Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 27, 1860, Page 5

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 27, 1860 Page 5
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p w^ick regains a two thirds rate U nttiMaa, Ma MrTiT? in Indk?* toeaUm an pending, i* W M tormer.ttarotoneitoUtafMtoBetofMnniiflstolM. The Freaidant baa another laaaip to aranmnaioate to - to* Senate to-aaorrow. Tha opinion among those bast informed on tbeMty** | to that the Senate will Uniah ita present aaasion o? ' JPunaiagr. * nnr rou rcauoaaona no?ion. Three of the New York delegation, Sickeia, Cochrane and fiarr, accompanied by Mr. CBeilly, had a long interview With the President ta dajr, to ramotstrata agaiaat the public atom contract. The subject was fully dtacuaaod, nad the Presidont seemed strongly impnaaad with the objectione presented. He promised to look into the bubiqms, and when ha dsaa tha dayiof thia tht Job are numbered. Mr. Mac lay concurred with tha delegation, but was unable to he present. STRacmNiHucT or srsisoraoD abhobt. Colonel laaac EL Wright, ax-Naval Agent af Boatan, and BK-Deputy United States Marshal James Riley, of Boston, nre both candidateo for the office of Sa per In tendeal of the United States Armory at Springfield, Bbtaachu&etts, vacated by Ceneral Whitney, now Collector at Boston. Riley was n delegate to Baltimore elected as a Douglas man, bat seceded, end In now sustaining Breckinridge; henoe the argument need here la hat the administration moat take cam of him, as his constituents will not. Upon this basis Colonel Wright, who la a much more competent man for the place, must be rejected. Collector Whitney, of Boston; B. F. Bntler, Fisher Bildreth, George a Lacing, Haul to George, W. 0. ** ft. Swift and Caleb Cashing, of Massachusetts, an hero guing their Influence for Colonel Wright, who le also n Breckinridge man. , Liar or ranhp nwsuiriow or the class or 1MT. The following are the names of midshipmen of the date of MAT, who here passed s satisfactory exSmination for promotion by the board of naval Officers reoently assembled at Annapolis, in the order Srranged ?Francis B. Blake, of Pennsylvania; Joseph W. , Alexander, of North Chrolina; Henry P. Todd, of New York; James M. Prilchett, of Indiana; Edward Terry, of Connecticut; Charles J. Graves, of Georgia; Francis M. Dunce, or Connecticut; Byron Wilson, of Ohio; Henry B. Becley, of New York; Frederick V. McNair, of Pennsylvania; John W. Kelly, of Alabama; Thomas B. Mills, of Alabama; Arthur R. Yates, of New York; Clark Merchant, Of Massachusetts; Henry W. Miller, of New Jersey. TSOOH for xxw xxxioo. 1 By order of the Secretary of War a detachment of six hundred and ten recruits hare been ordered from the recruiting depots of Carlisle, Fort Columbus and Newport , barracks, for service in New Mexico, and are to proceed on the 18th of July to Fort Leavenworth, where they will smite and be joined by ail the officers, under orders to proceed on the 1st of August to New Mexico. nix gulf stmaxsmr uxx. , It should hare been stated yesterday that Butterflcld's Coif Mail Steamship Line bill was deferred, instead of lost, for want of time to take action, for the bill is on the Calendar of both houses in a most favorable position for passage at the commencement of the next session, having been recommended unanimously by both Poet Office Committees, and there appearing no opposition to it among the members. THIRTY-SIXTH COlfQRKSS. Special Sesslom of the Senate. WaanraoTon, Jane 88,1880. The senate was called to order at noon to day. After prayer by the Chaplain, the President's proclamation convening an extraordinary session was read. Mr. Hals, (rep.) of N. IL, ottered a resolution, to which Mr. Mason objected, fixing the dally hour of meeting at ten o'clock. On motion of Mr. Bigijw, (dem.) of Pa., s oommittee of two was appointed to wait on the President to inform blm that the Senate had assembled, and was ready to receive any communication he may be pleased to make. tbx roersi twinca. ' Mr. Hsu offered a resolution, that the Past master (tenerai be directed to ascertain ana report to tac aewue. it aa wit- day next aeaaioo, the number and name* of the Poet Offices where letters were delivered by carriers (or the year ending 30th June Inst., the number of letter! delivered, the number of p -rsons employed aa carriers, and their respective compensations; also the number and names of all Post Offices whore box root la collected, the Cgregate amount of rent thus collected, and the rate per l>ox charged at each of said nttices respectively; also, whether any, and If so, what extra charge la made at the Post Offices fbr depositing In the same box letters for more than one person, aud the maximum rate thus collected for a single box; that It be also ascertained and reported whether the practice elists at any of the Post Offices of distributing and delivering letters to boxholders prior, In point of time, to the distribution and delivery or letters to noo-boxnoidera, and whether the practice exists of neglecting to deliver letters to the persons to whose onre they are directed, and If It does, the cause of such practice. Mr. Yulxb, (dem.) of Pla., objecting, the reed at ion lies over. ran dchpattw or sennas. Mr. Mason, (dem.) of Va., oflbred * resolution looking to the despatch of business, which was adopted reappointing the late Blanding Comm.lies; also that all business of an executive character be referred to them, shth the like power as possessed heretofore. axxotmrs skmuoh. The Senate proceeded to the consideration of ezecstive business. Several boors were spent in secret session. Adjourned. The President's Prstwt. We publish to-day in fall the President's protest to the Illegal ooaatituUsa am1 proceedings of the late Co rode committee. It la a masterly document, wrlttea la a oooClse, logical style. Iu deductions entirely abrogate the legality of the committee, and pat a quietus on the prooeedtaga of oae of the moat iniquitous, booe and degraded special inqulaltioas erer authorised la the national legts lature:? To ran Hoosa or RcnooTLTrinraa la my mwaagti to the House of Kepreaealatires of the SSth March last, I solemnly pretested against the creation of s commutes, at the bead of which was placed my as user, for the porpaee of invenligaling whether the President had, "by mooc), patronage, or other improper mean*, sought to influence the action of Congress, or any rommittee thereof, for or against lbs passage of any law appertaining to the right* of any Mate or Territory." I protested against this because it was destitute of aay Bps ' ctflcatlon, because It referred to uo particular act to enable the President to prepare for his defence, because It deprived him of the comtuutional guards which, in com Bioo with every cttiacn of the United Mate*, he posseee-n tor his protsstton, and because II assailed his coastituSisaai mdspsaSsooe as a oo-ordlnats branch of Urn goThere Is aa enlightened hist toe aa well as s beautiful Symmetry Is every pari of the constUutlos This is coa* mocuously manifested in regard to Impose hams la. fhs Bouse of Rtpresentattvcs possesses "the sole power of Impeachment;" the Senate "the sole power to try all Impeachments," and the impeachable offences are "treason, bribery, or other bigb crimes or mttdsaieaaors " The practice of tae House from the earl Mat tunes had been In accordance with Its own dignity, the rights of the accused, and the demands of justice. At the com men if meat of each judicial investigation which might lead to aa Impeachment, specific charges wore always preferred, the accused opportunity of cross-exam In Log the n iImmm, and be was placed in full possession of the precise nature of the offence which he had to meet An impartial and elevated standing committee waa charg ad with Una investigation, upon which no member Inspired with the ancient sense of honor end justice would have nerved bad he ever esprvoeod aa opinion agaiuat the ac . I.n -1. mhmi if mtm n.Tfr deemed proper to transform the ercuscr Into the Judge,and to QBoltr upon him the a. lection of bis own commiltao. His cbargee made egalaet mo. In vacuo an<1 fonoral terms, wore of each a fai?c and atrocious charartor that I did not entertain a inoonNil's apprehension for Uto roritt. They wore abhorcnt to STtry principle instilled Into mo from my yonth, and nvnrr practice of my life, and I did not bciioro It pnemblc that the man exi*trd who would ao basely porjora himself aa to a* oar to the truth of any Ouch accuoattoaa. la thif coortct :on I am mformod I have not barn mistaken In my former protest, therrforo, I truly and emphat.rally dot tared that it was made for no reason per*..nil to myself; but because the proceeding* of the House ware in vloUUoo of the rights of the coordinate executive branch of the government, subversive of Its constitutional independence, and. if nnresiMed, won Id establish a precedent rtaagerm.