Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 23, 1860, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 23, 1860 Page 2
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2 ARRIVAL OF TH2 OVERLAID fUL I lATLRESTLNG FROM CALIFORNIA. The Indian DittcriUieg ^ Westera IJ ^, AW Thcnsan'j Warriors Gathered at Yyramid Lake. r Mirmiah Between the Volunteers and Indians. ACiENERAL BATTLE EXPECTED. ' AMBER Y OF WELLS, FARfiO ? CO/3 EXPRESS. ADDITIONAL FROM JAPAN, Ac., Ac., Ac. b.-iiLNorntri, Mo., Juno 22, lS6f Vm overland mail from Son Francisco arrived this Wenhig. and brine* the folio* In* nummary of news from Aw Pacific coast ? Sa.y FV.xpm), Jnno I. 1800. The moil departing to day leaves Calliornia in the mi. 1st Off groat excitement, on account of" the lin'uui difficulties in Heateru Utub. The war there is becoming serious. Jffiihin tho month just closed the Indians have made Mark* on dim-rent parties of whiles as far southward .u) ffffalkcr river, and northward as far as Hewy I.ake. The stations on the pony express aim Suit lathe mail ome are known to have been unable t? spore the neceswary men from iliclr duties to carry on the enterprise as m H wight to bo done, t'ndvr these ciretiinstances tho fowy expr?*K has been di.-coutiiui< t until such time as its Alps tan be t-tuned without jcopardiziiv .he interests of ffto patrons. The main body of the Indians are coueentral I at Pyra id lake, where C'?d. Onushy's party were recently defeated. It is now ascertained iluit over one hundred Indians were killed m that action. Tl.ey ire d. faint, well armed and, according to inform at i>>u which can be relied SpM, furnished by Col Jatk Hay i amber 1 OoO to J 000 " rrlors. On the 29'h ult. Col Hay.-, with a i*irty of over tMO wahintc. i mid C'apt. .Steward, w ith a party of sixtocn HnK.-d Mat's trot I-.', r tiu ie.1 ftoiu (".tr oll Valley for tho Adiau hiadu'tarter,-; at Williams s'.ttkin, on Citr.-on river, where th - Mr l ludiuii n.urd? is occurred. tick.i. I ILij..' party < atiio up-.n a party of :VK) Indians, Attached uud defeated them, kiliittg seven Italians, isniv the kill'd is one of th" principal chieCs. Two of -tknii <?n the tjl-t tho regular* ?ad tuluuleer.s nureh -I f->r Pyramid lake, and by the II tut lit' y iMnOdmll) expert In tiring on a general torttli- with the lu.tiri bwt) of tli" .ravagea. The k. I inteti-w anxiety U Ml for tin' mult, (?>r if or ini'ti are nti'ie . ful in s-ti .VU e- an overwhelming Wm ihouw-t vert Indian war ever kuov.u on tbiacou t a tart uible. The effect of the dMnrtianre* has he m to conoentraU. all U> Mining popuhtlhm of lit" Wai-Uoc ng.on, now uum Wruw ->v<n or i iirht tl*>usand torn, w ithin a very Ptnall taKr in the Tieinily of the wllkiiMatt. 1W niiiiin? ncrourw all point to tb? immmso* ta imi- tit of this new mineral region. There U but little t olifortm new* fir thia tnail, the Waalx- war excitement ah-orbta;; < v ry other topic. CtanpUUnt3 arc hermntwjf nmix'Coua, loud and earnest UMiuit t'omtno?l?rc VaoU'.'t bltl 11 account of the nuinn r to which he allow* atoanv r.a to l?o crowded w i'h pssMfrn when leaving Sew York. The ".HVrlug* of * "ootid abut and 3tc.ra^ p"--' nf-i * arc r< i*.rtr.l as terrible in Mm extreme. The Chamber of fotnt.ierro forward by to-<tay'.s mall a iftaorml to ttie (.ili' rnm if U . itn i to Congr urging p|>u- ."it 4 i tin "JTili and 2f*tl? xccti of tlw prnv?h-. <1 mmm T u ill law Til")'o''|.rt to the fib i "lion, |te< uixr I H allow* no dim.nation in lh "rfilial "alix >f I Alar on aceonnt of ! image w'iin Ir. .nut. which would taakr rtnt| luirii-l |n in Ho r<wuAc porte, ton- much .or rent port i n .[ g.? t? are dmn iged iu ? l"iig voya fe feoai Cnri.jx't Chi If rnu. while I if Itw ihtinavw uomra in Uw voy iee from V rope to \? w V rk ami Atlantic port*. The 29th ' teei e o|n?i-i?i U?..nxe u w . ilU |u.k<-Mi.i'ly wboixli Wmi Mr.irehou 'x >?tnii uiul ik'-troy tlx- pre Ptaiorr ;e S.?n >rauc: "" now Ix-'xij as a rotmnarrinl ilia trtbut:ne port for the IV fx, to tli" advantage of Valpantfc-e Jlooohilu und \ .et.s *. A memorial st?n roes forward to-day for a daily overtotad mail and Cot'l>rC"?of>xl 'Uo. nnguurul to the p"i?y A mri tinc ia railed f r thi "veinr in "on Tranchco to f*lae tmppik-'an l prori-to he fxrwinUd t-. the W> (Mlcer* now r-tgaynd in tlx: inJ.on *\ ir Much rvltn? it Mlfated on the ?..].> ct The pony 'tprr *. with bt. Tnijadate* of |h<> aOtb of Jtoy, now live day* orrnlix-. I hot arrived, ni l pr N? ha* hr?'n ot t-if by tlx ho 11 in*. j Thr j^aiy ?xpr> of tlx' 1Mb and 20th of May p^ M throug h (hr? n Vnll. v n lie ir >rim*y rariwartl, atxt it la hopril aot ?My o r tit ludt in iuiotml port en of the ftaito M irb :i|>|ii 1. ni'ioO ' frit fbr th< r -af fy. tab hare aK. it ?? hum! I .and fifty 1? 11. r*. The Iowa Ilill lig?'aw : lit i t f fitl !n 'i ,e*e of TleiU. I'argo .V. Co.'? IJcjrt ,ontlwJWth ult.,' ? ?ix h ,b W-jnv " TV iivcty 1.. U' ' Tl r* b .1 mtn prmapllp fold bp tf..' (' ?upoop. A frmral J- S?lrol u <>r hi* Vmi VM in IM porliuatf .%n FV?..< !? r >v*rr<t hp IV A;nt !lrn kin. rtCfutlp ? 'jixl I 1*} IV I r. ( ! -t ?! > !*.|ir ok wl lfcr ?htp** rrx Xcvj 1-. li" '* I'll P>r v-TY^k<n OhnMthuti took o\<*r 1 .?00 tail* ufwoot,9,000 l?s-? .4 Vkmt, 4,000 hi.U ?, M?t * fi noral plrt. d op cartpv A Cr<- u Nt v 'iA on ?? SKik ill itr<lrv}ti| tri.MiSft m, |M? the Innun ln-liiH.o*, tin" tMal^rMvn 00 Wmhw rout .mw lnfg >. N??* m o re. % > J fn>tn (itthi 1> tbc 4)1 bV . o4 U> Or 94th from Hi itt?h CbiimUo. TV inirH^. ncr from Or v n i' rf lntcfp?t. A Ollupmttro c ri'-I \? f'ibf I* b? Iwtii il? TCfbUr itrmnrrat* n?d ?!? r. oi>n , ?h<>brr trplrvp to kr with IV nut. LrrompK* U- nvcut*. TV xinfc i- to koto I'dHp-I Huh i ftonlor.i in pi' * t f 0?n. Int. and Union Smith. *ho arc ruppwttf hp U?0 rrguiof IV rmpo ihro<ijiU?tt WasUiagt'u Terr it .VT r?r? * portal to ho prtfr ?ttig fhromUlp. T\TFT.KSTiN*?; TMTFAUX or* oiN ntutt KX) (omuoroxNiiti. SAX pRASCr*", Ship ?, lsdC AaOofMfflR f T\t ht-aH4 ' HM ?p #o Jafmmm (?. .?> Oiii Ikw wit?"tnm of 9\\o*u Bit* Morr Indian Ov' cf*?tJmol Lnmdtr i Wjjmo Mamd kp k?m rvottf. * A Altfcbt ?bock of on potU^'bIm km Ml m thlr t 'r <u kt Xth Inst. II occulted 6v. and six. O'clock in OkO morn in*. n u ... i. ,i ii .i tiip Tt.i' ; r if. i i ilt . . . I the Hi- ton 1*1 >r two taiko ?*: a Wi .a length. v> 01 %o in ojwr?lk*a l>)' the rcnrtl cf W.' Daring be-l week 10CV4 ounce* of g?i 1 hotlina, traik WOO 000. kiwi 5.*?4 c" tiers ritver HUNoa, ?"r A?0>itrd 10 the tartvd IHat?* Iftaorh M'nt Ixw; g.y ooo ong coined la double cagh - m.| T.feO in half dollar*. Htce of the crew of Uac Ji.pnac c correMc CV.n 1 immr oh were left here by the Admiral, acrou Hn( ?ick. tho 0*h?r two mnuMOid t? atwud.oits. One of tlic number flMeif dtod, mm! tn baric i by the Co-am rciil aguit for Japui. Xr CUtlet WotrU Brook* Tltc oUurt wiU be mmt homo by Um nest r?d l-..\ Tor J?r?in A Miaurc of lis C*#*0 Of ta.r. ic maEi/Vlcrv I kit? r ' mm*o hi Matorday. on Um afepfl ground of M.lug img. |M good*. Chptnlc Bayer, Wk < tho ablp W? rt IV r.t'Mini I'm import y. IV block republican* of lb* o ly ore prcpnriiv f> r a (pTMBd conn nado 00 *U>nd?y cut. M which l.rur it If thought, u>c posy cur.M Will brirg Ui a* try; I of the MBiaceo of two Chtr*r) fwcti fi * * Prr-idoat at J trwo Pweidonl, W0 audcrMaud Ihnt If * ww*it rboa'd rc. ire the nomination they ?til fii# Ihroc hur 'red gun . hat if Bate*, Prrmool, or any other mm should bo eel twt, they will Srr only one hondr* t ?rur?. Why th<? part Any %T flcnard it la did* uU to uadcnUad. mr lm>u* war a w i-w*. nr haul adywes r<rr?0tt Out *fvtvt of mn wja , NEW YOI dr? 1 .aid !lfi\ mt r., ix hundred volunteers under Colonel Jack Uayes, and ,-ne hundred and fifty friynlar under Captain cwut I'uited States amy, wero on th from Virginia City 'o Pyramid Iviko, whore three thousand lr.ili.iuj were encamped ready for U^lit. (tn the 2t5tU lust, Pelornaejer's station, at the Sink of the T'tmboldt, was burned by 'he Indians, ami one man missing was suppose I to have been killed. So mo differences arose among the volunteers, and a report .ea hed here tlui the force had disbanded; but the luulter waa luialiy arranged, uud the small army t* ill no doubbgive a good aeeount of themSolver provided tho "war pirnf wilb which the Indians are decorated means autthl ig. liiptaiu Stewart has w ith [ h ii iv, uiountaib howitzers. Some .pprchension is entertains I for lie j"uy express. ! It is thought the lit.e must be dis-ontiuued il hostilities ensue. colon - ? t-vxt>ri;'s r\n:wmv. Ci loii l lander's party struck touts ?t Sue r, ,<v-i ti May "I. an I commenced their jourto y for the tick if labor on the iluiiltiOhlt. Ttiv I a\al id- CO 1-ist "1 of n to covered w: _ vs. urnwn liv :u mules each. Tho earn an was led 1>\ u j'l'Wc in a tulky ami ?hr?