Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 28, 1860, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 28, 1860 Page 1
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I /Til I HOLE NO. 8695. Bibb mobster j W * ***** ^xal Trip of the Great fe Jt Eastern. *? Ct^E COMPANY ON BOARD. Ig .? - <u B^<oes and Incidents of the Z. I Excursion. H - rk Preparations fer Her Departure for w m New York. 5 Wl Iflli grogreti of Ocoaa itaa of K Ifavtntioa. Ac,, ^o.? He. & Hr 'i* I OUB SPECIAL OHCAT EASTERN CORB3B- ft PilNDTTVr* ' _ !I? THXCoxcaa* Vxil or thb) f?? CAUlKa ^RIMHRTP, V On SaitHunu^ Sunday, June 10,1M0. f c< aoingprintedwoteafromiaewriiwxifroman Egyiftirm ? Diutil ud da Australian gold mine, from a Javurese iu firm sad a Hindoo temple; records of Russian Wutto ? Adds and talk from Gethaemare and Olivee,catea oa ^ opium, clippers in (*na waters, and Rteam.Valf* coming It Ham Indian was; notes from Paramatta, Bo efar.zory and JJ Poomhow foo; boring placed me on pour honorary list g af long voyagerr and reporters, you may pr.hapa find a ~worth printing oa this huge warn of iron that m dttdus np the bap, tweirj knots whilr, I writs, and no b jar or movement savings gentle motiooeftLe chandeliers. tl Which are balanced on a knife blade, tot eC me that 1 am ateamiag-oa the eea. g tftble mail (Kangaroo) from Liverpool jumps ovor-tbo it ooeonea rapidly as I have seen tha ftmale kangaroo J amp through the green trees of a Souther, nftroet, those time-trill * roach you before-the great ship W, tell yon she is coming. " -m on board on Saturday, nok later than two e'etock," ? woa the order In the despatch that reached meat l lvcr K, pool, and as the directors were only allomwd to Write si twelve In all, you may rest soured I did wot aim the J heat. I tad hat two reporternallowed?one for the daily, the h other for the weekly N.A.Woods, Urn Merer Crimean ? ^prrespeodent. (whose letters-were published by bong- ai Wood, (lbs dencriber of thapriae fight Sfcr tfeo belt, tho B writer in Blackwood'*, to taking note* ft*r the faondon f Bmr, nnd McDermotl is here tor tbaCA /awftfrand OUerver. rB The London Aeuv, Atominp Ad and/Iwwfcl are not rcpre- la Hated. Woods has beenattaobed to tb?ahtp from the firet, J,' and it in to him that we are all iodebftad for the interest- u hW account of the onptostoa of the i dpes, the exciting pio- ^ tmaof the storm when the great ship men groaning nndm- ir the weight of the am that wrecked Mm Royal Charter, and > tor the trip to Hoathamptoa. Again he is at h:s j' poM, and will go ant to Anseriea in her. Bat 1. Ci am told that ho most rctur a in time to Join the ? Prince of Walea an hia Wee gen tear. Leaving the tl liMni rtaMud the Marniiui L wrrranonili* ? In n | wtve you the matter of bet ace aunt of the trial trtp, let f I < M record the matter of ? U acy afcet-h of what I aee w bout me. First, who composes this dfstjagulshed perty? n who are the fwrUmate men to 'be iavitedf?for there la an P mm is wis tndtvtdaaliiy In being one of so aelect a pa. ty, ? ftr the Great ftwtem stemma'aty la a f gantic tart. *nd ail 11 that appertains thereto is a 1 and mart, in history; and aa P alto is Westward, hoi It ocoamwd to me that P.e New " Toaa BtMAW should have a reporter ou board la tell the u nsuntry that at last the ahlp is getting under weigh. a tbm coVAJti ox aoAso. v The Earl of Hhelburnr, Chaiimaa of the fires Western Railway. ? Lord Wraionghby d'Ereobv of great wealth, and f amer of the celebrated yauht " Lord Goinlto, of Culroas, thrwlupper in ef t he House u ?T Leeds ?' LuHk 1HMADT. " on. Ralph Duttam, 1L r. ami Director of Couth West * era Railway. " ? OmttoB Heath, R. N.,asme?aj?der of the ftriiatteoa. 1 Chptala MeagUa, Cbainaaa ?f the Royal toll steamship * % ftow?r< >?"* as a l/trd of thaTreasury ba ,v pause he would not be brtb**. . B. T. Hope, Director el the Great Eastern Company, f ' the smaithieei owner in tbaGrcut Euatcm^rtid sen of up * .< aaMfter of "Aaasusiue." the novel that aw'c Byroa wm- 11 * hsaanrs he did not write U I Samuel Raker, Dtreoter-of the Great Kneiern Coin pas v a J. Rodney Croskey, Director of the Great Euateru Oau * paay * Daniel Gooch, Dtr?etsr?f the Or<*nt Keat>>ra Company. B William Ba rber, DirrvSer of the 0rent i* tei n Oaniway P Mb H. Dillon, a bo heads remembrances to hit nut G tawwlrnn friends. Jahn Terr, the active partner of thegaral china hwr H er-XitUedale ? ?a., of Liverpool. O Mem y Raring, M. P d on. James Howard, of the Woods sad Forcrta. >1 Oapt. Robertson, R. X.. Board of Trade. d< ' N. A. Woods, the oocrmpoodrut of tie I>union Rats., Whahat been a nh the ship on all her Ural triiw, and to *' whom we are indebted tor the glowing iVwcriptioue of cr >i' jaieaj in the Channel and storms at He'yhead. " fits McDermott, of the Moriung Ck>% ucU Wm. and Mrs. Cooct, C. F. ol Rrn Wm. Nicholson.-the chaplain, who has ?10,000 in * the shlf. and who haa been the cluunpt'Ni of the share- " hetdess at all the fly a la of the Great Kaatera P. R. 111 Lieut. Colonel linker, ef that celebrated crack regimen: lbs Ttmth Hnssars. and h? only thirty three. '? Montp^ue law son. Hollsitor ?f the ooa paay. vuuk1 cBUJUtirn, rcwriar) u. if . a. v" Young Brunei, * bo dee i nut appear i>- carry tb? aiaotuzi 15 at brma or body that diet ugu,abed hUfttbrr on<1 grand- *" tatber. to R- t. rwoton.C. E, Mrtari'a tueagnwr, and cooault _ d> tar engin^r of the oompaay. w Mr. Am-old, tlv- grrat mechnnlrirn. or , L. D Brcfeer. f>o?n the ynu. fteya* rr. Peacock t* (lo. Will mm WtUlamaoo, the Auditor of Mta cuaipaty. Jleary Suchan, Jr. ? .r Prnftnmt rtum. * lhamasCMd, of Urarpaol, tha manager appointed by th Uo dimmer*, who ktowiiw in man i of oa tbnn any <42 cr man In tar kingdom and la a* agreeable tk f .mm nipaa' i aa ho la clover in hli data. ** Tbo party'van decidedly nrlrct?lortfr and common ** . an, wcata and title*, braUar and punam. Hope la a apkm T5 > did name for the chairman of aoch a ahlp. duly a do too * wweeta oniaido of ;be director* and oflWat of the ?h!p ~There la an individuality, any *Uty mHlton* ><f per?<>n* In hath land*, ami only Um afoa maid iovUod, and if each "* maaat IMt particularly boooreC by being one of a doreu, **( maw orb moor an moat hare been Mr*. Ot-och, the only P? tad] at Um bonnet, oat of aoma fifteen mil! 100*. She m< Mar* bar bonaac with grace aad on the deck of Una '.J" jgigaat>? ahlp UU?. i>e woman (Aw aha waa very lorely), J'r won anre beaut U. than a gma?! ba*qu<4 of the *e*. flya hondred workmen were packed off before we pot wader vrlgh \ ccierdny. and aa tbey wero crowded to- * , grUat on board the lighter. I waa reminded .f the pU- th< crim I had aocn at Aden bound to Merca.or an **' foiah emigrant packet off the Battery, with Ita living 1<n D*?hta. on< mlocmt or wana. al1 Um ?b?P drawing twenty one. twa forward, and val bwoatv tit foet on?- art, be lug *ome two bet deeper for ward than on former tripe, and Are feet by Um *tara. Murphy, the New York pilot, my* that abc la aafo with twewt.'. three feet on aa.*ren k<s>l and when ahe nana nn more ?f her lit ihww< tons of ouaJ an Uw roynge, ^ frill so late port, mj twenty two toot ey?n keel. U onto? ?V? that Train a Benton packet rhlpa, John D ? W ol Tnarer and Chariot <t Fame worn taken In to Now ?. rk wNbgao?>, drawing twewlrfonr teat; the lont ahlp In v __ r doe at yam' port from the (winebaa with twenty toar Mi ?j a half; the Rmprc?? of the Ms draws twenty flra. M ?kH nattloa lha <joa?tion about tha Groat JDanera. The o^.. frigate aront nto New York drawu^ twenty-oil toot. ow iv iii rorfori aay that *ho Groat Eaataro a tll loam on Ma! Mnrdt *y?