Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 25, 1860, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 25, 1860 Page 2
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% J2 THE f MI>Ci COADUN SENSATION. ' Reoeption of His Royal Highness Prmca of Wales in the Provinces. On til IK- of Ihr Prv|r?mmr?What I* to be Dour ttltk ihr Heir Apparent? Vrrani;? rarnil at l^urbrr, Montreal, Ollnr A, Klng.ton, lis llrv tile, Toronto a nit Wl?fgara Vall>- Merlin* of the Toronto Commlttre?Entertaining Debate?Another Description of th4 Railway Carriage for Hie Royal Hlghaete, ?Wr., Ac, ON 0UT1.INK OF Tint ftUKiHAMMK OF rKOCKUKNtid. [1 rout the Quebec Chronicle, June 19 ] The tui>" has come when the public cxpi* t some gen-nil outline o( the programme likely to l?r observed iu the reception of the I'nucr, aiul w ithout being oracular, w mu> be able lo give our readers a general idea of w tut W ill be done Tin- public liave Iri'U latwiring under the impression tkutt a gtewl portion of tlie arruiig-meni would be sketched out iu Knghiud. This, we have reason to believe, u* not (he ease Nearly everything is left to the authorities here, who, it is understood, have now bocn for the Oral time uotitt.-d officially thai the departure from England w ill take place on the 10th proximo. fho roval oouvcv will make St. Johns. Newfoundland th.ur first lusting point; prorocdiug thence to Halifax, from which place the Prince will go to Now Brunswick in I Priuoe Edward Island. In the lower Provinces his stay will necessarily be very limited, and the arrival ol the royal lleet in the lower fit. Lawrence ia -onft trutly ex peeled to take place not later than the 6m or 6th of Au gust. At Ibis point, therefore, the Canadian arrangsmouta will necessarily commence and these arrangements will be conducted almost exclusively under the itinmtiuii of the (oenmisaiooer of Public Works, who will charge tnmself with what may be called the governmental por tieu of the duties appertaining to the reception. The steamers Victoria and lady Head will bs sent down I the river in the 71tort capacity of pilot boot*. Acoomita j ny ing this rooroy tbrre will be, in all probability, u nutn j >?r of voluhteer'boats. Including some of the host river I steamers. In this city cms entire wing of the Parliament I House is set apart to iUo Prince and his most immediate attendants. And it nuty as well be stated in this place, at jwrt of the rtiqurtte observed towards royalty. Hut there will oe the same observance of privacy iu dinner invitations us at Windsor or (Mxirne; so thai one of the rooms of lurliuuient, the Assembly Room, will be th royal dining rts m lor the time, and subject entirely to the control of the household accompany iug the priuce. <K c? urse we are not iu Cauada entirely accuMnmed to these things; but we believe it is the only way In which what is ptopcriy a State visit can Is- curried out iu harmony with tie observances of the Imperial Court. Apart from the lotuialiiy of select Invitations to dinner or of a public levee, the Prince, it is sup|?used, will naturally do at Quebec as lie would do at home. He will see the nitorevlu K sights of llie ueigliliorleMHl without being obliged to irate! in t*Ti?-iuul state. At the Uovertior's residence br will i.aluinily <<ccu|>y mure <>i the position of u private finest tliuii ?imt of the Prince of Walee?prociacly as bo might be a guest at the bonus of any nobteman or goutlo nau at home. The object. In short, will be, as far as Quebec lr c<?jceraed, that while hi* visit will bo atb-ul il by cerium r?ren?oniea essentially of a stale character, l<> tnake tUr ilirplay harniouiz. as far aa possible with the habits uud tarti'a of a well brad gentlemen, to leave the lYtrce as nmrh as may lie to at-Leel bis owu mode of enJoying lna visit, neither impeded by any superabundance id officious /eul uor made miserable by luceaaaul worship an J adoration. f or the iiccotuniodatlon of some of thoM> who may ?ccompany the royal squadron. although they tu-iy not e|si-i?lly iM-long to the Prince'.- ate, a port loo of one or other ot the pi incipdl hotels will b engaged. Indii-d they would have been engaged ere tin.-, but for the natural till ticu.ty ex|>crlencvd by lb<- landlords of providing at once for their own ordinary guests, and giving tip the r *|'.tired ncei mmouatkm for this oceasion What the Chief Gun uiisMoncr may uHlmat-ly lie enabled to do in the way of providing extra room beyond the capacity of the Parliament liotiHS, we have not ascertained; but accommo-Xation tnust and w ill lie found. Kri-oi goober, it is understood to be arranged that the Prince w ill proceed wward in one of the lake or river boats lv-habiy two of these?lite Quebec, Magnet, Kl tgs ton, or Pa-sport, are likely to lie selected?any of tlise* will i?tb>rd good aroommislatiuti fur the Priuce and his chief alleudaiits. ami the ar< <.ni|*ui) tng squadron will of course be much larger than that engaged by the lb-part nteut of l"ublic Wortv The hour f>r departure from Qucbcr will probably be three o'ekek P. M fo that the squadron w ill conic to anchur opposite Three Rivera about midnight, tuid in tlx- morning arrangement- may be mt le for the presentation of addresecs froin the muuicifui authorities of the place. Arrived al M'-ntreal, the Prim e will take op his quarters at the house belonging to tbe Hon. John Rose, now occupied by the cotnmamlcr of the forcee. Sir Frtiwick Williams For the arc?inni>>dalioo of a |*?rtion of th-> aceonipaiiv mg guests of the Proviure, a |?>rtion of Hie St lawn-nee Hall, next to Craig street, has been leased. In tin- nImhiI a hundred persons can be accomimvlate I, which will enable the OanmU-wmcr to make full provision for the largest i x{M<r(ed number likely tu furnt part if the Koyal inim.y Xb? nmnfri|sd arrangements of Montreal we have nothing to do with. Between their Bridge and their Crystal Palace, they are doubtless ere this In a position to m.ikr nu unusual display From Montreal it I* arranged that the Prince will proceed to Ottawa, probably by the river and the Carrdon and t.renvlMe Railway Al fKtawa. a new hotel Iws bceti already h-awd for th<- occasion. an I is' fmw i ' course <?f t?eing ftirni-lwsl by a celebrated iipb.d- | 'm. Me??rs J sows A Hay, of Toronto If-re ' T "* ~rn wtll pr > ??.?> oror cvera! day* the royal ..i, jt,,vji Midline** will r? Pr** >ruiu Ottuwa k. ADIi thcnte over the Grand MX *>> railway, . which port he will g<? <? Trunk lo Bfta-kviUe. U . 'e Meamora fiw King* ??wrd i?k ?t lie tare w,,t mv apcclftctlly *<?. At lb* old capital ?c di,?cuU, WC beiivve, w hat May u >1] bo made. ax it b *?"??. '- wit incurring an to yet lb?" ncowry acromaamfalw ? ?'* -?*u poaalble oil lay mi <iiuuraaur?te wtllr the pro bable or e\ Iwwduration of ihr lYtneo'a ftatt. The arrangera-aiie. * rvcr.are xurh a? a*>rd the pe?>ph?/?f "" *m |4r opportunity for a right loyal display, iu,d ** I*"** mnv ta all the mtkabitant* of the rtty deel. "rThe next xlage will he bjr Meaner up the a"? to Hrllevitle. where an opportunity wiU a tan "["' rtKni Ihr a dieptay. and ftcm Hrllertlle the iTlno/,*1" L , a . special tram of Grand Trunk Hallway to Toronto, here toe |<rivale rraMenre of the Crture will ho the old g> vr.r*k" ( mrtil h<>uee. whnb will be found in every way a<U|d? " , the purpwe of <-<unhuiing prlvaoy ntt'h a\j?nal Ma , ceremony in tlw Tortus usually during a rnya, . t'-ur llalf of Mr K<a*tn'? Hotel has at (be nam'lime ( been engaged at the public expense for the rlxittng kueete of I lie Province, and the arrangement* of the citi- ? . f<w outside decoration* promise to be on a xc.iie an l " '* eorreapwwtlng with the pnaltion of the W.atern "I < V..01 o? "" T'Ti"1!0 It >* eyprctiM that the Journey ft .1 m*" r, wade hr the take dliact. At thta >1 v ste iff '/.liumrrman la mgag.Nl for ir^e^iJ.ToVtbv cof'H-1 ? ttw tWtonfaonan I '"^'lumXTtb, vrranaT-unU.Pofa^ goT^mmt * U oae . med. are only yet ? ^ th r gnra west to perfect Horn. ? prriwr. ?T " City of I,aid,a> where th> f>Mr ** * a Viriwdy to ro operate HarMt ?L'? . v>Wi,Mid at IliM taunt tlw 'N#y nf will t rmlnal* PM tW provtn, ml l -alit.- are J ;.. 1. r * Tfralmllho' disturb the a*nitih-?_^*r,\ __ ? ? IT \ ;H? ;nJ ./ f TOiir", nj I' Air.f -n nbal %n Uu? will r.?