Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 28, 1860, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 28, 1860 Page 2
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plac.d the rumors rf the blj? t art? o? M Hlu by the fcngti; L beyond u?>v 4ouN. I give you th" rmpie tirti of the i a* , at* i|ful of Uit gl?-fc tknt ithee port/ ? -'dd smhilltah it with in their tor a long time the Kugtisk haet b v u mu',? th' ooiu j of Meztco out of the country, and the Consula a?%- <tif- j forent seaports have lu-en acting at ageuU in 'hli e?uirabond trade ban Lilac one of the chief i pott ( export while it was in the handa of the church party, aud the Coimul there bad boCu larecty cugagol m several heai)'"ruiit " Wlieu, however, the jNtrtiaaui) ol M.ramo.: had to givs way to the slrongcr force of the lilierals, the latter attempted to put u "-top to thi - ^mu^gliug by iinp; >ating th'' fcXftish t'oimil nttd threaten in,; to take ai mma-y messm a aguuii-t him, which, however, passed uohr.rted, that gentleman well icnowmg thiit be waa banked by a strong fleet, which would ai a momeut's warning resent any insult offered to th? English lisj or the person of its repp< veseatatiie. Several limes has the steamer Alert shown herself arv'iml San Bias, meaning thereby to forge ths liberals into ailent acquUvceooe to the conduct of thair Bowel. Nothing daunted, however, the liberals kept vignant watch, and, at a recent "run," the Co nasi was caught la Um act, and Imprisoned until ho would pay the duties on his last two ad ventures. These duties amounted to the snug llUla sum of tea thousand dollars, which he bed to t?y before he was released from "durance vile," The steamers Alert and Amethyst were th^ at Hniatlasr and whvu Uw news of the inAtaoameat of the English Cbnsnl. reached tba caAnuof theabove vessels, they blockaded this port, and thraku-ued a bombardment, If the citizen- of Muzattoh did . not. within a sneolAwi time, make up the $10 000 which tn?aptam of the Alert asserted had been Illegally pressed irm the Itogliab Consul at Sun Bias. All representation.-! thSSnn Bias and Mamttou were under dlUoreut provincial goTOruments were useless, and the money had to be forthrtiin int? * Not satisfied with this unheard of extortion, the Alert and Amethyst steamed down to San BUs, blockaded that port, and after a stout resistance on the part of the liberal>, land.-d a garrison under Capt. Orenvelt, of the Amethyst, and declared the province under English martial h*. The opjoeitkm party, taking ad\ antage of tliis co vert axvetauce of the English, were regaining some advantage' , and the liberal!, to get rUl of one of their tormentor! at least, were obliged to yield to any demands that the English kousul might make for damages. The exact amount I could not learn, but that It was not a trying cum you way rest assured. The siege was raised on Monday, May 29, the Alert coining up here, the Aroethj ?t remaining at San Bios. T!?e English icrsum of the story dslTers sonica hat from the above, but not materially; they acknowledge the (Acts, aasignlng, however, slightly >1 liferent Clauses. The policy of the English iu Mexico Is decidedly unfavorable to the liberals, and the citizens at this place are aorily grieved at the non ratification of the McLuuc treaty, which would give the American forces on this const the right at least to check the English interference, if not otherwise materially to assist the liberals In case of another siege here the Mexican* speak of hoisting Anu-ricaa colois, and thus claim the protection which Mcl-aac's treaty would have guaranteed them. Quite unexpectedly to all. the United States ship St. Marys came lu on the night of the 30th. en route for Panama from Guaymns, With dales from there to the 26th tost Everything was quiet there, although the Inhabitants were any thing but triendly towards Americans. They w void show their hostile feelings by stoning the beats' trews wheu leaving the landing, and when night would overtake some rtraggler who hod missed his boat, lie would be in serious danger of losiug the number of his mess. This animosity dates from ths consular trouble of last year, when Colonel Alden was forcibly installed as United States Consul by C?pl. Purler, of the St. Marys, ui the vacancy occasioned by the absence of Judge Rose. We hare here in a lew days for Guayraaa, and flag officer Montgomery hopes to be enabled to overcome ail dlffioultioa and again place matters on an amicable foot Bt Marys leaves to day for Panama to relieve the I Barnimr, which vessel will leave tor Callao with the Wjwag Lieut Bancroft Gherardi has been temporarily detached from this ship to join the flaranac, to make tip a deficiency in the complement of lieutenants In that fbq>. Our arrival in this port was bailed with .fey an the port of the Mexicans, and a feeling of the greatest intimacy exists between the inhabitants end every one on board here; "Tiutidredi of pernons, women, children, soldiers, beggars, gtiem'.lrro?, Ac., are daily crowding to nee the flag ship. Our Consul also was highly gratified at our visit, an no American mun-of war hod been hern for n year. When lliat gentleman. Ed. Conner, of New York, vleltod us he wan srdnted with the usual .seven guns, as wan also the Governor of Msmtlnn with thirteen, and the flag of MexiMl with t WAOtV-AnP VMD* A foiling of discontent is prevailing among our men, caused by not having the usual privilege of leave on shore; and it t> not to he wondered at when It is taken to to consideration that this ship is now ever one year In commission, end the greater part of the crew are shipped upwards of eighteen months without setting their foot ashore. Thia wiU seam hard to the people at home, to bj penned np tor a year at least without having the power to stretrti one's limbs on terra firms. Masatm*. June 2, 1800 A Art< Avdhsf at ?S'inirt of American VwtU?Arrival </ the Ismcwrfrr?QfktaJ CWrtaio MovtmnUi of Yesorio? (bmeioderv Montgomery, Ac. Whoa I last wrote yon, on the lTlh ult., we were In tho midst of s new exstteamnt, one which more particularly in Urea led Americans as well as all foreigners. TV departure of Dsn Placldo Vega was Immediately taken advantage of by the lawyers and judges to create American vessels were seised and coo fiscal ion threatened one of them. Through the exertions of the Consul two of the vessels were allowed to deport; the other?the Nsrramiestc?has since arrived and returned to load at San Bias. No attempt was made to execute the sentence of oon fiscal mo during her slay in poet, but I am assured that on her return she will be seised We shall sec. 9urh a proceeding would be a good sale for Ute owners The dtfitrulliet to whioh I hove alluded had the effort St last of mov tug the Ht Marys from her perpetual anchorage at tfuaymas, and we have the pleasure of seeing her anrho ed in our harbor C.ipt. Porter was in complying with our Consul's demand. The little harbor of Marat lau ha- been honored for the a |Ka UsSiesn war h?r fhft nppwnffl of A commodore or tag ogtour. Flag Officer Montgomery '* the I flrst of hk rank in oir arrv 10a win baa indicated anj Interest in tlf cotcaMri ?1 importance of the port. Tbe laacaater, Captain John Rudd, arrived an the evening of the atiih uit. bslute* were exchanged the following day Tbe (.orrruor aad all tbe offl iala of tbe State visited tbe "hip on tbe 30th,at tbe in \ it it loo of tbe Uoaeal, aad daring tbe afternoon the ship continued crowded ? itb a delighted and wondering multitude. Tbe flag officer returned Ibe viait of the Governor on the Rial, at liie Government House. dan bo wan received with the greatest p<Millie rtetn. ualrat ion* of reepect and with full military honors. Nothing ronld bare exceed e<l tba delicacy of tbe reoption nod tbe marked p-?r fciua. respect which was shown him on all aides. It is said that do stub demonstration wax eeer w -Un ?.