*^t, that will bring bar at low Aide. The Moon -rv, 4an't ft ' * (di intf J. hence one fees an tha nest. room, to tsw now rum. Sow1 Munki ' * * owoa brought oat by the Albert GaUa- rah I Ms in a ?a ^^ wind.and eeewi* Jontthe man for reepoo .... nihility h "to h<wt la tha Waalnniiton, and be known his ,~f htwlneee. I ?o wants tn son atom than W>? roeoiattona U)?* naber lie ,hmiW r? x? the Continent, where there are hlgt rvrotailese ah '^ws ji nu m j ?< What GarlWi ? this ship * am ? srssrs=s atoned pot No down *>r nwwtber In the Refhrm Bill, will BwaSfralS Into a n Congreaesian Hhe io twice ao ?e*l PMlAi.biA' A aallor wae naltod aft. and not ?-te toMng waated, mid it ?V ' >> * to "Mho a toliow go a the I quarter ni a mile fbr nothV W- . ?7 flke wae bom over a pnto * bowl. l1 f^aed a keig lime M the .wadle, ond """ * ? "H thirl.-en stlief an boor fh* '-fr *??<' her *" Joint* am more auiusf sd to V "'u'1 *" deye. hi i : don t '? "" -be ? 1 1 ' 1 ^ mist beat the Baltic or the Persia *' still better, the j, which h ut beaten them ??u? Theso are the qu'eket poeoageo to the westward ? erw ItV'l I'/I Li - I A "A * lee* If1 " f EmT- T^T-rhr TTir ? ?. s rm ^ *r.h? v ( is, ir v vt*.* 7J?*V * I* ? 1fV?4 I n*nnj JtoWe. limeM, I P. M July 9,1:19 A# J*-!* 17 19 wife | in <"? fr ...a J melt. 3 IS P V J.,ne M, ? M A. * k? W tl |w-1 Vi. 'wuit. luae 7 PfTw Jnce If, 10? A. * |? ? 0 1 imp r ^ I YanMWt trr.l 1?, 6 SOP W tpn! IS, ? A. *'9 19 ? f'pt ?i 5TNE1 \ ^ i r ' H"2 <>'mstock beet the world in , A i Adriatic. The Greet eastern will not boot any of E nX*wU1 * wlth y?u by ^ j T< ?IvL ' --get ready, boy, the twondwi. Up r'lro thoguna ami get the Japanese tm "or Jed do. Von burnt down the City Hall In . J01-0' toe Telegraph?why not Are the White Bonne ** or of the Greet Eastern! * ' ue is too fool to sail. Grass (bar (bet long still hangs on her bottom. She must go to Mllford Haven and be ! ached. Her condition will lengthen her voyage three " K. She is a yaeht In appearance?a yacht in model. JJ t the Mammoth Cave is in nature, and Niagara among *" lis, this leviathan craft is among steamers. '{ ssi u to comx at oxca to carnal, nrna noes. 3m will steam up at once to the city and anchor off. J* nal street. Can she get up at Collins' wharf! If ??? J_ 4 fhe gota in broadside, she will block up half a doasa ? era. It that ahonld answer, and why not! what any yon lj buying up the land on long Island, above New York, P id carrying the city above the Park! Yea want mora 8 bdrffegt. Three directors go oat in her. Dental Goocb, Ebq.,C. K. u the Great Weatcra Railway; Wtn. Barber, Esq., and the * i macula to Lord of the Admiralty, the Honorable Captain ? iraegic Theee three (and Thomas Bold, Bap, the maim- r t, one of the lire mm of this lire age,) are tho only v rectors who go out. Croskey wan going, but be In tee * uch engaged in getting his groat Northern ocean tele. 8 aph starb-d. Ooisoei Shsrfnmr was the bold navigaUhr let surveyed the route; and be bids thir to he well To- ' arded ft>r ht? vwterpriae. For six rears Colanel Shaffer has been pushing (his sutler. Sir. Field won golden urela; but two cable and capital are sank toe deep to reiver cither again. This suhfwo will cose out sbrrtly?capital ,000,000, Ml a suem directory- Lord Yalmerston entertains it, id fcivw SbalTuer and Crodkey the BnllOog, and Ifcilntodk (he surrey, with a company of men of ?enca. Croekey has also/ml paid ?8;0W for the Fox, ad Ageo Young takes command. Shiftier was the Combes of the enterprise, and Croekoy appears to be (he erdtnaad sail Isabella who fUratiMM the funds. Bat Ms Is all in parenthesis. M900 a hi* ujtxmd.ob lxammtt'cok ct xsw rows. The Urea* Kaeteru ts nearing Southampton, mad I must take another bote tr two. Arthur Leary ode rod gB.OOu day for a month to exhibit, hot the directors refused Co arnnnrtse her. -fleeaan and aaytn would ssake Mope inn that If they understood (ho businesa; but the trdth . England is dtrgusted st baring lost the right of tfcat ordTklr play hi this P. R.,o*id the reactionawkos 6 It 's exhibit lone tame. They will be exhibited ?r fowx as Will pay. 'rogrem or wtjui .navtuatiox This ship Is what Bright calls the six wtllKobsnf unorked bad unrepresented a year Ihct; and to-day we lebratr tbe majority a( (Learnt The tirea* Western lived i 183S-t;he Great Eaftern in 1800. One "was Louis hllippe,"vhe other Louis Napoleon. *ic beat fclng the svernw nt can do is to make her lnte .i bhtteringram to nash op foreign sasu*ef-war. Let bar steam through a ortlier and she would sink Napoleon1 III. and the iugnra as easy aa a canoe would a bowl of china. What a Step rrow Vatts and his teakettle to Brunei, and is p inch bowl! What an age to lire in; and yet we are till learning Latin and Greek! Livfegdton, in 1802, teamed up to Gtaagow against a head vrlbd, three miles s<bour. Fulton, In 1807, made lire thllei to Albany, rII worked up the Clyde in ttU; each, in his turn, bounding hid f.tie world. Then camewo iron boat, and believe it Is wot generally known that John Laird, of irkt-nhead, the first steamship that crossed the Atniic?ibul was in 1810. When has thai man not accomlished dut tog forty years, and be is KM young and aa tire as eeer. Then another step in atram, and Johnson tok the Rferprise to Calcutta to It 8 days?that was In 525. TVri came the Sirius and the Quitnber steamers on Quebec. Then the Grew. WesMru, and then Canard i the BrttannU?a Fourth of Jttly waft?and for twenty tare be bos done it well; but he'taur. give It up In 1M0, , ir Individual enterprise will be respected. Besides, c over's Xon tract was too strong Or break, and In man ' 1 rowds Cunard hard Ibr passenger* v.nd freight. Ireland lay Mmuk Lever for steamers cailicg at Cork, at Queensmn and at Galway. Engkuid pays >5.000.000 a year for malls, and has gained ? re mmrcroacy of the sees. America pays nothing and siurriothtng. Huch men aAUoHtns and Webb, and Mackay ad Usury, and McCbrtnick and Morse, are national j xnarmcnts. Kngland butld??p a great steam navy by ay ing $6,000,000 a year. The Urent Eastern cost tba? lie-fourteenth of our entire national expenses Why, ia*. sum oi money would have bought a bottle of cfcaw ague, a woodcock, a burlcu of senrs, a Bible And a j owl of soup for every pauper in the Kingdom?onty El,. 10,000?and there are only oat million of pauper*?only ' ne in thirty. But Use Great Eastern?is not she a ship? ' t ill she pay! Is she a success? No, she went pny. Yes- < tic ia u success, like all Bruncll't great schemes. Me . oanlcal sudcesscs, ftwarvvsl abortions, vids hnuart-guaga real Western, narrow guage Thames Tunnel, tie had nine to make great things, but not to make them pay. \ he "teemed far a short distance sixteen knots, but set- , tod down to twelve. -That went do. 1 have seen this btp at dim-rent stages. Returning from China td ISM. I cm owr h< r on tbe-*<?ckMwith Scott Russell mid iKmald lackay. Mackay said, with that model give her cauvass nd she would sail twenty miles an hour. Again. In 186T, was in the Thames w hen Herbert Ingram gave Mackay ad a dotcn of us * dinner at Greenock, where g-oor Har he aeserrthrsgSMMfcAf the sax. iadm* sMw Tom. If whales think, if a bird have any perception powers, ' sea serpsate ruKect, how astonished they Will be to re this strange craft?this mastodon, this w-iolougnx, nis megatherium of the deep. The Improvements which suggest are, an electric telegraph, a stable for horses, ball room, a barroom, a bowling aUey, a d-arbor shop picture gallery and a horse railway, all thorn are ; -anted to make her complete. Then cut doarr one deck J take her two fret on keel, take ofT her side wheel* and , ut a screw forward, and the ship will do. Then build a 1 rvat Western, Ureal Northern, and Groat Southern?a 1 ne of from M0 to JOO?that will do. Ctpt. Vine ! toll, who a"toolabel us all la Melbourne by 4 -cklog the i rsreus at Hjdney, in 1H53, is the Noah eg this ark, hot I 1 id not bear who are his Phrtn, 11am and Jspbet. He la 1 le right man for the right place lie was;, tie Omiroo ! ore Of Ooakevl Indian line. ' The Great IkJsri uniai ahina la eK?t. u t mug empcrora, or America ameng mDom. 1 Think or a rrafi a* narter of a mile leaf a craft thai 1 would take llhO* bnrae# tandem, each diww'ng a Urn " Iron each, to more along the road. Brink ef 2,000,000 ' ' rtreta. one for ?