Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 27, 1860, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 27, 1860 Page 3
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TEJ/IHM ftalijoh nSthM?J ^S&'t&JesuibR* atjSsa l>?* Ctowme iMs trnoun, M fWr WclMfc. by D. TALLMaX, Re, >m) ntujB nurriMa cogrhb, harlkm.?tbot* 2 Wi?rS& JtfHWES _BBA. AST u? Taorriwe wt allium black baBhaw mat ( relumed from tie HuiyAwUl mand UUjiojf?>?r 1J* stable* at Jtoeepli Ftaher, Fhllltpabw*. * J ', f0"'S??TO8 AtSfflrABBATCiSC ?- __ ~ V natthmm, caiuuawm. *C. ~~ 9UPERIMK FAIR OF FAMILY HOKSKS?JET bbu k. 1< hand* high, sU years obi, dag tails; will be warled M'ttsd and kind hi mil haresas; oh of Una U to exeelI saddle Home. Frit- Apply to 8TKINTHOW A ., 61 Warren street, bp stairs. N K.VTJBBLY nbw pwahton, with two rrath, put,- jud Htialu, ju?t hnwbed for the present owner, tor i: alw a double and one single Harneae, made by Lowrten, rty w*i a Uelnad Uont, Wagon ami Harness, alao a uwa T] Horse, eight years aid, switch tali, and accustomed to fit) ituuotwu Wagon, nearly new, by DAVID LAN(UN, Hweat Twenty eighth street. PRIVATE OEXTLKMAX. tlATIYO TWO GOOD I rn?<1 Homes, and only uae (or oh, Is willing to (Baptise of . ene is a fast trotting Home, and the other a Mure (both *le ;arei In about three minutes. To be aeen at Mil Grand ft, ouni r of Mercer. FAST SORRKLOOLT FOR SALK?1SU IIA N1W HIGH, it years old, the handsomest animal In the city, and warrd .n ev.-ry ^particular; also Wagon, Harness, Ac., the out of a privaaaraiUnmaB. LowestOash artSu, W+J- Ad a Speed, but 3,686 Font uMae. KR1 VGK.-KIIR SAIJ.;, A HA.NHSOMK KOCKAWaV Carriage, shifiing Iront, tor one or two homes, almost new. be seen it Johw Mablfly IV Mercer street, near Houston - ' '? . 1 - ?? * ACH FOR riALB-A LIGHT Ql'ARTKRgD CL'RTAIX Boarh, out little uatd, la eicetlent order, and suitable fo ountry. Can be aeen at deary's livery stables, IB and 21 street. ITE ROCKAWAY FOR 8ALE.-IT 18 IN NICE ORdrr^MM tour, uud will be sold low. Can be seen iU ell's Kibble, Henry street, near MVlditgh, Brooklyn. IK HAXJ6?A GENTLEMAN'S TRAM OR HORSEM sorrel and black, kmc tails, UK hands, sis and n years old; vary stylish; sau trot is 2;4S; warranted every . To be sold much leas than their ralue, single or to?r. To be sees the at laaerssil Stables, oorner Thirty-math et and Sfaflh avenue. Inquire for the loceatan. >K~ 8ALE?A BAY HQR8R, BIX YRAR8 OLD, 16 bauds high, kind and spirited, sound, win stand without g uud does not frighten at anything, baa been used in a ate family carriage. To bo seen at Morris' stable, Eighth et, near Sixth avenue. )R SALE.?A SPLENDID BAY HORSE, WITHOUT spot or mark, six years old last May, and Weighs sev?nbundred pounds; will be sold reasonable, as he baa growu trge for the present owner. Inquire at IMS West street, in eed store. B *AI?-A PAIR OF BROW* CARRIAGE HORDES, U hands 3 tnehes high, and very stylish; also three single ea, 163. hands high, very fast single or to the pole, right the state of Maine. Inquire at 96 Gold street. B SALE?A SPLENDID BAY HORSE, SEVEN YEARS add, 16 bands high, warranted sound and kind In double ingle harness; would suit a doctor or private carriage, be seen at 907 East Thirteenth street. R SALE?EIGHT FIRST CLASS HORSES, JUST AR inn Ye"uoo'? via.: One Saddle KdPW, ligU tfheat,oug !?? >.> auC Used by a lady two years; one out, square tall, road Horse; very fast sud stylish; oue Horse and una i'tsiy, very last and gentle; two black es, lirst rale roadsters. All of the above Horses are i and kind and will trot In better time than three minutes, y at the stable corner of Fourth avenue and Twenty ttfih t Inquire of GEORGE W. ODDELU Esq. R K VLE?A BEAUTIFUL TWO SEATED DOG CARP mil by Wood fur S660; nearly new; will bo sold for y at 11 radley's stablas, 66 West Sixteenth ?tre<*. R SAUK?AT TAYLOR'S STABLE, NO.}Xi BROAD5'ttA, batweea Fortyaecond and Forty-tb'.rd streets, oo fKr^uiieit, tqro pair of bay Horses, Vs hands high, six ?veu years old, full talis, from the Western part of this ; one pah- oan trot l ast, and are Ma line horses aa have , /\ered for sale this year. Al'^oa very hue bay Mare, /lis high, six years old, awlf-h tall, and Is a good roadA rrspunalbta guarantee wttt be given that they are por1 g- nlie, sound and kind. _ _ R SALE?A CHBSTNUT HORSE, UK HANDS HIGH. Hbuld make a Sac carriage horse, or would do for a docGood in all harness or under the saddle. Can tret in > niuiutea. Seven yesro old. PriesCUh Apply to DAA j ACES, C East Fourteenth street. R HALK?A SUPERIOR SADDLE MARE, SORREL, ,4 V high, eight years old, warranted sound and genran trot in throe mtuiuea to wagon; prion BE60. Apply at pent Livery Stable*, 46 and M East Thirty-second aueet, eeu FoUrtli and Madiiaai avenues. K s tLE CHEAP-A HANDSOME NEW LIGHT TOP R'aeon, only been used eight times; wss built to order by rf me hem city makers for BS3A Apply at Cunningham h le*. Barrow street, third door below Greenwich. R PALR CHEAP?A LIGHT OMR SEATED RNO'isb box Buggy, New York make, neatly new. Apply ad Edward's stable,, Liberty street, near Concord street, *'ynR SALE, CHEAP-A 8BCOND HAND EXTKX lcn top M'agou and oue Kockawsy; also new tight Head env on uaud, and made lo order, equal lo any miner in the Inquire at T. SHAMAN'S Carnage Factory, 11634 Mercer ir'salr, chkap-a stylish rxtknsion top Hr. it. with null: and shafts. 11 has beou used but very , and i> ta perfect order Apply to FKANK ASUK, ItfO Itil < po>l>y Mreet, w?r Mhwwhor. ' >RRFS FOR RAT.K.?A TAIR OF RTTUMH BAT Horwe, U hands hi^h, S aad 0 yearn oU, full taut, warixj aouixl uad kind. Also, two aingle UoracA ill, aud 15\ " hidV aowud and klad. These hurant ara from die coun Apply at A A fcnjdere aalo Mhio, 9 Willlani street, ark, S.J. )Kf-Ffl, CARKIAUKH, WAOOMH OF ALA KIM DA, and Harm lor aalc. The laraeat assortment of liuudy lajp v prorerA and btialuen Wagons, new and second 1, V i*: :otuul lit the < iljr, sud at the lowest pncea. Mo. ft n.ui'i.'i'' uid Mo. 10 Kevins street, Itruok.jn tiRRK, WA'iON AMD HAKNKRM FOR SALIC-A hiiodaoui" Imy Horse., vin year* "id, sound aud kind, at>." to> a family; <i?h1 under the aa Idle, together with a l> gey .iitd liaruea-s >o. iliulaleii Uwi'v uncuUK.rucom - win t> M lor *-k?' t u l>? wen at fboin|j.*KT? Lit cry L'ie, Mo. IIP Kaal Thtneonih rrwt. r?T arrttfp fro* vermont-omr fatr bt.acx tlomra, lUauUtoolaa.) HI yoarauid; .kind, aouuit and true. I l?: *oid lor Mall Uu ir value, aa the owuer ta awk and rati "Luru to the doortry. t'an be keen at the Merchants'Katie, A eat Twealj -tnalli aireeA /.TtllRD noRRKR, CARRTAflF, M \ RMFRS, AT-\ - i . air pair ul yvei-k aial vvr> -djrli-a II .sea, Hhaada u. f . I : ll> nouttd und hind, w1Lhalwof .il t 'arnafc, high vk u^oii, *r , for aais at a hargido, al .No. ti Boerum aireet, 1MKK A RTRTKNH, M AMD M FBANKLIN AND TI . White street, am door wear ot Rrrxxlway, nave on exkauo ayeeimen Kuad Wyuna, of all weights, which are gwe> feu to be equal ta el|r?. alagaaeaat Brueh and haralilnjM ether maha. Wa are aar prepared la recaww where fee ecmlng eraaoa. TKW YOBK ULACX II.9VK.-THW WKLL, KNOWN Lroi iliac NtUiluh la now ata tiding for Biarre at the Ked use, ll.rwn. Fur lunhar paruculart inquire of C. * A*-'KR, al the Ited Mouee. KW -ADDL* AMD BRIPf.K TOR HAldl ?FIRMT qWtllt) light Riding RaMJe, with hi*i Kngii.u ISrslle, will old cheap, aa the owner has no ate Inr them; *l?. one tU'f Kk.-e >.uhlle, Wi-tnU poouda, ctaiipl-to. T-au la- a> e. Ml. -t thin, alh irvrt. oeiwnFillh aud hltth ei cnu> t *,Mlt' RFUdlHAAA, CHKAF-IN OOOD OUDKK. IM vwti a ad hall's ferry tftel, Mew Jriwwy, MWOH MOANKKT. HV-f lVN .S RAlJC-fiOlSO tO KI ROPK -A BCAl' tie*il I duck Fmy, powerful, last and }"iuid, rnjrtoei i,.? h. h T?TV I*'"*-. *-" ??ri"??,i i"'r"* r"""* "** . .. ,,, '. fmrrmt". ni'?lr nandmtu", very ivt an-* k-h . lir ' 1?4 aUMt, ? lUmmabura. TUJSII horphb FOR 8AUt I <>na,;Ur biaok Horaea. nlua yenra ^.wrU ltottatad. ani ? to. JM*tm uyvtArr ?*U Ua. rack. k?*bl 1'.* tatat a- , .. uwr r- r wwe Hun* aa<I bar ran trnd>. * me ptf iD^bni ftoily 4#?