Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 26, 1860, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 26, 1860 Page 3
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I Ml; Nor. Am. Rev ,x J3(ty N. Hn)e),Quar Rev.,xnt., | Ml, vl . 3(1 IVrrv'* Up.,u Exp?t , 1C>4 IiY'H igi, a., alv., lain; Do Bow's Hov , [ TIE JAPAIE8E II REV YORK - - t ' "l-' "u"'- L 1 ~ ~~ Our Asiatic Visiters in Uu Sails da Dans*. KUo'a Garden, the Metropolitan Hotel and Hiblo'e Saloon in a Blare of Beauty and Glory. 'We outside crush. w and MadieeandStoitieaeen HI ViMii t? Commerce and the m\ *-Crt"?"^ Hf tlhental Splendor In the West* w r ern World. [ kif One Snob Brtertaiament in a ^ Thousand. The Oreat Isbstter br the Great PftataMa usivnisi | CLOSING SCENES, I lin 1M^ he* d The great Japanese crash took place Last night. The M fraud reception ball at Nibk>*a was an event to be men I ttoned in the history of the mission of the Asiatics to this I country. A most illustrious company, composed mainly ef the representatives of our beet society, were gathered in the spacious balls, gardens and saloons attached to the theatre. Not the Chltph'e "Garden of Delights," Aladdin's "Paradise of Gems," or any of the rich conceptions af Oriental fancy can convey an idea of the scene which was presented at this splendid reception. Even an Oriental's hasheesh dream?In which he seemed to be floating in a diamond boat, over wavea of golden sand, through arches of bright-hoed rainbows, while by him swept gales sweeter than the choicest perfumes, and laden with dulcet melodies?lacks the rich coloring which words Ml to oppress, and which alone can adequately describe the ftairy like scene of last night. The vast rooms and gardens were transformed into gardens of flowers; the hir use thick with sweet fragrance and sweeter music; thousands of lights shed their prismatic-hoed illumination ver the imtoense throng of dancers and promennden; paintings and sculptures aided to dazzle and bewilder the imagination; while amid this oonigregatlon of all that is lovely and beautiful in nature and art moved the fairest and ike wet distinguished members of our beat society, lending a new charm to a roup dad alruadyYufflclently overwhelming ,acd above all, like tame wild vision of a poet's fancy, eeemlng as sttu|i as they were appropriate to a soeoe of such Orients! magillcenie and beauty, sat our Japanese Visiters, dressed In their richest robes, and culminating tbe splendid display. No accident occurred to mar the enjoyment of the guests at this Japanese ftstival, and the reception bell or lest evening may be placed among the triumphs of Now York hospitality sad munificence. I The entire fUe waa planned and arranged by Nr. Warren Leland, under tbe supervieioa of tbe Committee of Arrangements, oonaleting of Aldermen Boole, Starr, Bag ley, Owens, Brady. Tuomey sad- Cornell, and Councilman s Fbaw, Lent, Hall, Asrran, Towaaend, Van Tins and Van Wart. The designs were by Mr. Wm. Beers, who also superintended their arrangement Delamano bad charge of tbe painting sad eeenic deooratlons. The emitim waa under the superr Islen of the proprietors of tbe Metropolitan, and In charge of tbe steward of the betel. The flags and ban ers were furnished by the Navy Yard and by various city riginionta and companies. Mr. Slvoai, of the Mctropo "^litan, arranged and supervised tbe illumination. In every department this reception was s splendid success. Messrs. Nixon and Christy suspended the perfbrmaaom in their aalooos for the evening, end, with a generosity rarely equalled, gave up their performance rooms to the require menu of the OotnmiUee of ArraugemenU. Without this sacrifloe the reception would have lacked IU cnlusml , chanu ter, and to these geuUemen the I hanks of the pub- I He ere due. TU KXCITZBX1CT YBBTODAY The greatest excitement during yesterday pre ulW In regard to the Ball. All ciaaasa aad eon dltioti wm?d to be affected by Um mania for tickets, and Um rash at the hotel van tremon dona. livery member of the ootnmlttee, every man at all t oanccted with the Japaneae, vaa besieged by aa eager ere*d of appiicaata, whose disappointment eipreaaed ilaelf in oatha boUi loud and deep. TickeIS were lor *aie at several place* daring the day, bat the priori asked were 10 ciorm ius that In despair the crowd again rushed to the Aldermen, and fairly deluged the in with cards, notes and letters, all asking I?jw tickets, or complaining of l<?l tickets, uulU at U?l the committee were obliged to refuse to receive all cards sent i). aad llDally Alderman Hole isluiM a < lal order forbidding the police to atlibil any one op atalrs except the niembci - >.f the < . nuuon Couuni Muu , y .oves 00:11 k pany, aud those who wi re In despair at having received no card* yretcrday, found 110 la. It whatever 01 such pleasant society in exactly their own?c ll was decidedly annoying, however, boui to those who warr about to ga to the ball aad U> taeee wb? were unable to obI lata tickets, to see the ,?*p fat man attached to Vlblo'a theatre parading two card* of admlmUm. received from [ the Alderman of his ward, while both of the gentlemen who so kladly gave up their houaee for the anoomraoda twin of the committee were altogether overlooked, and wore not invited to attend the grand ball. Ail daring the ! day ca?n|ilamis, oaUw. remonstrance* and entreaties loadsd lbs air of the vsstibales near the oommittes room, ssd all on sroosut of ticket* There was a grand reeeptioa daring the day of those who were not invited to . attend the ball, aad M was not until lata la tha even lag that the Held was entirely cleared of these wound d hearts, aad freak relaforcementa continued to arrive, only to mast fresh disappointment and defeat, on til after wvis o'clock, when the last special pleader bouoa boled la vala Um last reluctant Alderman, and the lest distinguished friend, conbdent I bat there would b? BO refund foe lum, ml op b>? imIw card and awaited the anewrr which Mvcr ranr Finally. the un*ui cenxful applicant* retired, (or retreated to I be barroom, or tattooed tbemerlvc* in the i veatibule b? enjoy themarlvea with chewing the bitter, aweet end of eavlon* conteni|>latloa of the aueoannfal par tWe, the invited gaeete. who eooa twigan to are I re The Jtyaam left the hotel bat little yeeterday, and were not era aiwut the corridor* a* much M ueual, they being en gaged. doubUran, like their New York entertainer*, in making i>n ,>araiiooe for the reception. rmm ?ht*iiw wim tMirn or th? muth? uutmkkt amomu the novanmmti) -'ro* and <??apka" nun am* ni mh ?r thk i kovd and earns or thi cmnolins? iNctovrrn. rrc. The excitement in front and around the Metropohl in Hotel laat evening wna intenae. ?o much no a* to be all una I tadewrlbabt* It eeem<-d aa if 'all New York, hia wlf aod buniiy," wt* concentrated In Uwt particular locality, t < a?uJi the arrival of the lavited gueeU. Aa a clear (Manage hu t to be kept to enable lie carriage* to get | the "indiei' entrance" id the hotel, the police had great diffleulty hi keeping back the crowd, who, maildeaed with curloeity, preeacd forward to "eec all ehat arma to he eeea." For noma turn* prevloun to *evaa o'clock P. M the reoerd* on tW- elgeaalk began to aeaemble in pretty large ntiaili.but, m thry wen very orderly, U"' pollen did hot b<r ?ime time Mrrfere with their roorom.