Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 25, 1860, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 25, 1860 Page 3
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SAL,?# AT AUCTION. ^ I 'a A RITIM A CO.. AUCTK>NKEH& \ , ?and mlrirnun. 170 Broadway. kLJKlANT ROSEWOOD IIOUKEIItII.I) FT UN ITU HE. OJHTLY ROSEWOOD PIANOPORTE. > RARK Oil. PA1NTINOH, AO., % Aft fturuva. , * Tnis DAY, MONDAY, Juno ? *1101^ o'clock, <T At fhe eleeanl brown atone residence of W II. Han-ouM, Kivy, J til' Vtoi Kieveulb utreel, A few door--1 rum PUth a. en no. Oak DinltiK Room I and . Rosewood Ch?m'>or Furniture. , K preeial attention of our immeroaa tnen-l? ami lb* public la B ' *<lii-d to this i.mI important sale; the ralai.-iiu. . .ui . ..-.-it over W !>? kundred lota, the principal part of which was ma t* e?. for Mr li li. Mckow Home, Mcrnu A t o , I thin city, otnv Ml fall, ami can ' ;? <! ou ,i> foul ialfnMJ aa n ? kn I . KMBniniimn before tha *al* la earnestly requested. Catalogues k *.a t>a had at our udice. Drawing room* contain one of the moat cnatly and hejtuIftnlly lima bed rmcwood, eraod aoti.Ni PI tnofortes in tha wiry, li.*viUK brru made eipr.iaaly lor Mr. IL by fttcaar* Hoyt llnntnuin A Company., of thin Itv, and eon FfOI; al?o tha Stool, Canterbury, Muse- Ktiml and *ii'ih i 'ot or; royal velvet and UriUBcln Carpel. Monti'-. Rug, two richly carved row*wood mills of Parlor Furniture. carved / hi troll, au.l covered with goid ami erimaon Nadu; aiao two rlr aaiit aauu laniiiy.-N aiai Ka?y fh tins in.ieiitlironl Pier, Mantel and Oval Mirrors; fill Painiirie*. by I he mom eml'i'-nt foreign alive a rile la, aubjecla of each will la- Alton and properly do. y arribed at ike ttate of aale; rlrp>nt brnoiiM and hum Dnrtatna, i putd Ha rid K. shades and Taaeala, eleiptnl rowwoo.1 Hmdo-aae | rial iady'a Eacrwtotre, ro-alv ruwwood En-goi-oa, tilth plan* a bit doora ami l?aclt, corner Wh.itnoi,, Iloht do K.w, real ar ruth' Hr.Ni/.ec representing figures of various kinds; beautiful 1 > Partuu inarnic Ortiamema, a raro and vain tole aelertioa: Ho I I i?rt, in Drvwtrn |.aimed china; <Klnmana, Ac.; camiy .cried aoiid ne i .-ulre Tables and aula aide marble top . I Ml lex, with mirror Ml-ix, Ac. liming Room?Oak Kxteiunon dtnint; Table, llcrti' patent, and oak Mbl, whk |ilnU (Um doers, aide and bach, table t'uilrry ul ticrv dean ipixin, >?..U f : ilvrrware and silver tf.i Hot* silver <!**?*>. x, el?gu"t f'retK'k . L Otm.a cold hull.) dinner DM; of AW pices. la ' - fool order, | m ut>, Kicm bi lima tan Bets uTiuatchi KngHeu ten . ''tigr ?j .'utteware, tto'io, Chine, Cruekcry, Ae., Ac.; ('I n vrs fart roecwmxi f urniture en suito, carved ruecv>i xl Bestead, * well carved, c ip.d llgurea ?a top bead board, marble top dr> mine Bureau, wlln plate Mirror, Weehstatid 'uninud*, Ar..?ilr il<- 111 ice, lables ue null, hair Mailtvm?, ,, "lug lb jx, ' fri.ther I'illoWM an I bolsters, lace bed Spn via, Brumelx , s <'?-o.ix, y of a IxMtngr easy Chair, ruxh boli til apt-lag i 4 hnli>, arm ruckera, Mockingbird ami Cage; an n tin1 third ! xtirt fourth stories. mahogany ami rrsmeled ?.. *? of Kami- i (arc, Urdu ami H-xl.lltm, Oarpeta instil the room*. bavtiK'iu. , nursery ami kliclr a Kuruicure of every kiwi. N. B. ? SabP'aOtlre owl peremptory. A J. BLBKCKRR, AUCTIONEER. . KxIaU- of llor.iU ) Avi rell, at St. Johnsvtlle, V. T. A. > J Bl.KKOK KK, SON A CO., will aell, on Wodne. lay, June | S, at one o'clock, at Klngabury'a Sutton Muuae, Ht. Johnavllle, | ontgoinery county, N.k, the valuable village and farm proper- ' ty belonging to the above eatale; map* and particular* Of which yj^bc bad n( J19 auctioneer'* oflloe, No. 7 Pine street, New | A J. BLEKCKKR, HON A Oft will aell. At auction, ON PKIOAT, Jl'NE t$. At 12 o'clock, at the Merchant*' l.xchat'ge, TKN PLOTS OF LAND, tVmlaiulng from t to 32 Itota each. On the upper part of BROADWAY, HA HI.KM KIVKR, 211TTL 21." *U, 2UTH, SMTH. and 216TH STREETS. SO per cent Can remain en bond and mortgage. Part of It for tan yearn. -1Mb property ta within one hour'a time of Chamber* street, tp by We Hudson River Railroad train*. leaving at 0 and 9.45 A. I Jt. and 1.16, 3.36, 4.16,6 50.7 a id W4Srp.ll.. (leave Thirty- j Rrat atreet at; lion W rjUiulea lateri, atnonlag at Tubby Hook . whlrq t? rery near the premise*. Return trains stop on the ! way down at # 57, 7 54. 8 07,1004. awl 11.16 A. M , and AOS, 6 M and 9 16 P M. THK HABIJRM (ITVKR BOATS I stave Peek allp ferry at 7, ii. 9 16, and 11 A. M.; 1:30, 5:15, v *?, 6:1 A A18. and 7 t8 P. M. time to "The Centum n-maeT' at ihe foot of 216th street (which la now opened aid graded ! Prom the river to Broadway! 1 hour and IS minute*. The aamo I boate return every hour nntki 7 P. M. The Third avenue ear* 1 rm* at ami leave (every nve mtuut- a) tne bowling oo uarienx , rtrrr, at the etui of the Third! avenue, where the ateamboata enp en their way up and down. BALK rtlHITIVK, WITHOUT RESERVR. Thane who go up to view the property will And each pld ewhril at the lour eoroere, with a number la the centre to coraaopnnd ?ttb the map, which may be obtained from the aueheutji I'e office, No. 7 Pine atreet, or from Mr. Poet, at the Cewtary Mouae, on liar tela river, near the toot of 213th atreet. 4 i BLRA'KKR, ArCTKmRRR.?-ABSOLUTE HA I. It A. of WiUtamahurar laite.?A. J. iiLKECKKR. UOX A CO. will roll at auctloo, Monday, June 28, at 12 o'daffi, at the Merahanta' Exchange, ten Lota. cn the uortheeat eornt* of Smith |kt. and Front streets, live l~.-cuing <?o HlulUi street, three on Fro* kr atrrrt. uu4 two rear Oorea. flic above arc on grude, in a raV pkily improving neighborhood. Hale poaHlvc and trrme liberal. fcapi, he., at So. 7 Fine atreet. . AlJtKRT MOBTTMF.R ORIFFIM k CO., ACCTIONRKRS. MAGNIFICENT HOUSEHOLD Fl'KNITUKE AND WORKS OT ART AT PUBLIC AUCTION. The property of a certlennan leaving for Europe, On tni* day iM>od*y) June 25, At the elegant private residence of Judge Oliver Chapman, 45 Weal Sixteenth aire t, between Fifth and Sixth avenue* Hair.coiunienrra at u'rloek Tie :?roaewond 7)goctave Pianoforte, Kneewood drawing mom Suite, rente and ormolu tlutmleliera, Velvet and Medallion CarpeU, Herri i and Dreadcn China Ornament*. Pier and Mantel Mlrrora, Brocade and Lace Curtain*, Artistic b.ontc Statuary, Oil Painting*, by eminent artiaU, Oak Bud'ct, Evolution Table, ii-vkrax-a. Eu-gerea, Centre Tablee, China, fllaaa and Silverware, Rosewood and Mah-?g*ny Chamber Furniture, en mite. I The auctioneer* would call particular attention of their friend* and the public to the *ale. Catalogue embracing the largest and richi-ot assortment of household Furniture anil Work* nt A rt offered at aucitun tld* Ml taou. The I ouar w*a furnished all new month* ago, and ia In complete ocder. lieecriplive catuloguea it the bouse on morning of vole. Drawing Koomt?Magu.iH'eiu 4 rand action acven octave Piano forte, lined whh satin W'**T, overstrung has*, elegantly carved rmrwoial cane, made by Broadway ni.iVers; rnaewosl I'atiu-r hurt .io. Si.hiL ceveiud in brocade, Kreurb cloth cover; roan unml Seoretary and IVsifc -ase lfeisitQiiluis Maf|?Mrln Bnls de Cose Cabim-la, lady's Wurt Table mid W1I1I115 Inlaid wbh pearl; medallion velvet Carpets. Mosaic Ruca French piste pW W*! dJi wal brMkfUi 2 Urfo -.- .i Miami's < It lily varvod II wkk; embroidered fire Curtains, French hbrdrs, < '.tmlcoa, * ; 2 uukikW'i'ji mill* drawlna nsiai Furniture, nwiiWj In tin*.' colored satin limeade <( tin- re lied ilrntMnr. earl ed In solid msewnnd; lini klo ih? |W??. two inn. m?).(lpn ami B md hack Chairs, two rnaewnod e* pv TsMes. statuary msrtde tops, f> mat"h the mull*. ki'n*Ti i. lined * IHi .iiluwuml nisrlile lops mirror tbiors and back. klit|r*a pahirt rvll.itr.* 1'Ultra, pttrr. able ami sofa Tables. ibslis- Ke vtximt ClmUm Aruettr Brno*-*. Oil I'slut lugs. Xc. ('btal?'ri-1w4h>a*?l mtrblrlno l?r.