Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 26, 1860, Page 7

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 26, 1860 Page 7
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J AFFAIRS DV MEXICO. Our Monterey, M&tamoroe and Brown* ?M ville Coireepondenee. Welti OppeHee te tk BtLut Treay by the reeple, lrrecpeettre ef Party- Aedee ef I tfeettateeef lelerey andHev Lean) tti) kt<) lie* Oar Xontrrtjr C>wiyia*?a<?. i Musxkkct, Juue 7,1W0. TK* Mr Lane Trta y and Slate Legislature?Unaninmt Protest?Murder of American* bg Cortinas?Attempt to Meitrid the Governor'* Pouter?Battle untS the Car matches? Position ef the Contending fonts in the Interior?Gen. His Character and CnpopuInrttg, etc. for want of important news from the interior, I thai) be obliged 10 write maaily upon local topics to (111 the present sheet. I trust, however, they may bo of some Merest to your numerous readers. The Legislature of this State baa at length adjourned, having bean in ascaion tiro months. It has been mainly oc j copied with local maljgjp, but it has had before it two | " subjects of general intvr^t?vis: the McLane treaty and ] the question of < ontmulng extraordinary powers with the j "? Governor. With regard to the treaty there was no differ- i anna of opinion, every member being strongly opposed to j It, and denying the power of Juare* to bind the republic without the intervention of Congress. A most decided protest against the ratification of the treaty was unanimously passed, sr. d received the SBsent of the Governor. It is in only important as showing the state of public opinion, for, of course, the action of State Legislatures can have no binding validity. This treaty is generally regarded as aenferring immense privileges upon the I'alted States, and for a very inadequate consideration. Many consider it as a sale of their nationality for the paltry sum of two j millions of dollars. They overlook entirely the Incidental j advantages which would inevitably fbllow if the treaty j should go into effect. It is not to be diagtii-ed that there exists s strong pntfudkse sgatnst, and jealousy of. Amor ieana. Bow this has been prodaoed it would not be worth " while to say, as it might wound the susceptibilities of ur neighbors an the other side of the Rio Grand*. We learn this morning that two Americans (horse traders) were killed by the notorious Oortlnos nesr the Units of this State, and robbed ofpr <perty to the amount of fiva or Stx thousand dollars. The particulars of this transaction have not yet been made public, so thai I can ire you the sini| la fact idoue. Vtdaurri, with hischarac. {eristic energy, promptness and sense or justice, immediately issued an order to all the authorities in the vicinity to arrest and execute this barbarous outlaw. If ? the same spirit hod been manifested by tbej Governor of Tamaulipos and the acthor;tien of llutamoros, the long Jr and complicated troubles of the frontier would never I have existed, Cnfortunately. however, too many were f Interested on each side of the river in fomenting rather j than allaying the difficulty. A An effort was made by the late Legislature to rescind the II decree conferring extraordinary powers upon the Governor of the State, which has been In ferce Bince 1848. A majority was In fever of V i ' nimi am; ukwc iwwcrs. auu ihwu a rrwiuirau u> uut . effect, which, however, did not receive the Mu-:ti?n of (J-"'' the Governor, and vu returned with a veto. Falling to receive a two-thirds vote, as required by the constitution, It did not become a law, and the Governor remains In possession of unlimited powers as heretofore, there can be but little doubt that in times like the preeent straordinary powers must be lodged somewhere, and in no hands could such confluence be reposed with mora safety than in those of Governor Vidaurri.* !A great Indian battle took place in the northern part ftbia State, resulting in the death of twenty two Comanche*, and the capture of numerous horses which had been stolen in their incursions. Th<> Mexicans had one man killed and three or four wounded. This important victory will tend to check the invasion of these barbarians, who have been committing numberless and unt beard of atrocities, not only in this State, but also in Texas. It Is not often that so many Indians are killed, and the so idlers engagod in the battle certainly deserve great credit for their skill and bravery. Governor VI' flinrri la niso entitled to the highest degree of credit for dlctat.Qg the accessary measures in defence of the frontier. 1 The liberal force* retired after their rcpuls* at GuadaiaJam towards tbe mountains, and w '! probably unite with I tbese under Oguson, which arc li .hat vicinity. Miramon will probably lake possession once more of zacatecM. Guanajuato and ban Lata, and thus regain all the ground i lost during the put ft" months. Ibis has been a Terr severe blow to the liberal cauae, from tbe effects of which they will not fur some time recover; and so ends Gen. Urngn'1 new plan of regeneration and reform, together s with bin ambitious hopes for the rresidancy." Gen. Dcgoi'ado is still at San Luis. Report staten that he will have tbe coi unand !n chief of the defeated troops of Crags. Nothing Important ana be expected from tbe movements of Degollado; he has completely failed in nil hit attempts to wusU.u the liberal cause; In fact, lie is not tbe man to make any enterprising movement, end baa bees asore damage to tbe liberals than all tbe reactionary I " forces. Mis personal ambition and want of capability V bare reduced him ta a nullity. Be is now at daggers *> -? point with Vidaurri and all the other important liberal chiefs. Gen Doblado is now at rialtttlo, and also violently opposed to liegollado; and Gen. Tracor.u. who arrived here yesterday from vera Cruz, is in the same position. v The geu ral government <mgfat to provide some means to get 1 ,t this humbug. If not, there wtH ben compromiso made between the friends of Comoafbrt and tbe liberals apposed to negollado This amalgamation will cause a smash up of the treaty and Juarez government. ' Oar Matamnro* torrtupsnienee. IfiTiMoaw, Juno 14,1M0 Cfftoxxtion by !\t StaU I-egietotnre to flU JfeLune Teee/y? Vuiaurri't Dt>:rtt?J*ara 'i Au tmotion of Power? Effort* </ (.'raps'* Defeat? Kefertiotu on (Jspiaw Turn*. i ' ' Proceeding at Vera Crux, dc. The flrst step In the resistance of the 8tat. s of this country to the execution of the Oeampo and MeLane treau It hlA illlt frbrtlllriwl in f Vans* nf n lnwiakllaa dm**, mm by the Congress of the St.- ' of Xuevo ' eon ud Coahula on the (Abject, u ronow ? PFCKF.F Aft 1. IV Cot^frew of the sovereign and independent Sleta of Nvwvo liron and Coahutla does not consul t the treaties which the free .dent of the republic may make wtth foreign government* to ho of any value or throe srhafc rer until they have been duly ratified by a Cungrece of tho nation. Art. 2. The Slate protests formally and wilemly again -A the ratification of the treaty ?hirh the government of Meilco haa celebrated with Mr. Molar...