Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 23, 1860, Page 7

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 23, 1860 Page 7
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curious expectants, bhould site have loft Southampton on Wednesday, she will be due here on ' this day week; that it*, presuming that she make* the voyage in ten days; and it is a nota ble coincidence that it she sailed on that day she started in company with our own great ateamship. the Adriatic, one of the fastest on the ocean, commanded by Gapt Corns toe k, who helped to pilot the monster ship down the * Thames from ber cradle at MUlwall. If the dreat Eastern should be sailing to-day, however, we may look for her ponderous shape off 1 be Battery about next Monday week, the Sd o Jnly. tPnwi HV. M.aut njiwnt urucTiuna.? iin (iiraiiii cummer it destined to see revived so era of Arctic explorations. There are now on foot three expeditions to the regions of ice, each having for its object a separate and distinct result One expedition, under the command of the new Arctic adventurer, Mr. Hall, of Cincin nati, has already started from New London ^ having sailed from there a few weeks ago. The second, under Dr. Hayes, is announoed to leave * boston on the 26th inst, and the third will start from Bngiand, under the auspices of the British government, about the 1st of July, to make a survey for the North Atlantic telegraph to Labradec. The special object of Mr. Hall's enterprise is to search for any survivors of -Sir John Franklin's party who may, by some possibility, still exist among the Esquimaux. Mr. Hall contemplates po over loe route in a direction not yet penetrated by explorers; and even if it should > turn out that none of Franklin's party remain In those desolate regions, It will be some satis* friction to know that the last chance has been fried to ascertain the certainty of tboir fate. The expedition of Dr. Hayes, it is known, bai been undertaken with a view to complete the solution of Dr. Kane's discovery of an opun Polar Sea, with which object be intends to sail up Smith's Sound, and make directly for the -North Pole with sledge parties. 'The British government U about to send out Captai?f>ir F. L. McClintock. in the Bulldog, to make the surveys for the North Atlantic teleI graph, which, though not strictly an enterprise of Arctic discovery, will have to be conducted in the icy regions of the Northern seas. This line is to have its European terminus at a point in the extreme North of Scotland, and its American terminus on the coast of Labrador. From the starting point in Scotland it will ran to the Faroe Islands, a distance of 260 miles; thence to Iceland, a distance of 350 miles; crossing that island to the bay of Reikiavik. another submarine section will be laid to Greenland, a distance of nearly GOO miles, and after intersecting the southern end of Greenland, another section of 600 miles will connect with the coast of Labrador, at Hamilton's Inlet The aggregate length of the submarine cable In this line will be about 1,750 miles, and the land route about 300. Thus R trill be seen that, In addition to all the other great events of this summer, the season trill be marked by the inauguration of these very interesting expeditions to the Arctic regions. Tm Rationale or Sabbath Legislation.? The Grand Jury have, we see, agreed to a presentment referring the crime and Immorality prevailing in ear city to the sal* of Intoxicating *h* toleration of tbeatrioal and other performances on the 8ahbath day. How does it happen that, with the first of these Influences at work ever since the year one, this notable discovery should not have been made before? In the continental cities of Europe there Is no restriction on the sale of liquors or on Sunday amusements, and yet there are no better behaved or more temperate populations to be found anywhere. A drunken nun In Park In ?a great a rarity m the black swan wan to the ancient Romans, which k mora than caa be said of the places where 8unday laws hare been enforced. In the ardor of their reformatory seal the members of the Grand Jury hare eonfounded together both cause and effect. It in because of the efforts that bare been made to debar the masses from rational and healthful amusements on the Sunday that they are driren into demoralising Indulgences that they would uerer dream of If their actions were left untrammelled. Let every fhcilHy be aflbrded to our city population to get into the country on the Sabbath, and we will answer for it Uut groggeries and Sunday I theatricals will soon be obliged to close up for wsat of patronage. Thk Cams or thk Rev. X.t. I La* new?In carrying out tbe full nseamirw of the law's awards In capita] cases, the State of New Jersey appears to bare a rery decided advantage over our own juid other States. where executive clemency is too often exercised without much discretion or consideration for the pnhlic welfare. The Court of Pardons of New Jersey, upon reviewing tbe evidence adduced against the Rev. Jacob Harden, now under sentence of death for wife poisoning, has declined ,o commute the punishment. There k, therefore no appeal for the condcanned, and sooner or later the law will claim Its victim. Tbe Governor may postpone tbe day of doom at the prisoner's request, but the j decision of Ihe Court of Pardons Is final. This Is tbe second instance recently in which this Court refused the application for commutation Of sentence-?tbe case oi Donelly at Ncvanink being n very notable one. If we had a similar Oourt in the State of New York, of as just and uncompromising a character as that of New Jersey, we would have fewer rau*M of com plaint agaitwt the ibu-c of axaetttire clcmaocy, and probably firwor taan of aaafuinary saur- 1 to rooord. PmiAMim or Pwlammvu ttmrnt A few iUn ' -? tlw T%U??rt>hla Ml"11 wtwwd that Wrig\\m Youaa tlx- Nunr Irnptot, war la Uut eM/ tmmjmto, ! fKfnti' n$ for lit* ptirvhaaa of taarfcnH-rjr fer a papa J oil!, Tt* wbolo -lory u<* U m* ml k b? i fabrioaUaa. f,.r w? tar* nr - "od Itwoa'rorrrtib. *vi l< ana feaa oar f*H liw iwifpuxtom, un-XT* data of tba llih laat, afetlnjr ??.nt fW" ?wk pro?