| rm -ball ?,n tr??hW> IV Uxpaa. ed ? * |?ul>lic fijr ?;caktnj! * detail fwrmitrc $ f>n rliargi*, of *rter- for I'tMc, and frr h? tt"K? wme? ttor of t*r endlm* etc,* ra* arhtrb on -m. a an ircmintt* Ruki- i4|> the teal account. TV truth T? have all. wt V?t di?lii>.iftaa (< party. mad' n*nur man lb [ ?? ' to do tV linn* han.)-<<ioMy aad If ire fid'* at IV en<| ' <4 IV rear wilb a bundihl thowrantl paanid* arrtinir. ?h? w ouakit to V thankful TV j.riucijini arrui?<*?rtio., wo on ra?v vafoly ^.iy. are n<4 mslv m nwr{<-Urv hut ht cr?n?nii> ar cat band". Kv.rythun wlU V d?aw in a litx rat ?|>?rtt?a* v i <hr sanv-linv ? Iih Ihr , I,? rv?nr<\ of thb i>n?t?nc ?- ne. ' V n iaaft* In IV jwi?'nl nut<-of tV yoMto H"anr? Ih Hi poadtlure* for inch artirl.n aa |4aU* ?rti be In a iwiro " narrrly teoi|>cary, and au atUumdH in .legree aa In a* furniture However, IV armncrtornta mn?i V libera^. r . rtae |V? bad ranch Mv not have bee* Vt'un i IKa Mayor rend the fo'.lowlr? turajauaicaltnn m *D???n iS Mr be bad aihirtwer t *. tv Vrov racial ^VcreVry ? !W>' A ? >* > . Julie M| 1Mb I bad IV bo- w to receive and lay We bia to re llencv IV I lore- ^ Corral >oor letter of tha Mb ui* re^ravlinr. at lb # n..ta~? of IV Corporation a?d oo?? ? of the cltiaena ,* Toronto, certain mfcirrnnUen.wgf (Met to tbe nuiiroa'hli ( Vbll " IftrttoPh ' ^ ^ iTyal Hl?h. i^looe of ^ |lam?>4 directed by bid K.toe'Vnre to tolw M _ lat Tb-a fhan tV tof.-emaiHra rewtwt atvM# ? ??> ttat bia to'jral arUI ,iu. before die Ort"' "T foorttt *Zm In A'lTiat T jat IV ? vee?rae?l wUI tobe to*a ? *',?,. .o fV tbe a^wnv^n r.iUJSd S? T" ^ri a"-T uae uf tl?e ibrtlaaww \ ?n n" . Ti. That itie l-eflh nf Una r,.'?' .il*? | II ighnma t? fkWWtto * ,y .4 nil n>/w . f mil thrra or tamr day a ttbiy * ,m pmiwWr ?'< -ii m ? m .Jw rr'l?r?' oil,. . ..vwi.nviil 1.1 |M if M l?f ii HIpM f,* ,)* wr.imm.NU | tended t<> t-lara *">' ?" ' . hi* attendant'. life ml M I oral *>iitorti? to ito jf money ?l tto <4 any fetr, r ?r moat ot>- .1 parjtm 1 hat* tto tounr to to, uiMt Mrvant, Mtrrksoi ' C AlIJTW. toraatary. or THE aRNOUl COfeWITTU Of TOMNfO. a? [Krnm tto Ti<r?nto lr*.Irr, aiine 21 J A trwtltHl <4 I to (lenerml IbMlUM I" ?' fertfefefe" taenia f?e ? unliable recaption in hla Royal H ito Prince -rf WfelM ? In* arrtral in thla cliy wa* toll in I to City Hall reaierday forenoon. Ttore w?? a full attoilm.rt?< (to naitiilto. Th. Wayar. nto preafetol. ?anl thai whm th* r>.mtiiltte<? ady-nrned laai w?*k II no arranged that eatnn it"? of ito WW oi Ito pui>iM- rxtqfeHa aboukl to lai 1 before itotn in <hj Ttoae .*ltm*b- had tonoi pre pa I ml, anl to h.fw-l thai itotr wamM to hro.ight in a r mrl.i'.nu to. day, In iirili'T thai a |?ibtx- in.* ting .if Ito iil>* n* inighl to toM al an early .lay nc*t work Rot l?r M'thul pri nted ito ai**l nf Ito feprcUl no.tnmiiu*. apwtuhU to roneuhr ito rn|mrta m l ">tf* > ??ma ttored at ito tort retina *0 to tb-- mod 1 of r-vp ttnfe, k?. Tto report wnaaa tallow* na rw.?wi.aai 1 Jlo Royal fltghn.w. to to rmtrid on ito large nnn, para eft* ih . Ivlwm rl Im.l.linip by a guard .1 bow* under a Kabila 2 til a.M-<->? to bo pr< reeled by the Mir w V*- mpa Ml by tto m.-'til?ar of tto (Vtrporatlon. I After Ito iTinrr'a f. p y Ito ??!'<. to prne. ,| a).Ml front at rati to tha City llall thwe ,i? Wtom ?treat, an femg R'wC rirrvt to ito Cbivrnm til H".iar 4 Tto atraoto to to lined hy Um ttililtta. tto tarbnM * ctatlaa, Sran?ipani a. to . Ar a t cm-r?) lil?mlnalM>n and toreh'.tgM rnreMKM | -?Bk> htare <g| mgfelK to to K jh*.>f?entw letormi-VMl . - ?fei lha KOIIM..I .lay tto Wajferiralbm ut that partem 1 tto Cntfeeratly IV* i|Tr.l*i?t' .l tojto om 4 tin 51U I take pbtrr aiat a.|. rama * to to |ir-a tit* f -? 1 A 4b|4ay .ft, jv y ' V ?rb| <| ;ii a ftr ( f, to to toM In lb If i|r -v'<*.?, iy-g .. ,n A A 15 0f* 1 t~1 1'} m ni f'H too >i> '' mi nwUtnii <4 llw M..?< tin) CtnitcM DM ttUkiV i.i ull uiUuo , to If cou<i at a point n.iu-tin fin 'i >itat< m, uai t'am Uw, . 1" .. UM'tm for th.- rirrii^!*., to If a M I i. . iii^i.tlirnUi' callable of ar niiiii'xJali.ig 10,000 \fffj - '1' Mit i-inti arrtfM U> If at tbn mIi fnon tli** i-l'i lr.. (.tinned aim, .it tin- Oily Hill, at (If interfere f.M t.i Vooy, anil Kluk fetrc. (a a..J u( lite (IwVituiu. uI ll<. * -. I' I arh l.ii'of Hm> ilr.iU forming the route of tha niiioi to bo il?ooraU<d with baiiju'M anJ tropin 4 11 r ihv Oemonalmlti u in Ua- IWk .i 'Ui< an't . .mopy t l? *ith t'Xtennlvc aiucia* tor . r. inc., ami thr avrooi- to b - apa-iii'-l by i? > trirnj Im. iir? hrh rnmpoo"d of Unral decoration*. f II:!'I'iurnplwi luvb'.is ajnl tb - lAirpi atim boUdiugi , If In- itli iiiir iiil auJ a torch; mill procotaioo to take I'iiiif uii'Vi tin- ilirectkxi of tUc Kirc Jiritfmle. o? nwv* il" If I zl'iaon to b I'V i ii'Tiil UM-tmM i . up ? *iii> authority of the City ' 'i :xsi' after the < t the ;.w.|ti.n by tic . nl * public n?. .'ti?g to th' con v. tied by his worship the Mayor. on /m'u.v. ahu rhv.;.;t? ?u brir.irtnsbly too resohilioii *t the lul meeting, the eonimiltec li r. v. iiii present an estimate of the xvmdlUiie. .tint tug t<> add thi- scale is such iid a nut.' ot i.hould it be ilcctaod expedient to I th. outlay. j ? ..( ttn'ii remarked that tbo nddreui ahonl I be prei Fttit..' by the Mayor and read by the Recorder. fltat ihr custom in cities n Knghwd, and should, he tin rght, be adopted upon this occwha. -is for the prol? *<<l cortege, Iu> muni My parading hi.. Royal Highiii??. along Front street from the storm, pad then up . King aim t, wan too much liku ua exhibition of hat Koval Flghrcus. In thir. view he (Col. J or via) might stand nlnnr, but, nevertheless, ho wished to record lils dissent i to tho pre poanil arrangeuu ot. , Mr. Axr.ra Mokuhon. M.l'.t*., said tho tine of march ha I , he. n t|? ani^ect of considerable- discussion by the i uiiuilloo, Uio <>a? laid in the lungriuumo beuig / iiltimnteir .'urmrd upon. Tho reason ot m.opting u ?"i | thiit if tlic I v trice pri-costcd direct to tho ti'orornm >nt House, an Immense crow J of peiiplo would coagre^alv in tho stiufu; 1 calling tc the Govcrumeul House, an i crviti would he so groat that rnuiparuliveiy few would have an opportunity of seeing his Royal Highness. They had censed eentlv lengthened the line 'if procession, in onler that the people spread over i greater spat and tin have a better chance to see th.* cortege. < <". !.< iiiur lui said that wheu her Mainly went froai Fvcl.!ri:hh*i i ulnoe and Guildhall there was a public pro coosb ii. Hor Modesty was net afraid to s u. h"r suhj s't?, or to lot tla-ui Ms- her. It would not satisfy the vast who would, no doubt, be pes'ul In Toronto, if the urtsession did not eo H short distance tlirouuh uie city. Mr. Bkrxnx wild h<- had at first held tie- sane- vK a* Cfd. Jarvis, but now he wu.1 i:i favor of 111" rout" or th * preeeseioi. ti. ing extended as rocomm^inlf-d in the report. Hi- did hot think. bid Hoy il Hl/'tu- ss, who was only -liueteen years of fige, would 'w vi ry much f>\ti<'l-sl on liis ,irrlvnl ln-ri'. unit woold not. object t> |*i*? through lh city a sln<rt distance. The yss.)?! - would, uo doubt, IUC<* to sec tlx ir future aovcrcign, aud this, h-; thought, w.i* o ily natural. Hon. Mr. Al-ljiv said it was quite natural that the p-ode of this. country should be .-unions to s.-o hi.-i Royal Hi i news. Ho might be snhj?s ti-d to some Mtth- annoyance by the crowds of people pri ssing forward to ajo him: but tbts wns one of the annoyance* at ten ton t upon distinguish) d [N-rsonagr* who were obliged to undergo tb' c.reuu-ny of public reeept mis. The isau Is would wish to ace his Iloyal Highness, and ho (Mr. Allan) thought th < committee should, us fur as lay iu their power, eudcavor to gratify them. (Hear, hear!) Mr. G. V. rixwct coul-i not see bow tlx- route of the proct-Ksion could be mule any shorter. He, for our, certainly did not think it was too long. Col. Jjihvih obji tied to Ills Royal Highness being exhibItod through the streets on bis arrival,as the people would have nn?|>lo opportunity of swing tho Prince at the ?|?*5 ii'K or University Park. He did n?l approve of liis Royal lltglui<>? living jwradrd through the street* to gratify |> ibliv vurkwily. ft savored too much of our neighbors act-mm tb<- lake. The clause relating to the procession was th?