-, on the part of the lilted State*. . Approved and published May 21. lfthO. SANTIAGO VIDACWU. N This decree was unanimously adopted, and waa aflirmcd by all the officers of Ui? State without delay. It waa cirri-dated publicly and prlvnttfy, as aa act of public importaaoe, and. as far ss I can learn, art with the nut eatbu sawtie adherence ..f the people. In fact it waa a matter which the popular clamor fore. J upon the rukrs, for blind as some of your 'talesman rosy think the Meiioars, thsy are nevertheless unwilling to be led into the grand speculations which the M *" *hnd Ocampo treaty opened \ up to greedy and advrt sptrlts. Mexican* pra- | ler their own diaordcr to I be rule of Americano, and whenever interested parties may declare that these people desire American Intervention, it is all moca shine U la not natural that It should be so, snd > If speculators bad not some ulterior purpose to asrre, I they would not aaoert such unnatural falsehoods of tho dosirrs of this people. Tho llosloana will understand I th.t mkam ika A mawldano MMfl Hi t h#V (Unfit i rt fttll And Umh who do not rrtmi mutt aubmit to b? pot upon ? . Iw*r ttTtl than Ik* w hilt I. la California, for InetMKW, j what opportunity It oflbred to t nntitre deecendant of the old fpaalaiiSat Aid on the atatntebookithay are da- j anmiaatrt "gnaeera." We affix the badge of disgrace to them immediately, not becauee we art Mfotted or crrrr- ] bear In* naturally, (beoauee we do not treat the Utah, I or Kd*1 ith. or tienuiM In that way.) hot bcaoee we <to , out reoogntoe that a half broad Mexican ta the equal of a full blooted white man. But *tae Ha tea of Xaero loon and Ooabii'.a have other ground* than perarmal pride or anlmnafty to go upon; | they ttand ttpon a goad and raltd grotiad, that tho const ttuttuo of Mexico doea not rrat the treaty tntklog power in ' the President Junrer. claina hi* oflloe la rtrtoe of the 1 oocdtltution of 1**7, and that mnatituiion r-xpltciUy de' dare* that the power If Bake traatlea la alone voated m | Um 1*1 hi Qm Congn*" Tbeo xrfcg; right hal th| Iteaideat alone to make it f If Mr. t'w-.hanaa ahoulf 1 luumpt ta exorcise exeout ve and IrgWat ve powr1 M the p? t pose of granting by trea'.y fa Great B'Tuin Ut? right ofway for the Canada Railroad iMH'A the arleileg# <4 J*** ?***!> trorfa to moteot It.'what f weuM Malim. Vieweil, y^nachitaeUe.TV-ea'an-mrnth t Carol! lift my tothq bnvilhorirW a*i>iimpti?a f I hardly thtnfc New Torn Wmtld res* <p)!et at the htfli- tjon. U i . 1 i laat ao in Me*inn. Jtiaiut la either the pMaideat under I 1 I I metitutton, or ha la not President at all. aoswdmgtn ' > lie cwn assertion If that ooottiluUon ta napable of l oaktag bia a President, it M eqanljy gpnd to restrain hfm roan making treatise thta is a aelf r*idettt proposition?wth the power ta roatmla ao wnll aa the power to en tree, If fbund the name Instrument. mux. ha ariBew *i*ed, or the ceuetttotlflu gsM ta dot Thin iajmi wha. hero loan and fhahalli o*gr< Ant It support* Jnare* 4 ? tba const Uattooai PrenkJraL and tha asmnt ha hhn <f override* hie own authority, it files ft-npi Mm, aod roOwe to aefcaowtedre hie seta ft (berWbm ret?-?d r? ao how ledge the treaty negotiated hy "cakipi, and repute* j trf no value. ffiHirs Oagmta of the nation thai I horn . oretnMod and rutMed It TM (Vmyreee of Woevo lean Mid Onahvlla also paawd Mother rather salty daeree, or reanixtWri, b> tlie ?-*r<et thi the Bate dM not reoogmxe and would no* rahawt to ?b right claimed by the Pwwidrni <d the republic in ap part HouiWtwl hr ?na gln'ee, ewd ta dxtar- th. "?nt#e ma Mate of Insurrection and adar martini law whanI *t?r they M not can term to Be 'ooier? at the Pnwfdeat I * A tab* eame than Moern l?m will u"l ma.nt' o U.a onuar of the conatitnttoa of 1BT w th arm* an I **. an aggrat the church fnrly. wit M wB not tteid to the aa "aptVma of power rtafmed hy Jneoi Pi-wt aiw Hut# rigito doctrine*, ai propounded tn hereon, from wbi.-h ym can B* that there la a coitlct df Jertni tolton bert be NEW Y twfcn the State and the federal forces, jast as theie is with 7011. lite \t%islalure of Sue to lean and Goahotladosed on the 2M of May, after an extraordinary mjsbiou of ten day a. The elect of fraga's defeat will ho to depress the chances of the Juarez government, and to coobolutate the l?wcr of Miromon m the interior. U is use lota, aT.or this, for the fulled State* to expect anything from the g lvernment at Vera Cruz, for it in not only incapable of suppres tug Mirumon, but it la incompetent t> control the ; States which pretend to be subject to its rile. It was a most unfortunate move sent that Captain Turuor inter- ; fered in the wav he did at Ve-a Cruz, for if the Mexicans bad been allowod a fair fight Mir anion would have taken the city, and we nbould now have had a responsible government in Mexico. Such a conclusion would be the beat for all parties, and it is time that Mr. Mclztne wua withdrawn and the three of our support removed, that the factions might have a fair field and a clean dgbt for the plunder. Oar Brownsville Correspondence. Bbowvsvh lm, June 14, 1460. Cortinas Still in the fuld?Hit Plan* far the future? formation of Volunteer Companies?Murder of a United Statu Soldier ly fbur Others?Condition tf the Bio Grande? tMing in >hror of Miramon?Ouetom Mouse Returns, <fc., rfc. More trouble is anticipated with Cortinas, as be has certainly made his appearance on the rtver, and Is now at the bead ef two hundred men. He attacked a rain-he belonging to a Mexican unfriendly to himself several days ago, and killed the whole party, lie says be is only waiting for the yellow fever to break out at this place, when the troops will remove, and then ho will carry out his plans. The Mexican troops In Malamorns bavo gone up the river to intercept and catch him if possible, but 1 doubt their ability in the ttrst place, and their willingness to attack Mm In the second. He says he knows the orders left with the garrison were to remove l'rvm town and form a camp at a d.jtaucc of some eighty miles on the first approach of the epidemic, and thenwhen the population is small, and many are down, and (he restaurs iuf, he will have an opportunity to sack the town. So fully impressed are the citizen* with the dread of this attack, that they have formed themselves mto a volunteer military organization, and are now perfecting their organization in such a way that they wilt be i Babied to meet the danger when it t omes. Night patrols arc kept up at private expense, and the town Is rally awake to the dread possibility of being again iubjoctcd to the control of a bandit. Such an alarm was Created iD the garrison u night or two since, by the sentinel in charge of the magazine, who fired hi3 gun at several persons whom he supposed were bent on blowing up the powder house. B..bheries are quite common about the town at. present, and prope-ty is unsafe If left out of sight and from nndcr lock and key. Four soldiers inveigled one of their companions outside of town on tho night of the 10th, and beat him so badly that he has since died. He w is supposed to have money, but fortunately he left all hut six dollars in camp with his wife. Two of the parties have been arrested and arc in prison, while the othor two escaped and deemed into Mexico. The Rio Grande is in good boating condition, and when the new steamers are added which are contracted for, the trade of Brownsville and the Rio Grande will be considerably increased. We are all in favor of the success of Miramon and the restoration ol a strong govern uent to Mexico, as that will at ooce bring about the abolition of the decree making Maiame^* a free town, which was a movement solely intended to injure .American trade. It was a measure not calculated to aid anybody but a few traders in Matamnres, and therefore It was not done on principle, a* could have been said if such a privilege had been extended to Minatitlan or Aoapulro. It was a malicious and Mexican-like hit at American traders in the town of Brownsville. The trade of the Custom House in exports and imports will probably reach $1,000,000 this month, and for the quarter it will not fait far short of 92,300,000. Major Hind is In command of the post, and lie complains that iiis men desert and run into Mexico quite too commonly for the benefit of the service. No epidemic is apprehended at this place this year. News from tks Argestlne Comfedermtlom. NAME OK THK OONFKI>EK?TION CHANOKD?THE <JTESTION or KEL10IOC8 LIBERTY IN TOE LEG I3LATVRg Ol BY EN OS AYRE9?SKBIOI'S MILITARY RIOT, ETC. The steamship Champion, wbl- h arrived here on Saturday from Kio Janeiro sad San Francisco, brings us news' from Buenos Ayree to May 17, fnUy twelve days later than our pm ious advices. The following ars the only items of any interest. The English Charge de Affairs at Montevideo Informed the Minister of Foreign Affairs that his government had resolved that its agents alone should assist at the religions ceremony which was to be celebrated in crmmcmoration of the triumph in which English anna bad a share. The following is a brief resume of the principal acts of the Convention, which assembled on May 1:? On May (Ue 12ib, the session of the Coo ventloo called for a revleton of the coo?tilntlon of Way 1*M, closed its labors, which might be summed up by saying that it recommended (be reform of the constitution tu aenordaaoe with certain conditions, eubetltotioM aad omissions, some of which were contained in the enmpact of the 11th of November, IWp, On the 13th, e TV D*um was nlebratad as a return ot thanks tor the happy result of the labors of the Convention. tin met on of Mr. Harm let to. it waa t oted by acclamation to change the name of Argentine Confederation into the Cnlted Provinces of the Rio de la Plata, by which name those provineen will bonccCbi ward be knows. Hr. Sarmicn'.os motion was received with the moot enthusiastic applause by tbe niesbwi and "pactators. By an executive decree, the I,>dating of national flags on priste houses wis forbidden; that privilege being allowed wily to public bulMings an eecariooa of national festivity. Tlic various consular agonts aro, of course, permitted to hoist the (tags of tbeir respective nations, in conformity witli the established t indotn, on certain days. Ttic govern met. t dc.