Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 23, 1860, Page 4

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 23, 1860 Page 4
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_4 OUR SUMMER RESORTS. 9PEH9G OF THE FASHIOflABLE 8EA80I The Hotel Keepers Growing Ho Better Very Fast Letter* free* Rtaftra Fife, Bwfrt, RakaS, ttretfart (C?a.),l(. fetierWea (C. W.), WMta iWahi, sstMimW f the ftjhli Bprtag*, he* he*, he* NIAGARA PALLS. .11 AO AAA f ALIA, JUno ?, IJW. Dmari/aim tf ami tkriUimt MM at (ha Mk?Tha VWmga af Niagara?Stmt AeoaamtafOu Batata? Tm S*a famrimBridgi BUrtlm AiraH SmimiIw Tka Prince cf, 4c. Aa eacursiouisis will begin with the introduction of ttmiurr to wend their way from aultrr to cooler region*, it may be reasonably inferred that many will, as u?ual, *M the noted and celebrated Kails of Niagara, and the many places of commanding interest in their vicinity. Keeping this in view, and feeling interested in all pleasure seekers and the comfort of travellers, I hope a litUe Informatted from this favorite resort will not be unac oeptable. To induce summer tourists to come here is not my ob.ieet. If It were, it would be unnecessary to use any persuasion or lake any pains ia the attempt. Niagara rails of themselves possess surb a universal fascination for the distant, and have such a deep hold on the imagination from earliest youth, that so long as the great inland seas known as Lakes Michigan, Huron and Erie pour their vast waters over tlio tremendous cataracts at the foot of Goat Island, there must and will be visiters. So much has beeu written, and so much been said, so many outbursts of eutbusiastic ininds, so many etfasiou) of the poet's brain, and descriptions by the historian's pen?all attempting to portray the sublimity, beauty, awful majcety and grandeur of this unparalleled wonder of falling waters?that I shall not veuturc to describe Niagara Falls To be justly appreciated, as the supreme of all cataracts, they must be seen. Nothing sliort of that will convey anything more than a faint idea of them The scenery is romantic all around here. There are aourea of stand points from which the eye cau behold them, and from each point of observation the scenic and calararttr view presents a chartn irr.-sistlbly impressive and imposing The rock, ju-t above the falls, where the poor follow remained clinging with depuration for twenty iwo hours, and was finally swept over and rngulpt d in the fearful abyss, is pointed out, and the stranger visiter, while having it pointed out and the harrowing recital told, feels a thrill of horror Indescribable. Only three weeks ago a little boy fell into the rapids on the Canadian aide, from a small island, and was swept into eternity almost instautiuieously. 11 ji mother was so close to him when he fell in that she grasped him by the hair, but it tore out. leaving a lock in her fingers, and he was gone. Will not that kick of hair be a sad, sad but precious memento in thai family? a theme it offurs for S poet's p> o! Waving all attempt descriptive of theso great tumbling, roaring waters, from the base of which rises a continual watery, misty cloud, and where, in sunshine, a bHwitifhl rainbow spans the river, embracing the American and Higlish shores?as though intended by Almighty to symbolithat national bond of amity and unity between the two greatest nations of tbo earth, which should ever be preserved. OS thw, the American side, in the immediate vicinity of the Palis, there Is almost a village Perhaps it should be termed and regarded as a village, unqualifiedly al moat, tor here are three large hotels, (our churches, one inn ting o<Woe. from which is indued at th* present time a litUe aheet called the Niagara Falls OazrH* dally, and will be a daily while U?o summer lasts. after Which ii tails back Into the sedate little weekly. There .-u-> also a ouBkw of mores,a barber** shop, Independent of the hotel -havers; several establishment* labelled thus?K-*k (JrnatooaMand Indian Chrkwltiea." an t hut, but m>t least, "lager Mw BUmiu" at several comers Mmd, the tat 1 tar takaawn and read of ail men, every wbore ft is on 1 of lha institutions of ctrtMiatloo, and to go where lager bier I* not la to be In the uninhabited or heathen laud. t)f the hotels, I* la due le the propn-tor* to say that they are tryU? to rvkder them and themaelve* ancamni tdaiiiw Tho American ?*el la kept by a very mild and kind man. In tort, he ta tnoeoay, for he haa a set of table waiter* that rare aa little about attending to the dutiw of I their otoee aa aome of our preachers can- for the aoul* of ' their hooka The proprietor being out of eight during th time of break fast tug. dining and supping, thoee young la dim whom ha haa ttatahod tato o?oe are Nnyiag In the rear of the boar fere r ha Ire hke ao many klitctm, or awav ?:iggUng and chatting flometunes one boarder will rap or broad, aaclher beat the tamborme on the aide of hi* cap for mnrer**e; anon, a third will, after looking w<> fully at a fork tor a minute, aoiiclt a knife. a fourth would hke aogur ta bla rap, bat be needs a spoon?and Btddy ha* gone and /alia la eat of hearing; and *0 it is. Tho Chtaraet Hotel la <m the margin of the rapida, above th > bridge leading to Seat Island. and the Ihlernatiooal Hotel 1 M the neareot to the mighty rblte The fbr* at the Amori- 1 can la M par dtem, at the Otfamrt M SO, and the Internalioa?I $2 SO The (eurari Hnuee m receiving a large and new acquisition to its already fair accotnm" dattuo Two additional ami large and splendid rooms, 1 aim a new plank walk leadmg from the along the margin of the rapids, in aom* plane* over them, 1 to the Uoai Island bridge On crossing tins bridge, w bicb every traveller to the Falls will do, you pay at the . ' toll boom twenty Ore cents, and by registering vour name ] am entitled to the futuro free u? of the bridge during the mwaoa. The American House will aocommadato about 1 ace hundred conveniently Th- bedrouans and beds are I good, this aaUatoctary tontimooy cannot be extended to the Uhlea, the vtaiuU, and tlw .il.-u Iu... Mr l.,n l...r,| 1 of the American, I aa pleased la learn, istend* in displace < his ? alters and put oa a staff of attao<U>tU hilly sdeapiaW, mod disposed In ctrrjr out to the MM lit- very important truat entrusted lliem. At tli? bit i iwttonil Ike male waiters and attendant* are priact|aMli tf not entirely . colored geallsmia. and o very dtgallled thai il la muter oI nriasptotol and much nnn<>yanc? lit Iba village that durm< their evening promenading, mpectolly on tho Hahhath, the white (bUta have, when the weaker party, In five way and allow Mr. ttombo and Mum Iboah to have the ride walk tn their own free uaa and behoof Ilia laughable-, I ? -?r lliat when they ?ee t .Southerner' upprnaeb- ' ing the ? dnifcMn" Invariably abandon the walk, and re- i ?i> all right, title ml wirrv-l U> 11> - i oik t;?l table M Laid at the Internet Petal, and the tine ilerlot nf this hotel la n (air priwculalicin if the later lor imaveovmcee awaiting thuee who eg later themselves aa boarder*, either tempore In or permanently The Guaracl Mitel to alen i our one, and much desire maniAwied by tb > jviw.-ra tint ? to rtoder their patruiw o>tn(.'rUM' and oral too ted rbe International looka much larger than Ilie'aUract. h'lt t m affirmed by these who ought to ko<>w that the toller an erromtnodate tp<*r than the uther. they may he lit town at 400 and 440 There are a lew email hoarding noaea to addition to the three hole la described, hut they jw too paltry tor notice, one. a Herman -uhtieb newt. a btch to by the aide uf the rapid-. and to b nig tied tip to food taste and at i-aoableraMe riyierwr, chiefly or the reception of Herman*. ' lager Ho-r l* the hunting" ahfch tap piuudl} nl Ihia institution. and toluto wt an Inducement far \.dunteer* which will he re rnrdtof np doubt by many clustering aronud I be standard nd bemlth Uw loved banner a An I -TWlt now giro yon n little tnteiiigeore from he oitatoile ntonre, I nhnli clues my remarks on the mertcan aide of the Fall* by observing that every man bo .1 rivet a boma In Una place to continually leaning very si ranger Id lake ? rUw?lb? harkm-n in PorUau<i nd at the railway depots aad steamboat landing* are nl I ? Ik* WIU1 w cnaiiai 11 m .,1^ llIrir rtora ar* ftr?t about thrrv dollar*. an t raih-r th m kxr a laoor Ibry wtfl oMw down H> arty crali voaalqg U><-ftuapradMe lb"lgr ?* wrli ? ?a,r at ul Wlllrra. Wr'tlgth and bmnty ar* bar* hbm.trd: tlMy ar( an ihr m-tdga and ku?od rnrb ..tbrr I mat lib tbr rrk-bralod Maadln > ?u>r U> fur (I. Brit t.nvId had aeoov-nuUon with hiai today. H ha* a r.?n rH-'h^KW. Uv- Niagara nrrr ahn.ii Mi wi i* ... a brldgB and baa a? al ?.* pr la.,,,, ?.?i f.w tti iblir on Mb akdaa uf ibr ri**r ||? ? r?n^ ?? VltUl m .ulnr^ajf, tbr atb mat . and u? pmrl... *. Uv : n ..a Ita H??lll?a?liiir anlirr .xiabdeoor >a Um natiafhctory mmpiMMMn Ikr and rUktng an I ?ay. br frrla Ibr '? a rtlfr tbaa * . th.