Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 23, 1860, Page 8

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 23, 1860 Page 8
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8 TH# u?f Iter ??????? H. ti r who it ??y Hat, from Palm*- ' ^ fc *|K"? ~?" W Jr" nlivr of bo- uh. - ***"' "** ^ ,OMUW ^ I left M>Wr ~ . i . . * . . .. jstten ( mly minut-e post five o'ckkJi ' ^ 'Ba* v ^ ui * southwesterly dire. lion until, r^aii^ * aho\.- the Hudson river op^w.-ie Jersey Ciijr, the ^ ber-un- ohs< ir<\l from my clew m a thick, hazy 9 JtH. which until 1 hwl reach.-,! :h? Jersey side. When terra jima agaia became partially visible Being mm*e.i that ' war- moving inland, and feeling de. .iihm of i i?hing Um upper current ami reluming to thia city, I accordingly discharged ballast. and in a few minutes broke thiough the tnisly clouds and found auye.'lf in a law of most brilliant Funnhme, which, for a mutaout, Jbrved tno to close my eyes. The cloud* dressed In their mbes of showy whttene-r, stretched far away to the weal, where the .-un was setting, Having l ew tod myself. regard lee* of watching Venue, which vrae moving on war! and upward, a rubbing now* drew rut auentiou u> the balloon a hug.- dwtead.Hl body, and 1 discovered the eat to be the escape of put 'rum her Thw ! soon checked by an escape frotn the valve. Confi datttgi 1 had reached the region of the east-'m c>UT< at, I began toelose- nd to hud out Where 1 was. and dt*oovef*d that 1 waa over States Island. Not vyilluig u> take a no thar salt water bath, 1 discharged more gas, ami, getting tola the lower current, was carried buck over Jersey to taab*thUly, 1 now marto prepnratKiu* lor iny deaoenl, bwt jnluevi my reckoning ami moved two milec further MQUk beftra I thought 1 oould safely descend, as it was bhahf strong Large numbers followed me on foot and to arrtww from HifAboth. Among the latter worn store. Budd, J. W. Hay ward and Juan* W. Woodruff, iMHnt HUperitJlendiuit of the New Jersey Railroad, w ho ?M upon inr t? cuuw down and livv would take me u> Mtoeity, which I aeoordiiigly did. Willi the KwintAixv of Aw gentlemen ' Vemus" vu s<? a parked up and con eyed to Qm houa<< of Mr Hayward, where 1 wus received H the morn kindly manner by hat hospitable wife, After Sea, and (hd moot delicious strawberries (not qnite so Wp m * Vi-out"), I proceeded to Eliaalvith ?bU'. wh< re i ww taken m char ye by Mr. Woodruff, who will i v my amoks for the kimlness he nto. 1 r ?chod MUs city at tea o'clock. MBO. C. WINK. Police lBleui|ttt(t "tonowwi Vmuob?A Tkwjcu An ad* ?Quite an inteMrting case of vitriol throwing came up before Justice MUj, el the Lower Police Oourt, yeeterday morning. ?e defendant, an actor, named William U. Easton, wee urged, on the complaint of Josrph Carlisle and others, wish having thrown the coo tools of a bottle of vitriol over the face and neck of lite wift?, Maria 0. Kaston, with totomou* muni, burning ber is a most shocking manner to* Mow of the ease, an elicited before the magistrate, | aee briefly as follows.?Easton and bis wifo have tor sore- I aal ewMhw been living separate, in cousequeoce of alleged treat meet on the part of the husband, wbo is somewhat of a jealous disposition. About two months ago ; Mrs. Fastoo left New York in company w ith a band of ; rolling players, and, after giving a series of theatrical : parlor manes throughout the country, returned to the metropolis, and put up at No. 115 Leonard street. Duriug her absence Mr. Easton, whilecr<wing the Hoboken ferry ewe day, Was unfortunate enough to break his leg lie wee conveyed to the New York Hospital, where he re mined under medical treatment for nearly two mouths, ease three or four days ago Easton met his wife iu the Meet, and entreated her to come and live with htm as I Weal, but she refused to listen to the proposal, to conse a m ci of the previous bad treatment she bad received at feM he ode A Wfler quarrel then ensued, Mas too threaten tog to ktU hie wife if she did not accede to bis request. Mrs. MMoa was determined, however, that she would at be toipnanil upon or frightuned into submission, and, asmg before Justice Kelly, made a complaint again-! ber esalianil, wed preyed that bo might be hold to bail to hMf Mw peace. A warrant was thereupon issued for the ejwrebensioc of tbe accused; but, owing to the MM way of doing business at our police courts. M was not executed in season to prevent Master's making a most cowardly and sai.tgo asauult up mud Centre streets yesterday morning. .ibout (en o'clock, and WW wHtwwM by over a do* a persons. At the wnetorkm of an excited ? vernation between the padres husband and his wife, tbe former drew a wis) of vitriol from his pocket, and deliberately poured the entire contents over the head, (hoe and ask of his victim. The erreems ?f the injured woman brought ekitaens Chrlisie and Armstrong to tho apot, who fwahsfi upon the aawilant and quickly took him into custody. Mis. baton wu- found to be in a terrible state of snmrmy, and totally blind from the effects of the powerfhl aetd. be ww carried into tbe court room, where be iwmaieed for a few minutes, in order to suberrlbe to a short affidavit, and was then conveyed to be Sew York Hospital, where ebe now lies in a wary precarious state. The physicians m attendance re afraid that aha will never recover the use of her eyes, and say she will be disfigured for lifo. I'pon i marching the prisoner a large dirk knife was found la hi* aaaaaafcm, with which it M supposed he in leaded to kill his urb, had ha faded in maiming her with vitriol. Jus toe KaUy, afror bearing the statements of tfrs. Raston, Jtsnsrw Christie. Armstrong and others, decided to commit be aoeanad to the Tombs Mrs. Ear ton Is rather good look , tog. nhoat eighteen years of age, and says ?h? is a native af Tennessee. Tbe priauoer is a man about thirty-tUrvo i years of we, aad claims to be a native of Philadelphia. He M said to have another wife living in Pittsburg, Pa., from wbfito he has been separated for several years. Mr- 1 bstoa iworthm her husband as n man of very jealous ' dwiuwdtua, quick tsar pared, and not unfrequently harsh 1 ? I crwi m Um limnm-l mu njbbw an ww! ihuivu i mtw to bare anything further to do with hint, ami bop?M I that (be will noon be placed In a mtuutioa where she will not be wi^attid to aay further throat* or violence, iuMV I .warm or 1000 ?Andrew Oastrelh and An too to Lobaaio, barbers, doing business under ration's, in Awenwich street. were brought before Just ire Kelly, at As lower Police Court. on a charge of stealing IdOO iu bank bills from James Welsh, of 381 tirocnwich street, smder tbe following rirr.umslanocs?Complainant won Mo lbs prfoansiu' piano of businoao to got shaved ami Shampooed During the operation be left bte coal, (in the j breaet pocket of wbicb was a wallet eontaimng Uie above ' awsvuaC, hanging on a book When tbo hairdr?w>tng was Alehoa, and the complainant ready to take hie leave, bo foaaxl to baa Siawiay that bai ooat pocket bad been rifled Of Mr valuable contents He at once suspected that the pr wooer* knew something of tbe robbery, and had them Men into custody The magistrate committed the pr> oaner* for examination Nabakrn City News. bus*-About five o'clock on Friday morning tbo body of a middle aged man. apparently a Certain, wat fooaid lying on a bridge oo the road lead log Tram Hobok-m j A West Hobokcn, When found lb- right baud grasped .? ptolol. tbe contents of which lied been discharged into Ae month of the decoarod, horribly di.