*e<l in Masai in She leavea to day on a short rtalt to Cayman. hot will return to this port in about twenti da)a. and thence pureed to Arapulro, Panama, Jfcc TV CJ was, fr-oi Sua Kraacoco, w ill be berc in ten or Iwrlre ua>s, and wlU nuke Masai Ian bee bead'(uarter* Php is detailed for service in the Gulf, and w III re maji <> tbi .lui; I ill furlhei orders Tbe American* mt ccrlaiul) under great obligation* to Commodore Montgunu r* for the sen ices lie is thus ren derlng tlwm. ft are glad tbat we bate an officer who can aad d>M appreciate tbe value of Ibe strong arm of aweb protect! n to the growing oomwaema'. tulcrewta of the port MltfcgHy we have no (lew* !frwi frsai Itirarsgas. Ol'R UKl.VtPl COMtMPUbDKM.'k. C sag ana, Uay u. isao MtyWVMartll of iXt 1if\>'<tiurr?fvparfner cf Mr Ihmitrj /or C'wan ttno?A mm I nf the C*tfsd Mbtft Si mm Frig** bgWMUter mi .but Jntm TV ettraor lioary aeaakm of IV UfMBfrWF of Nina rifji n^ mix fir on Ike Wlh of March. Mr. r>rattrj V* likeariee a?tjonr?r<l ?o Oneta Rk-?, tupremely tlwguetad ?ilh hit mine ton near the gotrcrnmrat of thla cnlgbtrced ar I m< ?t honorable people; for, much to hU cbwria. V did not encored m any of hi* project*. TV ?t ?u rutcd ilv?n, aiut IV honorable Itglaialar* <V Ic aohiBD c< nrtave thai nothing In thr traaalt llo* bodld ha enacted, wrlmrtnl or done aatll IV mooting of MM hlgMjr Intelligent bo>ly ui January oast Ho wa g?, Ilka era ha, backward* TV OliM Htatoe at nam frlgala T-anratter. Captain Kudd, with IV flag odteer on board, called at San Juan del Itm oa IV lot MM., bound fur (?iuyiaii offhera and trft aU wall IV Coaaal ml tod tV frigate officially, aim reneired IV nana' mlato Flag tffhoar Moeignemry and Captain Rud.i returned tba rlait at tV Cumulate Is IV afternoon Htm ftmn Raw Oraanda Pragrrta af the Walailan. OCH PAMAMA VOItlUMPON Pfrvrt. Pa>aju. Jant IF, INI The Htk qf raaat /Maiyf /adryraAai?Foywn fhmteiw fe frWrrA m the Oapafal?Imtmh m y G?n*r<il fVriio to totyr*frrm tkt ?O^ctal fb/Howtuu in HgfiltH Dwmrion ff Mml?Wr ra?UrtiltMmmmmta Y Vo P?*J??nirjr igiitf Chat. Pmirr, at* Thare li Ohange t? not# in tV geoeral *<pect of aVlra la thla country By the arrival of a aalUng vweel at Attain nail, nu tV If h mat., from Carlhagona, ad r lor* have ben rcentred from frognta to the lTth nil Row* had roar bod tba capital that General Mm- i |MI had declared the (Rata of Qoaoa ladrpi uiletit of tba fedawl gororament, which produced groat maMaatido. General Mooquera had written a letter -dating that ho hat F.000 men under arm*, and that he would not diaband them aa long aa tV general gnrernm nt ?h >w? a boeuie attltnde Inward* the Mate* of the (' '-> fl-derat ton. lie thraatena to aiakr aa attack upon the rapdal If tbe g-Tern inrat doe* not reibvi>nah ila doelgne. and c.ifl* nraia the Other Htatea to jotn bin It it otated that General Il< rran bat drclarrd hie tnten t 01 to renounce the title of Commander In (Tiief of Die frrmy, withdraw hta name IWan amon-. the candidate* trrr ' f the Presidency, M)d return tc the Culled f?Ut* !l h cot Hated uhetb r h? *o?e back at. Mm .lor H u I prtale cnuacttv. Tlw brvria 0*oa< o the .date of Msgdalrng *ay* that lite Intend* utr Gciteral of tbat Ktalr h Issued a decree oadorttg the- t.pverwur te cat! into active brriitf Iki Mllia.and to ^Im? ILrtr. at (fee diMMaal of tnslBut UMkln of lite publtelwce*; and that Ibe (ror-rnSp reIhswl U) comply with|Ue de mand ? the luteudoatd^dohJ'ing bis rtgtil so i.^Mtboh a decree The lUuatale*. it will be roott?<rt?d, Were federalOfll rei t, noldtag then- appointment? from the Proident < f the Confederation- and in thu instance the Governor of the Stale of Mngrialena lute placed h.mself tn direct conflict with the federal p'vcrnmi iit, the lutcudrnte having acted in pur awuice of the pro% isious of a law of Coti^ret-e parted kt iu last erosion. It is but just to rtate, however, that this law w considered by many of the Slates aa uncoa-i tutlonal aa the election law, which Congress rcfuseo to repaid when petitioned to do to by live Ot '.lie e:g!,t States composing the Confederation. The legislative decrees of the !**!*? of vfH>iU'.?-n% and Bolivar, declaring those State. ?adej<endeut of the federal government, aaaert that the government of tue t onfeaeea lion has broken the federal oumpeol established by the constitution of 23d May, ISM, ?nd !her-f?re the I*g>?latlve Antembltee, the executive power* ani the Superior Courts ?T the Dtatc* a ball respectively assume and exercl?e the function* pertaining to the geueral gov ernmowt pro via tonally, until a reorganisation of the federal govern mattt shall take plane. The Governors of those two butes are fully authorised to |ait the decree* into execution when they may Judg> proper. Two large sad Important mails, one from the South Pa clBo coast and the other from Central America, have beett ilvlalned harv from the 9th last, to the present dale?tea llavt?la coosvqucceu of Mr. Vaaderfellt having KJVSW wrtNaW Instructions to the master and purser of we sMibiii Ariel to receive no mails on board that ship. MP. Vhhderbilt Is severely censured here for baring given fttcM nrdelh. Mr United State* steamer Raranar and her Britannic Mhfesty's ship Clio are the only vessels of war In port The totted States *16op St. Marys is expected to arrive here from the Mexican coast towards the hitter part of this month, or the beginning of July. Athougb ?rf ure in th>- midst of the rainy sons on. Panama continues healthy There have bw? uo arrivals at this port from the South Pacific or Central America since the sailiux of the Ariel on the 9th Inst., and consequently I have no further intelligence from either of those sections of the country to forward. By the arrival of the Golden Age last night from San I Francisco, touching at Arapulco, 1 am placed m troasession of advices from Mazatlan, Mexico, to the 1st inst. The l.'nlted States steam frigate lanc.ister, flag ship of the Pacific squadron, arrived at tliat port from Arapnlco on the Mth of May. and found everything quiet, and was to have sailed on tne 2d for Uuaymas. The United n'.at' ? sloop of war 8r. Marys, Com. Porter, arrived Mitre on the 30th of May, and waa expected to null foi this port on llio 3d Inst., touching tu at Acapulco. The United states sloe; Pyane was daily expected at Mazutlan, from Sau ]>Ya?< jwo, on her way to I'auuiua. Her Britannic Majesty's steam corvette Alert Sailed from Mazatlan for Vancouver's on 31m ull., and the Ante ricon ship Sea Nymph, Ckpt. Whiting, on the 1st instant for PiaxUu. Lieut. .las. H. Moore, late of tlie St. Marys, and now attached to the laucuster, has Referred charges against Com. i'orter, of the former vessel, the notnre of which is not stated. The taut-aster, it is thought, will arrive here about llie lost of July, when the charges 3alnsl Com. P. will probably be investigated by a oourt inquiry. Kavsl Intelligence. The Tnlted States surveying steamer Vixen, Lieut. Com. rbelps, arrived to-day from Norfolk. The folio wing is a list of her officers:?Lieut. Con. T. 8. Phelps: execn tive ifficer, L B. Mines; master's mates, J. W. Mur dangh^T. W. Bobbins, lewis Ketchim; chief engineer, ] k. i? twney: ifflintni engineer, K. raron. The Untied States frigate Sabine and aloop-of war St. I/>?I# were at AsplnwiOl on the 10th Inst. The United State* Fleam ?l< op Pocahontas, Lieut. Hazard commanding,arrived at New Orlcani 2lst but., from Vera Out. PEHJtONAh. BOWCHRR.