-i*red that public functionaries might profess opinions dilfcrfcjg from those of the govern mis it in electoral metiers. The project of !*r. friar, proposing a reform of the n-ond article of the enas.t lutrn. which declares the Ca'boiir reiigiou to be the religion ot' the Argentine >mfederal ton, was rejected, n<V?r -one e)e-ecle"< by a lew of iho members, who maintained (hat liberty of conscience was tbe basi* of alt other liberties. (hues from Parana are to May 9 I'p to I bat data tbe legislature of tbe proviooa was not .u session. The tunm b> r:-, were boldir.g preparatory meetings (raucuM.) Tlie of Cordova, ot tbe 4th uit.. say* ? By a person n .-l arri'.ed from riau Juan ?c learn that M. Vtrarer o has smothered a m utation which has been for some time pr?)wrir>g by the Bene . id? - party. A oertald \lc|rbor Rlos having attempted to bribe the gourd at one of tbe barracks, the plan waa discovered. TU- government I'onsrqueuiJy took measures which n m|ielled the revolution ins to seek safety tn flight. Amongst Vn er twelve leading persons arrested at Han Juan, was a lady named Qonirtya In Corrienles there was a scrkww riot and some bloodshed uL-.ler the following cirrumetarrrc:?On the occasion of the embarkation of a battalion cader Col IYrJol, for Rosarlo, a quarrel arnec among v<mc of the men. eh > charged cwh other with their bayonets. homo wore killed and a great Dumber wounded. Only ubout a hundred men were em barked, more than three hundred refusing, and r< tiring with their arm*. The t'nm'if io rfe la P'aHl he- the follow ing:?-Th* prophet* of dleaater have been deceived, anil their *lnl*ter preWtetMaae toe* aa* been Mailed. War turn nut R>Mow*d with the rHbrm of the MMHaNn. The It nation lo-dejr ha* become More clear The liberal |<arty of thiTtoe Ayrre?the party which In Mated and carried nut retorm?anmu Hoc no* Ayrea to day w ith her liberty saved, her right* arcurod in the fMcral c?d< of the republic, and h< r honor without a riant; aad tx-cawiwi the incor|>oratW>ri of ltmenc Ayre* can never n?m the re-mlt of i'Olenec, ber advantages and her luvrrata are the morn decidedly acvurod. Cua*< qoantly aba prei-ema an appearance of the nio*t solid union, tinre it la ha red on the Interest* aad the rtghu of *11. The rovrrnmrni of Huenoa Ayre* mar-bis* boldly ia tba path of union, endeavor* to remove every obetacle which might beoppoeed The government of the Oonfrde ration declares that it coorwler* the reform* proper, and hi new rnnrtorrd of the good (hub with which Iteeaaa Arret acta. The public men of Parana and the (eirerDor of Fntr* Rke, bcneral I'rqulja, < ongratiAte tbemselvta <* the t< ad< ik W which the acta of Buenos Ayrea doveiope. A rili/ra (Vutn the ranks of the federal party, a public nan who proclaimed the accesstty of reform ,u the con ttttutloa f the province*, Is considered, at this moment, by both part!-* of fbtenea Ayrea and by lbe Confederation, a* the only man capable of *atlrffcclcrlly settling the national question, and tbua m elevated to power amnt the ap|ilauae of all. Tin* ti i>in ph of na idea could not l?e more <>mipletely cnncniverf. The idea of relbrm. It may b? raid. waa reretx erf by the ealire republic, if atteatMa b? paid to the evideocc* we have shown. and Ojit Idea ha* produced thooe grand re ill* which were hoped hw, without sny of thoee danger* which w*re featured on like ill "uv-u*d i>hani**m? ?? dla turh the v. id J of the people. Would thc'ean.c have hay t? nrrt 'f thr ultra reform*!* had triumphed? Wf duuUl H. Tit- immediate innort* return at PutOM ?TlTJ l-erhaps have Wvn *cured b-.? ' ' <* rights. th- - * ? the will'* ff "?? A?r miwIR w? even the honor of Bnmm .fr " WtMi would W>ea bate been re**#*- to the noble , iptr* which havegwwled her vw? 1IU Ahd ennw a violent wiim, a union which, fhr from fitItHt t?? every elelwi what tt vu legUimalHy entitled to, would have crush J aU restUaace?could wet SUM hev h?<ro lasting ? Aw iredly tied The tocou:*t<?! union, which with the nana* of acceptance of the conatituwcti without Morn, was proponed to t,s. Tar IVooi Ifceoming >??<.Ildateci In time, would have I berime more o>u<iua, bvcesee the rights wh eh were merit! ted would prraent th?m*o|vee afterwards In all their magnitude whew prlveM-ai would make their importance all the roorr rcas.blc Then would revolution have burnt over all the republic, an) th?- part. ?us ot conformity wonld have reengni?vl their fhtal error. I'acU have .!< n.r.nxtrat- ! that the Ideas of the 1 Wal party w?re g~>?t,ard that lie advewarlee wsm os the wrung track. Tire Slate Trade, rvinro aranm comuaawKiat s covnrr. BiTots Josspi: Rr.J>;bmm, hag. rev caaa or nu isinsrm. Jtrp. 2i-? TV VnUft 9tmlt4 r*. C*ft. tsif** <wd ."Veen OTlcrr? The (Vtomlwoocr decW-d thm merntnic oo ur harmna the umndenM. _ 'Wares or wrier jrv* n.~n? r>m mm m. trm * dmcii <*a **e? r* iXe (Vnr ty ik*. AkpAew Anew -The <\rt< miauls re iharped with a HTM, and were enroatttot fbr < eamtnstkm. . ^ flntisw*. Wivwcrn rewual rv?wnreeeT*94TTmity toiiepe, Hnrtter*. Sour# on rhnretay, I duhe 3d The innuel i ei ni of the H<>.?e of C?? t trw! lion tepee p'aee en the pflh Wt. OBK HERALD, TUESDAY, Omi Chicago Corr*?|H?nde*ee. Cwcxgo, III., June 12,1M0. riatform of Lincoln and Lovejoy? Lincoln the Originator of the Irrepraiit>U Conflict Doctrine?tow-joy Hi* Mouth |rite* in Congrtu? Hon-d Abe't Virict <f Ike Dred Scott ! Dtcition and the Declaration (f ^ndpendtence?Hit In- i trrprrtation of the Constitution, ?Cc. The little t<-nd< r to the Courier and Enquirer a few days 1 go contained the following sentence:? The nomination of Lincoln Is regarded as a triumph over the Lovojoy ftictiou of Illinois, who have steadily professed against him as being too conservative. The. Chicago Dady Democrat, ouc of the most ultra. | republican organs of Illinois, gave a quick and flat denial to this piece of intelligence, in this language?"Mr. Lovejoy and Mr. Lincoln are warm personal friends and political supporters of each other. Mr. Lovejoy was in favor of the nomination of Mr. Lincolu for President, and Mr. Lincoln would like to see Mr. Lovejoy returned to Congress. Mr Lincoln is for using all the constitutional means in his power for the suppression of slavery. Tina is all Mr. Lovejoy is for. Should Lincoln be elected President, and Lovejoy returned to Congress, there is no man who would enjoy Mr. Lincoln's conhduiico to a greater degree than Mr. Lovejoy. There Is no .State in the Union ( where the republicans arc so sound ujion the slavery question us Illinois. Indeed, Illinois republicans know o ! no other question except that between slavery extension uud slavery extinction. A man that -oppose.- that Owen | Lovejoy does not speak lor all the republican- in liltuoH, w hen he speaks uu Congress, is laboriug under ail inc.* cusable delusion." 'litis aitouuctannut is official, and it Is boldly to tha point. Not only does Illinois claim the honor of ing the bloody "irrepressible conflict" doctrine, but Mr Lincoln claims to be the lirst man who proclaimed the principle in that savage and revolutionary term. In a s|iepch of hit) at Onhimbus, Ohio, in {September last, hi , claimed the paternity ul' the irrepressible cuutlict. He said.?"I ilo not believe that Governor steward uttered that sentiment because I had doue no before, but b.