>rv?, l.UM /mo, m , ..1.1 vmM 1M? toaata. um rtaatnul bora (on y-ar I r. .. totoJ.wMli(? Ail U- auvvo Morar p i - r pant <* f?* 1)'^- actio. an ? . , nn*urpa-?rd a> a-.y u-lh-I nl---4 r'a. > y..rfu: , : - , ,*>.? apply to IWtWS* A CO.. hi. lulao lUM ra bediord. Kaaa VANTFD-A WAAOR. TO CARRY FOCR, MOW wall aata. wttto toy oa bank aral. (root a benia u. lur fsy^gBsffiqasra 17 ANT K.r?-A CAl JtoHRHOTKAHLR FRONT-*RAJU. f nrw-aacy AjUai. aiai well built. Ai?o, aOnr l^-ctawa arb. all mi, tonarlr **. Alan, a an ct tar dmitolr Ma ta. wari. aa? and ol toaatquakty. I'araona bating wit*. "I*2.d-*^r* ^ WINKI iHO U?DOM. Ml .bPlflVj (*!l DRAl'OMT, ? I>-K / iikawn rmiMMLVKK IJNKD rotirT. rv I a T,a la aarr .nt-l ,o ba eq ual In arnana arA Ut> i ' J .-I lb- 1-viar brand* now impartial In LKAlea r AR RLKr 1* r<^ pomu-l>MruTJ^ltian Hotel rUMCb'K. M HriAdwar. fcRAllV tOWUAaaanHnala.) airl Prince lu MKMM * *. r-*arr Hi ??1?a. ami ? lHJKl.tN?i-<UH HmtaaarrU>RKNCK HutWataHraiirw. A. C. l.AWRK>Cb, mcnnr tor.^twy mllV aUaet. tov.nrmnt, Hmndwar, earner Ft toa? utreat. w . >] \ |MKV A *>>., onrn* r Broadway ana Pakon a,. 1?, II ril.'M Vr Waibwk .Ui-.ll* Mrf' Htu7e, comer rrtiwrand WooaWbMNH, R. T A YIAyli. Aarary Ciy, nrar Ik- terry. AkWT< Wb, ai i'- i.anaet, llrvoUyu. BAY V.KW Sfe* HauUltom^m^.r*. tale tonix-cv-ra an-1 PdiotHaua, OTWairr ar. ', n? .r timet ay -AM IRS toRT WlRKS?aVItARLS rOS IRV JUD J . y,.tt..(ramrtb'*. bc**J*d U l-nodon. ?. J"iW : ".rsssvsiinRrssns txxu vr. ? *-M Wall pane of lb* cCy or Brooklyn. I>.rr 1 r ,, AUe uau.-dnni Horl-.uu. blrfb auJ l"?r Itaa low eat market prtcoa. H. B b i'-n -r I > - - ac fiTOI Al.K -TITK aCKHTRlBr.ll-* AKKCwSHtAN "A V, . ,rt II--M. braoal falkirk AV", dlrr nai arry, pi* up aarafaliy lo oarka -a r.ght .lur. ton;* I " ?, aud '*- r Ib>- aam< for **'? lo I " b- "M r ,r- IlKINHnm H*.irH'kJ ~ 'cOyoT rtoAU??o fii lion OR poorqoaljtt or w*r J Aak, bat baaa haA Onbark mat ?m.aloa Lnkn Pr?rn*a and ?*Uror*4 at toa per ton, nr In ranuka* vaktoi* fl - oa <w .t warta at ta H par la* far ate^ fay*. PiR?aa. 4 ?&-snafa?aS5fflD n. i jowrani ARMWRONQ A CrnCRIT, WOCMOU TO john ELLIOTT 1 OO, w mxtu imml ouit clearing out sale OKAJtm OCT THN HTOCK ON BANS at a AACRirunt : Lam Flotncetaf, Lmc Cam, Uw VsUb. l*a? OsBara, * ?brtadrrlsa of every description, Handkerchiefs, m every it via. Hosiery, in ell sizes, Ribbuoe, Drue TtbudId^*, Snail Warea, AT A PACWTIOt MO SIXTH ATPTUB. J At ni picbcrtal* m uoadwat. injtiaia and ! Onal of Anna embroidered on haadkercbiss, labia lloen and bed cMbea. Cetlae aad RUk Embroidered made to erder. , Tranafrfruni Urea mended and dune np like new. "Iimir'ne for rmkrotdertea perfectly dene. (Xifidreu'e Cloaks ready made aid made u> order. Nmbroidered Cbeaalaea and Niabt Gown Yoke*. Ladies' aad Children's Under Gannett la, Ac. w red Importation. j Ai'ihal oppobttniwitt To porekaae rich and new MadtJDaa, at m to t0 m cent Below met of Importation. FOR FOURTEEN DAYS LONGER ONLY. The luuaenae wholesale stoek OF BULPIN, GKHGlMlN A RLLIOTT, (Formerly Gen. Hulpiu), _ ( will be on SAI.k ~i? retail, AiitMilckinaNMMltoMrfi rnriow U) U^commet>comegt8^j?|h trad* EXTRAORDINARY INDWKSENTS AXE MOW OFFERED A8 FOLU>WS> 00 BUck Leee Points, at tt 40. 3S0 da (Urge six*), at 94 9*. 276 Flounced Lace MnnilMrr at 19. SOU Gray Mohair and Baraga An*kaIel>wtera.>?W. US Gray Mohair and other Huue, (ran W. , also, black hmT^ntieLas, To the finnrt rooda manufactured, ALL SIMDLARLT CHEAP. gAHEOK ANGLAIS SOBER K j low more ju8t received, cheap. LORD A TAYLOR, Nee. M to W Blend ef. Noe. 9M to 361 Grand atreeC Noe. <7 and 49 Catharine eireal. j DRESS SHIRTS AND COLLARS Made to ord<?r at abort notice. J TRAVELLING, CRICKETING AND BABE BALL SHIRTS AND PANTS < Oanetantly on hand and made to order. ' ZEPHYR MERINO UNDER GARMENTS ran LADIES, GENTLEMEN AND CHILDREN. < HOSIERY. GLOVES, GAUNTLETS, AC., JtC. ' 6 Vt'1* ?r ,$ vury ks* ?o?U at pnoea generally ' a=lfd Iwlufwlw <p-iiUiiit*- I 7.VI0N ADAMS, 697 Broad tray._ Dry goods from auction at less than the ' coiit oi prixJtiu'f ioii. Drroa Good* of all thu aeasonahln fabric*. In great rarietr. Linen and Cotton Good* lor houaekoopora' uae. Ltsee and Mualln Curtain* and Mawrtala. Straw Konaeta, Bloomers and Klbboaa. Canton Matting, Ac. ina a **1 ** SOOK, - HRand sMxUa avenue, | Between L'^feth and Ninth riraHn I TUNE a. fZlfUXD LAMBERT A CO., have removed THEIR WHOLESALE BUSINESS [ to i I Jta AND 3B2 BROADWAY, comer of White street. T ADIEB' AMD IMFATtltF DEPARTMENT. A BEAUTIFUL assortment MANUFACTURED GARMENTS. ALSO, ORDERS TAKEN FOR BRIDAL TBOU88RAU, INFANTS' AMD CIHL' DRRN'S UNDERGARMENTS, ROBES DR CHAMBRE, TRAVELLING DRESSES. AC. MOURNING GOODS MADE TO ORDER. LORD A TATLOR, Noe 461 to 66? Broad way. T OBD A TAYLOR, N08. Ml TO ?7t BROADWAY, Corner of Grand atraak TRAVELLING BBGB8 GOODS, QUAY NORWICH POPLIN8, DM BBOE8, AND DEMEARLE TRAVELLING GOODS, OP EVERY DEBCRVTION, Noa. tM to Ml Grand atrmt Noo. 47 and ig Cmibaitam atroot. T OBD A TAYLOR, , Noa. Ml to tff BROADWAY, eoraar Grand alrart. W1D apm, on HON D AT, Jobs ?, RICH OMAWn OR?. AT THRU DOLLARR PRINTED JAOOmm, MX >aM CENTS. BRILLIANTR, ORGANDIRR, RARRMR BARRGI A NO LAIR, PLAIN AND ORNAMENTED, At., Aa Noa. Mt to SSI Grand Are*. Noa. 17 and M OatAartna atraak TT*T RF.< KIVED, PER STEAMER ASIA, r ARIS JfADK (J traveling aod bopping Rap. for ladies' and gaatlcinnn' u?r; new styles. JOHN CATTNAl'H, Trunk Manufacturer and Importer, M Broadway, eornsruf Wail street, and TOO Broadway, near fourth aueet. ?iZK BROADWAY DOD unns a seacohd. > iim* Rhirla to order, Fitting warranted. Men's Furuuhwg Good* Tn rrery variety. RFOmTMItt. " A OR ABD CRICKET MATCH BETWEEN ST. OKOROK'S awl Km** tVoatT Oluba will be pUyM on Wednesday nd Thursday. June a and *. on tba new groaad, liot?>ken. Admlwuna to tae ground, 10 ccula, Members will be admitted by their Ughata only. A QUOIT MATCH FOR A FILTER OCT, OH WEDKRR. A day, June 27, at 3 P. M? at Charles H. Plater's Hotel, Waal Uatofcen. It atcrmy, *r?t fair day, aaaaa hoar. A PAIR?DOO AND ELCT, OF TROROUOII RRXT>, large whit* Orry bound*, of great beauty, are for eale; lotlow home and carnage and are mat prta. A rare ehaana far a geailrmaa In the country. Inquire at S Great Juq jj Arret, Inkn 7 to A. M. and trim * to 7 F. M. 1 -CH)R RALE?FIVR FRENCH PLATE LOOKING I? <lU*a-", 10 ti?n double git; Gold PenrUa a ad a superior llano. 25 per rent tr*? U,?n than rod: must be ?o?d. Apply La front baajweat 87 Varloh aueat, M. b. J i J.YOR FA Lit?A HOOP TACHT OMR TEAR OLB, 38 I baa brlien wtt.eSar-17^ ?? J UraSara atlrt m T. r. Baldwin, Warreratrmw, H. T. I tXitt RALE?A I.tR'.F MtWFOCHDLAKD DOO; WILL tc aold at a tibarai prtee. Inquire at 3M? Eighth atrect. fO* MAIJf-Tffll YACHT WILD WAT*. TWEMTT J? nice (M hw, HUfi tret kMI, A my M aaUbr Mt ft I good are *wt; ollctrr "htiilt, roarer faater.ed and (p onraoW# J order, *i?Mro eotce** oat U and mn AMiM wTw. Mt, J Herald c^ce. or bar be aaaa at the Club Bouee. Oow?aft ! ipo* hal*. rsE.vr-A n/>or yacht, a? rrrt ,l ? laehe# keel, ta parfer* order. a ttk two ?uim of aalta, apera. dr., wlli be eoti aery taw. Aidreae hut 1^82 P(bt iftrf, A Y. II |?OR RAtJf-THK MCUOOXKB YACHT CKTIUX, 77 m r ton*, three yenra rid: baa Pud been Uoirmj^hly overhaulp rd. rell'tod utd painted. tlan ha aacu at MUU'JI Inland. br' tvorn th?y<Juar>.n1io? ami Hiapleton landing*. for lenua ad#> drra* J. U . Jr., beg 1,113 rnt ( re. ^ *" fOR a A UK?A TWENTY KIOHT FRKT HAIL HO AT. OAT *M* rtr, a ?erj fa it nailer, a-iU be rotd rra?na?hte, eI?o a rail w boat. t? < ! v fart leu, wftb jib or without; wtU he aold cheap i Apply to J AH. WILJ), foot of Court atreet, H"u:h Hr.?*ly ?. r / hCOITlNU,-A MATCH OK Ql'OITs WILL JIK ri.AYKD It! W oo lit. Mew York ?gur4t ground, 7? Vartrfc nre- t, oa tobdneedaj. the *7lb l?et., N Iwea U? ThlrUe audJS. w York I tub*. IV* to rommeooe bl f o'block. Ail Urrem of quuding are tnrfled to be preaenl. ? opoKliMi 111! \ v-IIT dCUOOMKH rtTftSLs MK O yen'! erroa tone, three year* eld, together abb aU her alia, iMd. aarlmrm, cable, funuiura, earn, rrorg. ry, giw*, L/i plate ami l.laled * are. wUI be eotd at aarfton by Maeere. L. M. HorfJlAM A CO., altiw Men.', ante Kxahangr-, <*> Thusday, June 38, at t P. Mr. Addreat J. C.. Jr., buil.lllh.T. V.e- ..f! rt. Tha taunt niu run haub. TheMlftllBret daaemoee yaaftl'MCUD, teaaMb | aadeoe<d die faeiaataiaaa rabble bAfttrtta artlt beaoid I ypj ehe^. Iiiepgjto" iraatil ?d brat MM bun blU Inif rok s uj ? v Hciiot>kkh va'*ut or about tei.