- ..nn br -oil*. ..., tlv* irr ii-r?. box!In 1* a vivacmo* rrm..ha*?o l%bt Hi matrix*. and lb M>< la w**hi. vary r.aaw.u r and cbrrrful Br ban a wif.. an t ihm-. l. , |r-.. ry r?lfaht tha ndb, ?L? rr br bar pireWrd a oral I lag.ftwriatd ar* PTprrtad on h ih* at llw nrrr to pay t monry Mr* prlnrra. OS** a toll bridge it a lw-my c??u aak a b<>y la dirrot >..u to U.h a UM or that, a at lb* rate of tw ?l? flirr . -ou n*-* hat -. at on Ilea la r nincr Mar TnhV far*. ao lb* < aiuaiiaa aidr, i iIBbu adroit amy ut traurf-mim ywar k???r .Off* tn'tarirowa p.?-k.-t F?r . lb.- ho-i*- hw jptda. or klod at obarrrat?>ry. on Ita top A runn?r ? you .-owing, br laarU you al Ibr fhuit of tbr bwi*. ? yoa at thoeharm -ig n?w to b? h.wl ' > v. n ling hnoarb^. idtatdd Ibr "trwiyt ?* th? prior for priviH-or. br la Maa.ll* told nothing II - for* up, i aa?l Urad-f H? ron.n.--i..-ra to -, t thr run rnr-u. bin. d.?wwnd* fifty, mm ?>v.-nty ftrr lr Thd aUndgnr w*ad?*n. again. r.-f*r? t.. at-?i bad rd ? ibr gruood br and woniiTa ?rnn for tbr .w rrpHra ?VrMorr do I charf jrm1 for r'inf up, I rhardr y<r? for d'wo it 1 no <i?r t>> mar I *; thr wa BMt br paid. Ibnr arr ilrati||rrr duprd ictinlard bftbaaa h tmn raltnr-v wbo arr *rai b rnaii iranad fbtean* %o poor. n|?n tbr prr, iorr arrdkMt prrparatkatr bring aa<lr f ,r ihr IViar. .' Irr Wa raktway aorommndatma *>r htm will brat by tbr Mlowing, Ukm from th. Alt* db ? | /id it If raid that Ihr Zlmmrrtnin II miar, orar th" 11, M.aai, and la Ml n?w at tbr fa/t". la tntraded to rt w or Irr for bia rwrption. though rotar ?*y n.?y, ' bat Ibr Prtada will lakn ap bir quarlrri at ft > TlnM tba tbtarart In tlm morning *nd rrtnrii rramitdk Tt?- llttlr rtram. r Maid of thr Mirt la 1 I tnr anar tba Iblla. aad a plank walk la In <-mr*r of 1 \i m (r rn thr ?borr U. tlx-?lrom. r If-r r.>T*m trl|? < up and down brtwraa thr hrtd?r. an t ar nrar tbr I 1 \ -;df it.' Kalla a-'-, diawnm a!-. .1 ? miN I ? .- itifton Boaar will arromatodatr aom -1?5 lodgrra I ( NEW ,T< It la ? Ivuvlaotnr structure, awl (no- a fine view of the Kails m Mi. |( tuu l>r<-o raining here witb but abort to termsauou mat* .ialurda; night, aul the oir IS ouet a?d bracing NEWPORT, R. L Nowrom, a I., June 14,1M>. AtAwfmlfc Bunt ef Omr Chi i o|in<wf?ihitihtw Ths Qmkw MuHag HtUU Banting Up (he Oemm mat At Imtic- TrmU em the Jfowi Strug Wat Hug Kmtm' rmrUt, Ac. Nt-wjwrt I What a paragraph of deOniLoos could be writUu no that one word. Newport old and Newport now, the beau -capital of the State of Rhode bland, the metropolis of its island nameaake, the nucleus of antique rtanb and moderns, the resort of the serious and delight of the gay?virtue, vice, Halt water and lager bier, politics and religion, all are visiters at Newport. There is an old wort to be seen here w hich, speak ing of Newport, aajm " It is a small town, n< ar New York." The writer of that, were he alive today, would expire in astonishment. This town is now a great summer resort. At this date there we but very few strangers here?the principal arrivals are Quakers and Quakeresses. This is their annual June meeting, and it is curious In witness the unusual agitation occasioned in the oo mm unity by this little acquisition la the population. The Society of Friends is quite s godsend at the present time. The broad hat, the white cravat and the drab coat, staid as they may appear, have ohased away much despondency, and the Newportites are eneouraged. The eurfhee of quietude has become plmtiagly agitated. There are set era! large hotels here?the principal ones are the Atlantic and the Ocean House. The Ooeea House is tho largest of all, aad will accommodate scene six hundred persons. The bedrooms are suitable la everv reanect: the dining room will sent about four hundred. The bouse at the preaeot tune in receiving a thorough renovation. It will he opened on Tuesday next for the reception of visiter*. The Atlantic in also undergoing the ablutions of water,and the embellishment* of the paint brush, and consequently not quite ready yet for tourists. This house, will probably, accommodate about the one-half of those by the Oct-au. Standing at the corner of South Touro street and the Rath road, the Ocean House appears lilt* a time worn cathedral; but a nearer approach dispels that appearance, and a closer view presents it in a favorable aepect. Indeed it is the c.ipltol of the capital of New port. Trade is very dull here, on the main street, the most conspicuous articles in one store are pickaxes, shovels and boxing Rloves; by which, we understands that Newport boys are becoming pugilistic, and determined wlwii they tight to win or die. At least the pick* and the shovels so seem to indicate. Th? policemen are all old men, at least the myority. In fact everything wears the semblance of aullquity. K\ en the cup at the public well at the head of long wharf resembles a small sired, old fashioned fry ing pan and the Custom House and the Town Hall are patterns of the olden time The park is in admirable keeping with the old buildings surrounding it. It is very email, has six r ude seats, several Urge trees, and is the ahajie of a smoothing Iron. The --Hath road" extends about a mile from Touro street, where the tlrst beacli is gained Here are two row* of Hmnll cabin-like huts, painted white, and, being at right angles, have a very pretty contrast w llh the blue sea which rolls upon the sandy shore. Farther on there is another beach, which is much frequented by the Now port visiters. A large, dark, deep chasm is here, iulo which the ocean flows, and sea birds have a favorite haunt in thi* deep sea glen; the noise of those screaming birds, and the mournful w ailing* of lie- w ?' -ra* they rush into this chasm, create a sound so discordant and almost frightful to unaccustomed cars, a* to gain for Una sea-rock cavern the Scripture name of Purgatory. The small houses mentioned are wh re bathers undrew, and put on their sea costume before descending into the gentle surf and cooling billow * A small fee is charged tor the privilege: but that is aiwu)* expected at {hahionable watering place*. It would be questionable how so great an influx of sum mer population coukl obtain i?><txiii?cM at all on (be island; but noe reason. and I he iirun ipal. i^ lliut on lb.- ie< k, called. of the Island, tbere arc many Am mHmm some say upward* of a hundred, built "by wealthy k'cutlr men of New York, Boston and elsewhere, for the acoonmodation of their families during their stay; besides, strange as it may seem, I great tnauy urtualJy live on board of yarhtH. and luxuriate upon the water like the Venetian*. Toward* decline of day here, there i-> always aoooiaea breeae. which makes it very pk-aaant. Tiemornings, too, for several hours after sunrise, are free from that sultry heat so productive of lassitude, espucuil iy to delicate const it lit ions, and these advantages ore much in tu favor A* to eating saloons, there ; net one respectable ooe in Newport. There is one near the I ntled States Hotel, which displays a large board libelled thua i?'-Republican Headquarters Saloon; Hamlin uud Liucoln;" but it is a mockery, as the Uutnbled German saloon in New York is vastly superior, et en to the Newport republican aaloon. OrXMNO OP TUB OCUK HOrSK, NKWPOKT. R. I. [From the Newport News. June JO. J Thia mammoth hotat, the bun eel of the fashionable re aorta of Newport, waa spraad for the aewam yesterday, fan whlrh tLa o..nflnmanlu K/wfa hLuuus. Wuen..f ft Birch, gave a-rtimpliinenlary dinner to tliolr fVitudr and pntrnog. The gurata roar a ted of about forty of the pro in meal gentlemen of Newport. New York, ftc . who hat uprttMl before Ibrtn a mont aumptuon* repeat, aneh a- bra vidua nor tiw been area upon the table of otn ttr?i claa-i hotel*. Aftrr the doth wu rromrei appropriate apeeehe* were made by Char I an H Reamdl. hV-i ; Yx Uorrrnoc Duncan ren, o>|Mein ?. w. nary and other* which were reap, reded to M the Be Mat pnaatbfo manner by tame boat" Krrner. Mr. Alkiaaoa, P. M, having b>. n called upon.gave the following >May the sucraaa at the Oeeaa Bouae be all H deserve*, end equal to the hi*bet aattatpnlton* of iU celebrated and gentlemanly proprlitere. and may the overflow of this rr?