Newspaper of The New York Herald, 27 Haziran 1860, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated 27 Haziran 1860 Page 2
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2 ;.j , The I witerf Mate* MmvmX ov k a on trot, w ovMuaroNMhOB. A-vaaroua, Jane II, 1M0. TV KMnninatim of the Pupil*?Chur ef V wiorrs Present- Keception qf the Secretary of the -Vary wrf (Ac QgUial Hoard qf YitUert by the Midshipmen?Proficiency qf the Academician* Ml MMtyry Discipline?Ktercite %ith lieaty Field and Hmitser Artillery?tHpiomm Awarded to the Graduate*?tuccimct Sketch qf the Speech qf Commodore LavalieUe, 4c., dp. The June examination It the Naval Academy ku just been brought to a satiafkclory cone lotion, and la -wo'thy of pubiic notice, a- an evidence of the character and im- I pertonie of this imt.ooni institution " , U is cuatuanry U? devote the opening day U) mUilary eafeci-c, which alway# attract a crowd of adm.ring 4 opecu?ty-b. On this occasion the picturesque grounds of i the academy were thronged with viMten of both sexes, ad U w as remarked Unit commencement day had never been to brilliant. The "best and Ikirest" were,6f course, tat the majority, and lavisUed their smiles upon bachelem of every age with a naivete that wan highly commaiMble. The Secretary of the Navy and the Naval Board df i Visiters arrived about ten A- M., and were eecorted by the Superintendent, Captain O. h Btake, to the parndh owu'na hIum iimraNta rf torn hundred mldidiinmen wtro drawn up under vial Ui receive them. After the usual inspection of the battalion H was cxerctoed by its comuwuding ofllcer, and nite r war da by Mlctsh.pman Chane, oue af live graduating class, whose akin In command woo general admiration. The several companies eeracd to tW with each other in soldierly bearing, and all the movement! were executed with great precision. To the an Initiated, this exercise may appear to hare no connection with the naval service. Bat it is to be re membered that the crvws of our ahips of war are some times required to operate on Shore, and they cannot he effective without some knowledge of infantry tactics. The uidAliiptneu aro varolii J ly instructed la this branch ef mllitarv nek-no, thai they may bo able to drill a ahlpW rrrw, auaW K is prniifymg to know that tbetr Suoceaa In the iM-rtorraanco of Una duty is the subject of many official communications. The gunnery exercise which followed was still more interwtiug, In view of its direct bearing upon the edieioooy of our navy, nunnery is iho most important leaturc of the naval service, and all lit" maritime nations ol? the wotdd are etruggliug for uuj>eriorUy in the manufacture and use of the heavy gun. Io fact, all tho lak-nt and exert Vone if naval m.-u are directed toward1 this point, and It if> nov conceded, sinee th? introduction of stearu, that the nitlk* wtiv h iHwatweei, tin- le-at gun* and tin-most skilful pm.ners will bo able to exercise naval supremacy. It is> consoling to reflect thai this aubjee'. is receiving, in our country, tho attention which it deserves. The science ol gunnery is attentively studied in the Naval Academy . and the midshipmen, by ounsUnl exercise, are made fxm.ltar w ith the use of this formidable wcii|>ou. A battery of heavy thirty two pounders is worked by them with thegreatest ease, and thoflring wan highly rreriitablo to theui and to the ottker who has charge ol tbU department The gum aero run in and out, shifted, loaded, pointed and tired with rapidity ami precision, every shot being in the line if, and several paaaing through tins target, which was placed at the distance ef 1,500 y arib From the Ibrt the Becrvtury and Board of Visiters proceeded to the ecb"?i ship Plytnoutb. Tbi" Tcwa-l is the home of the fourth class fur one year, during which time they become perfectly familiar with everything relating to the i'gglug, sail", Ac., of a ship. They w.-re v.tercl ed in loosening and furling sail, ami the Secretary was much pleased with their agility and skill. After Inspecting the whip the company adjourned lo tho Ruperintendeni's house, where a sumptuous repast was prepared for his rural- Alter refreshing the inner man, the company dispersed and tho Secretary of tho Nary returned to Washington. Tho fleld artillery, boat howitzer and sword exercises took place ?t intervals during thesxaraination.and it was evident that the midshipmen could wield effectively, in attack or defence, every weapou placed in tbeir hand*. The battery of field guns, composed of eix bra~i sixpounders, with corresponding caissons, was raanumrred by the mid jhipmeo in harrow*, and the various movement* of advancing by sections, fronting into column, changing front, advancing and tiring with hall battery, Ac. were executed with aetontelung aiwed. Tne boat hosrltsrr was exorcised by a crew of active young midshipmen, wnw oi woom lugged at mo extra, while other? loaded and Bred the gun aa rapidly ea possible Then the order was given to land the pin, audit ?m shifted from its boat to its field carriage, loaded and fired, in a minute and a few acoonds. The prqjectilua used wcrr shell and ahrapoell, and each discharge of the latter tore an the surface of the water, showing the terrible effect with which tbla weapon can be used against email craft. The exhibition in the fencing hall was rery Interns ting, ta rlew of the personal antagvntrm Involved There the midshipmen were fairly pitted aguinst each other, and a spirit was aroused that nerved their arms and sharpened their vision fbr tho coming struggle. At thr word, they crossed swords, and pitched Into each other <sw onsore. rapxl thrust and rhtlfhl parry, they wielded both loll and broadsword, until they were torcod to ceaae from sheer c vbeuettoo. Nobody was disarmed, nor was there a drep of blood spilled; but there was a display of wUnk and dexterity which delighted the old off)orr*. Tim g, ntleanea, ?Da-e merit and reputation are due solely to their owe exertions, can understand the value of such an ducattoa aa the midshipmen of the present day receive at the Naval Academy, and their testimony m Its favor ta the strongest proof of lb imi<ortaoce to the service and to the country. Thr ruuniuatioe of the ajiiesm in the various branches ofHodv uccupiad several day a, and the programme was cooclrded hy the prraeolvtlnn or certtfiaaies to the graduaimg class This ceremony took place in the lyceum of the academy, which oonlaina a great many captured dags and othrr naval trophiue. When the graduates were aswxnblrd, (Otnmouore Iwvallctte, President of tho Board of Visiters, reee to addreea tbetn. In a few carne-i seotrocea, be doeci ileal the dUttcuilieM of Uts early career, ami bis mode of overcoming them, he ; howod the advantages of mental culture and disci|>iiae. he alluded to hie rerviOM iu the war of 1S12. and to tho distinguished oap t*.n? under wii'-m be served, and, pointing to the truphi-a of their valor, remindod the graduates that they afeio might be called upoo to defeud their ooaatry's flag, and that their whole career should be a preparation thr that t. trust. At the close of the Cbmmodorc iaddrcre, the Superintend wot handed the certificates to the graduating class, mun beruig twenty five member?. and prrsontad a bosuttful esord to Midshipman Ptuyvr ml. of UtMo, an a reward for fcar-og sou the first poaitioa in lius clam, ami aa an in ?ruths to future exertions. The* youag gentlemen will *ooa b>- ordered to>>ln sea-going, where every will he aAwd. d them of becoming |<ractieal sailors. After a cruise of two years eud a hall they will vriurm v un- Aiwi'rajr K>r a unm ri.ui,mat, ami iri.-n they will be fire to climb tbeUdderuf fame without check ro hindrance. Tbe third rlau have g.'Ue tome on Wtr, rind Ibr- MC<?d and fourth cUwi wiU tail in a lew day* for the larval gammer cruUe !a taking lea re of this subject, I will remark Ihr.t the Naval Academy, although ail lu-tilutlou uf tbe hlshoet importance, baa never received that rhan of popular reeogni'ioo and apppi Uliou to abkb it i? fairly entitled. It waa ?atab imbed in 1M6, on the principle thai tbe nival a ill be moro cihvicnl in peace anil In war If (Q.dMl by the tlghtg of pclcoer this principle, barmoaia* tog with tbe nptrtt of the age, waa a: nailed in and out of the peofV^coo, and this hoaltl.iy did aid ceaee until tho pood eflbeta of the new gy stem were loo palpable to be over look d. IV Academy In now in acoodtioodo rrdn-t honor on tbe country, it nan already even mod a healthy laOm-nre upon tbe aervrce t>v tilling the lower grado* wilii' and cultivated young ofBcern, wbc> will be in Ptrvmeuti' hi elevating the gtandard of profe.mional skill; ft P. In tart, tbe b.iita of our naval (Mtablirbincnt. and the day will come wd a It will be honored end chcri :hud b; the'whole country. CU1TH1W, dhC. " iiKTTKR CIIANCK KliR I.AD1KH ASH liKX rt.VMKlf to convert their rut n*T ( I thing Into caah: from CI to IB paid far f'aou. and from C topic UP iVaiai Mlka. k*r *? ?. ? aahmrrra. It^iwi from pi to C*) Ahm farpiwF imitate and dewrb). the htghrw prire paid for each. A not* ! ) p<wt l uactua^i attended u> by It.. Seven'h avenue. to-tweea Vawae.