*cb thirty people m all ikglaad and J merlca Old Mllee standiab nailed out of tbie earn* part 1 ro hundred aad forty yaara ago. (Who was 'he cook of J ie Mayflower ) H<>* aurprlwd the old IWlow rtxild hare 7 wn to ane a boat lowered for a late Boathamf 'on piper, iwiflne Chptaia Ouhrabua, from the Plnla. h iliug Cup ' In Hall, and aekair him hta longitude; and Amenta Wepoclu*. the pi kle thief, hailing iH A*orge, the * irk vllutla?|>rctt)-ewmpa. Uteee tofoand omytree?aad " mendo Oortea end I> Solo. Verily, hear wild 'a the hie- T ry of our day. ? TTil? ?hln la ail Iron, tad mind yon. ab'.pb?tf<'.ora of lite '' el. 1 Mgleud ir beatmr you <* the ooaaa. mm ehipa ? doing the work. Snl'ing craft form the iu> relation ron ?tearner* that cinai boaM do to rtilerry??they * ily get the hcary frrtght. Wake np, ye nb'ptratldere, I make r<mgreaa allow j ou to import iroa freefw ahlpa; J! allow American* to buy Ton ebipplng ta J-'agland 1 n> le, or you loee the carrv ug trade 'item ilie ocean. A J" d reflection. laok at \enlce. aad Hotlao 1. aa ' Spain J er hwt their glory with their onmmrror. Hue 11 Bag- . ie, eo wilt Aaieetea. Men aeake Qegfae paanJawa for \ nertea to buy Iron rhtpa. It araal ha daae. neta* f hind Ffcgtand ran battd a eteamehlp. hut why dea l J* e htilld a hotel* Premier ?*>e don't know how tc keep JV The crack hotel al H*sLimod ta the Mar abo. the " rter. Thing! era ta a had ray la Kuropa High prea- r *e on the f Vmtinertel Haarier. and Vajmleon <* the My relre. Garibaldi I* a faaeral, nun kP.000 h- r? wr tair retomn Rneaell haecrted pmnart two erk* '' ?re of rain. aad there la a Caaaine In the land. We ne d ra. Give na be??d and we .will give you Iroo. M~- , ury hae )u?t bought tO.IAK tone, ceeh, of Brie ' * ntiw.?e, for Salaawa'a Porlffneea rail* ay. Fork uaamd tone for ].600,000. IIV a eoammM! fa ratag CkrmitU haa been eighty ;wo yaara ia raduciag h i prion to two pea;ce. If the X.i"? would drop to a ay they would <jnea h every paaar In the kingdom, a* , a are doing in AroerH-i with the HMi Aia Before I drop ^ ler let aae mention (Mat ttie direotore hare dcrtlced my . dlratloa to < natruot t hcrae raihrac eroaad the JJoair ' >da of the Great Kaeten Oar I, am dam Carriap?Miwee. |f Lanraaa^Jnne u, IM? i fJreat Xaatr-a??*? (hmtop Smtmttana?America* Mn- 'JJ ijn it Tkt Sicilian HeteimMtm QanecMTi Arkiam- mi iram-JMa Mem /nugrit,^., St. ootaary to npactatM, the Great kalpm leaver aa irdny next, lha 1Mb laat., Uraa daya aO* the ateaaa be that takaa thle ante. Idraapool la hartagtto noea put ol of joint by ftnlliaanptoa, which aeema to he thirty la MHtat rtMiMT Adrtrtta )? * * cb Wm York.w**.. Mpt <* ? ^^-wth-t?brrowc?rtd lb* AM^* ** <& 1t r Q?UtaII?ip of * ??* ?? ^taw tart HrtortUf *?d * *?, ??tan?d ?h, >17 woo?TW-U" r" b,tH * JlwfS "'f but Mt M ftTOWbta in p?l of **** *" Hgi "Jr arw ~ sLSSL&sft rssfxvi js IMnbte tp7M?^ ?JJ *' , .i.m.y dw (1 >rt" lk- **** bwk?l ?l?K num ?br wt of UII11 Ifydrt^ i"JIIL f ,.'o not Mtl- V porkH-lbo CMMrd ??*T F 7"* ' b ,? ?,f i* ni. i "S5^5SS?&^?u!W- ? i?? ?*: 3 JSr-5 ?" rf?r?*?* wrMoinmt. T ' ^_?L!iL, Pwilh tho It tl Child?of th? P.ifi ???Wt ww ?lmo, oorwod up, oclip-od ??td wrtl nfrti ytC'hltrt ^ rllw\lopH>?MROnr,l?t thr d**f 'JTTfllTT,,^7., -k, J ibofl?t SUnn, dtt?d to their Mbtal ???*- **? ? t* room ?nonfh and to ?pni*. And * I , ??w I* Ibo director* will haw fur fmwjr dr? b" 1 ' *' * r. n ?m ' ptlow. wo ?? tta.r dnmaet prwwrttat tta? theu ntiini'r W(- r?v, rt'd ghnM hav* mlf* -til t> tw mplimrnl ?T?? r.*n?.p. aftd dr^ira^ino at* rw fW? n dlamrP-r. Xt? ?lro h?r a mlUblo partner hor 1 i 111 hat* to b? matehad with warn 000 por* nation and > of ?h? ?h r'? *mo*? fcitnrta. And ibnrtl W?H no?l ,ro <" ? 1ft Tr tot?, w f?* TH?i*) P"*?"1'*. I Tl W? YO IORNING EDITION?THII tlas. Pan, Diana, Apollo, Memosyne, CUo, Calliope, Erato uphroeyne, Italia, Melpomene, Urania, and, atom ^n' ?rwk?ore j Tripping it sa they go. On the wit, f?"UlkUc lod. Your correspondent took k torn at the debt* given on rnrd at the banquet (ut October, and a-aloe tent the :re of awaing 6Vor head made for a aan^hiny day. She ill probably arrive between toe tljme of the high nrtng tides, Jane 21 and July 4, and aflbrd a good time e the owners of ateamhoata to take parties down to her efore comma lata toe harbor. Looking at the Preslential caajpaiga, ton visit of the Prince of Wales, and the 'ip of the Great Ruaern, if the director* and managers of ? American railways are wide awake they Will h?m Sreturns this year than they ham ever had before, ve that your great shipbuilder, W. H. Webb, haa wt arrived, aud 1 beer he is fhst taking notes about the rest thaforn and Iron ship build lag la general. Be win robabty throw away hia broad axe, and go beek with a ledge hammer in one poOcet and an anvil In the other. Urn war in Sicily is assuming still wider proportions, iastoaldi has now UkjMO men under his iaimedUto comnml at Palermo, afl wed armed, and ha haa lately reetvrd from Geaan 3,000 muskets sad MO,009 ball cartklges. la test, toe Oghttng and the preolgmsdl one la Silly are all la toe name of Victor touatoi.aad troops nd munltfcms are sent off from tordlnlaby the permiaion or oeenuiand'of the government, ahaoat as openly md pemnously at during the war with Auetria. Of course, f Kkig Ferdtaar.d's go vers meet had a particle of spirit ir any moralpe.sttton, it would declare war at oooe against lard hi ia. It ^ the old story," Hit htm sgnln?he's got io friends." Garibaldi b army have coaquered Sicily In a more briltaut csnmlgu than-was ever recorded la history. Once ook at It. and use if tint k rmtllv Um imm rfnahtaa (flair ??ttr achieved by Mortal'biro is not ilaiat bej-ead relief. After the salting of bia expedition from Jenee., with scarcity a corporal's guard, la *0 old broken down steamers, and befbre he news of that could go to America and oosne back ig?in the whole istand, with a population of two mfUlous, s under bis sway. Vho barf* captured at Patau me by the teroic General bad In its vaults just about six rAltton dolars; but all except about $110.OOiferee private deposits, he above small sum belonging to the defunct government >f King Bomba. The rights of depositors will be fully rer ted,but thevindhundred and ten thousand will go into pockets of the patriot band. The danger wow Is that ltplomacy wtB bargain away what vatar era won. You rill see that She Wag Is ready to make al sorts-of promises >f everything, and amnesties to everybody throughout aot only 8*nly, befIns whole domlnieas. -Bat he is Ifce Ire rogueeaegnt the booty In hie possession: "O," he nays, "-Met me-go, and I'll give you everything I've jot. ' "Ah. but, my flue fellow, I tatvu got all your plunder, and you too. A pretty fowl I shot Id be to rive np either.'