Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 27, 1860, Page 6

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 27, 1860 Page 6
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a rftMN-'ll LADY. WKUj RKCONNRNORO, WHWrw A a urtLinontkmv Uacbar u? a private family, of the Fraarh md flrrnwi Uftynaaea. Addreee French Teacher, boa US craVl Ua. A MTUATIOM WANfflh?VV A.B?W?TA MM' WO XL. aw as ouok, and in Metal with the .vaab>aa, baa no object! 11 to a private bonrdlnff bona*; ah* fin three ye-tra and ?(bt a>""nj^rnii ^rc ace U 1 |>y 'Ml piaoe- thll at 1M AanA RKHTtK^ABLK URRMA.V UtRt, WIKIOM A lHSt. -A. ttuti wMhafamilf adiur to Cain or nut. Addrcoa 19 bod Cieifh*Amc.h#w a stKAWrtuem - WTAITVWTT wintrb BT Tim XL day, week or ?o.'?ith. by a yweJUt lady hartmr on* of Wheeler A WUaun * acwin* machine*. and la a coud operator. Addrem UUa A.. r<7 tab av., which will bo aonwured person rfh by theadVaruxi. A RRHPRCTARI.K TODIO WON'AN W"t?UKS A SITU AjA hue u jjipoJ plain aouh, would aaalat m Iko waalUtia and Beahtc. and wotod to a abort dUtauru In iho country, (rood aMy refereaoea. Ua& W Sttld areuwa, corner omil ?t. AHM SITl'ATK>N'WANTBn-ftY AN FNUMbil <miL, A? bit: uim chambermaid and waller; ?ran do fine w-nhlug d reeiartM. Gall at ?3 Weal Uah at , tusar Idlh .tve., aeooad flhr, back rnoae. City reference A YOUNG CTRL A SITUATION AS t'UAMbe math and wamatr-av; \mder<asf, |* family tew ing, or nrenkl take care of children , haa ho obytx u<>n to go to the ominh| Oaii for tVro days at JUS 7lh at., between atea. U and C. eat of eltyrofareaoo aiven. A SITUATION WANTKI)?BY A RKKI'KtTAUIJB JA. young woman, to .to bouMWCrk in a small family or take are m childrru: has no otijecuoua to co to the country. Can fiv^seen for two day a at No. I'll Wot JdUi at., between eth and A SITUATION WANTRD?BY A YOUNG WON AN, Of steady and indin-uioua habit*. to do chamberw rirk or goarral boua work In a Kin all private family, beat city reference. ShJ] at 137 Tlhave., between lt<lh and **h ?. i A hlTU \TlON WA.YTFD?I1Y A RK8TEUTABI.E WO- j man, to do tna general housework of a fnall private feml mr wn?> i- a fooa \j.i? rn?r hiki ir??uur. i?u t;uu a* i 3*\ Wt?*? ilst st., b?'tw**?-n and 9th afftv. 1 Alary iiayino k wilsuns wcw i i.i uia. hiri' l.Mrotu. >.< .'i itinc wnploviuei.t in a store; i stBJ ro .a .uodrmtc U-rcus ii!j wtrh time a* eho i* rorapetent; mb do a reasonable kharo ul work. apply at 71 mou si., Hunt w hr?tlloor. AblTl'atjon wantki>-by a young woman, as chambermaid or wintrc.**, has no objection to asalst with MM waatm.i: and tronm?: has lite boat ehr n iprcm e. Can bo bm for two day* at no 1164 7th nr., top floor. AKW-PKCTABI.K YOUNG WOMAN IS OMSTBOUS OK ' obtain,.a suuaiam in a raspocutbln private family, in MiBl?, niul or to take rare ot children. or do hi ueral house varh for a-mall family; la willing to i.uir heraoif generally mf'j. brat i-k* reformer. Apply .it 71 .Mott at . front room. Akrrratfox ronrp-hy a rkspkytahi.k i young unman, to do rooking. washing ami Ironing; no oJoymmii housework in a *u>all unruly. t'aa be Hn 'or mo day* ai yfl Want lfth at., between 6:li uu 1 7tb are. Activation w kntkii?by a young woman, as tood .-4Mk in a Mnall private family; is uu mmucnt baker of bread. him-iut auil pit's, in wiliiug to iifsial tn the washing sod ironing if required: run give go<>a city reference. Call for am* day* at 2M West *th *t., between din and 9lb ava. Ammom. wsuba uyuahom as a nioi bermani and waiter. Can sue the beat of city relerance. ?MU for two day* at M 7th nr. Abltl'ation wantko-by a hkspei 'tab1.e as rook in a hotel or saloon. The be t of cKy rcfcmse fall at HP Hast I Ml at. AMAKKltD woman w VNTK To ENt.i.y.?a JN a RE-. xceetpble family as wet nurse. ('411 luoeare the o? toft 'ImM. Can be aera for two days at 241 East llth ttorui flour. trout room. ' A SITUATION WANTED?BY A RESPECT ABLE A J*!.1"!* *?*? . ? BOod conk, wwjhcr and Ironer. 1IM* the jSgmfpiSSfiStYi* *CW>Ior twj 4tJr* *l 81 1Wl *L' A?ITf ATION WANTHD?BY A kmfroyahlk YOUNU oaua. of nealntvl hdy hitbtiA. to do the hornet work of a Mill rreperuMe fHtmlj . tlood city C?n !> aorn (wr two u*y? at L2W Brood way. AOOOP PLAIN OOGK WANTS A KITEAfT ION, AND tn jjMtst tn lb- wonhintf and tmnlntr. in * email prtvuto famtty heat of <M) reference. ( All at ?1 Wr .1 2ua for two I Avorvo OTRI- WANTS A MTTATION TO DOHOOTK. work iu a iBiail family. Call ta the eloro. 8? Urocnwaft m. A MONTHLY. OR INYAUD Nt'RRK, 18 DEfllROUS OP lornunt; on rnpacrmrnt; ?he u eupablw, experienced, and Mfbl) recommended by doctor* to attend In any kind of etofenea* Addrrm or rail for Nuraa, 20 Sjn tn?: at. Arrspkotami.r healthy yoenu married woman. ?lib a frrah breast of milk, w taho? to net a baby to ear*-at her own hewn. Call for two day* at her n-ddanre, anrihwetd sortler if 1M at., 11th av., third floor, back room; eutoaiK-r on ?2d aa AYOtNO AMERICAN WOMAN WIN HIM A SITTAtioa aa ar-ailatrvae; can cat and lit drawer <; la the country tojdty; the country preferred, law be neon for two deye at Sft Ah cook-wanted-a hitcation, by a yoitno wtman, ae mat rlaaa cook; tn wl'.lHift to n?da? tn the w toi if reaukred. Hwe the bc*i of rite reference from ber U-t tore Can be a^pa for two day* at f* Want IStb at , betweca to and 7th ace., ttoi doore fruatdthar. No objection to the amatory. A TOl'SO WOMAN WANTS A RITVATNMI AS Nl'RXK ml ?e?tuatr.ta?, tn jo :n ih- country for the mioiturr. Beat ml ertr r*f?r^w? ?ivnv Apply at Alt Brv? I way. AN KNOI.INtt WOMAN W1IO KPKAKR fREN< U fUJ emly, ? isbea a ait nation a* rnr* 1n a small privato family, m a* dots- and v< rnMrraa fan Sown for two iUya at 'M Jmm* at , tio'a-Aaa Urcnawli .and Waalitajton si*. AM ROTATION WANTKO-BY A RKNI'KrTAHt.F. WOman, aaanak; la an Mcrjlud baUir. aulwi wi ir.ouir. Cal At II WxmiL Arehpkit abijc nmum protest * vt mar,, u y?-HPa t desire* a xtutMinn u< to ttike rharjn ml two or three - UtVtrrn. In a nrtrata faulty; h-n a Ann* ! J*e mt AroaaBiAkirj. Call at hJti Broome 6L, uear Haiti ran, in the tUTT Wore ARF-PFiTAJU.K <11111. WANTS \ MTrtnnV IX plain-mtk, washer and Imnrr, or "to do R*m ral house wart In a onR prlmie family; ha> two year* and a half rrf?wc Can be anna at 161 la ar.. In the atom. A ROTATION f' NTEP?HT A YOCNO rlrl ax - hambermalit ami waiter, or to titkn ram of child an* aa.t .?o p ita aewtnr: tat obiertiiu to go a aho-t dl?t ivt> In ?w m-mirr Call at *fWirt In at., between Jth and ?h ar*. un mw !*? > WAMnrrAWiTOCKo A. worn., i. aa Unndmaa to a ?matl prlmte family; miltaj te a??A'< in lb" rhambar>rnfR If required: t* folly ptrnpxtaat. boat < ay mfarrucrs can be jirm. Apply at 46 3d at., aar Mil. at. AM F1RRT rr.ANA FRFNV1I MR AT AN1> PAKTRTHWIK unArrvundtnj hef hudr*-** th< roujhly, with tin-brat of Hit '? (>ream, wanie a id mat inn either In the city or country. 1MJI inr three da] a at 66 Mulberry ?t., haaetuent, .sec nod door Man It*rani ?L ARRHPE"TAHIJC OIRI, WANTR A HITVATlOJt AR rhamtwnaaM and ramum or MnAituhmvi 1 and r. aUrr** rood city references given. Call lor two day a at SM lot Mb W A LADV, ABOUT TO <iTvr cr iiocnekeepixu, wnuM Ukc to nmruro n Mtuartoti an ihan.VrmaM and onaitrr nr general Vmw servant for a respei-taWn y nnuj wo?ir ~ w bo-ii .an can confidently maBMMMA Call at uradAm Ud Wr*t iSlh at, near Bn ?J*.iy. ARPKnRTVBIJt Vol'Nil U1R1. WMHM A RITVAtlm. to do yea-rat housework in a smalt nrhatd lanulv. la a r??1 plain a?t a rmt^jate waxh'r and Ironrr. the re.-v raar? i'ell fur two d?r? at I/fdal.- bTikAHd! wiul floor, root rnoai. A| *m atiojt wawtviv-RY a RvnvrAiLR nr*u a* ronrt r'a*? "** end aflarUnru waahor anl Irtmar, or tnonaj. -. on .'h(oiuoo to tba idMBtrY; sli vaar? i-ldr rrfriTtm dam ber leal riaca t'afl ba acru for two dayaai 35S ImI Hah Mar let a?fc, Aral floor, front nrti Aaitv atiow twmnv-nT aw ubiciucaw ami.. ! ro ? III* emuttry for tha ?nmmrr to la** rarr of . Hit area and d? " arfeM. llmd rfly rrti-rrnra. Call between IJ and t o'clock at Ml Bridr* at., scar Mmr?. WAWTKD-t I0TCAT1OW, BY A BKWPWTABUf rt jnr air 1, to do < haabrrarui k and n .nine, or to take aa/c m *bildren, ii wiUt'ia u? ?o a ikon dl<tan*o in thn OUB Vj. tlecd rwjr rrfrrmccTf nviitlrt-d Call for mo da>i at lt?7 Wet I3tb at, Wt wane 7th and mh .tea. WAWTFIt-A wtcatiok, BY A kespi>tabi.K SW>' rv an |\rl, |t lata eara of a tab) and do plain " win* or rkamba-wnrk Itaa no itlr "d to |o In th* country lorn akort 'Jma or k> i/arei. Call at bar present aayloyar'e ild Waat **t at. IA f?TTV ttltdlf WAKTXn-nY A riwritrt.ABUt pro taw aat aranan la a flrat rata root, nat rxun la motrin* ia all ita branrbax. nader.tandx aU Inli <4 nam* paxui.