-t. . and Tw. ouoth enrn I ad lea aieu.led to by Res. r He buatnom tmn-aried no Maiurdatr?. A I Ik VAT C"H A NCR rOH I.AP1EM A!?D UKmCMl b? cento* lh"ir ca*i oil '"Whins lnl<> eisah ?Fn<oi Id t i R?> paM fcadi Ibnw, (mm C.1 to Rj for < Ya!?, from CI n> $6 lor faot> aod lava, Furniture aud Carpe<? Ihe hl*hc*t price Pteaee l all i<o or adema it. JCIN TC. CkS Met unh avc Bite bc'.u era Twenty aeiealh and Twenty-eighth atreel*. La die* at'eiwtee lo bi wr* tfinli. A t.KKAl I'NhtMl f t It 1MT OFT fl.OTHIPH A lauliaa and gentlemen ra: retail the fall value for them, gad guaranteed imM lo be h'uabusornt aa by aame falaopro am rn? aa to a*' apin-r lor in* n ?, imu a> hi hi* i CcHii from f4 up* arda far I'ania and VerU. TV ht*l.'W irtn* paid for ftoudrm'a Van*, TnrPltiflra and r*r?.?*n fltw nil t or addrm Home IM Nrwnlh nmi" ba l?in TwenUaib *od T*ru() omdrMi Imdiea atl?ied by Mr* Hvrt*. Aoari>.-?iiwtij?*va sm 'A*n i.k*t orr ? V*hm? him ib?wd tor iHe M i alem market. In Urfr or MiilMi. ? *1 at tfcr ?i?r?. or ?<Mi -. TVmat I). CiWih II * V U- Min-baai tain* * barlnx bay on Land ?1 C*** ogf <vywiyo -a uaruk quantity wart. yfW gUen, md cx$b ptld ki current SSfffcgSSgM^aagsaj rpEI: *TAWT WAT *9^J'A.?,l?JkND "?*th to OCT *4 f*lr prior for 04 cid < |UUI?? furniture., Canwia. MlMO.krV.mmc-1 toy ?* '. f?H U vHaal mpHf rio IM Hr??nUl acrnie, wMrh will he pvartiialir - 1 . 1 J. AKllALT. Ladiae aiteaided by MiV A. ^ - 1 1 1 " c-u ruyi worth or ekw 4*n i.rrr orr ivmi IPX named f >r ih II rciern maibrl ?The hub i *l 1 \j prkr ner paid ran be i-!w ?il in batofcnble 1, lor !?. ?? or aimU bun, by callliu al tlw bvT* or tNnn . Mm Mblrb. 41 1 emre wi.-n DKilTHTRT. ABTiriCt Atl MOKE fPROr. fTtARRORVl, TOE rii.i. tnr nrhinft and decayed tecUi pal tnwfl ai-hou' pain, 1Mb will l?*t for UJr CkUdrea, hnwerer email ib<dr leetb ran b# VE*d wtik It C D CRAWFORD, DeuUai, XU Mtitbaavaoa. MMn Prmr*e*eith and Fifteenth atTeet*. A?TTTft'Ml. TEETH TRCTRTKD AT THE UIWIKT A J"*** 1? * and Mb, Rnhyr ?? &S3rw&^J2Ksr OR. RAir.ETOf. A~TrrrrirTAL home rtu.m.i, r?m nw\r>n mcrn. pM In ahde aafl, r??|aliiato an preature and (iTlnr no rabi M-kn>? irrlh or iiara abef. r*r hr *"?d ?l?h R. R'-ma \jm (mm aallr ljm>. Rmodara* rm are of Thirty Ural Cool JaMW rRARWi!*. I. (V. lliar..Tir?r JkR llorT.Sd BOWKRV,' OmmiTR RUTH nTHKir 1 / Inaer i f ill ?eta of Temb <m pure all?er at to* dn fold, fct, platlaa RM Ambalal bond 41 An* 1 turned h|iA,i'. pain. >j #aaU;p?d. anal) i-aOOaa. M Mbii*: amal* im du? ?i trnu. Ail work warranted LMTIN4TRR ORAm'ATrti fllROROf nrTTIaT, ha* rewoard te R- ? Tatv.j r...b It i?M Hroadnaj toad Rtfia ?. . N ? en . - * f * ' ? fmm?i"m AST CKRftWi WHO WOOU) WUiH TO A DOT* A VERY uilrmiuii bo) tab;, ai(ktMll <u MK Seventh ?vtw?r I hcv ?1! find -?-y*L'~rc to (heir sn:Uf?rti?r, u?eo 'he) rail. AMT EKRHON W1SR1MU TO TAKK A WIAAJt BABY to adopt a* their Mm, might eall At 317 Ntinh atn-et. Annie T.? 1 will BK AT n R on FRIDAY/ el 13 M C<>me on the aame tram u when we were there. II K ta uniKwuble to be there frrnn""""?? laruugh ihwcolumn OB Thursday, or write to-day. KKlA k I?. AJ&ggg* WB6P?E^^fy.: DOWOmtR -AVY INTORHATION ItKSlKCTIRaI TKR win he AeetfuAy rNateMky'tueAMtr. by aABihmlag 0. it. . ~ For Aitar?io?e?a> rim alb liar. two weeks old. of American parentage. Iluquire for two hejb, or Mdrrnh, Mi*. Itloodgood, 133 Vtr?t Tw rot) eighth aire*!, thud Hour. Inmt hMI. ttuoh BLAKF.NEY. a NATIVK ok IKKLAND. ?X County KIM Are. A thy. IIU sitter Kete la to the city of K?W York, and would be very hapuy to hear where he Uvea, inquire of Mr* iVumly, No. 4 Mirrl. tlree*. New Toriu , Ftiiis khotld wot tub etr or , mart Hlitwitr, wife or John Rlchardaou, by calling hi 364 Water etrcel "he Will hear of auaaelhing to her hee?B>. rr MRS. C?K WHO OCT INTO A SIXTH AVENUE tage at or about Twenty-eeoood alreet, and got out at Etoyeiah wreet of the eaaae aeeoae oe Monday, CM> Wth inalaot, wiU adiimM Robot*. hoc 1? Hrrai* eftre. whert the Wilt meet aa oid acq? dutaqcc. Re will mafca all right. Yhu know who. TNFOEMATJON WANTED.?THE BISTER Of ANN 1 KusAlfro, who AM at tha Batlevne ItoeptUlln U>r month Of November. ISM. will obtain a ran of money byeeoAlug her atMrtna to JLoonoc A Wallace, boa MB Herald oWee. WTtH. RHAW fNEE WARY ANN McCLOSKT) With ITi hoar ttumotlung to her advantage bj calling at 109 .South KigtWk streel, W illlainaburg. R. /V-IVXK ?RHOC1J) A. O. OLIVER OBSERVE THtS, VEUe Is beseeehed to write to hit mother, and tt will b? labia edv autngr should ha 4o? Addresa sWtag IdroUiiaaiioa, to IhnGruonJ Fait office, Kdinbuig, N. 1L, to be left tSlceUet for. max menu or jotix Mcoman, dbokased. late 1 of Brooklyn, br seediajr their addreee to toe tuuKntoeed. will rrwtore their share of hid delete Weston* end SUSp*pom ptoses BROWNE. Counsellor et Law, U Court street, Brnoklys, N. Y. The okntlemaw who got a small parcel Imm h young mee ia (onlro street. n??) Denao Mr eel, on Tueedsy morntog.about m-vwi o'clock, will If ha leav# or send the tame to 141 Catharine street, he wiU cooler ao evtrlaauag favor uii tb>* owner. "tir n.-i a? alone at gi.-come tomuht, the VT . 27lh. MARY. ~ U>rt AMD JfOUMO. Franz roiy.haider's bank book was burned or kwl on Tuesday eight, ItAh into., at lit Kifth atmi, vt hen hilt rmadenre was burned down. The finder wfil please return A to the Bowery barings Bank. Number ol the book 14A.2W Found.?on priday, m I*st__ a gold watch. Apply to John Turner, at Lord and Taylor's, Broadway. Huron copper bay company -notice is hkreby given that the I (lie wing scrip having been lead or mislaid by the owner, was Una dav cancelled, and thepabUeare cautioned against purchasing tile taste, as it is of no raluo to the bolder No. 10, dated Stb July, ISXJ.. 100 share*, la name A. Rankin. 11 100 " J] tt It It Kg) ? t. It 19 " Wl " ' 21 t. o m0 " *> " a t. ? mu " 24 " tt ? S00 ' < 25 t. .. joo t. t. 20 " " " <00 " 27 it it .. goo .. at " - wo f ? SI " " " l.OOfi ' s " " " " " 202 "1st Not. ISM.. MU " WU? Mr. Hartley. SKt " ?0fi " m " M0 " " " 207 tt u " S00 " " " D. a COLLW, Secretary. a.,..,.. ana v. issd Lost-on houat rvehivo, bktwken tite New York Ilrt'l and Second avenue, above eleventh StnW. a heavy Biruaean gold Hrtrrlci Whoever will return the same to the office ad ue New York Hotel, will be ltoorall/ rewarded. L06t-a1 eevtand.-on saturday i.ast. a small gold Safe, containing a lock of hair. Aay one bnqglag the aante to No. 16 West Sixteenth street aajr receive the above rem art and wo qneaUona aahcd. Lost ?on Monday, junk 21. a pair of ooijj Sp?-< tacl- a. In a case. A suitable reward will be paid on waving them at ldi Murr ay afreet, wear Weal. , t OST?on monday MOHT, THE S6TH, corner of Xj North Third and Second mrreta, a Hold lacked, with a liken* i vrttlun. The finder w ill be thankfully rewarded by i cluru.ii' the ame to the corner of Nor A Third and Second Streets, \Villfniunlmrc. Lost-on friday i.aht. nrar htrino ctrkk^, a Portudbonk. containing ? lady'acanvo Krraetpln, value,! aa a rrlir. Tba tinder will receive a reward by leaving the ptn at aai Broadway. _ Lost.?on Monday, ji nekth, a police shield, No AW The iiuder w ill please return it to headquarters, or to the Fifteenth ward station hoiur\ Lost?on thk kvknino ok the ustw, (Mondavi on Tweniy-Uiird street, between the Ninth and KUih air lines, a Pockatnouk, cnniaukiug money, Ac. A liberal reward will be paid by returning it to No. 3JJ West Twenty third street. I oct?a promisory note. for six hundred J su.l twenty d<-Uara am) eighty cent* (WHO ?i, dated Jane A IMS, payable to our own order ail nisitha after dale, at the American Kxi/hangn Hank. Hani bote bear* the number 1,234, and la signed and endorsed bj us. The public are hereby cautioned against receiving or negotiating aaid note Naw Yoal, June 23. 