* They want the same terms 'that Wsshingtofl exacted of a certain Kiug George, after a little af"air at k'orlctoWn. Thisproperty Is own; wb don't know your Majesty-atstt." The ''tight ptaoe" tr'European compltattams Is oeming on soon, and wo Shall probably know neve about the prospects of a wur daring the next two or hree wee Ire. England is excessively Jealous Of soy Interference with fellas sflhlrs by Prance or at lie r European Pbv.ere, and feanee knows It. If Garibddi is a Cuiusr, or half of an ilexssdsr, he will soon have as insurrection biasing in Ma beta, And King Bomba will see the tskcolorrd flag comsg rtmnd Vesuvius to wave-over the CaeUe ef St. Elmo. to Heaven the Sicilians would declare Garibaldi ting, with power to appoint 'tots successor IX case he has to faeir. Very much seems to be hinging otf the proponed nMUra or Lonh Napoleon and the Prince Regent of Prosits next week at Badea Baden. Non-Arrival sf'the Grab Hnstcrw. Stvnv Hook, Juno 27?11 P. 11. There are as yet do signs of the stcamsh p Great hat m. Wind moderate, -and blowing from the west. PTcather clcir. Sassy Hook, June 27?12 JO o'clock. There are still no signs of the Great Enctern. Wind mole rate, 8. W. Weather cloudy and hary. The Fosrth Ward Sehotl Dismissals. (XKTIKQ OF ra SPECIAL COMMITTEE OP TBI BOARD OF HWCATIOM?BOTH SIDES OP TUB QUESTION, IPC. The special cnmnlllu of the Board of Education np> ttintod to investigate the cause of tbe recent wliolesale ind summary dlanlssal of teachers In the Fourth ward leld their first mevtine vesterdav afternoon In the ball >f ibe Board ofBdocaliew Oemmlasioaars Tucker, the ^airman, and Xfcgrr, were present. The rommMtao announced ibair intention of bearing he evidence of the icbool officers or the Fourth ward, and hen that of the teachers. Gotnm tea fewer Ann, of the Fourth ward, was the first arttneaa called. He dialed that the members of the leeal Board had aol received eunw.ieul notice of the meeting, and he would Mke to have all the members of that Board prevent before replying to ihwqueutiooa of the committee The uuww. fltfMMMIP at WJS dfcjfc the committee could go on with Um investigation. as there was a resolution before the Board to reconsider the reeolutKm appointing the cwnmtttee at thalr tact adJenrc meat. This objection being overrated try the committee, Commtevferner Hams testified that when he came lato the Bnard IndWH. the school to William street hart aw or 150 setrolvr , and it afterwards dwindled down to about 10 la 1*10. The Local Board thea a (opted resolution* to (eep up the aoh< ol attendance, and directing the teachers ? exclude hook aganta and all other person* of that class rotn vretwag the aebools In the hours of tulttea. .The hard bad notices prated up over the schools to the rfeel above stated, hut they were disregarded by the escher of the school la William street. He ilso signed false reports, which be sent into he feast Hear I. He could not say whether the noiiees of he rcaolattous passed by the local Board were sent te the enoheis; he behaved that the falling off la the sskat I >M owing to the Inefficiency sf the tcacbeen, and thnt van We reaeno why the teacher* ware iliimuaed; he delied that thev were dismissed hsrsiar of relivm* /.run. cilia; ward w.hnol No. 1 wont down in oonsoquoooe of I bo neffi.ieacy of ffie teacher, who nscd to cry tf alio waa poked to on the backward mod it. ? of the chiklun undor i?r oare the* principal of primary No. 1 waa dhnbwl H'cauae lUi n ri other girls wb> had poor parents. and rho had barn <sl ore led ta ibea'bool*; the loaal Board Iwmpht it woM ha better to fWo thoor gtrla situation*, nd on this pr .ao pte removed Uiodrad teachor ai d many then, tho raaJ- principal of So 1. alio made U>o rul-w rjmrta reported n itally that Mr. dFeiah, another teacher i tho aame aokaol, wae unhiaith; ?ban ha waa not so U<! Ik. ||- I. pre .i i.u-.; tlwi r hue net or lv-on a formal harge against Mr Smith for making false retnrw Francis Uvea, an Inspector of ihkrourth ward aahoola, ma the next wUaeaa examined ?Ac Informed the ooni ilUaa that bta letter, pabliabed in Uk Hkkauv gave stall raoiaiut of Loew. .,nd hi* viev.-s on tho ruhieet of lie dlnimala In the Fourth ward, no roauijtion raa passed In referenco to the fblae re-1 irno mad* by the mate principal of X* 1; o dwl aot know him to be atoaaa'. one day la lee ear* Orcau til" pvt^r nd considered all the Wwnaor* Iran will did their dcty well, he la of aahiloo thai the where wore d lam Mod |hr Uvrtr iwlmioao rrlelaaa. ha I* no hull to and wKh the lencbern that hare i |ilnii? w dlaohsigod teachers, and constdsrn that they am aa od a* the other". It F.IMMB moved tha' the learbers b? new oxammad. there were no oth-r officers of the Fourth waad eeonl, mil that Mr. Ph no retire, aa the uachrrs were [eluded while he was bring examined. Mr. Fhlx* otffacted to fco o cam I nailed of tk" tear, hers all, and alai to being excluded . but hrtli objectlooa ere overruled, and tha resolution waa adop*ed. Mr farm, tho principal of No. 1, teatlOed that be had Tor been fond fan It with by any m crab or of the local wrd; be Dover made (Mho reports ta ffbe Board; bo ver repotted teacher* present whoa I bey were aboil; < onoiderod the dismissed teachers, when taki IB a ?iy, the wry heat in Now Vorfc; be nevor had say reao link Iknnliu NmOr I mu n. ? Intimated U> him; be beiieree. from an lutiimlkxi m? to him in jocose way by Uommiaal/mer uglier ly, that be war dtomfcred <m the ground* nationality ul religion; Mr. Dougherty told m that i b-em bar of tba k?il Board i* in teror of diraw wing him ?o the gronnde of tetlion y. all the t factum appointed In pmoa of Utena dtaIcaed were Roman Catholics of the elaren danaMmd, o were Chtholkw and.nine iwmanU. M.m Hwimu, the principal of the female depart rwt, So 1, did not inwwatii any complaint* made to r ?o the herkwardaase of her ftenlara, or condition of the aehool. abo had aa aetiao Um* obe wonld ha dlsaard, nor of diaapprohnUoo kifera aba war dtmaiaaed; r remember* one of the aehool tfenit calling la M*T d rrmarklng that one of the long dtriatoa clan* did not well, but be mid It war the teacher*1 Ihult who bad urge of the claaa; aha did oct err When ?he waa told it the claaa did aot da atoll; aha lhaatd think and. ngbtar). dr f?ie, Ota vice principal of Ward School No 1, tided that no complaint waa mod# against htm of being cot feus rrhool in reboot boon; V ha waa erar absent, melt bare t>eea oat of hie em we ha did not know any remnm why he waa removed; ne charge waa made >in*l him, he waa aometimes absent bsoaaae of nick io, but alwaye with parmiasloo. InakMia* intermed the committer that ate waa princi of fee primacy department of Ne 1, abe had no com tnta cade to her thai the attendance at lite acbool lined, rad It compared temrabiy with former years, bod us untlficaUen of bar dlamlaaid before aba waa miaaed. oil the lenebar* diamlaaad ware Proteetanta rpt two and those two wore only nominal Orthotic*; knew tbnt the male end temale danprtmeifta hnl the loettlon of tfee aehool officer* to contend agalaat. and t tlielr oppoaitioo contributed to the redaction Of the ndance. li?K Crnurr, 41m fliytaan-tent In the female depart lal No 1, icetifled atmllarly to lb# last wUscaa, and e nothing *<l<Utkmal lim Rriaotna, the principal of primary dephrtment 3d, Jeetilled that bar eohool waa larger when ah" left lian ?to n the took charge of It, and that the CUy In -tnr'o report* on Uke boo kit were Invariably Cirorahle. wrnt to the Board of Bebanl officer* and aaked the ram ?.'ie was dimleaed, and waa infermcd by Mr Oar roll, of ti-e ward oflloere, that aba waa dlamlaned because ?y wanted to get one of their own people,-' ' one of i * own kind," In ber place, abe U>M blm In reply that 1.1 taken the bread from ber mouth, and be laughed ,r rtw then applied to Mr. tenon, and told blm that tioi.'wr, depending on ber, waa then on a alck bed, I lhat v bad alao dte children to rqppnrt, but be pal i i Itention to her. , ree other ?