- taly ftrl*Wi and mat of bin Apwllta, ui nnroanMMo profaay. I?A that Ofty to l?oaa abort ptuiir t-tuama la ?fe> aafrvta of Shit lakr Unwaar Ihnurar ?TV- w w atanaaom-nt of lb* boaaa V w?-h bard *? wirr pnolic ferar Thay fera % wry aarnan p fttntir w? a?rh< ta whhb fewo. C. W. CM 4k?i mxI R Jobaaw-a api?.? o two feronu- character* not r?aw? it ma rewoMtri nuamai a v? tn ?Jrombr Wl?iao*rh t U? ofi rar of ha wife at * <? ortaaaa, oo tb* Ttb tail , aal ha* i*n ><laoharg?i fer H la hia dofeaor b? ahowM thai ft* yaar he kaa* Of Ibolr tettnary. Ml teM Milt It, trted to broak It up, IH?oo'?bt ho had hutoat it nji, rkw. na i roeaat or*ab?<. fer t?* raw Trtth *hr nr. , *i?J f?H ha pr. muw nor In" with Uw wraOff v*ii n- V h-*" ha ward. anJ r?<a tama M UiuImmO wbuo bo (H a hiahaw) waa It rra, afj h?tt 1 bin tin fAai*' ' 1" xh > . . Metre*** .-w f ratwi* /of. W rt'tiw-aln ?, lea*, w '-t-?<i Vim Hrri?h o t|, n<* oo h. tiw . pi"?t??l tlio ' -?! wri?W|o l I. t, l-iiatt"-, tf "aid, I i a..- of **r A h? IV a't' f t>.' ilmilatioaa. far i w> U??b :j-rrhod by tba poaoiaoo. NEW YU Krw? fro? Havana. NlW "KlJUUfS, June *"2 The steamer t'ahkwba arrived hw yesterday .bringing | Havana advices to the 18th met. j The sugar market at Havana was ? -uly, price* ranging from Sc. a #X c. The stock at Havana and Matawsas was 840,00# ' o*e Molasses was from 8#c a 4tfc. rente for MusroWlo Starting 18 a 14\ per cant, premium. ttichanga oa Mew York was at 1# a IX per cent, premium. Freights wars active. Maws fl o? Mcsirs, ' aw mjum June 80 1800. The United States p loop-of -war Focahontaa has arrlva# here from Varj rus, with advices to the 10th nst.,ai>4 important dispatches for Washington. The aaws Is an taw portent. Arrival af thi Slsiy af-war laratoga at PHUsUtelplnftm. rsouanu, June 88,1888. The United Pfa'ee stoop-of-war Saratoga arrived from Verm Crui 2<t The United States ship Savannah warn Ml Van Cram. The United States rioop of-war Brooklyn M\ Um M for Cm peachy, with Minister McLane oo Uard Mr. Samuel P. Armstrong waa a passes#or on the Saratoga; he Is the bearer of despatches to Wwhine too Tki Haw Hampihln LrgUUtan, he. Cowman, June 91, IM The Hew Hampahtre legislature haa adjourned lilt Monday afternoon. Mr. Shirley, of Andover, and Mr. Barnard, et franklin, member* of the Hvuee, oame near a peraooal knock down to-day, the taller accusing the termer of uttering a falsehood. Mr. Shirley, who ia a landing democrat, remain" in town to answer aay written requeat from Mr. Paraard Kx-President P<eroe baa gone to Hlllaboee. The democrats are' greatly exercised about the Haitimore Oonrentiou. The aoaalnation of Douglas would cause a grand demonstration throughout the SUto. Htatlai ait Oiwtgo. Ohwmuo, Jane 29,1M0 The largest and moat enthusiastic political meeting ever witnessed in Uiia rity waa held last night, U> ratify the Chicago nominations. The city waa brilliantly illumi nated by pyroteehnlr displays, and a long torchlight pro oesaloo of the Wide Awakes marched through the streets. Doollttle Hall was packed, and the east aasembtage was addressed by General B. P. Bruce, of Madlsoa, and I>. J. Mitchell, Ihq., of Syracuse. Baak Forgeries la Ron tow. yvwna, .Torv- S--'. IftiO. The Fxrhange Bark paid yesf ,r'*r It. check, and the Safety Kimd BrrW tl.Md on - i!?h- rJl*r. The fbrgerlee were made In the i ?m<* of J. W. Pavia k (to. and Mathew Holies, brr,k< nMorowejr Sentenced. MoTmowimv Ala.. .Tuie 32. fltf Marcney, the former a rent of Clams' rxpr>-?* i moany, pleaded guilty of tike rubbery ?>t fAO.OOA Ho was - nleuoed hy Judge rhnrtcr to ten ye?r? in I ho jv-niteal iary. The money was recovered last August, hy Mnkertoo'* D*tec ttve Agency of Chicago. It wn - found burled In an ob ore place near FM)ftd<'pbia. His Wite and other partiea implicated in the matter wiU duulitlwa be brought tnhis lice alee. . . t l | The TmrT In LtnUvlUf. liimmua, June 21, 1000 The home Brtndeer wen the trotttrig rare Mar, two mile beata, In harrer-, winning both heat* Tlie time *u IHuhI 600, beating Billy ]<wb and Abbey Wnod*. MtlMMBt mt the Mwllaaphy WtU Cane. B?. Lorn. June 21,1000. The celebrated Mullanphy will caee wan decided In the Supreme Court thin morning in furor of st Lmiia, which j trill receive orer $700,000 thereby. The City et Baltimore Outward Boaad, Br Joawn. It. f., June 22,1000 The nteanahlp City of Baltimore, from New York bound to Liverpool, pa?ml Chpe race at 10 o'clock oe Wednesday ?$*?* Weather Krport, Or. Jam, N. V., June $0,1000. Wind went. Ftcj ntoody. ThinaeaMir U dogma Haeaafte Aaalr naaai jr. Bwnrau. Joe 22,1000. The fiftieth aanbramrj of Mjratio ledge, of MLaaeen, ' oTPltteBaM, ?wee calibrated ta that town to-day with aak nptrtt. Maaoaa were final than npringuc-iu, iwhuth, nvw wtw, msmmj wan ITOy, IM aAo Um Mllra lodge* of Barkahlra oouoty. Boo. Ooorg* I N. P?Pool Grand Mastar of Um SUto, daiirurad a* , addreaa defining clearly the derating aid Moral parpaooa ( of maaoory. Miner waa aarrod la Burbank'a Hall, wharo 1 apaaebaa vara made by Boa. H. L. Dawaa aid other*, aid a poaM doltrorod by teMial B. Boiaaar, of Oraat Ban lagtea. The lodga of Waatdald will celebrate oa Wodaoaday. Crtokot Match at Albaay. Atutr, Jane 23,1Mb Ibo 81. George's Olcket Club of Now York boat the Albaay Oouoty Club to-day. 8t. Oeorge'a aaored oa their drat Iaalaga Id, aad oa the amend tanlaga 112. Total, 147. Albaay Oranty oa their trot innings aoored M, aad oa the aaoead Malaga 24. Total, tb arfcett, Naw fmtjura, June 21,1N0 Cotton?Seta* today 100 balaa quutattnu* are nominal. Sugar steady at 7)gc. a ge. Flour cloned with aa ad goring u ndenry at M 12K a gt It. Cum quiet yellow HMa, white at TOp Tohttcpo cloned firm Wblakey, 10c Freight* and rxikaiigr unaltered. Naw Oujua, June 22, lhgO | Cotton market cloned dull anle* to-day,200 bale*, al lOJbc allj^c. for middling; aajm of the week 11.00* haW-n; rcreipta of the w -ek IM0 bnlea, a*alnot 1 aaa bnJ-a the ptwrrepHndin* time lant year, esporu. 4.009 tin ha; total .-xporta to date. 310* .