarder*. Address Phillips. Ilarald oflrcc. 1 Board wanted?in a private family, he t twern Tenth nnd Twenty third streets and Third and Fifth avenues. For ?o.?l boor, I and pleasant lor,.tIon a Isirrompenration would he pnld. llcl crenrcs exchanged. Address W. , r. II , Herald office. BIUKII WABTKD?KIIK A IIIM wife, wItli a ?n.?ll room and bedroom, unf.irnhhod, rati- | lalning water, gap, Ar, In a reaprrtable ton* between Bieerk- a er and Twenty-third atrreta. Terma, whleh mud be atated, 'i not to exreed $45 pfr month. Referenrt-a ?u:laaugc<l. AddrCis ? Hume Comfort, Matton I>, Bible Hoax. I Boarding ?good board and pleasant rooms rail he had ?l 770 Ninth ?lreet, between Flrat and 11 avenue A, fur 13 23 per week, with privilege ul bath, hot Mil I colt water. -j IJOARM-MO -A OENTT.FMAN AND WTFE, or A FEW J ) ringle gentlemen, wanted to oeeupy plraaant furnuhed , noma, wuh giaal Bhard, at 79 Went Thirty-eighth at root, near Bnpgfway. The hnuao hua all the modern improve? en La. I Rrfon nrea required. Term* moderate. i Boardino?tit wavtri.t pi.acr, hetwten wash e legion Kpure and W.tb avenue. Famine* oralngle gen- I can obtain daatrpMe ami handanmely furnlahed Kuoma, with permanent or trana'.ent Hoard. Mranrera rtutln * tua aily e ould do nf 11 to call aa above. Huuae newly furaiab?1. TJOARMNO.-A FFW ?IN<;!.E GEXTT.RMFN TAX HP 1 JJ errotr.modated v.lth a Parlor and Bedroom, or ainrlo j Room*. In a family a hero there are but few boa dcr*; room* , harwlroine'.y furi.Whed. and lerina >cry reawaiable. Call j rx.u.iiuc at" 1 at En-i Feurtaewth atreet.' Dinner at <4 belch. . Boar 1)1x0.?a gentleman and his wiff. or two rlirle centli men ran he aerom mutated with good J and large air)', at KM Ninth idraet. Diiii-i at all o'cloefc. \lan a Inrire Carta and Be.|rt>.ui on Ibe Urat Uuuf ip let. Itrferrnee* sfiri n and ru?i"ircd. f BO vrpintj.?elfoant newly FCRMHIKO rooms ] l> r ifet.lli no ., or ri.ilr'i.en and their w.iee, pith .P-?l f Hoard. h re naa all I he tnon* ra lMf>ravwPrt'-i. and >cU , h? at i.*7 Eighth ati i* t. three <l.?r< oa?t .-f Itrtudwpy. ( 12 OA RHINO C IN BR 11 AH IN* T1TF. VTM.AUi: OF .D Mmllo u. New .1,-r-ey, f..r two fauill.ei, by applyie-J M Mr* f i'KTFRSOM. war the depot, ?? p. ] Brooki.yn.-a vfrv maiaxt ft'lT of fi rnl*he.l Boom* on the aeeopd floor to let, whh Herd, lo8ether or aepamtrly: hon -haa every eoerenienee. nml a?mon verv 4 ?lr?h|c ami ewtveokut to ferr tea. Apply at Ul I llnton atr at. ] BROOKl.TN.-nXA> ANT ROOMS TOP. FAMILIES AND ample gentlemen; bath and Ul.lgowoud pater. 233 lleary i atrvet. fourtl a.r frmi An.Uje | Board in brookltx.-a grxtixman axt> rrirr, or a couple of Mi.jle gent It men, can ba accmnualule.! wlJt , clnapant R?*m>wI Soprd, In aaaaaU turnip, by UatulOaa at ' h o tM C Upton atreet. ! Board tw Brooklyn.?a okkttxmaw and wife i or two rlnrle grnOrtaen rap bp aeroti ovulated, tn a Ural I rlaaahowae, pith a private famlli; atlnatlon la*.teen Wall an-1 South farriea. Addram box 3.JaJ New Tort i'jat uL.ce. or c?i i at 70 atrert. llruotuyn. \ Board in brooki.yx. tn saxa? stref.t. ntau j Artani* ?tienllemen drtutug |>ariial ltonnt ran l?e well 1 p<-mnmodaled (*> very ino>h rair terui*; alrw a ao .ileti.ap auil ' Wife ran oliialn it laih-r niifiir.i.rhetl Kuian >%iih BuaPl. Ac ( i ??i avdatioD* for iraudrnt bwrdi rL ' ii'mkii is niitxiki.ts-nrnu> rivi: wtxftkv i J) a.nk of Mull i.n.I 1 w.i.ui Krrrrfi. A *n-iilci...?n and In -.itr t opnrtiral Otirlr gn. '.imen rHn ur am,nnii<>Uu<l itiikr UrtO aiul plaatanl front Kmn. uu ibc arrond Root, ti x Ij oinia'ird. t A t?. a aniatl Room. Ilrw* rirdatft* a** NM, At. Apply at " lJU It'. Iiry Mr- "i, Wt?trD ftWrrpOUt i*r* r rtcu. I BO?R.? TV RROOKI.YX -OVP OR TWO fiRVTI.RWrV 1 ' *(1 be rrcch 1<1 In a - Tamil , with a !if*#r.| mmbrrrt ?U-' Irani.. . maii.iilon lirx-k and .rattl ( mi I'-i'' in ." t i i,. A: nt ti'i - - . BO VRP IV RROOk'LTV - \ PR IT tYR F A V II.Y OPFF ft \ | IITJ oiffiiir nr.* and IVv I inn or Inn ' criiilimi n ?it rrrpartaidiUy: locution Itchifnt, ana w*Un tlircr ii. uitii ' *?'t oU .Hoi-.ii and Wail ttn-ct Irrrier Apply u. 16 Harden Mm t. ' BOAKH IN BROOKLYN pTkaSoII hi- AT ( I fcr a ffeaHrnmn and km aifr or mua> *n'lemrr,. run j he obtained. tnaprl-atr family. by *pplylu,y at to Dimu r Mirf. m-i 1'iiitf-n li ry. WnmrHtt. f "doa RI? ix rrocku v.-A pritatf pa vily, occc it X> j.vln" a fir?t elvu. ti"?r, r firrntri" |o Wat) Mrrrt and ? Rot Ik ftrw', a Kh to If w a frntlemaa and wife, wttb I, < a rtetcr of handrTc'j fi rntabrd Mourn*. Apply M M Ma e | Mrrrt. r'irfMr of l>urd*?. 1 BOARP IV MkOOKT.TX.-A OPVTI.RWAV AVOWTFR t it i'.n ?lr>c> pctiilr ;.m ran t>r arronmoil.diHt in a l.rn 1 ela?? Lciuo. wiiii ib-a-.uil Crc*. roonM m Vl nond Rnop. a I'h I n.nii rn lin|in >i tnrt U?t,;,un plra-aul.'eW^r m>r Snab and r Will ami ferric* Call at 71 *iaie natneen Scary *i,l t flln'on. i BOAKT' IN HROOKI.rX.