Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 26, 1860, Page 9

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 26, 1860 Page 9
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LATER FROM CALIFOREIA. Anticipated Indian Oatbreahs?Progress f (be Telegraph bines Kailward?Commercial tfkln-Stwi from Japan and the bandwleh Islands, dec., dec. SnuxunsLD, Mo., June 25,I860.The Buttertield overland mall touch, with Han Francisco dates of June 4, arrived here at hall past seven o'clock last evening. The failure of the telegraph line to work prevented the reception at Visalia of news to the night of the 6th Inst. Arrived at thn Francisco June 1, brig Julia D. Rogers, twenty eight days (torn Jaimn. Hailed May 31, bark Franc la Palmer, for Honolulu; June 1, ship Sierra Nevada, for New York. Pas Fsaxcooo, June 4,1800. There has been an increased amount of goods going forward to the country the past week. Jobbers stocks are moving actively, and they are evincing an inclination to buy from first hands. The anxiety of holders to dispose of their stocks is ahead of the demand, and the market baa declined with an Increased business. A oonttnnancs of the present liberal requirements may cause a slight reaction. The quotations for the leading article* are as follows:?Csndles 18c. a 18 '4c.; Rio coffee 17>4c.; Fishcod 614?.! mackerel kltts 82 76. Nails 8)4c. Provisions dull and lower, with few moving. Clear pork 810 a 819 60; mess 010. Bacon, 13c. a 14c. for hams, and 11 )4c. for shoal uvro. DUiin , m Mit. 1AI U, . 11V/, viusucu ongar, 19c.; No. 1 China, T\c. Whiskey, 42>ic. American brandy, 47>?c. The steamer Golden Age leaves for Panama to morrow. The Deputy United States Marshals arc now busy taking the census in all the counties of the State. A suit nas been commenced against the steamer John L. Stephens, for bringing, ou her last trip from Panama an excess of passengers. Information has reached General Clark which leaves little doubt that the Indians of Utah Territory and a portion of the Oregon tribes hare entered into a combination to wage war on all the white settlers of the Sierra Nevada. A portiou of the agents and stock from the poop express stations arrived at Carson Valley on the 2d inst. Reports Received from other stations beyond Sands Spring, tow rrds Salt Lake, announce them as abondoned, and it U feared that many ugeuU have been murdered. Nothing Is known as to the fate of the two expresses now overdue. ' A party of miners nut prusjiectiug near Owens river, on the Walker river region, were attacked on the 21 instant 'by Indians. Three of the miners were killed. *Two volunteer comiatuiM were organizing on Walker's river for self protection. News received from Carson Valley yesterday states that mix or eight families of cmlgruuts, with several hundred head of cattle and sheep, are supposed to be lost. (>n the 21 a party of thirty eight toon, uiue families, seventy-out wagons, sixty head oi cuttle and nine hundred shee|> arrived at Carson Valley from Salt I.ike. having passed safely through a portion of the hostile country The 800 volunteers uad 180 regulars, under Oil. Hays and Capt. Stewart, have not been heard from since the 1st inst., when they marched from Carson \alley to attack the Indian encampment at l'yamld Istk'\ Tli y expected to reach the encampment by the night ot the 2d Inst. ft Is sit tutted about eighty miles north of (arson Vaik*y. News of a buttle << ennui-queutly hardly expected as yet. At last account - the volunteers were well armed, in good spirit- aud all anxiety to force a general vui(?Kt.-ili< lii. A meeting wan held in S>?:i Francisco on tin- 1st inst. to concert lmasurrs for supply iug the voluulH-rx witli ]iro\ i.-ions <cr rdibscriptioi. lists ore Mir cxtMnivrljr circulating with I lie prcejs-il ol rni-iuu several Ilkoiis.mUs <>( Juliai The Pacific and Atlantic te!"cx:iph Hue is now completed to Vimlia. 280 mile* from Sun Kran< on the itutlcrlit-M route. New*, a day and a lntlf later tlmu tliia despatch. will be forwarded to overtake the mail nt Vixaiia, unless mw accident Interrupting the work in* of tbe wires. New* from Honolulu I* to Mat 8 All the wbilers bad 'icft for tlie tubing grounds. Tbe bark D. Godfrey, f oiu Bo Km. railed ou tlm 5ih ull. .for tbe Amoor river. Tbe ship Washington Alht ni lent discharged li -r cargo and laid t [i. 'Hie ah11> Charles G. Phelps wa? to sail on the 10th for aitKean Island The Julia I). Rogers bring- new - from JupadBto the 3d of May. The Japanese government Is reported in an unsettled state, a large political Influence evidently against tbe new policy of allowing intercourse w ith foreigners. A battle bad been fought near Jeddo, In which a prince was killed. The captain* of sll tlie foreign teasels in the harbor of Kanagawa bad been notified to l>e pre|iared for an attack upon them, as the government might not be able to render any protect ton. Tbe government appeared lo l>o greatly frightened at Ibe extent of the defection, aud coie-eipientljr vaacillateil considerably in regard to carrying out the treaty with tbe Americans. It was with extreme diffl culty that tbe Rodgrrs purchased a small cargo for Man Francisco. By the way of Japan news ia received frt?m China to tbe 14th of April. Tbe account* c<ailradict former reports that tbe Kw|>eror of China aoocded to the demand* of France and Kngland, and couttrm the reports by way of Bnrope. Oregon dates are to the 28th nit The papers are Ailed principally with political discussions and comments on Ibe Charleston Contention ; of little Intercat outside the Mate. Tbe British Boundary Commission party were moving tip the Columbia river. Tbe American party bud let CblTille. Tlie tolly standard baa been discontinued. Tbe weather lias been unusually cold, and most of the wheat crops in Ka|?, Snuora and Butler couutie-, is being wfibcted very much from frost An injunction baa been issued against the Ptaeervilie and St Joseph Telegraph Company for uatug tbe Morse tnstrnmenta. Tbe amount of funda in the California State Treasury May 31m, wus $620 273 91 Col. Lander* road expedition has arrived in Honey Lake valley. Col. L.?ith a company of tncu intends to proceed immediately to the aeat of war. la tr rest tag News from lartos Valley. ex Joeara. Mo., June 31, 1*60 Tfc the arrival of the pony express we hare dates from Carton Valley to June $, and alto the following correspondence to the Ht Joseph Osxrttr .*? In Connor]ornco of the Indian trouble# In th>- Waaboe country, about one fourth of the population, either fearing an stuck by the savage* or that their horses lusy be girtwred iuto service, bate left for CaJiforata. Business of a 1 kinds is therefore dull Hut little mining prosper ting vs being doao. yet the eontldi nee a the mines remains uu impaired The Indian disturbances sfferu the mining refmn now, bot it w thought th. > will soon he over, as the rcc now tit Uk JKVf will be able to vubdrw them and reduce turm to tubm'issino. or drive them beyond the l:ui:t of projected mining explorations With thh pros /set (Be population will, no doubt. -?m begin to flow in .again from California, and business resume it* wonted octtvitj from the great k** of working cattle and the liigb prices of labor, but little (arming wlfl be done there tbn season We shall, therefore, have to depeud upon California for our supptM of all kind* except hay. of v* tih h we have promt** of an aliiimlant crop. It will be advisable for rnifruil* crowing tbe idaioa to It wll armed. r-tn?- m v large o>*ii|?nlea a* puM'bic. nnd bring at the name Hum th.iruugblt orgitir/rd, ax a -* 1 "(retina agmn-l Indian*-. !