1W J. iie1xkr a brothers. T OCT?A PROMISSORY NOT! FOR SIX HL ndkkd AND MJ fUty sevrn dollar* nn<Vrisbty-four ccota (667 (M1, drawn by Robert*m a Hut -bin* of Montreal, payable to the order of fW M. Oonnolly a On , at sis months, from April 2 J ISW9, at the (dbee ot R. Hell and J. Rar. New Tort. The public are hereby cautioned afauint negotiating the name LOCT-ON MONDAY, 1STII INST , IN BROOKLYN OK New York, a lady's opal and emameiled Ring, with initial* ami dale (April lit, Ihtkh inside. The under will confer a gr si favor, aud be liberally rewarded, by leaving u at 100 Masdru lawn. Lost?on Monday kvkntno. bktwtkn t and a ..'rim U, bftwHu Prtno turn and St. Scholar Ilotrl, or In thsat NWi.... ? n.^nx.u 1'. .Vet book. ruu'ji.imj a .mall urn of ninnrr. c*nl* and paprra. Tli" lindT *ill phm ftt'.ra it In IV Prim alrr. i Lost ani? fovnd.-a watch pound my owcar CmwrMi. IV n*tiar run ba.r It by pruTlniprop. i ty and paring tharcr*. Call at */3 S H > k . arret or 70 Trinujr pbw PATRICK OOBORTON r out-a wiiitk cokai, rkm kucl with a rkd XJ rnnl band t Uapt at NlSlo . <ar tlir iffcbt of Ihr Uth mat. s III rrwnnl a Ul !? wild Ui Uiu barter tai ink leaving It at No. 7 bMllii'H (.<. . 1 mm LOST-AN KTUItTKKN rur.FT fJOI.D hf NTINU-CASY. Watrfc. Hi P.rrejtarrv mak.-r flaw*, mrlnr t'irnrd anil atamt.ert 1 I). A < > ? Waal. < Vnilir afWi iyvw, hotw -.-n lb? l.aia laland Hm'r ?l il?pm. hronblru, aod lb? Knl. krrl.ekrr auw;r aland. Hmiii frrr}, New York. Ilir tlnd wi'l b* tlhrralli rrnardeat )>} Iratlnt* il at No 43 Hold alreri. J. A HVNNUT j tmr-oN TI C-IMV trncrrjl . ? . TOM itux J J Ir lianlrr, II hokrn. n e*> n ruamrllrd Hr> . .(nln, art In I mjhII <! .iikhi la. ibr.n*u thai pa* arrn u- pick It up will I'lrasr Ir.vf It at 11 Ahtntdnn Square, Ir'no n Sank and Trvy Mrot'tn. II uUl mm blni outlier u ou'oir, M?b kno? a. I| OST-lP>NI>AT. .U'NK Xi. A SNA1J. PARCKt. -IT J uaa Irit In a cartu>f lira; look l!ir prr-ai from ihr i. rn -. of Rrr aid* a* and Print at red. A UlTra! reward ?U1 be paid for it b* Iravtag 11 al I.. MiaffniT a, Xf Caual alreet LIWT OR RTol.YN?TT1K fOf.l/IWINO PR'IMISIU lit y N.rtea. In rail:?Ou* dat'"l In PhlladelnM v Pebruarv 1U 1*0. I?r ?rif? hundred and rightv two dollar* an I Mil) man eriu* 1*7*3 W m *lx n?i| ? time, elgned by Van iViwn. Smith m Co.. pryal.h- l? Urn order and rndnraed by II. m e A bowman. AL-?>. oor ttnla la Wwriwa, M?v. , and aigm | by fa >1. Hon ?rvi fur two Ibnua-in 1 doilert, payable <>a d*mtod tn and endnew-d njri M. Cavrad.-r. Thr public arc < *.ium*>| again* tuidiifi or IK"*' -tiUtnr I ha Mtr?, *? nii.mmt ha? lieea Uiwped KOR.nK * HOWMAN. rtiwrn*. June SV 1*0l Lost or stoi.fn- two promissory mottm. datf.p June S, UfcT, ?-ie at three meith* t or Bl 7.VI M. and eu- at Ibormoatha for RI 7.** M. drawn by Roger*. ant toad* payablouiCan.pbell AMuodv eudward by Lb-ai and mad" payable b> Ine order of Peter II Rltley The public am ra id nad not to pnrckaw tw negmiaio lb* name aa payment h?- been slurped. An- prooo obtaiu.^ anid Mtrk arr requested to deliver thrm m Clmrr Roberta, Mfnt Twrmy or. .ad aural, rity ut New I orb ^ RKWAKIW. ~ To BlTlUKM, PORTA!.* AND OTIIKRA ??2 Kf.! nard ?R>?rr Nojri ?If-iance. fnrmerH of ImiH'tlpk. Tom nail. Knvland. ia?l aai-n la Nee Yich. If lirtng plena* ?-nd Itrttxh l Vti*-1. ? rrrftVul a I hereof t?? he and awdgli 4. n ho will >?; name pen ant on renal,.! id rei tiftent* of d-ath tU dead/. , . I I nRHR ARD WIW. RK OIVRW POM THP RNTVRN OT Inn l.nked Rid-1 Hrentdnm, hwt oa the iDthm-).. be. twi-rn or M Waatdagtaa aqugrt aai No. I t.harlea atn-.-t, by bringing R In that plwre. in C tlkW ARP?LOST, ON IATTRP AT, JI NK 33. A ?Pl) k and tan trrr.rr Png. large aire; answer-, lu the name of Oyp. Apply at I#7 Raal Fourteenth street ar.KMHNi' -I" T OR MOffRAT, JWfR t\ in ?T?) going from Kaal Tenlh siren U Jimrv Wood. a purl tnonnalr n?t'alti'of tew Safe Kmt* The ?bore reward ntlt h paid (<ar returning lb* key* aad ao guentem* naked biqulri at .V V? arJ all ret. _ OIM RAW VRP-UY-T, AT THK JAPANMK RAM. via" R -ndar eeening. a point appl tue handk' rrhirf. Tb ai.irr ren alal will be paid by leaving the lame at Mo 39 Oorl taoat reel ________ 10 R'RARP ?IdlST. ON MOSPAT APTKRNIION vi" 11 aat Tn fitly third akrrrl Urvugh b.gto , avenue and V*?-t.-i-iTi airret, a small Knrelnpe, wnrtaining *.u la liteatd ib>- t .,)um Hank and 934 In thru-* and ones nf ifMm l-ank The ihnt reward wilt be paid on murnlng the oaiwiei In 9f" Wew Tnrnir third etrrel 1A RKWARD MiST \ SNA I J. RI.VCK WO Tm Trrrter. wllb a nv Nr on marked J. N Hall. UV Rroa4 nay. Thr under wdin-oetia thaabnve renard by returalM him to SIS H mad way *Ofl RSWkRP--IfWT. SROW OR ROARP THR ST*A iPAff mer SaieUTr.ow Nr.ndhy, dime H 1*M wWI<- r>o the inaron nf tin .tnmniadalr RaptM rburrh la the Itowr Ray at Srgt.t jra ratal, while o% Ibew way in RnMlea ItrWre. Homer A legj-u. t.yhl years old, drrmrd Ml a lurne rrlirl jarkea Wrlped pink and nhPe w urtc.mL light plaid ^wnimere paatatonwa. and mtf akin bu t* flw aborr reward will be Mid for I he re.-, were of h ? bode, by Ma alMrted parent* no 1 lb(iwma!U.o being leftalihrlr rrWdrime, No UtWralMti eighth nit eel. New Ink. Mll.t.Ua V. t.RHUKTT, N IMKM A I.KiKIVTr or hlPYARP - TYMTT ON NONPAT RTRNIVU. "Ti'1 .? *? hi tbe ,l?r?n.-ae b? M the Midmpnl *ar> * it-awor,1ri we-Rind IS- *-?* w?l reeet? the ?br- t rr arbM by led. * d %. wt eidh i U a I: ROtta that IBW YORK HERALD, WK r ? HMin. BMU. ML ?R LRT< I ^ - n ----- " ABOABOtMO HOt'HK TO LifT?TTJRNlhHKO, IN Orand street, eeer Hroadnay, wect tUN three saory , ft lirM Iatesit nation fw t. boarding house. AMrtu A. B. 0., t<x-''e>-?y Pol other. A SUIT or THE ICR ROOMS TO l.Kt, WITH OR WITH A oaA funuturt and board, raw ??/ coonnlwd for A party rf geoLrfacn er fer * family, |?viu?iJl the modem tm provcnteoU. References esrhaaired T"rrm* reasonable. Please ceil At No. 18 Ninth street, oQ nnmher 46 A STORE TO I-hT?ON THB CORNKK OF THIRTY fomdhdR?l Mtd Tenth aawvaue. for * drug st*e and A KICK STORK, WITH A GOOD SHOW WWDOW. leek roue, edre luM RaasmsM. ?iA cm; alho, tided F1 or, together or susnUe. or the a bole of thehouse wlil beh* ' to a desirable tenant Inquire At rf firth avroue. A famished fajrtor to let. v j TJ ROADWAY VOrt TO LET?A MNITSHOW1RRO*. 23 D by 100feet, in No. US rear Ml. Nicholas Hotel, adjoining the Pioocntt House, corner of Spring atreet, recontiy docupiod i j miUiorrA _____ . Broadway property to lkask-fgr twenty years.?A I?ot to feet by MX), in Broadway, J tad above Spring rtreet, on favorable terms. Apply to E. H. LyDLuW k Of, Wo. ? Pine street, near ltmad#ay _____ r%ocwtry park hovmc, neatly FURNIBHRD.Tt*, t; unfurnished. MM. to let In 1st April next. Garden well stocked, fruit, Ac., to. the pleasant sUsre o( Near Monmouth. N. J. ; steamers three limes dally, fare S cents. No fever and ayne Inquire at <7 AmMy street. TjWJR NISHKD ROOMS TO LBT?NOR HOUSEKEEPING, r In s bouse owned by the ooeupwl. bavin* ail the modern improveaeiits, nice garden and cellar; limbon west aide, be. i&'ss? srs. ESstr -* EftVBNIBHKD HOUSE?POOR STORY BROWN 8TONH) JP front, In Fourteenth street, elegantly furnished, to rent; te A private family or drat elamboanfeg sous*; rent BSDper month. Undeniable referenow and security required.' Apply t Wt Htztk avenue. nnitffiBKD HOCHK TO LET?IN TWENTY SECOND JP aireet. near Fourth imui for one rev or inore, to a private family; twelve nouii la perfect order. Apply at No. 88 eat Twenty second murt, Iran 12 to 1 o'clock. Rent naodetlU lo a aaUafectory tenant. IAROK BRICK BCII.DINfl TO LKT.~*rHE THREE J story and I iim meat brick building. eimated corner of Kir.4 and South Ktoblh Klreeu, Brooklyn, Kastcrn District. udjolnlii;; Trek slip ftrry lo New York. wtl! be leased lo a good tenant lor a term of years. The building eonutos a sir am en aiur id fcutf borne power, with shelling throushout. Sue of building 80 Cert by IX) fori; in well lighted. baring window* oa .J**?'' *? mrx*'K and well buill ar.d .>uMaUi: for nay na.ia ufacluring bualneiM. Apply u> Bruokly u Ft rry Company, at fool 01 r u ibrougn (lie day. or lo WM. WALL. Hi J2U KW .u-rV Nan York. Sataecn 12 lad 1 o clock. OKI ICES TO LET-IN MARf LKVVB HAN KINO House, No. 2d Liberty street near YViUhuw. Aim, a Khm'ux ut. porfroU* dry aud well ventilated. Apply an above to MARK LEVY. ROOMS TO LET?BROOKLYN HKIUHTS ?THf H ALE of n Furnished House lo lot in a amali family; eeerycouvruieiire for housekeeping; situation scry pieman; and partirularL health) , I'os-eaaicn Irauo-dlaU-ly. Bui our family in the ho'usr Address M T . Herald otlirc. mo LET?IN .IKRNKY CITY, A FIRST CLASS HOUKK, 1 wkk all the inodcru improvement*. 