Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 26, 1860, Page 11

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 26, 1860 Page 11
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WTOAW?I WAITOJ1IUM. >a nmrwtjmm rnqush ladt wishes a situ a-A tionjy^afomijgaiag to England. (Ml at tf Eighth RESPECTABLE TOUNO PROTEST A NT OIRL WANTS situation u Chambermaid or wait reel and to do plain I earing; bai Seed three yean with her laat employer. Beet of referenoe. Chit at US% 9th av., oorner idlh at., la the greoery tore. __ . A SITUATION WANTBD-BY A COMPETENT WOMAN, il aa nurae. can take charge at a baby or growing children; Am a neat arwer and willing to make herself useful; no objection to attend an Invalid lady; hae the beet of referenoa. Inquire Tor one week at the oorner at Smith and State ata, Brooklyn. a rouna qibl wants a situation to do 02nbJx ral homework, or chamberwork and to lake care of children; baa no objection to go to the country. Baigood city reference. OaU aiEM Tib are. ^ r rwpsotabui marrikt) woman wants a situ-fx aUoaaawwtnnreb: herbahyia two wreekaold. Beat of city refereoee. Uaii at lMSSUeL, between 7U> and Mh art., third Soar, fcaat team. rrhpnctabuc touno oirl is desirous op obtaiaiag a iKaation aa rbambernuiid and waiter In a , rt vaI* In ml), we objection to go to the country; the beet of ty reference. CaU for two da ye at 121 10th aye., between loth mad IMheta. situation wanted?by a resprctarle*yocno woman, as good plain rook and to do the kitchen work in a smalt private family; can give good city reference; no objection la g" a abort distance tn the conntry."Please call at SS8 West l&h at., between Tlh had Mavee., for two days. / ? - , ??( a Will ATION wantrd?by a rrspbctabut TOUNO J\ girt, between M and U years ot age, la a email private family, to take care of children hud make herself generally useful, wages not so great an otuect aa a gooa nomtv ^an ob i aeen for two dara at VI East lTHi si, Bret Soor from the corner A SITUATION WANTED?TO DO HOUSEWORK IN A mall family: la a good waeher and ironer. Can be aeon * 4orAmadAya at 1W Weat 30th aiToetwecn 7th and 8th ava. j A RESPECTABLE PBOTKSTANT GIRL WANTS A ' situation with a family abont going to Europe; hat no ob,action to kPttlt In New Yon or Jersey. Inquire at 313 South 7lh at., Jersey City. i A RESPECTABLE YOUNO WOMAN WISHES A SITU AJnL Uoa as nuraa and to do plain sewing; baa no objection to . ihc country for the summer months flood city reference*. Call for two days at Bt Weat flat el., between dth and 7th area. A youno oirl wishes a 8ituatiom. either as conk or laundress: good dty references. Call at IBJttth ut, cortier of Tlh ave., front room. aecoud Boor. A8ITU ATION WANTED?BY A YOUNO WOMAN. A8 i waitress: understands her business perfectly. Inquire at her present employer's. 41 West 17th at., all this weefc.g A RESPECTABLE TOUNQ ENGLISH OIRL WISHES A I J\ sttustam aa nuraa and seamslrfsa. or would be willing to trawtt'wHb a taniUy to Europe, being accustomed to the sen. Address fur two days 8. S., 4000th ave., between Mth and 25th -Sis , third floor, front room AI H FRENCH I.APT, WKIX RECOMMENDED. WISHES 1 a situation as tescher, In s prlrate family, of the French R nid Otrmnn languagea Address French Teacher, box 159 I Herald <dSae. I a WOMAN wants a situation; has NO OBJBC- j [ tints' to go to the country; understands plain cooking, i I a ashing and ironing. Can be aceu for two day* at lto Chamf ber* at., second Boor. Asttuation wanted?by a respectable woman as rook, and to assist with the washing; has no obclion to s private boarding house; she ha* three years and At months' reference from her last place. Call at I2i Ami lor three days . situation wanted-by a respectable mid J_\ die aged woman, as baby's or children's nurse, and to do plain sewing or light rhemberwerfc; would be found a useful person in slrkncaa; lias good city reference. Can be seen fur IwXlays at 181 Kaat Uth at. Am widow woman wants a situation-as wet nurse and seamstress; Is willing to make herself agree I able. to Mra. Rlgncr. 5* Trinity place. "a touno woman wants a situation TO do ii Ike housework In a sm.ilI family; reference from her last place. Can be seen at No. 127 Bulter at., between Hoyt and Bond aU , South Brooklyn. WlfANTED?SITUATIONS. BY TWO RESPECTABLE qff girls: one as cook or laundress: the other, n Protestant, On chambermaid or waitress; good etiy re fare nee. no objection to go a short distance la the country. Inquire for two days at 135 Kaat Eld at. h7anted-by a respectable touno woman, a WW sit nation as good cook, washer and lrouer ,tho best of ?kr reference given. Can be teen at 1M Weal 10th comer *'Hudson, until engaged. a MONTHLY, OR INVALID NURSE. IS DESIROUS OF V forming aa engagement; she hi capable, experienced, arm highly recommended bv doctors to attend la any kind of ISlcluicts. Addreai or call lor "nurw, aapnuw. " *M RESECTABLE GERMAN QIKL WISHES A SITBAA Uon with a family totog to California. Address 19 Bedford a*, brat boor, New Verb. r PROTESTANT FOCNO WOMAN WISHKS A 8 ITU A A tiou. aa cook lie private family. Alao a young woman a* chambermaid or nurae; The beat city rafereooea jpreu. Flea* caU at >17 Kast 19th treat, third Boor. A RESPECTABLE TOCNQ WO*AN WANTS A SITU AJ\ tion. aa wet nurse, ?W baby U alt weeks old and eery healthy, can get the beat of recommendation from her laat place, no objection to the country Can he aaan for twa day* at U foraythet., room g. lloura from It) till > o'clock. A SITUATION WANTKD-AB COOK. BY ONE WHO understands her bualneaa. baking. pa Wry, c remit, and ail tla brain-lira, would do tome w ashing, would go to tho oounIry. etrrllcui reference. Apply at Na 9 Monroe at., near Uatharty. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE TOT NO girl, aa rbainberraatd, waitress, or plain aewer; can be Keen for two day" at Na 77 Wrat llhh at. Meat of city refeTDCf can be given. SITUATION WANTED-TO DO GENERAL HOUSE j. work. i>y a neat, respectable aerrant girl; la eoowoatloal, ^fcpet-ni and faHhfnl. and highly recommended. Call for -a at No. M At law test., Brooklyn. SITUATION WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE young girl, aa rhlld'a nurae. would do chamberwurk, haa . ibirctKMi to go In the country; ooairtu reference Call for - days at ABSMt at, between Ah sua 9lh uvea., for Mary ' wning. A YOUNO WOMAN. WITH THE BEST CITY RBEK \ re nee. want* a aititation to do general honaewrnrfc in a ?U family. Inquire at HO Wad (Hit at. bar preeaai am jWa SITUATION WANTEI>?BY A RESPECTABLE GIRL, V In do houaewnek. or rooking, waahlng and Ironing; goal 1 y refrrenee Can he a<-en fur two daya at 1(17 ftLsJ at, taeeu York and Sands eta.. Brooklyn. A YDC NO AMEBIC AN WOMAN WISHES A BITTTA1.A linn an aenniatreea. In the country or Hit, the country led Can be teen for turn d?vi *' :|HS Hudson a'. ft RESPECTABLE YorNO GIRL WISHKS A BITUA V Unn o. do general housework In a am.ill private family, o conk wath and iron. Can give lire yeart city reference. - j be eeen at llt^West 17tb et., between Rh and 7th ara. . SITUATION WANTKO-BY A YOUNO WOMAN. AS i\ ehaudiernudd and laundress. Good reounueuUtiaia Apply at 17 19th at. II.vnv 11IVI NO CP HOIMKKKKPIXO, WISHKs To ' V ''*1 a good altnatw-n for a tninororthr Protaatant woman, ?*. f and wnmra, or aa rbamhermald and munar'w; raf 4140 of ukln| charge of an tnfaut from n* birth, ran rat <<1 make boya'rlotbra. Can br aern at thr rraideuor of h?f K?ncn4 cmptoyrr, 3BU Wrat Mb at., fur ihme day a. ll .1K-Pr?T4JHJB (URL WUHRS A SITUATION AM t rook, or ad rank, rubor and Iroaer, la a amatl family, or do ?|> dalra a or* ami plain arwtng. Th.- boat af refamtn van. Cat at 03 Daoglaaa OL, Month Brooklyn, Oral Soar, froot ?n. . KKRPItrTAMfK RMil.lSH WOMAN WANTS A SITU tV mm In a onali fanilij . no nhyartloa to in a ?lr.n diaUare thr country ,m Can br aern for I wo daya at M KUiabath at. 1 8fTC ATTOW WANTK1V-BY A HKSPRTTABIJ! OWU V to do rhanibrrwnrk and naltnc. and to takr rarr of rhv .11 and do Ana acemg; no nbjertlno In rttr or Country; brat J rrfrrrnrr *1t m. (Ian bo arm at US Waal T7th at. r WOMAN WISH KM A SITUATION AN OOOI> OOOK. 1 aolxraid Irnnrr In a email ortvalo family, thr t>rat .if jr rafrrrarr from bar laat place Call for tao 4?)