-? li wseraen abreast. an<l rillow I'd by ? no (w .-iity iin'ii on horaehnek, lending or liming loose stock. 1 iio train inured up Tenth street oK.dowi; K tosi.nd street through Sen >id to J street, ndupj trcTt.thr' ,1 lli"Plata, to the M -\illo road, whole K ramped, tvelv<-iuil"> from tho rit; The train w unit' r ( iiiniiian.l of C. C. Wren -hall ? t f. H. West, -ceiienf the train luis-lug through tin trects was 'o imposing, and atlraetiol the attention o: niapv citl. Si liir in th" eye noild delis t every appointi i at was iou;p!ete. 'Hi" wagons were new, light uid strong, niun g well ma?hod and broken, harness and tri?jijiinir-t I liin mid .-id ".I. tilt d. 'Hi' mm, thirty 11 " In number, wire young and hearty, n.utiy of them composing .1 former m nil at e*|>c' iti<>ti. The wagons were packed and iadod with all tin e little (rnps and fixings indispensable ti an overland journey. and s?"Uu? overland superintendnth' ktKAV liow t" releit. Anioi.g thetn w < observed a (sirtthlc lorge, and'ools of every rteseripfi"ti nwdial to repair tlii ir wagon? or work the r vuts over wliieh they pi?:. I or staking nud i ?/iint the animals. a loin: ropo irairantuliy "oiled up .1 tin atlai boil to e.icli hliouldor lit the mules. Indel each Wilson wus.-iisp idoil a rusk Hir Cuftiwyinr water over tho d erts. Every perceivable thing deemed e-eiitial v.- - on atonl in it.-i plaee. Ail nrd nil, 111" parly watt fihly prepn to outer upon ii.s joui;i"y. and "otri iiU'i " its work a i" uppointod places on tin: .sink of th-; II n loldt. no (Vilmnd ("ft town soiti" half an hour after the departure of th" train, "n Ii t-i lni"k. Tin* expense of 'Ins o Hit w" h: ve no nn-ai.eof stating. li" probable cost was not lev- than $1.1 OuO. It< material was mosily ul>'allied in this city, and at moderate prices. fho party re well armed with Sharp's rtiles and revolvers, and I- onld U ho u'tai ked, as It is i. >t improbable it may be, a pood aci' u 1U be rendered. Tin re will be no running w hen Colonel lander i omnianils. txt'LiN TKovutea is riurnnsM. The follow ipr h it a fri .u 1 .tills* Shasta river, of May 25, confirm- the rumor of Indian dtflkulli' - on Hut to rreek, n n .1 . .. ll .l ll... I.a I,a... a, I I.. .. .1 i I ..... In good uruot-t:?(in Hit' 2'J I tli ) ran six men six milea to the rump, thoio being eighteen Indiana In pursuit. On the 24th (lie Indians tilbu'ktd the house of ,':t.s. Kinzie, where the men were, and th* whiles killed live Indians, one el whom wns UieiTiJefof th* tribe. The Indians Intro killed Higw cut I In md nut others nil. Tli. whit were > iiej ali> in want ef arms. V company is bent# formed in Vreku for the purpose of j u.ibhine tie in. Hullo V:U ley is about twenty live nui ? enst of Yr ku. tim l.v11: ma:' (i k>. ot 1m)1 vn* in iii mjo'tit rofxtt. M ! r 0. J. Ilniiis. I*. f. A.. romnun.liiijf et fort II.imholdt, hr.s sent a eoMinnnle. i,e? to the s-ut 1 raw vn ?uw?j( BuUcH* in wliie i he js ak -m emjdiath: terms a.i iti-i the ntyri. ivn cla raet. r of thi whites towards friendly luillm0, nn*l e"ji 'i.My peints out the kite rnn. -ai It. ot red men ; I Hnmt* 1 It lis). annul i.sal rm>x nnv Th" Kumgawn corn -I'-'ieh til of the |f?% CMfmia. wilting \|>til 14. fwys:? The n nil hv wbi' h ytm rreoive this leltT will convey the new i i,l the a- i-.:ma. .on, or attemp* d a -.i-sination. of II liny; Printe at Je.Mo, The tpi. -lion will probably lie w ith yon, in it Is v itl? us here, nttnut its meaning. There is a gnat dill"! euc _ , f opinion ill noil g flirt attiets at the ft w o|x i. purls ol .Ii|hlu ill regard to the feelings and purp-- of th" high .hip m se noblemen otttriain to wa rds n?. but the general opinion is th t our enetnios have tlie majority. end lire willit<g lt? dare anything to expel us jln y an. airs id that our pit-' iw w ill "ik a re\oIntn la taiuMr) and th prive t lit in of their wealth or t>ot -r. np at len-t i ndnnter their poition. .-ime of the lobh s i tve I* en I* r?l to - iv th it they are , nteiit with .hen pr> flit Wtullli atnl iutla.'H'e. and liley dntlbt very ninth wLett* r tin - fun he retained, if foreigner*, w It'll the Weight "f fort 'ca trade, are : ..i!li-t r.i.trior?utel if Is the only t."V.s uli' h ,ve lute h"re tire gov rnmetit. and rutttor ha p.:--< 1 through many mouth- I" fore it can res eh ih from h utqiuirters? mi) i lie of in, \liiii-iei - rt Initio, some wc ks ,-inee, Mtiil tin pp . tie i fforiayaiei - ? a -lui' kl" on the "tivernm lit, tmd In' whs 1'i.nlv (o tight till tlie last drop of Mood lather tl..?n let one of tlwru lire on J.i|?int e -oil. Thia evpro* Hon i- n matter ol cou.nit'U talk, end Inn's gen. nil ere. ih nt'e. At tlr t the a-- - nation of ihe iiro rhiteh .tea captains nt Yokohama was tons-.,trad as the h . i.: ing of a war ! ouall fen ov r?, Out tin.v the g ui- ir I opinion brnrt the | vli s it a .1.. , mat of lit. . it is i.. . ,1,1', I '.i|hih rtr.J'U > < *? lUv ?uuii'lii!nt "f sun- TAiiti'lnn ?o, thru- -c ?i(i' v-titid t .I?Mo. and now th" Irn :i<i- "1 ili- \ -I.: i- lii ill it m ' luivo ili t'-rmitnil ii iimiiy I Hi i-li null T'ih.- t ili". (In innrv i uautiliy, Tun liit hini ii arc V'T) hy iu C"ii-'iqnrnnr. 'IIn I11 Ii. in ::t in ral. h* .nwr. am popular ?iih tint rr?inii'ii fn"vli\ and o ur?' tli .tun rrmn ; It it it is very liMiTlm at . f 'r mil i'iii 'it a a iitlii'ti, Uint I If tlrsl ranr} i i imia.-i ?!. Ink' i: I'j ,iri Ann i ii ve-.-ul a nl>. I . I .1. it l- -.1 'I. U :lll.?tl |?'Vin. '||. TV J.ijmi, .ira imt m-i M-1'Hiii i to .-n< h Irn I , ."id tlrej t">ti grrat . t at Hint iHir. Il I'i .i n (; T in l-e liiMit. Bi> III y ? ;>*, I fmr W sh.iL I.; V'" n .Mr ni'li 'imiI. i t 'tail'ly. nil i!i" C'Tnien inrbTV l. ri \. ill < i'M<trr It 1*1.limit to riiiwv to China fur a time. MAMIIIKN. All vrst?ItviiOnMi?In )U}>\ llh>, Mi)' 14 I T. \ilnwnt lo Annie Tnluiond Iti tt-nv?On.-* vs.?Iu Votootn, At iv 20. John 0. findti (n India A. Oiipnau. Kmut? Ii hi u ? in Sin Train i ra. May 22, by 'V Ret. F. M'trlwlii'. Mtrhn 1 Kno(.f to Mi- - IhrMIt A"krr. Fim-'>?Niuit ? tt rinrli of (Wpl. Win. II I.itlon, May IS, la Ihr lii v. Mr. IVrpmit. O. II. ivtermm ti> M - KlV-ti Mnlivti, l>-illi nf Ibmld-biir, Aiiaaun ronnty. Sil-iv. >?Hi:** III .all .1. - lUl" 2H, liy |h> It TI. n. L? 1. tnakt-nu to Alive TV. Gray. win. Iti .-Tn ?Ti. ' ,!.? - May *_J. the infant son r>f Air. and >lrr i barn* W m h. nxrd ?Vut 4 innuih*. Him K.?In .-an I rain.iMa>, *>. Mi:. Ulivk. n lfi . r! Ml fc. a.M 2a 1 >ki:i>i . ? !a Siu lYnnr; ' !>, May 2A. J. I in Alliny fYancH Carroll 'i t.alivr i* Ihildin, II* ' n i. ug< If/* ywitv. F-HMUnn.?In l-"il Train i?rn, mmIiIi nil, *Ti\ 'JT. F.'u.iid III nr; Vault* Ivroy. Aid t". P. ??aa-t .-arvrv. ic*>l If rears.'"n of thr l*te Il 'in rt H Taunttrrry, I. a. Ciarlvi . One ?In Tram m-o. M.y 2S,ofm< nlugill?. tfm. A Ore n natin- of V r nia. ai'i d M v<.in. To. irrvi* ?In : an Tnuicl-rii, Mai US. tV.'llani Aialron r-'erl-oii roll ' ( I'. 