167 Washington aired. Bad hm. to Id of May neat. rLFT?A FURNISHED COTTAGE HOUSE, ON Brooklyn Height*, srtih watrr and rax. R?nt WOO per annana, Inquire o( O. B. LINCOLN, No. $28 Broadway-, Now York. me LET-A HOUSE (?M0) CONTAINING AU. TlfE A Modern Improvements, on Lewie terrace, Waal Morrlaaola, X. Y., on a line wllk Fifth avenue and 151th street; eery deairaMa an aw Of it* eery necea* to theett v; alio etoblo and neaaaaarr outbuild lima fruit trees. An. Ferfwliy healthy. Apply to FIE LEWIS A BBO., 119 Chambers etreei. mo LET?THE DAUUKRRIAN OALLF.RY 151 BOWERY. X corner c< Broome etreei; a splendid location for onr Who X able and energetic. Also euttabtr a* work room foe srusta. mO LET.-A BEAUTIFUL COUNTRY .'EAT. WITH KVX C*7 eonrociHie*, on the Cliftoe ehle of Htaicn Island. House funnelled. Liq. lre at No. 83 Ninth etreei, (new No.) or 570 Broad* ay, up stairs. mo LET-THE SECOND FLOOR OF FUlfllR 303 X South street. earner of Cathartic ailp; suitable fur offlcia, or aay light buainrw. Inquire ea the prrmlaue. rl.ET?A TIIREN HTORY AND BASEMENT HOUSE. MO Weal Seventeenth street; baa all the taaproer'neuLl aad is newly painted; will be rented tow to a reapoiuble tewanl Inquire of t L. A B. R Bl'KNUAM, ?U littdeoa street, N. Y mo LET-WTTH IMMEDIATE TOHHKnSION, THE X large aad well toasted Dwelling, Sill! lied at tbe corner of Mtoth avenue and Twenty third aireet, with our rounding ground*, occupying four lota, al.<o. the nrw brown, ?U?e front House, to Weal Forty fourth street, near Broadway. Both are hi perfect order, and will be let low. Apply to SAML'KL COHAN, (0 Broadway, cosher of Eactangn place. mO LET?THE SMALL STORE OR FIRST FLOOR OF X No MKut Twelfth aireet, UP Met weal of Broadway. AJeo, desirable front aad corarr Rooms, ta fine order, at el7 aad 819 Broadw ay, corner Twelfth street JOHN 8. KELSO, C Wtm*m street. mO LET-TWO FLOORS. CONTAINING KINK ROOMS 1 and bathroom aud bow met it, would bo let to two faailhw. Apply at NTd Fourth aveoue. mQIJT?A Onon^erniMr. unrrAhLK rom tub 1 leather or aay other heavy burtnena Alan, a ter7* Room, with Heady Meant power, tar any kind of nwnulwU'irtng not ntrn hannlmx. C A. AI.VOKIi. 15 i ..ndrr -i . rlJCT?A I.ADT WDJ- RENT THK WliULK upper pun of brr linear, which la very dcatr.ih! for h lady and callrman wlahiuf to keep b u<r, or will let (he romnafuruiahrd If deatred; y*a, l?r*e paolriea, Ac. 1'aruaa who ran appreciate ihr liberty and comforts ? ?n (org home, will find tiua all that can be draired. Apply at 1/utiroeoe strrrl, near Wrecker. rLKT-TO A KMAIX FAMILY, FROM AN1> RACK Fartnr and Baaement. In a hjnvtvnwr new cottage In 1 ltih airrrt, between Third and Fourth arruuos. Apply ua the prriuun. rlJCT?TO A SSIAlJ. FAMli.Y, THK SBOOXT) FUX*. rotisieiinx of two bvrgr Parlnra. Hedrootn and (Tosrt, and Kitchen below. IM Ia-limUo uienue, cot acr of Thlrt\ aeooad nrrri rLKT-AT NO. 148 FVRT THIRTY FIRST HTRRKT, second <lonr ln>m Heennd avenue, Bru Hour, two Parlors and leu Bedrooms. mi ll rkvl*, drmwrra, tnarble luaptrJa, wain and ever) cainenl ncr; al-dt. th" ban-mcnl Floor would br Wd, lofribrr orwpuMi>. to a reportable laaauy. m. ?.?Tbe I * - 'Jr. v. . : i: h-d I! (OtpUrrd r> ij:t?tiik rrrm takt ani> okk basement of browr tU'ur IIoum No. 13t> Kaat Thirty 01 lb atn-rt. Inquire or the premiaea. mo IJtT-HOrSK ? KAKT THIRTY SECONI> SffTtlCKT, 1 thrt-e Mm-)' and bwtmil, mulrrn hnpiu*eairnta, for . >ita or morr yral*. at a ml owl rem. only BOW and pniwiamw can tm bad al oner Apply 10 Jolt N f KT ritEUl, < 1? Third araanr, near Thirtitlh atrrrt mo i.rt-u.oors tiiormi. forr vrrnnvk room* JL la (hoar rrw brown Moor bnti<e?, aonthueet men?r Srrowl armor and lhirUetb ami, hav r bot and eaM water, raoaa, a atrr rloarta. gaa. Including eh mud el irr- and tniurr. all lae unprorrmrnu.Uir m<ai cuarealenl lloiuealn the city, for aurh Sa reuu, fur aaaU reaprctaW.- l.tnuliea. a? *u, b unit ne-d ap >. Ilenta l* to f2J. Rrfrr< nrra required. \pu!t o> U M. kcKVILT, 137 K*M Thirty (mirth atrrrt, or on the pre T> I.KT-THK THRF.kwtory HRICK i10v-<k in k\*T Fifteenth airrrt. between Flrrt and Hrr<a>d avrnuo. ihe butix- baa all the modern improvement- halh, (at. Ac. Ut-iM moderate. For irr ma apply at IM From airrrt. T> i.rr-A* a hi n?*? rf-inrnck iir rnr. mt.k. i-i thr to?n "f \onher?, *u teen mllra (rum Ibr Cl'r llall. and rontrnlrnl lo a d-|-ot < n r.'hrr Ihr II in- a or N-a II*>. a Railroad- a tVataee, wlib art. n runma. ('ni riayr H. ,i-r and Htahle. plraaauiii tui.ilrd on-letalnl croon. I, al b fruit aad aba<lr trrra, ahrubbery, a lawn, a garden of rrnetabh-a, rt.iw. r.uualnu.r an aera of iaad. lagutre uf RN. It. I'AU (itlNS. IM3 Hrnailvt at TO l.KT-TO A SMALL r VRM.Y. witt10ut (Tm.l>RRX, th? trrMtrt atnry ot a I'dltw Mooar Ml Hay View Terrace. Sotilh Hmoklrn, with a epS-nd l idea of the bay and hn.'. r For partlriilara tnontre of .IA8 W. HK1.NHit*. M atrrrl. N. Y, room II. rewt moderate rt.FT-A iiovsK. and oaRofv or ororinu crgtlaNra. for mmmri or a-aaon, near Men Knrh.die depot, :i pl-aaaot rrmrwry iraM.-i: faquir* of D.YMKL MORO AN. Now RnrbeUe or D. M.. .".U Bowery. rl kt?in newark. N. J., a oottatik |ioi UK, ?2 Mr* York avenue. M pertm order, a ilh gin awl (It tnrra. Thrm err four lour* ground, a garden, awl I rt iir of fruit trrra, only livr minni-s walk from lar J-pM; r-'gi Mm Vt annum In pilrr of mnu A BOND. 2!* IWtd itroi.1, rvuiit. or A M VANtNU. W? Mourry !*rt* York. Tl I .FT?Kit F ArARTMKVrs. AT 22 tl A KxRVOOKT atrrrt. i-orwrrof llndwm Mrr-i; fmir Kn.awa on Km (irr UoM .rroiRII. W i irr and gaa la Um bouae. ln(oirr .4 Tl . k kakttlk. mm Miclaon atrrrl rixr-a rikr i.mnT rakftkk.nt. no. n Sort laiidt atrrrt, aultable lor any Itght buaiu-u. Fur tcruM apply al Ihr alorr mo rk i.rr, purnmbrd-iio. m *art piptkrvtti X MM Iks r'ilinn ot IMeta Rnorrlratilt, Ka^.. two d ><ra fnaa Union aauara. Tto a..-.? ? M f~-4 fro*. h? In* two OItmim bad*. anWrrramran rafidgnrailnc rout*. new it ran * aa?d. iwoeloiu rcca|dtoi ranma. dlnln? rouai and library, M font by ?, Attrd thraujrbom wltb arary luriry Md annre MM Htow todnranaa and attw, ktotoa M font br 1* Attrd With Prrarh nip and Aairtwh roar*. Thto rnatdrara will to >M anly ?o a drat rlaaa r anally, a* vnltaabl* pim.irra, enter?t MOMimll. pb>la, plaaaand ohlia M will to Ian ami (to htoin i? erf a roatly deaarlptletn Ami) to to-, CM Id BOBBB. llnnaa Pararakw, Rromlwar, botwan TwnlTUi and ftortneeth mrarta Alan, for na)?. a Pony ftqnlpagn. nattoi'n tt a pair or aarrni Perftlr*, a to twooptaa park rtama, liarW to . raaapto* Alan, a amy mupa Hurra. 17 baton bi?b. h to mi at Mr. toarrtcaoJia MabMO, ewr??r ?rf TwraiyMM llrrot and Islington a ran or, (CUraodra Wnblao.) mO RKRT-A HARK OPPORTCBTTT POM A RHkl.T, X fawllr erf thrrn or fmir Tto Raran.f Ploor o( a kbk MOT haarnnnl h-mwi. la ma erf tto ptto antra' atr.-at. In fib a*y, with tto prlrllrwrirf Urban, both rnato, to.: <r lha M will to rrnird In fanll-ia- r. with iw wtltoer. pan *1 toarrf. Addrroa Krwceaab, tot IIV Uewalrf odira. fTHTK t'PPFR PART OP A noiPP im*LaltKO. TO J |r??a :th bark haarmrut. with all lb* eetnvr nh*ncr of briarlerrpinr u Wrk Meai-'m atrtot HAIlaIMMt>?. MORBIB AND KfXRX RAH. M IP OOMPIrfTTraJn* laata fetal erf I ortlandt ?enn for ?>rhoetto a Moon tain. Bud.! a lahr and Ink.' Ilopaionr ?' JO I R. aa IJ U 1". M. Ate?. on and aflrr Juor 39. e-vpu-jumii an Baiurrfi,v -. at b10 PR.. rrtumfnj Irai a tlarkrluu. . u ou -Vou<la>4 ai "A. 5l . a net nrrlvr In Krw Ynrfc at A10 I B XTKW TOR* A*l? MARI.P1I RAII.ROAD t'OMPABT IN PARK TO AI.BAM M On and alW Meavlaj. Juar JA 1*1 iralna will leave* fTw. nll null. Mn rt Halloa, Bra Turk, aa (olVwa:? Per Wt ...mabrld** and all *V aUUewta 7 *?. II and ?Jp p. M. Yrr While rwai aad ad war wadra .. ?10. I and b P. M. Por Whit? Plalna aad all way atojbrfta, II P. M., from WJi 'y Mi m t daperf Pl.r CWtoa PalK Mb A R, fdnprdnr at Wil toMfirttto and WMaaiaalana. Par Ihtrr Da ma 4.1) P. H., towfitng ai Whoa Plaiaa and Waimna abmr TMa train r.nta V, JHin. rira Sal'irJat r.rninji. I'.K-Al'iant lib 1.1 \. M r*i r m n> .11 train enpr 't ? * Plaint. Brdlunl. < "r -i"ii Pail- a 1 rfatirrfw n< .rib Brtnrnlnw-Wil Irarr Wr,liamalnn^r. Prap n<r at ai. ?.| aallnna. a *0 P A *1 . and I I' ? 1*V?r Hain ?