Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 23, 1860, Page 9

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 23, 1860 Page 9
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< iWAWoii wiirraft-WMnii. A*?WK< VAB1JC YOU SO GlRle kATRLY rROM KU repe, wUhwi a situation In apri*a?<?faimUjr. Good re/e 'i?NCHbt|lrta Inquire si Waal JWb at. A LADY DK8IRKS TO OO I* THK COUNTRY TOR THK iiimii mouth*, and would Hkn to meet with soaae nice family. She la food of children and la capable of bmijpnn hem ap Would not object to aaatat In the light dutiea of -inmntinili i. To out lady who la an Invalid this la una of the 'ew chaao-r. as confidence can be placed In the lady. Rrfe j eMedmi and required. Address, for one week, J. K. R , 4MX lwllrrald office A LADY ABOUT TO HRRAK UF HOUHKKKKPIVO uv atahie to provide ailuathuia for a Kood plain cook and a ora patent chambermaid and waitreat. Apply till 30th of June at LWHiofcaat., Brooklyn. ViOOR.-WAimtn, TO OO TO KKWFORT, A PRO "\J feased oook, understanding every branck of bw profeeoloo. French preferred. The beat references required. Ap iy between the hours of 9 and 19 at M East Sd at. QIT0ATION WANTED?AN HKAMSTKKSS. CHILDREN'* IJ nurse and teacher. A you a* German ladv that speak* Yngljsh wishes a aituathui tn the above capacities, with a re i xpeetebhe family goto* to California, where her services will 'be roaffidirri a* equivalent tor her travelling expenses. Ad dreee for two weeks tlovrruoaa, ahaUou 11 Poet odlce, Uraud at, t - near Ridge. ITUATION WANTED?BY A KKSPhCTABLK PRO I T leAaul weaiin; understands French flutlna: has lived In Ape beat private tamides. Can be seen at M University place between Itth and Lttb ata lirifr NUMB.?A HEALTHY YOUNQ WOMAN. WITH iwYY a (rash breast of milk, wtabes a child to nurae. Ratereocgggtvea. Inquire at U1 West 97th at. fjLTAIflTKD?BY A YOUNO OKRMA.Y LADY. A HITt'A, ' YY tiawte take care of chlldreu, or In any other capacity V -w 1th a family going to California. Inquire al7Z7Ji Sd are. coraeoMCfiikaL, In the store. '"TXTANTED?A BmTATION, BY A MARRIRD WOMAN ' YT m wet nurse; breast four mouths old Can be seen untl engaged atSBav. B, between lath and Mthaia. \RTAJfT? -OT A RntPMCTABLN AMD OBWTKBT. YY widow, without encumbrance, a eh nation aa hsusshsiiasr to a widower. Address for three days Mn Butler, hot 114 Herald fee. UTAJfTRD-BY A RKtiPROTABLR YOU50 ORRMA5 TT gtrLa aRuatteo aa cook; understands general housework. Apply lltfe Division at. "\ITANTW)?BY A SMART AND OBUOINO PKOTHR YT last woman, a aRuatioe in a privals faintly. In city or counter, aaeack, washer and lroner. or to do general house wAri in a email faintly; Is a thorough good cook and excellent hftndress; has good ony reference. Apply at *06 Broome at. TUTANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNQ WOMAN. A YT situation In the country as chambermaid; would assist With the washing and Ironing If required, or would do the bouseworU of a small family; reference given from her last ^ place. Call at 4< Prtnee at. . WABTltt-WUULH. AHMU1RL II WANTKD-TO QO TO RUROPR AS 5URHK with a family, where there are two children. One who T.nderatanda both English and French would be preferred. Inquire Immediately at 1M Dean at.. Brooklyn Aid. FAMILIES. AND GOOD SERVANTS. CAN FIND the largest and best offices in this city at the institute sod ' Borne,.where the beat of aervaula are, always ready. Also . (cud situations Apr good help. Conducted by a respectable \Iady. No. 148 si., corner of <th ave. A OKNTLKMAN WANTS A HOUSEKEEPER. SHK JjL muat be A lad/ of re&nement, a eat la her management, fij well calculated .to All such a poaltioa in a gentleman'* gW. Addrta* Ponrad, Herald ogee. aWMOLORRO WOMAN WANTBD?AS GENERAL HOUSE ' V' orrrant. muat hare good recommendation* Apply today at < Kaat Mth at. "I^URRB WANTED?A PROTKNTANT TOCNO CURL. TO XI take care of two children and aew. Muat come well iwcommended. and be patient with children. Inquire at US Weal Bd at.. before S o'clock^ -^yAllTO-A COLORED PERRON^AS NUEM TOR^ AfH*Tft.?wt U? Harald^SSee. I*^T''* WANTED?AS NURSE, A MIDDLE AOED WOMAN. competent ta take care of two amail children; bam or cltj refereneea required. Apply Friday and Saturday morafcig<frofa 10 to IS, at M Nth at., beta aoa Eh am#Eh are. "firANTED?A PROTESTANT OIRL, TO DO OBKEBAL Vt houaework la a arnall family; a Scotch or German pre, ' crt, ? WANTED?A GENERAL HOUSE SERVANT; . SHE muat he a good waahar aad tfirnar; Herman preferred. Apply to P. Sokwartx. Three Plgecma Hotel, Mew Durham, M. Jrraey. Harhcnaack plaak road. "ty ANTED?A OIRL FOR GENERAL HOUSEWORK. I* Apply at in Ek at., between lat and Mara "1STANTED?A OIRL FOR GENERAL HOUSEWORK: VT owe who undcretanda plain cooking; wage* 17. None W at jKS atWh? ^ 004 fuia'lk*kr etWSemem. Apply at IS CU'IT NURSE WANTED?A PROTESTANT BRETT ferred To one who can giro entire aaltafacUoa good ? !" ?< pan- A^pi; u ? ifflimv lemrr, an ., pel?M (U and lOthTra., ; WANTED?A PROTECTANT OIRL, FOR GENERAL _ houaewort. Call at EH Broome at. "UWANTIID-A RKtfPHUTABUC PROTMEFANT t*ts jL.vaiu.y?jg~"' "? ^IfplNTWJ?A WOMAN TO DO OINKRAX. BOOSCI wort to ft email family Moor need apply without rrfe Hoc* at ra weal 13th at., below Khar. W' ANTED?TO GO TO THE COUNTRY, A OIRI. TO DO chamberwurk *ud Whiting. A fWOMlut preferred. Apply at 44 W?o> 17th *. W ANTED?A MEAT. TIDY GIRL {GERMAN PREFER rod!; warn wfcn oaderatanda geoeral bouaework thorough ly te a family of ftro; hum be a pood waiter aad Inner: city rrfowM from laat place reoutred, willing aad oMtrtw. Nana cthcre need^ly^ wagre W per nnoth. Call at 8 WyekoC "YETANTED?A OIRI., TO DO PLAIN FAMILY 8RWIX0 1 fjL Ae dy None bat a ?oud aaaaaum need apply at V/AWTED-A GOOD PLAIN COOK. WAEHEE AND TY lraof*. alio a tidy girl to take care of children aad at* ae afeamheraalC Neon oeed apply without good dty reference. iQed<V apee aM a comfortable home may be mi aciad Eeotch, fegRkh twOermaa preferred. Apply for two day* at at tlh -yfANTTD-A TIDY WOMAN. WITH GOOD CITT REW fmeauia toouok. wait aad Irea; a Ian a amort girl, at tMhOm and to aaalat with the waafalng, Irootag aad chamber f9L Call between IT and 4 o'clock, at ft WeM Hkh A, third EMM Mor> bouae weat uf 6th arrnur TETANTKD- A NEAT, TIDT TOCNO WOMAN. AN COOE, TY and to aaeat la waahing and Ironing, mux full* underHand her bualnraa and come well recommended. Call at <0 Baa* Sbk at., between 11 aad S o'clock. W-ANTKD-A WOMAN, WHO CAN AND WTLL DO THE Bpac waohlox mnd Iftmiitc. a abort dtatanca In tba country Ap Bly at fia or leave addrcaa there. ^^|ajm Tv_a uim., to no general hoiwkwor* ^^^ a a