-cause he reflected on this subject and saw tiie truth of it." Lincoln, therefore, is tie* author of tho doctrine which Seward uflerwur-ls, in hie Kochestc-r speech, christened tho "irrepre?ible conflict"?a doctrine whion looks out over At tho Chicago Convention, when Mr. Seward's friends nrgued that the nomination belonged to htm, as ho was the founder and builder of the republican party, Lincoln's friends triumphantly replied licit he was the real author of the creed of the jmrty. The fact was not deuied, and it did much to turn many of the must ultra members of the Convention to Lincoln's side. When J/iveJoy, tho furioua fanatic from Illinois, belches out his abolition bile on tho door of Congress, he. is only pushing forward in the Incendiary path first indicated by his friend and political supporter, Abraham Lincoln.' Lincoln's dortrlue is that the people of the North must conspire to exterminate slavery in (lie South, or lite peopU of the South will exterminate freedom in tbe North. Mr. Lincoln, in the same speech hi which ho proclaims this principle, begins a crusade against thorfupromo Court of the I'uited Slabs by arguing that its derisions ore of no btnding force upon the people of these Stains. Ho lays bold of the Ured Scott decisiou became, as he said, it deprive* thv negro of the right of citizrn.ihip tu these United States, and sooner than tho negro should be excluded from the right of voting, he would raise the battle cry of the "irrepressibleconflict." He govts on another step still farther in tlw path of revolution, and declares that in green arc included in the bill of rights set forth in the Lk claratton of American ludopoudence?that the "oilmen" tiaiued in that document embraces negroes as well as white men. In htts speech at Chicago, July 10,1868, ho said " I should like to kuotv if, taking tins old Declaration of Independence, which declares that all men arc equal upon principle, and making exceptions to it, where w iU it stop? Hone man says it docs not mean a negro, why may not another say it docs not mean some other man? If that declaration is not tho truth, let us get the statute bouk, in which we llud it, and tear it out." Tliat is, if the la-duration of Ind>-|wiid*-nc? does not menn the equality of the negro with the white race, th?-n Lincoln wants to get hold of tie- statute book whie h contains the declaration and tear It to pieces. In what speech of Seward are such violent senUmetits as these set forth? Wb?-re can anything be found to exceed them in the ferocious abolitionism of Phillips or Garrison ? But Lincoln does not stop even lure. ' He is not content with simple negro equality. In his spws-h at ilaleshiirg, October 7,1888, he boldly declares tliat the constitution dues not affirm the right of property In slaves. That, of course, enfcthe controversy. You might u* w> II attempt Is r. ..H'l) with a mad dog with a tin ki ttle tied to hit; tail as to argtn with a man who declares the constitution dues not recognise the right of property In sluves. H needs uo ghost to tell where such a chieftain would lead us If he were elected to the chief magistracy of the United States. Chicago, 111., June 13,1m0. Lincoln'* Official Records-Hit ley Mai ice Carter?li a Leader of the Party of "Long Xinc''?UL< Count at Oongrtmnan?Betrayal of Hi* Omilituency?Hoie Will Hit Third Political Experiment End? 4c., 4c. We hare no wish to abuse Abraham Lincoln , we d??ire to guard against any misrepresentation of hie character as a man, or as a politician Wo have repeatedly spoken of blm as a gentleman of unblemished moral character, and aa an amiable and agreeable member of society. But aa a politician, little can be said in bis praise. Ills official record is nest to nothing, and what UtUe there Is of it U not much to hik credit. He was, a number of years ago, two or three times j elected a member of the lower branch of tbo legislature of Illinois-, hut the (bet that he never, after that sorrlc? in the lower bouse, rose to the dignity of a Senator in hi) State, but was allowed to remain in the slades of prtvat life fur .wars, earning a bare subsistence from your li ; Crar by the most Industrious application to the duties o; . is prvNuwion of the law, is, to say the least, a etrun; I prc*unij?tive pn-if tb?t his career in polities war neither a brilliant nor a popular one. But wu arc not left to infer encc. for there is positive pr-uf tlud he weptowl of office. h< tii? expiration rent* teg.-uttve term, cmmct wim un dflrtiatsndrsltum *f hi<? .ouslitu'iicy, toa decree which m il iumgli account * for lb* fact llial be was so tang am- ; nilseed to the obscurity of ? really unsif c. -fiil country lawyer. libtiUK bid fx illative term he was a leader .?f i ' the "Isog Nine." ns the nine ntr-ribcr;, of r'uugnmsi , I county Were callsd, on account of their hay polo length, and it will be a term of I'prwch in [ Illinois so Jong as tln> memory of their corrupt ami So Utah deeds shall surv ive. TV*"? ] nine tali men l*r? <<f ftaug.mou county banded together i for a war, oflei.nce and mfemi**, i*|m>ii the inasury of lie M.tic, \.f> ! I i? ' I ' ?Jld cliques were iMUftfst together In your ta?t Isglalatnrc tn plunder the treasury of the city of New t'oiW. Guv. Kurd iu be- Uielory of Illinois says ? TUhntehTa lion from the beginning <d the aesstou ilm-w Itself asa unit in support of or in ion to every local inrnsurr of interest, but never without a bargain for rotes tn return.'' la tan-iber ytam Oovernor 1'rwrl s btator j any* ''the Ins kike rolled ait nit like a ^ How ball, gathering arcutsa>ru< of trengtb at every turn until they swelled .a cum ub rable pari/. ' II we did not kiinw to the contrary we should think that this language c t rrod to a corrupt vota buy tug Iorty which diverted the last l/' ot "the i-tnfe of New York. Uf this "long mite,'' We r"jx-et. Mr Mnenln was a hading metnlwi and It was to prevesH a deleat of the etc riq.t M'beno-n of this f?( last that he jumped from lis* hack window of the !"gi-L',v? I room. to m to rtdi the House <4 a quorum. Tlr< brief lei tit of his legislative iaixcr was distinguish- I by rio tiirn f ability, at.d la remcmben-d only to his dbwredlt nud to the Luting disgrace of the whole vote buy iug lacItua with Which be was MeatifWd. Nor was kia On^r? iukal os.xwr lea* uw/oi to?to lie wsa elected to CVwgrew hi JMT, whew our war with Meitkci had been nearly two y?r* tu wifow. Tlw district in which l.inroln was a candidate bad aeul inauy vutuu | leers to that war, and the hopes and prfte nf a large num ' bor of the beat fittuiliM in thu district wete proftrundly ' interested in Its vigorous prosecution aud -uccr s. I : nil WTmiimt ?< !?. fir euurae no man *wiM tmve ! i iIm iMtoI ilwuec lor an (kdMn, undt-r I' II* ee cheiinf?tiir>ci-s. who did not tb?>r<?w{lily ' pledge aiwl bind himself In fire his uttnewt support to the I war. In tVngri-ss. Ami Mr'-nlo did pli-fg and bind lilmM irtodii lbs Ha ami through ll?r di-|rl?t iiwjr. j wln re phasing In mm a, if ib-ct??J, ' to aupjawt a vigorous pr'w.*utlo?i of tin- war." and by this m -an* cam <t j iln rbs ikm by more that. 1 WO majority. He look Ins ; to-ai on Hie 6th of ]>?ct*mbvr, and * tb< lAI day <d tlie same mnnlb ho introduced right infamous rr?