* ami embarrawnac to ail my saroes cars. NotwItMaadlug all Ibis, if the committea had not raaaevwdad the aathurity conferred upoa It by the reao !utIon of the Houae of Representatives. broad and general a thai wan, I abould have remained silent npoo the subject What I now charge la, Uwt they have acted aa though they piaeemed unlimited power, and. without any warrant whatever in the riwotutlew ander which th?v ware appointed, have pursued a course aat merely at war with the onnatltsttoiiai rights of the kae- Hive, hut tend tng to degrade the Prreidenttal office Itself to such a degree mi to render H unworthy of the acceptance ef any man 'if honor or principle. The resolution of the Ho me, so fir as II Is accusatory ef tbc President, It eonftu'-d to an taqmm whether he hid weed corrupt or improper moans to inform* the arttna of UmffTMB, or any of its rommiitaea, on legwlatlv* twee urea pending hel-r -th< ri N- fileg m nothing !. >? I have not learned through the nrwwpaprra, or la any other mode, that the committee have touched the other amine Lory branch of tlni rrwolultoci, chars I ng the Pro* I dent with a violation of duty m failing te execute eoese law or lawe. The- branch of the reeol itioo la, thorrfire, Out of qoeettoa Rv what authority, then, have th* committee undertaken to invost,gnle the course of the President la regard to the convention which framed the lerompton constitut ion By what authority have they undertaken to pry Into our foreign reUtsmi fir the pur pose of awanlling aim on anoount of the instruction* given y the Hn rotary of FtaU to our Minister in Mexico re latlrs to the Tchaaiil'-nro route* By sliat authority bave they Inquired Into tlie causee of removal f-om office and Una from the untn* them.-. .?< < removed, uilo a wlew to prej'dioe hie che-wter notwi'helandiog thl* r power ?d remoTel belong* > srlueivefy to the President un der the rooetltutea, *n divided by the fir-t (Vmg .-* In the year lTff, and hae accordingly eve * ?r? been ex M MW thai* lata the rtoaliiliontepretegt of authority hrftiMMMNti inimtlguli the quMtmaf prating the feat (Mm Uuki. nar u tt to be supposed that the Bhr. if anted, would bave granted such an authority, becatwe this question bad been previously eanuaiUad to Iwd other committees, one la Ute Senate and the other in the |m? Notwithstanding thla absolute want of power, the commit^M rushed into this investigation u advance of all other mm,***- . .. _ ? Xbe committee aJMMdsd for aaonlfea, from AM March, W to oaaaUae ?,^."to.and without anjr notice to mr aclT'lnto '""S "ifcct "/ SfiS sssj?a &1SS cation of such' portions 01 if M a^'to 'n^io^ly affrct myself in the New York journal*. ft nattered not that these sUteinenta were, ao Ibr Ml hare lear^to^diaproted by the moat reapoctabSe wttnraaaa W*o happened to tow the apot. the telegraph was silent respecting IMW' contradlctiaoa. It was a secret coram it tee ta regard to tte testimony in my defence; but it waapublic i*ragmd dom the testimony which count by possibility ridbwt on my character. The poison was left to produoe lis <Mol upon ttepubtic mind, whilst the antidote waa carefutiy with In their examinations the committee violated the Meat sacred and honorable confidences existing among men. Private corraapondeooe, which a truly honorable man would never even entertain a distant thought of divulging, was dragged to light. Different persons in official and confidential relations with myself, and with whom it waa supposed I might have held conversations, the revs latiou of which would do rae injury, were examined Even members of the Senate and members of my own Ckbtnet, both my constitutional advisers, were called upon to testify, for the purpose of discovering something, if possible, to my discredit. The distribution of the patronage of the government is by far the most disagreeable duty of the Preatdeal. Applicants are so numerous, aud their applications are pressed with such eagerness by their friends both in and out of Congress, that the selection of one for any desirable , office gives offence to many. Disappointed applicants, removed officers, and those who tor any cause, real or pretested themselves, or were invited by a summons to appear before the committee. These are the moat dangerous witnesses. Even with the beat intentions. thej are tu influenced by prejudice and disappointment that they almost inevitably discolor truth. They swear to their own version of private conversations with the President with out the possibility of contradiction. His hps are sealed, and he Is left at their mercy. He oaiinol, as a oo-ordmatc branch of the government, appear betoce a commtoee of investigation to contradict the oaths of such witnesses. Every coward knows that he can employ Insult tag fcnguagc against the President with impunity, and every false or prejudiced witness can attempt to swear away his character before such a committee without Ifce fear of contradiction. Thus for months, while doing my best at one end of the avenue to perform my high and responsible duties to the country, has there been u committee of the House of Representatives in session at the ot!i- r end of SlSnMS spreading a drag-net, w ithout the shadow of authority from the House, over the whole Union, to catch any dls appointed man willing to malign my character?and ail thla in secret conclave The Lion's mouth at Venice, into which secret denunciations were dropped, Is sa apt illustration of the Oovode Committee. The Htar Chamber, tyrannical and odious as it was, never proceeded in sucb a manner. For centuries there has been nothing like it in any civilized country, except the revolutionary tribunal of Trance in the days of Robespierre. Now, I undertake to state and to prove, that should the proceedings of the committee be sanctioned by the House, end become a precedent for future times, the balance of the constitution will be entirely upset, and there will no longer remain the three co-ordwate and independent branches of the government?legislative, executive and judicial. The worst fears of the patriots and state* men who framed the constitution, in regard to the usurpations of the legislative on the executive and judicial branches, will then be realized. In the language of Mr. Ma disou, spoakiug on this I very subject, in the 48th number of the fMeralut?" In s representative republic, where the executive magistracy is carefully limited both in the egteot and duration of its power; snd where the legislative power is exer cised by an assembly which is inspired by a suppo-od influence over the people, with an intrepid confidence in its own strength, which is sufficiently numerous to leel all the passions which actuate u multitude, yet uot so numerous as to be incapable of pursuing the objects of its passions by means which reason prescribes, it is against the enterprising ambttion of thl? department that the people ought to indulge all their jealousy and exhaust all their precautions." And iu the expressive and pointed language of Mr. Jefferson, when speaking of the tendency of the legislative branch of governmeut to usurp the rights of the weaker branches ? " The concentrating these in the same hands is precisely the definition of despotic government. It will be no aile viatioo that these powers will be exercised by a plura'ity of hands, and not by a single one. One hundred and se venly-three despots would surelyfb ,1- <>|,| -. >- i-a-one Let those who doubt It turn their eyes on the republic of Venice. As little will It avail us that they are choeeu