private family , mum be a good plain conk, waahcr To a Mat, tU; and obliging prl a joti bocaa and be gfrcn a rr-ilxUDl^ra^UJ^anaff ^Ktpat'om warrmp-j'aiiif. ^^^^B>7^ANTAND wlriTiiBwoijroS^RWH^ro LIT* , waiwkbl* prirata famlljr la tba cfty or auburba; IbaroagbW ara Minted with an Ikat appertalna to .?. aad would taka the auaacvltena of tba boaiibiibl amntrauiona <-r>nd Utejpl Br? rafrraaoaa gtvaa Addrvaa T. It- ?.. Herald oHre WAimtn-rt a tot'th, u tkaju tba w-brilnaali dry fooda or fancy rfltteig II aTSgMtrJSLTttS35 u. Adirona for four day* n ?, boa Idt Ha wav, wrij, aoqcaintrh with thk orb. Spaniah. I'nctaauma and (lertnan Ian mmtlnu an interpreter or clerk In a "hipping Ulr or enaapany. ao abjection to traveihn* ^ Hail ptacw, or can baaaM for two days, > wtm a large souther* ac -he* In make aa engagement with crane a* aaleaaan aad LraveliiM aaaal Any ?can be given. Addrcab B. Wtelira II. W. ; ^^^^B YAVTVn-RT A T0T7V0 HAW CORRVAV) age. who ran bp ink tba Knallak taMiiaga ffamghly aeanatamd wkbtbaeiy. aabgW porter; - M mabe at merit generally naeful; idfrw I all at or addraai M. Hebada, MO lib at., foonb WAWrm-A TOUWO GERVAN DRAIRKi tdMtmi'ie and culliuMag dark, ta well V(ualoldnllr Can furntah beat nf r-tty rafa H "f J. II . Ilenrid odtoe TtfRTTOH. bt a totiro VAV. AM <aba? boahkeapar at dark. Ma winte arwaa a pood band, can gtra raferaaeee; | m .^rrrg^rfh>n *j,rtM * touwg nm umt rvov evoitla a grocery or Irnaw i hhi teore. Ad rrattow. vt a trnmo rav who enwtedgkrf tba bgwWbiiatnrm aad bmi ^4r Haa tlao rot a aataltraab lh)aar mala. lay* l>.C ,MITata?. mr*o ***, mttatiom r* QI bu-Jn?* or oOli I ?; Mk ?W MM u>l Ih^Mf?rfMII)i. A<Wr*LHew, ^^^^^^BtVATTOH, AS POOKK.RKFKK OK Tomo IH holt* HI A ATTtr* >M> or >nw. omhHouaAo ?k? ? ?? r"i r"ww*,,ir*- M AH kxfkkikkorp a^whthtaht, a . nuTranUU kMt ftUrr M i ? !< kno%em nr f OMAl dni u ?me imMrtwj K. vrteagfr" rtK^WW A* CMCHK IH^AH^ tRO* mv rt't Aldrw J U-, H*2t?fi3Gl. <?* ^K' rw-* A TTH'HO HAW. WHO WTT.t, BR I4T ii |.?mnwnt p?H4*f B?h?M wDh tnm* ,,rlk' U * ? K?lm?m ?qmr? " Hnmti ?? Mrwo umti/aaad a^pir. * * ? trrma. <W t?t> RKOITTAB. AHHCAI. "*'jATT; or^ TTW , f , ? ? t'.' SEW TO H1LP WMTOP~MJUJW, Aoknth wantrd-in hvkrV city and town, to rtl David Yemen's RxreMor Mewing Needle Thren l-r. tilt only Inventor and manufacturer of the genuine nrtl-l*. For t?le at 178 Duane M., N. Y., la Uie rear. DAT1P VRNTKN. DOT WAJCTKD.-AN INTKLLIQRNT LAD, A BOOT 15 13 veara of age, who aiNta a good hand, wanted for a Broadway store. He must be of good moral character, a Protestant, and he willing to Mrs with Ida employee. Address box Poet offloe. CKIJ.AB MAN wantrd?ONX KITH*k PRKNOH ob Oerman. who Is araoalnted with the buslnees and can come well recommend. will and steady employment and fair wages; moat speak Yajaltab weU enough to ha understood. Address K._P. a Co., boa3,toS Boatoo Poet oOoa. C10ACHMAN WANTRD.?AMY OENTLKMAN WHO ) may wish to secure aplaoe for hie coachman during the kommar can send him to B Twelfth street, In the store, near I'niversRy place. SYOACHMAN WANTRD.?COLO R*D, OP LTOOT \J aright, to dries a single burse. , One who has had expert nice, end ran furnish the beet of reference for sobriety and rare Apply, from 9 to U, to Mr. Coombs, office ScienUds American, 57 Part row, up stairs. DRl'O CI jtrk wantrd?a clxrr in a rrtatt, drus store. One fullv sroualniad wtth tie limit - ? i>? address Drum*. BrcohljHa ftael oacpr "" ' * Drug clerk?wanted, a competent clmrk, In a country drug Mora. Address J. Farnhaas. Herald udtoe, up to 1 o'clock. An laamediale m>ww wdU bo given. VfEBCANTILB.?A W?W HOUSE WISHIWO TO KXTEND M their beola?, ?old Ifee Ml man with a geottomaa tKaaarvaSgsstf"^ *??<> ?* TETAWTRD?TWO PROTEST ART mar, ORE if Vf eoacimaa and toaeatst la the garden; tha other at farku>r: muM uikdsnUnd Ihi Mi^AAd n^minl nf "*tu UooA reference required. Apply at81 WaaEgVoo at, WANTED?A YOUNG MAN. WHO CAN WBITK A gaad kind. quick at II* area, and uiidmoand* operating the Marae telegraph; moat be well acquainted with the streets in rnS"-^-"" UMIk^itffiaj Appl* A"S' DwW* "HTANTKO-A HOT IN A LAWYER'S OFFICE. HALATV tj tor tha Oral year TOO A Mod chance for one wishing to at ud jr. Addreaa boa 3.80 Poet omoo. WANTED?A TRAVELLING SALESMAN. TO TAKE order* for fancy Vreach and English hardware a pea commteelon. Addrcei, with references. Importer. Herald odtoe. WANTED?A SMART, HONEST BOY, IN THE DRY jtooda store 38 Bowery. B. T. HARDY. Wanted?a young man as general clerk in an oOee; also, an active nun to take an intereat tn a *m*U{Hnteljje*r the city. Apply at the Mervhaala' Clerks' ReBiHtry ottce, 78 Broadway, Situations procured; an commie *. 'U IU AUtnuvtJ. MUinuiiMNl UOV. VfXK. ?l. BftUrATQ. TH1 TBAPM. An knoaukmknt wanted?by a PRACTICAL mr chantral engineer, u superintendent or draughtsman ofa toundry aud machine shop; lma had good expert em* in the above capacity, would enter into an engagement wM* a flew to partnership. If aallirfaclory to both parties; will ghre suitable rt irreuce a" to character and abthy. Address n. a., MoU Haven, New York. Hat finibhrrb want*?-at m broadwat. Oood finishers ran hare work at all lessons at goad prices. Shop independent. Machinwt.-a first ratk hand wants km ployraem, aodamaads iron work of all kinds. Apply at lTHdatr. rFUOTOORAFHRBR?WANTBO, A FIRST CLASH printer and toner, accustomed work to albumeopaaer. State references and wages expected. Addrees box 2.V0 Post ofioe, rOOLD PF.N MAKKRH. ?WAXTKD, A OKNKRAL workman and a stoaer and poileher. Apply to <1. F. l.awkea, St Nassau at mo SILVERSMITHS?A FIRST CLASS SPINNRR CAN X hear of a good Mtuatioo by applying to TUTe, Whiting A i a, 170 Broadway. TlftmO-* FIRST CLASS MINING KNUINKKR, TO V? take charge of a HUcsr Mine In Artaoaa; ooe who underelands thoughly the manipolalioo and reduction of argentiferous galena ores; a graduate of Preyberg Mining School pre trjred. Competent parties need only reply. H. B. HARY, No. > Old ?Up. WANTED?six OOOD marblk polishers. TO OO in the country. one hour from New York. Aonlratllf bowery, M. Y. TOO LAT1 rO> CiaMIFMATIOY. tjowkby thxatrk. D Kuwn E. JohoRon and W. K. Brim. Saturday evening, junk a im. tux ADVOCATE Th? Admrtlf Hr. C. W. Oooldoefc Had. La Roaa Hia* Oouldook TUX oold HKKKKRX. Male HI X. JoAoetoo ROBERT MAC A IKK and TO OBUOX BKMhOV CANTERBURY CONCERT HALL, m BROADWAY, OPrOMTR bond KTRKKT open kvrey rvkn1no. IWwwH at iMHia , _ cahtmburTwSJIBit HALL ao favorable a npon throughout IMMEDIATE riak'WM'MRn. KKTRRTRIMR j ad or all placks or ahuknknt roit the hashes, The cooetant patroaaaa of A oratXhjl and dkltohtkd public Muetof a inRry iiiniii CANTERBURY CONCERT HALL. fDnaarnViSiuMcn^ I'f <! the a 111 HI I n 1 mill i>i nlmlr ill in f ALL WHO ARK PROPRMUOX ALLY KMiiAOXD ta Xlrts for the aMnaaaaaat of the people. " "SKflKMte ?,v,uc Now wetahad apainet Ma appaMtoa Tail* not In " prtanlaad Inrgoa t." CAXmilKT BALL la the centre at aUrarUuq. TUB SCN IN THX NKW gViTKM. round which THX "LKAtKK LIUHT8" ORBITSORDER LIS*. FOX A CUR*A!