-rWl xot* TROT1 *t>~l? rr.d i riiI iliiirrabhi Or.. franeaUr, jx.nrralriii Inner dai>? | unr fnnifftr pttvAr. ?t? rnrnfnMafiV rdinmbrv*. M'adrea*. r *u j. BOARP TV BROOK l.W.?O VP OR TWO rTVP OPV ' tVmrn. ?r a frtt na-i ataf ki? wife. ran be aeoemrrvi-tai cfl arRk t ratant roorn? naif board. In *-rivatr famm. r- \n. a Uhm Ml?1. Brook 1; n, Coiivtateat to Vth Net rtRbu aoU a WautliBCi U' c DOARPTV TtROOVT YV -XO I??AXTWFTRPl(T. XFAll JX I frrri n | - i'" S??io'iiA<rt ? ? - / t II ' < -h M aaral. I Bf>ARI? TV BROOK t.YV-DF.-ilWAiiU; RO<>tta TX i. nl'a or arjijira'i hr. and ?.iprrt r R ?nt. am #rt-! n i? ri rrir tkroarn -'onr ?>t * T rtralr fr'T'li. It ' i| Ar.i. , r'rtf, rr?itf mrnt lo fcnttk in.; W?'l Mm't fcrrfc*. I'Oln . at / cltiiYkik. ReTrrcatift rutBiturl. ^ noARP-pon a rrw o?tti pwr* tx v bmam. r 'family, *1 173 Wco. Twettty tkird itrael, To-tr Aocra wt? Pf Plybtk ?trntic. g un-roaxtt.t ptrxtatitp ptttx or room, wtth cl XV Roart, can tip nlialnH at tkr prlrat* tnanttniho.irr ra- n aaatl* opanrd at 67 Kaat Tarrnty alnt mrrrt TkaToaatim M onaui lutaiaaaa, and I* artuMbM by a* ^ ytRywTTpp ?ry{v/irM aity ? JUNE 23, I860.?TR1PLI BOAKDII6 ABTP LODCIfO. I FRENCH BOARD.?ONE OH TWO SIMILE OKNTI.E , L1 men oan be accommodated with will furnished rooms aud Wil, ifte ncttib foBtl'yj tjf applying at 7i Socoud avenue. ClCBNISirei) BOOMS TO LFT-IN SUITS Oil SIMOLY. C Gentlemen preferred. House eoutuios all tho modern , nproven.iuu. Apply at 44 (law 41) Ninth street, near Fifth . venue. I GIURNIsHKD ROOMS TO LET?AT 44 WEST ELEVENTH ' C street, suitable fur single (cmlcmeu, with full or partial i loard. Kcf.'renci'a given utul required. | norR OR FIVE RKHPEi"TABLE YOl'NO MEN CAN HE P acsotmuodatod wiih good board and lodging at 62 Green 1 treet. Terms reasonable. FURNISHED ROOMS TO HE HAD. AT W UNIVERSITY P plare, at moderate prices, without beard; gentlemen proerred. References required and Riven. FURNISHED ROOMS TO LET.?A I. A ROE FRONT p l'arlor, with gsa, on the first floor, also \ haek COM on tlm ci nnd floor, and two small Roouw for single persona. Inquire ' 3*0>s llrooine street, near Broadway. nURHIFHKD OR UNFURNISHED ROOMS TO I.ET-IN C a private family, to single peutfrmen or lu a small family; n nt Basement, front Tarlor on first floor, wnb Iledrnom atarhed, and Be lroom on third floor; has gas and w afer; privlrge In kitrhen If desired. Apply at ItU Dt gmw street, Bna.kvn, within lite minutes' walk of South or Hamilton avenue orrles. rOOD AND CHEAP LODQINON? AT TTTN GLOBE 1J Hotel, corner of Frankfort and William street*, Now York, erma 'la to 37 c la per Jeht. ituonta from II to Bl DO wr week. UeuUemeo eed w* > loeuuper ulgbl. Opeo ell tebt. aOHOKEN.?TWO NEAT FURNliTIKD ROOMS, ON sccon.l floor, to lot, with or without treak.'ast anil tr?. to ingle gemlemeu, In a private family. Apply M No. 4 I'ukiu dace, ivoomfieUI Mrect, three uauuu-a front the lorry. Large, cool, and very pleasant rooms for smuttier, nlooly f rnished, on eeronil floor, to let hy the took or month. Terms moderate; ex* both. Ac.; also on op 'or lloor, n small bedroom, Jt> per month. 47 Amity street. a/fRS. MATT11XTW8 having taken that larg* .Yj end eomniodtuaa hotue 110 Dleecker eiren two bloeke ct of Broadway, It now ready to aoonai'; exUte permanent nd tranelrnt hoarder* or with Bouma. without Board, If dei'ed. Dinner at 1 and ti o'clock. f\NE OR TWO GENTLEMEN WISHING A PLEASANT I t Furnished Room, l.nlrony, nnntrys, ami a without oerd. In a private family, onn he aecommod . ?t ol West rwonty Sixth meet, first house fro. t Sixth avenue, rieaaaut k>ntion. t!> a week ror room an I a,. *nilanee. PRFVA TE BOARD IN JERSEY CITY?FOR A GENTLEman and Lis wife or two (.Ingle gentlemen; a nlco front kiotn on second floor, hath re on adjoining, hot and cold wilier nd gas, *1 SI York street, thi. hlock from the ferry. Call aa Love, or addr.?a M. O. II., bo 84 Poet oflL-e, Jersey (Tty. DOOMS W.ANTED, NEAR W tSHINGTON SQUARE?BY Ll a huly. gentleman end little girl of eleven years of age; oard ' the lady auJ child only;, where there re no i :?cr hoai-ders, preferred. Address George, llerald rtiee. JOI'THKRNF.RS AND OTHERS DESIRING ELEGANT ? Itoonis. with llrst elaes lloaril, enn he accommodated hy pph ing at 3d Union wpiare, corner of Sixteenth atrof, Fourth tcuuu side. rO SOUTHERNER.o-SKVF.RAL CONVENIENT AND 1 elegant room* an 1>? had at No. 40 Band stroct, for famiIcs or tingle gentlemen, transient or permanent. rO GENTLEMEN.?LODGING*, A K V UK <11A NCR. A small familv of four persons. having a very nlco house, tierly furnished", weukl the to M three furnished Rooms to cuts. Al*o,,oiio large front R"om an toeoiwl iltsir, which It infnrni.shcd. ext ent witha carpel. The room* are all front mes and remarkably pleasant .s thcr overlook abcaiiUful g;u'Ion. The location of in t house .,nd all ronii ?ted therewith it irtd class. Ltdecis would be prcp'tved nt n very moderate trice, but breakfast and tea roukf bo tat 'it with the tamlly if lealrrd. The loraiion Is live minutes' walk from the Sooth for* v, 15 rook It it. Address Chaa. Green, cure of Oil I'earl aire t, tew York. rO SINGLE GENTLEMEN CAW OBTAIN PTRST R VT* Bottrd In a private family; house first class; dinner at til >'clo<^. Inquire at 30 West Tenth timet. r? I.ET?131 A PRIVATE FAVTT.Y. TWO OR THREE Rooun, furnished or unfurl i-hed, with partial Bonrd, to a tentleman aud wife or yoin.g men; hoine l as nil modern Im irovt mcntt. None i utaucii ua reaped tho Sabbath ueod np>ly at 34 Juno a tree t. rl.KT?A PLEASANT ROOM. WITH BOARD, IW A private family, at No. 40 Domiaiek street, between Lludton and Varlefc streets. rLKT?riRXIKHED R -OM AND BEDROOM, WITH out Ihmrd, at U Boud cct. r> LET, AT NO. 1J CLINTON PLAi'B-KURXIFIfHD npanmenis, .Ingle rooms or m auits, wUlior without paral board. UTAXTED?BY A OKVTLEM4N, WIFE, TWO ITIILDfr r<m and nurse, t.svi plain Board. at a asadrrato price, tlihln rtujr distance of the city. or a -nail furnished Cottage In he < nvirnns. Address, stalirg full particulars, J. A. H., lie- , aid utflrr. A ABTWODOW SQUARE, WEST RIDE. REOOWD nOCSR T north aide of Bunk atreet.