> ? tvli. \rd to be bo-lde nearly all thr nay from here t" Suit IiUtr. With tlioor }>rrrautiooa lliey Hill havr litltr to fear. The varum* tribe* alone tliia part of thr rout- ?rrr uevcr very friend 1} to the traitor, aad do* arc ?vidrntly bent on m.-rliiof, aft evidenced by ibnr attack. on i be hUIkju* of tlx- pony f xprrw*. Mginc Dodge. Indian urat for Western Clah. arrived on the Stli mat from Waehtngton where he had boon to <<.nfer wttli the (loveramotil *e to lb.- future arrangement of tbr Indiana In tliia aortkai. II.- loft yeotor?hty areola -panted by an mmrt fbr thr arm,- of tbr boatililo* al Pyr ami.l lukr, but whelhei be will attempt to negotiate a treaty with Uir Pah I talis or leave matter* to take tbelr course. will depend on *hal temper tbr Indiaaa are in It l* now thr geoerai nplnhm thai thr aavag>-? will bavr to hr puntah.-d nevrrrly, In order to take I lie presumption out uf ili-ra engendered by their partial aucoe** There ia a fear, however, that they will not atand a flglii but rrtri-al to the monntaln* and draart, thna debt ting the final laane, aad probably leading to a protracti*l war. A tnrreengrr ha* jaat arrived from the army, who rrporta that thr entire body of ladlana have fled, and that the white* have takaw pneaewoon << the piacea they occupied. No ftirther engagement had heeo bad g. K Allen, nor of the Tnlunteera, while in purauil of the lad tana, wraa killed In the ttght of laet week only about thirty Indiana were killed, and ahoat the war number wounded, In their ntrewt they have acallerrd toward the North and Kaat It ta thought If the Indiana mold have heea brought to a deciatve engagen.oht their aplrtt would have been broken, or at Irwat a W?y would have heea opewed fee a treaty Major Itodge ba had aa interview with Wlnaenalaka. n boa tile chief. It If thought aotae am Table arranfrmml might have been brought about, hut N la the Mg)ni 'a miwfortunn to he alwaya abaent when be might be uaeful The entire flrro of volunteera bar been ordered to tliia eily, with a view to their general dtebaadanim ?t It la brh'lvpd enough regulate can he bad to Bn*?< ?tr i he war hereafter, The regular* remain on the Id The prugranmae hw the futare baa net tranapirad. Hliould thr tad tang retire l.rjnad ranch, the triage will donMI'- ? be eiatinard m amaM gnrr taona hhmg i ha frontier and the emigrant mnir, to keep the ludtaa* in check and i no rot further depredatkma. General Chuk hw* ar derrt two rompanic* to proceed here tar from Port Yuba, the other frtan Han Diego f.i plea low of m Meant Boiler. Mtwiwia, Tana.. Jtana It. 1M0 Tlie tteamer Ben lew a. a Men.phi* aad Ik. Inula packet, *ldoded her boiler and burned near Cairo Una nvcnLm <bpt H"imee, ftoaeom Harria. a*read Clerk, Arthur Rjrarer, arrond engineer, and Faak lk>vlia. ate ward, are gn taking. P 8 -Marshall, Brat flrrk. and MeCinnia, engineer, krrre (lightly et aided Flaw mt L. I pooler, Indiana. Chic too, June V>, 1M0 i lire at l.ignaler, Indiana, yraierday m ining dewiroyr. >|irrtt p. the taluc of g|2 000 in?'iredfor 04 000 I g the lire A. C. ri.h r, and T^?lw? lent A:n JBd.j hvoxtd b/ failing Cram a ladder. NEW I Non-Arrival or llit ttrrat KMlrrn. 8i.>D( Hoo? Juue 35?11 30 I'. M. TV are > }rt no Mgus of tin- sunnier (Ireal Eastern Woollier clear and calm. NtMi flora Mexico. Nmw Okkkam*. June 25, 1800 Tlie atrauudiip Austin hai< arrived here, with Br.iz* d.itee to thi 30th instant, aud 850,000 in specie. Nile' thousand Liberals Mere concentrated at (luan.ijua to. Miiumoii, with six thousand men, Mas at Querelaro, ami a battle was expected to take place near Celaza Newt frout Pike's Peak. St. Jony.rn, June 25, 1840. Further nears from Pike's l'.wk is received this eveuing A bund of Arapahoe Indians have returned from the South "Fork ."where .they had a battle" with.the^Ttea,fir which" the latter were defeated with some conslderabh lose. The Arapahoe* lost several warriors, among whoa la Little Ravea, one of their chiefs. They also took oomt of the L'teg prisoners. Tbe'ncws from the mines la unimportant. Some of tk< quarts mills do not answer the expectations, and it U feared will prove failures. Mills whioh are in good ordei crash out from $6 to $100 per day. dusiucts ? u increasing rapiciiy. The Wen tern Stage Company have established a da 11} line of coaches to Mountain City, and Stonier* k Company a tri weekly stage to Qaryll Blue and the head waters o the Arkansas. Both lines hare their coaches crowded with passengers. The weather is hot. It is reported that there isjrain it the mountains every afternoon, but it is very .dry in tin vicinity of Denver. Tine Last of the Baltimore Conveatloa. STKTHKK rACTB AND bKVKLOrKMKNTS?HfKC'L'L A TlONft AS TOjTHK KLTLKK. OCR BPKC1A1 BALTMOKK DMTATCH Raltimork, June 25, I860 Th.- ioht of the SouthermdelegatesJ.MT this morning eg eepHnFw^if the committee, who are superintending thi preparation of the ofltclal^report. There is a strong feel tug among some of the Southern delegates that a North em man ought to havejbeeuXnominated by the aecedtnu Convention; but they yielded their conviction* to th- ina jurity in order to"pre*erve unanimity. Had th" minority in the New York delegation been true to Dickinson the} might have procured his nomination. If they hit se coded with the Virginia delegation they could have controlled the nomination. The dilllculty was that It ?'?il.-tei niliiedttto'pntHl-Hie7 onj*tbeftlcket, for "th-^decisive ??reVhich1lH-!Can.e;outJ?.t tbeJCharlestim'Conv u rrrannnrouhtjnot mi.-wrjto haveftwert N'ortherujm e, t?.e take,.?-Ayiar re*nuOortly^d. th South -riTmen, Mrtrrvcr. deem.Mlreckinridge|t!ie*bert man. cm th ^eTTJie! for both North and Sotitb. They are pcrf-clly confident of carrying their ticket in every Southern Stale. Senator Kitipatrkk lias de-llne I to urrept (lie nomina tion <>ii tiie liouglo* tieket. as might he expected, lie lis* log voted for the Davis resolutions iu the Senate, the very piae-ite ol the natter sovere unity doctrine. The Southern men regard the- ?- foreshadowiug th ur victor*. and demonstrating their strength at the South 'llie loilovi ing resoliit'ou, adopted by til aeced ng Cou vent it-it. appear- to hat been oiuiti 'J by accident from all the account* 1 have seen:? lb ?o|vcd. That all national democrat! of K'ji h Mate- aare not at pr.-nit re|>n~nl al in this Convention, be re . Inested to unite m tagsMixing and tormmg electoral ticket* in their n -peetive Met.* m | nor ol lb election of the nominees of this Convention. 1 have been credibly itilortned tlui a peopos.tiou h.tbet ii mod" to the eeceders by >otne of the Doiigl.t* leader* to withdraw (the a'')itUc ?orporml" If the aer-der* will withdraw Breckinridge ami nulU* * itli them on *otu "tlicr'iiian.l, Hut^therejuaft wn^partice .niioiutJUj uirt.?urn- jwrH .Jiud tin* l?r|ri--1. too. are for ruiiuuiK tiiui at all hazard*, ber*us*e tho) want the nae of hi* name fot llieir Ik al election* in the abolition and republican Htate* the other party only want to i indicate In* honor and then own, anil then to I ml ure htm to retire, In orlei to tiri'M iit " *V united l^detinicrallrj front ^ in ' ' tin coming Itut it i*yvideut|from hi* ap.*i rh atjtVaah ington that Mr. Dougl-i* hiinai If has no notion of with drawing from the outiteat. He mtemla henceforth to re ponnio*_hi? ailifianee _to[the^.South, and to^idenlifyjhim selTwith a great^northern^sestionaljiiarty, Jbuiltjup ou TtKe rulna of the democracy^and binckfrepublicwnism.T "TLefe la a pwipnM*.lrnterni ant K*4bet ween the follower l m.'i|tla*>nd;thofrepnblic?Qi'.yMr.f Rirhardaon, of^O " .I*. Mid '?.mrtliina^Terv^itwniflcant to one of thi T^lolienijlmder*. whojremarkedthat it wan nae lea* foi hi. i so gins'to run|uule?-'|hc_wanted (to^break up the de uHs-ratK* party .to thr.election must godnto the Houaejo Hi i m M-iiUlivf.