*, Proprietor* Ciomnn Pouu, Treaeurr r pocrr*T board at whttkball. nwiAV ftprmaa. near Had Bank, X. J., a nakedpiaaaant country Hcma. whS rearr mormknc* dcnghtfiU batata*. fiahlac and gmmalar ? Om prenriaea. ahady traike. aplendH drivaaaod cool crystal eprin* Make Ikla place Ike awaat krrely on Ike hanke of Ika Hhrawebtiry rirer, for ftjkiflea or etntnjara. Par lafonwttoe apply to CHAR^jBd LElOHTON. US Broad . I war COOPER HOUftK. BO. SO PkAMCLIN kTRKBT. NXAB Broadway, tlx houaea weal of Taylor* Hainan.?Ttua bonne la kept "o the European plan, for the aenjpnaodatlnn of both KcnilVn.eo and ladtaa. Prices far Bin MM Pet one pa Wen, 00 rente per day. TbPfUHtllHO Ltpffll DBMBOOB OP BHWI th1 TpOR OAIJt-Thm RTTUKH SORREL MAKBd, ORB D k a Baakaw; aaa tan* la (40 aadOafBPto tke pole: ike other la a Hnabktonlan, with laap tail, and aaa trgt la ? win ilia. Theaa Huriia are warranted wwnd and kind. < an l> a aaaa at iba ateblo 101 Uawd alraat, oarnar af Ueraar streak r* HAI.X-A PKPLKR'B WA0ON, WITH POLK AHD (theft*. onkahle for dry rood* areata or druf peddlta*; aJan a HnU'brr a Cart and a diifb art of Haraea*. nearly new; all of aMrh will he aoid cheap. To be aeea at No. 1 North ??nmk r> GKNTMCHRN OR RKUQIOVB HABIT)* TURKIC or tomr work mm te4 Call or partial Hoard at "W rtromae wrart, bat wean nlberrr and Mr** ?r?na A faw day Hoard m rah Pa aaamanraialrd oh hxnirrate terra* r BOOKBINDER* AND MACHINIST*.?WANTED TO parehaaa. aa Rmhnaatnr Trra* that ran br o?ad without a?i power. taual ba ana thai wUI tora mm ttoprraatoa on caata Kxf- AAtrraa A B . btu 167 Herald oNoe. WANTKD?IN OK NKAR NKW YORK, PRKMINRR tittabla for a Brewery Addna Brewer, boi 100 Ha raid i,<jua. FfW AB.V. a rancor anuunNcur* and on* mm yibw* Atj1JLXTrixF. s Bff*Nwairiiil>>N piia, iHP U^POMt <2*3**11 MIS? I.INKP mrjfTH Ttoa wtoah aanaaoaltaba ayal la anaaa sag Heme to aay of the auto popular i rawto apw Imported to btoUee. O ? mm Haul iV MKNPCJpH^rJir 5/ ?r?4WvMic?L atreec PARKAK * LTON *. Fnltew ftrrr vtii n ijr i nrw i?ra *r "WBuaiEi run**** * * RoM^Mmr. ?* *'HADHItt A 00., mean ot Broadway and Tattoo I Rru,C j.~, ?,. -Hlti'Tij,. , _ Bote ln>|iin?ni and Patentma. W IMm > *? _ w?r?wXil*Wt MOWOWQAflRJ.A WHIhKKT?A PICW HARRIOT OR HnmaM' * rrlebrated Monrayafcela Whtahay, WI ?M and rV-fc taem vtrnatM pnre and abnre proof. a iperinr to any la marte^ iw?e*rad dW* from the dtottMnry VnraRte ftwtrry atraat iiwivBW' Suprmr onr*r John Ntttn. Daniel I ' UoMrWa. and K5*M5WC^ dummm- for a .one, dam** nnlnM ** <?.# ?* ThraantAWaBeT, To the defendaat. Ttonu .A Walker ? Ton art tMttl nmnni a I and restored to mtw the enm platol In Ihto artton. of whirh a copy la herewith aaread *y?i? eon, and am a eopT <* Pn?f atmwer on ?he eiiSwrttwr at kU ofhre. No Ui Waaaaa atraet. In the Htr >4 Wenr foe* aMhtn twenty dart altar the aerrtee hereof, ewlihdra of tha day of diet trrra. and W ran fait to anewer the aatd olmalatni a? afrreaatd. tha platoldfa wtU tnhe judfent a*nfina eon tar the ran of tereoteen handred and aU doUara aad arientyoerea eeata. with Inter eh at the rale of ten per earn per annum from the AMI day of May, one thonaand toyhl hundred and tor v rlWIHlBT AwmVTi UB Waaaan atreat, Wew Tor* city The r? otrtalid >t the nhore entl 'ed antra waa died In tha rdW d the fieri of city and ObnMf of Raw ToHl en tha RK HfcRALD, SATURDAY, l"?RgOBAL. A Kin* T. WILL BH IN TOWN TO DAT (SATURDAY), .11 M VS.?Km* no At PuHoa Korry llouae, Brooklyn tfde, ai tram I u> 3 P. U. OtftoN R Monday. THANE T. HENRIETTA CURB IK, PORMKRL.Y OP U.YRLKM, will hoar of aomethioc U> bee advanU* by addraiatud I oil? Herald cOoe. ' 1 N rTH* LADY RESIDING IN TENTH MI'KKKT, AND called al'aaaddlery MtabUahmeol Friday afternoon, fr?iu there went to a wail kaowa jewelry more, will permit (he rentleman a horn aha met at both place*, who afWwurrt* iia? ed heron Broadway, to make her aequnbMance, ten addree* etallng time and place, Ton^TeaaeU, Untoa aguaro foot oBce' TP TUB LADY WHO OOCUPIKD A PROMT BRAT AT the gentleman who sat next to her and whom she rrcosul7.ed K?ang uut, ton addrssa Horry Melon. Broadway Piw ofci-o. INFORMATION WANTKD -THK PARTY WHO HK.NT the lettor May 19 to YarfcviUeia earnestly requests! to send s?in to the mum address, stating {where au iowrvtevcMto hnrt. TNFORMATtON WANTKD?OP CATHARINK CI.ANOKY, 1 who cam* to Now York In the ship Baltic May 7. 1M). Ad m?wa Jamo?Cla?ey, Waahsw. Ptoohfoooooty. M. V. INFORMATION WAN TITO-OP HUH AN MOOKK. WHO left h?mo to op to aohoot oo Tuesday last, bat hoa not store been beard of. Ao kw abort, Uaht Mr, gray (rw, and light cueuftostw; MehoettMrtoeayeeroof see. Abo Won when be left borne brown draw bloomer hat, Uocn sack, pink a""* ilrlaUie drrsa, and gingham aprom. Any Information will ho tiauthfullr received by bar parents at lis Wool TweaMtoh *t TLHR Id?MIX OVKRBOARD. OPT THK SIOOP MK el chanlr, abort* Klngoton Point, a youth named Philip MeKena: had on a check snirt and blue overbeds; 5 foot*toofceo luch. light hair, age 17. Any pormon string information to hi* afflicted mother. Mm. MeKeaa, M Kins street. wlR be liberally i r warded J Aim PASRKIX, LATK OP POHTKHHTOWN, tlf THK county of Heath, near Msynooth,In theoounty of KUdare. in Ireland7emlsrated to Hew York about the year 1340, and has not since been beard of. Hhowkt thia meet his eye. or the rye of any person who knew htm, or who may know whether he be living or dead, Srffi kindly convey die information they mny have of him to Mr. John Byrne, KlUeany, Mayneoth, would confer a lasting obligation upon his surviving brothers and slaters, who hve at oaradyee, near Numrnertnu, in the county of Heath. rS HUBS OP JOHN MeOfflAN, DKORASED, LATK of Brooklyn, by sending their sddrsss to the tiadfrsigned, will receive their stare of Us estate. Weatern and Irish pa pens ptoase BROWN*. Counsellor si Lasr. Id Court (treat. Brooklyn. N. T. T AT?ARK YOU OKPKNDEW I HATK NOT HKARD JfJI from you. Con 1 you TuorUv, Juno 36. at 4 r. M ai the placet of our UM mating, wbou I *UJ e\pUlu ?JJ to you. naawoua. rtn> ftmatrra, Torpedoea, Joaa ikiefca and (to waal *aarta? at artfclaa required for etorekecpare'aalee aad pubMe eiblbt tfooa of rupartar quality, at laae lhaa usual prnaa. Udri dnbrMBviMnikto - QJQ: * ?gJTfc ? liUKKVrqKXB. FIREWORKS.? LRONARD * RLEr WuRTiTno. 