- .slinc Ilorvsit*. plate glass Mirrors, rosewood Hodsteads, rich.y carved- I'mu mmlm. < ouches. arm, rockio? oral back Chilr*. eovereI in mmpirt tapestry . llrosaet*< 'arpet? Bedspreads. hair and spring kaLvtw't. Ke. liber Hi ill- Hlaukils < 'ennterp tuea. Ht listers, FtTlbwe, mill Mirrors p*?:e| rulniti,.*. decora led elnivt Toilets, brrs-atel Cnr doe. I't.per <1 imb*-ra?.? tlmemty ami blick walnut Hiircmn*,.lliab>i 'mis. W .shalamla. tAiCaa. K inkers, IV "I t raar?. Toilet Tables DriHiu. *r:; dti.tna-rnnm Urteiismti iHi.tmc Table, oak lluTni, Una. (laws aliivrw.tre, Tt.taod iMniK I hei., Table Cutlery, Ac. Alan lama lot btf Bunt.ind kin lic.1 Fnrnhnre. 'ale peremptory. units if sale eaab. in bankable mutcy or 1 itaal ricks IK-p ails m put rd from all purchasers unknown In the auctioneers. ADRIAR U. MU.LKR, ACnfOXWIB-TriWn.lT, June M, al 12 o'clock, al ih? Merchants' r'.tchantfa?K?e euur's sale of raluahle Real Rattle at Beef.ecus, ton tulitp of Korth llemeo, lluUs.* county, Sear Jersey ?If not previously dtepoaatl 111' al private ale -the lar*e end rains hie Farms kaoa n as ihe I'luliu lie Fu -ter Fa me, detaining altogether 10 acres, *t**tatrd ,i' Ben.-anetie,' a irdup if North Rer<en, Hudson county. Be Jersey . Thia property Ilea atonic ibe Hack enaack river la lriersectetf bv Ihe New Y,>1 k an.1 Fal-ron railroad?m nnvibt Hoc of trie Northern nllnM, I and dinbiit ab-wi four mi>* from Hohnk-n. TV) Kfrna will I be tArred la louaf cilUblo *toe. or wjbl all togeibar, aa in it appear moat dcairahle. Mapa 4 Um property can be h ad of lie uKikanr, 36 Wall rrwi. Rt term* ami ntlwr parttr:i!*rs reference rati be had to ilKORfl* H. FlFfKK, K\e;ntt?r, dr., nf F. IV riuit. derea??d, Karman ?ir<-<-\ ner Fulloa, raoAI/m; or IXIiH J?<?l RT, at liudAr mnty n*rk'* tMr*. nodanm Cky. If. J.: or ADK1AN M. MULIJIK, Aaetaaicrr, 36 Wadatreet, New V<jrk. AWHl!*KF.<t OF BKAPT M ADR tXOTTOXO, Cloth*, itoraktna. tAaatmrrea, p'y tlonda, Be?A. M. ' 1R1WTAl.AR, aucUoiieer, 23 Honory, will aell th.*d?y, : Jona 36. at II Vrlorh, a large aaarwt.nant of aaaaouahW I'hdh 1 tan. amn|>r?aiia about I.6U0 itarmmd* of Caaaim- (loth. U- 1 Baa, Mararlilea, A'.parv Fanner'* HaSu; Frock, Hack and Ro atuae* t nala. !4uan. A.paoa. Oaikdmero utd Cloth Faota. Maracilira. MIA. -aim and Va>ucta Vnda. In great variety, aim PadanAtrta. Itrawera. IJnea Hb'ita. Cravata, Tt*? and Htlk fpT I' rat alaUMi Thnmd .Htft and TwHt, Utaraa and I stsssm By order of Mpw. i ACfTTO* sothk.-a f AWTI.Y OF' UXJXC noes* keeping nlll d.*poa.\ al prt*al? ?*!". ?f an Ihelr Parlor, f Vmtrr end Ptnln* R'?m rnrnt'erw. r(N ortaee piano f fan#, rnd Mil. for |Ufl. Inelielmr ?Wml tivl r?H* * Fuji, ciat MU0. fur $110^'*w d> $114, fhaAeaai', Kl ^'rw, Ho n?M I'r-fciiRaddtne. Mirror*. t'nrpel*. Tahlee^ An. I a ml anrrltire. lru(U rr for three laye al So. 70 Wi-at Twenty ainh atreet, acar Sbrth avenue. At arrttojf-ow moit?\t. jrsr. ?, att .tki.vk ! o'etoek. la fnwu m HKSKY H I.riow a co.'H. Ho CI Mil A line Sav h irae, Id handa. eight yaara n?|, kind in all haroeae and warranted anartd. He W juat front the aawairy. and eaa trot In tliree miantea I'M le w?n al Hiewarn A Meada, 44 and 47 Weal Thirty ninth elm*, near Broad . **r i , a rrrrojf xnnc*?to raw in a in wa*i of fink ' Fin nk tire ? A rentlemaa abowt leartnj ihe Pacific wmwM !> wiuina to aell all hta lUwewrod Furnllur.' for half He original eel If applied for Immediv ly; "rlendul Pianoforte, wide htr Horace A altera; auHa of Fari jr FurHaii. Oae Kir gem. eWganl aiul* i?i' natrwmd hedrnrwn lurotiiire dtntng rrrwn ) rwrnftttre ?f all kind*, Inquire for la.. da} * at ltd Weal Fll Wrmh elreet, iw ar Klilk avenue. ?MTTOH XOT1CT-nmjfH AM H Fl KNITl RF KXJ\ nreaa end Furniture Packing FdtMklme*. Ill and 119 ! wn eleventh ?iraet, let ween PITli ind Will, avenue* FiirMknre of every .learnpteai laimnd rial chipped In all parte of Uie world. la: ^e revered eag.-ma I-* Rtr remmal uC f jrai hire to be courtry. Storage for furniture \ j a rcriOM or hobsm. waoovh, H t rhkhb, ac . at J\ the rreot haraar. aim of the Oolden H< raj. W and 9*1 Mare afreet, aaar I ulton avenue. nne-kirn. oo TtFukUy uaxt, Ihe Hub loet, rooimenetng at 1 oVkirfc, r M JaMKU t Fk'IMinfA Auctioneer. In V H Hneaa At'lTins NltTl.T.?OKOTOtnW. IJWTiHW, FRO AIM. *r ? iikmrv nr. km wniarii. una day. ? UH, ?>i<vk, i KM WlilUm nn-'t, tlr-irriira, Toa, Knnr.f' Iw, p. Rottrr, Carrinu, RaMna. Angara. Uraady, ma an I olir Hqtwira kr ____ ' At >rrTrow_H wnjM>K. Arcnona?m.?moot* awl Khnaa Apr. ial Mala? IUO man. to rintr out Invufooa, larva aaa. rtrnrat <g aaaannabin ?)? 0nrk I "d? m Tumday, Jnnr M, MMn'aMt A.M. A W> ] Hrrta ymda < >*? at ant I y tm hand fnr prorata aaia. flT y f> UaI.R, ? f>ry X. A ?.-^*ng*W>T. (ILAHrt AND TAX< Y | A A/'TLlW, auati.Huaar, on Tjr?1ay, Jtwr n, at to nVlnrA ?' ?W fv*H ataart. a lanr aatrtrtl?*P~*m*an Kroarh TraAr'"Ti'!J.a?n,Ttr* "i.*52?Wlr-^!rP CMUAHR?I.AHT aalr <*tbr niwiii ? HUT ?? BTARK will aHl in Ma - tn MIX drain ra, <a? Toradnj, J Una At. at Mortal*, at M M-y-n laiva. a fall wwfotmrat of tVoakary awl Ulnar warn Anlr p-wi ttrr ami raaai ta. to elnaa annatgmarnta. hnfoj rimla at 1 aata thai ?' aarat. _ BROWXR a JIlrHOlA. At'tTIOKIPmA-TVMM11T J una an. at I o'tlonh, In front of aaJrarmawi No. 1) Hawaii ' atraat, a dark har Morgan and AMallah Mara. ?t. two nil, IK hand. high. Vmg tall awl mana; ran tm? In > {; gnra in Maititr or alnglr harncaa; a flnr auldlr ntaro an.1 rrry atrU.h 1 drtvrr warr.ulod aoiind awl goat* la trtnry pirtlralar: a My i* rMM ran rtra hrr Alan a lia M hay Hlarfchawk Hnrar, arrro yrart old, I5W I haixtn high, a tttt atyltah drtrrr. baa wi fanlta and gam in all < hnrni aa. aaM on arooaat of Ma owanr hat lag w> fitrtlwr am for A la< a ally hnflt fop Warnn awl alngto Harn-aa. all In food Mil Alan an aaanrtmrnt of Rrvtaw?ra, fop and tut tap Maggfoa, I *apM Wtgnw% d-iotta and afogl- Oaracaa, Ac. J UIJI AT ACQVtOM, Albert h nicola y, Apcmomatt. Regular aw IWi sale o'.' ane ?? vial IsioAa ALBERT H NICOLA Y. ?rUl aril, On. <tav j,hmi 25, at L'L o'clock, at tlx atoek aale?r<*..ii HI W, *-w attars, near Wall. 10 ?h* bk of ((.Homerce .91 w 10 **? A*a V^t iiaak t ? fill I r villi: Bank 50 *) Hu'a: I Ins I '< . . ' I Mil .f'Uta 1 iianmixw Oo.t. '< ?<'V *Ye?i Mar. An . Hit 20 Artisan* do I*' 1? iW -th Vio.n* m?. M 20 Bret unit W>. ... 50 SW?I. M ,r An Ha* 40 N. Y. * liar. N*v Co.. 7U 25 L?g N-*uJ 'l a al S5 Eust River 111*. Co. I* 50 Nassau rt.> VI 100 American Uuann Co. 1 >1 Hi Mnropulkn An. I ti Jli I Ynur.ert-Uil Ins Co . 52 Hal W.t?l,inrt<*. On. '?J fl.OOU Atlantic Scnj l of Oil 9*70 .V Y Nolo .1 lo dee*,! W 10 sh* (iuodhne In* Co I'll 81 shs Nteuruy tlx. < At >' I Kuickerb'r 8tii*e t o III) lii<V>mi bank At (2.000 Mliwuirt Ktute 0 jier eeui bonds, f.5,000 Virginia flat* t yr rent 9.1,000 riorWa Rallnad lei org. giiar.ini*e.| 'sirvls. Neil regular sale .>ri Thiineiuv, Jan* 8A Regular aurttnn 1 sale* * Sbvka mat Honda every Mmalay and Tk'inlat. at III, o'rHirk, at I He Sioek salesroom' 52 William street. tir 5f"r Ham's Ktctwrnia, as desired. Blocks ami Urals Ismgki and -ad at j rivaic -vie and ui lie: Hinker* board. ALBERT II. NICOLAY. Aiierlnuerr and Htia k Broker, fit Willieai street At avi tion-nvyin scott, acctionkkr -tvwl dar. June M, atSo'ekxik, uu tha premises. corner ef Railroad ami Nesv.irk .venues, Jersey taty, a<t,.sn*ig J~t? King's market, two desirable building lasa, 25?toO feel etch, iwls.iuig a ainail nam* building, a ui table lug any aiu4 of biuineaa. "OOCKR-YO BK SOLD BY AUCTION. RY ORDER OR J) the -1 irKt- at the auction nniiM, N" I North Wt'liaiw untt, by 8. A J. HtHJAKT. at litis or loch. on Hois lay. J une 26. a Set of tli" American Kncyclnnmli*, a Urn sailrc tti.n <4 Nnvola, Allwr, Map*. Mimic, 31) I*?tj[cra. t.irelbar with S am uf ll???k*. Alan, .i ?'iil 'M' rosewood Parlor rirunre, mule by Meeka, I'liiKI.GS K. WATTH, I'lmnUlila. EH. LCDLOW. AtTTlONKKR ?OKNTKRL HOl'KR . hot* Fun lit ore. Hook*. Ac. K. H LUDLOW A (XX will aril at auction, at lfo. 411 S<-eond avenue, between Twui; fitih Ui.l Twenty *mh streeta, no Wedneaday, June W. at Wi< o'clock A. *., tin Furniture ciitalned In aafct house. cuoaiaun* In part ot carved nan-wood Solas and Chairs la nnoatelU I Secretary Rookcaae and earred Table*, raabo*3ay TeW-a-u* and t'baira in hair and in pluah; Bookcaaear Rockers, Waak atanda, Redateada, Ac., damaak ami lace Window tturUla*, Turkish Kuay Chair, in Uioc.uetla, inlaw! papier inacb* Table, bronze mantel Clock, Crockery, tlUmware, ingrain. thrwr ply and velvet Carpet* and kitchen Furniture, wtih which the ale will commence. Also a eoilacvioa ot masonic and otAnr rata able Work*. Edward achkkck, ai'ctionekb. 