*untmmTrtinw<>ui<m>?|mn??--n>ic ior uiir NotbUnll,",replled.Rlchardaon, '-we ahaf ... mi permit thefelertioo toJ,gomtnto4th*.House.'',tbua in tunating Ihvtjtbryjwuiild form a coalition with the re liuklkiui. Effect of the Pmldtattal Nomination*. rtDotm, N. B . June 3i. 1860. JTIf National Pemnrrnta'of1 Uiia cltyjreceived thojnoml ^imTonTreW. orid*e\an<l|Lan?f* itbfth-yKreu.^t i en thuslasm. and a salnte aaa fired in honor of IbeVvent Baltoos, Ms. , June 25 1860 fbarle* Howard bad hi* aim blown oA to day. whil< helping to fire a salute in honor of the uom.nntiou of Don alas and Kitzpatrick. Kim.wo*. k. y , June 23.1860 The nomination of Douglas for President wan ballad wttl e iibusiiism here The village i* flaming with rocket and firework*. and one hundred gun* were fired Aiimay, June 25, 1960 Hm- (Viendajof Hrickinridge and lane. mfUii* city, ar bavin* i great jubilee to night One hundred and fiv |*ii? havr hn-u Mnl, i?e f??r every vote that Hr-ckm ridge and Ian- rec? ved 10 the Convention Tin Stan-la-<i newspaper i.tllce is brUliantlj illuminateit and i-late streel aud Uroodaa) are in a perfect blase wit, IsellrFi. of tar. A prer<-?e>n. heeded by a band of mnie, i? pai ad III tb. ?tn ei - ?d the idreel" Hieni.Hrea ?i-e dlfed wtlh pa* pie all chi ertnjt lualily for Breckinridge and I-sue lb. d. numatanti io is t-piul in every re-pect to lb laeiciae ratrbrotiuw <m Mat on lay night. He m.aiMVT. Conn,, Jun< 23. i960 A na' ?"al salute *aa tired here this evening In hooo I.r till, nun mat on of ute|dH ii A Douglas odmcom, n h , June 16, 1660 President Pierce pn?<".iice? tiie nominal too of f*K glas a errUtmal i?? yj,,. ar t?.H.n of tie- Raton /W create- uuite a ati among 111'- "Id p" I ?' dager-. b. rr Some democrat* are ll> ? quandary (trout the RnJtimor nominate" , b'.t llic ran, and HI. are entli i> aatir fu Doug la*. Tlie Pa/'ir* '"I nil. t lie I' .rty paper* ill tic- 8Ut" W -upport Ii" **< ( I Burke'- Prmac mt Itawro* , N J., June 26, 1M0 H?e d'Ttmrmcy of thla rlty thi* evening Itr.-d one bundr.gun* for the noiniMtioo of Ifougl t? A mci't nf will be hold In timfrmi evening to firm club preparatory to arraugug for a grand r.tiiratio ntlag. Th<- TV we A memoitw, II la an in "inc.-I will r>? nam.- < pnngla* to morrow wciiinj Two reannn* arc urged | favor of IkaigWi?.owe that hi* platform la all thai la aakr for by tli-denvwratl* partv. and the other that h nom a lam bar been made by the regular demo. ratlc Coavont km Bf. Ikww, Jane ?5, 1Mb. The "feeder* are holding a grand ma?? meeting to a gl p. ratify 'Ii" nomination at Baltimore ..f Brer kin ridge aa lane. The Hutl*lin office t* brilliantly light- 1 up ai ror. red with Bag*, banner* and traaaparenciea. A aaJn of one hundred and Ave gun* ia being (Ired in Lueaa Par nn l Colonel Pre*ton, I'm ted Male* Minuter to Spain. ? be *errnaded at the I'laAtera' Hm?e thia erening, at called (tit to make a ?peech In favor of the nominee* Hie entliunlaatn U folly up to that rf tbe Dong iaote* Pnrwrta, June 15.1AM. A aalute of 900 guna.wi- Bred to day, amatol great e thuela m. aver tbe nominal oi of Itouglaa. .Annuel lb I er and othera made patriotic apeeche* ftawnno, K. T., June Ml, IMO. The democracy are 5W0 gun* over tin n .mimt f taniglM which folly meet* their approval H?*wo*r> Conn.. Jane 2# 1140 A ( .at crowd gathered aro in.I the /**<fv Pml new paper office tbi. even,ng to tentifv the.r appr o *1 of ? nominal ton of Itouglae and lil/|?trick by the DtnMCral National Convention 'foe hundrad gun? are new be n* fired In the Park, ai a* tb* eound . ..roe* boom tig over lb" city It give* unui takable evidence that "pnptilar aovereigntv" and ' ac Intervention" will be eam.-l/v auatalaed by tbe demo, r) of Hartford. Hrrrtvr Me , Jon- 95 . I Ban <fo. h, ndred gun- were fired and all the hell* of t elly rtmg to day In b"m>r of the n.foi.nation of Doug and TTtrpnirick Iti'wwnvTV Ta,, June ST., 1*40 tlx Vacc.-} nddrvrre* the gttuoa and < rORK HERALD, TUESDAY. U nuurow, ai.ll an itumu. - toi-- n. t../ a'.'! j b%' I '> tin'(n|>iii I hquirr to-iuorrow night to ratify the uatniim I ti<km- <?l Hrcokmridgi' unit Intuit 1'itM , lii . Jurn? 2.V 1980 Tin- diutivrnry i.f IWrlw county are flr'og a -Jihite tw ^ oar haadnil nuw in Itonor i>l tin* aouitaut .on of liouglu- j and Mtspstrlcfc. V Ult of the Frtnce at U'?lrn. I'oktlaJIO, Julie 2u, 1880. The City Cuuucil this evening voted to exteud au iuvi I latum to liie Prince ot Wales to v isit the city. Reaomliiatlou ot Hon. 8. R. C art la. Chicago, June 26, 1980 S. R. Curtis ha# been renominated for Congress by the republicans of the First district of Iowa. Fire at Leavenworth, K. T. ' ijlavek worth, June 26,1800. i A block of wooden buildings on the corner of Maine and ' Delaware streets was destroyed by fire at eight o'clock ' this morning. Ijoss mostly covered by insurance iu East era companies. * The contents of the buildings were mostly saved. The 1 telegraph office was destroyed. r Fires at Blew Orleans. Naw Orleans, June 26, 1800. r Several small dwellings were burned on Apollo street, r to-day. Loss 012,600; mostly insured. f ???????? I The Mexican War Steamers* New Orleans, June 26,1800. , The United 8tates District Court has decided that the ( Mexican steamers are not lawful prizes. Fire at Claclaaatl. Cincinnati, June 26,1880. A Are broke out last night in Towers k Co.'s hat store, No. 140 Main street. Loss 911,000. The adjoining buildings were slightly damaged also. Despatches (tor K a rope?1The Prince Albert Outward Bosnd. The steamship Prince Albert will probably leave St. Johns to morrow, aathinat., for Oalway, and inspected ...I. .nnlh.r nf Iw.r railtll easterly TUI1S .'IITOSg the AC r Untie. Deepwtchc* to reach bcr should be (tied at Mr. Stoker's agency, No. 7 Broad street, before Tuesday noon. Honthern Ocean Steamer Movements. Sa\ a.v.vaji, June 26, 18Hu. The screw steamship Huotsville, of Cromwell's line, from New York, arrived here at ten o'clock Sunday tunrnmg, Mth inst. Obituary. (iiicago, June 2,">, 1*60. Smith Frye, a leading democratic |x >1 i tic tan aud a pro minent citizen of Peoria in this State, died on Friday, from wouuds received in a quarrel, on Wednesday Is-t, with James Carroll. Frye leaves a wife aud eleven children Boston, June 26, 1800. Fnocli ltaidwiu. President of the Shoe mid I/-ather IK-ul > era Hoik died yesterday at liis residence In Dorchester. Weather Report. St Johns, N. F , June a."-, 1*00 Wind N. W. Weather very tine. Thermometer TO. Markets. Hai.tiwoUK, June 26. I (MX) Flour fin Wheat dull no sale. Corn active and *le.?l> whiti . 69e u 71c.; yellow, Mr a 6Tc. Provisions verj linn. WTit-kej dull lit 20,\c. Ill (talo, June 26. I860 i Flour (Inner and in good drmaud; prices without material change. Wheal in good demand; ntrki'l P. a to. | hetler sale* 0,000 husheb extra No. 1 Milwaukee rlul>: i 14 000 bushel* red winter Western, in arrive, a' #1 27; 6,000 do. from store at same . 6.000 white winter . (.duo 01 30 Corn market exciteil aiel better: sales 76.000 bushels No. 1 Illinois and choice Obi-i. 60c. a 60c , cloning in in lit 60c. (wis ateady: sales p.000 bushels al 34' | Whiskey in fair ileniand : sale- 200 Mils, at 'J0v Canal I fri iglits steady, lake imports?6,000 bbls flour, 60.000 j bushels wli< at, 34 000 corn 3 000 oat* Canal exports? 300 hbbr flour, 34.twO bushels wheat, 70 000 corn, 11,000 [ oats. Buffalo, June 2,'>?0 P. It . Flour flrmer and in good demand: sale-, 3,000 bids, at ; 06 a 06 lilt* lor Cauudi.vo aud extra .-state. ?.' 1<; a $."> '?> for extra Illinois and Wwihi-iu, 06 30 a 60 60 for good to rhoice extra Iowa and Michigan, 0.". 37a 06 >fl>, for extra (duo and Indiana, 00 n 06 60 for double ? extra- Wheat activefcod advanced lc. a Jc.: sales 8.000 , ' buaneis at 01 18 a 01 18>, for No. 2 Chirugo spring. 