Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 27, 1860, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 27, 1860 Page 1
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T H * ___ - WHOLE NO. 8694. ~NEW3 FROM EUROPE. ARRIVAL OF THE EVROfA AT HALIFAX. IBTKH TO SUHD4Y, JUHE11, nmnt #>ns nauu unumm. IN Cum of CobUmbUI 8miHp( at Mk Depertnreof the Great Eastern for Hew York. liclhi is guttwi- lapwwMHrt fa Srmdstaft, ft*, Mi BAUMX, JQM 96,1666. Tke MNMI9 Europe, Captain Lertch, from Liverpool m the 16th tost., via Qoeenstovrn on the 17th inch, has arrived at this port. BwEmfi arrived km at half-pact tlx o'clock this evening, and tailed again at in o'clock for Boston, wktra tod will be doe at an early hour on Thursday morning. - The Borepa has 101 paaeeugaie. Bka reports:?Passed on Ik 2Kb instant a steamer, supposed to bo Um Arabia, sad en toe 21st hut. the Ship Bobena. Ik steamship Edinburg, (Tom New York on tbo 2d, * arrived at Liverpool on the 16th inst Ike steamabip Persia from New York on Um 6th, arrived at Qoeenstown on the 16th and at Liverpool on the Mdk inst THE GREAT EASTERN. Lamas, Jane 17,1860. Ike steamabip Great Eastern sailed yesterday (Tom kMtbaaapton for New York. THE REVOLUTION IN SICILY. lkm is nothing important from Sicily. OnribaUU waa actively engaged la organising bis retorve forces, and it was expected that he would not make * any new movement for some days. A late despatch from Palermo,dated the 11th inst., says N that the embarkation of the royal troops continues, and that the town ia still barricaded. Ike statement tint the Neapolitan squadron bad seised twe mops conveying volunteers and arms to Sicily still lacks confirmation. Tke Neapolitan envoy to Paris returned to Naples nltkoul visiting London, under the conviction that his mission would be useless. Train, Jane 12,1860. 1L de Martino, the Neapolitan Envoy, is entrusted with detailed instructions for brief and urgent negotiations with the Bmperer Napoleon. / Ike following are the baeee on which the King of Kaplan consents, at least for the present, to an arrangement with the Sicilian insurrectionists?. Praacia n. ia ready to engage himself to grant a liberal nsnilitotien on the broadest baeis lo Sicily, to be also apptted to the whole kingdom. flkonld the SlcUiana desire a distinct and Independent awns moo, Um Ktag would extend bis concessions so (hr as to place Sicily in a position similar to that of Um Duchy af Luxembourg. s Tke attitude of Oount Gavour leaves, however, little * ?e ~h.n~. h./tuku ik. vu. .r v..i^ Garibaldi being triumphant, Count Cavour now re1WM the cabinet of the Toiler tee to adopt, la retard to ally, ?ba policy follow ml ta reformat to Toe- <1, rw an, Mod Mia and the Legation* This request baa only beta rnafldml iilly Made to the Kmperor Napoleon. Count devour baa eddreased aa official daapateb to the Chevalier Kigra, wbo oowm untested its csatMits to M. Thouveoel about fbur days ego. la lb* dmpalcb Oount cavour expresses a hope that France will not la aay way Interfere la the aflblra of Welly. Be reaalads the French Cabinet that the principle of eon-intervention la Italy, aa contained la the celebrated note of Lord John Raaell, has been officially accepted by the French government. Dm Marquis Forrearra, Marquis Bocafcrte, and Count Man ana I. Siciliaa bare goas to Palermo. . , THE CONFERENCE OF SOVEREIGNS AT V BADEN. ' the Royal Conference to be held at Badea bad attracted ' tiMMlilnisliln attention. The Prince Regent of Prussia arrived there on the 14th I net., and Ibe Emperor Napoleon I ? aa Ibe following day. It waa reported that the Kings of Miaou y, Hanover, Bavaria and Wartemberg, and other Hi?ain Priacee, would jomjin the Coaforeaoa. Tartona ware the * peculation* aa to the cause aad effect of the meting, but ootbmg authentic waa kaowa eonccming it. GREAT BRITAIN. The Fog It eh Parliamentary proceed iage are unimportant. Explanations were given in both Bo uaw of ibe oatt break in New Zealand, confirmatory of Ibe newspaper aeeonate U*. It waa reported that the twrlre miUlona sv-r rp reI < eauuwtad for fortlflcaUoaa by the Defence CotnmleI iWm wtil be raised by moan* of annnttiee terminable f la twenty-Are yeare, aad that the worha will ha forthwith uooinrepoed O. P. R. Jamee, the nnreliet, la dead. John Foeter hCO., private bankcra at Balaton, red ?uapaaded. Their llablllilea were moderate. FRANCS. The aouesatioa of Baroy aad Vice to franca waa foraaally coaaiinunated on the 14th imt. The event waa alebrated la Paria by a yrand military review aad 71 ' Amm. M Tbonreael waa decorated with the Grand Chrdon of the Laftoe of Honor on the oocaalen. The aaonthly return of the Rank of Fraaea ahowa aa laarenae la raeh of over nineteen million fhtaoa. The health of the Prince Jerome had matt become aartona, causing much nnaaalnaaa to hia retatirca aad The Paria Bourae waa flat, at dflf. Me. for the rsatsa. SARDINIA. Ttie Sardinian miaiatry had Introduced a project for a Ima ?f im< tmndred imt Aflr mililno* of franca. Marshal Vaillaiit, m rwti for France, was visiting TieMr KmaniiW ALTHTRIA. k The Austrian Cabinet had unnnimoualy resolved to mMSriblUli Um Ministry of Commerce sad Pablic Works. k RUSSIA. Thewew Russian loan of eight millions sterling. at four MS nhnU per emit, wee ewgeclnd to be introduced is Lou * *y *Ji? Barings. THE LATUT IIWl. the ivmocrrrM or m uTtuni is sictir. losme, June it, u?o. Admiral M<ndy writes to lh? iUirsmry of Um Admiral |y from Vslrrao, on June 3, that tbe ecenee enacted than am nod borr.ble A whole district, one thousand yards f in length by one hundred wide, baa been laid la tehee, tannine hare been burned nitre with the build ins* In wbeob they lived Tbe at rot it lee of the royal troope here been frightful In other parte con rents, churches - sad lariated edifices hare been crushed by sbelle, eleven bo ad red of which were thrown Into the city friwn tbe cttndel, and ebn?t two hundred from tbe th'pe, beeidee (Tape, raamets T sad rennd shot. Tit* conrsmncr ar bamk. The Emperor Naptv'eon had an interview with the Prince ?T Prnaeia at Radcn on the 1Mb iwt , but the reanlt ef 11 baa not yet transpired rn* FEtkKH rrxns. Pans. June 14-3 31 P. M . ' The Ib-iiee opened Bat ft day, bet a slight Improvesmt snh?. <|oeritly too* place Vtt rentes closed at Hf. fifir , which la lower than yeetenlay J-'IXIITCIAI. AND COMMERCIAL fiW?. I ON DON VnWBV MAM**. | TMfiitfr'r* wnr ey market was sightly <nM?r Conae'd , E N.E' 1 clooad m tbtidtb at MMa MM aeoeont, ea-dlridcnd. T%? MU? la Utc Buk of fcjlml bad Increased mijm. Bar eilTer 6a. a 6a. lMd.; dollara la. Id. a 8a. 3Md.;eaglef, 70a. 3d. Leereoa, June 14?P. M. ffeneols closed at MM a MM for awaey and account, ?dividend. mucin tamiim Baring Bretkera report tbaaurkatgaMrmllynnckanged, ntepl aa increased dund ter United states stacks. Sales of 6's at M; d'a doll at MM a MX. Ball * Boo report an laaprorad demand, bat prioaa geoeratty unchanged:-? United Stataa d'edbonda, MM W alM Do. ** MM a M Kentucky Vi, 18*8-'72 M a W Maryland fi, bonds MM a MM Mmaachnaeua 6'a, bonds.. 