87 Barclay ML oorarr of WaeUagtna. Sara ob haad aa extenaive aaaurtmeot of Edge*# aad HadAeid'a Fireworks, which tier arc prepared to aell aa the moot farorableteraa. Country aeaian ara MM IB look at aar Mock before purchaatag p A. l.H J.tawn AHT.'H DKTQT * FOR TBX EXCELSIOR FIREWORKR. Reateat hi appearuaaa aad hart la quality, FOR rORUO AND FRIT ATI EXHIBITION. FUN8TOM R SOOFIRLO, JohaRiaat gAOfOLM^ PRKKTII* FIREWORKR. DRFOT 47 MAIDEN LANE. MENET B. TTTPE, AgaaL JO. RJ. EDOE. JR.'8 PREMIUM COLORED AND RROJJAKT FIREWORKR. _ W. J. HTM * BKO. DEPOT. M kkOADWAT. BATtmg bmU Mlwta? imwMW wkfc th* ftk*v? MMMri BMkar tar Ita ?te at Mr ?i?ta ? rr >m>itat?it?r <> rtiiiw f? Eta ?AMta iw?W m BBCTW, BAUmm. b&. (^t| ?ftd TMn OasnlttMi tBfc nlMilhMifi i t 770 ? KitoK'B phut ruon niiwouu or It tO. r**ry darerlptioa. ?rur?alMl lMft*raklr. D?a ssirsssr^^^ MPHCAL. * qmatlt imtbotbd mworomTE. UOHTk tmOMBTI. lUaufreturrr* of a LBunu oka am?this imrstmsirT ow? gt- ?' - -*-* T -*"t??*~ ?' IMIMMhw ""^^OkACl TATtM, QHickkkijro A aoRA OkAJTO. AQCAkk AMP PPkiaJTT PIAIW. funuw m iwMwtr. O.AImI?n Mm waiil Itta; rigta p?ta? ?lata tar kiikiitata ?r Mr Hfikiin Am Ma pMAtarAn n** PLA VOk TO MKT. Great baroain tor cabh?rubt be bold ik | 1111? -*r r r -"i (M M ftmad ta Haw York, ckaa&ot earn* tefa of sew MM Bfttl wtymm ikim. Ihr? roM * and ytrt m? wwi BkoukUMC* hfli wtRr Mlt( ifowifful (VClMnM M. mm oct+rm. mouoom kin. front InRM with ?52 taanti latMreferor myamrrtHNw* wUI Rfltao*; wmrrMMd to mrj p rUrotor. 1MI Mtinn and prof won tartud to riwtoT (XQMMSi Mtotfc mmm. a?r tor oor Mr of TWrt/BrRrtfMt, firto 4onr um oburah Ttoioo loakiac for a mat bargain Bad batter call tmmMloioiy. m h wlB MccM lAa Brat apportnn>y. RAELODKO* TOR RAMC-OXR Of I ?. 1 H W Jri Htuith'i rltMrf Bn tcUx Iimmm, to ro??~wl afjttiy&^ca^rgt rt.y^rr' num-aitmn A OCTREER, RARITE ACTTTRBBB ktsvss MkikRMiriMaRiM mn mm, WamaiM gwMiMta mm mt far RmBi? mb mR mmR ptAWOB ARff WEL^PROf* At GREAT BAyiAIWB^'stistrss^.sswtis wi RtoMMM^nad ?l ^ m Mvmy ucwrjp amp rot-wp. wocmv-iw thk i.kvr* hati- a hnau. a*oi*xt J ot M?w>. whlrb liw nvitrr mn bam hr a* vtn? for I Ma a<Tacti?nn>rtH i'ali on board al >t>r Mo 1 Honk rlraa. TTvuok rorrn BArooNFAjnr.-ironai n ma JlL kjr ?ferr. Utat lb* fnlWInc aerl* ha*laf baaa loal or M? iaM by tb? mmt, VM Ikla day eaaeaUad. u4 & puMe an eautfnnnl acata* purekartag Ik* *mm, a* k I* af a* aabaak ialakjrv^^ ^ JMabm kwai I BMkli MM M aaa hum MM M m M M M MM M MQ M M M W " WHtMr OkfUtt. M II M IHQ MM M MM M M M M lliiuMfci MM O. gooaxn. ?MH*r?. T OkT-A POftTKNONNAIC OOWTAIIOWrt A l*AU, XJ aaanmrt of nwwi?j to bills, la rroaainf Madiana Park, k*taraae Ike kearw ef Waed II A. M )1i may iMmn? TV* MAarwiU bajaMMrrawardad by ImtIm tka aaaan M m-4ly? tgi 11 m iA* fAvrnlTwuity wnatk A tail Pmink ar. T OKT-A IIIMTTkU CO AOS BOO) UMIT KAMI MiKrwt T OUT-IK THF RAMRtJR, AT rRKTRAt, TARK, OW 1J Tfcttradar. a Varf A0" Htaln IwiiIm TV dadpr wlH l-r^iV rally rpwardrd VyVttlnt IV na?p *1 A Rumrill A Ca.1*, Jawallara. Mt Rroadnwy. T OUT-IT TOR fot/mrp RAW. WIIO TOOK THK 1J anoupd rnaeh DMfm ill* "anal Mrrrt will minni Mm V will wlra * BbPral r?ward and tV thank* of IV owarr. aa H waa atnlMi from Mm na IV l*h ln? ______________ ROHKRT l( A1JARRR T OKT-IK A MKTH A Tit in f* WVAOR. A TORTTOnW JLi n*W ronumtn* a amaU mim of aaoopy and hair TV4 finder la wrdrofn* in IV money u| U>e hair t? n( iattulid.r more rat up, aa a brdnoand to midrwaal bnahaivf MR A. CHA-? >R AOLKY, MWcal Nitoaolh nival t <mt. or ikrr hm homjc, a Roy tbk iiAitof MJ M( of dark I mplPrVaa, Mark rjrra and hair, AMM Johh Rotor*. aa I'altaa hf Mnh. haa Ml bawa aam by Ma aa rrnta alarr jMuiAar, J"nr t Any Information r amR MdIinward toraal, to IV rwar Iviildto#. errorrj? attntR tk* hit -a rtkrmro'~rii.trr 25 TV* Kto nf toraa plrepw marked I' ?: tV aboe* waa 'ak*n (rm a ha una to Twenty third atraH. In Orlttber IMA; enlwd at RWR Aay parana (trtn? ininrmaikai that will l<N*d to IV lawnaif. will 1? paid tV lull TalOP. and "n rrwulrtton will V paid ttJMO to addklrat to IV reward. fVaardlna home keeper* wfll planar uhvn'i ibeir boarder* bamajte.V" vrraaln keep atoaa awi Addrem Mr. i. i. A . Harold nMwa. for one way. nW-TROK THR rKORRAIORRO. TO* MMXOW I IVrrkk *R -rm IV UwK Kaattfarlnrrra' Rank or*. Wo 77H. drawn by twdawarr and rtudnno Oaaal (kronen) .rarer at t. A. U'waaton, for Ml W daird A nap 9 1Mb. aton pVp* "if 7T? drawn hy aamr p impaay. fawnr of p a - ' - - a. aaa ?-~t aa au ??. ? JUNE 23, I860.?TRIPLE special sotlcei. At a btimu op the boabd op dibbotom op thoNow Jcner *ae Oommt. Mtf Ikto lift dor rf a, MM, aaal-eaeoal dfcrtdeed or four par aeet wm 4* elareAoe hm? wtpwAwitM*, parahte oe aad after the M of Jul* next at the traaifer oOea at the ooaapaa*. Ma. Ml WaaktagKM Meet, New York, The tranaCerboSTak ba atoeed fraafte Mltiml to the M preataao. A. H. paklim, Treaamoc and laareMpr. ALL PKKMON8 HA VINO CLAIMS AOAIN8T TUB A Mftloof Bdmond and Ana Nuaent, late at the oily at New fork, deoeaaad, are herehr aoujed to preaent the laoe. wMk WPMMff ItNlPhtPS thsPAAf Ia (Wm imAaMtoniut at Kla Mam I 71 Roosevelt street, on or before October uTbw. CHAJUJM MURRAT, Executor. Now T?w. April 10, um. UH>R BRIDOKPORT, OONN.-THK8TKAMKK AMMONIA JP will leave Foek slip ?t 1 7. H, on Saturday, June O. Masonic? ropr r,oboK, no m, r. * a. m.-thb members of this Lodge are hereby summoned to meet at the lodge ream. corner of Christopher and Hudson streets, on Monday, the tub lost, at IS o'clock M., for the purpose of purine this tost tribute of respect to Our Isle worthy brother, JonnRird. JOHN O. GORMAN, Master. Mrmos Habus, Secretary. VWO?.