(*10 ha l<* receipt* nhewil ?4 laal year, 001 Ad* bale* rerctpt* at all Hmithieia l< t te nh>a<l nt last year. 702.000 baiee. stock la part. 74 WO l air* Mif?r market olmr.' quiet Flour cloned ai'l. .in sHnarkf tendency, at OA Ok a 00 40 hw fair ta it it 'air. It heal active, an.I wlranr.-d 4p a Or , aalea at 'IMalin tt*-e ehwed Hern at IJp a 10c.: tab* af I a<t t, S.f-Ot Vara, ei.rfc la port. II 000 bag*, agalnat 31 iMf Vng thi rrnv time Uet year Freight*?(lotto* tt> l.tverja* !. li 22!. Fxrhange unaltered luirm.** June 21. 1000. FV" acl't'.h"! inn hanged In prtrea Wheat dull m . 01 ? a >130 white. 01 4* a 01 W Corn act Ire: VrW W . *kc a At . white, T*r a 7S> lYt eiehma quiet, but t t ry Bitu Wfctehr) rt-ady lUiuMirmi June 22. 1000 'toy Wl eat flrm; while. $1 40 a 01 40; red, 11 M ? II 31 I t.rn aritrt at OA Whtak?y Arm at 21c Uk fe*r.?!/?, Jure 1J. 1000 Floor act ire a> d Omi; arh-. .t.ntiO hhta A Vat Ami, e .?|. a p>??1 demand; ? .h* 104.000 h-ahela at $1 1JV for v.. a .leer" N-r.M.Ol 10 f<-r No I do .. 01 17 a 01 10 .<U N" 1 Miiwa> hee ehtb, an. 01 30 a $1 to for red wiah r f'< tor. J a*.'- "?I I*itral* l -t me. ma, Wei rbeing Arm, hotd. r* aekn.g ana 'u rrit lr. fhww?40nr*r light,,mar Vet Aiiuer e ..** 06.000 h l: > al Ik aH fhr white; m. <dh -a al lie ? ' ee ?i. er 6*. P-r Na. 1 flllu.a*. WIim i> j i tunlM' at DO Cana' A i/hle Orm lake import ? 17 000 1 b'< A . 13 Wei bi am a wbrat, t!?vi it, roru, MOW do <.-.? ?T, 100 hM? Ae,r. |?o00 b .?bela l> al, 11.000 rn, ami 10.000 Jo nata lirrrcu., June yj?o lv M Wir fi-m and la good drenami: nalr? 0,0n0 l.b.* a' ft a ft lOKftV egtm State and Car a. linn 00 10 a 10 20 fbr xtra llltn.-ia and Wla-rmain 06 26 a 04TTU f..r extra !. wa aid Michigan 00 IT If a 00 M for extra Indiana and 'd.te, M 70 a Id 40 fee ha.hie extra* Wheat > km>d quiet bit Aimer aalea I0.AM bunheA, nearly all of nkh tltci.g.t hap.'e la '.-re tie- receipt of the New Tar* dan Intel, at 01 13 a 01 It for Milwaukee chih. 01 10 for Cana da club, and 01 10 for No f fhtragw aprtag i Am elnaed K'.tl Aim.r **#* 16,000 biudwA at 04c aMtfc for : 64 V iHl|r f?w No 1 nilnoM?Snider* were taking M at the rlcwe Oat* otaady at 04*. fhna i 1i. tyl.le ui'liat fn'. In.r?orta?0.000 hblo Amir, 214*0 1 her Vie w7? at >1 MO buabela cor*. 0 000 haahlA nata F*t?rte?100 bbK flcur, 3*400 buabela wheat, 13,000 bushel* wen, 27.000 bunhela inta. o*w*ar?. Juno 20?0 T. M. FWnr Arm b. I unrhai.ged. Wheat?be Idem bar* ad \ ?*ren Ibrtr rlrw*. and the market A uawtUed, with but itue dwpie.Ueti in.uig the partita grually to oparaka buyer* being cnote u*. while aellera are tanking 0?e a fbr her . mprr.cment In (Wirea Chicago apriag No. 2 A 0* t<i al 01 17 * 01 II. with mlm of MQW iutlh Aw ahipivmt met cm private ten**. Own quint. QumI Irt i*l.te air 1y at OA a* Omr, fa. au wbaat aud 0}<e *U c.rn v New Vi.rk Imtoru, *00 hbA Oour, UJM kmhrA Fad t.MW b.tabe'* men; 1,000 buaheA uaA Kxporto, 3 10C ht a. Ikur, 26 706 buaheA wbaat; 0J00 kiAblA our*. F1 ur quiet *< 94 *0a 90 flw *uper0n<- Whant Orm al OIWf. rN. frprtrg 1 <.rti qiiwi at 4k V a 4*c. OUto dull at 3*. He. r,rte-l J00 hbA. flour, 11.lot bnabati w-b-il. 1M MM tmah) A r.>m "hum* ate?POO Mda tonr 10,000 inahela wbcat, 10.000 btwbeA envu OrrnmaTi, June a 10*0 yv?,'?Prtcea irreyulae, with uwafeeate detnaod fbr 1 (la r trade#, b wrr dub WMabey ateady at IJtfe. Ir. t-ena Aim.hnt ikuMm doing. Mawey mart*! and alght exchange <? New YnA unchaaged. Terr Tnrti* Fxcraeaiw ?The Chicago Tnwn rbdeix h**' |e*i] li.. lr *.wb taAed of ex>-wr*Viu H ? J leged oa acmmt oftha d?*lA of one of their urymiaa^Mm ? KK HERALD, SATiHI)AY, loss ol the United States Steamer I Walker. Twratjf of her Crew Droward and Mil*- ' lag?NtrratW* of One of the Harrlron. Th* Halted Slates Surveying eU^uaxr Walker, oo her ! way to New York froia her Southern statins, which in . eludes the coast of Alabama, Mississippi aad pert of { Louisiana, was run Into on Thursday morning, botweou i two and three o'clock, by a schooner, and sunk The ac- ! cideal took plaoe off Abeeoom, aad la view of the light? perhaps eight or nine stiles distant. The following are the sAtns m aaran John J. Guthrie, I .lout (thn. William f. Jones. J. A. Sew til (and lady), hi Robert BeU. officer Jos. Clark B. W. Guthrie, 4th sOonr. John Bryan. Jaa. Helium,Surgeon. George Bean. (hnrles Harriott. AstSurg. John Chaser. R. a Swift, Engineer. Jos. Morg. Henry IHofc John Hmtth John C. Thompson. Jog. A. Gold log John Burton. WtUiam Logan. John Walsh. John Bowe. John McCaffrey. Joe. Mar. (hales Clifford. Jaams Be Oosroey. John R. Hall. Wffham Bops. John Shewn. Bernard Garrah. John Taylor. man Rliejr. William H. Maps*. Ml A. Minor. James Barrwon. AJonzo Hood. Jobs McMlUnn. Jim Ckrk. Ed ward Lynch. Peter Decker. PuM Brans. Michael Boyle. James Wilson. Patrick Daberty. Jrgi?r?a CVaveos. Michael Lyona. Andrew Young. Heerr RoUee. um as n mm. Henry (toed. Robert Wilson. 1 imotby Connor. Cornelias Crow. Tt-miah OuSvy. Chan. Miller. John M. Biown. Geo. W. Johnston Miofaaot M Inc. Homl. ttser. Marquis Booevcnts. Daniel Smith. Jan. Patterson. John Karren, Michael Allruaa. Joseph Bate. John Driacoil. James Farren. George Prior. AU day yesterday the most intense excitement prevailed at the Navy Yard and In the Fifth ward. Brooklyii, where a majority of the crew reside, and unlti the arrival of a jvutici. of the eurvivors, bringing definite intormation, the suspense among the families and relatives of the men was distressing. One of our reporters, during the afternoon, had an Interrtew with one of the most intelligent among the crew, and irom bun gathered the following particulars:? NARIUT1VX Or C8ABLM CI.IFKORD, GCAXTRKMARm. At the time of the collision Lieutenant J. A tie wall, the executive officer, was on the watch. It was about quarter-past two is the morning We saw the schooner ahead, coming before the wind, and put the helm hard aport to clear her. The schooner waa clone , liars Tf TS of b<.th vesi-ois were burning clear. The atmosphere was cloudy, and the wind blow ing fresh from the northeast "lbe schooner thereupon put her helm bard as tar board, which made a collision inevitable. She struck the steam er forward of the purl guard and wheel house, catting her down to the water's i <ge, and carried away her own head