-..prin(at all w*t ata'hrfrt, 6 ami 4 lb aitel T A M and I P M P .. riaina. .A *4 t 'P >s at all (Oafr- K-nh r' t. I a . Tt.'a tra.a lrt.r? rf. Tk-iepr) *i?1v nen .; fb l v rravai Pal , r.p v ?'rai. nt at Ob atali- aa rra?. <11- . A a.. > A ? W * rfOU> * u w . .. - J '.oln. DNESDAY, JUffH 2T, WW !> f WMUUXHQ AID A frit ate family, RKSflMWO at H hajt MI teeolh street. mv Uhlan square. would acaoaaasdale a a or&iwe a^U^gjMUenaen, artth ploaual l?MI MA I J a runt hit or books, furkiauad,wits bath & ttxztzx *rjrnsn?w? ? few doors went of Broadway. Aflw p1jia8ant, furnjhhed or unfurnished Rooms to let, wuh good Hoard- Apply 71 toe* twentysaycath wj>l,pent ?l?h areaue. A PRIVATE FAMILY, HA VINO A NICK FRONT Room, more than Lhrj require. would tot the mum to on* or la o Kewicmerj at 9130 or IK per ween. Inquire at ItS Madlaaa aural. oaay awytot. At m fourth street, wanhinoton square. aouth.?Handsomely furnished Rooms. in suits or uihrrwise, to let at Ilia above delightful lo< ?ikm to pet-man rut or transient faml'lo*. witli Board. Also, Rooms lor aingls gentlemen. Afhiyath family would let, with board. three or four pie an ant Rooms; house furnished with gas and bath. Rrlereorea eu. hanged. Apply al K East llllecuUi street, near Third avenue. A SMALL AMERICAN FAMILY WISHES TO LET TWO or three pleasant and well furnished Boom*. with Bowl Loeattoa ceairal and desirable. one Work eaat of Broad art/. IUJrriucea exchanged. Apply at *00 Fourth street. AFRIYATK FAMILY. RESIDING AT 99 WBT TWKNty-third street, near Fifth areaue, wil aeeomaao Uta a fcnallr or (M or tarn gmlawiea with ploaaaat mama aad Avery dkmrablk. nicely furnished room to let to one or two gentle-men. with or without partial Board. Appl) HI J,s 1 III.: -1 unn, near i.aiaTr.wc piKib AT NO. M KANT TWENTY-FOURTH STRUCT, TWO Sluing Rooms, with large bedrooms attached, to single gentlemen. with bmiifiM served to the room tl required 11 on*.- rt.ntslas modern improvements. Also, Uu bedrooms as lodgi/iKH. a hvit or rijwanti.y furnished front rooms J\ to let. with large. baleony, ou second floor; also h back Parlor, with Rood Board, In the very desirable house. 160 West Klrwclh street. near Atrlh avenue. The bouse bait l#"gr s*i den* in fron1 and rear; t* well located, andcontain* nil inndero iinpruvstueula. required and given. Apply a* shove. AUKXTLKMA* AND WIFE AND TWO OR THREE tingle grullemro ran be accommodated with Rooms, fur ni-hrd cm- r.nfurnli<be.l. en tbn second or third door, front, with full or perils! Board and a. uleaaaot bone, atWWfM Twentye>cond mreet, between sixth and Kcreolli avenues A I bl'ITOK PAKlAjRS, AIRY AND N1CKLY FURN1 -illEP, wtiii Bedroom and wardrobe, to let to a gemlnato and lady, or two or lurec single gfuileuien, at 106 BJo.-oiQeld aUeel Uulahen. A QKNTI.KM AN A MD WIPE, OR TWO SINGLE <?F NTLKJtx nieu v.iUingiaro.-iutoge'.'ior, ran be accommodated v?Hh a ni< r Itooiu and Board. Al; t hall Ib-droom, > here them are but few boa rite ra. App'y at No. SW We A Tw i-nly-wv eu.?i ( trrel. New York. A I PRIVATE FANU.T CAN ACCOMMODATE. A OF.*, lenutii and lady with a pteaaaiu barARoomanderu-iia.?L neai.v furnwhod, on fcee-aid floor. Partial Bo-ud for hpl. if do aired. Alia., a ball bed Room for a single genUunaa. AuVid sat East Traib Sirorc *vy/ A FEW TRANSIENT BOARDERS CAN OBT MX OOOI> iMMMMRdiMMi MM (Matea pi i.e. near iiri?.i??). A HANDSOMELY FURNISHED FRONT ROOM ON I second floor to let, board luriuded, sulialue lor a gcolletnan and wife, or alngie geo .-inert; p?v sud prbtlege ol hath. No. 4 street, near ltowery. !rmu reajunati.e. Ruerewes evehauged. Af.h_NTl.KMAN AND WIFE, OK IUU4 t.KN tie men, ran tw aceumq tabued w h furtiiahnl Rooiu* and board at 3&i liruome ureet two doo -a e*?' ol t'hrystie street. A LADY, UYINU IN THE IMMEDIATE VICINITY OF Fifth a-eno? c '.<1 pi > .1; ace...mods'- a Bally oi peiiUem<"i wrh band-amiriv furDl?hed Room*. in aim, or separate, with or vrtUiout bresUaat; would not ti.ieel to gmuwinea and their ladies. Full board tor udivA Address Mi s. Uraul, l ulou Square Post oilier. A|H BOOM AND BEDROOM TO LET, TO A SMUL family without children Apply at No. to Third avenue, between Tenth and Eleventh street*. A PRIVATE FAMILY. OCCUPYING A PLEASANTLY situated houvc 73 West Warren street, beta cea lleury ami Clinton. South HrcaSityn. have two lar^e Roonu to let, Jtoard to gentlemen and uetr wives or to single gentlemen. Jlnner alb o'clock. A| M PLKAFANThLM-MKR RESORT AT EAST MORICHES, IMon Island Nailing, bsj and sea bath-'ig, and shooting unsurpaased The proprietor Is prepared to receive application.* I.h- rooms lor I smith * or stncin pcraous. on modern* terms. Apply st 141 Fulton street. New York, up stairs, or 17 Park pUcv, Now York, or SOU Jay street. Brooklyn. A FURNISHED ROOM TO LET?WITH OR WITHOUT J\ Beard, to a gentleman. In a plain American family where Us-re are no other hoarder*, and where the ciafi-ru of a home be ot.uui.i-d. Address Hoarding, station K, for one week _ A GENTLEMAN AND HIS WTFK. OR TWO OR THRKTI single ami r men, can be :u(*j?iiuo4ate.t wiih t nnililw fl H xtrr i nr. J Board, hi an American faintly, hi U7 Prtuee street, a few doorawe?t of Broad why. Reference# irqtiirod. AI.AROK, HANDSOMELY FrKNISHED ROOM. ON the second Hour, rnnneeti.ig with bath room, with or without parU*: board. to Lei toooe or two auiglc gentlemen; alao our on the third door; gas. Ac Inquire at M Amity at. AVoi vu maw CAM MM AOOomlon.tTKn WITH A neatly f urWabed room, with or w ithout partial hoard. In* Voire ai I.&9 Mriwdw ay, near Fony fifth street, fourth floor, o aui'i very dmlrablr; near Central Park A PARTY Or HINULK OENTLKMKN, OR OKNTLKVKX J\ and their Wives.. wishing neatly'f iniiahed Room*, with Board at a moderate price, in a first claaa bouse p leaaaully locaod, can art H hy falling at 413 West Twenty-third atreut, oupoite koodoo Terrace. Alt RNlsURD KITTINO ROOM AND BEDROOM ATtacbed, to let to a aiuile (euUeman, h.Mtae private, hand onie and comlortable, Ac , at No. 7 Uramercjtpark. in Twen irth atreet, aero ml floor (root Fourth avenue. References exchanged. Board-permanent or transient.-* ufn ru: man and wife, or gentlemen or faelte* ran have Rooms, with Board, to amodern b?uar. near nuiruaitaand aiagratothe down town terries Apply at to llamiuond atrret, uear Fourth street. Ttmsti.Ttt'it sikisi.k RetrtMU' ti.?i rtvv i imr jy I oora on liie are?ad Boor. wtifa irxxl Board, In x central I lN IklBlM inioroti "lentba'ii. bix ..nJ <oid urner. on reaaraattle terms, at Ma lit Thompson Creet. near Pi tnce. BOARD -OENTT.FMKN AMD Til KIR WIVKS, OR RIM g!r gentlemen, r*a obta.a om'ljr furnished ipart metre and choice Hoard at No St. Mark # place, KJgMi atreet. at reasonx bfa- prices. Dinner at 6 o'clock, t ail and examine. n<)AR|l.- A NICK FRONT ROOM TO I.KT. TITII X) lsaj.1. ?iuuM* (or pontirman and wife, or t?o?ini{> gentlemen. A!m>, u i'ar.uc aud Bedi ouai attacked, at M lilerckcr street ^ BOAPJ> ?RIJCOANTLT rcrmtshkd ROOMS, WITH IV *nl. to fat to gentleman and wile, or faa>IJie?. in a Wat riaa* how* up town. The bunco baa eirrj oavrumtv, hatha, ha and old water. Ac. Table brat elaa*. Applj at Id* Hi d Tui*ut> uvth Mn et, near IU*h-b avrrnir UOAPp-PKVFUAL VKRT DF.HIRA RJ.K ROOMS (SUITable IiT families and aingle genti-meau may br had. ar1?h lull Hoard, al thr I'laatar'a lltfael, 04* Broad* ai ; houan liral rUr' luc.dlen nas'irpawod; It: me reasonable. Dluueralatt o'cinrk Board-at rs columbia ktrkkt. biux>kt,tm Bright*. br ?araat lat <4 Jul/, our large Room <? a-roo4 h?*. nlai i? *">m m tWnl Boor. a'lltuM.' for mi- or two, u* cuavenlfnl ami pleasant Isa VJ-va Apply aj abort:. -pOtRD.-A AMD WICK, OR TWO SIMJJ rlr imdMN ran boir plraaao'. Room* wfab Board, at lAlNimfa street, a law dour* west o( BiM.rJ.ta/. Duxuar at 6 oYlot k. Bo Ann. with NFATTT, rurwtt^OCD rooms FOR married <w single nartte*. *t eeownmlcal pricea. TVi la a good rppottnaltv to onwui a pie.own faonr ?fare l,ut few N*r.|. T. are taken ; brine neat aad quiet. cunt client to earn. M I - s I'll Board and a suit of roomx-fukmi-hkd or tiafural-bod. in In. In a pri-air ftmll., ai IKlwalfth s-rc'i. brtaren Unlet i-d'j plan- and Fich areuue The kcnis at-uid br fad --parair U rrqtilrrd. Ilou-sr eo itaUrt Ike Laud era ImprcT amenta llOARD WAKTKD-RV A itadt, IN A F AMII.T WIIKRK U th-re are few or no i?her boarder*. ivajow Prince Mrart preferred, or la Bruokl/a, uuwr Kulunfriif. Addons* 11. I', k, lit raid nBre. ij?w r i> onwv i iiir. ur | D July, for a?pntieaii.. wife. ebiM and nurae parli* and ledmoua iiiroiahed or imtnrniahed; above Conrlnvl'i pivot. Addrrw, with roll i>arttrular?a*0> imttn. n-iiu and lonna, Iwar nlDrn toUnJ.) "July," Herald cttrr. Board waatkd-mo pkr month will hk run for Hoard by a pen'loman and wire tn a prHate fandl*; partial heard for rrnileman; kMdkalMl below lllorcker an .