*n served to. On the clause relating to the University l'ark being pat. Councilman Biim Mid he was in favor of the fTniver ally Paik being called in future the "Prince's Park." It had lately been proposed and carried In the Conned to tb.iiigv llie name of tb* "Pair Green" iulo the "Itince's Park " lie thought It a disgrace that the tleld wu ire the gallows had so often been erected should hare been dignified by the name of tho future sovereign of Great Pi Itain. and hoped that the IVuncit would aooon change the name bark into "Gallows Green." The clause was adopted. Crtui cilman Raines would like to know whether anything was to be given the Royal Canadian Yacht Club towards their display. Alderman Caan suggested that a cup of the value of ?25 should be given to the club, to be competed for In tho manner the club should determine. Mr. Batumi. thought the suggestion an excellent on*. The clause was sgroed to. Mr. Attorn Monmaos then aulimtttrd a rough draft of the estimates. It appeared from this that fiUMO would be necessary fbr the reoepluui, hut tho committee Intended to ask the citizens fbr $12,000, as had been agreed I upon. The estimates would be submitted at a public nuvting. to he held at such time as might he determined u|mn by the general committee. A long rtteciuwlon took place n|?o the cwtlm ?te*, which (rem III nature It la unoccctwary to report It ?r? finally nrroil to accept the report, anil eubmil it with ihe r*> hitmueaiid addn-f* to hn Koyal Higbnce* to the public (iKH'tu g of the cltlacn*. It waa :il*< arranged that the meeting fx- held on Wednesday next at three o\iock ID the aftcreooo. prisck op valid' cai. ("From the Toronto Ulobe, June SI.] The car fitted up by the tirand Trunk Railway Company for hu> Roy al Highness the ITioce of Wain* la now ui To r'?to receiving Ita Southing louche* at the hand* of M< ,-tr.t. Jacques and Hay. A great deal of ingenuity an well aa taste ha* heeo exercised in lla construct**. On the (Mitaiile it varlca la no reaped from I bono used la ordinary by the company, but once inside, and a great dif frrence is seen. The car Itself u divided into fire com oar 1 menu. The Aral la intended aa a sitting room for the ? ? '*" t^' nohlcineo accompanying him. and la fitted ..? ?. ii. *vvl-v pfDathle cunvetilvuce In it there ar- Uvo lire.'ami rl. ~'r* *n<l ?<*?* coTfrcd *?lh <Urk moroero y Tt!w,? * lamp A large mlrm* r** fee bo.**, ath.? MrT^ inglt beautiful chronotueter. *nfi from tha atden. ^ -Willi ft of tlir car la of the Hotel Wdm-fa manic. dirVw.' liiU? i?uk'U by strii* ?>f (IkW^ BKKiUlan. Om trading with this are the *! ** "f ",t' *"ir ? rwgr of dark walnut, abm relief is.' ?t regular Interval* by ornamental gold work. (?rer tWcb run- l tig round the entire r'?'in, are plaee>l ea.*T''" ""'l C"t ( ^ at l?-n* of Ihe ITinec of Wale*' ere*t, bearing lHeu," worn ?o many year* ago uo the' * ** ' j uj. The appearance of the rmtm. though etc. "".'bHHf 1 , I* free of anything like gaudineaa or of f>r 1 r ..awa'di *f4?y Kiit- ring the next comiwrlaaenl we <M ' to *? "4th than Ihe preceding one, owing to thr t tr?* I*b-* tol M I" tie in i "t f.s a MM whereby I ' ri watwwaCati- wn ' another room at the further end of , < e ear I* In fitted up with many convenience* ttver f ,, B ?i ?.,?t . lai-wr r Intern. a nine from whlrh do r1"1? nil#*. r<>nin.tomw-ailn* Willi toy rutin* from 1 tom?d lab* Tb* p?p?>. by W-toe krnuupM In * wito ?y tin lla unrm at a apirlt Mi. Mi ma le In thr**trli a l.irur itr pf ton. tlual a wipmr of cnol ?i?t nwr fx* <>l>la pud Ni-nr by (km arranci-wit-nt la a I all aarli-K-i awl? ->rl nUmwiT. in wlwrfy marram? ' I a nuwher iff |iMr? ami <tiato-a xaitaiik-tor iaw iinfrr I <-h riyninvlanrto iw H ma* he ?*po<-rwrt thrjr wilt ,, A'l'tnitoiy in* I Ha tiki* ma knlTi-a vM fork* al Mtwr abwp-tltorftir imtt i- pyama * biram irn Intra Ml all at blank w>lrnl ffc rail l?n I mpamv <-nt* it* atoto rmnw. with ? roup* nf l?*t* in , h T |,r wtnhmi; atotol awl drrwti* Uto mm Mt/vl i?* rblr lays. Wwmra huto* frnn ?ak. mm* rarl ' ? irlvaoatw for ItoMttn* Mru*hi-?, towl* ami ?*Ah -a 1 ? tor O fiiyyiM Thr MmM r? miliar ttnrW* ! IV- n?r wn 'fM w> i- MU?-n<1?-l f->r wWT-n.l* tl i? ?u<yM?--l with a *"? ^ kdM Ibr ah In and wMmc am tHfc-1 up with m-trh ? wmr itoMrrlptmn <ff work w in Ih- ?rat to-nlion-t r m Thr il??'ra arr tank titm'""-! with |*?tojrtww pam-la. grnrrH wilb I fx" nw, abammrk awl ihwl- Vrrjr ml car* liaa Wn takm to wnrr |*iftt mn?iln?l?tv rhr InvintHW of Mr Sin-riff Rntton t*?a ton ralkM Into r munition. anil a oontrlranra|M<x( by whtr-h ?h-> -ri~* hariny ninH llir.">*li a cl?l m 4 watoy. wh -r - to to rim,*. <| from itiwt. w iilmlitiHi into ilk' nw utnmita n nrnnhcr i>f rrgtatcr* Further t?> prorctit the dual flu tm* mlmiiur< r. frame* nf artwork hir# k>?<a prnvi tki hp* la window* which m*v (hit* v? * <?? i w.iliaai >? marealence The mm I of the car, mimh mm* ho tergr, wo or* unable to rule. Pallr* latolllgtart. Prjtawm Amur Of a Rohtai-ila** ?A noclooo row n<s cnrrcM klmnl fltro o'clock yftrtot*tar mora in* In Jn*?p4 ^uhn ro*tatir*nl. No 1M W**? ?r*d refill m* in gernaa toijurle* lo the progrk-i-w. M? nt tta-liar aK>*. mrnilonod ? <*m*Uble. namcl John Hurley, rrwl-'iim *1 No Chnrcli ?trect, tntrrM lh? nMhMrmt in company wKh two or thmo frp?ni?. wl, Ikftrr iiailnr no of demnartmif^r* Wi Hfxmi t?*'iim* Hie furniture i??1 etwkcry 'J. the .fh?h:i?,.lB. nl. Mr. Knhn <-n'?c*r.Tc?l In *?Jr. h* pmo*,.|T, ,h> be*t wde V eonW, hot Tt'iiloy rnMiM after .Uhh.*1 Wm In CTcml |?torr* about |fc* #n,j j^), *th * <|irk kind' Si* roolcpl with lb i-) Wr* Knhn. who to *aM In b* In * parv'tnrly tut*7rat)n* ii>mim?i w?? tawtil down and ir.: tut w'.lh i.ih.-r Hi.limii?w Ry lb* invly nrrlr.i1 of *n < fliocr ttnrlry wo cni ?hnci In hto hrm tl rarer* ami o.tivrvol h.'h.rc JuMicc Kdlr. wh?< heM him l?? bolt in <' -1. t >1 in 10 The city of Hw-hm>nt. *. *? ih f>fp+rrk nf Ih" 33 MlaPi, wo* rurtl'it with ?nri?rl?e on Pi.'%Liy, hv III " ' u' inkiMw Priwl.'.-jil if the Rtrh rl?WT 1I>" ?- rr ? frffl. Frr-Wn k??mrjt ?nil Nnmtr IUilr<i%il r??ta(> ?nr. wt ? t? that . >miv,PT to a to- % >a'v * am nnt it ?. ? v*rt?M*ir?i >t -,t * rrn.? insr**t t?im <**> TV r-mri-H *1 r>- an Till ">??. anil ty ?t<it<nt<"t> t't K'Mtxr ?*i I n pin t ?f the rfurofiriatton of tv > mntmintr'* m *><*t If. V t|.r tyraiitPiit ?o mmNtmritallvt. that ?? h-mil It tirn <1 ti ? > f<T a rotten of Uw m itu* nnlll th' 'llrft ? ', llitll htt'iftm tutly ffWH In Ihr I t* atl?a?Ml "t IV' ?o? rt nn?1 nnf'tf </ Iff. UnMtwti* 1-i'n.jtK n<-y aho'il' , ff>t* Inty ihflf fStfit'imllM. Th* hv> th ,, ^t r. .|rm ?rr f??fao?t? Ml?rf)t' l<'ry I" tip tn?. 'T"a. w? karn iHlf m/ klii? pnbllr th^lr W'ta'lHf* at thta tim* W. y t" C't rr 'h< !> ? 1 rtl *M? Inform ill at wlf't rr r?-.| I. tb? fnmlnltif anil patafol rtfTnlofnnratt. ttn<1 pith Illnh if til nttf torsi rolttain Th? ftarly rnnvaa. w? up f < v in ?njr, we h. rim out m U*ir m<*? F*'r*r?f*o rltarnrtnr. Ia -.*?i>o ? rum A*ota?T Kn twafnai *? Tfirt . V,n.?* M>l * ?*"* h. Arrtotanl Wrlehlim/Mrr *1 I'llr*. wt t'r'Ktwtl ta Ihr mrifb tnr* fwwit Urn nrfnrfc nm Wrtiy >4 <**f ' ?hf A ho?l h? l bom trrlfftr.1, ?n l h* ftal Jt? to r" 1 >" *? * ?f Ih* ?nf art) of lb" !<*k ft* IM |W1?? of ml' 'tor 4 *h"i. by toWi BM Uim, br Ml ml > t? 4. ynm (uMMVibe hffc. - * ar Ci-Ttf f>??rr/t ra V*r?psrr?Thr r'artmoi of Hi * ' ?* ??-! - <1 Itiul t-l lb: LAlita llg ? '. Inf I .'It ' ' J NRW ORK HEliALD, The Sin ? u '? : far r ?U. Mar' I'N ' r ?K;. Coln> i- r,?v ;;?> v Him* {J*j, 'Wit.- ' ' Mai'< f ' iUhrr Hi" i . ' ? The dejxjMt' i , ?; iv(? r i? ei*K mariner a, 'a '"U w% . ! jivhH' Mai H|?iin, u> i!i<- ?* ?.'? ?>?n* ? i of ii.r kid, .l X. 1980; I W?4 .kv-M-J l.y l?e Vian*, Of thl? ettf, . f j U? l ie a we/ >f Af, .1.iM / t.m. tn N.'? l , . jl ' /" wagaaaf 98'.* j.<r uioo'ii; I .? is to g > to ttoagia itrm u I; (tie veaael wtUl consigned to John J. t'oker, Kaq.; h<- w an, an Afritum meiciau.t ami agfut for Ur. VUov; ha ka from *Uem; I bolirv 1 <u to deliver my raj go ami ratntfi whatever cargo ho had reaJy and return to Nw Ywlc according to my Instructions; I I tad no other instruct iuua from Mr. VU:ia than gtirh aa arc eontaiacd in the letter |>ro lueed; I know ?r. (.taker; I saw him and knew him wlu-n lie wm commercial Agent ?>>r thn Dotted States ?ov- ruineal at loan-la; he ? w ngent' Mown. Brook house k Hunt, of Salem, M o>- I have !