bourns. The schooner hung for a moment, then swung alongside, and carried away the forward and quar U*r bouts r?f the sU-iimrr. netting clear of the schooner, we worked ehi-ad, but (boq>1 the Walker ?o Kinking; cat away her DininmtiHt, bimm", and got everything movable on deck, U? make a -aft for the men. Kvory body cool, and the ofBrer* behaving with great preosaoe of mind, l/iwered b?th Marboard boats and dropped them astern for uae when the vessel went down. By thia twin every soul waa on deck except thoae who may have been killed or injured by the colliaton, and a skk man on board, mar seventy yearn of age, almoet helpless, had been rarrfitliy lifted- out and put In one of the boats Alt was orderly The meo stayed by the steamer nntil she was sinking, and then, without ooafuaion, snrh of th'tn as could took to the boats. Many of the crew went down with the steamer, however, clinging to the span and portions of the wreck, and expected to be anvnd in that way. The captain stayed on board until the steamer went down, and just before she disappeared from sight jumped into the water, and was picked up by one of the boats. Lira tenant Sew all wan drawn down la the vortex, and, after resnalniag tor a considerable time Boating on a portion of the wreck, was also rescued by one of the boats. A bonny son was running, and many of the men were daubttaas washed off the spars and drowsed from the msrs exhaust ion of holding on, while others wore killed or Wnansd on rtstag to the surface by ooecumtoe with open and otter parts of the nistUL Tte staamer had entirely soak from sight la thirty mtautas sfter the coiltsMn. Many of the crew wars rescued by tte heals. Is which worn about forty four peruana, and ttey wars m tnrn picked np by tte schooner ft.?. Parlor Chptela & a Radeon. Be did nobly, keeping his vessel aoont ue ipM where the wreck went how* until two o'clock In tbe da y, ud wing evcry endeavor to reader as comfbrtaMr ead aflbrd the dwlred amlsunoe. rinding iknt It ww weiew to remain loager In searching for the miming, Cbptala Hudson stood Into Cape Mar, where be nrrtred obont flrer o'clock on Ibnradnr afternoon. lbs shore secoant M corroherstod In nil pnrtlculnra br that of Lleatennnt Commanding J. J. Ontbrio, Called flutes Nary, with whem another of our reporters likewise bad an interview at n later bear b the evening. Re stales, in addition I* the above, that an arriving at Chpe May n acbeoaur ww there with a rent In bar foresail, her bend spare carried away and bar cotwater Injured. The name of this rseael was the fanny, and the time ef bar arrival ww sorb ae to make N almost coruia that aba ww the author of the aocldeal While la Cape May the oMoira and crew were presided with muck needed refreshments and clothing by tbe citiarea. Frommoat among tbooe who rendered assistance were Mr. Waat, the proprietor of Cuogreas Hall; J. C. Little, of Our Rouse, Captain Jutinaun, of Urn slraiarr K< nnebec, and Captain Cannon, of the Delaware, and Muaare, T. M. <*ilrk*nJ) and J. W Uurtoo, of Ihila delphla I xai tenant Guthrie a peaks In the highest terms of the ran duet of tbe crew under the trying rireum stances, and states that when the steani-r went down every man waa at bis post, there being la the txaU only three individuals and a dog. A heavy gsl< ass bhw ing si the lime and a roorh sea ronntnf, whirh rauaad Ihr at**m<-i to cti m and aatlla li.urh rr*i. rapidly thai) ah' otharwwa woabl barf do a, oo wall aa prar>-at?d tl*** fUf*wi tn Ihr work of raoroa (no Dovwff oil thnna who war" *?t?M?d for a llow lo k?*p itKowrivm a bora waW. It I* hnj?d Ouit as a u-.mbar of acbMwar* wrra m tha vicinity ntbara may hava baa? ptrkad up. and, lnda*d, fWao ?b auutcanvraa of ooa of tf 'tn, tha raptam *Mt? tl tl it la alnajat certain (bat aurh la tha rasa. V f * vlrnia who cama no to this rlty ban r<-t?' t*d tli maalraa to tha Cowiatandant of tha Navy Yard, anl b?*o t*.<! off. All ar* ta a daalitnl* rood it Ma., howaoar, uthcari sad craw ! avtng loot avar; thii.* (lint th - < bob-fa on thalr bock* la rtow of thana rlrrtnrtMa an", nd th* brarary aad dia ripltna mai.if-atxd oa lb* tryil-k nrcvf!<?, It bahoorao fovi-roai-at to taka amaa nt*p? to raarxapanoa tbarn tor thetr bona ANOTITUR ACCOUNT OF THE CATASTROPHE, or* rHii.AiHn.ntii MRMWown**cit. haunrtm, Jun? n. |W Th? r?it?M HUM enat annoy *uwater Wvlkrr l>w MUt Oaimandlng A. J Mlthrto, hfl Norfolk, Vs., no Toradsy, Mr 1Mb lest., for Nrw Turk. At half past two A. M of Mr 21st, ?hd ftrab frtr N N * % K , rarnr la eoatart with a n bonarr Horn aTW pliiif rtsar of Mr at bonarr dtsrvrrrad Mr ship was Iraktaf Ihstor Mm tbr bilge ud hart) paatpa Mild fr?e bar Two of ibr brat* were store by th? srhnair, Irarlaf nely two otbero, out rf euftclaai capacity o take all hands Mrs. HratrrU, wife of hr first ofltrrr, who was oa board, Mr sick, aad such othrrs of Mo crow who worr soasfcWed aiost oopahto of Ming rarr of ibeswsli no. wrra pe* la to Mr hoot. By <ha thus Mr luaiird arran*etr.rt>u w?ro aw its MosMaaasr had baroww m fall of truer Mat M? order was ffpaa fhr ho I tons fro* Mr stgaarf to Mr boats to bo rot stray Tha hosts worr Juat clear sVa thr Walker treat (toas. A arhnoaiir, emaiaasded by Mr. Hadooa, cntoad la tha vtstatty fhr anas iter, hoptas to aao# others. MoMtaff eoOd hr aar eifslte ta regard to Chpt H idsoe's ooa duct Mas ta say Mat ha brharad as a Chrittlaa la tha iror srusr of tbr trrto, and a yaUaat sestosa Wo wars loaded at CUpe May, a bar a the Inhabt taata did ereryMM* la tbrtr power to aid Mr dWmwrd, aad thia seralng Mr diias D?lawars, Cappals Omasa, look sasa board, aad, wHh tbo aathro la Miaet of a smtlewiao aad srwtten, estsadrd rtrttry buaal laiitf "His crew tarhtnwl grWHI tVrer?y to Haw T?M, Aotl arts rdtaply laft la Mr rrewtag par Wwoaisr. yroa Mr Uaw of (Wilistra la Mr sMttag ?f Mr Weftar inly Ibtrtr aileotra elapsed She snak Is tea htthome of tester AbewoaM light beariag oortbwsat fotrVt arrtS (true ) Chpt QaMrte Mowod h otaoif worMy Ma KM Md owthdiasi of a cooatry. May M ortaaa H. , JUKE 23. I860.?TR1PL8 A PA.v-f.x f t MfiH'i.ii* ratlriad pa*"*? ?< > haaJuM Ncr 'ftvuliti it. tin .-"ttpnme Ckdi. t of i 'in- tt- A t " ? 