-at, wrwtw Hrntdwar: w>uM bo pi-rmaiv-nt If aiuo-d. Addreaa " Ja?> a," Herald oflh-r. Board wantkd-a oixti/ian or qptht bihha, doing bu-lne?a doan I >au, ei?hr? to mp-ipr an I tinfurniabed Room, Willi partial Hoard, a' prewnl hrraklait only alU b? rvaulred A aotall private laiaih orcnpvlug a boiia* with mroterm hnprm-emenhi wnnM be pr.dorrrof in Ctreptkinabl* referem-oa ai l bo aurn. Addrraa, ala .ua Won.- awl olhor parttotilara. W. U M . HoraM o?oo BOARDINfl-A htriptly PRIVATK family, If I he upper part of the rltj, ran apnmmaliM two or prn:l< nien a A Inmle-me llootnaar.d jr**1 H-ord Krforrooos ricbaoard. Adilrra* M. H.. hoi 113 Pnat < ?< o BOARIMNO ?OKXTI.KMKV. AND OKbTI.KMFX A V|> tl?elr fami lor. nan pot very ah-o fiirnhdoat Rm?n?, a ah po?*l Hoard, nl 3i>. W Kl^bih atrrci, (hard d a# raai of Hr al *i). _ Boarpino?1st waykrlt black. nrrwnrx wamh Ington wiuarr and Kiath arraue IamiuM nr Mnplo cmtlrmon can nbuda doidrahlo and ban lanmolr futntahM lluoma, wtifa permanent or Irinalonl Hoar L Rtnuyem rlatwi*; the cRy a mild do wo U tn call aa alarre tlnnao no wit fhra u at. llO VRDlNO?ONR OK TWO VOL NU LA DIP- cam UK J> aciupurxji d llik a faraiohod K< n and Itoant la t ainall prliato famlH. or a irotj ind # Mlrrnaa nn V??.ia Updated. ( til al JIM Wbal TWeaty Imirib at-vct, between KigtHh and NlnUi Brenner MOAKIHXt. -A FKW RIXtJf.K OKN ri.KMKN PAN HK JD aroaaaneM*te, 1 a lib a Ferine pif Radruom, nr a triple Krom.v lu a lamllt ?.hrr? tbW'' arc Hut few boanioia; m>h, bandana.. 1y fufbiabrol. and r-rwa wry rva?nnabt? Oalnuid examine hi IdP leal Kntuierhtli atreet Dlnurr ?l i'i o'clnrk Hoar pi no-kink, aiky room- h axdxoxm.y itk mrbod. mm) lie had, ana If air >1 eabcr Iraiiaienf or prrma nrnt, for fmn. lienor rli.gV (. >-non, at Tt Kn< Tw< a-v third aireet?hw-atloD near Madi?.n i>m?. ' tbotrd ix brofmllt*. -it~?kitfl.kmax and wtfx D or alnplo ?on:l omen raa ho a<vv>mm<aliun| wdlb Hroird I awl a rboiro n/bandaranolr furrhlic-l R.,ana. Inaprtvate famIjr, aid one ?T tV ftnow weWhie In lk.? rhr, nntm.nio W?|i (h*rc???ir mart I?rry Apply al Mt Plato amreot, rornar j of Oardra. ntuRIl IX BROOK I,IX -PF-TRAW.F POfiMM, IX I) (V taorrar*"!^,!. and pn-ww Hcmnl art oflorod In a I Brat olaao brcrw ri???onf hya pr r*;e at lot Ami'/ atorr OM<Tmoot>? h m Ik ami Will wrrw (rrrtra. Diawor at Ut or lock kilrmaw oiebanprot HOAPi?IN 11R'H>K1.1X -k OK>TI %t\* AND WfFK, or far fWt ample ipnUPNiou r u tira p . ?a . Prom* ' an' hrl ?' Ml'orefr ar? mhr fn- aih ib' ?tll '?? | |mm 'f . hffwwr'i mvld * ' . id." 1m v; ?r?? W...RI I I' I I I II Mil' oMumwt Aii ix??anri. DOi|D M HOOCLTK, ? KKWIf BTRKBT rOTOTH 1 J) Mrfroa Aoiu?Rooms for families aad aimgle wetiUe- J men^wL onlffihmi.afc>w<f baths. Bidgewood water. Terms I ???????????? | TJOARD IN BROOKLYN.-A Ml ALL FAMILY, OOOU I X) pjrtag a brat ciaaa house, will let a front Room. handsome- ( ^toalilw^lB t^tnltoiiiiui had wife or two aingte gentlemen. ? IJOAJtD ON BROOKLYN HBIOHT&-A OKNTLKMAN O and wife ar two geatteoaen ean tad handsomely farwiahad town, with fuR or partial Board, la a house whhall tka modem Improvements, and within fl> e udauten' walk of PuBou or WaJ street ferry, by applying at fl> Bicfcastreet, I Board on Brooklyn hkiohta-thbkk booms, the entire second floor, would be let. with or without board, cti reasonable terms, to desirable tenants. Situation both h<wb i.-j and beautiful. Fire minulaa walk froas Pultou and Wall | ?i i eet ftrne*. Apply at 7? Pineapple at ( Board wanted in brooklyn-by a orntlk miui and wife. In u private family, where there are poollively no other boarder* Uken. Location between Kuitnn are- ' aue and Atlaatle atreet aad Court aad Power*. Addriwa boa S.308, hew York Foot office. stating lerma aad location. 110ABD in BROOKLYN WANTKD?WITHIN TifRfR X> minutea walk of South ferry, for a gentleman, hla wife and two young children, for which all per weak will be paid. Addreaa Summer, Herald office. pt LINTON HOPSK, <46-417 BROADWAY, OTffiffi Mendl'a Saloon.?fciegmnt aulta of Boema to let: new furniture, beat spring bads. aad all the conveniences of A Wat otaaa houae. Apply aa above. BLKfiANflt FIRNISHED SUITK8 OF ROOMS, WITH Hoard, ran be obtained at the private boarding hotaae rerently ripened at No. 91 Mat Twenty third atreet. The IflbtlflW la on* unissued for pleasant and q- 'etnnaa, aad t* aceeialble by aeveral line* ot stage* andears. a. indent boarder* taken oh reasonable terms. JDOCRTH AVKNPP. HOtKL, 907 AND 900 POCRTH ? avenue, between Twenty third and Twenty-fourth street*. Ybiter* will find thla a quiet and pleasant hotel. Magic and double rooms at half the rate* of first clam house*, and equally aa pffil meals served in room* if desired. HaCXMSHKD ROOMS.?A COUPLE OP PLBASANT1 T Room*. suitable for a grnllrman aad wife or two gentlemen, to let, v ithout board. In a small private family, at < PKt etrc? 1, near Grand. Terms moderate. References exchanged.> ?nvH nt two otvoi.R GFNTLJ5 JP mrn rail be aocommodated with furnished Room* and Hoard, in r. French family, by applying at Wo. 76 Second av. xt1vhmshkd rooms to let. without BOARD. four r largo ltoabas, well furnishod and connactod together: be iik large and well ventltalod. making thru desirable for parties remaining iu the city throughout the summer. Kb. 91 Bond alrect. ^ IjllFTII AVENUE ?A Sl'LF.NDID SUIT OF ROOMS. IV ' a private famllc. with bath, Ac., Ac., to let to a fundi., or genUeuieu, with or m nbout Board. Those ? hu can aitpplr tint ciass reference* may apply to Lawreuce A Ota, 69 Kasi Fourteenth street. Union square. Furninttkd rooms to let?with or without board. Apply at VI Fifteenth street, fu?t bouse eavi ot Third avenue, newly utted up. A girl wanted, for general housework. /voop a hp cheap i/o dothos?at thx olobb \T Hotel, corner of Frankfort and William etreeta, New York. Term* ? to W cent* per night. Rooms from VI to M M per week. OenUemoa and wtfe 7? cenla per might Open all lew. Good board and pleasant rooms at iajw prices, for fusslllea or single gentlemen, can bo had at the Chy Hotel. Newark. New Jersey,only thirty-fivemiauuia' ride irom New York: trains avery hour. Ciramfrcy park, 18 FAST TWENTY first street. J ?t?ne large and two small well furnUhrd rooms to let, with bourd. to a genllrmati and Ills wife or aiii^ie gentlemen. Rclerences exchanged. Gentlemen can have furnished rooms, with or without substantial prrtia: Board, at tOt Washington street, llobokea, on moderate terms. Handsome furnished rooms to let to gentlemen only; house Urs* class. and has all the modern iinprovt-iueuU. Inquire at 111 Ninth street, new number, uear Broadway. Houston street, west-si?a handsomely furntshed Parlor to let, on the Ural floor, w ith or without Board: also tingle Roams, bouao contains all the modern improvement. Terms moderate. Apply for one week. Hobokkn.?to let. a furnished front room. for tl.o period of four or live weeks or permaacntly, If are aafished. The location la most beautiful, I ranting the river. Inquire at No. 3 Sea view place, Hudson street. HOBOKEN.-SINOI.K QENTLEMFN CAN BF. ACCOMmodated with furnished Rooms and partial Board, in a private family, where there are no other hoarders: two mlaulas' walk 1 rod tlie ferry, at No. 7 Newark street, Hobukea, N. t'N'O. 910 BROADWAY, BETWEEN TWENTIETH AND Twenty first street* ?This hotter hating been thoroughly renovated, uewly and elegantly furnished, is uotv ready to re reive guests. Single Rooms and Apartment* en anile to let, on the European plan, on uncommonly modulate terms to desirable parties. Rooms-neatly furnished, in a bmall pki. vale family, to let: partial board if required. The house has all the modem improvements. Apply ui 29 Houston street, we?t of Broadwuy. RIO SOUTHER KERB AND OTHERS.?FURNISHED X Rooms. wllA or without partial Hoard, lu Muall pri. ale tamilv; forattna central. Apply at 6i East Twelfth atreel.unc door t r o oevti-rmfn wtn a pari-or an*d bedroom. partially 1 mulshed, on the first or second fioor, sod Breakfast, In it private house and rr?pectable nelghl whnod. between Hnsulwajr and Kirbth arrnnr. below Konnneoth atrret and abow- lllerckrr. AJdreaa, elating location, terms, Ac, Merchant, llrrald cflice. rrrwo kirrr.t rrrifmnrn parior* to hut oh X brat fioor, will) gas, batb aud Board If required; also Room and Board for our or two awgle gentlemen. Terms moderate. Mo. 71 Blrccker street, two dooia east of 1 (roadway TWO TO UNO KFJf OR A man and WIFE, OA!