Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 23, 1860, Page 5

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 23, 1860 Page 5
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) THE TURF. IV PmMm CoarM Sprftmg Meetlmg" Voarth Daji B??la| I. tlM Wlamer of tkc VW Mlie Rut. Yeeterday wu ike laat <foy of the nation Ooone (L. I j Spring Meeting, ud aa M waa the day annmtnaed for <ha ^ four mile boat race, that great attraction for New Yor'gara, the attendance wu very oouaidarabie. The beautiful wtoiuber tempted a large number of the fhir MX to pa trooiee the races. and the diepiay of egnipagefl in the enaieeure waa really mignlftoent. 8UU A mwt be acknowledged that the attraction of bene racing m far inferior to that of trotting with the New York public, who turn oat in thouannda to witnu a match between Dora Temple, Ethan Allen or tieorge M. Patcliou, but can only be Induced to wltneee ene day'a racing out of the four which ooneUtute the spring meeting on the Fashion Course. W? have prevlsutjy alluded to one of the causes of this bet, and an titer may bo bund m the bad faith kept by Ute managers of our race meeting*, and the disappointment which tkt public experience in consequence. A ease in point Manned yesterday, in Ute race fbr Ute New York Hotel Handicap. Six boraea were advertised aa being entered tor tbia race, and Ute public naturally anticipated seeing pood field of horses start. Only two home, Prophet and TTovatore. actually ran, and it was weO known that r the latter had no earthly chance of winning, as he had beeu amdas fbr some time previously. The owners of the other horses?Pauline, Irona, Throgueck and Btarbeam?knew parmeity well at the time they entered them for this race, Ute evening pnsoeding, that they would not run; yet the ? public were deoelvod by being led to believe that they would actually start for the race, the disappointment iboy naturally feel causes a reaction against racing, and there is scarcely any wonder that the meetings aro wretchedly patronized. In justice to Mr. Henry Oolton. the proprietor of the Fashion Course, we must state thai this la a matter over which be baa no control. His management of (ho meeting has been characterised by sHciencv, liberality and gentlemanly courtesy to all partes, and are regret, fbr his sake, that (he meeting was net more liberally patronised. The purses in the various stakes were paid over with the greatest promptness, and earners of racehorses, alike with the general public, were completely satisfied with his unwearied exeriioua to make Uw meeting pleasant and successful. The first race of the day waa for the NKW YOKE HOTEL HANDICAP. Mile and a half dash. t. S. Lloyd enters Prophet... 1 ) Mfc-hae) Ryan enters Trovatore 2 C. & Uoyd enters Throgneck dr. C S. Lloyd enters Star beam dr. Thos. Doewell enters Iroua dr. P. C. Bush enters ch. f. Pauline dr. Tune, 2 S4)|. Only two horses ran fbr this race. Prophet and Trovatore. the remainder being drawn. The former enjoyed all Uw favor of the betting meu, as much as SI00 to $10 kfimr kifi fin hia winning Triivafurn uinnf a#*' .?ith *i>o lead, the favorite lying at her quarters all the way round, to this position they passed the stand the first time, when on reaching the far side Prophet went up,.deprived Trrmtlore of the lead, and going on with the running won liw race by three lengths iu the easiest imaginable style. Time, 240 V PBCOKD RACK. Four mile poet atalce. John Hunter entered ch. h. Nicholas 1 2 1 1 T. Morris entered gr. b. Throgneck 1 a 2 Time, ?:16-744>i?847. rmt H*at?Throgneck was the favorite at $100 to $1$, odds which wore eagerly takuu by the admirers of the once great four miler, Nicholas, for they remembered Ms glorious victories in previous years over this track. Nicholas had the inside, and allowed Throgneck to take the lead. The latter made the running all the way round, and passed the stand on the first mile in Tbie second mile wss done in 24$. and the third in 2.03, the horse.s mill in the same position. In going along the far side tho last time round, Nicholas improved his position, sad got to the favorite's girths. In coming up tho straight run to, Ihrognsck shook Nicholas off. and the latter swerving across the course the gray won the heat by half a-doaen lengths. Time, $4$. famarm Hist?Very long odds were offered against Nicholas, and some offers of $100 to $10 on the gray horse were mapped up eagerly. Throgneck again took the lend, and on the first mile led by a length; time, 140. The se cond miMtoras done in 1 60. the grey still leading. On the tor aide Nicholas went op, bat could not qntteranch him, ami on passing the stand on the third mile laid close at his quarters- time, 14$. In this position they ran to the Mansion House, whan Nicholas made his efbrt, sad pass tog his opponent, increased his lend at every stride, and won the felt by six lengths in 744*. Tmnn Hjut.?The last heal caused another change in the betting market, and Nicholas was backed to win at $100 to $00. It was observed that be had cut his fetlock and walked rather lame, but this did not alarm the coufl denes of his fa leads. They got off well far the deciding bent, the gray going on with the lead, and imtog the inside on passing the quarter pole The first nails was done in 241, and the oeooad in 24. On the third milo Nicholas laid at Throgneck'* qnHcm to the Mansion House, wbsn be collared and passed him, leading two clear lengths on the third mile wfam passing the judges' stand, in 04. The chance of the gray horse was now evidently extinguished, as Nicholas went on with the lead, and won the boat and race by twenty lengtha, ia 8?T. TU1U tUCU. Puree 9900, for horse* beaten during tbe meeting, two Kite feral*. Mr. T. Pury?wr> br. h. Bourbon, 3 yeorx. IT Ibe ..3 1 1 Mr. Then. DoeweD'egr. m. Irona, Ayearx. 190lta.. .1 1 1 1W, Tom Heat ?Onjy two boroea entered foe UM* r?oo? Bourboo being aaade the fhvorltr at 3100 to MO. in oooxe quoacc of boating Iron* la the two mile heat race on Wedneaday. Tbo latter took the lead, and kept u the trot tana i omul. tending a dear length?time 1 -34 Imna continued making the running tbrongbout, and won tbe ben* by atx lengtho, In 940t? tew B)U* ?batting 9100 to 990 on Irene, wbo again abowed In advance after the marling. On rounding the oppar lorn DO urban deprived her of It, and a splendid raoe oaanad to Um aland, Um bona cmaalng Iba aoaro trot by a length, la 141. They raced together all tbe way round, and a bar* oawtaat waa newer wtUMabed. On com ing Into U?e boaaoatretcb, Bourbon drew abend, waa never afteewurda cwaght and won by a length Tlmo.J dBV TWmn Mian?Another rapid ohoage In Iba betting Boar twin being backed to win at $100 to 933, without th. I gray mare ending many ewpportera at tbone long odd* Tbey atarted well together and kept clone up with each other to the fhr aide, when Bourbon wrut on with tin lead of n length peat Ibe etnad tbe drat time, and although Irooa cloned on tbe fhr aide and raoed with him for aom< tin foe, abe waa unable to live tbe poor, and Brmrbm fin* on full of running, pnaeed tbe Judge a atnnd the win tier of the beat and race by a full length. Time, 3 61, Tin- track waa in capital condition for running. Oar Milwaukee Correspondence. MiLwaran, June 21,1M0 t aUdbpaf Ar triiMom Jkrm Btr%+m, 11 will be gratifying intulltgenoe to tbo large number o profile in the fcuxt, who lmvc an immenee amount of caj?i lal invented in wliat are commonly known ax Wieoon.u farm mortgagee to learn that Ihooe tecurttiea arc valid and that tbey ana now reuliae their money exit of them Mich ta now the tact. Tbe Bupi uuaan Owt of Wlaonoalo, m tbe 19th mat , rendered a declatco whereby Umj imam uvotady onatalaed tbe validity of that olaae of eecuriteThe caae waa that of Clark v? Phrrtngtoa, brought la thClrcult Court of Dodge county, to foreclose n mortgag given to the In Crooae and Milwaukee Railroad Omnium , for xharea of their rmplUI -toek. Hie dectxHxi o that Court waa adveree to tbe legality o ibe mortgage The eexe wax taken by ai< pnd to Ibe flupreme Churl. where that decl-to wax reverxed, and the Court unaniiiKHii.lyjW.Kled in fhvo of life* validity or inn** wmrnnn ioi? accieioo w? I rendered in the toce U strong public opinion, and aym I jwthy tnr tboKc who had bwi Induced to give these seen riites to l*? railroad ooropaalea, and thrv bar* erlnec rr. at independence and judicial integrity in no d--iug I TO Berry R I/*. F*<| of Milwaukee. the attorney re prceratiap life" afeortgape boHrru, *real credit k <lw b the rarcee* of this content, which war f.night with gron k?l? Iho part of bath Internet* He beatowesl gr<-, Mxr and dwplayed grrai legal power* la oouducuag Ur .