-ola. Very -?i< i tly after that ho r tlie carriage* h- van to ar rlre. .at afcnrtjr ami at abort interval*, but gradually iu rr>??ieg In nntub' rami rapidity a* the boor of eight drew lny! i fly Hie poll.-* fetpllalloo* the ordinary Itnvel iur vrhk'tea jtki.g Broadway aa* topped fr> m ? mo abort dkatamrr* aimer M> ' trei atr'-el to itprln*; IU atsgeii and ri minor. MiWygMg* totaf pOMgCJIud ta NEW YQ] pass l>M: the twk etr *(?, much to the ouocyiukcJ uf I ii...ry it the or.vers 11 it.f w. I About tb.j t m* also the neu.bers uf the Metropolis i J 1 > ? c M thought it uccctul that something should be con* iv liip bu> k the now rapidly increasing nuuMt e j<r| Ic :)it D< . kcil iki tu the sidewalks, Ac. Along uui fruti.t ili? hotel nuil for at least half or the dlatenoe along the Ut adjuinfug blocks. The crowd wua immense. When *r*u from the ?t*|ie or the portico 01 other elevated position, the perfiet sea of heads "truck the be holder with aetnrtahinvnt; that is. providing he had never seen Kurn u igbt heiore. Not only waa the sidewalk literally Wmtuod a it were into one mass, hut a lino several deep ww loriiied iii.'iiy the cestui of tlie roadway, leaviug a lane between them and lite curb ut the " two shilling sido of Bruailwuy." The police, who were stationed all ronad the building, now begt.n to pr??s the |u?nple backward Into soma sort of a regular line to that ibo carriage* might have free room to arrive at the principal door of the hotel, discharge their passengers and drive off again, lb tbia duty many of lb* members of the force showed their remarkable dlepoait ions, which, as we observed some of the effect* thereof, we think it worthy of notice. Some of them shoved the crowd about, and spoke to thorn an 1 they thought they wer* even leas than dogs, or at we should fancy n keeper of n bear den would address those animals, knowing they were not to be influenced by moral force. Thus waved their truncheons aloft as if they would bring than down in n crushing manner upon the skull of the poor unfortunate individual who did not enactly "toe (he lino" to the satisfbetion of the "crest mogul In edlee." But others shyowed a very agreeable Joking dlapo- J itios strictly enforcing the orders given, yet going ( so with a witty remark, a kind snails and a gentle fceel- ( bleness. We found the latter ?ad more eflkct on As poo- , pie, for who could be odfcnded whan Mr. PoUoeman "was , such a very nice man," and away they weal, if they had ( to go, without a word, however unpleasant it might be ( to their feelings. On several occasions we noticed parsons would try and "ran the gauntlet" of the oflkws, j but, somehow or other, few succeeded, as one or other of the 11. P.'s would be upon them like a flash of lightning, and back they went. One amusing iicident occurred of a man who by his id- 1 gennity had slipped by ail the odoers was stopped by the 1 last, who was naer the portico. He sent my gentleman ' back with a rush into the arms of the next officer, who ' in bis turn forcibly pitched him into the grasp of No. S, who said "ilice again, Mend, and hero we are," and kindly, w ithout any violence, led him out of the way 1 villi n rattling "good night." This last had more ( fleet in fact that the rough manners of the others for 1 them he went off calmly enough. 1 The order of the setting down of guests from the ear- 1 riages was, the horses beads pointing along Broadway towards the City Hall. Thus a lina of carriages was formed along the sidewalk adjoining the Hotel, and (br ibe distance of several blocks, even higher up than Qraoe Church, and after having been lightened of the load they were drtvea off in the opposite direction, llany of the "Jehus," who wished to return the way they came, did not like this arrangement, as "they did not see the fun of driving a couple of miles , out of their road." But the rule was stringent and the police carried it out strictly, as they said "it would cause great coufuslon if they allowed any one person to break through the regulations, as others would expect the same privilege." Up to nine o'cloA over. two hundred and fifty carriages bad arrived and discharged, but after this time they came so' ast that It was totally Impossible to keep account of the number. At least over a thousand arrived before eleven, and bad not then even ceased coming. Many of tbclr occupants getting tired of waiting on the line, left their carriages long before tbey reached Houston street, and walked along the sidewalk. This, we deem, must have been very implement for many of the ladies, although the even teg was remarkably fine; as there being no cloak room provided at the hotel, they had to walk along the street? In their ban room dreaaea, and with no other covering for their heads than the simple Sowers or ribbons which were tor the porpoee of heigtenlng their beaaty. Many of the gentlemen were better off in this respect, as the various "soft" covering used in New York for that purpose are so admirably adapted that they can be folded up and put into the pocket. Among the guests we noticed several military officers la full noiform, among whom were more prominently an * belonging to the Fifty fifth or French regiment, wh was accompanied by a rlvandiere, and oo"> of the Highland regiment, in kilt and hose, ho Oae notable gentleman In a -cocked hat" created a littl sensation, being called by the crowd "Captain,' Colonel,'" Ac. Being a stately man, aad walking on I without taking notice of the remarks of the bystanders in any way, be sooo commaded respect. The front of the building eras decorated, aad . over the portico two rows of various colored | lanterns brightened the scene. At each corner o , the balcony an illuminated pagoda was placed, and the flags of Japan aad America were looped up and hung over I the street. A banner, with the glorious "Son of Japes" j graced each side of the main entrance, and various others were lu w ?ku iviuv mw bwuv. ? ???