-ANV INFORMATION RKSPKCTINQ THK whereabouts of William Kowrher. from Ihe parish of KenIon, Devon, Kngland. and late from the Cape of Hood tlope. wW be thankfully received by his sister, by addressing C D Baker, Kmj., Cohourg, C. \V. Pr MRS. C?K, WHO GOT INTO A SIXTH AVKWCK stage at or about Twenty -second street, and got out at RleTenth street of the same avenue, on Mooday, the 3ftb tuatant, will address Roberta, box 178 Herald oMoe, where she will meet an old acquaintance. He will make all right. You know who. Ip r. wnj.owkf, .tr.. wim. cam. at frknchs Hotel hs wili see C K. WlUtmer. TNPORMATION WANTKD-OF JAMKS D. CARPRXTKR, 1. who loft hia house on Monday evening, June 25. lSdO. Any ii fnrmauoo will be thankfullv received by his wife at No. 339 Plrst avenue, near Thirty second street. INFORMATION WANTKD?OP A BOY AND A GIRI.; the hoy 13 years old and the girl 9 yew* old; they are with ? man that plays an organ. Should anybody are them, and send them home to BIT Third street, bet s een avenues A and B, they will receive 93 reward. They have been away three months. INFORMATION WANTKD?OF JOHN CLARK, AN IRON moulder and bricklayer by trade, about 31 years of age. supposed to he somewhere in the Hlete of New York lie was In Philadelphia eighteen months ago, at Mr. Savory's lean foundry, near the navy yard. About live j ears ago lv hoarded with Mr. Randall, an employ* In Mr Savory's foundry. An; Information respecting hi* present whereabout* will l>* tliank fully rffftrM by hi* mother. Mm. Ann Clark. No. 673 L street, between Math and Seventh street*. Washington. INFORMATION WANTED?OK KMII, K A1ILER, FRO* Ahrenaboek. Holslrin. who left Nenvtadt in May laM. and waa with Douglas, Aortal, Washington, In Auguai last. Apply to F S. Flsenel A Von Stade. B rtold street, New YJrk, where be will hear of war money left htm. TNFORMATU)* WAMYHD-OF NRD MCLOID. HIS CN 1 el? Rider* daughter got a letter front home to see after Mm. Call to aee her at SM Weal Twenty aevanth street, be tween Ninth and Tenth ayenuea. not 6tu" Cfxtmuau^ -ARE YOC IK T0WN1 ^ MRS. SHAW (KKK MART ANN McCLOSKY) Wild, bear amnethlng to her advantage by calling at lUt Mouth Eighth street, Williamsburg R. tfK. on. ADAMS WII.I. CALL ON MR. LLOYD, AT the Metropolitan Hotel, at hie earliest convenience /ALTVRR -SHOCLD A. O OLIVER OBSERVE THIS. \J he la beaeeehed to write to his mother, and It will be in ht? advantage should he do an. Address, giving Identilieaime. In the Ueneral Tost office, Kdmburg. N. B . to be left till called for. LOW AMP FBl'llD. TIRANA ROLSHAl'SKR'R BANK BOOK WAS BCRNED JP or Irak on Tuesday night, 1Kb lnat , at 119 Fifth street, when his residence waa burned down. The irxler will please return k 10 the Bowery Mavlnga Bank. Number of the bonk M6.8R TjlOCND?ON MOKDAT, JI NR ?. SOMK FROPKRTV. P The owner can have the same on proving property and jni^^eirpenaes^yoalllnfat^Franklthrtreet^ TTT7B0N COPPER BAT COMPANT ?NOTTt'K IS HEREXA by given that the following scrip hating been kat or mie laid by the owner, waa this dar cancelled, and the public are cautlnned against pun baaing the aamr, aa k Is of no value to ioiiir Ma 10, dated Rh July, 1*33. .100 shares. la aune A. Rankin. II " " " 100 " IX " M " 100 " " " II MB " " H " " MO " r " aol M MO " ' " a - - - 5o a mo ' m B " " tOO " - " a ? aw - " a - - - i on a " " i.oa 282 M 1st Nor , lWi HO " With Mr Ilartley. in ? ? toe " " ? HI MM |H MM M O. D. COLLI A, fWrfbPf. Mammrai llii War IWtl T OtfT-A PROMISOR T NOTR. FOR RIX irrNPRKn I J ?-1 1 .r> and right rrnfa (MM BUI. dated J h i* J IW. payable to our own order all month* after data, at the American Kirhaage Hank Kaid onto boar* the number i nt. and te alrnnd and rndnrard by '?* The public art hereby ua tinned *r>li>at mcalrinf re negotiating mid note. NIV TOUR. Jose tt. I MO J IIKI.I.lUt A BROTUKRS LONT-A PBOMlibtoRY NOT* PUR SIX Hl'NDRRO AND eutyecren dollar* and eighty four oenla <W7 Ml. draam by Raiertjam A llillaUae of Howler* I, payable to Abe nrdar of IW M Cnwnolly A Uol. M all month*, from Abrtl B, IMP. at Umnflrenf R Hell and J. Rae. New York fh* public an Itaraby .anuonod agalwal urgouaiin* the aame. 10RT-A WHIT* COR Al. HRAfVl.KT. WTTH A RKD i roral hand claap. al Nlhlo'a on the night of iba lath Inat 10 reward will he paid to the tinder an In* lewvuig It at Nu. 7 Weatnhlrty areiaid at reel LOST?ON V?XtM\ KV P.N IN'. AT TIIK .UPVNP-tR hall, a Waah lace Mantilla. The tinder will be ||l>etally rewarded hi Irav of Ital N PI Pr e alrpot, and re?l\,. ty,# thank* of the nrwr LOUT-ON NlNlitY FVPN1VO. RFTWKKN THK New York Hotel and Her.tnl atentie. ahote Kleveulk rrr.t. a henry Klruaraa gold Rraewiet Wtaierer will retnrn (he aame to :1k- 'Air of the New Turk Hotel will he liberally rewarded LpdT?TWFNTY TWO DOLLARS? onTVJ PR ON NO at Warren afreet to the Park Rank Thn find-r wtll pie tat lr tie M al No. Ha ? ?'i i ?ar. .1. n ?i 'Ira LOhf ?U.N tt PPNISPAY. AROl T?O t LOTK APAPKR paml. potiUlnirt rhOd'a chrdhlng. thrown unt of a ear aw w hatow g'dng I man Nt Mark'a place to Hnwery The ?r w II pleaae re-nrn N In N?v AH* * Mai* ? nlarw The fnder will he rewarded and reeelre the thank* of the aw ma LI?T-"a PLAIN OOl.lVllA AfTOJCT. THK l>lTl.D"AT* of vhlrh ran he ?|f mn and a liberal reward gHen, by ap pfyhtd at No I Writ Thtrti fourth atreet LI AT?RKTWRV N ?, "AND 7 7V<l.fN'K tN~~RROAD war, between Prlnee and t'atml atreeaa, mo S.ore Keyi In hukaAIn Kay marked II A. Top hair The Under will pleaai mui. ibem te 34 Barclay a'ree*. K A. A O. H. Watklna ACM T OT- IN 0R"<>KI.YN WTtTLK PAflmrn PROM J J MeatUgtte atieet. through Fulton PL,rapid#, Henry an I Fwili|Mdll V Hlcka atreet. a amtil rd I WaP-V with a abor*. heaee rhktw The tmdee will be llherallt rewarded on return ittf N to No M Plerropnwt atreet Hivokly a. or No. 41 Part row, riaaa No. X New korV LOTT-ON" W FPN FNP AT PTPNTNO ITTH fNPTANT. la letll|Mi atrentte. helweaa R.iaallion aguare and Pnp'teth atreet, an othr-r# MewulaMan Babre tawread Nelev wMh f.J.1 aword km* attached The Under will he Uiwr.ille reward ed by tearing It. or directing where It may be bad, at <fe) PnwH I atreet f OUT OR BTOl.KN?T1IK FOT.LOWIRil PROMIMtURT J J Notea, to wit ?One dated la Philadelphia. February KV, 1W0 f'A aeren hundred and eighty two dollar* aad aim nirm cent* (lfW OF m all n on'ha tfnte, atgncd by Van PuaeiL Pmith A <V. nay ihle to th? or ler rt and endnraed hy Row w A Hoar in an. Am fat* note tn Wafertrtim. Maaa , aad atrn'd be Wm. H Ifnwrard for twe lho-i**ad do btr* pa. ahle on demand to and en h rwed liy J. H Pair-.der. The public are cautioned apiinat irtking or Degeta ius the aame. aa paymen' h taheen r'Jpe<? . _ Ryw*V A ROW ran. Iwvto*. tnnr V ikW - v ixuiuAJUir. JL. jmntLLA^ ?*K ft. AH BOUT WlfclKMrK -THK C'hYKhlt APKP FORPH Jri,' iliui i M ?mUii-i' tl.'ht c. ml...I'd Ultima .?d foW toy tttabea ere n.eia.iNriarml undo. |>%Vi>lr?? nupmMxi and v, arnu.ted by Jullh l? lh ?l eK. r.ntur ut Kurt> ?urtii HfM ard P. uadwa/ CoutT on raay taw _ CUT aumh MANGLAC* KKKS.TTI nmtk A LAW, *u. 41 and M l'w#l?ll?V? k''""hi tataftmcnt e# Oui u! Prcaaod (I'miihiA Ptf Ot. 4fle>bia imJChtmseya. Qm fchadca, Ac. T /TALXFPNNIA AOKNC'V.?A ORVTTKM.V.V WHO M I / ki? i.1L. rrtun. k< Caloonun. who> be h- beoi. dou.< bu?lor?? for U.o peat ten veara, wouU l|a V, U>r an ayfucr fj* sow good weaMa artiata .to the inhelnctlor. and sale of which lie would detote hi* Whole time Would also promptly abend to any buetneee anlnistai U> liiin Tt. li.eure a reply I uMa Uj?tr<i>g rnuet stale full parllaiUn,, name mad iffKST Address California. boa UP Hcraff^yT" C1AT( H 'KM AUVK, CATCH Kl AI.IVK-WIGHT I HAh'fc Hjr Papar. Ou* sheet ?a, ..Oeh oyer two thousand (Ilea or moaonoHooe. When His, (.'jrht <.u thie paper tha- can't n*t off. No poiaooused lu It, a;.nufarlury Frica per aha#*. ForaaJo whole v,' V-nd retail. at L. M. OOHM'gUU store, Nr. 188 Bowery. K<-\ Yat pormni. cornsh. cokfinb.?fokmlk chk.vp, an V l a?-ortment of roar wood, mahoipioj, walnut and white w;od OoBna, at No. 4 First street, trat doctfrwn the Bowery. ClRKAT KARTKRN I.KTTKR ANP jNOT* P VPF.R-A T beautiful litbo*r;.ph of the Great SV?tero, with full da ariipboo for cerrespoadenoa. for aala 1 qnanlMoa to the CAJUUfN t HARD, Paffot Wareifuac, H Iteekman Iraab ^ riONKTIFATION (COfiTIVRNRSfr.. \1P DYSrRPBIA vo eotnpletely cured without It lecUooa or Itatha, by Payy'a Krralenta Crarkeie. aa anreeaile and nutrttloua vepeUhlr food. manufactured from Whir'-oat original genuine m aletda. Eminent rhriulata affirm that tbr rvaleuU contains DloiY nutriment than the beta * hasten Amir, n the ratio of 14 i 08. Certlfleetes ef dhrtr mild end beortici 1 ln*urore on the stomach aud bowels eao be ?era at the baker . Manufactured hiuI *old ooly bjr lha sub*, riber, at Us w uloaalr and retail sartetT bakery. Trier SO cents per pound. * ISA AC McOAY, RV foray* tare rtt near Houston. TTAKTWOJre WOMKN-TO LADIES AM* ALL WTO il admire rosy check*.