1'. and Uaryarrt It. ta-rlf. ii, a alllFO rity, ripr I yr*r?, 1 mouth nnd A day*. M'Misn; ? 'Hi ltu? -all rlvef. Atny ?, lb-nrr, <a?ly ehild of J. M. and t'otly Ann "Irony, a^otl IV tn "itlu>. Wrrfr.urrr.r; ?In .Al.iri,in t. Slay ;:4, Marat yo- nc ,-t rtatld i f I C. and Il-K u M. VlUctuijcr, ngi I ; im ntli. uu i 2 The Imperlnl Palafr. JerTIo [I i "i, lla li iv' ii T'ii-tntid > ??. Jinn 2 J the I ? !? bo W lati l> j A 1-Urit on Japan v. v I ud iur Mm-itrr. Mr. Alcmli. < *-|iln.!iinr llait tbr rrnnt ir lirwiiH, by tirr nt tla Tne<?'n lAOav put forward by tUo Gvi riitii nt a- n J 'on for di tnymr tlie fulfilment of the irmly r td'n tin*. Thli cvli.l.rat?-t |*ila? e war ?iiuatulv 'ii* Ilie r i-llc, oliieh ownplm ttn r< tiire ??f Jeddn. 'i%. .. i. *. H rryuUr !.. . . . ; <,.>,* r-- 'air tint i- rtiv iliiaia - mih ' lu rlr tnnforvore. Tt ru)tir?fi . r,?iw*, ' ih>. tni.vri'to-t or! third coatb>, tvhkh l? priy?'i l_, llir ri ,drtw of the Tjjipi'mr, and Iwiiilfcir ttroif, v'l furti Sod. but mala-r ea.-1 lr?. nt i le- - itV- ; aiso mc I'irire yar tens t bind the Impi-r'al P-.lwThi r i-llv- irr irli suri.'inded be vnl'-? nnd do la a. TIm' |?Uce ItwV but otic vVr) , but of |..1j hrliebl. It i<i i>n t ari?,art<l hut i.un.? roil- <?l rlr* it it* I rpariout r???mn. I... U. ' * | on of renter ir.- *-reei??. ntfcrM he1 ntarcr?l of ! rouuM into it narrower - otoi% ;v?r i <tu,rnl, itnil t?rr. -omirttr4 w to r?veive bt mmI ruflWiei.t Ih'ht The chief uiortuu btv hu.l twit pnit! utnr aanaen. ?uch v, Br in H irer, to tvitit nK r ><(u. ? hen a!'. |? r- u? itdmitt ? t nn atide mv. ntlo r < f tb> F.mpwor .-rot hie M iii-tnt of M ite, l.a<l to Wn't tilt fhef were introd-red: the .otu, || tliaiii'1*!, wl* re tie Mil ' if Kuttr not if rr tvwiirtl lorn twl up'! hwtnew; the hall t* t ',linn?ni.t| tnnir, tthrre tU ljnj?ror rcwhml tl* Inran nipt umm! i*i ?iit? if It*. Princei of the I'm t>ir nr?t JUbtuN awtmr of l*i|ti fVnera; oevtml lint*" of niKtleio-e, Uio .h?m mruU ot the 1'uif* tur n bonne he'd. it lot ntlntil. The Mr* lure ?if all i here a i rrit aportnieii' wm cvi'.ii>>trljr tine, ncmrrtlnc to the an In fertmnl net?ut? of the Jnpiui?-e Ttie celling*. trim*, and |?IP-at'?. item if rr?t?r * enmptmr. ef ge*? rnwood, the graiu tf till h iiatniiilljr nn int" Itiwer-., aM ..|h?r rarioti* fl.ttrw,??4 wi th- nft-rr In "mi' apirtmof.u Covered (?>ljr with thin ir.mrpnr'rt W)<r nf inrnir-h. In eth r? . panned. or curkeiett arruit tt III. !>IM? ?n.l branched W"?k. aeallr fritt. the n.wv ?or.ot l?illi ft r Her.t Trbne that*, t>nr.Vred with g?M frill#. ? * tan d.?. nod th -wit all the furniture t? tw aeenmlbe pntf? . of the Kut]? I. r oh.! I'raeo* of Uif Empire. haperlor Cwt fnH Flr?t. IV h*. Hon. VleiH-rief. citiu;r f?r wrrjAit ammit ov a ronro laot? tntMCf rim rtturrivr 2.UW. Jne JfrewaM It Uty An mm mM /Vtrif fV fcllld ?TV.- net in l- hr?.r?M to ftCOvof 310.000 itnriWf. " f<w nu alleged n^muit t< !OUo.l??. hr the defi ndanta upon the plt:uli!T, at Mv 21 fflm treol, ic Now Ve-k. o? the riming of .'uij- 5. l^'.%, TV? | <?'nlJr. wLo U a M?mPtnw?. ptrr.o-. a le tta ^ In fiuoBtloa boartto'! n ith the dofop itnii. An'J rn g. ' t to ff? t her trimk she kHe^o* that the ilHtlllbil f? * < MInwt hi r hjr Hie Imtr nf It. r Ik?!. throwing brf 4otrb *r.J bmi her ?Mie lytng mi the fk*<r. Tk*IHHillil,tl??N'? 'uJarnt tip. n hrr hreiwta nlth hw k?er, bimI t rat tier bNvh l*r race and hrily ?^?e aim then t*k<n fVnw lie rtemi hy it y<*:f?r n .in iaim-at Krniie rtaacir. auil ih'ttw pt;?ir? ?h rtljr aft.-rmr?l?, an el?e *n? going up IA t raam, *h |i. ,? Ihnt nbe rr n- -'ult? I by doftMaat** aifean i a jro'itif it>?n iumiv i l*?t i<l ('ihnlla. n ht (Chhalin) h a. her nrwt itinwt an tr< u r><?t Utrmtglt lier trt. int hr< |i ihe I. rt rnrfer t?e*?r e< lar fhee trnni tl.te time -m e *- tn nm>?ihle. ~ra< tan en tiler niuu. hla^nHtllf ?i?e nmlwtor nrre-K i at th# >-*!aao< of tie it. r,-. ,|?,i Rf?i , aRer eTJtm'nnt!'* ?lv> a?? 'i -?ha...rt. Tt.e la- till on. Oruinrel fhr?latnt'T. Meawt. ItUuNman awl F'trlourf; lor ikfbmlaat, Mr. B 'te- ?t. Jrn 93 ?a'.? n*. I tor ing v.ta.nv 1 up, an.I after a lelefehltrre <>etrt ttie t .lg .. itb> J?ri hlW-lit ill B VlftiAt if s,org u? fatof vf tho i>wuuWff. IK HERALD, SATURDAY, COMMERCE OF NEW YORK." | | Export* from *ew York to Eoroff m Porta tor the Week Ending June 18, I860, 112 MB LRU. Qiiutility- Valuf. Quantity. Value. [ Rosin bbl*.. .3,848 84.300 Phoe peps. p*g 80 $397 Tobacco bales 334 84.4S1 Tea 62 1.260 Ho 6 225 Doiuestlcti,b*la 63 1,325 1X>. cases. 303 104*20 Potash, bbls.. 76 8,011 i TV hints. 20 650 Rico, ten 15 431 Bals'mCp'npkg 44 2.025 Clothing, cs... 1 500 Skiiii--, pkp.... 23 0,002 Books 1 100 j leather.Bitltvl,097 10,321 Bow' Machine* 2 228 lxa doth,eg . 61 5,533 Shell* ckg.... 32 830 Hidfli 1,600 8 908 Cedar log*.... bO 310 Kttre,cf 18 0,768 lU'k walnut.. 34 H07 I I>ry good*.... 2 12150 Maple 40 120 Kfleets 5 400 Cl.e.nlc'ia. box 183 947 Naves 12,000 760 l.'gwood lb-502 344 4 178 I oils,CS... 13 1.120 Wood, logs.... 32 800 Na.a? 0 992 JNHt. iye,pi?s,. 18 600 lud rub pcxla. ft 2t>4 e, pk* 17 2.000 5 t.>ba'ra?,lbs2,400 <151 Surcaparilla,es 8 140 Odltv, bap.4?.. 290 3.1)41 Mlgtx'llaueoua. ? 410 Vanil'.i lu.v 1 A.12 lutal $134,089 RiWVKRPASI. Cotton, bales. 121 $4 150 R.'. in,*. .l.luO $1804 sbookti*li.pKs ;;3 fio Staves 8.400 539 Sp.tnrpVhbls 906 10.011 Total. $23.33-1 PllCH Wl"-T IMMK . Fire crack's,cs 160 $225 Tibucv , pkps. 14 $413 1VI ti.Tin i y ... ?o 160 IV mestu *, bis 'M 2 519 Jewelry 1 118 Hoon, case.1 151 Snip. b.\ 550 OOl I'opper, ba#*.. 10 111 l'i? bins... ;i.o 6.061 c -iia, uiat?.. 200 156 314 111 rolls.... 32 229 Cumlles 888 927 MMoImc.. !' 6.166 1.511 Rye liour, bbls 141 UOO Supar. bin.-... a 116 l-i. !, ll'f... .3.153 183 i|tis.. 20 HI Hoi'- 9.279 1.541 lb en 1. ,>kns . 51 11 IV-f, bbL-.... 44 222 Ml-celiauoous. ? 2.048 Rice M 1 111 \\ ^alls. 1,418 720 Total $19 551 uvkwoot.. C?.t ton .bates.. 418 $23,414 I/.?elotb. -... i $1.14 Huron, lb*. .44.227 5 390 F'.r-.C 1 1.244 Tobacco. libit. 102 12.200 Mutter. li '34.072 18.2 >9 b<?x.... 13 34ti CVe*-. Bw.3W.Ml 37.079 Fork, bills? 276 4.*x) Mi ?iu. r?.. 2 Oil 5 7.rj \\htouts.lbs 95.148 0,138 Hum*, ihs. . a.cod ;tOI Coi n, bu.-b 21.7621 147.398 1 a'Uthi-r, ?\i-? i 'Kt till oks. lbs 600.833 8.000 IM.ware. ek.. i m IVheat,bush 91,083 115.500 r-'icm.-?, pktf.... 8 J ,rs Staves 22,501 1.224 Currants, ON. 3.524 Tallow, lbs.174.484 17.700 r-pui-s 20o loo Flour, liis....6.708 32.0*0 n.itiu<*nl. bbls. 230 1 1 'S Rosin 1.705 2 849 <>u,s 1200 931 Be. t, tr 377 7.640 Handspik.. 500 150 Spin oil, Kl.. 19,068 24.706 Isurwood, tons 192 3.00) I'oio.-. lie r! ..' 50 1.958 Wo !. buir j... 13 1.310 Furniture, int. 6 150 Whale nil .rat 3.118 1.480 VViiteb mvnt.. 1 4.5i) Mbeellaneoua ? "147 I o<.ks. eases.. 2 170 ?-? I. r. good? e.. l 710 Total $499,643 lovnov. Four, bbK.8.913 $49,147 Staves 25.960 $1,765 Suli'-diwl milk 50 274 furs, Intb s... 71 41.731 / .i.e. ea.-k-... 50 1.000 Corn, bu-h..4.417 2."71 Cedar ' 160 1.220 r w. tr. -h i 25.1 12 0.10 Ivori ,i,i?.Vi 121 62a r.itl.i T, ihs .21 072 2 252 Turp' .2.840 10.113 Wl, I .ba-h.ll.WO 1"> 316 Wine, eas. ... 13 130 I' ik, l>bl\.. . 278 l.T '.l WbWkev. pk*. 1 130 T .tile's 92 16.200 M.'pleli es 247 980 I impb k pi ;s .10 1.500 Skills, pies.. 1|9 27,771 tonus > rmtw . 32 1.676 Tel....s 140 3.037 Hirt 43 7 17 l4*n rtdf)., r*. 9 001 I'olv V?. PhU II 1VI Af. imp i* nk'B 2."> I .VM) (Soldiva jscnp. 144 * .".on Wli. ..dotal 403?4 17 050 .-I..* i-n-OiOU 41 240 ri.K'k . i-vj. 4lS '1217 M i i? ry, 2 'JO f v, v K'lfl 20 417 C.,i .."si hMs OH 1.2<0 llama, HV..OI.J1OO 8.851 I. K. paid-'. im .1 150 Roein, l>l'!-.. 2.191 5.821 Loath -r, rulU. 0 .100 1 i.rak'',!!?.2,S79,721 12 820 Ilord\? V, jikif* 17 2>l Mf. foharrn,.82.045 17 172 IV. Ii-we II?.I4,S0# 12 7." .Mi.lir.yany Inpi 226 "J.-'InO WondavV.pkK* 'X)2 40) Hnltrr, II".. VI ">O0 1,900 1 ? Laotu 110.400 11.100 Total 1353,710 nr.