102 a 103 Mississippi Union Bank bonds 14 a Id Ottod*, 187fl OT a N Pennsylvania 5* M a M Do. d'n, bonds M a 87 Soutb Carolina 6's M a M Tennessee d'a, bonds 80 a 82 Virginia 6'a, 1IM 83 a 86 Virginia**, 1IM 82 a 84 Dltaoia Central 7's, 1800, (freeland) U a 03 Illinois Central Railroad (discount) 41 a 40 Do.l's U a 82 Do. d'a 77 a 70 Micbtcan Central 8*. 1880 86* a 80* Do. shares 4ft a 60 New York Central 01 83 a 86 Do. 71 91 a 03 Do. tharea 7a a 74 Erie Railroad, 1st BMrtgage 90 a 92 Do. ad Mortgage 97 a 80 Do. 3d mortgage 79 a 743* Do. convertible 4A a 49 Do. stocks. 18 a 10 Panama Railroad bonds. 1906 100 a 102 Do Do. 1872 98 a 100 Pennsylvania Central 01, let mortgage 91 a 99 LirarroL cotton majuut. I The Mtlea of cotton In the Liverpool market for the week were 60,000 balee, of which 1,800 bales were to speculators and 8,000 to exporters, prices were very irregular, and a decline of one-eighth a one-quarter of a penny bad taken place on all qualities. The sales on Friday were 7,000 bales, of which 1,400 bales were on speootation and for export. The market closed dull at the following authorised quotations , Ainu Orleans. MobOe. Ujimd. Fair 71110 7* 7 Middling OH The stock in port wan 1,336,000bales,of which 1,187,000 were American. 8TAT1 OF TRAM IN MANCHkfJHtR. The advices from Manchester are unfavorable. The market for both goods and yarns was dull at low prices, but closed with rather a steadier feeling. LmmrooL BJUUDOTTFFB MAIWBT. Messrs. Richardson, Spence ft Co. report that the weather baa been unfavorable for the crope. Hour quiet at Tuesday's advance, 6d. a la.; saiea at 28s. a 31a. Wheat quiet at Tuesday 'a advance of 2d. a 3d.; sales of rod at 10s. a 11a. and white at 11a. fid. a 12b. Od. Corn firm, with a good demand. The market opened at a decline or 0d., but subsequently recovered it. Sales of mixed at 32*. 0d., yellow at 33s. a 33s. 0d. and white at 94*. liverpool provision mark xt. Messrs. WaketieM, Mason k Co., Biglaud, Athya ft Co., and others, report beer heavy, little Inquiry and prices weak. Pork steady? Bacon steady. Lard firm at 67s. a 69*. Tallow tinrinues of North American at 63s. a 64a. LTVBRPOOL PRODCC1 XAIRT. The broker* and other circulars report pot ashes dull at 27s. 0d. for old, and 28a. fid. for new. Pearl ashes dull at 30s. fid. a 31*. Sugar steady. Ooflee firm, with a slight improvement on the lower qualities. Rice firm, with a large speculative inquiry for cargoes aftoat; all qualities slightly advanced: sales of Carolina at 22s. ex quay. Philadelphia bark sales at 9s. fid. a 8s. lid. Fish oils slow of sue, but prices unaltered. Linseed eil active at 29s. fid. Rosin doll at 4s. fid a 4s fid. Spirits turpentine dull at 34s. a 33* 9d_, closing with sellers at the latter. 1 American tar 16a. 0d. Tea unchanged. london markvivl Messrs. Raring Brothers report wheat advanced 2a; sales of white American at 60s. a 00a., and red at 64a. a 68c. Hour 30s. a 32a. Iron, rail and bar, dull at U 7a. fid. a U 10s. pig iron dull at 63a. Sugar steady. Tea quiet, pricee easier; bat quotations unchanged. Sales oumuua UW|UU n l? W- w. *^|U. rymw I?ivru?iun dullat 96m, rougbdeclined to Te. 9d. Rice Arm, with an active demand Coflfee ttnr at an advance of Od a la. I.inaeed cake firm Uneeed oil Arm at Wr Ad. Kiah oils quiet. Sales of sperm at Ik , cod at Ato. a?VH OTl i uii aa*M, The tales of the week added up 4 >00 bales Sew Or* leans, tre* ortlinairt. Ml., do. bm MT The marke closed with a declining tendency, and the quotation* were barely maintained. The alack la port waa *7,000 beiea m utht sunn. Ijvwooi., June IT, 1SA0. Cotton?Seles yesterday 7000 balsa, Including to speculators and exporters. The market cloeed very dull, and priors week. HreedstulTs steady I "revision* dull and unchanged. Pmsaal latolllgtace. Hoo. A. Ely, of Rochester; Judge Sherman, of Newburg; Hon. E. Lewis, of Penary I vsata; Hon. E. Corning and Boo. P Caggcr, of Albany, Deloe (lo Wolf, of Oawege, and E. R Waahheree, of Illinois, are at the St. Nicholae. The Liverpool Han say* ?We understand that Mr. Proctor, the American tragedian, after a moat suoceaafbi toar in Ireland, will shortly make bis appearance In Inndon. That engagement fulfil led, bis purpuee is to return to us. The favorable imprsesioo be baa already made on iho 1 . .errvwvl nuKlin I mm rim na In anliri rw. t>? m. hfiarlv PA. oaf* too for ba It la ?tate<l by a Ioodoe paper that tbe Rav H D. Northrop, tbe American pre* her, will occupy tbe pulpit of the Rev. C. H S|>urfeoo during hia absence on tbe Continent Saner Mala, tbe Mexican Mmitlor, baa returned to Waafaingtoa. The new Frrnrh Minister, M Mercier, ta expected by tbe Adriatic on Saturday next. Pwllca Ialelllgeace. I.v thk Baa* Bat. hi Bi sjmmb ?Thomas McUennia, a good looking Hibernian, aeeiag twenty tbree bear barrels lying looee about Rdte alip, wuaoul any owner In eight, procured a home and cart and traaaported tbe property to hi* 'land at tbe corner of Water an. I rullon ?tree la He tbea prods* ied very deliberately to acrapo ofl tbe private marks and brands inscribed on tbe bead of eacb of tbe caalcs. In enter to destroy tbe Identity of tbe mat, a lien policeman Roger*, of the Seventh preelnct, bore In sight and oaptured lb# fellow. When brought before Justice Brennan. Mcltennia denied bta guilt la tbe moat flron ous term*, and aaid be bought the casks for 110 60 from a atraager who happened to be pa?ing at tbe tune. Tbe magistrate thought the cane a mighty auavicioua one, and ac.ordiagly committed tbe prisoner for trial. Rosnivu tub Mayor?A young man named Charles Meyers was taken into c?at"dy by pane-man Young, of the Brand way aquad. on charge o( Jttaa: ug a carpel tag from mi exprem wagon in front of Drlmoolco'a. The tag In qneaiMB *w the property of Mayor Wood, and wan about being trar?port>iJ to hi* ret; dance in the upper part of the city, when Meyer* *>et *d it tn the wagon, and thinking probably that it mourned uomeUnog ralaaMa determined to make away with it. Meyer* waa taken to the Rogue'* Oallery, and from tlienre tn the lower l*otir*j Court, at ttie Tom It*. mher- lie a j* r>'inm.mrd for lr al. to tsb Ksrroa or the huui.ii. A notice of a robbery tn the barber ahnp, under Patient Hotel, appeared in the column* of U?* Ha* a in a few days ago, which many auppoeerf to hare occurred In my ahnp, under Patten'* Panic Hotel. An no out h nreeaaauore out occurred in my afcnp. you will pfea*a wet the mbecri bar right in the eyee of Uw public. f. WtORKKR Panne Hotat. 172 Oreeaau b atreat, N Y , June 'it, 1Mb Crart Cafeadar Tlala Bay. Srrgaioa ( near?Taiai Taaa ?Part 1?N'oe j*3. 147, gig. m. m, at, am. m?, isa. I m rmgi Oocwr?Taiat Taaa?Held at Tammany Halt, | aeronti atory ?No* ?M. M, MO. 1M. 112. MO. frM, Add L.titU Siatb* Pierwct Cot rr ? !*oa 37, 34, M to 40. trrlrali aad Departarrt. ARRIVAL*. t'BAJttt*TO*-sieam?hip Marloa-Mr aad Mra K I Dbwaoa Ml and Vn A w Sun lord aud mm*. Mr and Mr* K H Meana ... .b .. en and ioir?e Mr ?nd M.? p I'aru *nd let rhil )p< Mr and Mr* Ifrnot* Mr aad Mre Taylor n ree end two <hildren Mi* I" AC-n ?imI Ibree ck ! tree. Mkw It A >u?lb. M..I.M. ! .er. He limhem Mi** lli'rmig. Ml* Rurke Mr* A, , Ml* h K*ir .Mi** ,l?ne Si*. Mm* K Kkwtaifield. Mia* M Kirren. Mre .1 W Plummer ?nd child, Mr* li winner, Mr? Riwaell ?r?l writ rblMrm. Mi** Repeef. Ml** M !. |r*lf? Man Mtrrb end *taer. Mi?