- HUNT'* Bloom jf Rose* Imparts a beautiful and soft reejr t! *.t to the cheekj, no natural that ita uar rannrt possibly be detected. It will not waah or rub off, and when tore applied remain* durable for years. It can only be removed by lemoo juice and will dot Injure the akin. Thla la a new preparation luat Introduced, and u uaoil by all the celebrated court Uremic* of Loiuto 1 aud Parle. (told a bolranle and retail by HI NT A Co., Pnvutncr* OflWa, 707 Sansotn street, Philadelphia. Sample bride*. with directions for una, mailed free to any address In the Catted Mutes or CHniula, ?n receipt of $1 tn cash or po*i#|tr at imp*. NO BOOL'S. TO THK IAWW NO BOGUS. O BOGUS. TO THK LADIK> NO MOflL'K. no poors. to tiik i.adikm. no bogus. NO poors TO TDK I.ADTKP NO BOGUS. NO BOOTH TO THK I. A OIKS NO HOiM'S. NO BOGUS TO THK LADIES. No BOGUS NO BOGUS TO THK I.UHKS NO BOGUS NO BOGUS. TO TltK I.AOIKS NO BOGUS. NO BOOUK. TO THK LAMPS. NO BOGUS. NO BOGUS TO THK LtDIKM. . NO BOGUS No HOGl'H TO TIIK I.AOIKS. NO BOOUs. Enelrat a one dollar note u. the ndtcrtiser and he will nut any ludv tn pc**e?Mon of a secret, in the form of a ren-ipf which ahali *u si call) add to In r ucruLnai charms that thou-tuirt* cf (he fair sex in the United State* would gladly give <*.e hundred dollar* for it. Ah eouinu iio.?Uon<. auictii oairtentlal. Adrtreee Cupid. box 16.' Hrrald ofllce. New York. PARCK'a PATENT IMPROVED FOI.DIVO noiHTISt; CRANE Tbr most perfect Crane ever offered to the public for Bridge Builder*. F.IIronil (V.mptnir*, Ship Yards. Store and Mart... Quarrtea, trio a, Store Homes Dork*. *r It operate* Inside of a rtrclr < forty feet. With fc two men will perform more labor than eight by any other know n prore**. MADE OP IP.OV. simple and complete co?ta no more than other Cranes. We can supply them, at short notice, whit a lifting capacity from one to Brc ten*. Send for descriptive circular*. A Cue working model Is on exhibit Ion at The Inreutors' Exchange, l<g William street N. A. HEATH A CO. Plain hkwino done at short notice and at very iraaonable prices. Kvrry family wishing I., hsve their linen made up neatly ran do *0 by calling at Mr*. Christ's, 407 Brootnr atrrrt, rear house: also gentlemen's shirt* made up neatly, and ladies' aud children'* drear.e made at abut* notice and to plcaac. Rattan strkkt and stable broomm.?great reduction to wholesale buyers. M J. RICHMOND A CO.. Manufacturer*. BOH Pearl street. New York. Srmrimitrn a nnitttl attno rovpn is trr only beei article to egtermiaate roaches. bedbugs. not*, moths. garden worm*. Tine bugs, Ac. It conuiat no poison. S< hwrnn'i pill* ore rare death to rata and talc*. Depot 1M North Second street, Philadelphia. For sale ii N>w York by F. C WELLS A CO., 114 Franklin afreet; JAMU T. MAX, M William street and by all respectable druggists. SARATOGA F.MPIRR PPRtXG WATER 'lbie natural aperient wai-r. from I he celebrated KMl'IHK SPRING, At Saratoga Springe. New York, but a passing notice? the eater a ill commend UaeP. Nature 1m* designed It aa a perfect regulator and ldnod purifier, and could not well hare bettered ber pre* rtpdon. It strikes directly at the foundation of all diwH?e??the Impurities of the blood. By Ha alien'Ivc and rathartic rirtuca it expels from the system all morbid secrethgis without producing irritation if iauguor. like many other cathartic medicines. The large tunouul of iodine ront i ll ! in this water renders it Hl'PKHIOR TO ANA' OTHER MINERAL WATKR. And gives ll a wider range of application. Alt rlaases of perann*. old anil young, females In however delieate situation*, invalids auffering from indigestion, constipatlim and lnne complaints, snd persons Indulging in late wine aupprra. will find in the KMl'IKK WATKR a ?sdnable remedy. The advertisement of the proprietors of one of the Mineral Springs it Saratoga, addressed to Southerners, drinkers of (Veigres. Water, burdened so much about spurious mineral water, is nothing more not less than a drive at the Kmuire W atar, and the private character of ft proprietors We chid lengc comparison between the tlnngri as and Kmplre Water and appeal to phyairlane. druggists aiqLrhemiaM, and drinker id Ush waters. for Ibair decision. The Empire Water ia put np at Hie Empire Spring at Saratoga. In pint and quart bodies, with the corks all branded tW KM PIER Order* addressed to ua at Saratoga Sprints N. T , or to our dep.*, U John eu-eel, New Yurk, *"'"? will recetre prompt attention a w. wkwton A eo.. " In (Uty^jfewVcfTsff^fh OWN)ND HAND MACHINERY AND TOOLft?LATHES, ii Planers. Dtlltttig Machines. Strain Knglnea. 1 toilers, Pumps, Vsi res, Gorki* Conni-ctiooa, Shafting. Belling. Tollies. flangera. Circular and Jig Saws, Anvils. Vires, llellnw-a. Gas Pipe and a great variety of sm tU Tools for sale low by WM. It. ANDREWS, tit Water street, manufacturer of OeaUtfugal Pumps OII.VP.R PT.ATKD OOODK FROM SHEFFIELD, KNO kN land ?Mr. F. Shepherd has just arrived la this country wtth a rhaice selection of silver plated Tea and Coffee Seta, Cruet Stand*. Salt Cellar*, Ac. Goods brat quality, and prtoee vary low. Clarence Hotel, l.tspejvard street. mnr nn ivn t rr* rniNVBvtwn nilMivra mi. 1 titling of (V?ta, VfHi and Bathing Shirt* for gentleman, Wai?,? *ud Helhnr llmm for lad'*?. at the More of J. AflATK A CO.. UraUmni't funkklBf Uuod*. 2SdBroadway, oppteiie the City 11*11. rpmt axxbicar snuDmnn milk. 1 Prepared from the riches milk of Um km dairies tg Putrhem county, New York, la the oelr way to procure awe milk in large cities. The medical prof amine rritcrt M la In valuable for Infanta and lot alula It la cheaper than Ike awtll made poison told aa milk. Aa H ertll keep for jra*ra la any climate tt la Indispensable for traveller*, ofBrera of the army and navy and for tboee living in tea climate# or ai the South, for aale in rarimia Mxed packages. enclosed for tranaportaUha, at the depn. amkrir an noumrrtn mii.k company. 73 Liberty atreet, two dour* eaat from Broade n . R. Y. RAILHOAM. ^ ORRIS AMP ksskx RAILROAD COMPANY Train* learr foot of Cortlandt Mrect for Schoe.ey'a Woun tain. Hr.dd's lake and lake llonatoonr at *.JU A. M an I .1 to P. M Alec on and after June 30 rvprea* train <ai Salnrdave a 6 lo PH.; reiumlng leave llackrttatonu uu MomUya at d A. M . ft|?d arn> v *Vt v. 1*11 V M VTFW YORK AND HARI.RM RAILROAD COMPANY. IV r ARK TO ALBANY tt On and after Mm. lay. J one Js. 1MV tralna will leave Twenty s.glb street station, New York, aa fidjnwm ? for WtUiaiaabrtdge and all way #l*U<Ms, 710. U and * R1 P. M. Kor wane Piakm ami all way MaOona, 1 k?. * and P. M. For White Plain* and all way ataUnaa. f U P. M . from White at reel drpot. For Cmtan Falla, 9 It A. M steeping at 7F|1 liToabrtdge aod station* above Foe Pneer Plain* 4 W P. V , Mopping et White Plain* and station# shore Th ? t. un run* to M.llerton Selnrda/ evening For Albany. W:ll> t. M evpreaa mat! a tupping at White Plata#, Belt.ud, i rubai Falla aad al/itl- ua north Returning?WU1 lee re WiUiamphrtdne Mouptag ag ell way statu-n*. 40, 9 A. and 1 P. M. While Plato*. stopping at b and 7 AM. aad 4.IS and 7 P. M.. at all war station* TVarer Plain* t kA M., Mryplng at all etetlma north et Kr.tham. This train leave* Mtllirrton every Monday morning. S33 A. M. Cmton Fall# 9 P. M. stnpptag at all amUona north of Fnrdham. Albany. 9 A. M Mopping at all Mai loo* north of White Plain#. JOHN Rl kUHlU* AaMMant Funmtntaa tanl. a9troumiv. ?*? nrmmaan ?..** ?, VV%MfWWV-WVVV\, "V ' A| CLAIRVOYANT.?MRS. SKYMOVR, MKPICII. rl.ilrroyant, room* No M Fonrth atreet. two door* weM of Hr'?.lw-a) . tVwisu It atari* .lav and ev.