-1 HKRKBV CAUTION ALL PBRSONJi XI against trusting any persou whatever on my aooouot, as I will pay no debts of any sort unless contracted by myself hi person. T. H. WOODHOUSH. PKT OOODH, 4BO. Ajatankhk shawl, VKRY hkavy and richly embroidered, for tale cheap; the original cost wan StOW. will be astd for one-third R? value to any peneoowWug to pas seas a very rich and valuable arthde Call *t 1?Hi west Nineteenth sir set, between Ninth and Tenth avenue* UNION ADA MH. f Broadway. riluf attraction i? fadli^) toe pwim tndr.nrwmna mraMNdk SCTKMKB MANTUB OLOAJU. uuwun, ARABIA ire. he, h* fcnfw reduolloae wtll be made, hi order to etoea 0* oar eattre etook before the Nik to J toy. W. R. BOBKBTt, fli Bowery, Between rrtoee ead Bomiton tomato 11 ' TAPANKHK BAM..?LADIICS WILL FIND A LARQK M assortment of tUaaton roods. In Capfen. Berthas. fileevee, Ol<rrrtoi)?, Drees C'spe, Headdresses. Ac., on head end made to order, nt D. CLABKK S, MS Brcr.'waj, corner ot Bleacher street. Lacob aicd DrBRou>mtrm~)nt. o. bordah, or Farts and London, reeyeatfaUy Informs the ladlee and the trade that he Makes piiteme far ail ktode to fancy Needle Wortl. f BfMT Crail. Initials aaH KmlwniiW > - liadrna of evtrr dMcrtptta for Juraoll* farmaoU and taSrm' toder ckrtM?. Material* (teamed, traoed or walwoiderad to ardor. Good (?ec?iloa aai mj? nrniui (Mot 777 Broad iraj, eoooad tor. jfragtbclbabibo BALM. moorm oumwolm thaw oost. all on ronitb appliqub laowa a .. oc* pg>rmt ArmQimoouuAafc a !!TUB S6fw^a*a?ut*noar'^(m a , . OUB LIMBB dam aba tamm OQTBBB all oub a*, m, 1a4 amd isa BHUTDKM. CLBABING ALL oub Prtaab ?aferoteartea. OLEABINQ all OUB Soetek JttekMttkrtM. olbabinq ALL our linrn Hdkfa olbaalko all Mb Ha*?ry a? olbabino all OUB Udiae' and Mlmm- Uadar OVXkM. oa aiin all oub omr oite ww. or bat ralb or raamm uobmawia PBBROH abd BMOLUB laob mahtxllaja rbbboh abd bbqubb bawl amd ploukcucq lacbb R H MACT. Owl? B IB mBWB ilaiirii?? wittir la May, ammt * IB* taaeeaeere to tew goodeuere Induced to aaake greet **l See A toe torge aaUlna eto u feoAthire vuqdtoi cede ta too* gooda. aed to muuij mlm toe le>neaae tod kaedtoiM belf the m* to tapoatoUo*. We erere large bujeou to toaMMWABd are aaaMed Wafer jEStoy^toBBAL rasam FLOmtOUfO LACKS, M toahto MM jrarto'lULAL mm MB gaga BJtAL f OBHBB rLWitcSfcj0L^fiB. m rmMKcm turn kabtu^SbjuS* SweiTje.*' _ _____ , _ Ototteli^eftlA FBBBCH LAO UIUOOI, IB to BAAL rUBHXB LACB MAJTriLLAB M. to. A, SB B. B?De eel be todeMd to guNban tatoe toefetog BraB eur Buck. 1 i rn ~ i ii it. f'Vi1"iiMiiiT^i.iji Roorbb a katmond. Ml IS eed IS rCLTOX MTRKKT, ere enw oflrrlur to tor public tUelr large and apleodul aaanrt nrm to IJOHT. ORACH/UL eed klkoART RCMMRB CLOTHINOi Ht'VBRR CL0THIW01 Manufactured In tf>' heel a*yl?. to the tooto choice fabric*. end anM at tor kiwtM paeaibie rrtnunrrauvr rein. Their trade mmr* *"*'"OMK KRU K AND ICQ DKVlATION." KAlIaMOAPB. M' OMV AITD HWRI RAT1.ROAll OOBTA1TT.Treiaa Ue*e reel to CcrtUedl elreto for Behaetor'e Boue?ye LefceMtoJ -?Aa Ho^toey, to ^^jLlftotoW to' tig iTL; returning k?*e eStotoW ee Mnedegeto g ATM-, eato errtre Ulfew Ttob to ?S A. tL B?**nrw|NwM|| ato eg wey toll, TBeedll AR. ^2^?w^/Pcr5a2 #A. towptog to ell toettn* "arto to Pardbaaa. Otoe rtoU. | >71.. atopptog to ell etotto* eorto if fillbito 1) bw.?^to. arpneeatol eeto. toopptog el tol eetta* to """^/OBB RCBCffTLL Ad III IB rtila Ito WITBPCnOT. r^Tgr^roiT^Rmito. BooRKrRprwo ARB Antfewtto, * on mnarth or BIO per auartor, to PAtNKft BrrrenUU College. to Rower/ or JM Pun* toll, Rrnokifti Pma Opr. B Bug?<"to ftoM'e pUo to iaainaeuoe la aytawilaeed igitonUi A gTAjrWH UERTUMAB. WHO HA8 BOBR HOUR* AjirsajBgSe apJurC&TO acatoatoaUn* or aw'-Uuetonua wlU be endertoe. Addre* Mtato Tracker, boi Ito Baraid otoc*. a Veen -TB* UT'RaninrutiT* fiparwun k wear 3M*BroSwey? Iw^TiiiPgB'V? tBijPI AUAORMY or PKMM AMMIIIP AMP IMK)KKRirIlfO, m Rt?M!VW.CIIO?<lUID,farMVrMi(? MMl of OUm* Oillllll. imparl* inalriicttoit, dap and manlnc. upo? tary fai"t-ahle i?r?i Paplh ?ra ?rj??r*tat)r and ramfuflp might. ai bimra to amt tbtr own i-oaraalmnr. BDCCATIOR-A LADT OF MA XT VIlW KXrRatanra In luWrm vMm * ritnaUna: aha I outrun* in thr uuul Kngttah hnmrhaa, * ranch. miwk and Rf winnmul hraarb#*.For pallrulara addinaa J, t . Harold (Am, alallaf t> i mm Ma. Ifinu i lOOjriliru Mmim ron M. . * *% and MroaMaa ? sfiSSfiSBir <M>M an fpllmMni. iknhi oaaplaui tmf baaagM wqrti on BxAk?pi?. m amttm. iiinlil la ooiin. tot mto. Prlnli Imw* VTATtOWAI, TKAfHfflMr I firm TV ISP KHIVA Unnol *?rnr>. Oft Br ?! ?> IriWriiitkm pmrtdad In nil bnheW l for rrarj put n iba I'oloa. Tractor* ? uitrd ** pVMbab or aaalaUnt* i'nplU i*?It(?I for arhnol* and -rmjnenr*. arttlng porrut* Mad jpiardlnaa. AIOM A ANrmwwn MWAWN. ?r rkwarp -iVarr 01* tFkroat. Virp iVru irct , I from 110 RaM finrnw# atraw a araal) nallaw Trr-n.-r (Im; ha* a wWta apt* on aaak. ran awl tall cut tarrf ahurt. aaapar* U> tlx naata "f Tato. Ana |.*rann raturalttl ito dig, ?|M racalva Ihr abort raward aad u>. niuaUuaa tut W'~1WWAIIP OR FRIDAY ArTCR*OOR~tR H?4a>?i atraal. a whM* Ponrtir Hhi?. rrapp*4 OxMlxi. aaawam lr> ito uw nf Hallf. Aai parana r-\ irnin* Wo 10 ? HnUivan atraat will gat Ito atota rraant aad an nuaatknia MM. *1/1 RrwAi?n-t/*T. M'TKI mo IR*T. IR vll' Drrnd alrrri, Warrn Maatri and Hirratlr a U>? am* carrad ladp a llraaauda. Tha flndar w?f na?iw ito Varr r. a nfd an irtumag If A Una Raman M Rattar atraal feiVl Ricw AID ?IX**T. ORTHK CITH. ARHALL BLACK V lu laa txrrV' aim wtih ;nnp*d ram aad tail, with a alrap am brr twrk a?l a rtnc a'farbrd Whnrrrr wtU brtaa bar to 16 Orarna atraat wltl imalaa tha atwma raward ' brw tun OR rati RIMY nor IY t dP* >U Par rant aartma aar. a OnM *?'-> ?* .? ?? I a U' wyyl. ail- a? la i. SHEET. ^ 81LE9 AT ACOTIOII. A J. HI.KKOCKK AUCTIONKNll A Kalalr of Horatio Avri-ell, at 8c JofcoavUle. N. T. A. j J. BI.KKt'KKK, SON A CO., *111 aeli. oo WedneedaT, June I V, at out' u'clnt'k. al Kliuahury'a Sutton Houae. St Joaneville, ) MouUomrty county, NY. lit.-v*)<i*i>?-wilder and farm proper- f tjr beloualnir to the above ratal.-, maps and uarttrularaof itM I Buy be had at the auctioneer a office, No. T fine nireet. New I Tort. ( A J. UI.KKCKKR, AIHTIONKKR. f Aaatgnce'a aala of valuable property on Houatoti aa.l ? 100th mrivU. Ninth avenue, aud ai (irrenpotut, U I i A. J. BI.KKt K.KK, SON A CO. will aril at auction, no Tare a day. June 31, at IS o'clock, at the' K?chau?e:? a Ob Houstob St.?Three atocy and baaemaut brick Houae and i Lot No. Alt n. a, 48 feet veal of MTouetrr atreet; will rem for a 1.100; lot Sl.te7o; the houae eontalna all the modern improve- 1 nwuu awl la in complete order. i Ob twin St.?Three Hue Lota, amah aide, ITS feet weet of i Eighth avenue and Centrnlrnrir,malflO 11 each. i O* Nibtb Arewen?Sevee Lota oe the east etdeof the aveotte t between Ninety ototh and 100th atreeta, 21x100 feet each. I At OnaaBrourr, L. I.?Half internal In 54 I/ma. r Sale punitive. Nana, Ac., at Mo 7 Tine atreet By order of t H. aSxID6n and A. H. RVANK. Aaalgne. ?. I A i. BLKKOKKR, HON A OO. 1 A- A-ftA-WSSa At 12 o'clock, at the Marahaaia' Kxehanfe, TKN PU>T8 OF UANIA OuuMiii BROADWAY, HAKLJM* WITH, JUTH, 214TH, anil 21?TH STREETS. 80 per cent Cm remain on bend and TNh property ta vrtt&^ror'CUmbtrlit***. by the Hudson River Railroad irtlu. laavta* atdend MOA, gr&?L?r?