-en engaged in the African trade three years, He* tirat sixteen months us agent on abore (tar Messrs Rubin| bod k Wiggan, of Beaton; the last two years aa captain of otse of their vessels on the coast; I left their employ ,'ancary 6, I860; I have not heen iu any bosluen* smc* that time; the cargo put on bo.iid (he Mm i<t tta, ao far as I know, Was a general assortment of trade with the Afrkf?i:f= as pereargo Ixiok; I know ttio general rlia. ee:t. r cf cargo shipped from this port to the coast; It ia such a* runs, powder, rum, cloth, trinkets, Ac.; the cur-pi of the Marhpi'la does not diflhr from the usual cargoes that come there : -r trade and barter; It is the sanw kind of corgu that t ed lo be sent to me by Robinson k Wiggan, when 1 was there uh their agent; on* crew consisted > f nine, all told?one German, llie rest all Americans, to the best ol my knowledge; they were shipped by Stookbridge k ,'enks. tb^y were ail men except uiy brother-in-law, a boy of 14 years; when I saw the warrant In (he Mi rot d's illire, I delivered everything to him, and showed hiin my letter of instructions; 1 delivered all ray clu.-is and l-npers to him, I engaged all the crew except ol mat)? the men at 816 jwr mouth, the c.v.k at fcJA, tho mate at *86 per month, aiut thn t>oy at *10; 1 had not any ens i<emert wilh Mr. Vtana, or anybody rise, to engage in the Fluve tiade; 1 had not any Intimation, directly or indi roeMy, that the vessel was to bo .-tut>ioved in any such trade; had I had any such Intimation' I should not have gone; I have never been conmcted with that trade in Any way, either directly or indirectly, there was no conccalmont in titling out the vetwel for sea. Uierc was nothing put on board her of a suspicious character, so for as 1 knew; I should have be-u likely t>> have known if anything of that kiud had b-.-en there. I livid Cuthrie, a Scotchman, first niate of the Msricplitu, deposed that he received all the cargo, and tint there is nothing suspiciouR iu the fitting out of the vessel. Adjourned to Monday. THE CASK or THE BRIO FALMOUTH, vvrnm statks eiMsi.-v-aoxKR'H court. Before Joseph Bridgltam, Esq. trvr. 29 ?Tkr Vu.itfd Stain n. Contain Lfiun. th* tut mate* awl fire iff the crew of Ike brig flUmmUk ?The exam (nation into the charge against the defendants for volun tartly serving on board a vessel alleged to be u ttl.tver w o resumed this day. It appears that C?pt. Leines joined th. brig Falmouth abort time before she last sailed, an" made a contract with the owners to sail from S-'W York to the coast of Africa for twelve to sixteen month.', at lb' rate of one hundred dollars per month ; shipped as usual I* Will (alms Itosc) shipped as a sailor and wis mill cook. The captain alleges that IX> Wilt made trouble on txwrd; tlist he was punished and lias got up tin - pros cu tion. Ttie captain says there was nothing wrong iu the vessel; that sh<- was hoarded at Psrto l*xyn by ('apt Oil houn. and, although it was against the treaty, !li- hatch was taken olf in the nbseuce of Capt. I-eines, who was on shore, to clear the vessel. AIhjuI six hours' alter tit it th. captain cleared the vessel, and not died the anlhorities thai he would go to sea next morning. He got his orders l< proceed to sea next morning. The Portsmouth left before the Falmouth, and was anchored at least half a mile ahead of the l><rtsnwsith, and the Falmouth had every op portunity to get away; when a little distance olf th land the Falmouth was bulbil by the hortsmouUi; OaaM. Immediately have to, aud the Falmouth was taken prisoner by the roflsnxwlii, W Joey 5. Morton, fi< armg clerk In the ouitnm H>?C deputed that he know* the clearing of the Fitlm nith on her last voyage, rbe did not clear with ne-weuger*; (paper produced) I presume I gave lhir to the breker: It le nr-ial to do no; the maelif* very aririom clear their own vc**eb> 1 nuH<?e thus was done ac usual; I know nothing ahuul the inrgo. Licet Abbot recalled?Found a tnain deck which would cover between fore and matnmaal; It would (to over thmain Itaieh, the Falmouth'x bulwarks were ahuut five or ail fed high. I thiuk 1 eouM look over th'TU, that is the ucual height of recsela of that aise. rtewitt L Ptockhridcp, examined by Mr. Dnootiw for defence, deponed that Ilia bnclncca la chipping mv-der; I rht|i|<ed the crew of the Falmouth through mv agent; the order to chip the craw waa received by mo' from ('apt I-cin<?; tln r. waa no other arrangement or und.? landing for a clave trade, or voyage after atavea, nor any voyage but that described ID the arttrlca; there wjTnothing dlf ferent In thw from any other voyage to the cairt; 1 sent a young man Banted .Southwell to ahlp the erew I'rrwa examined by Mr. lHrlght?Never chipped a erew that it war underctood the) were going to the coaet for clav.a; 1 chipped nootherc that I know uf; the requeat of the explain waa to ahip a crew for him; I do not remember the number, but I chipped the number he told m?; I 4k Jivl U041 FYttl to w veaae| before ?he sall-d usual')- chip crew* a! the Mptalna; I hav seen I a-hire before in New Yo?n"! *? *1 UtM I ?WpP? rrewa for him before; I do not know what tfsdeTse hd been In; 1 not know whether he haa been to the 0 Africa before. John T. Southwell deposed that he U In the em ploy of the laat witneaa, I waa directed by Mr. Block coast; the caputn ?u nut present; there was ao oar there from the vessel; I went to where I thought I^xkiIi V* men; there was no other agreement or und<-rtt*ndlat that the men should go on another voyage than that Ij the articles, or for sieves, or no a slave voysge; the/ werr to get $15 a month, anil $lg advance. !> ? examined?I never shipped a crew to go oa a slave voyage; I never shipped oa a vessel Mat waa Wired. Douglas Buraeaa deposed that he and Rose were la dlf .'erent watches; never heard say of the men state w? htm or In his hearing that the vessel was going after slaves. Km Ring anger heard any of Ihs men nay that ffeey hipped with the cadei stand tag (feat tbry were going eo 1 slave voyage. Martin Kent never heard the aaea any flier mere going wt n slave voyage; these pamrngrrs faaae of (Ms defend ihts) emne on deck when they hherf I f wax m Me . af> alas watch; the only second male was Jackson, he acted a steward. Win P. Robertson deposed that he wan msie ef the falatixith. Jarkasa and HurneW (two of Me crew) spoke m English to nsdsiatsud thetw, De Witt does ant speak tpanjsh The Comebsleaer will glre hie decision 00 Mtmdhy aeewmg The Cthtral PWrh. Yesterday ?s no 1 ac* wtt?n to the long list ef pious hi? Mays Dal have hten eiy?re?l by the pub ? since the opening of thatrnl Irak. Humiwr has, tins yxr, cvslentty .tad tough work la 'tfrwVMig a loolhskt. Tims after time ska baa re jrassd' and advaared like a weevsr'a shuttle, until it Hi-tssd aa If we were doomed to wawv b? tween the uo wtas asks of snrlne snd the shiver ag idillls ef autumn; but. rfhr the dclmhafVil enperlence U ywdontoy. we heller e an on* will dtopnln thai ahr> han at last waved he* ma?a wand, and awakened tolo life Ml th U beautiful of car Ml. Kn? morning ti* night did the wartrtjr (lilam pour out Armigh ita haSdonrn railroad' *M>cls ? throng of p?*l? all wanrti-rtog ihiUarwwrtt to dtaenlirai Hu m h.-Ih i fur tin- Miuiiwnt from 'It.' I>,.s?toc* "f an, -v. an.I an?1 in tlx- rrfrtehmg galea whrah, whore uM pteoea In the metropolitan awtghborhwad, the god* hare learned U wtaut.-K tore |n the toMM *f Central Park. Tl la eattmatod thai aa kaa thaut 00 WO people tMbrlij iTaM ttMwalTM of th* might]! breathing *! ? to ret** Orm the dual* street* o tartly, ami. an .at tho vagrant aephjrni, dradt utto then IMmty Matll Ms valwa of aweol eonlent, Tie Park tt-df w to a lor ward r tat. .?< anprovotnent and it* seventeen hundred workmen are daily dovetopiq b. nattful feature*, vrhkh In another wapon. by the 1*1 of n ilure. will he perf.-. t Hunting l? at rely going wi aud ir'-r*. Uow.-r* ami 'hrtih- ?|>r1igr aito lif with a muI denner* whkh mark* the j<re-<nva .a *>'n ttt ?de?n \l*1 din with hta wuiderfttl lamp, Ywwe' it tlte Park ***tv? a'no el ? pandemonium of wvnl nn<l lint Hte * fitlhK not into the wind a Ju>w<-r of mttoM ^wteinew . ? ? t.t.. minor attania. held ralni?iw court wit ttap blue Ml, thr ?ww| William ami the r??*| w, wbil riatiibxrinR viiwa twirnd around ihn irmtr-qtf ar.utnp ami thiaw tlirir l< in|dine garniture Wilkin Ada In ft iho IniiRMvr ?f tin- Unman i id rhll ti <*n ra-n'mtttaff am m in Th w. wl??' llllle hanrU waia Ml at Hint artlm, ow (lt??ltMi,-(?flnfc.nir jny wbkh kn?w? no boundary; I'm iji' *ff? and nrttilmiM(ravrra nf Ox- ft*a?li> ? -d idem. tl h'tm ?f h.irptix * >m eyrry <bla; th? I'PV nrnnf v irl i "Wi Pd humanity wbh b In th?