* nnw_ blued forth front myriads of gaa Jets. It ban often boon mid that u American cu scarcely spook of anything except dollars and cents, but on this eventful evening scarcely a sentence was beard In which the Japanese did not form the principal portion, line anily fellow said that he thought "the expense Incurred would be of no benefit to any one for the next century except the partlea having the getting up of tho affiiir.'' I Hut he wa- one in a llnsisaad?perhaps ten tbouaand. The remarks made by the people on the arrival of the lad it a were ?otnetlmes very amusing As one officer at'-pped truni bia carriage with a lady who waa a perfect b use of beouty?we hope we shall not be deemed ungallant J we say as la r as her dross waa coooemed. for we so unfortunate as not to be able to aee her free, although, as a sailor would say. a bad figurehead could scarcely be attached Pi so charmingly a built hull?a robust Hibernian burst nut with, Arrab. and by my soul, and ain't the a darling It's uu a.-tf Hut would like u> have a Jlg'with P< r In tin Ihrwa Judy Callaglian style." On Crosby street the i-xciii iiwiil w.?e nearly, if not quite as great, as on Br<?tdw;ty. In the e.irlj part of the evening, mas) who hnew of that entrance in the aaioou thought It would be uagwardeil, and rue bed around try tag to get maids, but alas for their 1k|sw. the M. P.'e were there, and tin y oouid not paas." They said their orders were strict, and that none but the musicians came that way. Another man rolled up n piece of paper in the form of a flute and tried to get paas the thbrrus, but the appl leant found that both he and hia aul> were ' too soft and it was "no go." Hrveral per sooa with largo bouqneu were allowed to paaa, stating I bey wen employed ou the deeoratPma. bet we fear a few of i hem wrre not a? engaged From ten o'clock almost aa continual a stream left the building at one end as entered it at the other, roe aa they started the " room waa too am til to hold them This we can readily believe, tor If the Whole III llM' great amvpniwa was wr Wp rw, me think II could hardly b?M the m?M thai poured into ihp buildtag t?jr the front entrance We hare no doubt every made uee of to accommodate the guests, but " need* mtift ?ben the oM gentleman drives." V tie- wlnd?t? of the bull room were mil opened s In k<- i lewd ww weerabled oa Prince sad Crosby streets to listen to (be masts, doubtlets thinking that nearly as good as betas Inside?-specially as tbey knew tbe latter to be impossible. Dui ii| tbe evening several of the Japanese amused them selvea by looking out of tbe windows being on Broadway; adn when any of them made their appearance, they were hailed with shouts asd cheers Tbe (rent cry, however, was for " Tommy," or as some called him 1 'TightIsh Tienmy." One wag, while loklng about tba Ja panees. observed an intoxicated Individual pasting along, and remarked that he most be the "Tight cooa' If he were not the Tycoon Several of the policemen, we noticed, were Invested with n prominent ba^r of office la the shape of a long staff (some sevim feet), with a gilt top. and the wxrd "police" painted prowinenlly oa It. Htm they used pretty ftnely ae a lever to force the crowd heck with, aad very effi?c tuai it was. hut more so when It was rapped pretty smartly en the toes of the unfortunate offimdera It was rumored that several persons were going In with sporlous tickets, and one man remarked to his neighbor that he i bong hi If be cold "procure an Aldermanlt ?r Councillor'* hadge he might be able to gem without a i Mrket at nil ." tin. said hi- frl-nd. "the Al l rmen and Councillors are all too well known, bnd luck tothein. and nut too much good either '* Another pemm. observing the officers In uniform, thought It " uou'd be difficslt to dance in that tightly buttoned coat, padde<i ae it woe. ind im p- esprri.illy If the saorde wlikb gee--d their side* Shrrukt get In 11m way " A further rtaik was nis le by <W? of the crowd, when iLr sU|t of Jie Pennsylvania, (Yntml go I Now ILi ' RK HEBALD, TTESDAY, tfB IUi!rt?<l throve up to lit* dopr and let out iU Wad, that the " lord Mayor or Si W Yprk had arrived (a hi* 'Mate ariiage." Again, Hie ahki'd another if " he wero going o the bally'* "No," rani be, " I Iwve seen too tuucb of bat kind of thing, it woeld scarcely be worth tbe trouble o walk up the stairs." " Ah," said the other withe ipb, 44 it is only for the name of the thin* that thin rael ir?< lublagu tuke* piece." A soil voice near whispered ' sour grapes." The little newaboyt, Xew York'* en myotic Juveniles, night bo i?*n in great number* mounted no the awning alio .tail other elevated locations, Kane bit, sunn coat, t?i.s aliirl, saua nearly everything, but still enjoy lug Unutrlve*, many times at the expense of tbe assembled mpul?c.\ After till o'clock tlic carriage* began to slack n off, and tbe c-cupanta of tbe u lite walks u disperse, so tbal at that hour scarcely more than Svc iuutlmi people wi ry left; but tbe arrivals continued unit nearly twelve o'clock, aud tbe enthusiasm of the flow lersous remaining made up for the lack of numbers. IKMH TUB BOW., huide the hotel the crush was tremendous. As carriage iter carriage drove up, and a* stage after stage deposit d it* cargo at the corner of Spring street, the restibule stairs and halls ef tbe hotel were rowded. Tbe guests began to arrive at about tght o'clock, and until nearly ten o'clock tbe arlvala were numerous, lbs passage was completely docked up, and on entering the bote! and proceeding to be ballroom tbe guests oouid only "follow tha crowd." lbs military, lbs lad its, tbe gonttemen in orllnary or extraordinary citizen's dress, were nteraaingicd is n coufbsien wbldb dedee d once description and tndivktnality. lbs uowd was tbe maw on the staircase, in the vestibule of irherta number of policemen were stationed, omselemly selling, "Gentlemen, tare your ticket* reedy; ticket* tended to tbe right." At title door were stationed the pnttomea at the Councilman and the proprietors at the Metropolitan, to uaber the gueeta into the ballroom. TBI KNTKANCC FROM TBI BOTH lb the ball room was a wide hall, opening directly opposite the hotel parlors, and decorated with flags and stands af flowers. The Japanese had a special entrance, hut through this ball all the invited guests passed, delivering their tickets to the doorkeeper at this entrance. At this door police wore stationed, in order to prerout unauthorised intrusion and to stop the holder* of bogus tickets, if say wore presented. Tbeec bogus tickets were very freely sold, yesterday, and several apparently respectable gentlemen were disposing of their invitations for ten, fifteen and twenty dollars, and some at higher prices. The brother of ooe of our Aldermen, Mr. Seegriat, eras engaged in this traffic at the Bt. Nicholas, and had several tickets taken from him by Alderman Starr, by whom they were endorsed. On ac count of the rumors in regard to these tickets an extra police force was thought necessary. The floor of this ball waa carpeted with glased figured muslin, and the whale hell appeared a lit vestibule for the magnificent rooms beyond. From this hall tbe guests entered an ante chamber leading to the bakxny, which was finely illuminated, and which overlooked the gar dens, with numerous doors opeoiug