? at 111 ^ av , between Mb and l?h eta , arrond Nuiw, front rraa Bt torxo WOMAN WISHES A NITTAI daw aa waltreaa la a prlratr family: nn objection t? go la country Can ba rr?a at her iaal place, 57 Won Waafclng | H|nare. for la o daya. [ TOT NO WOMAN WISHKS A NTITATIOW AN CHAM L U rnuu.1 and aoaaaalrr.. or aa ihamf anaald aa t aa do an h- mtiallna. naa who thoroughly uudrrataada bar buatnen. I osjmam to either rttr or country, baa the bant of rftr rnfj - V I it a prOata fatally und apply, at Afc Kiat PWOTKSTVNT WOMAN WI8HM A SITUATION AS [ wk. madrralanda it la all Ita branchra parfertly. would <taar" dnaanra In the country Mea four ywara' ruferenre. t y at ItA Aiailp H., la tb? raar, for two itaya ^ rM(H ontt. WARTW A KfTUATTOlf TO DO ^ 'At ?<wr*J bntatawnrk nf m?U family. ah* M a r?l ,.i A* Mi p?r?l|piit ??h?r *rvl lmn?r, and hut two vr?r? ratwr from hwWM plarp V pplr ?t IP) Wultxirrv at, bo Orand and llrwrr ala. Ko unlry ral'a n???l applv RKSTKiT 4RIJC PROTUHTAXT HIRI. WANTS A aauorap Can b*t a lor t? j dtfi ol N JJt rtar at. \ADT WJSITKR TO TROCrKR A MTCATION FOR nrw win iwalsrWaivIa porfWMy (to oar- nf rhtMr-n. akata atlUaatP aaaM In hapaaboM work. Apply '.Alt p ? A4 10th ulTottwrtu atA ?'i I >h ?>? RKKPRTTABIX TUCNO OI.RMAN OlRl. WKHKS A \ vt'nMi'Hi ?? rhamWmaM'?r rHIU'i nurap c?n jrlv? i|m> ipf. r C*tl at No MR a* >>"t? ?n Mm nil I Itia, tirat tour, froai rmoa R FX I'll f A HI < fOlNO OKKWVN <11RU THAT V<pak* Fftirh ?n<l K"eif'i >n ? < I'*: at No Ml hi av , botwwn ?Ui an4 47th at*., lift 1 H-HM ? H r \H1.r M AIUUKP WOM W Wlfn II VS T.IKT A, aanta a oi ,'i.m aa ?-t n n?" |,*ru ? ttic K Faf ?l ?' 'Mi '1 A"" f' - 1'ROTKKTANT WOMAN. WITH OOOD RK rdP?lpPa 1 tn o-nrrtl ho-..-?rr? k ibna ?*.. ikint tlnnr, bark r<?*n. Bfpiklya I j MIN I,ADT. TWRNTT TFAR# ?F AOR t a OUOMI < , uk t>- il . )>.M'p i or io k-?p | at*Jl*U P'TOP oi l I ' ? III ' - ' ttilotl! tt"w1? "f i.po.tVworlr Jr., ' h' -S.k Ml. Hi anil F44 ? IHiam at NY. ronmtt ' tf TABI.R WOUAM WANTS A SITI'ATION A* I ' tvi ?.>aia*irp?a. i on nl an.1 U (.? 1. -n an.1 '*'* l-* PIit A Wtlaon'a np?l'Mt marhliv". ha< v> >hj" m ? ' lifaixw In Uw nrialf) 'A? bt ?ni >1 W?li t' 11>a or rHWTl.Y RTWIN ) and QT Tf.TINO ' baa4 aaA wkh WWlw A Wliaon'a nif btaoa la I fHrn-* 1 lha Ntumwt wataa. Apply II 47 M ' OT Hp KTMIIolAvr l\n RRrtNKU-.vT IM Wk* lo mm**** )*mm* for * pnrty+f i?nto'in??Tv w fiary > fwuWtot |. ?.?u? 0ii m m * fl \ ?PF<T*R!r Ultl WANT- A <ITt tlloV ml tAbcniiM mi to MMtot At thm viililni rw wtH nn t.%Hto; J* " M. fir tooMuL wo gywto> to n>> totoft Utotoi . try CRU M M Baal Mu top Boar. NEW YC SlTtATW WAMTD^MIHf. Arkspwtabuc woman wants a situation as oook; ike la praArient la her business and a trustworthy person; good references of four years cm be given. Call for uodaya al Mg East IWh it. top floor. A respectable woman, who m an excellent washer and Ironer, and has good rrferaooea as to h on sly and capability, would Uke to take la washing; terms moderate. Apply to Mrs. Pury, No. Xtt Weal JTtkst., between 9th aad lOtk avs. A SITUATION WANTED?BV A YOl'NO WOMAN, AS | rook, washer ami Irooer, or to do chamberwnrfc and sewing; la a good plain oook, ttrst rate chambermaid, neat iwwrr. and esrellent laiindrewt. H<m city reference. Call at We i til ave.. between iflth and 80th its., room No. 8. A YOU NO WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION AS LAUN- i dress or to do plain cooking, washing and ironing; no ob- i H'< lion n> do light housework; city reference from last place. Call at 27V 3d avc., between 2*1 and 2Sd sis., drat floor, back room. ATOUNG WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION AS NURSE. ? , Can be seen for two days at 12 Greenwich ?. MARGARET CU8ICK. A respectable girl wants a situation as cook, aad to assist In the waabtng aad ironing, or to do lh? wiudung and Ironing in is small private famUr: has good -ity reference. Can be seen for two days at 190 7tli sv , be twT-tw m/in mq iw mm . i A SITUATION WANTKD-BT A RESPECTABLE woman, to |t H plain cook, or to do general housework; no objection* to go a abort dtatanre in the country; It drat rale washer and truoer; the boat of referanoa caa to* |t?r*. Can bo teen for two dajrt at VI Wttt Houston **.. la tbe store. A TOUNO WOMAN, A GOOD COOK. WISHES A SITUIX atk>n in a private family; w ould aaU in the washing and Ironing; no objection to go a abort diatanea in the country; beat af city reference. Call at UB Prospect at, Brooklyn, for two lays. A GERMAN dlBL WANTS A RITCATTOW AS CHAM betanaid and wattreaa, in a private American or Freuoh ramiiji ha* no objection to go a abort distance Tntbe country. CaSat 1>87U>are., between Cdand Wtti ate..third floor. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNO woman, as wet aurae, baa no objection to go in the courtiry; the beat of etty reference can be gtvea. Apply at UM Houston at., room Ho. 11 rear. A SITUATION WANTKD-BT A RESPECTABLE GIRL, aa chambermaid and wattreaa or to do geoerai house work In a amaii family; can ooaae well recommended. Can be teen for two day* at WW Wcet Wd at. from M> A. M. to ? P. M. A RESPECTABLE TOUNG WOMAN WANTS A 8ITUA. tion lo do chamberwork and tvaiUux in a amall private family; no objection to go a abort distance In tho country. Can be teen at Wo Frauklln at. A SEAMSTRESS, WITH A 8RWING MACHINE, WANTS employment In families; will cut If reoutred; ia a gaud operator; will take work at her residence, DM 1st av.. bolweeu 17th audittth sta. A FIRST RATE COOK AND LAUNDRESS FOR NEWport, a waitrem, and twenty cirbt for honvn ork, wanted thU day. None but Protestanta, with etty reference, need apply at the employment agency of the Proteatant Episcopal Brotherhood, 1M 1th av., near 12th at. No charge until engaged. A MOST RESPECT ABLE GIRL WANTS A SITUATION aa chambermaid or to do general housework In a small private family. Can give the beat of city reference. Can be seen fur two day* at W Weal 3Uih at. A YOUNG WOMAN WISHES TO PROCURE A HITUAtlon to do chamberwork in a private family and asaixt in the washing and Ironing. The beat of city reference given. Call at 96 Thoinpaotyt., Third floor, in the rear, near Spriug. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOTNO WOM VW. TO do chamberwork and watting or house work in a private family; no oblection to go a short distance in the oountry; good reference. Call at 7ft West 17th at., between 6th and 7th av*. AN KXHF.RIENCED AND FASHIONABLE DRESSmaker wishes work by the day, in a few reaper tabic families; would not object lo go *lo New York or Brooklyn. Addrees A. M., Jeraey Cky roat offlce. for three daya. A RESPECTABLE YOUNG GIRL WISHER A SITU A tion aa chambermaid and to do the general boaework of a amall private family. Apply at 265 Went Mtb at., between Nth And I (kit ftvi. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE young woman, aa nurse. Ia a first ratn seam .tress Has four years reference from her last place. No objections to (to In the country for the summer. OaJi fur three days at tH Sullivan at., room No. i, in the rear, between Bleecker and Amity streets. An aged woman wants a situation to do housework or plain sewing, and to make herself generally useful in a small private family, Good recommendations. Call at Wjth av., top floor, back room, for three da) a. A SMART, ACT* YOPNO WOMAN-WISHES A situation in a oomeetioner'aor baLer's store, tlood refererne given if required. Can be aeeu fur two days at No, I Amity place, roar building, accond floor. A SITUATION WANTED?by a young woman, as cook washer ami ironer, and to do general housework. Call for Catharine Crawford, at 2) Monroe at., lor two days. A young woman wishes a situation to do general housework; la a goud cook, washer and trooer. Heat of city rcferenaa given. Inquire fur three days at 636 itieenwieh at., In tha mare. An experienced young woman wishes to oh tain a situation aa good plain cook, washer and Irooer in a small privata family. Can give tl?r beat of Hty reference ua to character and capability. Call at 161 Bast SBd at, east of the 2d ?v., for tw udajS. Ah nurse-wanted, a situation, hy a most faithful and highly recommended woman, aa nurse; will cwiat in cbamherwork and itne washing and ironing; la expe ricnes'i to lbr ccc etiildr?n; has four years' reference to* Brooklyn ' tnitly; kt a neat nad valuable servant, one in whom confidence aksv'' t* reposed. Apply at MO front at, Hr?