-atng. ? atrknee*. bind now at M i l Irtend*. he., and aattafaolMa guaranteed or a* P?' A^m CLAIRVOYANT THAT RRATSTHR WORI.P, AMP Ave thousand dollar# I* rdfrred to any pegann who rat surpass her. She warrant* to eure any die**** tn It* w.<rW form, paritenlarlr rtienmail?m. rvwisnsaptlaw, twuralgt*. scroiu la. and all afeeuon* of the lung* or thmat. N. B ? Madame i\ Is the nnly natural all seeing rtalrra,v* nt In the Pntted state* Mil I rv WW B r*' , l?i " 'I'H'n aiaaaawi- ? ii' ? would do wall to roll aud nee Udo alflel la<l}. RaMdauaa tan, Wool Jtlna'aanth atrral 4 BOKA FTP* AfTROI/KJIBT, THAT HTKRY 0*1 J\ ran drprnd no for (otUnf Bnturaalioo from, to Madam* WII.SOK, aim ?rlla Urn ohjfrt of ynwr rtaH aa aoawaa Tim aetai hrr m? All abowkl moatiK Uia aatarallT gifted (adj. aa * mirte aarr iWa many aWndnm A* atom apaady Mar. rte??*. and taUa ail that roanaraa yowr a bnla Ufa Mar nrw'ia iiooa art aa true tbal Utry aurprtea all who aowauh b?r .V B I am la aaaaaakoa Of maatc rkarma f?r Iowa ami rood lurk, a III. h arr ?Trr rrrtala In thai r a* art a ad a ma Wi:?m talk a Irna thai noma ladtra may rat a Id la -aid. thou*' thar ana* not faar. far aha praruaa* tv fam* b it what li raroortlablr k || iUMMMt W Allan ? raat, aaaj sttufcm, ovar tba Imtfrj Far for ladlm aad tanHaaam. DO raaia. 4 STONISUINO -MAPAMR MORROW, WFVKXTT1 J\ daurhiar, bom with a ewnl ami (ftfl of fornal*h<, tell* bow won nndpflrn van marrr. and many tranta, arm ynwr r?n ' thrmrhm Fra fcv rant*, until oahar* mow aopyla* mr adrrr Uarmrrwa OawUraao not ikdl I. IM Ludlow atraat, ba . low llouaton VT 1,?WHO HA8 ROT UK AMD Of THR < KI.RBR ATM la Madama PRRWMTRR? Kbr baa haan wmanltad bt Ibonaaada In tbla aad otbar aWm arltk rntlra aaUafami m; abt I far la ronddanl A* bad no araal; Mm talla tba natta of f nnrt ! wlfr or bnaband. aiao that of bar tWbi.t. || raw wlab tba iruti * "otlmwM *?***" >hoT* """f w* wreak R*APTni*-A*nw**oi-opTrr ayp a^troi/kiiti | that baata tba a mid awd IRMO pa ward far an r mi* w be Taaa Mitel Mb* WTOJ.IXOTO*, who la *<-Lnnwlad*a4 to ha ih< owl} lady In IM* aWy. wba Ireibf'tl'T *1<aa mf .rm nam ooo rerntad 1-oaaaa. I*, fate. J awrwa i < Abaaal Prtanda, Imt (VnrtaLp. Mafrla*a. H?aUh. W?*lih. nad ? bo will r. tttr Drunk an and ttnfaftbhil nnahaoda DaUy ant to ommit lbl< nantrnllT ftflad and baaiitlfhl rmtn* lady, at bar raai I'a. MM Hljtb atraatnr. opptiahw Ktrb'b teraat OOl ORARD PTRRRT, RRkR BOWKRT.? MkDAMl a???J W I |V I v H r'airv otiuii ao 1 . ' a, . , I? I. , , ba myatartr* of falurHy lore. amrrlajra. abarat frtawla. *lak f oaa. praerribaa mad tnaa for hit dwaaaa. imU I irky anna ' harts prepani low or atoirn, Mr. UujtoiiXz;'' JDTMS 2*, 186U j UOAHDnO UD LOPOWO. i A MM trWfi'vMNT, KKNbKKItOR ONFURNI?HKD llortn* u trt ?nk|Hlli?:i Apply 71 Weal TwentyMTenth llml. near buth arrnur. !*%A PRIVRT* P4MH.Y WOILD VKT WtrH BOARD, j JL tkrw or foanpir<i*Hnt Ri> me U>nSr tarnished nrnb gae fid ball. Rofmagrc. eat hanged Apply alWK**rtf<-with B(W| UAAT TUN at'Mit.e . ,AT HD. u RAhT TWKNTY rorBffj WTBBET TTO i *" A MUihg Hwiiii, aidi large Bedroom! attacked, to ?>n?U> geiiUrmra. with bceaiftal trrwl to the r?wn it me nlred. Houae contain* modern imnruremroi* Aleo, two Hedr ?*iui ee lodging* Anew TRANSIENT BOARDERS C AN OBTAIW OOOD P accommodation* at 30 Clinton place. n?r Bro.tdw.iy. ! A FTfBWIfiHER BITTTNil ROOM AND BED BOOM ATu\ Inched, to let to a single gentleman. house pHrale, hindaomo and comfortable, Ac., at No. 7 Urainerry park, to Twentieth itreet, aecood door from Fourth aveuua. Reference* ex , changed. I A farwjr and two rooms, with or wrmnPT A Board, to be let separately In a Parisian family; th" 1 Rouac has all the modern Improvement*. A pr.ictlral course ! 1 t "1" h* commenced by the proprietor, who ta a well j Bnown profeeaor. Apply at M Itaat fweoty-second Mreet. I A FLhlW AMERICAN FAMM.Y, WHOSE RESIDENCE . A la central and plcaaant. would accommodate a few board I tra with neatly furtiiihed Roema, together with lull or partial , I ;V4. Ml the moat liberal terms. Apply at 417 Sixth arenue, I a' fte Junction of Bntadway. I A tmuaiAy AND WIPE OB SINOlJ( OKNTI.KMRN if*- ???i* furnished or unfurnished Rooms. with good Bpard^ XR Hlefca treet, wttnh. three oUnutoe' walk of South Terms moderate. Houaa haa aU modern A F*W FTJIAflANT riTRWISHED ROOMS TO tlT? A^At the It John'a Park Hotel comer of Radeon and I^rRtiyyoto. a haamtful tnoaBon. U cents of the Hotel hare the prtrflhgo of the pa?fc. Meala on the European plan. ABTypiJC MAN WANTS BOARD WITH A PRIVATE . famfly which doc* not keep a boarding house, wHiun rtx a^rsssss gara* ^ ^ A FI?0W LAJDT, WITHOUT AHT INCUMBRANCE, A ktWatn room than she requires, would let a light furnished.Bedroom to a mpecUhlt lady ttrnl would board herse'f. References earhanged. Inquire at ld? Prince atrecS, n em X comer of Tbompaon. Aranmomilt furnished parlor, with bedrooma attached, to lot, auMaMe for a physician or a party of gentleman' also aingia Rooms, in a private house, with afi the modern Improvements. Apply at W Prlnoe street, a few doors west of Broadway. AK ELEGANTLY FTRMSHED PARLOR AND BSDroom, on Brat floor, to let, to single gentlemen; family pri rata and house with modern Improvements. No. 49 Twentieth street, near Broadway. A SUIT OF HANDSOMELY FURNISHED ROOMS TO let. Immediately, In Twenty-seventh street, near Fourth avenue; gas, bath, water closet, Ac., at the low price of M per week; very cheap; heauUfnl flower garden. KIKtiK IMKK A CO., 343 Fourth avenue. AllAND^DMK FRONT ROOM TO LET?AND LIBERAL Board, with a private family, on Brooklyn He'.jhta. Inquire at n Henry street, Brooklyn A GENTLEMAN AND WIFE OR ONE TWO SINGLE gentlemen may be accommodated with very pleaunl Room*. wHli Bond. Intention very pleasant and convenient to ears and hinges. References required. Apply at 285 West Twenty second street. A I.A ROE FRONT ROOM. ON SECOND FLOOR. NEW ly and handsomely furnished, to let?without bo.trd, to rV<?lr?ZF' ^'"Uemeti; rent, with gas, *11 per month. Apply nt ld2 Prince street. rr ' A PRIVATE FAMftr, RESIDING AT S? WEST TWKNt) third street, near fifth avenue, will accommodate a fMrUVy or one or two gentlemen with pleasant rooms and A GENTLEMAN AND WIFE. AND TWO SINGLE OEM Xa tlemen, can be accommodated with Board, at 119 Wnst Twenty-second street. Those wishing a quiet, social, substantial place will please call and see for themselves. References required. AT M E ART TWENTIETH 8TRERT, NEAR BROAD way?Single gentlemen ran obtain neatly fum!vhed*Bed rooms with Board; price moderate. A very pleasant summer location; house flrst class. Dinner at > o'clock Avery few perrons of -the first rkspectablWr, can be accommodated with targe, airy Rooms hi a perfectly healthy, cool and pleamnt part of Hlaten Island, la a first rbtse farm bouse, where everything pertaining to such can be hud tn nhundnnee; the water, pure spring, (aulabar and chalybeate) is m good aaesn be found tn tae I nited flutes; distance from New York one hour, bathing, boating. fishing. Ac., rviifriin-ih. auuirw, km uiwi tirw, a. n., wui ow ?cw iurk rw oAc*. AOFNTI.KXAN CAN" BR ACOOXXODATKD WITH Board In a Kraal 1 private family at YorkfUle. House pleasantly located. Address York\ lUe, station I), Post oAce. Bible llouae. K. T. Atm N RNOUKH I'AMIIiT CAN ACCOMMODATE A SINale gentleman with n comfortable R<?m ami rood Board, at ? orchard street, one door from Grand. Beterunee re quired. APRIVATE FAXn-T, WITHOUT Cim.DRKN, WITX let a milt of furnished Rooms on the firm door, with or without Board, to respectable persona; bath, gaa, Ac. Call Immediately at 43 West Twenty-tfth street, near Sixth avenue. Terms moderate. A NY PARTUS WISHING RL'MXKR BOARDERS. OR il |>eraona wanting Hoard In the country, are lnrtted to apply to the Union Square Boarding Agency. No. HI Broadway, four doors ahoye Bevenieeuth street N. B.?Boarders directed without charge. AM OKNTTJiMAN AND WIFR, OR A OOITI.K OF HINOLdi gentlemen. can be aeemnmodated wh'i Hoard at 36 Cot tage place, between Houston and Ulcdolur St rests. Reference* raqutretl. AM furkimukd bedroom WANTED?by a youth 18 years of sue, whose parents reside In the country. I Address, stating terms, which must be low. Industry, Herald <22 1 A FKW SIHout ORNTUCMEN. WHO WWH TO ROOM A together, eaa hare a pleasant front mom. with full or par tin) Board, in a private family; hmiae has all the modern Im ? ? -m?tsnt In Br-??fgy |M Board ?to i.rr, wtttt board, a ?,??