-To let. with Board, a antt of eoond floor Room#, with panlrlej, Cnkon and gas, handsomely umlahed. Eighth avecos ears and two llnea of stages page Icferenre required. r)T? OREKWR STREET.--URWTSITED ROOMS TO LET Lv) to gentlemen only; two neat Parlors on ft rat floor; also Ins airy Romas on second and third Hours. House has a flue yard, gas. Ac , and is very quiet. A t* WKFT TWrVTT r O| RT1I rTllrrTT?IIKT n KKX t U Vlflh and W\ih ?*< ??iim. Onn Wr*o Kinnoii Aral r?r, * !th I*"! "i :iml Bcilmnt, ? on woon.1 floor, ml hmutanini-t* Inrilrlir I, in .tl.lo for famlllm or alnpli' fautlenacn; ?itU (ull or I Board. Term* modi rule. dft T .?T_M X T K K N T11 ~ XT R K K.T, nmiKK-V KIHII tO awl Willi ntcHiit^?To li-l, Iuui I?mui ly fund ihrd tocmi>, to kIiiu!'' petit kni-m, in lu>l ' imo brown atunn lnn?o Ml with a priv.ilr Fr( nrh family. UoaM baa all I ha modern mpmvemen'a Term* moderate. ItrfrrHi^ I 1TwlciXfirSYKKKT, XRAlF"flM'OXD VVKVl K^L*??J Rmttn, with middle on* r?MttiHiilrullnj{, no wmrl tml Idril #oor?. Hinple yeaikiiirn or pcntleiuan and wife will iim! acmnmodaiioor In it amall family. Tcrtni 910 aiul 910 jU ?rr wt ck lor (wo. IMnnrr >1G. I (it) HI.KE< kKK~fnTTvrr, NFIR M n inm; u.l?7Zi ll..niljton i ly Knrnlahed llonm?, ?rll imllklitd f?n lli* uniloer. with full laMrd. eniuililr for famllk -m wl >dnpk* to nilo Da n. Mt nation pIraniul. Table wrll atipplie.1; dinner a' 6 TO7 BROAI>WAY.~~00 RXER_OF inKTH STR**?.I V I Thta bO'iMt. hannr been thnroaxhly reaoraiad, la urn open to reerlre permanent and tramlut porala. uyl 0 the Kuropeen plea. R> atanraat all Hiked. Table d'hote at Ix o'clock. French and Hpanlah tpoftea. ( ovvthy buabd. B~rs?r it thk (m)chtry.?a FKW yafaxt rooxr 1 can be oLlaine>l in a bendhy and rleml lorai.on, wlie-a he adraatapes of the farm can be enjnved. fruit, repctahh-t. te. at the raaldanaa U Waa. 1L DUkLKK, birawbarfy Hid, hamford, Oncn. BOAHf> IX CORNWAIX. OX TIIF. XOCTO liHTR, adjei'unp Idkwlld. the well known irnideui r ,4 X, 1*. tl Ilia, Kii|. The bun e In Iwaultlully uniiatrd; a.-e.iiui,oAi'l<m iiat bcenl lira! rb.i. lie-Mm iSe lliwlvai later Railroad the i.'intt.M Ttaa.iaa Powell leacea daily al 3' P M.,f.?.ti.i .lay all dlraet, rriurnii.a lulhr m; in ihe 'unroll. ' fhe ml. r intended anuu In weupy lit*, man* him-rlf. ai, t ?t-h? - w dl-r'wr of th-ra In eotiae.,nencr of a drain In the amity, for further pwrtk-iilar* ad.|r.-?i Jam" U. Ror. l orn.all, Oranpe eounie. Xew Y. rk, or It., box J.'KG iVnt uCLc, or all nt the I ,mh m.rr lut a J. Boa*i> at rom away, uma iat.axd?tx a frtrate family; location rellr.d; eanmuolratUm by rail, tape and boat fl--a or alt tlmea dally. Ilnuae anperlnr; ronma I apacii aa; llrlna anbaUnllal and abundant, sptdmbd oooan bath- i tup. Apply at B3X Umadway. 1 Bo.tunnra at a r arm hop**.?tow mnmcnimm kMim?Nl>iirwwMM( famlltoa and ladhrttnatoa* Ihr larai rum man* Inn of the Ute (harlot I'odnrhUl Mr Oli n lorr, I, L TV* hotm to ediutrahljr adduced for ikn r-nt. rrrtroce of ,'amttlee, tbo ground ampin and wall ia ihort, rrm poroforl that a farm ran prod rue to ndrrr I to Lhnar dorirmg a raabbmrr for tba summer. AJdreaa Mia. Kllral nh liioerhll!, Olon Core, !< I. Oorwrnr board?th* wiiitw iom iifna fllmr, to arm for tba rrrrntlnn of bnardria. Thto to thn mrl brantlfnl and baalihr plas* In tba rlrtnliy of Row Tort; ikfo baihlnr far ladle* and children. Ibo eteamrr Long Rra.h Ir.nlnpfout U BoMnauo dwr1 datly, landa p aaaawyonr on lb# in miaca. TUaYIlK a KOIffcd, Ihvprtr .oira. nOrirtllT board.?fawl.tltR 0* RTROT.r frrroxb dr-drta* nod Board at a low rato raa ha acmmmodaled at be M< roiirjjtan Hotel, at Km RocbeUe, adjotom* tba drp A. rmutrr c-ftbo pmriirtnr, on lha pmodaaa, er ?f F. a. Fatiar, Bo 1 Wacorar atraat. K. T. porXTRT BOARP-AT A FAR* noCRR, RFAR Ot.BR U Cora. I* t; location per'ertly healthy. The house to irrr pleaaarUr situated tln?e by ihoaalt water, wril alunVM, r?l telhlns, dr., hut frw hoar. 're takan; tormj moderate. lie: ertare, J. T. Trtreri. U B-?ehiaan r'.rrH MOl XTBT BOARD.?A FRITATR FAVT1.Y. OXF Vlt.R Ly from Turner ? depot. on the Raw Vfirk and Krlr ltn''rnad, n a hi .I ky location, would ao rirnniodete a frw families mtola I' aril. Trrma moderate Addivu Mia. Wat. KdaarJ Jtf?| ri, r orner'a 1'mt "int. r torRTRT boar.d-#.ix or nont rmsnva pax br IJ am mino>!uir.