-dManre w in 1 th?l * v i nm tb< a> ij* Mine patha nf Urn 'Ovall <1 bl, and a deVm before llm nitnd'a oya i-hi< li to be e 4-7.-.I .ri-ilx- land. It *?? In l<*d ."thr ropy Jwr. with annga < hip.1 ?i d Mir 1 fixture* an I winy, ami mnVf fill* aim hjil if bright aiding*. and hourly burnt ?< pretty bq<Ia 1,1 I f**.'' >(rdw that and big tlia en?e?**ma nf a??fi|n nliKh M Mrr iilfiftnl, Ibr nttfat dp-'.r m jmrad' fady taa ? arr if irrra timda, and lb 1* n <; imi', who <l? ,ih?lp?? oa-IJ md mod ia?eludi, gj." did 1 t'i.'Vt??mi lb' b irm of i mklPR nwor*. Tim H-nw Inform* tip il >1 t.iw In ?rowln? Of, o?r?\ ally w w and f? Utah*, and will tn nrrf.irUi k ,*?* wi? arm If hr ta cmiipallad la arr-?l Ihp mrni r wo-cu ( A few > t ample* nf IbM hmd wn il l be * ' i cVtit. fhr, although flow -m am tlnd'a own ml ?Mnn?r , In |'to?v lit' litilrml I "ark Un? am tnt.n led bw ihj I Jnynient nf the multitude. and not Ih? IndiTtdia), 1 <-biaild bp fi ?parted a<v?v<Urgly. On Ih- whntr Huaday in the (Vatral Park ban hm* an b alilntkdi, and wr art glad ef it It i? a tSmmia r be |.|prp ami, though lb dppolam cannot I worn In pi - t ? fi< ni tlx- p?i|>lt'lb<7 can dn what > no wn " c. trninn.-with nattim and natnr*'* 0 ?d, gather atr - aid' a Mi, g*n their hearta an WpnrtJinlty nf Ttbm f it Mb gladu. m at the rrtlTlfylnf erawr* imw.1 ?h<dn "" b?pule *|r??h the h'rf* <d thmr phratral marh'n * < 0 ,1 Or t', -lung ?H dnyn, nl hmac.lbrymay opa wi.Ik it *q <ahir>(. 4- ?????'~? n lh< ?' Ti rrw ?TVp lae*r bmr bmt ? - mnnly, Vn , pant nf I ' " Tkdh T MONDAY, JPW i . ISflfc i'i.1 . in I tl.braiU1') nl Bro'ilt (' ? Iv>u. TV- ? a ^rMi t ;>*at Brooklyn, 1 -no , 01 19th , ;>L i;.. o. t ..f m rUii f> ihi eb-Orab lam ' ?l'hu?r' o' lUilf'Md, UHI.0 UBMOI Aor PilU<' 'wfj. -Hi j'Mt on !1 " * ? an* * ?--i their In I.'.*' v i>>\ i,4> > ' of ' i*Af i by i Lf, covered b-. a -- rbie ?? <* , "t ? i c? i .^ 't oei too " u mi ;.oi 4a. k.'. u.j i: ! rt*tu > i ... eof I the MoM diaiincu:-sbed of our Revolttt >uary |wlrir>U> The ceretnonlea at the tomb, it in Mid, wore :OMl nob-mo and imposing. Tlw larxe body of military, act in* a? ao encort to the Thalanx, for mod a "hollow Hqnarr" around U>? grave, inside of which the CUaiaaa baltailon, camtt?ung of some two hundred noble and portly men dressed in the old Onnimental uniform, wn* drawn up. near the tomb. The wrvicw aI tbH point consisted of a p?ayer by the chaplain of the battalion, Rev. Mr Moure. and a abort addrww by the Judge Advocate, Hun. J. W Stew art Both the prayer and the remark* of Mr Stewart were very beautiful and appropriate. Wc copy from the account of the celebration aa given in the Hartford Camrmmt:? <m their arrival at the tomb, the military composing the eeoort fbrmed a hollow square, and received tho Phalanx, invited guests and Masonic bodies within the same. Rev. Asher Moore, chaplain to the Phalanx, then repeated the following touching Unett, following in a mo.1 appropriate prayer.? How aleep the bravo, who gink to rent By all their country's wishes bPwtl When Spring, with dewy flngera cold, Returns to deck their hallowed mould, She there shall <1re?s a sweeter sod than Fancy's feet have ever trod. By fairy hands their knell Is rung, B* forma unseen their dit^e is adftgThere Honor comes, a pilgrim gray, To Mean thiwturf that wraps their clay? And Freedom shall n while repair, lb dwell a weeping hermit there! The reverend gentleman then offered a very eloquent prayer, in which be eulogized the memory of the noble dead. and invoked the blessing of the Father of all Mercies on this counter. Judge Advocate ftewart then followed in an eloquent Sfwerb, beginning by reading from the memorable tomb of Putnam, by the side uf which he stood, Ih > inscription which it bourn?an inscription remarkable for iU classic beauty at expression, its sententious brevity, and its Justness of eulogy. Thus it proceeds ? "This monument is erected to the memory of Ihs Honorable Israel Putnam, ftvq , Hajurdieneral in the Armies of Hie boiled Slab s of America, who wa, horn at Salem in the province of Massachusetts, uj. January. 1718. and died at Brooklyn, in the ?< A... neclirut, on the 29lh dny of May, A. 1>. 17P0 " I'nseebger. if thou art a soldier, go not sway till thou hast droiqied a tear over the dust of a hero, who, ever tenderly attentive to th? lives aud happiness of hit ui >n, dared to load w here any dared to follow. If thou art a > patriot, r> member with gratitude how miieb thou and tliy country owe to the disinterested and gallant exertions of the patriot who sleeps beneath this marble If thou art an honest. geucrons und worthy man, render a sine-re i atul ehiuiri'nl ? ritMilo lif vovigq-l lit M lllllll U luKlit i/MlHTHhit V . was singular, whose houesty ui< proverbial, uud who, . Willi a slender education, with stnall hdvantsg-s, and ! without |WlllM friends, rawed himself to universal [ esteem, and t? ofttoes <if emiueut dwluii lion, b)^personal worth and by the diligent sorvicea of a useful life " ; The speech tliat followed wan well worthy of an orator's effort, of which the peroration will give au idea. ' (Joiild It hilt spesk?were this viearIowa spirit of Putnam but now and here rrvoniod?what would not be its excla illations of satisfaction and thanksgiving for the homage tendered it upon this uceasioo by thousand* of beating heart*, and glistening even, and listful ears, and whisper) tng tongues?homage tendered, through It, to all the immortal kindred warriors of Ha day ou earth?leunige, through it, tendered to all the great principies of Amen ' ran freedom, and to the mighty millions who now, from sea to ww, swarm a gigantic runtineut, and to the still mightier institutions under which they all happil) live? homage again througii it, when the present generation of | American jwoplr shall hare passed away , tendered to un born millions who kktll vdVV'.td them, until time shall be no morel God speed?meuiinha'! U*ba ?ptri| **?? jW; Vokr celestially intoned?God a peed the purposd W this day's gathering! God bless the loving hearts that fsin would make my name and ilainouutueuialliomeoueitrlhiu, rentirrs to patriotic devotion ! If the n-di?s of the body which 1 left on earth serve only but to prompt respect for that great cause to which in mortal life I cheerfully devoted mv mortal vigor, this will be to me a Joy m Heaven. Ott, may the shriue which rontains them, however adorned by outward art, teach every pa.s.-r by. that nest to the love or Cod, holy and undying love of rountry i? the first of human virtues Suns and daugbtent of Connecticut around nie, lis tun to spirit voice, and here, ujam thin spot, vow that the monument in honor of the dead warrior slinll be erected. Stretching ' loicli in massive solidity, and unadorned grandeur, let it rWe until it meet the aim In IU coming?let the earlteat light of the morning gIM it. and parting dav linger and play around Its aummil." It will rtae to one?be it vour glorious reward to think?who, ahuiiinng no hardships, scorning every danger in the defence and service of his Country, devot'sl I.I Connecticut, and to Its' .Vcw Kngtnad aud America of hi* day, and to the Americ.t of all linen t stall that wa? loftily patriotic. aud energies of artion 1,1m were alike aw 1ft, Isdd and inexhaustible, ami whoae name alone, had we In Connecticut no other upon our roll of leading Revolutionary warriors, would be of itself bough to All our military elariiw full, aud to korp fn-li ud verdant, for our Usvsl forever, aoiue of the newt Ins roua laurel leaves that ever tutcrtwined in a sotdkr a rtumplial crown! ( art ( altadao-Thfli Day. ft nuta? Corar?Ctncnr.? Part 1 ? .Wtkmrnnt to Tues del" Part 2?Adjourned for the term L*nrw> drsiwi Phtwct corar ?No* .Tf. X. 94. M to 44 ,*i nwioa Ox ?r ?Part 1?Sua *79 41V. 333. 447. 413. 467. 460.1334. 334. 431. 211, 1319. 1331 IVt 2. held at Tamman* ffctl. second story.?Mas. 664. 41#. 10. 440, 440. 16,106. il3,611, 604 640, 643.1330. AxxjtM as Hi writs n* Knotasm ?Th- Dedlmn (Haas.) f.'o.-effe say- that Iwn IBaek llawk mare- nor h.