by ourselves. An elective despotism was not the government we fought for, but one which should not only be loundou oti free principles, but in wiucii me power# o: government should bo so divided and balanced among several bodies of magtslrac) as that no oae could Iran scend tbeir legal (traits without being effectually checked and controlled by the others." Should the proceeding* of the Oovodc Oomm.ltee become a precedent, both the letter and spirit of the con Blitutlon will be violated. One of the three massive column# ou which tbr whole auperatructurc rests will be broken down. Instead of the executive being a oo orJl nate, It will become a subordinate branch of the governmeni. The Residential office w.ll be dr.iggcd into the dust. The House ol Representatives will then have ren derad the executive almost McatMardy subservient to ita wishes instead ot being Independent H'<w is It po -ib that two powers In the Mate Canute co-ordinate and ladependent of each other, II the our cU.uis ant exercises the power to reprove and to censure nllthe official acts and all the private conversations of the other?and this upon es]iarie testimony before a secret Inquisitorial com nut toe, in short, to assume a general censorship over the other? The idea ta as absurd tu public as It would be in private life. .Should the President attempt to assert and maintain bis own Independence, future Oevode committees may dragoon him Into s.ibmiseioii by th? hosts of disappointed office hunters, removed officer#, and those who desire to live upon the public treasury, whieh must follow m the wske of eveiy admii,.jt .itiou, and they In secret conclave will swear away his reputation. Lnder such cireumsliii.ces he must be a veiy bold man should he not surrender at discretion, and cmaent to egere we his authority according to the will of those in tested with this territtc power. The sovereign people of the several Mates hare elected him to the highest and most honorable office In the world. He i* their only direct representative In tbe government. By their constitution they have made htm commaader in-chief of their army aad navy. He represents them In their Intercourse with foreign nations. Clot bed with their dignity and authority be occupies a iirond position before all nations, civilised and savage. With the conte nt of the Senate he appu in la all the important officer* of tbr government. He eteroaxw the veto power, and to that extent controls the legislation of Congress. For the performance of these high dutirv be la responsible to the people of the several Mates, and not In any degree to the House of R-presenUtlyea Shall he surrender these high powers, conferred upon bun as the representative ol the Americas people lor their beoeftt, to tbe House, to be exorcised under their overshadowing inOusace and control; Hball he alone, of all the ciiisens of the (.'oiled Mates, be denied a fair trial? Hhall he alone not be " Informed of tbe nature and cause of the accusation" against bun? Khali be alone not "be confronted with the witnesses" against him* Shall the nowf IM IWprPWUWIITrn, uruipuan IUI- |r/wna vi lur Uroaie, proceed to try the I're.-ident, through the agency of secret commitl'"- of 11* body, wh-we it Ik Imp rwihle bp can make any dpfpuca, and tbpa, without affording him an opportunity of being beard, p ooouin r a Judgment of reneure againat taimr Tbr eery axme rulp might bo milad, tor thp vary ? ma ram, to avpry Judge Sf erery court of lb* united nolo from what part of tbr constitution la thla terrible ace rat lagulstlorlal power derived f No rueb expres* power exiatu Tram whirb of the enumerated power* < ?n It be Inuredf It la true tbr llousc cannot pronounc. Uie form . judgment against blm of " from ofle but they can, by tbelr Judgment of cenaurr, aaperan bu reputation, and tbua, to ilia extent of tbelr lullueuce, render the ??ee contemptible An example l? at hand of the r. . manner In which thla power of cenaurr ran be em ployed In high party time*. The Honor, on a recent oocaaion, bare attempted to degrade the Prretdent by adopting the reeoiutiou of Mr. John Hherman, declaring that be, tn conj'inclloo with the Becretagy of U?e Nary, "by re , riv ,..g a,..I ( ring the part) reiat'ouK of beld'Ti. fv cont.aiia, >nd the effect of awarding contract* up a pending electtona, baa eet an examp!- dangerous to the public aafeiy and deterring the reproof of thla House." It will acarroly be credited that the aol? pretext for tbia rote of cenaurr wea the rtmplr fact that in dlapuaing of tlie n iaieroua letters of ertrr imaginable character whu h I dailv reeetre. I bad. In the u*:n! course of bnal bum, referred a letter from Ookxirl Patterson, of mil* detphis, Id relet km lu a cool/act, lu the alteutmo of Uw Secretary of lb* Nary, the head of the appropriate de jartarni w.lbout uroasing or intimating anjr opinion whatever on I be subject, and to makr the matter, u po? tibie, attii plainer, the Hecrotary bad informed the com mitten thnt the 1 "resident did not In any manner inter Tero In this cane, nor ha* be la any other rase of contract tner ] havr been In the department." The abaeaoo of all proof to sustain thla attempt to degrade the President, wInlet It manifests the renom of the shift aimed at blm, bar deetroved the rigor of the bow. 1h return after Urn dlgrtnelcm Mi mid the How, by the institution of Oivode committers, voire of cenaure, and other drrtrea to harass the President, reduce him le eubeervlenoe to their will, and render b m their creature, then the well bnlanood government which our fathers framed will be annihilated. Ibis oon.licl has already been commenced In earnest by the Hvuse against the Exeenttve A bad precedent rarely g ever iites It will, 1 fear, be pursued In the llm? of my S'lorwnore no m it ter what may be their pilltleal character flhould secret committee* be appointed with an unlimited authority to nngf over all the worda and art kins, and If possible the very tlwwtghu of the President, with a new to discover something In his puat life prejudicial lu hie character, from pvanltes and loformees. this would he aa ordeal which aoareely any more man siaoo the flail could en lure U would be In auMaa* biin to s r-'gn of terror from which the stoutest and purest heart might ahrtaMt. I have paaoed ?t luinphaotly through this ordeal My vlndionti-m |? complete TV r.imm ii*e bavr re ported an resolution looting to an impeachment against me; wo resolution of c?ueure, not erea a resolution po'allag out any abuses la any of the ever stir* depart i menta of the govermnrni to he corrected by leglelattea Thla la the highest commendation which could be be towed on th? heads o' the* depnrtmeola The sore r???"P*?plo ?f tho Htatn w .U, however, I treot, nave mr S'leeoeeora whoever they mv he, from any such ordeal nwy are flank, boM and honest. They detent delator* . and u. formers 1 therefore. It the nam aad as tlie lew rer-rtatlvo of this great people, auJatsndln* upon tlie ramparts of the constitution which Uiey "have ordained aid established" do soemnly pro!, it against tbt-e unprer"dented and tinman.ItuUmsnl Mpeedingu There was still ai.riht r committ? rawed by the noose on the dth of Msreh In it. on m-dtoo Of Mr. Hoard, to which I had not the slightest object km The rwoolotlee cr?iti ig it *v'< ?* *dlo specif)" cimrgo:, wliicb 1 have ever alace been ready nod wihHg t? me* f hsv* 1W YORK HMtALP, WK at all invited aad tl fixJ f?ir uiviil|?tiM upon r wiiiiini I hav0 rfloavM M utiM tut - - * ever prooeeded to the investigation * "-"weaentatlvea desire to en govemmsnt? ?**w depnrtmenm - l.-g'umate purTUetr righiru! powers are ample for <i>> . Ur Isftalapoae Tkey are the i-r^C body I* tive canacily it in their most wise and wtootoM*"* ptlvf lo tnstttute rigid examinations idt? m?nan 1A which ail departments o' the government >? oendnotnd. w ith a new to reform a a uses, to promote f? to improve every branch of administration ^hould they had reaoow to behove, in the ooutae of their exam. tn^">nJ' that any grave offence bad been eotnaaitted by lha Pr**' dent or any officer of the gov. mmeut readering it ft '(**r in their judgment to reoort to impeachateat, their odh rte would h? plain. Zbcy would Uteu traaofer the quest!