*>- aod all all!Join In congratulation upon bia aucoeaW Thia(M<oMaa rwdeema Wtaenaein from any Rttgma of rep d laths, and restores every auepictuo a poo her integrity I Tto Iowa (M^Maair has the M lowing aamnwrjr O. I the prat atefUi>? I nail Ufecwrr?JUUad, 7: wauadod, 27. h-wiae- 1 | atroa I'd, 37, eetlmatod loaa. $73,300 LhhOuamu BHted, 33; pauadsd,3$; houses datorm ed II, estimated ha*. Ulijm. (?AM Ow-yrr?Rilled, S wounded 13; bowe* d<~r ed, femtiaated laaa,3U 0M (usro* Oocan?KlUed, 73, wounded, 1M, eatuuiie Tbua It will ha asan that la Iowa atone one hundred mi two pendua were killed, two hundred aad tirtv ll? wouaded Mid eirty tre booms dretroyed, other th* Uxwa blows down at Ofdarha and ta Clinton eoaatv. *h'bawihua'*1 """uat of property reachne aboo. Bee id'w the ahoy* there la to he oouated the loaa af lif. and property at Albany aad other ptaceo la Illiaote The Be Witt IB lulu ndaap? that goad judgaa report Uai' Uh damages by the late tornado, ftom War. a Uanth r. weetef DeWht. to Brophyl cr?Hc, a dMamw af abon ten naiieo, are at laart $100,$$$; that 33B33 wtt aat Hpply the ratUe and borer* killed ta that awful hameaae. Tha Davaaport (Iowa) Jhatatiaf md 19mm aapa the when tha tornado struck Oaamnnhi tour aaaa araaa en Raped In pla) lug earda to one of the building* totalis bwiruyod. All tour ward killed, with tha cardi la IhelV haada. ? aaitim?a?aua??><a?aauaaaaai Aram? Uatall%w. A general oourt martial la ordeiud to ataai at Port Hon , I roe, fa t oa the 37th last , for tha trial of such atilMary ' o? ii'tom as may W Wight hetor* It. Major R Anderses, Pint artillery, h detailed at Pmaf dent, and I ten tenant C. TaUamdge, Fourth artillery, m ! -lodge Advocate af tha court. l.inhtotoii htoil cavalry, la ralierad . t from date as act log Aaalstaat Adjudaat Ureteral,, I. pari I merit of the West, and I* ordered Vj proceed Ui Fort RUey, , 1/ H. T , and report to lh? commanding xflteee 1 i Ijeutcriaul i olburn, Firrt oalvary, will act a< A*'ltteiit II ? ij. tent uemuut in the department uf the fr.wt until fW # Hew rdor* H A leave of ahaence ft>r si* monib?, for ih* benefit of hi* health, la gruot.-d ta i. C. OrtiUM, Orduan - twmrr An e*1ee?lcgi of leave fbr eig mouth* each ha? been preuted Uaptaia RK Itoarana, Firat artillery, aad le u truuit A w, Haakell, First inhiatry NEW Yl * ' HWUWI ?T P?H? OBoer U lew Or- j Imuu Iter Harder. (Trent Ite New Orteaat Oeeoent, June 14-] Ex police cfftoar Maibew Hughes, who shot Henry 1 Bjtmt on Ite* evening of the Sib of November lnet. at tb>doonttp of Hyama' boaiding bouse, ou Rtmpail strs-t, near Gtrod afreet, ?U executed yesterday at about ok-von , o'clock, within the wnlto of the Pariah prison Hughes ai Ite time ?M labormg under the double rxcib-mrui of a , tele election and of liquor, and, in company withayoutu; man namii George Wolff, aougbt a difficulty with Hyain* and hie friends because they, or one of them, had bur rated for Tom Parker. Wolff ?truck one of the party, and drew hu> pistol upon bun, BMW of the party quarrelled back or reeented the affroflte offered, and aa Myoma turned to run into hie houte be wm shot in the back by Hughes, ! and fell dead. Bug boa, though an officer, wan not on duty that night. The nilef of Pollco hud previou.-'ly met him. and seeing that be waa intoxicated, advised him to go home. Thin he promised to do, but fall teg In with others, and drinking more liquor, on the way home, he was led to the cotninawiou of the act which ooel him hla life. He was a medium six'd man. of light complexion and rather handsome features; a native or lbiB city, twenty-seven years of age. Ho was well known throughout thin city, and by many as an excellent Ml play or, he having at one time followed public 06' playing for his living. He was generally liked for hie mild and kind disposition, but was known to be desperate and insanely reckless when in liquor. From the time of bis sentence to death Hughes prepared himself for his (hie, and soon became reconciled to it, willingly receiving and profiting by the pious miniatra lions of the Rev. rather Dufhu. He long ago decL.rod hn intention of dying like a man and a Christian. His life, the pet companion of his happier days, was permitted to him in prison, and he played upon it frequently and m?r rily for the entertainment of himself and his few oompan ions in the condemned cells. The following letter, written by the prisoner for publication, will serve to thow the state of the unfortunate man's feelings?? Rama Piuson, Naw Ottuuvs, June 14,1M0. The privilege pf a man in my position to apeak a few parting words from the scaffold I have waived for a brief address, which, through some friends of mute, will be given to the public, after 1 shall have suSl-red the last penalty ef the law. Unfettered by the empty formalities of the world, now fast receding, I address myself, as I trust, in a Christian spirit suited for the occasion, first to you, my fellow men and citizens, amongst whom I have been born and raised, and to ask year pardon for the. humiliation and disgrace brought upon your city by one of its sous, who as man and boy looked with pride upon his native place, but who, deluded by its attractions, led by its diversions, forfeited his inhoritancn to its lawful enjoyments, and who. bv his (kll, detracted and lowered tlsfeir fam>>. This pardon I fuel assured von will grant me, when I aut about to atone witb my life for the crime which has been com mitlcd in your midst. while 1 otter my last prayers lor the future prosperity and welfare of your boaulifh! city. The particular* of my crime are too generally known to require a repetition of the circumstances. It is sufficient to say that I committed a murder while under an extraordinary excitement of the worst passions, at the momentary impulse of a frenzied brain. Into this din graceful state 1 had wrought myself by my own free will: I therefore acknowledge the justice of my punishment, and do not desire to shift the responsibility upon other* who might hare incited the deed, as they encouraged the reckless course followed by me of lets. Ou the contrary, I freely forgive, as 1 hope to bo forgiven before s higher tribunal, all those through whose advice awl example 1 have been drawn into those dissolute habits which would have become the bane of wg life, as it has besa the cause of the crime for which I now have to suUer. A great con solat*in it would be In my last hoar that this sacrifice of my life should prove a safeguard to the young and the thoughtless, a warning to put a stop to their heedless career, and a lesson that the laws of our country may not be invaded and trampled upon with impunity, bat that surely a day of retribution will come. Could I take with me into the next world the assurance that 1 had caused the retreat of but one soul from the road leading to endk>s misery, 1 should not consider my sinful life utterly spent in vau>, but receive on additional promise in the merry of my Creator. In addressing the parents, relatives and frteado of my anlbrtunato victim what language ran express the deep humiliation and penitence which has been the growth of constant and bitter remorse from the hour of the fetal deed! Humbly 1 bog their pardon for the affliction this sodden bereavement of a beloved member of their femtly must have oocawtoued, and I fervently hope that, with a Christian resignation in the loss they have sustained, they will nobly and generously forgive, upon my departure, the rulhims hand which has carried death and desolation Into their very midst. Another severe task r rues I l ie to give words to those keen reproaches for having crushed awl brukeu the heart of my poor wife, who aflfectfeuaUdy has clung to w mruugn m um viciHeiiuoe* ai my misspent ill*, IM WHO is doomed to drain the cap of affile! mo to the vejy dregs! Hcf prtjfn hove nrttiMf, her oodMhtfcM htw rup ported me to the very last, therefore ay gratitude for her invariable kladanw fall* abort of expression May Uod strengthen and aoiace her, while from the bottom of my heart I ask her forglv.newdror the misery 1 have onus ed, Um unhappy hue I have I hiked her to. I recommend her in this, my laat hoar, to then* noble friends who have protected her daring our separation, who will kind ly oatuimm to guide, and guard, and keep her repnta tloo unaullied of a crime which her husband la about to expiate with his life. Those few friends who have not deserted me is the boar of need I beg to forgive the trouble and anxiety I have rauaed, thanking them for their kind offices during mar loo* luprtnonincot. Amongst these permit me to particulartac the officers of the Pariah prsno, who, under the superintendent* of Ckptaln Fremaux. so well known fur his gimtl-manly deportment and generous disposition, merit my grateful acknowledgment fur their kind attention. Messrs. Louis Woollbro aud Gabriel Itouvillier, with whom, through their dally attendance. I bscame mare intimately acquainted, will pardon the fibert v I take with their the o*ly mods to IssMfy my deep MM of (Mllliub (w k?i. ? ? ^ -? ?i MOO mjilinmu displayed towards mo, Mmffiug their stern duties with a sympathy and deiioacy rarely met. with tn position* like theirs May Heaven biers and proper them, and all those who bare kindly loot their aid by instructions and prayers to make my peace with God, and to reconcile me to my inevitable doom I also tender my moat sincere I hanks to nil those persons who hare kindly visited me dating my sojourn in prison since the time of my sentence; and I return tbanks particularly to the two really benevolent and charitable lad ice, Madam? r ? j and B 0, for their groat kimlnr.w to m?