-ed in Hinesburg', Vt.. aad fhe ?h11 tn Vernon, VI., <nre pur chased recently for lord I1>I cut, an rnglish neblenvan The Ga*itf aays tkrvy are fe-fh aplendid apec riwms of horseflesh and have twen highly commended TVy are valued at one Ihouaaird dollars earb The antm?l? were shipped from Bostuo nar the 1KB, consigned to Artng HrOS , the celebrated ttekera thrasclrei no Mean judges of borseSesb. ttMU 4a44#i A m. a rmiJA i>mrr -honor a oorrnm**, abottt ft* J%. ran yaaraatd. Mi Ull of hW Uf; wn a pamannsr frot* talmid n Wa rialw ay staamar IM?w AJtart-. was IM asaa t* Haw Tort aa Hands T nmln#, J mm II, <*>R?r way front Ow IW? Unrdan m bobs I HW?) f<?r ?wma M?arf UwH.aaf boats Any tnforaaltoao mswrtUn bar ?mM bo aonat|r>l? fully raoatrsd and AbarsA j rawardJi at lb* Ifew tort Herald o*cn. Aa i?m?w ittnn MAtinrr tri Mists of MmsI and Am Hi mm. latr * tba atty of a Tnr?. dsnsasnd. srs barrtr maul M u> irwal tbs asms. Kb proper onr*sM tbsraof, in tbs i.Wsrennw* at bia aunt TO ftonssrstl airsst. on nr bsfnrs Ortibf II. |W t'HARIJM JTVun A r, Rinruinr aw triaa, Apr# Mt Mi AMHF T . ?ROtrutl,T* -HADI.T tHUfmrWTRn HA tiirribr Will ha at Tultoo farry. at bafWb. frn?ti nloa to tan lb la (Vomtajrt annitaa. Brooklyn a. M: bd t>i*nrti tl c,n >> to> H K. today V*4HK Y ATATHAMI*R MTBM, ar HARK ?W THfR TOPWrt T J lady t? R| Raw tart, aba trill haar of a raHtiwfrrwa Una land, by aaUtnc at Ha .MAnvery. up atdra Midr ftwmarfy Deed la Um fbiaBy of Hrr JL T. Horsy DA J ?FT.R AHA *T*? MR T?) OUT; AT OXK o'rka-b, for tHs aa taar. at tha old pi mr M. A. H nO?l fFT>HO -TI!*W W? A I.KTTBK I <1lirwv>\l> ar Tta <4k* (iffw *? MKSKTR VRNHKRW COt. LAO* OR TTVRKTOW, TWPORI. ICKO W land. n .l) twwrnf Mnwhinf hi hi? adnanmffo h? nallinn al I Ikr Mrtllnh nwa.ilaln, K T. Fa. mm.R. win itranritn ?*?- marmck A hoi* ih* 21? ? Whp. I wall In aamrtain iWn hn now marina. IKm hnnn lafnnmnd t*al H la In anm* part <?f Irrany 1 Wlf An* an rami li/niihint ml InfnrmntWai will aoafnr a , feanrnn.f K *M?? Kn*l knmi A?nnt. lltrlMn ?r thk amwan i?tr? hot rkkp hm-appoint mnni aw ThurolH* ami Vr?ia? nannta*. all MM* thri.ii(h iliW . ..iuiati when ;An will da an. abn will otafca a olrvrrr r fOnn l ______ C. II M fXPOMRATIO* W A NTKKn?OF P *TM<*K fJBKN AK. A > I ratlnr nl v.rto* Andnr. wall tamih. IrrM nmr Ui _ ihi. Main III >Hn ??.ai IK?? \n? Infnrmill'm o him will V.n * Ihanhf allv r? no I Ala afw r. Thnmai Kr. na* N# a Wn.i p Twinit II. ao-? katao'ii TWh and .nmh an ? wn k ja?a<-r* pinna* top l \f* .1 w Rtirr vrarppRi.T or nkwark. n j . It| or Mi a? w?h htm will nlr*.w?and hla ad din** l? Ik'- aiiAw?it>rl ?' T.nami.l I. i .' lvVi Vai Vi rk I' m * ??kn. . - i - - ? i t> nPJAR or JOHH MoUIUN. Mi'llrtlO, I, AT I h I of Hmnitrn, a*w?w "A'" ad Imaa In ih* na I? minor a , will rnontn# Uwlr ahar* a# b? na?ai* W.xnm an* IMab rw 'J pnw ilaana HANK Wii***, I'm! lanltn* at law, "I MiVwtrtatrmH Mrwaklvw. A. *. r- 1 ? i moonviiRiio wu.?n mart OK mowavkhnv* p, 1 MW>* NA K H0TKL.iT -i raw OKKIK HOlKl.. C* IW <( KV??'?h?r?-?t*n<l !".?????, w. ** foil Vofk il rwii.,w?<f :?*?* < Virrfc _ m w, r utMV'V K'i? 'Iw tilwiflrt In ilwfim'M IMI II h? Iml-I '? ? ?!-? ' W'' for ? u-rm ?* !1V . , I.^wi'"-^ >?'lw ?*'"' "4 r* tn ?"** *wt ? P??ro?4 ^ for iW *^on>rvH.H.?> of ir%rnifo* *n?f if?rmon?n? g*?*a rl;. i 0*4 ? ?* "* * '7 ?o^?n?.1-lori. , * 1 Mr^^Sl'w-rr hurm* N?ni forfl-? >-?r* ronn?ov?l wMk U ih ' a..r? niu f?t r?f (b*- Hi mN ftv^r# r?o*niiy wMfc tl TnixzsH^<A jr^&irarcL Jy Ln*? ifcrtr ?U| m fr? T<w?. ==? '? : imv&M Aiio roa*co>. - H??i ,., ?. _Ti t l n ii i lr io i*** Mf* if ?** ?*< ^.B ^watwfas.r^%rJg^ Si I it ?nf\ fvAfl fHQArOW KAI.W?TO rAT *< "TT lO().lH)U r?w?. r.o?lo, fro. f7m ?? t*n?? Uoh* am>*rt< nU TWt*. r?M>nl?1 ?? * * *? w%rr??l W? SITZJI'^LSl,or Ptaio-vi. itoow.Apply*. *? iRI " MOtTSKS, ROOMS. ~ ? , .. .s v STONK AKMMtK TO I.KT. in Tlirl NK.r #R??. . Ootan i'-usr K? 1(2 K?a* TMrty I'fth nl-yx-t. b w ?p! w.iHT, ftj.iii'l.' inuoUl*, 4c., with prlvilrgr Li bawiOt-A * . piy mi ti* fiiemim-a _ I 4 KT RNIfWBIV RKHIDKNOK OK TMK UVDNNI TO J\ Iri, twenty L??- isilra fn?n tiw it* wkb auiol? around*, A<- . niurhrd. Apply lo COKFIN, BOl'Xll 4 r?f, jf Nf??sMt , Ktn-i-C AKVRNInHHO ROOM I* WRUT FOITRTRrHTTT ulrfft l? lit, vfr) low. until Uio IU?t o( Narrmher. nr looser, lo h small private f unity, or a wilt of turswdvM Room., lo onp or two ?in*le genllenien, without Ixwod. Address box ) 116* PoW ofli. p A CHAM'S.?'TO IJfT OR Lit ARB?TO DYKRM, hl^ACH ers, tiiHmif.rtiirern, machinist*, or Yit'ief*?Till" 'nillr!iiipM. 367 unrt 3SS> Went Twelfth street between lireeowiHi and W Hstiingtmi street*; l.irmrni 4* by 40. wtlb i*cm power. Apply lit Hurnharo'a, 611 Hudson 'irrrl, or at 16 broad way, M-cvnd floor, for three days. ni"K.uv? uur\o T1\ i tee a un vl VTI'n VU M)R a IIV (Ontalna ten reran a, auto and vault; baa wal?r, jraa ctyl other ronrrnienrea. Rem rrrj reasonable. Inquire at lie w^jptainy bouae. or to M WARD, at the Bread way Rank. rl.FT?THR FIRST CXAfW THREE STORY SHOWN tone front Rouse. rootMutns all the modern Ifterorr menu. Jlo W Went Fmtjr seventh street. Rent MV per annum. Apply 10 ROOT. b. COBl'RN, 80 Wast Fort/euU street. rurr-akt'onp; third and attic floors, hat In* mi risen* uad flve hnjmniu. will rent separate or together, for hualneaa te dwellfw*. heated at Nt>. 119 Bowrry, near OratKl atren Apftyintbe store, on Ural floor rl.KT?TO a mm aix FAjni-*, FART Or A NIATLT KnmUht d House, ownA by the serupnnt. and having all the modem tmproientente; ttfl-e garden und rellar. Price RSO per mouth. Us-ation below I'vj'.n atrset. weal asle. Aililrr?, wltb name. Russell, Herald ofilre. _________ T) i.rt?the hollae an* stor* NO m pearl atreet. now me-d ae a furdtture *t<?e> Rent t try low. Puaaraakin immediately. Inquire lb the ato.w. rl.RT?A FURNISHED <OUTAGE HOrSE. ON BrisAli n Height, with water a.NI cae. Rant fflflSper annum Inquire rf U. B. LINCOLN. Nb. BKmdway, New Tort rl.RT-fOI R OTORY FINK IitirRR~ W^DFKN IK prr-vewtera*. 171 We?t Thtrtv seventh street; between Hrventh and Eighth avenue*; rent #M0 Three atorrldnr stoop House gs a and water. 44 Tenth at ennr: RR Font atorvhlgh abaip denae modern hwprovemema. with sJaRitiirea; IS War rrn puirr n um- ww ? lu^n ????-'i> iwmn , m<?irrn totprcm mewta. 117 Mintii arenue. between HnimiU and ltlwde?nth wi |0M. ?nd *ereral porta of hiiiimv JAW PVMIU. TlwAprn. Ktfbth f*eniv' r*n\rr *4 HiTteen'.h Drref. Otarr opn from mornla,9 uftUl |p.h- ttar eneaidf. I rwo r.FT?a ooon~jm?i?*,~5i'jTABi* ro*< tti 1 leather (Wait* ntlwrlmrr* tamineaa. A tan.'a tarer Km with steady etrttai power. Me mm kind of mat affcrt&rtnw dm j fHA huxolDM C. A. AtTrtlP. 15 Tudr ??lrr rrwt tKt-A i.Aivf wnX. rrbt ti* w*iur mtrr port *f her iw. wMrfc Id tot? dedrtUll* far a l? (? t-id prtiilrdmn ntWiinjr t? keep bmiae: or ell tel ?? n<?? furnished i* dewred ado. targe pantries. tt. Pardr* ? hi> red epprertat* the liberty and eemfvrt* of an own hrttawr nill Hid :hU all dial ran bw draw**. Apply at tftanww | wroot, near bieockrr. To i.*f oirqR kaj-r-?iw labor ajimxjjrr* ni.-ni Wwvfflflf Hem* fro. lPtMoon place. or Mrr ?r alreed. rn urr rrawoman-tiwi bant nrrwava alraet. ike raaWatm of Won W mlinlt. Kan trwdimre fmm L'ntnc aaaarr TMe hmr W at Met front, harl.v two atalrraaea latha, aobtertaaawa reffRmmtNe room, new r eoe trnrted; inwlna mapAw nnm, dtntwp raran and ll.Vrtry. SO M bi fc. MM IkmqkMvtA rwrj hinrt and cm* &^S25sr2ra32tt3sraka^ fnmMnre la ad a mady daai ilpthta. Apply In me. CHAR HDIIHH, lima* itamraknr. Mmadwa*, bwami Twelfth n? Thirteenth an 111? A tan. faraala. a fray Ro"lr*c mortal dtr af a pair of eorret Pnalea. a kor m < ptnaaark Pk?rto?, liar Beea, Ar . rompMe. Ala*, a army roumWan 17 handa hiata* Tn he aero at tar Hunt i laaiilfd atableo eorner of Twaoly third a.reel aod I .e* tattoo a*uun*> (Otaraodan alablea.) A-l i) PKB Wlimi-tO IMT-, l? A MtM'TTPt*. At# 1 ?i anaa la Hmnkljii. a * r? t? iilaal an* alt R/mana anal KNrhan. ana, fhmlrtma Katawwvod watar. wnata pip?*. ?Mk kooar. til laua anroad Baor: cam paaa Uaa< door |l? dtoOraad atraal. Wlllfctaaltura. cmithwiw> V mrrrn caa mibi fob laixm aih> onrrum* A loamimrllkair aaalod ilmMap krtwaaafc. tomwtolato - Mid tor Paaaa and fn? to aaWMar naaa< Mtoa. Ramta a OMaaaraa. Ill in Inn to in to* Alaaiawpala. r?riiHara aal -towalrr lAaHatoaalprlaaaaldtonnaati. * aida h* anal pur and; allandad a i>j K. US Hpowitor arawna. bal wwaw Wtor itt^i itrttm! T* ""nutaitota" v? wtorw. Aoriit nwditp roto nurrawa.-laiujto awd nollaaaa tatlaa any uaa> i^lTaririap. FnrnKara or Oar uu, ara lunnaMMrl lo rmi?? aa (i ll ?a ? Taala tmm $1 la toTooata?r.