*1 fraa their legiaiatirt lo their accuaatory jurtadicttoo, and lake care that, in ail the preliminary judicial are candies preparatory to the vote or articles of impeachment, the accused ahouhl tmjoy the boaedt of croaa examining the witnenaaa, aad all the other safeguards with which the OoaatUulioa aurrounda every American citizen, If in a legislative inresUgatian it should appear that the public internet required the removal of any officer of the government, no nwaldewt has ever existed who, after giving him a fair hearing, would hesitate to apply the remedy. Tlua I take te be the aaeieat and well established prae I toe An adbereaoe to 11 will beet promote the harmoay sad the dignity of the intoroonrae between the coordinate branches of the government, and reader us all more respectable both in the eyes of our own countrymen and of foreign nations JAMB) BUCHANAN. WaauauTon, June It, IMA POLITICAL INTELLIGENCE. The Vice Praaldaawy, BOTHBKOA JOHNSON'S AGO HPT AM JK Or TBI DOUUL.AA NOMINA TIOW. The following is the speech of Boa Berocbel V. Johnson, of Georgia, ou Tuesday, at the National Hotel, oa adoeptlng the nomination for the Vice Presidency oa the ticket with Stephen A. Douglas ? Mr. CaamtAN, Gentlemen of tho Bxecut.vo CVxam.tteo of the national democratic party, and fellow citizens?1 eras taken by surprise when I received a telegraphic despatch la Baltimore, at three o'clock this day, that the Hou Benjamin Fitzpalrtok had declined the nomination tendered him by the Democratic Con real ion, and that it was demanded of me to accept U. It la known to many of you that my name was freely mentioned in Baltimore in oonneotton with this nomination, and that I persistently refused to countenance u, but invariably urged that If Georgia were to be thua honored, II ni due lo another or her < sous distinguished for bia talents and great public services This WM my earnest desire and the desire of the delegation oT which 1 waa a member. But the Ooorec lion, in Its wisdom, doomed it best to nominate a stale*' mac of Alabama It waa entirely satisfactory Alabama u the chUd of Georgia, aad the mother cordially reaponm to any compliment bestowed upon her daughter. Those are the circumstances under which I have been assigned this diatlngulahod position, and which demand that disinclination should yield to the voice of duty. The national j party is In a peculiar condition It is tsssllcrt ' in the house of its professed friends, and threatened with ' overthrow The country is in a peculiar condition ' It is on the eve of a sectional conflict which may sweep I down all political parties and terminate in a dissolution of ' the Union. It is the duty of patriots and statesmen to ' unite in averting these threatened calamities, it mu> be ' inappropriate to refer to the circumstances which imperil the national democracy. The Alabama delegalioa 1 w?nt to the Goovor' ion at Ch.irlentoo instructed to demand 1 the inoorporalioi uto the platform of the party of the 1 proposition that Cougress should intervene for the protection of slaves In the Torrltoriee, and to withdraw if the ( demand should he reiuaed It waa refused, and, I think, ' properly refused. That delegation did retire, and with them a large portion of the delegations from the cotton States Why should they have retired f The record ahows that ' if they had remained at their post they bad the power to have prevented the nomination of any candidate who might be obnoxious to the South. Thus reduced by accessions, the Convention adjourned to Baltimore, and re- < quested the Stales to All the vacancies in their respective delegations. The Convention reatiMsmbled on the I8lh Inst. The seceding delegations were returned, some accredited t" Kicbmond, and others to Haihinote by the way of Richmond, and instructed to make the same demand, and to withdraw if It should be refused. Delegates were appointed in Louisiuri, Alabama and Georgia by ' the national democrats of those States, to (11! the vacant 1 seals of the aeoeders. Those of Alabama aad Louisiana ( w<rc admitted, and the seceding delegations rejected, and J the scowling delegates from Georgia were admitted to 1 seats. They all took umbrage at the decisions of the Convention touching the various eon Wets for seats. ' They retired, organised and nominated candidates for the 1'rcudeocy and Vice Presidency, and they claim to be the "National Democracy of the United States." Now, If tl.oy wore actuated by "principle," if U was their pur < pose, in good faith, to obtain the recognition of thr p'ln I cipte of uxignwsional protection for slavery in the Terri- < lories, why not wait until a proper lime arrived to bring that subject before the Convection, and then, according I to their instruclioias, withdraw lrom the body? The rea.too Is palpable tbey were waging war again* t a dia tingulsbed man, not for the maintenance of "principle," | they were willing to jeopard the Integrity Of the democratic party and the triumph* of its cherished principles rather than see its wMl pro claimed in the nomination of its favorite. Ad- 1 milling, for the sake of argument, Mr Douglas lo be as obnoxious as thejr allege be is, yet there never was a lim? wnI'd uionniMi uhiwu ruvra uuv n??r uoitwrn ui? nominal ios Why, then, should they hare seceded' i Why not remain at their post? Why seek, to dismember | and destroy the party* I question not the palrk lissn of | any, hut the paoplc will toMitoa rvepeneteki, av | later, for all the I'.ls that may flow from tbmr error* I aaid the demand for Oeogreestoaal intervention was pro pvrly rejected at Oharlssloa, and why do I do nof Because It was the agreement between the North and South that the slavery agitation should be removed from the balls of Congress, and the people or the Territories be Ml perfectly free to 1 regulate their domestic institutions in their owa way, subject to the coustitutlon of the United States. Thi- . was ths principle of the compromise measures of ISM, sod practically applies in ths Nebraska-Kaaaas act in 1864 It was adopted by both the great poll Ileal parties oi Us United States in 1668 U triumphed la the else- , Hoc of Franklin Pierce ia that year, and of James Buchanan in IBM It u, perhaps, the best ground of coo promise bqiween Ue North ana the South w aioh human ingenuity can devise, and by It the democratic party at least, of all sections, should be willing to abide. It gives advantage to neither section over the other, because It refers all questions of dispute between them, either aa to Oongreeewnai or Territorial power over the subject of slavery, to the final arbitrament of the Supreme Court of Ue United Status It it therefore saft for the South Its practical working is not without satisfactory results. When Ue people of a Territory desire slave labor, and the soil and custate are suited to it, sla vrry will go?w here these conditions do not exist it will not go. ftis finds an illustration in New Meneo, where ( Slavery is SMlabiiaoea, and thai in (hose Territories where , it is excluded Only a few days ago propositions to repeal , the slavery laws of New Mexico were made and rejected on Uo oae hand, and Ue anti stevary law of | Kansas on the other was made and rejected in , Ue Senate Suppose these propaailious, or eiUer of | Ui-m had prevailed, Is It not cor tain the oounlry would have been thrown into the highest excitement? But by their rejection non intervention was practically ad { be red to, and the public mlad is satisfied and quiet Let us mainteui it firmly and fhiUfuily. We are bound to it , by every commit ration of interest and obligation of com , pact lu abandonment will prove fatal to the national democratic party, and ultimately to Ue Union itself It will drive Us- South into intense sectionalism, and Us North into the rsnks of black republicanism I do not any every man of the North, for I know that Ue great body of the Northern democracy will re mate trwe to the ooaatiteiioo, despite Ue overwhelming hood efttenliall III whins. Bat I mean that the free lahsi Malte waste he eensrsBs ? hp Mash ups> II11 > and would net be able td return a sfhgtr diem her to either house of Cbcgrrnn frleudly to the ooustltuUoual rights of the South 1 trust that such a condition of