\ and the vaol amount of spiritual oooeoLatien they have aflbrded me by their advice and instructkw; ami I beg that they will still continue to pray for my soul after I am | dead, and I promise to do thu same (or thorn la that other I and better world, In which, through the merits of Jcrur I judgment *cat I Khali have won to appear, I now direct my l<u>t thought* and prayer*, and implore of the Father'.* unbounded mercy that (brgivuaau* which Hw (too bar i promised to repentant man. In thle faith I die, commiud tug my aptrlt Into the hand.-: of my <V>d Amen ItATHEW HlXiHXM. Teetrrday morning, one of the doomed colli being fitted up into a eurt of r ide chapel, with an altar dworaled with flower* and candle*, Hughe* apeut ?ome time at h? last devotion* with Father Hufau At about b-o I o'clock he appeared on U?e gallrr) (whkh ie in the third I etory, and with an iron grating,) "mnkingaw gar, and looking 'town at the a?-?embltn* crowd in the I yard, pleaxantly ex< hanging recognition* with all be , knew Home two hundred prr?on* were admitted to the yard, while, a* ueuai. a great and m wHaneou* crowd of people collected in front of the prison. scorching and Mwealtng in the hot ounrblne. without a hope of gartihuadtnuakiu or seeing anythiug connected with the rxectaIkm At about eleven o'clock tbe doomed man. alt ended bv bin neffnor ami tbe tdlUcr*, hi* baud* piuiiueil behiud, and dreueed neatly la white, the white death nap on hi" head and a crueiflx suspended to hie nook, walked down la the earned etory gallery aad out upon tbe Octal trap He waa an Arm aad anal as H aa* paaslkli hieyaaa to be. hi* movement* being Arm and hla taor oaltn and placid. If not pleaaant looking The death warrant warred by a Deputy HherlC; tbe rope wee put over hi* heed aad drawn around hi* neck by tbe marked executioner who, bowcear bungled aad did ao* gel the nonee pro perly placed until Hug bee had gtreo him repeated met roc tioag. which be did in a manner and voice of pcrfVt on concern. Then the unhappy man made a brief ad .Iran* u tbe spectator*. He acknowledged hi* guilt expreaaeu hi* ieadlaeee tor death, claimed that he had a kind heart, aad did not murder Hyam* latrationaliv, "tat-, that he bed prayed many lime* fhr the eoul of Hyarnend honed that Iket nree-nt would Corelve lion and pray lor hua when be tu gooe lit- voice mat- I. u. ao<1 dear, tad only tore war there any *igi of emotion ii. ha tace. Father Itabu prayed tor him. bieaaed him, and held up the rroar for him to ktae; alter that, with ha eyre rawed to the blue aky aad the bright euaabtae above, be fer rfatly recited the I/led'* Prayer, aad howeil hi* head in Udtea ofeaaeiaaMa. The grim ogre behiad drew the eap owr hi" hoe and retired, taking the stepping board on the leap He dtoopprored la ibe orll behind a motnen of breathben surprnse foUowrd; a aharp chop win heard. and the roo vVt dangled in the air. It wa? fifteen minute before the phy-dckan* pronounced II*- extinct and gave the order to fewer the body into the coOn beneath All the prWooer* were, aa I* the rwtntn on ?uch -1? cooflnod m their ceUa during the execetwa and deprire i of the rtew of it. Eugene fry*. Antonio Cambre, and lit tailor Powell, the three rem* in lev occupant* of lb doomed reU?, obtained a partial view of the eaoeutioa. by wane of a email mirror whk b Hwy Ibrtut out between the bar* end bald in atmh a poMtlao aa to ear the awlV UpWlX k ID ibt gULKF , Hog be*' wife vWMed him on Thursday, aad Uwlr Inal and tnuel touching eeparaUuu touk ptoee VaeWday. about an hour before tie- eaerntioa. *b* again rtolled th an, aad weepiagly begged tba flivor #f ae*tag her hue band oore more bef-re hi- death. The regiwat wae kind ly hut firmly denied, an being made too late the unhap py woman remained m aa inner roam on id after tba <te ration An we subsequently l-aru-1, the fart of hia wilvV tWH Waa withheld frrwt Haghee. but about half an hour before hit death, he mid thai he knew hi* wWr wan Iberia prison and be wlahed lo ?o? her none more befordying. Father Dafau. by the ad vtm of the iH 11> In aatho rlty, repreoented ilw reqwsl a* being made too late, aau that aaah aa later view war oak abated to unnerve him and ooBl i biro for the eoifaan aneae aa anon to lake place Rfngtwe represented thai it woul I not unnerve him. and bagged t* are bie wife oaoe more. TV favor bring d* I bMT with *11 th* kinder** compatible with the ?*?, V realaaad bl titer If. and went to hi* hwt prayer* in the r*u After tho eawutio... the body wm neatly a-ijuete in I the cnMa, and all the mark* of hanging removed or con era led wkrw pom i Me, the fare Vlnjr left bare an I Kibe ooflhl waa laid i* tha lower hall oi the prawn Me crowd had been turned out llw widow wae e* 1 oarted m by the chief of Pour* ftw beat over the rMBo bl other* retired, and for a loo* time her moan* of agoay echoed through Me corridor* The body wae giveu to Dor laparlar Conrt. Afore Chief Justice Bnaworth I PAJfAfllM AOAIWWT A kAILROAIt COUrtKT. Jew* ? 'fcpAm IfVHm m tt- /Few FW* and Aw Mm MM Aayaap?Thin I* aa aotlon far damage* done tba plaintiff by a rotlwtam between the deflmdaat's cam and the cam of Uw Harlem Railroad Company la Mo rumber, IBM. by Which hW leg wae inptruw The r**e 1 wan tried twio# against tha Harkn Railroad Gampa*). 1 aad tha w the aeeoad trial against the defendant* Tb*jnry brought ? a rer-ticl fbr plaintiff Ibf AABB. I )BK BEBALP, SATURDAY InUmntiiig froui llayti. runt 1*0iCT VJ PRINCE OOHttErfrOWTKNCE. Poht kV Panes, Juo? 2,1M0 'UamtKip Umt to Li^rpool? \<jricvlt*nl Uattrjaim Artiml vf -V?flTw tSmi^ramti/mm N*to Miami, 4c. When it was kX first pro|a*cd to establish a monthly j line of steamers between this port and Liverpool its sue cess was ko much doubted thut it was thought beet to commence by a trial trip, and the Plantagenet was adver ii?ed id Liverpool to receive freight for Port au Prince shippers came forward with a large amount of valuable goods, being more than 160 tuus for this port alone. Return tog from Jamaica on her homeward trip she brought several passengers, and fuund waiting for her a large number who ; took passage for Europe, among whom were two daughters i of the President. The experimental trip, M Is Mid, has j proved so saiudaotery that a regular line is now establish ! ed beyond a doubt. In my hut I alluded to the efforts made by our President to fooler agriculture and induce the country people to pay more attention to tbe matter. As I have already advised i each parish will have an agricultural school and fifty i pupUs, chosen by the government, and educated at each ' free of expense. The plan is an excellent ouo and meets with universal approbation. These model farms, placed in the well settled districts of each pariah, of course will attract attention, and to each tbe 'surround ing planters can go for information, and perhaps in a few years these farms will distribute seeds at a very trifiing expense. Tbe President orders all the officers of the country districts to give Urn laborers every facility; It would be well, too, to require from six to seven nours tabor, or exemption only by a one, worn every inhabitant, and if labor is choeen it should be en forced its it was under the rule of that stern old Governor Christophe. In several of the districts where water i required it is proposed to form Artesian wells, and at Gonaives, it is said, one is already ordered. At Jeremic water will either be led into the city, or such a well will bo dug; the drinking water now used by this city, on" of the most flourishing of tho country, is brwight nearly a league by donkeys. Getfrard vows It tan outrageous waste of labor, and shall last no longer. An engineer Is ordered to examine the spot and report tinbeet mode of introducing water. Since writing last the number of T/>uisiana emigrants at the districts of St. Marc has boon increased. These, people, having sent persons before them to ascertain whai advantages might be obtained by emigration to Haytl. were satisfied with the report, and having readily obtain ed a grant of exceedingly rich land from the government, have stnee beeti coming over in parties of forty 01 fifty persons. They say that there are many more ou their way, and that the severe laws enacted in some of the Mississippi States against negroes will induce a large number to