-figurlng tha fore smd -* altering tbe brains in every direction Jutiee Abniieot, of Hoboksn, was notifled, and caused the body to be removed to undertaker Osaea, in Washington Sflreet, where it will remain until to morrow for identlil alien Th- dwrssod was a large, thick set man. about 1 fly yearn of age, and has black hair intermixed with 0roj He had on in a black alpaca bock coat, Mark and | white chocked pants, calf akin boots, with grav woollen Storkmgs with whit# tops- and wore a straw iui Tlie i eaty lb in* feaad In tbr pxrkrUi nr lb* atucli amy lead la lb* tdenttflrattnn of tbr body tr a cart), upon which la aa advert laemrnt of Kauffmm'* llou-l, >< UU * 1 airaH, New York. At aluvru u'atack ywtrnWv mtromf an la panel *?? b*M oa the body at the CHy Ma). Hobataa. and a vrrdhc* r-ederrd in aocorUaar* ' w*h Iba tkinr (trtr fsHaaarwa* Knum a* Ijoarrw'IV Rrv N K *wrf?' bMr tortantlr kttlr.1 Xr Hftlinkny while rklilif Boar Ihe iron tnajwai ftYaaonaia, N. M , aa the 1Mb ln*Unt. aim lb* Mlaal "ion which ha waa mounted The r*ve vaorf rawUmaaa had hot racrntly returned to New Hamp I ahtrr frem Ha me. wharr ha had barn prraebtny for about tan yrap. Ha wa* eanarahT known aa a aealou* rflacipla f OirWl, u.o4 ?M aorh beloved. FMANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL. FanuY, June 23-4 P. M. The eapaprmenta of ?peeie per the ateanwblp* rape had Tic*, for Europe to morrow, amount to ah oat ll.M0.606. of which nearly half a million will be la Aaar. The exrhaape market la moderately ative, ariihoat ehaape in ratra, the priori pa I tie Mad boinp for bitla on f/oadon. We quote nixty day aterftnp hill* 1094 * ,05>J- "hort Mpbt. 110J a kFraace remain quiet at 4.134. There 1* no altera Pea in the rate* for money. The tab Treaanrr pained apecie to-day, the recelpta and payment* Map ea failooi fatal naph # ??Ma ?Phr caataam. T. Mi 000 00 Ihlal payment* 146.414 74 Mharr A.271,Ml M The aathnrity ta cthama Treaaary aotea will xpire OW the M in?t.: and wa are reqaeeted to Mfry the heiden of thoae peat due that they con ? b aartinw At* Mr rent intereat in exchange for th* old mm. oo application to the MabTi i'muw la this city. Wo or* ltd to belie**, front ad Tiers r*c*h*d today from Washington, tkal oo bill will he panned authoriaing the Mboni of Treosnry note*. bat that o law etherising a new Ma per cent loan will probably metre the sanction of bo* houset. and by tbia osaai the note* now ootstoadin* will be paid o they feature Tbo stock market continues ortla* and streag, and the dost** prices, compared with thoar of yesterday, show a farther adeaaoe on moot of the at, the Western ahoro*. as aooal. Rising rise to the principal transactions. The shores of the Ifew Tork roods were roaaporatlroty aeglacted, bat. with the exception of lCrie. wKtsb is 4 per cent lower, they oil cleed at an tdfUM en yesterday's prices. Mtihtgmn Osntrat wv mors rreety oftered mm sellerb optioo, and stoses at 4*4 hid. against taj I bid at the dose yestovday. ftontfccr* guaranteed eoatinord to advance, touching Wf. and otoatag at 3*| M The conuDon shoe as seM oo high 00 14. ?ar-T' u e-so^t r 1 . wlia FEW YC I IW'r.-'-;' e-eat ^ ' of yesterday's deelma, and Cio***,** ^ i>ni. The company ha* determined to '"11 ,or "n other instalment of live dollar* a share. The -ash I sales of iiult>na were very small, the demand beii ^ itiu ipuMy lor buyers' options. It close* at g2] hhl, a ri?e of 1. Toledo was tirun and In under the fasorable impression created b,j vb? report made at the receut meeting of the, Erectors, an extract from which we ?ubjoinv The stock closed at 31^ bid. Rock Island v/^g fairly active, and the price touched 70 once r.iore this afternoon. that llgiire being bud at the eigne. ' So transaction*of importance took place in State stork* or railway bonds, but price* were well sustained. We notice sales of Erie second mortgage, ' n?f- extended, at %, and of the extended bond* at 95. The third* brought 90$. Prices continued to improve at the second board, and the market closed firm at the following quotations:?Virginia 6's, 93{ a 94; Missouri 6's, ?41 a j; < anion, 20 ? 21; Cumberland Coal, 13 a 13; Pacifle Mail. 90$ a 91; New York Oeatrul, Wf a }; Erie, 19] a |; Hudson River, 48] a |; Harlem. 12] a |; Harlem preferred, 394 a 4; Reading, 41] a 4: Michigan Central, 48| a I; Michigan Southern and Northern Indiana, 18} a ' j: micntgan southern nnd Northern Indiana guarantee, 28| a Panama, 133 a J; Illinois Central, 63J ! a ft Oalcna and Chicago, 62| a j; Cleveland and Toledo, 311 a 12; Chicago and Rock Inland, 70 a J: Chicago, Burlington and Quincy, 73| a J; Illinois Central 7's, 00$ a 91. The exchanges at the Bank Clearing House this morning were 120,616.030 96, and the balances ?1,477,999 23. ? The following dividends have been declared:? The Bank of New York, a semi-annual dividend of three per cent, payable on the 3d of July; the Irving Rank, of this city, a dividend of three and a half per cent, payable July 2; the Fltchhorg Railroad. a semi annual dividend of three per cent, payable Jnly 2; the Newmarket Manufacturing Company. a dividend of three per cent. The Holyoke (Water Power Company, which bought the water power, buildings and lands at Holyoke, of the insolvent Hadley Falls Company, about a year ago. has mado a dividend of five per cent, payable 2d July. A further dividend of five per cent of the surplus ftinds of the old Suffolk Insurance Company has been declared by the committee of shareholders appointed to settle up its auairs. The telegraph announces that the Supreme Court of Wisconsin, la the case of Clarke against Fairington, has decided unanimously in favor of the validiI ty of the farm mortgages issued to railroads. The New Orleans Piouvutie, under date of the evening of the 16th inst, thus notices the money and exchange market of that city:-. This has been a very quiet day in financial circles, and DO change of any kind has transpired in rates of money, storks or exchange. The demands for discounts at hank this morning were quite limited, and transactions on the street included no round amounts of any grade of paper. In stocks and bonds we have rfothlng new to add to yet terday'a report; offerings continue heavy, but there are no buyers to he found at asking prices. The exchange market ia still depressed, and the movement shows no increase whatever in any class of bills. Offerings of both fbreign and domestic are atlll farther restricted, and rates of ail description* continue unsettled. We repeat appro* i mating figures m fallows:?Clear sterling hills 9}J a 9?? per cent premium; bill of lading drafts SU a 9 per cent nramium. Wanes tf. 10 a ftf 1.1W nor itullur Virtu i bills, Ac., % a IX per oent discount. fight % a \ per | oent premium. | The Cincinnati Qntetie, June 20, remarks:? With reference to the future prosperity of the West there is a feeling of unmixed confidence id financial cir : cles, sad commercial men are looking forward to a season i of nnexamptsd prosperity. Opinions pointing in this I direction are based, of course, upon the splendid crop prospects of the country. The latter are still liable to undergo a change, so far as regards corn, but the progress of this crop so for has been all that could be desired. Wheat is considered nut uf danger, and a good crop to all the wheat growing Mates north of the Mississippi may be counted upon. last year there was about half a crop in those Mates, and yet there was enough