- and r'Jtea; na ohjartam to a--i?t In iba aa-Mng and Inminr If re mured haa atrattaat my i efaraare. Apvl> at Wt WaxtMth at AREPP*<TAlH.IC YOt KO mill WIMIIW A MTV A'.. na ai cadi, an atralirnt ? aabar and Iroorr; no objer lion to 'Jet ri.Mntty. Bant of lit) ftran. Can ba aaan et tar.) flaya at bar laat employer x III Ka?l l?h * Avofxu womaw wimhwb a Birr know aw chh.. tlrrn'a aiiraa, m. objection ! > rlthrr rtt* i?r country. t an an a mended Call 11! V? Am fliTivtriow wawtwa-ry a pirat clam pi.aim cook tail! laaBt In tka waihiTd and I motor if peniiired; mm tbr bad o. ?y !? fnr?Ilea Call flt ac fckav, naar .17th at. A i tocwo wowaw, a ooon cfxi*. wiBirrd a mitttattan n a prorate f* tally; ? mid amid In tbr ar??Vofl iod aaalaf. no ebjenMn to co a abm-l flklaoca hi the roanlrri bad f rttf rrfamra t all at 13? Pr-peci ?l . Rrwh.) n. i?r tan fcyt Aw v.xHKWflDrctit awn press aairr ?iaha? work by tba day. In it few rerpeetable fatalm. a<. id not object to (efln flaw f'rt nr Rmoklpd. Ad tram A. M . .'army Ctty Tarnt o&oe. for thraa day*. ifrrATiow wavytp-bY a fonni woman. Ml Mi*, lfl trm rata aaamir ram Had ear ran r?; -eewee from bar bud plana. No ro a tba *o?iniry for tba aiotirr ftaJl for tbra* days at w* M?|. I ran ?L, roum Wa t, tk tbo rear, bafwwaM Uwi . and Amity "warn. .. m i ii Jt s"rW IMBIOUIACD AC.?A l.tnT WUWIIB TO PIMV ^ tmra a ?n taMMflar aymtna wraaaa aa i bimbirMii 1 and o da plain wK MbfMlatT rafemera rtron. Can ba am at bar pn mtaMMhynr 'A H Utb tL, t ul a ma Broadway ad Cairarotty ptbflflt f 'H tMBRRW AID AWD YPATTRfl'W PITT" AtluN W \XT I7 ad?My a raapnrtab'c ptrl, or anpniaa and plain aawcr Apply at bar present Mapi .var r, 305 Waot Slat *' . Hoi kv.kv.vrmt sitcatiow ttawtkd-ht a wtdf.w a lib oar child, rafamnra ylren. .tpflj Al 79 Ah BT. / *1TC ArittWIA wABTWO?BY two RKPI'Rt T A III.K J rtrla. mo Ml oil and tanndnrna, tha nthar ?? chnmW aiaad wattrrdfl;fltma raf. raorex ptran If r?aittrcd. Can ba am fnr a raw dayi ? Hunaar M , three door* north of Pal aja nr. weal dflfl, Bmoklyn'TTlMffoW WAWTWn- AA 1 <K)k . t \I>KK.?T t \ ltd 7* hak nr ami pMtry In all M* brao.-Koai waatd da wane wash. Iaa*; wo'i.d c?w>ila> iwairy; hum ihw bar at r?f?raa? tlall an Mot b am am Id and Ad a fa. far two data ?jYT AT'ftwfl wtunm-BTTWo rnuwft nmi.t oww . ^^aaaan ti-i rwahi and wattar.tbdmbaT enpva?bnr ' at wmar nr a IHliMn ' walfly. ttawd dtr ridl?iw" r'-^-a if awmd. 7? ladtifl *<W? Vt WtW artk *1., bot* can flh ' am Hda.fl w'liatwm wifim-femalba. _ ctt?4t?o?ih w\?rrrr> -by two youno mm* ovk 1 .** w* w*. washer And Inner, or la to general bouaawork 111 a Mall family; the other as flhatabrrakaid and ph..n **w'r J ? ?* of city rsferuwre trow Ihrir plane. Oan bo Hiwoklfc' lW? '* '* OaJd ?t-/Detwr?urrui.'. and Yarn, W-*|rriri).?a atton kt a rotrvq wcntxx, aa fhiidrcu's norm mat nssmetrYss, >r to do ehflmberwoi-k Wt MUWM; *U years city reference out be given. ApWf " fcr presentemployer'*, 3U7 Bridge it, Brooklyn. tlra|rren-a httcatiob as NLE^KRYMATD, by a " respectable young *irl; b?*t of ctty reference given; wtuing to live u) euher New York or Brooklyn. ('on bo see a fnoui H Is t 'o'clock, at 33 bunco street, Bruwklyu, tor two days. \|7ajftbi?-a hftfatiox, by a bebl'bctvbi.k y y ymuig girl, with ? g ?d rtMiMnmUlhu, as children's n\ir?-? and to do plaiu sewing, or us chambermaid or waitress. Can be for t *o days at 331 West istli St., between tilt and 9lh av?., In the roar. i "lltantkit?by a comnttptrkt girl (a pwotkt"i tantl, a attuaiMMi a? ketnoal aeanistross: aadsrSteiuia all kiu<i? ot ladles' and children's clothing; tut sacoU*"* shlrtmaksr ami embroiderer; would do chamber wsirkiwould go in ilm i eountry: the best reference given. Call {tJr two dsyatutM West 334 street. ^ i WTan"tki>?a mti/atiow, *y a respect able w0yy man, as rook, and would bo willing to assist witn the washing uud ironing; understands nil kinds of moats, soups, Otdi. paairy awl gsusa; nas no obje. to go in the country; the bent ul city refereneo given as to character and capability. Also a aoung wtytnou as roaiiibernutbl and waitress, the Pes; of rolerases given. Call at 81 wc.d 33tlt St., near 7th av., tor two days. ' w tvtrit-by a rrkpegtablb curt, a tfuayy tb .n to do general h. use work; ua good washer and i rouer. Call for two dnyegt jb9 (Mil it., Brooklyn. tryanted bt a hkm'l-'.ft mile YOr.YO WOXAJf, a l yy Niituiiion to do general lion:-work In a s until privatu I family Call at .894 Mr M ; TlTANTEn?A 8ITCATIO."*, BY V GERM AX OWL, AS Tv c!i:inil i'i iiiftill #?r u-nhoiv nr to dn <r*n#ml hrwwowniv fu ja private tuuuly, Amettcan ur 0< iuiuti. Call ut 15 Leonard st., u tin- rear. A situation wanted-by a competent woman um first rl*<? rook; understands her business perfeetly to *11 H? branches; can alvklbe best of city referr.nen from her lust. place. A iiply hi 219 Went ldth *?., for Seen days. A' am-ATI OK W A NTED?IIY A MnnCTAlU YOUNG girl, ?s chambermaid nod waiter, or would assist in wash- , I Ing and Ironing. Can be seen for luuduya at 237 West 26,li st., | near Dili nv. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A YOU NO WOMAN, TO cook, waah ni?l iron; rood city rctVreuee. Cull ut 7* : Kb)} at., room No. 8, In the rear. I A SITUATION WANTED?IIY A YOCNO WOMAN, AH il sea met led ?nd to tale rare of children, or u> do c-hamberwork and wall on table; good reference clven. Can be MM for two data at SM Vfiii 19th at., between Ikh ami 7ih nva. TIT A.NTKll-A SITUATION, BY A YOCNO WOMAN if with a fivali breast ot milk, us wet mime. Good references given tl resulted. Cuu be seen tor two days ut 44 Allen at., fust lloor. WANTED?BY A YOU Nil PERSON, A SITUATION AS rnuiustrnaa, or woakl tikn to go travelling Willi a lady as a companion. Call for two days at 41 M.ingin at. WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNO GIRL, A situation to tako rare of a rblld. Would like to go a short diatmice iu tbr country. Apply at IB Barrow ?u, for two daya. WANTED?A SITUATION, AH WAITRESS OR CH AM. bemaid. Inquire at 64 Kaat 21 at at. ! TTTAVTKD?A SITUATION, BY A MIDDLE AGED ) WW lady, ftvintbe JCaetern HtaUa, aa companion to an Invalid gentleman oi rehnc!!****housekeeper to somu one free of eurnruliraneea ot amTN tAft flf B??an? to take a plraaant domestic home. In the cltv or eAamrf. UfiO a one add re wing Stranger, Broadway l'odt office, will M , promptly unit veered. WANTED-A SITUATION AS WET NURSE, BY A healthy young wntrtui; her baby la three mouth* old. Apply ai 201 K.i*i 21st at., between 1st and Id uvea., third floor, front room, fur three daya. TTTANTED?BY AN AMERICAN YOUNO WOMAN A " HtnuBon. in a mechanics family, to take ,*?? of a buhy and sew. bur turthrr particulars nddre.-i? eotetn ?1 Norfolk SrC^el: K" A- tUUn4 silo might might calL WA^<Fh^5L^i?'8P*rTA? e (,IRI* A SITUATION seen Mtkni*J^!Tz*' <* to do general Mart-work. Can be i Xah IftfVZu STi7toyer8-10 wfcu? * tor 0um Wants? _ K situation by a respectable young ao-.uiui, sacook, washer iwdtroner, lu aprir.ite family: i? A|? ' \i ellent laundress. The lie-e. of c ity reiereaoea. Cull v 12? Wh are., between 31x1 and SM sta., in the fancy store. TITAN TED?A SITUATION. HY A KEHPRCTABLE PROYf testate. prirl. ms ,ad> 'a inn Id und aeamslrc .sc; u a competent hub' dr*--scr i.ud understands all kinds of family sewing una empnaaery; in most iifii,iu. in,e,i icstiruotiutia can or giveu HS to honesty and vapabllttv: no oti|eetlnn? to eo to tbn country. Apnlv at tl? ndW of I>r. V. Bui us, No. 9 Hudson place, ,'Uth at., between 9th mat 10th uvea. WANTED?,\ SITUATION, FOR A YOU NO AMERICAN girl. lb vi-:?r? old, to take cart! ol children and do Uchl I work, or to travel. Apply at U Ureuao at., room Xo. I, tor j two day a. , TIT ANTED?A SITUATION, BY A PROTESTANT OKR. TT tuap girl, to <lo cliatnberwork and watting, or rhamberwotVahd wm tnf; objo-ioq to take care of growing chU J rirrn. Uau br wn at 117 south at., third floor, back loom, I Brnoilyn. WANTED?BY k STEADY WOMAN TO OO OrT.ON days' w..rk or wottid lake washing In. Apply for a week Bt IPO KaAt 9iU St "II* ANTED?A SITUATION, BY A RKSPHCTABLK PROj TT girl to cook, wash and Iron in * private fnml!