*lyn As cttambrrmaflt. *u-> ukn*y ntishbi to pro ctiiv * dttuAtkm for * younjc P* cht?b?n??ld Md 1o do plain Mwiax. &j?Usfitrtory raf ereoM flvtii, ** a??n at brr i?re<#nt *mt)lovcr a. 40 12th at . bet Broad and Unlvcraltr place. ARTTl'ATIOK W.VNTKD-BY A RESPECTABLE OIRL, a* cook, waahar and imner, oc would do general hou*c work. Can give ihe beat <4ty lelereneeai Call at 2W .SulUvan at.. In the rear, third door GERMAN SERVANTS-TWO RESPECTABLE HERM AN aerranta w tab aituauooa la a pnt ate famil v aa cook, w ?*h rr and irooor, and chambermaid and waltre*e, or nur?? .lie well recommended and have no objection to the country Ap ply at the *-m anta' luaUiOe, 149 Grand at. HOUSE* KKPRRS SITUATION WANTED?BY A PKR on of industrioii* habiw and kind diapoakion, an<t who thlr.ka ahe ta every way competent, and w ho la anaiout to ui. .-t with a plncc ahc could call her home, fan give good refcreu -e Apply or addrcua a note fur two or three day* to l?t IWaivy at. RJTLS. WILSON WANTH SEWING, BY WHEELER A JM. WlLaoii'i machine*: machine* win luto the eltr and conn try; competent operator* furnlnhed; inurnetioa given. Mr*. WllJhiN. 124 Fourth avenue, neat door to fumming'a furnish ing More SITUATIONS WASTED-BY TWO RESPECTABLE one aa cook and laundre**, the other aa chambei I maid and waHrraa; good referem-** gtven n required fan be aeen for a few day* tn Hunter at., three doora north of Put mm a*., weal aide, Brooklyn. SITUATION WASTED?BY A RESPECTABLE tlARRIKD woman, with a freeh bread of milk, a* wet uur*e. Ap ply from W A. M. tn 3 P. M. at 179 Chrtatie ?SITUATION WANTED?BY A YOfWt? WOMAN. AS chambermaid or walire**. or to take care of children. baa no objection to go in tte couutry; i* a good w aaber and irower fall at No. 41 Downing at SITUATIOM WANTED-BY A YOCNO WOM%X. TO cook and naaM In the washing and Ironing. u<> objixuhnt to g? in the country. Call at HW \Ve?t ?tth *t. SITCATIOM WANTKD?BT A TOUNG WOMAN, AH nurse and aaaaaalreaa Is amiable of taking care of an tn fant. H?* no Ohjc-non to the-iwairy ft<md city and country reference. Okll at 171 Kli/abeih at _ SITUATION WANTKD-BY A OKRMAN GIRL, AS ctemberin.iiri and waiter, or to do general hon?work, In a small Ameri'-an or tier man private family. Call at JO Leonard second #>* r. rear hotw. anTATltiN WANTRD-BY A RESPE* TABLE YOUNG ^ -Awl mm filalfl rn, Jr kiJlsr And IriMlPP. rw tn do h.MJd-?r irk In a amall f a'm 11 r haa good cfty reference from bei la? pUee. Oil at <1 Wet ?th t.. third Boor, back room. S1TCATIO.N8 WAimtD BY TWO OfiWPKTK.NT AND highly recommended young ?.?i? in my country A good conk ami ex, client waalier and irmier. rnakea ? ? bread and ph-a; the mber a lira rlaaa . lurabarmaid and waitrom Apply at S7x thh ate., bet* eon 23d and 2Kb M? ro SJHTFRR WANT HIT!'ATIONB-ONR AN fOOK. the other m chambermaid and watt nana: raw to the ladlea they Kara Urwd a HI) In New Yurii and Hrooklrn, have no objection In go In the country I'leaaa Oall al III Facte at., Br ok; j a. for two day A rA i.adt or r Awn.r aroct to rRorntn to r.xo land.? A lady offera her aetrrleea to wait timet libera, her paeaa?* to bo mveldnred an equivalent Addreaa Mra II., eare of Mr Knew, No. t? Mrt 1, ooroer of fch aro., ataliug where an tnlerrtajr pan bo bad. WANTRD?A BTTTATIOX, BY A YOt'NO WOMAN TO do chmnberwnrk and waiting or iom with the waahlng ami Ironing: no objection to !n the r.aiolry, A tod city rofo fence, trail at It Vaat IIat at., Ural Hoor UTAXTRD-A RTCAlKMf, by A RKdRMtTABIJ? ft v.Himr A a liar. : tak, >f a baby nr to do chamber work or would do the fine on ohjc iiiuoa hi the cnun try; beal of eh> reference, ran be em for three daya at No. liKat MM at. T1TANTMD?A MTI*AT1??N. BY A REdrF'TABf.t: II yuung girt. ae chambermaid and waltreaa or rharahet maid a ad aeaitnLr*?- la , r>?l plain newer: pnrfnrtly will in# a ad obBglng Call al ltf Weat HXh at , in the nor. Tl* ANTTTI??TTT ATTONB FOR TWO FATOR1TK NKR YY ranta, cot* and chambermaid together, hy a family glr ?np hnuaekeephm, hare no objection p, rine In ike country | ibe -uirnwr Inqtre at U i raoberry af. Brooklyn. tiranted? a mttatiox to do oenerai. norBR. f* w,willn a prtrate family-a ?nnd plain ennh, waahee and Wraier Apply al ? Marhwi t . Now York. In the front baaw teak Ret of otty reference 1*" tVTKD-RY A RKdPECTA RLE YOVXH WOMAN FY and a Pride?t?lili, a atloai ai aa chambermaid nr nnrar; la willing to make herwif o?"f.U; hn nbtiction h) the i country; r ??t rrfrwer Can he aeeo ft* two daya at No 9 Mnlhorry at. N. Y W ANTFTI ?A BITrATTON ?Y T YOCICO"WOV AN A? YY ehiMren'a ntirae and rainvtr. -a or In dn hamharw trk ami aeani-tree": aty reaea ellv reference can be given Ap ply al her pr.-acnl employer a. m Htldge * Brooklyn WANtyrn-A hrtrATtoN. KY A YOVNU OIRI,. -TO YY tak" aare of children and do plain ac? lug, or rharnlco work and wahlnc llaa rond chy reierence t an be -eon for two daya at ISb ?ek Rah -y WANTKD-A SlTf.ATJON. HY ? RKHPRi .'T ABI.K YY young Hti, tn go aa rhnmtr-roiahl and a aitci. or !.. go ae nur?e and plain newer; la well v 'ointnendcd. I'll! a1 212 t ?t XSth <4.. for two daya UrANTFD~HT A tOI Nil OIRI.. A MITf;ATION A? ehamhcrrrald and to lake -are of .-1,11.1 r-a. flea no ?lij t, ei in the cotinirv for the atimtn-r. fallal bor prcwiit ?wi p'eyer'a, 7b Fatal Nkb t tt-ANTT.D- A BIT1"ATION Ad NCRdRRYM AID, BY A YY rear actable ytnmg girl; bc?i of r|t r reference glret,, willhig to III" to cpher New York or BrmAIrn fan be wan fr ,i nJ hi Y o'chieb. at 6S FrlO'W aire," hrnkiyn. fnrta-i T*"ANTRI>.-A STTI ATION HY A TOI Nfl WOMAN, YY aa ae*m-tre?a ft, derate oda cnttlng and fttllng C?u imerale on Ororer A Raker'a aening maeliln.-a II t" no oh jectlnna in do light rhnmhere fall al 410 Rat 10th at . third law, back roam, (or tan 4ai >RK HERALD, TUESDAY, glTlATIOill WAJTlP-ygMAJUKg. TtrAKTRD?A. SITUATION. BY A RKSPECTABEK YY young girt. hm cook, washer and ironcr; or M biuudre*> Addrt-sa or oil si til West *Uh * WANTKD?A SITUATION, BY A RRSPKCTAltUJ PROteatant young woman, aa nurae; ha* no objections to 'or country or to travel. Ctty reference. Can be aeen tar two days at C3 A natty ?L tYTANTKD?A SITUATION, BY A TOl'NU WOJttN, AS Y Y rook, washer aad ironer; is a good plain rook and e ?e?I. lent washer and Inner; good city referent. Call at 2.V1 Raw lmii >4., rcond Uoor, front. WAMTKD?A SITUATION, BY A RKSPKCT ABI.K young girl, in a small private foully, to do general housework, or as plain cook, washer and Rtner; go ?d ritv rife renoe given; no abjeotioas to the country. Apply for two days at 306 West Mth at,, first fioor. TATANTKD-BY A COMPKTKNT WOMAN. A SITUATION YY aannrae; ran lake charge of au infant; or .? U ,.n , bermaid und seamstress; cRy reference given. Apply fur two day?"at &Q filh ar., between I71h had 18th uta. WANTED?A SITUATION, NT A RRNPK'T AHf.N OIRL, aa good plain cook and excellent woodier and Iruuer, v ould have no objection to do housework in a am *11 family; good city reference. Call at 30* Not! at. WAXTKD-BY A YOCNO WOMAN. A SITUATION AS YY aeamatreaa In a private famtfyrundemtanda fine ahlrt making and all kinda of family sewing; ran operate on a Wheeler A WUeno'a sewing machine; no oUcetkm to go to the country. Can be aeen for two days st her present employer's, n 8th av. WANTED-A RITU ATTON.AB WAITRESS OR CHAM bermaid. Inquire at M Kast 21st St. TIT ANTED?A SITUATION, BY A RKKPBCYABI.K OIRI.. YY as nurse and plain newer, or would do chamberworfc and sewing; hos good references from her last place; would like to go ui the country. Please call si IPS St. Mark's place WAMTKD.?A SITUATION BY. A .