Uings may never exist, but If It should, I know oI no way by which the Untea can ha saved. Hence the doctrine of Cnngresslooal Interventim, as ad vies led by dill sew born sectional party, is fraught wlU 1 peril to the country. The question is now distinctly presented to the people, whether they will adhere to the doctriue of ooo intervention, or whether they will abandon It, whether they will reopen the slavery ' agitation by requiring CMgreaa to take JurtsdIctioa over it, or whether they will give repose to Ue pabltc 1 mind and security to Ue (Jaioa by leaving it where the ' t ompromiee leaves it?to the free action of Ue people of 1 the Territories under the conetilutioa of the Halted States j The issue is fairly made op It is intervention or non te ' terveotioa Its dec is toa tnvotvsa the deatlny of this great republic, lad the higbeat intersate of Ue civilised werld. (ompared wiU K Ue aspirations of mea and the fate of 1 poiiiioal parties sank into utter inatgaificanoa. Where j shall we look for dellveran<? from thee- threatened evils* ' It has been Lhe mission of the democratic party of Ihd j Union, la a thousand perils, to rescue our oounlry from impending calamities. Its past career abounds with heroic 1 p wages and m illustrated wiU Ue most glorious achieve- j men Is in the cause of coaatltotional liberty It Is the ' party of Jeflkraoa hud Madison, and Jackaon sad Polk, j ahsan administrations grand epochs te our 1 national bt?l?.ry II In lb* part? of U?e oonatituUoo. aad 1 I took I* It Willi eoaftdeooe Win rite shall lb* patriot look la ItM UM of political tefectlea aad aectleaai njita! K>n* let iu intif rity be permanently destroyed and Ike doctrine of aoo laMrranltoa overthrown, and | tbeti Ike Iwvt hopra of Ihe rtaleeman may well be clouded J wltli (loom and darkoaao It li to ma in lata tkaar Uial I ? oooaowt to lake Ike pooitiaa nrw assigned me, aad wal i coom U?e cooaa^oaooaa of peraoaal food or prranoal 111 I which that position may bring Nothing oka l eoull lad ore me to brave u?e detrartioa < winch II laeltea, and incur Um beary raapoa < albillty which It impoam 1 have nothing to add bat Um \ a (preen ton of my profound thank* tor the honor on one* | peetedty conferred upon ate, aad my cordial aokaowledf men k ?p u>. Hatter ten ternv In whieh I have been ant tod ul my riofnlu?llot) Whatever may be honorably < doae I rhall cheerful y do to ma ntain Urn Integrity of tha ? party aad thr triumph of tte pr nrlpiet I toooairmm Ihtawm or Flamrwm V Jammmm, Caam- I in ma v.. a Paamnaai am not novuuts Daaocaano | Tlcurr ? Herer hel V Johnaoo wm bom la Bark* eouaty, 1 Georgia, la Heptem'ur, llll, war educated at the Univer- J Hy of Oeergia aad graduated la 1M4, aad auMaqurntiy , adopted the profeaeIon of the law Be waa a Preat- I dealiai elector In 1M4 la ltd* be waa appointed |y ttv ' Oove-nor uf Oenrgia I represent ital" la the I'm ted ' Mat* a Menace la ike {dime of Mr OMoolt, wtm had ra tigiied U IM he waa eleciod Ju ige of the dupormr Owjet Of hi* mate, ard lo ltd) aorreeded to piberoalur'a: powera, la which he oortlnued tor two raars 1 The Ulchmtomd (bartatlaa. I Ri.wa.twn, Jene HMO 1 IV rteville tn fkaeeaUoo today declarwd Hrenktn ridge and lane lu unanimous rhciv tor Pretldee? and Vice President It reaffirmed the Oharlaatna majority plat I form, aad adjourned wu die The de legal.uu of natiuaal , I d*w?rraia f-cm lf?w York worn not aim'tied toaeata 'l DN1SPAT, JUNK 21,161 BlfMtfH I<Uh Meeting In PMUadelp^'jjMLrau, Jum to, 1MB ? opposition masting this eve/11* " *"*" to receive U* returning members tarr and enthusiast*. Ward delegations ps^1"1 w,t!l ^ ttgte, mutie, bnnnew, Ac the resolution adopted declare unaltered bostu.lf ,, the principles of the democratic administration, wllteu..' toy the repeal of the Missouri Compromise, has caused the recent differences anddisorders In the country. It cannot be expected to cease uutil that party is driven from power; they also sOrm that as a party they are relieved from toe responsibility, for the dissensions between the North ad South are caused by the dissensions among the democracy; that the great interests of the coon e^ry have been neglected In consequence of violations gg^ wing out of the movements of the democracy; that the J^Mn'ratic Senate La responsible for the failure of the tar MP (km4 ft* denounce the President for his veto of the Ilimnlr" ' bill; that Lincoln, Hamlin and Curtis represent the conservative and progressive sentiment of the country, a.nd elf deserving our cordial, hearty and energetic supportThe meeting wad celled to order at half past eight. Henry D. Uwx'<> was chosen Presidcut. Mr. Covoos atid be spots under the proteet of the Pre Skdeot. (Uugbf er.) He spefee of the desperate frauds of Ute admiiiUtratVo under cover of Secretary Thotnpsoa, Indicating 1ST land Mies, vl*. fort snelling, Peun ylvanla Bank, he. He deemed that the admimatratkeo could be convicted ncder two Indictments; first, for falsely pereooitiug another, seooud. obtaining goods or ofllcei under false pretences. In fact, we, the republicans, are the original democratic party. The Declaration of Independence could hot be read in Virginia without amendment. Slavery and extravagance are not Ubsrty and purify, and are the watchwords or the democratic party. He referred to the investigation of the Oovode Committee, with the seal with which it was ODnoaed br the adimnis tralioo. He compared Mr. Jefferson's with Mr. Buchanan's rdmlniatration. Mr. Buchanan yielded allegiance to the Hnprcme Court in advance of its doc talon, liis doctrine was "the Court can do na wrong." Hon. Mr. Howard, of Michigan, gare a history of the riae and progress of the republican party. It intended war on no section of the country. Hon. Frank Hlatr, of Miaaouri, followed and was greeted with great applause. He treated the decline and death of the democratic party. He spoke of the proceedings of the Conventions at Baltimore, and delivered an elaborate "obituary" over the death oi the democratic party. Though peevish in its issues and dying from an offensive disease, ii deserved some honorable mention from the party thai is to take ita place In the nation for its parly history under the guardianship of Jefferson. He regretted that newspapers had not put their columns In mourning to commemorate this important event in the welfare of the nation. He oouid realise the Bufferings of the "fhithfoi" in that party. Two tickets and no guiding hand to direct them which Ike Catholic. He oommeserated with them that thoy had to aid "black republicanism" with the r divided strength. He compared the Baltimore secession with the division of property to heirs, popular sovereignly to Douglas, and slavery pro[?gau(1t<im to Breckinridge. There would have been no spat but for Ulucofa and the republican party, Douglas could not rave died in a better cause. He has served he oligarchy, and they have stabbed him. The jejpie of Ft. Louis understood the question >f slavery Baltimore should realize it, for with islf the while iuhabilaaW-, it his but a t>tnall fraction u ,ho reprm-nUlioo Ma. Bckijnoakb followed In an exhortation to the Beli tnd Douglas men to unite with the peoples' party in itrtktng down Breckinridge, the administration and all Its works. He was received with great applauso. The minting, which was specially designed as a reception to the Republican Congressmen, was very largely attended, and higlny enthusiastic. Tlio pyrotechnic displays were continued throughout the meeting. Every ward turned out in immense delegation;,. Among the speakers from the other stand were Repreaevtative.1 Grow, Bingham, Mac! ay, of New York, foy Morris and many others, The mooting was the grandest republican manifestation of the campaign Speaker Pennington's Reception at Newark. Niwam, June 20, 1M0. Speaker Ihnnington, on his arrival here at nine o'clock this evjMag, a as the recipient of a hearty and eathusiaalie wdBnnc by a large crowd of bin follow citizens Cannon were fired and fireworks displayed, and he was eaDortcd home by the Wide Awakes, numbering 150, each with a torch, he. The Uovoroor nude a brief speech on bis arrival at home The BeupBoa of the Presidential Nominations. Kkwabk, June SO, I860. Separate salutes