-nan trrrr rxmrs. I Mork.liMd 00 93,420 BoM?ar. ! ? ... 671 901 lionr, l>bls..2,443 14 342 Kir , 1.. 2 i?? M. il 1.130 4.307 H:tv. InilM... 55 10.1 llri ail. pi;y*.. 310 1.01*2 C<>'ia<*, 3 1.1 Prn.\ Im h .. 1 270 1.206 IVIne, pkn... 28 345 ?'<>rn 1065 751 lard. .151 67'J I lit !-, I>-r*.lU -IW !.!?> IV 1, un: . . . . oU Potatoes, iibln ."iO 100 T'lliai'i'o. Iihili It '1 Oil tiu-f.1 lb-30,000 !M<0 Tntwrm. kegs lit 41 it PMI.mK.pkgs 11 1 028 Mm.-h rs .. 45 llatn.iom*... 2 HIT VlMUM* . OH 014 T- 4 M l>-m -? i<-? Ms 0-1 l.-Vi Mt m'-iiM! St.. 1 123 S? bb.s... "J 12-1 Stationery ... 8 144 Carriage 1 lnt Ti.l>un..,'bx?. 0 l<4f Kit... i-. 7 2P7 Sho.s,ra i'.. 21 l..'ul Il'ibvar'.jikgs 15 t.l.'tj Hope, mil-... 33 529 Mi IhuirotM ? 3.041 I ork. hblp.... 114 2,015 Total 047444 flLAMiffW. .58 582 034 110 K.<-.\ ller.-.-n,. 10 ?2?9 M?.-i 30.800 1 ?4.*i M*1i.M?>.ISU.?A19 90.410 t III. mill . 320 2 >4 IUikI-i :io-s... ?5o0 1-0 Mticli'ry ,|'kgs. 2 250 IN'in.bti-hele. 2.240 1.v,4 '..:i>ricH: 1 221 ikitm 8*1, bhle. 2*7 1.5O0 Itutti r. I1-..70.M7 7J51 W fstiJV.21.942 I.1M3 lurk. Inm?... 464 540 T.i!low 71.015 7 li'-'J Hoofs If* 228 y. bur!., bogs. 4-4 F5..HI., 11 1M (in. 1441 _ ?..? 1.423 2,1112 TnWl.., WO*?* rKITI.'It C!t*U*A. IVrg. t-bl*.... 300 05.400 CI**-.?. 11w..?509 00)0 FV. tr 1000 5 S?1 l'..l?i.v-,l,l,N. 1-iO 240 Tot nreo.hh<tr. 12 3.598 MaUtun, rs.. 75 7-i0 1.14m... TU) nrst W van-,4>k? 110 ^20 .boxes MX> 2 400 Carriage. 0 1 )0 Vf. ft-..,ll.i..2 400 Ml MCti 'lln r, C-. 10 14| r inrul, M.U. 250 1 000 U -to. k,l> -I. 100 3 <".? Ik ef 220 4.050, lb ...15.000 2.300 Tolal 031.7*4 FlaTWH XOMTtl ?MKM?M* OtUMB, Flonr. bbl?..4.78:1 325.472 OilrMl.n.g.cs. 3 *117 Hral.wb.... 170 33 Hemp, bale*.. 12 CVI6 S?\p. .. 100 302 Sugar, bbls... 22 4 4) Ten |V- .... IkO 2.385 lU-in-, b\?.. 50 123 (Y.|b>e,1>*tr?... 8 177 Unn.l.s 10 _?f> Currants, libtn 10 870 lbnlw?rt>.r?. 3 l jr? IVirk 212 3.207 M.tibar.lh?.25.054 3 > 12 1.233 Pun--ptrlt--.prk* 10 r.Jt iTugs. pkg 51 2*9 liMtlwr.rUs. 2 143 4Ti.ii.pV" i.Kt.?<" 214 Pni..Ik t.v^ . 10 101 1 f un' ?C 207 Mf. m n, ion*. 25 2.-DO T..I "33 - ?ti..tu-ry. r?. 19 730 t ... lgt) 780 W in.? 2 1 JO I ...1 .J .si Mi- ilaiRo M. ? 443 I. . .. 3"Q 1.110 . 0473714 fM-neii n* ?n ix tmiri. FV-tu -.7.18 011.2 ' ils M 07<ki ItaTf? . .Ttl.fWO 4 OM. .... RO :,W IT^ t. I . |4.g? 110 024 .-| . 100 1.200 I' ,1 . . fit) 100 I 'I. I ---l.k.i. -3.4) 24-1 Iluv. |4k*.. 10 600 R?|?e. rulla.... 70 1.000 Ma hinfry.,.. a 1,??0 IVrk.bbb.... afl 360 Wlnnt bn?b.2.004 4>oo S?>p, l? ???.. 200 200 T. Vuro, l?.. inn 2 OKO Hon* -Htci, bl? 30 HOO Wm ro bin-, 14 1 run nam .100 200 Utd, n?....f>,ono 030 ni.Hk< 400 200 I', if. 12ft UN llama, |l?a.. .3,314 rO? I urntl e, i*ga 16# 1.160 Rutlrr 2 437 669 llriail DO 170 laimbor.ft-rt 6 030 10S I.Wibrr. ft C20.00O 3 100 lliaortlain <*. ? 399 Rv..n, VVl?... COO r.40 ?? HUh 200 ?-' Tumi Ma .000 n?r*K ( ..iinnVik-1 .OCT 96C .'TO liraB* - 'J. 21 3360 Pi taaHm bVb 200 7 406 IWar l?v- .TOO 2.470 ( rjafea. 70.1M Ptwl.rh.tiblii 30 072 324 >lf t f 2J8 272 Cbrwinr ore... r<4? 4 200 Prp-->i, nua a. 7 442 IV*in 197 360 Na s 3.000 210 Mi . \ti pkc? 1*.142 106 Oiroin 1 n,bx* ?4 2<?4 <21 r. I1.1rk.b3a 6?0 704 I/>a.cMh,cf. 13 1.730 H?, ? hair. Vl* ;2. 000 Wiln.*, |'k*a .. 3 3.14 l!.rl*..r.. ra. * 374 Mf. Ir.b . lb- 1,700 191 IU*> SI 190 Far*. r? 3 ? J06 lun.ituu-.... 4:1 :<V> Mailt. I lops.. 1 346 .1;: ln.p-.pkgr 10 1.35 CarrtniP 1 24) M a.--! 4M 020 Almbi'l. bbla. 100 1.900 Sprrtnac , IV*. 913 321 Cap* I an bum.. 964 1.900 5-Uigh 1 259) Prjr p'd*. |>fc(ra 2 120 bresaax. lb*. ?53 104 Mlvrrairr. < * 2 2.600 J^aicrmn ,ra 21 1JM Metal goMr.. 1 660 16.374 Taint nm* 2 1AW Rnai* Valra.. 0 1*9 Moaa, b ilr.... 1 260 Raatn. rib. en 1 132 Mbrvllamiir. ? C O .b w. tab..VMs 44 4 410 .. tnccW. cane*, i 200 Mil 3191,193 OMlt tnrm Ml jo *..*oo M I MS SUtc* .... 57 f-10 $6.M0 r. n. 2P a>7 ?1A*.7| CUn'f, |>kl. 7 2*7 ^V nci-.i root I* h 2ml Ma. hni'-rv? 4 801 Qtttr.bark.bpa 41 1M Cx? b*w'?4,1* im <*0 WtnMtlff.M 18 0?0 l.\I ttmawso* 8 1? Ml*< 'lUm-tir. ? M? Cloiliinp, |4p? 1 inn __ Lc?th. cl?<t>,r* 8 71 "0 T"U1 |1Q.??4 ' rojrrti irr?r ni'ii* T..VIW40, Mid* 97 $0,213 (X>rn, bush.. r-00 $27" IWf. M?la.... IK l.rno Pri-lB-h, bx* M? !?'? Jofk 80 870 (*h???k* .,os 889 Hum*, Ib?... 8.740 r.*? lumber, ft . 20.000 390 llonr.tUlM. *-'>2 1 9$1 Mi?r . llaiKXiua. ryt ('..(iiiiicnl >0 20(1 _____ U>mm. bap* .. 75 908 Tutal 9U 043 CAM*. Sturm 84.HV 02 nnO I?rur?. *n (*., f, f-2*0 Clock' br?... 9 348 Wine 78 40* Hit..ware ... 1 37 Caudle* 3o mq Kprrtarlcf. p.. 1 2M) . . TteUal (Tli Sliks *b..1* MO $31 .IK* Hat*, n r.... a $70*' ft***, ImIK. 1,0*2 l.**7 ?'*. parks***. $ 4|8 Uo 77,"AO 1J74 Pry P?i..... | hMa 1 040 S.3.'?4 Pa^uc mails, 3 t.xi Br.* 1 ft. pnte.1,083 1W 0tn*r. Mm... So *? Pot* car*... 8 8,.V>0 Hnv.bajr*.... Ms j 41m Practt. |8jrt.. PI 27'? Ca-iuah. <|tl*.. loA * s R*|<r M 229 Hire, II rret.. l?i 5 4^ ibiull ". b*?.. 2*0 ?9S limn*. I'>- . $,$?$ ,tpj Mf Int. pfcf* 47 8.221 Perk. bob. ... 1$ |pj lea, l<s?? 187 ?94 !V?r,r. tin* 1.A00 378 C. nip a'n.bbi* ro isa* . 3 *1$ on] Oil. (pJklt.. 2 *j? 1.490 Knap, l*n? . n*> 173 I ?whcr.(t 113.1 IA 1.729 H? m, If* 1 9*4 3., leralt * |>kp*. 90 4 "?0 P ft*h. N>v -. 300 kiiria 1 inn Tar Mil* .... ^ 137 (; 'i.r ro 17.1 TObatre. b**.? to 1: 4 lit 8.40$ Ale. libit Ji| jfj3 IK rod*. 8 I7C Ttllom. |tw...i a$o x # II k* ....20 0Pn 1*0 vvh'rr, pkpa pi 4 11 it Nails, keja... 10 140 Seme* .....44.A31 | at M?*?. case*.. 89 2.7144 Btn.linp.bipB.. 1 |\p 8 1? Packnp. 3 l-ki I ilm 11. rka.. 8 2.10 Unl. lb .. li.040 1.7*0 Haocj f*1*.,c* 1 IM? MiialiaMoaa. ? 14*2 IJ.ofi ... 9 s?0 TvUi 013,418 JUNE 23, I860.?TRIPLE fcr? juo) ... Lard, lb#... .3.1M #405 Oandlea, bxa. tt* P?rk, bblx . 25 450 Butter, Iba..1.000 *0 Hums, lb*.. .1.914 224 Cheese, lbs.. 13tt J'? Flour bbls... 60 300 Riee, cks M Domett ice, Ms 15 990 Paper, round, 430 *?* Sugar, boxrD. 5 106 Bread, pkga., 115 368 Codlirh.ijll*,. 112 338 Shook it. 250 403 Haddock, ckt. 40 .184 Hoop*, bdl*.. 180 128 Pepper, pkg*. 10 114 Lumber, ft..8,000 132 Tobacco, bxa. 18 288 M ttcllam '"is. ? 242 Tobacco, hhd. 1 202 ? Total to 727 HARJUUl. Lumber, pet.. 792 8504 Blares 49.080 81 807 Total 82,311 raTKRMO. Htsre* 8.480 8291 Rum.bbU.... 4 879 i Maple vm, ca 183 86.) Liuubcr ? 33 > Tubaeco. Udds. 22 4.480 ??? , Total 86,768 AFRira. rice, tc? 78 82.175 l umber, ft. .16 000 8306 ! bble.... 340 2 668 Clothing, cs,. 16 4.500 P:k 160 1.850 Hardware.... 10 2 300 Iv.Wedtkh... 180 300 MM Iron, bv. I >S60 flour 220 1.347 Drug*, pan*.. 3 250 I fibitrrn. hhds 2 415 Domestic, es. 14 4 *25 1 el. pkgt.. 02 254 Mi-.ecllaue.jus. ? 346 > .-j. . bbls... 10 150 ? f? nee.but, ... 4 112 Toul 822,ICS tMTTT. Hour. bbl*... 325 $1 982 D'd FDh, bra. 400 8100 i I'orl. 100 1 600 Lard.lbs 785 102 Hams, lbs.... ilK> 72 lb f. Sugar, os. 10 158 It Sr 20 300 Snap, b VS.... 1/283 1.416 T l>44 o, bale* 22 320 l.uinber, ft..6.000 102 1' I i-li tibia 20 90 HiSCeUaaeoua. ? 120 (Vs'tbb, rjibi. 05 202 . Total $6,804 *10080. hiii.iii, u?. * Hardware, ci. a tan iron. li;;i a.... 102 110 Paper, rill*.. . 300 104 0 - terry, cks. 10 496 Tin.bx.* 10 101 V?l. liotda, eg 1 163 Win.' r . 30 369 t IIM-IIIM, b\r.. 36 219 I-Ikx; Pi i. 2 259 J.h IiMs... . 15 140 A w. Mai nmcs 2 101 1 Multure, b.\s 0 159 Dry Good*, C4. 2 275 Tr, it,.r *)* .,. 480 100 Mi.icclloiio.ivw. ? 2.111 j r- 'M- . o, ? ?... 3 100 ?.: ivare.... 3 120 Total $0,030 XltW GRAVIDA. ' foil.tnn*? 4f>0 $1 S00 Butter, lbs..0.601 92.040 I i VI n .17 307 153 Bread, bh!.-t.. 170 040 i lnth!iif?, (*.. 11 2.012 Domestic*, bs. 35 1,774 j il.ii t'iuory, pk 17 800 I. R. gootla. ca 3 417 . Dr> p i?ir.cs. 3 Rnk.* I 112 ^ w. uia-'ii J.. a 321 Tobacco, biles 50 307 Butter ....... 4 1!Vi Iju.ioil. srnl-t. 410 103 It up.*, plw..; 24 1.209 M.wi.i. Ini.c 1 301 7t ... A.iV.ltwi.l ...44 233 lA>a.l, kf'ts.. . 29 242 ch .. *4 1ilnop steirt* rs 4 233 h-ll.......... 1 ?23 Dumber. fi-. 