81'PER B KIRST CI,ASS OIL PAINUNtiS. NEARLY ISO KINK OIL I'AIXTIN',8, By E. A F II. SCIIEN'CK, on Wednealay and TlmrwUi. i!7th :md 2Sih in*., at II o'clock each day, at their saleroom l?| Broadway, the atiote line painting*. anion* which wtU be found the work* ot tin- following wen know u artUta ? VAN SKVENDOXUK, LINXIO, 8MKT8, DIDDAKRT, b. m:sj?, KKDiti, VAN KKOEMORTEL. J. A. HICK KIN'I, B. Dl VAL, T. VlLLKAltM. and othor celebrated aurlcm and nvniean *rtl>c... Moat of the painiiura have .recently arriiedfrora Europe, and have never before beon offered for sale. Alan, aliout twenty paintings re iiiMiii'n^i ncitllcit for from'he wiles of the Utli and IStli lu?t ' which will la* wiUl on accoimi of the former purcli larrs The pointing* .will he on exhibition on Tueaday, Willi catalogue, nnd W ill tie positively nold without reserve, a* the owner is about leaving tor Europe. Enw \ RD SCHEXm, ArcTIONEKR.?EI.Kf! ANT I.A die*1 Ruddle Horse.?Fj E. A V. H. HTHKKCK, on Turn (JjiV, 2C0(h instant, at I o'clock, at their aalearnnm, Ul Broad way. an elegant dark brown Saddle Home, four years old. U'? hands lilgb, long mane and tall, warranted perfectly sound. Mnd and gentle; canters and pares very gently. (x a. noRTOK, ArrrioxEER ?by virttb or \m T. execution, I will aril at auction, this day. 19th in* , at 10 o'clock, at No. 3JSJ Hudson street, one Sprinkling t art. Tables, ( haira, Sofas, Looking Classes, Cnrnet*, Curtain* and Piano. J. H AKJ.EV, CocWabla. Henry h. uncus, accttomebr?salesroom m. a Nassau street.?HENRY U. I.EKJM k CX). will sefl al auction on Misiday, June 25, at 12 o'elocfc, la front of atore Na. 23 Nassau street, one pair of elegant sorrel Horses, sta and seven rears old. warranted sound and kind In all harness and Older the saddle; fur style and action they hare no superior*; they ean trot doable In 3 minutes; one out trot single In Mk they are free from vice of any kind, and Were bought by the present owner at the fair on l<ong Island In MM Also a dark brown Mare. 5 years old; can show S minutes; sired by Kthan Allen, and raised at Ttcondcroga of a Vermont Black Hawk mare; tor beauty and gentleness In all barneaa she cannot be surpassed: la perfectly sound. Abe Wagon, Harness, to. This affords a rare opportunity fur purchasers to obtain good horses, all of which are to be sold without reserve, aa the owner is going abroad to consequence of Ul health. TTEXRY H. LEEDS, AFCTIONEKR. SALESROOM MO. 11 23 Nasttau street.?HENRY U. LEEDS k CO. will sell st auction, on Turn.lay, June 38, at 12o'clock, at the salesroom No. 22 Nassau street, Yancy Hoods, Japanese Hoods, dr., eonsuulng of elegant inartde, Sienna Vases, Hebe Vases. Etruscan and Roman \ aaee, varying from 1 to 8 fret Ugh: Neapolitan Vases, elegantteures, Venus after I soova, Klora.Thrce Cranes, also, heauutul Tarsus, supported by swans, birds on pedestals, sti|>erb garden Vsees. ma ride Ink Train, carved Kroita, Ac together with other beautif ul goods. Every article will lie s>d<i w lihnut reserve, as this Is the closing of all the tmimrtalhm of O H Point.>1810 Also, el 13 o'clock, Japanese OooN, obtained direct from the Japanese Embassy, to which wc reler, consisting id elegant Un|iierei| Cases, via.:?linxes, Desks, Hlnve Hoxrs, Toilet Hnxes. Wine Cups, Hoblets. Trars, Rice Dishes, Swords, Coins, Pouches, Ac., Ac. Alan, one large inL:iil Recrrtarv. cost f40n hi Japan, inlaid straw Boxes. Every article will be warranted genuine, or no sale. Vor presents, this rare cluiuce, lie si'ieles formei |y belonged to Hie present Embassy m-v. rsl be.ui;il.;| .,]k au.l s.ilin Ureases for tallies, sewing snd lions Sewing Silk, A- ; a splendid Japsnesc Counterpane. of purple satin, very heavily mn hrnMr'red in colors, with heary sewing silk fringe" awl Uwlv very airnaiil, valued at W. TTKXRT H. l.EKW. trCTIONKFR. RAUCbRtMIM 3 II Kaaamt at rcct.?HENRY H. l.KKIM A CO. will sell at nil Monday, June SA, at IS o'clock, in front of atorc 3 Nassau street, Hay Hurae, 1 ft lanel* high. HyfunttiM, I!** tail; warranted mjuiuI atel kltitl In double ami angle lutncaa. ran trut In Ihraa minute* In the fade, ami la Juat from the country. Joseph hkoem in, avcti??neer ?i.arok sai.k op | valuable P?lnlln?.-W'i Jir?lay ual TlwiivUy, June 37 ami 2*, at 7,1* n'elnek P. M., In ihr Urge room In Itnw'* new building mi tne corner nf Court and Jor.Irnion atraata, a large ami iiirinlbl eeilnsltnn of I Ml Painting', noil!lulling bind*.- >|r*, n.arlna via**, game, friut in.I tlowar piece*. Id *ob|e.-u, group* ami figure a. Ac , In great varb-ty af ?l/. ami alv lc, rlelily framed. The put num.- Mill >? on exhibition from Monday mm nlng uuUI ilie (ale. during lie day ami sv n?tug, wMh catalog w?. Jmoriaktt, atctionkkr, wii4. ski.u this day, at Hi o'clock, at No. in ?1c. I ham sonar*, Hur-wiw. Mofaa, Chair*, lanmge-.. Bed-irsda. Polished Table#, later Curtain*. IVailier He.|?, 100 IHI Palnilnga, Mirror*. fka-h. Ulaaa War*. a v srlrty of Fancy ami lit) < roods, Ac. MHOrtiHTY. AIVTTONKKR. WIU. SKI J. TMIH 11 \Y . .M.nelaV * In' , o'clock, a> Mi X.i??iipa?r<-< t near Kn ion. a largo a*??irtui'ill ol llouwdinld Puruluirc, ICarpets. Mimas, I ! ..... an.' I'h. I..i l hull - ' i 1 . Ides, p.'*o*. evlenaaai Ihntug Table*. ItiiA'cts. dreaalng HnI can*. W H l-lt ad*. hair M illre?*e?. gsa Chandelier*, I. .-ether wMh a r> Ueral n?. rtiuent ..f i litre lleaka,*, t firlra A'- . I be a leile tu be |?crciii|Sfcll.r *o|d to the htghcat 1 balder rash I MiiKTCAtiK a VI.K ? A V f RISTAI.kR, ACCTIONKKR, 3 Rnmcr*. *111 aell on thl? day. June gflth. ai HH' n eiltffc. aur Wearing Machine, l?? i-tiJ .ra' Coning H-.vol* and III.rat a U| l. lb ?k. I 'l.a-k. Inms, Ac , by .tnlrr of I* Pfnffrr, attorney (or inongsgee. PKKKMPTollY AT Ar<TIOJI, or HH II IIOtxKHOUt noon*. On Monday. June 25. a? No HWM KMhtn?>nUi Mrnnt. J fctl.NnK T lYUHl. AVCTMNKKR. trm wN, ai I0?, o\ kn k. all ikn ?( thd daBlltna ??, ctnlnung of a vary tar and ripruaiTC a* * r tin <1.1 of Rk k HouwbolJ Funiitnm Find OU PaiOiUvm, Rmnxr Parian and iSdna Ffcrnrn* and Tara. PWand Maai-'l Mtrnin la?f and Hrontd Cunalaa, Yalrrt, Hi uwlt and trjrr.iln r?rp?? and Ruga, K>??< ' 1 ortarn Ptanofurta, Mad* kjr dly wakar, fn i)'(u.iranlrr.1, r??i?l na?n and a mrT linn wwmd llwlriniinril, Oa? < TiandrTV r?. I n .u k l.'ivk. I'nnlm an, I Hkla TiMna and a full a* i-im- ul id I ' I'nillia an' Hn- mrml Knr , nitnm all In fir*l rain onlnr aud raiM ha ndd I" iba klcbnal I'lddnr l<> pay adannma. rain poollva. N" (|Q>1<X?>| aa>1 m tin anu'lM Omnia to lm rruKtnd tani anla. Drundaaj and ruthaamnn awgna paaa anar Ita k?uan ; VAWMIROKmd N %I.R?JOTTV ROHTtRFR mil, . nil lM? lay. at 15 Ki?t Hmadaaj. a lar.i xnam-lnmnt of tii-ft In. land l> I.m ron?Ottp? of Pfnta. V na?? wiacn'r R ling AjmnL I?rn?a<?. (quanta, Mm*, kn. Hi <N"dri of A. IH'iMMfAN, SI I'antra ilmrl. M.tWNIlRORRR'N RAMI? R MtVV A TO.. fTH.I. rltl.f, 1 iMa day. at Ma, oalnak. at No S I'atkaitnp imai, IHa dorna .ilk and <?kr> IV*??ra. Hairtn, Ha-',itn?. ahan la. I oau. Pi. no. Ian and akfro. Wainkna and Juaairi; ana'a IMn at lu'rVrl. N H.?A ka prtnw waaix C t J. BOO ART. ArnnoNOTHP.-HOXIUT. JrNR K t~. h>' - a. at tbn aimtlnn rootna Kit I Norik WUlnM almni ^antral llnnaaknkl Parnli'iri'. fnmiatlnt af rlagaiM rnaa ?