(MRU FIKTKEN yaars of age in a respectable. fanrtty. Wages not so aatich of an object aa the advantage of a good home. Apple until engaged, at Mrs. Wctchs. No US Wooster St., seooud floor WANTKD?A SITUATION BY A YOUNG WOMAN AS chambermaid or waiter**, or to do general housework in h small family. Heat of city reference given. Apply at 513 Columbia at, near Hamilton ave., Brooklyn, from 8 A. M. to 4 p. m. "tit anted?a situation, by a respectable TT young woman, an cook to a private family; no objection to assist with the washing and ironing; underotandn her bual neaa perfectly; the beat of city reference from her last place. Can be arcn for two rlara at M West I8th at., between 8th and 7th ava. .tirst floor, front room. Want Kit?a sittatton, by a middle aokd woman, aa plain cook; la a good washer and tronor; good city refereuce for the laat five yeara. CaU at ft) Atlantic au, Brooklyn, over the harness makers. WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE WOM AN. A PtTPA lion aa wet nurse beat of city reference can be given. Call at 302 7th ave.. between tfth and 90th ata _ WANTKD?A SITUATION AS COOK AN? TO ASSIST in waaning and Ironing; understands bar buatneax; has good city reference. Cau be acen for tw o day a at 178 Lauretta ?t ., In the atore. UrANTKD-BY A KKHPKCT A bur WOMAN, WASHING TT and Ironing at her own house; all kinda of (Inert- and laces can be done up; beat of city reference can be given; those wbo will call will Und evervthiog to their saUafacUon. 7th ave. WANTKD?A SITUATION BY A RESPECTABLE PRO teatant young girl aa chambermaid and aeanutreaa, <>r aa uuiar and aeamstreaa; has the best of city referencea. cleave call at 71 Wcat 13th at. Wanted?by two respectable young women, aiatera, situations; one aa chambermaid and waitress and to aew-; the other to take rare of rhUdren and do light cham her work and can embroider. Apply at 113 Tillary at.. Brook lyn, between Lawrence and Bridge ata. WANTKIN?BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG GIRL, A situation us aramstreM, in a private family; understands dressmaking and all kinds of family Hewing, and ia a good ope rator on Wheeler k WUaon'a sewing machine. Can be seen at 118 Amity at., In the rear. Wanted?by a respectable WOMAN, a KITUAtioo aa first clans rook; has no objection In go to the conn try. Beat of city reference. Apply at 212 Wcat 23th at. ? i TlfANTKD?A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE TV voting woman, aa chambermaid and waitress, or aa ehamqrrmaid and to do plain sewing or to take care of children; has live years reference from her last place CaU fortwo days at M Wewt 33d st . between fth and 7ih ava.. tit at floor, fTynt room. H7"ANTBD-A SITUATION. BY A RKsPHt TABLE f T voung woman. as guoj plain cooa. w ui *s-ii,i m w.isioag and ironing, country preferred, (lood cl'.y refcreuce. Coll at >1 Marlon St.. tB the rear. wanted?a fiittattrtv. hy a respectably M voting Woman, as cook, and to a?#i*t with tlic a ching and ininluf. Uood reference from her last place. Call at SSI East HOtli st.. for two days. tlf avtep?a 8ttcatiok, by a respectable TT young girl, to do chamberwork sad waiting, and assist with the washing and Ironing; good eity reference. Call for two days at 28 Kant lllh at, corner of 3d av. WANTED?A SITUATION. BY A RHKPKi TABLE oikl. as plain cook, washer and Inner Can be see* at the house of her present ana ploy cr. Ml Kant Slat aL, far tiro days. Wanted-a situation, by a respectable pro tenant girl, to do chamber work and wailing or to lake rare of children; no objection to an a short dtaunce In the coun try (lood 1 eference given. Call at 14T Tth av., between 30th and flat als., third floor, frapt room. WANTED?A MTrATKMI. BY A oikl. TT aa ehambermald and waiter; won Id hare no nhjertidC l>? <lo general honacw ork for a mail family Haa the beat -d re ference from Iter last place. Apply at II Spring at., rear build log, for two ilays. . WANTF.D-rt a respkctabi.e woman, a stti'a ff lion as cook; stie thoroughly itn4*ratan.K Her bu?ine>a, men in, ptes. trwMmgs. psstry and twdhnr. *?nd city reference country preferred. Apply at 110 Weal wth at. WANTED?A SnTAflO*. BY A KKHPKt TABLE U1KL U> do general housework; la a fond plain cook, washer an<< irouer; ? mid do light chamherwic* and take care of rhi! dren; go-.1 city reference, csn be seen for two days. Call at No. .11Dean St.. Bronkirn, third floor, front room. Wantvp?by a respectable woman, a sitca lion u laundrraa, or plain rook and aam?t In th" waahuig, bra! rlly referror*. i 'aU at sr Perry at., for two day*, bark bamnrni. i- i ?i o 4ui ?t. and w.iverley jilaee. No objrruon tu the cutiuu y wanted- by a respe/tari.k tocno woman, a tl aitnaUotl todo floral housework In a amall famllT Tall or add r>?a for two day* at 51 Atlantic a) . Brooklyn, flr'at floor, front room. reference from laat rmployrrm utantitv?by a respectable girl, a situation m * nurse and c hamtvrmald, or aa waitress; aha refer* to ber present employer, from wWoa# boose aha now adrentaea. Apply at ?4 w?t tath *.. between 5th and dth are* tlfantrd?a situation ah cook. bt a froths tv taut woman. understand* all klnda of rooking and all kji da of dcaaarta. ran taka the entire rbarer of u>r kHebrn. wxxt rlty rrfrrrnra from brr law plarr Pan be arm at m tea is a at., coiner of 0lh are., for three day*. No objection loHty or country Tir'anted?a situation. by a tocno oibl. to y y 'to general bonartrnrk In a ?mall prlTata family. Apply at 113 York at . Broohljn, for mo day*. "wanted-by a respectable woman, the tt n i-hlnc of a few gentlemen or prlrale f ami lie* under 'ande. the l.usioeaa: ran get good referonre If reoulred. fall at 9 wn z*h at., betwr-n *b and i'b in.. Aral floor, back niont. Wanted?a situation, bt a tocno oibl, to <to chamber* <Tk or take rare of rbildrrn. baa no otyce Uo?" to traawl with a fa.|y fall ai TP Weal Ml at., between Ik i' and 7th at a, second floor, t?*efc room. TITA MTED? BT A BNsFKt TABLE PROTEST\NT tt TOUBIE (irl, a situation to do rhamheremrk and waning, la .i prltaie family Call for two day* at 6t Kaat Houston at., rear fir anted-a sttcatton, by a protest a nt oiri. TT fe do hmaework for a ainall private family, good etry refereitee gt?en. fan he ?een for two daea ai the corner uf VanderhUt ere and Pact#" at., oter the gna-ery wore, Brook >t" fir ANTED? a NTTTATION, BY A REsPEfTAHI.E TT girl. In a jifHale family, to do general kneanrt. * as plain nmk. waeher and imner t lootI e|Ty referonre from her I. . i ..-I. .i UH Mas Knaitao \I'AXTRl>-A MTl'ATIOK TO DO UQITT CHAMBER " work nod plain a'-iUng, or to aaaiw in i 1m nam <K <hll dr*a, by a rmpa&able T'rtnf woman, who can br aeyn at tbo reaadmca of hr praeam employer V K**t y?h w iiranted? by a* NXFKmicwciro rwotran rrnthr ** kaawar. an rngngrunroi In a gantlnman'a family Tha arraruaart* tnutwurtkr aa>1 tbonvigbly arquainlnd wnh all thai apparUitta to hoowkaaplng. ana would Uka Ibr i>mir? inanagomam < f iba buuarhold alalia. Inqiur* (or 11 II . (or mu day*. at IMWoiUM*. umhwiv-iiv a rkrpkct a m.k wllk in. a bitt a ?T Him ' .km fully rnpabla of taking < h*rgn ot an Infrat from ? barb undrrwand# plain anwing and rhamiwr ntnk. Can la a**n lor mo day* at No. 3 UtamrUn- pl**-? tv'axtkd- i kircatto* by am fi.pfbi.y tootfmt IT ant woman, a< rook, on*- who Umrmu i hua'nr?a la an atrMWail bakrr. and haa no obia-uoiy la pi n rbr ontawrr Can be ?aan for twai dara at MB Canal ?(., war tlnrlaon. Oral Hoar, beak room tl'AXnD- BY A TOt'Nfl WOMAN, A MTCATHiX a? If ro*>k and to aaalat in Um waahlui* and Ironing, oan giyg itr boat of i-Hj r-frrata-aa Plraar rail at 373 3d *?a . In Ik" fgrry flora i aa l>r arm for tarn day*. T?TABYin>-?V A RFAPNCT A HI .K TOl'Mfl UIBI. A II alt nation an r hambarmatd or wagraat or aiwliit in waidi Inr and Ironing or laka rarr of rfalldrm. Iiai'ilra In tk?< gru r? ry alorr. 433 ilk ?vf., beiwera 30>h aud Tflb w*. TV' ASTKD?BY A REsrW TA l?l,K rRnTRnY V XT WO II man. a abnaltna aa rook, waiaMr aad Intw la ? *maii prt> In family, ilw baW 'if akyr i?fWiw? from knr law plarr Call at Ukt lAb at. nwar Tth am. Wbhha ntkp?by a rkmfmct abi.k tocmai woman. a altuallon aa <h*mhari#aid and wallre-a, or haa ao oh lr ' on iniuir In ib" w??hlng and ironing. r?"1 dBy raf'rMihaa no ohJnrtiMI to go In ikn ennntry OaJl for two dajrg at I1M 13th at. bat worn l?t and 3d avnr. U'AXTNIk-A NOTATION. ?Y A YOU.VO WOMAN. TO do tha houaawnrk of a aniall family; la a gopd plain nook, and Aral rata waahar and ironar Apply at 73 J*4ina>m * . k? Iwrrn Jay and laiwrrnrr, In th- rrar TV'ANTRD? A -OTP ATION, IN A "?M At.L PRIVATE YT family, hr a rranaataWa wing woman ran tvlra >dia> a?.