of 100 guns each were fired here last ?veuuif by the friends of both democratic nominees, Douglas and Breckinridge Btamvokd, June 26,1660 Oat hand red guns were fired for Breckinridge and lane Lb is afternoon, and an immense enthusiasm prevailed. Bvnraoo, June M, I860. A salute of one hundred atxl five guns waa Bred tie re tonight by the friend? of Breckinridge and Lane Provtowmm, June 86,1M9. One hundred guns were fired here thia evening for Breckinridge and Lane. A POLITICAL DEMONSTRATION IKTRRHCTniD St. Lot'i?, June 9fi, I860. Tie demonstration of the Breckinridge faction iaet sight at the Haulers' House wan interrupted by a large body of Doug lift men Judge Bowlin, late Commissioner to tV-agusy, endeavored uiellvcluallv to enaak. an i Anally w iWi ii i . a aisiou at onetime was imminent. Another lkmglaa meeting comes on to morrow night Olalw Cwiwulwul leeUaaOM. Lancaiirnn, Ohio, June 26, 1860. The republican* of the Kleventh district have unani mously nominated Hon. V. B Norton for Oongress Tolkoo, June 96,1860 The friendu of Mr. Douglas held a ratification meetin here last night A aalute of thirty four gun* was fired with bonfire*, rnuelc, epeecbee. he Tawrroa, June 96,1860. A large democratic meeting was held thia evening to form a Democratic Club for the support of Stephen A. Doug la* tor the l*re*i<lency Speeches were made by C W.Joy, Chan tfcel too, he. Mr. Johnston's arrangements were made for a large ma*., ratification meeting. The Pewplee' Honiten Movement. CALL row A HTATK CONTENTION. The Houston Executive Committee met at their rooms yesterday afternoon, ex Mayor Miekle In the chair Reports were received of the progror? of the movement In various part* of the Stale, and also from New Jersey, Maryland, Kentucky, Teune?see, Arkansas, Louisiana, [feorpm and Texas, all of the most cheering character, evincing a steady deter mi nation to run Ucueral Houston as the people's candidate, irrespective of conventions. In accordance with the resolution* passed at the Houston mar* meeting in Union square, Id thlsclty.oo Tu'-sday preninfl, n*> w, Uf motuvit* uummiure aooptra tur following mil:? Th< frit ntl* of Gcoeral flam Houston id the flute of Now fork, as Uw people's candidate for the Presidency, are lor I ted to neet to convention on Wednesday, July IS, 1M0, at the city of Hchenectady, at twrlre o'clock M ., to place in aofninalinn an electoral ticket id thke Slat.-, and also to draw oato a candidate for Vice Pr. aident, to be supported by the electors la connection with Oeueral Houston; and for this purpoac all Houston cluba and organ list una, are reflected to eead three delrgalctt. Narkcta. rniLkfiiLrut* wroot board. IWumnu, June M, 1M0 Hilda aired/. fVaaa/lrauia Male As, Nk. Heeding Nalln?d.90?: User* (tonal, M?, Umg AtaJ RallroadC U<i PeouayTvrala Railroad, MH- ?fh? Fo idle Hi aa New York at par. Naw Obibam, Juno 56,1SOO fMtoo CAlra to day MO halna, quomtions are nominal Anger firm at TJdc a Sc. Fk>ur Or?, at 06 60 a $6 66 for laprrAne lard, in kegs, IS" Whlakry at I??4c. a lOJtfc. Freights? Cotton to Urrrpool Sd Naw imuitMH, June 26, I860 The weather haa been eery wet, and the cotton market cloned quirt Hales today 400 bales at lOgo. a life., for middling, sales of three days, 000 balea, receipts for Ibr >?n>r time, 000 bah*, ag unil 660 balea laat year. Re retpte at tbia port ahead of ISM. 462,600 bales, do. all all Southern porta, 780,600 hales Flour buoyant at 06 43H i 06 75 Corn quiet at 45c a 76c Ibbareo closed firm freight and etchaage unaltered tiMiT, June 20, 1040 On the arrival of the Hudson Hirer traU to night a Ine dewwinatrai ioo wm made In this city, to receive the mrwihera of I ha New York delegation to tin Ik-mormtlc National (Pn rent too The boat was greeted with -ajirwe Bring and music aa it crossed the river, tome Bfleon hundred or two thousand rtliw-ns were an mbled th la aide the river, and oooductsd the delegates to the lie la van hoi we,where spe?hea were made by lion ton ford K Church, Peter Dagger, l.ymaa 'Irecaain aad Nr. toyman of Maine; Mr Church tank strong ground In 'atot of the action of the New York delegat ion Thr Itreeta were brilliant with bon0r??, and with eothu11asm waa displayed Oawaao, June 2S-7 30 P M Flour steady, at 06 20 a 06 M for common to citra Hale Wheat held above the Views of borers aalea 1,700 buabew Ocrada clnh at 01 21 Chra unchanged alra. 2,000 hostels Illinois at 00c., #000 buahele priom lo at btifc.; M 000 buabaia la arrtva at Mfc. Uau la tmtted demand aalea, 0,000 boahela Oaaauiau atidfe. tonal freights oaaiict he quoted over 7>?c m wheat. for nrn a few ah I ranee ta hare l?en naade at We Over these lUOUlMW IAkr import*?TOO bbla. floor, 1.600 bu?b*U akMi, TO# bMtMs barkr. Uaaal e?port?? No floor, M,#M> booMa irkMl, T.90# bMfcala aoro. Itrwtui Jona 90?# t. K flour lea* actio*, b it th* demand fblr and Arm: aataa *0 000 bbla at U l?X *?ra Htalr, $4 UK a 96 37H ittra III tool*, Wkouoam and low*. #6 37 X ? M 76 ? * iruOtiioard (adiaia. M a #0 60 doobk ntm. Wh*a> in fair dimaat , market ataady aalea M 000 boaheia at M 1# No, t a.tca?o aptiof, lltta #1 90 X No. I Mil oauklrCtb; lit? rod wirier Oblo aad Tndtava, #13' ITbiW) whiter do. Oom In food mjoaot and martel adrained Xr .claaiBi Arm Haka 64,000 bti?h?i 46 V ror Tblrdo?60c a 6*V < hotoe lib k> and No. I lmoi*. [lata, aMarty al *4c Wbiakay ormiaal at 90e Oaaal rrolgbia Orai; 40r for Boor, lie fbr wheat aad 10c Ibr sorn to New York I*ka import* -4 000 bbla. twir, OS, WO bnah-la of wheat and 106,000 buahela of ?nra IMirAon, J\w 90, 100# Flo'tr fl*m but urW WV*I dull, and dwltaed le aIX* : *'" WW buahela No Sal 010#a#1 10, Irim ator.- Una ouU, aad X?- ! *? oak* al 41k- a MUd In iter fXts quirt R-volpta?1 ,40# bbl* flxir, 12,000 boahek wheat. 147,000 do mm, S JO# do. cat* JoimraU? S.HOO bbla. Oaur, *0.000 buahela aara. kir.fhu twhanc-d rv>rr*xw?n, .Ittnr M, 1M0 Flew dull and f**r?a irrrfaiOr aataa 1 000 bbla at M Tt a 0# Wheat d ill ?ln?ker lirtn at 11 He liaooa, IXr. *10X<* Moor- *ta'b?i -aey P*Til nrbanf* oa Nrr York plenty, * X pe* rent prrwl-itn MtltUMl frMBC>Uftrata ? Lotm, Jwae M, IM. The overland mail has arrived km*, and brings th , missing packages of telegraph news sent via Niaaiia, 0 i the eight of the 6U1 mat. i 8an Faancuoo (via Ylsalls), Jane b?11 P. M. The steamship Ooldea Age sailed to-day for Panama ' with 400 passenger*, and $1,690,000 la treasure, of whicl f 1,630,000 is for New York. The regulars and volunteers, under Colonel Hayes aw g**in Stewart, were attacked on the afternoon of Us 2^ ^ , new Pyramid Lake. The Indiana were defeat ed with a lw? of rvf0,P n'1 eeveral wounded Two Toiiilrm were taiedl 11,1(1 U"*? wounded. Oaptaii Btorer was mortally wouadM' H1'?? P??uia? wwe klllet and one wo'.uded. ,, . The battle wan net diCm. ' aaothof "*?* battle ground where M*)* ^SS^andiwJEE defeated two weeks ago has been yu*t*?0, and twenty bodies interred with military honors. . A company of twenty one men in to start t*r?oa Yslley to reopen the i'ony Bxpraaa route, been subscribed at Sacramento towards ft t lag out the company, and subscript Ions are now being lake.'* in San Francisco for the same purpose, with every piwspdol of rsielug the required amount, in hopes of bringing la by this mesne Use two euros* now due, sad to aid and to forward the outward bound eapress of the Stth Inat., which it now appdars has been detained. One thousand eight hundred and forty dollars was raised at San Francisco within two days to tarnish supplies for Cel. Hayes' volunteers. The Peay Kapu?a. WiHimiwff Jui0 n, 1801. [ Thr report brought by the overland mail from California, in regard to UM> pony csprees being discontinued, is untrue. We are now running semi weekly from each end or the route, and will arrive ' regularly'' hereafter, i as lbs Indian difficulties have been aanureosed by the rerumeut troop*. W. H. KUH8KLL, I*rundent. TM SbbU Wm Mall. InmPMNMCK, Mo., June St, I860. The Santa Pe mail from Pawnee Fork arrived to day. The no Idlers in pursuit of the Indiana from that poet have not returned, and there is no news from them No Indiana hare been seen for eome time, and bet little danger la appreUeudod to the travel to Near Mexico. No through mall has arrived here since the 7th mat. Business is dull, and the weather warm and dry. Tlte Boston Wookljr Bwnlr Statement. Boston, June 26,1 WO The following are the footings of our bank statement for the past seek:? Capital stock $34,581,700 Loams and discount 03,560,700 Specie 0,363,000 Amount due from other banks 8.1HK.000 Amount due to other banks 10,807,000 Deposits 20.760,700 Circulation T,IBS,000 Drawings sf France, Brosdbsnti 4t Co.'s Delaware Lotterlqt? Sossax Cotmrr. Class 162, Jmrs at. IStO 68, 47, 54, 9, 18, 66, 20, 71, 21, 48, 63, 75. Gobsoudatbd Lorraar, Clam 106, Janra r, 1M 53, 10, 49, 35, 11. 