'rl'' v? i* |jro)> i'1y put ml <* tl? v*** <<ii tli Hettm i n<! WnrcMer road i?r rif"iu* to |?? l>" tniv. Ili': <l "l_i p 't on the axm* t>*in and cftffd to |>:?> , l??it hut again pot out. Tlic jury. on the trial, f in! tuat Ihf Ilr>t < j(rtitu Dt war justiiinhle, but the to nnil vein- nut 1' t gnvr dnwi*civ. lint tlw StiffiMBO Court M i a. iiU tin M .tn i.mid dmilisl that tlm fx?'l> had no i tplif to r<'' t< r tin inr* mi tlx wuni train from whloh hi- hail toiii lant illv fIm'tut, and tin- ratnltrtor wvi jue tillable in again raftering Itnit after lit reentry Arilml, Mild Drpaitarrii AKKIV VLB. >-.?rAnr.*n?"'c.imiihip Florida-iieo Lane#, Inn Miaee*,? Mi - '-'i.i.. K |t?> Aft'I tintIV niinrao. A r P?le%) ?. i' P Hull, lady and child; K I" Thnruhury, lady not dkughtnr: Maate Khtnc. M r* flusunn, O Tt na\l? And JA'IT. 3 Jk candlwlt Viw Pol) ,rd Miaa Kate Harrl.. VT Q Baker lady , i-tillil ain| ii'trwe; M* aihI Mrd Kcrol, Mi* Odeil, Mi* A P Davt*. Alex Hr*M? h t mid W Iti-own K. liodttleton, I. Brown, H < Pardee, tlec. Ptir"?n. A K Andrews. 1, Ttirary, J Dnrhum. (I Vanautweni Mm Brentles And child. R Harrer And Aon. John Lee. W r ,-d. K M Ru**le?. J 0 OolUke, L K Byok. II J Rermoo.t Rltn I<owell. Madame llandnolo, Mtn? It Prieae, M lodtn, L is Welia. L O Wrlto, B H tSABchex, A M Jm-kaoo, W H Parrcll, tody, two children and aerraml; Mr* K A Kluf, J Walker Mi* Ilarii* and two children. Dr. T A Kmmelt. wVe.two children and nurae; Miaa Julia Tucker, Miaa R i Itnwui J It Una Mm Uaaa In- Wm H Hum- ladv And chiMiVD HdJUr, F H MUIer, lira Warteil, three children and aura*, and 10 In steerage. ^ B?waa?Bchr Hound?Mrs West and daurttrr, Mr* l*avs Bash, MrtPwiwn and daughter, Nra MoCaaley, aud Capl Hughes, late of brig Globe. IB Rlf YORK VHCUT HERALD. Datngl mt the Democratic Ifatloaal Con eaUoa at Baltimore Puraoaal Conflicts oT the Delegates?Reception of the Japaaeee la Hew York?Interritlat Croon Callfhrala?The Indian JITar la W enter* I' tah?Complete Huccrsa of Oarfhakll ta Sicily?The Latent News? Markotn, Be., Bo. 11* Waair Baiu>, for the preneet week, will bo reedy thin morning at ton o'clock. In Ita column.* will be found: k run Report of the Proceedings of the Dcraocrntie NationalOoereeilon In Session at Baltimore, with Account* of the Personal Conflicts between a Number of the Detagatee; A Very Interesting Report of the Magniflcenl Reoeption Given to the Japanese Embassy in New Hark, with n Description of their Appearance, Appar ?, ho.; interesting News from California, with U*La'eet News front the Indian War In Western Utah, the loleet Intelligence fro* the Seat of War iu Sicily?deplete flaocena of Garibaldi; Seriotis Accidents on the Hudson River Railroad, Editorial* on Prominent Topics; Reports of the Cattle, Provtsioo and Money Market*, and all inforesting news of the past week received hy tee-graph cp nthrru im' Slncta ronics. ill wrADUPrA. C&u bo iiil't lit the counter of the office, corner of Fulton and Yuhaii atreeU. Price six cent*. file Dlplomotle Pancint^Tht "Heo4s of all the are vleioy wlih each other In dotn* honor to the 1 n.haaay. Of course each of Uk-m 'he-i/la" lit mpplled with i nr of KNhX'P '211 Rmadway) miper1< mummer Mala. Four dollars la a (mall price for one of the tl^hl and airy UtUe beau'iea. firntlrmrn'a and Bops' Hats, Copa and rhllilren'* fanry Hats. of every draerlptlnn, tiniuirwiiett In quality, style nrtre and variety H ARKfS k Rl'rw VKit, 23e Itnwery, 336 < J rand street, S31 Mchth avenue. David'* Stammer Styles?The Savoy Pi raw Hat: the I'earl Heaver. 2ttl, Broadway, near Puaue street Six Shir!a for ?9?The Best ever Mode for the ntonev, at Mrl.Al'Oltl.l N'H, corner of Oreenwteh and Murray atreeu. Great Sole of Shirts?Six lbr II. MOODY'S Shirt Maoulactorj 361 Broadway. Dreaa Block Frock Coots, If to 118? Sonne Rnatnee* Sulta, 17 to lit. UKO A. IK N'TKR k CO.. Noa. 100 and 91 Bowery. Drooioold dl Frock, Formerly of Sid Rroadaaj Virlnf > ??rwi<lnii ?U J J Bwarni Jr. the well known caterer at rrniirmni'i waartny apparrl: lit lonsM tl MS limwr mtrrrt mw (tnr? ??t at Bm4wu. Tkatr nUt friends and riManrn arc Inrtteri lo nail l'W)?at all deerr|i>tti*ie anede U.order at lowrai raah prteaa Particular attention paid to An; and Nary L'aifonne "Nammrr Ratla," |1 lo BlO?Toll csrljr for ll>eni. at 1>K. IIK'XVTH tlrenlle Hall. ICi PulIM street, bet aero Naaaau atrrrt and Bmaduay. Joarla 4t 'Co.'c Kid Olorn^-Jait Bf eetred |>rr ateemer, an liivotre of three celebrated manufaelurer'e KM Oloves _ Irar; tk IVi 'a. aitrrroMi' HrifT A PWRHtJllT Una. J, 4 and 6 Actor ttouae. Iradera and Uiuraducera of faaklon for gentlemen's bale A Oaan ? Rettrtn* from business. are aatuM cheerfully recommend to our frteods and the nubile. Mr. James Hunt and CiMrlea K Ptieeshury. our successors. Mraara llunl A IHiernhury, raa property bare bad for a Ion* Ume past tba manage torn) of our manufaeturtar and salad da partmenta. ao<1 aa lh< ahole establishment la now in their hsiuta iMr faculties are lM>aaaa a^lwu (50 Frsbfli Imported Boots sad Ibosc, ofa superior nualtty just reorlrad by KT'UKNK PKRRI.i. boot maker. N Nassau atrrrt To (ks Psbllc. Numarous pasters are put up around the efty of Kdsas Works for sale. Tba public are notified tkal HOOKS' depot I Ms. 171 Bread way. oor-oer of Maiden lass. Strsbam tad Ctttssms Bar Bow Arau tbamaaliae of Pinfi?ui PftWUtBTt aarrtaas, at the Pbaaos wrttm(fUmriplkmanSsrwrnt^usMs tS*U ' nM!*"" B? ooklf ? Pbofajrsski, BlaUrsm. tMblsam. Imp arts la. Ufa alas Usflarias idiHlibid 1BL, M MS Tubas ati'sat. by OHAR. B. W1LUAM80* Sbf logs Kmplrn Inrlag. KMPIBB WATBB A vKIIOM TO OONORRM WATKK. 1*? Kaiptr* waior U krkanarlodmd bj r bom to* pkjw-tMik, aad rooiuaocr*. in be nipofior lo imimi Water. It contain* kit too ?n*dlr?J virtu** toat ?r?tor, wtti *n adlilo* of a Urg* amount of Iodiko, wklrk ImpmvM Vnf .br cnmMnktVa Tbo Km ptr* Water I* covin tor trrNaot, uri *>r ko mod by kll altM Ot doraow. aid aod youo*. la every OiuaUo* la Uf*. And wfce* n cathartic actio* I* required. H tkould b* token la Ik* mornlag to produc* that effect. Dato, No II ink* toreto, Im Tot 0 f. WCHTON i f*)!, rmprtetnra, Hanlofk Hprtnfa. ? * Itolawnr 4k ku Ow?tokai Wtol nod ****? Ftoan ara warranted for * 1*1 Wnraroato* to kod M Watoer Mrwt. WkMhtulWUmUnrkwlMklMk QNh. M liain I | Nov r*t . ?. Modi 4k C*.'i OtlkbraUd lUlptk Horrlac'i Pdlrdl rk*aipl*a rin M4 PaotorTN? totfa* 1 Bi**d?ky. maam at HimidMl Dofaar* lalatodakor Idk* Wltlk Pa* tent pwrrierprwf took a and crow ban Ala* tr? end kerpW proof atoehoard knd per tor Mnfo*. Prpot to Murray Ureal, ramer af Oaile?