and to spare, lh? surplus being much larger than at this date last year The approaching harvest will yield about twice as much as that of 1S&6. In some localities this will not bo the cans, but in the aggregate this result will be real I red. It was the impression a fortnight ago that the wheat crop in the South would be almost a total CM hi re. This Is modified considerably by more recent information, and it Is now ascertained that a foir half esopwtU be secured. Oats, barley, rye and potatoes promise a foil crop In the Weet. and there will alee be a ntir yield of hay. ttionld the corn turn out as well as it promisee at present, there will be nothing wanting to render satisfactory the result of the harvest of )Mfc The Chicago PtfM of Wednesday gives the fol lowing in regard to the movement of produce and crop prospects:? During the past week the weather has been dry and s unn. The reports regarding the crops from all parts of tb< Meet are fevorabke, with the single exception of win I ter wheal which has suffered wane what op account of the drought in early spring Spring wheat looks well, and in several parts of this Plate It is beaded out as foil as I it was a nxulh later last year Rye la the central part of IlhuotH thrives finely, and a much larger breadth has been sown than usual, on amount of the uncertainty * Inch ha* attended the growth of wlnor wheat in that region. tlata and bariry never looked better. The corn la earning op rapidly, and farmer* are almoet certain of a I heavy crop In Southern IlKnota and Indiana the former* are cutting winter wheat. In Indiana there 1? com plaint of considerable do mace to the crop by the fly. but the extent of It* ravage* i* not known. The receipt* and shipment* of tour and grain during th> past w-cek. compared with the week previous, will be I found in the following table* _ Pm: iSwtiM /'a* PruUtu Pour bbl* A.43d TWO 11.31J 12.307 Wheat, bur he la 64 00* 91 943 166 l.Vft 100.033 Com M3.070 303 4dd 371 AOfi 304 .477 <?at? 31.231 ft 3*7 *.714 40.03d Rye 1.404 W3 702 Barley 1.572 2 3d0 1.140 700 Puring llie corresponding week last rear the reeeipt* ere?13.104 bhl* tlour. 01.040 bushels wheat. 307.011 bushel* corn. 12,97ft bushels oat*, 670 bushel* rye. and 2.16ft bushel* barley. The total receipt* and ahipmcut* of IImir and gram *inon the l*t of January, compared with 18$#, i* a* follow*:? lftto* IMft IMO"tawi Pour, bbl* 210.060 1*8,4*6 tftft.lTl 144914 Wheal.tMMlirU lJU.4M lJtf.UM 1.1*0.414 H41.0M Oogti 7 103.001 2.237.262 6.2*9 400 13*16*3 this 640.21* Sit.1 TO 310813 1M nft* Svc A] .1*4. 23 J10 0.144 2 41S iirley ISO.200 103 730 48.107 4.11*9 The Philadelphia Lfdgrr atyai? We have recently con versed wjfh intelligent iron man m (kcturrr* in thi* Stale, and they all agrrw tn the (act that , iron can b. made under the present tar Of at a handsome profit, but those who hope to advanre their part Wan ut1 terete through the Utile understood question of a tart* iivi. I iifs II protrclton.oa the pb-a that It sill urrea*. the demand for iron, la <*hrr word*. It will provoke spseu W?wn and revive nil eort? or man muri*Fo?. in# mnui uf which will he iliai defunct and hankrnt* mun'tfu-tnrtn* KW[?nio? mil he quickened into lifr. to no prntft tothemj reiver njul U> the punitive mjury ol ??rk* now am> tally ad profitably etnploved. i Colt iMnV Ban Kmnrlarn ch-cnlar of May Ihn* notice* the money market of that rity.?lire metier marVrt continue* quite eney, and wh*l little reqnir. Meat U* n in t? readily awt. !k*ie of the leading ??< of heretofore riMMi Ftrtagaary hare oMMd to r\ rrt tlx if inlhonri a irwt deal of capital that w?? locked tip lti certain drew hdheie of mrrotanrttw a few month* ' u?ce hnn horn rmI n^rl he the rak" of ouch artlclea. whether t>T ptival. honratn or through the auction room*. ? and thu? itr < inmtatmn pmntoted But, doubt !< *?. the tnuir. r.uae of the prercot eaey rtalr of the Money market at net he toaod in the aattWhrtarr men tier in whk h the ! iDtortor ban met tie cM ?Ue<1tnf ?4lt*atk*e?a | ttlf) tag etale of thlnge to which. on errant nccaatooa, weh?re her" 1 lothre refrcred. We have tx main ktJ chary If wtr, to note In the ratee of tatirant There war r|?ne a fufroieacy of capital for the tart Mranaer dar, and indeed a enrptu*. aa the rater imam* eaeter ao the day prtwreaeed. tiatil toward the clone t in tonierr were wanted at rednced rate We bmrd of no traneartloae on approved collateral I at over 3 per rent, while rotwr inane, we uademand. wore neo t^.todotlH The eappiy of anil bare war qaltr do 1 ftciont. and befnre they were entlrrdy Okhaw l' II the rate I went ap to Mb a Mi. There baa bran a brhh demand for : rtdd hnr?, rtnee tbe departure of the eteaaacr, ft* export to China. and the prevailing rat* a* wo write la MO. the re etpte of trold ball Ion hare hern oathrorahly aflK-ted by he utrl.meary of the weather daring mueh of the pre r?t m< nth throughoot the niahf dlrtrM* The operatfoaa of tiha Untied BMMa Branch Mtat at Haa Franc loco from the lat to the 78th of May WfltV' J field htillmi received. weight alto' melting. nm. (hlaap?Cold, doable .agle* 87 Jtf.Mt na. tftfrcr, halt dollar* ITfrO Total coinage. The export* of tieaaora were*.? Marl to Mar M MJM.OM 88 Pravtoarly in 10M td.6Ti.M0 ? Total to date tlTIMAlO M < . crtwpmdiag period of lttftfrl M Filling otT thw year.. tl.TaOJM at The im porta of troaanra from May 1 to M wart IM.M M, tocladtng it *r? tnm ptaoen which will go into tbo mMt frw Mfrmga. A hoot W7 oootn MaricaadoUaraImd horn tahn forme* port to China, it eight par Mat prafrfafrk Hot >KK '?EHALD, SATURDAY R ' ?rf of fiiiij't Id .he "Stale Treasury at t!?e com ?' Mo* oi Uuiuih-sn on the "it?L of May ?rw 8634 7b<. We learn that the new administration of the | Michigan Southern Railroad Company will be pre' pared to pay the interest on the Brut mortgage bond* early in the month of July. Thin property ' m rapidly improving in value; the earning* are likely to be very large this fall. The tOockholdeAr meeting of the Cleveland aud ' Tob-do Railroad was held at Cleveland on Thursday. The Board of Directors, which last year was increased to thirteen, has been reduced to nine members. President Waring retains the manage, rnent of the road. From the annual report submitted at the meeting, we take the following statement of the earnings and expense* for the year:? tires* iiarmurs for tho year ending Hay 1, two ms m as Cross earnings for tbe year ending Hay 1, i860 7%.U6 66 Inereaae SS5.US 71 Running expenses for the year ending May 1, 1800 361V* M Running expenses for the year ending May 1, I860 383,0W 73 Decrease $16,968 23 Showing a net increase for the year of Ml ,078 83 During tbe year tbe floating debt has alap boaa decreased, tbe amount of bills payable outstanding Jane 1, 1800, being less than on June 1,1860, by 873.6M 01. If 'says tbe Cleveland Bwlf. from which this synopsis is token) from the expenses of tbe last six months (he jmyiaent* were deducted that are not properly chargeable to that period of time, and which will not again occur the net earnings woukl be nearly five per cent par annum on tho capital stock of the company, whilst the earnings of the road hat ly increased, there has'been an ton I portaot decrease w .ae working expenses. She /ullowing is a synopsis of expense account for tho pu*t thrco | yewfi'.? 1867 8. 18AM 1 SAW 00 Fuel *. 831.381 48 34,40118 28,467 53 OU and waste 13.176 15 7 784 84 7,833 80 Kmptoyaee 130.190 83 117 809 63 110 658 18 bos* and damage... 