* ReMaaua, Mr* Heanaiom and rhibl. Mr* BllneMer, MraH Metln*^ Mr* M r..rh*ee. Mr* I nek. Mle* R KeMy . MW* liiianiir . Mr* r?lrtrk. Mr* tutea. Me* llemtemr A K U?r??r Andrew M mer, A Arhtone, T MH ookey. J H We*hi"n n. I' Moor It f Bell*, r A Burr. A Mack A hntt. t?in PWtin. J*? W Brown. W H Ul'lierd. K P?ii*ohnhv, Htr?ei W drawn K J Gladding. rh?? M liiue**. *1*0 Marti*. II IJ i noil, W <WI lupkrer. Mrmrn. ?' Mwhin Mr Vaogtaa OF Hell-*** rr H.Ie, T it Mel*. N Wnrdi. J ikdr. H it Hell W Meager. Mr Uwynnet Jaatoudon. f Alet.nder, J A Phi Mpe I r BMaatdaed. t Wri?ki. l> deary. H i'le?ry. PJimnk. J W.rran. J Vaolon, J Cant rail, Thra Gantpery, dram Mra He mil A f> lift. J Plyna, J Kan.Kr. J Hnnrmmi, P i hli-'l, A Tan A W H.i I. J T 'Hirer?end SI In the teetage pATAe**n-?;e?m?bin Hernla-Mim L B He. ktrltb. H A to1**!'*, R A Waddle, J A Alexander, t* 10,0 Onrite, W J I'reinellr. Mm Alexander. ? p tank. P H HuK'eae. M.wer lire. ham. J pUreehi'm. ?** Oaiwcii. Joe OatwwC. Mra .In* I "aiaelt?end 4 to the ateerag*. H*e? ?-kie?meble Mew Tnrk-Mr* M Hehmidl. Mim M?rla frier*. Mr* l?epb Abm. Mie* lot*.,,*, a l**qDer. Mm TVn ft rtine. Mimee A K-rrann M Cure, M and I, Ramp*. R Op |>enlt* ire. K and Ii Xfe'tgh* P. Mi* A Init aad taaallv, Mra Albert Pome. PR?Rr*? Hen,Ja.ed-Mr* F! PerrK Mr* Rom Mad* T*. Mi**e? lull* a. d Rom Mi.^dr'-* md M K WhiimorM, A R Herfuy and J l? Moeterna Metier' wtaa?ere. Hu.t?? Ri ig 'ten liarrie- f-Uard f, *ad, oTMew Tor* I l Vitnj-Mi Mlndneo?V Wilde, H l.o .'tpuue. Iat!f and hi id. Fmn. u. hr ?ar*b Ml|la-*J 0 Mailww*. M Immiagpe W YO IORNING EDITION?WED 1 POSTSCRIPT. NON-ARRIVAL OF IRE OREAT EA8TERN. We bare juet received the following despatch frees the Sandy Book operator Bow, Jane 2S?1246 A. M. A large steamahip baa Uppei ouwxle the her, and from present appearances I aaa moat sore thai U lathe Great Sutern, as she abowi a great many llghla. Will report often to yon. Bawdy Hoos, June ST?3 A. M. The eteamer seen by me outside the bar a little before one o'clock, ts now paaalng up the Swaah Channel, and I Ihinlr RAW thai ahsi \m not thai flrilt Eaaton. but iba* Northern Light, (Train Aspinwali, with California dates of the 6th instant. The Japaaeee In Haw York. raorrm and visits. After the excitement of the great ball, on Monday owning, there seemed to be a decline in Japanese stock, yesterday. There were bat few visiters at the hotel, and no unusual crowd in the adjacent streets around several store windows, in which were exhibited Japanese articles, or dopltastes of Instruments presented to some one connected with the Japsaese, there were throngs of persons, who seemed most unreasonably Interested in looking at the duplicates of articles to be presented to persons of whom they know nothing. There were bat few shopping parties of the Japanese yesterday, but large purchases in chemical articles and mathematical Instruments were made. Several of the Orientals visited a large glass manufactory at Brooklyn, and Inspected the workings of the establishment. Others were presented with some two hundred dollars worth of India rubber goods by a prominent manufacturer During the day most of the Japaaeee wero engaged In packing up their goods, as they leave New York to go on board the Niagara en Saturday In the afternooo seven of the principal officers of the embassy, including the princes and the chief interpreter, all of whom expressed their great pleasure at the Metropolitan ball, visited the widow of COmmodore Perry, and were handsomely entertained. The officers of the naval commission, and the government interpreter, Mr. Portmaa, accom panted the Japanese. The collation was served up upon a Japanese table service, and the party were regaled with Japan see taki, or wine, imported by the Commodore. Commodore Perry's children and grand children were introduced to the Embassadors. In reeponee to Mrs. Perry's welcome, the chief Embassador said that it gave him great pleasure to make Mrs. Perry's acquaintance. The memory of the late Commodore waa held in high esteem by the government of Japan and by himself. Since the Commodore's visit, Japan had made great advances, of the greatest importance to its prosperity. With so many articles of Japanese manufacture, the Japanese could not but faul entirely at home. He returned the thanks of the Ambassadors to Mrs. Perry and her ftlends. At the residence of Auguste Belmont, the party were also handsomely entertained, and wero shown a splendid collection of paintings. TBI JATAXtn IN AN OMNIBC8. Aa two of the Inferior offloer* of the lTmhassy were oat on Holiday, about one o'clock P. M., doubtless for the purpose of shopping, the gentlsnao whs accompanied them had some difficulty In persuading the "Jape" to gel into owe of the Broadway and Sooth ferry omaiboaes which he had hailed at the corner or Houston street, fee die tmgaisbed foreigners looked at the stepe, then at the doer, and next at the driver, and very emphatically ahoek their heads as if they dreaded lest they were to be bosed up and have some trick Played them; and the gUletnan la attendance, apparently not oonveraaat with the Japanese 1 lingo." could only by eigne try to make Umb know that be winked them to go inside for the purpose of riding to their deotination. After asms little pantomime en the part of the eaid gentleman, and soma not very courteous remarks from ' Jehu" on the box, relative to hM being kept waiting, the party were at last gotten into the maids of the vehicle, which was driven off- the "Jape" staring wonderingly st their American friend aa he paid the reeuialte sixpences through the round bole behind the driver. A vrw KTKtXM or Marine NONSk. An article hav ing appeared in your paper to-day which Is calculated to injure me with the public, 1 hereby beg a SBMll space for the purpose of netting myself right. Tour paper stales that four tickets were taken from me. This is a mistake. There was but one ticket taken from me. I purchased a iKttet from a respectable gent leman of this city, connected with the municipal department, lor the sum of tenfdoilars, and while engaged in selling aid ticket at the m.Nicholas Hotel It was taken from me by \Merman Marr, who refused to give me hack my ticket or my money. 