into the theatre. To llie riglit the guests entered the saloon usually occupied by Oiriety'e troupe. litis ball was slso crowded, and ingress and egress were almost imjaieaihic, and It waa only by the atreuuoua cflbrts of the Aldermen and the Messrs. he laud that a passage was kept for those who wished to enter the room, and the crush hero, as wall an elsewhere, was most tremcn lions. From this ball the guests entered THB HALOON Which was beautifully filled up. The gallery was festooned with Uagx, ami reserved as au orchestra for Dudworlh's musicians, who, however, occupied sosls on the Uo?r of the room. The walls were decorated with Bower*, ever greeu* and flag?, In beautiful device*, and the window* were hung with rich lace and crimmm ?ilk curtain*. At the further extremity of the room were devices of globe*, in glass Jet*, enclosing twin crimson stars. At the other extremity the stage was removed, tho prosqrnium only remaining, and In the space previously occupied by the stage was arranged n representation, beau lifully painted, of a conservatory of flowers, with trellised arbors, and stands and vaaes of real flowers. The deception here waa perfect, and the v alter seemed really entering a natural bower, opening front Ike room. In the centre of this conservatory was arranged a beautiful collection of exotics, and around the sides, ss also around the entire room, were placed crimson velvet sofas and divans. The conservatory was lighted by candelabra*, mounted upon glided stands, and the entire room was illuminated by pendant chandelier*. The floor of this saloon wan reserved for dancers, and lis delicious coolness mads It a mors fltvorlte resort than the larger theatre. All around the room wars scattered vases and stands of natural flowers, and these, with the rich hangings, the brilliant lights, the Immense throng of richly drisuid dancers and prumenmders, made up a tout muembU which seemed more like a midsummer night's dream than like an actual reality. Ftem this hall door* opened Into the theatre on the left, and on the right a door was cut through to the dining rooms of the hotel, used on this occasion as THE raOKXXADC. The entrance ball to Nlbki's (larden from Broadway was iranptormoa 1DIO i? mwii ocaunnii ytuuiwiMur utow u wj with fastooan of flower* end evergreen*, lunging IxwiqiieU and VMM* of (Vagrant notice At the extremity of the hall toward* Broadway. waa arranto-d a ?o nlc copy of Church'* painting of Km- Hnrao Hhou Call*, at Niagara, and the rapid* above. Thla copy rorernl about six hundred feet of canvaaa, and the *|?ctator aectm-d almost to be gazing njioo Niagara ttarlf, no perfect waa the deception. The Iron gateway, at which the ticket* of ad mum ion are usually received, was left stand i ng, and pre vented the company from approaching too near the picture and thna injuring the effect, and from thla trelllsed fence the Ooor waa turfed with green mnea down to the picture, tbua heightening the ilecsptsa. Ttic rap Ida were arranged with what are called "act piece*," and aeemed to be foaming madly paat the apectator, while In the rear the rant fella (mured; a rainbow, linking lbe rniat above with the mist below, reared Ita prismatic color*, and above the awcel atraln* of the music from the Ondworth's bands came lit* ceaaeleaa. unremitting, dull roar of the ooItalian* carriages on Broadway, Bounding, through the cloned doers, like lb* thaader ef the toM*, and a tiling the eflect at thla to* ptrtara. Thin suede, arlih Its hlnsie nf evorirrecna Its countless Bowers, its gilded celling. and lis beautiful painting, was a favorite re??>rl i.( ibr <iHn|?iiy mhI tu thronged during the cut ire evening. In the cram- of the hull, fairly ambi.-bcd la rune#, ?m a Ixuniiful fountain, and through four inn.'iw doorways?seeming to be m?re arc bee of evergreen?entrance could be haul to the gardens, If, Indeed, they can be no dm in giilFbed when the entire S|SMX- aeemed to be one immense garden of delights. The promenade wai most brilHantly Illuminated, and around were bung cegen of eanarlea, whoee soft, sweet notes, beard erer anJ am* In a momentary lull of the noise of couvc nation and the ruatle of n.oriug thousands, were Inexpressibly melodious. and atIrerted much attention. thi oardrnm morim That is to aay the gardens aa ooatradwtiugiwbed from the conservatories, mto which all the saloons were trans formed. n>o?t b<autlfully decorated and Illuminated. In the garden lowarda Houston street the tables bad beea remored. ami the entire epoee was left for prome. nudrrf. A large quantity of shrnbbery bad been planted, ami a number of large and Ir-autl Oil pine tree* had been arranged around the walk*. The garden seemed to be a garden indeed, with Ita dark green shrnbbery, Its beautiful flower* and Its brilliant Illumination. To the arcb<4 of gee lights need In the ordinary Illumination of the garden, thousands of Chinese lanterns of rarioueoolors were ndded, and Japanese globe HgbU were luapendod from the trre? The lantcina were arranged In the window" of the hotel. in irrhm over Hi* ranemeot*, inn were btjwtered, In orderly cirdnifiiwi through the tree* and over tli? front# of the bonding* a Inch aurrmmd the garden. The eflbct of thin mingling of flnwera. rbrnbbery sod rmrl minted light*. aided by ?h" an h-d denrwaya loading into the tlirntre and promenade? through which came trtnrdl of rbhly d rr at it grte?t*. their jewel* flanking in the tlarrling light?ran b* more readily pair.ted by tha imagination than by word* Statuette* ftallcncd here and there amid the ahmhbery relieved the green rbado The window* of the hotel and the balennkw dividing the tin aire from the garden weie featoooed with flaira and areatha of evergreen* and flnwrm. Till# garden a~at a perfect bower of beauty, and war mnetantly lilted with a gay and brilliant thirty, alio prrfrrtrd the open air and a pri'Bieaade bet rat'i the Irtea to Iho at 111 ni"r.'ii 'iw Iv ir'Wdr l brill fonts. In the realre nf the garden * 'aig? and be.vittfA f"cnlp'ti. ft inj. a gieen urf, / tved uy JUNE 26,^8C0^ffi!PHn! ttretini of inter, which fell Id scattered drops, formiug I V I|mc nilbuoa m lU bright light upon lb* ahrubber\ I around. A beautiful statue of Autumn scatterug her <i fruits, Via placed in the centre of one of (be garden i; plots. Ths roar of the garden is usually ills I Pgeed by the stag* * tens mo, which interrupts u ths view, hut under the skillful hands of the artist li Ibis feature last eve-mug became an embellishment. e The side wall of the extension was painted to represent a c rocky coast, with a vast expanse of gca and sky, re a liivod, here and there, by UMHiutHiuoiis islands bcyoud. i l'< la front, the ooast seemed to rise Into a high, rocky blttlT. ' e with a shelving beach extending to the sea; and f< here, seated in a cleft of the rocks which formed g a natural cavern, was muted the