**? who Tart MEOfif Uk drifted teaci 1 KK;E 1 f ? RSDATf, JUNE 28, 1860. F~ ? "= ertidtd eaminad, but their evidence wee only a rniHT'JtW t,he preceding teetimony. excopt that of om lady, who testified t^?i she had been brought up a Cutho lie ewd haeune e. Protectant, and though ahe had been re<b? vaeltoilwed*11* l"li?Ye<i ^ W*" ^ lre"8?n * Iha aafiuaittee then adjourned till Friday next, at five P.M., wkm they will hold their final meeting. City IntelUgenet. ootnpu Coilmgk ?At the 106th annual commenoemeat of this institution, the following announcement wan Ttostees of Columbia College hare oonferrsd the bsMMrr degree of Doctor of Divinity on the Rev. ThomM T. ink rector of tit. John's church in the city of Brooklyj,and on tbo Rev. FOrdtoe V. Hubbard, Profile Jathi |itne University of North Chrollnn. hmgw Acoom as a Nswssot.?On Tuesday,as the Ocean Qnwljtn an exoursion Cran Brooklyn to Bsynde, was Mawlt latter place, a lad, one of the deck hands, was in tiMmmsf throwing a line ashore, when he unfbrtunateMMpver board. There was no attempt made to resoue bimflfcUnd sunk twice, and was going down the third ttmeAUb, as hie ftte seemed inevitable, he was saved hy ajbvaboy named Denis Qalvln (one of the inmates o theMswiboy's lodging Home), who happened to be on basse'plying his vocation when the aocldont occurred. Wllhsnt any thought of his own danger, be threw off his coat dad shoes, and nobly Jumped into the water.anl wsa Eiioieswftil in saving the drowning boy, who is tbo onlj support of a widowed mother. The passenger", in admlra tion eg too here ism of his preserver, made up a coUectioi tor hprior Ave dollars and twenty cents. Bsw'va ov C*rivk Fkcit ?The warm weather may nor be sati te bare fhlrly sot ie, end with the summery day comqr the usual supply of delicacies peculiar to the so* son. As s preventive against a good deal of stoke* which generally prevails shout this tfmo, wo hare a tot words of caution and advtco to offer to our rosders. Jus now the city is well stooked with fruits and vegetables some ripe and quite At tor use, Kit a large qaantity, i must bo added, quite ansuited to the digestive powers o animals only supplied with Christian stomachs. Unrip fruit is the souroe at a vast amount of disease, having i tendency to produce even cholera, one of the most malig nanl and summary epidemics Khown to the disciples o Kscutanlus. ffwooM be W-otl. therefore, tor ovonle to ei amine carefully their fruit fofore maktug purchaeea. au< psrentB oRprcullly should lr?ep a close v.atch over the! children. The destructive .'flbcts of unfipe fruit amonj young (biles is immense, ?a shown by the morUlity list of this and tftkor cities. Peaches frem the South hav made theer appearance,and are seUlngfbr fabulous prices A Nkw Csmouc BUMnua.?It is stated by parties wU posted In (Yithoitc aflhln that a new" bishopric is to be ec tablisbed in "Westchester county, tbns further subdivide the estenslve see of Archbishop Hegbes. The bull or r< script fur the conseemtion of the new prelate has aotyt arrived frsm Rome/bat is expected In a few days. flaw ral castnmt priests are spoken of in connect ion wtth'Ri dignity, the most prominent being the Vonersb Archdeacon MeCarron, Rev. Or. korlartv, Rev. W. Qsim of 8t.'Peter's chnrch in Barclay street; Rev. Uiurh T. Bn dy. of Pt. Ann's. Astor place, and Rev. tisorge MoOfciakj of She Chnrch of the Nativity. He: Nsw Mmo Rxncirto*.?Dr. Hayes, tbo con jmmtrr of the new Arctic fvploring Expoditlm, whlc asUs from Boston on Saturday next, will take leave of it Oooncil of the Geographical Society?the AroWc Ottunl See?the friends and oontritrxtors to the expedition, at Ui rooms of the Chamber of Cbumeroe today, ^ecvveec 1 and 1 o'clock. tbi sal* op sr. joint's oollms. TO TUB KMTtMt or THK HKKALO. Sr Joanna's feafcsanY, Fosnsan, Asce 47, lfX). My attention has been drawn to an artMie in the Hsi aid of yesterday, regarding the sale of flt. Joseph's Am nary. It would occupy too much epaoAe eorrectxdl U errors which it contains; bat in the nsme af tho Facall I would stale that none of its members have ever e: preaHed any " dissatisfaction at their pesRiou/' and tits even If any cause for << dissatisfaction" had existed, U meet Rev. ArcbblMiep Hughes is their inxnediate eccici Stlcal superior. WM. PI/iWDEN MORROfl.I, Rector of ?. JeeeDh'ffres.lnarv PwMce IaUlllfMM*. Ckfxm took ws Jaraxus Ball.?FranHa W flMplJ ticket speculator, and brother of the Safe of He xnlngclal ?u taken into custody yesterday by pottoeman Soott, i the Second district Police Court, on the eke.rye of m llciooi libel preferred against him by Alderman Stag Heagrift, It appears, to caught ailing ooe of tl Japanese ball tick eta at the St. Nicholas Wctol by A) da mum Starr. The worthy City Father wan Indignant am Idea of the hall ticket* being aold to the-highest bl ddr and going ap to seagrtet took the ticket oat of hit km at ! put It in hla pocket. The brother tf the 9s go Meemmgdale waa euually indignant at the unci raw i tiw manner In which lie ?m deprived of hla e*fr< let frtr, and ?wine out tho next day with a cr-rd, In wb Jet I several* hundred dollar* by the opera t lot i. , Una the Alderman waa highly Odbaded, an d gnii before- Juottce quaefceabawh, at the Jadbi am Mark tl Hoi* Court he preferred a complaint agaiaat Mr. Soagria t pen being brought before tho Mhgictrate the* arx-tint tided Hint the libel wan unintended,*!-at by an am big oua expreasion be unwittingly reflected upon the broUe of tiie Alilertnan, when. In reel, the writer Intended to r fleet upon hie own brother. In the course of the exam nation Heogrt* said he bought the Otacet of Joe Youni the Clerk of the Board of Supervisors, for the sum of $M at which Alderman Starr waa akm Indignant, Inaamuoh a tl.r iIcket waa given to Mr Young the iindirstami lug Uiat he would grace the ball with hla presence. Mi Young denies that he sold the defendant the ticket i question, and ha too la indignant the: bis name almuld b mixed la aacb an aflhtr. At preoaoWhe caae looke eemr what oompitested, but iVagrksl aayo the whole thing wt be cleared up >n a day or no. Tu kit Bwwmuaa m Tnotnua?Hyphen Oordea am Jame- Ihirtght. the latter brother af John K. Rnright, tb recently apfm-nted Health Warder of the Ktgbteentl ward, were labm Into cuetoilv bv Cantata lb<ru of U Tv>rnly Mxth |r-eciuct, yvterday,en chnrgeof ewlcdllai JainceM. 1'u -in - of Massac hueetU The prisoners war brought before Justice Wcl?h, whor tbo follow** M were eHriled^INitbrr and but tartly wanted lago t Qillfornta ml were roped into the priaoonra' ?HV? where, by the u.-ual hocue poeue gr me. eteorage Mcketi were Ibteted open them for aecond cabin ouee. aad tb Yankee fhmlljr were rwtndlrd out of *45. beeidee lelni pat to the toowiTtnlence and aaroyanoc of remaalni jver In Utla ott? to pneecut* the vcuaed. The magi* _rate held the pal one r? to anawer. When nhall we lea Abe end of fhaaialiaaoeful ootcagea upon emigrants. Atxango tamriM.?A Own named Item Inlet; El a n backer, war brought before Jttailbe W<d?h, at *.b Lower Mice Court. yesterday, oa af.argc of eedortiori rn drr protnlee of marriage, preferred igaioal him tov Mori 8alme ider, uf Kuw 134 (ireeawfch I roe I TVs Miami', dor ied the *nfl tmpuaebmeat, saying be never Intend* anything half so aartoue aa matrawcijr. and beg, t u b discharged. The magistrate theagfci It would auiepi ihnaceaand meek k, give bail, and accordiBglr order* biaatodad oocengg to UmaaaeefMOO tiiT?Jamb PMr' waa brought btThra Jaaaeo Rrena-n at the Meer Market FMtee Chart, na charge r baring burglariously entered the nt we of Philip Blank No. 1 avenue B, ami stealing therefrom MS a ?oppci coin. Prisoner waa arretted by pehcaa in Goul.l, ta arhoR he amde a fan and unconditional eonTeeatoo of bieguiit. Oomm.Mri for trial. WnramGianmr?This theatre will be cloeed anUl Fri day night, when Mrt. Juin Dean Hapae will Inks her