1 was about to sell said ticket U> a gentleman. when Alderman ."harr?who waa then unknown to me?walked np and a?ked to ser the n? kel im my showing the Htrf ha made hinself known, and claimed the property a* hie I deny that I wan engaged in nailing npuriona tickets, an all thene MM ware genuine, u I can prove. A large number of persona beat ides myaatf w era engaged In anil tag these tickeu, not oolr at the Ht Nicholas Hotel, bat also at the Metropolitan Motel last evening. Una man, to ray certain knowledge, aold over thirty genuine ticket* for Mimr varying I mm ten to forty dollarn I aMM these farts merely to nbow that ticket speculation was the order of the day, and that I myself, who only acid three tickets, was securing a very limited share of the proliii therefrom. FRANCIS W. SKAUR1ST, 6J8 Ninth avenue. Tke iU-Fated tusmrr Beta Lewis. St Mbcia, June 96, MW Several of the Crew, Including Mr. Mcfllnals, First Engineer of the ill (Med steamer Dsn lewis, arrived here tins morning. The total number loet by tke accident m about twenty, including three who died of their usuries. Mr. Mcfikanta thinks the bast listed M the confluence of the Ohio and Mississippi rivers to such an extent an to empty one boiler for possibly one minute The Ohio river is very low, and the Mississippi quits high. The galUsi of Use Klsfsrt. Boeron, June 36, law The mails per steamship Niagara for Llrlrpooi, via Halifax,clone at ten A. M tomorrow, and the steamer will leave at noon. Telegraphic despatches forwarded through Mr. Stoker's agency No. T Broad atrect, New York, up bi eleven o'clock, will be In season. Capture Ma MnSaM Bastsn Tinier. ?sian. he* as, ISM. De.Uc a MtlArl Ikinf was <1 imvrwnsnH nnHs tkin morning robbing a (torn n (hmbridgrport, and, oiWiaa resistor* r, received two piatoi shots, breaking an arm and ilamag itit; hi* jaw Barley draw a dirk knife and danger onaly stabbed officer Lougberry, a hen be waa Snail y arrested. Tbe Fire at Leaveawartk, Kansas. I Jtava*wihoh, K. T., June 30,1000 The following are the principal loser* by U>e Ore yes lor ilar?P. Morion, loss on building. 01,000. no Insurance J M Ihckaon, lose on building. $3X100, fully insured in ?. learn J. L. Kaaeow, loan on building. 02 000, insured ff-00 Mr. Parley, less on Jewelry, 0700 no insurnacs f.mon JtMreman lossOOOO fully Insured Building comer Main and ftelawaad streets, owaed by J. M. larimer loss 022 000. Insured 01.000. Ssman At Hoomac lose 00.000. Injured In lite Metropolitan Company, New York Mo latyre a bniUliag, occupmd by a gas Ouiag estab iafcmerit kas 91,000. no Insurance R. l. Allen's Steele mostly eared, fully insured, building partly l ass red Some smaller los*es are alas reported. Fifteen buildings In all were destroyed. Hhostlni Altay at Harrodibsrg. Kr. Ijtxnrome. By , June 26. HMO Is a fracas yesterday at lbs Poieetptouar, at Harroda bu g. s y<" og man. named Miller, wus shot through the body by the clerk of the hotel, named Brown Miller will probably die (Several shots were Bred by other parties, hot w tboul effect. Btaraa la llsnptsa Beads. Wianems, Jane M. 1000. The aeemsblp MostmsOo, from New York, reports two tnresti pr 0 Hampton Basils snd ths Isrgsst fleet of res sets sver sreo therr, taking refuge from a northeast storm I'kargs tf Haas. Toaoero, (; W , June 90,1H00 The Hamilton Tim*s stataa that R. (Jowan, M P for Lsada, baa brew arrested for ertmtaaJ assault on two g.rla, rests - I rely |en snd twelve years of age. Ousts denlea the Charge as a caaapirer y LellBgtea ajadl It. Lwmls Railroad. Ijtxurovov, June 90. lnao A merbAf of tbe Irs ngton nod *t. I aula Railroad Company aaa held hers to .Jar. A large number of geotlarneu from ita.'ine. PHto, Johnson and this county wars |,r**<ni With a view of l/iesl ng the route end insecure Dieiomr*. I lurfhe work of grading There were also gentlefni-ti from sh.-oad who were called here for the par pose of securing ooatrset* tor building the satire road. I tie meeting adseirOiH.' fbr s.i week* Withm that timet Survey will be taken between the two (toothers mutre, with a rice of electing a com prom ate between them. The Aatl-D?a?laa Dsnsocratle CoaweatlsK1. TO TBB DlfOI Or TUB KBBALP. BilA'isoss, Jane 39, 1W0 In your issue nf y ester, lay wa otweree an error in your reporter s account of the proceeding.* of the OoavasUno of the national lemodrasy, which wa wish to onrraot. There waa no object km mads is the rsrentkm of the oom munkation presented m betmJfcf the sattimal democracy of Iowa by the underelgaed on the faMffi It was rei el red with spplanap The objection wtft nsarv* to (what we did not claim) S right hi .err part M h T1** ft* (earn We merely asked a seal on the Boar * rep?easaU lives o( the national democracy in nor dtotd, pad the (>* yrnt op reed-ally gave u? the privilege l? H HYATT?, JOHN JOHNP, Jr ,sf??wa JI RK E TODAY, JUNE 27, 1880. City A Mi DMnra>?Bnoio Ceanhc&-Aa the stenmboal Satellit* WH returning from NWdeli'S Grove, with Um childrm of the Hoemingdhle Bab bath Bohool oa boar' n< oT thtOBCuitiooiats, ahtdabont seven yeanold,nnu. Honor UmoU, Ml ororboard and woo drowned. Oao 01 tho pwasngen, Hr. Oooraa White, of No. ?H Eighth or* boo, node o noble attempt to save the lift of the boy, by Jumping overboard and holding him above tho aorfhoe o( the water Mr Dearly half an hour. Not being oooondod in hM house attempt by tho pilot of tho steamboat, Mr. White was obliged, in oooaeqnenoe of his ertiaastort eon d it ion. to lot (o bis hoMoruwIad, so that all hia heroism went m nought. Tho oourao of the pilot in not oosaini to tho rescue of the drowning boy in proper season wai highly condemned by ail on board. No traoe of tho bod] of yooag Loggett has sines been discovered. Ai i insismi or a Beaut Winona.?.Mr. City Inspsctoi Dels van has appointed John E. Ba right to the cffloo oi one of tho Health Wardens. Mr. Enrigbt is a wet known politician of the first ward. wmaa^bnrg City News. A Noma Foscssv.? For some time past the BTooklyi Ferry Company have (bond their receipts diminishing without any apparent diminution of tho travel, a state o things the director* were unable to account for until an investigation led to the discovery that the ticket! leaned to foot passengers had been counterfeited, bj mean* of a very excellent foe auntie of the gen vine ticket which had been lithographed, of which, it la supposed several thousand have been poised off upon the Company What they wiU do about it in rather doubtful, for It I impossible, without clone scrutiny, to distinguish the tx gas frost the genuine tickets. Dtsmrasi Dombktic?A young girl named Margarf Qeeely, who has been living for some time in the fomil, of a Mr. Br urn, Is South Sixth street, K D., wasarrestei yesterday on a charge of grand larceny. It is alloc* that aho stole a gold watch aad a sum of money from he employer. ?e was remanded by Justice Gaiahan to awai an examination. Stuck* Dm tub?A Mrs. Susan Rogers, residing at No. i North Second street, K. D.,*died very suddenly at her rcsi dcnce last night, it is supposed from disease of the heart A child, three years of age, died yesterday afternoon a the residence or her mother, Mrs. Ann Butler, No. 9 North Sixth street, E. D., from the effects of a bite from i dog, which the received about a week ago. Obrooer Mur phey will hold an inquest in both cases to day. Jersey City News. Ytart Rics ?Owing to a misunderstanding as to tb ground to be sailed over by the first class boats of tb Jersey City Yacht Club, some two weeks since, a portia of them having sailed around buoy No. 16, and other around No. 13, the Judges decided that It was no race, an appointed yesterday afternoon for another trial. The on I boats entered yeeterday were Um