*wftara?iesn* boSrttur^rw^Zwfwtlj 7 P. JE^h^SSSKfSa arrive at and leave (every five miuutee) the landing on Harlena river, at the end of the Thlrdf aveuue, where the ateamboate J '^'""KiSfW& : Tboee who go up to view the property will Sod each plot staked at the four earnera, with a number in the oeotra to oarnwpood with the map, which may he obtained from the auo- 1 tloneerie office. No. 7 Hne street, or froaa Mr. Poet, at the Century Houre. on Harlem rivar, near the foot of 210th street. ALh COUNTRY BRAT AT FCRIJO AUCTIOIT.-TO BR ? aold at public auction. on the 30th day of June, at twelve ' o'clock, on the premium, by A. J. KI.KUCKKK, auctioneer. 1 A handaome Country Seat of 20 acrna, aituated in Hearadale. 1 Westchester county. N Y., eight minute*' walk from Hart'a 1 Comer* lH-po(. on the Itarirm Railroad, two mtlea *outh of 1 White Plains, on the old post rued, and formerly known aa the ' I residence of Governor Tompkirt*. but now owned by William Archer. The Dwelitag la large and old faahkmed. bot ronaidirabl> modernized. There ie a detached kilobtin newly built; I the Dwelling kM a piazza on both sides; the out building* coil > sisl of a large barn, with stable and cowhouse attarbed. a two < j Morj carriage bonne, a wagon house and workshop, name size, ' a large granary, hen house. pig pen and smoke house; alan. au Ice bonne, tilled, Ac The oultxiOdingi arr nearly new, there 1* a fine atnnr wall running along the entire front of the place, with an Oaagr orange hedge; the lawn in WMM and well shaded with tall locust and tlr trees: of fruit, there are ll.KW 1 law-ton blarkberry and raspberry vine*. 90 grape vines ol the eboirest varieties, dwarf peara and applea; also, two apple 1 orchards of standard fruit; there is a line large vegetable gar- j den planted with a great variety of vegetables; the fields are planted with corn, potatoes and oala, the balance in grass. After the sale of the Place, the Stock, Wagons and farming 1 t eu>ns will be sold, consisting In part of a flue Carriage Horse, a number ?if tine breed fowls, he., two Wagons. Aiso, several sets of Harness, wttli Room, Hells, he.; also, the Ploughs, Cultivators. fanning MUla. Spades Shovel*. Rakes, he.; also, all the furniture in the House, which la principally mahnaaay and made by the best maker* lu New York. The planets remarkably healthy. Terms easy. Adrian h. miu.kk, acctionkkr-tuksday, June X, at IS o'cloek, at the Merchants' Ktchange? Kzeruor's sale of valuable Real ICstate at heacaucus, lowuship of North ltergen, Hudson county. New Jersey?if not previously disposed of at private sale?the large and valuable farms known as the Philip Dc Puyster farms, containing altogether 610 acres, situated at Heacaucus, township of North Bergen, Hudson uouutr. New Jersey. This property ttee along the llackcnaack river, and is Intersected by the New York and J'ateraon railroad?is near the line of the Northern railroad, and distant about four miles from Uoboken. The farms will he offered In lots of suitable size, or sold all together, a* may appear most desirable. Maps of the property eau be had of the auctioneer, SS Wall street, for terms and other particulars reference canW had to ukorok 8. Pl'fPKR. Kxecutor. he., of P. be Puyster. deceased, furmae street, nrr Pultou, llrooklyu; or ANDRKW MOCRT, at Hudson County Clerk's ofilcs. Hudson CRy, N. J.; or ADRIAN H. MCLLKK, Auo tiooeer, 36 Wall street, Mew York. A UOTIOH AMD OOMMTS8IOW fffOMM, NO. 837 MAIN XV street, Pougfckeepsla.?C. D. KM.ITU WU1SSU |M? every description coualgned to him. and pay over prooaode promptly* lie to perfectly eniwil with dry food* end clothing The location to n food <me (or food prices. H*Mrrnoeftren? required. C. D. SMITH, Auctioneer. * I'CTIOM OF HOKUMS, WAOONto llAHNKHH. AO . AT J\ the greet bemar. sign of the OoWen Uorae, SJ# and 308 .Very street, near Fulton avenue, Brooklyn, on Thursday next, the 39lh Inst .commencing el 3 o'eloek, P. M. J AMKH K. VSDRKIUl.ln Auctioneer, by W, H. Hogan. Auction noticm.?hrnrt queen wilt, hjox this day, at 10K o'clock, at UN William street, 1 pipe Swan Ota, Ibbls. bourbon Whtoker. i quarter rank* and f octeree Brandy, lawk Port and I eC flhmi). lenebe Malaga Wtnea, to) run Caret. Ibaakets Champagnr, 13 cease Jamah* Hum, 30.000 Segara, Ml boxeo Family ?*p. 3,000 gmea Corks. 3 tone tsus&gsaszzziJsx >( goods eonelgn- J ed for sale. AutmoN notice.-stock or a fancy htorb: also second band Furniture, Mailing, he.; also PaieUogk end Engravings. trained, etoo 10,000 bogus, m leu to suit pur. haters'. also Meerrheusstroods; also Watches and Jewelry: alto Hooks. Maps, Msttonery, Perfumery, Ms; all without Mm' i 1 I AUl.ll"" nuium,?low vnani, * iiukiiu, <nu W. H. INORAHAM?Thin daj.lbfc ontook. at Urn salas , rnoM M New ltowaryTthe hslaaei of the rahmhle Pnrnitum I ss^^s?r?:1ararrsir^ \ liOnUnc WaMvCirvM HiW^ UfMH, Aeiilae a lot of 1 pM?IOoode,CkithhiB, Ac. Pawnbroker'ssale, Msnday, par | order oT Pi ul?ekarg^l e uaeed pawnbroker. Pawnbroker'* , eaia, per order of Ulilirmaa, Mgkdh >n ;Aaydaly aannaosd A VCTIOK KOTICXA M. ?. RJ>RT, AtTorromticR, New nod second tend Vehicles, Harness, As., KUtA Ll'DLOW, Jr., WU1 eat] this day (HatnnUT) at U I o'clock. at wlfwoani No M Oder etreec oppoWie the Poet i ode*. a rartety of new and second (sad Vehicles of Wood Hran. Pord, sad other approved makers, mnnlMinjr of tlx toot Korkaways. also close I srru*e, Ugbi Kuckawaya, Top Hue alee. Road Wagona, Depot and Jagnr Wagons,*Ar.. Ac . double and single iiarnras. Raddle* he., Ac AH VCTION ROTICR.?JOHN P. Rl'MsKIA. ADCUnoeer. will sell this dar, Saturday. at 2 o'clock, corner < anal and Hudaoo streets, a lane quantity of household Pnr allure, by order r* Samuel R King, Raq., >li .?Carpets. (HI cloths. Mu. Chairs. Bureaus, WaahaUa-U Crockery. Bed steads. Hair Mattresses, Bedding. Mirrors, he. Alau aluluC MUUaery Quods. Hon net*, he . Ac j ARMORERS RAI.P <>P RRADY MA DC CI/1THIRO, Cloth* Doeskins Ceaslmrrra, Dry Diesis, Ac.?A. M. t llIrtTAl.AR Auctioneer. 0 Bowery, will sell on Monday, June 0. at It o'clock, s large assortment M wesaouable I limbing. eotrprkung about I AUU Usrments (4 I msimere. Cloth. U lien, kUrardlr*. Alpaca. Parmer's Matin, Kn?-k. Mark and llu amcsaCoaU. Unen, Alpaca, Cnaatmern and CMIi Pauls, Mar arUlea Milk. Matin aud Valencia Vnsta, In (mat tarlrty, siao I nd# r?hlrti Drawers Usm Shirts. I rsrsla. Tics anj Milk HandbrraAtafi; aiao Uaee Thread. HOk and TwUt Illnm aad Ihmlrrt. if . aiao X doarn toft Ffli lUu at rartoua ijtijUtiina. Hr order of IJROWNK a Nll-noiJI, ArmojflOCRM -THIR what, J# June B at WX o'rtork. In ?ba tallcrtaa orar Kir aalaam>?, St Raman iireet, Urgr aala of aamnd band PurnMnra, i.