farewell bin^t Among the attraction* on this rnomtnri 13 Mr C M. auras' clever earnedy, "The Hypoohondrtee," m whtt the antbor eadl play. Oa Haturday Mr. <4 jalavua flea?7 will give hte kwt concert ta New York I at Una theatre On Monday Mies Agues Boberteou and Mr. Dion Bouraicault will ouganeace a (brewell engage cwim qtaav* Huuii Cokut At Witnm* Gabam.?We find that that armmpttoliil rwcallol laiiohr galaad.tbr good opaftWm of all olaaaaa of Uio community that a aqcnplimra ta<3 benrlt ootocart to announced to Um Whirr (tardea for Rafctrday areata* omt, aoth inauat, It bring bla ImI appearance la Srw York prertooe to a tour throughput the country. Altboagh Kr Uaary'a apeetallly to that of Moere'a Irtoh mMIo, to Um performance of wfcioh ha haa woo runatderaMr rcpnuuica, Montlw Pirrrat orcum ha to la ba aaatstad aot oalf by hto tal mtad daughter Mlaa bat arrrra) of tha membrrt of tha different chnrch roc let ire af tha cHy, aad many of the leading ptefreeora hare la thr kladltoat spirit rolaatrered thrir asMlioa a lart which iarmliltbl* to tbrai, aa aap porting a brother art art, aa4 to a genial recognition of Mr. Geary** repnfattnn m tha maafoal world. We perectrt by thr programme that inmi of tha piecea hart bora composed and arranged by Mr. Geary Tha oatcrlolnmrnt proattora to ba of a retry high claar. aad wa hair on doubt, from thr hearty receptions which the bane flriarr haa hNharto mot with, that the honor wtU ba well 8 lied on ttoturday night. Tito Lath Or. MtHaMtoy. TO Tin KDITOB or m IBULn. In ) oar aooouDcownt of thr death of Dr. McMeoomy, ?u mentioned that ho waa at oaa tlrwe a Catholic prtm. to to a Bitatahr. Br waa merer ordained, and wa nerar rvra la a Catholic oollrga. The title "Dr " was a mere preii. and mraat aothtog mora thaa Cantata or Cblnnel In our We* tern aiilllla. Tho trrltrr of thta kaow him writ, aad though tho "Dr." indelged la attache on the rrl fb-n of ht. fathrra, br would aot ling a alngle obloquy on thr humble grato of tho railr Nrcraalty compelled him to do many thlaga far which he had eery lutlr bran, and la lb la hr waa Ires to blamr than thoaa who took advantage of bla nccoaalty for thrlr own mda Hl.N'RY OTARREIJ , 144 Went Thirty aarantb aircat. Kaw Ton*. June 37, |a<0. ,woman Onsai ?roa* ? Tho ColaAmrPa.) ,<fay mm tlona the oceurronre of another IrrmflH^lorm In that rtctally on llie 10th inat Great dan- .JWdone to tho rope in Um surrounding country. Thr entire tobaaoo :rop haa baca cut to pieces by thr hall and almost mtiraJ destroyed. while In many It Manors tree* wr* turn ap iwl outhonae* blown down Hie game storm d d a grtti ImI of la mag" j> (rcti go ' a few ither c< jbi ? uimrtukI, adjf to'rg, [ERA A UiUUUoa Iter the Deaf nad Itarnk. lkt aaaua] examination of the echolare of thie institution took place yeetcrday afternoon, at the handeome edifice erected on Waahmgton Heighia. Ibe 114 P. M. train of owe on the Hudson Hirer Railroad took down a large number of our oltlzeua, two-thirds or whom wen ladiea. da the day waa remarkably Uno, though aultry, the trip along the road, and the walk dram IMd street atatloa to the building was much enjoyed by many of the visitera, but mpre especially on the return home, st which tunc it had become somewhat cooler. The proceedings wore opened by the Principal, H. P. Poet, Esq., explaining to the audience that no preparation had been made an to the form or manner that Uw examination waa te be carried on, nor had any programme of let questions to be answered been drawn oat. It therefore rested with tbuee present to propose certain subjects for the pupils to rive their op In ions upon. Many questions were, therefore, propounded by several persons, and were answered 1 by the scholars wilting their replies in sheik on the nix large slates which were erected at the beek of the plat i form. The repl es were remarkable for beauty of cost poeitioa and soundness of sense. liuxc L. Pxst, Esq., the Vice Principal, after soaking a short address to the isssmblsil guests, called up six mami ben of tho bead class (three males and three fomiUee), by making signs, and giving their names in the dumb mli pbsbet. These pupils were first requested to say s few i words to the audience, and did so by writing so we cotnr pllamtary sentences on the slates, thanking them for honoring the institution with their presence, ho., kr. i While these scholars were answering some of the questions given them for that purpose, Miss Walters, the great-niece of Gerrlt Smith,Esq.,-recited a poem in panto ' mime, the Vloe Principal reading it an the action wua por e formed; and so ably did site acquit beraelf as to call foi-Ut l- much commendation at the conclusion. Miss fanny Smith, a young person of Jewish descent, though now converted to Christianity, ales recited a poem in the same r manner. The personal appeeranco of these deaf mutes oxt cited much pity for their bereavements. Mr. John H. Books, a yenng deaf mute, delivered s vale ! dictory also in pantomime, the Vice Principal explaining r ashewvoton. In conclusion, as he was about to graduate and leave the eKabllahinent, lie bade a very tceiing fore wet! to the officers, teachers, and lastly to his classmetre {the latter standing an he affectionately addressed 1 them). Ashe feft the platform ho burst into tears, and wan too much afflicted to pick up the bouquets of bowers , which were thrown to him. II. II. VjjtTTKi, Esq., the Superintendent of Public InMnction, spoke for some time to both audienoe and * scholars, Mr. J. L. Peel rendering his remarks qnitc clear So the letter by signs as quickly ss the gentleman spoke. Be (Mr. V.) remarked that two hundred and fifty of the Inmates of the institution were beneficiaries of the State. The Bev. Mr. Bcsciabd read the report or the comI. mtttee, in which tliey expressed themselves highly grstifledwnd sorprised at tlie rapid progress made by the puJ5 pits. This report was likewise Interpreted to the afflicted ,. pcr.-on* present by the same gentleman. . in conclusion, several of the scholars, both male and female, were presented with certificates of merit, and |L ttoae who had gone through the course for seven years . with a diploma. Others wore ribbons for exemplary ' good conduct, the color explaining the length of time they bad been without fkult during the year. ' After the examination the visiters were entertained with a cold collation, und were waited on by inmates of 1* the school. There were about five hundred persons pre h sent, but the room in which the meeting was la-id was lofty and so well ventilated that the heat was not even perceptible. Brssklyn City News. Exrtoeiox is a Pnacrsmos Car Maxuiaitoit?Osi Mas lnncllks a Dicta xcb of Twisty nvx Fkct?Rksakka sue Escaiw.?About three o'clock yesterday afternoon an I. explosion occurred In a shed attached to the percueaion cap i- manufactory of Dr. J. Gotdmarck, situated at the Tool of " Carroll street, near Cowan us creek. There arc two build J. lugs. In one the capa are packed up and prepared for t, market. In the other?which is a small abuuty some 400 fleet distant?the powder, or so much as may be required far a day 'a work, la kept, asd where the dangerous part of the business is dons; one man ooiy ib employed here, sad ft Is very seldom that any other person Is permitted , to enter. The name of the man now employed Is OUo * Lsiat, a German, Shout thirty years of age. Ho was prr aartng some composition when the explosion occurred, of It made a tremendous report, and attracted the attention efmany persoiwfar a great distance. The rorce of lis plosion I in pelted the structure high in the air, and It 7" 'foil, with l.iest, who was carried with it, into the middle _ Of liowanus crsek, a distance of about twenty live feet. .I'vvry one ?xp?cled to tind that l.tcst Iiad been blown *? into atoms, Mid great ww Uie rarpriao of all when tbey a* ?rr htm rwlmmtng to I he aboro unaided. Two , targe nplintor* had pierced bin arm* to the exlcot of *' about three inc.bra, one af which he drew out *" unaided. The other wan extracted by Dr. J W. Smith, ?? Jr., who waa called to hta as.