*t Ocean, as beretofbre, IdU its peaceful way into the ban of the Atlantic. Mr. New too. proprietor cf the Atlantic, wee called upou tnd rcepouded in appropriate term* The whole atUir n ut off meet pfoaanntly, and to the entire grali filiation of til prrceot. Trie Ocean Hoase ban newer, with in onr recoHecti't, Seen opened in sarh perfect order as it now la II hj>< undergone, ainee laal anaeon, many Improvementa for the tielter, and the reputation which It obtained during th* Aral year of ?U prmeol management adda grettiv to its loed name, and aerma to riot lie it with an air of comfort which few large hotel* In a rummer watering place poe ear, however raagaitioeat their impurlng arrangrun uls nay appear to the casual eye. WHITE MOUNTAINS, N. H. Altos Hoc**, Uomui Wranoe, June p, 1m0 TMagt nf Onrhmm an in A town taffftctd /"arson? ftancry^fo WW* JfownMna? fltaadfont ff <W hand tarda, dt TLe appearance of thing* in this Alpine district it Im pro* Ing every day. The winter In over and gone, and luminer baa clothed the valley* with verdure, and the towering mountain*, from ba*e to aumuut, In her deep and charming green foliage?exeept Hume rocky betghu uil ckmd-cwpp'd i??k' which w?r Ihr rtfni feature* of barren rorkr, and here and th're hold large patrbc* of auow to Ibcr rugged boaom*. (lorturn station iii a Tillage like place, and distant fruit Po rtland. Mr., o ucl) one mile* by railway. The brand Tt unk tram* parr birr eeery day except Sun lay. and a? thla la the place where lour lata take coach !br the White Mountain?, or ralhar, Ihr ihr (Hon Howe, It la. rtateeqnenlly. a beehive lor at loo duruig rammer, rhe railroad company hare made much improrcm-nl here;i.g the past few years an I purpose to coal.mie improving. Thern are machine shope for their own use. u>d a row of email time Indloate that there am many laborer* earning a livelihood Tliere la a clurtrr of aorae thwty houat? <4 aaal appearance abn, chiefly painted white, rental bearding ho urea on a email acale, one fehooUxMire, a nhoeinaker'a a hop, and all the edlflrm which < imatilul* a village?exrept a Church In juire why It la tliat there La no place fhr rellgtoua woe (hip, and you Will be informed that the ma chine shop workmen and laboring classes need Sunday for par lime and (Hhtng tor (rout. Thin .n format ton mnt not afrigbl the clnrgy, an J lead Uum to coarlado that the Yankee Qortmnalleo arc more wicked than other men Like the aborigine* at the earttrat period <f pale Bared mtatatioa, they main feat a large ahare of primitive aim pltrlty Hi in village III aitaated at the to* of Mount tfayre nbteb toner* over it In tna}e-?tic grandeur The Awdronxiggin river run* bclwraa the haee of the mount and Gorhant. A etraight lute drawn from the Alpine Bouee nonld about atrtke the centre of the mount ft la n red ire* to attempt description in noe letter of thai maun taiaonr and nwblime region. I on here an from the era tre of a circle, the eye look* upward and behold* moun tain piled on mountain, and turn and look, and the ptrtam I* Mill the maae It arena thv fcrorlte playground o the rk*-d*>?at one time Omting ta fleecy while*-** abovo them, and then dew-ending and reeling their airy wiag* iipoii their noble lupa. You may not reckon m vuaabwo here from one hour to another, and he who gor* a mile or more, forgrUui of ha nmhreila, may ho reminded of hie nrgligenm by the refr-ahiug ahoncr The principal ta tot, la fket, lh?- ouly <?e northv uf the name, nan erected by the railway company. and w under tie mtn agemenl of Mr Hitchcock?it ta called the '-Alpine Hoiiee,' and will ic-nnaabout two hundred go -ate. There I* a Wing attached to Ike bouee nearly aa large the bo-ty. and maid*, men aad mechanics are moving Nuit ? thin and without, bmiljr i-ngag d la preparati on-P-r their pefr.-u- TV proprietor keepi err -nty horaq*. twenty -air mitrh c?w*. fifty head of horued rattle. >* rl-tnltr of th. r t*. Ire colt*. and ra>f? a gr-al many ymnt ?loe*. TV hnreee are required darla* the *4111 tnrr month* to r-iurey tourlet* lo tin- Glen Bouee, the pro pri't r "f wt-'rh keep* a'vwit th<- "ante number lo convey natter* from ht* hoime 10 Mount Vaaliiagtoo. TV -hargtor a horae from tb<- Alpine Houer to M <unt W.whingtoa, and a half mi he ta fir - d?Uw?. and ae aevenly horar* kre kept quite bu*y for tenor twelve week*. the geeal reveoui- derived from tbia amiree -an he ??ttmaicd The fare per day at the Alpiae and the !Jleu la #8 60, Atmoel a uniform rate of farq ie eet.vhli.ah ad at tlv * fa'hlonahie reaorte, ae If by preeoa-ertrd ar Wngement, leading one to auppoae that?' Yyu help roe, tnd I'll help you?yi?u pi' ic one, and f'll pi k thither," ta the actuating* aad th* Uad'vf'v deck DRK HERALD, SATURDAY log1* There b. but little dissimilarily iu Uu> interior cor. vmwnoeti of those l?'o houses?the r ore both very b*l PYom the Olec Ho aw to Mount Washington the distance 4b six and a half mile*. Kour mites are now ready for riding wagons, the remaining two and a half mile* by bridle path, Mount Washington Is the tallust of them all, and as you approach the (Ron from the Alpine House, you first see ou your right Mount Madison, theo Adams mid JHfereoti, next Clay, and thou, the stateliest of th<so all, Mount Washington. This is the oovrl?*l spot fSr up hiM ramblers, but the circuitous, narrow and ditllcult bridle path must, for the present, seriously interfere with the intrusion of crinoline mouuling the hero's mighty nun' bake There are two liouses on the top of this mount where I he weary traveller may stretch upon a good cl<wn mat and dream ot start above and clouds beneath him There is one family here at present, and props rations making for the refrvehinenU> needed by those who scale the mount, and stand 6,260 feet above the beads of the Porttauders. There are no visiter*, as yet. except a few stray ones, who chance to come along ao the v.uigi.nrd of the legions of honor about to follow. There is a lovely and excellent carriage drive from the Alpine House to the Olso House; and gentle men with private carriages will And good stabling at both places for their horses. Everything is la rrsdlness also to accommodate those who wish to engage saddle, | side saddle, open wagon or covered chaise. All that Is needed Is money. You must come lo those planes as pre pared to spend profusely as you would to a bazaar. Double, treble price for everythiag, and no change if possible. 1 have just seen a gentleman from HalUmow, who, with his lady, is returning from Niagara Phils. He had been nearly three weeks at St- Chtharinm previously, and remained at Urn Valla from Monday forenoon to Todsday I afternoon, partook of four meals, and drovo round in ' the vicinity one or tornhours,ood his b?U was fifteen dot- | larg and fifty cools. More than all, ha is a prwatur; and, ' while relating the imposition thus practised by one of the | laity upon the prelate, he raised tua eyeawith holy hor j ror, and. I, expected to hear him ptfewnre the gbflhfce I pardop-r-"! forgive:" bat he didn't What a precious set f of rascals .those MUgarlMS must be Dm to eia against the charchf It were better for them that, MfcoAhbott 1 the baraatti they would dooeead into the waOeee ef the t Niagara and be aaen no more. Tnescenery of the White Mountains is estremeiy Rrand, sublime aud magnilloeut. What the Alps of Switzerland may be, and the famous Mont Blanc ! display of majestic beauty and awe-inspiring reality, : I can better imagine than describe; but this I do : know, that the "white Mountains'' of New Hampahire ! are sufficiently great to gratify the excited curiosity of those who love to gaze upon nature in her most commanding as poet. Stand ou the piazza of the "Glen Hpusoand you behold right before you, higher than many clouds, the mounts already named?namely, Madison, Adams, Jefferson, Clay and Washington. On Mount Jefferson suow is seen in patches as large as a common sized garden. On two others there is also snow; and on a smaller mount, just close by the Washington, there is a curious deception presented to the eye in two rocks oo the side of lite mount, which tho stranger would at once conclude were two men amMUag the side, so strong and striking is the resemblance lo the binnau form, and so lifelike is the motion of walkiug. Tins apparent move inrut of these rocks is occasioned by the passing clouds, which, on the Urst appearance, the visiter forgets, and is therefore deceived by both appearances. But the excursionist soon gets so accustomed to being deceived that he la only disappointed vhet htbMt Awaafi reapi-cting j accommodations here for those who will come for rural en.a>> uient, health, wonder- and exercise. At the Alpine, a largo dining room, tough meat and miniature trout You need not auticipale puddings or dessert at dinner; such luxuries are not tolerated among the Gorham:les The diet W plain, simple (Uko them selves), and in stub quantity as w ill admit of 110 gnrman diztng pro]H-nsitiee. Tlie object of the proprietors is to mAke hnv while the sun shines, aud with tluanrial skill the) regulate the tabl" ev)>eD-?ea to the receipts, .-?> that they w til realize at least timet) per cent net profit. The proprietor of the Alpine is religious!) disposed, and takes much apparent pleasure in exteuding luvitation-i to visiters to attend prayer meetings. 