Dreadnought, owned b; John Burnt, and the Colgate, by Mr. C. Urtnneil. The fol lowing wae the ttsee made rrom the club houoe aroun< buoy No. 13 and return, a distance of about twenly-tw miles, with 6 fine breexe ? Dreadnought, 2 hours 4 minutes and 10 seoends; Colgate, 2 hour* and AO minutes The first named boat was accordingly declared the winner Coroners* Offbce. An Arm Momif Exsiwmimm DsnamtD ?The Gore ners were notified yeeterday of the dying condition of i sum at the New York Hoepttal, named Thomas Baflery who was & tally stabbed at the grocery store of Wllliar Miller, No. 23 Laurens street, on the evening of the 181 instant, by a young fellow named O'Keil. The folher c the injured man called three tiroes st the office in tb course of the afternoon, but woo unable to procure th services of either ffhroner O'Keefe or Gamble, the official then on duty. The ceee will probably be attended to tc day. Raftery is represented to be very low, sod it woul not be eorprising ir he should pass away at any moment 0>Nell is at largo, and it wae for Um purpose of bavin him arrested that the father of the dy lug man waa e anxioos that the ante mortem examination should be bel yestafday. Fomm Dnowvsn -.The body of an unknown man, in decomposed condition, was found floating in the water? the foot of pier 44 East river yeeterday. The body, wbtol was tcarcely recognisable, bed evidently been in the wade several months. Coroner O'Keefe was notified to bold n lnqossi. Accmswt ?George Coifee. a lad about four years ok reaidiag at 90 Cannon street, was run over by one of th Giand street ferrv omaibuascs on Monday evening an almost mtanian>ou?ly killed. The occurrence la S*ni 1 have bean partly ncc idental. Coroner O'Keefe wan not Bed lo bold an inquest upon the body. PitonatTw Rhstta?This regatta, which waa to hat in en continued from Monday Jaat and ooocluded yettei <*y, ml not come off, owing to the Jersey City ragati talcing place Thff numbers of tho club, having mo pnased a resolution to tlie following eHkct ?That owing t the day not proving anltably breezy for the Brooklyn r< gatla 10 come off. and the Jeisey t My one happening u die follow iug day, it ia uuamuiously resolved that thin ri giitta aland adjourned until the '-'Mil of Jnly ni'it, < which due uot*.e will he g,\.u through the pubho prnai Bowxkt Thbatiu ?Thin well known place of antnai meat haa recently been adapted for a summer theatre b extensive improvement., for its extensive ventiiatioi thus rendering It agreeable to pleasure ?es)k? re during Ui ntimmer months. 11 It under I he management of Johr ton ft Brings? the former an old New Tnrk favorite I the theatrical sphere last night they produced for lb second time a thrilling drama, m four acts, entitled th "Jenuit." The principal character* were sustained b C. W CouldOi k, Harry Pearseu and Miss Klita CouMoci all of them actors we?l known to the Xew York puUs Tlie piece is a clever adaptation to the stage of the stor '- * ? Ai 1km Uaiutiifti arrfnr gfurin the Liilcemh century, relieved by euibcUirthaiealii of IW lion xulUi ieut to render il eure. live to lover* of the hii tr ionic art. The properties, *renio eflhcta. and the dlntr but !<?o of the dramm/it mrrvmtr were of mich a rhnntcU m to rail forth the apiilauee of a respectable and apt<re< ativr audience. The drama of the " Villager*." an Aro< rwan rural piece, tucceerted Ihr above, ai>d Mv? perfora am e concluded with tbe Urce of tbe " Botiuycuatli-Tbe manager* preeeal another -troug bill for to night. tmrrogmdc'* UMrr. Before Kdward C. Went, Surrogate. It'ii;1/ JntfK W A loan * ?Tbn will war admitted prabata yalarday. The deonanad van peaeaaned af 00 ilderable property la real aad peniaal mall. AAar fe qoealhlag 9100 to tbe Jew tab Hoapiul la Twenty eight atrret. be diridea tbe babtare of bta wealth between h niece, Adele Aahtaan, and hia oaly brother, airing ui.l lota owned by bim In tbe town of Palermo, New Jaraej to the (brtner, and all the reaidue to tbe latter Tbe di ,|ir<i aboat two nonihe ago. aad it baa beeo n mored that he <?mmltted wnride, a fact which lecreaec the mterMt taken at bla will. iraina of the Catholic t harrh of th< Holy Trinity lm Philadelphia. IFrom the Philadelphia Knquirer, Juae 'Jt ) The Ueraaan Roman Catholic church of the llnl Trlaity, uortbweat corner of (birth and Sprue.- i-treeti noted a few year* atoce for the atrtfe between two pal lie* m the church? the adbereat* of the Troetee* aad c tbe Bo bop reapactlreiy?met with a eerloua dlaaater ? Saturday afternoon At 8re o oknk amoke waa aaan t laaoe from the eatraa of lb* aorlbeaet alope: at the lim Ker. ? M Chrboa, tha clergyman, waa In bta nnnfcmKMM bo*, and there were el* or ei*bt perwma la tbe church al trading aerrw o Tbe roof being old and dry.lbefflr prrad rapidly. and tbe who Id waa one vaat abeet of Saint aad it waa with difficulty that the ahar furniture and ep peintmeat* were removed before the ceiling began to glv way and tall 1a baavy lakea of >r* A large oil paintla of tbe CmciflxMa, in ib* rear of the altar waa cut froti etubborniy for nearly three honre, ltd ?b??, at la-t ih *?r~ .1? mrmu nothing Ml of th church but the wall* and a few charred rater*. The da organ in the gallery valued at t'A.Md, waa nearly rain* by the Are aad water, although an altrefet waa made u aare a portion of the mi*** The lore 1a painting* am tinned glare la heavy th- Tonr -.Uincd gUm window id the raetern portion of the (wild lug coat or if malty ahou M.000 They were imported from Purnpe wveral yearaafo The poiallng on the ceiling, representing Ibe Trinity,* iU Iho team work no ibe aide wall*, root over 03.300 Then waa do inrertaoa on any port em of the firraltor* or pomt ng* An iMuraooo of 010,000 in the Pwannylranla rtn In-nmnre Company, on the b Idmg .< all that can In <omatended in repn.r the damage, and it ? ret mated th* the lore, over and above the men ranee will he M.000 The interior ol Uiechnn li waa rery beannrnl Tbeoeilmi waa richly rreacnad with on/red groups the window were of the rarret etaloed glare. The altar w*? hew it I f\illy do orat'd, and a ?oiendid orgaa crowned the gallery The parsonage, Ncbonlhouae, he , adjoined the h* tiding The origia of the dre I* atti ilnitod to fireworks. thongt Utere *?? tome fiippr* tion It at it was the work of do *lfn The chrtrcb wan ooe of the old laorlaiark* of ih< city. Ila lonodallon ntooe wa* laid on October I. 17M ft w * therefore near'v ?.ieniy 'v 0 rear*. Id.aad war ? , it of old fk.htoned brick* It h?? h-m opened regularly ft* nervine, reeept tn the year ISAI At thot time the dlepotr arnee between a trurtee * party aad a biabnp'a party ol the congregation relative to the title of the property wheo legal proceeding* were entered Into The etrllr con tinned for throe yearn, for two and a half of wbtab Um I church a an cinand A hoot a year ago the tm/brtanaU difficulty wan am ice Hi y armngrd, and the e.hnrch boa born rtner under the pastorate chargo of rather Otrboo toDthrm Octan MeAaaor Narreitnu. ImaiDomi I awe fft lam Tlx rtromthipCWtimbia.Car* ferry, from Now Trek, arrived hare at had r*ct (nor Or lock tht* (Monday) after noon, hartratn, June 3d I ado The 'teamohlp Aeguatn. from New York, arrived at few wl arf at half pe? elrten erJcok few (Tqewdey) foremen Aft well. [ERA] nws nom kkzxoo. | ! J PtiilmHw wf Un lua* mt ' mm* Qngs'i C?