< >! |.nr dt awn nmiatn r nrn.iiirn, nniwn ?rj?l ma ram \ ar prta. aul><?Mrr MM ami it.tuna Tai.ira, aaubnganf Mofaa, R'rknx mannaany frtwh Rn<j<lniV. pttrw Mr Mattrraana, frwlhrr Hoda ant ?w okt Ham. Rrfrt (orator*. In rood ardor; <nl Fainting*. Kncrarlnr" 'm* ar it?1??lr?. iSf- FarnTttioa ami*** ay licaki, ana ?Intra ktn-kra Km lutnr*. A<- M. H ?<arj>r;? .it U o'nfork. * Si j. roqart. arrtw!r*in??-iio*nit. At I k", n'rlnrk. at ilio iirtlr^uaaii. In. 1 Xoiih W BHaa t r.rm. rnnautdr a aa> of BnokiiMnn laitac nf a ?<t of thata* rtraai re lopodta. a larva rattIrian or Knrrla. aM Muaia, tklnjr l^dn-ra. togeSar ai'll Uiirr raara of Hnui< . ("MARLICh F. W aTTM. tooaUMa. Sir**IFF F RAIX.-rARJ.OR FrRKITt RK -CHAM HI'KM A FAIRHIIIA AtwAfmrara, ?U1 all, to Toaaday, .torn *kk ln? . at MtnVkHI at nalcamnna IIS Ra wmi atrwot arrant anita of rwmoi and amkofany rack* Fumltura, nr.arMr lot> rmtrr and aid* Tallica <m? dnnhlr a nt In rVM . wotal. r.??anijT nrtnuamirJ. Ac. J'?U.\ KKIXV. Kkartff. j CnF.RIFF <? RAIT?XFW FORK MAR HIT fXbllP I.RT.? n (HAMimitM A ' A Ilt< HIU>. auctioneer* oOkD UJ 5m aw "tract, will ?" "fi Thcrwla*, TRh I not ml at II oMnrfc. M ' I la- factory of lh? New V.aA War*l< I 'n?apari)r. In For'r-emawt atrcct. Mam I'lfth yl Mtuk arrnara, a barer unaatNv ./ marMc Mantel*. tlnt?l>cd und unvdal'??t Mir*>k ">l*k?. P"^c* tala. ?>ni'in* A* AM", all toe Marl.lwaryr im FlTt'inw, 'ia Mara )< ** -. w %b* Rafni and lliirin-a*. '<t*f Fur nttarr. Ir.wt Cafe Ac. and alar all the rt?ht. title and loi?r- ?i nf tin Raw Tnrk Marina i innpaay >4, In and In I la- k-?ae it Iha lull aal laiiMliu known ? I*' fwxrr if -iM I' anp iry, aitimted ill Forty aer-nod and iWtftMcl Mrawt* Vlarn tlarirttbaial Willi in ma t .'nil A KKIAV, *k> nd StTFRIVrii H kW. ?*T ITtflRKRT. A?*-til IVMFttd ? I FIIWIIIIJI, *?'imaar?. alii nil, m WnliV'vlai.ffi'i loot., at II o'rkwk. at 11.1 Ra??i Mrrd, by ilitia nf a a It of attaefcmrnt and In apnrlal "Mar id lb. anrin mr < mirt. a Urt nnaaahy id Wan on ?, oannauiit >4 lllank Ik-a. Iwinkafnr lawyer* and Mkr urea. Ik|' an.| Intlcr Paper. fc?bt?i. fnba. I nil atrial*. Oca Una Wat a*i Walef*. r oipiwini a a-tv tal aaanrina. Ill; al?n tin fWin Vuml <irr, |k ?i- Iron < . I UM?.. ><!?* K?Xt V .Hi. rid rpw>i? nr.u.. m<tiokkkk -r\w.\HR?K>:n a half. 1 lh(? dat l.f ItKIJ. A IjmK Ml Ml rn U?Hr a.,. -riwa 1. * >'# ? pinrrt, An |nt? ul I .dir.' it?rxn *|<i>->r?l. ?t!k Hi. ? I'lanrMlanV RlankHa. 0"intrr,.ian . 1 aiVrtlr alma brc? Vl nl all Und? id Jnflry Mi urdir. VMnKNftKltlJ. lJrraaij rawnhn* r. , W* WITTFM, At'TIOCEKJl?WTTJ. ?KM. TtlM riat. Vi-relay. ailirnn* IM Canal mrr.i, all t ha gi pdartTuralturv |r , ? a family iMaUat up fcou?k??flii?: flnp Cn rprta, Malta MmHin*. Hr.lafada. Urn n x, Wn-ha-atvU. Maaa l/nrklu rmI ntbrr tjkilra TaMaa Vairrt farpna. I org* . an?Kt hand FaatW Hrda. Wrrnra dinim mnm *J?I kttrhan riimMrn* ?ian t* th r harrrhd Crmttrra: a Jan raaaa <jf Cno ' grim iiaMna alan l li<h. Wa.nn, I aingla and I dntihlr Har ant: aim I Mprlng ("art nod liar man. aiau Clarat Mad oihar Wtnra, Magar?. aiau MUMncry (iorrta. DLTIU.I AN WlTTKR|irAfcfTn*KIC*7 W1U, MM?0? Nond.1T, J ana CI at o>lnek. at 471 Tana! difft Aahwm PVitqraa. rnmdaitor of Ana Mar and Mar f Laturra, I>ya w. kai Howling Alloja and flataraa, dc., da. WW n. WMioirr. Arrnofrmf*, wnx wax on '' Taradiiy. Jorr Jd at II o rlnak A. M , tho ?Wk and rutitrm nf tfc aMaaitla Hanlan, No. A Broadway mwprttng Cnnnmrn. (Nam Uaoro. Tahl-v Ota Ira. Oaa llpa and riitnraa, Nnr Flaiurra. Decaottr* Wlnrm Unuoca, Angara. do , do. fran IDRK HEKAIJT, J I liLii ir iRr hm. _ ' W" wrmc?M ?i < ii"?itr* Wiu Max. mw TT ti) at (yM|. at MS ?i|K. ?|? fit#la.w m ill* faaaa 'Mry-1?. fataa. UMI*. ffr- ? ?* * Ml n-4?II3uk*i.n, *.*?*, Mm %-m ?? r>miw?. ih mm- ? *>*+- aahfaal It- ?- m4 ! ?!?. ifa ? ? faaafag It* tfaafar li'oiTH rmwmri aurrt ? ? > >>nu>u" afa I llll HI ft rrmrf I m I "fafa M Mj 4IMIII Ml w? til II'WH I IiM at prttaar aafa far iftfa "i M Ik M I Mm afar* Hi togha* M?" t-m fai n nHil faalnti lliai iw? m Hiafai fa ? n If fat rkM (?a> imuS' M|<?ri?? Ina'lMib) irr l? ill fa I .am 4 mmrft i?u. i ifa? |Hir fa ? - ? f.? 'fat ?W la afa at a t> M m%v. (far- 41 fa W? nail* aai Mt la|nr fafatta. tfa f - mil H araw fa ?" .ami?I afa r"1 fa arat fai fa -I fargr TV a?trim-ft ? r? Uftfa I lalfa. Ml HUM MrnHHa fa- '?MM H li til'lfa * an lunafatl tan- - ? .|. ? < a an fa tfa art! m a-? 4?Mi afa II<|- ? I fa ?M I a* la a >aM? " -a fa llanalm alt I l?> ? ? H-ufa ll? m- afa HW, |fa afa HI?HI I kauri nrt a l-a It. mi. mat fa a-fa. hna f afa ?ir afar. iMHa Tanaa . >4 a ti imhiiI aarwt rut .4 faraa .at Ifaaa K~sa faMfa M w < *4 fa? Uiai. tlkrVt u fa .-t. iami?l faa In. a-at >?A afa rti Ufa iHifa Basra a.fa. m.aa MrafarH afa ^ar ? fay fa *! ?> a iarj tall larmj .4 rartfa afa fa?r? r? a-fa aafaifa at att4 aalafa llita afa. faraaa Wata afa .afar t VaHifar I anitaft. Mr Mai. kMi.m afa Bi4Iii?? la afar i tar lu.?r fa fai-r. at prrat Htifaa ai Hi -trratfaa^ fat aaaal U'-.faArry.. aa .-a Ifa I aH atrl w-r M fas aMt - tr4 arwli r. fartafa.Hia afa irar la array r. hum fan ^ra lr.It.; a M faTI- M FTIAL kSTW'Bk. IT a MHrniitt ti? tub >.Ann tfa t*i??-MtM of m W fall all at.rat. Baa kaaR Tfan?fai. tafa -fa fa akaad ItaatilM tot* to to* M >? w A. 9. f 4.BI 4M. Tnmw m4 kMMf / ?kfr>\ rFK? i *.m t i\ k i ? hi ?t?>* -* m?ttr * l?? id ika IhrprMn-ta Pwaa-WM* t?. ia?n wto VMI < rwnttmi Hail. I> ?..ak r fx. I aa. w?i?i >i>i. nam ?>0, ike (7<? ?"<? !. n*-a*lto -4 T .. <toa, '< bira Mt urto*. I H?T?*MIY tfMrrfVl r? tat-m. N'KWIKK. K. J..JI ?K. Into Ma I l it.*-1' rnto w. ikM^k rmr lalntMr m4 j ?**W) i*ar?*n!a'?d jMMfMal, to -all Ikto >h. MMi'M at annr aaatai r- a il?to? .4 ik" I Main IViJl I'mM nf Imnaaana (Uirarai m at-a k to |>n' A hat to iha Nrar tlr I.-an* Cmiu I ,y It ??t ?hfc b t hnrrwdh naitoi Jfiw, ant ?Wi J oat alii fJtu-mm nto, l?t ih> lii'.a-inatoto toil |rr:iilli< ainat |ai h '.Ulll nf Mm >? >!) ri 1*1 'tM' "Una id ' 1 m Ik- laxaatto acvt|>?tM? -d airtoJt- tatold I Ilia-, and lo nbin,*, tk* to'toi'intoi* nllhr fladtjr r" rrtt"d. aiat I h p" a| ptnardalnd. aa M aid tod ito-u ailiida at rant | na Ik-* > and jirarr t i1 a^falata'a ibma ><n to* rut* ar i'a to |'< huii* a?H aa ami 4 iWm ka.r tatoad lor aratk an ml* ami a-ntd aa> iWn. alt a* I ka<* aatd to lata/, at tn la* Irtrhmitod ! ?? *a.Mia ikrar kard rartoad a ari ar 'kraal? it I la* Ian, aa I toata tbrt ha.r ami] Umm*> aa nail, aim, aa In I In* nan* <d ikr aa "all- A pall to dhtfttoa Mall wtdrfc rial't an atnrk ardrtoami al-?ut a yarn ?** ? aa l la >?*to <aa a par Willi III" pal"Id *.? (.H?to adatr I <*ily ? a -I a n aa n-d Ml to) paan In *lvr ikr in'nianU'ti an Imi *? * d f?w nu ara lata, aa many id oi) nnrthv twmbrra to ilia litam a mid kara had too** nvin v a a, I aiai Iraa ina.ipa I ahouai to pi-anad to ana that d"-<*ttoon Kaaaratl) puklMtod to ika aairwua nf -mr man try. Yutir* iritly, jNo V. IMJitotX n*r (Witt lltotTiaf Hittrt i * ? linn.I Main iVn* '"art. Kanti-rn Ina'rk t nt lamnoaiia brtnra* Jalfr- a'aptr-il and M<*t'ah*b. X T. Kdtoto > 5* TW.?aa H...a Tkta araa ika Wa.lttu: ?ud uiato n hwti a iar*r mundto* at rar-nw. m dnaaa drni. auxaia IK. in thai "I lh" anaaa plaint.* ? Ikaaaar d ?to. 1 tlx* .*?irt.Mva rarrtaa* to"* M ikw .tor, in* aa ailm fiiaaawi-to .d (luata. ? I. Ilantoina- to a (.a id at Jaanarv IMML lit an iniurrn *?i*ni to Ik* ruamina ara* *d *anda*"iid n hl"h plalniiil h aaai(a*a fw ikr rtlT rf \i# invana Thr drtriMlain ilrMnl all) mil nv(*n>"M. aal an-rrad ikat to* l-?w minim* fur <d hia rarrhur* ItotHKwl a kk Ikat toa-i mad In Ik* rrlirnair nmnln-r id tlx* fukliai n -t l*t?, to Ika tor yrl" d*Iav alkto. ant'll ihad la Kra . nla WW ami ..nam lUm' NiM)t*kd'i (ito, anil !a "t'narh." aa ika linciiit-ai <d Mr J? th< umr of lUiwtwi III 1 lli'irf hnWlM, v. 'inMWI, V'W Y<1 K r,l if HII-- > 1 . H I Newark. St* Jrri j, and mb. r pio-?? H. -r b thr b.?