( all thr mnklng. baa llvad lorn raara In km- taw plana} Mi I of ?Iit rammmandaUna* Can be aaan for In* day* at mo. 39 Carroll nL, .Mowlh Brookly n VV" ANTED-A ROTATION, BY A MITHH.K AflF.D YT ladr. front llr Nawrrn *W*laa. aa romoatiam to an In valid yawl( 'man of rHin-mani and taaia, or aa Vmankaapnr to a*ana nna fyra of ana umbrae* an of family and of m?aa? i<> take a plaaaatrt d anaWkr h*anr In Ik* d*T or wintry M'Kh a mm addmaWng Huanger, Hmudway Paat odk-a, will ha promptly anawmd. TV ANTED-A klTC ATTn* AR WFT Ml'BIB. BY A fy baat'hr mung manaa. har l?*hv ia th>-a m <* iha ol I Apply a' Raw >U< '< . hatwr?w Iw and ?!* .< >hod Ircart r*a*m. for ikr*a day*. 11'AMIIMII A RF* PT' TAIK.h VIM Mi W >M A V t yy a?*iai|on tn a rrapartalyla amall nrt\*la fami'y. la a goat plain .">k. an ayr.-llanl a^ahar an<1 irni. i otd ? yniHi i< ' maka krraalf grnrrally iiarfut If required. *?l hi* goal gitt rrfaranra Call *1 3-A 33d *1 . Belaya I 9 >1 , I t imh va* it I ow, iiwmI rvoat. - U r I JUKE 26, I860.?TRIPLE IfTCATlOM WAMTED-railALM. TETANTRD?HV A RESPECTABLE OIRL, A HITUATION 1 tt aa niiaiubcr maid and waller, or to do the Lnnaaworh of a Miinil femur without' raiidrt-u Beat of cHy reference ritreo Inquire at the corner of Ntrtaa uud Atlantic ate., aouLb Brook- 1 lyu. over the market. TIT ANTED?A SITUATION, BY A K Eft P HOT ABLE EE- ~\ ft uuiie, 111 a fancy store or lathery. Apply at 110 Nonius at. p - Ml 0 "lirANTED?RY A RESPECTABLE <1IRI., A SITUATION I' Tt aa nurse and aeatuMrees, or chambermaid aud Beam strew, Call ai hut Hicks at., corner of Facuic su, Jd lloor, fruui 1 room. Brook.I) u. 1IT anted?A SITUATION, by a competent PERSON 1 ft as iux*: is a good cook, flrat rate waaher aud ironer; ' go<?t reference can be given. Apply at 196 Varies at I) MTAKTRB-BT A NEAT, COMPETENT woman, WITH TT dfceiiein rlty reference, a ahtiatlou aa nurse and seam. "1 Strew; euta ana uta children's dresses in lasumnnble at v . wapea $7. A so, a cook, who understands mots, poultry, o and paltry , w ages Call at Kit East AVI at. WXNTKIV-KY A RE.SPRTTARLR WOMAN, A SITU A- ^ tlou a? cook; aiaa UtorougWy understand* i?er business, will aaaUl lu washing and Ironij * or Jo all the washing of a auinll private family; has the heat of city reference from the upper class faounes Inquire al SKl At are., for two days. TPANTED-A SITUATION TO DO ORNERAL HOUSE ft work in a private family; s good p'aln cook, washer and Irooec. Apply al M Mnrtou M., new* Turk, in the front baseuieut. Deal of ctty rel'ereuce. HKLf traTMMUUIW. AGENTS WANTED?IN RVRRT ClfX AND TOWN. TO aril iMvid Veutea's Racelainr Renin* Needle Threader. the only inventor and manufacturer of tlic genuine nrucle. For sale at 178 Duane street, N. Y., ta the rear. DAVID YKNTKX. A (MINTS WANTED?WHO HAVE AT LEAST $10 TO XX. Invest; auch only need apply, and can make money rapid- * (v Call oo or addrese for parbculara. A. M. PooU A Co., US 1 A party havixo from ?0 TO ?T5 tax mrrt with 1 Kit nation ui a neat manuf.icturtnx business that wtll pay . well; nor pna-esstng smur bustneas espertcnce will find this a rare rhanor to make money. Apply from ten to four o'clock, , to J. T. Smith, Wft. 63d Broadway _____ ( 4 FIRST RATE CHANCE.-WANTED. AH ENERGETIC ? J\ and Influential mat. lit each ward of the cities of Nrnr , York, Biwklvn, Williamsburg. Jersey City, Hoboken, Trenl<? Nroaik 'and l'steraoo. aim two ou Stateo Island. to canvass for a new and popular publication The persons who *p- ? ply must reside "? '"< locaHty they arc (o canvass. and mual B hiing written testimonials aa to their euergv, reliability and bouesty. T?. auch who arc of the go ahead, wide awake stamp. 1 superior Inducements will he offered. Apply for the neat three days front 12 M. to J P. M . ul No. 7 Tryon row. City Hall a square, "entrance on Centre street, Or*; floor, lu the euttuling I room. Bookkeeper wanted-for a first class ^ Southern hotel. Hone need apply unless thoroughly coin- K prtent, well recommended and wUUng to go out immediately. Ii Address, with real tvune and references, bov 1.966 I'ost office. o Boy wanted-ix ax office, a smart who writes well and lives with Ills parents. Salary $100 the 1 first tear. Apply tit tit) Liberty ?t , front office, up stairs, after U) o clock. ii 1 r Boy wanted?to do thelhiiitworkof a job * blng tea bouse; uui-t w rite a good hand, anil be well recommended. salary small for Urat year. Apply at 17o and 175 1 O re enw leh st. DRUO CLERK WANTED. C APPLY TO IL PARKER, ^ Fulton avenue, cor. of Jay at.. Brooklyn. CT ARDF.NKR WANTED.-A PROTRSTAXT, WITH A T wife, ! > go ou s country seat, twelve mile- from the city. * The best of reference required. Apply al 25 Beaver st. RFJtPKCTABLK MK.V SEEKING SITUATIONS AS bookkeepers, salesmen, clerks, porters, Ac., should apple 1 at the Men hsnts' Clerks' Registry office. 7t Broadway SitusUouh procured. No eommissaxi In advaucc Applicants be 1 mall must enclose two stamps llours from 9 to 5. Fatah listed unm W. J. KEDP.VTH. I rANSLATORS WANTKD-TO TRANSLATE FROM 1 French into English and rice versa; also a copyist familiar w ilh loth language*. Apply at the Office dr PuhUctte, French * American Advertiser, 175 Broadway, betwocu I and 6 o'clock ' P. M. ? i TirANTED?A YOCXO WAN AS CLERK IX A FAMILY FT grocery; one w ho ran come well recommended as to ' ruurni'H'l miiu capacity. j%I'FO wv. 0. nam, ?m uuuauik o M , Brooklyn. "IT^ANTEP?IX A JOBBING TKKCT GOODS HOUSE, A ff youu* ra?n as porter. One that 1* KvjoAlntnd with the 11 citv, and can give the heat of references, can aiUlrcaa boa 110, Herald office, slating amount of salary eipected IITANTKD?A njC*K FOR A OROCKRY STORE; ALSO I? a salesman Id u dry good, store and a corre-iemdina clerk. Apply at the Men-hanle' Clerks' Registry offire. 7a Broadway. Situations procured. No commission tu advance. Reference to brat class houses. Established ism. WM. J. REDr vTIl. WANTKIt?A BOY TO OPEN OYSTERS, WAIT ON table and make himself generally useful lu a saloon. Apply at as" Bowery. TITANTED?A fJOOD MATTREfW MAKER TO WHOM Yl ateudy rmploymeut will be given, (.'all at 34S Hudson at. WANTED?A SMART, AOTIYE HOY, WHO UNDER stand* opening orators and waning on table*. Apply at tfce Eureka House, fit Hudson at. WANTED?A SM ART. ACTIVE BOY. ]? TO lt? YEARS old. who ran write u good liawd and ts quick at ftgu-et, and wtiltny to moke himself gettersHy useful, in a light business; must come well recommended. Call at 7to Bread way, second Hoor. tltantkp?a ma# who iNDEK?TA(<fw oarofv i TT In* and eon take eare of horses, and be general! v useful IWtttid a small farm; a German or Englishman preferred. Apply" At K8 Chatham at. UTANTED-A ROT, ! OR IT YEARS OLD; ONE THAT ' l TT Uvea with Ids parents and that ran come well rernm 1 mended, also a boy that ta accustomed to tusking j>aper bags i Apply to In. lynch, HI flrrenwieb at., corner of Spring at. 1ETAKTRD? A TOUNO MAN AN ASSISTANT BARTT keeper in a liquor store. Apply at 388 3d ava., corner of .'IXh ?t , between 11 and IT o'clock this morning. j TlfANTED?IN A TAILORING ESTABLISHMENT. A I TT porter, who can produce references satisfactory as to 1 iMBMlT and ability Address for two d..}s Merchant Tailor, Herald office Tjr-ANTKIV-A TOINO MAN IN A UROOKRY; ONK i V? whr> la well aeuualnted wt'h the hneine.* and can be well | recommended from nia law place, fall JC M av. i WANTKD-TN THE COt'NTINO ROOM OF A j?IIIP pine mcrehnnt, a vmmf fendeman of 16 or 17 yeara of aye, one who reahlra with hi* parrnia preferred, aalary drat Tear iso Addreaa is the hand writ >>14 of the applicant, box 1,676 P?at gflr*. 1 Wantkd-a Torso man, in a dry grocery tare, one that haa had experience and la willing tn make himself generally oarful Add rem, atatlug trrmit and rete rem ea, box 10U Herald offiee. WANTKIV-A MAN WHO THOROUGHLY UNDER alaoda the mantifariitre of fancy wire work of all de arrtpiioQH Addrraa box 44 Htamfnrd (Conn.) Poat otB. WANTKD-TWO INDUSTRIOUS BOY*. TO WORK AT a light hmdnean. Apply before MAM, for three daya, at .'!& Peart at , up italra. W\NTKn.