>?.... anoir Parlor with an extension, on the llrst door. Also, two Room* on the third Bath and gas Apply at 48 Clinton place. Eighth street. . BOARD?WITH NKATLY FVEHIsHKIf BOOS* rOR married <>r single pa rites, at eron<anlral prV-m This la a good opportunity to obtain a pleasant hoar where bat few hauliers are taken. house neat and quiet, c utrcujeul to ears. Apply at lit KaJrtHlueteenth street BOARD-TO IJPF. WITH BOARD. AT 137 8ROOND avenue, between FagUib and Ninth street*, one nicely furnished frool Room on sseoad Boor. Location very dest-Mhie. Dinner at sl? o'clock. Board.?gentlemen and tiirir wivbh, or sirale gentlemen, can obtain neatly furnished apartment*ami choice Hoard at 83 Rt. Mart a place. F.ighth street, at reason ble prices. Dtnner at 8 o'clock. Csll end examine. Board -at m grand ktrrrt, cam rk pocnd a nice eutt of cool and pleasant Waste and doable Rooms; tingle rentlemen sod gentleman and their wfrea can be handsomely accommodated at revsouable price*, pith or with out Hoard. _____ Board in rroadway. twti.ftii and Thirteenth street*?the heat location In the eh v; house Itrat rlssa. yfwvct all in.slern Imnrovemenls: *n excellent Uhlr; dinner *t 80'cl ok. Apply ?t SS Hruodtvav. Board inj a pkivatk family.?two n.ran ant second story Rooms. front and back, will he It" to gentlemen and wl'e* or slnsle gentlemen; alao one third story Room In two gentlemen willlm: to room together, with or without Hoard. Loratkm desirable. Kef ereocesexchanged 388 West Twenty second street Board in iiari.rm.?ovr or two rkhpkitaklf. women with sewing irschtnes can be a.enrrimidatel with | Hoard. Applv for one week at Mi*. DAVltT, U4th street, near Fourth avenue, Harlem. Board and a scit or rooms?fcrnniikd or nnfttialahsd. tn let. in ? private family, at No 17 T? eitui street, between I'nlversllv place and Fifth aveaue. TV Rowu would be let separate g req'tn cd House contains the modern improvomcnts BOARDINO. DOWN TOWN.-A FEWnlNOI.K OKNTI.R men ran be aecommndated with good Bturd and plevaanl, alrj Room* by applying nt *W 1'earl street. Terms re a am* bl?. Alao a large unfurnished Room to let. Boarding.?two on thrkk sinolr orntlf.mrx willing mroom together, or gentlemen and thrir vrivea, I can And the eonsforta of a home at No. 108 Waverley plane; houso haaall the modern Improvement* BOARDINO -88 WKST TftlRTT FOCRTH STRKKT.? Two hvrge front Fsriora to let, unftirnlshed. with full or partial Honed; would like a few day Hoarders. 88 West Thirty fourth street | TJOARDINO?FINK, AIMT ROOMS, II ANIHOMFI.VFTTR. ! p nuthed, may be had. with Hoard.either transient or permanent. f<<r families or single gentlemen, at 71 Baal Twenty third , atreet?Incailor. near Madlaon park. 1 "00ARD IN HROORI.TN -DRSTRAR1.R ROOM*. IN AJ anna or ?i |HI? , an<i anpannr nan, imrlM brnti ?nMhm?, by ? nrttatn family. at tM Amity atrea- oi.ranient to Smith and Wall MffM farrtaa. 1 tumor at i ] ?U n'f.rt, Raferenrre nrhaorad BOABD IR BROOK!TN * KKW tlKNTI.KWFN t* to. ?. n?amr>Utat ?M i Ro..m? in.I partial Roar t. , I on pt??ibl? terraa, at 44 Naamu atrrat. flrst botua from ! Waahmctin. .treat, Rrfareuaea raqtiirwd Board ir brooklyr -or* labor front itonm. nathaeaond floor; .mtahle for a franiicnuB and or for two iiwIrbhi. lit hwrajoal atix-t ! T)OARD IN BROORI.TR.?DRRIRABI.R ROOMS. IN' I D anita or aaparntalv. with aupertor Board, ar? . .flare 1 hy a prirata famllr. In a Kim aUaa m.idarn brown ?n?? hooea. at Ro. 1? Amity ?tra. ', .-nriiiant to Potith and Wall atraa. farriaa Dtoner at all o'cf.iafc. Rafaraaora atahanrad | HOARD W BROOKLYN -VRRY FLKARAXT NKWLY 1 O fumMiad Ronroa <m aaeood and third floora, ?ith Board, ' ara oflrred by a prirata family. Tha booaa ban all tha modern 1 tmj?rm rmauta. Apply at il-il Clinton atrrat Ke.<uo?<"? rt ' 1 HOARD IN BROOKLYN.?A OKHTLSM AR AND ITB ' JO wlfaonateor la<< twin* man ran hare thair obotae of 1 four plcaaant Rooma, with R?.?rd. No honrdaraln tha honee. | Alt tha modarn Imprmrmniti Raiaranaaa required Apply at 2*t I Ik-be atrrat, baiwam Wall and South lenWu, on tba ' Ni*"1 ' PLKOARTLY fCRRTNHRD NVITRR Of ROOMA, WITH Hi Board, can be-bulimd at tha prirata hoarding hotter re| really opaaad at Ro fly Rant Twenty third atraat. TV location la ummrtmaaed for plaaaant and onletnaaa. and la arraaalbla by 1 | aararai AaaanT atapaaaad car*. Trnartent hoarder* takaa op ' 'I reaemiabta tawwa. , , tVlfttTH AVKNl'R HOTKU ARD ,W fOCRTH ' P nvrnnf. balwaan rwenty third and Twenty fonrtb ' elrcata. Vhatara will (lad thla a quiet and plaaaant botal. sin' *la and donbla ronraa at Half tha rata* of tin* alaa* houara and equally aa rood, maala aartad In rooms If deatr-d I YDUFRISnKD ROOMS-A OOm.K Of H.RASART P Room* aottable for a pantlaman and wtfo or two gentle I man, In tat, without board, in a email piitala lamtly, at S Pitt tract, near Orand Trrma modai ate Raf.-r. ,Khui?a| FCRKIHIIRD BOOMS TO LKT-IN A RKSMb'TARI.K and retired neighborhood ao'table far n led* and rantla man, m-ilem Impm- rnwnia In 'hq bti- .?, Addr.-ui Wr? R ' B mum P fori rdhn BOAAOprS AID bODUllO. IjM KNIwfir.n OK I N ri'RMKUr.H -KillT Or Ul'iK J* airy R< to tok-t, ettli or atth.'ii' board. at 96 Fulton *lreet. Hru4J)D, iLe room* lor itUrmrn, K B and (5 per wrfk VI'MiMMK!) KOOVUT0 LKT-WITir>WT MO.VKD. TO ' -T MKllrmi u i ub "~|r* contain* all the w P m Improve- 1 irw-ntK Apple M7 foottli ?trre?. between tvdffe aol Itnadmr. ~ 1 i 1 i i . i i ?o?? i i /"N OOB HOAKU ABP PLKABANT KOOM-t AT IA>W U price*. t?r (wolf - or unjl* pel''.emu. eae bo had .t the { it; Hotel. Newnra, New .ler?.-j , fuiy*thirty lite minute*' ride trom New York; train* ferry hour. ( tOf>D AND CHEAP I/HXtlVOK?AT TOR OI.OBK T Hotel, now of Fraukfoil hut WtlUam Mrcc4*. New Y'oek. Term* 45 n ST rem* |?er night. R.-.n.* from SI u. K 80 I fr week, (R-ntlrraau and adfe 75 cent* pee UJght Open all i Ighl HOTKI. RT OKRMATN, FTKTI! AVKNIT. ItROAOWAf and Twenty -aerottd el reel opp<elie Madia,,:, apt.ire ? luet vatVed, eeveral null* of cool, airy, flegaully fitruU'ted Fotu. All have bath* attached. HOROKKN-TWO NT AT FT RNTSflKn ROOMS, FOR Ingle gentlemen, to let. In a private family, milk nr without lueakfncl and le?. Apply at No 4 Cnlon nl.tce. BIouOl field Ktreet, netu- the ferry. Term* varr reaaonaola. HOHOKKN.?TWOOF.NTI.KMKNOAN OBTAIN A FINK, large o?l Ror?n with partial Hoard. At Vo. f Rleer Terrace, fronting the river, near the bath, and four mi- j iwtfea walk of the ferry. 1 HANPROWK FTRNIRTTKB ROOMR TO LKT TO ! gentlemen only: hntn-e first elaaa, and has all tha modern Improvement* Inquire at 111 Ninth an eel, aaw number, near Broad a ay ^ VflLBOCRN IIOl'SR, CORNER OF HIXTH AYKNTTE JM Mid Kort > lire! a.reel, oppoaHe Crystal Palace ground*.? Thu hot we lit* been recently newly fitted and fhrntabed for the KccotnioidatkAi of genlletnea. by the weak, day or meal, and they ran he amen modeled on rratngtabla leimi The hetiae In open at all hour*, fall and ae*. V"0- W> BROADWAY, BETWEEN TWENTDCTM AN1* J J^l Twenty first streets?This house having been thoroughly ; i*rovsted. iv?It and elegantly turnUhed. la bow ready to receive guests Hutgle Rooms and Apartments eo suite 10 let. on the European ulna, oa uncommonly moderate MM la damm- j ble parties. /\KK OR TWO PINOLE GENTLEMEN TAB BR ACOOMV/ modaled with a largo handsomely furnished Room, on the wrond floor; breakfaat If required, and also a Room on the third floor; gas, bath, Ar Inquire at M Amity street. PRIVATK BOARD?TOE TWO OR THREK LADIES. ON I the west khoie of the Hudson. 