| at a farm House, 2 miles fnan Xnwtviry. I .irrr to a at ream of wittr running tin.ugh that i. (for, I a rrnl i?hlria, to well Muulcd. and with aplondid aeenor). Would irrtoi a famU> or an ar^xuntanea of friends. as iliore l< no sher hrardeie. A nn'.agr and lmrwa ran he kept. K.* fur ht r particular* Inquire at 1M Mntb avrnur. MOVKTRr BOARD-AY HARTIROX, OX TIIK XOTlTn U rivrr. T>~ I rn-.rn M?ii?ion. <te'l*l if ,llr liimte.l on t)wj ank? ? ' "V J|m!-on. tihmil flOeon mlnnee walk (NM ihr railoe-' ilepnl end ("Mitfcn*' lendlr./?, hailnebeen tbor"mhl}- refilled nod newljr fnroWhed, la p"? ripen for the a.inin.or and nttmw mnntlie. FamlNe" and per1 lr? <d frown nr ramie who l<?tre ?iiulel, mwflnrlable ami pleeaent home win (,>*1 Hhi rrwen flmme all tint nan he dednrd. Apr* in Wil l.J Ml KAY. f'B the r r.-nlww ftefeertvn- Urnry lUlied. l"rO . MO 'earl mr.-rt; W J?. Kjiecll. 33 Raid's lairr;/. W. Inrrirr, 12 Iti.-> ' ?kv. rtill" >'TRY BOARD.?A FY* BOAROFRw IfAV I* AC- j ) << In Msh end health.. Inflation, In "be te.rn of Mirrle it, K. Y.. two ml -? from R.rdipnt, hi-w Huron Ftnlloawt ca?" hntr end a?'Uirlet"? ride fr-nn the ,ity. The ador ?r?r be rg+n onHmdar ami Yoewlaf, the 2>h Mb i.wt . ?t 131 R'cn Twenty ttilnl ft mm. j -mixtbv noAnn.-wn mcmroxn wirx tike a ] J Irw more fu?, r? nt lii> roomer mllliw aitiiaf-d no Uliwaj n?w1, ale it me and ? hall niliea from Kliaat Mb. flrw f pry I" m "TWit .led W 1*1 ?hadr. Apt ./ to P. linfMOKli, anh nrvmUe*. or to eYL\KXTFR LAY. IV , tried* a) imm X.< 3 J "101 XTRT BOARD MAT OF ORTAIRT.D rr?R TWO OR I J th-e? chl'drf . In * rrttmle family wle.-e the; wmid re- | tdrr the t cd of n,rr rtier r' twrnaee m the Dtxr. 1*1. iMi i rk rr add-era H. !>., Xo. J Hwith TVrd atreet, ifi jtaRMon KM XTRY HOARD AXD IV-TRrtTTOR for UTTT.C J J liirta ran be ntokiji* I with * lady. In a eeltcA randl p HrhrrJ ] i MM from tl>e *nr. *hrrr ill \ will Hint the ooMfprleof I 'n r. Addreae IwjiiiWw, HuMietown l'tial, J*. d. Itefw- ( itx' a tiifii. AOt XTRT BOARD WAXTFIV-FfiR A LADY, TWO ' aerrnn a and die a?.;4r*n. near the er? ahem nrvl wfhln kl milea >4 N?w York. Addroa, aUUui teriaa and loreUoa, llerkitdke. 1 I torxtry no tun WAXTrn-nY a orxyi.yrar, J wTe. fnwr atwali rbll ree and mir?e, wk do ar h - if of the I tr. the Xorth t+rer < r dmuvcl prci'errtd. AddreM Ibit*\ Uk >ld r?re. wl h yni tk niara lOfD COrHTRT HOARD CAR RR ORTAtRim XIAR T Wfaojwwl. Caaw i wkhln two honrw ride fmwi Ihe dk. In M MaWd w4h ww4um ManModaJ^iwktthM riTii^iS'1"*'^ ??sw?r j 3 SHEET. BITMMKR RESORTS. ATI.AKTTC nopftE, NEWPORT, R. L-THIS LAROl and fashionable eatabUshmrnt will reonaw for lUnm on the 14th of June. The aubattibar, who Ma recently par rhiaed the property, and erpcu-lod MM (SB th'uaaml tJojUjf In pnulng It In perfect order, pledee. nlmielf to oooauct it 'I a flrrt rlaaa hotel, a paring neither oflurt or expenae to aire atisfartinn. WM. WKWTON AMMlICAN IIOTKL?Rl<'HFIELD SPRINGS, N Y. Tim preprtelor of ihi- well knowu hotel, respectfully li forum tliOM! seeking for health through the celebrated aulphcur water t<f the.* prlugs, or for plea- re in fishing, cither front r uniting ktrcam* for trout, or from tho live lukea within an l our , ride of the spriuga; or gunning through tho valleys or ot er the mountains surrounding this delightful portion of Otsego county, that be u bow urepi ! to accommodate all who mav honor hia hotel with tnclr pail**, o--eelUly families, with good hoard and large ulry ro os. ut in ?ler ite rha'-gtf*. The airoiutnoilaih-na of the hotel have l- u i roved and enlarged the past seaaou, so tint fire hundrtsl guests eAn be accoinnindiited. An additional hundred l'cel front by fifty deep, wI'h a covered carriage way, ha* been erected, and go-sl soft water from ot.e of lhn udjan ill mountain, has be. it brought to the hotel. The bathing arraiiReinepis ai< very much ei I ap'onling atiji ? accommodation* to Invalid*, and an eioclleut band of ntn hn* been cngagm for he iraaon, 1 he hotel la ?ome I,H00 feet abo.o tale water, II mile* from Herkimer, 1C nan Utile ('alia and ran he reached by the 7 A. V. Hudson Ki>er and I'entral Kallrnad, by the t 1". w. train, or l-y the evening la-ata to Albany, taking tho Onlrul itullroa 1 in the morulnt to either little b ulla or to lirrkini. r. stagea at i P. M W'K. P. JOHN'S.IN. Proprietor. ATWUt 'INHTON HKIOnTB, tiriWON RIVKR,FORTY (ire u. nea hy rnllro-.d aud ateaniboat fnan Chambers street?The a?ver hldo llousv la now open for tho reception -.f guest a. T ts aouse la mo?t eonvenlently located on the bs niu of the tludsm commanding a magnificent view of the river. The cara am. ataau. not atop In frout of the place, IW atreit station. Race Kent bathing, boating aud flatting. BKAL* IlOTKly?TOOC8 MINERAL RFEINGR, OHBr arm Maine.?Tbta a?w and magntfleeat hotel, thoroughly fnrrlahnd \ '.th ever* nratriaton for the aomfnrt of tta gtlOM, Will b* opened on the lOtb Inat. The walen of thl* aprtn* poaaem the hltfheet nsedlulnal nrtoa* of enyln thewnmw Attached era hiillard mloona, bowling alley*, Brery tobj* trolling late. to. The rteinhv afford* ample attraattonto the iDtlar umI uxirtoMtt. Oarruit* '> IU hfi fouad In rmdlnMl U August* end Oerdlaer, four mil## distant, for