>ka rffrrml m. .1 Urr? number oikmw ?r?m worn, who textitnit that rarrtagra, veil the fnrr ntaM^ gear, hnitne Ita rrutre <4 m.4i<ai at the rear .4 llo irnaM a?w. awl In <MU>l>liiali<nof, ?llh rgtn utauf ruvW"? nunl^m up-ai thr nthrr. at'arlvd in the a?lr ihc . iiw-r v-1^ p.c.a, h-l bi-i-n In nw ?i il..- i . MM Mllml al ouf- i?ui 1 > raaia far bark a- lfki. In :hr eartW Inatanrr. Judge t an,pheil gate a Innimona charge to Ike Jnrr a* the Wab.rv and nhyn nf th- patrm la? and .|>p'>atg tlum <0 the pairnt lo.<|Ui-*U'm. IV jurr. afi. r aa iNn -' M a 1- randaaS aVrrapa a Judgment foUowrd In all the enaaa. awl the nrit dar ifer plalmift dterntitinanf hw hill In - ban- rj xgmmm the We HMlrr-u.D-l -luil th.- Jijrt trrrc -y.Ua-.c-l uaawhwraalr that thrrr had horn n-. Infringement nf ltat.-ki..-< Hi pit- 4. In thr dortnr'a ph?. 11. aiili tba fnrr n?M rai aiaina 4. and thai. If that patrol, inwm.l nf bring a reuwaataun dut.-r rnl fmm iha ant. Ir u?-l hy (lrirn.tai.ia, ha-l .been r-(a?> .Va thrrrto. It -oierrd a piinciple long before applied ami rd practically. TUB JOINT SPKC1AI. (tOMMTTTRN APPOINTRD TO make arranrrmrn'a |.. rrlri-r.i.-tl.r . >.ng a?n tmry of our National Independence. will 0?1 <m Monday the 20th mat , at our u'rka-fc r. M . In <>??* No dOly Hail kl parties Uutsredtad will plraar attend with ml t inker araVia UlLNKNT M. PLATT. K. W. T.ti oa. ftre?y, i ORRATLT IMPBOTBD PlANOTOETB. Udirnt A BRADBTRTE. Baaofaotnrara tt a m NTALI OYKRHTRCNO RAM PATENT INHl'I.ATKIi PCl.t. IRON PR A KB ORAM) A Nil NQUARR PI VNOKOETB*. No. Ill Broome afreet. pianos to miurr. AN EI.KOANT RfMRWoOf) Pf.tNOPOBTB-7 fN*T*t R. rtrb nMiitd corner. awl magniiV-eat rarrrd hp. f ? MM TV sjrratrat bargain to be totiwl Apply at No <7t> bntlt BTrnuc, near Fortieth atree' N. R ? Tie- piano ht moat an .nwhtk Amain >1 ill alvli. fif I llllla \IV Slul P. dtl ala.a ma rear luxirrn bnprmranraii knu rtijr makora. n??rljr JZTvSli naawawfial tonn, having full *..r?ul?>\ *r?l nnraby ihr w?W at (how In ar.trrh at a auporb aud raUabla ptam at a bargain flHlCKMRLBO * BOBB, Ma?faatamai af uro, aquAU Aim ppmiomt r labor Wtmroonn t Broadway. OL A dona tart baaa awardod thirty wight prhaa nilik tm Ma aopartorlty of kh? twHtrtw far |M paat thirty Art PIABOBTO MRBT. INsTBlaTIOM ON T1IK PI tXOPllRTP?BA AB r.\>, 1 !feh l%djr. 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IT 11 "K A jUfSlltl. 7 7 7 KAILBOAPB. | yoMD ?"a IAIIJOAD COVPAIT.- i Hi Train* iMrr Ry* oi ?.' <- t?o*t otrort for T?A>oteT'? Mo*A- ! Uta. Iiudd* lark i* *jm iav o? 111! aai MB P. M. Akn, oo *ad ?>T j~~ > jk at prraa tiu oa Natarday* t I H P M . maraia* itava BaiaHai in oa Hiiiaa M A. aate arm* a ki? Tors a Mt A. MNnrTo?? A.^V?IJ?^oad. Oa aat afka Mnaday.Tup ?. ?&>* * W In n f? Attb Atari aarto*. Raw York, a* MatPnr wunaewridr; eert *11 way MaMaa* r*tawdlil 4Mkf>. M. > arWUtft Plalaaaad ail nuoaa. 11 ?J| Mi. Par WV? riant* atvl ai: war Baltei.* AM T M.. ?M> I i . ?Rik| *1 fan Plate* aad aalka aterra. Par aSbq. > MI1A M.aRrmateuab uiriIiw M?iiM IklM M for*. I Yntaa PaUa and nllajattnaa aortk. all ?y autkiw | uwiTa *.. ?*aaSTr M. NWrii* I A. V .itmnnfU tm < ** aortk of Pordtmoa. CMg Palis. If sh?s*in ! %n a >!? ? anrU of Pir Ifcwi M Itff.?.A.M.. ?" ?*1 ink, an?Hat at afl aattoaa la ?nna inirwnx. mm - j - tiai ~ CPA la. _'"r" f^oIu^a^iirrrnw oV room qpai.ttt op win v A*. M M Ptork OrrhafA awl |iaan Ukak aaiilaaA sad AoNrrrodot M par Km. or to taaUoa ufela? fra rstS WUN OTT7 BOARDING AID LODGING. A PINK UKI.I PRO NT ttANKMKNT RiMlM, HITUATKD f Jk <m tfce pari at Ktrtb avanue, autlahle for Ml orBre, mmt be be-i <a*k <* wnfeui.t B.x.rd. in a prtrele family. a'? > a W?? Nwwtab-I Bo**. auitabla far a (nuttem-m end wife, or t* l^"*1 . Rararaweaa ooIuJm. Iililrw A. H. A I WiU PAMILY t'P TOWN HAVING MOKK "? m llaa the y require. would M a hand Homely fur I k.?wa wk lady *ad titlriuAa. with board for b.<1y, oo raw wiurn. AiIUji m Mi*. B. A., MaJUow aqua e Puat ? - - ANVATLY PIRNIMIKH PRONT ROOM TO I.KT-TO ? tarn aawtiriaeu, ? uboui Board. Terma reaaonahto. Apply al Na. ?M Re.ery A PROfiTR PAWn.T. RPKIDINO AT M WEST TWEN- i JA ?? 'I' lartn arar Kuib avnnir will aecoouao Uut a . (*wi^ .tr MM ar iwn ?rniteaaao wHA pleaaaui rouina aud AM PRIV ATR PAMII.T, HATING A NICE ROOM, MORE U> a tbry require. w -uld Vet the anme to oiw? or two . we-a alSMarM par week. Inquire at IBS Marllarw APklTATR PAMTl T, OOCVPT1NO A PLEASANTLY '. *1*4 Houaa. TS Waal Warren etreet, bet warm Hanry M ( U n?. tumth RruAljm. bar* two Urge Kouma to lev ""V H-- ?. u> reotiewwn end ihalr wiaaa ar In mingle genii*mm. luwanr alt .aiuak. A T I PDAR RTRRET?HENRY IIYUAN, NEW BRO J\ tar tdix-e. will al>u?a Caab to any amount on Ola eat * unaav Wuu haa. Plate and Jewelry, at bN>. 'n. mate lot oaah oppuaM* tha Puat oOce, ruoui No. 1, 1 ama.A ?.?. A I PRITATR PAMII.T, REHIRING IN CHARLTON 1 Mr- I ? lew d-*e* real of Yartrk Wraet. wnuU let our or , lamnau . 'uraMAaA Rouwta b< gentlemen only; hreekfaat eao ! be K?| it e. u-M. Rcferraraa eir hanged. Addreaa M. D., i Baa I AM .?M ' I A III! at writ a navnauaa ,\m . naaex. . ? I t - - ?.- iFn A HAllLAAAn -t? ai?l laa atlr r.u h?i annmuiodata.1 witli uuud Hoard and ! ' ? ? 'i . ni,A ri"i?iri.i!il<--4iy appli til*. at H n n.l wmet. Mwn u Kiral ami aacuod ITIMM. rr?Mr? lo.t.c?d. AIbu, a yi.un* lady. 4 OAttUUlAN. HAVI^U A IIOI SE TO HIM d\ * ul-l Ar U) l-i ihmr Kc? nui awl * VUar, tui'iiim:i< Hill.. ill. .im-ii, m ih.-i W.I till d mMmIp Hiiii I "i >.i-r|>i.tii mntr.?; pood Tard, whh vt >?l |u in wrrj miiu Apply at 2vl dprtu^ timet. | a . tl|t - |0|*p |* JRRKKY CITY ?LADIKH AN'It jy ? ? rr iuini.c .-mal at*l ojmlnrt-ihl.i h.ur.1, arelnI > Mpay Bra. (IRtlHlKY a tlail. AM Wayne Kiwi, Jerm-y \Mrili ORriNII.Y OAK AOOOMMODATB v OEM mi. -ad atfV. of IW ii Alllfl.. iffllUeinetl. Willi tWH I IK'.I Biaai ti?l AaH <m Mlntlr l?rra? ll?it? plraaanlly lo a*a4. and h..? mud- ra impnivenirmt. Dtnr at tlx. Rcler I WW ra^.iirwd. Apply at M laui||l?a avrnua AM vit <>r room* to bicht. with board, nbi'a rat# nr timrthrr farm And. In a prtvaln Miliar, with nil | Ma wiMrrw trapmri IIKHIU IrvyWrw at M Qraat Joara Her*. ALmUMIVYMI AND WIFE I'IV RK t.VHJIM. >l> 1id ?Hh a?rl ari-iaal ?tm i triad naau . Hiirl "tore front r rtwaa l.? a ce.HU man. (A ncr a III C ; a Ufcly nrnU na ae . tka, w.Kild uiaea a uttia ?trl plan-i for iiart j pay ^ti Watt a aU vat. mar Vanet. Refereue *a glrea ami re A pppprwiM BTTT OR EX4MRIXJCD Fl'RMTl RK ' J\ lar MA af warranted maii'ila. tare. *l?v anil.I l"Sr?u.til i hat.. rf y-am atal .miane-; 1. at t Alt HIMO foVH. : *' I ana! atm-1. appi^tK Wmwlrr lataMlahr.1 In Wat it I RAIT TWk.lTIETH NTRKKT. WEAR BROAD f\ a?)-t *wU paait-a? ran utaata a una'It funiialrid ?'? feraiiaa. II'h?> Ural. torn Ibuuri al ?> <>'?iucb. Am wriTi.T mrnimn *rin or boom* to i,ict. u*olkf ar ar|??rairir Mac*. a.^ia roam. to ? (<-ut:.-nuui ..I alia <a .. geuib-Mw-a, with .* wlito-it towl PaiaUt ana, ton. al.i. wr.lila Hrli -ea.-? < **. fcui^.'-l. Apply |i tt t wlwi |4m*. Am rrn*iim*t? mrrwo too* at? mcnanov at. tarto-d to a* ID I aiutia (Niiraui. Inaaa pnrata, baadmm a ad .uaiwukm to ; al la ? Ur?a?i rv , amk la t??1 ? ** rU"> U 'VmC ' " A a ? v.i.??h tamily abb or mcttibo <-?) ?.? fr.aa R..aa <a> ?v.w| l??r aak r?l Bunril, i* mai r?a at aiartr prntiapira. aiaa * marie k wtu to let Apply HI itoeAardmrari, arm tomr fnaa liraad _ A I uiu rrnRipHru boom i? mimoN cttt ob M* '? aai.i-1 aatonal H?M et> epi KumUta. by a > *? mtki IT ?n?r.l alU r?m?hi 'to ~i?to<-il I to- - ear. A*>ir?? Mil imp ! I Mil vMwmiB raaomrhia. Was. lie raid "tore A i *tor rack poow o* thiip rt>?? hmn M?art> Tarn 111 I m M. auk ar rrnto n partial buarA. ta mmm la* laiimi'a Apply al b* M f'Wil kimi. Mar Ulip to plai-a AHTtlTJIIAT BIl kl.t ft bkbuiito. abo yut pla?a*M I.* laiwar TaraM aahnP mmMi hr a* <a ?wo nanilrmra, ar r^Mtoiaaa >ad a nr. far ton.