* HAVE good Board and Indgtng, tn a private family without children. by applying to Mrs. Oabrtal,. (SI Henry street, near Market street. mo lkt, at mo. is cliktom pl.vck-rubl*wn*d X aparuaenta, alcgle rooms or in suits, wttbor wlthom partial board. ruef?rtJRMHHKO ROOM*. WTtll OR WltlfOCT Board. In a very pleasantly loratrd small bouse. between Madtaon square andFourth avenue. Inquire at 76 East Twenty I oerth street. rIJtT-AT 100 PRIMOE STREET, REAR BROADWAY, liandsotnely furnlahed Rooms tor single centlemeu aud fnmUlea. with partial Board. rpo IJCT-IN A PRIVATE FAMII.T, TWO OR THREE X Rooms funnelled or unfurnished, with partial Board to a gentleman and wife or young men; bniiw baa all ra,stern itn liMlsida Rone but sut h aa re sweet lbs Rahhalh ku mm. ply. at M Jane arm. J JET-IN A 1'RIVATK FAMILY, A HANI)ROMKI,Y' ftrrninbed frrmt Parlor, on Bmnl floor, with 1 ? lronm at taehed In a party of wnfle ifenUemen.harKh or without board; or to a aeiuleman a ad alia. Aiwa from Kootu am third floor Trmu moderate. Relereucea eictuu^cd. Apply atlC IBMl Broadway rm 11 cukton PI^rK. NEAR rilT!t at* rur, arrood itory front nxata, together or aeparatelr. With or without Aral el-uwNwrd. Refrreoee n?en and required r" i.kt-rrr.msiikn. rlZarui front room at 114 Fourth arrour. Iwtweea Twelfth and Thirteenth Mm. mo LKT-RtH?ll IK A fRIYATB TAMII.T, TOR OR* X ur two enigW gentlemen, kl <S Kaal Twouiy > n 1 "ret. i.rr vm ti'ian atti< imwika irtr lug all n? i t and Ihr bnlrooma. will rrnt scpar*te or together foe l.nalnrwi or dwelling. located at Ho lit Rbwary, m-ar < rand afreet. Apply In ihr drag (tore, on brat Soar. ITNFlRNlWKD ROOM W\NTKP-oR ROOM UD J I tod room. In a nlraaant locality within ftftrrn mlnntea walk of the City Hall <J*a and lronm doalrable. Addreaa I?. llrunr, IUt New office. IVAtntlV-BY TWO TOl'KU MUX, fcntRM Iff A PRIIf t?'? famtl; . ?'? > lie prefe red; InratHm between Midi and Fourteenth atrcrta. Meat of Mioadway. Addreaa /.. y Herald office. 2H A III Nil DOS Hit* \RK. WKST hII>K.-R<W?m?t TO fjhf, with IVwrd. baridaomely rttrnlabad: m-Jcrn imp one menu, locally airy , convenient to Can ami Magea. Kefn enco required. fl't v1 101 rt'KI Si' KTK? r"tK WV irvui nruHUNwj, p I'-iJwuuia puu hp wur im urer or four Toiinf men, pirn- two or thrre renin* ladlea, ran be %rrom vat* led with good Hoard and plcaaaui. Rooma, fur $3 per week rarh. ? FT. MARK'S K-TWO PrRXISHKH K0?t*f*5. U nor large and nor mull nor, to In. nth or nliboul board, r n rr>p?.?M?blr term*. at No. Ft Mark'a plarr. 4?i? UKKKNK HTHk>T ft KN|-HKI> K<xiMa t ? I -rr nU to gentle mea nolj; two tteot Patlnra no flro |.?w; alan. loe air j* Ron? on wrood and third loon. Bo* J* km a tLoa yard, gan. ho, aod la very quiet ?JQ km FTRRPT, FT~JOTWF P i RK -ROiRDTVU OO Too large Rooma, ffMoUng tat the Park A! * tmn a*ngle Rooia fronting on the Park, for rnitJ* mm lad airoa or.atngtc g oUrtnro. Aii modem tmi pot ent- j.ta, A ft WKT TWFNTT POIRTtI~~KTT*VtT_ Utrei-V 't U rifih and Ni h a.rnura. oiiit lw|i> R'<m m intflnir, ? Mh Parlor and Hedronwia < arrond Bnri. all h?nd*>mofc fur n.ahrd. aiulabi. lor fainiUra or amg.o gouiWn.'o, with fu.i or partial Hoard Trro r moderate. r | WPST THIRTY RICl t>Ml RTHRKT \l w: HROAR. U1 war -ilandaomelj furuubed Room?. wtu Board, tmr kin ?V gentlemen or gwiUcaieu Ukl lbt* A ouiei k>W Rcten ncea r (choujrrd. rO~WKoT MXTKKNTH STRVRT - V IllVll-nmr ?* ? lnnuriio.1 ouu M front Kouwu 10 let. with Hotrd. to Rtiti'rnatA And wife, el*.., doiirahlr It aai f(,r aiaglc nail*torn, III o 6 rat <?n-. honae ntid drdroMr location, l.rm* mode rwir at Ml in canmorioitno flrot flow. Re Termers richongad. >7(| hl-Kl.%'-l*TKKkr- TURKIC I?HIKH IH.'I Hit.nil I V waj, to hi, rrorol handaowtoly forniebed Koorsa to nWle gentlemen. the local m la near oil Uwt drat rloaa botoia U|| rA*T TWI1STT FlR-tT RTRKKT (flR \ MKR< T 0\? park To Irt, anlt* of Room*, a iiia'.tr fnr a...g |r K< Bur turn or r?toi>? .trdroo* ot remaiirng .a th? cite for the summer aoaron; I.n ation on? of the brat. Hsina Ink eiaa.1. wMl park prtrUrgr QQ flJRTOxHFLVCr NKIR riKTII AVRXUK ? DO Ki rraj p!r uuol Roc.w, with or n abort Hoard. n*> i , ,-M'ii^r i'O (urnhhrd !*arl"r and Hedrnonw. wi'h gaa and tYptow, nrw patent spring b.d?, and rvrrrthnjt n- r-w..rr for pming N>-i.ckreper?. Mea's served if desired. Rrnt bur to reautotaiilr w nanta. 1 ?>?> ' ? i !ii> ;>'kki II? ' i I ejO liana.?A ndtc rd R. n.e on the lira' Ooor to irt with Hoa'd. r..Ti.!>nnin* parkin and mall third room with OakAnjr; fnrniturr rontoflarw all rrqfiultr* for comfort, including a tuic ptano. linratlim fir Waablngtmi square. IIO J VMllfii ' f BKTW* K\ ?TnR \ i jLtZt't tannine air. i??rurmahed Rooma. atngt/ or In sulfa, with or w ithnu Hoard, convenient to cora and stage*. (Hie or two Tonne ladle* can he arrow, modalcd. ft ft 7 RKOtnvi . nf MR Til PTRKM IUI This bouse, ha. lag been thoroughly renm-atcl la l>.iw open to reeetre permanent and lran?Trnl gtira**. Kept on Ihr Rnrrreon plan Rewanrnnt attached. Table d'bot.* at n'cWwk. t rr it h and Hpaidah apokrn HOTtL*. LH'l'RrH AtKM'K IIOTKI.. Nn? JW A?ll? fOt'RTH f atm c between Twenty third and Tweidj rw.flA atrre'e ?Permo'u r* and tnama.-'en* hoa tera ac mm da'iM, wlJinr W'Jkw", rr ra'der*' term* Afrwa i? of Idaom' Rrrirta; ^tatOUJ BUl'dltNtoa wl -tttf h: tlf, hi K' U K pi* ?Ma Wltwa KWOOTfc DKALV nnTKU-TOOUri MIMCKAL KI'KlNtHi QUI D sea, Maine TTtu BM and masnihcm1. hotet. thoryfif urnhdwd who ftrrj prc/rulon 1?r to" cumloit of iu rum ?*U be ipipii the IMi lust. TV ??<n ? " tW> Mr **** *? the hiahesl Dirdkmal tirlues 01 au/ in the couat gjga?rfc''^^Jsa^a.i'ay " \A?S*e?isman farrtaaes wtl! tSfmmdln readme*, tuRusta aud Gardiner, four miles distant. for Uie mur)ii ,f^UMU- w -- WM L. WHITK, A*m _P"^? ( UW. R^JPMl8 SAW WAV KROM CAT.-.K.ILL ' MM 1Y+ NeMxnUIn Hc>us*, t* m,w open for aiming u?*. iriv Ine place tor Running and fiahuiR. Hoard *1 prr w wA 0 reyance to all part* of the emmtry at a f.Ur once. _ _ jdavid bloom. Propneim KiMUiyOM, Qftme county. W. Y. pou MhiAHor8R.t'ArKi*i.ANn.cAi?K*Ar n. j U This three firm class hotel will be opened for the rvcept >f RuesU oo fte M?h of June, 1*0 "Ptwee tor tee ne.e?i The house has been completely repaired and. refurnish (K*,", **"* hoUen m?^ Ertetiaite atablloR aUarhed to the premises. All letters addressed to the sul>*rri)>er*. ('ape I stand. N. pill be promptly attended to. LA1RU A WOOD*Ah J sum H. lump, tste jjpoprietor Kranklhi Horn*. II Aelphts; H B. Woo DMA*, formerly proprietor Ml. Vernon lei. Cape Island. pLARKNBOM ROTH, HAJLATOOA KFRZXas?VI 1/ hsttoe to new spun the Urn msacm replete wfifceeery s fort. haTin( water doseta on rrery Boor and ru and bet erery roses. A lahle wnstirpssss I. O. <f TUTNAM rWl.KR HOl'SK, OIJCNKIDA LAKK. CARMTX. N V New bouse, new furniture, by Harlem Railrepd to ten Palls, thirty minutes' ride by suae; four miles from L Khoper, one mile from Lake 0Uw3; thirty minutes rid/ fifteen different lakes, which abound with fish; aah^... . "" -* tli^3S>Tl^n J HOTKLBT. JULIKN. STATKN 181. A KD. ON URANVfiTRKKT. Four minute*' walk from Ural landing. Table d'hote 01 Tate table if desired. njllWT ANDERSON, Prnprietsv Lake mohegan hovhk is now opkn for si mrr Hoarding, situated four mile* mm of PeckskiE lage, Weslebesler rounty, one hour and a half ride from eity by IIuiImm) River Railroad. Mountain air, good driv ad bathing, it one of the moat desirable locations ts found lor famll- v who purpose going tat the country. , dress A. W P? uier, Peekakili Poet odioe. d'V"K!tT POINT HOUSE. OT8TRR FOND POINT, LOf V* Island, formerly kept by Jonathan >'. iAlham. haa tx taken by THOMAS T. PARSONS, late of Hamp'on. L. and tr now open for the reception of gi'.eau. It la tors about 100 inilee from New York, and can be rear had by stra boal from James slip, every afternoon, at 5 o'clock, and U Island ram. at lOo'cka k A. N. and Ik.T) P. M. BOistiwg at attached;, bathing and fine fishing. OCEAN HOUSE, LONG BRANCH. NKW JKR.sKT.