> Fjty rererrncr. Uau be area for two daya aid? lith are., top | Boor, front room. I "llr VKTKB? A SIJW<aTtasa?. mm a- ?e?a?n wnasit TO TT do the cofTng, washing and ironing of a "mail private fanJl.' ; rood reference c:u> be given, would preter the co'uttry. < 'all or addrrs. ;I7 I'rdou at., SeuCl Brooklyn, In (be aloro. TITASTKD?BY A RESPECTAUI.E OIRU A SITUATION TT aa rbiinibennnM and to usaut with tlie waxhing and rotting; (be lietdnf idly reference rwu l?e given from h-r I i?l place, and she 1? prrfeeily willing to go iH tbo cirtntry. Can tie seen iU lit Kaat ,19th at. TIT A XTKD ?A SITUATION, BT A RESPECTABLE GIRL TT in do the uadtuig, waiml wnlngef a email privaie family; call give I lie beni of thy IflutttKv. Call at Kings,. XJkTAXTKD ?BT A mOHI.T RRSrWTABLH C.IRU A TT Miua ioa * t turn barmaid and \t ait rraa. or an i haiuhrr maid and to do lit.'' waahtag and Irotilnp. HadaTaciury re'.Brnnr-a I mm W r la?t plam. fall for tia t tlaya, If U'A tnga&od, at lJi Jb:h *1., Mwm 7tii and 'J> ?wiii. ?. WAmV \ .-m vTt .v. itv v ttK-rv'tmik fY jroumr w oman, i c?ok tn a pmmta family; infill jv.?l in Umi Kmliil./ riki wiititni;. Hi d td nty t t.-rvnnn trom Iml l?'t rU' f t ill for ttao day. at 113 Weal .'7Ui a., brt w- u 7U> and 0>b arrnnaa. "lVrAXTRD?A MTIWTWX. BY A RrsPKfT AHI.K Tf yuimc American girl. im '.m ~t In a prorata larail); i? a gtaai to at acwvr. < ali fur t*o d-ty* at W t oo riant at.. la the rear 11?-\XTKt)?BY A RKSPFlTARI.R YOI VO WttM \\\ ff ?rBh a frr?h On-art of milk, a rhtid Pi art, at her own !*?... Call at 11 Mmrtta at. WAXTKD-llY A RRBPHTTABLK I:\iil-ISM WojlAV, a aft nation ? fnnlc and housekeeper, in a pmatu or ptihlie hotel; ?,. iimlc u.ti'.s larr bn-uin n a.l I'tlr. b<oi nb(er'V>n to till tcmoli r. A<Mrr?> *. W., CI HamOkm I aIbrrlne k?r|rt. MTAXYKD- A Pm'ATIOK, BY AX K\1*KBIKX? ?:D ff fi'itiH-i: one who ur,drr?"irvt? \*r ha lin-^> In all |t? brawlw* nad ail kind* of wp and nu?'. ami Han em? rtmral IwAiir: rooddty rafettMKO. Apply at 6a I An-t., tantjreen felt *'*! 7th av*. ftt-AXTirrv-A ttTTCATlOV, BY A Rl^lTrT A BLR ?J|RI* ff ? nn'fo and ?e?ni* re i, o? .; can lafcr rate Of a Inthv fr?an ft* hirth: l? a (r*?l washer and Inner: well re commit tided fr?mi la r la?t ptare. vhtfe -Un ran bo aaeii uuUl tafapd, 107 Wai ?7th at Mr- Rl* hard. \JL* AXTKTV- HITI" ATlOKfl FOR TWO Tim* AXI> ff lilvMy ronmmatalatl fJ?rman PmteOnnt *.*n"u, < or hi dnwrn etar* rerrnnt or M do general fcrataea .irk in u -mill famil.i; H a n k plain cta-k and an rxvUviu iaattdc-v Hat ntherua rlmnbrmtaid and ?it!trr?, or nut -e and tCiim-aio'-A Apply at HAi itronme td -ir-axtviv--py rwrpr'r aru? tncsfl womax, a ff altiiatioo. a* eVitnht mi tid. and to do thr itur washing and Irmlnt. ran hr in n for la< daya at iST-'aal U"..rriu at, Brooklyn, oppialio tlio pnMlr 1 cbrv.1. I HTAITlflA-HY A R?PY<TAnr.K. Wtif AX. WAtnilBO I ff anil Irrmtns at har nwn l.rtw. al.klndi of CnT) and II: ? ri. \ mil- II' 01 f iit r?i? Tiir - . in "r lT. lh?< ?h" *1.1 Mil mllttn4mniMii|ki iMr utW^riim. r?u >:. tfc? w ??k at ir w <-.. i.iui ?u 11 \M k V XITlATloH. BT A MMMiU TT art n? aronwn, U.p r<?ltin* a? l aaaiat In Itm waahI Iiv atrl ir.?un? rf a private famlW. grtc4 <-Hjr nifarrnra man tor pn?? ill rttnatatliav I an to k ?h for two da) a at 77 K. in run 'II.,. X ... I t*" 1RTKTW V t?TT1 ATTn*. HY * BFNrBTTABI.K Pn? 1 II I." Mint ml, aa < LuiiiIh riuai or *aiin*a. oau eooin *ail 1 rrmtnnvm.l.^ Apply at BJ>) afc, K. V ! DL'-VSTKn- BY A Rf>''V ! |fl R W >? \ H WITH riTK Tf to?1 I.f rrfrrrtirp, a kJtn ithai a< r .A In tlii? rltv. nr ! wnnM baiP n4 "bjr.niutn Ui i,uuj* in Um oaiuiry. In.piu >* al . w i ' ' \I* \n rut- \ BITCATtOI. BT A mwrntABIJ I I Yf i.iKVrihr pntlrr i barer of a Jnm.rti-y la if., rl ? or rPMHtnr; c?U> yn.lurp tbr Wat i4 cMj rrfrrrnr". tan bp a?na ' al II it* m-pt _ 11-tMM' \ :TI iTIttf. BT 1 BvarnrriBTJt J YT vat.1* ?"m*n. a* cliamtonuaM nnU to<tn tor aaali.nt I and irMiina; i* an purilrnt artarr. h*? tJir brA of riu r-fp rpupo i An w aaaa lip Hn? Bpt V tM n tifMl, at ite W?a | 11'AVTKIV-* MTftTIOM. HT A MSI-WI\HI.K ff tounr ?.<w?n. l?> uo ??< **; law-work, or rb imhnr. ?oi*; i. ?lfiiair u> modit In tbr oaaliing and In at lug. < ail ai 112 W i ." at "|*rA*Trt>-\ HITHTIC*. BY A* ?..\<)I.IKHW> >M kS. ff a* inr* or ibatnbrnnaul. OaU for tbma .day* /U 774 Waoblntrtna ??. lirAMTW-i-AFrri ATlO*. MY kiUMMKI ff w-nrTan, m rank. aaahor and ln?i?T map \ ato (a'naly; bn* rood rtij n-frrnior man bar U*t plaan. Can br ao?u at m b a#i ibii a WAMHI-VMTI YTInN. BY I Tf>! I. MINI ftioral hruvwrk In a amal! prlratr famtlr, or In or**. wa?l' am! In a iiimII fa nllr: oan gtrr rood HWWam Can br am b far t*<, <Wr? al Tblarr ?k, Nr Okirn. AJLr A N" TMI??HV TWk HKSI'K?"T V Of* IA A1TC \ ff tt~w: nnr aa ami ?t-o br- H? rtiaml<rt naM CaM ba nran at ltr proa. n? rmrVaw'. IS Yf rat 3ab at. WAN rill-Mr A MI*fW TAM4.K Y'UM. fllltl. A itualan mm mirao and wan ?trm? no "Mjar-am to'br couiity f.r ih? ?un mrr nr nth". ctu ?tr . k .-u Ap*i? at S llarnaon at.. N. Y.. from W A il.inif M \L'AMKI?-V BITl"ATlOff, MY A KlAPW TAHI.K Wt>ff man, aa rat, m d. r?tanda rooking la all ii? i.ran.-'. ? paairioa and jrlltra u< all kmda No uhyorUoa la tba imttMra. J?ond rtty r?,.| oa.?, Call at ISA I "rnabv at. WANTNIi . t tm tTIO*. MY \ H >?'V-r ^ ,,K ) ia? wt?u?n. Ill iV' baoilwra irk ami among, or in rto rlmmbi rarars ami aA* nam <d abUdrani id W r? a Nn?! ilMBi?i'?lit'*o ?n r'ry * N a 'at-ll* iV? <! ' r (Vf? '< r-'-dl ft* u!W I.V* 211 !., *AW ?>. , fruro i "vlr awtfd -by * respectable young french ? ' woman, a mciutuoo as -icumrtres* in a r^>0OM*'l fa nn)> wttu u soma u>tl.e ?i...uiry; no k a tnurosia'k Baaia sire-., ?od dressmaker, and understand* *"up line urnahn*. Can be MM a I ?1 Wetl ?Xh sL "ii/anted-hitpationh. for wro uiklh, onr am ft .?sk, and (be iiiber lode ehamherw.irk or an nurse, have an obje. iv. 'it to gu in the country. Address or call at the Here IS Una 2*h at., for (we days. WANTED-A SmjATOW. by A RESPECT A BMC r*maie, in a lau y atore or bakery. Apply el iW Monroe at. ^RlP WAffEDe-lfMUJIi. A LI. WOMEN LATELY LANDED CAN GET GOOD imitation*, immediately, In i espectabie families, and rood w?ges; uihdv green Mrl* have obtained good homes without delay, at lite large*! Involute and Houie lor good ptacit, 196 Uth ?!., corner of tKh at. ALL EAMILIE8. AND GOOD SERVANTS, CAN PIMD the largest and beet odletn in Una city at the Institute nod Borne, where (be best of eerranta are, always roady. Alan rood sitiaitlons for rood help. Conducted by a respectable lady. No US ltth an, corner of 6th ave. , A I.I. FAMILIES, AND liOOI) HER V \ NTH, OAK KIND A tini largest and best otti. es in tiie olty at Use Institute and llomc, where die best of senraois are* always ruadv. Also Eod sii uaHons for good help. Conducted by a respectabIt <ly. No. 19S 11th at., corner of 6th av. Vt'OOK AND CHAMBERMAID IB WANTED FOJt A getdlenian's famuy; excellent wares riven to suitable parties. Also, several rood house worker* tor small private iamllies in ihc country. No charge in this caae. Apply at 421 Broadway. All families, hoteiji and boardino houreb can procure the best servant* In the city by applying at llio old established and rcspectanlo "Employment Instil uie, 124 Broadway. JOHN O. I. ACKKK.M AN, Proprietor. \T 106 BROOME RTREET CAN ALWAYS HE FOrND I he most respectable and largest selection of every description of help, French, Herman, Knrlisli, Kcotcli and Irish. This oil ice having been established Ml yours Is a sufficient ruarMiteeof iu honest principle*. MOKK1S OOHNKRT. A FRENCH HOCSEKEKFFJt TO TRAVEL TO EUROPE, lady * m.ild and dressmaker, also a nunihernf liint class female 'servsnt*. wanted early to-day, at the lirst class female ofhee 204 Kh ev.. near 29d at. ALAnxmaaM WAarav-oini thoroughly oompatent can luid k permanent situation in a siaull family. Apply at IBS Wfst 2fth at EMPLOYERS WILL ALWAYS KIND A GOOD KKLEOtion of the brat (lenunn and wi ll rocnrnmcrulod Hi itiah kimrnU, Pnu^'-unix and CaihnUe*; alio, clrrk-i, porteri. coachm? n, garde intra. dm rchants, Sr., at K. HKIJCKK A < MVS Kmployinent Inattun#, 360 Bowery, between Third and I'ourlh btrreta. HKI.P WANTED?TOGO A SWIRT DISTANCE IN THE .country, a girl to aerve as chambermaid and aai tress. Apply ui 121 Pearl si., up stair*. ^ vtcrse wantki>_an American, french or AN German, to take eara of two small lnlants and to assist In the care ? f .jidrr oimiaba mud ho a good, faithful woman and come well recommended. Call at Jdt> West llitli at. /"APERATOR WANTED-ON LESTER'S SKWI.VCj UI. " / chine, six mile* In the country; easy access lo Uie chy to*boant with the faintly; work for the summer; an American vounit ludr. wlih refcreneea ua to reapectabittty. Apply to W. 11. i'ye, SO t>dar at. Shirt hands wanted?itaistkrs for ma chine and hultoD liblc makers. Apply at Chas. Ie-ielitoa's 612 Broadway. WAXTRD-A CHAMBERMAID, TO ASSIST WITH w.