-bb-eii tone burthen, Wi lt adapted for a pilot h-nt, en fi" (ftalr arw, built aad boad iu the beet laaobtr Malta fa<. for mloknt Apply to IH(< H ITAXWrfJ.. ? itr*rn VACHT FOM MAI.K -TO MM bfW.n TfinY t/)W, A TI.RA X eora yacbt t?rran 'Area let l< ag, tea fret baatn. trfth aSlHW ? I ?a i Jf?'t J if anil at good order. App!\ at baftjuEk Habubaa. or to MM0. WOJU KM\dftWarrau Mrbat, J IttWSPAPKRI. be fTUK #ATKJt < V*K JOl R> AJ. Volt JI?LT, MOW ir- 1 rehdf. aaateiM ?Hrgteolo aad Drug MadiCatten Can la, treMed: iWaeeaat tbe Thj.wt and Lunga, Hraao PrartVne <* at, the Mmrhal ilwi^Hrraliamt of Itie (Troop: A family Mere"^tyi A llreae^atblr l>nar. Dr. Wlneblp'e M*prrtenre. The ? (bub OM-aar. ('ol)aati n betaraee IKadore and Pruggixe and J, murh rabfr akattrr uaefui m erery reader. A oew yrd'ime rommanede with Bw preamt tMWhw. aod am la tbe Uaae to a aalwrtbr. Only $1 a year. * Addre* rtlXIW k WO.IA, I SIB Kmart way, flew Tort. ? rHiK ni ftKnisii moykmm^ 'ct^ilL Ad wifttotr 1 and pMtaaftibj. wttb praMtl jtoacttuaa far the trm.lbt (at \ arlo jg rtLeurea. lUuatrated with 7# ngradnga: fomtlng a PB r. mplelo manual >* My Ueo. . H. Teylor, M. D. ft "* 'R,;s!.a,r?aA. M . ** I'rtmrtaajr, hew V 'k. of Thie le k>" dfW nnmr'ete weytr oa Mft eihjS^t >.,i.lUed .e h|. An-.p-'" L will be l?ued e-eful m aU "iMra bir m .. be prtd? ftl o', aad n aJ ?-e, women, abrt llrtrea V AW 1 UllA J1UJ1LAUU, ' Will A| PAR7NKR WANTWD-1JI X HUtft CLASH KBPTAOrul and U&tr Uer aaJoou ?u Broadway. Adttrree V (J., Ut'dlMM _ _ PatMu ?iim- iu mm x toom* ham no will tu.ecl tut aqua! amount is buying * MaMp thai la pay *; a haaPWini per rentage; one wilUap laao Waat far a oanle M maul)t? preferred Ckpiul reuuiree altuut till kcimw.?ruUii('i. Adlrtiu WUiiajw W., bax 143 Herald uffice, far taw daya. PARTNER WANTED- IV TUE JEWELRY BUhl.NEbS, I uu IIroadway, well establlahftd: for a pr.ietlral man wtUi pjuwf raplml, a^uwaup^-u .utiit^wlll Ira ottered. AddreM O. Wanted-a hextlki an, wrra aboct ?,uuy, to 1,1 jttln the advertiser, wha m already eeUbhabed la a preliable apd highly respectable btutiuena In tide city. Ilia aalee j ?re mad# to Tnedng heueee u> the trade, mad are rather for raah or pnoodbtcd paper. Any part) baviuK the atw.-e amount 1 utd dr-nlytap an Interview, when iba full details of the buainese will be eapUlncd, jtid eatialuctiiry reforcneeegiven, willpktabd tddtr.s. C M. R, Broadway Tuetoffioe ncarCaaaj etraeL ? TWTASfm.?A PARTY WITH ?S.M0 OtPTTAL, IN A n tuNe and ptnliiniile auiuufuc-luj tup bteduuM of the moat Maple nature rbe biuiues* la perfecayatW, without risk, as lha adverti*.-r bee orders eiraatl audit tent to satiety any person lealroua of entering into A sate and sure business. The Koode ire euld for oaeh. Address E. E. W. A., Herald office. {OCA -PARTNER WANTED, IN A PLKAriANT AND profitable c;.->h business, requiring no other capital, giving a constat.', and reluhie iii'-owra. An industnoua uiitt buaeet men only need apply at Mhi lir.tadv. ?y, room If ?')ll??PARTNER WAXTED-IN A CASH MANLTAC burlap bualneaa. Kxtenstou ua)iiiiih*l. Connection* lust lutea ivim! jobbing drycouds housea iu line city. Will clca tweuty p twciityiive dollars per day, wb. -b ran he shown Capital panted for machinery. iiiyum of Mr. Bruwn, dit-d finest No. 9. (J? A [)A TO #1 000.-PARTNER WAXTET>~THB AD iPi vv veitu>-T has for the r.u>i ihive years bcm i-ugaged as nauilT In a good f-m-h buMtw-**, and Is now offered Iho a hole cofbagu cheap. The greater part of the money can re main. It ? now pnytng 99o u week over evpcu-.s M Jet b t single and temperate. Call at jW Broadway, ruuui 0. ffCnit ?ANY At'TI\ KMAN HA VINO KW WITH tJOOD V*AUU."rrferenoe as to hoc-sty. Industry, Ac., can have an opportunity to join a rrspi-iabln party with an equal amount to pnr< ligfc- an oM established cash buMuc?s, paying nlHxi W.OOO per yrar. and can be increased by proper crtarry. Nothing to pay for good wiU, but oaxly fljtlurea on hand. Apply at 599 Broadway, room IV. C?1 OS A WANTRD-IM CASH, AND AM AOTCVB Vlin'Jv man who can devote hla tone In a light, genteel ?ud highly respectable busies*, where he run ci-ar at least B.OOOU year. Address (i. P. W., boa Ltt tleiaid office, with fnll name. hi ft/inca8h a vn \>tivk partner wantedFldJU'i In an established business, now utaklng money slid call be largely Increased. Business done stricUy for cash ind division or prolan daily. Address Uudsou Klver, Herald i mcsf. tO AAA ?PAIiTMRP NTEU, IN A SAFB, UKNf*"1 ,nd P bnsluesa, srlth the above unou&tmca<h. Address or apply to hDWAKllS, 36 Hlcccker WCtt. j ^ ?o aaa -wanted, or apttye mam to proVA.l/UlI. i-hase the half, or if preferred, the whole of a well established business. Principals only address O., box 139 Herald office. BWIM, ROOMS, AC-, WAMTKO. A|k|' lady wants" a HOUSE, xrar Braniway, or Klfh avenue. net far up town. Address J. M., room No. ill, btcvecs MouSO AHOI 9E WANTF.IWWIT1I THK KOIHCRN IMPROVEtuenis. Isicnt ion between Hiecck-raed Tw entieth streta. una 'roil, the Your lb to the sixth aveuues. Kent not to exceed . |1 out'. Any one having s'Jch will lied a prompt puprg tenant. ! Address A- U. V., IhnUO, Herald office. j Hni KK n ,l.>ir.u?A AMIII .? rmnn>n niurnmenCor high s'oop, well located, la wunted in tbe full by a i ery desirable tenant, wUh a smalt and earned tunity. Rent If on ? li nn.- 01 three 'o Oil >ear*, not to exceed 91.UUU nor an' num. Address. stating exact locality, R. w. B., Herald ado* Hoiish vt antkd.-wanted. from tub first of September. a ell located boose tip loan, auitalile for a entail family. Kent not to exceed M? Aldresn, with terms and locality, J. A. C., box 1.0V7 t'oei office. WANTF.I)?PART OF A UOCKB DT TOWN, BY A FAnnly of three grown'peraeusi rent not to exceed 9300 per rear. Address, with name and number, House, Union aqunru Foal office. , TTmtNTF.D?FOR A SHALL FAMILY OF ADULTS, Tf three or four unfiina-tte.l Room*, for housekeeping, In a house having all the modern couvcuieucva, located belvrueu Fourth and Thirtieth atreeta. K. LAWRENCE h CO.. 82 But Fourteenth ffireet ANTKIX-HY A FAMILY OF TURKIC PKKHONH, PART of 9 Honan. In Brooklyn, between tbe Hamilton and Fulton ferric?, with water and gu, in a respectaole and ploaxantly located neighborhood, and within fifteen minutes' walk of the ferry; rent 9UU to 9179 per annum. Addrau Degraw, N. Y. 1'oat office. axtku?part of a hchsk, with modern improvrmrnts, In New York, Brooklyn or Williamsburg (If the lauer. convenient to ferries), by a gentleman whose family consists or wile, baby and servant. Address, lining terms, which must be moderate, J. f. f., Herald office. ~Eicwioi?. inxccaaioNH to long branch, m. j, via rajuEl tan and Beta warn Bap Railroad -flodettea. nhanffi^ goaday schools, Ac., drslroua of forming nauurffion parllat ts the above doBghlfnl watering place, wlllbc dean with on ran ihs cnaapanj's effiaa, aoraar <i i^ckr* Jr jiLi RJtC'O^sioR to hhwmuro, P landing at Went Point and Cold during. The large and eommndhsis steamer H KNOHIO HUDSON, ardl leave Cham barn street at eight o'clock A. M., touching at Hp ring, Amos and Thirtieth ffireets, N. R . on Wednesday, July 4. 1WU, returning tripT? eewuT* 'raworka In ffia arming. Far* tor the nana /^K.vTlTKXCURMON TO HANDY llUOK?TO WEI. VJf come the arrival of the Ureal Kaetern. The steamer THOMAS HINT, Capt. K. II. Hall, a 111 leave tbe foot of Barclay rirrrl at IDjjj A. IB. on the day tnal iau Ureal Saucta arrltes off tfcndy Honk, mnkliig a delightful excursion down the bay, giving tbapassrugera a rare opportunity to witness the beauuc^ J ^ihetow ar ba^,^iu^c]l l|? gi^ant^i ^ncpo^oos will arrlva back at New York about 3 P. M. G~TKJ? KAMTRKN KXCL KJIUM.-THB STEAMER NAUSHON wiu Wiu irutke throe trips to Coney Island, leaving AM stmei at Fie, 12'* and S.'