>lut)unr dei signed to disarm c Uw- W?, aad if ptawibie to ml off iho | I supplies of our brarr and . offering army in -tiro. Ha I j made spwhea against the war. and every timr r?t"d j ; with Ibr b<soU?tl and iraitui'iiua nrnilea ol tbo war. uii> | ' lil sish a ?torm <>f indignaib-n refer hH?lng into Ins >?r? i | from hi* brtrayrd and Insulted rimsttlorury thnt h" waa | frightrnmt into taking the hack track, and, like IIm unnat I mal swim' wlileh d< \om thvlr own offWjiring, In out his . own rrsolutkuia and speeches, ami voted at Inst for the | 1 supplies. Merer hrforr, tn Ihr (tungrria of the I'nitod i Mtatrs. waa any aaan an whipped and scourged Into hnmil; talion by ihr utoigTiaDoD of Itla ("iwmuobry aa wag Abra 1 ; ham I.lwntn. Hit no repentant c rould aarc htm from the j t doom hr had an wrU rarnrd. Ib' not only deceived and lairifbtd bis ronstltivnry, but ho Insulted Utu whole | 1 American proplr and so disgraced hlnifilf thai bi own fart/icifent la reinutfiah* htm, ami at tie esptrwlKm Of hie Ursi term ?'C sank ba< k Into the obscitrlty ol tbe I Ntr In ouium br brougnt I t ipoo hji! pi Mdt?Mnugh(V7 ptit i I thrlr stropgrs^jngp #ud|e I eg an, la the held, ha suffirvd J a mewl, Utglotkras defrat by a rrtarnod volunteer from the brUiMMdr of Mr?h o. who, we betters. was the drat doI hrrrat avrr elected to (/ntigrcs* from tluU district. ! This la the history and tor end of Mr Mnrolu'a official rarwv. How came a maa with aurb an unhappy an l disarm i hil record In hr thought of in onnnecllon with Hit ' Vrss|d?stcyt It ?a only another IthistraUon ef the hwprudiner and luhtimniiw of the party which has put htm 11 otniuaUoo. Puppoer Ue-y worn Id eb<jt bint, ami tlwt i hi* third experiment In politics should turn out aa dls gra.. fatly lo hlir>s<>)f. and aa femalrnwdy to bis party, at dm Irgiaiatirr and Uoagrt* local career did; tn what coo dltloB would he leave an already distracted and ahmrt dmiTifl rowitryt There amy hrswwo rxctr" ferfehtof ; up a new man, without aa official record, in the hut t that he will toefer <nkehanutaMe to himeelf and useful t ir i hia reentry, but to put forth a man of atwh a record a i , Abrahan Lincoln presents?a record mined all oVCf trft i I iiwapectty. with rashh?dlsiogwfWnf pHphtrd word, ?i?d f , with the odium of betrayed conatltuonciea, sttckmg to bim libe the rtilrt f# Jtresur?Is ah Insult lo thetatelll , gsncr and srVrcrpebtaf the Am< r b an propir ("Wiryon, June IS. 1M0 I'cpnlar I Mr ?f HUnrtt in IWd Cbiapaiwf s? IIM? mark ft yuMWaw fklsMi bfcif, #e As a specimen of the sow- rfug.<# ami (Msstmode lo *be.h Uh* black r<*pubts an pr? -i are forced to resort, lo put Ihrir marines for the rrrsldrwcy in a reaprr.iahle attitude Nfrao the country, aa to his pm-Ulna at home In 111 wow, w<* may refer to the statement everywhere gntwg the roomie of tfodr pnpera that. In Urn memorable nontnrt hrtwerwhini and Itouglaa, while the latter carried the JUNE 26, I860.-TRIPLE Legislature, and thus secured bis re election to the United Plates Senate, Lincoln still received a minority of the popular voto. Vow, this Is one of those ingenious and timely falsehoods for which the politicians who have been brought up In Master Thurlow's school are famous. It is true that Liucolu did receive a small majority of tho | popular vote over Douglas, because between five and sis , thousand of the democratic votes of tho State wore throw u | off on a third candidate in consequence of his spilt with tho admhn-trntion. But Lincoln was still in a considerable mtnoiity in the popular vote of the Stale, which was .is follows.? Democrats 122.011 Bolting democrats 6,122 Total 127,133 Bcpuiuicau.-' 124,003 Popular majority against Lincoln 2,140 So far wus Lincoln from receiving u majority of the l>opolar vote of the Plate, that he riuv considerably tiehind bis own republican ticket; if he had not, he would have been elected to the Peuate of the United Stab* iu place of Luuglur; for the republican Suite ticket was elected, showing that many who voted for the republican State officers re|iudiated Liucolu and wcul for Douglas members of the L? gislaturc, in order to prevent the said Abraham Lincoln Item roinr into the United Suites Senate. And it should not be forgotten that, although the democratic nominee for President?Mr. Buchanan?had a plurality in tin Stale of Illinois in 1856, hi muwqtmM of (here la-iug then three candidates iu the lleld, the democracy were still in a minority of nearly thirty thousand iu the Stale. The vote was as follows:? Fremont 96,189 Fillmore 37,444 Total 134,633 Buchanan 106,343 Popular majority against the democracy 20.266 Now when Lincoln was striving to get into the United Q4bI<>u Sumiiht this LMImnpii nti.i liVtiiitntif ntirf ii>4 ttprtl united ngniiist the democracy, unit there was a 8|>iit la the democratic party besides, and yet l.incolu lost the State by 2.140 votes, showing that ho tailed in getting the united po|ni]arJniaieril> against tile democracy by 31 424. "My countrymen, wlutt a falling off was there. And yet tho shameless and un|>rincipled purtUaii braggarts who huvo nominated the utoresaid Abraham Ltncolu for the Prosldetn y have tho impudence to talk about hw popular majority in the Senatorial campaign of 186s. Oar Springfield. Correspondence. SrHi.vuriELO, Til., June 11, 1880. Chroniclers of Glorious Deeds Around Lincoln?Xo Jeniation Hem to U fbussd?SergeasUat A rms to fur sue Lincoln?IIis Personal Uatnts?Style if hit House? His Ability?Thurlow Weed's Pilgrimage to SprinjUld? Manufacturing Cants out if Honest Abe's Kails?Pennsylvania Sditar in Search of a Sensation item?Kail Splitting hit Only Qualification, <ffe., itell is amusing to witness the tortures of the republicans In their vain endeavors to make a hero out of Abe Lincoln. Not ess than seven different incideut bunt -rx ami glory manufacturers have already been here, industriously trying to thh up something out of his past career for catn pwign buncombe. Their disappointment is painfUJ. We heard one of these romancers ark a chum lust night, "Have you got hold ol anything interesting yet*'' "No/' was the reply, "not a damned thiug." Ou tho other hand, those who waut to abuse Lincoln arc equally put to their wit's ends for anything to pay. The truth is, that there is very little to praise or blame in the life of Aho Lincoln. He is simply a plain, honest, common place man?a merry, Jovial roan?In whom there is a great deal of fun, without any bad qualities to detract from the enjoyment one finds In bis society. No man can be farther from being a hero, and none wdl more despise the eflRfftx that are being made to make one of him, than old Aho himself. You have but to look upon the man to perceive that there is in him none of the Stuff of which heroeu are wade; for, though his personal appearance is certainly striking, yet there is nothing in it 10 impress }'"o in m*" iew*i w mi nnj mm in iiin-iwciuai superiority. The papers have exaggerated hit height at eaat two inches, ftir ho it not over six feel two, but hi* excessive leanness grvrs an exaggerated impression of his height. He looks as lean, and long, and lank, and crooked as are those specimen rails of his own rpluimg. lie Is as straggling and awkward in bis gait as Horace lire* ley, while bis whole appearance is more grotesque, :n consequence of the remarkable dtsproportlna between tho length of his arms and his body. But bis legs aro a match for bis arms. Talk of hi* jumping from the back window of the State House! Why, stepped is the word; for, to see him, you would think he could nut hare the slightest difficulty in stepping* from h two story window to Dm- ground at any time. By tbe way, it was not tbo Slate Bouse from which Abe jumped; the State House was not then built, and the livgiidalure assembled in tbo old Baptist church. The Sergeanl st Arms loot Ix-eu sent for l.inrotn, and when he had been brought tn and the front door locked, he jumped out of one <>f the buck w indows and took to bis heels. When tbo dismayed Sergeant at Arms was commanded to follow bun and being turn back ! a^aln. he exclaimed, "My C<*ll gentlemen, do you know wind jou a*kt Tliiitk of the length of Abe's logs, ai,d I then tell me how 1 am I? eateh him.*' Mr. T.lucolti Is a man of the most absteml us and ex rmp!ary habits. He neither smokes, dot chews, nor drinks, nor swears He la an ?IP* Inmate tun hand, the must indulgent o( fathers, a kind neighbor, and a clover lellow gcnernlly. As a lawyer he is rc-tpicubb, hut luts n> h i been otisalered a* Or?l elo/s. Since his notn.nation be has a new salt of clashes, aud i* n Wkwtly Irj mg tn brush himself up a little; hut bn never can <! ? it. -ujt of new clothe* lands to At thai InexpreMCibly Crooked and uwkwaid body of Abe Idnoolu's Ins already tbo look ?d w< ar and decay in every thread If It run from the tailor .- -hop the day before yesterday, it will look as though tt hail istn hung iu the coruQeld* for a scarecrow in-f< re the day after tomorrow. Mr Isnmln hv?