-morad ft?r ron rente are of aala, omaiaUnff of bedroom Purntnm. In maawnnd. mabogaay and blar* walatii; f??tbar Iteda. hair MaUreaarn. Pillow*. Hniatara. (fullta. and Kbar Had dint. Hniaaala and Ingrain < 'arpata. Ruga. Ae. ; lam aad brooafl window rurtaina, guid Khadoa, Oarnfeaa, Prenrb piaMntar 1 and mantel Mlrrora. with marble elaha. roaawond parlor Suit, i In bmealel. wllb Blip norafn; Rlrmr bark Kiegerea, centre To blea Tete a tetaa, Oitomana, louafN aad aaay Chaira, Vaaaa. j PauiUaga. P.ngmrlaga, Rnmaaa aad warn ornaaMata. ar> mota Chandelier*. IlrarkKa aad raartlng lamp, roaamind Jlannfortr. with Moot and Oorer, dining mam rirnknre rg triukin Tabid. limine, Ibdf heard, RnaAraaa aad Kbnwp Tabid, : China. dinmrr aad Ira Rata rut Olaaaware Kalma aad Porba, I Trara, b?-t water Utabe*. Ma and snAaa, Ao-, Wifriaara Ur.Riaraa, Irontaatablraaad Aoanda, Waabtuha aadabMM mblf m kiv ben PuraHara, wftb wMab iba Mia w*l nanahiraoa. Tba PuraRum la now oa elblbftioa. Ho wtpvphroji accnojfmcr. . Raoawnad, mahogany and blark walnm EOUUtHOLP PfR.TITl BPat rt ruo auction. Thia day, Retard*?. at MHan'oloab, at the prlrole rawdeoee 1 of HenjTp. now. Rag.. Nn. Ol Waal PdWautb awrai. batwnaa hutA ami Hi rail aTtnaM. ptk* AirflrKwmm^oVS0 m ROHRWOOD deawwo ROOM ml"IT*. RCRRTfllRR A NO RoORCARK Will at!I iMa day by e*talogwe, rural AtmMMer and Rr aania ' arpeta. mnaait andr f 1 ret Eu<p>. plar. mawrl aad oral Mir t ore, roaewond aRaaema. normanlce^ Sod inf. drawing mawa Nidu mrarrd Witt ?aOa and hraaiiaf. rtrbly ma iadi porter " ' mhtih.t. , Oab Rilenaloa Table 14 faat long, and aak RndfM to mairb, tab Arm Cbalra, labia Cutlery and Ciwbary. Obn ir?. Rairra and Porta, Rpnnaa, Praorb dlanar and Ma Nab* Otoe* Mirror, Ae.. Ac cmaimom. _ ML. aa? M^mMawnl f^A^^Aa lksMMMM VmA * Riiw'iiw Mrrawwni "" aunda and Qmaaadaa, Tab** mated badrMadtntemn, Peatbar Reda.Plllow*. Gyjat, anrlag ^^^5553s^^S2>iw tin^iii?' whtth^ "M -- ?' -IITTH--1 IWwtviMTmifinie. hTp?ri Z n.>b>>.n; u4 )>IM| MM rutar Mlb triilhl, klr>W| iSw?fcS?H?3sfe iWn HUafc MMM< M 8w*|?m?A>i Atnlnr mem Mi El n runoow. A0?TfONiini-PRmmrrrMir nami i et mm Ro. ? Pm* *TM, hy or** ni *n *yrw? U?l * A I.UDI/>W A r*?. will vU mt surtw*. ?* Ike- , *ej, .'ni/J. IMP h* ornrr ?< 'h. ?.ir~-w r... <?vpr >M> ; lUrrrtx* n< ItMnnl A. Pmrnr. r? . rTfrTL* Hw ?tr*rt- ' TTw n>hv?M? (r? nar. hrir* mm*/*". fW Mr*"*. no-"' Mr M??ci Willtta* ?ad Heemu ?'"? W* tl 7* i'?mi hi. 1 fWt NM? ?1U br prrr?npin>7 i? Ik* MrfMM bnttrr Par i nil < pnrUrnUr* M>*l; W. thr R.frrrr W?b_*h WIUUih Mraot. miA '?*?> ?l ttah ertkwwr'e "**" * Hm? Mrart, naar rae4??? j p n trntAw. Acrrtnjrrr* .-4?r*Tvrr-. imr??; < Ti. h' WI r?mMnr*. ?*"* A" R II m tium * m | I ?m aril at im'.iml at Wo ill ii*r?.?Kl ?.??,r. ;*-?<** ? r**n??-- | ?fUi MM Tw*M* till MrrrM nn*. . ..?-?? . I mm* XI. ?> Ml* < rtnr* \ \t 'hr I .1 it ' M,.?n?..l -iHilklKW.IiMWM ' In p*ri f-' r?m*4 m*rwi?M *.>; m ? i hifc* In Rnr-.trll*, I r?- ..ri I' kr>?? ?n i r>rr> T. ,, . T->n ?<.> I tvl ? hrlr ? ! In pH*S K ?ihr??r? K .-i.-v lT?.n I |WiV*l* A'- , rl.ini > .wl In Vhl?> > ?.!., | I VarM* R**r ? i. ?- . H?'? * .n??| t>npi?r umiih* Tnfcir, i 2___ ^ KVCTWU. * ITKNtr K' AUITflONKKH?SALMMtOOM mk I'ufea-ttrJsriH I A. M., oa the ^ ??widow* of A. H Tnfc ?. onuerly known aft tV> BoguMnpi yorvj. mtr Mirtwia. Mar1s county, New Jm *.v rontalrung lot inw lying an the r?t ceding from Madaum l? Mornstour?, near U?r residence ofF. >. Inlnrop and W. If. /Ubboos, Ksqs. Tbr arenas to Uw knaL Urough an a*enuo of one' quarter < a mUo iu length, Mrilf ?rasrat?,terearsra^SH leep, built of brick, Iu tlx" brut mman , by. day 'a work, la two lories hub. with bneemear and atUrt hti of sprin* watrr <a ibundsure, carried to the aMte. ground* hradmely shaded; rrren house. and ?n?pcry In fa# bearing; garden stocked wm mall fruits, also (toe apple* and dwarf pear orchards. Tha rouse, garden, grapery, Ira house, ferriage house, sprtam dta napa and wmiti to examine the premises apply to the sua".^sjh&zs-JissRj; 'AJBSTVIA 'clock P M., dally. to show tha premises. 11 ihry will write in am the day h i ore. and the owner will jbe at home on Kaiur lays. Ihaunre from lfew York our hour and a half by Morrw not Kaaet Railroad. This property in a i' Mlsman ? MM* mescals many aiiracuw. if HKNRY H I.KKIM, AI'CTIONKKR?K.VIJTHROOR NO, IK Nassau street?HKNRY H T.EKIiK A CO. will seM dk suction on Mooday, June S. st M o'clock, in I rant of store Na 3 Nassau drwi, ism pair id aisgSui sArrct HbcsSn, dsn** *ctVw years old warranted sound and kimfln all harness aad under the saddle. for slybaaad action they have nesupenntwt Ihey can trot double In K minutes; one can trot single in Hdfc they are free from vice ut suy kind, and ware bought by tha present owner at the fair on Ion* lalaud Iu UtfiA Also a dark feasuirc jrter^v* ft*mare: far beauty and gentleness In all heme*. she oeuno* ho mirpaseed: la perfectly sound \Un Wasoo. Harness, ho. This affords a rare opportunity for purchaser* to obtain fend horses, all of which are In be sold without reserve, as the owner Ingoing abroad Ut oontynHatme gf til health. TT*NRY H. J.KKDR, AUCTIONKRK -RALKSKOOM H Naaaaaetycet ?HKNK Y B. UCKUH A CO. will and at auction, on'thtarday, Juno 13, at I J o'clock, la front of rtaep ?o. a Waamn street, a ffoaaml aportr rn' of household Pnraa^?sass! broealef; ontogeny Hofas aad Tete a tetea. covered in tab ) loth | Pta uoodand nnhapiar marble top Centre Tab lea, ma hogany Card Tables, do. extmaion Otniag TaUaa, aihiujff jterble lop Bureaus, l<oungee la brneatel. flit frame pier Mbrora. oval da., labor I'ueatary, rosewood Bookcase, ask Ntaa* 7 Table, mahogany Chairs in_ hair cloth, mahogany Vabatta Wr*. Roekers, dmhagsay Mat Hunda: also rosewacdta} nahogany Ptaaoa. ate a btrpa InTotre of Jewelry,Wthihaa.Bm mtNRT H. LKKDfl, ArcTIONKKR?8ALKSBOOM NO, , It S Nassau street ?HKNRY H. I.KKIM A on wia am it auction, on Haturday, June O, at 12 o'clock, la Ceaataf Matak So. X Nassau street, a serr line eras home I5td hands tdgb, telween and 7 years old. loag tnU. Und and ewAla Iff aR hir- * teas, and an eicelletu saddle horae. quite fast, waiaaaMB tound; the property of a eentleman leartne the city. AJba, a cry fine Raddle and Bridle, made by At 11 ling, In Btaadtaap. Also, a second hand Carriage. MPOUC.HTT. ACCTTONTKR-WTU. 8RIJL. TiRB DAW . (Saturday), a' 10^ o'clock,at aalesriwat K Naemu alrevC > few doors from Pultoa, second hand PuruHore of a famfly leclhiing liousekeeping, and removed from Twelfth street tar -nnvetI*T? of aale. ormjuatiug In part of rnaewood Mliar Kulta, covered In brocatel, rii?Tatea tete Pnrtor and An Cbatre. mahogany do., oovered In hair cloth, HrumwU and la grain Carprta, gilt frame Iter and Mantel Mirror*. BrntiteM and Imce Window Curtain*, ana Chandelier*. Mahnmmy MaoMr Top Drawing Bureau*. Washatanda,ltedateada,llalr Ma* rcaaea*. Palllanm. Panther Kerf a. Wardrobes. Miiliiianap Sofa* Chairs, Lounge*. Black Walnut Buffets. Kcteuaioa Dfaiting Table*, Cutlery, Olaaaware, aUror plated Ware, da., H The whole u> be poaktrely ante. PKRKMPTORY BALK AT AWJTTON. OP RICH HOL'HKHOLO OOOOfi, This da/. al M Weal eighteenth atreet. j. Mlf.NON TAYLOR, Autioneer, WU1 aeii, caxnneortag at V?