>T ft In >10. Wlk Daaia rnawMbitof. for Ha ra*a and Wnnltna !> > > Ifea htottod pr*a will ha paid, >* . HHMnc pn or addrraalna A HAKKIK ftoftard aroaoa. In dlaa ahr adad la Ay Ufa. lUrfa Aorrat otoajtca ro? lai>irr ajid anrruton to wnirrri ttolr md of rMktoj IntooaaA -Rmaa to la tot paid tor alto ttoaaaia. from totn fUtoaOoaW. toruto into for Pania and Paato: fnrnltai and Oagwto to HjAaai prdaa paid PImw aril oa or addraaato Wnrr* M o iaato aaw ana, bnawa Pn nal> aaniidA awd T'aawn <%>?> mmtm tto dlaa anandad to Vr ar? winia ^ flRKATi ttKM A HP r?>R (aa^i'PT rt/iTlttWO ? |?1 gnarant #d BM In br bwaabiimmi a* l>* tin- prr ?i>|pr? Tr-m VI m V? ?flw? t? Ifc'nit, fpnm n in 114 fw I'nai. frm |l ap n< " * fnr Panto. ad V?to? Thx hl(h>x) prlrp* pafcl fmr da Warp. Kftrnitto and I'arpp* rfc-axa ral' mm n 'Mr llarrt*. 1M saamtfh arpnnp. * IWPP? Tin .Aaik ami T? aily Ar?t au-ppto. laadtpa aitonitp I m m Mra. H?rrt.? * cava.-o*Tn.rai*i?* mm ari> i.rtt cm ! JV CVatoto aarrhaand for lha Wrtoprn. toarkpa In larrvar ' anall W*?_ I Tail at Ihp anra ?r a A.rpaa Phma ta f> IVinr 1% V Ontrp raai N - Mamhant iail?r? Carta* aajr na mmd WiU pHaa addrpaa aa aCorr Cart ?r? ci/mimo -a haiu?? qcartttt w??v a*. TW hi*h'W prtra (Wa. ud aaafe paM ta 'a" III mnnpy MrnUPwirr Aartnc la w* nr mtmU bdato <H|" <* ran oaaka ibr (nl.waiap hjr ?afi*ac ?a? ?r aaadlac *? ?A*W i morunkt.?m iwtawpp* _ rrtHRrmBrr w\f.roR AAf?iaR ortts vr Tin 1 a fair prtrp 4to caal n* ^AtoAVaa. RiwnAiirP. llarppt,. iw:*waa.bphim?aW..i hf * ?" '??<* ?; anaal* IM bPTPa Jiaraaoa. ?wA aAM >* paaPtoai paM*i>ln U J AKHAI.l lwdlnaalWilr* ??Wna A. ! V. A *arW?* * Wtlp>artm* * -A pmaalni ? ?'* pa?a ttparta <if luaaw* and n.*h a*. *? ?u a. 5nr>.y MaahawwaT WiaaAaa* ? tQ AAU WORTH O# V*W AITO I.RJt. ORR TtdlTF ta fU.UlW lac waawai A* tap w?*?rm aarlM. >. w*l k? tol rata pdna axar aaAVaaa to nbtalnad la bankahfe amr to nr tor*P aa anaall aaWac to ta* atom a* ulCr ?to Wa. W*lto 41 ! ??** to~*i IrvRvrrrRlk a ^ava\s\\?w^n<v>>vt^ IA A.A**""* RUft-WAI.KRR'RV TRNTMpw*** tt* W A irp?a>A.?>a??*p HpR?i#a ?a.a.trri?a. i>-Udrpn? Bp aa WaaAa. aVfcakito InvalMa l'"d? aa.1 tdi'iaca, to W M.K KB to jmaaafantoaj AM Hmadwat, In tor *" OR AMUWA rrmnruiu| Hi HKMtttnARTvn, - ""^T.isiyg.'a'"? . M vcwmmii wovnnT m* rratvt WTHTRT - a RA * * iv^:*ir C'Lte'lS 222 fWT^Tto V. a Jb^<. flM I?T IRXaA Wllaa? ? AfRHI ^ nd l/t RRm RR WA?mtn-A f ARTT nATIWO RORI i?Hl. r Inrp anVMPiil tr fnrnlafc pari ar wfcnlP r4 a Ihraa * 11? Si-ai^ nan lyaraf a rato pqtoaaaar^jr Inquire at liV avenue B. BAKKMENT TO LET?no u CORTLANDT gtrrift. neit door to MrrrhanU' Hotel. It bi lnht ud iry, mm suited to moid any business. Apply tat the store. COUNTRY FARM HOVfiF.. NKAT1.Y FURNISHED. ?*?, tiiiturnlshrd. >120. to lot to Ut April licit. Harden well etieked. fruit, Ae., in the pleasant vtUaijrof New Monmouth. N ,T.; steamers tliiec tlmra dally. fare 25 ceuto. No fever and ague. Inquire at 4T Amty street. . CLIFTON. BTATRN INLAND.?TO LNT OR LKAHK, cheap, lite beautlfnl Houae known aa Maple Gutisim, oppoalte Townatend's doek?ten pootun attic, cell era. hmh room, laundry. Inside and outalde aaah for winter, una. aublee. shade and fruh trees, Ac.. Ac. The whole property in flint rate order. Wtuation unsurpassed for salubrity, view, and eon reel enon. Inquire on the premises. DKRIRABIJt FLOOR TO LKT-FITR AFARTMKNTR. hath and ail conveniences. LocaUan desirable. being 7VI histh aTcmtr, Murray HU1. Rent $179 per annum. The furniture \aU or a parti would be sold, or to let, furnished. TNCRVIBSKD HOUBft *0 LKT.-A THRKK STORY JP brows dam front House on Ironklys Heights. kandaananly furolabed throughout. and ooulalnln* all the modern . hdsnninuMM. Apply at 3> Front street, H.T. rr?rrntf<Tnrp HorsR?four rtort rrown grown r front, in Fotirteeoth street, elegantly furnished, to rent; to a private family or 8r*< claaa boarding bouse: rent RWO per month. Undeniable references sad security mqulrod. Apply at JOT BUth avenue. FURNISHED COUNTRY RJWIDKNCK to LKT-BK AUTt fully located, oppoattr Macomb's dam. only half an boor's ndr from the ctty, and seven minutes' walk from Melrose nation; house handsomely furnished; over two acres of (round. Apply to q. O. KINNKY, No. T Broad street. IOFTR TO I.ET.-TTIK RNTIRR LOFTS NO. M FRANKJ lln street, a few doors west of Broadway, will be let, to (ether or separate. Inquire la the store, or of JOHN LLP TP k BONN. Cl'TTS OF OFFICER TO I.KT, IN TRYON ROW BUILDf-1 h'CJ. opposite the Park, st low rents. Inquire of THOtJ. BKNNKTT, corner of Kim and FrankUn streets. TH DWKLLTWO PART OF HOrm* WO 18 w a?lTT ? r*' -TTu*r <* Bleacher and Oreene streets. flood nSS T^^TES. SPLSSZ 3? T- ??JZ First and Second avenues The House has all the modem Uaprovrmrnts, ha h, gaa, Ac. Rent moderate. For terms a* ply at 1M Front street. ri IJCT-IN JF.RKKY t'ITT, A FIRST CLAM H0178K, ?Hh all the modern improvements, 187 Washington street. Rent low, to 1st of May ncrt. fTK) LET?OOOD SHOPS, HO. MS ELK STREET. TWO 1 doors above Grand street, suitable for light manufacturing business; wlndoara front, rear and sides; possession siren immediately , rent cheap. Inquire la the aash and blind shop. mo LET.-AT m BROAITWAT, rorR BEAUTIFUL X airy Rooms, with pantry, closet*, water closets, bath, mure, hot and eold water, and every convenience. All in eseeiient order, being the entire third floor. Apply in the Mora, *78 Broadway. r LET.?AT A REDUCED RENT, THE THREE 8TORT and basement House, No. M Rasl Thirty-second street. Rent only fSOO per rear. Also one in Fnrtv-ninth street, bet ween Seeoud sad Third avenues; brown three story and basement. 10x80. rent WOO. No. 73 Raat Twenty-sixth street. No. 8181/riinatno avenue. aU at reduced reals. Apply to JOHN TVTTKCTfH, Ut Third aveooe. rLET-TH* TWO AND A HALF STORY FRANK Cottage llonse, nith blah brick bas. mrtds^WW finished, . - 1 - ? - f mu? or ??*r. bwatk. Ar oranok. w >tiioosr?? ?rai or ? *?? a mgk n;?r?n- K? i-.m ! ? ??? r** ?* plenty <>T flu*. pure . (( ?nrm? wiier !v< ml enM. #*-rt * > fc'sreel aw>>> 10 ' p ittos * oo . u w?. t7i ark t1*# "aiakjrk or' thu mort h.kai f k>e?twi rnn>?tl r j., ten' itrtee nt MorrttT.w* rv?re h -omulm l?l U* * ?? . txmItak.' l?nd. >? * I?nr "ppl* trrfcwu u. "f ? ZrWU.W. RATKCHH.n, Morrfrown. H .1 * , |i<AK*iw|i<H;AIKII MSW Jf '-.tsKY. I/mil r *ixl nnirtlMi horde, in* en Hudson rfeer fur m I" or . chaage for tmprored cKy property. R. IT. B\!IPO?T. 1W office Bulldlpga, Moatagwr ureet, HrnoMyw. UHRNT n. vfw HOT'KRH M tvuMmcxnu frmnir. F llronklyn IMrhla. wttMn fl-r minute* nf Wad ?r F df fw11>?, (or *xlr. or lee Urgent wW he (mwt; hnrwn <wi front* rlreiutt in utrln, ami drcnrailnp, four atorlea hleh. re j plet* with ever) noorenienee: ready for ominabuo. Tta room* farlne wed command the aeenery of New J-raoy, the *nd the arrr raryinc panaram* of the Xaat r r*r. Ap ply Us>. HQKTH/IW, No 8 Moutagwe pi?e. rwfclyu- ** TfOR RAI.R?A REAPTTFrb RRRHMBIKTM or AHM1 r four nrrr*. belie nor of (be moat valuable ami healthy ea ? the weal lank * the HmlBO* river,wMhnrpwilmdep, enlr ?>? two atonea throw from the Hue*. at taetafa landtag. oppwWe .. poMw' ferry, twenty mile* from the 'Hy. Ob .t laalarre tad rommodtou* rtvell.'ni? ronUlnliw fourteen nmna. built in the French alyle like Itrnne *o rn'ieh admired on Fifth avenue. imt Jin* flnfched. with ai* eplrndtd dormer window*. double pits* IP front, extrndlnr no tfr ee aide*, fitted tip with Mind* on * 1 aotilh aide. Tt* lolly locution, oommnnda ? aptandid vfew of ih? / Undwm rtri r end nirropoffiag country. omrtroktaf the rntww YlJIave. A nilendld carriage honee low flniahrd flie gran.nAr are Hatefully laid out with ehruhVery and frith Ireea of x a* mia kind*. ?W> foreat tree*. affording ample nhvtr; two cd? terpa and a well of the ronleat end purr*! water that tnwiw* : from the p wide* In Rockland rtmntv; copy of roanno. j Mtxi at eUl':oea (hiring lhe de* and eeenine h? Nortlw"., fee eey end Hi-deen River rellroade *od Inqr.'.-e w" I the owner A. W. FA OR, 0 JR. Mark'* pit re N 7 . ?c ?t "h. tore Of V> VAWHUTVKIl, rtUmiln. nestr the nretntaca. I m < wmif? i ? i TTKNRY H. I.Sfct*. ArCTTOXi'Fn.