11.124 86 8.286 60 .VS61 06 Taxes 22,465 M 1H 706 76 21.304 03 uriagc. roaa una building repairs.. 116.192 13 86 909 38 89.499 92 locomotive, ear ao<l machine repairs. 84,921 33 64.062 86 61,Mil 48 Other expense* 81.100 69 47 000 64 63662 06 J?*1 ? *? 0? 383,699 77 367.756 61 The coat of running the road during the past year ban been 44 per cent of the gross earnings, being four per cent leas than the prevk/u.e year. During the year the number of tons of freight carried was 221.013, being an increase of 76.126 tons over the previous year. The average price per ton per mile was 2 12-100 cents. The number of passengers was 246,478. at an average receipt fWsn each passenger of 81.70 16. The average du-unco travelled by each passenger was 00 1 10 miles. The pusMBgcr receipt# iiave decreased from last year, principally during the flr-t six months. This diet is owing to the low fare ruling at the time, and partly*to the steamboat opposition at thai time between the Buflklo and Toledo. The freight receipts have increased 800.429 29. Annexed is the statement of New Orleans Banks far the week ending Jane 16:? 8Mb. (MM. Am* OMiMm D-poHl' CHixens' 84,040640 3,451,808 4,490286 4,102,782 Canal 948277 604.160 1,156 306 870,994 Louisiana 1371,896 1,448,024 880,424 4390.031 Lou. State.... 3 660,790 2368,005 2,204.836 4.632.562 Mech. fc Tra.. 1.063278 317.993 367.960 892.310 New Orleans.. 1,270,219 496,906 671,750 1.013.684 Southern 290,067 164.746 226.570 282.806 Union 922270 641,638 486,775 980243 Merchants' .,. 622.766 199.896 488,996 399.016 Creeent City.. 931.161 192.709 272,616 321 249 America 1262,739 610,428 241,886 1 276,771 Total 816.863,092 10.686295 11,387.389 17,768.008 The following table exhibits the respective amounts of exchange held by the various btuik?. and also the sums due to distant banks, the latter being comprised in the table of deposits, as shown above:? Baitlci. Exchange Dne Sank' CltiWM' 6A4.718 Canal 899.748 165.803 Louisiana 392561 218.236 Lonlstana flute 498530 130.961 Mechanics' and Traders' 313.034 41 004 Bnnk of New Orl< ati> 338.930 160.803 Southern 696 664 ? t'nlon 164.687 354.108 Merchant*' 13.668 66,722 Crescent City 96503 68.920 America 40.489 8.061 Total .96.638.837 1,666.016 Ab compared with the statement of the previous week, the results are as follows:? Decrease in specie 9377.680 Decrease in deposits 660.816 i? .imiWun iu an Dpctmm la abort loui.814 jit beareaa* in exchange 490.162 IVcrranr In Aittaat balance* 9t3J0N Incrrane in long kern* 494449 Th? earnings of tb? Toledo and Wabaeh Railroad lor the tsecond week of Jane were:? 1*60. I860 Passenger* 24 666 01 1,204 46 reetRbt....*. 10-t* 7? 11.909 13 Total 014.786 M 16,411 78 j Inc reuse 0806 02 ( The Chicago and Northweatero Railroad earned ihe aecond week of Jnne:? I'nowiir'rs, 04.728 00 ! Freight 6.030 40 | . 810 ASA 90 l S?m?' week bud 6283 74 Increase 24 116 64 The earnings of the Chicago, Alton and St Louis Railroad for the second week in June were: ? H ??W. MmOt 4t TM rr?rot wrea 210.125 hato 1.044 222117 rrrvtouHly rvponod ... 2,746 2.442 1.044 20 34:1 Total earning* to 16th. 219.943 20 736 2,001 42.700 OnmwpMidtnk week In ISA# 14.11-1 linrroM in 1800 8 404 ftteck Rxrhangr. Kan>*r, June 22. I860 28000 r State* 6 *,"74 104% 190 aba MS.VXI r> h!6 22 1S000 Mwoon '?... 84k 1*0 <*" '> 10000 do -30 84 050 do 28 . 9000 California . 92% 100 do -80 24% 3000 \irKU>U0?.... 93% M do MO 284* 8000 K RH 2tn Ms.. 92 630 IU (lm RR arrip.. 03 11000 K RK 3m be. 83 90', 360 d.. l>00 63-, 1000 11ml R RK3m* 91% 100 do. *12 08 1 1000Mn?p.1m*frb 2? 41 Cte.CoikOin RR 04 I 8002 M So 2m b* )>30 42% 60 Mich 8 h N U RR U't ' 3002 kiSo ?kl ? b* 72 24 . +> : l?* I 2000 d? T7!. . 78 100 <]&1 4 tVi RR.?20 61 % 600* Ch k N W 2mt. 28 60 do -30 61 <. 660* H kWJ RR h-?. 72', 40 do.' MO 61 160* IH.lAWKRlm 100 60 do 61 1002 <1 k Tol 6 f b<l? 76 100 .to 810 Hit 24 >*>s Rk of (bmm 103 200 do -10 61 fc 60 (mnton On 20% 60 do 611,' 80 IVruj Coal Co.... 82 100 do 140 6114 200 Oimb Ct?l Bfef. 13 50 do ? U16 61% 302*YC*tiRR ?2 <; 100 do ben Hi 200 do b60 82% 62 do b7 '.1 %' 60 l%r Mftll *Wo ?*0 22 128 do MO 61% 70 do 90% 60 (Vt k To| RR ?16 31 >, 60 do *20 90S, 400 do 31% N ft ie RR 12*{ >00 do *> .711; 476 do 12V 800 do 31% 1 100 RudRiv. r RR . .. 48% 800 do ,...b30 31% ' I 80 do *30 48 % 62 do -TO 31% I 00 do *10 48% 200 do *00 31% 100 Harlem RR 12V 100 J" 6*0 31% ' 1*0 Harlem RK pr.f.. .?% 174 Cbta k Kk 1 RR.. 08% 120 *0 *80 89 * 160 tit 1 -30 28% .TOO do M*) ;w>, ;im> <l<> ?n' 100 do 3?>4 MO do.... I >00 HM>, | 100 Ro.nttrf KK 41* 300 do ?m ?9<. 100 M>- h On HH '.?> 49* 26? nil.fc rfcyKR *0 73 I hO do ><00 49* 300 do MB T3\ | 60 Od. 100 49* 140 do., 73', | I 100 do 49* 60 do 00 73* i 300 do 49 *0 do -00 r>>, I I 100 do MO 49', do.... 1*0 74 300 do -00 49)9 100 Boff*. ,*S I. RR. M i 100 do <? 48* aOSuUAvRR .... 1.36 1 100 W?ll Kn 8 N 1 |t * 27* nmn ooahp. 9M0 Ckltfbrot* T'o... M it; 9090 t^ir RR4mb*r? 96 M> c *1W 00 Ti , 1000 trwRR4lhn> h? 97* 100 do 391. WOO Mud Kir KK 3dm 91-JO <tn iff I I0?l? AwrlJl* . 100 V 60 4* *0 ?7* | lMWflttlfcnk .... lie 6 So?,i \v < KM . 97* ? ntUkHad Cbnal Cb 97 60 Kbiuum KK *0 183*4 I MNTOtMiK 83* 300 do *40 139 309 do MJ. 10 do 133* 300 do ....1*n 92', 300 ni Con RR arrip 43* 60 dd *10 43* 100 do <10 93* 90 Had Rlror RK *10 49* 300 do 1*0 48* 6o do ?ao as 100 do 09* . 60 do 49 s 130 (W k On RR *15 01 IMfetoKR 19* 39 do b09 13* . ? do M0 10* 900 CWv * 1M MLMO 81* 900 Ttarlom RR 13* 300 do MO 31* 900 fUrVw KK |*of . 90 * 890 do ., 31* 100 ttedft* RK *10 41S 990 do b00 31* 90 Mlrh Oatnl KK 49* 100 do MO 81* 98 do *18 48* MO Chic MR* to RR . 70 373 Mtob Rn 8 N I RR 13* 80Chi.BnrftQKXfHK) 78* M0 do 14 09 do 914 79* TlOt DRY OOOD9 TRAOK. TV Wlorli* 19 9 ?NBpmrOUVO 191'HWI of the Import* 4T (OntpB dry food* a4 Nt* Torti Or (ho woak tad ttaoe Jhamrr 1>MrAimd MM. 19M. 1990 rtmrMM the port ... 9949.939 7,440947 9V.9Q9 IhmnNUMiMM. 761,119 t,0T9)N 993,187 MdCnTt import....MJMJM 89 988,409 49.431.901 lht?w?flO Urn mart*. 99,909,487 47499.147 48,499,877 t$ iMMM Mmmo R win k? aow dot vho oatrtao < dry gtoM tfco pMl woifc, oo wall m ibom throwa opna IRQ atom, BMP al*rtaPy m?m tbooo la mmm for tho MOO* ported teat paw, 9M la oomi or l*M0 hr Um JUKE 23, 1860.-TR1PLB am* time in iKUti. Tlir aggrfciite* \tucn the 14 of .lauuVy Met, it will he. town, are W lew thoae tor the witie fhiu* Ibi.i year, but id oieem of those for the Anm period in l%68. Wo aj tfx Utile*, giving the rtediilkaleiu <Jid value of the good* entered for i-nntmmptioa, warehotined and thrown upon the market, by wbieh It will be ?eeu i that the value of woollen fabric* entered for coomunptKin amounted to 9 Ilo. of oouon 142 Jltl IHi. of wilte 270.128 Do. of Box 46472 MUoelUneou* 48.182 Total *830,218 Of the above woollen and Bilk good* tor mod the Urgent amount. Wool? JPIm. r?iwtT '**" Pkm- Volar. Woollen*... 108 *74,706 Piuabe*.... 12 *8.708 . Carpeting.. 17 0,128 Shawl* 21 10222 'loth* M 00,703 Pongeea... 12 8.000 Worried*... L~. 30,882 Lace* 20 0.032 lie lam.*..., ? 406 Velvet*.. 6 2.008 CoCfcworoi S3 88^42 Utikarrx- 20 12.0*4 Shawl*..... U 4TUjj6 teWf 13 8,442 lasting*... 1 :**. I'UtC 11 3 884 Blanket*... l?) k. .. . 17 8,784 H<?* 86 Worn, yarn 11 1,1 4. 324 8270.198 Total 062 *284,218 " I.menk 91 *18,28* j Cotton? Handkert*. 12 0,810 , Cottona.... 07 828.827 . Thread 101 17,400 Colored.... 40 16468 Kmb mnoltn 48 20488 Total 204 *46,472 Spool *2 *4** MUceUoneoue? How *91 0*4*0 Straw good* 7 *1,473 Ken. A flow's 08 10404 Total 646 *142497 lea glove*. 