life size wax g figure of an ancient hermit, with cundle and hour glast j .? by biaside, attentively poring over some ancient work, w white above, as attentively watching the Holy Father, I si stood a brigand, as if forgetting for a moment his schemes j b of plunder in the calm solemnity of the scene. Tbo re- a praeeetattoo was appropriate, however, only by 11 contrast, and the gayety and glitter of n the throng which swept pest the hermit's cell ? were all the more evident from the comparison. Above ft the extension waa pranged, with scenic effect, a repre T t notation of a palace, Beemlng at an Immaaae distance, a embowered to trees and brilliantly illuminated, aa if re- j a fleeting the splendors of the fit*, and con treating its b darailng light with the paler splendors of the moonlit ii tkjr. | a The other garden, or court, towards Prince n street, was hardly lees beautiful, though li domed in a different style, and eras almost equally A thronged. In the centre was raised a mound of green j t! turf, crowned with pine trees and other evergreens, and o cunonnded by jets of water. Around the garden were ar b ringed stands and vaaas of flowers and evergreens, and b the walls ware hung with festoons of evergreens and P colored lanterns. The windows of the hotel open s ing upon this garden were also bung with flags s and brilliantly illuminated, and upon a vary available c ledge or window sill were placed vari colored lights, lend- u ing a beautiful but faalastic brilliancy to the scene. r Upon the portico ovur tbs doors leading to the promenade I was arranged a large red nail, the Japanese emblem, aup- I ported by Japanese flags and wreathed with flowers i Ibis garden ia paved and is surrounded with stoue wails. 1 and its decoration was one of the greatest suoce-ses of I the evening. From this court the company entered the a supper rooms. ' thk hrrrm noon t connected by three doors, cut through the wall. t with the mam concert saloon of the theatre, which was a also used as a supper room. In each room four table? were * spread, (lie following emblematical pieces, iu sugar aui. n tees, adorning tbem: Statuettes of America, Europe. e Asia and Africa, a group, twelve feet iu height, represent- u ing the United . tales, surrounded by Peace, 1'leuty, Civili 1 oat ion and Commerce; the steamship Niagara, with the Ju j panose on board; the Triumph of CommorOT," surround t ed by our national emblems; a bust of Washington; LI- c berty's column, an equestrlau statuette of Wusbtugton; ( llie -Uniou of the World," with the flag? uf all uatmtis: ] symbols of science, art and gutustry; statue of Britannia. ( with Kngli.-h uutiniial emblems; the J:t|uncse tower at i .leddo; Japanese, Indians, llaluiu, Spanish nndGothic tein- | pics; temples of love and of flowers; the triumph of friend | ship, Jut*;.Ill <c |>;i\ tin ill ami liiiiuiuiu; uu inuum monument. Mr. Wood's temple of natural dowers also adorned the tabic*. Refreshments wore pro Tided for ten thousand guests, and the collation was served from leu UU two o'clock, there being no regu lar iu|>|S'r, bul ouch peraou procuring refreshments as they were required. The eollutlon Included all the usual delicacies, with most excellent wines. The suptier rooms were festooned with flags and wreaths of evergreen, and preeented e very unique and beautiful appearance, thus providing a feast to the cyo as well aa the bodjr. At ten o'clock, tbo hour at which it was announce! that supper would be served, this room was densely crowded, and the scene defies description. The tables wore surrounded by a quadruple rank of people and every eatable was eagerly seised upon, so that In an hour there was nothing like comfort or convenience in the saloon. Each guest seised that which was handy, and the uumber of dresses spoiled waa beyond enumeration. The call for the waiters, the Incessant popping champagne corks, and the rustling and bustling of the crowd mads up a confusion worse confounded. The guests entered and left the room by the same door, and thus groat delay waa caused. Dm following waa the OwsowwiwxwwwrwwwwiwrwmMiWHiMVSMSwowO ORDER OR DANCING. Grand March Welcome Japanese. ! : 1. Quadrille Haunonakinder. ; Promenade. 2. Polka Carnival de Paris. Promenade. 8. Lancers..* Dodworth'a 2d. Promenade. 4. Quadrille Feet. ; Promenade. 8. Schottlsehe ^... ...^ Embassy, jj i: l Lancers Dodworlh'i 3d. Promenade 7. Polka Masourka. tommy. Promenade. 8. Quadrille Triumph. l*r> unmade. 9. Rrdown flelates flchwtnger. : Promenade. !; 10 Lancers Original. Prumeuadc. !; 11. Polka Japanese i; Promenade ] ! 12 Quadrille Carnival Tin Itimr wan under tie- management of Profeaaora Perrrro. Brooki* and Wright, who performed their aotnen hat onerous duties must admirably. A rKOMKMAim AND KKl'KITION MA LOON. Tliin large room, extending nearly the entire length of the hotel u|>on Prime atreet. was decorated In a neat and okgiiiit at) le, with flag* and wreatha of roars and evergreen* It waa designed that the decorations In each n*>m should be different and should Increase in splendor, culinnialing in the splendid atubellishmeala of the theatre. This saloon waa constantly Ailed, and but a small space was reserved for dancing. Below this saloon waa a room of ainnlar style, used as a supper room. AI'PKARANCK ur THK BALI. ROOM. Ttie glory of the etenlng culminated in tlie grand danc ing hall, where the votaries and dtaclptr* of Terpsiehorc assembled In numbers numberless. The costumes of tlie guests were of tbc most brilllatt and dar.zling kind, rival j ling the husa of the rainbow and the humming bird, and eaiasdlag m aateat aaything of ths kind whk:b has yet ?* area is owr for famed city of areas! Inns Oaycty and j aalaaatloo everywhere prevailed Joy and gladness ham I ed oa every face, every heart seem?d buoyant, and I an exuberance of Joy and animation appeared on every aide. The brilliancy of the mw wax *ur|?