1 am skeptical as to his genuine piety, however, as I overheard him swear iu a way that would pass tor an oath in a lager bier saloon The bedrooms at the Alpine are of very fair dimendions, and may prove very agreeable, provided visiters take with them a few et cetcras fur the toilet. The almighty dollar is paramount here to every other consideration. It reigns pre eminent at the fashionable retort, and nowhere more than in the White Mountains district The tourist, nreuaratorv to his d-norture from twine, had better fortify himself with an extra purse. Unless such precaution is taken, be nut) titi-t himself ta sorry predicament. NAHANT, MASS. Nahaxt, June 12, 1MO Dmeriftkn tf IfaKant?Didmnoi frtm Lynn?Tin Drfmiat Bmtk? Tim from On Bittern Bmi if (JU PtMnill am MMv-lVmUci tf (Ke Bete I K.tftrt. Sc., So. By four very popular journal, dated 6th Inst., which I have just seen, I perceive that ?tbe 6rat gun* from the watering ptarc?" have been booming their information from Sharon Springs and Saratoga to your office. Zealous for the fame of Nalutnl, and reluctant to keep silent when others are making a noise, I have concluded to Are a shot from this commanding und justly celebrated position. Nahanl, as you are well aware, is one of those places which baa obtained celebrity for delightful views sad other attract ions, calculated to Induce h large share of pleasure seeking excuralouiata during the summer season. Tb those who are comparatively strangers ti Nahaut only by name, the followiug pen sketch will, I opine, be not altogether uninteresting, while sthsr information in connection may prove useful, i?m inllv ?e ' , " " -mj nmempsnr a TIflt for weeks. This truly fashionable (among the fashionables) resort Is situate on the extremity of a pee insula surronded by Boston bay. It IS xata O) HM.I Uinrrs w irr >viu aaii au | miles frum Lyou, that celebrated cily ?f cerdwaiaers, Kbrn- recently the mala pe*g<T? sad female inciters so nobly , manly and womanly forsook their lasts, sad stuck to sad struck tor their rights. Hack drivers km wry lnreuUre in leagtheatag ilstaM whra strangers are bargaining for a ride. I hare walked from I,yiiB to Nabaat leisurely, and if aUty annates snake aa hour, my ooodusioa Is that three miles from I ho Lyon centre railroad depot to Whitney's llolel, Nahaat, Is about the correct distance tta leasing l.yna at the railway depot, Iks tetegra|>h posts are sure guides to Xahant Paving Tudor street the road to Nahant tarns to the right, sad la a beautiful carriage drive over the neck of land which stretches from this point to the Itttle peninsula In geographical pnrlanor this strip of land may he apppro prtatrlr termed an isthmus, for It really ts. On tu right hand aide u a loroly rspanee of water, wbl. h th- l.ynnItes call l.ynn bay, but wbicb Is really an arm of Boston bay washing the pebbly Mruil. l>u tbv left is otic of the pretlleat, smooth white saint bearhea imaginable, esteadin? nrohahh 11 mm ;ui<l a half in g'-iii.. i i . , , t'i sparkling water* of lbs b*> . aming up in grae.-rul. run t'.auuua rolls, breaking u|mi IIm> lovely b-w j ia snowwhite foam, and hinging, as thsybr.ak. tbs miII*u but west in ante of lbs -ea Visible. aul tar distant rrmn here, U "Kgg Kork," m high, barren rork, baring on its aumniit a lighthouse, an.I about midway between It and tbat dashing aurf the keeper's nw ideate ihi th -I-ft, at tbs egtrrmlty of thta lbs flrst heath, a point of Ian I )nu nut Into tin- bar, approaching "Km Rook," ua which are several neat dwellings ami miniature I arias A short quart tr of a mite brings row to ths reul Uthmnt, and berr the wslem of ihe bay ou rach are only ?, pa ratod by a narrow beach? Uio Isfi aids being a low wall t( small round atone. Two nad* diverge hero?tin- one In ths right loads to two huts*, tbo Whitney and lbs Johbson, tbs otlirr to tbs Saltan! House, Tb- tarn form, r ars small hotels compared with ths S:thanl; ladssd. it w said that tbs lattsr la uos of lbs large*! h >|.-H in the I nlled .stalst Tbs .Vahaat rears Its stnpsndo?? pits on the nortbi-astrrn point of tbs pen rasa la. from wbn-h no thing san siosrd lbs beauty of lit* visw a. twsrd Ju-i at your fsst tbs rolling wava.aad lbs aong of tbs msrrjr b mt man hlcndii* In harmony with ths dull bow holes of lbs created biikrw atrdtiug pUyrnlly ths rarbunslsd rock Thsrs tbs whits aaiia of numerous craft, from the tiny Asking boat to tbs lofty bark which gallantly bean lbs ''star apaogtsd banner" to distant slim.-*, ars "-en, nigh Me-re. ?f in lbs bay or away In lbs liatan <s Those arr egsitable ntoasa, thrilling ths heart and prrra>llng tbs mind a lib trartsd eraothai*. Tbs rural ptctnrs. |i?, from lb la r harming observatory In equally dsttgbiAil. Indeed, fsw pbtrss thsrs art <m the Atlantis wash-d r.wet "f America mors deserving partisulnr notlos than Xa bant llsre tboas fluid of asa hathtag can Indtilgs to thrir bsart's sua teat aad thslr hsailh'a Improvement Any dspth nf water oaa be had, aad tbs luthl at*id may doff her rrtnolias, and tars hsr symmetrical flirm In ths gsatly nadaUi mg wars, frss from observation and all cause for apprehension la fact. It wan but yesterday I witnessed two young ladles (they did not court MMagh imstii) in balbtug costume, walk band in ban t, Hkc * a -?*? tmAm If is 11 'a rlsWunt. fling Ni-n* lr?* uitg the r\i?htng tide and allow lb* (ambling ??m to tumble them about Then I bey ?mI>I go watitdeep into the m, ntrlke nut. u Byron and lean-tor did In wrmnmg the HipttwpiBt ud anon rtne np with gric.-mi agility, *e* dock* ua the WW. Oore moth-igM f board th<-m ring ? Whoa it 70 im that krrr mr lay. Come where rod rninaet tin* the warn, TV tho at ill aanda where Catrto* play ; Tltw la root trail, I here to Ian Would that many of lb# holloa of Broadway would |railata Ibo fair man la of l.ynn and Nakaat in tho* revelling la boalth imparting ara bathing Haro la no all my <v| to worm among their kwa. no tblraty leerh to *nrk tb-lr pew Www blood, no ntranooa a hark to ralch thom by- the irmptmg Umh Natwnt nauat ever command tho ad-tlra Hon of plaamirr toariata, nor lam the rr or; of thooa who an k rafraahlng art bathing; but that tbarr la no inducement ta hotel romfocta i? no quealmuibte. Tho WhIMey and tho John**! BmMN I are loo email to admtt of any nomW e* reoding a law, TV- Naliant Hoo-> >. aHho-igh - ig)1rnt!y largo t<> arcommodata Mmaa two and throe hundred, and propaWy . with good borage oyer tlirao hundred, ta now rbawd And If. tn tha moutha ?g two or thro- wit 1 aimim ayw, flrw or all, and they errdihle?every word la oatablMbcd, tbon tho Nahant Honaa will n-w be nm-n >d to receive y taitara thu rammer TV eattao t? attributed to Nahant * proximity to Boavm.aa exrtir*loni*t? ran take tha ataaraor front Ihora In Nahant In the morning and rr torn tn the arming- fiaetap tha Tre?ont th?- It vara the fhwkar. th-- A mar man. Ibr Qntorv. and other large hotel* at command Tho ?tearner Nrlllo Raker run* batw.-en IV-. ton and N? haat. whan tho anmmor aaaarai yblta raally commaee At Ihia data thafw H not an eymr?tnnl?t Kara, nor bar tlw NrIlia made one solitary rwl' It look* rary ommono | of dull timaoat lht? hitherto noted aan bathing reanft, and tha l.ynalten and tha Nahant'te* arm morh b-pe ->?< I in mnaoqnenra. There may ha man, II la true, at all hour* of tha day. earyiagaa and enoeboa, and vohlclea of many ' deorrlptnai*, driving along the road to Nahanl and re truing on the bennh. a bteh makm a capital, refronhitm drlrr, m the horraa trot along the e lga of tho hard and month boaeh. with the water of the bay waehing their hoofk v they proudly remraa along; but thnae drlraa baneflt l.ynn but litlla, Nahant nothing ft may V labored,# therefore, ?hat hotel k-'pora at Nahant are growing amvll and anrrowfti'ly, lam Thwr glary baa departed?turnr * , ? ? i t ' r JUNE 23, lrfGO.?TRIPLI " i sun baa art, and the golden toads which one* gliipteaed ' liere for them have boen blown to Boston Had proper treatment at vwiters, with suitable aoooouaodaiams and fair nr..l living chargiv, Ixh-u here from the firal, the end of the business, as at present, would only have been the beginning But ill fare, inadequate reception and exorbitant charges will curse any place, and why not Saluntf STRATFORD, CONNECTICUT. ." ntAiroim, Conn., Juno IS, 18<WPen aid 1*1 Vino of a OmwHe* Paradem Aitmctiom "f .ttratfrd-The Atm*pt?rt, UU WUktng and tke L+ diet?The Japamtoe and Ue Great Madam tobelreudad to seratfmd, Ac , Ac. The season has aga.n roiled round when all New York is seized with a migratory movement towards Europe, watering places or quiet villages, and they fly with tireless wing front Cape May to Newport, and thence to .Saratoga. To sc-h I speak. Feeling that I have found a haven of rest, 1 wish my city friends to ei^oy it with me, and so I beckon them to this spot?this Calypso's Isle. The moment that this delicioti3 air is breathed, all excitement fades away, and a dreamy languor and content holds us in it* clasp. The busy fsver that we feel in Wall street subsides, and instead of watching Use money market we watch the tides. Hie love of gain is Cur got ten?we soar above It into tho cairn regions of Arcadia. Stratford itself is very beautiful. A gentle, holy loveliness pervades its streets, and as we walk under the elm