28 28410 SUk? Rtnbroide'g. 28 20468 L Silk* 10**114406 Malting... 2 383 Ribbow.... 63 64480 Cravat*.... 21 18.402 Total 11* *08.102 >M6ina fnm Wmdmm. Wool? pilk? Woollen*... 28 *0.718 Silk* 2 02.312 < *r|M ling. . M 4,07V KIUOOUS. ... 3 4.84H Hot ha 3 142 Pongees 41 8.862 Wonted*... M 4,668 ?? Cotton*do. 8 1.618 Tnul 48 814,822 Shawls 42 8,820 Flax? lUsiikete... 10 1,487 I.mens 28 88.384 H<?o 8 1,804 Thread 2 381 ?? i .. Hemp yarn. 201 4,872 Total. 142 883488 Cotton? Total 232 $11,T17 Cottons.... 17 84802 Miscellaneous? Colored.... 2 321 Straw goods g 81491 Piwol 2 660 Fknbroid's.. 4 641 Wlveu..... 8 1.818 Corset* 2 484 ? Matting 132 1,268 Total 28 87,382 Total 148 83,662 90^a M 84480 "aiks 4 83,188 Coatings.... 18 3,1M Ribbons.... 3 3488 Worsteds .. 86 81426 Plushes 1 2403 Merinoee. .. 21 11466 Shawls 80 12 708 Cnt.hWorst. 80 16,788 Pongees.... ? IJUt Shawls 7 4,044 Ib-sidshB.. 2 488 ToUl .*204 870.087 Total .48 823626 FlaxCotton? Linens 7 81468 Cottons.... 2 8702 Miscellaneous? Colored.... 20 2,776 Straw goods 7 8862 Hdkta 8 1488 Embroider'? 8 1428 Base 21 7480 Corsets l 344 Total. .~~48 812.046 ToUl ~~W 82484 Filtered for eoasumptleS?*,i*,'? fU. Pains. Manufactures of wool. M 8284418 Do. cotton 646 142487 Do. silk 324 270428 Do. flag 204 46472 Miscellaneous 118 88482 Total 1448 8420418 Withdrawn from warehouse? Manufactures of wool 142 838488 Do. rot too 28 7482 Do. silk 48 16422 Do. flu 232 11,717 Miscellaneous 146 3462 ToUl 682 871418 Filtered for warehousing? Manutkrturea of wool 204 870487 no. cotton 48 12446 Do. allk 48 28426 Do. flu 7 1468 Miscellaneous 18 2481 Total 824 8108480 The export of deuesttcs continued to be large In the aggregate, but distributed te a greater variety of porta, the heaviest in anount having bean mad* to China, Pern. Chile ut Braxil. To the firat oooatrv the Bhipmenta ?nbraced 2446 package*. valued at 8123,793 The export* from Ike port of Now York for the week ending Jane 22, I860, were M follow* ? Mo filw. Hamburg 83 91JK Dutch Weet lad tea 30 2410 Liverpool 00 ljM & Weet fndieo 03 6,0tt Britleh Him u n H *Wn Africa 30 800 Meraeille* 18 600 Porto Rico 16 000 Africa 14 4426 New Oremada M I.T74 Vtneruela 24 1.421 Braail 300 36400 Out* on 13420 Peru 1420 112.032 Chine 2460 128,T03 TnUl 6,172 8290,332 ProvKiuely reported 66420 > inee January 1 00400 The following table given (be shipment of cotton domestic gondii from the port of Boston for the week ending ! June 16:? Oilouru 14)0 ("alien 8 , Sandwich It-land* 58 Africa. 0 1 Province* 46 Total 303 Previously, since January 1 22 035 Total this rear .22*28 ' Same tune 1868 12^00 ?m? time 1060 13.M1 The late arrivals from Kurojte bring account* ?f a dull ' market in Manchester, while raw ootton waa heavy in la* crpool The spinner* in ttttw country were never more fully or profitably engaged. The rerent'handaomc semi annual dividend* declared by many of the Now England mills at I teat tlieir prosperity during the pant six and twelve 1 month*, while old corporal too* are thus favorably em ployed, new eeubtwhments at many points are in lbe roorse of erection Middle men Hi tha eotioo 1 trade complain that while they have bean in many Inr-iannes severe suflPrrrs, the arowera and mannfac titrers of cotton have baas highly runnmemted A' u?.al at tin* ?rt?? of the year, tha wWhnahi trad* to I dry good* baa bora quite limited, aome taw pnrobasi* wnr being made tor the distant Amthwest. the Tall trade, and aneraBr that (Vnto tha Went, being looked I Howard to hopefully The importations ahow a reduction I comi*red with the naet rear or two, indicating more healthy movement* tor the future. Hoary domcvtic I go-da of all k inds keep firm and in pretty active export i d-man-l. while in *ome linea the product too ui behind the demand Drills were In eteady request at full prices lYlnling clothe were also eteady and active Wool ! n and mixed twilled good* were beary, and clearing Halve ? jean*. naUinett*. aa well a* of collooade* were making at sacrifice* Dark colored print* suitable for the fh.II trade were increasing in -nipple We have no change* of [ moment to notice in ataple article* of foreign good*, while the bualnea* doing wa* moderate. CITY COMMVMCUL REPORT. Kumar, Jane 23?d 1'. M Ambt*?Tlie market xraa in good demand and price* rteodr. with moderate kale* of pot* it U % and of 1-eurl* at Of. 75 llaKaieir ro> ?Dour?The market wa* firm, but lea* n?ii\?. tlw enhaneed rlew* of holder* lend insto e heck *sle? The transaction* footed up about 26.000 bhle . rttwinx within the lolloning range of prices ? 8u|?rflne mate 06 25 a 5 05 Kxtrn Slate A 46 a A 66 Superfine WieU-ra 6 26 a f> 36 (V-mna-u to (hoicr Weatcru extra 6 46 a 7 00 St I on la extra 0 60 a 7 50 Straight to gowl extra do .....8 16 a 7 60 Mixed to straight southern A 76 a 10 i"h<??- eextra family and bakers' brand* ... 7 60 a A 60 Rye fitmr, 3M> ? 430 Com meal. Jersey and Brandy* me 346 a 380 1 Canadian flour wn? firmer and in good request, with sale* of spring wheat extra at 06 66 a $6 AO, and of winter do at fib 80 u 07 AO Southern flour wa* In fhir ruqmwt ?nd firmer. while IIP' wiles tooted np about 4 000bbl* at pri-rw ratty rig within the above quotation* Rys Bcwr wx* nrrri'T. Willi aalo* of about 300 bNa. at Uir nborr agurc* I <* n wical war alradr A>r .lerwey and Rrandywmr al u?e , above qunUiltnaa. Wheal ww quite firm, hill ie? active, U?e demand f?w expert and for milling war good Of itipurtiofi' up about 76.000 huabela, at II 46 ? >1 r<? ft* white r*a*dian and Wi?Irm, fl 30 a II 33 f>r . Milwaukee rlub. 11 30 for amber colored Intra, and while .Smi?i?Ti) at II to Cmn war Armor at Ihr chaw, and in ' cnnti export drftvind, with aalre of 76.000 a 00 000 huah6 i in-hut ma Kaytern mixed. al flAc ; round Wrrtrffl mixed, 16 aOOr . and round and flat y.ltow al 7tV\ Rye eaa quiet al about 16c a Ale. Barlev waa fcs?Ty and nominal Rye tw eaater, arllh rnlea reported of about 6.000 buabrlr Ouiadiaii at p t Oatr were Arm, with alee of Canada Rapt atMUr a Ma., and fbnada Wewt and Rreetcru at 3Atfo. I ttr . and Rule at die. idle. The following atatemeni from the circular of W O. Cat i in?. given the receipt* ami erpocte of lour and grain at hta port tor U?e week ending today flaw, Wntaat, %?, torn, M, I OtfMi 40*V! 9M?W A.M* ao!5v? 134*afl Railroad 18.f4? AM ? 17.711 1.741 | Other aourcea.. 16434 At - ? 1.6M Total A*.4*4 3M.0M 1*1 23A.447 imjU* Tbe expert* of flour aad grata fro? Katr York tor the , week ending Jane * were ? fht.Nfe. VMtal. OMtato Grant Britain *.0* 170Ml 177 4tt IRitiab prrrrtnrv* and other ptaoaa IT.1M 1.104 3J04 TVHa! 414* 172.016 9**7 fWrrwa ?IV aiartat aaottaaafl V aablbH llwtaaaa- , rem which baa (Via iter V A H tor aaiaral dayw pant, while the aaiea were malatl laaamn 004 a 0M hatea, * SHEET. lot", without ctUiUK'' o prices. Wv continue to quote middling upland* at 10\c a 10%c. <*<??ce ?TtK* stock wbk light, and the market was firm. Km wax u'llitiK In small lots, at 1SJ4C. a 14c. for good qiuilit) . ..ud 200 bag* Cry loo at 14c. Fiattm.?Rati* were firm, but lb* engagements wore less active. To Liverpool about 30.000 bushels of corn and wheat were taken at 28*d. a 7ltd., in bulk mm! ship's ' bags. and 4 000 burtiels vmeal were included at Id., in ship'* Lag*. 