01 21 for No. 1 Milwaukee club, 01 27 for red winter (duo and Indiana. 01 36 for whits- do. torn active, ami Jr. advanced: sales 14.300 bushels, market opening al 46c. for No. 1 Illinois aud prime Ohio I , i aud Hieing at 66.- No. 1 Illinois, included t 1 in the sale* were 19,000 bushels No. 1 Illinois, to arrive, ! 1 at t>u Out* Heady . sab - 10,000 bu-bel- Catiadmii ul 34c. Whiskey steady; sales l.'?0 bbls. ut 'JO Cunal freight* steady at 40c. uu Sour, Uc. on wheat and t(V ori corn to New York. lake import*?0.000 bhia Hour, \ 122,000 bushel* wheat, 80,000 bushel* corn, 8,000 busiiel c <at*. Canal ex|K>rl*?J00 bbls Hour, 30.000 bu-lieU [ wlwat. 00,000 bu-bel* corn. Chicago, Jim* 96, 1800 f Flour Arm and business limited at previuti* rate* \\ beat quiet, but advanced Sr. a 3c, sale- 12.000 buabel | N<>. 2. at SI 10 in flore. Corn ha* a declining tendency sale* 41.000 bufbel*. at 48y?c. a 60c. ttat* steady at 29r 1 Kecei|it*?700 bbl* Hour, 9,000 bushel* wbral. 190.00* buabel* corn, 3,400 bushel* oat*. Shipments?11,000bbU flour, 60 000 bushel* wheal, 91.000 bushel* corn, 18,000 bushel- eat*. Fr>-vigbt*?4 t?c. a 6c. on corn to Huflalo. fcxcban*e on New York dull at 1J* P*r cent premium. . Cue i>>ati. June 25. 1HA0 Flour buoyant at 84 06 a 84 B0. WhiHkey tending up ward, *aJca at ITXc- Bacon Arm at 8a 10lkc. Me-< pork aud lard sale- unimportant. Sight exchange on New York >, i-cr cent premium. TIm Tnrf. One of the most important and interesting races ever 8 witnessed en the American turf has J tut been arranged, and on the 28th of September nest, at the Amblon Course, Lwtg Inland, Fall Meeting, the three best homes in a Asa erica?Planet, Daniel Boone and Coogaree, the pride s and representatives of Virginia, South Carolina and Kentucky?w 111 contest for s prise of twenty thousand dollars A match between Planet and Daniel Boooe was nl ? mmt atriKrn a lew wn-n a|\i i.?i ?, ,?r?v r thousand dollar* a aide; but w tbr owner of Oongaret wm desirous of joining In tbr race, It wai agreed to make It a sweepatake* of $*,000 each, with an additional purse of I $6 000 given by tbe proprietor of the Fashion Course, thus making tbe magnificent atake of $30,000 a* tbe reward of tlx* rlrtor of the rare. In order to enable our reader* to form *?mc judgment of tbe mrrita of the three f borer* engaged in thi* great race, are glre a brief tun* mary of their respective performance* on tbe turf? Planet la a fear ) ear old cbeantit coll, by Revenue, out of Nina by fewton. and Oral made hi* *M on the turf, e at tbr FalrOeid, Ta., luring Meeting, May 4, ISM. tn the Naarrll etake. for three year old*. It araa a valuable *take, worth 00.000. and was won by Planet in 147)4, 1 it At Peter* burg, Va.. be a on tbe Newmarket atake r for three year old*. May SO, beating a Illy by imp. Glencoe in 1 JO, 1 *1 At the Mobile. Ala., faring MeattM, be won tbe Association Sweepstake In IAOV*. I 64. March SI, 1M0. and twro da) * after be galloped over for another I- sweepstake at tbe same meeting, right other* paying fur frit, (la January 4. 1U0, be aoa the sweepstake* fur three year old*, at Havannab, On., distancing la tbe *er rood beat bl* only compelilur Rocks, la 1:41, lUi* At New Orleans. April t, be won the POat atake, 0 four mile beats, beating Annate larale, IJsiie Mac donald, la Varlete and a Illy by fllyoera In 744, r T4$V He aa* beaten at (harlestoa, 8. C., In tlie Hutrhin** stake*, by bi* old opponent .Socks, in i. 1 4$',?1 4? *4- At tbe same meeting be beat llrnnte Narrow In a malrb for OS *00. two mile beat*. In 4:47? t 4a Returning to Virginia, he ama tb* Poal .-takes at A*liland. Va , four mile beat*, beating Tbr River and Dun . Juan, in 7 48?7 41 At the name place, on (let 0, he woo a |mr?e of $000 by a walk over. Three day* after, at Pf tershnrg. Va . he beat GoMlraf and Nate,at two mile heats, a In IMS-IM. and two day* subsequently diatanced Frank Hick* lu the Oral heat In 5 60 At Fairfield, Va., n ft. tuber 90 he beat John I ?, at three mil* beats, in 3 ftO>*?J 52 Tbi* terminated hi* p> rf imianc. ? aa a three jf year old Tills year he commenced bl* four year old career by beating Arthur Mae<>n for Hie JockeyClub Pur-*. at B Charleston. 8 C., fonr mile heal*. In 7:54, and followed it *1 up by winning a purse of $400 at Augusta, tin , three . mile heat* In 5 42St beating Ibdnhtne At Mobile lie won a pares of $700. three mile beats, in 5 43>*? 1 5 40V, beating John C Breeklnridge, Bill Alexander and a Wagner colt At tbe apring meeting of the ,| Metairie J<<key Onb, New Orleans, he woo lb* Planet Fust Stake, named after himself, and * given by hi* proprietor*, tbe Meaara Is ? well In .a I (hia rare'he met and defeated, at four ml'e beat*. J. C. 14, Rreckinrtdg* nad Li Yarlete In I MS?7 461( Tto neat day, however, to ra doomed to defeat, m to waa toaten * l?> IMi*l Hoone, mmnltt<*n? eon of toxlricton, for the ill (tenrrnt Piwt fHake, two mile beata, In 3 3?S?3MS4 Tht* in hi* laet appearaneo up to tto pre?ont time Iwnle! Hoone in three year old bay rott by Iextnftoo, out of Magnolia by Glenn*, and ti Mid to Rtrnngly re aetuble, both la action ami appearance, hie celebrated lire. Hi' riw br?l bv John H (lay, of Kentucky, nod beaten in bt? rir*t race by l.indora, at Lriltifto*. " At M<>odlawn, however, to turned tto table* on tor, and ,f toil In the name r?o< Knd<-r?er Br I a etrfi and Bit) by l/-xinK?BK Hi' next performance . it M-mptila, where In toaf Twmpland, Man Write and HtrdCntctor, at 1 wo mile beat*. Hl? next \lctory waa over Planet, ami tto n>l Ri-it'irky dlvla* <r arf w eUted byhia triumph that lb?} "to red to match htm avalnat tto front jtur," of Virginia, f?r any autn (rem 16 000 to 60.000, hence the prt * r?% rv? ig. r<.njp?ree, the property of that well known turf patron, Jr Thome* Pur) ? i?r, of SiTuth Carolina, l? a three year Hd bay rolt by Imp Glencoe ont of Millwood, by imp tic poooarrh He Orel ran at the Havannah f(;%) meet uig, HauuarT 6, 1060. where he won a ?weep*takc for two year ofcie, mile heat*, heating Kato>Uh In 1 M?1 6Tt*. Ba t?n hie neat appearance. at fharlmlan, 6 C .on tto' Waah m tngton (Voirnr, to wae beaten hy Oaretle along with two other*, in a three mile rare; time 6 M>?6 4*S TV Mine day to ran fto tto Kouth Carolina atdke for two ^ year otda. mile hrate, wbteh lie woa. heel I of two other*, in 1 60?1 60 At ( emden, H C , on tto 14th of to-em tor, to won lto Kerehew eleke, mite heate, In 1-MVibe 164?1 66. Alblne wtnninf tto flr?t, and dongar* e tto laa laet two h<ale Tto follow ing day to Carried off the Wa teree etake, two mile beat>. in 8.63S?164S (hi tto let of February of thl* fear to won tto H<itehtn?m*Ukr. he Urn* !**?. at S4e-?.- ?d, C , V:'?A,' j T, JUNE 26, I860.?TRIPLE rlliiif wid K iloolnli, .tt l 1:49'? Tiro days alter, be won (be liuu hiu.son slake at tbe win* meet lug, two mile hosts, in 3 47"%'?S M. On February 14, at tlie Augusta (Ga) meet in*, be won a mn|i?lake::, mile hosts, lit 1&3S?1:62\; and on lb" lOtb be beat tbe celebrated tuny Washington for tbe Jockey Club purse. two ml lea n 3:46?3:44, and on tbe follow ill* il?