-Wtanor. He aueuwed a ' TeaWence, Wo. 111 Carroll street Tliey naked him In rata If tlon to the accident, bat he refused to give any account * of the manner In which It originated He admitted, how*j ever, that there were tome eight or ten pound* of powder " ' In the place at the time. Ilia escape from Inataut death la certainly remarkable. A building occupying tlieaaiae -wite wa# completely ahaltorad on the 13th December Jaat, . and annila-r erected to ita place waa blown down from a ' like cauae <w the 7th of January following. Two taen [' wrre killed by thcae rxpkvion*. The name of the tlrat ' - waa Frtiral Irr. and of the aecoad Charles Hallonbot k. i J.lrat waa migaged In the aame dangeruaa employment |* that they wave J Aarlrala aad Departarta. ( ARmratjt. ? Htural nod DovTon?StMnudiip Kuropa?Nathaniel Hawu i- thorns and iamJy, Mr* Benrhsr kvewe and family. McsUwc* Oiivta HuwdUa' Uovd. Quick. Howe. Jenaa. Miaaes Moore, j . <"?ldwell, Kuwait h. Orlbble, KMk >1. Joalln, Iteerber. Xrart Rergman and lady, Benjamin and lady, Doner and Udy, e Mir?h TVuditedsr. Rtntre, Prrnrh'-n. BrmdMkrUy. I?\er, i. , 'Juyil, Warden, .faaaennidlnger, At'lllmma. Hoarea, Mori iauu, I oirtgler. Caainu, Hell. M<-rchjuU, liyd, Tsmplctoo, A *hwella, a ""hacker, lllnrknan, Hunreni. **< #, Krdmsn. Tbomw-n, j. Imwn and faMuly, Richmond, F. none. Mm Ir II and lady, , otnp*. Wuraiey, Adama and lady. Ackrujd, duahoo. Lara. n * orlnley. a Axnawim?RUi*nahlp Nnr-heni Ugh*?Mr* D T Murphy. A ree children and 'errant. O Howard, wife child ami servant. ' !> Tewkaiewy. wtfe, two rhildren art aervant: Mr Man lvoid. * fe aad wraaaljIJent Marshall, V H A: A Ageaarx. Mr Hum a * rt, Mr Koher. U Xaitncg, B Auanal, l?r Shaw. A K K'-uue ( 4 . S Smart, T W Juruw. Mra O W Preaatt ami child, Dr d . t WlllbiM, lark A?lotv ir, <1 Vf ?i tea and wife: Mr II * d' ml. wife and < ha. : W < Vwtdingmn. r r Rnhedse. Mr* Mc Ih riicla, .1 K H ail. .1 4 lUmllvm. Mra A Hk-hell, H f I<ewK S j\ iim. mm dnanaon. Mm II Callagban Mid ikrre Ik/trra, O W Ck irrh, J * Ri ra*tt. Mr* Par I lu/. a '* > M?l aim, ?lf?. Iwo children and; J W Miiwr an. Sanaa*. K K Hka ?rd. fir Real, wlRt, child and servant; rt n lfcK'uirr awl ?*?. 0 O-ivl* and * II< J a Hi." an*. A A Jarnil* i, H Hll. and brother; Mr* H f! Rlrkmnn. Mr Hiarbua. . Mra Mewim* *?!. -n. Mr KnphM, Mr Haul'* aial lam * aiaia if MrUanflar, Km *.'i <'oa*->il a' H?a FranHano; MUa M r Mm It, J Ti.rMkk*. UK Taylnr and wide, and *JU la <ir?r?|? ' *a-i**aW?Huemiiihi Alabama?<"jna*ln w Markar Mr d and Mr* llrcraa I. Fgat, In M f Krwirr ami d*n?ht*r, Mm* M '1 A II* Ida.a, Mr* Daa v. uva children andarrvan'. Mr and Mm < Crom'. -r, child and aarva.1; Mr and Mr Pr C'tiarHon. Mta* Charkm Mr and Mm H K Hwk J R M Hrarejr, . jsra f S^ImmAAcVmUm fr?a. At tin**. T li'irTIT 0 W Cry kcr, H Rtohaaa, < IR Th*rla, Dr Jla( i. Jt <*ia*laui, M . A Rowefc H It Harwich, Mj, , KjU. Hpr*una. \r< P V Hottm,**. Mra MarVo* and MM/Mfca <'.*nak?tt. Mra* Kelly and child, Nri F Cam. Mr* M J iNum aV thlld, Mr <lllle?t, Mr* RJ Flamlrr*. fmr children act aurar. Mr M A < Mm* N K 1 .?.k, Mr T A PnniM (*r anl three aMIdren. Mi * M Pmine*er. 01 m PmiMfer, J rryv. Miaa < t nUtnaallM* A lirnann, ,1m I'dord. Ma*n-r CII tied. MM* A Johnson and servant. J Rrrna, F IW.w W Hnp*>u. (' Ma* n. <" Hmu> lie, J luirjrh Ir and Mra ' Ronenfeld. * 1' Can*van. J A Ihtpn-e. J w *1 liam* and.-Trent. W lUraa n. P ? Collar. Jraaph J,.oe*. W R Rill. wlfr and twnrhlklraj. Mra M l-anaV-a and l.n rh.l dran. Mr* PW.ic*. Mi*a M J Cuaan. Mia* M R fdndd. Mlaa Ply in, Mian M Campbell. Mm*' Ku'craurr. Mra m-Ikm Mrs Mri;.? and cR|Jd Mrs I. II P.waa*. Mr* fcrrr. M.r M F Walk er, ttr and Mra A I. Trier. attd and nnraa, Mr an I Mra ? O Pnti*. Mra M Pardr. W Prelr, Mar Maraiaiu and laa ?arr?a*a. Mra Barrlar and Ami rhlldrrn. A fUdph. FW t'.wrmat. Mr aM Mr*I.Kraal and cfal<i. W lUbiaaiant, W *cw?rt, * P Plan dec*. ?*r. jltfymaon. Mra J MAffcr MI**H 4*a?y J I. Kirk land. Mra fi Forward. Hraam Pom ard, W?* TV ward W h? *(,, J rnllan. M R Rhrra. H <J Rlrra* Juha Daly. M < arr?and U In Ibe ani'iafa. Urwroot, RiaapiMkp '!! *? n Mr S fWk;. Mr and child. Mr Jfil^arn.^ Andjdidd tf fjjj/gj. Mite. ? Baraell, MrArtiurltMilJwr V r <>? Daahard. Bblr. Jtltbera, T Mmbj, Lttut B k Low and Rh-hTo^p, ko-efeann.Mr Roanoke-T C Uo. F Winn - ??<?5B?SJK?{.V.=2 *?miMii tip ttoMau Rata-W A T Wartia. Mr Mi (oar ridMraa. nlnlaaaMM from fftagj*.. M A|j nfcklii, ui H F Haaan. ImtM-klf T II MaTbew-Mn H W Harrer. Bit Rnlford, Mra T Itaroeaand Infant *!? Mar/ HllLOeurga K Kirk ham. T K ffetn.ea. Daniel Urn*. MalooJaa OCbb. Maatar Llewaltya. minrw. Rwmnoan Br?AeeaMhla Jame?t<iaw. a J Rml'h. Ilar Muann. A tMaBan, Ira l*e. Aleviader Hrnwn. Mr lUnticfU-m | w ifr. \ 4 TVn>i?'" (If T.i?c?mh' 4 Btha T I Kppa. . i v Kir.? * tt.lli l:un.. -cmith and wile, A D Aoder ??. A l?ar"ia?and 14 In the ataer*ge Tfca Canai. Caaaaiwir (MwraraTcMT. Jnna Sfl. 1MB , The ft met waa obaerred al ambridge on tka 21*t. 43.1, 241 h and ttdta. from tin- on the Sirt. Still and i Mth. Mr ftaftwd and Mr Taitla bar* computed element*. r ?-?? not ??"> "** *. I>H l?>?rc v do doubt that lbo rometjia arjBrnThlflg the aartbi tho^h, owing lo the rtrene aioonllgnt, tta low maitlon and it# In- n rrt aaing dMUnoa Irani tha ana, it la dnubtful whether It ? I trill become rtrj aonaplewoua to Iko nabad "f ""w ever. when the moon la nut of the war IV nppnrtoelljr *ill bo morh belter than It M now rn the large lele 11 | ?<-opa it praaeata an appearance rurionMr Ilka that of tha great comet of IBM on a raduon.1 ?oaJa. Tba tall braachaa off la two atreama front the nncleua Ait now tba right hand ona la tha brighter inaiead of tba left. TV Mm* m dark hollow la vtaibla In lha atla In tha raar of the noclaoi, and there arc rianlar dlitnrhanoM and )eta of html none matter la Ita neighborhood. ?n on a reduced arale ol intenanr. lam ticking drawing*. Mr . for romnarteon with that of 1MB. O. F. Hf\D. Tw* ft'nne-oe to Jriw.a vm?The Wvhlngton J noderatandr that no nomination of a Jnottrw of the ?ta preme Owrt, m placa of J oat ice raalai, deceaaod, m to bo BaJ'. at jmebt. \ LD. PRICE TWO CENTS. ARRIVAL OF THE NORTHERN MINT. TWO WIEII HAILS P10X CAUFOUU. 1,541,680 IN TREASURE* Hem from Oregon, Wssli i ngt? TwOery, British Columbia, Hew Granada, Keaguaand the West Coast of Kezioo. Blockade of the Pert of fli^Mii hy the British, f S(i. The United States mail steamship Norths? Light arrived early yesterday morning (Tom Asplnwall, wbenca be called on the 19th mat. | The Northern Llgbt bring* the malls from California to | the Mb Inst., and over a million aad a half la treasure, lbs following ?the spseio list:? ' Allan, ft Pee. 8.8 Co ?,340 R. MesdwrftO. AdameOlO.OOO Wm. Bodge ft Co... 50.000 Kerby, Byrne ftCs.. 3,60? Bswfond BASpmwall 13,?6? Taafft, Mchhill ft Co 86,10? Order 13,600 J. H. Caghlll 4,100 Wm. Sellgman ft Oe. 36,900 P. Nay lor 10,000 Win. Heller ft Co? 40,601 Jennings ft Brewster 10,000 J. Strauss, Bros.kCo 83,402 Am. Ex. Bank 101,00? Be Rhnm ft Co 7B,T(0 Eugene Kelly ft Co.. 92,600 B. I'ohn ft Cto 14,000 C H. Crosby 0,800 Ballln ft Pahilers... 94,000 Bar book ft Co 2,600 Mmateln Broe 19,790 C a. Hallory 3,670 Jas. Patrick ft CO... 38,000 A. 8. RosenbanmftOo 9MO Treadwoll ft Co 16,000 Rich Patrick 27,000 Butcher Bros 6,000 L. Von iiof&nan ft Co 60,000 EppiugcrftOu 6,000 Welle, Pargo ft Co... 202,000 J. B. Weir 11,000 Kreeman ft Co 14,760 Bowes ft Croewell.'