\shiny and ironing and make herself generally useful. With good oitjr reference. Apply at 192 Henry at TIT"ANTKD?Jk NUMBER OK NAPOLEON TIB BODY VT makers; none but experienced bands need apply at the glock and He factory, 216 nth are. Wanted?1a young girl, as xcrrr and chambtnaaid; must be willing to go In the oountry tbe summer woulhe. Apply ut 96 Mardougal at, from 10 till 2 o'clock. WTNTED-A WELL RBCOKDIRNDRD YOCNG LADT for a fancy alone; one who understands the business: none others ueed apply. Inquire of V. Haubner A Co., 644 8th ay. WASTED-TN A PRIVATE FAMILY. A PROTESTANT Bill, to wn?h. Iron and do housework; must be n row* wasbcr andlroner; if recently armed prclerred. Apply _J" Inn the w t;6k a'. W W''3t 3Iat ?t- *"' WANTED-A WOMAN TO DO GENERA^ noui^. work! in a poikII family; mu* b* neat p^ a good plain rook. Apply at 147 Went 4<hh at, near &Ul '.reoue. WANTED-A PROTEST ANT. TO COOK, WASH AND iruuin a ptltafe family, a short diatance la the country; nlso a reuuK girl, 12 to IB years of ape, for light waiting. Call at 30 llroadway, on Thursday, 28)h, between 9 and 12 A. M. Wanted-a protestaxt woman, to watt on a lodjr snd three growing children; must be a pood sea rust n-M and w J ling to go to the country for the bummrr. Apply, with references, at til East 28th St. "II'A .NTKD?IMMEDIATELY, A THOROUGHLY COMYY peietit sn/1 e\|wrienced forewoman, to take charge of a rlrek and innntilla manufactory. Apply at SM Canal at. 1*raxt,<i>?a ?'ri' to 00 'nto tnk country, to TT do in* nousewor* 01 * tanujy a tux. ?tm no a moutn. Imtniia Ml 3? 4th *t_, fromJ) to a A. M, and 6 toT P. M. IVAirren-A BL'PRISIOR COOK AND I.ACNORFWIX TT * una!! family, confiding of only a gentleman, wife nod ?una. Nona need apply unlet* fully competent. Call at 71 Wot 47th at. TV-ANTRD-A MftraCTARIJt OIRT* TO ITHt.P IN A TT bakery; our acuuainu d with the busiuon preferred. Apply *f 44 3d av. WANTKP?ACOMPETENT PKRSONTOTAKK THK UNttrr ehwgr of an Infant. Heat of reference required. Call at Clinton oiettue, ihuxl house uu nutUbeut aklu trout Myrtle, Brooklyn. w'ttftrssrsi AddNM K T . box 117 Herald rAre. WfAXTFJI-A <'IIA.MlUCRM.tlD AND WAITRKtsA I* A TT private family, a abort distance In the counter. Impure at f? Want l*h at. WASTED?A (lOOD, FM ART OIRI. TO |?f? CTIAMRFR work ai. l waiting. with gnnd rlty reference. Call fiom 9 to 13 o'?lu> k ku the mot ulna at &U3 Broom.- at. TKT \ \ T I'll- V 1: FRM A* mOTRNT\N 1 WOMAN, T" !> > TT the racking, w ticking ?t??l Ironing of n aranll famjlr; muat have good nr'-ommrndatloi!* and be capable, up! wi..utg to go a fhoi t dU anoe in the country. Apply at 44 Kaal 51th aL frota 8 A. \I. to .4 I*. M., today anJ tomorrow WANTED?11Y A VOL" NO URN TT. KM AN'. A I.ADYTO take ca.e of liK ituld. Addict* X. L., but 1,734 Poet <4hre. "I\ \ST' I' .:<><.D DKFSdM tKFRF *T ? WmMFll TT Ht None but enmnetent baud* need apply. WANTED?A GOOD I.Al NDRRK*.?NONE XKKD KTTT ply lint ll.<-e who huie the beat of rlty rei?r*ureaand vurterMao<1 th< ir In....una* wrlL Apply at Nix 2 West SlM ?4., nirmr of fah ar. \r \ virii-\ smart, tihv mm To oocenkru, TT h?'~??'.x, ?v?.k, w:o.'i atkl Iron in a private hmulv. WumT,". None but lb we who are competent ?ud ooUging nee,I apply fur two daya at 180 (End 17th at , betw eeti lal and <M ar*. WASTED-THIS PAT. COOES, I'HAMHKKM AIDS, TT wakerwi *, nnr?ee aad general bon?* aei?ant*, to f.ll good situation* at high wages. In pri\ ate families, hotels, A , In tity a ltd eoui.tryt Crowd* of employer* applv dally at th1* nfllee. No fie ilargod till engaged. Ml IRK I'd CUHNKKT, ?J4 Hmnmr street. W*ANTED?A CUC\X T1DV OIRL. TO IK) OK.NKRAT, TT hi.peewr.rk and Plata rooking for i small family, and must he a Mat rale washer and Iruoer. Apply at 86 West 10th MM. "11' A.N fKD?A SM A 1,1, OIRX, T? AuOlST IN TIIK TT pvnrral b?ii<ework of a Hn.tU family, run of <vTarda, attend dour. Ac. <Mil at 42 King at. Tl'SVTVD- V PIRFT CRAPS COOK, WASTTFR AND TT lik'oef, and n chambermaid awl wattrem. to ae-ist In the w ashing and Ironing. Protestant* preferred roferenrqn required. Apply at ? 7?h ar. U'ANTED? IMMEDIATELY. t TOI NC LADT TO AT tend a first rlmm Drbiklnc NUmn on Hmadway. Apply I at ?; ? HriO'lW > . up aialra. between 10 and f oVkek Tlf ANTElk?A OUL 1*? DO (UCNKKAb HOlTTWORlCt TT ir.nal he a guud txtuk, waaltcratuu iiuuer. A pi .> atXvl Madtidn >t 11TANTCD?A YOUNO WOMAN TO DO TIIK COOKINQ Tf and w??hine of a Kmalltamtlv, at M Orand *4. \1' A.NTHV-A PKinTFTANT WOMAN T< K AND TT a?- i?i In w aihto* In a private family; roie n ho fally underdvwls her bu?ln*io> and ha* good rwotmwiKhUloo* Apply at 7W M eat IRIi at., near dih ar. UrA.\TKii-.\ ktitale. nrixBKRXAtit./RAJWTKRN*, | lanaddr*". mnk. a- dtmaa. and ? rirl M in 17. a? aicdatnrrt nnraa m.4 . h .mtwn.iaM. Apply at X*. 7 llth at, mum (fw? wr*> <4 Hi'i adw a jr. from 9 k> SoYmcfe. H"Axnrni-A Tiny ujhl ahui t u> trar* or Aor. O 10 rnUxl it hab> U mwilh* rid. Apply imnfrliiUnlj hi 1AU Raft TMnM "V'oVxu OirTVaXTKIV-A* XI.R8K. ABOl'T liOR hi J yaara <14. In aftand In twn rliUdmn. Mnat b<- ttllUue, tidy rrdl'iara r<A.I rafarrnra-i. Apply *1 119 Wr? Sd at, bofor* Uraa n'rlnck tbta day. TOT TRAP?. \| 71 VTlllM A KKR or 9D YR ARH F \ PKRDT V<Tt. A W.RI nan horn, tridx-a a altiiairm in Una Hly la a wli laaalanr -.-rail ??lrh and jawrlrv aaUMudnaaml; roald laDtimen ana* ?t? mry awl r?y lr.nSr.annd rWjr rrfrrrnrr rttrn. Addroaa Wat. hmakrr. raraof Wrfla A (linalr, SB Onrtlandt at. If. T. A i -1'': V \\ < i ITK KS VIT11. WHO HAS WORKUP 1\ n -.r j mn> In I Ha lar*rat m irhirta and rng'aa aS.ij>? in Y? rland. a aa" In 9nd amplnymarl la a alioilar bu?lnaaa bam. fatitmSara at Ihr Sbtkopam llolal, Kca. 24J and M4 William at. R Y. A Lot HOT. 14 YRARfl OUI. W'IHHRR TO OO I* THE uiarbli tniaiaraa (acnlpUa-). Apply at .V9U am., third I *r,pT | rwjmciTTOKini Airn rAjrr?r poor WAimro-oim ' \J ahn la a I.rat rata ?i aatal amrkaiaa: to rata who 19 fahr I pap I Ma < f taking eharatt aad wha tmdandaada grawal wwk fw- parttaa and at.** InuK yond macaa. with a MMd tfktI aflho. pi ran. Noon nnad apply onJaaa they hara had arparV aaKariSgl8 ~ a?UriVTrn-A noon cwixa now** raivritn. alM>. a ywl ahlna rtMar. Apply tbi? day la Wm. Hrouyh, r ?M (1 raana ?t la Iha raar. I WAjrryo-WR RArmxnrr*. to oo to nrrruxi. j | y. Y . *l<n hnt H e.r?l atparianaa in IV making of < ??. I In* mn<-hln?? al"n a pnnd man rapnbla n( tiktnr r|i\rrn nf a abnii tor fba iranwfactn'to* M tar ran:#. ttond ratorarvra* rt-|ulrrd Apply n. r train. Aator liruaa. fnan 4 tott* M. It ' I IX ISEKRAX Ml - 11 W i M ? I' - I HKKK yy < f. ir I < *! a-nrktnan ran burr alaady amplrvdiarrt. April at tlx ortieaa< Iha ManbnUaa T!al < iVmpany. Ka. 90 j"ii?. a HOAd WAXtr.n -TO LK tItX THKROAT miLllKRH tradr iruW harrvfaihaca bring; about 14 ) aara old. .Apply to <V R If.grrwJl. 2tl Srvith w tr,w WUCATiUW. U^fnTrVvTrt VlW Ttir *11.1191* rrrllivr?fif x>? MORI a ?t i .r I t r??<lj ?tui? >t"<-a rr?? < .1 t. ill. ' <?a I. ! WTN. . , rwy . . I'l'-r Ur I I N?*OKK*?X?. yi,-ijpin 1rj giinii?;?Ttyrw. ACTUATION WANTED?BY AN KNTKHBBMINU yauug Oeriaan, who mw>>i and writes the blugliah An (Huge ttucaUy. Ml mbbo whuienale bouse. or light porter. < r Something similar. Nairn j not so mU on objoot as a mto> unit situation. Quod city reltreuca. Address A. W., bo* VJ4 Herald ogtoe. _ AM| YOtTMfl MAN OP BI'SINKM QCALIFIC VBION8 AND At Olio, and able to apeak md correspond In English. tier moo and I'reixh, la amicus to obtain a attoatiua lu or out of lit a mv. Cau'give satisfactory reference. Address E. H. P., t oj 130 Herald uku. Actuation wantkd-by a yocng man, an im.-Uinan in the country; would like to lite near Yookci'A Addrrw box UM Herald oftca.