2,000 bbls. flour were taken at 3a., and a 'UMtll lot of 300 bbls war taken, to All up, at la. Id.; 100 iihd*. tallow at 30e., 1,000 boxeeand 200 packages butter were taken, by steamer, at 50a. To London soma flour wan engaged at 2a. 9d.. and 60 hhds. tobacco at 2Ta. fld. I? r libd. To Glaagow 1,000 bbla. flour at 3k fld., 10,000 bushel* wtteat, In shipper'* bags, at 7>44., and 10 tons great* butter at 30e. i Fkrrr.? Raisins were In fklr demand yeeterday, with Riil. !-' of a few hundred boxes at 12 60 a OS n 14 for layer*, and .it $2 45 for bunch. At the ckwe layers were held at $2 66. iuid M K'h at S2 47. Hat wuh steady with sole* of 800 a 1,000 bale* at 76c. a 86c. for shipment. I no* was heavy and dull at 822 60 a 123 fbr Scotch pig, 6 months. Hunt*.?The reeeipte thla week have beer amounting to 37.000 hide*. The market during the IY.->t part of the week wax much depressed. TonaML tfj* ?:<! of I he week rather more inquiry sprung up, aa ir.yr * ? rmanifested more disposition to meet the vtaarc- ot l?' tra de, and price a may be quoted fully %r. low tiuo I ' week's rates. .Sales have been 3.000 lluenos tmr ?, 5*>*a 21 Ibe. 2SJ4C. 0 months-. 3,600 Rio Urande. 18t. tl 1M. i'4e. a 24.V'. 0 months; 8300 Orinoco. 20 a 22 Ibe., ya/t, 22c e months; 1300 Mexican. 22 lbs. 303iC-> an they are; 2.800 city slaughtering, 00 a 70 lbs. 814r 10 9c. cash. Lkatuix.?There has lawn a little morro inquiry this week, a large number of buyers having been In musket I and have operated quite freely, price* are unchanged. t Mouueo* ? A sale of 80 hbds. Porto Rico was made at ' 3S-' . 4 months. Vitai Stork* ?Spirits turpentine was in fair denrnd, j with saWs. to arrive, at 42r. a423,c. for straight k>ta,atyt at 43e. a 48 V- for shipping lots in firime bbls.. to arrive, j and 1,000 bbls. common rosin at 81 57, per 310 lb*, delivered. Crude turpentine was nominal. I Promsuow?Pork?The market was firmer, with sale* t f 500 a 800 bbla.. including new mess at 818 26 a 818 30; id mem at 817 60 and new prime at 813 02%. Beef was in moderate request and sales embraced about 178 bbte., including country mess at 84 76 a 80: repacked mess at 98 76 a 810 60 and extra at 811 a 812 60. Beef hams were uummaTat 812 a 818. Bacon was in Ikir request at 10c. a 11 V- Cut meats were iu steady demand, with sales of 76 a 80 hhds and tierces at 7>4c. a 7Vc. for shoulders, and 9 V- a #14c. for hams. I*rd was firmer and In good request, with sales of about 700 bbls and tierces at 11 \e. a 12>?c. Butter and cheese were moving to a fair extent at unchanged prices. Rkx?The sales embraced 260 tierces at $4 44 a 84 76. Proaxa?The market was steady, with sales of about 1J0O a 1,400 hhds.; 326 hhds. Porto Rico at 7V- ? 714c. a 8 We., and the remainder consisted of Cuba muscovado, chiefly at 834c. a TV- fbr grocers' grades. Tobacco continues quiet, the finer grades are very scarce, and the inquiry mostly confined to them. The sales included 134 bales Havana at 28c. a 38c.; 74 bales Yarn at p. t. 100 bales Cuba, at p. t.; 214 cases seed leaf at 4c.a 12c. WmsrxT?The market was firm, with sales of 700 a 800 bbls. at 2134c. a 21V. chiefly at the latter figure. him.?iu? market in us week cue ore ociirr, ton more Inquiry, prior* however rule the him, but wis* have been email, most of the transactions being of a retail nature. Prom first hands 160 bales unwashed Texas, at 3*Vc. a27He., mostly lbr cash. Fleece wool is ccmlnc "ttle aold aa yet. California, nothing doing. 28c *montita"* baie8 ^P* of Good Hot* sold at about MevemcaU In Real KaUtte. Bv James M. Miller. 1 lot a. a. 28th at, 830ft.W. of 7thav.. 21x98.9.... 92.000 1 adjoining 2,700 1 " 2,700 House and lot No. 18 Cherry St., 28x127.9 18,060 1 lot e. s 26th st , 210 ft. W. 7th ave., 20x98 9 2.000 1 adjoining J .8.... 2,200 1 " 2,400 1 " 2,000 1 " 2J000 1 ?' 2,600 House and lot No. 38 Tandewater st 20x91 6,120 " " a. s. Monroe st. R of Market st 3.900 1 lot a. a. 64th at., 160 Test ?. 2nd ave 1,160 1 do. do. 37th at., 106 ft. W 2nd ave., 20.8x98.9. .. 4,860 Bouse and lot No. 48 W. 18th at., 20x108.8 13,400 SHIPPING NEWS? avsaisnU of Oeeaa Iteaatsia. noii mora. Mmmm. Iiaui. Dma Mr Kangaroo... UverpooL June U...NewTott Njcia American? ImmmI .June U Qoabeo Tenumla Adtthamptoa June S... New Tork Adriatic. BnorkamaHW June ?.. .New Tork Anglo flux on Liverpool June 20 Quebec Great ban flouthampton June B.. .New Tork Ooldea Fleeee Gal way .Jane28...Maw Tork ftnfl UverpooL June 23...New Tork n.. Liverpaat. June 28.. .New Tork mmuHipini........jqit H.,.A?* ion FaleeUne {Jvei-pool June 27 Qeebm into ...IJwrfML June 10 .Mm Arago RouthampUtn July 4...New York Bavaria Houthampton July 4. . .New York Jar* Liverpool.... July 10 . .New York fob more. Arago New York Juae 28. !, -Havre YVr> New York Jime 22 Liverpool iortk Briton. Onebee June IS....Liverpool Nlagere. Homos.. J use g....UwnMI Ckyof WaehingU?. New York JuneSO?Liverpool tUlnola New York June Sf........ Harre Bahamian true bee JuneSO ...Liverpool BasBWIa WewYort.. July 1....Hamburg tote New York July 4.... Liverpool I Sliin New York -f**y f.....Bremen , BMnO New York ..July T. ...Liverpool Hiie lows. July 11..., Liverpool Adrteur New York J air 14. Havre Teutonic New York July 16....Hamburg femla New York July 16....Liverpool ku* New York .Juljr It....Liverpeoi i (Jol.len Fleece. .... New York July If.... Oalway FuJum New York. .... ....July 21 Henv HAVANA, MATANXA8 ANN NIV ORABANR. Fen** Orft?From New Y?rk Id, arriving at Havana 7th i an.! New Orkeaae Mtti. Front Nrw Orleana Bkh, Harmua 23d. arriving at New Yerk 28th. Caaiwea?From New York 12th, arriving at Tlavana 17lh and New Orleena lfth. From New biieaae27lh. Havana SStb * arriving at New York 3d. I'munevrwri?From New Tork 17lh, arriving at Havana FW irtl New IMaw V.k I'mm New Orleena Hlk K.nlil Hlk. arriving at New York 13th Pi I'?u Pimm New York S7th, arrMn* at Havana la and I Kaw Or lean* M. Ptnw New Mtw Ifck. Havana Mth. ar I riving at Kaw Tort Itth Qcaaaa Cm Pi?i Haw York J ana 1ft. arrtrta* at Ra ; nuta J una U M *?**(*??Prow Near York for Mataaiwa oa the ftfcof aarb ! month, at 1P If. Raaa**?Prow New Tart far Havana rta Nawan, N P, on the arrival of ovary a Mr ma to Canard ataamar at New Tack. K B?Whan Dm aboro data* flail en Monday the waawara will all on Monday, aacept from Mew Orleana. SnCtAL NOTTCM. Aft parhad" and lifter* lafmdid far <A* Naw You Httiu hoiildla Mated. ~ - - *'* - *^a < iUUlM N* WWW TOM-TIB Ml. ate niaaft * ?| mm awn era 10 44 au ana 7 S51 boob Wavan. morn ^Pwrt ~nY*lin w~ oiiSk steamship Tigo <Hri. MWhouae. QurenaPaaaorl laverponi? J t< Thile. Mramahlp A run, Una*. ftouthamptoo and Harm?New York and Havre Waamahtp <k>. hhlp K C Srantoo. Magna. Uverpoot? Inrrretvcr. OUea ft Co Ship Att*traMa. Nnenevr. Wverpool, Bhlp Nord Amerita Bremi Friedertk*. Bremen Ship Mar of the Union, ilorbnm. ljhena rln Ker Weat?1> 0 Need. Mark Keren* (Nrl, Wool. Hall. Bark latmpUgkiar. Thotnpann. TIetnarare?J M Smith ft Co. ' Hurt .lohn Beneon, yMarhlaa?Hnrgea ft Oo nrif 1 I- Iirrrj, uriirn. t mm?II II nrnocnun (in Rn? E Ururnmond. ontiarr, A up hum [I- Panama RE Oo. Prig Arnraia Atkhwm. Hattfat?A PmWirr* A Oo Hrt? M K Mllltkrw North-*. PhUndrlpMo-J Hand. Sikrl.lWk liaborV Rarannah?1> C Hurra? Srhr 4 Nimi < arT?r, ("kuu-Waton Srhr AHW. (Vcaon. Wlbntogloo?flturfoa A O. Srhr tlnllriro. Smith. Rb-hmond -O H rfrraor Srhr Ohaar, MlUa Hrlatnt-Maatsr Srhr II H I xhtrmaa. . Hartford-Ma rtrr. simp Apolki. Frrrmnn, Fnwdwiw Maatrr Hoop Amrika. V- liaini I'm lid Haulm Su ainrr Pt'adoaliailfT. Ptrrann. Ralumorr ARRIVED. "tram'tiip PkTuia. Orowrll, Haiaaaah. wKh mdar awl pw t-n*?r?. I.. S I. Mhrhin k Sor IU? teal, ar I*? P* lat MST p?a*rd ???.i?n*htp Ja? \dgrr. hr-wr far oh?rlr?u? EU. at fJO AM. rdf Aharruni. rpofcr brt? W A Rman. Thr T had atroa* h?Ail ainrt* thw aidr of Hattrrar "'ran,-hip Mount Vrrnno. InrftrM. Norfolk and RaWraora aiih tnd?r ?nd p??arn*rnt, mNI Orunartl A Co. su?mahlp MonUrriln. flarrr Wiuditnatoo Ar, with in tor and p*??rnrrra M M R OoanwaU A On. .?rati.Oup P*t*p*ro. Tall. Portland, wtth aidar and paaarn t< f>. fe> H R < Ynmwall A On <4ii|i'" doaibia. Hrranl. Urn-pool, Mar W. arfth o?d*r and ??