|M?i*-CmUUm mt U? PtftHwl Amy-DHpatckM mt Of?? 1 VrafM Ivecuior, Im? I (Translated from D Progreso of Vera Cru, June 18, for [ r the Nnw You Hbuld. ) ( 1 Tbe following note, which we take from the DiarU Ofr , rial of the capital, says all that we oould desire In aup- < i port of the observation! we bare made on Ibe aflhir } 1 of OoadabOara. It is tbe only document published by ths i | papers of that city, within tbe last twenty dajra, la which < any aeeount ts given of tbe reactteoary chief (Miramou). j It was written from OoadabOara, and Is dated May 29.? j r To ran Bororablb Mubiw or Wan axo M? ! >? I l I Mcerr EicsuJorrHin?Bis ExoeDeocy the President sub Stltute, bide me inform you that after the brilliant de fence of tbls city, tbe greater part of the enemy, under the command of Ogsxon and Vallo, retired to the heights of Teeoiote, where, It appeam from mfbrmation rsoeired. 1 they propose to continue hostilities; bat hie ixoeUebcy , belie res they will retire to the ravines. Rajas remnhw f la Tuple, and probably will move to the asMstaaoe of the before mentioned chtefh as soon as bis ICinelkhoy advances against them. 1 The following despatches of Ogaxoo give further part I' culars of the battle of Guadalajara:? Tinsui Ami, Final Dieeos.) Lacoalco, May 20,1800. > a To nm Gssmut m-Cmxr:? >- Mcsr Kxchubst 8m?On the 24th Inst the city oTOaadaJnjara was vlgorosaly allsoked by the divisions of JaiWco and the ocntre, under the oommsnd of Geo. Dm Jose I Lopes Uraga, and after four hours of most determined i y contort, which will be ever honorable to Um liberal anna, . 1 the Oommanderln-Chtef ordered both dlviaiona to retire I without continuing the attack, when two houn more r would have placed ua In poeaeaalon of the plaoo. I I The reaeon (br this retreat waa the near approach of I Hiram on with a formidable force; and, ainoe Geo. Uraga'a I plan of operations waa baaed on the forcible occupation or ' Guadalajara, that our army might be then in a condition 1 to neat that rebel chief, and ainoe the few hours allotted ' to the task of capturing the place had passed without that 1 result, a retreat became necessary and inevitable, In order J that we might be in readiaeea to attack Miramon. ? The retreat was effected in the greatest order, the ar4 my saving the trains, artillery, ?c., and the troops not only preserving their morale, but returning full of pride at 1 ita brilliant bearing in that feat of arms. To-day, two strong divisions, with forty pieces of magnificent Artillery, live thousand infantry and seventeen . hundred cavalry, well provided with all the material of war, and full of noble eagerness, are ready to fifhl Mlran men, who is endeavoring, with the few troops be haa led, d to preserve the power which is slipping through his daft gem. j As a deserved homage to true merit, I ought to mention _ to your Excellency that the conduct of the chiefs, oSoera r and soldiers on the 24th was brilliant beyond calculation, calling forth even the admiration of the enemy, who could j not deny valor and decwion to the soldiers of liberty. I hasten to communicate these facts to your Excellency, j renewing my assuranees, Ac., Ac. I'KDRO OGAZON. The following friendly letter or semi oSoial despatch from the same to Gen. Huerta, at Morel:a, givee a moro minute account of the transaction ? Baxra Amu, Acatlan, May 26,1900. Fxnmntn Faocnt?I have bad news to tell you, but not . so bad aa to be hopelem of a speedy triumph. 1 will relate bristly what baa occurred. * The division under my command having been incorpoa rated with that which uen. Uraga brought here on the I, 23d. that General assumed the entire oommaad as second f In chief of the federal army, and. as such, made arrange. menu to attack Guadalajara on the following day la a bold 0 and dashing manner, In the hope of being able to take it 0 la a few heart, and be ready to attack Miramon, whose forces were only two days' march from ourn. The arrange j ment waa carried out, and yesterday to* place a battle, which, although unfortunate, will always be s credit to 0 the federal army. The enemy being in possession of good * fortifications, the daring of oar soldiers only served to d spread death amosgst thsm; and, nrgsd by the pnasuis of time and the approach of M Ira moo, we wars obliged to retire from the rebel city, suffering many * severe losses which we shall never replace. The gallant X Col I). Antonio Navo, Col. Avtla, I.leut. Col Halgado, I.ieut. h Col. Moras, and other chiefe and oflloers of lemer rank, were killed. Gen. Model) lc and CM. Lang lota were wound r ed, and to crown oar dimeter, Gen. Uraga himself was B placed her* de omatat Oar troops fought heroically; and the streets of Guadalajara, where more than five hundred I, of our dead and wounded lay, can bear testimony to the . gallantry of the soldiers of liberty Ho great a calamity, and, above all, the wound of the d General in command, compelled the latter to order a rato treat, wtileb was <kme I rat the ayt?<iy arrival of Miramon i. should rod in our total rout. tier I'rags, who fell wounded under the enemy'" fire, and at the moat dangerous point, wa* violently opposed to ,c hla being removed from the home to which he hud been taken when wounded, and remained in ttuadalajara a r prwooer of war I know that already hie leg, which had a liecu imaebed by a crape a hot, hae been amputated. , The retreat war eflected in the moat orderly manner, all the heavy artillery train being aaved, with the esoep *> tioc of two piece#, which, on account of the rule tn the |. mountain#, could not be moved. The enemy ventured to annoy our rear guard, hut, being drawn fawn hie hiding place*, he noon learned to ?- what uee* the laorea of our cavalry are applied. ,f hince that unlucky day we have been thinking of Mtramon who tin w cvniinr r. ai lu d (Juadalgjara with hie ' eecorl. The want of a chief head, in the abecnce of Geo. I'raga. waa theft,rut obetaclc in^lhe way of making any dlsl poaltiuns for future operations, and in the midst or the m aad circumstance* with which wa were surrounded, the idea waa that strengthening among the chief* of the dm' sion or the centre of marching to Bajio, with very little ie hope of saving their artillery train. At this Juncture I I. called a janta of all the chiefs, which haa (net been concluded. and in which n plan of action for the future waa u adopted. It was resolved to defend our trains at all haft mrd*. and light Miramon if he should come here. We have M forty piece# of held and mountain artillery, all in good condition aad wall mounted. y We have something like five thousand infantry and Of t, teen hundred cavalry. The morale of the army, which is proud of its valor, even after our retreat, la good. In y ah >rt wc have every ground on which !o bane a hops of g triumph. ) In the council the organ!at