~YOVNO MEN OP RESPECTABILITY AND It rharartrr wtio are In wntti of attnatkma. and are wllltna to work for a po?lOo?i are " anted at Worreater k Co.'a. No 063 Broadway, up ati . N ne othrra nerd apply. Houra from Pin 5. yBTANTF.IV? A MAN AND HIH WIFE, OR A WIDOW II women xrlth one rhtld. In lake care of a tenement honae and to keep it in order, one that la not afraid in work, to whom a rooan aireix fnrnlahed. wdih atnre and all, wilt be (leen free of rent; a Herman preferred. Apply ail fi Plince at., a lew dnura araai of Broadway TV'ANTED-AN OFFTCR I.AD. ABOUT M YEAR* OP Tt age, one who reiddea In thla city Addreaa Note Broker, boa 1080 Pint office, In hand writing of applicant Balarr $.10 liral year. WANTED-A OOODOROOM ANDHTABLKMAN. WITH remwimeiidallony for character and entire anbrlety Ap toy at lit aitl 117 Wet gd at a?Ten - line Wltmfn ? ANT RCRPnrTARI.R K>OU. f uainraa man. ro'inc or old, luring IMa unnmil to | oan Ma employer. may hare a permanent alkiialiim. SI7 p r W.-0 ?alart year ronnd. or ha mo port haee an Inter**! in Iba liu-mewi Kara opportunity Una Apply at <U Maaaau -treat, kuu So. y (or two day* HELP WA ?TKD-nilAL?ll. All wovkn t.\tft.y unpfo <a* oft ooon aNuatlvna. immediately, in ra?|>eeub4r ami t ? ! traye- man* green |trla hare obtninad rn?i| |y?m-? \*1if*aii d? lay. a'. I ha Lirfaal InaUtiila and Home for food plana*, IX llth ?t . coroar of Ah a*. AGIRI W WTKP-\Pri.Y AT T? SKW caxaU hk laaao tlte hotira n< 10 and Aronr ASP riiAMRRRWAio it wtVTForoii A gent lemon a lamlly; rirellanl irage? given Ul h'UUW? part* \l-o aavaral rood la mar keeper 4 lor tnwil pi it tie laotllp In iha(p?.uiiU) So charge In IMa oaar. Apply at I At Mrwtdway. At ton rromf ktrfft rts ai.wayk rr out air ad tha moat raapaatahla and large* aalaatlno ,4 every ! ?artroion .4 li"lp, Frem-h. Geiman. Knglivh. dr.-irh ami Irwh. Ib'anttre hnN lag haaa aatahltahrd tan yaar* la a aofflrtanl rnarantae of kafiimcal prlnnplea Milk Kit t'OIIMCHT \I I. HKHI'Kt TAB1.K HKRYASTft ARK RRQI'KHTV.D TO call at tst Hmadwar. and prorurw wMboni delay a ami ?h|a 11ml pernunriit dtiw'tm. at r>?l wage*. Tina eoiahltah inapt la fXs.nar.tad hy tha haat famlltaa, hotel proprietor*. At., , In tha United Main Trj JOHS 0. I AfKKRM.AS. Proprietor iMKIK WASTKP-ONK WHO rxDHRRT A YfWI TIIF vy bnalnean In all Ita hranahaa, and ran prodaee g.?l i-*i| I tnnotal* aa to lndu?irv and aohrlaty, may applt at 711 ham hara rtra.-i up .uir? day between M and I o rlnrk. ' Yf AT TRIMMRRS W ASTRO-PF.R* ASFWT KMPIAIT It mant will ha gl\ aa to good hand*. Apply ai M- allu'a, 1 ?! Broadn ay, rornar l anal at. IAINPRKHH WANTKO-RoR I HOTKI. IS TIIF 1TTY J Apply peramally between tha horn* <a ,t and ? orlm-h, a' tha Rainbow lintel' tl and XI Herkman ureal. Suite but thma 1 rally i-ompManl need ipply. SKRY AXTM -OOWPKTKWt ASP RKI.IAItl.K ORRMAS, Frrnrh and othara, with go"1 rrferenra*. for oRr or anonUJ. may be nhiainad at tha Kmploym* in rforten'a om.-a, Vi. M llth at , 1 ate door aaat of Briatdwrtv. former!* Kttila II etaa. Grrman and Franrh langugea apohm. Mlfrft IIKI.Il. t| Uron. UTAimnV-A COLORED r*RMOS AM XTTRM* FOR A YT young girl, dhn mom h althar RpaoM or ft in ah Addfwi R " . hoi 111 Herald 'A*. WANTCr' t V HP VI II IIR *WT*M WOMAS t-1 YY lady a rnatd. Wi travel for tha anmmar ?h* m'iM lOdar 1 at iod Har 1 iff 11 and hara efty redarrnoea. Apply at M Waat Mhat. WASTRO A GIRL FOR OKSRRAL HOVWWORK1 one a ho omlarataitda plain rtadUna. * area tl Soa* Va* ttfh* *'U 1,01 fU" UN>'r Ap,>l1 ** U WAVTKP A MM \RT, ISTRI.I.lGl V f H<?V fO tTTP \ It har. Rone ton iw^a tnlly niuMti d ami I irnlahmn h.^i of refi 1 ir (r n >?' Hiplorrr tpi'l* to It M Call wall, rornar Main ami Water at aHt?*l>n ^ UrASTRlh?A OOOP TIPt flIRL ? '?M GKNt'ltf. hoiiaaworh tnoM ba a r-?M ??ahrr And tr<?tai, wttli rod t . rri' i - ni W f ! ' .0 I A Aft' 0 AAV'A. hi S Vhiwu P'AC?, Uo'"'4?ti, SHEET. HKLP WAWBD-WlLIil. LITAN'TRf?A G?H)1> VKKT MAKKR, WHO C AN OPK Hiili' ua a sewing nvkuii' Apply s'. 309 Bow cry HTANTED?THKKK OR FOIK OIHLH TO WORK AT " dieasinaklug. Apply a'. lOli K?I Mill at. IITANTKD? BY A KMAIJ, RAMII.Y, A PERSON AS T rook, washer and ironer wages. 86 per month A a rrson !< do general housework; wages. & per inonlb Brat f ciiy reference* rruuirrd in both <-wa. Apply this day, be aeen the hours of 10 and 2 at 173 7 th av. IITANTKD?A M1DD1.K AOKD WOM AN, AS M'RSK TT and aoanwtretw, a! 56 ffw Baltic v . Brooklyn. [XTANTKI>?A PROTK.STANT WOMAN. TO TAKK THE it charge Of a llnrn naan and laundry In a in at rl ?? olei iip U>?a Address, with name aud reierruce box II 7J0 Oat office IITANTKD?A UUU, KOR OKNKR VI, HOU8KWORK; TT must understand wuahlug and Ironing. Wages 16 per \outh Apply at 84 Hkr slip yt"ANTKI>?A QIM. TO IK) TITK HDISKWuRK OK A TT small family. Apply, well iwcomniruded, at 100 Perry ireet, corner of ureenwbh. nP"ANTBD?A fUAMHERMAID, TO ARSHT WITH Tf waahiug and Ironing and make herself generahy useful, rlth good ctly reference. Apply at HM Henry at. JXTANTED?A MMUF.R OP NAPOLKON TIP. BODY Tt makers; none but experienced hands need apply at the lock sad tie factory, UA 6th are. np-ANTKn?AN EXPERIENCED NURSK, OP KIND TT dtepnaltlm. In a small private family; must understand cuing and l>e well recounuended. Apply- at IM blast ItkA at., rum 10 to 12 o'clock ELrANTKI>?A flKoJ'KcTAHI.K tilRl. TO DO GENERAL TT housework In a small family; must be a good washer aud loner, city referrncos required Apply from ten to four iU bo Treasury, No. 4 Ureal Jt>ne? at., near Broadway . rn"ANTRD?A YOUNG WOMAN TO HO TTTF GENERAL TT . housework of a family of four adults, tn Itrookly u; must >e good at Itakiug, washing. Ironing, Ar , wrtUi recommendsIons; wagcsAA. Apply at 00 WlUisia at., tu ll? baaeineut. |J|rANTKI>?A OIRI, TO DO T1IR GENERAL HOUSE TT work and washing aud ironing for a small family la rarrytown; ??(M M per month. Ni sie need iwitilr eicepl :lio*e accustomed lo do general homework, at IS Ctauhera M., with references. rr-'ANTEn.?A COMPETENT WOMAN FOB general TT hnr.-ewnrk, mud be & good w??h',r. bolter aud |>latn ook. (hie that Is nest and (l]> nnd ran chine well reoomueiided may apply for three days at 213 Weal 30th st. JVTANTEO-A OTRT, TO T?0 GENERAL HOUSEWORK, TT e(K>k, wash and Iron; one who understand* her business iid ran cotne well rrrcmmeuded, way apply at 76 Undue at., Irooklyn, basement door. 11''ANTED?THIS DAT. COOKS, CHAMBERMAIDS. TT wailreaae*. nnr?f., and jreaeral house aal'ianta. I" (111 ood kituaMona, at high wages, lu private famUlea. b 'tela. he.. sell) and country Crowds of employers apply daily at tlila nice. No ofllea fee rbarged 111) engaged MOKK1S CoUNEKT 3, 106 Broome street. [IT"ANTED?AN EXPERIENCED WOMAN. AS OOOD TT cook, and to aa?lfc( in the washing and ironing: ntuat inderatand making bread and pastry, and hare g k*1 eity refeences. Apply between the hour's of Hand 12 A.M.. at 121 Veal 33th at. IITANTED?A NT'RSE. KIND TO CHILDREN, TO TT do plain sewing and make horsell generally useful; S6 >er month, referenee required Apply nt 21 Cottage place, Mdwcen 11 and 1 o'clock. IV"ANTED?A SMART TIDT C.IRI., TO DO THE GENE TT ral bouaework of a private family. Good eltr refenice required. Apply at 116 told number 110) West 15th at. IV'ANTED?A VOCNO GIRL. AS Nl'RSE AND CHAMTT bermaid; must be willing to go In the Co mlrv the sumner months Apply at #6 Macdougal st.. from 10 till 2 oVlock. IITANTED?A CAPABLE Nl'RSE FOB YOUNG CHILT T tlren, and one who l? a good seamstress. Apply at -5 lemsen St.. Brooklyn, tlila day. nr ANTED?A CT.F.AN TIDY * GIRL TO COOK, WASn TT nnd iron; lo one who la willing to work and can bring rood recommendations, a permanent situation .will be give.i. A ages fl- Inquire at 12V West iBd st. 1X7'ANTED?A WEI,I, RECOMMENDED YOUNG LADY TT fur a fancy More; one who understands the business; tone others utcd spply. Inquire ol >'. iiaubuer k Co., 5U Kh av. IXTANTED?A GIRL, TO DO GENER AL HOUSEWORK TT In a private family; must be a good plain cook, washer ind Ironer To a nest, tidy nnd obliging girl a good home and rages will be given. Apply for In > days at 112 Bergu.i St., w-tween lloyt ami Bond su., Brooklyn |XTANTED?A COMPETENT LADY'S MAID. MUST BE A TT prufesaed hair dresser and understand sewing. Apply wiwni in* noun- cm iwwve ana nve, at s w asmttgton atpiare, jetwet-u Waver ley and Went Washington places. TIT ANTED?A KMART HONEST GIRL. TO DO HOI AI TT work for * ?m?!l family. One who Is capable of inking he entire charge will have a comfortable easy alt nation Ap ply at U Door man place, Weal 311 at., betweeo Sth and tfth area. rr-AVTRD-A RESPECT A RI.E OTRL, AS t U7NDRESS, TT at Albion Hotel, W Hudaou at., corner 01 Charles. TIrANTED?FOR A SHORT TIME. IV A LARGE FAII mil), a competent chambermaid and waitreaa. Apply, with reference, at 187 Weil gtih at., between 11 ami A net *.k. TtTAXTEn?AS KTMR. A YOUNG WOMAN, TO TAEE TT rare of a rhlld, aged one year, nl? lo assist lu the wash Inu; mnat i? willing to go a abort distance In the country. Apply at 193 Went 21th at. 1 1 "F 1 t*TAKTKf>-A ?V *kT A Nil OllLfolNU 0IRL. FOR TT general hotiaenark in a amall private faaliVIISsM good Waaher and Ironer. Reference owjulred. Call In the mil Unary atore. 