% e'etork. All the rem ten ta of the dwelling as above. oonMaUog e< a nap toe assortment at Rich IlonaahoU Furniture, Pine oil PalMtUffBa Bronte. Parian and China Figure* and Yaaea. Pier and mantel Mirror*, lace a ad brnenlel OurtoMb Velvet. Bruaael* and Ingrain Parpela and Ruga, Klegant aeven nraave Pt*nn6*rt*k Made by city mater, fully gtiaranlnnd^renevrond eaae and a very fine toned instrument. Oaa i bandolier*. French Cloak, and a full ammtmairt af badroom dining room and baaemeenl Furniture, all la brat rate order, and mtial be told to the higher* bidder to clone a loonen*. Sale poMUra. and no pealponeuent on any acoount. tlooda niuat be removed on day of tale. SA J. BOO ART, ArcTTONKKRN-MONDAY. AT . 12X o'clock, at the auction room*. No. 1 North WUNato ilreet, constable's anln of Hooka, consisting of a aet of the Ammncan Knorclopedia, a large collection of Novel*, net Muate. thirty lawfgers, together with three cue* of Book* CHARLKX P. WATTH. Countable CJ A J. BOO ART, AUCTIONKKRk-MONDAY. J CRM il. 26. at MB* a'elork. al Ike anetfcm run ma. No. 1 North WW linru atreet, bouaehold Purnkui-o, thrpeu, Ac., ronahklng tt malHigany Kofaa. French plate Mirror*. Bureau*. Card Tahigk t hair*. Collage Hodstead. Maltraaa, Redding, Kitchen PuimTlure, Paouica, he. SIIRRIPF'8 8AI.B OP OROCRRIRB, ON BATPRPAT. A> 10o'clock, al 120 Myrtle avenue, PWRP b COLR, auctioneer*, comprtalng Tea*, Sugars, Cotfee, Bala ML Molaaaea, Platform Bcatea and Counter do. AMo.then#d, UUe and u>terra! In Lease, dr., Ac TtioMAM MTRPHY fteontr HuHT gHF.RIvrS KAI.K.?KID GI/ITW.?4'IUMBKM a|1 r AlRC'Hn.D. auction****. ?U1 aali at theto- -Iran***. 1ft Wiixiam witticrx, auitiobkkr. wiix mux. om Monday, Juna tt. at I0l, o'rlork, at 4J1 Canal Mraat, Halouo Future*. conataUnr of Una Mar and Bar Ftituira, Unaon, Ac.; Baarttog Alley* and rial area. bo.. ba. WILLIAM WITT It R*. auctiobkkr, will ru T? lhi* day, at 90* Rrnadw*), the entire Stock aad ftdaw of a Aral claaa Saloon, wtnaa, Ilqunra and neaarm Bar (Utaiaa marble tup Counter, *te*m Table, anal SUO; Table, (kiln Mirror*. P?lutlu*i. Oilcloth, china. glaaa and ailver War*. t^aKjr*. Aleo dfate* font aad rookbit Furniture. WILLIAM ABBOTT, ArrTIONKKR?Off ICR BO. 1 fed Bnead?ay-Wlll aaU, tbta day. at 11 o'clock, ft* Nock and future* of tba Grocery and lienor liar*. Ma. U purer atrnet. corner of Full utreet, Counter*, fcal** **1 We|(Ma. Soap, Kara, Caaba. Bafrl*ai*taa, be . be. row oFWf ftonc?. pOHT OFFICR NOTICE.-THR It A lib FOR BUROTft JT Via Huuthamptoo aad IU?ra. par fabad Mala* *taa*n*a Ara*n, will ulnar at thl* aftoa om Anlurdaj.lhe 13d day at Jua*aH?Xi>cl*ftb.M. J OHM X PUL Fa??Bar. TvKDICATTON.?THE UBCTVRB BOOM OF vabbbm 5S3^??"Hrtf?nriS zsrrjsz* M. by the In. Dr. IImm, Mwty ndMor < N? IVrlUac Adopcrlr and JooraaJ fiinn hthr m. ?. ohrju;h. nmrnir b boons ss? s3s F. M. Tkr subject of (kc *??nin? dMomirtt wtll ha ^JnwX the Metal Tmtnt Mu " TV youag arc raprdall/ lorfcat. Nrau fraa. latiurr Ml Wrtaratey m?i and prajrar MB* tag no Kndaj etrulug. cumateaclag at1 o'rlaak. LKK AYKNVB IHUM R. BBOOKI.TN.~BRY. r * BOblnaon, of Brooklyn, arlll addrraa Ibt Aiiiutay He trad auM luf to morrow rrmtng. Ormod Honday Brhonl J .ii.Urr ta Mr. Ilrtmort'a lirmt tril Wrdnra-Uy Only U tnlaatra* rttafrMB Vnium Vtrrj vt* FuUon arcana r?r? BfKMOBlAL QHUBC'H. HAMMOND HTHKRT. I'OBWBM JXb of Wnrrrlrjr oUm*.?tw br* f. r. uwrmi. aamrti Umi < Vurk of tkn fioljr ' V?in unlaw win trraaad HMrFr (HMktf) aranbnr BM rfc'ra. tOty ? oat A o claaM l?M SS* yw _.JXBPHAUPI OWUBt.H. mwbpb*HOBO 1 jjt? r~Hl'Iwiiiut* fomiirt; Mu^|*Tuu.*7m"!i'jjET v.y. atKHj A. M. *mla fraa. ~~ 01'R JAPANRHR VWTKRN MORAtXT COV-tlDR*ML trill ha the atthjart at the Prenoh theatre. IfrnadwayTK KnntUy at 8 o'clock. Act Mr. Uoaa prearhea alao at the plate, at ? P. M. Heata f rea. Htraryrera In tiled PROTKRTANT KfMmPAL MimtOM t ML RCH. CUMton Mall Aartr place ?Ihnoe aartir- erery ano-laf, at lliW ATM and fH P M. In charge of lha Km Robert J. I m kaoo, rraldence, 1W Kant NinateeoU, "treat rVaU aU frem l>KV ftlUNXr A. <ORICY will PHKAt'H IN TU J\ Murray Mill Paptiat cburrh. Th.My flrh "treet, In I a MB > utb and Heath am km. m aorm avciMnc. at 10H i'eml and In the crenlm, at 8 o'clock. UKV MATTHEW HAI.K HMITH. MIMIHTRR TO TO North Trinity iTinrrli wtll preach aa ><"ual hi lha biprt. 'I rrnnr Halt rnmar of Henedwar went aide. entrant* an 1 hlny fourth atrert, to morrow (Wonday) at luta A. M. mini P.M. Whir rlat at ?H * M . and WiaaiRy arhooi at 1 f ML rip KKV l>R. McMKNAMT AND TMR IMhTrNOCTJNI ed friend" of the HI Me * 111 meet Iti public roof ere BO" lha frtenda M lomak bkrfatry and Roan Ml pehry In TOford Hall, Kereoth atrcrt. near Third avrnua, I unpw larthnli. la marrow evenhif al TH o cloek t II are lo< Ited ? 1 " v rIT PIRNT A NMl Alt SRRMIIN UKP- >RK TIIK tHl'Rrt* M.arttmary forte of the Henertl then! gtrul Heiatiuuy aria he ttelirered hy the Rar l?r. Kranrki Vin toe ?n morrow ream lr ?. at $ o'elnrk. In Nt Peter a church, Twentieth mm. X iMIecuoo will be made rrtur RRt.niiotN_ooNrRRir*i.R hktwkrr dr. I" >W?M ?r PWW) lit* KflwtMfl atad Mr J Mm. Brrukion or rattikr?mK rrrmn nu wrf M? W1M will ta .IPlltlWl no XooAoi nrMUML *. m *r Hpnr4lTfl TabanioBlB, bjr lh? Xnv. lHHorllnU. hrnMnoMHO felf A U tad ? UMAN V. RRRWRK. PAHtOH or Tim OHVRra. olll prrawh In Han I fcrtaUaa ' * * !, ' "'nlMMkoiMt, nawwdlalnlf troat M With annoon tm f-'inh) Junr M. u UM? A. M aod/vf. M. MoM* lo lAo oMowiaa. "TAb -mm ?f rlnhUoawiflt;" lo ?* btboIb?. "fAHHon mandfaatnaoa " ' iloaji or rrcMi>. ~ ~ atm vamiap wmnrr?a nnmnnaw. DUMoat ^SRESsSrtxrsS A f . .Q,PT *F? *T?mni TO te|S?SSrHS 1*18 i.Ahfl door. fToAIOK, a t nn cm apt arcs orricat or k saoohl ^Bhnoaj Oo^^^W^'n ?T*'~ ^ if m aiiAiin ninf, mm* t* - ??<" f\ Rmodtaop, WW ad'awtM ~t ? , Iroalt?, Plata, Itrr OtVTda and ? i . a . a? laarrlrtHo. nr b?>"?Nl ood O-M Wf JOfctTH V J v *- *? taamar and haanA?. Itttl BI'HkMrtr. Hif 'TI/llTHI* PIVK iRktAa ' >?OJ WV-P*a and Jmnmtrj - M lo tu>A . ''r, na,t. It tSa mtail jowilnr "??. *n HmodaroT !? > loan "At'O lira i > "Ha a |(MM| nnil -ADVA At won DlAWOrfP- tAP -

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