?; Spring street at tjfc 12J, and TJ,; pier No. 4 North river at III, I and 4 o'clock, af fording a spicudid view of ibe steamer Ureal Eastern as ahe comes up Uie hay and whtio at anchor off the Buttery. Fare lor (be excursion 2S centa ___________ UUNLIUIIT KXCt RrtlON uo the Central park.?Call at the I'enlral park stable, comer of Brosdnsy and Fifty-ninth street, opposite Urn axaiu eriiranoe, and lake acuol ride an (be Central park. Family Carriages, Buggy x, Saddle Horses fur genitamea and ladies, at 91 per hour. Conveyances by Aixui aad Eighth avenue Cars. CT. MAkY'ri URAND PICNIC li Vaf iKs? K#?ni fit of tb#? Xf?W Ht'bool HOCUfc. jolowtooin Will take place on TlTTRmiAY, Jun- ?, 1MI. The Onmmittre of Arrang?-raenu, In announcing Ihr r luutual entimiec, beg leave to tnlorm their patrons thai Umy a u. sp u? neither pallia nor expense to make this, whallii. JUrj alvtayg REST ETrfRSTOIC OR TTTE RK VROW The proprietor of Jones' Wood. Mr. toman, has made aev-ral Improvement*. and will en'ct, expressly lor ihi* oera Ma, a new platform, and a large and spacious umt, 'tader which I i*t> person* ran enjoy 'Iicu-*eJ\ * dancing. These, in addition i? the large platform already ?n the ground, and other place*. w*i be capable of accommodating R'.OOU people. and aire ail an opportualty el partk ipeling In one of Urn created leaMt. of wruj eojujwM Una has cm uUun place uihegu/ of New Tort ' injnt com.lot basde , Hare beet engaged, wtirh win be tinder the direction of Mr. MMR sr.rjuiA?lS*?At^rroK "ARCTXO, rndc r thd control M a commuted, wha wUI enf <jnoelha roleaef On- aaoat itemed able balls. There wfll also be I wo hnixla for Old Count? danct-w under the change of competent poraana, (Hoeing lb rrajuneurc al V o'clock A*. During I he latermW km, ibe ftui hand of lft y perfertnen win executa a witty of national draa lu the alterunou, the band of 8C Viaoent'eAcadttny, who iatre kindly vdmleered, by permlmton ef their superiors, wtU appear In a grand vocal and Inatniaaental roeoerc on a ralaed platform lu a separate pan at the arose, ta what osty y hundrod uldMrcn of He W?i W auhonl aUi take chUdretuader mm years af age, aeeonmaalad hr IhaO.. parenmur guardian, free. I STR(?dMII>T-MADA?K WILHONCAN HK DEPKh'DJx ndotl In giving saitareoMon. Her nredWkma are sotrue all abouid net lit her, she has nocjaal to #*tog true hUormatioo crsiecrnotg love, marriage, aWni friend*, all business aifalr*. and tell* ail that eunoerna your a bole Ufa. 11 Allen anil, mi* lis bakery. AW CIA riDR ARTROLOOXlfT, THAT EVERT ORE ? i..r ? ?,nda*bd from, la Madama & umN,%vr?t*i~thn dbJKTT' i rour iM at auoa e* you enter h"f riom. AU should cm?ult tit. nntumily gUted Inly. *. 4 might ?? tbdn many mialnrtuiar". Hhu catutee il??1) m.rruagra, iu*d Mix All the. anmm y?er whole Ufa. Ilnr [*?!* time nm t> try tbnl tbrj * jrprtxx ell who cao.u)t her. ^-M ? 1 ?ro lu |i? w ? ii<xi of ittagtr harmi for lo?? u4 good Innk, irtlfh ?m . .. r i rtain u Qu'lr Madame Wtlaon telle ao man IM xw Mai tytHt hi He ttauad. though they xx4 f*' fnw, f?T alar ir.??e<f . uutiilng but wlml aa meoecMdMa Ui a laUf'xocl.rr*. |H? Allen atreet, near Waiitua, orer Ite baltnry N tUf MAM Mad iraUt-OMO. M cent*. ^ A RTTOQ^MJItl ? MAi> VMK MORROW, McVkvTH Uaujater. bora wtah a, nan) and *tfl <4 for-clght, Ml* hour xe.waeodj.lieo vug mmlTf, and nanny etreutx, a-ren y,.ur eery lb"Ug)dr fee It rente until otbera atop cngyhar ay eAr. rMrmrtaia, <e-?Urunrlt bui aOIIOual. IM Lwlluw atruet, belt ?w lletiakin. ST* mm ^cahaRR a a v.?thh mvwnckjotm lajmt u? a vr il-Vwo ho?notbba*n tar thmi KLRBK atitd la. MaalMfl l-RRWMTUi; hhe haa been orwUted by Ihvtaaajd* In I' da ant other ?Wm with mam aaMarbrftao; da mrl* rotiOtm t afcr haa?u equal. ah< telle Ute nam of future w*? ur biaxb. .nd, ?>wr> tbwt .> her rWtnc. l/jm wlak Ran tratb *VTl Wr1" ^ JkUi above Twenty Brat aUeet. iJRAr h In^ATWlUMOf/Mrer AND amtboiahiiiw Jh. 0*1 fc nua tbew.rld-^lid SkOUU rcwerd for aor uon Wb-J ddnnqnel Waa #tl4.l KOTOW, wV> to eelmaarladgn* 1 bx the ohlrUiiv ? ttua cMj . who truthfully uvea Inf.-motion con eerafof I. near*, la* Haute, .tiearoeyw. Abet n* Krbetd., levee IV?irtrt(j a Merman, Hreltlt, Wm.Ua, and who will rr im Drntake*. , and iii.lailliful ll'luuade. I?n!*y m . to MMnfl- 4 gifted and yu m* ted/. *A A r r*edatl - m Htrtl a *,xanax, nppoelte Klghti. SriB /fL ALLs*-^-IIARLKd (t)U lll -TKR. ' IMPRKSUI ?' a Rappla* mm) Writing Medina, eta bn modelled at hi. renew v IwTl Atiiilji etmet. Tloura from 11 A M. Uil 8 r M /1?J IHRIHTOPHKR HTRKKT MRS ? K'"KI1KR. tll? btss yrr annt tad fhtere nrnnta, afoea troe aed eerraet tMomuaUaaa r an wttaaexa Uan Irnih ol W nnwrrt mmlnUnm d irln* the peel * hinnnu |hnn. R'?e?nbA, 48 OhrHiber itreet, ppali firr^jte.sssJScs'iJir, ??sv5 nwi hiaao KTRirnr. krak h iwcut -badam* aol WIlMiRR, rlnlrrnvac' anl (.red - pxnj.h btda. uc.ntl' tb?m)1.Vi. I' - n v 4bA I " -r: . 7 I 7?'r ?-~ ~'-~ i' Ajko. t HwrontVomD * op., iprrrointCM. jsfist%8gw>y&mk, tft&MXXMKaft J&S& At tie fly. alary brown suaie reaaieoce, NnKValTwHlybilk MM.MT tfEih fnw. 8tperb K'vro ucU<? row wood Planol'titte. Tnpcelry UruaarU Carpel*. Bookca-ct, Niegvrea, Centre Table*. An. China, 0 lass aad Silver Ware, bbnAeid and Table Cutlery, Ac. To purl Irs In want of first etnas household furniture this la A rbance arUiom uflered. , The furniture waa all made to order, by thorn celebrated rabluet soaker*, Well A Roth, ami is of the best, description. Catalogues at the house. bath avenue earn aud autges pats ueur lilt's houjHS. lira whig R noma?Magnificent (rand action eevaa octave Pianoforte, 11mA with outit,wood, overstrung baas, eiegsuUr I itar*ed rosewood eaae, made by Bm vdwsy Tusker*: rosewood lanlrihttry, do. Hssol, covered io Unr-ndr; French cbnh Uuvwr, rosewood eerretary and Book, see, Kuooigneurs, Mitrtueu-rle and hviade runs Oablueta, lady'a work Table and writing iisak. Inlaid with pearl;. medale tt velvet eiu-pets, monoid Huge, Fraurh plate pter Mfamtra, marble alalia and braokeu; two large mAuiel Mirrors, richly carped fraiuea, rtubroidured lace (uruunfi Fraorh Hhade*. t'nrnioes, two mannincuat suita of drawing room Furniture, covered in three colored aatiu brorude of the richestdeaertpHon, carved in solid rosewood; two tete-S tele Kolas, two aim, reception aud t ight oval, b.t k lhaiia, two ronowooA centra Tables, statuary marble top?, to tratcb the suit; kUrgeiea, llued with aatluwood, marble lop, mirror door* and back; Kiw i paleat rerlining easy Chairs; ?ard, quartette, pier and oonrole Tories. Oil Palnunpa, by Is?graud, Cole, Pliunsn, Rouanclt, Kellers, Kg law and other eminent artiaM, A&sunyiltou of Virgin Mury, from the celebrated painting In l<otivr?, Ft rut; Terribc florin at Mea, by b ii>gvrna?lc;twuaui><xbmalub i*alni mgm Keen** la the ILvky moiuitslus, orlglnal'liy Kglaw: Fruit, t.suie, Interior by beikrv*; fit. John tbe BaiuiM, in r?h llorentine Bume, by Legriud, Family (Troup. Madonna. Winter and buiyairr, West Point, Scene* on the Coast of Prance, bmuggkws,Ar.; number of line-Cabinet Pictured, two match Paintingh, Keeuc la the lubjrior uf blclW, antique Un-ii Vaaee, from FowipeiAtiul Hercuianium, equestrian tlruup, Crusader", PuiiaaUruup, Paulaud Virglma; Iwu elegant Vases, mat Hovrrs Chida, unporbrd for the present owner, cost tlw: Parian mantel Ori.