*slogly (rand Orientals though I bey are accustomed to splendors that outstrip the pace of sober reality and Qnd a realisation only in romance, the Japanese iwlacen were thrown off their mental equilibrium, and for some time belle red that they, were wandering among | the Cyskan Oelde of lbs Fast, and that the raw which bloomed and the bulbuls that sung were the denizens of their own warm and runny clime Beauty, splendor and magnificence shone down upon them with beams as radiant as those of the Ood of Pay himself. Huch a brilliant and glowing scene has seldom been seen in thu western hemisphere; thank* lo the eflhrts of ths respected pro prietors of the Metropolitan and the decoratlre artists, and but little than he. Indeed, to the dull and henry Alder men who Mt Inside. The skill of the carpenter and the art of the painter were brought Into full requisition, sod well did they all co-operate to adorn nod tieautlfy the scene. The theatre, fbr the time bring, was transformed into a dancing hall, which, for elegance and beauty, might bars defied competition with the moat tasteful saloons of the ladles of Chatile As If by the stroke of a magic wand, the ordinary theatre waa converted Into a gorgeously Illuminated bower, shaded by Dags and drowned In flowers, Ry the united | and gigantic labor*%>f hundreds of mechanics aod art issue, the metamorphosis waa as complete as j any of those made by the fluent pen of Orid. | No fairy with unearthly power could luire done but I ban the ordinary mortals who controlled the design Puck, with the girdle round the earth, was bat ssan la fsnt to It. The change was. Indeed, as aoddeu as remarkable The kobturi of Ktblo's, under the clrr amstaoces could entirely recognise their favorite retreat lhers flood I lie old theatre, but how different?how changed 1 Instead of tlie ordinary auditorium, with acrastomed sciiur dev.r..?, tliern appear''I a w ids sml estensirs diii.cli g lisll. shndsd by banners sad (lags, filled with the beaut) . the wit and intelligence of the Umpire City. The stags and parquette were lloorsd over, and orsry ifnetiience protrhlcd for the trippers 'on the light fantastic tn." Tie sent- for the rPi"?t part e-<?, m i removed frem the drr-s circle, M had liccn ani' , . hut rfiiiaiued In their usual places, much to the ? ' lb. prrltl' S, If not to the sal vfarti'in of Itie '" li* .s Tlie ac? ffMlft the latter Was, however, suf i lly 1 ge. The up| r boa s of lbs th aire, which / ? 9?>k down on the date :ng floor, wen crowded t>y*i?y J p< Ad ra?-bi<?ub>e multitude, many 01 whom occasionally ? escendcd to the lower tkr, a* uppurtuuity offered, to hi .Ingle in the n.../*>. of the utorry daucu. trouud thcao u ler?, in ihe .-paces formed between the boxen and the ni ittiln, won- spl-miid promenade*, illuminated by myriad tl impe, dru]>ed with (lugs uud festooiil "f flower*. Tliesc U or rider* presented ? brilliant appearance, and were pi owded to cxcers all the eveuiug. The whole theatre at. nd garden* surround ins were, iu short, one *hiuuig scene, n. mining a niagnillcoul isivUtoii, with a canopy aud n? ides of red and white dumusk, with rich hi toon* and wreaths ol' flowers aud bangiug* o or(jeoue aud variegated silks. From the lulcrior of the I' reat cupola depended the three brazen lamps, ornament 'h d in tlie most tlurid style of workmanship, uud supplied <h rith three rowa of ground gins* shades, duninishin*; in hi Ize upwards. These, when illuminated, added the utmost ? rllllaocy to the building. From the columns, w< nd around the walla, there were additional at ghts, which flamed out their dazzling colors with to luch effect.. Along the corridors, between the on sate of the various tiers, and wherever there was room of ir an ornament, aumethiug beautiful waa suspended. ne here were palntlnga, and statues, aud flowers?there to rare flags, banners and wreaths; and wherever the eye an sold turn was to be met some sign of taste or some em v" I em of magnlflcence. The upper tier of bones ? I the theatre was most exquisitely deco ted. Variegated lumps shone swoctly in the |r tldet of evergreen houghs, shedding around a litre and a brilliancy seldom equalled. Most of the w oral wreaths enclosed or supported the coats of arms of gt he various States of the Union, overwrapped in feetoous di r red, white end blue ribbons. The main columns of the of wilding were wreathed with Huge and banners, and gar- gi utded with circlets of rases, shedding sweet and delicious a erfumrs. On each of these banners, which retire- hi rntcd almost every nationality beneath the tl un, were devicrs and insci iptlons appropriate to the oo tb aslon. Hie combined clfcct of all these elements of beauty al nd grandeur could scorooly be depleted by the artist's n< icncil, much less by the matter-of-fact aud hackueyod ft ten of a newspaper reporter. Tossy that the scene was u irtllkant, is to say little; to say that it was oi naguiflceut, is still, to say little; and nothing si >ul the actual view of ils varied aud yet united tb w-auty could give even a faint idea of the reality. Silken In nd satin bannera hung from every point, bearing mscrip ca ions congratulatory to the distinguished guests for whom m he display whs made. The devices on these tiags aud nt ianners were most exquisite and appropriate. The whole tu l>ace encircling the dancing hall was clothed with re ircath.-i of fresh dowers, or which the leafy ft south of June is so proline. These were of ev very color, and a emitted fragrance which, when com w, aiugled. rivalled the odors of an Arabiau court. ft n the mldnt of these were fanciful designs in |winllngs, cl ilastcr, and gilr. Around the lower purl, or near the b> >a?e of the columns, were tastefully arranged the dogs tli >t our -volunteer corps, gathered into charming n old.--, aud liMiped up with varicolored ribbous. tb u the centre of each of these sparkled some tr (littering substance which, in the blaze of a thou- 0| wnd lamps, looked like so many diamonds Theiuterstioe h Oct ween each column were decorated with arches of ever- ;c (reens and the richest floral tributes which the gardens fa if the country and of the metropolis could afford. The a lancing floor itself was of immense proportions, afford- g( lug convenience for a great number of sets to bo dancod |) it one and the same time. Its mean measurement tl nss seventy feet wide by one hundred and | w Mtv long, and the appearance of the whole floor n; icemed almost lUimllabU- beneath the magnifying glare of (c lamp and chandelier. The theatre bad,as we said before, altogether disappeared in the Terpsichoreon saloon. There was nothing to be seen in any part of the rooin hut brilliant uniforms, costly dresses and scintillating jewels, rbc sublime strains of music reverberated through gallery ind corridor with powerful force, lending Interest and animation to the scene. T c The musicians were accomodated on a data erected on u imc aide of the ball room, where their splendid uniforms g were displayed to great advantage. Here they discoursed d the most stirring, and at the same time the most deli- ri ciou* music that the well known Dedworth could supply. ?j There were nearly two hundred musicians engaged ? tor the occasion, and the concord of sweet sounds p emitted from viol, clarionet, flute, cornet and brass, f( was powerful enough to charm the ear and delight the y heart even of the dullest Japanese that ever detested music. The floor was chalked and dlridod In Byzantine style?one of the old and favorite Greek forms?for Uio ease and comfort of the guests, an arrangement that waa greatly appreciated during the evening. This precaution tended to increase the con venlanoe of the guests, and to rondtr the fornr"? of sals easier and mora regular. The upper private boxee were oonoaaled by the large standards of the oily com