\ eau ud oil tbe Jockey Club purse three milt heat*, in ? be?4.04?6:12,V ?ucb are bis perform aiieea up to the present thne. Hia owner has so high an opinion of bis merits thai be doett not believe gajr home iu tin-world call beat bun, at any distance, and ho has accordingly entered him agaiusl l'Unet aud Dauiel Flora Teuiple aud George M l'utcben are again matched to trot two rueeti of one mile lieata, beat three in live, and two mile beats and repeat, both in barueaa,for 4600 a aide each rare. These race* come off on the Suffolk Park Comae, lliiladelpbia, oil the 3d and 10th of July neit. Tbe owner of Flora Temple Is not satisfied with her defeat on the last occasion by George M Palchen, attributing her defeat to her beiDg amiss and lame at the time of trolling, and fully anticipates seeing her victorious iu both the coming matches. Fashionable Lift la Havana. GRAND SOIREE OP THE COUNTERS SAN ANTONIO AT HER COUNTRY SCAT?BRILLIANT UATHBRINO OP BEAUTY AND PASH10N?TBI DECORATIONS?TBI LADIES' DRESSES, ETC.. ETC. [Translated from the Dtarto de la Marina, June 14, for the New You Herald.] I promised a record for the Diario, and am going to fulfil my undertaking. After the noise and bustle of the . fite a sepulchral silence enfolds me. It is half-past twelve at night. Perhaps the lights of the Quinla de lot Motinot still burn, whilst f, like a diligent chronicler, pen in hand, aud under the agreeable influence of the pleasures of the uigm, i uuiqii'uiT inj U**K 01 niAiruiug iiicm. Delicious night of the 18th of June! It will be difficult to cflace from the memory the remembrance of Hie dx*lighlful bourn which the Count and Countess of Kin Antonio, with their usual amiability, devoted to the enjoyment of their guest*. The result of this file was predicted beforehand; but on this occasion reality has left conjecture far behind, became the reunion at their Kxcel lencies' haa been a faithful copy of all that wealth, taste and propriety could combine. I will not dwell on u minute description af the Quinfa itself. Among the gentlemen there assembled there was one at filial w ho could better describe those gardens, iu which the enchanted spirit might wrunder at its pleasure amid the lights, the perfume ot flowers, and the murmurs of fountaiu and casc ade. At eight o'clock the saloons were alreudy completely filled by tin- poesl*. mingled amongst whom was seen tho most remaykabie of all that Havana possesses iu its throe aristocracies. The carriages, which proceeded to the city in the ordar prescribed, deposited their groups of tropical beauties, who came fllca nouris, light and ethereal, completing the poatry of the night and harmonizing with the porfumo of the gardens and the music Of their watera. A moment after my arrival, a crowd was collected round the little Luzuriaga.u smart child of ten years, who, In elegant and feeing verses,congratulated the Countess San Antonio. Delegated from the aluuini of a college of this city, youth had its representation at the festival. Voices of innocence joined w ilh boundless sincerity of senthnent In the wishes which were expressed for the welfare of the heroine of the evening. The Countess received, with visible emotion, those manifestations which disconcerted her in such a manner that, in her delicate state, It was indispensable she should leave the assembly a while and retire to her apartments, that she might give free vent to the Wars which were gathering in her eyes. Having recovered to some extent, the Countess returned to do the honors of Iter limine, whilst the music ions opened the hull with polkas and every variety of dance. Ill the left angle of the building a saloon was prepared for that purpose, sumptuously adorned with flowers and tlie national colors, the atmosphere of which was refresh ed by jets from a fountain, and |sTfiiined with the arouia of boiii|uelH tasteful!) arranged. A |sirtrait of her MjiJim ty pri sided over this chosen chamber. The galleries, the principal saloon, ail, were completely tilled, and a continual flux and reflux of g<e-sl* coming and going from one room to another, produced a mystic and illusive effect . The splendor w hich so utaii) elegant ladies, so richly udomcl, lent to this uiagniliccut picture, induces me to attempt a description of some of those toilets which were so Justly admired on the occasion. Among t the ladies there was one unanimous opinion in regard to the b. t ; and those ladies who are most competrait to form an opinion will tell we whether placing the Countess Sun Antonio in the Ur-l rank is due to flattery or customary duty. He tliut pen.s these liars neither flatters what is good nor ofler.s any tribute but to Justice, aud therefore be gives the Ural place to that distinguished lady. The dress of her hxcellcDc) was of white tulle, with small fl<anices, ornamented w-ith au interlacing of small roralt; the lasl\ trinuned with lace, und an elegant headilri-sy of urcc-n iiiluu."' uitli a inairiiitlct-ut diadem of hril haute him i emeralds. Ill' M-noru Monlalvo ilr Hirrrra was admirable. Straw colored Itillr mi u gmt ttr XnjJeM ground ot Uir same color. The drrsa wax i'uiii|x?i-il or a plain sUirt, udurned with rows of garlands. Hodx the same; end tin* ln-mlitria la Orimtalr, of white tulle, w itIi three clasps of lii-autirut brilliants Krom tin* head fell a wide vrli a VJmprrxUrict, sustained by a pretty sprig of hyacinth. Hie Wenora ('allude Morales wax d rawed la while tulle, with Bounces and an oxer xkirt of lace limped up with gold braid, terminating lu twn tassel*; a bertha of lace trimmed with gold; on her neck shone a apteudid lock luce ot itkaiiioudn, and on lor head a ilia'lorn of gold ant brilliant*. The Meiiora Armentero* .do Cardenas wore a drexi of wlnle tulle, triuimed with lace and ribbon* of crimson velvet. Ih'r head wan adorned w ith a duulem of brilliants xiippirled by knot* of velvet of the aainc color a* tliat with which the dree* waa trimmed Ihe Seiiora Font de Alilaina wore a dress* of sky blue Inlle, with aeven xmiill Boonces^aud over each of those another ol while tulle apriuklixl with silver, HU|i|mrtixl by I w o loops ol the same color. TUe bead drean was of pearls, velvet and feathers. The Penora Ledauo de Rndrtguci wore a dress of white molr antatue, w ilh a full skirl of tulle of the same color. i|)|?>rto<l ul the -i,!i - !>> lour huiirlo x o( x mlet., In i .i tro|HW anil gold, a bertha of Kuglish lata fastened by a I. vtgnc of brilliants Her head dresa was composed of x uileta, gold and bcliolrupcH. Hie lountea* O Us illy waa dre*M-d to perfection, and to tlie richness of Uie tiros* were added good taste and ri q.usile ap|iro|itiateucss The Henora I'ali o de Koja wore a toilet toe of rime colored f/voi d< Aayln and lace It was exquisite and Juatiy ad wired. The Henora de Bosto was dressed in wine colored place, w ilh several Bounces and an oversklrl of black lace, the body trnumed with black lace, a bead dress ot greeu and gold. Mademoiaclle de I asm waa dressed iu white tarleton with Bounces trimmed with crimson ribbon, and had conreived tlie excellent Idea of |>owdeclag let liair, after the fashion ol the time at Ismih XIV., preventing an ideal of Irui' m?uii . Madt-umn'elle Puqurane wore a draw of white lull*, I <>wdcrrd w iil> gold. mill 11 g.irlaiid ot row* on her brad. Tin' >*niirit?r di flroaro wrrr drr-wil willi admirable l iflr, and re|ircwnit?"d tin* Three Uraiis lo perfection. rkiiorlta <) ' Altnmilarri> wan drmvd In blur pro? <fe ya/tlri with iMink of lh<- Muue. Her beaddren* war com I ini'il of pearl* nod flowrrr of tlir uair oolor an tbr drrrn. S iiorila Kina wore rowrcolorrd pre* rf? (V.i|+?