.. 2,600 Neusladter Bros.... 21900 Order 6,100 DuncanBbermaaftC 300,640 Order 6,000 Order 10,000 Jno. G. Parker ft Soo 3,600 Total 11,641,600 News from California, Oregon, Washington Territory aad British Colmmhla. on SAN FRANCISCO COKRBSrONBBNCE. Saw Francisco, June 6,1600. Termination nj the Joey Oouftnkeim Suit Agauut the Beurk (Jlimpte? $700 Damaget A warded?Ditoontinuanee of a Califorma Xewtpaper?The Sherrcback Claim?Coinage at the Branch Mint, <?c. Saturday last Judge McAllister, sitting la the United States Circuit Court, reversed the decree of the District Court dismissing the libel in tbo case of Joey Gougenbeim vs. the bark Glimpse, and ordered that she should bo paid $700 damages. It will bo remembered that the sisters Gongenbelm came to this city front Australia on the Glimpse (which, I believe, has sinee been wreckod la Puget Sound), and charged that they had boon used with b&nbDOM and deprived of the accommodations which it tu agreed they should receive. Miss Joey filed a oeaaplaint lo the United 8Utca District Court agaiaat the Teasel, and charged, aa a principal grievance, that aha could set no sugar for her limes. Judge Hotlhaan decided that she had aa many comforts on the voyage aa oeuld ha aaked, and refused to find in bur favor, though aha claimed 120,000. Judge McAllister came to a contrary conclusion. The publication of the Sacramento Democratic Standard has been suspended. Charles T. Rolls wss the editor sad proprietor, and holds the oOico of State printer. Mr. Botts declared in bis Journal that If Itouglaa received the octal nation of the National Convention be (Bolls) would nod support him. Tbo paper was issued daily; it will oamn out weekly hereafter. As a political journal Its nltusnos will of course dwindle down very much. The work of taking tbo census commenoed In this city ud State on the 1st instant. The Sherrebaok claim, confirmed by the United Platen District Court, baa been opened by Judge McAllister to admit the Introduction of further evidence, to be used on a motion for a new trial. The land oovered by the claim includes a valuable tract in this city, and is worth a million. During the month of May 48 376 ounces of gold bull km, worth $924,670, were deposited In the Branch Mint of thta city, and 19,094 ounces of silver, worth 824 004. There were 21,148,000 coined In double eaglea, 827,000 in half dollars, and 848379 out late regular refined silver bam. The widow of Admiral Zerman. an officer of some note in Mexican affairs, died tu this ctty last week. Bho was In very tndlgsnt circumstances. The case of Win. H. None, who k?led John C. Bell, n momhar of Assembly from El Dorado county, in April enwntyfor trial Wis action Is camHNri' hCvertttf'tS the arc used FROM OAHQ'JN. The surveying schooner FauntWroy is at present engaged in making a survey of Cray's harbor, under the direction or Captain lawson. TUo stsamer .s elpected to arrive daring the present month to assist in ihs prosecution of Ibis undertaking. I A large trade In eatUe from lite bead of the W lUamette to Southern Oregon and Northern California la expected the coming eram. Many drove* are already on their war aouth. New gold digging* hare been struck a abort d itanoe foom the Canon In Itouglaa county Tbey are be I wired to be extensive, and their reported rtcboeee be* induced a " rurh" of pmpectorv to tbe not. Favorable reporte are constantly received from Hog 'Em, Starve Out, fhyote, Miller'* Creek and Meadeu*. Miner* have plenty of water, and are making good oae of It. Valuable diaooverte* of Iron ore are said to bave beea made near Sprlngftekl The Sni/in.l aaye Uial Ihc crop* In Rogue R.ver Valley are In fine road 11 km. and give promise ?f tbe beat Met barveal ever produced la tbe valley. Tbe Boundary Cnmrnientoo are about to reaume their work the Oommnalotier* on the |?rt of Ureal Britain recently passed through tbe Delia*, am their way to the scene of their labor General Palmer baa nearly completed hi* wagon road I* Queanelle river. WASWIKOTON TKUniTOST TbePucet P< und Urnld ban the subjoined part ic tlar* iort st< ii?<oom a i* rrinforre l May 17 by a rutr,|<any of tbe Ninth Infantry, commanded by Major Haller. Thin r. nn.\I,,i t.,kru | l?re in pursuance of order* to break up tmall and unim|a>rtaiil p<Mt*, and nouceatrate Ibe troop* In large station*. It I* therefore probable that Fort Townwnd will nut again be occupied by I'altsd State* troupe. Fort Belling hum baring also twin abandoned, three station* only arc now M an tbe foaiStvl'arnan . Sun Juan and Htmlahmoo. n.. lroo|? atwlioi.eil at Fort striUcocm are actively en gaged la putting up quarter* for two additional oompapante* I.lrut Reynold*. A. .t y M , sue day* aiaon onatrarfed with Dr Webber for 100 00* feet of loasbor, whleb Im Ing drawn from lb.- Iwach to the awuloa by tho Quarternia-t'r'? team* When the new structure*an completed, tbe slat loo will present tbe appaaraaoo *t a i"li?id ?r ,ib|. lind i inpact !< ? n T.e berk An< kland sailed for the mines at dcfcnmea tbO Zkl, to tad with coal for riau Franc law vj Governor Oboist* has born granted ?u months' leavuof absence from the Territory. Paul K ilobt.'. fhrmerly of Calif, aula, baa been elected | fbumdeut *f a democratic club in ! -in Xbr Asplder rosnpletai that iauewliioosAre prertiotdhy thr ofrm ?f i bo British iwuh hi gmMsn aad Tie hra. >no? nitiTirii fOMmu. We hare date* from Victor 1* to April N. Thcsataiof o?w? from Fraarr river la wry (hvorahtn Now dtagiaa* of ooarar fold bow km diaco tared a* Mam river. Two Chtaaam, while la dwpnte with whit* minora, vboot forty miles above rbjfwwb, www met dead lalilp. fire bamtrwd Chiasm en bare Ml NN Tola tar vWt Ale reader There ta grwal daaaaad for molea tar Frawee rtwar. Owl of to the laryo number of mtaara nerataf ta Aram tarn ilkemeen ahrr, it ir exported pe<kero w.U hew data afemplnynmi tata i ainn There ware IN paanfen loll Victor* oa Ihw otaawmr Wihoo 0 Haat^tar kraaar river, on the 2M. The rti emera Wllrv* 0. Bunt and Dearer airhead ad Vtoinrla, oa the 1Mb Inst., from Um rlrer JoflVer i and aUM-e expreeaee Iiibmi down ahwat MdJM ta dtah I The lodlaaa ere eery trouhtaaonw In VtoUrt*. A loops nunlKv hoe eoita-ted la the aalahtn* lennl who art eon initially Oybttng among thmnawrew We ere glad to jwrceirw. aeya Uw itaeataf. tbet ere mora id error ee regards the details of the led tea iu order at tam /nan The perpetrator* of the Joed war* not aaMMwaf bo t imed "totee army, ee we euted. W# b-wrd Ihw >r*el described by ao lediaa at the polk* ataea, and were thee led lain lb- mieUAe. ller Mejeety't *i?P fclenile ia ordered home. It ta -reliable i be I she will iwd leer* until the errlrel of the it tart, whiob expeelad ? eboat a Heath. The dsparare of the mtenito will be fearralty rvgretted. Hir Wer?<y r ?bip Ooofee, ao. flag of Near Admiral feraer C R, will shortly be rellered by the amww r?me Uecchaate, tl. lag of Remr A.tmtrai Mr Tboama I laittaad. The colored residents of tVtnrt* hero farmed a Hha irpe, with the consent of the enthorlllea. They taealar I present about sixty ateenbera. I ate resting Itrnan the Wait Can at ad Deikati or a NAXATUAM COJUUtartWNWNCB. l *fm> drama Manna I tectum, \ W >r?ti tr, May SI, 1M0. > I otdadr if Sen Blot bp l\* NopfuA?Cheat gf A* Bleed <idr- /r'oww 1.1-iu.t if thy >:?v/t?A fVianU t<?aJwop rrf Kn^luk IVwifM and Drthiviion if JterttaJ lam. Hngtiik /*e?ry i* tfotaw?Antral f lh A ttarpg frem irMepate*? Aiaro-an AVI tap at Wveywee? rv tanwdzr i rMtaMkwtl Earner Ptatwovw?? Ye tmw .ItAer*, dc . #r. At ww err \al at thx p'*ot *t l*| te*i*k.?kii?tt

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