't 7.930 372 f vu . Mil .. lu 202 Oil, gallon*... .vii vis l.iri!. lb.*.. .18.902 2.457 1'r. rves, . s. 99 <1 p; Iron. bars.... 213 425 Wa*te. b.tlo*. 4 I I'd ware. j**. 39 719 Citric. bill*... 50 081 Flour, bbl.*... 250 1.712 Coffee, liuifS.. 4 148 I urnitoro. pits 20 522 Zinc,ca*k*... 3 234 H ?" tibia.... 285 3.212 Oar truck*.., 0 928 Wluc. pk^a... 20 170 P. vi'jfct'?.i)\8 74 412 .Alcohol 45 ti.ll < lock*, fa-ca. 0 111 Dr. tidy 55 366 Mi-aclLtnooud. ? 6 537 .?<car. bM*... 66 1,960 Pre. rrilt, 1 100 301 Total 937,921 ttvkzikia. Flour, bbl*... 700 9.5 525 Boo's, casts.. 9 $567 Bi-c 120 1.214 Piano 1 101 1 ir l. lb*.. .11 484 1.505 Gi-llish. 'ttl?.. 20 105 Mutter 3.283 599 Mast*.! 5 185 Tntuuvo, bh.18 1 1.103 Fiuuitura. b.xs 12 152 1 tut-, 2 190 Rii-e. tcs 15 404 l-ibnrco 54 410 prrfnm'y, bss 5 150 Potatoes,bbl-. 50 150 54 509 D'.lii' atb.a, 11.4 24 1.421 Drui;.', pkus.. 8 331} Ru -ir-, nires. 4 123 Dry Rood*, cs. 1 000 Pope, bnli-s... 24 2.75 MiMi'llan-'f.m. ? 5.497 t- v ynotls, CS. 3 106 ___ 1 "Ml $21 ;281 uat Fbwir.bbis...4.003 >01.971 2 $200 2"'0 2*1 - \v. ma/, or. 10 610 W.?lv. u<< ... CO 122 CI- '.*, bv... 60 710 IVeil, 1 300 103 .Mmliiinry.... 5 1.019 7-. 617 10 947 C. meal, bbls. <50 217 LjiiM. lb.*...63.804 7.098 Trunks, i ke*. SO 378 Cuii.tio. bx*.. 27 272 lli.tlwan1..,. 229 4,0?i6 Km iM'iri'. if?. 62 ICS llliv kuiir, bbls 12 .069 C?imh. '|tl?.. 04 250 t a ia. 30 304 V?l< es.. 17 163 iiinn arable.. 6 405 i.tay-vrarr.... 7 106 >ptr lorp 16 177 Uukitm, bslos. 50 123 China 12 358 V 1.. hm?. (ft. 19 !50 Cv..!le?, !' <" 200 2,390 1 irr etirmr... 1 7.3) ( IvcihS .iIj. 1 117 16 -r, r'c< ?.. .. 120 120 >|?. turp.. bids 25 450 Muml.J 500 200 ItiK.p skirl.',cfl 24 8.620 lV|.por, 10 106 Ttib'iccn...... 1 122 I. H. <*S 2 24 1 Syir.-' 3 Oil) ! iiu f'i' -, cr. .790 25.308 Maltiuir, roll*. 24 276 l!l?f, bbL'.... 7-? 1.063 Caper, rms. .3.200 8o0 S. Inr',f?... 10 100 c..m. hn?h.,.l$a$ 528 I'l.tnl pl>V*. o 220 Ml - OllaliceHW. ? 6S1 I A.'i mij'iK 121 577 - ... TuUI 4104,?7 .VlniKVn.VK HJ't't OUT. Lumber, A.214.277 Hocks, ut?k?. 3 $112 Sliii,K?.?... fiowp 175 TvUl $3,923 imir. Pror?, $k*".. 121 W.waro,|>kg9. 100 $173 Mre petfF.bbla 29 1U3 .c< irorr, c.l-h a.. 3 8?0 Tucka, N.v-x. 30 249 Cider, bv.... 50 112 IV. r 1.1.1- ... 10" 1200 VniM, k-v..., 75 250 litcta 500 900 Hard ware .l.xa 2 155 100 1.500 Pupcr, reams.. 50 212 >'lM. 240 2.310 IVunoli. il. 273 13,2.3 I?td, lb?.... 0 500 060 lir-hrx-k C.OuO 190 AK.t.ii|i' 14 910 Mi?o' ? 429 Oj'rti l?, rafM 25 139 ?? Lumber, ft. .74,451 1.819 Tola! $20,342 rnr JktrarrfH,bl H $00 $4109 nt.h.bbu... ioo $225 Tallow .lbs. 142.958 15.044 Tar 50 1.38 Reef, bids 160 2I?4 r?M|? 250 912 Pork 50 734 Whl?kev,r?.. u 238 I.?rrl. H>?....48.040 4 000 Wax, lb*....0 170 1?M Ta.-k?, cases.. 900 2 f 19 laimtxr. it 214 .Vfi 6,132 Kumiiure.pke M9 11.549 J*tar<\--......31.500 1/74 rVwp, K'\f.-..C,OoO 6 238 Flicking c.'... 2 210 DMak'Im-oi 90 7 258 Hardware.... 6 390 l>a.?.>ttr?l.? 1.928 112,432 Mbip < l.nnd.|.k 8 827 Ammy bags... 222 6.4.u?r? 700 l.Ofitt Flour. bbla... 499 4,099 >1 lim.'rr. |4c 79 4.V>> .ww.btarlil,ra. 41 2.4"4 Cutlcrv, bx.-i.. 12 118 0.1. loll 21 1 Ml Cabwtx * 0 207 Paper.r< ao.i>.2.267 1A5R New tnach's ra 4 291 P'I'lwr. 4u?\:?. 220 1.783 9v<9. |4u$.. 3 247 lbuto, IM...9J78 1122 Mr lobar ,(.<1.10,148 1.145 | lUaikmc.i k:> 50 1,?h>0 Cklcr.boMl.. 50 112 Ci.ndM *, t50 M'4 Ikvik rn ;e?.. 13 1244 Fhnrpru.'.bbla 104 34$ R>pe, bale*... 60 800 Wbi-kev 50 000 I'unrr hiitr cm 1A aaa Rind..*.'..... fno ?11< 741 9.790 I'm int. pkR*. 20 T*H? GUaavtnre, c#. "9 1.091 fjVoodwure.... W " 08."> IVim ? n i n* 2 176 Vfnefar, hble. 100 424 M. -reIlau<*.? ?. ? 041 SpTuriHiue,e 400 COW I Tot J 9226 1M nn\4. tone.... 6.16 92.2*2 Hyrnp. hhl*.. 14 9V.4 TV mettle .Mr.2-146 l'JK.Tin T<>h?rcn, hw. 2'**9 Ck*k.?,bw... 12 964 l*ork, bbl*.... ino 1170 Rami. pkft?... a loo IW-T 1!? a 1M Pnrr Mo 9M Wine. mm,. 174) ifv) liar,'wan i>k? 11 77J Hnap. 62 lt'l t:.l.-warr ....' 6 1260 faultier, ?*... I JkVi T>ry fjonds. c?. 4 MO lend, tonr... 69 1117.) J.uinber. (1..5.POO 266 710 4.3M '1mliinp, r?.. 1 300 Salt, rkr.... .10 ?*? Ptatlouurv . . 4 ?00 Ship ll.ilv.pkv .11 3.1.T2 rtonf, 1?Wn... MB 7,?.l Twine, bis... A 1.10 Limpn, pkp.. 7 216 On re 800 Ma) C.ilxio*. -i o 7410 G'mine. eta.. 2 600 Butter, 11"... R.203 1,fi07 Mi*' HaU'-ons. ? 936 ToUl 9170 517 RqMbblt Amoti|(a4 the Nrnbtri 9t 81. Prt?r'i Chnrrh. rrRfT 4COTC1AL iMxTRKT. IVfnre .Tii?tier Stewart. ' .Trrr 52?7"ba T*tiv or,J ukwt tf SI (VrcA. Br*aklyn,vt. Ltm&ky Mutray ? Th. was a salt brought t>y the v-1ry and treasurer of St. IVier't eburrh to reenter from Hi,' drf, adart, tlir former treasurer, fc-.iuo book* bcleng njr tnthr inMitutim. J?pn* II. F> nda. examined by Mr. D. T. TCaldefl, teatfled Hint he w one tf Iho restfy of St. rrter'3 chnrrh, and ha? twin this y. ?r rtelel Treasurer; T have npplpnl I to the di'iudaut fur llio I* "Its of the trooiurer of St. Ti p-r'a rli'ireh: defm<W.iit en.d ho wax nn? reiuj to Eh,- rp th, r . ? 11 .t IV ehurefe e* i a balance of acrvv. ?, and that lie was harms pr>-l*nd nn ahMrart ft th, .m bonks. ml would i..t hr ready P> five tin in up until llir atvtrnt v. fn -h.?H, 1 tdd h oi it w, itnpo-.u>i< for tlie tr,v?fir r P prr<. -1 w-ih -it ha-, v | m of tti<>v?v>k<; t' v , ?t Mr. Mum; ' < "1' I, o,.. - . ,t o,. , kdjjcr, M**.* iv i*imi n?i, [v * u j. r..una in*'*. ronim.Dlli^ ; -I ofi!* (" ? -; 11 xti'i I . 1 Ihr M^er (atMiiilly; it f"tila sir t llir account*" of M. 1\ li r'f rhurrb; 1 im "i hanker. no*i urn familiar ?iih k-' out urmtU; I tW>ia4lti>.w that 1 ran fix a Talw n ,i.]iar? and cmta on 1li* hr? t t> t I Vn.'l ' li w Wf Oo'iM ret ;i|o?i * w ithout lit* m. 1 i>?? 3 'I | troitr <1 to tt,y ? i ,i would 1? tin r ?( of Iruiitrr.l .nc UmDi. >':l I.- si v thi jr * re tif cou.*idr ru'ole i .duo to llir rlti.rrli. if I ihiii lit it taint; 1 -hilild -:i\ t'r thry were worth !' the rhtlrll fil.UQO Mr. K. ; hnnr fi* the tMlmdant. r*?nt?*ial?l that tieI <k? to r Ira Own v ' pun la id hy ti i I'-* III ;.* t|il that the rtnlfrh Im'1 ii"t j*lit to tkfm. *1; Waken .iilito iiml ||.,it *. t)H- in o-.m r hvt tiu ayt In lit li.itt'ls fmid> luioi oj to the fhnrch, t l?o muti rl? rM presume that it * m ?: tl*>*. ft rwt? he in,' j>urfl...-?*l the I***'. Amount t|a>?o honk* !?.* f..r motioya iaiiI or. l??lf of the rk'it eh i Mr. Nifboln. n torn Vr rf the \. ..try, yio e similar h tiinony. Mid mM thai Li hell .til then waa -<?u' kimirjr dur to drfrwlatit. Mr. Murrav. thr iHtfidnl, w.y? examined by Mr. S r* ItHfir .Ihd Oepr'rd that ho n?. former lreiMir?-r of M. f'.lir'r thnrth; I bare no hn?k?fitu) |*.-?? -kmhotoqying I" the tl.twrh. thi hni/ka 1 liare nrr my own: nin-u Mr. fiat.In ralkd on tia' for tl?o Itonka, 1 h>M him Inn vM not hnvr them thai they ilM itol hi 1i?i( to Ike fin * h. tn the ilorh ut'i of m ilnl tea M trea-uivr I ri to drrvd mi nrtounl to the i hnrrfi. front time to time, of nil till lieya ffXi Ivnl and p.iSl wit; UkWo aoctaMtf t WOtf I'M tnitu 'I hy tin Finance Committee; thf detailed atfttntnrmt f ila- no ipta mmI dao amnoil' trad kept hv mt in n book: tho book* ui worth tioth.nii to the rhurcn. Otw naitiliH'il*! tin IViaWi'til of tho Umpire City Fire Inaurnnro O r t*rr: th" fnrdt biw* contain* no nf finn.t of money wh.. h I rrcfivM n* tr* Mirror of ?ko till ri h and the ntonft t paid out for thfl rlinrrh: it la In ?) iMtnlwritiHi 1 k>i?ht Uw hot*, the rcoc'pthot* SHEET. I ' " ? I contains receipts for moury I paid oil rp treasure* of th* | church; l.otlunt: else; f* Mfr?r contains various ac* I counts and a condensed utRftPnxhl from tho rash Nook; | it dpcit not contain any <ih?r accounts but iti< -o ( f llie church; in additiof fo the qj.ilt.rly refi. rU 1 k bjr tilt ny urtr? aud which ^ audited by the committee; I did not q t "diy l"> j(c< (Yom my predecessor ; I endeavored to do so hut to' ^atj j 'coajj not succeed. To Mr. Seymour?The church is (n mr> ftRj j bold tho receipt book for my protect' ^ To the Court?At tho tinto 1 *rj appointed treasurer, temc tsovcti years a^o, Vore funds placed in toy hotels; if I purchased anything for tho church I eutei d it in thone bonk*. Judirment for id-iint ill's to have possession of tli? hooks; the doiiMgeti shall ho merely uwtuiual. INTERESTING FROM UTAH. A General Indian War Imminent?.Historic and Statistical Account of tlte I'tah Indiana, rkc. Ol*B 3ALT I.AKE OOimRSTOyDENCK. Crf it ?.u.t I.unt Onr. Juno 12,18(10. The tr.dian Deyrtdmtiono in Ike Wat- Tho Pomy Bopteoo Momentarily Jiopfied?Shocking Outrage on a Mormon by em Officer of tho Armg-Patsog* Dragoem Through the City?Indian Affain, Sc. * I'nnequainted with the statements which may have be.