*. p.i>-rn*rr . in Oil MaiaAall A Oo. mh Inat. lat 41 4A loo IV '? r-muliP t rhtp Hrradnoufhl. Satnurla. hrnrr for Uvrr p<?4 ship Knoihrttirr tof Frarporl). Soulr. Urrrpool, Mar . with rtul A< ta mdrr. *h Inal. lal 49 4# aaa ahtp Hra Eln* bound I: lla* hud h awl SW wlnda nrarl) I ho *V>lr r <+. whh TiaM Ornrarr ?4 Hr?n?airk. Mat. MrTidvr* Suadartaad. i?div?. attbrnal, hi auiMrr Hriji Win Moor* (of Ransori, Tapl?J. Poor*. PR. Juo* R. aiih a>.tar Ar to T H Ranfond. Naflrd in rraapan? aith brta I rrloor (or H? tumor* Ithh tn*? lat ST fT, Ion 7A paaard th* a'n rk ?( a t?*?al. whh thr rod or JlhhooB and u(Trail oat of watrr nrli T*ihi.t i Br. of lAmdonv P?u HiWii. <1ajrr with oil. ? > 1V>* 'and A 4?|>lnw?D Hn* M?r? INrrw* , R*?H, Wirahothporf for Bnoton o-hr llmiad <Br>. Prarmon Bt (ir?rfr Brrmuda. 7 day*, trek pouior* he. to MkMlotno A Oi Had rrry hrarj rmUi*r Jutirc itt4< iiiiiii?i? wXr I (any M?yb#r. ..?i, frMcaa M,*fi wnk angar. I a.JonwBmlth AiV ; s. }ir .1 P rVtlNmi Got ?> Kmy TT f* ** Brhr Ptndia*. I'rwn m KIWiS -'Vo ; t . .1 Prhi MnilahAr. Wolal Jink* -' *1 for . % ? | Self .Marta .<?uo, Hi abbEM? "St tiler .1. Hrhr Xk-looM'otlr % CWrrjH 11. J; * > Hrhr < irryroi Nw?h. "orAHnil,' Si hr K?l?o?i WolK Han ..? >'?r-*|for >><rv Mkr A M N?y?*.HoNnami. faun*.,. f. V v-hi iKwmt. PmdMra. ProrVlrnrr for Bin . 3*V Hrbr H A MoiM. IMiltfMO, Keotoot for ItaNov Mmnrr fcmrtar Mom rUMrlvUe. wlik mdna ml luMfiwrir U) p I>rklaa. Hmnnhl frotB Capo MtJ 44 nf tfco i row of rrf iO*anirr Walker. wr*k?\ of HrfgaaUao by Ma* r'? Into hy an Brearr i ilno. Beoiei?, riililrlr Hlft 525eor HtWMtt-kit Hahrlna, Pranria, boaf* for A?r*n??n. ( t Mn roodMo*. mum. BrUr Iawt Darling. I<oo. from lym KP B ttvl at raarM* MM; at raaart B. TtlMtMk BartM Kiyatu. zz*-"?? HA HPT HOOK. JoM ? . lia?t_ A nfclo onwln* In part tka Hoot la low of U? AaMlkn ?ipAMdM? Btnto. for Hon Proa rtaro. Ml KUaa, for Utotboo). nrriwl t*r bar at 11 AM; on* Alpanrhorrd at BW Bplt. boond one. tM B. Ilnht. woatbrr At Maat^lr FtotMa. rapt OowaD. antra* la* trm*alaf frr-u F&* a 11 ah We are uuuer obUiuiluua Jo lln aitenllvM ^ I puraer (or tale boutUera papers w Bang Ninaon I-ane, hence for Aap'.nwall. put into Pgrmudf fl ^ biai, ha dim I B? Baag Cut. Dolbv. hence at Hallfai. V^fo,/e and main { "?? ??4 bead of mliejuiuuit in a Rale on the fch in< kit 41 40 loo 86 yvl Bang IMmnia, from Cardiff for Hon* Koo> waa reported at I Eli w w' A?r'? 10 >"?> ^ !**?? date' in lat J0 ? 8. " ' w*h kM? of nulQIDMt. A I Bnw JamBumm, Bona, from Rfci Janeiro for fharleeton, I >h" *00 'I Jl[4-4 *Sti C'EIIMMM aiat inat from fMMMMMfc I 'tpwwipw % i*)^ 00 Xht 8th, &q4 ioiit foifDUiiit beid Md TTMtn I topMflt (Bywl.) e^^^^ngenmaMnR I aquall on Dog River her and rapalaed. Of her crew of ( men I 4 were pt- ted op: the ?hen. are auppe^ tTb/drSwned. The I P ?rw owned in MobUe, and haa been engaged ht the jjCMI Miainetw for aereral yearn Thla la the SsonThXerloadof Iron lout from the Wtadaor forreet within twow^m I Bcn? f.iDT Paairgur. Moulman, from Olotweeter for Ceo* I Porpotee, bejore reported aahore near Kenaebuakpert iffth. war taken off the third tide following by a crew of carpenter*. I the principal damage being to the aboe and atern poet 8c >t Ron i Yitlatf il Jppe*1 ?"chr Rob Roy, Colby. I m *><4*1(9(1 Whv-y.iaojim.lfcwMiiai her, waa ia?4e,( I a- ' V'fjJy' otranoe of Marble "?i - . ?3 . t i - -?V Mo plane were tm m &*a,-a.:*fit?tr i y T and J I.earaw. ?t. Adnata and A Allen M . a . from their perilous' . Jiun.-aiitte *tW M r?L*L..- 'Za d Week. Mg??fv if. ??. I wnnr* re . e Tsunrr Bom, 1mm, Jtnn T, MM i Wot Ice la hereby given that a Oreen Huoy, marked vrtth the word "Wreck,' haa been placed 8 (athoma HB of aechraunk I lr the Down*. I The Buoy ilea in <S fathom* at low water apring 'Jdee, w*h the following mark and com pan* bearinga ? Upper Deal MU1, between the North Rod of Deal Benttal and ,? Wat Cattle Wby .R^hi Sandown Caatie NWWVw , Deal Bank Buoy .MSB [Dtatant about four cablet' length t I By order. P. 11. BKBT110N, Secretary. / kast coajt or tiunaan?BLtcKwaTut axtm am ana tow I Bang uCHTvcaaata (aacown motirai. Baixaar Ornca, Dublin, June 1, I860 The attention of marioera la called to the intended change in the character* of the above light*, notice of which wae Matted from ltd* office on the ?d of December, 186?, and ia now re ' Notice la hereby given that the two light* now eahibtted from I me macawuier nana uimnvi, u"- >? ? "own ?* other fixed. will on the lot of July, 1210, be dieoontlnued, and thenceforth. from annert to aunrtaa. a bright Aned tight will boexhibited from the mainmast of thin veaael, at a height of tt feet above the level of the ?ea. Thla veaael win carry a Btaofc Hall at her mainmast head. Arklow Hank?The Band bright light now exhibited Aram th? Arklow Bank Idghtveaael will at the aaine time be dlaconilnuMd, and thenceforth. from aanant U> auiirtae, a bright revolving light, which will attain Ita greatest hrtlltnocv once In evervmlnute, will be exhibited from the matomaat af thla re?1, at a t bright of V fret above the level of the new. Thia veaaol will carry a Black Ball at her matnmaat head. There change* will take place simultaneously with the eihi- * bit ion of RockaMII Light and the propoaed change In the color of St John'a Point Light. By order. WTIXIAM LKBH, Secretary Whalemen. Sid from N Bedford 21*1, ahlp Content, Pacific Or wan Arr al Inatnia Nth uH. aohra M J Knight, Rparka, Frovtacebwvn, 100 bbla blaokflah, 12 do ap oil; Uth, Weather Gauge, Small do. 126 blackllab, 26up; Nth. Oread, Parrwll, do,dlMaektiah. 45 ap?all bound to Charleston Ground. At do 5th hint achr Botportam. Cook, of Piuiluoetown, are 4tb, with 100 bbla hlackftah oU, bonnd to Otorleaton Ground. At Bermuda 12th Into, achr Orion, ?ff nuilwetom, 10 MM out, with 20 bhli oil on board, all well. Arr at Mauritiiut April 9. ahlp Wm Badger. XaxfteM, JIB, wtib 200 ap, 400 a h (and aid 26th to cniiae)Tl7th, bark Harvest, (Hffovd. do. 220 up (and aid lAtfal; 12th, ahlp Swallow, Stewart, da. 600 an. 000 wh (and aid 27lh); 28th, bark Kllwood. fltor.m Mr. do. ItO ap. 200 wh; Ml aWw Merrory, KB, SMb ?a charge of chief officer (Capt X K Bourne, late chief effioer of hark Oacaller, ta now in command of thla ahtp in place of Capt Lekenwn, former master), now in port 1 At Nagaaakl March 90, ahip* Chandler Price, Holeomb. MB; Stamen Scott. Hunting, KH; April 1. Hantaan, Dennia, NB. A letter from Capt Chapman, of ahlp Joaephlne. MB, report* ,a, her at Monganul JanII, with 00 bbla ap. tldo wh oU, and TIG lb* bone taken atoce leaving Weatern Islands. Alan reports the loan of Mr Steven., the mate, and all Ma beafa being taken down by a right whale off the Coaat of Mew Hoi- ' land on the 20lh Dec, MN, to 1st42 R, km 120 K. Tbeenrtlcilora are aa follows:? About IUAM lowered S beata for right whale*. Mr Steven* struck. The whnle ran around whh aim until about 614 AM. The boat being then about ewe petal off the lee bow, diatant 2 mi lea, euddenly dtmppeai ud. f wwa at*riding along with the ahlp at the time, having previously taketo up the other two boata?etood