follow them. The economical modes of cultivating their fields, and the tools they bring with them have caused the oubodo niggers to open their eyes, and will probably lead to many improvements in the neighbor hood. Veo will be surprised to learn that among the emigrants them is a good deal of money, some of them having large sums, which they bring with them. For poorer emigrant* who bring but their labor, tho govern ment offers to pay towards the passage money fifteen dollars for those in middle life, and eight dollars for children or old men. If the blacks of your city wish to got on In the world let them send a deputation and look into their prospects here, and if they find them satisfactory they can get rich lands for the asking, and can make arrange menu to have part of their passage paid to their new booiee. American provisions of All kinds are dull of sale, bring ing less than cost price. Flour, pork and codfish still continue to arrive, while our stores are already over crowded with a stock sufficient for two months to come The Jaemel market is also overstocked, and sales difficult Coffee is roming in market in small parcels, and sells at tl 47 a $1 40. The deliveries for the week were about 2,600 bags. , Festival of M. Bridget's Parochlsl Me howl at ienw' Wood. fkkrsktation op a kkkvicb op plats to altc'fl bishop brans?tbs apdksss or thb pupils amp rsply or tbs abcbbwbop. One of the most interesting events of the season, In an educational do in t of view, came off ve*lerdav at Jnua' Wood, In tho chape of the annual picnic and festival of K. Bridget b Human catholic school, situated at Uw cor ner of cyan ue B and Kighth * treat. The attair creatod quite an cxcitomant, and was attend ed aith circnmf nres of an unusually interesting aha rarter. About eight o'clock In the morning the pupils boys and girls, ovor 1,410 In number, neatly and be camingly attired, assembled W the vicinity of Father Moooey's house, in avenue B, and after considerable delay proceeded in a body to the reekleeoe of Arehbiabop Hughes, in Madison avenue, accompauied by the Oecilian Brass Band and their worthy pastor. The prureaeioa marched with I mailt military regularity. while the appearabcq and general behavior of the children attracted the most favorable comment)- from the spectator' There were two or three beautiful banners in the procession, besides four handsome berourltee, decorate! with costly Mlk flagH, on each of which was printed in gr.lden letterthe words "St. Bridget's Parochial School." One of the lieroeohes conveyed a service of plate, worth four bun Ured dollars, intended m an oOartng from tho Ohiidren o magnificent copy of anWrew to h?3>iBce, -^4. ?wlou satin and rarrotiMMWfitTa Wdfty gilt frame. On the arrival d tho prooeosion at the episcopal aaa smn, the Archbishop appeared on the stoop, when Maatc Rigeey, one of the scholars, proceed to deliver an address expressing the deep love and veneration winch he and hie companions entertained toward* the Archbishop for tlx hlsesInge they eqjoyed in e free Catholic education, which. he said, they owed to the persevering and earnest excr lions of his brace. TV-address was quite long and verr beautifully written. Tho method of delivery used by tb< young or ..lor likewise elicited deserved approbation. Mim Keating. (W of the female pupil* next proceeded to ofler the *er\ *e of plate and bankets al Oowxr* u> Uk>- I A*rhbt?hop in a few appropriate and happy remark* la rtafUHig of the abort exprerwioa* or lore and ret I pert, the Archbishop replied that it would he unpoaaibV to Had word* to oorrrcy to hi* ymithfnl listener* the id deacribable pleasure which he ozpervonomt in mectiag the children of ?t Bridget> achool on *urh an occaslog. Seventeen yrmi> ago the dr.-a efforts toward* fre. thtbogr education were inaa|rurated under peculiar ditllrultie*, aoi the sper taclc before htm exhibited the happy results. B? felt a pleasure and pride in I" holding so many young pr?. pie assembled to greet bira. an<t be thank-d them frtOi the bottom of hta heart Air the costly testimonial at aflrrlKxi with which thee had that day presented hin<? not on the tntrtOMc rahte of the gtrt itself, htl for the rWuMMI thai It here evidence of thspirit of the cbiidreo of tft Bridget's act**!, and furnished a brtlKant proof of the progrwof Ouholic education in this metrapoli*. After uttering some further remark* oompMm< ntary to the Hrr Tb>ma J. Moooey, pontor of 8t. Bridget's church the Archbshsp concluded amidst the haarty plaudits of the children The company then proceeded ,D lb.' Second arena* car* to Jaaea' Wood, where the day was spent eery plea sandy In feasting and rural exercises, without the at c urrenee of a atiflc untoward Incident The qnle< ami orderly nmanor In wbiob evcrythtag waa arrange I r? acta the highest credit oa Father Moooey and tb? gen ll?m?n wha aaaWted htm. Ob aach of the piaras of Hirer presented to tha Archblahop wag the following uwrrip (loo:?'lb oar Moat Reverend Archbishop as a token of I be lore and rraaraUoa cherished for him by the rhtl droit ofRt. Bridget's parochial School " It .should hkr rise be mffitlooed Umt tha Useilwn n.tid >hM. *? pan led the pica it. anddiacouraad excellent diiwk dunac the day. beknupi to JH Bridget'* obarch, having !?ro or aanmed by hiM Moaaey out or tha J ?uag mo bnuc.' uif to bin pariah Piami uitiUftoM. Gen Frrwt, CM X T "IhyVir, Chat 8 J<wi, Unpi Painter nad W. J. V. Htnwrt, all or tho Uoit*d Sue Army Mr* Daniel 8. DtckiMas, at Blechamlao nod Mr J. G. Herele*. of lb* I'ollrd Mtalre Mary, arv mopping ?i lit* bifih Avnm HaUL Copt. Nuid* and wtfe, from China, and A. SpuuUlina . of Weal wood. are rtapping at the Valnn PUr- HhHilaaC gimlM, ?*t . of BrtaftrM. Mum u?d * L Charea, Knq., ot Cuba, art Hopping at U?e Krareit Moot* Jo*eph GrtnaeU uM hw lady. aooom;?uii"d by K. I Will* and hit daughter brofe at Niagara a frw lay* *io< Opt. Hatara aad lady, of Mow Or Www Mr f! I' Alexander, of tbe LuitoU dutaa Arnt> , aad tad*; N. H > HtU. Hoq , of Button, #: J Andrreoti, Ka., X McDo noogb, Ken , and M. Mrnr tal/ B*q , all of * loeta, an t I. W Oe. Kag , and Umily, of Connecticut. a? "teppuu at IbtlH. KIrJtolaa Hotel Mlaa Rvaaa, Ike aathor ?f " A<ua? Bod"'' and ' Tb* Mill on the TIom. ' b at prenrat vi/iting Florence, Italy. A rnrriaoondaaf of tbe Bool on TVaaaertpt. writ inr from thm place May SI, thuo dracrlbew the lady ?1tbe woo Id b railed ugly by ibougblleMi ueratioa. but the more di-? r I aninating "pronoune* hef tnteiligawt and int<r?dln* In *|' I bnaqr. Km Evan* w ?u?m of. forty probably) | Mi) it idalur*. birr* In buii I of (Wir oompiextai, fit-, hair. One teeth. light eyc?, tang MM. Mil the * * ait* I g-th-r ling In the V?rlnw nt jam Mil lilfliW ? chrHibcmm ?V greallv r< ?tiable? I ftrnwi TV ? preerioa of b-r faun m g?aU? and amiable, tola* her toai. ner to particularly tltoi-1 an I retiring la < ver--*Uo 1 abr nait to ntuai heraelf a* a vmwi iKMM Ulewta, without aKfumiug Ui' leant pn-.-ur ?a in M< eu or geature. dneb oal wardly t? the dhthor- of A tun 1 Wm Kenned), late rimiiuuUer of j?uly Y anUin J prlrate Afrtie npedttlnfl. wm In M * MM. June |4 He waa aa btr wa> to Oaada r ><n-' t * ? I IV hfwkh of Judge Itnuglaa itoaa art penult alitor i wmr hto Mat in the foliate TV fcdaatog candidate* hare bam fmtod gWUl* t for ndmimttn into tba army aa atoMtnl aunpona by th Board of Wedktal Oflrera which ronv-oM in Mew Tit' an Uto Mot Mtg -Or C G Hyena. tWVin f?r Jobr Vaaaant, InJU-d fHatnaNary, lb. Wabatar, Wv-e Vwmhr A. * ntwrtlerm . Vffgmit rg*?l iimu|?m*. TV new flnrt ctaar Meant aloop ?>w dtua. Mt at tV Qoapart Navy Yard, to bound m th- Unit terra oean. to take the plnoa of wn Mnoadontan, aow m Vway to FWttonuath. If H TV dltnenjilofto >f the Ruli mood art ar follow*:?Extreme length wr ail. aM feet h read th of beam, 43 feet;' tooa burden. 1 ?34 lwI>ew?r. 1 AM Her anuameut cnuat?t* of <hefl gun> a till f'Mir twelre pound boat howitaer* Her < rew aw here about M men all told The following ie the li?t < ' dDeera ?towtmndore, (barlee H Hell thptaia fb?rrS Hnllm?, lieutenant and Kxmilire (AVer. Mr Barney Idriitenanta Thirenpnrt, Yonttg, Wearer ind 0* Maeter, Walker; Pnraar, fonar TV I'nitedtMairaelnop or.war Saratoga, frtun Vera Oue, raa reported bolow Pbtladolphta yoateeday afternoon i , JUNE 23, I860.?TRIPLE Court of Gcuerul S?uioni. Before Recorder Burnurd C. a. THOMPSON, TBI DKKD FOitUKK, IN OOUBT? CONVICTION AND SENTENCE OF YOPNO THOMPSON TO THK STATU TBI RON PON THAU TBAWt FOB PBMJURV? INTOUMTTNO PAJtTlCl'LAHS. The trial o( Charles Pollet Thompson for perjury, which ?u concluded on Wednesday evening, remitting in the conviction of the prisoner, was, in some respects, the most remarkable case that has been disposed of in this court for many a day. In order that the reader may clearly understand the charge upon which tho prisoner was convicted, it will be necessary to premise that a abort tune since, through the efforts of tho District Attorney's assistants, eighteen or twenty men were indicted for forging d.wds, among them Otarles G. Thompson, the father of the young man. The practice of apparently respectable men constantly offering themselves as sureties for persons charged with crime?whose characters would not bear the closest scrutiny?had become so common that active efforts were made to bring the offenders to justice. These men not only < ?'