>, wltli jaifl flounce* of tulle, and an overaklrt of Ibr rwine color. .1 crown of run* uu tbc brad completed ber rxquunte toilet. N iioritu dr Kodrtgtvi wnrr a drm* of white gauze, with niu.ll |>ntt flounce*, tbr rlftsl of which WA* eso'Uent, I-okmg like mow) foam llrr UradlC'? wan a crow u of r<eo<, matching the drraa In color. S< Mirtta' dc Mrrnabrn. dr rirrta, dr Cardrnaz, dr S'dano, dr VeUwe, de ChHm, da Muntr Alto, and mmir other*, ware un?t gracefully and elegantly drrward, lurming a ja rfu l bouquet of beauty At ball jiM-t elrven o'clock the ladiee went In batch** lo tbr aupprr room, taking each other's planes at the table alternately; tbr Connie** San Antonio, with a delicatr drfrri'iicr to brr (iM-ata. reaerrtng bcrarlf for the Uat. At mlduighl the carrutgri emmrneed leaving. I took mine at that hour, and naa aoou far away from that dr I ghtful place of amusement, full of a vlrtd iVcirlr llifhl, which, In thai momrnt, changed tlie wear I had witnosed into a realisation of the wonderful Uie* of the thousand and our night*. I1r? la Ann Mrrrt, Shortly befbrr one o'clock thi* morning a Arc broce out in the aeeond otory of the *1* atory building No 4? Ann treat The Are aprond through the whole af tbr building, fbo upper part of the roar wall foil and crushed in a por Con of tin* extent inn of an unoccupied aiore at No IIP Kt lt?m atreet. The whole of the building on Ann atreet ana pretty much deetryed The Bremen worked manfully and kept the lire c-nflned to Vie building iu which It originated. The total k?a may be ralimaUel at about ?2.i.0O0. The lateneea of the hour prevented a detail ac count While we write the building la at III bnm'ng Cation of Lllh and Danth^Pnra Bind Rhea life and the hi" awing rrwmtenanee Acrimonious umnra are dlaeaae. and when In eteeaa. pnature that minora I lie ? lowneaa of I ha completion which Indicate a mania rraidltion from health The principle of llle Iwblnud. the prtn i ipte of death la cnrTwptlbllMy, .watch renrralea acrlnwohjiia humors, w hoae accumulation In the human body la the oeoa a ton of every ache, of every pain, and of every form of ritecaee It la thia principle e hi. b .eta bonnda to the eaient of our liven: w hile It la kept under, we lire, wbaw It anlnatha rarendaney, we die Burb la the fate of man. A medtcina, therefore, which will keep down ihla principle of 'death, will aid ua to rem li i it full ei'en: of I4fn, ami aurh la HkAlIiRCTiril HI.IA which are aa harmIrWa aa bread, and only art upon and arawad pertain pain, and where aerlmoniotia humora hava nongrorated, earning Ibeir removal by the org*.., if the atnraprh and bnwrla, thua acllng the life'* ptinr'pte, by purifying It, whtrh lathe blood For lOtyeani they have nrmed tufaldkie aa nor reelora af dlaordera of the aiomarh ami hnwet*. ruling metier neaa and apaatna, whether from wind or nervous eaettabUltr. Inaa of appetite, alek h-? lai he dluineaa and aw nnmlug feeling In the bead, accompanied with an unconquerable drowalneaa. twuall) arm plum* of apoplr ?y or par viral*. q. rer. tight, drag glng feeling jual above the dtaphram, generally moa' evident upon rlain* In the morning an.l all fhr unto if. I t fi-u aymu Kwiaof dyapepNa. which BR A NI?R Y THd PI1.M anrely rant Theae avmptoma are getu rally allied whh torpidity <w aluig ?h nam of the liver, eanaed by the pre arte* upon thai organ of aa accumulation of __ AIR1MONIOIM Ttf *? > ?. Theae BR AKOK 1:1 li b PII.I.u rem. ve and id oner Rf aetlet ty and health;, aetbfi la mator-d Th. r u*e naivlnee. ue of their gtrndneaa, the rtemvrb rpgvl.ia It. p ? .1 br?,:Mul .1, v bright Dear ebecrf ill romp e?lon take* the piAwaef melancholy aalkiwueea, the alaatlc ?t rtuu atep <d health take* the plare of the leaden, heatv tread ef w. k?--a*. hope, of 'leapalr. and all rmm the nmnt theae Itlla, whom blearmgv hare to be rep to be corny rm .ended and believed. Prtoelpnl n?an ^jrtV^ytpTWg PTU* PH Cabal at reel Brandreth BntMtag Ah-. Jfn. ? Cmon a, are price centa. with full direedaaa ______ (kwd Tew, Oa? Ballat ?ke (Val, ? C'llltlltTIA JftflN'd Tea Waprhntms, ffo 1? bautMO afreet alai 21A tlreenwlch atieet Itnllova ay'? tMntarnt wilt Bwltll'llf Pure all hlnda-rf nleera eaaw the f on leaf, whether gafgrree p..iu or eating, alao >>?. *nind acre throat. an up plea, ehcuiic ( ra eyea, atwl rtety ulrereni a tec'km 1 (MM) I toil a ra for HartgAge on 11 dngraph l >V;ry, fl' -at my, fW gal* b/ HOUvn. "WH * V * * SHEET. '" """ """ ! The Pr*rrMllB(i of the Baltimore Convenlionn?Tkr JnpaneM lit New 1'orH? The Indian Dimrultlre In Western I'tob?Closing Proceeding* of Congress? Th* 1 n*nr reel ion In klclly-Lotol Now* of Now Vorh?Market*, die., die. The Family Herald of to-morrow (Wednesday) will contain a full report of the Proceeding* of the Northern Douglas and Southern Secession Conventions at Baltimore; ' the Doings of the Japanese; the Iudiuu Difficulties m Western Utah?Three Thousand Warriors Gathered at Pyramid lake?Skirmish between the Volunteers and Indians; An Arcouut of the Closing Proceedings of the First Session of the Thirty-sixth Congress; th* l*te*t New* from the Insureectlon in Hleily?(evacuation of Palermo; Interesting News from California; Editorials o* Promt***! Topic*; the Local News of New York and Vicinity of importance, Report* of th* Cattle, Provision and lfonoy Market*, and ail interesting news matters of the preceding week. . Tit? ft a year; fbnr oents a single copy. Subscription* received at th* offloe, northwest corner of Fulton 1 and Nam* streets, New York. Single copiee for sale at the counter end by *11 new* agnate. Adveriisemeuta inserted at th* usual Hmum rate*. Drtwiigs of the Delewars Stmt* Lotteries.-WOOD,TtDDY A CO., Managers of the bblawau, eeervosT am* Missouri stay* uimm. Delaware?Kxyba Class No. 301, Jons IS, 1890. 41,66,66, 66,33, 24, 8, 61, 72, 23, 49, 42, 17, 70. I> slaw ass?Class No. 302. Joes 16. IMO. 10 , 77, 49, 38, 40, 3. 76, 56, 58, 12 , 60 , 5 , 27, 64. Circulars sent Owe of charge, by addressing either to WOOD. KDDV A CO.. Wilmington. Delaware. Or to WOOD, KDDY * CO., Ut.Xouis, Missouri. Drswlmg* of France, Brondbent* d Co.'* Delaware Lotteries;? ami l/OPRTT, ILW U>I, JD?I JJ. m. 44, 55 , 30, 57, 60, 59, 51, 63. 38, 61. 73 . 70, 50. OonoiiDiTiv Lorrur, (Yam 104, Jt?n? B. 1880. 11, 7, 31, 52, 76, 65, 56, 36. 23. 26, 12, 67, 62. FBANCK. BROADHUNTS A CO.. Managers, Wilmington, Delaware. Oflrlal Ormwlan of Hodges, Davis dt CO.'8 Consolidated Urtlpnrt of Georgia:? ('lab* 3M. JONS ?5, 1H6U 50, 3*1. 11, 76, 3 , 67 , 61. 73, 10. Priiea cashed at 66A Hiviadwav Cimilara *ent trpa. UOlXiK.s, DAVIS A CO.. Man:?gera, karoo, tloorgi* Ki-opinnl.?Mradr Brothers Old Dallrrie?, ZO Broadway, oppoaitc the Pa fa, Bple mildly refitted after two month* reoairs. O. B. Bloat A Co.'s Celebrated Klllptte Look Stitch and Shuttle Hewing Marhlnes. O. U. COl.I.IKS, 430 Broadway Ringer's Best Mannfbrturlng Moraines wtu be Bred out for the preaent. at low rate*, to residents of Mew York. Brooklyn and WIlintniAbuig, with the prh liege of purchasing. I. M. HINtJKR ft (X).. 4M Hroadway. A ?rover A Baker Noiseless Sewing Machine la the ben friend of the family Offloe 496 Hroadway. New York, aad US Fulton Atreet. Brooklyn. Whiskey-?H. T. Halt's Kentucky Halt river Bourboo, wild by all druggiata. HKOKMAN A CO., Mos. 161. M, U1 and 7M Br.anlway, N. Y. Crlstadoro's Hair Ore, Wigs and Ton* pees. The bent in the wonrld. Wholesale and retail, aud the Dye privately applied, at No 6 Aalor House. Hill's Hair Dye .VI Cents. ? Blaek or Brown Depot No I ItarrUy street, and a-l.t by all ilrtiggM* Hupetlor Nhtrts, made to order from measure. t It. HATCH A CO. Keuil Department 4U1 Broadway. ' Trasses, Elaslie Btoeklngs, Hhoalder Blares Bandage*, Ar. IiiKrtiinmt* tor cterv deformity. I?r. UDOA UK. No. 4 Aim street. Portraits oa Porrelaln. by Patented Photography.?The moat inagtiiftieiu Aourenier*. gift* and fit? mentis of the dsy. MtnUtur-a on china. executed only ai Til Broadway. Calf and evauime llieis. Meyers' Mlrnrslons VKRMIN DKHTROY'KK w the only sure extermlnatoc ft Ita:? and Mice, Harden Inaerl*. Aul". Rr*,rhe* and Watsi Hug*. Pilncipal depot 61- Broadway. Hold by all respectable druggUU. Herring's Patent Champion Plre and Burglar Proof Safes, 161 Broadway eornerof Murray street, New York. Batrhelor's Hair Dye, Wig and Tim pre factory, M Bond atreet. Private entrance Tor ladlea. The Dye applied In the akylight room*. Wheeler A Wilson's heaving Maritime*. Office 606 Broadway, New York. Barry's TriropktroM I* the Real a ad fkapalirtielf fwlnakii, beautifying, < h-anaing. eurtiug. preserving and restoring the hair. Indies, try It. Hold !