-flM.WtRftrt* * I Jl Keaasu street.?Kfekant nmmtre Re*H?nee.?HKWR Y H ' I.KEiiS A OO. will aeU atauWlon on Tb'ir* Ur, .fane W it i o'clock A .M. tn> the premise a. the renMcocc of A M Treilw l. formerly known a* the Holau' >n prcyeHv, neir Madison. Morris County, New .Terney, rofitsln'ns lot seres lylnj; on tho road Inline from Madison lo WorHgtown. nmvr th residences of F. 8 I-ntlirop \n(! W. H. Olbbons, Raps. The veers to the bouse, i Uiroorh an avenue of one-uuarter of ? mile In l?n;rth. *h*d?d by forest and o<-nnjner.t*l trees of m.itn prowth furnish"* a drier or w?Ik of treat attraction. Tlio house, 55 feel front lif BO feet deep. biiPt of brink, in the best manner, by <lpr'x work, la two stories, ?. it basement end attle; finest of sprint water in abundance, t -Tied to the sttl-; trti 'iwis hwl?orn?lY shvlod; i greenhouse, ano grapery tn full bearins; garden sloeked wbh smell fruits; also. fine apple and dwarf pear orchards. IV _ house, garden (""apery Ir. bonce, curriarc house,, 3*b pond, dr., tneiudine ebruit W acres, lies on one side of the are line, and will be sold separately from the other side. For mane and permits to evamlne the promises snolv to the sntSioneem. at their dfllee, 23 Nassau street. fb*. Woodruff, of Morrtatown. grill meet anv renileroen between 10 M. and 1 o'clock T. M , dally, to show the premise*. If tbey wiil write to him thn day before. and the owner will he at borne on Saturday*. IJJa! tsree from New York one hour and ahilfhr Morris and fcl aev Railroad This property to a gentleman of mean* pressol* I1 many attractions. T OT8 WAimtn-A I.KASK FOR TWR1STY YEAR*.? V 1 J Three Iota, of about 75x100 feet, wanted Immediately far s rnlet and htchly respectable Inetltntton. between Bond and Twentletli atreets. Poeondunil btxth avenue*. Address Living, Hon. Kl? Ik in I), L". P. Mali. V ! fOE gtLE. _ I I A OROi-KRV VrORR FOR RAIJt?IN TH* 9 . _ w"jrd'v t? new and will be entd cheap. <NV toTHOH D Mll.ltKBKaoHR ABtarmine BUeet. o&oe ?5* ! fr^nt 8 to 10 A. II. ?nrl from 6 to * F. M. AfiRfH'KRY AK1> VTI.K HTORR TO I.KT. AND TWi Stork and Flxturae lor ar.le rhe?p. K fin* nilr lnfatft 1 be prt-mlM-k r?naial of a Wore. l'Mrnrm. Hlttfni RKna/f ( ellar; real moderate. A r?*h oitlrtfter ran r?U at ttawea avenue, between Twenty ninth and Thirtieth atreeta. < DININO RAUtON FOR R4I.R. ON Pr/ADWAT. handvrtnelv fitted op. lew rent, dotraf a rood Aartnc hwff|1< -a; n?-n eetkbliahed, eud offered a (treat Morefitentb eon ertiuroce of other nr?*enn nU. _ BKJOR A HOCTKWK*K, e* * atrret T\?rO FTORK FOR Htl.R-lN COJCHlRjtfNWC* OF IH i J ' atldden death of the ow tit. complete?? aad uluaa*? J tttted op; or the Itrujra, Kottlea. Ac., will he arttf eHhoutthe ^ atore; no fair offer anil be reflate. I AppltratiatT ? the pea- Ml naea to the widow. Mra. V ALKNTINK OKA*. ? .venue, Jereey CRy. IJUMT CIwMB RTRAM LAUNDRY FOR BALSAM FW J J? Udekthfw. Fa Thta feimdr i le doing a Urge. peatRahte aad rmptdTv bit llada hindneaa: the location eeatraff frniffhaa. neneof uie ftp** parta te rbtladelphta. the h*tia*r?<wnKM^kMw: rent low fPfRfMnf h MtrfMi mhIat mwi ntuitfa tm A part of ?mh amthm febftlwr Mi+r. rlneec* nud?. WPHMMr * Mi**in. Me. Tip P rem pom far amy om AaRffhr p APm UPlrrTI* I 4nI IWtonrt *> uw U*>R FA1.B?A 80T>A W*TWJ? MANPrACTORT. ?MH F Bora* mad Vina and Knvde ari Ciwtnmerm. one at JP hurt toeellene lathe city, fafeneaq^ will he given by entA* ?BOread turret. RjlOR 8AI.R?A HROAR Af?pi*>*r**ri01?RRr HTORW tj5as??rai.*fflas: rR raul?a H aj.F 1WMRWV Tit a LAROR arb' rich Iron W, where (fnaeen he menwfWtured flflees per' ' PM cheeper thei et PenrrlJ*, or enr 'Bin point tiNwrew end Ftaehnrt. FerjunlvottU. For fall ptrUee fent eddreee T. B. fWiwuienn. BlUertttturn. rerrjr Q<wu?tj. re_ ? OOR HAUL?Tf<R RTtlRH WXt AltP FIXTI'IUP A emrerj^aed^lKjaar Mam, It nferrj elreet. near 9 itk?a;AiiJfr-i.KA?pafrn fi*t!irm?; auro fart or r ecrfofe fine 8<**r ?ol*. ICWIM' on'Pe beat ei leaf Kmrd M>f, between ell Br prinrlpu! IMMtfe* Froprietor retree fnt? buetncea. It Wc of dTttTKt'K?lJtt!i, Re. ChetUi?1ft i U up Ketr.T l,tOR RM.K?THK WKfUr OR (FttrtfAlJT DTTRRMT J? taeThpnh^endwel.WiMle.ltv.rrri-liepr*. TUieR prtwe e I ?Wler making n< em, the^?r#ntj?l at two per am* Apeiyio KlMMohs A IHtAYTor, tHTirowrtwey. earner of laiwiwrert. up ?ulr* Fill HA ;p?TWO OF TIP BRHT Rf?R*W?: UQOIMl Mocretdlhe Fourth we R. AIkC<W*' pm UUW? fa Be V Math were Apply to X: 1' itTF.V. yS Dt twr.fl dhret. e T7V1II HiI. ?HTtX'K, TIIRRR YRARW LRAHR. \*T? (J r Future. * mw of the he<g jtkVinr Ale Will l.ltWeh Room Ill thr f?j. ? on thr mn w inTOmpm r-a-rt-T ,? m naa wit down low#- #n tilth! wort A chftlwto RlT MM# to |?t Into bualurft* v?Jr? thr tradr I* ? rattbdatotot.'rw H wto be aotd wwhtiul #? (tor#. Add.totor A_H . llrrftdd aMft pot pai.r^-A m*k an* MQawF* nnn, J' aptoaaMdhr (MM up. iMmg nrellMrt barhtKbvan, I# tor of lh? bral ' Xtoi torftttoaa; MtoU QMoiiflrftor " Ml Uft Mr (ft Id If apptli Atm Imotolr '/ A toft, two atari I'f #rr?ft I# (tod Itrilitw U A. RUIII OklM.W KUlrftWH ' POR 8AI.H-A **0*m.AM ?\U>ON OR BAKSOOa. : F rornrr of M. toto* ami Rprin (totrt-ru Tho Mm, atoafc 'and flxtum It ifttf b* aoltl etnat. ? wla? tothrniraortorrtoft aan'hrr Inttoonaa ilMtottd In. It ifawa (owt raato tooaaaoaa. 'I ?>T tor Itltoft fi Jftft Hnaulwar Apptf at No. I JO #prto# \ inrrrt. to afttooa. il'or w a l.k?tito'wkij. *no?*vun? kj*t\> lltol? ) r KoWmn. thr Pai ntoto ?lr Klnr*. < RNraftdwar. autUMto far ?w [r-Ottoman ?r lad 1 ft'Owprrtntrrvl aw? h tw |jtt? . K rttoto M Wlwai ft la thr la.toftamwr# ftlrf jfti ftalonn In Ihr rwto Pftft ^W ftfttotoruiarm. Apply < rto*t prrmltri an* tiftto afirr l?? totoft fM>n KAI.K < UK ?r-\ RATIO (Hit (ICARD I" V'MtM. J itrarlr urw. to jatoar. Appl> to I ha amrr 11 >411> toft# I bit in I U*OR NAI.R, OR RXtTII A NOR?A RARil UN- A f?A?- I F ?to rertorr-m smmoRI"# Palrm MonMliy aurltotom J Aw . ttr? tm r.tni .Mr ttn.1 in i~ -Im .w Irr T1 ttpr alarm I prfto ft>r mah I.Mrrai hn J 7M r ? oftio- IrvTn# ft JejROt KR* ARI> IJgrOR HTORK riTfun t*l UN TOO Rl tona mannrr. f? aalr at a vr*y tow prh-r or rntaa of ftr pafttoa harlot o tor ItiMtnrr# I a atirad to. In tor* *t #a pftt rr anvtbraai rttrn twf PorUnh a aft*1 and (Won arrnma. Hi ma. rom haul?a rnua r at or# an * Hntol on Itm-Mraw for mlr rbftaw, aa thr > antor to ftatot torn rthrr hwtoot aaa-Io#nirr of IV IN A H t#R.Nl a law a aft to ad lam. flf toaahw#' I toTOTNRt?TO atlOlM AND Rtm.ONNM -no?A HAl*. Aft NadMtaft *aa irtotoMr for r Mara an.I fo-f'.fttllto An ftto toJAMRH r toWfiii, .? to# work, aa ft# ? toftfc i ?f ftrraaiftato tlato iaiaani a PlfTWI^KH FAMt-OOW TO rt7K<iri? <-A> ?*A* ra?'-k l-rnr. prarfmJmfciC ?nlj?4? f+?n~m W WhwV W?h. rrry *?i ? "1 "?tM f*" "* J *"?? \ Mr* fMWilj rrniMim. km*"** * cratle, m tirvmi i??*. WlllUg^wi; <U?:WIKO M At' WW FOR MU OR TO UWCeKXT? I '17 f>nr of Orm r* Bmkrr ? ?m f?mUj m? ?trKU?y. ' w?l? hrmnirr kiwi tmrArr prtrf fW: or tt> rrol * Pf* nwmtfc. APWITI WXlm^MroK. o? HmH. rniAVT1.1 ?B* notWr._WOrTHWKWT -ROW ?AlM. a iMilf prV n aTiimajfc IVt-i *^5?fc t I lifr T?a %pprfr %l 4* " ?*'. * ? w 'Ct-4j~ iHi^: - fli EStTToW Hn?U?*W*n * Hro^??r mum I W I Hmmt*. ?BO n# Jw hr?? rtmnoomrrar o/TotmI for ?nt?( ? into tnr Mr immAr- A| ?ly M * Bom-rry. mmer of H<w?m ! AO nrUi -roR SaTjC A 5rir*piri nTSTSl. fl ? AiW \ l? w rf Uk? hmAhejalim* kirn i???. O. ti ? ?n . wrllntf'** b?Ml??oirv Akmom to ^ |np nti It vm h?rf?ln. If omlV" 1 for l? | HplnnlM plrrr. A ROBljlSI >!?, fl?WKItr^r??A^ V AQ hiBQ * MWMP. nROOiwr J 1 f?).IKHf. w<ro nm tV?l jrrtx?. dotef * Iff fj ** prrlor -.?!> )<?*in?ML T>f? k km MR rr'JmllJo *f*: ' kltiac*s?ujwimP%i?,?^ p 1*1 Nnoum Rrrr\ ro<m R-k I. . ^ ram hiuvaHT. ' ?>r mr joim ornrm.i.rr** >, A* ll?i?r?V arUl >? UM mth?.??T^nh #*nJiloui to ?* 11 IT. ?"**? ,"'-T'^,*U? "' * M X ),VM * a l. 1 -*o4*?1 * *?*??? i* r-in?a?a?t nf ?f? nirmW. Bfortor TlJOWA* IIKWPKtl; CapUM. - Jo?l? Ttwmjt, **?H+rj i k"5?* v?t*iaif co*rs or mjvu ?n\t - . , 'i* * ?* ?? llnna*. Ml Ti|<-?A*t " -?vru? Junr A 0* ' 'lo?* All iMt kittMm UtMl lur *al? wff plmaa kfinp UM ntr??, roe <k?*V>M AH \Vl*i?a?tka< k?NMU?MMM r ?tH Mil at ?M ? ?* K? ? <** MaU stem, txtalto MM h-ml-r MM, IM n* IfeMk UfM*^ _ n. lAVNoira, ortMMi. m t- fww. i V"F*A,, ro*n,"?' rmrtatk or mew romt. n^Z . z ATtrj^'^nraac.'gjrB s matai* M Hf fct <. rH?k. ?n Mar I ha ll?W?T I mmiMw ?* piAniatl to m?ka ifr.npm.mi la II III An I ika r?a?*J> of lab ^i^risJ&RSLt ', . (I?i?ci W*tt ^rmitfy fnM. J ifiiw ><?mow. | AHHtlU wo n irnvRum rmmrr. rgrf pawral ?tIm of % nna tn.l a?mm*r R.a,n-?a at rarfi ?M IP IfWt W. W-fMP^of Awr,.. . IT?^ ?,Rvn^ ?VJ3 3ll? -S? rapaa. Wwta ?'! Apr^ia ff* Udtaa ? 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