reea and view the graceful sweep of the white walks, the pirit of our early youth coasea back again, dun n- vor hone upon a fairer village. Nothing ???M bo more beau ifal than its streets and park, nothing purer than its fragrant air, nothing asore gWious than its fishing. Apropos, there arwgreat Inducements for angjei* The river and sound are tiled with the beet flafa^ barn, black Hah. and the pretty flounder, are plenty how, and a mouth later blueflsh, and now and then a .Spanish mackerel. What can ba finer than to troll for bans on one of these flue day sf A fair wind, a warm sun and a neat boat, make up a little world of happiness for iris evrrr afternoon. There U a pretty; tfttle flotilla of boats at the lower wharf; roomy, clean and well shaped, the very sight of them promis -s pleasure. In a month or more gay parties will flit them every sunny day, and Ihi fr will be many a trip to Charles Island, or to Milford beach, in the Flying Fish, Antelope or Dolphin. There ts good shooting on the flats and in the woods, but being naturally indolent I d' not go, but prefer to spend iny mornings in going to the Post Office and reading the Hxraio afterwards. Such is Stratford; and now I will apeak of Stratford society. Summer brings crowds of rity p?"ople to its classic shades. Not a few of tho->e ladi<-s that we daily admire In winter "0 Broadway, in summer pare the green turf here, and cot a few of those little dandies that men detest and women adore, breuk in upon thr sweet sentiment with their swert eillv little words. But gentlemen are but secondary object*,?the ladies are in everything pre eminent, and dwervwlly so. There it OOP, whose widow'* cap Is not yet put away, and whose mourning if yet ilw;) and uit. She, wh as always been a beauty, an he ire**, and a belle, in one of those whose "evesp look and word that she doth say, is like enchantment, that through both the ears and both the eyes, doth steal the heart away." There is another more vividly beautiful rejoicing in Byron'* favorite name, but who la, except by reputation, little known. For to strangers she is As cold a* icicles on Plan's temples; but we hear each evening exquisite strains of music steal from her bright drawing room, so intoxicatingly sweet that we f<*ei that they must emanate from tho spirit of music aud beauty herself There are many great conversationalists. One a lady, '-a worthy scion of a noble line," has still tl?e power to charm the ear with her sweet cadence. A few years ago she wielded a fairy sceptre in Sew York society, hut failing health sent h-r to the South, and from thence she came to Stratford, thu borne of her fathers Another, whoso golden curls are arranged in the Venus de Medici style, sends life and animation wherever she appear*. Her ready wit, her kind sarcasm and her perfect knowUalgo of meu and tilings, make her admired and sought. Ah, how many stray towards a line old bonae, w ith antique rows of box bodging the walk Poor victim:. There is one gay songstress who should not be forgotten a tall, stalely maiden, often charms us with her melody. How often have I listened to the strains of "Robert, toi que j'aimo." Feeling sure that I have said cuough to tire your patience aud to convince your readers that Stratford Is the finest place its the world, I will close After you tire of excitements, caused by the coming of the Japanese, the Great Eastern and the IVince of Wales, 1 expect that mv wishes will be fulfilled, and New York will be deserted in favor of this town. We think of inviting the Japanese here. As Downing says, "one selectman can entertaiu them." and for amuse. MM we will take them sailing The Great Eastern will also prolmhb. take a pleasure excursion this way. and will lie at the upper wliarf a day or two. But as for the Prince or Warn, I hope lie will not come, uompareu wun nun, i fear I should sink Into n nonentity. Ho must keep away. And now, dowr Editor, Ml rrrser. When I And time, I shall write again; but meanwhile, if you feel like enjoy lug yourself for a day, take your carpet bag, put on your linen overcoat, and come to Stratford You will tad me at Mra. ?ph-asam hoarding bouae. 1 will (lye you a atyliah dinner, and afterward* we will smoke some prim.' sogers, unless yon prefer pipes 8T. CATHARINE'S, CANADA WEST. ? t29nfkc&Z*'!2m w* CWsrwd Wmton-Lmrpt D+tt f*r rtmmymt *y Ot Aidrmm Is the Prima of Ma, k.,4* If a brief description of a fashionable "watering plaoa" I* acceptable to the Naw You Haatin, It is "laid upon the editor's table." 8k Catharine's is sa English tewn, distant from Ylagara Tails about eleren miles. It a aaid to contain some 8.000 of n steadr mutilation hough ft slrwiger. inclined to tnerodollty, would quest loo aerlously the correcUxw of this estimation. It is a place of summer resort for excursionists mow principally those who *re seeking improved health rather than pie* sore, ft rtmlads one of the City of Seven Hills, for it is located up kill and doam hill, from its Alpha to Omega, the Wetland canal, between the Lakoa Ontario and Srio, runs through It, or rather winds among the hills at its base. After the traveller leaves the cars and takes the ooach for tbr town, about oue mile distant, he soun comes to a bridge c-o*lag the canal. On the left may be seen, a few hundred yards along the canal, a long, low, red paint si building; there is the far huned and haallh restoring mineral wst<r, Luowu aa the "Arteaian Weil." Thia la certainly a very remarkable wall; it to five hundred and Ufty fret deep, Ire hundred and fifty feet of which great depth >M drilled through the solid rook. The ] coot of thts Hapendoas drilling was eighty thousand doi utrs It siu a great undertaking. but the proprietor is a Yankee, and erpw?e is nothing to s lira Yankee if any prut peel of ultinxate success depends upon the outlay. U* tHAslmnarvn iKs nei.tvoialjiP PSmIiIm fttara an.f Has reaped, and to continually reaping, the do* reward of his -plnled enterprise Ho baa a large hotel on the top of a high hill, immediately abort- thr well, which to conducted In a systematic and fut-h tunable mmarr The waiter* are ail aogroe?. from the dark copper color to the poliahed ebony One old domestic, with hit gftiaijr wool, strongly remind* one of Uacle Turn, ho* "gemmim," the chief baker and butler, I* arrayed In blue drem cont, the reet, the f-urtuonabk- wh-te jarket. Thla pre?t-1tng n?ncr at dlnaer stand* la a roanpooone position. and when reapec tire dtrb<*< and -tce-crl* are forthcoming he given a floartali with hut di?h, an-1 the white jacket -larklea, with a* much precienui ae ><-Idler* ob- y the - fugleman" or drill aergvan.. place each hit -Itah upon the uHle in stantcr. They are well drilled, almost an well a* the rock of the ArtoeMa well, and when tto-Prince of Waie* nrrtmt here it ntU no U-.uht bo retulie.1 with aeot by Victoria's ordained surooroor to aee thnto dark beta In white imitate no ekwdy the rillltary ? <>v*cne?i<a of the Id# Hoard In tkiglatul Before |n*tng ?ight of ilh-ae autia of AfHca, I will Juat stale that ft. Chtharlne* M the favorite reinrl md aayhim of and hw runaway* from the Southern State*. There la quite a village of thorn adjoining the tows pr.-per roe number In aod around here |a -wttmaied at eight hundrt d. two thirds of whom hare run away from comfhrtable Intro- -a to acree maat.ra here that don't re ! gard them an much aa I boy do their hoc-tea. At Ht. Catharine* and the Wcllnnd canal, and the snr rrnin-1 lg oonulrir (teenerv, there may b?- altrwrtmn* for t cert-, people, but ft>r the generality ul the travelling | iwrtkui of man the Arte*on well*anca the greatest And If -me tenth of the naedtrliml virtue- m In that well watcr It 1a jnet (he place for the invalid Income wash, drink and^e healed. Thefe l? hat th-one well In thi? rcancel Nmul-ng out la bold emlradtottncllnn to the three UTtnga of Mtar-to and the |ena of n\wlng? of tfcrwtnga There la a email steam -ttglno at the well frw the par pttae of driving a pump, wturh forces th" wat*-f to an eh vat Ion of one hundred and thirty fret. The water under. ft ten a certain proreoa. umtor thr *npcrtniende-nce of Mr *?v who may be termed the ehotntat of the Aneatan We'll. When the water i? thua concentrated one ptnt la tonal In Ita m-aticlnai properfV-a to eighty villous from ' the well III it# niiiunl ?lr. ngth and <fnallty A raMquan ' Illy of tin- w*l?r thu* ronifiilmW H pot to bottle*, pro [ |? rly A^aifd and aafrljr parked la aqoare ho>?<, ready r* | trannpertatkm to any |??rt of the world, and to manr I art* id the old (lobr it gora there are twrniy gvo | ixwrdrra at the Htepbeniwn H?n? at present Onr tlrman, a eolnnel If I am rightly Informed, from Albany, la b?rr. and hae renalred remarkable lemflt from ihe uae of tki* mineral waler Theee i*. on lha 11row of the bill, l?et*rma the hot< | and the well, a eery convenient lathing r-luMWhai'-nt, and pre noted a* umal for Ihe una ?f ladle* and rentlemen The ' rare M the dtepheowm Haa>e la two dollar* and My ! r<??t? her diem; and there I* another rated ftr-t cU<w h-rna- here railed the W-Uaud Honor and one, ?maller In tho nrale of hotel difity. railed tfoy > Hoi. and a e nn mod eprinklinc of Ihoa- man I rope -?lle.