*roen?4 Aceordeon, Musical ltox, plays eight dlfferrot Mutes; Ormolu Clock, rtiua our month, imported expressly lor the present owner; proof copy Kngravtng*. liugateUit Hoard. rosewood Hat buiurf, Chairs to match; Uflcloth, velvet btair Carpet*, Silver liods, Ae. Parlor,chambers are Taruisbed with Kugliab Leo tola Carpets, rosewood rnarblo top Dressing Bureaus, Bedsteads and Commodes, to match: Armotr-a-alaee, Toilet Tables, Shaving Stands, Ward rubra, Tbbir de-Nnit, Kickers, Couches, arm and oval back Ctama entered in moquet, spring ttnd hair Mattresses, Had sprnada, blankets, feather Beds, Counterpanes, Bolsters. PU lows, oral Mirmra, paaml Paintings, decorated ehtua Toilet Beta, Turkish Towels, brocatel Curtains. Upper Chambers? Mahogany sad uiack walnut Uureaus, Sofas, Mockers, Washstands, Bookcases, corner Stands, Toilet Tables, Ac. Dining Room?Oak Buffet, tatuary marote tup; Extenaiafi Dining Table, Ulept ion, Armchairs, ( .niches, elegant sels crystal and I ruby Ulaaaware, viz?Decanters, two dozen (tobieu, ditto Champagne*, Wines, 1* tnoiu.lri. Tumblers, fruit, celery and preserve bland*, act* of Klnger Bow la, Parian marble ami ruby rlaas Punch Howls, gold trench . luna Dinner rtuta, 100 pieces; Claret Pgrhera, ruby and gold Liquor rteta, rich doooraUal Tea Net", 44 pieces; solid silver Tea ani Dinner Nets, Coffee Lrn, Casters, Cake Baskets, Napkin Kings, spoous Porks, ivory handle Table Cutlery, Ac. A J. BLXKCKJCB, fH)N A CO. Sffla At Ua'elork, at the Merchants' Kschsnge, tbn rum or land, Containing from to HLote each, BBOADWAT, BARLKM R^R^nTH. JHTH, 313TB. ZitTH, and 21dTU BTHKBTH. M per cool Pan rewmin en bond and mart gage Part of K tar ten year*. Ibis property la widen ooe hour's time of Chambers street, by Ike Hudson River Railroad trains, leaving at < and 9.15 A. It, end 1.15, Ltt, ill, 3D.? and MX 43 p. M? (leave TbtrtrItal street station K minutes later), stooping at Tubby Hook whlcn is eery aear UPT premises. Return trains atop on the war down at t>.57, 7.3d, 8 07, 10AM and 11.55 A. M., and AOS, TUB HARLEM RITER BOATS *5*5 ^fIWndT^ P* Vui^to^Tlm at tha lout of lldth street (wttrh la now opeoedAd graded trans tha rtver to Beoadwayj. 1 hoar and 15 minutes The earn# beats return every hour until T P. X. The Third avenue oare arrive at And learn (every Ave minute*) the landing on llarlsni iHas, at <6e end ef the TbirdIavenue, where tha alesrabnan " - IKiSMHfMrkmioe. HK1IT* These Who go up to slew the proper** will And seek plot tebeil at |he four corners. with a number la the oentre to oornmpaad with tke map.wMeh may be obtained firaas Ike anaBiaeer'e office, No. / Pine street, or from Mr. Poet, at the Can AOIDKOH B. 8TKVKNH, APCTIOjrKBR. . Oftice and salesroom 110 Broadway. .VjI lha genteel Rowwood, Mahogany and Oak Furniture, (?uia?4 tn the elegsnTbrowu So. ? Weal Merenth street, a law doom frota fifth arena*. Thla day, Wednesday, June 17, at ?K o'clock, The roarwood rurnfluro wan all new only nine month* nincc, and made to order by Hum, Dillon A Co., el Ihlactt). CM* russwocd ^ ^ viu malktr * ^ Twoe^t carved Kulla of ^ Funulurt, Rosewood Ktegeres, ^otre and bookcase. Pier and naantel Mlnorx, ^ Oak dining room ^ rMewood cbuab.r Fomhure. f'ataleeui now rawly, and can be had si tho ofllc-c or house. Competent expressmen will be In atleodnnee W? <*rt or pack the furniture lor the Oouutry If desired. In the drawlna rooms are royal velvet and brtw-~la Carpels, man'ullomil "***"">.1 esfejsa ks? and core red with velvet, aauu and sjuire emi;iue,<|U 1 amC inca bv eminent artUt?, Kuyrsv log*. KViceres, Centre and Hoi a Hide fable*, Kncretmre. tXlifana, saliu Kaay ls?UBk?, dlung KvtenwnnTable, solid oak. II feet long; oak Buffet to matrh; 'I able Cutlery, frrurh cWna IHaoar H?d <* llkl plercs, and china Tea .del, >ulver C?*1om, Table and Tea Spoon*, Clock. Chairs, sola, Ac. Chamber*, en suits?KU-gant eaiwsd solid rosewood 11. d*le.ut. marble top Pressing bureau. MteMand, Commute. O utre TmM%, de-Olaoe, hair MatUsaac*, Veal her Beds, I'll low*. yuTOworr*. < arnjt. ran; ?m< IKM ana w?ui|r, saivm, 1,1 . ., M?ir Carpet, l>il?*).itb; a loo ma botany, walnut and enamelled routs ol ktirnllure, Bedding, Toilet *et?. I'arooung ami Kura Infntj form, a loo all ilw elegant roaewoad lumllura and Kl'hca Un-aidU S. h.?Bab; pwNlta COg'JfTRY SEAT AT PCBI.IC AUCTION-WILL BR I auld at public auction, 00 ha'.urjay^f upc 30, at U o'clock M.. on the prrmlaM, t.jr A. J. Bi.KK?TtKR, Auctioneer, a baud?on>? country heat of t* euly 0vo acrea, alt anted in Hcar*dalc, Wr* beater ocranty, New York, about eight rate* lea walk (riaa Halt a Corners depot, on lite liar km Railroad, on lite old poet road, two mile* aontk of White Puina, formerly known ad the residence of dovemur Tompkins, now owned by William Airher. TV* dwelling la large and old fashioned, somewhat moderuired. An abuudaiw-e of neoestary outbuilding*, naeUy new. A lao an Ice bnuae (Uled. There la a Ane utoue wall mnDbi( along the entire (root ?ilk an naage 'range bodge. The tan n la well ahaded with U11 loruat, evergreen*, and other tree*. Of trnifier* are fkO Utwum blackberriea nod rnsoU rriea. A lao currant* and gr? nuliai I laa. flfty grapevine*, a number (X dwarf pear and plnmb treea. Of amndard Irnlt a large uumbtr 01 the rhoioeat kind* of cherry, pear and har> ret ale Uvea. Alae tnra apple oreterds. The fields are la eota grass, corn and (totaiuea. There la a Una Urge vegetable ganien planted wtth all the earWHeeof the season. Alter the rale of the place the Stock and Farming Ctenaila will be sold. Alan the Household PtirnHnre. Terms eaar. The place Is remarkably healthy. Further Informallaa can be obtained by calling on Warner Piatt. Al liberty street, iwtween the hours of eleven and lour. The car* leave Twenty sixth street. U. K. at h 16 A. H., returning learea Hart's ctororni at 2.S0, ISO. and ;r.?. A conveyance will Met the 8.16 train Irum New Torh on the day of sale. A J. BLKECKOL At'CTIiiNBIR. A. Hoi-xKiiou) pvRNtrrRF A. J. HI FKi'KKK, HON A 00. will sail at <*? wv?... i .~- *a iilok o'ekwb t N at No. MA Tr* moaun 'tract, between bleecker and ftjuatco atreeji. A yeo*ral MRortmmt M Household FuniKare, . Oonahdkg of Koaewood Mutlc la broeelel, da la grcea pluak; three enamelled Anita, ? *$ pter jl?? Mirier*, t'oimtn*. fbadM. Ana Chair*, M ptinh end luur eioilj, Kqcfcera, Hodbtead?, Barren", Rn*ew-?o!l Ktegere, AWteboonf*, HrurarN and Jagrain tirpeta, OUakAb, tlcnlre and Hide Table* Bioaklaat, Dtan' r a ad Tea Het>, A Ik hen Article", Ac. t latalngiie i at Male. Aivno* ??>*?< *. MCllbll AM*X FURNITURE ANl> FCRKITUKF. PACKIKO 7'-tatilUhtn 111 aad 113 Waft Kkvenlh rtroet, bctweru Fiftl and Nt lib'a venue*. Ilrxiartrold fared err of arery lrerrtptW* A R Bu narpa, Avmomam -m cam** mxrn JX. Nhora aad at aartloa. by HltHABDIr 4 1A HJT1XO, on Wrdner-iiy, June *7, at lot, o'cb'-k, at ?tort atCrrUaa d atraat, rnanprudng a full aai null of drMrbb ^U. Abaa'an in vidua uf tkock Uouda. t elt logueaa oo mum U aale. Aucnox jffrrrnt-a orkat rar<; A7R for caah. I oner add maawaod doable parlor bun, aoat, whea new aauu, will be told I or $173, nor do cunelatlna of ooa Hofa, oar Arm uidrumri back (Siaira, will ba aold lurfTA Alan, nor faaowood Ktrcrre. mat arben new, $7S, alU be antd fortdi Apply to K. BoTH, at 73 tkitb aaaouc, aaaducobukrw Warar lay placa. A rcT??X JfuTICK A M C. RDICY, AtTTIONKK*. rctt akd weco.vd hand kiii<-i.nh, harness, ac KARA LI'IHAIW JR., Will Mil thu day (Wednesday), at U u rtnrk, a variety of no* and rural ba-id Vrhiele* of well bacon make. nra?<Mitg o k?lu> *3 \ I'haelub*, Tup Bugxlee, Itoud waguas, Ac , Ac A too -*rr" afcd double Harm Axtdlr. Ae. _____ A UCT|r>X Xrrn<T. -TWO* RW.f, A W. R. 7NOR A A HAM?On Thursday, at II o'nlorC, la lira *alnar>iota< No. At N?w 7tow? rv ,k?*l?' er 'tnaleofan entire work of m sorted Irfj (loud*, Tindery, IXury ArUcle , Jewelry, He* I adrr*1 ariv M. ( T.lldreo'* add ulhrr Hn<c, a lot of eutmr ? ltrblcg, Pledged tiuad*, Ae. Pa* abwhrr'a aaln on Frail) by nrdarol J. KRtorouo, 94 Ktyhih avenue. Fawahroker Mile (in Monday, by order ef KHdaoberK- PawaLrobar't ml m Tnieefcy. h> order of Mr. Rno*. a mwtna avLfc-TO PF.RWJNH \ HOLT GOINO T< A" AuNacfc?iiina. ao mui l*n?e to purcibuw im Pundlti?for lutir a'taat tt aw?t Tb- llcmw to l<H. 14k ft Kllteep't -Aunt, near *n>a>?tn??> linen? of *apk\adl< l*tnrwift'iio. *u>?"m mtrtrnod Furati'im, with pantry ond b*.| r?w MdU, Hmrpttm, ttDtkarj Ml Cell Uuuu dlatnly. i 1 ? i m-tk y - wiurr. i.rui paints. *r A HKNKV tikKKN wiU?ll Ibndar ? 10.'.; '.-toe*.? If \> Miam Mroa*. 1.724' Iba. White 14?4, aim* k* (4 (reau, Mu id jmtJent Wnik ? ' I Armior 5(?rrf K^-onofKRiKt. t.rqvotu* nntK? *nj-UK.\KVUI!KKM willaea it?day. at IUM e-ciaol at lb* Awn IM WUli.-im ??n>r?, tlromrion, Taa. (imp. Mo*1 Mutlrr. firhiM, H Ctotototo l)Urn?, 10 UN < ob uxui'l MujMard, i . ? ( i4r< L I", it" Hrniidy, IS dr> It'lin. fxyuthn, Tflturm >?sk? At. Wikmi?, *.0nU|ro??utr**, S) deem r-pad**. Jcm? Mottrltt-tfWt.: kit*. I plL? Uln, 4 r? ?