* plar* BOBUT M PATkltTK. WbUh*f*-4. T. Httl K*atoebr Ml srtstz,'Pi. steltolar'o Hal* Djra, Wig ddd Ton** flliq. If Itaadand Prtonto Mn**anr todtoa tWop* ?r*>W b> to* tofkato raw Ckrtoafawl Hair Dp*. Wig*. a.tod Tw *m,d*tooh toewertd. el.l?lr ?d oatoA ?d tollN plHkkol* k**??d to I ?*w Hm* ciliefeaab'1 niaalr* Wig, Willi Cad*l?*M* portion*, to* wraHj kU ahnu'it wo end onntotoa m ttoand**,*. M to A. T. to**an'k J*tur*a Hair Dy*-T* Calar krewn, M '?**, koto MntoL to aaato per bo* Wdrnai* nad ram*. m toiadoay. N P. Storry'a Trio ay to wan la Ufc* mm* mm* i'?| "to arttato tm droaaaa. ka* tototaa- otoawdaa urtto* Mowretod aad rotonrtaatookdto 'totatrrl iMirtl tii? Dr. Hank CoattaaM la Apply Hie todk* batata or rtifXnra a MR 4 (*?., Hn ? Or. >(> ' WoUrproof MatlpcRal Ti ? and approrrd Tirimwit latoHMa AjMr Hrna, to Barotoy atoaaL Kallawaf't Olatairaf la tha Rm? Drraaln# known for Vita and i iiaraet wbkb N elraaa?a of (tot nrrai. tmmnro thai toltowi' thaw By Ho anatMna op?r?d?wi N anVlly raMrraa lha aarmrtaltor potoa wbteb im?i< tkaaa llnrlin A* Arffrlr ftov (tor Bali aad Hray^> OOP* Hatr BaMutailrr It nrarr fella to > aai atbr lair rgvtly to aay a#r. Dapal W Broadway, aait anli r*arj HIlTa Hair Or* M Crat?-Btarli ar SaaTroatoa*** *" 1 *"*t> aai oofcl by Ml I mlai faaiybrl], ChmM oai Apothrrary, rornrr W Klphth a.rtioa and Twroty rtobib auoct para aai pronto* Druga, MMtrtora and Parfuaarry. "fartat'i" Rat, lUa*^ Praia* "OftoTi RH" R??1 Bo*, ir , Rrlrnafnalnr TOBTi RH"-nntot HI tnppoaHa m. VMtotoa RotoQ. I. T. Bahhf tt'a Coarratratri Ball ? ? Paa boa atofcra forty pallnaa bral BoO itoaa by atoiyly aifilM too wator. R par baa. libaral ito'oaj to pi nafc. Ko B Watotowoe atm*. r Iwaara af (tor Laan aai Thraat taenUy toralrid by t W. rONnearnimi. D Otora I* Bowl Opal Dratalllaa^ Tbr Rlwat Art lata tor SHEET. i l>r? to ib|i of ft... Unawan Mala tvttt4er - W'M-ll * <XV Mammo??f t*. Mittiu ikntnai ??rr< aiwtfW.i ?r?r? infisua Dri??4Ma- Kvtmi l'i ?? Nr. WT Jnar tt 1MB ; I*. 7\ oT. 1-, 4ft 61, 3, 4, 17. 52. 5, 76, 77. J I t jviKa 4 ,.< * Nn SUB, .In.i a it*' 4 M, IN f.s, 7,, . 4. 20, 30. 24. 40, 3. j Mia."la*. ami n-r? ri? rlu, r,> >>? a.ti1r>-iuli>? either hi Mill KPI>? A (Ml. WHwInrum IhlAWt Or In W-vip KPDT a OO . Bl Inula Wlaaeaii. IlrawlaKl of Vramt, Irnadbaata 4k Or.'! , . Oel>o??ir Inlterlc* ? i I wc???i ' nnwTT fX^aa M9 Joe* a la. J 11, 5... 10. 26. to. 2. 12, 4?. 21, 22, 62. 67. 'Conw.uniTrr lnrnmv <la? 108 Jr*t8 1MB 22. 31, d, 24, 2, 6, 1R. fifi. S?, 54, 59, 14. rKA.NCK. KKltAPKBMf* A CO.. Vanixera Wlmluntna. Halavwt. I'Mcltl DtawUri of H?Af|h. Darto 4k OO'H <V.,anlMatrd Imtertra of i I eorvta :ciujm ? Jcaa n \m 4P, 49, 23. 79. 6. 29. 66 . 54 . 37. ??. 1, 53, 3. Prima - ' at Mi Amedway rtrrulr..-a ami fr* HOImIM. Davw a op.. Maaa?ara. <aw.TjaAfc ftoyal Haaaak Lattaryn-Ww 143,7441, 21 006. 23.ZT 26.MS. 11,437, draw the Are capital prlrm ta the , dr?wlng of .timei. IMA. Clrrulara arnt free of atranan lir , addreeatag Doe Hodrif una, ear* of city poat, Charlealoa, 8. OL j 1 The Hat Crowd at BapcaMMed't. If there * any truth in the maxim that the voice of the ma- J Jerity to the mice of Juatlre, K8PKJCSOHlCn> haa reaaon ta ) ooagratulaie hlmantf. for never haa the demand foe kia Hummer Rlyleo come within a bow ahot of that which prevail* Ihto 1 Thr eorpa of talaanen, active aa they are, and (treagtheaed fey new reerulta, find it almoat Impnaalbfe to kneppace with the tncaaaaat call for the BSPHNaCHKID DR?R HAT, and the yarloua new atylra in Pelt, Cloth, Caaalznere. and ihraw, which are too numerous to mention, and which he kea Introduced during Uf- pul and iirewnt month, ?u or wwcn am aotam nor crnt imatbm Brands*/ prtcn* OJw Urn a tail at No. ill HIM, <* IMIW. AkUuL-R*W llltftf bhwhn* Hats. M.M dtUo turn auoUm. On* dollar Mk. g?Bra*4wwr. ?*! *Bd Bo*i< Straw Hate, la ?U qualities and shapes, at OKKIN'B, MS Broadway. B loo at Bewvwr.?Ooatlo?a*? Briii Mat, Oir loading Myto for muumt, Hatroduosd by 01XIN. Ka US Brand way. Married. Dvson?WAiaorewr.?At BlnuvnlttriUe, K. T., on Friday, June 32, by Iter. E D. Evens, Mr. It DvnoMa to 1 Mian Sarah L. WtnariT, daughter of the Into Chpt. Waterbury, of this city. , Voukera papers please copy. McKkwaw?Tatuw ?On Thursday, June 21, by Rev. A. D. ftlllette, Jon P. McKjswam to Jasmins Taylok, both of this city. Died* i Atiwaxd.?On Thursday, June 21, Jo*a.y\a, wife of ' John Ay I ward, aged 64 yeara. The relative* and friends of the ftu.uly are reapoctfblly invited to attend h-r funeral, from her late resideuce, 100 Odar street, this (Saturday) afternoon at half-paa' one o'clock. Pkkksas?On Friday, June 22, of consumption, Kara A. !'h.k,a>, widow of the l*te Jacob W. Bookman and I daughter yt the late Arnoui Brown, in the 38th year of her , age. i The relative* and friends of the family are respectfully i invited to attend the funeral, on Sunday afternoon, at half jxiid two o'clock, from her late residence, No. 167 lm.reus street. j Purrrc?At Cutrhugue, Is>ug bland, at the residence of his brother, o.i Friday, June 1.1,. I auk* H Bstts, of this 1 city , ill the 46!h yeat ofbia sge i KitaaAS.?On Friday morning, June 22, In the 88th voar of bei age, Uhuk.kt, daughter of William Kecfc and Moved wife of Charles Iteekman. I The frienrta of the family are reapectfblly Invited to attend the fiuu. al, front her late residence, 351 First averur, this (Saturday) morning, at halfpaat nine o'clock, to the church of the Immaculate Conception, Fourteenth atria-t, thence b> Eleventh street Cemetery for Interment. I Fry ,-c.v?In this city, on lliursduy, June 21, Mjlktua J. i f'Rvno.a, wife of Robert Brydon, In her 42d year. Funeral this (Saturday) afternoon, at two o'clock.from T5 t'ort'andt street To to taken to