| hoarding huqNt. The two prlonpal hotel* will ncunmodete" iNnjt one hondrod and flflyenrh. w th . I aod Mr. May may receive forty pervwt* with tr >re hen. It than rrrdlt to hi* very rreprrlahle ratabltohrvnt. The ' total number of v t*l fr* lo re u the hii?l*M raooo I* reckoned at three hundred an I My, an thai riving th H*nhenem? and Welkuxl H ? * one hundred and My i ii. and the %ta? fori) there remain i<- | || timber recorded in found am v hing oared, for the ihlrd, fourth, Mh and atTfb ela*o hoaae* ft maybe *eea by Ihl* that the rvir?tmiet*, deoirmi* of dri.kng 1 .and wanhing at tbi* modern po?i of IMhaada, need not be deterred through frar of hrtng unaccommodated The ! dlr tan re between b*e and the rail* of Niagara I* *o trilinir that I am pretty wrtl acquainted with' that locality; 'and from part and prenrnt acquaintance 1 #Uh prnrcedng* Inerr, I ham no heal tat ion ! la averring that Vbcrn M M phyce la any II S SHEET. I art of ttai" Western continual where tbere H so much I i locality and imposition practised upon strainers a* ?? ! Niagara Fall*. It beat* aarutufa aikogetiwr, aud I tut u i bad enough. From the hotel proprietor to the nli<??*>Uefc theory is, money, money?give, give. By the by, the , latter cUss say that the proprietor* pay them rery little, expecting them to realize good wage*, without anything at I all from them, by the visiters. One poor follow, to whom an opinion waa expressed about the peculating ayst-m. seriously affirmed that "they are a aet of cutthniaU." There is coo?iileral>le euthu.iiasm prevailing at lit Citharinea concerning Uic anticipated visit of that aeioo of royalty, the Prince of Wake. It la to be hoped that lbCalliArinites will not bo disapoi :tod. Orator* and poets are preparing themselves for his coming; the one is prar; tisuig elocution and all Uu> graces of attitude and declamation wherewith to astonish the Prince with the aa i tounding abilities of his royal mother's subjects; aud the poet is courting the nymph of IWrnnuvbr his approach ing appearance, as the following, clipped from the fMeSM. a Toruuto )>a|ier, will testify:? The TVe C%*ncen? often'fin boeksl for the bent poems In latin and English .on the following tub iects?"Fraceml* Toruutonensie Wallhg rrtnelseiii Saluut" '"The Prince's VWti** The poems must be marked with a motto, and accompanied with the name of the author in an envelope, bearing Die same motto. Ail graduate* and under granule* in any of the faculties, being of not more than seven next. THAN A* Ulitti,*. A., Kegistrar. Tobosto. May 31. lMfr ' To thoee who seek rambling delights alone, and hare "free and easy'' access to the salt water cities and towns on the aaSMdfrshores of Ameglga, me imparlial. unprffimdiced writer can bold out inducements to travel inland, and visit those "watering places" termed fashionable? and fashionable they are, m far as the fashion ektsts to pick people'." pocket* under the guise of paltry accommodations. To the invalids seeking nature's means ot re storing-thwh to health atStsMct^th. why, white anyhope is flickering in the lamp, nothing savoring or discouragement should be even shadowed Earth. Let the weak and sickly by all means come?they may as well be miserable heeaasetaewfeeee. But that New Yorkers, Bostonians, Rhode Islanders and JerseyIte* should abandon preneat enjoyments for the fabulous and decettfbl representation* continually emblascoed on fences, htlltcps, housetops?in aewspapors and by placards la absolutely preposterous. What the White Mountains and the famous Nataant and Newport celebrities may be prepaid to accomplish is to me unknown; but It is ardently desired that something genuine is among thorn. TIB VIRGINIA Sl'RLVOH. DRWHTHS ACCOUNT Ot THIS WATKltlNU Pl.ACKH IN THK OLD DOMINION?ARRAKOKXKNTd POR THX 1'KKSRNT SEASON. [Vruni the Richmond (Va ) I)l> patch. Juno 21] The season Tor the Ulght In Ibe mountain* and ana Hide id lhi.-< year unusually backward, ow 111^ to tbtfnrkal days that havo until recently occurred the |w?6*?t month. We have not felt that annua! warming up in Juno which inspires the dullest fan<T> with |>oeiic imaginations of delightful shades and sweet waters amidst mountain glens, all ere the wearied and feeble may rest and recover strength and Uaulth. Thus June has been traitor to the proprietors of springs and baths and sea aide hotels, and hits most unfeelingly curtailed the very short period which, under most favorable iircumatauces, Is vouchsafed to tbetn by the seasons. Per diem, and per week, ;tnd " per month of four weeks," at the springs, ran hardly this year extend over as much time as usual; but then, if tlte number of guests shall b<< increased, the l.indlor U may be indemnified lor the injury inflicted by a cold hearted summer mouth. A term of most prosperous years nas greatly increased the individual wealth of tlx- country, ana there is a very large addition made to the numbers who are aide to leave home and luxuriate m si mmer amidst th- refreshing -ceues of mounlaiu retreats. Nor is there any diminution of the number of those who, not having the menus, arc yet determined to mingle with the fhshiooubie throng, and havo the aaauranc and the tact to gratify themselves in this way in spite of fortune. Indeed, the boldness aud -pirit with which they achieve their social glory without means entitle them to the general admiration. The poverty ot' their own fiscal is not oily shielded from sua picion. but they are among the happiest and joiliest of the multitude, often contriving to be cooselered themselves millionaires and looking with condescension upon your men of a hundred thoumnd or two. A w ell known wit of this locality once pronounced as the greatest man in his line, a friend of his who, he said, kept a hotel without money and without credit. Very little inferior in dignity is the individual who, la these high times, penniless and entrusted at home, can become a notability at the .Springs aud maintain Um* port of independence, if not of affluence. But though June haa been passive and temperate, hot weather and summer fevers are inevitable, and people must go to the Spring*. Where are they going? That is u question no doubt very perplexing to the mod of theui. Aio as many Southern men gouig to the North as usual*. Among the fruitful source* of [con purity to ay Northern fellow citizen* Is that of the liberal dispensation of money by seeker* of health and pleasure from the South. We may ul Uwst curtail this sort of extravagance until wo M what sort of friends we are to be, and bow we are to get along with th'-m We shall nee bow far thin sentiment influences our fell eitiama this summer. Certainly, those who feel no desire at prevent to strew their wealth at the North, can And abundant rMource#Tor health and pleasure at the South. This Stale alone abounds in midrrsJ waters of the greatest efficacy in disease, and mount tun scenes and brilliant summer skim not exceeded in those tor -famed lands of Southern Europe, so extolled by English travellers, whose sudden translation from the murky vapors of I on don tc the clear atmosphere of Italy may well fill them with the wildest eatbueiaem The proprietors of the Virginia waterlog places hare made unusual preparation the present year to entertain that Mecca of the devotee!?0 of fashion as well as invalids, baa been considerably imKoved since last yoar, and is more beautiful than ever, e company hare organised a corps of officers under the general superintendence of Osptaiu J. Humphreys, formerly of the Nary, and we are sip* at no former period baa there been so thorough a system for the administration of affairs at that place. Oiptaln H. Is a practical mun. a disciplinarian, and a must polite and courteous gentleman The clerk* aau other oflkx-ni are men of experience and obliging disposition*?moat of them well known to Vtri id ib traveller*. New baths hove been erected, and vanone improvement* for the general eomlbrt of visiters completed. The cutsin* and dining room are brought under improved discipline, and will no doubt be conducted with lie most prrfiv-t order, No that we may hope that the great White Hulphur, on which nearly all the other mountain resort* more or leas depend, will he conducted wisely and effleiently the present year. The means for the accommodation of guests are e* tens ire; twelve hundred person* eon he armed at ooe time tn the immense dining aaioon, which is three hundred feel long. A more pictureaqua scene, n more delightful alraoepbrrv, could hardly be found than at (he White ftnlphur. Itself a picture of rare beauty, it I- em bosomed among mountain ranger of retruu WaMe grandeur. To theae noble mix >1 varies of health