< Hoin'tj- :t do Ab"rry, do I'ict.Wtnp, ?.uuu Mi?in; at? M ? e'ainie iM'ai hrn*h<t^.tc A A COT*'* XOTKP.-TO r unto *4 ABOUT MOV I It C A 11ii* "-"---i* n " ii i? Kxpnas No. IW V*tt<4?nd Ni*. Uaad 37KIOK N? Tot horn* ? sro? far rv?ort?r Oimlttift to fee r?rp or rtti iiouda, fpntHnrf, pajuMum, atatatary. Ac., yanked ?1ib ran ftrw ni?t> bmjre Mt+dnra iry p>? atU be tNi utad | abb mA.AUUUK'JUDI, Prupna?r. UCrlOJI PAI.* or < 4HIHKT rTRirmjRA-A. a CJUbTAI.AB, An?nwji r, ?rlli ? :i i*t Pkui pl%?, Jirna J at H)t{ <*-) k. 4M r.? ih ttwn, hmweoit Ta?ty otala I *"d **?"l> """t? Mr***. Ihew.nt Purnlt.trjcontata^i taM tbiN, it?Mltif tif Rto* <u ade ?ni bla Ue TtN#a, ibdr ^-n^idaa .j and m -jpttoo Cdelra, Beda aad Beddtag. Wai A rein* 4AM!ror noratnoiD H7**nT*ie-. M. CHNTAIm A, AtK*a~r, * Btwrf, wtB tad, t> Uk 1 r l? :;* vt1T! ?$1 "It "' ^?*a- \ IMM% Jf?f? MIWIO CfJjMt aWlfr, ?C? #9* BT VI* TV* or TWO CHATTEL MQRTQAOKK, I WILL ?sf? !> * m IWifrj) w* WM?'<fr * June last, wRtfmSSisRfiBSraM gm*Jju. AJU1UT, isimiy rsrmot<?s<r*AVOMNf ABL1TH RALE.?*. * J. BOO AST. ALWTIONKKRH. wlj ssR, this day. Mil o'elouA, oo the premises, Mo Ml* KraAvtJ, Mi Ot Dpurs, BiUKK Shutters Hinges, Ac. __ _ _ JOMWKKADV OntMtm.ll>. _ fiovmr REsmcifoa. V CHANCERV HJlLB at rtJBI.IO VENOirS, Of a superior Country Residence, npir ihwvdiage ?f ''brews b?U7, Meuneouth county, Now Jersey, July 5; 1800, at 3 o'clock hi tic afleraoua, an the premises, to does au mKM. Thage ant about ST awes of land of the boat quality, large two story Dwelling House, wttb mar Heme, pantries and store room. A Hvo story largo kitchen attached, Bern, Carnago House. loa House, ?Ml every needed nattuitldfn?; a large Lawn, with floe tofenl and frail trees, shrubboFy, aaul fencing, gradod walks and carriage ways. Rttuauoq healthy, uouvnuleut to churches CI schools; daily seal), easy ride to Loos Branch, near Red nk, whence steamers plw to and trote New York dally, and a few mkuOa' walk from tan Radian and Delaware Rat!raid. Ouo half of the purchase money may remain at ? per rent Intercet for three years; 10 per cent tu be secured or paid uu the day of srie, and SB per rem to be pawl In about too days after, when a i eed wtR be made. Title indisuataOlr. To dew the crs uWWSWv1"raoiM. _ T\AMAHKD QOODS.-VOHN K. VAN ANTWKKf'ti RON, A J Auctioneer, will sell on Thursday, June 38, at ten o'clock, at No. 73tWiiiiam street, two cases Iron Tlnn. 1 Ware, embracing Sauce i'sm with covers, do. without, Iaoiloe, two and three prone Flesh Forks, tIrWtrotw, Preserving Kettle.-, Kk!mmera, < Siilendera, Fry I'ans. two handle Round fails, Hgg Pans, sis and seven hol t Klrs'ners, Wash itnsins, Ac., Ac., The show-, being very slightly damaged on tlie voyage from Autwerpl, end sold Tor account of the UmtarsrriUirs for cash In henkablg money . , w h. ludlow, auotionkkr.?ukntmb. hoohbXLl. hold Furniture. Books, Ac. K. Q. LUDIiUW A 00. trill sell msneUon, at Mo. 411 deoosd avenue, between Twenlvttfth and Twenty sixth streets, on Wednesday, June 37, at l(m o'clock A. M? the Farnitura ooatatned Is said bones. etsmtUng In part of carved rosewood Sofas and Chairs In HrooatellSy Secretary Bookrsss and carved Tables, mahogany Tide e Wis and Chaws In hair and In pluah; Bookcascs/Rockers, Talk lands, fr joined! An; damtek and laoe Window Curtains, Turkish Sasy Chair. Is Rrncalelle; Inlaid papier in ache Table, bronze mental Clock, Crockery, UlaeewAre, Ingrain, three ply And velvet Carpets and kHbhea Furniture, with which the sate woriur"* " ~ ,?w" T?DWARD flCHENCK, AUCTIONEER. Hi SUPERB riKST CLASH OIL PAIMTINtM. WEAKLY ISO KINK OIL FAINTINQS. by E A F . H. 8C HENCE, this day mid Thursday, 27th and 2*h hint., at 11 o'clo-k each day, at their salesroom, HI Broadway, the above panning*, among which which will be found ibn work* of lh? following well known artlaU Yai Levsndoock, Pynaeker, SaifU, Kruaentafl, Vitd Kegormoric!, JEedtg, Mr tni. Fwebouk. Dtddaert, K. Doral, h Ira, J. A. Hekklng, and other celebrated ancient and modern art Wa; elm every curious end rare Byzunuuo painting, "Tlic Uuiy Standard Bearer," Moat of the paintings hare recently arrived from Rurepe, and have nerer before bcou otterod for aile. Also, about twruty painting* remaining uncalled for from the Rule of the Mlh and 16th inaU, which wvU be eoid on aooouut of the former purchasers. Tb?- painting* will bo on eihiblUon on Tuesday, with raUlngo*!, and wUl tie positively aokl without reserve, aa the owner la about leaving for Europe. EXECUTOR'S NAI.K OFKPLKNDID llOTHKHOO) Fl'RNlTf RE RUSKKXJL W. WSSTCOTT, auctioneer, will aeB at public auction, the entire rich and eoatly Furniture, Hron/ea, raluttngs, Ptaooiorte, Ac., contained in the find class residence, Uil Twenty Oral street, a few doom from Seveuth avenue, On Wedneaday, June 17. at 1?** o'clock. The Furniture waa made to order by IMxuo. Stevens and ntb'-r nratclaaa makers, tour montha ago. and cmorai-a* every, thing to be found In a la tdonuhle and costly resldeuee. Including three aupcrb rosewood Parlor Suits, lu brocade, with a ooraplete aaaortmenl of elegant rosewooid parka', chamber, dltilug roam and library Furniture; OUmawarvt, Silver, French, flijua, lapn hale, poruilile Heater, Ac. Catalogues at Itouae. Every article will be peremptorily aokl for eaen. The House to rent. Application to be made to UUMKU MUBUAN, A'o. i Pine street. Fcoj.tov, Arrriti.vitER.-iiorsKiiof.n furvt turr, Carpets, (HIckHh*, Mirrors, lauai Curtain*. China, At?., Ac.?+. C'OLTON will sell, this day (Wrdnewj i_v>, June27, at H>M o'dock, at 167 Wot Seventeenth street, between Seventh and Eighth avenues, the ewtlre Furniture of the bouse, comprtsing itx part of mabngaoy Solas and Tete-a-teir, marble lop laldes, Hr-'s-iug Bureaux, I.ace Curtains and tjornl'-es. Mirrors, Voltaire und other mahogany Chairs, Bedsteads, lb-da, hair and gther Mattresarx, Carpels and < Mlelnthx, Hal Stands, Slut est Uidrigrralnm, Sales, Clana und (ilasa Ware, plated do., kltoben Furniture, Ac., Ac. N. li.?Houau to rent. HENRV H. LKKDH, AUCTIONEER?hALKHROOM NO. a Baaaan utrrct.?HENRY H. LEEDS A Co. wUl sell t auction on Thursday, June IB, at 10H o'clock, at the private resident " No. 7 West Twenty-gecoud sirert, two doom from I Fifth avenue. Elegant Furniture, Statuary, Brontes, Horace and Carriages, Ac., the property of u gentleman declining housekeeping, (hia houaa having been aold.) consisting of velvet ana Hi ussrla Carpels, solid carved parlor bulla of rosewood, covered In green satin figured aflk brooatels, As., made to order, Turkish Ka?y and Reception Chatm In reps, richly carved Fautetdto, solid carved rosewood Centre Tables, auieary tops; elegant rosewood Btegere*, plate Alaaa and luted satin wood, toSewood fancy work and Corner Stands; rosewood7M octave Piano forte, with pearl keys; rich Table Cover*, L*ce Curtuhtx; real marble parlor Mutuary, with pedestal* ; superb travelling Medialne Cheat; tt-day Marble Clocka; China Vase*, Bronse Statuette and Biscuit Figures; rosewood Chrd Tables, elegant Parisian Boudoir Buke la hto* silk, ronsiatlng of Sofa, alt Fauteuils; walaut Extension Table, Bun at, elegant china Dinner Set. deoorated with lower*, 00Ht KUb, Tea Seta, cut glass, Japanese Tea Seta. 10 pieces, cost flitt, silver plated Ware and Ivory Table Cutlery, a valu able oeee of Old Uoma, large rerun urtmpa. oaacmcnt oaa Aim CMn, cowered In morocco; Buffet Sofa, Tables, Ac.; about X) very elegant Oil Paintings, by Koenk Koeck, Kurelcrr, ha*iengltMpp, Kavaaanq, HakkUg, Uiecfcnrdt, ftsawertoti, and other*. Bedrooms?Holid row wood and walnut Hod aieuda, Hrraatng Uurteua Weiltanda, Ac.; .rosewood Halt, t arred moouet; double and single mahogany Btuhrteada. Luua lie*. Hue .Mattresses, He da, child'a Crib, KIW-hno Warn, An. Abo, immediately after the aale of the furniture. in front of the houae, .1 tine I.lark double team of ferriage florae*, eight and nine year* old, sound, kind and gentle; llarnesn, Carriage, Ac. They will be larl'ore the door an boor belorr they are aokt. Tk? iUe? iai In examined Urn day Oof or* thai ante irum 1L HENMT It. I.KKDft, AnCTM'JfKKR?s AI.KKROOJf WO. S flalaan street- HKNKV U. I.KKD* A OU. will aeil, at auction, <4i Thursday and Friday, J tine XI and 3D, at 10 ty o'clock each d?y, al thesalesroom, *3 Nassau Htre.t, a large andim.gulfteent pritafy collriUon o| tamable Coma, ? ompruting eollrclama from the oaina of thirty Ura nations Arooog the prtiiel |m! wl I be riiutkJ the Martha Waabuihloii llall IMme, the Washington Cent, 17*1, 17M, 170: Pattern and Trlnl Pleeen. Fly lug Ragle IkiiLir, P1U Token, Trade Cards and Medals, anil T'Stnir, a tariff nolhrllie of Kngllah Nln r and C?p<>er Oum? IdUabeth, Wullam and Mary, I narlea 11. and Ororge 1, offending to the preaeut day; a eerie* of Frenfh Coiua, ektend'.ug Horn the rifgu oi Iaaits XVI. lo tbo prca. nl day , both allrrr and copper. Also, Spanish, Iullan, K'isdnn, Puuh, Hrotrb. American and otb'-ra, In gold, sileei and copper. Alau, aix'tenl Kotuan uD l llrr iin Coins and Medals, bemg valuable and rare. Al?