-n published by tho proprietors of tho l'oity 1 spress in the Eaot.'rn States on the sudden break up nf tVir )>roject if linking tho Atlantic with the Pacific, I po-sioly may in my correspondence give only a second edition ?>f form'T However, I risk that. Tho uncertain hour f the pony* arrival, ami tho only momentary oporatiou of opening ami closing tlie letter bag, afford but little opportunity of doing more than tlx th? hour of arrival, ami off it goes. My last letter was dated the 21)ih of May, but, through tho difficulties West, it lay In the offloo a full week, I had pent hours every day awaiting the pony's arrival, anticipating news from the West that I might be aide to drop into my awaiting envelope; but as fato tvonld have it, at last 1 was only in time lo bo too lite? bad the muritileiMion of seeing tho rider's back as he turned away from the office. 1 consequently eould not thei f. 'ward the news I received from tho Went. As it is, however, the latest news, and as far out W"8t as tho troops have gone. I give you extracts front my letter received front a gentleman on tho expedition:? Diamond *ntrnw, ,V>0 mib^s west of > Salt Take City, June ,1, is?W. J We h ft Cnntp Floyd on the morning of the 26th nit., iu >ii)p.<ny * illi Lieut. Weed and command, and arrived at IV?'1? tt'i'k on the 28th. Nothing of special interest occurred up to that time. White thorn Lieut. W. took prisoner an Indian whom the sett lent cortilied to he a dauKvruwnmt bad character, lb u i kenteMWl tobfabot at -even m. of the 291 h, in presence of the tril?', as an example. lU'fore morning, however, ull the natives had left for tho inonutntna; av Limit. W. brought him unto this I'l'K'O. lie will iloubtlean b<5 exccuitd wh"i?Yof u favorable opiwirtunity presents of making iui impression At Ruliy Valley everything appeared iwaeeable, both while we were there mid when wo left; but wo <!< not klHIW MOW K'lIK II 111.1} COUIIUMO -U, Mir Will'II HIP CXPTCf3 arrived at Ruby last night, Major roerivitU a letter front Mr. Hevere nt Deep Creeic, informing Iiim ihut immediately after the deimrturc of J.ieut. Weed from that place, tin' Indians made an attark there, phot one man In the employ of tlie Express Company. Mr. T. R. Miller, i.n l stole conrldrrable a lock. They also broke nji llio next station wi ft of Depp Creek. ami ilrove thn men to the kitti r plane, tlckll Creek stutioii w ill probatdytio the next one nilurk'M, as thoy lmvo alwaytt tlirrateuwt that. Mr. Fnp?n Mint ovi r men to e-trV ngtlien It immediately on renipt of I be new*. The fart w. the wholo lino is in danger: no mail or express rider id safe. Communication with c.irroti or Planerville is entirely Flopped, ami that with Ni!t Like is e\tn mely hazardous and uncertain. While I write 1 lisd that it is a matter of great uncertainty whether you receive this or not. About thirty-six hours before our arrival at this plana the Indians drove ntf nearly all the .-tonic from this -talion. We are nicely situated,b< tween two nri-', ainokcri, as it were, In front and rear. Wo Fhall proneed to Roberta'Cheek to-morrow. I.lout. Weed says Ik- ran not go fan Ik r than that at |>r. -nut. as he lias already trim -conded the hounds of his iiwtrueiions from O 1. Smith, who ordered him simply to "o to Knby Valley, The sonic of the late murder? and outrage* ties beyond Robert*' Crook, -o that if we ko no farther than I lust we mild ns well remain lu Camp Floyd, so far as l>eiie(lttiu({ the roa?l of chastising I mi inns is concerned. Lieut. W.. however, is not to blame for this. He is desert nip <>f gr. at praise for i ho i nrrjry nn.l interval ho has manifested, osafcto is Lieut. IVrkius; but they are so fcttcred and rrniu|>o<| by orders nud InMructioi from the coiimiaudini; uiiio r iu camp that they ran oit.a t Colon, i Smith merits much credit for the prompt no s with v. hich ho wnt out tro<>|?, and, no doubt, wishot tlnui to do tlio best tin y can for <lie y<?>d of the road and tlio security of travellers generally. But ho must be a ftrenter prophet than Bi lum Young claims to be if tie i an fori- re nil the coot tog'tunn that may arise m in Indian country and ntnoiur holilc tribes, and miles* lie can ' that I think he nultlfltriMw utBreea m owaMajl cf the ( x| edition more discretionary power and not roi trirt tlum so etc. cly to regular military pious and in. trurt foiia. Iho fact is, If government w i.-lie? h> maintain regular ; lid safe overhmd cnniiiHluieattMi bctvreen tlie extremist of I Ik- confederacy, there must be rcgnlar Military po-w established through the Indian country. Neither lite nor property are ever safe. Tie- turn ou the staCm* and on ibe line are working lhitlifullj for the public good at tlto ' ontinned risk of tti< tr lives, uud cannot ever lie down to ilerp #1 night iu safety. Can you not uu-.kc the s'nte ef things <?n thit r<?d publicly know u .o the Tii-t. Thln yt nre KM iwvr. hut I am urn they will lw very mu. L worse U tore long unite* .. methins is spaedly done. 1 would write you more, but it la dark and the express is waiting. Tlie foregoing letter tell* its own simple tale. It hears the Impress of trathfnl ha'to, and not " studied ast." I solicited fnrni the writer arvlatiuuof what might transpire on the expedition. anJ xcry naturally lie adds tlie re piest that tlie at deof things -hould bepubliclyknown In the Fast. Beyond the jw'. Heat ion ot the fact-" in the rr,?c but little ran be tun!. Thai 1? tiers can he sent over this Pen tral route fcra the ill-souri to the Pacific in ten days has neeu nnuewirni. u mat ><:? k. i?ir--,i^e>. irorn -an rranii.-eo lo Xiw York, ami rice rem, w o?ld in a fen* mouths henee travel that diManer m a week, is a matter ?>f certainty. IT Ibn c<<romcrcial world d> ,n J ttiis communication rrvtintumrd na interrupted. they mi t *oe to the rand being k-.(>t of Indian-'. Nicholas, the late ( rar Of ltu*sln, was certainly g U%r of indecent tawtc in ;-roj**i?g tho div.-e-n of ihc ' skit inan'? |?-s?< -"ion- Tarfcry?"specially a* that "able man " ha* outlived hi-< brother monarch, who bad blooming health. I would therefore avoid ant thing !".c tho some blunder in np^o-IIrT n word or two on tlie wit r.p)>oiMnient to Indian Citpci .utondeaey and Iudi.ta Aguwir *. Pr. Forney, no dotdd. will fill out tin' InoOTreof bis gffinal days; lerrrtlckM, Himt. boweTor full, cannot, iu lie r :,nary course of political event*, b" rcrj numerurn'. The 4tli of March, |m>1. Id hum at hand. a Homrrnr wmrrr.n m a rarna> tum ornrr.n. I h.tve s't ?een th'- n nunuaily smt agitated that ttiey have Ken th? <-c h>t ten devr lite IHwrit Xni c f the Clh in?t. devotes throe rnd a half C"lt:mr- to tmrrn? ti<>n of the whipping of one uf tin-c'tlrei < byA? .wur?e<? E. N. Covey, uti the too to between this and l'ort Hridgrr. You can readily imagine the eycthnueid that was rTcated here oti ibo Ipt ->f tlii* ?c tt -. Every kdid of ho-lite |top??liou W W loudly tollfe.. of in (he jA.hlic treetA. The g< m r?l fcckng was a rail for tlie nulit.a to t rtng l ark Covey for trial: hut other r >uno< I- prevailed, and another four e H rosaivnd oo ImdmttMi- were sent (< bring In Brine Her; but his f-ieud?, ron?utttiK hut U'uilh. Iiave detained htm; he h'is not yet arrived lb tin- city. Alt.