* AI STTr.ATlON WANTED?PO* AN INTE1XIO KNT buy IS year* oAl, in an ottke, commission or wholesale business, Ui live w iih Home gentleman of sound no nil principle?, under wbout entire control be could be. Address Mrs. U.. IW ydth mi. /TALlKtlBNIA AOKNCY.-A IWNTTKMAX WHO IN \ ' at ant la return to California, where be baa been doing bnslnasafor the paal loo years, would ttke to take an agency for some good saleable ariirle, to the Introduction and s tie of which be would devote his whole llino. Would alao promptly attend to any hu*lne?* entrusted in him. To Insure a reply parties answering mind ?at* fall particulars, name and address Address Caltturuta, box MS Herald utiles. TLIan rooK.-nrrt'.uioN wamkii. hy a young IVI tlerman, an cook, ruber in a private family or bote!; uuilerstiiiHls Preneh, Kr-.'llsh and Tiutrh cooking in all ita brain has; best reference given; iio objection to go u ibe country. Call ut,Ml 3d nv , between Mb and I7tb els. SITUATION WANTED?BY A YOUNG MAN. AN POPter or packer In a wholesale house; is a fair penman, and win pu- uir urtwui iw/ merrHW. a nur *u?i'"?i"n un*., rare of P. llarrUou A Hon, 340 Watt 24th street, will meet with prompt personal attention. SITUATION WANTED?AH GARDENER; UNDER aland* the bicenemi In all IU dU)orrnt branrhrs: has no nl>Jrt'ti'.n to i'<iaidimaa .ind trardener if required. Heat or p icnun' can !>< given. Address 41. 11., box 116 H, raid office. SKt A It MANUPOTDRERB or MERCHANTS COSt-mplattag th? manufacture of their own Begum, can now AT*il iheinselvra ?f a manufacturer of largo experience in all the vxrtoua ramidoadooa of the trade by addressing Segar, Herald office. SITUATION WANTED?BY A COMPETENT YOU NO mini, a?b?rheepcr, or would make him sell generally use. ful in nny kind of store; best of city reference given. A uote addressed Barkeeper, box 140 Herald office, will be promptly attended to. SITUATION WANTED?BY A YOU NO GERMAN, AS urvhdanl gardener, nr to take charge of a email garden; tuidrrxLauds toe care of horses and drtvuig; would do tanning work, fall on or address W. P , 25 Carmine at. rro C.RfMKRH-WANTED. A WMTWH. BY V RES1 pertahl? young man, either wholesale or retail; i*<vnn|>atrpt for both. Beat city reference given. Addreis D. U. C., Herald office. _ _ WANTED?BT A MAN OF SEVERAL TEARS EYPErience in the lancy goods buitoesa, a situation in the notion depkrtmsnt of a dry goods house, either aa the buyer or salesman; can give good references, and can lnlliuMare a moderate amount of trade. Address Salesman, bos 4,713 N. Y. i'oat office. WantedIby a young m an. a situation in some respectable tailoring esiabUaaaMBt as ttUeWWI. having long osperience down town, and who ?Afl UNlwstaa J ed>" " " trade. a note addressed to B. /. 0., Herald oOoe, will moot with prompt attention. ' ' TITANTED-A SITUATION, IN A WHOLESALE RTOP.R, TT aa Porter, has the brat of reference, by a young man. Peter Wras, U Bayard at., basement. ' WANTED?A SITUATION. At OOACHNAN AND groom, by an Englishman, married, perfectly understands ibe wire of horses, and is a good and Attrefuf driver; country preferred; or would take any other light and reswmtablr employment where the aerrtcja of a reliable, faithful, steady man Is wanted and would he appreciated; nearly three years In his present situation; has sn undeniable character. .Till ha seen at Smith's seed store, 71 Liberty at., thia day, frees 10 A. H. till 2 P. X., or addreaa A. B. W., as above, lor two days. IA/ nuur^rti.r, i'o I WUAIfe.?A 1 UIUhla^ ? uw f Jf roughly arqnMrrtfldwI^tl^dry Rood?bualne?i In *11 of I Its flrnjirtrii^nt*. and W'^g nn extensive mvnulflUttGC through- I tott Ohio hnd ibe *l*h<* a nil nation m tal^minn 1 tUw'iMiLt *?"?i reference given. Address Hereby | hoi 13* Utr^j oflw j "7?rARTKTV-8rn7ATIONf?. BY A PB0TB8TAl(l VAN VV and his wife tSu las), in work on ? genllemsftHi place; (ho man nndrratanda the care of horses and nl%ig Hardening, the wife aa o * A and tHMfcrf; Will giie reference from former employer. Gall for two days .17 Monroe at., rear buiUii.g. WANTKP?IN A REAL WTATR BUSINESS OR aamey, a situation by a good a^eni and accountant, who ean command aotne bu?iueaa and give the 'best of reference. Addn ?* J. J. Q., Herald office. a>l aa to ssuo wru, re paid by a young man Pll/U from the country to any pereoo who nil) procure him a permanent situation, where ability and business etpe\ I lenre will meet with a suitable remuneration. Address, conIMentlally, 1. II. Urepnry, Harold ntttee, all this week. B<?Y E ROM 13TO 17 YEARS OK AGE WANTItfi? to aitend a billiard room. Apply at 4M At sr., between lUth and 3Uh sta. AGENT* WAHTTO-I* EVERY CTTY AMD TOWN. TO aril David Ventre's Eircl-dor Srwtn* Needle Threader, the only tnrrnvor and nunaracturer at the *ooutne article. Kor ale at 178 Duane street, N. Y., In the rear. DAVID VF.XTKN. A YOUNG MAN, HAVING ABOUT *30 IN GASH, CAM meet a tth a rare opportunity to make money and obtain a rood situation in a neat office hustnexa now established, by applying from 10 to 3 o'clock to-day to H. T. SMITH A CO., No. ttoe Broadway, N. Y. AGK.NTS WANTED?IN THE t'lTY AND OOUNTRV. Good men can make from BOtl to W par week. Apply to l l\.:leod"T A Perce, 173 Hroadwaj. New York. BOOKKEEPER WANTRD, TO GO TO MISSISSIPPI IMmediately.?None need apply ualeae thoroughly eotnpe. ent, weii r.wnweit,d aaad a dafta man. Wefataan preferred. Apply at J. L. I'alit A Ca'a, 34 Dey street, up glairs, from*to 10 A. M. rKI.I.AK MAN WANTED-ONE EITHER EEENCH on German, who Is acquainted with the tuirinr-. and '*n toine aa< II larooimend. J, will tlni ?tr*A| employm?n' ? I fair a aces; must apeak English well ii?n4BB> be untieraiuut. Address E P. A Go, box J, W8 Hooton PuatnAne. TkMO BOY WANTED?ONE ABOUT 17 Oil 18. WHO I B I hat Kta.l K.itnu A\nt?i ii-uAai lii :!tp hunini >i>i itiul nut af -j..I < 1 work. Apply at bp- corner of ad ?-L and "M ?r. DRttJ C1.KRK WkVTKO.?A TOI'Mii MAX HAVIVO A thorough kaawledpr at the ally rolnll an-1 pr?rrlpthwi huh two, ami mi prndaen onimf wviry nrter-atL-e. Apply si cort.rr of Rtitgera and Monroa aU. firiOD DKK?SMAKKRS AND MAKTII.I. A MAKKRA * \.T u ?uu-d. Apply to Jadnea A. llcaru A hue, 774 Brood*+r 1)ATKVr WKfili INTS?WAVTKIV AM MTIVIC A\l) L competent girl i i put up patent n.cdteiniwi- Noon hut tint nti band u-.xl apply at 1J4 4th ar, .V V. TV"AXTKI>? A OOOT) MATTRKM8 MAKKR. TO WHO* If eteady employment will be gjven. < all at 34" lindane at. "TV AMTEIV-A NAM WHO TnOROCOWTiY rWTHtRff atatida tha maimfa lure ot fancy wire work if all dearrtptiiHaL Aiidrmw hop 14 HUnifont <<"-own.) FortaAsa. WAITFR WAXTKII?FOR AM li'R CRKAM 8%I??S; owe writrtoaied to the UM, with gaud reference, caa apply at 19 t'nhwi atpwre. WAKTKIV-A YOTMO MIX. IM A PRV OOOPS I*, puma* bnatnrwa. hi aaatatant bookkeeper. and to wtaftw htr.nrlf ernrraUy uaeluL Ootid rater?era wanted. Adureaa hoi 3.?I r?t nafea. __ WAKTKO-A TOIMO RAM IX A BILMARO ROOM: nwa who bun had "lane rtpertenre before. Apply at M Third atee-tr, between 10 ami 13 o'clock A. M. UTAMTTD-A MAX. TO TAKK PARR OR A RORSR. It nm Hint "mall kit. te n at.- - ttom r j,ardc.n. nt III." mire dale Apply at 37 Chuk at TVrANTKD?WAMTrn?WAKTKTV?l,U00 AQKXTR AMO TT tiHT", of all fruwt M In ? warn, awl? ar t?m?l?. la a pVea?aut and paying Ni?lti>??. with a ? piial of front $10 to$Al. They caa mat a from $S to $10 per day aallitur BartIrtt ? variety enr. lopa. which t? a new bualnnaa. and wall meet with mlr In all parla of the I'aioti, an-l all whoarenul of employment I wutod Invite to call ?vai at Mi Broadway, corner of Fulton at . up ataltw, motn V{ K. 1.. BARTI.FTT. WAMTKD?A FIRST ("I. AW KXFKRTRV<*1tl? HOatFRY aalr-man. to aril avmtly by aampie* among the larga city Mm Addi?a F.M. WVlIaraldafi?. _ "TITAKTFD?A FTXOT.K MAM TO WRIT* AMD MAKC " I Ilr-'tuaia in a wh'-lraala huainemi I a u?n,mu-the abN to depnatt |l? na aar-trWy. Salary $7 per work. Addrcaa S A N-v 14b llcrald cfltre. TJVAXTKIV? HOT. TO WRITS AT TOR DRHK. *1'.; TT a too a atretic, handy hoy to aotaa port? ta a Br-alnr atore. Add re**, In own handwrtUn*. F? hot 190 Uarnld uAen, Mating aalary erpeeted, age, refereaoa, Ae \vwrren-A hmakt ai-tivk lap i< to is tkam i 11 aid, M wliUni barkeeper at So Hearer at. Reference required a* ti> rapal.lim ?nd 1* i ?:i f.. t, 8 in C . > . WANTKIi TWO liOOl> IIANVAHHRR* WKLI. AOTf qnnintrd ? >tk Ike lonaMoe of Uk arhrleaale knoaea, I* oanrn** for irtvnilnmin:. for a Rouiknra