< red themselves as bail to uw iwwm jiiwriwjv, um, emuowonea uy uioir *ucoe<38, they oftcu presented themselves at tho fAeriffN office for tho same purpose. They generally sworn tliat they were worth property in tho upper part of the city? the Central Park being a favorite locality 011 account of the difficulties placed in tho way of the authorities to find out the owner of the land. Not content with falsely swearing that they owned valuable real estate, their love of guiu and depravity of boarl hud tsoch a powerful influence upon thenr that deeds were forged and dis posed of on certain, occasion* to innoceut victiiu.-i. The prosecuting olhcers felt confident that there was a guuc of swindlers of this description in New Turk, who had succeeded in imposing upon thorn, and victimising those who got within their clutches, and by diligence they broke M up, and found that Charles 0. Thompson was the lender. There are two or three iudkilmcute peudlug against him for forging deeds, and ho Is now in the Tombs awaiting trial. The law prescribes a severe penalty for this particular branch of tho crime of forgery, and If Thompson is convicted of the offence alleged against him, the lowest punishment which the Court can lufiiot is ten yoars in the State prison. Thompson, tho lather of the ! young man, has all the indications of respectability and intelligence, and tuid ho devoted his abilities to an honest calling, he might havo occupied an honorable and influential position in tho community. But his history shows that ho preferred to exercise bis intellect independent of that sense of justice which characterizes an honest man, and which always guarantees success, when united with industry and prae ileal judgment, for in the month of October. 1009, he was arrested, charged with swindling a man out of idd anil failing to obtain bail, he Induced his son to go before Justice Quackcubusb and swear thai he owned a house auU lot, 90 East Tweuty-sixtli street. Upon investigation ii was learned that young Thompson swore falsely, for the house he claimed to own was tho property of Robert Nuns, Bu,., and had been occupied by him for several years. For this crime be was arrested, Indicted, aud put on trial on Wednesday, when strange developments were made. It was evideut that Thompson, who w.ts a pre possessing young man. had been under the pernicious in fluence of his father, aud bad been used by him to for ward hts dishonest projects. The offence'having been clearly established by the prosecution, the Junior counsel for the defence, in his opening address to the Jury, stated their theory was that Thompson made an innocent mis take by swearing be tore the police Justice lie owned the house 96 East Twenty sixth stn-et, when he intended to testify that he was the owner of the house No. 09 in tho same street. This appeared a very plausible story, and the counsel proceeded to establish his theory by calling upon the stand the father of the prisoner, who, as lias been already remarked, is now under indictment for a felony. Charles O. Thompson testified that he owned the bouse no. W k&rt Twenty 4ixtb street at one ttmo, but that In November but he deeded Uwt property to his eon. The counsel produced the deeds, which were identified by the witness, and were thn critically examined by the Aaalat aul District Attorney, who believed the paper* were forged. Knowing the previous history of the witness on the stand, whose profession might bo appropriately named "deed forger, ' Mr. Aulhou, lalo In the aftornoou, urged a recess of twenty minutes In order that he might satisfy himself of the truth or taisity ul Thompson's evi detice Counsel for young Thompson strenuously <>|>pisieil the motion, which was granted by tlie Court. In the in terval Mr. Anllion went to the Hall of Records, and ou examining the records he discovered that Mr. Benjamin V. Thayer was the occupant of No. 69 East Twenty sixth street. A messenger was sent for Mr. Thayer, who ar rived before the case wad given to the Jary. He testified that the house No. fit was occupied by him. and owned by bia father-in-law, Mr. Johnwtooe, a resident of New Haven. Thus the elder Thompson was proved to have committed perjury in endeavoring to ah told hia too (ran the punishment of a similar offence, committed, no doubt, at the instigation of Ms parent. Of course this sudden change In the aspect of the case astounded the Court, Jury, and lookers on?all of whom eupjKwed that young Thompson com rait ted an uiaorent mistake The cminw-i fbr the prisoner ?u compelled to abaodun bin theory, ud oooUiaUn! himself with making a pathetic appeal to the Jury In behalf of bui young client, who, be claimed, actually believed the property belonged to omi, and a* he came to the reacuo of Lis parent be ought not to bo held accountable. The jury thought dUfcreotly, however, for after an absence of twenty mluntee, they returned with a verdict of "guilty," recommending him to the mrrey of the Oourt. An anon a* the Foreman pronounced the verdict, thu mother and meter of Thompson, who were preeent during the trtal, and whose appuarauuu was Indicative of respectability and refinement, gave vent to their grief. The father was also much aflbrtod. and the spectacle was such as to im urew) every bvholdcr. Jt was a louder sermon Hum our s . SSI Oiesmos >. uie, .Jt dstlawrlM /? il, buanm on the MaixUy. mere was a wnrrahlo man, who bad been held hi esteem by hi* fellows for hia buaiatws talents and Integrity?a hum who, after spending au ordinary lifetime ia sucking that priceless joWel, character. in an evil hour bartered Itforthotein |s<ra<> rratillnatloo of hh selMi tat- ttneta. landing br bis side was In*son, a youth eudowod w itli qualita* which lilted him for the prrmrntaiioc of duties requiring Intel leet aiel adabie manners, but wbuae character received a Maui which av< 11 a uniformly upright course of conduct II. lis' future would uol remove kv h.?Piling to the per nicsius f uggestsm of him who should have been bis pro l is tor, he waa a convicted felon, stripped of all his rights of rliiaenrhip aad doomed to a living diatli. But, tn ad dltkiu to these rumed reputations, it must not l>? forgotten that fond hearts wore crushed, the hopes inspired by the albs'! mo.* of woman destroyed. and the hallowed ahrmr of the domestic circle ruthlessly demollsbeil. Young Tbomixio will be aenunred on Friday The lirai prisoner that was called to the tier on Friday morning for sentence was Charles P Thompson, con vie lis I of perjury. The particulars of this Inter' -ting ease urn git en above, and it need only be ndd<-d thai before Us (hurt pronounced sentence, conuwl for the prisoner ap JT " *" ui irUHiii > III l'm?W?T*lH?U W Thompson's youth. his previous unblemished character, and llKtoiroumataucss attending the cuinm union of the ufl> m c for which be wa* found guilty. Ihr Rsrorder observed that be Mt more 'ympnthy fbr T1.<?i|*o(t (ban for any other person tried before bin, be I lev to* that there w?* s chance fir bet reformation The probabilities are tbal young Thorn pmsi was led to |*rjure himself by his father, but Ute evidence ndduoed i? the trial convinced the ftourt that ho (the primmer) must bass known that be had no tKke to tb property which be iworo be owned. Then w?re C\*t indkt merits for forgery and perjure ..gainst the pru-. Fuer now reiuaiuia* untried tu I he fleneral fVvxtnri#. which his Honor w as authorize I to say would never be triad, so that the Court, in pwwbig ermtencc, mu.t take Into account this foct The Court n irreMorf that It had to impose a severe sentence, tbe mm on account of the n-pr?uilatlons Mads by the mother ot tbr prisoner, but there was no other alternative than t < sentanos Tbooipnon to tbe tools prison for three years The mother and another female friend of the convict wore prenwt and uejs bitterly when the seuteoue was j>ro uouaced. A WaSHiSOrON MAkJUT 0WI.VULI. The only ease of Importance tried yweterday was ? rlarge of hise pretence*, tbo Orand Jury bavmf mdicte 1 James Brown for swindlingTho* 0 Clark.of Westrbeste:county, out of M.000 It appeared thai Iho complain aot eame to the city to January lost for the purpose of purchasing a stand in Washington Market, and soon after bis arrival be was introduced to Browe who a#ared to MB at htto to procuring the stand. The d< fendant Informed Clark thai the stand owned by Mrs L firmed was for sale, and ooaM he bad for MMO, authu thai be was authorised to dispose of It, which turned use trf* out ru? the defendant having introduced Clark to i wawiaa in insane atrast who represented Xr?. la Brand, but whb war not In fact that individual. The defi-nc proved by a n amber of gsntfoaarn who owned a toads In Wtohktoton Market that the stand in gueetton w? ?