-T undersigned informs his friend* and tbo pul). . butt h now fully prepared for the reeepUon of transient o* perm an boarder*. Or can and river bathing, boating and hvuLag every description un*urpsw<<i. Captaiu A. HAOOKRTY, Froorvtm PA VII TON HOTRL, ISI.IF, I,. I.?THIS HOTKI. M Nf onen; tars leave South ferry, Brooklyn, al IU*A M. t P. M. J. O. PACKARD C<E\ BATHTNQ.?OONORER8 HALL, LONG BRAJTf O I*. J., la now open for the reception of guests. The Ihrt and Delaware Bay Railroad leave* fostof Ilobiasoe street, N York, at IX A. M. and Sh r- * . landing passengers wk two hundred yards of the aboeahouse taauaof twoVurra. P on* winhing to engage rooms will pleaae a till t? Waoiaai Stokes, Proprietor. STANTON HOl'sE, CORNWALL, ORANGE COUS New York.? Persons wishing Rood areommndaUou. an excellent Uiblr would do well to apply In time before rooms are ail taken. The bouse is very apacloui aid be., fully located, affording from the rupola a splendid vie*" f Hudson river, Idlewud, and the adjacent towns around' vicinity. The subscriber flatters himself thai he wii: make pleasant home foe all who patronize hhn. For further la m?Uou apply to _ OEO. F. HTANTOF, The boat Tliomaa P. Wayne and Thomas Pott el: IA from the foot of Joy street, every ds>, at 3 P. M., leading , songersat fl I'- M., where stages will be la wailing fur tar com modal loo of passengers. fiURF HOTEL, FIR* ISLAND, NOW OPEN.-THRCW' ft ttckeWht Boutk ferTT. Brooklyn, via Darrpark and Bsi ten. CaraleAW iaflr at* A.TE? IN P. Hi tofe* information sddrsaa Santmla A Powalag, Fin lalat gEA BATHING.?UNITED WATER HOTEL, LOL Branch, N. J., la now open for the rneeptlon of gun raooa wiahlng to engaga rooam will piaaaa addraii R. tihn?alrrr. PreyrieCoc. rrurE OCEAN HOUSE, 1 NEWPORT, I . RHODE T5T tan Ia now open foi the reception of jrteeu. KEENER A BWH. mpwjn The best place-to rice the orkat earthi gtaamdhip ?? abe cornea ap Uie bay U at MePHKKSOv Point Coaalort House. Coney bland; abe can lie aean tin tancr ol twenty mlli'L This la the ouiy house oa lor Iwt The ueanilioat Xauahoo leave* pier ho. 4 North rircr at 1 and 4 o'clock. COI TTRY BOAaa A PRIVATE FAMILY. OCCUPYING A NEAT IX/ITAi on the ant ahore of J,onj? Island, a Ithln two hour* ruts the city, ran nccommndate one or two atn*ll famlOea with boa for the summer. Apply at No. A Weal Twenty tilth au-oeC ARMALL PRIVATE FAMILY, RKBIDIND AT MTI.Tf mm U?i.? river, would like a few hoarder* for ' summer: the location la mow delightful. and the wrmaiu lH.uaer.iy ??> superior. Apply to K. LAW A Oa 63 Fast Fourteenth atreet. a Board at rockaway, inland?in aj-l rate family; location retired; rouuuuiuratioa by rail "Ui and boat live or >li timed dallv Hnuw aoperior; founts at cioua, living aubaUuiUal auti abundant; aplendid ocean balhu Apply at TO Broadways Board for the bummer?at cold spring. n. v one of (lie moat plmaaut and heulihy 1 (al.onatn the r.v i try; booaa tat a remote part of the rltlare. and comma ml apiemlid Vi. w of the liver. Apply at the .New York How Agenrv. IB Kant Pi urirrnth atreet. K f. \ wrknck A CO Board i* the country waktkd-for thrfJ i ladle* and a child; board wanted at n farm boons or lu Enrata tanaUy, where no other boardctw are taken. Addrw . T. H , boa 2..TC Poet oOcc, New York. T>OARPERA WANTED, AT BRIIKIKFIK1.D CONN JO w It Inn ADeen minutea' walk of the depot, the house a rmutida arc very nanantlc; aplcndal Baiting and hunting. 1 quire of P. WU KWOOP, W Ninth atreet. betweetPtuo hou of Sand 5. t F1ard for the SUMMER.-two very desirabi. Rooms lu a pi it ale boarding bouse, at hand a fp; o the Potmd. mar be had If applied for at an enriy day. jKd-c% <11 . bnt ".'.seti New V rk I'oat offlce. J CIOTNTRY BOARD WANTED?IN A PRIVATE FA Ml / liy, near iho aca thwe, when, thcro la good aurf bathing fin l .dy. Infii ut and n urae, tn ual be ?tibia t wo or three hoc -1 travel of the elty, and the trrms moderate. Address with par ticulara. C. P. A., Herald ulflce. (TOCXTKY BO ARD ?TDK OORXWAU. MOl'XTAIlt J Itouar comma n. la a tVw of tldrt., mil.-. af ibr Hudr.ii anc a larec rytroi of foufttry; plenty of rnmblmg morn in tirid*. prmia.iaihllUandmoiini.tiiK. No mmqiui"*. Fruit, bin and milk from i bo farm. IRA WOOD, Cornwall. f)i?'v-"o?ui'r, X Y ^ /AOl NTRV HOARD. FROM MAT 1. OR THKOLI.'IOIT. V7 thr vrnr, at Htrawberry Parma, Monmouth count j. N J.-1 Thta twautlful retreat arrant** for the n-etdenrr of ?rf I triuj famlltra. la within raajr rrarh of Hhrewabrrry and Ixwij HranrV Pari of th* land la militated. to ettpply the tablet abundantly with irurta, ic?*tablea and tlalr) produata. la IhJ re ahadv wooda. <aU*.btlul ranihlre, and a pr. U, iiJ Irt Altv bed la a hirer ball. with rarnde alwayi available fd orlal enjoyment, mil, nit rbarer. Terma 95 to 99 work./] mu h nt r-tno. Apply at WS Hruodway, For inan'a arlf tenUna lira Spt iu? Hndt ompany JAN. WAKKN.t Cut llua out (or preart lauon. CIO! XTRY HOARD WAXTKD?FOR A I.ADT AMI ! rlnId throe joarau.d. otto gi??l mo-I R<-.m an I jr.**. .la llvinp required; farm h aim grar the city ?Ut-re there ur nd an> tAlirr la .inkre preferred. Addtv** but 210 i'baiuaei iqiwr Pi?' i.liter. _____ fTOCITTKT BOARD ?WOOD COHXTRT HOARD TAX V' be obuinrd at a farm houar in a health) tad well a.iidnl I . V.i.n. nrar a plea?ant rlllaer In Xi w ,lrr --v. wttltia o. <*?ad a half boui a fran efly by ratlrued and ala?e. Apply a' No. H Tnriity riehih atrert f'lwlNTRV HOARD WA.VTKD?FOR A I.ADT A^'l J genl.. man. in a private fane house. m* more Utaa we mil** rale from Xrw Tar* or Brooklyn, with Blent) of frut, C.K and ? ?*t il Ira, and ma.l arenery. Pleaa? addr w .j aliiv and trnnm M <77, Herald nfB.e, N. Y. CKH XTRY BOARD-IX THE MOST Pl.F AN * XT PA P.I J . ! Ir?u I- , .1, 95 a nrc*. Inrlmlin* a drive to t;, -**? bevrb or h.. ilinhi nit Ink.- ? ! * a wt *k Apply t.? IK A l/HOMMKDIKt. Lloljiuuk. or A Met ' ?T n.R. lli ? i.Uoe atrrrl. X. Y. /AOIXTR) HOVHD ir Vmi KtKHKI.lA-famiukh *7 or alnrl* pernum ran be ar nmrtiodatrd with good ll.wrd, and a.Uhr roni'inaof a farm hntiar. nl rrry low intra. Si >rt dU Ki'if fn-ni thr ar i ?bi rii gt?d h.ihioe;iioe drtrrt '.. a and rarrtaure Tor o.aTrnlrnrr ot boanfrri. Ini-Urr at toe Mi'iropnlitaa llotrl, ad>>inliie lh.- flrmd at Nrw Kerlirur, W. enrdrr roimty, or of P. A. POTTRR, So. 2 Hanoi rr ? -. . .. N, \, \. w S ( lOI NT RY IX)ARp.?1\_Xl'MRKIt m M>; i r PPRaRX" - ? *m ut"? T**~*t ri'iv* rwi?im m r-pnTT?-n mnni, on * it f"*' Id* ciiy by the Hudson Hirer Rallriad; houae t*i mint.'ra' walk from depot, orerlnoktn* rtvrr and crrea. CaJ on (iriiMrfw K. tlnllrk, Spnjten Duyril. ClOlKTRT BOARD-ON THE SEA RHORE. U THV PR t Itfhtful rfllaire of Qtmene, I.. 1. Hnu?* comtarvlloii* and plouwm It tdiuan-d. dlrertl) tVOTHle Ih- main way to Urn be.efc, ?Wh U ntlhlu * plr-avint walk. HaUimt; etcrl>aL Boat- i w fiabinf partlreer ttall.n*. Term* moderate. App!* hr latww o? (HlwrnlH. tiol.I V KK ClMtl'KR. Vpn>?tie l/?i( I.laed ClOVNTRV no \I!P OS Tlir. linw'N-H uks;:, ) fcinn and wife. elan, ntjI" irent.emao. ru hate . tint Fn.ins mud Board, at PoWa ferr/. Apply at Orneabury* Hrniae. /YOfNTRT BOARD ?A PH AJ.I. PRIVATE PAVTT.T \J rrtddtna tot a nlre lor atton, a ahrd dlatanre fron (ha s?uB frrry by rallnnd. will areomatndv.r a few frown pr vmw Term* mj ninlirtlr. Tor particular* addrern Home, I1ai-*14 Mm. ~ i lot N l f I HOARD ONE f.AKOW : 1 ' t.?, V / femlljm may rddain *ood Hoard In a Ifn^hy ktrelinwi larya airy Rots* and plenty of ehadr, on# bout a rid* it am Hew Tar*. Apply at ? Kaal lltb at-, for Iwu de; ?. (TOtNTRY HOARD WANTED? AT A CONVENIENT ) dhdanre frtwa the rtty. foe a lady , norer and two .-ia| children. Addrnae, alailnf lerme. f., box .152 Saw Tor* Pom tdNre r> LET?AT AKTBENTR OS RTATEN TEI.AND. RTA plrUm, and Hoard If required. Trrma rraantiahle In ,.*i I mirK'r-nlli x'rt. i. r\ N.> I. (-a three d?re Yl'ASfTKI) PRKBARENT HOARD IN THE OOPNTRT TT for a female Infer* elrteeti month* old wttb a plain rerpartaMr r.mlly. ?h" will r,re for It a* their own Addrnt, ygih |iarHriilam, Bra. A. Lam inn, Nrw Yor* Poa. oRee, for om wrrk. BK4.AMB ARM TOBAI CO. j" TIAVANA REUANH.-I AM hEM.Mfl HAVANA NR. JI far*. 'be Aned brand* ?rt aa Caheiaa, r*a ma, dr.. by lh' I'Wnr I n?<?? low a* Ih.tJN.i ran br bn.trS' any other dealer In thi* r?y. Thoae abhltw to buy will Bnd A frwaUy V) Ibrlr Interred In trail and It* aaitahe l, aod will warrant aatiafani'.* bc*h In ai'wlliy and ptlor. OKiRiiRW NTt"l|o|> Importer, 711.iNarty alrpaA. 100 000 11 Tn P*T * fane ra:,?t*f from f7 to>2i t erUKt-xaad. oner r'? a-f erf ' 1 It . i r?-iebr*lerl maker and trar*?nUB > ? ' ? | A , lII ?'AUvnr^-a?biml.?r*rpCCM*

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