and pleasure, II adds the most kiiperh (oimuin or sulphur water in th>-world, and one without a superior for it* great curative powers ib the numerous class of diseases to which it is adapted It must ever be the chief attraction in the Virginia inouu taina? the principal court of fashion In her summer retirement fn>m the grrnt commercial marts nf the country There are aeveral hotels and houses of private enter Miumi ui iu j>ru\ iuc lor ovfrmiw w gunu at uw WhIU. The White Hnlphur wlf of spr.ngs, consisting of U??t great r uuiam, aM tbnaa which revolve about M an their sun, are the two ftweel, the Halt, tha Bon and Be Had ftuljduim- and We may tnrtude the Warm, and the Hot and the Br sling. Tbewe are all admirable water*. of tri-d power and ram-<1 virtues. They are all marked by the loveliest scenery. The valley of the Pwect Springs la the loveliest perhaps In Uie Wale The Sweet Springs, known aa the "(ad Sweet," under the proprietorship of Mr. Oliver Bern*, are retnaMuibly improved. Hie brick hotel, ball room, cottages, le . are constructed with architectural beauty, are upon a scale of magniheeeoe and liberality, and are ar ranged on the ground* with good teste. The bath la a beautiful edifice. and the bath Itself, aa all visiters hi our mountain* know . Is one of tha most Invigorating (in" inile from this long established watering place la Ihc Red Sweet Hprtnga. now denominated the "Hweet CUal) beat" ftprings,'' owned by Mr. C. Bias, one of the moat enterprising and hmIMt of all the Springs pro prietnrs His place la a jewel, art in the saaae aweet val ley with its older neighbor just noticed. The walrr of the Sweet lltelytieatr is become a fam es tonic, nad the baths are exquisite Mr Bias has jnst completed a series of warm baths admirably cooalracled. I* whleh the water can be tempered to sail all, but his large pool hatha are the admiration and delight of the great body of guests. This lovely \alley. repos,ng at the f?>t ?>f the mountain*, whose elevation* ar? cheerful and bright. IB like emerald in a frame of gold. The fertilising deposit of the bold stream which courses along It from the two 1 great springs, til It the year round with richest verdure. | The whole surfhee la underlaid by a tnlh deposited by the watera. which is at I mat as good a* Mexican guano wtion I scattered on the land Early in th - month the beautiful . farm of Mr. pta*. as well aa that of his neighbor. Uoloncl Is-wis, which joins the aid tiwret, sras eovered with a sward, which, for richacs* and iugnriaooe, wa have ' nevrr eeeti everUed From his meadow Mr. ?. reaps . four tons of hay to the acre. Tb" natural beauties of the . place, including the remarkable Beaver Dam rails, are ' worth a long journey, not to speak of the gloriously la v lg''rat to* indn- m -< of the waters and the baths at Ih* i C^e.aoa T* ^ ?U in alnhlmw. Milan ew.l lh. (TualyVaU seventeen rndrw fnsn the White; bul a r<wd in la pmgre? that will bring tbe distance to about Uilrt?oo raltf" TV Salt Silptinr, twenty three mite* from the White. a beautiful spot, Mewed with a dry an t <\hilara ting atmosphere, la one of ibr nM?t popular, aa It la me of the beet kept, of the watering place* The spring* arc among the n**>t % alaabtr of remedial ?*"nt? South (nroli nian* are especially partial to the Salt Sulphur, and coming from a warm region tliey know what comfort it. TV Red Sulphur Is ?c.rn'c?ri nrflra fr m the Sail ft* sedative influence |a moat remarkable There the run* rumptlT* Itnda, If not healing, a palliation of hla anff<w inga that no place else aflhrila. Rut the euros < th-clud by II are well attested and wonderful. The Bine sulphur. Iwenty two mile* from the White, Is a rnort agreeable place. Its water cloariy resembles the White, th<' ufh "ot *o strong. ILij Buster, thu proprietor, I* an r seel lent caterer, The White and the two Sweets ,are about thirty mile* from the terminus of the Central Rnad. at Jackson's River, which distance is traversed hy Bur stagee. Returning eastward, we Bad the flowed Thermal water* of Virginia?ibe Hot Mid the Warm??ot?e forty miles from the While Sulphur, situated in a valley, having more botdnem and grandeur, tf oat as much lienuty, aa the Sweet Springs Valley. in Una name ialley U the' Spring, a f.wmtwW) of mrvterw gMMMWbflHN, hut of great fame in n variety r* dlammsa eruptive?kept by Me.-iar*. Torter k Krvtn. two ae oblig fng bndW'H aa ran b< found, Their huiMuic- and the amusement* of tbelr Jtr.iunds. exhibit grout taste aa well as enterprise; and a ptemure seafcer mtj llnd him If very happy at the r<*nantlr aad aeqiwhswd niche hi tbe mountains arcwpM by the Healing The Hot fcu"ng hatha lutve bren under tha direction of Mr *?m'ic| Oonde atnee the demise cf hi* father, the well k no wa I> Opede These waters are He toned destroy ere f pain* afhe*. rh-simatem goal, he., and there b> not this sidwof Attica x- gn at a hath to cure acuUum. The Warm, Ave mtlee from Ibe Rnt |? ntsh fknott* In ache* and gootirwl eomplaintv, together with a variety a4 Other dSj-wnea. Mr tleorge Ma) ?e Is the preaent proprtetor TV Warw Vr'ng t<ath is among the most lux-xrlow I in Uk< ??M, * 1 tlip p'arc :if one if Ihe rrvw,' ph?i ' " I I" the iik? iUiiik yv* g.wd (iff .uul r?nl.<ee? st< Jra ' ' r"4^ no ?U|x*rior. TV vtlk y ud it* glorious hatha . ? ? win?? do lo u? tuuuaUtor 4!.mld Uil U> ** f . Tbfc Warm L* ttft.-eu mile* fruoi Mitlb?*?igfc, 00 th" Ow ; trul i mlroad and duo stage* piv belwivu the elation :iol the Wi ' rlni , v .i" u'm* Spring*. Th.-ic xtUM emi I liuoe IK >ra '" * Heajinj^nliiog oid OrtJLUuu'b, where iK " I the to tU-< White u joined I Kaat of i.'* Warm Spring Mount** w* u.,r,. n_v. R,,* bridge Al in. . Ave mil.*. from MUIWi??gt, depet. on Ui? (Vulrul Kaiir\ *? . TUi* i? din lunut famed of tii? alma i Springs, and Ik * tor > ears had an imniem,,. run of uopu : larity, ? hk-h it* ?#cory m a variety of disease* matotiiOM . with energy Ni+r by are the Rockbridge both*, nine miles from Goat** depot, baths resembling the Sweet . Spring bath*, and ?vrjr greatly esteemed by ail who hare ever v 1*1 led them. Ho inimmeiie, indeed, are the mountain retreats and ex rolleut mineral waters ?# Virginia, that w? cannot finder lake to da more than gtw> u mere gianee at them ta a newspaper article. We rethr the reader to the books of the Springs?Burke's and MoormiWs?tor particular*. . There are a great many mare than wo bare moat toned. In the northeast are the Hwtoliy Spring?, Of Mork*a county, with their exquisite baths, two and a halfmTWp from the imutmere and Ohio Railroads, kmt by tbtooli s [ John Strother, a nobte old Ttrgmtea, (fltmer of Porte Crayon, and whose house la adorned with a numbered the fine sketches of P. C.) Hero the more aspiring of BMN1 mars soc.cty cuogregate in liberal number*, ana berr the k ' llring is excellent. In the Mine region is Capon, with Ua fine baths, noble mountain views sad delicious air IV Id j n Hampshire county, twenty-three miles from Winchee! * There are the Hardy Springs, near Moerfield, ia Hardy: ? excellent sulphur?the Orkney and Shaneadale, ia Mke> nandoah; the Warren Springs, in Warren, and Jordan's, , ia Frederick?*11 remarkable waters, in the midst ?f fine views. Crossing the Bine Ridge we hmra the White Sulphur, near Wammton, Fauquier county, whose buildings ; were gotten up on such a grand acale by their late pre prietor, Mr. Thomas Urucn. U is 4 very lovely plieo. in fell view of the mountains. Mr. Robert Hudgin, the present owner, proposes to open it this season. Returning to the valley ws have btrlMing Springs, In i Augusta, where there are sulphur and chalybeate mteea, I rqjejrtag a fine celebrity, the Union Chalybeate. In Augusta, and the Rtwtejr Springs, in Rockingham. ! Croat in? over the James river gap, still southwardly, wo 1 have the "Roanoke Red Sulphury the famous Ooyner'a springe, orRnenoko, one mils from BoojMck's, oft the .Tie} gin la and Tbnnrwee Railroad; the Rpdf. nl Alum and , Iodine Spring*. Deer New London. uad that cluster of delightful watering place* in the Allrgluinies, ue the seaae I ivjm.1, >K lire jiuuijjuurer) re lure, uue utile iron KM road; the Alleghany, Ave tnlies from it, and the Yeiinwr Sulphur, ftvp or sis. These are all popular, well ostsb ' lished and commodious. The Montgomery White has ; very fine buildings and great rapacity. The others not ' quite so extensive, but having excellent accommodation*. On New river, in a spot of remarkable beauty, in Giles county, are the New River Sulphur Springs. The water is ! very good, the river scene rare and exquisite, and the entertainment excelleut. The eliltk of New river, viaibto front the hotel, are among the graudeet features of that 1 bold mountain cleaving stream. This place is twenty-two miles from the Montgomery White Sulphur, fcaglit mi lea from it la the far-famed Mountain Lake, half a mile wi4e i and mile 1,n?