>...? vrrj rat. xporiineu Cathedra. oj Char ieinMana, 17JA? th.- cut* In nrr?t nrWj, In nil a UirgwAtid One eollerturn, lobweold without reaerva. They will bWteady fur exhitu(Kill a* (bvvr. two da) a before the ?.Oe, with rataloRiipe Haximmike rorsTRY hkat at anmon-wk would call attention to the Ml* of a haiWaocae Country heat 141 be made at am ttun, by K. II. I.bOUiW A <*?., tld* day 1 wedneaday) at twrlv o clock. at the Rerrbanu' 1'irliaaga M?l?. at the Auctioneer*' nCice, Nov 9 Pine elreeL J| uhKrH liKOKM VN.Al'fTlONKKR. 1.AROR h AI.K br VAt.l'AHt.K l'ATWTIXOH. k iui.NKKHAY and TULKHUAV, June iff aadtf. At Tii V'tdnok R, M., In the large room In Low'* new building <*1 the comer of * ourl and .loraiernoo atreela. A largn and fplendld roltcrttoa uf IMI I'el-ittiuh, r nan rising lauulwapre, Harm* Vat*tiataa, Pratt and rlvwer riecea, Hitfortoat Huhjreta, tlmupi and Mgurea, Jkc.. In great rariety of ?trt aad etyle, rb'lily Iraaw 1 Tb>< peintin** Vt now ou < italDiiuirv Aleo on Tbui -day evening, ut nine o . -~lt, splendid roae wood, ??ron octave I'laoo, naiad ouraera, UCoart maker. ('uletagueM at tbe room*. JOHKl'lI Hl'XiKMAN. AYCTIONKKR. Tnnradav JoihAt J>. o'clock r. M., at No. 4 liail mreet, between UfayrUa and flair 1 armor*. Ingrain Carpeta, Bedet.wla, Bureau, Mabogaay hufa, Chain Table*. Picture*. Wove*. Nununer Hang . Ae. John P. montoowkst, AVCTIONKKR-AW caw | Route. Nhoeaand Hnigaua at aaotkia.?On Tbutwday, Jam av. at Id;, o'clock, at the "ton of J. ?. IUm> a ?.... lb <.*t I 'V "irve t. line aaannmt at of freah eaKMiahle t TLf wohtt, ArcTiovn?-vmx wo-i.TtitiinAi I i?l. Weilnceday, June JJ, at UoYiorfc. at aa '-rwta Hi Xn ?. eeneral aeenrtmeot of Ibeteehold I'tirtilturr, Knt ! pUied war.'. lunaw, WaaiMtande. Hwleteed*. Mai attrraaaa. Pallia/we*,.Feather Bad*,Werur>d<ra, Loun^i-A, 4-. Ike whula to b? paremptuTT *<4dPAW.V1IROKKK B RAM? -W. N. IjrWW W1IJ. HKIJ on Thureday, Jtut" 3b, alttl'buham atrrat, up HUura. j 1 ieri<a ardirtinent of *.4d nad *it?er Walchea, Jewa.ry c4 ?J kluda. (i?an, i'Mvla. Miiatrai Ineli ntu?:u:?. Ao., * .. by ark ; of t M. k ' MMfTOIT. To r an - I .. UJ ( . k. P" I AWNBROKER'fl RA!J?-B I.RTY A ?X) . IWJJ.Mft.l ihM dajr, at ICK o <* > k, at Zi tkth.aliw *tr*<\ a t r r I nrffl aapnrtaarnt of ladte*- apr-rel, \ i . Nik *>><1 ?*b?i Ineaaua, eatrte, IJaaqur*. n haute, iepaa. A wet*. MeulUiai 6 dorm ^iietxlki Qullta, 1.4 ot Njrela, ItfJrl* IVmtva. Ac. , TlirTTARD WAl.TKRd, AT'CTIORKTR, aVI.tJt Tiff f Xk. day. at WH 'ataok. at I ho eattna rt.*? 10 t *t Bread era > tlx nixlamu'uUonad aeaurUB''<it ot Furniture ?ud ?un<1' *> od* rraetvad aa *r?tpaaenl, wWamt uaan, iWa Bed*. i* f.ia, Ixtaaat' a, <"halra, Korkara, Bureau*, Ited-ie* 1 , to in* | < arpeV. Bniewla and iiBnin; Cutler*, with an an'WUaet. .< . ('tear*, pten'* aod arotneo * Hoola and Ah" A tamUt end Inli. ' r<?p. Hpnw hleakro. Krinthur Beper aud xtwr k<- d*. Ah ' l.ut. bara' ktart aud 1 eat at llejnr**. he.e uuitutio-d. ' re a I iun, tHT. U i Tutt?TltM &A*. AT U> I <ri"-k, ?t I'm- anortno mum, Xn 1 Xcrtb William alrar t RMUCci llouaabotd Furniture, o.a?. jiujj ><t iuku|iam lluai i*??. n* wuod l*arior Hull*, 0?'*r- Funfcurr, ut Hur.?u?, Wa^Haa !?' atari.!* lop Utadra Taiua* MrvmiU ?u V li.grahi l^rpvut. OUckxh, Wirt V.blr* inat>>(an? (W ' It 1* r*, Mm Knrrainac*. tlionka, bair IkUn aM. 1 rukrq . Kllfhrn Alan, 1! a illort* or a board lb ( hnuaaA E.'d?ienda, fMtbar Urdu and Ur-Muta. CoUa?a H?1 m it i III nidi pai Aliri tad Cro prmr iroo r.tfoa, abut on dnui"nd Uaad Or*ao. ooa mar Maw, Wtm, Ma ; s 5 MrM, (ntwwn Ftftfe aad Mxtk amaaa. a farm auaoMf < nai1>lf iantnbt. Bnlaknd and undalabrd maf ia Mono, ISda talr. MuatinwnU. Me. Alan, all Um Maeblaarj aad Flxmra ma Mat* Harw. am HrU *mipn> mi iwwa, u?oa Fa [; nJtuntTfna ftalr. *n. : aad aton all Ika HgM. MMa and Mara 1 vteSwaoarrii feiyganas. * lEBPBBSstnMSn^r^'^-" * IT mu kut, aa. n VJHW|TIJII?AAJt -?T VlimjkLir A WAIT or u*' la p Wf, I wlU anil Ihia clajr (WWoradayi al Iln'dJoofc, at So. IIS Uanaa mmt, am Mrtrkurak SMLlfM ?%* ik aaw._ | joHlTinnJ.T, Wwrilf rWffiVi.OPm-WSS^SE -yaarfcft^ri vxxx gfsnw k. r. JU'sdJOs r.tfd i immmumm MAHBM AT ACCWOT. Wm wirruu. auction kcb, wiu.mhlltiijk Mr, at lok 0*cJ0Ct, *t IteUraM HouSS, ?4 r'ul*. -reel? all the FunBlure contained In me above house 1*5*., ,(Uartiljr of Beds sod Bedding, < arpets, dining ami tea Tables, Mir rata, Hofas, Chairs, bar and bar roost Furniture, Iwlvanil Liquors. ABo. dhitag ww a?d hilchca Furajture, Ac. U7* WTTTKRH, AUCTIONKHR. WTUi RKLJ., OH TV Thuretay, at KB, o'clock, at 461 Brooms etreot, all the K1 Furniture la 'he above house, consisting of Tete a latea. Sofa bedsteads, marble lop oentre and tea Tiliia, Mirror* Painting*, Wilton,? velvet urtd other Carpet*, rosewood and other Bedstead*, t "h*lrs, hair Maure*#**. feather Beds, Bedding, Bureau*. Washslaiuis, Toilet, China 'llaae, dining room ami .ruber Furniture; diver plated tea llrn, Spoons, Forks, also a hit Trunk*. Karen**, Ac., containing < locking. Jewelry, Cutlery, a quantity of Unen Blurts, Ac. TIT'IX.LI AM ABBOTT, Al'CTTONKKR?OFFICE NO. ? Tt East Broadway?Will sell this day, June 17 at MS o'clock, the Furniture, A?*., eonulued in the bonus ISO Waat Forty eighth street, near BeveutL avenue, conalsting in part of mahogaay and walnut Hofita, Bureau*. French plate Norma, t arnau. Oik-iotha, Plated Ware, also good Table Cutlery. Table Linen, Ao. ~\\T OBTTI RKMEMBKKINO? KLKOAHT HOCSBHOLD TT Faruiture aud Decorations. of every noncetvahle kbad and qualu, both new and second hand, at private sale far tMO week, at No. 15 Citoitoh place. In Ibghlh street, a raw doom weal of Broadw ay. This la a rare opportunity to pure ha ?e drat class goods from 30 to 50 per cent less than they are worth. It will be found much better than going to auction, for they will be sold a* a lass prtou, there will be leas trouble and DO oadsrblddera, the good* can all be teen and examined, and wtH be sent home free of charge. The assortment la very larpeeed varied, embracing everything necessary to housekeeping. Wa can lurnisb bouses or apartments with all the articles thay map desire, and In a style to suit the moat fastidious taste, even to the onokery and kitchen utensils Fine rosewood Anita, pier and inuaiel Mirrors, rich window Drapery, marble Cloaks, bruprc Statues sud Uroups, china Vases, and a general asaartment of Parlor and Dtning Room Furniture, consisting M tao many articles to be enumerated here. Also solid oak and walnut Diutgg Room Puns, velvet, Brussels and other Oarpahh Alan a v?rv i nil variety of carved and plain rosewood, mp nv and walnut Bedstead*. Koreans, Wardrobes and OSSST Clumber Furuiiure, 6ns Uttlr iluuresses and Bedding. In short, w? have to oiler, at great induormenis, - -t*TS that good b-'ua. keepers ran ask for. Call and see If this nodi as Is A T HW. omi orrnis, iurkt ii? tm A tuvKT. a A " ~ i " 1 -j- fcn MhiT&MeHaa. Ho^f??TtA?lFttl?ffe. ' J. H. HAKJUMUKM.*"- 170 Broadway, rof H, a? HHq 0?)1 MO A DWAT-MONKT U> AMD OK DlAMOKM OOl Wa'rbeaand Jewelry, or (might for oaak at fttBnftM aMhe retail jewelry Mora Ma HI Mrtilwny^ iSmmcBATir MiroMrAN ommr al roMKiii'iUL feL^yrffi^tit^rvg ??