69, 24, 55, 18. 17, 1, 73. FRANCS, BROADBENT8 A CO., Managers, WUmingum, Delaware. Drawing* sf the Delaware Btstts Lettsriea ?WOOD, EDDY A CO.. Maaagera of lha dblawabs (utsst and KlMOUai (tats ISTTIXIW. Dblawabo?Kxtba Clajb No. $03, Jess St, iOtO. 48, 13, 24, 50, 23, 65, 14, 7, 8, 35, 6. 25, S8.1 Dblawabo?Ola* No. W. Janrs St. 1M. 70, 26 , 74 , 40, 37. 69, 57, 44, 73 , 38, 72 , 24. Circular* aent free of chares, by addreaalag either to WOOD. KDDY A CO.. WUmingtns. Delaware, Or to WOOD, BDDT A CO., HcTswle, Hkeotirt. OOlrinl Drawings of Hodges, Da wis A CO.'B Consoliimed Lotteries of OeoreU Clam 367. J una 36,1300. i 37 . 46. 19, 27, 56 . 65 , 61, 72, 13 , 24 , 7. 35 , 47. Friaea caahed at 6t8 Broadway. Circular* aent free. UODORH, HAVIH A CO.. Managrra, Macon. Georgia. India Ossse Cmdershlrts, Linen and New Tork Mill*' Drawers, Bathing Drawers, 21 rents. At the KUtrt and Dollar dei>ol. W and (W Wllllsra street. one door north | of Maiden lane. GEO. M. TRACY. Agent. Ilntsn of Bowl and Body. One of the moat Unpenetrable aecreta of the Almighty la the union of the aoul and body. Bnt man knows that by acrimonious humors this union Is lisdiseolred, aod death takaa the place of Lie. Experience has established beyond doubt that properpurgaUon reduces the total of acrimonious humors, and cures by perseverance If the disease la curable, when Brand reth'a Pill# are the aiedw iue used, wbicb are In fact the only purgative medicine In the world which stresglhena while It cleanses, being bo til ionic and ournUif If we are sick, we owe it to ourselves to use BRANDKETH'H PIIXH, which are purely rrgetahle and Innocent they act only upon acrid h-iraom. which are always mingled tn or around parts la pain Their Umely nae baa saved many a valuable life. Principal ottoe for BRANDRKTH'S PILLS 2M Canal street. Also. 236 Bowery and No. t Union square, where advice Is given dally without charge. ureal r irt in urorcia. "Til* mkmt Kirv uttkhJ" . liuiniMu . Us , Jul?e , ML Mama* Haaaioc k Oo?Oentlemrn-In the citmslve fire which occurred In this place on the ulghl of the 26<b of March hurt, our More wae entirely consumed. We had In the More one oI your t hsmpion Hat re. In which was deposited our no oey, hooka and paper* Aftertheflre wax over, ! was taken nut of the rulna and opened. All the content* were prraerred, the binding of the hooka only being curled by steam. We think then now the beet Safe* made Very JOHN WIN h PORtk* HKBRfNOfl PATKNT CHAMPION KIKK PROOK MAP Kit. The no*t perfect and reliable security from tire ever kaowa, can Ire purchased Ui thai city ouly at No. til Broadway, corner of Murray street. fl.UOU RKWAKD la offered to any peraoo who will ahnw that a Herring's Patent Hale has ever failed to preserve Us contents in any accidental Ore. Japaaeee Eaihaiay. The only really One Photographs and Htereoaropie Pictures of these distinguished visiters ran be had at 0. D. KKKI>HIUhM k 00.'M, M? audfcfj Broadway. Parrhaeeri of Kir* 'Werlu Iter Poarth July should remember that. In oonsequeooe of Rte destruction Of ea many by the late aertea of calamities, that the stock will be short; therefore, those desiring private or public exhibitions should aot delay to send their order* to KlKit d depot. No. Ill Broadway, corner of Maiden lane. Opal Deatalllaa?Tht Rietal Article fbr rleanaloc the teelli. Whoieaale depot, HK.NRV HAt Il.ANU, No. 13 John tureot. Mra'i gad Boy#' Hat la all tlaalltlea and shape., at UKNtN'M, No. MS Broadway. Bloom Bsacer.?OeRtlsasa'a Drsa Hat, the leading etr'e for summer, In traduced by ifRNIN. No 513 Broadway. Tho Parlor Uklliry of Photographs, Hi AUsalio alreet, Brooklyn Bee the beautiful Iro.ylypc sod tbe soil sod delicate I* tngraph. An Art Iris for th? Bald and Orsjr.? WOOD USr Keetorklive b na?er faiie to preserve Uir itair perfectly Id my age. tie;** U4 Broadway, sad eoU every where HUliwajr A Hons* Overstrung (fraud snd Mqttare Piano* are we. reolel for live fcsrs Warrrooau sod B* Walker straw! ? Th? Had Mas.?raw/ wM that .ho would rather he lb* hrwt wian In a village I ban the second M In an empire A epniUr ambition rrmrd to hare Inspired KNOX. Who, rather than wot be the Brat Hatter to New vorfc. wrniJd not care to ba a Hatter at all. but be la the head m?n la tn hh line, sad for evidence of the fart one seed only natt ha More. No XIZ Broadway, and Inspect h:? Mcr b of Bummer llate. at owre the liabteM. moat rlegsnt. laatlna beoemiu* and comfortable of any te New Vorfc, Uudoo or Para Herring's Patent Champion Plro and Burglar Proof bales. *1 Broadway, corner of Murray tree".. New Vorh Bafrhelor's Hair Dps, Wig and Ton pee factory, It Hood street Private entrance Tor lobes. TSa l?ye applied la ths skylight room Wheeler da Wllson's Mewing Nathlnea. (>?M MB Broadway, New Vorfc Barry'a Trleophorona Is tha Boat and rhwepeM sniele for drewdog. Iws'itJfying piraei ting sad reMorlug the hair, Ladies, try a Moid by ait nmgglata ?WIU tt ray I" Try It. By flaring yonr head riaounnd. with a foil written chert von nui kn etwetlv what yoo can do beet. FOWLXX A WELLS. Pkrtw topae, M Broadway. Jotter's flair Oyo?To Color Brown, M cam, sown par boa Whstaaaio aad renh ?H Hill, IbIhIUU* Hair Cattrr.?ilalr l?>a, Mc*nu, biar ( b? ?r?. Ilapnr Mo I Harrlay > cat aud au'd by all druajr'A' CUrakayli'i lllaalvo Wis la a NaooJty. PaiUnga oaMaTnabla, M In?aft qiMM MP H'POdway rit to fttawart'a LadlM' Urrw Ot?pa Maw and l*aatl> I'Ii> Ijt* TiM/r Krr---'-' M i a" Ml ru|,>m Hallawaf'i Pllla ar? Toalr, Mlmalaal and mildly ,atr?a*ant and aa a?rc:j. at a->?1 r?li*n> ramao ? far dabUlty, dlarracaa drapatonr, and ail aaar* where U< in eta baa been eiftauatert by pruriaa ddrhar*ea TLtj protm-ie dlpraoon and aaa?tlaUoa Tim?aa Pr. Narad CoailaaM In Apply Ma radical ctira Trun with nana la ihe Ircatmawi of L mn Trnaaaa, ftnpprriera Hhoulder Hrarr a Muapana on Handaae*. alb elaabr Mnrblnra. Malta. Hal Hi ^ Vrttaaea ??d all auraTcal apfittaarea ait^'d A lady In attendance In the frmair if par?at Mo t Vaaj am, Aatnc Houaa. oppaaMa Ml raale Mad M Card Phalayrapki, pi | Id lahra at one attune Aruattc poatere and ftae iVkenrM MOI.MMH llalicijr, JOT Hrmadway Jai.T. Oraayald aad Wai- t>. Pmh will ba Imop) tnaaa Ibetr old rturinmcra for rV-hfnft to nrdor, at Viaanl |?rWtt. at Ut Hruoata dial, aoa door wW *>' Mr cad It rand I yi* Pbalagraplu^d llllaawa'a Mli mi iraa. t ai Imicrmla and U/? t r. tv , f, -i? a> C? f ulUai a'.raet Hdlla.lbt Matlar, ldavdr-N?* Mdopoa I n... . ft. If It, ,!,:*? from a On ..a ? . t'? Mr-rod wer fiiiiii iiBiiii * nw PncMttaai mt Uu iiitiim c?t* *lrr Tier ffin liil mn %m dlu Wialtlii la Wadtra ClMlaf fiiaMllaii ?r r?ti? WM ' War ta HleUjr?TMa Laaal l?n ?r M?w 1 ?trh-i>mni, Ac., 4m. Ibe Fakut Bmu of to-day (Wedaeadar) wW sea1 Ma a nil report of the Proceedings of the Ifmthsin s Doagtae and Southern Seoeoetoa Oooventieas at MMaae; A very graphic had Interesting aocouat of the Oeoat Japanese lau oa Monday night at the Ms?pew? 1 Hotel?Tea Thousand Ladies and OeaUeaMa he VMM 1 Dreee; the Indian Difficulties la Weatera Utah fWea I Thousand Warriors Gathered at Pynuaid lake?WtrDish hatweea the Volaateers aad Indians; Aa AooaaW ! of Uw Cloatag Proceedings of the llrat 8? of tk? Thirty-alxtb Ooagreee; the tat? Hears from the WW la WcUjr?CvacuaUoa of Palermo; Interesting We? 1 ft? OhUlbraU; the Execution of a Polioe Ottoer in K? Orleans for Murder; IdHorials en PreaahMct Thplee; A* Local Ha? or New Tork aad Tlehttyd la??a; Bepertaef the Cattle, Previlea end Meaoy Meehata. ? all later?lug aewe asattare of the pintlag wash. T? M a year; tear ceala a Wagle eepy. Bah?tp tloaa received at the oOoe, ami? eoraer of Fa?a aad N?ae streets, Hew Tork. Blagle copies tar sslMl the oaonter sad by aO aewe agents. hdrirtieipaats >a? sertedatthe iaeil Haaiie r?a. Ho?