--keep ar IVntolmlaa Aa A taa aa appar bar a brdrwam. to ' per war*. ?J A?By dwd. a ran it* family wim ld ijtt a bkati-t rv? J\ I.feto -1 r>??a to a lad? aad rp-i'tomaa. arlib fail Itol l?r n? ladi liaa ami ha aad e?dd *dr> la Ik* naa Hia 1 rail ai B"4 Baal I ii -rrmb ami. b*>***a HwaBrai Alptob Fiabu-humiabti.t ntiwua boom*. wrm Baaed. bldbi mji 111 ama i i aad wH. m laaiaa la a wal rlaa? bnaar op taar*. Tba bnaar baa rrary aaamamare touBa. I tot aad " ?! a alei He Tabto bral Haaa. Apply M Ml WaM 1 tamirn ldml. aaar Kiptok aaaaaa 1 HoaBU ?rrTBB vl. vnt fUMMAM-F BooM* MrtT ! abb' ! - tarnlla-a and aMmto e-iuedV ami b* bad. wnb lull |t-*rd 'to I' atari a lta?l aaa Mi -U.i ?Aral ' I ?*-?. miM iiiaiii??aid, M rma rvaaoaaMa. Ha mr al all I b rWA _ TbOABD ?TWO RHOMB AldMl OMR I.ABBR If b-- ?.?? bn. a .lb r -at Bart a i <a?ir?i h ?a ii. m a I to-*-* ?aa>tatou?A ail Bandera IMM-nmaai wl? aab aaa* paa a aara, aa laai * a tonaa. laaaira at Bu V Bam Kiaoaafe apart ______ _1 i taoapd - a rrw ?n w-r boab mnui. n? p?hm MB abiaal l aid aaa ba bad ai M toa/afrUr plara Ida ,> iriiwd aUaa to Urn aay. aaar ipa law aad , (' Haraanuto I 'aanaa aM CM par larntoala irfiraaM ar>?a aad raamfd f II" V I l fill! b'llii. I iiK.;(iitMi I Miw It-?'? m the tMrtf, wtib bnth ami ?aa ApplJ at I Wllwitos ptaee aumc*. ! -no?rn-?t i*? ?>r v?r? murrr haw wat wc , Jf l?c-n bnaMnaj ami ?w?c?r, m he f -iW-t a wee a-tlt V I MJ||I'I|I|I>HI.I W lI' <1.1 itamie It iw, Mr*#1' fallen, in ami f Mm m >1 ? innr *i?i* mm he bande<im.'i} ? I Rated at H M.Ml.ll |>?Vee. whb <>r whAmr! Ihnrri Hoard i* n.i't-room* in rt-rr <?* ?i? fat MM hedr ww? at ' * dasfle |*inlr I M l.. >1 V7 I l'l? AWi tfer IMNM I * Ml ?Mri I iHnii. r Ml law nr Ml >?*?*. Board wrrn xrATn. rtRbiaiirn rimim< for nairt.1 ? amale lanin, M r<?a??Mral p-vna t*< ta a i-ia.l <.|>|..<r iintri in rMtain a 1 lau ml Uimm v> bee. hat few liankra arr lake a , hrwae Mai awl . inlet lanrMaiit In car* Apple I If Kaa< MnrtrmUi -react. doaip wt*TrD-i..> T'? ?<? *r*., nu Ul I) geaitrman. mab Hi obtain Rawed M a Milrtly pclva- lb ? tiah ie AbareMaa family den mi idbet l?arte? ara lit* | ami BO I.ecmai m ipvn laaatlna l.etween TMilS and TW belli atrce- llihm* kept h) *U>.w Udjr preferiad. ajarim L. <t . War ?7? Fat tRD*. TViARD WAXTRD-RT A ORWTl.KMAX AX1? L\DT, X) In a aui! pninir fain.I) where tS- rw ara Va. fear ar aa tmnrdeia. kmaian ai ?i he be<ai-ew *prt'i< ,o.l Twelfth em u for ?? i-maiBoUu i.a a I air pile* win be pant kliliw. UlLus terma. R N . II*ra'?i -dice, fur Urn* 4-ja niiARIl WAXTKD-A UKATIFXAX WI-HK* Rr>ARI? J f m a prlvala fai.til) ?r aawa'l brnir ibtfl b- <iaa in ibr iVi . 'v at M. J'Aii Talk, w!?rt .lii.tK-e la attrred ai I <m 1 iTctar k. wtlh a n anf nrtahle roan, n nm w*?-?JA per tree* a.j|>r.?i led ami labi' Addrraa J W . It-i ?T> I'lew iXbre. I?Fikrce Boarptri.-a i.aro* rook. ruRRintirrt or ur fii mlafcail. and auitaUr far rantlar ian and Ami nifn iW fur two tin*ir piitlMkrn wll <lr?1 and *Kk "pan. piaaaanI itr*. Apt'ljr a< M Third auaal mm* Raumid iiunt ! (? rmra rr<|iitrr4 TJOARPIRO -RIKOUI OR M tRRtRP RKKRMM WHII Jt tug *'?>d Rnarrt. tatr* R.anna. in ? m,*-! iN? Road, ?i *ar? low rata will phwa* >all ai Rl Wnat S4 MTMR^MMa* wRn. MR mi wRm (row CtA -ROARPIRO-IM WATRRf.T FLACK, RKKMRKUR. D h?gim> nww nrwt *hW aaaaaa. fioiHo ar M ROW liipira two (Mill daat/nAla an I ha a da nil hi?ki> I Wnwaaa, nil parmaaatH nr traiwW nt Raid Rnnfn rootn.g iba tmy wohM do wall la <wu a* ahllR Www nawtp famiaha 1 BOARPIRO-A ORRTLRRAR AW1? KIR mo OR two Hair >rnlU mm ran ha ar wwnfalol wnA ffaad Rar.1 and Itrw atry R"?na. at Mi XlaR an?i ptnaar at aun'rkaifc. Alan a Wr?a PafW and Badnaan m ?ha M Roar ' a M Rafatanraa Rwa xaJ r?|i?tra4. Boarpiro -m uxrrtwH K m.rrr -a new or* tiawirn ran hr arriann olatod al b f--J Ran < awl plna aant Raouu at Kra Tailor a Trrina M and A) Rl par w?A DOARPIRO CAR RR RAP IR TKR TOU.AOR *f JO Hmtonn Raw Jaraor. Mr Ma fanRaa. if hpplytnf W Era. FTkTXRWU .n, aaar Uba dapaa. aaa*. HROOKLVR IIKIOHTH.-ORR LAROK rfORT RoOK and >?>Rnoni ad)<diunr MlK ?"*h Hoard, at b . Kit k* ataaal Ptonar at a'rbaW A f?* nwa<a aai Pom R> Irrrira. 20ARP 1* MOOCI.p -PMKIM IODV. IS aajta or arpantalr. M< Hrrt r IWaaM Mr a^ffal ta a I flora bmva *"?r Vw, t.ia nriratr ra-oftv m W Aaab# ? rrl. f nWaill m 0.0.1k wot Wall Wl ?I Irnw Itawt a# Boardir nKiOKi.ra.~4 r*iv \rv r ?xn r i>r?r*. arraral ?? ? pw-aaaw #a> .*.) tawoata ?. to km riaaa It war. ?W.kkm* ?b ika turban- i?f?or?.ui. ?I k f..M or |huim1 i-?r1 Xri. i?wa ra^ tab a< kffl) a. JM ItaNa airrra. a, nO4R0 m RRrrtKI ? * - I OfrTTUOIAK UD Nl? ' II rO, ar la..- rlttg.r r?w'W w rail bail' aaiti Inliii }MHd fbwrvf, at ?A AKaWar yfrat. I HOARD IX R*no?| VX-KM HXMY ?r?K?T. THIRD anar fr?a? ? notrraa ?f T "law tmm * laai a-a?a r a famiir or nnftr r-Wt aa-a tka. a Dart Ooa aoA a . itr*r a'trr Kara lira auRutor' oa.k f?>?a a~ab Walt >t.rr-rt Oaij. ^ _ | ftunoi Motor ?a-?r nrn 4 Malano ?fC-r-ao"' #w a? |l.... ? v. M ara fa-w ' ?.**. br?t a| rtot Ma am* all t*> roairaaaxt a* a WW Wir.? Kpptr ? *?*#. ___ pij-oAXTtr rr?i?ibw*?? Ron** wrm mnrnxnm ML fjt'kr-4 In tbr t.fwrr, ywaa fm tar Iv Pr .ar# apat arta a. tbr ..H.aaw?a for baaaaRr. .-? mm# w R* I KixxT-wrn noon to t.wr-wmi on wrtmti Knar# Mala awl Mrnttfal b? ?*a a*# baMk Mm K-fr -atr A|'P't al 1M ta>ub* Wraat far O raawb4 tr?t*iwn? afartktxtr nui onnjtxtf1 1/ .4* a ta I ftiiaaaA Waa W1 IWliaM KbMMM. ?" *- CgU at X* I Aatfty ___________ ?^r?K WHICH lOOU TO MCT-A I.ARUK r?uWT r farlar. ?Tk ? -m - ',t%! ?r?-f. ah? a >*'A Bma ?a hn? wtvh) Unor a?4 tmn mmII *??ma f<? aaagK inraaa i?|aff a JH> , Hriwmr atraai. aaar Rroarfaay. Hm rximiko TO I rr wmi <m ?ir?.n Pa-?M. m tlTttiwwli Mm km fciiw aaal ?f Tklr I ? aua . ix ?t? W"t np. xdh all Mi* wwlarw in 11 11 raiga WamH a girl for g*a*rai hmmaurt. Ap?l| aa ?>?!? ' W POAH.U1WQ AMD Mtporio tH'RNtKHKD ROOM TO LET, WITH ALL Till" ? r deru linproveuiei.ta, to a gentleman, with |> irtt il bo.u I if required, luqulre at Nu. 168 Ku?t Thirteenth alreet. t.1I kmsi1kd ROOMS TO LST WlTlloi T H<? \:tl> ? r Teruialow. Apply at Nu 30 liond alreet. #NOOD AND OUKAR LODMINOS-AT TDK MI/ .K \JT Hotel. curnar uf Frankfurt and William atreeta *ur< Terma 36 Ui 37 oetila per night R> from |l t ' ') per ?mL 0?Hi nit and wire 76 wnu per nlrhi "* ?.) WX- _ | / < KNTLHMKN, OK FAMILIES WITHOI T OIIIMH V. | \T ran linil Hoard at Kl Ninth alreet, lietweeu Fifth | ui d I'ulternty plane. lluoae tii-t cluaa, wilii all lie' on tori i Improvement* Dinner at all ocloek. Uudoubtod ren > r vru and required. TI AKNHOMKLY KL'KNISIIKD RtMiMS TO LKT-T ? I- v II lulliea and aingle gentlemen, arllh partial Hoard N" I'l nee alreet. 0 6)0 broadwat, hktwkkn twk.ntih'l h > J.v Twenty Oral atreela.?ThW teniae having i>aen thnnin ;le re orated, newly and elegantly furniabed. la now ready u> re ei t? giieata. Klngle Kiaiiua aiid Apartmenla en aiilte to let <a. tfc< European plan, no nnoomm.aily moderate 'eruia t" 1e*.r? t . * parti ea. PLEASANT AND WRLI. ITRNIKIIKD ROOMS, I.N oila or rlngle, aultahle for married or atngle gentleman, wi h food Hoard: uae of raa, bath. plana, Ac.; atagea .mil rata I i ea the dour. Terma low. 636 tludaon street, corner of il arlea. F.EASANT Fl'HNIKIIKD ROOMS TO I.ET?WITH OR w tihout Hoard, aultahle for a fumllv or -nigh! per ma. In a family uhere the routforta of a home may bo emnye.l; In mi < outaitia all muilerii iuipioiriio'iiia and la altu tie I nu v ery d enable neighborhood.' Apply al I7tl Weal Tlilrty ?l\'ti at-e -t between Seveuth and Kl(hlli aveuuea. Privilege to p recti. .; on a phn.o If required. "Dooms wanted?ron \ 1 m>y i.ittik 01111. JV eleven riara of aga.