ion of the force* waanrI ranged I remaining charged with lbs command, and two divisions are being termed which Generals Airagosa ir ami Valle will command, and so the principle of unity I- and diaeinliM aece-aary for all future operations is res' established I- Raving fiitfllled the aad 'Inly of acquainting ynti with wliat ban befallen us, 1 will aow inform ymi of wlial 1 think of doing. If Miramoti follow ua, as is very probable. itnce hut fori ea must be by this time la Guadalajara, 1 will accept battle, choosing the best pomlble position, and never will retreat to the ravines, so fatal to our troops. Rest assured that every precaution which pru to detx-e can suggest will be taken to avoid another taisfor 0 tune I know Uhi well (he 1'etal eOect which *ucli would bail on the republic, aad will be very mnM lo com " MM ae iMprmlauM c i) Piece I cannot communicate with .ten Lain nor with M VemCref. I beg you to tmnamlt thin now* to Prreldeol it Juarrs and General rvgolladn pointing rnit to them my r, eltoetlon. end eeeurlag them (bat even If our loaa m im? menee through the rhi>-f! we hare kat, I here etill hope* i- Of beating Mtramor?n hape ekhk i? aha red bjr thr thief! a who aeelet me. and who auaiale the apiril and courage of our aoMiere. I hare refralinul from Mymg auythiag of thr eoeray'a p kwam, bet auee I era not pawiMre. Be nwmred, however, that the havoc we made wan very ooaanierwblr. It Is aa at rted that Woil wounded There are a thousand ni v more, bet I know not hint f?r certain , It oely remama for me to conclude by my ing that the rhiefa of roar force* which are here Buffered oothlag yea!( Icrday. It thoae t rnope euffbred like the reet of theae dlri? none, have ibeMdiefkrlioa of knowing that the Mchnaoaoe , loupl.t with honor n l.oadelaiara ? Without anything more for the preeeut | remain, aa d ever, your friend, rV.URil OUAZON A letter (Torn the rapttal n Ki Proormo of Jane IS eay* 6 there m a project oa foot by certain part lee to proclaim br anion Preeideat for life, aad that thai new eoeon in the mek> drama would toon be preeeeted The eeme rorrmpnadent meutiona in lie a number of 1 chief! who, with their foroea, ware moving in the diree tion of Bon lata. letter* are epnkra of ae ceeflrmmg the defeat of Mel >a f reactkmiet) at ToWotian. *rtBni Ct ill Rmr lkin?a,I Tuni?. Meitoo. Jaov 9. IM? > I l Departure I rem I'm? Cnu?lkt flmaklpw mmd .haralupa Cmfm'i Jmrm CVwM Hmmtmls f Vm ) *rh?O0cm if iht Dt4ft?Om Wkmt?CkmnU cumCmfm Bxmrryng-Omtral W?U* Womd-MHUary | MimwiM. St t We left Tm Our oo the mornn( of th?th. With 1epatobea tor the fbwrrtarp af Stale, ami wild Or (tor* to [ touch at thi* pert Mr Mclnuie left in the Brooklyn en the morn i of of lb* M tor Infusa The llrooklpn u?M U># Rarei-?* to #an, ?V Inns a pertiof Mluto to Urn dtp ' | ih? tnd Mrwt TV dtp return-d iV mltito with *( ">I will, end^nanp n proper went up tor the wfetp jf uie R1| ' lent nhip and ber fallen! crew Captain Turner'I name I t will Vnrefneth be a V toehold word in "Heroic Per# " On I " " Anton ia walrheil him from tV hoiw.< top. an* [ ' toraned hie nttWwre. from htw??lf to hir mere lieutenant The newt of Craga e defeat ami capture bee been C>nflrmo<| ft M reported that r ' the eenand In comnvaei wee killed, to*nna 1 | (leaeral .1 M J Oar rapt' nf Tewe lipae m command I Thie a diaaeu ioua new. tor tV liberal*. md to naantV t] i oternn that now ronmw under l erreial * routo.1 th. p will he woree off than Ite r twee erer been TVp hare * net been riMplrltert or '?-t (town ae pel ami ere 'teVr V mad never ut imp die lento hna roaifned tort hie plana f 1^*4 aot Wn lined when I Ml hem-nil Amp die to woethill" admrntotorlntt 'V wee ntltoe TV Were fe email f w) to new Maatai Vtwwen hern ami lofwaa tom tuna et all the parte TV tlawiW'iitoo (toneerlp lu diannlai . '*?* ' (V" nep* ? here nrutor order* ?he ,W ?ed la commas-toil bp n< of IV moat f ?T.?i . TV -Wtonr* ?f Mm ltori?e an- n LB. PRICE TWO CENTS. hptaia Harby, Lieutenants Refers and TSylsr, Baillng aster Sawyer. Gturtl Wheat arrived en lbs DMfS, sod stares is the Mexican war steamer Ooostitatloa la i ks lays. JCTTS 14,1M0. The Dodge leases at UK ,sad willb?lowedover lbs >ar by the OonsUtatton. The authorities has* shown jeat deal of attention to the ofltoers of the Bodge. OB Sunday last (ten. Gum, surrounded by a brUhaatW ual i brmed staff, paldsvwitto the Dodge, sad wan minted with runteen gnna, vhleh vara anawerad by Um cast is foasul Chase and hia accomplished wife vera ulao oo xwrd, and ware aaluted with the naual number ef gnna. Mrs. Chase waa cheered upon tearing aa the "Heroine e< Paaeptco," a title which aha has jiatly won. On Tuanday Sen. Gam gave a splendid banquet to the edteare of the lodge and General Wheel, at which the beat af feeling travailed. General Wheat learea for tho interior wKn leneral Garza in a abort time. The reporta feeat the in* lertor are very conflicting. Fraga la said to baalowly recovering after the amputation of bta wounded limb. General Woll ia badly wounded la the breast, and it id thought from hie advanced age that he oaaaet recover. General liana will move with a splendid column aa toon aa hia park of artillery arrirea. The Wave ealled oo the lflth flreaa Tern Crua. The City Inapector and flwhhHhep Hwglaea Contraveray. In the MetnfcMtcm Gecord of thia week, the oeatroverly between Archbishop Hoghea and the City Inspector, relative to the registry of marriages and births, in accordance with the law of April, 1863, ia mada the subject of n leading editorial, In which the rsaanaa fer refuting to ohey the law nra stated more distinctly than ia the very yaterfean <wman taction af his Oraoa which appear^ previously In the columns of the Hantii). We mekf an rx tract ? There is no use in disguising it. The weakneaaee or depravity of human nature are such, that oonfldenee ia the physician, in the lawyer, in the prleat, or minister, who performs a marriage, and even in what the law calls midwives, is indispensable. The case does sat apply eicioiively to Catholics. It applies to all. A physician knows that the period between the marriage of ana of hia peliaets and the birth of her child era separated by three or four months only. The birth of the child oaaaet he coeoeeled. But if the dale of the marriage aad that of the child's nativity be both put on record, in Mr. Dels van'a office, and the reporters of the press have soosas to the lame, professional secresy is at an end. In mob a cam a femiiy otherwise respected aad respectable are la ha covered with shame. Take another oaaa: A man and woman are living together?they are aappeead, by all lK?ip nAiwkhnn (it hi Ifevftillv nilAd ill BftlrimOQT. They have already a family of children growing up: remo rme begins to haunt them. If the world knew their secret they and their children are ruined. They do not make it known to the world: bat they make it known to their priest or minister, in that confidence and under that secrecy which no decent man would betray. Be advises them?be arses them to be married, lie pledgee himself that unlets the law should require