18 miles from the city. Ad dress Country Roard, 214 Kprlng street, for three da/A sts'lug where an interview uiey be had. ^ KOOXK-NEATLY rURNISIIKP, IN A SHALL PHI> rate family, to lei; partial board If required. The house has all the modern improvements. Apply at 28 Houston street, I w? at of Rmadway. fTTWO GENTLEMEN WISH A PARLOR AND BEDROOM. 1 partially furnished, on the find or second floor, and Breakfast, In a prtva'e house end respectable neighborhood, between Broadway and Eighth avenue, below Fourteenth street add above Wrecker. Address, slating looauon, terms, Ac., Merchant, Herald oflice. fpO LET?AT lOH PRINCE STREET NEAR BROADWAY, X handsomely furnished Rooms for single gentlemen and families, with partial Board | rLET-ROOMR IN A PRIVATE FAMILY, FOR ONE ' or two single gentlemen, at (B East Twenty second street, j r> LET?A NEATLY FURNISHED ROOM AND TWO Bedrooms, front, at M per neck, and Room ami Bnd.-onm. I hark at S3 SO. on second floor, suitable for small Intnllles for | housekeeping llotisC modern. Call at 1,*B Broadway, near Thirty -flrit street. Ti LET-IN A PRIVATE FAMILY. A HANDSOMELY furnished front Parlor, on second floor, with bedroom .it tacbed. ton party of single gentlemen, with or without bos -d, or to a gentleman and ?ife. Also s front Room on third do >r. Terms nxslerate. References exchanged. Apply at 343 East Broadway, rPO DOCBIJ5 ROOMS TO I.ET?WITH BOARD, TO Ingle gentlemen, with all the com forts of a home Rel ore nee exchanged. Inquire at No. 8 Albion place, fourth st. r]0 PCRNTRHED ROOMR-WITH OAS AND WATER, to let, with Board, singly or together, in a vary convenient location. Apply at No. Commerce streei, near ltu-ccker. WANTED?BY A MIDDLE AOED SINGLE LADY Hoard In a private familv; widow preferred: terms moderate. Address M. H? Herald office, for throe da vs. Best of reference given If required. WANTED?APARTMENTS. FXUVIRIfKn OR CXPPRnished, with or without Bohi-iI. for * gentleman. wife and child- on (ho wont aide, Iwiwwii Fourteenth nod Twenty sixth streets Address J. B. A., Herald olficc. WANTED?BY A PINT.I.K CE NTT.KM AN. FX'T.1. BOARD la a strictly private fauillr. in Now Tort or adjacent cities, within thirty minute* walk from Trinity church. Term* moderate. Address D. U, bo* S.7S4 New York Post office. 2AB1NODON SQUARE, WKHT HIDE. ?ROOMS TO LET, With Board, handsomely furnished; modern improve menta; locality airy; ooaveniant to can aad align. Reference required. 5 BOND BTRKKT.?TO I.KT. PCRNISHKO ROOMS, wkhout board, Ui gentlemen only. OO ORKRNK fiTRKRT.?PrRVIBHRD ROOMS TO LET AU to gentlemen only; two neat Parlor* on firat floor; also, fine airy Room* on accood and third Boon. House has a Una yard, gaa. Ac., and la very quiet. QQ CLINTON PLACE.?A HANDSOME SUIT OP PTTR OO nlahcd Room* to let, on first floor, three romaa deep, with floe bath and dressing mom In the house. Also, a salt of Rooms to let on the second floor, suitable for a party of (eolie men, or would be let to a firat class family on very reasonable AT TKNTH STRKKT, BKTWKRN FIFTH AND SIXTH Tl avenue*.?A gentleman and wife or a few single gentlemen can obtain very desirable men, with Board; house baa all the modern Improvement*. Dinner at ai? o'clock. A n WWT RIXTKKNTH RTBKKT, RKTWKKN FIFTH tO aad Math avenue*?to let, handsomely furalaited Ronma laaiaSisnin?la a first elaaa brown atone Houae, aad wtth a private Trent* tow. Houae baa *11 tbe modem improvements. Tertua moderate. Rafercacea wtohaagad. A O WMT TWKNTTTOCRTH STRKKT?BKTWRKN IU" w n WX8T THIBTT8BOONB KTRXKT, NBA* BROAD. 01WM,?Hantonmsly famished rttems wttb Board, for an BrVtnmem aarhaagnd "* *** tMr Aqu^tboma CO WMT SIXTKRNTH RTRRBT.-A HANDSOMELY OO faralahed anR at front Rooma to lei, wttb Board, to a gmllmme and wife: also, desirable Rooma for single gentle men, la a firet dam houae and dealrable luratloo; term* moderate aad acenaniandatfaui Oral elaaa. References eicbangad. CC MADISON AVKNUB, OORNKR OF TWKNTTt)U aevenlb atreet.?Pleasant furalabed Rooma, wtth Board, for gentlemen aad their wtvaa; alao tor alnglc geutlemea. Terms reasonable. nr WWtrr TWKNTT FIFTH 8TRKKT, NKAR SIXTH DO avenue.?A pleaaant front Roam, wttb Bedroom aad Claarta. to let, with Board, to a genUemaa aud wife; term* Sid per week; or would let the Soor through. Water aad gmin the room. Dinner at d. SQ bPRINO NTRKKT ?THRKR DOORS FROM BRO AD | <7 wry, to Irt; several handsomely furtiialied Rooma to alrgle rrnUemen. The location la near all the llral elaea hotela hi the city; attacked to the building U a readlug moai Inquire of ANSON HOfAK Oft W1IITF. sTRFFT?ONK DOOR F ART OF RROADO'" way. Room* unliable for atnglc gentlemen. w lih Boagd QO liRRXNB STRKIT, AI*TON HOrsK.?Rl'PKRRLT t70 furumhed He-lronm*. with g is nnd (Voton, new paictu spring bedt, nod evert thing urreaaary for young housebeepen. Maale acrvad If deairsd. Real low to respectable tenanta -IOQ WAVF.RI.T Pl.ACK-SOUTHKRNtf'tH OR CTJ Zi) halt*?A suite of Riaima ou Ihe lirst 11or r to let, with Hoard, nxnprruug parlors ami ara?u third room with balcony; f',: inui.-r n mpi wi i. n <ri:?r.r.i :ur cnniioi iucuuiv a uuc piano. I/--Minn n?r WreWngton aq?An*. OOf: WWT TW RXTT sHCONI* HTRKKT -SI'MMER duaw*) Board.?Tld* dalliditfel htanatna (the fourth door *ra*d of Ktghili toniiri t? anrrniindad * itta open rrouiida and fur tilkhrt uD the rrqnlitllr* of a Ar?t rlana, quirt homr. 7f?Q BUOAnOAY. HKTWKKX KflSIITII 4 XD HI NTH I DO alt-rat- ? < 'tic Urge r?rl<>r on ilm Uaor. and front and I ? k Room 1*1 *ariiil f.or, to lot to gentleman, fnrnltbed. kapxrair or togi ili?r. h?u*e u? wly furaiahed and painted; gae, lull:, dr I*? nti u plr.ii.ini #/J7 RROATW VY, PORNKF OK NINTH 8TRKKT.? I n I TV?hou-a !i,n ir Imv r, Ml ,;,li ror .v.itad, I* now open to ra<-a|, r ??no?ifnt 'ltd ,r.., Kant on tha I'limaranplna Rantauraiit * Tel le U'bute at ? nYlock. retwdi and Spanish upokrti. OLOTMI9, *C. 4 BKTTRR tTUNCE FOR LAOIWl 4NI> OFNTLKMRX A to ronTert their mat off < "loUitng Into raah; fnee 41 to M paid for ranta, and from *S to fid for On it*: HUka, Baraga* f'aaiunare*, l>r?front W to ?. Aim) Oarpr?*. Fimhure and J a wo try. the htghnat prion paid for a?rh. A note by p<*4 powntnailr adlrndrd to by K., 134 Rormtli arrnun. boi 'ti V ineterntn and Twentieth atroo'o Iatdjra atli-nde.t to b.v Mr*. K. No butane** tranaactnd on Saturday*. A ORFAT Oil 4 NCR FOR LAVKR 4ND OKTTL1CMRN J\ to eoarart thatr raat oil CVxMng Into a**h ? Fmtn M to (AD MM fbr am Or* "< ?, from S3 to fu for < 'oats, fr na tl in M for Faataand Y*?a; Fumltur* and 0?rl paid. Tlaaa* nail on or oddr*** H M ,v ' j ne*. between Twenty **T*nth and Twenty eighth ?met* La diaa attended to by lira Mint* AC4RB.?OKNTLKMKVS NEW AND I.RFT OFT > lothuif pnrrbaaad for the W?'?nt market. tn largo or H mall Iota rail at the atora or aildrraa Thomas D. temror. *4 | Centre Mrrat N. B ? Norrbam tailor* baring aa> ua baud will planar addrraa an ahor* AORRAT fiKMAND FOR CABT OFF tltOTWIHO ? tad'- ? and ranilatran ran raratre tba full raloa for ibaev | and guaranteed t.ot In he humbugged aa bp meia fa lea ere irodara. Froin At to AH) aptooe for Drcatra. frjui M Ui $14 for t'nat*. from tl upward* for Fante and Trata. The higheat rrtrar **kl for cMldren** Ware. Furniture and Carpal* lraaa rail on or addrraa Ilarrl*. IM Seventh aranna. batwaen | Twartlatb and Tw rety firm afreet* LadJi-e aiteodod b\ Mr*. I llama. AU ORE 4T I>RMANI> ff?R CLOTHTXO?LAMER AND ir*all*?i*n harirr any mat off Clothing, Furniture or Car 1 pat", am guaranteed to receive an follow* ?nuii" frnm tl to Coata. fmtn tl to fW. Silk I'mtai * from it to HO; for Baraga and Wmllati l)r> tee* I ha highest prioa win ha paid, by railing no or addrmaing A. llama, SW Third areatia. Latin attended to by Mr* Harrin. _ CABT OFF CI/VTHINfl-A LABOR QFANTITT WANT od. Tha hichaat price glraw, and eeah paid In rurrant monar UentlemoR b?i ing large < i am?ll Wee to dl*poaa of ran obtain the full rain a by calling oa or grading to Jama* Morauty. thl Pearl ttreat. SKTKNTH REtJIMRWT.?NATTON AI. OCARD UNIFORM for aala. oreeplata and m good omlcr. Inquire of C. H. RRMMKY, Kngrarar. W Hu*gerr rK RURKBT WAT FOB L4MRN AJTI> ORNTH TO OUT a fair prtre fog anal off Clothing. Furniture, Carpet*, and not to be humbugged he great pud*, i* to wnd note by ncga to IM Raranth aranoa, whtrh will ha punctually ntlMillI ta IT ' A-NMA1'T lAUlia* attandnl to by Mr* A. SUITR-THFM ?K Rum. AT ? FRfNCF RTRFRT , JO mmprtaa t)oni. Kant. Vet* shirt. Kerb TV and Rorlui ? Unan HnM*. t* Twred do .and higbor prtrad (bod* in pre i potiWwi; I JnantNiata for $1 N. R ?a premium ptid for Pawn I Tirbet" of CltAhtng and Ibimood*, Ranruiaot etore pug b'oct I trot* of Broadtmr I I (OtJTH it Board At w;uiiiN<in>' ' gputk-m-o cart? p l.lfiml K(?m> in k pmkr \ delightful, ta?