the eanr#y*BM of riNU. VH. U WHITE, Agent niton, Maine, June 11MB. BLOOM'S IIOTKL, HALF WAV FROM OATSKILL T< ibe Mountain House, Is now open Tor summer bonr-lcra; n flne placo for gunning and ashing. Boon! Si per week. Con rovjDce to all part# ol' the country at n fair price. DAVID BLOOM, Proprietor. ICisgATOW, OrecneconrlT, V. Y. FTLirrwoou nomk, opporttb c?tport, n. V' le now open forth# reception of gueata II la located 29 miloe from New Turk, 1W Uoura.mll by aleamboela Ee/poe and Alice Price, from Robinson atr-wt at A. M. and IK* Fine bathing, tiahlug, aailing and plenty of ahade. A few choice room* not taken. Apply to Oapt. ARBOWHMTTH, of the Keyport from 9 until 4 o'clock, or I# B. W. ABBOTT, Pro priator StOLUKBlA HOrHR, CAPS INLAND, CAPS MAT. N. J.~ ) Thla Large first nlaas hotel will be opened for the reoeplloe jruoau on the 24th of J nne. I'd). The house Una bocu completely repaired aad infiiniMtod; a new eonking range, oveua, ateatn boiler* and every modern Improvement added-! Extensive stabling attached to the pre.nlaee. All letters addressed to the subscribers. Cape Island, N. I. will be promptly ?Ucivlod< ? LAIRD A WOODMAN. James H. I-aibd, late proprietor FrankUn lln-ise, PhltaM phla, B. B. Woolma*, formerly proprietor MA Varosii Hotel Cape labit d tdowt.kk house.?olexctd \ i,arb. carvel, n. v., X' Jtl minutes' drive rrom tri.ton ratia; :mir rain irom Lake Msbopac; 15 minutes' <Ii ivo it fifteen d liferent lakes, uhirhnhmtnd with fish; ovtcnrive aernminnd.atlnns fir horses anil carriages; Uvcry htable w ith snddlo horses, carriages, ,te., attached. KDWIN FOWLER. IV prlamr. Hotel st. jvi.ifn, ST \TEN TPI.AWn. OX MUANT STREET. Four ruln-ife* walk from first landing. Table rtT 'e or private tabic If desired. KI.IlKRT ANOKRS'iN, Proprietor. TV TOt'RF.TTn HOrsK. HEROKN POINT. V .1 -Tilts J favorite summer Hotel, beautifully aRiiatod on the hunter <l the Kill von Knil, I* now open. Boat* leave pier -No. 11 NnVlb river at and IP 1 A. M , and 3'^ and 5'j P. M.; fr m Barclay street at 10 A. M. and 4'i P. V Time from V. a York, X'i minutes. WEST. FY \V. nil.I.. 'Formerly of Lnfurgo House), Proprietor. Lark moihcqan iioisk is now oprn for nck mer Boarding, situated frmr m'les eaat of Pcnkaklll ?f lace, Westchester eouutr one hour and a half ride from the city by Hudson River Railroad. MoonUia air, rood dri -? and bathing. makes It one of the moat desirable 1. .rations to ha found for families who purpose coins in the oounlry. Ad dreaa A. W Palmer. Peekakill Poet nUIre SKA B ATTTINO.?TUB MANSION HOCSE. IX NO Branch. N. J., will be open to the public on the l.vh ef June. It has keen renovated and enlarged lo ueennraodate sou gnc.sta. Conveyance via II. and R. It. Kadna.1 (f.e'.r tup* dally), and by tU-amboaU, foot uf RoUi wm street Address H letird. propricUir. Sna bathing.?at long branch, h. j.-thh mr txnpoUUiu Hotel will he open for the r -eepliou .u' .:.i t? June 25. The Delaware and R.uitan Itay Railroad m ikee two daily trips to I.OD* Brnneb, bun ins K"i , ion si rent ? n irf; -n 1 steamers Highland light nnd I?ng Hrnte h leave auuep'tee for Lone Branch direct. For lime ol' tearing see dally papers J. n. A T. W. COOPICR. I'ropi1 ton. SKA BATIIIMl.-t UM.KIeS I! all, l/tN'tl Itli t Nt'll, N. J., Ir iioo open for the reception of tnewls. The Raritan and Delaware Bey Kalli'.ud 1? a.cs fool ot Koltltivei street, New York, alt1, A. M mat 3', P. M , t ndlne p.. n*er? \ i lil.i two hundred > arils of lla- above hu"?e tnddopf two hem . Per on-. wi?l.lng to village iOou.s will ph-iiv add"-? VVn.'! i.uie >takes. Proprietor, CKA BATHIVO?rXITED STATllS MOTET., IXN0 tri Branch. X. J., is now Open for the reception of ict'sU Persona wishing to rug ape will please address II. A Kborniaker, Pnprirtor. TTIK CATSKTU. VOrVTAIN IIOT SK IS NOW fiPPN for therecepli of s'slters ,v v?ry extrn-lre addition has been made to lh. ? ! *c th< I ... 11. b?'believes be mill now aide In iceoiniiasUle nil v. 1, nsay visit this delightful place of auuun. r < or). si L BKAI'll. Proprietor. THE LFROY PLACF, AT NF.W HAVING changed hands, ts now open for simmer Hoard. I'-irtiei fine In the country will lind llua a pbsiaant place: good tiblr and acroinni" lata n1 at moderate prjc s. I or particulars apply to It. F. TIIOM \K, New Kicla-flc, Wrslrhrsirr county. Tm: Kxcixf-TOR iiorttK, ( Roton nvv ttiwti iftti |er emin'j? Is now open for it,.- r e< i-iion o: -i. ?. ifra ton lake Is ah".ut forty nun . frsun V w Vork: i.e. urlr i veiy Ly the Ku lson River K.,llrcsbl lo Ciov Mo*: P ?.. e ?i\ T .II' I I ' I I..- Hi .mill l? "W 111 IP" In ' Hill ?.xl Imulilu' |>1?< ill lb* v trinity of .V * York: ?!tovi' H imAenf tbr hllla; 1 hi* lakm and Mrrawta abound with I h; tin lmt"| i< ). unlifiilly ! Vlli. frr?ii milk n.- IiiKit, viKinklM, fowl*. Ac.. (una the but. 1 farm; tin- rurmif l?r i' i.n.t .ilrr, ?i<l wrtt arrai. ovt for famill. < ??r Inr'" pet-?i?. Tiitia >cr? moli-ratc >Vr fttrtii.T | i>r'lr>ilar? a.1.1'. .i or antitx !<* A.V UlltiW I.. H KIlY, I'" , r..- r. 1 naoo ii..wi. *t. i.I., o. r I'.., X V , or to l>! Viil l' X HO|j|*KX X-i. *? w*rcrt. ?