pan lea, and the lower boxes were arranged into aiehea of flowers containing statues of dancing nymphs, supporting bouquets and garlands of flowers. The proaoe nium was draped with large American and Japanese flags, surmounted by twin figures of Fama, aoeadlog their trumpets, and su mining a large gilded American eagle, pendant from the claws of which waa a medallion wreath, with a device of clasped hands iu the centre. The stage was cleared hank to the walls, uud the entire apace waa aet w ith a beautiful garden scene, lit np with bracket side lights an<l candelahraa At the rear of the stage waa a gorgeous Japanese pavilion, frotn designs fur nl-licd by one of the artists attached to the Kiub^isy, represented as if aland lug iu the midst of a garden. A prt vate entrance, reserved en lusivcly for the A<abuaa:i lors, ccir-niuuicated w Ith this pavilion from the hotel, so that the l*rincea could retire to their rooms, or b i present among the distinguished throng aa tin y desired. This sparlm< nt was illuminated by candelabra* upper led by gi.l s slues. The arrangements for (he decoration of the bail room were, on the wliole, of tha most successful description Never In any Eastern land were more elegancies and beau ties concentrated into one even lug's entertainment thao waa done In this ftr-oll Western country last night. The decorations of the ball mom were un rlvalU-d in tlie hftnry of the city. A nutivc of Con stantinople, suddenly transferred Into the Labyrinthine intricacies of Ntbki'a Uarden, in the full blase of an Illumination, bursting forth frnm fountains of gas and oil, would have believed himself atill tarrying in some gorgeous palace on the bank?f the Bosphorus. It is hard ku<lecd fur the Imagination to ounostre, aa It was for the eye to taka m, the whole of the meguHoanne at a glaiw. The Midsummer Night's Dream" of the Immortal Atakspere must have been conceived under the delirium of a dream wboae beaollae only found living reality lu the *|>teodor of last nig lit. .Skill, patience, activity and enterprise united, produced a more perfrct truth than .the wildest thoughts of romancer* or of porta ever could bring Into life. The flag* and hanner?, the wreathe and flower*, the merry laugh of girlhood, and the hilarity which everywhere prevailed, spoke mora of Rasters cliinaa llutn of the euid frigidity of Northern men. Nothing waa wanting but the pefence of the Oriental Ambassador*. in their p<< uliar costume, with Ibelr abaren crown* and silken varment*, to carry one'* memory bark to the garden* of the bat, no the trees of which ruble- and emerald* sparkled, and where the rt.n bimaelf waa outshone In glory and noontide brightness. The fhhlcd beauty of Aladdln'a palace waa aa nothing to the acenc pre-ented in Klblo's Garden, In the very centra of New York, luat night. It waa anch a arena aa would hare sored the bead of ftrhehrreaade from the executioner's bkick, If but properly ana laiiniuiiy |<>rinyra?m unu( ivi ? in | expected In a hurray prepared newapaprr report. With element* an beautiful and fhrti no ek*pient, nothing but time ami opportunity are needed to draw a allrrtag and eflketlve picture. Hot wo wrttp in ha-tp, an Uut hp who rim* may rood, and honro wp ran only give tbo landing fpntnroa of tbta truly daullng and attpnrb dtaplay. Of tbo appearance of thp gnerta we can only aay that it waa in erery re?p?xl In keeping with tbp brtlUnnry of tbr arene amid wblcb tbpy moved with ao mnrh laatp and re flncmmt. Tbe Ja|*nare Pr'ncrx nrre of courae tbc princi pal attraction, and during tbe evening were lire nboerrnd of all obeerrera. Tbry were placed In a petition which fulled tb<m eaartly, fbr, like tbc perfonnera %i a theatre, tlx-y conld aen and yet be aeea. Our Kuetern rial tor* *e< med to be greatly delighted at tbe nppanranne and onl mat Ion of Ihe fentlae throng. Nevar before la tboir dw tanl feetrrnhornet did three Japanese gmtlrwien get en- ( tanglrd in inch an oreon of xetln*. alTlt* nod crinollor " revolt td arovtid thi-m laal night. Tbey roaid do nothing iter tlian alt down In ijuiot iman meat at tbe rapid evalnltoaa m?de by the lady dancer*, who twirled around in Ihe gluey aalt* itb a rapidity that would have dene credit to *n artificial (Ire wh el. The Taperfee could not help rgpr- wing llieir delight at all they taw and fell, nliicli tbey did l.y briefly aiHrolited i I.-reatb na, hy ? tlealatiet)*. and hy mile*. Tbey ap -ared to be :n bettor i umor ;han on toy otter oooa* i-L aui.e tteir visit to our great metrvpulle. Ttey, wcver, did but appear to reeogmag tte .UdcmM d i orL' Umrn ah having any thing to do with tte teauty id ? !< gauoe of the scene. During tte progress of thg mtel nhluccia they rigarded tte workmen and decora* us *i 1. more favor than any of tte aanuniing aoeba who aleiiced lu direct altairr, thua showing their good senog .d dlx .t-.ilioii. A filthy. ore ige coloredglovo can no in tiK'< i i K i nr.lty of ' barocter in an Aldormaa or out* ?i U...h h widen leg i*ii tie made to |*vi current M | itide irg oi ttuib and blood. The Japan ate ? throngli the varioua dieigea which wort being ;i) i-d on ibent, and avoided the conspirators agnlngt elr | "i re re mm h us they could with any regard to en aei ehtiimud politeness. To Mr. Warren i/laml and brother* die Aiiiliaeaadorv ure doubtless indebted for miy marks of attention; nud what the display last night uuld iiave I a ithoul their personal supervision and trillion b more than any sane man can attempt say. Certainly, if everything depended the eh-gonce of certain Alderman, on# tte principal decorations of the ball room would eeseui ily have eons is ted of tobacco boxes and spiltoonB, the dlaguat of both Japaneae and Americana. The better id more civilised counsels of educated gentlemen pro died, and the Japanese were left to enjoy ihemselveg uhout these oxcresences on our civilisation. The principal feature of the evening?which at acted the attention of the Orientals and drew forth idible sighs and ejaculations from love sick awtiins? as the gorgeous finery with which the ladies were clad, ich delicate feet, enCaaed in sack tmy shoes; such slew it w a lb us ana vuiupiuuiu iran i*, wvitcu ?uu a jinfiuunju ' Boxen, golden, auburn and ebon hair. If the scene ?i| rand when the empty ball room lay open to the sight, da rated with all the taste we have attempted o describet )w greatly enhanced was the coup d'aeil wha is brilliant company began to arrive. As throng after irong of lovely women swept into the saloons, with 1 the majesty of health, beauty, wealth and happt* 'ss, It seemed as if tbe houria and perls of tha xst had met together to bold a midnight revel and > celebrate their highest holiday. The great mart# r commerce In the city must indued have been ranicked to the fullest extent to supply tbe necessities at is army of fair ones who turned out Ju such round uumTl