* in a plain brown two story ho-iro, a little ofT at one side of the city, whlcu is without ornament eMhef on it or tn the groruids around it. Kv- ry thin-.' K-sp* ?h< a becoming absence of aflc tation ami love i f show and sb almost unbecoming ahaeiiee ot U?te and rrteeincal. And thh is pre* isci) Mr. Liu< obi'a cLirw t?-r. Tin- intern. I appointment* of hie tm.i?e aro pluin but tasteful. and clearly slmw the Wipfe-a ->f Jf-s l.lnrnln'S liand, wla> is really an umiaolu anu aoc-itnpiki-lw'd tdy. With r'-gnrd to Mr Lincoln'* luielh-et, It is j-ist u> viy UM .1 rMHUDK', !>) wiiKn i ui'-nu ? *? i-un-n^iv rat grade It i* without much cultivation, t* i.jt 'mUy irx l<> impraitMal ah-trail ton*. iui'1 very apt to * I rtruil'iii1 ol Ik tilmc. iind very apt to keep ilrad'Ha ..f iIh-iu, loo,to I)m- tail. r MM) Hi- eimr*.* in Oin^rrM >.n thn llriiiia war vai < \ kl. nr a Dial, for though ho. fri.'n.U Ik re wanted linn that ho mould lb *troy h'tu-df i? Ink own ili-tru t, In1 rllll pi runted until bo On! destroy turn Mlf, the end of ht* tint t-mi.ln. ?auk mm rnmiili'la |H,|itH?l tibittios, where ho lay abnoxt entirely hidden from public view until the H< <itin|iMigii <.f Hf.g, uln. Im' wan brought out partly Iii 000*011. ti.-e i>f hi* qtmlMkaliour. In rial |>>Jiti. *J ability )m> is tar tn-hlnd many other mnfci r? of tin* rwtm'ilx*aa party In llna Main; Kr in?ant . JwM ?M Ail of UiKng.i, Browning aod William- of \fiilnrjr, ami Palmer of Mmvi- . pin mimly IWit then ho auMnl the rabid atwllttnu thatui^f Hint a>i tliat |arty mad in thin Mate after tha repeal of tbe Miwurl C"tnpr.ifn1?e Titer* la no denying live fact that lutv olu h> far irx.rr raili-al in Um aholltiiHi do-v Irian than toward btdeeil, I* him*elf riaiina Uiat h<? la tha rial author of the " irrepreaallile ran flirt." having announced that dot-trine in bis apecch in thii rlty an i-srly a- Jure-17, IMO, wlibii ?raa aunw tlmn pro; bun to Mr. Hrwant'* liiamw speech at Rorimtar But ? thin point I trill brr wXUr send you lurtbor and undoubted*. It ! net true Mr W--I went tr-m tie c li . . enormia* to lfinaovita, a* ha to b> t< to the Eastern presr 11. r.imr vtrm.'t - mil twui to this mty. add retna ami here ewv?ral day*. rant ing Ltncola, and ancusuig w ith the \ aal nuiiit>i*r nf ainbittoui politicians who came to liava their ?tn? forgiven. This mowing nw I . loriruii, rrwurn n rifiu w?wn n? rtimwn, i urr ivwl, with other p'tgrirua to thu republican tliw i He came fell covered Wiin du?l, k**logae wort aikt * jry i? I'M uf ibe poor pilgrim" of IVI.T the Horiait, with a lice in which an old ciiagrin and mtmerit vmMy "bene (Mil through the thtn veil ftf forglconiWR and c.,ntent ? Ilii whi< li he \a.aiy U led to cover hint-If. How ard* defeat wan a t Tflhlt blow tn hi* friend M >tf in, and tt n a matter of wianr r that the brahmin ! art f witrt will alb ? bin mmo to nf%?'*r in tb" mel-t of their nceoca of r^'den { But a ixditlclaa'a heart muo howl* A bright fanii.* of tbif < itjr W a crow I < t l.i-n man j flirt nrmg frame* frtr Oil Abe'* photograph, nut of tVratU b" didn't ?piit forty >? ?r? ago. A (hi nx r about two mil-g city any* that, in one night, aontf^jr atola alxtnt hlteelt rail" fnm It.- fbaer, wlyei-. ho d-Obl, are boMo. I bet doing I'tod aurtiui a* the veritably rail of old At* w splitting. A repobrtetm rtttor ta fbiwylrtMa tdegriphcd 10 a gentleman m tkW eHy a* tnlknw".?''Send m- ?<wnethtng ah tit bnoert Old tbe The gentleman ami tbla answer ? :there In nothing alxnit btm." fht? ?? jtwt about the truth; and the*.- who want to pratnc Lim, and thaao wbo wnnt to nbuee blm will find thetr invention wver-ly la mat tn get anything to tell aleail. lli* pntitk-al record tt n a niitahrll. bw aortal rUtu* iu> precisely that of any (tl?r clever, awkward, >dty, conmtoo place humdrum lawyer and pnttttetan of a email country city Had Un- iw( ubiKaim nominated autb man a* your .1i*tUuc>ii*bod f*Ilnw ctttjen Nl'hohie *-agrtnl. Keg . there might have becaaomefnn m the campaign Bui ?ait i?, every mh Id-wl 11 the f lighten Infriat hat got to he manufactured out of wholr cloth. The only thing they bare vet hi ruftapiltttag b> iiuwe, and lliat i* a buoibug, because I.nvxdn aae at no tiitie of hie lllh a "laboring man " In tb" yeiddM mom of the ward. He rbored aixnjt Jn-t enough to keep him in vk lual* and cMliee till tr< cummenord the pror IkW nf the law, hwI at !W tia*e ef bit lilt- ewer intended b> he n "laborer;" and tt htextremely doubtful if tbero wi re ever m earth twrnty rail* nfi.hl* "pfltting. But no mattef for that , there are ptedty of foot* wlu> win work thrmaclTta Into the belief that tber arc actually carrying oh their bach* rail* that he dvi ujutv tt wttl be a mercy If they do not hunt round for eowie of the whlekre be onee retailed, and dally refre?h tbemw Ivea by drlnkln* tt over again And if ilna degradation were *11' "uflaed I> ltd ett'f'ta to poliUca it were uf little account. bat tt be reia human natnre. and mnkeo it derpiar itreff. ft re dure* tin popular fram Man tn a fhrce, and mak?a a Prcatdewtial rlectivn h*i like a mob iif drunken rnwdlee. ur the let lonae r?tleatr of an iaowie orylnm Why, W it a m?re rational rtglit lo *ee a er-wd uf men going a public meeting with rail" <*i th< Ir bach* than tt would ho to are ibewi with (be rail* her ween their l^rw. ridlag tbwn. ar whoei ixtya do willuw oticka for horaaar SHEET. Life Around Our City Hall. MIETlKii OF THE FOl'RTU OF JULY COMMITTEE?CDAKACTKKIbTIC SCHHHE? ALMOfT A KIOHT, ETU. t A sreto of by no means an unusual nature, though cor- t taitly eieitiEg and disgraceful, and by all mean* inter ?tiiig character wag enacted tii the quiet committee room of our yen,-ruble city fathers yesterday afternoon. Th? occasion wus the meeting of the Special Committee of the C< tumou Couccll to make the customary arrangement* for the cek-brntton of nnr natioral anniversary. Of courso the moat appropriate oue was delected, otherwiae the llrst act would have been incompetent with the general reputation of our city fa'her? upon the stage of 1Kb. The circuinstanc< w of the scene ofye*ierdsy were as follows i? At the hour appointed for the meeting of the Joint Comuuttoo, which wus ono o'clock in the afternoon, Alderman Halt, the Chairman, and a que rum of the committee were present. At thin juncture, and as ibo busmen* or the meeting was about to proceed, Councilman Hogiui. the Chairman of the Oounoilmen's committee, entered vim room without bis coat, with a tremulous lip and other syuipiumg of inleroal ,igitalk n. He stood on the Side >1 tbo tublo around which 1 the committee were seated, opi-osite to the chairmsu, and I while in ibis posture was asked by Alderman Smith why ho had hi* coal oil', to which ho replied that be dkl not I waLt his coat then Immediately aiVrwurcs Aldormau 1 Piatt called the committee to order, whereupon Councili n.uu llogan moved rounJ clofie to where tho chairman I was tested, and lakiog a paper from the Clerk laid lion | ho table with violence, and demanded the following ? Councilman Hoc in?I want to know whether I am a man or a louse. Look at that and tell ine If 1 am a man or a louse, I *ay. [Here Mr. ilogon presented die p*t*-r he held in hi* hand lo Alderman Mutt, from whou , however, he received no reply of any kind.] "We.l, ' continued the woruiy Councilman, "well, you are a loafer.'1 Full no reply wus vouchsafed,and the Councilman now stepped a few paces from the chairman and r<-|M?ated, In a loud voice, which betokened muca anger, " Well, you are a Irakr, *nd a damned loafer. Alderman i'la'.t now returned sharply, though iu a subdued vole j, l,I take that liom whence it comes.'1 The greutcst sensation and silence now prevailed in the room for a moment or two, every one prc-ion'. being ia the evident expectation that a fight would be the imruedin'o consequents? of there repeated cotAplimeuU. This state of thu gs wgs soon interrupted by Onuiicilnia:i Hogan, who showed a determination, both by getturn as well as wojds, not to abandon the position of hostility which he had ho gallantly assumed. He therefore broke out again us folio**:? Councilman Hocan?You ore a damned loafer, and if you were not you would como out hero and show it. Alderman I'un?1 do not want to make myself a loafer like you. Councilman Hooav (with much warmth)?You are no man, datum you, but a loaler-, and