<wtb PS.000 It war also shown that tbe character < the aecuaed wns good. Tbs jury, however, randan i ? verdict of guilty, and aooording to tbe ruins sf Ui rmwt the prisoner was taken Into rustody and mnvsyi i U> Ute Tombs, he bavin? been on hail ap to tbs rendition nf tfcft van' i. I Rot *111 K?. iihfitjtfUwu! ran VrLiUr Th . mm- wan tntaraatiay to tboaa who do bunt nana In VMMir Km Markat. au) n< whom ware is illmhn- >?i*ra?,t W>< Wl Cnmfbrd, niayh tookinc rwrtoovr. ?? irt<> I an I mavietad of grand tnrcauy. having ?t-4-o Bfiv on of yellow grain, valuad ai tlW. rran a aciaoontr KjKtt lb# foot of Tmif Hlb itrM. Rmi riv<w Th-pt*KTly wan owr- d by P N. Pa* b Ob.. mh! Cuafbr t w*? aidarl in th* tlx-ft by JaifM Davit Mom of lbKt.iui waa rwnrni, M karui bona a?M In PbUly hr I<*t. Umaforil m rraaodod for aratmrn ThoMM Nawail. who piaadad guilty Uat w?k In fbrgarv id tha a anond tkngraa, wan aontaaoad yaab. bay to iba fuw prMon for Ira year* Mialtaal Ownfeari. fmnrvM on Tburoday for Floating* (nantlty of cram lro?i a acbaoorr, araa aent to tba aaaali?>titnlkan (or threa yvofo Tba uoand Jmtj broogta la a batrbnf tndwtbaanla at > <?, > 0 tba ("reman praaantad the aubioiaod praaaol ->Mwit?,aaaar >bat tbar* might not bo a quorum on fbtinr lay, at wtotab im?> br? wiU br duobacgod by lb* 'Joar??? rrauwnwmrv n lb qwm aa??r? otmxx. % una Si. 1Mb "K<?4*ai Jury ' tu-i *? tba mmman?i iilu. "*wtof tba two ;i fit* Ibcy bare oona larad dM wr.-? naatraro?--> -?via to th* ladmrtm at* wKla aarfl wr af iatnrti??iv ll^bara ab? la lita fraaa |rr,t eitfrlt of Uwtraaww mi-. 'byaUaaat and aaaurri Ut>Mt?a?adt?bnNM'??aaCt,an iwybtwy toobnb-nLb< enter or aaaat of Iba atatnte* for raatr aiming it. It id obrinoa tbat tba Hbirt* oCJudtrlal or ' *?rtillrr aa IbortUaa to pnaiab rnmiat to aon put r p?om an<t ardor mart prove abortive aa long aa Iba uauaea of ceim ad dbnrdar at* aat onty aaobarbad. bat are ter?t?Ml an-i rtimalated by oryaataauoaa pnworfal ta antnb*r aa areoitb. aettvaly employed ta ambnrraaeing tba <Mimi(ib iratma of Jiltir la ail awaaa abutting tba tattrrf of tbair member*. H M a color tone fact tbat tbouaaad* of dram Hop* |airnir tbair bualwei, and natra dona It (br yrar la dabanoa af law* of tba fbatn declared to b r<*wtitut tonal by tba aonrt of laat re*nrt, an? wliaa evary tiaritrenaed **W> of ait bar ?!-nHnll or fermented inUmraaU la pronounced by tba law a rtpnundad by tba Court of Appeal*. to br- a ml*le naaaor. Indeed tba panaltta? tnaorrad, whatbar crtmloa nr Civil, by tku traffic, If unpooad and aoUecta-l, wwul-. 1 SHEET. psy the ' nitre .mount of ta<? of the nty, < nrtrmon? M ms. Tlwi they arc not imposed and ?*>l?>c.t?d and thin truffle brought under legal control. is (luo chiefly to the unscrupulous meddling with |>oilti<*1 und judicial alfairr of lk|uor and lager dm tern' " associations " niousands of men thus torn billed, witli on un-Tgottc executive commit tea, adroit and well paid counsel, and abundant resource* for tempting or coercing public ottteuls and public jour ouie, leave but an mdifloieut chauce for the protection of the rights or morals of a community too busy to look after the public interests and too unwieldy to counterplot the niihchieftt of a selfish com piracy It inay bo worthy the consideration of lb** public whether it is consistent with either the dignity or safety of the city longer to en dure the tluimrful paralysis of law and justice affecting thi chief cause of taxation, pauperism ami crime, or whether the statute intended to protect the oomuiuuity from illegal conspiracies of this sort should not be brought into requisition, as is provided in part 4, chapter 1, title VI , section 8, of the Revised Statutes;? If two or more persons shall coi spire to xsninit any set in jurlotis to the public health, hi public morals, or to trade anj commerce, or for the perversion or obstruction of justice, or the due administration of the laws, they shall be guilty of a misdemeanor. It would seem that this law, applied to the matter here presented, and to ltko conspiracies for supporting illegal government to its normal condition it in further due to the public to direct alienism to the demoralisation end lawlessness consequent upon the contempt of our -iiatule* fbr protecting the weekly rluv of rest and worship from unevenly end immoral public exhibition*, by the propri. tors of fumlay theatres and beef gardens. Net ouly luve ihey defied the law. but even the injunctions of court have been set at naught, and a combuiod pur|>oM> has been avowed and acted on to override law and authority and. in spite of all, to persist In practices offensive to the vast majority 01' oiu citinens, foreign to our national urageand connections, and destructive to publiu morals. Ik would appear to bo essential to the very being of our in stttuiiona that this state of things should be brought to an end. We have no shield but a government of law. la ouc class may take the law luto thcr own hands, all ola-we.may, and society resolves itself iuto its original elements At any cost and at all hazards existing .uws should be wisely and impartially enforced, and the men or cln.*i"'s of I raeu who choose to set tin m at defiance declare UtrmSi lves to be outlaws and need to be thus dealt w ith a about l'ear or fttvor. HOMKK FIUKKUN, Foreman. J. C. Kiwpaii., Clerk. ruxuyrmarr o.\ nu anrwc ov thk mixru l?wa Saw Vouk, Juno ?i, I MO The Grand Jury have had under consiiWution the ooc duct of the office of the military marshal of tiiisctfy tor although the marshal is appointed distinctly In oacli war rant that is issued, it nevertheless amounts to a periuA nent office. and has been held by the present incumbent seven or eight years. Through this nlbc? a great am..out of inconvenience and cost is imposed upon our cillaeu.whtch we believe our militia laws never contemplated Hundreds who are exempt by law trom military duty have paid foes which the law does uot require, to have their names entered upon a list of exempts, so that they may be soared from further annoyance. Hut even this does not ficlp them; for in many, u not m most cases, the "notices" of court martlals and fines still pursue them, and even levies made upun their property, hi the district of Company E, Tenth regiment, fur exam pie, 47# exempts were fined l.y court martial. l*vmaBa who pay the commutation tax faro no better. in the district just cited 343 commuter* were fined by the court martial. And beside these arc abuses on the part of deputies, which we presume art) not authorized by their employers, which ure practiced upon foreigners and other persons uuucquainied with our laws. On the other hand, there appears to be do correspooding advauUge accruing t<. the Sub- Tn procure the colea tain of seven hundred dollars, which this office paid the last year fbr fines of the uniuiiformed militia, the public wretched machinery of collection. The Urnml Jury pre Mat tbb agency an clear uul-uujce, Uut should receive early attention from our courts and Legislature. HOMER FRANKLIN', Foreman. J. C. XnMUt, Perk. The Slave Trade CNITKD RTATKS COMMISHlONLKs' COURT. Before Joseph Bridgham, Esq. TKK CJUB or WM FAXJIOrTB. June 22.?OMMJM* u Is Otftmtn, Jfetmmd Ow < liU Brig AlauaA.?This case was resumed to day. Lieutenant Abbott be log recallod waa cross-exam incd and deposed that hut vessel, the I'urtsmouth, left Porto I'ray a before the Falmouth, e^e followed in our wake; when examining the Falmouth all the questions 1 ai ked were answered; beard, that Captain Calhoun board ed her after 1 did; when this Falmouth ran towards us oulatde, she cane to aider our lee; we were aboat four miles out of the port; Lieutenant Young and myeetf board ed the vessel; sne was then out of her course: we took pueaeaslon of the Falmouth and ordered her back to port; we got her papers and log book and sent thorn to our ship, we made no examination; the papers, kc , are now in th poaeessioa or tne District Attorney; the pa|?'rs wi?rf glveu to us without hesitation; the charts were in a rack ux poeed to ilght. To tbe District Attorney?1There vu a dutrl of Cab* on a targe scare, large enough to rnn by. Ooea-cxam Inst ion resumed?I have never been ap the Congo river: I had charge of tbe Mat toe ah Acting muter, Abe waa cruising between tbe Bight of Benin end Hi. Paul de Looodo, I have been as tar ae Shark's Point, tbe en trance of the river; I have never had the charge of a vnseet Aa navigator, excepting thin vowel, 1 have mm targe Chart*, una copies of English charts, made for men of war; they were on board tbe Marlon; Chpl. Calhoun told bo to rend Do Witt on board tbe brig. Mr. Be Witt recalled and crow examined?I signed tbe articles to- go In tbo Falmouth, but did not sign any on board; 1 shipped by tbe uaiuo of W iUtaat Rose, and aent by that name until I got to Porto Prays, I have gone b> Um* ?x>< aluce; 1 shipped oo board the Ohailetige at Pan Francisco under Chpl. Windsor; ) wont to *i"* guano stands, ah tbe coast of *-re, ami arrived ta Nbw York on ho 19th of last March; 1 boarded tbe vessel with Thomas Matter;! was born in BlensviUc, Ulster county, New York; my real name to WtlUatn DeWitt; I have been to sea on tbe Khz* Adams on a w haling voyage from New Bedford; I was a blacksmith, and never went by any Other name but that of Rose and DeWitt: 1 cannot tall Who fdnpiied me in this vessel. 