1US ?ih av. USTAjnTD-A WOMAN. TO DO KTTCTTEV Work, IN TT a 41nlJ>g rtloon. *h>o. a girl for ehamberwork ami tvaahnp. None but goo I hand* need apply at til# Grand at., and gtnat hart got*! referrocea irrt;atiom waitbduma lki. A BOOKKKKPKR'RSITTATION W ANTED- WY A TOVNO man having a thorough know ledge of bo->kiar<-|>iru| and mneral bnalneaa, and willing to make himself feoensltf en*. 10 if., rare of Charlea (vcribner, puhii-Uer, lit liraud at., wtii hare prompt attention. A If AN, WIFE AND DACOHTKR WISH SITU ATIONR; A the man nnderaianda the management of a farm, la a rrult Bowrr gardener, and, and undiratanda grafting and pruning of all klnda of tree*; Km a lie u a K'?"l not*. and lite daughter rau do aU klnda <if knhting Brat of reference*. Call for two day* at 114 Clinton at. ATOt'NU BAN WANTS A MTTATIOX IN A STORK. offlre or maanfartory , la an etcellent penman and rnrrrrf arrountant. and will make Nmelf generally uarfqt for a mall salary (loud refrrrnr*. Add res? W. R , Ikh 117 Herald oflk-r. AN EXPERIENCED PERSON IS OPKN for FNIl AOS ment* in pr?t up booka. collect blila and rrnu, Ac, on reasonable (ernta Apply to D Forts-*. al Br. lien Kvaua marble wnrka, ttSthh av., or Br. II. NoUorktn, plunisr. I.3M Broadway. ^ ARKfiPF.CTABI.E TOr.NO BAN WANTS A KITl" Auon, ran tend bar and do other nere*?*rr biiMai va Can art Ibr brat rltjr reference. Apply al 511 Washing..>u at., urar Spring. ARRKPKCTABI.E YOT'NO BAN WANTS A SfTI" A lion aa bookkrrprr ami portrr. and would intkr himwlf ] useful ttoyd rrlrrrnrr froiu laal employer. Addre-* A., Herald offirr, for two days AYOUNO BAN (IRISH. WANTS A 8ITI ATI'J.V AS steward or gardener, ho im.lerstaial* f?nmig in all ha branrhea, growing nf grren rropn, and all Improvement* if utrhlnrrv; alao the buy lor wiling and management of rattle and konra. Trrma moderate. Add rem C. B. Herald ogka. *. T _____ Atotnoban fl*> wants a stttation in a oro eery store; heat of rityr reftmntre ran he given; ha- liad all year* rood r*perlrnrr; a rrwssrublr house more IP* ol> Jert than aalary. Addreaa B B , Herald odlre Barkeeper -wantkd. rv a respect ima.rnrxn man. a atfu.Uloti aa barkeeper: nnderaianda Ma lent neat prrfeetl*. and ran rive heat <a rib rrfnwnre from hia laat i pbire Call on or addreaa J. T . .V (Ireat June* at., lor In o GAEDKXKE.?A Tomo WAX WIR> THOROl-OlilV rmrtri-urrU M? boalnaaa. *W?" for a xiiuMilm aa nnV iwr. H'crMiM' ?itaf?Kiry AilrfM K. I'.. b>? l> WuraM OflM-** _ PIRTER'S WTCATIO* WANTKR- IX A PRV DOOM atom, h* * mm|w t?-nt do*.It man. laahla and willing to ha oawfnl; ?*n gtva tbr haa* of rttr know* larw to krap a Kim* In ordar. Addr<-?? If A. I?^ Ill A?*M nRi? m SKOAR MAMTACTrRKRH IW WERl'HAXTH <T>Xirmpbitlng tha mamtfartnra of thair own Hagara. run now vail thrmaalTaa of v matnifaranrar of Urg- r*parlani* In !! tha vaftatia mmlliraiinna of tha trad* bj v<Wr?*<liiK Knir, Herald oW. " ____________________ SITU ATIOX"W ANTEI>? AS rOAI'lIMAW. RV AN EXii. gUahman, who thnrnnghlT nmlaratanda ihr r*ra vr?1 man gamani of hor?ea: la a Wngle.iwan. ran ha?a tha vary hot of rrfaratiraa front hla laal rmptoyr Addrana .loapph Rcllmnra. bo* AR1 Pool <dBr? S1TU.ATIOX WAXTETV-BY A XORTTI OERWA* TIM'WO man, ? *?*laianl gardrnwr. or l? take rtarga of a "man ardt n. or to do (analog wort. Rafarmra gtvan from Ma laa? implojer. fall on or addr.-aa Paalot PWtRa, BO Mb at, bw i waaa a* A and Ud a*. Sffi'ATiov VAATHMnr a roc Wo ukrIi ax' as nMofr. nr to Mfea rhaiga of a amall rardan. ifca mrn of horaaa and ill trlng, would d? farming work. ' all on of addraaa W f . ? <V?ni?tm- ?. I r> nWriMIMTR.- WAXTEP fAIXEPt ATK1.Y ? BV A ynong *MA (RooAohl a attimunn aa ' lark In a roontry <lna| alora. Addraaa "Phtarma >," H?rahl oBhr M'AVTKP-RT-(THOBPH^RTKAPV TOI'Xa MA*! A IT ait nation aa roaahman, or lo aara and iMra horaaa, .?r at an* Olbar bnahtaaa: oo obja. Mm to tbn oownlrv <??id rai'a ran. a glean Addraaa a nola tor two .lava to II KrtUy, kH k?h a* WAVTKP-RT A MAX of SEVER A I. YF.ARX ETI'K II rlatira In thr fam-jr gomU hnainr-a, a Uoalkai In tho realm drpartmanl of a drr gonda hooaa. a.tir r a* tha hoyar or nlraawa; ran aha road n fernnraa ami nan luflnairi- ,< >rvat? rata amount if trada. A.Mriw flnloaman, bn A7IJ V. Y. I'oat oCoa. ^ w7AXTEP - A STTI ATIHV, HV A Yul V.l tn\ AS YY aaalatant Snokk?*par. riark or Hyht would tvwilling I" makr bimaalf gan/trally naofni dud My i?>f..|, solan W prr naok. Appl* for tMa w-wb An K If r*. Xo. y? Waal Mlh 1. Wawtkp-mv a v?i vo max, a sm .vnox ix aoma rommrrrUl b'idna?; lata ha<I lonP } aara' otjir rtrnra In a laalhar alia-- In IVaOon. and haa travallad AYaal ?? an agrnl for a pnhilvKlt.g hooaa liaa a gond h<idn?* A ! ?? tknv tlood rafaranca gt\rn. Addrana M. H. A I'm. Ifcoald o?rn. for thraa tlvya. nr AXTKP -BY A YfM'Xfl Al AW, A sfTrATTOY fX *IMK YY r< aprrlabla talkiring aatabllahinrnt *< a?R "na?. Rn?">r long atprrWK* down town, ami who ?a||W?yj **??,; raah trada A n.A? mldraoaad In R J. I*., Warald rdRaa, will mm whh promt' adawhm 1*T AXTEO-BY A ST* APT AXP IXPt'WTB" M*s YY yonng man. a aHualVin aa wawaM "T * raatanrant. haa hail impl? ,n "*"-T f*y. aaitafarlory rofaranra In r\ai j pm <h?iU: \<pua?a vawani, liarald idhaa. for thran datra. _______________ ^rw*Yrw?DV**TW*W**T?^ OX PEW AW'.iE? I XE lltlXXE PR A Xt:AfdE tM" RUIRKE ma Pn'.aawnta. poor allar avar una dama rHowmnnt an Korona aA '?4gti< r no i nfant I nn an at larar; nna ><nnan frm pa. tnv 'aonra. ara. da horn, rrnrr.gnwnanta' tnmrara tt.ia wdlVr honraoa.' R'adm arr on ar prdwntar an Xo JAA IHntroai Br*dU?n, da Btldl Jnaxn'mt anlr anti lla.1'aon * . at a 9 TOO LATE r(W CLAtfWnCiWjt. AliTlOh NOTICE.?THOMAJ BKJ.I. AWL. INCMtAbsm, aui-tionerr*. Wrdnraday, at la o'elook A. M.,k tin- aaJeariouig No. 3d Krw Bowery, i lot ?' i***l Ktinaa^ rlrl^ant Counter* show Cases, 4c Also. Paw* Hrokrra' |M0 lock of Do Goods. Preears. fancy articles, jewelry. Iluas Pblols., Piah Poles, Ac AImi c.taca of Indira and geutietiteu^ summer HaU. Palntinc*. Ar Pawnbroker'* sale Friday; taluahle pledges andgoods Order of J. Knirrnn n, 34 Eighth avenue. I'.imoqiars Ttiaiailay. A PRIVATE FAMII.Y CAM ACCOMMODATE A OMflrtnan nnd lady w tth a pleasant bnck Room and rati nalam nri II) furniakrd, on arronil fli*>r Partial Hoard for lad) if da,*lied Also a hall bed Room tor a Slugle graUemau. Apidr 4k Kiiki Tenth etreii BOWCHKR -ANV INFORMATION KKMPKOTIJfU ? ' whori-ai>"uta of William Bowrher, from tint pariah of Man ton. I>rvon, England, and lido from lho Cape of (food Hae^ will be thankfully rccrlred by his sister. by addressing 0. V Baker, Kaij,, Cobourg, Vt' Board-two mingle rooms, ai-ho. one lajujv Room on the arrond floor, with good Board, In a cantoR looatlon, In a honao containing *11 I he modern Imprnvrraeetoi baih. bid and sold tvaler, on reasonable terms, at 1 It Tbooipeen at., near Prlin-e. CTOl'NTRY HOARD?ON* large. bR TWO HMAUL > fanuile* ma> nbialn g<md Hoard in a healthy looeMana large airy Room* and plenty of htiadm one hour's aide Na New York. Apply al ?n Kad Hih at., for two days. rR SAI.K AT A II ARC. AIM-A CARPENTER AJM hiiUdrr'g Wagon, in good condition Inquire of R. BMP CART, southwest corner of Troy and Greenwich streets. pOR SAI.K-f.-tso, THE FART TROTT1MQ MARK JMT new; nil.' h?