*. alii glvr Hill parttsubir*. ? bp6ht?(rn HATF-A TWTXTYf Vl^t T 4,7 MTT. *?kAT, rat rip. rafclrt forward: < ring torn itul r.trnrtii rttr.rdftr; dra-?-, i it frd (mi inrUrv t*rtaa ttOU. <'.1U t?r arm at Knipadnrk '?r,tfga?i. Conn. fcYOn 8ALK?TIIE HTBOOKFt TUT" ITTHttU 77 X l"W. thrro yrari rid, haalnat i c ih..c,i igttlr ovarlM .. H, rrftltJ and pnlnird. be an?n at notrn Inland, hn tamn the Qurtranlin* nrut Fuiidrtnn KdUitja For leriu? ad dj r?a J. C? Jr , box I.1U fV*l oBlrr. For hai.e-a rot r o\rf.d pttku. bovt. w ffxt long, built br Jnmr* Maknj;rf mahogany, an t tain for frrt order, nrrrr having Jcrn rowrd but oi."". AmdrtnO HHOWN. 47X lirnial atrw", Now York or to J A*F.K *AKA Y loot of In. Li in avaur. Hrfohlrn. F.. I>. For pai.f-a yacht; hf-waka a rout nam tona, l.uiti la?t r ur m. r; n good aalirr and a aaf? '-oat In quira of J AS. o. IKUOIiktUlU, lit .ttaalon Ina*. or -taa Mnnroo. Ogateniie P. F)rpaif? a Jin txt> maixmtl. y t< iit. TWrXfY all fori all Inubi kml. In uikti, null fan ant i of alia, Aca vrrf > ii>r. prlrr cort WO i'or lumber pai Jeul&n atldrt - Dei 1.382 New Yt rk Toa; "3!"\ For Pki.r < tifar?\ m.oop vaoiT. thirty lira feat long, reive fret nkln, four tr.-i n? lartu 4"" ona rnr old, In ?<aa| ordrr. mWti. "Ha brr i>?, wao r , ia.iv rtrr- and finm?. Apnl.i to It i? I.A *?iVt M..XIH :?l Trn'li atrrrt. or 'f. W. vVWM)S. Niuxaik, V J7. *:><*. h ? t?P(iRTI\n.-TTI?: T WITT |M IKNiXKR PKTRRI. ?r 1^ rmif ??ron tl.r ?mr* <4d. t-wrtHrr "trlili ill hrr ?'!?, rtaaln* ?nrb?.r?. rahir. lanltart) li'mn. tr<- t. , i i.!atr ni.{pla'tit n?rt. "ill br "l<lil imkaib; Mr-mV l. M. llnflnvin A <V at ?? < Maftlatil ? *.? 'mnirn, n num Ur, tirfir it", .1 1p. M. A.iJi f ? J.Jr., U.I Mil 1-Mt I ? en. > V. rrti* Tvt rt wrn for rw.v J.' Tlir aplmdi.i lira' rinai a.o^r >Mvbt W I'D. 7lion> maaBtirrmrnt hjr Mrw Vntk VarM t'tuh ran . ...r?. in r ani a'# aaUIng ?4?r, rdbla atiparlil/ fitruwHril. an rirnllrnt art I at, aud (a* u( lha laatrat aloep JArk.' la Am. lira. ?rt)l la ?... ! mri rtimn. ,i, gr*.. * 1 ami In :mi jiaJr kian a *l II WTll aw?wL r.tan Bw 17. U'AFTT T> TO TURF?FOR A DAT S StTT,. A TAf llT, with ft*v|ra'rfn arrr<amM? frrm dtlnM lam A.I drr?, aiming ua:w. p!KT, Win ra tu la a A Ar . Fa-rM, Uo ruld rflrt. Y'ACtlT FOR MTF. -TTTF Fl-OOP TAtUP TAJIffT.M tour. ertrtrr board. wall fo-.nd and In good crdcr la; br arm at Ihr Hcbcfcra aacbmatr F.. H. Will TP., SB Frwat atraal YAnrr for BAi.Frmup-ABorr ftohtfrr tor* inagalfirmt rahm. rrrr rm and aaIf, apafa, aula and fnmkurr. and all farfrrt, gnnd aa nrw. WlD TaaoU Inw It rJnat an wrrwat. < an br arm at trrmnil a lamaat and nhaam r?t wondrn and mrtaUlr beat ?tal llataaaal it ifct *urU. Ml Bout* au-rrt. nrar VxmtMioR to TBI rmnxu park* f.\t"rt katt-r Bt dat.-Tbo atramri III R<> wul loam Rob o**-. wan m: uVnrk; K|.r!njr rtrrrt. I1,: 1'rak allp IVl rlrr Kn. 3 N'mtfi rliar, I A. it. BaturUug b> 4 P *7 FarrflOrnnta J. W HASIOX, f* .laadar. KXCTURTOJR TO UIV'I PR IKf-H. R J VtA *ARJ. tan and Onlaaarr Ha* Railroad?RnrMlna. rlidn'iM "> twl?j mVcK , d<*lro<i? of forwiioe novrWnn i?itin to ItifAbore wntertnf p??ee. will V no rfrr librra, terror ?n ?ppJea'.los M Uic C-ttpamj a oMof, frrnor .f I ultoa and 1 hiirtb i-trcr'A. St. MAtrn on Aim ptoftr, row tit* worrm or Ikf nnr ?Phgr br-?e, J? Jrmf WMl will MM oMWM nrad??, JnnelA Wine WttlVnn WMthw Ml f.wafM. trxl a rartetr of tmuMnf ?i*f rWliiM I? will M rtr-M. rickfU artj cento mek. To be Ud of tM 0 niw?t?ofAr rmagrvrata ead ?l the femrr rooB. iwrwr of Onwd aai Wife ween. lW fall pnrOeniar* art tmaU MU*SCgPAT kxct mi0x9 TO riTmVnjWP 'OT.L*T Tolni ?Tl.f f?eor1te ??im?r WtiiCtl PHk* ?.d leara ritifcbhii n?i PundAf, ? , ?t iM A. ? mjw! Of*. * BeInrn'r.aVare KfwT rk Pf?l- * ?i?d M? T. * , MTPfa* it itreH each war- Tare ?Mh w?j 1A Ofnto. iraiwa r abhiowb. wmw rriLicinoii. 11 RALII or MIL UTAVBt ms Ml M wi ? M At orange, i*. j.?txipktir seat or-f to ? MTU, nenrtedepet: 9nt eieee tapMNMrii lO mtU Binty <>f frmt. pure ?ofl ipruif water .bet and mU, ***? * h in *r i' '' aku,1(s' Apply m u patton a 00., it wuA FURNISHED COUNTRY PLACE OM the HI'DHOW '->r -ale or to let. Apply to COFFIN, BOUND k 00., ff USSOU atrret. A neat, pleasant rkhidknoe for hale or kxi hant'f on lerv llher term*, moat desirably located, alt thE modern um.rovrmcnta, in rood order, ami will rive an aaoelcut trad.-. WHIPS k WOUTHWICK, ? Naaaaa eUddt. AHKAUTIPTL FARM IN ROCKLAND county, OI* lifijr acre*; flve apple ircberde; 93,300. Revddty-i** ?