^aitdjD'ntleman, with Ikird for the nuy ami rni. only. mum oe otnween fourth sir nil Prince, wmi Broadway. A Ik him* k?pl hynwiluw, when there a ; no ower boarders, preferred. References not tin-islcd upon. Address George, Hera 1.1 offlc*. Rooms to let?wiTn board tor families or single gentlemen, at No. 36 (new 38) Weal Ninth street. Two or three gentlemen AND ONE OR TW I RE speetable Young I.adieu, ran be accommodated with Hotrd ami a rnmforlable home on reasonable U'lrn Iloiw fully aMuaU d. Weal Sixtieth it reel Itrat house froui Urea l? i) , Central Park. Manor at ( '. o'clo. k. TWO OR THREE NEATLY FURNISHED ROOMS TO let?Together or aepnrate, for gentlemen, with a pi mule family. House haa all the modern improvements, eiaivenlem hi Broadway, Second and Third aveuttea; one block from Crmper Ti.mituie and Mercantile Library. Apply at No. 8 Fifth atracl, near Third avenue. r> LET. AT NO. 12 CLINTON PLACE?FUUNISI1K.D npartmei . single rooms or In suits, with or without par Hal board. r LET?PLEASANT FURNISHED ROOMS, FOR LA(lien or gentlemen, with or without Board, at No. dH Spring street, near Broadway. WANTED?BY AN EDUCATED RPANtsn LADY, Board In a private tamily for herself and el,.i.t of lour years, wberu instruction in Spanish and French wnmil he re relted us an eonlvalent, himI would eaalst In the family ?*wlng 1 he beat of references given ua to respectability. Addreaa A N. U., Herald office. "TIT ANTED?IN A RETTHFD NEIGHBORHOOD IN TV Itn oklyn, a (nriiLli 'd Room, with Hoard, for a lady. In a small family where ther.- re but tew boarder*, It rius must hs madarata Addreaa J .1 Herald office. 2 ABINGDON SQUARE WEST STDE ? ROOMS TO LET, with Honrd. hamlsomeij . mushed. modern tin prove mettle; locality airy , convenient tocara and stages; rsfereu.'.e required QQ CLINTON PI.ACE.?A HANDSOME SUIT OF FUR OCr nlahed Rooms to let on llrat floor; three rooms leap with Bra bath and i rename room in the bouse. V. , i suit Ri> ma to let on the second ttnor. suitable for a party of gentlemm, or would bo 1st to a Aral clsaa family ou very reasonable trims. ne EAST BROADWAY?ROARDINO.?A LARUE FRONT UtJ Ruotn on aerotal Hour, neatly turmshed, lor a Keutletnsn would be let to two single gentlemen. Terms S interne. wrtth a good table; a few single geutleioeu out )m BKsaini.odateil References exchanged. SQ EAST FOURTEENTH STREET, NEAR UNION I / Square.? Desirable l Booms on *e -ond rtoor to let. rebel permaiirn.i\ ..i ti it.~j.-u I> Infantine- ... single geutieiwcn. (wiser at (; references exchanged. 7(1 ?rRWU n-MUT-lHNKK UWKf FKDX HKHAO! 17 way. to let,aevernl hanilnomely furaiebml Room* u? alnrVa ifnlkiwn. The location la near all the Aral elaaa hotela In isa rhr all i<-ha?l ui the Uutlluv la a remlliw iuwo. Inquire ft AXtOS HOLHK. in I T.rammtry PARK, EAST TWRNTY FIRST Jvl'r ateeet ?Mini o( large ami hamlaomeiy (urnUml i> i?? for Southern fantlllra, and rnonta for atii*!* n"uU? ni"U, arfih Uwr<l 1q7 fj'ihth ~STRKKT-TIIH HOISK IS .ll'ST JO I opened and ready for a few flr*l elan, boar.lent, who ran giro ?ati? fat-hay referewa. It la newly ami elegantly I in lit laS awl Hi irlil) repaired. fall aiuleiauiiito It, tinea mora (nan Hroetwuy 7IRtlADWAY. CORNC* OP IHNTa RTRKB?.I O I TMa Iom, Uvtaf baas thoroughly reuoraled, b aa opro la raaaiaa paraunt and tranalem cueata. Cap aa the Baruaaoa plan. Real* iraot iHanlal Tahla d'hnta ?: ?a aataah. Tiaal and Rpaalah apokaa. ~COC!ITit? BOJuib. ~ yj1a rt> i* tiir oovntrt.-a kkw tap ant rooms J) aaa ho rotaiaail m a healthy and pieaat konatkm. wbera Vie adeanlagra <4 the fa-ot e?n ha enjoyed. frnlt, yegetablea. he at lha ma taaaa af Wat U. DIBBUCC, Kratrhorry UtU. WHjflRa noarti in oorwwau.. <??( tmf. north rivkr, iw Tbe Whim Is l.-o-iuf-illy ah-iau-d; ar..unaaodat. >ua Iafl h>?H SrM rlaas Neaetee tba lliKlom Hlvrr Railroad the ? eam'-ad Tlxiui PoweU b-?yea dally at .If; P M., fo* of .fay ' ra?. I?wt, rvtunung U< tbe rity In the monmie 1W adsertlaar intrad-nl amm In nrrupy tbe mnma, and Mete dwi-ee of tbeni la entwarjiiaiv* of a death In the l?euy Par I .. 'la* Mj-ttrnlara addree* Jama* <1. Roe, Oon ? all. i ran#" <?,idy. K-w Yarb, or H.. boa l.M Poet office, ?r M4 at tbe dure TO Bread way. tTrx aa#e and M? ??a or at imw dally, flouaa an parlor; noma ^ maa. irtag aaMaatlal aad ibaadaal. Rptaadbt ooaan balbla? Arab 11 Baaadaay. DAAIII H* THE HUMMER.?TWO YERT PEtTR AIII.K i> R.eata la a piKate hoarding bouar. at Sand's Putiit, -at the Sr-I.od aaf he bad W am.Had far at an aarly day. Add raw I U , baa UA >r? lutla odtca. HOARD ATBOUTII BKRCJKX. E. J , TWEET T MlEUTEt fr.ei. .far* y f Wy hy Iciree railroad A prlvaia family wll take a f- alirmaa aad < > en-l ??ie elnal- ic-..ilnnaii larix ai'?f-*>? nilnn) ?ai('*i?l luav >a hee?yi>yed. Alan ' i. >1 II- tald -Ata. SOAtniJio at a farm nnwm.-Tnx rtwwriber baa arraaa- d la aneoaam-idaia fami'.Ma and md.rl.Uala al lajra faiw. BMj.a>a of the lata I bar Ira Underbill, near Olea tVwa. I. I. Tba bnaaa la admirably adapted for Ibo raayeiuaacnui fen.lnea, lb- ground ample and are'l abort, rrery ana.:on thaia farm ana produce la offered to II a daatnag a raafctrne* for tba aamtaar. Addraaa Mrs. til mhethuaaart II. lllru i Vwa. U L /'fll'*T?r ROABJh-AT IIAVRRtTKAW .HEW YORK, \/ la a Hmh-h fain t?. I?d h.ur? aail on 'be Mhenr day t-nta: I ..I n>l.ii<? an 1 haiblng. lern-a amdrrau:. fur particulars ad draaaj M I'-danu/EOUWTET BOARD?AT nARTIBOS, OR TI1R EoflTH \ I river. Tbe lYnwen Manalon delightfully all uded -jo t'ia baaba id tba Helena. a-e.ui 'iftern muiidaa r ilk finti tbe ra.l r-ad irj-a -i-d arynihui Undhi^a, bartn* been thoroughly r? paired and aawly fwvlahed, la irea "pen fur tbe rummer aad ; eatama apitba ream! a aad narUaa of grown perouta rrhu deaire a aniet. eadunanla ana pie taant home will And 'ha ? rue* i n nee all tbe I ran be deetrad. Apply U? Wll.lJ AE (|R?T.M lAarrrr-tnlana. N"n?'?-Hmrv IW*4, Km , l'fl atmx, W l>. lluwMi, S Ih^N laH, J. W. 1U Ar<ianway I erwnst hoard -a raw ia> arokk* hat he ac 1 wtAlwl la a hi/S air) ha ilihy 1. ration, tn ttao imrn nt mx. X V . talk a fiaan Rya Kan 11 > ro Hail mm. ?a? Amr a ^wrur i rbla Imro ih? <*y TV a-Irar < Iwr rmm ? ' ?n Monday *?! Ttvaaday, lAa MA ul MUi Inx . M Ui Waal Twatrlj CMi J UIWC I 'iXilllTBT |tMARI> AKAR T1IK < ltY??A LADY WHO ' A ln.a lot <*t lAr ? aaifba k |t<aix-. iwtr llr?*r>ry'" TVr*. Iwrn. I (nMwIra (r>*H IV l?? <4 Afiii..; atranA, b> Ihf lid'*, at HI, |i A V 7. kimM n r?lif lAruk Ira i Am laarAn. It biAiMu?l j>Anir. H xAlii. lAa, lijf forty aaera?l And t.irrjr, iAm urAratrra r?ma rrlaMag MwJ t ati apply aa r>r ete t"rSI RiTTwiTT*irfi rnttnuT* mTDttiji i.lrla '?! V iiAhmi'A rrah a Ia4r, in a a?N*-| Family Mod ff ailH Iron lift ?*? aaRarr-'krt ?flt fltt.1 tlka rraufvv oaf ' Mjr A'Iiimb luafti uctkx, lUlVi* a Paul, H.J. UWafMH NT AY ROARB ATlir>FTH~ORAX4lK. Jf #, OJTT.T >mr Arm rv?? from JU? Yurt ?A fanr |>?nui? can Kft '" aa MliiA r? ftarllcaAnra Miwi at H ?miamii mart, raw *?a. _ (VH WTEY HOARD *AT A* OBTAlWm AT CEDAR It I Var a ?n rwaaa aa M? Wadar, alar a .f Htm Hi 1.1 aa Atr atr) AmaakiaA r>4 TaAia at naa??i*l,l* prkrc TaA# Awr Anal I'm* af llarr^a alraat ar lAa oaf* UJarany CUT, m<++mUrm <. ruaa. (xotrirTRT aum wi*trn-i<ia a i7w7r ash f lAian parti4 ?Aa aaaaaaa --a > tnr tV r<-r.ik>naaa A laraa ???! aA'Aaa. |M rtl*a?y >4 aMi? aft raa^taMfta, a r.a.rrr.Wrat 4laaa?t*a (ftaan Ar rn Y rrr% riarra arKlr aa, hi A fall HNaaarr?k.arr?H> tat Ma. Ar A. Wanar MaraM rabr ? Mmar a riiAamal ?Tlt A BKHTIt" n?o.r^ait mtwia*?ar rya^ guraa hr man t At*|U>T n^Twai1**I tmUj " M f?m <rn m< ?(Wt ht?4>rhll j| Ml at ? to A M. trmi>tts5rij^i5S^g51 g.?sr * >???* Fthmmat-titlt ijwk - run <mt moch >?>h? * '?>* > mi w ' r??* ?M? wrr tor mmhn 4 M'? > ?" "> * # to toMr |?T< to um- fiwfck, KMxrtatAae-' "tv?terttfr~-. B? fn ititn M4in ** h??t WAMn.Ton - ? Mmw MM ImmIC | L'r??T to romrv Mmn on mrwioii mix b -i to, >M*lM?to tMaMtolM. frx fesgnEgi? EersnEM *.? ? MM ?r-toto W rntuw, *???_ IIIMU KUOKTf. . ? i ? .1 - - ?????? A^m v> >< NnunimR t It" IMffwu* at ito *?4l mil tori I 1 ??X| ha TBiO ?N? arekina lor k- <k Mn-Mh it> > ?me* nkt? ? Mr Ihrar h"i*C. * ' ? |ihaaa ra to Wtai nhw MM n ? or trw*. tnaa Mr #? ere rrki as Ma at Mr opnac* a iimmm iriMt M?Mrr* . i i.i miiM HrmuC' i im M%wJr??a e* 'haa > lie* I hr la auw el r|Mbr> 4 to Mil all wha ... r Ma Marl arhh Ml naanrt a| r ah laMha rt.lL |.??J Io?.r0 rad largo atrr rwan at in i lariki aLergaa .... ii i>.?Utk?ia * the a??l hae? m* M>r ia* aad aai o*o?. w that Sah Mra4rw* |aaa ?aa ha aa una I A i. ..Idntnaal hrradrod i" treat h; aft; **~t, ? Ii ii i ' i 11 iag? aai hat haaa amahad tad (tat aaH r ii i fi..iu 1*1 r nf thr adJaMM aaaaWMMa haa im hewagM M 11 I aihtnr mrrrnmmmmm ara htj a. oh ilaraal. iiaahaar aa MraJMa ear. ... >.ral I..