paper. Apply al it Fmittt.. up'ttln, betWeM 8 aud U la tbe moralae, and 3 anil 6 O'rkK'k in the aftenxon. MM* but Kuod caava* era need ayiply. Tt'AirvKS WASTV.IV. AT Till. PHII.AIIKI.I'IUA. V? Hruae. iaa atxl )?7 BPrrerT. three trM row w?Rrr? VP ply i.t A. M.; none but three a to undentAnd their tiuftiueea ibnr-Hijfhly need apply WAKTKi*?two Hkm roi~ ax ixhuramcr o?rios[ a competent man la ? rmeerj. a druc clerk an>l a colloc'nr. Apply al the MeirkAnta' OferaM Recbdry cddee. TT Weed* ar. Httoaliuna procured. If" ""otmiaai.? in afianeo RefVrrnae to Arrt olaaa kuwea. Houra ? U? A IkAabUehad I AM W. J. RAW ATM TJL'AffTKIi?A KAKVF.R, OJOt WHO CMWrTTAXPR f T I armlet In All Ha hranrhra ran Kirn a (tmd and nor. u>ne-il moiIha. Inquire of A. Ttork. Murrey ftllVaayWet, HP Pick at. . corner akh <*.. from ? A.M. m I T. M., (Ma (Wed MMayV WANTKll^A (Hlllll ritrrr amd fmiVkr paiVtkiC anil Inn ?Udrra no rhtea Appl) In Van Hrenpb. MM flni an aired. TV Al?TR?v-|,?l? IHdlP WO\H. WITH A CiriTAl. OT TT ?reni-> to |l. in II tltektaaan'a fly paper. Oneaheet TrtJl < ateh oyer two th<<oa*ad I*" or MKieqtiltoea Wkairln alifhl no II.ta paper tkey rsunot art ?0. ho p< raw need in Ha I mnruifaedure PI r an!?. whnleaale and raUil, al I. M. CadMn'e bnrkidnre. 3HH IV >? rrj. N'aa York. WANTKH-A HIMiRkKKI'KR WHO I KDKRaT A NOR lea biwimM. and uau (ii r *<?*! (A) referenda*. Add rem A R , HrraJd odkre WAMTKH- v VKW SVART MKif. or UI'IOM ADI>?MH*, In mil HI a-\b*er(her*f.>f a ierr popular irn-k. In (l?r maa ?nd to-, ink. W eera at a liberal aniary giion. Apply to X. P. ntlpatrtrk. 3j Walkrr al. tjjrtr Kl'RHl W AKTKP A Mil \ llnN til W MT ff I.urar. |.y a ynond Fmtecanl aWirr arllh a frrah twnait of p.ilk. Al*? a woman p' x al ndi" a baky at bar own home. Inquire fnr l?t> day* al PR Id *L JFR*VCM ADVKRTIH1MKATA. OL m pRMARnr-rvr. fiovv* frantaiak rom f ortiidrr a.Iti da dent erUnU; a i?al me famme da rkaoibr? q>;i iw-ul fT.ifl.T at cvidra. R'adrpa?vr k K. II . a la Bra\m?t lliutaa. Ran York. j I fx TAf.rr to: chamrrf. m ittrk n hotpt, fr*v. r?K pe'ku 'VwUla "?"?auu)d r( I 'A ?jr nde r r?ai, la <ian? nne meln*? eanlnaliAfVcew fc KI an?'l. ft ' ral a' r. *? u- x. A VX}IL ,A1JB- I ArHYHlClAN IN BROOKLYN HATING A FATING | practice of about twelve hundred a yeor, VMM to die- . Eof It Aaf pmctittoaer Mtjii to arinlitle for iJhmh. I iAIkm or appfy to A. B. UdnfRTT, IS liberty knm| Terh. I An extraordinary bargain?tor sal*, a j targe Iron flreurnnf safe, for 9100: baa eoat 0800. a large ! .olid mahogany deafc, railing and a great many taker uttce til- i lures, at a aacrHwe Hurt 1m ottjfcron, No. ! North William street, near Chatham. A RARE OTPORTt'NITY TO A MAN WISHING TO GO into the Baking businesa. Tor title, cheap, the Icaee and , 6nurea of the aid cs'.alilUhnd llakery, (11 Buitb avenue, between Thirty ilftli ami Thirty ?!v?h etreew. Suti*fa;to:y rea- i mi given for selling out. Inquire on the p rem tare. I AM. BILLIARD ROOM, WELL LOCATED ON BROAD- I war, containing five epU-udid autrbie bed tablet, all coin- i plete, fully furnished, and doing a vert profitable hunt new. will he sola cheap, and with a very small advance. If ant sola by the hist of July, It trouM tie rentod to a reeixjosible person OB 1m May, lfldl. as lbs owner baa other biwm<-*e which requires ids alien ilea, Inquire of W. II. QKJCKN, I0t Broads-ay A| LARGE, FIRST CLASS. NEW BRICK TAOTORY, 19x33. three stories, Engine House, four acre# of Imad, new Kugine and ten Loom* for we*.. tz tape, in full work, near Harlan; 97,00a W. U MKi-lCK, tiff Broadway. A CHANCE PKT.DOV MKT WTTH.-I CAN AND WHJ. aril tho ieaxe, aloek, fixtures and good will of a brat class I ,'htaui.uit, with bar und billiard r.?ini altai hod, and doing .t good bualoess. Hatiefs' torv renewal assigned for selling by calling nt tuy offee, 181 Beondwmv. J AMKH HOWE. A GOOD CHANCE TO GET IN A CASH KATABIJKHed iuaineiH, kept by the present proprietor for several yesrs, located In the heart of trade, down town, and a duy bualneiH. Apply at No. S Centre street. C. B. HOWES A tX?. A CHANCE SELDOM .MET WITH?91,0)0 WILL purr pass one of the beat Hotel KchUui'siiis lit thi city; lease live years to run, at a low leut. Fur particulai s address Restaurant, office. | (VALOR1T ENGINE FOR RAMS iRRICSHON'S)?IS INCH J rvlimlT; In flrwt rntn running order. Cau be seen hi 1OT West forty-second UNft, fit the rear. (TLOTJIINO STORE FOR SALE.?TIIR KTtX'K AND J Fvturesoi ? , kithlrg el ore for mile, In one of the very beet location* for trur <jem traJu In the city, and having u. largo established eaeh custom trade; atom occupied twelve yeara by present proprtetore, who now whishes to retire from budoeea. Which is the Hole reason for selling. Inquire of liAVID R. GARNL^Ksq.. law office, SB Williatn street, from 2 to 5 COAL STALES FOR SALE CHEAP, MADE BY THE Journeymen Scale Maker*. but very little used, and a* good n? new wtll bo sold lor hall' their coat. Apply at So. & and 21 Roosevelt street. /ItlKMR STORK-FOB SALE, KIVK YEARS' LKASH \y and F Autre* of the wholesale met retail Wine and Liquor Store, corner of avenue O and Fifth au-ect Thero Is a largo outdoor trade; edohtbihed twelve years; alao live years' lease of turner of Fiitrcntb ureet and avenue 0. Apply at 62 avenue C. TARl'ti STORK, FIXTURES AMI BOTTLES FOR J_7 sale?In good order and well laheiled; the store containing the above and the dweltiog attached to rent, an admirable opportunity 1'vf <i pbyeiclM. Addrcaa Pestel, Brooklyn Poat . DRTO STORE FOR SALE-IX OFTb[1 audden death of the owner; completely H RauUy fitted up; or the Drug*. Hetties, Ac., will he sold wtiWdi the tore; no Mir offer will be refused. Application on the premises to the widow, Bra. VALENTINE GRAY, IfiMamlk ? venue, Jersey City. _ DRUO STORE FOR 8.ALE.-ANT PARTY DESIROUR of purchasing one eligibly located, low rent, doing a legitimate undo, without risk, for a email amount ca h, can apP^'hja week at 142 WUllom street. Satisfactory rc now for TjVXRRY BOATS FOR an a 132 Broadway, Jl.T. j F1*^ STEAM LAUNDRY FOR SALE?IN PHI- i _, ^?etphl?. Pa. This laundry Is doing a large, profitable ""e rapidly lnrreH>tng hardness; the location central, fronting w one of thAtlnest parks In Philadelphia; the building ta cornmodtoue, rent tow, machinery In pernet ardor, and condste la pert of steam engine, tubular bvtler, rtnsera, mangle, washing machines. Ao. This la a rare chance for any ono desiring to make money. Address Laundry, No. 1 Earn KalUtmwc afreet, Baklmore, AH. f^OBRALN?A FIRST CLANS SALOON OR BARROOM, and flX'iraa. U will haaoid (imp, owing to tha ownagfcartag VkVtlx-r b'MDMD U) tU?n(l lo. Ildoaa a good naah bi.alnaaa. Only one block front Broadway. Apply at Ra 101 Spring matt, in Ooob. FO* * ALB?THE ENTIRE REFRESHMENT FRIVTLEOS at the splendid Boston Una ataaraer Commonwealth, on bar rrand cicurcioo trip Jnly i, UMUl Apply to SCOTT A WOOD. .Vt>. i Fina atroct, Raw York. For raj, r?the stock and fixtures or a first riant grocery atorr. in a fine location, now doing a tart* busineia. Will bo *okl rhrap on ncaonnt of having other budDam u> auend to. Apply lo B. U BURNUAM, Gil llodaon street. TDOR PALE.?A LIQUOR STORE, NEAR KPRINO J street market. Inquire at 327 Spring street. P)R RAl-E?THE OLD ESTABLISHED RESTAURANT, Bar and Oyster Saloon, with twelve private bosea; but bran kapt a* such for tan vearr. Ia doing a good bn*ine?a. IuJiutra on be premise*. 45t Kiitiith avanua, corner at Thirtyourtb ad tot. Ba batter ptoaa to Bant Vnrk. For pale.?a first class druo stork, doinc a thriving btisinrs*; none need apply a llhout twenty#ra hnndred dollars in c,i*h. For further particulars apply to R. WALTERS, 158 Ka*t Thirtieth street. F>R RAI.B?A WHOLESALE AND RETAIL GROCERY bu?lne?a. e-tahltshed over twenty raara; long lease, and doing a large curb hu-ineaa, on tba wait tide of tin city. Far fu^ber particulars apply at 43d Greenwich street TJN1R SAI.E-TTTE BUTCHER SHOT NO. M rOCRTft X* avanua, near Twenty-idnth xtreet, with the ftvture-, an t a four veai V lease, doing a'Mrd rata buaiusiM. Inquire of WM. 1'1 rf V AN. 4U Washington Market. r>R SALE?THE WIIOI.K OK HALF THK INTEREST hf Wbniaaaia nud r< I - doing a good trade, requiring hut email capital. ray 834 ?J. A god thence to make num. y, situated down lawn. HIGGS A SOI THWIl K, S3 Neman street. flOR SALE?THE STUCK ANI? FIXTURES OF A l>RT 1/ Hoods iiL<m. In <*ie ol ihc l?t i-h-siioim on r.i.