Paterson, N. J. fAHust* ?fin Friday, June 22, of disease of the heart, R U14am <'arijsix, teacher la Ward School No 18, Nineteenth ward, sgc.1 35 years. Tlic teachers of the public schools, and his friends and Are r< >|>ec.lfuily invited to attend the | flineral, from his bte residence, 523 ikvnnd avenue, this , (Saturday) afternoon, at two o'clock. Hla retnaina will i be rt moved U. tlreensrood Cemeterj for interment. Belfast (Irrland) paper* please copy. Cback.?In I*rt.vVdeoc<\ R. I , on Tmsday, June if, Awn F. I tuts, wife of Thomas thace. agi-d TO years Orarr*?tSi Thursday. June 31. of consumption, Amm j axdsr ( unxicr, in the 3(Rh year of hi* age. The relative* and friends of the family ar? respectfully Invited Ui attend the fuucral, from the residence of bin ' Vr"'Iter In law. Warmlne street, on ftr.nday aP-rnoon, at two o'clock, without further Inriution Cora ?In Montreal, on Tucoday, June 12, of tnembraroa FMp, IIahkt Fbw*ai>, only ?on of John T a.ul Julia Cope, aped 4 yearn and 2 month* O, let toy trembling noul be at HI, wlitkj darknena v?U? Utla mortal eye, And wait lliy wtae , Thy holy will; Wrapt yet in tears and myatery, 1 t aniiot, lord, thy purpoar me, Yet all la well since ruled by The*. Prtrc.iASe ?On Friday morning. June 22, of conanmptinn, Hahy Jam, beloved wife of Chartra Dooglaaa, Ut the 81st year of her are. TV" friends of the Atmlly are reopectftalfy Invited to attend tier funeral, on P'litday'aAernoon, at two o'clock, 'rem her late residence, No 380 Tenth avenue. Her roots ti a will be taken to tlreenwood Cemetery (be Interment Itwo ?On Thursday, June 21, Wtuxto & Lows, afod 3d yeora, 10 month* and T day* tne relatlvea and ftieoda of the fhmlly are reopectfbUy invited to attend the funeral, from hta late residence, No. 128 Wee* Troth street ("formerly Amno), this (Saturday) -fternor*. at two o'clock, without further Wltatk*. His rrmalna will be takao In Green wood fhr interment Mt arc*?On Friday, June 21, of aenrtet fever, Hatnrv Vimvat, s< n of Herman at tl Margaret Murcua, In tbo 4th year of hi* ago. The friend* of the fhmlly are requested to attend tbo fUneral, this (Saturday) afternoon, at one o'clock, from the residrnor of his pareota, No. 1M Wast Forty-eighth street. Mcltowmru?On Thursday, June 21, P?rmnt MrHmmn r, of coMuoiptloo, s oatlre of Kacac-fcllngar, count) of Chrtow , Ireland, agM V year* Tbe friends of the decsaasd will attend the funeral, without fhrther not toe, on Saturday sfternoon, at two o'clock. from No. 2MI laborer street, Brooklyn Mnixs ?In this city, os Thursday, June 21, Catiurivb, wife of William Miller, aged 27 rears sod 6 mrmtha. The relatives and friends of the family are inrlted to attend the funeral, this (Saturday) afternoon, at two o'clock, fn-m No. 1*1 Varies street. Her remains will ba Interred in Calvary Centaury. Mossisos ?On Wednesday, Jons ?. st Hsrtfhrd Hall, Cheshire, Kngland (tbe residence of her brother in law). Jrirsm. wife of Oeocge Morrison, late of New York, and i only daughter of Joha P. Atktasoa, of the same place. Hsan ?In this city, on Friday afteraooa. June 22, at tbe residence "f hi* son In law, Nelson W. Young, Jim Rjom. formerly of Albany, aged M years. The relatives and fries<1* of the fhmtlr. also of his arms In law, Nelson W. ^oung and Thus 0 Wilson, are invited to attend (he funeral, oa Sunday afternoon, at two o'clock, from 107 King street. Albany and f'tUsdeld (Mans ) papers please copy Haw.?Oa Thursday, June 21, Mrs. Mesas r Rica, la the tSd rear Of her age. The relatives sad friends of the fkmfly ass respectfully invited to attend the funeral, from the rwsldeaca of her parents, 14* Thompson street, this (Saturday) aftoroooa, I at half past one o'clock. I Moor ?On Friday morning, Jaas 22, aflsr a Short ID- I news, Mrs If assist Root, wife of TVnnle T Hoot The frlsads of the fhialrp, also the members of llenevoIsnt lodge, No. 21 f. and A. M., aad lbs fraternity la I general, and the attaches of the Omtom House, are raspsctfhlly requested to otiead the fhasraJ, oa Handay af- I ternooo, at ooe o'clock, front her lata realdeaca, lW Wat Forty third street. , MIMciujJHOPt. 1 A" "'""mnunn orrnu roou ' i. J Am.wmnw orricTAL rmlwat opto*. nMUf ra IIM taStMat atk niwajata Ik CM Rutin and Caaadaa. aad 100 nya wpiaWm at a gkaaa k? Uta innllar la to proaaad. Prlnn, Seaata. ootrpAinoir OT TEATWU Onatalabw a fall I i lilh at lha ytk^al aMaa. taana aad lam "Tlalami, inaaUar aM halnk aad roataa at Irani ihmnaA lha I aHaa autn aad lha Oaaadaa, wWeetend nM Prtn, pat ar aww, 10 Mria; eMh. TO aaata. Oaadj Jwlf L ni.rKTHATrm BAR? no^o^AjnnuoAir mn^ A fttll and rrMahla ralda by laJafF.^aanbaal aad a^a k Uta ida data atiarftia, haAia taita amaalaa, naaa lata ImnUaa aad Mm iruiiada, ?atafbta ptarn, wmmrnrn raawia am) J) aann aad rditana of tiapnrunaa aad ktaaak b thr t'Bitad Ruuaaand ItrWah praatanaa. S7 I I ilan k* ' tah With ?raW aapa af all park nf lha auaatfi, aad ata mw ad faaanua plana aad aaaaaa, kh w%hal liaakMI by lha akhar aad athar atlkk. t%n I. naat?aun? Uta Hnrlbant aad Raaltra Rkka JL I part t nattalnina Uta kaUtwi and Waatara Maiaa 7T Or U>? iwn pa/iaVnad k nna rnfoaaa I Unbar at lha iktt aaal frm by aaall na raaatpt at ptiam. n Zm2M ?d? aatd >00 Intlaay. A*mZfwuSOfTX, k.,.?. |1f ||M| .,tu bote ihabaadaad anrj mE. Hofaak^dbmUlaanfi ka??n??a Ola lha paraal laa an*a la lha war*. .avif?irysivr- *" uavpt in mm i rakWaa wba am aha ahnaid ?tn OaiiUaaimfc Thai art ah aanaat ? ma adtf (kkU|MB|. M bakklaa lha tk*a*?nk aarSka" aT Na pW*. P^^byall^ikaiarka. fraA dptaarndfkuai tTonor" *>? rww D?t maT-l""" omnnoii 1 1 /b'srAiEassk '^T^rsre^si ibisS ?- w-"-' a nuRAT ?r*Twti mnount AroWr^,?TO ^L!?BSs. ? atad; for tba and patafnl ud prntrxaad fnrmmat Uundk aaaaa ahn ntd aVara. fanaaam. at iAltaian, lha awfc tw * t^r^Wr. 7 Wl^CllAWOCT. Am Mi'hMOi H hArtt. Thr large* la Nu Vert Tha MMnMl hMwAM *VI'.RIN O To* Mv?n. MALI* HLA<* iOO.. ?djetehl ?tr ukrp tr part paymeM/ar UDIJMCjuLUS *11 TROLOHT tBW SAFRB. FOR 8ALK CHKAJP, rmA>j? ?.?. At jorcr. 