-r the Br?t new* Uiert wn?r?rrport of ht? ?len?|i tri rirrnlaiii-n iiere; but 1 believe tie- Lwl ut w? fr-uti hi* rnneh r t??rl? him recovering. A> fwu a- h> arr t - here, hi? nflkUvil and that of the other* v. .ill him t. ill N Uik-'n and forwarded lo th. Adjutant Central at W.v-hiagt.-n for Fubta union to theft ? retury of War. A rail * .11 be made for Cover'* rjtnrn to the Ti "dor i i n. tried hy n competent military tri bnntl Crel?All r that o elvtl prnr.?m probably f?r the <t.'?t?Mi/?? I p.vst- Ire. f?n ' of th" o). ci ;?sijng through Lore on Tbur ti i\ la*! li.r u< I me that a letter had Iw?ii reeelvtd at Cmnnl'i -ydffotn Dr. C ^ ey retntlmr tb. aflk r. I An the otteer who reerltrod lite k tt' r fr >m the f*<t'?r ta In the Mmipnay, 1 nAnnd to c<i?y the Utter fi?r tlu' IIrttAU>, that T?r. Cu>ey tu'aht have in advai.t?gv v* hi* rma ulitti ti.t ,( A ft^sls-. ?a 1 fiHi.'Ar k.nt..inAil my nr/ttmi.. lion; hut the ameer rparkin# th latter prrWrtil with.lifi.iiajr it. m tt twl been written for private friend? and It"' ' p'l'M <- ( " , \ . I. . '?:.? he clone ! rr?|xn?il>lr f> r tho a*tr*re. net raawntn cfrrr,n m?j n; thai he 15WI Ih uti fkf up l<> Ike wagon wl t d w ilhcul .vl Tlio f:? < ( tl?o outrage .ire neither dtopMcd, bur ms uv:tg.iig of th-im-pwiribtlity attempted. lhc t nerrt! M;?f in thai a eonrt rmrkijl will tw? oilerfrt. Tti? (tfOurrrfida lit>e|4y r?fr<-liei| V?v the firiwubi "t the Iwt f. 1 -hul<l hive been plfftordto hatra wrttro vou mi lite tftyd pinro. .'Ion. hut I uti '"treed loeitmrt trim tlir ymt' w MmvP detained tki* i??rt of my 1 eater itP tiio kitt rr.<>- n*, in expectation Of :.i?w on the nu'cecl. rtv warae**1* TIip atlrge l ciew f?r the ooimt" ion if the art war. that Ih nncf?T, wrhe ww ? relteeroan -n l|ii? rttv at the IUito that Ae>,ati.nt fhtrg- ta Cuaey. ir o?oorth? * ,ih other rowdtee. made an ? null op- n seme of th' tnhr. on dtil i". ?a thai ?t v-ember 82, IVtS. Iitiiitri," vhteii ftiHotvi-1. . well known, Uney #01 eighth wounded. and had it not boon f-r n>p -ir two. to hint and It: - ?s-tcl?hf. fortunate t?' irrenorj.tht vrhoia w-uulti; ? * iwrty would Imtp h<*u w.j--l put ot cxicl ace. mi rwwui n r:1 vi? no. Trtbtdiy a k. Briaha' 1 .'0.1 it a chh* Hore. w lb " p rtlunt of th ir tit .i! ami np">atM. w rt pnrliim?of Ihclr (tallica, nod a F' ih "prjnlilii,# cf ttio ion and 111-tit'lc new, fUrlot tt'rlhuar.'. fur a big pientr. Tin chl? f don thing* tjnl? lb ??... parade of hi* Ir.tentit#* U ovor inado. ornt Iti' u'o, 'too frorn tho f?bemi?r|r on ?Hindny w?" pcabVIa tie |ir?t intlnMtlon of kin ?rta. 1,0c fit tn tlio rit* la tno ?n t|i? of tbo cttivn* 'ht.iniiog fnffl ? ftbll ' ti th" l- ach." 1 kid aorlit, utiliy a lino vtrw of tt>< turnout a? D left the city. In the <Hd w.nhi. where dufctM, (uli ah'l Inrda ire emmet ae th*-* n? mnohrot m*. It it no awe* la men th^ng to we oat rider* clearing the amy for rtwiwbody mming, hut for torn* j f .rr J hnrr wrti nothinr of tho? princeijr order til Iiwt t*?.vk 1 Rr kham etartlng norHiMmnt. in .fch.uii lw? no <'rfi In ha 'ra et.ont turn trjth all dne r. 'port to other wrn. the prophet evwtentty h?teven m the rather it mplo and |dnin ia<lare, ithxti i? tt rKor than waterbe trnata bin own hny?. A bevy of koinig trtpltafe mm probably twahe U> l?t*d yearn <S age, 2n < 1 ri 1 " r- ?ffffHte.l And will urti.-d, Were before ' < hind and en ,aJ*w Ul? ^?rria>e?-. !'oi?iHy a? much there from A i as nan uuy ditipn of protection n> ui amy auiniM,,,. Tliey ae> nn-i excellent < ouetttrinim, and wore umi'ica ^ Honilnly jffMWvT WWh the f pportttnlty of ilutiing alou,'* by the aide of "fkthor;" but 1 scarcely thluk they wero mote dated with lite p?,ei uf honor tkiu Cho faithful were pleased with the picture ,.f the uutr larch and hi* fcturrpptieratlotwM along. In the order of travel was observed the rauk iu "priesthood." Hober Wa* iu the second ournapo., aji.t Daniel in the third. 1 la licvp Hie rlerks in RriRham'a office lay elnlm to their plan in the household, anit luck ou about the fourth eir-' rumc; tinu follow apOHtlffff. magistrates, merchnow, nlltor-^pid . tb< r gcm'- Mc n r- ll looll, where they find ? themsutrni nt Ui- eturt .iff iitWidonl iTCutos, and generally there thr>? keCfi till they re"urn. even though the trip, should reach over week*. i'litifc were at least it dorm earriape- in tlie outturt. and a totally number of horsanien. They took the no?ila in route, through ,4ho settlo tneiits for t'aelip Yaller. Tf the hitiisu* ?"w <iuiet up. berth, tin parly wou?l prucocd a good disit uiee, und .hi absent betaeen tlireu and . h>ur Weeks , hut if there wa?J rhk they will protobiy reUn a thin week. PRAu "o.NH (IIINK XOKTIl. Tlirep eoaipauio?It, liana II?of tie- Second <lr?Kinu?, ? l<is-'d throiu.h this city from Oimp Hoyd, oil Thursday fteruoon . I .r llie northern CalMbniltt route, "with the. view of allordiug proteellifft to emiffDinlri agaiuet marau > era and Indians, and elu> tialng depr viators during tito umuier and a ilunui.'' Ucuicnaii; i'oloucl .11. Si. Hows lominauumg; n"i j.u'iin-'tm i i.. anu'ivi, regimental, t uarti rma-trr viim I. ttti'iiani Thus. ItigM, conus.UKlwn (ouifanyli; jjrst Lient< itkt tl. A. ttoi.lon. <-ouunandiag ompany F;?teC'>iid l.imih ...:nt Vf. I'. Sunnem.e<>mti landing^ , cmiwr.y If.; Assistant Surguou Moore; Lieutenant Stmnk, * i rdnancc uificrr. jColoucl Hii wo had Instructions to establish hid dwpeh w iih a sufficient guard at sunn suitable ]xnut in the vicinity of the lunation nt ilk' Soda Spring' and rood, or whore the latter rrcw.-cn tho l'unt N'ouf river, fr?iu wlu iico be Silt make detachments, with par* animals in sulticicn' strength, to jut rot t!i roads ill nil directions towards Hod a springs and the ffity of Itoks, ex* tending the Inarch hcymid tlu.-e points as clrcuuiiUnc Ml Way require. Ho is xpocted to Often uuiiicutions anil concert measurer w ith the comma-kit r of a dcUehm-'tit of troope, which it is nndcistood is to be onlefal from the [V>. partiiicnl of Oregon to mkc i**st at br iu tl. > vicinity of tho City ul Locks. Tho command left d o jui|> on tho nth, purpose not Wing their dejwt in eight or t< i.vs, and will remain on IhB* northern route till the im ' a of October. As 1 ho commander of thed trtmenl anticipates rousido rable set vice from these troopr- ,lie litis limited their baggage wagons to absolute wants, flue wagon for tint headquarters. .sic ambulance for hospital porfatses, two wagoti\ to ouch company, twenty ptuk neilea and one travelling*' forge, aud some twenty agues iu the supply traiu. Hua regimental Mult and butu. .ronipunio* tho dragoons. Bub, for the attack on tlio jirofet- ton in (lie jiupers, on account of the Cdtrey atluir, M<>rmumJoiu would have been treated to T ?kce IWsxilc and Hail Columbia from tho band; but the * lOtiel, though h.l rested an liour iu tho tuaiu street, was proof pnritive against every anplianoe for music. The officer* and soldiers seemed in goo I spirit-. and no , doubt w<re pleased with the prospect of some kind of active service away from the now dulluiid deserted eautp. nn: t.vni us BrrrsiMkNOKXcr ooimtvuo.v. The examinatii of l>r. Forney's uttiirs terminated one day last week. The ott.eiul record of the proceeding s will, in all likelihood, be started fur Washington by i eguUr Inail on i'riduy or tlio following week. Snno signatures arc still wanting, but I am informed that Major Montgomery will be here to day from cutop, and tho cxauiina tion will then, I believe, tie fairly * cut Mid .!r !'' r-nly f--r the |>cru'-al and action ?f others at lb capital. IIu\v it iuuy terminate is twyotul ken. a km; row-wow with ntr. ivnuxn. Kvcrythliig seems going North, itri^hmu and his suite the Second drag-** s atnl followers went last w *k: Dr,,*?' Forney starts out to-day in the same direction, with ihr* inter)Meters and wnrietHsiy ci.