-mn avium*. T?mi* ran jr. Inquire at 369 Eighth utenue, or a; 331 Severn* nrno*. _ _____ IjVlR > WWUNO HALOOY, O.Y HROAWVY, 1 norI'M.m miliar*'. For any p*ra.*n desirous of c an* |||1? aaai business una t* a ttn4 rata opening. Apply al Sol Broadway. K?.*r*il Uowllug Halloa. t?klR HAI.B?THK l.KAKK AND FIXTURES OF AY OI.D ' eval-lhhoil Dining ami Oyster Saloon; *'?<! kriwi; Mill ha sold at a hanrstn. Apply to ALEXANDER IK.AZKR, boat Ko 1 Ollrtf slip. _____ rRSAI.K? A MDiniTIOKmY KTORK. 1Y A CRN tral sluiaaton ami on one of lb** b* a thormulifarea In ihia oily, ahh a favorable l?w. Apply to C. H. HO* ICS, No. * Onim arort, .ipp** the l'ark 1.YOR P VLB?THK STOCK AND FIX1TRKS or A OROr eery wiv*. in one of the hs*4 bwnttmn la the rliy; the *.tr**k lo onia.. *." ! A- ,** :? toll. To n per* si In a ant ia-li a bn?ipeas tkw t* an opportunity seldom offered. Apply at 661 iii?u.i atr* F)R PALK-A FIRST CLAM rilOTlMJRAPH llAirlers,. i*njile?e w I'h every hlng h> narry on a large biidnr?s; pant kar and lerurs aaiy. fwsnlre of R. A. LORD. ISP <?hstkam *1. V Y. R raw ma fur retting, the owner In traag to Japan Inquire early. K?OB SALB-TIIK STOCK AND FIXTTRRS. WITff FIVY! JP years h aw. of a rmri laqunr Hfn?v; will hr mbf . amp, asRnvisthr ?"4H ll k week. Ai ply al 112 *>?t T wanly ftuh turn, or to Mr. HIIA.l'.R, 73 First avenue, turner of Fmh treet. l/l'R *4lk V MKMtlltAYT AMI ItAR ROOM, R; Stork, and Ftaturvs, dmi-a ? Prni rat* baanri la the ho-4 fcrnttor, tient Hrowdaray Tin* ownrr sells beessise lus preserve hi required In Kurepr. Apply to X. C. 011(1101', No. lit Rroailway. first Poor. FiK AtlK. AT A HARilAfY?TDK INTKRFkT OF A rrurwd par mar, ia a wall established auanfu. luring bnsli*t is, local*s1 aflH Ps Ksk'-mim In tin* Ih-sI part of HnaaUwa)-. Apply to JOirN MI I. Us A CO . 678 Broad way. haw, id stem. Fir ralk a* a hard aiy-thf stock. lkask \.yd ftaii'irrAof a well estabPahi-d Forter Hoi tse, doing a ?nl bnstnrw a' piisriil. and I* Swo rd in our of tlir lradini atrr- * <4 Now York. Apply at fib am! 66 Lrwla dnot, N. Y. T IOVOR STORK A YD PTYlYfl SAUOOY FOR SAUK.? lj The Isrpe well fnrnUhed UuUu* Storr and Dmlnc .-ui'oHa, known as dIP and dfl Ornnd atrrrs for salr, a rrwot Twr?aln. Piqpi ii iiosi ?twssi hnmswilalrlv For isms of si?ir tnqnlrr of H.l SNtrnu M 'han.lmra atrmt, hrtwran tbr hours of 11 A. M. and I r. X. f.-ii; a.ih m n.ur.*.'"?r'?it f-AI.K, Htukt'rw wmnr. rnttablr for rrlhtrii and fi? A;> to J A *Vm IwiWtJNtl. cm th- wort. <m Twnt) tblrd Ktroot, brt* Cr-a Urmitti nr.I irr(?>. 0**0r thk otlomft VHmubJujf \.xn hp toil Omrri W??nd? In thr rfty for >?lf -Hk-km ? thr oauar for w-lltmr. to-taaa <-a*h brr-inw firm of H OOD wraly. Y?*rl) win frr?n W?.MRto MM ItoM tow. aaad toait to??? -tr.-k and l itur** to wd ordrr. Trrtna r??k. (<to pn-r to?m>k aud lurtnrra ahoat V.000, ami SJ.tKk) U-nn? t'+ M .roam" bwai iww A tptoadid i uu.'f for .ui v <w? lo nkr a ~?i? mak hi www <a Addraaa t^ato (lmr?rto, HrraM >4lrr AU>HT* RAW h \MI IJRAI.X MIMr-A POKTHlM orW Ike pa'oiv for aula.?A toto at to<- nhn promt it thr only *111 of rahir to mitirra. rrduclnr ton Uxw |<rr da) to iropalnabl* powdrr. with shtfUrg rrlndutr rurfacM eaatijr nn>la> ad, wait abarprnli r, ?"d ?nr. la'h kaV<>nrd unit.-; a **rti rutni k m n tJTK tMHOAT rt?R BALK 0 l-aa?th hn fort. M fart brain, 4 tort hold; two M*fc prra mam to?frt 1 and Imonrwwtrr toAtor 11 raft of tutor <1 tot-bra atoplxtri) at lad aad fornlahrd fur paauf'O ""V8? W. corn. V YD, m Broadway. Jfrw York. SKWINU NAt-MYF. Ff?R S M.F ? 4 FIRYT ll.tSvPFW Uwr Marbinr, to parfw t trdrr an! but litUr ua.-d. tnaulrr ] at to Infill arrnur. ???ar Hint I. wrrrc npoctRrKMtRv nut aux?Ainr maoittrM J i .T ? iiiidn rood r-m of rotdornrra of adrrreard Wniktor, ran bars a rooH opportunity Mr catona on in rd tout) an JKKJfKT IH-TYS fit fWjth atrrri. rpo *AXt rv-rriWtiM.-roii saijc. a ratiykt and X Wordlni Partory, In Nrw Jrrart. Watrr powrr ana*. ? irji -a c*r. ncur, straw n*t ami rum Ct'"'. Hiamra? for auto. rtoaMialind Ihlrlrm paara. oa rn# of tor brat tbnmucbfarra in tor cttjr. TMa la a apfwnbd rhanrr for a win* man atrti tor abcra aakHiat to aaad. Inonirr at 51 < ' a-han Port, kuwr -rnt O (WU) ?ton aai.b?own half TjrrmiwT r* a ft/, iVr.t clnaa maimfarttirintr totalrrto, now tn aiM < r.*fnl onorntjun and iianac a Rood iaroow; no ftmW o*pt?*l rwiulmt tiiraa tll tir ptvra for part of tor amonnr. Aptoy tmmrdlatr y *1 -m IWwdwa), ranm '.1. nw ART*. JAPAKWW WllAWT.-mit 1JTTL? TOVXY -Ml,two pirndld pbotn*raph? af Tnaatof, lb? mt?t Intotowtta( r-raOritra of tor Japanraa Kntoawy Any p?r?on daalnMia baal-to tor portrait of tor ttola Ant>-a?' vtor ma proc\a* It by totfa iwt'li Bra -rnto. or po"?r? rumna, to U lH?ltrBb*.T J rfl., nw>i]f?-Atim>? and wb-d?*i'a dra'?r ia pantr j. t, rbortj. Martt wain t, ro?* -.1 and mrry btol V far 7 toil Br todway, * ? Ve7 tarja -*n- fa -tof fpiitr art > rip'? Htrfpf* ^r\% iilbi ow MU imm AFAKM WORTH #4,000 TO 8&.W0 WAWTKD WTTHIM 40 aaile* of this cUy, for which wall Unproved oj1? propertj*flbe given. If stocked ?il the better. W. II. Meftek, ffl A COUNTRY MAT AT AUCTION.?ATTENTION 01rerted to the adverueriuent ot A. <1. BLEEOKKR A SOW, enrUuavnrt, of the wtJe on Saturday. June 90, nf liuniteisiill , Cwaatn Reel, situated el Scarsdele, Westchester county, eight ininutea walk from Hart? Cornet* depot, on the Hartem rail- '? road. AWKAT, riXASAMT RKnIDKNt'K FOR 8AI.E OK KXf iJfw ou r*L, ,'m*'y favorable terms, very desirably lof*te"i ? l"? Pi ? '"'frovemeDia, and in good ordar end . tirel class neighborhood. A rare chance. * MOO* * WUTaWHIK, B Vuasau street. c?L'NT*T "RRIDKKCK FOR SAUS-OM JJ baton Island, near the rUia?e of ToOenaville, within iv? minutes walk of the railroad drive, eontalnlng three acreeof land, highly cultivated, with a large houee. nearly new, eontalmng ten rooms, par lor a very large and in the beak manner; fine well of aofl water l< ading to the kUrhcn by pipee; large ham, carriage hoime, stable aud vartoae ncbec outbntMings; fruit and vegetables ill abundance; house wen shaded a lib trees, convenient to school*. churches, An. of did*rent denemluaitoua Also, about 12 acres of land adyotnutg, frentuut on two tin in rntutx, near the water, being very high and coral manding u view of Ambov. Prince's Hay and the eountry all around Tlie Ioi hUou for building isfuuaurnaaaed. The Hutam Island ltnllroad leaves Varaierbm's Istndiug live times daily and returns In the any. For panicutara inquire of U I, . TURNKit. Tot tens ville. Stater Islund Farm fur baj.n-i6o acres. in patterhow, putnam county. i'J miles Irom the Hsrlem Railroad; K is between Pnitcrson depot aud Towner's station. The beet farm in tkn county. COWL A CO., '?M Water ?r??t , TTHRPT CLAHH HfllW. M AND < COLUMN'A MTRRKT, JP Brooklyn HefchM, WRhin Ave minutes of Wail or EnMan ferries, for sale, or to 1st rest trill be leaned: brown staa* fronts, etenant in style and decoration, four atones UfA, replete with every conyenleuce; ready for occupation. Tha rooms facins-west, rrenmand the scenery of New Jersey, Ite harbor, and the oyer var vine panorama of the Bast rlyer. Ay ply to J. B 0 NDLOW, N Mor.tajt'ie place, Brooklyn. rK MAI.E?A HANDSOME COUNTRY RESJDBNC* and grounds. sd dated on "lie corner of Water and Morrell streets. In .the pleasant ond healthy oitv of Kllmbndi, N. J. The house contains fifteen rooms with cellar under the whole; ? plsra front and rear, with pis. water and furnace, and en the premises a carrisgu house and barn. The lot is ISA feet front . r by 200 deep, on which is ? choice variety of shade and fruit trees. Th s is a very dec ruble place for "one doing business ie New York, beingonly about seven mlnutss' walk from nilnad , depot, and trains every I >ur For particulars apply SO thW premises, of CHARllRM A. KKKflNH, or at 12S and UB William street, N. V., to Henry Klggliu, where a photograph of the place can be seen. TfWlR MALE?ON EASY TERMS, A THREE STORY J; brown House, In East Thirty-first street, near Fourth arenn?, In pet feet order. Apply to E E. UK LANCKY, Ceunellor at Law, Nos. A ami 10 Pine street. IjlOR SALE?THE FOUR LOTS ON THE SOUTHEAST ' corner of Ninth avenue and Kixly-sixlb street, and aino Lrts on SiMv-sbrth street, in the rear. Will be sold low. Apply to E. 11. LUDLOW A CO., No. 5 Fine street. TjlOR SALE?AT HlNTINflTON, L. I.. NEAR THR A academy, park, harbor, and several churches, a dwelling House, with thirteen rooms, mat hie mantels, verandahs, a tenant House and Ham, fruit and shade trees, an orchard nf nlnnlj \ apple and pear trees of Urn most approved aorta (shout sanihtrd bearing fruit), grape vine-, berries, Ac., between threp and four acres of I And, having <MG feet front. Posse uden given Immediately. Terms moderate. Inquire of WM. H. PAX- * SONH. 3?S lirondway.