if you were a uutn you would prove It now. Here the silence of the room again followed, like the lull in the storm, till the squall came on again. Councilman Hooaji?1 will not meet with any such damned loafer as you are, -lorara you. I am a man wherever I am,but you are a loafer. Mill no reply was made by Alderman Piatt. wh<> hook cither with Tear or emotion. Councilman Hogan uo w put on the coat of which he had divested himself, aud repeated to himseli, m a kind of audih'o monoIt guv ?" Meet with such a damned loafer like that!" Then, advancing to the table a second time Hung a paper down upon it, and walked t'-wards tho door with a face well calculated to portray rago tinged nliglitly with disappointment. Alderman Piatt row directed the clerk of the committee ( to read tha communications, if any had boon received, but before the order had time to l>e ebeynd Coub ilni.ii Hoijajt returned to'the charge and said loudly. You loafer you! If I was well tho other day I would have thrashed you anyhow.'' [ Alderman l*urr, (emphatically)?"I don't know about that?it maybe matter of opinion.'' Aud then turning to the clerk, he continued, u<Jo on with the communionj itous.'' The clerk proceeded to read, but before "he first line was announced he was again interrupted by Oounaib man Hcgsn calling out his rcBpectfitl farewell, from the door, in the following terms:? Count cBian Houax?You are a loafer, damn you. 1 am not going to ineet * ith a damned loafer like you I am a man wherever 1 am, either here or anywhere rise. This was the finale of a scone which lasted for about five minuUs, and caused one continuous sensation during that time. The rest of the members of tho Common O-uueil were remarkably quiet?like every one else pre sent?while the scene lasted, leaving the debt entirely in the possess ion of the two combatants who had soiled upon it, rod evidently deporting themselves upon the senBible principle taught by the adage, which says --piudsnce is the better part of valor.This row was caused by Alderman Piatt (either inadvertently or otherwtar) nt-fli run* to tint Mr llrumn'i nam* rwi nn. nl' th?? Miih committee*, aud thereby cutting him cfT-ctually off from a II iliance of sport*. The pH|ier which he kid upon the ; table, it may be well to odd, was list of the names ap- I pouted iiu the cmm.ttcee. C When the tranquillity of the meeting w,?? restored, the ( Clerk once more renewed his attrmpt to r*ad the com- I ruiuiication, and liualty succor, led. It wis an upphcaUon I from the Veteran Cbrpa of 1?12, MNMmM by frkml I Raymond, for Ike usual appropriation to enable them to 1 celebrate the national aiiDlveraai y. On motion of Ootmcilman Allen It was referred to a ?j??lal sub-cominiltee of three. I The Committee on Regatta reported favorably to appro pr-aittig fil.uOO for pri?i to the N-w York Yucht 'Sib j and th-. e w ill which participate in the race off the Battery . oil the fourth. . Ihe Committee on Fireworks reported in favor of appro- j print iiy 14 600 for a pyrotci tiniral display In various juris , of the city. The report waa a. onptad. The commit tea tnen agreed to iiuve fireworks at tha eHowine iilio *.? City Hall, Hauittlott square, Madison square, Tompkins square. Mount Morris, corner of Frankllu street and 1 Itrosdway, Junetion of Rust Rroadway and flrand street, (oner of Rc vent h area u? and Broadway, and corner of Bti ic'wsy and l'orty third street. Thee/mmMf-e amo agreed to have t' > fireworks sup- ' piled by Ur Edge. 1 The committee then adjourned. j City IaUlllftarc. 1 ron** CjTHOuc IrrsLUoKpcn ? During a recent visit to . this my of lh<- Ikv. Father Raprams, Visiter General of ] the v'eaultf, some of tb* fecular |Tl<-8t* of :*t. Joacph'a ' Seminary e*prear?-d mncb dissatisfaction at their position. J The G. neral tock tbe matter into consideration, ao<) bad ] a rotfer' uc? with the moat Rev. the Arclibtehnp of N't* York. Ar a result uf tbe ounfi renco, tbo Archbishop sold 4 milMiy to tlx Jdulll of 81. Mu'a College, and m | I a consequence tbat Institution haa Ivn aholPlied, aud J the Per. Fathers whocotnpoae tbe faculty have all ooon < removed. some of Itan have already left, an-1 to-day or j | to-morrow will witness tlx- departure of tbe whole. Tho inx-tint roaM by tbo Archbishop for the seminary, the hiir'b, tbe buddings fcc.. la said to be * m? forty or fifty thousand uotUif. Tb<" parish will b? under uhnrgn 'if tko Jesuits, ami anovlclato will be established at Kuril bum The seminary will be removed to Uii* cMy, but the promt farulty?as already stal?-?l? will be Irausferred to oth* r charges. a rae will be f-ni to Home, oth'-rs to Montreal and other place* In America and Kurojie There is a < . edition attarbod to the sale, wblrh 1' that the pur limners -ball take charge i t tho |*r:*h ,.nd build a church: the < barge of wbkh b.os l?.o tciider<-4 to one of I the prof-?or* of the late WTiiiiinry. bat It it understood I tbat la lias declined tbe ofli r, as the lte-otix .it W tie- 1 lined. would not rjct-rd fifty or xixty dollar* per annum. Tin present faculty will have other posttlowa ae*l*n*d to Uxfu The n> w sublislim-nt w ill bo under !b? < luuge of 'In- Rev Dr. McG l> no, from Route. Hasutx a Acunsvr n> a Maun urn kasiss ?>.* ma fli oeojr Do n ftaiijuxto.?Mr. JmmtmlMimw, a brtpwr usaaier la | the employ of tbe Hudson River Railroad, waa nut over on "Sunday morning at half past 12 o'clock, at ?ek kill. T!i waa paaeing from one ear to another, when he tiippad J sod fell upon the track, When the train passed over one of hi* leg*, crushing and mangling It in a *le? king tn.uuxv, I The limb was ampirtited nn Vonday night Mr Signer 1 aa a young man about 23 yrara of age, resni'-d at Pougbl>< ensl?, and had he. u in the < mpl'-y of Um Company par- i eral year*. acrnmn to two Two*** Pow*u-?-On lYKley night la-t, | aa tba Ttx.maa Powell waa on bcr ? / U> l\aighk>-epeie, I ^ ohen iwar Peckakilt, abe broke ber ahni;. h-f |im i f r< ngtr* wcre transferred to aaoilMr boat, which landed 1 th< m *1 the regular plac.-e The Tle-mae P. Way ta now I running in place of Um> Thnntan Powell TV damige will < prwbuhly rwb, with the egpraat* altondlng. 910,000 TV Powell I* flnruUrtjr unfortunate In breaking Vr nia< htnrry, abe having not villi a Mrailar aocldrnt three or ?>r four yeara (weenie-Iy flriw nut tint " Ijtti* Guar."?Two eatbonlMtie ftWIi of the candidate of the VortVrn d?mncraey far President, gar* rrut to thHr f-eling* about moo ynetqr ?iay, by n an late of one hundred guv trod at I bo lark and I'nrcn tfqnare, in leaner th* "litUe giant." J The roaring of the cannon t, .eight tog. iher Urgj I bf padple, ktd the fcrltng rvln.?d (br ftnugtaa appctmd 1 Iwwrty nod genuine. Auguetue i. Browne and Jew** 9. ] 1'iir.ble are tl.r nam' of the two fri<-i?U of Itougla* who . Kp?*r In tended the Bring, on bafaalf of the Young Hon"* ; (nii'-ral Committee. I A Cauarr Harm will V plky-d no the new ground, I fl'-boken, between Pt. George*' and King* county cube, on WedaoaOay and Tbarwday nerW TV former club being In unuennlly good pme tee, awl IV loiter, we believe, an yet unbeaten, will online e greek earttemeot among the lover* of the game Among the player* will be (bund the well known names of Webber, long. Waller, Droit. S and II Wright, on the port of tit George'*: and King* eonnty will plajr Mndler, Born*, Ifnggta. and, m A/, eerernl prme,until ptayert, moant-ra aloe of oth.w dub* I fraaiTwHoawn?The Mayer and Cbwiinoo OwieU, and dm magwtmUe of the city, baring determined tha the large*! liberty enmp^tbta with order ahall be of forded to rlalterg, hare mode Betoken a model oty " In not penal Id* that an off-nee again* pereon or properly can go enwblpt of jtwtlee On fbuadny laet ??r* John ctoOe nnd JeetMW WbUley, on I* their wef#al ,h0 pel Ion a lot km from morning till *T*nlng. '*'* driver* were admnniaVd by the Wnynr fbr fa*tdr" mg, and iummn Wbtitoy newt tolk rgae y* "t-jlln^rao mole* nod female* (ftrnil '*? ) J*!J, Z? aulbe. litre of HrdJrnn eeguIre ^1 HUteawi a.oaklpal Tbny tlmea to IV flyainu **?? tot wl.l ** allow lV*l.ght*et , violation In eampc with impnaity. ^ ^ , Gnnmrnnn -? yefferdny a wlltion, under the head ef "Jtmnnene m .