=srv? Ninth ward. ntnH the folinwtor preamble and imMna whirh ? ?rt- adopted ?*h om dt*e?nUng voice:? Wbarr+a, MtNlNMM with the than honored r.mfm and eueusne ?f the democrat* party, the drmocrary of Lba LlaMn ' In NatVme! (Ytorrnflnti aeeeitibled at lUMmote, ,1M awhala iao?iidet*e for the Prrodaocy and Vlee Preatdency, la ha rote* for by < he oauucial democracy in the (netting PrealdeaJal caa, '"iffcrX Ths peace and rrrr rutnxr of thla rata, ao ? fraught wtfll blwwintra toad Hulra and acetlon* of the reitaary, la new yt latrrt^-d by aactional p> titrate, an* can an'.y be prw r aorta* by the rattlingtogether. MtMort if one eoneerratlm tV-bri, r/aU tbo alii am I. nooauitiu<ni taring an* lew iMdiB* a,,'Uo:Lia anh bi-ilatun<a>sat >?. and r> WM nha, Tib pi+nalptra wblab arm dear bt oa aee awlp be t ifts yjir Jrr^,;->r .srtbiraria; mm la the **>i earn ibi'at?anA? Una haaaH-ayt bwalafooe me oelj roliahk aud trwa frton* Ui the rrta -tpiee it r Htate risk" aaw the rt*hu of edr-ptrd > ttlrein b> a ftifl yel* i jpaflon Ir7 the blr*tlng? <* |x>hl?*a , social and rrUgjnua eu'iallty, mdaMned hy the ftmndenOT onr a men tatcm, therefore be b 'SKtrKf. Pletdien A. rVmrlaa. fh# regular national t drOKtrWb nandtdale tor the often of President, ara raoagaUi II a nan r f'he people? rcyrearotaUrc democrat la all lha rolar Uoaa ef pfe: a feete aa straw aa war andrew Jaetaan Ml Ma pereepUpoa of the right, ao* aa bob! atwu Abdrnw Jackson In hla (Menattiailnn to ntafntabi principle and 'nuh. a OalM I. ntan of the rary htghaat aMliUee an* perfectly unaudited raM* y uuoti, an oraha- who for nearly a quarter of a -etnurynns r romhete* In the fmr.1 raakaof lha drmumoCt party, a nan I, in a hoed * bide earner *e Mid aasunnee that, nben elerie* I l ie; M?t .teaie Ma ondtrMed eiecbooa wQl b- aitdi aaae* M I U?- ?l?i at'ufi 91 I 'II m n-> Bill sums, bkhbb S u? poni-a from anr-Onaiil ?n'? * iiMn mtr bnrOrr*, anil t'lBrf (MM ytulaaUqa u> NT cMittut wl Imk aiary ?lfca? arnft r murur K iw ?wl<. >- Kf-'M, That b> Maiarkrl T. Jnhaana. of ikaiK wm f p ritiiKp. a MorUaa ao l uiibaitf'.ln* drfi?.?f?l~oai who for a?ar* < than tHity roara kr> 4m? ?aP ,m Kak far tfcn Hl> Hilaaai -t <kr>'.? rary, air I *ht> waaiply q'wllHrd by hta lBr*o "xrcnUaa a and |p*,ali''li" 't|'?r''HP for ahr pud In irMHl tka llWwil andn-flartof ikademoerary at) pnifnaa m4 aaeuM MialaH Kraiiard, That ?ro pladar nnr amkuaMMIa, twqwUiM . atom anUTC r.ju rlkjtia to a iro the r>rtkm of Ht?-phna A. I. Itnualaami'd If'-rwhrl * Jnhnnna In tha p omit?a (or ?M* itSpiVit barn rraiMi-UTi Ij potalpalad by Um H?uJkr .laMntli 1). ii. ? ik'"- l?nnonM.m *B.l. . R*?>l?rd, That ar appeal m an ma?r libra, nualMHna ImumaAd naitnnal moil In unit* In aupfxatof to* only Lk*a% _ now aWa m maro* nur i-oonlry fmm ?|ia partta arkk wffch . rt?rn&r I#* WnKri jftrwurn M? "nwi 'i**i uniwuj B W IPBHP , .?? r. B BWWKi, t .inwj" IIahwt. f " 31 i rtrmiwuUu I Ai.?hnlMiill>BiihMi*'?li? ? I III) ofonlh atn?t. 100 fi-K wMo Tb' *"" J59,.2"5H - ATignsnnr na^vsrgitt - ^Sttrbaa, W?~ * ? * "? *v<? B -je^.csNesnubZSsfiaF' u WOaaalmrt^ jayK^p| ? noiot* rok ?fclht tfo**r -1 lift ? ?jt. ?, anaa ? wiifnuvria* B?niVoi.w*>>SnL* ?a? haw in of any ?ivi " tadifaa^aaa alrra. Addi-?a **. tMa, fv% t M JHn^fcWwb. iU to AV. txt woi b n-ni>-miM:iiit|c and true id every respect. Duoraopea from7A.M. W7P.M. WMtCIAL NOTICBB. ATA MKBT1NO OF THE BOARD OF DIRECTOM OF A the. ?w Jersey Xlnr Company, held thin Uih day of June, 18|B. a semiannual dividend or four per oent wee dwclarod on cewanoo ead preferred Muck, payable on ea? iftW the 2d of'July next at the trsnider uUicn of the company, WO. lift WasldnKton .street. New York. The transfer booka will be closed trout the lftb lust. to the A1 proximo. A. H. FAJtLlN, Treasurer and Secretary. A P. A .?TlIE MKMBFRH OF COLUMBIA 1,0DOB WO. 8, A. P. A , are requested to be punctual id aiteudsBoe cm Wednesday evcr.tag, June 27, at A o'clock, at the Ud|t Room In Ninth street, near North First street, for the p spinas of r'-clving Diamond Lodge No. 3S, A. P. A., on aatd msalsg Brooklyn 1 'it j Lodge No. ?, Daniel Wahaier Lodge Nat M, I BKLLFJVUH HOSPITAL.?HKRKAFTBR TTRTTKM WKJj not be aUmvedio enter the buapital I except In likl cases) on any other than the regular flatting days, vii: tha Brat and tlurd Thursday* in each inuollt, bet war a the he una at M o'clock A. *. rnd 4 P. M. AU articles sent for the comfort at the pstieat by parties out-Ids of the hospital moat be diroaleu and deHvsred to the Warden or his representatives. Thorough exam, unions have been ordered, to prevent the .nlrodoeuou into, or .be abstraction from, the hospital, of any forbtddau articles of oloibtng, consumption, Ac., by any person or paranaa altar bed to the Luepiml. liy order of the Coinm Imirmsra at Public t'harkias and Correction. JOHN E. WHITE, WilBB CYARPRNTFRR' PROTHOTTV1! A RBOCIATTON.?A MBTJ inr of the < arpeniers' Protective S sac vial km wig MhaM at Convention Hall, 17V Wooster street, on Wednesday anu **'* *? 1 "'"ataamaat saa IKt.TL'BK ON PHONOOKAPIIY (FKKKi BY D. B. JUBlr J Mi, practical reporter nt Dr. Trull's Lecture Room. 19 lutlghi sin-el, Tuesday evening. June 28. at li o'clock. (Taaa 2pensFriday evening. Fifteen li-som . fc 00. Taught through e mull, sad instruction boult sent for 88 Address as abase. MASONIC NOTICE.?THR MEMHFJW OF OONT1WRNt? I Lodge ore hereby summoned to attend a r-x<uar <-ommiiniratkai, on Thursday evening, June 2H, st 8 o'clok, at iha new Khuo Lodge Boom, northeast corner Broadway sad Thirteenth street. The regular communications are on the second and fourth Thursdays of each month. Brethren from our staler Indi?"* are .medially Invited In meet with us. The work is duuu strkilj lu accordance with the standard of the (I. Lecturer of thii O. L. By order uf W. C. BENNETT, W. M. K. riiAFttax, Secretary. MASONIC.-THK MF.MRFKA OK IONIO LODtiK NO. tdd, F. and A. W., arc hereby uatlAed to attended their rooms, oo Thursday, J une *. at 8 P. M., lo t ske action on the by laws. *W. F. Palotik. Fec'y. T1IOS. M WOODK, W. M. SPFCIAI, NOTICE.?THE FIRHT ANNUAL KXA1UNAtfam ol the ilermsn American Instilute, 309 West TwentyaiixiiissI sii wwast tvill tiA<> nlitiwt sal tKsa 1 !imnar InB'ituU. VrWUr. J une it, eommeix Inn at o'clock pre. i?ely, and oonkouing through the day.- fM parents and trtendsot tb? pupUaam earnestly requested to be prrarut, and the Principals would nUo ettcnd a respectful lavuaUun to all latrrestad la lbs Q?r> man method of instruction, or In public education, to ausmk. IL liKKCKie, T. 6. ~~ LOAM OmCKI. AT NO. 6R ( r.nAR HTRKKT^IIKNRY UYUAM, NIW broker'* otice, wilt advance cash to any amount an Diamond*, aet or unset, Watches, Silvsr Plata and Jewelry, or bnjNtbetk-neforcaiih, opposite the Past office, room No. 1, second floor. _ AT U CMAMBKKX tiTRKET ?MONKY TO U)A* TO any amount on liiamoud*, net or uunei; Wafbea, Jewelry, Ac., or the same boos hi for the hl?b-id cask prvea, by the well known ISA ACS, if t.luuuOci* sUust. N. Ji.?No buainnan transacted on Saturday*. t T THE OLD OPTION, HON 1ST IN ANY AMOUNT, J\. To adianee on KUw k?. KninN. tWv lonidw, Paintings. te; Tnagvaix-e no Dtnmuuda, Wateiies, Piano*, Sedan, As; At bis private office. Bom * from A. M. til! 5 P M. ' J. H UAJtRINOHK, 17* Broadway, room it, up stairs. ATM NAPdAO RTRKKT-A HONIOM AN, DIAMOND A broker, advances money to aay amouut on Dlammda, W?tehi <. h nd all kind* of Mvrrbandtse, or buys for cash, at bin jrlnto oMco, 66 kaamarM, Mam ka A kails hp aaadA NT LADT OB OBNTLKMAN WISH I NO LOANS POM J\. abort periods oa Diamond*, Watches, Jewelry and Merchandise, can bs prtvatoijr aooora modeled by applying M P. OAiOK, broker, M Fourth avenue, oppoMts Iks Ooeper laffiL tuts, fitvita soamos, ball doer. AT III OBAIfD IfnT, TBBMB DOOM Ml or A* JaASa2SV>275& MSStSS!. lnammdt. Angara, Dry Osoda, Hardware, Wlasa, bmnffian and every draertplkoo of merrhandtae, or boukt ami IhsMUbsat prior pleas. Biwtnea* strictly coeiftdenflal OaadakmrnS. KsiabHabed IMA. Principal oOca, VWiUmm fii ESS office. W Broadway.

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