* trotted in 2 ji)i; the inure rent $760 aioue. U quire tl 459 Eighth av enue, rnrner of Thirty fourth elreet, he the auloon. Alao it light buriueea Wagon. The whole rand h? old. rB AALF?A LIGHT ROCK AWAY, WTT* TW9 eeet*. |>ole ami ?k?fu. In gor.l outer, tor wUr cheap. Amply at the private liable S3 Kaat Thirty ?fih at root, before o'clock A. M. NEW YORK BLACK HAWK.?THIS WKLL KKOWV trotting Stallion is now ntnnduig for inarea at the Ral House .Harlem. For further partletibira Inquire of C. Y. vroTK rrvw vn.w nnrvv rmmoMi rmm it Central Park for on* dollar. Family onk|R>kMV wagon*. Middle boraea for gentlemen or ladle*. foeoa* MEp an hour. Call at Central Park atahlea, corner of Bnafnat and Fifty ninth afreet, oppoaHe the main entrance to ni? Dressing rooms expressly for ladies. Conveyance by Shell or Eighth avenue cam. KKD HOUSE TROTTINO COCRHK. HARLRSf ?TKOYt'Dg on Wednoaday, June 27, for a purae of US, mlR heat*, beat three In Are In hanteaa, to come off at S o'clock P. M J Taylor cnlera b. in. Topay; owner entera g g ; oa ? ruler* b. g. Stilts. Good day and track. C. CORSON, Manager. RKWARD-AND THE ORATKFL'L THANKS OP ?5>t )V the undersigned vyftl be given for the teaUmony of aay person who witnessed the brutal and unprovoked assault by potior officer upon an unoUVruling gentleman, In the office m Utr Metropolitan Hotel, about ten minutes paat eleven o'dMfe on the night of the ball. Add real K D. Herald office. Oil HAH -FOR SALE, THE LEASE STOCK AK? Jpl.llUU. Trade of a \A ine and ljquor Store, elegauW Sued up. doing a good bar buatnea*. one of the beat oorner lncation*, one do for WOO. one for $800. one for $350, one S* $250. also a splendid Kealaurant and Dining Saloon, right lot Uou on llroadwuy, at a bargain 11 applied tor Immediately. <>. A ROBfySON, 80 White street. d>9 1WU1 ?FROM $1,500 TO $2,000 W ANTED, TO IKveat in the manufacture of anew article, patented. Heavy profits and no competition. None but Cjfooffi hualneaa man. with the above capital, nerd apply, at 633 Brandw ay, under 1'reeoott House, from 2 to 0 P. If. W. D. EICIBBIOIII. IJtXCURSlONS TO LONG^BRANCH, N.J.,^*A$S1 M2J uu> and Delaware Bay Railroad.?Bocleuea, ohaswfeffik Sunday schools, Be., deetrous of forming r reunion phMbM flam bHayA Mltllvntfiil mratiitHna nlncM will M Hmbii ?rifk AM mm?m liberal terms. on application si the company's uOon, earner A Fulton andCnurch streets. TDOCBTH OF JCLT EXITTRBION. JP THE SUPERB FLOATING F ALACK COMMONWEALTH, Of tb" Rtonlngton lino, accompanied by a srucnmd full military band, AS WELL AS COTJLLON MU8IC, Will make an excursion down New York Bay, through teg Narrows, to Sandy Hook and the Atlantic Ocean, on Iba Ensuing Anniversary. Particulars to a future advertisement. TjtOURTH OF JULT EXCURSION TO IIIIIWM J landing at West Point and Cold Bprtng. The targe mif gommodtoua steamer HKNDHIC HUDSON. srUl ?. hers street at eight o'clock A. M , touching at Rprlsg, Amos ante Thirteenth streets, on Wednesday, July i, 1N0, returning tm lime to view tte fireworks in the evening. fare for the MM trip 76 cents. ST. HASTE GRANT) FXCNIO Fee the benefit of the New School House, TO JONES' WOOD, will take place on THURSDAY, Jane 38, IMS The QosanlMec of arrannMi nata. in aunounotss their anaaM gicuraloo, beg leave to Wann their palrona that thag Mare neither pains or up*?. to make thin, what St. Hail's always has been, THE BENT EXCURSION OF THE REASON The proprietor of Jonas Wood, Mr. Somen, baa made serasM Hsprovemrnt*. and will erect, expremly for this oocastss. W Mw plaUorm, end e large and tpatHoua tent, under wtsSB i.000 persons can enjoy themselves dancing. Tteaa, Is ?AMtton to the large pisiform already on tbe ground, and aster Wees, will be capable of aocomm.ntaUng 30,000 people, esfi glee all an opportunity of parlMpaUug in one of the grnaiml Kmdeef aortal enjvyineut, that ba??crsr taken plane ta lhe egg '* NINE COTILLON BANDS 1 _ w are been engaged, which will be under Qi? direction of Mr* ?. WhMworth. and there ?(0 M NUfE BET ABATE FLACKS fob DANCING Under the coL.""! 9f > etanmlgee. wtewjjj anforcs the rnhg atf the most respectable Sttb ttfff WttJ filap H two has da Itr Old Country dances, under the eldrgd Ofcompetent peraaem Dancing to commence at I o'clock A. M. During the IsM mission, the full band of fifty performers win execute a variety of national aire. In the afternoon, the band of 8t VWSent's academy, who have kindly volunteered, by permlsfisi Of their eupertnrs. will appear In a grand vocal and IsSrilsw lal concert, on a raised platform In a separate part SM grove, In which over one hundred children of St. Mary's achate Will take part. Tickets tifly cents each, to M had at Ms Commuter of Arrangement* at tbe vestry, and at lhe teres Mtrenees of Jooes' Wood, on the day of the excursion. B Children under seven years of age, aorooipanied by IhsSr parents or guardian*. free. FIBBWOBKI. TFpOrtFI?T rBBHTPH FCBBWOBKBe?FBIBMH Mh ?? ^'gjiJL^vr TDIBKWOBKR FIBKWOBBJA?LBONABP A HUB T WORTH. No. 8f Barclay streak corner at Waateugan have oe tend an ntwehs amis lie ml at Edge's end Haiflffe Fireworks, which Iter are prepared In sell <m the ssoet fai CM Fimtworkb-kkw york i.amoratory. 1M Kmni Nrart, no* donr fnwm rarnrr at ruttna. riRK I'R Ai'KKRH, TORPKDOKH, JOSH HTII'KR, And A full aaaonmanl at PIKKWORKK, plain and ldni< Irn. WAfTAntad id tbr Oral i(nalHT. i onmiUm fur eiblbtUuoa and Iba trada *<ippllad na iba anM liberal lerma. BKWWWT. | fj a. liu.ixndahlb dktot for the rxi'tlhioe tirkworka Real** tit appaarmnea and bant ta Aualttr, FOR rUBI.Ii: AND PR IT at* mhimtion. funnton * trngrrmm, hkmby a ttttt*. am*. 4t o.mj rpfir./rh j. nunvm cnid)ritn and brilliant i FIRKWORKR. W. J. HYMN d BBO, drtot. mb broadway, ?jebrnSd F|nIIaf*Mf?^rin ^nJn"? (SSr >iiuMa*a? Arc prepared In <?er ?ocateepar? and Uw pnblla a an h-d l.aA L.kln analttv aiui nrinl* Mi rMifnnMdl M1BRR eoaJrfu to pat* of Flrwrwabara, Tarpadoaa. VWiiCV Oaadlaa. MJaoa, ~->im QmH BalliHll, hlocnt to. " City ajul Tow* UaMBlUM* aappUad artth public Ihyhfi *| tonrtnoUaa. MflAKi A?D TOBACCO. ^ XT II.l.tMCtHli-K. KI1XICXIWIO*, KIM.l CXI WICK.? Till* jiwUy ralobralnd Tobacco, man'tfaotumd by . fcinrn, Lyifcti uiy, Vli?tol>. and now wtianuot to to Ik* phut take* at *n oltor amohin* latoceo, to far Ml* *1 Ik* to*01. Wo. St ruhm utroat. Wow York. 100.000 j mm T*rj uparb oto viotoMlidnUij ?tor ?ft?wtog a^i&vs?^Ji^sa^aa*^ HATM1KOIIAL. AW AMFRICAW WIDOW I.ADY OF K VJ?PRI*T AHll.ITX , and mlnrutn>.rai,r? lay* *?. mmid ll*r to noon * iiMlto I [vwdonon wbk * g?ntl?nann <4 into m?rh an-1 good anrtol pwtola* (ag? fi-MB dftaM. wbb a .tow t.> mattlm-my AddrMk 1 prepaid. W D W. t'.. Broadly Foal ntogo AMODRHT YOIW1 MAW IN ilotlD CHUX'WdTAtoWWi I* doWn-u. of >f >?nia* ? r?<ne*t?d?doiir-o witA ? ytot | lad* not oT?r to rmri U a*o, with * t i?w tn ina'i-liaiwy- * * nf nnlablo and < tool al .Mwwtotton, ?n.| wV> ltoah? too cowM mako a b'-mo p-aaaat happy awl TV.I tt '"l. ""/."J dro.n In alm-orby and iwntld?n - < Kt'ilKWK. * * "o d ? | too. MATRIMOWI AK-WT.I.F t.t ? A_rTO<IR AFlim do Tarta will, hot f?to* ** 'W*TK ^ CTTlLJCf 2 I atiochnon of handwyn*. row*'' ohoi ?rtor, fntnro pr. _ *"*** ** *" I drooa MUo lArahow Wow Tort IPuW 'ton. ===== THie TlUDBd. At amn rrw kiwkfr VNI> MAI miniwt want*? 4 nay M At'iaibw ? < good o-ady too*. Wono nook oMtoW laart rot-row.-o ?V1 at Klokon*'* #owto? | StoFitoAwa WUVart w i ( CINIP MR"WU HOT. I* TKAW OF AtlK. WIHHMT I ,i\ to aa?pro*ttra h r^4t to any r--r?-T?*Vo into*. Addrow* f .1 -knor >'? 1 < nr?:*n<tt A , to wVnm K" r-fMW FNONVlR'TIONlkW A*p '*?'?** COOKMawtwd?ow* Vt wko I* a uToi rata yooorai wwtiaan. to m? wto k fulkr *Hl i- id taking rbart?. aad wko iiadortaaaAa yonoral wtok lor aottloa and awwo trado. ??! a??oa a ah a ponaaaowt totoaMuo. (ttioa. Wuato nood apply na.oaa ttoy haro had "WpaW ' oaoo la thta n..fctry. Adrtroaa Malta* tartoa to mtoioaoaa. j baa I* F?m <*'.. o, Athony. rro wnou.-t.AlJt t i/iTincM-A" ?>ri.m\n-a hid-. 1 'o a?o.l titan, ot aororal roara' ?w tap< ? <ad ?rto rtaao# ft toron* < o aot. an . ttat agon .out ua to .tout Jul* A At It tap N V V.\ II.A Hi rali. nAt-. TO VFKillANT TAT|J|R< ?\ sitcatiow tor an** ' tioanwd ni-aan onWAR how ot ohv rotp- onoo *1 ?n a- I" WHty ami i-hara?*at A.Mi*-a Onttor, HoraM nBb-1 "IV AKTV.D?AN AR| IIITV TV'R Al. IIRAFTF A AN; OTP! TT wkn haa had tarwin-ihn-o yoara' nuoilntir , at th--1"i4 n. .. and la allHn* to work al a tit.?l<-r?to v ,arj protorn^. A'hli-o.. .tai n* aalary whoro a j rnnau^b' a miton oaa toi. | . V , lktodp?r tv.i

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