last night. .Satins, lares, gauzes, brocades, tulle#, mbrUs, shawls, and tunies of Eastern manufacture; antles and tunics from Paris, I .union, and every contU ntai city, mingled in the vest army with the mauufuored excellencies of oui own land. The ladies uhon# splendent under tbe baud of the milliner* tch one strived, in anticipation of tbd rent, to excel the other, and the result as a perfect chaos of elegance, beauty and refinement, i much brilliancy is rarely to bo seen even in th ty of wonders and protean changes. The ball roost ukod out upon the brightly illuminated garden, wh-r# lousands of colored lights were burning, some of theflt nitlug sweet odors, and crystal fountains sjiarkJing ill icir radiant beams from the branches of th# eve, full of green foli.tge, depended myriad# r laui|?, each varied in color and twinkling With istre and a cheering hl.cse, like so many golden stars set i an azure sky. The murmuring sound of the waters, illlng gently from marble statues, and gliding back from circular lake into their original fount, was music m ;t If; and as the toiiiul of the brazen trumpotsand boms of e musicians was borne upon the night wind and through te trees, It produced a wird like effect on Ihoso who ere calmly reviewing the scene, while the merry cossptke I, thoughtless of the moment, were whirled about in tb# itricacies of the dizzy dance. ENTRANCE OF THE JATANESE. The Prince Ambassadors and the principal officers of le Embassy, on their entrance from the hotel to the boll *>tn, aere received by (lie Joint Committee of the Com* littcc of the (bmimin Council, and conducted through th? annus apartments appro|iriated to the festivities of thft rcning. On their entrance, the beautiful and touching me of "Kathleen Mavourneen" was struck up by lh* and. and appeared to be highly appreciated by thg istlnfiitslied guests. On entering the principal boll >oari, chaperoned iiy the members of the Naval Commit* Ion, they were con dueled throngh the throng of guest#, rho opened right and left, leaving a lane for them to ass through to the pavilion, which bad been prepared >r their exclusive accommodation at tbe north of tbO >uildlng, on tbe stage of the theatre. The interest at hia Juncture was Intense. The guests spontaneously oae, while tbe cry ran round the immense building of The Japanese, the Japanese." Every eye was strained, nd every one present stood on tip-toe to see tbe mem* ier* of tbe unique corps diplomatique. The intur it a 'Tummy" was particularly iuteuse. All wuibed to iee him In particular, as the liou of tbe Embs?<y. )n bis opiworonce?uot, by the way, In Am<>rfean mi#, nine, which lie has lately assumed, but in tbe clothing leculiar to bis country?he was greeted with the usual ...? ..f lu.lK >..., ..I. u,.l . A iliited in herald log the advent of tin- Ju|?u<-w> t.lor t baa be?ft said thai young Master Tnt'i-o would hnvs |mrted hie new 'tug*," but that bo wa-i prevented frosi loh| m. fmn frir nf the censure uf his superiors, . iully tb' iiwfiil Ogoro Bnngn, tin- advts r ?>f the Fji l.a*?y. in it ???, liowwr. bo l<?>k< ?1 ov .la. -'y w'l, and no loubt tbo llutleilug b?url of uuuiy a maid on w< nt it a pat, tbo -trutures of tho unco g do |?rt'Q >f tlio press to tho contrary n<w .llj-tuLding. lie Japanese were es pin nly almost dr'-sfod as uja>n ib? s-casiou of thoir groat reception in X? w York, and aetco erupted K-atH u|>on tlio platform raided for tbom, and vatcb'd tig' proceeding- in (lie ball room, with tbo gnatUdidity and without any upper out 'motion. THIt PKPAKTt'KK OK THK OflWTfl vmuOBCOd at about ton o'clock. The guoata reached tho ilroct by tbo entrance to Christy'* saloon. and by Uila arangtaionl the crow d at the onlrance of Hie hall roons una, In a measure, relieved. tJuesta continued to arrive, Mrwerer, until one o'cbek ibis morning, ao great wraa tb|' oak, but at four A. M. tbo last party had left the rooms, Ho ended thin, tlie grratrst jMt which the city of New fork bat ever extended to ita goeata, and amid the blast >f the street lam| ? and the cheer* of tho cruwda on tb? lorner* of the streets, the last guest, like the last man . the play. took hia departure, and tbo curtain dropped upon tbo Urand Reception Ball. THE GREAT JAPANESE BALL THROUGH A m m AVltNUfi LUHUUKI lb. m ILI1 AND BOLD Of TMM ATTAIN THE LA DIBg AND THK OHIKNTALK?A flFLENDID JAM THK TABLEAU AND m BEAUTIE8 - A VIEW NT AM OUT*IDEM PENCILLED rMOM THE flAM.IOlY In?'IMKT?, ETC. MB KDIN* ? I bare been to the grual .layanoae ball, or ratbcr 1 am iere?croaked, mutilate), bow t Ida rod and reduced ;o the element* of my original entity, but Bill) looking Iowa aa complacently from the arcoad clrclo of ibla traac* ormod auditorium, upon I be ever changing WCM below ia clrcumataacea will permit. By tome bleared arrangement of fate, probably due ad much to female diplomacy aa to any other caoaa, I iuc reded at the eleventh hour In obtaining what IhouwndB A anxtona bearu hare been denied?a card ofentr?e and topping only long enough to prepare a haaty toilet, with % roue colored vttino on each elbow, itarted (br what may b? emphatically called?the acrne of action Bui long b?. Tore we reach oar dcatlnatmn we bog I a to eiperleaoe rant11 lea we had not an ml pa ted. Wo dnd Bro hoadrod of more carriage*, all containing oocopanta Juat aa eager ?* ouraelvea, winding their alow length along Aa we prngreea the crowd locrenau* From a alngle line It grow* In two, Uiree and four deep, until, by the time we reach the vicinity of the hotel, Broadway, for the length of two or three block*, la b'ac* with them from curb torarb. Tluuika to the Met ropol tana, however, aa we near the entrance, order la evolved froaa i ha e The line la again perfect and we mer? along apoamodk ally, while oar forward neighbor* de|mit their burdena itnd depart. Paring ibw annoying prooe-w, to an impatient woman imperially, we have thd rallffaction of travelling through a d- hie r?a of people, who drop their eommenta and ofV i it I ma upon mir peraonai appearance, with an off hand gi ueroelty. decidedly more ami lit le tluui cotnplU meiiiery. Thl* gauntlet le In due time run. however, and wf are art down at the entrance of the hotel in thd rtenee crowd who fill the doorway and hall, am) poking forward toward* the rcg>.*>~ above We begin to have ? taate of what la to follow, bat H la no time to waver now, and barely able to viand on our feet float along with thd tide We reach the atalr* toil "paelooi aa they are ard eomi* lied to move at a anad'a pace. do we go until, prfv anihtilating the |wllt above, we In or a gruff voice auLotuiud "Pavtt your ticketa to the 'tght, and dm< t ntiwd." I lain ling out wliat we hfcre g>vi Ual aa a troarure during Ou? terrible Mdge, It , nat< o 4 feom onr hand* wet ad ar' roughly yttW I thm' tl aarmw d-?>rway tntoav|KuW

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