an exhibition of hin registry of marriages, their secret shall be kept a secret forever. Another case still. Parties having lived In such s state, continue In it until the approach of death. And then remorse and terror overtake the patient. They are willing to be married, but the dying party would sooner pam unmarried Into eternity than expose the manner of bis life, and imprint on the forehands of his growing up children the stigma of his infamy and their disgrace. WIU any man or any woman, say priest, or any minister of any denomination, say that these and other things coming under the same category are to be thrown open far the inspection of reporters, to have them published >a the newspaper*, aa taken from the City Inspector's died No. The law us, what a Protestant clergyman has described it in n private letter to the.Archbishop, "foolish" and "useless." The law la the same far physicians and mid wives. There la not a decent physician in the city of New York who would not suifcr bis right hand to be cat off, as one has expressed it, rather than betray the profasslooal 004Odcnce that families and patients have isposad in him. Now, it may be said, that in matters of ibis kind, professional men might uae tbslr discretion In nach cases, and keep their own secrets in regard to them, fait this would not be obedience to the law. The would he a mockery of obedience. For if one clause is binding so is another, and the law makes no except 100. Far better m It, then, for every man to speak out, and any at ones that tbts whole statute is odious, lnsoleet, Inquisitorial, aa to the rights of bun 1 lies, insulting to profaastaeni asm, whether they be clergymen or physicians thai to comply with a portion of it, sad degrade themselves m their own estimation by private concealment of other portions, would be unworthy of their profession sad of their rights as American citizens Fire In Ass Street. LOSS ABOUT 146,000?A rOMCUAN nUTMD BY A VAIL1M WALL. Between twelve and see o'clock yesterday msrniag n Bre broke out 00 the third door of the Ave story building No. 42 Ann street, la the printing estnhUshmeat of Mr. White ho roe The flames spread rapidly and soon enveloped the entire building The in mm wore promptly at the premises, and prevented the Are from ntecdiag to tended through to Fulton Mnct (No 119), whtoh Boon, together with the (berth lid tflh floor* of No. 12 Ama street, were occupied by Lewie k Ob., clothiers. A large portion of their etook wee token oat on the Fulton Uriel ide Their laoi by Ore end water will amount to almet 990,000. Insured for 990,000 in the follow lag enwipaniee, vis:? Artisans , New York.. 92.640 Well Street, do 2.600 Kings County, of Hrooklyn '2.000 Firemen's Trust. do. 3.000 Insurance Company of North America, Philadelphia 2AM Northern Assurance Company. Philadelphia. 3,000 Equitable Mutual do M00 Commonwealth. do A ,M0 American, do 9.090 Reliance Mulaai. do 4M0 Insorsnce Company state of Pennsylvania, do 3.000 Northwestern, New York 1,100 Total. 090,990 Mr. Wbitehorne s loss Is about 93.000. fully laanred. The second floor sad upper part of 119 Fultoa street are occupied by Cburvoisier k Matbey, watch cam amau lecturers and jeweller* Losa abnot $100. Insured for 98.*00. la tba Bowery Insurance Company The building is owned by Mr. Many, ft is insured for 99.000. and Is d.inug*d about 1000 Building No. 43 Ann street Is also owned by Mr Many. It M totally destroyed, loss about 96,000. insured ia the Bremort and New Amsterdam Insurance ones pence for 94.000 No. 44 Ann street is occupied In the baaement by Blockwell k Kmmersnn. dealers in paper stock, damage by water about 9*200 Insured for 9900 in tba fexehaaee la auranre Company. The Oral floor la a restaurant kept by John Henry, daour AIM. Insured for $1N$Q In {the to. Mark* Innmacr Company Tbe second floor and mr port of tbo building h oocop?<xl by A noon Derrick M the jam publication otoec; Iom a Poo i $100. beared tor i MM m At tor Insurance Company. M. T. T>ler oocupted port of thr third floor m printing otono. Im flfljflfl. Insured $1 MO tn Si Kir botes and Merchants' I? if Mil comi -i l?o. Thr hnlldtnr to owned hy Brown Brothers. It l? i r*grd about $MI0 Inourod. lh' i tort of T Strong's hook a lor* No. M Nassau ?trv< I. was damaged to the extent of $400. by a felling all. Inmrrd tor $flfl,dfl0 to rtiy companies. Thr >t<. k of pictures aad books of Michael Nuaan. No. 100 Xaroau rum was damaged to lbs ax loot of $900. tnanrrd for $3,7*0 la the Franklin, of Philadelphia, North Amrrirao and Kaal Hirer Insoranrr mwipooies. Tlie boildinga Noa 10$. 100 and $$ Nassau street, owned by Mr. Ayraa. are damaged to tbe extent of $2*0. rally taaared. The Are, It isaald. originated from a color>0 aogioe, but tbe actual cause of the Are la uaknowa at praOMt It will be inreatigatad by the Fire Marshal. A pellnmaas of the Hrcood praclaot, named Jamee Methba, waa ssry badly injured by aoaar brmka tolling through the akryttebt of an ad>maiag boiWing, when the walls Ml doarb. Bo was proper]j cared for The Samoa ware prevented from M tending IhrSOgb to Faltoa atreet, momly owing to tbe sat t Ism of No 40 Fngioe aad No to worn Bngtue, which worked spaa the Are no Fatten street The sew steamer. No $fl, did groat aaeoaUM alter Mo got to work, sad tearly demonstrated the groat adraa ltd of steam eogloas Oorrroor'oStea, of Now Jsraay, tei r replied the one emmo of Jacob P Hardeo tor one weak sad a day, bringing it to Friday, the fltb day Of July. It ? elated that Harden is Stow now writing his eonfete "n, and that he hM (omsaunxnted certain porttSM of It In the jailer and no# or two others The ad as materia* of the poteen to bte wttosMmnsneed mi her return in Rumaiy'a. aad Kmi|M her white lttiago? ha knee, eeeo enrtag Ike endenrmeWa ef mi ?t<fierrnUT toeing wtfh He kladty welled tar to partake 4 ?n apple mi whtrb he tad Mrtad arnaaio. ? imm |M* t ..,?ly ate It, remarkIW <tat It mniit ta kara ? mrthing gritty oa it. * replied u?at it wW "bathing " There are Watemeote *ai<t In hare been M* he the prtenner larolrwg k* criminality with ottaffl wta Wared hw ?fleet" , . He perWiaeif* the eraenie at Ear I on, and k Italia lap that vbird war about the tmaaa, are ooairmed hjr BataaT re* word* What i* moat eetoaiahlaf la tha Mahwat hat la the perpetration of ttaaa eamaMtaa Tlardea dene tet eeem to kaee had the *l|gbleel tMUta Ha did Item a tUamt for oare thinking that ta wafl dung any blag eery dreadful UieKf ?The reatlral of St. Joha tha iBptM, tha a Iron (ktiat of Free Maanory, waa citlikiatafl hy Haw "ork lodge No 830 oa Monday Tha mamtara Ot tha edge, together with a 11 timber of lor Mad gamta, atnag beta weeral member* of gt JohaW lodge Ho. 8, ef Inrwatk, aat down to aa etagmit rapaat at M. CM rath raa1'iraat, Hmadway. The W Heater cd New York lOdga, . D fhowa. M. Ik., preeided, and a arnwtar af thataeth ea made brief apeeehea prrtlnant to tha necaelew. OMtaary, Ined, In *n,thu>wa, Inag Inland, no tha ITth Mtanat, k? Jomm * ft ??rrn. formerly Plate Waaler aged gfty me jreara

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