1 never sknutsvl out of NrW Yurtt before, tharn were four or tve of W- defend ant* pro*, ul wIhmj 1, anil they signed the article* at the time; Mahrr took u* over to the vessel, and told us there were oth<m of kit nun ebtppod; the' IWI 1 knew of the vessel waa the uigbl before; Mr. Matter told me she wax going to the coast of Africa; 1 never taw the captain before; never taw any person connected with the vessel before, didn't ship for any other than a trading voyage I* the ooaat. g. Did you know of any other voyage or inleodod voy Hf tor thd vnwetr A I do not choose to ^nwi-r the que. The question war again put, subject to tlie District At torney , objection. and allowed by the Churl. A. No, 1 did not. Witneoa continued?The Orel converse! ton I had with the erew about the voyean might have been throe or four day. out; 1 know that Burn* spoke to me alaiul It; 1 cannot tell who waa present, none- of the oftireva were there; Bum-, told me that we were going after Klavrr; he aaid he knew it. but did aot aay bow be came to know if. King alao aaid wo wore going after flavor, and thai be rhippnl with that uaderttending neither Hiirue nor King aaid who shipi??d them; Martin told me alao that they ware going after rtavon and knew It when they ahipped, Tommy aaid the aame; I ooukl aot 3 on what day or a but time of day those oouveraationplane, nor wbathar any other* were pnwoi wh en I war told ibia. Redirect examination reanmed?I went aahore with the captain at Porto l*raya; the American Oooenl would not give him a discharge unb ar the captain paid $46, or tbr.-' months' wager, I ehipped at SIS a month. The District Attorney put In rrldetice the maniftwt, and railed attention te Mm aavanty fttra oil ornate and haUnat, one boa hardware (which wan ahowa to contain a hollar), ana eaak, one karri I and two bona of drug*, which were the aalla, laxeeed, he. la the bill of lad la* there are called ' merchandise," shipped by "Maor i Bong*." Tliere were rlearaneea ftnm flew York and -atfrotn Porto Pray a, the latter mentions four paasrtgarr The Mew York clenrani-e mcaltuna "merchandise and rtoraa," and interpotntod nre the worda "foar pesaan ffTS " A letter from francia Provery and a charter I arty bet wan him and "Daniel Bnnga" The register irau.-d atth of Maroh, 1MB, lo Francis Beoery, but the latter name, indistinctly written, showing that the regis ler waa made out by the oath, and not km the record To Ijcutouant Abbott?The reason of our leaving Ms Prays before aristae the Teasel waa because the author Uer woatd not permit her eel sure la pari. Otijiuto I t>> and sllowrd War* the authorntaa applied in to compel the rear I to leave portf (idproU'd to) A. i knew that Capiat* rvllisWMi mnrin nnrtllPBliMi In ?hn iLo-Am.., I". Uurt purr**! though I tM not promt; UjOaptolo totd ma oo; thr Kafroouth prooamtod to aa* ?>im It* O'clodl, U? Pnrtomnuth rHtinc und< r wafgh trat; bat wa amaiwl that Um fhtaaouih wu making prrpiritintv to |M undar watgh. OiaiMlnit I dldaas bar pt uadar watgti, though ! war not on dr<* Oblaattoa waa amda to porta tu lag Urn witaou to atot t anything ba dtd art ana. Mrart 'xamioeUoe rapanmd?I aaw tba Falmouth braai tag ground and tripping bar aoriior. wa oonuaaarad to*.I ainridr of trr minutrw hafora aba did; ?a mod* aaa r titan U?r Falmouth, tmtora wo got nuuldo of th harbor aha waa rJoaa apaa aa: abaat mt farda ant ra; I atoat aabor* with Oaptoin Calhoun and had aa totorrmw with tan Amarfa Uoa?ul; tba naptoin bad alt tba paporr nxoapt tba manifaat, tbay wont lag'thai, tba Caput* aad thr Congo I. to tbaUomraor'a rasldaaoe, a Oar lb? In tor rtrw wltb tba Ootroraor, fbptata Chlbnaa partad from Urn (Vxwul. prooaadrd to tba Owtoa Hauae, aad altarward want aa baard tba Portamouth and gar* ordnra to im ? randy tar ana. Adjouraod IUI ftUurday (Ihta day), at II A M , ttairma?rtaaaanc nwrums ma Ca?i ?Oarun flrhlrmrr bald aa toqarwt at No SI Clarb (tract ymtanhny. upon tba body af ftarah Rloa, a marrtod annua, about ti yaara of aga, wbo aai?>l*tad aata.Mta by taking laadanum Daruaad, .1 appurad, had llrad unhappily wtth bar h*? band, and oa aaarr tban oat owwatoa bad tbriatuad to daatroy brrartf On Tbumday aha bad a quarral witb hrr bubaad rutatfra to aaaaa naanay aaattarn. gad. aattay " tbr tmpulao of |ba momool aba went atmlgbtwu to bar iadroton and partoob of a quantity af laodaaam, tn*n th i rdbrta af which aba dtat ta about MP hour* aharwerda Dm Boutoa and W?lt>> mada a noat mnrtom riaaatoailoii af tba body, and cava ft aa thafr optaloa that dnath wa cau?ad by Um admin la trat km of aouaa aareotM pataoa lha jury raadarad a rardlrt la anonrdanoa wtth tba abor farta nwitwai ww a anatra of Now Tnrb, and bad bnan married about two yearn. For*? Dnow*m> ?Tba body of aa unknown man, about thirty ftra yaam of aga. wag found floating to the watar at tIm foot of Taaay atroat yiwtorday TVra waa o? rorarlng tin Um body with Um aaraptton af a Uimn ahlrt (oroorr brhlrmar bald aa tnqaaat upon tba body of da t?aaad, and ordapad tba rcmalno to ba rnnt to tba daad hmaw at Rallanm Honpttol tor idoatlfleauan Tba body appaarad to bare baatt to tba watar about tarty right hour*. \ Thf Cratrtl Park Iav??tlf>V \i KTH kUTlNU or TUB OOMMIMOOr KX*; . or wrrramaB. \ ATWi u> 2ter- c?min,w?e um iJl held it^HT ?<l Wkim of the kto*T.r" J louw- yesterday forenoon at ported by MrV*" prttrtd?d P?*??^eiwX appointed by thV"0^11' the ,won' offleWW/ / After the reading ol^ V preceding mee t Ing, <>f the P. formal charge against tWf. ^?Wi w^? Prc8e^k# iolid meeting of lb* J was examined, so flu* M bin *** ""'"*^1 ' r<>n< ovurd, in regard to tbecharflP"*' knowlsd^^h Bciug duly sworn, be toatiOed as uK"*?* I'Uiu of the Central l"ark baa beeu ye id from; tbc estimate of the coot of was Wsa than one and a half millions of doilartlj^* ^ is uot yet oimvfourth completed, and has cost all ety ^ sl sum of one and a quarter milliooa, the aoil for Um ItmL^ not properly prepared or composted, being made of V? ^B excavated from the Park and mixed with bone and *lr*h ^B manure; muriatic acid was in this way generated, which ^B attacked the roots and killed the trees; the trcea and shrubs were uot properly pruned, great expense m*|M ^B to to erect a waterfall, and Uiere waa no water to enrry V out this object, so that tho expense was use- V lew. the contract for widening Kilty ninth street was given out for e sum'of about 116,000 the contractor 1 ubaudoned tho work, and It Was afterwards contracted for ! without rcadverlisiuK: I hrouahl the fact to the nut KM ef one of the Commissioners that the foreman of assof the shops, a nuui uowud Kehoe, permitted hie men to use tbc material for tbotr na private usee; this man u still relaksad Ml tbetr> employ; a bookkeeper in their employ, named Petrarch i, kept a house on Third avenue, at which balls were given. and which wan frequented by dfareputabler1 character*: thin wan known to the Commissioner*; ooo of the workmen on the Park, named MUler, was discharged through the influence of Mr. dray, for the purpose of alighting Mr. Strong; while 1 won in the Board no separate accounts were kept of the work dose on the dlfleroot portions of the Park. Cross examined?While I wan a member of the Board S great many unimportant altera I ems were made la the plan of the Park; the Important changes were made after my resignation; the cave and waterfall were not ordered to'be made by a vole of the Board; 1 do not know of any collusion tH-lween the Commissioners aud the employes on the Park ; 1 wax in the Board from May 1, 11167, to ma.J 6, 18611, and I resigned because the CririuulHsionerH had three bills before the legislature for the extension of Ihe Park to 110th street, the widening of Seventh a\euue and an in< nsM' of approprlalloua; it was piopoeed tied ] slamld resign in favor of Mr. Blnlchloid, and Mi. Tiray offered to give me $1,600 security that 1 should be appointed to some other poet OS the Park; 1 cave Mr. Gray evidence in regard to neglect of duty on the part of Miller; 1 opposed the surveys of Mr. Vis-ley as being lua< curate m many respects; I