-*l H?t*m M,TMt tt.fiOd. JS *?7, MBS, ll.OT, drew Ike five oapital nrtM la B* drawing 1A June 9, IMS. Circular* mot free or miUlM hf addiWng Don Rodriguet, care ef city pad, OhaiWetoa. 8. 0. ?. B. Bloat B Co.'i CeltkrftUd UMB UMk BtUch Ml Bhattla Mewl?. uMiim, u. tL OQUaXW. m Bwads?. A Brmr 4k Bthw Hatootoai Bswfta* MB* chine < the beat friewd of the family Ofltoe tSfi BroadwarMew York, ud IB fuUna drstt, Brooklyn. WhUkty,?B. T. Bait's Kontaekjr BsM Hwer Bourbon, sold by eJJ drwggtaU. HKOEMAN * CONorn M, KHl ud TMMnmdwmr. Jf. V. CrlaUutoro'a Hair Dire, Wlgi asi fw pees. The beat a the wourld. wholesale and retail, had Be Dye privately applied, at Wo. 1 Aator Home. Merer*' Mlraealoau TERMIN DESTROYKR la the only aure ertemalnatoc Of BBI and Mtee. (tardea Insects. Anta. Roachea and Water B*aa Principal depot $12 Broadway. Bold by all reapectable drag* tlet*. . Oeaileraea'a a ad lap' Hats, Caps ssi Children'* fancy Hat* of every dnacnption. unaurpaaMd be Siallty. el vie and price. HARRIS k RL'iUAUK. tBBewery. ti t.rand atreet. and JS1 Eighth a venae. IBCEtLAIBOPB. A PURE HOIJ.AND OIN. TO THE TRAVELLING COMMUNITY. WOLPE'8 celebrated Rcheldam Aroaaallc Hrhnapps abiBd be In the hands of every traveller. Me faeaily ahould taoas the eitv or be without a supply durine the wana wealliee. B Invariably oorrarta thetll effects of change of waalhar, aaad as a beverage It ta the purest liquor made In lha world. Put up in Pint ana quart bottles. Also WOLFE'S PURE CtMlNAC BRANDT IN BOTTTJBt, MADEIRA. HHKRRT, Affb PORT #TNM_ POR MKDICAL VMM. f amiliea who oae winee ahould ft re the preference ta Ba above. Tbry are all warranted pure and of the beat quality. BBI bottle haa the importer * certificate of Re purity for sale by all apothecaries, fruit stores, groom, tad M the depot. B Beaver street. A CENTS WANTED. in sit parts of the country, to sell thi ura or STEPHEN A. DOUGLAS, (the only authentic and reliable edition J OJ rf. W. nfiUHAff, Kditor of lbr Chicago Times. with i nam romur. One vol. I Xiao, WO i>u*e?. Price, Cloth, R. I.lberol ladueemeats offered. For full particulars, address Oeo. W. KUioU, care Harpsr A Brother*, New York. AORKAT 8PBINO mcmcnnt. KIIXUM ATLHlf, SCROFULA, SALT XHXOIL Ml HTATT'H UnTiUAM Htho most certain att mta fm"dy for tee aaoet painful and promoted forme of Iteida ram; oloo. old uloora. feeer eores. otepdie, tee worst mmm at impurity of tee blood, liter Mid kfeneys. paml doS WBcrCLxftg* ** AT JONRfV, 10 ANI> U ANN 8TRRKT-A NBW OHM of Bhoeo and Pollers at OS. OaU and oee teem. A BEAUTIFUL COMPLEXION, A BOPT, I'T.IAl 1M fair akin, can be obtained by amag Midfc LEW?HKKIt A CO.H PASTILLES DR PLOKKNCE. Pot oalo Od Mo MO Br. ?!*tj Metropolitan Hotel, and by all dnepte and perfumers. N. B ?Hoar are genuine without teiteaCure C. LKWTCKBHigr AT RVKRDKLI.'B. ? WKDDIIf(1 CARDS, NOTIM, A& Pre new Satin Tie (or eardo; new Knveiopea, ho. Ml Broadway, corner of Duane aired. CORNS. BUNIONS. INYKRTRD N AllJt. KNLARfH? joint*. and all disease* or tee (ert cuied. wilboul palate nrooYenieoce to ten patient, by Dr. SAItHARIE, Margate* Ch imposts, TOO Broadway. Befera lo phyaiclaoo and awpMO <rl thlk city. D RAP MM AND ? ? RIOITP Dr Von Moor better, Ute renowned European Oeruiloi 0tt AurWt, hoa arrived from New Orlnaae. wkere he hoe prwe b ed a Kb (be greatest euocree for the lael (wo year*, and W? shortly open hi* rooms In New York, for the purpose Of (te storing tee bearing and up lit TY>V(II.AN A"" BRI6CKINRIDOR DEMOCRAT!) ATI ? 1 J lion Hkmnill PJhB titil* Ull>l?ll hv frAa on) and ee-te... dranglitaot mirnBrtf aorlrbratea Btltioua bluerm. DcwatM Naaairi atrrrt. Nnr York. DK TOIII AH- VENETIAN LINIMENT, IJaivrnaJ'y trkon?M?nl u tbr iml P aia Oxrer af the nltwlreutb crulury. Inatant rrlirf la cum of Chraaaa Khrumatinia. (Wle. 4 raapa llandarhr, DywuMrf ia4 il ruin* thai Br*ii i? hru- 10. Hold by all druiuMU. Una t$ orHaadt aU-rri. Prior ? and BO ornta EVFRT HIMMER TUX DEMAND FOR H BUTE I IE? trlrbralod Bttaaaeh lilttrra Incrcaar. It la fooad la ba Mm only errtain prrarrrailaa of bodily ntrrngth during a pMH wbra the atmwpbrrr la calculalad to Indoor a footing m ImBtudr and Indlgratiim. Tbr worm eaaea of Iharrbon and Dywrnlrry gtrr wai to tta patrol Influrner Inntunrrabla poraaaab nboarei.ow allrr and aril, muat thank Ihr diaoorrror af IMi preparation thai the) Bare not bran awrpt away la bar Iiii il of oratb. Tbr liiurra la rronwunendod by tbr boat pbradM la tbr land 1 bla la tbr brat rrtdaoor of Ha raal niaa hwrauar. aa a a moral thing. Ibry will not aprafe a word la (bam of adrrrilard preparation*. Tbry bare ban noaaprllad t*acknowledge tbr claim af tbla BlUara upon lha aMHiufef. bold by aB druggm Enolihf1 penknives, FHOM W t'KNTH EACH TO flO EACH. At WILLMKR A RiXIKEH', C MAHRAU HTRIffcT, U. %. GKKKI.KYS BOURBON WHIHKEV HITTER* FOR 4U dlamara of tbr Wornaeh llrrr and bowrla Tbaaa human air cnnaHfrrrd lh< m at .-fir .< loua tonlr and atuaolant, aa wm aa tbr mobi agrrrabtr a una*'hie. rear offrrad the puUle, aal are a reriain prevmtha of rhiila and frrrr. For aalr mrrwbrrr. BARN KM A PARE Whnleaalr Agrnta,^^ HRt KF.KH' FARINA JKLi.Y-A DKIJCTOCH DKRHKM and tbr brat *>it<aUtntr tor anuaal food, rnrtohe* tbr It* bi. a of tbr AB?r llouar an I all tbr principal aaluaaa. IIrotor* I anna Botirra to prerent burning or amrcbing. JaUy MimiIRa Lton-mmaonetki Nutter POWDEE. Tbr old and only antrl* to eitmalnate bad bag*, irkaa rate, gardru haaueta Ar without poutm lyon m maonktu' pn.f/t m a tmiinato ru la Ifl.t . fcjul lPMBU, Htll. < WiM llnad Mm cleared by Miilfwl. MARNKH A VAKK IS I'tA row and Ifl Hrindwi;, KiiJ auld by all dj <?lau a ad ?roc?rm Bnwitf Imitate na /\B KXMUiITtoN, VP At their atore. TW three aaac*.fleei.l HRHYfr'Kft OF <11. ABA, la laiiwj rvl. presented to If JAFANKrtK ANbAMtAllORA * t h a co hwont 4 00 , Corner of Broadway and Broome stmt. fiou^ac at law BliOM M RDWARD D H AiatPOAir-H. Conor of Amtv plea* aad TMrt wdnw*MM| KKSMARO AN;m\, A iwrAiJ.mut Tatmar llonKiinM' tlina la*edT I'cwnaa tiro T??r? naiMiw The only truly reliable a-tieie (or la? e f-erm-aaUoa *f Mbu?a roarhea Cretan huoo. moths tardea laaanla. rata, mma, A> B?dd hy all dr uujb Prior,p?T depot 107 Uruadway Parr'Una* aidpa Ar r>?red he contract NorUKKjrii PAT. SI1.I HHAID CAPO. UILT AMi) IJCATHKR bKl.T*, llair Beta. Kaaa u# all kinds. HI idea. iane> Hairplma. aaO many >4her m ? ? 'da now land to (roaa alaaaaera Ai'nca aaO Araac. roc aate la Uk Uwde hi HUmw, DUPUT A CRRriAlWR. Ml Broadway ?r Wafra UOKTCL ABD RCOBOllICAle-HRnWABA OO* He-nee In- ia? laataaA liaI nt at ?T?^ go ai.4 tor . nanam* <>oraa, ilka. IMII1 ? -I?" ? wmm. wilktut Wai to caILt m fabric M NMi garWV Km thalyo- gat 1M g??nhl URKFUI, wwkwtwb-'W ?J?**i rwmm Pcwiac, 1 iquit aot J*f lurort, a oil p-> tanking wi?* yj 'a4toa Itratu ^aiMjlir1 oilrnctt Oogaar. tm. ?ai til trht WhMapj ill HO n> ?HS VINHIDWT At THTI Ut'UHTTOK M || rroaaraUj aak?4 wo wfll aimpty aa; that aha it a hi *M fi r npwartla '> iturtj ;rara hat aaaarUgty imhi U MUM and Uinta aa a frua'r pbyalrUn aait trfi ilhtHU auini;: ciUrnr Skr haa lapoc'ally atutic 4 Ihr noaalitakat anH whnta of thia i>Binon>ua alaaa. an gaaora.1!; tuiihithgg m aarolr-aaty IrOklod by Iho fatuity u tot Ban) kg a rr*j|H of thti atlnrt ?ak atiatira! km a Wrtgn. a titular t ta a lltatma ep?tt aa avraa awl phyaaaaai aha hat mmmM Worthing MjPor. f? ahfliiraa toothing It nptrafilkt taM tr ?firing raw. ami hnaiih ant ta. taorti rrr . auro to ranUt 'iho hn- A III rnra-T ?rw? of tfti aTUrlr |i WtMNr ta toOntoina world ..nor. nod Ml h kaaafaalnt of har rwcw, ?Mgrrn rortainii go rtaa ip ami b>a har; aapartiUy la thta lha aaa* .. m thta my <aai aimtiuaa h ha noiMm Kfrap an My (M a at oard hrru. Wo think Mr* Wlminw Haa liaiirlakail hat . mm by thti twrklaahlo arhota, aaf wo itaaai) Mhw togpaaiwln at rhiMroa htaa latu u\ I frvm an oa.ll go at by i Unaaly ?M. ami that talUlMW ya* nahnrs wtU akaia hi MtMhh ktatf unit" la railing har hi it ho mothor haa 4ur^iar.-4 Mr g'rty V Mr lattli Mi ooa. In mi natMoa, u>w aha haa a w a It too Maatt ?r mm, Wltaitw'a HonUfng Homo Tirk wathara hi tt aaa ludttf VttMr. How Torfc ?Ay.

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