> til iin'iii b) t 1 a*?er?i time, a*.. ?.? < L (iRmbeaHtoraet, and ISA* J| Mn. , Math Id fr- ^ | BOtRD -TV TDK OOt>( I lade* and child;] twcr" t t.rh.ta familv, wl.rrr nft i?!i? \ F T. IT., ho, -.'.ae I'OM ofl.c.. N. 4 \ Board at yonkkrk-om \ can be are* miutrWed with Im Jt mm- f(,r t|.r It. a ?.rh ale I d i few etcp,. from r iliri 1 and Port cfticr. ^ board *t rock way. i. ao fhr.ahn t. rood and gplendld mImj a i ***'" ^ boll ami Rant- i'tui i i c Unir, d 1 a' A - Hrondwi.,-, nr?r Torlflli -tenet. Cy>C*TKV ItpAni> _*or^ HIN ... f am?n < M0 llnd all fl>e re. v a tavern i.ciii'. t.. count / Ontlittry hirfh and healdi. t>( n mUa. Trnns vevy mod te, ~j perintcndnnt Weir York Hneph ... S19 h 'I COrNTBY BOARD AT NKW R or ain?l? pcraona nan he arc..inn and aU the comforta of a farm immmc, a distance fhom the Mta ahore: good halt* V .,T?rd; h. and oflniaxM for the rnnratianoe of b? . m. buuin a>l Metropolitan Hotel, adjoining the dep *t Wbw Ror I Weatrheeter county, or of P. A. POTT' I, Ho. t HanoiNfw York. pOCHTRT BOARD VAT BR OBT vTjtfRD AT," I X-/ n?l HMLWJH, M wruwMU, W ur wnwr 1 IMH?TY- Of . on. large airy Room and good Table ?t reasonable TUf the boat foot of Harrison street or the ears at J era ; or address Mrs. 0. M. Hits. } riOCRTRT BOARD.?THE CORNWALT. MOU V House commands a view of thirty mUes of the Hurt; a large extent of country; plenty of rambling room . i gtovea, on hills and mountains. No mosquitos. Fruiu a bles sad milk from the farm. a I*A WOOD. Corgwna, Owmge oeoaftp. 1 ptOCNTRT BOARD. FROM RAT I, OR THROU't \ J the rear, at Strawberry Farms Monmouth eounSy rm beautiful retreat, arranged for the residence c 1 twenty families, is within easy reach of Shrewsberry i. .1 Branch. Fart of the land is cultivated, to supply'the f abundantly with fruits, vegetables and dairy products. 1 , vicinity are shady woods, delightful rambles, and a pretty" let Attached Is a large hall, with music always avntlabt, t aortal enjoyment, without charge. Terms H to SH wed each person. Apply at ?78 Broadway, For man's self veu. L Una Spring Bed Cbmpaay. JAB. WARRK k Cut this out for preservation. fTOPNTRT BOARD ?GOOD OOPRTRT BOARD . " ha obtained at a farm bouse In a healthy and well iA * location, near a pleasant village In New Jersey, within ana l^&hthM'by"I fTOCNTBT BOARD.?8X1 OR EIGHT PERSONS 0**/ \J accommodated at a Farm House, Imllea from N ? There la a stream of water running through that aft / Ashing, la trail shaded, and wkh splendid scenery f prafer a family or an aeqnalntance of friends, as the* other boarders. A carriage and boras* can be kepC s ther particulam Inquire ?t U4 Ninth avenue. \ CTOCNTRY BOARD -TWO SMAIX FAMIU*fc CAN J accommodated with good Foard, in a private family! City Island, on Long Island Bound, eighteen miles fromi city: good fishing ami bathing. For pat ticulsr* inquire of if H. Klocum, 198 South street. (TOINTRY BOARD?AT, STATES ISIA?>' , J A small family cau obtain Board at a farm house a* ibo The location is healthy and every war desirable. Refers given and required. For further particulars address t.r ml! D. WINANT. Romville. rIOCNTRY BOVRD?ON STATKN ISLAND, FORT ID ' comer of WeMcrrek and Fifth avenues; eight m; w?ta tram ux- ursi IKIII. ': x gunn view ot lis- (>?j i- ' ? 1 and retired. Or the same will be let tn a resectable f I , Inquire ou the premise*. 1 j COVNTRY BOARD WANTED?FOR A LAD I <hiM two years old. in a private f..nnli<>ude. ?* - I of fruit, milk snj vegetables. and nesillint h shoe-. I $ one hour'* ride from the eitv. Address, with loe 1 * terms. Vermont. Herald oOlre, N. Y. f 1 f-IOl'NTUY BOARD WANTED?AT A OONfo , *7 distance from the rily, for a lady. Bur** an<f I children. Address, (Latins terms, T., box 352 New > , ^,-'1 fttlce. 1 I _ Good oocntrt hoard * \r be obtain*./ I Olen Cove. L. I., la a cool and nlrr altnaUnn, with f for hosting, fishing and bathing, and ?conmm.?Utlon I rlage and horses. lor parti- ilara apply to RICTIAR Esq.. 130 Broadway. Sl'MMKR BOARDINO AT RTF. WKRTCI rountT.?A few boarder* ran he arronuaodatrd at t, place during the summer season For terms, parttrut address Oond Health, Herald Mrs. COFARTWlEfiHIf BOTIC??. AFARTNKR WANTKD?WITH WOO. IN A BBfllNn, aoate ream standing, and wtll afford a moderate I to a man of good addreaa and attention to business. C. B- HOWKR, No. Centre street. opposite the . A RARE CHANCK TO A oood BTKINBRS * AN of | to California to make from MB,000 tn WO.nno oh t . vestment of from K.fiOO to 03,000 In noeyear All i*aney 1 financial matter.! under the entire control"of the parties tor' tog It. Address W. A. B . box lap Herald totoe. tsr 00s * | /AOPARTNRRMHIP NOTICK.?SSOOi?A rKRBOl V7 steady habits, willing to devote eight hour* per day highly respectable concern, ran purchase the Intercut,' tiring banner, which cannot fid] to please any tadi man wishing a permanent business Apply to LYONS .< 0 Maiden lane, third floor 1 WANTKD?AN INDVrtTRIOCR VAN. WITH FRO* \ I to 0000. to take one hslf or entire interest in a et . i I preae; ilorse. Wagon. Ac., and a largo portion of the bus .7 | I turnlihed. Entire control of buainetn sad property gtv> I Apply at 54 Kotononn street IV WANTEIV?A PARTY WITn *3.000 CAPITA^ 1*1 ; mfe aad profitable manufacturing boaiaeaa of Up m, Maple mliif?. The > >!! la perfectly aafa, without rlak I bp adeerileer hm nnhri ahead aufllrlent to aatlafy \nr p?r dcetroua of entering into n tula and aura hmtnna. Tbe go \ i it-Ms aa- 1 nm, In a murfcot, wtik from MOO to $900, A4dim &.B. li v 00 Herald <#W. J AOnn ?A YOUNG MAN WANTS A PARTNER 3pOl ' go to Pbtladrlpbta to opra In a prn0sabi> ? paying huMneni Addreaa Immediately for tntarrir*. rurbcr, box HQ Herald mice. Mne ? PARTNER WANTED IN A CAR* farturing bwrinnaa: rxtrnaton unlimited mat lird rlaaa, linen and dry good* jobbing bouaaa In thl? pi clear MO to tt* per day. ond no httmbttg- Capital for no ry. Inquire of Mm. BROWN, Ml{ Pine Ml pet. atlrp N ?CAA ?WANTED?A OKNTT.RMAN WITH it JpelUU# amount to join the adrertiarr to a light. ugr buuinea*. In which a large amount of money ran be" rearty Addreaa. with real name. A. W., box 1M otBce. Agent* not noticed. (hrAA -want?:d. a PARTNRR I* a FIRST wiHtU, Hiael on the Coney Inland plank road ^n. t n William iereel, room A from 10 to IS A. M.. and from P. M. K. M.?Nn agent* need apply. * CAA -ANT ACTIVK MAN HATING 9S00 WITH i | ?p?/""y.*rrfereiicp aa to boneaty, InduMrr, Ac . can h opportunity to join a reapeetabla party with an equal ai I to nurehaae an old eatubltabed eaah buMnea*. paying H (Vwt per year, and ean be Inereaaed by proper en Nothing to pay for good win, but only hat urea on hand. . ply al M* Broadway, room B. CAA ?A PARTNER WITH THIS AMOU qM. )"*/ w inlrd. In an eaublMbrd hnalnea* la tl .? IimI w 111 pav the party *3 It# per annum Addre a hi--bed. box 1*1 H' mid office, with nime. Mr ( 1 CAA-A PERSON WITH THIS AMOUNT .?t ! i pl.0"v"? retain a new Iltntng Saloon, now being i up hi one of the beet location* in Broadway. Addreaa (I W., box Ita Herald oiflcc. Q t/\rt ^iTo?irnjiMAN HATIWGTHI? AMOU* ( lO.lH/U. hi enria and wiaMng n reliable buniiwn ?-*C" parr ho? n well retnhllabed and inereaetng Mnnuneturl BuMama. well loented dowm town, whleh la done moMfe t f eaah. Adtlreaa A. 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