^ 1?OR SAI.E-A VKRY DESIRABLE FULL HIZBD LOT. ? on south side of Klrhtr-eecond street, 200 feet east of Third nve.nue; street Bruited add paved; the lot is capable at beta* bulk b"on torrent advati-aec: price $1,900. Apply to CHA& MI'RKAT, 7S Roosevelt street. , HOlrg AKD LOT, W 1 Mb- ' rnble neighborhood ?( ? ,,rice, or a rood place in tbfl to exchange. AJm a as&o wanted prtiMiIsc monthly and quarterly works. Apply too. ARTHURf, MlRl'lIY A CO., 140 Nassau itrecA ream Wo. > FIR SALK 1W JERSEY CTTY?FIVE THREE STORE and basement hrlrh Houses, ju?t finished, in modem style. hatinrans end water, batit. ranee, la., complete; prieo from $3,001) to $4,300, terms $1,000 cash. Apply at 79 Jersey avenue, near the premises. Xj*OR sal* oe exchawoe foe PRODUCTIVE CITE r property?A Farm remaining 73 sores of tlrst dam land, -a with u variety of choice young fruit trees, together with the stock and farming utrnalla, a building three atoriee, ham, Ubllno, Ac. ; flax pole on e mound; also, a mile pleasure ground, graded level, from 40 to 70 toot wide, whs proper turns, situated In the town of Waatperh Oaaoectiout, sAWelag , In part lbs beautiful and extensive grounds of Morris Ketchuaa, Esq. Apply attheQIrard House,from 10A. M. toJP. M. II. WAAMUjr. > IJtOR SALE OR EXOHA WOK?FIVE MEW ELEOAMV f brown stone Hon-e? on Fiftieth street, with ail modern improvements; nrlrhhortmod highly respectable; weak] exchange tor city or Brooklyn lues, or gout country property. Apply to J. J. SMITH A CO., 790 Third avenue, ur to A. a. Hl'Kh. Esq , lfl Wall Street. 1AOR BALK OR RXCUAWOK-ONE OR TWO THRU r story brtek Houses la RrooUya, about four mln'ites' walk from Wall street fern', for a Form wlthia one soar's ride si the elty. Apply et 335 Rrtnidwray, room No. 1. TTtOR HALE OR EXCHANGE FOR CITT PROPERTY? I1 An admirublv selected stock of Drv Goods, of the mom fashionable and tuleable quality, with ail fixtures, together with the will of the Irtw, hartaf three rears to run, at a v?r\ moderate rant. In a gr**1 btiamaan location. The 0?I1W la nt.'lr-tl to aril cmiug y> ?Uier engagementa. Apply la FKl.tX HA RT. U l "ham ben. ntreet. eecuud story. 1jH>R ? U.K OR TO LET?TIIK IIOl'SE NO. MS SECOND r ?wiw, ha* all the improvements, ran fixtures. An. Will Iw saM cheap aui or. rnnrenlent terms. Pnnar ial'Hl laim^'lia'al* l.rjuiic at :>M Second avenue, near Twenty* M'f ?rl wrpes. riR R UK OR TO LEASE, " K ATONAH'S WOOD," TOT funr.ihed rmtntry pin',.. forty.arres at Bedford, Waal* cheater aint). adjotnm^ tl?e Jay homestead. Possession at ' the eml of <be present season. Apply to E. Q. LUDLOW k < () . No. S Pine atcret rr ' HOUSK FOR HAI.K.-A KINK FIVE STORY BRICK House, No. fft Heat Thirty.ninth aLroat, near Ninth aw aaae, wan two *?4 stereo In it and Ufly rooms, lull af ml manta, pertnf near Sl.flOO a year. It will ba aald raryTaw. aa the oaner wanU wimc money; half cash will do; pi.rcaaaer can make 25 per rem. Anyone tmvlnjf Kldr*) cash to aparw , will eel a (li e bargain. Go nod me the homo, .te n call at the llqn<>r atore 96 IMrtaiun street. HARLEM LOTS FOR SMJC?AVKKY IIKHKARI KT^. vest no nt- hU I/iaaon Xonliraet corner p.' Kgu -a.-I lew and 116th street. three . arc on tho ar .r* *?.' three a<fp>lnlng on UBlli aireet. Aho, three Lot* a'l3_ of I3thh street, I eginaitur NO feet wet-1 ol With n . ply at 152 Pearl turret, up s-alr*. " TO TT1R CAPITALISTS AND IIOTKL Tnpnrv-rnnfl of the I'riteit State*. FKumir.Tt)IIS For tale?The rroi>crty, extensively kit' M NEW COVE, at Raton parol, Essex county. M*- . Ln '1*4 thirteen mil" tmrthe.i"' of B.-dc>n. . r arrow the bar. met a It bin Wall a tlon of the Eastern llallrwt" . MW'N TTPMi( NlStSr hatr been tind am* areeMrtly r^TuhHTrir^ Rumania? A-nt, nitmolred by w. J5T ?S In dLYTTed %?*$*? by my water?* pbu* UwtL? n tiT lht * ,he *1*1 *a?Tl? pOTtiflM 0MBa wim*1?d ftnNai! rrwrntrr. irlAl Iu-wwrii ? . . 1-rlubrmo- ail the *ar?*Uani at the ?'* *" Jn* "i rvtrnahe view at thr Atlantic Om tV baiWmWfa, priuim cmM at the Oaam Hwm, the New fore house, Tk Xaorion Uhh, _ _ . Tta r anHoo. The Ko'.a <VWa?e ami laim with two harna, loo b"*"*. bath 1*ww. foonrUf!" a'.len. Ac. no. prwraH creat UiJui wooti to MptflhHmm'obi ah a ptiber plane of rawer. >.y the orosHon of maiaoe Ixf^i iod ?t.w?u?t tarwtinc, w hi?h would roader it amrnHmlj poptirar sod anoOUbla. frtre>ton,W; Mot.CSI.00D; Uw bataaoo toremain mibaei lirf omrtoim. App;r en the | romUmln Wra. H. rKV?fO, or by leWMbi Henry Nnne, box m f<M office, Albany, *. T. rruoTonR tpiiv:R.? ani> a vbrot tpkhk.?ear* rkauiy ?Tor Mir, o 6rot rloM (Hilary, food up to atylO, f<w una bail Mavalan. Inwolre at the (Hilary, 1W mawmj rijoto* nKAi.im4.-i? achm or oood tna?wH l-satl Will he ex. bancad for lvtoom A It urn Load. boylJO Itrrold rtflirr nppisjinng an interview. *21 twin **"' AXD A > IRKT MORTUAOK or aTl .UUV tS 'OO <? a eery deferable country seat, parable In rave, tiro nnd three rrttn, will be civen In pa> awst for a Una rlam h"w la Ihi. rtty. Abv perron hat m* a hnuaa IO airnoae >< on the shore term* wtil planar advlrear K. aTL , how \7? Pool effire, N. T. MRMWU. ArriOM. Noticw -tut. ommnrmt oi?r MAmcrra op m trfOoorriknen will hoM rwtwg H row Wo. 1 ?*y Ball, on TfcnnsUr. Uw SBh InWant, at t ? clock P. M., to r<ael?ler the various subject* before lhaafe ParUao ta?W tmWnes. before the oommi'Jee ?-e lav Itad to auanrt. vnw tun i_ RARKl- HIHJKHfT"' < HAR t nxinjrtrr. S r%rHK n-n (XWBTTn ok Hrno wnx mrpt or X Thursday, Ihr Vh !?>?'., a< II o>l?rk, la room Na $CHf IIaII l<Mlin af l?ort? ntfl rlw?r attrod n i h ><u iarth?r n*W-r. TRA A. AI.I.KN,) ' TTlTlARr^1 U*Cw1hM Kll. MfrTElXoJ V W T.tioa. Sarralary. WKPICAL. /iitkrokkk xr.nnr, ak rxruuxo urErtrtcro* \J ihr nnfniunata ?Ctira* '".linarv aflllrUnmi at am da my nndoMtnatr ro?r? In * abort Hum. It dor* not tirtrrfrrn w*M ilia nr ffrrt IK# hrr?.th N"H hr all mpariahla tfrtagjilt 'vryarhrr" HAHXM A P\RK. mbolaaala and mail a*?cta , for Rear Y?f%. Uand IA Park row. ' r\* WA?i>-CQjrMxn>a phyhkia.t \kd ?u?1 \9 ?ana. .?rn ?R< ll- n.-ar w?r Wa:M a tlMUA 9 | Rain. I'nnnllrd dally nir. 7 a M .In 10 P. *7 I\R. I.A lYWTr.. wn* PIPIR, KO. All BROADWAY, 1J oppnaltr I ha f Klrhnla* Heart Wrahaaaa and affile Hnoa raqiurtai: ripartnnaa. aUII and dattaaay. DR. *. rORBKTT. MKMKKR OP TUB XrW PORK Tnlrrrdir Mrdlra! CYilrar. may ha ran*. :#d, aa oauaL rum a A. M. lot P J? V 14 -Raa l>r r.'a dlf>i.?ma la hi* .11. N n I Ulan* < T I. norahla. OR RALPTPK OTVPIL I'ORXKR or IfOt'dTOM .%*? .irarin (1.4) Oro-Kyh Hour* lf% to t and t to f, K.nda)* rfrrt'lad H* onOfP.R. KO 14 Pl AKK hTRKKT, MKMHPR OT I J t Iba ?>lla?a of P| \al i?n? i?M Purirr,*a of Raw Tnrfc, n?r ha rrm?.Uia' d..:.y al hia ad..', irwoi * ' L* uaul hi ihr arrnhif. HIIillT.Y IMPORTANT TO ROTH PT.xm, MARRIKlf I <a alnx'a ?'Mr llnal Ad^iaai and Martina# 41?thfch" MR rdi . ?!, rr-rr a*> [.Iigt's II ' i *k, XI..I abnr# 1WI I.Ra-u m|p* Kntraalnin. Prfrr ?l Rt M. I..YKRORT, P itIm rod l.?adna Phralrlan and Pnrarmi, ?4T Hr.adiraT, SVir Trf*. 04fc? ho?ira fta traatmant and ar.n??i''athm. pamonally or tar laatrr an.1 r?prt??. t A. "V. lo ? P. M.. ml Twrvtay and rnuiMdaj r*rti!ni|?T l<> R P. M rhaaa ?f? !nd ?Hfc narr- ? * . dhh;m*, l aal iiial frarrai. nr .?hr .Iratrn a knnmold* *< la It Hi J hY?'-.h*i,(\il rt ? --1 Vp, ?h .'lid rrad It. Thin a '?? trraiaYamr an ..nn?l.rr ' d' s. Thia im- aa ?** lamai hr 111 Ihr han la if rrrr; ad'ih prram. *? ? aaog I hnnwlrdja ail hara xmthl ( * in < ?ln In IU1T I*"?!- . ? ,n mrllrd In r id [mMp hy H. 14. lfc\WIUtK?K. An. I \ i <aj | alrrr', A?4?if H<m?a. rROT- H\Rl*T. V. R. MVY M (>>XW'USP DAllit at l a prlinr# nB?r*?. *4^ llinnda-ny. Mornlr ? ? . .aurtf fnr Indian. 4 hallh?air Pfli? Ihr la.lh* t* * IR'1 1>B4M RRKTRIJ. Id* riMMprilR ?TRrvT r|*l| I <' . d # tiana*, .it hy Pilar. A'tartin ?* . if Sc? ^ *+ *<iI , I

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