10 and u ajui uimi-a a> ansmv of HAM* ate lleliereai H. OaHwdoonltew. . _ D ALLOCS kfffffffff rrr rrr sbm r FT T m SB? F FTTH f T T 88 r . T T M V\ 7 "? f * r m rr 1 m ft f r ? m fff rrr asm hallovv patwr ffrovkl tkkjfoh york shirts, PuwM Hot 1 MM a WW 8ttiji or shirt, Warranted TO m. Sent by exproao I* any part of tha United IhM Bpoa fte wtpt, pet mall, of the Mlewtaa moa?rea, which wlM I?m % lerfrcl Hi, for tU, 818 andtSM u, r down. ip or lew than half a dteeo ahiria. The raoanree an M X ?Neek?The tetanee round K. Tote?The OWaamW OMR he pointa of each ahoulurr. 8lne*??The length frow (te mmra of the back totte wrM, with the arm beat. Drench?Mr anoe around the body under the annpila. WaM-MMM around A te. the length of the ahlrL By mending ?te aborr aeaooroa wn oaa guarantee fM Apte> feet U of our n*.w etyle of the . IMTBOTtn frrnoh too shirt. Alan, Importer* aad Dealer* la MRU'S riBNIKHINO GOODS. BALLOU BROVHRRR . . So. AOS Broadway, In rah Wholawle ordero Qoltetted. CAHTLL A WOOD, BUCC8880RS TO 8. CAHILL, RATS now opened their new eeubltahmeat. ?JT Broadway, ha tween Houatou and Bleacher arwti, with a hrn ate ubadM ewortmenl of elegant and faahionable Hoota ate Mhoee for Indira, gentlemen, ooya, mlaaw and children. rtorhi, bunions, uitrrtbd mahr, i ? V/ jotnta, and all dMeaawof tha laateured, wuhoatpalam laeoorenlanoe to the patient, by Dr. RACKARflL wSSm ChlropteJet, 7t0 Broadway Bafere toy IgMitew and eoBMB of thee aRy. niatb to trrmtv. I/KATH TO VMMMIM. * IB?H IIUUTUB m?? HI*** MlUffiiai TKRMIN DKRTROTRR ntBMlM DK8TR0YU UniMMhliUiaii KitermluUtt lUliudftl Water Ban*, Roaehaa, Garden FUate, he. Water Bun. Roachra, ' i ardec riant*. Ac. Principal depot, MS Broad way Sold by all dnokW DR. TOBIAS' VENETIAN UNIMKNT, Dnlvaraally ickuuwbdjtH aa the great Pain Curer of ftA nineteenth century. InatanlreUef la earn of Chronic Mm nMirni. Colte, ( ramp*, Headache. Dysentery and ail paAi hat tteah la heir to Sold by all drugglala. Depot, M Wb nndt street. Price 25 and tb cents. IT*IKK PROOF 8APK8. r 8TRARNN A MARVIN, H III ead way, corner of Worth abaca. Raw Tat. GKKKUTTB BOCRBOR WHISKKT BITTUI FOR MR dlaaaaaa of the atnmarh. liver and bowels- Whaaa MS are ooualdered tha moat eAeactous look and onanism, aa a# Uth^jatAR agreeable auwaarhle aver offered the paella. arc a oaruln preventive u( ehltla and few. For aaU enne ekml/ll'n * 'ARK. wholesale tfnta. New YmiT GREEN'S EHIRTS-FIT OCA RRANTKCD, BTYljaNKW, needle made, not by machine. Removed lo Ma l AMR Uouae, Barclay atreet. HEAI.TTI IB WEALTH, AMD SICKNESS FOVXRRV Indeed. Read and aea If Dr. Ayera' Medleinea do not do sneaetMaR lo enrich mankind:? Cnctco, Nov. 13,13N. Dr J. C. ATM:?Respected Sir?I ahnuld be wan Una it common rralitode If I did no* acknowledge to you what vow aklll or more accurately your EXTRACT Or 8ARSAFAEII.LA haadaaoiormy wife. She baa been ft* aoaw yaaaa itfllrled wflh a bum or, which come* out upon her adn In tiff kutumn and. Winter with auch inaufl enable itching aa lo reader life almost Intolerable. It has never failed to cotne upoa har In cold weather, nor has any remedial aid been able to haWM ;U departure before ?prtng, or to at all allevlale her aufferinwi Trrwa H. Thia aeaaon It be pan In t Moher with lla a anal vtoIcnre. By the advice of our celebrated surgeon, Dr. NlaahaN. I pave her your Saraanartlla. la a weak if had bcenght Ms h mor out upon her agin worae than we had evar soaa R balore; but It aorn began to dteappetar. The Mcblag haa eeeeaR and the humor la now entirely gone, an that ahe la eompletato rured, but atiil conttnuea taking the Saraapartlla to Inauf* rompiatr rxpulaion of Ute dteraw from the ijiIW. Youa% reen artfully, Bum. Cam Prepared by Dr. J. C. ATNKR k CO., Lowell, Mm. Sold by all aruKxlaU every where. nKCIKR'K FARINA JKI.I.T? A DRLTCTOTTB DMOV and the beat substitute (ur animal food, enriches the table of the Astor Bouse and all thr principal HAloooa llatrr's Sarin* Boilers In prevent burtons or l*'of* Mould*. of various, iters. forms and patterns, for aala at tha establishment. No. new Canal street, near last Braadwap. rr napt* bprino and Bcmnr* bntrraom Ik Ksary perano can now aaaks thisdeUchlf til aadknHto berersse bp nstns Knapp'a OnoorntralodExtracts sfMl 1 more pMasanPaad healthy beverage Is ant Raima. BaM htf lira at me?Is. IQeeols. W and M each, srtlh fall IRailiapMN aukiag a. OaaaralMapatM UndaoasireeL MlbyaBaMR aals druggists. UU W1NBL0W, I* BxruxKnoBD nrm ajto rauu mmmsm bam a OOTHIKO mvr FOB rmnnmmm mnmra, aFBgnSa? BttUrnrnm MUlHiaMmfyiNrfe ?| MM Mm 11 Vricr^Jelt1rwuJrr 'iVt? uiwi a wmt Now araatea nnkwite far of (TORTS ArBRSME >?w Tori. halW oaiakte mww. BnM lylnnarfow ? AEROBE KXTKRMIB A TOE, THE REIT IE THE WORLD. h?dB aard to U* Kattnaal IIiM.Nm'IoE.WIMmHI wcrraa. annihilating hntfe C?ir*nw** u4 Rata wttfc M mm appLtoaUoa. Sold by Draggm* la Ifca IMM Ma Si pCRE BOCRBOR WHUKNT MIME' BOI'RBORIA HTUB' BOCRBOEIA. R*rY*nmm<<?4 V?y "?rj phv?n-um ihmgbimt Ik* aaoM on irrraM or M* aiiporW quality u ihr hret nwAI agMR fur ail putenaary c.anptainu mIIh, broscAMta, A*. r. C. WWJJJt A Of).. Wo. II* fraakVa atrial HRflWAR A OO . A? Ml Kreadwu. KaRNKK ? PAR*. Nna llnluriAwr. hold a Ian hr rrrry dniggm In tha a* jr M retail. JOUR MIIXR A lS). Proprietor*. Ro. M Ri^Awr. u**riokrator8, crkab prjobwul IV K k rrri hkm and otsgumm haUlai *1 low prtrea *1 KDWARD 0. BAREPORTrR Corearal Aalor plaoa and TMrd anoStartk **** ? CJ TOO ART PIAROA, s OH* BRAID CAP*, OIL* ARD UUfKNft MUR ^^fcjaSII -. R*fiKW*taltaC.i?3? rrn urnmr or m latr d. u mmit aa# ftan Mi m?A aai iAom af M* mm mm BnaMMA^ft asHjsaer sr,^=:^atsjrtass Bond* ta i?jiil*. and *?talm a Ma an.aire *f A*mmM TOTiiuaMMl nag.'gmtwwBa fcp^Trissa'Ka'MraSI " rrn* rrrtm nim^w* mint lUMR" thr bw-t ? norm.* nvmun. "THRBRHT" TBa htm liquid y*a ill?> inA tm w? "TH* RKRT" tat All lloA of ?ra*re. natal *fA ? mfm "THK RKHT " frrea Wiknr amnOwi (flnta. andfar AtaM 1RQI IRK FOR (VwM Nn Injury In nnlor or Mnl OKMOAiWH" onuiaa fwltk foil MPMttaM* A? UmmBlS A*D TAKR arola ami V) ' -ata 'I-* Ro MB MM RO way. Raw Tort- rihbj ?r MMi 0mm OTHtR. trnf. TTBRFVt ARD RmROVirAU.?KRORHAR A OU ' A MOW. H Olto A If AO A OOAfB, P??W. . ? _ ai M, > ? at |i?nm i ?ii i Tit >? > ?[B r ^ lyrpw u? rtm " Birm BOCK OOAM, <e?B ma"aS?MM9?

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