* t.rri. rnaaai'l f.a Mr mmm? . i Ir nana I.MM (ml l~ i# IMr aatar la aia haa llrrkimri Id : run tjnlo Telle e?t rat ha raaMad hf Mr 7 t I ? i. Mi?rr end fetHral HaUraad waM. er hw Ma aaraeae I lot ma Mr i Vautl n nil lat M * Mararad ? . t'l or | mlo Kail* or to Hrrhharr ahore Magaa ara M raadr I'l'M III nmiry purer nam in Uk Mirtoa. in irrar to Ma* VR. V JOHMttOM r,v9nmm Ari.ANTir HomR. mnrroBT. R. i-nm UMR end feehWmebla aotebllotiaieal ail] laaaaa tar Ma MM ft ihr Mtfa iif Juoa. Tha aaharrlhar. aha haa raaaaOM |M h mr.1 Mr pro|>rrtT, aad ripandnd anM? laa Moaaaod aalaa II 111 perfect nrdrr pledgee kinrardf b> aaadaal aa a iii ! i leaa butei, apulai aHMar aRort or, aayraaaa W wl. WWwtCW. Hi.Airr HOTIfc-TOUCS *1*KMai. uriUIHJ* OUftr em MiUnr.? TMa Dow aad aattpdharat huka* Mapaatgkap 'iimiahrd with near* prnrttra tar Ma aura/on V Ma MR will he nponnd in thr Mth I net. Tha waMra * MM Rtfcf i.merer ilia hirhrri oaadlcluaJ rirtaaaaf aa; M Ma aaaaMrv. MUrhrd era InlUord aakeaw, bowling altera deary mMl in-lling kike, Aa. Tha rvotiiKt atfnrda aaapta llnW M a> ngler end HMirtamu. C-arrtaore trill holhaad M oaaaaa . nolo Oil' 'lino f?e.? oolloo JIO.O ho ikn ?ee 4 K'f-Ma *m I. VHrnL AflBML l'dei ? Kl:> . Jum 4, UMU. BLLH.M - HOTEL, UA1.V WAV FROM ItTHKIUTO Hi* Mount*ii. Ilium*, la nriw open fur nmanf haardiiri n ilnr place for running and rtuh'.n* Ihmrd t* per aafc. Can reyance to all part* of the country at a fair prtre. DAMP Bf/ioM, rrnprletar. Kiuitua. tiimna county, N. T. t MJTYWOOD HOlTWt, omwiTB UVPOBV. M. I, V I* uow otMB far the recap** of gamaa. ft B BalM JJ> iiulca from New fork, IK houra. (all by euaiabaati lanat ?mi a no* Price, from Robinaon etreat at A. M. aat l r M. rinr bathing. Cablng, calling and plenty at BMaihV choice n>?? no' taken. Apply to fiapt. AEBOwEMTTM. m h* Keytmrt. fmor until 4 oofcnk, or to B. w. ABBOTV,n? pfVt4>r (KlLb'MBlA HoUHR, CAPE IHLaND, CAPR MAY, M. I.? f TUIa large Br*t clam hotel will be opened far the reeepWi ofsunate oo tnc Mth of J una, 1M0. The bullae haa been ramplnlnly repaired and rafMBM| a new walking ranacL ovens, aleam bollere end every MM improvement added.J Eitenaive (tabling attached to the preoalaae. All lett. re addremed to the subscribers, l'?pe Wand. I.i, wtu l>e promptly attendedi a I.ATRD A WOODMAM. J a mm 11. Imian, lair proprietor Praukbn Hoqae, PhUndM phis; R B. Woouum, formerly proprietor ML VarmHewk nape Tal nd. /1LAKKNDON HOTEL, NARATOOA SPRINON?THM \ J nntiau i* now open lor inn season, replete with every eflMforu having water cloaela on every Boor anil and bell to every room. A (able unaurpaased. O. C. putnam. Fink kukf bathing -howell's hotel, at Qnoftie, has been put In lino order for the reception ot hoarders. A few famine* can be accommodated with Rood airy liooin* U' early application la made Thoee who wish u> tyiioRue we beg to refer them to Mr. Gilbert Deri*, tl Pine etreeb FOWI.ER HOUSE.?OLENt'IDA LAKE, CARlfKL. N. T., *i minutes' drlvi from froton Pall*; four naile* frees lair ktnhopar; 16 minutes'drive to fifteen (lltfsrent lakes, winch atmund with flah, eitenslre accommodations for harose and carrtaRes; livery stable with esddle horaea, uarrisRea, 6a, attached. khwin FOWLER, Propria**. Hotel st. jclien, 8TATBN 18LAND. on grant street, Four irlnutea walk from first landlnR. Table d'hote OP prtraui table if desired. KLBRRT ANPRRBOK. Propria**. La tovp.ette house, bkrgkn point, n. j.-thw favorite aummer Hotel, beaullfnlly alt UK ted on the banks ot the Kill rnn Kttll. ta now open. Boats leave pier No. I North river al 7). and Ilk a. m , and 3k and 6>* |tm.; froas Barclay struct at 10 A. M. and 4k P. M. Time frees New Turk. 36 minutes. WEHLEY W HILL. (Farmer!/ of Lafarge House), Proprletor. Lar mohroah hourb n mow ofbb fob mmmar Hoarding, situated four miles Mat 0i rnhMlll silage, Wesirhester county one hour and m half ride from Wa rli) by II uriaon Riser Railroad. Mouataln air, good Aril? and bathing, makes U on of the moat daterahte teaahoaa la |m round for families who purpose gulag la tha aoaatry. dram A. W. Palmar. PsehaklU Puat ogtca NKW RITHMKR RRMORT.-HKim.AMn HOUR, WA Plde, Highland of Kevaslnk. Now Jersey, la now ipsa for firxt rla?a Imarders. The buildings sre separata, to esdtt u.e n>.ue id a hotel. Steamboats, Highland Idght and Isag Branch, font of Robinson street. M. /ARTIE. SKA BATHING ?fONORKMM HAM., LONG BRA NTH, N. J., la now open for tha reception of guests. The Rarttam and Delaware Bay Railroad leases foot of Robtnaon street. Mam York, at 7% A. M. and SX P M., tending passengers w?hha two hundred yards of the aboee house Inside of two boom. Perrons wKhlng to engage rooms will plaaaa address Woofcnaad Ktohea, Proprietor. SRA BATHING. - BATH UOTRU, BATH, DON? Island, la sow open for the accommodation of transient aa well aa permanent gueata. Ctem chowders, roast rlsma, iiah and game. Dinners and suppers at all hours. Brmhfaal parties aofldted. R. F. WINCHKHTRR. Lata of Weatorn Hotel, Nam fat, CJURF HOTKIa FIRR IHI.AND, HOW OPRN.?THROUOH O ticlteu at Mouth furry, Brooklyn, sla Dsernark and Babykin. Cars lease dally at lb A. M. and BJO P. ML For further Information address Manuals A Downing, Firs Island. SKA BATHIHQ.?CHITKD HTATKN TIOTEL, DON? Brnneb, N. J., te now o|ien for the reeeptlan of gueata. persons wishing to engage rooms will pleaas address B. A. Hhoamahetr, Praprtstar. THR CATKKIM. MOUNTAIN HOCKR IH HOW OFRW for the reception of slattern. A sery eilenalss additions haa been made to the bouse alive the teat sesaun. The propi tor believes he will now be able to arenaamodal* all who map flail tills daUgwral plaoe ?f soaaasr raaort. a l. BKACB, Propria**. riKKWOHKI. Eoom riMBT premium fmieworxr?pbimgipai? dopoi SI Maidoo laao, Nrw Tork. Flra i ivkrn. Torpodoaa, Jam MUcfcs Hi tkt Ml wM> at articles raqnlmd far amrskaapara' alas sad pa Mia okUa Hons at superior qnalK/, at laaa Ikaa usual prtoaa. I lira ordara by Mil ar ai??ap> a OEO. B. OOLBT, Na, * Baidaa laaa, *. t. pi a. l1llikndahlh depot * fob tub excbixior fireworer. Baataal la appaaraaon and baa to quality, fob public and private exhibition. fun1ton k btofibld. BI JoAa streak. UADFtELDH FIRST PREMIUM FIREWORER. ukfot 47 maiden la nx. ubnbt b. tttpb, ma? Jo. k 1 EDGE. jr.'r . premium colored and brilliant firework*. w. J. hvmm a iiro depot. 900 broadwat, Hatbf a?da fivnalra arrenaamrata wttb lAe abafa celebrated maker for um aaJa of Ike* drawnrta. W are prepared tr< "(far amrakcepara aad the public mmrailr aa aaceaafled Hork tmU a quality aad fartotp, a redadcd prtuaa. 9 ni'aUna In part of Firecrackers, Torpedoes, WbooM. Trl "*('? Rnrkru Rums l.badlaa, Mates, ridaona. UMsMb b*U*riee. ltali<x?iA Ac. 'H> and Tows DaaMa rippllad with pabHa dlaplaps tk h?n nnllra IOPKI II o Ann iKA tr KIMKH FIRMT rmwn i (J flra?"i'k IVjm* M4 Hr.*.lw?f, wlcrr r?n ta fomd tin ir,. *t ?? xr^lx-" rtim'til In th* Hiy A l?o nta band MMrWH inrrt> - unoirn rm-rr rwrwrtm riK*woan 01 J t I O. ?r*ry domtiptkia. nunuiH tart quality. Dnl ?r? ?x1 n ?n ww.mMeee eu|>|>tliM U 'be urtoee. (Mm jrutn4.ll/ tuwded to. F5ollW D. ~ ~~~^LMUT1UIO mavawi^ _ axaoiToorrw bayoomMjrr.?*onc? n nu H. br *? Met the folliiebu eertj bartaf (MM Meet zggzz' azxvsa&i&i ?? < * ** *. ^2*r* * ??* M ^lMPor.,MM..>S " wmur.m**m BL P. ootm in in. ?m?m, W> ?r. MB _ f OHT-A PRMMT*<>I?TI*C>TKrOIIBI*Hn?n?IW a* XJ ?? > - Mlam knd ei?b?j f>wr ranu (9M7 Ml, Araw fcr R IA l|,it<b<na, onlrital. parabl* ? tba or* / 11,.a V ' i) A Co., X alt mraiiha from April *, U at ir - *!,' * K Itrll uul J ?M, Nr? York. 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