< < r* prar Vrrutown, N. J., 96.800. One hundred and tea anr In Hertraa county, N. J , 9*1.800. All have rood buddlaaat frnita abundant. W. II. MKLll'Jt, 407 Broadway. I tOU.VTRY SKAT AND FAR* OP 170 ACRES-DEV ' 'Ightfully situated on Kaat Klrer, nine mllaa from Hhr< m. to be acid, with Furniture, Stock, Ac , Ac. It I*perfectly hrnl'hy. and cumliinee everythiur desirable for a gentleman** residence. and w 111 lie ?ol<l low and on eaay term*, ae the ewocr la compelled to travel abroad. Apply at room No. 1, over Pulton In. nk. /Hi' NTRV SKAT FOR SALE ? KATONAH'S WOOD, AY A ' tied ford, Woetehester cmie'v, formcrlv occupied by Elk John Joy, ?i'li-rnurntly hv Mr. J. Hut lor Wright, and now udder loan- to Mr. smith (lift for ihepreaent wmOO. TbeBouad la of cream colored Won* with pi-una and modern conreolrnt' tla- nn-.iiI,>n elevated. well wooded and romm itviiua an i rxtrndt it vlrw, mul the neighbnrlioiid lnunkuiy h?vtlthy. I?i ground* rmbrare forty-one arrr*, of wliirh twenty-four i I ire lawn, prove and pleaaui* grounds; a girilm well <Mkt I wit! vegetable!, How era mid fruit; a am*U vineyard la ful! bearing; Mm .turd mvl dwarf pear*. imported from Vlcmorts. of I'ai-U, Miawborrlea In grout Abundance; a gardener'a cottage; greenhouse an l npiiurtnnaiieea, ulal lo, .viaoh house, "OW hnuae, eeiittei y, Ira houar. Ac. Instance from town, two hour i fruit kutoiuih (telegraph) atetlon nw Ih.rlnu Rn Uroad two mdOi. Tickets of view ai.iv ha had of the uieleralcndit, and application niny bo made lo Mr. Jnv. ?t thr Joy Hancstew I, adj# v i tug the premium, or to K. 11. Ll'llIM 4 Co., Ko. 3 1'lno ?t1 T^ARM FOR PAI.W?ICO Ai RV.H, 1M PATTF.Rr.OJC, PVT F nnm rminty, l,'a tnllri frm the Urn Inn Railroad, It la 4gi worn Pattrraoii depot and fownrr* ? ai'no. Tim iwat farm 111 lln; finiiity. FOW7. A i O , 23d Water -grceti TTURfiT CI, ASH HOrKKS. 3$ AMP dp COMIMIIIA STRKRT, P Brooklyn Heights, within Ova minotaa of Wad or Fulton Carrim, for wilt*, or the largem will no lei*ed; onwit MaM fronti. elegant in ntylo an>t decoration. four (topic* high, replete with every eonveniciien; rc.vlv for opcupati in. The rooms faring weirt, eonuWHiid th-> aeeaerv nt' Mow Jeraey, tho hnrtmr, ami 'ho e\er v ar> lug nanoram i of the Ka*t river. dpply to J. HON PLOW, No. 8Montague place, H-oolUyn. For rat.k-a farm of in acrrr, i? futmax county. M. T., iMuatod on th* main rood from Oroton Falla Lake Mnbopar, mllea from tho tako aud ihroo from <>oo Falla. Tb? farm la In a high Artota of cultlvaJon, haa aa tbnndanco and a rartaty of frnH, a new and commodious dwelling, bama and all n?iicaaarr outbuildings. For parueui ra addreaa O. PINt KN'KY, ?f Raul Twonty third street, X. T., or Inquire of J. II. UCK, oo tho premises. T.JOR 8AI.E?THE I.AROE MEW BROWM MTOXX r tlonaea NV*. Wnnd 35 WfU Thlrty-foitrth *:.-eet, with OWtrnfcir.n for library, fhtUhed In the moat complete and threugta inniiinr, with roar wood doors, walnnl .talra ami a. I tnodorn lmprovi-menis. Apply on the premi-e*, l j f.'>PKR 4 UAVW. Ti^OR SALE * f'OTTAOB HOrsB \NT> TWF.VTf TWO r Tad* ofl mud on B. rim Hill, near the tirst Prr-tbvtniinn church. V'nr ptiri iU s npplv tn I,. PECKER, 94 ARB street, New York, or lo U. P. IVKI>11 ou the prtvultCii. For sue-pe-trxbi.e mii.nivti lots and Ptota on tin* H alaou rltcr. In the vti;a<to of Yo ikars; al*a, Lund nenrYiti.kcry. mt indintr t i:i?* v.- ,v r.f ,!m . .-r aril Sonimi; al?o, two now llnmci In Fortv-fuunh street, braw n Mono |j;iwm>nt, three Miry, with sli tint modern Uitu menu. V?r ovipa, Ay., apply to W M. U. aUEl'UElfl), SI Wtlllam street* tt'or s vle, tv brooklyn?a splendid new P Mfb M< p lb ry. has . ? b nglAr .....t at:.i brown Mone fioni ll .it \ '.?> Plerrepmit ?iw, near Clinton. Brooklyn Heights. H/r r,r hens.' "XiM trrt, with fuJ ;?t. The hoime la tlnl.-hH In the bet'manner with all the rnottcra im inovement*. Any person Jo- iritu to li?e In Brooklyn *a-? pur there this property on liberal terms, ami hi it iMilk'y to,.sion. Kor paithliars apply to JOHN MaAUEU, 139 Hrnmlivsy. For sale or kx' hange?for city or corvTRT property? t r v I. ?X !> t itlfnl re?l * fn Ra.'.taa. one anil a lull tnitrs from the n.mrliihlng ant r-prjrlni; ally of Leavenworih, haling ? t|il"u<lld vlow of the city, Mta ntiri river an.) the lot', f tid property consists fa mar bouse (mrnWi' l, ID r . .ni.,\ a :an, jarn, cnrrlaco hjii>?, Autbnn.a-a, 1 nrge nut llion and JtI a rea (if Lttul. (alter .an 1 T'ft tbio gardetie. Tlila place is w m i.lap e.| f..r the c.lilvwli m of franca and fruit of all Unas Xppljr t? J. fl. CR Af?>, Ear;., U Wall i,treat, NaUonal Ii. itrance <. ,mpanjr. For sale or f-vcnajroe-frvb new bleoant I I.rut.n atone UoitiMt on K ifil-H stmel, tytih all the tr.'Orf-rn mipni.rnictite; hnlls .i> t. fci.'.i > unnlata'rt, fcrnacea, Ac. WnnM etchanro f'W Hu tilitw XIotfrutb, ei t v Risof'yn liDti, or i:<?al Country Property. Vpplr to J. J. .-.Mil 11 * CO.. TO) Third arclie. or A H. he UK, Key, 18 Wall urmu JiTOK SALE Olt I \i II AV.E?TUB CITY or. IIROOK' iyn property'.. )<< ?. i.tnii . . New Yi r" a i r.' ^.'.11rli.< nf li nn m.iikiii." . . it. li. ; a ' i " mki.ea f yrUiiirtailic in ft I'rtr yciu u Thli ^araro r.pp p it ',y. Ad.lm-a C ll . Ilr, Mdir. '. T.10R" SALE OR i:\ClfXNiii TIIK NEW rMRlH r Our.v Ingh aMKHiht ttii nine It. .. ,\ i. aCRr . t oi > fiftli Mrii t. <lc?!r?l>ly C,|i., .1 Elfili ntrl UNlli a .-V nura: >tae (UaM. Inl u* I. . II r nn>t,tiii... ., v . n ii at 109 < hrntTirrr Ir -ct. ? V"w s*i'B or vhcn wcr? v rxRM ov t , t t h 1 P P laml. It i. Mina'. ...Ir..., . It . *? riU?* fr??n? ll?r mill i.??* mmmW*' vvaik (ni n f,i?% t|?*j otf ?< lt? ri' llio lmlf> *? - ?*n Hum 4 It <v)rfAiit4 Mi' \ )mni . ??, btini, a flm* wril .mi m l fr-tlt. Tm t.,?