on the spot where IhoWt waa laat seen?had all the beet men In the ahlp on the lookout, but could aee nothing; cruiaed about there all day. At 0 PM fell In with the boat bottom up, not etove or injured I* any way; think the 11m mual have been foulad and the boat taker* dow n The name* of tboae lnat were Rind Rtevena, of RoutbS V dp* affiaS r- Wm M Moor bead hoaitoaerer: WW anarB Handy , of Sandwich, Maw; John Hauxlin, of AJbenj, | NY. and a l?ortn?iieee chipped a (ha Weatera Ialeade. tkpi Chapman had chipped Um oil and hooe by the lajorta. and WM hOQIM) N | Spoken?No dale, lat 3 8, km 16 W, Sarah, Butler, Matt, no report of nO pakta, 4w. / Bark Volunteer, Oorham, from CVnfuefoe for Botftoo, Jan* 14, lat St 30, loa 7680. ? J Brf* Ocean Spray, Hence for Cadit. Jane 16, lat SB 96, loa 70 10 (lat and Ian before incorrectly reported). feralfa Porta. Howbat. May 12?In port chip* Hortenee, Berne*. for KTor* Ida. at 614 AO per am, Wlaroaata. Scott, far lcndoudat H IC Have.. Vllkat, for IJverpcol do; typhoonjSalter, p&df loadrir-JKirt ssktmi Kftsste B 70.000 mpeee far the round, Alexander, Baxter, far Henc X at 94 rupee, per oandy; Antelope, Cote, for do at S ru- , peea per oandy , Templar. Martin, for Oafcutto; Tornado, Mumford. dieir. unr. The charter of ahip Edward, far JfVork, ban been annulled, and aba haa accepted B rupeaa per oandy for "spirnti June 16?Tn port bark Nimrnd, taee, from Near ; Shlelda. to load for Providence. HUurax, Jane 16?Arr hark Celt*. Doihr, Maw York; aohrn ford Raalan. HterMn*. HaHlaaore; IMi, Three Bmthera. fwarn. Philadelphia <Td IB h, aehr Norther* Ugbl, Eadaie, BiebtifimaM. a? a -arr mam HonaaD, MVkaela. NOrleane; JUy Suit, CroeraB, Apatarhinoln; chare, Kdwerda. Chartoo ion. lAunwamamrr. June ft?Arr "Neptune. Bell," WdUdalphia ( hip Neptune, Bahle. ckl at NOrlean* June 6 for Bremeni. marftla. aprtffc?in port ahlp Malay. WHnnmh, for Beaton. Qvxxxaiuwx. June 6? Arr Arab, Graham, Savannah. HOTTiep.ii, June 5?In i*>rt ahlp I.ydU, Dennle. for Charlea 1 on, many. _ a Ha ran a. May IB?In port hark XrapeUtan, Rurdett, for Boa- j ion I or 3 day . Nine aeons. May 1?In port ahlpa Ram no) Appletna, Free- ' nan, for Hombey; Amaranth. J?o?, aal Oeaaa Bland. Hm*iiey, for Fiona Ron*; Dolphin. Hoyl, For do. Via, at dOr per nielli. Frank Flint, Robtaaon. for China; Ht I/ouk. Jaogba. onoj Mark in. Grnak, rep*; Oeorg.' lUllelt. Wlneer, dta*. Chllo. *4d; barfca Book at. Haupdrrs for Boaton few daya; A aula Bocknam. Potter, for lion* Kong. Fid April 21, ahtp Hurrtoane. I amp hell. Bombay. Toaaa laLAMpa. Jnae 6?In port brig Honiara 'not Snmarri, OanktaM. Dm* 8t Tkoaaaa f<e Hoatrm ld? (not aa bafora). Amerlr naa Parta. > ALF.X AXDKFA, June 20?Arr arhr Joa fluent, Reiner, Xaw { Y.?V HU ?-kn Virginia, Davta, BuRoo. C P WHliam*, Oav.y. I ZV*?Arraehra B A Wood, Oanmer. virt eeacor, Bebbtoe. Pneten, H Price, Chamhera Smirix t. W IF Rutan. Hnrac u'. NYnrk Famed up for Waehtnirum. arhr Ww Wade.TtayW I from S York. Hid M-hra H?a M, Htarkbmiae, St John, MB; ft R conover llocnau, Derby. <'-? ; HUnay C Joaea. Bedell, trVurk. _ BOBTOK. JmwSI?ArraKin ()? F Patten. Mitchell, Cadis; harka Jehu. Daita. Palermo; Jane A Htabop, Maawarta*. Mo I hlh. hrlaa f.ltahel. Oilier, Me-aina Rrergreee (Brt. Dak In. tVnf?r??a; latuiaa (Hr), Croaby. Knit Cay, TI, Wa M Rtoa, Onwall. (lahraaton; arhra Mohawk. .Tohnann F.ttxabadmort; A < ntfford, Rhui'. Hindi hi, A Jana-aoo. .lamaaoM Haw for* far Ponknd, put In for * harbor Trlfmpkrt, bark Druid, from MiiraaiUaa; ?i*nal for a Hr nrte. 41-1 aohir . lark, AWandna; Art R Adam*. Flak BaMlmnra, TV* EtH*. 1 Kally. XYork. TV* Rydar raw mamnr of ahip Barron, cfcl I 16th for NOrlaana. Hid, wind VE otaamar Admiral. Xhlp UrM I atanrd and aorhorad la lha Rnada- I KAI.TTMORK. Juna 3?Aitataamahlp Lrnau* Point. Frtuch. 1 HT.wk; aMp H-lhlab Thavar. *Mrw, < aUao rta flf A Rmnla Hd *hlp .Itiniatla, Wllaon. Ijrarpool, < hflon, Lrwn, V Km Jutu iro and a n?kl. bHga Rrho, Bonaa. ktrantt land aid); ^ PramaatV. B'allara. Havana. arhr (Inldari Hod, Conarr, VBod ford Md barka i-vlrh. Malkiwa. and t'nkm. Trtupa, Bamon I IIA RI.KKTON. J una IP?Arr rumahtp Marlon. PoMar, N York; l-ria Mark Ha an. Pnd? arhr Noun dfth*. Mot-a, I wan on (Id atanmahlp P'tnmir. Waiaon, NYart aid daam ablp luabal. Rolliua, IrflMl aad Harana via Savannah; barka J<?afa (Hpl, Mora. Barrrlona, PalmaUn. Whlldam. Wtl mlnrtoo, SC. twhr I> W Vauphaa. tlltort. a Northora part. BANTERS. Jnw 16?Arr arhr- D.-o W Baldwin, Owwall. ? NTork. Nalaon Walla, do, Ifck. Wnrrhr. (Wkau, do m FAIX RIVER, Juna 11?tOd brt* Billow, Bod?daa tor l>od?a>,('alata or Philadelphia. ilAI.TKHTON. J una 11?In port ahtp Wm B Trarta. Unonln. .ft' fnr IJvarpainl Mpfhafora raporwdfdr h'Tort); bnrtaRSBnJU. rtl Howard, lor do do; Alamo. PaUaraon, for N York do, Nuaaaa. ;a v Hmhh. for Boaloa do; Wraar. Hrhnthha. from Dnwa, 4Up, Mr M hra William, nonpar. R A Faliooar Smith. I'nioa, flaratnan, m and Kirahdor. Boonaan. dine la tta o*n( Ukh. a hark Rfl llih. l.rtaA Hopklna, Murray, KYort. Frrt?hU Sic to \>? York; touwrpanl Sd. 0 I (1ARDINBK. Jitnr 21?Bid arhr* Wm B Horary, Bahar, and y (Vnli, RaiWr M York d a > JACKRONYttJJC, .'una 16?In port nchr Hal 11# Monrm, Rich P?v m ardron, fbr Pmrtdanm about MDi ,i > inVne, Juna XI?ait arhr Antaraa, Oardcry, Dahwwa * 11 City; atanp Untlv. Fraaman. WYork NVW OKI JCAKs. Juna 16?(Id alup Hannah("rartwr, Warth, K Trtaair; hrtp A C Marrrman, latUirop Cardanaa; arhm Bull ruah, Aahby, Malanma. X M Smtth. CUlda. Raraonah " * B?'BPf?T.K. .Tuna BV-Arr arhr 1 D. Harwood, Camdan. Ma , ( ( Id Vr hart Ahal, Martra? (iiwdaloupa. nkw Mcnrumi, Jnwn-\rr iwnr j niaaarano. ' aaaa Rarwirb (aorf aki far HYcati HM hrt* Aln Milium, CM, , , tfa IHnrn to load for w NKWBt RTroRT. Jim* ?V- A it arbr* A*?lar PMINp*. 1 *( Tnrba lalanAa. K<>?uth I^.SVnc* rid rW? B "Uavonl, tV?n and ftmpmm Kantarrnrtb KToe*. KKWTOCT7jma> SO. m-Arr wbnr ft A Koa, lUkar. rbUa (Wlphta for Boatno. umm Maab. RmMaimI linr KTaftt Ik ? ...J g^aul, for 4o B.;^ Taayo., v all lOf (Hi, IfnHvTBl | rnaieum. rn^lQfK* W 99% NW9 IWn _ at ma*. Mon-man. KTnrfc for NBndford _ * *J ttai. J rW?In |>nr? brlf ft T llmwa: arbra ft A R*?. BK f 1 ? litl r.oBman, War farad John O BTr%bt?all other* **Uad ihl* AM ' i Wtovrt S* ? ? NKM lJ)NI>ON, Junr 3D?a rr *k*n> TYaaalatim llawkina ' Oncl f.?n ftar rmtlarr u bi KKW 11A*ri?. Jaw a-Arr?rhr OK. lUrmanrl. .YYorft / ^ fad bnr rfcaa limlh !*?*! Alaiaadrta. arbm J ParAarftr. ftn ,( ?' * tft Iftt (lam. Kftrunaetrk. farorHa WI*?Nathpect Rarbal FA far*. hh I* Rm *w*o. _ "* j ?* ' l*H II. A OKI.PHI A. Jtina tt? An aiaamar IVIawara. Can A c nam, Haw Tnr*: hart Wbaailand. Oranaaua, *<, hric \n?aft? . aft 1 Vralak. Pa>an?o. win Hew .1. r~r V?nn*man fafam: f]j. o? Tin I Mil Hilda bn Ktwrar Para-r. aed J K Auattm, Daarm,. ? KrA?o rtd alaamer llnatrn. (Yiahrr. HTnrk; ?-br? DmmIi, 1 Rohan*. BH hi Wtaeft; Knjraa l?*rhar: J II A <i?fa,T5o*fti a A W*? Jamay I ania man IVauw,. llrlati Mar .Wbarawi I | t ?? w Bona-. PW1B|? iannfa*. fly, Ch>>?>a. ^_a N . Jnna H?Cld ahlp Coiutobna. ftroall. larar*ool aa , a or II *!!. Norfolk 0 I i 1 'ifAOlJiiM il-ArraxamtmPftaMlbl*. 4, ' Pro," 'ir (M*b*. Philadelphia. Wa#t/-haMer, JorM*. B*? | >nr afaT llarraat. Cnnrln. An IMalmBwa Km. Krudb Toub*. <1<. A llrbl twrk N?m I T.ampm!* lb* Un> n-A, IWr? from NYrrt for Borlnn , nt tato Wr* BftJ ?i. PN for ? fcarfcar. ,? IKKKI. AND, Jar IN-Arr ?*n MftrtNU, Dry. no% ,? |f*i W?lk| a??Lr^R^ ISSSss^?: X II ' liMMMii ..J

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