do not knew that trees have died in other portions of the Park which were not planted In soil i vmposted an I have before described; 1 believe Mr. t'ogan was competent to carry out bis contract for widening Fifty-ninth street; ha did not fulfil his < on tract because he could mil gel his money; do not know anything in regard to the accuracy of Mr. Pelrurcln's accounts; 1 have seen Mr. Petrarchi in his bouse on Third avenue, uear Seventy-eighth street; lbs house was a resort for thieves and burglars, som" of whom Ixwrded In It; Mr. Bray Is the Cotmnisis.m-r who cumptuicu a iwnuu hi uiuiau uuun given uwro n pam of dismissal; Petrarch i's conduct wu brought to the notice of the <Vimmi**k>nrrs, but he is still retained in their obi ploy: 1 do uot think lawyers or merchant* lit to seperialend the work of tko Geulrnl Park; I was offered tbo position of su|*erintendeni of lslmr or some oilier similar office at a salary 01 $2,000 or $2,600 jwr annum if I rmlgnad; Mr. Blatchford ottered me a check for $600 If 1 would not Bto Albany to testify before the Committee of the Leg inure; the otter waa not a |deco of badinage on Um part of Mr. Iilalchford; I received It as a serious proposition. The witness also teal iflod to fHultlness of numerous details of the management of the Central Park. Tbo croaaexaiainatiou wan prlnci|ially conducted by Mr. And raw H. Cireeti, of the Bnard of Central Park Gutmuissiooeri:. Mr. HaniueJ Matchford. the next witness called, being duly sworn, testified as follows:?Mr. Hogg cam# to my office hiune time in the early part of hut winter: we apuke of the bill which waa to come before the Legi*Inline in t egartl to investigating the affair* of Um Oauirat Park; he said be could prevent the puaaago of Um bill; that be bad the Senate under hit thumb: I asked Uttn, in a Laughing, joking manner, if ha haff o mull authority would he lake $260 to prevent it; nothing was said about $600 or about a not*; Mr Hogg went down stairs into Mr. Ureea'a ream, and Mr. Uroon shortly afterwards camo in; Mr. Hogg Mid ho would withdraw all bin opposition to Um Beard of U ntral Park CnmmiasmnrrH if he received tbo peniUen of snpertntendrnt of labor, or antne other atmllar office, at a salary ot tUfiOQ or $2,600 per anaom; Mr. Conefeltag was to rntne into the Commissioners Crow* examined, by Mr. Hogg?I did offer Mr. Hogg $260 not to go to Albany to give evidence before the Legislative Committee, but in a joking way; I did not offer to double the amount afterwards; nothing waa said about Suppressing cvldeuce before the coinmiltou. The let tummy lor the day here c tuned, and the committee adjourned to meet ibis morning at ten o'clock. I The follow in* letter from Robert J. Ihllua, Rag., *M received by the committee, in answer to an inviuutaa to l>e preaent at their Omrtoa to repeat Civtaln private charge* which he waa understood to liave made when th* matter of the Central Park appropriation* waa before the Legta latum kwt winter:? Saw Yew. June 21, UN. fltmnrr-l had the honor to receive jreaterday year letter of the 19th (net., Mating that yon were a committee appointM by the ttenete to eiaaioie late the aflhlre of the Central Park, and were now la w mnB in Utie city. Yoa were plear?d to add that If I do?lred to make any commun teal loo to the committee I abould, If oooeceteei, embrace this opportiuiily of doing ?<?. 1 euppoee 1 am Indebted to the honor of thi* civility from the fact that, With many other eltlama, I addreawd to the IjTgtytaiurc, last winter, an urgent reaMaatraaoe ngainat the petition of the ('otnmiaeiuoers of the Ceotral Park which asked the Legislature to tmpoer upon the dty of Sew York the aura of (6 000,000 for the lay tag eat, regulation and government ot the Park, in addition to the mm of $2,000,000 previously advanced by the city far thuee purpose*. We urged that $$00,000 only shook! be granb-d. vufRrlent for the operation'- of the current year, and that, tn the meantime, a Committee of tovwrtigattow ahoukl Im appointed, to ait during the race?, apoa wboee report netl winter the Iswu-lalare would be gdvieed whether the belaooe of the spproprUtioa asked ibr abnnM be granted or not. Although it waa made perfectly IKW oy our rrmnu"iraii< < Uial, uurw UM UpniMNMn were vmM ki their course of expenditures. the OuLral P*rk. of six hundred and thirty acred, notfd ami the rlty of Nrw York several mtlliooa More than tha mat of th< Ooton Aqnrdtyt of forty mike m length, add of the Hudson Rivrr Railroad of ltd nuke la length, and mart than any imperial or royal, much laaa aay orty government fn Kumpe, would rrnture to expend apaa a public park, tret the legislature, la their wttdaaa, and protiubly with a view to avoid the haaard af delaying tha proeeeulioo of the work. thought proper to paaa the act, giving to the CnauBiaetonem all they naked for Nothing now remains for the city of New York hat to mhsaft and pay the debt out of yearly taxation, aa beat it may. If your Committee of larrettgnt ten had been appointed before this art was parsed, I would, with many other c'-Unna, hare gladly embraced the opportunity o*-red ay roqr polite letter, ta gtwe yea ranh MbrraaMon aa ma subject a? would hare mttsged geu aad the haaaraMa Hnaale that the cMy of !frw Yhrk ought to ha aarpd fram the ladlrllna of Ma pan agi ltd that tat mi of da act hoa left the city wilhoot rraeedy, and haw. IhoredHn, taken from the autyeet its mam attribute or fuhlia n tereft. It would now bo n vain undertaking, aad a makes urumptioa of yunr valuable time, te send yea any can man leal km sir .wing why the act should net bare hern panned. There maybe, however, aaa aepacl of tha aaaa.aTo anttuir eha?aels> f.? n-Kuk h. ? v-?- na * - tlMught proper W> appoint the Cbtnmlllee of lnrwligatMa, not affecting the apaotai IwmI of the rlty of N?w Yorkbut affecting the MM t IrgielaiMa of tha Huu, and that la tha ooa duct at tha t'ommimlauera, acting aa oth era of 1Mb legte Uture appointed by them to execute the lawn at tha Mate By tha art at 1MT. organlatng the Obmmlaaina, thr lrgMtMurr daciarad that " no plan whatever ?bp tha laying out, regulation and government at Uw Ikrt aheaM b? adapted or undertaken t?v the OnunlakiMra, tha ml Ira axpauaa whamt, wlten traded, bnuld require Mar the paymentot tha aaanal Inureet tbaraon ? aaaa -unnd tag MM.OM par annum"?reoreernting a capital of tl fifld.ana?-a mm quite magalioent for all pnifoami, onaahlering the unrivalled attraction* with wfcteh aetata bad Inverted the land# of thr park Within eighteen monikaaAar their appointment, the OwmntwiMnrr* had *Tp? ndnd tha retire Mim thur appropriated and applied te Urn LaaMaturehwaa additional ?um <>( MO.OQQ The r>qeeat waa granted; bat the lagtalatwe br thr art at IM# again Mr?t aaiaulnr yruhibuwa. by daelartng thai ** arjAm the ley lug out. regulation ajid govaramaat of tha hit apouid ha adapted or uadrrtakea hv thr Ommbmloarra, the e?ttre capaaaa whareaf, whaa fatxtad, uhaahl mqaira ft* Uie payment of the annual intaraat tharron a anm eg- / aped lag NhM per annum"?reprrarntlnff a capttal hf a?. PI 000,000 Vet, in Janaary.MM, trhaa not aim ? fourth of the improvement had barn oapipMafL 4 the Cbmmliii lonere priewuWd their petition. ankiaf 7 ar an eddHxuiaJ appropriation of leal ta ta mi. njK*iiuw 10r rrjnuuiwn ana imprvTcmaat, MM f|M MO aj?n<ial)? for pwramoOl, rrjieroeottafl a capital <* MM* Mo TV toet throby >IWI put.bylhMr own potltlna, that they hod adopted and taidiitabMI apt had pomimod to *i <r*tng Md undertaking a plan of tho Park, the onUro otprnoo nf wht )i will e*road atort* Otot Uaooa th< am..ant of the ttmt limitation << (to Mar MM. It waa atoar. theroO>ro. that lb" fc>|emn na< inwota qt tho le* Mature hwi kaea dtooognrdod and tha towa aMMaA M I ?rt??r that bjr tha appointment of tha UMBMlm tat of Im anigaiaa. K waa Inv n.t?-1 by tha IVmate u> M tha acting majority of lha <*anm foe toner* an trMO. M S *t*r tha* aa opportaaitjr af ebvwiac to yo?, aaita ttoa * . Hot-pooing ihto to ha tha tooaa iWora raa, 1 hwra aha honor to endow Orftaln docittooatr. numiw*! froan I to Iaohwlao, whleh May toeul In ahnw anato ?* (* mwm *w tbeee illegal and -nr>-|pait nffaailf n. ?M 11 ntberwtoe aid yon la jrtmr toviwttgatlaa, ^ Tn the Honorable Wfaataia llitnt. MOsaoa aah IttMi, C> mm 11 too of InvaatlgaUMi. Tn* Ctotova no Caimn* ?'Projwmttoaa aro homy mnM for tho itmw ts Canada. and naiftoatanaf to lako ttaoo bo to* appointed by tho forommont Tha (brwa, af learn, aro already ppaparw. Ml art an duund MM oaiahle mnrb more aUaate tohrmattoe to ho tat lad. a? poo lolly regarding tho maoukcturra of tho prorieee^ W f? any Ibrmr* wowtna They ate, twiworor. M a It printed until after Mr <?aH'? rotnra Tram the mooting rf tho froat -taliotiral tlr?n?roo? m l-nodoa, Mptoad, !> >? hold on tho lhth projrtmo, oh'rh bo will atfnd la tha kh , toroot of Outaila.

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