-'. It is to he In-i-xl tlut tlic road is largo enough ior tin ni all, and that thoy will, in no w ise run in earli ottier's way. liilgham lur got*, for pieaf ure, recreation, hre-scs front tho mountains, ,k0.; the drogoons, under the gallant Colonel Howe, ar "bt?d mouldy" for want of a light, and hope they'll get Indians enough to chastise all "innaier. Tla?t la, of course, only if IIk v desire it. Forney goes to gather the pi- .t -1 ami the disroot en ted red rkias, and calculates with "Joe" liehow, "Ihniick" and Jnsse liarl to tiave ,-uch a powwow " with the .-'iiakes, Sbosltouee and I'tes as \s ill - <.uro ei-rnnl Meudship, and t .ti?, Xoilheru tribe* from joining the hostile nils ia tin Wot. If done properly this pow-wow may efo-et uou-h good, tlio tor taken with him a wagon l-snl of I :dian notions, win- h wilt meiuiurewhlv j-lease them for th- tnue lieiuv; but thero is a univer-al complni. * lur* ichor I th? Territory of th t heavy tax of lie India s that a (V-w weeks release ly * these pr. -outs will do l.ttlc to bush. UM KKOM T1IK KKTlMJtr, AtlUY. IV" leorn from n letter w> iip ii by Mr. J. \V. Myer to Mr. J. V. 1-mig, of this e||y. dated at Hear Hiver. Ik g 31, that on the night before ll-tmefer was so inhum 'ila treated at Yellow Creek, a lil-eharv-d soldier, nam I imur, mm iiiiu imll .11 I IK II 111 IHTUIII TV, HIM WDO, w ith hi.- wife and i>ibc-r characters of that kin I who P?1low ih<- araur, *ran Mditig with thi retiring ooInnni!'."'wnw killi -l thi n-hv- 'in i.t' 11><riviti/or.-', hy | re-reiving a hull through hie liead while -|? in his tcni. While ramping tliat night, ?..iiie of tho ?ol?lhT* l>. longing to (Viloii. l Morrison's vouimuiihI w i.-lied Harris to -top In'STtT thi-ir rnruni|' m ut than ho oho o. Sail" WOfilx ww* puwd ntiil threat made at the tirm .;tnl in tho nit-lit i gang of th" o il? d be imp wont to hi" tout iu.J shot liitn in his txat. TIik mm who w rowitu hun thai to t. hi!I.-. anil tho ? a on \\. at oa with 111. -r.h.j?ono of tin il("o..'li '1 I 111. I. ! I low oil tho .III..) trail tbl^ t ity driving the dead tnau a to. in. .Ii m: 12-T n i'k" k I' M. The rony exprr h. -' .lu-t arrived from tho West. More harks h) Italian- ro|ioi'l<il; Mm II tVooic ? I i -ti?t mil 'I -if? 'ii. ik! hi tin o i. ,?!.oll lr> W .al Ati trl 'fie J'prlii ?? of wittiit live uiili In tl?o p. -' ? ioti of th rod-km ti.H |.a nt titttj m-si-t* 'lie. Al in burning of Slii'lM rook , ation i II lb" |if.>virious On rr .n rr Moloti. vi/:- Kive thoti an.l piunds of | Iwrun Mini a good *-ii|*t'l> id '"lioi kiiiil-of l'ro\ i-'iSMUf. 1 Mr. It'll i Nous ami two otlu i ; kill'.. Iv.o Indians unit erciu ihitll t)K> ftution iW'iih ' l olo-" ituim duitu a-si-t- ] ance "hsll be rendered Ih- ro ottk Imp of k "ping up tho p a.) express ooatusunkatkio bclwcvn 81, Joseph and huu t rain i-vo, S?it Ii.tKr City, May ^ 1S0O. ) Th* P-ny tbprm Lin* 1M< *l<tv<tkr-T rf the Fxj>r, Rid rr?Ti-oop> fin* frmn ( :mp Floyd I t Kr*p llLh . | Ramie Opm?Additional Xtitlrjjfri lit the S?ifill- a r W'Kf.Vo, lh> I'm/ Ej :<r- <?ki. ,1 \ ,mt, rff. 1 o ,i i th" l'vii? i i .1 In -lined td 'I rr tun ;.r mining tho rxpr. rv.ird v"rv nook. nutl 1 a-ifrtrtv, twnrd a tli.\ r.n villi -ah ly, 1 linvo oaiclurt- ' frt lo glvo j on lli<- ilctull#, ,i? r?r as wolinvkuiMil tb?m, of the roudition of aiblra .n tho wo-ti-m portion of tho TcrT u.r\?m.w. in i\ tiiijr in a Mate ?r war. f The flr-t Intimation *c ha<l of actual difficulties be. . Iwe- u lb- lnrtiuns an.I tho p opto of Cir-on wjj by tho arrival on TUwin; afternoon of one of tho express rider" rr'-m p. hy % .Hey u IMi-it th.- California p.>uy mail, l ot as the 1m-irer of tlie following letter to llajor Efru), the Sv.pcrlntendcut of the Western mute;? Rear Y.tiunr, May 33,1560 fh warn F<: tx. F.vj.?It n ereat ha "that I uVnjv A M-lf. S r tin- iKirjx-i I .1 J.III. < t'.U-l'Urf T ha* Ju?t arrived, unl' - tliat thi l*nli I 'to hid-am ha wo (St?' I lb-- l?oy. t? h ave every alalhwi btdwono Diamooit t-j?rirv~- si '1 C-ir -n Viller. !! roporta that .l"hn Appk- * put. <i <1 lhii-!r.el (P. I'h T../i' r vk< i 1. i?r certain j?-0 ; ,lay. I try < - h. ,.t t- n - I. k V M.. May >, William Btreeprr took tl? ut - '1 villi tie mail,ami has not N-cn Icarrt of ainoe. Mia* RcUuatl"-- uu>l latfayctto ft?ll nrrived at Kohert*'lYo.-k ' w? night, at nine o'otiek. Thi l?"t. eh- -r-'i tie-in l-'i ! im irith lli' ir rill'- the lnya * re on' 't. Tie..- all hfl Rob. rta' Cre? It ( la . U'?hl at tv .VI- o'ok ok. -.\ iiUu.l tile hornes anrt miller. Tie i eaw a pf' it number f tire* ?n the hlUr. IVv re. port rlxty |nen killed at tai-on nulc. The chief#/ tho fti'^benea i? here, mat an . I llillH or"-:-irt here to U irVu'llr at'iwe-MMit. flhacup s?r?! lie wunl ll.k-e to J-av. a hi^ tali- with AlfVcrt Hunt luteIon. Vonr or.ler* r? jmm t.i.^ il?? -tntion- h ivr aart w ill tm promptly atienrt.-U to. F W. IT11W. , liiU leaves here at twth e o'etork noon, day ?X. Ai' ithrr communication, -i-i?.- r- ctveri, -tat-s thkt on# a J.itnei t?ul'!en(t tiii killed, in-l h 'up-on's Parle hnrnM i - i/-. -r i v; i ?uto at Jh y <><"*.-. en the >. i.v.h coo tinned. Tie) took ev? rjthiosr fr an thai -t?t am. anrt forced the , W. i . mroiately on the frcaipl of ti. ? warlike news, Mnjoff I Uiu i-'e appi . .-iti'io t' 0. \ truer Cut mm" ate! Suparln- I I rrt'-nt Forney for military n--i.tai)t* and preteotr to I the lu.t n?. Ti" Cotton to/ ntor- ny F^an .'Urtod for I r.jhv 1 irtler with a rrqei-ltam for tta'p". anrt an orrter I r..?- l.l-vt,L.|j mna.l r.lla v 1., r _ rt.l Yf B The sainr crcn!n? another oTynwt arrived from Ua; W. n, and thle lime hnu^lii the ! >-< P"T ftvnl. >*r*'tn ihn ' rinfr 11' i'Ti^d ilui the f*wy ?<f the unAwtnnato bojr who trot MM If UkWIw i?t?< up to U? ni xl -tit{on lln??e. Hk nu?cl?rT", win, :i r . ii 'in i')? matter, are (near-ly attached for (Vil.ij- of oliiiiwini; from w:Mk> to miidlr at r.v h nation, In! Inndi throw n ntf hr I No pn,T after lie ha.1 I... i I, - r The n'M-k.* ?rn Hat Wt?t? -It rid <* r . 11.,re |W.< <1;?J. Itt.1 a half mvt"I,, f r Ho - f : ??,. m ' llwjr > ' i ' i . hi k ; .. 1 t r-a v ' > ' r- < ; I'll- r I, r ! "I! I I T0ii;tijt.? ' rimmr piMmtrrtan to iuk mti? *' 1 - l , it ' ; - .). I t<> I r I' I ' ' iriil* i : >? it. p.' t,..i..rum in ? .- mil r - i'ti.poni i ii . i ., -i ,in i! .' ' i '. |>i i. " .mil III MM-'l?llH ' i ''. w. I. r it route. Tin* Major write# ?"1 wa* rciyUod w ith '" i .on i rl'\i t?i iin tf|.l-.*i<ii h" r< iltaeil m i% moment lha tree- itr of rentier 111# w IwiiHtma-yl* I1'- , i l 20 f. tlui.i t ii i?m|. ..I ... r-ler i.. 'itwont twenty of the lh'lit Kitii-ri, ron|. I hf F.rit 1 i' i-.t ? Ii Win. to ir. iimfii.i i i.,? . i l> In th?? > .1 . ii.' mi I r if. i,ii., ;i'ifi In t 1 ' Ii ' I S I'm t/. '. I..M .'I Ill' M l- I IV. TtlO t> lotv' rot n't led tntmb 'hit If U*' lot i' on tint t? i>.- id lu |ir"torttoi Mi. mill roti'.'i hi 'he .'raj noon l.rnt air "<U Ini a orrti r?l to inure*4 U> Who :? ||l.b rfwtl of Kurt Mull, for tli*? jftntinn nth cm Detain mi the Northern rrnto. mat ho Ml imiivc lnTViytr?-i,.i I,wit.I t'i?iv ,l : ... ' 1 *hfi 1 '!?< r , t ?,1 ti.onnt I'm* ' '"ilti < ? thi il.iM M-Mi'i. n. ' tin V H 'hat IIi"TpiIikl? luwl in.ah- an attack on ttr< uk- H . ii 'i"!'' i'l 1 "" ' ' : r r ||,m , , v* w j. HI " i?t?*?. M'l ' l-van . |1 fniif rated <HI everything of Int.raaut might nerur-^H h?o I'll ' mm . in art hi It rtfht n hit pirn v the not' r* ft Thi tmm At the prorent mam ri* a kcioh? i friV li . * M oi 1?., r :vlef, i I lie Mlenmu Will , I tact ftnm tlio W.wt. H T7ie total nnnihrr rf iBdltot thrmiBhont lit* wh- hj H lirrnorj rtrgca Ki awt? II,Of# ami 19,000 alt- tMtn

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