- which is held 111 a basin near the lop ' of the tallest mountain in the Alleghany range. An excel i lent stage road now leads from the springs of Montgomery and Giles, across the mountain, by this beautiful sheet at water (where is n good hotel) to the hall Sulphur Springs. ; where the traveller, after a pleasant day's ride through th* loveliest scenes, Bndj himself under the kind and pro vidrnt rare of Cot. Ersklne, and within the sphere of tha I great White Sulphur ytpriugx Further in the Southwest -ve have the Grayson Sulphur, the Giles Allum, the Chllhowc, ui Scott, the liebanun I Springs, in Russell, the HoUton Springs, on the Motston ' fiver, 4c., ke.. In short, the whole mountains teem with I springs ->f valuable healing properties. Many are left atMl 1 in their native wlldnees, for the herds and wild aoti mats, who are always fond of mineral waters, but gn I where you wlllin the mountaina, you will be in striking distance of some at least tolerably kept watering plane, < while the great majority, unless when taxed beyond their capacity, are unexceptionable. Nearer Richmond, we should not omit to notice tha Amelia Springs, of Amelia county, kept by Messrs. Wilson in very good style. They are quite a convonienoe to business men, and during the summer have a pleasant and highly respectable society. With this hurried catalogue of watering places, beside* our srwi'lc bathing st Old 1'oiut. Hampton, and the shores of th'- Fototnac and Adetwde, bow can any man And dlSculty In lieing suited in his search for health or pleasured No other State, indeed {no .country that we have read of, so abounds in mineral waters as oar own Virginia, and mineral waters of the very best and most edkincioua character. let our people stay at home and try them. We hope our Southern fellow citlaens will resort to our mountains in unusually large numbers. We OS* promise that they will at least be among friends, and wn may go further and say that the landlords of the springs and wayside inns will do their best to promote their oomfort. Hailstorm and Tornado In lontuUr Connlf, Pa?Oreat Lom of Propsrtjr. Wp learn from the loneaater Anna of Wednesday, that a destructive storm swept over that county oa Tawday evening, the Aral po.ut of which we hare any mfor mutkua ts at Stiver Springs, about four miles'south of Mount Joy. At this pntat the hall Ml so thlclt its to comer the ground to the depth of several Inches, and It W aald that some of the hail utouea measured three tachea ta circumference. The corn .uitl lobar-o crop* were cut ta pieces, and the wheat, rye and tola beaten down. At Turkey Hlfl and mlclnlty the hail is said to hams fallen to the dei>th uf three inch** amit ilai n ?t evening. persons were seen * hoveling it from their door*. This M*ins a little steep, but we ere aasurred It la the truth. At Mount Joy the hail was also very destructive, breaking window* and doing damage to the yards and garden* in the neighborhood. Mr. Abraham Hack man, of thai place, who came to thla city last eveaiag after the storm, brought with him about half a bushel of hail aUnes la a bag. wane of which, even,several hours after they had fallen, were an large as ordinary siaed hickory ante. The next wa bear of the storm la at MouatvOla. torn creeks were swelled higher than ever known, aarrytag fences and everything in their coarse. About hfteea toon of dried hay in the meadow of L. 8. darker was swept away and much damage was otherwise done. The atoms extended about nix mites wide (east and went) and as CmSou i h as through Manor township as we have learned. The hail atones North and South have bean larger than here, stripping trees of their foliage, he., and being Cram one to three inches in circumference. The storm when It reached Safe harbor, seems to ham attained its full power At Utia point its dcatructi reocna t? property and the crops is Incalculable at this time. It is said to' have struck Safe harbor about half past Am o'clock. The Brat Indications of it* oppruuch were deep black cloud* coming np over a hill to the north, carrying with tln-m boards, shingle*, limbs of trees, and evwcjr thing Indeed which could not resist their fbrce An eyo w ktneos informs us that the tornado?Ibr such it rosily Wain* when it reached thla point?approached slowly sod looked fearfully sublime. The dark maaaes of ahmdn rolled and pitched over one another as if an army of demon* were in deadly conflict, white the lawar h I rata lore off shingles and boards frees the rwh of house*, or licked them up (Torn tnassnra ptoses. Thay. want wp WW the dark rolling okmAs, and every now sad then were jwrsated to the eye by vivid flashes of light aW^^The phenomena are aoid to have been appalling ta When the storm struck the tiros*toga, in front of Ham' IkluiM M...M llnl.l ? > - ??7" V? "? " ii hum w?e entire body (* water from Ita bed, m. that tbo*. who vara on tha banks (* I hp creek at thp time rould w the bottom Ik thp trppk waa a large quantity of lumber belonging to Mr. Krtnbold, of this city, which tt also carried up. Bat, Ma gnlar n> retab . an adverse current of wind carried valor aad lumber bark to tbo bed of the creek The tornado next a truck the islands In lbs (toaqwdkanto, where It utd great damage. The two story frame koaa and barn belonging to Hajrder, Sour beer k Ob., were leecled to the m onad When the tornado reacted the bonaa >t smashed ta alt tha windows, and thee rmtaad tte hmw tu rn It* foundations and dashed tt to fragments. The occupants uf the honae. about fifteen In number, who saw the lorn approach, took refrtce ta the cellar. and. strain to ear. all < xwiwd without aay inn kwa in)ary. Mr. Vm Williamson was on the lalaad working, aad when he aw tte tornado coming he took hold of a tree ta fwerant being Mo am away. Tte tree van torn op by tha roots, carried a dkataace of ahoat MB yards aad Mr. VMliamaua with it. Be esca|wd with a few bruises Mr John Campbell, who wm also op the lalaad, van Mown iota tte riser, bn? aaeed himself by dinging to tree, which fortunately IVsWed by Mat The crops on the Isku i were completely destroyed Tte lose no the Island, It to t mated, amounts to bstweaa BUMOaad B1J00. The tornado to said t? hare beea about three qoartsrp of a at lie in width S up of the hail?lonea * hich fpU la the neighborhood offer. Harbor, were of extraordinary SMB. many of thein as lar re ita bens egk-a. The cne! of rwiwirtng broken windows will prove a heavy item Tha crops bet ween Safe Harbor and Mtilrm ille are much damaged. the corn In many places la cut to shroda, whda tte other grain ta badly mate* down aad rut ap We leant that in tte eternity of Marietta the crops vera much cut aad damaged Adrtataret taa ttos Antic Bagteaa. r?>m the New He Hbrd Standard, Jane tl ) ftankl W Hall, ma of William Hall, of this rived at llits port on Tuesday, la the bark Frances Henrietta, having teen from testis forty els months, eight aad a half months of which tliae was paused la tte Northern r-glons of tha Far Mo. during an Arctic winter Young Hall sailed la Ite ship Obndor, la MM. bring at that Mma fifteen years af aga. At tte last nf tte second sesanu la the Ortetmk hew. while la tte tVuthweet Bar. (Vtober 1, Nrxt day the aeroad and third imIm1 hoatn went for the whale, hot not flndlny Una neeroe<|rd to a natter aettto men I. Jlmekan, at the head of the bar. to Htyp d-ir'n* ttto night Here ymmg Hail and another hoy. named !<* D. Tnltnau. belonging ?wnr AmWl, in thin .Hut- concluded to run awwy. tartar tarn ill naed and recently whipped oa hoard th- efatp. Ha twoto ??t away la the looming without the hoy*, and (India* the whale, proceeded to to* rbip. (% the 4th, the ahlp aailed for Felintoff.aad tbewoh to the Handwash Island*. not tending nor loohJ^ for tfed bore according to their Mary. The place BMKted by the yonng aailare for their whiter quarter* *?' the tahoapttabte country at the mouth of tha Rlrrr r<Wcnt, tn lal lT N , bat a* the eewe adran??1 they proceeded with the ngtiven la aetttnamaf "T rlrtr erreatyforo m dm. The people weeo mott'y ntto ? ana. who treated the boy* with great UafoHw* during the whole ttrar of their atop atnnng thaai. They mffore* coaaderabty foam hot)per, and Hall waa very atok for three wtete with a dtwuaae aoiaewhat like foier and ague, for in* the winter tbtrteea of thenaMew Toapore died of thla dtaeaao Their hmd contorted laaotly of dab and a sort of harar beef tat June, 1Mb, Captain Narrkon, of ahlp PantM Wood, efthte port, t hart-ag (teen an adrrrtlk ment n? Honolulu la relation to Hali>. aeat a heat Into tha Hat am: t<*fc the boys oa board h1a ahlp. where tfo^r ataid during the aeaaon, and were benaght to the 'HuidtfWih T'lantT- We imderatand that yonag Hall ha* a Journal of hla teerfole w'ntor'g experience, which wlU be pubinhed at name future Urn*. legal action wm commenced *oato lima ainoe by Mr Hall again*! Chptaln Whltoaldrv, ef theOnodor, fw ahan d-tnlnc hla at* on an Uthoapli^ble ootot, which \u> ooi i bero concluded

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