>> M MBprta CllrrknRh'i Illaslre la a Morally. Partings unateTnsble; no turning up behind. 2DU ilroadway, urn to Stewart's. Thoi. J. Jonas, Formerly at Ifo* 10 Maiden la nr. would l>r happy In ?r thr firework patrons of tlat establishment at Ko. Ii7 Broadway. corner of Maiden lane, ahrie Kdgt-'a genulue goods are kept. The Toar of the Two Champions.?Peerriptlon of Westminster Abliey and thr Tower, by the editor, teller front t'rnaor on tbe Amrnean Itorara In thigland. The flora Temple and Pan hen Trola. Correct Kngruvtngof I he Champion Trolling Stallion. The fete Cfuunpetre in lUmor of llie Japaneae. I>trk IMmlny, or lbs Life and Adrentureaof a .!<? k.i I he .New Vork Raves anil Tn.ning KetiorU, liner llall Crlrket, A qua Ilea and other porting nastier, from all parts of the country, in WII.KK8' SPIRIT?now out. Marsh's Badlsai Cwt Trass, apnllsd by a competent surgeon. Truaaea, Snppsnerw. Shoulder Rrares, Suapenaorv Bandages, Silk Klaalle Workings, Helta, aed surgt ral Appliances applied. MARMII * PAVUXK, ill) Broad nay, oppuaite Hi. Nicholas. Nartloi* Kmplrr Nprlng. KMPIRK wTvTKR sfPKRloR TO OOKOMBM WATKR The Empire Water Is acknowledged by rhenuals, physic-tana, snd consumers, to be super** to Congress Water. It contains ail the medical virtues of that water, with an addition at a Urge amount of Iodine, which Improves the combination. The Empire Water la aperient and counter trrltant. and may he uand by all riaaar* of persona, old and young. in every sMua tlon irilite And when a cathartic action la required, it should be taken In the morning to produce that effect. Urpnt No. IS John street. Nets York. O. W. WKRTON k CO , Proprietora, Haraloga Hprtugs, !*. Y, Bring Bark Tkat Hat.?A kw days since a Ihief entered our uffina and aU.Ut the newly purrhaaed ha< of a gentleman connected therewith. It was a Knox hat. Evidently Its beauty and becowungtiraa overcame the thief's virtue, snd we ronfe.a the temptation was very great 1*1 no one, however, fwan thleeireumatano* lie dissuaded from buy. | lii| their batv at kNOX'H, No. 212 Brrmdwuy. Katber 1st 111" m. after doinf so. krep strict fuard over Ihetr purchase and tle iehy secure comfort dnrins the coot.nuance id lh* wai in weather. Au Jennet Keren.?Dee Waists gne Kecla Blent Ins eheveul aranl. pendant at apres faocourhemeol Consultation par URANDJRaN. Aator place OmI DenlslMna-t Dsilghtfsl Too?B wash Hold br T T fiREKN. K. MclNl YRK, and druggists general!) Price 26 cents Japanenn Ball ? fasting, IT ymm wink to lank ritrs handsome, procure s battle at I.AIRIi'H Liquid Pearl, the beet beautlttsr aad prase re er of Iks skin la the world. O* Rroedwsy. "Will It Bkgrr* ley It. By Having roar bead exam teed, with a full writ lea chart, yon mat know snwrtly what you can db boot. POWUCR A WELLS, Phrenologists, m Broadway. B. T. BnhhUt'n (sansnlrBted Ml ksns.? fine box makes forty gallons boat Soft ftnap by simply add lag hot water tl paw boa. Ubersl discount to grocer*. No. jU Wsnklnffton street. fetter's Unlr Bg s Tn Baler Brswa, AO geOt^ best black, It seats par bos. Winlonolo sad rstntL ?N Or. Bsrah Cnatlaasn to Apply His Ka> AMU Cure Trues with witness In nfacting ssrmassnl rurss of hnsnkt or rwptars. MARSH A OO , No. f TasnysL, W. t. Ike leading ?yla for ! " r'n'?i*?1 Tf UtMIW. Wo! lUlnWnr. (raw Hato-TS Omta, at Wtala'i, Sail Broadway. WhIU, tk? lUltar. AlMMi^Waw Ikupa | WImHafc IMN ? from mNn. OmAt Daflaaaa ?alaiaa<?r aa?i Will *? tent powder proof lock a and rroaa bar*. Akafca and bargtec proof aMeboard and parlor Balra Dapot <3 Inrru aweet, oomw at Hollef plana BOBKBTITPAT^ICK. WaiiUi, Hair*ma?Aoza.?On Hat onlay. June ?1, lr fU. Uike'r rbarch, Brooklyn. L !., by the Bar J. W. I>?? r, Rn-nani. W. Hawwrnn, of Rrnnkhavm, U I . to KaidltM. Swrm, only daughter of John <1. hta.ll>, formerly of Ka tpor*. Main*. K?-tport and for I land paper* ptanaa ropy ' arb??Uoauw ? m Brut <Jyn, '>o M ? a/. >?'"' *7 tbr kev Hcn-y m.urhard, Mr Bi ki>kp hTfuaan to Ml* Kiiaa M Moeeix* all of Briefcim T?.ar*o\ - M<1 *wrr h . la hi* ?4 Mr J*** Twivaoi U M;*s J?r ML MtOarf, *f Jerney CHy. Mad. Baron ?At OaatlaMO, on Tt <>*J. 'nl*V Wi ftiiMii. e'deet aon of John B. aod Jane M Bwoo.of Tarrunan, >nr<l ? yewra and el*r?? month* n't* enreedlngif protniafng hoy fadl a Tklim to the ere vale m dirmee.knewn ? diprt.'-na. and the eldeat of the family. *'* ?* eight, died of the aame dtneaa* In May. Q?r mtdef' ?fll remeer'ier that In April, we chronicled th< drwUi of Mr. Baron a fathor, the venorable and mnch b. u red Jriln T Baron, wh > for a period of thirty A>ur pmr* wa? Ike IWrrUry of the IVoat- at thta Bute Thua itb in Hga period of ninety day a haa Mr Bacon been railed ntan try m.mrn the loaa of h ? father and hi* two cldnat r olid yen p-,rh herawrement la the aame family, la rare, hw', ''Ood tempera the wind to the ahorn Idtnh ?'?. nir riattant from Heaven to forth, Haa pr-eed oar door IHaw thr heauteona flower* colledLtranaplanted them, I ,|nd i h'a V**p h<re t'i?m'e Her^yh j " I 7 c< akii --On Monday, June 28. Kijiu^> Molil. ooly daughter of i?-org.- W and Mary JaaeCl*rki, aged 1 year, B mouth* aid 8 data. The relalivtn iukI friends of the family are rt.'SJwtfullir invited to at tend the funeral, from herparents' residence. No 218 Kourtli street, on Wednesday morning, at tea o'cioek, without further invitation. Her remain* arui 1m taken to Greet >iood Cemetery I'ut interment. Oa*r.?On Monday. June 2ft, Patrick Casb, aged U years, a natne ot Ire laud, county of Dooagal. pariah uf Kiltinard lor the lust forty yearx a resident of thi* city . H " remains a ill he taken on Wednesday morning M Phtlaitelphia tor interment Ct'itJcK.?On Monday, dune 2ft. in the 8th y?nr of her ge. Kuza, eldest daughter of William and Jaue Cutler The friends and relative* of the family are respectfully invited to attend the funeral. from the residenoe of hair parent*. No. Id Thompson street, this (Tuesday) afternoon, at two o'clock. Canada |Htpers please copy. IiKtuticKHoa ?In tins city, on Sunday afternoon, Joe* 24. after a lingering illness, Kuunon Jam, wife of J a IBM T. lierrick'Hon, in tile 4t^h year of her age. The relatives and friends of the fkmily art Invited I* attend the funeral, this (Tuesday) afternoon, at If* o'clock, from her late residence, No. 80 Market street. bt. Louis and Philadelphia papers pioaas copy. IHast?On Sunday, June 24, Hanoka Dkaht, aged M years. Her friends, and those of her brother John, are invited to attend her funeral, from St. Vincent Hospital, corner of Kleveutli street and Seventh avenue, Uii* (Tuesday) after* boon, at hall jxn-t one o'clock. Gaixaohkk ?On Sunday, June 24, MargarktG am tu?, y the 20th year of her age. The funeral w ill take place, this (Tuesday) afternoon, at two o'clock, from the residence ?f her mother. No. 8M West Twenty sixth street. Jar?lb this city, on Saturday, June 28, Jat Jamtw, In the 60th year of his age. The relatives and friends of the dually are Invited la attend the funeral, at 81. Stephen's church, corner at Broome and Chrystie streets, on Wednesday afternoon, el two o'clock. Kkkijo ?On Monday, June 26, Jams Pmrs Kireurr, the only son of Iiaulel and Klizabeth Keeley, aged 2 yean, 2 mouths and 16 days. The friends and relatives are r^fuested to attend the funeral, without further notice, from the residence of hie parents, 278 Elisabeth street, this (Tuesday) aflernooa, at two o'clock. His remain* will be taken to Calvary Cemetery for Interment. IjKmxo.v?On bunday, June 24. Brjixjct Ijutox, a native of Iirumreauy, eounly Westmeath, Ireland. Tin' friemU and acquaintance of the family an? reapeet* fully Invited to at I ?