*rw Tork," it wan auted that there wowtd be no cloak room pro* I Jed. ne it would V imno^We to oeemmndnto an many peruon* without a rcpAitlen of the flnrden knari and acrmablec It ?h<mld bare bcc? Oyatai Ihlnc" matead of Palaoe Garden. 5_ Sanitary Conditio* of Mew York City. The city of Sew York never was baaltbter, comparnively speaking, Hum ft is at the preaani Uano. Our subir ban friends appear to be a war# at ttua./aot, judging rom tie liberal manner in which the altf hotels are paronised, which are filled to overflowing, besides thouands who are entertained by their friends and relative* 1 private mansions. The Influx of strangers from the touthern cities, who usually spend the summer months at .Ywport, Saiutogu, Niagara and the various sea coast dares of pleaeiire, is veiy Urge at the present time, and hey, in common with many of oar wealthy metropolians, <to not appear in a hurry to leave town as king ad he weather remains reasonably cool. The watering place* re doing but a limited business as jet, and along the spa bore they are almost tenanting. In illustration of the assertion made in another ion of this articlp, aa to the healthiness of the city, w* >asc tho fact ou the only reliable source for the mfornation?we refer to the City Inspector's report. From it re learu that for the week ending June 29 the deaths in few York were 347; for the week ending June 29,1369, he dcuihe were 332. and for the week ending Juno 23, 860?last week?the deaths were only 331, a balance on with tho former years in fkvor of the present. Sow, akir.g into cobdtderatton tl?c increase of population and he increased influx of foreign immigration, wo reassert hat ihm city is exceedingly healthy. Tina gratify ing state of uflairR is explained on & twofold hypothesis?viz: the City Inspector has been unremitting in h,s ettort8 to rid the city of nuisances, and lias kept a large Voice of street sweepers at work; and secondly, tiro copious showers of riuu w ithin the past two weeks baa parried luto the-treet sewers all tho minute particles of vegetable matter not acccseiblo to the cflortfc of tho "boa and broom brigade.'' statement ok work how. ik tii* i'itv ixisvrr. toh's department for tuk week knptho jtjnb 23, lKtK). Abatement of Stt'uarut*?Com plaint* of nuisances received, 204 notices lor the abatement of do., served, 210; noting for abatement of do., previously Berved, 286; ginks and water closet* cleaned, 347; number of* of night soil removed from the city limits, 1,703 number of hot keg do., fortythree- number of cowh do., live; number of dogs and small animals, 181; number of barrels of olliil, 1 61ft. I mi.uhl and Diwasrd Meats, <?c., SritM and H<-mnr*4 from the City?Href. 676 pounds; real, forty pouuda; luh. 2.800 p<"in<tt>, poultry, 400 other meats, 000 pounds, aril one barrel of muscle* Strrrt Cleaning Bur,ov?Number of laborers eta. ployed, 342; number id'carta, 331; loads oliu-hra and garbage removed, 8 968; street dirt, Ac., 7,693, al a cost of 15,641 <>8 weekly report of death!*, la the City and County of New York, from the ldlh day of June to the 23d day of June, 1840 Men, 73; women, 70; boys, 102, girls, 80?Total. 331. Adults, 143; youths, 13; children, 176; males, 176; females, 168; colored persons, 4. deaths raox acm disease. Apoplexy 8 Fever, scarlet 43 Apoplexy, serous 1 Fever, typhoid 4 Bleeding from womb 1 Inflammation, of bowels.. 3 Bronchitis 4 Inflammation <>f brain... . 8 Cholera In..oiturn 7 Inflammation of liver,... 3 Cholera morbus 2 Inflammation of lungs.. .18 3tmgest kin of the brain.. 8 Inflammation of spine.... 1 longest Ion of the lungs.. 4 Inflammation of stomach. 4 louvulaons, adult 1 Inflammation bf throat.. 3 Joovulaiooa Infantile .... 19 Inflammation of veins.... 1 Voup 7 Measles 1 Harrhma 2 Rheumatism..' 1 Mphlherttc 8 Small pox 3 Epilepsy 1 Varioloid 1 Erysipelas 1 Whooping cough 4 aver, puerperal 6 ? lever, remittent 1 Total 170 DEATHS DOS CHROMIC DISEASE Llbumiuorla and Brigbt's Ailargrmetitof the heart.. 1 disease of the kidneys.. 4 Enlargement of the liver.. 1 mem la 1 Heart, disease of 8 Lstbma 1 Marasmus, adult 1 En err 1 Marasmus, Uifkntito IT Enccr of the liver 2 Morti&eation of the thigh. I irrhoets of the liver 3 Palsy 4 basumption 48 Scrofltla f lebility, adult 7 Softening of the brain... 1 lability, infantile 4 Teething 3 *?W 7 ? iro|.f?y In the bead 10 TMal 130 una raoa irnnu an onu aacm not nranno rroM ruKATv or aauaon. Inrned or scalded 3 Malformation of anna.... 1 fcaualt - & Malformation of head.... \ lyaana 1 Malformation of heart.... 1 browned 0 Old age 0 jcposurr 1 Pmnatnrc birth V iernta 1 Suicide by 2 an venerea 1 ? Total 31 lone*, Joints, 9c. 3 Premature births...... T Iralii and nerves 00 Stomach, bowels and Isnerativc organs 1 other digestive organs. 01 Heart and blood vcwola. 10 Uncertain eeat and geuoLunge, throat, fcc 10H ral fever* 90 Old age 3 Urinary organ* 1 kin, he., and eruptive ? fover* 91 Total 981 ?Of which 10 were from violent cauara. 43 W. Under 1 year 76 II to 90 year* 14 1 to S yaie 8ft 80 to 40 years 43 3 to 6 years 47 40 to 60 years 23 9 to 10 year* ... 18 60 to 40 years 13 10 to 12 years 2 00 to 70 years 14 3 to 16 yearr 4 70 to 80 years It 4 to IT year* 2 80 to 00 years 3 .7 to 20 years ft ? 10 to 36 years 10 Total .324 unnrm trtttsh America 2 Portugal 1 tngland 3 Scotland 3 Vance 1 United Stales 213 toreaany 22 Unknown 3 reland 70 Weat Indies.. 1 Viand 1 ? Total 331 rrauc manicnosa. lime house, Rlkl> Island.. 9 Nursery and Child's Boatellevur Hospital 10 pital 1 ;ity Hospital 7 Raadall's Island Nursery IWorcl Hun Hospital... 2 Hospital 3 aland Hospital 9 St Vincent's ll<?pltel.... 3 mastic Asjri'inn, BU<S ? well's Inland 2 Total 4T WARDS. 1 T 14 3 I I 14 9 9 2 16 19 4 12 10 14 6 1? 17 23 4 20 18 30 T 21 1? 3ft 0 30 13 9 10 31 3ft 1 0 17 22 19 LI IT ? 13 'M Total 931 The number of deaths compared with the i orre*i owd tea Weeks of 1868 and 18W and of Viet Week, waa M Ibflnw* ? Seek ending Juno 20. 1859. ...847?fee ran* . 19 ? " June a?, IMS. ..SM-Darreaee at f Drain from aroW dlMiaa 17SY chronic dlaeaaa.. ..1M MO " external cauara. ho SI i " acute dkwaae. 3... ITS' chronic ilia-wee.... ISO . SSI " external causre, he. SI. TV rrnsr this weak M DAXlVx it una VAN, City Inspector QfT Ijrwarvrm'a rwiimtn, 1 Nww Your, June 31. ISM. j Trmytrttart *f U? Wank. The annexed table ahwwa the temperature of the atmosphere In thi* city during the week ending June 33, lha aiif of U* Har?mMer and tlverm"meter, the Tarlattnn of ?.nd eunenta, and the alale of ih* weather at three lertnds during each day, via.; at S A. M., and S and clock r M. ? fr 9A M.' ir m. ?P.M. J- n TjTllFtf h?i ? ! if I If | 11 *T ittxTitnaw ??|*4 a MMOI n. *? it?r ii'5p*ra S n. ?MlJS fi S wr fesuBw sS.SamSA S rb.T fiissMifAi r ?im ? * r. MssmMn k at u-.: ggsrir s ft8WU% s - _ tonukB. Saturday?Oar all day. Kuaday?Oar. Thunder f?weaons . . Monday-Mnnitout clear, 7 . Tin ular Mnmlnir dnudr: |*** * ^ ^ r*iH quail, w'.Ut Wud UianWr. ' UWo?m oear ?m( and ram. WMnnal.iy-Mornin, Mf- T?ub*t and raiaatnrm d rlM diT And #>*?* * # " (inl w# M. TWiIdly")r?v <> * eoW .11 d|| Xiftil .Joudy f*'1 *?d ' <V Jfighi ci?ar akarMoratBf hary. Afternoon rlear Ni?M Jrmy Clljf Itwi. WAimrer. Amur ?fki Swwrtmy afternoon hi affray o*> purred W?wn party af am M?irte?M tadtrMuaJa near Smith IVryan. * hi h rr'iltrd IB tbr wtebbt&ft of OM if the party. tunned IuM Clark, by mm thrneHua H. Koetehomr, of .Irrrry City. Hw wound* wrra inflktad with a kriir ?ti?f r?a)-L?t prlartpany <if two aerrre rata in ibe tear and brail. ?i0> other minor lnjirka. tlnaaabanq w?* am ?M vrrientay mnmlny and bnayht brfora Jaaiire bymun. of MMtaaa rqty. ?h?i tho examination war |K~n?.ord until today at U?m? a'rtnck, P M , In p. :?r to al'-ir UV p'i?' r i'*i" V yromra count). Mr*.an ? A hoy wimM frederick IV Orhft, formerly Hrkqi it IV time IVnuw. .tarway City, but raceatly employe) ,u a More in M.m# turn y atrwet. kaa ham tatwMag oarly a week, and fear? are entertained (be hia aaJbty. Whoa law* wra V- veaa watt by hi* employer ?o aa or. raad, ataro ?br li Haw noahinq baa boon beard of hta. Any Information refardlng hla whereabout* will Hu thaakf .1l>- reentvid by Wraordrr TlMm, of Jersey city.

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