* u, i Mark < art l? lmmrli' if .U I. I' I -?i 4I' on .... n.lfi|t-.'y. Il c?i linnpcd. ?i?tt,1 be _'i" i.i Si! ' :i a. .Irrtrv f 'Hjr n* WrM llnlmhcl. in ? ?.! hiI< t .... | nHiit>t*-l VMynjr v?. ? fSHr-i fJMWt*. ih'i h... 1. main 11:1 :tvi f.itir. N? I r. ittiHcM.1.1 l.i .4 In IH'I I, I* ..m I V. 1 Orr A 1 ii. M .Mm Mi1 . , ... Fin kai.f. or kx< ha\*i:e r..R pnnnr.-Tii s<*it* pr iM'ri\ ?A I ?nn ci i.uinlr- M vnn >rf tir? rfcum Imvf, ii 'il. * i ..i n ty J 11. 4c.' 1 ,..>,? fru tr. ?. utc ili" .iih if.* ?li"-l and farming til 1I4; ? bnii'tlny 'hri*-' yin.ina, barn, at..Nine, Ar : bmj )miI? .1 1 m i ni I; 4]. 1, % nu!* ptt.taum ?nn?inr gnidiil It\ I. :r- :. 1 4? < 7'' 1 I aitl*. aim pr ipa# ;*rna,"i| In I'm . >?li f M ?tp> ri, t . inr ?|. n. n IpMnlnR ir. p . i the . f .-i! li.U 1 vn?. n.-S? -,f Mnrri* ki'.'l . ?, Kh|. A|.| l> . il<- it ii .it?l !!....? . fmm III \ M in 7 I* "J M. W.iKKM lM. TtV>R <vii.F i.w in 11 ?* r.Fvi vi? *>r wrr*t ava r i.iHli'in 4 Mil In In .11" Vv-il' 1 .p. ( |..i l.ti' i??. Apnlv .1 ISII1.1111U i? mivi'i, n.ii. 1 0K4M.K MV. rvl?M ?'?R ?AI.K nr II*': MLS. lend #m| tf..iiv 4. r< ?, aiih .1 \ttrjf invfl II . v?, wpfc I' l.f ii I, I' II M _1 I) it]. t IK? '! ? IH ?? ?r. A I.. 11 in 0.1 r it n |>: . ilP nitimi cane* he. m >1 n 'Ir ctttiitiy. T!'Pi r mil. 1 ir. i,| a r 1,1 iwl .|rp<H v.|.| ii 'mntri t?Uil . Fnr I. ' .!:'i ill', UN ii JMMX JOHIMJf, Tin. f? PtilV. i.iri tH', S*. Y. r> TIIK CMM iUnr. AMI IH.TH li(i.rH"Ti)H . I llr I...1..1 . tl. I . ' ??Tl? I*i .ri 'M'"." V una u ?? \KW i #.* i'.-vl tl P?ttiitp.c<4. F.-nf' V.i*. ThA Piialn 14 t'|.,. I iltii i.-.-ii p.llrti HMlhr.. - ni* lltt- nil1". %?; nf Niihn. , MtiM lltt- hut, .iwl 1. .In,, li.iii 4 'i.lln l.i ilr- 4rrt.? Im 11 I.! Iltr fj 'rrn K.ulri.'l. ! r ?"V?ri| T--ir* l'r-'t**^i ' Invr I*ra and now arc lib ) nm.|.;i i1 by Mr. ft. P .'ri.i?. ><4 ril !.. 1 .inl.l,-l.tnCl.t, ; .irOnl/P'1 by an ,.Nby f,i. I I nal'it' rSn/n-'it. i.f Xc.v 1 ,.fV Hlitun", Pb'U4il| I 'a, I (I.f .t. II, Sew III Van* nl..1 I'. Tin U. rr?f"?lil! .... Ii|.?n.ri| by any Wl'rrbif (lU-M in l.r I nltrrt lair.i. lor ilac ia . Ui rn and raalcm nor.. JI',1 - in | Itiim 1 be <'.iiitb,? a ni?r|nt| inlaml r aining tin- MHitririn and wrMTn rnwiw AM iim a?mm< ? i ah ma , ^tilniv, tin wbHu ' iin rtf**$m\ wi?l^w of iK" T?-?* bulWlnfn mi'l.r **4nt ?jf tfc* Oe*aa|fona% , J tk* Nc ? CVrt IWm ?. I Tli- Xan?t?n H<r iv?, ! The Poilhif f | Tl* Fork Cultafi- and roan CotUae, with taw hart ?, ', # ( boitwa, ha'h hcnwd, bniHfuvf ?M?m. he. Tli# InralMr pmaruta gre?> Inrlommaata t?nap' Mf '<* * i.iMI-li :i ( Iihltr pl.irr of rranrt, lir ttxi or.-. a.-i * a d>i , ? Wfl iiihI alantnboat Ititlhif, wliirh ??iM i 'Pdar u nef i.n^ I." jwpnlfr ?"' jimflf/iklj rrtrr fl(?,(**): m?h tl*> (**?: tha hatn*"# to remain at Vhi.1 and 4pplr i?i >M !< kri, M r|V*() or by lr!t( r to Ifrriry, I*n f?i !*'?> ndtro. Albany. ?. /. WiprofBtf ornnof. tvr> vwur ravna.-ur, hating "r fwunp n \A <aoo,i?n?, that wire forfeited and rr tirnnl hef in- the time of tale la T'onen.her. 1AW, ran toae., of ?.-n<tMn? ?<? M ?Hdkr< br rilling at tne owe of TAT WINKIdC 4 WIJfAjfi Whini* Htnrt. T.Y. rnttt stRirrr -t.ot tor sror or rirrTHixnt ?Jl) vtrrft, 2MOO II. Pca-orn -Ivh and IbiwMl itec .4a .1* ailf. Apply to J. RV'i'.tKK, Iff ilr>?| ?i??t 1 a-a fu\fi -ron 1 ai.R A nnRAT baboatx tkw ?0.?)UU. Mora I'roprrtT 411 *fttb aTMtM; Iw m 94.0011 <-aa remain on mortgage. Alan aalo epead, l?r? full Ud? and twal' ottun on Word Thirl) flflh atreei. Apply iMp I day to J. K. HATCH. 374 Ninth arena*. I pitwTiirrBT. i A BTIPKIAIj TRUTH OP 1HR VOfT MaCTTVLKOTI I a bttptriai. aoini mxnro. po? noATMB fm ! JfV pat ta while nafl, re-jnlrtng no aranned, aad dfpm m 1 1 a ivtmrtAi. v Mfii vifnvui Am ?n iabmi aawaflKr^g^g L. 'Wf?i BmnAwoy and Hah ? ?? v B. flRTTTTR A BROrnTW. It'UIIWVjWfBA'ni worth imnmntn-fi nm tooth iwitbobt bs 1 irrrUnf the rnntt when rtaMmt), benMtfnl M on rj mairnd riibMtr; artMldal hone Ml.rue. IMm of Ikarfttm Trt !Kh 4rntMt K A rpUM)/ PKKTKBBB * & JlTwoMoK Ml Bn?lmr, u?r Howard iliwi wiwiPAPBEI. 1 XTKWsTAPrn FOR SAf.R- A RA*H <HA*tlC.-AJt iR rmdleMrd IMere* In a well eaUblUAed nioatraled Iterarr J "moI. in a large Nnuthrm ?b, la offered for aalew "I be paper ho* a lar jn rtrentaMnn, ?M< n la rooaUoitt ipcr**?> In#, and with Die nnOay of amnlrraio aum ma be mrl* *orp prul.'aole. To a gentlemen pnaae.Wiig Wertm q'lOtfn1 iliaw 0 rare fi.por?nitii?Tor (nrr.inietit i? .?er?t The nrearnt pr?v prtetor would. In eannmonn wnh ibe n'ir-han^|i|| "? Mat rapllal ?trendy In the roawrn Per f'irlhar *M raikr mfar* nn'im a? lo i>rlre, Ac.. mMreoajm apply fc> JW 0. MOrt. PttR**OI.fK?TrA!. JOrRf ATj fob Jtl T OOW. taina?Tha Briilah Porta, their Leading IJreno; iglewi Orfnna?Colonel T II Thorpe, fll wraphr MM rVor voglenl f Muwofnr?Inlnriro of Hram?The lion. John ^Bhe?l"?al?t hia Portrait, Phrenologl.-il i harm-trr and lllogrophr?Phva wl OnRnre. hp the Rer flmry Wtrd Pe*. Ser -Tear tef tn?r~?. ?* In PhtdolotT ami Phrenology?Moral Phtloaophr, or <h<t I tut tea r/ Man i'oMM In Ma IbtUt Mual, oooaiJMpi Damn* Me Capnritim, An.. Ae Prim ml* II a jmr RAW rtumq L ^ llMW si w&ii!1St *.

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