-nd her funeral, this (Tuesday) afternoon, at half i* -t two o'clock, frontier late residence, Ns. 94 Baxter Street. Martin.?In Brooklyn, on Monday, June 36, Johs "'? tin , aged 36 year* Tin' friend- and relatives are respectfully invited to attend llie funeral, from Ills late residence. Corner of Myrtto avenue and Cumberland street, ou Thursday afteruooa, at three o'clock McCrath ?(m Monday, June 26. Eujtx McGrath, youngest daughter of Thus, and Mary Ann McGratb, aged 11 months and 4 days. The frit lets and relatives sre respctfully invited to attend tie funeral, from her late residence, 20 Fast Broadway . tlds (Tuesday) afternoon, at two o'clock. O'Hah v?On Monday , June 26. after a lingering nineas, Fiijcn, of Charles H. O'Hitra, eldest duugkU-r of CharU-s l'lll, in the fstih year of her age. Tin relative- and li e-ml- "I the family are respectfully Invited to atteudfllie funeral, without further invitation, fiom leT late ri ? deiiee, t07 IjfCoail uveuue, ou tuudag morning next, ut eleven o'clock I'ohtki.s?on Monday, .tune 26, at 204 Dean afreet, Brooklyn, \nm wife i.i Jain- - a. lVrteus, iu the 334 yesi o! le-r live. Her remain Mil! lie removal from Iht late rea dense tins (Tuesday l altern >.<ii at tour o'clock, to Greenwood Cemetery for interment. l'xsgv?t'n Saturday . lane St. cironos p Pkrrt, aged U years The relatives and friends of the family, and like* lea those of his brother m law, W H Isinglass,* Com* l>nny 31. lVterson I.tglit Guard, exempt tlremen and Mas nation, are re-|H-etfully Invited to attend the fimraai. from his late residence, 106 EblrWIge street, this (Tuesday ) afternoon, at one o'clock, without further notice Sraota.?<?n Sunday, June M, Axxm YAwnanmi.T. oaiy child of Jeremiah V. and Maria L Spader, aged 1 year, maths and 9 days. The friends of Ihe family are Invited to attend the mi the lesnlence of io-r parents. No. 237 Mate street, Brooklyn, this tTne?day) afternoon, at three o'cloek. \ an lit. i ?At Newark, N.J Suddenly. on Sunday, June 24. Jamv- Van 1i.kkt. hi the 30th year ot his ago, lute of China ll.s remain- will be taken this (Tuesday) morning, la the nine o'clock train, to Morristown, N. J., for intermeat. V..i. ut -On Monday, June 2V of consumption, Cars, P. Vonurr, agist 33 years. Friends of the family are invited to attend the funeral, from his late residence'. No. 2tt Grand atreet, on Wedaeaday morning. at ten o'clock. Vinton -In Brooklyn, on Monday, June 25, fUoiXAia, youugest son of Itev. Francis Vinton. The funeral will be solemnised at Trinity church, New York, on Wednesday afternoon, at half paat three o'clock. MUCELLABKOCI. A PURR HOLLAND WIN. . TO THK TRAVKLLINO COMMUNITY. WOI.FK'R celebrated Heheidsm Aromatic Hrhnappa should be In the hands of every traveller. No family should Inra the rlty or l? without a supply during the wsrtn weather. R tuvariably corrects Ihe'UI effects of rhangs of weaiher. aad a* a beverage h Is the purest liquor mads In the world. Put up iu I'lnt sod quart buttle*. Also WOU'KH PURR t'oWNAU hraniiy in bottlrs, MA OK IK A. ttllKKRY. AND PftRT WINK. FOR MKDK'AI. I'ltM Families a bo u?s wins* should fire the preference to iha altove. Thsy ?rs *11 warranted purs and of the heat quality. Raefe boltls has lbs Importer'* rertiflrale of It* purity. Kor aels hy all apothecaries, fruit store*, grocers. and at the depot. 22 Hsatrsr atrsst. At jomcr'.mand 12 ann ktrkkt?a nrw styu of Shut * aud Waiters at 93 Call and ass tbstn A nothrr first R vtk lkttf.r. Itarid MHIsr, of Clarence, New Vork. write*, under date at June IM. latin ? W e have a child three month* old. which ha a arreamed al most incessantly a Ith a spasmodic affection of the bowels, a* that we had despaired of ersr raising It Its iilaaiai li was aoar, boeela deranged, and almoal every symptom waa unfavorable. until we obtained a bottle of the ttonthtog Hrrtip, abed acted like a eharm. Ii tmmediatelv hccama quiet and not manlfeata every symptom of improvement and comfort I la now aa good aa a Utile kitten, playful and smiting, and see?a entirely well. All of whlrb we ascribe to ths use ot Midi WINHLOWS HOOTHINW 8YRUT. Toar* respectfully, (Signed) DAVIPMlI-lJa. A BEAUTIFUL COMPI.KXION, A SOFT. CLKAR AMI fair skin, ran be Obtained hy using Madame I.KWFN HKRW A ('t)S PAMTU.LF.ri PR I l.uKKNCK For sale No. AM) Broadway, Metropolitan Hotel, and by all druggtshi and perfumers N B.?None are genuine aitVuii the aigan lure C LMWRNBKRO. AN IIONKNT TRIAI. OF RKRD'H LONDON CORDIAI Win Is alone required to establish the truth at the comma* dsllons <>f the public press, aa to lis great retriu. lis repass lion hat been honorably won, and will be preserved. Pting pal depot 118 Kaal Twrnty ninth atreei. waw Tort. AT ITKKiHOJ/B.-wnmnwo CARD*. NOTFH. m (W ne* Ratln Tie for rant*; nee Hrrrelnpea, Ac. > Hruadway, corner of Dunne atreei T\FAT1I TO VFRMIN UF.ATH TO VFRMIN. MTKRA MIR tl'tTtrOI MTKK-S MIRACUUM VFRMIN DKHTROVFR VFRMIN DBXTROTKR F (terminate* Rax awl Mha K (terminate# l*u and Mir* Water B"??. Roachee. Odrden I'lauU. A*. . Water Hi||>. Riarbn, Hartm I'tani*. Ae Principal depot. 8H Broadway. Mold 1tj aU dragiiata. EXOtn PFNKNIVKR, KR<?M U (TCNTS HAITI TO MM KAOH, At WII.I.MKR A ROOKRlf, U NAWUU MTRlricr, K. T FIRK TROOF MAFKH. HTFARNB A MAJTTIN, Stfl Broadway, comer of Wy>cih.?Areei. Mew Torfc. Moff Am i.tff rnjji and ftkrwtx nrma? Medicine# which sow pneema Ala her irMftty aad rasa lability amoof I be familiea of the I'MMd Htataa than aaywki oow before the pubUaor n*ed by the i? dloal piWialii: purely (epcuble They InrarUhly and tmnardtatalT relln all ordinary derangementa of baaltk. w bather arttng frank E' >d digewwe f unci ion a, coal We area, hillona aad Dear a*n , or arrofnlua habit. N? raedWMea know* baea da ao murk anod to mankind aa tkeee wHMta the pari few ym and certainly none hare been rr ear del with naare naMr* and authentic u-utmonlala of thalr tawmrtabla aad aiteaalra I ian The) require no dieting or eollneroend, bra parfaal ailtd and pleasant In Ihelr operation, bnt wflB powafallf I Wore health?that prealeat of all blaadnge la the aod 1 banned and dilapidated email tall? Preparad by Dr W MOFFAT, X*A Broadway, Manr Tort, and Mid ky all dM P FFXIOMATORA, ^Ajl ^ ^ ,YH>lj| Mel Hag At I oar prleea ai (WARD iT\a3mFI >? P Corarr of Aatcr plana and TMrd had VWth aaaaadl TkFTN.kRD AND OOc'lk FNF AIJ.IHI.* rmmmrn ijr??cf Tmwwm* kvm Tmmuf mm a^ss wtss?s^5@5 be. W4 br >11 b aaanm phw^I dap* UST 8?iliw?. n^b^.a^ ^TTr1 >S?AWI> tttb rvw.r^iMJ1 tpT^l^ rro ooLLW.TO*H or ? uhioch rumL Vor Mi*, a Krrap b"*. aUa. 1ft by U Inch**, boon*, and aaowrad with tack and k?r, rmuhdnq aaarty hn'idrod t rait and Kn**ah mtnrwd and plain fancy a* Ting* phntographa. he .he.. of tba ran* aalnat kind. Ttd* i"<aJ?ti amtwnwa a nnnahar cd may rare ptctnrwjntNaM* I ,.-allnap.n aprtvnta library. frtraWO, far pniWnlalC drvaa PhlV Bndttar. WardVl aim. Tboov BKArrtrCT. t>n z tnxTO coat*. pbo* to III Pranrh laaatma * Banta, H, TMa H IB. b ark Frork. from $14 loWjk P imtncrnothing at Ik* Xymtrn. anh *\?t!*njncAi.-w??*JiA* b c J Hmrirta. for tba tnctant rrmoral of iraaaa apnte, y kr . cvl t f rlaarM (leraa ailka. ribbon* in. ???tnl t* without laJnrr 'ti rol<w or fabric. Bold by dnNHMatw ranta par brdt a Ilea thai yon gat tba raonloa artlcln TTdrrt i, part a*atwwa-rt.Y bap**, i* I Pn adar. liquid and Pry Anlubtn Olaaa for anap mat Inrnry and protaattng wood and Indian' dranma aaaad aaf.arta i ngnar. Otr, Bum an ) Bourbon Whlnkor: (Mrt* llaat. Bfnutaa At root In and Hanrta. ri<to'<iun ' B ark Land. Aabantoa riatlna. Aluminum and * m k ? PvOHfWAlKiL. - .. ???!. t'~

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